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Cranbrook Herald Aug 10, 1899

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I * * 99 af -9-ar-ar 9-ar-w -w-w-w vvvvvvvvv w-\9fm w»ww»tw»»-»»--------   -   -   -   -   -   -.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
ITon, Gko. A. Cox, President. D. K. Wai.kkr, Gon. Man.    *
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
t   Deposits Received. j
1   London Agents—The Bank of Scotland. j
•    CRANBROOK BRANCH. J. W. H. SMYTHE, M.in.i(.cr. j
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Leadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch ot the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS are situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point lor the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Via Craubrook
•ni®  ®nm
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort s Specialty
flood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioacl anil depot.    Has arcnmnloda-
tious for tbe public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
►.IB ®»*.
®  <"p
i lonque....
Is the best summer beverage known.     It is a bot wealber ~
®                              tonic.     Try one liottle nnd bf convinced. _
•■«"'■-■ 2
| Tanglefoot f
Is the only stickv fly paper mnde.   We sell it nnd offer no ®
®                           substitute.   Fly Poison, Pells, Insect Powder, and all things r
®                           necessary to make life worih living.
® •
i H p.y» io Dd .i:,:      Beattie's Drug Store ;
>**■ b.
Postoffice bulltlitlg, Cranhrook g
At the Toronto   lothing Store
A Snap.   A line of Boy's Suits bought (or cash at .1 sacrifice, will be
sold while they last for
$2.50 a Suit
Don't ml
 Reid & Co.
These suits arc well worth $3.50.   Don't miss them.   They can't
last long,
Wc have closed out our entire stock of Haidware
lo G. II. Miner and have a small stock ol	
Prints and other Dress Goods
Which we will sell at cost to make
room for our mammoth stock of....
Men's Furnishings, Groceries, Shoes, Liquors, Hay and
Oats        dt        dt        dt
And we won't take a back seat on prices,
Goods delivered to any part of the city.
Mail orders promptly and correctly shipped.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co,
Cranbrook ar* Fort Steele ^ Wardner
Job Work 3
Herald Office
The Rails Will Follow the Grade On
the Branch.
All   thc Contractors  Will Be  At
Work  By thc End  of thc
Present  Week.
There was considerable excitement In
town the latter pari of last week when it
waa known thnt orders bad been issued
to stop the work of grading on the North
Star brancb north of St. Marys river.
Various: rumors were afl -at and one man
front Fort Steele said at once thnt it
meant Hhe company Intended to build
down the St. Marys to Fort Steele, and
he went home rejoicing. Others said
that changes were contemplated to make
a more suitable route for building the
road on through to Windeimere. But
the truth of the whole matter is that a
delay was ordered from headquarters hi
the east ou representa! Ions ft om tlie Sullivan Mining company, 'but tbe line
could J'ip built by way of Marysville, ua
Mark cteek, just as well as hy missing
the ^townsite a mile and a half or two
miles. This mutter has been pending
aud investigations made, hut the probabilities are that no change from ihe p'ts-
ent .'location wi'l he made un'es-j it be
the building ol a spur into Maryville.
The line could not be built to Kimberley
that whj', except by greatly increasing
lhe grade.        	
Pushing Forward the Oracle.
Grant & Shady, who have the contract for the next four miles beyond St.
Marys river, commenced wotk yesleidny
and the other contractors will be at wrjrk
by the lalier part of the week. It is the
intention of Ihe com any to push the
whole work us rapidly as t-ossililo, so
that everything will he in good shape before heavy frost. Wilh this idea in
view, track laying will probably commence next week, and ball hs ting and
surfacing will follow closely after, so
that when the last mile of the road is
graded, the '-.rack will be laid and the
roadbed be ready for traffic at once.
Cranbrook People Should Patronize Cran*
brook Merchants.
During the past few weeks there have
been peddlers of different kinds in the
town, selling their goods lo the gullible
public. Among them was a man selling
musical instruments, another glasses, a
third clothingi  a fourth photographic
views of homes, etc. They all did some
business, and in each case lhe purchaser
could have done as well or better if he
bad bought of Cranbrook merchants.
The spectacles were --old much higher
than Tate, lhe jeweler, would hnve sold
litem, better bargains could have been
secured of l.eusk, the tailor, in tailor
made clothing, and as to custom made
clothing, Magi's & Hughes, Hill, (he
Clothier, Reid & Co , Sherlock & Bremner, Gilpin, or the London & Liverpool
cotppany could havedaneaswell or better
by them. Beattie, the druggist, would
have sold the very same musical instruments several dollars cheaper, and Piest
& Co. would have given satisfaction in
work and service in photographic views.
And it is so nil along the line, The
Cranhrook merchant lives here; he haa
his money invested here; he spends his
money here; he assists in making Cranbrook a town, so that the people wbo
buy iu this way cau have positions to
earn money. Too many people have
come out west to receive belter wages,
nud llieu want to send back east lo make
their purchases, where low wages are
paid. Such a policy will make any town
a low wage town if it is kept np If you
want to have prosperity in a country
keep up your wages and your prices, on
a standard with the resources, so lhat
there Is money for both sides. Buy at
homo. Stay hy the merchants who are
staying by you. You will make money
hy it every t tne. It is business for both
Hides, and Cranbrook bas a class of mer
chants that carry large stocks nnd ore
selling on closer margins than any towu
in tbe Kootenays.
As  Shown by the Ureal Increase In lhe
Consumption ol Meat.
fertile Free Press: As an indication
of the growth of the Koolenays, lhe itl-
create during the last two years In tbe
amount of meat used is a good indica
tion. In conversation with Mr. Mclnnes, of Mclnnes & Co., a few dnys
ago, that gentleman informed us that
two yi his ago about seventy head of cattle per month was the amount of fresh
beef consumed in the Kootenays, while
today over twelve hundred head per
month were required to supply the de-
maud. The greater portion of these
cattle come from the Northwest Territories, and this great increase in demand
bas been a good thing for the farmers
and ranchers of the Northwest, as today
cattle buyers have to pay from $8 to $12
more per head for beeves than a year
ago, and considerably more than at any
time during the past fourteen years. At
tbe present rale of growth, in another
year the Kootenays will consume all thc
beef raised in the Northwest, unless Ihe
farmers and ranchers greatly increase
their herds.
Joe Benis' Marvrlou-* Sixty-Three Horse
The sublime cnlrnnalinn of the art of
training is niarvelously shown in the
equestraiu performance executed by
sixty-three thoroughbreds under the
guidance of Joe Berris, America's most
famous equine educator, appearing with
the Waltei L, Main cuius ut Cranbrook,
Friday, August 11 The acl introduces
lhe finest specUuans of American and
Arabian thoroughbred horses executing
Hie grandest and greatest performances
ever imagined, A positively wonderful
display ot stirb downright  novelty, out
ami out originality, unrivalled magnlfi*
eence and   thrilling   interest as lo blot
out forever all previous animal exhibitions. There aft: rings wilhin rings;
platforms upon platforms; in and upon
which horses perform concurrently and
simultaneously; moving in five circles,
in opposite dire. ions. This feature
alone is Slid lo be worth more than the
price of admission, arid is hut one ol the
hundred   astounding   numbers   on   the
fascinating program.
For Sale or lo Let.
I will sell or let on easy terms my
hoarding bouse property ou the east side
of lown. Well located for doing n good
business. Joe Brault
Meeting of License Commission.
The license commission held n meeting nt Fort Sleele lust Monday and
granted liquor licenses to two hotels in
Kimberley. One is owned by Gates and
Galbraith and the other by J. M. Carroll.
An Assayer for Cranbrook.
G. Johnson, the assayer, has moved to
Cranhrook and will locate here permanently. He looks upou this city ns
the most central point for liis business,
and his recognized ability in tbis line
will insure him a profitable patronage.
Main's Circus.
Last Sunday morning Main's circus
arrived in Cranbrook from the east in
three sections. A portion of the nni-
nt'ds were lefl here and lwo sections made
up and taken on west. Friday ts tbe
date set for the performance here, nud
lhe people huve seen enough*of the outfit to know that Main's circus iu a big
Fred Roo's New Field.
Fred Roo, for n long time manager of
Smith's eating"establishments on the
Crows Ne*.t line, left last Monday for
Tobacco Plains where be will take tbe
general mauigement of the Crows Nest
Trading company. ►Mnl Roo is an able
business man, a grent hustler and a fine
fellow personally, and be will he a great
success in his new field. His many
friends in Cranhrook and alt along tbe
Crows Nest Hue will miss him, but all
will rejoice in any good fortune that he
may experience.
A Sign is an Invitation.
A man in business should notify the
people who come to town to trade.
Strangers do not know what a man's
business is or where ne is located
When he walks up the street he naturally lodes for the sign. Fred Pieper is
doing some excellent sign work. He
paints signs that can be read on the
run. If you have not a sign yet, see
him.   It will be money iu your pocket.
Henderson as Attorney Uencral.
Alexander Henderson, of New Westminster, has been tintned as attorney
general. He will be opposed at the bye
election and it is snid lhat be stands a
good chance to be defeated.
Fire Wardens.
Fire wardens for Crnnbrook have been
named as follows:   John Leask, George
Billiard and Alex Moffat.
Additional Local News.
Pr. Gricc, the dentist, is iu town this
Ur. Corsan and family arrived today
from Trail.
Clandehoyes' butter, fresh and sweel,
at McConuell's.
Always kept oil band, the best bread
and buns at McCoitnell's.
G. H. Gilpin, of Sleele, is in town
looking alter his store.
Try Tiuiquc, nt Beattie's. All kinds of
summer drinks. Just the thing. Try
Harry Cummins is iu town today ou
his way to Veny creek to survey property for Mr. Yonng.
W. R. Ross, George Shier and Postmaster Cann, of Fort Sleele, were Cranbrook visitors yesterday.
Car of Ogilvie's flour and oatmeal left
Winnipeg August 3d, arriving here tbis
week for V. McConnell. Put up In all
Bizfs and grades.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
Is building a large warehouse al the rear
of their building to give •them room for
tbe carloads of goods on the   way here"
The Commercial hotel has enjoyed a
Bplendid run of patronage the past few
weeks. The Joyce Brothers are bustlers
for business and are getting tbeir share.
Tbe Congregational meeting in lhe
Presbyterian church is postponed until
further notice ou account of tbe illnes*}
of Dr. Robertson, who is unable to be
W. S Cranston, C. ti., formerly with
the Crows Nest construction, and one of
tbe best known civil engineers in Canada, haa been in town the past week
looking afler some of his interests in
South   Bast   Kootenay.   Mr.   Cranston
I'wilt opened up about forty utiles of
work on the Rainy River road, and
leaves for there tomorrow.
ore will lie carried fiom the mini to the
ore bin near the railroad    The engine
and boiler for the air compressor ate in
place ami the brick wall surrounding the
boiler will be finished today, and lonior-
The Black Bear is a Very Promis* row ll e Ms smokestack win be raised.
ing Property.
Placer Ground Within a Few Miles
of Cranbrook—Mining Notes
of General Interest.
Tbe Black Rear.
Tbe Itluck Hear and Mahel mineral
claims one and one-half miles soulh of
Kimberley were bonded this week to
Charles Kstmere, of Kimberley. The
properties are galena propositions, assaying 54 ounces silver, 68 percent lead and
$4 in gold. The principal development
work Lbs been done on tbe lllack Hear.
The vein has been stripped by various
open cuts for a distance of ubout 300
feet, showing a continuous ore chute.
