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Cranbrook Herald Sep 21, 1905

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Array / V- rJ 1
U se?***   o_V rn
at"I- 25
lORIA, _^
VOI.I'MK  8.
U.ANiii-oOK,   ItKITIslI   COLUMBIA,    I'lUltSI)AV,   SEPTEMBEB   21.    I»U5,
MM II Kit   _.'•;
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
li l   tt M KKR, i',.-,,,-,.,t thump , ll I V l URD, Aul. Oen I M Ser
IV. I'l il  Al
IHt   till
$5 1111.1 under
.1 centB
Over  $S mi.! noi
ll *10
6 COntl
"     sil)
io centi
"   * SQ
15 cents
- 1'uvi.Mc it) l';i
vll, Hild -tl it..- |>ni
*    ll    .III.
1IIIJK.I.. Dl .. 1  li.lll.'l.'.l Hit
in tliu lulled Stales
(Yukon e»
THK CANADIAN I1.1NK or i.l.l .11 lit I', LONDON, BNR.
Ilicy torn, mi exeelleul inciliml ,,f rcinlttliiii siniill sinus ol niiiney
Uilli Sill'  IV  llll.l  .,1  vni.,11 est.
-> *
I :
* .—. ti
* *
* Deposits of $1 .ind upwards received and interest al- *
« lowed from date of deposit at highest current rales and £
* ii *
J compounded ball yearly. J
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
r,******,** *************** ttt WW *****************
is advancing rapidly.     Buy now before
it gets too high.
IT    holds   AN     INTERESTING
()_•' NELSON.
Ministers Yielding and Pattei on
.m.i Seautoi lirodcur, constituting the
i.m ih commission, luld a session    o.
iin* . ..iiuiii*, ..mi .it N. I ...I. Inst 11 Ida)
.m.i Saturday. The meeting was
h.<li| in ihe armory building, and the
ilm-- |nluelpal matteii presented
were lho lead, lumbei and limit con
ii-.it      'Hi.- eases ul eaeli wi re   In
in...i excellent hands, and the cause
..t licit hot Mill.i<.I iiom th.- ii..inn. i it,
ivhlch ihi'i \uu- presented lo thu
commission Thru- was n large .ii
tendance, ol people Interested directly
..j indirect!) in the three industries
ihroiigroul ilu- Kootenays and the
Uoumlary country, and great Interest
was iii..uiirstt'J in th.* proceedings.
Cranbrook was complimented many
times on thc size ol I fr delegation
und the interest always manifested
by ih,- (own in anything lhat affects
the welfare of ihr district. One man
commenting upon ihis phase i>t the
iptestiun, said: "It Is easy to sec
why Cranbrooi. goes ahead. When
ihcic is anything ol importance lo
the dislriel or the province or tin-
town, Cranhrook is always to the
front with a wide awake delegation
putting in an oar for progress. It
is impossible to kcup a lown had.
with people made like that."
Following ate stort sketches ol the
members of the tariff commission:
The chairman of the tariff commission is Hon. \\. s. Fielding, minister
oi finance, lie was horn at Halifax,
S. S., iu 18-lH. and was educated at
Acadia university, of which he is l>.
0. L., and at Queen's, of which he is
LL. ti. He started life *-. a journalist, and was for twenty years identi-
litfd  with  the    Halifax Chronicle.      A
member .>( the local legislature from
1882 to 1896, and premier from 1884
to 1896. In Uie latter year he went
to Ottawa as member for his native
olty and at once became finance minister. He inaugurated thc preferen***
rial larill, the surtax on German
goods, and the celebrated ".lumping"
clause aimed al slaughter prices Hi*
represented Canada—in conjunction
with Sir Wilfrid Lnurier--at the colonial conference in 1902.
Hon. William Paterson was born in
1839. Was com roller of customs in
ihe Lauiier government of 1898, and
was made privy councillor and minister of customs in 1897.
Hon. Louis Philippe Hrodeur was,
born in mn He is an L. L. B. and
LL. 0. of Laval. Was made minister ol Inland revenue in 1904. He is
.i K. r , having been called io the
bar in 1884. Was deputy speaker ot
he house from 1896 to 1900, Speak-
r from 11!'8 to 190-1.
for Lowest Prices
I >
,.      |„M|-
,11,     |I.,N
.i private
>?<M^>f^>W^»>f^Hv.^i>^/*.»„*' ^o>f^ -IS -^ v^ ye >^ J >"►_ >"»c v K^*.^ ,^ >lg a-S
1   The Penalty   per  E.y«   |
ffl Abuse §
I ffl
,\U ia l,h,„In,..-.     |l..„l wnll ii.ilill v..,,.' fi,-. i_in- .•"!. ninl v..i, lire  I*
i»  lied 10 st,,|. Work     Man,   poopl,   llliinl rwnrkl'hecyeS   $
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
UJLASS nro tin* BEST mm icy outi buy nnil ovory |iit'eu pftrrios nnr per
sni.'il *_riiiiiniiti'i'.
i Mir wiitoli mul ji'Wflry rep/nHim: in iltiiio by skill.-il workmen whn hnvo
Hpi'iil tinuMiinl money in ^liinili^ kmnvhtlK0 t-'in* coiuitu when fitin work
in lo lioiluiuv
Wm. P. Tate & Son,
■IKWKI.KItS ami. ..
llllll,r\Tl'', OPTICIAN!)
Official WuUil. Inspectors Crows Nest I'liua Divibioit, t). I', 1{,
■ I.,,    II       ,'.„,
1,1    .Villi     I
.,,1   ml   Ilia   |l,
,i la.i about twenty years
gl t  ia,,,   iiniilii  be  ,n    a
illness   gcltlm*    down   <»>
•.1....J e a,, ran,,.,    ,i,a„
i Uie conntrj in a private
s, as lie lies left a f,n tunc a
ia a.^i, by Ills grandmother,
ig. lo several millions in colli
I'l,,' laii's grniKtfatbci was a
nl New Orlenns a, the tlran
"I Hie civil wai anil made the millions
Mmauli liberal contracts will, u„,
northern armies. Killing wilb youiiK
Unlock was M .1. liana,, ilie con
irni lo.   nlm lmil,   it,,.   Crows   Nes,
lalll,.,, .
Tl,<• C'o-0|,erailvc Stores aro bailly
lorn up ilns ileal, unl, i|,0 main in,,
provements that Ihey lane underway,
The i ar pui i,,i„ ni Hun I,,,,- slore Is
being entirely cliatigp.il, the Irom hits
.v.,i revolutionize,!, ,,,,,1 ibe see,,n.l
lory his been tildcd, so that when
hey jret through thoy will havu an
Iinm, ns,- amount ol lloor space in
whieh lo display the lilg slock that
ihev arc receiving. Mr. McFarlane,
Uie manager, said yesterday that he
would have to allow his advertisc-
moni to stand this week, as be hud
found no time to devote to that feature of his work, lie wanted room
in lhe Herald hut he needed room jusl
now In the store tor the now goods,
and consequently he had to give his
attention io lhc latter in preference.
KJXi.lt     UY   OKUKR IN t OCM II.
Ottawa    Si pt.   18 —Thfl    Neptune
leaves    t.> mm row   fot   lUid im   Ba)
,.,. i .,:■ ; ih llvi rli g uppll at |i ■■
i.i, iin< ba} will return lu Halifax
Majol   Hoodie hi. l oaplaln Hei nil i  .•■
With Hi.- Sep tune      M lie will   i.-
nun t,i Fori Chun hill o) tland l>)
lug   It d during the w iniej
L.t ,i ii i n.i. lefl foi Uo] ileal aud
will speak ,r. .. banquet ul the Munu
fai turei a sun tation on V,. dm ida)
.'.. ning
Italph Smith left (ui Tuiniit-i ou
s.itiii.i.iv and stai led from tbeie to
da) foi home.
An or h-i infi.niu i! has bei n passed
ippoiniing Thursday, 2«lh October
Im a general Thanksgiving Day.
Anothci ni.lri was passed llxitig the
3-lth ol May i.n lhe celebration ut
the Kin;'- birthday, instead of the
nth of November.
Hull >i Yicioiia, It. C , has received a contract i.'i siippljiug a
w racking plant foi Hi li isli Culuinbio
al -yii'.iitiii pel year. Iiul\eu's leudei
Was the only uin* received, Frefon-
laluc sajs that he will get the cuu-
ii.it-1 .m.i that an '.i-i. i will be for-
natlj' paistsl in ii tew days. 'Ihis is
h* principle upon whieh wrecking i.s
done in easliin Canada,
Stuart's Lake Mission, Sepl 3, '03
F. li. Simpson, Ksq., Cranhrook:—
Dear Sir,—Severed for some time
from our d.<at Loot, nay ili-.tr.t-1, I
miss jour u<wsj and Interesting
weekly that 1 was accustonnxl lo
peruse, I would thin ask ymi tu
change my addtx'ss and put smart's
Lake instead of Pernio,
We have no utile settlers here as
yet in uur surroundings, ii we except the Hudson's Hay people; hm
many locations were made this summer and we look for ,i large Influx of
white people n.'M year. Our country
is made attractive by the prospect nl
three railroads. One from Kootenay
river to Ha/.elion, whose charter was
purchased by thu tl. T. p., who will
make of it its terminus during construction ol the mam line to kai.-n
island, nud should be comjiletfd next
year. Th,* second row) will start
from Norlh Vancouver to Dawson
and the" Hunt, tlte""Clrah*il Trunk Paeilie. We have large tracts of fertile
lands easy to clear. The frost that
at present Is our draw hack will be
overcome by turning tbo soil as experience has proved, elsewhere.
Wish.bg you, your good work     aud
readers   Clod's   blessing,     I remain,
Yours faithfully,
N. Coccola, O.M.I.
DAIU  TRIB1 ni:,  \n;.\init:
A $5,000 JOB,
The Herald olliee turned out a
$a,l'llO job for the Canadian Hank of
Commerce yesterday, ana ii was one
.i ihe fines! jobs evei turned unl of a
printing olliee iu Uri lish Columbia or
Canada. The work was of the character thai impresses Lhu people, and
il is sate to sa) that when lhe job
was wrapped up any man in lhe mn
verso would have heen glad to have
planked dojvn $1,075 foi it, will give
in id a of its general acceptability
o lhc pu'lilie. 'Ihe work nl ihis of-
iii- consisted of etil ling sheets containing four live dollar hills into single hilis, and when the work wns done
the luui.lies looked attractive enough
r any one.    Tliere was just $5,	
in  the hunch, all Canadian  Hank    of
Commerce hills, bright ttnd new.
A newspaper publisher in Ohio recently brought suit against forty-five
men wlm would not pay ilnir subscription an.l obtained judgment in
each case lor the amount nl ench
elaim, 01 these iweiily-elghi made
affidavit flat they owned no more
than the law allowed them, thus prd-
vcntlng attachment. Thin umlei ile-
cislon of lhe supreme eourl they were
arrested for petit Inrcency and bound
over to the grand jury in the sum ol
$1,000. All but six gave bond, while
the six went to jail. The new postal law of the United States makes
it larceny to take a paper ami refuse to pay for it.
Victoria, Sept. IR—Sir Frederick P'e
Borden, minister of militia, and party
arrived here this afternoon, and was
received by a guard of honor from
the fifth artillery. Sir Frederick
Bids For the construction of a hall 'dined     this   evening al   Government
N I on H C , Sept. I. - John
Hou inn inayoi oi Sel mi, men bi i
ul thc Hi I lish Columbia h gi latun ,
aud iditoi ot the evening Tribune
ha Lim -i.'-i lh ■ win iva bouts are
.ih tiiu!. !> unknown, although um
communication   wa -   reci Ived     Iiom
San i rancl tat in ■ he bad n ,.■ bed
that poini tluougb boarding thi
wrong boat ut Vit tuiia Suhsequi lit*
ly In- was repui ted .ii Caison Cit).
Nov., hut this s'ory Is not confirmed
Since he disappeared, early in Aiiji
est, Iriends have sought lu vnin fi i
traces ol his movements. It is gen
nail- believed he will return, as Hns
is not the firsl slmilni oeciirn nee In
Houston -. \;ui. -t career.
Th* motive foi IIuiwWh ncllons
are not clear,      Ills financial affairs
pri-Ktlnc as mayor was imlmpalreil.
„i, ] he had Important municipal en
hcrprisrs under   way whieh he     was
sunnily supervising nn.l which  wil
guish ilm ing his absence.
Nel ,mn's missing niajoi is .ine .1
ih.- chtiraeL'is uf British Columbia
lie piihllel) avows .< Iheleiieu to ilu
th ory thai political spoils belong to
tliu \letois, and al \unuu__ tin,,, him
been so uupopttlai n, Hv*l*.uii ihal bn
uepositmu as in,- boss ut lln
"peoples party,"   lus poliUea! nv.i
lloli,  lius  l.it-li as.seiii,]  ,n, u\cl)   si ile.
in e\i ii inslaiicu lie has al will re*
.■.lahii.-di..I hi I ii_,ell as lhe loeul die
Uilor. He t.s upjiosed in Nelnou by a
strong element in ihe comiiiunli), nm
no uggregalioli has ilevetopi t equal
aniliiv to iiiaiiijitii.il,- Mil.--,, nno
iioiia.ou has never been deleulod in a
nue ior public olliee, while his selec
lions ioi utliur uhlces htuu usual!)
■.cu equally successful.
fm years Houston has fought tlu
ttesl Koolcnay I'owct iv Li^ht com
pany, thu cleclnc powei and "Igfliiig
monopoly oi southern British Cuititu-
hia. Ulu last blow ai the concern
was io formulate plans ioi a iiiunmi-
pal plain io cosl tidU.uuu. As u
siaiter be secured the clceliuti ul a
council pUdtfed lo can) uut, thu mi
lerpiise. The scheme did noi flourish, and In the following year Houston bad himself elected as mayor, lie
th n sold tic bonds lor Uiu municipal
plant, which his predecessors hau
tailed to accomplish, and stalled Wort,
on the plant. This work was uudci
way when he mysterlousl) lefl Nel
sou, and the fact occasioned considerable surprise, as without Houston on
tho ground his masterpiece is llkcl)
io die of inanition.
A couple oi years a^o John Houston was missing lot soma weeks, Oi.
ihal occasion his iriends were wholly at a loss lo explain bis absence,
but ultimately he returned to Neison
and quickly rebuilt the political mn
ces ihat hud fallen into despair during his absence.
Lew otter nan lu liu- eouulr) could
thus absent themselves frum busiucss
for long peiiods Without coming lo
shipwreck, hut it is proverbial m tbe
Kootenays that the Impossible pie
scuts lew obstacles lo John liou-.
LnU'SS he returns within six weeks,
however, thc cii> council will dilate lis seat vacant under the slul
ulory provisions. Should I lou*. ton
return before the urn. election then
necessary, he wuuld assuredly be .i
candldnte, with excellent prospects ol
oltANli LODGE OF  1. o   O   F
Philadelphia, Pa , Sept, 10.-The
eighty-tlrst annuo I communication ol
the Sovereign Grand Lodge ol the In
ili'poi.l.nt Order ol Odd Fellows open
l here yesterday. The general ex
cis.s were In Id iu Llllll temple.
Grand Site Itobl. K Wright, ol Al
Irntowu, I'a . will preside at all public meetings. The opening exercises
constated ol an address ol welcome hv
Ma.oi Weaver, and addressts b) Mel-
He h\ I'huihiit-k, grand master; I.
OlchuelaSs, grnnd patriarch; Mrs
Anna Morrow, presldeul ol the Re-
lick ah Assembly, and Mojoi (itn.ral
J. Blair Andrews, department commander. Simultaneously with this
ceremony were held the prize dulls ol
th.- Patriarch Militant iu the Sen.ml
Regiment armory. Later in the
day the competitive degree work of
lodge cii'campiiii'hts and Hchckah
llndtfis will  take    place iu Lulu lem-
I,. I" li.'th.ll,',.,,li il,,- l,,„: j
Wn 1.,-li.,.- iv,- have ancci-edwl in
ihis, tl"..it when ua- i an offer you
lien. A. Miller's Mines
ki'ili's Stub Proof Kul'hcts
tnrrs' IHacUdans
Stetson lints
II. I), k. Co's aud Iiisi'inlr-lli's Qloves
It. It. k. Co's Shoe I'a.k-
Siaiii'ielil's & W'olsev Underwear
W. ti. S K. Shirt, "anil Collars
MuiurJi kniniiii; Co. Soealer.4
for the K. ol P. and I, O. O. K. hall .house
will he received at the Cranbrook
hot, I up to 12 o'clock noon, Monday,
September 25th, 1»05, by Victor
Rollins, of the sub-commit tee ot the
two lodges. Copies of the specifications and plans of the building can be
Leask A Henderson have secured a
fine line of ready made clothing, the
Gilt Edge brand, and Mr. Leask says
that this is the only ready made
clothing in Canada mode hy union
labor.     Mr. Leask also says tl at he
 ,   Victoria,     Sept.    IH.—Sir Thomas proposes to keep a good stock in the
urcd ol Mr.  Rollins.     Bond must   shaughnessv, president  of lhe C.  P. future or this kind and will he   ahle
th'-^omti.it.cl'     The 'lowest'of an?   «•■ arrived here to-day on his annual to sell „. prices tha. will prove ex-
ln,l not necessarily accepted. tour of inspection ami Will  lake     a ceedlngly attractive   to  lie-    people
Ity order of the Committee.     r„n nvor the island line lo-morrow. generally.
********************************** .„ „m„
j 15 per cent off {
: Hair Brushes
Hair Brushes
♦ *
J For lie- nexl TEN DAYS wo will give 13 per cent off     9
any hair lirusli in Block, It wit) pay you to take advantage
i.f tlii-s,. prices as tliese brushes are of the f,nt-_i French
bristle and bought at lhe lowest import figures.
Get in line, buy when you can buy cheapest,
A NewCanadianBank
The Sterling Bank of Canada
We are in receipt of a prospeitus of a new Canadian
Imnk whieh is being formed under the titleof THE STER.
UNCI BANK OF CANADA. Its authorized capital is
; sl.,i,i,i.iii,.,.i,ni„ 10.000 shares of $100 each nnd at its head
in, iho following well known gentlemen-.—-Hon, John Dry.
Ion, Inl,.. Minister of Agriculture for Ontario Wm. Dineen
ij.   Esq., nf tin- W. & 11  lli in, of Toronto, Hon. S. C. Wood.
ex treasurer of i Inlfirio, .1.1'. Eaton, Esq., Vice President
nfilu-T. Kin..,, t'o., I.i.l. II..i, W.J, FIanna,K C, M. P.
I',. I~iiivine.nl Sin-retiiri of Ontario, and other equally well
known business inen.
The slenily inerenso in  lhe wealth of the people of
(''lunula, nnd lhe ilinuoiis expansion of all her industries
w, .-iiili',,1 iii every part of the 1) ion, alike demand in-
ereasisl lianking facilities. The gentleman who form the
Dire.'ii.i'.'iii' ,iiv .ill  well  known and are representative of
sou I' lhe lies! and mosl succnsful monetary and eonimor.
mini iii8liliiliniis in Ihe country.
Fin- Hundred Thousand Dollars of the stock of the
; sTKIil.lNii BANK OK CANADA ia now offered to th,
public nt n premium of 25 percent uml the slock aubacribed
fur uill be payable as foil..us:
Firsl ,-,,11 ,,1'sj.", pershurii (lioiug the premium i
Seciiiul oall of ton jxir ci-nt (|«ir value) on  allotment,
]   und the   bull,lire   in   liim-   mu BSive   ni'iiillilv   pawn,-1,1s
ApplicntioiiB fnrsloek mny Ije ninde In Messrs. Arnold A-
HhIhtIs, Dislriel Brokers for Ihe STEHLINfl BANK OK
Insurance and Real Estate Agents
Wi, have enlarged our quarters and our stock very eon-
sidernbly of late and can supply the wants of the public in
any li,,,'. Although we sell at eastern prices we hnve nothing
shoddy lo slough off. We guarantee our goods for what wu
sell them for, Lumbermen's and prospectors' supplies a
specialty. Lei us outfit yon. We have some new nml second
IijiiiiI furniture, stoves, etc., to go at real bargain prices,
Conhvooil for Sale.    Iiiuployitivnt Atreiicy in Connection.
das. McArthur, thc Second Hand Man
:----»>„----"M-*"W-M-«**4 Tilt   CKAKBBOOK   HEUA] D
-..£,-- fr.*i   .*»,*
-. t^ vt-t-t-'-r-frt.-t-c.i.-".-'. *:<m.* Ci-**-?
news   of the:
tt9M«M MUSS M®9 BS M8WS«*>**>«»t**l«»««i,*,M'
river hut ihe bridge construction    Is
a.., commenced, ami Mi   tloynton yea
U'ldai cancelled   lhe contraot.     The
iFron. the Led er.) „,.,cl i'i.cv from     ihe leiupoiniy mill
„    _,   ~   „ i,   ,,,, rook   ».,-   will he used in the permanent    null.
Dr. W. S. Bell, ol '■'""""             This „,.,.k   „,, w„rk „,  ,■,„„„. „,, ,|„.
„r the city on Wwlueadaj. ^ _,       ,„ sll|,|1,! ,„,„,,
It.   W.   Wood   lain:...-!   M.aiiai   ei' '    ,,„   ,,„.  pi,,,,,,,   |las   |„v„  ril_d  along
ing Irom a vlsil lo Portland ami oui    |ml wm.k w,,| ,.„ll,ll„.|11.1. M1 tt„. i,|a„.
er coast vines. ,., al aii c.uli date
uSiKiU'AAAAAAZ    The O.N   R. have substituted    ..
Wednesday.      twill cost Wm twin   ^^ ,(il. |lu.   Weghonc
u much to gel back. ,    »*i , '           „„, „,.,,,„„,,.,.,.,„,,
Mrs, A. Joyce and her '""'' ';' ->' hll,..    the change was made al   nine
ter Alive returned   Irom an .y,,,.' iiV|urli 0|] tt.«lnesday morning,    The
wsit to Iriends   .,i     the coasl    inai ,,|,,,|.,lU„ll (ri„„ t«|_pi,ono lu telegraph
Friday. was   made   very ijuk-kly,   ibe name
li„„ McKay, lhc knight ol the road. wir,.s ami poles being „aei     All thai
has mushed   il"   repairs on the road waa poqulrod was i„ put in telegraph
at Michel and Is no» ,'„
after s„,„e repair work
lty, is the Western I nion scrvlco,    li will
oking instruments in tho pfaec ,,f the tell
111 phone instruments,      Tins telegraph
is Mn
..   ,,   .; ami l',e,l.   Waters be connected with all parts ot C«„-
l/t'te Wp« o« Siiiunlay _,•„',, ...la nml ,!„■ Cl   N    ce al Fcrnie  Is
ol the
U, Fernie on Thursday »•!""*,,,,„,„ Mellale, iwo ol Ferule's mosl popul
,.     L-jiiinv young   people,   were ,,,,,,,-tl in     tlio
collieries lor thc week ending "way, £ a   |       t , ||V   K.ltm.r   T„
st.pt. 8th, was as follows. Li al crim  ,
7,770 tens; Michel,    i,l II
1    .'.      I. ,r       U I llll 111.-LL     II  I      ~AI .11 '">»»      >   - • ■■ ......    il"'.     ....     ' ■       -- ■    ..■-—	
,     m,   i     ,iu,, and othei oflicluls in the Held Ior cominercla slncss.
'"'*„    OTk I unXr rompany, will   bo On Tuesday mor g at 9    o'clock
„l  llie l-.lk I.,,,,,,,,  ,..,„,.-'. J, Ui    4    h iy. >ik| M|m    Mbpv
n Feinie on rhursday moi
The output ol coal al  lb
Ml    Artlllll   ll.lliJge ami Ml,
'I'olal,   Ha"'
huuailo,   l,W I
■I'he    tcli'gr,i|,h
placed In the «   N      ■■' '"  I'
 „„„,,:,-   l.ik lilt   ,l,e   Plat'l!
ier ai the Catholic" church,
happy couple lelt on   ihe tl. N".
ti-ril.u  ,'
,]„• telephone ai
tot business to
u-,n I ni..', sysl
reach ol the pe,
shall ,'M"''' l"'1
companies than
past.       Wll-     a'
tho Iii.- ol trade:
The    Uaptisl   eungi
In,,ue hold   lla.,    I
Stork's opi ia  ia. i
Uev.  Mr.    Kcmpl,  ,.  ■
liei'la,   was ii n ■
close „i the evei , s,
tiers convened and i'
lo Mr. Kcmplon and in
he will neci'lU ll-o in
eollle Ji,,s,i,t   Of   Nie   IV,
trustees and dull ling ,
now   l.Mjl.Jlia,  lul   a   -lie
ciiureli an,I building ope
shortly coiiiineucciT.
Mr. Arthur Ik-rrldgc
Lewis, blngland, now
Miss Marj Mcllnlc wci
i:i,ll al ll," > .i'l,"!"' . I
morning .,, nil, o'i I, ,
|y afterward . on .. li
bound  foi I'onlai •    .
,'Ilics   lo   -I" I, I   'mi   i,
hrlde hns lived in  Fi-i
placed   within   ib
_ ol l-'aiiiie and «'
i sen-ice i,""1 hoi
,. have I'.'l in lb
 pe.ilion is tn
train f,,r Portland and oilier coasl
cities, where their honeymoon uill insi,,-,,, Their departure na. marked
hv all lhe tlme-nonorrd euslnms, even
,,'i    decorating   the cnrrlngc   wheels
» "':"" j Tlie,   bride   ami     gr    have „„„,i
' a** 1 Iriends iu tlris cilj who join in wi-.li
ing ilie,,, happiness anl prospcrlti
Mr, tlerrldgc is eollln.' arcounlaul .,,
Coal creek loi Iho Ooal company.
Mr. an.l Alia llcrridgo uill, upon
lheir return,  lake up lheir residence
\d,,,e. ■•> ibe ttldlng met m conven-
L.IMI iol me |',a|-.--. ol UOIUUillUUg .1
...uu ...a lul   ,1,1-  tilling,      .ton,, ml
ton, ai- ' , '.as uie uiuirinuu.    lui
M . : -u.a,lull paa-t.U U) IUC VOU-
,,!,,„,, ,mm one  in,Italian! bj    A. ...
K,..1„.M   and     aiVUllJ.U   U)    1<1.     lullll
sU.nu, I'cpuuialllig lie aeiion oi    uie
l. ulisLtia.ne I'UU.llUlOU al li..u Ileal
ull august llu„, in li,..ilU lu Hull
.s,air.l uu Uie eailialtonal elftusc 111 lne
.lu.oil"mi   iiul. A   vole 01 ei.u.iu-
enee in iuc lale Premier tuuuutui was
paSsiU,   lOlipuO   1,1,11   liglel_   .11     Ills
ua,in,,   IM.!!.,!.,,,,,   [rum una ttidiug
10 llama III. Iiuine 111 uur slslel province, sassaiciiewau A resoluuoii
,,,, ii,;i,.Im, I 1,, 11, VI., 11 in. an.l
UM,  belllllg   lullll   lbe   impul lance
mi  uiluing iitduslr)  ,,u,t Un- lu/.
al.luii-   la,,,Me   u,   a   llllliels calling  ami
usking loi legislation lo prelect belli
lla  iiuiii- ana  Initial      I lie iniiuliiiill,,,,
a Miiali.i.i.aa brought lull I, ilie lot-
lowing genilciiii a a names   M,    I   r
Kali,dim. ul  I'l,ulnl   I li-ei,.  .Ill       ken,
is,  however,    retused    loi   personal
asuit, ,,, ,,n,,,i ins name iu go   bole il,.- <,„,,< >!,,,„,       il,    \   ,    K.-lli
M     Ilea       pint I     \,    l|       l.l mil
lauuii.li uud was secouilnl lu Isaac
Lnugho, i,    ,11,'iieini'i,   in.     Martin,
,a,.„i.l,,l lu I', i.'iii'i. proposeii .1. K
U,,,l, ol Frank, whose name appear-
J I,, be laiurabl) receiviHl, especial
I, In il,,- delegates Hum the Pass;
Mi. iiniislaia. seconded ni cul, Wanl,
l„,,|„,s,,i \ u llonlen ii. W.
Uucliaiiaii, sccoikIcI by W. T. Kddy,
proposed Ml .lulu, keiiunls, ui Livingstone, anil llr. Lyuch-Stauiiloii
i,„l   u,      Mor.lcii  baviug  ivltliilrawu
Uie lines   us nol  being able    al
pres,.,i, ,,, iiii I.-ii,u,i- lha , lest tol-
.ule.   ut   business        .lului   Kelillilis
, i.-ii-i i.:i the unanimous nomination,
a I n
.ill ,
ni  !'■
sleemcd l>,
Berridgc is
ot the empli
ami „l sudl
day lil
the omutafiun
would climb up „, Ibis rustlin
ing world,
(Fiom the I.,
\   I.   Mi IViinot iva
abllil} !   A 1,,,,,1,,-r vnr.l will   be „|iencd    in
lo .I"'   Moyie atmut ilm tlrsl of Oil,.her.
