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Cranbrook Herald Jun 5, 1902

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VOLUME   ,->.
NUMB Kit 12
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. tlmi. A. Cnx, President. 11. li. Wai.kkr, Gen. Man.
Paid Up   Capital  $8,000,1100.00
Rest  2,000.110000
Tnial Resources       65,000,000.110
Deposits Received,   (icncral lluiikinn Business Transacted.
SAVINIIS HANK Ill-I'VRTMIINT   llepiinlls Kccchcd-lnlerest Allowed.
Gilpin's Hot Weather Blessings J t
 _—.—    ; t
1, Hardwood Refrk'eratorsH'"'1'. Ris<h,•Zinc <!
i , Lined, seven non- i *
i , conducting walls, all sizes, larjr.c ice chambers, *.,--„ i(
1 Prices from $13.50 , *
We have just received the largest car ' r,
Tables    ~7|  "' Ful™tur« ever brought to the district , I
IChildren's Chairs I  and are unpacking some fine stuff in the I
i Qo-Cnrts    afcovc L(neSi   ^e have sure|y ?ot jost fJE
i JVlorris Chairs
Porch Chairs
fi      Rattan Chairs
Brass Beds
_lron Beds
what you want.    Our prices always the J)'
lowest.   Wc don't allow ourselves to be I
undersold and we sell about everything. ' [
Garden hose, rakes, hoes, spades,
poultry netting, ready mixed
paint and alabastine
Hotel s s
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in  Cranbrook.
$***-** * * *• • •.............
plfllMllli   ll
ere as
any I'tivet
* iih.
ai gr
*at nil
is no
suit :n
i hose
el n
ii pooi
nr  wn
to be
low bu
* l
n Ibe
o.h. mini-:r.
A Carload ol Carriages on Hand
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of while goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in linst Ksotc-nny. Call in and
and see tho manv pretty things wo have.
Scotch Tweeds
And Worsteds
Plsase the wearer. They make htm feel
well dressed. Thoy are stylish, designs
are right, durability unquestioned. Call at
District lias Unlimited Resources 6J
Greal Richness.
A Movement Is Now On Foot to
Erect Immense Stcd Works
At Kitchener.
Thai Soulh Hast Kooienay is a district
off* rent resources is a well demonstrated
facl. And now comes the report of on
immense ileal lhat will involve llie great
coal and irou interests of the district
The Spokesman Review of the 271b ult,
had the following article, that contains,
without a doubt, more or less truth, and
gives an idea of a movement that eventually will mean the establishment of
great industries in this dislrict:
A number of Spokane men are inter-
e.ted in oue of the biggest coal und iron
deals ever put through iu the Pacific
northwest, Involving nearly all of the independent coal claims of lhe Crow's
Nest district aud the principal iron ore
deposes of Kooienay lake. Among those
interested are W. H Dowsing, Muynatd
Cowan, A. L. Davenport, A. L- Paine and
Robert Ewart. Over a million dollars
ll involved in the deal. It is reported
that the great steel trust Is negotiating
for the properties, aud with tbe Dominion Irou aud Steel company will erect
steel and irou works sume where in
southeastern British Colutnbhi. A dispatch to the Spokesmaii-Rev'ew last
uight says:
'One of lhe biggest deals ever put
through in South Kast Kootenay is being
consummated hy the Dominion lion anil
Steel and the United States Steel corporation, otherwise the steel trust. It is
reported on tbe very best authority thut
the Canadian Pacific Railway company
is in with the two companies and that
the three will form a company with a
capital of $5 000,000 to handle the prop.
erties, bul it is impossible at the present
stage of the game to get a confirmation
ot this latter report.
"The properties taken np are the C.
P. R. iron properties a; Kitchener. II C ,
which have been bonded at jtSou,. 00. and
the better half of tbe coal tields at Blair-
more. Alta. These coal fields lie north
and soulh of the C. P. R. and the two
properties are thus directly connected by
rail at a distance of about 130 miles.
Taking l'p Coal Lands.
"W. Blakemore, acting for the company, has secured 90 day options mi lhe
following coal properties at Uliiuuiore:
The Hastings Syndicate tract, owned by
an English company; ttie Livingstone
tract, the Frank tract, ami a tract held
by local parties at Lethbridge, Alberta,
ami it is icported that he has obtained a
similar option also on the Ftsbburn tract
at $300,000 These tracts represent somewhat more than one hail the total coal
atea at Blair more.
"Mr. Blakeui ire is preparing to wotk
all these coal properties during the tluee
monthd of bis option by taking out lar^e
bodies ol coal from each tract and testing it thoroughly foi steam ii e. and coking qualities The lists foi tht* coking
qualities of the different coals ate being
carried ou an extensive Bcale by means
of the coke ovens at Prank. Alia.
Testing the  Conl.
"It is Mr.  liiakeiiinie's intention to
pick out the best tracts from those he
lias control of al present and then to obtain options ou the remainder ofthe
coal area, or ns much of il as possible.
and put il through a similar process of
This woik on the coal will lake lhe
better part of this  season, and the only
work mapped mn loi the Kftcbenei iron
properties is the annual asscssmeut -voik
required to Ia done mi the claims under
bond In order to keep lhe liliu In good
Steel Works at Kllchener.
"It is believed here that next season
(1903) will witness the erecliOll at Kitchener of extensive steel and iron works,
and Ihe plans ant) preparations for this
immense plant are said to lie already
prepared and to be iu the bauds ol the
United Slates Steel corporation."
Spokane Men In It.
W. H, Dowsing of Spokane, who is
interested in the Fishburn tract at the
Blahmore coal fields, confirms the dispatch. He says: "There ure associated
with meT. o. Proctor of Nelson. B. C,
R. E. Fishlniru of Chicago, V. H, Baker
ofCranhrook.il C. Mr. Baker was one
of the origin ul owners of the Peruie coal
"The Fishburu tract contains aboul
9000 acres, lying on each side of tbe C.
P. railroad track, but the bond calls fur
possibly uot more than 6000 acres. The
bond is for a larger figure thuu that
named iu the dispatch but I do nol care
to Btate the eiact figure at present.
"Maynard Cowan and Davenport,
Prine & Co. of Spokane are interested
in tbe Livingston tract. The Kitchener
Iron properties, lying near Kootenay lake
The War In South Africa
Is Ended
The welcome news of peace having; been declared in South Africa
came over the wires Sunday. On Monday night London was a scene
of jubilation, and all over England and in every English colony there
was great rejoicing. Thc terms of peace are acceptable and England's
great war is ended.
Loudon, lime 2.—Iu the house of common*, today the first work of the treasury und govetment leader, A. J. Balfour,
announced the terms of peace in South
Africa, as follows: His excellency, Lord
Miluer, in behalf of the llritish government; his excellency, Mr. Steyn, General
Breuiuer, Generrl C. R. Dewet and Judge
Herl/eog acting in behalf of the Orange
Free State, and General Schalkbutger,
General Reitz, General Louis Botha and
General Delarey, acting in behalf of
their respective burghers, consent to
terminate the present hostilities and
agree to the following terms:
(1). The burgher forces in the field
will forthwith lay dowu their arms and
hand over all their gUHS, rifles and ammunition of war in their possession or
under their control and desist from further resistance and acknowledge King
Kdward VII as their lawful sovereign,
Tbe manner and details of this surrender
will he arrnnged between Lord Kitchen-
antl Coin ma uder-Gcueral Botha, assisted by General Delarey aud Chief Commander Dewet.  ,
(2). ^ All burghers outside the limits
of tbe Transvall aud Orauge river colony, aud all prisoners of war at present
outside South Africa, who are burghers,
will, on duly declaring their acceptance
of the position of subjects of his majesty, be brought back to their homes so
soon as means of transportation can he
provided and means of subsistence assured.
(3). The burghers so returning will
not be deprived of their personal liberty
or property.
(4). No proceedings, civil or criminal,
will he taken against burghers surrendering, or so returning, for any acts In connection with the prosecution ofthe war.
The benefits ol this clause do uo extend
to certain acts contrary to the usages of
war, which hail beeu notified Hy the
commaDder iu chief to the Boer generals
and which will be tried by court martial
after the close of hostilities.
(5). The Dutch language will be
taught in tbe public schools of the
Transvaal and Orauge river colony,
where the patents desire it, and will be
allowed In the courts of law for the better aud more effectual administration of
(6).   Possession  of rifles  will be al
lowed in the Transvaal and Orange river
colony to persons requiring their protection ou taking 11 license according to
(7). The military administration of
the Transvaal and Orange River colony
will at the earliest possible date be succeeded by a civil government, uud, as
soon as circumstances permit, representative institutions, leading up lo self
government, will be Introduced,
(8) The question of grunting the
franchise lo natives will uot he decided
until after the Introduction of self gov
(9). No special tax will he Imposed
upon landed properly In the Transvaal
or Orange River colony to defray the expense of tht! war.
(io). So soon as the conditions permit it, a commllte of which the loud Inhabitants will he represented, will be appointed in each district of the Transvaal
aud Orange River colony, under the
presidency of a magistrate or oilier officials for the purpose of assisting iu the
restoration of their homes, and supplying those who, owing to war losses, are
unable 10 provide for themselves, with
food and shelter and the necessary
amount of seed, stock, implements, etc.,
indispensible to the resumption of their
normal occupations.
