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Cranbrook Herald Oct 19, 1905

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 J.,0*'4* *)
i... ;,„'•' '..i...„
' 'I'll
"•'   Ur
YOI.UMK   8.
Paid-up Capital. $8,700,000 Reserve Fund. $3,500,000
H. K. WALKER, General Manager       ALEX. LAIRD, __ Oen'l Manager
$5 and under  , -, , frts
Over $5 uud not exceeding *tu... .     6 cents
"    *"">       " " $30    ....   10 eenln
"    "JO       " " S5U IS ,,,,i.i
Thus Orders are I'liyuhlc ul l'i„- ai an, ofllco in I nun,la „t ,, i honored Bank
IVukon excepted), mid ui ib.- principal banking p, -. i„ the United Suites,
They lor,,, un excellent method of remitting sniiiil sums nf mouey
.villi sat.-ty ami iii Milan cost.
F. C. MM.I'AS, Msr.
n Ui
I        . s
J      Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al- _
J lowed from date of deposit at highest  current rates and *
I compounded half yearly. $
9 A,
I   s
J I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
\ ************************ HI.,.! **************** **
9jf>9m __ _*Q
We  have some |
Cottages j
*       on easy terms.      There ti no necessity to pay rent.        a
I        OWN YOUR HOME.   Jf y.m haven't enough mon-        J
ey we will loud it to you
Baker Street. Cmubmok, British Columbia
iiin- ol the mo ■ ';.'.":.. .■.■..
n i.n u thr extent ol oars derailed,
.m.i ibe mo it foi ■ nate fai a ■
■■-■ i". '. thc pi ■ •■!■ ■ •!■ .ii- i
lasl Saturday morning one mile west
. i .i.u.i.i- . n il, c P R Tbe
, i ■ i. -.   Was turning   a
curve "ii mi otubankiiicnl   neai      the
i... i   Ko tew |   Lumbei    i ompauy'i
i nut B 10   when nil tbe people
on Uie train lelt Lbs bumping ol Un
wh ;t lbe Ui        i i lent lat-
fi, .uui ii,e pa   ei. .1   lu Um pullmao
i. r  ibe   cai   iwaj Ing   an i   then    it
imm .1 ovi i,   Ute >-mii.inhini ut   being
lii.l    enough tu   pcrmii   il to lli   ou
il. ...ir -.Ith Mn' rool below      A» it.,
i .ii   : ii in.i, ihr u.u I,, ni nearly    ail
Uu. couches were plowing through im
miii dirt ul ii,.- grade, and just u    h.
t i.i in  ii.i.i   lost Its momentum,    one
'i.u .iii.i   another,    begiuulng   with
Um sloepei  lurued Blowlj  and gi utl)
ovei and dropped lo real on the side
uf Lhc grade,   leoviug Superintendent
Erlckson's cai u. the reai and    the
engine in front   stand tug.     Nalurall)
Um passengers were punic-stricken lui
a   minute ui two, and the cries     oi
I fright    mtngled   with lhe crash     <->i
broken   glass and   contusion oi   Uie
people created pandemonium.   Uui  il
was only iui a lew   minutes.      Tbe
j inmates of Uio different cars boon saw
Uiat there   was   nu further   danger,
and those wliu bad escaped any    Injuries turned   tu assist others    less
fortunate.     Amobg those badly cul
were  Mr.    and   Mrs.   A.   McBride,
ui Calgary, parents oi J. ti. McBride,
ut   thia   city,     lioi-n   had sustained
severe cuts and bruises, and Mrs. Mo-
Bride had sustained a severe shock a.*,
well.    *bhe was the only uut; unable
iu walk, and had to bv carried uu  a
llUtet   when    the special   sent    [torn
I Craubrook tu cany   the local   physicians ot the railways company, Uts.
I King and Oreen, to tlie scene oi   Ute
j disaster       and     bring     passengers,
t mail and express to Cranbrook, arrived.       Ueotge   Bazzard,     oi   liamil-
ton,      was      badly       bruised     au4
slightly cut, and he was taken to the
St. Kugene hospital, where te is uow
under treatment, and is dumg nicely.
I Al. Doyle received au ugly cut ou Uie
1 right cheek aud a bad contusion be-
1 ne*in the right eye.    T. M. Roberts
i was cut   on one   leg and is slightly
lame   in   consequence.    W. 11. Ualli-
ber, M. P., and   C. ti. McNab   were
I salting In the smoking apartment oi
the sleeper  when  the accident   happened, and both   escaped without    a
scratch.       Mr.   Uallllier  said    that
wmk- Uie cai was turning, each wondered how many limes tt wuuld tutu
before   it   stopped.       Gordon Small
was .ii the first-class conch but   was
,,.; hurt.    T. Martin, ol the C. I'll, was* in the sleepct and be     gui
oft without any injuries.   .Mrs, Suuih,
daughter oi Mr. Maycock, was slightly cut about the lace,
The    special     roached   Cranbrook
buying .i watch-    Tin
epp our j-iins  and
3CC am mil n   tinn
bafore you buy.    We
have a complete stock
tu show  you.     .*     .'
macCaSlum $
...out  11.ilu,   and
an K .11-
*     _&?%>>>   1>ow tlbout H IClatcb 1
!___..,' ^    ,
A small price ti not money saved when  ^-v     i
ymn a  wmui.       i tn imi   .L,.,   ,,-.    v..    >iy
honest wear and correct  time-keeping la Era
thc true test ol value    W« hav< built up m
a reputation for reliable watcnei and  we y^
ya  Intend to k«p it by telling only thcdepcnable knul. Our stock ^
JS?   comprises allillC reliable makes. ,>)j
I W. H. WILSON,   S.aS iNS|
and as there weie about une
:i Cranbrouk people on board,
rally considerable alarm was
lira ted Tho through passengers
* taken to the Cranbrook hotel
dinner, and a train mode up and
eyed them to Kootenay Landing,
Ing Cranbrook at 3.30
e wrecking train bad foui of Uio
lies on the rails bj Sunday oven-
.m.i the othvi two were righted
Vedm udftj night. Mi Eager has
in personal charge ol tbe wreck
pushed the work lo gol 11 cleared
is soon as possible
perlutendenl Erlckson who was
il.ii failed in nun over,
was kept busy looking aftei the wel-
■ait- ol the Injured passengers, and
rcci Ived tlie thanks ol all foi his
com krous a Men Uon an I strenuous
efloi ta to relieve them In ovei y way
Considering the nature ol the accident, ilini- was comparatively little
damage done, only the Blcepci and
diner being Injured to any extent
Conductor Becker was in oharge of
the train, and I), Murphy in the engine, und  M. Mel*'inland firing.
Mi Bazzard is still confined to the
hospital, but is recovering. Mra
A. McBride Is also in thr hospital,
and is getting alung nicety.
Nelson News:   For Ave yean    Um
government "i British Columbia has
been entiUed   to a '■-■ j i onsl • i tble
:■-.- .. .■'.    ;,..•     ■:...-   cent   ol    wtl
bit ii ei-lU-i ted      Kvt-i f  bl (wet v     In
•:, • ;■:■ lira '■   ■.-'. i -'■•
■• incial llcen *  i In ■■ 1900
Tia dlscovsrj U the result    I    tl ■
finding ol -"^li   Justu e li ■ ing
down yesterday In Uie ca      .:■..:
petl ■•' a ■■:• v..i from .. flm hup k '■
I .  *..    itipeodlarj  '..:.-,.• tats
\   Uu Judgm.iii La be ci on a de
. i. ■■[ the {udielal * mun itlM ". Uie
privj   council in an    Identical case,
t-bere ta;. be no d< tbt that th • u.m
ptvtatii o ■ : 'i.i  • \. iting   aw
:.. '
i'n Sept«mbei I i iutormallor w.t-
. .: against Ji cph S'ridei Ladl,
brewci, ol Moyh , i"i sellln ■ Ii [uoi
-■ ■;... it tl in-, ii i', in (j lontttiea ol
less than two Imperial , i 11 in . that
ii ol doing a retail trade 1 he case
was heard bj J. V, \rmstrong, il
Cranl ti ok, stipi inliury magistrate.
Ncideisludl did not deny the sale,
bui attempted to justifj it un the
ground tliat lie had a llctnso from
ilie Dominion government. He was
lined $50 wnh iho option u\ two
mont-hs' imprlsonmtnt,
Appeal was token mi his betalf by
I'd) iur l\ u sh.',L. by application foi
writ uf certiorari. The application
was heard in Nelson hy Mr. Justici
Irving. I'he case waa abiy argued
by James u'Shea tor the appellant
and ti, s. la niiii-, un tlie provincial
ite argument resolved itself miu an
tSSUU da   iu   ua-    I'lg'Ut ui   Uie piovui-
utal legislature io reymre a liteusu
toi ihe sale ui au article, the uiauu*
locture ui which was uuuiorUed uy ui
ucuuse iiuui the Uuiiuuiuu gu>uin
meul.     u    waa i|uiie eieat  iu juugi
AHA LUUlloe-l   Uial il a llCtUSU CUUlU  lie
rou,uired   iui retail uade, it     cuutu
aiou uu leijiuua uu  nuuiesale itaae.
me ease a mac led much utU-Uuun
UirougllOUt   Uie ptu'iiiee and   ll     Wai
generaii) uuuersioc-u i^ai the brewers mterest generally was supporting NeiUersttuit iu his appeal.
.so aHeliipl Uas IkcIi UiUvlU u> lhe
plOeiUCtal   ^.clUmenl   lo   COlieUL   Uo-
uuses Irom brewers uuing only a
wholesale business, u tue act ui
uuu were u.id to be intta Ules, u
was ubwuus utiai such a license could
-Aai wuatu be demanded, ana must bu
iue judgment ui Mr. justice Irwng
vvas received by ihe local reglstrai
yesterday,     ihe full text is a*,    lol-
"iu my opinion this application
must 'be dismissed un Up auUiority
ui ibe ease ui ihe Brewers and Malt-
eis Association ui Ontario against
ite attorney-general of onunu, la's,.
"Under subsection a oi section i'i
ui Uie Uuiish Nuith America Act,
the provincial legislature has powei
tu require a brewer, Uuly licensed aa
sucb by the Duiuiiiiun governmenl,
tu lake uui  a license, uuuei the pi_-
vtueial    Statute,    lu sell   intuMcaung
liquor manufactured by such brewer.
I'he abuve mentioned ease is su much
on all fours with tin.-, ease that n
ni iu me only necessary to call
attention io the decision rendered by
the judicial committee iu the appeal
taken by the Brewers an.l Malters
Association ui Uniariu undei Uuj
onuuo Act.
"It may seen anomalous that brewers should be licensed tu carry un
Uio Hade of brewing, and at tlie samo
time be subject to tie provincial legislature; but with ihat Uiu uouri ia
not concerned. The statute under
which Un* conviction was made being
intra vires, the conviction must bo
That's the point when it comes to buying jewelry
Silverware, Cut Glass, Oak Ware or anything
carried in an up-to-date Jewelry store. When
you buy from us, you ate sure of getting the
best that money can buy. We have just opened
a nice line of Oakware in biscuit jars, Butter
Dishes, Trays, etc , and will be only too pleased
to show them.   *   **   **   **   **   **   **   •*
Wm. F. Tate & Son,  TOmomoiii
Offioial  Watch Impm-tora, Orowa  Nest l'uaa Division, 0,   I'.   R,
F. E. Simpson, manage!' anil i-dilor
of thc Herald, and A. S. Bennett, for
several years his assistant, will start
I the publication of the Lethbridge
Herald about the first ot next month.
Mr. ilennctl will have personal charge
.of the Lethbridge paper, and M. 1)
Hillinirs, who has been Willi the Old
Man (or lhe past lour years in Cran.
brook, will be in charge o( the '.'ran-
; brook Herald, while thc Old Man
will have   general   editorial   supcrvl-
! sion of both, and keep his eyes on the
finances of the two Heralds,
Special for   Friday   anil Saturday
A line ol suils-the "Celebrated 20th
DELANEY      USES]      A      SLICK
W li Wilson, jeweler, ol this ci'y
baa been getting su much advertising retvntly over tin* McKee cas ■
thai hta ' re is getting ralhei too
well kuowh Tuesday evening a su -
plcioua iliaia.;u*i was sit-ii bunging
around Uie store and standing in the
tmall alleyway between Wilson's
ttore And the Manitoba hotel lining
Uii. un  was   Informed ul  Uiis    and
telephoned lot  Constable Baron, wlm
went up dt ouee and saw a '.ad im*
itaiiou ul a "coon" coming out il tho
alleyway.     Baron followed his   man
and got him at tlie fool of the . i.ur-
wa> ui the   Manitoba hotel.     Iu addition   to   lhu usual clothes   allotted
he   ordinary   male,   this une   had a
oat of black grease paint ovei    his
and.-, and face and a vicious looking
frowning automatic revolver In    bis
|;ocket, whieh the Constable al once
transferred   to his own for its safer
pin-;,  and   handed him   in return
up-to-date pair ol bracelets of the
; m.i that tan uuly be taken oil witl
hey.    The man nu arrival al    tbo
HJkup nave his name aa Charles Ik
tliey, and on washing lus Uee.    was
..cognized   by Baron as   Carl Oscai
oluison, whu had been arrested    in
.inly, LUUI, for bunt; an habitual [roller ul certain houses in thu re-
.ted district.
instable Baron after locking up
his man went back tu Wilsons store
.uid lumid that a hole had been dtil-
v-d ihiuugli the casing near Uiu win-
tow Hum the alleyway and uuuu^n
,iua huk- was slicking a lung piece ol
aa) wire with a small croos un lbe
jiid, Ihia was iui huuKliig thi I
•rings iium the show ease In lhe wm
.luw and pulling Uicm through Un
Uelaney was brought before J. V,
A i uis u uu^, b Upendiary wagis t ra t e,
-in Wednesday and tne evtuenue 01
u. u. Wilson, Kred Patton and Con.
iiabie.Baron was beard and ue pris*
jiiei eumiuiikid lur trial, an-i lelt lur
-.'•eruw in the atturuuuu iu eharge ui
ijbiuf (.oustdble MeMullin.
v.oiisiauie tuK-ii is to uu commend
ed iui. in-' prumpiuess iu this anair.
-i:♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 040044 >«-»**v*«-»«**»+**
like all other goods manufactured by the H. B. K. Co.
are guaranteed to give satisfaction, There are NO
FIRMS In Canada or the U. S. who surpass, and
very few that can equal the goods they make with
those ol ihe H. B. K. Co.
In buying their goods
you get a full dollars worth
for a dollar because they
make honest goods and are
net afraid to guarantee
(Vancouver Wurld.j
Cranbrook is on the ovo ul Incorporation. This move has been under
consideration for sume tlmu, and now
iis actual euiisiiiiiiii.ilmn seems virtually beyond doubt. Cranlorook is
a glowing luun whose virtues aie
loudly snug in eloquent praise by two
blight papers, and its elevation to the
status ui au Incorporated burgh will
bo welcomed by ovary section ui the
province as a lurthei substantial indication oi the progress li. C. is making. While the great Northwest is
going ahead by leaps and bounds,
British rulun.iua in comparison seems
to be kept iu tho shade, but still the
title ol immigratiuu that is flowing
this way is steady, even if it has not
yel assumed the proportions of a lading torrent. As the months go by,
a healtiy line of provincial towns is
steadily growing In prominence anl
importance, so Uiat ere long this
province is bound to have a prosperous, well populated bell all nlung the
existing lines of transportation.
Tilt. NEW JL'UUt:.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦»♦.•»»♦   *
With every twenty-five cent p.(r:hise (magazines, etc., excepted) we will give away one
bulb, Hyacianth, Narcissus or Tulips.
These bulbs are worth from 5 to 15 cents each.
First come, first choice.
All Mail Orders received by us are rushed.
V, L. Wilson, of Nelsou, has been
appointed juige ior the new judicial
district oi bast Kootenay.    'lne -Nei-
juu .News give iuc lOllOWlUg SkotCh ui
jtidbe Wilson:
teier t.u..aid Wilson was bum at
Dunu Head, buncue county, Ontario,
uu llle life in ol August, lb i _. lie receive a his early tsiueauuii in the pun
ue and high schools 01 his native UO.
in iasu lie entered 'loruuto University Hutu Which he graduated iu io~o
.viUi tue degree ui B.A. ana lust
i.la">s hunuis.
lie eutcrod Us^uude Hall at once to
n.-gui thc studj oi law. lu \Mia lie
luun bn, LL.o. degree from the Toronto Lnlveiulty again with hrst-cluss
iioiiurs. '1 he next year, lsutj, he
graduated from Lhu law school, winning tlie gu.d medal iui lus year.
iIn- old province ui Uniatiu being
then, as nuw, too well provided with
learned counsel. Air. Wilson resolved
iu locale in British Columbia. He aimed in Nelson in the fall of IBUU,
and entered the othce oI*tt. A, Galliher, wuh whom la* formed a partnur-
•diip as souii as he was called to Uie
u.u ui iiii* province.
In lltuu he beiame city sollcltot ul
Nelson, which posllion he bas niied acceptably and creditably to the pro-
sent time.
liis appointment to thu county
court bench will necessitate bis early
removal (rum Nelson to Cranbrook.
His friends, and the citizens generally, will sincerely t'egret bis dopnrture,
while approving ui the recognition ui'
lus iiH'iu and ability.
.seen yesterday afternoon Mr. Wilson said he lad not formed any definite plana yel. lie will gu tu Kast
Kootena) early in tin- week tu hunl
lus lir.it Bess ion ul ihe euunty comi
at Cranbrook. He docs nut expect
tu leave Nelson permanently, iui several weeks at least.
Do you want electric light fixtures
oi shades'' If so call at uur olllce
before next Friday, the 27th inst,
aud let us include what yuu want,
with an order we intend sending fur
a large shipment of fixture.** fur delivery early in December. By letting
us have your order  before  the -Tih
For our new spring delivery of wall
papers and in order to make room wo
must clear out our slock on band and
for Uie next 30 days we are going to
give away wall papers at cost. We
' live a large variety to select    from
j instant, we will be able to give yuu
the benefit of the difference saved lu
(freight off the price of Uie fixtures.
|   Cianbrook Electric Light Co , Ltd.
Century     Brand"—from     $5.00     to land our goods are all new.     This is
$12,50.    Although last year's   goods i a rare chance lo secure new and up-
they   are a   genuine bargain.—Hill   A; to-datc wall papers at cost.
.Co. I P. *'■ Bradley A Co.
Special for Friday and Saturday.
A line of suits—the "Celebrated 2Uth
Century Brand"—from $5.00 to
$12.50. Although last year's goods
they are a genuine bargain.—llill A
It Will soon be here and you will need that
I cary the largest stock in East Kootenay to
pick from.    Drop in and see them.
P, S,   All kinJs <>i ammunition.   Mail orders promptly lilled
___ er
J        f  V       *
tf A BARGAIN IN 1       X
Cranbrook Real Estate
A 2 storey frame plastered building on Hanson Avenue. Installed
with electric light and water connection, price $1300 on very easy terms
of payment. Apply ^ ^ *£
Arnold &  Roberts
Real Estate Agents
Phone 99     Cranbrook, B. C.
■   and
o'i as
(Fiom Tie Fernie Ledger.)
li. (I. MolUtt i^ at lbe coasl having a guod tune visaing Iriends.
,1. H. MeMullin is away taking the
two unfortunate crazy men to the
asylum at the coast.
Tlm Work un -Mr, Ksibwi^'s new
hotel ha-s been going right ahead as
though nothing had happened, and he
expects to be at. home in it iu a few
Mr. li. ti. Henderson relumed to
town yesterday. He reports g-*>d
crops and good times in Ontario. He
will rema-ln will, ns until his new
building ti completed.
Julius   Hurel, lormerlj'   proprietor
ot Uie Morrissey   hotel at Morrisscy.
is buildin-i an   hotel  at  Mn!
will remove t-o ihat  place as
hi_i new building   is rendj   i
Kather Mersoner litis receive
er letter Irom Father Coccola who i;
now at, Stuart's Lake Mission. Hi
has been making journeys on fool t«
outlying sintions, sometimes travel
ling • (. [ifj|L-.s in a day.
Mi. A. Leiteh, president ol tin* East
Kootenay Lumber t'o., was ii
oi ty yesterday. Mr. Leiteh
piuiieer saw null man of Kasl
nay and has been al it so loi
he can't steep well out oi hearing ot
tin,* buii. saw.
The Klk Kivet Liuubci company
received the lirst ehupie, tor loss bj
lire of their mill, yesterday. It Was
from the Scottish I mon and was lor
$1,1)57.10, being tin: lull amount allow^! b) the adjustct on the policy
Issued by that company.
Iii. Corsan returned home from
Nelson uu Monday evening after an
absence ui ten Ua>.s, most oi .vlmn
tune he spent in tin- ■s'olid comfurt oi
a quiet rest, -The Br. luuk.s well aim
feels lil lot duly uuce mule, lie reports things in general to be rather
quiet in Nelson at present.
Hev. J. !\ Westman, pastor of the
Methodist cburcb at CraulirouK took
liev. liubson s place in lhu Methodist
church hero last .Sunday nu ttie occasion uf the anniversary services.
Un Monday night he lectured to a fair
sized audience in uit* church, 'Hie title
oi his discoursu was "You're ll," auu
he gave his hearers a pleasant huui
oi outertaimnuul. Mr- tti-siuiaii is
"It as a Iw-tuiei aim we will be
pleased to beat him again,
Mr. aud Mis. Thomas rtJielan oi Uie
jNapan.-e. arrived huine last Katurda)
moining. Mrs. VVhelau hail laUier a
serious Uuie of ll dunng her sojourn
iu old Ontario, nut ber many friends
in town are gla<i to have her baea
wiih them again. Sin: has almosi
i'-onipk"U'.y recovered irom her illness. Tom, well Tom looks as
though he will pull Uirough the coming winter wiibuut surlous trouble u
the weather i.-, mil too severe. Tht-.
Napauee looks inure like home nuw.
W. ff, TutUe has leased his Hoyai
hotel property lo two well known
Kernle buys, Charley Laderuuto and
Charley JJavey. Die lease runs Ioi
two years and tin.- hoy.-, look possession Monday evening. Thi''. are advertising a formal opening on Salui-
day, and everybody will lie met wiih
Uie "glad smile" and the open liainl
ot welcome. Tbe new linn have tie
good will of tile lat-e proprietor ami
may confidentially look for a mil
ttJiaie ul patronage in their line. Mr.
Tuttlu's .retirement fiom active con
necUun with the Koyal hotel takes
from tbe. ranks of hotel keepers the
oldest and most widely known ui
Fernie's numerous lafidloids. The
Koyal hotel iu the old day.1* ol Fer
nie will Jong be. remembered by Lhe
travelling public an one of the green
hitsis oi the travelers desert, Mr.
Tuttle is at present iu rather deli
cat.* health and a rest from active
business is a necessity rather than a
choice. He takes wlUi him to private
lift* the &OU.1 wishes of many friends
wlw ItojK! to sea bun back in Uiu
harness us ol old in the near future.
Mr. 0. L. Boynlon, manage! of
Uie Klk Lumber compauyi returned
last week from a tup t*u the loasl
where hr bad -one In search of material t-o be used in the construction
of a new mill on lhu situ of lhu one
l-utaliy destroyed by liie. lie ba.s
been engaged in working out plans
and speeilieai'ioiis for a new mill almost cicr since the lire and left for
Si. Vaul over the Great NorUicrn
Monday to consult with his directors
aud to make final decisions as to size
and capacity of thc mill which is to
be built as rapidly as possible, 'lhc
new mill will be of not less -apaeity
than 75,000 feet per day of in hours
ami may lie as large as the first one.
If Mr. Boynton's recommendations
are aduptwi by bis board, lhe mill
will be practically tin-proof, covered
with corrugated iron ou all sides:
with steel frames and cement floors
(From the Free 1're.ss,)
The new Coal company office building is making rapid progress these
days. The roof is now being put on
and the archiU-itttral design of tte
structure as a whole is now discern
ible The contractors have hojie
that the building will be in reodiucss
r occupancy bv Christmas.
Michael I'm lie, oi Klkmoulh, was
brought   to     the   Kernie  hospital     on
Wednesday, suiter ing from an attack
f typhoid fever,
Tic city jail is emptier now than
at any lime dunng the past man)
his, only one prisoner being incarcerated th. ih*.
I. t>. Cordon, customs collector al
Gateway, accompanied by Mrs. Gordon, eame to Feinie on Monday even
.ng, returning Tuesday morning.
Mr. A. Milton brought in a line iloci
from Cranbro-ok on Tuesday. Mr.
Milton drove out ot Cranbrook a few
miles early in ihe morning and Was
back with tii.s d.vi by noon. Ilo saw
nine deet ftttogother.    He wounded a
second but Was unable in gpl it,,
Hobert Jaffray, Col. Henry M.
ivitait, vice-presidents; t'. 0. Ballon ami Thomas Walmsley, directors,
oi ihi- Crows Nest I'ass Coal company, will arrive in Fernie on the
morning of the doth, and it is expected they will spend some time here
looking over the company's proper*
i les
Messrs. Hi..I.y Brothers lute received tin' I'l-niiact for two targe
hotels at I.ilie and Bellevue from the
West Canadian Coal company. These
hotels will be similai in structure to
lhc large hotel at Michel. The eon-
tractors e-.-n-ei to pui on a big force
in older to have the work well under
way before the cold weathel sets In.