,!     \    I'    Uuiiness  nml   wife,   nl  ('inn
"''. (brook, wore in Moyie in- a few hours
ii'V;. Tuesday.
I    \ son was horn lu Mr. ami Mrs. T.
,.,    ()I'li..,ui.|  Junes, a,  Wardner, nn     Sep
;   .    ,   iTinhe,  Is,.
'in'ai'.!   1'li.is. Imiii.'I was up lion, Murrlsscv
tel'llay I MillcS  the first   uf  lhe  week  un a   I,lla
shun- iness nip.
ilicrn, |   Kli    Varbrough bu', been laid     up
I-...,-, .wnh a severe uiim-k uf rheiimat-isni
I,     I ha   fur   -ul,,.-   lime   past
,.?a.','.l!l   M|s.  Im .1.   McMtehon and children
ind litis.    Soper rcinrnetl home yes-
„i n uial-.     Mi.   teiday frnm Kimberley
he t'oa. comnanv'   ''' A' "'" is   now ''ll'' s0,(' owner
"'.:   '   '.'..:   "i Ins business in Movie, having  pur-
La ii        „.,., ,,',  chased    his brother's   interest    ihis
n- llle „s ,„ i.-„inui.in.l .„   ,..,|».       , iw.ck.     The  linn   name  is  no  longer
!.'■..."','..'?.TJ,'    .**":! A. "ll,'"'" .'■ t'o., bm e. a. mn.
. I   Every year about  this time Moylo
is infested     hy skunks.     During tlio
jjnist  two weeks at  leasl  a half     n
dozen   of these    sweet scent,-.! ,,,-,s
(I'l'Oin lhe l'i..' Press.; ,],,m. i,,.,.,,   hill.-.l iu lhc   vicinity ol
J. A. llillis, of Cranhrook, arrived  town.
on Tuesday to take a position in the j   Work   on two   new residences    in
W. 0. Hamilton company store. Moylo will he   commenced will,in -.,
Wm. Dick, ut Morrissey, let,    last   '''"' days.       Thos. Christian Intends
week tor Midway   will,  a gang      "I   erecling ti live room bouse on his   I.u
twenty men lo   work on   a railway  on Victoria, street,    li will be ___.in
contract under 1'. Welsh i",1 s"""'   ,I'atrlclr    Iliggins has pur-
A number of miners engaged iu sink- Vi'™' "„ I'",.!!1 '."," T'VT'"1 ■"'.'!'
ing a .'11,0   loot shall     a,.    Luubreck
mines it-turned  to Michel fur n    lew
linn     am!   bus   tlie lumber oil      ,la
ground Ior a new house.
(From the Frank Paper.)
Contractor    Smith   started    work
days' holidays this week, as lhe engine had broken down, 'I'he wink I.
within 35 feet of completion.
Norman E. Uroley lefl fur the
coast via the 0. N. 11. un Wednesday.
Tfcis evening   -Mr. Uroley will     we.I
Miss Oharlotto Wilson, of Vancouver, 'yesterday on tin, construction ol   tlio
and formerly of llal   Portage.     Ate. fire hall.
Uroley has 'hosts of friends  in   lliis |   ,.,'ehic   Mol.coil,   who was ordered
city, who will welcome Inn, ami   Ins committed Ior trial oi, a charge    ,,f
bride lo Kernie ne.l week. perjury about a month ago, has   fur-
L. T. Sinllh ami  Fred  Delncll   had "isheil fai' and   is   again home wiih
a   very successlul   hunl  at    Hosmer his family,
this week.    Tbey shut two goats on I   Sergeant  -lack Allen who was    so
the top uf   Hosmer mountain.     The long iu charge of lhe mounted police
animals fell m> fai  after tbey    were barracks here, and who bad lhe    ro-
shot  that their horns were  shattered sped and good will ul everyone on lhe
and their heads were valueless. Tbey Pass, visiusl Frank yeslerilay.        lie
also shot a deer.     Yesterday     they was    warmly   greeted    hy   his   old
construe,,il a raft ui   llnsmer     nut friends.
tying lheir    game ,,, i;    the)    made |   C. P. llill, owner of the coal pro-
iJk 11ip |„ lernie.     1, places where n,ti) at llillcrest, returned last, week
the  currenl   was strong   thc journey from the east, accompanied bv Mrs.
was rather Interesting . I lilt, mul ihey   are again usUihllslied
As Messrs.   Alexander and    Drum- "t their Hlhcrosf homo.     Mr.    llill
monil were   walking   ,,!.„,:■. the   Klk sljll|,s """ •"' i"»s come prepared   lo
last Sunday, about [onr miles soulh ,'ra"l,,t' operations    uu ,-, huge scale.
ot the cily, they overtook ,„..    sils- He will start work a, once un a rail
pieio.i- looking loreigncrs who    were road to connect the   pro|ici'iy    wilb
ostensibly fishing       A  few   moments the Crows Nest line, pul in a tipple
later lhav heard the sound ul a  nf   and proceed   lo pui  ihe mini	
ed explosion, as   of dynamite csploil shipping basis.       Tin- railroad    will
ing u,„l,r waicr.    Ouesslng iha truth -a,], the Cons Nes, line at the si-ling
ihey hastened back lo secure evldenei |us, al The east end or the slide and
Uial  lhc in,-,,   were dynamiting lish will extend south across ihe. Old .Mm,
One of the two fled, while Ua- other, river to the luui of lhe lull below tie
named    .Mi1.,-    Pahara,     si,,,i.l    liis mouth ol lhc mine entry, a distance
ground.     Ilcside him Ihey louml   lour of Iwo ami a half miles.   There    lho
.sticks nl dynai it,   and in the ivalci tipple will Im located   ami a     Ham
were a few floating li h, slunnrd    hv rood will lead from   lhe mine   down
tbe explosion.    Baliara could offer no to lho tipple.    Mr. 11,11 stales    thai
explanation    ex        ihal     lim Mend the-   operating   planl will lie ,,f tun,,
named nrjcsaki, ! id brought  Ma- ilv tons rapacity ,,, begin with, anl will
riamife   up I,, blow       p a log   dam. ho enlarged ns necessity reunites,    li
They   were   hull,    a.m.   „  I   In       the is among tbe plans ut Mr. lull's Com-
police eourl on   Tuesday,     Orlesaka Pany lo huild coke ovens, tun owing
pieadod    not   guilty,  I  I   hi   men I to tlie lateness ol the sensnn no    ,,,-
1rind to skiuirm oul ol .' without   a tempi will he made to star,      Ihal
ecss.    The magistrate imp   ..I .. line branch „f Um   work ibis fall.     The.
,,f $30 ami costs upon each     Half ,,f company will build cottages, ten    uf
this   goes lu the cuvar,aa.,.'    while which will he pui up nl once fur   tho
the other half belongs iu lie inform- nccommodalIon of thc um,,.
ant,     In the   presenl  instance     lhe |  *	
Society for thc Protection „i   Oamo .,.„„„..
gets SIM, as all members have ngreed j                 BLAIRMORE
lo turn in all such fees lu that sue-1 .	
''''''■ (From lhe Times.)
O. I,. Boynlon, manager ol the Klk Wallace Hamilton, an "Id  timer in
Lumber   company,   wen, 1n Winnipeg this dislriel, and who is now in busi-
on Sunday lu nice,  tin. directors    ..f ness al Feinie. was a visitor in town
bis companv relative ,,, plans for f„- ,.n Wednesday.
ufAl'rr hi""..' m'"' ttw"1   Th' SIU|   news  was  received      lliis
,,f,lAtil\ ',   ■     il,'',"",'   n'T   ,,'" ««'k thai Mis. S. W. llebo. locmor-
porler Ihis inorian^ staid   lne      lie i„ „, y,.„,    M.a ,o a .,  ,, ',  ,    i„,
company would a1, onee erect B lem- 1? 1 oa Sundatlas R'
porarv mill on the old site to cut ,,"tana' "n Sun*U> ldSt- ,
their t.imhrr trihnlarv to Kernie : rhe strlkfl situation in h rank re-
Later, prohnhlr next fall, tlie com- ,nains practically unchanged. The
pany would ereet a large mill at ('<>mpaiiy are evidently satisfied with
Hosmer, m-ar where theii large limits ,Jlt' situation and have taken out
are Joeated. Mr. Boynton explained ll"'ir roPfl haulage system and are
Uiat the C.I'.U. offered Inducements In P"Parod for a ^iihI long sie^. Pre-
tJie Co. to locate ni Mosmcr whieh sUlv,[i 'sf"'rm:m nnd Mr. Peterson, of
together with lhe expense saved in ''-"' national hoard, with the local
running logs in the river lo Kernie offlcem of the Frank union also ex-
made this site more advantageous U> l,n'ss themselves as satisfied anil
his company. The Elk Lumbei com- "ave ,llc t-iiualion, from Mu* men's
pany reeeiitly arranged for a spur Point of view, in band,
from the 0. V. R. at Kemie .-it a cosl On the evening of Friday last the
of $15,000.    The sleel ti laid to   the eighth, at Pineher Creek, tho Conser-
(iOl.DKN M:\VS
i ned
iai Ct
(From  the Star.)
\  < ai'lutid of dump earl.-, a
tii'ldeii Sunduj lur tlie Koote
tral coiilruetors.
The holy ..f Ale.*.. Sinclair, who
was tltuivned in lhat creek during the
suuiiner, vva.s found Sunday and
■urought tn Golden lasl .Monday an.i
burled Tuesday, Uev. \\. y. Macrae
The Cranbruok Labor Bay celebration was a greal success. There
were ovur RHHJ vislturs present.
When Cranhriiok's eiilernrlsliig citizens undertake anything they make a
.sucerss nf if.
The Revelstnke Herald is publishing
good tditnriais these days,     Oil Sep
iei i   L   it's   iiliw.iiai     was taken
from iti- (i-.l,I.ii siai, and hisi
week's gray maiter wns lakmi    frum
llle XeldOIl Ni ws.
The Palliser tunnel. 12 miles eosi
of Gulden, has heen tlul) Inspected an.i
passed, and trains are now using il.
It is on.; of the best pieces of .tunneling wmk un the V. I', it. Il lias
lii-en iinod throughout with concrete.
It tins uiT a had curve, and gives an
Improved site for a new bridge whieh
has been built over the Kit-kin-;
Horse. A similar tunnel has been
made in the Columbia canyon, three
miles west nf Donald, and other tunnels will he built. It is intended lo
line the tunnel east nf lllecllllwaet
station wiih concrete.
All the mail order houses in Christendom wouldn't Increase tit- value ut
your property a etui. Tbey an*
parasites tu whom liu- is unl) possible as  long as   Ihey  ean  stiek  blood
mil nt ilie communities, tn ihe upbuilding n] whieh they eniitrlbule
liotblng. 'Ilnv create no local market (i.i the products yuu have Im
-.ah*. They have no property in
your eoiinii) which ran he. assessed
io help hear ynur burden ui taxation.
Citizens of Golden should hear tills
iu inintl when sending lo 'Hm Eaton's
sweal foundry fm* goods thai can be
purchased from local merchants, and
also some Golden merchants should
remember there   is a prim simp   in
town that is as "well edited anil welt
stocked" as any concern in Toronto.
Editor Moll nf tlie Feinie Ledger
must have a great politieal think
tank. Last week's "piune" was
simply fierce. If Editor Mott don't
let up the Star will he forced to publish one of his gems so Unit the
world can see it.
(Blairmore Times.)
Tuesday the Pass towns were gaily
decorated ami a general holiday was
taken hy the citizens. The oeeasiun
being ihe visit to this section ol
Governor General Earl Grey, accompanied hy Lady Grey, ami his suite.
He nossed through hy speeial train
in ilu- morning going west as far as
ilu- iuve, ihe entir.-T .,f Lhe Old Mai,
river, returning shortl) after noon
and making his lirsi slop at Coleman.
Here th.* citizens hud surpassed men
themselves and the sli'ects wen* gall)
decorated with bunting and evergreen.
A most magnificent arch was erected
.u-h.ss the street and a speakers' stand
I'leetftl.      .Mon-   than  niie  uujltu    WUS
displayed, ilu- mosl notable heinu uu
the haul., where besides other decorations u l. Brudle displayed (iu
plaid) ' Scots wa ha," \ pon lus
exei'lliiiel - arrival be wan met bj
r.nn.i ■■-. ;m,i himself and Ladj Grev
eseorl .1 in s, Mttimhan, II. E, tinier nud mli,'is tn ihi- slam! prepared.
-Mr. r.ali'1 i,., t an address in which
llh- Earl replied, aflei whieh Iw was
inlrodiictil In Mi. Oalor in the eom-
inin.r and a lauc ntimbei ..f Coleman's oilier leading citizens. He was
then driven around the big eoal plain
when- he lunl a chnnce in not only
see this modem plant hut also t,, admire the l.c.tniiful d eolations ltt the
power hnus.', which bud heen placed
there hi Engineer R. Alderson. The
Earl also took a irip into Iho mine
before returning lo his iraln and hid-
dlng his Coleman hosts farewell.
Al Blairmore the special slopped for
hut. a few minutes, th.' children shm-
Ing our national nnlhem ami ihe Karl
addressing a few words in the   many
leathered   in  greet     him.      In   Frank,
'which was also tastefully (.'..(.orated,
his excellency visit, d ihe'sinelivr and
was tendered a banquel at the Imperial hotel hv the citizens of Fi-.uik and
I their friends. After dinner the Governor General and his party were
driven around tin- slide, meeting their
special train at Bellevue.
i The day was entirely given over by
the mining companies and business
men as a holiday, a number of badges
were struck oil and secuii*d hv many
as momenlos of the oeeasiun. Mr.
Frii). Uihle presented a couple of
them to Lady Grey, for which she
Kraeinnslv thanked him. Ile also
presented all of lhe school children
wiih these inoiiieiitos of the oeeasiun
of our Governor General's visit.
ILcnMiitl ffiusincss
houses ot" fll>aryjs=
Cbe Smelter ilito.,
Mar,-,ilie has Clinic
inli, her own. Thc
town now bus a per*
mane... payroll und i-
ihc natewai ui the si.
Marys \alley. _•« The
Herald can heartily
Indorse the followlni
business houses;
What is meant by
"Protein" in flour?
"Protein" in lixnl is tlie food element thut makes bone, muscle and
Pure flour contains more protein,
in most useful form, than any other
I'ood—but tlie Hour must be pure.
Bran and shorts are waste—if your
flour contains tliis waste, it is proportionately short in "protein."
Now, if you buy an inferior, poorly
milled Hour, you are paying lor bran
and shorts, not "protein," and to that
extent you are wasting money.
is milled to make it the purest in the
world: therefore it contains most
protein, is most nourishing, is most
economical to use.
It pays the housewife to insist upon
getting "Royal Household ' guaranteed flour, instead of taking a poorer
flour whieh the grocer may be interested in selling
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
1 Central Hotel
ti W- Johnson, Proprietor
ft Diiiint: Room service the host.
the l.ailiii" ho-
Iel in  the Sl. ft
Marts valley, ti.
)■.■_ r.-j
ti Hit- place to slop when visiting Hn- Smelter CH) ti
i»»s'-s«i">a««^^ ooo««o.<>oi>o.aoooi-j«>o.oofto
Dominion Exhibition
1905-September 27 to October 7=1905
Under tin1 auspices ul' tin1 Roynl Agricultural
mul Industrial Society	
New Westminster, B. C.
Stupendous and comprehensive array of Exhibits representing the resources ot all Canada
$100,000.00 Jfr«5#/5-?/_»S $100,000.00
Enlarged Grounds, New, Hanilsunie, Scauuns Bulillngs
Lacrosse, Horse Racing, Broncho "Busting," "lililarv
Parades and Exercises.
ROVAL IRISH U.UARDS and other Famous bands.
GRAND WATER  CARNIVAL   Parade ol Frazer river
fishing fleet, patrol bouts, H. M.  warships, Indian
war canoes, etc.   Indian Sports.
For all information write W. H. KEARY, Secretary and
and Manager, New Westminster, B. C
4 ■#"«■■>—■■»-->■-»--*■■ t--H-«.■»■■*"»-#" •«•"•■•••'••
is now located in its comlort-
able and attractive new quarters in the Watts buildinn". J
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches of the tonsorial art.
>*..*..*.. #■•♦"•"*>■•♦•-«—••••••••*--.-* ..••■.•••»■■«
Ili'iiil(|iuirti.'i*s fur olioicu *}
coiifeotiotiory tuul fruit, We $
;ii't'tin- a^fiits here lor tin' I'ii* }
0 inuitK (i. lit, Ohoeolales so 0
a well known hy nil lovors of *
0 good swills. Shipments \
0 made so iih to  have  inithi 11^ 0
Imt fi'i-sli Htoi-k.
AT 'llll*: STAKT
nil mav sii'in -.veil. Tlif iiiii'slion is.
How will thr Imtsi' Btniid Uu' strain
uf a hard day's wurli 7 lius lie tliu
Riit tliat will uiako liltn lit tu Hg!H
Die battle to a lliilirli V Onr horses
arc tin* lichi tn a finish ktirl—.io Ui
work tlioruiiKhly nml ijiiiiih. When
in want ol Btich nn animal, for pleis*
mi' nr work, try ours, We have also
an elegant outfit of Untlaiis, Coaches, Coiijies, llnnaboitls. L'tc, tor. Uii 1.
ui iinlieard nt lltllp in'lccs.
The HanJIey Livery Stahles
The Royal Hotel
Headquarters Ior £J
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
lint in-fore iloiiit- so see .Tames
'ireer, the contractor, He will
In, utile to hlep joii witli sun-
iteslions thut will prove valuable.
James Greer
Contractor ami Builder
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
Opposite McArthur'. Secnd-tland Start-
it you have tent lhat utore sin,,',
won't (it nice and easy, give me a
trial. I have lunl a large anil varied
experience in England and Canada,
Or it ynu have a pair ot olil shoos
lhat are nice an,! easy, hut are gel-
ting the worst lur wear, don't throw
them away—bring them to me anil I
will fix them Ior you, so that you
can he comfortable this warm wt-ath-
Repllrlni Neatly anilPromplly Due
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
ti tins Iiiiii rcccnll) refurnished nn.l is now nm' nl £J
si Ihe best hotels In liie district
ti 'li1-' people.
trysYille Drug Co.
n Wc carry a complete slock »( everyniine in thi' n
ti "rug and Stationery line. Nn need to scud away "^
ti tor your sunds. ti
n     I
i 1 it
m JAMES NEIL, Proprietors ft
I MARYSVILLE, B. C.   Th~ •««-' -d tet %
g! equipped   hotel in   the  &
fir  St. Marys valley. ** Commodious Sample Rooms >sj
k n
*        When vou visit. Crnnbrook stop at the        -£
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders nnd Oysters
served In any style from tt p. m. to O a. in.
v The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor clean Hj
4p   liness and comtort and the bar,is supplied with thc best brand $1
<£-.;•   of liquors and cigars. Jk
9 L. B. VANDElAR. Prop.        <k
I wmmmmi mmmtmwmm^mwmmm&mlm
*****.********' ******.*****************»**************
I   ^Manitoba Hotel.,   \
* *
J (l'ti.l.-r New MiiiinpMiieiill *
I D. A. MeDONALI), rlanager t
i . *
I Tlv" Motel is in tlie center o( town.    The  rooms arc  t
} comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is lirst- {
J class, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When you »
* want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. J
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of tlie finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
Kor terms, tua.is and further particular, apply I,, the follow!, p;
loeal hunl agent.: ■   -
\*. llyile Hukir. Cranbrook, 13. 0,    1", Mallatiilaino, Jr., Oroston, ll. I'.
t. II. Wilson, Wiii',lner, Ii, (.1. If. \ M. llinl, Nelui.u, ll. I:.
K. K. Ilriuv, Wilmer, 13. <'.
llritish Columbia Land Commissioner,'
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta THE   CRAXBItOOK   IHRAl.Ii
H. I  Stephens.
M. Roikendurf
J. l an an,,.
Morrissey Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in Last Koolcnay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephen. Hi,,. & Co., Owners .ni, Proprietors,
Morrisscy Mines, it. c.
H. I.. Stephen.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver **,* «.< i*
im uiu wiiiii: HOTEL.
II    l    Stephens, IIH ner and I'roprlelur.
Morrissey Junction, 11. C.
Hotel ** u9
fluent* Comlurl a Special!)
iiimii Stabling :n Connection
Snur-i ti. rnlltnofl iiii.I ilepol.    llm, ai iiiiih'.Ih
ilium fm tlie public unequalled lu Cmntiroak,
| j   Hul mill Cold lialhs
Hogjcarth & Rollins j j
 Proprletoi s      j j
t r:iiiliiiiiik Hrcsh)lcridn Church.
Sabbath Services 	
  11 a in   nml 7 30 ji m
Sunday School A Bible UlasB...3 p.m.
Christian Endeavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.
The jitil.tk' are cordially Invited to
attend all thf meetings.
Pastor, W. ti. W. Fortune, B.A.
SK___5_ra__sa_:__ s_ bbhhbbh
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
oul of Ihe 24
. I •l-I-H l~HI HM l-M II!-I-I--MH-M-M-M-
M-H-H- l-l-l- l-M-M-l-l-w-H-l- M-I- -H-M-+-M-
I Cbe Cosmopolitan
Strictly Firstclass and Up-to-
Date in every respect. The
bar is stocked with the best of
Wines. Liquors and Cigars
and lhe Dining; Room service is
M *W-*W-H-M-I--!"t-l-l-l I I !-[ j; !« ! Il-J i-M-iIMl
4*4444.w-!--M- J I I !-! *M I-1 I I I«M-M-f-H
Cranbrouk Methodist Church.
Corner uf Ham-on Avenue mil Uula Streel
Sun,lay Services :—
Divine Worship it a,m,
Sunday Stiiu.il  .( p.m.
Dlvfnu Worship  7.30 pan
Tuesday :—Epworth League ol Chris
iiiin Endeavor  8 p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended io
:lit.- public,
J. P. Westman, Pastor.
Cranbrook Baptist Church.
The lollowlng is   a list of lho services bt'itl in the Baptist church :—
Sunday   11 a.m. and 7.3*9 p.in
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Young Peoples 8 p.m. Tuesday
Prayer   Meeting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially Invited to
attend all tht- meetings.
Pastor. J. I.. Sloat.
Rambling Reveries
h>  \ DREAMER.
One should not repudiate himself.
There is no surer method ot discomfort and no ehortei road to failure.
'lo sjH'ak in natural tones and io acl
without affection; to dress in such a
way as not io Invite comment, to act
without being hampered by artificial
rules, and to live undaunted by conventionalism is not lo live in vain.
It is to escape much that spoils lite.
Siooetity is a genuine comlort a-,
well a.*> a great virtue. The people
who .tu unaffected and genuine are
aul iiii- people to ask, "Is iuc worth
llr log? It would lie as sane loi a
man with sound lungs, standing in
tin- free "pen ol a mountain summit,
to ask, ' is an worth breathing?
Some eoutage is needed lo bi nal
mai and a bigfaei kind ol courage,
loo, iIan that which inarches bohiud
the   ait- end ol a gun      1'hat moiul
luuiage  WlHcb  is   Hot   ill Ulu Ida led    b>
aiv'aiuiice nor cowed h> custom is a
liner article than the daring ol the
speculator, oi lbe stead j iwrve ol ute
so.dici in physical peril. It iake.s
biau-i) ui thi.- nt.i .lamp tu be true
tu OIlCMll.
Hidiculc belittles lhc enterprise; ex*
pL-dienej ilnuwa doubts upon it, in -
cuiusiances umburat... and make dllli-
niil  lbe ad vulture   ot beiug natural.
Hut In- wh.. in Uu- ta
il alt, man
Speaking of a
: Good Thing
Yon should uuu our new work '■
<>n ,i,ir new mi'
4  B C. Livery and  Feed  Stables ',
t *
Kirn I .'lam li'_-.     ,.<■!„ '    ii ■   IVivers
1111,1     |i,i'li    I,,,lama    I'm,   IIU)   |l„llll   ill    ill
Blacksmith .inJ Woodwork Shop
S.iliii ulil ■ tim I i |.|-. -..,
When You
Clean House
Bring your curtains and
carpets to us for washing.
\\,' make a specialty of wasli-
ing 0. P. Ei.overalls,
No Chinamen  employed
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
SUTER S McrHEE, Proprietors
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Cc. Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds 01
Roujjfli and Dressed Lumber
ARoi\lKr.ll   II,,-  Veai    --.     •    -.   Baito,   1 l„>n Evor ll.-i,,.    *
Taken ride to
nml   Perry Creek .',,,,1 Btop nt
The Perry
Creek llolel
0. IJIRtil-:, Prop.
I'l, ninil liy.liiinli,' Mining
light ,ll Iiii,„I. A   lirauli-   j
Inl   Unu- mnl  il„-  place  ii,
ain'i.,1 nn e.ijoyab'o iluy,
,,   keep   l.llli
ii.tini.iii, b.'lf-r
n i lli
't'llllS   lllli.r   il   la   UU,
keeps   IMS   a,-l(-l.'S|„'li   I
i, is ilia,, true tlml liu
Ilia world's li, liiainta:
liiililii' „,
I,as, but ll
iliS.   "Iml   I
ilia world i
ii-i aiscri ii
chatter abullt
al,s.  I„
,,,,- i,  quil,
I  rates  Inn
The Twelfth Annual
Spokane Interstate Fain
October 9 t .    ."..   90
Wonderful Displays of 1'AIX'S FAMOUS" PyROTEIENICS,
presenting "TIIK K.M.I, nl'" POUT ARTHUR" in Flaming
Kir-works, LAl'UEl" K.MIIIUTS in I.V1_I'Y DEPART-
.1 I.ST of ilie PAIR, MEN'S RELAY llAi IE duringthe Whole
Week. Eight Entries Tin' KIN EST SHI IW ui LIVE STt ICK
ever lield in Washington, UP-TO-DATE Vniulovlllo Program
Everv Afternoon ,'ii„l livening, l'.i'iuiiil'nl FRUIT DISPLAYS
Show. INDIAN VII,LAt.K nntl INDIAN RACES und Dances
C.n««>liina lor Sale llOWIil I. w. Pill, President
Wrll. lor Premium Llal and Race Program      H.llll  II. ClISOKOVH, Set. and M|r
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Livery  &
! Proprietors
t    Teams mul drivers turulihnl for nny
potiit in lbe illatrlet.
I A. DOVU3, Manager
St) til.ouM AT HOAIK.
Above all things there should be no
gluom in lhe borne. The shadows of
dark discontent and Irctlulness should
never cross the threshold, throwing
tlieir large, black shapes, like iun.-r.tl
palls, over the happ) young spirits
gathered there. Il you will, ynu
shall sit on a throne and be tho
presiding household deity. 0! faiUiiul
Wile, wfcat privileges, what treasures
greater or purer than thine.
And let the husband strive to lot-
get his cans as he winds around the
long narrow street, an.i beholds the
soil light illuminating bis little parlor, spreading its precious beams on
tbe rtd pave belore it. lie has been
barrassed, perplexed, persecuted, lie
has borne with many a cruel tone,
many a cold word, and nerved himself up to an energy so desperate,
that his frame and spirits are weakened and depressed, And now his
limbs ache with weariness; bis temples throb with pain-heat caused by
too constant application. He settr-
c-i'ly knows how to meet bis wife
with a pleasant smile, or sit down
cheerfully to their little meal, which
she has provided with so much care.
Uui the door is opened—the overcoat thiown hastily oil. A sweet
singing voice falls upon his ear, and
ibe tones are so soil and glad that
Hope, like a winged angel, llles right
Into his bosom and nestles against
bis luart.
A home where gloom is banished—
presided out by one who baa learned
rule her household. Oh I he is
tht ice consoled for all his Hails. It
is impossible he can be unhappy.
That sweetest, best, dearest solace
Is bis—a cheerful home. Do you
wondei that tlie man is strengthened
anew lui  to-morrow's can-''
i liarai tei  with Its stamp ol m u. nal
Ity—the sort of man wbofie m   I
felt on all sides—nothing else hj ,.
family life, especially when it is nui-
ple and laborious. Here are the
normal conditions, Hie favorable atmosphere, and n-i one be atluUi 1 *.,
interfere with the rights and happi
ness of another. There must be in.
drones in the home if it is to be a
perfectly happy place aud there must
be no Inordinate selfishness. An idle
person and a selfish person will disturb the peace ol the whole family.
