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Cranbrook Herald May 25, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. I*. Walkkr, Gen. M.n.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A -General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Just Arrived...
.Prices Right
Fresh Stock of
Joseph Smith, a Section Man, the Victim of
a Fatal Accident.
A section mnn named Joseph Smith,
was killed lasl Saturday al Vahk station
hv being crushed between a hamlcnr nnd
the rock embankment, while trying to
Ret the car off the track to save it from
being struck by an approaching engine,
It was nearly six o'clock and tlu-y Were
looking for the train. Wheu they turned
a curve and saw it, the foreman jumped
and told his men to SRVfl themselves and
never mind Ibe car. Smith and another
man, however, tailed to heed the foreman's warning. The wounded mini
lived about two hours after the accident.
Tbe remains were^brought tu Cranbiook
and interred in the cemetery.
Choice Confectionery, Fruits, Etc.
Cigars, Pipes, Tobacoos, Cigarettes and Smokers Sundries.
Complete line In Toilet Soaps. See our line of Silks, Ribbons, Laces,
and Trimmings. Everything in Ladies' Furnishings. A few nice Dress
Lengths. • In Gents' Furnishings we have everything.
s Remember Ute stand.   Kakln block
Two. doors East of Hank
 Laronde Bros.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort ■ Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Miners Wanted.
At the North Star mine, three or four.
They must be good meu.
One of the Richest Mineral Sections
in Last Kootenay.
An   Official  Report  of  the  Properties  by   the  Provincial
Undertaking and Embalming.
The British Columbia Furniture company will do undertaking ami embalm-
in.*,   Office for tbe present at Mn^s .V
Eastern Store
Call and See Us
Eastern Prices
Clothing,   Boots and Shoes,   Millinery,  Silks,   Etc.
First class Dressmaking Parlors. We turn out work on very short notice. All
first class and up to date.
Call nnd Bee ns before you make any purchases on Clothing, Boots. Shoes, Mllll-
ne ry, Silks or Dressmaking and we will convince you that you can save 39 to 40 per
cent by making your purchase with ur.   Call and be convinced.
Owing to tlie increase of our business we shall put more hands on and make
the interior of our store larger to meet the demand. Ask our customers what lias
caused, this. They will tell you low prices and strict attention to our mail order
MAQQS & HUGHES, Opp. Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook
* Wk reduction In
lllh'li tirade Movements
A nit'-, line nf....
Engagement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, Etc	
Work and 1 loo-Is Uunrnntedtl
t» (live Satisfaction.
W. F. Tate
Tbe Perry Creek district, which is only
few miles from Cranbrook, is conceded
North Star Mining Co. ) to be one ofthe richest districts in East
Kootenay, nml this season tbere will lie
a vast amount of development work
done tbere. The provincial mineralogist
Mr. William Fleet Robinson, visited
ibis district List July and writes as follows in his annual report:
Big Horn and Buck Horn.
These are locations on tbe upper or
)ci-foot ledge, aud have been developed
by a shaft 14 feet iu depth. Owners,
Watson and Usher, of Fort Sleele.
Tbey are the only claims showing any
development on tbe upper ledge, ami
the gold value!* obtained were not over
£2 to tbe ton on supposed average samples from Lhe present development,
Muffat Uniup.
This group consists or Ihe Danker,
Cashier, Apex and Teller mineral locations, owned by T. J. Moffat, of Butte,
Mont., and George Watson, Fort Steele.
These locations are all on tbe "Big
Ledge," which is easily traced through
tbe four claims. Very little work has
been done on ihem beyond a a few shots
put in on a large surface exposure. An
average sample taken across the face al
tbe [surface is said to have assayed $2
in gold.
Rock of Ages Mineral Claim.
This claim lies to the north of the
Moffat JC-roup on the "Big Ledge," and
is owned by T. H. Fenwick, of Fort
Steele. Here a little surface work only
has been done.
Excess, Rory, 0'Moore and Evil Genius
.Mineral   claims,     The  first   named   in
the properly of U V. Burden, of Fort
Freight and baggage hauled to
and from any part of the city.
(jt)m »*-'
Do You Know We Sell	
Window Shades ***
'-. Curtain Poles dt dt
A handsome curtain pole complete for    -    -    •
Window shades all on the celebrated Hartshorn
spring rollers, plain, fringe or lace trimming
Hat racks for	
Towel racks fur	
Roller towel racks for        .....
Paper racks, pictures, etc.
You want a pair ot
for the spring ?
We have 'em. New
stockjust in, including black and tan,
miners, long, short,
etc. See our $2 and
$3,50 line. They
are eye openers.
Teaming   of   all
prompt attention.
kinds   given
dt   dt   di   REID & CO.   dt   dt
Do You Wear Shoes
?     ?     ?    ?     ?
We have just received the finest assortment ol shoes ever
brought Into East Kootenay. We have them in Black, Tan
and Chocolate colors, and all the latest shapes. We also received a very fine line of Men's Underwear for summer.
Call and examine these goods and be convinced that we
are selling them at prices lower than you ever dreamed of.
Our Motto is
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook ^ Fort Steele & Wardner
Planing Mill
••< Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Manufacturers i
.*  Doors  jt
j*   Frames
Band Sawing  .<*
(Vinii'r linker .trot
.ml Hntismi avenn
over |M.-| 1 illlii1	
All Sill's ol Photos up lo llxll
Finished  In  Platino or Polished.
Views  ol Cranbrook  and Other g
Points ol Inters! In British Col- ?
umbia Will Be on Sale	
dt Prest & Co. j
fi. A. BEALE,
Commission and
Insurance Agent.
Fort Steele,
llrlllsh CiilumlHJi
McVittie & Hutchison,
-Dealers in-
Mines anil lands surveyed.      Insurance
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build t
Contractor and Builder
He Is a busy man, because he plenties
the people, but he will furnish you plans
and specifications, atul give you estimates on any building hlen you may
Jk   j*   II. C.
Steele; the two latter ol Stevens and
Hatty, Fort Steele. These are all locations stilt farther to the north on the
"Big Ledge:" and h-tve each beeu de
vH0pt.1l hy short tunuels or shafts of
some 15 feet, aud give "colors" in the
pan at the surface. Assays hnve been
obtained from the quartz as high as $io,
but uo work haft been done to show what
the average assay would be.
Tbe British*American corporation hold
some -..■veil claims, the Perry, May-bee,
Eva, Southern Girl, Gold Hug- Bozeinan
and Manhattan, located on the lower
series of ledges, on each of which a couple of years'assessment work has been
done. AH show go.d. I am told, not In
great quantities, yet stilt more or less
Shakespea re Mineral Claim.
Owners, I.niil Banks, et al., Fort
Steele. On this properly both tbe "Big
Ledge" and the 8-toot ledge show up,
the former, here 40 feet wide, being accompanied by a "porphyry" some 200
feet wide, as indicated by small pits.
Assays irom solid quartz are reported to
have given values of some $8 in gold,
the porphyry, near the quartz, giving
J id. My own sample aud assay from a
pit sunk 10 feet deep near the.'contact
gave $6 in gold across ta face of five feet,
while across the face ofthe exposure, on
the the S-foot ledge, my assay gave $4 in
gold lo the ton.
Red Mountain Group.
This group consists of two claims
owned by Sherwood, et nl, located to
tbe north of the Sliakespeare, and also
covering both ledges. The work has
been done chiefly on the lower ledge,
where a crosscut tunnel has been run in
about ao feet to the left. The ledge
bere seems to be much crushed and
broken at this depth. The dirt, when
tested by me by panning, proved vero irregular, some pans giving very good
colors, and othor* none whatever.
There is also a small pit sunk on the outcrop of thu ledge to a depth of four or
five feet.
At the request of one of the owners I
sampled, ist., The dump from the lower
tunnel, which, on assay gave mc only a
trace of gold; 2nd., Loose dirt from the
upper cut; assay, fiio, 3rd., A sample of
pure white quart/ supposed to carry free
gol', not visible; assay, no values. I am
satisfied frum assays and general indications that the gold is with the iron sulphides, and am confirmed in my opinion
as to the inaccuracy of individual small
samples in such a propositioi. On the
dump from the tnuuel I found some ?o
tons of ore in which gold was visible to
the eye, but usually near the "iron."
Elk Horn and Pearl Mineral Claims.
These are two claims on the same series of ledges, on the southeast aide of
the creek, just above the "old shaft,"
held by "The Perth Syndicate," On
the former are two shafts respectively
25 and 10 feet deep, on a 5-foot ledge,
while on tbe latter there are two openings of 25 and 10 feet on a ledge over 12
feet in width. I liave been unable to
ascertain the values obtained.
Running Wolf is a location owned hy
J. If. Harvey, of Fort Steele, on the
same ledge ns the Elk Horn, aud has
two open cuts, each of 10 feet.
N. V. Jewelry Shop Mineral Claim.
Steele, und located on Cte creek about
three miles above "Old Town." A tunnel has been run from tbe creel: bottom into a bluff of trilw.se schists and
quartzltes for about Oo feet, from the
end of which drifts were sc*. off some 20
feet on each side. No vein was to be
seen in lhe tunnel, while In tlie drifts
there were a few quartz stringers carrying no values. I was unable to see why
tbe tunnel had been driven, but was told
lhat Rood gold values were obtained in
the schists at the creek, possibly washed
into the crevices by the stream,
Mill Teats.
Recognising the futility of trusting to
small samples, and that a satisfactory
test ofthe various properties could only
be determined by a practical test, J. 1..
Hardnittu, mining engineer, oCMontreal,
bad a small stamp mill erected during
1S97, at the mouth of Saw Mill creek,
Ior the purpose of making mill tests of
the ore from the various properties he
had under bond. The mill is a small
5*atnmp battery, so constructed as to be
easily portable, manufactured lu Novia
Scotia, and is driven by a small Upright
ngine supplied with steam from a vertical water-tube boiler. It is provided
ith the usual amalgamating plates, etc ,
for the collection of auy "free gold,"
and is, as a whole, a very complete and
11-coiistructed little plant. This mill
was set up under the roof oi the old saw
Test runs were made on ore from several of lhe claims on the creel;, iu luls of
five lo leu tons each. The results obtained were not commercially satisfactory, for, notwithstanding the fact that
some gold was saved, in no instance
were the values obtained sufficiently
high to warrant serious work ou the
claims, The tesls, however, do not
seem to have satisfied the claim owners,
as the results obtained did not tally wiih
their private assays. I henrd several
complaints about the mailer, regret being expressed that the running of the
mill had been left to inexperienced men,
and the values allowed to escape in the
tailings. Of this I kuow nothing further
than was told mc by men who might be
considered "Interested parties."
It was, of course, impossible for mc to
form any opinion as to bow the mill bud
been run, except by testing the tailings,
which I did in the presence of a well
known engineer and mill man, Mr. Farrell, of San Francisco, who likewise
made several independent tests lor his
own in for mat ion. The tailings from the
mill had run down to the creek bottom,
some 100 feet, over gravel, and had been
subjected to a winter's suow and rain. I
panned the mixed gravel and tailings
over all of this distance, and iu each pan
f found I could save, besides the iron sulphides to be expected, a globule of mercury as large as the head of a match, uud
a string of amalgam in the bottom of tlie
pan from a quarter to half an inch long.
On driving off the mercury on a hot iron
I found I bad a very fair sized particle of
gold. I collected some of the mercury
aud amalgam, which I turned over to
the provincial assayer, wbo reports to
me that the mercury carries over 2 per
cent of gold, while the "black sand"
contains $20.00 iu gold and a trace iu silver. Samples which I took of tbe tailings gave me an assay as high as J4 ou in
As tbe result of my investigation, I am
satisfied that the mill did not save such
free gold as may have been in tbe ores,
and that the tests made were not conclusive as to values of these properties.
I am further satisfied that only a portion
of the gold is "free," and that some
method of concentration would have to
be adopted to save lhe gold occurring in
the iron sulphides. 1
The mode of occurrences aud the great
strength and permanency of the ledges
on Perry creek, taken in connection with
the fact that gold occurs in all of them,
makes this creek well worth lhe attention of a strong prospecting company, as
the work is of such a character as to be
too expensive for the present holders of
the niHJority of the claims.
Since the Stamp Ulill tests were made
public a great majority of the claims
have been allowed to lapse, ami the remaining claim owners seem inclined to
listen lo any proposition which will enable them to prove up their claims iu a
practical way.
Orphan Boy and Orphan Qlrl Mineral Claims
These are two locations made on the
mountain about two miles to the southeast of "Old Town," at un elevation of
3800 feet. The country rock is composed
of schists and quarl/.ites, iu the strata of
which are several quartz lends from 12 to
15 inches wide, 011 which a couple of jo-
foot pits have been sunk, showing a
slight mineralization but not of£wuch
promise. While situated on Perry creek
these leads are not in uny way connected
with thc main ledges of the creek.
