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Cranbrook Herald Apr 20, 1905

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Array -
(ll.VMlltOOK.   BRITISH  OOLUMHIA.   THUBSDAY,   APRIL   '-*•».   1005.
Smartest of
Top Coats
Fit-Reform   Rain   CuaU   urc   the
musl useful uf top coats.
When   the  sun   shines,   they're
Stylish, drossy Spring uvi.-ivo.its. W'ltvil
Ilu- ruin pours clown, they're the one
protection thut protects from neck lo
Jnsi  the thing lo slip on  these
chilly evenings.
Rainproof ami tluinpproof.
Made with big, broad shoulders—
roomy backs—light, easy, comfortable.
Rich Tweed effects—515 to $25.
B^a^Only one Fit-Reform Wardrobe in this city—
C. P, R. Offices 2; Fire Brigade 11.
0, P,  11. Shops  1; Town Team, 0.
The C. P. R. teams carried oil the
honors in last weeks games by small
margins. While these matches do rot
aflect the final disposition of the (up
lieiiig exhibition games, they serve us
an indication of the slubbnrn tight
thnt will undoubtedly take place during the league season between teams
so evenly matched.
The game between the Offices ynd
Utignde while close was not ns lust
as might have been, both teams indulging in considerable open play, and
only on a lew occasions attempting
combination work,
The teams lined up as follows:
I'. 1'. It. Offices—Goal, Dr. bishop,
backs, ft. Patmore, E. Home; hali-
backs, A. Wilson, 0, Henderson, K.
Patlon; forwards, J. J. MacDottncll,
II. Mercer, T. Gallon, A. Elwoll, u.
Kne Brigade—Goal, J. I'. Fink;
backs, N. Uill, W. J. Leonard; hall-
backs, T. Stan., Vi. Greer, E. F.
Jobnsione; towards, it Baldwin, s,
tlriiuinonil, D, McLean, s. Llddieole,
i\ Graham.
Tha a,. .1 game was „,..,.■ brilliant
Hie combination plnjliig ol lhc , mn
leain being a Icaiurc i aptain M,.,,,',
laa.i is ;,, be congratulated '", III"
h.a,M plajers Willi which lie has „ui
 a..a   himself,   and   ilia ,'   I'   it.
Sl,.,;,a mnsi hereafter ,„■ cum.lei I
,i strong i,„,,., in il,.- running
The teams lined up us follows:
,' P, li. Shops—Goal, liainl.-, , in;
backs, Suiii'il, Simile, h.ililia ■».,
Miiuihlnml, Al.l...ii, Whebell; lorwai I,
t'oldwell,   lltooks,   lleallle, Gi .,,--.,
1 M
Town     Lain- 0    M '.     ■•	
Stewart,    Wilkinson;   Iml cks,    It
Hul,li,,,.. o Ni'iil, Worllilgo; iiiui,,:,I,.
Fergiiaon, Voting, Eilmonson, l,„„-
bull,  l<   llnhlwtn.
Final arrangements lor lhe league
season were made at the meeting of
the association held on Tuesday uvon-
ing in llie office ol Messrs. Hutchison
& Black. Representatives were present Irom tlie Fire Brigade, 0. P. It.
Shops, 0. P. R. Offices and Town
teams, and was definitely decided
that these teams will form the league
the opening games lo lie played on
(ioixl Friday. The first game, C. P.
It. Offices vs. Fire Brigade, will commence at 3:30 p. ni., and lhe second
game, Town vs. C. P. R. Shops, al
5:30 p. tn. One match will be playeil
each week thereafter, and as gre.it
rivalry exists among lhe clubs lor
the honor of securing the trophies
goixl games will assuredly he the order ot the series. The prizes consist
oi eleven gold medals donated I'l
Messrs. S. .1. Miglitnli anil V Vi.
Kelsell, eleven silver metals by Mm
sis. Hutchison .v Black an.l a silver
cup by Mr. It. !■:. Ho.itii,
ITie socrctanc
association llsls
iliei!  respective .
ii,   .',
I'. W. I
i mu:
Mil lis on   I in
It,,,,,.' m  mllspcnsiblo fa, I ,,
In ,l,a on,,,' ,,',„„ lla "has ilia
g„...ls." anil Is ,,li,.,is ",. hand ivlih
litem .., !!„■ rigltl ,, inn
A1,1,1.'       I Iwoll   ,s   .,   st,..,,g   ,il.|M"
und nils l,s position sallslacturlly.
t'.ipinn, si.uk proved his light to
tlie froni rank among llie good play-
el s.
Sid Grlmmoml has easl his loi ivlth
the Fne Brigade. Sid was sought i f-
lei hy nil lhe teams in turn, and the
lire,,,,',, ,,,,• i,' i,e congratulated.
C'oldwoll und Dick Abbott .vie
the Slurs for the Shops team. They
combined in repealed brilliant plays,
Johnny Ferguson ("Fergie") showed that he was lit for the fustesl eoin-
pany, He estahlished himself as a favorite with spectators and players
.-.,, i.n ilie Town team plays the
best combination game. The others
may take Ihis as a Iriondly tip.
A boy about 15 years ot age to
I am the printing trade. He must
have Intelligence enough to remember
instructions given, energy enough to
work without being urged every live
minutes, ambition to hope for success
in his work. Such a hoy can learn a
go.nl trade, ami if ho attends io his
business can in three or lour years
he earning journeyman's wages.
handed in lo lhc
ni il,e officers "i
Its, which Include
ibe ,.,,,,,,'s „( many of .mv pcomliunl
,-,,,,-ana, all ol whom have contrihulod
generously in a tangible lorm lowavdl
the sitcces ol ,1,.' organisation    I'he) !
.,,,'  us  lollOWS
Crnnbrook   Fiwloall IssolAatbMi—
ti.   Ericsson, honorary presideat;  l.j
ll    Morris,    honorarj vice president;!
F   !•:. Simpson, s   .1 Mul
.1    11    King,     I!     K     He.,'I
Kelsell. Itotiorars members; A. M
Black, presidcnl; Vic Rollins, vice-
president; t'has Smith, secretary;
n,   Bishop, treasurer.
Town   ream --,   Hutchison, lun un
i, president; li. K   Beattie, I .nun
ii.e president; E Turirin.ll, prcsldoitt;
K Edmonson, ,,"• president; F Lew.
is. secretary; .1.  Mel „.  treasuroi
, 1' u timers—II Iliiiui, honorary president; K. I. Chmllelgh, hon
orarj vlre-presiilelil; ('has Hii.UI.,
,,n"[dent; la. Home, vice presilent,
II   Mercer, secretarj  and Ireasiirer.
r I' |i Shops- \ II lay,, honorary president; A Mct'ownn, bono-
inrv vice-president; A, Dow.ion, president;     .1.   lllllllll',   VlCC ,H< M.lel.l.     II.
s.uri'll, secretary and Ireasiirer.
Fire Brigade—tl. T. ltoxi'rs, bono-
,.,,, presideiil; ll', D ILM. honorary
,i,'e piesi.lent, .1. I'. Fink, president;
F. .1. Bradley, vloc-presidciu; T.
II,.be, is, secretary and treasurer.
it is confidently expi.'Sud ni.t th.,
Citizens will encourage our yo.i.ig P en
hi their laudable eflort to promote
good clean spurt by lheir attendance
at Ihe matches. It has long been a
recognized laet that there was Ins ,1-
ilclcnt variety in the amusements st
lhc command ol the young men who
lioriii a large element of the population of our town nud tiiis spoil will
go fur lo accomplish the desired rc-
j suit ol bringing lhe boys together in
healthy and gentlemanly competition.
Chas. Smith, Seerclarv.
Fernie Ledge: Salvatora Gattone
: an rtalian just ten months from his
| native land was killed last Saturday
at t'oal Creek. While several men
j were engaged in pinching down 'oal
.ears to be loaded at lhe tipple, he
stepped in between lhe ears while
they were in motion and was diselii-
boweled, dying in live minutes, He
j wus 31 years old and leaves a wife
,and child In Italy. When killed he
'had $23! in liis pockets.
Tin.' banks will be closed next Moii-
M ii King returned last week
from Spokane.
Louis Cheney, uf VY.iidi.er was lo
lawn on Monday
li..in, to Mi and Mt.. Joseph
Woodman, April it*th, a boy,
Qeorgo Watson, of Fort Steele, was
iu town several days thi*. week,
Al Jones, ol Marysville, is spending
a tew days In Cranbrook this week.
.\ii. Holland, the Fort Steele school
teacher, was in towu last Saturday,
Mr. Donahue, of Wardner was among
the visitors in Craiibrook last Monday.
Don't overlook thut fresh eut bone
for the chickens, Inr sale by A. Jol-
James McNeill was called to the
I'oast on Wednesday liy tin? news of
the illness of his wife.
The annual hall for the benefit of
St. Eugene hospital will be given
next Monda) evening at Went worth
Mrs. Hamilton is building a cottage on Baker hill on the lul adjoining the one to be occupied by Mr. and
Mrs. 13. Home.
lu choosing an blaster present fee
uur line of sugar, tea and egg spoons,
buok marks, paper knives, etc. Tate
the jeweler.
Two licenses were granted for Yahk
and one for Hamilton, on Ute Boundary, at the meeting ol the license
board last Friday.
E, J. Baker, of Moyie, has one of
the neatest barber shops to be found
on the Crow. Mr. Baker believes in
neatness where a man gets shaved as
well as good work.
People driving teams should be careful not to drive over ground that has
been fixed up in front of residen.es
at no little cost. There have been
several complaints of this kind.
Do you want to sec a lot of old
maids in all their glory? Then te
sure and go to Wentworth hall next
Wednesday evening. It will pay jou
and you cannot afford to miss it.
Hr. J, 11. King returned from Winnipeg Monday, where he went after
leaving Victoria. The doctor is looking extremely well and it is evident
that his legislative duties agreed With
ll takes courage for any lady uf
doubtful age to acknowledge that she
is in the old maid class, yet there
will be a bunch ol them on exhibition ai Wentworth ball next Wednes-
daj evening.
A. P. Chenette, of Marysville, was
Injured one evening last week while
boarding a moving train at the North
Stat mill. He was taken to the hospital, where be is improving but is
still in bad condition.
The list of tlif Cranbrook donors
i.u Un- service ol ibe Knglisli battleship "Dominion" has been printed in
an eastern paper and lu and behold
Constable Morris has slipp,**! in as
mn* oi ihe Imperial bank start.