His 111 tjesty's government will place at
the disposal of these commissions the
sum of three million pounds sterling uud
will allow the notes issued under law of
1900 of the South African Republic, and
all receipts given up lo officers in the
field of the late republics or under their
orders, to be presented to a judicial com
mission which will lie appoiuted by the
government, and if such notes und receipts are found by this commission to
have beeu duly issued in return for valuable considerations, tbey will be received by the first named commission as
evidence of war losses suffered by the
persons to which they were originally
In addition to the above named free
grant ol three million pounds sterling,
his majesty's government will be prepared to make advances on loans, for the
same purposes, free interest lor two
years, and afterwards repayable every
period of years with the three per cent
interest. No foreigner or rebel will be
entitled to benefit under this clause.
were sold to the Hlakemore syndicate bv
C. P. Hill, formerly of Port Hill, Idaho.
Mr. Blakemore was formerly engineer
for the Crows Nest Coal compuuy and
uow represents Montreal aud New York
'While 1 am nnt advised that the deal
has been put through, I hnve every reason to believe that it will be, and that
it will result in the greatest Industrial
development of East Kootenay ever
known. The coal in the Hlairmore district has hcen thoroughly tested anil I
do not fear lhe result of the tests upon
which the establishment of the steel
plant is contingent."
D. C. Coleman Is Chained By His Admiring Friends.
Ou Monday, May 26, the trainmen nud
engineers assembled in the parlors of the
Cranbrook hotel to bid good bye lo D
C. Coleman, who was ah ml to lenve lor
North Hay, to j tin Mr. Uury. Conductor Hunt, the chaiimau, addressing Mr.
Coleman, thanked him ou behalf of the
trainmen and engineer, for the unvarying kindness and gentlemanly mauner
in which he had at all times performed
his ollicial duties and assured him lhat it
was such kindly courtesy on the part ol
tbe officials which made the work of the
employe', a duty that called forth their
best efforts, thus uot only engendering
mutual respect and affection, but also
bringing iu the best interests of the company. Tbe chairman allu led to the fact
tbat as private secretary to General Sup-
eiiutendeut bury, Mr. Coleman was following in the footsteps of one who was
cliuihiug the ladder of his ambition with
a rapidity that would yet place him at
the head of one of the iargest corporations iu the world, at au age which
would make him unique in the annals of
railroading. The chairman then presented Mr. Coleman, on behalf of the
tiiiiumeti aud engineers, with a gold
locket and chain, asking him to wear It
lu kiudly remembrance of the employes
of the old Crow, and assuring him that
be would long be remembered with respect aud kindness by those he was leaving, who would ever rejoice to hear of
bis future promotion.
Mr. Coleman briefly  responded, ex
pressing his thanks for the evidence of
appreciation on the part of the trainmen
and engineers, and wishing all of them
every success and prosperity.
Perry Creek.
Messrs. Breniner and Howe are here
from lilko doing assessment woik ou
the Daisy claim belonglug to j. J. Murphy of that place. This claim joins the
Young property. The boys made a trip
Irom Old Town to tbe mine on Mouduy,
•nd say the snow is all off that far up,
about eight miles.
A miue expert from Rosslaud has been
looking over some claims belonging to
the Banks brothers. He was here in the
interests of a company that expected to
lease tbe property.
The Hanks brothers are doing assessment work on their claims at Wild
There will soon he a trail from Old
Town to Fish lake. Tbis is one ol lhe
best fish ponds In ihe country, ami a
nice distance from Old Towu.
Itev. Don Uquhart, B. A., of Knox
College Missionary society, preached at
Old Town ou the 261I1. He [1 stationed
at Marysville, and walked to Perry
Messrs. Thompson, Tbies nud Hiuge
are fencing iu all cieation for the benefit
ofthe public.
Oliver Burge has been remodeling the
hotel at Perry creek, unking it more
pleasant and convenient.
The indications are that there will be
au abundance of wild fruit this year-
Strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries,
sarvisberries aud huckleberries are loaded with blossoms.
Farm Lands for Sale.
The choice farm lands of the Crauhrook Estate, belug Kootenny river bottom lands, have just been subdivided
Into lots of from forty to one hundred
acres, each lot fronting on the river. For
prices aud terms apply to
V. Hyde Baker,
Manager Cranbrook I.slate,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Its time to subscribe.
The  Work of Recovering Bodies Is
Being Vigorously Pushed.
Mr.  Blakemore  Makes  a   Report
On the Cause of the Terrible Disaster.
The work of rescuing lhe bodies of the
entombed miners has been pushed forward wiih great diligence und up to date
about 115 to 120 have been recovered.
The remains now found are iu a bad
state and have to be buried unidentified.
The relief fund is growing rapidly, yet
none too fust to meet the needs of the
willows and orphans.
Mr. Illskciuure's Report.
Mr. Blakemore, the well known mining engineer and former manager of lhe
Ferule coal mines, bus given out the*
following report lor publication;
"I am willing to express au opinion ou
the present position and the prospects at
the Fertile miue, but make no reference
whntever to Ihe past or to anything
which preceded the explosion.
"1 did not hear of what had happened
until the Sunday morning wheu I reached Revelstoke on n return trip from tbe
Similkameen valley. I at once telegraphed the coal company expressions
of sympathy and proffers of assistance,
and reached Ferule as quickly as possible ou Monday night. I visited the
mine on tliat evening and again today.
The general superintended! of the company, Mr.' Stockelt, and the government representative, W. Fleet Robertson (provincial mineralogist), and Alexander Dick Inline inspector), were there.
We iml u long conference, during which
Mr. Dick gave uie without reserve the
fullest Information obtainable with reference to the stale of nlfjirs, and tbe
course udopted to re-enter the mine and
recover lhe bodies. In addition I Conversed with many of the workmen wbo
were jiero-.ii.tiiy. known to nie, and
whom I hud brought here from Nova
Scotia when opening up lite Fernie mines
in 1898, From the information obtained
from them and from my own investigations, 1 came to the conclusion tbat tbe
disaster was due to an explosion of coal
dust jind uot to the presence of gas In
any considerable quantity. Without
giving all the techuical reasons iu favor
of this theory, I may say tbat I arrived
at the conclusion mainly in consequence
of the effect of the explosion upon the
mine and upou the bodies cf the victims
II a large body of gas had been exploded
the mine would have beeu wrecked to a
far greater extent, the bodies would have
been mutilated, or at any rate a greater
number of them would, and there would
have been m ire distinct evidences cf
fire, both in the mine aud upon the bodies. As a matter of fact there is but tbe
slightest evidence of fire lu any portion
ol the mine which has been explored,
aud this consists 01 slight charring and
one or two eases ot supeific al Coking on
the surface of tbe coal, due to local
causes. A gas explusiou with aucb terrible fatalities resulting would inevitably
have caused the mine to cave in to a
very considerable extent. As a matter
of fact Ibe caving in is inodeiate compared with what is usual under similar
Circumstances, and has not prevented
the officials from maintaining a current
of air in circulation throughout the
mine, the only actual difficulty in the
way of this being the destruction ofthe
overcasts which, however, have beeu repaired with liltle delay,
"As to the exact manner iu which the
explosion originated, it is impossible at
the present stage] to decide, anil may
never be known, but It must have beeu
tine either to the ignition of a small body
of gas which originated the coal dust
explosion, or ton blow out shot producing the Mine elfect direct.
"The development of scientific knowledge especially during lhe last fifteen
years, has established for tbe first time
the true character of coal dust as an explosive element iu a mine, and the researches of such well known experts as
Prof. Galloway of Cardiff, and Inspector
Hall of Lancashire, foi owed by ihe findings of the British coal dust commission
have fully demonstrated the possibility
of a terrific explosion of coal dust, possibility without any assistance from car-
buretted hydrogen, and iu my own experience I have known of numerous in*
stances iu which a blown out shut has
Caused an explosion of coal dust iu a
working room in which uo gas has evei
been 'known to exist. This occurred
frequently at one time in thc Caledonian
and Dominion No. 1 mines of the Dominion Coal company 1 Cape Breton,
while I was In charge, nml is well known
ti many ul the workmen who are still at
"Assuming which I must certainly do
that the reports of Inspector Dick, re
cently reprinted, are correct, there could
not have beeu in any poiliou of the
mine a sufficient body of gas to hnve occasioned such an extensive exposiou,
except on the theory that a large feeder
had been suddenly "struck." Against
this theory, however, is the fact that all
the coal seams in the Crows Nest basin
are exceedingly porous and give off gns
freely at all times, hut are unlikely on
lhat account to contain nny petit up volume, ami although the issuance of gas is
constant, the ventilation, If properly directed, is capable of diluting and passing
it off harmlessly, 1 think therefore lhat
it is impossible to come to any conclusion than that indicated above, and especially as from the first moment these
mines were opened, they have beeu
demonstrated to be in the fullest sense
ofthe term 'dry and dusty '
"You ask for a full explanation of the
somewhat technical phrase, 'a blown out
shot.' It is a charge of explosive which,
Instead of expending its energy at the
back of lh*3 bore hole, shoots out at the
mouth of the hole, projecting a body of
flame. I have known this projecting
llauie to extend for as much as fifty (eel,
and, of course, 10 come with terrific
force, causing extreme concussion and of
course ignition ol coal dust whenever the
air is heavily charged with the same.
"This blown out shot may be caused
in three ways at least—either by drilling
the hole timber into the solid coal than
the undercutting, or shearing, aud so
forcing It to do its work against an unyielding substance, 01 again by putting
au excessive quantity ol explosive in the
charge, or by insufficient tamping ot fill,
lug after the charge hns beeu placed in
the hole. Iu either case a hloW out shot
is certtiiu lo result, and as the result of
thirty years experience It is hard to say
winch is the commonest cause I have
no reason to suppose that the officials of
the company were negligent in au*** uf
these respects, aud do not suggest it,
but I um simply explaining the details
ofthe theory which I have formed as to
the cause of the explosion.
"With reference to the future, I am
latlsfied that the officials of the coal
company aie doing everything possible
at the moment to recover the missing
bodies, sud testore the mine to working
order. Of course, rescue work is both
difficult and dangerous, and oue cau
never tell wb.it may happen. If, however, the present rate ui progress is
maintained, I think that ali of the bodies will be recovered within a week from
dale, and lhat tu a few v»e,.ks the mine
will be shipping coal to Us foil capacity.
It is certainly oue of the most remarkable features ol this calamity that so little
damage hai beeu caused to the mine,
"iSg'di. w. Blakemore."