Cranbrook Celebrates in Good Style
Oo Short Notice.
Base Ball, Horse Racing, Bicycle
Races, Foot Races, Wrestling
on Horseback, Etc.
No arrangements had been made to
Celebrate the Queen's birthday this year,
as Moyie atul Fort Sleele had talked of
observing the day, and the people of
Cranbrook thought it only right to bold
off until Dominion day, when the big
celebration is to be held at Cranbrook.
Hut, as no other celebration was announced, a number of the citizens got
together yesterday about 11 o'clock,
raised 11 fund of over $100, and at 1:30
met and prepared a program for the
day. Considering the fact that all arrangements were made in less than an
hour before the program was opened,
the day was a grand success Some of
the events were cut off by the rain late
iu the afternoon, but the attendance was
large throughout the entire time and
hearty appreciation evinced ou every
Messrs. Kdwards, Dunbar and Laidlaw were th" committee on sports,
.Messrs. Costigan and Ryan judges, aud
Messrs. Medhurst and Simpson starters.
The grounds, which hail beeu selected
by lhe athletic association, proved to be
just the thing, ns they were well adapted
for the purpose and are within a few
steps of the business streets.
The Bill (lame.
The game of ball was thc first event ou
the program and the conteslauts were
the railway boys with Stewart Hay as
captain, and the town boys witb Rock-
etidorf as captain. Hay's uiue was made
up as follows: Hay, Carr, Kelly, Sher-
line, Medhurst, MacPherson, Gordon,
McManus and DeVol, and Rockendorf
had secured Bradley, R. I,-.rondo, J. Laronde, Spellman, Turnbull, Stinsou,
Connelly and Clark,
nings were played and it was close
enough to be exciting from the jump off.
At the end of the first half of the third
inning the score stood 17 to 15 in favor
of tbe railway boys. The town boys
went to bat and lost two men before they
scored, and hopes ran high wilh the tie
and rail players, but Rockendorf, Connelly and Clark scored, with Bradley leff
on second when the game was called.
Frank Rankin umpired and gave eminent satisfaction. A keg of beer was
lhe prize and both sides participated
when the prize was delivered.
C. V. K. Hoarding House.
The plans are out for the new C P. R.
boarding bouse, and the bill for the lumber is In. The building will have three
stories, and be 42 feet square. It will he
a first class building in every respect,
with sitting room*;, baths, and bed rooms
galore. The house will be located west
of the track aud south ofthe station.
Engineer Woodman, of the western
division, left Medicine Hat yesterday for
a tour of inspection over the Crows Nest
Assistant Mister Mechanic Cflrdell. of
this division, was in town several days
this week giving some of the engineers
their examinations.
Work on the machine shops has
stopped BgBlU owing to a shortage in
lumber. The company's mill at Coal
Creek is shut dowu for repairs.
Brockville, Out,, Times: There are
many rumors of changes of officials of
the C. P. R. all along the line. One is
that Superintendent Brady of Smiths
Falls, is likely to he sent to the Crows
Nest Pass and that Mr. Price will go
to Smiths Pall.
© ®
Atlla Mlnen Will Sue the tioKrnmesf.
A syndicate of eighty-six "aliens,"
who were excluded from the Atlla mining district h> the actum ul the British
Columbia parliament, has been formed
to bring suit against tbe Canadian gov*
eminent for (15,050,000,
The case promises  to be oue of the
most celebrated in legal history and the
syndicate has thousands of dollars subscribed with which to fight it. The
damages are claimed for property lost
by thc exclusion of the plaintiffs from
the famous mining district
Americans, Germans, Swedes and
other aliens are included in the syndicate. Several Britishers have joined the
syndicate because their partners were
driven out of the country by the laws.
The charge of violation of contract
will be brought against the Dominion
government. Bach alien claims $175,-
ox> damages.     They consider that a fair
I estimate of tbe profits thev would have
Only  three "»-[gained by the development of their raining properties.
I The miners bold free miners' licenses
ssued tbem by the Canadian government. These licenses give them the
right to prospect and mine in British
Columbia. They also hold certificates
of location duly issued to them by the
Dominion officials before tbe passage of
the alien liw.
Will Attend the Trial.
Next Saturday morning there will be
a large delegation leave Craubrook for
Nelson al the command of lhe government, to appear as witnesses in the trial
of Paste and Messico, lhe two Italians
charged with the murder of Edward
Ryan In this city last month. Those
supoenaed are Constable Morris, Dr. J.
H- King, C. M. Edwards, If. Cummins,
H. W. Barnes, Carl Webber, T. II. Hoi*
brook, Damon Alphouse, V. Alphouse,
J. Matheson, J. Flannigan, Engineer
Robertson, F. Jansen, Nettie McDowell
and Jennie Howard, J. R. Costigan and
Wi II. Harvey will go as'attorneys for
thc defendants.
Struck It Rich In Atlla.
Mr. Sinnelte, formerly bridge foreman
at this point, threw up his position and
went to Atliu lake last February, A
letter has been received from him by a
Cranbrook friend, in which he stales
that he has cleaned up $30,000 since he
went there. If tbat is so, he is one of
the very few lucky ones. Most of tbe
Owned by Gus. Theiss, et al., of Fort   chaps who went there have gone broke.
Other Evens.
The most exciting and enjoyable event
was the 300 yard dash horse race, in
wnich seven Indians participated. There
were three heats, and two were captured
by a horse owned by A. Bale, a fine-
looking bay. Abraham took second
money with a grey, and Barroot third
with a sorrell.
The open foot race, too yards, attracted a great deal of attention. There
were seven Indians entered, and William
Tierney. For fifty yards Tierney led the
crowd, but at that stage his wind left
him, and so did the Indians, Andre
Paul took first money aud Ignatius second. Some of the ladies suggested on
the side lhat they hoped the money
would be used by the Iudians to buy
clothes for the next race.
The 150 yards boys' handicap race was
a pleasing feature and attracted a great
deal of attention. There were fourteen
entries. John McNeal took first, Ilert
Vandccar second, and Claude McNeal
The bicycle race resulted in a victory
for Frank Burns, with Ilert Vandtcar
second and McConnell third.
Auother event that was eagerly watch}
ed by many who had never seen anything of the kind belore was the Indians
wrestling on horseback. There were
four entries. Tbey wrestled two by two
and llig Euslice and Big Pierre won out.
Then the two victors contested for the
first prize, and Big Pierre won after a
hard battle.
The dance which was to hnve been
held iu the evening had to be called off
owing to the heavy storm. The suppei
that had beeu prepared was disposed of.
however, by a number of those who bad
participated in the day's sports.
Twa Men Lost Tbeir Lives Lasl Monday
00 the Esit End.
On of the worst earth slides on the
road occurred last Monday afternoon
near Michel creek, in the Elk river, and
two meu were carried down with the
mass of rock 'and earth into the river
aud lost from sight, Theed, a sectioa
foreman, and a workman named Lonys,
were the victims. Theed had a wife
aud family at Frankfort, Ont., and had
just secured a layoff for a month to go
after them,
Thc east train was delayed two days
iu consequence.
R. O Jennings was in town yesterday
looking alter some of bis mining mat-
The recent heavy rains will do wonders in the way of cutting out the snow
from tbe hills.
Park, Mitchell & Co., of Moyie, got
the contract for 300,000 feet of lumber
for the St. Eugene concentrator,
There is an increased demand for
Sullivan stock, but it is hard to get.
Tbe holders of tbe stock are of the opinion that they have a good thing.
Mr. Farrell, of San Francisco, a well'
known mining man on the Pacific coast,
is in lown on his way to Windermere.
Mr. Farrell is tbe gentleman who put
through the Cornucopia deal on Baker
mountain, WsSfa., that involved the sum
of $650,000,
The Pay Roll group on Nigger creek,
on which Messrs. Vandecar, Smith,
Ryan and Qualn are interested, is showing up well. They have got a depth of
about 80 feet, and Maurice Qtuln, who
has been working on the property, says
that they have --truck the lead and that
it is better than they expected.
T. L. Davis, of Movie, was in town
this week. He is feeling pretty good
over a discovery he has made 011 Col.
Henderson's ranch near Moyie, He, in
connection with John Day, Tom Rader,
Scott and Diamond, have staked three
claims. They have uncovered b ten-
inch ledge of gold-hearing quartz, and
Mr. Davis has had assays made that give
surprisingly good values. The property
will be developed at once.
Moyla Leader: Messrs. Ncitzvl and
Job son have uncovered a fine body of
ore on the Mountain Goat mineral
claim ...S A. Scott and Cbas. Diamond are making a splendid showing on
the Friday mineral  claim on  the west
side At a distance of ute ml 25 yards
north of the No. 2 tunnel of the Lake
Shore mine a body of ledge mailer with
a strong sprinkling of galena was stripped
last week Chas. Fairell and J. P.
Farrell were at work this week making
a preliminary survey for a wagon road to
the Society Girl, east of the St. Eugene
In all probability the road will start
from the last switchback of the St. Eugene road.
Dawson City Destroyed.
Dawson City was destroyed hy fire on
the 26th of last mouth, involving a loss
of about |_t,ooo,ooo. The fire started
from a burning lamp overturned by an
intoxicated woman. This makes the
third time tbe town has been burned
from the same cause.
farrow Escape From Drowning.
Last Sunday, Harry, the three-year-
old son of Alfred Sheridan, was playing
on tbe bridge over ,St. Josephs creek,
near Mrs. Donahue's residence. While
leaning over looking in thc stream for
fish, he lost bis balance and fell in. Tbe
current carried him under the bridge and
to a brush hesp, where he was submerged. The cries of his playmates
brought Mrs. Donahue and Mrs. Elliott
to the rescue and the little fellow wan
pulled out just in time. It was a narrow
escape, and but for the timely assistance
of thc ladies the lad would have been
font wnnl In Eden, nr. the Any of rout
Cpun our 11r*- primeval waned tn Hhatls,
Thn aiiK'-l sli'i'ii nnd grovel af C/prOM mnlm
Nature a dlvtns nvpenthe   8ho expressed
Ana mingled nil obllvloa'i barbs; th-.ii, lui*
Tin'ir I'liM.m Hhimlil fml ur tDOTtsl ho nfrrdil
of tbnt be most duirod, sbe lightly laid
Foi-*.]|_tn ti|ir>n liis .■>.■■. nml in hin brwwt.
Now, soft desoendlng like n h-il'-yuri cams
Her other self, wlngod also fur Mi«iit.
Both Imd tlm orient in thoir eyes of flumn,
Aii-.l liiur that crow mul  Ilium with thn uolls of
The;  two In dreams smiled on man's fit ful
Tot they were Bleep nnd her twin eplrlt, denth.
—Bear; Tyrrell in Collier's Weekly
All London wag tremendously oser-
clsed over thu matter—that Is to say. all
that part In London which took nn Imclli
gent Interest In nil that wus passing In
tho great world Mile itelno I) Alvary
the famous eantatrlco who hnd won ptpantt
of appluaso In Vienna, tn St Petersburg
and last, though assuredly uot least   In
Paris, had vanished
It was on May 'ii thnt the startling fact
became known It was a Tuesday Milt*
D'Alvary. whoso beauty was only equaled
by her talent and of whose Marguerite la
"Faust" tho Paris Figaro critic had snid
there waa no comparison with others, so
excellent was It, was "hilled' to appear
In Gounod's masterpiece Hut nt 7:30
Iho ntar had not appeared at ttio theater,
and tho manager In chief, always in-mum
and anxiety haunted, sent his second In
command off in a hansom to mako inquiries
But Mr Vlftii, the assistant manager.
on mu-hlngthehotcl near Leicester square
oould derive no useful Intelligence Yea
•old the door porter, tho lady bad left Ho
hod heard her tell thu driver of tho hau-
•om to go to Covent Uardcn
Viiin rushed back to tho theater. HU
superior whs waiting for him
"Sho loft tho hotel at 7:35.'
"Havo you changed tho opera.1"
"Nn, it la impossible Mine Brown
must hike tho part."
