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Cranbrook Herald Jan 14, 1904

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ru.vxmtooK, uiirrisii Columbia, Thursday, .iamahv  n, mm
NUMIiEB   4*_>
The Canadian Hank of Commerce
Mead Ollice. Toronto.
Hon. Cnn. A. Cox, l'a-si,U-iit. II. K, Wai.ki-u, ttcl . Man.
I*,IJ II i  Capita!     IMIMN.N
k'csl      .i.lHhO.OOU (l(,
'mil  Kciaarciia Nm. III.'IIJ        kj.iiiii.iiiwii'i
D.'pis'.s Received,   (ieiiernl HankinK Business Transacted
Rl VINOS IIANk DBPAtTMIINt   Dt-walli Itanh-td   liltrnl Allancd.
lUNKIN'll I'.V  Mill.    lii.'.iailHiiiiiy I nil' iiii.I uilli.liiliu, In m.iil.
ii.it-i.f-iiiiiii ii Minis i Ivii every iittiinlltm,  Cnu i iilluna iiiltlrvwiiiil ;
tut iiim-iT ul llin Unuilimnk liniurli uill rnci.lvi' |imni|il iilltuillun,      ,
« Capital, Paid Up $2,983,09(1 S
5 Rest $2,036,312 J
I T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- *
m ble in eve/y part ol Canada, United Slates and Europe.    Special m
$ attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     £
Cranbrook.   We hope that it will  be for
4 ********************' ****************************, 4,
1   --1904--   I
it Ss
J* TV TILL be a record breaker for the Kootenays and ||
«» you and for us,
8| We wish our many friends a very happy and
** prosperous New Year.
Si We take advantage of this opportunity ol thank-
*.♦ ing you for your patronage in the past and hope that ft
tl wc will have the pleasure of it in the future. %i
*| Our molto is "honest goods and fair, square 5 >
#» dealing."   By keeping this always in view we made **
«■» our business last year the largest and most satisfactory
«» since we established business here in 1898,|and we hope
f* * to make this year still larger.
» By doing business strictly on business principles
_i --giving a dollar's worth of goods for a dollar, giving J ♦
3» the best goods possible for us to buy, and never repre- «*
«* sent ing anything, we have made our name so well J.
• » known all over western Canada that it is now only}.
«;» necessary to mention the letters F. S. M. Co. to know * »
« » where to go to get
«» honest treatment. ii
JSJ Ensl Kobtenay's Big Mail Order HoiiBe, IS
it************************************************* *
honest goods, honest prices and
♦ |*|*'|*|
. I*%I * 11**| * I * I A I (Jl I
1*1*1*1 M&H
H I  - ITI«*I>»I<
•*■> '
<:«p We have sonic good offerings in St.
I. .4
<]•' Eugene, White Bear, and other Ross-
i- •' land  stocks.
Also  some bargains in T|
Real Estate   *0            JJ
,..|.i.|.*-| . | .. ;.c i . I*|||
■4:.. | .-■ ,-; 1 *, |»1 * | <!-1»i * i *'i *111 «i 1 a t ,i> *,?
,..,.-.    I     1 .,;.!..    M.   | „    1    ,  U.    -    .    |    .,.,;,.,    .
Mrs.  S.  1. Il.iliiui a  Victim ul' llic
Clallam Dhasler,
Her Husband  is Picked up Irom
i'lu.itini*   Wreckage and
Sllll'l 111- till  TKURIHII   UltSIKliI'MI
toB9GQUL>BB2QiJUiiiQ9B9CB<A - ( li
The Holidays are Over.
Bring us your watch repair-
1 ing, as wc now have more time at
our disposal, and can give your work the
attention it should have. Every Job which leaves
this simp is thoroughly done; therefore we guarantee satisfaction.   Others have tried us and iound our work satisfactory.   Why not you ?
W. H. WILSON, Jeweler and Optician.
f   -{•v<«^'Bw«>--ff>--*ff>-^^ *SHB-I®-tIh-®-®--®-® (•> --SHS-6VS)
!, Just Arrived
•i Th .* lances
- largest and best stock ot
Granite and
Tin Ware....
Ii v.* broi Kht into the district.
Christmas and a Happy New,
®-<a-®-®-®-®-®-® <a®-®-®-®--®-®-®-® ® ® 4«*4- <•>-,.-, <•>-
Wishing you nil a Merry Ty
I am Yours for M.-irdwnre, f'f
Last Sim* la;, Wiia n Biul >l:iy toV
Crnnbrook. na thi' news of thodia-
aalor in ih.- steamer Clallam was
I'tiiilii-iiii'il lhat day. ami tin- people
assured thai tin* tilling of the
11.-ntli ul' Mis. S. E, Bolton, sister
of \V. l\ (iiml. was a Uud. To everyone thi< iiil'uriiialiuii was a severe shock, and (hiring the day sad
euiinteiiaiiees anil tearful, eyes
could lie seen on tlie streets tuul at
the rlitirelifs. When tlu1 train
from Uie went arrived the station
platform was crowded with peoplo
anxious to secure a copy of the
Xelson News to learn the particulars of lhe horrible disaster, Only
three weeks ago last Monday Mi's,
Bolton lieen tue a happy lii'ide, and
left tlini afternoon attended to the
station hy a large concourse of well
wishing friends, With her hus-
liatnl slie had gone on a wedding
tour to the eousl cities of tlie south
nnd   tlmy   hnd  einlmrked Fridny
morning ou the ill fated steamer
nt Seattle on their return journey j
hy  way  of   Victoria.    When  the
steamer was  BUpposed   to lie sink* i
ing sin*   was   placed   with   other
women ami children  in one of the j
hoats. and   her husband  saw* Iter
lost with the [others when the boat
Wiis swamped only a short distnnco
from the steniner, by  the force of
thf   teirilie   wiivi's,   Mr.   Bolton,
with others,  was   swept   from the
steamer and picked up Inter cling- j
iug  to sonn* wreckage,    He was
Uiken to Senttle ami  placed iu the|
hospital, but   as   soon   ;is   lie was
aide ivtnnu'il lo Victoria, when* lif
is doing idl in his power to recover
the hodj of his missing wife.
Thf disaster is a hard blow to
lln* widowed mother anil other
memlH'rs of the family. Mrs. M<*-
Tavish. a sister, who was .it the
Wedding, was called baek from
Spokane with  her husbmul, \vhere
they had  gi  on their return to
the roast, .imi  are  both  with the]
To those who knew Mrs. Bolton
intimntck the true worth of her
sterling character was made apparent, Strong iu miiiii,witha pleasing, lovable disposition, she had
the happy faculty of making friends
and holding  th    by Hi.' attl'act-
iveness of her personality. She
hatl no enemies, and. unlike many.
shf never made any. ('aim. self
possessed, always trite to the instincts of lu-r noble nature, she
made a place lor herself in any
Community where sin- resided by
Securing a hold upon the hearts of
her friends, and the news of her
unfortunate demise will cause many
a sorrowing tear to be shed for her
Miss Eleanor Gurd wnslwrn in
Stradbally. Ireland, and came with
her parents when a child to Toronto, where she spent most of her
life, Aliout live years ago the
family removed to Nelson, and later, when Mr. third's health began
to fail, they moved to Crnnbrook,
where lhe father died a few mouths
later. Both iu Nelson and Crflll-
brook. antl in her former home in
Toronto, the deceased was well
known, and she had always been
prominent iu social nud church circles. 	
S. I*. Bolton In Seattle.
Scrtttli) Despatch: S. E, Bolton,
the lawyer of Alberta, who from
the deck of the Ohillani saw his
wife go down to death houeath the 1
waves, io slill ill Seattle, whore he
has been closely attended. He
was about the streets today for the
first lime, but is very feeble ns tin*
r -s di of   In*    OW.i   i   | •' -lire  uud
■'!r**n*'fi l.iili i .iif ti m - i,n :i
la  is ■ iitfeiiu  .
Slorj uf itie Wreck,
Scuttle. Wiish., *l i. (,i. I'lif
stenuiff (-lullam. >d the S. ittle-
\'iciuria il. i I, ivi ft down enrl)
this uiorniii'..' ini'lw..',. !■ i wm*u
Smith island and Dinigeuess, in
tin* Btniil nl' Jiinn de Fiiea, Fifty.
two pi'isiiiis were drowiutl,
Kmh woman mid child aboanl
ih.* Clallam perished. Within
(Jut.' miles of shotv und nl a time
when ii Beonied certain thf (Td-
lam had been doomed, a despeinle
ell'orl was mnile to snve the
women ami children in the life
boats. They wen- placed in the
lirst hot)I to leuvc llif ship, which
('apt. Lawrence, a Vukon pilot,
volunteered tocommnnd,nnd which
was manned by deck hyuds, 'lhe
frail craft wenl down in tight of
the Clallam, and a second boat
lillnl with male passengers aud in
command of Second Officer Ctirriu
was prolmbly lost a few minutes
later. Aboard the Clallam watchers saw waves sweep thf pi ssen-
gers from their hold on the seats
and hurl them into the water.
Though tin* life boat was righted later a diligent search has failed
to find trace of if; oceeupuiits,
More passengers an.l uieinber.-i ( f
the crew were losl when a third
lifeboat was swamped in an attempt to launch il.
The bodies of three passengers
who hud fastened life preservers
about their bodies ami 'had died
from exposure were picked up by
the steamer Bahata and brought to
Seattle today.
The Clallam was a staunch, new
passenger boat on the Seat.tle-Vic-
tuytn run. She left Port Town-
send for Victoria yesterday noon,
facing a terrible southern rale.
When in Bight of her dt^tijation
a hn^e Hfu overwhelm, il the little
Btoamer,   BUtashing   in   her  dead
lights,   ll linu   her   hold    with
water, extinguishing the tires
beneath lift* boilers and placing
her ai ihe mercy of a howling gale,
All Ihis happened yesterday afternoon, The culmination of the
tragedy was postponed for several
agonizing hours,
l:-n.*ly the officers nud crew of
the helpless hulk »,,i*k,.,| to save
ih.' boal mid those alwai^ l.ut in,
vain. Staunch as she was. the
Clallam-con Id 'TfOl withstand the
terrific onslaughts of Ibe seas that
raced in mountain high from the
ocean, and just before darkness.
began to fall it was t\,-r\t\,;\ to
make nu nt tempi to save the passengers at least by tin* bouts. Two
boats were launched, and in these
some of the passengers wero entrusted to thf nngry waters. The
lirsl lunil contained only women
ami children, three deck hands
from Uth Clnllnui uud Capt, Uw-
retice. of Victoria, going oil' in her.
The boat was overwhelmed fliK)
feet from tlie Clallam and its occupants shrieked in vain for aid from
those aboard the steamer. Xot ti
hand could be raised to aid them.
The second bout rowed away into the darkness.     On   board  the
Clnllnui    Ilieil    Were     seen   as   the
waves tore theut from the boal. Imt
later Ilie boat was slill ilflont, The
third boat, containing only men,
was swamped in launching.
From that time on the menibeis
of the crew and lhe few passengers
who had volunteered to remain
aboard devoted themselves to the
task of trying to save the vessel.
Tlie pumps were useless, and ranks
of bailers were set to work. Ill
spite of their efforts the water
gained on thein, and they were
llbout to resign themselves to their
fate when the Richard Eolyoke,
one of the six tugs which had been
sent to the rescue from Port Town-
send, hove in sight,
Aline  was thrown  aboard  tilling and with her  tow  she  started1
for Port  Townsend.    She made
fair progress, and it seemed  for a'
lime that the Clallam,  wilb  the1
remainder of Iht crew ami pnssen-,
gers, Were to be saved, Hut the'
liiill of Clallam begun to give way
before the teirilie assaults of the
waves.   The lug Sea Lion sighted
.\i 12:30 the Clallam went on
Imr Ik-am en 1 and legnu &tliking
Inpidly, At 1:07 she settled, and
j the tow lines wen* cm. A few
minutes later she lurched ami dis-
1 appeared beneath the waves. By
| heroic efforts the crews of the two
I tugs saved the lives of nearly all
who remained aboard the Clallam,
A few w.*r,* swept away and p'*r-
islied in lhe blackness of the
The dosing scene was eight
Ullles north of Protection island,
only n short distance north of l'ort
Towiiseiitl. and approximately thirty miles from Victoria. The Hob
yoke picked the Clallam up near
Smith's island.
The survivors of the wreck were
broughl to Seattle at .") o'clock tonight on the steamer Dirigo.
