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Cranbrook Herald Apr 19, 1900

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Array -
»■♦ *m-a »■■» •»-•-•-» • ■•■■»{»)*-•
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Ouo. A Cox, Fiesideut.
B. E. WAI.KRR, Gen. Man-
.    PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A Genera! Banking Business Transacted,
Deposits Received.
London Agents--Tlio Bank of Scotland.
etitrai Restaurant
Just east ot depot Proprietors J* Jt jt
& CO.
...Dealers in..
oods 3 Clothing
m«m«w«nMni mm ■•■■■  ■ ■■■■■—■■—■■■■■■—^—^—»i mi
■a®  ®aa
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railiond and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Bremner & Son,
m To arrive next week—
t,i Dress Goods. Linoleums. Carpets.
j Fancy Goods, Men's, Women's
jj and Children's Rubbers, Crockery
«        and Glassware.
* Now placed In stock--
8        Ladies' Gents' and Children's -
' Boots and Shoes, best in market
** See our Ladies' Bicylc boots, Ready to
Jj Wc.u clothing, large and choice stock,
* value the best.
J California Butter, Oranges and Lem-
m ons.   Something; new—Banana Marma-
^ lade. Full line staple and fancy groceries
Giant       Giant       Giant
Powder    Powder   Powder
We have iust completed .1 powder magazine in
Cranbrook and liavc iust placed a carload of powder in
it; you can get all your powder here now, at a minute's notice. Wc are Agents for the Giant Powder Co.,
consolidated, of California, a branch of which is al Victoria, and will carry a complete line of their powder,
caps and fuse. Wc are also agents for Wm. Bennett
Sons & Co. of England, who make the best fuse in
tlie world.
Do not forget that we also have a complete range
of Men's Shoes and Furnishings, Groceries and
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootcnay's Big Mail Order House
fi H Miner  The Pioneer
Just Received a
Carload of Windows and Cedar Doors
' Ol all kinds.   Now is the time to PAINT  YOUR HOMES.    We
have got the paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
AU work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and J'loyic
Auolher Increase ia the Capacity of One
of Us Institutions.
lhe little .station was Imr ed almost c
of tight, and It was with rn little dil
olty Agent Mans6eld emerged fiom 1
lair. There wns a piano, teve.al qn
ten of beef, n few bogs, several bales
hay. ami olher stuff too numerous
mention. On top of tins wns piled
or ao druinuteiV trunk:-, baggage, l
;ss matter, etc. On lop ol thia *
ould be iron the conductor standi
d lectin g where tilt- stuff biting unload
Bhould bt* piled.
Large Reserve Coal Bunkers Also
To Be Built at the Lower
End cf Town,
All reports tt Iiir mi ng the permanency
of Cranbrook as n divisional and repair
point, as predicted by its friends, are receiving constant eiidoiseuient of their
truthfulness by the actions of the C, 1*.
R. from month to mouth. The latest evidence of this ia the fact lhat for several
dnys grading haa been going on at the
soulh end uf the shops and a large space
being there leveled appaieutly for the
construction of new buildings.
A visit to the shops last Monday by a
Herald reporter, revealed the correctness
of this suspicion regarding Increased facilities for repair work. Foreman John
son wns Been and upon being asked aa lo
the nature of the improvements said
that he could uot yet go into details as
to the size of the structure to be erected
but that the tract which was being graded was for the laying of tracks lo the
present and into a new building to he
constructed immediately, the size ol
which he could uot then state, as details
had not beeu fully decided upon.
Tbere are at present 55 men on the
shop pay-roll, 8 of whom are skilled me
chauics. This force is being constantly
augmented, and lhat 100 men may be
employed in these shops within the ensuing year is hardly the dream of an
There Is general repairs of locomotives
and cars—of the dally wear and tear
kind—constantly iu progress. In addi
tion to this heavier, and more extensive
work is being done from time to lime, as
is now lhe case with engine No. 38,
which is In for a thorough overhauling, and in part, reconstruction.
Additional Coal Bankers.
At the north end of the town preparations are being fiade for the construction
of extensive storage coal bunkers. These
are to In* used for a reserve stock, and at
present their exact capacity has uot been
decided upon, but locnl officials believe
lhat about 2,000 tons, more or less, will
be nearly right. This reserve stock,
as it name implies, is to be tisid only iu
cases of emergency caused by a blockade in traffic preventing the maintenance
of the supply for daily consumption or
traftic conditions which might make it
advisable for the compauy for the lime
being to devote the entire carrying capacity of the road to the public use.
Another evidence in Cranbrook of the
two big l"s—Permanence-and Prosperity.
Local Railway Notes.
Chief C. P. R. Engineer Lumsdeu arrived in towu this morning.
Snpt Cameron has been absent in
Winnipeg several days on official business, but is expected lo return lhe last of
tbe week.
As Tom Rookes pul it at lhe minstrel
entertainment Monday evening. Cranbrook ia entirely safe from being struck
by lightning—" 'Cause there are so many
non-conductors in it."
The present dry weather is fortunate
Inasmuch as it has grfeatly checked the
mud-tlldes to the west. Tbe train fiom
the east, however, on Tuesday morning
showed evidences of having had to do
considerable excavaling wilh the plow
or pilol as it came along.
llatl a IM.p'■-,
Dr. King is again ill at lln* Mission
lospttel, having suffered a relapse from
iveiwotk, combined with a rheumatic 1 r
lOUralglc ailment. The ductur had but
Utile recently came oui of the hospital
imt returned there to amputate an Iudl
id's leg and per fot ill other trying work.
Iu his wenkt-ned condition the strain was
nm great for him, and he again sue-
cumbed, Mr. Beaitie was dowu to visit
liim yesterday, and reported that be is
belter, and will be about again soon.
Stabbed al Fernie.
At Fernie, recently, Alex ( 'Scotly")
Hume was stabbed three limes by a
Slav named Zebit. The cause was the
result of drink, the Slav nagging Hume
until blows ensued, (separating Zebit
went out into the night, laying for
"Scolty" and stabbing htm as above
stated. The wounds are serious, but
uot necessarily fatal- TheS'av u a j captured the day following.
They Give Two Very Enjoyable Entertain*
incuts, Which Were Musl Liberally Patronized.
The Herald job Printing
The wrestling match which was billed
for Inst Tuesday evening was a frost.
Not a ticket sold, not a dollar taken in,
not a bill paid.
Wm. Mills intends making application
for a liquor license. If successful he
will open a hotel in the Stcphcnson-Jen-
son block in the take Shore addition,
The section men at Moyie and Moyelle
are out on a strike and have been since
Ap'il i. The men were receiving J* 1 50
per day nnd litis scule waa lowered to
This week the Moyie hotel changed
hands, when G. Campbell nnd A. T.
Clark transferred their interests In the
business to Andrew and 1*. F Johnston
of Kaslo, The consideration ofthe deal
was $6000.
The Odd Fellows held a meeting in
McGregor hall Wednesday evening and
further considered the question of organizing a lodge at Moyie. It was fully
decided to do so, and the proper steps
bave beeu takeu with that end in view,
As near as enn he estimated Moyie**-*
payroll for the month of March was
$15,000. The St. Eugene Consolidated
Mining company paid out $12,000 in
wnges alone, and the balance of $3000 is
easily made up from the payrolls of
Fork, Mitchell & Co., M. Sheady's contracting outfit, and olher smaller payrolls
about town. The payroll for April promises to be a third larger than lhat for
March, as a good number of men employed by the St. Eugene did not get iu
a full mouth.
Those who were at thc station (?) last
Wednesday morning when thu train
from the east pulled In witnessed nn
amusing sight. The plalform was so
crowded with trunks, baggage, etc,, that
r?rj Iiepcried in llie North Drift Carry-
1:11: «\^r $100 in All Values.
I«ast Monday and Tuesday evenings
the Craubrook Home Minslrels appealed
in all tneir Dristinc glory, lo a packed
house the lirst night and a fair audience
ihe second uight.
In affairs of this nature—amateur—it
generally falls to the duty (often thankless) of the local paper to pal the performers on the back and jolly Ihem and
tell them that lhey did well. Hut this
is a case wheie it is uot necessary for the
Herald lo do anything of the kind, as
the audience themselves, individually,
residents aud non-residents alike, have
expressed very gratifying opinions as to
the high character of the entertain ment
by people who were "raw amateurs"
with but one .exception. The whole
affair was a disappointment—a mosl
agreeable one—to the audience of ladies
and gentlemen which packed the opera
house to its doors on Monday night.
This success was acquired through the
efficient co *ching of Mr. Chas. T. Fales,
a professional, who had the show in
Of course the bright and shining star
of lhe evening, the "black diamond,"
was Tommy Rookes, who is to the manner   born,   and   no  novice.   Tom is a
bole show in burnt cork by himself and
deftly fingered the Umbo. His supporter, Mr. Rankin, find Hutch us Ilrst
bones, wilh Pieper as second, were
■'Lulu's," although Pieper later on pul
iu claims of sole proprietorship of
"Lulu." Mr. Cosligan, the interlocutor,
filled the part witli ease antl d'gnily,
and many "professionals*' have filled
the leading "circle" parts worse.
Mr. Hill's ballad. "A Mother Never
Cau Forget Her Boy," was well sung in
a sweet, but not strong tenor
A feature attending Patterson's singing of "The Girl I Love" was lhe singing of the chorus at the last end by
Charlie McEacheru ami Johnny McNeil,
two small boys, stationed in thc gallery.
"Hutch" ami Pieper were nlso surprises In the "Lady With lhc Rag-Time
Walk," and "I Want My Lou Leu,"
F. C. Rankin also caught the house
with his 'Town Topics."
A. L. McDermot did a turn with the
Indian clubs lhat would be received on
any slage with encores, and received
hearty applause.
Hill Bros.) McDermot and Rockendorf
caused tears to roll down the cheeks of
mauy, In the "Burlesque Acme Quartet,'
Iheir bag p'pe and banjo imitations be
ing very creditable.
Jake Fink had bad luck with hi:
punching bag, and evidently was out of
practice. His exhibition, however,
proved that he had been there in good
shape before.
Jack Hurley and Sam Morrow, after
all, were the teal leading artists—usher
ing thc ladies and gem's to Iheir seats.
The second evening's prugratn was
varied ouly by the appearance of William
Peters, who rendered "Slug Again Thai
Sweet Refrain," in a style that demon
st rated that he is a tenor far belter tlmn
Ibe average untrained voice. He was
vigorously encored,
Heard Alter the Show.
" Push"—I feel sorry for Enie.
Jimniie—  do    do    do   " Push."
Enie—       do    do     do  both of em
Parker— do do do thai dead
Mclnnes—Rookes1 dogs have broken
the link."
" Meddy"—Pleper's dead sore because
it wasn't hlm.
Hyde—Oh, I don't know; Ihere may
be others.
Beattie—I'm oul ul politics.
Wellman—Everything goes but an ed
ncaled finger.
Rankin—For de Lawd's sake, wliar'a
my vest. Chorus — Rookes has it.
Rookes—Why, no, Frank, I haven't got
it.   Can't you let a fellow dress t
McDermot—I cau lick the man who
sidle my gloves.
Meyers—There'll be a job for lhe undertaker if my vest dou't show up pretty
Patterson—Let's have n lime, George?
Everybody—Where's my hal-glovcs-
wig-paiits-shocs-a word -coat -bol tie-ties -
FredSuilth-WiU! Well! Well! Ain't
.1 a pea wurmei'.
Placer Property Bonded to Bcston-
ese—The North Star Advances Wages.
Mr. Estmere was in lown on Tuesday
nml conll 111s tbe rumors of the rich
strike on Ibe lllnck hear. The clean ore
was encountered a week ago in lhe 30
foot level in the north drift, and work is
-till being pushed in ore that is worth
over f 100 u tou, while work has been resumed in the 90-foot level and first-class
o*e is also shown in the face of the
nortli drift at that level. This strike is
of great importance, not only lo lhe
shareholders of the black Bear compauy,
but also to the entire district, and must
serve to encourage the prosecution of
energetic development iu other proper-
Mr. Eslirere deserves great credit £or
Lhe energetic manner iu which he haB
pushed the work 011 the Black Bear in
the face of lhe many difficulties lhat nl*
ways beset tl.e initial operations of a
mining venture, aud The Herald is glad
to congratulate him on lhe magnificent
ihowiug now made in this property.
The Pay Roll.
The diiectors of the Pay Roll are
feeling highly pleased over the arrange-
meats recently made with Mr. Van Decar
fur Ihe furiher development of the company's pioperly. The surface showing
of the big ledge where the galena shows
so plentifully is to be followed by stripping and the extent and width of the
ote shoot be shown by cross-cuts and
1, lu this way lhe dip and trend as
well as the extent will be deleimined.