Meanwhile what had occurred to Mile
I)'Alvary. who was absent from the house
when tho exquisite overture to Gounod's
opera whs being played? It wns simply
this. Rcino wns a young singer who had
mado hor name In h Reason and n half
Sim had no friends In London Besides the
old dm no who traveled with her nnd tho
manager nt tho ojiern house sho knew nobody in thu Kngllsh capital
tihu hnd only arrived in I_ondon on the
18th of May, nnd sho was to sing ten
timet* during tho season at a fabulous fuo
Thut evening when she got into tho cab
eho felt pleased, gratified and hardly at
all nervous London would, sho waa sure,
treat hor kindly
Kn routu tho hansom became Jammed
tn ft maze of traffic, nt lhe far ond of which
was a policeman holding up hla hand
Tho cabman hh ho sat thero surveying
things In general, Including tho copy of
thu evening paper which luul told hlm tils
horsu was a loser that day, Bllddcnly fult
his coat pulled A smart looking man
In a bluo sorgo suit and a bowler hut wus
stunding justthure.
"Cubby," bo said, "do you wank to
earn £50?"
"Yen. my Lord Rothschild," wm the
*' Then you con havo it If yoa will do as
you aru told."
"Whatam Ito do?"
"(jot off your box, hand me your number and let me drive."
''But tho lady?"
"Can't 1 drive her?"
"You are gammoning vae-t"
"No Let mo hnvo the reins, and hero's
jour money ' And the stranger drow
out h (Kivkotbook Btuffed witb bank notes
The cabman hesitated.
"I wua driving tho lady to Covent Gar
den," ho suld
"Woll, 1 will drive her there. It la only
for* wager."
"But what about my oabf"
"1 will meet you with It ontheembank
ment at tbe Charing Crow lu an hour's
" Thore will be no harm dono?"
"Not tho least."
The cabman got down, took the five
"tenners" which the stranger hold out to
hlm, while tho man in the bluo surge suit
mounted on the box A minute Inter fho
trnfllo was released, and tho hunwim In
which Milo D'Alvnry sat, dreaming about
her coming triumph, procoodod ou lu
Way undor ItB nuw conductor
But thu now driver's way did not lead
him to Covent (.anion, hut in an entirely
different direction Ho drove smartly into
tho Ibiymarket. cantering his horso
through Trafalgar square, nnd thon took
Parliament street, which was comparu
lively freo from*trafllo At tho corner of
Westminster bridge ho stopped Near tho
Boadicoa stntuo two men woro standing
talking Thu amaluur cabman stopped
by thom
lt was, relatively speaking, dark thero.
nnd neither thu policeman on duty opposite
Kt Stephen'sclub nor anybody olso noticed
anything unusual happen 'iho 'cab
man Jumped down nud opened tlm dour
whilo ono of tho other two loaned Forward
nnd passed n handkerchief over thu fan1
Of tbu diva whose voice was to have caused
tears to (low at thu opera hnusothnt night
Tho third man thon leaned forward mid
llftvd her out of thu cab
A gray cloak was thrown around her
light blue dross, nud thu man wiio had
ltfu.il her out of tho cab carried hor down
tho steps to thu river, being followed by
thn "cabman1 and tho third individual
Tho cab was left unattended, but the horse
did not ovlnce any tendency to run away
Tho clucks nt Westminster sounded tho
hour of H At tlio pier, which creaked us
It roso nnd fell, a steam yacht was moored
It was bo clow that tho men could step on
"Is lt done?1 asked a man wbo nnw
An order was given and tbo vessel began tu move rapidly awny down the
The captlvo was carried Into a magnificently furnished saloon and handed over
to tho care of an oldorly woman, who
called thu unconscious girl" Poor darling''
Tho yacht was a fast goor It raced on
under Charing Cross and Waterloo bridges
and In half an hour had left London behind, thu only ovldunco of tho city consisting of lonely looking detached buildings
which stood up out of waste flat lands iu
|he moonlight, which waa now wonderfully clear
•        ••••••
It had been daylight for hours when
Mile Rolno awoke tho following morning
oat of a troubled sleep .Sim tried to collect her thoughts Sho had started for
the opera houso, where sho was to havo
sunn*, and thon—und theu whut did happen? Sho could remember nothing—Bathing, try as sho might
Tho door opened, nnd a womnn entered
bearing a tray On tho trny woro a silver
tea service and a roll nnd somo tovist,. The
womnn wont up to tho bod nnd spoko.
"Will you havo tea?" she said.
"Please    But where nm I?"
"You nro on board tho Mermaid.1*
"But I am a prisoner Ulvo mo my
liberty I"
Thu woman shook her hood
Mill' Heine took tbo proffered cup of
"Who gavo yon yonr orders?" sho asked
as she drank tt.
"My master,"
Tho woman withdraw. Rolno proreod-
cd leisurely with   hor toilet,  for which
tlioru waa ovory requisite In thnt luxnrt
ous apartment When she had finished
shu opened the door and went out of the
room, Ui find herself in a still more beau
tifully furnished chamber Thoro were
divans and settees and on a table lay
books and papers, while In ono corner
stood a piano tint of thu little olroutar,
eyollko windows shn could only mako out
tlio sea, nothing moro Sho sat down a
moment and thought, and she was Htlll
thinking whon tho womnn ronppeared anil
said respectfully
'The Duke of Vlosto wishes to knowtf
Tou will receive him
" Tell him I shall be glad to sen him.
Tho woman attain withdraw and a fow
minutes later thu duko appeared
"I am obliged to vou, ho began, "for
condescending tu receive mc '
Koine got up from her seat and stood
lacing him
' Monsieur lo Duo," she exclaimed
haughtily, "what does this meant 1 um
captured and taken on board a ship It is
Infamous1    Whero am Ii"
'Would you bo so goixl as to step up on
dock, mid you will see whoro you are '
Shu followed him timl sat down on n
light dirk chair, whilo the duku leaned
against tho bulwark and Ikghtod a cigu
"My master, tho king of Darmella
wished yon to sing nt his own theater It
wns urgent, and you woro engaged in
London This was a matter of lifo and
death I nun explain It in a few words If
yon will be patient Tho king is old, the
princo. hla son and bolr is dying Why?
For lovo of you '
"For lovo of •nol' she exclaimed scornfully "But this Is an absurd aud romun
tio idea "
" No, mademoiselle," replied the duke
gravely; "it Is tho melancholy truth nnd
a peculiarly sad truth to a father stricken
with years Tho prinoo hoard yon sing at
tho Imperial theater, St Petersburg, last
winter, and liu returned •> Darmella a
changed man Ho has seen you The
prinoo haa formed ono desire before he
dios—to hear you sing again- *'
Tho girl wim silent
•        •••••
It was 6 o'clock In the afternoon of t'-.e
third day whon thu yacht glided Into
southern bay From a great building
which dominated tiie aity a whlto und
gold flag was flying. Tho duko glnnood
at It
"Thank Godl" he oxclaimod. "Tho
princo Isallvo. *"
That night thore was a gala perform
onco ln tiie Koyn) theater of tlie capital of
Darmella, and tho treat which London
misril waa enjoyed by the court of that
sou thorn motropolta
Fortunately tho prince did not die In
fact, ho lookod remarkably well tn uniform and his breast ablaze with onion
when ho went to eongnttulute the singur
Whon hi* proposed, she accepted him.
and tho next time shu saw iho London
opera houso shu entered It as a visitor
almost at the ond af tho season during a
honeymoon tour —Youth's Companion.
Cigarettes In England.
When British olllcors went out to that
memorable struggle In the Crimen,
among a good many other privations and
hardships they had to endure was for a
long timo an Inability to gut their customary supply uf cigars, and us the best
substitute within their reach they took to
thu cigarette so generally tn use among
thoir French nnd Turkish allies When
tho war was over, suoh of them ns mirviv
ed It cumo homo skillful manipulators of
the littlo 'slips of paper nnd confirmed
cigarette smokers Whnt tho ollicers of
tbe army did could not of courso be beneath the dignity of our young civilian
dnndlos. and tho thing became fashionable
to a limited extent, and to roll a cigarette
with graceful case became a coveted uo-
oompllsbinunt Those who smoked thoro
hud to roll them themselves then, for the
ready made cigarette was hardly known
Thut fact In Itself tended very considerably to Impodo any very rapid development of tho fashion, and it was not for
many years after the close of that war. ln
iSfifi. that this method of consuming the
fragrant weed become at all general
Practically the whole habit of cigarette
smoking may be sold to have been a
growth of a single generation In England
—Chambers' Journal
Choking Mnj- Be Kfisllj- Rellevvd.
"liaising tho left arm as high as yon
eon will relievo choking much moro rap
idly than by being thumped In tho bock,'
explained a medical man to a reporter
'And it Is well that every one should
know it. for often a person gets ohoked
whilo eating whon thero Is no one near to
thump him Frequently at meals and
when they are at play children get choked
whilo eating, and tbo customary manner
of relieving them Is to slap thuni sharply
In tha back Tho effect of this Is to set
tho obstruction freo, so that IL can tio swnl
lowed    The sumo thing can bu brought
about hy raising thu loft hand of thu child
as high as possible, and thu relief comes
much iiioru rapidly
lu happenings of this kind there should
bo no alarm, for If a child sees that older
porsons or parents got excited It is liable
to got so also The best thing to do Is to
tell tho child to rai.se its left arm, nnd lm
mediately tho dilhculty jiasses down.—
Washington Star
A Severe Promotion.
A felon by tlio name ot Hogg onoo ap
pealed to tho witty Sir Nicholas Bacon
nnd besought him to spare htm on Iho
scorn of relationship "fur." said ho. "hog
is akin to bacon "
"But," answered Sir Nicholas, "hog is
not bacon until it Is hung Until you ore
hung you tiro no relation of mine."
Dne lo Ills Lawyer.
"I mippnso you feel thnt much Is duo to
your lawyer for your SUOOoss in tho sultT'
"Oh, yes, I'll acknowledge that there's
a whole lot duo him but still 1 don't
think It amounts to as mueh hs ho figures
out his bill to bo "—Philadelphia Kooord
Preferences •■ to Men.
A womnn despises a man whn mnkns a
monkey of himself, a pack horse boing far
mure to hur liking —Detroit .lounuil
Congress may create tho title of admiral,
hut thc admiral himself was created early
la.it spring.—Chicago Kernrd.
Somehow revivals of Ciu-list activity
are always associated with rumors nbout
tho raising of a new loan.—Baltimore
Spain will tako part in tho czar's peace
conference. Spain hus her own reasons for
encouraging tho peace idea. — Ilaltlinore
Again tho old ory of "tho horse must
go" is raised; but, for that matter, the
horse has never dono anything else.—Chicago News.
Tlio Kooly motor stockholders may got
book somo of their money by placing the
apiMrntus on exposition nnd permitting tbe
public, to sou for Itself how the gamo of
deception was carried on.—Troy Times,
An attempt to pull the ulcerated tooth
of n bear In Omaha resulted lit tho destruction of thu cage, tent and adjacent
neighbnrhood. It was no laughing matter, It te said. Well, then, thoy should hnve
given the hour gas and made it a laughing
matter,—Indianapolis News.
The latest trusts uro In prunes, buggy
whips and derby hats. Thu blow has fallen
liko a bolt from a clear sky upon a pruno
loving public. Mr. Pickwick wns not
more astonished, perhaps, when tho Wid-
ow Iturdi'll sued hlm for broach nf promise. And, if It has como ta prunes, why
not  "chops nnd tomato sauce" alsol"'-**-
Kzamples of J he Urrwiom. Fntt-i
Tli ii i Hnve Ht-en Devised by tbe
Writers of Plet ton I-'or Their Men
and Women or Crime.
