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Cranbrook Herald Apr 12, 1906

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Array OH.*
VKtarla, ,,.r
ORANUIIOOK.   lllilTISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   Al'l.'ll.   12, ISOfl
Paid-up Capital. $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
•U. I' WALKER, f.tun.: M.iuf.i VI l*X. LA I It O, \.«i Cen'1 Maugai
A ti#mi«l ■ miking bwiitmi liantacUd    Account) nny bp optncit ami nmdm led by
mall with all bum liu «t lhu lank
HcpoMiiH ul >i miiJ upmii-j<t received, und Intereat h llu wed ut
current iuIcm.     I lie dcpotltttr li Htlbjctil Ut IHI UttluV wlml*
*v«r iu tlu- wiilidiuHul of ihu whole or uuv
portion  oi   I lie   deposit
Cranhrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
I Capital Pail Up $3,900,000.        Reserved Fund $.I,<XKMHH). J
; Total Assets uver $39,000,000 J
J D. R. Wilkie. President. R. Jalfray, Vice.-President *
* *
* Branches in Provinces of British Columbia*, Alberta. Sas- *
4 katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec           .
£ i
* Intcrcit allowed on Savings accounts FROM  DATE OF DE- £
J POSIT at current rates and credited half yearly.              j
£   s
; J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     *
\********************* ***************************
  THE    KlillTlVK    OAUOHT     AT
11 tin.
AT   CM.-
Will Sell
5 roomed dwelling; on Cranbrook St. for $550.
Payable $200 cash and bai
ance at $7.50 per month
until paid
1        ECONOMY        I
™ This is afl age ql .conoiny and  lhc  thrilly  person boys SB
TO wlurr his money has the grtatrst  purchasing power provided ffif
j<S the goods arc satisfactory.   Our reputation guarantees the £ft
(* quality; our prices speak lor themselves.                                    -<5_
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply (or terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Uml Friday afternoon •' Cl ttc-
Itiiii,- Mayor <; T Rogers, w P
(.m.i aud W   T. RoW   Mi ol     the
ri-Illlllllll'l*   .l|l|HI|llH*li   ll)'    III**    lllalll)   ul
Trade to g Itotgar), toot    the
.ift,iimiiii ti  in perform tte work
,1 istamil in iluiu rogurding doing
what ilit-\ niiiiii towaitl impressing
ih,- r   ti. 1;   ihat tin- proper   plate
I.n    lli,<   southern    letuiinu.s    ..I      tin-
Kootena)    L'enl ral     railwaj       waa
I'l.llitil.ml. S.ltlll.l.l. jftCIIHN.I. tllt-
ili l.-.aii 1 .1 s DctinU, assistant in Second VIetvPresIdeni W liy to.
'I'lni li.ul .1 long Interview wnh Mi.
Unu.is. iiikI Uu- question bus Llior-
niii:lil\ discussed in .ill oi us phases.
Tin- members ul tte delegation speak
ven Inchi. ol Un* couiieous treat-
ini-iti hj Mr. Dennis, ami Itvl thai
tin* trip in, c.ilgaiv was ,1 \mm- move.
Min   ihi* interview   wllh Mr,     Den
ills   Ihi*   ilclegut    h.-|.l   a   ( [erencc
.tml decided ihat fm tlie besl inter-
mta ol 1 In- town some ol tin- delcga-
tIon should gn on in Winnipeg and
interview Mi. Whyte. It uus Anally
leoldiil tlml Mossrs. McBride, Rogers
mil (lunl slum Id iMiiimii- tteii imn-
ne) lo Winnipeg, whicli Hmy did.
arriving  tliere Monday.     Mi ' Whyte
received   them  in  a niOSl   cordial  iiiiiii
iit'i, ami aftei a liriel talk arranged
.in Imiii when lit' would liave more
unu* lo devote lo t-lie subject presented. At tin- second meeting the
mallet w.is eaiyiullv reviewed by the
delegation, and Mr. Whn,- evinced
great Interest in all thai was saul.
All uf the details wore carefully and
conservatively discussed, and ' wheu
Uie session closed, ihe members oi
ilie delegation lefl Mr. Whyte's olllce
feeling very tnui-li encouraged, ami
well satislied with the restill of iheir
Mr, McBride went on to Chicago on
Mum- private business, Mayor lingers
stopped at Vfcrm.11 and wilt probaol)
return in the morning, whao uu,
Uurd returned this morning
(.'. II Pollen returned from Victoria last Sunda) where he has been
since Ute opening of the liouse, and
uurrng tlie session was kept busy
looK-ing allei* llie interests uf the
Kitnii-iiai Central. Spinhing uf Uw
road ami the n-miIts nf his effort*
All.  l'ollcii said:
The contract for ten miles ol thc
Kootena) Central awarded by ihe C.
1*. It ' on belmll of the Kootenu)
('unu.il lliillwaj compuiij will be
carried out bj i-hc General Contruot
i'n, ni Vancouver. This work is a
101ni1tit.il of the eompuay's charter
..n.l must In- sliortl) completed,
The   failure   1,1   !,„■   jil.iuiiei.il    gov-
1 rumen I in renew ihe siitisi.I. ihis
sessjou in spite ol its repealed .is-
-iiiaiui's placed tin' com pan) in a
wtyS critical couilillon. Slalcments
1 Ii.ii Y.hI Ihvii made Irom lime lo
nine gave rise tu ihe belief Uial the
govommuil would make it an esscu-
llal pan of tlieir pullc) to secure tue
tiiifloiiii; ol this line eilhei by renewing ihe subsidy ni' ii> malciug tbe
conntrurl-iofl of 11 possible 111 some
other wny. Tlie.pel 1 uon asking for
iltv subsidy which was signed li)
iriwui .1 iiimi I'l'sidenis ol Easl Kootc-
imy, were tlul) brought before Ite
government, as well a.s tte resolutions i'i Uie IndivHIuftl and Associated H.-iids of Trade, bol wen- received without comment'. Mr. We+ls and
Dt   King inadc a gallant  ftghl    and
ild\ helore Uh* bouse. 'Several tin m-
It'ts. a*i well as many public nun.
have expressed Itemselvcs verv
srtrottgl) as lo 1 In' injiisiiec done ihe
company, which is ihe onlv one ul
those sitbst.li/isl Ihal has n„i heen
allowed to lake atlvuntage ol the acl
of IMII granting the subsidy.
K\t'e[it (or an arrangement which
Iki.s In-. 11 111,1th' with Uie C. IV It.,
wltt-ivh. Uut company will handle
tlw nrellniinary opera'tiona ol the
lint- foi lhc company, ii would have
■been Impossible to olgani'/.c and carry
mil   Mils   wmk    in   lime.      This      ar-
ra-ngemeiif 0011 temjriattes a friendly
n.iilie agreemenl should lhe line he
eveiituall) bu-Ht, bui it does nol commit Llie r P It, 10 .i.isisi Mm building ui Um railway any lurthei In
i.ut, tIit'iI- ait- nu grounds fot supposing Mial Hie decision of Iho C. P,
II;, oi whieh the government were
official I) Informed anil winch was. given uiu lasl yenr, hus hii*n since al-
terod H is only fair to slate lhat
the musl absolute guarantees for tbe
Immediate construct'lon of Mie raiiwav have been offered to the government during Mie lust two years hy
lhe company, had the government
kepi to its promises, the line would
have Ihi'ii in operation several
moni'hs tifpci. The government seem
i-iui-- unconvinced of the Importance
ol i-.asi Kootenay, ami of tin- absolute necessity tor transportation t-o
devclope ils lesoiirces.
Do your evepesiHilvbecome tiieil when reiullngor Ktu.lyitiK
ami the letters run together'.' Do your eyelid., t w Ituli or
ymuevew water and Weoine hbnMlt<l]ot Am* you iroilblod
with frequent headaehen, dlulneifl, pnin iu tin: eyeballs
or above the brows or ut the buck uf the neck. Ninety
per cent of the above ailments ean lie cured hy gluten
properly titled.
WC     T*4fl  £•   Cnn      JKWELKRH AND 
•  r.   I olC CC DOnf orauijatk opticians
Official Watch Iuipeckora, Crowi Neat Past Division. C, P K.
Those who were fortunate enough
tti la- presenl al WentworMi hail last
Friday evening ami listened to the
cxcollenl programme presented by the
Firth Katun company had reason tu
congratulate Itemsolves. Never in
(lie his-loty of (haiiUook has there
been a more epiertainlng, higher
class artistic programme present-eil
lo the people of Ihis town, ami those
who heard it owe a debt of gratitude
to the Lacrosse boy.s, who were responsible for tlie appearance of the
companv. Tin- hall was nol lilled as
it should have hiren, considering the
ineinl of lhc performance, and this
fact   is lo be regretted. In    Mieir
sinnfs, Mr. Firth and Miss .laofc.son
pleased   all. Mr.   Firth   is     much
s-tlonger Mian on his former appearance.in Cranhrook and was encored
lime nnd lime again, Mis*s Jackson
won tin- Irearls of all who heard her
She has a charming voice and a most
attraetIvo stage presence, and at
mice became a great favorite. Mr,
Eaton, in bis imperson-aMons, was as
WilHatD l>olaney. who was sent up
Iiom Clairhiook foi altfinpting
hnrghirizc W H. Wilson's store, .mil
sciiierit.vd tti imprisonim-iii in Um
Nelson ja.il, etoap«d iiom there i^,,
weeks ago, wa.. i*t**ptuitsi at Creston
lasi Sunday. The NeUwO News lells
Mir stt>i)  as follows.
Uilliatii ih'Ulrt-y, alias K .1 .Uh
uii sen, is once muir an itiinate ol lhc
ploviiicia-1   ja.il   al   NHsoii.       lie     it*
turned by the t'rows Nesi train last
night in charge ol Provincial Constable ^otuit;, Who received Inn, ai
kootena) handing ywterdaj ll "iu
Provincial Constable Wilson, of
Creston, who arrcvled liim near there
Sunda) afternoon ahoul six o'clock,
.loii-aiiseii escaped from the jail
aboui ihrcv O'clock Sunday afternoon, .Match 39th, and oil joy Od, or
lathei    suffered, exaoM)  a lorlnlghi
ot iineasv aiid iiiicoiiif,i|la.>lc iioeriy.
Thc lirst lour days, according to his
own slOry, were spenl ill Nelson iu
hiding in a Ch.uese sliack Ih'Iow lbe
lailwav track, near lhc uiiiuih ol
Cot'tonwood creek. After having
dug up clothes, blankets, and a gun,
winch had been "jjlanled fur him in
advance by faithful confederates, he
iravcllod on toot io Proctor, As ho
dnt not care io risk conversation
with any one he kepi away from all
dwellings and lived hv killing chickens, which he cooked himself.
After reaching Mie shore of the
ma n Kootenay lake, he still avoided
regular means of travel. lb* built
a rafl anil, using one oi his blankets
for a sail, crossed Mm- laki    ihal
frail craft, landing near the month
i.f Ka Fiance creek. Again ho bad
tu tramp through woods and over
hills, trusting u, bis gun for food.
Having reached Creston he llioughl
l.e was oui qf'dangei and entered ilie
town, There he was apprehended bv
Constahle WiUon who bad hen In
formed Mial' he was mat M.eie b)
Warden Lemon Tbe warden declines to reveal the sources of his in
lot matioii
When Constable Voung arrived with
his prisoner last ntglit a representative of The Daily News was uresciil
hy special inviiaiiori «if Warden
Lemon, ami, in comj/an) with the
warden inti-rvii-w.sl ihc prisoner,
■fohaiisen, who s a gc-od looking
man, of medium hclglil and slcmtoi
.mild, showi-.l the eh'ccis ot his rough
journeying in the lorn state uf his
'loihing. and his general aii of weariness and depression His chin was
covered with a heard which he had
- v Kit it 11 v imi h.tibercd ahoul trimming.
In reply to questions hv the wai
■ len and tb,- reporter, he told !>:,-
storv tersely, ami evidenth frankly,
He said:
"1 got out bv unlocking the d .-is
wiih keys I made myself. I got a
nle from outside, 1 bid near a
Chinese shack tlown below ibe track.
I stayed in town four davs. I got
othei clothes and blankets ami a gun
ihat hat) been planted outside ior
im- 1 knew where ihev were, Ai
ihe end of four days I started out
tor Proctor at night. I walked thc
whole wav. generally on lhc railway
.rack. I bad a pre My bard time.
I  didn't carry anything to cat. 1
• h.ii chickens.
"1 threw un' keys awa) in the
hills, I don'l know exactly where,
.unl couldn't lind Item ii 1 Hied. Hul
I    know       where   I   lefl   nu      clothes.
I haw told Mr. Young.' You (to
Mie warden) can pnsllt gi t them
"1 made a raft and rigged up a
blanket for a sail, 'i'he steamer
passed near me, and llie people ou
iHiard saw me. Alter I got lo the
otbei side l tramped again, from
I.a France down to near the Landing,
lhen I struck Inlo Creslon.
"Mr. W Ison caught mo there Sunda) lie walked up behind me. I
hail lbe gun hut  I did not  try to use
II 1 didn't want lu make bad
"I am sorry I made the break. I'd
rather pm in an extra mouth here
than live ihai fortnight ovei again.
I suppose I'll have hi stand worse
When he was told Mial in six weeks
hv would have been liberated on ticket ol leave, .(ohanscn shook his
head very sorrowfully, and remarked:     "I guess I have'made a pretty
had break."
The resl of the story was told by
the warden as lollows: "Delaney,
that's Ihe name be goes under here,
is a very clever man, ami a model
prisoner He is a Norwegian, and
can speak four dllferenl languages
He is skilled in many trades ami
generally a handy man. He was
employed here as cook. Ile never
gave any trouble. Me was always
inielligciii and obedient. Me was
allowed to go out in thc morning to
get bis own wood
"I have learned since ihat lie was
supplied from outside wnh nearly
everything he wanted, except whiskey. Me gut opium regularly, and
finally lie had to have medical attention. Then Ite asked for a heavier and warmer coat and was given
one. Me still wore the regular corduroy trousers.
"lie must bave had a good many
confederates on the outside for he
was well supplied with means to get
out, and to hub?, first, and Mhmi get
away without detection alter be was
out. We may tve able to locate some
of Mie people that helped him.
"I'm sorry thai lho impression got abroad that prison officials
were remiss in their duties. I
went to Um provincial police office
within three minutes of the discovery
of the escape, and nolilied the outside guard at once. I also gol word
to chief .larvis at once.
"I wish to say that Chief .larvis
and the other city police did every*
thing pos.s'i'ble to assist in tbe
"I am sorrv for Delaney, but hr
will    have to be    severely punished
Iii Introducing ourtelvee to tht- public w<- l,iU jdeii	
iiuiiiieing that   tlio  basiticii will  be vomhu'ttxl oil siuiilni
that uf uur pre-h-evworg. whose business methods hi -• ni l r«
iiiHuv warm liusiaeiis frtendl uml patrons       lii. ji-     -    ! Llu    i
firm   will iircestmrilly be a progressive one, thomiigl l\ in keeping
with the advancement and profits tif tins oily   <     listrict, in
whose future we have uiiImiiiiiiIhI COIltttleiK't*.
Tlio officers of the new firm will Iw Jucoli P. Kink, I'n -
K. Doberer, vice-pres., K. Patterson. Beo'y-treus, \\V lum < -  b
fortunate  in retaining the services of Mie foil st.ilV of the i.r
namely: I. R. Manning  A..I. Bradley. J. h* Walker,  1    U  Mnr
shall and   Fred  Small.     We shall do everything in our [lower to
merit a continuance of the valued patronise ao gi'iu'rotish ^iveu
the late firm and  will continue to supply the best prudes of mer
chandise at reasonable prices, coupltit with Rood, pn nipt service.
The Fink Mercantile Company  Limitku
PHONE <•)<)
Tlte hospih.il baikl will he held  next
Monday  evening  ul     Wenl worth  hall
ami   thrift   it   will   be  a greal   success
is now assured.     Tliis ball is an annual affair in Cranbrouk and Is sup-
puried in a mosl enthusiastic   manlier by tho people generally.       Mrs.
K. IL Small and Mrs. A. L. McDermot  were ihe committee in   charge
ul the tickers tliis year and ihey are
hel ng jubilant ovei" the cordial    reception   extended     to Mivm   by  the j
public     Young men, old  men,  mid-]
die aged men, men who weiv in bus- j
incss, men following professions, ini-n ;
working for wages, all seemed      io
realize that an Institution ihat    has j
done as much for suffering humanity \
as the Si. Eugene hospital, was deserving of the supporl fa a matter of
this kind ol every     one anil    every-j
'body.        .Iust here and tliere     was
there found an exception, the   great]
majority    not only buying a    ticket
but aiding the ladies in selling more.'
One man reiiiackeJ:   "As this money
goes to furnish    some pari of     the
hospt'tal. why shouldn't we turn    in
and assist the ladies.      The    people
ol tliis section do nol fully appreciate
the gfcut good done by this institution.     It is one ol lhe best equipped
hospitals    in   the west,     and many, '
many lives liave been saved there because it was possible for the doctors
to have every  facility  to      perform
diflicul't operations,      01 herwlsc t be
patients would imve died before they
could have heen taken elsewhere, No
man sbou'd refuse to give two   dollars to the St. Eugene hospital    io
assist   the    Sisters    in their
go.'.d work."
Will he Ioiir rememlxiftxl by  tl bildreii if they
received little Master jxi ft us shown in ourwiinli ws
Egg Dyes in All Shades at
Mail Orders I-illeil Promptly
droll and humorous as ever and made	
a gieat hit with all.     It is a treat  now. and made t-o regret his attempt
to hear artists of such ability,    and |to escape.
wlien     tliey.  return    to    Cranbrooki    "No, he won't    lie employed     as
they will have a crowded house.        'cook again."
Medicine Hat News:—The Calgary
papers note ihai Eli, L. Chudlelgn.
has been appointed Assistant Super-)
inleudcnt of the C. P. K. at Calgary. I
Medicine llat pi ople who have known'
I-M. since he started rn at the foot
of the ladder as "oall-'boy," and have ■
waitcbod bis progress on the railway,'
offer him sincere congratulations on
bis promotion. Any man who advances on the merits of his own |
ability and Mirift is deserving of all
the good words thai can be said of I
Tlw Herald    heartily endorses   the;
above and   predicts   for Mr.    Chud
leigli still greater honors.
Zinfandel and      ♦
Pontet Canet
Miss McLeniLin, of Ottawa, will
arrive in Cranbrook in a h-w days
prepared to teach pianoforte music.
Is qualilied to prepare pupils for
any conservatory. Enquiring parties may apply to Mrs. I). J. McLennan, or Herald office. 3-2t*
Not'iefi is hereby given that Thirty
days after date we intend to apply
io the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria, for a special
license to cut and carry away timlier from oft' the following described
lauds in South East Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east comer of the Geo.
('alter limit, license No, 6541, thence
running 81) chains east; thence run-
n tig 80 chains north, thenee running
80 chains west, thence running 811
chains South to point of commencement,
Dated this Hh day of April, A.D.
H. H. Ross,
,ios. w. Ross.      a-at
Whuleialc Wlnti Llqmri, Cigars
Oli! Mr. Printer   PleuBe print tin* word ''Stransky" iu
largu letters.
This stnnilh fur tlie ln*sl there im in enameled ware,
r'nll »t<ick enrried by tin* Bole agent.
mOOOOO'9^^^'V-r<**^<4^9990. TUE   CIIANBHOOK    II KHALI)
G.   1,  P.
nt   the
new city
ci  jn.mis
\ ietoiUi   Times:—There   is    every
.  w   thai  Mie yeai     WM
*,w;i   .,.,■    iii,-  construction   ol   the
...      flunk I'.iciii.    .u-uvel)   begun
coast,    This summer will be
,:,..-.!  lo   great   activll)     In
aa) "i surveys.      This will en
,,,   iviiip.ui>   lo make an    earl)
la,] |   I.,,- loll..wing spring tn thf aCl-
, .  .   ymg ul lhe lulls.
,., , t, borue out bj a report i-otn-
m   Vancouvoi   und  wiu-'li    ap-
11 m    .,, be well founded,     li is   ro-
.    . Lliat .in unlet lias been placed
. ilwuj  lies with a company
, ,.„,   .,,1 which was organised    for
lbe purpose ul dealing in railwa) sup-
,,U,        \i  tlie head ol Mil* empauy
i.n   nays   brut hei ol tue pictideui
i,    i    I'., wit., bas been mak-
In.i.hjii.uin*, tm ihe coast toi
,, .     ., i ui years.
i  ,   eontrnel  calls lor the deliver)
,i million ties, which is mi Hi*
,. la) about 201) miles of track,
ucs, it is said, are lo lie  deed   i liis   coming    winlei     .it   the
ii Prince Rupert or at oth-
mi ilu- northern coast line
u ne selecled by the railway    company,
ti is reasonable, therefore, tti   sup-
pUMi  thai  Un- i.thei.ils ol  t lie (.    T. P.
bave in view an early start in con-
siiiicin.il work upon ibe opening of
in, yeai IUU7. It is iiuibcr apparent ihal Hie building ol tlie line will
hi-gin ,,i lhc iiiiisi .unl proceed eosl-
waid .ii l. .i i Iui ii part ot the way
across tiie province.
in urdei  i<> carry this work out el-
li'flii.'h      Mil ir     Will   leiplile      Io  he
b,uiiii preliminary work done at
Kaien island ot Prince Rupert .is Mu:
city will he called. !■:. ii. Russell,
Mn- representative ol the ii. T P, on
lli,* coast, wi ni nui ih .i few days
ago on thu CuiiHiKiiui. A.s usual,
Mi      Russell   was    unuommiiulcative
Willi  ii'sjieel   In  whal   be bad  in  VlCW.
Ii may he infer nil, howovor, that
In- mission bad lo do with Mie Kaien
i i.iiiii townsite .unl thai ii may bo
|.M'j.,,i.nm\ to iin- laying oui of ihc
uii) <ii Prince Ruperl, which may lie
gone on with some time ihis fall or
in Hie imi I] spring.
Jiicidciitnll) it uui) In- mi-ii'tioiied
iii.it ibe intention of ihe company
with respcel to the new city of
I't i,,iv Ruperl is to make it a model
one, Tliere will, n is reported, be
no trouble spared al the start in
laying uill lo make ample provision
im all future needs ol the place. The
company will profit, by the mistakes
ni i.iiiei cities where the future was
not looked io at ilu  start and    vvill
The attempt lo acquire a pari of
Hi.- Indian reserve which would be
contiguous Lo i'h«; rity is a .irc'eii-
valivu measure which Victorians can
Well appreciate. Digby Island, opposite Kailn island, is separated
from ihe I.liter hy about a quarter
ul a null' ol' water. It is sure in
lime in Uiini a very valuable suburb
id ih.- ciL> to Ire established ami the
iiLtpiisition oi it. Irom lire Indians
is therefore oj importance to Mie tonne ui Prince Kunert.
Tire beginning ol const ruct ion irom
ilu- Pacific terminus as is nuw Indicated cannot fail to have a very
sl unu la i ing effect lu the province.
This will Ire felt in the city of Victoria as well as at other points
along lire coasl, and the announce*
m, ni ihat the work is to begin will
he mosl welcome to all.
Willi n system so far reaching in
the easl as ihal of Uio (I. T. P., the
ii,iiim'i.iitihi ntal line musl In; completed lo ihe coasl with t<he opening
ol Hi,- other sections of the road to
iiaiiii' in order that the through
trade, which will be targe, may Ire
lumlh'il li) lire company* In addition Lu this there must also, it is
fell l.e Immediate arrangements
made foi n trans-Pacific line of
learner* as soon as the line of
ui'.wa) reaches ihis coast. This
laiter will be necessary in order to
e..mpele with other large railway
companies doing business with the
Orient. Prince Rupert will be so
i.u removed from the other ports doing ilns trans-Pacific trade that In-
dependent lines of steamers will have
io operate out of that port.
Thero will he little or no question
I bai the 0. T. P. lias made satisfac-
lorj   arrangements along this    line.
II 'is full) expected Ihal as soon as
the railway Is m a posllion to lay
tbe Roods ol the easl  on the Paeilie
...[....nl a line ol steamers to ply
between ibis port and ihe Orient wiil
fa-gi iking regular tups across the
Pacini Tins is borne oui bv the
ml of President Dims. M,
Ilaj who bas iust it-turned fiom
Lmidi ii, where lie bas lieen cngagci:
ioi a time i.ii financial matters con
neeied mih tbe undertaking. Ao
cording lo ,t press despatch, Prcsi
'I. ul lhu - said upon Ins arrival in
Mon I nml »ii Monday thai with
Kpecl to ibe i|iiesiion ,d simmers
connected with the Malulie and
I'at ilie luminals there would Ire no
trouble whatever as soon as the
coui|hinv was rt-adv lor 'them.
Mr. Hays also said that the road
was financed as far west as the
Rockies, ami engineers wero now en-
gngvd in a survey of several passes
preliminnr) to a definite selection ol
ihe route aiid pushing ahead the
The (!. T. P. in all its work connected with the transcontinental line
is manifest mi. the utmost oarc to
Ily l-iiiml    Leo   TuM
I'ln* MIowhir trmii tlie pi
celebrated Russian wrliei t-"ounl
l„lst..i, is one ol Hit*. best arguments
ikga-met tl'.' theory "I Boohilisni
Iiriitt^l tor liuiui days. It is elcut
mil a|ip<-dls to tlif reasoning powers
ul any lima:
Tlie socialistic Weal is Hurt title
workers, having betome maimers ol
.ill III* menus oi produetioit, an* Ul
obtain all ibe comforts ami pleasure.
uuv, possessed hy i..II to .li, people.
Tlii-y   »ill all   Ih*     Willi   eloUlctl     ami
boused anil well uourlslieil ami mil
all nal. on electrically liRlnn!
asphalted streets, and ItequCitt   con*
i-ui-ts ami theatres anil ivail |>a[K-l-
ami Ixk,... ana   iiiii- in automobiles
cOiillNO in  iiiui s.wns
IHW     IMUIni: wis    SAILING
Kitiiti  iiii: hi.h nn vikv.
uunliiii;   1.,   Ucpatches, helwcci
l   in,.ii...ml  „i r   IiiiiiimiiiiI pel
-,  an*   I..HII,*.   lintlsll   palls  full
^MM<MMMMMW-«M«i^ I T      ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦,♦»„, „,,»„W»„„„^„ .,.,„ ,,,,
| Seven Years Ago |
llut lhat everybody may have certain things, the production ol those
things must in.- apportioned, and con
stipiently it must be decided huw
long each workman i.s to work.
ilow is thai io tn* decided/
Statistics may show (though Ver)
imperfectly) v. tui people require in
a society fettered hy capital, hy
competition and by want, Uui no
siaiis-ucs cut .show bow much ,s
wanted and what articles are needed
iu satisfy the demand in a society
where W» means ul production will
I't'long l-j society it sell—that is
where the people will be tree.
The demands in such a society cai
not he OelHinI and they will always
infinitely exceed the possibility ol
sdiisfying ihem. Isvefybody wiil
wish to have all that. Die richest
now possess, aim. iltereiore, il is
quite impossible to deime the quan-
uiy oi gootfs Wiat sucu a society wm
I'urUiermuie, bow are peuple to be
induced io Wuru on articles wmen
..oinc consider necessary and others
.i.'iisHler uinuci'ssaiy or even iiaitn-
it is undeniable that under the
present state of tilings most varied
articles ale produced Wlttl gical
icononiy oi cxcrl/iou, tbairta. in
machinery and thanks especially li
.ue division uf ianur Which has been
iiioughl to au extreme nicety and
, an nil io tho'highest perfection ami
itiat those articles arc profitable te
.he manufacturers and pleasant to
.i.so. lhu the fact thai these artic-
„*.-. are well nuule ami produced with
iiitlc expenditure of stroiJgth, that
ihey are profitable to tiie capitalist
im convenient for us does not prove
ihat free men would without compulsion continue to produce them,
There is no doubl but ibat -lire
Krupp works with the present division of labor makes admirable cannon very pitiickly and artfully, Others
quickly and artfully produce silk
materials, others ' perfumery and
again others whisky of choice flavor,
and no doubt both for thoso who
waul these articles and for the owners of the factories in which they
arc made jt is very advantages.
llut cannon and |H-rf nines and
whisky arc wanted by those who
wish to obtain control of the Chinese
market or who like to get drunk or
are concerned about lheir complexion, but there will be some who consider the production of these articles
harmful. And there will always be
people who consider thai besides
these articles, beer and hcef are unnecessary and even harmful.
How are these people lo be made
to participate in the production of
such articles'.'
But even if a means could be found
to get ail! to agree to produce certain articles, who, in a free society,
without capitalistic production, com-
pot'itfton and its law of supply and
demand, will decide which artiel
are to have the preference?
Whicli is to come first, electric
lighting or irrigation ol the fields?