Then, if deemed advisable, theledgecan
be tapped by a luuuel for working purposes; the small rich gold ledges are also
to be further stripped and prospected
with a view to determining their extent
and lo cover the junctional points with
thc main ledge.
Placer Mining.
Messrs. McVittle & Hutchison have
succeeded in bonding the ground of the
Movie Placer Company lo a strong Boston syndicate. Work will begin almosl
immediately on the grouud, uud extensive operations carried ou to determine
the value of the gravel.
The property is one of Ibe most promising placer mines iu British Columbia,
ing an almost inexhaustible quantity
of gravel in such a position lhat il can
be worked at the lowest possible cost; it
Is estimated lhat, with a ditch six feet
wide and three feet deep, supplying
water through the pipes under about 250
feel of bend, lhe huge quantity of over
ouoo yards of gravel can be moved every
24 hours. The hydraulic miner, with
the aid of water-power flowing through
iron pipes and "giants" moves gravel
from lis original position, carries it a
distance of 20 o feet ami separates the
gold froui it for less thau 5 cenls per cubic yard. 	
Raised Tbeir Wages.
The management at the Ninth Star
mine raised the miner's wages last Monday to $3.25 and *f3 50; this was done
voluntarily by the company.
beautiful display of hats, bonnets, etc.
in the large show window was simply un
^ndex to the contents of the saleiroom
n the way of hats and bonnets of all
■lyles and prices. No person need to
send money away from Cranbiook for
any merchandise necessary cr needful on
any occasion. What our stores do not
.outain iu lhat way is too rich for the
hlood of anyone living in a newly settled
May Reynolds, aged 29 years, died
Monday night last after a lingering ill-
Heap cat s d fiom a complication of diseases, and was interred Wednesday iu
ibe town cemetery. Tue funeral services
were conducted by Rev. Mr. Ling, s
iarge number of citizens attending.
The deceased woman was a sporting
vonian; her real name is unknowi
-it is better that way. Those knowing hi r
say that she was evidently of good family; it may be some poor old father and
mother are awaiting tidings of their losi
child, vainly hoping lhat some day she
will return and be a solace and com foit
in their declining years.
The unfortunate woman was given a
respectable burial her remains being followed to their last abode by many, some
0/ the Christian ladies of Cranbrook being in the cortege, also bringing flowers
and placing on the coffin.
Lei those without sins cast stones at
her memory.
Auolher Case of ao Alleged Mysterious Dis-
appcorance-A Reward Offered fer
the Discovery of Barker.
Another mysterious disappearance has
appeared upou the scene in Soulh East
Kootenay. although in this instance little or nothing can be learned about the
facts, whatever may be known of them,
up to the time of the disappearance of
the man, those of his nationality being
so uncommunicative regardiug auyihiug
concerning themselves.
This time it is a Chinaman who bas
forsaken, or been removed from hia old
haunts without giving timely warning or
leaving any trace behind him of his departure from Kimberly. At least so it is
averred by his brother Celestials, but
more tban that—if more they know—
they will not say. Our informant says
that lhey have been making a d ligent
search for bim for several days without
A Reward Offered.
L. E, Laurent, who came from Trenton, N.J., U. S , to assume the duties
of Mr. Barker in the construction of tbe
North Star bucket tramway, has effered
a substantial reward for tbe remains, il
he is dead, or for knowledge of his
whereabouts if alive. A number ol
Kootenay Indians are scouring Ibe
country in the search, but as there is absolutely nothing in the shape of a clue
upon which to base a theory as to hi-,
whereabouts a needle in a haystack
would he as a crowbar to look Ior.
Koetcnay itfdAlgomi,
The directors of this Company are to
meel early next week to complete arrangements for pushing work 011 the
Pedro claim. The late strike ou tbe
Black Bear must be a matter for congratulation among the shareholders of
the Kootenay St Algoma and will have
lhe effect of sliFeuing the position of that
company, Il is quite possible that when
development of the Pedro has proved the
existence of the name ore as in the Black
Dear, an amalgamation of the two prop*
ertits will make another of the large
producing mines fur which the country
tributary to Cranbrook will before long
be famuus,       	
Tbe Tbeo.
The sale of shares for working cspital
has reached such a point that it is now
possible to commence work with confidence and carry it through to a successful
issue. The horse-power whim is now
ready, aud will be placed in position and
work pnshed to lhe 100 foot level.
A Carload ot Farm Implements Received by
a Craobrook Merc his I.
G. H. Gilpin, one of Cranbrook's enterprising merchants, tried an experiment this season, which bas been very-
successful. Mr. Gill, the genial manager, iu answer to -queries propounded
by an inquisitive Herald reporter stated
that they had just received a car
load—the first in Soulh Kast Kootenay
—and the main portion of il has already
beeu sold. A separator went to A. Pen-
wick; lwo self-binders and hay press to
the mission; the remainder of tlte carload, consisting of plows, cultivators,
mowers,'rakea, potato-diggers, h-irrows,
are being rapidly disposed of. Tbe Indian farmers are numbered largely
among the purchasers. This achievement would have been considered an
impossibility,and its undertaking was
deemed unwise by many until Mr. Gil
pin demonstrated it to be a good business
General Mining Notes.
John Tn j lor is at work doing the yearly assessment work on the Maple Leaf
Fraction, 011 Notth Star hill.
The diamond -dtill work on the Mastodon ia worth looking at. A 10 mile tide
from Cranbrook takes you to the ground,
Tom Donnelly, who owns the Highland Mary, on Weaver creek, and a
group of claims on Palmer mountain, is
back for the summer'sopeialious.
Work bus been resumed on the Quan-
ttell claim near Kimberly, in which a
rich strike'was recently made. A force
of 20 men will soon he there employed.
Cranbrook Business Enterprise.
Reid & Co.'fl dry goods and millinery
departmeut represented a dream of
beauty last Friday. No, lhat goes loo,
but Uie reporter is referring to the decorations and the very attractive appearance the large salesroom presented on
account thereof, noi ihu vast numbers of
ladies who  were   In  attendance.   The
Thursday flay 26th to Talk With the
Citizens of Cranbrook.
And Wherefores" from thc Standpoint of the Premier of British Columbia.
Thursday, May 26th, Josrph Mania,
the Premier of British Co uinl ia, will be
iu Cranbrook to lay before the voters of
this district bis reasons for asking tneir
■support of the government.
That everyone will wiab to see and
bear Mr, Martin it is only fair to believe,
owing to tbe unusually heated campaign
now being Waged th rough out the country, and the prominent position lhat he
occupies in tbe political crisis that is
Fort Steele Prospector : There is no
grest excitement in South Hast Kootenay over tbe political situation. The
oters are laying law, watching events,
aud not giving utterance to their opinion.
Moyie Leader: Speaking of candidate", i(J. C. Drewry of Moyie could be
|nduced to run he would easily beat all
comers in the race hands down. And
be may yel decide to tun. Who can
Fort Steele Prospector; There has
never lieen a political situation so complex as lint which exists hi British Columbia today. It is hoped, however, (hat
order will thorlly be restored and the
present chaotic conditions cease.
A letter written by Mr. Fernie. so it is
alleged, states that he may im an independent candidate opposed to Joe Martin —Cranhrook Herald.
There never was any doubt about Mr.
Fernie's being an Independent candidate.
From the verj first he stated empnatic-
ally that he wonld be an independet t
candidate. As to lm opposing Joe Martin we bave never heard him express his
intentions, but unless we a:e much mistaken in him, he will oppo-'e that gentleman tooth and nail, as should every other
resident of the province who has its welfare at betrt No greater calamity
eould happen this young province than
that Joseph Martin should become premier ior four years.—Fernie Free Press.
Two Gentle Jollies.
Two Tboossaif Will Land at Victoria Doris! Ibe Week.
Victoria, B. C, April 18 —Japanese are
still pouring in here. The steamer Rio
Jun Maru brought too, and Ibe big liner
Goodwin 1100. Tbe steamer Miles is
expected today witb 80 more and the
Braeuer at lhe eud of this week with
over 700. The labor leaders are agitating against this great influx of Orientals
but it ia said that the provincial and
dominion parliaments are powerless to
enact legislation to keep tbe Japanese
out, for tne imperial government refuses
to allow the passage ol legislation which
will   affect Its   fiiendly   relations  with
Japan.     ____________
Cranbrook -flirts Say:
In Edison's laboratory recently an iron
wrench one-half Inch thick and six
inches long was placed In a crucible with
a newly-discovered compound and melted In five seconds; the beat almost iu-
stan'aueously generated was 3000 degrees centigrade. If lhey had substituted any of several Cranhrook bachelor's hearts for the iron bar, tbe stuff
wouldn't have feezed it.
Bremocr ft Sod In ll.
Bremner St Son have received a large
shipment of goods for their general merchandise store, among which la an Importation from England in thedry-goods
line. The Messrs. Bremner have been
making their dry goods and millinery
department more of a feature of
late, and under the direction of Miss
j Shen it is hemming quite an important
branch of lhe hurdncas,
The ladies of Cranbrook keep pace
with the town—they are metropolitan
At the minstrel entertainment they removed iheir hfits in consequence of
which those silting behind tbem did not
have to keep stretching their necks to
see over a flower-garden or through a
mass of feathers.
Beattie, the druggist, has doubled the
8oor room of his establishment and put
in a plate glass front, thus showing his
confidence in the future of Happy Cranbrook and also demonstrating tbat he
lias lost none of his old-time energy and
foresight. The increased space will not
only prove a very materia] aid for increasing business but affords great convenience to the public wbo have business
to transact witb tbe postal departmeut.
Ilert always contrives to keep abreast of
lhe time, and often ahead.
[PiOtn tiie Prospector,]
George Dough ter ty is building a new
residence near his claim on Wild Horse.
After spending tbe winter in olher
fields C. Mi Keep has returned to Fort
Mr. Ryan, proprietor of Ihe Cranbrook hotel, paid a vi-.it lo Fort Steele
Harry McViltie and family have removed to Cranbrook Mr. McVittie will
engage in business there.
Saul Cadiux bat leased llie Higbye
ranch ou Sheep creek It will be ibe
atopplug place of the Windermere sia^e.
A team backed on tlie grade near lhe
bridge on Tuesday evening. Fortunatt-
ly neither the driver or horses were injured.
E. A. Watt, who has been in the store
of G. ll. Gilpin for some lime past, Iihs
accepted a position In the office of V.
Hyde Baker of Cranhrook, ,
The friends of 1'. IC. Simpson, editor
of the Craubrook Herald, gaic bim a
rousing send-off. Simpson has promised
to bring hack a peck of nuggets from
Cape Nome.
It is learned lhat W. W. Barker, who
so mysteriously disappeared a few weeks
ngo, w.ts seen between the Black Bear
nnd Kimberley afler be w: s seen in
Cranbrook, and Ibe theory is lhat he
wandered into lhc timber and  was lost.
Didn't Want to (let Lost.
"Billy" Cariin-—everyone knows the
genial Billy—stopped off just a moment
Monday enroute to Moyie, just to look
around. Billy did not wander awny
from the depot as he did not want In
take any chances 011 getting losl and
missing the ham. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY,   •   APRIL 19, 1900
Tho HoraM ilMlrcs lo nl«o tlio noivsor the
dlatrloU   it you k",,w ouu a,"m- ^l,ur l,m"
your iuUm or y,mr people, smkI U i» Mil" o(llra.
Tlie Eagle, at Ferguson, is a new-
bom, ami is making considerable noise
in it» vicinity. It is neat, mwsy and
energetic, ami uives Indications of being
appreciated by the people of that coun-
Residents of the district whose names
are uot now ou the voteis' list, and who
nre entitled to a vole, should see thai
they are placed there without further delay, No mimes can be received after
April 23,1, and that dale is rapidly d-aw-
iny near.	
A. W. M'VITTIE, D.U.S., M.S. JOHN HUTCHISON, Nolary 1'ubllc
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mines and Lands Surveyed
Fire, Llle and Accident Insurance
Money to Loan
1. 0. 0. F. Block Cranbrook, B. C.
I The Cranbrook
Alex. 11. Watson...
Fire, Life aud Accident Imurauce
Accountant, Notary Public aad Con*
veyanccr tl      w
Accouits Made Up
Ofiice over Beanie's Drugstore
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANHROOK,    ::::::    ll. C.
Tlie legislature lias lieeiulissolvetl (
the followitg dates Imve been fixed
the different preliminary events in
elections to the late house: May 26th
the nominations; June yib  for lhe tea*
t-rul election; June 30II1, writa to be returnable, and July 5'1> for lhe meeting 11
the legislature.
A gentleman from Ft rnie—considerable ul a traveler and a great observer-
remarked Ibis week that Cranbrook was
highly favored iu many respects; aud he
remarked Hint it was especially favored
over other towns inasmuch as the
weather is almost always ofthe pleasant
kind, which, iu connection wilh the
grand grounds therefor, made it an Ideal
town in which lo hold athletic sports.