The vein is about six feet wide with two
feet of clean galena assaying as above
stated. A force of men is being put to
woik on the property to develops it
more systematically. Mr, Kstiueie feels
highly pleased iu being able to secure
this property. He said lo Herald reporter, "I have (Seemed a property iu
these claims that is auolher evidence ol
the imiueu.se wealth ubout Kimberley
uud the Kast Kootenay country. Like
the.fatuous North Slar and Sullivan
mines the pay ore begins practically at
the grass roots, Situated us these properties are ou the line of the North Star
branch railway, I am confident that tbe
first shipment of ore to leave Kimberley
camp over the branch will be made from
the lllaek Dear mine." Mr. Kit me re is
organizing a compauy for the purpose ol
acquiring these properliis and working
them. Iu the uteau lime he intends to
carry ou work continuously. Everyone
going lo Kimberley should visit this
property as it can he done without greut
physical exertion, Ihe workings of the
Black Itear being withiu 100 yards of tbe
wagon road, uud it sign on the road will
guide lhe visitor.
Mr. Kstmere is a hustler nud knows n
good thing wben he sees it. His labors
are continually directed toward bringing
the mineral resources of East Kootenay
before tbe eyes of capital and the public.
He is deserving of all tbe success with
which he may meet in his endeavors
In another column will be found further
particulary about (he Black Hear Mining
company, limited.
St. Marys River.
Messrs. Matheson and Virdeti have decided to spend several months in the active development of tbeir mineral claims
on Dewar creek, oue of tbe tributaries of
tbe upper St. Marys river. They have
this week taken a supply of provisions,
etc., by pack horses up to their ground,
aud do uot expect to leave tbe work before winter sets in. They left soma fine
specimens with McVittie & Hutchison
and appear quite confident that they
have picked wiuners in tbe great prospectors' race. They have two large,
well defined ledges, one of them ten
feet wide, well mineralized with galena
ore and traceable for some distance;
tbe other ledge tuns from three to
twenty feet In width and is'heavily
charged with copper aud galena. The
country rock is a series of shales with
granite dykes ilsing about 7000 feet
above the valley of Lake Kootenay.
Ik-fore these claims could be reached
with pack horses a trail had to be cut
for six miles and Matheson aud Viiden
had to do this for themselves, besides
being obliged to construct a substantial
bridge across Dewar creek. Thus the
most enterprising prepare the way for
others for the trail and bridge will become a public highway and many n
lucky miner ride over tbem to riches.
Messrs. Taylor and St. Clair can*
down on Tuesday from (he tipper St.
Murys river where they have staked four
claims showing solid bodies of galena.
Tbey are the first to reap tbe benefits ol
the new trail which 'has been cut out by
Messrs. Matheson and Virdeti, and tbey
are loud iti|their praise of the way the
trail has been made. Mr. Taylor says
the country aroutig Dewar creek is a
very promising one, and destined Jlo be
a rich mining cump when transportation
is arranged for. Tbe ore so fur nssa>ed
goes over 100 otiuces to tbe ton in silver.
Moyie Mines.
Moyie Leader; Things are going
swimmingly along in the soulh end of
Moyie, and tbe way iu which that portion of the towu has built up in the last
thirty days is simply astonishing. It
is now to have tbe highest building in
the town. Tbis will be built by J. C.
Drewry on two lots which he recently-
purchased ou tbe extreme southern end
of Taviostock street. The building will
be 29 feet wide, 60 feet loug, and three
stories high. It will have 36 rooms, including a large kitchen, and will have
accommodations for at least 50 men.
Tbe building will be used exclusively as
a board and lodgiugnhouse for thc men
employed at the Lake Shore miue. Mr.
Drewry expects to have 50 men In bis
employ by the time tbe building is completed.
The new tunnel at tbe Lake Shore
mine is uow in between 80 and 90 feel.
Its face is in solid rock anil rapidly neai-
ing tbe main ore body. The ore car hns
been Installed and carpenters are at
work on the big trestle over which the
Harry Mathers, from Windermere
mining division, was in town this week
and reports great progress in thai
northern division of tht- district. Haupt,
Taylor and Mathers have bonded tbe
Silver Thread group to agents of Fraser
& Chalmers, of Chicago, for £50,000, of
which $3000 was paid down, aud the
buyers are now engaged in active development work. The property is on Saw
creek, which is one uf the richest creeks
In the Windermere district; iu fact the
basins of Saw and Horse Thief creeks
appear to have most ofthe j^ood things,
The Silver Thread shows a tjj-foot ledge
of galena carrying 14" to 250 ounces of
silver to llie ton. Many ot our readers
will be glad to hear lhat the well known
Jack Thompson has located a large
ledge traceable for iSou feet aud earning galena. The location is near lhe
well known Delplliue and promises to
be a very valuable find.
There can be no doubt ihat tbe Win-
dermtre district will he one of lhe rich
districts of the Koolenays, and it is not
difficult to Imagine the North Star rait-
way extended to that country, running
through and opening to lhe miner tbe
large Skookumcbuck district, and the
Fin lay creek nnd Dutch creek valleys in
alt of which good prospects have been
found and iu whieh there will doubtless
be mnny mining camps so th.it the cttl
zeus of Cranbrook will before 111 ny
years have passed, see a wealthy aud
populous country, large euough for a
province, paying tribute to the geographical position of their town.
Placer Mining.
In these days of rich finds iu t-uar:z
tedgesevery miner is looking for ••veins,"
' contacts?' "iron capping" and ' ttoat,"
while Ihe placer ground ol the district is-
negtected nud scorned. And yet. within
three miles of the district in one direction nud within six miles in auolher,
there is ground which was rich enough
in lhe "seventies" for men to work with
short sluices atul rockets, and the pick
and shovel. Surely there must be fti-
wages uow for work ou that same
ground, The cost of living iu those old
days was four or five limes what it is
now now, nnd there can be no doubt
that much ground would lie left un-
worked then which would now pay over
*f3 00 per day.
Mining Nates.
G. Johnson, assayer and m.lulurgist,
Cranhrook, II. C.
Work bas beeu Inaugurated on the
Watson [property at Elko. A aoo-foot
tunnel will he run.
Some magnificent showings r.re being
made this season on tbe properties near
M. Phillipps' rancb.
Fred Hazen came In from his Perry
creek properly Monday. He reports
everything looking well.
Mr. Love has secured the contract to
sink fifty feet ou lhe L'nioujack mine
for the Kootenay & Aleorna company,
and is uow at work with several men.
The development work on the Copper
Bell is progressing in good shape, and
severs! stringers have been cut that give
strong indications of the close proxlmit)
of a rich ore body.
The new work on the Union Jack i*
down aboul four feet, mnking a loial of
over ten feet. The "horse" is tapetiog
down aud te now only about twelve
Inches wide, leaving over four feel of
quartz. 'Ibe ore continue; strong fit the
bottom cf ibe shaft aud is still a mixture
of copper pyrites and galena.
Captain Gray and others who went up
in a parly to Hell Roaring creek a short
time sgo, have evidently been sinking
it Jrich for they brought in some very
fine samples of galena taken from their
claims. The samples are on view in
McVittie & Hutchison's window. We
expect to hear more from properties
lhat produce such fine ore at the very-
beginning ofthe work.
Joe Wilnishurst, of Moyie, is at work
on lhe California group about a mile be
low Moyie lake. The claims lie close lo
tbe railroad, and show good prospects.
One ledge shows thirty inches of copper
and gold ore nud there tl a very large
ledge wilh iron capping which has not
been opened up as yet. On the .yj-inch
ledge |a shaft hns been sunk to a depth
ol thirty feet and work is being lontiri-
ued there, the ore value Improving stead*
Sullivan Miners Injured by an I* * plosion
A messenger arrived iu lown yesterday
afternoon for Dr, King to attend to several men injured by an explosion in the
Sullivan mine. The messenger knew
no particulars of lhe accident, and lhe
doctor, who left at once, had not returned at tbe time of going to press.
The Windermere Races,
Tom Wellman returned from Windermere Ibis week, where be bad his string
of horses. He says he has no reason to
complain of lhe results The races were
as follow.**:
Quarter mile,  Easter Lilly   Barnes, et
al, owners.
Hall mile, Homely Hank, T.  Wellman
One til'le, Homely Hank.
Half mile, horses raised in  Kast Kootenay, Gray   Eflglc,   owned   by   Indian.
He also won the hurdle race.
Wellmau's colt,  Disturbance,  proved
title to bis name, and could uot be handled, but bolted the track and  ran  into
an hole! full speed.
Buckskin was barred. Windermere
people were afraid of him aud tbey made
a kick,
and jt
Angus Morricott, appreciating our love
for literature, handed us the Scottish
Canadian Magazine last week, with n
marked article for our perusual. If
there is one thing above another that we
delight in it is a j-ood magazine article,
and we were profuse in onr thanks and
thought joyfully of the pleasure lo come.
That evening we piepared for au hour of
joy, and opened the magazine to the
marked article, Following is a reproduction of tbe first part of the article,
.unl we have not yet recovered our mental equilibrium, due to ihe extraordinary
etTort put forth to find ont what the
writer ofthe article was saying:
Bba, mach eadat Lochaber a«us Balde*
anach, da chiobair a bba'nan nabald-
bean alg a chelle, QgUB hhuheadh un
dara fear, ru blcheant . dol a dh* am*
hare air a (bear eile. P.h 1 fear air taobh
ua h-aird an iar de an abhainn, aj-us fesr
eile air taobh na h-aird an ear. Thainig
am fear bba nir taobh na h-aird an lar de
an abhainn a dh' ionnsuidh taigh an
fhir a bba air taobh na h-aird an ear Hi,
ah cbeilidh, Dh' fban e gus an robh u
BU math anuiocb. agus bba e au sin
deonsch air dol dacbaldb. "Tha un
t am dot dachatdb," an* esau. '"Cha'n c
sin an nl thu, ach fannldh tu an nochd,"
ars am fear eile. "o 11a tha e cho f idn
autisun oidhebe." "Chan fliati mi to
dluubh; nam bithinn thar na  h-aibhne
tha uii coma tuilU-adh." Bba maehurg
math latiltr ai-- fear an taigheagu* ihuitr
e, "Their tnlsc lent agus cnirdh mi Ilia
ua h-aibhne thu; ach is fearr dut fan-
tail." "Cha'n fhau mi codbiubb "
"Mm ant fan, falbhaldh intsc Icat."
Dh' eibtl mac fear nn ttight air galla a
bba aij-e a' ciobiireachd.
A good story is told on Frank Rankin1
About a year ago, while C. P. K. More-
keeper ot Warduer, some indiscreet
friend presented bim with a fawn. It
was only a few days old and Frank found
:t necessary to officiate tu the capacity
of wet nurse by using a bottle. Tbe
regulation nipple was a rarity in Warduer during those days, but Frank's ingenuity supplied a substitute in the way
ofn piece of small rubber hose. Fortified with this he would place one end in
a can of milk and the oilier in the
(awn's month. At first tbe animal did
not take kindly to this new deal, but
after a few trials be developed a voracious appelite. One day, proud of his
achievement, Frank invited a number of
friends down lo the storehouse lo see
his pet indulge in a condensed cream
banquet. Tbe hose was placed iu proper
position and the fawn, eager to display
bis ability, started a stream of milk
through the hose with unusual force.