And then cOmcs another question
insoluble with free workmen—which
men are to do which work? Evidently ail will prefer bay making ur
drawing to stoking, or cesspool
cleaning. How, in approaching lire
work, are people to be induced lo
No statistics can answer these
questions. The solution can only he
theoretical; if. may be said that
there wrll be people to whom power
will be given lo regulate alt these
matters. Some people wiM decide
Mtese questions and others will obey
Hut there will lie sl'ltl another most
Important  question as to tiie ilegre
lulO lias   Uie
t/vmiu-, in.in lite om laud
in. (i   aU   lltul
...i, .u.u now  iiiiiiug lire
insi ua) - ul
a (nn ilie udu is at lla
II.lira.            V o
olio.ii lon     nun lais     antl
u, in. i)  .'»•->
_,,.ii.,u iiies      .ue      eX-
iii un-   uilcmpl to f»e-
1.1.- pilftlUu
Vt.    Alt      [HUH
is   .iii.i    hornet, lul       uu-
Walk'   .Uii,all.l..   lul    WOth
lilg   111   Iiom   all   p..Hs   ol
Uie c.uniiv.
llu- gical   lllajotliy ut
lliesx*   li-qii. s-
cuur&c, ."i
s   loi   .i>>isiai,ie  ate,  ol
.mu  i.i,.,.i<is,  while tbe
[Hisjli,,lis     .1
lapuii)    ..s
r   null.,     iiiu.1   jusl       as
tn.-  uuiiiuvi ta arrivals
wm (...mi..
w,' caiiiiut catch    up
wnh lhc nu
have loi  i*i
ntii'i  ui applications    v.e
it   in Ip,      s,,|.l   .Ul     ll    .1.
'lllll.   O.    Un
Dm.um imuiigiatioii ol-
III*,*  I, -l,*l-t..l .   "1111,1  llll  _utilt-_cl  n.'i'il
be oul ..i «.,,,. ii lie hi she ...mis to
w.iik ,il all, uud I,' ii' In. lull l"*lil
up a l,u„v Il.i,.in* i,i applications
n,.in luini i , i.u i,u*i.*, niiinlH'iiiii;
i*,.iimiIi.i.li,i> ..ni nu- iiiimlii.i. al in.*
a.iiu- nm, .uuiiiiu mai none ..I these
apiiiii-aiiiiin, nun iu, )'*i mi*" mied.
in April, i.i»i uai, .iaiiii persons
li.ul ...mnl |,u-.i.i<.ii., .ti itn- ,,um- in
■ In. i intni Mu'iiini, ami -in I'm.
suul iii.il niiiiii,.! „,-inl In- i*m*ii-i1ih1
iii April iii nn-- ii.ii
■|ii,,iii*i ii  i.i-.niu upi-raiiiiB nx-
tensivei) ,.i, u- iiuiihijihiIoii lines,
llm Sun,ili.m Allli) Inm ii'lii-ail) '»'*
ciimpllshwl .uiim.i.i.iIiIi*. us iiiiii lie
shown iiuiii lne lui i Hun since tliu
lirsi ui Hn* umi lhe Army li.is hand-
li-il Hinr tiiuiisami sirunsiirs.      The
 Hioils    ndopted am  elosely i*"l'iiil
aiii-i ilinsi- ol i,n- iiiii.inu government department, ami have been
iiilu.iih siicecssliil IIi*i«,mi March
I anil tho last ui May Mn* Salvation
Aruiv have 'I'l parties emnltig to this
ii in, ami lo.il  ships liavu     heen
elwrtend ontrigbt. Willi Uie lui'B-
.■si nt Hiese parties are agents who
make tlw sclce-lioii lur tliu ililli-u-nt
places uu liuai.l ship, su unit   when
iin-    ii igniuts   I.ii,,I    ui.*)   knoa
i-xacll)  ii mn* in,*) an* t.*.,ii*__.
I alung ui Un* iiniiiigi.il nm work ul
Hie Ann) ling.ulin 'i nonius Howell,
secrchiry tor I raiispiirtat'ion ami   im-
Mn.giaii  sai.I:     "Our lowest esti-
man* im ' tins )'"-'i "I newcomers
niuiiglii oul ii) the Salvation Ann)'
is hi.iiiiii. So lar at- bine been
milking il,s|iri.ili. eli*! I a lo ban* Hie
mai l  ul lb .s.'   I.iu.lnig al lltllllax
ami M.'.Iuiui remain ni ine .Miiriiimi*
t't'OViuces, In'i'iuisi- wlli'll tin' vessels
coiiimcncu landing at l)uelicc and
.ilunin-al ii will ne iliilnitli iii have
ilie iuuiiigimils go east. I liave il
uu Ur. authority ol Mr. U. (-'. James,
llc|iulv Mllifslcl ui Agriiiillure, llial
there arc ahoul l._,tiu(J Enrni
Uiiiiiiii', ami on nil anMage a man
hi wauled un every [arm. Another
polnl 1 wish I,, express is lbe lact
ibat ac lake care ol uny
l.coplc wliu uri' iml working,
iiuiii wanl any uigaui/.aiiuu tu look
ain-i um people In Uu* ni.l t'uiiii-
;n in* tell Ihose who an- coming Id
ibis cuiiuliy llial lln*)' i-uiiliul get
Uu- besl jotis al iimi A nicelitinlu
must even lie prcpnieil lu go lu lbe
laml.1' In response to a question
lbe Ul'lgaillel' slali-il llial lln-
m%ntnls wen* uui arriving
enough tu sniisfy lbe ilcmu-lid,.sinci
iliey Imd ahout nm ilnjiisand up
plleatioiis im help un baud al Ihi
present   linn'.
Maclcod, Alia., March 31,—Thomas Stockton, a puliceman ami raiieh-
er, mel wilb a veil serious aiiKlenl
last Tuesday evening. Hi* was ruling n young iiuiiiukiii ruli, ami wlien
near his home, ilu- animal stampeded,
,ins'liiiig iui,i a barbed win- teucc.
ihiiiwiug Ms liiler mi bis bead ami
sli-.,iiliii-l*s, lln* liuisi* alsu lulling on
lhu mail, l.iitliil) ilu- ai-i-iili-nt was
observed liy nelglihors, wlm removed
ilu- horse and carried tin- unconscious
tiiiiu io tbe In,use ill rancher Storey,
The nexl il.i; be was laken tu Hie
Macleod general hospital, where he
nuw IK'S in iin unconscious condition.
Although Mifi.-riiig from concussion of
Hie brain, lie ph)ni-'lull 1.1 :,( tin*
opinion Uial tin- patient will make ii
speedy recovery. Mr. Stockton was
SlU'tloncd at Waiiliiei as a mounted
policeman during cf.nstrueHon,
p  W.IW       »— -    --r»-   4
fin Cranbrook ue u* il
* S'
IT. Q-.
5   HKKALII   OK    THAT    DAtE  ||
Conduotoi Gougeon has heen l.l i.l
up aitb a crippled hand loi several
days,   bin has   recovered sufficiently
lu take liis mil again.
Mi. I*' VI JollllSott, the new Ini'u-
niutive fui.-iiiaii, arrived last week.
He was loniieily stationed on the
(lulileii dius-iun ul Hie main line.
V. M. Mcdhurst, turuiei'ly agent al
Maeleoil,   1ms Imm   tronslerreil     i"
I'raiihrouk, and is nuw in charge "I
lhe slaliu.1 here,       Joseph   Iti.tilll.il.l
is in i-h-aigi' ill lhe commercial office
(itsirgc HoggarHi, lmil ul Elko,
was iii imvn mi Momlay,
Hen Pugh. Hie Irrepressible and
iuiiinialile ciiuructei ul Port Steele,
g't-iutsi I'l-aii'luihtk with bis presence
s-everail dais Uus wis'k.
Vi   P. (lueil. sulnilur lur Ibe C.P.
I!.,      bas    lelui" i   Irom    Vlotorln, I
wlien. lu* took ibe exaiiitnaitloii pres-
ililieil by law ul Hie provlnco ami
fame uui wilb dying colors.
I'ul. James linker, and Its son, V.
Ilnle Maker, letuiui-il uu last night's
train Irom Victoria, Mi. Bate is,
looking veiy will Indeed*, and is tooling extremely good uver Hie bright
prospects lor Cranbrook. He will,
leave iu company wild Mr. Hyde
Baker, un tlie 13th tor New York,
nnil will sail liuin thero un the third
uf Mav ful Iviiglanil iiii business connected wiih Cranbrook. He will,
luuhalih return in six weeks or two*
months, lhe time uf bis return ile-
pemthtg un Un* IHogrcss that lie
makes iu tlie transaction uf business.
Tbe application tor a charter tori
Uie local I. o. tl. P. 1"iIk«' ha* been
made. Tin' new lodge will be in-1
stalled some lime neit month.
A lew uf lbe '.gentlemen ol leis-
ure" from Hie "Domiciles nl Joy"
ban- sought' nunc congenial ollmes
upon Hie suggestion nl Constable
A. II. Fenwick bus purchased the
lease right nf Ills iamb frum Prank,
llerusiei,  mill    will  devote bis alleli-j
Hun m agriculture this year. Ho
expects in commence smiling in a lew
People living uu linker Hill would
He pleas-ill hi SCO a foot bridge put;
mel lhe llllcll nr swamp sn tliat, II
■vuiifil Is* possible lm lbe ladies tn
,i lu Inan ami back again willinlll*
lining compelled lo wear rubber
.1. Vi. RnMuson and William Mae-
Ken/.ie liave enniplelril lulling inents
fm slartiug a saw mill two miles
snulli ul limn. Tliey have lugs nil
Uie runaway, ibe Inundation lor the
mill in place, and Hie machinery is
itnw i^ route frum Toronto.
Postmaster Ili-niiie has completed
llie changes in Hu' office, and Hie
Herald will Ventura ibe assertion
Hull lie lias Hie inmlesl and must
complete pust office between Macleod
,u i Nelson. Crnnbrook people were
verv fnrtiiniitc in Hu- appointment nf
Mr. Hcntttc.
Montreal, April 5.—Thomas Tweed,
ol \li-tlicine Hal, died suddenly at the
Windsor hotel last night ol heart
failure.     He had jlint   returned   with
ol tlie division of talmr that can be Mrs. Tweed fiom a visit In Europe
est'abliMhed in a .socialisticaliy organ- and Egypt, and was much Improved
Ized society. | in  heiultb.       His death  was entirely
Tire now existing division of lulior unexpected.
is conditional by tlie   necessities    ol ,__..________________________.__.___.__.M___.
the workers.     A worker only agrees  "
to live all bis life umlerground, or to
make tlie one hundredth part of   an
article, because lie will otherwise not
have means to live.
A division of labor by whieh a
ma-n makes one hundredth part of un
article, or a stoker works in 150 degrees of heat or is choked with harmful gases, is disadvantageous Ix-cause
though it furthers the production of
insignilleant articles, it destroys that
which is most  precious,  the life   of
The Spokane and Fort Steele Tele-
liiaph Co., have completed their lino
to Cranhrook. and for the present
has established nn oflice in the Fori
Steele Mercantile company's store.
William I.aivgtrec is n charge and as
he is well known and deservedly popular it goes without saving that his
company will do a good business tn
.1. V. Armstrrng. gold commission
er, returned last pvenin-! from Gflld-|
en, where he has lieen spending his
vacation. He is looking much better after his rest, and savs that Mrs..
Armstrong will remain another
month In ffoltlcn. While in Donald
lie saw Mr. Forrest, who started the
big hotel on Baker street. Mr. Forres! has taken all the fmishinir lumber oft" his hotel at Donald", with the
winilows. etc., and will ship the entire out-fit to Cranhrook to complete
his building here.
Cues.—-"Ah, Airs. Blank, I seldom
get as good a dinner as this."
Little Johnny—"Neither do we."
man.      And, therefore, such division
can only etist under compulsion.
Knbertus says that communal division ol labor united mankind. That
is true, but it is only free division,
such as people voluntarily adopt.
If people decide to make a road and
one digs, another brings stonon, a
third breaks them, etc., that' son
of division of work unit-cd tlte people
Hut if, iffde^iendent'ly ot the wishes
and somotimes against the wishes
ol the workers, a militaty railroad
ts built, or an Bifel tower, and oni
man is compe.led to obtain iron
another t-o dig coal, a third 1o make
castings, a fourth to cut down trees
and a fifth to s*aw them up, without
even having the least idea what .the
things they are making are wanted
for, then such division ol labor not
only does not unite men, it divides
To suppose that with commimalized
means of production there will ■ he
such an abundance of things as is
now produwd by compulsory division of labor is like supposing that
road second to none on the af,l<ir i4)e emancipation of serfs the,
n fad it is expected domestic orchestras and the theatres |
il.,i there will be no western road the homemaide carpets and laces and
in America which will show the i^ Pi-aborat« gardens, which depond-
»amp nilvnutnges n point of grade „j on Mr( i^r, would continue, to
Ihai Ilns one will when completed, exist as before. So that the sup-
spare,! this sum- position that when the Socialist
work lo carry out rieal js realized everyone will be free
Mn' presenl plans of ihc company for awj *.[)) a.f, the sa^ time have at
a io.nl of easy grades. Sn parties his disposal everything that is now
w ill |>e in ibe iield and by this means beto* mode use of by the well to do
a mule second to no other will be involves an obvious self contradic-
RCleotcu. tion.
in Hit- sur
IMPROVED machinery
1 will not, of itself", pio-
duce good fluur.
You may be an excellent
cook, but you cannot pro-
^\ duce light, wholesome
baking unless thc flour you
use he the kind that permits
such results.
So in the milling, machinery alone cannot produce
Royal Household Flour
out ut the svrong kind of wheat any iimr? thai- you
tan make the right kind of bread or pastry out of
the wrung kind ot flour.
OgiPvie's Royal Household Flour is nuule from
haid spring wheat—n wheat that is rich Mi nutriment,
that grinds line and white, and produces bread and
pastry that arc wholesome and nourishing as well as
light and crisp—it's a flour that begins to be good in
the wheat fields, nut in the mills.
Vour grocer prefers to
sell you Ogilvie's Royal
Household Flour because
ht knows the value of a
pleased customer.
O.llvie U»ir Mill C«., LM.
"Osilvi.'s Book for a Cook." contain,, 100 pages ot MMtlnit ncipea,
s,,ini, never piiMWird ntfnrf.   Ynur
irucer am mil yon Imv/ u>«« it * Kali.
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes,all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Colden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
$1.00 For Six Months
H eraldPublishingCo.
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*.-    euntiuuetl Biipreumey. X.
X,         We urn prepared tu sorve vnu better Hub season than .;.
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ta 1 In I,-1 a.el itnurwitooa his irooils BUUiirior-to uuv in llu- ilia.
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ti the besl hotels in lhc districl.   Headquarters ior ti
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Tli,-   I nii.ti Fm   c i.m< l   oi Scot-
l.i .1 il ,ii.*|"i;,. mott>| Lmiiilii's Io
assist   in   ii'   iiii<viirti,uy   Mrork,
I-:.ul KiikwII w.is cnvicled loi   the
l ib  tun.' .it   Kingston  Iol   ttforoti-
mt; in a ntotoi ,,ti .iitt 1 fined ii.i.
Dcivgalea tion, .,u parts ul Uw
eouutiy who met ,ii l.it.l*. deckled to
t.ill  .i  it.Liioh.ti  ctiifierwn   Hil'iti'
Uarakluiutiiifl bridge orri llw \p
iii-.u MohMglel, whieh ih lufcuctatnl
.. iin Burns' "Man was made to
mourn," i   doomed,
r.ipt.iiu  Edward     Benton, ol  Uo.
Ion   (l.ilicoti.shiiel.   has  s.tvetl   i..-._ll\
uuv Uvea ulnce 1835 lie i- now
abonl olfl/lit) years old
According io a return the  ntn-i
ol  pallpels in  receipt ,il  leliel m   Eni;,*
Lunl ..i it I Wales ai tin- end ot January,  1800, was MH.M.I
Mi. William Price, who w.is known
tliioui.lioiil   .Moiitiioultishne   as      Mi
(iladsli '■■    dirtllilc,     bas    tlitsl      .,1
I'oiilywain at   lbe age "1  lllliclj
I'oinpulsoiy swim in ing fm all child
ren over   ten    years   of age, cxcepl
Ihose      iiiedicallv    certified    as   Ullflt,
has been adopted bv lleckenhnm edu
cation committee.
"In my llojcton language, sir, I
call ymi a pcrisher*" shonlwl one
iiieiiiiicr   of tlie   Shored I toh Borough
Council to another in lbe course of a
tempestuous debate.
Ai a meeting ol the Kolcshill l>is
irict Council it was staled Unit iwo
cases iif ' smallpox, whieh occurred
bisl vear at the workhouse, cosl lln
local'authorities $35(1  caeh.
Ttie Ciinard company have decided
lo name t-he iwo new fust turbine
steamers now being built under the
agi-eemenl with tlie government
l.ii.-iii.iuia and  .Mauritania.
A legacy ol Cin caused Uie death
nf Thomas Archer, a night watchman, of Kliriwin.il. He'was found
dead in bed a'lei   a drinking    bout.
which   he begu t   receiving     ihe
Two turtle tlovcs, i In- subjects of a
case of robbery, were brought into
ibe Ipswich police eourl recently, and
cooed pleasantly to the magistrate
while the case proceeded.   .
Samuel Rlaton, a baker's appren-
lice, was shot dcnl bv l.obeii Cooke
ai W'hil'Miigton, - in Derbyshire,
Cooke, who slaied that he .lid not
know   ihe gun was loaded,  was    ni
'Hi,-   ilealh   took   plaee  at   I'hlliouth
. i-ecenllj     oi    -Joseph    Wuiih,     aueil
I elghly-'riie, a  naval  veteran  who had
n service in Un* Crimea and Baltic
iipaij,ns, an.l  in an   Arctic expedl-
lie.in MeSweenei, who li.ul lieen n
priest     for inuil.    st-n*itt\   veal's, bas
nisi died at Cork. Ile had' minister
ed in his church until tbe previous
Xiuiiluv, although he was more than
ninety years obi
Although ibe mnvoi did not see
ivhy tmohelors slruiild in- allowed to
Sit   Up  later  than othei   people,       the
Scarborough bench granted a license
extension of lue hours i,-i the bachc
lots' ball.
.lolm Kelly, who died at Sl
.lolni's I'oinl, Count) tiown, ,\t Un'
ace t-f ins, IkuI t.io.l beiillh until
tlie last, ami only a few hours lieforc
I,is    deallt   be    smoked   .1  pipe      wblcli
lus graotlson mini Im Inm
The driver of a moloi cu. wlnb
in lug io sitvt deal tu a dog, ran
into two women who weie cyollng
i„mi      Itiimini^iam Both      were
tiiiown on .mil sei ously Injured, The
dog escaped unhurt,
Koberl cuiiey, a laborer, who con*
fesstst thai he miinlciiil Krank
Ernest Vllwood, neai Oxford, in Oetolier, I IMM, was discharged Ixrailse
theie was not siilbci, nt ' lorroboia-
tiou oi Ins confession
Having winked on ibe mime farm
ncu m.iinlloid lUorsel) foi sixty-six
i.mi .,    a sheplicrd     named Sanipaon
has tlml, al Uie age of sevciil y-five,
In Uie house where' he has lived ovei
oi.ee his  lllllll.
An  iiii|ioi lani   tall ol  Icri-lilf bas
occurred al Cromer, ami some upper
ellll,  on   which   rustic   seats  arc  plac
nl is expcticil to in- carrlnl away. A
thil i.ill is also roportod at Over
stiaml, near Ciomer.
Every farmer in tt. ■ Soiilhmoultoii
di-jitui of Devon receiveil 9,2fl0 tons
of watet mi every acre of his land
during the lirst two months of the
mmi The oldest iuhabiiaiil cannol
leiin-mlK'i   such a Wei   lime.
Tin- nnly Ihlng that mcmliers ot
Parliament rcsont, says Mr. llcnry
Norman in the new number of "The
World's Worl.," is thai if tbey die in
harness uo Wolxl n| regret is ofJicial-
\\   spoken   in   lhe  House.
Several hundred men are al work
iu the earl's court exhibit ion
grounds,   preparing   [or the install a.
I ion ut the exhihils of the ItoVftl llll-
|HTial Aus-'lrivn exhi'liition, which will
open in May and continue t-o Ocltihcr.
Mr 1'onsford Fisher, a commercial
traveler, was making a call at. Seymour's drapery esvafbllslvmon't in
Union strci'i, IMymoulb, when he was
taken ill, and ilnii almost immediately. Mr. Kislwr was -liorn on Uiost
premises sixly-five years ago.
Represent a-Mvcs of the lii-cnsing
11.ide iu I,i\erpool. in conference
with the licensing coiniuittiv, have
agreed to giv<? Rtrlngent orders to
public house managers to discourage
excessive drinking among women.
Hv placing a tax of ,tl per acre on
lhc Scotch deer forests, said Mr
Charles Lans-bury at a tneeling of lbe
Poplar Bnrougli club, ibe Chancellor
of the Exchrtjuer would obtain sif-
licienl funds to Ileal with tilie, unemployed questrlon.
A mistress who was interviewing
lhc mothers ol several candidates for
tin situation oi general Bernmt foi
a -mail household u, llunpaUre, was
tt.bl    Ihul   "ll     was  not  tin*   Ushion
a-...   i--i   servairts to clean ibe   nih-
'!■"--     t tv
Keporti received at Yarmouth ft-:
th,- local boats taking pail in lb
westward   bei i mg ftsblng   we    veiy
iinsali>f-.uloii 'liny      bave  cailuit
pnictieall) nothing up t,, the presrai
whereas by Ihis time last vcat som
,-t    ihe   boat .   bad    earned i" >
I-'.in'-, i,   a.lult.s   ol   both   sex--s.
i-atii, ■ a-- ■!". and a couple ■•
iloukej s, w. iv thi' inhohitatrts of .
li.miM- njiiMs-tiii| oi one rooiu and a
kin in a i, p-.t ■■ l l"i over-crowding u>
'he u.ilw.n ut 1...1. council, Ireland,
!.>   Un   medical ulhtvi  nl heullh.
A bn met i hel on a London ami
Ntuiii West I-m Uai Iwu j dining car
lold Mi. Plowditi, at London police
court,   tbal    he  bad      hit-n illMnis,e«l
because he Bfrved    saui-e on Un  IWi
IllslCiltl    ol     II,    A    ...llltl-htMl     lo    .1     lil-1
i las-, pawoogvr,  who coiuplained   it.
tht toiiipaoi
Tin- clerk "f pell)   ses-, s foi
district ol Count) Antrim follows
ien othei advocates, including land
steward, gumekeepei, plei ovcrseei,
jtit-i pay clerk, mining payclerk, bog
uai 11(1, land agiiii, auctioneer, fdiip
ping agent, .not inuiuigci ul ins
lather's business.
Nearly 5,000 mcmneis Hi-m- npi.-
-.elilcil al a mllli icni-t- of ihe Lancashire Federation of Pigeoii Flving
clubs lo discuss the II) fiom Niiiitcs
next duly It was decided io eliai-
tei .i spceial Imat to take lhe birds
fiom Southampton to SI M.ilo, and
Ui.-\ will he conveyed lu Nantes by
a special train Al leasl 7 uuu birds
will c< injii Ie.
While the lion. .Mrs. Iliilien direct-
ill a  thorough   spring ileal.im of  thc
church at llroitiHieatli, tt'oriTstcr, by
l wenl v reshb-ii i lad les, A din i t ai
BrHlen orgaiiiznl the pbuitlng of ibe
,*!iiiii'li\.ml wilb shrubs In workmen.
The ladies bioughi thell own buckets
ami mops am) brooms, and ihe wmk-
men iln-n own gardening Implements,
It is calculated that on ihe llolib-r-
ncs.s coasl of Yorkshire ibe sea is
devouring 1,901.101 tons of cllfl ever)
year. The outline nf the coasl from
Humtoroitgh 11.ail in Spurn Head
scarcely remains ilu1 same for two
consecutive days. Only nne cottago
now siainls in ihe parish of Uils-
ihorpc. The resl nf ihe vHlnge has
bc.ii swallowed  bv   tbe sea,
Rambling Reveries
"As   far   as   I   know."   said   a  person
one night,
"There is naught iu this world   hut
what  is jusl   right,
I  have     ail   I   waul   to both Wit    and
The    flowers  I  gather     ate fragrani
and fair,
Tbe hints iu the trees always sing a
..but song,
And as far as  1  know  there is noth
All people  I  hi.
,ue   loyal     .llitl
And I    am     contented   iu body and
I  read about  folks who are   awfulh
Aboui  souls   that are     weary    and
hearts that are sad,
About    I'ltiiilteu    lhat     quarrel   and
people who light,
Bui .is tat as I know everything    is
all right.
"1 read there arc people who do
ninny things
That on ihem lhc worst kind of suffering  tilings,
Thai women are wicked and men nro
A nil      sinful 1 ness      ruiiin-lh       society
But as far as I know—as far as 1
1 cannol alliim that these stories are
Tire person Uiat said tliis as far' as
Was a child of six years, and to her
il was true,
O,  what   would  we give could we ull
say  to-night,
There is naught  tn  ihis world    but
what is just  righl!
That   we    have  all    we   wanl   to   eat
and lo wear,
And thai justice ami goodness abound
every where.
Everv child has a right lo a happy
I'hililli-.mi. The recollection of a
sunny childhood is an auspicious In-
hetitaiiee and a splendid preparation
for tho strain and burden of life.
In China lbe lirst four ot live years
oi a girl's life are a conlliiual agony.
All the children in India arc born
ol-tt. (lo among t-he submerged masses in any of our great cities and
ynu will And childhood barren and
desolate beyond description. To have
this joy crushed out of a little life
is a sorrowful tragedy thai will
sbatlow all iis future,      flray skies
will often weep above them in the
after years; sec lo ii lhat, so far as
possible, these early years arc uti-
cloutlid. Lei ibein have iheir childhood.
So much is said about  lhe duties of
children ihat their rights are overlooked. Their duties are often
strictly enforced upon them, but iheir
rights Impicuidy Ignored; This Is
partly on account of Ignorance, hut
chiefly because of a lack of thought.
Most parents desire ibe highest good
of their children, and are willing to
mavc any reasonable sacrifice for
litem, but pay little attention lo
their rights, if they recognize them
as their rights at all. No one would
deny to children their right to such
support ■ and education as their parents are able lo give them, Bul
beyond this very generai admission
nol many recognize any definite obligation.
We lielieve the friends of Ibis department, and if we feel lhe pulse of
our readers correctly, that means all
onr subscribers, will read with relish
a few thoughts on woman's work and
compensation for the same,
One of the fashionable sins of the
present time is tin1 sin of idleness
This evil exisls to an alarming extent, especially so in buyer cities
where competent ladies Hit away
time ns If there were no claims upon
Iiiem   iu   thc busy   marts   ol    life.
There aie pcisuns whom Un- stress ol
' in umsuiut s compel tti work inn
tb.- work is loo often done uudei protest. There ts a growiug .hsiaucc
t.u housekeeping. While ,kit boucitl
latMi is honorable mere is notions
more so t-qau Un- can- <>i ..  tmiue.
The Waves ot WOUICU wen- nevei mi
high a.s now, yet it is almost im-
pussHHe to procure Un- services ul a
good woman at any price, foi the
i' ason Uiat la-hoi i.s looked upon us
legradtug Young woun u imn i-,
all sorts of i,tin,' aork, where -nates
ami temptations i»si*t  ihem, because
tbey can dress better an-i kt-ep thell
bands whiter than lire) ean When lining kitchen work.
itn- wiirs and mothers of ,i century ago were promt tu exhibit tin
result ot then industry in Hu- man
ui.iciiiie of iloib atnl ib-< making ut
garments loi i-heli families. Tnen
is no call i-u such work In ,„u ((ay|
yel there ate enough calls i,, duly in
every hirtnc to emplo) tin- lniusekeep<
er.      Hume to ntauy   women mean*
UOtllillg moie than a laun In whrli
lbe)   lake  Hiell   eli.tins   to   l-c'washet;
anil Ironed; to n„- man a place in
oal and sleep, their evenings being
large I) speni at dubs oi billiard
hall-. Thv old fashioned home keep
eis have become almost a lost quantity. Societies of va s kind*, occupy much ot iheir time. The children are sent lo sehtn.1 at lbe age
->! s,v ami lhe mothers ait- at libel I) to llii about until tin-) rol III It
al  'litHiti   when   Ihe llllieh  ol"  f f,   pie
pared outside the home, ^ placed furore ibe lamil) -nnl ihe duties until
blah twelve are discharged. The
aflei noons and evenings are ..;iven to
society wmk. of course ihis does
not apply lo all homes, bul there is
a general tendency in uegleei ibe
claims of ibe family for outside pleasure.        We hale lllel     some   women.
who. whin asked if they keep house,
blushing!) reply, "We do light house
keeping    because    we    dislike bnani-
Ii is ilk' person rather iban the
occupation thai adds dignity to
labor. There are those who can
In-aulify the mosl menial occupation
or service and  llierc arc others  who
i-.iu degrade the  si  honorable eui
The busy iiiiii and women of ibe
world are thev who buve attained In
greatness. Many such have endured
hardships and     practiced ri^id econ-
nmy to enable them to meet the demands of a Inrae family and Mie
greatest men this country has produced have hern nun who bave labor
oil wiih bands and brain, after acquiring a competency, remembering
the years that are gone, admit that
lheir working years were their bap
pies-t   years.