K. Wildman went down to Lille on
Tuesday to get the work tuning. This
hotel will be built first
Mr. Workman, the night uperatoi
at the V, V. H. depot, was lately removed to Cranbrook and at the present time there is no night operator
This is an unfortunate condition of
affairs and no doubt will lie remedied
as early as possible. Mr. Barclay,
the agent at lhe up town oflice, obligingly remains at his oflice in lbe
evenings an hour or two longer than
In- is required, but urgent messes
may often ti' delayed several lu.urs
under the present .system.
he means of losing an aim. While
Hunting, he fell iu such a way tliat
lit- tnuule of his gun came in contact with his lefl arm. At thu
-.amc instanl ihe guu was iu sotne
iiiaime! discharged. The whole of the
aim below the elbow was teartullj
mangled and the bone shattered. Dr.
O'Uagan whu is ai tending Kosse
hope., lu save the arm but is not at
all certain uf being able lo du su.
lla. C 1'- Hills gave an at home
Thursday last at theii [interest residence.
A uiou'iuetil bas been started at.
I'inehel   Creek    lo   incoipoiale      lh.it
place- It is likely the project will
materialize beloro lung.
Overseei Becbe, of Blairmore, has
been engaged the lasl lew ilays grading the mad tu Frank. it would be
a good thing if Frank could spend a
little money on ibis town's portion uf
lbe toad
R, W Julius ton, night uperatur al
tic station, received the sod news
this week uf the death of his broUi-
,i, ,i I). Johnston, at i.a Ouajra,
South America Mi Johnston was
male of a steamci and in some man-
nel   fell down a hatch and was killed.
Th.- electric Ugh
company is    run-
ilng tb.' wires in
o Blairmore     and
Ibat  town will so
m have light.
Tin-    Wediicsdaj
halt l.ultdn> agree-
jlelit,    111  iotee
lurlng the summer,
lias been renewed
au:l  Is  in L'tTiTl tin-
lil the etui uf the year. All the business houses iu Frank signed except I'.
Hum-, .m.i liie butch 'i shops will ac-
nordlngly be open.
The contract lot building the rail-
road from the Hill mint- at Hlllcrest
iu a connection with tin- C, I1. It. at
lhc east side "t He slide, lias been
let and the plans loi the connection
have been approved  liy   Hu- ('   I'.   H
Hill states that con
will start  Immediate
The lirst snow of the season fell
.Satin.lay and Sunday. It was aboui
a month lale in coming but it was
an unpleasant, enough storm when it
did come to make up fully tor all lost
time. Aboui an inch ot snow fell.
The storm was general, extending as
tar east as I'Ineher Creek, It did
much good where fall wheat had been
sown in dry ground.
(From the Leader.)
Rev. Ci. ll, Finlay is now pastor of
the Moyie Presbyterian church.
Patrick Higgins i.s building a new-
house in the government addition.
A. Stophensen returned from Omaha
yesterday. Mrs. Stephenser. will
come west later.
Al Richardson, who has been In
Vancouver for some time, returned to
Movie Monday.
A social hop was given in Eagle
hall Monday night, and alt who attended enjoyed themselves thoroughly-
Geo Powell was up from Cranbrook this week or business in connection with thc patent gasoline
lamps fur  which he is agent.
Mt.  and  Mrs.  Whitehead  and  child-
u returned the hist uf the week
from their ranch on thc prairie,
where they -.pent a mouUi or six
T. T, MuVItUc, of Fori Steele i
Felix Levariek, of Denver, Colorado,
wen* out to Movie Wednesday. Air.
Levnrlck is a mining man and is seriously thinking of making some Investments iu lla* district.
Tlie plasterers are working on J. F~
MacKachern's new residence, . ,d
contractor Leask will be here t xt
week to put on tbe finishing lou-nes.
The house will be ready for occupancy
in about, ten days' time.
The work of lepairing the daman'i*
done by the. recent fires at. Ute Si.
Kugene mine, is being done with all
jMissible speed. The framework for
lhe blacksmith shop is up and will be
boarded in to-day, and everything is
'being placed in readiness for erecting
the big shall house as soon as the
lumber arrives. .\ new hoist, a
duplicate of tin- old one, has been ordered from the OWumwa, Iowa, Iron
Works, and this firm guarantees, to
have it built and londoll un cars lor
shipments in lu days. However, il
tte meantime a temporary huist will
lie brought over from Rossland and
will be used until tht new une arrives. This will probably be installed
within ten days' time, when the
work nf sinking the shaft an additional IBO feet will be commenced. This
will be done by contract, and Patrick
Iliggins and Mike Bonner were- awarded the job within the past day or
two. The 30 new machine drills are
here so that there will be no more
barriers to pushing development
Nearly 150 men will lie employed,
The mill will be closed down and no
shipments will be made until everything is in shape again. Thc cause
of Uie fire is still a mystery.
beei i
(From Uie Frank Paper.)
Louis Kosse, partner of Mike Oley
Victoria Times; Close obst
Lave noticed that recently the
floating from the pole on the gr
ol tin* parliament buildings 1ms
changed. Whereas formerly
was hoisted each day what is commonly kiiovvu as the Canadian (lag,
recently then, has been a change made
and instead uf il ihere has beeu displayed from the pule the I mun Jack
Ii i*T learned Unit the substitution
was uot Uie result of any whim oi
fancy on Uie part of Tlie local governmeul, but was made only after the
most careful investigation. The result uf lhe correspondence which passed between Uie olliee of the provincial secretary and Uiat of ibe secretary of slate at Ottawa has been Uie
substitution of Uie Union Jack fur the
red ensign with lbe Canadian coal ut
arms in Uie lower corner.
The department oi Uie secretary ul
state ai Ottawa was communicated
with on the vexed question of what
was the proper Hag to Hy and alsu
uu what uccasiuiis ii should be flown,
lhc reply wa. lhat thu pruper Hag lu
liy was ihe Luiun Jack, There was
no Canadian Ha^- The presence ui
Uie Canadian coat ut arum un the
nd iiisigu it was pointed out was
permitted by sume   Admiralty order,
but thai I his applied only to its use
on the water. Ibis was not to In'
construed as in any other way than
that mentioned authorizing Uu- use ol
lhe Hog,
The proper Hag to be used therefore
at Uie legislative buildings, it was
Doiuted out, was the I mon Jack.
i is also applied to the Hunting oi a
II g at the residence of Uie Lieu tenant
Reference was made in the communication from llie olliee of the secretary ul stale to another Hag known
as the Lieut.-(iou'i'iiur's. Tins special llag, it was set forth, could be
used only un the water.
Tbe royal ensign vvas also referred
lo. This being the personal Hag of
liis Majcstj a was explained thai
ihere would be restrictions wnh Its
use h would probably be permissible oiilv ou lhc uccnslon of Coronation Hay.    Thi' I luun Jack, on    lhe
Othei   hand,   was always pi'i'missihli*.
The tiiiestlon with reference \o Uio
occasions on which the Hag should be
llown wa, nul made clear. There is
apparently no settled rule governing
this, and wide license is allowed. Al
Oiuwa ihe public works department
looks after ihe hoisting of the Hag.
There is a recognized list of days
upon which it is down at the parliament buildings. This Includes, of
course, the anniversaries of the (Juedl
and of tbe Prince nf Wales i.s also
honored. Besides these there are recognized days upon which the Hag
is hoisted, Including, of course. Dominion Day, uud various anniversaries
like St. George's, St. Andrew's, St.
Patrick's days and others.
In British Columbia the government
make a practice of hoisting the flag
each day.
Other     things    being    equal,    lhc
aiiiouni of business a man can get depends upon bis advertising,
in U»e lime business, met wiUi a ser- Jul T'   is   ,l,lle compared    with
ions misfortune Mouiay which may be SSf^y?    °R' ^ "  ""^ *" "*
J&   m _____
Good Bread should please
the Eye as well as the Palate.
Why docs lhe dainty housewife delight in
snowy napery, glittering cut-glass, burnished
silver, delicate china and all olher table
allurements dear to feminine hearts?
And what man does not appreciate table
beauty ?
It is not lhat wc appreciate the appearance
of out' food altno.si as much as lhe taste oi il?
Bread may be ever so wholesome, well-
flavored and made of scientifically milled flour,
but with all these qualities we want it to look
dainty, appetising, snowy-white, with nut-
brown crust, and be firm and silky in texture.
Royal Household Flour makes just that
kind of bread.
1 he electrical purification and sterilization
of Royal Household Hour makes it yield not
only absolutely pure bread, but bread of
snowy whiteness and beautiful texture—
breacf lhat
Xcabfno Business
(houses of flfoavgs*
Che Smelter ot\\.
Marysville has come
into liur own. Mic
lOWO nil.. h:t>. il |ii'r
main-Hi payroll .-mil Is
lhc gateway »l Ihe St.
Marys valley. ,«t The
Uerali! can heartily j j*M
ludorse tin- following j ^
husim?s< houses; I ffi
Central Hotel
lv'. Johnson, Proprietor
The leading ho- ti
lei i.i llie Sl. ft
Marys  valley. ,*■}
ft Dining Koiiiii service lhe bes
ti The place l» slop when visiliiic lhe Smeller C ly S
iThe RoysJ Hotel
A. l'. Chenette Proprietor S
lias been recently refurnished mul is now one oi j«
ihe besl hotels in the dislriel. Headquarters for ti
Ihe people. ti
,  Aa.'.-..'/-. . .'im' ,-.\y.' i-.l >•...-.' /■'>-,' i-.11-., j-.'>, J r,.ru .,, ..>.'... '*-...>-. \ r,.j- ^- *
§ Marysville Drug Co.     §
i R We carry n complete sim.k of cvcrylhine in Ihe E_
ry fta
Ss Urns anil Stationery line. No need to semi away ti
! ti ""' ■Vlllir H,ll|ds. ti
Will grace
preltiefl labia or
[AMES NEIL, Proprietors
give beauty to the humbleil meal served on   //Ji   j ft MARVWIT T F   Rf      The l.u?,-si and best ft
the planieil dishes. '_     ft mruv x °v "-'-a, D. ^. ......,,   ffl
". ou can prove ihis by trying a 23 lb. bag
—you must have (lour, why not have the
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
ivj St. Marys valley.
i-quipp.d   hotel in  the
.-» Co
idious Sample Rooms.
l'ublic notice ti hereby given tlinl
auction sales oi school lands will he
lit'lU in Uie Province of AlberUi as
Edmonton, Wednesday, Oclobei is,
1905, at ten o'clock a. in.
Parcel 3.
Notiee is hereby given lhat 30 days
after dale wa inteml to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works ;tt Victoria for permission to
cut and carry away timber from tie
following described lands:
Commencing at the northwest coi
Roblnson-McKenzle    I,umber    Co.'s,
ted,   timlier  limit,  southw
LckIuo, Monday, October 33rd, 1005,   Lot    8108, Group 1, Kast Kootenay
District, thenee south SO chains, wesl
Sli chains, north Ml eliains, east    SO
ihitins to place of commencement.
Rdblnson-McKenzfe Lumber Co.,
Saptembcr ;io, 1005. 28-5t
at ten o'clock a. tn,
Wotftsklwln, Thursday, Oclpbct 2fltb,
1905, at ten o'clock, a. in.
Lacombe,     Alonday,    October 30th.
1005, at ten o'clock a. m.
Innisfail,   Thursday, November Uml,
1905, at ten o'clock a. m.
DWsbury,    Monday, November Oth,
1905, at ten o'clock a. m.
Calgary,     Friday,  November 10th,      , ,
1905, at ten o'clock a. m. . NotI.C0 is hereby given tha   00 .lav
„, .   „.        ,„     j       .. .     ,      , i   from date 1 intend    to apply to lh.
High River, Tue^ay, November H, c,He(   Commissloner   „-   ,.iinl|s   an,i
190.1, at ten o clock a. in. Works to purchase   the following des*
Pincher Creek, Thursday, Novem!ber jcrllftd lands, situate In the district of
10th, 1905, at ten o'clock a. m. South East Kootenay:
Commenoing at r post plnnled al
the IntcrseclTon ol the righl nl way
of the Great Northern Railway and
ii loi 7310, thericf
norih 40 chains, thence cast H1
eluiii.s. thence snuth tn the right ol
way of the Canadian Paclllc Railway,
Uience following said righl ol waj
westerly to a polnl south oi lhe
soulheast corner ol Iol 7310, thence
north to place of commencement.
Geo. II. Send.
Dated Sept.  ml',  I0H5.       30-91
These lands   are situated, speaking
generally  within a  distance of from
twelve to twenty miles of the    Cai-,
nary anJ   Edmonton   railway and of the easl boun.lai
the Crows Nest branch of tre Canadian Paeilie railway.
Where any of the lands are under
lease thc sales will be subject to
such lease until its expiration on the
30th November, 1905, mid the lessee
will have the. privilege of removing
any fencing or other improvements he
may have on the laud. Where any
parcel offered is crossed by a public
highway or railway, the sale of such
parcel shall be subject to the reservation of that land covered by such
highway, or that may be required tor
the right of way or other purposes of
Uie railway.
The sales will only convey Uie surface rights and will be subject fo the
usual reservations in favor of the
One lenth in rash at tbo time ol
sale, and the balance in nine equal
annual Ins tat mon ts with Interest at
the rate of five per eenl per annum
Oil the balance of tho purchase money from time to time remaining unpaid, except In eases where the area
of lhe lnnd docs not exceed forty
acres, in which case ihe terms of
payment shall he one-fifth in cash and
the balance in lour equal animal instalments, wiih f ii teres 1 at thc tale
of live per cent per annum.
Upon a parcel of land being knocked down, the purchaser shall immediately deposit on.* Hundred Doltars
with (he Clerk uf Sain, otherwise thc
parcel will at once he put up again.
For this purpose Intending purchasers
should provide themselves with marked cheques on chartered hanks nf
Canada, made lo their own order and
and payable at par at the point of
sale, nr with bank notes of large a
denomination as possible. The balance of the cash instalment must in
every rase Ik- paid before the close of
the sale, failing which the deposit of
One hundred I>ollars will be forfeited
and the land withdrawn from sale.
Scrip or Warrants will not be accepted.
Note:—Choques will will not la-
taken in payment unless marked "accepted" by the banks on which tbey
are drawn.
List of the lands lo he sold may le
had on application to "The Secretary
T>epartment of the Interior, Ottawa,
or to any of tte agents of Dominion
lands in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or
Ry order,
P. 0. Keyes, Secretary.
Department of the Interior.       2R-.1t
Ottawa, 15th September, 1905.
Take noliee that thirty days aftn
date we intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner nf Lauds and Works at
Victoria for special license to cut and
carry away timber from ihe following lands in Sn-ilh.  Enst   Kootenay:
Commencing at the northwest corner of Lot 331, Group 1, Kasl Kootenay Hist rid, thenee south 100
eliains, west 32.72 chains, more or
less to the eastern boundary of Lot
-1501; thenee north lab chains, east
32.75 chains lo the point, of commencement.
Dated this Ith dav of October. A.
D. 1005, 28-51
Tbe   Standard    Lumber Company.
Take notiee that ihlrly days aftn
dan- I Intend to appi) lo tlu- Chlel
Commissioner nf Lands and Works nt
Victoria, for a license to nil in.I
carry away Umber from the following described lands situate in Kast
Koolenay  District:
Starting at a post planted at the
northwest corner of lot 0230, group
one, running south kii chains, thence
running west 80 chains, thence running north so chains, thence running
east 80 chains, thenee running wesl Mi
cliwins to the point of commencement.
35-5t II. II.  Ross.
Dated this 12th day nf Sept..  IWI.V
Notiee is hereby given llat the undersigned lave dissolved tbe partner
ship heretofore existing between them
under the firm name uf Gougeon
The management nf the Queens hi
Iel will he continued bv Mr. Georgo
D. Gougeon, who will collect all monies due In   the partnership and will
pay all liabilities.
Da-ted at Cranhrook, British Columbia, this 23rd day of September.
G. D. Gougeon,
J. A. Netterfield.
Witness, ff. F. Gurd. 27-4t
g«____B_________________ |
^ When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the        _\
9 ""  "   -      H
None Better In thc District
Rates $. and up.    Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style frum 8 p. m. t.i 0 a. ni.
The tabic is thc best, the rooms are unsurpassed for clean „
V lines., and comfort and the bar is supplied wilh the best brand *0)
w'-   ot liquors and cigars. k
i L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.       $
9. UMEMEM 9ffi^^Q9iB^S_____S___
..Manitoba HoteL
j (Under New MnimKumont)
« I). A. McDONALI), manager
♦ Tli'" Hold is in the center of town.   The rooms are
J comfortable and well furnished, lhe dining room is first-
♦ class, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When yuu
} want a good place to stop come to (lie Manitoba.
.I'ltiiifiiiliiri-rs al
I'liiti'h nml dressc
l.liriltl-:!' nnd
Alsu all  Kinds n
Mills ll
nv; Hvnii
Cr.inlmH.il, ll.i'
Mi-nil Olllce,   l mai,r,,
Che Cosmopolitan
•I- -M-H-l"! -I I-I -I-.-.I-M... -l-l-H.+ -_H>|>|-H-l-M-l"H-l-'-M-l-'-'~M-
Strictly Firstclass and Up-to-
Dale ill every respect, I'he
bar is stocked with the besl of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
and thc Dining Room service is
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   CHAMtROOK   IIKI.AI.Il
1 lundbreckI
' • ________   ''..
IWEN  A n-.LLtll   IS ULI   ui-
, Job
A   world
j nage
t'liunii.'iiiiliii-i th«' Crows \i-.i Pans, mul sittmlcil in ;i diatricl noted lor tlie raisingof STIICK
GRAIN, MAN nnd nil PA KM l'K< >l>ivi:. withnn itiorvasiiiy I'A \ ROLL from its MINKS, .r
DOMESTIC mul STKAM COALS, IJ \ l>|:i; irk" nil, ra fxwptimml opportunity for BUS]
NKSS MI-.N nnil LNVKSTOKH Turn- nn* good oponings for various lines of GENERAL
BUSINESS and suitable luoatioun foi l-'LOl R MILLS nml ELEVATORS. TheCLIMATE
in unsurpassed in tin* wost and ilium is nu hImiihIhiiI supply ofOOOD \\ ATER
Then wh) demand 11 ol
more    than of   these   otbei
Behold ibe Innocence ol the
young lady  who told her  lathe)   ste
j was nut paiticiikw   in hei  choice
All '.atuie i*. Sick Uow tici  liet-ls     lo
Ik-r Iiaii
U en ii lei lei is oul ul a job,
6_. is all uut oi Uiu.-i ana out oi re-' a husband, she onlv wanted one wh.
■* For Full Purl ionium Applj lo tlio TOWNSITE OWNERS
A. N. MOUAT, Manager
*********************** ********************************444*********
It. I. Stepti.ni.
\1   I'lml-ailaaM
J. t awsun,
Morrissey Mines i.i still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephen. Bros ft Co., Owner, an. Pruprlctor.,
Morrissey Mines, B. C.
It. I.. Slephcna
Morrissey is thc place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane—the
time is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver _.*•"• **J _
II. L. Stephen.*, Owner ind Proprietor,
Morrissey Junction- B. C.
tt en a filler is uut ol a job.
Ait'i no   juat in tht t-aiUi aud     uu
^ai i iu tbe sea,
Aid i uo giugei    m life in  Uiu  land
ol lbe nee,
And      me   umveise   ain't    uhai   its
t-taiAtxl bu  lu i>e
Vt i-u a u-llci Ui out oi a job.
What a  lbe gi»d ol   blue skies aud ol
-jiossoiiiiii,; tree*
W vu a ielu-1  is oat ol u job?
W CO   >ulil   liu)   lia*.   lalgL   pttlCUM   uii
Oytli ol  UU kltven
.tud a it-llt-1  Ij out ol a job.'
I hem pvtcbei, i say, loo* *»o mg    to
)Ul_l   t-jc
Ili.i1. ua-) -..ml uui Uu- landsea|ie and
covet tin- m*),
Auu the suu -.an t shine Uin -::.   cu
Uu* ben it can u>
u en .. idii'i is mil ut a iob
IV'eu a man baa nu part In Ute work
ol tbe earth,
W en a u-iiei i.. qui nt a Job,
Hi- feels tin.- wtoie liluiiil'ruig mmiake
iu lus bath,
\\ en a lellei is out ol a job.
lie leeis he's no share iu Uu. whole ol
the plan,
That I.e.-. got tb'- mitten from    Nature's QWH halid,
Uiat  bt- s   a rejected and I.n    ovei
tt i-u a lellei is uut nf a job.
i Hotel S s
Quests Cnmfnrt a Special!)
flood stabiinti in Connection
♦ _
Crnnbrook Presbyterian Church.
Sabbath Services ... .. _. ...
  11 a in. and 7.30 p.m.
.Sunday School A Bible Class..,3 p.m.
; I'hiistian Endeavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.
j Tho public are cordially Invited to
attend all the meetings.
Pastor, W, G. W. Fortune. B.A.
Near**!. t<> rallroftd nnil depot.     Hms rtCComuioilf-
iIoiih for thr public unequalled In Cranbrook.
Hut and Colli Uuth-
Hoggarth & Rollins ;'♦
... .proprietors      J.
__l_«ll_i_^S;I_« li IR - ■ • 1
i.. clapp w. koi uns if
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
Tht Now Managers,
Drop in ii ii il sec us any time.   We urc on deck 2." hours  A
out of thc "i ■   II
lHBS«__iHiMii!li^Si!i]5 BR_ iiBl
Cranhrook Methodist Church.
Corner of MaDson Ucnuc atd Louli Sircei
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship  ll a.nt
Sunday School „ _ _ ...3 p.m.
Divine Worship  7.30 p.m.
rueaday :—Epworth League of Oorls-
tian Endeavor ... - _. „,8 p.m.
A cordial invitation Is extended to
the public.
J.  P,  Westman, Pastor.
Cran brook Rapt hi Cburcb.
The lollowlng Is   a list ot the services held in the Baptist church :—
Sunday      ll a 111   and 7 80 p.m.
Sunday School ...   „ ...;i p.m.
Voung Peoples ... „. ... H p.m, Tuesday
Prayer   Meeting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public me cordially Invited to
attend nit thc meetings,
Pastor, Benjamin Good field, B.A
_  B C. Livery and  Feed   -tables ;
_ *
J l-'imi iIiibb liiHB. sal
4 .nal   1 ..-..'lv   horsi'S  I
nl Btjlisli I,-.111111. Drivers '
IV [ ,1 ■ i 1, t ill   III,-   .1 ll.i n.i ,
l-il.ick_.mith .ind Woodwork Shop
Slum-nit! slntiil <<t<|><>»it<- stnlion
Cranbrook BeeM
Made from the best malt and the purest water, it is unexcelled for quality, .*• Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. .*.*
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
00000000 ocH>oooooo«ooao
1 Speaking of a
g Good Thing
^ "H -.IkuiIiI .;,-.• our now work ■
• ui our now swell mounts,
I Prest Photo Co
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
Livery  &
Ten 111 h mul driver* lurulnhul for any
polnl lu the diatrlet.
A. UOYLB. Manager
Foi you're jist   lost   your hull with
iht rest oi the crowd,
Wen a lellei is oul of a job;
•.nl you   feel   like a dead man with
nary a shroud,
tt cu a lellei is out ol a job,
You are crawling around, but you're
out of the game,
Vnu bustle about but you're dead just
the same—
You're dead, with no tombstone    to
puff up your name,
Wen a feller is out of .1 job,
Ev'ry man, that's a man, wants    to
help push tlie world,
Wen a feller is out of a job;
He's lell out behind, on a shelf he is
W'en a feller is out of a job.
Ain-t no juice in the earth, and    no
salt in tte sea,
Ain't no juice in the earth,   and no
the free,
And   the   universe ain't    what's it's
cracked up to be,
W'en a feller is out ol a job.
Rambling Reveries
To those whose school days are
over, we would say, enter your life's
work and stick to it. Do not dodge
from one thing to another continually
if you do you will never amount lo
anything. He useful, law-abiding
citizens. Try to make a part ol
tbe world better by having lived, bo
not make getting married your chief
aim in life or go around hunting
someone lo fall in love with, but
when love comes to you be sure it is
a blessing sent Irom God.
.Stud) to mahe the best ol what
yuu have Too many people fail to
use tbe lal cut*, tbey have because they
bave not mure tn put with them.
Don't look lor too grand things ami
deny yourself and family the pleasures you might enjoy, simply because
you can't give them greater ones.
The man who gives bis family tlw
benefit ol a good, convenient well
arranged home, with fruit' and flowers ami good books ami Well-chosen
periodicals lot reading and cultivating  the     mind,    who hives each such
education as his moans will allow,
and wbo is kind and considerate toward those who are in a largo degree dependent on him rot love and
protect ion, has done a good work
which, coupled with true Christian
life, will entitle htm to ihe blessed
welcome: "Well done, thou good and
faithful servant., entet mt*. the joys
nl Uiy Lord."