While expatiating on the wonderful
smartness of bis pet, Frank loosened Irs
hold on the lower end of the tube, and
suddenly there was a gurgling aid
strangling on the part of the fawn tilst
was alarming. The rubber hose was
half way down its throat and rapidly
disappearing from sight. An attempt
was made to stop it, but it proved futile.
the result being the ruination of a new
pair of fio trousers, and for lhe first
time the animal was placed on a rubber
diet. That settled it, and tbe next day
Frank sent tbe fawn to a friend in Macleod.   He bad had enough.
We lost our jiocketbcokJIaBt Salurd; y
while fishing. It contained one railroad
p ss, one ticket to the Sposane eapni*
tion, one order for tickets to the cirrus,
a receipt lor making tabbing glue, three
statements of account f om patent merchant's and an aittcle c'.ippe.l f.om a
Washington piper relative to lhe rapidity wilh which newspaper editors in
British Columbia are a .qui. Ing fortunes.
The man wbo finds '.bat pocketbook and
leads that clipping will probably appreciate the joke.
The man who has charge of the eh-
phaut that was left over in Cranbiook
wanted tfl sell bim to us. We figured on
the number of ions of hay the animal
would eat in a month at |**o per ton, am)
concluded to forgo the pleasure lor tbe
_     9     9
Why is it tbat so many fathers go to a
circus to take the children, and while
the wife is watching tbe clown lhe old
man has his eyes glued on the graceful
movement-* of the female trapeze, performer.
0    4    Q
It is dollars to doughnut Dial Jirnmle
McNeil and Ike Foster take in the sideshows, and both of them will buy pictures of the fit woman and the Circassian
tj.     tf.     ft.
We have made a bet that we can nnme
six men wbo will be at the circus, and
each of Ihem have read The Herald almost .from the duy it started, and have
never paid us a cent. And what i.s more
the bet is a cinch.
A (treat Race On.
A race has been matched by Tom
Wellman, of this city, and W. H. Barnes,
of Fort Steele, with their horses, Homely Hank aud Faster Lilly. The bit er
horse is the one the Fort Sleele syndicate recently purchased in Montana,
Tbe Jrace will be mn in Cranbrook on
August 30, for $100 a side, Considerable
interest Is shown in the event and Ihe
probability is that a big pile of mom y
will change binds on lhe result.
More Houses Needed.
The crying need in Cranbrook now is
bouses to live in. Every day the dt -
mand increase*!. This need offers a greet
field for Investment, as houses will rent
as fasl as they can be built.
I    I.  SUII'SOS, KiUI a   Manama;
lie lien   :   • -	
itrlc      II     i     . . "'   any al
..   r nilimoi l       eotiU' .ami I
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first=class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
The editor of The Herald had two
hills preseultd to him tbis Week thut
failed to give rise to a pleasant feeling.
Both bills were paid, but not without
protest. One was drawn up un a blank
bill head, and the o.her was on u bill
head printed by a house In eastern Canada. The Herald has a fully equipped
printing office, wilh machinery a"d material costing about for. O. It is ready
and willing to do lhe printing of this
town, but it does n.ot propose to compete with eastern offices that pay their
employes from ft _Q to $l 75 a day,
simoly because it cannot do it. The
Herald pays good wages, and that money
is spent right in the town. The editor
aud bis employes pn-chase what they
eat and wear in Cranbiook. Tbey don't
send east for anything to save a few
cents. The Herald stands for Craubrook in fact as well as in theory, and it
is pleased to state that the people cf
Craubrook stand for The Herald, with
now aud then a lonely exception,   The
Herald is opposed to individuals sending
away for supplies that can be purchased
in Cranhrook, on general principals; and
it is also opposed lo people sending away
fur their printing, for the reason that
Cranbrook printing should be done iu
M. L. Cummins, C. fi.
The Spokane exposition management,
witb characteristic liberality, have enlarged their plans for Ibis year, and will
«ive lhe best exposition ever given in
the northwest. Yet they still adhere to
a narrow policy in their treatment of
newspapers, hy sending out passes
to editors marked "not transferable.*'
If the weekly newspapers acted as narrow minded in return, they would ignore
the exposition, lint fortuualely newspapers of tbis day are built OU broader
ideas. The Spokane exposition should
take a tumble. The "not transferable"
clause to a pass given for "?2u to $50
worth of advertising is a custom so obsO'
lele that modem men and modern managers of public expositions have relegated it to the back ground long ago.
The Revelstoke Herald has a heading
that reads "A Sad Drowning Accident
As a rule calamities of this kind are anything but joyful.
John Houston, of the Nelson Tribune,
failed to govern the Nelson delegates
to tbe convention of representatives of
the boards of trade in the Kootenays, re
ceutly held in Kossland, and in cause
quence he characterizes the convention
us a meeting of disappointed ollice holders. Prosperity has evidently given
Houston  Indigestion.
Il does not seem that anything is being done by the government toward providing a school for Cranbrook. The
number of children of school ago jn
Craubrook is double what it was last
winter and the fact that nothing bus
been done in the way of giving them a
school is a crying shame. What is tli
mutter down ut Victoria r It would
seem tbnt it wus nearly lime for llie politicians to quit lighting for tbe plums
und give some attention to the needs of
the province. Craubrook must have n
school and a petition should go out from
tbis town thai would awaken the dead.
Greenwood has just had another lire,
and some of these fine days Cranhrook
will huve one thnt will leave ruin in its
wake, unless something is done to pro
vide fire protection. There is no provis
ion whatever now, and not enough wa'er
obtainable un the principal business
street to extinguish a lire cracker.
What is the matter? It is time to ring
the alarm. Wheu half the lown is
burned down il will he loo late.
Cranbrook continues to grow. 11 could
not ;do otherwise with everything working In its favor.
Cranbrook In the East.
The Montreal Star says: Tin Breading
public have not as yet become fully
aware of the Importance of ihe Crows
Nesl Puss railway. Nol only bai it
opened up the valuable coal fields of
Fernie, but has also made possible the
development of ibe vast mineral resources of South Kast Kootenay. Cranhrook, ki own mostly lo lhe public as a
divisional point on lhe Crows Nest Pass
railway, is surrounded by valuable min
ernl deposits iitiil immense uie.is of tiiu
be red lands. The construction ol tin
North Star brnnch of the Crows Nest
has been undertaken by the Canadian
Pacific railway, and tenders were culled
for lust month. With this road com
pleted, the Sullivan and the North
Star groups of mines will become ship
ping propositions and will prove valuable properties. Sawmills for the man •
fncluier of almost everything required
for the building trade have been con
structed at Craubrook—oue by the Craubrook Lumber company, which hus built
a mill with a capacity of 30,000 feel a
day/with all the machinery thai goes to
make up a modern mill, nnd iu tbe near
fir ure will be seeking an outlet for their
product in thc markets of Manitoba nnd
tbe Northwest Territories. Robinson »V
MeKenzie have erected a mill of lo.OOC
feet capacity, und nre prepared to furnish (material of the first quality, This
clearly indicates that the Crows Nest
road will within a few months ho taxed
to handle the freight along iis lines.
Already complaints are being made lhat
the compauy is not able to furiiMi
transportation for lhe freight now offering
Solicitor, Etc.
Hani, nt commerce nidg,        (JUANBItOOK
S. F. MORLEY _4 J>
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrunk, 0. C.
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrouk,       :       :        Brillah Columbia
Physician and Surgeon.
Canadian Pacific Railway
 New Fast Daily Service	
Wit ll Kxi'ipss rimiu'c'ltii!
Samoa Tu and Plain tlio
Makes Tunc rni'iiunllnl
Vancouver, 45 Victoria,     50
Toronto,      75 Montreal,   79
New York,  91 Winnipeg;, 35
Tliroilgll liist-Hns-i sleep. 1 ilnlly from and
to Kooleiiay I.Aiiillng. i'oui'lat onr. pen MciU-
olao Hut ilully for st. j'atil; Friday, roi Moutri n
uud Boston; Sunday uml Wednesday, for Toronto
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    II. G.
W, It. Ituss. II. W. IlKllCIIMKIt
Barristers. Solicitors.
Notaries Public,
I will deliver daily in any
quantity pure, clear ice to
any part of the town.
I also have a regular
milk route and deliver
night and morning.
9:35 arr Cranbrook....arr. 17:15
9:45 Ive Cranbrook.,..Ive. 17:25
l&it-bound Triiin makes close oomieotlwH at
Medio 110 iim with "imjmrliil Limited ' tor nil
[limits I'list und Soiltlt-HilHt.
Wi'si-iioimiliiiiin makes close conn ulloiiBot
Kimtcnay Lundlui* for nil West Kiniti'Uiiy points,
also 1'iiciiie Const umi Main Hue polnis via Rev*
olstoke c '
For rates, tickets nnJ (nil in'ormntlo address
nearest local agent or
W. V. ANDKH ION, T. 1*. A.
Nelson, II. C,
K. J. OOVI.K, A O.P. A,
Varicouter, u.L'
auniMm •MMI(r"*J!M)SI!r.**!MI*''a**'
Planing Mill
;; »«i Sash and
G. Johnson....
Laic ot Toronto
Contractor ••* Builder
^ Assayer »nd
* Metalurgist
Moyie, B. C.
Are You dt dt0}
Going to Build •
Contractor and Builder
lie Is a busy man, because he pleases
lhe people, bnt lie will furnish you plans
ntul specifications, and give you estimates ori any building idea you may
jl   ji   B. C.
Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  .* Doors  „•» Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
B. G Furniture &
Undertaking Co.
Manufacturers of all Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmers.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
I East Kootenay
!  3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards I
Proprietor ::: :::     >
This hotel 1ms been refuted nnd refurnished.   The table
it- the bent.    Satisfactory rules given regular boar lers.
jj Baker Street       :-:       :-:        :-:       Cranbrook, B. C. 3
This hotel has just been opened to the public. The building
s one of the best in East Kootenay. The furniture is new
and the table is first-class. We have every facility for pleasing
the public and we propose to do it.
Warmed Throughout by Furnace Heat.
Rates, $2.00 per day. _,      ,       <    r>   ,->
Short orders day and night.        Cranbrook, D. L«.
...HILL & CO...
Now Have the Best Selected Stock Ever Carried in South East Kootenay
Men's Shoes That Will Please
Gents' Ties, Fancy Shirts, Summer Underwear
Ladies' Pique Shirt Waists and Skirts, Collars
and Cuffs jt jt jt jt
A Full Line of Groceries on the Way
HILL & CO....
Promptly Attended tc.
Those coutemplatiDg building win do well to let
me figure on the ooptracte.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
This space is reserved for
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Parrott Bros.
...Dentero In...
Farm S Produce
The beat of..
Hay and Oats
On lininl at all tltHCI
Call and Bee UB....
Van Home avenue, ttetwecn
Commercial and Ro, nl hotels
I Cranbrook
Corner Dukcr street
and Hanson avenue
over |KHlofllce	
| All Sizes ol Photos up to II xH
I Finished In Plitino or Polished.
Views ol Cranbrook and Otbtr
Points ol Inlerst In British Columbia Will Be on Sale	
dt Prest & Co.
Mclnnes Block
Paper Hangers
Decorators dt
Modern Work.   Esliiutes Furnished.
Dealers In Wall Paper and Mouldiaf..
If you Intend to paper er palal yonr
building let us Itfure ou your contract
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry
Red Mountain Ry.
The only nil route without chanjc of car*
between Nelson aad Rowland and
Spokane and Ronlaod.