Honest poverty sli,-uld tie respected
and not scorned. It was in the
homes of the lowly thai we oftencst
find Chrisi when upon tbe earth, and
iu oiir dav il can he truthfully said
thai we moo! Him there ofletior than
Work is a moral and physlenj up*
lifter, it is a panacea for sorrow;
Idleness brings moral decay and furnishes an Incentive to crime. The
avalanche of crime thai is sweeping
over our beautiful land is largely duo
to the fact thai ton many would
rather sloat than wmk. The life of
duty, not the life of mere caso or
mere pleasure, is ibe kind of life
which makes the great mi-n ami
women. Tbe best prize that life oilers is the chance to wmk ,u wmk
worth doing.
Cbkw bnt Loixjb Nu. :;:;
Cranbrook. li. C.
Meets every Tuesdav at  a p.  m   .,*
New Fraternity Kail,
J. a. Arnold, Kits
(ieorge Thompson, AA
^ isiting   biethruii   eoidially  inuteti
io attend,
', t-unbruok  Lucil Ininn  iUl uf the L'niled
Drill lie rhuud ol Urpcrikrs and Joioeri
uf America,
Meetings every Thursday evening ai
I. O. (J. T. hall, ovei Palmare loo,.
i tore.
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
Fred Yuill, Edwaid Fi ■
Ree.-Scc. President '
^. I.0.II.I-. key Cily Lodgt
No. 42. Meets every
Monday night «ti
New Fraternity Halt. ' Soio'mi -
ing Oddfellows cordially Invited.
V. H. McKay, M. |),  Billings
N. O. Sec'y.   " '
"J McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
runs   T   McVITTlE, P. L. s.
I t i.Aim,aw, u  fc.
The provincial library in Uie Free
Reading Room, Walls block, is fnv
to all and contains one hundred volumes all liew, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, literal uie, description and travo!, fiction, juvenile
books, biography and history, by
some of the best authors of tbe day.
An)" resident of Cranhrook or vicinity is cul'ilhd io the loan ot these
books as long as such person compiles with lhe rules, having liisl
signed thc agreement, which will he
presented by the librarian. Below
arc a lew of the rules to he complied
Books must be handled with care
and leaves musl not Is- turned down
Two Volumes may Ih* drawn by each
reader and retained for two weeks.
Thc fine of live ooilts shall be paid
for each book kept over time, and
no books shall be len I to any one
to whom books or an unpaid line ol
lines arc charged.
A reader desiiing a book not at the
time in Mie case may have il reserved for him for forty-eight hours alter its return hy giving noliee to the
A reader returning a book, which
is noi reserved may renew ii fm
two weeks.
lu addition tn this library the room
is supplied with the leading newspapers from ihe Atlantic io the
Pacific, also magazines and peiiodi-
The room is nicely furnished and is
a comfortable place to spend your
spare moments, and is not run hv,
nor In the interest of any churcli,
party, or clit|uc. Everylwdy welcome. Remember tbe piace,' second
floor, Walls block, over Might on'a
tobacco store. Baker street.
Kaslo Koolenalan .'—We regret to
announce the demise of George M
Gordon, an ohl time resident of Kas
lo, who passed away at the Cranbrook hospii-al last week, Mr. Gordon left Kaslo about a COIIplu of
weeks ago to lake the position of
cook for the gang of men in tbe employ of the provincial government
under the super In tendency of road
inspector ,1. D. Moore, l pmi ar
rival at t'reslon Mr. Oordon wa
stricken with paralysis aud bis con
(lition grew so serious thai lu- was
removed to the general hospital at
Craubrook, where be lingered only a
tew days. His remains wore Intel
red at Cranbrook.
The salary list adopted hy Edmonton council is as follows: Mayor,
$1,200; Commissioner Kinnainl, IT,-
800, wi'ih 1500 additional as secte-
barv-'treasurer; Commissioner Har-
gmi\es, *2,00fl; Assessor, J1.200;
Collector, JfiO per mouth; Cily Engineer, ROM; PlumWng Inspector,
$50 jier month, Fire Chief, Slim a
month; Assistant Fire Chief, JTj n
month; Polio* Magistrate Cowan,
JfMMl; City Solicitor Beck, JUDO;
Electrician Ormsbv, J!>o per monlh;
Enji'ini'cr McNanghNii, of powe:
house, JlllO per month; Teleuhniie
Manage! SUntoti, $90 pcr muulh.
First-class Work by Experi-    *
enced   Hands. <.$■
The Cranbrook Hotel    |
Facial Massage ,1 Specially   %
T. E. SOUTH,   Prop'r. \
»■■•--•-•■•■.. .-•-.
-r.iitiru,,*. I „dxc. Nu. J,
A. fc ft «. M.
Itfgnlur meetings uu'
tin. ii.iij Thursday1
ul every uiouih.      I
Visiting bretnren welcomed,
S. II.  Iluaklns,' Sre'y •
M. A. linik*, IV. M
F.   0.   E.
Meat    In    I'alniote    Hall    pvi-ri
C. Itoss T.a(., «'. 1'.
A. H. Illauk, W. S-.-c'y.
\'isitiii(; brothers cui'tlially inuu-,1
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and i.s modernly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorlal art.
.,.,,.,,.,. i. ,. .,. ,,,
.-*•*•** , , ,4
Miiils every   seeoml    nml    loiirtli
llllllliluy  ill  I'lilliiiile's  II.ill.
Visltinf broihera always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
tlaiell Block Cranbrook. B C.
C. H. DUNBAR       \
Barrister^Solic to ,  Notary    -,
Public, tte.
-    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Oilic. at Residence, Armatrun).  Ave
Forenoons • - . . ,.30 to   11
Afternoon. • • . . 1.311 tu 8.30
Evening. 7.30 tu 8.3.
CRANBROOK ::    ::    ::    ::    B. C
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
• to 12 a.m.
I to I p.m.
7 to   I p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrung av.
• to 19 a.m,
1 to I p.m.
7 to (I » in.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People who want |ob wurk dunv
cannul adord to pay lor pour wurk
Tliat i. why It pays to get wurl
don. at lbe Herald office. Nu cum
plaint ts made uf ,tbe wurk tin in-,1 uui
her. (or the reason that It Is up tc
dale and tlie work of u, to datt
printer.. That make. . dlllerenr.
wltt ... tarilftd.al
If ynu require any hfreil* help, either male or lenialc, write to us. Our
oharges nre .eas^natfle. -
Employment,  , real   estate,   insurance and coinmissioii agents.
44-tl WntaSkiWlh, Allnrta
ALL IN Till" f'llNTII M'T.
Till*  .MililMH-Wllll  llllWi  I,nil   |ll
s,n grace ai Hie lohle, t...,'
Tin. Attgtl llriW—"Vcs, sii. luii lm
lliH'Ml't    Sill    i!    ilkl-   lull   ilu"*
Til.-   Mil,isl.-l-*.«li,ll   lllH-8  In- BU)'
Tin- A mel ri.il.l-* II,' siis il..»i, .,
looks around an' sins     -f, I |.,„
uliat ,i dinner."
Mary-Have im aoen   M..I..-1 *.
gawniint. ring''
lii's-sH*—Sim ir'     Ulu,  I  won*     il
all last siimoi.i.
Prest Photo Co
w"e Bj,- and S:li  on   Cj.Tiniijion
WAN TED:-Western Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
Notice is hereby given tliat one
month aflei ii.ii. an application iviJl
li.* made lo the Oovcnioi in Council
In Valentine Hyde Baker, James
Ityan, Charles li. McNab, Obarlea
Oeorge LytUeton .m.i Viscount Cob-
Iluu, umlei ilu* provisions ol Cliapiuc
lu, oi Hn, licvisisl Statutca ol Uan-
a,l.i, fm permission to construct
dams, booms and oilier improvements
f.u losing anil saw milling purposes
in ihc* Koolenay River in South Kasi
Kootenay, Hi Ivish Columbia.
Tiie plans ol llie imiks proposed to
l„* i *i,i,**,*i ami a description    ol
!!„• -r.* Iherenl as -.,..|iinisi by tlia
-.ii.i Am have been ,it-|iosili.|l Willi
Ilu- Iteglslral ol L.iii,i I'lU.-s at Nelson, li C, .ml null tin* .Minister ol
I'liiiln   Winks ai oit.uv.i, Ontario,
Ii.ii,-,l ,,i Cranbrook, B.C., this
Ii.iii Man-b, 1000.
u . . Uiini, solicltoi im Un* applicants. 52-61
Take nol/icc Uiat Hiiity daya alter
ilau* I Intend to apply to lm* Chief
Commissionei ,,f I.amls ami Works
at vlotoria lm a special license tu
cm aul carry away uiiiln-i from ull
Un* follow ii,g described lamls in East
Commencing nt a posl planted at
ilu* inlerscelion oi the western iniiiinl-
,ui ol Iol No. 3(103, gioup 1, with
Un'' northern limil ol ilie rtgbt-of-
ii.iv ,,f i;,I* It C. s. Railway, tliencu
south-westerh along said northern
boundary uf 'in- saiil rlglil-of-way
scveul) chains, more nr less, to the
u.ullt.-'iii liounil.iu uf lot 2805, grou|i
I; thence wesl  20 ihains, more     or
I,-.., in Hie  Ui-u'i-si cornor of lot
jsu". llience north mi chains, thenco
,*,,,i imi chains, thence south to Um
unrtliern bouiiilarj ol said lot No.
1003; thence m-si along said multi-
cm boundary to the north-west cur-
nij ol loi No 3(103, thonce souiii
along lhe ivesleiu lionnilaiy ill said
Iol io the place of beginning.
Win, Iliggins.
liaiiil ihis Hull daj ul March, A.
li, IHOU, U-Sl. THK   C.'ANBKOOK    IIKIt.M.t.
Hv   the 1 lei aid   rulili'l'i"* t'»ni|'aiiy.
.fc; /dL*mm
ami Manager.
Ii„  lleraW i*  » i U» a year. It
cosl   mil)  12       * ■-" "',  *s",',,h
I ., : Kootena, '*•"' aftonl iu be vvlHi-
,„,, I,   u„(| mmii.ne hvnig outside pi
I, :     ul...  is   il.lclcst.lt  III  ttni
,.!    Ill
ft IOI
*,- I.I read
,,]     II,  s    sn iiuii,     ->, ,.    >	
I:  publishes lln* news while II  «
li i- , led absolutely I,,
clique, parly  m
lis     lillllll II
Ihe people It's
a newspaper that
, lhe ei iimiltiilv.
ii|iu.li ami vou
I   allei wanl.
,1 pel  Inch, pel
;ni!.!i-liels.      N
individual  ilieliilcs
In  io please
,    lo pulillsl
1 ill   I,   ,,   il.-.lll
Suul   in   'om   subs
ml!  In*  lh.iiil.iul ev
\dvi rtisitlj! lilies
,        no iimi,* .m.i ii" less.
Heading mallei  !■''   cents I"''   Jj11*
,    ,|,,.,,,., m.   Ill  eenls  |„*l    line
i  uial  advertisers,
II ,„„ de ire to le.ieh lh.' pi-.iple nt
Siiiil'll   Easl   Ko.-lii'.iv  I""   sl   .'*'•
,*,       . lh.*  llclulil.
The   He "is  ■'   I"-'■''I;'*- ,  ";''
 .:   .,,,,1 ,1- work is nl   ihe   best.
■|m   llelillll   ,1  Il'l   ".ml   ih.inlv-      1
nam    .i   lunar,-     dm     Voin   |ub
m.i,       11 He .'.III i  sun   i.m in qiinl-
m  ,ii„l price, kick, an I   send    youi
*,,   .oni,-  l" t-..|i   .I'llili   house    in
il„, ,    i  ih.ii nevei spends n eerrl In
l.-ar v,l ofivndiug ail advetlisel "l I
Iwvause of the Fnn-Bfi »>t an advei-
tUw to sk,p his patronage. Ibat
papei has Ireeoine wmlliless and
Un- nian-ageineiii '..o degraded to
mu a paper. Vt mention Hns
now because we know n has occurred ofieu iu Maelewl, and we
are desirous ot starting with -i
la.it understanding aiili yuu «e
aie going i" ilo everything we can
io get youi advertisements hcime
ihe greatest possible numbei of
traders and l" make voin ill*,
hiii.'iiiiiii loi advertising vviih
ii. pay When vie have done lhat
ue have earned youi money and
>,„,-„ you Ihe value agreed Iol
zx Week
I'm--.- i.iiiniuiiil mibi-crip-
ij,ltl usl*- i,|ii-ii io invention*
tion hy -ulvurtlHeni hi any
llii* IItfruhl givesrdollar
in nihiu for ii iliilliu in money. Tho advertiser lias the
right to know wlmt he is
receiving for Iiiu money.
The llt-Kilil Ib one paper
tlml • units inveatitlgatlon.
X     The Herald will be found on
X sale nt lhe following places:
X Marysville, Marysville Drujt Store i ;
X Wardner, « Donahue'i Store
♦ ffloyle, S. K. Harvie'a Dru* Slore ] [
0 H!yau, K' P. Hinlay
1 l-Vniie, Purdy'a Book Slore
f filkii, Holbrook'a Book Slore
♦ Ranbrook, Beattie & Atchlwn'i j
X   :     and C. E. Reid A Co.'»
i:\sv TO i:\im.\in
Commenting on Ihr eleel
11 ,n William Teiiipleiiinn n
lurbi   ihc Week oi llml in> r.
'hie   Ui-ii    sloiwl fm    (.'om
.old Hghl
.-..i-n't' hopeless the
li i- therefore enti-
,.ii i,',-t,,ii' the present
,;|r\|.'l,    Of    UK'    Willi-
Juroi's a change, il"'
uivr to lin.l slroirger
innigei officers, and
,,n    v.iiifli    Ihey can
lot   11
Hi.- present
if intcresl
lllllg   IIH-ll.       At
iiinjorily :>f III:1
ray, which speaks
pasl  imi augurs ill
"liir   1ol.il   l.H'l,
pari "l   voun
U-i'lillL.    Ill
I     I'l
is Mirt-I) a vrilul I mih told
isly. itni where n fact is
ed in ji mosl blunt maimer.
In- sliileiiiciil  Ihal "ilie great-
iii,>   of   weakness   al   lln-    pre
mi- is tin' total lack of inter-
tin'    part   of     young men."
[a ivason foi this.    The young
in,-if of   ilir c itry   believe in pro
gross      Tliey   wanl  lo belong to   a
party iha' will go ahead, tliat looks
in '}\\e fuliiro anil is not  satisfied t
i. ij  ■   11,iim*. on tUc traditions ol
tin f| asl,       Tliat    is    why so manv
J,    ii   Mn-   Conservative meetings
*■..-.      The young men are    nol
■    -   nilli tin* history of the past.
Th. j   want  to maki- history for   the
(utiii.    ami in consequence Ihey   are
floi-l.ii..! i.i Mn* Liberal parly,    ll is
" in  \ leturln, mid if  is so in
ii.ut-s ul ilu- Dominion.
Many people who would throw dust
in the »yra t'1 •■> critical electorate,
sneer at tlie Kaifn island scandal,
and with a bold attempt at bluff,
say "Dab, ihere is nothing in it-
The Liberals are endeavoring to
make a mountain OUl of a inole hill
for political effect." Ami yel hero
ti au opinion of the leading paper in
tin- siaies on the I'acilic coast, the
ScaHle 1 "ost•Intelligencer, whicli has
no lu'lCTCst in either party iu Bl'ftiMi
Uctnrobhi, but views ihc whole Kaien
island scandal from ilu- vlow point
oi an unprejudiced outsider:
On 'be showing, thf public
lands iu Uri'tlsh Columbia an* *
handled in a IfCe and easy manner, which would tie prolific of
scandals if adopted in some portions ol tlicglobe. The gmnl to
a private ind vi.iual oj 10,000
acres of public lamls, eOllditioiicil
|.lial be COUld secure a railway
company lo select it as a Icrmiii-
um, seems a peculiar testimony
that the individual in question
was aching f-ir an outside speculator uud nol for tbe comnauj
Tire idea oi keeping such a Hans-
action ifii'lct for a year savors
strmfwhai of underhand melbods.
Charles V. Harris, the new editor
o| Hie Macleod Oaxebte, in bis Introduction to the public, comes out
plainly as lo whal will bo his atti-
1'iih- io his patrons, ami in do ng so,
I e hits the ninl right on the head in
tlte billowing:
Now ,i flnnl word to our adver-
tisim; patrons. We propose to
gjj-e you good value for your
iiionev and we hope to please you
and shall csltrm n a favor lo receive suggestions oi advice which
any of vou may dpslre to give us
in a frieudlj spirit, hul we do not
Jilopn:.e   In   he  dictated   to  1)V    atlf
advel User. None of you are go-
iiin lo run lliis pnper or dictate
Its |i .licy. We aie going to do
thai in onr own wav. regardless
of ibe Mir of losing the patroii-
nge nf any one. When the man-
airemrni of n paper will nol permit comment on mai tei fiom   the
Movie had a payroll cl $1,000 a
day last mont'li. No wonder that
town is enjoying au era of prosperity. And the time is coming when
that lown will haive a payroll twice
ibat large.
Tlw strike has endt-d at Winnipeg
and lhe street cars are iiiiiiiiiig on
st'lrtHlule time again. In tltose matters of street car strikes there is oiu*
ft-aiiire that is too o('K*n overlooked,
and that is tliwt Ibe street car company are operating on public streets
and own something lo the public
Then* is not a comftgiiy in any large
city In Canada operating slreet car
lines that is noi making hig dividends on wintered stock, as the value
ol the franchises given freely by the
cities constitute their most Impori
ant asset. Therefore when these
strikes occur il is the duly oi the
companies to adjust tbe difficulty an
soon as possible sc as not to inconvenience the public that inadi*
them a present of lhe ITalicbises. As
a rule Hit- men ale the ones blamed,
and too often it Is lhe compaii) ihal
-.Itoiikl be brought   to I hue.
l.otd Clrey, ibe governor general ot
Canada, is winning all kinds of
praise lut lbe sentimeuls he is expressing in his tout of the In led
Slates. There is a good reason foi
ibis.     Lord lire)   has  braius.
Iteputa'Moii i.s worth something to
the Individual and to ibe business
house. The Herald is profiting b>
l be good repti tat Um it. eilji») s i> ii
lirsi.-class priutin^;, for tbe reason
ihat when the people of this district
think of priirtiug they think ol llie
Herald. That reputation was noi
buill up in a day, nor witboiii tlu*
expenditure of a loi of money and a
strict adherence i,i the motto,
"please the customer," which has
'been religiously followed in tire Herald oflice ever since the oflice opened
for business.
The I.elbbrid^e Herald, under tbe
uia'iiaginienl of W. A. Buchanan, lias
in live months jumped lo Die front
as one of the very best weekly papers
in the province of Alberta, and is receiving praise from the entire press
of the wesl. In circulation il has
H-oiie ahead in a way that has surprised the proprietors, and in business ii has far more than the most
enthusiastic supporter had reason i
hope for in such a shori time. Las
wwk it appeared as a len pa*;e paper
with a-five column supplement, The
oflitv is one of ihv best equipped in
Alberta with type selling machine
and other up-to-date machinery lo enable it to do the besl kind of work.
I^'t'libridge. ti growing, and the
people will lind that the Herald, under tlw skillful and able guidance of
Mr. Buchanan, will more ihan keep
apace with that growth.
The Macleod Gazette has,improved
lo a remarkable degree since Mr.
Harris has taken bold of lhe paper.
It is now a publication of ideas, and
opinions. We still think that the
merchants of Macleod .should ar-
raTtge to have only one pafier in Ibat
Vancouver celebrated her twentieth birthday last Saturday witli a
royai pageaul. It was Ihe greatest
day thai the people of the town ever
saw and was simply a foit-i uniiei nf
what is l-o come to lhe largest and
bes*t lown in lliiiish Columbia.
Our stock is now replete with
and we .ire showing lhe newest creations, so eagerly sought
by the well dressed woman.
We have j-ist received a shipment from the old country ol
Newest Prints,
Sateens, Muslins,
Dress Goods, etc.
Ladies' Neckwear a specialty,
See our window for a most
beautiful assortment of the
Latest Collars,
Chemisettes, etc.
A fine line of Muslin Waists,
Embroidered Suit Ends, Suits,
etc., etc.
ia m
ffl i ,  m
ffl oo\           __Wk              ffl
I iy        ito.         ffl
8 ^2L *J&L       §
ffl oWmm$j&.2.ymfi*Wm\         ffl
* m-wv-mm   -*i  --rn. 1
B ' -mmmmmiA MM-rl'BMN            ffl
ffl VB        m. M         ■           ffl
S 1^1       m         \%
ffl mwm          TO          m            -a
£ WW VI        WW             a
U Bra H    1 111         ffl
ffl Wn   WM     H WW          ffl
ffl mm   mm     mm wm
Dress well! It costs no more
lo dress well providing you
|   20lk Century
It is the best, made by skilled
manufacturers. We have just
opened a large shipment of
this celebrated clothing in all
the newest and stylish patterns
for spring. Prices from $16
to $30.
For comlort, ease and elegance see our lates t
American Shoes
for spring.   Prices $4 50 to $6.
Our men's and boys'
Spring and
Summer Underwear
is being shown also. The
French and Lisle thread in colors is particularly fine.
We have the largest stock of carpets and linoleums west of Winnipeg.   -    Inspection invited
luui,*. Hi. Mill-mi Himllilate lui   the   Hm pi-nplr
li.iiim*   nf cotiiini ns.    .i Imt iiinjnnty.   to liaili'.
Tlinl i-wri-loii Mil,
sliili'      null   nun
It,   II    llriiin-ll  nm
reason lor coming  lie
p-lting a Hi He
Hie1 calibre    ul     Tlie   lime
ninVniliiys, anil   ,,in, „.||| |„,
Wlrere arc ilmse new N'elson ilaillcs
ili.ii nru* in spring min llii* wiili
tli.- lirst liri-.iili ni snmiiiei* w.uiiitli'
I.ii  in
Uie  ii
laill ,i ii
lln-   v. mils    11*0111
iii ulmii Iii*   ivaa
ing wlien i
Hie solid
M iuii.
nv lluliii
If  in\i*slu*,llil
llllll   Snulll   E.
i.isi sloie Iiiiii
I tl,-ll.ll
llllll 111,'
, lire nn
.il in*
I hint;     this
(,.,i,l     llii'il*
In, l,ni  lliey
Tlie   lllilisli    I'nlllllll
ui.  .maiiisi   Hie   i
J'l'lll*.       Tin*   |>l le   llll
tuxes licciinsc llie)  lm
uie   lleiiiiiiiillng   s, inellilns i"    miow
im  Hi.* in.iiii-i  llins i.iin'ii Iroiii ilieni
li; Uie giiveniineiit.    Smri prbnilsm
uill nn luiigei pi in litis ili.siiii-i   m
nil)   oilier.     Wn  lunl |il*olllises    Insi
v...'i-r ami excuses iiliunl  ilry bihiiiiiiI,*! »l*t*mt   '"'    with you
ele., lilll  Uns i.-.u  llr. On-ill   sliuillil
ileliyer  Hie giiinls.     An.l  in  ilelil'er-
Ing iiiem lie sliuillil Ii.'iii in iniiiil Hint
twii-lliit.ls nf ilu* ili.sitii'i are anxious
in sn* ii liiiilge aeiiiss the St. Marys
siiiuewlieic neai'    Hiiliii',.,   ami    Hiu
in.nl i,, Marysville tlius slim li-neil liy
ni   si\ mills.     Tlial satnc iiiiin-
iiei* wuiilil lie |ileaseil tn sec n mail
u,i ilu- si. Marys valley, illicit* uut-
.siilc cajliliil is unu ilel-eloiiiirg |,r..p-
etl) nml liuiui clitiiii nwiicls in Hint
lui-alily. ulu, have ex|ieiwle,l Iniiiil
nils ni iliillnrs nu ,ti.-ii |ii*ii|u*riy, are
M.iiiiiu iijilienll) ini iiieiiiis in get
in supplies si, thai ilu-v imii go
alieail Willi lhc work nf ilnvolo|iiiieiil.
11 is nm- iimi ilu- govermnent is
S|u.l,llllg si.inc S_,..llll mi s.h.irteiiiug
llu- iii.nl In Willi Horse, In »limli
nu one   has an)    iilijeellim,   nml llie
liys ul tliis ilisiiici.     Tliere an* ,,,,,  hl,   ...
ti'asoii-s fm* Hiis.     l-'iisi. ihc soil is, those nlm
rigtit, ami seeoml Hie nmrkel is vir- ilillons luu
tiially lisht at iiu* door.
The Hcial.l aililt il (|iiile a tilllliliel* ii|le vaiicii uf goods cnriicil hi
of new siilisciilicis iu ils list the t'mulirook merchants is nue feature
pasl week, Tlml is nul strange, ol ihis town Uml is surprising in
in ,„,*, i, is slmilge l*„a. ttnnr is ,^3 f SSS Si hal
man living in this town who is uol llt.||HK| tll ,,,.,1,,, Crnnbrook. Th.'
a subscriber of the Herald. | tuwn has been fortunate in Intving an
—— ! enterprlBing class of metchants wbo
Make     Cranbrook    beautiful     by   wcrc, ^Mr paUonslnW' ^'^ *'"
I   Waii-h Cranbrook grow.
The Cranbrook post otlice
more mail Iban any lowu of
in British Columbia.
Ni-vi     Sunday is Kaster.
thai   the devil    will  come oi
ti lenient.
Il is not too late Ior you to join
lhe UMI duh. Look over ihc list ami
see if vour name is  Ihere.
Keep on cleaning tbe  lown.
work cannot  l«' too well done.
Within live years Cranhrook will
be ilie most important railroad center iu the Kootenays,
improvement will be of grc-ai convenience to llniM' who have occasion
to     use Ihal    ro.nl lllll   the      St.
Marys Improvements are probably tin
day mori' needed ili.in nuj oilier iu
lhe whole district. Ael uai development wmk on valuable properties is
being delayed on aceotml of the fact
thai there is no transportation up
the valrey. And as to the bridge
across the St. Marys, Ihal improvement would be a dint'l In'liclil lo
hundreds ..f pi-.,pie.     And  ihose   are
"Hoost"  may  Im-  a   Vanlu
■but it is a good onc^ beenm
.     promises  lo    he  the banner
up to date of (he lumber    In-
' sl7,l'i dusiry.        Well,     it is   lime.       Kor
j years' ihe lumbermen  bave heen    in
slalllug maebiiicry, building siilislau-
tfieri Hal  mills, and _l'>in£ evirvthing    in
' lh.'it   power     lo    make   lbe     business
pt'tmancnt   ami  a success,  hut  as    ti
rule, owing to a combination ol circumstances, they have made little or
no  money.      Il   is  to  he hoped  tliat
llie  promises now  held  out   will     be
ftillillcd.   and   that   al   lasl   Hie     lum-
mermen will gel legitimate returns
for the money he has expended and
Ihe labor he has performed.
To-day Crmibrook is the undisputed center for banking, railway husi-
ness, lumbering, mining and residential purposes. Thai is a noiwl deal
to .Hiifitite in jusl  a few years.
land on Kaien island was conveyed io pay lo Messrs. Anderson and Ur-
tti lbe Gttfnd Trunk Paeilie al a sen forty thousand dollars in nddl-
eiisi lo the company nf one dollar an Hon to ihe len thousand dollars tlio
acre was ihe Mil) 'means hv which ^■••''iiiiu-m was to rceeivo foi the
tb,* dial cniiltl in* carried out, owing l,lll,l?
to the expctieiicc of lbe railway of- Why is ii thai Ihe drain! Trunk
finals wilh rasiern politicians. We I'acilic llailwav companv is willing
ask whtihcr the Chief Commissioner to pay Indians $7.50 an acre for,land
or lhe rremiei ever aiiempiisl to cont'igiiolis lo Kaien island, although
deal directly with ihe ollieials of tlm tbe government nneinlains that one
(irand Trunk I'acilic Uailvvay com- dollai an acre is a good puce lor
pany wilb reference lo the question land on tbe island, lbe point upon
of laml foi terminal purposes,' If which one of the large cities of lhe
neither tire Premier um the Chief Paeilie c-as-i will in a few years he
Commissioner attempted lo open   di- situated'?
reelI rommu.m-aiion with tbe ollieials Tliere are many oilier evtratudinaiv
ot ihe Grand 1 ruiik Pacific llailwav futures in connection with ihis in, v-
'!n|li\i;'.\    w,i ?;'. 1,y...l!.,!'.?!F    1. !.\ l'n,,il1'1'' d«il or scandal that will rc-
V1 '  '     "I™   nbteniitm   In due time,      But
-iiiiii has Ihvii disclosed tt) warrant
tion that an administration
o a*l sense of duly   to     lhe
shameltss in its cffronL. ry
Mr.   Morse and  his    company
averse Iti an opni, lionesl and dim-
review of the silualioii as it affcotnl the
the province and  the railway    com-j st» lo;
pany, and  were not  ready and   wil-! pulilic
hug lo distills and arrive at an ar   -ui^lleiing the nature of I	
raiiiiyment whieh woi.^l have beeij fions of which it bas been the sii'h-
pioli able alike to the company and jfrI| ffouW ,1(>t Hv- b|V„ |H!rmUle,
to the provlnro, and   which    would  ,n mililin   j . .   l
have avert,,!  all  Ihe notoriety which   ,^5?™, & ffi,',^    o?"L   a
is   ikely    o be more or less prejiidi- allrl-  l)u,  cxpofit|rcS ,,,,,,  ,,,,.,,, ,J
"■'   U.    the company s  interests   inuv niake    this    assertion   advise.lv
pi.iM.ic,. as a business hmtltll- with a full knovvhilge of ihe rcspo„:
| sihiliiy that   rests  upon   those     in
mpaiiy    not given   tti authority in submitting such mailers
■l" cmslitiienciey, for  final  judg
the people
lhe      gt»V(1
sides dvin
so eipiessive
Why should any iudivi lual ml
eil iu lbe lown' sit down and
othei nun no more Interested do all
the work lo push 'ahead the lown.'