Cranbrook can be llie central point for
till such sports and exhibitions.
Proofs multiply lhat Craubrook lies in
lhe midst of a great pineapple and banana belt; the balmy breezes of summer
waft the delicious perfume of thousands
of wild flowers to the olfactory nerves ol
ihe passer; while people in eastern
Washington are peri-ahing in snowdrifts,
in Cranbrook they are wearing dualeis
ntul palmleaf fans atul drinking soda
cocktails and lemonade to moisten their
parched lliroals and cool their fevered
brows (that's after lhe banquet); they
lounge around the city parks—designed
and built by Nature—inhaling the de
lii-ious ozone laden, lung-buildiugatmos-
pliere in rapid inhales ami thanking
their lucky stars lhat they are on this
particular part of the earlli in Soulh
Kast Kootenay and Happy Cranbrook,
Fort Steele
flonday Night
Situate mt .Murk creek, lu the Mining Division
of botitli Kast Kootenay-*
Tn hi* Dot loe unit I, .1-INK'S llyan, Free Miner's
-UcrUllculo Nn II OTUI Intend. OU-days from tin
unto hereof, to ai>t>lj to ihe Minlux itecoritt-r
[lira i'1-rtuii'iiii' ul lm-rovi'tiien.ti, lor tue pn
uii* nf oblaliilng a Crown Grant nt die aiiuve
Ami further tnko notice Hint action, under
Motion ;<", must in* commenced tirrore the Ismi
atn-c or inch Oi tiiii-iito af liii|>n)veiiietiii,
Dated nils, -'i tii day or Maroh, laoo.
No. t.ll.
"Mastodon clou mill Copper Company/'
I lloroby Certify tlmt l have this ilny registered lln* "Mastoiloii Oolil ami Coppoi t'oitipany''
ns an Kxtra I'rovlnolal Uoinpany under the
"Comi»nnle-i Act, isw"i to carry out or effect all
or nny nr the niijeotn horelnatier **t forth io
which the U-uiHliiUvt! Authority of the Lcglslu-
tine of lirillsh 1 nliiiiilila i:\teiitl,
The hcail ollice of thc Company Is sttiuteil In
the City of Spokane, la the County of Spokane,
In lhe State of Washington.
The amount of the capital of the Company is
TWO iiumli'ci! Thousand Dollars, divided Into
Two llun red Thousand Shares of One Dollar
each. -q
The It'ml olHcc uf tl.e Company In ihls Province is situ'tti-d in crnnbrook, In the Province
or Hit ish Columbia and .1, h. Taylor, whose
address is- cranhrook, I'ort Steele Mining Dlvl<
slim of the Disiiict ni ItastKoolcnay,Hrltlsli
Coltimb a, is tlio attorney for tlie Company,
The titiii' of Hit existence of lhe Company Is
fifty yearn.
Tiie oiijccts for witicii the Company linn hoon
established aro 1 Mining, milling ami smelting
linfnosDSi for building, oiinlpplng nml managing
wa.er Ibtncsi for tin* building, equipping and
operating electric nlnnts; lor tin* huiiiiiog ami
running nf railroads, and fnr the ongnglng In all
n 1 ci 1 btisliofn in rolntlon with or Incident tn
minliii*. inllllog and duelling, in tlie -statu of
Washington, United Sinlea or Aim ilea, llrltlih
Columbia and i-heivlii-rc
■HI YEN umlormy iiand ami seal nfOnloe st
victoria, Province or llrtlsh Columlila, tiiti
Hii il day or March, One ilionsand nine
h. v. WO TTON,
tteglttrnr of Joint stock Companies
Tbe London ft Liverpool Co., Cranbrook.
Messrs. Sclmfield St Co,, late proprietors of this business, have placed nil unpaid accounts, incurred prior to llie
transfer of the business, in tbe bands of
Lhe undersigned for collection, and it is
requested that payment of lhe same will
be mode promptly.
W. t, C.l'RP.
Barrister, Etc. Cranbrook, B. C,
—John Mossraan, of l'arkersburg, \V
Va., mude a fortune of $500,UOU with his
nose, lie wns n deat mute, und could
pick out a piece of ground under which
there wns hii oil well by simply smelling
it. lie recently lost hte life in a railroad
—The biggest ortib ever captured in
Mobile bay whs recently caught by Dr.
T. Aubrey Dickson and (.Jeorge W.Owen.
It weight**! two pounde, uud ineusured
2:1 inches from tip to tip of claws. The
shell measured nine inches in length
by live in width.
—Several farmers in central Kansas
are connected by telephone*, to permit
the farmers' families to engage in so*
elnl coil versa tion. The instruments eost
six dollars euch, nnd the barbed wire
Inclosing the farms serves to transmit
the conversation.
—Reports on the Indian wheat crop
arc beginning to come in. From the
central provinces we learn that the ar-ea*
of wheat is ouly 1,898,028 acres, us compared with 2,714,454 acres for 1890, nnd
a ten vears' average urea exceeding
4,000,000 acres. The estimated outturn
is 884,755 tons, against "IC8.338 for 1896
and 784,802 as the ten years' average.
—Experiments show that- a light of
one candle power is plainly visible at
one mile, and one of three-candle power
nt two miles. A ten-candle power light
was seen with a binocular at four miles,
one of 2W at five miles, though faintly,
and one of 33 candles at the same distance
without difficulty. Ou nti exceedingly
clear night a white light of 3.2 candle
power enn be distinguished at three
miles, one of 5.0 nt four und one of 12 at
five miles.
—It appears that the domestic cricket
of Europe, the "cricket of the hearth,"
has been Introduced into this country,
'■] Minneapolis nnd clpcwhcrc they have
■   be a [Trent iu:!snm e.   V —
* iltnt "11 hou -
.. t.i could not be rented." This.;!....
was observed in Canada by Kalm in
1741), und its recent occurrence there hus
been confirmed by two well-known entomologists; and it bus been observed
In various eastern towns by Uhlerand
others, but it has not hitherto been common in lhe United States, though frequently observed in Canada,
.*, .;   SOME   BAD   NURSES.
Obi-mi tmr (ilrlt Whu Are Merely l*'ui-
loi-rlait * Kail.
The fame and publicity which attaches to this profession (nursing) huve
stimulated a false enthusiasm which
seeks the satisfaction of pride and vanity by fawning at the feet of the goddess
of notoriety. Thc result Is thattltcgirl
who is not satisfied with her home volunteers ns a nurse. She sees in it poetry,
life uud fume. She finds the service-of
her own relations dull, uninteresting
nnd prosaic; but she -sees glory on the
horizon if she en-tern a hospital wnrd.
Her own friends do not fulfill her expectations of what is berdue. She finds
no pleasure in the duties of the home,
but there gleams to her entranced eln-
Uon a vision of the dawn of the ideal
service in becoming the drudige of the
unknown. Hut she who can-not serve
her own will never serve another. Her
d renins will vanish with n cruel rapidity
when once Inside the walls.
Hundreds of those who stand oiuhe
doorsteps of our London hospitals, seeking by alt sorts of ingenious devices to
gain admittance, are not capable of
dusting a lady's drawing-room, much
less fit to have charge over life and
death, A large percentage of them
know not even the elements of dbmestlc
economy and cleanliness, and It were
the gravest of errors to permit snch into
thd ranks of those who must combat
with the niicro-orgtinisniH of disease.
To commit the charge or dressings tuid
cleansing to such would be to foster an
enemy in the camp. The strictest examination, the prolonged preliminary
training may have, must have, serious
disadvantages, but it Is effectual at least
in this, that il makes the rejection and
elimination of such candidates as these
easy, and safeguards the public from being inundated with flimsy counterfeits.
—Westminster Review.
<<iii hi bo.
"I suppose I nm a kind of gumbo,"
a New Orleans mnn snid to me, as If
enjoying the joke on himself. "I am
French nnd German -on my mother's
side, nnd English on my father's; my
wife is a mixture of French nnd German; we lalk French to our children,
but we hnve given them Knglisli nnmes,
nnd we nre bringing them up to be
thorough Americans."   At this juncture
a tribute to "gumbo," thc dish par excellence, seems appropriate. Okra, valued as a homogeneous nrticlc-of diet in
Bgypl and Syria for centuries,becomes
a general mixer uf meats nnd vegetables
in Louisiana} "okra gumbo" tins a
Universal succulence and adaptability
to the tables of the rich and the poor.
There tire gumbos also of oysters, crabs
or shrimps, according to taste, and tht;
Creoles have tlicir "gumbo file."—Lip-1
G. Johnson*,*.
\V Assayer *
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
1 Lumber Co,
1        Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINliS   OF-
rtcMullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contiacls for nil kiiuls of Itrick work
Kivt'ii prompt attention, Brick for sale.
Thoso in uuimI of brick or work slioulil
see us.
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co-
Are prepared to furnish plans
and spec! ficoiions for nil kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
.jt   jt    B. C.
bate nf Tomato
Contractor <-»* Builder
Those contemn'iu'iiK bulletins will do well to lot
mn llguro on ttio ooutrnols,
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundryman I found.
Contract any kind job, house
cleaning or cooking.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
Flrsl-ClasH Sleepers on all Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine tint, dully for
St. Paill, Sundays nnd  Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
nnd Boston.
i4v 9:10 n in Cranbrook I,v 13:01 pm
Connection tri-weekly at Mcl.eod for
C Ig ry und Edmonton, nnd daily ut
Me.ticine Hut for nil points Bast Connection daily nt Kontenny l.ainliii^ for
all points in West Kootenny, Slocnn aud
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Coast
aud Muiu Line points via Hcvclstoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination.
Por rates and full infottnalion address
nearest local agent, or
ti. M. MEDHURST, A«t,h Cranbrook
W, P. Anilirson, T.P.A., Nelson, B. ('.
D K. J, Coyle, A.ii.i'.A., Vancouver, 11. c,
Notice is herebyBlvon thnt l,T,n, I'roctor,
ililr y days altarllnte Intend lo apply in tint
Clilef rnminlHstoiior of bamls nn I Works for n
al-yoars lenao uf 100 non s of liuul situate abon
Mm- mill's west uf Wiinlni'i on thn Crows Nest
puss rniliii.nl. Comini'iioliiB nl 11 pnst m.irheil
T. i'.,s. K. onnier.
(Flglietl)       T.ll,  I'linlril*.
Oaied Marob Till. 1'«-
I Rough and
Dressed Lumber,!
1 Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
I fiouldings.
$        ns stock on made to obdek.
Fort  Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hiircl, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
........ II. .... .(J)
|T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and Ihe bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay Ihem.
Livery 3
Proprietors j* Jt jt
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis nnd drivorB furuisheil for nny
point in the district.
Manager   jt    jt
Solicitor, Etc.
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
II. L. Cummins, C. E.
I'ort Steele, II. C.
\V, lt. HOSS, II, W. ilRltOllMRll
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
The Manitoba (formerly the Commercial) is now
under the management of two of the best known
hotel men in East Kootenay, and it will be their
aim to make the Manitoba the leading hotel of
Cranbrook* The arrangement will be changed
.ind the building remodeled and renovated.
;|1j;  We have jusi received by express a large as
C sortment of the latest       **       .*
Call and sc- them and set one of our silk sou-
venler flags FREE.   Buller, White, Roberts,
'   Kitchener,   Ladysmith,   Kimberley,   Victory.
Wear your favorite.   We (five them away.   **
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
'.<•■■ -i.,-i-va, ■ ti i    rWw—^—WM
Four lots not tit of Hit* Mi'tliiiilistjclitirch.
Wholesale und retail dealers
in «!: kinds of   ...   .
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
£J#TOr[lers called lor and promptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shapj. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
tXlif~^f ,"~-'l'X -~v''   ^.<~-
■•- - jO.C
1    1 M.%* 8 c a
One of tht* Moat Comfortable
Hotels in K;ist Kootenay.
RelMed Tlirouglioul
fc\f £11       Newly Purulalied
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Cranbrook, 15. C.
;:"! mq :,5:;,!;;::N:!i;r,;;,';:!.;:s;',ff,i
Thc Best Stock, tbe Most Satisfactory Prices, and
First-Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly -Executed.
tp******.*******.....* *..*****,*************************
iEast Kootenay
i 3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor  III :::
Tills Itotel bus been refitted ami rc fnr nisi mil.   Tlte tablo
ta tbe beat.   Satisfactory rates given regular boarderi,
$ Baker Street       :-:       :-: Cranbrook, B. C    jj
tinniiofL-cimmcrcoBl,lg.        UIIANUliouKlQ. L. HILLIARD,
•metwrmmtr—l       General
Undertaking And   '        cranbrook, b. c. -
Craiiliro-nk, ll. C.