C. I'. K. Itraucli   lu  SpuUiic Almost
Carl Band, lhe   Brewer,  la Killed by
Lust WiHliii-siluy, Curl Btlllil, tlu-
-iroinoter ul' tho now browory,
slip-H-.i on tin- i-o.it: of u building
under construction ut tin- browory
site, uud full ubout eighteen feet,
sustaining injuries from wliich lie
died Thursday morning ubotti
8:80. He wus on the roof laying
tin- shingles in plnce to expedite
the work of the ourpetitora, A
strong wind prevailed und soul - uf
Ilu- shingles were blown luiise. lu
uu ntti'inpt In grub thom, lie slipped nud wns thrown head lirst ull'
tin- roof niili) the frozen ground
below, At lirst it wns not thought
I lint, his injuries were serious, nud
he protested nguiiist lieing taken
to the Orniibrook hotel, wliere he
wns stopping, biiter he consented
uml witlked oiinily tu lln* wagon in
which lie rode to town. Arriving
ul lhe hotel he wns taken inside
.imi soon afterward conveyed to St.
Eugene hospital nud Dr. (treen
summoned. The developments in
tin- caso by this time gave evidence
uf concussion of .the brain. Tlie
victim became iiiu-uiiscious, ntnl
lingered through the night, expiring sunn lifter dny light this morning.
The dentil wns so sudden, thnt
it wns u shock to the ninny friends
of the deceased ill town. He lind
come here n few weeks ugo, uud
through his efforts, a strong company wns formed for the construction of n brewery, nnd it wns while
supervising tiie work thut he met
with his death, During liis brief
residence in Crnnbrook, Mr. Bniid,
hml by his gentlemanly demeanor
iniiile ninny friends. He leaves n
wife nnd child in Spokane, win)
have been untitled of their misfortune by Tlionms Kookes nt the
Crnnbrook   hotel.     The   remiiins
re now ut tin- Macconnell undertaking nanus awaiting orders fur
the llolyoke   and   Iht  low about
midnight and stood liy t > assist.
A Bad Explosion al the Michel Coal
Michel. Jan.. 8 A disastrous
explosion oeuiTed in No. It mine,
perilled by the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal compnny this afternoon.
whereby six miners were Instantly
Tlie victims of the explosion
I). HolMTts.
William McAllister.
■Tack Sale,
Willium King.
Burkett Dean.
Tom Kvans.
Two other miners were seriously
injured, but it is thought, not
A miner named T). Thomas is
missing and a relief pnrty is hard
tit work trying to Hnd Inm,
Several miners iu the relief
parties were overcome by -^ns attd
were lieing continually brought
out of the mine for air. Their
places were s-jiei-dily tilled by willing volunteers.
The accident has cast a tortiblc
gloom over this little community,
Coronor Trites is holding an inquest tonight on the six bodies
Several niiuers had narrow
escapes, boing overcome by uits
when rescued.
Mine iiispeeto- MeUregor, of
Nelson, has been wired for.
It Will Prove   a   Great   Help
the Upbuilding of This
Although little is being heard
about the projected line of tlie (
I*. 1{. to Spokane, yet there seems
to be no doubt in tlu* minds of
people in n position to know, but
that work will he inaugurated on
this new line next spring, The
other day the Spokesmun-Uevicw
had a telegram from Portland on
this matter, and although wroti
in some of the minor details, yet it
displayed kuo.vl(?dgo at the coast
of this importanf move iu railroad
circles. The Spokesman-Review.
commenting editorially upon the
telegram has this to say
Kriuii I'urtlniiil I'ninoa Bomioftic.al
cotillrniiitloii of iho report tlmt the Came
• liim r-i.-ifii- him ilollulUtly iluclilcil ti
ImiM into S|,uk*iiu-. I'lHlniilitixlU- tlii
great coinpiuty is iltreutly tmck 'ef tin
I'linier-Cni Ma eiiti'i|iiisc Ii lias hail a
larni'i'iii*|isi,f smvi'vurs in tho fluid be*
iwooii Nnokiuioiui'l its lino." ia Itriiisli
Uohunhlti, anil ihoro Is evorv reason t<>
holiovu thfit th.-v have found a suti-/..-*
tory iniili'.
If tlioso plans uro o:inie<l nut S|iokam*
will noon havo direct connection with
tho largest itullvldilnl system on tin?
American r intiueill,    Of its  own   linos.
lion, tlie C.inailiitn l'ue lie lias an abrogate mileage of BU-UI. It has siupen-tous
1-enninvos. ll was int'orpnratod 111 1881
with a princely trift from tlio Cnhatlimi
government of 12*1,000,000 in cash, 25,-
000,000 acrea of laml ami 713 miles of
eomplotsil roail. Alxmt 18,000,000 aero
of laml grant rein nine intsolil. It la eel 1
inn these lands at tho rate ot nhout 1,.
500,000 aero,* per vear ami is receiving
therefrom aliout -fit perm-re.
Whilo lhe construction of thia mail
into Bnokn'ne might not ho followed hy
sweeping reductions in freight rates, the
ultimate ottect'-Would lie to give Spokane
lower rntop. It oilld also build up the
rountry alongside the now line, and nf-
lon! lietterconni'i-iioii.- het'ween Spokane
and Canada. Developments in this important   undertaking will  bo awaited
with the keenest interest.
lt is generally conceded in railroad circles that this Yinu will Inbuilt, and flHilt the-C. P. R. is Imck
ol it, Tlm rontn i* practically
selected nnd it will tap the Crows
Nesl branch at Yuhk, ami use
Cranbrook iis the terminus. This
menus that Cranbrook  will  have
trains ri lug difect-tb  Spokane.
and will make this town the distributing point for the freight and
passenger traffic of the south.
Those who know the resources of
tlie country tributary to Cranbrook.
can appreciate what tlie addition
of this line will mean, aud the
iM'tieticial effect it will-have on this
town's future pi'oso.enty.
Ton man upu"tfW'. Cmnbrook
looks ull riglit.
Head On   Collision and a Dump in the
An head-on collision occurred
near Crows Xest this morning !»*■-
tweeii two freight, trains. The
•ngineers were .latdiiie uud Johnson, Olid Conductors McNab and
Shelton. It is impossible to get
any particulars, but it is reported
that Fireman Huberts was scalded,
and no one else hurt.
A train of stock went into the
ditch last night on the Lethbridge
division, due to tin- spreading of
the rails. Several cars of cattle
were thrown over. It was necessary to build a track around the
That Sunday Mail.
Postmaster Beattio was interviewed lli* past week by the Ministerial ass leiation iu regard to
the Sunday mails. The members
of the association . presented n
pa]>er signed by nearly till l>ox
holders stating they did nut. wnnt
their mail on Sundays and in at,-
cordanee with tins request uo in-
Coming Sunday mails will lie sorted until Mon lay morning. Outgoing mail- will li! dispatched as
He in Nominated by a Unanimous Vote
of the Convention
From    the    Nelson     News   of
Wednesday is taken th- following
account of the liberal convention
that nominated \\\ \ (ialliher ou
Tuesday to succeed himself in the
Dominion house.
W, A. (ialliher was unanimously
selected as tin* Btandard bearer uf
the liberal iKirty for the new constituency of Kootenny in the
dominion house at the approaching general elections, by one of
the most representative, enthusiastic and business like political c liven Hon a that ever foregathered iu
tliis province or out of it.
The ovation whicli i^ret'ted tlie
choice of the convention when he
entered the haJJ after a decision
had been arrived at could not f.iil
to have impressed Mr. tialbber of
the affectionate regard in which he
is held throughout the riding, coming as it did from represenuitives
sent to the convention from widely
skittered pomts ull over Kootenuy.
The convention whs culled to
order iu Fraternity hull at 2 o'clock
Tuesilay afternoon, when between
50 and 110 delegates wen- in attendance, Iu the absence of S. S,
Taylor, K. C. who is away at the
coast on legnl business. Dr. K. C.
Arthur took the chair. ( hi motion.
John Keen, of Kaslo. was elected
chairman, and John A. Tuner
secretary of thu convention, and
most capable and efficient officials
they made, the chairman keeping
the convention well in hand from
start to finish.
A credential committee was up-
pointed consisting of William
Oliver, Cranbrook; R. A. Kimpton,
Columbia: Fntl Stork. Fernie; A.
W. (toqdeuongh, Kaslo: W. W.
Beer. Nelson: J.M. Kellie. Revel-
stoke: R. W. Grigor, Rossland: D,
L. McVaitnel. Slocan, und Alfred
Parr. Ymir.
Nominations were called for, and
\V. A. (ialliher was ploded in nomination by F. E. Simpsmi of Crnnbrook. seconded by Dr. Kerr, of
Rossland. Dr. Sinclair, of Koss-
land was nominated by Mr. Campbell..seconds! by Mr". Roy. Dr.
Sinclair followed in a talk, in
which In* withdrew his name, stating that it was easy to see that
Mr. (ialliher was virtually ttftf'uu-
tnimous choice of tlie convention.
The secretary was instnictnl to
casta vote for Mr. GalUher, who
was called in. His appearance
wus tlie siutinl for a round of
cheering that is seldom heard. He
replied in a speech in which he
thanked the convention for the
honor conferred, and reviewed the
history of the liberal party since it
had come in power. After transacting some minor business the
convention adjourned,
The delegates were treat**! in a
handsome manner by the Net«Kin
liberals, and all left feeling 'that
the trip had lieen a very pleasant
Cranbrook School.
The public school re-opem*.] on
Monday morning, January 11th.
with the followingstnffof n-aehers:
(iarfield A. Kimr. principal.
Mrs. Llewelyn Brock, 2nd assistant.
Miss May B, Carter, primary.
Quvil) D. Terry, who is engaged
us 1st. assistant has not arrived
yet. but is expected daily.
Tin? trustees have used thejir
utmost endeavors to secure for the
Cranbrook school a staff of teachers
second to none in the province,
lt is to *.h* hoped that the parents
of school going children, and the
people of Cranbrook will lend their
aid to trustees and teachers in the ir
ndeavor to bring the standard and
tone of the Crnnbrook school to a
very high level, ,*..
Messrs. (ireer and (iill, chairman and secretary of tlie lioard of
trustees, at the opening of school
addressed the children telling theni
that all could not be done by the
teachers, but that the children and
parents must lend their hearty co-*
ipemtion. This year promises to,*
be the brightest one for the school
tiuce its incept ion. THE  ci!.\M*.l!OOK   11 KHALI)
4   1
Editor ."i I Proprietor.
Liui'ila-i ii the only iudustr)- thnt
i-, imiHiiiri-i'-'l in Cmiiula. The
.'riiiii nml produce Hint tlie fnruu-r
in tin- Territories nml Mnnitol n.
,.*ll to the saw mills ot the Koote-
iinys. in- well ,-is the horses, nre
nil protected. Vet, the luinlaT
iiiiiiiiiI'iu*Iiii*.*i-.4 nl l'iiui-1 Suiiiiil.
with the world Iin il nmrket, nml
tlm clienpest prices in iIn* wi-sl for
supplies nnil Iiiimi*. nn- permitted
in ship liuii- lniiil.il* inin Cminiln
in i-iiiii|a-iiiiini wiiii tin- Kootenny
iiiniiiifnctiiri'r. 'I'lu- Hernld does
mil lirlii-vi- in ;i lii-^li tnrilf mi nny
commodity, Inn it does helieve in-
fuir piny. At iln- pivsi'iii time,
under the lis.nl pulley i.l' Cnnndii.
every iudtiatry is i roteeti-d except
lln- mniiiil'iiiliii'- nf lumber. A
n-iisiiintliii- tnrilf on lumber would
protect tin- Kootenny ninimfnctur-
i-r, nnd nf flu- sunn- Iini.■ hurl no
one. fm- the renson thnl those wlm
buy from lln* Station now, tnke lid-
vinitiige nl' flu- nil in price, Imi
liniil the price lln- sunn- I" tlie con-
Burner. Tin- rosull is thnt tin*
Kootenay niniiufnetitrer is linving
liis tlininl i*ul I'm* flu- lii-iii-fit i.f tin-
retail d.-nli-r. A duty uf i'i per
ceiit'."0T 92 n thousnnd wuuld pre-
vi-nt siii-li niifnir competition and
not make u tivi ni  piece differ-
i-inii- lu flu' consumer.
Mr. Wnllni*,*. ..I'lll.* Fernie Free
I'l-ess; is a -u-iillcm-iii, If he
makes aii error in his pajn-1- and
llu-ri-liy wu.in'M ii lii-otlier news
jiiiuer-iiiaii. In* miikes iimends lik
a mini. (Slinke, W'iiII.iit. Wo ap
I ri'i-inte ninnlilii-ss uf Ihnl kind
Thil'fcliicuKo llieiitre catastrophe,
by Which liearly Ulli I pi-npli- were
killed, will l-i, down iu history us u
trnitgedy caused by the lax oliser-
vnn'ce' of law. It is serving ns ti
Ifhtinii tn cities nil over Ilu- wurld
Kx-liuvei-in.i- Mi-lnliish is nu uld
war liiirsi*. uml will pruve a lively
caudidiili-I'm- the Dumiiliou house
If A, Leitch h.-iil I ii willing I.
accept lln-  iiumiiiulinii.  In- would
have been tl huice ..I' tlu i
si-rvulivi- convention  I'm- tin-   hi
iniiiioii   house.     His   name   wn
seriously discussed  by a  ntunlier
nf lending coiiservntives  iu   West
Kootenny, and if was a  mutter nf
regret'to all flint In- would positiv
ly decline 'fo ih pi Ilu- liunor,
uuis. If is a liiiiidsiinu- illiwtr.it-
-1 niinila-r. giving a very Komi
den nf ihe resources ami coiulHioii
il ihut faraway coimtry.