While there must be loyalty aud
unity, there must also be great freedom for the expression ol personal
tastes and respect foi individual activity,
The life nf tbe world is strenuous
and tbe dooi of ihe borne should rdmt
out ihe storm and stress, bui il
should not shut oul new ai.d whole
some Inspiring Influences It -.hould
stand wide in hospitable welcome t<»
lucnds. Tbe h-unc lite that, is narrow and nolfisfa is dull and enervating,
M \  PRODUCT AMI ri.iisiiiA
lti:si:.\im.i:s   that (ll
Spokesman-Review: A Spokane
ooii,pari)', lhc Southeast Kootenay
iiul & Petroleum company, controls eight sections uf land In the
western t'anails uii flelits, where, according lo reports, a gnshcl was if
laiuiy struck. Roports Irom I'nuli
in Creek, where the well „.,s struck,
indicate Unu lhe i-i.m lias caused
much excitement iu thai region. John
(ilnii,. uue ,,l the directors ol the
Southeast Koolcnay company, lell
tho ,,il fields lur Spokane Un- da) !,<--
Inn- the Rocky lloiintnln Developitienl
TorTamilyU$e <..,.»
tff_t_f*a_\ ■  u. j i - >rt_t-
i rn, Unequalled, Unex-
| tcl Inl
fl. L mcDcrmof  ~™
Ulheiesale Wine merchant   *£ i^4_W^'"
!''.  17, Craiibrook "*"'
j r=:iz=_zzz:D^lNI*;==i______
Made from the bcM malt m\A tlie purest w.u
er, il is unexcelled lur quality.    .*    Ask tor
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. .***
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting;   Company,   Limited
n iiiiiiiii.tu Hirer- ol ill kinds ol  Wrnkj Wlttri
ti reported
Moim- I
.1   Wrll :
and it.
ity ol
n guard our suns and daughters
from evil, or al least, to maintain at
the very core of theii being
against all con laminating touch and
harmful counsel, let us win their con-
IHlcncc when ihey aie little, cultivate
th.- well.
lie said yesterday: "There
companies working In the oil
Finn an- in llritish Columbl.
the other two are in Alberta
tin- Alberta companies have \
iheir property. The Itocky
tain Development company ha*
which it struck about in mont
The oil is extiaetcd by pumps
is estimated that it has a cap;
61) barrel-- a day. The) have a small
refining plain an.i -lake enough oil
Irom ibe well lo keep ibe plant running. The product is sold to people
in the immediate locality for illuminating purposes. The company is
composed exclusively  ol  Canadians.
Tbe other concern, the Western
Laud A Oil company, has fouud a
non-gushlug well, which it Immediately plugged.
The oil lands extend iti miles east
and west by 15 miles north and
south. The oil occurs in subterranean lakes in the top ot mounds several thousand feet from the surface.
Seepages occur at various places over
the region, and gas cau be lighted as
it escapes irom the rocks in other
spots. The deptt al whicli the reported gusher was tound was about
1U5U feci from the surface of the valley.
"The oil in the new legion is oi a
high quality, and well adapted to Illuminating purposes. It is much superior to ihat ol the California fields
and closely resembles the Pennsylvania oil. The oil obtained in Canada s.'lls for $2.25 per battel of 40
gallons, and the California oil is sold
for 25 cents Ior the same amount,
Our oil is what is known as parallin
base, and the California oil is asohal-
tum base.
''Our company has not as yet made
any borings, hut we expect to have
drills at work Within dt) days. Some
of our property lies within four and a
half mites from the new gusher. What
work we have done bas heen tu determine the b.'st places Iol' boring.
The oil region extends down into
Montana and seepages are found there, |
hut within a few mltCS
tier on the Monlaua sld
region   which    allow
t as they glow up, and preserve    it   might have existed lh
Iways.     There is no talisman more How oft'."
lagical, no better means of     over-) " *
iniiiiij,    the   tll_llcull.es   of education
the hor-
a faulty
nil which
in,alh   I.,
irlse iron
our children,      As  time goes on
thority is modified perforce,     if
desire to   educate your children
freedom, your authority must be felt (•astern slates
less and less, and at   lasl efface    it- crof west of R
-" •""*■""•"   '• » "»S.£,
contrary, must persist. Mow many
parents do not comprehend this' lix-
ci'iliTit at educating nurslings and
guiding cl ildliood, tbey continue lo
treat their children the same at    all
Wash ngton, Sept.  II.—Next
bance will reach Pacific  coast about
15, cross west nf Rockies hy close ol
10, great    central   valleys  17  to  III,
Warm wave   will
skies about 15. great
), eastern states ii
. will belong to     the
warmest  week in September.    Prom
10 to 20, will also bring thc    most
severe weather events oi the month
They will he Intense dining  the   five
days, Hi to 20, while the disturbance
is crossing He cuitinenl, mosl
;es, they steal away theii power ol on Pacific slope about Iti and
by the very acl ol clinging to a passing authority, let perish a confidence
which might have been constant. Nor
is it enough to be resigned lo seeing
the will and personal loice of our
children establish themselves, wo
should welcome with joy all the signs
  ...............^. m
Manulailurer. ot . L
Nm, th and-Messed J Ji
LUflBERartd ;>
Alst, nil   Kinds uf ; Ji
Mill LDINQS ;>
Jaffrny, Ryan and   'tm*
Uraii.>n>uk, B.C.    ; J.
Held Olllce, • Cranbrook    ,' Ji
ia ivln-,1 we unloaded into uur warehouse Get our
prices "1, Flour, Bran, Shorts, Wheat, Oats, Timo-
thy Hay, Prairie Hay    We guarantee satisfaction,
For Fall ami Winter will be so many and so strongly X
contrasting that every man who is fond of dress can V
liiul several tilings to his liking for every i)i_r_x,5e and *
every taste can find ils ideal at X
Of this season's fabrics still await
your oid.-r to be made into a suit or
ni.it, Why nu'. take advantage ot
our end-of-lhe-season offer? While tt
is still summer tor you it is near
winter for us.    So we will
at about the
of   tbe    cloth to
elear it out. Tbe ta,lot ing will he
up to our usual standard. That you
know is  the bi-_b.-st.
Before vou make- arrangements for    -,-
Aimut 11 weather Icatures generally
mil largely Increase in intensity ,,,,l
will lu- radical till alter 20 As the
i-onl wave of this disturbance come.
iu raiiiliill will largely increase oici
previous week and a nr,ai fall in temperature will begin, which is expected to reach its lowest degrees nnt fai
frum 2K, bringing   frosts t<» northern
ol budding character, and, so Iai as |a,tltud«s, parts ol the corn lirlt . and
it can possibly be wise, give free play northi-rn   sections    of    cotton belts
to the spirit of independence and   t-n- attorn .8.
, '      ,.       ,ii,i ,      November will he unusually stormy.
terprise.       Do not hinder the man s dhagrMtj,to|     „„t    Bood   ,oc    Con,
being formed In the child.     Tu    thc galherinn and cotton picking.    Farm-
soniewha. feminine education of ten- ers and planters shnuid get in    theii
dcrness and     solicitude, ol vigilance work on these two lines during Oeto-
pcrhaps over anxious and restrictive •"*■_     „.. Um (<) ^ (().
ol liberty, Ict the virile educator sue- h()|,din(, over oU cf„.„ whc„ thc gtea,
ceed, that education which is to lorge drought, year In   thc corn lit     ie-
and temper     the forces   ul ctildrcn, turns.    It requires considerable time
cultivates their resistance and   their |° 8ft rid ol surplus live: stock tlul
... ,   , , „,„.,,   , it wilt not pay to leed during a great
combativcness and does not flinch   in KIIclt, „, ycn'rn       It doea Bnot     ,,,.
the (aec of tbelr laiigues, their trials q„[re a scientific forecast In order to
their dlfiiculttes, even their danger, warn farmers of the approach uf such
it is at this price llial men ol mark a failure.     No period ol eight years ,
are fashioned, one of whom is worth a _* nV^rr^"  ___SSS j
thousand lives of routine, mummified w,ii glvc ample vvarning and it is not I
and slieepiike.     And to mould    such too early to begin preparations.
I i
your full
sec us for ideas, designs and stock.     |
It may be mutually profitable
FJ. Bradley & Co.
Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators THE   (JttAKBROOR   fii.i.' \i !••
U,  The Herald Pal,11 I ug Company
Herald  1'
K.lltor and Manager.
The Herald is worth 110 a year. 1'
costs uuly 5* No man In south
Kast Kootenay can afiord to he without It, and everyone Hum outside ol
the district, who Is interested in the
progress ol Hns section, should read
ft. It publishes Ihe news while ii is
news. 11 is controlled absolutely by
ihe publisher. No clique, party oi
individual dictates it; policy. I.
don't try to please Ihe people. H's
desiie is to publish ., imns|',ii"i that
will lie a iri-dit to the community.
Send iu ymir subscription ;„„l you
will be th.iui-tiil ever altcrwani.
Advertising rates Si per Inch, single
enluuui, per month, no <>„»,' and  no
Heading   matter la cents prr   1	
to nnii-adverusi,s . HI ivi I pe, line
to   regular    ndn ' Business
lucals ilie cents pel line each Insertion.
If you desiie ,,, rca, 1, 'lie people „t
South Last Kootenai you must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald haa a liisl class job
plant, nnd ,,s work la ol the best
The Herald don't wanl charity, li
wants a iquaro deal on your job
work. II wo can't ami you i„ ,i„.tiny and price, kiel,, ami send your
wnrk ,o some Cheap John house tu
the east thai novel p, nils a cent In
1,000 _ Wee!
I  1,1,1    ,»    ,1,0    G, ,.  m.i
Ci,.  lit..11..,,   ..f  ll._   l  ,..,,-
brooh  II,,..1,1   £>   cr   £?
Tlio llernitl givosu ilullur
in lain,- for,, ilollnrlii inn,,-
uy,    TliiMi.li, iii-a Jut.-, tlm
ri_lu ,,,  know  wl.nl   I.u   ia
i jiving   for   l,ia   money.
Tl,e     ll-'      M       M      -a.,'      ,„],',
The Herald  will be found on *
sale al thc following plate.:
Marysville, Marys! llle Urn,: Slore
Wardner, li Donahue's Slore
■ Moyie, S. K. Hsrvle's Dnnt Store
♦ Ryan, K. P. l-'iiil...
Fernie, Purdy's Hunk Slore
P.lko, Holbrook's Book Store
Cranbrouk.  Beattie A Alcllison's
and C E. Keid & Co.'s
l!    IS
1 iitHligi-ni,
all Uui i patriuiii all thai is pro
I'.-.-.-n t'aiiiidian child
uon as be
oi -it-- itah lisp VikI if 'his is done
th n v-ill bo les nl ,. ' ndiiii'V tu
make -mh a Kcni-rou-*. displa) o! loi
. i, ,,, . t-\. ept v. lu n occasions demand It.
Tht; falgarj llcruld, ipcaking oi
Uii.s matter appropi Iutelj says:
"AH along thtough ibe mount-ains
arc slrimg American Hags in deference
I.,   the   li.iin-.ls   wh"   liei|iU'lil   I'anad-
i.iu summer resorts The same cumin.h i.u iimtincl eatises stum "i Uu1
t'.il'Z.nv real estate agencies t.i .lis
plai foreign Hags ovei theii places oi
Then' maj hi- nothing particularly
ntnug in  tins -"ii  "i tbiug, but    il
-.His   n.i   Ki„,d   Jilil|i"si'   .ind   I-     I'.il
eiil a tod io provoke trouble u    the
must unexpected sources The tourist
wll.. travels through Canada, aud the
>  wh., cuim - h.-i,' I., bu)   land,
ought t.i be taught thai we know but
un,* Hag, .ind th.it is ihe ling thut
Hit's througtnut th.- world where the
map i pninti .1 nnl Thi»i is the unlj
s, iiiiin,hi which be. .uu.-s a Canadian,
and 11 is '.'""d enough foi nn) inan 01
in.'ii wh.. seek ..ui t'ouiitrj temporal-'
llj 01 i'i rmaneiiilj
m   i-'.11; WITH   nn-: tnsTitiiT.
Tin- snows aie coming lower on
the mountains each suceessivn storm,
th. win! grows chill Ioi in couscqu
eiiee, bui still there Is im sign front
the powers that be at lhc coast (if .1
movement tu spend anj ol thai money
t.ik.it h\ luxation [nmi No- illstrlet
1..1 public improvements, li will
M...M h,' in,, bite to .1" any work ihi.*,
ytar, bui M is imn ton lute In lax
ilu- peuple. V\t \..n the laves will
have t,, h> paid nni.in which will hr
-till largei  on aecuml of Hi.' Hiniige
in 'he s, 1 1 law.        Uby is il  that
ibe government fails to :(jlu I any nl
ih.- money taken [mm this dislriel
in material improvement*-! in ihis -lis
irk't ■ Ovei Mini.imo 1,1km in taxes
last yeai from ('oii.-ieivat'ivi'.s awl Lil.
i-ntls alike, .uui yet  the 1 unl   es-
p.'ii.l.d this year In tliu Cranbrouk
lUuiel in the iviij i'i improve incuts
i:- virtually nil I- it due in gross
iiii.smaiiagi'menl, Is it due to oversight, j" 11  tin.- lu Incli oi funds for
iiuiii i   iimprove ii i.v, ..r |s ji due to
i'he fact  that tin*   people "i litis dis
Irlt't   i-h-'t.d   a   l.iht-tvl   \l;9*t<-;vi   t.f      ,1
Ciinsi-rvntivp, nnd foi tills reason
In.Mi Liberals nmi Consulvatlves wh..
paid ih,' taxes nre In be punished ■
Cianbrook dlstrU't, ti one "i ihe  hest
Ircaimuni. Thf people have a righl
1.1 object in such a procedure. U'hni
Lbe Ctaitbrnok illstricl needs just now
is a businesslike adjust uieiti of this
question, and uui lhu cliloteemcnt oi
.1 policy tliai means political revenge
This i.s nol a ^question of polities, it
is a question ol business,
At fliiT.-ii'iil limes throughout Can
via there has been trouble over Hn
Hag Issue, always due tn the lact
thai sotn.' one wants lo make a
iiini.ni.iin nf trouble oul ol a mole
bill of sentiment. In th.' I nilcd
Kt'ilcs Ihe same thing Ini ■ ucmirml
but nol so often   and tin   im 1    I'
appui'<*-jl. Kxcepl upon public m
easions,    when as it uial 'ci of eotu 1
esy to ihe iulernali il  good Eeutinp
thai pievail'i IMaj betwi 11 thu ti
public and (Ireat l'i ilaiu ■ 1 1 l»-i
colonies, ihu I nlon -Iai k t> flung tu
the breu/e with the Stats and
Sti I pes, h ■■ !.- ::.' Um' i in 1 \ id-
enee eveiywlci fl     ol the re
public riiat light nn I no visilm
luun ,1  :■ ■■ ■ reason    In
t'Oiuplaln, imr do lln v. Here in
Canada, theru i Icucy to    i;he
ihi.* Amerii an I promhi
.-I'M- when  ll
ll   and In iiiii   ■■■ liiitci
feelings Uial      1 uisr    The
writer wa'- boi 11 ami 1.1 11I an American, awl te ■ r" - lathe
country and ihat Ilai lint h 1 ante
:,, Cniin.l.i Willi Ll ■■ i'i maii-
lug this country hm h u lil ■ h uui
reds ol othei Wm 1 leans, and been mo
a citiiwn ol Cm add m i he is ol the
..pinion ili.it ■!." . - hould be
in evidence at ad .... 1 fliili h
territory is the 1 uion .hu t. .1 flag
that has represented progress miii
civilization foi 1 entui les. ! here ate
times in ihis counli \. lhe name 1- in
the L'nlted States, whin lhe two
Hags ean be appropriate!) displayed.
but it is mn necessary in keep the
Hag ol a foreign coutiin (lying al all
times in British territory in show respect for that  count ry.     Wc believe
Unit the children of tin., c itry are
not taught enough abonl iluu flag,
are not. impressed siiflicientlj ..ith its
manifold meaning, are nol inspired
With the feeling of reverence and love
that the flag of one's coimttj should
inspire,      Thu   1 n|0ii   .1.,. l is morn
Everyone likes Cranbrook. And win
The coke mens at Kernie are sliil
It. begins lo look as if a vigilance
committee and early Arizona justice
tin* tin- onlv    things that will    save
Shall the rink lie built, nr will it
end again in hot air?
There will be no oil gushers in
British Columbia until the question
of lilies are settled. Men are mil
going io spend thousands of dollars
sinking wells for someone else lo
grab when ihey prove valuable.
A London, Ont., hotel clerk was
tini'd ibe other day for selling a guesl
of lbe hotel cigars on Sunday. That
savors of the old. Blue Laws'of Con
ncctieut, when a man was subject to
a hit:' fur kissing his wife 011 Situ
day, ami a buggy ride for pleasure
meant a jail sentience,
The Calgary Herald now claims ,,
"smart set" for that city.
Another attempt will he made to
organize a press association al -New
UVMiuiiisiei next week. There is no
reason why British Columbia should
not haw- a press association, bin il
never will have so long us He idea is
used     ns a si tcshow   foi  son.- thing
newspaper publishers who can   afford
In leave ihcii business Ioi .1 week m
thai is what 11 means foi  the    pub
Ushers ol the Kootenays
The successful pollllclnn is thu man
who remembcis Ins itnui'.
The Herald mid lasl week 1h.1t ihi
\elsuii papers indulged in tuo much
personal abuse ol each olher, The
Herald should nut have Included the
M.Hi. \'ews in Hi,,: statement, foi ll
Is "in1 papei In lhu produce thai has
persisteirlh kept clear from anything
nf Hie kind, and is deserving of credit
foi lia* manly inauiiei in which 11
has ignored lhc petty uttackn   made
Upon the paper,   rhe edlUil   ulnl    11 veil
ihe reporters
Those papers ol Western Canada
that use machine editorials -..-nt oul
/ruin New ^oik ur Chicago, no doubt
do what thej think Is besl undei' the
circumstances, li is heller to buy
brains ihan noi to display any. Yet
n seems hard that this glorious country of Western Canada cannot furnish sufficient inspiration for any man
who claims to iiiit a newspaper,
The last issue of iiw Trail News
bad for ibe beading on the firsl page,
"He Trail Creek News." At lasl
the gender of the paper at least las
I'l-'ii defined. There mav be otbei
developments later,
The political turndown of ,?. .1
Voting by the Couservitives in the
dislriel adjoining Calgary, and the
substitution of a man without any
executive ability whatever, Is a hard
hi,'., .. M . itel ... we "i thai section       .1   .1   Yihiim   like auj  otbei
I,, u |..i;,.;  ■ I an)  !"!■■.■ ol ehar-
aetei.     has his   i-m mi >s, but h.  has
I.n .■  i,   ;", ■   the upbuilding ol Cul-
_,,Li. ,,.,1 So ith iu Alberta tliau un)
,|,, un ui 11 ' '• rriuuy Ile tia*
sp. n; h;s :n..in. am) in- time lot lln
oil vane uu nt oi the cut utrj and the
pi..-,.- ritj ol thc moplc, aud bis n-
iioininiluu. would have been a slight
reward indeed Tin- uuv of tuach
nn- pontics was the quiet submission
on the pan .d all tb- lenders to Hi,
action 1,1 ib.- eonv* ntlon. But poll
ties ts |i,din<s, ,md there is many a
hit' 1 pill le swallow in reaching for
tin- banquet . 1 political success.
Joe   Martin has     made    a speech
scoring   hoth   the Conservatives and
Liberals and at Ihe same time an
notmeing Ihal he 1- out ot politics
The tail. 1     siateiiiciit   was iinneces-
Tli.i,    win, t... 1  lbe II..11    \h    l-'i.lil
lug  .11     N.l 'i   iti.-   in-1 time
on..) not Inn ii.' ImplesMHl with the
brainj .ih.iiu ol the man, ami his
deiii-iciain       dmpliCiij IMeaaanl
wb 11 iiie-tiii.'. iin- pi ojile, keen and
w.iiiliiul during lhe w isUm oi thr
tin IU eimimissioii, nevi 1 asking a
que lion thai lid not go lo lie near!
• it ih.* mai 1.-1 at slake, he showed
blmsell t" he ,. genuine Canadian gen
tktiiau, .. man nt lli ■ people, and a
in -un-.-—01 i>. ihe pn midship "i
Cm.1 In Men .a all parties have lhe
null! in in', pin.11 ni Mieli ., man
and rejoice in ih - (acl thai he occupies llie high position in ihe come
s.'ls ,,i his part)
There has been .. \»s\  aimmul    ol
twaddle aboui ihe eulllng u|  Waltei
Scott to form .1 government lu Sas-
k.itoh'waii instead ol Mi Haul lain
\.s Mr. Until lain h..d declared him-
sell solidly against lhe government al
Ottawa there was no reason why lie
should he asked to form tho new
provincial government. It is a noticeable tact that politics aie prac-
l.ctd.tt  uood dial   thc -arne hy eilbei
parly win 11 in power.
The  iin
tion < 1   th.   hit; in
hi S.w  Vork is hi
-on's    m-, 1   charges look like thirl)
scale, i.u crooked d.-aliug will the
people's money, loi thc rankest
grafting known th.' directors of Ihosi
Inn companies seem t.i have set a
pace  'bui   was si infill   lerrilk*.
A'3>--9$ ->3-y:.~ *9a&3*i3*_3-i'36 66 s? fr-<6'^
^seeictjt&ftCitfeft'eftii &»sw sfntta \*P
Throw awaj lbe old straw hat,
Tis good i.u  nolblng now;
ti.. chop ii up am mix wilb li-*an
And feed 11 to the cow.
Mr. J. 1'. John, the eloquent lecture 1 who so abh eiileriaiuwl \\v.
people at the .Mctb'o.lfsi t-liureh Tties-
iiaj and Wednesday evenings, did mu
aci. fot which tlie puoplu ui Craubrook
should ever hold lum In grateful remembrance. The ladies were there
in large numbers and were also there
with large hats. There is nothing so
annoying as to sn and listen to a
man without being able to sec his
face. This fact was evidently impressed upon Mr. didiii, and lh* mad,
a mild suggestion that had Hie desired effect, and at once all Ihe ladies
removed theii headgear. It seems
strange thai women who are naturally thoughtful oi tiu< comfort 01
oil!,-is would be so negligent in matters oi this kind. Uev, Wewtnian was
so pleased wiih lhe results that lie
,ai.l iltai ii would be a mosl excellent custom 10 adopt for regulai
.hin.li  sen Ices       \ml  wh)   nol?
Now Is lhe time for Hie parents to
do good work for their children   b)
co-operating wnh tin- teachers In
make a success oi the schools. Mothers should noi lahoi under ihe impression ihal a public .school is a
nursery or \\ri\ a leachcr is officiating in ibe capacity of a governess foi
the children under ber care. A
teacher's duty is to instruct, and sin
lias not the lime lo spend on unruly
children, a.s ii would be unfair lo
those who go to school for all the
benefit they can possibly derive. Sustain the teacher, for nineteen times
oul of twenty they are right, nnd
the chances are ihat you will hear
liltic grumbling from the children
and yuu will also notice lhat the)
are making excellent progress. I'.du-
eniion is everything iu this age, and
the opportunity presented by tin
schools in   Cranbrook   is such    that
II children should take advantage ol
Why do people litter a ear with
rice when a couple gel married'' The)
would not  think of throwing rice all
er .1 parlor.
We -,iw a handful ot rice fall 011 the
neck nl an old maid once as farewell
was said to a bridal couple, and she
smiled a smile so sweet llial 11 at-
n.uird general allentiou. This was
months ago and n is said that sin*
ba-. kepi 1 1 oi iimi nee since.
It i.- a pit) Miat uvpi y pai. ut .u\.i
everv but in Cranhrouli could noi
have heard Mr. John's remarks on
lhc baneful elgnri-ltc Insi 'I ties I.u
euning.     It  would -in.I-   lave done
Western 05! fitsdgw
bei  1-1 tb.< si-olid series would nevei •■_-____aa_B__~a
fcteto'dTuoM^-...;™ jaociET. AM,
ninths      n  Is full     ,,f Lonrvisiiis, \ffl IK     I       aa.,,,
nl ,,",,,II he ri.ul uill, |,leiiM„e I.y  t,g   — '—  ■-■-  ■*-■     * "
sume, ni,It Interest by others, ..'i.l ;>,   tJ-$
a lew 11, some looked room or behind ,1.5
a ,l,„„      Tli.- pane, uill be read  I  !$'
there i< mueh in ll that nil! do ni„„l   £j
There i- truth, bui it. bib erilfeisins,   7K
Krieiil  l.invrv falls into the i.iiln.il  ij-rf
condition ol those lie crltieises.    Hut   hh
a.s a nun. as a ivisie, ,„■,. as one i\!n>  *Xj
lias been the friend ol the needy, ,,s "Jjg
one nt great moral courage, as   ouu rv
ulin lias brain and ilie tnack „f us,,,,; S|
,,,   1.,'iviv deserves    success and ho tig
mil no doubt have It. iy
 *  1 Be
jflS.-9-9i-Jfl'S-S3-S-il-5-5««-S-S-J-5-9--i;i-',Ju J ffi
I Seven Years Ago 11
I in Cranbrook v* **t _\m
Hurgeonl   smui, has been u.u,
nl   Inan   IV.inllle,    In   I'l.llll.l<K,k
j. IIKU.il.l,   OK    THAT   I,,.TK SijJK
%9999999999tllt994t*9*9*9*T   ifg
la II Small is assisting lliuel aluliHJ
Hellm.ui     .11     lbe    llnl.ll   lintel      Ibis  |»
r \l I'M wards, mining recorder, i&
was in town Tuesdav en route to -*>
Movie. M£
Why Pay a Fancy Price for lliis
1 Ckukest I.,,,.,.,: K„ ::.:
fy    KNIGHTS   ..I    PYTHIAS
"See Rttich"
Cranbrook, It. C.
.Meets _i„t and   III, Tu, s.lal   al  ,1 n.m.
,1,   I.U.O.K,  ball.
• I. A. A 1,1, K I! S
J, IV,  II,anna,, (' _'.
Visiting   brethren  cordially Invited
In   .lillllll.
i nuil.ra.ik   Local   I iiiaa   I'll  Dl  llle I nil,,)
llr,nli,,,,,,,,,, nl vin,ii'in,i. aad Joiner.
ol imi'rka.
Meetings every Thurstla) eveniug at
I    I,   li    T   hall. Old   I'.,,  Ilm. '
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
Fred Viiill, i,i».,i,i i'',„ue
Item   See I illicit.
»J» s       llllll       III ill, | „_,.,.
No   13   Heels pvny
"c Ji..~^m*   llundaj     i... 1,1     ,u
thell hull ,,i, Hakei - Ur, i      '.,   ,
lug n.l Mows cordlall)   >,,, i.
,,     ll   .-;. il, i,,„i.ii,i      i i.,,,.    Smltli
N   il
Lrsnbniok lnj,i. Nu J,
l  I   a l   M
Many    McViltle,  ,,l   I'm 1      Sleel
eame over H'ediiesdny in smell
road smoke.
Miss llackett,  tbo telephone on,
,„ t
Wi' *''""
•'.7K,V'   'a Ua,,,,!., -at,,,,,     ,,„
f\ x       III,'   Hu,,I       II,..    |,i)
i is,,Ing lirellilen iveleoillisl,
J-.   I'alterson, Sa, 'v
'"' fmihiwKfonS VlS'""g """''■4&4#**4*VT**>**W*>WM*t*.*9<>
"The Best What Is"
In  Liquors
I'll V MU!     MOIUIO   Nil    in,;
r. ti. i:.