When a man gives bis hand in marriage to a woman, he says by his act
among all women, that he has lur hei
a deepei and tenderer affection titan
101 any other human being. At the
marriage altar be solemnly plixlgcs
ilie continuance ol that love until
death. When beauty bas faded fiom
her face, the bright Hash from her
eyes, when age has brought wrinkles
to Uie blow, and sorrow has traced
its furrows in the obeeks, tlie laith-
ful husband's love is to remain as
deep and true as evei. His heait Is
still to choose bis wife among all
women and bud in her iis truest delight. God's WOld gives the measure of this love. Husbands, love
your wives, even as Christ also loved
the church and gave llimsell for it.
Ttere is no earthly lim.- lung enough
to measure the depth of Christ's love
t_ the church, and no man can love in
the same degree. And jet that love
is to be tbe type of conjugal love.
It has been said "best men ate
moulded out of faults" but it is not
every wife who has the ingredients iu
her make-up to do the moulding. Tbe
main difficulty is that people demand
ol marriage all of Uie universal virtues of a patent medicine, warranted
to cure all infirmities. The marriage
ceremony does not remove a woman's
faults, or a man's crooked disposition.
Tbey are exactly the same people they
were before they were married, only
a litUe more so. Do we nut know
this world? Haven't we measured it
in the pint cup of our experience and
found out many things which our
youth and inexperience fondly disbelieved? Have you ever found perfection in literature, weather, climate,
sjiij    ti;   Sujqjiue   iO   'spu<uaj   xuoi
yourseli—the meanest sort ol pity. Il
is a pathetic illusion.     Rid yoursell
ol  that, and cheel   up.
What right have you lo carry a
picture ol your woe-be gone lace and
funeral ways about among your fellows, wliu have 1 roubles of thell
own? if you must whine or sulk
or scowl, take a car and go 10 the
woods 01 to the unfrequented lanes.
Cheer upl Your ills are large!)
Imaginary, li you wen- really on tho
bunk oi bankruptcy, ur il there were
no Thoioiighfure Uirough your sorrows, j on would clear your brows,
-K*t yuui teeth and Wake the best of
Cheer upl You are making a hypocritical case 01 your" troubles, and
suffering from a BClf-lnflicted verdict.
Vou are burrowing trouble, antl paying a high rate ot interest.
Cheer upl Why, man alive, iu
ten iniiiute walk you may see a score
ut people worse off than you. Alld
hero you are digging youi own grave,
and playing pall-bearer into the bargain. .Man alive, you musl du youi
world Smile, even though it be
through youi tears, which speedily
The Herald has puisucd one policy
since ii was lirst started m Uils town
over seven years ago as to oulsuie
business thai will Interfere with local
business men, it simply refuses to encourage any Uiiug 01 ttie kind by ad-
vertlsemtnts or uUici priming. Tbe
Herald has lost money un mauy occasions by Uus staud, so far as Uie
outsiders are concerned, but ii has se-
Luud and uiainiaiuud the respect
and conndihce ot Uie boine merchant
uy its course. Local business men are
bel'6 all tbe lime. The) are paying
uuca in Uie town. Tliey arc conirlb-
■jung to Uie town's Wellat'o by money
antl time. They ate helping ma*-.e the
town, aud hence ale helping make the
ipropcrt) 01 every man iu Uie town
more valuable, tliat is Wfcy Ute Herald believes in slay'lug by llie home
merchant and business man. 'then it
is not the best pulley in the world
to patronize the traveling salesman
who is not known, who it seen once
may never be seen again, Money
spent with the home man will always
be refunded ii the patron is not satisfied. The Herald does not do things
hy half. It it bas a policy it stays by
il. llie people 01 Cianbrook know
that tliis is true. That is one of the
reasons that the Herald carries today more advertising than any other
weekly paper in British Columbia,
llie other reason is Uial lhe Herald
lias the circulation that brings returns.
How very leaky memories are! We
uu get from year to year whal the
Weather was at such and such a time
tbe previous year. As life goes by
we almost forget how ii used to he
when we were "boy_s and girls. Elderly people are quite apt to forget
that they cut about the same pranks
Uiat young people cut nowadays.
They remember uot the patties, dances, the singings and spellings and
other amusements that they went
miles and miles to attend, and leached home about the same hour ol the
night—ot morning—as young people
now do. In those far away days
bow musical the words "get up"
....minted fiom Uie bottom of the
stairs. Time bas brought to tho
elderly people ripe judgment, wiser
conduct, and greater dignity oi demeanor. Let us ttust it will do as
much for the risitig generation—and
be as paticat as possible while so
"If I were to give you an orange,"
said Judge Foote, of Topeka, "I
would simply say, T give you the
orange,' but should the transaction
be entrusted to a lawyer to put in
writing, he would adopt Ibis form.
'I hereby give, grant and convey to
you all my interest, right and title
to said orange, togeUier with its
rind, skin, juice, pulp and pits, and
all rights and advantages therein,
with full power to bite, suck or otherwise eat the same, or give away
with or without the rind, skin, juice,
pulp or pits; anything hereinbefore or
in any other de-oil or deeds, instruments ol any nature or kind whatsoever to the contrary in anywise nut
used neither tobteCO, sti"UK .It in-.
nor profane language who would
spend his evenings at home and be
wholly devoted lo her. "My child
replied the father, "you're a strangei
here, heaven i1- ynur borne."
Cheer up* The world is taking
your photograph. L008 pleasant
Of course you have vour troubles-
troubles you cannot tell the policeman. A whole lot of things bottle)
you, of course business worries ui
domestic .sorrows, n may be, 01 whal
not Vou nnd life a rugged road
whose stones hurt .um leet. Never
ibeleas, cteer up.
It may lie youi real disease Is sel
Daftness-—Ingrown selfishness, Youi
im- Is too self-centered. Yon imag
ine your tribulations are worse than
others boar.      You leel sorry     loi
Yon Can Depend
On The Correctness Of
Fit-Reform Styles
Collars,    lapels,    shoulders,
sleeves, pockets—in fact every
inch   of   a Fit-Reform  coat  is
absolutely correct.
Every style of distinction—made
in patterns that are exclusive—is
shown iu Pit-Reform garments.
The "REGAL"—single and douliie
1 roasted emits -are quite the handsomest things in Sack Suits  shown
this Season.
$1'5. $18, $20
huet *-.f*ry   gentlUM
I'll RrFonn gainirut,
, for Uriel wilii
**>      III*    f**\?     Hsucm.-ilc »nd price
>LRtrORIIlSt-"l    „ C-J t>r ".kw..
■"•  *%,    L0.H0,
riT-     t£v     'i.^.m-.i'.
$M|$r 1
Iht nnl) fr-R_lii.il. Wardiobt htn Is .1
| "The Best What Is"
I In  Liquors
9 That ia what you want when you buy Liquors for family use.
9 nml that is what we guarantee you. Shipments of the elioie-
SS est Wines. Liquors, B i-rs, etc., are constantly arriving at our
_± wholesale limiai-. Wlu-u vou buy liquors buy onlv tho best.
B Wholesale Dealer in Liquors and Cigars
$1.90 PER CWT.
Ni.* vu*s ">'*•
Tor family Use
Try soon' of 'our Excellent
"t_fE"r"'. list.
They are Unequalled, Unex- /v5_UrT'■   -       '--ilil
culled >4 J7y*t-'- .""'--^-'.— •■-     ~'p
Ji. t mcDermot ^Ml^A-rA^
„u „,.. tm.„ _._.. , ^'' 5-S? Mc -:-.'  "llfl
Wholesale mine merchant   '%.,. y^
Phono 17,-Cranbrook.
_»»ii_ri ■■   «_■»_—_■»»«——■
Something New|
Wt* nre showing some exceptionally attractive y
linos in suiting, overcoatings and fancy  vestings. Y
If you  are after novelties  it wil) pay you to call *$>
mnl' see our lines        j*        j*        J>       ***       > j
Before you make arrangements for    ;(
your fall ?
PAINTING and     |
see us for ideas, designs and stock,    x
It may be mutually profitable ?
FJ; Bradley & Co. I
S    Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators
:•♦**••:••:•■• •••:••:••>•:•■••:•*'•>:•''••*_ THE   I'ltANRttoOK.   HERALD
Hr Tks Hentd Publishing Company
" I.luilltd.
Editor ami Manager.
Th. Herald is worth Jin a year. II
l,.u i,_!y 12. N.i naui in Soul1,
l-.j-i Kooteuay can nflord in hi- with
out ii, .mil cvcryou. 'i'i"-' outside o:
UU,  district,   Vila,  is   1 IlloreSUrf   in  Hi!
p. . -.ss o! this -ecthm, should road
li ll publishes Un- news white it .-
n.-ws. It is controlled absolutely by
th., pn'alishiT No clique, party ol
individual dictans its policy. Ii
dun't uy to please lha people. In
desire is li. puiili-h a newspaper thai
win he a oredll lo ilu- community
Saint in ynur subscription and ynu
will ue thaul.tul ev, r alt.rwat.l.
Advertising rates 11 pel Inch, -ingle
column, pet muntb, no more and no
Heading matter 15 ceuls per lne
to Bon-advertisers , 1" cents per line
to regular advertisers. lliislncsi
looall live cents pat Inn: each Insertion.
tt you desire in reach iha people ot
Koutn Baal Kootenay you must ad-
.ertt.e in The Herald.
The ll.-r.ld lias a tlisl-cluss |oh
plant, and iis work Is nl .hr best.
The Hernld don't want charity, 11
wanls a iquaro deal un ynur job
worl.. It we can't suit you in quality and price, kick, imii semi your
work to some rhr-aii John house In
lbe east that never spends a ceut In
1,000 a Week
Tlml   i»   tho   CJimr-inlti-j-i
Circulation of th* Cmn-
hrooh   Hcr.s.d   &    *    &
Prosa room anil BiibBcrip-
tion lintH open to Investigation by advertlBera at any
Tln> lloratil tjlvea a dollar
in value lor ti dollar in money,   Tho advertlnor Imn the
..--■.-lit rn know what In* ti
receiving   for  hit*   money.
The Ilernlil  Is  ono  impel
that coiirtfl InvfiBtitlpition.
The Hernld v-HI be found on ,
sale at tlie following places:
Marysville. Marysville Dritj* Slore ,
Wardner. fl Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore ■
Ryan. R. P. Finlay
Fernie, Purdy's Boole Slore
lilko. tlolbrouk's Book Store
Cranbrook, Beattie & Atchison's •
and C. G. Keid & Co.'s
BUT ONCE/' Other Knockers please copy.
TAKE'S    MONEY     TO    HUN    A
The editor of tin* Slocan Standard,
who recently undertook the task of
publishing ii nonparlcl paper in a
small pica town, gives utterance in
hi.-, last paper to the lollowlng lamentations:
In running a sheet of tl is nature a
man can't, lu- a saint. Everything is
subordinated to the one thing "a
square deal" anil prosperous times.
We do not relish being broke; the fact
of the matter is we have heen broke
so long that wc arc accustomed to
it. One thing we do realize is, that
to make a good camp of the Slocan,
the investor must make a prolit. His
profit attracts others. That i.s our
salvation—the profit of others. They
are glad to spend moni'j thai builds
up our business. There may bo a
crown in heaven wailing for the man
who wants to see things that way.
Wo don't care a continental about the
pleasure of wearing the crown. It
might be a misfit. We would much
rallu-r go to thc other place without
one, provided we had genial company. But crowns aside, il is a
dead lough game—this trying to rejuvenate a lifeless thing. The stud
is here. It is necessary to find the
best means to I urn ii out. Wc are
light ine; the cinches which work
against production. As tor those
dependent Ior support on the prosperity of the camp and resldenl in the
community, wto will nol help out in
the effort to gel things started, we
will not talk of Ihem. They are beneath our notice. Tiny need the effort no much, in order that they may
make n living Uial we, conscious of
our ability to scrap, will be glad to
make them a present of prosperous
conditions. They are like ;i lot of
women, that hid.' behind lhe real men
that do the work   of defence.     The
Bandoti Mining Standard is not d_
lirTous ot {wing ''Ilu*.*)- Sandon
without a breezy newspaper Is like ■-
gloss ol soda with »ul the thi The
ii lp w« have got locallj to support a
live imii pendent newspaper is about
enough lo keep alive a nursing mosquito, and if i!k; Slocan itoesn i waul
inolbci [outnalislie grave made In tin*
uewsp^K'i r.m.niy, ih.- besl plan is
:.i udiuin'istei a dose of linanclal oxj
gen before it j.*-:-. there
No newsp_ipi*i oi individual evei in*
ii-ift-i.j with any kind of a graft,
politieal ot otherwise, without uuu:
ring thc iutense hatred of the gratters.
Tbe nu\ii_. in writing foi .1 ii***s
p.ijh-i. nevei tail"- to show his lian.l
in some peculiar remark or pi t
phrase In "'.my discs his identity
ts made tvs plain as II in- h.i! -itgnrd
his name.
Klghl and work ior Cranhr. ok
There is nol * bettor town In Wes
lorn C'ajinda.
The deillftlKl   Uu   the  Herald   is     it:
creasing each week. Sol withstai
ing the large circulation here in Cranbrook, the sales at the newstatvds
average 125 to 150 each week. There
is not another weekly paper in IJ. C.
tbat can make as good a showing, It
shows that tbe peoiple are friends of
the Herald.
The Herald is often criticised be-
cause it does not do a* some few
people want it to. The paper that
does .tliat is never liked. No editor
should expect to please everyone. We
quit trying long ago Our aim is
to give the news, to publish a paper
that the masses want to read, and we
have reason to believe tliat we have
The great tide of immigration tliat
is floating into Alberta is bound to
be 11 great benefit to eastern llritish
The retirement of Sir William Unlock from the cabinet takes out of
public life a man who left his mark
ou the history of bis country. Mr.
Unlock has been critidised for the
administration of his office and the
policy pursued, but a.s postmaster
gi ncral of a great and growing country, with thc demands upon his department Increasing in number and
importance, month by month, he has
lefl a record ol which he may well
.'ei'l proud. The new postmaster
general, Hon. A, ti. Ay les worth, K.
0 , is already a national character
and will bring to the cab 1 not Intelligence, executive ability, dignity and
general popularity wiih tie people,
Premier Lauiier could not have made
a better choice in selecting a successor to Sir William Muloek.
Alberta wheat won the gold medal
at the Portland Exposition, This is
surely Canada's decade.
Thc Portland Exposition has been a
great thing for Western Canada. The
low rates has caused hundreds of
people from the middle and eastern
States and intern Canada to niakca
trip to" tho Pacific coast, and as a
result hundreds of people know about
tte great west of Canada who knew
nothing before, and they are all talking about the country and the grand
possibilities of the future.
The pirates of ancient times were
very modest in their demands as
compared wilh the modern Insurance
company manager,
Perhaps there wiil be a provincial
election next summer, while the
ground i.s not too dry for profitable
working. Tbe expenditure oF delayed thousands often has a moat
beneficial effect on tie results. Premier <-McDr.de is nn fool. On the contrary he is to-day the smartest politician in all of British Columbia.
The death of Sir Henry Irving is
an irreparable loss to the English
speaking stage,
hOO •*0944*>44*040444949404<>0400404444t9*t>***t>*>440004
♦>♦♦♦♦♦♦•*■♦♦*♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
>♦-•»»»♦♦♦♦»♦■.»<>♦♦♦»♦ '♦»♦.'
The harvest of the Canadian northwest has mostly been garnered, and
an estimate of an official of the
Northwest Orain Dealers' association
places the total production at 91,-
000,000 bushels of wheat and 67,000,-
1)00 bushels of oats. This assures the
prosperity of the northwest for anoili-
r year at least. As the grain is
marketed the lumber demand will expand. This, coupled with Uie building of the Grand Trunk Pacific railway and Uie cons-true 1 ion of over ititi
miles of new track by the C. P, ft.
means a period oi great activity for
the lumber trade. The demand should
l** sufficient to keep all the Canadian
mills busy, but apparently lhe
growth of tbe western market
invited increased competition,
Oreat Northern railway having
duced its freight rates to permit
the Washington mills getting a share
of the trade.
The local demand for lumher In
llritish Columbia Is very -rood and
most of the mills nre husy. Building at Vancouver Is active. Shingles
are moving at the price.; adoptod a
short time ago.—Wcfttern Canada Contractor.
ami it's about your Fall Suit and Over-
coat.       We wont waste words.
We are Sole Agents for what are ad"
mittedly the finest ready-to wear garments offered in Canada, the
20th.   CENTURY I
brain! of men's fine tailored garments,
Don't confuse these clothed with the
ready-made stuff.
They are different aiid heller in every respect, arid the very clothes you are
looking for. They are being worn by
dressy men all over Canada.
They solve the clothes problem for
the man who wants stylish clothes at a
reasonable price. We're ready when
you are.
**********************t******\************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<
«»M-S>S9a3.*-S-_.*ae*4 BSiafeSSSCB
.'- >!
I Seven Years Ago §
I in Cranbrook ^-il
£ ITEMS iTl.LKl' l-'lli'M THE *■>
t I1KKALU   ot     THAT    DATE J
%eee se-seee ©©ft see--eee&e6*._*
Last Friday E. C. Kgaii and A. IV
Molten, two of the best known contractors of the Crows Nesi line were
m Kuskonook and wanted to come
fast to Craiibrook. The only train
there was was President Van Homes
special* The orders were given that
im passengers would be taken but
Kgaii and McRen were bound to get
to Cranhrook as soon as possible,
and sn ihey concluded to walk. Tbey
lelt Kuskonook al 11 o'clock Saturday and arrived In Craubrook on
Sunday night, making the distance of
S,ri miles in a day and a hall- Sunday
they walked S-S miles, which is a
record breaker for these parts. Alt.
Egan said that if they continued uu
L-a-.t he believed they wuuld have
caught up wiih the Van Home special before it   reached  Macleod.
A meeting <>f those Interestcil in
securing a school for Cranbrook was
held Saturday evening at the n.< ins
of Manager Smythe, of the Canadian
Hank nf Commerce, Thc conditions
were freely discussed and an election
of trustees was held. George litem-
ner, ,1. W. H Smythe and John
Hutchison were elceli d, uud John
Hutchison was named as secretary.
Arrangements were mud.' for securing
a teacher, and the church of England building will he used for this
The machinery for the Sash and
Door F'aetory that Is to be operated
by George Leask is 011 tin* gtotmd and
the work of placing it in position
already Inaugurated. Mr. Leask says
that with anything like fair luck he
will have the machinery In operation
by Novemher t. The work of constructing the buildings, dry kilns,
etc., will follow. Just as soon as
material can be put in proper shape,
the work of getting out sash, doors,
mouldings, brackets and everything
of that kind will begin.
V. E, Simpson, editor of tin* Herald, departed for the scenes ol Ills
childhood and other places In the Mississippi Valley and Colorado on Tuesday morning, to he absent about a
month. Landing in Wardner, accompanied wiih the- writer, 18 months
ago, t-n establish the International
newspaper, Mr. Rlmpsnn remained in
Wardner until the middle of August
last, when he came to Cranhrook tn
take editorial charge nf the Herald.
1.1 has earned his vacation and will
tn e In some of his former places nf
a ,o:le. Prom certain mysterious actions of the gentleman previous to
'lis departure, such as consultatilons
with the Townsite Agent, contractors, builders and furniture dealers,
il might be inferred that he has seri-
Intentinns upon some of the fair
daughters nf Yankeedom. Well, no
one has a better righl and th? Herald extends congratulations in advance and hopes In welcome him to
the fold nf Hen-diets on his return
In 'iti days,     Bon voyage, Old Man.
Superintendent Whyte slated here
that if the road bed were found to
be as good ,-is tliey bad reason in lii--
lleve it was, between Cianbrook and
Maclcod,   that    portion   of the    line
would   soon   be   turned   over   In       the
operating department, This would
prove a great benefit tn Craiibrook
in many ways It will not be many
weeks before the line will be turned
over, as work on ballasting is progressing rapidly.
Kmi Pieper bas two claims, three
miles west of Cranhrook, the Paymaster and lhc Himetalie. that are
making excellent showings \n open
cut hns been run and at the tl.-plh   of
22 feet the pavstreiik has broadened
to aboui 50 inches. The ore c.ir-
ries gold, copper and silver and in
places tliere are heavy cropjiiims nf
galena. An ass»v on some gold picked  near  the surface    gave S-'lii gold,
23 tier cent, copper and !i ounces sil-
Mr. Pieper   will  run a  tunnel
at least 75 or 100 feet Ibis winter
anil feels satisfied that he has a good
T Forrest, of Donald, the gentleman wlm is erecting ihe new hotel on
Raker street has been sn unfortunate
tn have located half the building on
another man's lot, eame in last evening, via Nelson. J'ist what will be
done in regard to the holel matter
Mr. Forrest was nol prepared to say
when seen by the Herald representative this morning,   but   the difficulty
will be overcome in some manner ami
work resumed on the building.
Work is progressing rapidly now on
the block that is being constructed
by Maclnnis A Co,
George Leask is building an addi-
i.iou to his residence and otherwise
improving his premises.
In view of the increasing importance of Cranbrook and the wide diversity nf business and other Interests it has been deemed necessary to
eall a meeting of the business men to
discuss matters in connection Witt ;
fire and police protection, health officer, customs house and many other ^
matters of importance to every busi-'
ness man in Cranbrook. A meet ing
will therefore he held in McVittie and
Hutchison's office In tho Hansom
block on Friday evening al eight j
o'clock sharp- Kindly attend.
Nelson Tribune: The following des-j
patch was received frum John Houston by The Tribune this morning,
which means -that after Monday next
Nelson will be without a mayor.
Whilst the council have no option but
to accept- ihe resignation, there Is no
statutory requirement that they shall
declare a vacancy, ijoi need there hu
any election until January. This is
thi* legal position, hut we Imagine
that public opinion will demand that
not only shall the resignation be accepted, but the vacancy declared.
Nelson has heen without a mayor
long enough, aud there are many Important functions devolving upon the
chief magistrate which cannot be dis-
charged 'by a deputy or acting mayor.
lu order that there may be no loss
to the city and no hindrance to the
public business an election should take
place as soon as possible, and already thc names ol Aldermen Bird
and Gillette are talked of In this
connection, the former on account ol
his conduct of tin. city's affairs during Uie latter for his services in connection wdth the W. tv, P, A L. settlement.
Goldficld, Nevada, Oct. 9, 11105.
I should have dropped a line belore
now; but as I was a wanderer 1
thought it best to defer writing until I had a postofflco nddress. I have
been here a month, and shall remain
ior a time. Goldlicld is a boom
town up in" less than Iwo years on
shipments of very rich gold ore from
a half dozen claims, none of which
came from below 200 feet. Property
is verv high, 25-foot lots on the main
street' being held at from $200 to
$100 a front foot. But I am of the
opinion tho town has seen ils best
days, although it Will be a mining
town for years. Tniinpah, 2S miles
distant, is in the same condition. At
that place there are well-defined veins
of good width, carrying good values
in silver and gold. Several shafts
are down over 700 feel, and one or
two nver 1,000 feet. ' Sixty-live miles
south is another dislriel (Bullfrog).
In which several "remarkably rich finds
have been made. Hut this is not a
century country by any means, Old
districts are scattered nil over this
section of the stale, several having
been scenes of active mining operations -'10 and 10 years ago.
Cloldfleld is a type of the American
mining town Mos-t of the residence
buildings are canvas. There ate also
good frame buildings, ami half a dozen stone buildings, one atmnst as
large as the K. W. C. block. Hut the
country around Is a desert.
I mleht write something persnnnl;
but lhe least said the belter. The
decision of Judge Irving made rue disgusted; that decision, coupled wilh
the fact that I seemed to he unable in
make anv headway in business at
Nelson, developed a fit. of despondency.
It was continual worry, and borrowing from Peter to pay Paul.
I am discredited. I am broke in
mv old aire: but I ppave Nelson and its
people the best lhat was in me Ior
15 years, and every dollar I made Is
still in evidence in Nelson in property
thai Is paving taxes.
The debts I left will l.e bit as I
live; Inr 1 have pood health and Ihere
-"■ "-    '■ ■ Ret
Five Acre
There are still some
of these sub=divis=
ions of the Robin-
son=Mckenzie estate
for sale.
Those already sold
are being cultivated.
There is enough
wood on these lots
to pay the price asked for them.
The price is small
and terms are easy.
Sole Selling Agent
* <——■_■_■•_■•_■——•■
I'lil.si BNT  tiObOB N". '.'>'•'•
Cranhruuk, 11. C.
Meets 2nd and Ith Tuesday at 8 p.m.
in l.OO.l-'. lull.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.8.
J, W. Ulenilii-r, CC.
Visiting   -i.Uireu  cordially inutod
1 M attend,
Cranbrook Local Unloo i'n nl .1.. Unlied
lliaHnilia.a! „l Carp.'iilcr, Bllll Jam.I.
ul  ...ii-ri.ii.
Meetings every Thursday evening at
I. o. o. T. lull, ovei Patmore Uio..'
Visiting liii'itiii-u cordially Invited,
I-..-.I Vuill, Edward Footo,
Keo.-Scc I'n- uiini.
^    1,0.0...     kt> CH, l.udie
Nu   i.  Meets e.eiy
Monday    night    at
ili.-ir hull uu iiai,,-r street    Sojourning Oiiilieiiows cordially Invited.
n   a   McDonald      Charles Smith,
N. Q, Sec'y.
Irinbriiuk Lod|c, Su. Jl
I. 1.4 I. M,
^"."ft$/V      Iti-gular uieellngii on
^* tin- limil   Thursday
v  \ .   ol ever!  month.