Dickens is responsible for n most en
tertaining gallery of rogues Qnllp(th(
distorted dwarf) and Rogue Riderhood
(the rulliim) alike terminate their ex
[stance in i\ watery grave Ralph
Nlekleby, Gushford and Jonas Chnrale-
wit take their own   lives, while Uriah
Heep, Squeers nud Littimer leuvetheh
country for their country's good in
garbs gratuitously provided by government and freely embossed witb "broad
Perhaps the most greWHiuie of Dick
ens death scenes is lint provided by
the faoe of thu ever smiling Curlier, into
whi.ii the irreeletible locunnttve is Impressed, probably for tbe lirst time in
the history of Itction
Scott's villains most frequently meet
with violent deaths ut tiie hand.-* of oth
ers, often their uucotnplices, or commit
suicide on thu eve of discovery and disgrace llut the seusattou lover ha.
nevertheless been entered for In the
death of Anthony Foster, the accomplice of the poisoner Richard Varney
This miserable wretch is depicted u<
hiding from his pursuers in a secret
cell The entrance to this is fastened
by monns of a spring look, cf which,
however, be omits to retain the key.
with the consequence thnt he eventually
perishes miserably of mingled fear and
Lytton's "Night and Morning" give*
na the coiner Uawtrey. who meets his
fate at the bunds of the Paris police,
from whom ho is attempting to escaps
when ii pistol shot drops him over the
side of a honsu to porish miserably
This idcu of fulling from a height is by
no moans confined to Lytton It is utilised by Anthony Hope in "Phroso*
and by Stanley Weyman in "Under ths
Rd Rube, where the villain and his
victim full from a lofty bridge into a
seething torrent below In this way.
too. Connn Doyle killed the Immortal
Sherlock Holmes, wbo. fast locked in a
struggle with "the greatest villain o(
tbom all." fulls over uu Alpine prod
Wilkie Collins brings bla principal
villain, the double faced, calculating
Count Fcsco, to tin ignoble end. he dis
appearing for a timo, only to reappear
upon the ghastly shelves of the Paris
morgue A still more ghastly fate is
thnt of the she fiend. Gagool, Immortal
ized by Rider Haggard in "King Solo
nion's M.nes. Having conducted
Qnutermaln. Curtis and party into
that celebrated monarch's rock hewn
treasury, which is guarded by u pun
derons rising door of living rock, she
touches a secret spring, by means of
which the door begins ouce moro to de
Bci'inl with a .slow but irresistible mo
While the Englishmen are sizing np
the jewelry sho makes off through the
rapidly lessoning aperture. Her progress
is temporarily arrested by the uufortu
nato girl Fonlutu. whom sho stabs in
order to free herself Hurriedly scram
bling over the threshold, she is caught
by the inexorable force which she has
herself put in motion, and a realistic
ally dramatic "scrunch' pats an end
forever to tbe inachinutiuns of thia
truly horrible old woman
Svengnli. like Scott's Templar in
'Ivnnhoo.' dies from an excessive
mental strain acting npon the heart
while, to hurk back to the days of the
hlnff Doctor of Fleet Street, the gentle,
gen inl heur ted Goldsmith is contented
to reform the rakish Squire Thornbill
in order that he may ut last become the
exemplary spunse of the gentle Olivia
around whom be wove that entrancing
ly simple narrative. "The Vicar of
Finally, tbopnlm for "writing lurid'
amy fairly be accorded Harrison Ains
worth for his thrilling disposal of the
two ghoulish wretches who hannt the
[jugOS of hia celebrated novel, "Old
Saint Paul's.' The creatnres who bat
toned upon the spoils of the dead nnd
lying during tho great plugue were
wont to stow tbeir ill gotten guins in
one of the cathedral vaults Tho cathe
ilral taking lire, thoy hasten thither in
irdur lo rescue their precious hoard
The greed of gain, however, misleads
them iuto sojourning just u moment
too long
As tbey torn to loave tho now stifling
vault they seo that a thin silvery
stream is malting its way down tbe
stairs, hy wlii-Mi alone they can guin
an exit Even as they look it thickens
perceptibly, nnd before tbey cun escape
the whole stairway is blocked, ami tbe
vault about them begins to till with the
silvery liquid When it is added tbnt
the harmless looking fluid is nothing
more or less than the molten lend from
the roof and windows of the cathedral
it will become apparent that 'even Mr
Gilbert's "something with boiling oil
in it' possesses » dangerous rival in the
page* of "Old Saint Paul's. "—London
Th* Cricket's CUIrp.
The variation of speed in the chirping of crickets depends bo closely on
tempcrntnre tbat the height of the
thermometer may be calculated by observing tbe number of chirps ln a min
At 00 degrees F the rate is 80 chirps
a millllte, nt 70 degrees F 120 pel min
ute. and the rute increases fonrvhiips
to the minute with a change of one
Below a temperature of 00 degrees
F thu cricket is nut likely to mako any
Tbo value of all the gold, silver, copper, iron, coal uud lend mined every
year in America ia exceeded by the
products of the forests Even the com
binod wheat and cotton crop ia less ia
value than the forest product*
A Cold on the Chest.
Camphorated oil rubbed ln with the
hands Is considered very vulunblo for
curing a cold on tho chest.
Worth Ills Trylntf.
"Do you think there Is anything in the
saying thnt the tish is a brain Iood;'
"1 don't know, but It wouldn't do you
nny harm to try tho experiment'*—Plillu*
dolphin. North American.
"Dnrllnk, I am Drawing cold."
Thus sho sang In sweet cadr-mm.
He wrapped her up with mnny a fold,
For iho had got tho Influenza.
-Pick Me Ub.
Ami It ran I veil. Firth vriiiore. After
11'■ vl hh lloen lt>llfvrtl Prom aa
t'n|.lrn«Riii mtriut.u. Wot to Talk
DttNlnrM While Sr •**•■■ In it.
A Worcester nun once had a very
disagreeable experience with a pnir of
trousers, or perhaps it would be better
to sny without ti pair of tronsprs. or
on more mature thought, it might be
still better to sny with the wrong pair J
oi trousers, for, outside the fact that
this story is aboutn pair of trousers
there is nothing to shock the tomb-rest
feelings Any way you put it the ex
perienen was disagr"oable. and it deter
mined the man never again to talk bus)
net* while dressing to go out It would
not have been so had if it had boon n
dinner foi in such case by dexterous
.tnd intelligent iiih nit gatnent of chair
bucks and draperies und a (innl grace
ful disposition of the tablet-loth, a man
can accomplish wonders As it was
the man was scheduled to take part in a
reading, and he Wil. to have no reading
desk, so he was really in au unpleasant
Another man cam* to see him while
ho wns dressing to go to the rending
ntul the business on which he came was
business that was important to thu man
with the frontiers, us he mny be tailed
to distinguish him from other men, so
thnt while bedrum.fl himself perfectly
in nil other particulars he neglected to
take off the gray striped trousers of
his working clothes and to replace them
with the black onus of his evening
dretfs This was not so bud. of conrso,
us if he hud remembered the first part
of thp proposition und forgot the lust
(what nn nnpleasunt thought), bnt it
whs had enough Hnd bo he believed
when he reached the bonne where the
rending was to be given and wuh about
to go out on the improvised stage to
fulfill bis part of the programme.
lt was then that be noticed it He
hastily summoned the hostess, bnt even
wben sbe arrived tbe situation present
ed some difficulties
"I must tish you to pnt off my np
pciirance for a little while. ' he said
"1 have forgotten—er—my glasses
Can t rend a word without em.'
The hostess reminded him with some
distress that bis home whs a tong distance away and that tbere whs no carriage at the dixir ut that hour "The
audience will ull he gono by the time
yuu get back,    sbe said
"Cunt help it. said tbe man with
the trousers "What I want to rend is
in tbat pnrticulnr book, nnd I huve
brought the wrong ono Must get time
to slip home und change thom—change
it. I mean
"Bnt perhaps 1 can find yon a copy
here,   said the lady, a little puzzled.
"Won t do. said the man. becoming
much embarrassed "1 have to nse that
handkerchief in the reading Must go
back for it And in his excitement he
cume out from behind the chair, and
the hostess is believed to have perceived
tbe cause of all tbe trouble.
"At any rate, she said smilingly
"I'll cull my husband. He can supply
you. 1 am sure
"Bnt it most be black ones—a black
one. I mean.' said the man, greatly
"He has a Mack one. 1 am sure,'
said she und vanished.
When the husband came in. he wore
a broad grin and appeared to have
come to a complete understanding in
the matter It did not take long to ar
range things. They went to the hns
band's room, where they conducted a
swap, and the husband gave tbe man
with the trousers what he judged wonld
do his nerves good. and. snre enongh.
it was jnst the thing Then they went
down stairs, the reader going ont to
rend and the husband standing in a
doorway, with portieres arranged in
the position in which he believed they
would do tho most good After tbe
rending they went up Htnirs and swapped ugain. and the man with tbe trousers went home happy- —Worcester Gazette	
"Oft In the Stilly Night.**
-New York World.
Blatnlnn thc BlUsard.
"This milk look * a little bine," remarked the woman who speaks her
"Weill" answered the milkman audaciously "Can yon blame it? Look
n( the trouble tbe cows have been having "
Giving Ultn a Gentle Hint.
Mr Quaker —I— ntchoo— believe I
have caught tho grip
Miss Wabash—Oh. no; that can't be
possible' It tnnst havo waited for yon
—Cleveland Leader
Tnme Sport.
Billy—Did you ever hnve any fun
skutin 1
Jitumy—Nuwi only fell in once.—
New York .lonrnaL
ron.fl>1 Hcoiioiny.
"Juniper married his typewriter to save
her salary '
"Woll, what happened?'
"Ho Is now paying a mnn $10 a week
moro than hu would havu to pay a compi:
lout young woman for doing the same
work if his wlfo didn't object."—(Jhtcogo
In Sweden yarn Is not allowed to bo sold
If It contains OOUU per emit of arnonlo A
carpet has lx.cn condemned by tho Inspect
ors booatine it contained tho onc-thon
snndth [uirtof a grain of arsenic in iii
rtjuiiru Indies.
Club Doctors and   I'ntic-nta.
According to the report of a receu
intercolonial medical conference, put
I .shed in The Intercolonial Medicn
Journal of Australia, one of tbe three
pence a week patieutslivesinamansioi.
worth £5.000. mid hiB wife owns and
runs a race horse. Another is a retired
civil servant, owning a row of cottages
who. while tuking his ordinary attend
ance from bis club doctor ut threepence
a week, does not hesitate topuy 8 guinea*
as a consulting fee when he requires
further advice.
One of the medical men mnking this
report has attended an ex-mayor with
many thousands. He paid him nbout
200 visits nnd consultations during
three years and got nothing beyond his
threepence a week. Another has attend*
ed n bunk manager, two brewers, several
well to do storekeepers and a good many
farmers. One doctor says ho attended »
man worth from £90 000 to £110,000,
who lived in a castle in an eastern suit
nib, while another had u patient whoso
will was proved at £98,000, yet bo had
attended bim and hia family for 1.1
shillings per milium.
There nre pages of those examples.
and tlio universal testimony is that
while thu bona fide workingnotn. the
proper club patient. Is comparatively
considerate, these well to do parasites on
the club system are troublesome and
exacting to a degreo Ono doctor snvs
they "expect more, nro less thankful
und nlways have an idea tbey are not
getting enough for their money." while
ho plaintively udds "The wife gener
ally keeps you waiting a quarter of au
hour in the drawing room while she
'docB1 hrr hair." Tbe "drawing room'
of a patient at threepencen week! Alas
for the meanness of well to do muni--
London Hospital
Only Whit* Warn it ii  Who Ho _*.-...i-r_t**
th* IVII'U of Thlb«t   A <"a»aili»u
unttryW   Wit*.
Fantnatlc Ire Pint*.*.
The icefloes uf thu Missouri are probably the prettiest and moat extraordinary that float npon an American river
An ice floe in tbe Mississippi, so long
ae it floats and the weather ia cold, becomes always larger It builds out from
the edges, and in a few hours it will
increase many feet in diameter So
much for the brood and sleepy flow of
the Mississippi
It is another sort of ice floe that
floats on tbe Missouri, for the Missouri
is another sort of river Where the Mississippi flows from two to three miles
an hour at a normal current velocity
the Missouri is racing along seven nnd
eight miles, and. while tbe Mississippi
ia sweeping evenly and smoothly, the
Missouri is rushing, swirling and cutting np after tbe fashion of tbe famous
waters thnt fall at Lodore
So tho floes of the Missouri arc whirl
ed and ground ono against the other until tbey are round as a wheel—every
one of them—und half of them spinning
one way and the bnlauce tbe other
They rarely get larger than four feet in
diameter, and the major portion of
them aro not more than three. Constant
grinding npon their edges bnilds up u
cornice of white, powdered ice, and,
like little ice plates thnt would hold
water, und locking for all the world like
ten thousand frozen oyster patties migrating to the aea. they go bobbing and
spinning along In the prettiest of pro-
cessions—SL Louis Republic
Mar « Jockey Whip Hla lionet
Has a man the right to whip a horse
dnringa race? The question has jnst
been submitted to a magistrate at Spa.
in Belgium, three men having been
prosecuted at the instance of tho Society
For the Protection of Animals for having whipped tbeir horses dnring the
races there. M. Van Pool, tbe only one
of tbe defendants wbo appeared in
conrt, pleaded that at the moment when
ho had won the race his horse attempted to swerve, and he wus compelled to
glvo the animal a touch with the whip
In order to keep bim in a straight
conrso The three defendants were
found guilty nnd fined 1 franc each A
well known jockey named Bnndy, wbo
was prosecuted on the same charge,
was acquitted, it being held that the
Society For tho Protection of Animals
hud not Bnfliciently established its case.
linndy pleaded that he had merely pretended lu whip bis horse in order to
stimulate it. nnd that iu reality bo did
uot touch tbo animal.—Pull Mall Gazette. 	