(loveriior   Hanson came  down  fro;
his ballwicl. Tuesday night  to    taki   #.
notes on ihe progress of Craubrook.     %r*
— 9
Hen. Brcmner, ul Sherlueli ,v llr.-m-' T	
iiai, airi,nl   lasi  week l'luiii    Ia'ih- 9 '""I is wn.il you wnnt when .vmi !»..  L,ii|in.rs r,,r fi ly use, <*»
liritke wilb a carina-! nl K„"ds, .,,,,1'^' alnl Hint is ivlinl we jiimrHIHe,   von,    Sln'|,in,oils ,,f the elmii'- ^k
mil nail his slore .,, once jg esl Wines, l.„|,„.,'s. f. era, i,le.."un' I'liiisluiiih nrrivintf nl uur
Me    t,al,-l,   ralin-nn-l   k'l-i.lni   nl-enhin   ^i' "'lloll'Snlu llOUSO.     Wlimii   v,,i,   buy  liiiuill's lit.) ,,nli  lhu llust,   _
from  Slacleod, _iimpniil«l    by   Ills \_S OKDERS FBOM THK TRA OK A SI'K, I A l.'I'V. <?
u,le an.l   Utile   sun,   Colon.      They fi .        ,       .,.,,, 9|
..,i, „!,.,„.,. .-,m.",■,'■    ., m i, | \t Qt BOWNESS a
% Wholesale Dealer in Liquors und Cijjars v*
ma!,^'X,tS,cele''iviUt'mov'i! ,'V 9mG99&99V9999<*<<M9^9*9999*     t'll-AMIIlOOK       I.OIM.IO
I'ranbronk.      lie said  llial as     I lie j .  i       /--n      ^-\       *r.
iiillrond would not I'l.uie In    Win, he—"   1.     L/.     U.      I .
would have in eoino t,, Ibo railroad, NOTICK TO CHKIHTOliS. Desei inl inn   ni land .lakisl bv    I-I I ,,   ,
There nre others   lUramniei i M,T"i «'i'ry I'l'lday nlghi abuie I'at-
iiiil, Mr.   Leiteh    and (
H I" : s .1 Morlniv, W s : A.
M. Him I, Aerie meets a, In n
!■'. ball l.l and ilid Kroilaj
rii INHKOOK la,lull-', S'li.i,
every 3nd aud  lib Tuesday in
"Good Templars Ilall."
Visiting brethren eordiallj  Invited.
\.  Mi'l'ull.i,,,  C It.       ,1. Situs, .See')'.
\    M.  Curran,   treasure,   of     the TATK   UK WILLIAM I-.   COOK. I bai I Oil
Norlh Star .Mining eoninunv, and llr. LATE     UK     KOHT    STKKLK luiei's s.  u
Williams,    who   has charge ol      lhe JUNCTION,     IN      THK    I'ltO I miles in a *
-bil„„i-„l ol ore al Jennings, were in VINCI!   OK   HIHTlsil  t'Ol.l'M    C. II.   T,n,|
lown Monday.     Mr. H'lllinnis uas m HI A, UKCKASKf
bis way i" H'esl Koolenay. ! , 	
keep- llie  "Trusleis   aiid
on Hie   .-a.i
i "K   Hrain-
.,!,.',u     ,,,,,,
Cunic and join the Happy Hand.
A,  K. I'eters, ossislam s
er fur the C. I'   H   returned     froin and iiuiiniliiig A, is. thai all ereilllon, Icontaining ill
llncleotl Sunt.,,' evening,  where     !„• and miliars riaiiu; claims against ,li       Desciifition ol land slated by *,   s
iiiel lus wife and .liiiigliie, ami Mis., eslule id He said  llill,.,,,, K   Clink,   Hurehell:
'lark,  win, came ,.„,  it,nu Toronto wbo died nl l-'ori si.'ale Juiu'iinit un J   Commetieing al n posl ,,„ lhe   east
ly    chains-!    ihi'm-e   'smi'it ' l,0YAL ORASOE l.niHIK, NO. 1871
TTianl.-MiHli.', liill .-,,
ill. ta    are „ lul   nf u
n.i. bui   lhe iu~n.li win,
 sl   Ihilllkllll M Ilia n
be here nml
in Crnnbrook
a I,,- thankful
ami,I  feel   ,|ir
A lllltftl'l nil the stteal. whose wile
was prolinblj al liome getting nut a
iiaigl'liur's washing tn malio money tn
buy the children shi.es, savs ijia Kansas City Juiunal. asked a busy man
Hi,- i'liiel day ii le uver saw u lialil-
bendrd woman.
"Nn. I never did," rcplli-J the busv
man.     "Anil I nave,  saw n    w ail
waltzing around town in her shirt
sleeves with a cigar in ber teeth and
running intn every saloon she saw.
Neither did 1 ever see n woman sitting all day al a street corner on   a
dry guuds linx, telling | pie linw the
Secretary of the Treasury should run
the national finances, i have never
seen a woman gn lisllillg with a tmt-
lle n, lie, pnckol, sit nn the bank all
ilai ami gu Iiuine drunk al night. Nnr
have 1 evei sisn a woman jalik nil'
her coal and say she could lick anv
nan it, lown. Ond bless 'em, (he
in,,,,-,, are nol built llml way."
L,,wit's Claim lias been resurrect-
il, nml llie reading ol tho firsl iilllll-
I'ur a few weeks visit  lu Cranbrook. Hie Hub day ot April, iiiu.',, are    i'i
 , i|„iii-.l on or 1,,'i'uie ilie inli dai   ol
The Irrepressible and iiiilmable and Oetolier, IHIIfi, to suul in post' pte-
ever good little Willie 111,,,, eame „;, Paid nr lu ilelivel tu the uutlersign
frum Wni-dner Mondav tii see lhe i.i solicitor for the a>'lminlstralr!.v „;
sights „f Cranbrnoli, ' Willie is now the relate ol the said deceased al Ilu
engager] iu building the bridge at. address below given, in writing vcri-
Wardner—or at least te is on the "eil on oath, full particulars ,,i then
payroll. said claims and a statement on llieli
 . laccounls and lhe nnlure of Hie sec-
Living apartments have been added urilles for payment of the said
to lhc Canadian Hank ot Commerce claims, if any, held by them respec-
bullding and nuw the hank h.y. are lively. Such paper writing shall, it,
in bnme to their friend, between addition lo such particulars, set
meals.                                               ■ forth the    Christian names and sui
  names, addresses an.l descriptions ol
<i   fi.   Krazzell   came ever     Irom'tlie claimants.
Kurt Steele   Tuesday '.o   'UpeHul",,ll   And thai sn   sunn   after the    said
lhe opening of Mr. Gilpin's new slore.  I-I11.   day ol   October,    lllflii, as the
llr. Krazzell is nn old timer in Kasi law   thereto shall bim ne i.     llie
Koolenay and Hie man he is mil ue- said administratrix   will proi ,1    in
quaiiiicil will, bas not been in     llie distribute Hie property owned In   llie
country very lung said    deceased   at  the lime nl '   lus
  death,   among   ilia    parties entitled
Mr and Mrs Andrew Leask. par- thereto, having regard uuly to th
ems ul George and Thomas Leask, claims ,,f which she shall then hav,
and John Leask, another brother ami received notico iu the manner alinv,
bis family will arrive in Cranhrook sel out. And ihat the saiil adinlnis-
iii u sin,i'l time from Gore Hay, On-itrntrix will not be liable liu said
tarin. in make lheir permanent home property ur any part thereof lo any
here. Mr. John Leask is a iaei- person nr pel suns uf whose claim or
chant tailor and will open up an es- claims she shall not have received
lablisluneiiI here Immediately alter such notico as aforesaid at the time
his arrival. nf such distribution.
—— William K. Gurd,
Henry Bernard, nf fori .Steele, wns Townsite Hind,, Hake,  Street, Crnn
standing nn Baker streel  the    utter       brook, It. C.
.lay. win ii he heard n rumbling sound,! Solicitor fur Rose Cook,
''What's that, thunder','" he niqulred, Administratrix
as lie cast a look up into Hie heav-    Dated al Cranbrook this l.ll, dav ,„
ens.    Crnnbrook people standing near       August,  llllir,. 26-.t
smiled, fur jusl then a heavy freight
rushed pasl the street and the sound
was familiar to them.   Henry looked)
at tho train, looked   at the'   crowd;,.- Tm. cat NTV COl'RT 01' Kim
an.i then turned tu Landlord haakr.,
and said, "i guess we ha.l In-llei  take' TKiVAV.
something,   anvbody   wnul.l    knuiv I- 	
was liuin Steele." ' ; I"  'he   Mailer    nf  lbe    Petitions ol
  Frederick Peters, 11. Vi. Hakei, II
Levi I). Kean one of lhe best known \[   ?■''}?""; ,!'" ,,l,,',;"",'l1"'!': '}' S
inlning men In Kast Kuoleuuy,    and '' -'~,: "   '    I - llniff. Jl. I-.. Iji—
Olio   wliu has   bad     experience   from
Sumban,   Mexico lo   Hiiiish Columbia,   was in town     Mondav lo meet
some    par,ies     from lhe easl.     .lit.'      '"■''
Kean is nuw-     interested   on   Tracy
creek and in the townsite nf Trncv.l   Notice   Is   herd,)  given   llml   lh,
lie has given   considerable allinlioii "hove   ntciilloiuil   parlies   have Ulnl
to   Smith   Kasl   Knotenny   and s.ns  pelltlons to the Judge of tins r	
all ihal  il has- needed was ndeipiaie <■" dwlile disputes as to the righl ul
transportation facilities lo Induce Iho '''"* lo prnspocllng licenses fo.     lh
investment of eapllnl, ami looks   tor lollowlng described lands, tl'at Is   In
many prosperous vears from this lime say:—
forw.'iiil.     Speaking of Cranhrook he Slluale in Kasl   KnoUna)  ",,    Ilu
said Unit litis was tlioMialurnl center '''1S| side ol Klnlhruil Itivel nn n,l ui
and stopping   place Inr people    nlm Sage Creek,   ,~, In   s miles   in,,,I,   ni
would come in on Hie mail In reach ™c Internullolutl Itouiidary.
the mines In anv ilirerlinn and   tlinl l)escrl|ill„n nf land (luked li)   Kred
he would move Ills ulUei' here within erlck Peters:
a sburl  lime. j    I'",,,,, I'illg al a pus, uu lhe null!
__._ wesi bank uf nil creel, marked "llm,
*~        T Kiwi. Peter's N. W. Corner," adjoin
I'lll.NTKI,   I'l.lNTKHS 'ing Sir O, 11. Tapper's S,  W. ,'„,,„',
  post,   thence   sotnh     eight)  ehatns,
„.,                        ,                       , ihtiiee   nisi    eighty   chains,   thenci
lbe way In ge, the si/e nf -ronhlr „0rllt   ,-ighiv    chains,     Ihei    west
,s lo look a, ii irnm behind. eighty chain's in point nf coinmenei
A kindly man will spare his horse ment, containing nil, acres.
.Margaret   A    <!     Leckie,     Join
Hreshnli_.il tul S, li   Halter, undei
Seeluei     I,    nl    Hie  "Cnal     .Mill,"
haul, ui   Oil   Creek marked   "A,
Hi,,eh lis N.   IV, Corner," adjoining
I-i.   lira er's' s. \v.   corner posl,
Ihence soulh eighty chains, Ihence
,,s; eighi) , hains, thence north eighty chains, ihenoe wesi eighty chains
iu piniii uf commencement, containing
nil, acres.
Description uf land staked by C. K
Commencing al a pus, on the east
bank oi u,l Crock, marked "C l_
Hnib's N. 13. Corner," adjoining s
Burchell's N. IV. cornel post, thence
-niiih eighty chains, Huiee west
eighty eli,,i,,s, thenee nurlh eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains ,,',
polnl oi commeiicemi'iii, containing
mu acres.
LANDS   Sill  \TK    ON   AKI.VINA
Description uf laml staked bv M. K
Lane, alum ;i to 5 miles norlh ol Hie
International   Boundary  line:
Commencing al a posl ,,n Hie uniln
lianl, ,,i iiie creel, marked ".Mis. ll
l'i. Lane's X. E. Corner," adjoining
I,. F. Ilnllaban's s. I-:, corner posl
ibeiiie   south    righl)  chains,   ihence
wesi   eighty   chains,   ihence    , 1,1
eighty   chains,   ihence   east    eight)
chains   in    puinl   nl cuiinnencemeni :
containing bill anas
Description     ol   I.u, I   staked     I,, '
Margaret A. (I. Keel,
Meeis every 2nd Wednesday and lib
Saturday at S o'clock in Oddfellows
Visiliug brothers always welcome.
..IDS M.I.UI', readier of the I'ianulorie
Special attention lo touch, leaeb-
nlque, phrasing and giailmg uf studies.
For .particulars apply c. K. Reid &
Cn.'s Drug Store.
Barrister. Solicitor. Etc.
Barrislers, Stili.iin.s, liie.
Hazoll Itliick Cranbrouk, B. C.
J. ***************** t******:,
j       C, H, DUNBAK       »
*    Barrister, Solicitor,  Nol.iry    J
«        fobiic, dc.        »
a'1     ********
ne. ;
wo miles nu, ih o,  ilia In:,
Houndary line:
Commencing a! a tins, ,,u tl,, tinrih
-nle ul ihe creek, marked ".Margnici
I. (1. Leckie's S. IV. Coiner," annul
luce miles in a S, U'   direction I
II. W.  Lane's    S,   IV.  ner    ,,
to'l'1" cHi'ti    ciri'im  t"h*>i,.,fi*.    Ulc"a' P1"™ "'  """"I'lcu™, Armslrong Aie,
u. I
1,1  Physicians mul Surgeons.
al, ll
Ihence   wist    cghi
in,    ui cuililili'lieelnaii
Forenoons - - - . n 'ui |„ , |
Alteriiooi.s - - - - I .iu i,, :i mi
Kveiilngs ', :iii t,, _ _p
il   ,'.
Heseripiion ,,i Inu.l slaked In Juhn
Hresnaliau, adjoining lhe luteriuiliu,,.
,1 Houndary line:
Comniincing .,,   .,    |„,:f,, ,,„     n„,
Houndai)  line inaiked "John Hresmi. I ■
ban's S. W. Corn r," obinil une mile
,0111b  ui  (li'iuge  Hla.llel's  S.   K.  ,.,„.     .♦I*I*I*I*M*I-H*'l'»l* I * I * | »
'.ami, elghly chains,    "
i',   Pnsl,   til,
ililllilng I, lu a, ie
Dr. Connolly,
Physician and Surgeon
| '* Olliee on Armstrong Avcnoc
m ,i rnugl, ronrl, „„.-l ;, man of   fnllv
Hescrlptlon   nf land   slaked hy M
will do up his honrl mi slight provn- \\\ HakcV:
r'",,l"n'                            ,      , !   Couimcnclng al a posl .,„ lhc norlh
Anti-worry   is   a cure fur rheintint- wesl side ni (lil   Creel; marked "11
'"?,-                    ,  ,     , W- Baker's N, K. Corner," adjoining
ll  is an aeeepnil   theory    among .... -,|_k,    Dic-k'a s. E. corner post
peuple nl nu,,lire years Iluu children ,.1,,.,,,,.   s„i„|, _-,„,,    ,.|,ai,is    tienci
require mueh sleep. Wesl eighlv   chains,     thence    north
People   wh,,    cannol    enjoy   little eighlv   chains,   thence   cast    clghl)
things have little pleasure. chains, lo   puinl   nf cm. ■,„•,■„«{.
Not   much  cm, he dune   i„r people , talnlng wn acres.
wdm ,ln noi know ivlliu they are well Description  nf   land    slaked  by 11
"1- . (!. Wilson:
Influence suspends business when il '   Cnmme,icing   al   a   point    on   the
is darnmed. southeasl side nl   oil Creek, marl,,.:
Indignant pimple are   nm destitute "II.   (1. Wilson's     N.   K.  Corner"
ui excuses. abonl one and a half miles in . k.
iliarncier   lhat is nm Ingraliied   is W. direction  frum    Sir   C   II   Tun
"iMldod. per's S. W. corner posl, thenee'snuih
. A d, ilcenl, acidulous, or miiellag- eighlv   chains,   thenco west    eight!
iiiinis mixture is culled a julep, sever- chains,   thence   north eighlv chains'
ill yl whirtwiM interlerc with     the thence cast eiglny chains to point ul
i commencement, containing 640 acres.
pnner nf ilefinilion
LAND  ON   :<T \i:\ fflON ri:i:i |; ,
IND   tD.IOLNLNtl   llll:  imM; |'"
N Illi,-. II.   iiiii -nu;, I W
Dcscrlptlun   .,,  i.in.i   .inked  In  s    '"
I.   Hill,,!
Coinliiilii'liig ,,| a |,usl i,„ ||„. ,,,,111, |
',    lo     II
I.i s ,, ,„.
lo    I
' I,,,,
nle <
i.l I.M
1 M-1
1   lhe
S.   1
ill a
i   cigl
nil I a
Noilce is    lie-eb,   given  ,,,,,,     |||h
'">"'   .'.Idgl'    i',,,111,   III    ,,,,!,.,   ,|,„,.|
PIMellih ,     .'.Hi,    Hill..,       ban    ,,|,|,;, I
I""1   "'aim,  ul  sii.l p. iiu,"',,     !!',
.,„„,.'   an,   ol.jecliiiiis   h,   t|„,  |;,.,,.,,.
" Si"'   I'.'' "s being grunted, ,l,„l|
ui ur before the I ni, dav nt v .icier,   llllla.  liie will,   Ihe licgisli ,,    'nf
mini Court lii Crnnbriiiik a pel I lim, c
i aleineiil selling l.inh his claim m
Hie ground „,' liis said ohlectlons ami
,'crlfy the same under naih
And lha said Judge has hinder „l-
Iced Hint a cupy nl said pel ii inns
liall be i.uu.iid.d in nil) pui'lv in-
icrested hy said petitioners ur' lheir
iollottors rn, applienlloii being mala
herotor In u,,. Rrglstrgr nf mul
'nun al Cranbrooi,
^Dateil   III,: all,   „,IV ,„- .s,.,,,,.,,,;,,,.,
I'lippcr A- (Iiiiii,,, Vancouver,
Solicitors fur Petitioners,
J. h. Armstrong, Cranlirnok, ,,
M"" Registrar ol Court,   lootwear to Measure a Specially
Dk'. P. E.KINO
<H-i :i i-: hours ■
I, lu I:: a tn
i i"  ,i r in.
'/ i"  « p.m.
mice ami rmidnnci, on Am. Hong am
OFFICE mil Its i
II In l_ nil.
1 In li p.m.
?   In    «  p.m.
Olbce in  new   Heid  1,1,„ I,
cRANnnooii, ii c.
Repairing Promptly Done. TIIK   1T.AXR.n0oK    IIKKAI.1)
IKON nml ISliASS enter inlu
tlie composition uf tins lull. A KT
enters n,1.1 thu ili-sign. Kl'i.Nii.
MY i„i.i', min ilm in-ill'. W lien
you su,- tin- l„il v,„, will uppri'i into
il iiiiiliiiiiition.     More  lllllll all
yOU van buy il mi our   MO*.Oil . I'M
MUNI PLAN, Hurel). rn|uyli>| Ms cum-
furls   sev.Till   ,ii,„»hs   before   .„,■   'He
lulled lu p„> lur II.
We .uc not occupying this space in this paper to keep the editor Ircm starving or freezing to death.    We employ tliis space for thc purpose ol
ing the people Irom week to week what we arc doing, what we have to se!! and the prices we charge tor the goods we are selling.
We look upon our advertising in this space as a business investment, therefore we are anxious to ascertain what returns this particular investment is giving us. We know our business is growing daily, but ihis may be attributed Io other causes than advertising. We want to make sure on
liis point, so beginning this week we otter
who will cut out the coupon appearing in upper right hand corner of this page and bring it to our store within one week honi date on which the paper
is received. Il makes no difference to us whether you are a subscriber to this paper or not, bring alcng lhe coupon and get 10 cents. We will lake il
for granted that il you save the coupon you read the ad and we wil! then be in a position to get some idea ol the va'ue ol this .'.pace to us.
Do You Read Our Ad?
We Wanl  lo  Know
*»— n-itu—■•*_!■
I'm out ihis Coupon, bring or soud
it in our store und get 10c for it.
September ll, 1905
Cranl,™,!, Co npirati.e Siores
I nail. J
ah In a i
! 3oiti Our Ccitd- j
faunae.   Mi
ill   i'ai, Iiul e   lltn
iii   i     i     ii, i,. |,   ,a  thin Mil,-, I   lh- iii .i snow    ui tia-   season ap
i,(,„i   .,,,.!,'. iii tuiiti i  -i uii the hill-lops sua.ia, mom
H       I
II,     N'cl.un
I      H,    II    Ha,
N,l  ,,    I
al  1   Ml
'   WCIll   i,lal   I-
l.ll.c   ||,        ll,.
: new Books and new |
•maqaziim €wrys
2 Dav
: Beattie« Atchison
* ii
* wli.ie il pays In ileal.
* See ,.a,  cllne, all,  Ull  1st  Unite.
%,***** **IHMH......H-
diked Up Abuut the CH)   by  Ashii'K
(Jucsiiiiu. ..1 Hiny Peuple
I    H   Km,
berln   lh
Hrs   I'
unu <ii
R.a.l l'almore Bros. nil.
K, II. Hoh.irl. ol Wilt-ili.-i. was ii
luun Ftiil.il
Sl. Mcliuns came down Irom i'ai
gary Saturday
Mis    J.   Walsh,   uf  Steele,   was  vis
iting in town last week
I harlie Hteinnei went in Calgary
Monday to euter colli ge.
Mrs. II. Johnson is in Nelson tuk
iin;  i.l  the bis-  Mil   Ilns  Heel,
tin, Haitiliaiilt     weiii  lu Swansea
lasl Sunday un a lun,una trip.
Miss   A.   Bainhaii   returned    lasl
Week  liuin   ll   usll   In  lll.'lnis   ill  Mac
Miss Winn liendreti, ol Cn Hoi, has
bcui il inn. friends in luwi, lius
Mesdantes LnBonte and Minimal,
vis-ite.1 Iriends In Moyie a lew days
ihe past ived.
Mi. and Mrs .1 li McCallum lell
Saturday lor Vancouvci un a couple
uf weeks visit.
Mis I'lnkluim mil Miss Kay lell
Saturday mi a month s visit wllh
friends In New Wcstn.li.sle.
l.usi—A box containing a stove repairing  l-ll   oi  tuuls       rindel   I,    le
niicsltd iu I,a,e "oil ai  Hns oflice
'I.,, oi    wh,   h,    In -a visllim-
:.      , i.,;,:,!.,.,.   foi   lhc  past
I, iii,,:   li    ll ;    hollll    in   Kim
llml          nli        Mil      iniiie    lllllllll
■ ,1ml   Iol    III,     lim     i.l.   a.!,'
\      I.       l|,|,   MM        UUI,   .,, |,   I   li
■   ,1,   ll.,:,    Mile   S Jill.
l„,     mm.  m ii,,i  Hiclui ih,.   nrsl
ilia   lice i   lal- -   loi   Ilia  liim.
HnliluJ-llinilig     „  girl.     Hood   week".
ages.      Address   Ilns   111,   Inula,   II. |     v\I... 1
* t". luolliali
m I    A. .1   Mel'iiol, „l Full Slaile dune-   HnS lull!
* Imn, »ns a i ,", I,   na,,,„   Uu,,-1   .in.    Erlckson,  ciigiiieet   on engine
J.'la'- a,   SI allies mill,  lla.-. in lullll nil hllll-
o. I   Ciitnc ,,i .ml selecl yum healer. We  day visiting Iriends,
J have sume   s|ieciul  values.-l'aliiioie i   \\au-h Hie ilaie on youi address, ll
S   Urns. luill show luu how luu sliln.l ,,i   lulu
*|   Tniii Ciiven .ml frank Hiekisnn e.v-   sitbseripllon.
* pee. lo 1 nu  lhe lirsi ni ihe week nn     s. s. Tail,,,,  Hi,- lending iitiniti.il
4f     '' 'a' laWyCl   Ul   Nelsoll.   WUS   11,   lllllll   Mull-
i   Two lioiii unices, secuiiil llm ir Walls day uu prolcssional biisliuss.
block, f,,i  rent.     Appi)   lu Heale A. ,.;,(.   Little    has gone lo Northern
Mwell.                                      7-if '.mi,,., ia  iu locale a large u.u,    ol
George     lliiiiiii.    lla-    eiinirnclur, lumi with some oilier panics,
 :.   a nip no .rn Hi.- ami ih    slu .\,,u js n„. nine u, arrange iiu the
blanch u,, Tuestlay. heating of you, house uu cuid wenin-
Tli iv  Presbyterian church     is er.    See I'aiuioie Bros  at mice.
iipprnni'liing e iiieii.ui ami ii iihl he Miss     Olive   Vanallau,   slstei    ol
a credit in ihe town. Mr.,. I'. Woods, lell .viun.la) lur    L.l
Wm. Burns, of Fori Steele, nlm has iiiuiitoii, where she will use a coursi
I.e. 11 lisil ill, Hi. Ills iu lullll lhe |„ls, ii,  ih'' business college,
week, re: in nil hunic Tuesday.           I   Melville Harry, lhe well known   in
Milton Williams nml Hen VanDecar surance man who is looking aflei tin
nf Hie i;,,'..i! hoiel, aie lisitors    al lnleresls of Hie   Equitable. Life     11.
Portland's'hig fair tins week 'bis territory, was in town uii .Hon
Mi s   Hell,, Tavlor,   left  yesterday "'»' ''"slll"S »" u"ual.
i,,i an e\i, n iel visit  iu relatives   iii "'"' McUonald,   nf    lhe   Manilobi
sil-uu ami milia,   wist, ill pui,ils
.Max   Miia.u,   ul Hull,., slopped nil
ii   iii,n.Is   ii,  Cianbrook last
M   I'hi, I
m   ;,;_.,,
.1     11    i ,.:,,.,    ,.:   Kllllll    I   .    '.Ml    I:
town )    ■ : i.m,
It      V.     Illla   llll     ul     Ham    a       ,  ..      II,
town , i. I,., un     i a,   Iai
\    I*   (Iml. 'tie, ,,:   Hal', ■:,:.       WOI
.   jit I'lalilil,,,,!, visiloi   I.,       il, a, iai
"act!  ,.',',     ' b',,,T business      rh"''   "'""'"Hi".    '"   ""'   Proviuelal
link   nn   a    llllll   lillsllliss    |||||u|     8|i|U1   f   lv    |Uj        , u|    ,lu
,, ,, Ileal.
1!    It,,mli,   ml   I!,,ue,   was
Mis   S   !•    lluilei  Hi,, past
hotel,  left    uu    Sun,lay lul     a ici,
weeks rustication .11 tbe cast.       He
will ustt Hen "it, Mich., Bruce Co.,
,    um , and other nl hi., uid   stamping
Im,.I.i,     prima.'!    to his     S"i"S '"  ,,0,„,is „,, ,|,e cent belt.
11      1 ,. ,-        r t  _it 11 *'•   "   Hoaiis, nt Vancouver, one ti
'  ''y'   aw    oIlS  "'•'   l""""1""'   lumbermen ol      Hi,
1,1 „i Miss SlcKn
tost nllice,  has   accepted ,1 position
Willi Benllie it Alellisoll.
Mi ami Hi- Joseph Jackson re
iiiiiimI to Craubrook l-'ri.l,,y aflei j
vacation ul several weeks among re
utlves .ml old lihii.ls n, Nan llrusn
1, ict
Ills K. McDonald, ul Wesl Seik-
iim Man . accompanied hv Inn tlaugh-
1 'I. Miss A McDonald is llele nn a
i.-n tn liai sister, Mis 1' Mcl'i.n-
.1   W   Robinson rclurnci   rtmu   Hi
tail  last  11
It),-    |,i,u
Im 11 .
hell i
01 sale   lim: :   | ;,,.   ,,
ntn.lv     silunl
1 Im: .il.i
\    |'. I'hel
spent a lew   I.n
Week,  lhe Sliest  ul  Mm-   thii
!'.   ,'    Ilia   1,'lii'ilM
suiiel,   li,   a   floiglll   ,1a,'.   a',   Jal'tiaj
l.l    I     tloil'.ll)     Mil    Mil   .
Ilia, I,
Wall, I   I anil,     I'- II
I   l'l.,,i|i.   win,     Imm
I.   |,       M.uall,ma    al   ll a   SI       Mall ,
riiei 101  1 n .i.n-. return ,1 --a
will lii.liii mill ,'..1	
.,0, 1.1,   Sauls     Weill     '"   Mil
Si 11'.rn   llll.l   leliniud   M      m
Imii ,,l   Ii,    I.e.     lllte   .,:, I   I'WI I.      »!''
haie la.a m'-iiii :mii :n ,!,.i,
nli  lhe |,„sl tew  weeks
Hi   r   i   1,.,   Ill   1     „ ti, nl
Kimliirlei    n,'i 1.8  .'    u. uulael
,■ iinnl     I   mi .   1   I     '    I lldlll    [lull
.,11    as  I   llll
tllU   to   He    Nollh     Wesl    11 lllnlli'i
.oil   lla -a
li.ul.'e    III. l    Ill 1
I   ,1 Ml,      .illnI,.,        .,     !      r
Ml    III, nu, I   lllll In ,
wcel       'i
M.iniam   I     la    Hi,      I':  „ mi       «1
I . im      nl coasl  pul
|..,.,l    llllll I.      ,  I     lla  II   III
Mi.       I     II,ill.11.    Iliiilinl
I' I I,    ll   I'     I'.llli ■-. II >l lllll
■    I,ll,'.    II .11    m.i!   a'    ll M IM I
,!,,..■,    .,1    Hi II. l.ll    il. 1,1,-I     |a     '    „II
.:, ,,
Coiiiluclol I', l Core,, niio 1, noli
pi lillllll    in.1.1I1. I   011   ilia      I'm,,
'Ins lasl week an.I 1 unu I 10 Mr-ill
111a Hal Fm.I.ii. Inking lus la,ml,
Willi bun. ub,,,' Ihev will in Inlure
reside I'laiiliruuli regrets losing
s.l, estimable citizens, l„n ilm
I' ople ut ,1,,' gas cily are gainers.