Lnave r.-20 n. m,   NKI.son    Arrive 6:30 p. in
»    18*06   "    B08SI.AND     »     11.20  *'
"       8,30 ». DI,   Sl'OKAHJi a.10 p. DI
Train that leim'i Nolion nl &20a. in muke**
close ciiiiiieclluui at bimkaue for all 1'uclQc
Const jioluls.
Passi'iigern* (or Kettle IMver And Houndary
Creek couucci at Marcus with statfa dally. __
C. (1. DIXON,«. P. ST. A,.
^     Bp kail/, WaBli.
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and  Liquors  at  the  Bar
Will not spoil your next rout of meat If
you purchase one of our wire platter covers,   a*   All sites in stock.
isfaction guaranteed.
Thc Cranbrook Hardware Co.
 » »tn »»♦.♦»♦».». **<*)
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The limisetvllc ami thc bachelor should ileal with him,   It will pay Ihem.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
1 Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and f
I flouldings.
1 n************************t******^^
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Central Hotel ii open both day and
night. The bar goods are first class,
and the dining room is in charge of
Thos. McCarson, and is second to none
in the Kootenays, Free sample rooms
ntul the best and quietest bedrooms in
the town.
J Tbe North Stir Hotel is the large and
Jj magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
jjj is just finished and is furnished new
w throughout.    Everything In counec-
S lion is first-class.     When you visit
J Kimberley,  don't forget   Tbe   North
% Slar Hotel.
California : Wine : Co.
....NELSON, B. C.
Best Brands Wines, Liquors and Cigars
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Fort Steele DCCr
Brewing Co.'s   Porter
Best on Earth   jt,
In Wood or Bottles
Jas. Kerrigan, Agt.
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes \ Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Th«* Bxpert  Met  IMx  Mintt'h.
At a Ninth Side board! ug house one
nf ihe newly arrived bonrders, named
Bnrton, in nn expert accountant. Tlie
first evening ut'ttr Iii* arrival lie began
boring tlie other boarders liy talking
"shop" mul relating the great feats of
mathematics tliat be iiad iicconiplinheii
in bis timo. Smith, one tif the star
bonnier.1*, nuiilt* ap bin mind to rid tlie
parlor of Bhop talk, nt least for thnt
"I hnvo a littlo piece of addition
\v>»rk that I think yon would hava n
him) time lu doing, If you ean ndd it
Without tha aid ot a pencil and paper,
)*Otl lire n gootl one. "
"Niiinn i-arh 31 cm. and I wiil add,'
cniil Burton.
"Ftvo barrels of eider at (4.50 it har-
rel.    Have vou not that down'/"
"Four bushels of bran nt flo cents a
bushel.   Havo yuii got that down T"
"Pi ft con kogs of horseslioo nulla at
18.811 nnd twoflti'Iugsof gurllo ot 50
renin » string Havu von got that
"Ywi  ii."
"Sis Kalluiiaof castor oil ut (4.90
Have vou got that itliWllY"
"Yea ■■
"Sure yon'vo got it all downt"
"Nine, I have," suld Burton.
"II—ml   Uow does it nil taste l"—
Chicago Jonriml
Mluuril's Liniment Cures Iturns, etc*
l.nkp Mli'lilttun-N Dirt Wave.
"Did >\m ever notice the dirt wavo.7"
Bnki'.i i»ii uld Rahermau at iho Sixty-
ninth Btreet dock one day in April, aa
lie pointed to a long, black atreuk on the
bike, which looked like tho lino of the
"A peculiar thing is that dirt wave,"
continued tlie uld man, examining hii
hook, "and fur many a year I've been
puzzled abont it."
Upon being asked to tell something
abont the dirt wave, he snid:
"Well, that wave comes about twice
a year as regular as the season and
never fails to reach tliis side of the lake
during the month of April. Where it
comes from I can't exactly understand,
and how the rubbish which it carries
sticks together is a mystery to ine.
"You will notice," ha continued,
"that as fnr as yon can see in either
direction tlie dirt wnve reaches.
"Tho dirt wave doesn't travel as fast
ns com mon waves—another thing I
don't understand—nnd it'll be 24 hours
beforo it reaches the shore."
"What is tho dirt composed oft'
"Why. "jnst common rubbish—sticks,
woodeii hoies, old newspapers mixed
np with n sort of mortar of dust and
marine plants. I'll bit that wave is 100
miles long/]	
oui or nit riusi.
"Why don't yon stftndnp to him tiki
a iimi) i-"
"What! An him wclgliln nearly hall
er poutid inore'n meV"—New Ybrt
Journal      i
Mlnnrd** Liniment llollGYCS Neuralgia
Drink riii.ty of Water.
The question of water drinking receives
new light liy recent discussions on tho
subject. The modern ndvloo lo drink nil
the wnter ycu enn te a little niodlfteil. The
latest bollet te ihat one should drink n
certain quantity otwntcrnocordlng to also
nnd weight nnd to the kind of otuploy.-
ment ongngint In, if n man labors very
hard with Ute musoles, ho Hoods f;ir moro
W"l»'t' than tlu* neilenlaiy |wn»ll. for iho
evaporation nf hts skin goes on more nip*
Idly. Men working lu foundtlos, where
tlni lonipomtnra Is high, drink threo or
four gtdluns dully without Injuring ihem.
The runson also dotormltioa the nmount of
water required,   In lummor wo domaud
(wire RS inucli ni tn wlnlrr; hut, UN a mlo,
pooplo drluk too little in oold weather. It
would bo licttor If they tb-aiik moro In
winter, though thero were no doalro fm* It.
K onocnta plenty of fruits, loss wator ll
ie.iniivii hi tho aystoin, hnl whon iho dlot
Is oampo«-d ahlollyof fatty hnd starch)
foods iho quantity of wntor should baln-
orensod to n quart or throo pint-* a dny
llearl.v Wlturi should drink mueh moie in
winter tn koou the system washed uul
thoroughly.- Housekeeper.
A ltKi'H<;M/.l'.l>   ItKiil I.ATOU —To
bring tho digestive organs Into ayrumel*
rli-iil H'.nkiui: i- ih- iiliu ol pli^lolnuB
•when lln ", Iiml a pal lent MilTcrlng  from
hti u hlc i mv iiln iue»  atul fnr l In-pur
pimti liny  inn   prOJOrlbq   nullilllg   IhiII«;
than Parmeloo'i Vegntsbta Pills, which
will he lounil a pleasant uimlU-luu of -ur
prising virtue in bringing tho rotaotory
organs Into lubjaotlou and teitorlnj
thom to norma; notion, In which oondP
lion only ean they   perform   (holi* ilutlos
A lliav. Inn Cnril.
".llm writes home," said tho old man,
"that ho hnsdraWod on mo for IHOag'ln.''
■What's up nuwV"
"College dinner. Last timo hu drawed
I'.'o fer hronkfnrt"
"An fp2t) ter supper."
"Yuu don't say?"
"Fact. Hun an hitch up tho bay hoBa—
"Wliur nir you a-gnin tof'*
"I'm n-goln to throw mysolf into tht
ban's of nroeotvornn tAko tbo bankrupt
act boforo .Mm draws on mo for luuohl"—
Atlanta Constitution.
back, Zurich, writes:—"! havo used Dr.
Thomas' Koluottlo Oil in my family for a
number of yonrs. and 1 can safely say
thnt It, o.mnut lie heat for the cure of
orotip, fresh cuts uud sprains. My Httlo
boy has had attacks of oroup sevural
times, and one doso of Ur, Tinnitus' Kluc-
triu till was BUltlch'Ut fur a perfect ouro.
1 tnko grent plotiHuro lu ruoommuiidlng It
ns a family uiodlulno, and I would not be
without n htittio In the liouso "
Mlnard's Unlinonl foi sale everywhere
England has olght "Utile   Minister"
"Tho Belle of Now York" bus registered Its fuiir hundredth porfonuance ut
tho Shuftesbury tn Loudun.
.lulin Kerncll will star no.U stHWOU In a
now comedy, "TheCrooked Mr. Straight,"
a satire uf tho family physician.
Emperor William Is to have a play produced. It remains to be seuti whether hts
pen Is mightier than bis sword.
Three dramatists are on the list of the
40 French immortals, Anatulo Prance,
FraucoU Coppee and Henri Lnvedan.
MIbb Janette Steer, an English actress,
ap|ieared with bucccsb lately ut a Birmingham theater tn the rule uf Hum Iut.
General Lew Wallace says the dnimutl-
zHtiuu of his honk, "Hen Hur," will be
pruduced only ln Philadelphia, New York.
Huston and Chicago.
A Pittsburg minister lately invited by
publio advertisement tho management,
eompuny and patrons of it olty theater tu
visit his church during Sunday awrvlc.es.
English players ure lesn hesitant than
Americans to appeal to the public when
I m lio ver I shod. Tbe latent oiamplo Is Jolly
Nash, tho one Mine leading music hull
Iu a play projected for production ln
New York the author tries to huldtho
mirror up to truth by making tho villains
lu thu piece Inwyrrs, policemen und court
Mine. Pattl now earns about $ftti,U(lu u
year, but hus muilu na mueh as illf-u.uuti.
MrUm/H lueuiiiu when fully enguged U
li.'.u,nun, mul Sarah llurnlumlt has fur
yeurs averaged |70,000.
Miss NetherHole'suextaeasun will begin
early in October and will be specially Interesting for thu reuBon thnt she will for u
time ubnndou her repertory and appear In
one play, Clydo Fitch's "Sapho," which
he Is uuw preparing for her from Alphouse
Baudot's novel.
Slrock, niUHt is to Iw tried this year al
the pneo, by Ueurg* Saunders, according
tu report.
Nurlun, 8, by Arlon, dam Nancy Hunks,
Is snid tu bo showing a good gait aud guod
speed this year.
It Is said that Rose Croix, 8:18H at
threo years, hus shown a mllo In 8:15 at
the puce for McHenry, at Pleasautcn, Cal.
Nelly R, ch. m.t 8:38, by Red Cloud,
although 18 years old, has never had a
fual until this year. It is by Ban T, 8 -M%.
A horse with the peculiar name of
Esaw, by Seesaw, dam by Independence,
Is to be raced this year by D. H. McOill.
All reports to the contrary notwithstanding, it Is thought that Willis O.
Fuoto will be able to be In the sulky this
There li a great deal of talk about Directly, 3:03%, beating all the pacers oul
this yenr and taking a record faster than
8:00 besides.
Since the sale of Advertiser, Palo Alto
farm has only three sons of Electioneer
remaining In tha stud, Altlro, Aznioor
and Mendocino.
A nice for a purse of #1,000 Is projected
for duly 4, at Yuungstown, O., with Lord
Vincent, 2:luH; La Honda, 3:12}-f pacing, and Oddity, 2-lOJi pacing, among
the starters.
The 3-year-old bay filly Marlon, by
Arlon, dam Nancy Hanks, is eligible to
start in the New England 110,000 Futurity, and Is likely to do su If the reports of
tho sliced she Is showing are correct.
The first new 3:80 trotter of the year Is
a dun gelding named Dot, brooding unknown, who took the first heat of tho 3:4Q
ruco at Norfolk, Vn., May 10, In 8t87J*i.—
Turf, Field and Farm.
Those unfortunate subjects of the czar
up ln Finland seo their Finnish.—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
When the sultan desires a little harmless recreation, he takes a Beat on the
verge of paying those American claims.—
Washington Post.
It appears thnt after all England decided
that Kipling was only Jushlng when he
Wrote'*The Truce of the Dear."—Sioux
City Journal.
