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Cranbrook Herald Feb 22, 1906

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1 '•'■'....    ,
'"' !l n.i
V"'n,-I,v   nr
M.MT. Eli   IS
******************** ** » *********************
♦ The Office Of The
Cranbrouk, has been Removed to the
North-East corner of Baker and Cranbrook Streets.
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
Capital Paid Up $3,880,000.        Reserved Fund $3,880,000.
D. R. Wilkie, Pres.
R. Jaflray, Vice.-Pres.
Branches in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec.
J Interest allowed on Savings  accounts FROM  DATE OF DE- 1
POSIT at current rates and credited half yearly.
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      J
are offering;
Several Choice   Farms
Kit her for
Fruit   Or    Stock
ffij Tin* purchasing power of n
ml Wo Imvo a complete line in
$ prices thnl will surprise ymi
ili.llnr boo our Ini'- of tvatcho
both  ladies' ami gents1 bizus t
full in and gel our prices.
.* .* T ii i-: **
li:ii BY   h'ltiK   BNTAIMXU   \
l.oss ni  mai:i.v
\i \i;\ it,in S     ft'OHK      Hi     THE
F1UK    Uttltl VDK     SA\ KU    A
111 siM-'.ss IUSTIUC1
|.'in i.-ii ni fillii'ti iiumiU-s l.isl
Stittmla) inilil liHwwn tiie limns
ul (wi'lve atHl olio o'clock, Ihg
|i.'u|flt- wlm saw ilu- h'i i un lire ia-,-
mt' in Miss MaulmTs mitltafry »tore.
were rmii.iMii  ili.ii al  li-ast lmil   <>f
lln-    business    portion   ol       tlK'   lOWfl
uui.Ill In- ,t Iroap ill astros Sni.il.iy
iiihiihiil; ll     wu:   u   li'W     iiiiuuli-s
iili.-i \i uVloek when Messrs. Uwl-
liiM'ti-t ami Vuach not iml a Mate In
Hit- millinery store i n ami Iraslen-
wl in kIvc il«' alarm, awl within a
ft«w minutes most ol lbe (Ire boys
wen "ii iluty under tl»L leadership ol
rinrf Bradley. Tlio buihUng is owned hy Paul HamHoy, 'ami was lormcrly used as livery stable. It is
two stories high ami extends Irom
ilu- streel lo lira lane, tin roar portion being only one storey. The firo
liad evHleivtiy started in one "f t-he
small rooms on tite ground Hour used
its a (Itting room Ior Ute dress makers, ami when ihe fire brigade got
tlwir first hose laid the hack part of
the store room was a mass of seething Hames. I'ndauiitod liy smoke or
lioal one detachment rushed In
through tho front with a line of hose
anil soon had a terrific stream nf
water playing upon the blaze. Hut
soon after the fire was breaking out
on the side of the building next to
the old Hank of Commerce bulhllng
and also through the celling to the
rooms above. Once the tire Imd gotten a start outs-iik' it would have
lum almost Impossible lo bave saved any portion of the block or the
Royal hotel. Chief Bradley bad two
more lines of hose laid, one from
Lhc Cranhrook hotel cornel ami the
other from the P. Burns corner,
botli to the rear of the burning building. With the streams irom these
Iwo lines combined with the one in
the front, ii was only a few minutes
More tlie lire lessened in its intensity and was soon under control. ' After thc blaze ou the lower
floor had been extin_.-uisbed the men
look the line of hose that liad Ikyh
in service there and forced theii way
through tbe smoke up stairs and
turned loose a Hood of water there,
joining with the two streams lhat
were being directed from t-he rear.
Itm \,h,it a wreck fire, smoke and
wain left tbe building tlml tlml day
Imd bn-n redecorated wilh new silks
and draper es jusl received Irom thc
i-nstem  market's.      What   Imd   heen    a
bower of beauty a few hours before
was quickly transformed Into a dismal, rubious mass of smoke begrlm-
med, drenched and charred cloths and
decorations. Hardly a dollar of
value left, if there is that. Tbe
stock Inking a short lime before the
fire showed nearly $8,000 worth of
goods, and on this there was $4,000
nf Insurance. Hut when current
lulls and accepted drafts are met,
Ute fire will m,an almost total ruin
toi Miss Macleod, and tlie luss of
nearly ten years work. li is a
b.ml blow, but the people will show
theii sj-mpa-tliy wlien Miss Macleod
pens her business again by a most
bernl patronage
Tbere was Sl ooo insurance on the
buihttng, which, without a doubt,
crs the entire loss, Mr. Handle)'
I put carpenters at work as soon
the Insurance is adjusted awl put
buiW-iug in -is «ood simp
, nn rtous to the fire.
of tin* firemen oouW not bave    stopped   tbe  tire This  roof  kept       the
Hames ooofined until the Hood ol
watei gol m ns deadly work. Mr.;
Sli Mi io. say _ ihat it all iin- frame '
biiihtttigs with stftogta tools hi that
IHudi ui a») umhji i'l"'i> Imd
in ■]■_' iron i*-"t> mt- dangei lumi lire
would tn- greatly lessened.
lit:   \ UANNEII
ttias sow.
tt gin ..i   ii*.* in.* i.-iii.iH.-  .i1
mystery, ami in  litis connection   llieli*
t -'.i nml ivl  llial iimi  Im,'*   omeUliug   clUNIIIIuiik      I'lMll'KIlTV      IVAS
' ■    "iiiiii      wiii-n ni. .M *s     m:\ in is hi:t I i-i: sti \t'i.
Uavlnxhi li-H    Saturday  nighl    Hi, > I
l.-lI   ii,iii,-iInn,;  ....-f   l"l 11   ii.'il.im    in I
tl,,'  llll _i,,.l a it-.l'l  imii. ..    .i    .'.HI as
i    .ittit ...nu.   tut uoat, wiiHi    a,„,iii     Tli.-..- is even   reason i.. led   Ihal
-■■Hi   ,i.,im,i,K in uu. pl.tltr    i"..in,,   ti,,.,,. u,|| be ,, ^,,,,,1   movement     li
Tl,,*  mono*,   the   wnl,*l,   .,,,1   *!.,*    .nal    ,,,,,   ,^,,lU.   „,     |*,,„,| I h     mu
Iran'   tli>.,|,|i.-.t11-,1, nli,I       Iln-n* Is     a , ,t   ,
liruMHIH) iimi H"*ii mai tare been   '"'"'     M ""' I'"'**''"1 """' ""'"'    '
t*,,llllllll'l,*.i all.l  lln* Illi*   il.iil.il  Hi  tui.*,    Ii'-l   .1 iti-sllalili*  I BO  In   n*nl   ill    Un
».i\. | luun. nti.l tin- natural gmwili nl tit,
tu Un.
.iiiii- in
i,.i\ n
li-ati* a
t.uite a numbei ol merclmu-ti
t.t.M-K gol  whul then- na*- itm
liim in.ii.il,.-.*. i.-uil) 1" gut o ii |ini,„ ,„ cranbrook nullo i
Hie Ilif spread, Iiul fortunately Hi,* (|1 i^,. Itll|w,iv n,„tii,p.„i which i,
excellent van ui Un* im* uriswlu ||)|Ullll ,„ ,„. iugm(.„i.w| tins summci
made such extreme measures unnoces- ))y ,.1|(. tactBMQ *.„ ,.„. lumbei busi-
s'ii.v- ,k.ss.      From imv     sl-aiHlpoinl   one
1 i-.m-s in   look, ilii'i-i' is nothing   i.m
firsl ..iii' to  im.„.,1M,i  prosnortty ab«wl  Ioi     Uu
,i|,|,i,i'i.iimn ol Uii*    riiikI  towll.     .nm |S   „*„ ,|„„|,.| |„„   Mmi
department by mii.I- ,,)„.,,. win ,„, sim„. substantial busl
■     - ■' '.'■•'"•  J"     Mr.. Baker is  IKSS Wol.ks „„ Wl0 mft|n stm.t   tliis
summer, an.l ii   is wlinnsi a    moral
■I'ltainty tbat llii'ir will bo a   largo
V. Ilyili- Baker
clicck lor I2ii.    .Mi. Baker is
generally to tlie limit when il i-miii's
xurcssing in a substantial   manner what   lie  Uilnks    ol good    work  moUeiiV'tiotci"    built, and   work
"one. liabu.  to start on Uml right away.
  , . I The new public buililitif will In* under
tthat is needed lureatter at a Hro la |„.a)|Wny as smut as Uu* |irollmiimrles
sirirt police discipline, su tliat    tlie t.all [K armUfyll t>t-t*.\-t-»-i, ihe oily and
crowd ran lie kept back. I tl|lt, government.     This Iras given an
— I impetus to the movement ol reatilj
There .should In- a Imlranl    siniie- 0„ Xc„,btirv avenuo, and as a   rcsull
wber,. near the   Royal hotel    corneri everv lot that was held by the town-
ami   also   out   near tho    I aiiiwliau  sjU.  „„    Uio   street   was  sold last
holel.    This addition might bo    the 'mvk
,    .  , „      Aniotld ,v   Hoberts, s.    J.
moans ol savin*-; thousands ol ilniiars nHriiton    and     J.   K.     Armstrong
worth of property some time. I worc ,,|„. purchasers ami they boughl
- - I t'hem on a speculaition, which   every
There weie a number ol men   who t„Jlly   aBm,s js a display ol mlgli'ty
<lu not belong tn the Ore brl-gade who      ^ jlKimi.n,. |
got in   ami did   valiant    wmk    tual     Tne location of llie public building
liiirht. on  Nnrlniiv  avenue   and   the  convic-
     .     , .Hon  Ihal   Ml*,   llaiisnii  llill  Iniiiil     a
Three cheers for tlu lire boys   and, ArBb-olnBa   hotel on Ute |ii*csenl   situ
then a Hger.    Tbey deserve Hum.       0, ,.|„.   t,)llwl:i )„1(.| i„-a,iy opposttu
  ,      . I the Wentworth   hotel, moral iuloresl
What  is lunlnl at nine is a decent   j,,  t,|,|a    piop,.,tj. .Iose[ih     Jack-
flic   alarm.        The ln-11   on Uie lire  M1„ a)so bought  the Iol owned    hi
house at   the present   lime would not, w    lt    ||ra,ttv  tlit-eellv  opposite     llie
wake a man Sitting tip Willi his best (.,.VIKl,|,|a„  |rolc|   „aj»|„B  mun  [,„   t|„.
girl.    The   people living on Uie  nit mm      Ml.   omlily turned    around
i-aiinni hear a sound as a rule   when a„i .|K)„Bht t|„. lots lying lietweeu the
the alarm is given. H„ra,| |10iri ,im| Uu C. P. It. rlglil-
Thc   people who had properly    at
and bought lbe lols IviiiK bclw
Royal holrt and the I'. P. It
of-way. ' There are several olh
deals on liand ul llu presenl lime
and it is quite likely that considcr-
lake ai last Saturday nlgtrt's eon-'nble |iro|iorty will cliangu Irands w.tli-
llagra-tlon fully appreciated the  great in the next lew weeks.
work   done hv the   Cranbrook vntiin- 	
li-ei lire brigade, and l.l show Un-il* Tin' Herald is uf Ihr opinion lli.it
appreciation ihey huve made literal Cranbiook will see one of Uu besl
contributions to iiu* boys, tte money t years In her experience litis summer
to te used by the brigade us ilivi* and full. A representative ol Un'
sec  lit.      The'   emitt Illinois iiii     the I paper saw   a number ol the einitrae-
II   il   iiilin..in*, who represents the
t'ntvroiis  Machinery company,    was
ti   town  Hut   liltflil        Mi* was .llliinl!!
tie lirst .it tin* Hn* ui»l lunn.il loose
n.l tlill till he could In assist   the lire
,i m.i!.' ITie nexl day he was
,,„.„.I lown wearing bis overcoat as
its otbei coal was sliil soaking wet.
:u*til„i,li    voted CHtmoui  a   prince
lll.l   said   Mini   I"*   IVOS   lbe  kltnl  Ol    ,1
ii.iii that w.is needed in an emergency
.1   lut knul
lunl oxper-
le at Port
n in himself
s much as
iml he never
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms
Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
tors, painters and real estate men
uinl louml Uiat In every ease Hie
same idea prevailed, and a few quo-
kitioiis froni the statements inndc
ute niihlis'htil.
E. Klwell, of Ileule A* Elwell-
There is every reason to teltevc that
Cranbrook is going to huve one ot
her hest years. Miniiij; and lumbering are in *a better condition tn-iluy
Mian ever belore in the history ot
tiie district, and that nut in ally
means Increased prosperity Ior Cranbrook.
.lames Greer, contractor—The evidence is accumulating thai ttero is
going to In- quite a lot ol building.
Of course it is a little early yet to
secure any definite information, hut
1 huve hud moro inquiries this spring
than ever before since 1 have been in
Cranbrook. 1 look lo seo u splendid
year for Cranbrook,
T. ill. Roberts, ol the firm "f
Arnold ii Rolutts—There is no
iloiibl but that real estate Is picking
up in Cranbrook. Th>.-ro are no
good houses empty and llm demand
tm* a good home is Itureasni,.. Tin-
town is sii situated that we iitnsi
naturally get tho bcnefil ol all the
development ol Uie district's resources. There will lie considerable
'building Ibis season and I Icel ct.n-
fitlcnt that the class nt buildings
erected will In' better Mr.ui ever.
O. It. Leask, contractor—This year
looks good lo me. I am satisfied
thut 1 will have more business this
season than I have had since I Imvo
been in Cranbrook, 1 am figuring
night and day on propositions and
many people are coming to me to
Inquire about tte cosl nl various
kinds nf buildings. Crnnbrook is
all righl and this year will prove tlu
Ik-s. in ter history.
V. .1. Bradley, painter ami decorator—I have had a big Inducement ol
tereil nie to gn to another town, but
tu.on i turned il down lor Ihc reason lhat
10.00 l bollcve thai tills s going lo In- a
lti.no great year lor Cranbrook. There
5.00 li everv reason to believe that there
10.00 will lie more vork In my line In
in.nu Cranlirnok lite coming summer ib.iu
film ever before ulnl 1 am going all.l tl
B.OO Oi-anbrook is all righl
5-Wl V. Ilv.lv linker, agenl Inr the
2 IHI   .ownsite—The ili,|llilies lot   town lols
McDonald & Ciitmi   10.00 nie lieeomlng more numerous   every
 dav and   we look lor a big business
 *lo_.iin this summer.    The settlement "I the
4  I puWie bititliiig   question has    given
NEW MODERN  HOTEL. lun Impetus to    the sale ni lots    on
I'he   iilleslioit nf   the   new  modern   Norbltry avenue,  hut  there will  he a
list includo all in Uu block except
the linn of Arnold A ltV„elTs, and
on account of tin- long ami elheietil
service done In* .Mr. Roberts lot Mie
tne brigade, those in charge ni lhe
mat tei refused in accopt any contribution whatever Irom liis linn.
Cranbrook, Peb. I'.nh, limn.
Tlu   Chief nf    tin'     Cranbrook Kire
Dear   Sir:—Please accept tbe    enclosed nn a slight appreciation of llu
s|,lemInl work done by yoursell    and
imn    gallant   stall.        Only   your
prompt nil inn and cOlcient work, in
mi   opinion,  saved  the  lown froni   a
terrible conflagration.
Please use this money in any way
vmi think test.
Yours ven ttulv,
V. Ily.lt* Baker.
Cranbrook, February 21, 1000.
V   A.  Rollins, Esq., Treasurer Fire
Brigade, Cranbrook:
Dear Sir:—I luke great pleasure iu
handing   vnu herewith mt behalf    nf
iiivs-vK   und lit,,   residents     in this
block ilU2 ns u slight mark nt   our
appreciation nf llu wmk dono at lhc
fire on llle 16th hist.
We feel Hull but Inl lhe exei'llelit
work iinm' bv Mu buys, that the
whole Murk would have teen destroyed. We certainly leel that we
have' a must efficient iiii* brigade,
seeoiKl tu none iu the country.
Yours ven* truly,
.'I. A. I lal vey.
Following are the names of tlmse
who contributed and Un* amount,
making a total nf 1H'2:
.1.   A.   Harvey   110.00
C,  I-'.. Held 	
I   0.   Mct'iilliim    	
E, P.   (Inwer  	
F, Qoddens   	
John Leask   	
Fink Bros	
Vi. V. (lunl    	
Ile.tlt- St   Klwell   	
Vi.   II,   Wilson   	
Will.   F.  Tate  A  Son
Prest  Phot
If I. Oil
hi; ini,'
Ceylon 111,
*ii .in
Alsu Lipton's,   lint
nl Blue Iill'.mi Torn
HH^U-H___.^MKUBn>. T9.t» ___■__■■
IVilii   i ,
.In,.,   A    Mi
Also i I
mnl -I. A   I'
a   Snt liorn'a
Triangle Brand Canned Goods arc th* i*. vt have
seen, we are dropping- all other brands as wc Iii 1 thi brand
Superior to anything we have had. Everv tin is guaranteed,
Some time ago wc decided to g«t thc best
Brand ol Spices packed and after trying nuny brands we
have decided that the Red Feather Brand is absolutely pure
and ground irom the test spices attainable. Try one tin ot
these spices, and you will never buy cheap adulterated
Spices again.
We have received a shipment of r.ewly made  Creamciy
Butter in 14 pound boxes.    This is the Brandon Creamery
the best butter to be had.
Wi- Imve tin' Urges! Stock
ul' Cvookory in Knst Koote.
nny nml (lur I'riri-s nn* the
A Complete R n .;*
war.' for tht
hotel     Also a  Fii
,,t BarGIussv    •
if f-tlass.
tor tho
■  Raiice
Our Prices are the   Lowest
Huve you thought of
Drop in and have a talk with usaboutit,   Perl in help
deckle on a remedy Unit will do yuu lots of go cause
any injurious effect.   If you are out of town drop us a ' ne and
it will receive prompt attention.
Tui a I
W'*en all the World sleeps, one voice alone proclaims the
Flight of Time.
Agong-striking mantle clock we sell speaks with a soft and
mellow tone. But if vou wanl something to wake you
we have the WAKE UP alarm which spiaks loud enough
to wake the dead.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,   i^.;™.^
Official Watch  Inspectors,   Crows Nnat   PasB   Division, C. P, K
Uill  Rollins,    wlm hm
one, In- Iii'' line,-.!**'
William,   out , is a leai
it   .1   llle        lie  ean   do   .1
nn  lhree ordinary men t
Uilli  iiiiij the liiihi  is over.
h.i Maiminc as* assistant eliiet,
out W illi.ini 11,11 u.in! tlinl Frank
iim.ii! as foreman, tlhl Homo groat
work ihat nwlii Tliey aro tlm
ti.t'iii inns iii ilie rigid plaecs,
I   r   i'lni,, tl x-eltiff, ninl at tlio
mine tiim: honorary ehiel, nol t'lghl
into .it-live setiiee, anil -tliil a lot nl
mmi not I, II IMilllil lie Impossililo
l,> keen .lake mil ol tin- harness when
llieie i* .tin It.,, .1 wotl, to In* il..tie al
,i   lite
I    V   Marvel* s-lioweil  his u|i|irei*ia-            	
Hon   ,,f ihe work   iiom- hv the    fire  hotel for 1'ranlinnik seems to    havo general   demand   all over the ,-•«.!
Inns bv circulating   a paper lor    albcen settled hv N. Hanson, ot Wasa, siie.    There is an Increased tendency
sif(ificl*l|it'lon,  ami   tlie tote) amount  who purchased tho present site ol the on the pari ol the hfopjol
was SIH2.     All ol the people iii   the Queens   holel   lasl   Thursday.     Tlie homes as they ar
Mock came up liberally.    Tliat 1s tho purohase ineludeil three lots and   an  permanency
liiud nf action Ihal   makes llie    (Ire  option on a fourth, and the priw is upon the building ol a I io as
boys tcel like   iloiiiK their best wlien  understood In he between SS.IHKI and best Investment tliey can make.
a lire occurs. $0,«00.    Mr. Hanson is arranging to  ,	
  erect* a two storey •building with    a SEEING  IR BELIEVING.
Honestly,    now,   did not the   (Ire  Iron'tagc on Baker street of so feet,!        '   ' * ___
boys do their prot-WesI  thai    night?  and an ell on   Nnrhiirv avenue    121)
Who is tliere in tin- town wlm would |,Ti. The buiWing will bo built ae- A bald Sent on a visit In Ottawa
object to anything in the 'bounds nf cording to plans for a modern hotel, paused to look at a display of hair
reason for the Cranbrook lire litis- with every convenience, ample sample ioni^ ,(„ a obcmlst's window. Tin*
aile. They saved lhe Insurance com- rooms, aiid all that a town like chemist himself a bald man, came
panics   at least Jliill.nini tlml   night  Cranbrook will warrant in a modorn ,mt   ,M^ topped the Scol upon    lhe
and the   property owners in-"*'   ...      <• _        n.   it  .. ....    .   .; .
miii-li more.
ol   the
Imi Id
lied with the
lown   anil  look
Tomorrow may  l»
■ he vmir turn next
Arnold & hkrts
nl nueami t
..Hold S ll'iherls
nllv proto
li mil. I
Arnulii S Huberts
Irnultl S Uulierls
i li
as   holel.      For  several  years  Mr.   Han- K|K>,rUl<T       "I've Rut   llie verv  thlno   *?
I son has had this move in new and a [,„. vm,  si,. •. |„, saiti: "lot me sell V we have your overcoat and suit.   WE BELIEVE
I short time ami he inaile up his mind ,,„„ ^ 1ro1.t.|L. „| this Ionic.    It is II-   *    - -    - - ....•-•--' —■ » ~
The Royal   hotel had a narrow es-  tliat this spriiiB was the time-to act. Kr,.atest   medical    discovery of    tl
capo.      If the (ite had even    gotitoh  h(. w.|| b,^in excavation as sikhi as ame "    "Is't
heyonti    control iiolhiiiit under     tin-  the tnis-t is out of the ground ami no CaWimhn.' "Omul.-   ., .,  ,  „,..,, ... -..., < * * *
In-avetis could have snvi-tl the   Iniiiil-  |,|mc will   lie   lost   in   pushing    the , guarwtee it to produoo hair on    a -j- wltn nb P"ce. .* **• ** j.
Ing.      Mr.     VanDecar   is a    lucky iniihling   ui completion,      lt is ex- |)a,|j |K,a,,i    („     twenty-lour Itours."   Y
maii. |n*tnl that, it will lie ready to  open "Aweel," said   tlie Sei.t in his dry.  X,
mie time next Oetolier.     It is und- cautious way, "aweel ye can -tie I'
--     - - — INGTAILOR
J, wc nave yuuruvcrwui auu sun.    VVC.C3CZ.L.Il1vC 9
3* that it will please you, that you will like its cut, its grace T
guld', eli'.'"" said tin*. .'. and fabric, and, withal, we're confident you'll be pleased *
l_"l_'_.It.'f. ^ln'}}ml | with its price.        **       **        **        >       .«        >
I. It. MoBrlde said that II it   had ers-l««l that K. II. Small, now man- i,,,, „■ yer held a tub wi' it and I'll  .'. f Iff \ "\_i* WW   _____    f     f V ■
not Imh-ii Inr the cnrruRa'tiil Iron root a«cr ot the Cosmopolitan, will he tlie look back    Hie morn anil sir il ye're  •>
on tlm building oven tin: good   work manager ol thc new hotel. t«llin* the truth." *^*<-<-**'>«**<_6!>*<-*<!-i'**-;"S*'t-**!'i:--X--:--:-
:••:••:••:••:••:••:.■!•♦* THB   CKANBROOK   II KHALI)
lh Robinson-McKenzie
Lumber Company
Have a number of small
tracts left within a mile
of Cranbrook.
This is a great opportunity
to get something good for
little money.
The Robinson ■ McKenzie
Lumber Company, Ltd.
Cranbroook, B. C.
uil.l.   BE    LEADING    CITY    ON
Tin- Herald Foi lbe past two years
lias bad mueh to say aboui the Corbin roatl and Uii* benefits Cranbrook
would derive fi-nn Its butkttug.
Tliere are people even to-day who
i.ui in appreciate ihc Importance ol
this new line to Cranbrook, and
tho pasl Micro arc Uioso who rhHeul-
ed the hlea Itet through trains
would bo nui by way ol this town,
ii„- Herald bas maintained persist-
nttly thai it w.is right, awl aim
Lhat tin- C I1 II would nol atop at
Spokane, but would eirtci Pugel
Sitiitui tcrritorj bj waj "i Cran
in.ml. .imi Spokane Event* as the)
,1,1 in. along Uu*. line, sustain all
the predictions ovei mode bv tin
Herald, and tlio following despatel
from Uiv Spokesman-Review's cot
pomlenl In New Vork will make mosl
excellent rending fai Uio pcoplo ol
Cranbrook .m.i llie district
Tin- liellel iti.tt iht- Canadian Pael
fie is tn In- Un* strongest rival id the
llill lines wh Inn a lew months u
growing strong hi iii. ciisb. Tills
belief has grown almost to tlie ro-
speclabilltj of establtslmd laet wiih-
in t-he past   two weeks.
