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Cranbrook Herald May 9, 1901

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Numi:hi; s
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President.     * B. K. Wai.kh.i-., Gen. Man
Paid Up  Capital  (8,000,000.00
Rcsl  2,000,000.00
Total Resources .,,,' 05,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
(•]*•-•■»••• oao-m ••••-••-• • •-»-»* m.QofgyifiO'O ♦■•»,-> .»*».
Frank Rankin Writes of Their Vovage
to the Sonih.
Those Stoves of Gilpin's Cook with Comfort
This cut shows the Best Cook Stove in Canada for the price—
Mc iary's "Brandon" for $20. Jt Steel Ranges for either
coal or wood, for but very little more money.   Jt   Jt   jt   jt
New     Carpets,    Rugs     and     Curtains
We furnish your house complete from cellar to dome and do it
right.    Drop into GILPIN'S.    Satisfaction sure to follow.
Suggests Ladies' Shirt Waists
Ladies' Crash and Drill Skirts,
Ladies'White and Drill Suits,
A new lot of the celebrated W. B. American Corset
A great assortment of Children's Shoes and Slippers in black and
colored, just marked off.   All of these lines BOUGHT RIGHT
and will be sold CHEAP.
Hotel 3 3
Nearest to rail-ond and depot.    Has aecomrnqda-
Hons for the public unequalled In Craubrook.
..aaa®   ®a-aaa
Just Received
' Another large supply
*! of...
: Garden or
I Flower Seed
> Can supply any kind or quantity.   Send us
* your order, we guarantee satisfaction or your
7 money refunded.    The same applies to our
■■ large stock of
^        Groceries and Crockery
t> Wc* handle nothing but the best.
£ Mail orders a specialty.
aj Fort Steele Mercantile Co. «—
| J. P. FINK       ji       jt       jt       MANAQER
When You Rite a Wheel
I have a fine line this year, including the Cleveland, Dominion, Gen-
dron, Antelope, Geneva and Ideal.
Come and see them.   Prices Right.
...   G. H. Miner
. i;,L:;;:,::;i!i:v;il.:'1.;s;;ii7i'i;:f,T:''
He Tells of Deaths at Sea. the Sad
and Solemn Burial and
the End.
Tbe following letter is from P. C-
Ranklu to G. H. Richardson ami will be
rend witb inleiest by tbe people of South
Bast Kootetiav who knew the members
of the South Bast Kootenay contingent
ofthe South African constabulary:
II, M. Transport "Montfort."
April 7, 1901.
My Dear G. II—I think I promised in
my lust to write from Cape Town, but as
we expect to reach the Cape Verde Isles
tomorrow, I am going to inflict jou
slightly before time, so never mind the
pencil aud general chirography of this,
old man, I would like to do better, but
tbis blamed old packet is slightly uneasy today. She reminds me somewhat
of Tom Cavil's 3254 caboose when ahe
hits the high points on the Goat River
section. At oue minute she goes, nose
on, into a wall of water of from 500 to a
1000 tons, and the next she is diving
sideways for sharks with her funnel, but
on tbe whole we have had a swagger
trip with the weather made to order and
dealt out in about equal proportions of
sunshine and raiu. We are gradually
feeling" the tropics. We peeled our
overcoats day before yesterday, our
sweaters yesterday, our flannel shirts today, aud sny, G. H., if it keeps on I
shudder to think of tbe uniform (or lack
of uniform) that His Majesty's troopers
will parade at Cape Town with. We enjoyed our run down from Ottawa to Halifax and had a mighty fine send off at
both places. We came down in two sections, each section being handled by a
double header, and perhaps you think
that Canada Atlantic roadbed isn't all
right? Vou cau bet that there is something more thau the fence holding tbat
pike together. At one station on the
way down the whole town was out to
take "gappings," and we counted one
bunch of 26 ladies in a covey, and It was
right there that we bad trouble with
Sammy Rajotte. Of course he wanted
to get off and camp right there; Nova
Scotia was good enough for him; be
said he wauled to hunt np some of Old
Pusbce'a relatives and just tell them that
he saw Push and be was looking well.
It took Jimmie Henderson, Billy Cnth-
cart and myself all our time to bold him
and even then we wouldn't have succeeded if we hadn't compromised hy
promising to ItH him ashore at St. Vincent. The boya are wondering if our
miy friend in New Vork, wbo prophesied that we would have three deaths at
sea and then on the uth go down, was
talking through her hat, or kuew a thing
or two, especially aa we have had two
burials already, one yesterday and one
today, and two more men in the hospital
one of whom is not expected to get
through the day. A sea bnrlal is a aad
and solemn sight; it seems hard to see
them go overboard iu their little canvas
lisg. Uut I suppose they are just aa
happy without a tombstone. We have a
oncert every night, given by some one
of the n| 11 ml 1011s. Our Etjuadroii, 11, al'
from British Columbia, put oue on the
boards night before last and it waa certainly a Jim dandy. We have some
swell enlertaineta in our troop, from
Nelson, and you can readily Imagine that
amongst some 1200 odd men you find
some rare and original characters.. We
sleep in hammocks this bot weather,
and say, if you ever hear of thla duck
going back to the old wooden or iron
bedstead, spring and tick again, you can
figure it out that there Is just something
not doing its drill in Old Rankin's head.
We had plum dough (pronounced duff)
for dinner today, with raisins in It and
sauce all over it. Henderson said, "I
Kiiesn that's poor, eh," but of course he
never got anything like that at home or
be never would have left there, Day
after tomorrow we get a barrel of eating
apples issued to each squadron, and we
won't do a thing to tbat fruit, partner—
oh. no,-—I guess we will give it back to
lhe man. Our bill ofofare is rather sub
stantial and if we live on it for three
years we ought to be huskies. A pastry
cook seems to be a fifth wheel ta this
band wagon; I guess Edward VII thinka
It must be bad for Indigestion. I had
dinner with W. S. Cranston while In Ottawa, and apent a day going around the
city works with him. He haa a mighty
nice position as assistant city engineer,
and from what I saw of it should judge
his work lo be considerably more interesting than railroad routine, no correspondence to worry witb; the chief takes
care of that assisted by a lady steno
grapher. Well, eld horse, (we have a
fellow In "I" squadron lhat lhe boya
call old horse, because anybody can lead
him tu. water hut the whole squndiou
cau't make him tlnuk ii) nothing personal.
I guess I will have to say God bless
you, Give my love to "Cy" aud remember me to nil kiud, enquiring friends.
Henderson nays we may reach Cape
Town in [4 days but Sam mie snys we
can't do it tbe way the roads ute
Yours Ever,
Prank C. Rankin.
Cranbruok Will Worry Aloif as Usual With
Utile ar Nothing.
Tbe estimatca for this district have
been made public, and those for roatls,
trails, elc. arc as follows:
General repairs  $4-75°
General construction  4,850
Tracy creek.road to Golden Fleece
and Ealella (couti Wed)  1,000
Extension to Perry creek road-. • 2,000
Road, Moyie to  "Society Girl"
group  -  1,000
Road, Kimberley to  Skookumcbuck -- 1,000
General trait construction  3,000
Bridge across Moyie Narrows  1,500
Bridge, Cranbrook  500
Bridge. Michel creek-.-  1,000
Widening Trail Blidge, Bull river 250
The appropriation for educational purposes are as follows:
For Steele:
Principal  $780
Second division - -.   600
Principal  960
Second division  780
Third        "  720
Fourth      *-"      660
Fifth        «  600
Sixth        "      -  - 600
Seventh    "       600
Janitor      "       480
Principal  - 900
Second division  720
Third "      -  600
Principal--       780
Second division       600
Teacher  - ---    600
Tobacco Plains:
Teacher    660
Moyie public buildings $500. Tbis is
in addition to $1,500 voted last year.
■ As will be seen Cranbrook lias been
left in rather poor shape. The Perry
creek road extension bas been left out,
and nothing has been done logive better
facilities for the holding of court in this
town; but in tbe future, as in tbe past,
the officials will continue to do tbe best
they can in the little dry goods box provided for that purpose.
The Nelson Buys Prove Too Strang
Oi the Ketira Game.
And tht Viiiton Were Treated In
a Royal Manner By the Nelson Boys.
Tbe Herald is moviog its office tin*
week, «n,l to fadllate matters, publishes
QUejlay ahead of time. In consequence
tiie paper is a little shy ol news.
The Herald bas ordered another lot o
type, aggregating over f 100. A friend of
tbe Herald remarked the day the
order was sent In: "Why are you sending for more type, Simpson? You have
now twice as much material as any office
in towns of this size in British Columbia." Tbat is true. But the world
moves, and nothing changes move rapidly tban style and custom in typography,
To give satisfaction to your patrons, the
job printer must not ouly keep up witb
the procession but a little ahead of it.
Some say: "Oh, that is not necessary
in a smalt town." That is a mistake.
South Bast Kootenay and Cranbrook
have their up-to-date business men.
They read and tbey observe. A job of
printing printed with type ten years out
of dale don't go with tbem. They want
modern printing. Tbe Herald has type
in its office that has not been designed
over six months, and lhe last order Includes new facet that have met with such
a degree of popularity iu lhe business
circles of Kastern Canada and the States.
Tbe Herald believes in being up-lo date.
Aud, yet, the beat of type, the latest designs, in the hands of typographical
blacksmiths, produces a most pitiful
effect. The Herald pays the highest of
union wages and bas men who have been
taught their trade in large cities, where
typographical excellence la an art. Men
cannot "pick up" the printing trade.
They must be trained by artists to be
artists. The Herald job printing gives
satisfaction. The best of material Is used,
Ihe latest In type faces, and the knowledge of modern typographical combination. Naturally there Is a moral to this
little talk. If you want job work, want
It right, want It artistic, want It modern
and wan}-to keep your money In the
district, have tbe work done at the
Herald office. We are printers of modern printing.
Tie New South Roid.
Oliver Burge relurned this week from
Elko and Tobacco Plains, He aaya tbe
engineers on the new road have worked
from Jennings north as far as lhe mouth
of Elk river, and have turned back and
are cross sectioning. Tbere tie three
routes in view, and Mr, Burge says no
one seems to know what one will be
selected. The people of Kalispell have
a party of engineers in thc field, endeavoring to locate a feasible route from
Kaleapell to Elko. This route Mr.
Burge says will be 60 miles longer tban
the Jennings route with a much heavier
grade. He (ound George Hoggarth doing a good business at his Elko hotel.
He saw Pred Roo and Julius Hurel. Roo
has an hotel, and Mr. Hurel Is wailing
for developments before he locates.
Mr. Burge left for the Lardenu Wednesday where he has some property. He
expects to return to the Tobacco Plains
country fur lhe summer,
hist Saturday the Cranbrook foot ball
team went to Nelson to play the return
game, but as the boat arrivt-d too laie to
play that night the game waa postponed
until the next day. Wheu tbe first con
lest was bad in Cranbrook, the game
was a tie. Aa a result great interest was
manifested iu the game and there was a
largecrowd present.
Tbe Nelson Tribune, of Monday, had
Ihe following account of lhe game:
"Yesterday the ground was dry aod
bard and almost every fall meant a skin
abrasion. Sticking piaster was in great
requisition and the services ofthe medical men among Ihe spectators were more
than ouce called upon. But there was
nothing very tier ion. in lhe accident
line, and uot one of tbe players was
knocked out. There were cases of shattered teeth aud the infliction of accidental wounds which under olher circuni
stances might be accepted as bad conduct marks. In football, under (he
Rugby rules, everything goes, and tbe
man who enters the contest knows what
he has to expect.
"Of the two teams the Nelson men certainly had the advantage of weight, aud
in a scrimmage this counts. They also
showed better combination work. The
game started punctually at 3:30, and
Craubrook, winning the toss, played
against the sun.