Graduate of Cbnmpion college of U. S.
Successor lo Majjjia & Huglifs in tliis
line.   Will attend lu any  work in the
district, *
. Promptly Attended to,
1 "
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
(The  lank la a iU'vi.l-HTij; One to -the
One of tlie most unnleasnot uud revolting duties which a soldier on uctlve aery-
ice te called upon to perform is tbnt uf
tboi'tins such spi«-s as either by attempt*
ing to escape or in any way guilty of
breaking their parole iheril thnt fate, aiui
there is not a soldier In tho nrmy who
doe* not dread being called npon to form
ono of a firing party ror an execution,
tint- it is one thing to slay nml kill in
batih* when tli oh* blood Is np mnl thp
lust of thc light in upon tliein anil a dll
Cerent one to take awny tbe life of a tel
low creature hi **"J<i blood. In these im
ter days, however, itiueh linn been iloue
to mitigate tho homu- of tlie lnnh. ten
wen Mun nu execution remains a iun*|
impieistvo Spectacle, anil necessarily so,
r.ir llie shooting of tme i.|.y Iiiih ittinilly it
■uliitnry effect on others u<* yel   uncap
Tbo iiiaiiuei* lu which one of these esc
cut In us in carried out In tbe British nrmy
I* ns follows: A hpy coutleinnei) for bis
offenses to be Bitot Is surrounded by n dr
Uclimont of liifnntry, and nfter he hat
been provided with n pick ami ihorol he
tn ma robed oir to a selected spot, there to
carry oul what te pet-Imps the imitd lerrl-
tale task any person van be called upon to
perform—to dig bla own grove.
Thin done his tools ute taken from hint
ami hia eyes bandaged for the last net uf
tbe awful drama, The attending chap*
lain now commences to read portions of
the burial service, am) fiom lhe ninks of
the escort 12 men arm picked at random
by tlio ofllcer lu charge. These men, having Hacked (heir own lilies, are led lo
•where 12 other weapons are nwnltiug
tbem, six ot which nre loaded with blnnk
cartridges und the- remainder with bull,
and one of these is hnuded lo each nmn,
ao that none knows whether tlie rifle he
holds is loaded with ball or not, and none
cau say for certain that the shot which
killed the prisoner was tired by him.
The tiring party then marches up to Its
appointed position. The successive commands, "Present!" "Fire!" ate given, and
scarcely has the last word died nwny before a volley rings out nnd the unhappy
sny falls lifeless into bis newly dug
Nearly every mnn is more or less affected on being selected to form one of
the actual firing party, nnd many men
hnve been known to faint right away on
being singled ont, while others hnve been
so overcome with emotion that lbey have
scarcely been able to pull tho triggers of
tbeir rifles.—Irish Independent.
Men Are  A-Rlnally  I.earnlnjr tu  Aak
to Have Their Liven In-tared.
Life insurance Ib a commodity that te
At Inst bought for to some extent, ll Is
years since Ita utility hns bean questioned, but the peculiar fact bas nevertheless
remained that though one of the greatest
of modern essentials nnd so conceded by
nil sane men. yet its acceptance by the individual needing it has been due wholly
to tho personal solicitation of those having it for Bale.
Of lato years, however, insurants have
come to the point where they not Infrequently seek the Indemnity themselves,
or at least send for agents of lending
companies aud announce that they wish
to take out policies. This is n marked and
Important step in tbe history of life underwriting, though why it should not nlways have been thc case Is one of the curiosities of human thought. Why a mnn
•should hasten to Insure his warehouse,
which will probably never burn, nnd yel
bave to tie Importuned to insure bis life,
which In due time he knows lie must certainly lose, is an oddity of lhe human
mind that hag ever beeu a puxxlo to the
student of Insurance. Hut Bneli is still
the case today despite the fact noted that
■ome men, abler nud shrewder than their
fellows, have nt Inst learned to ask tbe
inivllege of being Insured.
Uf the hundreds of millions of uew Insurance Issued during the past year probably less than 6 per cent wiih requested
bv lhe insurants themselves, The rest
will have beeu due wholly to the men
who drew the new polity holders' alien
tion to Ihe value of insurance nnd stuck
to them until lhey made tbem under
Btnml and believe it. However, B per
cent of inherent shrewd sense, of knowing whnt li needed nnd sending for It, Is
perhaps n good average for mankind ns n
whole in anything.—Cincinnati Commercial Tribune.
iluw the Galea 1 hm si?eel* Wjunilan
Kind   Appreciation  Tbere.
They cafrtbe wind n blessing in Wyo
Kiing. 'thus neceptcd it is u bouutltul
blessing. It is generous and unstinted.
There are winds in other parts of the
country, but none like Wyoming in winter.    It has thc cbiof elements of sue
cess, It possesses patience uud pertevc"*
unce and tlie cheerful und blatant emiti-
dence of an advance agent. I' blOWeth
where It liatetb, aud It llsteth to blow almost everywhere. It sounds it-* Mouno-
Qiao blast over niesa und over .wblted
plnin. Its long dr.iwu wuii Is like the
wolf's howl around the corners of the Isolated ranch house, lis solemn 'bant is
like thc echo of u passing hell in ihe van
of thc numbed and lolling herder who
vaguely counts bis struggling -sheep
ihrouifh the dim vistas uf the tt i'l ring
snow. It nips the Hanks of ihe Muni}'
broncho nml drives the entile in ibe
skimp shelter of Ihu little hollows of the
foothills,  when* spring discovers their
thin nnd pilinble carcasses prone in lln*
sunshine.   It is pitiless.
And yet coyote aud iheenmnii, heiv-.it*
tury enemies In all tilings else, rise up to
cull the hreexes blessed.    Messed, Ihe
Coyote Cl'ICS, because Ibe Bflei'ltlt'O ol* t.li-i-1
ami sheep nnd horse serves lo i>U i ibe
food supply, sometimes but scant ami difficult. Winter hns no more elotpu-ut expression ihnn ibe drooling, savage whimper of the hungry coyote. At nlghl lis
cry, penetrating some warm interior of
rauchvr's cabin, dugout or sheep camp,
rises nnd falls like the wails of a sickly
babe, but the sound has a hlood curdling
undertone (hal never yet irnnsforined a
bubo's eoiuplalut. To the unaccustomed
ear it Is tthuosl intolerable In Its pathos
and chilling lu Its threatening intonation.
The sheepmau is used to It and pauses
ouly to wonder whnt deviltry the varmint
In up to now. And if It suits hts convenience he stops ibe cry with a steel Jacket*
ed bullet.
The sheepmen call tbe wind n blessing
for thc most obvious reason In the world.
Hul for the wind, they tell yuu, no sheep
could lire through the winter on tho Hats.
The snow drops u dull, white pall upon
(be land, Inches upon Inches, burying
the succulent grasses nud salt sage too
deep for searching noses to find out.
Wero it to lie there, with the sun in the
wake of tho storm sheeting the snow
with a crust of Ice, no flock but would be
more than decimated. The wind Iih*
saved tbe sheep, for It bas uncovered the
grass nnd sage, mid there Is a marvel In
the nibbling powers of n good healthy
sheep.—Denver Field nnd Farm.
tcnator Vent and tha Htolr-a ri»a.
A story that Senator Vest once told related to his candidacy for lhe legislature
In 18(11 against A. a Walker. Tlie inn
vast was exceedingly exciting because of
the near approach of war, nnd all the
quest ions Incident  lo It More discussed
with much animation. Charges nml countercharges were mnde. Both sides knew
that ubout six votes either way wouht
determine Ihe contest- nnd on (lie day before election Walker raised the point on
Vest thnt be hnd stolen some pigs. Tbe
only way thul Vest -could meet the charge
was io acknowledge smilingly Hint ho
bad Ihe pigs In his pen and iu Ids possrs-
clon.   If he bud gone  further nnd said
tbst ho had bought them—which lhey
Imped he would do-lhey hud witnesses to
show that he had not bought Ihem, but
Vest wns too shrewd to be caught In ibe
trip and turned the Recusation olt with n
laugh and the remark:
"One can't account for lhe wny hii
tioys get plgS,"—Bb toQll Itepubllc.
Tbo I'Ur writer's Woll,
"How these SCtOtl and actresses do
talk about Vroallng pans,' " says a woman who writes plays. "We poor play-
wrlghts work ourselves to death making
characters that in lhe players like their
own sktnSi and I ben they go on lhe St&gV
Htol act like themselves, and we hear poo
pie talking wiih admiration about that
OlevCf woman or ilcver man who created
the character. Well, tbey don'l creiile It.
That Is usually done for them, but It
would never do to say so,"—Now Vork
Mrs. Bllnkers-What! Going awny?
Bervnitt—Yes, mum. When I came
yesterday, you gave tue the keys to your
trunks nud drawers aud chests and jewel
boxes to keep for you.
Mrs. Ill in kern--Yes. 1 did that to show
tbat I trusted you.  What Is the mstterV
Servant—Ther don't one of 'em tit
Cara Drawn liy LoeomotlTea Which
Conld Mot Torn Hon ml.
According to Dr. W. YV. Smith of Wil*
liston, S. 0.f thc flrst railroad lu the
United States was tbo South Carolina
railroad, nftcrwnnl called tbe Charleston
nud Augusta railroad, running from
Charleston to Augusta, a distance of 140
miles. The road was begun In 1826 and
completed In 1833.
Some of the queer things which distinguished It from the roads of today were:
Thc lirst motive power used on this
road was wind utilized In sails made of
cloth on the cars.
The locomotives had two smokestacks,
oue nt euch end. In going to Charleston
oue of the stacks wns used and io coming
back the other.
There wero no spark arresters, and everybody along the route hnd to wntch
their property to prevent its being burned
Oue hundred miles il day was good
traveling In those days.
When night came on, all bands struck
camp and waited for dnylb-ht to come in
order to proceed.
The track was composed of ties aud 32
foot stringers oil which a hand of iron
like a common tire wns laid and nailed
down to tbe wood.
A track walker went ahead of the engine every day to knock down tho "snake
heads," or nail heads, to prevent accidents. The drend of tho engineer was tho
"snake heads," or nails protruding above
the Iron rail, for thoy were prolific
sources of accidents. Thc conductors collected the fares from the outside, walking on boards about like the open street
cars at*o now arranged.
There were no conveniences on ths
cars ns in this day nnd time. The cars
stopped at Stated Intervals for (he convenience of the passengers,
The mail facilities wero meager nnd
very primitive. A split stick served for
a mail bag, as letters wero put Iu sticks
and handed up to thc conductor ami were
thrown out the same wny.
The coupling links were made of wood,
so that when tt oar ran off it would break
and aave tho others from tunning off.-—
AltgUStn Herat-!.
Catarrh Can
Be Cured.
Japanese Catarrh
lni»    ••.H'lf'.-.lullv   i-uped    iv Mil    thia    nunl
tlatuj'-r-'ii* dlSMSOi «"'! OllfOd
to stay luretl.
Mt-Js A. KllOtt,Of Bi'ii-hvillt- i.i**lt.: writes:    II
wo hail only known of Japanese Oatarrh -rare
yearsago, my fatter would have keen saved
from -in tuiin^ hundred! al -lobars, and 1 would
have boon tres irom the constant join and an-
nuvniice oft lit-* HK.-.I ili-^LMlnKtlliwi-M. I have
bod oatarrh f.*r years, m*. he-nil was Bluffed
up so thai I could uoi braatb-o through mv
nostrils,   Mv hraath was vei y Impun.   1 hud
iiltnotft-ie<iin*iiiit -mIii in my ln-iit nml over my
eyes. Notion*,** I rouM gel gow mo pornmni m
ri'Ui'f, until mini: J.ipaiii-.- Catnrrh Cure.
Krum thi-v,*r.v tlrst U gave im- rell i. aort tn •■
»hot'i lime lisul mnnvt-d tit* at-oumulall I
thnt I i-nuldlireiilhvfre-1) i i .-'i th* nextl III
Tho pain lefl ray hoad and ■■>,- it- riToot
upon mv luiKlti »»- inilv wouderfnl, purify-*
lag and removing every vcatigenf ih ■ unpins-
uuodor- and during tuo unit rear itnee mi.g
ihlsn-  v bnvi* imi Mi Ih ■ h-iiM  iign n|  my
termor trounlo,   i enn ii tdi'y i**- wnrt li
mnl know i.f •■■-v-nil »lln -r* in mini. l« itf-i leu*.
ii Komi It liaseiirwV'
Bold by alldrnggtsls. Wcoiita. Afre-aaniniils
•ent to hiiv u.iiirffM Enclose .wnn mump.
Amtrims. Tin*  lOlllllJH ft Mst-phi-Muti Co..l''I
, iiun-ii utreet, Turanto,
Sardou says he has received more than
(80.000 in royalties from bla pluy "itubi-s-
Hose Melville bas tost ber Milt to establish bet copyright to ihe -linracter and
business of Si* Hopkins.