Tlie Herald refused two ads. this
week lor which It was offered twice
ibe rule paid hy local business men.
lln' reason was that they were of a
class that this paper uill not publish Nothing hut clean advertising
e.n; g.-i into llle columns of the Herald,
Mr, Kclscy has entered into partnership wnh S. .1. Mightim in the
cigar and tobneco business. These
gentlemen have the best stock of tobaccos io he ound in all the Kootenays an.l will do a big business, as
Mr. Miglilon has been doing ever
sine,- in- opened,
One week from Sunday the Odd
fellows of Cranbiook will hold iheir
anniversary services at tin* Methodist
iimit-b and Hev. Thompson will deliver the sermon. Every Odd Fellow
iu Hie town is expected to be at the
hall at 10:30 lhat morning and join
in ihe march to lhe church, where
seals will be reserved.
The government Is putting in a dipping plant at Uateway lo meet the
demand created by the heavy immigration from ihe western States to
Canada. Dr. Bell, Dominion veterinarian, is supervising the construction!
Koss Tate made a trip up the road
as far as Michel this week.
Cranbrook's old maids will appear
in public on the evening of the 28th
at Wentworth hall, and It will be
profitable for all the old bachelors,
and married men as well, to be present on that occasion and see them,
Cranbrook is proud of her old maids
arid when) they consent to go on;eichi-
bition it is the least the people cau do
to come out and show their appreciation.
The largest and best stock ot fishing tackle to he found in all the Kootenays can be fouud at Beattie A
Atchison's drug store. The Hies were
selected last full by three experts in
trout fishing in the Kootenays, and
the poles, lines, reels, nnd other pnr-
nphanalia are the best and right up
to date. The place to get anything
In this line, is at this store, for when
you buy there you will get the best.
Ed Hill, ot Moyie, ...i*, in town
last Friday
F. T. Becker, of Uayard waa In
towu today.
Judge Furin and wife were visiting
Cranbrook last Ktiday
Miss Kukpairick, of Fernie, has accepted a position iu ihe postohlce.
\ B, Orace, Mrs, Oracc and Miss
Higylns, oi Foit Steele, were Cran
brook visitors last Saturday.
"Scotty" McArthui is doing a good
business at the store formerly owned
by Leroy Sage, ll'- ins a host of
things thai people want and his
prices are ai tractive.
Joseph Youngheart, ihe best dressed traveling man on the road aud a
smooth salesman, visited Cranbrook
last Saturday ami received a royal
welcome from In-, many friends iu
ihis town.
Mrs. Oils Staples Miss Staples
and Miss doctor lefl last Sunday
for Stillwater, Minn. During their
residence ol nearly a j ear iu Cranbrook the ladies hu\e made many
friends who regretted to see them tie-
part, hut we trust that they will
soon return.
Charley Diamond, the prospector,
has loeated a galena lead on St. Joseph creek within three miles of town
that furnishes the best showing on
the surface uf any properly located
in this country for many years. .Mr.
Diamond got a hint of lhe lead several years ago anil mi Wednesday he
went after it ami by good luck found
the very place he bad dreamed of for
so long.
It is rumored around town that A.
B. Grace, of the Fort Steele Prospector, contemplates moving his paper to Cranbrook and smile sweetly
upon the town that he once condemned.   The Herald will  give Mr. Ora/ie
hearty welcome. He will lind conditions somewhat different in the
newspaper line in Cranbrook, but the
Herald will do all in its power to
show him that he is in a live town
and not in danger ot dropping into a
state inocuous dissttcUido.
W. A. Macdonald ami S. S. Taylor,
two of Nelson's brightest lawyers,
were in town last evening taking evidence in a timber case. These two
gentlemen often travel together when
outside lawyers are wanted iu any of
the towns in the Kootenays. They
stand at the head of (heir profession,
they are both gentlemen and they
have no hesitancy in charging a fee
that will impress anyone thai '.hey
are the best. Thai is the way any
lawyer should do who has any faith
in himself and his profession.
W. It. Beatty, George Clotigcon nnd
Hev. Fortune displayed excellent judgment in buying lots ou the- street on
which the Catholic church is located.
The moving of the postoflice to lhe
new location nnd lhe building of the
eight foot sidewalk from llie Catholic
church to the point opposite the Her.
aid office has brought property on
this street into notice and any of lhe
buyers could sell out at a good advance. The great thing in buying
property iu any town is buying it in
the right place and at the light lime.
These gentlemen have displayed good
speculative judgment.
Brother Lowry, the lighting editor
of the Fernie Ledge, has this to say
of lhe Herald editor ami the Herald:
"The Cranbiook Herald has entered
on its eighth year and has a typesetting machine. Us cdlloi is not an
iconoclast and has few real bitter
enemies. He believes in soft-sonp locals aud sugar-coaled editorial, and
never dips his pen in green paint or
vitriol unless he attacks those wllh
tew friends and no commercial standing, Simpson is alive to lhe hanking
end of a newspaper and does not
rouct fame at the expense of losing
his bank roll. Hence lie is fair, fat,
forty, and will probably die wiih his
hoots under the bed.
New Westminster, H. C, April 17.
—A large culled ion ot ore from ell
ovec the Atlin dlltrlcl is to be added
to the already large mineral exhibit
which is on hand und promised tor
the forthcoming Dominion fair.
Premier McBride has Informed Mayor
Keury that the mining recorder at
A tlin hns been Instructed lo gather
the exhibit nud forward if to lhe
Hoy a I Agricultural and Industrial
Association of New Westminster, under whose auspices llie 1005 Dominion fair Is to he held.
The Yukon Territory lias arranged
for an elaborate exhibit of ore, gold
dust and nuggets at the Portland
fair, where demonstrations of practical mining in the Klondike will he
given, and this attraction is likely to
he secured for lhe Dominion fair also.
tTbc Derail
office is equipped
for doing
the best class ol
5ob Worh
and at prices
that should keep
all such work
1fn Cranbrook
Nineteen shares ot the East Koote-j   Thirty days after date I intend
nay Lumber company.   See J. Ever-, apply lo the Chief Commissioner   of
ett    Fcnwick,    near   Cranbrook, or Lauds and Works at Victoria, B. C,
write Dr. J. H. Ryan, Sussex, N. It., j for a special license io cut and carry
Canada. i away  timber from  the fullowing de-
 ___, Iscrlhed lauds situated in tlie diatnet
ol .South Easl  Kootenay:
NOTICK. |    Commencing at a pustplunted about
Notice is hereby given that Iwo «»<■ »'«• one-halt miles east of Tocht*
months after the'first publication of Siding, on the B. C. Southern rail
this notice I intend to apply to   the ^y,   thence north
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following described laud:
Commencing at a post planted nt
lhe southeast corner of John Mutt's
purchase, Lot 700*. near Elko, B. C,
thence north 10 chains, thence east su
chains, thence south 10 chains, thence
west along Ihe north line of Lot '.'il
and Lul -305*1 and railway to point of
Dated April 18, 1005.
l-!)t Reginald Molt.
i hen c
iu chains, tm-iu-e
Kid chains, thence south 40
>, more or less, to the right of
of the B. C, Southern railway,
■ along said right ol way to
of   commencement,   containing
: Cranbrook Sash ]
i and Door Factory •
I •
t .
. .
j All kinds of finish vrorl in }
; way ,,f ilonrs. windows, trail- J
[ sums, ute    Kiln dried limber J
J [or insiil,. in.rk.   t i„r work is '
[ uiiariiiil'oil .iiul,,ur pries are 5
J satisfactory.    Screen    doors J
5 --  --   -
I Rough and Dressed Lumber \
I t-or Sale •
| jflcr be Bahama
!      ..Ctoars..
•(t The genuine Always bear the fig* X
# nature, Joe, CaeflC, on the box. 3
JJ Insist on getting the genuine. For tf
g .s'o.t.lfhot.1.. s
ij, Cranbrook, B.  C.
^St"-**•»'■.•£ 5 £ v-v'-->c-vs*;-fi-frfr&**€**
Formerly Hotel Phair
B. T0nPKIN5, Manager.
Chia hotel is on*5 of the best iu
Hrilish Columljia and up-to-iUiU:
in ererj respect. Well liylitoJ
sample rov-ms.
Uiu acres, more or less.
Dated April nth, 1005.
1-51 J.
Last Saturday was payday for the
collieries of the C. N, P. Coal company, and the following was paid in
Coal   Craek Jli0,:ifi7 25
Mlchjel  45,313 50
Carbonado  1111,115 M
Totals , $12V¥S(J 54
A special meeting of the Board of
License Commissioners, Cranbrook
License District, will be held at lhe
Court House, Cranbrook, ou Friday,
May 12, 1005, at the hour of 10
o'clock in lhe forenoon, lo consider
the following application:
R, t'. McCluri\ Prospector's Hotel,
two miles wesl of Yahk.
J. II. MeMullin.
Chief License Inspector.
Take notice that thirty days nfier
dale we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a twenty-one year lease ami permission lo out and carry awjy Umber from the following described lands I
iu South East  Kootcnaj:
Commencing at the northwest cor.
iier uf the Grant limit, about 00
lhains from the west line of Chasf J.:
Armstrong's     purchase,     near  Lake
Take notice that the administratrix
of the late Thomas Kennedy will sell
by tender the following valuable
property; being Iol iti, block 90,
Cranbrook, according to registered
plan Iiii!).
The property i.s situate on Hanson
avenue iu lhe business part of the
lown. On lhe Iol there is a boarding
huiise and  large warehouse.
All lenders must be deposited wiih
i the undersigned on or before 12
'o'clock, noon, nn Friday the 2*ih
'insi. The highest nor any lender not
! necessarily accepted.
Terms: (50 deposit must accompany
the tender; ihe balance must be paid
within I" days front acceptance.
For further particulars apply to
the undersigned.
Harvey A McCarter,
Solicitors for Administratrix.
Cadbury's J
Fancy Box Chocolates \
at the Candy Kitchen I
Also Robertson *. Lmtj-'b both f
in boxes aud lu bulk.   We have oret •
1H toon of Candle* nml mors uu the J
woi.   Ttint iii.in.i' some 11'". kindi' to *
»..r"i from.   SEBODR aftcMlXTDRK ♦
for the Chrisrraufl trade; "t t""'d ua ♦
you ci miii boy in Toronto,    spt-i-iol ♦
nt ten Won fiis^n to mnil onlern. 1
Dated April 13th, 10
Jays .ilie]   da
k, nrnning thence 2d chains south'1
A. K. Wait's application for   timber
Daled  this lilh day of April,  1005.
