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Cranbrook Herald Sep 14, 1905

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• f ■ ■ .-
■_    SEP 13 MM     *]
VOU! Ml.   S.
I'llAMtUOOK,   itltlTISII   COLUMBIA,    lilt ItsliAV,   SEPTEMBEB    11.    1905.
MM II KB  25
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000 Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
B. E. WALKER, 0 ral Manage,        .yi | \  LAIRD. Ami Oml Malum
$5 mnl under . .1 Cfnt|
Over $5 and nut eiceetllng S10    6 cents
"   *u>     " "       *3o   .,     iu corns
LABOR DAY FINALS     LfemiS;  .,„■,	
THE   COMMITTEE    CLOSES   IT hS^^^.'   '"'"'"' '
THE WORK IN A BUSINESS       Simon   ilndiam   Indian pony,
Sophie (si|,,a„ , u-pee builultig,
_n im
),, 1111
10 (in
fi nu
These Ordei
iVul a
Pay iil.lv ill I'm- nl
,'|,ll'.ll.  a
'  pi
S50 is centi
I."' In liiniulii ,,t .1 Chartered Hank
ing point, in the United Mi.i.s.
They form mi excellent inuthiikl of remitting small sums
with sally itiij 1,1 Htmill cost,
ti money
F. C.MAI. PAS, Mgr.
^i<._<i»_ili.MitiHlMiniiH<.M._l(l 'Mim-lil,
; i
; ■ S
* Deposits of $1 .ind upwards received and interest al- *
j lowed from date ol deposit at highest current rates and *
I compounded half yearly. J
S I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      I
j S
5 *
WHY7 ?oithe; y,r
'flit • friends tor
personal bonds when a
small  premium  paid to
\lTff I I avoid doing so.
VI 1L.L.9 The   United
States Fidelity and Guarantee
Coy's bonds are unequalled.
The commit tee In ehatgc ol the
Labor Day oelehrallon mel last Kn-
laj evening awl nftet a long session
closed lhe books and ibe business con'
uected wllh Laboi Day nnd passed
uui ui existence During tbeti tenure
ot   i.itiii- Mu) met   utn.ui ten times,
.ltd  ,i   poWel    ..I    WOClC,   sacrificed      a
.■t, .ii deal "i person*! lime (torn theii
bus in >._, .lut all in theii powei ta
make Ihe day .1 success, and quit
with some lew complaints, very little
ciiHHliig, ami the unbound lug satisfaction ol knowing thai thell united el-
forts bad resulted in giving Craubrook
the biggest day evei seen in Kast
Kootenay. ll White, tli** secretary,
imt all ihe aecounts in readiness inr
iho meeting, the various hills were
audited, the receipts submitted iu |
detail shape, nn.l all business disposed
ol tlie same as ll it had been a business house closing its career and set-*
iIhik iis accounts. Following is tho
report ol the committee which they
desire to submit tu the public as they
were handling Hinds given by the pub-
lie, They have done this so that
the people may know oi every cent of
receipts and   every cent ol expend.-
t it
.M-.ri.in i ..|ta.v i t. pet b ill Iiiii*
i,d i 00
It     11     Rob i: "■      i li ■ ■
Is! 2 *
V   A, Nelson   chopping   Had lu im
T    E    Murphy,    tie making,
1st 45.011
Th..'.   Voung, in* making, 2nd 2	
Tfios   Voung, sawn g,  1st 88 00
M   l.tiiiiqui it, lawlns   In i W* 0b
E   l.    Langln,   loa lini   Ion -
1st „ Li' hn
-I   Poster, |i».iJiii>4 logs,  -nl       i I
I.   t.   Langln    loading   Met
and i'     special 15 f>u
K   Rablchaud, drilling,  lal       150,1
1      ti    Evans and   il, Urny,
drilling, M
W. M. Harris, i mile o|ien loot
race, 1st .
A. Klwell,   A   mile open    lool
Tbe .otiiiniiti'. on
Labor Day     de
sn. to make its report as Follows;
Following are the
receipts by sub-
scrlptlon :
1''. .1. Dickinson $
Craubrook Hotel ...
U. J. McSweyn 	
li. S. Aikius 	
T.  11. Stark 	
IV.  F.  Uurd 	
J.ntnry Hii.laiir.int
Perry At Fitzgerald
A. .Miller 	
Imperial Bank 	
W. Harrington 	
t, 11. Miles 	
20 Oil
W. Cllne   	
j 111,
S.  J. Mighton 	
.'usniopolnati Ho,ml
1, I). McBride	
llill  _i Co	
['. Hums A Co. ...
20 00
Craujrook Cooper
ative .Stores   	
Q. at tie ..   Atchison
A. c. Bowness 	
11. T. Hogers   	
Hugh Stewart 	
iniiv 1                ■   ■
,1   1 ■
.   .          \     iii,,,,,,,
■      i
A Friend
Harris 11ms	
Peter    Malheson  ...
Patniure Hros	
Canadian Hotel   ...
Queens Hotel 	
lbe Canadian Bank
of I'onimerce 	
I Heale & Klwell 	
' A    I,.  Mi'Drrinot ...
Clapp    ,y    Rollins
(Wentworth ll'tlt
! Mikini.o,.  A   John
McCalllim A  Co     .
C    la    Haul A   Co
Manitoba  Hotel
trnold a Roberts
W.   II    Wilson
John Hutchinson a
u !■' la,,' ,v Son
l.l   y   Harvey    .     .
A  Kri n.l
II   S   Ilai. ni
iw.iil Bros
I    «   Wilson
,1     MaAlilllll   .
i Fink tiros. .   .
|K    IlialJeiias     .     .
I'rnntirook Hakei,
n i H'ordcn ...
n .,,, A Doile
Paul Hundley
The Herald '
The   Piospaen,,
s   \   McDonald    .
li   n   Curl Is ..
I    li   \ iiuiii-.
15 1)0
5 Oil
15 00
10 00
50 mi
in Ull
II, an
l^^«^yg^«^^^-1^^^^^**^***«r¥i 't''.:'south
i i; P Tlsdalo   	
., —.  mi   VI. Thompson   ,
jit   K. McLean   .  .
.*  .*  "1   II E .-.  _< ! King and Own
Clapp a   McDonald
(M'l ICI \N    **   .«
(_S     V   Hid,- Hakei
fy Id,  vi. s. imi
.1    II   Mill.
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
5 no
In 00
5 Ini
1 nn
I ill.
.1 III,
_ fill
5. Oil
In uu
I,, no
r, nn
111 llll
', III)
I llll
2. Of,
15 01,
_ nil
D.  Avels, n
ll   \. McLean,
jump, 3ml
K      McCoiincll
'nlng broad jump,
i, fiiuniJig "i ,i
running   lilgb
nuniM      lull
.:, nn
Hi fin
in on
I nu
li   a   McLean    run
jump, 3nd l "
Robt. Patton, boys  race nnilei
IB, M     .......... i,.i,o
Si,l,,ei  Kim,,, boys' undei  in.
and        s.uo
Miss C. McC'i ell, girls' race
un ler If,,  1st        n.Oii
Miss Clladys Oasklll, girls'
raee, under  10, 2n.l       3.011
Thos, Hughes, (at man's una,
1st        li.On
I. J. Baxter, fai man's raee,
2nd      3-00
0; Manahan, union man's race,
20-.15,   1st        10.011
li. A, McLean, union men's
raee,   2n I         5.011
Thos. Hughes, uui,in man's
rac. 35-16,  1st      10.In,
P Dallas, union man's race,
36-16, 2nd       5.O..
