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Cranbrook Herald Apr 23, 1903

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 ■ -
VOLUME   li.
I'RANitiiootv.  BRITISH roi.t'Mr.iA. THURSDAY,  ai'iim.
mmi:i*:h .->
01  Inl   townsitc   or
.*..;,.* '.■■'-..
I Jfr
A Solid Town, Backed by Solid Men, with a
PAYROLL OF $40,000
every thirty days. With the proposed construction of 250 new Coke Ovens and numerous other improvements which are now projected by the Company, the eye of the business
man, and the shrewd buyer of real estate,
should naturally be turned toward Morrissey
Lots will be on sale
when the public are invited to participate in
the grandest opportunity for investment ever
offered in this district.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Oho, A, Cox, PrealiUnt,
Paid Up   Capital
Tslal  H,*,..nr.li
lt, li. WALXlin, .'•!■',   Mat,.
Deposits Received,   liciicral Hankini. Business Transacted
savin.is mv* nil'in muni  DtMtlli tec.iv.4-l.ur.il ID.*,..
.* , * | 4 | -   * | * I a I ,\
A | .*-1 J. KM AI I ,
.-! i I ♦! . ! • ; •
Gilpin Closing
Do you realize ho* deep a cut  in
prices selling out at cost  means?
The Pircmcn'a Dame.
The Jam*? given lest Tuesday evening
'or the benefit ofthe v..!uiilrer firemen'.**.
association was a pronounced success
socially, but not what it should have
been financially. IVibaps theie never
wns a more etjoyuble party Riven ln
Cranbtook, and thosa present seemed in
appreciate the fact, tin elegant Inu-li-
eon wn*. set veil between i? antl i o'cl.ck
after which da. tiring was i*nntlnued
ill til a bm- hour.
Onr nf th**  entarUlftiug features -■'
, the evening was ilie wn*k ol Mr, i-t-.ej.ti
Yoimghearl, a traveling mm who pleas
; .'.I everyone  present hy hia tricks i •
magic nml mystery. Mr. Vnnnj-heari
gave his serftcea freely, ami the people
of tills luwu u.tr him a ilchl of gratitude,
for there kre few men in tint line his
There are  people  In   Cranbronk   win.
should   lie    ashamed nl   themselves fui
i not lending mure enoourngcniolit m the
i boys wild are giving their timi- ami   et -
ergy to protect the properly of clilrein.
; against lhe ravage* of lire. It In n ipie*o
tion of iloll-tr mul renin,   IlUt   mauy  illil
1 not tnkr advantage of the opportunity
I li uto be hoped thut tin"/ will iIri belter
nest time.
(iil: Cnnit* ,md let us show you.   To clear a number of lines of
(•.«> which we   have .in over supply we Ate nuking ruinous prices
J^ii Ourkee's 5alnd Dressing:, formerly oik: now _m
(ii Ladles' Skirl, formerly $f> now $,t
(inl l*u* cult Shoes, formerly $,t now (i.oo
(Lit A"> alh can uf fruit now Juc
ll We c*n sell FURNITURE only for a short time. Secure some
(!>». of these bargains whilst you can.
(i.) Call early and often.   There is still a lot of stuff to be sold.
I a ; * Ia i
t% [ $ |...1 ;..; ;-|  | <$ \ A I <j> ! A | A \$\A\A\<i>\A\A\A\.A
Penalty of Eye Abuse
Don't wait until the eyes give out and you are compelled
to stop work. Many people must overwork the eyes, but none
need permanently injure them. If the vision feels strained get
the proper glasses at once.   Bring your eye trouble to us.
Clraa Up Vunr Yards.
Sanitary limpectnr Mortis Is after th-**
Cftreleu; people will! a red hot stick, and
pur pones to enforce  lhe   law     No one
s albi-veil to tbu. -v ilis'i water or other
jreliist* mallei nn Ihe groiiml. Cesspools
of some  mini   must   he  provhlei).    Tlie
iii'itlihof the coin niu hi ty must be gill riled, and M*. Moitls tuts lailuMl instruct
ions nu this point.
Purlheruinie, auy one found dumping
refuse natter iu the woods clone to town
will be prosecuted to tbe full extent ol
the law.
Clean up your yards aud lanes mul
save uotib'e.	
Wiifb That Water
There aie people still foolish euougb
lo use the water from Ihe wells on tht
lltt lu this town., Tbey are mi rely
courting deaib ia a most reckless manner by #o doing, the wells are not deep
nnd tbe water ll surface drainage, there-
tore containing the most a auger out
germs. No one should nee ll at tbis time
of the .year. Good witter can be secur**,)
al a reasonable price, and If (t Is learneo
ibat any ofthe wells are btiug uatd foi
d..meslU; purpoae* they  will  bt closed,
The Legislature Cancels the Railroad
I ill's drui -accepting retainers from cor-
SAVED THC* COAL LANDS p—•..in- »-«.« *-»•*
ctowii.    Ue held this entire tnii-sai'turn
,  I showed that ihe government  were  tiot
entitled to tbe conlltlenie nl the people.
Wells mmu* a vigorous defense.   He
said tbe act hsd given large, discretionary powers mid the government  lnul ex
erclsed them us they believed to  he iu
.  ! the best interests of the country.   Tbey
(i-id'hikeii tbe hesl 'ep»l advice uutl bad
WAS C-tKKIEU BV A INAMMOLS VOTE! Im» aaatireil ,l..-v l„,l |,o,«*, .„ vary tua
location of (be allotted land. Al the
sume lime they hoped lo pe*. the strongest possible company to develop lhe resourceful new field nnd appreciably re
dlice the granted area in tlie hileieats ol
the country. Hence the proposal 10
give blocks 4 593 snd 4 ,vj5. in lien of it
l-trger area. When tlie deeds were made
out tbey hud never left his possession although be liit't taken them to Muntreiil
when be went to discuss maMers wllb
Sliaughnessy, in the hope   ol   getting a
belter bargain for tbe couniry, Aa lu*
could not tie bad declined to complete
the transaction by delivery of lha grams
A Great  Stroke   For   .South East
Kootenay and Her
For plats and general information, address
Thomas Crahan,
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
Parliament Ignores British Columbia's
BIIDVl   IN   Tttfi   THBRITIiaiES.
M. Miiaae, Kc1ur„s Iron,   a   Will 'to
Promise I and.
M   Mclntii-i rel„riR*,I li:,. -ii-el fill,*, 11, Calfiar-r,
llle lo*
tin.,1,1 Il8a I,ten   u   Kit*
aa*?l le i,tv,
,bap... 'fb',
A Modest Request That   Would
Have Given Independence
to This Province.
Till*  SMELTER TRUST STILL IN  SADDLE; town property an><
Vicioria, 11. C, April 23.---The adoption by Unanimous vote nt the government lull ratifying the cancellation of
the Kindt <>f blocks 4 593 ami 4.594. in j
Hen ot earned Isiids for lection _*-* of tne;
Colunibla Si Western railway, i» accept*
ed liy psthiiuii-utnriHus   ;is one  ol  ibe j
most magnlficlent plecra of legislation
ihe U-iiMi Coliittilila piirllainent Iihh
ever approved
"It murks," observed one prominent
public 111 m t'i day; hi the unities of tlie
33 concurring members were recorded,
1 the end ol C I'. K, domination ot the !
government of this province, mid the
downfall ol 'the old clique1 with whom '
nil things were possible,"
Not only wns the principle of the hill I
approved, hul tlie measure would have I
until* through committee and third stages
for witli'add beeil unseated to this even
I ing hut for tbe uneipected objection of
O.llmour, wbo, while he voted affirma-
1 lively, desires to gn.iratiU'e tbat there
1 Mhitll be no secondary alienation to any
rival corporation as has been hinted st,
und will in this direi'tiou movo and additional clause to-morrow, that "tbe
lands herein referred to, save and except
avio limber thereon, shall not lit; sold,
leased or otherwise alienated etcept by
set of the Icginljlure."
■ Curtis commented upon tlie premier1!
tnistiike lu HOI dismisiilijg his colleagues
fur their apparent Infamy iu this* matter
nml also referred iu the aitt>iuey-|*;etier-
An Interestlnx ladlvldual.
R. Parker, a brother of J   I,   Parker,
m.tnnger ol the North Star mine, arrived
Inst Monday evening from India for n
•.hort visit here, ^Ir. Parker is an analytical chemist and has been in India
lor ten months us a member of tile COUI
mission appointed by tin: ItllRtlsll gov
eminent to investigate the treatment of
indigo by the natives nf tint country
Mr. Parker is a (piiet, infassanilng individual, and one of tne mist interesting
talk-rs that it has been the lot of tbe
The Herald man to meet for it long time
Held evidently a keen observer, with
tbe intelligence to make Uu* proper tie
diictlons and therefore his travels fills
the storehouse of his memory with fur's
nnd fancy, the relating of tvhie!: is ul-
wajs interesting to the mnn who has
not visited foreign countries.
Appreciates Her Singing.
Tbe Movie header hai the following
lo say of Mis. Reid's singing Ht h con
cert given In that town lust week;
Mrs. W. T- Reid of Cranbrook kindly
gave her services, which added greatly
to the success of the bflair. Mrs. Reld
bas au excellent voice, and Its vol tune
nml strength were cleatly demonstrated
on that evening. Sbe. received encore
after tocou.
! Ottawai April 16,—The (inance miu-
j isiers'a budget speech bis announced
1 no change lu the existing tariff on lead.
but in view ol the importance and present condition of the Industry tbe govern
ment is prepared lo consider Ibe 111-
croasing uf ihe existing bonus,
And in this wiy ibe urgent   appeal  ol
the people of the wed has bum igoured.
The duty that was required to -^ive the ■
lead industry proper protection would
not hsve added to the burden of the
people of this country, bnl would have'
placed tbt-. lead mine owners in n pod-
lion where tiny would have been independent of the smelter trust of the ;
States. Parliament, dominated by |
eastern interests, 1ms seen lit to turn I
down tbe tidiest province in tbt D.jih- (
inion. Ills a mistake, and the time
will come « hen the Quebec and Ontario '
legislators will relize it, In the meantime llritisli Cotuntbin will continue to
Utruggle for breath wllh the hand ol
! coiporale (ntetests of the United states
i on her throat,
I. 0. 0. P. Anniversary,
'     Next Sunday  afternoon  at   3   o'clock
the Oddfellows of Cranbrook will bold I
their anniversary aervice at Christ's I
church at 3 p in    All members of the'
1 order In town that day are requested to
meet al tlie bnllr.ot later than 230 to
|irepare for tbe parade to the church, 1
Rev. Ueflcbam will deliver the annual!
■ iddretg-
lo find a place n*deep ' >;.e banker told
bim that bis bank vvie, lull of foreign
money. '"Why," said tbe banker,
"those fellows f 0111 the States ccrne in
, here, deposit there drafts wiih us and
strike out to look for land. And tbey
■ill seem to have plenty of money."
"ll is going to be a great cotir.try,"
continued Mr. Mi Imns "From one to
live trains are leaving Calgary every day
for tbs North, loaded wub itnnii£ranu
an ! their goods. New building! are going up in the tov.ii, and I could iell my
My old homestead of-too asres tbat a few yenrs ago
I could not get an offer fc»r. 1 c inltl sell
no v for f tS an acre, so you can *ee by
that how the pi ice ol land has g..nt up.'
John Pink back to Stay.
John Fink returned to Cranbrook last
Sunday and in ihe fuluie will remain
here, aud associate himself with, his
hrotner.J P, Pink, In tbe management
Of tbe Port Steele Mercantile company.