I  will sell mv len ion .1 rcsldenre
III .1 bargain as I hue other ai
,n ■ '. ii, ninlie. The house has
i,      , I.iiinii. stone collar, wal-
, i co ,,,,i ,,,,„. and eve,, thing it, ex-
e il,ni cuniliiii.il Km particulars
address or call nn me.—fl. Cnrl-
.tames McArthur h.i- lem lining a
l.ui,I nllice business in Ibe second,
band Kit- latelv. Ile has mil 111 led
s veriil parties nf campers limine Hie
jti'sl week whn have gone out intn
tha bills fm the iill nnil winter fm
prospecting mitt trapping. "Scotty"
has   bnuglil   ..l.l .be     Bunnell .lock
and   now   anylltlng ,',    a   pair nf
snx to a cook-stove may be l.l el
his stole. Sue his new ail. iu this
will   a
wi  I-i
I 111
i,last an.l a promineut witness he-
tiii'e the latill ciimmlssiun a. Nelson.
s|iinl si-ieial dais u, town Ihis week
looking over ilie lumber interests,
lit,mt liuin,nig, proprietor ol the
.laiti.i, hotel, was iu lown Monday.
he sals Uial llieie are ail hints ill
.i.-ii near Jnilray, |il.iiiy uf fish anil
sonic birds, although the latter are
not as |,l.n.nnl as lasl yeai, probably due io the fact that tliey had
a very wet spring.
Norman I-i. Broicy, uf Fernie, was
,1 lasl week iu Miss Charlotte
I, was quite
Hrolci,   while
Her a lung sojourn  Wilson, ul Vancouver
where ha has been   noticeable    thai    Mi
alter  tne interests uf     the \MUn%   alter Ins    contract   nf con-
McKrnzic Lumber compnn) .tructlng the Canadian Hank ot Cotn-
Kntwistle,   Hanson avenue, meree building ihe lasl lew days   be
e inn a g",,i pall of Wiiitei tore   liis departure   displayed a net -
mu   will I. ..rn. your mens- votisness lhat was not characteristic
aliy d   ,   ll..:ii ■- ol thc gentleman, but thai is all   ex-
. ;  ■: i' am.,I nun.     The Herald Wishes the
i:   i aiirl   i Smitl bride aial groom a long life ol happi-
l.l   Ml:
11   11:11   n   ,1
:       ,
!'      I,      nil
'      IV  It , lllt.sl  |
la.   lli,    -    a, ing   1-1 I,   ,,,,-   .
llillg I
Iii    hi    i ,   w.alhei
I, 1.. Mill iu I     ih
nil  llm
a, II   aim,  e   H , I'he  new   ii
ll'lIlT      lllll ■ ',
111   Will   III ,
.i ■: ~ ever been west belore. He
had let       .,'   ,:   would  lie Impos
i ■ ■,!■', i. ,.i   i  town m Hu
„ IliiU'.l, Columbia uml wa,
-..,• utilised as well as pleased
ti ■'.. aul, ., prosperous place as
i Mm:,io,,„ an.l ,iii m, metropolitan
in its iuiprovcmi m
Th, new continuation class of Cran
      publl i      lei   1-. u.
MM,        aa    .     ,.       ,.    .,              MlceeSS    ,1||,|
is duii    .,   :,.i work      li musl lie a
sialic i.l ana glaliflcnIIOIl III pal-
ill s I,, know that tin- children the,
ine sen,line in school enn, after pas
tiglii ii.io .rn advanced class fo'i high
mI  „",,, ,,nl receive righl al home
an   education     that   mil fully equip
ihem nn  an)  oi  Hie ordinary avoca-
Ine oi  piepari   litem foi    a
ine,   X,il.     "i  ilm Fulls    View
I al   Hall   Mill'.   Has  in   lullll  lasl
1, i, rugby |I"K"1'1'
I'raiiliiuui, ]    Joseph Hi an 111,111' dowui ,10m Kilil-
belle) aial mil lane ., -Inn 1 laealiun
ni l 1.111I1 li.
\l FolT'esI bll Tu. s.lai hn a ui|i
in Calgar) and ..duiwiiun .ml i'a,
naps Manitoba.
Ml    C    A     Spilslaal, nf Ilia     Kiln
berley Milling e.  Manufacturing com-
pimy was in lown scleral ilais    liu
ti.iJ Week,
Mi. anl   Mis.   (luiigonn,   Mi    and
Mis.   Hniiii ss.   I.illla  llougc unl
l.ii.le li.uni.s-, 11-11.■ I Marysvilb
lasi Suttdaj
Jt.ss 1 1111111.IH, liim lla- -11 111,1,-1
UUI.,,a   as   In   l.lll   aial   illjUIC   I,,',     Cuh
lar bone about ,1 week ago, 1- aid.
iu l.e mil again
Charles llnskill, nl Kimlterlcy, w.m.
in luun yesiir.'lu.t an business con
i„,t J wiih iha   Kimii.-,I.\   Munufac-
I nr,,it, e.iiU|i.ilii
Mis, HI,,Iii l.e,nl, has lal'in ehatgt
,.(  lhe I'l, sin Iel inn choir,  which is ii
gunrant  a. high class "i music loi
ihal organization.
The Mnrysiillc towusilc compnii!
aie eiuiig mil lhe dei Is i" all lands
in thai Inn- 1 whicl payments hive
Lean made in full
A. .\!u iat. Miss Moffat an.l Miss
Hela'iave lell last siii.iloi lui Lethbridge, mIi re they will vlsil with a
moth r of Mr. Moffat's nn Hie ranch
,I,,s.|h Ntiilerstiidt, llie 'duvb
brewer, was in lown last I'M, I.i
.Mr. .Nciilaisiii.H seemed to be leeling
gom.l   oier   the     lllClTTlSlng   |llus|i, tin
,,t Moyie
Mi, and Mrs. F. I! Munis Ian
been spending a pleasant week al
wasa tilth .Mr. Hanson, mayor of Ilu
batlwick, am! uf course had a pleas
anl  tune.
A tew changes havo taken place the
past wwk bv lhe removal nl families. Mr. We'ideii has moved into the
Udell house, Dr. Connolly has taken
he Corey louse, and J. E. Dickson
has moved inlu the bouse vacated b)
Dr. Connolly.
.1. C. Drury, mining magnate, amateur fisherman, delightful spinner „I
arns and lhe coming senator from
Hruish Columbia under He new nl-
lotment, passe.1 ihioudi tuwu last
Tnesdn) on his war 10 Moyie, loek-
Ing as loiial and happy us ever.
The Cranbrook Public School Basket
Win nail ilnii received word lasl week
...king them lo come over to Nelson
W Inn th., 20th ol the 111,uili in play,
but as the) did nu, give lllelll lime
in f,,i rendj Ihev aie nol s'1',*. They
expei 1 io .'" there ,,,, Thanksgiving
Ilia Herald has scnl a iiinnbci     nl
-lib,uili,I,'11    lulls   111],   lick   and     ll
trusts 1i1.11 lhe recipients will give
ihem prompl attention.     S,range as
11   mm   se, ,11   II   lal. a   liional    lo     Ral
oui a panel In,.' lhe Herald, .ml ihe
people who lake il.e papei slii'uld np-
ircciutc Hns lact, ami send 11.     Uie
r ..,..
in   n
111   I'l all
mi i inn
tnblished hlinscll
present    in
■ ,   ,„llc,l Iii sunie
'    ",l"'1  ■   si,,„,a, liiducentenls   held mil   by lite
V!l ,'"',   l"'"l'    »™l     K nay       During
"','       Ihe 1 > ia,,,.1    Han lhc doctor  has
"'   ,11 11, Nelson he has become exe I-
, M
.   in li   |u niilni    iiiiii  iha people, is a
''    ,'i'ail.,,  an .,me ,  Nelson club,
aa exclusive   institution,    anl     ,l„-
aie iiruif—'
:,„ exclusive   instiliitfon
Heel, n, serving na manager 1,
'      ,'"'       '    belll-h   Show  at      tail'        Tllel,      .,,,
 ,'.''  I ;!'"'    '■'"'   n.i.,1  ,a   Cran    h wro! the
pioHial.li  a   iiall 11    liable ,, ,,,,,,„ „,, ,,,„.,,.,  aul    trust
» leluruilill      llui.lt-  liuin     'lha   Ihal  lie ma,    at  with all kinil,    id
Lad)  01    I       pla,   I.m,   Kn.I.n financial mum,, nisi return again lu
miii     11  laii     leppi-il   Uirough     a Cranbrook, II for only a brief    lime.
broken plunk on   Anns,long avenue, The doctor's carer,   shows whal    a
i,i I, 1 im   ih   iiiial,  assistance 01 man ul Intelligence, prepossessing ap-
:., mala companion, who caiiphi he. ptaranee and suavity of manner  can
m the acl  of liilliui. a  broken limb  ace plhsh among strangers.
would ii-ii  iu.iiiniili  have been    Hie rishlng and llslt yams are about all
1 suit ul  ihe mishap,     bunny    Hint j,, ,,„. l)m ym  ftn(| ,,,t. ,|llj(.,i inll„.
ihe people ..(   t ronhinok cannot  as anu y,., wonderfully fascinating, rc-
inuch as have lheir sidewalks kept in creation will, rod ami reel is rapidly
a sale slate ol repair alter paying over |winR superseded hy the hunting sen-
l""""   """ "'•'•■' '■• "I 11"' I,™- son.     Parties of   Cranlirnok nimroiis
Uncial treasury the past year, (flov- are constantly snllving lorth lo    the
er11111.nl  nrgans a,   lhe coasl    please |„..1S ,,„,, |0 |n0 r|tts „.||n „|an|(clSi
'"I1'' tents and hampers of grub, and equip.
The bush Hies that have been rag- ped with sufficient artillery   lo bring
in;-  Ihroitghonl    lhe    whole dlslrfct down   anything   from a duck' tn    a
dining lhe past couple nf months, ilu- griz./ly.    Those who are unable     to
i,i_ considerable damage   tn standing avail themselves 0, the pleasures   nf
limb", and Hrs, iiii.l which lunl I,, lie such an outing will at least be priv-
waiih :1   ami   fought    ennnlnntly   tn lleged In listen tn the tales of tinII-
prevml from stireniline;, are now   all ling   adventure   ul which lbe sports-
eviittguis!,,. I.  lh,n's  in  the freqn ill man will   naturnlly   have an ahunii-
Wetcune liiins nf la'c,       Tho lie ill- ance.     Some people ale inclintsl     in
spreiors have called it, lhe men thev make light or the stirring narratives
bai emnlnvi'd wnlelilni Hie numerous of 11ersn11.1l experience as depicted by
I-m rent—Large Hon, bedroom ip
plj Mrs  .1   Uczcll, Hakei Iiul
It  -Hn Sepleuibi,   1 ill,   H1II5   lu
.11:   and Ml .   II    !    l.iaa.    ., bo)
:    Mi.,   Chas    tlaskill, ol Kimberley,
, 1 vislliiig Iriends iu Cianbrook  Hri
Mi   and Mi,   Ilai.,1,1 Darling came
lip  ilu111  Wiililiiet   la ll   week  ,11 al lell.l
the two plays
I'   laml  »ni,  ovei   in Ne!   Hu,
Heal,  Ii, attend  the l.lll  and visit  Ina
ti,,, ilaiighters,   who   an- in    school
M ll King Inn, gone In lhe coast
mt .Mr,. King anil ihe children The)
ate expected back lhe hitlci pari   ul
lhc'   Week
Mi and Mi, .In.- MeNali returned
yesterday from an cxtctrded 11,11 in
Mrs. Mi-Nabs ulil Inline in Km I
William uud other eastern points.
I.a,t Sunday moritiiig tin- 111,t snow
un ihe iiniiiiitaiiis was visible, which
,, ih- lirsi sign nf winici in this section.    Hut Ihere will In uiy weeks
uu uf pleasant Member beturc     the
slluw is Settled lillllll nil  llle valley lot
l.a.lies desiring lu get lisitiug cards
in in 11.1 uill consult tl,.,, uui, ,11
, ,s by calling .,1 Hie Ilernlil olliee and looking ai lhe nml samples
luiiied out uf ibis olllce No lad,
need u> iishamitl ui „ caul printed hi
ihe Hernld,
The subscript inn list lo lhc Herald
.s increasing laclt im.-!,. Ii you
ivatti a papei thai jii'lnts the news
when it Is n.ws and all ot the news
iiilllii'iilly nm iiaui Hie Herald Ue
.Miti t ,1 mi lun tin papei' unless you
old, l it      lie hate never let Hull' lo
force the lleraid un Hie people, and
nu a very good reason, a panel' like
Hn- Herald dues nol nei .1 lorclitg,
Malt Itnckeniliii'f, wlm tut years was
lhe chief slandby uf the Herald, and
win, came to Canada wnh the tlcrahl
editor eight years ago in work nn
the Wiiiilii.i Internallunal, was ir,
town several days last week visiting
u:d Iriends ami looking over familial
sctlies. There ate nu old timers whu
lu nut know "Matt" and none nlm
ine uui his friend. For lbe past lew
yiars he has been associated with II.
i. Stephens in the llolel business ill
Morrissey and Calgary ami is pros-
pi ring, a [act that ail uf his Iriends
will be glad lo know. Fur ilie nexl
month be will be 111 Morrissey Mines
10 look alter the hotel there owned
hy the syndicate, while ihe local niau-
ag.r lakes his vacation. Afterward
he will come back tu Cranbrook toi
a brlel visit befoie reluming lo Calgary.
People nlm  wanl  job  work    done
cannol alfoixl to imv nu p ■    work,
Thai is win 11 pays to gel work
done ai ilia Herald othec. Nn cm,
lilam, ,s mn le ol ihe work 1111,11 I mil
here foi Hie reason lli.it II Is up tn
dale and the work nf nji in dale
printers. That makes .1 diitei.tiee
will, any  Individual.
Tbe Weather 11, Hns section nt   ihe
.initi'v seems to have undergone considerable change within ihe pnsl mo
The lain', ale heavier ami
uie ihei aie accompanied by
hi ail,'! winds Ihan funnel ly. Sunn-
people Hunk Hull this 1, dm- to the
1 in,1 ..-1 i-elllg cul iiH'ai in inunv places
while others aid Ihal lius las nothing lo th, wnh il
Tom Haiinn, one ill ilia prosperous
ranchers ni Cherry creek, wus in
town lasl Tuesday uilli a load nf
roots that ttere eagerly soiighl for hi
the holel 1 > uf   Crnnbrnok.      Tin
potatoes wee as fine as anyone could
wish fm. large, sound an.i ItcnutHul
lu lunl, Hliull. Tliere is nn use nf
sending u, oilier sections when nue
can get .such nmts rlgl 1 here at
Last Saturday Mr and .Mrs Leonard, nf Vancouver, passed Ihrnusli
Craiibriiuk nu their way easl. Ml
Lennaid was a pioneer it, Cranhrook
ami had the liist restaurant iu the
Imilding now used as a residence below Cleary ,v. Doyle's stable. He ran
a restaurant that wuuld he a great
winner in the town to-day, but it was
too far advanced [or the early days,
and  therefore proved unprofitable
Rev. Fortune las returned from
attmding Ihe meeting „[ the Kootenay Presbytery held Ibis year at
Greenwood, where he olllcialcd as
moderator! There was a most satisfactory attendance and lhe reports
submit led showed an encouraging
condition nf spiritual affairs in the
district. There is a dearth nf men
to meet the demand for new pulpits.
The grant tor Hie dislriel for the
past   six    months   was $150(1.    The
After suet a successful and enthusiastic sporting season as the citizens
uf Crnnbrook have enjoyed the pas,
summer, it would be strange indeed
if developments were mil sunn forthcoming tu provide for some equally
enjoyable nud exciting amusements
(or ihe long, dreary winter months
There can be ,„, i|Uestlon thai a good
skai ing rink it. Hns plane would lie a
■cry profitable proposition fur the
promoters, and wc nope to see definite action taken with regard to lhe
niiitti-i at all earl!' dale. Cranbrook
has hockey material tliat it would lie
hard lo discount even at Ottawa, and
here is a sport lhat Canadians
revel in all over the Dominion. Tin,,
there is the guest old Scotch game uf
eulling thai would turiiish aiiius,-
inent lut Hie multitude Will a rink
bete Crnnbrook wuuld hnve Hie K,„,
lenay Huuspiel cinch.,1. lui her winters are well known iii he better
adapted lor ice sports than anywhere
else iti the district.
c. I'   H   He idles along the    ('in,,' the hunter or the fisherman. But even
In Ill's conned Inn   we nisi In stale  it   Hie   esophagus does   balk a little I Synod      Hume   Missi omniitt   .
Dial  Hie big lire al  Kitchener     was at swallowing some   nf these rehear-1 which is composed of one rcpresenta-
11,,t slarl ,1  Uirough  Ihe carelessness sals il is l„o much In expect a good  the from each Presbytery, will 1 1
,f woodsmen, as tins generally eirru- talker to spoil n good story hy slick- In   Calgary uexl   time ami Mr. Fur.
laiiil, hul by llghlnlng
Ing nm closely to ihe truth.
tune will represent Ibis Presbytery.
The last Canada (iazette contains
Hie notice ol incorporation ol Janus
I, l.uvell, accountant; Robert ftnw-
iitis, solicitors clerk; l.nii.,1 William
McNeill, solicitors' clerk; lleorgc
lliimiliuii Cis.els, s!udcnt-ai-l,ni and
William,    Francis,   Ralph, sHIlcllors
clerk, all uf Toronto under Hie i ie
of lhe "P. Burns ,1 c, , Limited "
lha h.ad olllce in In' at Calgaiv and
capital stock i'l.uuu,nno. The nun
pany is auiliiiri/.id among othei matters in cany nn a ranching and fanning   business, to    deal m meal   an I
tnaiuifael'llets   of,    In   build   elel.ilui .
and cany mi an cleiat,,1 aul storage
business; tn mine an.1 develap minerals.
TO MKMHI.HS OF C.  P   It   i;i  Mi
RII.I.1.  CLl'B.
There   will lie a   meeting uf     lhe
members nn  ,:,e   evening uf Oclohei
■lid at 8.SO p. ni. al Wentworth hall
tu review past year's wmk and present the. yearly report and tu   elect
nllicers fur ensuing vein.
T. S. 0111, Pres. C. II. Knncke, See
_a It
Miss Mary Macdonald, begs tn announce that she has started business
as diessmaker anil general seamstress
Go out. daily It deslted. Address, opposite Crows Nest Laundry. •_3-l_iv
There is one ol the best  hotels   1
the dislriel    fur sale.   Apple  In
Herald nllice. 27-11-
SS °«
Waist Lengths
Now  Wuistinga  in ,';' yd   lengths in nil  shades
Fnnn 82.00 to 88,23 eaeli, 20 Wnisl Ends in Delaier and
1.,mu... all colors, Reg Prices, 82.00, 82.23 nml i.''.".ii ,,.i
P    FHIDAY   AND   SATURDAV   $1.50
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■^O     ri'gnlnr prices, 82.00 to88.1X1.
REID  &   CO.
Xui'kii   cooked onls n perfect]-.' -
ninl iiiiilti'd oat food requiring oul.v sug n
uml iri'iiiii tu make a delicious, whole.
a meul.   An ideal food fur a Imrri^i
breakfast, un appetizing lunch ur a dam.
ty dessert.
* H (Boob IRasor
i'in iii'cc-s-iity to every man who shaves i.iinst-lf
Dave you Got One?
A tf you haven t then come in and let us show you some A
A —
_ ot tne razors we guarantee and also some of the strops __
A that gives them that keen cutting edge so much desired, if
**     Shaving is a luxury if you get the materials for use 9
T i 9
f Irom y
!  C.E.REID&C0.  ?
T *
*, ■    ■    ,    ,_  »
SEPTEMBER 29 and 30
-W'•■M"1-M»M-M--M ^^ THE .(.tt-V_N_'.i.«M't.    HI.U_Yi.ll
i little P-.
In the spring
Montreal, s''l"
brought!- Iron, Un   Hr*.
district hv Fathe. Pierre Dutreiih, a
ma 101 an years anion      "
ZX i»« - "" ;;	
all,..., .."'1 a H"»- """'"
i,„; a   Canadian
pild hunt.'i, young   ' nbilious at '
remarkable pbysiuui     "."■'"■> '»    "
small    mining eaui| '   ""
Nome, Alaska, and easl >"- •" ""ll
the heterogeneous assemblage ol nun
an gamblers and ndveuturcrs drawn
together   bv    thc cunimon lust     loi
weaiii.     In ti,e ,.u imp was   one
unmarried woman ol hu own age
twenty Sl"- ««. winsome, capric
lous, oaptlvallag and bcautllul, ae-
cording to tlf itandard ol the
place. ,
Tbe entire camp was al lbe leel "i
Mane l.apuiii, and »hi aci pled thc
all.-nliuiis in as in.iiu II1CU OS eausl
10 Odor Hie,,,.      Null   .ml   Han slnll.'s
ot conduct not quite becoming a
wumnii bound bj conventional Boclely
laws weie whispered, but they were
told scictl), loi lo havo spokon
openly wuuld have meant death, In
a week it hnd become known lhat
Henri Duranil, thc young nml nmhil
ions lieHi'iin.ei. im I follliv.nl iii the
lootsleps Ol thi other : wain . and
lal len dcsperalel) li luu- with the
Flower ol the Snov     a    Maile   wa
callnl hy th nip.     Hence no word
oi scemingi! imiiscm-t conduct on
her part reached his eats.
Thc courtship     prog sl rapidly,
the ■ ngagemet.l cniue ipilckly, and
when the wed Iin took place the
camp brushed up ll uld clothes,
brought out lon en neckties
and atteudid lo n man. The wed
ding liuil he'ii hurried because young
IJuraiid was forced Ihal ver) day lu
uke up a claim foi I) mile, lo th,
nonh. ll had been laked mn
shortly Mora bj John Norlh, au
Americau adventurer, suave ol man
nur and clever oi tongue, whu bad
sold Diii'iiuJ ,t hall iirterusl Willi tin
stipulation ilia: a iho .. I iuvcsiigati
Hie claim and i.u.e il up in pm luei
ship before |iu) il . en >h ioi   luu'e
ll H,M  loo  I'D    .   .      '■    : ..   :,- pel
inn  thu woman        tual e  the   om ui -
.lllll   lUllliaii    WOS      i"ua  1    10   | "   liana
ill.,' JlOUt'J iimi,li   Lllllll
iis iv
iiiii      Hull
months laid'.     !***u i
,'   ll'M
bur    .ii.-
mediately ai Loi Hit  w
v.uli bui
inuiiit'i   in n    mull
mtui Labti
cabin, ulmii    aiiswi
ami sol uui .-ii i-i-iuJi)
fijix in,-iiiu.,  in Load
Uf   1"
.i  idaphv'.i
i-uiuii* tiiu mint i lull
U    ItltU   ill-.
wife dead, anil m It.
a   v.i-Li.
uld ti'! baby.     Uuks
|)~_   La
i.i:i   llwlj
now,   miii   lJuraird, _\
iu_bit    siai Led   uuL
lu    I
il      J,.In,
/NorUi.     ii   waa a It
'•ti   s>c
tuli,    uui
nu louuJ linn bail a >
.i-t   in   in,
lilg   .^tlul   L'fttUJ),   li.i'l i-
1   liuu-li. „
miles iu Uif lulerioi.
■1 Uv
iht- citnip    ihal   Uii<
nru  ii
t'l.   liy      a
sluiceway   in    tliu   e
qult.ll>1 and  iluu ilisa
1    HI      Ml,'
A liLUfl latet a slia
u rep
nl aiuUs
ud a mutiny crowd d.
.■ii in
iaio ai a
luiiiblc-duwn sbauly.
u  Lbouglu
tin*)  litaid  iwo &butb
ll.-)     Welt
Ho   ulOSfl    LugrtllLI'      111
a  lbe
y    mighl
have bivu mistaken u
r unu
Su the)
investigated and eaim
tbe bud)
ui Nur Ui.
"Uig Uuraml   was
d    W 1 111   A
gua.      I've Been     tu
11   CUL
an eycliu
Hum a luun duwu aL Nouie," said
"Woll, it b Uieu aiUii," said auo
.Nu unu saw Durand leave Un; camp,
tor nu oue looked, lln- malLui: waa
reported in duu in.if u. ilie nearest
Cluveinineut pulioe pout, aud there ii
tlldcd,  US  I.U  a,  Ua'  lilg  Mini      rauiji
yi Uie police win.- concerned. thi
memory ol lho incident was nwallow
ed and forgotten and lhe participants
paused oui .i ihe mind «.i Uie lilg
.Shot as un.I .li appears Indole Lht
morning sun.
The Btorj would nevei have been
Known bj Father Utilreich bad nm
Uurabil appi-aj.nl Just spring In a
lumber cauiji 150 miles north by west
o( Laid' at. John, Canada. Nineteen
years iial bardi tn I and aged blm
cui._._di.'iali,\. ii nI ho igb nol linil;
nine, be maintained a youthful beai
log and Boon I real   favoi -
I t-o   with Hu-  ,'o mi .i.i.     lie
lino.] uui  lu sl.. ii..' river,
whence tbey an ud tu eh iliaii
nun, and  wai   u ■       in   a
ii.  in   '.imp,
lu this camp, emplu; i d n thi cap
acity u; maid, ivas ,. Ini .; ■ . ■ ...
ui nineteen, i u jlil by lumbermen,
trappers and guide: and n peeled
and iduli/.<d bj al! ■■•■■■■■■ know her,
1 ti-. moment bu laid i j ua upon her
Durond became Infatuated, In nil
tb-.' year*, since lu;- terrible experlunco
at Nome women bad goni oul oi lus
life as completelj a- though they did
not exist. But now something '-Hired within bim, an.l, making sure
that bapiiiiiLiss was again before him,
he paid Sophie Burton court.
Miss Burton had come lo tlie camp
three years before in.m Ottawa,
where she had been engaged through
a newspaper advertisement. She was
quiet, demure and Intelligent, and was
acceptable io the wife of the superintendent because she attended strictly
U> her own affairs anil did her work
faithfully and well, sin- was communicative upon all but ono subject,
and that was her past life. Regarding this m> won! escaped her lips
and those about ber, feeling tliat sb
had known sorrow, refrained fron
pressing ber.
ft was obvious   that Miss Burton,
in spit* oi the differences in their
...*x reciprocated the affections of
DuranJ and in lime tin camp rami '■■
look upon the stalwart woodsman as
hei accepted lover. The engagement
was, however, never made.
one night Durand called upon the
young woman with tbe intention o!
asking ber to become his wife. Father
Dufreich bod arrived the same night,
and was conversing in ihe next room
with Un* wu.- oi ttie superintendent,
wh, ii he h.aid Duraud suddenly uttci
au exclamation "f horroi and then
pace rapidly up nii.1 down ihe lUmr.
Suddenly he stopped
■•Vou say you dun't know youi
father's name''" he demanded.
■No."    she    replied        "They   took
me away from Nome before l was
.iid enough to realize       I went with
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦#♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 9^9999¥99^999999999999*9999999999>9**>*>9999y999*>*t>9999999ty99
♦ ♦♦+♦♦♦*»♦♦♦»»♦♦♦♦♦♦•»♦♦♦♦♦♦.♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
♦ ♦ ♦♦        Sviui'isi-* ut Kcgulaliuna l.tr iUpOSlJ of Mlu*
cralu ua Uuminiuu I mi.!-  m   Mauliabi,
my granutn
UlO  sn'iel
clothed  in
many  yuu
little l know "
"Hut you have
"Vis, i buy ga\
as anv othei,     I
ber's too      Hei
knew "
'■Did you novel
il  being called—
"Yes,  tbey call.