Visiting brethren welcomed
E. Patterson, Sec'y.
I*'.    0.    I..
Meets   tsi and .11,1 Fridays   at    a
n'l-luel- p. in , m (he Watts building,
,l.   Edgar linvis, tt,  p,
A   M, Black, iv. Sec'y,
Meets every 2ml and  llh Tuesday in
"liiioil Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. McCowan, CH.     .1. Sims, See'y.
I. O.  G. T.
Meets every ,'rklay night above Pat-
more's store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets every 2nd Wednesday and Ith
Saturday al 8 o'clock in Odiliellcnva
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
•V^*WVWV*"V*W*WW A*^/^A*v-VV\VvVVvVV./v*«#
Parcel 2.
Nolire is hereby Riven  lhat  iti days
alter date we inteml to apply In tho
I Chief    Commissioner t.i    Lands and
Works nt Victoria tor permission   to
cut and i-ariy nway Umber from lie
lollowlng described Innds:
i   Commencing nt  the southwest corner Roblnson-McKpn/ie Lumber Co's
T.tmitfd, timber limit, Roiilbeasl    nf
| Lot    111(18, Croup I, Kast Kootenay
District, thence snuih S'l el-aim, ensl
sn rhains. norlh sn chains,  wesl   nu
chains to place of commencement.
Rdhlnson-McKen-.to Lumber Co.,
September no, IH05, 'lU-M
just   as   many cbnnces lo
ahead now ps in Inrmer years.
I sent in my resignalion as mavor
to-ilnv to lake r-ITcet nl noon oil Almi-
lay. October 2,'i. The council showed its calibre by passing that $t a
iniv-tli motion: but, then, all things
will come right, in the end.
Noliee is herebv eiven that thirty
ilivs ailer dnte I in - - nl to annlv to
lhe lion, lha Chlel Commissioner ol
Lands ami Works at Victoria, for a
sneclnl license tn cut ant carry awav
limber from tin- following dpscrlhoil
lands, situate in Kasi Koolenay District:
1. Starting at a post planieil at
the. north-wesl corner of the .taines
(Tramp limit: tbence running 80 chains
west, thrnce running so chains north,
lle-iice miming 811 chains east, tbence
running 8" chains south to point nf
2. Starting at a posl planted al
the   north-east    corner   ot lot   D2Sl;
thence running -Hi cbains west, Ihence
running su chains norlh, thenco run.
ning sn chains east, thelice running
sn chains south,    thence running    I"
rhains to polnl nl con ncemrnt.
.1. Jorgcnsun, pel .1   W  Ross, Agent
Daled Oclobei  Dili   1005 30 r,i
(Form F.)
TAKE NOTICE thai I. Nail 51c-
Lcod Curran, Free Miliars' Certificate
No. I17:i!iii8, iiu,n.l sixty days from
lie dale hereof, lo apply |a Ihe Mining Recorder, for a (Vriillcile of Improvements, for Hn- purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of lhe above
And further take noliee lhat action
miliar Seel ion 37,  must be c neii-
ced before Issuance ol such Certificate
of Improvements.
Nell McLcml Curran,
Haled this tilth il.u ,,[ October,
190D. 30-Ht
Barristers, Solicitors, Ele.
Maxell Block Cranbrouk, B. C.
I      C, H, DUNBAR       I
S   Barrister, Solicitor,  Notary   S
11 Public, Etc. |
j $   Cranbrook,     -     -     li. C.   {
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olliee at Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons .... 9.30 t„   ij
Afternoons - - - - 1311 to 3.311
1      Evenings 7.30 to 8.3.1
! CRANHROOK ::     :: ::     _), (..
!    MSM^M-ail.l'fcia/MSMipllt.Mj.i^i.Ji.f
i     Dr. Connolly,     t#)
I S    Physician and Surgeon   |
I @ Office on Armstrong Avenue
I Sl ■<>
§ Hours :-l) to 11 a 111 , 2 to i «9
-   Jim., 7 to 8 p.in.   'Phono 10.    ,.,
j H»I»I*I«)|*i*»i*i«,|i|)|iH»|»i
9  to   12 11 111.
I in ll p.m.
7 in   8 p.m.
Olllco and resldcni  Armstrong nve
II to 12 a in.
1 to 11 p.m.
7 In   8 p.m.
Ofllco In new IUI.I block
Repairing Promptly Done.
lootwear Io Measure a Specially
People who want job work dono
cannot ..(lord in |iay lor poor ivoik,
Thai is why it pays lo get work
done at the Herald olliee. No complaint is made ol lhc work turned oul
hero for the reason that il is up 10
date anil the work ni up io date
printers. That makes a iliil.-iriu.-a
with any Individual. TTtF.   CRAXBHOOK   HERALD
McFarlane is gone! left in a hurry!
Explanation on Pane S
The CO-OPERATIVE STORES will continue as usual and ior this week have the following inducements to offer their manv customers
Ladies' Heavy
Cloth Suits
That won- lefl "v.i- I'r.ini Insi yo it Those
mills nn- not qiilto np.to.dnlo Iml i,,i,it',,i
tliis wi- oltur tin-in i.u jusl i INE II M.I'
'I'llKilt KEOULAll PRICE    It willpuj'
..uv wiiiiinii Iii i-tili uml bho tlin. Inn- liiTutv
li living I'!hi-w1u'1-i'
Wm   ,
ll Mm.
mc r.i -j--!! iii lar^i- quautitioa tlif
OK CLOTHIXG     Wo carry a
■ ..I to ir up t<t date Bam pie pat-
iMii iiiuki* a Buit t" your order at
l hi- COSt   ul iHolulli    Diado ^i"J»l_
Larrigans and
Shoe Packs
W.-niv agonla fot PALMER'S X
We guarantee that those l:,h..|s will
Till- _T>-iltl-8t I'lirSl'    tu    till-   -.1,.„- jam
nesi ;s iimi mosl btands will rip um
all kinds nf trouble tu tbe wearer.
Palmer Uranil Never Rips
ait rip
k busi-
I cause
Heavy Weight
In this lino wo aro way overstocked nnd arc
Special Prices
everyday We wanl every MILL MAX.
tu U'nr litis in iniiiil
October 13,   1905
Cran.ru.l Co-operative Stores
0000000000000000000000 OOOOC.OOOOvwOOOOOOOOC.00
Overcoat Question
During  tin xt   low weeks llmiuuiiidaof OC
OVERCOATS will  l.o pnsai'il  "ruin the "'*
tnblo of tin- ClotliiuiiiK  Slur.' iol,,   lho
lunula of the buyer    .-i       .■«       .*       .-»
V*- here Will Yon Buy Yours
Put this question   to uimost ntiv irrnnp uf
«,-II ilrt-ss.'il ami   well in.nrmrjil ini-ii here
itiimits uml  lln- iniswur will ho with 'n.i- <?<■
accord, at      -*      .-«      .-i      .•»       -■« SS
Reid & Company's 1
There  is a reason for this universal senli- gjjj
ment in favor of our st ireaiul oiir clotbitiK. '&$
Ifyuu wi
inonstrate tlie why and the when Eon
inn-in for n look, wm will ,1,-. 88
Reid & Companv if
Where    l-"it-Rcfor,n   Clotllliiu is Sold ov
9 X
llll: MU   KI'BKFIST HliHI
X RICHER THAN WHEAT                  •;•
% BETTER THAN MEAT                    S
? READY TO EAT                              $
| G.   T. ROGERS     f
o\ .    . — —   *
JL Jti
"P This means the new Souvenir Writing Tablets
f Wi; .\rt exhibiting Just nuw.
+ They are the Best Out Yet! j
Each tablet has a good view ol Cranbr tok 01
vicinity on every leaf- lour different views be
Ing shown, They .iri* just thc thing lo use loi
your honu- letters and s»» advertise thi  d strict.
I Small, 35c
Three Sizes; t^\^
' Large, 50c
C. E. REID <S_ CO.,
•Ph.uic 71
Are You Planning a New Home?
Many arc occupied at this
season in making plans lur
tlieir new homes.
The plumbing dt' the home is one of" the
most csscniial features and should have
every consideration. Let us plan your
plumhing. We execute all contracts on
lhe most sanitary lines, employ competent
mechanics, and use the hest fixtures made
— namely, "^tftttdtt-* Porcelain Enameled Baths and One-piece Lavatories. Our
illustrated booklet, "Modern Home
Plumbing," is free.
Plmnlilnir, Ituullnif, Hinitliijiinil V Hnitim Hn**'
Sf \iit'\i- iiii
in >|„- llroUicrhnod ul
Railway Crainmen
Wentworth Mall
October 26th, 1905
Kofreslimonls Ekn-vnl
Prof, iJuiri-iu'sOrchestra in
iThe Two  New J
i Parlor   Games I
'" »
| BLOCK and !
TOGO        .
ik '■
w *
* .lust received,   They are po- *
ii, iniiiil' entertainers,                 .*-
s it
i Beattie s< Jltcbison 5
* $
J* where it pays to deal.      JJ
J"     See (iar drug a.i  uii li>t |m6«.   *
i. *
,, ,.
****** ********************
Pct-eil  Up About the City   hy  Asking
Questions ol Mun)   People.
Had ymir deer hunt yet?
Only eight weeks till Christmas.
Thc hunting season Is nt its height.
Dave Elmel was up Irom Moyie
over Sunday -
Archie Smith was a Marysville vial
loi Tuesdaj
C F Farrell was .1 visitor iron.
Moyie Monday.
Next ITmrsday, Octobet 26th, Is
. ha   sgiving Day.
Di S, K. Harvle paid Craubrook a
business thp last Friday.
Wanted, a girl Ioi general house-
work.   Apply llerald olllce.
Wanted—A girl tor housework. Apply to Mrs. George Hoggarth.
Doctor 1. M. Bishop was down
Irom Marysville last Friday.
n .1 McSweyn waa In Wardnei
pact oi'Monday 'nnd Tuesday.
Rev, J   P. Westman visaed anion,;
-    ock at  Marysville   I'ucsday.
u .1 Atchison is enjoying a [.hooting outing down nn ilu- prairie this
Mi I; N. Mai'iU'il, ol Moyie, was
m town Friday ami Saturday of lasl
Two lumi oilicvh, second ilooi Watts
block, (01 rent. Apply to Heale .v
Blwell. 7-tl
Mr Benson, ol Wardner, was visiting friends In Cranbiook the latter
l .1,1   ol  last week,
.1. i- I'ringle, tie hotel magnate ol
Spokane .1 miction, waa In the city
lasl  I-11.lav ami Saturday.
Mrs Hugh Cameron, ul Moyie,
j sp.nl a lew davs lhe past week the
guesl 1.1 AMs. tlcorge Parker.
Koss Tate went to Macleod Monday, where lie is spending a lew
days on hualness rm the llrm
Mr. II. Dickson and sou llarvoy, oi
Kimberley, wero visiting (rleuda in
Cranbrooa lasl Friday and Saturday.
Foi  Sal A     most excellenl horse
ini city dray Ing; good action; quiet
ami gentle.    Inquire at  Herald olllce.
Up 1 nn- ami gel In on the good
time r.. be on tap al lhu Lawn Ten-
1 i.i. club's dance Tuesday evening
M..11 t allow your dates to get mixed
land have anything nn for next Thursday (Thanksgiving) night excopl the
It  ol R, T   ball
Paul llollman accompanied his wife
in New Westminster where she will
.iii.i .[ governmenl Institution to undergo nn mat treatment.
.Mis A. smith and sou, of Maple
ii. -■'. 'tBf.'i'.lhnia, an- visiting with
Mis   Smith's  pannis.   Mr.   and  Mrs.
..I.,Im Maycnck, this week,
I Frank Dickinson relumed to Cranbrouk Mon lav after spend lne two or
three weeks nt  the coast  taking     in
. tin- urns an.l visiting old-time friends,
! .lim Johns, who has been working
at  Hu* SI   Kugene concentrator    for
i ib*- nasi three months, was In Cranbrnoli visiting friends on Friday   and
I Saturday last
Anvonc sending Information that
will lend In lhe whereabouts of one
Mis Annie Halites, who eame from
Lewlslon, Maine, wilt be amply rc-
wardi I tor their trouble.
C.  Melvin  Hatch,
30-2t- Wardner,  II.  C,
OoJflrtg is nfl shut
1* ol It T ball next Thursday
night, remember.
Utuige (ioiigt-oli look a tup up tu
■Mai).-.villi' '1 ui-sday.
Mis. Alice, ul Victoria, waa u
Cranbrook visitoi  ttls week,
P. Quirk, ut Foil Steele, was a
Cianbrook vlsiloi  u.-.i  	
Miss ti. Giiii.ill was visiting frleada
in himbvile) ou Sulutda) last,
;   Mrs. uu_> Staples, oi Uayard, -isit
tvi friends in tlie city ihis week.
1   ioi rent,     two unfurnished rooms
near business center,     Apply Herald
Wanted—Diniag   room girl.    Uoou
wages,    Address jju\ _i, Atoyie, li.
I   Mis. C. W.    Carey, of Sioux L'itj,
lo., spent a few days in lown    this
I    Uobt.    Dempsty,  oi    Foil   Sleele,
has been vlslung irieuds in town ih.
past week.
tins  Iheis, ul    I'etiy   Creek,     lu\>
been enjoying  ,\   touch ol inuliopoli
laii lilt-  lln-.  week.
Mrs. Brake and daughter, oi Fer
nie, visited the formers sister, Mis:.
Scott, at llie .Ventworth, a lew Ua)..
tills week.
James Steward, ctlul tlu inspccloi
loi this division, left for liu bead
quarters at Vtinnlpcg Monuaj on ..
ten days' business nip.
All parlies interested iu thu Cran-
luooh Lfltcrary Soeietj aie requested
io meet iu ihe parlors 01 the uuyai
bolel ^11 Monday evening, Uclonui
2_Fd at 8.3U o'eluek.
The Lawn Tennis club will hold u
"SiJuseripiton iJauee" at Uentworth
lunl nn luesila) night, Uelobei Will.
Alt arrangements aie being made lui
a llrst-ciass Una. Jjaneiug will
coiiiuu'liee .11 H.lfl. Tickets may bt
had ttoin the Secretary, ti. it. Mason
Jabcz Harris, Chas. Wilson am.
Frank Marshall returned Satuiday
Horn then htiiiiiug tup up ufuuul III
teen miles uoiib 01 kimberley. The)
report chicken ana duck uiy plentiful in iha 1 sec 1 lon .tuJ 1._ia Chun
cayuses laden with Uie ieaUieri-u
1 v, ill sell my ten roomed rcsidenci
a 1 a bargain as 1 have other ar
rangemeuis io make. 1'hu huunv bas
a stono foundation, stone cellar, wai
er connection, and every thing in ei-
ccllflnt   condition.      Foi pai lieulars
address    or    call    ou      nie.—U.  Lart-
'V n gill.
I-'iank Dezall and John Bathle len
last week lor Canal Hats and Whili
Lake on a hunting expedition. The)
look along au Indian guide and ah
prepared to do battle with the inosi
ferocious    .■;   ,».h  game.      Tlie      boj'h
will be absent two weeks or more,
aud they are hound to have lols oi
excitement and healthful exercise.
The new Hank of Commerce build
mg is rapidly taking shape and anyone can now iorm boiiic idea oi whal
a handsome new home is in store loi
the Cranhrook branch ot this great
Canadian financial Institution. The
walls are up ami the roofing and in
tenor work will he pushed along a.s
quickly as possible.
Alts. James .McNeil left Tuesday foi
ber old home in San Francisco, where
she will probably remain tor the
winter. Airs. McNeil has not been
enjoying the best of health lately and
hopes to be beneiittwi by tliu balmy
ozone iu the land ol orange blossoms. She was accompanied as far
as Rexford by her husband.
Lee, son uf Mr. and .Mis. (icorge
Parker, is a very ambitious six-year-
old. Tuesday morning lie gol loul
ot bis father's ra/oii and uuderiook
lbe task of shaving himself ior Ihe
lirst time, with ihe result lhat he
eui a long gash about his check und
thin. The wound is uot deep, however, and Lee will -.uon get over it,
but he has no iut i hit desiie lo Indulge   in "hair-raising" experiments.
tlcorge It. Leask A Co. haw. gut
the joint halt they aie building lor
lhe K m P. and I, u. 0. F. lodges
well mulct way. The hall i.i being
built expressly for lodge-room purposes and vviii be a one-storey structure Mi leet long by 'M lei t wide,
with a Hi-ioot ceiling Inside The
interior will he well finished -ind
furnished for the comfort and con*
vonjrnce of these two very progressive orders, 'the building will be
entirely completed some lime in
December and will be formally opened
by a grand New Year's ball.
The signs ol another good, characteristic Canadian winter are becoming more and more in evidence, and
yet wc can learn of no definite action being taken with regard to fl
skating rink for Cranbrook this year.
The young people are heeoining a
little uueasy regarding the matter,
and the Herald has been asked several times during the past week If
anything is being done about lhc
rink. We regret very mueh lhat we
have had to reply in Ihe negative.
It certainly does seem a shame that
a town liVe Crnnbrook .should allow
the excellent winters we arc favored
with to go to waste, so far as
sports aro concerned, when a suitable I
rink could be built and maintained at!
a comparatively small cost, and!
young and old could enjoy healthy I
nnd attractive sport In the way of
■-kiiting, hockey, curling, ele. Other
places, which have far less rigorous
winter seasons, are running rinks—
and making them pay. It is not too
late yet to help the movement along,
so push, in the interests of good
sport. It
Saturday li Tratalgai da)
ft Olllifl [s visiting friends in Sirdar.
al Doyle went iu Uthbrld-go Tuesday,
A ,1. Mutt was in luwn this week
Jabez Harris went to Calvary Tiles-
day on business,
Wm. Michan was in town from
Mayook Sunday.
A- _, Walls, ji., wa» in from
'Uitsburg Sunday.
A. Leilch was in Pinchei Creek a
lew days las-t week.
c. ii. h-vans uud wife, oi Medicine
ilai, were in towu this weus.
Oliver Burge and sou Arthur,'wore
n iiom Periy Creek Saturday.
i-.. J. Canu was in town a few
lays Uie past week iiom i<utL Stoeie.
ttiewei AluU was here Alonday ami
iViesday in Uiv interests oi i-erun
Aiauager McFurlaue, of the Co-operative blares, is at Uiu cuast uu.,
Air. and .Mrs. J. li. MuCalluin re-
uurnml lueMiuy Hum tlieir tup to lbe
uie city sprinkler i.s oil duly—hut
iti-eie uns i,iiii a lew uu Uiu watei
i*ut Sale.—House and lot on lhe
main sireot oi Marysville. Apply to
ilerald, ou-u
J. li. McAlulL-n, district licmse m-
.pecior, was in luwii lucstfn) irom
. etuie.
Alias Whitehead, ol Moyie, lias been
Tie guesl oi Alias iNcliiu iiamuu) tlie
,>ASi week.
u. chadwick, J. 11. Skinner aul K.
s. Wiay, ot Calvary, were visiiuis iu
.own this week.
A. ti. Kiappel, uiaiiaget ol llle
.soiib siai Liiuiuet tu., was in town
.liuttday   luun   Llftu.
Ld. Holme was in J all i ay a couple
ui days Liia ween uu busiuess ioi tue
i-asL Kootenay Lumber L'u.
A. Al. Andrews, ol Uie IJank ol
t_.ounuerec sun, wliu to lhu eo_iai
luesday on a sboii holiday.
ilia... Annuo.-, A. u. "smith and H
ii.u-.Luu, oi iSelsun, were rogistered
ai Uie Cosmopolitan Sunday.
W. A. Chishoim, oi Chicago, i.~. in
Cranbrook and vieiuitj Uiis ween
looking alter mailers connected Willi
Uie bull Hlver Power _ Ligiii Co.
Alias Mark Barclay, ol Prince Edward lalaud, wliu uas been visiting
iriends ai Wardner lor some lime, is
in CraubiuoK Una week Liie guest ul
Mis. Chas. K. Keid.
We know sume fellows who arc already wondering bow ihey are go
nig to gel bet thai Cliristmus pte-
seut. Funny buw a little snow nuts
sume chaps thinking.
All patties interested in the Cranbrook Literary Society nie requested
lu meet in lhe pai loi.-, ul the Koyal
hotel uu .Monday eveniug, Coroner
23rd at H.3U o'clock.
W. K. Ward, of Kansas City, Mo.,
brother of Mrs. J. ti. McBride, at-
rlved last week to take over his duties as bookkeeper in Air. McBride s
ii.ur.lwart' establishment.
Say, stranger, if yuu have taken in
all ihe sights and ate lirt-d ol sitting
around the hotels, drop Into the tree
reading room in the Walls building
and spend an enjoyable hour or iwo.
W. H. D'Arcy, C. P. It. claims
agent, arrived in town .Monday and
has been kept pretty busy the past
lew days iu endeavoring to square
up mallets with those injured iu the
Jaflray wreck.
Tbe Perry Creek Hydraulic company has closed operations ailer a
very successful season. 'The manager
exhibited some line nuggets secured
irom the clean-up, which ne bas taken home lo Wisconsin to exhibit.
'ihere is no better service on    thc
"Crow"  Ulan is given at the Hotel
Dallas,    Lethbridge.     Steam  heated
throughout and everything the best.
28-tl c. J. Eokstorm A Co.,
At the services in lie Baptist
church nexl Sunday, lhe pastor. Rev
Benjamin Dock)field, Ii- \ . will discourse on the folluwing subjects
Morning, "A Tale of the Temple, '
evening, '"lbe Battle of Hahylnn."
Special invitation to strangers, visitors and friends.
Oeo. JiKld, thc enterprising Fort
Steele prospector, was in town the
first of the week. Mr. Judd says
there is something doing on a number
of the locations in the Fort Steele
section and that important developments will he forthcoming before long
on one or twu of thc properties.
Al. Doyle, T. M. Roberts and C, I).
McNab returned Saturday from the
Spokane lair, via Fernie, nnd were
among tlu* passengers mixed up in the
Jaffray wreck. Jas. Ryan, A, J.
Martin anl Vie Rollins came home
from the fair Tuesday, and did not
appear to have been mixed up in any
serious wreck.
J. M. Medley, of Nelson, has been
promoted to the managership of the
Kast Toronto branch of the Bank of
Commerce, and leaves next week to
assume his new position. Mr. Medley
was connected with the hank in Cranbrook in the early days, hut has
been in Nelson during the past live
years. lie has many old-time friends
fit this city wbo will be glad to learn
of his promotion and wish him every
future success.
David Grifflth, ol Fort Steele, and
| familiarly known aa the pioueei of
.Perry Creek, circulated among Us
numerous Cranbrook iriends Tuesday.
Mr, Griffith lias lately taken ovei the
Strathcona hotel at Steele. He assumes the rote of landlord most becomingly aud his popularity assures
|luiii success in his new ventuce.
i Mr. Al J. Vlgneux, who bad charge
ioi me j_ug ilepartuisni ioi the Can-
aulun Drug u. Boos Co., at .Nelson
| iut Uie past two jtais aad a hail, is
now Willi C. L*. tieid *!c Co., baiing
uir.en uie pusiUou vacated ny An.
-Neiaoil   Who   lelt   oil    AlulUay. Uui
1'iUlcli api.akiiig population will (iml
it easy io mane then wants mmci-
stood ny  .ut.  Vlgneux.
fc.ugun.-ti Jamto Caslake left Tue..-
Uaj iui oidiiey, u. l., wuere lie win
jt..n hi.i wile, Alio Uas been visiting
.u.u- lot some tune. Aii. casuive ia
Sliil bUuciuig aOu.LT.ual Hum lie IU
junta _.a.ai.niiL.i in an aeeiaenl he waj
uniurtuiiale eiiuugli io gu iihaiJ up
in while on ilu.y at .Siuiai a short
ume ago,  and  expects   Uial   llie    tup
in uie coast will .iu him good.
.J. H, Downus, ot Ooiuaiteam. B.
u., iut., made an assignment iui the
ikiiciil ol tua ciedilurs. .ni. UuwiiLi
was lormerl) prupnjiioi ui Uie Cosmopolitan hotel ui this piace. lu
leu Liaiiiiiooh ior Uiu coast abuui
eight months ago and locuied in the
in.-ci business in Coldstream. ah.
uowiks inia many Iriends m Una dis-
uni win. will aglet tu learn oi lua
business adversity.
Huhh li. Uilmour, of Vancouver, ti.
C, was in lown a lew Uava u is weca
sbahiug lianas with his numerous
menus ami avlmircis anu doing business ioi ilie Uatcrous Lugme ^
iioilei Lo., wlln.ll lie iepte~>enta. Aii.
uilmour juai uiuiued recently Irom
i-hiliuielpJua, where lie oua i reu
Davie, oi victoria, were Uie Btituh
Lulumbia rep reselila lives at ibe
I luucting oi tne -u.eU'n-u i-itan^l Ludge
ol   tile  luaepaiULli.   Uiuul   oi  Odd  bet
Miss Alay   Wilson,   who Iaa     been
Malting Ikl   alaLel,   Ail_>.   A.   11.  La^el,
and bet brother, W. 11. Uihuu, stove
last July, lull ioi Calgary .iiuu-iay
alleilioou to resume let iianes in lhe
gaui.il   bOSpilul   ul   Uial   City.       Aiiaa
iwh.oii reccntl) completed her ptu-
bationurj period *,nd ti uow a fully
graduated nurse. Her healih has
uecii completely restored during ber
lesiduuce in Cranbrook and the young
la.lj uluins fully plepaied and ieal-
uua tu continue lhe nuuie uie s work
she has chosen.