If any man can answer that question ::atisfa:t.irilv we vvill give bim a
receipt for two wars subscript nm
to the Herald, iiul come to Ibink
of it, a man dead enough to answei
lhat question would noi read a live
paper like tbe Herald.
The new C.   P.   H.  holelat   Winnipeg
wHI >>•' called the Royal Alexandra
Thai is a long name tb sav to lln
eal.lv when a man is hungry, linil
or sleepy.
It    is   rl'Rhl    foi    tlm   people   lo   heli,
along athletics.       Thero is uotliiug
liittii for a town Ihan clean spoil.
What   is   llr
about   street
pretly dusty
eoiuicil going to tl,
■irinkliti.-c'.' It vvas
ist   week.
lo     see
•llIltlK  he-
work I
The   Province and   the World,    of     'I'l"1    r''lll!l
Viuueouver,   are now    iu Un-    ileatb, ^houbl  never  resl    itnlll
struggle negtiiueiit over the questionUheni   bas made   Hu-     nn
of respective circulation. I I'hai  will shorten lln- row
The     people of   Northern Alberta   Si.  Marys valley,        The
were   coerced   into'givrug   Dr. Mo-i bring trailo lo this town
0 Marvs-
1 up  the
The vast .armies of strangers p. ur-
inn into  Atlieria  and  Sasioatehewnii \
will prove to Im' a great  thing    for     Victoria Times:—The friends of the
British Columbia, j McBride governmenl persist iu calling
                            | attention to   the Kaien island   case.
The Dominion government shou.d although it would appear -tbe part of
not overlook the manv advantages discretion for ihem lo let Ihe matter
ol litis pir.vfiiee when ihey send out drop until tbey are forced hy addi-
l-heir advertising matter. Tiie tional revela'tlons and exposures to
prairie provinces bave been tc<-iIin-j;: iake cognizance of It,
the besl of it iu this respect in the 'We have asked sonic -ques!inns
past, and it is time for a change, j which bave not been, antl cannot be,
—— | answered.     We repeal  them, not    in
The growth of tbe federal business the hope that satisfactory replies
in Craubrook has beep sullicient toi will be given or attempted, but
warrani lbe appropriation of a sum. simply lo dirccl attention anew to
sufficient to buiid a government one of the most scandalous transae-
bnilding in this town. . This is an (ions of which there is any record in
linporlant matter anil slmiild not be thc bis'tmy of Canadian affairs,
overlooked by  the people. j    The government,   through  its organ
Were tl,
understand    that*   Messrs.    Anderson  to  th>
and   l.arsen     were   tlie     accredited meul
agents af the provincial government,!
empowered to enter into negotiations
with   lbe  (irand  Trunk   Pae lie   Hail-
way company  for  tbe purpose ol securing Hie terminus   of the new line
at  Kaieii  island'/
Dave   KIUmi,
Cauls-Inn   Shu
,, .    , ... I   Old  Man     Simpson" ,,.  the    '
Messrs.  Anderson and Larsen being! brood   I lei   "'
admittedly lhe agents of the govcrn-
iitl  recently arose lo    re
meul,    why  were  tliey  appointed    as   i|,e'\-djtor oV't'l.,.   'ca'hlsi'im 'Vi'ii'"'
::::;:,ss' a &£u&! ajaa: i^AiJAA-:
location   of   ihc    tor mis  ot     be ,,,,■.,.,  lhii ,..,. _ tinl ,, .      ,v  ,
.l,„,„I.T„„,k   I'aeui,*     lailway     n. nZAlAlilA'AiAlliJlAiJ
K«'»a«l7 Tlte elreumleltiiec ol "Tlie 0W Man-
Were Messrs.   .mleisiiii ami   I.uracil more Hi.ni   "nil scls" mn nlonnaleil
uieu of    slii-h  slamliiiK ami cliaiaclcl* alliliul,. wliilc     his*    wvlglll   lilci'allv
in  lllrli.sh  t'uluiuiliia.  men  nlm i Ill anil  uHieiwise sljll   kivps  lis  scvciii
he ilc|u*i|.ilisl upon  tu illaetorgo    ihc iiiclrea aliuvc Iiii  the acnlo mill 'is
lilgli ..llu-.. nl iilciiipuicniiaiics     ex lm  il,,- u,uv, Hint's where wc   Imvo
liaimllliniy  fm   llu*  people  ullh     an lu pi  t|„. |„aK,-ss lor in* lunc lum
liinii's't anil cniiseicniiuiis rcgitnl    Iui skiimmi i,. um,. miles ami seventeen
Hie    public     liR-lils—giiillc ii     wliu liuniliisl awl lilli nine val.ls     II ever
wuiilil     iiiil.lv     anil     ilisinlcicslcillv llie laics w ill permit us In iiicsi-ul   m
ilniisl asiih* any opportunities whicli ixiiihiltlo,   lirl-giil, lii-.m   newsy     a'l-
ppeariil    In    piesenl   II selves     uf   ll.iclue shivl    lis lhe iuc   pali.'l   mil
lurniiig   lheir    imilaio    poitlllon     ul each wwk liy Simpson it   Cran-
privale aihaiila'Kc-lhal   lhc)    sliuillil  lirmik,  ivc stall lie siiHsll.il      T c
In"' I n cnlinsicil  wilh powers In- is m, Ik-Hoi* w.-ckli  iu ihc n , „
vnllnlily  anil  properly  v.sleil  u> guv-  o,  Cuinnla   than   Hie I'lanhluuk   llct-
eiiinu-nls*'     Why    were Messrs,     An-i nlil, II. ('.     ll slmulil l«. "A   II •• f,„
ilersou awl lairsen, above all the re- Its sliicili  up i„-<liiie ami (Iocs mil
pulalile   men nl    allaiis   in    lliiiish  bnlong In a funnel* general loll
I'liluinliia, ami mil nl il, seleclnl mill
sel   apall   upon a pi'llllnclc ul rcspuii- ~  , ,
itiiiily us  Hie lltiilils uf Hie govern-
siainl up lor Oranbrook.
Ives, iii  the Kaien isiaml laml Iran:
linn, luiw ean Hie fuel la' accounted fur Hint  an  instiumeiil   was   e.v-
in Mils "cilv, claims Hiariiie  im-ihuii|eiiiieil iiinlci* wliii-h Hie Oranil Trunk
liy which  lhc len  thousand acres ol I'acilic  Hallway    eoinpauy coiisentnl
ninit in this iinpurlanl mailer'.' This
is nm' pnint Hul Ihis never be...
passeil over in ministerial cxenscs fm*     (,i"'   Rolkl   brick iip-tnilate hole
tire  pei'llliarilies  nf   the   Kaieii   Island   Iniliislieil      lllliillgbnul;     lining     ,in, ,\
ileal. I business;  price right;  lentis ease.
Ami,  il  il   is    a  (act   llial   Messrs. | 	
Aiitlerauii awl I.iiisiii were acting lor    line hotel business lining fij.s.| ,.|llss
the giivcriinielrl*,   anil   nul   tin*  tbelu-   business;  nn   llayslalwl lilalich  I'.    I'.
For fiirHier partictilals applv  lu
Hex inn,   l-atenaiHle Block,
Wctaskiwiti,  Alberta. Illi:    I  I! AN IdlOt IK     IH.liAI.ll
Would you like to get i good suit ol clothes ior your boy and to buy
it lor less than it is worth? II you would HERPS YOUR GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY.
30 Boys' Blouse Suits.;:, Half Price
jjrL i 'JLZ Youth's and Boys 2 and 3 piece
y*V > A^J 1-3 off the regular price.
suits at
linker Street
Cranbrook, B. C.
ine Hun  bed sale   close
nulii.    C. i'  S
li.-t vour clothes cleaned at Cran
brook live Wuiks.     I p-to-date woi,.
A full line ul minks ami Valtsea a
Ma* Kink M.-icaiitile company, Limil
The very best grades of offee will deteriorate if kept
any length of time. We buy only in quantities to last
one month, so when you buy our Mocha and Java
blends you get a coffee with all its goodness and flavor.
King Edward Blend, per Ib. 50c, Chase & Sanborn's 50c
per lb., Braid's Bestt 50c per pound.        *4>       j*       j*
4 Fancy and Staple Groceries, Crockery, Boots and Shoes .
for Vour Animal friends
SS] we have -a complete assortment of
^fe^  Btaudard rBmndloa,    They   need
.';-j oc.ei.^ medicine uh uiiieli as a   human
-fC-wk^-t*.  i ''"'"S'    ^m' ',a'nU iiualile to pro-
I-:------W-- '    lust they are entitle,! to the Ite-t.
Our Condition Powders
will make your stock livelier und
hatter. Thay will uuremiy simple
trouble ami save you Un- espeiiHe
nf a veterinary,    liy tl i  this
Benson mnl see how effective Ihey
C. E REID & Co.
Druggists       phone 74       Stationers
Born—To Mr. and Mrs II. k. ik
land   Wednesday, April il.  190«,    a
Km Ileirt—Comfortable furnished
'bedroom; elecirlc icH.t Mr-- Mar-
. shall,  Hanson avenue. '-i
(..miens ami lawns laid and kept in
oi,lei        Addiv-s    I1    Ha)ward   or
j h\i\t bis .ii   A   C   Smith's slot
j    .1 li'
Imiul.'!' I'.iik,-!', 1 kkrepci t"i   ll
* Nmth    S'.ii     Lumbei   companv,    .
I Rlko,  ft,h   in  lown   VtstettlaV   . ||  tm
I ine-.s [oi il.e ci mpany.
Robert   Uood,   whu hod  lhe    mi
fortune to nei a |>icce ol sleel in bis
eve wtole working al the ttltops lat>t
week, bas Rone lo Calgary Ioi treal
There in considerable building Roiii>
oi, ,,i Maivsviile these days Mid these
ti every reason lo look loi a vet)
prosperous summei in thai town this
The most modern room in tin- moil
■ tn 1 >e is oaulpped with   "STAND
\ liu     porcelain,     i ttamehd    baths
and   UvattMifs.      loi   sale   b>   DAT'
Mom: DltOS.
Prices cut ii. two
ai  Kiiieb A.  t'o's.
un canned good
Sec that new plane, at cost, I'. I'.
T. M Roliei-ls weiil lo Preston today.
(I. II TIioiiiiisi.ii has returned Irom
llie coasl.
Miss Clal a Nrllar, nl Marysville,
is  visiting  ill  town  ti-ilay.
Mr, ninl Mrs. E. .1. I'aim, nf Fori
Steele, were iu town last Monday.
Km* Male—Six roomed cut lane. Will
sacrifice lor cash.    Sec Harris Hros,
A full line of trunks anil valises al
tin* Kink Merciful ile company, Limited.
Our "HOBBY" is Hieh Class Sheet
Metal anil Blower Work.—PAT.MORE
.lolm Ityan, lhc piipulai hotel
kee|ier ul W.irilucr, was in town
.1. A. Harvey returned Irom tin*
coast where lie lias heen tin lfit.il
This is nnl leap vear l.lll husiness
keeps un leaping iill the same ul
•The Palm."
Foi   Rnil—Sklilon'a    I'm*    11 ml
house, u.u iin, aiul slalili*. tppli Ii.
It. liOiin.liury. 2-31'
Next Siimlav is Plaster ami cvery-
ImiiI) will heal ohiireh lo sc iin-
new lulls ami dresses.
Mr. Firth, nl the Flrtli-Entcn rom
pany, sang nt 'lie Presliytcrinn
ehurcll lasl Sinnla) cv, iiiiiit
Vi II. Hum. ui t'ak.ui. inaiiatci
fm Alln-iia lur Uie Mnssey-lliirris
i*iiin|i.iiii. was in town  ilns week,
Hi llaiiic. ,,i Movie, .miii,. nn
lasi  Sitml.n   will  Mis.  Ilarvie, who
was   Ink™   In   the hospital   Inl   a   leu
.1. Siuiih, nf the Mniic Leader
In inwn Mondav riistilug busl-
nnd slinking IbiimIs will, lus pat*
llle  .Ullllul
iiiiv had   in
........ ..... ,i'. ................ .
Hotel <& &
iinoic Comfort t Specially
timid StahlinK in Connection
Nemt-.it to lallioHil ami depot,     IIm* RCcnmmodll-
HoiiH fm  tbe public uueuuallod tn Craubrook.
Hul nml Cnhl Unit.-*
hoggarth & Rollins
 Proprietor h
 *    *   *   i   *********   4    ***************-   4   *   *   *   *   *
|    .*    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    -.*    \
» Otto V. Hough, Proprietor -\
; ELKO, ft C. |
* \,v\!v   furnished  throughout.    Most  nf dining room service   *
nml , I,,.l,ilil.  r ,s.     When ill Elko, call nml sue us.       §
• «•
*...,,, r.^^-i,^*^-i,,^-isj-,,i,4sJs*Hi'*^»*i*WT*i#«-4>^$'*l^^<^^^l'
>♦♦:«»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
In  all   .--ivies ami  colors
♦ To match iill colors of
▼ buildings made on short
i notice al    Spokane or   Cal-
X Tai'polllis    and   blaiikef   cov-
O ers made to order.
♦ Save duly and freight
♦ by ordering from
X A. Grenier, Cranbrook.
Tbe last degree of compnrl-
s n refers lo my pure bred
white Plymouth rocks, Come
and see them and _rct full
particulars. Kuks tor liatch-
15 Ior $2.01).
Anxious empiiicr—Yes.
of tlul classic term,
Long Drawn om,"   proli
miml  -'Tlie  Palm."
Frank Clapp l.t'i v.si.-id.iv tor
Victoria where he vvill arrange for a
ievi,|.'iiM nml ili.ii will take liis fnm-
ll\ ilieie toi iiiv summer
Km  Sale-Two Moves .1- good    ns
new,     -me   U-.ilei    .ui-1     one      a   ClHlk
stove      Must  he sold ai  out      Ap-
plj  al  li- me 01 C   h.   Manslleld
V   w    Kessnll, wbo Ima been livittg
.ti     Ual'slum:     im       lite   j>a*.t      lew
monilc-. It.ts nioved 10 i-nwn ami will
probabl j  engage in business in    tin--
eitv .
I II t'.i\ wh,. succeeded 0 11
Ueckei as traveling [rclglri .o^ent foi
Hie C   iv K   in this district, iv    In
town   lo-dav    getting   acquainted   and
looking  after  biisiticss.
M.ive    vmi    seen    ilia!    new     little
watei motot that does all oi the
ringing of ibe telenlionc bells .11 ihe
central station. It is ,_ dnndj .md
mos*t  Interesting to It.vestlgate.
Tlw Oihl Kclliiws of Cranbrook and
vicinity should lienr iu miml that
I'lie auiiivi'isaiv services ibis yeai
will be held on     tbe evening of' the
22ml     al    lbe       Dieshvleli.tn    eblirch,
Kev   Poi 1 une oniciatlug,
We believe llml om wa.) lo sinress
in made in  making each  transaction
wilh us sii salislatloiv llial vou become out  linn*, friend. '   To lliis   end
we handle Hn* "SIASIIIM;" Iiu
nace.—PATMOUR liltos
l)o you waul a plain ' We will
sell vmi a brand new one at cosl
Thai mentis thai vou save the bin
Commission, The piano is the New
comb, and none are belter. Call in
and ste It, Uememlit-i. ncltinl cosl
C  (*   s
I wilt do anv Kin.I of cnrpclitel
jirti wmk, Hiieh as laying shlewnlks,
putt'lng in n'lass,    plumbing, digging
ditches   ami      laying   pipe,   ol      mosl
anv tiring vmi bave in do        See mc
or'    -leave unlets*    at      Dele's barbel
sb. p     h\ A. Johnson. d if
Work on ihe new buildings ol the
Itakct Luiiiber 11 mp.iny at 01 near
KlKtuoiith, will be Inaugurated the
liisl <d the week, and ptish.d forward
as ra'iidly as possible lo completion.
This mill when completed will Iw one
of the largest  in  ihc interior.
The Herald is under obligations to
the tne tubers of the Winnipeg delegation for tbe telograms ami letlers
sent tti tliis paper a.s t< what Ith'
de*!oi»ai h it was doing. Tlie lie laid
wauled to be kepi posted antl it was
in a most  sal-isfactorv  manner.
George IHllkT is 'able 10 walk
alMuti a-iid was greeted with pleasure
by a bosi of bis Iriends who were
gla-d lo see him on the high road to
recovery. Mr. Hillier lost thiriy-
iwo pounds while he was sick, bul is
getting hack flesh at the rate ol one
pound n day.
The Ragles will In-Id n social session ut Iheir hall this evening. One
of the at tractions vvill Im* a chiitn-
pionship game of checkers between
Frank Dlcltonson and Tom Cole.
Then' is n great den! of interest
manifested iu tho outcome of the
games anil several wagers have been
Rvorybortj is- clean in a up these
davs 11 is well. Spring is upon
us ami the neater ihe stnets and ihi
vaids   ibe more    beautiful will    u
Frank Dirosler, of .luffray, was iu
town lasi Friday.     Mi. Derosler
now  able to   pet  around by  limpin
having    teeoveiisl    tlmt far (rom   his
broken leg.
Lasl Saturday those who were out
had reason io think I Imt they were
111 Muelend oi Letbbri.lne. The wili.t
was blowing a gale and tbe dust lilted the aii in ureal clouds,
Don McKay came over from Will
lloise road last F.' dav uriugMig Mi
F, 0. Gamble, the governmeul engineer, with bim. Mr. McKay was
looking for men lo go lo work,
Wanted—Pound keeper Ior City 01
riairlimok. for particulais applv to
C, II. I'resi, City Clerk. I-u'
Otto Hough, of ihe Columbia hotel
al Elko, was in town last Friday
on businuss, Mr. Hough is enthusiastic over tire prospects of Klko this
summer ami thinks lb *t there vvill be
many visitors ihere this season.
N. C. McKinslry, of Mary-Mil'!,
was in lown Saturday, Mr. MeKia-
stry is arranging '" build a scow on
St. Marys lake to lacilltate the
iraiisporWitiou of .supplies for the
mint's in thai section of tire cotiu*
1 ry.
Captain Doiupelly returned Irom
Pnrtlaml lasl Tuesday, where he bus
spent ibe wiii-ler, as is his cllstoflt,
Mr. Doiupelly will look alter his
mining interests in Uie St. Marys
vallej and expects to remain in this
--eeiion all summer.
Alev. l.mas. provincial assessor for
ihe Kootenays, was in town tin- othei dav on his annual tour of inspection. ' Tin* work of a^sessiu^ lbs
disiriet is in tbe hands of Deputy As-
ii'ss.ii Nelson, whose work siauds
.viih     lhe  besl   done      in   lhe     whole
pro. iiice.
II. Sleeves, tbe hold magnate ol
Allieria, was in town ilm other day
disposing ni a hunch of brick thai be
imd in this town. Mr. Si.wcs at
one iiuie he'd a position in this invvn
as illsnateher, Ihii be quit railroading
.md wenl to making money and has
been doinn well ever since.
For Sale—Settings ol i-A'gs Irom
thoroughbred White Plymouth Hocks
.md Single Comb Leghorns, yi.tiil
pet 11. .). K. Cnthcart, Cranhrook,
ll, C.
William West, who has been at the
Norlh sun min.' for lbe past winter,
tame down Friday Ior a few days
visit at his blunt*. .Mr. Wesl is an
old time prospector, ami as soon as
he snow is oh sullicienilv to permit
work, be vvill hit for the bills, as
Ihere is a section of country that Iw
is anxious to prospect this season,
Claude Mansflcd has been promoted
to the position of chiel despaicher at
Caloiiv to succeed Mr. Chudlei&h,
■.vho has been made assistant super-
iiiiendent ai ihal point. Mr. Mans-
iicld tanks as nne r.-f the lies! des-
imirhers on the road and the promotion was a deserved cue. .1. McDonald, who 1ms been station operator, lakes a trick in the Crnnbrook
Tbe Herald .would like to see the
ordinance in regard to iielng horsos
enforced. Sonic day there will be a
woman with a baby carriage caught
and perhaps some one killed, and then
when it is too late the people will
wake up to the danger that they are
tunning, And iu tliis connection it
mighl be a K""11 thing lo slop the
reckless riding of horses through ihe
main streets, If ii is 1101 slopped
some one will be injured in that
Three dozen Plymouth Hock ehick-
His lor sale, $15.00 dozen. Apply lo
Samuel McLean, Mayook, IJ. C  1-lt*
Fred lln/cn, wbo has been working
all winler lor Mr. Leaviek on the
Mysteiv claim iu ihc St. Marys
valley, came down last Saturday lo
look after lhe shipment oMll'boiH two
tons of supplies, including a bait ton
of    powder. Mr.     Ha/en    biougbt
down wiib bim a growth of whiskers
1 Imt made bim look like Ibe wild
man of the woods. Speaking of lhe
St. Marvs country Mr. Ila/cu said
thai everything was looking very
promising indeed and thai tbe early
prophesiis til tin- mineral resources
of dial valley would very soon Iw
McC-latv FAMOUS Slows, Uanges,
Furnaces and Bnamelcd Wares at
Eugene Uolwrer, one ol the new
partners of tbe re-organ tied linn ol
the Fink Mercantile company, is the
kind of mail lbe Herald likes to see
come in Cranbrook. Although he
has lieen a resident of ihe town only
two or three weeks, already he is a
niemlwr nf the Hoard of Trade, a
member of tbe IM elub, and is rnp-
idlv a«pmint'ing himself with the
conditions of bolh town ami territory tributary to Cranbrook. Mr
Dobcrer has faith in Ibis districl, he
has; confidence in ihe permanency of
tlie present institutions ami knows
from experieme ol the past that any
section of country llmt has the un-
deve!o|wd resources 10 he loiind in
South Basl Kootenay is bound to
enjov eoTi'timied prosperity. Cranbrook has room for such men. They
are a benefit to the community. Tbey
es|Miiise the gtt ahead policy, and are
■never found grum-Jiline and looking on
the dark side of the world.
If we succeed iu pleasing vou, vou
wilj In* pleased wnh us, and you wit
Im- oui friend as we an- yours. Tht:
"KOOTENAY" range will help us
t.i sustain these friendly relations.—
I. B VanDecar, of ibe Royal
hotel, scorns tti be pos-ves-.,-,! v.ith the
idea ibat pto^ress means Improvement, and it vtill In- gtiieratly e n-
ceded 'hat he is tub; Uurlng th.
[Mt wtvk he has biTn refitting some
of his idioms .unl now has several in
his la»p hotel thai Ste not surpas-
Bed wiih the richness ot their fur
mshihtfs hv any h t.i iu tha inlerioi
■ d Hi'iti^h Coii.mbi
Speaking ol   Ihai     Kasier dinner,
Would it nol be well (oi vou to step
init, D Hums ,v LVu marltel anl
loavi your order, Tins eompauy bus
made s|Kt-iai preparations lot yon
this ytvr and you ian gol trout,
lamb. veal, salmon, halibut. wtutt
fish, smoked nsb, chickens oi lui
keys, ami wlia-1 is more you wll! lint
tlmt anything ihai vou imv ilwre i*.
fresh and cl ihc be.st quality.
The band is making ivomlerful pro
}ttcss aid iir.tt lus ivv,niv-iwo members, all enthusiastic and working
bard to make the organization a suc-
CCSS. H. II. Short, the leader, is
Joiii-^ all in liis |iovvei to build up
ibe band so ihal il vvill he in
ecllciM condition f^j- the summer
work. There is n 1 reason why
Cranhrook should nui have a first-
class band and one Umi would be a
credit to the town and ihc district.
Some jwoplc wonder why ibe jms-*
sengei trains air sclicdulcu to stop
at Tticbly, where hardly ever a man
■.svis oil or on, unless thoy arc goiiiji
to or from Klngsvllle, Ihren miles
east of Tochty, and yet do not stop
at Kimrsvilk',' where'tin rc is a big
iiiihisiry ami many men arc employed. A change in'tbe schedule would
prove a irreat convenience to a large
number of people wlm are paying Hie
C. p. 11, a great manv dollar's in lhe
course of a yeai.
Tlw city council did nil 111.-et lasi
evening as is the usual custom, owing to a lack i.f a quorum. Muyoi
Rogers was in Winnipeg, Alderman
ltv an was in Elkmouth, Alderman
(Ireer is in Edmonton. Alderman
Murphy was oul mi tht- rund and
Alderman Fink bad jusl returned
from a U ng tlrive to Wiuderiiieie and
rotum, A special meeting may be
luld before ihc next regular mwtlng.
as there is cnusi.lerahlc business of
Importance to be disposed of by the
For Salr-K^s foi   Imlcbing.  rosi
uid single comb blown Leghorns,
mse and (dingle comb black Mlwtrcas,
one tt, -lar per sHthig of ihnteen,
live dollars a IllllidfCd; also a few
sitings Itarred Ihwks (rin^leis) ti a
-.iitiii.,-.-A.  .lollille.
W. II. Wilson, t-bc jeweler, has sustained his reputation again this sea-
son by presenting uu Easier window
that 'is the subject of ilaiieriiu
praise on the purl of all wbo have
seem it. Tbe hack ground is a
beautiful piece of grill work through
which vines and (lowers arc entwined, while in ibe center is an immense
artificial Easier lily. Among the jewelry, gold and silverware there can
Iw stin Ibclii'tle chicks and bunnies,
combining to form a m -*i attractive
and pleasing display for Easier tide.
A car ful! of Indians arrived in
lown yesterday from Creston to
...lend services 'al Ibe .Mission as has
been their custom lor years. The
visitors were'greeted by a delegation
' Indians from the .Mission who
t;d in line and as the Creston
Indians stepped oil' fn 111 the slation
platform tbey passed in single file
in froni of ihe reception committee;
bucks and squaws, aud each nave one
shake of thc hand to each of tlu
members of the. committee in waiting, A large crowd i.f people stood
011 the stalitm platform and vvatchvd
lhe ceremony wilh intense interest,
•specially a number of people from
the east.
It is time loi t-he ) iiliee to give a
good lesson to some of lbe individuals who persist in making a public
nuisance of themselves on the street
very lime they uet a lew shots 01
booze under lheir vests. Now and
then there an- aeis I had are a |>osi-
live disgrace to the town and renders il most embarrassing for a
woman to pass by. A few arrests
would put the fear of justice iu the
hearts ol the guilty ones and a irerm
f decency in lheir befogged brains,
and serve as a warning to others so
inclined. It is fnrtiin.ile that tliere
are only a very few of ibis kind, and
M i.s for tbe benefit of those few
Ibat  this is written.
Why pay rent when you can buy a
large cottage ou Haker Hill with
lols -IS leet frontage, for $02.ri.ou
Two hundred and fifty dollars cash,
balance on lerms. Apply -I. S.
Arnold, Hox Dui!), Calgary.       52-H
E. .1. Peltier and little son, spent
several days iu the cily law! week
with friend's. Mr. Peltier was at
one lime encased in the wh desalt
liquor business in Crnnbrook and is
now in the same business iu Brandon, Man. Mr. Peltier was wreath
surprised to note the progress thai
Cranbrcok has made during the pas*t
three years. "When 1 left here,"
said Mr. Peltier, "I was m the
opinion that Cranbrouk was nearly
all in, but I find that I was badly
niisitiikeii. Craubrook has gone
abend faster than ihose who huvi
lived here right along can upprcc
iale. And 1 s-ee tlmt Ihe districl
lias gone ahead even faster, and thai
shows' ihat Cratibrcok is on a solid
baKis. I look 10 see it one ol tbe
laigest towns ,ff the interior of Hrii
isb Columbia."