Snows.1 "
Uut    aud  she dml
She -.aid my birth
haiue,   and   1   COUld
without  lolling you
NOW $5.00    50QN $5.50
tb: NurthfteM fcrriiurk-s anil the Vukoa
I..1   i ...ii una-, ui.ij nf |>nr< ii un<i at .in i*i
- u tu mo; ii    was
rand mothei changed j
real name l    novel:
et id (be
said I
"I beard the man give a cry,
Father Dufreich, "and then th
broke imn sobs. Durand talked excitedly a momiiiT -uid striding out
went io bis bunk, The girl ran all
ci lum bin she gut iltcic lou lale. As
she ran we heard a ptslnl-sliot and tt
was all over wiih po<u Durand, The
next day Sophie lold me all she knew
awl i tie rest I gathered from friends
wlm had known lhe man at Nome and
ibe Big Shot."
Shares of the Marconi VVirelosa Telegraph Co, ol Canada
can be had fur q few days longer at $"> each. Tho $"i shares nro
nearly all sold. Thoy will ln> gone on <>r before Sept. 117 and after tlmt date none will be Bold loss than $6.60
It you wimt In buy, Nf >\V is thu turn.* la do so. To delay
means to pay 50 r-onts pei share more, perhaps $t.00t as the
number to be snld ut 85.nO in very small. Tin* noxt block n ill
Ih*. put on snle tit $11.00. We expect the price to reach ,7 00 bu-
fore January 1st. Stockholders will be given preference in the
purohase of Bharos ;it ?5 00.   Send checks tuude payable to
l.i.li  Kl
•iriiee Dixie writes; A situ-
pie life is
a mode of existence undo
by conventionality,    i sei
no object
it turning lhu frcshnoss ol
da;   min
a time loi  steep, so I say
"ll.se  Willi
ils light, and fio lo    lied
when that
li^ht vanishes, or as   soon
alt.'I     as
possible."    Frum where I
nuw write
al This lime of year,   the
aa 25 Broad St*. New York
9% So Congress St., Huston
♦ <*   Canada Life Bldg., Montreal
Munroe   &  Hun roe,
N a lingers ior tlie Marconi I iuIiw ritcrs
birds are in loud soug, and Uie rooks j
busy with their young sit 3.30 a. ni
Between that hour and fi.30 a. m. ti
ibe most, glorious time of the day.
spenl all you ran of it in the open
air, and by nine o'cluck you will bt
ready for breakfast. "What son of
breakfast," many ask mc. "In stai
.ng my own 1 think I give an ideal
uili-. A large slice of juicy watermelon, without sugar, a ripe banana
or two, some blanched almonds and
seeded raisins, two or three dates,
and a tumbler of milk, iu which two
whites of raw eggs hate been whisked until tliu mixture stands erect like
a thick pillar of light creamy foam.
ind can be eaten like an Ice cream
None of this loud is swallowed till ll
has become ready to du so by mastication. It is eaieen slowly, every
mouthful is such as can be digested
easily, and affords nourishment.
I think no more o food till aboui
1,30 p. in. or ii o'clock, when 1 have
a slice of pineapple, wiitluut sugar,
ur any other kind uf fruit iu season
that 1 fancy, one or two bananas,
two puiled tigs, some Brazil nuts   ui
Imonds, and a little bread and bin
whipped milk and eggs (whites) ls
before. No mure food is either needed by the body or required by me
till the next morning, because I eat
lo live and do not obey conventionality—whom I kicked over lung ago-
iind live to eat. There are many
*Uiir things which au uncooked met
an aflorJ, and lu nil who desiie to
know ..I these I cannol do botlei
than recommend to them a book In
Mr. and Mrs. Christian, called "I n
cooked Foods ami 1 low to I si
No one   whn olicys conventionality !
can   lead a simple   lite In  thc true
tense of the word, for conventional-j
Ity  r. the   cruelcfil   ol  l-askmnkers, I
m-i   tiifi must   oppressive of oppres* j
sots.     It    makes   men  and    women
'tress hke mawkina and tortures man
ami beast   relentlessly.      It is cotu-
ui'ss, and is uu worthy ol respect,
I win' w, nt |o Ascot, l lemembei
m a cool white boating dress Fash
ton laiiffh d, and cried, ' What |uk(
is this you are playing '.'" In th
Royal enclosure I met a Royal Prince
who asked me, "What arc yon wearing Lady Florence — u nightgown .':
"No, sir." f answered, 'a uomforl-
able dress." Of eouis'e, my ftreos
•vas simple and uumfoi labie. hut  con
venllonallty was aghast and offend
i-i, and I was pronounced a slntici
agalnsl her, But Simplicity, who Is
(rite, whispers. "Stick to nn- and
Truth and kick over Conventionality." That is what I did then, have
done  since,   and   always  shall     do.
So much for dress; bill Tn everything else it must be the same. Why
should men servants be tortured by
having to wear the liveries they do.
or horses Hl-treatod with 'bearing
reins 7 Why should I not drive down
Piccadilly in a pony trap, in a
yaching suit if I like, and not feci
that conventionality is going into
hysterics ? Why should not society
eat, sleep, live and dress simply anil
comfortable ? No reason at all but
ibe ogre conventionality, whose horrible flats make everyone uncomfortable.
The rich spend millions unnecessarily on gaudy vulgar entertainments,
which are boredom personified and an
John Hutchison & Co., Sole Agents, Cranhrook, B. C.
Insufferable nuisance. Let the rich
spend ihe money Instead in brightening lhe lives of the lolling poor.
Tlie poor struggle to make ends
meet, and to obtain poisonous and
filthy food, putrid in composition and
devitalized by the burning up of the
cooking stove. Let these be taught
and I'liabtid lu procure and live mi
pure, uncooked food. Lei tile hideous, cruel slavery of ibe kiit-bt-n be
done away wiih. At Ute root uf
countless diseases is meat eating, and
ils consumption means the tortures
annually of millions of miserable animals. Let this disgusting practice
be abolished, and pure, sun-cooked
fowls take its place. Follow eom-
tnon-sense, not the musty ways nf
stale conventionality, Oo to Nature. Ask her Tor the truth, obey
her, and yuu will do right, because
Nature does nof TTe.
If men and women lived thus we
should see young faocs and fair skins
and bright hair and clear eyes ami
red lips at seventy, instead of old,
colorless features, with dim eye.-i,
grey hair, and every sign of age
abuut them. Captain Diamond,
broken down at fifty, adopted un
natural life, lie is now 103, an.l is
hale, hearty, erect and well.
Tbe Fur Press, Winnipeg, has secured for Western Canada the exclusive uglii io reproduce a new scries
of thirteen Sherlock Holmes stories
by Sn Conan Doyle. Foi these stories it is understood Uie author has
recolved the highest juice over paid
for .stub literature,
When Sir Conan Doylo mealed tbe
ebatauter ol SberloCK IJolmcs he
founded an ubsoliilely unique type and
nature of detective stories. Doyle
made hi.> detect ivo a deductive genius
and the stylo  I nature ol bis    ad-
run lures sel Un* world a talking,
rhuu.-aii.ls 1.1 people havo grown lo
regard Holmes as a pursounl friend,
and  Uiey  would nut  ftlllluglj   miss   a
E. R. Rlcketts, the Vancouver
theatrical manager, whu lias taken
over the New Westminster opera
bouse, lias booked sume line attractions fur tie Dominion Fair season
and the theater will be open every
night during tbe time of the great
national exhibition, whieh is to open
here on Sept. 27.
On account uf the prospects of
large audiences Mr. Rlcketts was able
to induce some of the better companies to go a little out of their way
to appear in his New Westminster
bouse un dates from September 27 to
October 7, inclusive.
The New Westminster opera house
with its latest improvements is litted
to accommodate all the scenery and
appliances that tho besl companies
carry with them, while the comfort
and convenience of patrons have also
been well provided for.
oi In
Un- hrs
is complete in Itself,
appearing In the Wi-ek.j
Free Press ol Augunl 10, ciniiled
"The Adventure of lhe Blue Carbuncle," und one each wivk IJiereaf.
To Introduce lhe Weekly Free Press
to new readers a special offer Is being
matle or 35c, to the first <>f January,   lOflfl,   Whieh,   of  cur.se.   includes
these stories. You ought in take the
Uetkly Free Press, bill yuu cannol
afford Lo do without your own local
paper, therefore instead ot sending
2._. to ihe Free Press better send IU
cents and we will send, you the Herald to the end of the year as Well as
ihe Free Press, you, therefore, secure
both papers In the first of January,
1906, by paying 15 cents additional.
A number of our readers have
friends in Eastern Canada, the United States and even in the "old land"
wbo are hungry for news concerning
Western Canada. If you are too busy
to write these friends letters what
more acceptable gift could you send
them than a copy of a leading Metropolitan Western Weekly and a leading
Weekly such as the Herald.
This oiler remains good until Oct.
I. Send in your subscriptions at
"You have a tough looking lot of
customers to dispose of this morning,
haven't you'.'" remarked the friend ol
the magistrate- who had dropped In
ut police court.
Huh!" rejoined the dispenser of
justice, nyou are looking al the
wrong bunch. Those are the lawyers. —Exchange.
Vancouver, Victoria,
Seattle, Portland Ore.
30 Day Limit
Clioii'u uf routes, nil rail via Sinmis
S. S. Princess Victoria
Dominion  Exhibition
On Sal,' Si'iiti-nilii'. 2t_.li t0 Oct, :;
linal to rutum till Oct. k-'tli,
CorrosponiliiiK rules to other iwints
Through Sleeping
Daily from Supt 2litli to Oct. 2fith
For full particulars, first class nr
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or write
0. Hllller, Agenl, Cnnbrook.
J. S. CARTER,      R. J. COVI.K,
I'.I'.A.. Nelsui.. A.O.P.A. VucoMM.
Cranbrook Sash
j and Door Factory •
All kinds of ti 11 i____.li work in J
way of dooris, wimlowa, trim- J
soras, otr.   Kiln drit-tl lumber J
fur inside work.   < )ur work is J
guaranteed aud our prices are \
satisfactory.    Screen    doors J
Rough and Dressed Lumber ;
For Sale «
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
4      IIAZL'l.Wutll) ICE CREAM 4
t Prompt Delivery. 4
,   » j 4,
Mt mn  liner thai in- |
- P* Bures    satisfaction, tr
That   is  our   Imsi- J
HUBS.     \V,'   Wlllll    I" ■»
please.   We aro wil. $
liiiKloli. • hunl In >
inplish Unit nli- *
ji'i'l. Tlml iswlivour >
111 1.lit.1
in   -KltUlNUty,
1 t>. .i,
.    ill   llll*   Kit**  lit
• II . HI
f-l I'll 1
■> l«'l l.l.l ul., it
• sruwoiitjifit
I siiinl McullMt
L    1 riMjnn m .
IIH  t..i- niiin-r'1
n- H..1} ..Ul.iin
untmUilutl ''Wi
A I".
-111 HIT - Wlllll
111'     t|
Clillltnl   llll   OM
luu tl
i-  imuti |M.iiieiit
1,-.'..[•.,-. >,."■
1   I  .hi III ,1   l.lilH.
Ulil tl-
II -..,l,(» ...,„.
ii [U| ii i'> ii.eaujr
i|M" - "I'lUI
ii,ii,.-i, luuim
>-,,..l mlti-i.i! In
Ulft)      .ih'.iH-   .,
- 111.ii
.,„.-►.. I,-,  hy
111.if, ,t
■Iiul ill.--..lllll- V
tin I
Ivy .. |.. -..,,u.'.,!■
ii<.ii ii.ai.,-. nue
. ii-i ..ii   li.r   illln
..li' "I v,ni
1.um HUll  liu
,-,    i  1
.1   -Mllilli   ilit-i'l,
tUy-t i
I-..-..I.-.I   Hit lllll
11,-.   lit    II   II Iii
i-. .-Ilk'.-. ..ti,....
**¥•_■ J ,
,1.Illi,>.,.,! it'll uii
L'I HI    1
ii ll  HI        1 III'    I.'.'
i.u I.-.
I'lii'H n-'l -
\i ii
lit -i.n' mini In
, 1    ,1   ll ■ . . 111,.
Ul "1  U.-..I I.. III.
Wl.,',.   >4.,1,.
«!■    ■■'"I
lllll'% I   II     I   <■ ... >• -
|       I    I    .  Il'l  'll'     I'-.'    ill-Ill    I
II   '-.I) Ill-Hll -.1   I.i,,.11,   ..I   11,.   I,III' -'I
'I III" |'l lUl "I III-' llN-ltll
.-i   \| llllll.        II    i   ,    1   >     III
llll,   HI.    tllh ..111...,
s. \\    t ,
i-l   ,,   i.U.
i-r i
i i
up   u< tin
■ nu ■   i.i"-
,-,unu-.   •■
■ „.i. u, H*. ou- nt
Lull, mini bu "b-
i,- uuitlll IS wiilliu
> ->il), i' <me ixiiii
Iud.iI icn ml en »i
. uiu* a i-.iiini mutt
Hit' IN BUtltlOl
tl I
nj i
ay nmk lln*.
i Una nm a*- mm pa) luu I*
n.i) be 1..1111I iii-il.,um ain.i
.mu* i-ifik, niili'li nr river,
-tijluj- it fee,
r at I
ul time
ite lo.r
..nj ti.iU
Hiii-i- una
i year to
I H'uric tins boon ilona iiiu-n in*
-r. if nm, ui<- .-iinm Mm I i i.h
ninn. il,mul .<|.i ii li.ov. iii'iili.'U
■■lilt   i)  I
.il.iil. .1
<   \|IM
11-irnit-iiiii. aii tumuli]
i.miiis in uaiutuba, im- n<
mul witliiii tlu* VuktiU Ti
|.ni.ii.i-liiii;   tui   pBlroieuiti
in..) reimt. rui an lnuiviuu
lilg lll.lrl.l.l.'l'j uu Ui,' mint 1.
,11.'i .i!U' 11 1      S i. 1.1 i
L'uventi .u llie r ue
uy.ilt) at iimli i.iir
.ul.-.ill.! |.iii. Ilk Iii iitf
I   III   tlio
1 1 I'l
tt   IV, i illi*.
a llif Mun-lri .ii iht) Ititi'i
r  I   « {     biisiuess umsuers : : X
0    PHONE NO.75        AHMSTRONGAVC    J     « |>ERRY    St    FITZGERALD >
•**•*'*'*■***'*-******•**■**'*• IS fVuttiorlzed movcrsot the 9
*.«■>..*->«* _.,.~9 *** *..«„»..« ..t..~.   \_\         «■«■ A W«h Pianos  J
: Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
::Machine Shopt|{
McKiiiiuin & Johnston
We nro proiuireil tn
■ In all ltimls ..I' ro-
pair work heavy ami
light, iitiiki. ('listings,
turn ohiiftH, etc.
Scientilic    I1(ii'scshiiciii>',   a )
j We Will Do        I
| Your Draying     I SAVE  TIME.
I'.V    l>INi,
AMi .11.1. I' li II III I'lll.S I'M
St. .'.'ml, Chicago, New Vint,
AND .11.1. I'iiIM- HAST
I'nia,. nml iniirim Sleepers, Bullet   library
^ar., Modern  Uai  Coadiea,  I. ^  Cam,
;Mcai. a in Cine,
A. W. McVittie
'Ai Dominion and Proviiv {
■ j clal   Land  Surveyor. 5
j    11. H. McVittie    |
—   linst ami  Wesl   lllllll   L
,i World
iuc nl,,
\\\ TIMBER, MINES and \    ' ,f„i,i.,.„„.
I   j LANDS {   ronimlhi|jlil|,«, mill uu
General Agenl
Special eicnrilon rai.« in World'. Pair, Sl
l-niil.      Vour iimiif al route
I full l.ifuri.iniliiii
..l In
4 4
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
fiotel *
A Short Drive
From Victoria
VKIIKISS, II. It \\ Il'l
II  tt'   I', l. i   I', ji
lunula Till IV   Itlvnr.l.ln lv
NViu.li. Hinluine, Wn-.li
t -I'
:|: f. Edgar Davis f
jl BRICKLAYER and       *|-
;!; CONTRACTOR      •!'
X ,                           X
.1, Fiii'iini'i', ItniliT.  Iiinii'i'. ,-,
.!. X
,i, and fiiviiliii'i- work a speeial- .',
$*■ i:
-i* All [Inscriptions n£ Btnni'. *,*
X wmk undertaken, Orders lel'i >J.
X '.t x
People of South East Koot- | will
CRANBROOK, B. C. ena? ^° visil X^?"3 sll0uld I ,. _, ,,,„ ,-,, X
thos. T. MoVITTlE. I', l. s,      ill0.1 T ~ V,.lt,Coldstream. j» J; '       s" .{.
laidlaw, it. K |Itis the tourists paradise.        i*_t«ii>*j_L*>ii_i_Ke*M«44' THK   CRANBROOK   HERALD
Take notice Uuu thirty days alter
date i .mend to appi) to tne Chid
Commissioner of Lands and Works [tit
a license to prospect fm coal and pe-
troleum on tlu* following lands in
souiii Kast Kootenay.
Commencing at a poai planted at
tbe northeast corner, being the northeast eornei post tit tin* Alodio Komi-
gutre coal claim, about two miles
noitli of ilie southeast corner post of
tlie Lewis Rolls coal claim, thence
.south Mi chains, thence wist si.
chain*, ihenoa nortii Mi chains, thenee
tast hn chains, In placC ut beginning
Dated August Uii. 1005.
Alodle Romigulrc, Locatoi.
W   Hi'l.bn. Agent.
Take notice Ihal ihii l) da) -- ntlci
dale   I iiiu'iul  i.>   nppl)   lu  .ll-' I'tn 1
I ul ..'iuii. I   ,i|   I.,,!,!. lllHl   WlilkN  I, I
,i ItceliMe Ui piuupci i nu < ".il .ni.I I'.
it oleum »u Ul- billowing lands u
H li Kasl l\ im)
folllliil'lii Hi.',   al     A   piWl    1)1.11:1.  I   „i
ilu-    hutlhweiil   cornel,    being    tin-
lii.i l||        \\r ,1      i mil,'I        poni      ..i        III
Dollie A   Duyd imii ela i mn
ib.   Alodle Itomigtuie coal claim    un
ilu- i.i.l,      Hi im-   Hull til   mi i ham
iii. i,,i . .ii,; mi chains, ilnnee inn Hi Ml
.liail..,  Hi. n. i- Wt'Sl   MI ili.tth.  1" placi
ui beginning
n.iii'.i au ,uhI ub  imm
llnllle a    llojil,  Ltwaloi
\\    liiiiiu.   Vgfiil
Take notico that thirty days alter Take notice that thirty dan ajtel
date i Intend to apply lo the Chid date l Intend Uk apply to iht* iimt
Commissionei ol Laws an.i Works im Commissioner ot Lands and wows nn
u license to prospect toi coal and ii- a license to prospect foi coal and petroleum on the follow ins lands in troleum on the following lands m
SiiuUi Kast Kootenay: South Kasi Kootenaj
' Commencing ai a post planted at Commencing at a poet planted at
tlie southeast coiner, being the tin1 southwest corner, beum lbe south-
souUieast corner post ol the Bessie wesl corner post oi the William Met-
P Hams conl claim, adjoining lhe tcrtlel.1 coal claim, adjoining the
Coral Wllros coal claim on ',l" west, Barne) Thompson on tbe east, tfconca
ibiiu't'    ib 80 chains,   ttence west north  80    cbaliui.   ihence   east    su
80 rli tins      llience   south mi iban-., chains, thence south BU chains, thence
tu plu
sl   Ith,  1005.
Ol     III
Dated Au
Resale I'   Harris, Localo
W. Bcldin, Agcu
wesi mi chains to place ol beginning
Dated August  ith, 1005.
William Netterfleld, Locator.
w. Bclden, Agent
Take notico   thai thniv days alter
fake notice   tlul  thiit) days after Uato   i intend to  appi) to Um Cbiel
dale   I intend to  appi)  lo ^Uw _ Cluvf | coniinuwloiwi ol Laws ana Works loi
ini   ul   I,,ili 1'- an.l  Wulkh l. i
a iln-ii.i- in in.i p <t nal ami  pe-
i iuii un     iii,    hillnw mg   lands in
-WillH|    |   ,,M    K< Ul    II,  i
1 u. iii .ii ,   .ii    .i   post   plan' -il   al
'h<     ,., n.M .'    i,mi i,   being     Uiu
.'■uili..,-, ,., i   im.-.|    ul  the Moses
 Im coal .1,iiiu, adjoining   Un
u.u'    tt< M"> i     .  -I.   il.i.to    i.n  Uie
 tb   lb   uui lli Ml . ...nu,'.,  iii. in
'.I   I      bill      . ii.uh till ll  i'     :,,Uilli       Ml
ibii.ii'   v.i.-.i mi chains     to
plait' ,.i k   ti ,ii.-.
Da i-i   \u ,■ nt   lib   i 'rn
\l    I lIUUHI  ii.   1.0 at.il
U    Uii n   Agent.
a license lo ptospeot loi coal and petroleum on tin- following lands In
South last Kootenay:
Commencing at   a post planted at
ibe    bou lb-east     corner,   Ijviiik the
iouUi east i -i  post ol tlu* Uarne)
tiiiiiiiiisiiu coal claim, about twomiics
easl ui the southwest corner poet ul
iin- li.iii) Collins coal claim, thenee
north mi chains, thence want m>
ihains, Ihence south mi thaws. Uienci
east mi ihains lo place ot beginning
Dated August lib. 1005.
Danny Tloiupsijit, Locator.
W, Hi-Uiiii, Agent,
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date 1 intend to appi) to lbe * tstci
Commissionei ol Lands and Works mi
a license to prospeel (oi coal .ii"i >
troleum on the (ullowing lands in
South East Kootena)
Commencing at .» post planted si
ihe northwest corner, being lhe
nut th west cornel post oi ihe
Mollie Olsi i; coal claim adjoining the Henry Collins on .lu
south, thenee soulh 80 chains, ihence
east mi chains, thence noi Lb ■'
cbains, thence wesl **" chains lu
place ui h ginning.
Dated August   Uh, 1905
Al..lh,. Olson,  Locatoi
U. Ueldeii   Agent.
..,;  lli
,'S   ,
uu  1
'11,1 1,,
I'l" -1
imm li
.1 III
ll ,
>,'   I
i   in
1  till'
,\i ing
a   HI
ais   al
. n.i,
u ii
USI    |
1        .11
i,- mil
ml   I'l
,.U cl
111 u
.1 I.L-1
,1  llll.l .
al   I'Ul
..'al     i
.ii 'a
: two
•I, llial
V Mil
Cl .lilt-
,    tin
til. I
1,','   la.
nli SU
i lii'i
iSl  Ml
Ilia   In
in In
1 All
ji.si ;
Illi.  1
.1 llm
Vi. II
Take notice "llial thirl) davs aflei
date I intend lo appi) to the Chiei
Commissionei of Lands aird Works ic
a license to prospeel toi cual and petroleum on the following lands In
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
Die northwest corner, being the
north west comei post ot tin
,\bbie Shehau coal claim, adjoining
the .Maud Harris coal claim on tlu
tast, thence soulh 80 chains, thenct
tasi hu chains, thence nortl 80 chains
thence west su chains lo place of be
giun ng.
Daie.l AugUSI Ub.  1005.
Abbie Shehau, Locator,
W, Ueldrn, Agent.
Take notice tlul thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lntras and Works foi
a license to prospect tor coat and petroleum on the following land- in
South Kast Kootenay:
commencing at a post plnntitl ,r
thc north, ast corner, being the nurlh
east confer post ol the John Mercei
coal claim, about two miles east ol the
northwest corner post ot the AM.i.
Shehau coal elaim. Ihence south 8b
chains, thence wesi su chains, thence
uorih Mi chains, thenee east 8fi
chains, to place ol beginning.
Data! August  lib. 1005.
John Mercer, Locator.
W.  BcLUn,  Accent.
Take notice that ihirt) davs Ute
dale I intend to appi) to lhe tlin
Commissionei ol Lands and Works f.
a license to prospect loi coal an i
troleum on the following lands ii
South East Koolcnay:
Commencing ai    a post  planted  i
the    im) tbwi-sl   i orner,    l» me
north     wm   cornel     pnsl    ol
.1   ll    liui'hol/ eual claim,    .,
ihe John Merci i  eual claim i
last,  thence smith  Mi rlmii
Take i
I.u.-   I
Mil ll   I.
Iiul   Ihii
irks i i
n.l pi-
tmls in
initio      lh
'iid.'ii   coal claim on  thc
north M' chains,  thenc
,.iins,   Uieuce   soulh     8
e ea t M' cliaius lo plac
ist   till    D103.
Lewis Rolls, Locator.
U. H.l,!»n, Agent.
Take notice lhat thirty days after
date I Intend to apply tu the Cbiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works lur
a license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on Hi,- following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner, being the northeast      e ri     |..-i   of  the   William
Uirdsnng eual claim, adjoining     the
Lewis   Hulls eoal elaim on  the south,
thence sutilli mi chains,  thence west
Ml    ehalllS,      ill. lire    Unl ill   Ml   eh.lllis,
Baled  *\u„i_l   lib, 1005
William  mrdsnug,   Locator,
W. Beldi-n, Agenl.
dale   1
notice    llial   llll
intend i.i   acin
in dm
i  ii, iii
.s  III
.1 liccm
ic to prospect in
1     1,1,      111,'     ll.llll
lill.l   K Hill)
i coal ii
ninn   l
I pc
.Is   ill
ilia    ii
Mali   1
lllll, m
pnsl   ,,
,-aal     .
neiielli. nt   a  |„
ii.ltiw.st   eornei
nest   ■ ..i mi
te, in,I.K cuul i'l.i
llasl      ill     tlie    llll
Mis.    .lulin  O
llli'lli'i'   SOlllll   Ml
a   chains,    III...
thence west su
ISt    jll.l
Ull.   llll,
-.1,1 llal:
lll.ll.lS   1
[   1 ll <,
ul III']
..... 1
I      Ml
,.f li.,;,
Au"_ i- :   I'll   1!
Mali     llal la,1
U      II,
lis,   1 ni
l.llli. .1
.l.iir   1
ii,,i iiv   thai  Ihi
.M    .1.,,
1   lo ill
a: ; H,
. illi'l
place "i l'i;'."" ft
.1   ll   li.,,',,
l lia i
il.ii,,   I aiiMi.l lo   appi)   In 11
, oniinls. a ol I..ml. .ia I "
., Ileeiisi In i I nl
ii nm   on   ilia   lollottiiiK
' , I   llllll     Ml
rn  mi eh ilns I
1 IC
1 1 '
llll '
ll  ',
ll  ill  1
Uiu buutliwi i
Wesl cuiiiel post ol lhe Tlmina*
1 urge »".d claim adji hung Uu Jul
in-,    (nth   ...,.i   claim <m Un  n i H
lh, nee   nm lli   Rtl  i li,uus    lit -i i,-     i.t '
mi chains,   iii.mv   Mitiih m>   chain .
UieiiiT Went mi i'lialns In place ul be
l'i, ton'.
Daie.l   \u'nu   I'h    1.-105
I'ltoiu.is Largi-   Locatoi
\\    Held, n, A
i.ii,,- notice that thli I) ilai ■ alii i
dale I ui ■ ud iu apph to Uie Clm-i
CummissuMi i ni l -mi   .oil Works '■ i
,1   llivtis.'   tu   piOS|llH'l   llll   t'ual   .llll     pi
iiul nm   nu   tb.-   miluwing   lands in
South Kasi   K-'Mlh
Coiiiiueni ing .u a posl plant! I nl
ih- souVhenst corner, Iwlng ihe south
east coil) i post oi ibe l-'iank Hat
/.ll io.iI claim, about two miles easl
of ibe Routhwest corner post ol thi
Coral Wilcox eni claim, llience north
80 chains, tin nee Hist Ml chains,
thence south SU chains, ihenee easl
mi chains to place of beginning.
Dativl August   llh,  10(15.
Frank  Hat/ell, Locator.
W. I.i't.l.n, Agent.
,.' m
Take notice that thirty davs after
date I intend lo apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license lo prospect for coat and petroleum on _iie following lands in
Smith Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted ai
tho sou Uiv. est corner; being I he
southwest comer post of the Coral
Wilcox eoal claim, nsijolnlng the Anna
Shi'lan coal claim on the north,
thence north SO chains, thence easl
mi chains, theuoc south HO chains,
ihence west 80 chains to place of beginning.
Dated August   lib. 1005,
Coral Wilcox, Locator,
W. Beltlin, Agent.
mi ■!,
-    : ■        .