Ni'-wspupi'i- men nri' prune t
iniikt' inistnki-s. Wi- innili- one in
iBsilillg Vun sniiili uu i-ililiun ul' Ilu
I'hi-isliiiiis Annual. We had pro*
vidi-il I'm- 7lKI copies besides tliusi
sent tu Tin- Herald subscribers,
but before the lasl [Jiiges were off
the press we hail nearly suld tin
edition, and when Ilu- first iiiiui-
la-rs appeart-d tin- orders came ii
like song birds in iln- spring time
We Iiuvi- hml tn refuse unices fur
severnl liundred, n ninlter tlmt we
regret very much indeed. The
large ili'inniid I'm- ilu- minimis was
praise enough, withoul the ninny
kind words thnl hnve heen spoken
since   its   iippciirni    I'm* all  uf
which weai-e very thankful,
The C, I'. It. claiming flint lhe
lumbermen of ilu- Kootennys are
getting liai much for tlu-ir product
is lhe la-st juke uf flu- new year.
There is um n lumber manufacturer iu Hie Kuiitennys whu is nnl
cultivating ii bunk mnnngcr, 11
will lie necessary In *.,, further
thun the innuiifni'lui'i'M fu locnti
the cause nf the high price nf linn-
la-run lhe prairies.
Slocan   Drill:   The  Craiilirook
lerald and Sew Westminster
Columbia have each  issued very
i-editable holiday numbers. The
latter in particular is -peculiarly
pleasing tu old-time Royal City
residents in these parts.
Vancouver Wurld: "The Old
Man" of South Kast Kootenay
Mr. 1-'. Iv Simpson, can always 1»
relied upuu fur something ismd m
Christmas, His holiday edition nf
ilu- Crnnbrook Herald is a credit
I,, British Columbia journalism
Itlairiiii.-v Times: Willi its usual
,-nierprise the t'ranliruuk Herald' people in its territory to rend the
has just issu.il a well gotten np' pap"r ou the same day of pnblicn-
nud Hnely illustrated Christmas tion. Tin- New., would be sadly
iiliiii.ii. It deals mostly with 'missiil iu South Kasl Kootemi) if
Cranbrook  and   lhe resources ot anything happened to it.
lraiilm.uk Baalltl daub.
Kasl Kootenay and is a  giaal
verliseincnt for thut country.
Wilmer Outcrop: The Cranhrook Herald has issued a handsome Christmas number that is n
credit tn the town and publisher,
riie ent of "The Old Man" proves
ie is nut su ancient us Herald
readers might la- lead In think.
Yet Cranbrook should lie proud uf
he Herald and its efforts.
The Cumborne Minerund Fen
Free 1'ress issued Ileal t'lllislll
numbers thai must have plea.
their readers.
ill Un- |lii|>lii.
K ia > Il.i
I '1.114.1,
ill  Ilia
i 1,-1-1
V Ill I'"*'
Prayer Ml
111. iiiiiI 7 'III |'i»
 Jl |i. 111.
 S   |1   III. Tlli-mluv
 s p. ni. Vy-alitrtil'iy
llilillll.V   illVilt-ll III   llllt-llll
Greenwood Times:   "Old Man")
Simpson uf the Crnnbrook  Herald *u"1 W|U "ot- '"''
has published a Christmas edition, ties.   Then- ar.
The "Old Mau" says the Herald is  misery   tn   gel
Ihe la-st paper in the la-st tuwn
Vuung .Man, Oct Married.
Dyersvllle News-l.eller: There
arc Iwu kinds uf men whu du nut
marry: those whu cnunot and tlioso
whu will mil. Those whu cannot
are proper subjects uf cuiuinisei-.i-
linll, like the  ills;    lhe   cripples
ami the deformed, Those whn can
uf several vnrie-
thoBC whu are tun
married,      Tlu-ir
"■ stingy suuls an' luu
the la-st district iu  the  lies!- pro- JBU)[|11 Col*   tlieill   I"
vitii'i' in Canada, and the Christ- W1II.*|1V lm ..nti-i-pri!-
mns edition gm's a long >vay to- une uf lln-se.    II
winds proving the statement.
Aaimlluo and Kiplaullua.
unile|-take hu
We  knuw
is it   clerk   UU   ll
salary   uf   $l,H0O   a   yeur,   owns
houses and hits worth $2:"i.U0G\ and
is 11 llliserulile. lllieiiuifurtalile lllllll
He is full uf iii-hes jiiiiI pains, mix.
(eties and troubles, If he dues nut
liuve the toothncliu today his iniml
I'.nm Ki-rliii- I'll. I'i,,-".
The Craubrook  Herald is now
pattliiB; iiui-lf on lhe back la-fore if! Is illl shallereii uiul broken up with
publislieil certnii ws relntive U.I lu"',i,i ntitielpntioi'
II. Tonkin thut did
in  this   paper.    Til
was in a  position  tn  publish im-1
sume news a week earlier than did
the Cranbrook weekly, but having
la given that news in the same
manner that the editor nf the
Cnuibrook Herald was under li
distinct understanding that the Information wan nut to la- usi-d for
publication we refrained frum
publishing il at the sacrifice uf onr
honor. The triumphunt note that
rings through the Cranbrook
Herald's long article in question
makes one doubt whether its
editor's zeal for giving the news
was iiluiie responsible for its pub-
f Innili
lid  lint appear 1 *"r tomorrow,      lie   is   as  cross
ic   Freo Press MuM-ed and crusty as a cul with
tl,,, | n cnudnl nppi
Fi E. Simpson, ot tlie Crnnbrook
Herald. wrili-B us protesting
against the charge imputed to him
iu these columns lust week. Mr.
Simpson claims that he iu nn way
violated anyone's confidence iu
publishing the article iu question,
and he explains ut some length
Ihc manner iu which he gathered
the information. I'puu furth
investigation wc have found that a
misunderstanding existed between
Mr. Simpsnn and his informant
resulting in the charge as publish-
ill. We gladly accept Mr. Simp,
sun's explanation and in the same
spirit withdraw the imputation,
Nelson Economist: The Crim-
bruok lleralil issued u very creditable Christmas edition,
Fernie Free Press: The Christinus number nf lhe Crnnbrook
Hernld is u m ut work wiih n com-
preheiisive write-up uf lhe town
and district. The book is well
illustrated by many half-tone
Sioux City, (Town,) Tribune:
F. E, Simpson remembers The
Tribune again wilb a copy uf his
Christinns issue of the Crnnbrook
Hernlil. which he i„ ,,li|| publish
iiiy, profitably,   from nil appear.
in the door, lb* di
by rending Bui-ton's Aiiiitomy nf
Melancholy liy n tallow dip in n
cnlil iiinni, with lhe 11 ii i ii I. hi ii ti- r
at nero,     If   l.y i-hiiiiie he ever
Sllliles    his    Hlllil.'S   lll'll   gl'illl   llllll
ghastly, uud wuuld freosse u Laplander,
Then there is the self conceited
intcllectcil bigot, wlm looks down
upon tin* woman as inferior being.
a sort uf uiachiiit'-like ptu-rot, totally unlit tu associate with llilll,
He hns uu Intellect, he has, uud
dwells iu Ilu- realms uf the Intel-
actual, 11 * never descends from
flu- heights uf metaphysics nud
piulo8opiiy io rnstc tnr pleasures
nf "hullle, sweet hullle." No, nut
he. The len thuiisund thitlgB
which make home-lib* happy lie
brushes aside ns dross, vanity nnd
vexation uf spirit.
There is also Ilu- disgruntled
ninn, whu will uut innrry because
at sume time in his can er he has
knuwn Hume woman he desired tu
marry and she wouldn't; after
which he gut sour nnd like buttermilk, keeps uii growing sour, until
nf last some uld sour undertaker
will bury him in some lonely spot,
under a sour apple tree, where
sour surrel will spring up und grow
■is a reminder uf his acidity.
There is also Ilu- mnn whu hns
uu time to gel married: the one
whu is luu Inzy tu gel married: the
one whn is ten rich In gel marrrieil:
the une whu is tun poor to get married, nnd the one  I-  > i mtiouB In
gel married,    tf there i I.l lw a
tux of say a thousand dollnrs per
capita levied on ull iilil bachelors
whu persist iu nut getting ninrried,
it wuuld be prolific iu ridding the
world uf n Inl uf worthless uld
drones thnl infest society, Vuung
mini, get married.
Special Editions.
The lurgesl uud most comprehensive special edition ever issued
by nny uewspiier in Britisli Columbia wns the one issued by the New
Westminster Columbian, It is u
prudieious volume, of 7*1 jhi^i-h.
tilled with carefully prepared rending matter from cover tu cover,
and dozen upon dozens nf half
tunes. The pictures and the (lis.
eriptiuns combine tu make a com-
plete review of the growth and present prosperity of that city. The
people of the Royal city should take
off their hats to the manager. He
has mini,- u great hit fur the tuwn
and the people.
The lliisslauil Miner presented
sume excellent reviews of the mining situutiou of interior British
Columbin uu January 1st, that
proved to In- interesting rending
uud valuable as data.
The Nelson News issiml a
double number un .human- 1st,
llml should be circulated all over
the east and iu England, us it Con-  meel all di
tabled cnluines of  valuable  iufur-  ■
Illation alsnit the Kootennys and Soil Wi-alhcr.
their wonderful resources, The *p|„. weather this winter has been
News is growing lietter with uge, unusual, nnd today i i soil ns nu
It gives the news and by publish- April day. The bananas are flouring  iu iln- morning enables tin-   sliing,
i.r, f. W. .\ii4*,uli„.
. . . GOOD MILK . . .
I Disireio thank yuu for your
patronage, und will continue tu
serve my customers with the liest
uf milk, fours fur u merry Xnins
nnl u happy new year.
Timber Notice
Tnki* Lotted tlmt llilrly (lays nfler ilnte 1
ii t -nl tn npply in theClili*!Commliwiowr of
Lin.iln imt  Works for n *_')  year kinc ot
Hi* [ii'loti iii« ili'ci'rilii'.l Iuim Ik
Cnmim in illD' lit u [lint |ilniitiil li tlnll t,  two
mill it north mul nlioiil two mi leu wnt ol tin-
Inwn ol MiirriMst-.v, llii*u<-e running wett 4011
rti 11 iih n nri'i r Win lo tin' Wf*t l-oiitnlr,v line
ol l.ut -t-'.tl, Hi e l.m tii along HHiil 1,011 lid*
ry hm--inni-h-iiiiH, I'u'iii" cart 400 iliiiiu*-**,
'i.i-i.ie i on Hi | 'hul im to point of rum
uu iii'i'iii 'tit.
Iliit'il.liuiliur.vOlli, 1(104,
4 J M. n. Kinir
In i ln> Simiii l)..|.tHt'.unt 11I.L [<'. .•.iiiiMiiimr
liiitilHitil iVniihinnki
[1'riiwrii-tl llfniti. in ,,l l',,.-iuii  ur
I'.i iff.
It.*l».,'1.        v..
Itiilpli Marlelln,
I      D.'l.'iiiliuil.
I'„ Itn'iill Miirl-ftlo, tin il.ri*i,il.ii,i
'I'll|,i* i.i.ti.-.-   ll.ui   I Uo   ul,..v.. iiuau-il |l|ltln
liff Iiiih 1.iiiiii nn i-ii iu*'iiiii agniiml  .miii I i.v
HiutuiioiiH lor tin* following'Iiiiiii:
Tlio|iluiiii;rr'Hi>liiiiuUlnr tlu* auniril$9fl,
llriliUf.H-   piilllH   Hl|1i|   llllll   iMivepeit   liy   Illl-
pliltllliff tO llltl  i|,-fi>iii|.llil   lit I'ri'HlMH ilToie
Ami t'lk.' iniiin' liuil   liy uu tinier nt.I. A,
Porin. J'iiIbu of tii In court, iluteil thu I Ti h
iluynF 11,'i'i'iiitir. 1*110*1, it w.ih Dnleivi) llml
thu phi 111 It tl[Im ut. till, rly to wi vi' jn 1, tin
llliUVU llllllll'il litfi'llll lilt, li,v |illlilirt]iiiiK lilllit'i
nl tlu> Niii'l ur lt*r in filiir itilUHOt'lllivt) MHiii-i* uf
I'l.i-l liihlii-.uik llemlit, imlilislu'il in (Vim*
lii'inik, M. <'., iiiiiI llml tiu< I tne witlitll nhii-li
yon mny I'lil-ermllMptitu note to until net Ion
in* uii liiu inin hi'ii 1) uh from Uu* tlute of hit
vh-2 im u'.m-M-iiil.