Joseph Ryan, Un- genial journalist,
aeeoL.ii. an i, Irishman, ele, aiiuweu
Ills .spot ling blood to £■'!• the uppei
liand last week antl lie .-.allied luitn
with a ju-;.ii tu du execution with
whale vet game ilaud iu venture
ai-ius-. his path, la ihe vicinity ol
Palmei Bat .Mi. Ryan was o'erjoyed
to Im ujiou some Hacks winch his
Sherlock Holmes Instincts told him
were thuse oi a giganuc buck deet.
With all his senses on the alert he
followed the nail for some distance,
when presently he heard a crashing
sound Horn a nearby thicket ol brush,
and creeping stealthily forward, with
gun in readiness, he suddenly came
Upon his prey—a twu-yeat-old sti-ei.
A meeting oi the citizens ol Cran-
nrook will be held in the looms above
S. J. .Migliton's cigar store tu-
morrow (Friday) evening lor the
purpose oi discussing ways and means
lor the erection and maintenance ol
a suitable skating rink for Uie coming winter.
All those interested are urgently
requested to make it a point to be
present, and those not interested are
just as urgently rtqiiesled to come
Aiid get interested.
livery true-spirited citizen should
do his best to encourage this movement, for it means much t-o the young
people oi oui city in the way of providing a healthful and innocent
amusement tor the long, winter even-
The   meeting
til     loi  s oo
Owing to some delay wilh regard
to the shlpmenl of -n-nis, it is not
likely ihat the new Presbyterian
church will be opened before the first
Sabbath in December, On the ic-
easinti of tht- opening the pulpit   will
be ii-
(' \\
the I
,'upie.l   hy  Ralph  Connor,   (Rev.
Gordon, the noted Winnipeg
. i), who i> tamed throughout
nglh and breadth of Canada as
author   t.f    "The   Prospector,"
Sky   Pilot,"    "Black   Rock,"
"Tbe .Man  Fiom Glengarry,"
1 Glen
gnrry School hays," etc.   Mr.
nor will certainly draw a nig
gregation, an 1   lhe   success ot
opening is assured,
W, Ii McFarlane was called to
Victoria Tuesday on important business. He will he back the first of
the week.
Marysville, H c , October 16.—
During tin; last tew* weeks times ia
.Marysville have beet, quiet but good.
As the prosperity of Marysville depends quite largely upon tbe success
oi the smelting business, naturally
anything adecting it or done by tbe
Sullivan Group Mining Co. hious-w
the inlerest of all Marysville. During tiie last few weeks it has been reported on ihe street a: regular in-
tervals that the company lnteitdt-d to
increase ns toasting capacity sutti-
citntly to enable -.i.t... to blew in the
second blast tumacc. Inquiry ol
those likelj '.<• know does not lead
t'he to bo..-•.. *.! a*, such is likely lo
be the ea^.. On the other hand tho
indications arc more than probable
•o Ua* contrary. It is apparent that
the management does not Intend to
begin further construction wo:i*- until
spring and i; such proves to be the
case a steady run of the furnace cau-
not be expected, alU;ougb undoubtedly
the roasters will continue without i»-
Much interest has been atoused over
tlie unexpected visit ol Ml-., is. Ald-
rldge and McKenzie, n.anagets ol the
Trail smelur and LeRoi mine, respectively. Th^.i briel but businesslike trip has probably been tbe cause
uf a rumor to the tiTec; that the C.
1'. It. has its eye on the Marysville
iinciter and also Intends to take steps
to open up tbe St, -Marys valley by
extending rhe Cra-.Lit-Or.-.Marysville
branch un through t< Pilot Bay, thus
|'■-.-■ . ;.:.s   a   :..j..:.-    >1   ::a:.sp..'i"ration
for the many good coppei and galena
prospecrs more oi leas dc-vebped in
the Upper St Marys valley. Nt thing could be dene of more it:.j)oit-
ancc to this ..-*:..: than tne exten-
aion of the railway, because with its
completion nearly every clafm owner
could connect his ciaim with the railway at f.o great expense, and immediately there would be a rush of capi-
ui to this distriei, which is acknowledged '.'.- be or.e ..: tbe bea; in ti. C.
We tan only hope fo: tbe railway
-Jeoplc tu act.
As Iai as '<!•■ pr..v;.t-c*s of a government wagon road up the valley nre
eonc-ernal it may be safely sta'.c*d <ve
have been turned down and kicked
out. Recently Don AIcKay, the road
supervisor, passed through town wuh
a few men and supplies. Our hopes
were brightened but .-..j soon as mat
gentleman stated hia :i*.is_ua wc
eould hear ihe echos of a horse laugh
coming down the valley. They bunt
two yaci. rial! biiiges a*-toss the Si.
Marys and White h Ish ert^ri, and put
a coiduroy coveting on par: ui the
Alatttcw "creek briugc Feasibly
about iluu wa-> s^unt is actual wuis.
With a wise look on his face and a
lutloing-ante-eUc'vion-tone to his voice
Air. McKay gave ua to unletsu&d
ihal tht wag^n toad up tne Sl.
.uarys would be ext-eiiucd neit tpiin*,.
In regard ta our school requao-
ments we are somewnat eucoutajjed
if the report ot me provincial t-cnool
inspector can be effectual. That oth-
cial paid this lown a visit last week
and found things even vtorse than tie
had been led to believe they wire.
Before departing he promised to have
a suitable schoolhouae erected right
away And made atiangements lo nave
the school section ileiimu-iy setiled
upun ana Uu* tares ut taxation decided. So far su good, and if no un-
necestaiy delay occuis In ".atrymg
uut the inspector s promises no kick
will be beard on tins account.
Dui ing the last lew weeks a new
source of trouble has ansm here.
The closing down of the gamuling in
all the towns along the Ciuw hai
driven a lot oi tin-horns and tenderloin boosters to this town. There
ate at least a half dozen characters
around town who do no work and ate
living on the fat of the land, provided with a good supply of easy money
won from honest but foolish working
men. Fortunately Constable Morris
vvas able to get away from Ctannrook
for a night or two and dropped into
town. He stopped tie gambling and
tonk away one of the fiaternity who
was involved in some crookedness at
another point.
The game wai den oi this district
should lake a trip up this valley once
in a while. A tellable prospector
came into town reoently and reported that the Indians from Lhc Mission
are committing a wholesale slaughter
of deer and goat in lhe upper valley.
.-I onomlcal
done each
imhel will
as it ma
luinbln we
■v wiil N-
-hen    thai
nee   miles'-
ts hest as
The calling of a convent ion to cou-
s-ider ways and means of con*>ervius
to    Ute tK-st    advanuge    the     foiesl
aix'4s id the Dominion is a move
traugbi with Importance to every
part oi Canada Irom the rock bound
coats ol Uie Atlantic to the sunny
slopes of the Pacific. We bave now
the greatest acreage of commercially
vaJuable tunbei uu the face oi Uie
Klobf, yet even our apparently inex
hausLable supplies must eventually
come lo an end unless proper means
are token to prevent waste and to
reforest denuded areas. The preservation or renewal ol timbered areas
Is of Importance beyond the mere
Commercial value of the trees growing or to be grown thereon. The
water supply in the dry sections awl
the rainfall in the wt-ttei ones depends largely on the lores! s and
wherever Uie cutting uf Umbel has
been excessive or where the tiro fiend
baa got m his destructive work the
Hgncttual Interest* have suffered.
In some ot the Kuropean countries,
ihvubly in Germany, lbe government
forestry department Inoks tu the re
planting oi all forest limits whieh are
uot of mote value as agricultural
lauds ami as a result it will V onlj
be a. few years before tlm roplanlwl
limits will bccouie "i
v_ue. A.-, the planting is
yew a continuous crop of '
be laJccn "ii >•*'.'"" hy yeai
tures. iLre in British C.
have immense arras bui \h
come denuded tn lime and v
time does come, Uie prov:
proper measures are taken
will be deprived ol one ol i
Too mueh Interest cannot he taker,
in tbe results oi the convention called
by the prime minister and wc trust
Uiat tlmse Included In the Invitation
will see to it thai British Columbia
is fairly and fully represented. Among
those who, aside from the cominei
clal aspect of forest preservation
should take keen interest in the sub
joot are the sportsmen, ami then
again •oines a matter which should
receive the attention of the provln
clal governmen t   while   deal ing   wit \.
forest an-as.      The ga  of    llritish
Columbia should be one of our alt-motions for outsiders and the authorities
idiould not wait until it becomes ne
cessary to go to great expense and
trouble in assuring the visiting oi
home spoilsman a decent bag.
There are tracts of land in the interior of British Columbia whieh,
while comparatively worthless foi
agricultural or economic purposes,
could be set aside as breeding
grounds for big game and feathered
and which should In: by law made a
sanctuary for every moving thing.
Take for instance the stretch between Seymour Arm and Adams
Lake. Neatly all tlie forms of animal life to be fuund in the province
have ai oue time made a borne in the
varied cover furnished by this section. Unfortunately the elk, whicli
were once numerous have disappeared
and few, il any moose are left, (tht
last one killed was about three years
ago.) There are still, however,
great herds ol caribou, plenty of mule
deer, some big horn, sume goats,
plenty of bear, both black and grizzly, ia fact nothing but the elk and
moose are lacking and this lack could
easily be made good by pulling in a
lew of each. Were ihis stretch ol
country set aside as a provincial park
conducted alung Uie lines of Algonquin Park iu Northern Ontario, and
lire arms absolutely prohibited anywhere within the prescribed limits,
it would not be long before Ute animals would consider tho district as
a sanctuary, would breed and multiply and finally spread out over other
land where the sportsman would obtain his trophies and the province beiu
tit to a degree which veiy few imagine possible from such a resource, in
Maine every deer killed In the limits
of U~<. stale is saitl to bring $5(J in
revenue to the government coffers ana
(500 in business La the residents ot
tte state. They have found their
game a paying asset and have treated
it accordingly, with the result thai
to-day the sportsman Is assured ol
better shooting than be could have
bad forty years ago in Lho same
country. The matter is worthy ol
consideration In connection with
foresl. reserve-, and is evidently so
considered hy sir Wilfrid Lnurier as
ho includes representatives of game
and rod aud gun associations In Un*
list of those Invited lo the eouvcii-
iion.—Kamloops Standard.
Following is the annual financial n
port of the C. P. R. Quadrille club:
102 season tickets at 53 each. $300. GO
11 admission tickets at $1 each   11.UO
5*3 annual   ball   tickets aT i'i
each     116.00
Program advertising     13.00
Winnipeg, Oct. ld.-Ever since Sat
urday Winnipeg tus bee-u draped with
blight bunting, bauds have clashed
forth gay melodies, socio _ has been
in a gliddy whul, -*ud the diguiUinev
of the capital city ot the west bave
been clothed m their best In honor ui
His Kxcelleiicy,   Earl Grey.
The Governor Ocucral has bad a
busy time and has opeucd more important institutions Uuu any othei
distinguished visitor iu ibe history uf
Uie prairie capital Coniinp, as he
did, at the lime when Winnipeg ftlt*l
several years ot pbeuoini-ual giowUi,
was stepping irom lbe stage ot a
large lown into the place ol a cus
inopolitan city, to tank wilb Cm
ada's greatest commercial and social
eenlres, he found many new ius-tilu
nous cousequeiit upon the growth and
development of the country, ready
be started m a DOW era
t was with characteristic grace tlai
he and his chaiuuug consoit coiut
seeikled lo launch new uiiderUikiugs
ami undtr lheir distinguished pairou
agv bistoiy has been made at a rati
never before equalled in Uu* wist.
The Carnegie library, now clubs
St.. Boniface Itospltal and the new St
Boniface college hall aie all marks ..
social, educational   and philanthropic
advancement, and it i- doublful i
any eil-y on the continent could hav
arranged a programme wiih so man
important inauguration-^.. bojjuuk
"Ih Winnipeg"he Bas made many
friends When the oitiitens cheered
his arrival it w*as the governor gener
al over whom they euthus*-.! and the)
were prompted solid) by loyalty u
Uie crown, Winn lie leaves, and ii h.
,-vei returns it- will be "Mr. Grey," a
lhe newsboys democratically callui
aim on the nigh I of his arrival. Uui
will be cheered; ius in (he heurl-s ui
Un- citizens ol Uu- premier city ol thi
west, he and hi- suite nave found .
wai m place. The National Anih.-ii
will be played and cheers will be evei
mole enthusiastic because Uie gover
nor general Is a distinguished nun
of Uie city.
I hm morning His Excellency inaugurated a new hall ol St. Uoiiilaci
college, and a new wing ol St. Boni
lace hospital. In lhe alleilioon he de
liVcred au eloquent a-udrcss at a moei
m-g of the university council oi Alain
loba; enjoy ed a paper chase as Uu
f-.uesi uf the riding club; atitnded a
-Jute dinner al government huu.se auu
last- eveniug was the guest oi honor
at Sir Daniel McMillan'* Male ball ai
Manitoba hall.
Winnipeg, Oct. 15.—Mr. B. B. Kelli-
her, chief engineer uf Uie Grand
Trunk Pacific railway, arrived here
yesterday. He states Uiat survey
aud construction work for thu new
one is being pushed rapidly.
Beiore Mr. F. E. Morse, vioe-pre-
sldeut ot tbe road, left Montreal last
week he let tbe contract for the Lake
Superior branch, a strip of 210
miles, io be completed in time
Handle Uie wheat crop of 10UG
Lounecliun with the line from Winnipeg to Lake Superior Junction.
i he 3'.in mile eoutract Irom Winui
i*eg to 'Touchwood llilis, let to Alc-
iJoiiald, Me Aii Han A company, of Winnipeg, is to be completed by August
al, pjuti. There are at present sun
teams and 1,000 men on this work,
aad ihe lorce will bo augmented by
itiii teams aud an aduiUuhai l.UUu
men ihiuugh the winter. The contract price was about H,O0u,UOO,
There are titty corps ol engineers
employed on ihe entire construction
work, Klual surveys oi the route io
jidmouton have been made,    Uwugn
maps have not yet Ikvu Idled; and H
.s expected thai Mr. Morse will
throw some light ou tins mattei
Alien he arrives here to-morrow.
West ot Edmonton and through thf
mountains there are twelve location
parties laying out Uie Iiiu*.
Ottawa, Oct. M.—Wm. Waiawrighl
ia responsible for Uie statement u-.ii
within a month Uie construction oi i
.hoiisand lulles oi Grand iruiih Pari
Etc line will be under way. Air. Wain
Aright came here to Und out if Hon
Air. l.iiimetaoii had approved uf Lhc
route map ul the Grand Trunk Pad
ue from Touchwood Hills to Edmonton, ll was learned, however, that
oeioro taking any action He minister
would await Collingwoud Seliieibet■'.*.
rcjiort upon the application. Mr,
[Schriebcr Is nuw looking ovei
Uie route to see if it is Uie best obtainable in the country's Interest, He
will go farUiet west Uian Edmonton,
as other Grand Trunk Paeilie plan,-.
will shortly be put in, and the minister wants expert opinion as to the
route being followed.
Total     $446.00
Orchestra   for season    $107.00
HaTl rent for season   112.00
Printing for season   36.75
Merchandise for season   54.00
Miscellaneous     35.30
W.    Lamb   for   two   boxes for
dishes   H.no
Balance on hand  95
Total     $448,00
T. S. Gill. President.
C. JI. Knocke, Secretary,
W. Smith, Treasurer.
(Atlanta Constitution.)
"There's a preacher over in England," some one said to Brother Dickey, "who says there is no hell any
"Yes, sub," he replied, "dar's some
er 'um in dis country says de same
"Well, what do you think about
''I don't think 'bout it any mo'n I
kin help; but- I'll say dis; Ef hell is
hreakin' up housckeepin' I wish dey'd
'stribute some cr de fire 'mongst de
po' folks In col' weather I"
Notice is hereby gives lhat 1 will
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lot a license to
piuVcet ful coal and petuleum over
lhe following described laud, situate
in Uie district oi    South i.ast Koolc-
Il.lV .
Commencing iuu ohains north aud
uu chains wesi uf a post planted
16,60 chains west of the crossing uf
the north fork ol Michel Creek by une
of the   northern boundaries   oi    loi
1588, Group One, lluucc north -SO
eliains, tbence west SU chains, Uieuce
south SO chains, Uience east 60
chains to the place oi beginning.
Located   this   30th day ol September, lima.
C. Rl.    Kdward-
per Edward Eiwoll,
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply lo Uie Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lor a license lo
piostfiect lot     coal and peliileiim ovei
title' following described laud, Miuau-
iu ibe distriot of South Kasi Kootenay;
Commencing   (■'-> chains  ninth     and
uu chains   wesi    ol a   post planted
16.till chains west ot   lhe crossing    ul
the north fork of Ulcltel Creek by om
oi the northern boundaries ot Iol
1588, Group Ono, thence north 8(1
chains, thence east Mi eliains, Ihenci
souih M> chains, lli. mi- west 80
chains io ibe place oi beginning.
Located this 3ftth dav ul September, 1005.
Malcolm Mclnnls pei Kdwaid Klwell,
Notiee is hereby given that. I will
apply to the   Chief Commissioner
Lands   and   Works for a licensi*
prosfpcol ioi    uoal and petit [cum ov
Uie   following desctiln-d land,   sitllit
iu lhe disiriet uf   South Kasl (Coot
Commencing 400 chains north and
iiu chains west, of a post planted
L6.U0 chains west of the crossing oi
the noitb fork of Michel Creek by nm
of Uie northern boundaries of lot
1588, Group One, thence soulh Sn
chatfnr, tin nee west Ml chains, llieiie,
north Ml chains, thence easl Mi
.-hams, to Uie place ot beginning.
Located this 30lh day of Septem
iter,   l!W5.
Malcolm Mclnnls per Kdward  Klwell,
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply tu ihe Chief Commissioner o
Lauds nn.l Works for a license ti
prosijicct for coal and petroleum ovei
ihe following described land, situnli
in the disltict ut South Kasl Route
Commencing 400 chains north ant
ii0 chains west ol a pust planteu
16.66 chains west of the crossing ui
Uie north fork of Michel Creek by om*
of the northern boundaries of lu,
■1586, Group One, thcuce south 8t
ihains, thence east 60 chains, thenct
north 81) chains, thenee west 80 eliains
io the place of beginning.
Located this .Huh day of Septem
ber, 11105,
Edward   Klwell.
Notice is hereby given that 1 will
apply to the Chief Commissioner u
Lauds and Works for a license t
prospeot for eual and petroleum uve
the following described land, si tuul
in the district ol Souih Kast KooU*
Commencing -lu chains north and
liU cbains wesl of a post planted
16.66 chains west of the creasing oi
the north fork of Michel Creek by
one of Uie northern boundaries oi
lot 45K8, Group One, Ihenee north 80
ehaiiw, Uieuce west Mi chains, thenci
south Mi cliaius, thcuce east M<
chains, to the place of b.-ginuilig.
Located   this   30Ui day of September, 1905.
C. M.   Edwards   per Edward Klwell,
A genu
Notice is hereby given that I will
apply to tho Chief Commissioner oi
Lands and Works for a license lo
pros|>eot fur cual and petroleum over
the following described land, situaU
in Uie district, uf South Kast Koolenay:
Commencing 180 chains north and
15 chains west of a post planted
16.66 chains west cf Uiu crossing of
the north fork of Michel Creek by one
of Uie northern boundaries of lot
1568, Group One, thence north 80
chains, ihence west Ml chains, thence
south mj chains, thence east 80 chains
to the place of beginning.
Located this uuth dav of September, 1(105.
Kdward Klwell,
Notice is hereby given Uiat I will
apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a license to
p.osfljeot for coal and petroleum over
Pic following described land, sitttat.
in the district ,.>r South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing 160 chain1, norih anil
15 chains west of a fust planted I(1.68
chains West of the crossing of lhe
north fork of Michel Creek by one
of the northern boundarie*; of lot 45KJ.
Group One, thence wesl Mi chains,
Ihence south NO chains, thence east
■N't chains, thenee north 80 chains to
Ihe place of beginning.
Located this 311th dm* of September, 1005.
Malcolm Melnnis per Kdward Klwell
C. M.    Edwards   per Kdwaid Klwell,
MN Agent.
Notice is hereby given that till davs
from date f inteml to applv io i'he
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Wmks to purchase the following described lands, situate In the disiriet or
Souih Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted on
the west boundary of lot 7100. thence
west 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains, llience east 80 chains, ihence
south 80 chains to place of commencement.
Otfo V.-Hough.
Dated Sept. 15th, 1(105. a&-0t
Take notiee that we intend, four
weeks after the first appeaiunce of
this notice, to apply tu the Board of
Railway Comiiiissiuners, under the
provisions of lhe Railway Act, 1903,
for permission to construct a spur or
branch line from a point on the
British Columbia Southern Railway
near Cranbrook to our saw mill and
timber limits, according to plans
filed in the Land Registry Olliee at
Nelson, September 80th, [90S.
The Robinson-McKen/ie Lumber Co.,
Dated October 8th, 1905.      ay-it
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to cut and carry away
timber fiom the following described
lands in Boat Kootenay:
Commencing at a post marked "J.
Strong's s. E. Cornet" and planted
about one mile west and twenty
chains north ol Um south-west oornei
of lot 4135, thence north till chains,
Ihenee west B0 chains, thence soulh
Kii chains,  thence east su chains,     lo
tbe point of commencement.
dot u Strong.
Located Sept. 99th,  1905.    S0-5t*
Notice is hereby glvo thai two
nuiiiilis after dad* 1 intend to apply
to ihe chiel Commissioner of Lands
and Works for permission to purchase
the following described lands iu East
Koolcnay district:
Commencing at n post planted al
the northcasl corner of Lot 7816,
ihenee north 60 chains, thence west
sn chains, thence south 60 chains,
thence east su chains along north lim
of Lot 7318 tu place of commencement, containing -IflU acres more ot
Dated at Elko, n. C. Oet. 2, 1005,
28-0t Catherine Mills.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
dnys irom date 1 will apply to the
Chlol Commissioner of Lands and
Works for special licenses lo cut timlier in tbe folluwing described parcels
of land north ot Kimberley in South
East Kootenay:
No. l. Commencing where n posl
has been placed aboui one mile due
north of the north-enst comer of lot
3008, thence norlh oue mile, east
mile, south une mile, and west
mile t-n the place of beginning.
Dated Oetolier Hub, i005,
No. 2. Commencing where a post
has been placed about two mile
north and one mile eaSt of the north
east corner of lot 3068; thenee tw
miles soulh. half a mile east, two
miles north, and half a mile west to
the place of beginning.
Dated October tith,  1005.
No. 3. Commencing where a post
has been placed about two miles
north, and half a mile east of the
north-east corner of lot 3068, thence
half a mile north, two miles east,
half a mile south, and two miles west
to Uie place of beginning.
Dated October  11th,  1005.
No. 4, Commencing when- a post
has been placed aboui two nnd a half
miles north ami one mile east of lhe
north-east comer of lot 3088; thence
north two miles, west half a mile,
Mouth two miles, and east half a
mile to Uie place of beginning.
Dated October Uth, 1905.
No. fi. Commencing where a post
has been placid, aboiiit two and a half
miles north, and one mile east uf the
north-east corner of lot 3068; thence
norlh two miles, east half a mile,
south two miles, and west half a
mile to the place uf beginning,
Dated October 11th, 1605.
No. 6. Commencing where a post
has been placed, about two and a
hair miles norUi and two miles east
of the north-east corner of lot 3088;
ihence two miles north, hall a mile
west, two miles south, and half a
mile east to the place ot beginning.
Dated October 11th, 1905.
No. 7. Commencing where a post
has been placed, about iwo and a half
miles nortii and two miles east of the
noi Uwast corner of lot 3088; thence
bWO inili*s norlh. half n mile cast,
two miles soulh, and half a mile
west to the place of beginning.
Daled October Uth,  1905.
No. 8. Commencing where a post
has hern planted nt the north-wesl
corner of"lot 3068; Uience north two
miles, east half a mile, south twu
miles, and west half a mile tn Uie
place of beginning,
A. W. McVittie,
30-51 Locator.
Dated October 12th, 1905.
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
Hut before doing so see James
'ireer, the contractor. Flo will
beabletoblep you with suggestions Unit will prove valuable.
James Qreer
Contractor and Builder
Q-*-»•**%-*•-*•*-->*«--»*****»**-»•*•>» *»-*-,•»£
Headquarters fur choice
confectionery and fruit. We
are tin* agents here for the fit-
moim (i. li. Chocolates bo
well known by nil lovers of
ml   Bweota     Shipments
made sn as tn havo nothing
lull 1'tvnIi stuck.
4 g.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date wc intend to apply-
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria for a special
license to cut and carry away limber
from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post placed at
the southeast corner of Lot No. 6168,
East Kootenay district, thence easl
80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence north
80 chains to place of commencement.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co.,
87-M Limited.