Carrie Moore, gilts' raee under 10. 1st      3.00
Florence Wool, girls race under  10,  2nl       2.IIU
Wilbur Cory, boys' raee, under
10,   1st       3.0H
H. lliclienbothen, boys' race
under  10,  2nd       2.On
D. A. McLean, high pule vault,
1st     lO.O.i
F. Lewis, high pule vault, 2nd     LOO
G. Manaiian, putting the shot,
1st   lo.fiu
Q. H. Mcliiarinid, pulling   the
shot, 2nd   5.00
D.   J.   Elmer,    Movie,  lug of-
war, 1st   35.00
It. J. Black,   Cranbrook,   tug-
ot-war, 2nd  15.nu
W. H. Wilson, cup nn.l medal. 20.00
V?   F. Tale, silver cup 20.01,
Total  510,16.Ou
Moyie Leader, advertising ...$ 5.00
Fernie Free Press, advertising 3.00
Fernie Ledger, advertising ... 5.75
Jas. McEvoy, Fernie militia... lOO.Oll
Chas. Graham, Cranbrook band 50.un
W. J. Walsh, work on grounds
It day)      3.00
J.   II.   McDonald,   livery hire
looking tor rock       4.00
John Elliot, work on grounds
2| days      7.50
I'he Prospector, printing     10.00
The lb-raid, printing     47.00
Joseph   Kerr,   (J. Tl.   McD.),
Foil,aving are receipts at gate. etc.
: Mis. Evans, rent of
I   booth and license.S     86.00
11'   M    Iiimii, rent
ol booth and lionise  10.00
I Caie Receipts       1172.75
liriind    Stand   Receipts         72.25
Hadii- Sales         27.15
 1   817.1
cntting tle-timbci
K   J    Bradley,   Bannci
A.  J. Samp,    wurs   ,», [enco
lor Hunter 	
Chas   Hake,, wmi, on faliee [or
II    A    T.i.'lel.     work    iiii faliee
Uii   Hunter   	
Geo. Hunter, work and lumber
lor fence    	
.1. D. McBride, pipe ami lutings	
Da/all Bros., hauling paraphernalia. 	
Perry A Fitzgerald, draylng
(rock uud tie timli'i)   . .
Mi'Kilinon A Johnston, 10 Iii
Vi       K.    Wordeti,    worl	
grounds, sprinkling, etc. .. .
T. ,1. Doris, work on grounds..
A. Paterson. work on grounds
.1. KlTiott, work ou grounds
II. White, stamps and bunks,
hoys fm selling badges, boys
lor putting up posters    .   .
.1. A.  Arnold, selling tickets.
S   Morrow, selling tickets
It.   McNeil, gale keeper  	
Thus. Hoyt,',, gale keeper 	
Fred Haines, selling tickets,
grand  slnnil  	
A, .1, Dralli-v, taking tickets,
grand stan.I   	
J   P. Fink, expenses to Fernie
F, E. Simpson, expenses to
P. McDonald, plumbing hill ...
%   khii.iiiiJI.   White,  services as   secretary 	
deary * Doyle, saddle horse
Paul Handle)', liver)' 	
Patmore llriis.,  Iin box 	
.1. Foster, getting logs (initialing   	
Match   IRepati'inQ j ■
Wc make a specialty of „.„„„,..,
Total Receipts  $1697.15
I Cooperative Stores, best mer-
I   chant's float  $ 15.00
Oro. Leiteh, best dressed lumberman's tloat     15.00
A. Shankland,   union besl ap-
piaraitce, B. R. C. C    25.00
. ,    ,       w-T, .1. It. McDonald, union largest
kind.     When we repair  yourj   representation,   Carpenters...  25.00
watch or clock we do it otJ8 gtJW2 Lumber ('°- bwl    , ftn ,.   ,.      ,,.,,,
|   draft team       5.00 ligations to the district  press     and
THOROUGHLY llV«Mc%d'.«^ar?e.In,umbK   5oo!wlshos ,0 llia"k   ll,c fVl"ie Krec
j" n_l™t_L.t£? mm'    iM  P"»8 »"d Fernie Ledger, the    Moyie
:i iw
1 60
I ail
13 f!l
12 r
3 01,
In nn
in no
I ou
Toi.il dlsliurscmctits  1178.15
Surplus     S210.00
The committee wish to ilmnk Superintendent Erlckson, Chief Despatch-
er Cbiidlelgh, Station Agent Hllller
and J. S. Carter, District Passenger
Agent, for their efforts in behalf of
tbe committee, their uniform courtesy
and the labor they performed In advancing the Interests of tbe day. The
committee feels that 11 is under   ob-
Respectful), submitted,
,1 P. F,nk. Pres.
II While, Sec'y
s McDonald
1 Horns.
.1 II   McDonald
V Rollins
l: 11   Small
tt Flowers
A Sluntialii,
'1 ll   Hillilil.
!■' E  Simpson,
Members ..1 the Com
(Moyie l.iadei i
Moyie won the hul. ami hub race
.Hoy ia w,,i, second money In tl.-.-
Iiilllng ci in si
Moyie won in tie tu_ ol wai
Moyie won second money In the
chopping conlest,
Moyie wm, first money in lbe run
nlng broad jump
Moyie won thp union man's race.
Movie won first money iu the f.,,
man's raee.
Movie was "there like a duck "
Movie was sitli.slie.t
it was a big celebration and a g""l
celebration.     It brought people Irom
all parts „[ lho district together	
n I,-,,.Is mai there Unu day who bad
not s.'.-n each other for years. There
wen- probably n aii) 1,000 people in
Clan'nook The prl7.es were gu,,l
aid ihe spotts were clean. Moyie
Mini,11 out nearly ,'lllil .strong
n,ne weie sorry that iiiev went
Some (el, so good they sang all lhc
way borne
(Fernie Free Press.)
Over three hundred persons Irom
Fernie look in the Labor Day excursion tn Craubrook on Monday ami a
must pleasant lime was spenl bv all.
The Kasl Koolcnay Rifles, lifiy-six
strong, attended nml look purl in the
parade, wbieb was one of the principal features of the celebration. Al
the conclusion of ibis event a military
raview by Cnpt. McEvoy took place
u'nr the station and tile rill,'„„•„..ivo,I
through lhc manoeuvres wllh greal
credit in themselves and their ollieers.
The business men of Cranbrook were
well represented in the parade. The
ibKits w,re liiiili numerous and lieauti
There are a Thousand Reasons why You Should
Buy Good Goods
will carry the largest
slock Uus winter we have ever had.
Including man) new lasts, also  many
The Herald is making arrangements
to issue this year one ot the mosl ar-
t'istle annuals ever put out in ihis
part of the country. Ii will have
from forty to sixty pages, and will
bo constructed nn different lines than
any previous efforts of this paper. It
will be in magazine form, something
like thc Ladies Home Journal, convenient to read and of handy size to
mail, and will be jusl the kind nl a
review that the people of the district will want to send away to
their Iriends. The paper will be Issued on December 11, nearly two
weeks before Christinas, and in
ample time for general distribution
for thc Christmas trade. There will
be 8,000 copies issued, no more and
no less, and those waniing copies
should place their orders in ample
time. The advertising rales will he
reasonable, and as a medium lot advertising tor the merchant, Ioi the
rial estate man, lot lhe hotel keeper,
for the lumber manufacturer, none
better can he found. It will be a
paper that will be a power for doing
good for the town ol Cranbrook, fur
every lown In thc district, and lot
the dislriel as a whole. Tie Herald
has a well earned reputation for duin-;
things well, regardless ol the cost
Thai reputation will not suffei by
ihis* year's annual, li will Ik* lhe
best. This fact must he born m
iniint hy lhe people. We are starting
early to give the people the best
product In the newspaper line thai
the district ean produce. It Is go>
inn to cost a lot ol mnnej - Cloml
things always do. We are willing to
spend thc money, for sooner ni Inter
it comes back iu the reputation given
the Herald i.u doing things right ami
for working fot lhe best interests ol
the district.
and guarantee it  to Ko accur- F  J. Bradley, hose reel, wet r^s "~/TV,«      ,
...I.     r.lv. „. , ,.l,l   ,.,,1  L.I   l«t, Cranbrook  ...„.,..   HloN« »"<< ">« Nelson News foi
An Herald representative visited
Marysville last Tuesday, and says
Uiai Marysville is going ahead right
along. The smeller is running' da)
and night without a hitch. A m-w
Hume is being constructed owing to
ilie fact lhat thc Hume used last
year was difficult lo keep open, being
above ground. The new Home will
lie an underground one. Some 00
men will be employed on ils eon
st rue tion. The merchants report
business good and Mr. Clayton, the
postmaster and townsite agent, says
lhat the sale of lots is good and that
the post oflice business is increasing
every day. Mr. Chenette is putting
a large addition tu the Royal hotel,
whieh will give him a fine billiard
room and a number ot additional bed
Economy and Comfort Appeal to all Thinking Men.    (loot! Goods
Make Store-keeping Easy,    We Try to Get tbe Very
Best Article Manufactured in Its Line,    We
Pay Spol Cash, so We Iluy at the
Lowest Price.
nvictus Shoes
We   will carry
lock ihis winter   we havi
.eluding man) new lasts,
eavy weight   f< I wlati i v
Carrs' Mackinaws
Every one who has worn a
Cars Mackinau knows there is noih-
Ing made to even compare with ibis
article, they shed water like a raincoat and wear like Iron
Stetson Mats
Everybody    sells    Stetson
Mats, but   we   carry a bigger stock*
than an)  one   in  East   Kootenay so
yon have a mure complete range    to
choose In
tZisendrath's Gloves
They are made out ol
Cordovan and arv ile bvst glove nude
I", wet weather, we have them in all
weights fiom Ihe lightest to Uw
heaviest weights, also tne mitts tor
wearing oiai  yarn r;;'.:s
VV. fl. & R. Collars
Shamrock Collars
lln- two besl collars manu-
factured, we have them in all sues
and all heights, the latest styles.