William Whyte, a prominent Ci
mvdlan Paclllc ulllelni, is quoted hel
as saying that Hie Canadian Paoil
has strengthened iis position on tli
water front at Seattle by tho pui
clinse of terminal grounds second
only to tin' Great Northern holdings,
and Hut il lus other lands undei
up tion,
Facts with regard to ttie Spokane
International aro the -strongest basis fui the report, and aro not deniable, This road is to lie ready foi
use, equipped and in commission b\
Augusl 1, 1800, al  Hie la-test.
The strongest lact, however, and
tin- most emphasised s that the
Spokane International, Canadian i\ie-
Ific and Sim line, in conjunction, aif
now claimed lo he Uie cheapest
n,un- io operate llml will nm In'
tween Spokane and the Twin cities,
li Uus claim, upeitlj made hy Uh
Canadian 1'aritn- people bere, and hy
Uie underwriters nf the Spokane In-
Icrnnlional bonds, Dny a Hett'ton, h
capable of proof, the results to Spokane anil ultimately lo points wesi,
me Impossible lo judge hi advance.
This is tin- view laken by a supporter nl (lie Canadian Pacific:
"Tlm Canadian Pacific can go into
the business at Spukane and can cnl
the rates from St. Paul, if H likes,
inure 1'liitn 35 per cent, and still
make 'money.     On  the olbcr    hand,
if it is decided t atulnlu t-he rait**
on ilu- Hill level, and did sn. ils net
earnings on lids through business
would be immense, in either case,
ilie Canadian Paeilie would have a
ureal advantage, because, If Mr. Hill
met tho mi rates on a permanent
Irasis to (lie intermediate points on
his line and the points beyond, The
Canadian Paeilie, on the contrary,
docs not touch any important American iity between the two terminals."
Mr. IHU, on Uio contrary, appear.
in have forgotten the Canadian Pacini' in tlie sheer delight ol making
Ureal Northern stock do fancy
stunts in llie Wall Street market
He still claims that if Uie railroads
get down to (Ireat Northern rales
they will all go broke long before
Ihey do any harm to him.
That is true so far as the Amor
ran lines are concerned, but il will
lake the railroad men of the United
States more than a generation to
forget the lesson the C, P. It. gave
in ilu- transcontinental freight bureau when it dropped a transport line
into tlie Golden Gate and smashed
Uie transcontinental pool into tin
flattest kind of a fizzle.
Tlie Canadian Pacific is powerful
ff it pushes its lines through Spok
,tiie to Seattle, there will he trouble
If it links up with I lair imam and the
Oregon Short Line into Portland
there will be just as much troubh
for it would moan quite a bit to Hie
Twin rilics Io get thai route hit
Anyhow, Hie first (run In the new
campaign is to Im- a through sleeper
service over tiie Spokane Interna-
tioiuil, Canadian Pacific, Soo lim
and a friendly line from Spokane tt
Chicago. It will In- iu commission
and taking money hy tlie opening of
next winter.
Winnipeg Km* Press:—T-he C. I
contemplate   changing the nnsno   of
the "Imperial Limited" when the
double service is Inaugurated this
year, to "Empress." With two
trains, one iu Uie morning and the
other in the evening, ruuning ovei tl.
same   route un     tin-  same   lime sclu
dale, neither being taster noi slowi
than tlie other, il  is lell   to In' soon
thing nf a misitomci thai ono should
cany wiih it Un* designation ol
Untiled, especially as it lus uothiug
in Iiuiii il in any way as compared
with the other.
Tbe groat name and fame tlul Die
Imperial Limited Imd gained Ioi
Itwil in previous yearn, caused lhu
evening train to i..< bunlcmil ho i
yeai wiili .in undue slmrc .a tlm hu -
lUCUS,   While   Ms     li-llo.V   llu, I   1,-11        Hi
tin- morning, suflorod nuinowta in
public iinlihiilines
As tbe two trains will tliis yeai be
alike in every essential partlculai,
and will Ik- ruuning un the same
schedule .is regards time, It has
beeu suggested tlml the designation
of both will be uudc uniform, Two
Imperial Limited* would not sum
exactly, so It has been Utoiighl thai
the Empress Express mighl bo ap
plied in each easi*—symbolic ul the
connection wbieb it would form be
tween -tlio company's Atlantic
steamers mi the Paeilie .md nn ihe
Mr. HolH. Ken, traflic manager,
has tbe matter under consideration.
ll j    ♦ '-MUf—— \
A Men ill,in, Wii,, paper contains
ttie following niiliei- id interest tn
the readers nl Um Herald: The
Perry Creek Mining company, doing
a gold milling business aud owning
extensive mining Interests ni Perry
Crock, Itiitisb Columbia, hold ils annual meeting here al the olliee o|
Um Wisconsin Kami I.and Co., Tuesday evening, closing a most successful and satisfactory year's business.
Officers were elected as follows: It.
A. Bright, President; E. G. Hoyivlim,
secretary and treasurer, and A s.
Trow, general manager. Col, Orlando Hoi way, the only otlmr mem-
ber of tlm company, was also present,
Montreal,    Pel.,      15.—W,   ti.  Tye,
chief engineci  of tbv Canadian  Pact
lie    railway,   has resigned   his position,      lt is understood Uiat     Mr.
Tye, wlm lus been chief englliCCl
since HlO-t, is to g« into construction work as lbe bead ot a largo
When seen to-day Mr. Tye confirmed his resignation, but declined to
give any Information as io the new
syndicate, wbieb is said to Imvo a
heavy financial backing .imt one that
will make a stir in ihe railwaj
world. When asked whether his resignation had lur objecl ihe taking
up ol surveys and construction work
on thc Grand Trunk Pacific, Mr.
Tye declined to verify the report,
Ottawa, Feb. 10.—It is understood
that the Canadian Paeilie Railway
company bas decided to plant large
quantities of yomig trees at various
points along ils prairie lines, so as
to Im able iu future time to supply
its own Up and fence posts.
Tbe plan was suggested in the president of the company, Sir Thomas
Shaugbuossy, by (be superintendent
of the forestry branch ot tlie Interior
department here. The company fully appreciates lhe fact that Ihe day
wrll come when ties and lumber ol
all kinds will reach veiy high prices,
especially in the west, and so it. u
now preparing lo meet Uie emergency by establishing and maintaining
tree plantations in the west, and thus
have in due time a gimd supply
its own to draw from when needi
The wood best adapted for railway
ties is the -birch. This grows rapidly mi the western plains, and will,
no doubt, be the chief variety ol
trees that tlie company will set out
in the proposed plantations. As the
trees grow to large si/.e and begin
to crowd one anotlmr they will be
thinned out for fence posts.
Beginning February 15th the Great
Northern Railway will Inaugurate
through sleeping car service between
.Seattle and Chicago in conneetio.
with Mr- Burlington route.
These through sleepers will lie op
crated on train Nu. 2, ibe "Oriental
Limited," Seattle to Sl. Paul, an,
for the present on the Buiiliigton'i
limited train No. 4K, leaving st
Paul at 8:40 p. In., arriving Cliicagi
11:00 a. ni.
The through tourlsl Imrth rale will
lie Sl higher than louiisi Imrth rat'
to St. Paul.
S, G. Verkes,
A. (I.  P. A
Rossland Miner; A. H. McKenzie,
secretary of the Associated Boards
of Trade, a few days since forwarded lo the mcmheis ol the provincial
cabinet the resolutions relating to
provincial matters passed by lbe
boards of trade. Replies have been
reivived from Hon. Richard Mcllriih',
premier; Him. R.F. Green, chief commissioner of -lands ami works; Hon.
R. G. Tallow, minister of finance,
and others. In tlieir replies they
promise to give the matters referred
to Mreir immediate attention, and
promise that tlmy will tie brought lie-
fore tlm executive at an early dale.
Lady Strathconn has given $52,0110
to Queen Alexandra's fund for Mm
assistance of the unemployed. In accordance with the stipulation $47,-
500 nf tire amount will be expended
in prnviiting for the emigration to
Canada of deserving working men
and iheir families. '
.... *®
To read the local paper that
gives the news, vvhilt* it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on Lhe doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
)' "<oz~~
■ tJ$1
■ * J$%
I'W iM'W
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea,r
$1.00 For Six Months
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
London, Feb. L—Fred Shaugbncs-
sy, son of the president of the C.
P. R, and party, who arc making a
tour of the world, arrived per C, P.
R. steamer Lake Champlain, The
parly leaves for Hong Kong per C.P.
R. steamer Monteaglc, thenee by
Empress steamer to Vancouver, and
by tbe   C. P. R.   to    Montreal, so  Pr V|  ,   .
completing 30,000 miles per C, P. It.  ^^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^V J
steamers and trains. %      If ymi II,',,I
Wc can supply ynu wilii imv quant ity Ui'sircil.
fi sraaMiiasi'Si'Ai' D'srasasi amiHSiiiSiCi
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
llu- New Managers,
lli up In and sec ns any linn'.    Wc urc on ik-ik lit hours
mil ul lhc 21
Our western manager, Mr. .. C. Whiteacre .will
be with the local agent, Mlr.-Ro-ts Tate, for one
week during December and will otfer
Special Christmas Prices   and   Easy    Terms
To anyone desiring lo pr cha se a Piano. Send
your name and address o Mr. Tate. DO IT NOW
MASON & RISCH PIANOS are used from
he Atlantic to the Pacific. Their splendid tone
volume, their artis'ic case designs, combined
with their great durability, have won for them
this great popularity.
fi .*   P. BURNS & COMPANY  **
Wholesale und Retail
M      MEAT
Presh nnd Cured Meats
Presh   Pish,   Game  and
/ %-M Poultry.
■—-^   IU   Wc luppl) mil) lhc  bcBt.     Vour
■** trade lu -.uii. lied
Markrii. In all the principal liiwns
la HrMUti Columbia
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
"Gilt Edge" in ni.itfri.il, '''Gilt Edge" in \
make call and see the new stock of Ready ♦
made clothing just received. All Union j
Labor. 1
| I M.ry.vllle ha, come    1
ffl Uca^iio Business    AZZn'B ffl
53 anenl payroll nnil in     ES
1 IDouscs ot ilDarvs*    .laiewwoiihcst. m
JH L „r> - volley. .4 Tit,     jjj
ffl   vill,*    <_J__! Smcltcf miy...       "■'" -•'" lu'»rliK   w
£J    \ UK, ntlorie the lollowlni    ti
Si uslneaa houses; ft
a g
The leading ho- ti
id in ihc Sl. ffi
I Central Hotel
R, Johnson, Proprietor        Marys valley
{& IliniiiK Kmiin service lhc besl. ffl
ti The place to slop when visiling the Smeller City ti
1 The Royal Hotel     I
m A- P* Chenette Proprietor                    j|
ti Mas been recently refurnished and is now one of ti
ti Ihc best hotels in Ihe district.   Headquarters for ti
S lhc people.                                                   ffl
53  ....                   ffl
| Marysville Drug Co.      g
5J We carry a complete stock of everything in thc gj
J3 Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away W%
*3 for your goods. m
I>.ui Alton, wbo Is travelling for a
Vancouvei miudrn pipe house, bus
been iii New Zealand ami Australia
ilu- past lew months. Last uum tti
Ire was iu Wellington, Now Zealand,
and gave out tin' tallowing to the
Times ol that uity;
Among visitors io WoUington at
present is Mr, it. Alton, representing
tin* Canadian Pipe Company, LU.,
nf Vancouver, ltniisli I'uluiiiliui, wbo
i* staying at the Empire hotel. Tbe
pipes which Uu is bringing under the
iniiiil* oi New y.f.ii.uhii-is luw nothing t.i do witli tbe eult ol My Lady
Nicotine, bul are patent, win-hound
ui steel-bound wooden pipes i" take
iin* plaoo nt ihe Iron pipes in general
um- in oouneolnm wnh waterworks
lystonu, Tin-.si- pipoa are made ta
.ull sluts, ami the advantages claim*
wl tm them are many. They am
..mi in in- more durable iiun Iron
ui steel pipes, ihi'ii oosl Is irom -■"»
in OS pel ei-ut. less, they |»ve greatei oai i \ m-i wpaolt). .nut delivei tdia
wait i swi'i-trt and cooler, tliey are
mini* easily bandied, nro not subjeot
in rust, contraction, or electrolysis,
.md ihvy last longer. Tbo Immcd-
Iftle objccl nf Mr. Alton's visit to
New Zealand is uonneoted with liis
company's tendering Ior the projected waterworks system at Hotorua.
The govern ment, recognising t-he special suitability of wooden pipes fur
ihal wmk, has resolved Lu adopt
them, and two Canadian linns—llie
1'ijre Company, of Vancouver, and
anoUwr—aro understood to be tendering.
These pipes, which are an American
invention, are Iielng largely adopted
in Uu- United Slates and Canada,
where, in addition to theii other advantages, tliey are valued because ol
the fact that they arc not liable to
hurst, during the severe frosts prevalent in ihe northern districts. They
are not only suitable for new water
works, but when extensions are made
l-hey ean he profitably used in con-
junction with the Iron piping already
[.i-nl. The city uf Vancouver lias
made use of these pipes lur ils wat
erwurks. The pipes can be made to
withstand a pressure as high as 285
pounds tit the square inch. While
the particular purpose of Mr. Alton's visit is, as stated, connected
with the Hotorua waterworks, Intends seeing mure of New Zealand
and Australia, and bringing the merits ol Mie pipes under the notice ot
the various autltorlties. lie has
hopes that his company will gel sufficient supporl to Induce it to establish a blanch of ils business here.
In the course <>f conversation wltb
a representative of tl New Zealand Times," Mr, Alum had something of interest to say on the subject of tlie prospects ol trade between ibis country and Canada. He
noted with pleasure the Intimation
made lit our issue of yesterday to tire
ei'i.et thai a line of cargo steamers
between the Dominion and New Zealand ports, subsidized by tire respective governments, is to start running
next month. He is satisfied that,
wilh direct steamers and low
freights, a large trade may be developed between the two countries.
Prom his observation since Ire has
been tn New Zealand, he is convinced
thai we have many articles (bat we
can profitably exclmnge with Canada.
To ensure this development, how-
over, tariff revision Is necessary, tor
Mime articles are sn heavily taxed
thai trade would be iinieinuneraiive.
Tins Is a mattei to which, lie thinks,
imeivt    might  well devote
to particulars of New Zea-
Klucls    required  by  Canada,
'ned    frozen   mutton, wool,
Canada, though a   great
ng country, does not    grow
tl i
nl  tlie pi
at   a i'ln
;ood   den
is   bi
■ .nulla has a largo woollen manufao
luring industry, and has to import
Mie bettei   .-lasses ()[ w,Ml,    S(1     ,-,.,,_
New Zealand might easily establish
■' lucrative trade in the raw material Again, thc enormous grain production oi uniittda makes bei n groat
consume, of blndej twine, in tho
making of which considerable quantl
tics of New Zealand hemp would he
•■ii^.m.,1. Mi, Alton is ;i fll'in be-
llovei in Imperialism in business; be
thinks ii.ide should follow the (lag;
■mil be is ilesirlous ol seeing reciprocal 1-inil relations cal-alrtisliwl he-
tween New Zealand ami Canada.
(nu visitor has already seen a con-
•Herabto   porti if   New Zealand,
ami is favorably impressed with the
country and tho enterprise and Intelligence shown by its people. When
at Dnncdln, he was shown over tire
Taieri and Peninsula Dairy company's factory, and he emphatically
declares that, so far as his observation lias gone, it is superior in equipment to any dairy factory in Canada. After a short stay in Wellington, Mr. Alton Intends going to Australia.
Punished by Beale ft Elwell,
ers, Cranbrook, B. C.
St.   Eugene   	
Canadian Ooldflelds	
Western Oil and Coal 	
I n'ternaHonal Coal A Coke 	
Sullivan   .... l ...
North Star  ' 	
Rambler Oarihoo 	
Marconi   Wireless (Canadian)..
Diamond   Vale   Coal	
Miola   Coai  Mines 	
Sales:—1000   North     Star;'
Western Oil ft Coal; 500 St. Eugene.   I would lose tire whole of Ul
Thomas McNaught, who was wi-11
known to Mie people of British Columbia, and especially to those of the
Kootenays, died recently at Ute boms
Ol his lather at Dumfries. Scotland.
Mi.   McNaUgbl   was   al   one   tune i-n-
gaged in newspaper work n Qo-Wen
uud was secretary of tlie Kootenay
Editorial association dui ing its lite.
He was a man ot brilliant parts, and
although l"i years in very poor
health, possessed wonderful energy
an.l  ambition.
The Dumfries Standard, ol Jami-
arj  iv,    has thfl  lollowlng roforence
to Ins death:
"We regrot to m-ord tbe death ol
Mi Thomas McNaugh-l, S.S.C.,
which occurred yesterda) morning at
iin* farm ot Ovei Barrel, Klrkmleh-
ow, ihe residence ol ins luilrer, Mi
McNaugbl who was the oldest son of
Mie family, was fifty-three years   ol
age. Altei    stud; mg  Mie law     ai
Ivdinhurgh *\uii\eisity, and passing as
a solicitor belore the supremo omits,
lie entered upon practice In Uie city
of Kdiiibuigli, ile was a gentleman
of keen intellect and sympathetic nature, and led an active and useful
life, He showed lus Interest ta
many departments of public affairs,
and was specially identified with the
advocacy of tbe advanced Liberal
programme and tlie policy of Scottish home-rule. Ill connection with
the parliamentary elections of 1885
and MHIlf, in Mie county of Dumfries,
he did excellent service on 'behalf oi
the Liberal candidates. Some ninn
years ago be went to llritish Columbia. Returning to the old country three weeks a-^o, he spent a few
days iu Southport, to which Mrs.
McNaught belongs, and was able to
be home to spend tire New Year in
his own family circle. He had long
suitered frum an asthmatic affection. Ten days ago he was seized
With mow acute illness, which has
unhappily had a fatal issue. The
interineiit takes place to-morrow, iu
the churchyard of Kirkconnel, ut
wbieb bis father is a native."
Notice is hereby given that SO dayi
alier date we mtend to apply to tin
Chief    Commissionei    of   Lands     and
Works and Ute Assistant Commis
si'im-r ol Lands and Works tor a
license to prospect for eoal, ml and
petroleum on tlie following lands, to
wit, and mole fully described as being situate about four miles east oi
the Canadian Pacific Railway Laud
Grant, 18 miles south of Crows Nest
I'ass aud adjacent to, and adjoining
tbe    Flathead    River,  in  Block    4503
South Kast Kootenay, 11. C:
1. Commencing at a post planted
at llie north-east comer of il. lv
Scoll's elaim, same being the initial
post ol 11, K. Scott's elaim and
marked "B. K. Scott" and lying
south and adjacent tu Edward Whit-I   Meetings every Thursday eventual
tlulll-s,     HIW00    111**,!     ,■ I_\1,1 >-   clmllll    .lull-
tbence   nortii  ,-inliiy   clralns, Humn
ldOCIi:i.    AMI
Cbesobnt Looob Nil. SU
Cranhrook, 11. C.
Mi*,-ts every Tm-sitav a-t M p. in. at
New Fraternity Hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.lt.H.
Oeorge Tl„,iii|is„n, CC,
Msititis   bu-iliu-o   cordluly invitco
McVittie & Laidlaw-
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THUS. T. Mc\ ll in:, p, i.. s.
I. T. LAIDLAW, II. 1*;.
tn altt'titl
Craabmuk   Local  Union  12,1 ol the llnllei*
il tarncoicrs anj Joiner.
of   linm.n
nut eighty cttallii, to llu* plac.
beginning, contulnltig i.tu nerun  in,
.it lens.
H. P. Scott, Locator.
li.  I..    Ileal il .m.i    1'li.illr.s    Mcduil
A genu.
li.  Commcbclng  at a post planl
at tin north-west   corner ol   Oeorge
Sil,.nil's .lain,, .s.imt- being ti,,- mn-
lal iin.i ot Uooi-go Sstaura claim and
iiiailt-,1 "(!,-,,iK„ Scharl,"  ami lying
m.uiIi „l 0. Owcn'a claim ami adjacent   tlii-ii-iu,    thenco   oast    elglrt,
iliains,    thenco   .snulli elghly nlhiln.
Uienco    went eighty cliniim,
ninth   eight), cha Its lo lhe |
beginning, oohtalning Gin acres, mui
or less.
Oeorge Schart, Locator,
It. L.   Heard and   Charles   McQuIro
llii'iu i
C,  P.  It.  TO  ISSt I*) NEW .STUCK.
Montreal, Fob, 8—This afternoon
Sir Thomas Shauglmossy niailc the
lollowlng statement to the press:
"The Official Gazette ol Saturday
will contain a notice ot a special
meeting ol the shareholders ol tlie
Canadian Pacific Railroad company
to be held al the head office ot the
company in Montreal, March 111, Ior
tlie purposo ol considering and acting ii|iuii tlm reetiliimciiiliitiiiiis ol the
directors Uiat tho ordinary share
capital id tho company lie Inoreased
Innii Hie present authorized amount
ot one lmii'tred and ten million dollars, has already been issiusl, to one
hundred and fitly million dollars.
"In view ol tlie greal Increase in
the company's business and ils continued expansion, It is desirable tliat
immediate provision be made lot
still further increasing the twill-ties
oi the company on every section ot
its system. The directors have,
therefore, decided, subject to the approval ot tlie shareholders, at Uie
special meeting, to make an issue
Immediately thereafter of twenty
million two hundred and eighty
thousand dollars of primary capital
stuck, being eight milliun six bundled thousand dollars of llie proposed
increase, thus making the total
amount outstanding one hundred and
twenty million six hundred and
eighty llKiusand dollars, and, as in
lite case of previous issues ot new
took, to give Uie shareholders of the
ii-ilitv.ny capital stuck the privilege
.f subscribing Ior the same at par
in the proportion ot one share ol new
tuck to five shares ol their regis-
teiwl holdings on the closing ol the
transfer books Ior this purposo on
Friday, April 20, 1800."
'OR    THE   HUMAN    110DV
The ment Iiiii ol   sulphur will recall
, many   ol ns the early days when
it* mothers and grandmothers gave
our  daily dose of   sulphur    aud
olasses every spring and fall.
lt was the universal spring and
lull "blood purifier," tonic anil curc-
iill, and, mind yuu, this iild-tasliioncil
remedy was not withmit merit.
Tlie idea was good, but the remedy
was crude and unpalatable, nud a
large quantity had to lie taken tn get
any effect.
Nowadays wc got all the licncflcial
directs ut sulphur in a palatable, oon-
cenl rated form, so that a single
grain is tar more effective than a
tablespoonfitl of the crude sulphur.
There is a clever young phys-ioian
in Philadelphia who has never been
able to smoke a cigar. ".Iust one
poisons me," says the youlhlul doctor.
Recently tlie doctor was Invited to
a large dinner party given by a New
York Irieml. At Uie conclusion ol
Uie repast, when the women bad lett
tbo table, cigars were accepted by
all the men except the physician
Irom Philadelphia. Seeing Ids Irieml
refuse the cigar, Uie host in astonishment exclaimed:
"What, not smoking. Why, my
dear fellow, you lose hull your dinner!"
Yes, I    know I do,"   meekly re-
3. Commonclng at a post planted
at the north-east cornor uf Mrs. lv
tl. McDorman's claim, same being llu-
initial post ol Mrs, E. 0. McDorman's claim and marked "Mrs. E. ll.
McDorman," and snuth and adjacent
lo li. F, Scott's claim, thence west
eighty chains, thcuce suutli eighty
chains, Uieuce easl eighty cliains
Uieuce nortii eighty chains lu the
place ut beginning, containing 040
acres, inure or less.
Mrs. E. C, McDorman, Locator.
R. L.  Heard and   diaries   McOulr
4. Commencing at a post planted
at the nortli-west curncr ut Calvin
McDorman's claim, same being tin
in .Hal post of Calvin McDorman's
claim and marked "Calvin McDorman," and lying sunlit and adjacent
tu George Suliart's claim; thettcu east
eighty chains, Uience snulli eighty
cliains; thence west eighty chains,
thence nortii eighty chains to the
place ol beginning, containing 040
acres, more or less.
Calvin McDorman, Locator.
R. I,.   Heard and   Charles   McOulr
H-til* Agottts.