. ii llie
bi-hii ■ ml     two
i     lli',     t  .1
oal    claim     Uk-ik      south    SU
ih ie-   ..i '   ■■' i i.n-      Hi ""
Mi elm illi m ■      wi sl  5b
io |iiaee of beginning,
Bate.l   in
Anna Shehau   Locatoi
W    H'lhu    Vgefil
Mil Il'l.
Ihal  Ui i
lo   lbe   Chtil
ti,! Works '■ i
coal and pe-
Ing   lands in
Take notice lhat ihnn davs aft
dale i intend io apply to the ciu.-i
Commissioner ol Lands and Works ni
a license to prospect lor coal and petroleum on the following lands in
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing at a po.ii planted at
ilk* southwest corner, being tin
southwest corner post oi Henry Col
lius i oul claim, ihence north feu
chains, thence east 8u chaius, tuence
.soulh KU chains, Un nee wesl Mi
ckatns to place oi btgimiing.
Dated August 4th, 1UU5,
Datod August 4th, 1005.
Henry  ColRns,  Locator.
W, Heidi n, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to ihe Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for
a license to prospect fur coal and petroleum on the following l.tu.l: in
South Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planieil at
the south-east corner, being the
south-east corner post of the Mar)
Marshall eoal elaim, adjoining the
Henry Collins on the west, thence
north 80 chains, ihence west mi
chains, thenco south su chains,
thenee east Mi ihains to place ot beginning.
Dated August 4th, 1005.
Mary  Marshall,  Locator,
w. Bidden- Agent.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I inleml to apph io Uie Chief
Commissioner of Lanis and Works nu
a  license  lo plospeel   for eoal alld    pe
troleum   on   ihe   following   lands in
South Kasl Kuoteua)
Commencing at a post plair.e-J .i.
the southwest corner, being the
southwest euinei posl ol ihe W li
Witiringion coal elaim. about iwo
miles west ol    ihe southwest corner
post ul  Hi-  II. i,:'   Collins eoal elaim.
thenee north So chains,  ihem-,'    east
mi chains,   thence   snuih    80 chains,
Dated August   lib   1905.
W   ll   Warrington, Locator
W   Bidden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days after
date l Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works Ioi
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lands In
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the southeast mi net, being Bie southeast cornet post ol the A. L, Anderson coal elaim. adjoining the M, 11.
Sulln.ni eoal claim on the north,
ih. me north 80 chains, ihence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains.
Rencc east 80 chains to place of be-
Datod August   Ith.  1905,
A. L. A inters, m, Locator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
Take notice thai thirty days after
date I intend to apply to ihe Chlel
Commissionei ot Lands an.l Works tor
a license In prospect for eoal and petroleum mi the following lands in
south Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
Ihe northeast corner, being the north
easl cornel post nf the M. II Sulli
van conl elaim, adjoining ih-* Noi
Conpci conl claim on the west, thence
south mi chains, Ihence west no
chains, thence north 80 chains, Ihence
nasi 80 chains lo place ol beginning.
Dated   \Ugusl   Ith,  1005,
M    11   Sullivan,   Locator.
W.  lh 1:1. n.   Agent.
Take notice
laic   1  Intend
I'ommiss ei ol l.nn
,i license to prospect
iroleuin "ii tin' io!
South Kasi Kootena)
Commencing al a posl planted at
lhe northeast corner, uelng the north-
•ast ei r posl of lhe Madgo     Cass
coal elaim, adjoining the Frank ll.u
'ell eoal elaim on the south, tlu nee
south    Ml     chains,   thenee    west     80
I'huins, thenco north Ml chains, ihene
oast 80 chains to place of beginning.
Dnlod August 4th, 1005.
Madge Cass, Locator,   j
W. Beldcn, Agent.
Take mil ice lhat thirty davs after
date 1 inleml lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner ol Lnnds'aml Works fur
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner, being the
north west coiner post of tie
lul'iis Orlh coal claim, adjoltHni the
Madge Cass on lhe east, thf nee
soulh 80 chains, thence easl 81)
chains, th noo norlh mi chains, thence
west 80 chains to place of beginning.
Dated August  lib. 1005.
Julius (trill, Loealor.
( W. Beldcn, Agent.
Take notice that thirty davs after
'laie I Intend to applv io the Child
Commissioner of Lands ami Works hr
a license to prospect for coal and pe-
irol.um on the follow ing lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner, being lhe
north west comer post of the
Ned Cooper eoal claim, adjoining the
W. 11. Warrington coal claim on the
south, llience south 80 chaius, thenee
east 80 chains, thence norUi 80
chains, thence west 80 chains to
place of beginning.
Baled August 4th. 1905.
Ned Cooper, Locator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
Take notice   that ihii t) dayi   sttei
tale   t in.1-1,.1 l..   appi)  Lu 'in* l met
t omtnissiuuei ol Land   an i Woi - ■ lui
a huh..- io proMpeci lui uial and   n-
loii-uiii   rn,   in.    : -    ..,;.     lands in
South Kasi   Koot  	
t uiutncnoing al   -■ post  planti I •■■
lu-  mu Ui i .i,i    i "i .. i,     being    lhc
uorthvaat   cornel     ut   the     sidonlc
I.un,a lea cual i laim, ad    tin
Mottle (ihou nt, ini .,; ,i, .1.. m i. south
mi citatns,     Ut. nn-     weal HO   ihains,
tli.ine   north mi chainsi  iteitoe   east
mi chains lo place ol beg lining,
Baled August   llh,  l •">
Sidonh I'.iuiia.i.-.. Locatoi
W    Beldui    \ teiu
Take notice Uial ihlrt) days altei
date    1   niii-litl   lo   a, pi)   to   Uie t llici
i oinuiissiuii.-r oi Lands and Works nu
a license in prospect tot eoal and petroleum on Uu- (oliowing lauds in
."south Kasi  Kootena) i
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest coiner, being ihu
not'ili west coiner [lost ol lhc
Mrs. William Netuiiiel.i coal claim
adjoining the Wm. Netlerlield on :n.
sou di, uuiii-e south mi chains, thunee
east ktt chains, llience north 8u
chains, Ihence west so chains to
place of beginning.
Daie.l   August   llll,   11)05.
Mrs. William Netlerlield, Locator.
W. Heldtn,  Agenl.
Notice is hereby iuwn that thirty
.lays after dale 1 inteml lo apply to
lbe Chlel Commissioner ol Lands ana
Works and the Assistant Commission
ei of Lands and Works for the district
of Kast Kootena) for a lie. use to
prospect for coal and pet mli um on
Uie following laud, situate adjacent tu
Uu* seventeen tl") '"He post of tin
Canadian I'awflo Hallway posl ami
one milt* easl thereof, iu what is
known as Block I5H3, Sou I beast
Knot.nay,  British-Coliiiuhin
l    Commencing at   a post planted
at  Uu-   iiurlb-east   c in  ol     Bavin
Martin's elaim, same being the mil
iat post oi lhe said David Martin s
claim and marked David Martin,
thence .south elghly chains, thenee
wesl night) cbains, llience norlh
eighty chains, thenee east eight)
chains, io ihu place ol beginning, cun
laming ti Iti, more oi less.
Located August  lib,  1005.
David  Mat tin,   Locator.
It    l.   Beard   and   Charles Aidiuirc,
2    Ci.
t  ih.- ii
l.i.si  pianteti
oi  Ma)   Lul
pus I oi Al.iv l.i-.lm.ii! -. elaim ami
k.d Ua) Bidipaii ai;.I snuth an,I
a l.iiir. in i,, David Win Mn s claim,
ihence south eight) chains, Uieuce
west eight) chains, tin nee nol th
eighty ehaTiis, iheiiee easl eight)
chains to ihe place ol beginning, eon
laiding Mo acres, more or iess,
Located August Ith,  1005
May   Itediimu,   Locator.
i:    I.   Beard   ami   Charles  McOuire,
3 Commencing ai a posl planted
at the south-west corner of Wesle)
.Marlins elaim, same being Uie initial posl ol Wesley Mullins claim alld
marked Wesle)  Martin ami soulh ami
djacent to 'May Iteduian _ elaim,
llience norlh elghly ihains, ihence
west eighty chains, limine south
eighlv cbains, thence east eighty
bains to tho place of beginning, containing tiiu acres, more oi less,
Located August -ith, 1905.
Wesley Martin,  Locator.
1. Commencing at a post planted
at tie south-west coiner of James
Brady's claim, same being the initia'
post of James Brady's elaim and
marked James Brady, ami east and
iidjaecnt; to Wesley Martin's claim,
thence east elghty chains, t hence
north eighty cbains, thenee west
eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains to thc place ol beginning, containing 040 acres, mote oi liss.
Located August 4th, 1005.
James  Brady,   Locator.
It,   L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
5. Commencing al a post planted
at the north-east corner of Albert
Delorc's claim, same being tho init
iai post of Albert Delorc's elaim and
marked Albert Belore nnd south ami
adjacent to Wesley Mnl Uns claim,
llience souih eight) cbains, ihence
west eighty chains, tlieitcc nor tli
eighty elu'iins, thenco east eighlv
chains to the place of beginning, containing oio acres, more or iess.
Located August Ith, 1005.
Albert Drlore. Locator.
It.   I.   Heard   and   Charles MeOulte,
fl. Commencing ai n post planted
at the north-west eorii'i of .lames
Steward's claim, same being the
initial post of James Steward's
claim, anil marked James Steward,
and south and adjacent to James
Brady's claim, thrnce east eighty
chains, tlionce south eighty chains.
thence west eighty chains, thenee
north eighty cKains io the place of
beginning, containing (M0 acres, more
or less.
Located August 4Ul,  1005.
James Steward,  Loealor.
R.   L. Beard   and  Charies McQulre
Notice is hereby given that Unit;.
da)a alter date 1 Intend to appi) li
Ui.- Cbiel Commissionei ui Lauds an.l
Woiks ami the Assistant Coiutuission
i*i ot Lauds and UotaS lot tli' Dis
Ulet  ot   Kast   Kootenay  lui* a  heen.-..
iu prospect lot roal and petruleuu
on ihe foUowing land, situate north
and adjacent to ibe Klaihead rlvei on
lbe south adjoining whal la known a*-
tbe Hackolt Group uu tbe woai aud u,
block 4593, Southeast Koounay,
British Columbia-;
l. Commencing at a post planter
ai the suutn-t-iibt iiuiui oi .-.um,
ohiUiiuie *> claim, bamu being iu.
initial post oi tue said Allien Abii
more and markid Albert Wniiuiun
.iiiiiii-    weal    t-ii_.iity  chains,    in,utt
.ml ti,    i-igiily    i nailis,       Uu liie      ta..,
eighty uianis, tu.ine souiii eigiii)
uwuna to tiie plan ui bugiuuiua, *■*-*,
I.t.loli.; tm aiii-.,  mon' ui   ii-..-..
]..«aUd   AUgUSt  tiiu,   luoa.
Aib. i l   AnUtuulc,   Lot al. l
K      1-     Ut ai.l    and     ■ nail. .,   lUUUUltl
A genu,
j Commencing at .i posl pianle -
al Uu- st. uili west cul net ul .loin.
Dutham'k claim, Mine being Uiu ion
iai post ui Juan Duihaiii a claim an.,
luaihid Julm Durham, anl l)lllg tttsi
ami  .i.lj.ieen;    to     Albeit   Wl iuuoie;
ciaiui, tiiiiuc iioiih eigni) chaina,
Ihence east eight) chains, Uiunui
south    eighty   cliaius,   Uieuce    wesi
•Ighty   chains   to   the   plaee   ol   bcglll
ning,  containing  iiiu acres, more ui
Located August 6th, 1BU5.
.lonu Butliaiii, Locator.
It.   L. Beard  and   Charles McOuire,
i. Commencing at a post planted
at ihe nonh-._a.si curnci u; t-.uwaru
Whilliiute s claim, aulue being Lln
initial post oi Edward Whiltuore'b
claim and marked Edward Whilinori
and  Ijing .south  an-l   luljaCi'Ill   Lu   At
oert nhiiuiore's cialm, ihence south
eighty chains, thenee w cs i elgh i \
chains, ihence north eight) chaina,
ihence east eighty cliaius iu the plac.
oi beginning, containing Uiu acres,
more ui iess.
Located August oth, loiiu.
Edward Whilmure, Locator,
tt,   L. Heard   and   Charles McOuire,
t. Commencing at a post plan tad
at the norih-wisi cornel ui C. Owen'i
cialm, same being tne Initial post oi
t haides Owt-n s claim an.l imtikeu
Charles Owens', and lying south ami
adjoining   John      Durham n    claim,
ihcllOu   'east    eight)    chains,      Un tin
souih eighty    chains,   Uieuce    wesi
eighty    chains,   thelice   noi ib i ight)
chains to the place ot beginning, eon
laining till) acres, mine in   less.
Located August 8th, 1805.
Charles Owens, Locator.
Charles McUUltc, Agent
5. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-east corner ol ti. v.
Scotl's claim, same being the initial
post uf B. P. Scott's claim and marked B. F. Scott and lying south and
adjacent to Edward Wliiimoiv.
elaim, thence south eighty chains,
tt eitee wesl eighty chains, Uienci
mn th elghly chains, Uieuce eas.
eighty chains to the place of begin
mil-.',, containing f!40 acres, more ui
Located August Oth, 1005.
B. V. Scott,  Locator.
It     I.   Beard   ami   Charles  McOuire,
G. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-West coiner of Ucorgi
Scharf's elaim, same being thc initial post ol Georgo Scharf's elaim and
marked George Seharf and lying
soulh of C. Owens' elaim and adjacent thereto, thenee cast eight)
ihains, ihence south eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains, thenci
north eighty chain.'* to the place oi
beginning, containing 040 acres, more
Located Augitsl Oth"   1005.
Georgo Selarf, Locator.
IL    L.  Beard   and   Charles  McOuire,
7. Commencing at a pos't planted
at the north-oa&t corner of Mrs. K.
C. MuDorman's claim, same being tin
"niiial post of Mrs. K. C. McDor-
iiian's claim and marked Mrs. K. C.
McDorman, and south and adjacent to
it. F.    Scott's   claim,    thence   wesi
ghty chains, thenee south eight)
chains, thenee easl eighty chains,
Uieuce north eighty chains lo tin
place of beginning, containing 04u
acres, more or less.
Located August Oth, 1905.
Mrs. E. C. McDorman, Loealor.
R.   L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
Commencing at a pn*-! planted
at the north-west corner ol Calvin
McDnrman's claim, same being tb.
initia! post of Calvin MeDorinan's
elaim and marked Calvin McDorman
and lying south an,I adjacent In
George Scharf's claim, tin lice easl
eighty chains, thenee soulh elubl)
chain'-., thenco wesi righty chains,
ihence north eighty elmlns io tin
place or beginning, containing OP1
acres, more or less.
Loeatid August Oth, 1005.
Cnlvln MeDoimaii.  Locator.
II    1.   Heard   ami   Charles  Ucttulce,
TIMBER Notick.
Thirty days nfier date wo Inteml In
applv iu the i hief Commissionei oi
Lands and Works, Victoria, Ior n
Special License lo cut and cairj
away timber from the following lies
eiihed I.in Is situate in Souih Ka tl
Kootenay, B. C.—
Commencing al a post planted on*
mite, moie or less, from the norlhen
houndary line of lot 7312, lb.nee run
ning east 40 chains; thenee north II1
ihains; thence east 40 chains; thenc
norlh 40 chains; Ilu nee wesl -in
ihains; thence north 40 chains, thenee
west 40 chains, thenee south UO
chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres, more or I ~ss.
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Datrd Aug. 17th,  1905. 22 5i
m,']i .■ i, (ii rub) given thai Uiirty
lays altei dale 1 luteud to apply tu
it ** Chi 4 Cumml um i ul Lai 1 ■ ami
Works i"! a special license to iut and
rati) awa) timbei Irom Ua- follow-
uif; described   land   m  Noi tb     East
'lake notice that  1 Intend to appi) I
:o ibe thiei   i.uiiiiiossi.unu   ul Lands
■oid   Murks foi  a SpeeiaJ    I i, ■ i. . lu
ui ainl cart) awa)   umbel  Hum ihe |
lutluuuig   described    i.o..i,   u    I■ .i i
-i. i !.._■  District, Bitusii i ..iiiiiiiiit
Lumua'iicing   at a pust     plan led  |' Kuutt-nu)
nd,  Me&t oi   ihe .si.ooKuiin lim k ni Parcel No 3.
i, ou ihu hist titm\% on u»e wesi *>idc Cummeuclng ai a post planted about
tu Hail guing up said otic mile nouli oi While riu-i and
aboui 4 miles east ol block 450b,
(hence norlh 80 chains, thenee east
Mi cbaiiia, thenee suuth 80 ctams,
theme   west M* chains   to   place   ol
ud    cioa
iitk, thence south lim chains, Uieuct
-vvsi     iu   chains,   Ihence  math Din
bains, thin e east 4u chain.-.,  tu iiu
^luce uf beginning.
E. Rice.
Aug. 33rd,  1005.
Take notice lhat thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect for coal and pr-
troleum on the following lands in
Souih Kast Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner being the northeast coiner post of the D. Elliott
eoal claim, adjoining the Mollie Olson ou thc west, tlience south 80
chains, thenee west 80 chains, thenee
norlh 80 chains, thenee east 80 chains
io place ot beginning.
Baled August -4th. 1005.
D. Elliott, Locator.
W, lleldin, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
from date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works 'o purchase the following described lands, sitiiat.t'in the district
ol South Kast Kootenay:
Comtnonolng at the north-east corner of lot 5210, group I, Kootenay District; thenee south SO chains, ihence
east 40 chains, I hence nor I h 80
chains, thence west 111 chains lo the
point of commencement,
Located Uie llth day of Sept, 1005.
IL Ilougland.
Cranbrook, B. C.        25 tit*
Take in,tne thai J ill lend tu appi)
iu the ilini IommisMoiiei ot Land!
uid   Wuii.s i.
ut auu call) awa) Umoer Hum the
ullowing   -ii.ii ubed    lands   in   East
,.u- I Ua) DlSUICl, Ullliah Columbia
I Ottilia UCing ai a po-ti planted at
iv Uioes .Nu I north-weal corner,
ihence suutti itm chatiu, ihence west
in chains, ihence nut in HiO cbains,
hem e i a .t iu chaina lu place ui Uv
t:  itm*,
Aug. aaoi, iau5.
Parcel No. 4.
Notick. Commencing al a posl planted    at
tthr southwesi curuei ul C. a. Chapman's parcel No l, thence east eo
chains, Uienci south 80 chains, tlieoeo
pedal License lulWeat -*0 "ham., ihence north su
hains to place ol comuienoemenl
Take notice that 1 Intend tu apply
iu ihu i bui Comiuissiuimi ol Lands
and Wuii.s lui a .special License 10
.ui and cati> awa) Umbel Irom the
lolluwmg described lands in East
tvoutenay Districi, Brtliah Columbia
Commencing at a post plumed at
it. Woe's No, i norUi-wcst cornet
ihence sou tli Hit
lu chaina,  then
Parcel No 5,
Commencing at a post planted at
lhc uutUiwt*! cumei ul C, A. i lup-
mans Parcel No. t, thence south Ho
chains, iht ace wesi tu chains, then*, a
noitb Iiiu chains, ihence east io
tuaitis to piaee ol commencement.
Parcel No t,
Commencing ai a post planted'on
Uiu east Buundar) line of u\o*.u 4680,
on (he north bank ui White uver,
ihence east su chains, thence uoith
8U chaius, Uieuce west &n chains,
ihenee  iuuil     su chains, tu place ol
coliiliielii': III 'lit
Parcel So  7.
Commencing al a post planted   oo
the northwest cornel ol c   a   C-bap-
thence wesi|,UIUl*8 Parcel No   ti, ihtnee east   &Q
nurlh lim cliaius, I chains, Uieuce north 80 chaius, thenc
ihence casi 40 chains lo place ui   bi> wwl *u    v~uiu*,    ihence   soiilh
liiiuiiig. chains to plan* ut commencement,
U  .McLean.	
Aug. 2.'iid, 1005. Parcel No 8.
Commencing ai a post plauu-d
v,,■[•(,-j,- I the norihwe.*»l coinei ot C. A. Ub*p*
mans Parcel No. 7, Ihence east   iw)
Take notice U,.,t I inteml to applyll'nai,is' llhtiy lll,lUl l" Bh**M« uUwtt«*
'west luu cliaius, Iteitce ->outh 40
chains io piaee ot commencement.
lhat I Inteml to apply
io me i iiu'i Commissioner oi Lands
iin.l Uuii.s ini a Special License iu
.ul ami eaii) awa) Limber Horn the
lolluwing described lands in Kast
ivooUhay District, Biiush Columbia,
uciivg at a posl  planted   al
Llience south 100 cha
IU  cliaius,   Uiei.ce     u
,h. mv t-asl 4U cliaiui
ii-wi-st corner,
us, ihence west
nth loo chains,
to place .,1 bell. MeLcan,
Uial   I   im
ml to apply
to llle   I hu'l    I ononis .miiel    ol  LailJS
,ni,I Woiks lui a special License to
cut and cany awa) Umbel ttuiu lbe
lulluwmg described lands in East
ivootiii.iy IDiairici, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted l
mile nm tli oi li. McLean's No. -
noitb easl corner, ihence west lu
chains, thence north loo chains,
iheiiee east 4U chains, thenco ^outli
uu chaiii-s to the place ui beginning;
It.   Whebell.
Aug.  .Mid,   1005,
Parcel No. 9.
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest cornet ot C. A. Cb*iv
man's Parcel No. s, uieuce east 80
ccains, thenee north sn chains, thence
west mj chaius, thenci south au
chains to place ol commencement
Parcel No   10
Commencing at a posl planted   at
the northwest eornei ol c. A. Chapman's Parcel   No   0, iheuoe east   »u
chains, thence north SU chains, thence
West   iU    chains,    Uieuce      south    80
chains io place of tumuieucemt-at.
Dated tliis 4th da)' ui Sept. lyui.
C   A.  Chapman.
Form F )
TAKE   NUTICE   that the Selkirk
Copper Mines, Limited, Non-Personal
Liability,    Free   Miner's   Certificate
No. 683,223, intend, sixty days from
the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Ira-
Take notice that 1 Intend to appi)
tu Ue Cbiel  Commissioner   ui Lauds
and    Works lul   a Special     License  Lu
cut and carry aua) Umbel iiom the
lullowmg described lands in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at a post planted at
U. Wii-jOeii s suuiu-cusL coiner,
thence south   8U chains,  thence east
80   chains,   thence north    6U chains,.    - ,     .      ,,     „,,,„„,      ,     u
.hence west au chains to the place ui' Provements   for  tbe  purpose  of   ob-
r i taming a   Lrown Gran; of the above
el aims.
And further take notice that action,
Aug. 23rd,  1905.
It. Whebell.
Take notice that I intend to apply
Lo the Lhtei Commissioner ol Lands
aud Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away timber fiom tbe
lullowmg described lands in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing ai a pust planted at
it. Whebell s No. 2 north-west corner, thence north lou chains, thenee
tast iu chains, thence south IliU
chains, thence west 4U chains to
place ot beginning,
A. QeddeS.
Aug. 2_d, lOllu.
Take notice that 1 Intend to apply
the t hu'l Commissioner ol Lauds
and Works (<u a Special License to
.ui ami cany awaj timber Horn the
following described lands in East
Kootenay Dislt'icl, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post planted at
A. Uetldes' No. i south-east corner,
ihenee imrili 100 chains, thence
east   in   chains,     thence   south   ion
chains,   Ilicine   west   111  chains   Lu   Lhu
place ol commencement,
A. Oeddes,
Aug. 23rd,  1005.
under Sc-ction 37, must be commenced
before the Issurance of such Certificate ol Improvements.
The Selkirk Copper Mines, Limited,
Not. Personal Liability. 2. 8t
Dated this   2nd dav ot September,
A. D., 1905.
Notice is hereby given that 60 davi
from date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lauds aiid
Works to purchase the foiiow*mg described lands, situate in the district ot
South East Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planted at
the intersection of the right ot way
of the Great Northern Railway and
the east boundary of lot 7318, thence
north 4b chains, thence east 40
chains, thence south to the right ot
way of the Canadian Pacific Railway,
thence following said right ol w-ay
westerly to a point south of tbe
southeast corn,-: of lot V316, thenee
north to place of commencemeht.
Geo. ll. .Scott.
Bated  Sept.   Ull,   1905. 20-9t
Take not
to llle Clltel I
alld Woiks fu
mi ami cum
following ib'si
Kootenay Bint
C inflating
i'   Ih.U   I   inleml   1
Special License to
ai Umbel fiom the] son I h I
.ed lands iu East|mcitccmi
i, British Columbia
post planted   ut
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
Bum date I Intend to apply to tim
l 'luel . !omm issji .ii''i of Lands aod
Works to purchase the following des-
cribed lands, situate In the district of
South East K." "■ nay:
Commencing at a post planted    on
the west houndary ol lot 7100, thence
west tm   chains, Ihence    north     40
chains,  thence en-*  v" chains,  thence
is   to place of     eom-
\, tleddea'  No. i norlh west
thence north  100 chains, thenco east,
in chains,   llience   suuth  100 chains,
Dated Sepl
Otto  V.   HougL
15 th,   1905.        2&-S.
that   1  intenl  to apply
ihence west  Ul ihains t,, place ol lie- to tin- Board of License Commission-
Kinniug. |ers for Cranhrook District al the first
meeting held thirty davs after the first
appearance ol tins notice, foi a trans*
fer from myself to .lames Nell, ol the
license lur tbe Fails View Hotel,
23-11 Alexander P. Cbenette,
Dated  August 20lh,  1905.
1 llll'l
Fail In-Ill.
i ilu-
a Hi
at   |
ml to apply
rl   nl l.iuiil.
and Woiks for a Special License to
cut and cany away timber from tho
following described lands in Kast
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
Vt, Fairfield's south-east coiner,
Ihence north 100 cbains, thenee east
to chains, thenee    souiii Uiii chains,
Take notice that thirty days aftti
date I intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, for a license to cut ind
carry away timber Irom the follow-
Ing described lands situate in F-ast
Kootenay District:
Starting at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 6230, group
oue, running south 80 chains, ihenee
running west 80 chains, thence running nortii 80 chains, thence running
east 80 chains, thenee running west Mi
chains lo the point of commencement,
25-5t II.  II.  Ross.
Dated this 12th day ot Sept. 1905.
Ihence west  in elm
Aug. 23rd,  1005.
to place
Take notice that I intend to apply
to the Board ol License Commissioners for Cranhrook District at the first
meeting held thirty days alter tbe first
appearance of this notice, for a transfer from myself to Alexandei P.
Chenette, of the license for the Royal
Hotel, Marysville.
23-4t Oeoigc H. Wales.
Dated August 25th, A. D,  1905.
Thirty days after date we Intend to
apply to The Chief Commissioner ot
I«inos and Works, Victoria, for a
Special License to cut and carry
away timber from the following described lands situate in South East
Kootenay, B. C—
Commencing at a post planted one
hall mile north of lot 7313, thenco
running norlh 80 chains; thenee running west 80   chains; thence running
Take notice that 1 intend to apply
to the Chlel Commissioner nt Lands
and Works for a Special License lo
cut and carry away timber from thc
lollowlng described lands in Kast
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing al a post planted at
W. Fairfield's south-east corner,
thenee east    80 chains,   ihence south,
80 chains, Ihenee wesl 80 chains, south 80 chains; thence running east
•hence north *80 chains to the place j 80 chains to point of commencement,
of beginning. containing R40 acres more or less.
C. Whebell.    I The King Lumber Mills, Lid.
Aug. 2.3rd, 1905. Bated Aug. 19lh, LOOS, 22.5k eil)
li   Dav.  ,.f  Ci wiry,   is
N. Mt't.'Ici, ol Toronto, is in town
tins  week.
John Balblc, ol Fernie, was in thc
city Mod la)
K. K. Jones, ol Klmbi rlej wa lit
town Sunda)
Burn-Tuesd.,i      !   - ith      1905
to Mi. and \li>   I    ll   Boy ter, a   un
John Spence, oi Midwa) was a
Cranbrook   visitoi    the lirsi    uf the
Fireman   Ja< k    Oi itliu is   laid u|
iJii-. week With .in al t,iek ol lum
_»r. Stewart, the Moyie diuggisl
visited Crautiioos Bienu*. Uie ursi
oi ihe wees.
l). u. Dan acb bas ... i pi- i a posi
ItOU      Willi     ilie       J.o.Wi  i.	
Lumbei compau).
uon i lurgt .  Uie      11 up ..
tttg   at   lilu   o    i'i   b   I'll i.i,    ,,li,i   .i.n
Uiua>   Ol   lii'Vl   »e. h.