Easier would imt he Easter it
these modern days without new bon
nets, new dresses, new suits and new
ties. Anil that reminds one of Untie display at Hill A Co.'s store.
Mr. Hill invHed a representative ol
the Herahl in the -other day and
simwod bim the latest from New
York and Montreal in the way of
gentlemen's' ties. There were
stocks, Aseots, -the oW reliable
Derby, string ties, in fact everythin'
that tlw varied fancy of man would
turn to for something artistic t'tn
shade ami form tor neckwear. The
shades Ibis year are a big improvement over those of lasi year. They
are nv>re delicate, more attractive
and more pleasing in every way to
tbe eye.     The solid colors are worn
' but the favorites seem to he those
delicate hues that are not glaring
in color but restful and satisfying to
the individual  fortunate enough     tn
I wear thein. It wtH do your heart good
to see them and at the same time
serve as a splendid education on the
theme as to the proper thing to wear
this season.
tuk LAi'itossi: n.i it
Last Muii.lay eroding an cutiiusiaa
I tic meeting was h.id at Vietiiwui-tl
: hull hy iliv lj.*rosM. I„.\. ... r,.,,,
■liiouk. Tin* meeting uas „ i.uj,
ui,,* ai,J the -Ainniug spirit ••.., .!
played frum suit tu ituisli. fclvcri
one |,i,-s.i,i agreed t-liul lina yt-ai
l'ialil.i.1,4. mtlsl luu* a ttiiiiuii,
team, aul il th,- ideas presenilil an
,-alrii.l nul, i|,.. Uvosscni cup mil
cine back t„ L-ranbrook ami Un
lli»Auiiti ,v it.,n„, ,-1,.,ti.-,,..,. *,„|,
mil iciii.uii 11, town.     is I'residciii
Ituiliiis wa, 11,.I   pu-suii   ,,i   il,,*. ,,|,,n
ing 1.1 ih. iiiii-iinj,   1;   |.;     ii,..,m,
lias call,,|  tn llu- i-liaii        L.u,.,    \|i
Rolllim calm- in ami |,i,-.nl,sl I,,   Th,
cl.isC   nf   thc   lillS-til,^.
nilin-is wore clceted as [ulluws
lion. Pres.-,l. II. Kins.
H..11   Vlee-Prcs.—fico. I lew-art h
l'i.*..i.l,iii-V. A. Itulliii.s
Kii si  \ ks..|'i,-s_.\   |„   Helieriiml
Swxxid Vlee-I'rea.—W. II   llill
S,-,.-Tli-.is._,l.   ,\.   Ainnl.l
I'aplall.-Hallcr MIHfl
M.iii.uncl—ll.   .1.   .VIcSiM in ■
Kiwutiic  t'omilllllCC—It.   1.    Ileal
tk'. li. Uolwrer, ff. T. Heal.
Pteylng   I' .uiiiiiiii*,—H    MiHei   .1
ll. Staple,,   ff,   ll,.  Ucek,   I'    \l    Cal
rntliel'S, .1. Hayes.
.'illiuil-e t'niiiiiiilt..*— ff, a llollina
v. l„ McDermot, .1. 1'. l-'uu. il ll
ilaiiah.ni, 1*. II,   Car millers    I      \
Alliul,l,   A.   Slianklali.l,   A    Al, "lllacl.
T. Sunk.
Mi-iiil,i-r.v!ii|i tickets II mi.
Tli,'      Imiueial      -tal. lin-iii      11.1-
|.li-s,-l,K-,l   hy    ,lames   Alunl.l.    seerc
tary-tleasuici ,,[ Uio.ellllt:
Suliacrlpt'lona c-illcetul (31-1.00
Krom nate receipts  .. nn nc
la-i'liliri.lrtc Ra>te receipts .        is	
Il.rin.1 ffaic receipts ... u_ ;*,
Cul. .siili.seiiiiti,,n            -   ". i*
Receipts it. in bull
Receipts Irom coticerl
Cash    lairroivt.i    li.'in   V.   A
Cash    i»irn.*u.l   h,nu  .1.   A
Am Id  	
•.Lm* auurl   shmilil s,-t tnwHKl   auj
I., s,. Ibiue
Iluu .1I...111  ihai baseball . lut,*.
k\|'|:mhti mis
A.  itipli y, associa-tluii  lis'
t  10.511
I'ni.l  In Fornlc oliiii (nr    ,«
.,!i .in
Itep. water pipe   un (.euiimts,
tlranbrook club to \i-ls,,u
l'i ."Hi
Kxpeuscs  club  (..,ill;   lu   la-lb-
111 "in
llcRlnn i-liih 	
1'ai.l Iii plavi-rs 	
leai'iic A* Atcblsun ...
I'i i,n
Held A I'n	
:, i ::,
'. I-I. Held A Cn	
i'liik Uros.    '
in HO
■:x|u-nses and supplies ai  ball
111 lla
Hit account   paid,  imn
8,iS nn
Sundry expenses  	
Cash in bank   ;	
A commltlec vv.is appolntcil ti
solicit tlie supporl of ihe people o
the lowu. ami tickets ordered printed fur memliersldp. Tlie price • t
the tickets this year have Jiccn n
tm-cd t-o II, aad every man in town
ih.uild buy i ne. There is nothinp
'bat keens up the name of a town
more than clean, lr-j.it male sporl
Vmi, a^ain, a whining lacrosse team
'bis year will give the people an op*
portuni'ty tti witnes.-. some wai m
•umes. The movers in ibis enter-
irise should re*>eive everv encouragement Irom the people. Tlve way it.
■i-acure result.-, is to co after ' ihe
thing rifibt. The. people of Cran-
:>r(Kik ean make ihe lacrosse club a
winner if ihey stay by lhe team
The manigement Is in good hands,
lho funds will he projierlv- looked
after, and victory is in sight. Cranbrook should have both cups at tlie
ml of the season.
Last ev.-uiiu .i special Ham from
Movie •l.ii.injii tl.wn lbe Imskel ball
l-aiit (nun thai town and ahout
t'jlhij   two   ItM.leiv      „„■„   ,lh,i   rt,,,,,,.,!
I'he same vvas culled i..i B.3U, hut
"«"<-; tu 'ii.- ii.mi being late thej
l| I noi l-i i started nil aflei nine
'''■'' li"1 gymnasium was crowded ! i ulimisl capucit' and when
ih- Moyie i rowd '-.mi,' in a little lau-
tl "was hatd tm lluui to imd a M*at.
A little aflei nine red i.. Westman
I'i-vv lbe whistle .md th,- name started on; wnh a rush ..[, ihe M0ylc
..ul nhiili uas rtpuhed l,v the efforts of il,,- hui-ks, i,iii on,'* <>f them
made .1 foul, ,m.l ,, [ree throw was
Jivci to Cranbrook ..nd tie Bech
louinl t*lte net, much '.i ihe dis^p-
I'OHlllUinl ol l,,e Moyie in .u-is
Vf'ei n/ine lasl plnj hig .-ti Ixrth
idde Ciairbruih wa- given niiothe:
ihriiu    in       . again    found the net,
"ll ll,.        .h., ute        ihai      took
d.iee i.VCI *:..,' ||,r       U.tovv
.vi.uld       ii.i.r     i.i,.-      1.1      believe
llial    he   Via-   --.Uii. IV111 le   in   Hit-   VieiL
". oi a prize lighi However, ite
game -, -1 larti ■> again and aftct
"•tne v> 1 v pn i: v passing on tlw
part '.' '11. Moyie ball i.-sseis ihey
fcuiid  it ;  ,1 few  minutes before
the whi-.il.   l.l. v\   1  1   hall   lime,  Which
m  the -eo.,- --.tu.t 2 io ■:     Ten
mitiiii.'v was atlownl for half lime
ami hu tin- 1,iti..■ n w.is a prettj
i'\ellitu Mi lliililllcs ,,s ii w.tsj/'i
sale l«.r  l.im   ',,  move.     Tlh-   whistle
w is .uaiu bi..wii und ihe game
started in i-armsi. The ball iust
Kept passing back and .orlh for a
while uu I il De lb 11 _-■' .■ oUl "l a
-1 rimmagi' ami scored 1 :.> (•i*eatei
!'..n oi the numlH'i pi.-sect were
certain thai this _....il wa- made ■ .. .1
•ml bul ,.w n,_ h, Uicn in-.-,.., : ..
■ •I live in the scrimmage it w.,- ■„...•. 1
Uf   tell       .Hid    It..'        lelt lie    M     tl    .;,,,
which 11ii.de Mi, so n stun I I Uj
-   in -favoi   ..i     CirtHrbrthtk. U, ll,
Mt.yh   in--   wei 1   ii ■,. 1; ..■..: rt!-e:  ,
li 1.. pieltj -:■'■ \\tl - [om, ; ..
net : it. 1 lii, •,.,. .^.uii -fi'ii'i .... j
in mat.e -I..- sitire evi:, Movie .,..,...
•li.it a .,,..■; vvhicb ■....- ihdi last
Cruitbrool. .■■; . 1,-■■;,.'! Inv throw
..nd made ii-.- n| 1: .ii.ii matle a
lew untune- utti i iK> i nh,.
i'u     the    win-'!.       ,u,.|   ib.-
■ *; I i ■" ti, tti favoi ..1 Crau-
"• I. Vftfi ■ re ■". :,.* ...■ di.*ss,d
id lhc ladies sel tlie tables, i|iv->
-11..is .wi -.it,-' m 1;.. Craubrook
ople sal  down  '.. .1  supper,  wlricb
Frank Paper:—The mfeiiror of lacrosse enthusiasts on Mondav evening
was well attended and resulted in definite plans being arranged-.for the
facing ol a team in the field this
■leason. Tbe business houses reprc-
sonted at the meeting, and many
others who bad been consulted before, were unanimous in their willingness to assist the. orzani/aiiuti in
n-ery pos-sible way. The town has
jevcral good situations open, which
will be offered to first-class lacrosse
players, and "want" advertlsemonti
will lie placed in several prominent
papers for at least one week, amona
which will he one iu lhe Winnipeg
Kree Press, and'tbe Toronto Mail
uid Empire.
A meeting ol the executive of the
Ortvn-Hrook Football Associalion was
held in the gymnasium on Monday
'veniii-r. when'several hhportn-nl matters were under discussion.
lt was announced that Mr. C, K,
Buck had seuerotisly offered to tlo-
nate Ftllver meilals to the runners up
for tire Beat-iie cup. This coupled
with the fael Mmt Mr. S. .1. Mij;h-
fon had already Intimated his Intention to donate gold initials to tin*
winners ought to he means of providing some very iifieres'tini; games
this season. It is expected thai
Fernie wil! come to Cranbi,ok -on
Good Friday to play a representative team i-f the. nssocMlon and a
comml'ttec vvus eimsen lo make necessary arrangements.
Frank  Paoer:—A  meeting <d 'bn
tot crested in foobbdll in' tlw Pass w
htdd  at   Michel  Saiuiday.   Murch  _
Delegates wore presenl   from  Fef'n
Coal  Creek,    Michel,  Coleman      and
Frank.     The above mentioned plac
are all lo lie in the league.   TIm- old
offiiers were reelected,     ('trail Creek
won the championship and holds lhe
medals Kir last vear.    Tin- illness, of
•lames Turnbull  was discussed    and
the towns of Fernie, Coal Creek ami
Michel propose holding a raffle for h
benefit.     The season opens May  'ith.
when  the     Michel  learn   meets     the
Frank boys on the laf-ter's grounds.
The first football name of the season will be played at the Athletic
grounds on Friday (to-morrow) between- Fejirie and Cranbrook. The
game will be a warm one Irom start
to finish ami will be called at 1.30
o'clock. Admission, f.fl eenls; school
boys, 10 cenls; ladies, free.
Next Monday ttie Cranbrook foot-
■baill team go to Murvsvtfle to plav
tlie team of tlmt town. The people
of Marysville are noted for their
hospitality and will give tho visitors
a splendid time.
The Athletic grounds should lie Axed up this Reawn and those interest-
ito' gymnasium, nml rl was tlie
munimous verdicl <•! ihe crowd tlia-t
'bis was 'he uiosl imiwrtant pari ol
Umi baskri lioll game Aflei the
suppei -I'.'.ti.es u,-ie made bv );,..
Westman, \i: Kainni, Mr. Acres
1'M.i. 1 Smvil ■ 1 llw Movie Leader',
Rev I1.'.,:' v \|, Me. liev Vance.
Kiwberlev Mi \Vormmgton Mr
Be Ik** \h Morton, ami Mi F.jote.
The ',„m- lim-d up as follows
>':.'( >.„,k — Hi, mil ton. whu, De
ti-'-. wnler; Marshall, wine .1
lb-ev 1     w   11   WHson, defence,
M-'M.-li \ Avl.-v. w. TUh.er
forward, .1 Wurminglou ceTiter D.
'.'-mi.   M. Kanun   defeuce
We nre
Selling our
mn* stock  ut reduced prici-:
1000 CANS
.if   I'riiiis.   Vegetables,  imd
Cri'nin. besides .lams l'i.*klf_, J
Ketchup, Ten ami Colfee.
CONreeTioNE. Proni132 '
There is no Smoke te tqnal
"Kurt z's Own'
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Union Madt Hi
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar
148 COBOOVA St. Wc.t
^ANCOUVER,     -    B.   C.   .
9 s
*     tlo everything in      5
fc      the cartage line
! Perry * Titz^rald
Telephone 63
o T
i farm for Sale
Situated on the Kootemiy
river, one mile from Mnyook,
containing 391 acres; 90 acres
bottom land; 50 ncres under )
cultivation; now 'i-rrjoin nnxl-
ern cottage, Also ;t."i head
of c.'itth' and five horses, with !
nil farm implements.
Kor particulars apply lo
Samuel McLean, Mayook, B. C !
<^X*^K^X">»*> »»»»»■»♦»% THR   CIIANIHtOOK.    tikltAi.O
p. -. <■
*% * . ) -,; i *. :?.a>S»-J33Ji«3*MM»M#»*M»^lSie*Wt«*M#
(From   the  Mojie  Leader.)
A grand Inaugural ball will be given bj   Ui.   in.-uiwis oi ihe .Moyie Alh-
li   -   ,.     ciutiou mi ihe evening    of
j ;..   Monday, April lttth, in Eagle
:, ll      Tickttts, iiii'iiiding suppci, will
.   M   iU        lbe following is lhe com-
uitcu .n clmrgu;    Geo, A, Clothier,
i'.   .1    llmiin-i,  .lolm Dal}',  .Mtintguiii-
eiv Howe and Georgo Trainer,    Thi.
will  he lln* first  ball atlci   U.c leulw
■■•A iun, and it should
pal tonagu ol evei yonc
iuu is doing uood "
l..in-    is  eon '
ouidoor sports
Tlw  ui- .■;.    dovie
breaking   up yeslerdn
practic.tll)  .ill gone
ll pciung of lhc ho;
ii, Itoutb lias Ins boal
.m.i n.i.h.ls gtiiHng se
...   ... I)  st»mu buill ol
i ,',   :    in.ii-.ui_; some
in he, btialhouso.
hill) *  Williamson
,.,   daj   it..m  U.e easl,
receive    the
The associa-
k, and   everv-
a businesslike
intention is to    have
wh.n tbe wealhei   will
„-   finished
id is    now
hi*,    muiks
season. I*.
.uiy foi use
eel.   lie ulsi
i umi
the   Hit
el   icim
he wcni
iiliou o
glvl   would alway
led  irom
^^ .MolltUMI
otilii have to he ic-
Hilly did not lake a
be went to a    Boston
advised him lo lOftVC
vas. Thai while th,
Ite impaired u
serious tumble,
^,'ias.s one.
ting  man
■ and llosslaiKl, was
ek while beating his
ni itain on the Greal
ivu     Hon tiers   Kerry,
my, .Monl. Milio.
iner part of tlie lime
ug sing
li     ,i
lli.-nm   inli
lln* iii-i-iiliilii
ii.   Hi.* ii,l.l
l'i lln.,.-.
I  i,n  hick  1
.llll   Inl   Il'l
ii   relll 1
\h   r.i
iiilciiils    n
■n.l, i-nlii
.ninl 1	
All   i*.l.
II   111'   IISI
jillii, etc
liuin I'
set    l.,,.|i
,i Hi.
,1   iia
Il-ll .1
lli   1
>i.. in 1
mi    .ml
lliis    Wl-i-k
I'llll   VIMIS.
il.,* Si   Ki
llu*   lew
alter  an
lie is
luelie   I,..;
e. 'ii'.
L ■ llill
Un* F.rni.
1  lm
■lenn, win. i
,* Sl.iiiilnrii
II    lullll   Sl'l
is now ii
oral ilnyi
11    llll'
1    Illi.-
Alms  1
Sl   l.l-li
ll  la s
i*i ,il l
r. i:
is,  tvtio siit'i-ci-ils     1).    11
operator in  llm 1'.  1'.  II
olllce, arrived From    tin
T. Martin. resWent rngi-
iliiuok, uill lie appointed
liiiii.niil L-ngineer at Ual-
The  Kims In
oli-l changed hands   on
new  proprietor     being
Simon Dragon, who is well known in
the    hole)  business   and will  receive
hi,-, share of Ihc trade.
I..    M   Proctor led  hist night   tor
Seattle via Uie (ireat Northern. Mr.
Proctor    will   visit    several   ol tbe
nd  also  Montreal   and
Yoik  befo
ret in ning lo    For-
V. ti. (iigot, late i
Hank ot Commerce
Vancouver Saturday
havdng been I runs ler
of Comment! branch
f Uie staff of the
at Nelson, lell
liiglll   for Atliu,
■m! to the liank
in lhe northern
The mines of the Crows Nest Pass
'oal company at Carbonado closed
irsl of Uie month, Mr. .1.
going down to pay lbe
nii'ii. li is understood that Ihe company i-, finding work Ior the men who
have been working at Carbonado al
Coal Creek and Michel.
II. II. Darelay, who has been in
charge of the commercial otlice of
ihe V. V. ll. telegraph since the officii was opened, Ims been transferred
to the Edmonton oflice and leaves for
lira*.northern cily in a few days. Mr.
Barclay by his strict attention to
business and obliging manner lias
won man; Iriends in Fernie who will
regret lo learn of his departure, hut
wrll be pleased Ihal he has received
well deserved promotion.
\li. I''i,tiik Sherman informs thc
l,edLrer that lhe union distributed
* I,mui worth of provisions among the
sinking miners at LotltbrMgC last j
week. Kach     man    receives   live j
pounds of meat weekly and if a mar
ii.-.l tn.iii au aildit.oiial live pounds and
iwo and (a half pounds foi each child
In addition to this oilier m-cessitie
aie distributed.
* Ki
'In ie
I-m* Press.)
;    i
,le, nl Victoria.
liei i
i ul
inibllc milks de
a* i
n   III
li cily yestcrda)
i  bll
I*' ,111
1 uilli his    ile
i linn
AC'toinpttiilctl   liy
nn .11
iel ii
t'cnilt-itl nt ronil
illstrlet.    Tliej
V 1
issey In in-spccl
icl-tlo   ii dis|ilitc
•1 wee.
I   II
ur nnil the    de
1-     1.:
,1 ter
claiming    Unit
ie ilu
1    ll.i
1   lie
ni llnisltctl,   Mr.
. at
1  lip
Mie river above
ie    F
company's  mill
i   view
e *rl
i fur    lhc    new
ihr dge. A preliminary survey for
this bridge will be made at once.
Mr.'Gamble also went into the subject nf road construction in lbe valley. It is understood that be is
f,ibor,i:bli- io a trunk line through the
Pass. It is estimated that tbe line
from frlko to Morrissey ean he built
[or SfiOf) a mile, making a total cost
of about $5,500, The road Irom Kernie to Michel vvill cost in the neighborhood of $12,ono. The best course
is said to be to follow the east side
of the Villi to the new bridge, thence
D'long the wesl side for a distance of
eitrht or ten miles, where the Klk is
again crossed, Ihence along the east
side to Michel
records being broken. The amount
ot coal for tbe month amounted io
sljild tons. The highest previous
lecord vvas made in January when
the total amounted to 70.303 tons,
so that it wHI tte seen thai March
leads in tbe history of tlie eoinpativ
by 4.U71I tons, The figures in March
hit each colliery were:
Coal Creek 43,701
Michel  89,607
Carbonado  7.SHH
leaves in a few days lo Opei
btuueh ol ibe bunk in a new .s
alehewan town D. A. Hall.
Diintv Albeit, will succeed lorn
Tolal    81,27.1
Tin* increase in March over January is about evenly divided between
tin- Michel and Coal Creek eollieric-v
The coke production in March while
not a record breaker is very sal s-
faetory, there being 25,151 tons,
1,700 pounds, manufactured during the
The Kootenay lilies had a pndiin
inary drill on Wodnesdav even imi
Tbey will hold regular drills Irom
now on every Wednesday evening.
Some good catches aie reported bv
local nimrods. .1. and G. Wilde the
otlier day were among the most successful. One caught a B-lb. trout
and the other's total catch of trout
weighed 25 pounds.
.Vt a meeting of the parishioners or
Christ Church held on Monday evening, a until mous call was extended
to Rev. Willis James, of Okotoks.
Jules Hurel's new hotel at Hosmer is about completed and will be
opened to-morrow. The hotel was
built by Mr. Sims, and it has been
rushed lo completion very fast. 11
fs a neat structure well adapted for
its r-ffuiremenls. Mr. Hurel expects
quite a heavy tourist trade as Hosmer is justly noted tor trout fisb-
D. If. Barclay, agent for the C. P.
R, Telegraph company, in this city
is being- transferred lo Kdimuiloii
Travelling Auditor Wright came in
Tuesday  to    make the   tr.itixfi
Mr. Barclay's removal from t
will lie generally regretted by u
those who have had business ileal in
wilh him. He is an expert operaln
ami, whal is more to the polnl, he i
most obliging and prompt In baud
ling messages. Mr. Barclay, dm in
liis yen's residence here has mad
many friends who will join in wisl
in him success, .Mrs. Itarclu
and child, who ate in Montreal, will
join him shortly in Kdmoiiion. Mr
Barclay's position is being taken bv
Miss Evans, who occupied a slmitHl
position at Brandon.
A new clutch for the rope haulage
system of No. 2 mine came by express on Tuesday morning. Thc passenger train was held a couple of
liours, whi.e ibe huge piece of ma
chinery vvas being unloaded. Tlw ex
press "charges fiom Ohio, where i
was shipped amounted to some bund
reds of dollars.
A meeting ol the re-organization o!
the Crows Nest Football league was
held at Michel on Saturday last.
Representatives were present from
the clubs at Coal Creek. Fernie,
Coleman, Frank and Michel.
The following officers were elected:
Hon. President—W. R. Ross, M.D.D
Patrons—G. G. S. Lindsey, K.t\,
H. N. Galer.
President—I).  West wood.
Vice-President—L. Atkinson.
See.-Treas.— T, Sawyers.
Committee — One representative
from each team in the league.
The making of new rules lor the
government of lhe league occupied
the attention of the delegates lur
some time, and fin-ally a set of rules
agreeable to all ihe detcgales .was
drawn up.
A schedule of the games lo be
played was drawn up, but this may
have to be altered to some extent
a.s since the meeting the Lundbreck
Athletic association have intimated
that they would like to enter a team
in the league.
The meeting wus harmonious and
enthusiastic and it looks as if this
season will prove the hest the Crows
Nest Footlwtl League has ever experienced.
Mr. L. Atkinson attended the meeting in tin' interests of the Ferine
lit   the
d March was a  banner
•ries of the Crow's
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
W. J. Thompson, ol the Herald
staff, spent a few days in Calgary
last week. He returned with his
wife and daughter.
The Enterprise Lumber companv
took over lite Adam's Lumber company business a*t the first of thc
month. They will also conduct business at their old yard for a couple
of months. E, Adams will lie in
charge -if lheir Lethhridge yards.
Thus will lie good news lo the pcopli
of this town, who would Ik; very
sorry to have Mr. Adams depart
from their midst.
.1. Dobbs. ot Cowtey, was in l.clh
bridge this week, He has purchased
lhe line hotel recently erected by J
S. Hull at Tabor, imi the south siih
of Hie C, P. Il, tracks, and expect,
to have it in operation hy lbe
'middle of the month. The hotel has
about twenty rooms, and will be furnished In tbe most modem style.
Mr. DoblM. is an up-to-date hotel man
and is very popular with the commercial men.
Rev. A. M. Gordon has returned
from Winnipeg, where he took part
In the organization ot the Alpine
Club. Mountain climbers from all
over Canada were present at the
meeting. The headquarters of the
club will he Winnipeg, but every year
the members will hold a summer
camp at some favorable location in
the great mountain ranges. This
year's camp will he held at Yoho.
The primary object of the elub was
to awaken interest among Canadians in regard to their great scenic
heritage, which was .not surpassed
hy the Alps. Mr. Oordon was elected a memlwr of the executve. The
president of the new club is Mr.
Wheeler, of Banff. ,
In another column tenders are ask-1
ed for the construction of a hank
■building for the Union Bank flit
Pincher Creek.
F. J. Turner, who has been accountant in the   local branch of   the
s .1. Mighton
spent Monday in I.
owns one ol lhe
in the Kootenays,
brook is an Vl I
business good ihei
It.   I.ethhllike      Ml
It. C,
ni   titi
el III
of   lln
he believed  I
be a see I  (
thought   well
savs he can see no reu
ii from being n big ci
Coaidale is not a
it is a new  town, .it  li
lhc rite ol a new   town
met  II   A   Su^iit, .
lllel' of lhe eon,p..
hoii-lii a loi of iiTlga-t
district,   and also   ov
site, whieh has iust be
\ Uile.   of  I'l
Mr. Million
iinest cigar scores
and thinks Cran-
wn lb- roportf
itn Ins wav
Muliion met a
of (liaml Folks
tt Inm be was go
al estate here, af
uke  was  gohtg   U
v        Mi. Mighl
•i Witmei   and  has bt-eti      visiting     the
si- members  ol his    church throughout
oi this disuiit.
I U. (V   Riley eauie down horn    the
and   b
i to prevent
some day.
; name, but
;  it   is to lie
The I lei .Ud
Nettie M- mine last week, owing to
a severe attack ol neinalnia lh*
reported thai thfi mine continued lo
tlcvclopc satisfactory and that tbe
snow was going rapidly. Mis
Washburn bad not lieen enjoying good
health but Un* children wen- well and
K l-'. Ranch returned fiom Golden
on Saturday ami stated that when
he l.fi there on Friday the railway
men weie getting everything in shape
i-i a
A. W   .Me
ini. in
sel 1 fi
at wotk alreadj
, vv hie).
I land ii
s     lire  tovvu-
i surveyed bv
vbiook' Mi.
thai alroadj
s td laml had been
hv Dakota men.
ears came m with
nnl mote ate on lhe
am plows will Boon
lite    soil,   Ivvti being
construction as fast as
siUlc.     lie saitl the contractors
Ills    were all   new    an.i   the fm
t.dd  Imn  that  be    would have |i
of men there ready to co lo    wmk
bv   Ihe   lime   the     camps   weie     Rol
ready for ihem     The wages paid Ihr
gtwlers    would   he  $2 25  a   day     und
board would cosl
Ihem   till  CCtttS
(Krom Tin
■ Krank Paper.
i:iin.i   (intiiini
,1,     the six-yi
itatgh'ter ol Mr,
and Mis. T. I>
. lioil-
da nl,   nf     m.i
illniile,     was
tilllti,-il    while |i
laying   arouml
ii   Im
Tuesday afternu
IV. J. 1 in..ii.
ni^hi operator
ai llle
station, bu Wednesday for Cranbrook. liis plate is being filled lom-
uorarily hv Operator Baldwin, of
The family of Eric Rosang, of
Coleman, was v su.-d with a particularly sad bereavement this week,
Mrs. Rosang was returning from a
visit In her I tiner home m Sweden
when her In fan! son was taken sin|-
denlv ill ami died near Mo.se Jaw.
Mrs.' Rosang reached Coleman Wednesday Draining wilb the dead child.