TnxlnK Mont  Blnue.
Hitherto Mont Blanc has not been regarded aa a ratable property, but this
aspect of tho snow clad Alps is forcing
itself strongly on tbo attention of those
who dwell at its foot Tbe territory on
the Savoy side, up to the extreme limits
of tillage, pasturage and habitation,
wns divided among the throo communes
of Chamonni, St Gervuia and Houches
by a well defined partition dating
from 1730. But no account wns taken
In this arrangement of the vast region
of snow fields, glaciers mid rocks on the
higher levels Being unproductive, it
was left unBUrveyed and unclaimed.
Within the lust two decades, howovor,
inns, hotels, observatories, shelter huts,
photographic establishments, railways
und other valuable properties have
sprung into existence ujstn this no
man's land, and the question Is which
of thu local authorities can claim the
right to tax these new enterprises and
in which the proprietors aro to be registered as voters.
The I'rep'-'enfa Ntewitrd.
President Mclvinley'h steward, whose
name is Sinclair, is considered a most
careful buyer lie served President
Cleveland eight years, and Mr. Cleveland recommended him to Mr. McKinley. His salary, fixed by law and paid
by the government, is $1,800 u year.
Ho has an oflice in tho biiHement of the
Whito House, but lives with his family
on Sixteenth street, a few blocks distant Ho is responsible for all the property belonging to the United States
within the executivo mansion, aud is
bonded for $30,000 The value of some
of tho property under his cure, from a
historical standpoint, is inestimable.
Japnn'i Parliament.
Tho Japanese diet comprises two houses
—thu houso of peers and tho houso of rep
resontativos It meets onco each year It
Is ofton dissolved upon an adverse voto
after tho plan of tho English parliament,
Tho emperor has the power of veto, and
every law must reculvu his sanction boforo
becoming valid
The political term "dark horse' orig
inatcd from the habit of jockeys painting some fast racer in dark colors and
entering him in it raco nndcr a fictitious
Dame und thus winning.
Hu Cans ThruDKli Slum* Encnqatars
With Wild ll.aiti Without >crutch
of Claw  or Mark ot Taoth—Skalahna
of   **umo    nr   Hrr    Huiiliiii;    U|iliotlai
From Hrr Admiring Hu»tmiid.
Tho lion of the hour in London Is a
lady who kills linns, and who has hud
many   thrilling  escapes   from   falling a
victim to her hunting ardor. All England in talking of the bravery of thi-*
Dianii  of   today,   by   name   Mrs. Alan
Gardner, by nature a reserved nnd rafchei
quiet woman, who, prior to hor mar
rlage, no more thought of bearding thi
Hon in his imiivj. jungle than of u-tRUlUt
lug the red-coated sentry at Uio gate a
Buckingham l-dam
Alan Gardner, tho husband of th
horolne of iho hunting field, Is brother \-
Lord Onslow, formerly Governor of Nov
Zealand, 'ibe absorbing iiasslot) of Aim
Ourdnor'a life lias been tho killing of bi
name, and whon liu married bho proti
daughter of Mi- Jamas Blyfch, baronet, h
had no Intention of oliuilglng hh hahi
ami becoming a domesMenti-d man. o
the contrary, ho proiioscd to lut-rodm
Mrs Gardner tb tho fioroost Inhubltuni
of the wildcat jungle thnt the world cm
tallied, ami well has hu carried out hi
Tlm wlfo soon lieoamo »s onthuslasH
a huntress as hor husbaud wasa huuv
Sho aaoomnnnted Alan to.N'uw/.ealmi
where tho two oul loosu from eivill/ali >
and penetrated into tho remotest region
MltS. A i'* Kit.
in the Bearoh for game; togui-her tho fcw
shot lions in Somallliuid, In Spain an
on the Kooky Mountains tho rifles nf tl
pair rang out, until ihe fcrophtea of t'
cluiso that accumulated i:i tho prei
placo they call home, when in ICnglau:
comprised iho finest collections of horn
ami skills to bo found in the Bii Ish Islo?
Thus far Mrs. Alan Gardner has com
through hor encounters with wild boas:
without a sorntch of claw or mark u
That sho will always ba as for6una*0 i
not. possible, for the sfirh'-* thai bavi
boon told of her Intrepidity lu tho hum
show that sho Is absolutely fearless who:
on n shooting expedition.
From the ntunorous hunting episode
related by her admiring husband, for i-
Is extremely ilifli.,,.:l! to indues Mr.-i
Gardner to talk nf hor nohluvmnents, ont
is neleotctl that te especially thrilling.
The husband and wlfo wero hunting In
Sontnlilnnd. a mountainous and, for thi
most part, uno-pplorod country ln thi
eastern part of the African continent.
It. is a wild placo, wild In the nature ot
Its formation and in the nature of Its in
habitants, besides being giron up to a
largo extent to wild btivsts.
Thi-* latter feature of tho country jnst
suited .Mr. and Mrs. Alan Gardner, and
they penetrated Into ihu Interior, klllitiR
small gamo as they went) and looking
dolly for lions.
One morning lhey tamo rotors the
tracks of an animal that they knew at
onco oould 1st none but the king of beasts.
All the morning anil part of the afternoon ihey fallowed tho trail through thc
densest of African forests until at lusi
the odor of decaying flesh,  poisoning the
warm, bright day, apprised them that
the linn lair was near, A deep growl
camo threateningly from tho hush nearby, and Mrs. Gardner shot In tho direction of the sound.
Thn answer was i. terrific roar that
crashed through the forest in company
with the noise of the rifle.
Next. Instant there caine flying through
tho nir n huge lion, with eyes nhlune,
claws outspread and snarling jaws.
It was a situation to paralyze the
nerves of a strong man, but Mrs. (lard
ner never flinched or wavered. In toWn-i
the story afterward, Mr. Gardner snid:
"My first Impulse wus to shoot at. the
big brute, but ii quick glance at my wife
showed thut sho was perfectly cool, and
I dotermlm-d to lot hor have th" whole
glory of tho kill. The spring of tho lloii
was u true one and it would have gam
hard with us had Mra Gardner's aim
"I must, confess that I wns mon1 norv
ous than sho as she fired at tho bin head
with tho bristling mane. The bullot entered tho lion's eye, penetrating to the
brain and killed him Instantly.
"A quick jump alone saved my wlf*
from being knneked down and pcrhnp'
seriously Injured by the fulling mass Dm
landed almost directly when, she hai
"Wo brought the skin back with us and
It can now lx< seen at our country homo.'
As for Mrs. Gardner, sho says she hail
uo timo to feel afraid.
Tho leap camo so suddenly that the
Instinct of Relf-prrsorvuMon alono was
sufficient to keep her nerves strong and
make ber aim true
A peculiarity of thn nature of this
modern Diana is the earn with whioh sho
transforms herself from a huntress of
wild beasts to n quiet and dignified country hostess.
No ono la moro popular nt tbo social
functions, where Mrs. Gardner is lionized.
It Is found difficult to reconcllo tbo appearance of the modest littlo womnn of
tho gentle facu and graceful flguro with
tho stories of big killing and narrow
escapes from death In primitive forest at
tho claws and teeth of flcrco beasts.
There has been but ono alien woman
to tread the sacred soil of Thibet, mid
that woman Is a Canadian.
Nu foreigner lu*.-, uvu* pentruted those
wilds without puylng tho penalty. LoB-
dor's sufferings ure doubtless still fresh
in the minds uf those who read his storf.
The sufferings of Lucie Kljnhurt aro hi ul
to be learned in detail.
This woman wot. bom only S3 year"
ago. Her family was French and ner
tiaino Comic. When tbo girl wus but Jt
sho moved, with her parents, to Maul-
toba, und thero met thu man whom tStn
married throe years slnco.
Peter Hljnhnrt wns u Belgian explorv
and missionary. He wnsiilwuysfiinatiiaj,
nnd shortly aftor his marriage ho becaipB
visionary. "Ho fell hlmsolf called" .lo
Thibet, and upon liis shoulders had ile
scendeil so much of lhe mantle of tho okl
eriiKiiile preachers lhat, he managed tn
awakening his wife tu something of ftl**
own -oal,
A child had jUBt been born to th*
oouplo, but Hljnhnrt was not lo Ihi *■
terrod In his work. lie bad all thu energy
of a Columbus, combined with lhe fait*
of a MarqilOtto, ami ho suld they wouji
take Mm Imhy ahum.
'ihey did. No missionary has ever bettl
allowed to live lu Thibet, and thorn wbo
hnvo Mliil to preach (.hero havo ull ult her
boon killed, or olso tortured and trulM-
poriod hack to China.
llut for ttwhllu Potar Rtjnhart's fa*
seemed to liu more propitious. Ho ]iitsH(id
tho frontier a your ngo. Hu spoke io (be
natives In his smattering of their own
language, Ho distributed Dlbies. Itutju
first the towns were Jew nnd fur botwocn,
and the country a desert.
The travellers siifTered from liunrar,
from cold, from thi.r->t Their child dtts),
a littlo martyr to ihls latter-day cruwdfe-
The tiny jrravo wss diggwl in tbe shiftily
sand under thu forbidding sky, nnd the
couple journeyud fclurnly on toward tne
far-off mountains whoro tho great elites
Thev reached the farthest point eter
trod by civilhuul mun and then dn*
hunger forced thom to turn back. One
night, however, their horses were stolen.
and Rijnhnrt left hte wlfo whilo he wjnt
to a neighboring village for aid.
llo never returned. Whether . the flcape
natives killed him In mero wanton sport,
whether he died by slow torture, or Jt.
Htlll lying in some savage prison, his
wife will never know.
She waited until hope was dwid arM
then continued her journey alone. On
November 1 sho reached the Chinese town
Taohlenlu. and frum there she has 'written a brief letter to her Manitoba bona.
inclosing her husband's diary.
Hhe has snid little ot herself, little bf
her agony at thc death of the one she
loved, or while hopuk-ssly awaiting (be
return of the other. Hhe hns done what
no other womnn has ever done, ami
alone, on foot, starviug, shu hns travelled
among the fiercest race of munkiltfl.
through tho scowling Thibetan fores*,
which frightened even tho brave Itavk-
Clilui-i*   rh-rniclttiii.
Tho taking of a first, dose of Chit-fin
medicine is nn ordeal which can be better
Imagined than described. It is invartnldy
n bitter concoction If the patient prcfjQML,
thu herbs are given bim in square pufti£-
board boxes holding about u pint emjk,
and ho "cookn" tbematliomo. A Chinese
prc-x-rpUon contains irom ten to iii vnsl-
otlrs. of herbs, flatvcrSj nuts, gums, b;i?*J»
and roots. Moru than 8,000 spootos 0t»
classified and used OS medicine, but 3f
these only somu (.!•() nro ln general om.
Whether the patient takes the roinodJjB
at the sanitarium or nt homo, ho is -y-
quostod to present himself evory day hV
foro thu doctor for another puis.) oxamtn*-
atlon, so iimt even* change in hte condition may bo noted and the proscription*
may Imi varied accordingly, Tin* ChlinJSo
nro clover  chemists   in  the lint* of ph:i*-
mncoutlcal preparations,   and   propffleo
many medicines for their own use In UJe
form of pills and powdors) but thoso Ob
employed by tho CIiIuoeq physicians tn
trontlng tbo aliments «if white peuaJfc
only lo a limited uxtcnt. Tho rea*fm
given is that the simple, hot doeortiotSi
of Iho fresh root or plant aro tho baft)
form, booaillO tho most readily assimB-
ntcd Into the system —William lit, 'Hm-
dale, tn Llpplnoott'fl
Firm  Lint I a ml Nt-wr-papar,
A decided novelty In the way of netfa
fWpor enterprise is announced from litp
and. Tho ilrst paper iu that country low
appeared, lt is written upon a slu-^e
snoot of paper nnd Is published ov«ry
Sunday at a town with an iimirimoum-w-
ublo name, Up to tho prosonb thojounftfl
lias only half a dozen si i Inert I tors, tiffd
every Ittsun is welcomed witb loud H%t
Blood (laws through the bonoiof very
yontiK children almost OS freely as thi-ough
the veins.
The lamest lolrSCOJiO tn OXlfltonCO ilflM
not make iho plain l Mar* appear any I dp
nor i him tlm moon duos aa soou through
mi opera ■•la*.**.
Heretofore it has boon possible to dta-
folve gold only In a mixture of Mrourg
acids. A way bus now boon (llROoVcrodiH
dissolving gold In distilled water,
When the Itootltgcil rays first camo in*.
use f,ii' medical purposes, iln-y mviv u|icu
to the objection that they smnoilines la-
lured thu skiii and onusod baldness, Uy
deflecting certain oolorotl rays, Profosra
Flndscn of Copenhagen hns beou ubiojp
ovorcuinu this objection.