Our Absolute Guarantee; "A Dollar's Worih ior Every Dollar, or
Every Dollar llatk."
:: Provident Savings, Life As- ;«i
surance Company
U an investment combining
Protects your family and should you sur-
vivo thu term of insurance your money
is returned to you with bonuses, equal to
if not indeed higher than what you
would obtain by placing the saine amount
in the bank.
See Us For Rates
! Insurance and Real Estate Agents
««♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦♦«♦♦««««-> **********************
Fresh, Pure, Drugs
in our pharmaceutical labratory, WE MAKE all of thp
Tinctures, Elixirs, Syrups and otlmr preparations used in
our prcKcHption work, INSTEAD OF BUYING THEM
READY MADE as druggists who do not possess our fac-
iliiii'a nre compollcd to do, Consequently, we G-UARAN.
TEE purity anil fn'iihiK-ss of every proscription ingredient
ately.   Give us a trial and be
Wm. F. Tate & Son, iS'Si
Ollicial Wutc.li Inspectors Crown Most Pass Division, (J. 1', U,
s for the
Mr. Nell, at thc Falls View
11    .   cloiliiit,   hub and hub, I cordial support extended the commit-' """■''    ^   ""H business is betier
Moyie   25.00  .,,.; a„,, „„.,„„ the commute wish™  Ua" e™ bl',"r'' 1"a    Mr' Jollnso"'
Moses   (Indian)   J mile open, to tbttnk ,j,e business men ol    Cran-   »'  ' |c tentral, is coiitc.,i|iiatli,R   anl
horse,  1st   40.00 i.      ,  ,     ...   ,.,     ...    .    ,, addition to his hotel.     Marysville is
A. Doyle,  . mile open, horse, 11"'ook ,or """' l«"™lu! '" llc   way   gol„„ al,rad ^.^ it has a p(,r„u„. .
2nd   20,00 ,of contributions, and lheir kindness In  cm. industry and has a population ol
Francis (Indian)) . mile pony, I joining lo make lhe parade such     a  Eun-head people. [
(1.,V,      .     .- ..... M.tMalm;aU«'j     , Ill.-.-ti,._.   ■
"'  ivas then 1.1' '1,
NEWS   OF   the:
anion was posted an.l
a ill was then i.l' ihat lb,t,- 111111I1I he
J" ,s,,n,e difficult) althoueh no one out-
Q .side those iinniedialelv  it, touch
59»*Sr**5i3_S .■.: MiV.V.-...I1-s-3»
(Krom Ihe LciIrci I
Mr. and M,s. J. It. I'ollock n-lurneil
Iroin Portland and olhci Sound .nam
Monday evening.
llr. Iliggins has movcil bis lamily
{mm his lale residence on Victoria
avenue lo lhc postofUce block.
|.;il„,,t Klrkpatrick, ol litis olllce,
met with n painlul accidcnl on Sal
urday, ono ol his Hn_ s i'"'"-
crushed In ., lob press.
His   Worship   Mayor   Slurk,    11
Stork and Uastci Stork arnv.sl b.,i
Horn   the  coasl    ycslerday   i-vciUng
brinclng wltb them evidence "i   sail
s.-ii braizes In thuli laces.
Owing to irequcnl Ores It has bee,,
suggested ibat Fcrnie« »■'""' '"'
changed to Furnace.
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Staeblei arrived   Irom   Ontario yesterday   morning
aud   are   stopi | Willi Mr. and Mrs.
A. c. Liphardt. I host ol liicuds
welcome them hack in Fertile and arc
hoplnB they will make this thell
).',  II.  She ill,  president,  and     P,
Patterson, vice president, of the t'nlt-
i,l     Mine   Workers ol   \ rica, have
fiiinplutcd an an uigeiiieiit Ior thai
9rder with lhe Coal company ut
Bankhead, Albcrla, ivhich is to U.r-
iniii.ii.' .il lhc same time as the con
tract between thc order and lhc
flows Nasi Puss Cual coiiipauy.
Messrs. Sherman and Patterson .,,,
now at Frank,
Messrs. T. ll. Proctor, 11. E. Mac
donald and M     Holt, ol Nelson, ami
U     II.    I!    A.   Im   i'l ilia,   III        Hull
null ami J, S. T. Alexander opened
Iho shooting season al Crows Nasi
landing las! week. Five bags ol
game were brought down and lots uf
long tniihi.il i s mi.    imii.    The
i,nn,„.i,ls report ilia watei in llml I,,
caltty in exeelleul cunditioii fot b.nli-
■ .»ii-s-a>.us _eeag-»9tM*rai»y
linn-uga college and Ma) uill go li
the academy?
Di 0 r Iliggins came up Iron
Ferule last Sunday wltb Ins wile
and returned Monday.
.1. I-'.. Clowe has just linislied cut
ting and pulling su tons et hay o
ll. Cameron's ranch near .Swans,'.,.
M,s |,'nii,i„„i. ,,i Nelson, and Mrs
Iliggins, ol Fernie, aro here on a visit Igra
ruesls oi Mr.
inspected it would take lhe shape it did J
At  that  meeting Ihe millers voted to
strike,    ihe mine was elosisj down.
Ulu iv, ilie fust town established in the Pass, held its fust celebration Siiiui.iav. Blairmore had been
wanting In celebrate all summer Inn
bad n,.i |iii-,,oi,slv been able to pul
lbe desire into eftccl Finally tin
old's circus happened along, oi Ilu
agcul ,.i ii did, and advertised to
piny ihe town that day. That furnished an Inspiration and the oppor-
,,„„H   ,1.1s sai/,.,| up,,,, ,MI,|  ii,,.   ,.,.|,_.
bral  was liana,il, arranged    F,
; weather, llie circus and a n.,.sl   pi
ports, made iin- day a sue-
l Mis. I', vss     rn,. circus was the Important
j! .itute      Ii was mi, ,, liu .lll.lli inn
house is, whal   lb,-,,'  was ,,,  [j   was ito.st   and
(From ibe Free Press.)
Six hundred and ninety dollars were
taken   in     by the  city from   police
eourl    fines   during    lhc month     ol
Leslie Mills ami his aunt, Miss
Maggie Mills, lefl [or Portlaml today lo sec tin, fair. Miss Mills will
thenee proceed lo her home in New
Key. A. Iiimii lelt tills week to attend a Presbytery mecllng at Green-
yvood. Knox church pulpit will b,
occupied on Sunday In- Hev. il. Find-
ley, ol Fort Steele.
Mrs. Elizabeth Watson, yvldow ol
the late John Walson, ami mother ol
F. 'J. lin.l 11. 0, Watson, of Uils city,
died al her home in Toronto lown
ship, Peel,   Unl., on Wednesday     ol
tills  Week.
Arch. Farquharson lefl mi Sunda)
for Wisconsin on inisim-ss conneoted
wllh a   deal tor some limber limits
Oil tlie Wesl side of tbe Elk. Thos,
limits weti' cruised by cxpcrls recently and were pronounced lirst-elas.s.