Lawrence Harris, mine manager for
lhc Coal company, left for Seattle
Tuesday, to bring back his family,
who will reside in the Jones cottage
recently vacated by llie Mark
Dnimitis. who have moved to their
Overseer Farmer has great Iv improved Un- appearance of the' lown
bv put ling down some badly needed
The slide road is to In* finished and
ready Ior use in ihe end of lbe week.
ti. W, Mucin tyre, iuspectoi for the
public works iiepurtiiieiit, arrived In
town this morning lo inspect ihe
road and went over it with CoiitCac-
lor Jewell.       It   is the expectation
ihc i
a I oi
nl will be formally iun.nl
Grace, who conduct-i
bai ber shop in Flunk for iwo
ami who n-eciiiiv disposed t
Business and went to Montana
lie supposed, take a comiiiissin
the L tilted Slates army, is in s
djlliruliics at  Fori   Assiuaboim
the  fael   seems   to   have   heen   In
ahoul  by circumstances  which
peculiar' to   say  lire     least.
i   hi:
time belore leaving Frank. Mr. Gl*
received notice luun the American
lh.it a cmiiiiiissioti
ni was at his dis-
e cam! for it and
.iiiiiii.id, ii. lie had
s in the army and
sl on military mat-
accepted. He lelt
Fori Assitiaboine
wrote Mrs. Grace
veil his commission,
.vera! IcMers have
been received hen- inquiring as to his
character ami <.uc stales thai he ti
under arrest al Fori Assinabolne as
a deserter. Mr. Graces' friends are
al a loss to understand the case, hut
il is the general supposition ihat he
must bave deserted from the army
when he lefl llu- service and thai the
offer of a commission was a con-
tciiipl'i'ble trick tu gel him within the
Jurisdiction of the American military
of second lleulcm
posal provided b
could pass ihc ex.
served some year
being an enih'iisia
ters, iiiiiiieilialelv
a monlh ago Ior
and a week ago
(bat be bad rccel
But  Ihis  week  si
(From the Blairmore Times.)
On Thursday evening a well attended meeting of ratepayers vvas held in
lhe school house to discuss the advisability of building a large brick
school house to cost from (5,000 to
$0,000, After much discussion it
vvas voted to bold an election at an
early date ami have the matter settled by Hie ratepayers.
L. A. Mauley, proprietor of the
Grand Union hotel at Coleman, has
let a conl rati tor a large addition
to his premises, Another storey is
io be added to the bar-room part of!
the hole! ami the main building
tended hack for some distance, This
will add to tills hotel's accommodations fifteen additional bed rooms
ami make it one of the best hotels
iu this section.
E. Mm luo, I he eiictget ie contractor and stone worker of this plate,
has secured an option upon and will
ai once develop Ibe stone qunrrv at
t NPUDi LAR       MEMBER        OF
LIFE     BY     SnOOTlNG
Frank P.ipci:—Corporal S. -I Kim
bry, officer in charge of the Mounted
Police detachment iu Hie Pass, committed suicide at an early hour Ibis
morning hy shooting himself In the
mouth, The motive for the desperate deed is said to have been an in-
latuation for a woman of the hall
world who did not rcciporale Hie attachment.
Corporal Kimbry ami Constable
Law occupied the barracks on the
norih side. Constable Law was
awakened alxml; half past three
o'clock this morning by tlie sound of
a shot coming Irom Corporal Kim-
bry's room. He got up lo investigate and found tho corporal In the
throes ol death. He had shot himself through the mouth with bis revolver.
Constable Law at onco summoned
Doctors Malcolmson and McKenzie
but the corporal was dead before
they reached the barracks 1 lead*
quarters at Macleod was immediately notified by wire and Iuspectoi Allan! came up Oil the passenger train
this morning. An inquest is being
hdil this afternoon by Coroner
Corporal Kimbry's fellow members
of ihc force decline lo give out any
Information as to the motive tor ibe
deed, but it is quite getierallv understood about town Ihal Corporal
Kimbry was Infatuated with n
woman of the restricted district who
hail recently thrown him off and that
be was very despondent.
Whatever else may have been Corporal Kimbry's shortcomings, and he
did not enjoy a good rcpulalion in
the community, be always showed
proper respcel (or his uniform. When
In* Indulged in a lapse from lhe conventionalities, be always removed his
uniform and appeared in civilian
dress and in preparing fm the tragedy whieh ended his existence be adhered io thai principal. Before taking his life he removed his uniform
and was found dressed in civilian
Corporal Kimbry had been in
charge of the local delachinent of
the Mounted Police In the neighborhood ol two years and by reason of
his peculiar disposition, one of the
characteristics oi which was to allow bis official acts to be governed
largely by his personal likes or dislikes, In. succeeded in making himself
very unpopular in Ihc community. He
recently 'got bimsell into trouble
which resulted in charges being filed
againsl him and the facl that tlte
outcome of his trial is generally regarded in tiie Pass as a whitewashing, did not add to his popularity.
He was between thirty-five and forty
years of age ami had but three years
to serve before being retired oil a
Il'l'     Sin
' Tills   ,i
nn try.
■     Sllllllsl
,  Is
lines!  nunl
- iliil
itv nl
1   1
lllll   llie
limn  llie .*.
v     nii.l  tin
ian, >n
IS      Is
iluu*. sl
ises.     li
1    s
tiled lui  sh
a 1
ll.ll S    ll
, lll
ii liim' uf
lie espeels *
de In iill pr
in   'null'
nl nil el.
lll ll
a   linilililn;
u ill he .■mi
f sl.,in- for
11  1
1  1
nil nr in
ml  dress
mil    ri-n
in anv
ie quite
■ payroll
' li
1 purposes i
tin'  lllllllll*
Ire lilti<l
ir.     This <|
Instn   ami <
ie new luun
•an he
al company, all previous   Bank ot Commerce (or a sliort time,
(From tho Outcrop.)
Miss M, Dunn arrived hv Monday's
stage frmn Hevelstoke to visit her
sister. Mrs. K. J. Scovll, at Wilmer.
Miles McMillan drove the last stage
from Cranbrook, owing to the regular driver,  James Fraser, being taken  suddenly   ill.      Ml If
south  since  Inst   fall  am
friends were pleased lo see him.
Mnyie Leader:—Everything at the
St. Eugene mine is running as
smoothly as clock work and at the
concentrator it is a steady grind.
For the month of March the output
was 2,712 tons, most of which went
■to Trail and the rest to Nelson. Development work in Hie mine is going
steadily ahead. The Lake Shore
shaft is now down 3(M1 feet. This is
known as tlte 2,000 loot level of the
mine. A station has been cut and a
drift run for a distance of 80 feet
which wiH lye pushed forward with
all possible speed.
On next Tuesday til ,000 will he
paid out in wages by this company.
Vancouver Province:—The eonstnir-
lion of a sawmill at Kaien island
will Ih- Immediately commenced by
the llritish Coiuiirbin Pine Timber
company of Vancouver, which, as announced in a special dispatch from
Victoria i" Tbe Province last night,
has secured a contract to supply
500,000 railj-oud tics to the Grand
Trunk Paeilie. As set forth in this
dispatch, the men in tills company
are all Vaneoiiverilcs, and thev Ill-
lend fo push work on the building of
tiie mill so that ties will he rolling
out of ii by midsummer.
An Immense nwouiii of timlier will
be leipiired lo fill this tlo con tract—
much mine than people imagine- lt
is declared that in each tie there
will be thirty-three feet of timber,
so that in tlie half million ties', Htcre
will lie exactly sixteen million five
hundred thousand feet of limber, not
to mention tbo thousands of feet
which will he cut as waste in reducing the tien to size.
The British Columbia Pine Timber.
Company bud this Grand Trunk Pari-1
fie eonffnet in view manv months
ago, and nceonlhi'plv gathered In
a number of good timber limits at
various points alone the coast in the
vicinity* of Kaien island. Logging
operations will be commenced at an
early date, so that when the mill is
had been! toady to cut there will be no delay
bis many, on account of lack ot material. The
contract secured is sufficient for two
Phoeotl Pioneer:-The Cianhro.ik
Herald is eight years old, and it fe
only fair to state, uiilesei vcdlv, that
"OH Man" Simpson is getting out
llw* best weekly published in any
lowu of similar si/.e in lhe Dominion
of Canada. And he knows enough
not to tackle a daily proposition
there vet, notwithstanding that he
prints eighl p.u,es and has a ijpe-
Setthig m.itiillie
Canadian   newspaper   dealers     hav
beeu notified bv    American magazine
sales dealer. Ihal the Dominion postollice dep.i.itiiient h.is withdrawn bco-
ond class mail rales ol one cent a
pound    from    many of     the     cheaper.
\mcricnn magazines, which must   iu
lhe future |uv one eent (or everv Iwo
ounces. The dealers sav that' this
will mean that tlte cost of can vim:
by mail fm ten cent publications will
be iiicie,iM-il In si\ cetils iu each ease
.iml thai the cost of such ina.'.i/ines
vvill in the future -he IH cents, thnt
is the old rate of seven cents plus the
postage The dealers ate left, to
make their own rate lo tbe Canadian
public wbo want (be books in question.
t..t i § ■ ■ I I *
~.**imsmimtr. t r
$ Cranbrook   Foun-1
dry and
•[Machine Shop|
McKinnon & Johnston
Wi* tire pri'linrisl tn
iin nil kitlllB nf im
|inir work heavy anil
J liwlit. iiiiiki. coalings,
turn shafts,etc.
*|- Scientific     llt.rscsllneiiiy.    II
SviUipMS uf KVkulHiii.n- fur dispiitnl of Minerals on Dominion Lands In Manllohi,
Hit Nurlliweiil Uml.i * and Hit- Vukou
I l.unl* nm) ni- inirrn.i-.fii al 110 |i«|
it) .it i
' 111
in until ba i.v I'l.'.i ton.in iiti.-i'ii
-ill-.I  mtliiu (< n mil,'. 1,1  .. itiiiiuiic
.■in,' ami al tin) mUuwi i
; ,1 On inn.-', >.i Ilu ii-n     I li<- l.-.i
A. W. MiVillie
Golden Ktar:—l,ast Sunday evening
lbe first Consignment ol material for
the construction of lho Kootenay
Central railway arrived In Golden iu
the shape of a carload of horses, and
every day since then men anfl material have been pouring In and the way
prepared for the iron horse over the
K C. II, The work of construction
has been commenced and is being
pushed as rapidly as is possible with
the implements at hand, as most of
these articles have yet to arrive, besides two carloads more horses an.l
several score more men, A start
has hi-eti made at the far end ol the
slough, or at Granger's rauehe,
where Ihe first camp has been pitched, and where a large number of
men are now employed. Work is to
he pushed on this section of ten
miles and it is expected that ten
weeks vvill see it-, completion.
J _.._-_. jl
Dominion and Provin- J
cial   Land   Surveyor. 0
li. H. McVittie   }
(ieneral Agent J
CKANBROOK,   B.   C. {
1 llll" 1
It'll l.l
1 lilll)
Villi l.i
.1 III
1 lin.l
il till
Pete's Barber  Shop
Has removed from the Wentworth
hotel to next door lo A. C, Hovv-
ness' and opposite new batik building. I invite everybody. My work
will give satisfaction. Kirst-class
barber shop.
P. J. Leithauser, Hgr.
Moyie Leader:—James Crouin, man-
ager of the mining department of the!
Onnadlau Consolidated Mines, Limited, says that .the mining situation iu
Uossrlaml was never better. Both tbe
Center Star and LeRoi have encountered large ore bodies icccuMv. Itoss-1
land will he a good camp for years
tti come, he savs.
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting for altcrnoon or evening entertainments at reasonable rates.
Guess work questions supplied, or
typed from copies. 45-tf
Notice is hereby given that thirlv
days after date we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
Commencing at a post placed at
the southeast corner of lot No. OlliS,
Kast Kootenay district, Uience cast
Kfl chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 8(1 chains, thence north
sn chains, to place of commencement,
Robinson-McKenzio Lumber Co., Lim-
Dated March 5lh, Iflflfi. liO-fit
Parcel 2.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date we intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works at Viotorla for a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the following described
Commencing ut the southwest corner Robinsnn-McKenzie's Lumber
Co.'s Limited, timber limit, southeast of lot (ill.8, group 1, East Kootenay district, thence south 80 chains,
east 80 chains, north 80 chains, west
80 chains to place of commencement.
Robinson-McKenzio Lumber Co., Limited.
Datetl March 5th, 190G. 50-5t
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
It is eiisy to hnvo clemi
clothes whon thoro isaBrst
class laundry •*. town. Yi
can't afford to patronize ohi-
iiest' when you can get your
work iluiio by white people in
a white way and al prices that
will appeal to anyone wh
wants good work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Ornnbrook, 11. 0.
13. Cdgar Davis
Boiler, RriiiRc, X
A nml Fireplace work u _pecial- A
A tv A
A y' X
X       All descriptions nf Btono- *j|
5! work tu.dertuki.ii. (inters li-ft »;*
a •;•
a «t £
A       J. D. MuBlUUE'S i
y •*-
*f will recieve prompt attention, «j*
t.'.-l H Ilif lllll)   1 l.ll 1
i'it-ariiiK init'f iio-iH nt MttultolM nuil Um
N W l.. BJ-CVpillU tlie Wlk.-u |.Tii|..rj—A
iri-t'iiii'i't inity-iliimii ..nl) im. leaici ol tho
im,*-. ....-ii for ii tarui nf Ueiiti y-uara, ruuuw*
libit, in tin' dtiaretluu ol tlie Allnltisi »i ilif lie
'tliu Iwwe'i right Iscoiitlnad In tlie RiilmnrK
im in-.; ,.i lur*. ... Hit- m.T lielnvv ln« mttur
iii.ii ., iiii'i kuDJuvI In Hit' ri|flita oi llll I'l-rsim-i
who lm* j, ur wim may rec-ivu aiiirk-g [or     -
-II^IJiUM.I  llrllCll flafllllS. f\fl'|ll IH. llll'   -mis
- to
-n-t'il. lltij.i iy at Oil* nue ul iim) mill a lull
i*i ri ni cuileoied on tin- oul put nftBi it eXutwill
Ijodttmg in tin Vukou TiTniiHy m\ leuitu
i live iin.i s Hituli  inti) in- noiiii.-ii n. -a iii'o
i.li.i im lit. tin ut iwi-lit)   jt'itl-, int.. renew
I lis lessee's rift lit !■ connueil lo tlie subiiierg.
a tii-ii or tmrs is ini- rivi-r below low wtatr
i.i..,, Uuu Luiiiiiiiir. in bu iivi*-i i'i us |iii>iiiuii
u the ist day ot Augim tu ilie yeur ol the .tme
■ i>.'i it
forenub Bubwiiuuiityeur.
rliuij,   Creek,
l'i.trei|.\limiii: in Die V
Hlllell, rlvt-r umi iillitliiiiim sn.1.1 nui t-wueu aju
leel in ii'iiu'iii. iiifiisuit-il i.u Um I ki si- tin.- ur
gt-neiHi .ur.-t-timi ol Uiu oruek ur gnivli, ibo
niiltlt belnu irom luDoto n,uuu feel,   Altoinef
fiic.i iiul, l)i',inu-i iintift'S     I'.uii) iiiu>t lie ■ li-
, it ttit<  .-uuui is vMiluii
It'll Wl in.
nit e
miii nr i'iini|iaiiy sti^lin; n t-lui.it must
e miner's t-i-iiliic.ile.
wverer ulu new mine is i-ntitli-ii lo a
 leel in ii-muii, iin.i ii ute |..,it,
I luu, 1.0UU Inl altiiL'i' Iut, uii luu QUI-
lell no loyalty slmll lie  ebaruea, llie
■if ti
IllitH , iililn
l.uy.tln M ilif
1 ult tilt- wil	
...nil I m a,. > l
■tu    llll'l
1(0.1)    -III,.'
aul ... liu*
i Uie \
um lit roller.
Nu tree miner slmll receive a maul uf moo
■i nt.mi- I...uuu; i-iiiiiu mi i'.uii lei-anite river
trceK or gnleb,iiul Uie sum.' miner mu. bniti
mv imiiii.ei ui dnlms ny iiurclutse, ami tree
niiiri'-. may w.nk tlieir claim., in |mrtlierabili by
I ling iuhil'i- miii imyluu tee >»i t*1. .v ultuui
ii..) i'i- uaiul"iii-it, aim auiiilii-i ubtanieij ou tne
.nne 1'ii'i'k, gulell ur river, uy (.'.unu iiutu-e an.l
wj-lug a lee.
VVi.ik iiiiisl lie ilulieuii a claim eucti year tu
In- vnluu ul al leust -.'"ii.
V i t'ltllicali- llial Win k has In Ii.iii- ii UO I-.'
li mini in be.lUaiiiluiii-ii,mill open iiiucriii'atn.ii
>ii«i t )'!') u free mliiei.
hi.' i .luii,*.ul,i claim mai h >.l ub-
it irtiliiisii.ii);
•ry mi tii.'iHii.i tu in
acres, simtiiii tlm
liayliiK i|il,iutllies, n
..UN   tun-
.', l.'il, an
P. 0. Box 864,
0 &Ot.Om*<04rO 0 0 0 ♦♦♦♦♦'K^-X^
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Hoy   Father Wiranpr arrived    trom himilml miles   ol railway, anil    Hio
tlte St. lMim-ni. Mission Insi wwk mul   tics ,w tn be   deliverer] at    Prinra
In  Wit  Indian    ctiunh; Ruport. tho    Orantl   Trunk   PaiiOc
lucsil.iy morning   ho roast icrmiitus,    wherever tliat may
St. Georges Mission at !«., presumably Kaien Island.
lielil services
nil Slltnluy.
lielil mass in
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kiiuls of finish work in
wny of iloors, windows, tran-
soins, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. Our work is
Kunranteed nnd onr prices are
satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Our wmk is our advertisement, Imt wt
put this ml in tlie Horaldjto
emphaatKo it.
Near Lower -Irinstrong Avci
Take notice Uiat tbe |i.n liiris-bi|i
bcictoloic existing lii't'Wccii lbe llinl
unrignvil.   Daniel    A.   Macilonabl    nml
Prank K. OlapP, as bold kiwpnra in
I'lanbriKik, iiuilcr I lie linn name ol
".Mitciloiiivbl .V Clapp," bas tins day
lHt'ti ilissolviil by mutual itmseiit
Tlio 'husiness will be contiiiunl bv
snhl Duuiel A. .Macilonabl, umler Iiiu
own iiaine, wlm assumes all the lia
lii lilies of Ibe saitl parliKM sbip ami to
wli'tn all debts iluc said |iai (liersbi|i
mus't be paid.
haled at Cranbiook, this 31st dav
of .March, lllOli.
.1. A. Harvoy.        ti. A. Mftodnnalil.
2-3t Krank K. Clapp,
W. W.rouv
Mi-iuitvultlie Mliilsti-r ul llie Intn
l>t, Inl.mu
for a particular purpose is easy   for
ns.     Because wo   liave them foi   ull
kinds of use.    Naturally uur
ti far superior to that ul thu li-n.se
Which has to cart cual during tbo
week ami carry his owner to u Iiliioral
mi Sunday. If Santa Claus saw our
horses be would pension ulT his uld
reindeers, chop np his uld sleigh and
hire a rig (nun us. Yuu should do llm
same when you I'ctptirc tbe services of
a horso and carriage fm any puipasn,
Especially ns uur scale of cliargos
makes it really eheap li.inil.
Tho Mnndley I.ivery Sluhlcs
Notice is hereby given that thlrt
-days alter dale I intend to apply to
the Cbiel Commissioner nf Lands ami
Wurks for a license to cut and carry
away timber Irom the following described lands in Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked
G-eorgc Geary, located at the northeast corner of lot 3.'lfi; thence east
40 chains, thence south IfiO chains,
thence west 40 ehains, thence north
I GO chains, to place ol beginning.
George Geary, Locator
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (iivi- me a call.
Livery %£
Trunin and driver, furnished for any
Dated this 8th day ol March, _lliin.i.| point In the district.
HE birth of a ntyle is of almost
daily occurrence here
Advanced models are being
modified new ideas aie
coming out later putterusaro
jtibt an it ing.
Every dav, we .how soma
novelties iu Suits and Top
Coats that were not here the,
day before.
It   you  want   the
verv latest styles—that
are absolutely conect
L —keep in touch with
Cranbrook is an Example
of Grit and Success ** **
By J. Young Beyers,
Stall    Correspondent
ol Calgary Herald.
What Outsiders Think of East Koott-
nay's Metropolis **   J">   **   J*    -*■    **■
matter    who you    are,   or of what
It-reed, if you ait* sick you ate    woi-
Iroilie. |
Kl.i-tric   light,      tdephmies,   watei
npply, fire protect** and all classes    WARNING!     GLANDERS!
Mining and Milling supplies, coal, iron, steel
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other
articles required in thc above lines, including
camp steel ranges at
McCallum & Co.
Hardware Merchants
rc .Merchants |
j B C. Livery and Feed Stables
First class Kit,'fl. safe mul stylish tenuis, Drivers
ami pack horses for any point in  tlie districl,
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Same old stand opposite station
Cranbrook, B. C, March 39-m'Bv
Herald stall man) —Those who Have
over the vast stretches ol tins wesl
eni country through winch that "thi
steel band," tbe C. P. II.. penetrates,
will often wonder what can be lbe
interest   of   ibe   many    congregated
around   the   little depots  ol   the  pro-
porllunu-tely lutlc towns one pones
ilnough. In Utauy eases how apa
Ibi'lic the looks ul lbe loUUgtfti, Ot,
il not upa-lhclic, tlien curiut.it> take
iu. place—curiosity winch would Indicate lack ut blight Interest in otbei
ni.titeis. One wonders what hopes
.nui ambitions uiv centred there,    if
uny,   they   Are    al    least  liol   un   tht;
surface, Oue passes many sue
places without sufficient interest being aroused to recall tihetu Uo    out
memory, .so vast is lbe cuunli), and
so multiform tbe Interest all uroun
us,      The   aliuospltere,   however, o
liatibiook is totally dlfletVUl. UlMS
feels a something even in tlltO ap-
pPoach to it which advises lift that
bore is a tuwu with all Uio alertness
of self evident interests and enterprise, raising it above its fellows.
Tliere is somehow an Indefinable feel
mg uf difference between lbe mere
sight uf those watt ng al the depot
ami those so often seen in otbe
towns, which marks Craubrook as being something different, in oilier
words, yuu know yuu ate approach
lilg one ut' the acHvo towns of iho
west, liven before reaching the
lown yuu pass saw mills, brick
yards, railway shops, and so un, and
thus receve a bint (11 nol already
known) ul nppi'nnvll to a town of
activity, Cranbrooi! is the grea
distributing center lor ibe smelle
towns aiuiinti it, Movie, Kort Steele
Wardner, Marysville, Kimborlev, etc,
and all tbe outlying industrial con
corns, sit ihat if wo form our impressions uf the business life of Cianbrook merely hv the appearance ol
tlie one long business streel, known
as Baker, then Indeed we should h
jusl ns superficial in uur estimate us
om friends the American symilcat
Writers, who have been lately Ily In
through ibe west iu a supcrlloia
kind of a way, funning and voicing
conclusions which any well informed
traveller knows are almost infamous
ly erroneous.
Cranbrook is a divisional point un
the Crows Nest system of tlie Canadian I'acilic lia ihv a v company, te
miles west of Macleod. li is almost a terminal point, All itains
slop here ami all trains cbangt
cicvvs, ibis being one ol tho mam
factors in determhitug tbe causes ut
activity and   progress   ol Hie    city
Then there is lhe large revenue (lowing into the town Irom ibe pay roll
• >[ ibe mil wa) company. Craubrook
is essentially a railroad town ami
center, liver) other man wc meet
ou the stm-i seems to k* a railroader.     In the places where one    bears
iiiiprovt-iii, ni  arc carried
successfully at Cranbrook, and manv j _.
are ihe businesses and industries   toi
wbieb wc would like to refer, but  ibj    In districts win
would take an entire issue of    Tin*  ttltvnders is    susii
llorald to du justice to all tbo woiks
ami possibilities ol  ttiis section    ol
lountiv Cbuick's    ate   well   icpic-
si*IiU\l hv   lb,- difieieiil  denominations,
jibe Prcs'byleiiaii chinch  in part icular
I having rocentlj creeled a very  liaud-
, some place o| worship lu i.'plait- tbe
June tk-y had occupied sluco Cranbrook was Cranbrook, tun now ijuitu
; iii.Ltittiu.iii' in iiiiii needs
i    Hotels,   .my numbei  ol  them,    all
•good ones,    too,  .unl   run   in  a     very
ipin-i and orderly mnnui i
Cranbiook bus ulsti branches id ..ll
ibe important tra tei nal societies, and
.ill aie prosperous
outside .1 the malt rial ben. nu
winch Craubrook offers, .is a place ol
residence, where perfect climatic
conditions exist, beautiful scenery
abounds, and social lite is In man)
ways superior tu the average lown
of tins si/.. it w.aild be bard lo
choose a bcit.-j spoi titan Cran
brook, often oal led 'Tbe t/ni'i n CU)
ol the Kootenays. and from a materialistic SlaiKlpO.lll   we have     given
,,   ...    ,      .   sullicient dam    lo show tin- remark-
peraling in lbe Iranlnookj rW„   *.MHUm
ami iiisi t-ici pi
111, .
ml so toiib, ihc mail
l   SCI
to tie  railroad lug   an.
ll   I
erprise.       l'i act nail
ranbrook, dlreotlj    o
li leu
lo      some extent   any
,ui Hn prosperit)  o
I lit-
ll    vv
IV ,
ist I"1
lumbering    oi     nun
tbcic'       the         iu
seem Indeed to be
gbl one, and while depression ma
o at lacked otbei lowns, Crai
•ok    bas in    eonseluei.ee    alway
s ine.     Tliere has nevet beeu an
■in.  und consequently   nevet     nu
nip      Stead)  and justified growth
the keynote ol   Craubrook's posi
n to-day.
lu-     C.       P.     R,       pay     roll,
ami, as already mil t-.tteil
thai   Is     the    0110    thing     in     whicli
iislnoss   men ot Uio town    are
.   iiiieiestcd, is about Hi3,000
month ui present, witb [urtltoi      in
creases foreshadowed,      in   course,
tnouiii also represents the   pay
lo  in. ii up and    down      llie litre     at
places Mibsniiaiv io Cranbrook, Il
do.-s noi ici'ci exclusively to tins
Cranbrook   railway    promises    oni)
bm   al   anv      rale all  these unliving
. an-'   avenues i.n     Cranbi
RobinsomMcKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kindt OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
C     I'     V, evpeiiiled   S.tOO.Ilfl
11105 in making e- luivie watt
lidel   lbe   roadbed   in   ibis  d|V
ml   pioviding   pi'iinaiiei.l      cm
.initiations fot  the bridges lu
Lelhlmilgc     and     Koolena
;.   Ill  ol'llcl Hi  SCCIIIV   pt'llllal
construction fm a permnnei
Iso J58,00G un  ballasting,  $3(1
widening embankments; .10,01
use     rOCk;   alld    olhel   .illlullhlS
,i ioi.ii nxpendllurt' iri Mlu,
,!  out   oi.   Hus on.-  seiliuti    Tbe
programme foi  Ibis yeai is i.u   and
nwu)   l.ugei.  and   will  ill cull a  groat
itv  at Crnnbrook '     The cnllru   21
miles  between  l.elhbl Idgc and  Konle
n.iv   Landing i.s    to he relald    wilh
new and heavier sleel. Kadi mil
mile wilt take 125 Ions uf sleel, ur
s.iv. in,'d','i luns for lhe entire dis-1
lance Kach ton of rails will cost
(exc usive ol freight) $33, oi *Ni.!t.-
375. I.ahoi vvill cost m ihe neighborhood of Sf ,350,000. The effect of
these improvements will be In make
the hue Identical m permanence ami
equipment wilh the main line of ihc
c. 1'. ii, tbe object being lo securo
running conditions ovei the Crows
Nest road as good, safe and comfortable as tlmse which exist between
Spokane and St. I'aiil, .Minn., via
Ihe ('. P.  It., and     Son 1 ne system;
li means that the C, I1. It. means
tn step into direct competition with
the United States roads fm- trans*
port nf passengers from the Norlh
west States lo lhe eastern seaboard;
Tlie actual distance from St. Paul,
via North Portal, Moose -law, Medicine Hal, aud Cranbrooi. lo Spokane
is shorter than any route which can
In* followed entirely on the south isdo
of the tilth parallel. The future ol
the local trade is also to lie remembered when considering ibis fact.
Without going further into details,
which   might   be    furnished ad lib.
square une*- of rub, fertile sou, ami
Wl'li all  lhe consequent   irecd loi   lum-i
ber, its rapid and etnrthiuod seltle-
ment implies, solves m ,t most rc
uiaikabie w.t) the evei puzzling question of ni-ailv all oitiei industries,
;hai uf u markol it is il.e abundance ul timber m British    Columbia I
and   lbe      want   ol   it   it.   Ik-     [Haiti. I
country  wbub Beetns lu lonu a nat-|
ur.tl tluvcla.l, making lot a general
iiitiiistiv and piospeiiiv  in these two
loUlll)    diheit-ut    setiions   ot   Westell,
Canada From Creston lu Fcrnie
a u.tvciii'1 uia> be raid lo pass
tinoiigii one immense lumbering country. Saw mill aflei saw null in
busy operation every tew nubs, piles
of logs and lies, and ever) liidicutiou
uf tlie rapid development ami u-
croase ut a giam industry. The lollowlng Interesting particulars ul Uio
lraiis_.elioiis  ot   a   lew   ol   lbe   vurious
districl au- ample ludicaliou ol ib
magnitude, both    present and potei
nal. ui ilu- greal    British Colum hi
iiwlostr) IWHERE
CioihetN mil, has ti loo acres ul
limits, employs   an    avetage ol     iu
men,  p.L>s J.2,000 a  mouth wages, t'llt
1,000,000  feet   lasl   Veal   and   wilt   repeal tins iu ItlOII.