John Kink was one of tbe early settlers
in the boom daya of Port .*-> eel*, ami
bad charge of ihe company's business in
this district when it bad stores at Fort
Steele, Craubrook aid Watdner, Since
his departure two years ago auiktheconcentrating ot the business in one store
bere at Cranbrook, J.-P Pink bat been
manager. Both of the men are popular
throughout the district, and now that
they are to be associated in ibe management, it will make a ^rt-at team.. Tbere
are few better business nueii than 1 the
two [''ink's.
Italm-s Is Buck \„iiiii.
II, II dnes, of Virden, Man., formerly
manager of the Cranbtook tiinnch of U.e
Canadian Bank ol Commerce, -and* now
holding the stitne . poMiiou1 in* Ivi* ' new
home, airivttl in lown Tuesd.ty.''* Ma
will visit frleuds In the the dlstrs-fffut
two 01 three weeks. Mr. Hainea,'16oks
well and foots well, hut says that "this
winter, when tin; tberinoihetor'mtirked
6>i degrees below  zero, be longed tor the
balmy breezes ol tbe bauana-btHf   -"
t£_\    /<ml^^S^>^-*\
Editor and Proprioto
district   II vim kn
>iiiir mu i y"'U I"'
iiile.seud it to this nlllei
ll Is a pleasure to live III Cranbronk.
It will lake Bas ern Canada ten year**
yet io dncover British Columbia.
Something dropped at Victoria last
Monday, and it was heard here InSnith
Kast Kootenay,
The absence nf.I ie Mattln from par
Itimeiil will mh tho balance ol ibe acs
slon of most of its Interest,
What the Dominion parliament needs
!■ live men.    The iniimniy style of  poll
ik tan should be declared obsolete lu
this country.	
The Liberal parly of Canada made a
wagnltlclenl move lor the Conservatives when ll tin tied down lhe lead
duly proposition,
Tlie reserve coal and oil lands have
beeu saved for the people unless   there
is annihej government side step thai
lhe public cannot foraee al tills lime.
The liimiiiion parliament   has turned
dowo ihe request of the people of Brit
Ish Columbia for assistance. British
Columbia is too far west for must of the
Bittern fossils,
The present editor ol the Vancouver
World is one of the best editorial writ-
era In British Columbia, tie is logical
in Ills deductions, clever In his statements and has away of handling tho Eng
llsh language that Is exceedingly pleas-
Harold Nelson, after the presentation
of Hamlet Saturday night, said that he
had not played to a mure Intelligent audience since leaving Winnipeg, as ihey
gave evidence hy tlieir applause that
they thoroughly appreciated the fewer
points of play. Well, Cranhrook is made
up of the salt of tlm earth.
What became of the organization
known and styled as thc Cranbrook
Board of Trade: Is It dead, or does It
simply sleep: Spring Is here, und both
the Dominion and Provincial parliaments are in session The world i>
moving, towns are growing and government favors a.e being granted. Is the
board sailslled with conditions or has ii
fallen into innocuous disuetude.
J. 11. Wallace, of the l-'ernle Free
Press, proposes to start a second paper
and the Held for his enterprise is the
new town of Morrlssey Mines, In tbl-
connectlon It might be said that a new
paper, backed by lhe labor Interests ot
Ferule, Is to be started in that town.
Take It all together, Mr. Wallace will
bave his hands full.
The Moyie Leaner has started on its
nilih year, wllh F. .1. Smyth still al the
helm. Mr. Smyth has experienced all
tbe journalistic vicissitudes that tin
publisher of a paper in a new mining
limn is heir to. He has seen prosperous
days, when lie stopped at the hesl
hotels, smoked good clgOll anil wore a
new suit twice a >vir, nnd he has seen
days when crackers and cheese; were a
banquet, and when lie never went up
atreel without wearing a long-tall coal
to hide certain evidences of many hours
of silting at bis desk. Hut through it all
Smyth has been clieer-nl, and his papt"
baa rctlected his good nature and 111*
hope tor the future. Movie owes a lol
to lhe St. K igene Mine and the Moyie
Leader, and The Herald hopes that tlu
day will come when Mr. Smyth will
reap a rich reward for the good work he
bis done,
IHE    ftlNllMtMl.kl-:    COUNTKV.
Charles   listmcre   Speaks   ut   lis  Valuable
Charles Itslnere formerly of this district but now of Wilmer lu tht' Winder
mere country, was In town ibis week.
Mr. Hut mere speaks highly of the future
ol the Windetmere couniry, and says
that there are mine great mining piop
ertlesln this district, The Plbarmigaii
Mines Installed a four drill air compressor last fall, aud has been working 30
men all winter. They have a double
cable Ifliecbert tramway on the ground
and will erect it as soon as the snow bus
gone, tt will be 8,000 feet In length. l<
Is rumored tbat this company will install a big electrical power plant on
Horse Thief creek and transmit tbe power 7 miles in the lower terminal of the
Iram, where tbey *ill erect a Wetherell
process electro-magnetic separator for
concentrating their ore. It is said that
these mines have opened a large body of
arsenical iron ore tbat carries high
grade gob! nnd silver values. A crn»s
cut has been run across the lead for 31J
feet. The Paradise property has been
working 40 men all whiter, They have
a wonderful property in lhe way of carbonate ores, and it is reported that this
company will erect an loo ton concentrator  for   low   grade  ores.    Tbey   will
ship Hon tons taken out In development)
and it is reported to run 275 to 300
ounces in si.ver.
The Delplilne was under lease all winter sud considerable uie  was taken out
To yet Beijimiii's puces belore having your work dmit*.     \V»!I Papet
from 50 per roll op to *J.   Onteide bouse puioiUm dm'i cut touch; yau
will he Miroris d; !lti-*eed oil is way down uml 1 have ju« '»ou-bt a Urge
ipiatitity of wbtt« lend aod liUC st a sacrifice and can now do vour wo'k So
pe* cent eheapei limn I could to days ago. Von derive tbe benefit Take
advantage of the oppoiluully while lhe Slock lasts. It will pi J JfOU, Always iu ibe shop from 7 to y, p m Walk iu.
Yours Truly,
'J lo 1*! a   1,1.
Timber Notice
Il ;s said that assays of the ore  in   s-ck
shows O00 ounces oi silver  to  the  ton,
That la a bonanza for anybody wbo has
sueh 01e.
Mr Kstuieie says tbat the next year or
two will show up some veiv valuable
properties In that district, besides those
now being developed.
Nu Mure Bodies Pound.
Pernio i*'re«* Press: Two. more bodies
were found In the lowei depths of No. S
mine on Thursday night.   Thev are two
Italian brothers named  tlaelano   bred-
arlci n ml An goln Prederteo.
They weie discovered  by   one  ol   lilt*
engineer', in a place where It was not
known thai men were working at tbe
nme of the explosion, It Is thrughl that
these men had been temporarily put 10
work in this room on the day of the es
Inspector Dick and On. Snpl Stock-
•Ut hail explored on each side of thit
ulace after the explosion occurred.
The bodies were lu a fair state of preservation, owing to the coolness of the
mines, They were not crushed at all.
and after damp was lhe evident causeof
their death.
The bodies were put in caskets and
buried lasl evening iu the cemetery.
There wus tn trouble iu Identifying
the men by tin* numbers of their ca»
cheeks which were found In their pock
ata, also hy the number of their lamps.
• •••••*•>•••-.••
3 Cars of Hardware
Just Unloaded
riy -Mock is now complete hi every detail,    tt  Is  the  J J   ,
Nut)?-* nhvit-liy ulvtU Hint tlllrt) -Jiv- ,if ei
dute I inienit t-jjiiu,-!;*. |,> Hi,- Cim-l Puiniutl
-kiner nf l-aii.N ami  Win-, ai   Vtetorln i<>r .1
, lireuse io tut and .airj imai   limber ir<>iu tin*
: t,>l*..i-.ui-J.-..11I.M limits
'   ronuuMeliw at thu south wast onraer dl ><>i
I'.'-*■'#. i.rini|i 1. ilien.e iikiiIi ;*. u t-hains in lhe
1 Ihweil ,-iniM-i  .>! Hi* ■r,,t,,al.l Im, I lea
' ni'sl |.i,-l,ii.ti%. Ihenee m.iiIIi .''..:■ I'li-mii-., UlU'ieU
! .-iih! l"i-I.Ul   ft 1*1 iHltllt   III .'-.Illlil-ll.'-miit-IU,   .'iiii*
tabling a*i t
U| llf.i
lk.il.ul l.'.lli-i.ii „[   l| 1,   |U
A:in- I li-II
: Vroom & Dezall    j
♦ •
4 *
i    Blacksmiths j
Horse Shoeing  |
; tiarriage Kepairiii]; aod       j
; (i-.-iii.-ral Jobbing... {
• iiuul-li- tlriltra Pro-aptl,  >
, Altcaikilta. I
ShcriH's S.ilr.
,..., lu,,,.,,
It     [ T..«l,
largest in the iliatrict.   I keep everything In the hardware j •    B'aVilK'Ji.w'i.'Vwt'ni Wfti'TSiafi
line. ',,
■ti or
iikai 1. niiuiMi i;s win n.Mi'AXY, hi
(111.1 tin ii lei nitntiisi it,.-
Hi*.   t\u til v I IH.I h 111   HI l l i\ 1
ItltOl  I' HIMM.i UMl'ANV, .l.l.ll.l.illl
It is reported lhat a new weekly paper will soon ma it i- its appearance In
l-Vrilie, to he published solely In the Interests of organT/.?il labor In this district. In a town the size of Fernie two
papers will simply mean a survival of
of thc tlltest.
The snow has almost entirely disap
peared from the valley In the vicinity
nf Morrlssey, and although theie was
nearly four feet on the level, the river
las not risen over a couple of inches.
While tbe snowfall this winter was ot*
ceedlngly heavy, it Is a question
whether or not there will be unusually
high water, as the snow is going slowly
and there Is no warm weather or spring
rains In sight.
In a drun',:en spree at the mines last
Sunday two Slavs got mixed up In a
ijuarrel wkh a woman of thc same nat
tonality and beat her In a frightful manner. A warrant was gotten out for their
arrest, and Wednesday Constable Tran
ter collared the two men,and took them
lo hemic that evening They were ar
raigned before Magistrate Porbes the
same night, and n mantled for trial on
the -'*.'nd, bail being allowed.
[firry Levers of the Cedar Valley Im
proveincnt company, was down from
bet uie ihis week to arrange for the rt
sumption of work at ihe company's saw
mill, There Is still a large ipianilty ol
logs ou the townsite, and these will be
cut into dimension timber and shlppe
to the Coal c unpany's new town near
the mines. The in II will be star ed today or Monday,and there Is c. ough limner ou hand lo keep li rnnnliig for lhe
next thirty days, at least,
.loiitiny S-vlnuerton, one of Cran
nn mil's mnsl Industrious boys, was a
passenger on Monday's train, bound for
Macleod. lt was no pleasure trip that
vas taking Jack lo thc wind belt,either,
as he gave up such foolishness when he
snack Macleod during construction di.ys
on the Crow to hustle for himself
Since that time, the past two years of
whicli have been spent lu Cranhrook,
■lack has been attending lo business,
ind as a result he Is now one of the
youngest benedicts In Cranbrook, has a
4001I ranch live miles from Macleod. and
it was 10 see how his sn head of cattle
nail pulled through (lie winter that be
made thc irip the o'her day. Jack
ilarted In tight and will win out in lhe
•nd, and what he has accomplished during the past six years is possible for anv
young fellow in this part of the couniry
if he has the nerve tu sland pat, and
not slough.
it-lit, mis and Inl-it'si nl 1 ie
lulllVUD Uruil!' U ma'' .'iiii-.il.