Tho Burmese havo a curious Idea regnrl-
Ing coins. Thoy prefer those which havjo
female heads on them, lieliuviiigthatcolin
with malu heads on them uro not so luuk/
and do not mako money.
A club exists in Viminn tho mom tiers af
which aru pledged to marry a poor girl Ef
by chance or design a member marries*
rich girl, ho is fined $-1,000, which sum Ih
bestowed au somo respectable but tnine-
lui-lous couple enguged to be married. CRANBROOK   BERALD
THURSDAY, MAY  25.   1899.
!•*. K. tUMl'SON, Killti
The llorulil desires tn -..He the iwwsuf tho
district, ll you know any ubmii yeur town,
your mine ot yunr poople, scud u tu this oilko.
The lleralil Job ollice is fully C(|lilp|ied, and
Ilrst olflw work is (tunrnntBO-l,
The Herald Is wUltly t*ln*llHi.t*d lliiuuuliuut
i-iiutli hast Kuoteuay.   It .oviru tin- li -Id mul i-
ii valuable oitvortlslli« aunlluiii.    Hates  le
known on application.
Till:   REION   0I:   Till:   QBBI.N.
Yesterday, tlie 34th ol .Way, 1899, the
Queen attained the Both yeai of her age.
Yesterday, wherever the Biigliah Ian*
guitgeils spokeu, a good wish -vns on
every pip loi 15nglanil's venerable sovereign,
In tho early years ol thu Qnecn'i reign
Ihe Boutimcnl ol inc.- wis weak, the
ptide oi empire was slight, the sevi iannul the colonies was contemplated; hut
fiom 1H711. (iho yeai uftho franco Vnn.
slati wail, wo mny date the rising ol the
tide of loyalty ol GiriUei Britain, which
has not even yet reached its liij,h wnter
mark. When the tjuecu cifmts to the
throne In 1 S/,7 Canada was in Incipient
insurrection. Today there is no more
loyal part of the empire thnn our own
Dominion. Uow was this change at-
rived at f Freedom, is the answer,
The colonies, that is Canada, Australia,
South Africa, the West Indies and New
Zealand were conceded the right of governing themselves In their own way,
The words "Anglo Saxon" may he freely translated by tbe one word—freedom.
The reign of Queen Victoria will be
banded down to history as a glorious example of what freedom can do.
The empire, during the reign, bus
been added to iu territory in all four
quarters of the globe In India we have
80,000 square miles, a space larger than
Great Britain; In the west of Asia 21x1,.
coo.square miles, a region larger than
Germany; in "Africa, 1,000,000 square
miles, or about half the extent of European Russia. Today tlie British possessions iu North Auu-ticn and Australia
comprise one-ninth of all the dry surface
ofthe earth.
During the Queen's reign the population of Canada has increased from one
million to nearly six millions, the population of Australia frum one hundred
and seventy-five thorsaud to lour and
a half million.
During Victoria's reign Great Britain
has .ent forth nine and a half millions
of-pouls to populate the four comers of
the earth, and in passing it may be remarked that one-half of this number
found shelter under the Stars antl Stripes
of'our cousins to tbe .south; but they
have all taken with them, whether lo
British colonies or to the great Augl
Saxon republic, the kindly English
speech, the principles of English liberty
and the respect for our English law.
This much, aud much more has been
done for Anglo Saxon civilization during
our Queen's reigu.
Of thc Queen herself, much might
said, but in the words of an American,
Col. Walker, of the Honorable A1 tiller
company of Boston, "Hor womanlinei
us 11  Queen  and  her queenliuetS as
wotnau has endear  i bei to the hearts of
all people."
And bo the heart*- and lips of all Angl
Cantons '-iii'l yesterday,
" !.ouaar«iid longci may
And, ilirougli .1 .umrnei 1
Wilt. 1
■il'iy.Mli ,
"God Save ih.
Cinnlirook announced several weeks
ago that lier citizens would celebrate
Dominion day. and fot that reason no
effort was made to arrange lot bu) celc
Inatioii on the Queen's birthday, not de-
string to interfere wiih any of the othei
towns lo thc district, Committee's will
soon In- nppotuted to lake in charge the
preparation of lu lui cresting program
lor that lime, uud it is lo he hoped that
onrststei cities will join with tin-people
of Craifbrobk in celebrating tho day li
is the idea to make it a South Bast Koot-
.eiiay iTteluition, uud us Ctaubrook ia n
central poluti easy ol acoesi Mom uny
part of tin- district, ll is for ih.it reason
a splendid point foi holding \a joint cck
hrstlpu ..
I'he peoplo of tin* district should take
llut dlj lo get togelhei and become hot*
foi ncrjualuta)    There la on unit) oflu
lori'ts with   tlm   people   ol   SoUlll   BttSt
K»ui(-un> th.it should form a itronu
I Hind of friendship,   It wilt he a good
dey lo throw aside petty jculousiiM uml
unite iu celebratlug the dawn of an era
Of gieat prosperity for the entire district
Mmli- m lliHHiiilii.l*   I.arm* I.ihm.hIi tor
dn* Soldier's Imptfnvliietl Rutton,
The private soldiers' washing nt a
home station te usually done by tho
married soldiers' wives, who are expected to sow on mlsBlng buttons nnd
do general repairs. Patrick McGlmils.
says tlio Troy Thiii-vlmd u good deal
ftf trouble with his laundress. Sunday
4lfU-r riuntlay had his shirt como hack
■with the jtolla*- button olT or else hang-
pig by a thread, .lo hud spoken tp liei
on the subject, and she hud promised
ft> see to It. but still tht: hultoin were
always missing1. One Sunday be goj,
p\\t nt patienoi: when a missing button
had mi|do him Into for pluiw.li panulo.
"Jtuii Uioh fu Mu- woftitt.iT' Ita ex-
claimed, 'VugorrJl'i I'll give hi* n hint
this lime, anyhow!" Jig Mum look llio
lid of n tin blacldlii* lm . about Ibree
(nehes iu dlninoter, drilled two holes iu
ft wilh n fork nnd sowed it ou tin* s.liii t.
which be Kent to be wrifilled, When hla .
wnshlng crtmo buck ho found IiIh Itutn-!
dress hat) taken tho hint. She luul
made nbuttonhole to fit it! 1
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities ior turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced os the fact.
Wlijr    tlio    Uu)*    Arc   Not   Qolng   l"
A atory was told ou the dock recently in Seattle of three young men who
wore  cured  of  the Alaskan fever In a
very practical manner, soya the Post-
Intelligencer, They had concluded
that they would go on the Al-Ki. and
had purchased three berths.
"Mow, you boys," said the aged adviser, "wont to remember thut It's
pretty cold up there. It's pretty low
temperature hero to-day, hut nothing to
whal you'll llnd on the Yukon.   Now,
I.I uii' ailvi.M you. Hefoi'o golug tO
Hint CO it lit l'J Mm would t»-l< r him1
iuiuo experience, Vou may not like il
and thuu you will want to come hack.
To-nlghl  promises to bo pretty cold.
I have a lout at my house that 1 USCd in
Alaska. VOU hoys take ||„- lent out
on Queen Ann lllll ami sleep in it lo*
"li is now ton o'clock. Don't ent
anything until ubout eight o'clock thla
ovenliig. Then build 11 fire In your
tent, cook sonio beans and bacon, fix
up some unsweetened black coffee nnd
molten mcul. Until bedtime alt around
the firo smoking uud chewing tobacco
ami playing cards, and then fix up a
ropgh bunk on the ground and .sleep
until morning, if you enjoy it, go to
Alaska; if not, slay at home."
The boys caught up with the idea enthusiastically, and promised to carry
out tbe programme, Whether lhey did
or not is not known, but the other
morning throe miserable-looking boys
canceled three tickets on the Al-Ki,ond
ns thoy humbly left the steamship office
one wns heard to sny:
"Do you suppose it really pets that
cold in Alaska?"
An    CiUciiiinlo-il-tt    Ail van con   o    Nov.
Theoi'j tn i:vjilnlii the i'licmim.-u.iii.
fu our youth we were taught thut flies
adhered to the ceiling or to the window
pane because their foot wore provided
With suckers from which they had the
power of exhausting the air, says the
Hartford Courant. This was disproved
by the fnet that n fly eon Id run up the
side of au exhausted glass receiver
when 11 vacuum under his feet would do
him no gootl, even if he had the power
of creating it, and by the further fact
that a microscopic examination showed
that his feet were not provided with
suckers, but with multitudes of hairs
from whioh exuded a fluid in minute
drops. It was then suggested that tliis
fluid was viscous or gummy, so thai the
ily adhered by a sort of mucilage. This,
too, was disproved, as it^vas shown thnt
the fluid possessed no adhesive properties, liy a series of careful experiments
detolled In Our Animal Friends Dr.
Drorhold proves that capillary attraction, the adhesion of water to a surface, is enough to support a Ily even If
In- were 50 percent, heavier than he Is.
'I he hairs give out an Infinitesimal drop
of water, and ns tharo nro a ureat number of them the (ly Is enabled to hang
on "the ceiling nud to tickle any sensitive surface on which ho alights in a
highly scientific manner.
Why A111,1 I'lillotin Did Nol Enjoy the
I'll I In nl tiro pic   Cut tic rln ix.
"Did you enjoy thn missionary aid
socletj yesterday, Aunt I'hilcnu.'" inquired Nephew Clarence Townley, referring to the philanthropic gathering
nt Mrs. Judge Tubman's, the ostensible
purpose of which was, snys Puck, to
cousiruci sklrtcoats for the undone
heathen on certain far-away Isles of the
"Well," n turned good old Aunt Phi-
!.-i;;i Rrondhcad, with a gentle chuckle,
"I o.iii'l s;i\ that I enjoyed the meeting
as much as I usually do, although 1
musl confess tjiftl !l waa the mosl successful session of tlm society thnt has
occurred at nee l hava been n member
in point of actual work accomplished.
I think WU made more garments in
loss 1 inn* than nt auy previous meet-
"Then how did it come that
nol i'Fijo\ yourself nswcUosoommon?"
naked tho nephew, who, being from the
city, wai untutored In the ways of
such char I In Ms prgnolfctttlDtia.
"Why, you see, that flirtatious Mrr,
Flitters and Mary 1311a Perkins, who i>;
going to be married next week, were
both there, and being unable to tnlk
about cither of them, wc were forced to
work all the afternoon."
Turkey lius.--.riin.
"Turkey buvxardi ure iho  garbage
collectors uf Chiuleiiloii; S, t'.," says a
traveling man quoted in the 1-liiladel-
phiu Itucord. ".Now, if you know Anything of lhe nature of a turkey buzzard
ynu must know Unit nnlimirih it's a
very ihj sort of creature and generally
avoids civilization, particularly ns rep-
iri-, ntcd in the largo   cities,    These
biriK however, fffP tnun*, ami thoy strut
abOUl    Iho   heel*,  of Hi*  people 'in   (lie
markets puking up hits of refuse meal
und vegetables. The huz/;inl has n voracious appetite and there always seems
to lm room Inside of him fora choice hit
of tainted beef or decayed cabbage.
There is a five-dollar line for nny man
molesting any of theso birds, ) understand that Charleston is thn only city
In the country that has this unique sys*
teni of garbage collecting,"
Tlie  I'tinftUfiffC of MutCS,
It Is only partially true that sign Inn-
gunge is iho same the world over. While
certain signs are easily understood, the
sign language differentiates Itself, ns
spoken languages do, and people of
dil?ercul enuntrios develop thoir own,
American deaf mules got nn very well
with lhe French, beoahsa from (franco
iho first ideas of the American'teachers
were taken. Itul there (an considerable
illffcrenee between the sign language of
the two groat Kngllsh -Bpen king countries, In Kngbud Iho two-hnnded alphabet Is used,  white hero thn wlngl
PtTY   THE   PuOk  StALS.
All tht* Female  Puppies Are   ta   Be
llruuJt-il   by  Bleo.rtaity.
One oi thesug jtsttons announced for
the protection of the souls in northern
waters, which appears to be entirely
practicable, te thut proposed by ['resident Jordan, of tbe Lelund Stanford,
Jr., university, uf California, who advocates thai thc government brand all
female seals found in our waters, thus
destroying the skinfor commerc nl purpo L-s, und, consequently, offering no inducement to the sealer to kill ouch
branded animals.