Regarding a rnllroHd from Cairn to the
Cnpe there Is a feeling thnt England may
try to force the Boer republic to make
tracks In aiouth Africa.—Philadelphia
Englnnd nnd Russia nre jiint now shaking hands, nnd tho k'.i-iT Is wondering
what it means. Royalty Is always on
Some kind of un anxious neat. — Kansaj
Cily Times.
" For ways thai are dark and for tricks.
llint nro vain" the powers which are
striving to   partition  Chiuu seem  to lm
every whit us peculiar as the heathen
Chinee himself.—New Vork Tribune.
After a good soaking shower Is tho best
time for hand Weeding,
A good plan is to keep (lie growing or
chard In cultivation until It comes into
bearing well anil then teed to el over.
Increased sunlight among the trees
brings Increased growth anil blossom and
deoreASos (he tendency tu mold ami rot.
Poach, cherry ami pear trees will hear
very little forcing, and on this account
WOw ashfltan U-ttcr fnr them thai) ground
Fruits, especially tho apple, are largely
controlled Inobarncterbysolland ollmnte
Gtt Varieties that are aila|iteit tu your lu
Scrnptng the iiuins and old dcntl hark off
the niatliie lives lu thu orchard and washing tho trunks wilh some alkaline liquid
can always bu recommended,--Kxihaugo
Kansas Is n slate of long obituaries and
neglected graves.—Atchison Qlobo
What betwoon J, Hterllng Morton's new
party nnd Senator Thurston's iiootry, ths
stale of Nobrnskn has our pro/mind syiti
pAthy.— Denver I.'ows
New Vork has established a stntorol
logs of forestry   one of its labors will he
to replant Iho tracts denuded uf pine und
other valuable conifers it Kt out a InPgS
area this spring and Is rearing .'l.uuo.iiuo
seedling pines for future  ime - St. Louis
The smallest camels In-long to Persia.
They ure nut mow thnn in inches high
Animal I nil nets say the IllOBt intelligent
animals for their purpose nro the walrus,
elephant, monkey, .seal and sen lion. A
young walrus that Is bought fur IfiOO,
when carefully trained Is worth fully to,*
A Sons ol lemma**.
I tins the song of ths open car
And the man at the end of the seal.
Who never U willing to move along
Or even retract Ida feet,
Ile   sticks   to   hi*   place-the   selfish
churl I—
As If he were stuck with glue,
And his whole manner isyt as plain as
"I don't cars a hang tor youl"
Oh. he Is a selfish, selfish man!
(I cull him the end scat hog.)
Ho's the sort of mun who would kick a
Or torture a faithful dog.
The world will be better when ha Is dead
Atul laid on a tomb's durk shelf.
1 pate and despise him **»ih a'l  lay
Fer I want that seat myiolf!
—BemervlUs JournuL
AhtiiiiiM Oars vn. Asthma Relief*
It Is a recognised faol smoug those buffering
from asthma that the longer they in**- the tern*
porary rallet ruthma remedies whioh require to
Its burned, lit" Worse they beoome, UUtll il loSM
its total entirely.   Clarke's Kola Compound is
out timuii)- iLti dan*, but will |.<-rui*ui-*Dtl*>
cure ths wont ohm ut stthms in irom 00 to mi
day-*     Mr, F. I   PalntOO. proprlclur  (•( Puin-
tun'M statin Store, Vancouver, fl t.', writes:
"I hare been u great sufferer from asthma
■a its worst form for over fifteen years, and
tud consulted physicians both tn England
and Camilla but obtained nu relief. A friend nf
mine who bod been eured by the Kolu Com-
pound advised me in try ll, and llim.' bultl.-s
have entirely cH.*ed me* it is now over two
years since my recovery, end asthma hssnot
inmhlfil tne •iim i-: ttuU jjT*-vluit« i-j tnktiiK Dr.
riarki-'i  Knln I'i.iii] ml I baVB inanv  nti'lil*
luul In nit ii|iiii'iirlvnlliii|rlU II Is intlv a wme
di'l'flil ri'ini'dy .in,l it jiltuuK ine crest ijl.-iiflire
hi Hlle-liut; my ii]>i,r<-i-i.itlnii "i   anvthliiK su
worthy." Clarke's Rda Compound ti "■du by
nildrogglsts.   *-•,. umplsbotileiaat to nny
iiermiii. Mi'ijtii.u ilu- i,:i|u-r. A dor. km Tin-
lirimilisi- MueslirMin ro.. mi Chureta street,
Toronto, or Vancouver, B.C, stile I snadlan
I iiMitiH-lltluu.    Ilf-trlalluns    Mag*   by
I'ure Kooil  ln.|Ulr>   ( imniili let-.
Cblcugoans iiml the revelations imoi.
by Senator Mason's pure foud investigating committee vory unappetizing
Startling proof of the extent to which
food udnlternlioii is curried on is given
by wholesale, (inu day's Investigation
brought out the following facts:
"That a commodity for sale throughout the United States Ulld in popular
uso among dairymen uud milkmen for
tlie prnservationof milk and cream, and
by bakers for the preservution of cream
pull's, chocolate eclaires and similar
pastry, is a product of wood alcohol,
which is nbsnlntely poisonous; tbat this
preparation is used hy undertakers for
the preservation of dead bodies and bj
hen 1th authorities for the disinfection
of buildings where virulent diseases
have been treated.
"Thut ground turred rope has been
used to adulterate ginger.
"That absolutely pure Hour is a rare
commodity; that it is adulterated witb
ground stone and clay from Tennessee
and (icorgia.
"Tbut pure buckwheat floor is rarely
to be purchased after it passes through
the bands of a jobber or a wholesaler:
thut one barrel of pnre bnckwhent floor
is generally mixed with two baR'ela of
inferior spring wheat flour tbat can be
purchased for less than one-third tbe
price of tbe buckwheat.
"That nearly all powdered sugar Is
composed in great part of cornstarch.
"Thnt nearly all black pepper iB
adulterated with whut is known as
'buckwheat shorts' (hulls)
"That retail bntter dealers in the city
daily violate the oleomargarine law.
"That flavors sold at soda water
fountains as the juice of strawberries,
bananas and pineapples are chemical
"That pure vanilla extract for flavoring purposes is almost unknown, and
tbnt the flavorings for such extracts as
are sold in the market are in the main
derived from cumin; tbat lemon and
other flavoring extracts are also adulterated to a very great extent."
A. S. Mitchell, chemist of the Wisconsin dairy food commission, testified
that Ihe cream cf tartar ordinarily sold
by grocers consisted mainly of phosphate of lime and alum mixed with
starch. He went extensively into the
question of the adulteration of wheat
flour und buckwheat flonr. the nse of
cocohnnt shells and peanut shells in
food products, and confirmed the testimony with reference to the adulteration of coffee with "black jack"—-the
inferior bean shipped here from Germany nml Brazil. And at this point in
the testimony Senator Mason remarked,
"We'll Introduce a bill that will stop
the Germans from sending any more of
that stuff hore."
C Y Knight, secretary of the National uud Illinois Dairy nssociations,
prod need four packages purchased by
himself nnd snid to contain creamery
butter .A-a matter of fact he had been
supplied with oleomargarine, for which
be luul paid from 18 to 20 cents a pound.
The flrst pucknge had nowhere nbout It
any murk Indicating tbe nature of tbe
contents. Another package had the
word "oleomargarine" faintly stamped
OU brown paper on the inside. Each of
tho other packages was stamped In a
curlier of tho brown paper wrapper, so
turned down thnt no purchaser would
notice the stamp until after careful
search fot it.
J ,1. Berry, of the West Chicago
Fir tin U.'tiiiiiii* compauy, testified that
most of the jellies sold on the market
were fraudulent, boing made of tbe
cores und parings of apples, mixed witb
glucose and sugar and colored and flavored to suit Glncose, 60per cent; sugar. ID per cent, and npple juice, 40 per
cent, is iho trade recipe for jelly.—Chicago Letter
I'liuttiiiti I'nrnia Disappear.
On tho 10th of last month, at Nong-
han, near the town of Kumpbaraphi,
on tho Mekong, an island 0 sen wide
nnd l-l sen in length entirely disappeared There wero a number of large
trees, ten feet in circninferi-nce, on ths
island, and it was partly under cnltl-
vntlon The owner searched for it dnr-
Ing three or four days, bnt was unable
to llnd it or boat nny news of it. It
seems lhat in tho mouth of March there
nro always a number of islands floating
down Ihe Mekong. Tho owner of the
large one that has just disappeared has
teen many of them pass, aud says they
disappear in n few years The owners
aru continually in search of their property, which rather upsets one's notions
about tlio lixity of a landed estate.—
Uaiigkok Times.
Cabmen la Caba.
"A cnhuiun who carried two officers
from TflCOU to Belnscodln streets
charged sit cents," says The Times of
Cuba "As there is an established rate
of fare, which ia 'Hi cents in the daytime und 80 cents after 11 o'clock at
night, tbe cabman thought he bad an
easy murk wben be got the 80 cents.
llut this morning he fonnd ont to the
contrary, fur the officers took the number of the cab, und he was gathered In
in time fnr court, and there he paid
good interest on the 80 cents for keeping it overnight 'Fine him |S or five
days.' wns the court's stern remark as
the Innocent looking creature appeared
ltf.ft.ru ihg A_U "
ST7 ylM-rlmuriit) Htraat, Tomato,
Tiiry Can't Stand SUU.
Mrs. Archlhalil Little, au Kngllsh woman who lived In western China for 11
years, says that there is n f/ruwing sentiment ngnluut the praetice of crippling the
native women's feet. While she was there
they held druwlng room meetings to dis-
eo;*s tho HUbject uud ubuut itOU of the best
futilities In Chungking and l iw families
in the adjoining district agreed to dis-
conr-figo tho custom. Men are responsible
for the practice, for tho first i*uer*tlon they
A&k in regard to a possible llniicee Is about
the size of her foot. Tbo engaged young
Chtninmin, when he is dining with hll
friends, often proudly produces from the
recesses of his citpiteious sluevt-s a, eUoe lo
prove tho smallness of hii future wife's
foot. Women with theso crippled feet can
walk nnd run, hut, according tu Mrs. Little, it is almost Impossible for them to
Stand   still.     When   lhey try It, they hold
on to whatever happens to be nearest to
them and sway backward and forward
with a rocking motion.—-Son  Francisco
News Letter.
ULCERKURE Heals He Worst batb-Wiit Cuts
The Nlrrplnif I Lnmhrr,
The Japanese believe in banishing from
the bedroom everything that te nut really
necessary to that apartment All things
useful they make as decorative as possible,
hut for mere ornament's sake liitlu or
nothing is added unless It be a vase containing QowerS urraugod In their own In
Imltnhlo wny or tioiiicthtug elso equally
Their custom will hear consideration hy
the housewives of our western world, for
by this Japanese method tin- utmost neat
OMS, BllUpllolty and reiM.se tile pOBSlblo
Add beauty and datntlnoBB, aud Utile else
is left to lie desired. Bedrooms so appoint'
ed may ho easily kept In order and free
from dust, thut foe to comfort and health
Kemedy for Whooping Cough.
At this season Whooping Cough is very
prevalent among some of the children In
most famine-. It In not advisable to stop
the coughing entirely, but relief should
undoubtedly Ix-sought Griff ha'Menthol
Liniment affords more prompt relief tlmn
any other remedy. Also in eases of ('roup
It affords Immediate, relief. Try it. All
druggists. -J.'i cents.
Salt In Kmimi.