*••••••* •-••• ••>•••-• •it'-      ill ie.11it111l1.il Mtii-ilei 11 neill ue I
• •••*••*•••*,••••>•>• • •>•'   ' 1 ■ 11 ■ 11:, iii,- nriek. rumiu< 111 brlek,olllee rurul
liis-ut". nptitlaiietH, mid ui Inn goods, mm in
-     Upon till'SUllt .|*«'i> s |.l.i|'i'll) al  lhe   1
if   Marv-Mlle.   It.   r, 1,1 i- ret   tin- -im
I" I
"In the Spring a young mans fancy lightly turns
to thoughts of Love"
So should thc middle aged men and old men. Love of thc beautiful. And all that is good in quality, artistic in design and beautiful in conception will be found in our new stock that is daily
arriving. The latest in pins, bracelets, neck chains, brooches,
button.), in fact everything in our line.
Official Watch Inspector Crows Nest Branch C P. R.
, f.V.'l.-.'1i.ii,l :il ,11 leie.l nil *M; - I III Iim< |i>
) in*i uimuin irom ilii-!'ili .l.ij n( Kolmiurj*, lai
1 umII i--i-,iih ui. besides NlierliV*, iHtinuhun*, nl
I eers's fees, ami nil nther i< nui iuolihminl o\|w
j M-N.;,ll..fl\l,l.'ll|l illillli-Mi'M-Im-.iilem Milll,-,,
i thereof tn tatlsfi said ludKhiviii dubi an.l ens
I ut the town nf Mnrysvdiit, li.Cl,1111 Weil ',1
tin- lilli da) i-r Muy, iwki, nl tin- imui nt pj u. i...
MilK-lniMiuiim inuvhnsers   ivl 1   s*iiii
llirinselvesasioluieii'sl ami mi. ,,[ n,i< mi
itelellitanl. Kiillivnii limilp M.UlltJt I'l llll.UH
Aiihiv.nil.irj nl IllPSfl/iil giHHli nun lie m»
U|KlH a|<t..ieali„ii 1,1 Al. H. M,-\|.,Ii,,m \,\  Mar)
villi*, 1111,l at Hie Shertll » utl N*ii|s«ii, is 1 .
Datvil us Unrjiville, 1.in April, iwci
H I', ii 1 K,
Mu-rlil.if sum, K,,|.,u
Pioneer Hardware Store
We wish to call your attention this week to our splendid
stock of Paints, Alabastine, etc., as house cleaning time
is near. Our prices are right, as usual. We are giving
some excellent bargains in stoves as we are anxious to
reduce our stock in this line.
ne.l at 870, Tom lliuerts I. ntIII at tin
mine, but I. expected lo come out in a
lew days. The average depth of the
snow (Inri-i-- the winter waa eiitlit  feel.
■ I'i
lhe lei
r. Clnpp, A. s. McKim, B. Small and
A. Mnsso, Cranbrook, were attending a
convocation of It, A. M, at l-'orl Steele
I'ucsday evening.
Kvery mining district in Uritish Colum
hia should begin making arrangements
for a grand mineral display at the
World's Pair at St. Louts.
A considerable portion of a sidewalk
on Riverside Avenue was demolished by
a runaway team Monday. Il^n I'ngh.
the side-walk builder, made the necessary repairs Wednesday.
A sight which reminds one of early
days may be witnessed any day at Wilu
lioise creek, three miles from l'ort
Steele. There are miners, the giants
sluice boxes, and the grains of gold.
Wm. Walsh, Wm.Kldd and Jack Glenn
returned from Weaver creek Thursday,
where thev have been engaged in placer
iinnlng since October 14th. Il Is re
purled that Ihe party was most success
Inl, tailing out a considerable amount ol
Hie jcllow mi: I nl,    One liuggel was tub
Kl i the M.iVie I.e;i.|.-r
Dr. Hell, V. 8., was up from Cranbrook Wednesday on professtonol business.
D, J, Kimer Is lu KalispeH, Mont., and
will make arrangements within a short
time for moving his family thero.
Karl Ni it/el amid .1. Join son, ofthe
St l-jigene Mountain Mines, Ltd., are
stripping the ledge on the .Mountain
i i tat claim of the group. They feel
quite jubilant over lhe result of their
Messrs. I; rant A Shady will leave for
ItVgina to-day, and ihelr stork and contracting ouitll will be 'hipped next
week. They have a sii mile radrosd
contract about 17 miles from lleglna.
These two gentlemen are prospering,
and the Leader Is pleased io note the
fact, for two "whiter" men never lived
in any country,
Fmm Mm l'rm*ieetnr.
.1   A.   Arnold of   Craubrook 'made a
business trip lo town this week.
Fourteen Swedes direct from the old
land arrived on Thursday. They came
lu cbatge of I'eter Molamter a special
foreman of the C. P. It. These men
start to wotk todiy for the railway
company. Tbere were in In the gang
until they reached Moosomln and at
that point live j imped .'tbelr contract,
and the party came on without them,
Mr, 0 ft H mdersoo, the founder of
lhe Ferule Free I'ress and for three
years a ohlmn of the town,arrived from
his hone In Simla, Out,, on Tuesday
evening and has since been renewing
acquaintances and looking after his
interests here. He Intends leaving this
evening for Sou.hern California, where
be will spend some lime with a brother
resldint there.
Timber Notice
Is hereby given thnl thirty iiuy* titer
linn-\u-inteii.i in »|iply tn ihe chief finutuls*
sinner nf Limit*, ami Wo in* fnr li tWeuty HUB
yen 1,'iiM-t.i cut iitnl I'Uiiy away timher tmui
lhe foil.ih 1n« ile-.,-illit'd lauds:
Uunoiieuithig ut a post iilitnttil at ihe north*
West e„iiit-i*»f li. V. Kings Hinder llintl.ruuuun
wett iiwohtiliis, theiiee nurih r.iit'iiahis, ihenen
t-iCSt mi I'liaiiii, lliolius uoilli -J.il ullWUs, Ihenee
east luiuhiuiis, th-iiee uurth «■ elmlus, thsuee
nusi-'ii ili'this, lliPiieesnnili in ehulus, ihenee
I'ttst-HielmllH, tht'i smilh tin i-lmlu-i, thenee
west-HivhniiH, theuce snulh sifl ehulus, tiieuce
«ent iilottgilie i a nt in-ii i i.oiitniiiij hues of I*
King's, II. King's and K, i.. liine's tliiitmi
, limits tMUehtilns, Ihenee snith mi ehsins, Hienev
' nisi in chains, Ihenee snutli 80 ehalu-t, Una.**
! west (SOchains, tlu-ue,- smith i--a elm us. theiiee
eust Ituelmlns, ihenee smith m ehslns, ih*iit>e
West It) ••liiitlis to i.o.Ul ot 1'iiiiiiiieni-eiiieiil.
1   fmuhronk, it i.. Murch isih. n»;.
i        >lgned, King Mercantile ikHuittuy.
Timber Notice
Nolle* Is hereby given that thirty days after
iiuii-1 Intend lonppb In tint (llilefComintssloutr
<>r l-niidsuud Winks tm ;i special linens* to unt
ami eany aivay lliulter limn ihe folhiHllin des-
.iil.e.l lands:
('(illlUliinitlng at a ihisI |ilauleil al the south'
west curlier of •lohn K, Mi.i.ies tlMiher tlmli,
rimnlnit west-Mchitlis, llienoe south iu chains,
lheme east lueluiliis. ttii'lice smilh in • huiul,
thenee east sn elutllis, theiiee iiorili in cliulns.
Ilieliee west 4'l eliuius, IhtUli'e  imitli la iliulns.
theiiee wesi in chains to iiolntnfeniiiuioneeiutut
tmillllllllliu UK: lltirei inure or less,
rrimi-i'Mik, II. ('.. Mureh 91st 1003,
i Mgned, 11. li. King.
Timber Notice
NidliH1 Is hereby given that thirty days after
-lute I Illl. ti.l loapnly to HieCli.el I oiillliUsliiiier
.if I.mul Ulld  Works al  \ Lloriu  for  u  speelal
license iu unt and oiirry uwuy limhsr frunitlie
fiitlnwllig ileserllied Imi'lsi
tnliiineiii-ln^ nt a |HtBI  phtliteil ul the itoith
west corner ur K. v. rrandull's nini.ft limit
I'lllllllltg  south   liiu chains,  Ihenee  111 ehulns,
Ihenee north n-ii chAlllS, theuce east IU ehulns lo
iioiiu or commencement, coutnlulug w acres
Hl..r   less.
< i nub ii, H. c, Mm till i siii. iimii,
I Muiietl, .lUines Steele,
Lots ol Time at Tate's.
W. V Tate, the jeweler, has just received a big invoice of alarm nnd fane,
clocks, lhe finest line ever brought to
Cranbrook They nre beauties, the
prices Hre just right to sU t ynu. Drop
iu mid look al them.
Nofce is hereby given that II. Demers
and II- I'arrolt. heretofore doing business under the fi'tii name of I'arott &
Denier*, hive ibis 13th duy of April dissolved partnership by mutual consent.
II Par 1 ott
II, Demers.
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Timber Notice
Notlee Is hercibv ulven that thirty ilajsuli.-r
Utile, I Inleiiil t,)tip|ily lolhei'hler roiiiliilssloiiei
uf I-OUlli ami Works fin,'i.s|H-ciul licniist) lo cut
ami euii) tinny Umber fnilli ihe f..ll,.»iiij;
deicrlbed luudsi
Comiiif nulntc nt a i»im iiimited ut the north1
ivesi eornei of M. 11, i luiei-'stluiiier Hunt, ruia-
lllllg snutli mo 1* hit hi-., tlieuce ivtisl   in chains,
thence in.Illl HHI ehalns. ihenee eitsl  111 ,-Iisiiis
to pol  I of I'Mluiueiit-eiiii ul eoiilHlnlllj  lilUucrfs
htuftj or less,
t iiiniirotik. IM'.. March 1Mb. 1003,
1 k, K, 1'raiidulL
Timber Notice
Notice li hcreiiy given that ililrty days after
iluiel intend toapfii) 10 ihe chief ('ommlsslon*
Oruf l.imils an I WlirkS foe a license lo cut mid
iMirt away timber renin lhe fui low uiu ilrsmiiicil
(-oiMinenelti-.'at a post planted tnenty chains
west of the soul lieu st corner of m, 11. King's
uiuiier limit, ruiining smith mn elmlns, iheiico
lies, in chains, thenee north 101 clialus, llismc
»,i-l lo   IiiiIiis lu 1 ioint uf riilllliiflui-emrul,  cuti*
laitniiK Mil acres mure or less.
Cnini-iouk, It. I'., March lath, im
1 signed, M. 11.1'urler.
IN  till Cdl'M V (Ul ItT OP   K<H>II*NA\
lii'tween I'.acas 11. simiii, Cranhrook, H. r.,
lilnllillT, unil Joseph Kelly, defeuilant.
To the ilefi-mluiil. Take nollce that lhe idulut
wus illeil and suuiiiioiis Issued In this uellon on
lhe cilhilay of Novi-niher, UNU. Tbe plaint 1 It'm
t'luliii Is tor ♦.12,711 far liourd uml IoiIkii.k uud for
money lent
liy order of thc court ditlwl IWril day nf Murch
tons, publication of this no ice in four Issues of
th* 'Cranbrook lliral.rshiill he deemed l» hu
service of the said plaint  and su ions upon
Iti-aileteutlaui. The suld <isfe:,duui ts allowed
80 days nftor such publication wiiidu which 10
siiiorhisiiispiiie note, If uny, st tho omen of
the lteflsimr nf lids court ut Fori Steele, RC.