Dated September 27 th. 1005.
Notice, is hereby given that thiily
davs ufter date I"intend lo apply to
ihe Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria, for a
.pi-cial license lo cut and carry away
iinlici from Un- following described
Hilda, situate in East Koolenay Disiriet:
1. Starling al a posl planted one
half mile north of Hie sou i lies I corner of the It. M. Fullorton
limit; thence running mi chains west,
thence running su chains north, thenco
tinning 80 cliains west, Iht-nce running Mi chains south to poiui ol commencement.
3. Starting at a post planted at
lhe south-west corner of the James
Cramp limit, thenee running 8(1 chains
west, ihence running X0 chains nmth
thence running 60 chains east, thence
runnmg 8fi chains soulh to point ol
J. W. Ross
Dated Oetolier Oth,  1905.        30-5t
Notiee is hereby given that 311
days after date I intend to apply to
the Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
lands situate in South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
tho south-west corner of lot 331,
group 1, thence 1611 chains east.
Ihence 40 chains soulh, thence 160
chains west, thonoe 40 chains north
to the point of commencement.
Mayook, B. 0., the 13th day of
October, A. D. 1905. 5t-30
The Mayook Lumber   Company, Ltd.
4 **..*■■*..*..*-*..*..*. .-#._*...-«..«_...« *_« .. 4
t ?
f is now located in its comfort- 1
t able and attractive new quar- {
J ters in thc Watts buildinK. J>   >
| This institution is just wp-to- i
* date and is modernly equipped •
| to do just thc best work, in all !
• branches ot the tonsoriai art. \
for a man who has been loo closely
confined to business is a spin astride
one of our thoroughly broken and
gentle horses. It will give a health
ful tingle to your body that it las
not felt for many a long day.
Everything that goes by horse powei for hue, for any length of time,
at  low  rates,
The  Handle*,   Livery Stables
Clean Clothes!:
It is easy to hnvo clean
clothes when then- is a lirst
clnss l.'iuiiilry in town. Vnu
can't afford to patronize Chinese when ynu can got your
work done by white people in
n white way and nt prices that
will appeal to anyone who
wants Rood work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry
Cranbrook. Ii. 0, -.
^_N_\_S_N_NBs_NJNasas*s A
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS. T.  McVITTIK,  1». L. S.
.1. T. LAIDLAW, Jl. E.
Notice is hereby Riven that sixty
davs after date wc intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works at Victoria for permission
lo purchase the following desciibed
Commencing at a post planted   at
the northwest corner of Lot Nn. 8447,
I isi  Ku-tfiiiv dis'ini. thence norih
ighty     chains,      thence   cast   forty
chains,  thonce soulh eight)      chains,
hence west forty chains io place of
oiiitiieiiivmciit, containing 1120 acres.
l.obj.sun McKi'U/ie   Lumber   Co.,
27;0I Limited.
Cranhrook, September 25, 1005,
Noliee i.s hereby Riven that thirty
days after date I intend tu apply iii
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works at Victoria for a license to
prospect for eoal nnd petroleum over
the following described lands situate
in Smith East Kootenay:
1, Commencing at a post plantbd
-IK0 chains norlh ami 70.00 cliaius
west of the crossing ui ilu* north fork
of Michel Creek bv one nf il.e northerly boundaries of lot 4588, group 1;
thence east Sli chains, Ihenee nurlh 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
soulh 80 chains to the place of
2« Commencing at a post planted
■ISO chains norlh ant 70.66 eliains
west of the crossing ol the -lorth fork
of Michel Creel, by one of ihe noilh-
erly boundaries of lot 4568, group 1;
thenee west fin chains, tbence north
80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence soulh 80 chains to the place of
Located the 6th day of October,
A. D. 1905.
P. McArthur, per M. Melnnes, Agent.
Wu nre prepared i<>
di. all kinds <d' ro
wiir work hetivj and
liu hi, initke caslhiKS,
turn hhiit'lK. ele.
Scientific    horseshoeing   a *
-I—I—I—I—I-I—I—I—I«I—I-I—I«I—I—I--1—I—I—I—I— : <•
S>nop!iln uf kegulailuna fur un-pi-ai of Minerals un Ddiihiiiiiu LunJs Ii) Manitoba,
iht Northwest Territorial nail (lie *iukun
COHl l (Ml Ullils niuy i e -mi I'li.i-. u nl I in \<*> 1
Ui-rt-101-rt.ll .u.il an,i fji) Im   u .tliiiiL-ilt".     .N<>t
iiimv iiiiiii -- aonis cau ii acquired it) uuu u
dividual or i'..ini'.n,i    i u.,i.t} ni ii,.' iuii- .it
lt*ii teuis |it'i io .iut., mi uouu i snail tirei.lleet
■juuri/. -fersoiuur iinim-i-ii ,-oara ami ovor
uuu julm Uoak ouiuptu.ttt.-i iwlduns (..• iiwih''i
n-HiiuMt.'.. uu)'ubluiu ttkU) n.i .i ininluK luoa
A lit-.-in.ner i i-i'i.iiii.ii,' i> (..<.iui.il lur una
oi  ii->.-.ir-, i.oi,'\i-,L'.l'ii: io.'. iii*oli (-..nit'iit
lu Kii-.iutv ul *;. .i. |it-i uauuiii toi ,.n ui'.i.iiti..ii
ami ti'iti tUl l,, fluu pui uuuiilii i"t B n'ii.|Uiiiy
Ah,-.'  liiliu-l,   Ii.uiii-   ,11-., hi i-i t-.l   nillli-l.il   IU
.j.'I..H-I-I"IaI"I"l'l-M- l-I-I-H-l-H-j-
J Cranbrook   Foun
dry and
M. — , J* I,la,. 11 l»..,t..i aillun l,',i mil., ul ,t lllllllll.
,rk,ni. Shntl" ,,',-Uial, ,,l  .... _ll.IUl_U.il ,la> „ll„l"',l III.
acninc   jnop,. ...,.,,...i.iit.t»>aii.. i. ...,,..l,:... n,.m.
McKiiiii.ui i'i: Johnston
,.l   uui,III  t.,1......
.'1 llll,.1 111
W ll.'ll -.MHI
li' lil.lll
III    llll-
i  II. il
l"3 Mt -. Willi
'■ .Hi-Ill.
, .'"■
-li.-j -'1 . Ill
lit-    1 114
II   ll
■ > Mun
ml     „t
The l.i-.iilini; Sto
, ImKESII  .'111 ITS
a    PHONE NO.   TD        ARMSTRONG   AVI     _
0%*»»**»**»-_*_•**•."%%%* %**%%*0
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory i
All kiiuls of llnisli work in !
wny "i doors, windows, inui- J
sonis, .'lo.   Kiln ilriiil lumber |
for insiili' work,   (lur work is J
guaranteed and our prieos arc j
satisfactory,    ISoreen   doors I
1 Rough and Dressed Lumber ;
Por Sale
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
tt is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
We Will Do        I
Your Draying
M) in n manner lhat in*
•P* s.ires Balisfaelion,
That is our business. We want to
please, Wo urc willing to labor hnrd to
accomplish that object. That is why nnr
business prospers ::
Aiillinri/'.'il movers ul lhe
Ma miii & ki.-t._i Plan-is*	
lor nu-ii m.i
lillllitl. Till [11
It-.l.t-.l.      IJtij., IJ,
ll Oil Illi   ....
■ Vukun L-
i Miuiugfaihe "in
A it"..,
ii It)   S..UUJ
Ou [i-.-i s
All i
uuiius .rn.iiiiiii keil n> two Bgni, ost . onu ul
t-.ie-i i-uu, beunujj tiulkes,    Entrj uiitnt bu "li-
iiinietl wi lun tun iiu.s, ii tn<- omliil la '"iiluu
i.uiiilii-sni iiiuinit; nvo.iU-i , nilltu Huo.-Mia
,lU> il lOWeU   loi   i-itcll   ;in.l.:...(i   ,   it'U   lilies  or
iLt- i«ttJon ur oompany su ,i..- it claim uiu-it
Hunl 11 lU-f llllllf I S L-t-llUU'.iU-.
IUe llllOOVerer ..i a nuw mine is f»t it led iu a
claim of i An iffi lu ,t uinii, .ma n um unnj
.o.i.-l-il. ol t'VU, IfiM It ft altuBtJ III-,, Ull I, It   Lllll-
pulofuhlcliuo loyally ,1,1,1, ba i-liunred. uie
11**1 ut tin; 1'itriy iiiiiitiarv claims only.
i.utry ie«.«m. itoy.au' m uu- liiimii two ami
one-uaU per Gem ou tho value uf tliu au.il .tup
l«U frum tlie VU..011 i L-i rum j lu in- (.iiiu 10 ton
No tree miner shall reoelva a jfrant ot m.e
iii.uiom iiiiiHiig ci.uiii uii cult sDiiurute roi-r
areeK 01 ■(■uii'ii, but the game miner nm) ftoui
miy iiuiii,.fi ot cialUll li) inni'iiitv, iiufl (ruu
iniui-r*. mny work their oiaiuis in purtueritiij] uy
a-ilnuiioiloe mm paj lug tft- ol |j,   a uiaitn
tin.) tie Imml u.-il, mnl iitiuilir-i uliUniiud on t..e
suino ciwk, Kiilt'ti <>r river, uj givlui* uoliue *m.t
pitylUK H fee.
Wi.rMiiiisi liBiloiii'un a ciulin eat-li year to
tlif value .a ai u-ici ram.
a . 1- un,'.a.' umt work lias been iiont- mubt im
i.li.iuiifii I'ai-li yiitr; if not. ihe claim niitili uu
ili-etiicllii he iiiiamliiiit-ii,ninl npfu lo occupation
- ' eniry h"    '
t ".luiiif.
#«.%%*. *.*>«>«>«.«.«*%«>«.%««««%0
A. W. McVittie
\ Dominion and Provin- j
_ cial   Land  Surveyor. 4
H. H. McVittie
General Agenl
I".    C.
NOtloo is lli'li'liy Rivi'ii Uial thirty
days alter dais I Inloml in apply in
tlia iliii'l Commissionei ol Lands ami
Works al Victoria lor a ll-.nso lu
prosprd tor eoal ami peiiolenm over
ilia i.iliiiii iiik dose 1 lands situate
in South Rail Kootenay:
1 Commencing al ,1 post planted
ISO chains north and 70.00 chains
west nt Hi,' crossing ol the north lurk
nf Michel Creek by one ol tli- northerly boundaries ol lot I58», group 1;
Uience cast SO ihains, tliin.-o south
Sll elinlns, Uienco west SO chains,
thence north mi chains lo the place ot
2. Commencing at a post planted
•1811 chains north anl 70.00 chains
west ot tin. crossing ol Uie north fork
of Michel Creek by one nl !ho  iii-
erly boundaries ol lot .588, group 1;
Uienco wesl sn chains, thence south
80 chains, ihence cast 80 chains,
Ihence norll sii chains lo lhc place ot
I.ocale.1 the 6th day ot October,
A. n. 1905.
C. Melnnes, per M. Mclnnos, Agent.
IDS mafia,i, i j on ll,,
iiraanlU.a Ut',,-,.     :
cover oil iii im) inn ,|
I'.V    I'SINll
- Ti i
St. .'nul, Clllcngo, New Vork
I'.la.e .nil T_nHnt Sleeper.. Htilfel   1 Ihrnr.
war.,   Minkrn   (1.)   Coachel,   11, g   Cunt,
Munis. in Carle.
•7   l-'AST TRAINS   1
** linsi nnd West Onllj  *•
Special euiirKlnn rule. In World's I .If. Sl.
Uui,.      Vnur cholcfl ill mule.
For rales, lohlors uml mil niinllnii
rognnltm nips, cull on oi nililrosa
B, 0, VRIIKKH, II. II isi, 1'
» IV I', I, ..!• a r  i
Soatllo ;.n W, Ulvurahlo Ivo
Wnuh. Bpoknuu, Wash.
| J. Edgar Davis |
X BRICKLAYER and        \
a y
3. Fiiritiico, Boiler, Rnngi', ,l,
.'! mnl Kiri'iilni'ii wmk n Bueciiil- .£
4 '.
* t.y. .;.
y ...
J* All ili'Bi'ri|itiimn nl'slnni'. y
5, work undertaken, Unlerd l.-fi •!•
.'. "t •'.
% '?
•^ .1. I). MoBRIDE'S        X
•f will im   ive prompt attention. •!•
v .;.
fP. 0. Hox 854 *
______*__ii,„_.:-.;.*4&*. TTIE   CRANBROOK.   HERALD
Notice ti hereby given tliat thirty
days after date 1 intend io apply in
lhe Chlel Cotnmlsslouet ol Luna ami
Works lot a license to prospect   ioi
coal  ami   peirolciim   on   lho   following
described lands in Block -l5Ud, Last
Kootenay district:
Numbei l.
Commencing at a post marked south
West cornel and planted nn the cist
side ol tin- Flathead river, abonl nine
in lius nuiih tii Uie International
boundary line, Ihmeu north 8U chains,
Iheiiee cast 8(1 chains, thence nuutli
hu chains, ihence wesl mi chains lo
tln< place ui beginning, containing li It*
acres, mote or less.
Dated September  Mi,   1111)5.
J, ll. Lunglcy, l.ocalor.
Numbei 3.
Commencing at a posl  marked lhe
Mniihia.t (..iiii'i, ami being adjaceiil
ta ,1. II, Lniigley's nouthwcNt coiner,
llit'tii c west mi chains, llu-ncti nm M.
mi cliains, thence en .t bti chain i,
tli, net' suutli Mi chains in place ol lie
ginning, iniiia.iuii)', i.m .i< ii i, moil
ci i>h.
MilUil X.|.li uiini   Mi,   Mm i
Ktta M   John , Lneatoi
Numbei It,
Commencing nt .i post  marked the
nmiht'llM collier, .mil Imn,'. .i-l..in-ill
I., .1 It Lull ,lf) k soiuhwcsl coiiici,
Iht-iicu suuth mi chains, thence west
Mi chains, lln lice Iiul III Sll i liaili .
I tn nn- east  m< chains lo place ut In
ginning, cunia it', <'i" .it it-., in,-it-hi
Li.il**U Septembei  III, L0»5.
ft, .1. I.uiigle),  Loealor.
ulnl   I.
post  mai
i„i being
s,  III. mc
,-il  ilu
it. J. II. Lnngley'
Uience east SO dm
chains,  llirut'u west  80 clains, uience
north mi chains lu place ol beginning
containing li-lti acres, more oi less.
Dated Septembei  M), 1005,
it. L. T. tlalbralth, Locator.
Number 5.
Commencing at a posl marked the
southeast coiner, ami being one mile
east ot J. 11. Langlcy's soiitneasl cor
ner, thenco north mi chains, thence
west 80 chains, thenco south 80
chains, thence east su chains to place
of beginning, containing HID acres,
more or iess.
Dated September 10, 1805.
A. J. Devlin, Locator.
Kumbei 0.
Commencing at a post marked the
southwest coiner, ami being adjacent
lo A. J. Devlin's southeast corner,
thence east So rhains. thence north so
chains, thenee west 80 chains, thence
soulh so chains lo place of beginning,
containing 840 acres, more or less.
Mated September io, 1905.
J, A. Harvey, Locator.
Number 7.
Comrnencing at a pust marked tin
northwest eornei* and adjacent lo A
J. Devlin's southwest comer, thence
south Sn chains, tin-net' east RO chains,
thence minh 80 chains, thence wesl
Sn chains lo place ot beginning, con
tainlng mo acres, more or less.
Dated September lu, 1805.
J. D. Gordon, Locator.
Number 8,
Commencing at a post marked tht
northpast coiner, and adjacent to A
.1. Devlin's southwest corner, thenci
west sn chains, thenci* south M
ihains. thence east 80 chains, thenci
i.ui th 80 claims to place of beginning
containing 640 acres, more or less.
Dated September in, 1805.
Alfud Rage, Locator.
Niijjiber 9.
Commencing at a post marked tin
nortInvest corner and adjacent to Al
lie.! Page's s.iiiitui'st corner, thenci
thenee east RO chains, ihenee south yi
eliains, thence west so clains. thenci
mirth so chains tn place of beginning
containing 11-10 acres more or less.
Dated SrpU.iol.fi  10, I
1'    ft    Deepl,
Number 10.
Take notice thai thirty days alter Take notice that thirty day*, mw
date I intend io apply io the Chid dale I intend io apply to Uu.uu._i
Commissioner of Lands and Work;
a license to prospect loi coal and petroleum ou the follow mg lands in
Souih East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner, being lhc northeast cornet posl ol the Atudie Komi-
'Hire coul claim, aboui Uu miles
north ul the southeast comet posl ul
Hie Lewis Rolls coal el.um, lllctlce
sou Ui 80 chains, thence west
chains, ihence uoith 80 chains, tl
,asi Mi chains, to place ol hegiiu
\ll claims located bj Matthew
telocalious,    formerly located li
(.'om i ui s-s io ner ol Lands ana Works lot
a license to piospeet lur coal and pe-
liol'.iiiu on the following lands in
South Lasl Kooteuay.
Lo ui m cue ing al   a post planted ai
tlu* southeast corner, being itie soutii-
east cornel     post ot the Frank H*t-
lull cual claim, ahi.ui  two lutles east
i.i  the m tniii wi'.-. i cornet post ui Ute
Coral ftilcoi coal daiiu, thenee north
so mi    ehuius,     thence   west su chains,
uce   ihence souih 80 chains, Ihence    east
n-   hu ehuius u» place ol beginning
are,   All claim-* located by Matthews are
\u-  relocations,   formerly located by An-
The boundaries of tbe
,..  mi   the  wesl.
lii'W  lluchell.   The boumlaiies ol lbe  drew Hackett
;aid locations are lhe Langlc)  group  said lue.tii.nis are tlie Langley group
ml  the C  i'.  I.    in    un ih-- north and  the C. ti.  ti   —*-
-v  hm- mi the west.
  Dated August 4th,
Matthew i,  Locator.    ;
ft    id 11. n   Agent,    j
Matthews, Locator,
ft   Belden, Agent.
mu ici-;
I.u.-   I
rn.-   ihat iiiiil) d.iv
leiid  i>>   appi)   io lh
„    -I., i ul t ami-- ami ft'
li. 1'iise lo piu i". I ...i  i ..
ml.'im,   on   U,,'   following   I.
-  'I.  l ., .;   I......i.-ii....
i oiiiinein in,, ,ti   ,i poi i   plai
In-     ilnv. .1    com i,     hein
ioi ih      west    coi id i      po .i    ■
'-.I...-   \    Ihivil coal claim, .i-ln ng
he   M.i.i,.- I;.mn. um  eoal ela m
be  .,,.!,      ih uce   ....mli    htl  i liiilm ,
j, I..-, ensl mi ihains, lit. nee um ih SO
n.l   pe
mis   .1.
led .ti
' lbe
,i     Llll
h.i m-<
.1   li.v
Take notice lhat thlrt) da) i aflei
date   1 intend to   apply lo lhe Chiel
C mlssionei ol Lands mid Works foi
,i license lo prospeel lot i...il and petroleum un ilie following lands in
South East Kootenaj
Commencing at   a posl planted -it
the   bout-hwes-t      e er,   being      lhe
bouthwesl cornel posl ol the Coral
ftih.ix coal claim, adjoining the Anmi
Slieian coal claim ou Ihe noi th,
Ihence noitb >«o chains, llience easl
■hains, thence suutli nu chains
,. v.i.i .soil..ni.-. lo place   Uienco west su vhaiiis lu plan
I,,..ii, 1 i.v   Matihi
mil   ll
.-   \\ l'_
ii- l.
I'. ll  .,111
, Locator,
in, Agent.
nil. 111".;.
.Ml claims l<>
I I'll,!" hull-,,      In
ilii'iv llacki-tl.
said locations
on   lilt   1,1,1 111   I
atcil liv Matthews .u.-
ii,,'ilv lotatt'd by An-
Tln- boundaries ol lhc
ii- ih,- Langley groin,
i.l  Ilu- r. I', it. sur
vey line on the wesl.
Daled  .-.Ujust -111..   1805
S. Matthews, Locator.
tt. Belden, Agon
icy line on the wesl.
UaleJ  AU_usl   llh.   11105
s. Matthews, Locator.
W. Bi'ldin, Agenl
Take notice   that thnly dais altei 	
dale 1 inund lo a.jily lo the Chlel Take nonce that iluu. dais atlel
L'otrtmlsslonel ot Land.-, and Works lot date I inu-nd 10 a|ipii to the I'ln.i
a lleense io prospect mt coal and in-- Connnisstonei „i l.mi.ia ami Works nu
irolt'uin on the lollowing lands in a license lo prospect loi coul und |i
Sun 11, East Kooteuay: | troleum   ou   ilu-   totlowiiig   lao.j   u
Commencing at   a post planted ;.i .Souih Laai Kuotcnay:
the norlheasi corner, being lhc uorlh-l   t'oinmeucing at   a post planted al
cast  coin, i    post  ,-i   the .Mi     -'"iui   the     souiii- "
ii i,'ili,i_ coal claim, adjoining    Uw I south-east
 ■  ' Matshall
relocations, loumih located by Andrew llackcll. The boundaries ut llie
.aid locations ait- the Langley gruup
ou the nut Hi and Lhe t. r. it. sut-
Vej   Una  on   tile  Wast,
ilaled  August  llh,   l'J05
S. Matthews, Locator.
IV. Belden, Agenl.
Anna Shehau <
Take notice   lhat  iliuiy days altei
date   1 in,and u,  apply  in the I'm.-i
i oiniiiissiomi ol 1..iiul.- and Works lui
a license tu pro pe. i loi i ,.,, an I   I"
^^^^^^^       troleum   on   lhe   lotlowing   lands in
turner posl  ol  llie Marj   .Souih Last Kooteuay:
     coal claim, adjoining    lh.     Commencing at   a post planted ai
Uience soulh »0 chains, ihence    wesl Henry    Collins on the   west,  llience   the  nortti-eusl    corner,    being    the
mi  iliaiis   ihence   north SO    chains, norlh   so   chains,   Ihence   west     so  northeast   corner    oi   He    .Sidoinc
thence cast 80 chaius lo plac. ■   chains,   thence     south    80   chains
Ibence i-a.ai su chains iu place ul bi
,,i   llalthew. are go.uing.
lonualj located by Au-     All claims located by Matthews ai
Tliu boundaries ol lhe relocations,   lortnerly localid by  Al
ilu- Langley  group drew Hackett,   Tin- boundaries ol Hi
telucaliuus, l.
hm Hackett.
.aid locations aie
I'. It. sur-
,ui the norlh and llie
icy  line un  the west.
|i_'..J   .',,.   . ;   , a    1911..
s   Matthews, 1 ocato,
V,    ll,ll,li    .',.,.:
Take notice   thai  Ihii "   la;    . Iti
,l.ilf     I   intend   l.l    a|i|i!l    M,   lla-   Cilia!
l-oiiimiss unci ,,i Land, and Works tui
a licciise lu ptuspc. • lui , oul and   p.
Irolciini   i.n   il„    lolliiwing   laml, iu
South Kast Kootenay:
t'omiiH-nclug ai a post planlcd al
Ills uotthwest collu-l, Ian,:; ll.e
nut lh wesl comei post ul lhc
\ui„, SMiau coal claim ubuul    tn,,
said locations ate ibe Langley group
on the north and the I'. I*. 11. survey line on  llle Wesl.
Dated Augusl  lib. I'Jiia,
S.   Matthews,  Loealor.
w   Beldcn, Agent.
eil  An
ihe wesl.
.ust   llh,  1(105.
s. Matthews, Locator.
W.   U,IJ,li.  Aecnl
JKuMid ,^U!il,'V_ VW\ Take notice thai thirty davs all.,
,laie I un nl iu •''1">1, ,,,„,,, ,,„ dale 1 inicnd lo apply :o the Chlel
commission, i oi i.an,. ....   _     -     Commissioner ol l.nn.la and Works Iol
„!       Ilia
lb nci-
.l  sli
al    SO
the   following   lands in
Commencing at   a posl planted
f,oi'a'i'i'i'n' wi ""Te'^ollowliig   lauds In 'a license to prospsct lor coal and  ?•■
■ ■       i:     ii.iu.e- troleum
hci,'....eneii.   ai!   a post planted at I South East KooU'nay
""'""nl"'"M l'\'UI7\-'r'M.,,ull'l'l,'i'.tis !•!'.'   southeast    corn«, being
..t-.i eoiuei  [am   oi. i ^ ^^  ^j   southeast coiner   post ot the Bessii
nu'! post uf     tin" 1*. Harris coal claim, adjoining    tht
.     ,      i   ,,,,„,    ihenceiCoral Wilcox coal claim on the west,
"oulh   sll   ,1 ains,    tl.ci.ee wist     su , thonco   norih 80 chains, . itcncc. wesl
minis   tli.n.'c north su cliains, thenee
.-ast sli chains lo place oi beginning.
Ml claims located bv Matthews arc   gnu "B
relocations,   [orinerly lucated by An-
' Sll chains,     Ihence   soulh 80 chains,
] llience east SO chains to place ot be-
'.   Ilai
iki i r.