"A new industry in Kansas." says a
correspondent of the Chicago Record,
"is the manufacture of salt. A large
deposit has teen discovered on tbe line
of tlie Santa Fe railroad near the towu
of Hutchinson, in tbe central part of
tbe state, which the local geologists
claim to be tbe largest in tbe world
More than $3,000,000 lias already been
invented in plants to pnrify it, and the
output Inst year reached nearly 3,000,
000 barrels. The members uf the Mnl
vane family of Topeka, who are heavy
landowners, bankers and proprietors of
tbe Topeka Captial, are tbe largest salt
operators in tho state, bnt George Gould
and his brothers of New Vork ure also
heavily interested. Frank Gould, the
youngest sou of tbe late Jay Gould,
who bas only recently reached his majority, is having liis tlrst business expo
rience in tlm management of the coin
Why will you allow a cough to lacerate
your throat or longs and run the ri-k ol
titling a consumptive's grave, wheu, by
the timely u*e of Blckle's Anti-Consumptive tiyrop the pain cau Imi allayed
and the danger avoided. This syrup Is
pleasant to tbe taste, and unsur{>as8eu for
relieving, healing nnd curing all affections of tbe throat and lungs, coughs,
colds, bronchitis, etc., eto.
Shot a Ballet Through m Flnflroa.
A public exhibition of tbe force of a
common Mauser rifle used by a Spanish
soldier at San (Juan Hill was given ths
other day at Fort Scott, Kan., with
wonderful results. The rifle was brought
home by Captain A. M. Wilson of the
Twenty-third Kansas. A ball shot from
It against tbe flat side of a common flat-
iron penetrated the iron, leaving a bole
as smooth as If it were a piue board.
The ball in going ont on the opposite
side scaled the iron as an ordinary bullet wonld a board. Then three shots
were fired against a steel ax blade. Two
of them gonged deep holes into the steel
and the third bulged it ou the opposite
Help your chlidi-en to grow strong and
robust by counteracting anything that
causes Ill-health. One great cause of disease ln children is worms, ltemove thom
with Mother Graves' Worm Kxtermlnator.
It never falls.
A   Feminine  Triumph,
Old Lady—No use talkin, I used to
say tliis higher edicution of gals was all
folderol, but I see I was wrong. There's
my Rrnnddnrter, for instance. She's
inst ti wonder.
Friend—I understand she graduated
wilh high honors
('hi Lady--Yes: graduated from Vas
Nir, and she kin do whut neither ber
mother nor me could ever hope to do it
our lives depended on it.
Friend - Indeed) And what is thatt
Old Lady—She kin tell the time a
i'*-.tin is goin to start bylookln at a rail*
wiy gnlde. 	
From hts feat to his boJy,
•nd ran a blood tingad,
Irritating wator.
Mrs. A. Kalrstead, Snider ML, U.S.,tslll
how her little boy suffered, and hew
B.S.I, ourad him permanently.
There Is not a
mother In this land
who has a child stif*
fcring from skin disease in any form but
wlllthankMrs. Keir-
stead, of Snider Ml.,
N.B.. for telling of
the remarkable manner in which her boy,
Freddy, was cured
of one of the sever-
fatooY uirstud. fst »"d most tortur-
ing of skin diseases
by the use of Burdock Blood Bitters; and
not only relieved and cured for the time
being, but, mark you, after tight years
the disease has shown no sign of returning.
The following is Mrs. Keirstead's
letter :—
"With gratitude I can testify to the
wonderful curative powers of Burdock
Blood Bitters. Eight years ago our little
son, Freddy, was afflicted with salt rheum
and was in a dreadful condition. Hit legs,
from the soles of his feet to his body, were
entirely raw, and ran a bloody water,
which appeared to burn and itch until he
was often in great agony.
" After trying several remedies, we resolved to give B.B. B, a trial.
" You can imagine with what delight
and gratitude we saw our boy entirely
curedVfiet using ono bottle and part of
the second. We gave him the remainder
of the second bottle, und from that time
till the present he has never had a sign of
suit rheum or a sick day. You need not
wonder that I think there is no other
medicine can counl Burdock Blood Hitlers
lo purify tbe blood and build up the health
and strength."
They Reach
The Kidneys.
Mr. Conrad Beyer's opinion
No ono can he healthy with the kidneys
In u diseased or disordered Btate. The
poisonous Trie Acid which it is their
duty to filter out of tho hlood, is carried
Into the system and produces Hheurou-
tism, Headaches, Backaches and hundreds of ills and uiltueuts.
Any one who haa the slightest suspicion
that Wie kidneys aro not acting right
should tuke Dunn's Kidney Pills. They
ire the most effective kidney remedy
known, Mr. Conrad Beyer, at E. K.
Snyder's Shoe Store, Berlin, Ont., bears
this out when he snys:
"Anyone suffering with kidney troubles
CUinot do better than take DoOtt'B Kidney Pills, for they cured my wife who
hns been ndlieted with pain in the hm-k
iind other kidney troubles for a long
lime. They huve helped a great ninny
or my acquaintances in this town- nn.l I
must   say  they  are   the  ineiliciue   that
reach the kidneys with the best effects."
t Hosed  limine  I'rt-.'itillli'ii*.
A houso that is to be closed dorlng
the isiiiniiii'i* uhuuld huve i-licet Iron
screens fitted into each open grille. This
will prevent the soot sifting down into
thu room, ub it might easily do with
nobody to look out for it. Another caution ia to see that the ice box it; left
perfectly empty, with the exception of
a shallow dish tilled with charcoal, and
tlmt tho doors stand wide open. One
more precaution is that any kerosene
lamps left in the house should be thor-
utighly cleaned, tlio wicks taken ont
and burned nud thu 11 urn era und lis-
tures boiled in soda water, to ho left
absolutely clean, Nothing is more por
meutlug and offensive thnn tho smell
from stale oil
You cannot be happy while vou hnvt
corns. Then do not delay lu getting n
bottle nt Holloway's Corn Cure. It re
moves all kinds of eurns without pain
Failure with It Is unknown.
rial Life,
"Gracious, Caroline. Why did you
buy nil thoso jardiniere pedestals?"
"Well, they tako up lesn loom than
chairs, nnd thu poor children hnve to
sit son io whero, you know. "—Chicago
A PeriitniM-iil Arrangement.
"Dickey,    how   old   is   yonr   sister
"Awl Shu's been '20 ever since I was
I was cured of Bronchitis mid Asthma
Mrs. A. Livingstone,
Lot fi, P.E.I.
I was cured of a severe attack of
Mahouo Bay. John Mabor.
I was cured of  a  severely sprained
Joshua Wynacbt.       Bridgewatei-,
lllaiiinrek and Caprlvl.
Ono of tho most Interesting things
about General Oaprlvl wns his resemblance to l'rinco Bismarck, Tho personal
likeness between tho two chancellors wus
so roinurknblo that they might easily huve
pasBod for brothers, Both hnd tho sumo
mafislvo Jaw, heavy gray moustache uud
bushy eyebrows, thick neck, square head
und general nir of blood and Iron. An
Anak to nn Annl; succeeded. Caprlvl was
hb broad nnd us full as his tiretlocugsor.
I\ O. DHAWKIt 1287.
J". D. O'Beien
14» Pilnaea. St., Winnipeg-,
Private wire connection with all markets
Grain bought and carried on margin
Correspondent:j solicited
Alloway & Champion
Listed Stocks bought, ho Id. and ertrrrlad
ou imirglii.
Write us If yoa wish tu exchange any kind of
money, to buy Uovi-inaieiit or (J. N. W. Co.
Lands, or to send uiunuy any where.
A writer in The Electrical Reviow inclines to the opinion that as the electric
motor superseded tbe burse car so the
perfection of paving will ultimately do
nwny with rails and current altogether
and automobile vehicles rule Kiipreme.
SUFFER NO MUHK. Thnre are thousands who IiVO ioi-t'l;itjh' lives beL'UUBiJ
dyspepsia dulls tlm fnoilltlos anil shadows
existence with the cloud of depression.
One way to dispel thi* vapors thut beset
tho victims of tbU disorder te in order
tbem a course or  Parmeloe'a Vegetable
IMUb, whluh are among the best vegetable pills known, lelljg OlSy to tabu and
are IllOtt ctlicaclous in their action. A
trial of them will prove thla.
An l">e tu WlmlHiii-d.
"John, yon must buy an lco chest boforo tho weather gets hot."
"Now, you Jtint wait, Maria! Maybe
the folks that move it) noxtdoor will hnvo
oue big enough for both families/--—Chicago Hevord.
Point  ot  View,
"Henry, we'd get along better together
If you luul inoru will power."
"No, Martha; we'd get nlong better If
you didn't have quite so mueh."—Now
York World.	
ULCERKURE Heals All old or fresli wounds.
Tb« Only Caae.
"Whut ia there that a mnn cun do
which womau has been unable to accomplish 1" nuked Mr. Meek ton's wife
He was silent.
"Leonidas," she anid severely, "1
was addressing yon. Is there anything
a man cau do tbut woman cannot?"
"Well, Henrietta, yon know that a
man can manage fur $<! or 47 to get a
hut tit to wear on any occasion—bnt
that's tlio only caso I cuu think of,
Henrietta, wherein ho possesses any nd*
vantage whatever."
Miiiard's Mn linen t Cures Dandruff.
XSjIlL |'j   ■naaTaF.L. .■illlllllllllj'jIW**
The Provincial Mutual Hail Insurance Co.,
PAST EIGHT ITBAKS, chartered hy aud conducted strictly under the laws ot the U-.-v«rumi-nt
No fofilgn riuiv;i-«. i- employed by thla Gum-jimy.
No ii
• Di
■ to be divided among the Din etors.
nm OFFICIAL lu v«.i.- ;,t u>.. tn,;*. in v.-m ul.«ence.
i Djueanin-nta for tlvc reari ta romp.
PANY, which has jahl to losen
During the past Eight Years.
Farmers .Make Certain thai yoit Insure Mgain&t Hail
with tho local agenta of THE PROVINCIAL MUTUAL, who are men resident In your own
dlitrlots, and known to yon, and thus Becnre CERTAIN PROTECTION AND INDEMNITY
fr.iin your own farmers'company which Is thoroughly mutual,and ut iht LOWEST POSSIBLE
II. B, BROWN, Morden. JAS. MOLLAND, i.l.*mla>.
T. L. MORTON, M.P.P.,Gladstone. FRANK SCflUuTZ, Baldur.
C. J. THOMSON, Vlrden. JOHN FENTON, DeloraJae,
£lV!i,>!-i£!v!'iaS!V!'S1i,'> t.tAsiAst*^'* *•.>> •.'* •.»* *»> *.
#jv *.> #Iv *}» /4> «-Jv 4_\ e.\%l\ e.\ Tf** •'iwIv^IwI-TJIw
V«!wrt*j*i «*i*» *£* *I*>
I EDDY'S....
% FIRST in 1851.   -X-    FOREMOST in 1899 &
alt Ae.
•j*. The MOST of the BEST MATCHES *!j
4i for the Least Money. iii
I f
"tt .!**"* .'. *** >*v!'»''»'-<*''V'*'*.'.'.*!*!*^,*l.-!v,*!'^*'*.>'v** tti y-...
Il|-*.l> OPFICI3:   1503 -lIcInlfM Hlock, Winnipeg:, Mnnltoba.
We pay our losses the same y ir lhe loss occurs.
We have over two million dollars of insurance in force.
We promptly and satisfactorily adjust ill losses as can be
seen by testimonials from some of uur members published in
another column.