Mr-. Patrick Campbell's American tour
next season te wmiidered a ccrtabjty, us
she has been booked already by n Boston
After hei return seasons iu Boston nnd
Chicago Maude Adams, beginning June
1, will lake a vacation of moro than four
■■The Cad ." n urtsty piny, hai Quit,
Ih ih.u a sign of the time-'.' Are we near
te   d.uu-   Alii    iKiUlend   ae I   of
dm :■
"The IVtncesfl Chle," Ihe l.a SnUe-Ed>
ward-' comic opera, was pm mi in Wash-
ington, when* ii Is reported t" hine made
There is talk about keeping tbe It-daml
U,,-it t pany together nud eugngbig an
eslnbllabed r linn lo play Mr. ttced's
Kale I'att. tlie u - contralto who
supi I Krmnti I letalam season, will
Li- aeea wills bbn this sensmi in a role
tntul bappllj ndupted fd herialeuti.
ii,, Am,-ii,-mi UrnmntUu'cbib nnd the
The depth of water off eels the speed
of stennicn very considerably, the vessels moving more slowly In shallow than
in deep water.
It Is said tbat the Turks were tht
flrst to bury their dead In cemeteries
adorned with ornamental headstea-M.
A LIFE SAVED.—Mr. Junes Dryeon.
Cameron, stales; "I vta»confined to my boa
with Inflammation ol tho lungs, and was
given up hy the phydeiiinw. A neighbor nd.
vised me to try Dr Thomas' Kcluutrlo Oil.
itallng Hint his wife luul used it for a throat
trouble with the hcei remills. Acting on his
advice I pnn-iirtd lhe medicine, und lose
than ii half bottle cured niO| I certainly believe It saved my life. It was with reluctance
that I consented to ll liinl, us I was reduced
to stub a state that I doubled (bo power of
gay remedy lo do me any good.
■ -BitiMnir Stum* fhe Mrovfta ot tlnyt.
Whatever difference of opinion there
may bo Upon the ndvisnbillty of smoking
tor men there Is none an to its pernicious
effect upon boys,   it affects tho action of
the heart snd reduces tho capacity of tht
lungs, Voung men who nre being trained
fm* tithleiloH nre uot permitted (o smoke
by their trainers because, as lhey say, "it
Ih bad for the wind." Tbo argument that
will appeal most forcibly to your boy U
that smoking will stunt his growth. It
hus been proved thut youthful smokers
are shorter nnd weigh toss than their
comrA-d-oi who do not tunoke. Qlgarcttos
arc particularly Injurious.   Nicotine, tbe
active principle of tobacco, is -saiil by
OhOtntstS to he, next to prnssic Reid, tbe
most rapidly fatal poison known. The
tender tissues of a growing boy cannot
nbsorh even n very small QUAUtlty of it
-without most injurious result!.—Ladles'
Home Jou run I.	
"Mort Hoelahle.'-
A lndy whn hns recently returned
from nbronil had a curious experience
at the littlo lown of DIUQlit, In Bel-
glum, Hhe wuh traveling In u party of
three, Including another lndy nnd a
younj mun. They lOllgbt noconnnoila-
tion ut n hotel nitd were shown n room
hi whleh there SVOro throo bods and on
a deal table throe basing uml jiUH nboul
hs big na slop Imslns atul milk Jugs.
Tbe Indies explained Ibnt one room
wnn quite iMtilBelerit for thoir needs,
but It wns a long time before tbey
could get ibe hostess to understand
why. They were tbeu shown another
room with threo beds, threo slop bn-
Klus nnd three milk Jugs nnd wore told
thnt tbey eould bnvo tlmt, too, If they
liked to pny for the hIx beds. It was
therefore arranged thnt tbe man should
Imve one room nnd three beds and tho
ladles tbe other room nud throe beds,
'■Do you always sleep III threes?"
sni.l one Intly to Ibe hostess.
"Yi*H." wus tho reply; "It Is much
more Hoclublo."—Madiiine.
Ht Knew lift lasliifss.
"I noticed afler you left the house
this morning you went back ngnlu.
Dou't you know Hint's unlucky.'"
"Well, It. would Imve boon a good
deal unliicklcr for mu If 1 hadn't gone
hack. My wlfo called tne."-Olevcland
Plnln Dealer.
You Can Hat Henna Por Thnt.
Bho-Did you buvo nny luncheon to-
dny 7
lie-No; lt wns nothing but lunch, lt
ouly cost IB cents.-Detroit Free Press.
Sa  IllU  lhc Bunko  Men.  Itul   Noltber
l'nrl>  liui-tv ll,
*-.\ well mcnnlug tourist wilh a tripod cntiit'i'ii nud tt yearning to secure
some pictorial souvenirs of tbe sunny
BUtltll hnd quite a surprise party out
our wny recently," said a man who
lives hi the neighborhood of West Bud.
"Tbo Btranger who a well put up cbtip
with little sandy side whiskers, and
nfter strolling nbout for un hour or so
he wandered off toward Mucktowu.
"It so happened iimt two enterprising individuals were working iho Buck-
town suburbs at tlmt pnrticulnr time
With what Is known ns n 'shell layout,'
otherwise llilmble rigging, itud when
the tourist hove into Bight hnd secured
a victim and were busily engaged In
detaching bim from his coin.
"Tbo sandy whiskered gentleman
bad no Idea what wns going on, but
liked the general view nnd proceeded
to plant bis little tripod uud adjust bis
camera for a snnp shot. At thnt moment tlm shell game sharpers caught
night of him and Jumped lo the eonclu
siuti that be bad been employed to no-
cure photographic evidence of gam
bling In Buck to wu. That tilled tbem
witb virtuous Indignation, ntul they
Imlli iMShed over to mako sure.
■■ 'Whnt are y* doing there? demanded one of the pair.
"'Why, I'm just gettlug nn expo
sure,' replied the photographer luno
cen t ly.
•' 'Msposure!' yelled the shell men to
getber. And for two or three minutes
nil thnt could bo seen wns a confused
(angle of arms nnd legs and nickel
plnted tripods. Then the stranger
managed to disentangle hlmsolf, knocked both tho shell men Inlo tlle canal
with a couple of right banders and escaped with the wreck of his Instrument before thoy could get the mud
out of their eyes.
"I met him on bis retreat, and a more
surprised Individual 1 never saw. lie
said ho couldn't understand whnt be
had done to excite the wrath or the
natives. 1 saw It was fruitless to ex
plain, so I lold hlm they were very
primitive iu Buck town and believed
tbo camera contained nn evil spirit."—
New Orleans Times-Democrat
['arson Meeklns (to convict) — My
friend, remember we nre hero today
and gone tomorrow.
Convict (calmly)—You mlghl be. but
I ain't.—Bnh I more Jcwloh Comment
Winnipeg, March 17.—At the first
meeting of tbo Winnipeg Industrial
exhil ition board lield on Friday after-,
noon, the following wero present:
Messrs. A. J. Andrews, president; F.
\V. Thompson, viee-pesideut; Aid.
Barclay, Aid. Speirs, D. E, Sprague,
Stephen Nairn, T. W. Taylor, J. T.
Gordon, F. W. Drewry, G. F. Gait, I.
M. Ross, J. Arbnthnot and G. H. Greig.
Tho prize list committee reported
and recommended thnt it having been
fonnd impossible to have a creditable
exhibit of field roots or garden v«8e'
tables nt an early summer fair, it waa
decided io tnko these olasses out of tbe
present prise llBt, and bold a fall exhibition for field roots and garden vegetables, trader tho auspices of the association.
A report fiom the attraotioua committee shows they havo uot been Idle
and this feature will tm on a scale be*
youd anything ever sceubefore, as$15,*
000 will be devoted to the purpose of
seonrlng the very best clans of entertainment in thlr line.
The speeding events will be as follows :
Free-for-all • TOO
Ladies' plato  400
Two ininnio  800
Manitoba Derby  400
8-4 mile dash, hnudioap  900
The great oross-conntry steeplo-
ohuso onp  200
Stallion rnoo, trot or paoe  U00
78 dash, all ages  200
l'i mile heats, all ages  300
Mixed trot or pace  800
Ponios, 14 1*9, 1-9 mile boats... 100
1 1-4 dash, 4 year old and up... 960
6 l-M furlong's dash, handicap.,, SOO
2.80 dub  800
1 1-H mile dash, handicap.  800
9.85 dash  300
Hurdle race  200
Farmers' green  100
Farmers' open  100
This is the greatest programme ever
presented at any racing meet in Canada.
Arrangements are being mado whereby lt is hpped the oominlttee In charge
will be able to secure one of the great*
oat spectacular war productions ever
devised; the scene being laid in South
Africa ann will represent something
like tbo relief of Ladysmith or other
startling features nf the war. It is
suggested that donble the amouut of
grand stand acootn mod u lion be provided and the manager has been instructed
to offer each sohool pupil a badge to be
good for admittance on Monday, Jnly
28. Mr. Henbach will also visit British Colombia and endeavor to have a
large exhibit from that province.
The railways will givo free transportation for exhibits from Manitoba
and the Territories and very low rates
from British Columbia and tha sail.
Sldiu'i   (iniii'l
mpiKMcd IU be
in   proh-clloli,  nnd
i mndi  in pu-Miitns
lb.* Black Tulip,"
 ii woiidoi"
I don, shown no
rial nr living up i'< expectations. I' hi"
been withdrawn In favor of old Kufillsh
ntehanl Mansfield Is uot so occupied b)
hi* singe duties Hint he cnunot llnd lime
to make an occasional contribution lo lit-
•ratuns lie hns jusi wimpleted a volume
of cssnj-H, the result of hte Btudlcs in dramatic iitetntiirc nnd hte observation of
Muoh time und attention were expended in
the eKiienmenting with tbe Ingredients thut
enter into tho composition ot Parraolco's
Vegetable Pills beforo they were brought to
thc st'itfi in which they were Aral offered to
the public. Whatever other pills limy bo.
Purmelee's Vegetable Pills nre thn roBUlt of
much experiment und study, und till persons
eulferiug from dyBpepein or disordered liver
and kidneys may confidently nccopt tb m ua
be^ng what they nre represented to bo,
.ll Hie Anoiiloa ('lull,
"WliiH is iho subject of your next detune':"
"Ttosblved Hint lobsters nre l|sh.'M
"Who does Ihe talklitgV"
"Wi* don't ni Ik,   We em."
"Hill  W'ltll (In vol! dn Willi Ibe ipies
"Why. In order to lie cutwlHleiil frnm
the AnnnlflH point or view we b-i It lit
mi lhe mill.'"   I'li'-el.'iml I'hllll lu-iilei
—Pur ni nine's Vegatable Pills are the ro-
suit of Hcbntllio study ot theeffeotH of extracts of certain roots and herbs npon the
digestive organs. Tbeir nso bas demonstrated ln mnny Instances that they regulate the aetlon of the Liver and the Kidneys, purify the blood and carry off all
morbid accumulations from the eyetem.
Tbey are easy to take, and their aotion Is
mild and beneficial.
In tin Aimrlinenl lloune.
Visitor-Whin's Hint nicketV
Inmate—Thu fa some fellow getting
a tooth out down Bla Irs In the dentist's
Visitor-Sounds more as if It cume
from iibnve,
Ililiiitl-C—-So It does. I guess It's
Vmiimpop's new hit by gettiiif,' a tooih
lii.-l'lillinlelpbiii I'm ss
A Boy'* Bail Sprain.
Mr. B. Bonnie, of Union Mines, B.C.,
writes: "My son Samutl Bonnie got bit-
leg crushed and bruUed ln the mines
seven weeks ago. Tbe swelling never
fully left It until we tried Griffiths' Menthol Liniment On the flrst application
the swelling and soreness entirely left lt,
and the muscles began to loosen up so
ranch that the same evening he was able
to use hla foot freely for tbe first time. I
consider lt the best liniment known
All druggists, 85 cents.
A   J*lco   liii'tln-r,
"l'/.e muzzled de dog," suld Mr. Eras-
tils I'ink Icy.   "An now I'ze wall In."
"I'm- wbntV"
"TO see If (ley's gwltltcr go do res' o'
tie way nn see to de puhteetlon o' us
litiumti boln's. Kf dcy'tl lix up some
wny o' mtlK7.lln er bin' feet o' er mule,
dey'll slio'ly stop er heap u' dnmnge."—
Washington 81 nr.	
Tho healthy Kh>w disappearing from the
cheek and moaning and ivstlessnes-a at
night am suit* symptoms of worms In
children. Do not fail to get a bottle of
Mother Graves' WorinKxtcrmluntor: It Is
nn effectual medicine.
They Splli-ril.