Prol. lloruiday, who arrived lasl
week from New York to hum up Hn
Klk valley was nee panicd by .1. It
Phillips,   who lias made many SUCCCS8-
lul expeditions into thai country alter
rare gnu,,.. They expeel lo lemaii
here about a month.
lioss In,,'bar, and Hobischaud lum
rommenced ibo excavation for lbe new
Queen's hotel, iiu- ncu building ml.
be of concrete blocks purchased Irom
II. Olillaiid. Tlio building will be
110-58, ib,,-,- storeys high, with ,,
basemen I under lbe whole ol ii. It
T. Sims „ill oversee lie work, which
Will   I.a   Ml   b.ll   1.1   COIliplctJlUI   .,'■   Mill,
as possible.
Tlia work on lhc foundation of   ihe
Frco I'm  i block iva. cum .,-.1    ,„.
Tuesdav. Tlia bnseiilenl nails n iii
I..- lunl, ol solid .'"lie,,■„'. 'lia
foundation will hi plncctl upon the
gravel la I . 11 around, awl at the
In.ul i nd  'ia   m i,an Icen I,-at  below
Hie  JolStS  ,,,   lhe  111   I   II.a,I.       Messrs.
Hell and Fnripil arson are ovcrseoing
lln- work, A : naiii i i,i man an
already at work ui ■!,, crutniil nianii
laoturing com ri ti •■' - ■ The blocks
aie of a new desij a aa inches lone:
These nun will immufacturo il„"
hliK-ks a day ami tlu huililing will re
quire 0,000 bio, I
(From tbe Leader.)
li .1. Johnson was up from 1'ian-
hrook yesterday.
.1. Atwood and Miss Atwood arrived home to-day,
Born—Sunday, to Mr. and Mrs. I'
Conrad, a daughter.
II. A. Ayres' sister is here on ;>
visit from Colorado.
Born—Thursday, to Mr. anl Mrs, ll.
H. Dimock, a daughter,
The force at lbe Ann,la has been
increased to clghl men.
Born—Thursday, t" Mr. and Mrs.
I.ec Ciinncdy, a daughter.
P. G. Itoiilh has tendered bis resignation us Bccrclary of lhe Movie yval-
cr company.
James Cronin went to Spokane this
week and took his Iwo oldest children   with   him.      Jail,   mil attend
il are Hi
.1. McMahou.
.1.  S,   MaeKiii'lii'ln's  new
pretty in design an.l will present   ajb.-lng lhe insi circus that
splendid   appearance when completed, the pass, it drew a,,,si attendance and
I, will soon In- read) t„ occupy.        was enjoyed.
John Fltzpatrlck and It. Whlteslde,| —♦	
boll, of Ilulull,. Minnesota, have been
looking over the null and Umber limils of the Movie Lumher company,
„hi, a ,jew ,,, purchasing,
Th,. Movie millers' union has made
,„, mistake in electing II. II. I>i„„,el
,i. nil Mie responsible position ,.( i'm-
aiieiiil secrctnry. Harry is capable,
conscicnlioiis anil is a-'di|iloinat when
n eiimi's to handling labor problems,
\. 1. Franklin has disposed of lhe
furniture, fixtures nml nm-l will    >>i
Ms h.-nln-r shop in Movie to Miss  lil.i
I.ind,•II. uhu eame bere recently from
Spokane.      Mr. and    M
bale in,I  vet decided wh,
uulv Iri
ihe Times )
 f ih,. c
( Harry Howard
:.„„,|,olii,iu holel,
i thai be is dan
v-ill learn Willi r
g-rousl) ill with ■,;,,, ml ,, i. j-
Tuesday M McKcilZic, „i M.e.
was it, Joyvn oi, business. Mr.
Kell.'ie i.s  vclj   likely   lo  l»-  llle ■:
anl hearer „i ibe Liberal   parly
'be   Maclcod    Biding at ibe em
Franklin election.
hay will ;    Cob-in
: I. lilrtinu
enjoying quite
The   new     selni
Thc Cranbrnoli people know the
value nf printers' mk. For their
I.ab,,i Daj i eli -brail, m every news-
papel in lbe dislriel was given an a.i,
ivhich was paid tor iu lulvtince, an.l
,,ii life ilai of tb,- celebration then,
was nothing too   good lor He visii-
illg editors.
Following is llle les-ull of lhe electa.a wbieb wns held by tlie Movie
.liners' Union lasl Saturday :
Um   .1. Fcllhaiu—President.
\   A   McDonald—Vice-President.
11   II. Dimock—Financial Secretary
Alas. Chisholm—Hcc. Secretary,
.loltti Blackburn—Treasurer,
i'l,ns. Summers—Conductor.
Itnilp Summers—Warden,
Executive Committee—G. A . M.
Viuiiig,-Juhii McDonald,. Kd. Walshe.
Tha union has i, membership of nvel
i,„, mnl is in splendid eon.Iii ion flniiti-
(From the Frank Paper.)
A new regiment of militia for Alberta has been authorized.     It is to
b- I in, as lhe ir.nth Alberta Light
Horse, it will he commanded hi
Major James Walker, uf Calgary, and
will hnve .'inn men.
Keitli Whilusler, for so long with
Chambers A- Grady, and later with A.
F. Grady, has severed his connection
with thai institution and is now in
charge of liie supply store of thc coal
loin,tuny al the mine.
James Pouporc, of Poupore and McVeigh, of Blairmore, received the sad
intelligence last, week of the death by
drowning of the son of his brother,
lhe It,,,,. W. J. Pouporc, of Montreal.
Mr. Pouporc has not learned as yel
any uf the details relative to the un-
fo, litiiale occurrence.
The Liberal nomination convention
lo select a candidate to represent
'bm part) in the I'incher creek riding in llie coming elecllon of members
a, ibe first provincial legislature, was
liebl at Cowley last evening. It resulted as bad been expected would be
ibe easa, in the nomination of J. J'
Marccllus, ilia Dry Fork rancher.
'I'ba extension nf llie water main
up Gold creek to aftord greater prcs-
suro has been coiiipleled and lo-i -
low and next day the connection will
be iiinili' by Cont.raetoi Moilno. Klse-
whero notion i.s given thai lhe water
'.iill la- tniii.d oil Friday and Satin
lay for ihe purpose. The new hosel
bas arrived; ibe reel is here, and alter
Saturday, therefore, Frank uill have
iin- protection.
Thursday „1 lasl week, lhc Uev.
Murray, Presbyterian minister, I). M
Sullivan, clerk a,  the Western   Mer-I
bnisa, a fine structure, iwo cottages
I.n Messrs. Povnh mil Powell; Alex.
Cameron's new block; the liistiliitlnii-
ni church ,„i I several mi ■ buildings,
Mi. .ml Mis c p. Ilili. „i Uill
crest, arrived home from the cast
The Pass towns ware well represented  .11   the  Lille,al  convention     a,
Cowley mi Wednesday a lull delegation going lion e.nii place. !.. ICribs,
A, N. Lang ami A. Goyett, representing Frank; (I. Benedict, 1>. .1
Melntyre and A. Cameron, representing Coleman; IV. A. Beebc, Main>
Pellelicr ami II. .1. Matheson representing Blairmore; D, O'Neill and I,
Gincnla, representing Lille while Hubert C ..ly, of Ilall.,,na, represented
that place.
This week has done much ," deal
the atmosphere politically as all convention lights me nuw over an.l llle
three parly candidates in ihe Held.
• I. 1'. Mareelliis, of Fisllbllln, has
heen nominated as ihe candidate ot
lhe Liberals, F. II. Sherman, the representative of labor, declares thai
hn is in the light to stay; while lasl
evening llie Conservatives made thell
Una! selection of a candidate. Too
late, however, for us to secure his
name before going fo press.
(From thc Outcrop.)
Manager R. It. Bruce of the Para-
disc mine, lelt uu the Ptarmigan
Monday morning (or Manitoba to look
alter his land Interests there. Mr
will return to Wilmer in about threi
Mr. ami Mrs. Thomas Martin wen
made happy on Thursday evening.
August 31st, by the arrival at llieii
ranch, west of Wilmer, nf a bouncing
baby hoy Unit tipped the scales at
lu_ pounds.