"From lhc moment the ball was set iu
motion the home team showed a lively
pace and gave tbe Craubrooks to understand that if they were to win, the battle would be a tough one. Afler some
vary pretty passing between the Nelson
three quarters, Macrae secured a try, but
the place kick failed. Prom this point
Cranbrook began, to stir up, and a more
evenly contested game was lhe result.
With the visitors working the ball up
the ground, Beale secured it from a
scrimmage, and put a fine try which was
converted into a goal amid loud applause.
Just before half time the Nelson three-
quarters again got in some good work,
which ended with Nase securing a second try, but the kick was once more a
"In tbe second half Cranbrook appeared to tire, and the Nelson men had
it nretty much their own way, Craubrook
defending but never looking dangerous.
For a long time, however, they managed
to keep their own line uncrossed, until
from a dribble by the lorwarda Houston
rccured a third try. The place kick was
taken by Lyues, aud although at a very
difficult angle, he sent the ball home,
thus giving Nelson the victory—11 to 5,
on 1 goal aud a tries to goal.'
The Cranbrook contingent have only
words of praise for the Nelson people.
From lhe time they landed until they
left it was one grand audi glorious sweet
song of unalloyed pleasure. Nothing
waa too good for the visitors and Craubrook money waa at a discount. They
have some great aporta in Nelson who
love athletics, and know bow to treat
visitors who come to play any game.
The members of the Cranbrook team
also have many words of praise (or Mr.
Haines, their manager, wbo displayed
so much consideration for all of the
boys, and tbey unanimously voted him
a "jolly good fellow" for his many acts
of kindness.
The casualties were not many. Mr.
Wallingar bad one ear badly lacerated,
and Mr. Haines lost a tooth, while several others were more or less bruised.
The Cranbrook boys desire The Herald to state that what tbey did accomplish was greatly due to the work of the
players from Fort Steele, Moyie and
Tbe players and positions were as
Craubrook.—Fullback, A. B. Fenwick;
three quarters, P. Heichmer, N. A.
Wallinger, M. A. Beale, T. Fenwick;
half-back, M. J. McDonald, H. B.
Haiues; forwards, R. Robinson, A. C
Watt, C. M. Edwards, A. C. McDonald.
R. Willimott, Holmes, Guille.
Nelson.—Fult back, F. Lynes; three-
quarter, W. R. Seattle, O. Nase, F. A.
Mscrae, A. Jeffs; half back, G. C. Hodge,
F. Pullen; lorwarda, K. V, Thomson, A.
V. Mason, A. F. Ssrgeant, T. II Forbes.
C. B. Winter, G Stillwell, H. Houston,
From I1k> Kulo Ku -U-iuhiii.
At present the condition prevailing in
connection with the market for silver-
lead ores bas brought tbis branch of
mining to a standstill. The American
Smelting and Refining company, a one
hundred million dollar combination,
which controls smelling and refining tn
the Uuited States, has refused to purchase British Columbia ores, and consequently the miners of silver and lead can
fiud no market for their output. With
this condition of affairs stating tbem
the face, il is uo wonder that the stocks
of mines, such as the Payne, the richest
silver-lead property of them all, are now
very much depressed; but if the government of Canada sees its way clear to
grant such aid as lo provide a home
market for silver lead, by the erection of
a refinery, to make the smelters independent cf the great American trust,
Silver-lend mining will again become a
prosperous industry, and stocks in such
properties should again reach promising
values. If eastern people wilh money (0
invest would put it directly into tbe
ground and uot into thc pockets of miuing brokers, lhey would stand some
chance of gelling tt bark with a goodly
amount addtd for interest. Tbere are
hundreds of properties, rich in mineral
aud easy of access, that are crying out
for development. It does nut require
any large expenJlture to show whether
or not these | ropertlea are of sufficient
value to warrant any further expenditure. To mine on syndicate basis,
where the money is put up as it is needed
for development work or to meet payments on purchase price, is lo my mind
au economical and profit producing
method to adopt. The unloading of the
hundreds of wild-cats on the unsuspecting eastern public, aud tbe consequent
dropping of an immense amount ot
money Bhould have the effect of bringing
these eastern people to tbeir senses,
and making tbem see that they have
gone entirely the wrong way about it to
make their fortune!: from the richly
laden hills of the great Pacific province
One hundred thousand dollars spent on
the floor of the stock exchange does uot
drive a tunnel one foot fartbei in a mining property iu British Columbia, and
consequently it does not assist in tbe
slightest way to make that one hundred
thousand dollar oue cent more valuable.
Of course, gambling and love are tbe
ouly two instincts that are universal.
As long as the public is willing to gamble
on mining stocks and go into it merely
with lhat end In view, tbey can be left
to look after themselves, and do as they
please about it. As a gamble they must
be prepared to lose their stakes, aud on
account of that loss tbey show themselves bnt poor gamblers If they complain and berate the country as one possessing uo mineral riches. They can be
dismissed, but tbose who invested In
mining stocks as a business, and put up
their money as a busiuess transaction
should now look about tbem for a means
to recoup themselves. The only way to
do this is to deal directly with the properties; to put money into tbe ground
Instead of into the pockets of the stockbrokers, and in time they will reap their
reward. Tbe investments thus far hsve
been altogether too precipitous, and
those putting up the money did not lend
(he smallest fraction of the business instinct that has made them successful in
other lines to the sale-guarding ol their
miniug investments. Iu this way they
have but themselves to blame; and
again, they cannot condem tbe country
on account of the fact that they foolishly
put up their money without knowing
what the returns would be. The country
is wonderfully rich, and if the money
spent an account of it is spent in it, investors may he time of large dividends
promptly realized.
Cranbrook Will Have Races and Athletics May 27 aod 28.
Arrangements Being Made for a
General Good Time for the
Two Days.
del Oat Yonr Ptogi art Baitlif.
The people of Cranbrook should get
flags and bunting ready for lhe 37th and
28th of this month, so aa to give tbe
towu a gala appearance. Let tbe visitors
to the spring meeting ofthe Turf and
Athletic association see that Cranbrook
extends a cordial welcome, and do everything possible to make the lown look
her finest,
Plenty of Improvements.
The Herald man asked Pred Pieper, of
Pieper Sl Currie, whal was going on iu
the way of improvements. "Lots,1- was
the reply. "Por instance, we are going
to paint Pred Duuionls house. Full-
james bruthers' residence, outside and
inside; painting, oiling and papering
John Hutchinson's residence; painting
W. S. Keay's house; papering John R.
Costigan's house; paiuling the interior
of tbe Baptist church; making iuiprov-
ments on P. McConnell'S residence and
store; repapering N. Hanson's house, recently vacated by W. S. Keay; painting
and papering Charles anJ Henry Parkers'
houses," and here Pieper stopped for
breath. "Oh. yes, I am also painting
five gilt signs for Mclnnes & Co's. diffier-
ent markets in South Bast Kootenay,
and start this week on painting and
decorating tbe big addition to P. Mc-
Mahou's hotel, in Moyie, besides a
bunch of work over to Port Steele."
Prlie Fl|tat la Fernie.
There is to be a 15 round glove contest
between Kd. Cuff, of Rosslaud, and Jim
Burrows, of Brooklyn, at catch weights,
for championship of British Columbia.
Tbere will be a four round preliminary
between Mike Monaghau of Scranton,
Pa., and Charles Burrows of Fernie
Reserved seats will sell at £j, and general admission fi. Con. Whelan will he
in Cranbiook ou the 14th wilb a plan.
Arrangements are being completed for
the two days sport that is to take
place in Craubrook on the 27th
and aSth, under tbe management
of tbe Cranbrook Turf & Athletic
association. Messrs. Haiues and Peltier,
the committee iu charge, have been
giving their attention to the grounds,
and men have Ik en fixing up the truck
and base ball an.l foot ball fields. James
Gill, the secreiaij, during the past week
has sent out posters ami programs to nil
the towns withiu a ndius of 200 miles.
Great interest is beiug niauifesu-d from
the outside iu both the races and the
athletic sports, aud every day Inquiries
re being received st tbe secretary's
office regarding (lie various features.
There will be large delegations fro-n
Moyie, Kimberley, Port Steele and Fernie. and the towns of Nelson, Macleod,
Calgary, lethbridge and Medicine Hat
will be largely represented. Nothing is
being left undone by the management
to make lhe two days the greates. carnival of sport ever given in South Bast
Cranbrook is fortunately situated for
events of tbis nature, as she is located in
the center of a vast district, with excellent railway communications, aud consequently easy of access. It is the intention ofthe Turf Sl Athletic association
to mike tbe coming meeting, which is
the first spring meeting, a success, ami a
starter for other** thnt  ar* to Mly« lu
be future. South Eist Koot;nay has
advanced to tbat stage where tbe people
are entitled to a few days recreation each
year. Most of them have worked about
365 days a year since coming here,
and this year is a good one to inaugura:e
the plan for a little diversion in the way
of races and games, and Tne Herald extends a cordial invitation to the people
of this territory to come to Cranbrook
ou the 17th and 281b. They n ill bave a
good lime and have an opportunity to
gtt acquainted with many people from
all over the district.
Following ia tbe program :
Gun club competition. Nelson vs.
Cranbrook; Moyie vs. Fernie. Trophy
to tbe winning team. Competition open
to contestants of above teams. Prizes,
ifold. silver and bronze medals.
Footraces. Open to amateurs only.
100 yards, % mile, % mile; obstacle race
and consolation race. Suitable pmes.
First jrize, value.
Baseball and football matches.
Bicycle races. Ji mile, ,'i mile ladies'
race, 1 mile.   Prizes.
1   3-minute class   Trot or pace,   fi-xi
1st, |6o; snd, $30; 3rd $10.
■s   ^mile dash. #75. ist, f50; 2nd, $25
3 Hotel keeper*' stake. 1 mile dash,
f IOO.    1st, $60; 2nd, £30; rd, f; ..
4 Free for all, trot or pace. (150.
ist, $75; and, fco; 3rd, (25.
5 Pony race. $40. y% mile. Heats,
2 in 3 Entrance fer $2. ist, £20; 2nd,
fio; 3rd, |6; 4th, I4.
6 Indian races- $25. % mile, best
2 in 3, Indian horses, entrance fee fi,
ist, $12; and, $3; 3rd, fj
7 Manufacturers' and merchants
stakes. £50. Gentlemen's trot or pate
Green horses to be driven to 4-wbeel
vehicles.   1st, $25; aad, f 15; 3rd, fio.
Athletic Sports. Entrance fee, 25c
eacb event. Entries close Saturday
evening, May 25th, 12 p.m. Ail events
open to amateurs only.
Horse racing. Five to enter, four (o
start. Entrance fee 10 pei cent of purse,
except events No. 5 and 6, to accompany
entries. National association rules to
govern; mile beats, three in five, to harness. No horse entitled to more tban
first money. Horses eligible May 23.
Distance So yards.
Fulcra) af Tboaaa Powers.
The remains of Thomas Powers, the
fireman, wbo was drowned al Kootenay
Landing lwo weeks ago, were recovered
last Monday and brought to Cranbrook
Tuesday for burial. Undertaker Campbell went to the landing after the body.
Services were held iuthe English church
Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Beacham officiating. The services were in charge ofthe
employes of the locomotive department,
who contributed to tbe expense, as the
deceased was not a member of thc fireman's association. Ernie Brown was
the he*d of the committee lhat look the
matter in charge. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor ami Proprietor.