Provincial Mineralogist Robertson differ* entirely from Mr. Blakemore'a conclusions and declares that the generally
approved theory of the explosion, holding the machine wor-i responsible, is
necessarily incorrect, as the nuchine is
found with holes drilled, but no; yet
charged, and therefore ;□ co way connected with the explosion.
Cranbrook Board of Trade Considers the
Coal Mine Disaster.
One Wednesday evening the Cianbrook board of trade held a special
meeting to consider the terrible disaster
that had befallen the sister town of Ferine. W T. Reld was in the chair aud
W. F. Gurd officiated as secretary.
The question cf taking action to secure
contributions for the widows and orphans of Fernie  was brought up, and a
resolution extending  the sympathy of
Cranbrook, and providing for a committee to solicit subscriptions -.as unanimously passed.
Two or three other nutters of a minor
nature were pro et.te-1 aud acted upon
before the board adjourned.
The Choir Concert.
The concert   lo be  given soon by the
United choirs of toe Presbyterian and
Methodist churches will include the tie*l
musical talent 111 the town. Among the
numbers already arranged for are solos
iy .diss Rhoda Leitcb, Mr* M. I.cod,
Miss Lund BQd Mr, Johnson. A male
quartette consisting ot Messrs McSweyn,
pjaaln, G. T, Rogers sod Btrl Hill will
he among Ihe features. There will lie
several duets, trios and cborUSSS. Those
who will partinpate aie bu-.y practicing
(or Ihe event, and the people of Cianbrook are evincing nnusu.il interest 111
the proposetl eiiterlainiiieut.
•• Lovers'   Lone."
The New York raging success, "Lovers'Lane," is une of the songs sang iu
"Too Rich Tu .Marry," which cornea to
Wentworth hall, Monday, [une [6. You
can   hear all the Intest songs, and there
e a number of them with this comedy
Photographer Cumins.
I will be in Cinnhruok   iu thc near fu-
ture for a short stay only.     This is your
opportunity   to get  lirst class  work at
reasonable prices.
R. II   Trueinan, Vancouver,
Lost. Bunch of Keys.
In Cranbrook,  about tluee weeks ngo,
bunch  of about a dOMU   keys on ring,
with chain attached.   Please return to
Herald office.
Don't borrow your   neighbor's paper,
Subscribe.   Only costs f2.u0. f'
fhe Herald?
ILr.M     I
The Heral I il
district.    It you buyout mlaeoryour uuoi I
EDITORIAL    '      •
Wheu theelectois ul  •'■
district defeated   Hsrrj
house hy 37 vote
against  a  man who woul I
24 hours a day while
session Tor the ben
a whole.   It is nut evei
people cau get   nun
to serve them ill a pi       /
The delicate reps
week by Mr. Tallow   1
iniur  dm niv    '
will place   Britlsl   I
enviable   position u
epithets  as   "li.ti -'
illustrale to what de; ll
ernmeut has rea< bed
have  uo   respei I  foi  '-1
Bhoultl   have  enough
province to adjourn  and
of British Columbia Iron
E, C Smith,  membei 1
lost no lime in making   u  d n.
the government foi   re ii 1
widows and orphans,    I.
is lu the right place,    11
erumenl to give, aud b 1
himself, nnd  lhe  ?
know that he could nol
much.   Smith is e
Joe Martin proposed tu
the house prohibit
places.    Hold uu   M
too far.   The  pipi
many a man.   That is 1
idee to a unrrow mn
The investigation   ill llli
ter should  be  1 -   1
If the accident was di
011   the   pari   of the  e\
should  be  shown.    The
dividends sl.oiild not
tion to the neccasi ,
The people of this d
isfied with W. 11    1
port as commissi, a
investigation,    lie ■
parlial  and an bout; it mau,
pie have faith in Inn
There should be nu .
mer and the p< >p!
abuut   their   candl lai",
time for the ran t and
The Liberals in  Ontei
squeeze ut the il.   ill
The legislature  the  h
demonstrated what men  ..
science cnn niul a ill d 1
over the represents
Whnt   baneful  Influ nc
Have they no Ihou  In
do thev  nni*.!   to te
public domain lo t ■
the present polfcj   .
in Biltlsh Culumbia ■*.
show  as  a  rabbit iu lh
foot Well
British v.o 1 a - .
We nnderstaii I lh.
see a mosl sub 1 1
payroll of the hum- na tl
the Inauguration of ajirog an
tails of which have       been ai
by the managem ui
Rossland Miner     Thi
staids thai devel ipmi nt
Ing and lmpoit.uo  natui ■
plated by  the  in ma{ ■■ nei
Rol No. 9 miue, the et     1
be to benefittbo < lolden C
and abroad.
At   iiiii   partli
there li a tlisposUion In    ■
to take a pessimistic view
it is gratifying to n po
part of one   ol   the
mines in   the   camp       '
Implicit contidum ■ lu
Word   from
John Housti ?i I
newspapei Held
scale than  ever.
equipped  wl h n
plant ami a (ealui
will be Its lllustr ilio
teresttng   featun ■     ■
No coilritx \   it:   tl
better field for rn n
umbla.   Up to date
dollars worth  01
dug out In this !'?   .  1
aim seem to have 1
upon them.    In the futii
be taken out  in  B   C,  and  ";?
enriched thereby.- '
The latest reports fru
to the efTecl that the C-i
railway deal   Is oil
discovered that  hi
land grant through 1 lu
took to compromise '?
land grant ami riflsl
to 55,000 a   mile,
Oreenshlelda ami he thi
declaring that hu -
postage slain]) 00   -
not give a land grant
It Is pretty safe  to   I  >
Canada Northers bill ■■■      bt  ilro..poij.
The Coast-Kootena;  itlll 1
dealt with.
u don't.   It gives the news of
the c      ct.    It works  for the  district.    It  is
: editor and not by any clique  or
s ivQrth $10,00. It costs only $2,00
Real "Hutch"
i, ... tker Ilill, Si.\ Rooms
Mouse n I   i iru? and Stable,
niSi $900 ensh
Plrst Served
. . ... ^-<rt-®-(.>-®-ft)-<.)-
• ■.. 1 .     ■
11 in
. ii
Tl.   Tun K..nk-n.iv.
.ii.iii.iii.. Irlti.ina
i    i elc
tin   pi
0. h. THOriPSON,
Burr^lcr, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cnsiiiir.i.'i. nml Marysvllle, " i?
I    until    ■	
.   ■ .       .    ,..;.n
i    ..-....'.   Is in the Nu
. .   I perhaps vi
.in ■ investments thi re.
Mr. ind Mi ■ L. M Man   I
d   b Cardiff al I   ant n i    !
..i   - :   be C. P. U. wei    ...
ill last S ... -i.
A cei | pie nol
la tu i lay evening,   is. ■■.
. . :     KOOd.
est !'. Ida ..■■.■ ;
.-■.:! I,    iii tde Bt tb
W, L. fluid
...    i ■        . -.
■   ■    .       f nen      ■;        i
1 jo a N e wi
i his way to i
i visit at tin
of tho prl      ■ '  ■
. .    ■       .., ■       ....
I!    II    ! I    .
: . . :
pei ty !■■■*> I   . i i
In , . roi
purchased a
.    i .-   I* ; ■
iii n ited j
'■'■■-        ■   ■ ■  ■
. .■■„ ... ,i ;o        ton     M
i -.   ,, ■ lam
it treri wi 11 ipi lull
iere Is a ■   foot sh tft on
- id the le-tigo has beeu co
In ng  aud   leipnn log
■    ■.' men 11 uon at woik d
... .,  h blch will tap i
le   .ho lot       Messrs. Dim
■* -. i     p    -..-...,.
t band
rgla i  but re/used,   n   a co  i lereil
i.j   I lh . V'-i v ii ist pli ■ ■ - ■■       -   ...
Kootenay   district,   Bast   and
1.1- im prises an area of over 15,ooo,-
acres, extending north and south
i tbe International boundary to the
1 oi tlie Columbia.    It is  divlu-
J by the I'arcell range of the SelkerkB
li.i-.taud West Kootenay, and  al
■   t the whole district ii drained  by
■   Columbia   river,   which  Hows
tl i  ugh Kast Kootenay ami soull
■. : West  Kootenay,    Throughout
iole ol tbe Kootenays mineral is
■ i and in great variety.
■. i   Kootenays  first came Into pro-
.■i'i*    as   mineral  sections    In  tlie
... it tft's.      A   few   of  ihe old  miners
n L'nrlboo, California, Oolorado ami
.,  ■  .veil known mining regions  won-
!   i hi ihe Kooteoaya In search  of
Uut the   [urination   was new  to
Some of the more   practical ol
itlle   band   Hung  aside   precedent
boldly   proclaimed    the   mineral
it oi the new territory.     Experts,
lu se heads were tilled with California
louts, wero called In and  averred
thc ore was too base and low grade
for treatment, and tbat tho for-
-  i ...,-, so br< ken lhat It would   he
Mlble to follow any ore hotly   from
- opplnga   to   any   considerable
ilu-.- tutatakeii these gpntlemen
bas i ince been fully demonstrated,
b en proven over aud over again
.i1 ere bodies Increase as depth Is
, ied, ant) that values improve.
(Va already stated, the  peculiar for*
tatlous met with In this district   were
, i puitale to   experts,   who   undertook   to
on the rich discoveries   .Minerals
.-    i mod in almost every combination.
. . noles.me sign of the times Is  the
■ 'u".;.    being   displayed   by   railway
■Ies   lo get   Into   newly  opened
ricts.    The oig corporations realize
nmense trade to betaptured,  and
etermlned to get as big a slice of
islble.    The Urow'a -s,'e8t Paaa
has opaned up au Immensecougtry,
..   the rich Boundary district Is
:oatiloutlng vastly towards the wealth
..- I. idtenays, aud so la the Lardcau
II irctofore the treatment of the ores
.-. j   difficult (problem, but this has
.   vi rcotne to a greal extent.   With
eatly   Improved railway   service,
iei roads and trails, modern maehin-
, and reduced  smelter charges  the
•    it of the mines can now   ho  econo-
iv 'ami profitably treated, and it
i■■, a matter of time till some still
cheapar undo of treatment is devised.