Iiuleil ihis .'41 h day of March, irm
1 W. F. liiird, Crauhrook, 11, C.
Sghuitor fur tbs piaiuUB.
Timber Notice
W. P. Q-URD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
tJUANHKOOK,   iti-'ilisil   OOliUMBU
Why vou should buy
Because it,. thr '-■■■' natality
BcCUUSI* i. I, .be mual UaUag cbc*
BvcailtU i. la Ilie I»r».al t.,,1, K.ad.
111 nr 151* -.lull
BuCaUM th.  IM.  arr *nl,,»l.l.  for
liremmui. a.ltl Jaa. I, Ml
Becau.-m «. auaniiiiH evcrj plin
Because >,..„ il.al-., la aulbiMlafil to
j ti. P. TISIIAI.i:, j
Crauhrook       |
•      Candy Kitchen
Take untlutt thut thirty duys titter tltitc 1 in
lend to uppy to me ■ in.-r 1 ibsluuer ul
l.rtmls and Works fur a  *t|M«e|al license  In cut
:imi en ry mi uy iimlicr from tlm following ,i-s
.'lil.i'il lumis:
1. comndiielng ui 11 ihtNt piiui e«l nblc miles
lioitll ufa tun lh Iii,nn.till \ ill   I.nt   1 KS ou eusl
hank of VWt.ii- i.il.i crock in irked "F. stcnlicus
N. W. eonier posl."  tin nee  Hi Hit tl   Ml e hill lis,
thenco KastMiehnlus,the  North «- elinlna,
tlieuce Wesi si elmlns m place of 0 uiiiiichoo*
meut, i-oiilabiiu^ il.oa res, mnrenrlot-t.
j, Ctiiiuiieneliiit ai ti posi iiiurkcd "K. stophons'
S. W. eorii-r |KW|" plituted hcsftlc the Rlmve
nieuiioiieil lultliilo l post, theuce lust si chnlns,
Uu Northkicliiitiis, ui-ne- West  -1 elmlns,
llience smiths ohnlns tn  piucc of roi uec
ment. containing nt" ncr»% more or ics<,
Ibttcil Mils mill 1 it) of March. UKU,
ti I', sti-;i'Iii:ns.
Notico is hereby given thut I, the nudci signed
intend thirty linn dtiya uftur after data lo apply
tn the Asslsiuni I'tiiiiansilmtcr <<r ijuids und
Works roi ih.-ihs net uud the chief Cimitnls-
sioner nf lJtinlsiH.il Work*, or tin- prnvlnce ul
Itrltlsh f iihuiihiti Im* a license to prns|u*et for
eoalitiid iielintcniii upon the Ian.Is east nf Ui.t
Fliilticail river 111 Ihe s mill enstern crtier ol
the priivliit'6 of Itrltlsh Uoluuilitu iiescrlhfil as
fnllmvsi Coiiiin-iielim til a post ni ilie iinrlli usl
corner marked "W, li lliiibnirs nmt casi enr*
Iter |H1S|'   llieme  Ml  i ham-,  west,  tliciiii' mi
I'lialllS Ulltll, lliente Ml 1 liiiins  l-ftsl, thulli'ii su
ihahisuurlli in   post nl minniem -nie.it and
routailillia illii in lis.
Dated Will day nf Man-h, nwi,
w, 11. Hiiiisuii, Inrulnr
4 by T. M. Iialin lilsimcnt
Timber Notice
Take notice thai ihlrly days idler date I In
lend lo H|i|il) lo the < hi'I ciiiiiu-smiicr id
IjiiiiIs ami Works for H| Inl license lo eul am
carry atvay tliuher from the ruiiinytng dcserllioi
lUUltS III South Fust knot,. 11 ;ii :
1.1 t.iiiini'ii.'ioii iii n posl imiiked "l'it|dlsb
l.uiueuieii\'s uorihcasi corner post" Idlllilcd nl
ihe west band ol Htsgoruli creek, nine inlltj
north of u imi th houmlary or bit IM-t, group nn
IheiiCH v\est MlehalliH, IllOliro sinith SI cllfllil*
llience east Hiclmius, tliciico iturt.h su chains t.
ihe place <>r liogtnnlng, con atiiliig liiu ueie
r les
1, Commencing tit a post marked "Itui'tislc
l.uiuenreu\'s sotiilii-iist corner jiost" planted
iie-l,ie the iiho-,e men Inn n lultltilcd |«ist,
lliciii-e nortli s<i ihalils, thence  west ni elmlns,
tllOIICe Mllllll HI ehulllS, th, 0 eist Ml eliilillN   lo
ihe |llacfl   Of   coliiliieiieeineui.   eoiitamlu-;   1110
HCics more nr lesi.
I mini this hllll ilay of Milfoil, llifia.
U llftptlStC l.iuieinen\.
Timber Notice
Take notice llml thirty duys alter duie l in
lend in apply in Un* Chief t'ulniillssluncr u
Idiiuls add Works fnrn special iriieiiui* Men
ami curry nwa> bmher iron, Un- riilintvltu dot
erlhetl lumis in Hiilll h 111 si Kootenny 1
I. t'oiiuiiciiclin: nl a 1 ost niarkeil "(I, f'inile"
n. w. corner p-isl" nliinted tlirni miles niirtlmf
a north hoiuiilitry of l.oi  t,ss. Ilrnitp I. lltltl
mil.- east nf dUgemld creek, theuce south mi
chains, thonao Kasl so chains, then e Nnnl
Ullilllis, Ihenee West H0 chilis to  phlCCtif hu*
ginning, contiiliilng iHii acres, moru or Ic-.s,
-.'. Coiiim*-iieniii ui ll po-t maikeil "ti. Clnde
s. W. corner |m-r planted beside lie ulini
liielitlniicl Inltllllutl IWlt, llience KumI mi ilinln
thenc.' North "iiehalns, i||«i Weil sn eliiiin-
thetiue Bouth sn chains lu plu.'o ot  collilitulli'l
ment, com ulnlui*'! la acres, mon-or les 4
Unlet! this Kth duy nr Much. I'.ui.
•l tt, Cl.dlU'.
Timber Notice
Take wrdce thai thirty thtys aftar datu I Inleiiil in ;ipily to tin- chic] cuiiiiiilssliincr or
Ullits ami Winks tor a -.p*. Id lleOliso tu cut
and carry awaj tlmlicrfrum tho Ibtluwlug dos.
i-nhed lauds iu niiiIIi last Koiteiiiy
I, loaimeiiemu at 11 |tns| marked "W.
ilniinng's n, w. uorncr pus.** pliiiiivil smsn
mi es norlh , f a iioiih hmtmliiry of l.oi tuss,
ilroiii,oiie, and one   mile  ,-a-,l   of I'll/-- hi
ereek, IhPII.'e Hon h mi ehalns,   Iheiiee   K»sl   Ml
chuiits, llience Nnrih sn L'li'tlllft, tlieuce   V*** .--i   mi
chains to plauu nf cmumenuomcni, eoittitlupig
Aluarii s, more ur I ss',
'-'.1" llieilelllH   ill     11     post     linrlieil    "W.
iii it's s. W, corner po-i   i< anted lunula Um
iIhuh lllltialeil   ixiil.   tllUlli'U   Fust   su i-liiillis,
tliem-i. Nni'ih mi chains, tin   Wesl ni ehalns,
theuci' BouUi no chillis i> |.|tcn or cninmei -
ment, contiiliilng mn aerns, more or less,
hate.l this fjtii ituyuf March, IWH,
It \V. HANilNli.
Timber Notice
Tufce uoliee dial thirty tl.iys lifter date I Intend In upply t» the f.|,|,.f <>, Hlssmncr ol
i-null and Works Mr a n|KWlul llcmi.e In i-ut
uml curry away ilmher from lhe, fi.lltiv.hn- iles-
I'llheil laiiils hi Smith Fust K.mtenu,:
I. Cnmineiielni,' al  a post   marked "W.  W.
Tlioinpsnn's n. w. corner post" plunlcd flvo
miles nnrlh or u northerii tinuiitl.iiy ,,[ lot isfts,
Cruup une, iiitil oue intte Kust ftt Fitzgerald
Creek, thonoe Nntil It so chains, thenee Kast wi
ehalns, Ihenee N01 Ul HI) chains, theuce West su
chains to Ihe place of beginning, conl a Imui,' i!4il
acres more or less.
8, Commencing al a post iiinikcd "W.-Wj
Thniiipsou's S. W. cotuer pn-,1 ' planlcd hesitle
the ubuve nieuiioiieil iulliidt'.l posl. Ilienen ICasl
•W ehalns, thence Norlh sn ehalns. ItlOnce Went
SU i-huius. them e -Suiilli on chains In Ihc place of
t-e-dmilmr, cnntalidni; 01a neri-s, mine nr less.
Duted this Nth duy at Mured l*>:i.
lll|>IUI.'sl,>ck of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
j Tobaccos. dive dm call
teliiiol   \tm■  in..uev
ate inn SUM it
THI! I HHIMt   lOllsttll CO., I id,
(••»*»• iHttnu *»«ae*»«*>«^
CKANIlKtMlk. B. C. *
W. J. Welch
I make a specially uf iinlnadiiiK
cars anil ttiuviii). pianos.
Prices to suit you.
PKTHIt MAIMLSON, Proprietor. S
o»«ti*tft*«*)»*-*«t-*tt»««i t
Wheu you ore hini|jr»   und  wont 1
■ Komi  meal   ^u Io  the   l.SSl J
Kootenay, j
When you air tired and want a £
K'li'd rest |{o to iho Ivoul Koo- -a
leimv. J
When yon ure thiistv uml want a T
tfiind  drink   k(>   *" (be  Host S
Kootenuy. ♦
lu tsi-l wbt u ynu ure in Crauhrook {
dop nt the Knot Kootenay. m
\**m M ********* ******9**irf
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
rteinL' HnmA Rpp» Old shoes made new.   All kinds
UnilK HUIIlt DCCI  „,rep,iring   Qivemeacall.
It is Pure
It is Healthy
ll is the Hest
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby itlvcn that ihi.ty daysaflcr
dllte 1 lutein! lo npjjly „, tlo- llhiel 1 oiiiinls-.|,.ii
er nf I Jtlllls anil   W mks for II Ip-eiise lo CIII a ul
nuriyawii) ilmhorrr Un* fnihiwhmdescilho-J
1 iiiniii.'iH'in ' ;il ;i |..i-t |.lantetl al lhe sntllll-
ivest cnrtier nf li. t. linn's, iioiiiIuj uusi mi
chain*, thenee mirth mi ehulus, Ih-ncc east so
Riiahis, llience wmlh sui-liihis in istlut nr cntii*
men mu'etl*, cniil ilulll' iiW acrus mule or less
(r.iuhiook. II. I., M.neli -*lsl I1NKI
I Siuneil, .las Meite.
Timber Notice
Notice i* hereby kIypii thai thirty duys alter
ii.iie 1 intend tonppij LiitmChlcrCiii Issonei
oi l,iiiiis,n.,i works ai Victoria, n. c., for a
license 10 ml.:iii,l r;iin iiiiay timber from the
fuiluulUK described .Inmlsi
Commeiiebiu il a |hisi plaulist ai the north-
eust enrner, uml uIhiiiI tho Niittht-ast i-nruer nl
Mr. Wests |iii--ein.il|oii No. Sflll, linitilin; li.n
ell.llli smith, thenee 10 cllllllis  West, llieni'il  Imi
chains north, thenee w.clmfns east m ihe p ace
oi i-iiiiiiiu'iii'i-iiii'iit, eoiiialii.im 1H1I aeres more 01
t rniibnink, It. c, \piii inii tnoa.