The Wattshurg Lumber Company,
'i-.'i! A.  K.  Watts,  Agent.
applv t'o the Chief
Lauds  and   Works
ut ami carry awa)
I intend to
Commissioner   of
inr  permission  io
limber from the
lowing    described   lands
i-liains west, ihence   20)East Kootenay:
south, thence -tu chains west,     Comineuclag   at     a point one-half
105 chains south,  thenee  100 utile west of the northeasl corner ot
west, thence .125 chains mirth/ Frank      Armstrong's      pre-emption;
200   chains east,  thence    801tlionce     west     to   the east limit nf
th in northwest corner of (Grant   llolangee's pre-emption;, thence
''Pretoria" mineral claim, situate in
the Fort Steele Mining  Division of
Kast Kootenay district.
Where   Located.—On   a hill west   ol
Swansea    station ou  the Canadian
Pacific Hailway company's Uut be-
...twirn Cranbrook and Moyie.
Take notice that I, Harry H. Vc-
YittiP, free miner s certificate B73487,
acting as apcnl for John Porter Bailey, fn-c miner's certificate tiTiMI,
intend, sixty days after date hereof,
to apply to 'he mining recorder for
a certificate of improvements tor the
ptirpnse of obtainuig a crown grant
of the above claim.
And iurtber take tiotic-e that action
nuclei Sectiou 37 must be commenced
before the Issuance of such certificate
of improvements.
Dated this Kt <Ia\' of April, A. D.
(Signed) II   11. UiVitlic,
2-01' Agent.
lit* notice that the executors wflllihencc
;ell by lender 874 pairs of sh>
properly of  lhe late Leroy Sage.
All tenders must be deposited with
the undersigned before 12 o'clock,
noon, on Thursday, the 20th instant.
The highesl nor any tender not necessarily accepted.
For terms and particulars apply to
the undersigned.
Harvey A MeCarter,
Solicitors for Executors.
Dated April 12th, 1905. H-Jl
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The Herald
mi Hi in the iiorih limit m sain pro-
•iiipiinu; thenee West lo lhe coal lim-
1   oi llogan's timber license; ihence
toi'ih to ihe north limit nf said   II-
■cn.se; thenee wesl   to lhe ea.it limit
it Clubb's pre-emption;  thence north
o a point directly west of the south
imii of the Marysville Lumber Company's    timber    license    (produced);
ist in a point one-half   mile
the'west of lhe southeast corner of said
Icensej  thence south 80 chains more
u* less to place of commencement.
Dated this Jlth day of April, A. D.
John   C.
Nolleo is hereby given  thai  thirty
,day.s after dale 1 intend  lo apply  10
1 the Chief Commissions of Lauds and
j Works,   Victoria for a special  license
1 to cut and carry away  timber from
lhe following described land iu South
{Kast Koolenay district:
\   Commencing 20 chains norlh of ihe
i southwest corner of Chas.   J.   Arm's! rung's    purchase, near Lake ireck,
running    thenee    M chains      west,
thenee   80   chains norlh, thence     8u
(east,  ihence K0 chains south  lo point
of commencement. 1
,   Daled  this 01 h dav ol April,   l.<lt>5.
'A.  E.  Wails,
3-01 Wattsburg, B. 0,
R. Campbell   A Company, PlalntUU,
Michael Nugent, Defendant.
To Michael Nugent, the Defendant:
Take notice that a plaint bos beea
entered and a summons issued against
yuu in the above County Court by
R. Camphell A Company, ol Moyie,
B. C, for the sum $649.78 for goods
sold and delivered, and an order hu
been made that the publication of the
notice of the entry of such plaint in
four successive issues of the Cranbrook Herald shall be deemed to be
service of the summons upon you,
and that the time within which you
shall be allowed to enter au appearance to sucb summons shall be within fourteen days after the last insertion of this notico in tbe said Cranbrook'Herald.
And in default of your so dofif,
the plaintiffs may proceed therein and
judgment be given in your absence.
Dated at Cranbrook, B. 07, this
29th day ot March, 1905.
W. F. Our-i,
Mt       Solicitor for tht PlaintiSg. THE   0BANBBOOK   HERAI.O
13ob printing ie an Uvtsss I
Easter    Holidays
The Herald Practices the art.    You can get only one kind of j|
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
Excurion Rates    §KK&»Kffi&8$ft^^
Tn nml from nil stutiotis in C'liitmlii
wesl of I'.'ii Arthur
April ID, 20, 81, 22.   Qood to return till April -'-',il,.
Atlantic Steamship Agency
llllll fi..in  Ureal
Through Booking. >
Britain ami il
nl tlckots
apply t.
S>nu|,>la ol KcjulatliMls lor disposal ol Ml,,
nnl- oi, nonunion lam,:. Ill Manitoba.
Iti: Norttrwesl territories and Ilu- Vukon
...I,  a,  ilia ml.-  ol
Ill ll.i.alma
alia Im III »
.h',  „.„>'
All.-.-  nil
I'l.'.'.'.    I
n.Ui; on
11. miller. Agent, Cranbrook.
J. 8. OARTER, I'.. .1, COYI.E
D.P.A., Nelson   A.G.l'.A. Vancouver
St. Haul, Chicago, New Vork
P.I.C and Tuurial Sleepers, lliiiic   Library
Car.,  Modern   Hi,   Cbscbes,   Dining   Cara.
;Mi-als a la Harm.
-1   PAST TRAINS   f
— East and West Daily I*
i|.c.iai excursion rales tn World's t-'alr, St.
Imn:,.      Your choice ill mute.
1'iir rules, hide
regarding trips, .a
8, <i. VERKES,
u. w. p, .1.
lull i
11, It AN ST
I'. I'. A T. A
701 IV, Riverside Ave
Spokane. V.'nsli.
-£j Columbian College •£—
Hounded 1842 New Westminster II. C.
Incorporated IKIJ
Provide, a cUrlBtlnn l,o lor alnilonla ..,
lailll ai.'Xea, ul. Iliiiik'i'iila rntuB. Una „ |,roJ,.
arnlorj clnaa for Junior atiiilalila, doing urn-
iliil Public School work. I'".a. llinl, School
work, coutora a,I Hlnti s.l 1 nrlvilugiis, nml
Jirnpiilaa lur I aa .'l.a|-ai-\iiliiiiia li.n.a.    Ti.iii-Iii-h
iill branelloa ..I „ I'llACTll.'AI, BUSINESS
s (IlploiniiB.   Hi,-,.- a Iill-
i.llaaiiila m.aima,
nurao lor H. B. 1,
COUltSE, uial givai
.I'll! aillli.iitii.il in il,
uii.) ill tin' lanlii-al
nml .11. I.. A.   In Unlveraity work at
students through the complain Aria
tiiiil thedogi'eeof li A. unu 1 Iilnlu
'l'oruulo Dnivcraity, ivith H-hicli tlioci
in lull utlllnli,in-   ia.i lolkir Informal
lerina write In
Ktv VV. J. Slpprcll II. 1   II- II. Principal,
or Rev. .1. I'. Howell, Bursar.
I Iron,
lago i.
.ii uial
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(Ieneral Jobbing....
Outside Order, dumpily
Attended lo.
UK lui
.1 llii'l.J.I.'
,|  UR' .llllll-llUl   III    llll
'iiiiilu.'.! hi tlm suln
Ui'..t(!.iib'in ilu* VukoiiTerilUiry.- su
Mt livi' limes uuull   nmy in- yiuiiii'U tu
itiinui [or u lurni u[ Uvuut) ynur", »i*>-j
'ilia lL*ssi-f'sil,;lii isi-iiiiiiNi-il in liu* su.
uii iil-u ur Lars in  lUu nil   HeloH   lou
lint, li, llial lniiiinl.il j   lu 1)1) llXU.I lij   Us   |>
.in th..- li, tlio i>( Augusi in .lie yi'iir at IU
oi tin' lause,
1 tm mi-tee sliail have out* ilreilne in 0|ii
within two jeura from uu* Utile oi tiititu
.', lllll
r .Mm
i rerrltory.-
i ilie Imntj
i.-ci in Iciitfiu, iiitinsureu
(j.-lll'inl   iljleullttll   ill  tliu  i*iri*n  m   km
rtltltli lielau troiu l.uuu tu v,\nu tern..   .
pliuer 1,'lniiiis -.iiui11w j>) ftit'i -.i|ii.!iv.
uiHlmsnru iiiiu'K.'ti by iwo iuipu iiosti,
rtiiiii i.'LiI, bi'utliir;iiiult-i"i.     I'.titi) iiiii l
liiiui'ii u ■. iiiu i.'ii ilajs, ii tli.'
L'I] u
of   lillllll
-lay u.lt
Tin* |iCM»iii tiri'iiiii|Miiiy stfiMiinii .'mini n
tmlil ;i fii't' iniiit'i s L'l-i iiiit'.ili*.
'f lio itlsuovorer uf ti now iiilue is entitled t
I'laiiii ut i ti a ii-fi in ii'iuiiii, an.l ii ui.- 11,
(ii(i nt ttiu.-ti uu ioy
reitoftlie putty onl
iiiitry leu im.  uu
.nnt Hint |it:i- iii'iu t.u
|,uii 11'.,in llll' Vll.vim
i .uiiiiii'iiiii'i'.
.\ullttl* lllllllll' sll.l
tlianoiii' Iiliiini^ i*l,i
creak ur gijloli, tmi
any miuiuur ui clitl
iniii"i's may mirk Ut
ll uu- UOIIOd ami i
may im Iiimii inl,.,
Bmne creak, aitluli u
puyliik a fee,
• II   lllll-.' l-lllll   III    til
nb.aiiiL'il i
ami ei.liy
ami willn
iii;iy n-si'i"
HIS matiliii
ari'iiol U'
if lit leiiht «o
Elite Ui.U Will')
iu-ii year] if i
.t.l.-iill-l lHlliijsliill^
I' I'l'
nil iii {.laying 'jlMlltllleg, ami riiuis.it ri
l>>t,'lllll-ll Illi.'11 lli.ll'l'VI'l l , iill ill'l',1   llill l-MJI'l'llll
'.luauri's, mc'luiliiiK tin-'nit wt'.l.iinl mh-u nil.'
l.'Lit] a-, iiiaj bu ili'li'iiiiitii-il, will In- solU in It
illsnivi'i'«ral.|lie rate of .>i.ihi au at'iv, siihji*
tn niy.ili\ ill sin-li rata at may liu sjirailtail  I
Deputy of tlie Minister of tlie Inter i
iH'jit, Iiitt-riur.