Take nutice that I will hear and
determine cases on Monday, lho 15t.h
day ol .January, instant, at 10
o'clock a. m. at my chambers, Imperial bank building, Craubrook, H.
C, when it is alleged that any person's name has been improperly
omitted Irom or placed un the
voters' list ol the Municipality ui
the City ot Cranbrook fur the year
Datod at Cranbrook, B. C, this
10th day ol January, 1806.
P. E. Wilson,
.lodge of the County Court of   East
Kootenay. 42-1L
Take notice tliat thirty days after
date, the undersigned, intends to
apply to the Chiel Commissioner of
Lands and Works at Victoria for
Special License to cut and cany
away timber from tlie following described lauds in East Kootenay:
Beginning at a pust planted at the
suutli-west corner, License ii 182
Uienco eastward fifty cliaius to the
Kootenay River* Uience south-easterly along the Kootenay River lo
Uie nortii Boundary ul Lot 327;
thence west about 00 cliaius to the
cast boundary ol lot 320; thenco
north along cast boundary of lot 32'J
to tlie place ol commencement, containing 040 acres, more or less.
Cliifurd Edwards.
Cranbrook, B. C, January 13th,
1900. ,4-51
It. S. U. C, 1807.
Notice is hereby given that application has been made by James
Ryan, Charles D. McNali and V. Hyde
linker, of Cranhrook, British Columbia, and Charles George Lytlluton,
Viscount Cobliam, ol Stourbridge,
England, to the Lieutenant Govcrtiui
in Council under the provisions ol
Uie above mentioned Act, lor authority to proceed at the expiration uf
sixty days from lhe first publication
of this notice in the British Columbia Gazette and in the Cranbrook
Herald, a newspaper published al
Cranbrook, British Columbia, with
llie removal ot obstructions, and llu-
construction ol dams, slides, liuouis
and other works, necessary to tacil-
Itale the floating, transmission and
holding of logs and limber in the
kootenay River, between the tumuli
ol I'lumltob Creek and Elk River,
and also to take and use any lands
which may tie necessary fur the
construction of said woiks.
The maps and plans and books ol
reference as required by the said
Act bave beeu deposited with tlio
Chiel Commissioner of Lands und
Dated at Cranbrook, British Columbia, tliis 20th day ol January.
Cranbrook, B. 0.
41-5t      Sol citor Ior the Applicants.
SMHio plied tin,    doctor, "but II 1 smoked
Thirty days alter date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a Special Licence to cut and carry away timber
Irom the following described lands
situated In South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted
about three-quarters ol a mile west
ol tbe south-west corner ol lot 4135;
thence south 40 chains, thence west
40 cbains, tbence north 811 chains,
thence west 40 chains, thence r.urth
40 chains, thenee east 80 chains,
tbence south 80 chains to the place
ol commencement, and conUtning
640 acres, more or less.
40-5t' John String.
Located December 19th, 1905
lisiijug brethren eoidially hnitcl
l.dnaid Foote,
ll.ll.l.     k.y Clt) Ud|,
No. 42. Meets every
uiglil     al
I r.ntir.iol, I .1,., No. 1
A. t. k A. M.
Regular meetings on
the nurd Thursday
ol every month.
Visiting bretnren welcomed.
S.  II.  Huskins, Sec'y.
M. A. liealc, Vi. Jt.
*5 ! . , . ........ . . . . ... ^
'      . .,
|   First-class Work by Experi-   ♦.
enced   Hands, ,,
The Cranbrooi. Mold     '•■
Facial Massage a Specialty    '.'.
'■ T. E. SOU II!.   Prop'r, 1
F.   0.   E.
Patmore    Hall   cvnt
Meet    i
C.   Ross Tate,  W. P.
A. M. Black, W. Sec'y.
brothers cordially Invited
Meets every 2nd and llh Tuesday lo
"Good Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
A. McCowan, O.K.     J. Sims, Sec'y
(MiAMUIOOK      MlllliK
I. O. G. T.
Meets every Friday night above Pal
morn's Store.
fume aiid join the Happy Baud.
NO. 1871
Meets every   second    and    luurtl.
latin day  iu Pa'tmol'e's Ilall.
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hazell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
|      C. H. DUNBAR
I   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary
Public, Etc
Cranbrook,    -    •    B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - • • 1.30 to 3.30
Evenings 7.30 to 1.30
CRANHROOK ::    ::    ::    ::    B. C
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 lo   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong av,
I to 12 a.m.
to   8 p.m.
to   8 li in
Office tn new Reid block
Repairing: Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People wbo want job work done
cannot afford to pay for poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald office. No complaint is made ot the work turned out
here (or the reason that it ts up to
date and the work ot u, to date
printers. That makes a dilenae.
•Ilk anv ladt-HdMl
If yuu require any hired help,
er male ur female, write to us,
charges are reasonable.
Employment,     real   estate,   insurance and commission agents.
44-tf Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
J Is now located ; Its comfort-
» able and attractive n< -v quar-
I ters in the Mai toba Hotel.
This institution is [usl up-to-
date and is mod.*.nly equipped
to do iust thc best work in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
1 We Will Do
| Your Draying
■    tn
a.-s- \\.- *,. ant to
please, IVe are '.vil-
ling to labor bard to
accomplish that oh-
ji-rt. That iswhyonr
business prospers : :
Authorised movcri »f thc
Mi-son & Ri-ui Piaaos	
A nice I'ii ito, the kin
we make will be the moi
acceptable Etwte   i ■■:'
Prest Photo Co
^e Buy and S.ll  on  Commission.
WANTEDi— Western Oil and
Diamond Vaic Snares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
Notiee is hereby given that thirty
•days alter date I intend to apply to
tlie Honourable, the Chief Commissionei o! Lamls anil Works fur a license to prospect for coal an<l petroleum on tlie following described
lands., situate ahoul two miles Irom
tlie mouth and about one fourth
mile west of .small stream running
northerly into the Flathead river and
aibout two miles east of C. P. H.
line as surveyed, South East Kootenay, B.C., and lies adjacent to fc_.
E.  L.  Dewdtiey's claim on the east:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-east corner, being the initial post, thence runniug ni.rth 80
chains, thence west 80 cliains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east iti
chains to place of commencement and
contaiiiiii'K Oil) acres.
Cecil it. Winter, Locator.
James Fisher,  Agent.
Located this 29th day of September, 1905, (i-5t I
CH VNUKOOK   lll'.l.'Al.I"
Bv the Herald   Publishing Company,
net hi which election crimes were too
ulti-n considered, and ilf practice ol
continuing them, To support tlie in-
lluence id sound publi, opinion he
suggests 'In* appointment <>l a public
prosecutor, possessing 'he it„l.*ttiinl-
eiit status of a judge, fiiniisln.l wilh
power tu tuk,- u], and press home
Againsl guilty ones all charges ol
wrong doing in election mailers.
Whal  lhe people ul 1*
waul is tin- building uf the Root
Central.    There is no hope l"i    any
government assistance tins yen.   su
ib.il further tlria)   seems to In- iisi*-
less.      Tin-     I iiliiini siitishly     will
lapse belore a    great while, and    n
Kootenay j belong.     The   people    have    their tM* bow    betrayal ol   their   party
"    ritflits and tlmse   iIrIiIs will always friends by the "conservative"    gov-
ln- lost snjllt id when dishuneslv |ni- ernnient?      Admitting all  the      pro-l
vails        The man wliu expects    tin* ceedhigs   lu he straight,   why   were
Hera   support hv word ur    sii- opponents ul tlie government    token
ei„e dirty work un the port ol   l.iii- •""' ""' oompncl and Mends ,,l   ihe.
tbe editor is a govenwnent, wlm had suffered defeat
 ,      II Uth Tn STOI' A  HAl'ER
The Herald Is worth S10 a year.   It j   A lni.„,| ,,, u„. Heralds in    Elko
No   man in    South evidently   a   carelul   reader ui   Uus
paper,   sends us the following   clipping .iiiciii ilie slopping of a   paper
-      .  ,     ,.       In   a  .ts.salisticd  .IlllM-l lllel   that  cull-
■t, wl,,, is Interested In the I lal|is a ^^ m o( wtW1> uMm.
cosl    . :J\    a
Easl Ki Miay ran aflord to be with-
u'lt it, and everyone living outside of
ihvic i>- a move lu lit
LVe   it   i X tended
tliere    wlil he all kin
tti nt objections
from om- iiul nf Uw
listl'U*t   in    tilt-
i.ih.'i      The iMtiple al
e tired "f    de
lays      The)  waul acl
ion one way oi
llu* ni hoi.
The   stench    lnuii
grows stronger.
... ess ol this section, should read | Au a„|U.lju,a,K.t. „„., n,,i.«,. dm-1 11 ,t is nne Hint during ihc twenty
i: u publishes tin- news while It «| . ^ |ja am( sajll. ,.M| (lm.|cv, months thai the K..i,i, island deal
,„ »s.   u Is controlled absolutely  by   ^ . paper."    "Havo ma kept In Mo- ilark a certain clique
,,,   pu usher.     Nu clique, patty   or ^ M       „„    l-]ul s  im\ an u| iiuiuiv tu tat,* un lands
Individual    dieutes    >u   nolloy.  » O     M    m[ |k, W(1i, ||1s way ,„ ,,„. ,„.„.„,,,„ |    „i ,i„- proposed
dun'i ny io please ihf P«°P'™_ ,"., I   The nexl morning Mr, ureeiey in,-,   terminus ■■( lbe Urand Trunk railway,
I Ins subsettln-r a-rain, and saul.   _"1   ,[,,.„ ,(„. |M..i.,,,^ knife raiiuul ■;>, luu
i deep
  Is to publish a newspaper that   	
will he a credit   to   the community. | iiiuuglit   yuu   bad   stopped (to Tl
Send in   youi subscription and    J"u , I,
a II ne than lul nei attar-yard
Advertising rates $1 per Inch, single     ..*,*■„.„ ,.|„.u.   must h...
column   pel iiiuiiih, no more and   no  take," said Mi   Ctlvolcy, "Iol I just I
.  ,    "So 1 ,lid
-."'S1''      "t'l'i-n  lh,
'"'   "° i take
I:,*.. II in.illei I'i vents |iet Hue
to ii l , niMis , III cents per line
:., h. tiar advertisers. Business
i .,   cents pel  line each lastt-
i„ n
tl .uu it,-su,. lu reach the people ul
itn i,*i  Kootenay yuu muat  ad
i.m e In   ITie Herald.
Hi- Herald baa a drst-class lob
I'ln I. and (is work is oi lhe beat.
llu- Herald dun't wanl chanty. It
wants a square ileal on your job
im .it, ll we can't suit yuu iu quality and pi ice, kick, ami send your
wurk iu sume Cheap John house In
ihe east thai nevei spends a cent in
tins dhlrh-l li
Uible gnnlcuh
special!)   nulap
lu Im- lliaile     ll
raising an,I vege-
in tvn effort I
ment on the p
tisni,   be shut
establish   .1
lv  lines ut en
ul   uf llu- km
at     K.i 1,-u Island a I
[■ulaliuii*'     in saying
we il I   .Hliull   I ll.i I   it   would
been    right tut  tlie governmenl
I,, I..ne taken anv sel ut men    into
party  i.s all the stronger lur hi
forced departure.
preeses were ruimhig, the clerks were
as busy us over, ihe compositors were
bard al  work, ami the business was
going ,ni tin* s.une iis yesterday  uu,i
lite ,liij   liciole.'
■imc '   ejaculated   ihe subscriber,
"I  didn't  meal,  Uial  1 liad    atopped   makes tins hue ul Industry attractive
itn* paper;  I  stopped onlj  my copy  in t.h,s ,ti:.in,i is the lact that   the
ol it  because 1 dl i line youi edt   , kvl   ,„ „,,,„ „, >.„„, ,„,.,„  ^iU.
""■''■'"'• I v,..i ,,i „„„ |„,   hundreds and
II the- can raise, The
The  1,
sl       lu   ll„*   Mli
,.|.llil,*s   .unl   tin*
nu ticttcl   lands    an, ivlu-le ful
I lllllll  llie    In-neli  lands And
Ami i-li.-i
(, uii
■I'shaivl"   rolorted    Mi.  tint,
"lt wasn't worth taking up mi lime1 a iu
iu toil me such a uitlc as   thai. Mj j luuiliei* ami mining Industry ul    Hie
dear sir, if yuu expect lu cuniiui the j (.raubronk district is rapidly ine
utterance ui ih
I'l Ihnn
ie    cop)   a  il.il ,  ut      i
yuu think tu imd any newspapet   ol
magazine   worth   reading linil    wu
novel   express   convictions at rigti
angles with your own,
eil tu disappointment.
■ duolii
MUkl.   THAN
1000 a, Week
,  lists I
ai any
Tin* II
l 111
inlv.-rtiser Iiiik th,
I,,   kl,ua*  what   he   il
vim.'   lur  lus   i ley.
II..inl.l   i    impel
«      Ihc  Herald   will be found on
J suit at llie following pluces:
* Marysville, Marysville Drug Slore
J Wardner, (i  Donahue's Store
T Woyle, S, K. Ilarvic's Drug Slore '
♦• Ryan, R. I*. Hnlay
^ Fernie, Purdy*s Book Store
t Elko, Holbrook's Uuok Sture
* Cranbrook,  Beattie A Atchison's •
4 and C. B. Keid & Co. s
I..  Horden, M
i.-.l in il
in il   il).
leader ol Hi
mm partisan address
-.indents nf Toronti
tutly,      spoke    hiel
in it
polllleal em
is gieally 1m-
|iif ii i ,'. ith erne BUggeslioii made h)
the liuiii'i,thli' genll< m.in un that occasion as lu ihc appoint limit of an
imlepeiideul proseculoi who won-hl hi
.-ut,i.l;. wuii mi political '.ns <>i al
filhitioiis .unl  in a position in euer-
y< lit ally   pi'ti-.i'i nle   .my   vlolftlOl     "I
lln L'lei lion laws, no matter to what
party the guilty mie betongod The
i.ii'.t i ,. '-mi niic, hul as [nlimat
i.y Ah. Bunion no scheme 8iiggenteil
would prove efliclenl unless liackci]
iiji   hy   lhe    m*ii1 unci,:     id  lhe pi'iiph
ii." lli  ... . lakes p!.* •' in itrodu-
inn a I'1'"' Bynophii  .-[ Mr, Uordon
leinaiks and  uu-*is Ihal   llwre    will
i.r miii' woi k a I iffi ti Mn - line on tl
■   lu id liu; mm ul both pu
,M     Borden ackiiowlfdrtwl tin-    ii
'■■• ol     llie  pal I)   -syslein  Iml   salil
have   to exist until somo
i.i ■ ■ 11    was proposed.     Twi
,  lie   .ni.  mijdil  relieve tli
•■\ ii  tendencies    In popula
; .i Ij,   reform of tli
.. i< I- ,iml reform in electoral
methods o| Uu1 country. Civil mi
vii t- retoi m could bu elteclwl hy com
pel II h e examinations, when sunn
thin- besides mere part) coiisidcin
i    would    weijeh in  Urc   appoint
E1)1T( Uii AL NOTES.
The Herald takes pleasure in com*
plimen-t-i'itg Mi. .Murphy un hitting the
nail oil tlie head, in his communlca*
tloil in another plaee ill this paper.
The I In,v KI does not liiul any fault
with the council on any of lis public
acts jn Us meetings, bui it docs believe thai ihe trouble lies where
Ah. Alitrph) has Indicated, outslue
political influence. In the fivqiiciil
references to this inaiiet the Herald
lias always maintained thai tlie interests oi the people here was o( fi
morn Importance iban the political
advancement ul an) individual, be be
Liberal or Uouservathc, and n believes ihal .Ml. .Murpll) will bear
oul ihe Herahl In ibis alatemeul.
Wtien the individual members of the
council refuse lo listen to lbe political wire pullers there will be in
trouble about polities lu thut IkmI)
lhe Herald believes ihal the mem
oors of the council, as a body ami
individually, are anxious to do tin
nesi in lheir power tor tlie benelii ol
tite city, hut we all understand thai
political alliliivtions exert a strong
inlluence. The Herald has nn desire
to make au unfair criticism ai any
nine, and stands ready lo buck up
ihe council on every proposition that
seems to be for llie advancement oi
lne city and the people. It lias no
poliiieail or other favors lo ask of
the council, and its, editor occupies
ihe ttamo position. Furthermore,
lhe Herald is pleased to receive criticisms of the character written by
Mr. Murphy. His letter is frank,
outspoken and fair, huh we
might remind him, that no
nowspapoi is free from errors ut |
judgment, miles-, perhaps il be run by
an alderman.     Shoot hack, Danny.
illg, and eual milling in I'he Fernie
disliirl and lust owl the range in
Mttviia is iei in i's Infancy. There
wil] Ir,- tm dearth nl itctnoM toi the
products ami then- will In* no dissatisfaction over ilu* prices paid. Today ihere are men in lite east making a hare living who mighl hy com-
ing to East Kootenay aud using In*
toMigenco and Industry make more
money in one year than they could
iu     their   presenl    locations   In liv
erals simply  Ih*
Libera)   will   be disappointed.      N
parly is   pure, awl     no party    cai
keep out  the grafters, hut we believ
the way lo do is that when you tind  Hnri    then
a gralter in ymir   parly, a man who  rich held f>
will prostitute his position (or    per-  this, we i|«
smut! or |nditieal g-ain, i-h-.isv bim mil   I'
of lire party.      When he is out    that
li the stronger for bis eu-!'Wwlt      n i.lril.tie,-the     public,   lb
people,      should    have Imd   lhe tulles!
information; bul   since tlie mlnlsl ry;
is     In business  muit not    belhdA   ,ltri!l,sl   to act In n dlsgrnccful
'.,,..        , niaiiner ilnv should have been   loyal
surprised after   they have disc in- ,(( ,,,„.„.  , •    |s     ,   	
...Man ad,  m lhe lleiald   o   that ^ rf         .,,     ^ /    ^
.bead    ,s  taken  ml.      Tbe     ll.,ald (o J ^ ^     ^
neve,   runs   (riv  gift  adveii.siwnls is si|il    lh<ll   n   niUlls     lhJ
Its  spaei-,   like   tin-   iiH-iebaiils goods,
is tor sulc, not to give awaj    And
what   is    «,   Wllh   I tie   lalgest    en
iiilaiimi of .ui) weekly papei In the
Kootenays, Ks space is valuable        j
W     It      Koss,  nt   l-Vtliie,   is  a   iiiiiii
bei   nl tin*  Kaien   Island imesligal lug
committee, and is so partisan in Ms
woik thai even the deputy -al luliny
general called huu down Mh.-n ,, man
imagines that be is a member id an
investigating committee to gain some
party advantage Instead ot seeking
tbe truth, he is making n big   mis-  protection,   when pressed ns lo eel I
take.      Tbe people    wanl   lhe   tmth'tain    eircnmstant*es  c eleil     withj
aboui the whole affair, not (julbblhig1 Uw "''l,|v '" ""'   case."    This Is  n
over technical points, and whal     is  sl range way of "courting thu fullest
more, the people don't cue wbo tho] inquiry," is it not?
truth hurts, Liberal or Conservative,'    'llu" '"ilM' l",,ks Wack tor tho    gov-
so long as ihey have tlieir rights os-1 eminent.     There stems 1
the Kitchen
Economist i
When lniilsiii;,' ove
your market accounts r\>
you realize how much i
what you pay for i
Often the bits that you us ully throw oui because you
cannot serve them as they are, can be transformed into
delicious, tuothsome dishes with ihe help of n little
UON klL.     Here's a dainty  I uncheoit I lish front the
ti nui.nits ul roast Hunt.
lutlcHl Inquiry, .ml yel Mi llo,lwell,|
one   ul tl,,- recipients uf the   ovein
llll'l,Is      Ii.'Hill)        Jll.l     llll'    II        I        I'
lawyer, la permitted to ohstru, I tin*
i ptu-^iess ol Ihe   committee .ui.l    lie
iluu* to submit corres| tliiiee beat
nn; un the case-llm, d.-lvuifi I he I
liutise   and tin* committee; ami    Mi
Aluh'isuii, wlm seleils Ins mill Iiiiii*
lul giving evillelice, has nisln-it lo
euvei"Miind" the alhlel'ii* tii'.uie uf
Mr.  I.hcli.s,  vvhulll he has leliltlllsl .1 ,
his counsel,   while Mr. Oreen soup-til
uf prima beef i-, concentrated In
* ounces of 11.A I'll.
I       il I, ] ir;. tin, ,
mil 1111, LIMITED, 1.imiiin, im,., »i
iV^Kj-^'M l:- * '*'ii ""'"" 1
■*,_*,;'-'       1 Purveyors to liis Moiesty Kitiu Edward VII.
S.v. 1 Ion, ivo. uocl, ul limit. I ,1,-1 li,-.t„ul„l l-ruutluut a-.......-.
J "-, ',."-\
' *  • ',
 1 l.l ll 1
mliiii 1,1    Mi
I'  s,.    jlllt    I- I
I-. 11	
Ilndn well uml
inly hv
it mum III II.
lahlishtHl. Hul perhaps Mr
entertains the opinion lh
people have  110   righls
tt     lh,
Th.* (irand Forks Gazelle is   do
a powei  <d good foi  Mial section   ol
the c rtl')  hy shrouding tlte   gospel
of i.mih rollout  lis resources.     Thai
town   is   (optimatC   in   having  a  papei
like the Gazette,
Who is the Cranbrook "CV.nr?" H
cannot be Hen I'ugh since la1 ba.*.
hisn confined in lhe Imspiial foi
many weeks,
Granbrook is fortunate indeed in
lln- possession nf siieli a lire hriga.li'.
The Herald will venture the assertion Ihal ihere is not a better one,
ami very few as good, anywhere iu
Western Canada. The work performed by the boys lasl Saturday
nighl places them nl the top of the
list as one nf the liest fire lighting
aggregations thai can he found iu
any part of the country. There was
no wild Work, hut in a forcible,
steady, calm manner, they look bold
of the djllicu.t task that Ihey had iu
hand and ne\ii ipiit until they were
victorious and ihe town was saved,
There    were    men    presenl      whn  bad
witnessed professional! pre fighters nt
work iu various cities and they had
only ihe wannest words of praise for
the Craubrook brigade. The Herald
takes iill' its lial lo you, boys, and
[joins with the people of ('ranbrook
in extending to you ihe heartfell
thanks of tlie community,
'i'he way mining is improving in
East Koolcnay augurs well for the
future of this district.
Mayor Itogers and the fire com.
mitti-e of lhe city council have taken
hold of the lire question in Cran-
brook and are endeavoring lo work a
radical reform with the aid of Chief
Bradley. The Herald is pleased to
is  sou tltis   movement   and    would say
menl -.   ''hul.
verv easy  'hi;
different   tli
ni imi founded hy st
wlm beliuvo .-il s|
ami  il
o cr-
lions,   the   |ire'
fairly efficient,
ported hy pub
worl: very w
thai hoth here
owing tn the I
Hi.* victor. '
corruption at elcc-
I law, In* said, was
nil if il wen* sup-
M-nliiuent il would
. Mr. Borden said
nd in (ireat Britain,
rlcncy of the cabinet
md cxeroif
Good elTeci   k
changes ..I gn
ndmil thnt lh
Con prvaHvr
hren Um long
uld c
18 vi
i' power, the In-
1 was lessening.
iue, from a lew
I and he would
us1 term of Mie
t  Ottawa     Imd
Ciaiibimik   is     not  looking lot
expecting a boom, but this town 	
looking foi tlie benefits Mittl are in thai the mayor slwuld have the uni-
he derived hy ihe development ut tho versa! supporl of Uw people. An
wonderful resources of Ihis district. I ounco of prevent inn Ijea-ls Uie best
The    improvement  in   ihe lumbering  tire brigade on earth.
industry, the increase in mining, ibei 	
iucreased interest in tiie agricultural! j, wilI S(mll t(v ,,ilm. tn cU.atj llp
possibilities, ihe building of new Jusl as soon as the frost is out ot
railroads, all will Imvo their bene- ihe ground there should >|»e a gcneiul
licial effect, and   Ctaiibrook as    tbe  movement   in  this difection.
iiatuial and    commerciai center will] 	
naturally enjoy a prosperous era. Did ymi get a valentine'.' We did
That is what lhe people of Craii-'-^nd il was addressnl to llogtown,
brook have a right to expect and   it   Wonder  while il eame from?
tliey are alive to tlieir opportunities 	
they will not be disappointed, I   The officers ol tin- law have    been
  hooking  for ,1    II,     liorkfellcr   In    tei
lh.-     pay   loll    al   the St.    t.ugelie   M.n j(1(1 ((J|   |ljm   M „   wjt|l1.ss  jn     {hi,
mine Insi motilli rmched the (82,000 siai.d.ud Oil InvestiRallon, bul ho
mark,    That Is n  big  payroll foi  a  hati cIikIimI them so far.    Thev traek-
town     lbe sl7.fi ol    Movie and sptdls   ,,| |mil  )ilV  |,j   ,| jHrSl. |„, |,u,|
piosperiey with a hig 1'. Then there 1,,-en oaMi^ II mnsi have been
air iiibi-r good    iliings in store    for   ijmbeigei
thai   town        More mines ale    being- 	
developed and the lumber industry in1 \|lrr |H m.m n il KvrrvlKHly on
lhat immediate loenltly is being re- i,,,!), eoiillneiiln wish her ami bvr
vived. ii'l-J of which means more   pay  iwdmnd every  happiness.
rolls   and   greater prospei ily.      The 	
Hernld has always maintained lhat Government hv order-in-council may
iheir was it bright future iu store l»- according to certain cu'slnms. but
for Movie and lln- proof is rap- il seems to be a dangerous hahM just
idly nocumnln'f'iiig. | Uie same.