Timber Notice
Noilel-is.hmVby itiveii tliht Ililrty days from
thidute hercnr I Intend lu apply lu ih« 1 filtu
Cum inrush 1 o 1 -<r hands ami Works ut Victoria
for 11 hi eclai license in cut ami parry away timber Ir the riiiiowiuu descrliied hunts;
Cumiuuiieluii at a |sisl p utito.l ni the huiiIIi
ive-t corner of .la*. IPide's limber limit ruiiiiliin
VVliSl I'lI'llltlUS, lIllllICO snulh sil etinllis,  Ihenee
ciml pjll chillllS, IIICIICI rtll-W chains, thenee
nest -a,'hams, itn-a Mini chains to point
of cunuiit'llccmcill cunt bilin*: .-in acres mors or
i-raahioois. li, r., Mnrcli :'M v.m
I Slj-ui-d, .loliu R, Mnnrs.
Timber Notice
Noli,',- is iiornby id-.cn Hint ihlrly days un«r
dllt'- I l>il'   In upply   lo  the 1 |,i,.f Colrflll s-
sl.ui.r.il l.ini.K atld Wi Iks \ I-Ioi in for a le.nse
rarrvuwiij inaii.'i fr..111 tin- fnilowlnu
leu, Im- ill 11 |H|I l'laiili',1 mu-Ii.iIhs sill III I
.iiilh.-ust t'liiliei of ('. Peleisous Sunlit
iiean IVlir land ((rillll in ItllUjl tve-t limeliulits
u-c simiii m,-lialii*-. Iheii.ft eusl nn cnUiis
re Hi less lo lhe hue,,f lhe llo*s Nesl Puss
Ir Iih.'ii.chi  u  mu lh  i-usieiiy tin ei Hon
uu ih- lim-,,1 rail uny in iminl nf iHiiumcnJc-
nl. "niilaluni-iiliiaeii.-, iinni. or less.
Wiibrook', It, 1.. March umi itsit1
1 nu t, 11. a. farter,
11m, aa abarl aulka al lha Hura, ShMlaf,
llrpol uppoall. Ilea,), t Uayli'a llnr, au.lt.
Prllt wlaacr al Tcrrllorlal Pair, N. W. T.,
aa aarai ,,oc, Haltal Calllvalar Malir.
Plo*a aad Saiblaer, Kepalrc. Pnaall,.
(Hit ac a trial
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,   iifits,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod* water in siphons.   Thc most
Economical wy to handle it.
Timber Notice
N'',ti'l',-|, ln-n-l.y uni.|,.tlm iiili-y:,!,,, an,.,
Jala I I l" ,.„,•!, tT"tl„. ,\M !' ,„l,
Hi.,,,,-,- .ii liitxls mul Work. \ 1,-1 ><rl„ 1„- „ 11,-,-iih*.
In,-IIIami mirry.away llml*.., fntlil ilia i»ll.tw
l,,li ,l,-s,-t-|l,...l liutilHi      --_s        _ i ,
I'otniltaltolllll 111 a )ii,s, lilailtml til Hi, uurll,-
."-'t ii.-i-..r II. A.i-iiu,*,--, llmlwr limit run-
I,,,,-; iv.-sl 1.1. t'tlalni. II,ana,, sunlit ,„ aliaiu,,
it,'-, fa,t limrlialm, it,,-,,,..- ,„»ui ,„ ,-iiaii,,
to ihiIiiI „i iHitii „,.„,,„.,,i. ..„„,,.i„in,. ,„i, aoraa
criuiltrniiK. 11 <
.. Manili 111.1 i„u;t.
*-.,-,..-.,, M. II. Klt,||.
Timber Notice
!   Nula-a la lioraliy ulvci, ttial Ililrty day. altar
ilaio I In Il,.a|.|,l) t„llii,DI,l,'ICim„„lM:n,,er
„f I aii.l. an.l IViirKa far a ll,.*.,,,-! lo cm ami
,'iirry iniiiy linn,.-,- r,-, |„. rollowlnR llurrltlfll
I Itallllil-malll-, al 11 i,a,t plunlail „l tlio north-
a-ital ,'.ir„,.r or 11, ll. h,„K-i llihltar lltiill rlinnlnar
,ii*«isi,i*l,iil,,s. 11  ...nil, w „iia|n, ii, u a
.-ast an ulialaa nlnng tin- iiitrtliaro lioitn'tlary ol
.liini™ Miimlu**« itim,,., man n,,.,,,.,. „or,|, w
rllillllH lo   point ol do, .i„*,.|ii,.|,t ,.„|,|U|ul„*[
11,111 (iprea more or,.-...
qninbrook, B..c., .\,ar„i, i.ti,, mo,;
4   >,      -*,..-.   .uiiioea,Jam,,King.
Physician and Surgeon.
nHli, al R,al-lt.cc, Irmalreai A,..
FartaiMai,  ■■■•HI, II
Allcraooa,   -   -   -   .   kjlla'-M
Ex.lV 7.Mlol:M
CKAMIHOIIK,    :   : :    B, f!
I have jiKid wood ol all length,.
Leave orders at Townsite oltice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
Henry Parker,
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor tar tke laptrl.1 Haak .1 Caa-rfa -
Tie Coloal.l lavcltiral ul Loaa Coapaay.
Cl*»ubrook, U. C
I y
'  ^mmiM3
'   *■■
Hill ire
IL   if.      ■■ 19
The Young Chaps
The range ol Boys' Suits, Pants,
Duck Suits and Blouses for sprint;
tgo.i is the iinest we have ever
shown in Cranbrook. Many styles
iu light and dark cloth to select
Two Special lines, one wilt, double seal*, and
K. A   Minmaid   ol   S
■a Mi.ii.1hv nnd TutttU.
UttAP   Of-fiC"*-:   TOWONTo
Ca#lUl AWWrtirt ... HMMmi
Capital MM Uf IfilUM      M   ferry, of N*lt»a   th
*****. t-ttUttlmm, «asin town thU meek
| nunoKOMi
!   1. It .tier lit. I'*rs;.l.-ii . u   It   Wiiku*. \. .
Ill -.drfUl. WUtteUj Kami, ltuh-,1 .l«ltr >
Wi li ,IU Men.tiip.. T. MilherliiUl Muyiier. KUft.
tl.K. V, HrJlk t>n«)iHl M.iuaufT.
k  Hoy. w*t Unt Uansfil .MiiiLiii-'-r.
tt   MoAai. Ins.-eelnr.
•v ikaeril Hssklsi Baslicus Traisaucd
Attn 1. -u I.'Tu-b bas beta rjulia sirk
lhe pail «e*-k »nb ibe grip)**,
AI- Itiilckson ultriidtd j lUMOl ie inert-
im/ al b'titiie ln*>l Hilda)  evening,
M. U illicit and lied UiuS ul Doyle's
lu*4|lni*( camp, spent KumU) tu town.
Mrs. Willi tin Small, ol Marysville, ii
* Our new blend of
I 40c Q. T. R. Tea
jx Is rich in flavor. Is (treat iu value,
W ■  -                  Is economical.
* Sold in one-hall and one pound packets at
7 Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
Get that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
The goods will suit you
The cut will suit ynu
The making will suit you
The price will .suit you
I (SI GUI® I (BIS K*iWll«lltU!l|®l*JI*l«l(f.|ffil®IW.I(«)l(«i®|C*)l'S'.J®l(Sl®
I * I * I *!>| * I ».i * I <** I <l> I ♦ I «> I ♦T» I ♦T»
11-, *** i *-> l <&. I<t
Life, Fire, Accident, Plate Glass and Steam
Boiler.   Wc buy and sell real estate too	
f„* Photic 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
- '•**
g* P. S.--Wc deal in Mining Stocks.
| rfe | 4 I ♦ I 4> I * '
_ i*   .. ■ . ■ . • .■ ■ i ■ i ■ i   . If| |\l<$*|<a ;„*
(.. i <•) 11«) i ® i ® 1191S I >' i S) i 6) i Si [tSi ®I ®i!»■ ^ i ® i * 1*$ l ® i * 1141 -SS i # i •& i $ l
Our line is exceedingly replete, comprising staples which are   j
the standard lor excellence and merit, while the collection o( ♦
OvercoattnffS and Trouserings contains many exclusive and con-
lined styles ot the best toreign and domestic manufactures and
our entire collection has no equal lor complete and varied assortment and stylish designs and colorings.
Thr Leading Tailors Cranbrool
A. I.. "tcDtrintit A. C. Huwne.-i.-4
Wlu.lfsiili'   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants
S.hlili Heel i The IHrIksI Brand*. , The I.not aa.
fernie Hecr        I „, SCOTCH nnd ' ■*"" *••»..■««.
Ba.. .It iuici,     WHIwkllX I •! Oom.mtl.
llalittir I SI.1UI     I IK,SM     WniSKIBS | u„_,„
A complete stock of Cigars, cnsUtl,,*, of lhe
) "Pharaoh," "LaPortuna," "Irving," "Bar-
i rlstci," "Monument," "Mil-la" and others.
I, Mail Orders Promptly Atu-nded to. Telephone 17
fc  Write tor Prices. CRANHROOK, B. C.
« Agents for T. I.chel & Co., Ilay and liraln.
Potatoes!   Potatoes!
We have on order another car of those FIRST CLASS
POTATOES which will be here in a few days-, if you are not
already using our potatoes we would tike to have a trial order
from you. We have just unloaded a car of flour and feed and
can quote lowest price on Hungarian Flour, Wheat, Oats,
Bran, Shorts, etc etc. Timothy hay and Bunch Grass of the
best quality.
Call and see us at our new store on Armstrong Avenue
which will be open on Monday next.
lAWNUS |t.V-k IH I* Ull Ml M    l'-l
Of »l  illtl Up.-,.11 lis |.',**i.i-,t Hi ,1 III'.- Ml .ill'
AK*'!U--mt.*''il   itlil.iill    l.!,.\.|-.   lUll   .„
;_'  I. inline.I  *«t     l.oii,l„n.    uilli  »ti-ln    lf> | */Illtl Ull * Ith M 1 -   HuwUSWI IbU Keek,
 » hr itKbiikl •>,! f„r lliii.sVi  I.) IHUT, 01  |r
i.. mi) i.ttii.-.it.oi*- brum in*-.
t   It. M^KSH. Miuicr
Plckr-l Up AfcMt Ik. Cily  ky  Aa.lai
Uwailoaa ul  Mh,  Pcuplc.
l-ilnui He.1.
Ne*.  ViiO,  April   ...    Bar    .liver
V't,      l*;|l.i*l„il,llc ,'„|J|,rl. I |*.      A.iirti
|,llliat-'il ,*.,|>|.rf. I..',.
Lou-Ian, April J.—I.M1I, /11 ,' M
M,s. ,\t*,o,.J.
ilai.   l.i.t   weak    visi,,„k
ll will pay ytu. lo rc.il V, l* li-*ij.
in,,,*, adveitfaeuteut ,,,,» ,s.„r, top ,.t
.i-ruu.t pane.
,iiit*„t   1
In.1  Mo
U  irturii
J l' fink in UilttiiiK *n mlitlnuii to
tii reilttriu-r.
R-v. Tlioitiu-i.il lifUlM-rvict"* nt Moyie
lust rtu'itlit)'.
The Cfftntirooli club bu |*nne Into »
itttutiiei ilvep
Mi* Ntvlu irtuiiitil Mutiiliiy frmn *
visit to Mi'lrml.
W. f (Junl wfiit tu Movie I'tiiUy on
lr«ai liimitiri'S.