Draying and
I'iunau Moving a Specialty
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Ktc, made by contract,
P. (I. P-irl Steele, 11. C.
and Builder   .*
All wnrk guaranteed.   See sin tii-tsire
ynu build.   It will pus yuu.
Cianbrook, B C
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
The ll (th annual meeting of the share
Uulilfi s oi the Cro*'■* Nest fxtm Coal
company wns iieltl tu Toronto on March
The net pn lit nf tin; year after pay-
lug all opi rating expsi sea and all
charges ol every kind, amounted to
8907,818 3D. Alter paying a Ulvldeiid
al the rale of len per cent per annum
a balance ot fI18 ll.' SO was can led forward to lhe credit nl  prntll ami loss.
This company's assets are their coal
mines and the townsile of I'ernie. l-'uur
years ago this company had no trans
purtatlou facilities, and their slock Hold
as low an eleven cents per share. Tc
lay their stock Is -telling at 800.00,
Till: SIMIl.K4MI.liN VALLEY COAL COMPANY Limited assets are Coal Mines,
Timber. Water Power, Agricultural aad Horticultural Land, City Hater Works, Electric
l.lnhi Plant and Ihe Townsile uf Ashnola,
surrounded by the following resources:
Hold, Copper, Silver, Lead, Iron, Lime, Fire
Clay, Platinum, and A Hue Stock Raisins
Country, anil it is the smelting center of
the Similkameeu Valley with a climate
all that could be asked. Today yju
can secure an option on this company's
stock by paying ten cents per share
down and ten cents per month until
fully paid, with nonforfeiture clause.
This price Is subject to a twenty-live
cent advance without notice, or as soon
as transportation is assured. Tbe present price Is 31.10 per share. Mj not
wait until It Is too late, but get In on
the ground tloor and make a handsome
prollt. A purchaser of 100 shares now
may gain a profit of 88,000,00, Crow's
Nest shares as an example. Thia would
be a fair profit on au Investment of 810
per month for eleven months. We invite tbe fullest Inspection of the company's affairs by Intending purchasers.
For further Information apply to the
Similkameen Valley Coal Company Limited, Head Office, Nelson. B, C. Room
**A," K, W. C. Block, Nelson, B. C.
Tin* Eaton Strike.
Nelson : Tent: a-iu
Awning : Factor}'
here Is a Itillto on lu tbe julntlng
,riment of the T, Eaton company's
irtmental store,  Toronto,  and  nol
I riily  havo the  members  of "O.d  01"
i ii. on strike, bul the pressman,
preMfeders   and    booklolders have a*
II, and there ore others of the em-
i    tn.it may follow suit.    We  pro-
i    Es  fairly   well   understood   lhat
iverage wage In this departmental
to-day Is very small—a  mere pit-
Think of Biking a  man   with a
to provide for and house rent  lo
i ,■ , to wurk for §10 a   week,  ami
bours a day at that, with high
is and   ihe   price   of necessaries nf
meed  irom'Ii  to  fio   per cent,
i ■ i .ui they have ever been!   It   Is
i i ,* shamf    -ve were going to say
irons crime! There is no doubt
i thai  this departmental store ami
i i   ■■ attempts io set the stand*
;  ■ agrs, ai d thus the skinning-
i   resorted to.    Put  a  man  In
1    Central Prison for six months If he
i ik some scrap irom from the  Cm nil
I'm, U railway, but  lionize and  Idoli™
i ha has tho ability to skin his fel
wmeu out  of  a  thousand  dollars  In
■ .lined wages,
Let ns appeal to our constituents.   Innl of buying through thc mall  order
■stem of the  Baton company patron-
: merchants lu your own vicinity
and licep the. cash In your own  neigh
.. il.   They can  give you  as good
t'.ins   and    much  better for that
matter,  than yon  can obtain In this
AmI many  so-called "bargains"
ire ..ui bargains at all.   The moat gull!-
tlmal  In  thc world  Is man,  and
bore is no guilllblllty etjual to that Involved iu the hurgalu hunting  humbug.
Then ijult the exhibition of your gulla-
' Mlty and patronise your "home stores.'
.. iiieau Bogle.	
Additional men are being  added  lo
lhe crew   al  the   Le  Kol   No,  » dally.
Increases are not latge from day
•   ihv, but iu thu aggregato they win
be considerable.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office and -store. Aiken block,
near Canadian Hank of Commerce, Cranbrook, H. C.
Upholstering and licneml Furniture Repairing
Will attend to nny work In the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Resilience. Armstrong Ave.
Purenouns,   -   -   -   •   Ur-30 In ll
Afternoons   ■   ■   •   •   l:JQ lo-l-JO
Evenings        -   ■   ■    7..IOio8:30
CRANIIROOK,     :    ;    : i    0.  C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
i.nii' ituiiMi nlnliemlsl riiiilroutriilnasayorto
tin- North ki - Mm ii? <-' iiipiiny, liialleil,
liverj Desert pi Ion ol Mineral Analysis.
I'r pi Attention to Samples by Mull and
n.i.it iia.i Lnliumloryi
Kaolunfl) St., Nelson, I). C.
ij^  I.O.O.P.   Key City Lodge
5""" "     ii 19,   Meets ever) I'r'
i^-^-^-   ...ij n'O't nl llielr hall an
linker strcut,   Bojnuriiltig
Odd Fellows cordially invited,
S. J   Morrow, A   L. AlrDcrmot,
N. tl. Heu'v.
Cranbrook Lodge, Nu. H
A, F. & A. M.
\jr    PIEPER & CURRIE, 1
**\ ....Dealers in.... r
)|( Wall s Paper, I
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, 1
^Jfs       flouldings, Etc. h
/|v Paper Hangers and Decorators. 1
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wtlsili.-s.lt and Rel.lt .
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Prtsh
Fish, Oame and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best.   Vour
trade Is solicited.
TIiiiiiihs Slcvi-nson
Harry Milniosh
A Continuous Show
Plrst Class Culc and
Rooms In Connection
"Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MclNTOSH
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Qive mc a call.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
The only all mil route between .11
points Kast, West nml Smith to....
Intermediate Poinls.
Connecting at
SPOKANll with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. R, & N. Company.
Cimni'sts at
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Point.,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Connects il.llv
At    llossburK   Stage   Dally   lur
flrand Porks and flreeuwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lie.. I'.is. A|l.
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a few poinls to
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have yo. talked with anyone about bulldl.,?
Come aad see me or lei me see yon, ll nay
do hs both 1004.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Happr TliouHli( or ■ Mini
Au operator for a wester
Who luul served his eompau;
well waa called Into Uie olUi
ami asked if In- thought he
n ii  fix,
i railroad
long nml
ti une day
■fluid hold
down tim job or nighl dispatcher, Uu
promptly replied thai in* could nud was
told io report Tor duty tlmt ulght, and
his i-iiii'f Instructed him in whnt bo
wus to do, .hint after tin* chief k-fl tho
otllco ll bogau to blow uud snow, and
tho trains com in on cod to run into. Tlio
now no-iii dispatcher soon had developed a imii casa or "rattles" nud almost
cried, Hu did not wn ii t uu ncoldont,
and lm could imi handle lho trnlus, Ho
a Imppy Uiotiglil struclt him, An runt
un n roporl I'liino in lu* ropllod, dlruellng
tlio conductor to tnko n Biding uud
wait for orders, nml it wns uot n grcnl
Wllllo inilll he hud I'vi'iy train on lhu
division Bldot.racked. Then ho look a
hook, lighted his p|po nud silt down to
wait for daylight iu tho morulng tho
chlot appeared with auxloly wrltteunll
over his rue.'.
"Any accidents, .lohniiyV" asked thu
"Not nu nccldout. I've got 'em all
on tlio sidetrack, snowed In nud waiting for orders, ami you will hnvo to
get Vin out. I uin going to blow thin
job." It took the chief und his force
nearly all duy io yet lhe trains straightened out and Unfile resumed on tbo
Mining Nous.
The Kami gold output last month w; i
110.488 Otir.c*a,
The I,- ltd Id tlRhtlng the Ureat Northern over freight rates and the hluh
price ol cuke, and lui cut down shipments  in consequence to the amount
necessary   10   cover   development   ex-
peases, until cheaper ratesttregranted,
The HVae Miner's Meeme i« no long*
er required by worklig miners In the
Klondike) Hi only property holders are
now required to take tli em rut. The
license lu the Yukon cost** #ti> a year.
Thc Kliw:i!i1|:an Falls Power dour
pony, which h turnlshlng electric
energy (or Montreal, hns let a contract
for liioo miles of itlnuilnum wire lo be
used on Its main line. The aluminum
will be made and the wire drawn at
Shwanlf-an ('alls by the Pittsburg Reduction Co, This Is the largest aluminum order ever placed In Canada.
The value of diamonds for ludustrlil
l<iti| on** depends largely ou tbe shape.
For boring and drilling round bard
uoih-s are preferred. For wire drawing a Hat stone Is suitable; for stone
sawing angular diamonds are consider*
ed to be the best.
Nn'.ii-i' la hi-riilij K,iVi-||
date t intend to n|i|ilj
inlssloner or Lnutit nnd
hu 11 spec a hi'i* n'l- tn, ui
ii'r from the following del
iiiiit'iii'iiiit m it i.ut
nil-   imill
It Of .tin
limii. lln-1
hiih tin) ol .M.i), liiua,
AI,|*:\AMH.l( I
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readiiy accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Piiiii* T» 1 in For Iforier*.