Wm. llaupt and M. McMillan arrived in town from the Tccuinseh mine,
where Ihey hnve been taking out ore
Thoy are now preparing to build a
cabin al the mine and will get eye,,
thing iu good shape lor working next
Mr. Thos. Slarbird was down from
his ranch, knuwn as "Blowlly," lasl
wivli and made a pleasant call at Th,
Outcrop Palace. In the course of a
conversation be mentioned thai a
pari) oi (iiiiii.a m,,,ic,in a had beei.
admiring bis- fruit trees ai Blowlly.
Innocently enough The Outcrop man
asl,,,I: ")'oii really have some Irull
on your trees up tliere, lllcu'.." Mi
Kiarbltd smiled and said;
"Voll ala liellt. Voll ean jusl
hat Uial I ban. fruit ou my trees up
there. Anl ,, you don't believe ii
come up .iii.l sec for yoursell.       As
y.i, I ,i   I  planted s, ■ trees ion,
yeais ngo, an.l so ninn) people came
laloug an.I laughed al nie an.l told me
I tilial  ii  I grew   apples up thero thai
I lhe pev,   cxpcditlnli  lo the  Norlh  Pole
should lake along a cargo nl trees im
'"■' planting in ease they reached there,
l':,i ihal  I l.all,  began to Ihink I uas ex-
bridges between i'rauk and Blairmore.jpectiug   Ion   much nl   ihat aliunde.
In lain ihey pleaded ignorance   that|However, I  worked nw
ibe   acl,on   was unlawful
'■an,lie company's store here,
Wilcox, hoisting cngineei  foi
teiuiiiioiiiil company al Colon
summoned before r In-   miigislratc for
tiding   taster     Iban a walk
I lanli'
--■-■" —....'„,',, briH?;..^S'iar:,! ..;.,,;,.v...':;■
Ihey were found guilty and each  ono plant mole.      Por young   ir.-i's they
fined u dollar   nta\ costs, amounting I urc bearing   wrll.     A few >-t   lliein
to 13.00 eaeli. a™ loaded wiih apples, others have a
\„ ,,,...,    ,  ii ,. I(-»'mkI    etna,  and   others,    ut course,
An unexpectedly as Uie   proverbial fcar onlv I tree or font apples.     Yes,
thunderbolt from   a clear sky,"    al um well   saUslletl   wnh my trees,
strike of th« miners employed by theM1'1*' ■ believe this will in* a wontler-
Canadlan-Ainerican Coal A Coke com- f"l,/niln n,,.mU'>'.-'' ,    .      .    ,    onri
„__„ .    ..     .,     . ,   ,        i    Itlowfiv    is  said   to  In-  about     800
(■any in tin.' 1-iank mine was declared
Tuesday night and the mine is    now  fccf  hI«ht'1  "p than W,In,ct or abollt
dosed down.     The Mrike is an out- S» ' ','''' a!,,m' Wil li'Ve]
growlth of iteRotiations which have
been in progress for some days for a
contract between the Coal company
and Ihe United -Aline Workers of
America. Tic old agreement expired August 31st anil since that
Mine lho rpprc-sen'tatives of tlie union
have bi-vn engaged
with the company
Furnished hy Bealc A Elwell,  Brok
ers, Cranbrook, B. C,
Marconi Wireless (Camwllan) $.1.7Ti
Marconi   Wireless    (American.
Deforest Wireless Telegraphy  U.75
North   Siar  .'    03.
iu   negotiations S1.   -.;,,,,,.,,,.  ,10
t'p to   Tuesday Rambler   Cariboo  21
Ihere   bad been   no   Indication   that Western Oil A Coal  15
I,h.*re would be any diiliciitty in arrlv- Jfwtnatlonal Coal & Coke ......   .21
.   ,, .    .   ,  Oem silver-lead Min. A Smelt.     .1
ing at an amicable ariaiigeineiH,   but.   SaU<s;~ir,00   International   Coal A
Tuesday   a   notice   calling   a special Coke; r>oo Western Oil A. Coal.
How Big Is
Two Cents?
The average consumption offlour,
per year, by each person in Canada,
is about one band (196 His.).
Suppose you use an inferior flour
at a saving oi say 75 cents over the
cost of a barrel of Royal Household
Flour, tliat is just 6] _• cents a month
—less than two cents per week.
But an inferior flour can yield only
a portion oi the nutriment you get out
of "Royal Household" because cheap
flours are poorly milled, contain a
greater proportion of bran and shorts
—die granules are nut uniform—the
bread i.s heavy—the texture is coarse
—the flavor is tasteless or pour—the
nutriment is not in it.
being perfectly milled, is uniform in
texture^—makes bread that is light
and waferlike—white as snow—finely
flavored—highest in nutriment
"Royal Household" is electrically
purified and sterilized—backed up and
guaranteed by its makers' reputation.
Ogilvie's Royal Household Flour.
3Leaoinfl Business
Ibottscs of flfoat^s*
oflle    jibe Smelter Cltt?,..
Marysville has COIDC
intn her own. lhe
lown now has a permanent pay i-i.l, and is
thc gateway of lhc Sl.
Marys valley. _* Thc
Herald tail hi-ailily
indorse lhc following
business houses;
0 /•*»
n '
I Central Hotel
k'. Johnson, Proprietor
The k-mliii^ lui'
0O0<i<h&iX>'X'O0<><>OOO0"*>O0<, 0000000000.
5O«C8»»>ft0<tOS '
a journal of Truth, Humor and
Justice, will resume publication at
in September. There will be no
strings upon its editorials and it
will be sent to any part of the
world for
$1.00 A YEAR.
The circulation is limited to a million so it is advisable to get on list
early.   Room for only a few ads.
R. T. LOWERY, Nelson, B. C.
,("*..l,'t>«kl-ll.,t. I.I _.«..-•"••-•'' •"••'•-■•+
is now located in its comiort-
able and attractive new quarters in the Watts feuildinK. *.*
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is modernly equipped
to do just the best work, in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
0 -*»■%*•_•%*%%•»•%»•»•».•■_%•■*•». •». -**-*•.-*% 9
4 nri-the inti'iits lifiv I',,rtlu- I'a
, 111,.,
Hi'o<li|imrt.'rs For choir
uilWtioiinry nnd fruit.   \\
II.    rlioi'ulnti-s  SO 0
0 well known liy  nil   lovers ol a
J ^ooii   sweets.     Shtptnents 0
a inaile so im to have  nothing J
a Imi I'i'i-sli stock,
Thirty days alu-r date we Intend in
apply to The Chief Commissioner nl
Lands and Works, Victoria, fur a
Special License to cut. and carry
away timher from tho lollowlng il.-s-
ciibed lands situate in South Ka.st
Kootenay, II. C—
Commencing at a post planttvl one
hall mile north of lot T.ii'.l, thenee,
running north 8« chains; thence riiu-
ninK west 80 chains; thenci' running
soulh Kfl chains; thenee running east
RO chains to point of commencement,
containing 640 acres more or less.
The King Lumber Mills, I,id.
Datod Aug. 19th, 1905. 22.5t
may seem well.   Tin- (|iiestinti is,
Uow will  iin- li'iisi! slim.! tbe strain
nf a Italtl day's wmi, - Wa- Ii.- llii
gnl thai will make him lit In light
the battle in a (lulsh ? Onr horses
are lhc light iu a finish klml-do theh
work thoroughly and quietly. When
in want nf sucli an animal, for pleai-
ui'f ur work, try ours. Wc have also
an elegant nullil uf Landaus, Coaches, Coupes, Hitnaliuiiis, etc., fur him
al unheard uf little prices.
The Haudley Livery Stables
Boot and Shoe Maker
Hanson Avenue
Opposite McArthtir's Sanntl Minnt Slore
It you have leet that store shoes
won't fit nice and easy, give me a
trial. 1 have had a large, and varied
experience in England and Canada.