N C. McKlnslry. of Miryiville, vllltett
Crinlirooh l'tid-*y.
Tbe p'ni for ibe l'lrttiea In now it
Healtitc'itlrutt itote.
TboiuiD Statk, reuie tip frmn Wnul
ner Sinula) lo visit frietuli.
Mln Jennie Rirbenl-i, of Jnflrajf, tUlt*
ed at huiiie two deys Um wsek.
Ororfte lloitKTilb, of K ko, ipetit «v-
tral day* to Ciiutirook Imt week.
Mm. J. CI. Taylor, li«i reiintieil from a
visit with Mn. J. 1'rnser at Michel.
Mn. I>r O'flaKao. uf Frank, ban been
viiitiug Mn. j. Mt-Nibb thK week.
Tbe new MHiotiic temple will be irmly
for uconjiHiiry some time next ait.nlli
J. A. Arnold, of I'nliuei it An old, ie-
lunird Monday Iroui a Ulp lo l-'ernle.
Mt*, Cbttilleinb returned Monday In-in
a villi to ber parruu at Medicine Hat.
Mn. Corey Horn and baby vliiltd with
Craubiook Ineiidr. several day-t Imm!
MiiiCoHiIni, of Fori Strelr (unctlor,
wai to  tonu   ibli  week   vill U-K   Mill
Mr. Dick, inipedor o' initm, relwriied
Sunday from a vlalt to tnt coal mine
Mr. and Mn. Kit Hill, of Moyie, visited Ml and Mn. W 1) Hill -several iliy.-i
I bli week-
Mn. 1* M. Maititirld, nf Marysville,
v'aited Cranbrook tiieti-Ji levaral iim«
tail week.
Mn. Colpuun and cbi lUcn vtslleil
Ihttl loiuier Mime at UtbbtldgB icv-
cral t'ayit ttii^ wtek
The Herald'i iiibncilptlon Hit limpid-'
Iv   inoteaiiug, linili   In Cranhrook   ami
throuibout the alatitct,
Ibe dtipatchei'i office nt the nation
bai been moved lo the h-ack p>rt of the
bm d.uit where tbere ii leu uotue,
Mr Hoili/f-H, ol Oretowoml, returned
lu bit liome laat FiliUy after HeveiKl
dayn viatt with Craubrook friends.
H C. Cowan, the picture man. catne
ti.ii»iii tnitu Ferule Saturday to argue the
iioniiitaiv queatlou with Charley Ann-
J S. ClTler, diilrict p-msetiKer MKeul,
|iHr**tr<I tlnutmli town   Momlay   with  hh
(.niiily en route lo Nelaon front a visit io
Chicago anil MiuoeMpoli*.
A   1.   McDermot returned Friday from
trip down lite line aa far ai F'rank,
Alberta.   He found bu-ducHi picking tip
in neatly all the town ami a   prospect of
n [;,ii>,l aemtn,
I. |   Fckiiorm, oi Wardner, was in
tow* Ian Wedu(today. He baa opened
tbe new hotel nt ihut inwn and il ii said
that be haa one of the iinest places In
llarrii K J id I i He hive opened their
ii«w feed and vegetable store neit door
to the meat market on Armatrnng
Avenue, aud will keep a laige stock ot
Hu in, feed, etc:, nn baud.
Mtia tJerlrude llnyei ol Hamilton,
Ont , will take Ihe part of "Mnble" In
ibe rirates of Penmnt'e oo the firat
oi|{.bt. The lady baa appeared In ibe
put. Iiefu/e, and la sild to be a Kreat
meet ii In tbe character,
Mra. M, Uilch, of Oak Lake, Man.,
teft for her home last Saturday, Mi«a
Jeisie l,ehch accompanied her as far as
Lath bridge, where abe went to hack up
the furniture uaed during tbe family's
resilience In that town.
Dr. Corson, of, Fernie, pasied ttiiotiRh
town Monday eii-ioute to Fernie, Aa
tbe doctor stood on the station platform
drawing to tha balmy air ofthe banana
belt, he remarked to Tbe Herald man,
••You have a great climate here "
Devere Hunt, ! A. Corey aud George
Cameron, the' committee representing
tbe dltt'crcot railway organiz-ulnm of
this division, left M today afternoon for
Montreal to meet with comtnitlees from
other dtviiioui for a conference with C.
P R. official! as to an increaie In ra i
of wa|H paid*
Don't   l'>rn<-t    lli<*   riitcttoi
Baugongh in nn- H.pii.1 ahai
day, Mai |ih
Stualoi nml M i King an
to accoiup-ju) ii,- King no
from tin* tnst.
The lacroaa • conveutlou i» being bald
today ai Uothttridge to ariangti ilu*
iimib fur tbe league,
A, W, nml Uarrj Mc\ lule returned
from Kia Mouth Tuesda) -fvliere they
have been doing some mitveylag
Mlsi Kihel Bennett ol Marysville,
returned on Thursday last from a visit
io bet iiKict Mra, r l> Hope nt Moyie
j hn llremuer, while ut telephone
wmk last wet-k lialllg nn it*-', cnt one
\em badly, ami i*t laid up in consequence,
The operation pvifottintl upon Mrs,
Fortune at ilif t.othbr'tlge hospital
jn »\ ft a success ami she i-. t-.e-t lm.^j nit»n ^
li. McKay, iuperintebdei.t nl mails
anil tntllti in this dlatricl, tiusbt-t-n 11 • • lftk
mine -^oid work mi the Cnuibrook
A. Crttiieioil nlid iliiiightrr, uf Fiiir-
liaiilt, .Minn, were In town ttiis wt-ek
with II. Cameron, of lhe Moyie dumber
W, 11. McFarlane ex[iects to leave for
Montreal next wet-k to Hike iremmcin
fur his i.f'ri which hai heen left stiff
since bis sickness.
Tiuii KiiiU-i' ot Moyie, was in town the
latter patl ol Uie week lit! ami C. C.
Farrell Mill tniilil au hotel at the liew
town at Morrissey mines,
Mrs. tt. W. Doble ami sun Willie nr*
rived Saturday Irom Coinwnll, Out,
Mrs. Diible is here looking niter sume ol
her lute husband's i.fT.drs.
A.K. Iligbye, of Morrlssey, was In
luwu ihis week. lie had Mat Rocket--
dorl's dog Moach with him, limit were
ke[»l busy greetitij; old friends.
YOU will UOt teel ilrt'sneil In that old
•mil, come in nml have us make you a
nice neat summer sun.
McSweyn Sl Gilflllh,
Furniture ami fitriilsbtngs of Home*
sifini liodrding house for Bale, aUn one
A.lam Hal. intlge,
4 Mn. P. Nevln.
ft Out new spritii; Stock has just arrived
Call and inspect DUt slink Ik! ire oitlei-
nif! >i'iu spring suit,
MiSweyn & C'.i'litih.
Miss May Jamieson is confined to the
house with st-iiiift fever aud the Jamie-
ion home is in quarantine in conse
quetice. The patient is rapidly improving as it proved to be a slight attack.
Gurney Patmore, tor years employed alt'., ll Miller's htmlvVHte atnre, is
now with |. D. Melt Ute, having mkeu
Mr. Thompson's plnce, who leaves to
engagf tu business tor himself in the
Ten Klines.
Joe Youngboart, who travels for au
t<tate.rti clonk nh.l WHteiproof house, wus
in town ihis week. He Is one of the
smoothest slight nl hand pet formers in
tbe country, and T tesday night gave a
iiii.nt eiiii-iijinineiit > t the dance to help
out ihe tiiemei.'s hilg .le.
J. Swlnuerton, returned Friday ft am
a visit iu Mndeod, Tnnt was Jack's
orl-^iiiAl feeilmn grcund, and in those
days lie thought the town waa all right.
Bat since he came to the liannnn belt
he lias switched bis nfltcctlons anil uow
says thut none r-i the tows can tumpare
with Craubrook,
If yon nre going to Morrlssey on Friday Mny id, In attend the npt-iiiug of
the new townsite, yun wnnlil du well   tn
drop a line to ll. |,. Stephens, uf the
Australian hotel to reset ve you h room.
Tbe Austialiaii ia ibe big hotel, wilb
the hlg ilitiiug room, uml the bent furnished bed rooms in the town.
•latnes DeiclllW, nliu is cuoking at
Meadow Creek for lhe hast Kootenay
Lumber cuiiipany,   was  «i lhe  hospital
levetiil ii.n s last week, returning Sunday, "Jiinmy" has ilu* reputation "'
lieing a flue cook, and It is said tlmt he
can take a piece of steak til the bonis
aud make it taste like it poller house.
Thomas Uookes will officiate as stage
manager for the three presentations of]
tbe Pirates of I'enz nice, ami N. UIU J
will be second Major (General. It was
feared at one time that Mr. Hill would
not be able tn be present, hut lu* has arranged his business so lie will not have
to disappoint the people who depended
upon him lu the past. I
Crnnbrook  wns honored last week by
a visit from the outside license commis-
aioners, Messrs. Duma and Wblmpster,
the license Inspector. J. 11. McMullen,
' and a Fernie banister, Sherwood Kerch*
mer. Tbey hail heen lu Moyie In at-
t*nd a meeting anil cauie np Fiiduy
eveuing on n freight to lireatb the air ot
I « cosmopolitan ami uit-iiupuliuii city.
Da uie I III ear)
Wednesday Apill lyli, aged sy vwira '
Deceased waa out ol ihe oldest hi„1 beat
known tuiployeeaol ihe C, I1 i< m tin-.
place, um] a man thut whs pked ami
respected by all, The funeral took
place Monday morning at 9 o'clock from
ihe Catholic cburc-a t-< ihe cemetery,
Rj-v F*ther Ouillettc olKclntlng.
Wllfnril Lor he 11
Aged 11, vein*, was fatally butt while
In the act of helping another nun. and
team to put a log up the akidway with
the wagOit, The chain broke ami the leg
came back upon young Corbett turning
him completely around He struck un
tbe back of his head wuh fearful furre
fractured ihe base ,,1 ihe skull, lie
was brought to Cranhrook ami medical
kid sum mon et) bm it was ol 1 0 avail as
lu* never regained consciousness and 1
died at n 11 that night. The body
was shipped Monday to Londonderry,
where his f-tthei   nml   uiotbri   reside
LONDON, ENG. u,,,l„j
This company otters for sale several parcels uf the choicest
I \iril\.i. dRAZINfJ a„d TIMBER UNOS In the Valley „|   . .
the Kootenay.   „•«   Adjacent to RAIL and WATER TRANS-  ',',
PORTATION.   ...    lioud Local Markets,   j,    l*as>-Terms,     i
t  •
For All Particulars nnd Information Apply to j t
T. a. PROCTOR, Hanager,
NELSON, B. C. ••
*-*-*-^* -,-,,>..■■.----.. ,*
r,l   I,
g A Camera is Instructive
i "'
I g"*1 Pleasing   j&   j&
ivea two brothers
l-fiihard Julinshill
Aged   13  years, died Monday iu the
peat bouaa ol a very levere attack "i
scarlet   fOVei      The   funeral   louk  place
Tuesday  from Campbell's tunlertaWin'--
parlurs   lo   the   Cranhrook    lemelet',
Rev Thompion olBcUtlng,     Urceaaed
leaves a mother atd slater in Scotland,
hesules Other   relatives,
■ P«'
mi sbnnld liv
beautiful 11
in a counttv like thi*. whei
enei are presented  wlibuiit a
camera If yon take the picture yoursell it has mi
Bdd*d charm and i"u fi it *• yot, *-nni It, limn
Into tha poatofllce Drug Store nod haven camera
tu k with
Beattie, the Druggist.
Stuck Quutalloas.