The Herald desires to give tilt-* nowsof tiie
district, ir yuu know any about ymir town
your mine or your people, semi ll tu tills offlee.
uatV thence smith 12c ehstns.thonea wost ki
chains, iiiiMu'i* north IU olialns, llieneo cost io
olialns in tlio iilaoa »»t beglnniug, containing looo
aures more or less,
Haled ilie olli tiny ot May, A. 0. I'M.
Timber Notice.
riiy given tlml 1 haveapitHwl t
thaclilol coinmlssloiier ol lnmli&iul works fori
permission lo oul awl carry awny Umber rrom
iho following described lands in Soutli Bust
Kootenny. Commanding at a |M>st marked ■>- H.
MoMullln'a soutli east corner idanted near Halm-
era liar arock and the Payroll Mining Company
wuon rond, tlienoo north IM eliabw. t■»,»■-',-,
we'-t M clmliw, tlioiica soutlil«8eiiHins.tlieuoJ
e ist 80 elialns lo place of beginning, containing
uuw acres more or IM*
Dated ui cranbrook, B. C., this 6th -'ay of
Correcte4by "Hutch."
North Star 65*^
St. Kugene	
Morning Glory	
American Hoy	
8 J
Land Act Notice.
NoitcoishereityKiveii unit I hnvo made application to uie chlet pomwllsslonur ol lauds atul
winks, Victoria, ll. 0.. for n mierlnl luwase lo fill
11111 carry iiwnv llmbor on antl front lite follow-
Ing desurl 1 vaoant crown lands, iu me ills-
tri-t of eolith Bast Kootenay, li V. Couimeno-
lug at a tiosi planted on the nortli side of Tele
graph trull, about two miles wnithenst of tho
orosslug or the Blk river by tho sold trnil, in tlio
sold tiitii-t, and which post Is marked "J. I!-
costlgim's 8. W. cornet' post," thouae north Iw
clialus, tlienee oast N oltuins, llience south m
chains, tlicneo west so chains 10 place '>r begin-
ninn. containing 1000acres nnjro or less.
IMtiiJ the lind ilny nfMny, liWI.
.May. 1901,
,1. li. McMTU.lN.
Notice Is hereby given Hint om* month nfter
date llnten-ltoapplytotheobiet cominltflonor
oflnmUamlwoikslor tierinMon to iturcliasa
Hie followingdescilueil lands in Kust Koot iyi
Commencing ni n i«sl planted ui the 1011 h wen
cornerof lot toil In group 1 Kootenai dlstnot,
umi marked, "n, (lurd's s. B, (orner," tlienoe
south 80 chnins, thence wai Mohnlns, llience
o.riii so chiiiii-, th noe enst au olmlns to tho
place or ben ,lllll|i-'' oimiatnliis WO 11 res more or
Cranbrook seem to be very much oul
nf It In the appropriations made. The
Perry creek road was an improvemeut
that was an absolute necessity to a
Urge miniug community, but It was
turned dowu. 8-JUtb East Kootenay In
general, and Cranbrook in particular,
got lt very much In the neck.
Some day the people of Cranbrook
will grow weary of paying Increased
taxes each year and getting nothing tu
eturn In the way of public expenditures. 	
There Is a corner In whiskey In New
Voih. Well, It Is a pleasing change to
see whiskey cornered. It bas succeeded
la cornering many a man.
A Fire In Jacksonville, Fla., wiped out
UO solid blocks of buildings, and left
thousands destitute.
Too mnch gambling In wild-cats, too
much manipulating of stocka, too heavy
capitalization of minlDg companies and
ieo much trust control of the lead product is playing sad havoc with many
mining sections today.
.Dated this 90th day
of March 1001.
is. (HMD.
Notice is hereby given thnt 8.1 dnys nfter tlatt
1 iiiit'ini lo apply to ihe chief commissioner 0
lands and works ror permission to out nml can;
awny timber rroin Hie roi owtnu ilesorlb d Inndt
in south Bast Kooleneyt Conunenoli u nl n i«*s
marked "J.O, Hater's N, l*~ corner," planted
aoi'lwlM norlh of J.T. Pntt n's pre-emption,
aOuill tno  miles 1101th of  1'iaiilnnok, tlicnc
west 80 elinlns, tlicnce£soutli 1-20 elialns. theno
east no chnins, more or It ss i» tlio west limit of
Ueorge Ijuirlo'a pre-empt Inn, thence noith W
chnins more or less to tha south I uut ol said
ration's pre-emption, thenco west iu chulns
mure or legs to Hie south-west coiner of saiil
hitton'i pre-emption, llicnce north looohnlns io
ihe plnoe or beginning, uonticnUig iimw acres
more or lest,
Dittetl this 1st dny of April, 1W1,
,1, U. hl.ATKIt.
Notice is iie;t*iiy given Unit sidays ii'iei* iiaie
1 iiiien-i to apply to thc cider eouunissloner of
irks r ir pertnlssli
tot Ki
it nnd carry
ig described 1 mis,
liy:     t'iUllliiei|.hiL>
I "Ferdinand Mater's south enst
1 *jo obainanonh or lhe nordi
. Ti Nation's pra-emptloit, nml
as north of crnnbrook thenco
1, tlienee wesi l-.'u chains,
0 elinlns, theuce enst l'i chains,
elinlns, theuce etui so chnins t >
n u mt1 ucc men 1,  containing K10O
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
ni. ims .".iiiiivot March
Thirty days nfter "lute l will apply to the chief
commissioner of kinds and works ror n Bpeclal
llceaio to out ami carry nwny timber from the
t-jllowlnu described lands in Kast Kootenay:
Cotniliencln I at a posl planted about throe miles
nnrlli ot oranhrook on the Norlli 8|nr nntn.-ii,
near mile posl No- H, on the west side or right of
way marked Pi-tar l.unils soulh east corner,
thence running north EM chains, Iheuce wesi i*jn
olmlns, tlicnoe south go clialus, llicnce east iso
ch'ilns lo point or e»iii lumceiuaut.
I.o,atcd hy 1'eter l.iuidthls-.'iiid tlay of March,
Wl, I'KTKlt ItUN-Ui
Und Acl Notice.
Take notice that I ImveTnppllei to the chief
commissioner of lands ami works at Victoria,
It. t ■„ for n ijHWlal license to cut n tl carry awny
timher on nnd from tho following described
\hi ant crown lands lu lhc district of South Kast
Kootenny, it. 0, < omtneiu-lng ut n post planted
uu lhe mirth side of Telegraph Hull, ahoilt three
miles southeast of thc crossing of the Klk river
liy tlie saiil nail In the said district, und which
posl Is marked "tl illesel 8 N. \V. corner post,"
Iheuce south IHU olialns, llicnce oast *(> cliai'.B,
thence 110 111 12". u. milts, llience WeBt hO-cliuiiut lo
place of beginning, containing iowii ires mure or
Cl utted the 2nd dny of May, VM.
Take notice; Thai I, li. P. King Intend to
apply to the commissioner or lands uud
works for special license to cut and t-ary
away timber from the following described lands
oointnctiolng nt tho south west corner nf West's
pre-emption, henr Sinhtia lake, four miles west or
Cranbrook, thence west 120 olialns* thence north
HOilinlns, thenee east 130 chaint, tlienoe south
Bloilg tlie west line of West's pre-emption aforesaid "-ichilits 10 the polni otomnmeiioQinent,
Dated at ranhrook, 11 t'. ihe 10th day or
March, 1001 O. V. KINO.
New Denver has a baseball cluh.
Slocan is now duly Incorporated ns a
Minister Turner hns resigned to take
thc position of generul (incut for the province in London.
Silverton will celebrate the 24th of
A MaEonic lodge is to be organized at
The Eveuing World is tbe name of the
new Rosslaud daily. May ii live lone
■nd prosper Is the wish of The Herald.
Kaslo will celebrate the 24th of May
in an enthusiastic manner.
Nelson merchants are cloning their
places of business on Thursday after-
noon to give their employers an half
The Silvertorian, of Silverton, has
reduced its size to be in better keeping
with its patronage. That's good business.
The Foresters lodge of Moyie will give
• dance on the night of May 24th.
According to the Grand Forks Gpzelte,
Jim Wardner, the champion townsite
boomer of British Columbia, has secured
an option on 2,001 acres of land at tbe
junction ofthe west fork with tbe north
fork ofthe Kettle river, and has gone
east to Hoat lhe scheme. The proposed
townsite company will also do something with mines in that locality.
There is a report in circulation in Vancouver lhat premier Dunnmutr haB received an offer of a large sum for his railway on Vancouver Island, together with
the coal mines situated there. The offer
Is said to have been made by J. I'.
Lynch, who has beeu in Victoria for
several days and is the accredited representative of J. I'ierpont Morgan and J. J.
Revelstoke Herald: Besides the
changes among thc C. V. K. officials
noted iu uur last issue thc following additional order has been since published:
A new division is created, the Lake Superior divisiuu, which will be composed ul
•II the main line between Chalk River
•nd Port Arthur and all brunch Hues
connected therewith. T, Williams, at
present division superintendent, al London, Unt., bas beeu appointed general
auperinteudeiit ofthe new division, with
head quart trs at Tort Arthur.
The Order of Railway Telegraphers
now claim a membership of 24,000, and
its officers say the jurisdiction of tbe
organization is beiug rapidly extended
to all sections of the country.
Phoenix Pioueer: Wednesday was
pay day iu camp, ami over $50,000 was
distributed for wages alone, us follow.*':
Miner-Graves syndicate, $27,000; Hum
11 ion Copper company, $20,000; Snow-
shoe, $$ 5°o.
Land Nolice.
Thirty days after dnte I lnlend lo apply lo
chief Commissioner or hands,und wm.ks for
permission to purchase the following deiurtbed
land: Commencing at the north east corner or
Thos, heusk's pre-emption ou I'eny Creek, run-
ingcuM 10 chains, theuce south Bflchains, thenee
west 40 chulns tlienoe iionhflO chains to point of
Cheater MoAriam.
Land Acl Notice.
Take nolice that I huve applied lo Utc cider
commissioner of lands and works ul Victoria,
B.C., for 11 special license tn cul und carry away
limber on ami rrom lhe following described
vacant anmn lauiis, in the diHtr.ct of H,mtli
Kast Kooteuay. Commencing nt a post piunt d
on ihesoiiih side of Telegraph Trail, uhout one
half mile south of Hie crossing of the Klk ri*,er
hy the said trail, In the suld district, und wlHOli
pu-it li marked "W. w. imbu-', n. ic, corner
land Acl Notice.
Take notice thai I linve applied to the chief coni-
mis-liiiier of lands uud works ul Victoria, H, U.,
fnr a special license lo cut nml carry nway limber on nnd from the following described vacant
crown lands In the district of south ICiust Kooieuay, U.O. Commencing at a 1*0*1 vinuted nn
tlie north side nf Telegraph trull, ahuuttlirc
iiiili-ssiiuthcii-.t of Die crossing of tne Klk river
by tlie said trail. In the suit! (listrlct and which
pnst is marked "O. I'. o'Kelly's M. W. coi
past," thence nnrlli i.-fi chains, thence easl no
rhal.is, llience soutli  IM chains, llieneo west Hii
hams 10 place of  b"i;iuiilnn, cwitnlilhii;  ii'**u
acres more or less.
Dated the -.'nd day of .May, trot,
•ar. okku.v.
Und Acl Nolice.
Take nolice tlmt 1 have applied to the elder
uominissionei ot Undo ond worksat Victoria, 11.
('., for u special license tit ent anil carry away
Umber on und from the following described
vacant crown binds In the dtstilcl of Soutli Kast
Kootenayi H. C, (om nenclng ut u post planted
on the south side of telegraph trail, about two
miles south east of the crossing or Elk river by
the snlil trail, in tbo suid district, und which
post Is marked "George miller's N.W. cornet
nost," thence south itn chnins, thenoo enst Hi
chains, tlienoe north im chains, tlienoe weal mi
chulns to place or beginning, containing 1000
acres more or less.