#*»%»***% %.*%*!
-•***»-%-•.-%-♦.-% *%.-»<%«
A. W. McVittie
Doininioii and Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
I CRANBROOK,   B.   C. \
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
We have been in the business for
several "years nnd our business ii in-
creasina. That Bhows WE GIVE SATISFACTION. Wet hnve one of the beat
equipments iu B. C. nnd wu nttenil
strictly lo business.
When you want it moved see ns,
We make, it a specialty nnd have n
piano mover and ran do lho work
without rink. Also liousohplil furniture.
Perry & Fitzgerald
I'lioi'iiiKToitH oi' tin:
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
OtflCC appoiHt' C. P. ft, 'I'lHINEW
lutllHun ftiitl   I i':iiM'**1i-*>   ir*  -Ili«ii- l.iiaui
rii.I ll || IT.i.t  Mii.*.|.ti«»rluit.
Tlie Viii-fniis Bttttnpti tit an\*    the
Canadian beaver bava l»s'ii only pm-
tlaUy Buocoastul.   To a ama extent
lliB    wcotls    lutve    btvn itrlppod   ot
their native animals., nml thu beaver
luiB luRered more than most animals.
I i.s j-eli is of unlit. ii*nt value lo iiiuKc
It u great prlre. It is highly valued
liy the Indians an nn article of food.
its habits are such thai it Ih easy
(ur thu trapper woU-nlgh to exterminate a whole colony in a single
The Canadian law for the protection of tho beaver does not scera
able to remh the Indians. The lnt-
t«r remain for so long a time in the
woods and nre then no far from civilisation thut no ollhliil enn U*ep
watch over their movements. Ho the
pllU'iuts watch tlio dealers and attempt to prosecute them for buying
(lie skins.
Heavers are good to out, and If a
Vuii;t y    man KMIb one hu gpOS    ft or.
I'he Indians of tlio far north go to
tho woods every winter with small
rations, nnd if they out the heaver
they kill it would he hard to net
any man Who had ever fared starvation in the north to stand for their
Vrllea i.r th* D«al«r*.
The dealers who buy heaver skins
employ various schemes for getting
them to market. One fur buyer, for
instance, has a store where he keops
his furs. When uu Indian comes in
wllh a bunch of beaver the dealer
has these taken to another house
whose owner is supposod to be In uo
way Interested in furs.
When there is a fairly large supply
the dealer   takes a   run to   Quebec
or Montreal and arranges for a sale.
The persons who take the furs bn\f*
a third person  In  their conudence.
The third person is not a fur buyer. Consequently when a barrel ol
beaver skins labelled "Glassware"
arrives, sent by n man who does not
deal in furs, no one suspects the deception. The skirs are sent to
American markets, are seen only by
American customs inspectors, who
have no great concern with the enJ
forcemont of Canadian laws, ami the
danger to the dealer Is past.
The great hope of the lawmakers'
wns that the vast region to the
north of the sett leiutnts, where the
Hudson Bay Company has control,
would become a great reservoir froui
which the animals would scatter
southward, tor the company Ih sul.l
to be strictly conscientious In its
obedience to the law.
Hi* DellouL-y »f Delicacies.
The Indian considers the heaver the
delicacy of delicacies, und has a
specful fondness for the flesh of the
animal when it is Cooked uftt'p the
ancient method of singeing oil tho
fur und rousting it whole In tlm
skin. Even after the pelts becumo
valuable he would resort to this
method on special occasions.
When the company would no longer
buy the skins the Indian, too fur
from civilization to deul with any
other fur huer, resorted to old-time
customs, and there was feasting in
tlie land, feasting ou beaver roasted
in the skin.
•This sort of thing could nOt last
long, however, without attracting
(ur buyers from tbe outside world
The outside den let's began sending
their men into the woods. These
found what was undoubtedly a snap,
a chance to buy beaver with no competition. There were fortunes tn the
business and little risk, for the buyers were practically safe from any
possible detection.
This sort of thing was bad for the
Hudson Buy Company, for when men
penetrated its region for the purpose of buying beaver they bought
other furs as well, lots of them, and
the company found itself often unable to get furs enough from successful trappers to pay for the supplies which It always advances on
credit before the winter hunt.
A Bcntlemnn Him Wanted anil Got a
r-cull mul Posit Inn ut Ottawa.
When Mr. C. R. tt. Cockburn, was
member for Centre Toronto, he wns
a regular Old Man of the Hea In the
shape of ono of the gentlemen, Who
annually seeks for a sessional position at the Ottawa House, says The
News. For two years this man pursued the representative from Toronto, but Mr. (Jockburu's list was full,
and tho Insistent gentleman wus sent
empty away. Finally, in the session
of 'Pfl or thereabout, the candidate
scored. On the lirst day of tho session, nfier the letcmonios attending
the opening of Parliament, Air.
Cockburn met Speaker White in tlie
corridor of  the  House  of  Commons.
"By lho wny, Cockburn," reuuirk-
ed the Speaker, "I have given that
chap of yours a (ob ns messenger,"
■•Why!" suld Mr. Cockburn in nur-
pti e, "I didn't nominate anybody
for n mossengorshlp, 1 hud a couple
of nhiips who wanted clerkships, but
I had no messenger."
"Well," returned Mr, While, "he
came down to 800 mo yesterday; told
me that you had endorsed his application, und as you are a friend of
mine, I put blm on. He's on the
1/st now."
Mr. Cockburn did some swift
thinking.   "Oh, yes,"   he said. "Of
course; of course.    He's a good mun,
Tlie fact was that the Torontonlan
had worked a cold-blooded blulT oil
both Mr. Speaker and Mr. Cockburn. But the latter is a good
sportsman. As ho said afterwards
to o friend; '"Confound tho chap. Ho
never spoke to me. about it at nil.
But I admired his nerve, nnd didn't
s.iy a word to Mr. White about the
way he had hoodwinked ns." And
the rest of the story is that nt the
beginning of the next session Mr
Cockburn used his influence to gol
the man a better post.
A Blitjkei pn lire < ujiljimnl.
"1585, .luno.    I bought,   I sawed
it.      May', 1586.     T hailed It.      1
curved It, William Shakespenro," U
the Inscription on a. small oak cup
b.iuivl about to he sold by auction ut
Mi-iitorlletil, near Stratford-on-Avoa.
l-vihups   one   ol Ua- saddest sases
thai  hits  hi'i-tt pIcM-litLsl  to  llle people
of ihiii disiiii-t for some time was
the iii-i-idt uial iliowitinu last S.iliinl.iy
cvonins t.i W, K Cook, the r I1. H
station upat at Imiii Steele Junction- He bad taken his gun after the
local PftSScd and stalled out [ot Its
regular evening nimble. That was
the last seen of him alive. Later as
lui husband failed to return, 'Irs
Cook secured assistance to search foi
him. lhu ing thu night every in. 11
was made to lind trace of tho his;.
lug man hut without avail. Word
was sini to Ciaiiliiuok an.l friends
from here went Lo ihe Junction
offel assistance iu the search and
consolation for the distressed young
wife. Marly siinda1. morning lilt
chillies ami gnu were found at I he
pdge of one of the small lakes ahoul
a mile ami a hall from lhc Juuclton.
The lake was dragged nnd lhe bod)
found a short distance from the shore
in a cramped position, showing thai
ilu* defeased had been a victim ot
cramps caused hy Hie cold water ol
the lake. Il was shown hy lho discover)1 <>f a small duck ihal he hnd
slit11 the duck and as il was out
Ihe lake had taken ull his dollies anil
attempted lo gct_.lt by swimming,
A special train brought the remains
aud tlie bereaved widow to Cr.ui
brook at 1:30 Sunday afternoon. Tli
deceased had been stationed In Cran
brook for several mouths and iluiiit
that time had boarded wiih Mr. an
Mrs. W. H. McFarlane, and bolli .
them hud hurried tu the scene to il
what Ihey could. Airs. Cook wa
taken io the McKarlaue home as soo
ns the train arrived and the remains
taken to lhc Maccuuiiell undertaking
rooms. Coroner Mul.nt did nol ilceui
it necessary to hold an impiesl uiulei
the circumstances, I. II. Wilson
agent al Wai.lncr, aud a friend ol
lhe deceased, with Mr. MacFaiiane,
ai ranged foi the the funeral and llie
disposition of llie remains. The inn
erul was held Tuesday afternoon a'
ihe Alcl-'arlaiic residence, Rev, Thorn-
son, of the .Meiho.iist ihurch ollicial
Ing. The pnll hearei-s were 11, Hex
A. .1. Belmont, 1<\ S. Danes, I. 11
Wilson, W. V. 1'icper and Mr. Sewall
A beautiful wreath, seal |,y ibe,mem-
hers of lhe I), li. T., was laid oi
tlie casket. After the iiineial Un
remains were taken to the slalloi
placed on the easihouud train foi
Muirklrk, Cut., the home of Lho tie
ecased's parents. Mrs. McFarlane ac
coinpanled the widow on her sai
journey  lo the easl.
Mr. and Mrs. Cook had been ..t.u
rii'il only Lhrep mouths and a haupic
couple never lived. The walk tiik.'i
on lhe fatal night was ihe lirst llial
he had taken alone, as the wife made
il a point always lo accompany him
in these rambles. Ii was a hard
blow to the young wife, and to add
to the burden on Monday sin* icceh
ed word that her mother was no
oxpectedio live. Mr. Cook, at 111
time of his dentil, had Insurniic
amounting to about $3,300,
Victoria Colonist: By repealing see-
lion 42 of the Land Act, the provincial government has just) increased
by $1,500,000 the value of the timber
leaseholds on this coast, says the
Vancouver Province. The added
of the leaseholds is brought about by
the facl that since section -ia of the
act has been repealed there is no prohibition of export applying to leaseholds. There arc probably 000,000
acres of leaseholds ou this coast fr
which it is now possible to export
An examination of the state in which
tho Land Act. now is has also levelled lhe fact that since Hefember 12,
11103, it has been possible for (lie
owrtors of timlier held under pulp
leases lo have exported their logs
The pulpineli have nol been aware if
the fact.