JOlUea    D,     t ia..i'i,   ul    liie   Wm.I  I
ii,m   countiy,  waa in   ..   i	
iatu-1 pai i oi t.i ,i   ..,, i.
inak, man  Wm     Pipi.   ,... |  ...    **nee
llijiiieU   al     blltlui    .1..    UlU> I    il«lj    .1.1.1
Mill   Lie   laid   oil   lo.   a   1, ..   ,1,1.1 _
Alt.-.. L. '. . li, ,pupi ui -'oil > si illc,
Was au oul nl Luun gtical ,u Uie
tail'llUtii V o.e   in  lUiUd   .i' Sit luU) ■
.1.  At, .uui ii.   Daumj, oi  tstavcty,
Were in u,i.i:.i..ii„ I..,' i.ii.ii j.ai l in
I.11.   Ueik   tub lUg   .1.   ..i i'   -...In .1   rn   He
lumOei  cily.
Fred. !■. uuest l< avi     i.  'on
a couple oi moutl bii  ... ...1 lami-
Bai  .•<• ne.,    ;;, .vioiiUi al	
l^uemc  poiuU.
.di. AdaiUM and fai iVbo Uau
resided i.i. 1..   ia .....■.    i'.i..i
l.l o ot   Ull 1 '■ UIOll Lha,   ,   ll.gl ■ ..   '■
ion ;..... "... ,..  iii;   hci k.
Arthur Biudlc), oi Kinli Bios,
St-au, iel.    Sumiaj  i'i,     .1 lew   Wechs
vacation ai :,i "; bumi  m lb -pen i.
Out., ana ult ci  1... .tu. ji.ui.ts.
Dun i loj-et [he uiri imiiini'ij ..pen
ing al  liiiJ ■•   '. u. .   v i,..,,;. and .sat
K     Tl     llllltl     '■"        n   LH    L'I    Ni'hni,
1.  a   lew   l.ll      '..a     ',, I'll.Ml..
Slmrl   .v  l'i,   arc ,',.'!'-ml  in  |iaii,r-
I.tg ilia new Presbyterian   i-liiiii-ti
\ im 1.11.inn 1, I'ltuui.i rius
on' i'i ni Till': CALF MvIH
,  Harold   Nila.il, .nal ' .ui.<..v.(iu<l 'I'l...,-..)
mpaiiy aBm.i delighti.il '^AlAAA ""'""*' *'-    '
his ex.
a buinpei   bouse of   Ciaubioukites at
the  Wentworth  hall    on    Saturday!      should
A  calf walkei home
pod calve
the   Cooperative   Stoics'   commodious warehouse mi   Lotus street
1 oiupleted. I lI1,~    nemwu* ui   nan      on      Saturday BHOU1U,
Wis   (•;. Burdett Uii  this afternoon I0***1*   '"     °t,s     Skinner's   popular But made a trail, all bent askew
011 ., visit to tetanies and iriends in  dramatization    oi K. L. Stevenson's A crooked trail, a.s all calves do'
"iUv    Me.     dace   and   \,fiai.ee, • i.ui.'i,    I'linee into. '     im- scene is The trail was taken up next day
.Hull      She will be uhs.-nt  about iw.i.lj.d  ,,,   il,,. ,.,,„,,    ,„       ,. a-      , ,       **. ■
liuiu in uh  luii t   01 a Lerman priu- ».   a lone dog that passed that way;
Contractor Ocoi jc R Leask has
betn doing his share ul building wmk
since locating in Cranbrook. lie has
several new contracts on his bauds
Iol   Un*. fall
iUii  IM KI.I.KNT I.i.r I I KKS.
K 1 in
Roll.!-.: «
Ue Mure
lell   to.' s
llie Aii 11.
ji icn   laj . ...
at tlm ji,;, ,,„.,,
heai Hi. Jonn
'lho Sat;,,,,
Jit*i    will   be   ,,;
K'l 1.111   church
piuparaiorj    ,-
mon wow   11- j j.i
-Mrs. F. liM.,
day from an v
out   Uie e.i.:,   I.
|*i 1;
a  gill .'
thnvn ii.
I lasl   Uuii
Hon. tht
ma mum,
t- ij,,-)
upiujeo   in
dowu casi 101 1
J. McKimiun
home "i imm'.i
bread, arrived i
and au- taking .
ale registeitd a I
Andrei tiuiisii  .... ■<>
the liast Kooicuaj   Lumbei
met with an accident nt   U„-    ,<<,n
pany'a null last Thursday which will
compel him 10 la> up nu some time
Ur. J. il King, \\. ti. Unrd. A.
Moffat, It. K. Beattie, K. II Small,
A.   ti.    Walls nntl    ti.   ti.  Simpson,
went   to   Nelson   last    Week   lu   alteml
tho mooting of thu larill comtnis
The Brotherhood ol Hallway Train
men will bold a hall on Thanksgiving
evening, and make ibe ball an tiumial
event hereafter. Arrangements are
being made Ior a big success on   that
Mrs, McDonald, oi Winnipeg, sister
oi Alis. I'. McC0111i1.il, visited tho Sl,
Kugcnu Mission this week and saw for
thc first time in thiriy-ilvo years
apples growing upon the tree. Thai
is a nice climate Uie) have at Winnipeg.
Don't forget Uio big millinery opening at ilil! it Co.'s Friday and Saturday of next week.
W. il. Oreen, ol Calgary, brother
of "Little Jimmy,'' ot the Cosmopolitan, is iu the city. Mr, Green is an
experienced mill hand, having worked
at the lumber business in Un* east nu
a number ol years. He bas accepted
,1 position wnh the Noiih Star Lumber company.
Charles II. and K. W. Schriener, uf j
Mt. Carroll, IJIinuls, are in Uie cilv
looking around, Tin former was
hcie more than a yeai ago in ln-hali
ot thc Staples Lumbei company and
located thc site fur thai mill, ' Tin
gentlemen will go on to the cast
and visit scveraf ol the eiiies on
both side.- uf the line.
Th..t  it pais to ndvei
The people oi Cianbrook who heard
.1 r li John, ui iii.ii.iua, turmerl)
president ol Uepaw I uiveralty, let
iuii- at ihe Uelhodis-l church lasl
luesday and Wodiie»la) eveuiugs, win
a. wi lettei it,    Un Tuosda)    ulght
ua subject was "lbe Woi Ul id Mail,"
,i,.l    Wednesday   evtnmg,  "Did   Uod
Mai,,    Man m   D..I     Man Make UmP.
ihere was a large and appreelalivc
ludicnce each evening, and ever) one
vas charmed by the eloquence ul the
,|i,akei,  Uie   depth ut llioughl     dls
nalid,   Ilie   ivoiulellill   poWCI   ol     des-
cupiioii mid iin* delicate and fascinating nii'iaphois 1 resented i lie
lectures were au inlelleciual bauquet
ai winch une sal subiluod ami silent,
watching ami nailing ior cold slate-
(i,flit oi lad, Uie (llgllt to the liciglll
01 sublime uloipulii 1, 111, i.n ll abulia
oi .>aica.,m, Ute ebullition uf bill
lo a <   all   lha'   jUt,i'.-J   but   unl      Iiul
iiiiiil. uu- sound phifosuph) of Uu
irguuitin, ami abo\e uii ami bctlei
lum all ih- tugh muinl uud uUellcci.
ual .stan.1.11 ;i : lia l v. ,i - maiiiiainwl
ihiuugnoul. li is .1 ll'e.lL lo hut!
lich   im.il   i.ili-.      I;   5JU'=  an   idea   oi
.in- mui Ui uf education, uui (rum a
iiilu.iinm ..i.iii.l puinl ainne, bm 101
■lie pleasure of self satisfaction, the
iialilicatiuii ui k-inn abtu \o (.now
■■nd appii'cmte rile bighci tbiiin^ ni
in-, to hnii* ibe ability oi seeing
..ion.I liie nartow au-i dark emtlines
■I  igitiuaueu   into     Mn   bright     au.
 1 i realms     ot highei  iiilelllgeuce,
i.icniie., like these tcacli ihe huimui
tuiit.J that llieie iu something mure in
una v.oiij iiiuti Ui- mere soulia
siiug'gle lot money, soiiicihitig more
than tbe. materialistic ideas ui briei
I'M-t.-hif, bumelhhig mon- than Lhc
base!   concepUoii..   ol   lite   un.iWiiKclu*.!
mind, i'hey nre exalting ami inspiring  .111,1    Will   .lo a      v.ou.r     ol  gouJ
wbeievci heard.    Ciatibiouk is lurtu-
alu   to ilaiu-  bail  Ait.   Jullli,   lot   Liluae
i\iio licaiti luui musl he better ami
brighter and happiei  in consequence,
eipaluy iu tovoluuunu
.Sl laOIl h     'I. Ull, .Uioi 	
i.i.mc mougill 0.1L his ii'ii.aikaiue
lUieuls in a iiiaiin.i in.a eiiuii.i
Uuu ii aiii.uai.o,., an.l in sume StiUrt
i.oi.s  i.i'  even   suipa-vscsj   in.- sianaaiu
.1 CMTlltUCC 1ll.1l ue uas ,'iliiiiiu.i in
jili. t   p.a.s   in um,   i i.iii.111...i!  au.iuu-
"v     '"""   ■■'"+.<  '■ " 1* "uin-m
,,_   And then a wise bell-weattcr sheep
Pursued the trail o'er vale an 1 steep,
And drew Un- (lock behind him, 1,10.
As good mil-weailcis always do.
And   from    that   d.iv, o'er bill    aud
Through  those old   woods a   path was
Ami  many  men wound  in and  out
Aud    dodgod    and     tinned      and   beat
Anl   muttered   words    ol   tlglileous
..,- ,
Because  'twas such
lok.vl paih,
)    cq.npp,
iu  ue an
La.ty  ul   Lyon
'ii  idled holt;
■Ui on Ktnai evening !.,■
rcst-niatiou oj Lunl uv i
at   ih.
'iiii gt
»anj n, Uie
.•en J   In      a
l, ami Uieu
"" s fiuttuus
as ict-eivcu
the)    iiilinwi'tl—iin
IS   ol    Ui,-
A guod sized audience assembled in
the iiaptisi ehtut^b Monday evening,
Un* occasion being a farewell soelai
lo Un- pii.tut, J    L. Slnal.    The pro
gramme euusislrd oi addresses hj
it.-i. Alt. Westman, Mi. It. McCon-
ucll ami Mr. Sloat, iiiterpsersed will
music. Mr. Westman spoke ol Mi.
Siu.u in highest comineiidalion as a
hioibi-i pastor, and Mr. McCoiiucIl 01
1 lite and Christian in
Mi Sloat ici.-Mt-il briefiy io bis
slay iu Craubrook and said, although
going east io pursue his studies be
hoped Ui return to the iiiouuiam regions oi the wesl..
At Um conclusion of the prograuiim
.lisiaetioii.     With un
■\ccpiioii u[ une ui   um uiitiui parts
in*    characters   un   Lhc  whole   were
ci)   w,il   [.nun       Margate!   Nevitli
i'-iiu    the  tula  ut'    I'auliiie   Deschap-
iclis  quite charmingly,  ailhuugb  ti,<
.luuid  have greatly  sircugnheuetl lid
.al I   h)   displacing a   it UU-  iiinie eni
malum al  times.     Uayuiund Whitah-
.j appeared as Chwide .Ueluotl, and he
possesses  man)   ot   ite  altributts  ol
.he  line uch.i.      In  un- itlillttl slilgeS
ul  bis luic-'ti.am It i.s maimi'i   was    a
Li'Utc Lou impetuous, ami too  gush oi
11.-       .In laiaiiolis    an 1    ticiltltlCidUUll,*.
ran lugeiher in a ratliei lau^iuiig
itiiiible. however, bis strength in
die I.iLt 1 AiU n.o.e important situa-
Lions made up In a large measure mi
mis delict. May \. iue-i waa quite
iciceshing as aiadnmu nea:u ipp^its,
and J. 1'. i'uekfi  made an eicelleiu
L ot.        Dam.Ls. In   JUSUCO   to   Uie
eojupjany n should be stalled thai
they were put to a great disadranl
age through inadequate stage ac
collimodntious, ami could mn appeal
'0 their best, advuatuge.
... .v ?**}*! iu iiuvei us. m ill
Herald has been a^ain demuuslialeti
Mr. Wi itney advertised :■" ehickem
Mr. Mci.'onnell bad chickens lo -*!:
That ad. brought lhu Lv 1 :•■'. (hi.
and a ,1 result Ui Mi Conuell sol
over 20U L-hickens. Th Hi laid is ,
great medium for those who luu
anything ;o nell and ihose wlm wan
to buy,
S. K. Wallace, of Kernie, was ;i
town yesterday,     M.    „i.   thai   Un
tiro proposil     | ■ i  growin
.serious and thai ,   in..  ti
gallon w ill be 11 .■ ihe two ihal
^occurred on Tue da; niihi ul thh
"week, one in .1 boaivliim Im 1 ■■ anil
one In Furdj ■■ 1 h ■■<.■ 1- ei I-
dentl) some one in Kernii anxious tn
rum llie fowu.
Rev. ,1, hn MrDougall, l> li , of
Cafgnri, pnKfdcnl nl \lbertn 1 onfi r-
enee,  v. til   preach   in   lhe ml (si
church *ne\i Sunda) moritlng and
evwiilng, lb' will .1; iu ..iii.- an
open Bcssion ol tht  Sunday school in
the afteri n ,in;l on Monda,- evening
will deliver one of his ponulai lectures
ou the subject, ".'in,mm Miles on the
Hurricane Deck nf a Cay use " Dt
McDougall Is a man of wii wide experience in tin- wesl and his sermons
and lecture will be of deep Interest,
The public is Invited. No admission
lee is ctarged ior the lecture, but a
collection will be taken.
Miss McDonald, a graduate of St.
Boniface hospital, Winnipeg, who Is
visiting her aunl, .Mrs. I'. McCon-
nell, made a tour through the St.
Eugene hospital this week, and was
deep!) Impressed with the modern Improvements and up-to-date methods
she saw In vogue there Miss Mc
Donald has been associated with the
leading Manitoba hospllata and St,
Joseph's, of St. I'aul, Minn., anil says
thi; Srl. Eugene compares very favorably With the best of Ihem.    She was
greatly impressed with lhe N Kays
apparatus of Drs. Kiiijt, and flreen
and in all ber experience had seen
nothing lo equal it. 1
a pleasant hour   was spent in social
in let course over cake ami coll
vided by tbe ladies.
Mr. Sloat came to Cranbrook June
1st, 1001, and il ns needless lo say,
as a minister oi tbe gospel, his services have been great I) appreciated-
ile has been greeted wilb good sized
■"jngrcgatlous, ami he is a clear   and
loipleiil speaker, and a U.OL'OUgh
student. With a  few   veal's stud)
ami     experience   he wffl rank among
tiie foremost pulpit orators   oi    the
day,     tie left Wednesday to take up
bis studies  in   the AUAla.~-.lci   L'uivct
city, Toronto, Out-.     A Spectator.
Pi J IIJAS WILL 111 ILU   \  I- 1M-:
llut    still
The lirst migiai
Anil     Ul gtl   Ul
Because he u.ilililetf when be walked
This forest path becamo .1 lane.
'ibat   bent,    ami   turned,   and      tutnctl
Tbe c k.d   lane b.-eaine  .,   road,
Wlnie   man)    a pom horse, with    a
Tolled ou beneath tho burning sun,
And traveled   some    three miles    in
Ami thus a century and a halt,
They trod    in the footsteps uf    thai
I'he years   passed   on   iu    s\i if mess
Tim village road became a street;
Ami  this, before imn weie aware,
Became a crowded thoroughfnro.
And sotni the ecu mil strei 1  was this
ui a renowned mclropolis;
Wid im 11 two centuries and a hall
Wai kid   in   ihe  footsteps of   thai   Calf.
Each da) a hundred thousand rout
Follow. .1 Un- s<.iff/_ng call about,
And u er liis erooi.ed jutiruc)   wen I
ihe 1 rathe of a cunt incut.
A huh lied  Ihqusand men  were led
lt> une calt near three centuries dead  ■
I'he) followed still bis crooked way,    ;
Ami lost one hundred years .1 day;
Km such a reverence ts lent
To well established precedent,
A moral l.s-i.n ihis mighl  icneh,
Were 1 ordained and culled to preach,
Kor nun aie prone to go it  blind
Along the calf-paths ui the mind.
And work away Irom auu to sun,
To ilo wtat other men have done.
Ah!    Many   things    this    tale    mighl
t each-
Hut  I am not ordained to preach.
(From the Bonn-is Ferrj   Herald.)
Zoo Zirngible, the contractor     to
drive all the piling on tlie Spokane Si ,
International railway, was in    town
Saturday.    He expects tu begin wink
at once     He is making arrangements !
to drive ftuiu a barge,
II _ .1. Skinner, euutractoi Un nil j
the bridge work along flic S|*okane .v (
Internat'ioital,    was m     town lately,!
looking    over   the       Ml,'   lui      Uie   hn,
bridge across Un- Kootenay rlvei Mr.
Skinner s.ns ho will have .1 crew al
work within ten days lie also al
leges Unit be is shipping his bridge
tuiiliei Hum He coast, on account ol
lhe length,   as  be ca I   get      them
bete,   some  ol    the slliimrls   being  7ll
leet   lone.       Mr,  Slimier  will     tt.	
all ..f bu timbers ai "Bonners Ferry
nu .ill bridges west, an.l ship ihem
to points alone the line on thell  own
An  awful   explosion oeem red     al
Dnhlbcrg .v  Johnson- camp, on  the
Coi.m11 line at i p.. in, yesterday,
causing ibe death of three men an 1
the set nuts injury to ihiee others.
The accident occurred ai a tunnel ap
proach about 0 miles iiom town ll
is caused by the workmen striking
a blast that bad failed to go ofl The
fatal blast A'as put In about fivi
is ago. It was to have been
discbargid along with a number ul
others bv it battery, Why ii fail* 1
10 discharge is on!) conjecture. With
a battcfj there is only ono report,
no matter how man) shots arc touch* '
ud off, so ihVre was no wa\ of know
ing that one find railed. The Hi raid
is unable to learn the names ,,1 u„
dt-od and Injured as we go 10 p,e--.     ;
John Jaci.ii Amor, a
Philadelphia,  talked aln
"liven   one who Eoes
ilie Only One
I*it-Refonn 1ms uu interest in
— or I'liiiiu'i'tiuti xv illi — any
uilli r bnsiuess,
There i. uulv ONIv I'ii Reform
Wardrobe in each city throughout
C ,11 i.l.i.
Ue sure you are in the n'",Iii place
and look for the I'ii Ret i label
mi 1 very garment \ ou buy.
Suits and < Ivercoats
Thi.im.l ,.t;
$ nt- I
 1 ,,,.;.   {-   m- V:.
1-n K,la,„i jaim.nl.     £V KlltlltM     ,
-5.. m
— lhe onlj Fit-Reform Wardroba htn I, il        —^^
RtifO & CDMFANV .   . ORANBkOun.
It   lllllll.'!
tt Niagara
The dead was comminuted [imIuj b)
which the (Kid Fellows and Knights
oi Pythias will commence al oru-e the
-ii.'i'iioii oi rt line fralernltj hall. -\i
uvo 0 duck thu option 01. Ui« lots
racing the Catholic church an.i righl
in Uu- real ol Uu* Baptist church was
secured from Joseph Uiimbrlck for n
bile n.i ihe new building. Tuidei-
aic odvcrtisotl foi In ihis issue of Uie
Herald lo he opened next Monday.
ilu- building will bu only une 11010)'
at present', but built, wnh a »lxlutm
(out coiling so llml lalm II deemed
advisable Uie roof ma) be raised auu
the first thiol be im ned into a public hull. The building will be Sb
feet long and -ii leet wide, and Ihe
ball will be handsomely furnished.
A voi y pretty wedding occurred ai
th.' residence of Dr. J. ll. lung on
tVoduesda) afteriioun at ■• uclock,
when di. Augustus Fairfield, ui Un
ih .Slut mine, ami Miss Alice
Cole, oi Crnnbruoli, were milled in
marriage, Hot. Weslinaii, of the
Ah Uio.ii-.t church, performed Un- eere
mmi). He\. Sloat, late pastot' oi
the Baptist church, was hc.ii mull, ami
n .silk eolienne an.l carrlixl a
bouqiiol oi (inik a inl while carnations,
The bridesmaid wore a pretty gown
ui brown silk. At the close ot the
ceremony tbe happy couple received
the coiigintulatluns ol the lew guests
present and then took a carriage foi
the stai'toti to lake the east bound
train lor Toronto. At lbe station
tliere was a large crowd of friends
io sai good-bye and c\uud best
wishes. There wero many handsome
presents a.*, tokens of the higli esteem iu wbieb the bride aid groom
are held by their irieit.ls here and in
the east.
Mr, Fairfield is a most estimable
young man wliu hns been employed
ul ihe North Slat mine for some
lime, and is highly esteemed liy nil
who know liim. MtiH 1 'oJe lias bee
boiisektvp. 1 at Dr. King's tui lh
pasl nm years, and enjoys ihe sin
■re friendship ul a large circle    0
peuple m Cranhr iml the dlstt'jci
It is ipdie probable Uml Mr. nm
Mrs. Fulrlleltl will conclude lo remaij
pcrmaiieiill) in Tun uiu, bill ii the)
L   th.1   will   return   to      (.'ran
(Written for the Herald )
I am a rolling stone—I come—1 go
\ few acquaintances I know;
And, maybe, just a friend or two
But ihey are few—they're very few,
Their friendship I've no wish to lest
Uhu knows,    (bey might   hi* like  the
And,    when    storms   gather,     tbey
would .shun
A   rolling stone.
011s and inept remark there.   Tin
I  first saw   Niagara  a   man  loin
my arm as 1 looked up at llrnse w
waters.     I turned m ||1(. mnn
had the silly and vacuous smile ol
confirmed joker.
see till this water going to waste
" 'What nre vmi    saitl 1.  ' Vn 1
trlcal eiigincer?1
" "No,   he niiswi red; 'n milkman
t >
V/Oll'lIllOl llitVVilllOtlirl-iM.iil
■ Ioi-ma ruig.-mliiii;' the time
ymir loolu lust if the uoxt
[wiir you buy uiv
Leckie   Boots
My lot has bi
proverbial,  fo
I've gathered,—that I count no loss:
Some must drink deep!) ol life's cup,
Some lose what others gather up,
I've lived and lost, but. 1 have lived
While others stayed at home ami
A lolling stone.
So on 1 wander, ever on I roam
Until tho end, no   resting place,    no
flaunted,  in   spite of ev'ry changing
Haunted by the ghost of 'might have
And  in   the smoke  thai curls      from
my cigar
I see   things as   they   were—not as
they are.
Maybe, beyond the grave,  Ue    dead
belov'd will own
A rolling stone.
-F. Clifford  Harris.
*'.-'' '■'■■
,■'--...<.■ A _.
J? '• ■ ■ M ■,
We have received
A   Carload   of
1 hat tiiL-ans thai we have
a biff stock to select from
Chi> is stove time, Don't
delay Retting read-, for
Heaters,    Ranges,    Cook   5toves|
Tliis    l'i iiilu,'II I'   ig fueling
llii'iiiiiiiini'iit fori'iiatcriiiiinilu
boots every ilny Tin-}- m-p
Btrii'tly  wrHirrii.    .\|,i,|,.   |„
llll'll wl.o liniiw   Wi-stmi'ii    ,,,,,.
ilitiiuis from yetira of exper
ii'iu'i'. nml iii.'iiiiiI'iii'Iiiiv Imola
to in,ml tin-so eomlilioiis,
\ tnir sizr is   llaitiit. \ Oil
,'il vour lii-alnrs
J. Leckie Co., ■ «■
Um'"; MtiMTM   i;i,\uj.M;
ami everything else worth having.'"
Jusl now,   ni„(1
otfuddering Un ii,,..
•ciders ai'c
.J ilieh ii-.ul-
iig inr Uu- fall mid wintci tnoiiths, It
■ems oppm tune to call attention to
b,- We.-nii (!] he ami Ciinadn Kiirm-
1. Mn- leading llluslratcd family
, .., . ,   incwspapei ul Canada.     Kach week tt
(led long and .ii tcet Wldn. anri ""-'glvps ft|| ,;,,. „,.„, |„ ,,„ ,i(S> (ll,,.s.
|slble form, ami Includes a beautifully
illustrated magazlno section. Its ablo
editorials have high literal) quality,
and summarize current public opinion.
Will alcohol dissolve sugar?" ills    agricultural,     commercial     and
"It will," replied Old Soak; "it home-makers' departments are care-
will dissolve gold and brick houses, [fully written, and supply valuable In-
and horses, and happiness and love (formation for the farmer and his
-- ■ — --"' household,     Its stories, leisure hour
reading, and special  topics for children and young people make it a wel-
ome visitor to the family circle. Its
page ol selected western news     appeals lo all   who are interested    in
the growing west.     In brief, the history of The Weekly Globe and I'anada
"aimer, covering a   period  of    over
'jb   Isixly years, together with its    high
,>-"-   '"haracler, inlerest and value to read-
•I all ages, mak
(in August 21 and 36 and Scptombcr
Ui and 17, the Canadian PacBlo railway will sell at Nelson, Rossland
and Trail UO dny round trip tickets
to Winnipeg, Wi. Bind, Dululh, Fori
William for $53,51) and to Chicago j
JO-LOO, Corresponding rates will he|
made from all hooit-n.'iy points. 1
Through round 1 np tickets wilt   be
sold on Um same dales to Toronto,
Montreal, and all points in Ontario,
tjuehec,   Mari 1 Ime   Provinces,     New
1 ork ami New England states, good
nn all rail or lake route, at .special
excursion rates.
For full particulars, first class,   or
tourist sleeper reservations, applv to
J  S. Cnrtcr, D.P.A., Nelson,
m  ?. burns ca CO.  §
Wbolualc and k'clall SB
MEAT       §
&**      Presh and Cured Meats    feJ
t^^      Presh   Fish,   Qame   mid wl
We Mi|ipl) unl) the best Vnur j j'
trade i« sniklieii rH
Marked iu nil lhc principal lowna 1 ,":
In 11 rillsb Coluntfild kk
ooc>oc<>oooooo,oao<>c.c>ooooooo'-.c.ooo'.-.c»:'Oooc>oo':''j'.'' oo
Mctary's pamoas Stovss|
^ (iives hesi SATISFACTION.     Your SA'KISFAG 'k
Stoves for COv\L $
Stoves for WOOD
I Stoves for COAL or WOOD      I
" Also the SUNSHINE Furnace.  Ik-st iu the kind $
ini;.    II. an
.'I      Vn.iiliitj
th v
^Pp our guns nnd
*- ,-"-' .1 ilitiiii 11 i tin,,
before you buy. WV
hove a complete stuck
lu show vou.    ,<    m
mason Sf Risch Pianos
Fiirnlslietl by B.alu A Klwell,  Brok
its, Cranbrouk, II. C.
Marconi Wirelwa (Canailian) $.'t.7fi
Marconi IVircless (Amprlcan)... 7 im
Nortii sun    (15
si.  Uugcnc   	
It.llllllIlT   I'.lillllO    	
II'.'.iIitii Oil   * Coal 	
liitiTiiiitaoniil Coal a Cote .....   .11 |01, „, .,„           ,„ k   „ ,„„, 0,   tho
Ci-iii silvm-l.-iii   \ in. At Sine t.     .1 ' .    ,   .      ,                      ,     ,    -i..
S.,l,'.s-H',a.l..li  Ilil  ,v   Coal,   6,000; B"'a"sl   ;""'      mosl    '"'I'1""1'   famli>
International Coal A Coko, 1,000. nowsiiapcrs iiiililislinl in Canada.
No one should purchase <-i
piano until they have investigated the merits and
v« studied the improvement-;
over other makes contain
ed in the
mason Si Risch Pianos
VV. I-'. Tale & Son., Agents, Cranbrooi, I
J. 0. lVhii._i.ri.', Western Manager,
Uui (.IS Nelson I
maCcallum $
"        !! NOTICE!!
iWfiils of Ensl K,,,,i,,,,,v j.1,,,1 |„, |
ilv ilu
""''""•"I nml mi.il,l wmlinlly mlicii miy r
er to cull or auutl Corn smti.il
inuli'i nml Kiiiimiil
"''•''   'Ull'l'l'l'n''iin'i'.s|..'.'ll'iillyr,.,|l,,'su.ir^v'i"
"""I'l" nominal tlm Fiic-lory
i or i
'" ■"tl'"  limrlii-iilnrly  l„-  i|„
IsiiuoiIh superior luun', in ||


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