Ami tnke iiiiii','tiutl iiii'mr .vim enter luell
ili.-Hjiiili* linie ni'i'iinliiigl.v jiulgmeul will lie
given iigniiiHl yon iu .vour iiliHem-e
lldleilii'. (V1111I110 k llttH UMli ilay of Dt*
1'iiiilii'r. 100)1
W. I', (iiml.Craiilirook. Il.fi,
Kilt        Solicitor for tlm I'lulntllf.
IN THiisrritKMi: iniitT "■*• nitirtsu
1 tu imum    i.v   Tin;   m i I THU OV\
"THK i.N"n:sT.vn:s ait." ,«mi in
thk MATT Kit OK tin: i.siaii: nt'
hamki. ui.KAOY, ni-:i-i:\skh.
Tnke 11.itire lllll   fittir we. k*i l I (lie   >lllte
liiTinf np|i1iratloii will bomiiileLo-u \nAge iu
• I-UIIiInih, ut Ilie low mill In, liilmiii. ou
In Imli of Celt 1- Mi'lhiKim. uilliiiliitorntor of
iheenLUiMifllnMilHiveiliivUM-il, Inl pT»mU-
Mi.n IiiimII li.v prtvtll 'i-nli'lliH nnl erlnle of
tlien-ii.1 ,|ecui-***,l, Ufliig   |nitl   nf  lhe  m.iitl,
,-:l*-!  t,ti.|    t-lilltllHetit    qlinrtttfi   "I   HHtiilll     I,
m.ui*-lii|i 14, nlioiil fniijfUv iiii I** irmn the
t'.t.v nf Sew Wiciiunioit-r. rtnuprMng abonl
1 nit* hiiuilr-il ntnl M-viii'Ml.rt*,. 11T1 > tn-ree,
of IujhIj Inml.
Iluifil nl I'r-nhr< ink,.In mini*., Illi  11)04,
-II L'l. lliiivev. M.riiiiw A linuliiir.
Fniii-itiii Im AiIuiiiuhIiiiIiii
Timber Notice.
Notii-eiitl Ilj given Ihnl I  hilvi<  u|i|>lieil
lo   ih.* ('liiel  i' nii-tii 1  ni I..111 h  ihkI
WickH.Viitiiriu.foid n|MH*lul IIWIIM lo nil
111.il imfr.v awuy IiiiiIht Imm Itiu lullmvlliM
ilei.1 rtU-il liiinlu iu Smilh Kiwi Knoieiiayi
r>imiueuiiiig ul 11 |i..hi |>liiiite.l ul tlie uml h
lin.it nf lil   .17, (Irnup  ). uml mi  11,.-  «,mI
liiill ||[ III..I  rtlH'M N.-Hl   I'ltr-H    ItllilUJIV    III-.! lit
nl H11  , Iiii me Km) un,. mil.* min'  I.-.-H in
III Hi I'llllk .,( ill.* iMlnt.-l.uv   Itllel.   llllll.-,.
norlh alotiu anlil innik nne mil,- mora or le»H
I" lhe ■Ulltll lunil nt Inl :i*JI (llllllll I, IlltfUlltj
t'iiHl nne mile uuire nr linn In tlie I iuh I of hii.v
III hii ii| niiltui.v; ilieiuefiiiilli iiluliu lhe hiiuI
right nf mi.V one mile mora nl' lenn In till)
1'lni'i'   ol   liegilining,  rontiiiiiiiig   0(0   nneH
unu ent- Iran,
Hnleil thin Ulli |)ny nt Nniniuher. lt)0)|.
04 Mu Inil m Ilmi,-.
Timber Notice
Nniiee in tii'h-l.v ifivi 11 thut It. M Amleiron
110 i)ti>ii nfter ilule iulemlH lo npply In lhe
( hiell.'oBiiui dioiierof I.iiiu'h nml Worka nl
Victoria Iur n|wclal timber llmiw tor iln-- fui
lowing'ilt'dcril e,l Uml:
roniiueiicing nt it ptilnl 40 ilinliifl umI ot
Mien iiilhwint niniil'uf Tlum. I Htlkk'a |>re-
eni|ilInn, tin life wi-Mt lOi-titiiuH. tliiin*,' mirth
NO elialliH mure or leflfl In the St. Mnryn river,
tlunctteanlerly iltovii tlie lunik of Si. Mnivn
river lo ll point illle north nl fhire nf i-niu-
liieiieeipeul, llinu-,' ituc smith In -ilare ,,f
('mntm.uk, Dewmlifr llili. 100)1.       -'tu
Timber Notice.
Notice iilierahy given Hint thirty ilnya nfter ilnte Klhel linker mil npply to tliu t'lilul
oniiiii-wioiuT ol lnmla mil worka turn upe.
inl lit'eliHii tn cut um| forty ihuiy lllll lie)'
from ilm following iletuiili-i) Inml;
Commencing ut ■ point. I*j0clltl|lil went ol
the northeuhi enrner ol lot |:|*J, tii u e enat
NO I'haitin, then e innili Nil chuii.H, llieliit)
wchI NO elui'iiH, Dieiii',' aiiii.li su ilmliiato
phice nf cntnmeiiccmeut.
llw'cmlier 17lh. 190:1, 40
Timber License.
Not hf in lierehy given thnl ihirtv ilnya tiller ilule Ktuil lliikil Hllltlpply to tlu* ehiel
coiiuuii-Hiiuii' r nl luml-i mil works fm n ape*
iiui lieeime to i-||t uml curry inv.i.v liinlu-i
Iiiiiii lhe [olhi-tiugileHi-rilH-il In it;
Inmnieiiiiug ut ii pollll 120 chuiiiH ivi-t-1 ot
ll.f liorlheuit   -iiei-of tut  |:|J. tltelne ueal
sii eh'i'in-i. iheiitv noiili .Ml I'hniiit. tlieuce
eum NU cliniiiH, iheiice aoilth 80 iliulua to
place nl niuiiueiieemeiit.
Ih'i-t*iiili,-r 17,100)1. 40
r« aSSrSS McVittie & Laidlaw,
luy nlicht at tlieir h-tll on
lluker ttifet,    M,i],nii nu*
illalljf Invlleil.
W.N. Clark,
Iraabraok LoJfe. Nit. Jl
A. F. k A. M.
Regular meetlngi nn lhe
thlnl TliiiisJay or the
Iii thuCniiiily Coin I ol Kootonay. hnlnVn at
Cut Stft'le,
jl.eiov Sige,  or  I'rni.luonk.   B.C..
Mxiclmnt, Clniiitiff.
Ilelweeli      VH.
Ii'nnik Nick fo mi r'y ol Cranhrook
I       II. fi, IMiinliiil.
To l-'nuik Nick, Iheileli-iiiluii':
Tnke iintiie ilml the nliuve named plain
tiff, Iiiih t'oiminiiceil nn imi ngniiuit you liy
llif illl It HltlUIIOIiH, fnr fliefnl'owlngcluim:
Th" I ■ lint ft'* chilli in for lhe Hum or til -
Tii, I.r iii|i f.ir gnuilrt mill uul itellverail liy the
(llnlli I iff   tn   Ihc    ilefeuilniil   ul   Crunlirook
Ami tnko n*:tice Unit liy till onlernf ,1. A.
I'l'iui, jllilge of UiIh inlu i,Jut nl the l"th day
of II IIber, 190ft, It  wiih ordered  that the
|ihli||tin he nt, liheity to Heiveynil, thenliov
uniued  fl'-fi'li'Jiiiit,  hy   pullllalllllg notice ol
Iheanhl ordorln'mirrnniofiiitlvolittiieBol (tie
Cranhrook llir.itd. piibliahnl at Crnntiroolt,
II. I'., mul tint Um time within whicli yon
mny ontor n illopHto unto to uiid act lun lie
within 21 (Itiyafrom the date uf thu service
nn uforiHitid.
Ami I ike nniiee Unit uiihm yon enter hiipIi
ilinpule tioto lieen id! ugly, ju I g ment Hill lie
gircu nguiRHl you In J*0||r uliieuee.
Duted ut I'mi.hruok. Iiiih I Dili duy ol He
cemher, 1011)1
IV. p.nurd,Cruubrook, B.C.
40*11 Snlhiliu fnr Hie I'll.illlifl.
News Notes of Interest.
Ottnwn wini tin- liniil huckoy
gome for tlio Slnnlcy piijj I'ruiu llic
Winnipeg ten in i
The ineretiBixl enst. of whent lins
fni'ciil up the price ot Hour lo cents
per sack,
l.iitky (iruie.
Fort      Steele      I'l'nflpeetul*:
b hor test  dny   nl'   the senson  lint
come  uml   gone, uiul the winter
BUpply    nl'    Wood    Is   Sllllicietit.   to
of Kooteimv hohlrii at
lihrook,  It.
Any kind ut mill work promptly
utteiiilcil tu. A Ibo I toller repairing
ul a low cuhI i-i-^hi ul your mill. A
trial BoiioitPtl
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, lik.
Haiell Black Craakrook, B. C.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
Land Notice
Notice Jh herein* given ill*' p'
ler 11.il'', I (lilemi to uppl.V to the I'lllll
t'ommiwiiiiuer nf IuiiuIhmnl Wnika, Vlctorln,
fm    iHTini riun   to     ptiri'liiiwi   Ilm   lot*
loMlllgdeacrilH'd IuiiiIh, in .S,,ulliK.sl Koote
Coliiuiem-iug ut tl poat planted ut lhe
north ennt curuer iif l.ut *».*i;7, (Iroiip one;
Hiem-i'iuiilh Hit i-lminN; iluni cenxt HOphtitli*?;
Ihiiue Mint Ii Hll eluiinfl lln n.e «chI 20i 'tltllliH
to Ui,' plucc o[ tiegimd||g, I'Otlt'llllitig llio
Hi-leu iiuiii. or 1,-i-n
Dutid (he Htili dny nt Novemhi r. 100:1.
flit MHr.Vhviltel.iillilierCn.. I.I.I
In iliei'oiiniv Court
Cul ftteelo,
iMurv  Doiiuliiie, n
II, ('., I'hiiiiliff.
Pel men       VH.
Kmnk Nick,
|       iLfcii.tuiit.
'I'n I'm nk Nick, the ilefeiuluiit:
Tulti*imllcollint lhe nhovo ncmetl pluiu „. „ ,... .„„.
tiff Iiiih cmnineircd m-tiou ngiiiuHt ynii liy corner nf II
nriliuur.v Biimmonaloi- tlio following rUtini:
'I'lu- plnititiff'ooluim Ih for lhe mini ol|)fJ
heing lhe (in it. due hv the iMomlant ttl
ihepluilitifffni'gnndiHohlaiul deliveriil hv
lhe phiimill In theilefeiuhllil uh nel forth 11
llinplullll filed herein.
And tnko iinlii'i'lluit   hy nn order of.I, A.
I'min, iudgi'.if 11,im  nt, iluliil the   1 Nth
dny of llcieinher, llHl.'l, it huh ordered Ihut
tl..- pluiuliff huftt liheity lo Bene ,vuti, the ' P(lVtHoVlmin-a'i'honeoiiorlh Mt-iui
iiinni' niiliiiil ih femlmil, hy (iilliliiihing not it
of i tie mi'il order in lour rniiaocullvo iitHiuw of
Ilie I'rulihronL Hernlil, piililinluil at I'ruii-
lii'in.1,, ll.C, uiul Hint llio time within which
.vnu mny enter u diipule note tn milil act Inn
he within 3\ iln ih front Ihedute ol lhe Her vim
Ami ink lice tlmt unIrM ynu alitor auoh
di-piile linie ncem-Jiugly. jiiilgmeiil will lu*
Ki*.en tig lin.-l miii lu .vour uhi-em-e.
iMlednl I'r.itlhrook, II. C, this nm, duv
ill I) nihil*, 100)1.
W   K. lliird.riiiiit'i'iiolr, ll.C,
40*tt Solicitor lor Fltklntltt.
Nniiee i»hcr*-h.v given  thnl   we thc
•liiiiiiil'liil. n«l In npp'.v. HO iltiya u(l"i
lo ilieaHHitount eomiiilsntoiier ol IiiikIhiiiiiI
worka lor I lie dlat Hul of Knot Kooloiiiiy nml
theiliieli'omini^iiiiiii   u|JiII|||h uud Wlirki
for lleOlKP*) topr08|H*l't for cnu I nmi petroleum
mi   lIft* folhiHiiig   ile-ii'iihcil   IuiiiIh   iu K.ihI
Koot Amy:
<„) - t'muuii'ui-liig ul u i ii imi pin nl,*il ;i miles
weHt nt Hie I'l ithcud liver Olid nhn.it ijghi
millnj-om lhe Interiiatiotml limiiitlnry, lie*
iiiglfttaotilhweati'oriiorpoil ot II.O, lle.it
tie's -fluim, tlieneo m.ihi Hiii-iuiiiH tn .1. Antler-
•U'Ii'h i^iiim, iheiire mirth Hll I'll ul IIH, 1 hence
uiul slicli.iiiiM, theme mod lh Hi) eliHiiiH In
place id hi ginning.
l.oeutedPlli Ih'cem'er, 1003.