False tolls nro extensively uuule for
horses, old favorites especially, whoso
caudal appendages present a woruout
and moth eathen appcarauce, liko I'e-
truchio's "old inothy saddle," nud his I production,
prodigiously mothy get up ("Taming of ;
the Shrew," ill, 2).  They aro nlso worn     The North Star mine In East Koote-
by funeral horses, aud by other horses'nay commenced shipping  last  week.
of exquisite outline selected for n pur-1 The production will be 40 tons a day.
tlcular kind of work,  but which ure:
somewhat  spoiled  In  appearance  by
the possession of 11 rat tall (bald, like a
rat's).   These useful appliances, however, are not constructed exclusively
for harness horses.   1 bavo seen rows
The Leadvtlie output for the month
of May will amount to s,i,ooo tons
I'll li is the heaviest output for a long
time, ami 15,000   tons   over the April
There Is a strike on at the Hast
Helena smelter. The smelter trust
magnates have refused to recognize tbe
niou  and every  mau ou tbe j >b has
That Blxlr days
nppllontlun to tlm
bawls ami Work
llm ffllloiVlUH ill"
.South Knit h	
iiIhcuiI mi ebnltis .*
ofpro-Qinptlnn No
llianoe 80 chains
llli'llti* Mil I'Il.'l111•, S
ment cotitnlnlnu a
of bogus mils, artistically joined ou to been calIe,i out'
the crupper, hanging up In it cavalry     .   . ...,.   . ,.    „ ...
barracks ready for Instant set-vice, be- !t la ri;,10^te,, that lhe mi van mlne
ing slipped on just like a finger stall. '" fc*wt Kootenay will be opened up on
The "tine ends" or false  tails used lhc l8t of June'
by nobody but "horse copers" 01* low	
swindlers ure most Ingeniously fastened
on tho animal's bare back by Invisible! I***" Smeller Rates,
moans.   A dealer hr horses never looks     Ros,land, May Sol-Allsortsof rumors
at a borse with a bad tail, nml he nl-k       . *     ,     ,     ,   ,      .    ,
ways goes to tbe best market only,   j hiVe beeD '«f«ul«lon during the past
week as to the revival of  operations at
,1 .  the Centre-Star and the  War  lOagle In
Itossland,    I:   was  reported   yesterday
urn panie* had   been aucessful
Rubin*   l'liiy  nl   llrlnw   Den<l.
Ono morning 11 well known naturalist] L|*at th
was greatly surprised to see a robin j lo tbelr negotiations with tbe Canadian
lying on his buck evidently dead, being Smelting Works at Trail and had com-
rupldly pulled round and round by uu-  ,,|eted negotiations for treaiiag the ore
*"' 'J I at a greatly reduced rate.   It was even
inserted   that the sirelilng works had
nade a rate close to the  rate of 84.50
r ton for freight and   treatment  de-
other bird of the su
The naturnllBt at once came to the
conclusion thut be bud come In time-
to witness the end of a deadly encounter, nml that the Hvo robin was11
iinpb of drag-! nnaoded by ihecompanlcs.
body over the   rate is £ti 50.
The present
liOn Hour Dav Adopted.
Indulging In lhe cruel trlun
flag his victim's lifeless body
But be wns mistaken, for suddenly
the live bird went down upon his back,'
bis wings nnd legs were Bt!(Toned, nnd! Victoria, H C. May IS.—During lbs
lie gave every appcarauce ot being past month, most of the trade unions of
dead, while Hie other robin who had needy hnve adopted eight hours ai a
been shnmmiug death hepped on blsjjaT,8 worV     everything appeared to
ie goli g smoothly, the contractors having concurred.   This morning however.
cded to 1
legs uml proceeded to servo his companion I11 the sumo way as he had
done lilm.   Finally the two birds flow
away together to a neighboring tri
I Uousi
low (he P-*€»|il-» of Bungle Keep Time.
Tbo people of Snnglr, nu Island of tho
Malay archipelago, keep time by the
aid of uu hourglass formed by arranging two bottles neck to neck. The Band
ruiiH out lu hull' an hour, when the bottles nre rovci'Bed, Close by them n llnu
is stretched, on which hung twelve
sticks marked wllh notches from ono
to twelve, with 11 booked stick, which
Is placed between the hour lust struck
nnd tlie neM one. Oue id these glasses
keeps tbu time for each village, for
which purpose the hours nre suuuded
on a gong by u keeper.
itraetot for the new government
wanted to pay the men less than
S3 a day, The im*n refused to accept
•he 1 eduction anil went on strike. A
general strike of carpenters Is feared
nul It may alTrel other trades,   all hav-
Ing been well organ'tid to demand a
nil met flay.
1'i'itiie, H.l'„autli Mny, 1002.
There will be n nifetliig nf Licence Commissioners held la I'l'tiiii'. in*., ni Court House, on
inth .Mine, looa, ut: p. in tu consider tin* following applications!
Itettewul, I.. 11. VanDecar, Cranbrook, It. n„
Iloyal HtitRl.
HenewiW, I'eter Muthesmi. Crniilirook.il. 0.,
Kootenny Hotel.
item-wiil, T. ,1. Wellman.' Cranbrook, li, a,
Mitnltiihil Holel.
Iti'iiewul, James Ityun, Crnuhrook, it. c„ cranbrook Hotel.
Itenewul, K, J. f'eltlcr.wliolesale licence, Cranbrook, U. a, store no Mnln street.
Iti'iiewiii, Oliver Burgd,  Perry Creek, Perry
Creek Hotel,
Nils Hanson, Cranbrook, Cosmopolitan Hotel,
Renewal, n. J, Mclnues, Wanlner, International Hotel
Ifeuewat, C. D. Vinmiiii, Cranbroolt, 11, ('..
Wentworth Hotel,
Dlteiii'uiit..). llrault, Crnnbreok, II. C, Oinivii-
1111 Holel.
If, W. 11AHNK8,   •;
Chief Licence In-ipcetor,
Terms of Payment
The oiiKri-vaK- amtmnl lit principal and inl rest, except  in thc
case  ul lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided Into len Instalments as
BhOWII  in the mills' Muss
; Ihe first In be paid
at  Ihe lime
if pur-
chase,  tne second  une
rum date at lhe purchase, lhe third in
two years and su un.
The tulluwinn table
amuuni uf the annual Instalments
un 160 acres al diflerem
under Ihe abu\
e cnndiljiins:
loOacrs al S2.50 per acr, Isl instalment $89.98
i) equal imal'i-
at $50.00
.1.00     -
"            3.50     ••
(.00     "
1.80     "
90 00
8.00     "
KimberleV is ,,le busi,"-ss antl shipping point for the
J  North Star antl Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agenis.
Cranbrook is ,hc a''v's'onal Poinl »• the Crows Nest Pass
Railway antl Ihe commercial centre of  South
East Kootenay.
V. HVDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further Information apply to fluents as abuve ur to
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
If the land Is paid for in lull at the
lime uf purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal lo len per
cent on the amuuni paid in excess of Ihe
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments.
The Company has alsu lots for sale
in the following tuwn sites in liasl knol-
cnaj: lilko. Cranbrouk. Muyellc, kilch.
ener, Creston and kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-lhird
cash, and tbe balance in six and ^twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the greal
Iron ran«,i.' and Ihe gateway In the White
(irouse copper fields.   J. T. BUKliliSS,
Townsite Agent,
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
_No1.ee Is hereby given tlmt thi
./ days aft;
itatti 1 I'lieini n make npiiUcatl
Commissioner of Lands nml Works fnt
to prospect for coal nn the fo owing
Commencing ni apo t uinrkeil "Thu;
futi s. w. coiner post"plumed mi
hunk or Michel creek about one n 'lo ii
erly direction from c. W, drains s. \v. curuei
post; thence nnrlli n chains; thenco ensi s
elinlesi thenco south w chains; ihence west B
chains to the place of beginn'-iK.
naiPd loth April, 1902,
. II. Mof-
i inuiii
Nniieeis hereby given Hint thirty ii
time t iiiieini tn make nppucatloti in'
nuissioner of Lands ami Works foi
to prosjieet for coal on the fo'loWis ii
Coujincnefng at n post marked "c.:
s. h, corner i "si" planted "ii the »e>t
Mieht'i creek Immediately adjoint in a.
N. li, corner i*-DSt; ihence north *»
thence west so chains; Uicnce sontli a
Hence east 80 chains to ihe pla* ■ of i»
i. Mi I
Dated u'.ii. Aim. 1*08,
N'otlee Is hereby givon that lliirty days alter
dote 1 Intend tn make appllcatlDii tn the Chief
Commissioner of l-nuds nnd Works for a license
to proSpCCl for . Ml mi   III.'  fol'OH.IIg il  m-iiIi.-.I
c.unitu'iiitnu in a (msI mark- a ".Malcolm Mc-
tunes S. h\ I'ti-t ' plunied nil tlie WC*I sine of
Michel crook (north fork) nt t ie iiiteneeilon nl
laid creok w.tli the norlht-rn boumlNry of Lot
MAI,' oi U MclNNKi
Dittel lilh April. HUM,
•late ' iiileii I ,
I'uiir  ♦clinl.
TheTalimt.l snys
of puplli -the spon
the Htniliier innl ilu
ls he who Inki'lli
the funnel Ih Iiii \, 1
r  I'lipiu.