Or if you have a pair of old shoes
that arc nice and easy, but are getr
ting the worst Ior wear, don't throw
tbi'in away—bring them to me and I
will fix them for yuu, so ibat you
can be comfortable this warm wealli-
K-.piiri.ij Neatly indPrompll) Done
al in the St. ft
Marys valley. „
ft Dining Room service ihe best. ft
ft ,,Y
is llie place lo slop when visiling Ihe Sniellei Lilt   ,*;,'
1 The Rova! Hotel
m •*-
ti A. P. Chenpttc Proprietor
^V Has heen recently reinriiislietl mul is liny, one ol *_*;
lhc best hotels in the dislriel.   Henili|iiurlcrs for ti
ffl - the people. g
i-J ft
I A.    MELLOR   Mr. Mellnrcarries a Se,t   g
n   GtNMiAL  MERCHAN1     eral slock ol merchandise £*(
ft ft
m His prices are right.    Prospectors tun liiul whal they y-1
5_5 want, sate Ircighl and transfer h\ buying in Marysville K
n i
I e. sproule ::::
ti tl.'css goods, men's wear and modern novelties,    ins -v
in ft
nek nl ft
ft goods are righl and prices attractive.
■ ■ m
Hiuuiijuim i/iii^ uu, n
Wc carry a complete slock of everything in lhc 53
Urn;' and Stationery line. No need (o send away s
j Marysville Drug Co.
for your goods.
| MARYSVILLE, B. C.   The u'««st -d "«• 1
^ cauiooeA    Iinlrl  in   lh.'   ^4
JAMES NEIL, Proprietors
equipped   iiotcl in the
ft St. Marys valley. J* Commodious Sample Rooms. »
di-lvlvi-i'v-lvh-l-k-K-K-lMl-l-K-H--I--K-i-|- -K-1--I-.-K-I-+.-K-I--I--I--I--k-l-ivii-l--k-ivl-1,-1-•!-.
-I- •:• .)■ ■;■
3  -  DAYS  - 3
t -I-.
..j:   kurni'l' mul ln-tliT Ihnn i'Vit.     lai.-iylliinm „.-« ,.,,„l np-ln
!<j>  ilnti'.   All kiiuls ul'n| nir iillrui'timis.     l-lti-li tiny uuiiti--
■•i-   Lliiiii.il,I,-.Valium.     Von uill ,-i old frii'iiils Uiwh	
ll WRITE     FOR    PRIZE    LIST il
'•- ,i
■I -\-
l-.-l--I -|.'.|.'.|.'-,- + '-,-|.;.|.'.|.-.k.(. .|..|..|..|. ++ .L.|..|..|. + .H. +.:..,..,..,.....,..,. I
;..,..,..;..:..:,a..|..|..|..|..|..,..;. a..,..,..,..,..,..,..,.,(.+A..,..,. +}{, + ;(..++;| .,. .;
*" When you visit Crnnbrook stop at the        m
as n
Q None heller In Ilu* District SQ
4i/ Rales $i and up.    Short Orders und Oysters <?4
gjlj served in any .style from M p. m. to ft a. in. \
W The tabic is the best, the rooms arc unsurpassed lor clean  ^!
V   Hncss and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brand  n
•4s)   ol liquors and cigars. a-
& L. B. VANDElAR, Prop,
9 mmm^rmmm&mmmummm^.
Pur Kill mul Winter will ho un ninny nml si, ainniu'lv
i',„,I rn,Iinm thnt i'V.'I'j man wlm is fnnii of ilrnsH ,-;l u
llml sevut'iil tllillf-'S to his liliini,'I'm-cvi'i'v |nii'|i,,s,' mnl
livery Insto run liiul its iilwil nt
•*••.••:••;, TIIE   CllAM.ROOK    li..i;..i.|l
It. L Stephen..
M. Kntkenili'il
J. taiwin.
Morrissey Mints i.s still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The l.ij;- Alexandra
hotel is still the best con
ductal hotel in East Koolcnay. Your money's worth
at all tiiiK's.
Ktipbeai in.,. A in ii,,,, ,- ,,„, r, ,,, ,.,
Morrissey Mines, It. _.
H. I.. Stephen.
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
(rain lor Spokane—the
lime is 12 hrs.; 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver *tf«At .< <«*
Nil  I.In \\ miii: HOTEL
II    I.  Stephens,  llWMI mnl l'r»|irutiir,
Morrisscy Jnnclion( M. C.
nvM-niHWh/KM Sfk .tt
11 Cranbrook
II Hotel S s
Unci ■  i miifiii i i Spec lal I]
(lumi Stabling ci Connection
JJ   Ilu:
Neareat t» mill I nr.l depot.    11m   irn mmo-l,
iiuiii. foi  the pnhtic uiitqimllml in Crnnbrook
I and Cdlil Italh-
I loggtirlh & Rollins *\
 Proprietors      JI
!__________» • II SB ..I ■      IS EBB 1; B
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers,
Drop in and see us any lime.    V\e are on detk 25 hours
oul of lhe 21
{|        Cranbruok Presbyterian Church,
1 j   Sabbath Serviced 	
I    It a m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School & Bible t'laj.s.,,3 p in.
Christian l_.iidoavor, Tuesday ...s p.m.
I he public are cordially Invited lo
atti   i ..li  the meetings,
Pastor, IV. ii. U. fortune, D.A.
Cranbrooi. Methodist Church.
Corner "l Hanson Avenue nnil Louis Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship \\ a.m.
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Divine Worship  7,30 p.m.
Tuesday :—Epworlh League of Christian Kndeavor  s p.m.
A cnrrilal invitation is extended lo
lho public,
J. P. Westman, Pastor.
Cranbrook Baptist Church.
The following is   a list of the services held in the Baptist church:—
Sunday   11 a.m. and 7.-1(1 p.m.
Sunday School 3 p.m.
Voung Peoples 8 p.m. Tuesday
Prayer  Meeting ... 8 p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially invited  to
attend all the meetings,
Pastor, J, L. Sloat.
Rambling Reveries
l>.  \ DREAMER.
'There Is dew ie one Dower ar.:
not id aijoiht'i," said Beechci "be-
eause one opens ils ■ p ... 1 la -■- it
m, while ilu* othei do isell an I
tin- drop runs off."
■ bu   Ihu d .aid lhat mn
materials  one bu Id   - anutli ■■
bovi      . ;..   .vaii-h     , .,,
las; nm ki ■ ■   . mortal
and  bricks until  tho ai ti ■    1
U en     ";i plh ' .■ rile bim
gruniti   h bii li was an 1
path ui the wi ak .;■;■■,,
stone In lhe path waj  ol   I	
The dlfliculti s which   .   .     Un  01
man oni)  still n the
.■I. «bu   "■■' ■■    n them s   .    m 1
',., D  ,1.     |ll II ,., 1
-   I" gulf Ol
pound ol I
lluw olti'ii in liie h
:    OU| ■'■.(■.I   .t|i|" .UdllCi    .lie   I'l t
nllemtii     •.,.,■. .,; .
■ In  ,
1 il   ni hi      Mi'
eni  [i.i*-.'luits in '     :,
....-■ I1   - ,. •    I.i                    . ■„■    ,
lew   dullill i  111 !,                         I   lie i,.i.
won i>s.nne poki'i  game "i  inli rili .1
from   .in   bun si,   upi i..;.- , - :   -, 11
trious ane - 01     llm              li   Ihi
If    these \ unit'!;   m.n 1       ;, ,-
and  blackem I    by d.-.d .,';.,■ :
an! .'iiiu-  thai   h   I.n   .- :   -   Hit'  bui
ii'l,s ih.it biin^ n d'iiKiilei in evrrj
ii', Ull.-ir di . • Ihal class nf lne
line   from .'     Thev    1 mi ■ frnm  lh
stimiilate ynur wit—these will J,j
much to make a girl ni woman a de-
Hgtuful companion-
Don't forget ihat children learn hy]
asking questions,  and    they have    .1
right to sensible answers.
Don'l forget ihat what seenis very
foolish in you may be nital import
ance to ymir child.
D, n't   rorget that nearness    is the
first law ol beauty in dress
E   E    Alexander, nf Spokane   I
,1*' ii  appi inle I   supei Inl 111, ni   ul
dcpai inn ni nf mines and inluini
ilie   spnkain-   Interstate   Fail  i-■■■■ ■
meets tins year October 9 to l'i.   lie
;:. 1 ■ ir.i-is.uii wnb all the milling di
iriel   and ramps .■.ninn 3ut) null.-. ol
ipo .1, ■       He   lias   ilu-   nece   ...
n. n'v and Information to mai c thi
impoi lant   department    In 11-1    than
■ vi 1 before
\ hainUome »il\i*i nip will ,.
ni ni. .1  trophy mi   iiu- inmiiij. can ■
whi !.    ,n!s llie best ilh-pla) uf min
-:.il There is onh   one condiii -.