H.C. Uf nt Lie, l.neator.
■I.t'iimernii. Agent.
(h) I'nmiii. mil g ill ll pOHl lieilig the
HoiiihiiiHl comer poat ol l(. K. Uoritlie'n
liuiiii, iidjuci ut to Iini Buiitbii'oat rorner ol
(l.C lleultie'Ht'hiim, tlieuce whI 80 ciiuilli-,
I hence north HOolminn, llieneooual HOotialna
theme Niiiitli Hll ihniiiH to ptilPO ol licgitiidug.
I.OiUted BeciUlhirO, Ifiilil,
It  IC. Ilentlie. Locntor.
• .1, rutin loll, Agent.
(■*) Cnmiueni ing nl Hie Hoiitheiuu rorner
of II. t: lleuttie'tnliiim, In ing Iho llorttlPosl
corner nf tien|He Unlee eluiill, lliem-e 8011th
ho i'liiiiiin. theme went Hll rliuilll, tlliliro
north HI  chuiiiH, theme  cuhI   NO   cliuiiiH In
place of beginning,
Located Ueoomlier 11.10011.
Hetirge W ntrfl, Loculor.
■U'limcnin. Agent,
(d) i iimiiiinc'ng nl ihe iimlhinut, inrner
nllleorge VVnle'H eluiill, heing the tinrtllWlHl
corner of (I. I), Iteiiftie'H cluiiii, thence aoillll
HU chuiiiH. thenee Bliat HU thu iih, Itn-Ilie
norlh HUihiiitiH, llience weal SO ell nl tin to
plnce of iH'gilltiiug.
Linn I oil Ihot'iuher 0, 1000,
0, I). limit.lie, Loeutnr.
,1.1'umeron, Agiul.
(•■)   Comnieiuiugiit nt u  po.-it, uh illl   Iho
lilih'H t'lift of (I, It. UllUllltt'a ttiiilll, lieing  lhe
■oillh i'iihI enriier ol V.V.. Kitlg'ai'lultU.lllOllOu
went MlelitiiiiH, HiemeiiiirthHOiliniiiH. Ihenee
eiiHt hii elialna. tinuce Mttiill mi eliiinn to
plucenl lu'gltltllllg,
L.ictlled llMeiuher 111, lllflit,
V K. King, Lnc.ilnr.
,1.1'uincrnii, Agent,
(f) Cnuiiueiii-ing ut llio nuilli ennt- t-nrin-r
if. V.l). KingHihiiiii, hiing Hiiullnv. hi corner
of 11, .1. Hem lie*, iiiiiin, tin lieu en hi 80 elm ilia
Hieuce uorlli Ml iiiiiin*., IheuooaialSOolinilia,
theuce aouth ho chulna to plftro of ticginning
Loeutnl Decern Iht Hi, lllll!!.
H..I. Iteiittie, Locator.
J.l'umcron, Agent.
(g) Coninieiieiugut llio Mimlh i-iihI- corner
nl P. R, King's i luiin, In ing thc i.orlh
It. Kiug'Hi'luitn. thenco aoutli 80
huiui, theuce went Ml iliiiiliH, then,'
N ' cliuiiiH, tlu lice eiiHl Hll i linina lo   plnce ol
I ifffl tilling.
Locntetl Decunher 10, 100)1.
M. II. King. Locntor.
J. I'iiiii. mn, Agent.
(I.)   Commencing ul (lieHouth went conic
poal. of (I. .1. Ileilllie's eliillli, llelllg HlU llnr I
| weal eormrof L. M.   MetillVa chiilii, Hieuc
      '    '   i.lhem
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes. Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
.' Io I:.' u in.
1 to 11 p. m.
7 (o 8 p. in.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solkltor lor Ike laperlil Baik •( Ciiadi
Tke Colunial liuilae■! ■■< Lmi Conpaiy
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Contractor
Who del* Contracts
It'yon want to liuild Ift mt* know
[ will In* |)li'iisiil tn furnish yow
I'Htittiati'b mul  may  help yow unt
with sonic iili'iis au lu plaiib,
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Teams .nil driver, furnl.heil for an>
point In Ihr district.
Minifer   **  j,   ji
Formerly Hotel Phalr
B. TortPKINS, Manascr.
This hotel U Olio u\ liu* ln-st iu
British Columbin ami llp-to-rtate
in every rropoci.     Well Hght-nl
biitiiple riHiniH.
HcatHtl cluiiim, llience hi-nth   Ml I'llllltie In
place ul licglniiiiiif.
I tiiiil, DwvnilH'i' Hi, 1002,
I., M. lleutlic, 1,1-t'ul.ir.
.1.1'ltuicron, AkiiiI.
(i)   t'liiiimi'tiiinir nt u pusl iiiiuiii one mile
muilli nl M.  II.  Kiug'H iiiiiu,  Iftjlltf O. ('.
Kilift'n tniiilli Hfhl   iniilil'  pOHl,   Ul'lire  t'tiht
Mili-huiiiM, thwi i- th Ml chuiiiH I.i M   II.
KiiiR'n I'lnini, tlii'iiit* Wfhl  H1I thtiiiiH, lln-nc*
t-uutli hii thiiiim tu phiii- nl Irt-niniiiiiK.
Loouteil Dec in, nun.
a.r. Kiii-g, l-»-ni"r.t
,1. tuuiKri.il, \, i-n
I'roprlttor of die
Candy Kitchen
liinit's a coai|il.le itoclt nf
Candies^Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. m,. m. mii
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   j«   Ji
Phone night and day 77
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ofllre al re.ldi-act, Armilroag Ave.
rarrauuas,   -   •   ■   •   ,:i* tu II
AlUrMuaa   ....   l:M|oJ:M
livealaia    ....    7.101.8:1*
CRAMJROOK,    :   :   !    :      :    B. C
Vroom & Dezall
Blacksmiths |
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
iieneral Jobbing....
llulaMc Order. Pnaally 1
AllcadcJ la. j
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in Cranbrook for
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the liest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
St. Paul, Diilulh, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
1 lirmi-iH l-iiliu-e anil Tunrlst Kli-ein-i-a
liliilni: an I lliiltnl Hl-taki'il* l.llirary cm--.
Fnr Itate,. l-'nlili-i- anil Full .nriiriiia-lnn
rail nn nr aililri-a.,
tl. T. I-ANDECK, Agent,
fl. W. P. A., Seattle, Wash.
 £C1 y
Tin: riiANiiiioou   HERALD
ast *********************** ***********.*•*••**•*•**• • *
*************4..........*** ************************ •  *
l| Slaughter Sale.!!
« »
Sale k'liiiiinciiit's Jan. Olh and continues IS
days.   See hand hills.
» ►
-I I
4 *
< <-
1 .
< ►
, .
. »
. I
4 I
. .
< I
< I
« I
< I
. I
« »
4 I
4 I
4 I
4 . ,,
t       PUFF CRACKNELS       |
V Very lew liisi-uil niniiiifai-liiivi-s alleuiul to mako n erncknel ffi
H nild ot tlm few that do m can compare with JACOBS', A
9 lu onr consignment we hnd these[liiscnits pnijkod iu lai*ge 0
'*p tins.   'I'lu-ili-inuiul fur thein wnrrn'itiil us in-buying greutor 0
^ quantities, which inennl tt Bnving in cost ami permits usotl'criiig >k
**        JACOIlS' PUFF CRACKNELS AT SOc PER LH.        $
•X BREAKFAST l-'mill   We don'l keep them nil. mdv a few £
m of the best.   Vim, 10c imeket.    Force, Malta Vita, Oral    '
H Food, all I'n- packet, nt
9      Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery     <$
1 Cranbrook, B. C. i
.Mnkc TIlp.,
Hul si metinies thnt. is a liunl uuiltcr.
'I'll be n-lillhle one must lie nil tiiiil*. We
have ALARM CLOCKS that ute guar,
nuti-eil. Voil can't le lute wiih i ue if
Iluni. They will pull yi.u iul of hid,
but vnu will lmvi- to put on your clotliPB,
The clocks won't do thnl.
m jf. Gate, 3cwclcr
Official Ulntcl* Inspector C. p. «., Crows Heat Blvlelon
Proprietors. |j*|
9  A. I.. rii Delimit
9 WhoKsult*   Win.*   unci
\. C. How m-.-s
Spirit  Merchants
Sihllli B«r The IIIrIu-sI Hinmls I J*"* I«'««; «'"
lernle Hcer „• SCOTCH And «?|L«SJ
Saras,.,,, i   ™*» w,..sK.Hs   [Mr»
A conipleto slock ill Clitnrs, cortSlstlbR i.f the
'•I'hiiraiili." •■I.i,l:iirtu„ii," "Irving,'   -ISm-
i-lsii-i," I'Monumonl," "Hllilo" and others,
Mall Or*lor» Promptly AttciuleJ t». Telephone 17
WrilO Inr Prices. CPANHKOOK, It. C.
Agents Inr T. Label ft Co., Ilny anil Urain.
1.4 -®
i 4.1 ,.1 1.) <•> (1) vi •(•)-® ®-a--®-® <•' ® i' IB " 81 - -• '• '•   ;;
...Manitoba Hotel...
New rigs, Rood driving
nnd saddle horses at
rt in.iiliilble rnte. Our
ainnvill hu to givo good
euro lo all horses uta-
lili-d with us.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Heating and Cooking Stoves
Boots, Shoes and Clothing
Ymi  cnn   luiy nt* my
i*lii'ii|ily iih ymi run in
A Large Cons'gnm-.nl of
.lust Received. We have Ihem
in all sizes and styles and enameled in Ihe latest colors.
Phone No. 77
The lust dance i.f tin* I'.   I'.   If.
1-1 111 1 wus u en-lit s leet-•-.
I.. II. Iluni.ti.f Pincher Greek.
wns iu tuwn Wednesday .
David Boles, the  veteiiui bridge
builder, wns in town today.
li. A, McDonald, of Moyie, was
n Cnuibrook visitor tlii*. week.
William   Bent,  ynrdmnster  n*
Madeodi wus iu town this week.
The I." n
r'eliruury I. iiiiii very enjovnb
F. kill will b
I ii promises
tn   I 1
Crunlirook Collage Hospital,
'timer Armstrong 1111*11111- nm! Lewla SI
I'm full iiimlciiliira»|i|ily lo
Hiss Moss, - Matron,
Iriuliiiite of si. Uko'a lloapllsl, Van
i-imror, 11. 0.
1   lii.
A. DU'k, iiis|M-iti.t'.
turned \Vii|ii''s,l.i\ tiiu Iiiii liuiiii- in Niiiiiiiiixi.
Andy JohllBOll lllifl join
DimUir's Btoff of niBtlcrs
in;iil Bt'lliliU :i iinilii-.'il wurk
The HiTalii is in receipt of j, g
ueal awl most novel menu oanl I
frmn ('. A. Min r. mnndKer ol
theMorkeen hotel, o( BufTiOo. X
V Mr. Miner ia making n un-nt
Baoeess in his new position, ;i foci
thnl liis many -friends in this port
of the country will be pleased u>
R. E. Beattie returned lust Siinilnv from liis trip to Winnipeg.
Hi- stopped nt Portage In Prairie
and Oak Lake. Speaking of Manitoba, lit* sail] Unit thai province
was enjoying mi unprecedented
em of prosperity, due t<» tin- lii^
land Itooui tlmt Ims lieen mi the
past year, nud the heavy immigration. Winnipeg Ib growing rapidly uud is now a metropolitan i-itv.
**   **   **   SEE THEM   .«■
Look out lor Colds al this season of tlie year.    They If
are dangerous.,   We sell a mixture ll*at kills 2p
the cold and stops the cough. JP
R. E. Beattie, *4 the Druggist I
Where It Pays to Deal _\
You Need a New 5uit
he I'resbvteri
Picked Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions ol Many  People.
Goo.   HneJisu'lh   wns   lip   frum
Elko Snturdny lu-,1.
in tuwn ou Tuesdny.
George  Golding.
wiih iii town lliis we.-!
In tin
Subbulll   .
will rend-,
••Tin* Pace
A   few nf  the   trie
inniise luuk Mrs. l-'orti
prise 011 OhriBtums eve
ing her witli
Mr.    Mm
Ills     uf    liniil-   liy   sur-
hy present-
itil'ul   fur  lined
I'ulin Leitch. Wilbur Hill. Fruuk
.Murphy. Hugh nud l'lui-1 .Mi-lmica
It-fl this week tor ('nlgnry to resume their wurk in the Western
Cnnhdn college.