"The legislature Is much to he ion
giaiulnted on what- it has done,1
said a prominent tim her mun in ic
ferriiig lo the repeal of section -12 cl
the act. "it lias added more to the
saleable value of the timber leaseholds than perhaps it could have done
In any other way.
"We timbermen are well .satisfied,
I can lell you. Do 1 think the gov
ernment did not know what It was
doing when it repealed the section'
Well, that is a hard question to answer. It is baldly to be supposed that
an august, deliberative body such as
the British Columbia legislalui
would do anything without knowing
what the result would be. In any
event, the section cannot be replaced
now for another year,"
The amendment which released Umber on pulp lands from the prohibition of export repealed sub-section fi
of section 45 of the Land Act Clause
'l)M ol sub-section 5 prohibited export of timber from pulp leaseholds.
Perhaps now the pulpmen may sell
some of their Umber,
The only prohibition lo export now
applicable in British Columbia is lhat
which deals by order iu council with
timlier cut under special licciise-j.
C,   P,  R.
Hi,, iulluivil,
a,'....  I.v  -I    S
III.    ,       |
!><„.ilii.|i   in  Ci
I (n,
Itcmtis, C. I', It, l„„l
Hi,iml, O.limiliia,
It     |a,'.|,<<>,    illl'ut-
iv, Alta ,
Rufcrilnji in Hn'
yuu   in,   tlio   Ml,   lllSl
Incoriiot'al Ion
Hi.  I'mI.
11,'W 1,11,1 will,
,,•:'..,, illlli',      ||„
hill «»>k  us    .,
C. 0. o.
A carload of ham and bacon just receiv-
.**     .*     ed  from   Chicago     .<     ,*
Hotel S S
lliicslh C'linfurl i Specially
(hind Stsbtint* lu Connection
city municipality, 1 now beg to loii
(irm tin* Blalonionl llieii made thai
this company ate willing that appli
cation im Incorporation shuuld ho put
through. We recogntuo thai lltcorpo
ration means additional taxation lip
ou »ui properly, ami regret Hurt the
laws oi Uritish Columbia do nol pi"
lidi* for incorporation as with somewhat limited hollowing powers,
that a strong aud healthy municipal
organization might bo developed before undertaking the wide powers
granted cities under the Municipal
However, vve also recognize thai
the time has como when tliere mm
be some local organization ami authority to undertake needed
public works ;ij Cranbrook, and there
being nothing bin lull cltyhootl possible under the existing law,   a city
W0 assume  il   will   haw  to be.
in view of the incorporation mentioned, I am not, as 1 explained in
you, prepared lo lake up the question of expenditures for drainage »"
slreiM improvements, or the settlement of the troublesome matte
tho removal ol tho houses ol i'i
tut ion from iheir present location,
iiccau.se it is felt that all these matters can be best dealt with liy local
author!t) after incorporation is completed.
Yours Truly,
J; S. Dennis,
B.  C, Land Commissioner.
II. !■:. Cioasdaile returned yesterday from a visit to Fernie, says the'
Nelson News, lie informed a reporter of the daily News ihat the con-j
tract for the new tipple al tho Coai
Creek colliery has been awarded to
the linn of Ucylaud Patterson on
Pittsburg. Tho new tipple will be
bullt entirely of steel. .Some *->iU
tons of material will he required, and
the structure will be 88n feet In
length, extending right across ihe
valley. It will be fitted with all the
most modelu appliances for screening
and picking and loading lhe coal, and i
the coal shipped lor domestic purposs
will be. free from slack and dirt.
iin Uns account Mr, Cioasdaile ie-
gauls the bunting of lhe old llpploas
iu.ue oi a blessing than a calamity.
The capacity ol tho now tipple will |
he 1000 tons of to.il per day, and it
will    cost some     *J2U()P000.   The coll.
tract calls lor its completion by the
1st ol duly next, i
Only a small force of men are work
ing at the Carbonado colliery which j
produces the semi-anthracite coall
lhat lias given so much satisfaction;
to its cojiisupicrs during tho -past winter, the first season iu which ihis
coal was ever sold for domestic use.
Another fault lias been encountered
in No. 3 mine irom whicli this coal
is obtained and the cost ot prodtic-
tiou has been so greatly Increased of
tale that the coal company has been
forced to raise the juice of the coal.
Nriire.il (o riiilioiul and depot.     IIhh hi-i-i.iiiiiuhIw
li.niH lur tin* public unequalled i» Crauhroak.
Mnl and Cold Ititlhs
Ii \ RollinsM
I'roprictoii     J j
Hoggarth ■& Rollins j j
When you visit Cranhrook stop at the        Q
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders autt Oysters
served in any style from s p, m. to ft a. ni.
The table is the best, th: roams are unsurpassed for clean ffl
%> liness -and comfort and the bxrk supplied with the best brand1 ^
4"> ol liquors and clears. A
|£ L B. VANDECAR. Prop.        SS
I *xwwnM mmmmmmmmsiiMmm
, i ■ I n
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
H Drop in and see us any time.    Wc are on deck 25 hours |
out of the 21
.iim.'.'.'-y...  '   -,L  i'diiuyM.Ji.'MaaLi.mii   LaS-Hm ». v if -■■ ■(. * [ i, il.i,;;
i^fee*'"; T-fcivi^^^ i t C:t*-t U.
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.  |
The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley. g
Comfortable rooms.   Sa.tisfj.ctory dining room service, and  the jj
best of everything; at the bar. J
Maritime Friexl-Qi'lselila, a singor ol
note, wlm lias been giving concot'ts
in British Columbia tin- past lew
wt't'k.s Willi great success, is in towu
nml sloiijiiiiR nt tin, Cranbrook, Tlie
wiih letters fr
William Gordons
=    i
*>_. ! kssfcaisM,         ,. -.     .     ,      . „.. '■'■
McCallum Block
i.ly comes with letters from   immyly     .
lotuiiieiil      [iconic  who have    heard   I      4"XTr>4A'XT AT
er sins and all speak in Uie highest! I  ^,1 \ft[Ty t^ftf
raise.    Any   organization   in Cran- /
praise.    Any
brook thai  desires  lo
vices for one appeal ai
hy calling at   ihe Imt
re horncr
iny do si.
i make nr-
A lire hns
mine at Krank for Iw
is nothing Known as It
the damage.
im: ON Kiiti:.
ii burning in the coal
Teams and drivem fitnilahed for nn
itdliL in the tlistii'i.
A. UOYI.E, Manaffcr
Have    «00   acres   of good pasturo V
land     under   fence   near Stf Eugene pi
Mission.     Rales, $2 per month   per 1"'
""   "  Smith
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyim»fl>. mll'iK " slid I'll nml ilnmrljil Inn nmj
i|,i!,i.lv .i .,vf i i"ir .-("iii'.n li-'.i v.lt.'ilii'i- un
mv i'n: H ih-i.'iiiIiIv pin iiliil.li'.   r,'ti,|iiiini.,i-
i-.i.,,-im.'tiy. iipiitlal, HANpBQOK I"' I'l.tifiii"
« ■■>,'. t.l.l.'-t iu'1'ii.-ir l<.i-->i'i'iiriiii*'.;itfiin.
I'ltiniiiH tulc ii tliiuiiu'li  Miiiiii Jt Co, rei'clvo
tpmal nnticf, wi' liout flinruu, in lli«
Scientific American.
A lniti.im.ili.'Iy llliisti'iitoil wn.-kly.   l.iiryn.il df-
.-ii,,!,..,!. , (.ni .-...-.mu.-Jiinmiil.   'IVn.i-.Cltt
-ir • I..UI-iiiiuiUm, II.  Siiiaiiyiill iiMWHfluMlers.
HJWN 4 Co.3B,B">","-»- New York
"....■I,oat,'., ua a- st. Wuiiiuaiuu, n.c.
|   TO HIIO.M  IT MAY  ctiNt'l'.'IIN'.
Tho Brcckcnrlilge St l.im.l Coal Co .
Ilmllctl, of l.„i„li,,a,l,, Alia., wish li
|announce lo the inihllc il„,i „,, imii,
r salt's ul   shares    in ihcconipan)
In, niatlo nl sixty.live (ti.i) ounla
sliare.   Ample arrangements Imv,
neon mail,' fur ilia Ininitillalc require-
nii'iii... nl lite company, in prosecuting
lho   1,,'1,-smiiv   rlovclorimonl of ih"ii
mi,,,', nml for tho Installation ul tin
necessary equipment,
t-li Peter I.uiul, Secretary.
Notice Is hereby given thai, thirty
days from tliis ilate, we inteml lo
; npply to the Chief Commissioner nf
' I.mills anil Works to establish nubile
highways through Lots -limn nn,l 4601
i in Group 1, and through the lot fit—
; eluded in Eliza .Manners' Notice ol
' Application to Purchaso, as appears
in the llritish Columbia   Gazette of
"Emma Fracllon" mineral claim,
situate in the Kort .Steele Milling Ill-
vision ol East Koolenay  Dlsll'Ict,
While located: Sullivan llill.
Take nolleo lhat 1, William ,1. I.ang-
lay, fr,',' minor's rcrtlncnto ir;;,ii„,
acting fm- mj sill uu,I ngenl for Jutl-
a,.it il. Langloy, lit',1 minor's corllll-
oato 1378111, Andrew .1. Ili'illu, ,|,e
,,,,,,,'r's I'l'ilillnue 117.1IIJ, Cllatles
('. Parrot], Iroo mlticr'a certlllciile
11011076, Waller 0, Uurohctt. free ml
,,,','s   cnilii'iite   1173.161,     i'lllwll, (!.
smith, frco minor's oot'tlllcato 1173170
anil liiilii'll  I.. T. tlalli li,  ||,a   ,,,
tier's I'l'iillu-aii' No. 1173-13-1, Inlen.l
anty days from ditto hereof, lu ap
ply to the mining recorder ioi ,, ecr-
tilicnle ul Imptovoiii, nts, for lho pur-
pose nl oblaltiliig a I'imiii granl ul
eaeli of lhe above claims.
And fiiiihtT inl,,' nolleo llial notion
under section 37 must he commoncu,!
before Ihe Issuance of such ccrllflcalu
di iinpi'ovoitiohts.