(Vancouver World.)
Head    this and     draw your     own
MfltWrews, and
were iu the secret of the Kaien Island grant, while tlie public had not
the advantage of the 'information
designedly kept secret hy ibe government (tor twenty months) and
these parties were able to make locations of adjacent tracts Ior speculative purposes. Messrs. Bodwell,
Anderson anil Mat-thews are liberals.
Mr. Larson is a foreigner-—a Swedish-American, very rich, very selfish
and very speculative. He was
the conspiracy from the lirst, supplied the money and the steamer for
explorations and surveys, made his
own 'bargain with the government
and the railway, and paid Anderson
and the surveyors for lheir services.
Kor twenty months Mr. Bodwoll kept
tho secret agreement iu bis pocket,
only he, his partners named above
and the "coiiservative" government
being aware of its existence. This
agreement proposed to deliver lo the
Grand Trunk Paolflu company 10,01111
acres of reserved land, at Kaieii island, for terminal purposes, at the
rate of one dollar an acre. Ul
course, Mr. Larsen, the foreigner,
who was Uie kingpin, the banker,
the "boss" of the whole out tit, acted witn profuse generosity toward
the railway company after he had
secured a pledge from the "conservative" -government tliat he would he
allowed to secure land adjacent lo
the new towns-ite at the going price
of one dollar an acre. Certainly, as
explained by Mr. Bodwell, he had no
complaint coming. He got hack his
money and the government saw lhat
■he was conipeusaled for his "generous" surrender ot the lU.UoO acres
by the practical gift of adjacent
lands which were reserved from every
one but the foreigner and his grit
Iriends. Dxaminc the details of
this transaction for a moment. The
chief commissioner, a dyed-in-Uie-
wooi conservative (so deeply dyed
that he would not walk 011 the same
side of Mie street with a liberal ii
he could help it, or sit in the same
room wiiii a grit withuiit opening
the windows (or the purpi>se of
fumigati-mi)-—-lliis lory commissioner,
who never could see any good iu a
grit anyhow, conspires with a grit
lawyer, two grit politicians and a
foreigner to wrench from lbe public
domain 10,000 acres of crown lauds
and signs a secret agreement Willi
the grit lawyer that eiilil-ltd Wm,
the two grit polilii-iaus and tlio
foreigner to dispose of the laud to
the railway company—to iraflic with
il at one dollar an acre, which he
was well paid tor from the public
cliest (nr doing himself. At the
time when the commissioner made
the   agrecim-nt   and    delivered    his
mini!; feature—no loophole through
which they can crawl. The Prior
government lost tlieir (reads for
much less. The scandal, like the
snowball, grows as ii is rolled along.
The government has given away $3,-
500,000 worth of public lands fur
$111,(101). Thai is the long and shall
of the whole scandal.
I Cranbrook
I Hotel & S
Quests Cumfort a Specialty
timid Siiihiinj; in Connection
Nearest tf* railroad and * epot.    Has accommodation.!  lar  the imi-V  nnequnlled iu (.'ranbrook.
;   lint and Cold Kaihs
Hoggarth & Rollins
;^^Aft^^.***&^'n?4 i^'jT'iA*********
ire,   1
.'Hi.     --III.—11,
II        ('llill!,*:.
h.is laken ov
.'1    llie   MMI
ii r	
nl  of
l.e Soldi Im
lutll y.
.11.'   1
II      heh.i.ll  uf
Ihr  l.lhm.il
Take notice that thirlv days after
dale I intend lo apply to the Chief
if not all of the board. Then work Commissioner o'( Lands and Works
is subject lo more or less criticism for a special license to cut and carry
■but fair criticism will educate the nway Umber from the following ties-
most Ignorant. Remember I said crihed lands in West Kootenay:
r -        v „,i    __,__„n     n,.it ii     Commencing at  a post planieil on
fllM-       *»«     l,lllsl    i,,|!l""     1tli"  ,l  tbe south side of the It. C. southern
country inlo thc   hands of the    op-
There   are   a number of individuals'    Smne    people have     tl range ideas'position philistincs, there were many
hanging around    town who refuse   to  about  newspapers.     A good   Literal! staunch conservative    lawyers    who
work, and  the natural question Uiat   friend of the Herald said the   other would have been glad of tlie oppor-
arises is.   how do they live?      They  day to the editor, ■'You are a   Lib- (unity to act    ns agent   in the dis-
niust   have    a  place  to  sleep,     ihey   eral  in    politics and yel   ynu  roasted position of the lamls.     Elierls, Har-
inust eat  at  lea-sl  two meals a day,   the    Liberals of   Saskatchewan    for, ry Helmckeii, Mcl'hillips ami    other
Uiey   must     have clothes.      How do  dirty political work.      Why do   you good men, who -had gone down to de-
Ihey do it?     At some one's expense,   not keep sliil and let    the Conserva-, feat in supporting the McBride    gov-
Any community     can   well afford tn   live papers do   the roast ing'.'"    The'ernment, were passed over and    men
gel   rid of such men.     The walking  question opens     10 public v ew    Uie Who   had   oppiwod    that government
is getting excellent.     Now is a good   idea-s entertained by some people   as were    selected as the recipients    of
time tm- them to walk. 1 in Uh1 province of    a newspaper or Uw government's bounty.     Not one
■—— I the   duty of   tbe   Individual.      Tiie ot the gentlemen   named were aware
It  is   predicted   that     tlie coming  editor nf Uie Herald is a Liberal   in' of   Ute existence o!    Uie secret coin-j would Iw an Impossibility to select a right-of-way about a half mile north- ■ w
summer   is going tn he a hot     one.   politics, because his views of econo- pact with Bodwell until it was   laid  council hoard that  would please    all east of McNcIllie Siding, thenee east j h
It thai proves to be true it    would   mie questions   as they effect Canada ■before tiie -house   more than a   year } the people or lie infallible, unless Ihal (>ne half mil.', theme norlh une   half'
Im* pleasant to In* I'he ice man. j to-day make him a Liberal.    But. he and a half after it liad been  drawnhoily In- composed of well, we    will Jhence nortS   on^ha^mllc.   thence
—— 'believes in honest  Libeialism, honest and signed by Uie   chief commission-'say (hope your gun ain't loaded, Old IMst   om,   mt]0( t Hiciicc   north     one
Cran-broxtk people will soon he look-   Conservatism and honest government, er.        Can 'ihe    'government organs,' Man! newspaper edilois. I half mile,  mure nr  less  to
friend Simpson:—! notiee in ilu-
columns of lhe llera.d of last week
where you again, as you put it, lind
il necessary to urt-ve the cily council
io cut politics om ut thai bod)
Wiih ymir permission I would asl
to have a trietwlly talk wiih yon
ihrmigh the columns of your valued
paper, as I feel Inclined in think
ihat such editorials appearing su
frequently, and allowed to pass
without any defence being put In
the council, wmii.i leave Uw Impression of guilt resting with thai body.
Your advice, as ll appeared, was
admirable, and if applied to the mot
of the evil and iMrttcc taken thereof *
by the meddlesome, would perhaps
he advantageous to ihe emu «il [u
transacting lhe affairs of the cltj
I. as a memhci ol Uie Ond and pre
sent council, urged from the first
Unit po'litifs lit- kept out uf tnuiiii-ip.il
affairs, and will say that so far ns
lbe council is concerned that Willi
one except imi, politics Imvr nol been
mentioned in connect imi w iih anv
business dmie by the council at any
meeting thai 1 was presenl .it Nm
have 1 heard of it at any meetin;
during my absence. The one exception mentioned look plaee while thc
controversy was in progress, re lbe
delegation to wait mi the government,
in connection with the «r< p ise 1
buildings. 1 urged that lhe .i.di.a-
Hon be composed of thc strongcsl
political men available on the government side. I think 1 winil,1 he
sate in saying that the hod) nf the
council were of the same opinion
and quite sure lh.it the coum il in
a body ate willing II.at tin- people
judge litem on this one ael, if il i,
that to which von refer.
I think, Mr. Editor, that thi-;
trouble real or Imaginary, thai yon
lind il necessary tn nn utloii so
frequently, does nol exist in the
council body, hut in the political
parties; and I wish to say here an.i
now that some of the people Who
are making the greatest howl about
this are strong political men. Two
of  them  have nol   fifteen cents  wotMil
uf Interests in lhe city; or at leai 1
didn't liavi* until a very recent date,
hut are troubled with ;i soreness
about the eats, Thev, wltll lhe a -.
sislence uf a few   politicians  ol h. 11.
parties who arc sparring fur poll-!
points, me tire would Ire mischief
makers, ll.nl ynu aimed your eh
tm i.il al them and advised lire coini-
ol| nul tu allow themselves to be
Influenced ni illelaled to hv political
boomers, you   perhaps   wnul I    have
done    lbe people,     (hi- elt)   ,nid     the
council a good Hcrvice, equal to, ii
not greater limn anv thai has evei
appeared in the columns ol youi
valuable paper, and tlte good services rendered hy ynu bave been
many since 1 became mu- nl your subscribers.
There has been smne trouble re
the appointments nf eomm!
hut let il he understood Ui
council have absolulely nothing to
do wilii such appointments, They
resl solely with the govrrntiietil,
Council work is new to Lire majority
A^R': ■■ I
5> -^
">   *P -x-' ""N-?    t     .V V'
M.liiuld.liiriTs uf
Rou ghand dressed
LUrtBBR and
Also all   kinds uf
• liitl'rnv. Kvim ami
Cranbrook, U.C,
Ileid Olllce, ■ Crnnbrook
* ar
|| f 5'E.K.LCo.i
4',      R
R()biiisoii=McKeiizie I.umber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rouoh and Dressed Lumber
»*.;.•!-■■'■rj'*. *«.*•
Mining and Milling supplies, coal, iron, steel
cant hooks, saws axes and numerous other
articles required in the above lines, including
camp steel ranees at
McCallum & Co,
Unnlwuri  Mi n-liimla
* aotwaa oat maoa. v.-;«■ *«■»» ■
:   <
;  li C. Livery and   reed  Stables
I'll*:,! iI.isii l,l|**i. Btlfl' llllll *.l*. li.li ll'IIMIB, tlrili'lil
iiiiiI  i,,*i,*k liuraeB liu .-ii,> |i.uiii iii tliu ilislrlol.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Hlltlll'olll Hi 11 Ml I ll|i| Hi   -.1 Iinm
|.'I'I7,I'\'I'I!II'I,    AN   Kill-roil
A   il.nl,   liiuiiu    lim .r   colt,    .ilmiil
II I..' ir.lls ulil, ullllii -.I.U 111 [lUl'-
ln* ,1 Ii.i-. Ih-i-ii Inn' slim* Inst Blllll-
iu'i niinii imii linn. s.iim' in* pay-
Ins  ' "-.I*        If mil   il.n il  uill     Im
-  lil Apply .luliii  II.-hi,.'ii,  Marys-
iiiii-, ll   c.       ILiiuit l-'uiiimuv mli,
iiiiiii. 47-31
tin. ll.
ins for I'lia' "ln> ,rai" 'i""1 St. I-aiil   and as editor of Mie Herald or as an' who arc doing all in tlieir power lu!    Bury mc under the old apple (tang) ''■    southern    right-of-way,    iIii*iiit
*   -----     u «HI be a- daisy and Individual   lie will always  condemn | prwent Uio   evidenee reaching     tlm  tree.   s™ to Si of Sraencemmt.
to Spokane,
Id- deplored   I.*
ii|,l.iis.iiit  man- ,1
through,    CcanhrooK
every dishonesty in party government,   no eyes of tlwir roaidera  by suppressing [
mattei to Which party lhc guilty ones   Hie .salient pails, Hnd any excuse lor
D. E. Murphy.
Cranbrook, February III, luoii.
E.  I).  Sli.iekletun.  l.uc.itnr.
Dated February llth, llttlC.     lu-it*
I.il,,* nuiiii' that lltirty days alter
Liie I inteml iu apply to tiie Chief
Commissioner uf Lands und Works
it Victoria tor a special liconso to
-•til. and carry nwny timber frum
In* following described laml neai tlm
ei ii houndary ut .Suutli Must
'ginning at a post planted about
mil* ami one-quarter miles south from
(lii.ilfell siding un the 11. ('. K.iiiHi-
eiii railway and running easl III
eliains; tliiiii'e suutli lllll chains;
thence west -10 chains; thenoe nuitli
Ifil) ehains nlung the east line ol
James Joyce' timber claim,
lluliii the 8tli day ol February, lllllll,
-17-5t       Allan Mansuu, Locator. THE OttANBftOOK  nrcnAT.n
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White Muslin
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Whit* and Black
Navy Blue, Grey and Green Lustre Shirt Waist Suits
White Swiss and Nainsook
all widths and prices-
Reid & Co.
.,i,i, *
.j.f-.ii-f.»-•..., j *.;.,...... •...,..* ,.i, > .-I, '•-. ■* '•■ fi -*■ _■ ?
Ia sample order!
We have just opened up a sample order oi the
Home Cured Hams and Bacons. The price is a
little higher than ordinary meats but the quality is
par excellence. Yorkshire sicJe, Yorkshire Ham,
Yorkshire Bacon, Wctshire side, Wetshire ham,
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Droggists       phone ri       Stationers
Picked up   Aboui lbe Cily by Asking
Uuoiinn.. uf Many People.
Help Cranbrook
and the district by
mailing a copy of the
to   a   friend : : i :
There Are a F w Left
ii   in   Moyie   last
is at  Hi,* hospital
Morrissey,   was
n ll.il,
tu ll
********************** ««♦«««*♦««*>♦♦♦♦♦«<>««♦«
Oul ol Town OrJ.rs Will Receive Prompl Attention
Wines,   Liquors  and   Cigars
CRANBROOK. British Columbia
in      Orewi   wi
Dan   McDonald
.unl is very sick.
A.   I   McQulre, q(
hi tuwu Wednesday.
It   ll    Short   baa enjoyed i
fi'nu Iris faihvi the past week
Mrs Alice Mollat pave a
[tarty on Wednosda) afternoon
i\l. Melniiess oaroe up Iron
mouth hist Monday mi busine
11 ni-1," M. Im.,--, mine ovei fn>
ei VV^dnemhty for a day hi
Foi s.ile-l'h'ht i i, well
1 <      Rata      Ihtl
tn han  itm i.m.
Mi si.tinii, a i'. p it brakema
Imdly sprained Ida wii.-t on Wiil tie
tin) ..I hint work.
Mrs   I'     Manahan left his
iin)   im   Kurt    William,  Oni
vlnit with relatives,
\     n   Phlnps, Inapceloi
Imperial hank, arrived lasl
lo  limped   the local branch
Wanted—Wrst-olass     mill
smith at N.nih Star Lumber Co , at
•nne       ('all   up  over   'plume.
c A. Cock leu last Tuesday tor
Nelson to attend a meeting ot Uie
executive committee nf the English
Considerable new apparatus has
been received hy tlie gymnasium awl
Interest in tlie Institution is on ihe
13, s. Busby, Inspector ol customs,
ami  .1,   .1.  Stlliuleii, special collector,
are in town Inspecting the local customs otlice.
First-class account ant with two
years experience in lumber business
is open for a position. Address Herald otlice. '.'I
Ed. Fcogan, who lias charge ol th
Breckenridge ..V Luitd canip, ue
.Marysviille,  was  iu  lown
day evening.
A. Loitcli is still in Winnipeg with
his brollier  Angus, am!  semis
that  (here is no hope of his li
Allan McDnugal, wlm is employed
at the Standard Lumber company's
mill, at Maker, was iu town Monday
and Tuesday.
Dave BreckenrWge came down trotn
the logging camps near Wasa this
week lo look after some business at
the metropolis. i
The Misses McLcoil wish the ller-
to thank the people tor their kindness
and tlte tire department Uu tbelr
splendid efforts.
We will be pleased to have you Investigate When in need uf any sheet
metal work.
Pat mure  Hros.
The 0. P. H. are extending the
platform at tho station so as to
give more ronm fur the handling ot
baggvge and the greater convenience
oi passengers.
•The success of lhc 50 cent hal sale
at llill A Co.'s has been so great
ihu ii will be continued tor tbreo
days longer.      Now   is yum- chance
nli of
lasl   Salur-
The bananas are  bud-ding
N, B,   Uioley visited Kei
A.   thru, of    Elko, was
ijiuok vintui Ubi Tuesday.
Clothier brothers, oi
in town lust Friday.
.Mi.   McCowan   returned last
from bis visit  to Montreal,
Mis. Wm.    Clcary visited tn
berley Tuesday ami Wednesday,
K. E, Deal ue returned lasl Monday from his trip t-o tin* ooasl.
K A. .Mareomiell'ib conlinod i.» lhc
hospital wuii an attack ol ervsipt*-
I r.
supply   you   with   flesh   i
a line ur call on  K.   la
'I'ntes, ol   Fernie,
nlay  ami  Sal unlay
has goue
i»\,T    sum
lln-    lit in
i own
ot May
em'k A SiiuHi, Marysville, is in town
Mrs. E ll Small had a bad relapse ilie week but is niio' more improving.
K Ayres, ol Moyie, was In town
attending ihe BacMors' hall lasl
Im i,lay evening.
The Easl Kootenay Lnmher company expect io stari iln-n planet al
Ryan in a lew days.
Lost-Pearl btoooh al bachelor's
dance, or on street. HTudci please
return i«» Herald office,
Mr and Mrs P. Limit, ..i Wardner,
wero visiting friends In Craubrook
last Friday and Saturday.
Charles Oasklll, of Kimberley, was
in town yesterday, Ho *ays tho
orange trees are budding on his limils.
Miss Hunter, nf Medicine Hat, returned last Monday aflei a pleasant
visit ot two weeks with Mrs. llami-l-
We keep a lirst elans st-oek ot dairy
supplies, such as "Samson" heavy
milk cans, palls and ei earner cans.
Patmore Bros.
The bond (or the Lacrosse cup
has been received from C. .1. Eck-
storm ol Lethbridge anil tin- cup will
he laken to that.town Wlt'lrin a tew
Mrs. .1. Little, who has been ill (or
some I iim-, underwent ail operation
last Thursday whieh proved smivss-
ful, ami .she is regaining her usual
A new planer is being Installed hy
I Ik*       Ko'liiiisoii-MeKeiizio        Limi-bcr
company. It is a largo one with a
givai-1 y increased capaclty iiver the
old one.
The success ut llie 'iti cent hal sale
at llill A Co.'s Iras been so great
that it will he uuilinued for three
days longer. Now is your eltanee
for a big bargain,
It   bus been found
postpone tho concert
Fiii-   Reading room
2Kilr to March 7th.
ber the change of date
We can fit out your hath room
with beautiful snow white ".Standard" Sanitary porcelain enameled
ware; very handsome.
Patmore Urns
necessary ti
iu aid of lli'
from Februar;
Please  reniem-
business at Um Boundary line is
still very good ami ihat it looks as
il ii would remain so far some lime
lolm Ciiiurle and W
Lelhhridge last v
it the wind was se
■w the buttons off
nle walking along
p Uill visil-
vk. Tliey say
strong ihai it
their   clothes
in-   streets     nl
,1    .l.ihr
.f    thc
nntraelor, was
is week.     Mr.
is engaged in the building
new      C    IV   R.   station     al
. .. the Boundary point on ilo
Corbin road.
Tlte s,^,. of ladles' suits al UUI ■*;
Co.'s wilt In* continued un-Hl Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock These
suits .in- being sold al 33 I-3 per
ivut off from cost price. Such a
elnwiee won't come again vcrj  soon.
Don'l forget t-he LO (> F, annual
bail tn nighl li promises to lie one
nf th.- best ever given by Mul or-
canlzahkm. The committee have
made elaborate arrangements for tlie
i-vi-ni .hi*,) ihe Fernie orchestra has
been secured.
.1    S     ('.iiiei.   the district   passen-
t..'i agenl foi the C, P. ll. and one
f Mi,- beat, was in town a couple ot
lays this week. Mr Carter is a
nisi i,-i fm business and his popular*
Ity is D big thing for the company
that he represents,
\ W McVittie returned Tuesday
from Nelson whoro ho had boon with
paiins who have the largo hind
cranl between there and the Boundary Mr McVittie has lieen secured
hv the owners io pass upon the
value ol tlie properly.
The   Calgary   Herald   savs   that   the
('PU Telograpli company has n
ed the lolls on inessagi-s trom Leth-
bi klge io pomts north of Calgary
from in io -in cents. Tbe rate to
Mi-lieine Hal has been reduced to 2S
cents, ('rows Nest poinis to -to
ei-nts, Wesl Miiskalehewan to .-in
ei-iiis and Kast Saskatchewan to  (10
Fred Smyth, editor of lhe Moyie
Leader, was in town Monday and
Tuesdav. Mr. Smyth w.is Impressed
wilh the prosperity ot Cranhrook
and said thai all <if Easl Kootenay
would surely have a good year.
Movie Is in belter shape than ever
hefore and lasl month the pay roll
of the ki, Eugene mlno eclipsed all
former records.
■ I. -I. Harris left yesterday for
iikotoks, Alberta, where be lakes
charge of a meat, market that was
recently purchased by tlie Harris
Brothers, Mr. Harris' many friends
in Craiibrook regret to see him leave
hut wish him nil kinds ot prosperity
In his new location, and heartily
commend him to the people of Oko-
F. .1. Bradley A Co, bave an ad. in
this issue of the Herald that will
prove interesting to those who are
eon t emplal ing any improvements
this spring. This company bave
built up a fine reputation in Cranhrook and the district, for doing lhe
best of work, as they employ only
the best of workmen and have one
ambition and that is to please their
patrons.    Mr. Bradley, the manager,
W. .1. Atchison was taken sick
wilh a severe attack of pneumonic
last Friday nteht ami Saturday was
taken to tlie hospital. He is im-
proving hut  is still a very sick man.
Don't forget the Eagles ball on
the 27th. The committee in charge
are doing a lot of work and have expressed the determination to give
tbe people one of lhc best on record.
Remember tlie concert in aid of
the Free Beading room on Wednesday, March 7th. An excellent ■ programme has been arranged. Come
and show your appreciation of home
Mr. ami Mrs. A. L. McDermot and
baby left last week foi Winnipeg fur
a visit ot two weeks wilh Mr. Mc-
Dermot'a mother and to attend the
wedding of bis sister, which took
place this week.
Itev. Fortune will leave nexl Monday for Vancouver to attend a meeting of the home mission committee
of lhe synod of llritish Columbia aud
Alberta.' He expects to Ire absent
about ten days.
The sale of ladies' suits at Hill A
Co.'s will be continued until Saturday afternoon at 5 o'clock. Tlrese
suits are being sold at 'd'd 1-3 per
cent oh from cost price. Such a
chance won't come again very soon,
A 0. Taylor, of Kimberley, was
iu town the first of Mie week, He
says ihal there has been very nice
weather in that section ot tlie country most of the winter, but thai
tliere are places in lhe hush where
lh,* snow is three and four feet deep
Mrs Otis- Staples relumed trom
Stillwater, Minn., where she has lreen
visiting (or several weeks, and was
accompanied hy M ss Proctor, who
visited in Cranhrook about a year
ago. Miss Proctor will be the
guest of Mrs. Dr. Green fur several
A. Vroom was in town this week
and left Tuesday for Creston where
lie is interested with II. MeKowan
and G. Cartwrigbt in a saw mill.
The mill bas a capacity of 20,(lfM)
feet and Hie company have limits
enough to keep tltem busy (or several years.
P. Burns A Co. have started a
striclly cash meat market at Calgary. ' Tiiey will have no delivery
and no bookkeeper and the difference
in tlve expense will be taken from the
price of tlie meat. The move is an
experiment in tlte way of selling meat
tor cash and may prove a great success
Special anniversary services In
connection with Missionary society
will lie held in the Methodist church
next Sunday. The pastor wilt
preach in tlie morning and in the
evening a platform meeting will lie
held. Mayor Rogers will preside
and addresses will Ih- given by Dr.