The Plnrmignii inino Ims closed
nistnl.le How. of Wardner, wus down fur the rest of the season and
11 large number of the men employed there wen- ill tuwn tialny
on tlu-ir wav to Xt-lsuii iiiiiI Boss-
of   Wa
Win. Noble
iu Fori Steele
i li-.-insiii-Ii
■il busin
I). Driimmbiid, uf Morrissey
-s, wns in town on Wiilnesilnv.
Smyth,    of   the
wns u Crnnbrook
Frank Dickenson hns la-en cuii-
fiiied In lhe house the pnst week
wiih nn attack of lu grippe.
llert Richards relumed on Sunilny from n irip through West
Kootenny ns fnr us ICnmloops,
Dr. Harvie returned ou Mondny
lust, after spending his Christians
luilidiiys with friends in the enst,
II. Cnmeron, the genial malinger
nf the Moyie Lumber ronipnny,
wus transacting business in Crnnbrook Tuesdny,
Arnold *V Roberts hnve placed n
new sign iu their window which
mills very much to nppenrnnco of
Rynn of
hud his
*. .Tauunry
11.   tu   Mn
1 Mli of Ci
tin- Methodist pnr-
ith. 1110-1, by Rev.
. Mr. Duncnn A,
is   Lillinn  Leslie
iiiluy.   mi   liis
eli.UI Of Wlltehl
lb-   reports
,u in Fernie
(Under N'-w Munnuenienll ji,
I). A. McDONALD, nannger *
This holel is in thc center of town. The rooms .ire 1
comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- 1
class, and the bar is supplied with the best. When you (•>
want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. '*
..,,!-(.>-s> 0-® (il-®-®-®-®-®-®—Hi- ®-®-®-®r-®-®-® ® SHB ®-®
\V. I*. Tale   visited   Fernie 011
half -yearly   infer the '('. P.
slight fall of
n Sunilny evening.
The  nntiunl   meeting of Knox
I'r.'shylcriun congregntion isi-nlled
iur Tlllirsday evening nf Ilie week,
(Jiinunrj I Ith,) in the church, nt
j. p. tn. Refresluuents will be
sei4.il. Tin- entire i-ongregutiuii
i, naked 1.. 1.- pi-.-seui.
Tho Crnnbrook Hockey club has
lllllile ul-lllllgelnellts fur 11  tlllltl'lt nt
most s
Nulls 1
IJllile    II
will     I	
igllt.   lhe   10th,
inula-!- of local
lu-i-niiipnuy   lliein   to
Fui re Nous club held n
11 ssl'ul (Inure  Insl   Fridny
The nexl dunce will la-
by the inurrii-d men who
la*eli guests of Ilie l-jilrc
iub the |nisl two years.
(leorge Tibbels. who laillght the
Hotiliiiger much near Marysville
lust summer, wns in town Snturdny, He snys thnt he will raise a
j big erop of *Mitnloes, outs and  liny
next senson, nml fciHlijuiten bunch ' the reins like a  nuist-r.     1I<
of ciittle ns well.    He holies thnt waiting to hear from someone
Mrs. A. Leitch nnd ilnughter.
Miss Rlualii. left on Tiiesilny for
the eust. Miss Kin iiiii goes to enter school nnd Mrs. Leitch will
visit relatives in Toronto, Ottatvn
nud Montreal
Willie Welch is now the devil
in The Hernld olllee, Freddie
Aiivache having been promoted to
the position uf juli prcsjiinnu and
F. C. Smith hns some sumples
of grain mi exhibition nt the ollice
of Benle & Flwell tlmt fully de.
nionslriites tin- furl that South
Fust Kootenay cnu raise wheat ns
well us iinta.
Miss Kotmere, of Reid iii* Co.'s
slure. received the snd news uf Ihe
dentil uf lu-r mother ut St.
Catherines, Ontario, oil  Tiiesilny
evening.     Slle    left    the   following
dny for Iter home.
Th> Crnnbrook Bonnl of Trade
will liuld n meeting nexl Tuesday
evening, (.Tauunry 12th. 1 iu the
Odd Fellows linll ul .*■ o'clock, It
is to be Imped thnl their will be n
lirrgeiiitriiilance as n liunl of trade
is il glint helii I'm- n new nntl
thriving town like Crniibrook,
It. A. Keinptnn. nf Windermere,
wns iu tuwn this week, nud went to
Kelson ns n delegate iu the liberal
convention. .Mr. Kenipton is uu
uld timer in this country nm] hnsn
liust of warm friends nil over Uritish Columbin.
Hurry Fuirtiold leaves next Suiiiluy for Pomona, Cal.. where he
hus pnrchnsed 11 livery business
und will lui-nte pernuiiieiitly. Mr.
Fairfield, fur severnl yenrs, has
la-en in charge of deary o: Doyle's
Stable in this city uud hus u large
circle of friends wlm wish liim
prosperity in his new home,
A copy of thc Dully Fxnininor,
of t'luirlottctown. P, F. T„
llllliounees tile engagement of Miss
Enid McLenn, of thut city, and
Mr. C, P. Hill, of Winnipeg. Mr.
Hill is well known iu Fust Koote.
nay nnd his many friends here
will join witli The Hernld iu ex-
tending congratulations.
Curl Duffy, of Kings mills.
hauled 8,5110 feet of logs Into the
mill oiie dny lust week, tlu-re lieing
20 logs uu the load. lt is file
biggest loud of tin- season, und the
roads were rough uiu! rocky, Mr,
Duffy snys he cnn draw .'ilKm bit
with giKid roads. Tlu* liunl is
three iniles. nnd Mr. Dutl'y I a idled
.lohn Hamilton, who Ims tle
tine fruit farm just west of town.
is planting ninny more new trees
us well us smuli fruits.    Ile is ulso
embarking into the chicken business ou 11 large scale nntl is putting
up u chicken house for hatching
purposes (10 feet lung. Mr. Hnniil-
ton hus demonstrated thut this
i-limate is pnrticiilnrly favorable to
the raising of a line class of fruit,
nnd lust your he rnisi-d siiuie of the
finest strawberries and currants
ever prtaluctal iu nny country.
Knox church choir met at the
manse, oil Thursday evening of
last week with a double purpose in
view. In the lirst plnco to spend
11 pleasant evening, and enjoy the
htispitalily of Mr. and Mrs. Fortune, and iu the second place to
give tangible evidence to their np.
preciation of Mrs. MacLeod, us
choir leader, ls-fore Mr. Miu-Leixl
came to relieve her of her duties.
During the evening Miss Cm-dill',
011 1 it 'luil t of the choir, rend un address to Mrs. MacLeod, nntl Mrs.
Breinner presented her with u
purse nnd fifty dollnrs in gold.
Mrs. MueLeoil was completely
Men by surprise and on her behalf, her husband thanked the
ehoii for the evidence of appreciation, and assured them it wus
ii pleusiire to Mrs, MneLeod lo
give her service for the cause of
the Master, Songs and choruses
brought 11 very luippv evening tu
11 close.	
Chinied His Bate.
•I. C, Cranio, for years manager
of the Winnipeg branch of the
Toronto Type Foundary, has severed his connection with that in-
stilution. to tnke the position of
manager, of the Western Printers
Supply company, a new coiflpnny
formed to enter the field in op)aisi
tion. A number of newspaper
men ure connected with the new
deul. nnd (lid Man Crome is known
from Winnipeg to Vnncouver, antl
Im will do some tall hustling iu his
new position, Tliis new move
mny make conditions better tor
the publishers. Anyway. Tin
Hernld hopes that Mr. Crome mny
hnve success in his departure,
A Prosperous Year.
Speaking of tlie prospects for
building iu Cranbrook the coming
year. .1. dreer. the well known contractor, says thai he never saw
things look so bright before. Already he has contracts for several
handsome residences, and many
more are figuring oil building.
There will la- one or two new business blocks go up iu lhe spring.
and a general movement toward
Improvements. It will la- a lively
year for Cranbrook as business
promises to lie good in every line.
If thai i   lie- i.i-,*. you sl
led en     We 1 .tn giveyi
isfai tory   in   quality,  w
I Irop   iii   nnil   -.1  ■   iiiiiiii.nh- in Craubi-ook liy 1
im- suits Uml suit,
-nlil   lie cnreful il, the
nil mn- Ihnl will Ik- silt-
irkmunship .-nnl price,
lock. Our clothes are
aubrook  pie.   They
  Leask & Henderson
A I .,, 1 .,
Headquarters for High Class Goods for Ladies and Gentlemen at the lowest possible
prices. ,1 ** Special Lines just now, Cloth-
Ing for Winter Wear.
1 • 1»1 • 1 ♦
.        •   ,    •   4 -I-
■      !
•   •   •   4   -   -  -•   r   •:-!■:-s* 1,?
We arc in receipt oi a complete line of school books and
parents should bear this in mind when purchasing for
their children.
The best in
toilet articles
C. E. REID & CO.
When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the
None IJctter In the District
|^ Rates Si and up.   .Short Orders and Oysters
S served in any style from 8 p. m. to 6 a. m.
pa The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean
j!p liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
C) of liquors and cigars.
g L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.
****•*.*.j.******J>**r;t*f p*%*\A*A*,
Just a Moment, Please!
e is
I'KlNHKIIUIi.   imiNCH   111
Illl!  A. I.. II.  N0J6J
I the government will put in a bridge I
[across the St, Mnrys river so that
■ the distance to Crnnbrook will la1'
greatly lessened. I
January 25th, is Burns* aiinivi-r-
snry. Knox church choir under
tin- leadership of Mr. McLeod will
put on a concert in Wentworth
hull. The programme will consist
; of solus, choruses, one duet, one
trio, selections from the piia-s,
highland tliug nud sword dances,
Full arrangements next week.
Look fur plnii nt Beattie's, Ro.
served  senls  75 cents,     lieni-rul
! Vlllllilf Brethren uirJially Intili-d la allium   uillllissiou i*> cents.
The (ii-eiit Nortlu
tiounced n reduction in passenger
rates between Jennings, Montana,
and Morrissey. The reduction is
to three cents per mile, like nil
other portions of the line. The
reduced rutes went into effect January Isl. Tlie United Stnles government hns mniii- niTiingeinoiits
for a daily mail service between
Jennings nnd Gateway, The
above changes will be mudi nppn.
eillted by those who live along the
line iiiiiI tin- travelling public
which   liuve   business   iu   I rilish
('llllllll     I*,*-
Pslmiire   Flenlsf.
A quiet wedding ttaik plnce
yesterdnv nitcriiooii nt I o'clock ut
the residence of the bride's mother
211 I angside street, when Miss
Kllhel Fleming, of this cily. wus
married to Mr, E, H. Piitinoro, of
Cranbrook, B, C, Rov. F. M.
Woottou performed tin- ceremony.
(Inly the immediate friends of the
family were present, Mr. anil Mrs.
l'atmore took the west Ikiiiii.I train
fur their future home in Crnnbrook.   Winnipeg Free Press.
The groom is a member of tlu
tirin of Pntinore Bros., and his
mari-'a.'e wm* u surprise to his
Stock Quotations.
Furnished by Benle, &  Klwc
brokers, Cranbrook B. C.
Nurlli   Slur        I
Bt, Etlgaiat         *'
Paym-         1
War Kiwli- l'iiliaiiliilat«l  1
Puy   Hull         '
Ainarlcan Hoj*	
IViiaaNrairniil Milium
Ht KiiK'-ai-Mi. Minn	
(Jan. Oil IIII.I I'mil Ullli-rt l.til   Jl*
Snl iinn limn*, llitllll-*-I'n.lunula tiutl Illl
Whim lii-m*        ,;
Sides "i.lKJU While Hear. Ml
St. Eugene, r-uo tnteruationiil conl.
If yon wn
.mil nny ki
litis fuel i.m
ii nice, Tender Steak ,
4| really good meat.
4 ,-,11 ilnik foronlers.
'nre in business I., pic
i Clinic
i Koast, t.
..        (live
also vou
Hotel 3 3
OiickIs Comlort i Specialty
(imui Stabllnj; in Coanectioa
-Nef.rp«l tn r.litioni] ami depot,     Itns firrnmin'Kln*
tluii';  fur  llic public  unequalled   in  ('nmlircx-k.
Mot iiiiii Cnjti Ballia
\j,* |I»'«M •■»•••*•
 Proprietor      it
9* >>>.... • • • • ***.'£'.,
c i s* i c-e i ® i ® i s> i c«
ooioMANNING & LACEY |:ur
Groceries, Dry Qoods,  Boots,  Hoots and Shoes,
Window Shades, Crockery, Glassware, Ktc.
vtni   with   them.
tll'lllK'llt in tlu*
iiiin is t<i pli'iise
1... ii. iiii|iin.
The Calgary Cattle Company.