Tbe maid wns inclined to be sentl-
mentnt, "Whnt remedy," bIic eslted, "If
(here for n broken henrtV"
The practical ynuni; imiin arose (o the
occnnioii. "Why not try 'splicingV " he
suggested. And now the curds are out.—
Philndelphln Itccord.
Keep iwahb's umiciT ti lie floui.
Why He UukIh.
"What awful rot Funsmltb'a Jokes
"Well, I cannot sny tbnt I am able to
detect nny merit In tbem, but I nottc*
that you laugh heartily at every one."
"Laugh! I've got io laugh I Owe
bim $ll>:"--Uarloin Life.
Senator Cox on
Life Insurance.
Couldn't sk.p at nig-ht
wiih the tenure.
Eczema, or Suit Rheum as it isi
often culled, is one ol the most!
agonizing" of skin discitses, nothing
but torture during the day and twofold torture al night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema—
relieves thc itching, burning and!
smarting and soon leaves tlie skin
smooth and healthy.
ltis Burdock Blood Bitters.
Mrs. Welch, Ureenbank, Out.,
tried il and here Is what she says:
" B. B, B. cured mi* of Eeiema three years:
bkoiiiuI I have had no return oflt tuiice,
1 was so bad ih.u 1 could nm sleep at night
wiih it.
■' Being told of R. B. It. I tried It, and t wo.
bottles mado a perfri landpormancntcure.' .
Hon. Geo. A. Cox's speeoh at the annual meeting »>f tbo Canada l^ifo
lately haa made a most favorable impression Iu insurance nnu financial
circles. President Cox suid: It is a matter of satisfaction that the new
business of the year just closed largely exceeds that of thc best year iu the
company's history, Frum every part of th«* Dominion came these evidences
ot approval nnd confidence.
I think it proper, however, to Bay that it in not my Intention nor of
those responsible for the management of the Company to depart from the
conservative principles by wfloh it has been ki long conducted. I believe
in building on foundations tbnt will stand the strain and stress of yeurs.
Whether In tbe sectoring of business or in making Investments, I prefer to
look nt the matter ns it is likely to appear ten, twenty, thirty years
hence, ami I am content to sacrifice transient snooess for absolute security
and the permanent welfare of those whose Interests nre wrapped up iu
thin institution. At the same time 1 think wo should uot be doing
our duty if we did not seek to keep tbe Canada Life thoroughly abreast
of the times, both in Its agonolea and al head office. "Qonservative Progress" will, therefore, lie our motto,
i The most important iiiuttpr denlt wiih in tho report, viz., tbu ipiiu-
qneunial investigation, That in always aii eventful period, but espeoi-
olly so ou'this occasion, fur the reasou lhat tie life companies nre now
brought face to face with a most serious practical problem, via., the readjustment of their finances due to the penunueut faU that bus taken place
in ihe rale of Interest. Many persons who are nol familiar with life assur-
fiunnce do not realize  the  important   place which interesl  holds in
u t
Flannel ilioul.l he Iro 1 ns Utile nn
possible with n iuodi>rnti>b hut Iron,
If you cm.* for a iwrfuinnl bed, open '
lhe  pillows   innl  cpiii.l-.le Michel   powder
iiuinnt; ihe font hers.
Decaying mniicr will vitiate the nt-
mosphere uf the celhir nml if allmvnl io
remain will sprend tlimugli th- whole .
house it ml cause sk'li newt in I lie fill llll)'.
Htemn eollccls on the windows mul uf- >
fectimllv con veils thein lulu frost i-il glen
thcKe dnys.   To preveiu nml keep then
rice from lee rub ihe idnss with n upuuge
dlppcit in nlroliol.
From  Dexter to Toronto Welcome News Is Sent.
Tojjonto, jMiirch 19.—An example ul tliu j
li ri-nt diRtnncG to whleh good news te Cliri'tcd, |
in the Bhortost possible period, ts furnished
lu the letter quoted below, lu Itself (liecoin- |
munlcatlon Is docply Interostlng, at showing
how some peoplo face und eonquor dUtltiub j
ties of tm npnnrontly Insurnionnttiblc nature.!
DifXTRK, Sent. 8th, 1808. i
Arnold Chemical (Jn., Limited.
Dbaii Snw.— Kindly sond me, by relarn |
mail, three largo boxes and   four  BlllUplu \
boxes of yonr pills, which I want fnr friends
of mine,   (iiir local physic inn treated mc for
three years, nnd I look so much medicine,
without effect, thul, I behoved my enm hope-!
less.  Booing your advertisement, I decided j
to try Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Mills, and
I must Bay they have mado a new woman of j
mc.  No woman ever Buffered mora from
Irregularities nud womb troubles thnn I did. '
I often had to quit my work ontlroly. Finally
we all thought 1 was uoiim Into consumption,
When 1 hi'Uiin nslng yonr pills ) weighed 07 ,
pounds, mul was so wcali 1 could hardly
stand,   Xow I weigh L07W pounds,nml am a
new woman entirely, nil through usiiin Ur.
Arnold's Knglisli Toxin Mills, wh'ch have
banished my pains and Irregularities—for
over I am eontldent,     Mismk I.ivkkuoiik,
Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Mil's, the
only mcdlctno that cures disease by killing
the trenus that eausn it, are sold by ull
reliable druggists at ""k* a 1k»x ; sample box
'2ne, or sent jiost pair] on reootpl of pre • by
The Arnold Chomlcnl fo., Llmltbd, Ciiniidii
L fe Building, 13 King sir et west, Toronto.
ttlVC Iiiinh-.l.
"Thrngglus  tnllts  Hlin n   mnn   wilh
wheels lu his liriul."
"Yes. Inn  l:e has tl good tion I of lost
motion,    tie nut liu mi bo."—Chicago
Are your corns harder to remove than
those that m hem bnvo had-f Havo they
not bad tho same kind? Have they not
been cured by uilng Holloway's Corn
Curof Try a bottle.
is  not  alone  from   tlie
aims must he met, and if
ssuineti  then the security of a
ier, ibe seonrlng ut  a  rate of
npauv's calculations te one of its
do for respectable debtors,
t  of time i:i which  any com-
it-, obligations under existing
.I the weak should  not  be used
u-t what was involved  In  pu*
r*d .'mniiLf Inst year \o  »**k  our
It has been ci I minted Hint the loss
from illness nvernges 20.000.000 weeks
- f work In the yenr, or2!£ per cent of
ibe work dour liy the whole population
between lo tllld <i-"' .vent's of ago.
\ol  Wlmllj   Ali-orbiU.
The hero of tliu lueluilriiiiia drew the
yielding  form of the heroine close,
close to hlm.
"Ibtrllllgl" be e\elnlioe.l. wilh thrilling lemterness
Then   in « lower lone:
"Sny. Ik my tiiusitiche on atia-ulit''"
-Chleiign 'I -iiiiiiu-	
UiUDs LlHllEBTiimnTPiyilcmi,
Thtrc v.ri* a iiibii nlio in*vir mule
A lilnn-lir in lill life*,
he lnvi-.| n girl, Imt WW nfoil-l
If she llOllllllC Iiii HlfC
Tint hi' M iin! miRlit no- Uie ia}
Tlmt broiljtlil il» in t>ll«i u'l'l n
it,- put ilu* ImpphiM* »"*jy
llul imlik-il Inert ktww.
0 lay ilu- man who no-rer Inade
NisMki'i peuclvnl iti«- wny
Thut li-il io fuiiK*, luu. ulil afraid,
lir.w l*;ii*l. mul Hole ■I'.vi.y.
II. ihuntied the ivlniliiia iwtlil that ltd
To tllMiiM-, nineeii end*.
Ami kept iliu iwnl tlmt ulrclohttl aliitti)
Witb nelllier itrtpi nor hcmli,
At liist iho man who naver nunlo
Mliinkca Ml \o the »">',
lu umim-nlii H.it won l-adly Itiyetl,
Hut vltlorj nm Iii-  he n«'«
III,] hiiimi,t.'.I i.i I.i' lift*.
-.«. i:. I'l   i in Chlra^o Newt,
id for Unrt'i ail tab no other, i
Why will you nliuw a cough to I«cei*ute
your throat or lungH antl run tho rl-1; ol
tilling a oonBUinptlvo's grave, when, by
tbe timely u e uf liichlu's Autl Consumptive byrup thu pain enn i»* nllnyed
and the danger uvoldcd. This >yrii[i Ia
ph-a-imt to thu taste, and iinsnr[-a-si\l for
relieving, healing and curing all affection I of tbo throat* and lung-t, coughs,
oolda, bronchitis, etc., ete.
Liniment a*d*ed for nt my Btoro nnd the
only one we keep for sale.
All the peoplo ubo it.
Pleasant Hay. O.B.
A I'miiu* I'li-xt*rv*.
the foundations of a lifo company.' Wit.
company wonld pooh become Insolvent.   I
Inras, but from tho interest u well,  thai
esl Sh  likely to fall   below   what   has bouli
company's eoutrnots  is endangered,    Mun
interest larger than thnt assumed iu a •■•
main sources of profit.   Hence it is ol the highest  importance tbat the
margin of iutereKt for proilt  should be maintained.
President [Oox here gave lllustrationi-i to prove the ulmo»t criminal
negligence thnt would bo involved iu blissfully closing one's eyes to facts
bofore uk tuid gently drifting either Into ultimate insecurity ur into u
conditiou devoid of fiiirtiing power. Hence, in tnce of tt rate of interest
thnt ba& permanently fallen and will iu all probability continue for some
time to full, the advocates of an immediate division of a nominal snrplns
may defeat their own object nnd prejudice their own interest by iinjmir-
ing the stability of a company from which their children may obtain utile
because tbey themselves havo already,Ottton thi* fruit. Therefore, it becomes at times the houuden duty of thaae'phnrgetl with the admlufstration
of n great trust to maintain people's interests, even against their owu
Under the amended Insurance Act of last session nil the companies most
now hold tlteir rec-orves on new business upon a 'd1., per cent, interest basis
and must further proceed to bring tho reserves on all existing business
tbe sumo basis. As generous creditors noi
tho Government has granted an extou
pany, however weak, might easily im
contracts. But a law which is framed to
to blind thu strong.
iu order to place before our  Dlreotot
sing to the  higher  Ktaudnrd,   it   was de<
Actuarial Department to make a detailed valuation of our 37,000 policies
upon tho Hm. \l\., por cent, basis, lu addition to tbis, two other full detailed valuations wero made, viz., oue upon the Actuaries' Table and interest
nt 4 per cent., nml the other upou American Experience 4 iht coot.
Table. Never has such au exhaustive Investigational its policy IiHiutities
beeu undertaken by the Company. Bul the results prove of great value
mul interest. While the Actuarial Department wus busily engaged In
measuring up the poltoy liabilities on different bases, iho newly-appointed
Treasurer was hard at work taking stock of our assets. When the two
sides of our Balance Sheet came together, therefor*', it was n matter of
great satisfaction that tho Company was found In poaeesion of n substantial surplus over all liabilities, even upou the high standard of Hm. ii\ per
cent.—tho new Government basis,
In order to have tbe benefit of Independent expert opiniou as to how
far the Company should uow go towards meeting the new Government
standard, it wns decided to Iny the whole situation before two distinguished Aotnuries, one English and the other American. Tbe centlemen
selected were II. W. Manly, P.LA., of Loudon, England, the President
of the Institute of Actuaries of Great Britain, uml Mr. David Parks J-"a.-k-
ler, Consulting Actuary of New York, ex-Prealdent of th** Actuarial Society
of America, Mr. Manly, who, by the way. bolda the highest office in the
gift of Britisb actuaries, is so strongly convinced uf the ne-rv-ssity uml ud-
voutages of the adoption of the new':; . percent. Ui>te that hi- did not
hesitate to recommend its immediate adoption. 'Aftor weighing.'* he says,
"all tlio arguments in favor of or against either of tbe courses open, I
am strongly of the opinion that it would l»e N>tier for the t'ouijiany and
for tho policy-holders generally to make the ohan&e at once, evenlf vou
have to pt-us a bonus altogether." Mr. Manly'* exhaustive report, us well as
that of Mr. Faekler, will be printed for the benefit of our poUcy-holdem
Mr. buckler's opinion would have supported a like conservative i-our-se,
but he also looked favorably upou u proposal that was under cousideration
by tbe Directors, viz., the paying of a moderate bonus to policy-holders
npon this occasion and theu during the present uuiunQeuu.ai period passing to ths full 8j{ p.*i* eeut. standard.
Onr own Actuary, Mr. F. Sanderson, M.A.. A.LA,, F.S.S., wbo deservedly slunds high in his own profession and whom the Directors regard
as one of the most able, reliable ami conservative Actuaries in Canada,
would have preferred the Immediate adoption "f the Hm. .'-t-.-. pet cent.
standardt bnt after a careful consideration <>r tho question in ail its bearings he was quite iu accord with the medium -.-our-.* t:tat Iul> been pursued.