Tor family tf $e
I nequallecj, 1 ncx-
li |ilu)
a I   III.-
"I"'.""-    ,-   prin-
llllisl   lia   all,,,,at     ,,,   IVII
Ian   a-  ,i   purllnu nl   Illn
mineral rxliil.il      I! -,.l. -.
..)'.   llt|ll as   uill   I.a   .MM,
.IHi'llllrlis    <>i   IllintTiil
•l-l-H-H-H-H-l-M-l-l-l-l'-M'l-l I -I-I-I-I-II"I'l--I-! i-1-1 I 1 -:-I-J--t-l"l-I-
^M.^.M..j..1.1..|..|_|,.H..j..1..1..|..1..1...|..,.....|..j..1 .j... |....j.!..1..|.,.|..1..|..j..1..i..|..j.
Che . Cosmopolitan
E. II. SMALL Strictly- Flrstclass and Up-to- !||
Date in every respect.    The *J2
Manager bar is stocked with lhe best ol -f-j;
Wines,   Liquors   avi   Cigars &•
and the Dining Room sen ice is j."
unsurpassed, tj
.|..|.|..|..|..|.[ ......................i.................. ...;,....i ...... .-..|..|..|... .j, :..|-H-!-|-|..|-!..|.
■1-M--I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-!-l-l ■!-!-! I-I-! 1-I-I-! •! I •■:-I-I-I-! ••!-I-l-l-l-l-l-l-l-!-I-
i   ...Manitoba Hotel,,,
i  ** •■ !
J D. a. Mcdonald, "i.-mli.,,
«   I'h"' Hotel is In the ccntc     ,f town.    The I
J comfortable and well furnish is I
« class, and lhe l\u is ••,, pli  I When you *
4 ,
,  wanl a good place to slop com, .'
***************. t**********it*********** *************
I Speaking of a
I Good Thing
y \ on nhotihl boo our now work
r mi mil' in",. BWoll iiiniiiits.
| Prest Photo Co |
I 4
I   Cordwood  f
.  4
I'. Is*
8 to Iw ilis|»_iKl of to thai
,l'l'., ,k ,'it,/,-„s al   r,',ln,'. ->
I. 'is of it.    I livr .VHXI   ■•
of N.,. I   '.Kv,.»I li,.   in
4  >'i
•I   ('
I "'
< >i:i:i si'iiK vroraWOOD'S
)     JAS. ricARTHUR    *
4 Tin-Si-eoiul llan.l Store Mini J
4 I iii-ili.utii'ni t|enc) In •.'niifiecllnn    j|
•I [W
5 vv*»vv»v»vv-#*»»vv»^»^r;B
■*■ -mO ^jums snMrsjisasasasaNa^
\ When Vou
,'   Clean House
9999999999ty< '■><'-■    e*tt*$-*t "
E When You Buy Liquor *
% Buy the Best=========
9            \\m ,,.. in ,-."■' iiii ■                                 K„\.',l ',
V i,.M         I,   is  |„,r, .   I,,,  ,!,.                          M .    *•
V i„..i Hi,. ll,i„ ;,    We bi-lli-vi'i'vll
9   I  h
|             A. C. BOWNESS t
*,'            Wholesale Dealer in I ii|imr> tuul Cigars ^?
999**t999'9.99'*>9 * -• > - ■* * * > • V9Q >9
i 15 C. Livery and  Peed  Stables
I'irsl elnaa H
11,1,1    IHIl'li   h,
ft' nml Btylisli li-iini
for anv |...i,,t in  tin. ilistriet.
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sumo old sl nnl n|.|.,.sii,. si.ni,,ii
Robinson=/VkKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
4 Bring your curtains  and
i carpets lo us for washing.
I Wi innki us nlly... wwli
nm, r I', li ..m-i.,lls
No Chinamen employed
Crows Nest
Sleam Laundry
SLATER S Mcl'lllili, I'ro-irlclors
T'llii-ii rlilulo
litnl   Pi-in I 'irrk nnil btnp at
The Perry
Creek Hotel
0. BUROE, Prop,
I'l, ,' iiii'l ll.i'ilniiilii' Milling
j      limllllll   1,1,11,1.        -       A   Bl'llllli-
l',i 1  Drivo iiiui tin' place to
s|„'ii,l un I'lijii.inlil,' ilnv.
.1. 0. CIMMINflS
Repairing- Promptly Done.
I oui wear lo Measure a (Special*/
it Is lo iiii an hnnrsl limil ilays work,
[toys win, will im, work unless tlia,
ert just a Utile ,, ore limn ihr lio,
wlm works Irom early iill lui,-. ■,.
days in Hi,' week, four wa, I..-, in iii
monlh anil twelve inontlis in ilia year.
On ilia other hand ^-,- ntiiines iee .,
I'oung man with poor parenls, g, ■,
hnps an an.,I mother, .,,,.,,i.a, hroth
ers ami sisters whose living ilepeinl..
on whal lhat j-oung man does, 11,,",
often ivr hear thr firsl nanieil il,,-.
sl„,ui,: remark! at i.li.u l,.,,.l ivnikin
viniiii   ma,, as    la-  ,' '- fi  lla
iia,,k ol nights, lind ami wi'iiri from
lionesl labor. Kollmv Ihal y„„„,
man throiigh lit,- ami see In. rinnr.
Sonm tin; !„■ will I,,- Ihe iirrsliltnl ot
some g,,-at railroad coi'imrabldn oi
lhe mini of some grenl  mcrt'tiaiitili
I'SUlilislini, n,
N'nw nnic iha eonlrasl ,,i these two
Classes of y„ung nun. Ill,,,], olass ilo
you Ik'I, ii; to '' Are you the one
whose life is one ,,i those perpetual
loafers whose onlv occupation is    In
II'. lla\a,a|.| 1
in ul llle impoi
a new I'.lhli is
its noil ni Spcil
I rarry   exhilii
nl  fr I ehnr
,',' I" Hi miii
litis ai
|    Sherries
I Tin
IB. l. mcDermot
„!k-i-..-i. mine merchant
in .-  I,. ' 'niiilirooli
"   '": WW ■-*_%  I
.... m•■■■ »i»i«i»i»i«i»wfglMiyi«iui«iyiyiH|i.iyiyiMlMikiuiyr«fkiaiMiMiyiyiMMBn-|n|
,ranbrogk BscrJ
Made from lbe besl mall and the puresl wat
er, it is unexcelled for quality,    .«    Asl: for
1 ranbrook Beer and insist un having it. >*.<
Tho Cranhrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
Also man u fact lire ra »(all kind-, ui \eraled Waters
■ri, •
i in.
t   lln-
lo iilni'nl on eshililllon al llie I'hau,
In , ui r.in,,„,■,■,.,. , ns al S| ua
I'riviligis and eoneesslons will l„
'.ihi iii aueiion lus,.a, _,i lor Hi,
Spokane li.lnrsiia),' fair, Oelolier '
lo 15. Tin- auction "ill liegii, ,,, :
o'clock, Those who wish spare an
c.-mcesslons should he ,ui liaii.l I,, sn
nre gno.l lin-„li„„s. Those who foi
an) reason rannol ,„• prrarnl in pei
i in should nolify innn.-iRri I,',,|,, ll
t'osgrove, prior i„ the ilair of lln
NELSON'S  m.\v  pnnnt'c
m •«a sB •■ I» «®Hsr_IsIs_l_«II_«ffii^^
*g ; iWiTiriTiSSfiiiiMMa' _,*.'■-
Hanufaclurera at
Rouehanddressed 'jh
ll *IBER and ;J|
Also all   kinds "t ;-|i
Mot i.niN.i.-s      ;.|i
mils .1 • ]■
.InlFniv,  Ki,a   ,.:     |
Urnnlirook, li C.     j ]t
McHtl OfllCe, • l r.iu'.r, .>k      , ~JB
v-,  .a,       ""•*•» t.-
S't.K I in ^
hi a lo
uins match an.i
, a
-   Ilia sm
because u do;
i give you
a pensl
A  l
ii.i.i.i Hon o
' 1
1   turn aval   a
1,    li,l,   [oi   con
.1 when lie
and  sl tn
iii .i   childish
'lance anil
lt,i-n ex
>e,t nlm to im,
u and eon
title in
tics of
roll wli. n   lia i
nature life.