NEXT DOOR TO POSTOFFICE tub ciiA\i*.Ko<>K:iii:ii.\i.i>
ll 44,1, |„' .,* i-xhurliiliiiil i ii.- - lor n suit PART of)  \
money i*i «nsl d. ii-- nuiller ImWKoud the Knrmenls nre.    If you J
paj ,.',,.,* ,. .,,. il . ,.,■;,-■ I'm- ii lnul anil Al-I. yoi-r money is |
wasted.    IIMm Imi .i "."..I nnil I' nl   |.*..v *.l   lentil ,-i  fair t
price, and Ilm1 ii nil ymi will l'-'> forn Bull imule bv '
Cranbiiink Block Craubrook, B. C,
! Stoves, Enameled and Tinware f
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
PHONE <■■)<■■)
Call : n 1 sol* us.    We can
supply vou  in thes* lines.
Plumbing,  Heating  and Tinstnithing.       |
4 ************************************************** *
in all thi:
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholeule aad Rtt.ll
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade is .solicited.
.Saw Mill riachineiy
Planing- run Machinery
Iron Working riacliliiory
Milling riachinery
Machinery for all Purposes
All oi very best makes.
J. L. Neilson 4 Co.,
(ill! Main St., Wlaalasg
The Herald (lives Ilie News.
Wc luve ,i stiick nl
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or uny job
work in thc brick-line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
♦ Hive Ymi Any frilnlfitj: In in* Dime?
• Ua Any «f Ymir Uii'ittlK Ntnl I'lipirillRf'
j 11- SO SEE
!   W. N.CLARKI*.
Kh(Mtiad'S yj\f\\ oil llll'jrp niil-
tNlCtB.       Wr   tluii"!   WIUll    llif
i-iirtli. Wr wiiii tf. pl-wiM*
um with tin* work niid pi'ft'ivo
ro-iiBounhlt' pny.
I                     Mn j Hi Hotel, I'mnhriMik
»>>«*« ««t ••••♦♦•♦♦••
riarriajfe      J
f     Job,mid ilu- CITY  ItAK- I
<i> KltY is Uu- |.1:,.,- I.. -. I i, ,,,... I
(ii wedding .-nli.* uii<l ornoinentB t
1 in the latest stylo.   Why send <?
T your order oui  of inuu  nnd (•
J   |H-rllJl|is Iiiiii- lln- iri-iliM lii-uli-  A
<? i-n l.y BhippiiiK.   I'ric-es liniil. I
(!)  Hfcaae 51 Opposite M. I'. Church   T
<f      C. VV. WILSON,      j
~®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-®i
In 1924 Yen Will See How
You Looked In 1904.
.Getyour pielim*tnken nl -ont
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Lani Notice,
Vi.tii'i. in li.-ivl.y ulvcn Mini nUh'.n hislv
'Ii'vm Hnrnru S. DivIh   uill   n->|ilv   In   llin
Chief r,.minion.I..-. ,,r t.ini'h iiml  u,,i-i,4.
Vii-tiiriii. for |"*iitii.'ji,iii li> [ In.-'-* Hi,, inl
lnwiiiK Innili. In Hinilli I',i*'i K... nin. ti*,-i.
IVrrv Creok:
Ciillltlli-liiiliU ill hihiIIhiikI nirncr nl Ivmt
Ofl'n Nn. 1 n|)|ili<'iilinii tut' Itfulirr Ih-i iihi'.
tliHim m.iiiii 90 HiiiltiH mnn> or Ii'kh.Io TIiIpii'
Jii**flii|ilinn, tIiiiii.* 'JO , I,iiiin, in I. iLhii',.
unilb L'lliluiiiih iiiiiii-,,! I"", Li I'lin-iili'ir
■011*0 fi|i|,|iiiit inn Lit timtiiT lin-nm , llitinc^'i
(tiiiili-t Hi-nl Iii |ilin,' nl louremeiit.
Daffd December 2nd, if OH.
Timber Notice
\iilii,< in lii-ivli.vitivi'ii   tint lliirty ilnjrH nl
Ipciini.* i i innfifilv to fin* t'tii'f I'mit
MIIhhIi ml l.'iiiilhiiiiil Wort*, inin -'I jrwir
 r ilii-lnllmv I'itilH-i-i'ilM-'l IuikIh:
Ctinimeinlllg   t<l   a   |nut  iiinnifil nu lln*
iiiiiii, imuk ill Itocli Crwlt lii'ur wlivra iln*
i-iiMt Iini'nl lilm-k -I'lllll i-rntWM   huiil I'li-i'k.
llii'iifc l-l) lining Iinrlli Ml i'liiiiiin.   tilt-Ill'' I'tlHl
HO I'IiiiIiih,   Ihelii-e north HO i-ii-iiii*, tlieiHH
i-iifl   1130 fliiiiim. tln*in'« rnnlti 113 i i'liiiiiin
Mil-mi* ivi'hl Hll ilmi iih, Un -line »niilliHllilmiiii
ilii'iii-i'  wiHt   3111  iiuiii.h,   itii'in.T imrtli  HU
nlitlim  tli'iii'i'hi'hI Hlii'tinitiH tueiHti liim til
liliiik 4 .V.HI. Ilifliii' imrt.ll iHOl'llllilia  nii'i*'
Ihkb |,n |i|iiii' nf l.i-niiiiiiiii*
Iiiil.il Iiuiii.iiv Till. Iiml
•Iti .lun. N t,
Land Notice.
liivi* Iiiti'Iiv glvon timi. Hiiiiin nisi
lifter  ilnti*  I  intfiiil  tn   ii|>|ily In li
nr I.i iiit'tmiii (li)vern ir lu i-nuiit-i nmii
ni 7 nf fie rivi-in iui,] att.'iiiuH ml I -IIH
s ir tn i-lrfir uliniruoliuiw, t mililei*
'llllll, BIIUgM I'll'., If lllll llif lll'll llllll   lllllik:
ii'Ie (Wit. Kiwi Kiii>ii>iiiiy.it I'.uiiilit,
liiiii-H frum iln ontliro tn wlioro irooli
t'i>|ilHt'lufffl NVbI I'tim mil way, ami li
■ hiioIi ItiMirnvoinoiiIti hh mn.v in* iioow
lnnlrlvliig nl logn, tt inning nf liiMlioi
■nlintrilililiK IhmiIIIH llllll iluiUd I lif If m
1.1 llllllll   tlllll   119    llif    jllllgtt   (ll   I'llllllt.l
mn.v 'I i.
,-<l ,1-illllUI.V 71 ll. 1004
3 u. it King.
Land Notice.
Nnlloo mlh'ii'liy nivni I tin I t-isly ilajTH alt
ilnti* IE. M. AiiiIitmiii will ii|'|ilv In llif l'liii-1
■' 11iri-i,ihit nl I.iiii'IhhihI Willie. Vii-lmiii,
fnr pi'iuiii-niiiii In imii-linif Mif following tic
■•■iiiMl liiml fitiiiff ni. tin- S». Mur.v'H rlvor.
Ill Simiii I'lllflt   Knnlfini>:      I'd 111 III Olil-i I Ig   lil
ilifHiiiili Hint oiirnnr ol Lot. BOOHj ilifnro
•inrlli 30, ImiiiH iiiiiii- nrlOHH In  tin- riglit nf
way nl iln* Nmi li sinr Inniioli rallwii,v;ltioiii<i
•lllllll oimlOlly l.'i iliiiiliH mnii'ni-IfMH llllli) IV
nig tlio I'lgllt ill Wliy ol mill) niil wuy tu tin
si. Mur.v'H rlvor; llioiioo wojtorly 10 pImiIiih
inm* I fHtnllowliigtlieHI. Hnrftirlw
I ml nt uf rouitnonof uif nt, ootiliilnliig 13 uohf
iniiro nr turn-,
Hm il.VovotnliorOlli, 1003.
■"-" II. M. AmlfiHnii.
Land Notice.
Nut Ion la linn-tiy Kivt-n llml wllliin nixl>
■Iii.vh fi'nii ilnli'Itnlifrt D.ivih uill ii|i[ilv In
Hm riil,.fCnmnilKHliiu,.p nl |iuii|*i ami Workn
Viiitni-iii, fnr |H*ritliHHiutl In (Hiri'liitm- llif fui-
luwilig Litulfl ill h ititlifUHt K.intfimy:
''"iiiim tirin-4 ut tlio iinrlliHi'Hf lurni-r ol
CJllvor Iturgu'ri application in iiitroliafle ml
lollllngTIlll'H' pi'i'-i'inplInn on I'fity IVfi-k
i lii'iifi- MOillll -101'liiiitiH. wnnf 40 ctiuiim, Iiorili
mi i'liiiiiin uml onat -40 rimi-m 11 plum nl
i iiiiuiii*iin-liii'iit
I In I ml IWimli'-i 3ml, moil,  •
Land Notice*
Nutiii' m lioroby glvm ihut Inn tnontlm after  iltltf WO illti'inl   In uppl; tn tin- ( hlnl
I'nmmlMlnnor nf Lnmtn uml Worko, Vic
toiln, B.C.,for pormlwion lo purchuH llio
Cnmiiii'iiriiig nt ii punt pinntoil on tlm wnnt
line nf the 0, (I. King (Imlior limit nn Iho
Mny in ri vi rut. theC. P.ltttilwny iiuiii of w«,v
tilii'tioe running iinutb 40 elmluH, llienoe weal
10olialiifl, Miom-f nuitli to ruilway iiuiii ol
w y, tlinmoi'ustiily along HUiil I'lglit nf wuy
■n |iliiif nf fuiiiiiifiiffiimiii, I'uiitniii'iig Kill
uill h ti nli- ur lfH.1,
King Mercantile Compony, l.imit,>il,
■is per V. II. King Vanager,
n.ili'iiSniilli I'lit*-! Kntiifiiuy,Nuv..'lntii,1iui;l
Timber Notice
NotioeIkliorelijr given llml within iliinv
Aayn Itolirrt.DaviB wlllnpply tut Im ohlol eutn*
iiiif-ci, iiiit nf I ,ti min ii mt WnriiH, Vietorin, fur
ti MiHiiiti lloenw to mil. I imlior on the follow-
iiigilnflnrttmil inml near St, Mar.\H river Hon Hi
V.n*i  Kiiiili-iiii.v:   l.'uniiiifiii-iiigiil ilu- imm Hi
i-iini rortmr nl VVatktn'i timlierllootme, llienoe
Hi-fi ii mill- mnn- or Ii*hh to Ibe iiml  limit  ,,'
It.    M    Allll.lrnll'n   lii'flll-i*,   tlliJIH.'   uiul L    111
nlnlilitt uiul.- nf IfMH in Hf. Aiiiuiii'h pn-cup-
llo'll, I Ill-Ill t- HIlHl. 80 lll-iilm   lllllll-   ill'   |. r-H   |,|
Km Si, Mnryn rlvor, ihi-mf iluwn Hm St
Mm>H itm Iiiii point <l ni lh nf pi,liit , i
 iiieiieemcnt,  llimre koiilli  to point ol
f niiili i*i,i, in.nt.
Ii.i -1 llioTihotDe-emUr Ifl 8.        Jin
Tin- Aiislmlitin U I istlieplncelopui nn •vlii-n
yuu un* in lown.    Tl Big White tlolel,"'Tis
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors
II. I.. Sleiiliens, J. E. Sle-ihi-ns, J . Lawsun, M. Kutkiniliirl
Play Ball
In..Iini' wonls.
wlti'ti in Mui'i'issiy
Mini's lotik luyour
I'uiiil'uit  ami   Bt-liy
lit tilt'   llnlt'l   W lli'li'
you p*yl your mon-
oy'a worth,
Alexandra   Motel
Stephens tiros* & Co,
Owners and I'mprUiors
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
ownshrge areas of choice agricultural lands
in the Kootenay and Boundary Districts of
Southern British Columbia which are offered
for sale at from
$1 to $5 per Acre
on easy terms of payment. S Timber leases
can also be obtained on reasonable conditions.
a        u\ tiik m.i' man       ,|
*»a -i-sa-ia-j B*-a:«: tuse vaatm a*^
Hciu-ii Hitiiii-.fi per Him.
r.»Hl i-l-ralail I inn lulklim
Will lil,,rum-1 iiii.I in--,
Wlm Inlil III- uf H'iIr-oiii In' lnul,
I llilak -i ii-iii- .i-.-ii.-r luy.
Willi., a ilnir la lila nil	
Tiia ii-iii i i-ii-iii. In lii-ii.
I'm-In-aim na nii-u-l i-nn-r.
II ,1 III (111 1*111-:ila »liil„ I -A
Snil lln- iiirji-l. "I'm Ir-in lll'lll '11,
'I'll-li'"-1 jl'-'- I.llll.