Dated this 27th dav of February,
A. I). 10(15.
40-ot W. .1. Langley,
Take notice tliat the partnership
lu'ii'liifiirii existing between lln, undersigned, under lhe firm name „f
"Chonotto .V Gouge,,,,," and also
"I'lieni'tte, auugeou .& Nottorflolil,"
has tills day been dissolved by n.u-
luai consent.
The business in future will he lar-
lie 18th November, 1001, ail in Soul, ry 0„ by George D. Gougeon   anil
^'   ""S* U',C", In <•"'« ,",' John A. yNetleineld, unlelMhe ft
u'«- Ah   i,   '1   ,      "i   ll""mK,,1',?t!niinie     ol "Gougeon &  Nett.rlleld,"
''^Rii.i   ,''',' ""r,n,"'  ''"''.'"iwl'i' have assumed all liabilities   of
roads, plans p  whicli are nled m Ibe _ lah) nrra, „„„ lo wh„m a„ drtt,
','!M»2fl.l.nl     '',   'l"".1"1'^""1!'';,"1"1  due the above firms must be Jiaid.
the Assistant Commissioner at Can-    1)alwt this )7lh d       , „.,',.,.,   A
brook, 11. t,. ..   .,,,. '       „ ,     '
Dated   at    Cranbrook, II. C, Ibis "' n   .,  ,.„.,.„'
20th day of November, 11104. I _• 7 GNTi,ld
East Kootenay Lumber Company,   I _' p   ___*£,
The Big Removal Sale is Still in Motion, tt^Z^tifclX^^
at the request of the RAILWAY BOYS.    NEVER before were such BARGAINS offered IN CRANBROOK and we question if you will have such an
opportunity again.
will still prevail, so come along, and we will make you rejoice.     Bring your cash, for we don't charge goods at these prices.
Cranbrook's Co-operative Stores, Limited
-9    ••
We talk
again this week
Because it is absolutely the BEST made in Canada.   We want you to come and inspect it
Dl CTPD   Neckwear,    Shirts,   Collars
Ct\J I CK. and Shoes
There are no cobwebs on our methods nf doing
business nml no element uf uncertainty ulxnit thi'
quality, tit or make of the ^ooda We soil ::::::
99* %9t %wt Ipt tm >jW ^i %79 t^l IW Wt Vt wm W$ 9*t %*<* Wl trm 9*9 IW e^i^e 1^1 ^i •?»■*•
*    FISHING   TACKLE    *
*% - *
* *
•*• Just arrived, a large assortment of new fishing tackle ***
J consisting of 5"
jl RODS   Stnt,',   (iri'i'iilii'itrt,  Lancewood,   Split  lam,',   nnd jl
jjL Bnmboo, j,
jt, FLIES of nil sizes mid descriptions JL
jl LEADERS   (liio to three   yards, single loop nnd double J£
JL and liruiili'il JL
jjj^ REELS from SOots. to $*>,00 £
j^ LINES in linen, flnx mul silk, all qualities mul everything JL
jl else to delight the heart of ti fisherman jl,
*   A
I C. E. REID & CO. I
* *
■' i
1 W£  l
1 sru THASA!vrH 1
ffl   iii lots to '^tt^^^'     Wc have for    I
We have fm
suit the
'IV,. Stores nnil a I'"''Ilu,'-; i„ Moyir
T«-„ (,„i, „,-,v l,','ii„'li.'- tienr Cranlirnok
Si,,,,',.,, Armstrong Avenuo, (i'hiii|il
11,.iK,- nml l„,i winter ot C'rnnbrooli $1,400
IIuiuh. iiiiiI i..,i modern improvi-ninnls si.;,,,,,
('..tinnr $500
Smli'ial I,,,.' la.K..,,  II ll.er Street  I roll* .iiiil.l,- pri
Wh Iiiivh ;, fiirnl ih'wl I,",,*' lo rent, *'.'•', n ,il
sale, anions;     vg
other things      ift*
ffl   Hutchison  &  Black
ffl      The   People's   Brokers
ffl    Phone l)y P.O. Box 74
is till jtnportmtt for the well-dnwd
man. Lot us iiiaki* you n suit lo
measure, nt a price but little more
than the ready-made, But, oh,
what ,i differenoe iu the fit, style
and general uppearancel
C'omo nud Bee our new stock of
materials—the choicest to be
found. A itiillion dollars und n
bale of liny may lie eqnnlly worth-
less tit doomsday, Iml out' Mtitle to
Mi'iisiir,' Suits niv living epistles
-.,„«! us gold,
,'     RED ROSli TEA     '
J 4
4     U ,,  ri,li flavor Tea. ul- J
J wins   uuifoi'iii    in    quality, *
t si,|M'ri,ir to all other Teas ;,t 4
4 il,i>   Baine   price,  use   one J
' pound uml  I   think   vnu   will 4
4 I...   convinced  nf the   fact. {
{ I'riiTS III. IJ nnd oil cents. .
%■** %•%%%%*%%*%%%%%•%•*♦%•% *%*%0
Picked Up About Ibe Cily  by  Astir*
Questions ol Many People.
Next Sunday is Kaster.
II. Cameron, ol Moyie, was in town
'■ist Saturday.
Mr. Agnew and family spent last'
Sunday at Elko. j
Waitress wanted at the "Wilga.;|,
Apply Mrs. Hoadlcy.
Our glasses are reasonable in price,'
your sight is priceless.    See Wilson.
L. B. VanDecar will start on the
large addition to bis hotel next
week. I
James Kindlay and wife, of Kimberley spent Sunday with L'ranbrook
friends. I
Easter greetings from Reid A :'o.
Do not tail to read their ad.
The Imperial has been made safer
the past week by the addition of iron
covered shutters.
Mrs. J. L. Parker has returned to
the ranch at Cowley after spending
several months with her husband in
the north. I
Tbe golf club bas erected a ..eat
club bouse al the links where the
members can stop lo rest and enjoy I
a cup of tea. i
Mr. Long, who clerked for 0. E.
Keid & Co. for some time, has gone
to a point near Edmonton where he
Will engage in business for himself.    |
We guarantee a perfect fit, both in
flames ami lenses.       W. F. Tate,    ;
Graduate Optician.
D. J, Elmer, ol Moyie, came up
Tuesday evening to take back his little daughter who lias been ill at St.
Eugene hospital lot  the past  week.    I
Hen Thell, tho lonaorlal artist of
Wardner.   was  in  town  last   Monday.
W   J    vtchi
ll't     UV
Lil V
nt be
Mr. Thell   \.as   one of
ibe Wardner
pioneers and is still st
tying wiih the
Kt.ss    .*.    McDonnell,
the   railway
contractors, have secure
1 a large con
tract  on  (ho Great  N
jrthern extcn-
slon to the west trom
the Boundary
Beautiful   Eastci
at   Keid  A
Co 's.
Mrs. .lames (im expects to leave
he lust o! next month for Vancouver with llie children, where she will
villain lot an indefinite period on
tiT.'tit'l   Ol  liet   Ileal th.
,\li Eiickson has been transferred
tutu Sttitai tn Cranhrook and will
ie located here for a time at least.
\If s. many IrletKls were glad to see
him back in Cranhrook,
A petition has been generally sign-
id by lhc ladies ot the town to have
he rod-light district removed irom
ts prcBenl location to some portion
if    thi*  town more remote Irom    the
en t ri
'I'he main street nf Cranhrook    has
■en greatly Improved lately   by the
ill ding   ol sidewalks nud crossings.'
he    people put up for every   dollar
by   personal     subscription     and the
whole town received the benefit.        I
The   "Sunshine   Furnace"    iii    the
standard among furnaces today. I
Patmore Bros.
Last Thursday the East Kootenay
Lumber company started to bring In
logs to the Cranhrook mill by spo-
eial log train. The supply this season is being taken Irom the camp at
Loco. I
The Calgary Cattle company have
received the carload of bams ami bacon that bave been expected from
Chicago. Sid Orimmond says that the
lot is one of the best that bo ever
saw since he has been in the meat
Two rooms now vacant at the}
"Wilga;" early application necessary.
The petition against incorporation
that bas been circulated during if*e
past week has been signed by quite'
a number of the large properly own-'
ors. These arc the people to decide
questions of this character and if the
majority of Ihem protest the movement for the present will probably
drop, li will then he up to the town-
site cnmpany to do more in the future than they have done iu the just
in the way of sidewalks and other
When  Mm  build  that   lions
j talk to yu about heat.
Patmore Bros,
Mi   and Mi-.   T   T. McVittlo were
Cranbrook visitors last Tuesday.
Rev, Dunn, ol Kornlo, Is in town
lln** week examining Hev. Fortune for
his l.   A. degree.
Virginia peanuts roasted rtt
lhe Cranbiook bakery.
Special    Easter    music and
Easier    sermons    in     lho
church  next  Sunday.   Stranger:
town conl 1 ally invited.
Have a look at our Swiss
chocolate creams. Wc keep only
best that ran be obtained at
The   schools   will   bo   closed
Friday and   Monday for  the re
Easier    holidays.   Tliis    will
opposed by the school children.
All kinds of fancy buns for flood
Friday and Kaster at the Cranbrook
It is time for every properly owner to clean up his premises for the
sake ol complying with the law and
to satisfy bis own conscience.
Purchasing glasses is buying sight
-if they are right. Wilson's glasses
give perfect relief.
The "Wilga" dining room; special
terms per month fur business people.
J. R. Downes and family lefl last
Tuesday tor their future home near
Victoria. The family will be missed
iu Cranbrook where both Mr. and
Mrs. Downes were well and favorably
known and the two little girls were
general favorites.
Ladies' Easter neckwear, an immense range ol natty, dainty goods
at   Keid  A Co's.
Are you putting in the city
water? If so, call and see our sinks
and fixtures.
Patmore Bins.
The subjects at the usual services
in the Baptist church next Sunday
will be: Morning, "The Power ol His
Resurrection;" evening, "Tho Corn-
lug of the King." AI the
service the solo, "Easter Evi
ho rendered, also two app
anthems. All are cordially
to attend these, services.
For a lirstclass fountain pen try a
"Couklin" self tilling pen, sold I.y
Tate, the jeweler.
Stater shoes for men and Bell shoes
for ladies at   Keid -a Co's.