President .Ionian has jnst returned
from ito- Prlbyluff Islands with the
news tlmt the revenue cutter tlui ti has
ii gnraiod the scheme. The branding
is effected hy means of an electrical device, which is both convenient am) effective. Dr. .Ionian says, in regard to
this branding process, that it is perfectly feasible to brand seals, and thai
liic brand will remain permanently,as
it does on 11 horse or cow. One 111:111 ciin
brand female seal pups nt the rate of
l.OUOn day.
The brand will grow with tho outer
growth of the animal. The outer, or
water hair, will hide it to some extent,
but the pnrt of the skin on which it appears in permanently spoiled for the
furrier's purpose, as, in the course of
preparation for market, all the longer
or water hair is removed. Thc adult
seals can nlso be branded without injury, but they are not SO easily handled.
It has been assorted that handling the
animals will frighten them and drive
them off to some other island, but there
appears to ho no foundation for the
statement, as the animals do not mind
it uny more than sheep mind being
VonsoI III torn Ily Swim in In u with
Ilordi-N uf linn-fry Inn.-.--**..
When the schooner Golden Sheaf arrived at her moorings one day lately
with a cargo of logwood everybody ou
board, from captain down to cook,
rushed frantically ashore as though
pursued by some unseen enemy. As
a matter of fact, snys the Philadelphia
Record, the vessel was literally swarming with hordes of hungry Jamaica
ants." The little pests had invaded the
lookers and dived headlong into the
sugar barrels. After finishing the contents of these they proceeded to bore
holes through tho supply of hardtack,
and nte everything boforo them, until
it was feared that the stock of provisions on hoard would run short. Then-
was n cessation from their attacks the
other day, the vessel having been caught
in a West India hurricane, which Hooded the cabin and drenched everything
below. It, was supposed that the Intruders had nil been drowned,bot after
the storm had cleared away lhey hogan
thoir attacks with renewed energy,
Capt. Chandler, who commands the vessel, slated that there are millions of
the insects still on bonrd, and he
thought the cargo must have como from
the vicinity of ant hills, for which Jn-
maie-i || noted Ilo stated that tho ants
were in all part-, of thu vessel, and thai
In nil his expel lence at sea he had never
before met nn attack like the newcomers waged against him.
Onc-Tlme Wont thy Mitine Mnn Dies in
Vlijci-l   Porortj   nml   rrU-nillont*.
The recent death of Tom Coffin nt
l.ovell removes 1 wellrjtnowu character
from   Maine's  list  of  pecentric people,
pays the Lewiston (Mo.) Journal. The
stories of his strange doings are endless. His valuable horses were shot
when thoy displeased his royal highness. His furniture hns furnished material for makingn bonfire, Ueenrtcd
nwny the front steps of his house once
because some passer-by chanced to sit
down on thom one day. lie has been
known to keep $73,000 in money In n
p.i*-i:ct |n his parlor, and would go nwny
for days, leaving it in charge of hin
servants. Sometimes he carried about
with him a (frlp stuffed with $30,000 iu
lolls, and on one occasion before start-:
|ng for Roston, not wishing to tic bothered with bo mueh money, ho carelessly
emptied it upon the door of a clopet,
and there he left it while ho was gone.
The same gripful of money he once absent-mindedly left iu a village store
mer night, never thinking to hunt It
up till the next dny, And so he rolled
In wealth and Mattered it to the four
winds, and died penniless anil friendless, tlie victim of tho morphine habit.
Tho German Bniperor t'aoi Nona B*-
oopt Thoae Mnde in Ilia Contitrt.
ISmperor William's faithful sub joe Is
nro Interested just now In an account of
his playing cards, says lhe Loudon
Post. II appears that the royal table
does not nilmii the usual French designs.    Ilia majesty's, packs an* printed
In an Altenberg manufactory and exhibit old (iormaii patterns. The backs
nre devoted to a symbolical exposition
oi tin* triple alliance Tho Prussian
eagle, lhe double eilgtfl of Austria and
tho silver eross of the house of Savoy
appear on a rod field, surrounded with
Ivy nud surmounted by the imperial
crown. Similar designs are Introduced.
nt the corners and thn ,'ftiureo!nr.s"nro
strewn over the card, The picture
cards are executed In corresponding
Btj'le, The king of diamond.-* la said to
hnve a family likeness with the great
Klirfurst, The queen of hearts appears
ns a simple Oretchou nud tho knave of
diamonds as a knight of St. John. History does not folate whether tho emperor is a whist player or confines himself to the national game of skat.
Bakery S S
1 Siitcessurs lo K. S. McNeil]
Lati ■ r turunto
Contractor ■■_ Builder
rlios-  i.i.i.'iuiiaiiiiL' Imliuinii will ilo well I. let
in.. Hum l'on tbe oo_tructs,
Cranhrook, British Columbia
.--_ ■  w w w WW WW w w - ■ v - ^y f>»t
j T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
I        Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best ol everything,
,       fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
I Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
I    The housewife and Ibe bachelor should deal with him,    It will pay Ihem.
We have the only lui. k
oven in Cranbrook now
in operation, and the
i|u.'ilily of our bread la
Bratclau. Will deliver
to any ]i.rl of the lown.
(jive Us a Trial Order
Parrott Bros.
...Denlera In,.,
SS Feed SS
Farm s Produce
The I .oki of	
Hay and Oats
Promptly Attended tc.
Sing Lee
Proprietor of lhe
The new building we.**t of The
Herald ollice. The best of
work. Call and see bim, His
prices are the lowest.
Leave your order to get
Your Yard Cleaned
Or Freighting of any kind at
Toronto Clothing Store.
Prnmpt Attention.
Prices Minkr'iL'.
On baud at all tlm 1
Call and see us	
Vnn Home avenue, between
Commercial mul Royal hotels
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carries a complete
line of	
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINDS   OP-
AI.o ,1 Circulating Library.
Good Reading; for Little Money.
Opposite Cranbrook hotel.
Spokane Tails & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Forl-Shcppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tlie only rail mule without cba'nge ol curs
between Nelson mnl Rossland anj
Spokane and Rossland.
Wood and Freight
Is Prepared to Furnish Wood
and Deliver Same Promptly on
order. Well seasoned and cul
lo stove length.
Of nil kinds will receive prompt
it. 111.   NKLSON     Arrlvr 5-M n. m
"    HOSMl.AMi      "      ll.V "
11.111, si'ukam-: a.1011. m
i|*ulnlli:il leaves Nelson ill ■'..an n. 111 makes
close cuniiei'limis nt S|,iikiiii<* fur all Tai-illo
Coiial 'mints.
PfisucnuorH fnr Keltic Hlvor and BminUnry
cit'llk cuniiuol at Marcus with stugo dully,
0, <:. DIXON,a, P.tiT.A,,
Sji 'kan., WiulL
*i  I* ***' *•****• A ** **•-.'■ m**4 •>«..*'.'*.:..',■*. _■„_•** A AA 4. eh A******.*** *&******
*- "      "   "" JI
I East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
Tliis hotel Ims been refitted ami refurnished,    file lalile
in tiie best.    Satisfacloiy rates given regular boarders,
J Baker Street
Cranbrook, B. C. ;{
Royal hotel,
Finest Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
First Class in Every Respect.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Arrived this week at	
"The S Emporium"
...A Carload 01...
Another Shipment of Dry Qoods,
Ladies: Blouses, Belts, Blouse jt
Sets, Skirts. Undershirts, Zyph-
ers. Dress Qoods, Trimmings,*.*
Ties, Rugs, Squares and Carpets
See our E. & I). Wheels,
New Raymond Sewing,*
Machines always in .*.*
stock    ,*     .*     ,*     ,*
.Sherlock & Bremner	
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Crows Nest Pass
$5-rS, Coal
* *• *•*>••. m ... m *> *■*■ *'*',
Agent for East Kootenay.
rilNINQ BROKER. Cranbrook, B. C.
))    I     W p IV        I TT   t   tf^*^^*3*5*^^£^£i^_n^S2?^^?^SV-:^_*^v*?
■•^~*^~~rf-   Beer "•"   '
Fort Steele
Brewing Co.'s
Best on Earth   ,*
In Wood or Bottles
Joe Mitchell, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
sirevf Rutton -••-imi.t At tee Tan Year*.   —-.
■I'tMt years ago, anyn lUe Doyleatovn iKJ;
r»tellIgeneer, Juraua Donaldson, of ,|2
West Court street, lost a tfnUI Blecvo
button while digging Ills garden. Every
yenr sinri', nearly, ho hns kopl a sharp
lookout for tin* nileslng article, but his
efforts tn flud it ivorVlmiuooeBsfuI. A
handed prevails, ns might bo expected j few dnys ngo Mr. DonnldBon'a grand-
nluco picked up the jowol and restored
It iu hor grand uncle.
hi n Vnnlteo nnllnii, nml thero nre dif
fcrciKTj- in the gosturcBi
Thc Hettl Stock, the .Must Stili&tactory I'rlccB, and
First tia.s  Work,      Repairing  Ntatiy  Kxccuted.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
n m*^*a%m\S I* A***.
1    ABOUT
people   a
. '*
•*r •»•»i-» * *v T» *» 'if •*
■i-n   Huipiuu   around   with
Beverul duys bul is gradually
4.A..I.* J, ****&*** + ■
Living In »>r Visiting Cranbrook, Whom
We All Know or Should.
Constable Burnes te lu town.
Pred Pieper visited Moyie last week,
R. Wood, the Fernie druggist, is in
town today,
M. Phillips, of Tobacco Plains, is lu
town today,
A. H. McDonald wus .1 Moyie visitor
last Mouday
G, Joyce, of Fernie, Came down from
Fernie last night.
J. W. II. Smythe and Dr. Curson visited Moyie last Saturday.
J P, Joyce, of the Commercial hotel,
visited i'ort Steele Friday,
M, Johnson, ot 1'i'iiiU'. waB in town
last night nu his way to Moyie.
Harry McVittle made his regular Sunday trip in Cranhrook this week.
Mr. ami Mi-. P. R. SlMpfiOII have
moved to their new residence on Haker
Jas. II. Schi.in.-ia, of the London &
Liverpool store, orrlved from Macleod
last night.
Mr. Cecil Prest, son of \V. A Prest. of
tliis city, arrived Inst night from Portage
la I'rairie.
M. Mclnnes returned last night from
crutches foi
Tommy Hume, who lost a leg iu
■Aicck at the loop last winter, has settl
with the compauj aud none to Mini
apolis to gel an artificial limb, He w
tuke a positiou on the routl ns Ikih^uH'
ui  Doors direct from
T, W. Leask
BU has taken chargi
Macleod afler being held up at the loop
tor two days,
Chief Despatcher Co it] Blon was laid
up for several days last week, but is at
his post again,
J. .'raser's family arrived hist week,
nml lhey ate now located in a home on
Hanson avenue,
R. L. T, Galbraith cum. over from
Port Steele Monday to enjoy a fow hours
nt lhe metropolis.
Mrs. W. K. Ro-s, of Port Steele, was
the guest of Mrs. C. M. Edwards I.s'
Saturday and Sunday.
Joseph NViderstiult, lhe Moyie brewer,
was 111 town Tuesday and favored The
Herald oflice with a cull.
Dau Horrid-ail, who bus been sick at
tilt* Mission for several weeks, is su low
that his life is despaired of.
Mr. Hertz, wilh the Port Steele Mer"
cantile company at Port Steele, is veiy
sick at St. Eugene hospital.
Dr, Carson, of Trail, haa been in tbe
city J for the past week. The doctor is
lookiiiy over East Kootenny wilh a view
of locating.
Ceorge P.. l.eask's little boy met wilh
a painful accident last week. He felt oil
a horse aud injured one leg so that he
has been confined to his bed since.
Dr. P. M. Green, of Vancouver, arrived last evening ami will be associated
with Dr. J. 11. King. Dr, Green will
huve charge of lhe railroad work, which
will give Dr. King more time to devote
to bis oilier pructice.
S. IC Oliver, formerly in the stationery business in Wardner and Cran
brook, but now with lhe Nelson-Miner,
was iu towu this week in the interest uf
the Kootenay edition thut is lo he issued
by llle Miner next month. Mr. Oliver
is doing well in his new home, a fuet
that his friends in East Kootenay will
he pleased to know.
I     LOCAL   NOTES     I
« ♦
*• ****** *»* *>v V"'* •»•***»■» V*******
Picked Up About ihe City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Thc 1. O. 0. P. lodge meels in regular
session tomorrow night.
J, Fink has moved his family into the
A. Leitch house ou Haker hill.
Football is getting to la* a favorite
np..rt with the athletes ill Cranbrook.
The Cranbiook Fruit Store for fresh
eggs and butter.