T.i lirliw.vi.il n sl"-
Ami |in inin-u-i-l li-ii i-i-.iuii
V„,|'l„l„„,|,   l|j|-i,.;i,l    I,44,4   11,4IM
Al|4|4V.l|M,<l   llll.-.l lll'lll     1114.1  .14,1
I'll vi- i-ill ri'l ) llun'wil'ilii,
Ami ti-iiia In iv n-i-i-l vi-,1 j im.!
Hn in. mini .ini imi in ul.ii.i.
1-..I 4. .ii liavn laliiii-ii I lnul.
Ami lh-sun I |,.„-,li»|.i..|..iliii4i
V -„l,-,-.iiil. jii,.-.i4-.,4ii-.l
'I'l In,iiu-i-l mnl ll Illnr
Hi llllllll   ,1,4  1144. lll'lll- "Jl   .U'lUl ,
lllll   111 ,-illM-l    4-     1 1... I —.
Tlmnlllll'l Illl llli'l:   ■« ii.
I liiiii'i, |,li,."'li. aln.u .villi,
ll'a Ilm linlliil |.liii'.'in li.'ll
When.tl >ilii i-.'l iml.l.v.ni
III   1.1,1114-   I      .ill. Ill'l'll."
Ami, l.i'luilil lli« i'l 'unu  lli'-ir
lli.l,U-l|l'4,|i',M. Ill   111.'-	
Ami un liu ll|.n.-linll- Ilmi.
Ill, ivlaln-il fm iinlliins i ■
I'm nn-I I Iii ail nn.l in.ni I lii-m
\H  llll'l   ll-i'/l'"    -
Ami lii-i'i.-«..-.11
Wllli-ln-v.-l-nn.l Hi
Suiil lln- ini-J.-l. ".'in
Tlli-iv'a Ilir |ii'n|.|.i
lln: ll Illlil*iml.l
rrinn lln- .Mnv.i- l.i*;i.li*r
I Inn
If yon .I.. Bwenr Mil'. Bitty l.y it,
Hu\r  nliiiul   liim,,-  a*.-*..I..11..,-.-v
Hnve yon ki'i-t tlu-inV
Do yon know ii p;ood reenhilion
for the   New   Vt-ai-V    ll   io   this!
lllllll    1*4 ll
W Vi' it'
The tlevil is wutcliijiy the cli;i|m
who innili' sn tunny hriuV ivsiilvcs.
It' he run riiirli yoit bmnkliig n
smnll iuh-. In- knows he Una iteiifrli
on nil tin- hi;;' oiu'Si
Some in'ti[ili' try to ent enough
nt n ('lirislniiis ui* New Venr's ilin-
tn-r tn hist for ;i week. Tltnl is
why doctors nlwnys look hnppi
ChristR1II8 time,
# i>. ^.
IIT. II. Dijnbtii-don'l reeojrnize
yon mi the nlreeti don'l l»- Bur*
priaril, lh- hroke Iiii kIiibscb Insl
week und is un limllv nil' now ns un
owl iu ih.. Iniirhl siiii-.Iiiiii-,
This is ii -,'innl lim.- In sillli
lip, strike tl litilniu-.'. un.l lit-un- un
how yuu niv piiuu lu live III.
eoiniiiH yeur, If yon linvo heen
working st.'iidily the pnsl Uvelvi
llllllll llS. Wil lllllll I'Nl I'll i'\ | ll'ilKI'S. llllll
linve nothing t< • show for it, then
is something wrong,    ['.very young
ninn should hnve fr SHU) ii.SHH
us the i-i-siill uf his yeni-'s lnlior.
If yuu hnve not snved nnything, go
tu your lii-il j-iiiini tonight, lurk Ilu
door, turn on tho light nnil gna
nt the inin-u*. Vnu will see ,i Fool.
Then tell the toflneliiin whnt yuu
think ul' liim. mul in doing il. lull
flu* truth,   If iii.-ii iln vim iiinni.
Nn inrtii  should shirt lhe New
yenr owing I'm- his iiewspn] er.     II
y. iv.* for ii. \ l Id pii) ii.
There nre   two   :.- I   r.-no ma I'm
Blieli lu-linns, ll uill give ymi lh,
ililisfneliou uf doing yom- duty,
nu I it will i iv * lln* iu-w.;| ii|)i-i-ui;iii
ilu- Bntlsfnotlou uf receiving thut
wliii-h heloiiga lu him.
Ut nil iii
There nre n lol nf young men ill Tho Moyie sehool opened Mon,
Crnnbrook who will hnve to look ilny morning with ;i good iittend
ont this yenr. Then mny lie n nncp,
Few young Indies who will try toi olive Oline, of Crnnbrook. is
Inkendvnnlngeot their lenp yenr visit|||g witl| friowls in tow,
(Joiner .Tones, former nceouutniil
for the Moyie Lumlier ruiu|iiiny. is
now holding n situilui-pusitiun with
Brpckenrldgc & Lund ul \Viu-dner
M. A. Beale wns up from Crnn
brook this week looking nfter luisi
iii-ss ill i-uiiiu-i'tiiiii with liis tii-iu.
Jlrs. Lnpii'i'i'i-. of Crnnbrook, wns
the gnest of 111', nnd Mrs. V
Di'suulniei' Ihis week.
.Mrs. Cronin weut to Spokniu
lust wei'k to plnco Muster .liu-k
Cronin in the Uounzti college
.Musii-r .Ttinies Hnrpernccompnuied
llii-ni nud will nlso nltend flu* sunn
11. 1-1. S. Tnylor hns returned tc
Moyie nnd husngnin Inkeii up his
work iu Ilie Mi-tluiilist cnuse. ,M
Tnylor wus In id up with lyplmlil
fever for some time, nud is only
now feeoverlng faun lln* elfects nf
his illness.
I'airlv liuuil kelurns.
'    Tlm yenr 11K13, wns n fnily gooil
 * in  British Coliunbin. viewed
from ji biisineBB st.iiul|Hiiiit. Thi
volnine of business wua nboul Ilu
an nu- uu iu 11IQ2, luil It wus on n
lietter l.nsis. The output of Ilu1
mines wns supplemented by Ilu
product of sawmills, nnd the mil
pul of the Iwo Industries wns nn
increase over thai or 1002;    The
j llgures lielow can he accepted ns a
fair approximate uf the value of
' Ilu- output of tin- urines and forests
of tin- province I'm' flu- year l!K)!li
lli.44iilnml mi nnl.Iiiii.I.-..|i|..-i*   I .nun mil
II Iiii.v nilai'a, 1111I1I ami i-n|i*
in.l-    :t.uuiumi
SIi,.mii mill.-. -M-..I* I I.-ml     I .mill
Ni-li 1111-44,   lllllll,  -ill'.-l'.   Il'llll
nml i*ii|i|n*i*  -luii.linli
l,i,i,l'-„4, ami Tn.nl I nl im-.
liniil. alln.r.1 1  L.nn.lilill
IJ ■   K„„i,.ii:,r niili.--, »ili„i nml
I'mil IIIII I iliinaa,-tuiil -Jim,llllll
Ailin mini-!., itnlil  'l.ulili.uilll
1,11,1    .14, M       |. lllll.I      lllllll-.,      -ul.l
 I iM,,,,,.,.       .-.ini.inm
Vnln IUhI i-li'l mill.- K*M         111111,1.1111
Vi .iin-i    I-I I    llllllna,
mill.* .1.1*	
I, i,,-„ 4,1.1 Vnla, I In.,.
I.mur   iiuiiiii I.   I In<i<
Iiiiii vi'l-lalilllll, I.iiiiiI.ki-.
. t .',.null.mill
.    L'..'illli.mill
... I.iinii.uun
Tin- I'l
•-.-ni $    ,',0,1,0011
Iriiinl ininl  |m,r,iio,ooo
After nearly n month's absence
in Montreal, Locomotive Foreninn
A. II. linger lins resumed duly.
During Mr. Anger's vncntion, V.
W. .luliiisuii performetl flu- duties
ut' tin- position,
\Y, Suini'ilun. whu is lit present
relieving ngenl nt Blniriuore, visit-
• <l Mieliel mi Suiiiluy to hid nu
revoir tu some friends la-fui-e tlieir
ilepnrlnre I'm* the ensl.
Storekeeper K. Spi-oule Hindu n
trip to Sii-ilui'iin 'I'lii-sdny. nu i-nin-
piny's business.
\V. M. Jiiillloson of Uu- liu de-
pnriinent wm iu Medicine lint lust
While switching in the ynnls
Insl week I (uny Kuliii-liniiil full
From the engine and received in-
iuiii-s Hint coiillncri him lu Ids
Im I'm* several ilnys.
Literary Society.
Tin- following program will lie
lu'i'si-iiti-d at tlie meeting to be
In-lil Friday, -Tunuui-y ii:
liei-itutiuii. Mrs. W, H. McJVir.
ll ;
lii-sp nisi- tn roll call with two or
inore lines uf original verse.
Dclialo, •• Ill-solved That Marriage Is n   l-'uiluiv."   Alliruiiitivi*,
!''■ I'' Sinipi nil   E, 11.   Sniiili.
Negative, II. II. Thompson nml C.
II. Hm,lun-.
Currant evmits, W. T. Reid,
A Stellar Allmcllon.
"Whnt Happened tu .1 b,"oiio
of lhe uiusl pi'iiliiiiiiii'i.il I'uiili'ily
successes nf the pnst ten yenrs. will
la- presented here nu Sntui-ihiy.
Februrnry filh. by identically the
same compnny tlmt hus played Ilu
comedy in liu- lurge cities of the
middle western stntes since tlie
first oF Inst September. The
comedy wns written by Geo. II,
Brondhurst, author uf "Why Smith
Left Home," "Tlu- Wrong Mr.
Wright." "The Home Tlmt Jack
Built." and other notable successes,
it hns enjoyed long runs in Loudon, New York nud ulher Inrgo
I'. P. Wnlker. mnnngor of the
Winnipeg uml nlliiil tlu-iili-es. nud
uf Mr. Harold Nelson, will direct
the Western Cnnndn tourof "Whnt
Happened lo <!oiu*s." uml promises
theatre patrons n uietropolitnn [x-r-
foruiniice, in overy Bonse of (he
term. A new sn-iiii- equipment
hns been provided for lliis tour.
Boyes   I'jissiiiiirc.
On   Wi-iliu-silny. .Innunry   llllll,
11104, nl 2:110, Miss Alum Pass -e
wns nnil,il in mnrrlngo In Jumes
Boyes. nt tlu. Presbyterian iiinnse,
Rev. Fortune olHelaling, The
contracting parties nre well uml
favorably known iu Crnnlirook.
The bride Ims ninny Friends iu
this city, ami the groom is n young
iiiiiii nf sterling worth, nnd is holding n responsible position in tin*
C, P. R. shops iu tliis city. After
ie wedding u dinner was served
ut the hiiini' of th - bride's piirenls.
There were Humorous handsome
presents, nnd ninny words of good
i-hi'i-i- fm* the future uf tlu- happy
•oiiple. They left on tlie nl'ter-
iiaui ti-i.iii for a protracted trip to
-iislerii points, uud will be absent
ulaiut three wi-eks.
Ilay Mor Sole.
I'he uudoroigtied Inm Km tons of
No. I uphold prairie hay fur Bide
nl $7 per tun F, O, l!„ lililu.
11-5   Wm. Dram, ('Ids, Alberta,
For Maps anil further particulars apply lo Ihe ful!owin( local land Agent;:
V. Hyrii- Baker. Crnnbrook. R C,    11. & M, Bint, Nelson, P.. C.
11. R. Bruce, Wilmer, B. O. .1. A. McCnlhim, Grand Furks.B.C.
I. li. Wilson. Waiiliu-r, B. C. E, Mnllnndnine, -Ir.. Creston, B. C.
W. M. Frest. Uiitewiiy. Mi.nt.
Or J. S. DENNIS. British Columbia, Land Commissioner, C.
P. I<\ at Calgary, Alberta.
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To nuke money in mining buy good stock lo**/
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
• ••♦••♦♦••••■»•*»•♦♦>••>♦•♦ •-•to* ••••••«•••••*•••••••*•*
Saw! Planing Mills
Manufacturers of Koiutli uml Dressed
•S» ••■•»■♦*-*>■••> • *»-•-■*>•>•>••♦•>•>♦•>• • •(•xi)*-** * •-• •«*-»*•*»• »■»■*» «-• • »■*»» •
** *-*>■■*>♦♦ +*^ A-A-A-A A-A-A-A-A-A-A A® f}m m-*l A *•-*-+■*■+ + +-»-+-*-+■++**+-*, *)
CRANBROOK,   -     -     -     B. C.
Safe Horses.   Good Rig-i.   Comforlable
Aitoinnioilalloii-i.   Drivers and Rl(i
lor any pari ot Ilialrict.
Paul Handley, - Prop.
Aa-M-il-tUMI AVE.
Slab Wood and Fence Posts
Repairing Promptly Torn*.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty


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