Furnished by Beale, Iluti-hison & Ul
well, liroktrs, Cranbrook, ll. 0.
Norlh Star  15
Sullivan  5
St.   Kugene,   47
Payne  21
War Kagie Consolidated...  . 14
Fay Roll  1
American Hoy     5^
Qotcondn  30
St* Kugene Mountain Mines, Ltd     10
Crows   Nest Coal    $350 on
Canadian U I ami Coal Mines, l.til     3 511
Alberta Coal uml Coke        .1 50
Sates:—t,ooo St. Fngene, 3010 Norlh
S*;ar, 5000 Sullivan, »,ooo St, li-geue
Mountn 111 Mines,
Prest's Photo Co's
Now Open.
Ring up
®        ll*,. evertthlns nice in lia
I line, aucb aa
I        Ordera for Bread from out-
V aide promptly attended lo
S Phone Sl Oapoallc M. K. Church
ii      C. W. WILSON,
SMs*-®-® <s>-^-®-»>-®-<!M«-®-Sr:-
Blairmore Owner II. S. Pellllter
St-i- I,ove al.iittt plaBtrtliif, ymi,
hotiae. K we can't convince ynu
tn hav*, 11 plaateretl, well, "I,ive'a
labor is Itial."
j c*i>-^.«*■••♦•••••••••*......»•-
Canadian and American
Saw Mill Machinery
Plantar. Mill Machinery
Sash and Dnor Machinery
Lumber Bry kilns
Blowers and Exhanat Fana
Steam and Qasoline Eaglaea
llolslinr, and Elevalln, Machinery
iron Workla, Machinery
Aulamallc Saw Fltllnf Machinery
Shurley * Dietrich Mill Sawa
Ererythioi hl«h trade
Write ua
Wlaoipti, M.o.
*  ••■•■•*>»••••*•«*•>.»»
♦ *
5hirts!    Shirts!
Clean Shirts, Starched Shirts, Soft   j
Shirts, Pretty Shirts and every other   i!
kind of a shirt, v* Call and see them.   • •
   1 *
 ■—. - —..-,_—.—.  _   ^ ;
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.   ::
,..$y.. ♦••••*••••
' >
j{ ARRIVING A car Io*., of
Already h.tlf are sold.
Place your orders early.
King Hercantile Co.
Hill & Co. are still alter the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
   '  Jl
Car Lots or Small Quantities
A-rents fur East Kootenny
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stoni-mastins....
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        h
None Better In the District
Rates $1 and up.    Short Orders and Oysters
nerved in any style Irom 8 p. m. to 6 a. ni.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean-
liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands Q
of liquors and cig-ars. C)
L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        q
VIC ROLLINS,  Manager.
Hotel 3 3
Quest's Comfort i Specialty
-flood Subline '" Connection
Nt'tirc-.t to mlltoHi) and depot.    ITan sccotinntidii*
num. fur the public unei)URllei-1  in Craiitirook.
 Proprietor      J |
|g. a . . . . .♦■_. *,.„*....*.*.. ..... "If *>—............ — • • -——-li*. COMMISSION   REPORTS
Tells Him It Settled the Ferule Coal
Conditions   Were   Not  Favorable
But Patience and Good
Judgment Won.
Tin- conciliation committee represent
inn iii** Provincial Miiilrt*. Msociiilloti,
which wnssent to fertile In attempt l«
RdUle the disaatrloui coal strike, Has for
warded a report ii Its aucce-ttdul endeavor to tlu- head office dI tlie associittioii
Tin* report is in pari aa follows;
"The commissio Ranlaeil  foi   worh
on Monday morning, March 9, President
Keen, nl the association, netltiR aschair*
mm, nml W. G. Oiunce beliift elected
secretary, Tins situation was found to
tin very serum-*., over 1,300111011 lieing out
un strike, ami expressing confidence In
the justice of their position. The em*
plnylng companyiiiK tl
expressed etjtiil
other hand,
1 tin- tenahil
Uy of Its position, anil no thought ol
concession was anywhere apparent. The
gravity of the situation anil the ell ict nl
the industrial disturbance became daily
ami hourly more impressed upon tlie
com mission by the receipt oi telegrams
ami otherwise of its far reaching results
Front the mining and smelling industries
of Rossi a ml, Nelson. Trail and Boundary
districts, ciuiie reliable news ol distress
ami injury, mines and smelters being
closed, and large forces of men being
thrown out of employment by the cessn
Hon of the fuel supply from this point,
The commission early recognized the
the heavy responsibility ol the task imposed upon it and settled lo work with
the conviction that tact and patient efiort
alone could relieve the situation and
bring about what was highly dealrablu-
11 lastitiK peace founded on equitable
"Tbe coal compauy afforded the com
mission every facility to get at the facts
of the case so far as the wages paid was
concerned) g.ving it free access to the
company's books; whilt; the I0e.1l union
represented through tlieir executives
mul the district union executive, met tlie
commission in a most trustful and becoming spirit ami pledged assistance in
the work undertaken. Mr. II. V. Dough
erty, president of the district union, No.
6, \V. F, of M.| waa present the entire
time, advising the committees of tbe
striking miners in ilieir deliberations,
and while showing himsell Uiu spokesman and champion of organized labor,
revealing himself at the same time as
the friend ot justice tn ull. His evident
devotion to the cause entrusted to him
must have made every member of the
executive bis trusty admirer, even us it
made every member of Lhe commission
Ins friend,
'•The alleged causes of the s'rilte were
multiplied ami limy be summarized briefly um follows: A distrust of the company's management, ijuite as much that
nf the company's lnferlor,as of its superior officers; 11 failure on the pin of the
compauy in recognize the il Herein local
and district unions, and to treat with
their officers ami committers; the disinclination nf the company to Hell or lease
lands at Morrissey anil Michel to the unions upon which in erect places oi meeting; a system ol espionage In Ihe various
local ami district unions practised by the
company; the system nl back hand labor
lu vogue and the existence of a definitely arranged wage-scale whereby Uie men
were tillable to earn equal wages, Lesser Subjects of complaint were washhuilse
charges, tare of cars and the conditions
of management which made the earning
capacity of ihe miner effective, The
eight and a halt hour ilay required of the
men in underground work was also i<
cause of complaint.
The commission held thirty-four sessions of iis entice bo Iv, and many interviews through sub committee, with ita*
management oil one ha lid ami with   tlld
men on the other; made u visit to the
Coal creek mines, and looked into the
matters of complaint as tu tbe size ami
welgu'i of cats and rulesgoverillllg witnli-
houses ami lamps, aud examined 011 re
quest oi the district executive commit'
tee thirty-one witnesses mulct oath,
"The result of the commission's in*
Tesligalions justiiied the position taken
by tlie men in some matters but not ill
(niters. Your commission believes thai
hi the aggregate good wages arc being
paid by the company to thc miners ami
employees oulBide ul Uie coke oven men
aud further more believes that with
amended practices in view ami promised
by the company the former will be mora
equitably distributed ami the wages ol
I. e coke oven men increased.
■'P'rom time lo time timing lhe pro
gress of the work the district executive
committee ami the mint management
were brought togetuer iluoufch tne medium'of this commission, mul leatnie alter feature of the cans.es of irritation
were discussed, The entire matter was
finally adjusted, and resolved into an
agreement between ihe contending parlies, duly signet) on March 3.1 h by John
II, Tonkin, general managet; Thos. K.
Stockton, general superintendent, representing the Crow's Nt-st Pjish Coal Co.,
I,td ; and Gen. !•'. D-jugherty, president
Canadian association, Nun, W l< ul M.;
Phillip Christopher, president of district
union Union No, 7, W. 1*. ol M.; Wt11.Il.
Kvans,, John R, Ryan, and Henry S.
Hell, representing (he miners. Tin-
agreement waj duly witnessed oy' tbe
•entire membership of the conciliation
c tutu'tee five members ol tne ill**
tiict . lecutivt* declined to siyn alt hough
authoiized to do s>> b> resolutions ol the
district executive.
■li wilt be observed from the text -'*
the agreement; I ■> .Tbat a definite understanding between lli*.* parties bas been
arranged. (Id That several matters ol
complaint havejbeeu redressed (c) That
the unious hive been full*.* recognized,
a.id ibat as a result intercourse between
the men and the msu;g«meut will be
hereinafter raci-iated ■•■ That a fixed
wage scale aud term ui ngieemeut have
been rencbed which promise prolonged
peac^aud improved conditions. i<-i L'tui
the usefulness "' yom association has
heen fully demonstrated
Uater, after another week's work the
agreement was signed and ihe trouble
brought to n cl se.
The demand i
crtnse, and ueai
nui is behind li
lumbei is
every mil
is orders.
Doyle   logging
Tlie work ofint ving the.Rast Koote
n;iy i.uiniier company's mill at Jaffray
tolls new location will In* com tne need
in 11 short lime.
Work Is progressing In 11 BBiis'nctniy
tiiiiiiiu'i on the great saw mill plant ul
Waitlucr, and in a few weeks this immense istltutton will be toady for business,
The Meadow Creek mill of ihe Kast
ICooicuay Lumber company Is now in
lull operation. Quit a village lias been
built at that place, and when ilie machinery is put iu place, a large ffHItg of
tueli will be employed,
Tlie new mill at l'erry Creek that is
being iuatnlted by lhe l'erry Creek Mln
inn company, will lie ready for business
in a short tinif. It is a small mil and
is being put iu to cut Uu- lumber wanted
(01 use by the compauy.
The Moyie lumber com piny clenred
over 55,000 worth of new machinery
through the Cranbrook customs oll'ue
the past week. This company, which
has its plant near Moyie, will sunn be iu
shape lo make a big cut ibis season,
Wilts ,v Co,, who purchased the saw
mill plant of Lensk & Slater, have the
foundation ready for the new mill nt
Pulmer ll.-ir, ai d the work of installing
the machinery will be Inaugurated thi--
week. Mr. Walls has an ideal site for
n mill, and a spur has been graded from
the C. I'. R. track, so that everything
wlD be hi gootl .shape lor shipping his
The new mill of Leask 8t Slater, which
is b-'ing built on the North Star branch
near l'erry Creek, is far enough advane
eil to permit the sawing of lumber this
week. The new mill will have a capacity of from 30.000 to 60,000 a day, and
work will b" pushed this season to meet
ihe demand for lumber, A telephone
Hue hiii been const nn-ted which will
plnce tbem in connection witb tlteCrnii*
iii'ouk systi m.
The Harold Nelson Company.
The Harold Nelson company played
two nights at the Wentworth lust week,
and never has better satisfaction been
given by any compuny in this town.
The first night "Jngouint" was presented with magnificent success, and the
last night "Hamlet" pleased 11 most enthusiastic audience. The company is a
fair   one   as   11    whole,     and   ill   a   few
instances Mr. Nelson's support is very
Uood, Mr. Hrtice and Mr. Yule are
strong clinrnctet dollnulors, ami in light
coiucity pails Mr. Yule would be a stni
anywhere, Mr. Nelson, tn those who
have never seen him before, is a pleasing
surprise. Mis "Hamlet" is atlractive
ind interesting, Ills conception of the
irrnlic, handsome, passionate, melancholy Dane is a striking one, carrying with
it iie Intensity nf the character, the
lellcocy of sit nations, the sublime
pathos of the prince's sorrow in n manner tbat placed bis audience at once in
ynipothy with Slmkespenr's marvelous
play. Mr. Nelson has 11 fine figure with
graceful movements, nrd features that
are susceptible of the varying expressions of luve, soriow and hatred, Me is
a young man, and the time Is coining
when Canada will lie proud of the name
lie has III fid *.
llmnclii It of Ncilsnn & Co,
1, I,. Neilson \ Co, of Winnipeg;
whose ndverlisemant appears regulnrlj
in the Herald, have seemed Uu* contract
ior furnishing ihe complete equipment
of machinery lor Uie I'urnie Manufacturing company's large "wholesale sash
Si   door     factory   which    will    lie    the
largest plant of this kind between Toronto and the Const. The equi*iiment
will be the most modern and efficient
obtainable for the manufacture of sash
anil doors, and the cost is approximately) -f? 5"*'" Messrs. Neilson & Co.
ure doing quite an extensive business in
llrliisb Columbia having made several
other important sales in the past few
mouths in Hie lvist Koolenay and elsewhere.