LUCAS, STEELE k BRISTOL.    «■ '«>•»„' *™
linportetaof (iroceriw       {;|.*li.EitWu
Write A3. Hamilton. Out.      L&M H.splc«
Catholic Prayer 8aV«i5325:
ul,,r». Ktl!(.-ious I'ti'lm,'. Matuar,. andllmrcb
OrnainuiiU, Kdticatii,„al VV,.,k. lint '.nl^rarfr
ccIti prompt allrmlou. [,(,] Willi40, IIHJOl
IntMf » J'ollcy Van to lriMirert.
Tnko Une Ud) Notr.
/fares. Robinson & Black. Managers.
Telt-r Illck-ioii, Ace-il for M»n.
tietaoas entitled
>>r exptctlag to
laliTit monev or
t-it.it ft lift in tle-
old « ountrh-s
ihonld know ihai
mi Hi <: - await
hurl of their il>*-
•M-ciKlauts in tills conn try.   ll<mk ot imtnfls lent
on recetpl of in cents.
Box 140. Truro, N.8., Canada.
(load Deal tn n So wet tinea,
■•What's iu a iiiiiite"*" quoted ihe
thoughtful mnn.
"Well." answered the prosnlc man,
"I've known of Instances when n man
hns luul to chniiffe lils.lu order to mar-
ry u strong minded tvotnan with mon-
ey."—Chicago Post.	
Hotel Balmoral, p,.°,n.r»i.Fr.%*A2:
"On nut- wedding Jnuine.v -'."> years
ago wo had lieie a vory chnlce roast of
venison, for old nines' sake l should
like such another"
"Ves, Rln 1*11 nne ir there's any of It
left, ilrr-l'llvifimil-p mm lor.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
A very large mvinR can l«* made.   We ean
fumtih lhe exnel iinioiint (or any pfiymont,
Write tor portloutnr-i and price,
AttOWAY & CHAMPION, wiknipio
Grain, Provisions And Stocks
Hurkeu. Or-alukitdHeaiirhl*i H<.nKht,.'-*il>.......
0 irrlcd on Mart nn. O il n niumdimot* HollnlO--].
Private rypbarCwla Furiilihi-rt u|*n .\\s.ilt a-
US Princess St., Winnipeg, Han.
Have their blood enriched, their
heart strengthened and their
cheeks rosy by using Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
Insufficient quantity or poor qunllty ot
tbo blood id ono of the evil results that
iitiuniiy follow any derangement of tha
it the heart beeomoi weakened in any
way it eannot pump the blood to the longs
an it shonldf thore to ho purified and impregnated with tbe llfa*glving oxygen.
Ah a result tbe
blood detariorates-i
It luKOFt Its nourish*
ing,  viiallsfng,
h"ii]th-*L'iviii*^ fpiul-
Iti.*B. Tho face b«-
coniet pale, thin
and waxen, the Hpn
bloodless, thohanda
and feet cold.
There is weak-
nest, I i t*u d ii e s s,
shortness of breath and pnlpltation, When
those suffering from thin or watery blood
Mart   taking .Mill-urn's Heart and Nerve
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dose aets on tho hoart itself, enuiiing it
to boat Ktror.K, hii'inly mul regular.
Every doHO, too, introduces Into the
hlood IhoKO vital eleaiouts necessary to
make It rich and red.
Boon the pale ebook take* on tho rosy
hue of health, there it* strength Instead of
wcaknesH, energy and activity take the
plaoe of tiredness and (Attitude,
llin M. Skulllon, OU Turner Street,
Ottawa,   Ont.,   (ftyil    "I   wu«   grently
troubled wilh Wi henrt, together with
exttome   nervousness tor many years.
Theso  complain Is  brdughl   about   great
weakness nnd reeling of tiredness, My
hlood was of poor anility, lomuohsotliAti
liecaino   pale   and   languid,      Mill-arii'i
Heart anu Nerve Pills cured mo afler all
•bo fulled. Tliey Ituilt up my system,
•niichod uiy bh.ixl, Nltuiigthunud lu)
aerves aud rentou-d tue lo health."
ud n. tv. T.
.tmnopBO, man.
/   XJSE
AroJPOslUvoly *:-; ■ im-*-'. Pnro Havana
Ftllor, and will pbjasc lhe most
fatilidiuUB Hinoker.
Tbe yearly Inmate of sales pri-tei aa
appreciative public,     Munu-
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OEO. F.  BRYAN  & CO.,
When lhe dootors give jou up try our
Oiydonor. It is hotter and cheaper than
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Oxygen to the system by nature's laws,dls->
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John Hutler, WIntiipegiwis, writes: '-your
Oxydonor Is a wontlerfnl thing and hns mado
a new man of me. I have nlfo eured ono
mini ia eight hours of a had OSSOOf lumbago."
Wc havedOSOBBOf slmilnr tcMlmonials.
I »r>inL,*. Wmuoih,'Darrpws, Hiii-iiiiliu,
W. N. U. 264. .-For..
•••Tackle Beattie.*.
Post Office Building.
tver it may be, O'Reilly, I think God
broke the rlcord when he made a good,
thrue slnsible wife uud wither who lives
more for lier husband and their little
wans thin for ail other things iu the
wnr-r uld combined; slch a woman, O'Reilly, la God's mastherpiece, and Is a
Ou-iue in her place, howW-br lowly it may
be, atul aho is in titled to the rlspictful
admiration uf (very whu In the wurruld,
nn' hei husband shut! tbreosme ber
above all the jewels of the earth.
" O'Reilly, Ouanc Victoria is n Online
among*Quanesj hula* ai-.h she's slhill u
thrue woman, with a woman's kindly
bear-r', O'Reilly, nu* It does me | ocd,
it du 0 R illy, to sec ihe kiadly Hrs'in s
lnisli paple bave given lobet; iheie
htm that ib led to  l-spe  hi r  futn
Smyth IiaJ ioi been in town, Nut he
u Lsluterpretedthealgualsol U e Itemtd's
heliograph *-»t[nnd came in on Priday
Contractor Leask is building aiiolh r
of tli-riie b&udsomu cottages for the
Durick estate. It will contain six toons
and like tl!*: rest of thein will lie first
ciass and complete in every d. Liti 1 when
Prest, the photographer, bad a very
neat and handsome display in bis show-
window for Hostcr, While not of such
great tuagnltude, the ■ mull windows not
permitting it, it was neat, aitistic ami
C I) Vn
past beeu i
i*. ho ta i
, ha
••SectionBoss" HikeMcCsrlyami Psl O'RiII'
h Hold :i Session Over llcr Msjcsty's
Visit in llie Emerald Isle,
» pn v. tit tsr, Moikt?"
"Have ;e rended in the pa-a-purs of
lie Quane's visit to the ould sod, nml us
how all Iho pa-a-ple young an' ould hove
th-rotted out from all over the land to
see the good (inane, God and St. Patrick
bliss her."
"Include have I, McCatt)! an it do
give me what dat owld—dftt o-wld—
dnt o-w-l-d—what's his na-a-im—"
" I don't know O'Reilly; if ye'll till
me I'll lill ye thin."
'' Now dou't ye/, lie gittin' fnotiy. Me;
I )i'm not de mon to t-a-ake a josh whin
dflbolln Bnrious problltnsofsoshul a-con-
n mix—O'ill not nven take it frum ye,
who'll yit he road mast her with an oflice
ut Crnnbrook iu de upBthalrsavdeday-
pu atal ii ca-a-rpet on de llure. Hut Oi
Imve iheun-tt-aieuowj Ot he refertng to
that mild l-'rinch pay-trl-ot Sbakehls-
tpenr, who was Nipolyau's lifttnant at
the uii'ittlo be forgottill battle ov Kal-
a.unz'jo, who ton Id Nlpolyau right lo bis
Icel— so he did—when Nipolytm totild
him lo la-ake a righulnt ov Tttr-r-ks an'
go up ngluat a company ov Oirlsb Fnsi-
leers—Shnkehisspeitr sed 'Ye giv mc a
tir-r-rml fallng in uie piosciuinm, so ye
do NipolvftU,1 That's what ye do, McCarty, whin ye glvs me de talk about de
'good owld tjutuie,' as ye call her, an'
asks de greatest saint lhat iver lived to
hliss her; situ re I link some ov de
Oirlsb over here—an' Its lookln' tofght
at ye Oi am whin Oi Mt a-y that, Oi am
—nn' oil ov thiin over there have been
Jo-co-ed; the quanc ii Kngiiah, an' ye
know de English have opp rinsed de
Oirlsb iver since Noah's owld Imtteau
tiliscopcd a snag on tie Shannon river.
To h-lwld- "
"Sthopl O'Reilly, sthop ye roight
where ye are; Oi'in hanglh' ye out a rid
loight; it's out roight now, rfb1 ye knows
the manelng of arid loight—It's danger,
an' its danger for yel Ye are jnst show-
in' how much nl an ig-itorry-nius ye be
J sane wnn time a thing that they called
u mummy; It had wance been a human
batng suiiithin' loike oursllvcB—it lived
a inaltber of Colve or tin thousand years
ago sy-entists sayed—It molgbt he
longer. Now, O'Reilly—it's me that'
lookln' roight nt ye—that mummy,
which it is now ralsonable to belave
hasn't a sphaik of lolfe in its did body
enn give ye roight now the whole dick
and skunk ye whin it comes to talkln'
shut u con-o-itiiit—an' that's a mix 01
want none or. An'as for ye, O'Reilly,
ye could do that same wid lhe iiitiiumy
whin ii cuiites to drofvlug a spollce—
an' it's unl (lather!n' ye Oi am
"Now OfIII tell in' ye O'Reilly, an' it's
belt her ye rem lm ber it; the Oirlsh have
bad a liar r-d totuie of il, an' it's mesllf
that knows it; hut O'Reilly, I foitid that
on this earth we have to take tilings prit-
ty Uiuch as lhey git us an' nfteu we kin
oursllves make thlni much aiater to
sthiggcr along under. Now, O'Reilly
1 et ye/, do a bit ov tlnnkitf, as 01 have
done for mesllf, antl don't be afther lit ti ti
thiiu agitators git away with yureslnses;
au', O'Reilly, it's mesllf thut knows ns
lhey have heen pullin' yure lig iver since
ye ilrtiv wan of the first spoikes that
wu/. ilrtiv ou the main line; and thcy
pulled yure poor old fa-a-thers' lig before youm; an' his la a Diet's lig before
hls'n; nn' not only that, O'Reilly, they
bave done the same hy ) ure tnithcr. yure
owld gra'mlther—uiayhorsowl he icst-
iu aisy; nu' yure sisther Bridget who hns
to wash dlrlhy doses to eiir-rn a little
money to knpe the btllho' life iu her nu'
the iittle fa-a-therleiB Tint; an' lhe some
It is with j tne cousin Maggie, an' all
the relsshitns yon iver hail, as well as atl
Of their   fa-a-lhers,   mttlieis,   btiiher ,
slslhers, uncles, auutsantl cousins heioie
Vm for a eiiituiy or inoit*; these pty tri-
oti hnve been runiiiu' up the goold liriclc
game nglltit ihitn, an' they nil have
bought the bilclt an' like the baby
itti' Cnslo-ii-a, ye bave cried lor more;
an' now, O'Reilly, where ate ye all Atj
ye me all poor nn' nlways will he if ye
don't switch ou the r-ystein. O'Reilly
hunderils an1 tousan's end inlltyuusof
(bdhirs have yc (lug up foi tbe pay-I riot:
il has heen lolko this 1 nil less chain graft
that always bo taktn' from yeau' glvl
null)lit' in inlnr-rn.    An' O'Reilly, if all
that money given to clatie out owld Ku
glnnil iioin Olreland  had bin spint in
huyln' a  p'ratte patch' an' a cow, nn
chickens,   au1   B   pig or  two, an' n good
barn an' awar-rtn shanty with all for the
owld fo-n-tbers and   ml tilers  an' iittle
brlthcrs an' sisters lift behind, they wild
all he havin' their little   homes win
they cud live in pace an' plinty tbe  rlst
of iheir loivi-snml he iitdipindiut of their
frinds in Atnctiky,
"The Quaue is a grand good owld lady
O'Reilly; It's   bein'a Qusne au  bein'
so good entitles her lo all the more
Crldll; were all to fill sn well tin ir places
in loifc, O'Reilly, this wml he a daclnter
wur-mid; she's a thiue wife an' wfddy;
she's heen a good tiiilher, an' if nnny ol
the kids have done things they sliltd not
it's not for fhe lack of good ihtniuin' bn
Iter par-it, an'more lhe fault of snobs;
O'Reilly, I once readed somewhere ihat
nn' holiest man was the mildest uut-ik
(.food—if it had been llle O'Reilly, Oi'd
ti'saif! the nir-r r est woik ov God; how
O'R-rlm; th<
oil) I mil that the p
i'ct and 1 v r h rj !■
him In their btanes
"An' i.ow.O'Reil
ll' tn talk HCo-i om
x'd and Lhe lulk-es i
lete, lor whin if d
y di*
,'t limit her to
ihimulves llf-
iht he hit) Ur
a tune
ng iiqjid eutbusissm
cotuc to the mestopo-
mnny frieuds
unter al the
ua.l 1
, don't yi« leth'V
and philan-lliuip-
till HI thill^S about
O'R-iliV. ye m ke
hist know
and how lo do
; iverybody to
i moiikcj ot juri'Mlf: yi
u' uf acu iu-in-:x,0'Re;ll
,ih-*ie tu dn ive a spoiki'.