Ibiled llie 2nd dny or May, nun.
«t,0, HIM.IKU.
Land Acl Nolice.
Notice Is liereliy fflveii that I have made np-
plh atlnii to the chief commissioner of lands nnd
worksat Victoria, II. ('., for n special Un use to
tail nnd curry nway timber on and from the following described vuoaat crown lauds in tlte district oi smith Kust Kooteuay, 11.0, Commenc-
ing at a put planted on tlie south side of Telegraph trail, about une- half mile fiom tlm crossing of the Klk river by tlie said trail, In the said
district, ami wlilcli post Is marked "Malcolm
Mchui'-s' 8, W. cnier pust," thenee norlli l-jfi
chains, tlienee east hi chains, tlienee south 130
elialns, luenee west -so c.inuis lo place of be
i; in iiln*.;, containing looo acres more or less,
Dated i ranbrook, 11.0, May 2nd, nm.
Land Acl Notice.
Take notice ihnl I have applied to Die chief
commissioner of lands and works ut Victoria, 11.
f., lur a special license to out and carry uwuy
limber on und Tr»m the following described
vacant crown lauds. In lhe dlstilct or Month Mast
Kootenay, II, O, Commencing at a posl planted
at the north wist corner or lot 'JW, group 1,
Kootenay district; nml which post Is marked
"Kdwnrd CahiH'8 S, W. corner post." tlienee
north m clialus, llieneo cast no chains, thence
south lis chums, thenee west so chains, to pine
of beginning containing 1000 acres more or lea-
Dated the 2nd tlay or May, A. I). 1001,
Take notice; I, ,1, II. King, W days afler
dite intend 10 apply to llie commissioner Df
laud* ami works for special license to cut ami
carry away Minher rrom tlie following described
lands: Commencing at a post on the north cast
corner of Weil's pre-emption, near smith lake,
i*:ust Kootenny, running west un chains, thonoc
nortli ho chains, tbence eust l-.fl chains, 1 Hence
-oiillisnclialus lo point of I'omincueemeiit.
March in, iwi, .1, 11. kino.
DTako notice: lhat l, John Ulirle Intel! I to
apply to the Commissioner or lands ami works
for special license to cut und carry awny timber
rrom the following lands 1 Commencing nt the
soulh eust corner or West's pre-empt on near
Mui. ii lake, 4 miles west of Cranhrook, tlienoe
enst lit) elinlns, thenee north mi chulns, tlienee
west  1.11 chains, thenee soutli along the eust
hounilry ol West's pre-emption aforesaid, B0
chains 10 the point of commencement,
Dated nt Craubrook, 11. fl, this Kith day nr
March, |mi,   . John lauiuk.
Take notice I It. S. McNeil :i*i days nfter dale
1'iteml to apply to the commissioner of lands and
works to purchase Hie Following described lauds,
t'lnnniiMiciiig ai smith-west corner of pre-emption No. 705, nenr l*atincr*8 bur, tlienee north 80
chnins, thenee west 40 chains, llience -nuiii sn
chains, thence cast 10 olmlns to plac-J or cum-
A| riiah, tOOl. It S, McNKIl,.
Tuke notice: 81 days ufter tloto, I, R, K,
lienilic, In'eud tonppiy to tlm coinmlsslnnor ot
lauds and works for special license tti cur nnd
cur y away Umber rr 111 thn following described
lands, commencing nt a post, on the soutli ensi
comer of John Hamilton's preemption, n-ar
Hiniths lnke, Knst Kootenny, running east 4a
elialns, tlienee norlli 100 chains, llience west DO
chain*, theuce smith so elialns, tlienee east 4n
cimius, thence south bo otiufui to pmut at mm*
menoement. it. k. jikattik.
March 111, 1001,
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ol principal and Interest, except In the
case ot lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inlo ten Instalments as
shown In the table below; Ihe Ilrst lo be paid al the time ol purchase, Ine second one year Irom dale of Ihe purchase, Ihe third In
Iwo years and ao on.
The following table shows Ihe amount ot the annual instalments
on 160 acres at different prices under Ihe above conditions:
160 acrs al J2.50 per acr, Ist Instalment $,W.M
9 equal Inlal'ls at $50.00
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting; chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Tenuis and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt  Jt   Jl
At the	
Herald Office
Tommy's City Bakery
la making Ihe (lowers bloom.
Is miking Tommy's business bloom.
It you want health lo bloom
Eat Tommy's Bread, Cakes aad Pastry,
The besl blooming product In the city.
Shipped to ill parts of South East Kootenay.
Delivery to iny part of Ihe city.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on us for plans and Ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone snmlltig a nketch and dencrlptlnn mny
  ' -    * "--- whotber au
— , , ,. ~.  Commitn|o*.
tioiiRHirlGllrcoiiDilcntlnl. Hundliookon Pitenti
'    i. Old  ' 	
quickly naiiortnln our opinion frao
invention In jirntinbly put cut nblo. '
 '-■■ -■"■'-"itmli    —" *
.....J. froe. ulneit fluency foi-sseurltiK dl.	
1'iitetiii luki'ii turouub Munn ft Co- reimfre
iptclal nutlet, wit limit, chargo. In tba
Scientific American.
A handsomely llluntrated weekly,   t.nrcent circulation uf uny iH'liinttll-- ]mirnnl.    Tornm, 9') a
; four immt In, |1. Sold by all nowmleolom.
Kimhprl-pv 's lhe business and shipping point ior the
6 "v North Slar and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is t,le •J'vis*ona- P°'nt of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.51) per acre ire sold
on shorter lime.
II the lud Is paid lor In lull nt the
lime ol purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will he allowed equal lo ten per
cenl on the amount paid In excess ol the
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cenl will be
charged In over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots lor sale
In the following town sites in Easl Kootenay: Elko, Cranhrook, Moyelle, Kltch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for the traveling public.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
Tlie only all mil route between all
points Kust, West ntul South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. K. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer tor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally tor
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Dally   for
Giand Forks and lireenwood.
H. A, JACKSON, den. Pail. Aft.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Sleele, B. C.
"<- Builder dt
The Cranbrook
! Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
::::Craubrook, B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu'to-Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on tbe
premises. No need to send your
work out of town, especially so
when it cau be done as well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding oq hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Direct route to all
East j West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan,
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily     West       daily 1610
I6|t0 " East "    7t50
13-00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
Por time tables and lull information, call on
or address nearest local agent.
A. 0. P. A. Agent,
Vancouver. B.C. Cranbrook
J. S. CARTER, D, P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
There are a few points (o
be considered in building.
,-„.,-SCo.a8,l"''«i»'* New York
8raut.fi Office, lift V Ht., Waililniiluii, D. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk o! Uoinuiprce Rids.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Hive you talked witb anyone about building?
Come and iee me or let me iee you. II may
do us both good.
(•iiANiiRooK Contractor.
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk	
Morning or evening to
the people ot Ganbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church. n  T  *     The
Egyptian Oala lor seeding—small quan-1 W •   I"*.   1 Al-6,   Jewels
lilies ie per pound; in quantities, fjsper
Olllclal Walcb laspector lor C. P. R.
First class line ol Jewelry, Clocks,
and Silverware alwaya In stock,:: THE  HERALD.
A Btat-tmout Eiiiibltiuic Piogrw . Stttblt-
llliy antl **n ■-■-■•■-v.
It la always a, pleasure tu be able
to review the financial statement of
une uf our Canadian institutions, especially when that statement exhibits progress, stability and success.
The annual report of the Manufacturers Life, published iu tbis issue, is
one which shows such unmistakable
signs of careful management, combined with a spirit uf progress, that
pulley holders in it are to bo congratulated, ami Ihose proposing to
Insure in it need uu additional guarantee that their interests will lie well
In a year lu which competition was
very keen Uie company received applications for Insurances   amount ing
to over ?U,000,000, ami issued policies for $2,070,705, Tho applications rejected by the company us not
coming up to its medical standard
was tho large   proportion  of   ovor
10 per cent ol Die application received. The total volume of busl-
nese now uu Lho company's bonks Is
ovor $16,000,000, while.ilie cash Income frum premiums ami Interest,
Una increased frum $300,108 ln 1H04
tu |000,717 iu I'.mhi. During tl.e
year tin- company disbursed io pul
ieyhoklers, fur endowments, dividends, surrendered policies and
ileatb claims, the substantial sum uf
9127,605, added tu the reserve fund
fur thu security of policy holders
$838,405, and increased at the same
time its surplus by |67,363.n5.
A careful review of thc company's
business fur tho past six years wns
made by Prof. Dr. James Mills, in
which he showed that, wlillo in .1804
the assets of the company amounted
to $831,831, they now have reuu.u!
the largo figures of $2,270,171). As
an indication of Iheir excellent character, only some $500 of overdue interest existed on the Slst December
iu respect of the whole of them- The
expenses for several years past ha.vu
shown a gradual decrease, and in
1000 the chairman stated that Die
ratio of expenses was about 1*4 per
cent, less than it was two years ago.
ln every important particular, as
pointed out by Mr. It. L. Patterson,
it is shown that in tho past year
marked advances wero made in all
those essentials which tend toward
the building up of a sound and
healthy Institution. The cash income increased by over $84,000; the
assets by over $460,000; the policy
reserve by over $328,000; surplus ou
policyholders' account by over $330.-
000; and the insurance in force by
over $1,000,000. These are handsome increases, and speak abundantly of tlie managerial conduct of the
company's affairs by Mr. J. F. .lun-
kin, its* managing director.
The important step taken by the
Manufacturers nnd tho Temperance
and General, In deciding to unite
their interests, is one, which will,
undoubtedly, tend to Becure even
greater economy in administration,
nnd consequently increased benefits to
the policyholders, nnd, in view of
the thorough Investigation mnde by
the independent authority into tho
affairs of both companies, it is confidently believed that even greater
progress will bo mnde by tho combined companies in the future has
been mnde by either institution in the
Gentlemen—While driving down a
vory steep hill last August my horse
stumbled and fell, cutting himself
fearfully about thc hend and body. I
used MINARD'S LINIMENT freely on
him and in a few days ho was ns
well as ever.
Cmililn'l   Rcitat.
Mr. Trnveil-Yes, we luul n line time
In Florida, but Uiy wife got dreadfully
slt-k one duy.
Mr. Stnytoine-lteiilly? Thnt wns too
Mr. Trnvell-Yrs. VOU see. she's A
poor sillier, but nne Of tllO boittmen uf-
1'i'ivil to lnke us both OUI fur 00 cents
Iustend of $1.   or course thnt wns a
UtrgUlU Mill, nu.l she simply lutd tO go.
-Philadelphia Prow
• Ilii-il
Tho Practice of Tithing n Tonlo In Spring
In Deicemlctl from Our XV Ur Fore*
father!anil Has Go-oil Mt-illi nl Entlode-
incut A Warn Suggestion* Begunllng
The practice of taking a tonic dur-
the inclement weather of early
spring is one that bus been boquoatll-
d us by our forefathers, who lived iu
days when a sturdy const itut ion'niul
vigorous health meant even more
tlmn they tio today.   The custom bus
the highest medical endorsement, and
tho healthiest   people are   those  who
follow it. Thousands uoi roally 111,
need a tonlo at this Boas oil, t'losu,
confinement    in    badly      ventilated
houses,   oftlces,     shops     mul     school
rooms, during tho win tor    months,
mnkes pooplo fool nepi't'ssed unit "uill-
of sorts." Nature must be assisted
fu throwing off Hie poison llmt. hns
accumulated iu lhe system, also pooplo full uu easy prey   lo disease uud
o subject to many discomforts from
Us, eruptions niul similar troublos,
Dr. Williams' Pink I'ills for Vale Pooplo are tha best touii* medicine known
to medical science; These pills iniike
rich, retl blood und Strong nerves,
Through Iheir use in spring lime,
tided, listless, easily l ired men,
vomen and children are mado bright,
active and strong. Evidence of the
vonilerful health restoring virtue Of
hoao pills is given by Mrs, .1. Lang-
lolB, 050 LafQntaln street, Montreal,
who Bays:—"Before I began using Pr.