■i'f nu- luur kinds
and Hie ritniii'l,
eve.   The spougo
everything, ami
tnkoth in nt thla
Nil   ,
1»V I'll!'
u thi.ty dnyiafter
tc i Inl
'lilt ll
apply i
chief cnmtnlislnn
nl l.an
h an.
nl \
Ictorls for a ipeolal
■ne.' |i
Ullt a
nl  .Mil
f s«
ny ilmbei from Hie
1 n> mi
ll il hm
le ensi
if lln
mil lhe
t planted aboul ens
r ii pi of Ira Pinch's
l-l ll ll
ther 1
t'l'lie*1 ii
Ml li1
nul iootimiiiNnorth
v w
.an  i
•if   l.ol
tu lii.nii.    tie, Ka-l
Illi'lll*.'  ea-t
iiiiiiis. thenes south
iheaee Wi st
40  C
iHitH. ihence north
■ ■ lH*Ti -
.i Hie
If ll
ginning ntalnlng
fur coal on Uie follow
Commonolmi ni a \<
V.. iMIIiet post'* |i|iint-
| north fork of Michel i
|aiiiiiiii.'ii) iiir.t'tioti ti
pest, ihence west so
clialnii thence etui *■
I olialtu in tin* place ol
ear and lottOth uut at Hint; the sliiiin<<r
In ho that Oil.'Hi gn thu wine nnd ro-
tulnetli tlm fJroW, ami the llOVfl la lie
Hint leilelli gO the limn and ivtiiluelli
the line (lour. Tin- Htuileiit whu begin! nt lenst in with tn belong to thu
hint iiuiui'ii clou will not luivu been
sent tn college lu vnln.
llli   Wtileli.IiiM.
Mrs. BllbUrb—Obi my dear, Hint iiiiii*-
nllleellt   watchdog  yuu   brought  home
jcstei'diiy Is gtiiio.
Mr. Bubarb-Bh!  bit! hu brook tho
"No; but nu imly looking tniiii|i cnniu
around uud acted bo terribly that 1 let
thu dug looso, luit instead of tearing
the tramp to pieces lie went off with
"Ureat Scot I it must luivc boon tho
eainu trninp I bought blm of."
planted sttlie
Included in lm
e iiiiii nbout KM
i   elm ll-Ontl!
ii'liui tie.ii  |,n,.0
iiiiii eoiitauilng
Al IA, Mill-1 ATT.
..I Works foi
i foiiuwlnu <
tlm Ullnlii) nl Mn
ill" I lutein! tonppl)
ii nml itiiriy itarsaftoi
ulheOhlef Coinmliilonor
n a ipcelal licence t ,(
imi,i tuo fallowing des-
l plaiilei
eiiai', nut an
nt i
A Llttlo Snronatlc.
Maid (to lady at tloor)—Mrs. Spencer
In not nt home.
Caller (wbo known differently)—Oh,
J'm so sorry I But uuvcr mind. Tell
Mrs. Spencer when sho comes iu that
I culled to say that I'm awfully glad
alio goes out more thuu sliu did. I've
always wondered why she kept uerae,'/
cooped up In tbo house all tho time.-
Car el <--.•  About  Tlictr   llnlr.
rensant women In Siberia wear
shawls or kerchiefs on their bends,
while tbo rich women weur no bend
covering whatever. A traveler recently returned from tlmt part of tho world
eays that a KiishOu woman who In
otherwise trim uud modern In dress
will go about with her hair dlBbovdcd
to the point of thu ludicrous.
ut ii i
nor nf ITurli'i
west nu chains,
e soulh -hi i hiiins, thence eoslfioelialns,
.. niniii s'lehuns in the poBto.' comnifltiee-
e lu.aiiilugeinucrcs, more or lest,
Commencing at a post planted abuut the
ea leaner or t. Pl-ieli's timber limit nnd
mn etiaiii- north ut m. M iu, the11oe north
tins, tlienoe earn so chains, thenae south ki
b, 11 nm i? west fflJ chains to tiiepostofeont*
Dineni, contain ng nm sores, more or. less,
n.i tint lOtlnliiy nf May, 1009,
li-.-lt A. JOYCK,
Tlmt sixty (' >) days nfter date I intend nnik-
iiuii|>|ilieaiii]ii tn ilu* iiifnnraiiie thc Commissioner ot Mails nml Works fur pi-rmlSBlon to
ptirehii-n llie following ile'sevllietl Uuni In the
Dl.irlctof Buiitlt Bust Kooienay, niicsh Col-
uinbln, flominoiiolng nt a post placed at the N,
W. ■■'iiniiT post nf tail :mo. thence 7 c-u'vein
chains cast, thence M I*'J chains In n North
Westerly direction tn Hie north pnBt of tin*
1'rltiugle, iiit.'iiee so (twenty) cliniim noutli to
pnint uf oontineiioonien' This land in homuied
mi iim booth by Lot C Mi, on thu N. t:. i.y 0, I'.
ltallw..y lanilM nu Hm West Iiy 1-ot B8W and the
Nn th corner nf Hm triangle a ijimnis pre-ompi-
inn Ne iTOniul eanlalni Hl\ (0) a<res more or
A. K. WATTs.
Dated Cranbrook, May lOlh, 1003.
I inl e. I imii April,
ii that iinrij iluysafter
apHli uiiuii In tho Chief
i nnUJWorks fur a HeonBO
i iim fullowlug described
. Mm
( ..ftnin'in in ■ nl a   1,111.1  iinilkl
n. w. corner post" planted nu the iroM uhuk o
Ml'Iml ereek itlnnit two miles in it nortllcrlj ill
rootlet) rr.iin M. MoIiiium corner (Kist; tlienci
easl rlticliuiiiH; llieiiee -itmill si elntllil; tllOIICI
vrsidOohalnsi ihence north so chains in tin
place ol lieglunlng, I, a. UOKI'AT.
Dated ItJlll April, IffflJ,
Not lue is hereby given that thirty days nfter
date I Intend to make nptillciillon in ttieOliief
('oiiimlsNloui'r of l.aini ami Works for 11 license
to prospest for eual on Mio following desorlbed
lands 1
lommeucluantn pest marked "W.MolfatH
K. conief post" planted oil Hie west liank nf
Michel creek about 0110 mile m anorlhorlydl-
recdim from 0. Melnii a S. 1*. corner post;
thoneo north sooiinlusj ilionco west sn oltalnsi
thence south sn chains; tlicia'u cost 80 chains to
Hie pliueof boitlun'ug.
Dated Kiili April. |0C'2,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.        j
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, I
Shingles and |
riouldings. j
4*4-***+* + **+** + ***w++***^
Thirty days after tilate wn, the King Mercantile Company, limited, wUI make application to
the Commissioner nf hands a n.i works, Vlelo-
iin. It. U, for special lieence 10 tut andeitiry
utMiy timber from the foiioivini* described landsi
Commencing at the southwesi corner ot l-ot
No. SM3 munlllg north 80 clialiis. llienctf West h0
eimins; tlienoe south -u chalost tiionoe east ho
chains to the place of enmuieneenieiit; coiitaln-
m. nix luindred and forty acres,
South Kiist Knoteiiay, I'rantuook,
MayttOtli, 10J-*.
When you nre hungry and went
n 1,01 I meal  go to  the  liasl
Kc ale nay,
When you are tired nml want a
good rest go to the Kast Kootenay.
When you are thirsty and want a
(.nod drink go to tbe East
In fact when ynu nre in Cranbrook
stop at the Kast Kootenay.
Notice In hereby given ttit tlilr.ydays after
date 1 Intend to mnko application to the chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a llconso
to prospect for coui on the following described
1 uiiiiiieiieiiii, at a unit inavked "('. W. ii rains
H. W. corner post" planted Oil llic West hank of
Mlohol orebk immediately adjoining I. a. Mortal '1N. w. oomor posit Iheiioo nnrtli soohnhisi
thutieoeasthfl ulinlnsi then e south BOohnins;
Ihence west Ml chains to tin: place of lieglunlng.
Dated iQth April, tgift
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
oo*a water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way to handle it.
May 26, 30. June 29,
July 2, 3, 4
From Rossland,
Trail, Nelson,
And Intermediate Points
To ninneapolls  $44-50
Chicago  I450
Detroit 77,00
Toronto 8o-3»
Montreal 100.50
Corresponding reduction from all
Kooienay points, usual diverse
routes. Meals and included on
Canadian Pacific Ry lake steamers.
A. II. P. A , A,cnt,
V.nhiiliver. Cr.akrooli
J. S. CARIUR, D. P. A., N.lmo, ft, C.
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South Rast Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
If so, don'l hay    pn,   T"IPD    Tlie Onl) Wboltale Liquor De.ler I.
until ynu ste..   rCLIICK   South E.«l Kwltn...    »rite lor Prim.
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
One of the Host Comfortable
Hotels in Boot Kootenay.
Refitted Throughout
Newly  Furnishf-il
I.. II. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, 11. C,
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Tennis mnl drivers fsirnistieil for any
point in the district,
Manager   *   *   jt
We have a stock ot
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. ■   .   .   .
i ... , suggest to the minds
of men sity ol cooler clothing.
For n i-'.'ii]!: suited to the
: ou li mil a fully .is
Suits,     riicbc
arc n lhe  leading styles and nl
doth -  summer wear.    Wc
will qi
I Ine '   'n !,-'!l ''"im;simn- Oxford Qrey,
Coal «illi raised scams.
Sizes front i -   *   *   *   *   *
| jj; lomcsptin,   Light  Qrey,  with
slight overstrlpe, sacque coat.
Size lO.ji    *   *   .*   *    *
I j|lt, I nnel, Navy illtie, with hair
doubled breast coat,
Size *   *   *   *
AT D   &  CO.'S.
SPRING       TINGS....
We have      fine selection of Spring
antl Sunn: igs.   The patterns
arc the I and best and our prices
are satisfi i too t° ;1"-
Leask & Henderson
The 2.ith Century Tailoi '■-. I). C
fm%7"T,l        \ WENTWORTH HALL
*     PORTRAIT UR PH0T00RAI ». . . ■,
s tint.,1 it-no Monday June 16
t    PREST'S S'l ,,  ,    ,. ,
3 " fhe laughing comedy BenBatlou
In Oltl Camerion Holel Bu idlng
I havo reconilj ui
ready to tnko bonnlei
meal, i have no ll.jiioi
tentlou to run n
House, ;- i ■ '
Too   Rich  to  Marry
For Fire insurance
at Equitable Rales        'fxf' i I
in Reliable Companies' if tWm^'\ ¥
See US.   we can
Save yoil money. a Roaring, Rollicking, Scream-
r, , o     a it     ing comedy with an interest-
r aimer & Arnold   ing ,,i0i.