Tin- bom
.11 a   ll'.c   1
alaiies ill the
.aiinlcv gruup
the in
lllll .
m.i tlia c
'.  1'. II. sin-
sl   lib,   1005.
■i. Matthews, Locator.
W. Bclden, Agent.
Take mil ice
dale   I  illlclid
a license lo pi
thai thirty davs alter
io applv lo the Chlel
ol Lands and Works lot
jii'Cl loi coal and   pc
All claims located hy Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ot the
said locations arc the Langley group
un the norlh and tlie C. I', It. sur-
lev line on the west.
Daled August   Iih. 190.1.
S. Matlhews, Locator.
W. Bidden. Agent.
Take noliee   lhat thirty days alter
dale   I intend to   apply lo the Chief
tiimission. l of Lauds and Wurks lor
lied   I'l
I lla U,
cast  si
c,iila :
at   a   |>im
,,l Sept
Take nottcr
Ihal  Ihii :\  ilai a atlc
i  marked
.lala    i   ,11 M
:   ■■■   api   .    .    .:     , Iii
a.     '    '
1,    1 ,.   .
1 a.
Lands i   1 Works li
11     a.        V  .,,
Icscasl .a :;
post of iiii   .:>:.;
:   :. -
r.i.I   SU
Niunl.ei   12
!,..; ■! w. v   ,
in.'   ,\<   .i   pie '   maik ■
-i ■   ■    nn.l adjacent I
\  ill.-
.. II
lUoeir-.   SOI
■.. ■
M'   ill., n,
llll'l'..'    v,,
i   M, I'liali      lh. ncc    ■
.i n
sn rhnlns i
,. place ..i 1"-" In
ni re1.  mote m  less,
iit.'i,.iin   in   i'n-.
. ..ii
ii   th;   IcUcwing   lands In  ., ]it,,lisc l0 prospcct for coal and  pe
South Kasi kootenay: itiolcum   on   the   following   lands in
Commencing at   a post planted ;.i   Sout,h Kast Kootenay:
I Commencing at a post planted a'
1 Un. southwest corner, being the
southwest corner post of the Mosen
I Crittenden coal claim, adjoining tht
Mary Reynolds coal claim on the
north, thence north SO chains, thenc
' east Mi cliains, thi nee south K1'
I chains, thence west 80 chains t.i
i place nf beginning.
All claims located by Mallhcws are
relocations, [orinerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
' s.vi.l locations are the Langley group
ni the north an.i the C, P. II. surer line on the west.
Dated August   Ith,  1005
S. .Matthews, I.ecator.
W. Beldcn, Agent.
he   northwest
,01 lh       west    I
\bhie   SliL-hnn
ihe Maud linn
coiner, being lbe
■oiner     post   ol    lhu
coul claim, adjoining
is coal claim on tht:
uth HU chains,  '.li.-iii..'
hence west 80
chains ... place oi lie-
All claims Iuc
ducat ions,    foi
in-vv Hackett.
ateil 1 v .Matlhews are
inerl) located hy An-
The boundaries of thi*
.re ilu- Langley group
■■ 1   the  C.   P.  li.  sin-
ft     !'.,:ii     \   . ill
place ul beginning.
ins located hy Matthews arc
..., s, formerly located u\ Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of Uie
said locations arc the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. sur-
vev line nn the wesl.
Dated Aiiii-si   lib   I""'-.
S. Matlhews, Loealor.
W. lleliku, Agent.
Take notice thai thirty days altei
date I intend lo applv to lie* Cbiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works fm
a license to prospect for coal and pe
troleum on the folluwing lands In
South Kasl Kooti-nay:
Commencing at a post planieil nl
the northcasl corner, being the north
east corner posl of thc Madge Cast
coal claim, adjoining llie Frank llal
zell coal claim on the south, thence
soulh 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, Ihence north 80 chains, thenci
east 80 eliains to place oi beginning.
All claims located by Matthews art
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of thi
said locations arc the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. survey line on liie west.
Dated August 4th. 1005.
S. Matthews, Loealor.
W. Belden, Agent.
Take notice   lhat  lliirt)  da) ■ aftei
d.m-   I in..-n.l io   appi)   ... mc i	
Lomiiiishiunci oi U.I.-1. .n,i hoiks mi
a iieebM! iu pi-j.p. ci toi coal alul |*o
irolcum on ihe following tuiids lu
bou lb Kast Koolenay:
ummenciug at   a posl plnu'.eJ at
lho   *»u.iiiivvt-.-.t   coiner,     Ut-ing    lhc
houihwchl cuinci  pusi of Uiu IV.  11.
ttairinglon    coal claim, about     Lwu
miles west oi    the soulliwesl cornel
pus I oi au- iiiui)  Collins coal claim,
in,me north so cbaln*>,  thence    cast
.iu chain.*!,   ilu uce   .suuth    su chains,
theiicu West t.u chains iu place ul be
All claims located hy Matthews are
elucalioiis,    lormerl)  lucaicd by Au-
icvv Ilacki-U.   The bouiidaiit-s oi lhc
aid locaiious arc  thc Langley  group
u Uu- north and  lhc C, I'. K. sur
ey hue on  the   we->i.
Haled Augusi   llh,  1005.
s.  Matthews, Locator.
U. Hfldeii, Agent.
l.iiiiiales cual claim, adjoining tlie
Mollie Olson un Uu- easl, uience south
sn cliains,      thcUCC      west 60   chains
iii n.c   north mi chains, thence
Mi chains to place oi heg.lining.
All claims located   by  Matthews ale
relocations, lonnerly located by Andrew Hackett.   The boundaries uf the
said  loealiuns are  llie   Langley  group
in.   the  north an I   the C.   P.   It.  survey line on the west.
Dated  Augusl   llh,   1BU5.
S.  Matthews,  Locator.
U,   Ueldcn,   Agent.
Notice  is   bt-leli)   giv.-i.   ihal   thitly
da>s aflei dale 1 intend to apply to
the Chiel Coiuiiiissionei  ol Laiai_> and
l\orks and ibe Assistant CoinuuitStOtt-
ci oi Lands and UorSs ioi lhe District ui Lasl Kootenay iol a llCeOSfl
tu ploaptrel Iol n»al and petloleum
OU lbe loliovviiig land, situaU iiullh
and adjaei-ul to lhe l-iatliea.i liVei t-u
Uie sotiili udjoining what u knuwn a*
iht lluckelt Utoup on tin- webt and m
bluck dJUi, Sou i beast Kuou-nay,
i.l.liili t. ulnmbia.
1. Conimcneing at a post planted
at the south-east cotnei ul aiim.ii
Vihiii.iuie-j claim, same being u.a
initial pust ut tne said Albert Wlm-
inuic and uiaistd Albeit WbiUaoto,
Ibenee *Ai_>t eiblit) Lhain^, I be tim
uui tb eighty chains, ihenee ed-.t
east |e'8h^y   cliains,   ihence    -souih eifcluy
1 COAtns   lu   ILe puce  ol   hegilliiili-i,  tou-
laiiuug oiu acres, n.uit- ut leu.
Lui-jikd August tin, lyuo.
Albert Whitmore, Locatoi.
It.   L. board   and   ci.aiica Aietiu.ie,
Agen ia.
Take notice   thai  thirty dav.-. aftei
dale   1 inleml tu   apply to the Chi.*i
flu i ol  I
.m.i-. nml Woiks 1-
: im cai and  pe-
followfng   lauds  in
sl  planted at
heing th.
if the Lewis
h.•inn,.- the
claim   on   thc
chains, llience
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date I intend to apply tu lhe Chlel
Commissioner of Land--* and Works foi
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted a\
the northwest corner, being tin
norih west coiner post ..i lhe
Julius 0;-h coal claim idpiiiinR the
Madge Cass on the east, tlwnee
south 80 chains, thence east 8U
chains, thence north 811 chains, thenc
west 8(J cl ains lo [dace of beginning.
All claims located hy Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of tht
said locations are the Langley grou])
on the norlh and the I'. P. K. survey line on the west.
Daied \ufiust lib, mnr*.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W   Iti'Uin.  A nenl
notice   tlm
days atte
Take sotiee thai lllill
dale 1 iuit-ii,| to appiv tu iin- i uiei
I'OlllllliSSlOllCl ol LuUdS and Wuil.s ioi
a license lu prospect i.u cual and pe
lluliuiii uii lhc lulluv. nig lands in
Sou lb Kast kiH.uii.1),
Commenoing at a post plained ai
lho .soiiilii ii-si collier, nuing die huulli-
uasi corner post oi the a. l. Audei-
juu cual claim, adjoining Hie Al. II.
.Dtiiii.an coal claim uu the north,
ilkhee north su chains, llituee wesi
oo chaius, iti. uce suuih su chaius,
ihenee easl SU dial lis   lu place ul   be-
All claims lucated hy Matlhews are
relocations, lurmcrly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of the
said locations are Uie Langley gruup
on the north and the C. ti. It. aur-
,cy line on the west.
Dated Augusi -Iih, 1005.
S. Matthews, Loealor.
W. belUen,  Agent.
Take notice that thirty days aftei
date i intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner oi Lands and Works uu
a license lo prospect ior coal ami petroleum on lhc lul luw mg lauds in
ouuih Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe norlheasi corner, being the northeast corner post of the Ai. 11. Sullivan coal claim, adjoining the Nod
Cooper coal claim on the west, thence
south 80 chaius, thence wesl 8l>
chains, thenee north 811 cliains, thenci
easl 80 chains lo place ot beginning.
All claims located by Matthews arc
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries of lhc
said locations are the Langley group
un the north and the C. P. K. sur-
ey line on the west.
Daied  August  '1th,   1H05.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
"io ibe Cine
n.l Works fm
coal and pi
Ing   lands  it
.   1  ,■
:..  c   i'
lhe Wi .1
riisl   Iih,   lil"5
s    Matthew  .  I
w   lleldin,
at inns,
Taki   'i
il.ie     1   I	
a license to pi n
troleum   oi    Ihi
South Kast K
.   ||    -v   bvs   iltci
,,     ■    ,   ihe Chlel
- Works i'i
i*i fm .
following   Ian.Is iu
ey line
-.iied bj Matthews are
i nui h located hy An
The boundaries oi the
are lhe Laugh-) group
otth and tin* C. P. ft sur
on the west.
\ugus1   Mb.  1005.
S. Matthews, Locator,
w. Bt-ltfen. Agent.
Nnticp Is lieichy given ih.it the
pa: ii i h \i In t, lofore existing bi
I win n ii     ihr un lerslgned, as ranch
ein   i .-.,1 l'i ml look, -ii Ibe p it) ol
Kootriia) llritish Columbia, has thli
d.iv he. n dissolved hr mutual con
Ml debts t.u mg tu '.In- sail pai'
nersl In are lo he paid in Adam It
Dal 'iel, ai Cranbrook, aforesaid, an i
all claims against the said partnership  are   to  be  presented   (u   llle said
Adam li   I lair iel, hy whom lhe same
will be net lied,
Witness Signed:
.i   A, Harvey.    Ailam R. DaUIrl,
Crwwlck Whebell
Datul  at   Cranhrook  this '^2 dav of
S,.],t,-Mili.t, A. D. 1005, 27-41
Commencing at .t pnsl planted at
ilu- not thwi si ' in in i, being the
north wi -1 i*i nei posl ol lhe
.1 ii |tu.-ii.il/ eoal claim adjoining
ilu- John Meld i i oal elaim on Uie
east, iheiH'i miih m' cbaiiii, Ihence
east so chains, iltbnrc north 8ft
i h.uns ihi'iii.' wesl 80 i h.uus to
place "i beginning.
All claims located by M.u thews arc
relocations, formcrlj lucaicd by An-
iti. iv Hacketl Thu boundaries nf the
saul locations an- ilie Langlc) group
on tin* nortii and the C. ti. K. survey line on Die west
Dated  August -lib,  1005.
S,  Matthews, Locator.
W, Belden, Agent.
T.ii.i- notice that thirty davs aftei
dale I inu-nd lo apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works foi
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum un the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing ut a post planted at
the northcasl coiner, being the north-
e;i'.i toi ner post of the William
Hit listing coal claim, adjoining the
Levvis Rolls conl claim on the south,
thence souih so ehams, thelice west
SO chains, thence north 8U chains,
Ihenee east 80 chains lo place ol be
All claims located by Mat-thews am
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ol the
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R, survey line on the west.
Dated August 4th, 1005,
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Belden, Agent.
uce  that   thirty days   after
,| ■ iui.) to applv to the   Chief
(.uiini s  oner ol Lands and Works at
Victoria for a special license to   cut
and carry away timber from lhe following described lands in Wesl Koot-jwnsi   corner   post   of   ihe    Thomas
enay: I Large coal claim, adjoining the .Inl-
Commencing at n post planted on ins Orlh cual claim on lbe north
the south side nf the It. C. Southern tbi-nce north Ml chains, tbence cos
righl of wav, about -10 chains east of nu chains, ilu-uce soulh 8(1 chains
the MeNeillie siding; Ihenee In nn ihenee wesl mi chains lo place of In
Mister) y     di reel ion   nlung    lhe son Hi
Take noliee   llial  thirty davs after
date   I inleml to   apply lo Ihe Chief I NOTICK,
Commissioner of Lands and Works for 	
a license to prospect lor cnal and pe-1 Take notice that thirty days after
troleum on Ihe following Until in date I intend to apply to the Chiel
South Kast Koolenay: Commissioiier ot Lands and Works [i.r
Commencing at   a post  planted al   a license to prospect for coal aad   pe-
ihe southwest corner, being the south-   troleum   on   thp   following   lands in
1   ihe   Thomas ^0uth Kast Kootenay
• thai tint
1 intend to applv
n.ssioner of Land-. ;■■
.■use to prospect foi
troleum un lhe follow
South Kast  Kootenay:
Commencing at   a pust  planted ai
Un- southwest cruel, being lbe south
west corner post of the William Net
1 terfleld     coal   claim,    adjoining Uu
I Uamey Thompson on tin- east, tlcnn
north   8o    cliains,   ihence   cast    8i.
chains, thence south 80 ihains, thence
wesl SO chains to place of beginning
All claims located by Matthews are
relocations,   formerly located liy An
drew Hackett.   The boumlaiies ul tin
said locations arc the Langley group
.in the norih an.l  the C.  P.  R. survey line on the west.
Rated Augusl 4th,  1005.
s. Matthews, Loealor.
W. Bclden, Agent.
Take notice that thirty days aftei
dale 1 ini-'iid to apply lo tin- Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works tm
a license to piospect im coal and petroleum ou the following lands in
South Kast Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted ai
the south-east comer, being thi
south-east corner post of the Harney
Thompson coal claim, about iwo ml let
east of ihe southwesl corner posl ot
the Henry Collins coal claim, thrlitt
norih 80 chains, thence west 8n
chains, Unnce south no chains, thenci
easl 80 chains io place of beginning
All claims located by Matlhews are
relocations, formerly located hy Andrew Hacketl. The boundaries of tin
said locations are the Langley group
on the north and the C. P. R. survey line on the west.
Dated August 4th,  1005.
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Beldrn,  Agent.
lake notice lhat ihirtj days aftei
ale   1 intend tu   appi)   lo lhe tin I
uiiiiuibsioin-i ui 1 J*, an.i Works ..-i
iaeii.se lo piospect lui ejal ana petroleum mi the lulluvvtug land-. Ill
South Kasl   Kt.oliii.t).
Commencing ai a pout planted at
lie nol ihwesl cotnei, being the
oi ih wetil cornet post of the
Mr*. William Netlerlield coal claim
.djoiioiig the Win. Nellerlleld uu the
uu ih, iiiiiici' suuih su ehuius, ihence
ast 80 chains, thence north m>
hains, iiuine wesl hU cliaius Lo
uace ui bugiiiiiiiig.
All ii.uii
is locuTcd liy Matthews ,u
ilu-u Had
,    luiu.cil,  located l,i   Ai
it'll.   The ijuui'il.uics ol lli
said local
ol,   Ilia   la,
ions an- Uie Langlc) grou
iih  1 tl„- c.  I',  li, aul
icy Una „
II    UlU   IM'Sl.
S.  Matthews,  Locator.
IV.  Ueldcn,  Agent.
n that co days
o Uie
is and
ng det-
i    I.a
Nutice is hereby giv,
frum dale 1 illicit— lo
Cbiel Coiiiiulssioiiei .
Woiks o purchase tin
cubed lands, situattf'in
ol jSouth Kast Kooleua)
Commencing at the north-cast coin
ei* oi iui 52*1(1, group l, Kuottua) District, Uienco suutli so chains, thence
east -iu chains, thenee noith ou
chains, ihence west -lu cbains iu the
point of commencement,
Located the llih Jay o! Sept. 1905
IL llouglan.i.
Cranhrook, B. O. ■Ja-St"
e   thai thirty da
id   lo
all i
ipplv   '
•r of Lands and Works i n
prospect foi coal and   pe-
the   following   lands it
Take noii
dale I inli
a license it
troleum m
South Kasi Koolenay
Commencing at a post planted nl
ihe northwest eornei, being lhe
north west comer post oi tbe
Ned Cooper coal claim, adjoining the
W. 11. Warrington coal claim uu lhe
souih, Iheiiee south 80 chains, thence
easl 80 chains, Uience north 8u
chains, thence wesl 80 chains lu
place ui beginning.
All claims lucaicd by Matlhews are
[elocutions, former!) located by An
drew Hackett.   Thc boundaries of lhc
said  locations are the Langlev  g p
on  the noith ami the C.  P.  H   survey lim- on the west.
Daled   AUgUSl   'Mil,   1005,
S.   Mallhcws,   Loealor.
W, Belden, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter dale 1 Intend lo appty to
ihe Chief Commissiouet ot LanJa and
works and the Assistant Commissioner oi Lands and Works tor the district
ui Kast Koolenay lur a license tu
prospeel for cual and petroleum un
ilie lollowlng land, situate adjacent to
uie seventeen UO mile poat ut Ute
Canadian Pacinc Rail wa) post and
oue mile east thereof, in vvl^i is
Known as lllock 4JaJ, Soui-ctui
Kootenay, British* Columbia.
1. Commencing at a posl planted
al the north-east cotuui ui Davm
Martin's claim, same being the initial post oi thu said David Martin*)
claim and marked David Martin,
thence south eighty chains, thence
west eighty chains, Uience north
eighty eliains, Uience east eighty
chains, tu the place oi beginning, eon
aming ti-io, muie or iess.
Lucated August 4lh,  1_05.
David  Mar liu,  Locator,
i.   L. Beaid   aud   Charles  ..leuuire,
2. Commencing at a post planted
ai the north-east eoiuei ui May lied-
i s claim, same being the Initial
posl ol May Redman s claim aim
maiked .Ma) Redman and suuih ana
adjacent iu David Martin's claim,
hence   south   eighty chains,    thence
.•est     elglUy    chain's,    thenee     Lor 11.
•ighiy   chttTus,    Uieuce   east    eight)
chains iu ihe place ui beginning, cun
laming oiu acres, more ut less.
Located August 4th,  lUUo.
Ma)   Redman,  Locator,
II,   L.  Heard   and   Charles McOuire,
of' said righl nf way Uill chains,
tin nee south -10 chains, thenci- in a
westerly direction 100 chains lo a
point opposite the point of commencement, thenee -10 chains noith to*point
of commencement, containing 610
acres, more or less.
13, D. Shackleton, I.
Baled Sept. 25, 1905.
All ela
drew Hacketl
said  location.-
nn  Un- imrth
vev line on l
Dated Align
Commencing at   a post planted at
the   northwest   comer,    being    ihe
north     west   corner     pout   of    the
Mary Reynolds coal claim, about two
miles west    uf  the northeast corner
post of   Mrs.   John Ost-orberg   coal
located by Matlhews are claim, thence south 80 chains, thence
formerly located by An- east   80   chains,    llience    north    80
Tin- boundaries of the chains, ihence west sn chains to place
are ihe Langley group of beginning.
ii:|  n„. c.  P.  R, snr-,    AH claims located by Matthews are
. west. | relocnllons,   formerly Irx'atcd by An-
ilrew llnekctt.   The boundaries of the
said locations are lhe Langley group
Matthews,   Loealor,
W. Bidden,  Agent-
Takp notice that thirty davs after
date t intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license 1« prospect for Coal and oc-
lioU-um on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted a<
the sou ih west corner, being the
southwest comer posl of Henry Collins coal claim, ihence norlh 80
eliains, thence east 80 chains, Uience
south 80 chains, thenco west SO
clnins to place uf beginning.
All claims lucated by Matthews are
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The 'boundaries of the
said locations are the Langley group
Take notice   thai Unity davs al
date   I  intend  to   appi)   lo the i I
Commissionei oi Lands and Works
a license to prospect fm eual and   p -
Uoleiim   un    the   Iol lowing   lands in
South Last Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the northeast corner being Uie northeast corner post of ibe D. Klliott
coal claim, adjoining tho Mollie Olson on the west, Uience souih mi
chains, tbence west so chains, thence
nOl'tfl St' chains, thelice east 80 chains
o place ol beginning.
All claims located by Matthews arc
relocations, formerly located by Andrew Hackett. The boundaries ol the
said locations are the Langley group
on Uie north and the C. P. R. survey line on thc west.
Dated August 4th,  1005,
S. Matthews, Locator.
W. Rein", n. Aeent.
3,   Commencing at .
al the   buuih west   ci
.1    post   plalili-J
iiuer ol Wesley
Mai uns claim, suim-
heing the iiui-
lal i.osl ol Wesle) Ma
itin a claim and
llial.ad   Wesle)    .lillllll:
.unl soulh anil
ad.a'.'i'lil     lu    .May    Iti
-ia,.,a s    claim,
lln me   north   uighl)
chains,   thence
...■ai   eighty    chains,
fiance   soulh
eighty     chains,    lien
aa-    cast    t'lgllt)
chnlns io ih,; place ol
beginning, coir
laining ulu acres, moi
It ol   less.
l.uial-'.l Augusl  Illi,
■   Wesley Ma
Uili,  Loeator.
on lhe norlh and the C. P. R. sur-  on the north and the C. P. R. sur-
-I. Commencing al a post planted
at lie boulh-west cornel ul James-
Uiu.lv s claim, s.in e being the Initial
post or James Iliad) s claim and
marked James Brady, unl east and
adjacent) to Weslej Mania's el.um
thenco east eigl iy chains, thence
nurth   eighty   chains,     thence    wesi
eighty      cha ins,     Uu lice   south eight)
chains to Die place oi beginning, con
laining 040 acres, mole oi less.
Located August  ith. 1005,
J aiues  Hi adv.   Locator.
R    L. Beard   uud   Charles McOuire,
fi, Commencing at a post planted
at lh.- north-east collier ol Albert
lb-lore's claim, same being Uu- iml
iai po.sl of Allien Delore s claim and
maiked Allien Delore and souih and
adjacent to Wesley Martin's claim,
ihence soulh eighty chains, thence
wesl eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains, ihence cast eighty
chains to Uie place ol beginning, con*
tainlng 640 acres, more oi less.
Located August  lib, 1005.
Albert   Deloie,   Locator.
R.   I.   Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
8. Commencing at a post planted
at the nm ih-west cornel of James
Steward's claim, same being the
Initial posl of James Steward'.
claim, and marked James Steward,
and south and adjacent to James
Brady's claim, thence cast eighty
ihains, thence south eighty chains,
,..,.  . ihence    west   eighty   chains,     thence
Mollie   Olson     coal     claim     adjoin-1 north eighty clains to  the place    of
ing     the   Henry     Collins   on     the 1 beginning, containing 040 acres, more
ROtlth, thence south so chains, thenee1 ot less
enst    80   chains,     thence    mirth   SO 1    Loi a
chains,    Iheiiee    west   80   chains   toi
place ol beginning. j K    I.
All claims located by Matthews are
2,  Commencing at   a post planted
at ilu- south-weal curnei ol Jutia
Duthatn a claim, ..on being the initial puat ul  Ju'.u Uuiimui'ii claim uud
maiked John Uui bam, and i).m east
and udjai en! .   ■ . ■  ui Umore .
claim,    Uii U< e   in ■ Ui     eigbl)   chains,
'ice    cu.".      eight)    . ti s,     Uience
tli     eight)   chain-.,   thence    wesl
lil)   t:....;...   lu  iho place ui hegiu-
ning,   coma iu      u H   ... res, more or
Lucat.-d August oth,  1905.
John Durham, Locator.
t,   L, Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
d.   Commencing   at a post planted
t   the north-east   cuinci  ui Kdward
Whitmore s   claim,   same   being    uie
initial   post ul   bdward    Whltmore's
ciaim and marked Kdward Whilmoic
and Ijing south anJ adjacent tu Albert  Wbitii.uies ....im,   Unnce   souiii
eighty    i -.   ih, in     west  eighty
chaius,   i lu im- north   eight)  cliains,
them i  i..  . ,. ...; :i.;  lo the place
ol   beginning    .  ...    .:.;   U4U acres,
Located August 6th, 1905.
Kdward Whitmore, Locator.
it.   L.   Heard   and   Charles McOuire,
4. Commencing at a post planted
at the uurth-wt-st cornet ui C. Owen's
claim, same being the initial post ut
Charles Owen's claim and marked
Charles Ow ... I) lag south ana
adjoining John Durham a claim,
ihence east eight) cbains, Uience
south eighty chains, Uience wcei
eigtt) chains, ibei kt nortii elghly
chains tu ihe place ui beginning, containing t»4U ant*, mure oi  .ess.