Williams' Pink Pills 1 was under lhe
nro of two doctors who told me my
trouble was developing into consumption. 1 wns very pale and
feeble; had no appetite and could
hardly stand on my foot, I was very
much discouraged and thought death
was staring me in the face. I had
often read of Dr Williams' I'ink Pills,
nnd finally decided to try them. After I had used three boxes my appetite was much better, and I felt a
littlo stronger. I. continued the uso
of tho pills for three months when I
felt fully cured. When I began using
the pills, I only weighed 02 pounds,
and when I discontinued thein my
weight had increused to 110 pounds.
I nlso gave the pills to my baby,
who was pale and sickly, and they
made him a bright, rosy, fleshy child.
I think there is no weak or sickly
person who will not find benefit from
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills."
It is a waste of money to experiment wilh olher so-called tonics
which aro all cheap imitations of Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills. Insist upon
getting the genuine, and if they are
not sold by your dealer send direct
to the Dr. Williams' Medicine Co.,
Brockville. Ont., and the pills will
be mailed post paid, at 50c n box,
or six boxes for $2.50.
■cant the Editor.
It Is related of Mr. Hearst that for a
long time he edited The Journal with
his feet—that ls> In order to get the
perspective of tho make up, he laid the
paper on the floor nnd, polntlug out
with his toe, dictated as to whnt should
be killed, what changed ond whnt enlarged. Newspaper gossip hns It thnt
tn doing this one night he kept his foot
on nn editorial which should have been
killed nud which very soon caused
grievous trouble. Mr. Hearst Is but
85 years old. Ho has socialistic tendencies, but hns nevertheless been heard
to say thnt he regnrded Mr. Rockefeller as one of the best nnd greatest of
American citizens; this, too, whilo ever
pursuing the Standard Oil trust. Ills
explanation Is that such enormous
wealth must be kept In check and tbat
the magnates must understand that
tho people know all about them. Mr.
Hearst Is a hard worker, and there is
scarcely a morning at Ii when be is not
to be found In the composing room.
He can do anything on a paper from
setting typo to writing editorials.—Allen Saugree ln Alnslee's Magazine.
AMtomlf.nl CmwtaaltT Which U Pui-
rihiK I'l-llii-iMiihlu rh-f-alfllan**-,.
The human pincushion walked Into
the Hahnemann huspital a few nights
ugo and startled the doctors by asking
them to take two needles out of bis
heart. He Is Hugh Gloster, about -'*"'
yenrs old, Who gave as his residence
1U1S Wood street aud told the doctors
he makes a living by swallowing nails,
pushing pins and needles Into his chest
aud hammering tacks Into his che-tks
at a dime museum.
"You see, tonight, doc," said he when
the medical meu hnd recovered their
breaths, "I wns glvlu my regular show,
but I got careless when It came to the
niiicushion net. I had Just hammered
a dozen tncks into my face ond wo*
procecdlu to jam a couple of big needles Into my chest when they slipped lu
loo fnr. and I couldn't get them out."
"Are they In thero yet?" nsked the
doctors seriously,
"Yes," replied the human pincushion.
"I tried to Jock them out with a darn-
iu needle, but they're stuck In somc-
1 hin lutrd ami won't come out. I
thought mebbe yotise gents might like
to tnke n shy nt the Joh nnd get them
ont for tne."
Qloster was then laid out on tho op-
ending table, but considered It n huge
Joke when the doctor nsked if he wauted ether.
"Me ether?" he reiterated ln scorn.
"Why, sny, doc, -give me that big
butcher knife of yours there, and I'll
Jab it Into nny part of me and laugh
nt tbo samo time."
The doctors set to work nnd In a few
minutes found two good sized needles
sticking into tht» edge of the fourth
rib. They hnd slipped under the skin
ond caught Iu the cartilaginous matter
around the hone. The doctors took
them out with somo little difficulty,
Gloster laughing and directing their
When he had been served, the human pincushion sat up nnd entertained
the doctors In return "for their little
kindness." He drove tacks Into his
face until his features looked like
those of a mnn with smallpox, lit*
likewise ran long nails Into the calrcs
of his legs. Theu he snid ho "bad enjoyed the evening Immensely.'
There never waa, and never will be. I
universal panacea, In one remedy, for all Ills
to which flesh is heir—the very nature of
many curatives boing such that were the
germs of other and differently seated diseases rooted in tho system of tho patient-*
whet would relieve one 111 In tarn wuuld an*
gr.ivHt-0 the other. We bave, however, in
Quinine Wine, when obtainable in a sound,
unadulterated Btate, a remedy for many and
grievous Ills. By Its gradual and judicious
use the frailest systems are led into convR-
lescence and strength by the influence which
Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives,
It relieves the drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic state of morbid despond-
ency and luck of n.tero-t in life Is a dlsense,
and, by tranquillizing tho nerves, disposes to
sound snd refreshing Bleep—imparls visor
to the action of the blood, which, being
stimulated, courses throughout the veins,
strengthening the heathy animal functions
of the Byotem, thereby making activity •
neceBsnry result, Mrenglliening tbe frame,
and giving life to the digestive organs, wbloh
naturally demand Increased substance—xo*
Bult, improved appetite. Northrop tt Lyman,
of Toronto have given to tlie public their
superior Quinine Wine at the usual rate, and,
gauged by the opinion of scientists, this
wine approaches nearest perfection of sny la
tbe market.   All druggists sell it.
Tourist In Village (polutlug to a p»-
eulfar chimney on a cottage, which Is
bent nnd twisted In n most fantastic
manner)—1 sny, my man, does that
chimney druwV
Uustlo-'Ueed, sn It docs, sir. It
draws tbo 'tcntlon of every fool that
passes here!
A Different MiHter.
Hostess (at pnrty)-Aud does your
mother allow you to bnve two pieces of
plo wheu you nre nt home, Willie?
Willie (who has asked for the second
piece)—No, mo'am.
Hostess - Well, do you think sbe
would liko you to have two pieces
Willie (confldcntly)-Oh, sho wouldn't
care. This Isn't ber pie, you know.—
Thry All Do It.
Plneky-Now, when I drink nt a pul He
fountain I alwnys put my lips st tlie edge
of tlie cup, nenr tbu handle, to avoid contamination,
Cynlck-Ycs, I've noticed overybody
dues tbat.—Ohio Btate Journal.
The Time flail In Cairo.
In countless wnys Is the world growing more nnd more like one hugo city,
remarks the Newark Sunday Call. Now
comes the news thut the time ball bus
spponred In fnroff Cairo and that It Is
dropped nutomutlciilly at IS m, every
dny. Lste In Ihls month the time bull
will begin business In Alexandria. But
more than this, they hnve Just established sn Interchange of weather tele-
grains, sent out nt 8 o'clock every
morning, between Cairo, Alexandria,
Athens, BrlndlBl, Beirut and Mnlia.
The latest is that Omdnrman, which
Kitchener took from the Bedouins so
short s time ngo, is getting ready for a
time bull like Alexandria nml Onlro
(iiiiinihiB Her Teeth.
it is easy to misunderstand and easy
to be misunderstood, nnd sometimes,
Impplly, it is easy to glvo ami to accept
uu expliinnllon.
"1 did Ihlnk 1 WOUld never come to
sw you ngnin," said a cousin of lho
prominent society womnn who had
come to the eo.mlr.v to visit her and
wns about to stmt home wnrd. "It's
kind of you to nsk nte, of course, but 1
remember that when 1 wus at your
house In thu city, two yenrs ngo, ynu
ditl not seem glial to see in<\ You were
kind antl hospitable, of course, but I
remember you did not smile once during the entire two weeks of my stay."
To her astonishment, bw city cousin
burst Iuto n nt of laughter.
"Mnrla," she snid, "just before you
came I had the misfortune to break the
porcelain 'crown' from ono of my new
front teeth, and ns my dentist wns out
of town on his vacation I had to wait
for his return. I didn't dare to smile
when nny one was looking nt mo, for
fenr of showing tlu.- ghastly metallic
'bnck' to which tbe porcelain hnd been
attached. It wns a strain, Marin, but
1 wns equal to It, nnd I did not want to
have to explain."
And ber smile, now without a
chnnlenl flaw, re-enforced the renewed
Invitation.-Youth's Companion.
Burnt and fllauar.
"Tbey sny tlmt Hubert Burns la aU
bis poetry never clamored for wealth,
though at times he sadly needed It"
"I'm not suro about that Don't you
remember that he wrote, 'Oh, wad
some power tho glftle gle usV "
"What of UV"
"Why, don't yon see that hn'i asking
for a -wadf "
FernnibnlnUnc Omit Dalrlei,
There nre a couple of European dairies In Athens whose proprietors keep
cows, but they do busiuess mostly with
the foreigners and with those Greeks
who ape foreign manners. Your genuine
Athenian believes the gont to be the
proper milk producing animal, and he
regards tbe cow In this connection
nbout the same ns Americans do the
The milkman takes his nnlmals with
him, Jangling tbeir bells and sneezing,
"tinln!" be shouts, with a quick, startling cry, with a "g" whose guttural
quality is unattainable by adult learners aud usually unpercelved by them.
Wben a customer comes to the door,
be strips the desired quantity Into the
proffered receptacle before ber vigilant
eyes, selecting ono of the goats and
paying no ntteation to the others, who
understand the business as well as he
docs. Patiently they stand nbout, chewing the cud or resting on contiguous
When their master moves on, they
arise and follow, more faithful than
How Do Yuu rrononnct "Dost"
How do .vou pronounce "dog?" Tht
chances are thnt. If you nrenn average
Massachusetts citizen, you pronounce
the "o" rather broad, like "o" In song.
Tho Century Dictionary, which Is a
very Indulgent dictionary Indeed, allows you to pronounce It so if you
wish, but no other dictionary does.
You should really sound the "o" ns in
not. Likewise how do you pronounce
"hug?" Even the Century won't let
you say "Imwg." This reminds mo
that a friend hns written tho following
beautiful but abstruse poem:
.    HY   POO   ANU MV   POO.
,A li-Nt-m In |>roiiunc1>tlon.]
1 (iiiit owned a rovlntf bog
Ami UlltfWllM n tittle Aug,
Whom I chained unto ■ i-n
TottHD Iilm tram »!««
Which wai iK-or.
Thai my Willful Unl.* ilivrf,
l)(-i|illf! Un- i.. nn |inl lawic,
Would I'ni-ii. tint rovlnic lmwi
Ami got drowned In tin- l>*"f
Wu my Icor.
W I,
inu       U.
Evidently the Day of Miracles
in Not Yet Over.
The Restoration to Health of Wm.
Doeg Who Had Not Left His Room
in Years.— Rheumatism of the Worst
Kind Completely Cured.
(Sunbridge Echo.)
The Echo lias taken the trouble to
Investigate the circumstances uud cun
Vouch for the truth of tho following
Interesting story in iin every particular,
Almost everyone in this neighborhood knows Mr. Win. Doeg.    In 1878
Mr, Doeg moved from the Township
Of Osprey, in Gray County, to lot 19
in tho thirteenth concession of strung
Township He has since umde many
friends, und nil who know him speak
of him in the highest terms.