Tb.-     Crows   Nesi    Pass     Lumber
age   ut   Tu,llllll   along   Kooleiiav    ItiVCI
.iml iis tributaries, employs Jim m.u,
pays $12,000 a mouth, eui U,000,OOU
feel iu 1005, ami expects lo cul 15,-
tlOO.000 feel   tills  veal.
Tlio Kast Koolcnay Lumber company has 80,000 acre's of limits, employs 301) iiiei!. pays $I3,tMHl Humility, cut 22,000,000 feet In 1005, and
will   wilb  the J ultra)   plant, cul   HO,-!
mui.nun iii mm;.
The Movie Umber company has
over 1.1,000 acres, employs nu men
when in full operation, and pays
>B,500 a month iu wages.
The Norlh Star Luiiiber company
hails 10,000 acres nf limits, employs
i'a men, pays about S.l,Tun a mouth,
nad an output of 10,000,000 feet in
The Standard Lumber company
owns IN,UHU acres near Fori Sleele,
works ail men, pays $1,000 a monlh,
Cllt   a Illlll.lfUU  feci' lasl   veal'.
Tire King Lumber Mills, Ltd., has
18,000  acres   of    limits,   work:
men, pays uui  $[,ouo a  uiouili
wages, ami  will   cut  over   10,000,000
icel   this year.
The Otis Staples Lumber company
owns ."111,000 acres of limits, employs
l?a men, pays ST,mm u moutli, cut
Hi.uuu.imiii feel lasi year ami will cul
15.000,000 hu   ibis  year.
'I'he Walls Lumbei company, nl
Uaitsbiiig, owns 12,000 acres of line
its, emplov upwards of Till men, pay
$2,500 a month, cut 1,000,000 feet
last year, anb will double output in
1 UOti
These figures will easily show Imw
Crnnbrook bonefiis from ibis Industry, which as yet is only very slighi-
l> develnped as compared to its possibilities.
The mining Industry of ilu* Koolenay count iv is a subject wbieb cannol be dealt wilb here. Honks
might he written on the subject,
vv ihniit doing more than merol)
skirt ilu- immense possibilities and
wealth, latent and in process nf it
velopmenl, of Eastern and Western
Kootenay, The v.ssitudes ul tbe
mining lirdustrj in Brltlsn Columbia
form a IHstory in itself, and the subject is too vasi and of loo complicated .i nature la l»e dealt witb with*
in thc limits of a short review of
condiiiins such as this. Suffice il
to sa) that the general opinions of
experts iu ihis Branch of Industry
point to a universal lone of renewed!
I'liiitltiicc in the mineral resources
f British Columbia, Wc often think
Uiat ,i is tin1 very magnitude of the
mineral wealth in British Columbia,
its veiy |irofuscness, wbieb is responsible for ibe vai lations from
time in time in its speculative side.
Perhaps were there somewhat less
• d a plethora uf mineral wealth
there might iie more development,
solidarity and general prosperity tu
the Industry. There are some Immense milling opcraitoiis carr ed ou
contiguous in Cranbrookt notably the!
Si. Eugene mine at Moyie, one ol
ik- largest lead mines in tlie
wm M, ihe Sullivan and the
North Star mines, and many
Other valuable properties, vast quan
titles of uie Iielng constantly shipped
to the smellers.
Cranbrook is a ftnut garden spol
ami large pioiiis can be, and are being, made in ibe raising of fruit,
vegetables and grain. This class ot
agriculture has Ira idly lieen touched
as yel, the town being so young,
unl) eight years of age, k.tb in tlie
apple variety and all classes of small
trulls have been successfully raised
loi years, ami at tent on is being given in lbe direction ut gardening, etc.,
ui ihc bench laud surround ng the
lown, or, we should say, cily, as
Cranbrook was recently Incorporated
as such. The population is in excess of 8,000 people. In the matter
oi municipal development Hi.- citizens
have been fai from idle, ami we iimi
all ihc modern conveniences ibat
he desired. There are admirable
educational facilities, the school hav-,
ng an aggiegate eiimUmenl nf 250,
ami it will shortly k- necessary to
provide increased accommodation.
The following arc a few of ik- many
advantages and institutions which
testify in the enterprise and advancement of tlie city:
The government offices :nr Southeast Koolcnay are located at Craubrook. One or two items of official
statistics fnr lbs department are ot
interest: Real property assessable
in the district, 1005, $2,nfl0.220: per-
sunal properly, $835,000; wild lands,
The customs returns for the past
vear also show a verv gratifying increase over UHU. In dutiable goods
tliere vvas an increase in value ot
$;11,0»7, and in free goods $18,750,
while tlie increase in duty is in excess of $10,000.
The St. Kugene hospital is an    in-
Whul.   lhe
CANADA    l.KUis    THK
Canada has ihe largest continuous
wheat   field  in  the world,
Canada produces ibe finest wheat in
tbe world, No. 1 Manitoba bard selling ik* world's standard.
Canada's average wheal yield per
acre for ten years was the greatest
nu the American continent,
Canada leaih the world in dairy ex
Canada's (ratio iu leu years has increased more rapidly than any other
country in the world.
Canada has the mnsi valuable wbiu
pine forests on tbe American continent.
Canada has the most valuable nickel deposils in the world.
Canada has lbe largest wood pulp
forests in the world.
Canada has the greatesl system nt
fresh water navigation in tlie world
Canada has a crca-ler water pnwc
than any other in the world,
■   lhe exited and  i
neighbourhoods where actual nui*
Vleaks have occurred   ibe adopt i
ibe following precautious liy owners
if  kuses   and  others   llilelesled    will
lo much to prevent llie spn ad "i lbe
lisease and tiie rstahtishim nt oi n—-Ij
iiiires of Infection
1.   Mioses ui  mules having a nasal
discharge ui   olhel   suspicious  symp
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Ciljirv Butcher Simp
Qeo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high cIhhs work in dyeing,
denning, pressing, repairing iimi
French Dry Cleaning a Specially
We tlo all kind- of Indies' n.uk
On Sate APRIL llth to lOlh
Good Returning Until
April 17
Ticket! 011 Bale lit all ('. ]', R nrli
ces, Port Arthur to Vancouver, in.
c'liHliiiR Kootiiiiuy Division point.
For full  iKirtii'iiluiH apply In local
ii^i-nls or write
Q. H. HILLIER, Agt. Cranbrook
,1. S. CARTER, ll
ll.i'.A., Nelson.  A.ll.i'.
.1   I'UYl.l*
.. Vnncmivei
siiuiv iN.rmlM.iiK, II '■"" reasonably' sHtittlor. wltlcli is dolnn most bene-
lie Interred llml dranliroak is bound flcinl work lor Mn- linmlmls ol pat-
In lie a ureal, railway eolitor, anil it ii'iils I'lowiliii*; lii il. l.l"' .^7™rs,
is alsu slated positively llial. Hie nl Charily control llu' iiislitiilmn.f
Kootenay Central will build into whicli is mm ol lhc monl iiortcot j*
Cranbrook ami Rive II an interest in equipped ami regulated 1,->.sn''->ls JJ,
lhe Windermere anil Clolden country. I wcslcm Oamafla. From snu lo Willi
The lumber Industry is a (treat patients pass HirouRb It am-iuaiiy,
nne wilh a fiscal future before it, in Thc entire eslablislimenl is a pic-
llH-'Cranliiook districl. The. prairies lure of cheerful brightness and c-har-
„l Alberto ami Saskatchewan, with ilv in Us truest, sense. Il«' insMtii-]
tlieir Ihousands    and   thousands    ul  lion ls general    in all ways.       No
City Scavenger
The City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
the official scavenger
I of the city of Cran- %
; brook.    Parties   hav-
! ing closets  to clean,
refuse matter to haul
. to    the   City    dump |
grounds should leave X
■ orders with him. The £
; city must be cleaned. |
Address Box 105. X
hould not  ti- nttmiticd 1
iv  "i  (ctd si.ii.lis nt  -..iii..   black-
uiitb shops, chinch or  school  -Ind.,
i.iilway  sttn'k yards, private    lab
1 oilier pl.iccs where liiej are Ukelj
0 come into direct or Indirect etui
.ni     wiiii   animal*   of    the equine
i.   AM stiibles, y.ii,U ui  sh^ls used
fnr tlu- accommodation ot hofncs 01
mules should he icgiibiilv atul'fre
ipifutlj clooaswl ami .li^mt.. u.i in
the maimer prescribed below
d.   Aim    cleansing   ibe   iiremiM'N
Mioioiighiv, and burning all   debris,I
tbe in let ii.i should be well gone over  '
with   hoi   »team,   oi boilinn water, |
milling to the l.tttci a\ jiuKl ..ne
iju.trt of crude carbolic acid lo each
live gall.-Jis after whuh the entire
surface should be tbickly coated with
a hot .solution til fresh Iiuie wash, t>.
which   crude calbntic   acid   has     been
added in tho above nu'iit .tjin-d proportion. '        ' *; ■* ■
(luiltiVililiiigs, fences and fyltitf posts
wiih which in 1 itH'.l animali. have
been in contact should also, winu
possible he Iborougblv m*ahd hi .1
similar manner.
All ordinary harness ami stable
utensils, which have been in contact
with luteetcd animal.-, or Infected
premises, should be ilioroughly soaked in a hoi solution of crude carbolic
icld ot ihe strength of one pan    i"
1 wenl y.
Materials which   mighl   be Injured
hv  ihv above treatment, such as val
uable Imrness, nihcs,   cusbiims,   cu
which have bun In coniact with   in-
feclinu   s-hoilld   he   placiil   in   nil      an
ighi room and fumigated with formaldehyde afiti which Ihey should be
liinmughly cleaned.
t. lu s'iabh*s where outbreaks havo
lectured or where diseased animals
liave, iiiadveittully or irthww ise,
iitvti stahleil, even 'temporarily, the
cleansing ami disinfection should be
'specially   thorough    and   in     such
cases as   il   i.s   safest   to  remove    and
.nun reed boxes and mangers when
if wood: iron articles can lie rendered harmless by passing them Uirough
lire or hy immersing them lot sonic
time in boiling Water. All litter
from suspected animals should Ite
mimed or carefully fenced until used
5, Farmers and others should,
whenever possible, avoid admit ling
sitange horses 01 mules tu ibe premises occupied by their own animals
•specially of the .same speck's. It is
.1 good plan to reserve an Isolated
.iiiilding for outside horses m mules,
.mt where this is Impossible thev canl
.ip accommodateM -in cow stables,
.-attic not being subject io glanders
infection. Such horses and mules
diiuld be watered from special pails,
which, together witli all othei staWe
itensils used on or about them.
•ihou.d bv carefully cleansed anil disinfected before being used fm oih.i
itiimuls. Stalls occupied by stuiuc
iiorses or mules should be well cleau-
icd und disinfected and, if at all
.lossrhlc, left unoccupied for somel
t imc.
Ii. Where new horses 01 mules are|
purchased in or from -dlslrlels where
glanders ejsi.st.s, they slwuld, unless
carefully tested wilh Malltii, prioi toi
(lUrchasc, he .stabled apart and closely watched for some lime belore being brought iu contact with other
animal's of the equine species.
7. It musl he home m tnllid that
while nasal discharge, or ulceration,
•nlarged glands, ihe presi nee ol
farcy biuls, unaccountable swelling of
ihv limbs, and general itulht'lltiness
jften cburuclcri/.e cases ol U-landers,
the disease exists in many animals
without, for the lime being, anj external manifestation whatever, tbo
■mly means ol detection in such cases
.K-uig i»hc Malleiu test, and ilm-l Uicse
iKcult or latent cases are m some
respects tlie most dangerous because
msuspcoted, Our experience shows
that ii is possible for annuals ol
ibis class to convey Infection lo others without them selves developing
acute symptoms. li ti therefore
plain that greal caution should be.
t'xerOised in the purchase 01 liawlling
of strange horses or mutes, rapeciall)
in ihose districis where Ihe disease
nas become estabiishW;
8. The carcases of animals dying
from or slaughterfd as being alTecled
with tl landers should, when possible,
be burned or, fulling Ibis, burled .it
least six feet beneath the siinacc.
!l. Owners of premist-s wl,.-ie outbreaks have been dealt Willi should
hear iu miml lhat Inspectors emiuol
recommend release from quahinline
.uiless tlisinfiH'iion has been callietl
oui in a satisfaeioiy matiiiei and
that compitisation for animals slam
gbiered cannot be paid Itnlll
a certificate of cleansing and dis-in-
fectlon lias been rwrlved bv lho
Minister uf Agruciiliuie.
10.   Horse owners should have   no
hesitation In reporting lo this    department or   10 iis    Inspectors
existence nf actual or suspect™ wu
Of  (Handera.      The disease has    hi
spreading rapMlj ol late years a
it is a mattei of public inleii*! tl
everv fresh cottier ol Infection nlnn
he ilist-over.d and dealt Willi
promptly as possible.
,). ti.'lll THKKKOUP
\eieriiiaiy IMreetoi Oeiiei
Department  of Agriculture,
Ottawa,   March,   1001).
Notice thirty  days after date I iu-
i.-ml tn apply to The   Chief Coiumts-
sioiiti  oi  Utuds     and    W.uks for a
1'eti.ti heetise tu .in and carry awaj
Itimbei  frtitu Uw   folhtwlttg descrHwQ
lamls in Niuiili Kasi K««.teiiay, B.C.:
nl 1 1 j ('..inm. ncing ai a post placctt
al tlie noi in w.si cornel of A. I'am-
i; ■. I'.u - tunbei license, thence wesi
only 1 IU) chains, thence mirth "inf
I11m.il.-ii ,111.1 m\iv iimi) ehains, Ihence
east fttrty 1 Mm ehains, tlien.-c south
"!,.■ Imn li- I ami sixlj 1 IWlj chains to
1] ■■   place  "i   beiii] ning
Hi   1'-'inr im: at   a     post   placed
mu Mi wi -1  in in. -i  of A. Cuin-
.■i..ii - 'mil,,] license, UieuiTeast six-
: v ■ i.u. chains tin in-.' north QUO
! ui, In-: ami 1 wenl) 1 lilll ehains,
■li. nee we-i sixiy mil] chains, thcuce
■..uilli one hundred and  twenty   U20)
■ !..h..■    in ilu   iilacc nl beginning.
1 'miiiiii... i;..   ui  .1 [i.s*,   placed
al  „ in-in*  forty  rba-liih wesi of   ihc
... .1   eornei   ol   A    C-ameroo's
■ iiui.-'i    lii'i'i,se,     thenee   1101 lh    one
.'- 1 dxtj 1 Ifih) eliains, thenee
A. ■ lort; 1 IU) chains, Ihenee south
nne bun In 1 ami   ^i\'v   I Uilli cbains,
■I -e easi  bu iv 1 H'i Pbains, lo the
.l.ice  »l  ■"
K  -I   MeVlttie.
Haled    this   Tth    du)    of     March,
II  141
U1NKKA1.   UT.
!"iiu K.J
•ilini' n\ 11.     uf     IMPKOVE-
\iv*s rs
mu ICE.
UtNKUAL 1 1. VIMS si ll ATE
l\ rill. KOllT STEELE MIN*
l\t, Iil\ ISHH-: UV KAST Kim-
> li.u   1
1 —ll\
: ill
1**   M
III      Ul
r,  Ni
1.  117377
1        M
(111!     h
.    .*    11
.   Nu.
.111,1 1
I.u.  ll
lie, Kn.
..111 dat.
i* 1
1  l.l II
a- Mini
IU   ItCCl
1 Ini
.1   i
Ol     llll|il,,\i*lluill
s, llll
pose •■
1   ..I.I..
iniii-i a
il 1
,1 H«. 1
llKlVC 1
nl 1
nol lec
1    .11'-
nlei  -.*.
■Hon 1
:, musl
■ coni-
: sucli
ile ..I
llii- .':
HI*,  ll.!)
• ol Mai
i 11.
Notiee   is   hereby   given that   thirty
days aftei dale we intend in appi)
io the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works for a special license to cut
and eatry away timber fmm ihe following described lands \j_ South Kast
di Commencing at a post planted
a» tin s. w. corner of timber license
So. 6573, thence wesi so chains,
ibeni-i- imrth sn chains, tlu-nce east
mi chains, thenee south SO chains to*
the place nf beginning, containing
1.1" ai :es. more or less,
■ j. Commencing at a post planted
al the S, VV. comer ol umber license
No 6574, thence west Sh chains,
thence north 80 drains, tbence east -SO
drains, thence south 80 chains, to the
place of beginning, containing 840
acres, more or less.
(8) Commencing at a posl planted
,.-■'. S W • orner of license No.
6575 -;. '."■ • est SO chains, tbence
norll -" c w : s, ihem e east Mj
cbains, Ihence soutl SO chains to tlw
place of beginning,   containing    '.40
ih Commencing at a posl planted
one mile wesl ol the S, VV. corner ol
timber license No, 6574. tbence west
10 chains, tbence north 160 chains,
ihence east 4fl chains, thence south
160 chains, to the place of beginntfl-g,
containing 610 acres.
Joseph Wl.itdu.-ad Itoss,
Hales H Ings ton  Ross.
Located Um-   151h day of    March,
1006. 9. ',1
Sealed Tenders, addressed lo tlte
Postmaster (ieneral, will ti- received
at IMiawa unlit 110011. on K rid ay,
IHih May, 100(1, for tlie conveyance
of His Majesty's mails, ou a proposed 1 mtraci tor four years, fourteen
limes per week each way, between! \V
Movie and Railway Station, from j,,.
tlte 1st July next. I o|
Printed ir-Jt-ftfes   containing further] ei
Effective, Sunday, Jan. 21st, following changes in passenger tula
schedule Nu. 3 leaves Rftltord 10.4*
am; Bonners Perry 1.30 p.m.; *t
live Spokane J..40 p.m.; leave 6 00
p tu ; Adiian a 10 p.m.; Patihc
Avenue 5.-10 a.m.; Everett 5 40 a.m.;
Seattle 7.08 a.m.
No. l leaves llexloid 1.00 a.m.;
Bonners Kerry ;i.;j.o a.m.; arrivs
Spokane 7.00 a in.; leave 7.15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.30 a m.; Wenatehee 12fifi
p.m.; I'acilic Avenue 5.4fi p.m.; coo-
nceiing wiih No. i'ii. EvereW 5.5»
p.m.; ariive Seattle 7.80 p.m.
No, i no change.
No, l leaves Seat He 8.no a.m.;
Everett ll 16 a.m.; Paeilie Avenue
ri.m a m.; VV'enaleheo 3 05 p.m.; Ad-
ii.m 4.6O pin., arrive Spokane H.'i'j
pin., leave 8. lu p.m., Botmers
Kerry 12.25 a.m.; Rexford 6.02 a.m.;
No, 250 leaves Rexford 6,20 a.m.
connecting wnh No. 4 S win ton 7.*i*
a.m.; arrive Kernie koo a.m.
No, 'iUI leaves Kernie Hi.00 p.m.;
Swmion 10.26 p.m.; Rexford 12.40
a.m.; tonne cling with number 1,
Through sleeping ears operated be-
tween Spokane and Kernie. S.eeper
faie between Spokane and Kernie
Kernie to Vancouver 2:t  hours and
15  minutes, connection being    made
With   No.    272 at     Pacific   Avenue,
Extra local trains Nos. 2«5 and 2t>6
will    be    operated   bet ween  Spokane
and    Leavenworth,    leaving  Spokane
4.00   p.m.;   Wenatehee   10.50    p.m.;
ma-tehee  12.03 a.m.;  Spokane 8.00
n.       linnet sleeping cats will   be
era-ted between Spokane and Leav-
worlh,   trains   Nos.   266  and  2461
Information as 1
posnl    contract
HHlit'lons of pro-1 also extra train between Seattle and
l«-   seen  nnd Skvkomfsh, leaving Seattle 6.30 p.m;
Mink forms of Tender mav   1 b- Everett     8.10   p.m.;    Pacific Aveuiit
Iniiied a1  tbe Post Office   of    Movie  8.16   p.m.;    Skykomish   10.20     p.m.
■id at'tbe office of t-he Posl   olliee Returning leave Skykomish 6.00 ft.m.;
Inspector. I Pacific    Avenue 8.00     a.m.;   Everett
post Olliee  Inspector's Oflice,  Cal- 8.28 a.m.; Seattle 10.00 a.m.   Local
eary   \pri1 Bth, 1WW. train    being operated   between Bon-
A. VV. Cairns, j ners Kerry and Spokane will be witV
$♦*♦•>♦->-><•♦•>♦*♦♦$*' 3-3t Post Olliee Inspector,   'drawn. THJE   CUANBUUUK   UEUALU
matching featle
KORGEI   it.
a  tall  fellow  ahead  oi a
.      ■;     n
. i i  nf ,i '.ii.' whose mere
hi   proud bead to io au-
.,  bowed
.    good     plan   lo   forget
.„   ,.  skeleton     bidden
* ■ ■■•)
aud  guarded, and   kepi
ii  day,
datk; and    whose    .showing,
*    -lliMen  dlsjilaV ,
 Use  gl tef -u..I    -i.now     ami
.  .li min) *
.     i   plan it> tor^ei
: .. tiling   Uial
ilalki :.   '- ■     ")
m a  woman, a unl
.n  c.t
liie oi    the
taducss   ie
!   plan to forget
...   in   the Uol.lt
in  .a Ttilirtito has been ai
"'ii . .ind    i.ei    husband
stricken        He   should     suy,
>     '   up, .md    gi i  ,.    new  Easlci
Ihose    dieeritig   wont
make ., woman rise irom   he:
n.illi  MU
,1     1,1    (
nuitirouk    ii*
. i.     ll.i ,i
.1    Llllll
llll I'llllMT 01
.Nl'llll',  ol*   l.lll
,. ..    ,
,   ..clan.!
.,    ll .Llll
ii.i    ii
mn* i
llll: IllollUlts
01'Kb rolll|*illil
let   lid    li*.*lll
,i    rn ,
.l*     .11.111
„■ *,i*iii
-i*. ilollli      III.
ii.1.1- m.u di .in. d up your yard and
..,,. ii   not   il   is  in^h   nine     that
ii tliii. Acting i hid oi Police
iiri.'.u, has liiooii in Ins etc, and in.-
.. .ii..' ■ inns iinin Hit- council are
..iuie. And ibeii why nut do il','
iu.' c.i\ council has issued Uhe uihU-j
.ii  tne i.i'iuiii ot ihc community ai
.ii,.I  no  lii.ui   is  exceplell.      'f'lh
■ uuiku i taiiino.ik beautiful Is
i.i  io (_,i t in and work togcthei
...ii   i bai   uujecl   in  v.i-w.
KJ wards
11,.-'  Ca-lgar>  Ey
he found tlte tack. The ottier boys
n, tin* office say llut when Maumt-
pulled out the tack be held it up In
tbe lo-hr *ud talked iu English,
l-'ieaeb habitat, Si wash. Oiiint-ok and
Do4(0, all ai  the sarue lime.
Oeorge A. Laurie, nl Creston, was
ll  Hit- Itnyal lasl   Tu.-iilay.
Judge Hilton not wnh a lil tie disappointment las't Saturday. Hi' was
..I tlie opinion tliat it was about
iini.. tor In*. iiK.ni,lily dwell fiom in
U.'. anil wi'lil l.i llie t*.-.l olliee Willi
i-tral riK'a Uppermost in liis niiiul
Sin.- enoufeb I here was an envelopej l>uji
from ilie department auit willi a] basaii
■mnl.- oi lattstaobtaD lie tore open tli,*
eavelopo an-i withdrew i In* contents
li.st.'.ni of I tie iatuiliat Dominion
i*l«vk there was a printed circular
letting toull tiho latest regulations
warning judges nob tn hold stock
in any company or corporal-ion.
Indue Wilson mui  in svis.ni last
i'l. as a witness in a suit.
Tin* k   nl I'.  L.ill  will be li.l.l
t-lit- evening m the -in. Inst.
ii imiii
I hm .    ..I I'i-
ii   Wednesday.
Uui Iriends Messrs, Beattie * A trie
is.,n have entered tlte lielil againsl
Ui<* om Man anl Uiv Herald. Wc
.lid not expect it trom iliese gentle-
men, as they have been u.sil patrons
of iirt» Herald an.l Blrong supporters
nl lla- papor.     Hut  many men    have
an ii[iis,nttiriuli!(. desire lo publish a
newspaper ami these gentlemen foil a
vlei m io thai ambition, 'rhe ('ran-
■brook Courier is Hio name of Hie nea*
sheet jikI il is lilleil with a Iol ..I
InteresMng matitor, tun its advertising columns sewn to have howi can-
Itl'rwl hi a lii ni uaniiHl IMniiiiln-i'l.ilii
..usl Mossr... Reatt.ro and Atchison
l.on^ life to Hie iiajipr and may lln-
publishers have no trouble in r.lilinp;
ih.. overdraft column.
anil Ji.
lllll  par
tt       1
I. mm     lln-  r.,11,..In   ..lun.h
in \\ v...i 11, bull, April HI
ttalih in .1   'ii*i*k's Issuu lo
ll.*,..-lum    ..I     Mali* ulh*.
uus   registered nl   tbe    Royal  lasl
Oeorge   \   Clinlui
K    II     na-  ivuisIi-i
holH last Tuesda)
tt    llinl. ii   nl   Vuttcnuvel i
lllsl   S,lllllll,i\   In   i.il,.*   lh,*  place
I'h.i llm    IIi.iIi.hi,       lli   ll.i.l     ,\   I'i
n!    li.illiillst,
,1 III.' II.ll.ll
.1 tt I! Im
His!    I I    ulnl.
engaged in n  In
Km l
isl  II
ii   has   l,*lll
his    ,„„,*,.,
....   il)    ii,.ii      .1 ir      lhe     Hue    Illi
iu.i   *  i.i ..J i,   l.iii   w illi    liiile use    toi
i iistCnis   ihai    prevail  iu     lhu
it,,.iiu i royal visitors as prevail
in   < a ....I,. and no   ttouirl the is
ii. hi.     .. prince ol ihc royal   bloou
■ ■1-,ii,\  ..uui  m.mnu being must get
i      si, i. .m.i     iiiNgusieU    wilh    a
• ■    iniiinl oi   ,sieniriypt<il    an
. ;..ni lv sume local tlrgulWiy
wuu ,1.111.1,1s i.wes ins position more
lo ... pei '-ii.il popularity than to m*
..in. .ii i..ii along me lines of lliera
ii.i.- rn snovvlnlgo ol whal it) do on
ailspieioiis   laciisiniis   nt   Vital   cb-arac
in. soti^s in scii.i..i cbildicii, ver;
i.m . as .i lm ,il adverlisemenl of Mi,
I.,, i ihai il.e west is growing, but,
i.iiicivhal monotonous lo weary and
ti ci iiMvellers inv olbelals al'tlrevt
in   i'i inee Albert  coals and .silk  hat;
■ , in  mi)    borrowed foi    Mn*    oeca
in.   iii.i feoliny as awkward as    ...
nutn whu appears at bis lirst. eveniug
i.i.i in.ii won a dii*ss suit. Prince
.vt ilnii rn Unnuang'hl, who appeared
,oul tteteil a-, a plain l-.u^ishiiiau, and
when lie had tlw opportunity was ex-
'•■ i--ii.il_i\  tiemoeiiii'ic   In ins manner,
i.u ii.. onged I., s.i- ihc real C-ail-j
'iida .uui ibe real Ciiiitwllans, llist/eartl
id  u   lot   oi   pompous illgua'tarles ami
tie  nilu ml*-,  w lm  hemmed     bim
* nt   with  .i  zeal   that   was bnin  ot
.i I.. ' i I. a .!-. 1.< bow lie should Ue!
euU-rtu-Hirtl In Vaueouver, when tin*}
i.-in.' i ..um- Unit ail ilu* aldermen
ii.iul.i appeal   in high silk 'hats   aud
!   . .  bhtLh coats,   im- i icipal   of-
licmlh     lltick  ami   appeared   as     they
'. .......  *,;..*."i v,mi, thej bad   their
Sunda]   clolhcf   on That   was     a
■sin-nt   ray  ni rominon sense.     Prob-
 i nne .a ih. m li.ul u    Prince
Uu rl  i ..ii  oi   had ever  worn a silk
t... -insi imagine for a  moment,
ii   In.'     pi Hire      bad    passed   HlfOUgll
Uranbrook ami slopped hero for an
luii hour, tbe my council marching
■down tlie street attired in silk bats
nu.] Prince All/eft coats. Nov,
Rwoiilif Vldermen Ryan, Jackson, Tis-
i'dali Kink, Murphy and Greer feel
w^iii llu eyes ul flu- populace upon
lln in .md iimi high silk hiit.s'V The
hi -i is lhu wesi, and you cannot
in.', i ii anything else, The majority
"i I lu ;•' upl.- w lm live here are true
" ■    ci in i .  and   I bey    want   to     live
Ni, j I,,i.e hved and acl nalurall
Tin.' v .ineoiivei e,iv council meant no
"ilisrespecl to Ute prince in refusing
" pul ■ ii silk hats, for Mie people
"i I'anada are loyal to Uie core, and
ii would bu ,i s.iic wager that lhe
prince,  n  I..- li.ul  known of the cir-
■ mn lances, would have cheered thc
 n.il.s lot ailing as they did.