Just arrived, a lot of Iras direct
Irom the Orient; very best at lowest
prices; call for samples at the Vancouver Tea and Coffee Co,
A. McKlnnon and E. D, Johnson,
two o( the best mechanics in ihis
section, have formed a partnership
and arc preparing to start a general
repair shop aud foundry and also do
scientific horseshoeing. They ate
building a targe addition on the old
Steele foundry just north of MeKin-
Strey's stable, and when ihey arc
ready for business Cranbrook will
have au establishment that it bus
long needed.
Ladies' suits at interesting prices
at   Keid ,t Co's.
Fred Smyth has been running the
Moyie Lender for eight years. So-.no
people might not think that for Mr.
Smyth is a modest individual and
never exerts himself iu blowing Ms
own born. But during all ihis time
he bas been steadily at it lining all iu
his power to advance tho interests of
Moyie and hot residents. lie has
lived on crackers nnd cheese part of
the time and slept in a bed Hint never knew the band of a woman in 'be
making. He has looked with jealous
eye on a trout caught by some other
hungry chap and wondered when he
would catch one. But those days
have passed and now he rides iu a
varnished car, goes ou an annual pilgrimage to the Palousc country and
gets two suits ol clothes a year. It
is better to be the publisher of a
weekly paper like lhe Moyie Leader
than lo work for a lot of slave drivers in the business at $100 per. May
tbe Leader continue to grow in prosperity and its genial editor increase
in weight and wealth.
." win
With a great massive mountain
frowning above the town, making
sunrise many minutes later in consequence, with nnc of the prettiest
lakes in British Columbia bounding
the village on the west, with the
lead mine of the American continent
at its back door, and all the hills
around the place proven to be rich in
ore, Moyie is today one of the prettiest spots in the west, and is backed
up by as much in the way of natural
resources   as any lown iu all of lho
Dominion "f Canada. A prospector's
legend tells us ibat James Crnnln,
then a prospector, slopped at 'be
St. Eugene mission tu secure a eayuse
while tramping through Easl Koote-
ii,t> in search ol something worth
staking. There lie saw a piece of
me brought iu hy an Indian its Value was apparent, and Investigation
resulted iu Father t'ocola, the good
priest in charge, having an Indian
Show Hn* prospector the location,
Today ihe St.Eugene mine is known
whorcover mines arc kuown, mid
James Crouiu is looked upon as one
ol the shrewdest aud most able mine
mine managers on the American continent. Eight years ago, when a
party oi adventurers Irotn the States
slowly moved up the Kootenay elver
against fierce rapids, mud bats and
many other obstacles, among the passengers were three brothers known a.s
the McMahon boys, and a venerable
gentleman, pleasing and courteous in
manner, who was introduced as Col.
Head, of California. He was coining
to lhe dislriel to see the country.
The McMahon boys were looking fur
a location. The St. Eugene was in
the early stages of development, and
Col. I lead examined the proper ly
When he got through he said to the
McMahon boys: "Locate here. This
property will be a great mine." The
boys followed their aged friend's advice and today Pat and Frank McMahon arc proprietors of Ihe big hotel known as the Kootenay. Across
Lhe street from lheir present hoti.i*
stands an old log building and thai
was their first "Palace holel" in
Moyie. This incident is referred to
simply lo illustrate what made .Moylo. Today, with the St. Eugene in
opciatiuu, with great improvements
in store that will greatly increase
the pay roll, now over $25,000 per
month, with other valuable
properties that will be developed to
the shipping point, with vast areas
of mill timber tributary to the town,
with a large sawmill near the place,
Movie is bound to become one of the
most prosperous places in all ot this
vast province. Tbe town has bad its
hard limes. When lhc mine closed
down the days were dark and gloomy
n that beautiful town. Bui the heavy
clouds passed by ami the sunshine of
prosperity brought to each heart a
warm glow of hope and a feeling of
urance that the future was lu be
brighter than (be best days of tho
past had been. Moyie today is a
good town and those who have staid
with the lown under the most adverse
ircumslanccs will see the day that
they will be thankful for the courage
tbey displayed. There is not a nrct-
tier place to spend a day or week iu
till the Kootenays than at .Moyie.
Tho town is Wi'll equipped with up to
late .suites, it has any number oi
flrstclass hotels where man can Pnd
every comfort, it lias the best tishing
in the west, it has a greal mine live
minutes walk from the center of the
town, it has, in fact, everything that
a tnuris't wuuld wish for to make
him happy while searching for a
pleasant outing. Moyie needs just
one thing mole to make the town an
ideal place, nntl that is harmonious
action in the way of improvements.
A lew dollars in boards and nails, a
few enthusiastic words of unity, &
few hours of united action, and the
streets of Moyie would be transformed and strangers visiting the lown
would be must favorably Impressed.
No tourist visiting East Koolenay
should pass up Movie, it is a tourist's paradise, and the people should
ihould unite in making that impression stronger upon the traveling
public. Moyie is bound to become famous for business and for pleasure
and each move that will enhance its
reputation in that direction will be
balled with delight by lhc Herald.
t    Plants in Bloom
Easter Lilies
Cut Flowers
G. T. ROGERS       J
Hill & Co. Up Against The
Real Thing
Compelled to Sacrifice Our Profits for the year
We Will Commence today to Sacrifice
Prints,'it II,■ worth to and  18c
Cottons nt S mul '.«• north 12 and loo'
Ginghams, dress'goods, etc. all to go at oven less than
cost, for we must have the money.
About 100 pair of ulcus Tweed pants ut $1.25, regular
82.00 and $2,30.
lot) men's suits .it $5.50, regulur, $11.00, $10.00 and $12.00
lines.   This a line we bought ut 50 per cent on the dollar.
No goods on credit or approval at sale price.
H1U & CO.
______ fit
* Zbe * a
(Sraito * Dotel 1
The (iraud is to be headquarters for all B. C
people visiting Spokane. Alt B. C. papers on
file. Newly and completely refurnished and
refitted. Every modern convenience. European plan. 50c to $2,110 per day. Free bus to
und from all stations    :::::::::
field *
I. R. DOWNES, Manager
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People of South East Kootenay who visit Victoria should,
o t fail to visit Goldstream. j*
It is the tourist's paradise.       I
1   E. E. PHAIR, Proprietor   i
j| Late of Hotel Phair, Nelson, B. C. §
►■■•  * ♦«*^-**" •-*-|..«..t-*-«-^-»^-*»-*»-
Everybody Wants New Goods
Tliat is win* wo keep buying, because the* <ii'iii»inl for onr
class of goods keeps us selling. Wo have it car of new woods in,
nnd two tnort' coming. When yon want now yootla that an* thu
latest and best in tin* hardware ami tinware lim*. call on us.
Garden Tools
ke Chests
Granite Ware
■*,i..9»+-+++»9"9-+.9"9»9~-.'..-.9.+.ml-9.a-t.-•*» t!H,.».»i»,> 9*1'$i.»iiti  %\ 9  ■"■"!   *>*•■.% TUE  CHANBBOOK   BSBALO
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beerand insist on having it.
The Cranbrook Brewing <& Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Manufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated WMers.
CRANBR.OOK. *   *   *   British Columbia
J. E. Stephens,
M. L. Stephens,
«. kutkcnilurf
J. Lawson,
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The bio; Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in Bast Kootenay. Your money's worth
al all times.
Stephen. Hrus. A Co., Owners an«ltPriiprletiira.
Morrissey Mines, B. t.
II. L. Stephens
J. P.. Stephen.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane-the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancoover .**! dt J. dt
Stephens Bn..,., Owners and Proprietors.
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
Two cars of Seed wheat
and Seed Oats unloaded a
few days ago and are going out fast. Order early
if you reguire any   :   :   :
HARRIS  BROS., Meat Market
.♦.Manitoba HoteL   j
| Tudor New Management) 9
D. A. McDONALD, manager I
* Tb1<- Hotel is in the center of town.   The" rooms are I
*} *
X comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- J
§ class, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you J
« want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. .
CHENETTE & NEAL, Proprietors
MARYSVILLE, B. C.  „ffiX^%
St. Marys valley. *.* Commodious Sample Rooms. ,,
* *i** i •»I«*i*»4*-I*> j* •."i—i-'*!***!.**.'*;*"'!**!***!" *-j-***wI*"l**I**r*I"~t""I "-I-*I*-I*» j*-J«»J*»I*^«*I-» j**!**^!**
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Sotithern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For",terms, iiiups and further particulars apply to the following
local laud agents:
\'. Hyde'Baker, Cranbrook, 11. I',    li. Mallundaine, Jr., Creston, B, C.
I. H. Wilson, Wardner, IS. 0. H. & M. Bird, Nelson, B. C.
K. R. Brace, Wilmer, IJ. (!.
Or to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta)
No loose screw atmoyanct ii
experieiieed with the Royal
Ajtx Eyeglass, All parts are
firmly riveted, Tliey art.* made
p.irllv in solid gold and partly
in gold lilled und j;ti;ir;inleett to
wear ten years. The le linen rest
oti patent concave caps, which
minimise:-' breakage.
:Canadian Booklet!
Canadian   Views \
Prest Photo Co.
When You
Clean House
Bring your curtains and
carpets to us for washing.
We make a specialty of wash-
inn *-'- I'- II overalls.
No Chinamen employed
Crows Nest
]     Steam Laundry
[  MtlCKSMaPHlli, Proprietors
•*fr*«**-S-W->»*«-W»^*9*-»««**>-a^a-3.*i- I'^tt;:.;':.;-     ,1
tliiB Easter, especially for driving
Doesn't the very thought make
your bloocl tingleV Well,you cttu
di joy your drive oven if you don't
own a horBu.
is at your disposal any time you
say. »)ust lot us know what you
want and when. Wo will do the
rest. Don't let tho cost worry you
It will be very moderate.
The Handley Livery Stables
(From tin Free PreM.)
Tlie tilles and othei* equipment I*'""
the Kast Kootenay Hide companies
arrived ihis week and tha rifles ware
used in the drill Insi night.
Messrs. Dtgbj ami Walde have commenced the erection ol the Christ
church church rectory. The building
will cost ahout $1800
Malcolm Mclnnis came up fiom
ElkDIOUth on Monday and has been
in the hospital BfaOQ that lime Buffering from a throat trouble.
w. Wardrop, 01 Sparwood, was in
the city on Tuesday. While here he
was sworn in as postmaster atS'iar-
wood in phuo ol his uncle, W. It.