Some time ufter he came to this
part he was Htricketi with rheumatism. It gradually grew worse and
worse till for tho lost four yeurs he
bus been u confirmed Invalid, nnd ns
consequence bus not been seen in
town at ull. He hus sut night and
duy in liis choir, unable to move or
Ic a step for mouths. Tbe pain
never left him. It commenced ln hi-u
buck, nnd the torture he had to beur
win terrible. From his buck it would
sometimes move to other parts of bis
body, wis knees were fearfully painful at times. The truth is, that for
four long yeurs the poor mun did not
have a single moment's respite from
the racking of this dreadful disease.
Mr. Doeg says : "It makes me
shudder to look buck upon that awful tour yeurs. Even the thought of
It is dreadful. How I ever lived
through it I do not know, but 1
tliuuk Cod that he has at last restored me to health and strength with
nothing of the rheumatism left but
tho memory of it."
Mr. Doeg is a changed man. Halo
and hearty he now enjoys every moment of his new life to the full.
[low  did the change come about?
Tl.ii Is the question which Mr.DOSg
is most delighted to answer. He had
tried* the treatment of several physicians and had tiBed almost every medicine known as a cure for rheumatism, but be got no relief.
"I gave them ull a fair chance,
too," said Mr. Doeg to Thc Echo,
'but nothing seemed able to give me
even temporary relief. 1 grew despondent and despaired of ever leaving that dreadful palu behind me.
"One day I re** in a newspaper
thu testimonials of some who suid
they hud been cured of rheumatism
by Dodd's Kidney Tills. I hadn't
much faith In anything by this time,
but I sunt for one box of thc pills
and commenced. I noticed an Improvement and kept on, and look at
me now."
Mr. Doeg certainly doesn't look
like an Invalid now, and it is hard
for one who had not seen him in his
sick room to believe that six months
ngo he couldn't walk.
"Have you any objection to making and signing a written statement
of the whole thing for publication in
The Echo?" was nsked Mr. Doeg.
"None whatever. I will be glad to
do so, for 1 want every person suffering as I was with rheumatism to
know that Dodd's Kidney Pills will
cure them, and I do hopo that my
statement will bo rend by all such
This is Mr. Doeg's written statement :—
For four years I sulTored excruciating torture, during which time 1 was
scarcely an hour free from pain. The
I rouble commenced in my back,
where it often remained stationary
for months, ond so intense wus tlie
pain that 1 could not lie down or
take rest, but hnd to sit night and
day in a chair. Tho pain would then
remove to other parts of my body
and when in my knees I was unablo
to walk, and conllned constantly ■
my room. I was treated for rheum-
tlsm by several doctors and also
tried many medicines without receiving any benoilt. Almost in despair 1
feared I would nover again experience thc plensure of boing freo from
Last spring my attention was directed to somo remarkable cures of
rheumatism effected by Dodd's Kidney PI Is, recorded in the public
prints. I procured a box, and soon
found that they wero doing me good,
so I kupt on, till now I can say 1
am a new man entirely free from
pain, and havo continued so for over
six months, being able to attend to
my dully duties on the farm and feel
strong nnd ublo for work.
I verily believo this great change
bus been eflectcd by the Ubc of Dodd's
Kidney Tills, and I think it my duty
to make this statement public for tho
benefit of nny one allllcted as I was.
Win. Doeg, Sunbridge.
This is a plain, unvarnished statement of fact ns wo have found it,
and every reader of Thc Echo, especially those who know how bad Mr.
Doeg was, will agree that It Is a case
without  parallel  in  the history    of
the community.
Clever Hllkloi.
"Ttllklns* wife fouud some poker
chips lu his pocket."
"Well, nilklns told her they were
•cough lozenges."
"Clever of BilkltiB, wasn't It?"
"Very—she swallowed two and very
nearly died."—Ohio State Journal.
An Unpleaiant llelatlv*.
"Her rich old uncle Isn't a bit nice to
her. Is he?"
"Nlcel He's borrld! Why, be
threatens ber awfully!"
"Threatens her?"
"Yes, threatens to leave all bla money
to a hospital for asthmatic cats."
Montreal, April 5.—F. II. Clergus,
of Sault Hu*. Marie, t.ays thai tour
Bteamcrs ore now loading In Drlstol
channel direct for Sault Bta   Marie.
They will be loaded down to M feet
for through trips und will cross the
Atlantic is toot deep, the difference
being the cargo for Montreal. When
the steamers get into Luke Erie tin;.
will tuke cool, bringing them down
to 13 feet again.
stats op oaio,Orrr of Toledo, i
Fi'AN'K J CnBim in .kts until tluit lie Ih lie
senior partner oi tin- tirm of F. J, ukskht &
co, dun it Era-rioon in th- I'itv nf Toledo,
County uid State afor-amld. and that «iid tirm
will u-f tlie -um ..! hm-! ut'XDUtD DOL-
Alts fur each mnl every caw of catarrh th-tt
ennnot tit-run*.i |'\* tin* UtOOt ItAl.l.'S CATABRU
Sworn t.i before mo and BuoBorU-ed in my
pnaenos. thu oth iiny of December, A.D., tsw
, •*— » A. W.OLBA&ON,
I seal \ Sutary I'ttUic.
Hull f (nlnrth Cure tl ink n inti-mully nnd
pt-iB diiet'ilv on ihe i Iood nml muoqui *urluces
of tin- systt-m.   s>*ii i -.*r tt*v-ilitioni*il.«, fn-o.
I' J  t'UKNKY (sCW-.Tuludu O.
Sold bv DrU([g.iKUc.
lhiul-iimiiy Pills are the best.
London! April S.—At Smyrna, on
the strength of minors that the
Jews bud murdered a Creek lad for
ritual purposes, ten thousand Infuriated  Creeks stormed  the ghetto.  The
Turkish troops Charged the mob with
bayonalSa    one    person  being    killed
ami  fourteen others wounded.
Then  Wh) r
"So the doctor won't let you smoke.
ehV" snid Browue ns he applied n
match to his weed. "Sorry for you, old
man. 1 can't Imagine any greater
pleasure thnn a good cigar nfter din
"So?" replied Towne, Bll I fling. "Then
why do you deny yourself ihat pleas
nre?"—Philadelphia l'ress.
SKEPTICISM.-Thia la unhappily an
-age of skepticism, but thore la one point
npon which peraona acquainted with tho subject auree, namely, thnt i )r. Thomas' Kelee.
trie Oil is a medicine which enn be relied
npon to cure a cough, remove pain, luul
Bores of various kinds, und benetlt any in*
flamed portion of the body to which It is
Philadelphia, Pn.. April 5.—William
IJ. Warner, a widely known manufacturing chemist, died in this city yesterday. Mr. Warner was the fiist
man to manufacture sugar-coated
pills und to Introduce llquorlco tub-
lets. He wus a distant relative of
George Washington, and his art collection Included over 1UU portraits of
A Deep (niter.
"I wns out In n revenue cutter Inst
night," remarked Dultane to tins well,
"I thought you went sleigh riding'.-"
"Well, It made quite a cut In my
revenue" — Pittsburg   Chronicle-Telegraph.
MINiRD'S LINMT for Slie Eiernrtere.
Application of the HhjIhk.
"What," said the ordinary person
"$800 for thnt littlo hit or porcelain
Why, It Isn't as big as n man's hand."
"It commands that price," said tlu
dealer, "on uccouut of Ita history. I*
bas a Btory that covers four sheets oi
parchment nnd every word the truth."
"Well," snid the ordinary person, "nl
I have to say Is tbnt tbere seems to bt
more truth thnn pottery."
Chhoiuc Dejiakqembkts of tub Stomach,
Liteh amd Blood nre ppcedl y removed by
the active principle of the inarLdients ontar-
ing into the composition of Parmelee's Vegetable I'd *. Theso pills net Hp circuity oa
the deranged organs, fetimulutlng -o action
the dormant encrgitsof the eyotem, thereby removing dire so nud renewing life nnd
vltidlty to tho afflicted. In this lies tho gre.it
eecret of the popularity of Purmcleo's Vegetable pills.
Fnlth  Rhntiered.
Sho-Do you believe thnt everything
In this world Is worked out according
io a prearranged plan?
He-No. I put $500 Into a mining
scheme several yenrs ago because
friends gnvo me a chance to get lu
on the ground floor, and 1 guess It's
never going to work out at all.—Chicago Times-Herald.
LA "T0SCANA," -mEfiffiS
Wh-sa a nan Is out of money, Im
doesn't show any, but when he Is out
of temper bo shows a lot of lt—Chicago News.
In the yenr liino tho manufacture *1
■ilk began In Englnnd.
Toronto, April 0.—Tho Welland canal will be opened on April 85,
The Dade and tha Artfat.
Taris Is laughing over bow an artist
got even with a dude who, having sat
for his picture, was so dissatisfied witb
the result that ho refused to pay for it
The Count de X. recently bad a crayon
picture of himself made, which be
afterward pretended to find fault with.
"It does not bear tbe slightest resemblance to mc," be said, "and 1 will not
take It" Tbe artist protested, but all
to no avail "All right, monsieur," he
remarked Anally, "if It Is not at all like
you, of courso 1 can't reasonably expect to get paid for It" After the
count had gone tbe painter added to the
portrait a magnificent pair of ass' ears
nnd exhibited It to the gaze of tbo
curious public. It bad not been long
so exposed wben tbe count broke Into
the artist's studio In a towering rage
nnd, finding that threats availed hlm
nothing, at last offered to buy It at a
considerable advance upon tbe original
"It was not strange thnt you failed
to recognize your resemblance to the
picture at first," Bald tho painter, determined to be revenged for tbe slight
put upon bis work. "Dut 1 knew you
would notice tho likeness as soon as 1
added those ears."
Nlre l'ur thc Tortoise,
"Now, Mary," snid n mistress to he
newly Imported maid, "in the kltchei
there Is n pel tortoise, and I hope yoi
will be very kind to It. Do you know i
tortoise when you see one?"
"No, mum. Bbure and what lolke \
After having explained It to her th
girl went nnd brought it forth.
"Is thnt It, mum?"
"Bbure, that is what Ol was using t
break the coals wid!"
A DINNER PILL,—Mnny persons Buffer
eicructiling agony after pnrtuking of a
hearty dinner. The food partaken of is lik-s
a ball of tend upon the totomaeh.and instead
of beiug it huililiy nutriment it becomes a
poleon to tliu system. Dr. Parmeleo's Vegetable Pilla ure wonderful correetivea of
such troubles. They correct acidity, open
eecretious and convert the food partaken ol
Into healthy nutriment. They tire just tbe
medicine to take it tioubled with iadigcdtlun
or dyripepaia.
The Favorite Tea of Britain and Her Colonies.
Amusing to see foreign teas advertised as clean.
Is  it not filth that colors them ?
If    Ceylon Teas are sold in sealed lead
packets only, never in bulk.    Black.
Mixed or Uncolored  Ceylon Green,
-.ample on application.   AddreBs "SALADA," Toronto.
*kt-fC rdeiUirtiu/t^ 6w -fLvr
4t<v>v<L Hu 4tU M ^ Ur /ity
efoeli l**9s*^njU4sl/',    dtlf UT
It la only necessary to read tho test I.
monlnla to be convinced thut Hollowny's
Oorn Curo ia unequalled for tlio removal of
coma, warta, etc. It la a complete extln->
Brentford, Out,., April C—ThO assessment of Brnutford has decreased
§40,000 during the year, while build-
iiK permits were issued ta tho extent
of .$172,000. The council lias up-
pointed a committee to Investigate
tbe discrepancy,
MINARD'S LMMLNT Relieves NtinUli.