Manufacturer's Agents       Prices,  50c  and   75c
Fire and Life
Scats nn sale nt Beattle'a Drug Store
A good Wai tli Is fl :
! **.*******♦*.************.***
j      LOCAL   NOTES     j
Picked  Up Ahoitt thc Cily  by Asking
Questions  of  Many  People.
[ The man who whispers down a well
|    Ahotit lhe goods heltaa to sell,
Won't reap the gleaming, golden dollars
Like one who climbsntreeutidhollcru
of civilisation,
Amend IIIrIi Grade Railroad Watches Till: Mokai.—Advertise your gooda in The
WALIHAM ftolds Ita own.   Come in nnd sec Uanld.
our selection.
W.F.TATE,THEJE ■ ., ,,,„„, „„•,,=,wa.i.tow,,
Official Watch inspector inr "-1 Sirtnnlsjr.
CrowsNcsl sllsicfiin C. P. i/. |.',,t Rent—Two plnstercd rooms ..vi.t
——        - The tiernlil office,
When in Frank, Alberta, take    Herman jolinson of Kltcliener, was
your meals at the " town y-stunluy.
__,__    .  _ TT _      ._,  ,   T-,T-.      lu. Kiiin iiii.I  R.  li.  Benlllo visited
FRANK CArh ^<^^^-
Found—pait "I  silver apeolaclea  lu
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.       -     liniulreolJol.ul.eask,
r, . , '. w America .num. uew stylus ii.i
Best mc.ll on earth, summer, nil size., Iwo prices.   Relil St
Mi, Whlnery ofWInulpeg vlsllcd with
; Mr, and Mrs, Pettlt several flaya last
*   week.
Candy Kitchen I
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes ami
W. W, Dobla is recovering slowly, il-'
expects to leave for tho coast In a few
I ij - to recuperate,
0 P, Thompson has been engaged to
lake pari in the itujuesl to bu held over
tbe Pernie disaster,
• us a call
• i    Have you seen lhe new  foothill shoe
* | at the Port Steele Mercantile company's.
i ! Ii is the best ever.
Vroom & Dezall
j. McBride and G, H, Gilpin have
each had new Blgns swung to tha breeze,
Pud Pieper wns the artist,
The best thing for out of door spoil is
llie new football shoe at the Port Steele
Mercantile Company's store.
Pi isl, tlie photographer, is turning
ci't. some handsome views ol the Btrlking
«    ii tin:!v iu Smith BaSt Kootenay.
Horse Shoehifif  !■ Meii'HB***--u-erun,*emear iu English
* ! Balbrlggan, natural wool, and silk in-
Carriage Repairing and      *»' BrBi»'a" Pr(ce8< ReId & Co-
General .lobliillJI A ,,;istJ ,)a11 tettU1 from Cranbrook went
j to Port Steele Tuesday to piny the Rlko
Outside Onlei   Prompll)  * club    The score ot last HC'coui\tB was ao
Attended lo,                  j to -j;,. in favor of the winners,   It waa
• evidently a hoi gntne.
U halB, nil sizes,   styles ami cul
ors. Keid & Co.
e engaged in athletic sports
• the new football shoe nt the
le Mercautlle Company's,
ilpiu of K islo, who owns property
t.n lhe St. Marys, arrived Tuesduy uud
will coutllltie development work this
j P. Fluk and P. E. Simpson will
leave Saturday morning for New West-
m ■ sti r ui delegates to the I. O. O. K,
grand lodge.
Mr. Stinet of Phoenix, arrived In
town last week to take the position of
h iok keeper to relelve Mr. Doble during
ti   iattei'a Illness,
R, u. Jennings was brought down from
the North Slur mine ten days ago with n
badly sprained ankle. lie returned
Tuesday on crutches,
A clerk's union la being organized in
C oobrook, One of the objects of the
proposed organization is to close the
business houses at 6 o'clock.
Kurt Steele is preparing to celebrate
ilu* Fourth ol July. An excellent pro
gruui will he presented and n good time
i- assured lor all who attend,
The indies of Christ Church guild are
preparing to give a concert in about two
weeks. J'':rih r particulars will be given i , thc next issue of Tbe Herald,
An Indian bought a velocipede af U.
]\. Beattie lust week. When u man cnn
st il uu article of ihat kind to an Indian
a demonstrates tbe fact that he is a gootl
Miss Henderson left Monday for Cres-
l hi after a long visit with her sister
Mrs, 1*0 !■;. Beattie, Miss Henderson
made many friends who regretted her
departure frutn Crauhrook.
\V, 11 Wilson of Quebec, has opened
ti jewelry store on Armstrong avenue.
Mr. Wilson is an optician as well as n
jeweler, atul looks upon Crauhrook as a
progressive aud prosperous town.
Ivvery arrangement bad-been made for
i large crowd to attend Corpus Christi
iervlces nt s*. Eugene Mission Inst Snu-
day, but unfortunately the day was so
rainy that the trip hod lo be given up.
One week from Saturday there will be
■, ciickei game between Englishmen and
Cnnndl ins. The proceeds ure to be gives to the linnil. The spirit of rivalry i-
■ittong between the two teams nnd the
game will be a warm one.
Tom Rad r of Moyle, was iu town Ins
.Friday. Mr. Radar hns great faith In
this district, and firmly believes that thc
time is coming when Soulh East Kootenay will figure us one of the richest sec-
lions on the American coutiaent,
Mr. nnd Mrs S J. Morrow and Miss
Wall entertained a few friends Tuesday
evening in honor of Miss Hamilton of
Prank Cauls were the feature, and as
1-, always the case in that hospitable
home everyone had a splendid lime.
tin Coronation day, June 26, a strawberry festivoLwlll he held at the home
of Mr. ami Mrs. A. I.eitch, under lhe
auspices of Knox Church Ladies aid.
Extensive preparations will be made for
lhe event, aud it promises to be a gre.u
Mr. Tunbrldge of this city, who has
made quite a reputation for himself as a
hue worker in woods, has opened a shop
on Armstrong avenue, and is now ready
to take orders for anything in his line
He makes a specialty of kilchen furniture, china cabinets, hook cases, etc.
Charles, J. P. and Tim Farrell 0'
Moyle, were in town last week The
Parrel) bovs are old residents of this
dislrict, aii'l if every man was ns Industrious in the work of promoting lhe best
interests ofSJUlll East Kooienay, as the
members of that family, it would be a
glorious thing for all of us.
Caplalu Armstrong was in town lost
Saturday, He soya that he does not ex-
pect nuy high water on the Kooienay
this yenr, but that lhe highest stage on
the Columbia will not arrive for several
days yet, When il does he will take the
North St ir tlltotlgh I he canal to the other
river, where he is confident he will find
plenty of business fur her.
Mi. ami Mrs. M. B. King etitertuiued
.1 large number of guests last Friday
evening in honor of Mrs, Kind's sister,
Miss Carter Their handsome home was
beautifully arranged for the occasion and
ihi evening was an extremely pleasant
one for all present, Dancing, lawu ten
ins, croquet und cards were ihe forms ol
1 iitiilaiiiuient, and it was a late hour
before the gueBts reluctantly took their
Superintendent Jainteioi since coming
In the Crow, has had his hands full
Never, since lhe roatl was built, has
there been such a succession of storms
ami consequent disaster in lhu way of
mud sinks and washouts, The superintendent, Mr. Krickson, roadmaster, nud
Mr Stocks, superintendent of bridges,
have hardly lind time to sit down lo a
meal iu their own homes for the past
three weeks. They are getting everything lu excellent shape now.
The Lacrosse nnd   ■■ ; Ball Boys Entertain
I       Crowds.
Before au ■ 1 ti-»ti: crowd of aoo
people at the rui and Athletic grounds
on Moudav, tht Craubrook lacrosse team
were defeated by lhe Lethbridge aggregation of slick handlers !>,. » seme of
5 lo 2 The iveathci was ideul lur lacrosse and those who went up to the
grounds witnessed a very good exhibition
of the national game, The play was fast
ami the combination at times very good,
The feature ofthe game wns tbe effective
work of the Lethbridge defense^ which
reflected just credit ou ihelr Iraiuer,
The Craubrook learn throughout the
game showed ihat they were nol lu such
good form ns their opponents
The game started 011 time when tbe
ball travelled rapidly from end to end
until by u pretty pice ol combination
work the Lethbridge team scud Tins
stuit was kepi nn.l three mom goals
were scored iu rapid Btncessiou during
the first half,
Cranbrook now wakened up nml nt
ihe beglunlng of the aecoud hall, after
some pretty work, managed to Bcore two
goals, Camerou ami PiuncBay being the
lucky players Lethbridge then scored
one more goal simitiy before time wns
The game throughout was clean, aud
wiih the excepllou ul a few accidents
ami one foul, free from roughness,
The teams lined lip as follows:
Viuillornu   .
A. Wa
AU'\ Se
"Amber" Plug .Smoking Tobacco i;:
winning on its merits. "Have you tried
Marysvllle Notes'
Al. Murphy, who has been In Cranbrook hospital for thc past two weeks
wlih blood poison in his right arm has
recovered nnd returned to thc North
I) 1. Taylor of tbe North Star mine
visited friends tn Klmberley and Marvsvllle this week. He Is thinking very seriously of taking up a ranch near Wood-
lawn In the near future. All Mr.
Taylors friends wiih him success.
A. K, Watt of Cranbrook, visited
M irysville and Klmberley 0,0 week.
ft. E. lie Id .v Uo. bas removed to the
premises lately occupied by Norman
Kenny     ..       bccuml Ituiuo    - McSweyn
Kriiser.. -           I'lilril Hume      .. . Plliliossy
Stafford                (Jutshie       -   . ftimerou
1.. Rhiltiy InsUla Oard-jan
Hi'iuly . .          Meld Captains iioiueon
Mr. Wallace, a traveling 1111111, acted
as referee, and gave good satisfaction,
und A. L. McDermot uud J. P. Fink
acted as goal umpires.