■ ;    Hi uce llinwti,  who Is the   new
1      - ■ upei  for J, 1). McBride, is one
besl ad. writers we have seen.
lie  v.iiu.*, advertising fnr he knows
1   il   i.s  worth,   but   be alsu knows
.1 gel in.- inu- benefit of adver-
■ i    nne musl pay t-he same alien*
■■   nai   In,inch uf  Ihc   business
ii"'-- io any oilier.      Every
I. .   mui ning  he appears at  lhe
i    composing room   with    h.s
II" has Ins'idea how he wants
> i .nul insists tlmt il ti done
'   •■ a)        I.I-.I  watch his ads. for
■ you will soon see that he
Main in- Qualn, ibo electrician in
drargc of the electric lig-bt and telc-
plnme pi,mi. atrd there are few any
ir.'iht was on the rampage last
Kundai Complaints kept coining
into lhe bead   olliee Irom telephone
ni. i rHiers  until    he    learned    llui't
.■v. i. nl il.i'iu were pul mil oi business Rut how, was the question,
'liu- fi id tests were made and Maurice i i. 'ti covered that seven wires
wi j.- giuim led, and with a telephone
connection thai means that business
iviihs Thin Nilloweil the investiga-
limi There is a cable running under
llie .'reid from tlie pole on the cor-
:. ■! In the olllce bulNllng, passing
: n:.in Ii  'In- cellar, fastened  to     tbe
laflei     ovei   lhe fl ice.      Tire other
tliu   while  lacking up  some ivhses'los
papei   mi  the rafters for    protection
uwiiii '   im-  Maurice neeitlenlolly  put
a  Iai 1.  in  this    cable and it  reached
seven   win-;      That settled   il, fori Offeratory Sen
H.i    gave lhe deadly   around connec-|    (ine That
tn".        I'm    hours     Maurice   w.
.nui   i ii .  ithet  smiled
The list as  il  slauils to-day, is as
.1. A. HAHVEV,
W. T. HEll).
111!, tt. S. HKI.I.,
It. 10. BBATTIK,
.1. II. I'ASI.AKI.,
V. ill. ROBBRTS,
A. tt. MoVITTIB:
W. P. GURD, *
j. o. McCallum,
W. 1). HILL,
HOOOARTH & lllll.!.IN
I). .1. McSWEYN,
Kort Steele
C. A.  COCK,
.1. P. FINK,
.1. F. M. P1NKIIAM.
Bit. P, E. KING,
I). ,1.  ELMER, Moyie.
It. H. BENEDICT, Mavoo
P, ,1. SMYTH, Moyie,
Fort Steele,
Special lOasti-i services will Is* held
in Hie Methodist churcl! next Sunday
niorniii'*! ami ovoiving. Thc churon
will be divorati-d for the occasjon
and lhe .sermons and music will Ih*
in keeping with the day. Subject
for the evening address will lie "Thr
Risen Life." The music will'he fnl-
nislied by a oho r of t went y voices,
assisted liy ail orchestra ol ten
liieies. The orchestra will also pla)
Irom seven lo seven thirty in tlu*
church. The musical programme for
lhc evening is as follows:
I.  Opening Voluntary—Aiidante C
Moto  Beethoven
I. 11ynin— Eas'ier Hymn  Carey
II. An ihem--Jesus is Risen— 	
A-Ilo solo -bv  Miss  Patmore.
1.   Solo—The  Church    Across   lhe
Way   W. II. Gray
Rev. J. P. Wi^lniati.
s.  Solo   Selected
W. 0. Morion,
tl.   Ohoru.—lesus     Victor     Over
Heath   Smart
7. Solo—Angels'    Easter Song ...
Miss E. Connolly
8. Antltcm—Praise Ye tiie Father
Sleele   l.ml   Sallililal
I*   I .llll!   un   limil.   i	
I   liim.'   tt.'iiiiii,illi  hall,  Fri-'
nnil..;,   tpril Jo      Plan iif seats
ai   lleiiltie a     Mcbisun's      Tickets,
76c,   ami  SI IIU
Senium   King an.l In-   um    sons,
III. and II II uml In KillgSVtlls
the liisl ,,l Ihr a.'i'l, In I...il. iiii'i lhe
mill lli.-i.. ..i.il I" Vahli. where a
new mill mil In* |ml in hi I lie Kim;
Lumber .Mills.
.lames III an ami .Maurice Ollalll an*
i Eh., and Kliuiiiniih ihis iveek
I.Kikin,. ovei ihe gi'Qiiud preparatory
io I'XIeiKliug ilu* ii'li'iihoiie line Irom
tt',ii'ilii..i in Elkii mnl Un* mills along.
ihe Kooii'ii.u  river.
Mis. tt. A. Iiul.. sister ol Mis.
F. .1. Bradley, arrived Insi Monday
accompanied In I"*' iwu children.
They will visit uiih in nml Mis.
Ili'inili-i ih.* great ci inm '.( Hn* suiii-
A, MeCool, oi Km i Steele .lum*
linn, mis in town Holiday. Mr.
Mil'.,.,! will rebuild lhc hold thai
was ili's'iroyisl hi liie, anil in thr
iiu'iiuii'iiu. lie hns jiut ii|i a lciii|itirar)
stllli-tnli' In linel the tleillll'tlll ,of llll
lllllll ie.
ll is niiiiiiii-il an unit luun that
Thomas McKee, who was recently released iiom the Nelson jail, is wauled hy llle Nelson aillholilics in the
.barge ol assisting lln* man Bclane)
in escaping ii is mil known where
McKee has gone since leaving Cranbrook.
John F. l'riii|i'le, propriclor ol the
Falls VhlW hotel, Maly-sville, will
giie a His* danco ami supper at his
hotel on Thursday evening, April
Huh. A special train has been chartered fm the occasion fur lhe convenience ol lhc r.aliJilook jiisijile,
who may desire to altrnd. Fate for
round tii]i su cents.
Nuw is lln* lime fm ihe people 111
Crau'lirook to nei bus) ami arrange
for the iiliuiiiiiii uf trees around
their premises, li will lake only a
few years to change the uppeari
uf Uie entire lown it ihis custor
[olloweil up each year.     Thai is
of Wm    wins   I.,    i,,.,k.   Cranl I,
r. II. I'ollcu, wlsi win >l     linn,
Die l-'iasl lasl Sninl.il lefl on Tiles
day for Ollalvn un Inisint'ss .ounce.,
i.l' with ilu- Kiiiiti-n.il Central, .iml
before leaving he staled lo a reprc
si'iitalivt. ol lln, I lei ulil Ihal il wai
^uile possible tlia' he would have to
go to England betore his letiiin i,
Our hon bed sale has heen a great
success,  and  it   will  close ou Suln
day nighl.      People have been gc
ting    some   great    bargains in beds
and   springs,     simp!)    because rn
stock was loo large,     li had in 1;
rill   down,   uml   Wll  put   lhe  k'lilfl!     i
ihc prims. Si large has been ih
sale ihal ii will close Salurdii
nighl.    C. C. s.
Ciuiili'iooli is u great exchange
center lot luliui. There is hardly a
du)* Ihai the trains fiom tin- easl
und wesl do noi bring in u lui'ge
bnttcli ot men who huvi'
ii. she districl in* uie clmiiging from
one lot-ulitv in ikti. dislriel to atinlh
er. As a result lhe holds ur
erowili'il a grcnlot: |iinlinn ij ,i lli
t itne.
John McDonald was able lu Icai
llu* hospital where he lias lieen lu
tin* ihis, week in s... Mr. McDonald
said thai it was lhe first lime thai
he ever went in nu buspllal and he
was imt anxious in lake ihe st,.|i
"Hm I want, in sai tn anyone win
i.s sick." enn hinted Mi. McDonald
"that the lirsi 'thing lunl ihei wain
tu do is lu start tut ilu- si. 'Eugcni
hospital. A person is trailed righl
Don'l forgel the formal opening ol
lhc. Falls View holel al Maiysiilli
iic-_i Thursday evening.' A special
I ruin will be run, lem ing here iu
lime In gei ihe visitors to Marysvlllo fur tiie .l.i,,.-.-. and ilu- rounil
trip will onlv In- su cents, whili
Micro will he iio charge liu the hull
or rt.freshmi.nls. Alt. and Mrs.
Pringle, wli.i nm lhc holel, uill |«.
prepared lo uiv,* all of ibelr guests
a royal good lime. There will he a
Mg crowd  frum  Craiibriiuk.
.Mr. Burrows, nl Furl Steele was
in town lasi Nnl unlay. Mr Bin-
rows said while here Hint a numbei
of people wen. under the Impression
Hint   11 hjeel   ,,i   the   |uu  Huh  w.is
to houM   Crnnbrook an.l   Craiilirook
P. Lund, ot Wardner was in town
lasl Saturday.
Shaw Paiket came over Horn Fort
Steele today.
M. Plnllipiis. ol Elko, was at the
Crairtirook to-dav.
H B. G-iluioui. r.I Vaiu'ouii-r, is
,t lhe Cranhrook.
II lluuici. of Pinilier Cicek. was
eghrtered ut the Ctuiibioiik Wednesday.
Haloid Hailing, ol the Crows Nest
Pass Lumbei compan]. is m town
J   J. Iitady, who is In-tensted iu
titllhi-l   limils   Ileal       I'lCSton,   spent
several dais in Craubrook lasi week.
Mis   A, Leiteh lelt to-day lor Cal-
Miry   H. spend  Easter with her thus.'
i-lub.lr.-ii    attending    school  iu     thai
li. .1. McSweyn lelt today Im High
River, okoii ks. oi some oilu-i polnl
near Oalgarj to spend the Easter
Wuul received Imm tt   .1   llchlson
is lu I'm .-n.-.i llml he IS nuw in
Los    Angeles.     I'ai .    anil    Is laplilll |
The liiile sou of M> anil Ml. M
Johnson wns attacked wiih .cartel
lover some lime ago, and lasi week
Mis. Johnson and lire buy werr re
teased Irom quarantine
.1. R, Pollock was in lown one day
lasi week.       Hi. Pollock Bays   thai
Fernie is iu g I shape ami ihai ihe
prospivis mr ,, continual gniwlh is COAL AND PETROLEUM NOTICE
one ol ihe i-oinrg sons ul    Harry     Notico is hereby given that 1 iu
KlLl* '" !i™,~.!'082.1S.JSl^™J!?|l*wl    i" apply   io   the   llonorabh
jgar Diamonds
,a 2lbs Net.•
^Uiiali!v.oi.1|i.ifi|v   Ouironleetl.
Sold hvGrocersEveryyhcr.'t.
Grand Triuin|,hiil Chorus
tt.   Oflcrtoire—Adavio Oantablle .
lu.   Hymn—He Ever Llvelh . . Edson
11.   Hismissiil—Irf-fcbure Wely.
Cou I( aiunm""This"
Baptist church services next Sunday are of extra Interest. In Hie
morning Hie pastor wtil preach
jeii of the Huh is lo adfai.Ce tl,
tcrr»ts uf ihi* t-l.t it.. dislriel in
cvciy legiiiiiiiiie wai, ami a reprc-
senliuive nf the club Is lisiiing various purls of lhe dislriel now wilh
that ideii in view.
Bradley  A   Co.   believe  inore   Ihnn
■    iu' ihe benefits     lo he derived
morning Uie pastor will preach al',','' "J ''"".'"'"■'"s* io iu- derived
sermon entitled, "Au Ancient Lesson "."." ,".""'■''lsi|lR m Hie Herald. Thev
Willi a Moilern Application." and In " , '"' '"'"I1''' u*1"-."' 'he special
the evening Hie subject'will 1m', "An! ,_' " I'apcr sale anil us ., result ihev
Easter Message." 0<«d congicga- ',,,,,'s|"'sll,s "' a Iol of it, orders
lion*] singing, old times, bright set- ,,'" "K ",'"" ""' "' lown as u,.|| ,,s
vice, warm welcome. I iioel   I   }'" i        i  .' ""■' *""!'   "lis
A special programme of music will  ' '  ,    ,   ,""'   a shelf    worn   lot of
!«■ prc.seiil.sl by Hie choir. 11231,.   ".'.   I'"!"™."'!''  -'"' ■•''""laiil
H'-day. us a cniiipnrlsnu will,
vailing slides will deinonslral
JJ0",     »".«■"    J.     ll.   Byron's
"harming   comedy,   min,,. presentei.
Anally when lollowlng up the   cable
Rttfflern   by inn—Awake,     Mv Soul,   , .   ...     ■-.        , „- i,,™.,,
'Tis   Kaster Morn     Woodman '" W;'«iW'nih lunl! on Krlday even nn
(mertorv-The Lord's P^yer     I ApHI  30,  by    u,,.   Pernio    Onm-ffi
 Salter ™,1|l»'ii)'1 umler    tl„. suncrvi»iin   •_]
Antlitiii—Uliu-L Are These That Are   j JJ''** Mcflvoy, assisted hv Mr   Orw
ArraiiRfd.'   Stainer JJr'   frecbetto,   Mr. Spencer.     Mr'
Evening. 5f0"l,h;V(''   Mr- ^ury, Mr. heaven
Anlhetn-The Lord is Itlsen Inde,^   I }!1NS Alexander. Miss Swldabv   Mrs
  Chas. II. Oalirid  .(«"^n, and Miss .lohrist,,,,,..   for llu-
;.n,u-t«>es-"Nol    Kvery   I *«»« & the   Free   Reading Room
._   Saitb    t'irlo Ne," and    ' !* " '  f"W  Um dale,    Kridav <-v-n'
ked,    "Teach Me 0 lavrd   Heed   »W.   April  -llth,   |n    UVnivvoi ih hi
nd1 Aiillieni-"As it Re^un  In Dawn."     "'"' "f sealfl at    llaHti,.   &  Anl j
| (.'hiel    Commissioner of   Lands
serious   surgical oih.'I
Hon a few days awo.        The    Hub „ ...
eha|i is RoWlng along nicely and  vv ill Wotks and    Iti  tbe Assistant    lorn
soon be able to f?et  out  again Utissionct' ol  Lands and   \Vorks    for
James Kerrigan is making a    big thl' district ot Kast Kouini-ay tor
reputation  with   tbo acralwl  waicis Ueeuse  io-   prospect     for evial    and
be is maunlaeturIng these days,   The I'etiiHeum on ihe following described
(jualitv   of ihc priMucI   appeals to the   l^"d,  Mluaii^ on      Norlh-Kast   Michel
consumer to such an cxieul ibai ibe Creek, about seven miles nortb of llie
demand is inerenslng each wi-ck. i Canadian I'aeitle railroad, and lying
-our Boys," Wentwort-h hall, Kii-1 »^'"'H"! Mo luues group and north
lay evening, April 20tb, by Mr. m.-; ^„!ft &s JS*.?il88-^ °!K
day evening, A|i
Kvtiy  and conipany,  of  1*
bciii-'iit of Un* Cranhrook Vtve Head-.  ....
tut;    Room    and   Public     Utirary. I.,,;,,,,
Kierybody    come.      Plan of   seats
ai Hcittue A Atchison's.
The Cu-operat'Ivo .Stores have bail
a ureal sale of iron beds and springs
the past four weeks. They had
500 springs and over lim beds. That
was too hig a stock to carry, so
ihey made the price righl and started to advertise. As a result llm
stock is reduced in a normal condition, and next Saturday evening
lhe sale closes.
Speaking of railway rates, a gentleman who has been in fc.lkmo.ltli,
said that the Great Northern
charged P. McDonnell $iti for taking
a car of lumber from t-Jlkmoulh to a
point two miles up lhe track, and
toti for a car of brick from Nelson to
Klkmoutb. That is getting there
William Forrest, who is employed
hy tne Masscy-Harris ci.mp_any iu
Al'berta, in the sale of harvesting
machinery, was in town the oilier
day. Mr, Forrest says that bis
work will soon be over and then he
vvill come buck lo this illstrlet where
be has Interests that be desires to
l„ok after. This will be good news
in Mr. Fot rest's many friends here.
A number ni ihe leading spirits ot
fcJIko have united to give ib.it town
recreation grounds and have tormetl
an organization to he known as   Lhu
titio Itceii-alioii Club, with R.
Mill/ us president, The others prominent in the movement aie J Austin oti„ Hough, Charles Kltngen
s-iiriib and Mr. McKit. Ji is lhc intent ion in enclose grounds and have
ihem laid oft for baseball, football
and lacrosse, and clubs playing (licit-
will have free use ol tbe grounds at
any time. There is not a prcttiei
place in lhe Kootenavs iban fc.lko,
witb ils falls. lt is 'a mosl ile
light ful spot to spend a day ot a
Week, and is becoming more populai
each year as a summer re_.oil.
A man named Jackson, who has a
family in Sl. Paul, was latuilly iu-
jllUcd lasl Tuesday at Staples' mill.
He was turning a wrench crank
~' panv's   land,   being  jusl   north     and
llaVcnt  to Hutlcilield's and Martin's
ise licenses arc 2.UU1  and
2,0011  respectively,  then:
1. Comincncing at a post planted
out; mile norih of the noitii-east cur
ner of C, L. Butlerfield's claim, the
same being the initial post of Martini Corner's claim and marked Martha Corner's north-east comer,
Uience SO chains west, thence 80
ehains south, tbence Hti chains east,
tbence SO chains norlh to place of
'beginning, containing about CIO
Martha  Comer. Locator,
A. K.  Uaylund, Agent.
2. Commencing at a pnsl planted
at the noit'h-east couver of Martha
Corner's claim, the same 'being tlie
initial post ol W. J. Demorest's
claim and marked tt, J. Demorest's
north-west curncr, tbence HU chains
easl, tbence NO chains soulh, thence
Sll chains      wesl,      thenee    SI) chains
north to place of beginning, containing  aiu ut   BIO acres
W.  .1.   De-mores., Locator,
IV.   13.  tt'avlaml, Audit.
.1 Commencing at ,t post planted
ai ilu* noitb west corner of W, .1.
Demorest's claim, ihc same being the
initial posl of T. .1 Demorest's
claim, and marked T .1, Demorest's
suutli-west corner, ihence 80 chains
east,  thence mi chains north,  thence
SH eh.mis v.esl, ihenci Ml chains
south   t-o plaee of beginning,  contain
ing ahout nm acres,
'l'. .1   DemoresI   Locator,
A.   h.    ttavland,  Agent.
I Commencing at a post planieil
at T. .1. Demorest's south-west cornel, the same being the initial posl
of Kmilv Corner's elaim and marked
Kuril)     Corner's smilh-easl    cornet,
ihenee SU ehains west, Ihenee Mt
chains north, tbence su ehains east,
thence  Sll   eliains  soulh   to   place     oi
■rteginuingi     containing    nbout     Bifl
Kmilv Corner, I.oe t,
A    K   ttaclaiul. Agent,
ulely to tt'yelifi'e, and found lhc
t'tv bail condition with
fi, Oommenehig at a post ono
,. * ... . 1V . mile north of Kmilv Corner's north-
s«w when his hand slipped oil and VV(.S.| ,.„-■-,.,, ,|ie s-atiie being the
lhe eiank siniek lhc iinioiiuiiatc man i^ii.j.,, -lus., ,lf ,, H irempbtll'.s
on the head jusl above the righl loin-! cltriui .md marked .1. II. Hemphill's
pie. rendering bim uiicoiisolotis. Dr.' north-wesl corner, fbenee su chains
Collin was called and went immtNll-. HOulli, ihence SO chains east, ihenee
m'l»jSii chains norih, ihence so chains
  'ra,c*: west  to place of beginning, contnin-
    ._  lhc skull,    llial   afteniOOIl the   j|1L,   ah-,,ut   mo  acres
patient' was brought  in tbe hospital'
and operated upon as the only chance
of saving his life, and   Ihal     was   a
slim one.   The operation showed that l    i;    Commencing al  a post planted
tbe   skull   was fractured imm     the ^ j. n. Hemphill's north-west cor-
temple to a point above and hack uf   npr,   ihe same being  the initial post
lhc car, an injury that  meant     that1,,! I!. {!.  Belden's obi
the man was virtually dead when he  j^.   {	
•I. If.  Hemphill.. Locate
A. K. ttayland, Agent.
fill  un.
m and marked
.i. u, upHien s sontb-west corner,
iisttioiis. A short time after tbnice su chains east, thence SU
thc o|ieration the man. died Without chains north, tlu-nce SU chains west
regaining consciousness. The remains thence su chains soutli In place of
were setil to Si. Paul this altoi'tioon.: begifiniing,     conliiiuing    about     010
Mrs.  ,1.    Fenton  lefl  yesterday for   actes.
her former home iu Ottawa, and   a
large number of friends were al the
station to say good-bye.      Mrs. Fen-
ttui has resided in Crfinbrook for the
II. 0. Hnldeti, Loealor
W    K.   tt'uyland,  Agent.
Commencing at  a nr-sl  nlfintnil
pasl    year    and   during i Inei    lim.' aiboiil; ono mile wesl of a no nfabout
bad niadc many frlcmls w egroHcl   Uvu miles norlh of It.   (i   \\£n\
her departure.     .Mr. Ken I spools norlb-wesl    corner,   lbe same being
lo return to iniuwu within a few | the Initial post „( \ *.• lulvkffi
weeks ami he may remain there pei- I'laini and marked A.' !•:' WavS's
inaiiently Kor several years Mr. nmih-ivcsi cornor, Micnro 80 Xln.
Kenton has been living iu Hiis dis- east, thenee sn eliains sou.! ,.1™
llie.   first  us a repnintiuive ol ,1,.. 80    cbains    ivcs-l.  th™*,    ''sli    ba ™
I    I'   It., lind lale,  as a  inner   ul   north  lo place of beginning   contain"
H melal stall of Hie Kasl  Ko.,1.--  ing ahoul mil acres cuni.un-
nai  Luillbor c«npuny.     Nearly evervi A.   13,   Wavland.  I ut„r
one in Hie disliii-l  knows John Ken- -	
'""• and il w.,1 diilieuli i„ iimi .J    «    Commencing nl  ,. posl   nl.,	
mui, who would lllllllll Hun he was 'U 15 t W„ilu,i,l\ uiiill, w.-I, ' ,
|,balg|.|i'H|.|i«an,.s incniy. If be leaves ner, thc saiiie |„.i„K Uie Inilial n,,m
(raiifcrook permanenlly lie will leave "I ,\, r. Ilompblll's claim nul mark
a large circle of friends who wnuld <il A. ('. Hemphill'. n...i.|,-™s, ,*,.-
have preferred io hale s n him re- nei. ihei  so ohains wesl, Micncc kii
main in this l_i.slii|.|
ehains' south, Micncc KII chnlns easl,
llienee sn   chniiis norlh. to place  of
lioglttlltng,       eoltlniliilig    ilhlllll       nil)
Noliee is hiiehy given Ui.,1  thirty' \   C   llciniihlll   l.ucalor
days aflei  dale we Intend tu apply| A   E. Wnyland   .'thi    '
tu the Chief Commissioner  of Lamls —— '
and Works ai Victoria, fm a special     !l   Coroi dug al  a post  nianlcd
license  lo   eui   and curry  uwuv  lim-  al.  A,  |.\   HcmpbHI's nu theis    ,'  ,
ber fiom off lhe   following described  '"'t.  the snmn being ihe iniiiil nost
lands iu South Kast Koolenay: "I P. IV. Il,-iii|ih,irs h ,in,  ,,,,| ,,,,,.
Ciimmenclng al a posl planieil at ed K. Vi. Ilein|ililll's si,uiliH.asi cor-1
he noith-casl corner of tin- lie.,, tier, Hienec sn ihains norlli Hienre'
C'nrlor limit, license Nn. 0541, lhc,,',. 80 chnlns wesl, ll,,",.!. s„ , ams I
iiiiuiiiig sll chains east,  ihence   um-  suuih, llieiiee   ,su   rhains   easl      t,,
ning KU chains norih, Ihence running  pliu f lieglnuiug, enntalnlni 'about
bains west,  ihenee running    sn nm acres,
s soutli to point  of commence- !•'.  Vi.   Hemphill   Locator
""'"i* I A. 13. tt'nylnnd, Ageiil
Hated Ibis Olh day of April, An,1 -^       b
11,00 ,,  „  „ l   1°   Commencing n| „ p   , p)llnte(|
11. H. Boss, lal  I.', w.  Hemphill's, south-east cor-
■los. W. Itoss. ,(,,| net. the same being lhc inilial   post,
'   "' H*  ''.*  Heldeii's claim and markid
CITY TENDERS. II.     E. Belden's south-west   corner
thenw KO chains   north,  tbrace    Kii
"v f/*o
X--, PHIIM: 57 <J
^"    HAY AND GRAIN     <fo
Wo iilwuvH Imvo nil llliinl a luruo stiu'k uf liratcliiKH quality,
Wa ore luataflit.fi tho Intoal umcliinory Hi coiio with ourtrc
iiimiilniiH Bauaogu trail,.. At riroaout ne un- Belitng one-half ton
per weak ot ilu* most palutonlilo aauinge Oraubrook oltiwua
linn* taatod,
The iio-v ili.|i,'irtiiii'nt tn imr Inisiiii-uii is ilu- fuiuottfl
urc BullliiK ns fust uh llii.y i.m In* enroll.
Vmi will receive attention .tml civility fi* ill our euiploywa
4* 4*
I Big Wall Paper Sale
4* *
4* This sale will continue until 4*
* every   roll   of wall   paper is *
S cleared out. *
We are giving up the *
Wall   Paper   business, *
and beginning flonday,
April 2nd., we will
Sacrifice Our
Complete Stock
of Wall Papers. Room Mouldings, Dado Mouldings and
Plate Rail. These goods must
F. J. Bradley & Co.
Painters and Decorators
4> 4*
•***'***************lii'**'***'*V1|f ^i^i
, ii i
II. 1
. ,1,
< 1.1
,.i •
. ,i i
, ...
. ,. .
, ,i .
, ,. '
, H ,
, .1 i
i .. .
■ ...
, ,.'
20.000  ACRES
nl tlnk very pick uf tlio selected IiuuIh in lln- lieiitiltfiil IContejiny
Valley, Eiwt Kootcimy, li. ('.. oxtenilitifj from Ountil Hut tu
Elko, mc offered for .<.ik' ut from #;t tu $h> \n:r new.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
Tins lauds present every feature nf usefulness, Itmliiilliig iim
bored benches, brushy flats, marsh, imilrlii ami meadow, Tin'
tirimhy tints, inarah ami meadow litiula consist of deep, black
liuiui; tlie bench luini bolitK a Biuuly loam, eplondldly iula|iteit
for fruit culture. Whi-n- inijaiiuii nmy bu iieresHiiiy un llm
benches, water cau Ih-IiihI from llm inounlalti creeks Ilnwiliu from
the Rookies Into tlie Kitoletmv river. Tin' lnmls ura f u I ly surveyed and some of lln1 lAts davo Imioii sub-illvliletl Into leitcoil
fartiiK uf about HI) acres I'ltrh.
The pureliftse priri' will include llm limber, which can In1 sold
by the purchaser without any liability to tpiverumenl ni other
royalty. Thotlmher will in many cases more than ruallne thu purchase price, ami will In all uasiwuialurlally rucoun the amuum iu
vested, Ugscaiihoilrlvoiioiiihu Koolemiy river, nhloh tmirh
i'h overy lm huvi' one. Tin* main wittfon mud tliroihfli t iu valley
piiHH.'H over or close tn ouch lm, unit the pnuinsoil Kmle my (Jen
tml railway will parallel the wagon road, Tlm 0, I'. It. Ih quite
convenient in tin. lauds,
Fm lurther particulars apply in
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
^.^-H^^-|■^-H-l 111 ll-ht HI I 11 H I lll-llllllll-H-lt'l-l-
ll.lllinillllllilllltl lltHlltlllllllllllll;
Hj The Cosmopolitan |
Heed'.'"n's    Tickets 7_c. anil tl liu.
reiulers   will bio-receiveil hy     the chains easl,  thence Kb chains''snut'h
umlernleneil up to noon on Tuesday, thence SO ihains wesl In place of be-
"    'lib ot April,  iiiiiii, lm* haling Binning, containing about Ml) acres
inisoiiers.     Particular!! will be sup- 11,  I-:   Bolilcn   l.m'alo,
hi-  pli.il at thc city offices \. E, Wnyland, Agent.'
3-2, C. H. Prest, City Clerk. 3-6t" • "
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
ii i ii HI ii i 11 iiiiii n iii i ih i ii iiiii iii»


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