For reliable insurance that insures apply to
E. A. TAYLOR, Manager.
All  I'ltiilntHunt   lllll.Irnll'.n.
"I In vi t.'.l Puss Pllklngton to go with
mu tu bear one of tbeae illuminated
aong recltnla nnd iliu re*naed point
"Diin't  ynu   know  why?   She  was
singing  'Wlint   la Home Witbont  a
Mother' n lew nights ago and her (othei 1
entile in and lold he. he lm 1 j ii -1 married
tin) eouk.''
It's no Trick
Cure  Air  Por Bahy.
-Vpn-iit doctor onco remarked that bad
ventilation deforms more children and
destroys more health than accidents or
plugua Baby should never be put to sleep
In boil ur perumhulator with the head undor tlio bodolothlng, to Inhale the air already breathed ami further contaminated
by exhalations from the skin. "Tou aru
Binotliorlny tlio lifo ..ut of your child's
lungs," ati anxious rfiothcr was told not
long iil'o. "How would ynu like to ilriuk
tlie water yuu wash Inl Well, when yuu
cover your baby's head up you force him
to uso air that Is juntas bad and juoiu
He knows,
His patron knows,
and everybody   knows
that this can contains
the  purest,   best,  and
most   delicious   Coffee
that expert buyers can
procure.   It's
Chase & Sanborn's
Seal Brand Coffee,
that's the reason.
T nk. 111.run., num.',  nt.-.. nil.  aad
llglit ami wholMom. i.li.ii yuu u.«
It I* uiimir(I..■.»•-'I
IS AltiOf.LIKI.V   I'l KK,
mum     ii i nw nmwii——
i ME8T VOL' rOBOBTi-Wrfl« for Hri«i
: on Oraun Betraraton, Oaaolins EagtnM, TrMit
i Powers, ana everything used.in ili« Cker*
BRITANNIA, BEAVER and BUFFALO are the finest India and
Ceylon TEAS packed. Put up by
MacKENZIE & MILLS, Winnlp.f
CttrrlHi.'i-r-,  UiiKoim, llun..**,  « In U mi I In.
Jji-.   IDCKMIHT I'l.llVT III., Wlinilp«((.
LUCAS, %im h BKiSTOL Clrota Taos
Importer* or OroeiriW ,   s ^ „ K|,.Mtt
WriiC SI. H-tmllt Ont. L, h. a h. si.!.'.-*
W. V. U.   228
st>*'iu-rs Keenort, !■:■:-... Hrv-V.-*. City ot
Tho steamer KMOort will lot\Tt Rat I'ortif*
•Tery Muml.iv, Wi-tlncwlav nnd S.-iturd*y *t I
p. m. fur Port Krai Km, Mini- OWlTti *nd *11
Mints on Hainv River ami Kainy Ijiki*. For
rates.etc.,apply IO nny Canvll'in Pacific Hy.
Mt.'iit or to—
QEO. A. Ol'AHAM, Msjupr,
Hut l*orta*-e, Ont.
Hy ririlerlnj!  for person*)  Si-d
I nusc-lio'.d uceijs liiniiyi|UiLiitity
vou requireairect from ■> store
that Ijuiidles more
and   Bells   ■
«|wr   thu 1
mKI.I.I.\(. KOItr.AMU
Ul ALL.   Slocks iiii-lmlS Men'- mid   Wo-
in. in"s i In'lifiiff iBi'ly tn went- ami  n im
fi.i*.:i..e. Nonsa I'linilsliliiB* il   nil   kni'lr.
iiiinii-.. Bllvorware. Wutiin--.. jewelry.
DnmN, 4.i-on>r)i'N unci 1'rov Uliin*.   I.iiii/.'
llnMi.ii sloRae wlih fuh i mil.-iiluis of
In 1.   n ■ nl 1   mil l-<: sent fr«,    Writs n |o t
UKiiM (I, OH I.
DIroatori- II. H Ki imirii, J. W. Fi.*vki.i.k,
Stalls for iiosi
Ins follows
IlllS   ill
1.   Ill,,   tliu*.
i.i Saturdays.
illlU  ut
ii. m.. Mon
n iii.Mi'm
Mnils arrivlnii
.1 tills
ll' il IC is fnl
From western
Fro ii si 1 ii-i'i
If I
!■:•.■'.'-.:■:   !
t-uslolllcc III 1
, li
i, June i», i
,      I.0.0.P
Key Cit) 1
7C   \,
. At,
Meets e\er
* fc'rl
■£y da
■ night a*, their li
ill i-ii
mi street,    sujiHinim-
Odd Fellows ca
dially id
H k U«atile,
F, K. SI
N. ti.
I     LOCAL   NOTES      1
v •» 9->» *-%>-•«> *)V *» *** *V**-ftf ■if*'**-** •» VirtfM
Picked  Up About the City   by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Bluter Musgrave visited MoylfeSatur-
Crows Neat coal shares are going up
Vic Desauluier, of Moyie, spent Monday i» Iowa
A daughter was born to \V. II. ponalil
Sunday night.
Charles Rsttuerc, of Kimberley, was in
town Monday,
Jake Kink nnd Mr. Freeman visited
Kimberley Sunday.
Hazelwood Butter at the Fori Steele
Mercantile company.
Constable Morris paid an official visit
to Moyie last Saturday.
Hazelwood Butter nt the Fort Steele
Merciitilile company.
j. \v. H SniytbenndMlaBKcay visited
Fort Steele yesterday.
Do you want to hiie anybody?   If
see McViltie & Hutchison,
join. Hutchison is having .111 addition
built to liis residence.
Hotel business for sale, fiooo. Ste
McVittie St Hutchison.
J. |M. C 1 roll, of KimbeiK-y, was a
Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
Do you want a job? If an, see McViltie & Hutchison.
Messrs. I'nik nn.l Mitchell, of Moyie
visited Craubrook this week.
Tomorrow in circus day. Oct your
sack of peanuts and enjoy life.
Hazelwood Butter at the Foil Steele
Mercantile company.
Frank McMahon, of Movie, was
among the Cranbrook visitors Tuesday.
I«. Gurry, pioprfetor of the Central
dining room at Moyie, was in '.own Tues
It is reported that Jim Wardner I1111
returned from the Yukon with another
Mr. Giles, one of the engineers on the
Crow is Having a liue residence built on
Haker hill.
A. W. Richardson's wife nnd children
hove joined hi in here and will remain
Alex Goyette has goue to Kimberle)
where he will engage in painting ami
pn pel ing.
M. Mcl-'adden, bridge foreman, cam
up from Jaffray to ipend Sunday with
liis family.
A D. Grant lias returned home from
the hospital and is slowly recovering
from his wound.
Daniel Danforth is visiting friends in
Fernie. Dan Is a great hand to remember his friends.
John Moueylaws had to go to the hos
pital Saturday, as he has not recovered
from his recent illness.
Harry Pellet, the brakeman who losl
his linger last week,  has gone lo Winnipeg until he recovers.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Murphy and Charles
Farrell, of Moyie, were among lhe Ciau-
brook visitors Saturday,
James Kerrigan is displaying the
proper enterprise by having his wholesale liquor horse painted.
Fred Pieper visited Moyie Saturday
nud Sunday, lo look nfter the wt rk Ids
firm is doing iu that city.
A. II. Mansfield left Tuesday for thc
Yukon country, where he will take
charge ot a telegraph station.
George Hoggnrth, of Elko, was in
town Monday. He says hs neW hotel
will lie completed by September 1.
touts Christoph and wife, of Kimberley, took the train Saturday evening foi
Spokane. They will be absent about a
Mrs. W B Stewart nud family arrived
Friday night from Ho vln Scotia lo join
Mr. Stewart who ts employed ut Robsoti'a
it McKenzie's mill.
Richard Godfrey, formerly of IVnrd-
ner. bnt for the last year iu charge ol
the Clarke hotel at Nelsou, has sold oul
to Frank Campbell, of Creston.
When you nsk Beattie for Tanglefoot,
the best By paper on earth, he does not
offer you nn inferior substitute. Coiise
fluently, tt pays to deal at Beattie's diug
Maggs St Hughes have a contract to
fit out Mr. Vaiidecnr's hotel ill this lown,
and the new hotel of Wellman .t Hurle's
at Kimberley with furniture nnd carpets.
Annie Wood, better known in Crnnbrook as "Big Annie," Is in durance vile
nt Nelson for sticking n slilletto into the
Hver of "Red" Macleod at Argenta a
couple of weeks ago.
Mack Sherbtno, formerly in charge ol
N. N. Smith's slaughter house in this
city, has goue to Calgary where be hns a
position ns commissary for lhat gentleman on tbe main line.
A person feeling like having the fever
should lose no time in trying one of Mc*
Farlnne's vnpor baths, They will dispell that languid fctl ng and give new
life nnd energy to ibe system.
It is evident from the number of dead
fish seen at different places in thc Moyie
river lhat some miscreant bus been using
dynamite iu that Btream Fine or imprisonment hnrdly leaches a mnn like
that. I
Vou should see thi; new porcelain bath
tub at McFarlane's barhei shop It 11
the only one of the kind in LJust Koote*
nay nud the best equipment for beating.
Due can enjoy n Imlli   wiih such modern
Rev A Young, the new minister for
the Freshvlerian church, called nt Tbe
Herald office Monday, and subscribed
fur the paper, paying for the same.
British Columbia bas got some mighty
level headed preaches.
Dr. Bell hns received a letter from the
depart ment relative to the stock corral
that is to be built at Crows Nest Lawdiog
for inspection of cuttle Imported f'om
the States, Orders will be issued at
mce to proceed with the woik.
Robert Karntofskv, who is now living
n Ferule, pisned through town Mondny
for home He had been river to Nelson
ind experienced <*ome trouble with ihe
; v. U authorities as they did not want
to load the whole ofhis name in one car.
D.J. Bluter, of Moyie, was in town
isterduv, looking nfler some mining
business. Mr. Elmer hns every roiifi-
lence in Moyie and South Kast Koote*
miv, nn.l feels assured that Moyie is destined to heme of the best mining camps
n British Columbia.
D. Pratt and wife arrived this morning
from the Robson road, where Mr. I'ratt
has been stationed as divisional engineer.
During their long residence in Cran
brook they made many fi Sends who
were pleased lo see the in again. They
left Wednesday for Winuiptg.
Oliver Burge arrived Tuesday from
Duncan City where he is engaged in tht
hotel business wiih Prank McQuiston.
lie reports Duncan n little quiet just
now owing to lhe"suspension of work on
the railroad extensions, but says it wil1
be lively enough in a short time and is
bound 10 be a good town for businesp,
J A Shaw, J A Harris, Geo Blgelow,
Hugh McDonald, Win Beattie. PTurnis,
Creston; M Durick, L, McDermott, Thot
HaHMin, John Alfson, Dr. Corsan, W D
Vol, J Arthur, Miss Scott, J Williamson
Frank Cottle, Joseph Puller, Fort Steele]
I M Lindsay, H Bedlingtou, Thot'nni
Glllingham, Toronto; T Farglery, I.nn
■•nster, Ohio; Joe Marjell, All Collins
John Doserc, Chicago, 111; Pied De
Sourde, E I* Mclntyre and son, Cha*
Jenmdle, Winnipeg; R G Bedlingtou,
Hamilton; Mr und Mrs Steward, Novi
Scotia; J Itellcghetil, Coal Creek; J II
Mcl'hait, Mr and Mrs Chas Kslmere
Kimberley; Win Gurd, Armenia; S I
Humphrey, I.nke Creek; K II Karatof.
sky. Fernie; V Desanlliter, P Me Ma tio 11
J Park, Ben Murphy and wife and daugh
ter, Roht Mills, Moyie; Geo Hoggartb
Plko; D S McNeill, Kuskonook; Ol'.vei
liurge, Duncan City.