Beaumont, Texas, April 5.—Another
iii woll was developed here yesterday. It is about 1,050 foot deep nnd
n tho immediate vicinity ot other
we, is,
Very mnny persons die annually frmn
cholera nnd kindred eummor com plain t-j,
who misht havo been saved if proper rotm*-
dlca hau bet-n used, llutlackea do not do-
luy In writitar a bottle of Dr. J. D. Kclloc^'fl
DyBcntery Cordial, the medioine that ntver
(alia to oliect a cure. Those who have used
It Bay it act-i promptly, and iliuruughl} -u'i-
duee tho ptdu and din n*e.
London, Ont., April 5— The tax
rate for tbo coming year wlfl be2;i'*j
North Bay, April 5.—John % Dell
C P. It. car Inspector, ivih ktllc<
here yesterday morning by il yard tn
glne.   He leaves a widow and  fum*
Minard's Liniment Cures Bonis, Etc.
He Wnn Smipmtitloai.
lie wns a big, heart; worklngmttn
nnd when n spine, thin little man ■•:<
tered Hie tram car, stumbled nnd nt
upon him be snid In reply to tbe lltti
man's apologies:
"Don't trouble, sir; It's all rtf:!i!
There's no 'nnn done."
Wheu we nnw tho big mau a w-■'
Inter, we were shocked at the cluing
in him. He seemed to have shrunk '»
hnlf his former hulk.
"Why, whatever's tho matter?" v.-
cxt*In lined.
"You remember that little man wot
snt on tno In the train last week, sir?"
"Well, It's nil through Mm I'm wastb
awny like this!"
"Preserve ns!" we cried. "Bow?
The shrunken glnnt wrung his band,
in despair,
"1 found out nest dny," be groaned
"that 'c wns tho coroner. An 'e snt on
me! I'm simpers!Ishus, nn it's lookln
ahead I nm.   Oh; LorT'-I-ondon Mail
Olasgow, April 5.—At a conforence
of the Lanarkshire coal masters livid
yesterday it wus d-acided i o ref»ise
the -striking engine men iny euncc*--
sions and a large strike is anticipated. _^_^__—
llciil Kiev HiiiMns.
It mny be doubled II a tub bath In
ininnkn is n luxury The bathhouses'
make a brave show in u row of low"
brick bulldlugs iu the rear of ihe hotels, encb Utile house witb a big stone
tuuk foru bathtub.
I went oul t-j see the Units ou my
first tlay iu Kingston nud was surprised to see a sign ualled against (be wall
bearing the words;
"Ucntlemeu Are Requested Not to
Use Soup lu the Paths."
"Why nre gentlemeu requested noi io
Use soup in the hiiths?" I usUed the hotel clerk, n dignified young womau of
dm I, complexion.
"Uivnuse it soils the WQtcrand makes
It unpleasant ror ibe next bather," she
"Hut do your ;.".:■ =:.i all bailie lu tho
•Sine watei':" I ilsl.ed.
"Ub. yes." sbe rvplled. "Ton neo, the
tanks nre sn larg ami the pt|K« me
sumlL It taki-s :•:'. u !.i t-i ..il His
tankn, aud tbe vvairr haa to !u-i aU
duy **
Lt.-Col. Dent, Imperial Remount
Officer for Canada, will visit Manitoba and Northwest next month to
purchase horses foi South Africa. Wo
have decided to sell in Manitoba or
Northwest, two of the Stallions selected by liim in England for breeding Cavalry Horses. Write for particulars. 	
U'   St.   Maurice StTO
"What's your man's specialty?" naked tho mayor of Hot Dog.
"I.lftlu horses," salt! the advance
agent of thc strong mnn.
"Well," snid the mayor, "I shore ad-
mire your gnll for ownln up to It, but
I'll tell you beforehand thnt liftiu
bosses Is a mighty unhealthy gnme Id
this here section."—Indianapolis Press.
(. ti i*.  HIU Time.
"You haven't explained how you
came to have Mr. Smith's chickens In
your possession," said the Judge.
"I'm trying to think, your honor," replied tbe nccused.   "Give me time."
"Very well," replied the Judge blandly.   "Six months."-London Tit-Bits.
□ la Desreei.
"So your son has returned from college, has be?"
"Did be get his degree?"
"Yes; he got about 15 degrees below
the graduating requirement" —Richmond Dispatch.
TrMltm  llie Tlieorr.
Mr. Kerrtumi- Knpe shtill foivo min-
Hies, for the hivi- nr liklnl
Mi-. Kivrlgtm mix children crying nnd
iljrliihiel-l'tuil for?
Mr Korrljnin-Ol want to give this
tii'.iit.l ini - bunk 'i fair trial. Oi want io
,(.,- ,:-,[ 0! t-.tiviiin* nieallf ibot there Is
nn tu-!' itilnji es matrimony.—Puck.
Self-denial is one of the most satisfactory pleasurei.
Hamilton, April 5.—Qoorge Hodden, aged i!0, a teamster employed
by tho Rogers coal company was accidentally killed last evening. The
horse be was unhitching became native and he was Jammed against a
post, the wagon tongue filtering liis
Brass Band
InrtrcmenU, Drumi, Cnlform», Kt«.
Low-sft prtcea ever qnot-cd. Pine -eaUlofoe
SO- tnostrattons mailed fre*. Writ* as for «r
thine In HuleorSiulral ItutramaBU.
W-wl.1 Eoyc ft 0o„ T"?f£i!Si:Si.
,-n.' by en f! workm.il.   8«nd lor list of n.»
,nd second h.-.nd wheel.    It J o.
AJDM Aimi t Hill U.
•rr..c.r,t" A,mU. Win-alp--*.
WHEELER 1 WILSON sewim mmhuu
Rapidity.   Ban   about one day in thr*--**.
Oniem* «• nnd durability without noise ox w«sr.
'icnenl utility.   Beet far nil klr.ds ot work.
2-41 PorUf* A*e., Wlonipt-f,
Slmpllelty  In   Fnn-ritli.
The simplicity which marked the
ancient Jewish burial ceremonies has
much to commend it even to us. The
Inexpensive cotlln and the uniform
linen shroud served to emphasize the
cr-unIlly of ull In death. As things are
today the rich la* llielr brains to In*
vim new funeral Hoerles and the poor
Impoverish themselves to keep up with
their   wealthier   neighbors.
Well Men ninn, Bn*—
Tuffer—Kor goodness' snkel What's
happened to my meerschaum piper
Mrs. Puffer—Why, denr, I noticed It
wns getting owfully hrown and discolored, so I put n coat of that white
enamel paint on It—Philadelphia Press.
YVmttftl    Advice.
"If you stay In Washington another
yenr," his doctor told him, "you will
lose your health entirely,"
"1 am not hero for my health,"
coughed Senator (iraphtur.—Chicago
For 60 Years
mothers have been giving their
children (or croup, coughs and
Mothers—have wu Suiloii in
the house at all times? Do
you know just where you can
find it if you need it quickly—
if your little one is gasping
and choking with croup? If
you haven't it get a bottle.
It will save your child's lifo.
"Shiloh .-i'way* cured my   liaby   of   rtis;.\\
coukIw»nd colrti.   I would not b*« w.ih.i i 't.'
BhUflh'l Consumption Cur-n U boM Itv nil
-SriigglfttN In f'limnU And I'lilletl M.-i.- nt
SSo. -Wic*. ai.nn m bntll-n.   liinreat llrlMln
mt  In.  *il,, Is. SO., and An. oa.   A printed
futtrniKCf gnau   will) ni-nry l.ntllt.   If yon
• r-n not mil Wil i* il tja to four druifgUl  hiiiI
get yuur iii-iin-ry baok.
Write fnfillutt riled book N Caniumj)li'>n.    :••*•'
vliboul coil lo -rou. S. U. W-tlU * Co.. Toi..i,i...
I'oor William.
Rhe (petulantly)—I don't we why you
should hesitate io get married on 13.*
OOP n year. I'npn sn.vu iny gowns never
cost more than thai.
He-Uut. my darling, we roust bare
eotnptliing to ont.
■■Oh, William! Always thinking of
your stomach!"—Life.
"Tbo itnttie of tho Baltic," "Ye Mariners of England" nnd "Hohenliriden"
■e throo or the best martini pooiiin er-
■ wrltton.   As Sir Philip Sidney said
of the ballad of Chevy Chase, thoy "stir
the henrt tike a trumpet."
Thc first timo thc average man appears In public wearing a silk hat be
imagines that overy tnnu be meets envies him.—Chicago N-sbts.
Montreal, March 81.—In the hu-
preme court yesterday Judge Archibald gave judgment in tho colebrat-
ed Delplt case in favor of Mrs. Del-
The ludgo decides that Mrs. Pclpft
is legally the wife of Delplt and that
the marriage contract, performed by
Rev. Mr. llarnes is valid in the eyes
of the civil laws o( the province.
A decree of separation on ..io
ground that two Catholics could not.
bo legally married by a Protestant
clergyman was granted by the occlo-
Blastlcal court of the Church of Homo
nnd Mr. Dclplt'S action wan for a
confirmation of this decision by tho
civil court.
W. N, U. No  810. •It Payi to Deal Willi Beattie "
Fishing Tackle
We have the latest and best
The tackle will catch the fish
The prices will catch you
R. E. Beattie, ffSKls,
A Tempting Table
If you have difficulty in making a pleas
ing variety in your bill of fare from day to
day COME TO OUR GROCERY and learn
how easily and economically it can be done.
We keep just the best.
....G. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
New Dresses
Cost Money!
r        "il prt
And when one buys they want their money's worth.
We have lust received a larje stock ol SPRING AND
. lease the ladies in quality and price. Our stock comprises the latest styles from the eastern markets. Call
and see them.   You are always welcome, jt jt Jt jt
Thc largest stock of Gents' Furnishings
in South East Kootenay jt jt jt jt jt
...HILL & CO.
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice it.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
n 4s}0****************44t>44*
$     LOCAL  NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City by Asking
Questions of Many People.
R. K. Sherlock, of Lethbridge, ia in
town this week.
Hugh McMillan has been laid up with
neuralgia tbis week.
N. Hanson, or Wasn, mnde a brief visit
to Cranbrook last week.
A. McVtttee and V. Hyde Baker
visited Nelson this week.
Mrs. James Gill anil children have returned from Pincher creek.
Fred Pieper and Will Clarke wheeled
over to Fort Steele Tueiday.
Alex. Goyetle, of Kimberley, was n
Cranbruok visitor last Sunday.
Mrs. Lees, of Pin-hercreek. is visiting
her sister. Mrs. Heury Parker.
Kd. Orchard has been confined to the
house by illness the past week.
James Ryan is getting his stepper
"Baldy" in fine shape for the races.
Miss Inez Itlnncliard is now clerking
in the dry goods department of Reid Sl
Co.'» store.
All mining licenses expire on May i.
This should be home in mind by all who
wish lo renew.
Mr. Lund, of the firm of Bieckcnridgc
& Mind, has charge of a piece of work
at the cast loop.
Mrs. V. Hyde It iker entertained a
number ol lndy friends at her home
Monday evening.
Dave Newell* one of the best known
prospectors in South Bast 1-Coolenay, was
iu town last week.
I*. McConnell has a regular milk route,
twice a tlay. to nil parts of town and is
prepared to meet all demands,        '
Kt! Small and fa»:Uy came np from
Moyie Sunday and lefl Wednesday for
their old home at New Ulm, Minn.
There is a great deal of work being
done iu the way of improvement!,
throughout Cranbrook this summer.
B. Carter, of St John. N B , is in town,
'the guest of his sister, Mrs. M   B  King.
Ue will probably locale in Cranbrook.