J.   II     Willis  St  Sons  bav.:   had   the
front of their reataurant building painted,
J. IL McMullin has sold his transfer
business to F, II. Crossley and Charles
M. McEarchem is having a line new
residence built on Maker bill. A, I).
Giant has the contract.
0. IL Miner and lhe Foil Steele Mercantile componj have each purchased attractive delivery wagons.
Get your Screen Duors find S:ish nl
ihe lactory. T. W, Leask.
J. F.   ArmBtrOUg, of Fori Steele,   had
charge of lhe uei vices at the Church <■!
Knglanil, Sunday moruiug,
Tin- N.lson papers ure now running
set lui -tunes iu tbe way of official publi*
I'utiuus ol munit ipid by-laws, They are
very iuteicBling—lo lhe publishers.
Mr. Joyce, of the Commercial hotel,
liasnecuied the Hcrvicesof Miss McEwcil,
lormerly of lhe Leluud hotel, of Winnipeg, to tuke charge of the dining room,
Do you want flrsl-cluss confectionery
—fresh and pure ' GO to the Cruubrook
Fruit Store, linker block.
Theie is considerable talk these days
among leading citi/.ens upon lhe subject
of incorporation, and there seems to lie a
growing sentiment iu fuvor of such a
Nelson now sees a silver lining in its
cloud of despair. The people once more
have hopes that the government will
make an appropriation for a building in
tbat lown.
G. IL Richardson, of the engineers'
oflice, was the lucky man to get Mi
McLaurie's wheel. It is n line one. nud
tbe cost lo Mr. Richardson was just
sixty-five cents.
Tbe new fruit depot in the It.iker
block, opposite the station, keeps only
the best ol goods.   See Iheir stock.
Last Saturday a team belonging to
Mr. VnnDecar became frightened on
linker streel, und when it got through
running it had -.cattered the wagon all
over town. Fortunately no one was
Fullback Danforth, while playing foot
hull one night IobI week, cume in contact with Jack Hurley iu u rush, uud received a badly Bpralticd knee as a result.
Buy your
the   manutuctui
Harry Reinem
the Delgardno hotel at Port Steele. The
DelK'irdno has a good locution uml Mr,
Reinemnn's extensive accjuulutauce
should enab'.e him to make the hotel a
great success.
William Doble hus been appointed tbe
South lust Kooteil ly agent for the Par-
sons Produce company, ol Nelson. The
appointment is a good one, as Ml. Doble
in 111 a pcs:iion to handle the business in
good shape.
In the race for the lead!   T. A Creigh-
ton will next week lutroduce to Cran-
00k people ihe celebrated ltu.elwood
e Cream and Buttermilk. Call on bim.
The  Herald editor is tn receipt of a
nl from Col. A. H. Reynolds, iu which
be requests the nddiess of his paper 1 e
hiinged from Spokane to Findlay, 0.,
md adds, "where 1 will gladly expound
he ureal advantages of tlle 'Beautiful.'"
The Herald will reach the colonel regularly, ntul it will keep bim posted as to
the growth of Cranbiook and the development ol South I'.Atyl Kootenay.
Now is the timo lo insure against typhoid and mountain fever; t3.n0 a year.
$1500 a week indemnity; also against
accidents connected with railway and
stage. Write for particulars lo M. A.
Beale, Fort Steele, li C.
Hanker Keep, of Port Steele, is n
lucky men, He has been Interested iu
the Boundary country for some months,
uml recently he purchased property at
Grand Forks. Two days later tbe In for*
•nation was made public that J. N
Graves, who is al lhe bead of a large
syndicate, had selected that town as a
Kile lor a smelter. In consequence property values look a great jump forward.
Frank McQuiston and Oliver Burge
have decided lo locale at Duncan City,
iu the Lardeau country, Mr. Burge is
there now superintending the construction of nu hotel building, nnd Mr. Mi-
QllUtou returned here last week lo ur-
nuige for the shipment of supplies. Duncan City is the point where the C. P. R
nnd Kaslo St Slocan roads will cross, and
promises to be one of the best town* in
that country. The friends of Messrs.
Purge and McOuisloti in Cranbrook wish
them every tucccss iu their new location.
Elko, Mny 15.—Messrs, Johnston, ol
the Crows Nest Trading company, and
Newy and Holmes, of lhe Hank of Commerce, Fernie, were guests at the tiik
bote] the first of the week. Tbey caught
nil the lish lhey could carry, nml ex
pressed themselves of the opinion that
Elko was the prettiest place they bad
seen for many a day.
George Hoggarth is busy getting material ready for his new hotel, which,
when finished, will be one of the finest
structures along the roud.
Our genial friend G H. Bull is preparing to start for the Windermere country.
Mr. Bull is a veil qualified miner and
prospector, and knows n good lend when
lie sees it.    Mny success attend him.
Charles Stephenson, who bus been
very ill with typhoid fever, is now convalescent, and we hope to see him able
to attend to bis business soon
The Fernie people contemplate an excursion here the 24U1 orMay. Residents
ol Elko will be pleased to have them
come. Our scenery here is unequulcd
in [tills country, and we know lhey will
never regret the visit to Klko, We nlso
hope to see some of our Cranbrook
friends dropping iu Some day. They
will all be welcome. Alexander,
Warduer, May 17,—Willinm Kidd, of
Toronto, hns been the guest of W. S.
Lonktrec for a couple of days. He left
today lor Cranbrook wheie be expects
to leside—at least for awhile.
M, liniudcnberg, of Kalispell, was iu
wu Tuesday.
Mr. Sullivan, C. IV R. auditor of telegraphs, made 11 brief stop in the city today.
Charles Bishop come In from Sand
creek on Monday,
J. V. Casey, of Sand creek, visited
town today enroute to Port Steele to do
some   recording   on   claims    recently
slaked 01) Sand creek.    He showed your
correspondent some line samples of rock.
The Kootenny river is apparently at a
standstill     nn     accotlut   of   backward
The C P. R. surveying parly under
the management of J. L. Doupe, ate located here doing work in this vicinity,
Mrs. Jennings and her son have gone
to Fernie to reside.
Messrs. Legge snd Fisher, of Cranbrook, made the Wardner citizens happy
with their pleasant smiles for u short
lima ou Sunday last.
Shelf Hardware
Our line is complete. Carpenters and others requir.
ins anything in the above
line will do well to see our
stock before purchasing
Fishing; Tackle
Jest received, a complete line of
fishing tackle, jointed rods, reels,
lines, ily hooks, trout and salmon
flies, etc.
Pioneer Hardware Store.
11. • n. •*■**.*- se our *,rs* ycars busil>css in Cranbrook, we lake much pleasure in thanking our many Iriends Ior
tneir liberal patronage and respectfully solicit a continuation of the same at the old reliable store. Finding our old
quarters much too small for our large stock, wc have moved into our new store two doors west of lhe Cosmopolitan
notel, where wc have the mosl complete stock of all kinds of Hardware ever brought into East Kootenay. The follow-
I will give you a slight idea of Ihe wide variety of our stock:
Builders' Hardware
Agate, Copper
We have all sizes of Nails, Build
and Tinware
ing Paper in Plain and Tarred, Oils,
Wc handle the Grand Jewel line,
Paints,   Glass, Locks, Hinges, Sash,
with Steele Lined ovens.    These are
We have now In stock a (ult line
Doors, Etc.
ideal cookers.   Also many others such
of Enamelled, Copper and Tinware.
as thc Alberta  Grand Jewel, Silver,
We were never in a better position to
Daisy, Macassa, Eclipse, Kitchen, At-
supply the above goods than we are
In this line wc handle tlle best
habascas, supplied with grates (or coal
now.    Call and see our set of Stove
American   and Canadian  makes, at
and wood, or for wood only.   Several
Tinware consisting of 13 pieces.
the lowest prices.
kinds ol Steel Ranges now in stock.
Prices sure to please.
Tin** till thin flr n_**niHm_>.nt   Wc arc very busy in this line and believe it is because wc do first
1 iiisiiiiiiimg  Ui.ltai UIIC-ll   t|llss W)rk and attend promptly to all orders placed.
dt s di G. H. MINER
kv*VfVV**t**.VVV«TfVf-.ttft->* ■i***-**-**-*****^
Money l-'niiiiil.
I found a small ntnount nf money.
Loner can huve same by proving prop
erly, A. C, l'i nott.
Craubrook Lumber company
a mill.
McVittie & Hutchison's Mining Stock List
Current price*, of mining shares, sub'
ject to Bale or change:
so os
 Wits   N-irtlii-ri) He
Siil.lilll)    OS   LlttlO far...
      GO   Ciui.iiIh WCS
AtiiHlmsoji     wi Unii-HluWestern..    IB
We recommend Mute Cariboo, Northern Belle nnd Canada Western.
Get your printed stationery
At Thc Herald Office
I Ills
tlio partnership heretofore
ih, tin* iimtorsljTiieil, iw liotr-l
ih nr Waiilni'iniiH i [HOIHtP,
n name ot Ifckstorm & Kltnp-
"'ii .Unsolved by mutual con*
Tlm business will bo coiilttui
storm, who asMiino.. all nubilities
anil to whom all debts ituo ihu u
i.o -.■tin.
Dated ut Cranbrook, 11. ■'., Mm
■a by c. .1.1't-k-
of partnership,
ittnerslilp must
(I, N. Joltiisnn,
forCI. Kokitori
Matt Itockcmiorf,
for I'. K. Slmi -io
.1. KCK8TU11M.
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modern Work.   Kali-nates Purnlshcd.
Dealers In Wall Paper and Moulding.
II you Intend to paper or palnl your
liuilJiiii* lei us figure on your contract
The Paper Cbttne.
Last Thursday evening about twenty
ladies and gentlemen of Cranhrook held
n paper chase. Tbe Btarting point wns
Col, Baker's residence, and Miss Keay
nnd J. M. Iledley lend the chase ns the
hares. An immense amount of enthusiasm was displayed, nud when tune
as called after the limes hud been given
start ol ten minutes, the hounds dashed
olf in pursuit following the faint trnil of
paper thnt hnd been left in the brush
and grnss. The chuse lusted about nu
hour nnd the hares returned in safely to
tbe goal, no one having been able to
catch them. Tbe chase wns such n success and so thoroughly enjoyed lhat lhe
panicipntits have decided lo bold 1
each week,!
Cigars, Tobacco and Cigars.
Wills llninri nl Tobacco,    Pool nnd Billiards.
['ml sii-i-i...    .     Ilrlllsli Columblh.
.', K. IliiHs. II. Vi, IlKltru.MKU
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
CRANBROOK, - British Columbia.
Is the divisional point of the Crows
Nest Pass Railroad.
C"?t-_r-lfiht*finW  ^as a I0°s^a" round house, large machine
^1 ClllUI vllllv shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook *s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is **ie headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
The Grady e^
Hardware Co.
jt   CRANBROOK   _»
■-»■•»• ♦■♦•♦■♦(g
Central Hotel
North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hold is open both day and
nigbt. Tbe bar good* are first class,
and tlle dining room is in charge of
Tboa. McCaraoo, and is second to none
in tbe Kootenays. Tree sample rooms
and tbe best and quietest bedrooms in
the town.
The Nortli Star Hotel la the large ami
magnificent hotel tt Klmbuley that
la Just finished anil la furnished new
throughout. liverytblng in connection ia first-claaa. Whin you visit
Kimberley, don't forget Tba North
SUr Haiti.
McViltie - Hutchison's bargain 1.1st.
limine not! lot and market garden in
Ktiinil order, *-6o.
Milk business, includiug cow;;, borsea,
etc., $a_oo,   Eaay tenus.
linker alreel lots, from }-,-' up.
Two hotel bargains. Aik for part'en*
II. L. Cummins, C. E.
rnltT BTHKI.E,
lllirnsll COLUMBIA
.1. H. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
one of the best in East Kootenay.   Thc furniture is new
and the table is first-class.   We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $a.oo per day. r1     u     f    13  r"
Short orders day and night.       *-ranDr00K, D. K,.
Commercial HotelL^.
Baker Street, Cranbrook, It. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear^
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs «** «** <** •**
ni-Tirr: KIH'ltLOCK
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :   :
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
L & CO....
.*       Mclnnes Block
Best  Wines and  Liquors at  the  Bar
People are judged by the class of...
...They use
We have opened a large variety of tbe best qualitiea and styles which will
reflect oil tbe purchaser's judgment ami refinement.   Kindly inspect
Hurd's Imperial Stationery .* Morocco Leather jt Linen Repp *
Hurd's Velvet Finish Parchment jt London Grey and
the very latest in Silurene.
iip.yst»Dc.i.in,      Beattie's Drug Store
Fodtoffice building, Cranbrook


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