Connolly, Mr. .1. A. Harvey and
the pastor. Special music will be
furnished by the choir. All are
The ball given bv the bachelors of
Cranbrook last Friday evening was
one of the most enjoyable dances ever
given in Cranbrook, There were just
enough people present to make dancing a pleasure and every one had a
most   exceiient time.     Refreshments
* BV  THE OLD  MAN •,'
Judge Wilsou, Vu. ltd Itm anl in
Bell piajfd   a gooii joke oi,   .,..
Hoggarth    last   Monday.     A    liaid
liat   nicely done up in a   box am veil
ny  vXpii'ss  n,mt   Vtuicouvei   foi    Mi
Ho^arMi and was delivered at    Ida
itotel  beioie  that  geniu-iitan  arrived,
Mi.     Rollins received Mu- bat    an.i
with Judge Uils.ni ami In. Hill were
talking aliuut      Mr.   Ik.gi_.aiih s  i.«.-.11-
cai departure,   as In- ims   clung   le-j
Iiaeiouslj hi Uie .sum hal. SlWdcnl)'
Uii llispiralKilt netted .Imlii,,' Wilson,
and iu j. goud, luMM liiisim-ss build.
In- maiked wilh ink on ihc lop ol
Mi,* box,  "C. (1.  11. $8,5U."     'll,.' inn
commenced wlien Mr, Hoggarth aimed and tliere wen- sevei.il waiting
to aw a. Mr. Rollins opened tbe
ball hy uii> remarking, "Sa),
Hoggarth, cliungcd yuut .siylc nuw in
hej-d guar."
"Just thought I wuul.I My a h.U.I
h.i I uiiee,'' i epl nil Ml. 1 loggai t ll,
with a go-Mi tiatuicd smile.
"Thought il would he a silk one
by   Itn- pi ie,-," came back   Rollins.
-The   hat   is cheap enough,    only
(3 1.0,     ealmlv   aiisweie.1   lloggartll.
"W.ttO," said Rollins, apparent!)
much Interested. Look at that, and
he laid his lingei uu tlte marks
Judge Wilson Imd lefl on ihe box.
"Wlmt! Did you pay lhat, Hoi-,
lius? $8.li0! Why I've gul the hill'
in my pocket, I 1 x x ? t x*x. Got
it back," and there was something
doing fur a minute or two, Mr.
Hoggart'h's friends sympathized wltb
bim,    and   Rollins'   snlrinx-llko face
never broke iutu a  smile.
Prince Arl-liur of Coniiaughl, when
be has completed bis diplomatic mission to Japan, is to pass through
Calgary on his way Itoine, says a
writer in Vhe Calgary Alherlan. 1
suppose titat. tbe usual nonsens cal
practice of overwhelming distinguished utrangers wilh gusiiy and l^mi-
bastic addresses of welcome will be
adopted on this occasion. The mayor will probably call a secret mooting ot the council; an elaborate address firii of empty phrases ami
valueless expressions of good-will and
loyally will In- drawn up, Ihe mayor,
surrounded by ihe flower ami chivalry
of Caigary, will whoo! it oh when the
prince arrives; and t-he prince will
Ihrow il lo lim aide-de-camp and tor-
get all a-boul it. Surely, in ' Ibis
iweiiHH'h century, it is time suob an
idiotic practice was dropped for ever.
The King 1ms bad thousands of these
aifolr-esses presented to him in the
course of his career, and il is all
open secret thai his librarian was
receni'ly ordered to destroy a large
number of Ihem, iu owlor lo make
room for an extensive addition to
tlie library. The Calgary address,
if one is presented, will probably
share tlie same fate, or else the
prince will light his cigarette witli
it as he enters Regina.
Ain't it tlie truth?
A Kansas woman, Mrs. J. A.
Stanley, of Lincoln, has been
awarded a pri7.e of -S250 hy a Boston firm for the Ik's! answer to the
•question, "What constitutes suc-j
cess." She wrote, "He has
achieved success who bas lived well,
laughed often, and loved much; who
has gained Mm1 respect ot intelligent
lii-en and t'lte love nf liiile elrildnti;
who has filled his uicho and accomplished his task; who has lefl
the world better Han lie found il,
whether by an improved poppy, a
perfect poem, or a rescued soul; who
has never lacked appneial ion of
earth's lieauty or failed to express
il;  w"ho    has always looked  toi    the
i III.   K ■ m 11 EN U     \ \|,|.KY
The agent Ior lite Kootenay
leys company  laird  informs tin
hi that since tbe lirsi ttdvert-iswiienl
oi il..- property has appeared in ihe
p,ip.-i applieaii. ns Imvo Ihiii steadily ] ig in uu bim foi  botli   land
anl timber, sum,: ol them from
points   .is i.n    as     Wisconsin,     The
rn I.- ui Mie method has induced
..i'i lo l ei i.-I Mn- advel i iseim al .1 •
appears (com 'his is-.ne.
l'i ii* 'ii]i! iyhtg Mul those
! ml dmuld i ommand a ready sale
Tlieir siiu.iiiuii i, pecu'liarly tavor
able fm gruzinjj;, mixed Farming, Im)
growii^;, caiih- raising, fruit growing
ui even foi llie exploitmcirl of tin
valuable Umbel on them. Al Mi.
presenl lime tliere are everal tutu
i-i i   i ompanies   pa) ing tlw C   r   l;
on,- il.•Il.il a Hi us.imt [ul logs, allei
which il tt ill lie nceessai y foi Mn-
purclmsen lo pay llm governuuti
roj all) nl fifty cents pel thousand
(in ■ ■'•■■ .nd measure. In ihe case ol
ii.,' Ko»ti i.ai \ alleys company lands
Mi,- Umbel can Im cut .md sold lit',
oi all roynlly.
Joseph Ryan, Mn*  agenl al    Cran-
h k.   ful    "ihr   '-.ill*   u|    li,,-   I,,;,,I.   bm
Mi.- courage ol lus convictions and is
determined io push a good thing,
whn-h hi- certainly has. Wnh u
llKirougli ..ii.i well founded belle! in
ih.- groai future oi Uus districl be is
.in .1 iii,- man io help to bring in tbe
right class of people to build up the
agricultural resources of the counti v.
Af.l.UN llll'l
tin   t'l i lav  e
1,1 Ilall
igglo Aiken
ll ei i-
list    111     llie
1)   huliils     i
1     in.
i.le ,in,i    gn
un   ll
sl     hv
ss Mangle A
iy '
liil .Ml
cUuglilm, ii
llle   1
ie 1
llle  li
ne ul
s.   llllll ley ll
•let! :
S  111
■Hit   uf
,1 .sehluiu ilu
e ll
ave th
B |,le.i-
re ut Boeing
I lllel iu* hull
a tin
>l IM!
',   ami
lllel   llie  i\
t'futiiieli    liy
.   W.
ll.   tt
iltutle   the   i,
run; ill). Ill   t
lu an
lellilll   SU|IU|
I'liu ovenlng
spent   III   s
|ll'iilll|,tlt   S|ll
1    ll'l'll-iltlUIlS
it all went .
Ing tl
e Imp-
coltnlo   eve
y  im
ity  a
id  ae-
owicdglng lil
at Mt
. ill
il Mis
could nut 1
e exe
as hi
st anil
nil  ii
ill   he
te in
men's 16-Tncl. Can
Sponiiiii Boot
Hluelnr i
II  i. -i..,1.1-
..nii-il  ilu*
i..   :• : lias sil
ver   i .:tu >i. ■
Thi,   .. ..:   mmi*
roll    : "i't   Vmi
elel   |iiii   l.ll >*•
J. Leckie Co. Ltd.
hest in others awl riven llie lies! he  Present, .,,-,,
had; whose lite was an lnf*j>tra'Mon; t iclegrapli, His Majesty's
whose memory a benediction.'1 Anil,
according to 'Mie di-fiuithui, nnil it i.s
the liest we ever read ur heard, how
many ai-e making a success uf life in
rranlvrook?! Think uf it, money is
nut meiiMoneil.
tin Wednesday, February 7
hy   lhe      llev.'tt.     11.     tt
Tl us    Henry   l.ls.hn.   tn
l*:ii/.alieili Murray, Imili nt Sii
Washington, Feb.
Roosevelt, iluushter
was married tn-ila
Longworth. It wc
utile social funcl'lon
lhe White House.
Worth fiihiihius sums, were nss-i
fiimi all tlm crowned heads nf I
ope iimi governments generally.
London, Fob. IT.-The greatest interest is displayed iu this country regarding tin* Long-worth - Roosevelt
wedding, The papers to-day publish
long descriptive cablegrams of the
bride and bridegroom and lists uf
presents, There is mueh curiosity ai
tu whether Kitit; Edward has sent a
According to tlie Dailv
Jit is
the way to Washingte
J. D. TkBride
Hardware   Merchant
Cranbrook, V>. C.
J. W. Robinson returned last Tuesday from Winnipeg, where he has
been for the past month completing
his arrangements for financing the
big lumber deal thai his company
has in ttie K-dinonion country. Mr.
Robinson met with the must Haltering success and arranged fur ample
capital for handling ibis big proposition. Red Doer will lie the company's headquarters and the purchase of timber leases thai Miey made
Included a mill at thai town. "We
will have our mill al tied Deer in
operation very siton," said Mr. Robinson, Mas we have bad a longing
camp In operation all winter. As
soon as tin* frost is out of ihe
ground we will cut a small canal fur]
a short distance that will enable lis
to land our logs n perfeel safety. |
The mill at R«i Deer will he greatly
improved as well as our mill at
t'ranhrook, and as I am satisfied
that this is to lw the banner lumber
year we are rushing things to get
ready for tlie big rush."
Mr. Robinson says that the conditions on the praiiie this spring are
better than ever bet ire, and that
tlie tide of Immigration from the
States will be enormous. Mr. McKenzie, ot the Rohinson-McKenzle
company, is in Rod Deer now superintending sonie of tlie work and will
probably be kept busy tin re tor some
time. Mr. Robinson* will go back lu
Rfd Deer In a tew days for a short
stay and llwn return to Cranhrook
ami' got matters in stmpfl lure for the
season's cut.
Calgary    Herald:—.Mrs.     .Tamii-soii
and   Mis's    Jamieson,   First     street
east, are giving a verv eh-arrning tea
this aflcrnooii for their guest,    Mrs. | <&
Kauai,     of   Cranbrook,    a.ssistcd by *
Mrs. Sifton. \f
The beautiful rooms, which lend i <!>
themselves so well foi entertaining a $
large number of guests, are exqui-j [?
sitely decorated with (lowers, palms &
and 'ferns. The dining room espec-iZ
.ally presents a charming appear-1 *
ance; a sof-l Ugh-t is diffused by
many shaded caudles over the tea
table, decorated with carnations.
Mrs. Templeton and Mis. Nib'ock
are pouring tea and coffee, assisted
in tlieso pleasant duties by Miss
Sifton. Miss lt[.,w. Miss Rankin, Miss
Niblock,     Miss    firgs    and   Miss    de
• • '* • iii •-W&4)
a nbr
Sell   wi
psv   (J
■k poopli
lh   the
I," by
•r 1
were very
the Juveiiil
ot the
■ Bos-
Dl   W.
Word   has   been    received   of Uio
death   of Mr, Henry     Kershaw, sr ,
of pernicious anaema,   in San Eran-
oisco,  wltere he went, thinking    the
change in climate   miif-hl  help    him.
Mr. Kershaw was fiflv years of ag>
He went to Fort Steele In IMr  "
Rochdale, England.      For the
tonir... _^^
ti. Sherman, of Calgary! The ability of some of the little lots was
simply marvellous and the great
crowd present were lavish iu their
applause. Last night '"Tips" was the
hill," hut ii did not give as good satisfaction, although there were parts
that was extremely well received.
Mr. Sherman has Inlerested hiinscll
in that circuit and will arrange toe
a numbei of first-class attractions tor
the Craiibrook IkiUsc,
Fiist-elass bah-d timothy hay for
sale by the cur load. Apply E. (J.
Carey, Dc Wlnton 1*. 0., Alberta. -Uf
Take Notiee that  thirty davs after
date I intend lo apply lo the Chief
Commissioner of  Lands and    Works
at Victoria for a special license
cut and carry away limber   from the
from  following described lands   near    the
past   west boundary of East Kootenay
few years be had Iteen In poor health     Beginning at a    post    planted    at
and had to leave his business entire-* about one  and  one-half  miles south
of Goalfell siding on B. 0. Southern
Ua Iway, and running fill chains west;
thence SI) chains south; thence SO
chains east; tbence 80 chains north;
to the place ot beginning.
47-5t James Joyce, Locator.
Dated Sth of February, 1906.
1     Kastern
Prices       (
in ii W_.li
We i
clie. !• '
i ... •
.' .iii   !
g,;,,.i'>.,,    -
A     \
K. V FINCH S III.,        I
Cranbrook   ]
i           i
■ ■'-'             1
«44-i*t-'S-! • i • '.'. -*-*.*t*.-'!-*t44-»
$ 750 ,,';:- '■ dwelling,
:j'i fi. : 18 fl five nxjms
with bam ir. re.ir. Water.
Term     (200,    i uh balanoa
1^*. pel
$1200 !• '.■ 3 | dwelling;
j .. parlor, dining-
room, ;. and large
ball; pi rtered; electrla
light, i y terms. Cen-
trally loi
ly to his son Henry, who is post
master in Fort Steele. A widow
and three children survive bim. Mrs.
R. W. Rogers, of Morrissey Mines;
Mrs. L. W. Patmore, of this place,
and Henry Kershaw, of Fort Sleele.
Mr. Kershaw was a member of lhe
Masonic order, and bis demise will
be keenly felt by his many friends in
this  district,    wltere he was so well 	
known. Notice is hereby given that we  In-
The deceased was one of those old tend to apply to lhc Board ot Llc-
scliool gentlemen whom it is always ense Commissioners tor the City ot
a pleasure to meet. Courteous at Cranbrook, at the first meeting held
all times, kind in lone and cattle thirty days after Ihe first appe-ar-
In manner, Mr. Kershaw endeared ance of this notice, tor the transfer
htmseW to young and old alike, ami
% 600 l»uya - '
f.mi roi
house;     two
f:t"ll cash,
$ 300 buys   J. Iol
Avenue, on
$     85  buy,' un,-   1  t
aci.i-    creek
rej dwelling,
iter,   size     of
hv 32 ft., to-
: acre of land
rey dwelling;
.iiei;   chicken
lots;   fenced;
lance on   easy
mi Armstrong
- Hill.
on Baker Hill,
with his   keen   intelligence and
versaWonal powers,     was most
were    served  about   twelve   o'clock   ........
and then dancing was resumed,  ami teresting and companionable at    all
bas bad a varied experience in large'it was   kept up    until nearly    tour times.     Tlie Herahl  would drop    .
cities and   Is In a position to    give  o'clock.     Tlie  Fernie orchestra  fur- teat <m ttie bier of a man wlm gavi
valuable suggestions to people wlm nisltttl tbe music ami as usual it was tlte world the best he had, and who
are wanting work in his line.               ol thc best.
loved bis fellow man.
of this notice,
d the license fur the Queen's hotel,
Baker Street Crnnbrook. B. C, to
Dated at Cranbrook. B. C, this
twenty-fifth day ot January, lilOli.
Nils Peter Molander.
Gougeon & Netterfleld,
Per W. V. Ourd,
PHONE   09
Miss Mansflrlil  Will  iin  fancy  typ«-
writitiR Inr afternoon or evening entertainments    at   ti-.-is*, nahle    rates.
,., ... .,«.»,   .Guess    work   questions suniilied, or
Their. Agenli.  tyM 'rum copies. 45-VI
A li
i- -.*■ .-.--.&■
Saturday morning, Mi and Mrs.
Matheson won- married a little ovei
Mu iv years ago. One daughter,
Alihea. aged two years, was the issue  ol the   um. ii      Mis. Matheson
was an e\eiuplaiv womau ami had
thv respect and esteem ot a large
circle ot thelitis in Mie Pass.    Ileshlcs
  Jlthe   hUKbaad .md daugliter,  the   de
,,.,;;.3-■■*.--.■- . .fli ;*3 ^sa-^-s-va-a-sM**»»*»M«**W«W«4*8B»rW*   n-ase.l leaves a sun bj a former bus
 _,.„ , Mnvip band, Herbert  Braristtaw, who is    a
FEW*1*-- I M0YIE Iresideni ot Blairmore.     The funeral
■ I was hei.i Sunda)  afternoon at    M
(From   tht Moyie Leader.)        | slou hall. Ulailinorv, and was lau
Mi.   Cronin    and  lamil.     lell     ioi   |(lai, j,,,',,','.",.,.„„.,,.,'', """l
DISTRICT    **      **
(From 'he Fernie Lodger.)
Pr. and Mrs. Bonuell returned yes-
morning    from     Hill    Crest.
liej   had     been visiting with
...;   Mis.   C.   P.   lllll.
Uiss Frances Davies was able to
rule .is i.u as the postollice ou .Monday with hei mo titer, and i*- each daj
■lug a itioi i sleigh mie
lieorge Baihlla) .uui family bave
moved trom the Ferine Lumbei coin-
pan)   n.i.l   tu  WCSI   I'cll.lc.    All. It.ul.l
ia)  is assisting in the Installation ol
li,,'   H«W   Iii.n Mi.n>   ol   11,,■   r.i,,   I.UHI-
in'i compan) mill.
U v,. .:.,.. , ui Ute 1'iui "I'ui; Lumbei   i■        i)   ol   b'lkmotiUi,  was     in
in.  - ,.-i  wn ii and reports Uieu
nui; tu operation and logging going
i.,, .. .i satisfaetot) rate. The wea-
Ui.i bas been hm- uu Uu mill men
.ui Uiruugli the winter.
Hie    Uirtxi    act   comedy   ontltlcd
"UUI    Buys,"   Winch   has   been   undei
ui preparation ior some time
un.lei the direction oi Capt. aim
-Mis. M.l.i.i), will be put un Mie
stage by loval talent on the i'.iii
ii.:.;. 1 bu Fernie orchestra has been
engaged for the occasion a.i that an
.ill home talent exhibition tvlll In
i...*    N.-l un    liuouomlst's  Victoria
   , "..:- i.i   it'll., ol  thu liluiii man*
i,.■! u. which Spcnkci Poolej turueu
down Air, HawUiurultiwuHu when in
begun io udicula U.c uld fusbiouwi
idea:, ui bell, lire .md brimstone, \\\
ah- uui at all surprised at Hon, Poo
li-y's auliun, li would take an euoi
mous amount oi sound reasoning in
make a man who has tu preside ovei
Mil-   liou.se   at    \ Klolla   belielc   Mien
is no bell—he's right  in n    all     tlu
'1 lit' OUtjlUl   uf coal  at   the  mines (oi
Ilk-     week     ending   Friday,   Felnual)
1Mb,   wa:    as   follows;
Cual Ureck     HJdin ton-
Michel       5,558  lorn
Caiboiiado     1,8211 torn-
. .   15,1113 ton:
.\  riiusi'Ki.ui s >i KAIL
The annual  nieetiug  of  the stock
holders of the Crows Nesi  Pass Coal
company,    limited, was held in Tu
ronto on  ihe !<ih Inst.     lh     ll!
The directors' annual rcpoi I show
a nel profil foi Mu- year 11)05 u
>- in,,.''s i.s. Dividends paid durini
thu year, $340,-118.05. MO,400 was
iransfi rred to ml accounl and $351
801.07 was carried forward to tills
The reserve fund now n mis
$1,800,000, All the uld directors were
ie-olected excepling -l. A. Gemini
uf Ottawa, deceased. J. W. Wood
was elected to tho vacancy. Al Mn
meeting of Mm directors the follow
ing officers were elected fur the ensu
mg year: '
President, Iluu. Ceo A. Cox; first
lice president, Roht, JalTray; second
vice president, Lieut. Col. Sir H. AI
J'ellati, third vice president and general manager, 0. (i. S. Liudsey,
treasurer, 13. R. Wood.
and family   lell    foi
Spokane last  Monday. i
H   ,1    Klinn   returned lasl  Sunday,
from bis inp !•< \ n ioi i.i.
l»    .1   Leahy   relumed yesterday
from a rtsli to Spokane ami    Walla
Walla I
\    Vyrcs an.l Roj  Uiothle) m-'
Ivtnk-d  lhc haeheluis'   ball   in     Craii-
brook last  night, I
Alts. Patrick   Hounei  returned   iha
(From ihe Outcrop.)
Anbiie Tegarl .•> preparing to haul
lown  Ull'  html   the  Swansea   mine  Hi
Mie Windermere wlrarl
Some   lee   boat lilg   w.is  enjoyed      on
iht- Windermere take during Mm pasl
Week, alllhiltgli   Mie  mmi   lias n..l   \et
hist   ..I     Mm      week     (loin   KOfcMfttKl,• ^ sii.i,.
when- site    had been attending    the
,.   ,     , I    Capt.  Thoiol.l   ieiuim.1     a«l     we«k
cainiial and  visiting wilh fiii-n.is. '
Alis.s    Daisy  llrllu-r, of Cranbiook,'      ,,'   , " ,      ,,     ' , .,     "    .
,    ,,        ' ' ,i •'- Bnglaml,    lie is imw al his lamh
and     Alls.      Chas.   K liugeiismiMi,     ol
., .,    .        , .    on   Duck    eieek,   ilhlib   is   IllideiVOlUg
t-.lko, wore in Moyie Wednesday   ami ..."
.    .   ,. , hi cai     Improvements.      I cams   are
alien.led   the  inas'ipieradc   ball ■ '
bus)   liailHllg luuihit   hum   ihe Wilniei
Mr,    Hugh    Weii, ol    Moyie, Midi Lumbei eompouj a .aid tm bis   new
Mrs    Annie    Strong, of Cranbrook, I house,
ueic married in the latter city last
Wednesday,     ihey will make   Moyie
[■hell home,
lee  is being pul   up un   Mui ie    lak
N, c. Neilsun, ul lite Dig Horse
ranch, neai Windermere, on Monday
presented Mn- Outcrop with four
pounds uf the choice builei  made   on
iui    1».   BUIIIS  A  Co.'s  csUbli.shllielilsl bis  raneh,       which    celtainlv   call     be
in Aloyio and Cranbrook.     It is   be- classed     wiih   thu   vcrj best buitei
mg cm at the lower end ot tho take manufactured anywhere, being of ex-
Aiieie lee is IS inches    iu thickness, lYHeut   quality     and pal up iu neat
it is only ahoul  lu incites in town. one-pound   -bricks.     Air.  Neilson   has
Robert   Campbell,    while out    ice- ""ta-int-d a eoiuplele modern plant loi
. .    . ,,, Uiaklng liuin   builei   ami  is nm.   pre-
iioating on the lake, picked up   $lu tn ■ |mH   ' ,(1 lu'r||     ul|1  ft ,iml^|uss iU,
.nil.-,.        It the p.uij   who lost    the j vlele on seleulific principles,
money     wilt call   al Mr. Campbell's     The Culumhia Rivci   Lumbei    coin
■'""■   "»'  '• •>   Will   be   handed  uU-l • |„mj    |ms   |„1(|   u   „„,-,.   ul   ,„,,,,  &_**&•
'•' '  "I""1 '"■' t'.'tviii'..  satisfaclor)   ,.,■ t0J wmiH llMll. n.|Hll|(iUli, ,],e |iUU)l
,uool thai it is bis. ci-ecUd   hi  Capt,   Ariiisfmiig,    neai
An    effort   is   heing   made   In  ul'gati-    JoltllSloil    click,        The   new   Hume  is
I/, a Knights ul Pythias lodge in'in the shape ol a "V," and is widci
Uuu,'.      ,j.    Kleisclunaii  was    hero  limn   Mn- His I   une, hem- buill     lo
Ibis   week  ami  .succeeded   m  getting a    J**" mv>   H*  ;,l"   mvU^  "'   ttl(ll»*   "
, is also a lime loiiucl   ami al   several
£uud list oi prospeeiive membeis. |(tll,lits Klm& „ a.a lW|,iH,lom,| Vrtl.,ei
rallies Iuteiiding joining should see supply is being provWtd for. Teaim-
,'iibei  Hugh Cauieroii oi   Di. S.   K.  are now    busily engaged hauling logs
linn-fa ■ '" ,l I'"'"'    ,u  "ll' llw"' nl l,h' ll,m"'
,! where a   dam is ueiiig built  lo   boln
ti    A.    llill ami     lamlly  relumed ,,,„. lulll.r Jll.cc>:)llIy Utl ,,»■ working
I'liurwlay    irom a month's visit    in uf the Hume and wtmre ibe logs   wilt
ibe cast.     They visited Toronto, Ot- ■•'lI''1  It-
j  +	
Then are indications that tlien1
will he immense development In the
business ot coal    mining the cumin;
season      in    this    section,     thai    is
BOUtbweSl     Albella  and  jusl      aclo-,
ihe divide iu  British Columbia, say
Mm     Frank Paper.     In addition    to
Mm     large   amount uf development
ti.nieiii|i!,iiiii hi   the companies now
operating     in Mm    icgion mentionnl,
The Fiatik Paper is m possession  ul
what appeals    lu be inside  into] ma
inm ,.[ a reliable character, tu    Mm
effect that Mm c. P. R, will    begin
llie Work      uf making am.11mi   Feline
al   llosmei  and    thai   lhc liic.il   Noi
ihi'in will eiiiei    lira coal producing
li. 1,1  hi   Often lug  "p a   mine  suuih    n|
Piiiihei   Creek
The c. p. R. holds a large and
valuable tool ol coal laud ul llu,
inei.    Oiung io certain restriction)
Imposed    on      Mie    cnmpany   a     has
uiiiieihi been Impossible fot ibe C.P.
it. iu mine oal in llritish Columbia
ami will mi In- possible Im anotihci
yeai, but nvxl yeai ihe peritnl ol
die ban expires and tlie report i
ibat the company mil Uns yeai be
gm development ui un- propert) wim
a \ieii   iu having n in shape for   a
nig    output  al   lne end ol   lhe periuil
oi  pr.iuiiiilioii.
lt is   said    thai an appropriation
of sumotbiiig like a million ul um
lars has imu maUc lor the development uf itn- Hosmer property and
ihai the plans lor another planl such
as that Installed al Baukhead hnvo|
alicauy been prcpaied, ibe siaie-
ment is made that Mm work will
stall in April and thai I'he i-om-
paii) e\|i,*eis i.i h.m- ihe piupei'ly'
in shape lui   a large output   i>>    (his
iimi* next year. I
ll Is umtersiiHid that Louis Stuek-
eti, now manager at Bank-head, is
tlkel) io have direction of llm opera-
lions ai Hosmer. I
Notice is hereby given lhat Mu- ]
annual sitting of the Court of Revision lor Ihe purpose of hearing al) i
complaints against the Assessment I
of ihe Cilv of Cranbiook, 11. C, will '
be held    iu   lhe  Council  Chambers  iu ;
the said Cilv of Cranbrook on th,-1
5th dav .d March. A. D. 1006, al the I
I toil l  uf in ill a. m.