Wardrop, who leaved shortly foi* his
I0TI1C in Michigan.
Hev. A. Dunn wilt he absent most
ol next week at Cranbrook, where he
has been appointed to preside over a
theological examination. Uev. Fortune is writing lor his 11. D and
(1. Kindley, oi Fort Steele, is also
taking an examination.
A supreme court registrar was ap
pointed for Fernie on the first ol thi
month hut the department has failed
lo send up tlie seal uud the other
paraphernalia tor the office, and all
this business has yet lo he .sent to
Geo. Miller, (he hrakemau who was
Injured by an overhead wire at Morrissey is progressing very well at the
hospital and will soon be out again
His father from Dakota visited him
this week.
The night operator reports that the
night calls at the central telephone
olliee number from 3(1 to 53 pcr night
between the hours of 10 p. m. and 8
a. in. This is more than the representative of the 11. 0. Telephone Co,
had led us to expect.
Alex. Black, of Winnipeg, was iu
the city this week on business connected with the McRae Lumber company's business at Hosmer, which
Mr. Black recently purchased. Mr.
Black has put the property on the
market hut if it does not sell readily
he   purposes   forming   a company lo
0 pern to it. Mr. Black is at the head
of a largo retail lumber business
Winnipeg and he reports that market
conditions in the lumber trade arc
steadily improving. The American
prices are firmer and the importations are less.
Dell McFaddcn had a ride on Tuesday morning which he ought not soon
to forget. He was loading some
scantling onto a dray wagon belonging to the Fcrnie Cartage company.
Having occasion to move the wagon
a few feet forward he spoke to the
horses and as they moved forward a
piece ol timber tipped up and scared
the horses, one of which was a colt.
They started forward ami Dell sprang
to their heads and grabbed qoth bridles on the inside. He was unable to
cheek them and Dell found his only
safety was in clinging to the neck-
yoke aud tongue.. The horses rushed
at a mad pace down the main street
with the lad hanging body downward
to the wagon tongue with his hands
and feet. So long as they kept the
road everything was lovely and the
lad enjoyed Ute ride but near the hospital they got among the stumps.
The horses straddled one large stump
which caught the axle and stopped
tho runaway. The daring rider came
out of the scrape without a scratch,
but none ot the eyewitnesses cau explain bow he escaped instant death
in going over that stump.
A -$70,000 BUILDING.
Wm. Henderson, of Victoria, provincial architect for the Dominion
government, was in tho city today
ou business connected with the new
postoflice building for the city. Mr.
Henderson spent some time getting
figures on the cost ol various building materials in the city.
In conversation Mr. Henderson intimated that the government purposed
ereoiing * building similar to that
in Nelson, which cost $70,000. He re
lieved It would be built of grey granite Irom Sirdar.
Mr. Henderson, when asked about
the site, said bo did not know what
site had been selected. He was of the
opinion that the foundation would he
constructed this summer,
KUngensmtlh will be pleased to learn
that   they are meeting With excellent
success   in  i'r,iiiliin.ik   in   the  Cosmo-1
politun hotel.
A. T. Clark has handed in his resignation as coroner lor Moylo, ami il
has been acceple.l. The olliee is now
I'lH'ii for someone wlm is allei a position of this soil.
The. Canadian PaelQo company have
some e\tensive impi o\emeu Is outlined fot ihe ('lows Nc-si brunch ol
lheir mad and Ihey are pulling forth
ry eflort to have lhe mad iu good
repair by llie lime their Spokane
In.nidi is built. Among the Improve-
men Is m trills vicinity will be lln- teal
ing up oi the light rails along IMuylc
lake aud replacing tlieiu will) heavy
sled and lhe enlarging of lhe llltiliul
near the head of the upper .Moyie
lake. New ties are also being Muttered along the line, unut-ccssuiy
curves are being straightened mn ,.i,,l
considerable new grading and ballasting is going on.
The St. Kugene company distributed (30,000 among its employes last
.Monday. March broke all records toi
amount of ore milled and shipped an.l
for the size ol the company's payroll.
Movie is certainly a fisherman's
paradise. The lakes surrounding uie
well supplied with mountain trout,
and the man who goes out for a day's
sport usually returns with a Well Piled basket of speckled beauties, The
tishing season is now open ami
some excellent catches bave been
This week J. C. Drewey, doe Bak.-i
and Jim Bates were gelling in ihen
line work. Wednesday afleiuo- ii
Bates and Drewry were out for a i< w
hours having a friendly coutesi.
Drewry returned wllh 17 in his basket and Bales with 15. Yesterday
Baker and Drewry were out ami lietweeu lhe two they caught -Iii trout,
sonic ol them weighing as much as i_
pounds. These catches were made in
the narrows north of lown. The most
successful flics used were the "Blown
Palmer'' aiutllic ■'(lii//.l7"King."
\a-by-® -©-©hsv-S* ■>■ ■ '•■ -®-£M^-r^®-<sMi -®- &-$ - .-.> ^ ®-$ ~® ■»-.
| the Cosmopolitan hotel      |
j| T* RATES $2 PER DAY "
ff A Firstclass House Centrally Located 1
ff _
K E. H. SMALL, flanager
ik Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms
ft are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the II
ii market affords.
M «■ ,.a (•'   ,.'    ..  ,.-  ,.,  ,v  ,.,  i.l  „a „,   -i?. tf, .ft, r.\ /.a  is   ,,'  ..'  ..'  ,.'   ..   ,.\-a
«®-®-<!i l") <•!  ® 1") !•» ® ®-(S-a>)-(s)-(.) <•) (."I (J  ...   ,.   .,   .,   .    .   ...  ...T
P. BURNS (& CO.   I
'   ■•.**««*•.
.   ..Ms
m --...-  i- fc&saf
Ulinli-salt a„,l Retail
MEAT      ':'
Fresh and Cured Menu   l;'
Prcsh   Fish,  iIiiiik' nnd ''
Ml- s,i|,|.h  01.1) Ilif   1'iMI       V.Uf   ,.,'
Irailc is saliulial
Markets In alt the prln.ip.l li„n,   ,^,
In llriti.l, Columbia m
1905     NEW     1905
Furt Steele.
(From the Prospector.)
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kershaw, -Sr.
returned from a short visit to Morrissey on Monday.
A. McMillan, Cranbrook was i
guest at the Imperial on Tuesday.
Hubert Little, an old timer iu thi*
district, who has been visiting In tin
"Old Country" returned to Steele on
Saturday last.
Quite likely lhe chronic croaker w'll
continue to suy thai the K. CO II
will not be built ihis year. He will
find himself out of a job inside of
sixty days.
R. D. Mather, wiih a force of seven
men, left Steele on Friday for the
Cherry creek lumber camp.
T. T. McVittie, P. L. S., and Geo.
Watson, who for the past week have
been engaged in surveying mineral
claims in the vicinity of Moyie late,
returned to Steele Thursday.
(From dhe Leader.)
M. A. Beale was in town Wednesday.
Mrs. Cronin is visiting in Spokane.
The Moyie postoflice is now closod
all day on Sundays.
Thos. Rader was up from Morrisscy
Mines this week to look after some
business in connection with the Aurora property,
Mrs. O. R. Parker and her two
boys arrived here this week from
Chicago to join'Mr. Parker, who is
accountant for the Moyie Lumber
Irene Elmer, the little daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Elmer, has been
quite sick with pneumonia, and    was
laken to the Cranhrook hospital Monday.
The many friends ol Mr, and   Mrs.
Kelson Tribune: The old proverb
that one side is good until the othei
is heard is well illustrated by the reply made on behalf of the smelters
to the charges published in our last
issue. Now that the statement and
answer are placed side by side, it is
easy to see that the former ignore,!
conditions that explain the apparent
discrepancy. Wc gave the interview
with exactness and detail because it
was obvious that it did not attempt
to deal with the Items of cost cover-
cred by the $25.20 alleged to be
charged by local smelter for treatment. As the following figures show
the actual amount netted by them,
after deducting the various sums
which they have to pay oul, is only
$3.75, a figure which it is impossible
for a moment to contend is excessive. If the Slocan mine owners have
anything to say to this we shall be
pleased to hear from them. It 'ooks
to us that their charge is fully ans
On n OS per cent lead ore the list
charge is 51.50 for freight from mini
to smelter; next freight ou bullion t.
San Francisco at $1) a ton is $5.85
The charge there for refining at, $10
a tun is $0.50. Freight on refined
produce lo Montreal, New York 01
London, it is marketed, is an average
of $11 a Ion, or $0,10, making :t lo
lal charge for freight after the ore ih
delivered to the smelter of $21/15,
Deducting Ibis from lhe $25.20 which
the mine owners say lhe smelters
charge them wc get a net balance of
$3,75 for actual smelting.
The most attractive line of
Wadl Papers
ever shown in Crnnbrools
Pressed Goods        Stripe Effects
Varnished Tiles for Bnthrooms
Mouldings to Match all Papers
l F.J. Bradley & Co. ?
The Modern Laundry        »w
Dijcar.l ihe me ofleaky wooilcn wash tub,, quit rarrving dean
water in anj wash water out, by fitting >uur Laundry iviil,
^__m^s_    Standard"
'"•**'*■■    '" « F- Laundry Trays
If your Laundry is not modern,
don't you think it .hould be! If
you make it so, the household duties will be pleasantly performed,
and in rase you wish to sell \, ,ur
home it will increase the sel'ir.g
value. Let us give you prices
Plumbing, Roofing,  Heating 4 Ventilating Engineers
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Will lie received by the undersigned
tor the delivery ol 40,000 pieces of
saw -timber In the Kootenay river at
points between Wardner and Canal
Plats, B. C. Information as to specifications, and Ideation ot limits, v. ill
be furnished at the office ot tbo Crows
Nest Pass Lumber Company, Limited, Wardner, B. C.
&-2t (Signed) Peter Lund,
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
Bill l„'l,.r.'.l,,i„m .i,,,„,,.,|;llll,,,
Greor,Hi nmu'ur,   II,,,in
111' 1,1,1,' to III,-,, y„M   „.(t|,   ,,||M
|,','Hli,,|,S   llllll    wi||   |,|.,,v,,    V|l|
James Qreer
Contractor nnd Builder
Send in your order to
The City   Bakery
Ready for delivery early Good
Friday moring
Old shoes made new.   All kinds I        .
of repairing.   Give me a call.    ^>>   W.   WILSON


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