Mrs, McConnell 'sice cream parlors are
now open and are prepared lo supply the
belt ice cream by the dish, quart or
Ah Lung sold house and lot to Charley
Loug Yong Sl Co, Owe anybody without trouble the buyer. Charley Long
Von|f Sl Co.
R. K. Beattie has offered a cup to the
winner in a series of football games lobe
played by the teams of Soulh Kust
Fong Yon Kam did not sell his laundry to Mah Ming Sl Lee Wand, but is
s'ill in business himself, and still own.*-
the building and lot. Mah Ming & Lee
Wand did not pay the money.
The Herald is in receipt of au invitation from the mayor aud cily couucil ol
Kaslo, to the people of Craubrook to
attend the celebration of Victoria day,
on the 24th.
Victoria day will not be celebrated in
Cranbrook this year. This is due to
other celebrations planned in the district, Cranbrook will expend her euer
gies for a celebration ou the -37'h and
Mrs T. S. Gill ntul children returned
from Morris, Man., last week, after an
absence of several motubs Miss L.
Ka-tner, of lhat cily accompanied Mrs.
(Jill aud will visit wilh her for a few
The Herald editor received a letter
from Mr. Wentworth, who is now reading proof ou the Spokane Spokesman-
Review. He expects to resume work on
his mining property as soon as the
weather will permit.
Rev. Fortune writes The Herald from
Vancouver that Rev. Reitl, of Fort Steele,
will conduct tbe services at thc Presbyterian church next Sunday evening, and
that there will be no services iu the
morning of that day.
Hurry McVittie lm-; purchased Ihe billiard parlors that have been under bis
management in this city, and iu the future will be sole proprietor. It is his
intention to improve lhe billiard room
aud put iu li fine line of cigars and
J. II. McMullin returned from California last week, and judging from his appearance, it is quite evident lhat the
climate of that country agrees with him
He brought with him some large oranges
still clinging tothe branch of the tree,
■"•uul to tbose wbo had passed the winter
in this northern climate, they looked
good. Mr. McMullin will remain a portion ofthe sum mer, as be has considerable business to look after.
From Fort Steele Proipeotor.
At the residence of the Rev. J G.
Duncan, ou the evening cf Tuesday, the
30th ult. Albert K. Brown, native of
Colebrooke. Ont. and presently resident
at the Loop, uear Feruie, and Klsie
Josephine Fowler, native of Glasgow,
Scotland, and resident at Cranbrook, B.
C. were duly united in marriage. The
Rev. J G. Duncan cfliciated, The happy
couple left for the Loop.
The Port Steele Strategy Board, which
meets ou the streets every day, have
solved the railway situation, and are nnw
certain that Fort Steele will have not
only one, but two railways, Oue enthusiastic member ou Friday said "Steele is
all right; Ibe mining center, and will be
the railway and commercial center of
lhe district."
K. J Peltier, Ciimbiook, was at lhe
Imperial on Thursday,
Dr. King, of Cranbruok, mude a pro-
fesblonal visit to Steele on Thursday.
Rev. H. Beacham, Hubert Haiues,
Craubrook, were at the Imperial uu
Mrs. Stewart, Winnipeg, mother of
Mrs, Ross, came in ou Wednesday's
Miss Ruth Folsom, ■ graduate of St.
Luke's Home, Vancouver, arrived here
yesterday. She will bave charge of the
Diamond Jubilee hospital.
She Gave l'p "PrioceM" to Be-so ma a,
Plain »Mf»."
It WM recently reported by cable
that Prof. Dr. von Ranaroh and his
wifei hud celebrated their silver wed-
ding. Before she married xke doctor
plain Mrs. von 11 sin-arch wm Princes.**]
Henrietta von Schleswtg-B-a-l-steiii-Son-
derburg*Auguatenburg.    The present
empress of (ivnntui.v coin-en from the
same family as in her niece, Dr. Von
Bsmareh huil for 4.1 yenrs pnst Ikvu
director of tho t-iurgietil clinic of the
Kiel university, nnd hta prominence in
the Kcientifiv world le explained by the
Duct tJiiit ho Ib one ol the most bu->
cewful lurgeon-i of Oermany to-day,
in liis clinical deportment alone he hau
performed more tlmn BO.QOO operations,
which do not include his beneficent labors na consulting surgeon nnd chief
of ihe military hospitals at Berlin during the wars of ISO** nnd 1870-71. Ilia
immense popularity throughout Germany te not only due to his ability aa
u surgeon* but to his thoroughly or-
gantalng the Society ot the Red Cross
iu Uermnny. "**=*-*1*'ir:fWT"i1SBi
Although 74 years old, he is physically in perfect health, and his almost
youthful elasticity is quite surprising.
He Is n pn-ssiouate hunter, and for nev
oral weeks every summer goes into the
hunting reserves of the Bavarian frontier hunting for chamois anil other
mountain game.
As the wife of Prof, von Esnuirch
Princess Henrietta has understood
most admirably how to maintain her
relations to the highest circles, and at
thn same time to make for herself
an honored position anjong tbe friends
aiwl associates of her husband at Kiel.
The -empress of Oermany culls her affectionately "Auntie Doctor." an
unv War of 'iviiinir That a Maa la
Getting Old.
"There are many signs indicating
that old age Ls coming on a man," remarked .vn aged gentleman to u Washington Star reporter, "but one uf the
surest is when lit- llmls lhat his suspenders have u way uf slipping off the
shoulders. At first hu thinks there is
something wrong with the suspenders,
and he tries to remedy it by tightening tbem up. For awhile tliis cures
the trouble, but in a little while thero
is more dipping and he gets a new pair
.of suspenders. Even they slip off mid
nK(ke him feel uncomfortable, After
awhile he discovers tho trouble is not
with tlw suspenders but with himself.
As years roll on a rmui he g-eta more
nnd more round shouldered, and unless
he 1ms hia suspenders braced up by
connecting thuni wilh a band behind
the shoulders ho cannot keep thom up.
1 remember, some years ago, hearing
two very prominent men speaking of
tho fact thut they were getting old.
One of them was ut the time vice president of the United States nnd thc other
wus a leading senator. 'Whut makes
you think you are growing old?" one
of them SJike/1 of thc other. 'I found
H. out,' was the reply, 'as soon uh I discovered that my suspenders would not
stay up.' 'That has been my experience
also,' came from the questioner. Neither of the gentlemen referred to had yet
reached his seventieth year, but lhey
hud both discovered they were growing
oJd by thc samo incident in their lives.
I have never known it to fall. After
n man reaches sixty his shoulders grow
round steadily, and by the time he is
seventy-five his shoulders have lost all
their original size and formation."
Wb-r   tlie   Dors   Art   Not   OoId*   to
A story was told on the dock recently in "Seattle of three young men who
were cured of the Aluskan fever In a
very practical manner, says the Post-
Intelligencer. They had concluded
that they would go on the Al-Ki, and
had purchased three berths.
"Now, you boys," suid the aged adviser, "want to remember that It's
pretty cold np there. It's pretty low
temperature here to-day, but nothing to
what you'll find on the Yukon. Now,
let me udvisc you. Before going to
that country you would better have
some experience. You may not like it
and then you will want to come back.
To-night promises to be pretty cold.
I have a tent at my house that I used In
Alaska. You boys take the tent out
on Queen Ann hill snd sleep in it tonight.
"It is now ten o'clock. Don't cat
anything until about eight o'clock this
eveuing. Then build a lire In your
tent, cook some beans and bacon, fix
up sonic unsweetened black COffOI and
make a meal. Until bedtime sit around
the fire smoking and chewing tobacco
and playing cards, and then fix up a
rough bunk ou the ground nnd sleep
until morning. If you enjoy it, go to
Alaska; if not, stay at home."
Thc boys caught up with the idea enthusiastically, and promised to carry
out thc programme. Whether lhey did
or not Is not known, but the other
morning three miserable-looking boys
canceled three tickets on the Al-Ki, and
as they humbly left the steamship ofllce
one was heard to say:
"Do you suppose it really gets that
cold in Alaska?"
Aa   EntomnlogUt   Advance*   m   New
Theory to Explain the Phenoia-raoa.
In our youth we were taught that flies
adhered to the ceiling or to the window
pane because their feet were provided
with suckers from which they hud the
power of exhausting the air, says the
Hartford Cournnt. This was disproved
by the fact that a fly could run up the
side of an exhausted glass receiver
when a vacuum under his feet would do
him no good, even if he had the power
of creating it, nnd by thc further fact
thnt n microscopic examination showed
that Ills feet were not provided with
suckers, but with multitudes of hairs
•from which exuded a fluid in minute
drops.    It wus then suggested Hint thb
Two  Days of Sport
The Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Association will hold its first       .-*       j»
...MAY 27 and 28...
$1000    IN PRIZES AND PURSES    $1000
FIRST DAY-Foot Ball, Base Ball, Gun Club Shoot,
Foot Races, Etc.
SECOND DAY—Qreat Program of Horse Racing.
Take a day or two off and come to
Cranbrook for a good time
A. Leitch, Pres.        Jas. Gill, Sec.
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and Is now ready to cater to the
public. First class dining room service. The "best of wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
Do You Sell Liquor????
II so, don't buy   DPI   TTIPD   Tb*= Only Wholesale Liquor Dealer In
until yon ste..   a~CHIGK.   Sonlb Enl Kootenay.    Write lor Prices
Ganbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
I.O.O.P.   Key Cl y Lodge
No. 42.    Meets every Priday night at llielr hull un
Haker street,   sojourning
Odd Pellows cordially invited.
Matt Itockemlurf A I, McPcrmot
N. 0. ,    Sec*?.
Craabrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. * A. M.
Regular meetings no the
tlilitl Thnrntay or the
Visiting bn-tliern vveleom d,
W, F. (ii'itn, Sec'j.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Haking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
Are Your
Worn at the knees
or elsewhere?
..See Palmer
..For Pants
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers la
Grain and
Oiven special  attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice al KesJtr.cc, Armilronj Ave,
Forenoons,   •   •   •   -   MO to II
Allernoon l*Mto3:W
Evenlai 7.30 lo 8:30
CRANHROOK,    III        .'   :    0. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B C-
Upholstering aid Oeneril Furniture Rejulrlif
Will attend to any work in lhe district
New Vegetables
Peas, Cauliflower
Radishes, Lettuce,
Are arriving daily.   You know about our groceries.
They are always the best.
Our aim is to please VtrttV  the 0roccr*
Try us Jt MnSi       ii   B
Give you time to think.    Think about that INSURANCE on
your house, furniture, store or stock.      Act on your thoughts
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale aad Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade Is solicited.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
• ••
Refltled Throughout
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Knst Kooteuay.
Newly 1'iiri-i.slietl
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources ol
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. Pur
reports and information, address
CHARLES ESTMERE, Kimberley, B. .
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C
(lott), flilver-Uad and Cupper Mine*wanted At the kxohanuk.   purr
J inu GOM> properties wanted at ones for Kintern inventuM,    Turtle* Inning
properly for sale nre r-f|UUted to s nd iiilil|>l-.w ot tlicir ont to lho RXCIIA NU K
I iiUiititm. We desire tu lienr from proupwtori wtio imve prora'Jltu mineral el
Itriilsii Columbia. 1'n it | a* i*tors mnl mining mon aro raiiiwwlwl t» inuhc llni KXl I
j their liciitltpiiirttirs when In Nelson, All iiitnipl.* ihonltl he Nent hy express, I
j CorrcHpoudciicesultuited.   Address-ill communication)! tn
Andrew F* Rosenberger, Nelson,
[ Telephone No, M.   V, O, Ilox 700.
Beale & Elwell, |i'K°
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance |fa
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,       *
Agents tor Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents. !'•.»•;'
Kimberley jt Moyie J» Fort Steele. if       T


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