Localc-d August -.tn.   1305.
t_ bar lea Owens, Locator.
Cbailcft McOuire, Agent.
5. Commencing at a post planted
at the norih-tast cornet of B. K.
Scon s claim, same being the initial
pust ut U. h. Scott s claim and marked B. K. Scott and lying south and
adjacent to Ljv-ara Wbitinoie't
claim, tbence south eighty c_a'_>,
trench weal eighty chains, thence
north elghly chains, uience rait
eighty chains lo the pla-.c of beginning, containing 640 acres, more or
Located August 6th, 1905.
b. ti. bcott, Locator.
ti   L   Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
6. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west coiner of _eorg6
Scharf's claim, same being the mit-
,1 puat ui Oeorge Scharf's'claim and
mar Sed Oeorge Schail and lying
south of C. Owens claim and adjacent thereto, tbence east eighty
cbains, thence south eighty chains,
thence wes; eighty cbiiL-s, thence
north eighty cbains lo tbe place of
beginning, containing 640 actes, mon
or less.
Located August Cth, ltluo.
George Sctari, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
7. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-ea.-.; corner of Mrs. B.
C, McDortnan's ela,::., same being toe
initial pou of Mrs, K. C. McDorman s claim and marked Mrs. E. C,
McDoiiuan, and south ani adjacent to
B. h'. Scott's claim, thence west
eighty chains, thence south eighty
chains, thence east eighty chains,
Uience north eighty chains to tha
place of beginning, containing bill
acres, mote oi  less.
Located August nth, 1005.
Mrs. E   C. McDorman, Loeator.
R.    L.  liraid   and   Charles McOuire,
8. Commencing at a post plan'.ed
at Che north-west corner of Calvin
McDormas's claim, same being tbe
.lutial post ol Calvin McDorman s
claim and marked Calvin McDotman,
and Iving south and adjacent to
Oeorge Scharl - aim, thence east
eighty chain-., thence south eighty
chains, thence west eighty chaina,
ihence noi th eighty chains to the
place ol beginning, containing CIO
acres, more or less
Located August 6th, 1905.
Calvin McDorman, Locator.
li.   L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
Take notice that thirty davs after
date I intend to applv 1o the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a license to prospect foi coal and Petroleum on the following lands in
South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planieil al
thi* north wesl corner, being Ihe
norlh     west   corner     post    of    the
hoim P.)
TAKE NOTICE that tbe Selkirk
Copper Mints, Limited, Non-Personal
Liability, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B82,223, intend, sixty days Irom
the date heicof, to apply to the Mining Recorder, for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown (Irani of tbe above
And further take notice that action,
under Section 37, must be commenced
before the issurance of such Certificate of Improvements.
The Selkirk Copper Mines, Limited,
Non-Personal Liability. 24-9i
Dated this   2nd day of September,
A. D.,  1905.
nl August 1th, 1005.
James Steward, Locator.
Heard   and   Charles McOuire,
One sharp razor will cut deeper than
a half dozen old knives, and one convincing ail. will cut deeper than a
half dozen poor ones.
Make your ad writing a part ol
your regular wmk. Don't leave it
to be done when you happen to have
spare time, and il you happen ?o hav*
spare time. TH.E   t'KAXtiUook   I1KUAL1*
-p va-a KM DM ■» M a B M*MM|l
It is pretty near time for lhe
authorities to start a fall house-
cleaning on Uu* gentlemen ol easy
leisure, who oeithel toll, noi do thej
spin, but- thev vv.iiihl have made Solo-
uion look like a tobacco sign when it
eome to a comparison ol raiment.
Cranbrook has no need ol this parasite class, and tbe quicker they are
told lo get out, the heller it- would
be tor tlie community. They were
driven out once, but they aro Hocking
back to seek worm winter quarters.
If there is anything the Old Man
likes is to be roasted for something Ik* has written that be knows
is right,   and   that   the   community
knows is right. lie has been in the
newspaper business for a t-oo\ many
years, an.l during that time ho has
been cursed and maligned many
time**, and always by some one who
has been exposed In some rascality,
someone who couldn't use him, m
someone who thought he knew more
about running Mi.- Herald than the
proprietor. Havo you evei stood iu
a txirn yard in a rain storm and
watched thewatot strike tbo "bank
of a dues and run oil? Well, ihat is
titie way criticisms of this charactet
effects us. We are used Io II and
enjoy it. We. believe In standing up
for the community, we believe lu
maintaining .*. high mora! standard in
any town, wu believe in kindness, wc
bclleva in charity, we believe in pub-
Boy Wanted -ll'.ly to K. E.
lie sj.iiilediii'a
i,   \
a belie.
. in
isly in public
Ice, and
','.'.: 1
in chasing tin
111.:- m.i
strange .is il
-M-lll       1
.1 ilia
people believe
..ana .
Lost-One   incor
James Ityan
Vic Id
reason to feel
liilill   fur
ness for watr
tlie  imi
stayed over a
jila of days at
ane   and    mi.
llll'   Wl
K).ui was   burn
miter   a
anil   this   liinc
twurlit, ol It.
This sudden cold snap has caused
all kinds of trouble wiih the banana
crop. We had looked forward with
pleasant anticipation to garnering a
fine crop this fall, hut lie prospects
really seem dubious. It Is not the
loss of lhe crop lhat worries us, but
it is the fact that we are compelled
to turn over the palm of victory to
Rev. Fortune, who has made a great
success in raising lemons. It is evident that this is a lemon year and
not a banana year.
Thc people of Nelson will celebrate
the death of Nelson.
Andrew Carnegie is now telling how
lo prevent war. This peaceful gentleman made    his millions construct-
ness was an immortal cinch. There
1S _ loi ol-hvpocrisy crops out in tne
"vSi oi many" as ihey grow old ami
rich. We knew a man one time who
made hundreds ol thousands distilling
whisky, and when he grew old and
^Uble Le was elected president
of a local temperance society.
Say young man, have you started
to save a little of your salary '
There are great opportunities ahead
tor Uie young men oi Western Can
ada, but tho.se oppoitunilics will be
multiplied many told if you have a
few hundred to pick up snaps.
GEOKGE WALES.-! had a flue
visit in Lhe Uld Country, and it. was
my lirst in eight years. But tliey
don't change much there. I saw
Uie same man fishing on tho same
.■pot on a canal boat that he was or
eight years ago, and the Mine old
beggar was silting on the same coiner near Trafalgar square in London
Speaking ol Trafalgar, 1 was shown
tunuieds of cannon in Lou Jon and
Liverpool, which the people said were
ou Nelson's flagship, if Uiat hoal
bad been loaded with all thoso cannon, sin- would hav- sunk so deep
Uial the French could never tavi
found her
VV. CLINI-. -I believe In every man
wbo has to work inside would lake a
hall a day off each week and walk
over the hills he would foe! J'111 pel
cent, better. 1 have adopted that
plan and it does mc a power ol
remember of seeing a fall like thli
since I have been in Uie Kootenays
This is gem-rally our finest weather
our good old Indian summer tune
But we will have some good weather
yet ttis fall. See if 1 am not
J. C. SLATER—I have come from
Niagara Falls, on the Canadian side,
aad stopped off on account of the nervous shock 1 received in the wreck.
This is a great country, and in the
west I find two great staples in
which to deal to make money, wheat
and whiskey. You have a wonderful
country out here and It has only
started. I am glad I came and
hope to come again.
There Is one of the best hotels   In
the district    for sale.   Apply to    A
Herald oflice. 2Mt*
William Clary returned Irom a trip
i Winnipeg this morning.
Have you seen the ebony toilet sets
t Wm. F. Tate & Sons
For    Sail1—A    nice     hotel   business.
cheap    See Huteh. _Mt
C \. Cook has been suffering with
lumbago but is improving.
M Mclnnls came up hum Elko last
week to look after some business.
Received two cars Ashelolt |jta-
toes this Week- None better—Fink
W. C. Colpman eame up from Cowley last Friday to visit with his
Car Okanagan apples received-
spies, kings, greenings ami russetts.—
Kink Bins.
For Sale—A complete camp outfit,
including kitchen cookery. Inquire at
Herald olliee. 3IM!
II you want a choice piece of cut
glass examine out stock.—Wm. F.
Tate A Son.
.1. w. Kenton has left the hospital
and is slowly recovering from his
severe attack of fever.
William Camel on went to Calgaiy
this week ou business connected with
his railway organization.
Tlie c. 1* R. aro going to light
ihc-ir trains out wesi with the natural gas of Medicine lint.
Mrs. II. Rayne and child, of Modi
_.ine Hat, bave been guests at Um* 1).
J. McLennan hum.* lho past couple of
Mrs. II W McVittie and children
returned homo yesterday fiom Edmonton, where they have. beon -.n   un
ctended visit.
Next week car of groceries Irom
Hamilton; also one from Vancouver.
New   peels, new   nuts,   new raisins,
c—Fink Hros.
R IY, Benedict, ol the Mayook Lumber company, has been at the Cranhrook hotel the past- week confined lo
bis room hy illness.
A new telegraph wire is being
strung from Winnipeg to Nelson,
which is ev Uience of the increased
business in  this section.
Auction Sale.—Of household furniture a i. the residenccof Mrs. Brown,
Laker llill. at i p. m. Saturday,
October 21.—''Hutch" Auctioneer.
Rev. Charles W. Oordon, better
known as "Ralph Connor, will
pieach Uii' sermon at the opening of
the new I'ri-sbylerian church ti this
Mis John Cavin, mother oi Tims
Cavin, and Mrs. A. Tcrrlll, a sister,
sloppod off in Cranbrook for a day
i-m ilieir rc'urn from the. coast viih
Mr. Cavin.
Speeial for Friday aud Saturday
A line of suits—Ihe "Celebraled 2fitl
Century Brand"—from $5.00 to
i 12.50. Although lasl year's goods
they are a genuine bargain.—Hill A
Services as usual in the Methodist
church next Sunday morning and evening. Tie pastor will have charge.
Evening subject, "Worthy to Stand
Before Other Men." All are invited
the seniles.
There will lie union Thanksgiving
services at the Baptist church
Tlianks^iviiifc Day and Rev. Uood-
field will preach the sermon. Then
will be an offering for the home for
neglected children at the coast and
the object is a most worthy one,
The Ladies' Aid ol Uie Rresbyterian
church wilt have a sale of dainty and
attractive gifts for Christmas on the
afternoon and evening of woveinber
30th. This will be a splen:lid op-
ffioitunity to get just what you wanl
to stud to some friend or relative.
Mr. Neil Reuwick, inspector ot the
Anglo-American Fire Insurance Co.,
is in town this week looking over his
company's risks. He expressed himself to Messrs. Arnold A Roberts, tin-
local representatives, as being very
much pleased with the appearance of
Cranbrook and especially with equipment of the fire department.
John B reck en ridge, of Brecken ridge
A Lund, was in town this morning.
He says that their contract on the
Corbin road will be.compleled wilhin
two weeks, hut tlm I they will probably go across ihe line with their
outfit and take a contract on the
ollu-r part of Ihe road. Rails will
lie laid on this end of the road within a few days.
W. J. Atchison and Charles Arm-
si rung went to the prairie last week
lo have a hunt, but the cold weather
drove them hack to'day. The lak
were coveml with ice and ttie shooting was no good in con sentience, dr.
Armstrong said Uiat the next ".lino he
went down to Macleod to shoot he
would go in July nml take a lur
overcoat- with him.
.1 C. Drewry, of Moyie, is in lown
tliis- afternoon. The winter months
aro dreary ones to the genial ".J. 0."
lle cannot hunt or fish, and there is
nothing left but to play slough wiih
['at McMahon at the Kootenay holel.
Mr. Hiewery knows more people- in
public life than any man in the wesi,
and is as much at home in Montreal, Ottawa or Toronto as he is
at Movie. Nelson ur Rossland
Wm F. TaTe A Son have just received a great line of Christmas
good*-!. This linn proposes to give
Uie people of this disiriet an opportunity ty select, the hest if ihey want
it. aiid iheir lasl invoice of about
52,000 is one ol the finest ever
brought into this part of the country. It will do your eyes i;ool just
to look at the beautiful array they
have unpacked.
Mahoney Bros , the comedians, etc.,
gave performances in the Wentworth
hall Tuesday and Wednesday evenings,
On the first night their picture machine broke down and gave poor satisfaction, but last night the pictures
The buck and   wing
i   Tbe   lirst   general   meeting   of  the
Beat- Cranbrook  Caledonian Society     was
I held iii the   Good Templars hall    on
Wednesday evening, the lKth inst. A
gmKl iiiimlK-r of the natives responded
to il.i "gathering of ihe clans" and
greal progress was made with the
organizing ol th* society      Cbleft-atlu
.) K Smilh. as duel ol lhe clan, lav-
oliil  the companv   with a stilling ad
dress relative u. Scotland, iis history and son-; The more important
business being concluded the social
ide of th* evening was then called.
(!real praise is tlm* Miss A|. Me
Ciea.ly for the rendering of her Scottish melodies on lbe mandoline.   Rev.
W    (i.   W     Fortune   showed   the   -.Hong
„f   llM
lleent n
'i   ii
a l.uiii
iri' ,.
Hi,- ,,1.
il in
.   Sill
g in
Mill'   '
eh i
111,- I
Men "
i.l l
-J.I io
l   ol
.,■  S„
it- II
l.il    I..
s.   11
Barclay,   who   sung n In  a manner
worthy of Jessie    WeLachlati. The
next meeting will Iw held In the
same   hall ou    November 1st, at    8
p. in., when a special Invitation i--
extended to all lollies oi Scottish
birth oi .1-scenl who will he admitted lo membership free
W   Abemethy, Sec,
A very enjoyable social event, took
place at Kimberley on Tuesday evening, October 10th, when James Find-
lay, manager of the Sullivan mine,
and his better half celebrated tho 33rtl
anniversary of iheir marriage. The
guests, who Included only a number
nf the intimate friends of the bosl
and hostess, were most dellghtfull)
eiileriaiiied and were loud in the
praises of the good time they enjoyed.
Mr ami Mrs. Findlay wen- ihe recipients of numerous beautiful and
costly presents, and Mr. Findlay presented his wile- with an unusually
elaborate cabinet of silver.
Among tin- gnesis were Air. and
Mrs. Smilh aud Mr. and Mrs. Mellor,
nl Marysville; Rev, W. CL W. Fortune and wife, Mrs. Raul Handle)
and daughter Nellie, anl Mrs. R.
Jovee. of Cranbrook.
(From the Star.)
Utile ou the coast J. C. Greene
ucd up the political situation. He
stated that the McRride administration would no doubt remain iu powei
th,* balance of their tenu, as the
premiei and his colleagues had made
main friends hy their "cunning ways." He also said there weie
all kinds of rumors as to who would
Ih* lhe next lieuiiuaiit-goveriior. That
ihe names of Captaiu Woi.snop, F. W.
Peteis, W. C. Wells, J. C. Urown,
w. a Galliher, O. W. Itoss, and
Qeorge Riley were mentioned; but it
was doubtful if any one of these men
goi Uk* appointment.
It is almost impossible to counter
feit the new Canadian Sl hill It is
aboui the same to get hold ol.
Fresh hen fruit is quoted in Golden
at lid cents a dozen.
aii the telephone pitfes ore up
and men are stringing the wires. In
about a month's time the electric
current will be turned on, and Gold
eni tea will be able to see by the besl
tight  ibis far norlh.
The spnris in Rovclstoke are certainly blooded, Tliey play cent, anle
-I'm ehipa tor Jl. The nearest the
si-ortniK odltol' of the Star came Io
playing cent ante was in Calmly,
when he played Ml chips fur a dollar.
This year John W. Connor has an
enormous yield of crab apples. The
apples are large, of nice color, juicy,
and not too tart. In tact they are
llie. finest flavored crabs the Star's
apple expert has ever basted.
A Vancouver paper says hops are a
total [allure on the coast, aul price
of hops promises to be wry high.
Differenl here in Golden, During the
winter season ihere will he two hop*.
.i month, and the price is low—only
S5 a ticket.
Oeorge 1'. Wells left this week for
Nelson, where he will act as Secretary to ihe Mountain Lumber Manufacturer's Association. Tie appointment of Mr. Wells as secretary is a
good one.
Sandon, Slocan, Nelson, Cranbrook,
and several of the boundary towns
have rock drilling contests at lheir
annual celebrations. The Star suggests to the sports committee to give
our miners a prize in such a contest
at the nexl annual galhering.
Take notice thai thirty days alter
date 1 intend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works at
Victoria, fur a license to cut and
carry away limber from the following described lands situate in East
Kootenay  Disiriet:
Starting at a posl planted at the
northwest corner of lot 6230, group
, running soulh SO chains, thence
running west mi chains, thence running north mi chains, uience running
east Mi chains to the point of commencement.
,in;.t II   11. Ross
Dated this li\b day of Sept. 1905.
Mr. Kempton, a successful Windermere rancher, sent in a consign
ment of vegetables to the Herald last
week by stage driver Frazer that
are sure prize-winners, and whicli
prove conclusively Uiat the Windermere district is one of Ihe first to he
considered when speaking of vegetable
raising sections. The lot contained
a cabbage measuring 45 inches in
circumference and a turnip thai
stretched the tape at 30J inches. Resiles these were potatoes that would
not go much over half a do/en to the
peck; larpe, fine tomatoes, perfectly
s-hajped and ripe clear through, and
some beautiful Ren Davis apples. Il
was as fine au assortment as one
could wish to look at and speaks volumes for the fertility of Windermere
C. P, Hill, of Hillcrest, i.ear
Frank, Alberta, was in town the first
of the week, to consult with the C.
P. R. engineering department, regarding the building of the spur lo his
coal property. Mr. Hill is one of
ilie. best known hustlers in Western
Canada, ami it seems that whatever
he touches turns to gold. Ile has
made money in timlier, in iron, in
real eslate, in-gold mines, and now
he has a fine coal properly. Mr. Hill
believes in rustling, not luck, work-
In.; when you work, and resting wleit
you rest. lie knows how lo enjoy a
location, and with bis talented wife,
he goes oast, wesl or south, for a
month or two, and nothing is too
good for thom.
Certain    Chicago   capitalists     have
been examining thc Hull River Power
company's    works   during the    past
week,     wilh a   view     to  thoroughly
■.iri) i
I    Ui
Ue 1
saying that ihe in.
bauds of the light
lhc capital and lh
fully develop the
wonderful v. a ter p.
■ompatiy. and also
liter |
io to complc-
uthoiity for
tier is now in the
people, will' both
determination io
resources of lhe
wer owned by tlie
find the    gold
which is known to exist in llie gravel
below the falls, Krom what we
know, it would not al all surprise us
if the operations of those Chicago
people embraced oiher enterprises in
tho Dull river area ol great importance io the Cranhrook and Fort
Sleele localities.
turned out fine,
dancing was good, and some of   the,    .,.      ..        ...     ,,   ,
comedv acts quite interesting for suchi Mlss Mary Macdonald, begs to an-
a small troupe. The Mahoneys show'nounce that she bas started business
at Marysville to-night and to-mor-j as dressmaker and general seamstress,
row night,    and at Wardner Monday Go out daily if desired.   Address, op-
The contract- wns let yeslenlitj foi
mi extension of 'i'tb feet lo the Frank
Kmclter, to be built of hrick and
stone. This is pretty good evidence
that Mr. Fernau has confidence in the
development of the zinc properties of
British Columbia.
posite Crows Nest Laundry. *25-l3w
The undersigned has any i-uantity^of
lirst-class timothy and upland prairie
hay, baled ready for shipment, at
$10.00 and $5.50 per ton, P. 0. B.
Olds, Alta.
29tt W. Dean.
Olds, Alia.
(From the Outcrop.)
Duck    are   very   plentiful in
sloughs at present.
Char fishing in Columbia river is
now good and some beauties lave recently been caught.
While there is life there is hope,
and while there are graders at work
lhe K. C. R. is being built. Cheer
Wilmer is to have a church choir.
It docs beat all how civilization is
crowding in on Uie metropolis, if
the people are not careful taxes will
be raised and Sunday generally observed.
There is no truth in the rumor that
a K. C. R. dump cart arrived in Wilmer. The cart Is here all right, but
it was made here at the Wilmer Carriage works, and it may not be used
for some time on railway construction as there is a dispute over it.
At present the water is very low in
Wilmer Creek, in fact lower than ever
known ai this time of the year, and
it is evident a water famine will be
here before the winter is half over.
.V small sum of money will turn
Trover creek this way and give pica-!
ty of water, and surely there is enterprise enough In the town lo do
There, will be plenty ol whisky in
Wilmer for the winter, 'but it looks
as though waiter chasers will he
scar co.
A few weeks ago in a certain church
a elerg)inan gave a sermon which lie
had taken great pains to prepare,
says London Tit-Hits. While he was
vol speaking he noticed a woman sobbing violently among the congregation, nud thinking he lind moved her
lo repentance he afterward sought her
and asked her what touched her most
in his sermon. She refused to inform him, but the clergyman implored
her, saying lhat hy her information
he might he able to convert thousands
of sinners, when in his horror she replied:
"Oh, well, you reminded me, -vlen
vmi threw your arms Ibis way and
thai, of my poor old donkey when he
was dyin'."
Changing ylassri for reading
and diitance ia entirely done
away with br uilng our
Bifocal lensei—tbey may bo
used In rimleit eyeglassM,
X clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
| "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
I make call and see the new stock of Ready
♦ made clothing just received. All Union
5 Labor. z
.* _* T H E .* .*
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply lor terms
Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
A Logger's Bool Without an Equal
I,. lim. Man's 1« ill. Lofifiins
U,.ot. French full llirougrout
an.l has ,n HOCK OAK sole.
Outside counter is pegged nnt
has standard screw reinlorcclng
all around.    See them nl vour
Mii.iiifnctu.eil Hv
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Y          Wm huvi. ..'iilni'M...] our i|uartor_ mid uur Block wry <■ in. *J,
X B.ilcrnl.!} nf Into nml .am Biipply Hi.' ivnnta of ilm  public in -j-
*•• nny lim-.    Although wo soil nt etiatt-u'ii prim's wo havo nothing X
X bIukUIj-lo sloiigh olf.    W,- Kuiii'miten our goods for wlmt we X
•J* anil thorn  for.     I,nint.,':-ui -ns and  pi-oapootora'  .applies  a Y
X specialty.    Lot us outlit you.   We Iiiitu suun w and sccoud X
•j. hand  furniture, stoves, etc., lo it" ul  real  bargain prices. •>
*•• Cordwuod lor Sal:-.   Employment Agency in Connection. Y
*:' . .  X
;!: Jas. McArthur, lhe Second Hand Man I
Style &nd
Grace in
Maple Loaf City Rubbers
nil made over foot-form hist thnl
follow exactly the new shoe models.
They are the nemo of perfection in stylish Rubber Footwear.
Lmlies nsk you dealer to
show you the new "Calve" nnd
"jMolbii" designs wilh Cuban
Heels, or llie new "'Lily'' ami
"Rose" models for French heels.
Tliey nre just a bit more
graceful and choice than anything you have yet Been.
J. Leckie Co.,
Vaiicouver, B. C.
Selling Agents
•*■■ **1' "I*"****^~ . **WA -"■■J**-.!'***     V .'
Oct. 26,1905
FARE AND       \
l''()ll   ROUND   TRIP
Tickets On Sale Oclobor 2fi and ail
at all C'aiiadiiin l'aeific Railway!
otlices, Port Arthur to I'a-tcouvi'r,
and all intermediate branch lino,
Good returning until Oct. 28. 11105
Through Sleeping
For full particulars, lirst class or
tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agents or write
a. Hilllcr, Agent, Cranbrook.
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A., Nelsoi. A.O.P.A, Vucoaf«.
;J0 ll
Si Risch Pianos
j.-^   No one should purchase a
;   P'a,"° until they have in-
...   f   vestigated the merits and
' -1(4;' i  studied the improvements
•Av   i    over uUier makes contained in the
••- a :      iii
; af^N^.   " -
. mason Si Riscb Pianos
';r_r»cj_3   W. F. Tate & Son., Agents, Cranbrook
J. 0. Whiteacre, Western .Manager.
Ilnv 613 Nelson
@SHfflHlSES_S_K___[aiIESS__[\],lSiSS 1
Wliolt-Halc ond k'.'iail
MEAT       lh
Fresh and Cured Meats    &-!■*,
■•frW  ^rcs^    Fish,   (iurne   and tS-.
Puultry. 1
We Mipjii) mil) tht.  he-tl      Vnur
irinii' ti solicited
MarketA in all Ilu- principal lownn
In UrllUti Culuiubln
i^^i_s____i::c!1'.a_i________-__. ■: _
!! NOTICE! I        **
bogs to notify the residents uf East Kootonay llial In- has
S3 Killed :i MINERAL WATER FACTORY to his eslab-
: Sjz II iliiin-iit and would cordially solieit any resident or travel-
' *..§ cr to call or seud for a Bample order (particularly I.y Ilu j []
t 99 tradoj and guarantees his goods Biiporior to any in the dis.
;  22   trict.   The public ure respectfully requested to visit ub and
»WMM« _____________tjf


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