East Kootenay.
Jas Watson, Hamilton; J V Williama,
Andrew Wilson, S Toby, Winnipeg;
WJCompton, Thos Diummond, Mac
leod; P Hamilton, Brandon; John Bos
■veil, N S. Branch; S C Robins, Lelh
bridge; W Peters. Kegina; G F Marks,
Vancouver; Ed Printer, Fernie: A 1
Taylor, Spokane, Wash; Waller Wolf
Kingston; A I, Thomas, Nelson; J M Mc
Mahon, Dundnr, M R Henry, Rossland
W S Crone. W II Vnss, Motilrenl; I:
Manson, Wo.sele>; L Shinuion, N N
Smith, W II Grant, R E Vincent, Cal
gory; Jas Callahan, G S Sterling, W ■
Anderson, D K Mollins, Toronto; Mrs.
McDadyen and daughter, T C Siinson,
K M Carroll, C K Toi'd, Winnipeg; W A
Turner, Joo Breckeubridge, Dan Me*
Leod, Thos McCouily, Clms Modity,
Nelson; M Oue"ette, Mission; A II Mclntyre, Pottage I,a Prairie; M Freeman
A D McDonald, lethbridge; thos Burke
Loop; J A Mcl'hnil, C A Tiocunier, J I
Armstrong, Port Sleele; A F McMillan,
kossland; J F Wb'ting, Ber"n; Jo-
Wllmsburst, Thos Mitchell, Moyie; U
Grant, Grant's camp; Sam Royetle
Brandon; A McDougaU, Hemic; II I
Cooper, Vancouver;  A C Cooke, Fernie;
M McFadyen, Jaffray; T E Goode, Ed
mouton; R M Pratt and wife, Tr.,il;C
Essnn, Pincher; S Hay, Foil William.
• * »•»• •-♦ * «. • « a 9-9 >|H» a *»■**-©
Moyie Loader-
Mrs Farrell and Miss Farrell, mother
aud sistet of the Fifi.ell brothers, arrived in Moyie last   Wednesday   from
Oaklaud, California.
Excavating for t ie foundation of G. T.
McGregor's Lew building oo Victoria
street was begun tbis week, and a good
portion of tbe lumber is on tbe ground.
It will be 30 by 40 feet In size and two
stork's high.
A one legged man, giving his mime as
Tun McCarty, came into Moyie Thursday, "panhandled" the citizens and then
got gloriously drunk on the proceeds.
This accomplished, McCarty hud no
further use for tbe town ur the peopl
living 111 it, and lost no time iu giving
vent to his feelings. So vile and abusive was hi., language that il became necessary to arrest him. Justice Henderson
ordered htm to leave tonu lhe next
Since construction has actually begun
ou tbe North Star branch great activity
uas luktti the place ofthe ordinary rout*-
i*ae of business in ihe town of Ktmber-
iey. Lots are being cleu ed, buildings
ire beiug erected as fust as carpenters
.-an be secured to work on them, streets
ne being cleaned and graded by the'
townbite company, all teams available
ire hauling lumber to dilYeie.it locations
11 the towu, nud a daily in Ilu.k of visitors
md investors te witnessed. Wagons are
.een '.0 come iu every day loaded to the
full seating capacity, bringing people r.
til lines ot business, whu are looking up
ihe resources which ure lo justify the
nickname given to Kimberley, tbe
1 Leadvllie of Eftt Kootenay." All,
•vilhout exception, are impressed with
be magnitude of the mineral deposits.
L'hose wl'.o leave lhe camp without investing iu real estate ur miuing iutetests
lumber few, Kimberley Is destined to
ne tbe largest miui-ig camp iu P.dst
K-otenay. New stilkes uf ore bodies
a e becoming almost a daily occurence
tbe North Star Aliuing company is em
,jIojlU|f a foiceof 35 men, the Kimberley
Juusobdated four men, the Sullivan
ompaoy 20 men, tbe Gem Mining con.'
pauy four men. A foice of men is em
,-loytd ou the Oweu Sound Boy fraction,
.1 property owned by Charles E-itmere,
md surrounded by the claims of the
)ii'Hv'"i company, Tbe Stemwiuder
uas shut doivn pending the installation
.if a 24 d.iil air compressor. Tbe Sulh
van company is c.earing thegruuudtot
heir 20 d, " air com pressor. Their 2Cj-
.011 concern aio; will most likely be lo-
■u'.ed on SutUvao cieek at Kimberley
.'he Black Bear has- bsea bonded bj
Charles list mere and a large force of men
vill be put to work es soou as mine..-,
an be secured, Wuikmeu in all lines
1: e in g.eat deun-nd. Wellman St
.lurel'b hotel building is fairly uude
.vay, adding another imposing structure
o those already finished. A. Campbell
.8 building a_sture. Alex Goyette has
purchased a lot a:id is electing a build'
ng to cany a stock of wai'paper aad
.■aims. Bodgeucr & Ff-Ut have liuished
heir new res I au runt, S. Fichetie is
milding a residence. Charles listwei
id excavating for tbe basement of tin.
on-ldiug he intends 10 erect. Joyce
dros., of Fer:be, are moving their stock
ui, and will keep it iu a tent unt 1
.heir uew building is finished. P. Red
amn is build'ug a residence. Thee.it:*
mates for tbe water system are being pte
paied and in tbe near future a force 01
men will be employed d-gg'.ag the ditch
.0 lay the pips. Iu fact, activity is experienced-n ew.y quarter ofthe town.
Contractors are uow working all along
the Hue on both sides of the S*. Marys
,iver, and if this push and enterprise
continues on the part of the^mauagc
in fit of the North Star branch railway,
Kimberley Hill lio doubt see the locomc-
tiv: hauling ote over the '-ack befoie
the snow flies.
P Btillcy, Chas Fans, Geo A Meyer,
Creston; D Baldoc, Jns Joyce, J O'Rle-
ley, C D McNah, J Ross, N McQunrry,
Hemic; J Crawford, W Williams, Roht
Dudley, T H Ne-vui, Macleod; Alex Mun
roe, Vancouver; Alex Kalberg, Chas
bumlbey, Cranston; John MeKenzie,
Kimberley; T Crossley, Goatfel; A D
Vandewalker, John Dickley, Toronto;
A D McCleaiy'and wife, Spokane, Wash;
J Arnold; I N Dry atl 8, Medicine lint; W
C I,uuducker, Harry Morris, K Peorce,
II A Shall cross Wilson Parson, T T Si
John, Win Arnold, Ait Dickson, J II
Of 11, Thus Roe, Plunk S Webb, Joe
Grady, Chas P Miller, Win Carlhy, li ti
l'eitingill, Main's CI rem; Joe Mursello
[affray] Peter Lund, Nelson; Hermann
Kneit, Pembroke; A P Bremner, Mo
yelle; Geo Johnson, Moyie; E Colterell,
Montreal; P Steele, Winnipeg.
Hii* reiiai'tion In
lll.'li UttUlfl MiiVi-ini'Mls
A IllOO llm1 ur....
linnngement and Wedding Rings,
Brooches, Bracelets, Chains,
Blouse Sets, Etc	
W. F. Tate
Crnnbrook ..JEWELER
Olllclal Walcli lns|icctiir tm CrotVfl Nest hrannh
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
INSURANCE jl jl jl
O   M  Cranbrook, B. C.
"The S Emporium"
Sherlock & Bremner.
Choice I'icsIi Fruits received three times a week.
Oats, hay, flour and Feed.
Our grocery stock is complete and fresh.
IjcnU' Furnishings, a good range.
Hoots and Shoes well assorted.
Reduced Sale Of '-a-lies' Blouses, Ladies' Dress Skirts
and Ladies' Underskirts.
The Black Bear Mining Company, Ltd.
Capital $500,000 in 2,000,000 Shares oi 25 Cents Each
1,000,000 Shares of Which Will Be Held as Treasury Shares for Working Capital
This company is now being organized for the purpose of acquiring and working the BLACK BEAR AND MABEL
Development work consists of various shafts on thc vein for a distance of of joo feet, all showing ore. The
vein Is 6 feet wide, with 3 feet ol solid galena ore,
Samples of ore can be seen at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and The Herald Office.      Promoters stock is now on the market
at 2*4 CENTS A SHARE.      For further particulars Inquire of
J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Via Cranbrook.
Tjjr-isi—ijir-w  ^*-j—k*jj   i*jj   \yno   s/  \st<zr^sj—igj—ijj—1»—\gj—^—i**/™,?,!—jy  •&—j;i   ^/~w—v*y—i*j-—\£r-isj—\*f—\sj—isr-v*y—is*""""W—'ir^Zr-vr~vr~vr \£)—IJJ—li*—&—*£)—l£r- •*r~\!J- \£r
CRANBROOK, • ^__ho_\^^_
s ************************************************
f DA MRDnni/ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
I -WIV^^-OIVv/WIV Nest Pass Railroad.
t r**H<itlht*Anl«3r ^as a 10=s,:a*'- round house, large machine |f$
? vf ctllUi UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex*
t tensive railroad yards.
I Cranbrook 's t*16 natural and commercial center of South East H
i Kootenay.
1 Cranbrook Is me headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- ^
I tions of South East Kootenay.
I Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in |f|
<f South East Kootenay.
i Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after |||
I week.
t Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, |
I manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND 1NVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,        , i
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
The Cranbrook
Stationery Store
Carriea a complete
Try our 5c Cigars.
Opposite Crnnbrook hotel.
Kootenay and Algoma Gold Mining Co.
L i M I T E D
Head Office at Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Stock, 1,000,000 aharca al par value ol II each, NON' I Incorporated under the lawa ol Brlllak Columbia wlih nan per'
ASIiSSADLII. aonal Liability.
Prealdeni, A. Leltcb, Sr., Baq., J. P., PreaMent Cranbrook Lumber Co.   Vice PrcaMenl, M, Mclnnea, Km,., ol M. Mclnnea 4 Co., Cranbrook.
Jamea Ryan, Eaq„ Cranbrook! Ileorie Bremner, E«q„ Cranbrook; J, II, kin, Kaq„ M. D„ Cranbrook, J. R. Coallian, l!.q., (I. C, Crnnbrook;
T. T, Richard., Baq., Cranbrook; P. fi. Slmpaan, Eaq„ Cranbrook; John Leaak, Eaq., Cranbrook;
Hugh 11. Heoderaon, Eaq., Moyie; A. J. McArthur, Eaq., Palaley. Oat.
Solicitor, J. R. Costlian, Eaq., Q. C, Cranbrook, B. C. Baakcra, The Canndlan Bank ol Commerce, Cranbrook.
McVittie & Hutchison, Official Brokers.
John Hutchison, Sec'y.
Now developing the Union Jack and the St. George claims near Cranbrook, and the Kootenay and Algoma
claims near Wanita In the Trail District.
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
dt dt Furnishings, Clothing,
dt dt Boots and Shoes. ...
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Pioneer Hardware Store
We heve a few..
left.   Will give ycu a bargain in them.
The flies are here and the season
is well advanced.   We will sell
Screens, Doors and Windows
MHtooAt CO!
S S G. H. Miner
..at cost.


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