Impurlanl News.
Sir Oliver Mowal died last Sunday
forenoon, l-'uiierel services were held
ut Toronto on Wednesday,
W. Mortimer Clarke, K. C, bus been
appointed Lieittennnt (inventor of Ontario to succeed the Ute Sir Oliver
I seph Martin has had » surgical op.
tnition performed at St. Joseph's lim pi.
I ..I in Vancouver.    He is tint Iti uibillgci-
mts condition, but probably will um at
[end tue houie any more mis scbi-ju,
&   ■*..:■**-     - j * *-..- eje-e-Y-
i.y nn: i-i.i> m \n £
*->."■» i | | - vvi v-.-v-.-.' -i-'-AXs^
Grapev ne special toCt.nil.niok Herald]
Marysv lie. April ii b* A meetii g
was hell) here last evening of the business men, aid ether residents of tbe
towu. lo which, 1 your correspondent,
, rudely iefuse-1 admittance, However by a i idtcloU-l use ol eyes and etfS,
and a knot bole iu the tear of the build*
ing 1 am enabled to send you a fairly
iccurate account of the evening's proceeding*.
At 8:311 sharp, the chair was taken and |
the meeting called In order by one nf
the  leadiug  merchants <>f the town.
Alter some little lime spent   oil   inattt-is
nl minor Importance, ihe future ol
Marysville was brought np, ami iIIscur-
eri together with suudrj I hi tt lei ttl
"Dewars Scotch,," "Canadian Club" «'»t
teverid mber litamls,   whicli  strange  to
say di I not gteully aid in lhe solution ol
the knotty problem,
Finally   it   was  suggested    that   us
I mt lu-t discussion was nselesi, and   only
tended io create discord, the spirit ol
Marysville should lie invoked, and ipies*
lionet) as 10 the future outlook.
At this however, a li ml and vehement
protest arouse from beneath one ot the
hack seats, and as it was supported bv
several prominent clt sens, li was de
ciiled to put the niatller lo a vote, those
objecting lo the proposed seance, to ev
press their disapproval by risiug to thnr
feet. I noticed several make a movement as though loaiise, but apparently
their prejudice was overcome by a
natural desire ia peep beyond the misty
The mystic circle was immediately
formed the usual Incantations repealed
and after numerous Hhfttloiin, lhe spirit
was Interrogated by the chnlillian in an
addresa ol which 1 managed to catch the
following as it percolated through the
knot hole.
'•Marvelous Marysville"
f I Villi}
-. th.ui ti
ubi mul puterprls
tin w a
,.,,i brlglce-
<>r widtlnv!
i* lh"
i. rain
Wi- IVGItlll lisl,
Dollill lliilil fi
Dtis'l tlloimliN
if what
ir Is ll I
u't'.if ti„- mtine,
iiv, aught uf Tiunei
r. ami liiu ,-m\
•ntlersofl lu
'Hint We i\lii> i.iiiii.'il mn lallli I,. Ull'U
UVro eriU'llj llllsleil,
Ami tvtlH tills siiiellpv but a frost,
A s limine nf wily nun:
Whu liavnig ml gstis'lf tnsi'll
DM use thee, tar their oniUV
Allisf IfUiIslinsn
Deelatad tiy those we timteil,
(led bei-i ns, we iiiunt go in work
This i-iiiiiinniilly Is Inistml.
I'p to lime of writing no reply had
been received from tlie spirit, and
MarysvllHons ate still wailing.
J S. It.
Two young Indies got a horse ami rig
of Harry I'olrlMd recently lor a drive
to tlie Mission. Just as they started out
they asked if the horse whs perfectly
Snfe. '-He's all right," said Harry, "il
you keep the rein off IiIb tall". On their
return (hut evening, Harry asked the
ladies how the horse drove. "Oh, he
was petfeclly lovely," said one of the
maidens. "It rained a little while we
were driving out, but one of us drove
while lhe other held an umbrella cv.r
his tiill, and not n drop yot ou it, so we
hod no trouble at a'l." And it took
Harry an hour lo get the dazed look oil'
his face.
tft to to
Tbere is a man In tbls town who has
continually received favors at our bauds
and yet, when ever the opportunity of
ft-is, knocks us and our business. We
are glad that we possess a Christian
spirit. If it wete not so, we would turn
loose and in the sort nf ICngliall thai
would be plainly understood, say what
we think oi the man uml bis methods,
M. ll King got us up against the real
thing one day last week. He had his
window filled with a reddish sort of a
leal Unit lie claimed wus delicious, and
induced us to try it.   We did,   ami it
will be several mollis before we wil
forgive "Mac." He said the stull wasj
dulls, and that it is considered a del i-
caey on the Atlantic coast, where it is
gathered on the seashore. Well, may
be it Is, but we never did hanker after
The town That is lo tin on the Market
May 1st.
Morrissey Mines is the name of the
nev* town tbat is to be placet! ou tbe
market by the Crow's Nest Coal Coin
piny, May I, The town is situated nl ih -
Morrlssey mines, which bus a pay roll
of Jpi.ooo per mouth. This iu itself ensures a prosperous cily. and mentis increasing values lo properly in that place
L Thomas Cr-diai), well known in British
Columbia and the Western Slates as a
successful townsite promoter is the »ole
agent for the properly, ll is needle.-s
to add, lhat with a town of lilts chai*
acter, and thc bscklng of a company
like lhe Coal company, Mr. Crahan
will make a great success of the Morrlssey Mines. Tbere will be a big rush
for property on tlie opening day, aud
eveiy dollar invested should bring big
For Sale.
Rstray sow, eared for by me since last
fa 1. will bu offered at public tale, * n
Monday, May 13, lyoj.
5 J. r-r-.na.iu.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacilic ■ Railway Company control a laritc area of the choicest farrnin-r and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by Ilie Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The ajKrcualc .miiiinliil principal and inl resl. except in tin-
case nf lands under $2.5(1 an acre, is ditided into icn Instilment!, its
shown in Ihe lable helow; tin- firsl lo he paid ,11 Ilu- lime of m-,-.
chase, Ine second one year from date nf lhe purchase, Ihe third in
two years and sn un. , -J
The i-illiiuiiii* lahlc shows Ihe aim I ul lhe annual Instalment*
nn I,,11 acres al diffcrenl prices under lhe above tnndiiinns'
IMI airs al $2.50 per acr. Isl iif-l.tliin-ut $5u,g,i   „ Cqua| tntal'lia al $511.1X1
'in no
Kimberley !? ")? buslncss-antj shipping point fur (he
North Slar nnil Sullivan mini's.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
lands under $2.5irper acre arc sold
nu shorter lime.
If Ihc land is paid iur in lull .1 the
lime ui purchase, a reduclion from Ihe
price wilt he allowed i-qual lu ten per
cent nn lite amount paid In i-uckk ul Ihe
ii-.mil cash iitslalmeiil.
Interest   al   si\   per   inn    will  he
1 harui'ii iii over due Instalments,
The Compan) has also lots for sale
in lhe folliiwiu*. town siles in liasl ktiul.
i-ii.ti: lilkn, Cranhrniik, Miiycllc, kilili.
inir, Crcslun and  kimberley.
The terms of payment arc oni-lhird
i.isli. and lhe balance in si, and twelve
Cranbrook is "IC *Jivis'onal I'0"1' -,f the Crows Nest I'ass
Railway and Ihe commercial centre of .Suuil
liast Koolenay.
V. HV0E BAKlP.owhsileAcent.
Fur further infnrmatlun apply to agents as above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Und,Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway to thc White
droiise copper fields.   .1. T. HUKliKSS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
In Clothing'
There i.i more  iu  clothing  perfection
than mere fit—though that's important)
The most per-
fect clothing that
can be produced
hears this label in
lhe left-hand pocket.
f"   /'
<g§£    CLOTHING       3§E>
9 men in every IO never
order clothes until ihey are
in immediate need.
That's Sol
9 tatlors in every IO will
not deliver your clothes in
less than n week—the tenth
will make il longer.
That's Bad!
9 times iu every IO made-
tu-iiriler clothes are.not satisfactory when you do get
them—hut yon have to pay
and wear them.
That's Worse !
It is not alone perfect lilting clothing,
hut it is stylisl-. clothing—newest goods, cut
right, sewn with silk
and ready for you to
put' ou the .same day
you order it.
Mntiiifaeturcil by H A. *M\i.i,
He,CO, I'muitleM i|i»l .M-At-n in
Cnnn In   nl    'l*ullur--i'.iiii*   tli.tliliig,
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Whulisali* anil Kcl.il
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
Sold by W. T. Reid & Co.
I Will You Attend the
Morrissey Town Lot Sale?
If you do there is just one place to,
stop aud that is at
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Md.
Saw and Planing Mills
Ail Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
H. L. Stephen's big hotel. .••Fine
furniture, good accommodations
and the best dining'room in British Columbia. WHte for a room.
There will be a crowd. Vou have
no time to lose.        ,,-,*.. ,
-I* 1
M.McINNIS, ■;•;; I
Dealer ih ;" |l
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.,        ...V m
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Alining Claims,
lite, made hy contract.
P. 11. Fort Steele, 11. C.
.;*.      We have ^ stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
J?  " and Tile
Thosf wanting chimneys, lire
pl.tct-s, boilers lined, or any job
>ork in lite brick line call on
Cieb- R. Taylor
■fr'riry',?','   ',   '
CIHU'.ns I'. CAMPIll-l.l.,
Undertaking Xtti
".  Embalming
(li'inViliiiefpf CliAnipinn oolU*ne of   U. S
;i-"Offu*Viiiiil Ktnre-, Aiken block,
i ■: ineni Cntimliiiii itan-k nf Com-
merce, Crnulirook, ll. C
UpKorlrtirllfit and (Iciieral ■rurrtllurc Repilrlnf
Will nltt'iiil to .my work in tbe district
Agent fnr the Brandon Marble and tiriolle
Wait,*    rtiiiilisloui-i. Ileadilune-i, .Mc.
and Builder  j.
All wark guaranlrril.   Sec aa ..fare
!<»< build.   II will pay y„u.
Cranbrook, B C
Livery  S
Proprietors > > j»
Ten tin uiul driven ftiriiialie.l tot *ny
pollil In ilit- ilUlrlcl,
Manager   j»   jft   jl
Notice ia lieieliy given that thirty
tlay-i after date we Intern! to apply to
the governor In ronncM at o'lawa
for appniviil rt p'mis lot Improvement
ihi the Kouteuay river In the county of
Kootenay, Hrltlnh Columbia, tinder nee*
iion .'., chapter ii*j. re vised mtiiten of
A copy of plann and description ofthe
proposed nlte of *alil Impinveueiiti
have been ilepoMHeil with the Minister
of Public Works at o ta»a and In ibe
ofllee of the registrar of deeds for ibe
county of Kootenay at Nelson, Biititb
Thr- Crows' Nest Pan* Lumber Co.,
44 Limited,
llano"  iFntt'ii'i  .in. Iftb, 1»0J,


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