Daled    al   Ctanhiuok.   It.   I\,     this
:>lili dav ni  January, IUUU.
C. II. Prest,
11 ;,i Cily Clerk
Take notice Mmi thirty davs allei
dale, Mie umhi signed intends lo appi)     lu  lhe      Chiel  CotltllllsH rl'     ol
Lamls ami Works ai Victoria lot a
Special Liconso to cut. and cai i y
aw.n timlier fiom the following des
crihed lands lu  Kast  Kootenay:
It.v.i ||g    .it   a  pOHl   |i1.ii.lcd     nl
ihc north wci eornei .-i i-i '■.:..
i In me south in ch.uii-., thenco w<-.i
iiiii   eliains;  thenee north   III chain .
thenee oast   ItlQ chains in plac	
con ■iicemciii, containing Bill 	
more ui les:,.
Clifford Kdwaiils.
Cranhrook.    It   C,  Janu.uj   i;tth,
it i.i
uiwa,   London,     Brussels   ami t
neb.       Mi.    Hill  combined  business
with pleasure while away •and   made
...rn,-    beau  purchases   ol   clothing,
.-ir., for his store.
Mis.      Neideislaill    and l.iliuh    lefl
Wednesday for Regina to join An.
Medersta-li, who uas liecouie interested in a brewery in thai town.
Mr, Ntiil.-lsi.ull was among Hull i s 1 tu locate in Moyie ami he ami
ins famil) will in- greatly missel.
Mt. Neldcrsladt is both Itouesl ami
industrious and lbe besl wishes of
everyone in Moyie go with inm.
a   chicken   stealing
(Fiom tht Fret Press.)
Broley    Uros. have completed   tw
large hotels at Lille aud Hellenic,
S. Sleeves has secured a license
for the Windsor, the fine new hole!
at Lundbreck.
Alls. Win. Senklmid left this week
Inr the coast, where she will join
her husband.
I.. Ward, ot the Free Press staff
got bis finger smashed in one of tbe
presses, last Friday
Air. and Mrs. F. U. Smith arrived
from Calgary nn Sunday to Visit
Ah. and Mi .. II. J. Johnson, Mi.
Smith returned early this week, and
All.-. Smith Is remaining here until
'I'he water was shut oft for a few
m in ii les- on Wednesday afternoon
'■Minn i.» ,m overflow 111 lhe TlHes-
Wood    Co    basement.      A   valve    bail
lioen removed to 'haw a frozen pipe
-uid when lhc force came mi lhe
valve ' "iii.i n..i in- replaced.
An accident occurred at Michel
tipple last week, suspending work
fur  a  couple  of  days. A   caboose
was backed up uu an unused track
.uii was derailed hi some siune.s lying in its way. Tbe car struck
some supporting timbers, smashing
ihem and jeopardizing the whole
A miner living at .Michel was re-
ccnuty served with notice of divorce
proceedings frum a Minnesota lawyer,   umler   instructions   from     the
wife, who wenl easl last September
presumably to visit friends. The notice came as a surprise, as the
woman gave no warning of such a
proceeding before leaving. She took
the silverware wiih her, claiming
that it would he safer. She also
drew 11,800 from thc savings bank,
this sum representing llm hard earned s.uiii.'s of her husband since they
wire married. The husband has
treated his wife with tlve utmost
consideration ami tliere Is believed to
la- absolutely uo
voice proceeding
Hot HS   A   DAV.
Loudon, Feb. 15.—King Kdward
luld thv Rev. Wilson Carliie, head Ol
tins Church Army, who was received
iu audience at Buckingham Palace
to-day, that he often worked twelve
hours a day himself. He knew the
blessings of wmk and greal Iv sympathized with the unemployed. Therefore, n  was a great comfort  to   his
Alajesli       !<•   know     Dial   lhe  Chuici.
Army   was furnishing work   for    so
occupied!   '•}•*   KtoK, "Pwlaliy   praM the
,   .    ,                 '       emigration plans ol  Ibe army, and
ihc attention of the local court   torLJ ,(| |]h. ,.t.v   Mr   Oarllle: "En-
lhe greater   pari of two days    Mi i.s courage your   -uud   emigrants. Wish
week, and   ns   we gn to press    thu 4hem from me everv happiness llial
two justices are sliil  reserving limit | w,"'.k ,'il" J»rmlucp.     Thev  will still
,   .              .                        .'         i  Im in mv dominions, aud  then cm!
dmsioii.      A    woman   of the    iwlL^^, win „ llh  I)rIll>lil    ,,„.,„.
light district and a piano player are w|V(.s and their families but Mm
tlie parties Involved. Two chickens) whole empir
are .said to have been stolen and
converted Into a "gump" stew for
some uf lhu boys who were up late.
A public meeting was held in tbe
school house last evening to determine upon the amount of money for
the defraying of the expenses of the
school and for paying the extra salaries uf Uie teachers not provided fot
by the government, lt was deokled
Lo pay thv principal $85 a month
and Mie teacher in the junior room
$ii0 per month. Money was also
voted for putting water iu lhe
building, carrying insurance, wood
and coal, janitor aud for other expenses.
(From Tb* Frank Papsr.)
James Douglas, president of the
miner's union, returned the lirst of
the week from Indianapolis, where he
attended the convention of the ti.M
Roy Aial thews has left the service
of the C.P.R. to take a position wilh
the oral company in ihe company
Store, His place as operator 0*1 the
day shift is filled hy Russell Workman,
Peter Patterson, national board
member ol ihe U.M.W.A foi this
district, who has just returned from
tlte international convention of that
order held recently ai Indiana-polls,
went to Lethbridge Monday evening
to complete the wmk of organizing
ihat camp.
John Nelson, of Livingston, known
among bis neighbors as "i'he Cabbage King," was a visitor to Frank
last week. lie was marketing a
load of the products of his foothills
farm. Air. Nelson is the man who
made an extraordinarily successful
experiment last season with growing
fall wheat sown iu the spring.
Frank II. Sherman, dislriel president of the U.M.W.A., was a visitor
to the Pass Tuesday. Air. Sherman
al tended the Indianapolis convention
and he states that he cannot see how
a big strike in the Pennsylvania coal
regions can lie averted. Air. Slier-
man expressed deep gratification at
Mm splendid condition of affairs now
existing in Ibis district.
After a lingering illness ot several
weeks, EMiella L. Matheson, wife of
grounds for Hie ill-   II.  .1   Matheson,    of the    Blairmore
Times, passed away at an party hour
The    report     with   regard    to  til
(Ileal  Norihern's Iutviitloiis is tu the. q**-
eflvcl     lhat     ll.e company   has   laken
up Hie option ou  the Christie prop- 	
eiiy s h of Piuchvl  Creek,    where
prospecting has been going on during       A
ibe pasl  .season, and Mial   the   company   has  ItOUghl   the 8,000 acres     uf
cai laml comprising the property,
i'he report is that active mining operations will begin in the near future and thai the (Ireat Northern
will have u rallroml Ihere inside of
iwo years if not sooner.
Altogether, ii  looks like a big season iu  lire coal business.
Kaslo Kooteiiaiaii:—The C. P. ti.
have placed in commission tho
steamer Nelson whose principal work
will be lhe carrying of nre frum the
Bluebell mine to Koolenay Unding
and a I s-o from Ihe Mo.lv (llhson at!
Kokanee creek to lhe same point. Al.j
this piesitil writing there is a large
barge containing lu cars of -fii nm..
for lhe Frank smeller. The management of Pilot Ray smeller aie
capacity each, being loaded wiih ore
erecting two new Blnncltard furnaces
tu handle the silver-dead me from
ihe Bluebell mine. When lhe now
furnaces are completed  lhe ore from
lhe   Bluebell   Will   be  pul   through   Ml
iniior at  PIlol  ti.
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory 1
All kiiuls nf finish work in \
way of iloors. windows, trim- J
Boms, etc.   Kiln dried lumber J
fur insult1 work.    (Mir work is \
guaranteed ninl our prices nro ,
satisfactory.    Hereon    doors J
Rough and Dressed Lumber :
Tor Sale
Cranbrook   Foun-f|
dry .md
^Machine Shop?
McKlnnon & Johnston
UV mv |Uf|.:nv.l till., till kinds ul I.-
feiir work hem ) mnl
Hulil. uiiikc castings,
turn bIiiiI'Ir, etc,
Scientific     Horseshoeing    :i j
|   A. W. McVittie   I
4 r   '"'
'. Dominion ami Provin- \
i clal   I and  Surveyor. 1 ■
\    H. H. McVittie   ;
{ (iencrul Agenl j
I TIMBER, MINE  .md \\7\
{ CKANBROOK,   15.   C. {
Vcte's Barber  Shop
lias n* veil     fi.
ui.||-i- of KiKiiiiiilnns lor disposal ol Min-
i*,dls iiii llii'iiiniiin l.aiiifs In   HaoitoM,
Ib. Northwest fcrrili,    s mij llm .iikuu
, ,..,11,111.
1- unu ue |.iiri'ii.i*M
■■i at IIU i'«*i
.lll.l  5.11   I,it
ili-llf.       Sol
eiti-nn b,-iu
I.y .ni.- iu-
... ,„■,,
uny,   i ,->ii
ih,- nit,- uf
tl bouollet't
n t
-. .un nvvr
.ii,].hi .■-1,.
il! 1
. . in i;, ,
<i>i.uu .-iitii
uerillli'itli' i
.-.'.l-i'l lillllll
iuiiIiiu Mn
tut n.i una
mt ittiyiiioiit
n llllllvllllltll
ii em..|MHJ
It lu ('lllllllll.
IUViIlj{  ill-,-
mineral n
ait- a i lai.t.
mil ih,
.,11,11- Wl.., |l
..ii ilu- unu
llll   m|    Vl'l
ill   !«l
lililn mu*,ii
.Ml Inn   It'll
ul .i iniiniiit
nlluKBil ii'i
ii    111- r,-,-
llllll)    -1   U
„i in .. ^ .
|IU   II
\. ll
H„| „. ei|n.|
11.- i;tt- uuui
Mil ll.tSlH'' 1
rn   iiawuu
»ilh ,.lll,|
1 i>.
n ih,- .inm
    i.t n, ii
,,i.*,i.,i i«u|
-i nliulii.nud
III, Ills,   fill
* iim  r
>i mil,   til,
■ l.H'llTl
1 .       1 'll
tnu. n-,;
II,   s.,,,.,1
ln-1 I'll, Uui
v,i,l liu  lu
■ *
'., ■
.   1 III
. tint .'
ml,, mil
ll, l.ll 01 III
itch m luu
"'Iin.;   I.un
.Mini*.    ,«i
i. ■
III ll,' 11
' \..'l.,lll
i turn tm
I   tlia \
m ..I i«
n .a ini'
. lit]
nl< i
i.i antl Ilm
v, s ,i|   lhu
uf Um in
eu'a i ttfht
no- ii,
, mbjivl I
"Ull'    II
r in-
> Hi
Iiiu   watn'
.ii |.i-r-i',i-t
. I 1,1
the W.-i
<i   \   f
[•'irsl ■,
Im \iik,iui,<iiii,>i)
.*    ..  ■•   -M.ll     llllll     111-   J_I.UI
i tm it i, im ,.| iwuiitj >.-ai-,
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens Se Rockendorl
Opposite C. I'. R.
Si.oo    PER   UW
Calgary, Alta.
menutrnlor at l-llm  Hav. all silver' n-_     n     I ,... ,|.     i*.    ,*
Ml   ,-,i,l ImliiR ii.*ai,-,l llirre,   u-liiln   UeO.   K.   Le,ISk   <X   L0
In-   Imliini'.   ix
I iniilnl,
/inr an.l i-o|i|K-l uill In1 slii|i|>i-il tn
ilie frank smelter fur iii-atim-ni
Our work i*- our nilrsrllson I, lull in-
imi Uii. ii.l in Hi,- lli-ial.l.li,
Near Luvvim Aina g Aim
P, .1. Leithauser, rigr.
[Clean Clothes
iii tin. year .-t the .lino
IreilHP m .'I'ithIiiiii
'  ni ilu' must), tuul
viiiiin si* years
hi Ull..' hn' 111-.!
■ a..L
i IV
I t'lnss
1 s
...iiiniii in h
iill'iml tn |,.*ili*.
iiom- In whi
Absolutely white flour makes the most
beautiful white bread—the kind we all like.
Hut white bread is not necessarily pure
because it is white. To be pure it must be
made from purified  Hour.
'Ihere is only one method of making
fli ur absolutely pure, and that is by elcc-
tric it v. No impurity can withstand the
searching, purifying work of this electrical
The electrical method is employed by
every big mill ill tht United States.
In Canada the only flour purified by
electricity is
Royal Household Flour
therefore  it is the only flour   that can be
considered as absolutely pure.
Say " Ogilvie's Royal Household " to
your grocer—he'll do the rest.
Ogllvle Flour Mills Co,
"Otfllyle's Hook lor „ Cook
I.. Llmll.0,
contain. 130
pages ut' exi.-elli.ilt recipes, some never before
publish..!.    N our grocer van lull you bow
(el it FitEK).
February 7th, 8th,   oth,
Good lo return until Feb.
hilii |l|.„|lki 111 B'
', 11 ivhili. wnv nml nl |iriii'B llinl '■
% will 111 p- -.1  rn   niiyniiL'  whu ft {
■    WlllllS mmi!  Wllfk B
l Crows Nest A
\    Steam Laundry iJ
_     »''"1"'"'<•'■•''*   * 5
j       BRICKLAYER and       j
j ONTRACTOR        jj
X        Fnrimco, Uoilor,  Italic,-, X\
.'. ,. ,!.
,1, unu l*'ii*i'iil.ii'i' work a spi'i'i,* 1- ,1.;
,!. XI
•} iy. -J-1
9        All (losi-riptioiis of atoii,-. -j-
X work iiiii!i-i-i,*iI..-ii. Unlors lull -j-
;|;    ,1. n. Mi [.hide's    :j:
•j« will rocievo prompt nttmiliott, .\-
irseil, III.
1 Im, an.l
al .null mlu n, nui) tin
IV. W.cmo
<l III. Mlnlater ol llie tutor
■ 115.
♦ *4M|.4'*<.*<'*Mt.*.<.<M^.J.^..^C.^
I*:i'i',-i*lii,i, Sunday, Jan, _lsi,   f,,|-
lowlng   cliangcs In |n
1 irovps Hi'Xfiinl ln.i-| lnmls ol use.    Niiluiallj'   ...
1.n mn si- iivii-H
.1 111 . Bonnets   Perry 1.31
iiu'   Spokane   5.10 p in.; leave
|i in.;      Ailrian     II in   |i in ;   I'i
,111.; Everett r. In a
I'll'MMI  A   lllHIMi;
I'.uliiulal* |lut'|)uao is easy   Inr
Hi' •'• »i'    nan* Hum  Im    all
P in.; arrive Seatllu 7.30 |. in
.No, 3  *li,m ,*
No.   I leaves   SeaMlo   »..m    n.m ;
l-Ai'h ii     nln   a.m.; I'.u iiir   Avcnufl
'I 111   .;   UVlinlrlu-i*  .'I 1)5  |l.tn ,   All
iiaii   I 5U inn., arrive   Spnlli  8.35
li in.;    I, ii,'     s in     i. ii,      llm i ,
Perry 13 26 a.m.; Ilexfnrd r, in a.m ,
No. *;;,ii leave,   Iti'Slmil 5,30    n.m.
I'lnnurliuK    llllll  Nil.   I Sn Ilium 7,31
n.m.; iiiiivi. Penile s un a.m.
No. 2-10 leaves Pernio Itt.oii p.m ;
Siviiiiuii   in.::i;   p.m.; Itcv.nnl  13 10
a.in.;    rimii* .im/  wilh   i ii-.*i   I.
'I'l .-li sleeping oars «|ii-ri.l«l lulu, vi, Spol .m.i  Pernio.     H.ivnvr
fare   l,mv,,-n   Spokl     I     Prim,*
i.l uu
l-'.-ihi,- li, Vancniivcr 23 hours an.l
Ij minuli-s, connection being ina.lo
willt No, 272 al I'acil'u* Avenue.
IAI in  11 cal  trains Nos. 3115 nml 2lili
will   be   oiu-iaiisl   lielw  S|iolm*ne
ami   l,,i.iv,*nui,iili,    leaving Spokane
■1.00   p.m.;   Wcnatclieo   III.nil    p.m.;
Wcnatolico  12.03 a.m.; Spokane N.mi
a.m.       HuITel sleeping cars will   be
ii|i,-i.ilril lietweeu Spokane anil .Leavenworth,   liains   Nos.  3115 ami  203:
nlso extra train between Scaltle anil
Skvkomlnh, leaving Scattlo 0.80 p.m;
For lull particulars, first-class   or '■";'"''''    8.10   p.m.;   Pacific Avcniio
tourist sleeper reservations, apply to  ,ArU\Au-AtA"AAsim a'ln ■
local agents or write Pacific   Avonuo 8.09    a.m.; Everett
J   S   OARTEIt        E   .1. COYI.E,     8-2.1 a.m.;  Seattle  10.Oil a.m.   Local
nui    w«i«^ 'inp A    Vannouvar train    being operated   between Bon-
D.H.A., Nelson. A.d.I -A., Vancouver ncrg ^     Jm| SpokaM will |H, witl,.
li. Hllller, Agenl, Crinbrook.       | drawn.
s fat* superior lu   llial
.Im It   llllS      In   rail   null   llll
in I. .nul i uu* Iin. niiiiii  In a [iiii,mil
,,ul,. ; nn ;,,„,, Inn Sunday.     II Snnln I'luiis saw mil*
No.    I   leaves    lli.il.ml    lull  a lu.;   ImrseH  In*  wnlllll  pelisioll ,.11  Ills    olil
ll uii.    Perry   :i.:;u   am      arrive   icliiili'i'ts, chop up Iiii old sleigh uml
Spokane 7.00 a.m.;  Iraic 7.15 a.m.;   h"" « Mi'. " *   Vnu i Ill do llm
Ailrian  in.in   nm,  Weimtciu'c  I2N5       ivhen you leiiulie lltn set vices nl
|i in .  Pacific  An,  10 5,45 p in ,   enn  ! 'l I    ''i'1 ...'"ni* I'" -ini  pilipuse.
nectlllg   wilh  No.  273,   Kv.lell   a .',., , I'* I "")    ..« ""I    »'nli-  "I  i-lu
mal„-n il  really
lhe ll.'iii.lley
up llnlihlt,
l.iver.v  St.-ililes
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
i mess
Full    Programme    Canadian
Winter Sports
Por I'mgru'iniiiea,   llatos ami dutallcd
iiifot'iiiatioii apply Local Agents.
'thi shoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing,   (hie 1110 n call.
Livery S
Tenon! nml driver, furnished for any
point In the ilintrlct.
«__»_ *__&. «__&. *__»_
k1 a? f ir
Here is an opportunity to secure just what you want
in a country that has the finest climate on earth
Ob—m   Ob—a—   ^__bth   mi	
The   Kootenay   Valley   Will   Raise    Most    Everything
And the market is at the farm gate, Here you can make big money on your farm products, and live
where youa labor will command a good price in winter. Garden truck, grain and roots of all kinds
are profitable. Much of the land is timbered and the logs, which can be cut and sold free of government royalty, will pay the price of the land.   The opportunity of your life.
For Full Particulars Write or Address
Joseph Ryan, Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
Kills Elta.
London, Jan. 25.—II is a singular
ml significant fact that tho only
erson iii ilif kingdom whose house-
old is affected by Un clnnge of gov-
tniin*iit U the king. Tliere could
e no more striking prool that H Is
lie prime minister and not Hie sov-
relgn wlm is tin- real rulet ol the
Iritis!) empire than tlml n is Uie
iinii't wlm makes Uw appointments
i ihe hest paying ami imug»-besl bll-
•lB In his majesty's ilomosMc en-
uuroge. Theoretically, of course,
In appointments are made by Un
rown, ju-si as Uieorettcally Un
town appoints Uw prime minister,
ni ii is Un- prime mlnlstei who
nakcfl the Bolcotions, and Uw king
icrely t'liiiiiiins Ins clioloc
As a result ol tin- elevation ol
Hi I ifiu \ Campbell Baniicrman, Un
mi i.f the Scotch draper, lo Uiv pos
h.m nl tin His' iiiiuisi.'i «.| Un
rown, several aristocratic members
il iii,. royal housdioW, all personal
ii.n.K ni itn* king, hnvo been sack
>.l. .ii,il v.u Ions .'iiii'i mi.'if >.i less
sailed  pei-soiiages Imve been    given
Imii    j, lis       Tin  IICW   hatch  ul  court
l..iiii.iii,-s inr nil liberals Tin king
8   mippnucd     i"   have no   political
i|iliih>i>s  nf   his  OWIl,   mnl   is  ili-h.iiii-.l
li,- privilege enjoyed lij all ins nub
iris ..I rxpmwing anj. bul lite won-
:,-i i.il Hi ii r ii conslilntlon, which
,.is nevei been reduced lo writing,
uiini. . thai wlien u olmngo ol wl
miii .u.iiinii i.iKt-s place ill"'-'- mem
.i-i*. nl Ins ImiiHphohl wlm an- brought
nln   Hie  I'lnsi-sl   I'l.ili"!.'*   Willi      Intn
.1 iii lielong lo ilu' ilominaiH party,
Tlie     pOHl       nf   l.nnl     I'luinliellain.
mm which Hit' Kail nl Clnremton
,..., Invn Imiiiii'iil, lias Ihi'ii conlerred
iinm th.' linn      11   Uoberl  Hpeneor,
I.,-  ilnppei    am!   elegant   half   binther
,( I,...I Sponeei        Tin- "ll n, Boh-
n" .is hi- was long ago allii'limi-
ilt-h        nick-named—Inl        everybody
Ikes Iiiiii—lias for years enjoyed tlie
vputattou of being Mm- best dressed
iipmhor nl Uh- house ol commons,
le is particularly famous for his
■ollars A story is livid of an olec-
loneering mooting at whicli be was'
utddciily interrupted liy a voice In-
fnil'illg:      "i»o    tell us  how  you get
nin them collars?" Tin' answer:
■I ' M not lose a single vote by i
pour being null'!" aroused a roar
if laughter; and when "-Bobby" was
hiving olY a grimy hand was thrust
into tho carriage, an apology was
murmured ami a promise given to
vote for "-the blooming toff wot
could stand being chaffed." Whal ho
will do when it becomes necessary to
array himself In the ralmenl of his
stately oflice, which does not permit
a collar to be worn, the imagination
shudders to contemplate. Hut the
salary of $10,000 a year will console him for that deprivation.   That
he may property sustain the tremendous dignity ol the position, he
has been created a peer and given a
seat among Uw hereditary legislators
of the upper house, lie is responsible for the smooth running of
things "above stairs," except within
the toyal sleeping apartments, where
the firsl hnd ot the bedchamber
holds  sway.