I uco-uom-icslly ol toiu.*
diwat he kin ws,
"Ol no.Ice O'Reilly, that whin the
ii* - Unit wint up lhc hie hill she stlmrt
.*tl the ra-a-lls down, an1 they've been
wur r kin' down iver since. Til the list
of lhe hyes, O'Reilly, lo he ready for a
bar r d day's wnr-r-k in the uiotnin' for
we'll start in lmckin' 'cm up bill agin.
Good noight."
There Will Be a Meeting of the Citizens ol
Cranbruok at Forrest Hall Tonight
tu Decide the Question.
All citizens of Cranhrook are earnestly
requested to attend a meeting at Forrest
Hall tonight to decide npon the question
of incorporating Craubrook, A full tx
press'ioit of public opinion is wanted aud
n vole from all interested for or against
tbe proposition.
Picked Up About thc City by Asking
Questions of Many People.
\Jm V-*J, X
E, A, Elton, of Fort Steele w.ib nt the
A good second-hand bicycle for snlc
at Heattie's,
of Kimberley, was in
M, C. Kinstry,
town tbis week.
E. C. Bell, late C. P. R. agent at Fernie, was in town Tuesday.
J.J. alurphy, n prominent merchant
of Movie, was in town yesterday.
J. ti, Patton, the Cranbrook dairy man,
is out with a bran new milk wagon
Father Ouelette held services iu the
Catholic church ou Good Friday.
Hrown Leghorn eggs for setting from
prize stock. I1. McConnell.
A session of the county court will he
held at Fort Sleele Wednesday, April 25
J. P. and M. Farrell, of Movie, were
guests at the Craubrook early this week.
M. Freeman, representing n Lethbridge business bouse, was in town Monday.
Thomas li. Cray, n Nelson commercial man, was at tbe Craubrook this
E.J Smith, n Toronto boot and shoe
guerrilla, was a recent business visitor
In Happy Cranbrook.
George Murpbey, a well known Klin"
hcrley merchant, was a guest of the Hotel Manitoba recently.
J. N. McCracken, of Moyie, took in
the sights of the metropolis of South
East Kootenny this week.
Mesdames Fred Frith and fc, Thompson, of Moylc, were in town this week,
visiting friends and relatives.
Thomas Armstrong, a Furl Steele Iuk-
IneSB man, partook of the good cheer of
tiie Hotel Manitoba yesterday,
Easter Monday wns generally obrerved
tn Crnnbrook as a holiday, the buclness
buu.es remaining closed ull day,
M Sheudy, the well known and genial
contractor, wns lip from Moyie where he
is now engaged, on Wednesday,
John Fink, of the Fort Steele Mcrcan-
cuuiile Co., was In town Tuesday and
took in the mtuittel aggregation,
11. II. Buhner, of Cnlgary, connected
with   M, Mclnnes it Co,, Wee  in  Craubrook ou a business nip Monday,
II A. Rii'St-ll, representing blackmail
Urothcrs, of Wl Unl peg, was one id the
numeroiii commercial men visiting
Cranhrook this week.
A recent wreck on the Crow's nest
completely destrojed a car nnd most of
the Content!, consigned to Oil pill St Co.,
of Cranbrook.
"UncleJim" Ryan went east yestct-
dsy morning, Some of the boys sny he
will btiug back a wife when he comes,
bnt they do nol Intimate whose.
That plank sidewalk in conr-e of construction from Gilpin's store southward
ou Baker street, is the result of a happy
inspiration on somebody's pait.
Charles R. Hardy, special agent for
the North American Life Assurance Co.,
has been in town for several dais. I.'e
lifts appointed Alex. Watson local agent.
Those who so kindly sold ticket for
tbe minstrels will please turn iu the
money nnd remaining tickets lo Jake
Fitik, ns au Immediate settlement is desired.
The China " boys" of Chinatown are
having 11 hl-yn lime bicycling these
days. Il js about ait even thing which is
on lop, most of the tune, John or tbe
Din MiNeish, of Fort Steele, aud thnt
Irrepressible old prospector, Hen Pltgll,
of Palmers Har, went through here early
hi tbe week. They were hilling Die
high places only.
The Herald unintentionally prevaricated   hist   week;   it   stated   thai   Fred
at ECItiiberl*
lis and ran
behind the prescription
Hotel Manitoba.
Cois. Ralmere, one uf the Icluu of men
Out attrncii capital t***- i „«wcountry for
its   development,    wns   recently  down
from Kiltit" ..ey.    Charley says the out-
l'jok tait the country about Kimberley
assuming quilt a roseate hue.
Fred Iln/eit, an old Ciaubrookcr from
away hack, was down (torn the Norlh
Star mine Monday, bunging down in
Superintendent Parker, who has resigned
and gone to Rosslaud to look after his
mining Interests iu West Kootenay
G. II. Miner, the original hardware
man of Craubtook, has been receiving a
large invoice of windows and doors; G
II. always has a more complete stock iu
bis line than is found outside of lnrge
cities. Nothing succeeds like success;
uuless it isG* 11,
Mr, and Mrs. W. E Grant nre In town,
guests ol the Cranbiook. Mr. Grant
has been employed ul Die Norlh Star
mines during lhe lasl year and is taking
a mouth's vacation. lie will make
Craiitjrook bis home if he can receive
a home for bis family.
Charlraud Brothers' uew bakery is
Hearing completion, being delayed for
want of fire-brick for the oven. The
oven for this bakery will probably be
lhc finest and largest iu South Kast Ki o-
lenay when completed, costing about
$600, This is un enterprise worthy of
Kwoug Cldng Jntte has pit chase ' the
Chinese store on Armstrong avenue
from Lee John and will conduct the business in the future. It is the intention
of the new proprietor to reduce the
price 011 all articles iu lhe store, antl
thereby make it an object for the people
to deal with him.
RI. Freeman, representing the North
western Jobbing Co., agent for the Imperial Oil Co., was in Craubrook recently.
In this connection it itt'gbl be well to
state that through no 1 riot of his Mr.
James Kerrigan lias been made lo advertise himself ai agent for lhelutperi.il
Co. RefereLCu to hia " uu" will show u
F. C. Foit*., tb? one-Ume popular nnd
energetic traveling reptvsentnOve of the
Winnipeg Free Fress, ami more lately
.1 representative of the Crows Nest Coal
company, was a visitor in Cratibrm k
ibis week. He U at present engaged iu
Ihe publication of an illustrated edition
setting forth the advantages of Fernie
as a busiuess point, and telling of its
marvelous growth and great coal nnd
coke producing resources. There can
be no doubt, under bis management, of
its being a valuable and interesting pub*
Farm S S
Jt-st to hanj, a O.-.'o.td of the celebrated Dccr'r.j; farm Machinery, consist-
reasonable prices. We arc the pioneers of this district in these
lines, and have invested a good deal of money in them.
Opp. Bank of
Commerce .-'
.    *
999 -1
A Great
American Oil Co.
Imperial Oil Co*
The public nre requested to ue they
are supplied wiih Coal Oil of the flpd
grade. "T. & P." American Ol rout
pany's product, lar Bttpi-riorto nny other
brand in Uie market. To be bud from
all Htorea in Cianbroolt uud ti.ml Koote
James Kerrigan ft Co.
Importers nnd
Belling Aji-snii
Cranbreoki it. C
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the Norlh Star, Sullivan, Quanirell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C, P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Buy early, buy often,
But buy, buy, buy.
Spreads Like Wildfire;
When tilings are "lhe he-t" they he-
come "ihe hest nelllng." Abraham
Hare, a leading dni|:j-i:.t of I-.rlk--.ilh*,
O., writes: "Eleciiic Ul Iters are the
best selling bitters I have handled in 2u
vests. You know why? Most diseases
begin in disorders of stomach, liver,
kidneys, bowels blood and ncrvcr.
Electric Hitters tones up lhe stomach,
regulates liver, kidneys nnd bowels,
purifies the blond,strengthens the nerves,
hence cures multitudes of maladies, lt
builds up the entire system. Pills new
life and vigor into any weak, sickly, tun
down man or unman. Price 51 cents,
sold by ltuittie, the druggist.
Kootenay hike is still
: recently caught
The  wale
A 12-pound char w;i
in Kxoteiiny like.
Owner)) in Grand Porks dt maud f~ per
dny for mun and team.
Iu a hold-up at Phoenix recently, fio
was secured fro 11 the victim.
One of the infant Industries of Van
conver is the iii'iliufaclure of canoe-*.
The steamer An-ji r -n 1 hnsglnst two
propellers on Kootenay lake   this year,
Sandon has taken nn a new leise of
lifi\ The mines are increasing working
An unsuccessful attempt was recently
made at Silverton to establish a branch
or the W. CT. U.
Harry ttpstetn has sued thc aulhotltles
of Nelsou for Jtoo fur refusing hint a
license to peddle goods,
A young sou of \V, McCUlldlsl), of lhc
Victoria hotel, Nelson, had n Harrow es-
cape from drowning recently.
Tbe number of meu employed on the
Balfour extension is growing raj idly.
The aggregate has row reached 1100.
The tonnage handled at the C. P. IX.
depot at Nelson during March was 4300
tons greater tlum the aggregate of March,
Alike Mllwlck, sometimes known as
William Nortis, was recently killed t,t
Cascade while drilling out a partially
exploded blast.
It i
Millions Qlven Away,
ertainly gratifying to the public to know of one concern which is not
afraid to he generous, The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption, Coughs and Colds, have
given away over leu million trial bottles
and have the satisfaction of knowing il
tins cured thousands of hopeless cises.
As hum, Bronchi lis, hi Grippe and n'\
Throat, Chest and Lung diseases are
surely cured by It. Call on Benttle, thr
Druggist, and get a free trial bottle.
Regular size 50c and $1,00, livery bottle guaranteed.
Lots from $1254400
Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Algr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
Thc dining room Is lirst class.
Every convenience lor travelers.
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
«et Sash
g Mill
tiid ::
>■*  Doors ***
S   Frames
Band Sawing  **
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Wutcli Inspector for C. P. I!.
Blnclc P.ear... 3>ic   Umpire	
Kiuiberley Consolidated, lor:
Kimberley, B.
Via Cranbraok
New Stand
New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
'I'll:: hest of liquors at the bar.
Ail thc rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Picture frames in stock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock of moulding to make any
size.   Give us a call.
Prest <& Co.,
gJ6**-*J'li!CL- doors cast olTostollire.
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have the ppcr
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe!   S2.00.
I «I -fit-®-®-® - (•> <■>■ - (?- W- »-®®7®
•>- <•> ■-•> I J* I t-1 'i I - i -i M •"•l'8,l,*>l.-'l-*>i
' *">j ®-®-V)-®-<.2--®-®~-®-®-®-lSr-®®-®
■®-®-®-®-®-® -®-®-®-&   .
«■ 'M'-'l- I'; U'!'--I..'t'.*l*l<s>
t>-®-®-®-®-®-3-®-® -®-®-®-
•vi<•:•[■--"■- 1 •• ■ -f Ts j-t 1 rI ■-.-;■» I-?
b i e
l-s : •:, -
■<8? Sl^®^®^-®^®2-®- <&-<&■*,
CRANBROOK If tIie„d,vlSi0.l?al 50il1t of t,le Crows
WiVrkl iUJ\UVI\ Nest Pass Railroad.
Q'anhrnok *1as a ,0=stal!roun.? ho"f'.,«r^e ^cjiine
■M-ii mi -v/v-iv shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex=
ct tensive railroad yards.
M Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
g*  Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora
jv? tions of South East Kootenay.
■'.[ Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week afler
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
is* \
j-®-®- <•>-<•>- ®-<t>-®~®-®-®-i
r ®-®-®-®-® ®-®^).®-r.>-®~®-®-®-®-®-(-xc.i-(i>-®-®-w-ffl ®--®-®-®~
-®x^&-i)--®-®-®-<b--®---®-h -s-®-®-®-^ it)-®-®-® (i>%-
., j-®-®-*-® -®-®-t


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