The return game takes place in Lethbridge ou August 12.
Stray Shots,
Plunessy made the star shot when be
secured his goal,
The Lethbridge boys were strong on
Cameron's loan shot for tbe goal
proved to be a .inn jy.
Blthie was always cool nnd he saved
many a goal.
Smith says be did not try after the
first goal taken by the visitors.	
Young Jamison played hard and fast
and the next day was covered wiih
bruises,   The visitors went after him.
The camera fiends were on deck.
The attendance was very good, everything considered,
The merchants displayed tlie proper
spirit by closing up during the game,
Red Men vs. Indians.
Last Tttes lay evening a football game
was arranged by J. Ryan and G. II.
Miner between the Kootenay Indians
and tbe Craubrook Indians. The game
was called at 7:30 and there was a large
crowd of spectators present- ft. T, Rogers officiated as referee, Alex Miute acted
as captain for the Kootenays and Smile-
Ou His Pace Watt for the Cranbrook aggregation. It was a hot game frOOj the
start and although the Cranbrook Indians were surer kickers, lhe Kootenays
were strong ou the run and good in the
uiixiips. On of tbe features nf the game
was the artistic manner that Alex Miule,
who was goal keeper lor the Kootenays,
gathered up his Raglan when lie 1111 le a
goal kick. Kick 'Em High Leitcb had
several tUSSela with the red men nnd
once got a hard jolt on the jaw. Much
Fall-Down Stork got tangled up several
lillies, bllt kept  on   going just lhe sume.
There wns all kinds of enthusiasm and
whenever the  Kootenays   made  a goorl
play lhe crowd cheered to u finish.
The Cranbrook Indiana were lined up
as follows:
Heap-Much Shiver Hunter, goal; Hole*
111-ttie Blanket Leltch and Big-Moon
Hill, hacks; Kick-'Em High Leltch,
Smile On His Pace Watt nnd Plenty-
Hair Ardell, half backs; Much-Pall-
Down Stork, \\hisllc-Likt-Wiiid Wins-
Iiy. Sing Llkc-a-Lurk Johnson, Jump
Haul Christian uud Wide-Foot Liddi-
conlt, forwards.
The score stood 3 to I in favor of the
Crnuhrook Indians,
,  ■■■■    ■■-■■■■ ■■ • 11 -.^eftftftsts-tiiTft
A >tl inge tiling happened in Craubrook
lisl week. The high water, due to Continuous ruins, caused a Hood of the
BWamp ni the base nt Maker hill. The
walei i-auie up ao rapidly that it caught
hundreds of frogs and before Ihey could
get out they were drowued. As a result,
the decaying bodies puttifying in the
sun tin- following day, created au odor
tlut was extremely unpleaaaut to passers by,
1 tuny Bentley of Lethbridge, who
came up with the Lethbridge lacrosse
n tells a story ol lhe heavy storms
in the territory ihat eclipses anything 1 f
the kind telnleil. "I was out III a lu>ll
storm one tiny, and lur u fact It came
down so haul that I   hml   |,.  tmk  bat k
ami forth to make my horse go abend
The bail beat down 111 sheets, I could
not foice the annual directly against il,
ami I found that llie only way I could
go ahead was by lacking back and forth
like a 111.111 with   n  sail 1 t on a lake."
Afler the Story   wns  told, 110 mnn said a
word for several ml utiles, until Anally
one man with   a gasp, said, "Whul will
you have, Bentley?"
One of the best stories thnt has been
told around here lately comes from Ferule, Dining lhe high water the sawmill
oft), V. Molt & Sou was Hooded, and
the saw nud carriage was nearly covered
with water. Steam was OU and the saw-
was started, and before it was stopped a
school nl trout came dashing through
the mill, and several hundred were
cut   upon lhe saw belore the mill could
be stopped.
ti ti ti
P'red Pumoiit tells a good story abnui
bringing a hen in from Sirdar on the
brakebeam of a freight car one night
lasl week. The car had been standing
at the Sirdar siding for several days aud
the hen bad pre-empted the brakebeaiu
for her roost. One night ,1 train coming
east picked up the car, and the next
morning nbout daylight tbe train pulled
into the Cranbrook yards. When i
stopped ibe hen jumped off. Happed Hi
wings, looked at her new surroundings
and then scurried across the lots in
search of a morning feed.
It has been said that the Old Man is n
hoodoo on'the Crow, and the number of
accidents be has beeu in gives some basis
for the a'sertiou. Last Monday be started fur Elko and ns he stepped on the
train at Cranbiook, Charley Armstrong
said. ''I'll bel you will have a wreck before you reach Klko." Sure enough
just as the train left Jeffrey a brakerod
caugll lu the switch ltog nnd lliree cars
were thrown from the track and 11
rowly escaped being piled up in Liltle
Sand crcJk, There was n delay of about
eight hours and the 011 Man relumed
to Cranbrook wondering how he could
utilize his powers as a hoodoo.
What is an aristocratic family, and
what constitutes so called aristocracy?
titi ti
Many a woman has made herself popular hy forgetting to say many things,
No true gentleman will willingly hurt
lhe feelings of any person, uo matter
how humble a position be may hold iu
the world.
ti ti ti
A gootl citizen mid a knocker ore not
synonymous terms.
ti ti ti
A kind wind to a child is often re-
uiembered, and treasured as a jewel iu
the juvenile mind.
Clipper Novell) Company
The Clipper Novelty Co. will give nu
entertainment on June 5 nnd 6, m Went-
worth   hall     The Nelson pnpers speak
highly of ihe performance given, and ev
pecinlly praises tbe trained dogs feature.
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits, "Have you
tried il?"
Mineral Notes.
For deverslly of mineral resources
British Columbia leads the world.
On Vancouver Island and In the
Crow's Nest Pass are vast coal fields,
perhaps the largest in Canada producing about 3 OQO.COQ tous in 10(11.
The Cariboo, Omlnica. Vancouver Island. Atlin ami Km Kootenay districts
produced something like 81,500,000 dur
ing the same year in placer gold. The
Province produced about {M,ooo,ooo in
Lode gold and about 3- "ioo.ooo of
sliver moat of the latter extracted from
silver lead ores.
Of lead ibe Province produced during
the same period some 5:1,000,000 worth
and of coiipcr.
Besides the mineral above mentioned
there have been produced some Iron,
Platinum ami plumbago to say nothing
Of stone, lime and cement,
Something About  iin;   i-rj-ii-ii/iitiiui   Which
Own lhe Pernie Mines.
The Crow's Nest Coal Conpany pr -
prletora of the Peruie mines, h the outgrowth of the enterprise of a syndicate
ol Victorians, I ■ lssu Win. Ferule, who
resided at Oak lUy, learned ihat the
G ill company had applied for a charter
III-ongh the Cow's Nest Pass, Inteiest-
a number of other gentlemen, who put
an exploring party In the Held with M\
Fernie al i*s head.
The little syndicate, who thus laid
the foundation for ihe greater corporation, consisted of CM. Maker, Win, Fernie. C. C Fernie, V. II. Maker. J. D.
Pi-mheiton, lv Dray, J, K Humphreys
ami ]■'. W. Aylmer,
One week after taking the Held In
1*>0 thc pariy found the Hist scam on
Mai ilu creek. This they named lhc
Jubilee, It being found within a few
days of the i,' locus Jubilee anniversary^
Ledge alter ledge were tliscouvercd In
the years following. Then tho U. C
S nitiiern charter was obtained, for the
construction of which the company was
to receive 80,000 acres a mile. They
afterwards purchased 11,(1110 acrea from
the government.
Por a time lhe company was sdd to
be threatened wllh extinction by the
C. P.tl but mainly through Mr, Ferule's
cilO is. who hung un his holdings when
01 hers weakened, the co-operation of
Senator Cox.Robt. JafTray, B.las Rogers
Cot, Pellatt and other Influential capitalists was enlisted and tbe future of
the concern was apsurred.
Since that the M. C. Southern railway
has been constructei aa a feeder to the
Great Northern, enormouB coke ovens
have been built, and Fernie itself has
sprung from a hamlet to one of the
most promising cities in Canada. The
output of the company's mines ls almost
dally Increasing, while the superior coking qualities of the coal makes ll desirable for ihe 11 ncet steam purposes. It
Is estimated ihat thc company has In Its
lands a dcspoal*. of twenty-two billion
"*      ..MEN., j
Remember the ^y
Fort Steele     I
rlercantile Co.
When Oulng tu Purchase
Hats, Caps,
-■■>       lillli Shirts, Ties,
9      It III Boots, Shoes
to In fact everything in the way of Men's Furnishings.
I ~ '—
a 1 AniP<* Ca"andsec°ursi°ck°fshoes-
'■l   L./A \J 1 UO    Your Choice for $1,00.    Also Children's Shoes at less than cost	
toto        Take Dr. Scott's Citrate of
to        Iron and Quinine Tonic	
To Our Stock of
Palatble, Nutritious
Cereal Foods s *#'
The finest pteparations from Wheat, Oats, Corn,
Rice, etc.   All wholesome and always fresh.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
The heavy and ever increasing demand forces us
us lo keep increasing our stock and the result is
our numerous customers are receiveing the benefit of thc big turn over.
The more we sell the fresher and better our
.GROCERIES are and the cheaper wc can sell them.
Our trade has doubled In the lasl sin months.    Help us to swell
ll to (our times this volume in Ihe nexl six.
A RATTAN CHAIR or        •
Will Renew thc Appearance of
Vour Parlor, linud Values to
the Lslcst Style can be had
Irom j
Repairing and Upholstering a Specially. (j)
Q%% %-%%-%%%%-tf*-^
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, p«r bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, ptr bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlive.t, per bottle  1 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50 1 i
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 J r
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75 jjf
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00 C
Claret —Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00 5.
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout _ 35


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