Tlie pay mil ol the lord elwmbcr-
liiin's di'iiarlmeitl amounts to J305,-
000 a year. He has under him n
Imst of dlsttngnislied officials and
m.,-,1 flunkies, Including a vice clmm-
iH-il.it-ii. wlm gels (4,1120 a year; a
mastei of lhe ceremonies, a marshal
.if Hie ceremonies; lords in waiting,
groom In walling, snmms nf the
greal i-luntN'i, a Iol ol gentleman
ushers, pages of Uw hack stairs, [
pages ol the presence aud state
pages, Tin vice chamberlain, comp-
trollei, Iroosurci anil lords In wail
Ing arc all politleail appointments
and nre nn luded among tin spoils
nf ..iiii-f which Mn- Lew prime mm
ist,-i distributes Tlw lords In wall
hig arc all peers There nro seven |
n| Hem        loi  everj  daj   in    tbe
Week     TO   T Ii.i t      f\r.'|il   nil   i'\l I,it.I.Illi
,u\ n,i asiotis, wilii, ih.'i, .ill have lo
hv mi     ■ in a    11'. -. lay oil    i\ daj i
i.n   i'w i\   ,i,n   thu! 'in \  have    to
dance al tendance on Ihe King,    Oon*
ll    . Hi.ii    fai :        Uw   |Kl] .   M- BIO
,i \r.ii, i-.ni had, bul mil "l ii tibey
ii,u,' iu puii 'i.i i' I hell own fin (eou *
Thc       pi  .1     I.M.M'.ll
rli-aiiiLi i l.tin's   depai
Uiough   Ufrod   \u I
Ihf   rl     I   |i,,fl   ,,f   II
.    I.■ i i \ ,it IVO      ii.linil
s in   lhc   lord
nil,    hul    ..1
\.l ,      rl.nscll   US
liilll'llV      ||)      A
ration,   ii     is
pit Hi able 11i.il   Ihf prime inilil-.). I   will
allow Inm i.> ii-i.iin Uw lionor, Im
the s.il.ny thai ".if*, v.iiii it is onlj
Wu a yeai If, however, Mi \u.
im wfif h> produce nnothei  I  Ilko,
th.il    nolOl lotlB
And they cry, "Hurry up, foi plly,"
nr if Im ventured again upon such a
rhyme as "Cecil" ami "wrestle" ii
ii doubtful whether Sn Hcnty's patience would he equal to Uw strain,
for he is devoted to Un muses.
When lhc lmil chamberlain is doing official stunts he carries a white,
stall' and a gold key, whicli never,
locks or unlocks anything, attached
to his person hy a blue ribbon.)
There i.s a greater than ihc lord
chamberlain—to wil, Uw lord great
chamberlain. His nllice is au hereditary one and therefore he cannot
he displaced when tliere, is a change'
nf administration. lie is the most
exalted sort of swell and is regarded
as far loo important to he trolled
out except on tin. greatest occasions, lit! has the palace of Westminster under his control and among
his privileges is thai of selecting the
peer who makes a lot of other peers
envious hy carrying tlw sword of
stale when the sovereign goes to
parliament. Ile has precious til tie
tu do really and lew responsibilities,
hut ii is -.pritc iu accordance wilh the
British scale ol remuneration whoro
exalted flunkies aie concerned Dial
his pay is more than double Uiat ol
the 'hardworked lord ohamfooi lain,
amounting to $22,600 a year.
Below stairs, among Uie kitchen
pots and pans, the lord steward
holds sway over tlw King's household. Lord llawksburv has jusl
!«vn given lhat job by the new
premier, displacing thai staunch
conseivat-ire nobleman, the Karl of
Pembroke. The pay is Uw same as
that n[ Un lord chamberlain—$10,00(1
a  wmi.        Ass. i dated   with  the     lord
steward in ihe management of the
depart men! is tlie treasurer of the
houselhild and ihe comptroller of tlie
household, who are paid $4,620 a
year oaoh. But they are political
appointees and for that reason Vis-
■t>*iint Valentin ami Lord Hamilton
Imvo boon turned out to make room
foi Sn Edward Sirachey ami thu
nusl.'i   nf    EMhailk. The  slock  of
lords is imi  nearly so largo in   tlw
lihci.il   as   in   the consei VatlVO   party,
,md consequent Ij less august folk
have io In chosen tn iim ih.- minor
eourl   billets.
Tlw    lord    slcw.iid,   lhe    treasurer
.iml complroller and two oi three
permanent liotiseltold officials comprise ihat mysterious Institution
known as Hie t I ..f green   cloth,
mie   nf   llie   must,   venerable   props    nf
the British f.riisiiiiutii.ii. lu tlw
course nl its long career, dating from
before limit) L, It has defied ihe onslaughts i.f many reformers who
would have swept ii oul nf existence Mm ih,- reformers have silc-
eeedod in     al«tl I filling a lot of    high
salal |«l    Mlieelllcs    1li.it    fill llielly     011-
imi-il it:. protooMun, s<. llml mm* iis
payroll, which was onco uver jfiiiu,-
000 a year, is only $] 16,000, nl
which $09,000 represents llm amount
pahl domestic servants, Il derives
its names from ihe fael ihat lis
members, when ihey condescend    lo
make a pri'liiicc u[ earning lheir salaries, sit around u table covered
wiih green cloth.
By way nf living up Iu ils name,
the board has a green seal. It has
a kingdom of ils own extending 2U0
yards in every direction from Buckingham Palace. Within this little
kingdom-'the verge as it is known
round the green table cloth—Lhc
board bus power to punish a!! who
break tlie peace, ami it has a limited power, too, to save any of the
King's servants Trom arrest. No
servant of his majesty can lie ar-
resled for debt without a warrant
signed at the green table. Ami no
tradesman ean display that highly
prized document which proclaims him
a purveyor ot lollypops, eggs, bacon,
or anything else to his majesty unless it hears tlie green seal and signature of tlw lord steward. The
King's cooks and the King's "gen-
tolmcn of the cellar" are iu    tbe lord
steward's department, bul fortunately fm the satisfaction of his majesty's epicurean tastes their berths are
lint included among the spoils nf office.
There is a curious division of labor
Ih'1 ween tlw lord chamberlain's and
the lord steward's departments, when
ttie Kim; has bis annual spring house
cleaning, li is the hud chamberlain
wlm is responsible for the beating
and shaking nf bis majesty's carpets,
while the lord steward is responsible
for Urc proper cleaning of the royal
chimneys. Wlien it is stated that
there are no less limn 2,600 of them,
it might be Interred that the lord
steward really has a still hit of work
iii taekle occasionally. But as a
matter of fact he never coneerns
himself with the chimneys or anything else suggestive of labor with
which his department is nominally
saddled. It is a permanent official,
tlw master of tbe household, who
bosses all tlw work that has lo be
done and gets $5,7!iO a year tor it.
Thv lord steward simply drops round
on state occasions in a gorgeous uniform, pockets his $10,bou a year and
rejoices that some soft snaps are
s-iill reserved Ior the nobility.
Another sinecure, lho best paying of the lot, is that uf master of
the horse, which has been bestowed
mi the Earl of Seflon, who takes
over Ihe job from the Duke of port-
land. The latter, however, is too
rich to miss the $12,film a year,
which is lhe salary of the office.
Nominally the master of tlie horse
looks after Ute royal "mows"—as
livery stables are called here—and
lhe various equipages of his majesty.
But it is doubtful if lie ever crosses
tim threshold of tlw King's stables;
anyhow, his pay would never In
docked if lw didn't, Ile is only required tn turn up on stale occasions, At hig functions requiring
lhc King's presence his majesty is
under the charge of tlw lord chamberlain until he leaves the palace
dour. From that moment his sacred
person is In the care of tlw master
of llw horse until thc place of ceremonial is reached, wlnn thc earl
marshal -becomes responsible for
The master of the huckhounds is
another dead easy IvilJet which is
uunvlnred among the loaves and
fishes of office. It pays $7,600
year and can In lield only hy a peer
or the heir to a peerage. Similar
salaries are also paid Lo the captain of the gentleman-at-arms and
the captain of the yocmen of tho
guard—the two bodies which' are sup-
I posed to do wlmt Scotland yard
really does-—guard tlw person of the
King at big royal shows. The captains are shifted in arcoidancc with
their politics when there Is a change
of administration, but it is only
members of the aristocracy who can
fill tin posts.
Some queer billets    exist, outside
the royal household, which arc in-
oludcd among tlie spoils of olliee.
Ot ihese the positions held hy tbe
junior lords of the treasury afford
the besl illustrations of the peculiarities sanctioned by the Brii-
tsh system ol party government.
There are three junior lords, uud
they may or may not he real lords
though under a lory admiuisiration
they are usually sons of peers. They
arc paid $5,0WI a year each for work
that they don't do, and noLiiing fur
tlw work that they do do. Apart
from ttteir initiatory function all
■Uiat they have to do with the ireus-
ury is lo draw their salaries. Wiwn
appointed they betake themselves to
a certain room in the building where
tlw business of the treasury is carried on and scat themselves at a
table there. Suddenly au official,
stalely and impressive in demeanor,
opens tlw door but advances no further than the threshold. "Will youi
lordships," he solemnly asks, "allow
your secretary to enter'.'" At this
Uiey all bow and in walks lhe financial secretary of Uw treasury. The
official who spoke before now says:
"Will your lordships allow your secretary to lake a seat at the table?'
Again they all gravely incline their
lwads and the financial secretary
lakes his seat. With that Uw three
lords of tlw treasury vanish and are
seen in Uw place no more. Yet mention of ilwm is constantly made iu
all official documents, as for uxampli
"1 am directed lo inform ynu thaL
my lords do not see lheir way," ele.
Tlw financial secretary who comports himself so humbly is really
somebody al lhe treasury, and docs
work there lor bis salary of $10,000
a year. Ile i.s the right band man
of tlw chancellor of the exchequer in
lhe administration of bis department.
The work which Uw junior lords
do for which they get no pay consists in assisting the chief whip lu
muster the followers ul lhe government when important divisions
take place and seeing to it that they
vote straight, In various other
ways, too, Ihey are expected to help
their party iu parliament ainl at
The transfer ot tlw government
from one politieal party to llw ot
er involves no such clean sweep o(
oflice holders as takes place when
there is a change in tlw federal government iu America or Canada. ■>-.
with tlw outgoing of one party
and the incoming of another, there
■are sixty-two offices which change
■hands, their aggregate salaries
amounting to Uw substantial sum of
$792,905. Therefore, tlw substilu
tion of Sir Henry Campbell-Banner
•man for Arthur Baltour, as premier,
means that sixty-two men, ot great-
Ier or less distinction, have had that
sum added to their annual incomes
and another sixty-twu have tost it.
Indianapolis, Ind., l*Vb. d.—Julm
Mitchell, president of thc United
Mine Workers of America, the members uf which organization threaten
lo go on a strike on April 1, aod
who wbl lead the miners' forces ii
Ihey clash     with Lhe eoal operalutb,
directed the sLiikes uf the anthracite
miners in 1000 and 1002,
Mitchell is d"i yeais uf a&c, is an
entirely self made product. He was
horn iu the coal regions uf central
Illinois, and worked in Llie mines as
a mere boy. Jusl before he became
ot age he stalled uul lu see a liLile
of thc wurhl and went wesL, travelling through the milling country ui
New Mexico, Aii/.una and Colorado,
lie had bis pick and slrovel for a
passport and earned his way by work
in the mines.
Finally be tired oi this life ami returned Lo Illinois and mail iol an.l
SOtlflod duwn in his native lown. He
was still a miner nf sufL cual and as
such he became affiliated with the
union. He attended the meetings nt
tlw local branch uf ihe union, became an inlluciico in its deliberations,
and iu lime was elected in olllco in
Llw union, lie was iiiclllgcnt and
faithful, and his efficiency brought
tiiiii promotion,   steady and regular,
unlit!      lie Blood    al   llie  head  ul   lhe
soil coal organIzalion.     Then began
Uie Invasion ol lho anthracite fields.
Tiie work uf uu loll king wenl  on u
del   his  direction,  and   lhe   .-.Hike    >
lllllll was lhe lesult.
Tins si like was merely a nm
nuisance in force, It was tint ii
tended as a decisive engagement, Its
clone left lhe organization with a.i
tied prestige, and something subslan
Hal in offer the men as inducement
t-o join ami prepare for the war ii
be waged laid. Then tlnro wen
two years uf (urihci preparation
wh.n unions weie strengthened, discipline  was  pel felled,  and   lhe  W'.ilk-
uicii weie drilled everlastingly in tho
lesson ul "no violence," Krom first
to last was the text uf Mitchell's
speech. He warned and exhorted
the men, that, as tbey Itopcd fur success, lo refrain frum all forms ut
violence and lu compel their fellows
to do the same.
Mitchell is imt convivial. He leads
a perfectly moral life. lie has not
fallen into lhe temptations of dema-
goguery; Iw does not say indiscreet
or foolish things. He has not permit-led himself to become pulled up
with vanity, whieh would bave been
his undoing; for all labor leaders aro
surrounded with jealous and ambitious lieutenants, who will forgive
anything sooner than vanity.
There is something priestly in
Mitchell's look; and there is mueh of
the Jesuitical in bis character. II
is a very serious proposition. He
does not smile or joke often. He is
kind,  mild spoken and  reticent.   Uo
is never tu   bt if    In
say.-, he will : hi   will    keep
his word like   tl of Egypt.
llv does nol ■-'■-.- He
just,  Wui>.j  a'.A   works,   with  a   lialf
burned      C'igttl     bel -■ - ti     bis     leelii,
speaking g .... ... n ..■   speaks;
never   com] . J -
ant,    the even, i ■ * ■--
ment   oi .. Ho
wuuld   make   a   tim        ■.        He
wuuld   look at    •■      - game   ui
chess, wil b cool   - i gray eyes, and
hardly tbo   Btirrii  Lional
pulse-beat at   -, leleat.
1 have In*- n asked ■ an effort to inl rodui citj a
branch ol thc --■ • ■ 1 he order  Is no do ...*        :.  lo the
majority of Un -    - mi .-i'
he pardoned     if I j llowed
to give a lev.   le    -*    a lhe    ob
jects and aims ol
I will  take a lew   - itlracls     Irom
theii constitul io  prii led matter
supplied mc by Mr. Starkey ut
Nelson,  ti.  L\:
"Tlw   Sons                ■ ■••'-
Soclelj  seek i to divide the i om-
mui.ity ..,, ........ rai.-. lines.
li.-.   object ha *. ■  ;■ I
wirll be, to detnoi ■ :  on her
citizens uf   Eng  oi  English
descent, Canada i.... al - .- :' -• l''-'
the advanci mi nl ul lhe li ue Interests of the i bfl
no loyally lo Un Khq ■■ - empire
wbeie thero i n ■ loyall.. Lo Ci ada,
and time i an iii ;■ lo eith-
oi wlwre tlien n loyal tj to thy
"Tho whole trend • , ineiplcs
ii,. ui.v'i d, fosten I practiced in
the lodge room, . ..:'.,. leva-*
Hon ui in I ol clil on blp,
A fuml.i:,,* ' ■ perpetuation In thi memories and ideal ol thi motherland, whlel                 Lbe cherish-
,*.|  poa i<■    .
"This s«Ictj ■ -■ ■ composed
ni Englii hmed and thi  descendants, and li Of an
Englishman aa accepted bj this society Is thai ho oi his ancestors must
Iinm   been limn    in
laird, u.iit-s,
the    Isle nl Man,   A
U-      1-1,9
Channel Islands."
To (unu   ,i branch
ol    Hiis nnler
here it will be n
in in have tlio
Bignnturc ol at     :■ .1
*  -1 applicants
fm* membership anil i
!.* are tli.it
iniiiilnT    in the cily
....II be   kI.i.1
it    ilicy will call ni
send in    Uieir
names 10 mc,
M   Roberta.
It was waslring day In Uw domestic    establishment      nf    a    suburban
sportsman, and the scrvanl girl was
regaling her favorite policeman with
bread and cheese in the kitchen. Her
mistress called rrom
I isn't it about  lime
I    "Yes,  mum,"  slu
stairs; "Mary,
1 started   youc
, "I'm just filltn' the copper]
:l back   Mary, THE   CitANUltOOK    II ERA I U
Ask and insist on getting
Maple Leal Rubbers. There are
no others just as good.
The lines made for durability possess a remarkable degrees
of style, while thc stylish lines
are very durable.
Maple Leaf
\e\s     in   Septembei   and   October,
Mil I.        He found  nn slakes mi   111,
but    there   were some   N.  A. script
stakes   on 418, on    the   south-west
eornei       Tin   Halm   was for    n
acres     tiul mu  remembei  the name
oil tlte slake Also saw slake*, mi
lot 251 on lln- island, al the tinrlli-
wt-si eornei, could mu read ibe
ttber slakes, lie
surveve.1 505 for Mr. Anderson undei S. A. scrip He saw m> oilier
  ! slakes.     He surveyed  150 in
-is un (o«t .lo-oigan- nu slakes. The same nl tl
lodge in this lowu. I Anderson was wiih bim pari
lie slakiii    all   li;
has been opened now a lit He moro
than a week ami yet its rooms an*
crowded   every    night.       Everyone
whn    has  stoppeil     Uieu-  have     ouly
words nf praise fm ihe accommodation ami service. Tin- proprietor!
ilo mu propose io leave anything undone rn spare an) expense to saiisfy
their patrons and as a result tin
Cosmopolitan   has   ai    once becouu* i writing
one of  lhe  most    popul;     '   * '  -	
Kas!  Koolenay.
w hull
to Im
a  bim   i
revolutions per minute
'•"'■- if unduly increaw i
ttie Hghl   to bun, green   and
"s  wliile   iniensilv.       Tins   is
tin*  eiiLiineei    t|;,,t   lie
e Leaf
You cannol make a mistake in buying rubbers il the
emblem of t ie Dominion is
branded on them, you may if
it is not.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Selling Agents for the  West
(ailing iuii' .i
In  lakiii In
iml   l.iil  l
liisng,*    Tetllock,    „f  tli,. ,
department   ,n   the    rnllwav
lus chargo ol tlmse hrtcrwfta,
vices mill ii .is at   s,„„c |,.u„s ,„
j*"'  'R M"i''''.""'' "' nu*,.„i,
to il.,* lli'i.iki nun wlien In* i-.iii  t ,;.
Iimi .ml all aboui   ii,        Mr   -1V,|
mi Hi.ik recent!)  luvenlnl an insi -„,
■I   tl"'   im     Mating   Hi.*  accural*,   ,,(     S|„,„
iiiiiii..      in* Mimm   uu uns    giuniid   gauges  iilmh has  lie .', t     i,
nln, uas Injured    In   himself in IV uv. 1005, Iohr altei   u„. rampnn,       l„  its  , ,ii',„,
1 lunch liml'week   has   he bad    sniveled   Inr.      This applied   is    .Imp e c'nouell    I,i    Ii.-' used lull"' si   Eugene    l*..s-|i  tlie lots   .- I brown,    all child   .!„„   ,,,sm ,„„ ., ,,,,1.'    |.„,'
wen. I,,, Mi   Anderson, ami all were  i„„s in ins thinking ,' mil .,11 ,.,	
staked nn.li-i s.  \   Si-i'i|i.                  | h.,.1 i,, i,,. sent .,11.11  I., r.i|.,n    i,
 Imii I'm, Mi    Vndcrson  only.'bc tested       \..„      ,„    f,      T,
lie was ,.,„|,ln*,*d ami  |>.,„l hv     Win.   lock's   .„ .„„-,.      set   .11,     I
in.1 not nii-i-i Mi. I.IHSVI, in ti„. uial. „„. ,„•„,,,,,, „    .■*."    '
t,*i .unl h.ul   mu situ him fm    lum   in,,.
,ii* ilu. wars     It,* .i.-i.-.I s,„i|,h   .,-.  .
sim,-v„i      M      -~ -     ■ ■■'•'■
\l    \    Heal,.,  Uu* huslllng   broke,
nt Full Sl,-rl,., was ii, I,inn vcslel
.Iai Mi lli-ali- gvts liusim-ss- he
i-aiis.' In- n.„s alter It, ami what   ii
m     In'  is     I iust win l In    ami     hi:
clients i-.iii ,l,*|i, ml „|,i„i Inn,
11        / / NOTICE I!
notify ih,- ri-si.li'iits ul' Bust Koototmy thut ho litis
i nml w..ul,I cordially solicit uny rosiilonl or trnviil-
II or send for u siiinpl,. ordor (particularly liy tin-
mil uriii'ir;tnti-,-s liis ^oods _u_)oriur In nny in tin- dis.
I'ln. public are rospoctfully rotpioslotl tn visit usniul
Is nt tin
jp-s .-a-_->js->i*as._*S'S'S*5*Siii5»5*3*a
| Seven Years Ago |
_ in Cranbrook dt ue |
CI.'I.I.Kll   FROM   TIIK  g
i    UF     THAT    1IATF,  e
« ii Kit a
<i*ii ts-i-. (;-KS<*»il.M»)'
The Full s I,* li.i.nil ,.I Ti.nl
■ii 11,,' ful
, assist II
lir llrilisli Ciilini,
I'ai is Exposition
Wild llnrsc deck
unl Wuslllllli, Win
me, IVin    l'i"-l.
r Iml
Tlu,,* u
i'lu-l    li
Al lii-
lilav   I l,r
ecu  Ens
mu llllil
ii,   Vi.
■   III,'
.lllll    Wl-sl   ill,,,
imlcst,   F.    W
ll,',ll,>i     .ni.1
,,(      Nul*
I led Icy,
Ii.-.ii gunrded
astern iliiisi
iinm   Hi,
Ihr     11
1    ll,,,',.
,11 If*
lllui   sl,,|l,.,|       li
,■1   ,,|,|„,s,l,-   II.   ||
«lnc»s,  mill's Ml
s      I,,     III'
lllll.  Ill'
twit  with
I'    I'    II"      i  as   In   rmllzil - i*lInn-
ill       i     In,i,-lum     ,„   Dnnnlll      wliu li
li.u,■    lieen   tendered  p,*ii.-i-ih   value
1.        In   lhe ir i.il  ul  Hi,* lailu.u
I,   Field
.'rank Mcfal I Wanlncr,     lell
im   Y um    last week where   l„*
mil  lake  Hie slealllel   lot   lln*    A lllll
i.iiirinil lasi    week
li.ilf  ..(   ll,,'   tOWIlBlll
I was up iIn-.-.- in hi*
.,1 Im, I,-II I lus in,nu
where !„• mil meel
ll,* mil ilini go I,
illmiil two weeks am
,,    Nelson ami Cran-
Col.  IV   N.  Ill
B   fm   ('alia, I
Brayion. '
*   lasl   »,*,-k    l,,i
I remain a   feu
ll,*   will tlm,
and resume liis
ami liis many
that    l„*    will
nt tin- Lake
I,mn Monday
Hiey shipped
■Uud   -.1,1111  .
Farrell s.
is 11*11,1   llu,
■I thai
a tun, and wilh $23.50 Iol (retell!
iimi treatment ami ill Uu duly It'll,
$31.50 net per lou. The tunnel is
now in I7ii fi-i-t, and tlu- ore is
showing up wiil. Tin- force will lie.
increased lo sixteen men as soon t.a
lhe witiilici   is wni'tner.   Thev    luun
J,IIIUI   IllllS   lit   l*OI|UUI,t>*atl,lg   in,-     ou
tlu- dump uml a i*'iiii*i'iiii.um mil
prolm-hlj  I.,' erected m il„* spring.
It    is
ii  some
nnil.'   a   1
ii i
llu*   s
111,*  easl
,11     til,'
lul     II
1,.  1
iiiiWI)   in
in,; uu
1,1,   ll.i
li I
suit    11. a III,*
1   ll
III    Slll.ll
Hi,- i,,
.„!   Illl|
r   1
.'   1'
II  iri
sli,-|,l   1
charge i,
,lim, at
,   Hi,*
il mn-mg
ll„.  F,
'it  Hit
vie   M,
lililr rump
was ii
ll i
lays ih|t
i, ,i,i;
■<ii;  hii.fhih
   F.I.  .:
I..HIII.-I    .,,
Ilillnl    an
.rn,   I,I,.,».,        I'l,.   p, m-i
1,-1   lias   I,,-,I.,i    nn.Ii-n.1   luncheon   I.
Scuutoi    I ■*..   whose I'licst  li,*     i
Tins menlns  hi* mil 1,.*  lbe     ,    :
In    al   ll„*  l..u,i|ii. i   ul   Hi,*   I  li,l,*,
s,n  ol Toi  Llicrni*)  ..ml Sel, it
lllll'   KOClct)        Tin- ,,i„*    rcecptlu
111,,rl>   ,1   Mas   proposed   lu   I. II t.'l   s,
IVlltrW li.is i.,i*i, ...ll.-.I off.
-   RefwcCo
tViite .inlely Frvm Ccine 5urJdt
Hofined to Absolute Purity.
Vancouver, BRmstt Columbia
Victoria, Vvh, 17.—lu a comparatively slum session ibe commlt-tot
iiimideiiil ilmii examination of ilu
elite! (-niiiiuissiniiei and learmst all
ihai Mi Kind Kilehie knew a-lwul
iiu- matter under enquiry ,\lr. Given
as in bis liisl I'XnmiuaUoii was veiv
ft .ink iu his slateinetils and was abb
In sl.nu lhat lbe lauds sold In llu
(i T 1'. had li.-.-ii classed as ibiru
rate, and Vji|uei) iifider the I.ami
Aei at fl an acre, in selling al Hils
price i" llifti ei,iu|iauy ibi' govern
llll'lll was piiinif an eiibaneed value
Im rpason id ibe terminus Increasing
the value id all laud in lhe vieiniiv.
Mi. Ritchie deposed thai mueh uf the
land in ibe Roverumelll reserve was
as Kooil as thai snld lu lbe d.T.I'.
and wnuld beenine available for sal.
at K»ioil lujees when all lhc tei inline
was developed,' ||e said that ibe
laiids secured bv Mr. Audersuu undei   Suuth   Afriea   serip   were  nnt   sll|i
erlor tn ibe other atljoliiin« htiids,
Mr. (iarden aiuiniiniTil llial ibe only
oilier witnesses mi ihe lisi were Mi,
Bodwell (recalled). Nun. II. Mi-
Bride and Mr, .lames Anderson, wbu
v. ill he called in lhe order li.uncd,
The nexl meeting uf llw uoiniuitteo
will probably he held on Klldny
evening, Mr. Macdomvld not being
wiHinn I., re-exam lue Mr. Bodwell
until he had the Iraiiseiipl nf tlie
eMileliee  liefnit-  lum.
The Kaieii Island enquiry was resinned ni x o'clock' last nighl, .Mr.
(iarilen in the ehuir and .Messrs.
lluss, l'atlersun, .1. A, Maedniia'd
and Dr. Youug being present.
The  t-haitmaii   annnuneed   that     In-
had    asked the   ilepuly altupic}- general in    atieml   jis advisory eoiinsel  jarH| nansaeiiuu    from mini    under-
to the commit'tec. lakin^s in   .vliieb  Ihev  were muiuallv
Wiih respeei   in ibe I'cpresentallou  eoneerned.
ol  vvilnesses by  counsel,   Ml.   Mela'an       Muedmialil   Ibeii   uioml   lb.il   Alwler*
said   llial     was  in   lbe bands uf     the   Sl>„  \n. „n|,.|t.;|   t„ answei   his     ques-
committee, bui   mih  iu the ease   nf \\itn
iiiipiiiiaui  wiiiiesses' should il be al-     Paterson upheld  Macdonald's    mo-
■""■iii. tim,,
lloii.lt.    K.     (ireeu said    tlml   be'    Kuss deelared  Uial   the nml iun was
met   Mr. Morea and   Mr, Wnlnwrglil I10|    In ntder, ami in anv event
nf the   CI/I.I'    iu    Purtland in tiWi, Was iml     prepared tu   assent  tu
prinr in the election, he never    met wji'linut a reference tn ilie siieakei
any reprcseiiluVlvu nf the 0.T.I*.    in     I'.uersnn   ileelnrwl     it was up
I'luiland. Never        mel        Mr n„. elialrmnn tu decide lbe pnint.
A i isle I miii
him i Ii.i I he wan acting im _tqtne
.mv else Had kmiwu Mi \i,.|. i-.i,.
Kl| len U'.i!*. r.i|U Slie.us WUH ll.
eb.i|g.' nl lbe Kelli tt lien the. vvenl
upun bet Witness uas nevei phuu
isiil ftll] inleiesl in Un-se lands I le
did HOI kiinv. whei'O Ilnv weie t'<>im\
until   lhu   teaibn.!   K.ueti   islm.l     Mr
w.ts simpU nol Informed U.i*. nul
Up wlien di I lav*, and Mi Morse
Weie   ihere        |''hhii   the  BOU||l   In   t lie
norlh    nf Iiii 35] altmg ihr line   ol
Mm- iaihv.it  uas good-level laud
Tn Mi    Ui.ss.  vviti.es-. said  that   lhe
Renvml clwaotet "t 'he armi poi
Hon was abonl the mine as tbe sue-
routKlhig html, at least tin* soutliern
end tm two or Itnee squ.ue miles
was splendid land, alivl vvmild U'entiie
valuable  il   a   lnvviisite   vv.is isl.ibhsh
ud on ihe portion coloml pink. The
crown liiaiiis were isslh^| un his surveys, lie tlhiiiU'lii the (own wuuld
lie esiablislud ivl lire north end nl
the Island,
Vietnria,   Keb.   iti— Tbe      Kaieti   island   land   fiianl invest|gul]on    \\'1~
resiiuusl this evening,   Jaim-s Auder-
son being nu     lire stand (hitinn.    the
entire  session.       A   spal   between     .1
A. Macdouahl and W- ti. lluss, In
which tlte lal ler eame off second
besl,  wirs it lea-lure uf lbe sessi.ui.
Macdonald moved thai AnderM.n be
ordered to prnduee his liank tmuk and
stir!)   eliiipies,    Allilersnn   having      de-
eliueil   in do   anything    of ibe soil
when leqiles-Hd In _|tl sn b\ Maed.-n-
lluss np|i..sed Mautlniiahl's motion, s-avitii; be was mih nt tempting
a grand stand piny fm ihe beneJil uf
the press.
Maeilnnabl limk selimis objection lo
Ituss' eni'irth unealliNl tui jusiiiiia
1 il.n, and said his conduct should he
reprimanded bv   the committee,
This, iiiidiuib'hiHy. wus the feeling
id the maj.Hill o{ 1 lie rniuiniUre.
and tn save 'lbe situation, Or.
Young intervened with a coticlllatorj
prupnsal Whicli resulted in Maeilmi-
aid agreeing in allow the i|iicstlon tu
sland over.
Amk'i'son    was pressed In Muetlwn-, _______________________■
uld to slule what he received froni days after dale f Intent) lu apply i
Lnrsen In paymenl fur his services tbe Chief Commissioner uf Lands and
in securliiK the Kaieii Island lown-i Works fur a license tu prospwt tor
site fur tbe (irand Trunk Paeilie.      > cual and petroleum nu the following
The witness (|ce]iued tu answer, al-   tteseribexl   lands   lucated  two     miles
leglug t'hal it was impossible for lijtn   "ortli uf the I-'laihead Kiver and   one
in separate bis ilenltnes with Larsen.   mile west of the Pincher I'reek tuil
Hineet|oi|    with tlie Kaien island   in East Kootenay district:
"St'ClATl   HIWInMlS"  i.  Hi,   ,ni i   .1    Cnied   Siii-n          ( i v-lu'liml
lo nwmble uncut  Dim ids      Km  pui \    brllllune)   and   mih. run   svvtrt-
'"":V   1«al|He     ii   euiim.l   1 nulled
•■"'■I «mlj in J lh Sealed I'iiel. i i \SK   M»i !.' HltdCI It
i / \ Lip      Mx& ft
Aud a Union Made Cijiar
"Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Vou finish mu* mil, regret ami I,.'
niii aiuitlu'i* with pleasure.
Fur sal,* l,i  all pioil di-alers.
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar
148 Cordova St. W.
Vancouver. B, t'.
Notice is hereby given that tliiity.
i-Hiind,     llii
Furl laml lunl nn
ii-n isluiKl nr llie ac-
Is in Mils province,
i,i il,, uilli the   pur-
Initial l'"iist No. 1.
Commencing at a post marked tin1
suut'h-easi   curlier,  being  tin* southeast   corner ui   tlie    J. I'. Hcdding
coal    claim,    adjoining   tin* .1.    v,
Cougblin coal    claim   on Hie    east,
thenci! wesl si) cliains, thenco   north
. 80    chains,   tbence   east till chains,
ls  liiencc   suuih   st) chains to place nf
i,.  beginning,     (This claim being a fell   location of the _i. .Malllieivs location
which was a re-locatton uf a   claim
|„   (ullilerly lucau-il liy A.  Hacketl.)
J. 1'. Hod-ding, Locator.
Dated January 1st, l'jiiii."
IIUisllilMI  uf  I
Had lu.Ill,li;
chase i.f    lhe   s-lenmei*   Fern,    had   t,.rs
never been ,„, boned. I   Amlcrson agnin .leclared tin
Hun. Mr. (liii'ii ptniliii-cil lire    ap-  Imjiossible,   ami  lhc i-liairiua
plications ,,„ lilt-
Mr.    Mncdonald
ju'is in eomicctloti
iiiinci-ail   elaim on
caliil hy mu* Slims
Tli,*   clmll'inan     nppealetl in     I)
Voung, who   sahl he 'thought Amlet
snt, itilghl answer Hie i|iieslli)n witli-l Initial I'ost Nu. 2.
nut disclosing mailer   not eoiitu.ctt.il     Commencing at a pust marked the
with Kaien Island laml grfttil    mat- south-west   coiner, being the sutnli-
| west corner ol     lhc J. Vi. L'oitdili,,
I,, |„. eual claim, adjoining Uie .1. I'. Ketl-
■lii-u  "ing coal claim on thu west,   thenco
laml nn   kaien   said lie would relet tin* point t„   tl„.  north   SU     chains,  thence east    su
,I,.puii    attorney-general    win,    was  chains, tbence south 8(1 chains   thcuce
isln-il fm* ll,,- pa-  present. .vtcni su cliains to the place'of    l,c-
wiHi the "kelp"     Maclean,    Hie deputy nt'lorney-gcn- ginning.    This claim is a ro-looation
Kaien island, In-  oral, promptly replied tlml Anderson   formerly located by s. Maahews who
iniisi answer the question, oven if be   re-located Hie claim lormcrly locale
lit the Gentle Spring Time
comes the thoughts of
Improving Your Premises
Are You Going to Paint?
Are You Going to Paper?
Are You Going to Decorate?
If so, drop ia or send me a card and
we will talk it over.     There are
new ideas in colors, new designs in piper thai may
prove Interesting to
on your Work.    We do nothing but
the best and you will find our
prices right,
Painters  and  Decoraters
.Wclii,. Leilch, Nr., is ilt-scrvlng   nf    Mr. Harden said ihal  tl .tier  in hail t„ disclose matters tiol revelant  hy A. llackcll.
.1 liti'li* iiiiilse for il„* nromiii   n,.,,,-  ,*"„t„*tl ,,f IHtll ami ihe map showing in Hie enquiry. I .1. Vi. Cougblin   Locator
,-i   n,  iiliii-h In- im-i   ti„. dls.isi.ous' ' "'   original   location    anil   reserve     Ross tnnk   exception to Maelran's1   Dated January 1st', wot.
"Us ,,t it,,* in,- at lhu mill a week, should he produced. tilling, as exceeding the scope of lhe
ago Sunday,   tin llml day ll,
was n>ni|il,.icli destroyed by I
ir|,t ei«ine awl builei' nliu'li «•
ml,   ivHIiolIgh   llu- 111 tines   iiu,
sit,,1,sl     l.asi Mommy, just a
later, tin- engine and boiler n,
placed in a new location neai
tiiilioiid. a mill shed buill ovc
il,,- machine!')  placed in positii
lhe "II,, m aiul sharks moral  lo    ■ Im
new sit,*     s,fai,i was gni'tcii tip and
tl„* wlilsile blown several times     lo
cclelirale H„* victory. Consl'dering tin*
fact   that   Hi,* Idlings hail  In hi* sent
from Winnipeg, llml llie stall hail to
In* laken to Macleod lo In* straightened, that everj  pari of lhe inachin-
i.|l   hail  In he liu lul   cilelllllt  I
repaired1, tin* quick work was ., record  1,l,*,,k, I   ful   Ml.   I.nui I      Ills
corps ,,t workers, 'l'i,,* i'iai,h,*..i,k
l.iiinln-i ciimpani is like Kast Koolenay, it is nil inilil 'I'll,* mill is .,,».
iiiii now .mil Hi,' siipplt of I,iuil,ei
mil In- .iiu.il** luui, this tin,,' I,ii-
'.i .in
\  plan has been forwarded lo Mr,
IV,   T,   Hunl.   Jl   I',., lau.*   I.,   I iu*.
,,f lh,* new I,,,its,* he expects lo huilil
,,ii Hakei hill
mill'    T.
,.v i Hu*
Mr.  Koss llm,. Mr. (lreen said enquiry ami as wrong in law. I              Initial Post Nu. ;i.
— ,   ,                     "[ ■*.''''" iilanil   was Maclean 'maintained that his ruling Commencing at a posl marked   tlu
ai | nliniii i'ii,iiiiii acres,     lhu government was eorreel   ami for a few moments north-west   corner, being the north-
il,..  st.ll has a reversionary Interesl In a fliore appeaml likely In In* a   ,lea,l- wesi cottier ut the Five Metals   cual
ell  large area uf thu is'laml, and on   Hie Im-k,   when Anderson broke in    ami claim,   adjoining     thu L. U   Neleen
,,, , iiiauilati'il.     Iliey also Imvo an Inter- saul that he   would give the partial- cual claim uu the west   tint,a*   east
il,u  est  iii hind     oilier than Hint   which lars asked fur. 8»     chains, thenco suutli ku   chains
aii,   may In* siih-ilivid,-,!   as   a townsite. Anderson tlien said he had received thonco west 8U chains   thenco   nortii
md   »"!' ri'spui-i     t,, tins   itmi Hie lore- *ln,iiuii in cash in addition t„ salary 8U chains lo place of beginning   'Ihis
HM  shore lhu ngrceinonl places tin-   guv- ami expenses Irom   Larson, in    pay- claim is   a re-location   formerly lu-
•iiuiiuiii in   a better   position    than tin-ni uf his services. Dated by S. Mathews, who re-located
■ou il Imvo lieen ihu case In   dealing Pressed In* Maiiknmlil il this   was the claim   (omieily locatcil bv     I
um ordinary stnkers.     Apart  from   ail i„. had ii Iveil, Anderson I'uiallv Hackett.                                  '
be ques i   ol townsllc   ihu    land ndmit.nl Hmt lie still ret-alnwl a nne-1     Flvo Metals Mining Co    Locator
s noi nf any  practical value,   t'.ui- sixteenth     Interest    in thu lownsHe .1. 1'. Redding  Agent
Etitiiting it  a  lermiiius creates    its piupuities on tlie main land and   t
value.     H Is Uiini class laml, whiuh tliu suuth nl Kaien Island,     llu uls
is raled at SI an acre.    Tlml   price had paid survey Ices, an.l taken uvu
paid bj ,, draft purchased by Mc, coal    properties in     whicli he, wit
Dated January 1st, uniii".
Morn, and ' handed ovei lo Mr. H„,l- Lnrsen", had li
well.     When lu- spoke of Mi.   Ainlel- ing tn sonie Uv,
son Iielng an    nssoelnle of Mr. I.at- however, were ,
su,,. hu meant     working with    him. Kaien island,
ll, mm    believed ihai Mi    Inderson lim ,,| railway,
was   .i   husiiiuss    nssoclnle ol    Mr. Irom |H-I'Ihi|.s li
l.ais.ii. hut hu had un knowledge   as iiiii,.s
i iii tin* ii'ims     With relereuec In the     Anderson's   v
I trlcgrntn   Irom   Mt.  Maya    in    Mr, enneludeil mnl
Hodwell it  mis in.nu,,.l huuanse the thu nexl m-sslon
governmenl insisiu,i on bis pmduclng ^__„
evidence that  he was acllng tllroclly
Inilial Post Nu.  I.
Commencing at a posl marked the
i mleresled, amiHtnl-  north-east   corner, being tin- north-
square milt's. Tlmse,   east corner ot the 1.. ll. Seleen coal
ol  it, thu vicinity "(   claim,     adjoining the     Five Metals
ii0|.   nf i]„. projected   coal claim on the west, thenco snuih
lull     dis,ant    ihere-  **u    chains, thenee wost su    chain-,
o ut  thruu    hundred   thence north su chains,  thenco easl
su eliains to place ol beginning. This
lamination     was not  claim is    a i,'-l„i-aii,,ii, formerly Iniiiil he eoti-tlmiisl    al   cated hy S. Mallicws, who re-located
44444444444444444*44****•♦♦♦♦< >♦♦♦♦««,♦*,«♦♦♦«»
it  =
* M,
\     II      Hakei   mil     lmil.I a   sl Is,
ulldlng -Sxlfl rn   tliu hn Immediate     T
i* wesl "I ihu f',,,,,1, I, hotel, which kun
.  in ho occupied In   Mi   Suhuliuld. harlmrs Hi
f Piiiehet  C'rw'k, ivfm mil pul  in a Vancouver
crreral     s,.„-k    ,,f   g .Is     Oeorge thev gol t,
,eask has Hu* conlriiel tm  the build- cause Hiel*
Hie    claim formerly lucated hy
L. II. Sul.'un. Locator,
Daled  .luun.uy   Ist,   1IIU8.
ilium   u
Ityan ami   Morrison   are prepariig     Mr.
in iiiiild an nniiex to lhe CranbrooK uexl
hotel iii HiTiitiiniinlnte their    grenl ly Kniui
inefeitsltig   business.       The location erson
has  ,„,t   yel   heen decided on,  hut   il up a
will l,u ai some jmini convenient    in been surveying coal   claims i
ihe llolel.   Thu annex will have Iwo mainland.     Was   only mi  thu
stories .iml about  thirlv bedrooms. two bourn, landed   at  Lima hnrli,
'    I'   .it   iniiiil,.*   wuuld   THK       Kl.Kt'TltlC     IIF .111.mm*
ulu   ,, dual with nnynucl Full I.Ol'OMOTIVI'IS,       |	
,   ,      _r__-_- .   „ '""i"1 l'o»l No
ninicss   lia,I   un     Have you nol Iml ihu eleoltle h.-ad-'   (omi icing at a post marked   ll
nf Imn many deep sua compoimd engines recently put on north-west corner, being the norlli-
re were In Hie north ,,f lights now Iielng nsnl on'thu nuw West comer uf tin, Annlo Couehlln
islam. llu considered service hy lhu ('. P. It. over the eoal claim, adjo'nlng lhu Fin. li, t k
ore   limn M an acre   lie-  Crows Nest divis-i,,,,*.'    Thev    cul   a coal claim on ihe nortii   thoncn nan
also sn* I ii h- iu-   swath   of Mazing Hghl  mil  „f    the  80    chains, thonco soutli kii    ohnlns
all.*   oxpense  ul     I lip   darkness     whiuh   is  -i   lilutal   rnvela-   thence    wesl 811 uhains   Hienen in   ill
l"1'1"- K lbe .lermiiius,      Hon ,,( hidden     danger tn the engi-   8U chains to place nf licgliiiiliia   This
nuul.    whercliy  Ihe  risks  lo passing-   claim  is a rc-lucutiuii,  (uiinuilv     lo-
nlitn^l lo vanishing poinl   iis  cateil hy s. Miithews, ivh,, re-located
the elaim   lormorly 'located hy ' A
■ 4
20.000  ACRES
Valley, E.
lilko, urin
tlie huniiiifiil Kootenny
ng fnuii I'luuil Plat ti,
" per aero.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility,
Matchless Climate anri the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
nliy It,
-I,-,  llal"
ii,:' tli.-1,
uh hunl   I,
.*.       Win:
rem ha
In thu Ism
iu ni  lhu  I
PC price u
tlnoae. Including llm-
 I  uioiulow.   The
onslsl uf deep, hlnek
i, splelidlilly aijiuuuil
I"* in ssary on lho
n creeks llow-liiit limn
lnmls nro Inlfy sur.
Ii-.llvidoil Intofenecl
, » I,i.
nil In
o tlin
. which lunch
mih ihu ,:,Hi
inr ptii-lluiihirs npply to
Or to Joii.-ph Hyan, Cranbrook, B. C.
John [.,
■ask  h
as piltehi
ised lhe   1
mi  lln km*
s-t ree
1   west   n
f   tliu       Fn
Ntenle  Me
le store
nf IiiiiI cm
I.   F.   Ililuliiu P.L.S.,  wmi 111
witness.       Ih*   hail   heen mi   ,■
slaml iu    luui wilh Mr. And-   fm  as oiislructions tn II
ml Mr. Mallliews,     llml been dark nights are eoneerned.     lu   thu Hackett
n,.nth ahead nf   llmm.      Had  „hl style headltghl   there was a hig Annie Coughlin  Loealor
the   icllcclor   illuniiiia-tnl  with a pallrv J, W. Couglilin! Agent
"il lump.      The modern appliance is     Dated January 1st   iiiiiti
a silver plated  conical  reflector   Hi
iggarlli, tl,,* |,
lum, ln-dov.
•i*k lus Tolraeei
up in ., I,
, Monday nntl
i.i  homo Imppj
.   Tliey
II  Murphy
Mr. Amlcrson and Mr. Mallliews   wilh Hie eleftrlc   aru, mi the   prin- Initial Posl, No   il
l ape lain Itm.     Has only sltoot-  i-lpl.. of th,. ordinary are-light.   The     Commencing at a post' marknil  	
on Rolen   islaml; le asketl    no appltances used Uy the C, P. li.   are north-east corner, bui ,g tho   Sort f
nd will *,t ,„„*,. ,„„„„.,„-,    ,     ■"'.-..,      ui          i          K,'    '"">'  nionuiaoturod   by the    Pyle Kluetri,* east corner of the Marearc   II ,li,u
iw     tl  ,  1,11,0        i„   „-     r*'""*1    "!"!   '""sk'*K!" ?'"' ,m>'   "'•■"I'HgW Co., „l   Chicago.     Huhiml coal claim, adjoining ti,   I.   "   "S
nuuunv o,        -   s          *, Jhotiai      T    , "!■'           i     i'"",*    ""'rI', ■'V   ""'   sl""ko    st?ck   is "ml  » *mM '«n «>al ciaim on tBc north
?enf'\he ot-c,."i^rS "U"1      -          n   ,    ■ ., * us    In oifl  V'-iiu.   fet  H?tf .' "*'« 'N*inl'"i   ';<*"",,''i '"   " T"1   M cllai,ls'    "l""™ west     s.
                              l|,lk    f„  '"        "«*          I-,*  western   and  is driven  by  big essuru frum ginning.       This claim    is,,i   "!-],» ,.
Merll   generollv  wins suuiuss    mul  "Sl   3 m leel   IH_*      ' iK' J-   ,'"' l"*H\'1-"    A'" Z,A'"7"    '"" '•""''or,crly located by S. Mathews
the   t'„s?,„,,„,lita„   I -1    whud, I  s  s         level land    mi the JJ,     ,,,;      "' v",v,m, *'»' '"W'"1'" «'."'s     o wlio   re-located the   claim lormcrly
"     s  .,' ',      ' ',,  ' ' ,V" F'T" '""-■   Hie polos "I Hm 'rame carrying   the located by A. Hackett.
ltd nul su.ley aH the land grant-1 carbons, which are   Incused  in    the, Margaret Redding'  Locator
Wilh   the .1. P. Itnlding, Agent,
the dynamo Dated January 1st, lllUli.     «-6t
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦«,♦♦♦»♦♦♦» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦#^4J^iJ JJJ*
.W..HM-1-I-|*I-1-MI*|.|.M'M! Ill 1*1*1 l-l-l-l-I-I-I-|-1-I-I-1-|. M-H
•M-M-1-M-l-1-1-1 I-I-I-l-l-l- l-l-l-1 I I I 1 -I-I-IH-W-I-H-I-I-I-H-M-H.
| The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
n    •
iii  the
all   ami
live   js
of Iiu
Tlie h
hv   llu 	
an  nl lu' llieli.T P.       Ilo surveynl 413  ccn-tef  of Uie rcdei-tni*.
,nt uud  III.     llu made lhe taller   snr-  normal sleam   prcssuro
|| ■
H-M-H-4-H-M-M-J-H-M"! W-M-t-+ I-^!-H-H^-+-M4^+W-l4+


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