•aches dillicu!
i. n'l
Iel   Hie can's i
f I
ie wmk-..
day wo
1,1 ahs,,ill all  ,
and sir
nsih.   Take tit
e i
i lie ioiiiu
uilli th
■ children, to r,
will)  tllam
e iml, them,
Kill       Willi
limn,  I
i love Ihem.
heroine   eareli
ill      villa
Adorn yoursell
Man   tills
band   i
,t- him iha happin
•ss i.i  lin.l
a., ,, 1.
iel, woman, as
il,s wo
nil. anl  a   a oil
"■"' ■!"■'
make lhe   mis
of   llalil'l
ma, ,1,,,
.Mill a, a  luu ll.
line 01   Im
ugly   i
,    lie    hcnclitti
g nnd dressing.
Ii)  careful
expect  lo havi
Inighl ami
.unl iri,
a,am     willlollo
nl..-, niusii
allow    un,,  ei
Teach them  la,
,ii In he
Hon f..
all things Inn
i l!
,,,-    bah)--
Don't   Iri  eirriunalaiices   oveivoti
vnu;  the spirit  ul man should    ii
ftliovc ill.'in.     Keep- ;i cheery (irr,
cheery smile ami ;i eheerj   word    fi
ihe rainy days.
Don'l   llvi
in   lhc rutin
mosl [ireciot
s possession i
Don'l   'in
im   of  lhe p
stmnliii- and
ilia   bands
when   iin-   .
las    in,,     loi
Don't forRel lhe loving ivonl, the
tender caress ihal makes the day
beautiful fm- those whu love ns.
Don't sulk. Let llie storm break
when tbe clouds gather, ihat lhe air
may he cleared and life become tolerable aRain.
Don't spend foolishly. If lln? pur.e
is lean buy not simply whal you wanl
to-day, but whul will be of value a
year from to-day.
Don'l rust menially oi physically
Work, work, work for the joj of It,
but don'l overwork.
Don't forget  in breathe frupicnth,
yuu pxpeel to retain your youthful
freshness and elasticity ol spirit.
Don't neglect your mind     A   little
•ading every day tu store lho   mind
wiih knowledge, a little quid  thinking   to   make what    yuu read   your
The popular Cnnadinn star. Mi
Harold Nelson, whose appearance hen
is always welcomed by a crowded
house, will he wen litis season in an
elaborate product-ton of Prince Otto,
i dramatization ol Robert Luui,
siVinson's famous novel. Prince
Ol'tn is a romantic drama dealing
with tho ruler of a German principality dining the times of a serious rebellion. It allows of bright comody
•situations, of pretty love scenes, ami
of the strongest of dramatic climax
Mr. Nelson Will have in tin
title role a part admirably suited tn
him. and should add another to his
long list of successful character de
lliieations, Manager ('. p. Walker
has provided the usual complete
scenic and costume equipment, and
Mr. Nelson will have the support ol
a most cxcc.lliiit cnmpany, headed In
the handsome and talented favorite,
Mr. Clifford Lane Bruce. Prince
OHo will tie seen here for one night,
Saturday, Sept. if:.
Cranbrook, H. (.'., Aug, 21, '05
K. !■:. Simpson, Esq., fcMftor Cranbrook Herald, Cranbrook, B, C,
Peal Sir,—In the August Huh edition ol ihe Cranbrouk Herald, under
the heading "Hod Hut IJall dame,
yoirslatn that V. W. Adolph, U. II
tliiiiiiii ami Kreil Adolph were spceta-
lors at a game oi baseball played a:
Km i Steele Junolloii on Sunday,
August lllll, and thai P. U. Adolph
donated n silver cup to lhe winners.
1 wish iu say Ihal the above stale
men Is an- nut I rue. While wu do
not Interfere with cur men, in mat
tors ol ihal kind, wc arc imt in
•jympatl y with Sabbatb breaking.
Vowrs truly,
V. W. Adolph,
Clin- Herald has nu desire to mis
represent any situation, and llie ac
count ol ihi* ball game referred to
srems to have been somewhat c.vag
gi'i'.iii.l. and in ihis way offciwled pal
ties who were placed in a false position hy such exaggeration. It .■,;
no doubt all meant iu mu, but fun
sometimes creates discord unneeessai
a ma hit,
Tlir company presenting Lunl Lytton's greatest dramatic work, "Tlie
Lady of Lyons," which comes tu
Wt'iitwoi'ih hall, l-'riilay, Sept, 15,
has according io lhc reviews seen
uf the product ion, scored the mnsi
emphatic kind of a hit. It Is sen
ing as a vehicle lo display lhc talent
and ability of one of England's daintiest and most fetching actresses,
Margaret Neville, for five seasons a
valued member of Henry Irving's sup*
erli company, and she is credited with
having scored v«ry strongly In lhc
n rod lie t lon.
lOdllor Cianbrook Herald :
In ar Sir,—Permit mo lo express,
through tbe columns ol ymir paper,
Sincere appreciation ol tin- sympathy
.shown hy yoursell and others to imt
at the time ol mj sun, George
Grant's, death. Kspeeially to the
Brotherhood of Firemen, whu sent
oue of tlieir brothers wltb the remains lu here.
Mrs. Sarah Grant,
is wliiil iv,■ uiiliiiiil,-,! into our wAi-chouso.   ll--; our
priw-B ,.ii l-'l.mr. Brim, Shorts, Wheat, i lats, T ■
Ihy liny. Prnirii' ilai     Wegtiarautoi .atiafaetiou,
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
oiler timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
ill further purlin,lam n|,;,l\ lo tlio followi
,'. Il.iilr linker, Cruulirook, B. C,
I. II. Wilson, Wnnlnor, B. <'
It. K  Brui-e, Wilmer, tl C,
10. Miilliui.liiiii.., Jr., Creston, I! 0,
11 .v M llinl. Nolson, li 0
I Ir to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calvary, Alberta
. Iiiu,' |,l,'iisi,„i conversation lo     llolsi-u-y, Sask,, Sept. 1, lliur.
HI I Ilia season's fabrics still await
your order tn be made un,, a suit nr
in,,,.    Why nol     take advantage ol
nnr   rial „[ ll„   saas,.,,   oiler '.'     lllllll,   ,t
is siill suramel Ioi j,hi It is near
„,,,i,-, Ioi us.    So im.- will
al about Uiv cost ol ths cloth lu
cloai it out. The laihmng mil t,_
i.i* to uur usual standard. That y„u
know is tbe highest.
CRANBROOK   HEUAI.D *£ ;!,;:!,^,f"
By The lleuwi  Publishing Company
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth $10 a year. It
eosts only a. Nu man in South
East Kootenay can afford to be without it, and everyone living outside of
ihp district, "Alio is. interested in the
ino.nr.'ss uf this section, shout;! read
it. It publishes the n ws while ii i.s
news, it is controlled absolutely by
tbe publisher. Nu clique, party or
individual dictates Its policy, li
dun't try to please '.'••■ people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper thai
wilt he a credit lo tlie community.
Send iu your subscription ami you
will l.e thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates t\ pel loch, sn.^U-
column, pt-r month, no more and   no
Heading matter is cuts per line
to non-advertisers , 10 cents pei lino
to regular advci tisci i, Uumhoss
locals live cents per lino each Insertion.
If you desire to reach ihe people of
South Easl Kootenay you must advertise In The Herald.
The Herald bus a first-class ]ob
plant, and its wmk is of the best
The Herald don't want charity, li
wants a Square deal on your job
work, if wc can'l sliil vou In quality and pi lee, kick, and si nd your
work to some Cheap .John bouse In
ihe easl that nevt: pi n Is a cent in
LAUOn DAI  I : Ll lilt Vl'inv
many     |i<-oplp,
perhap     look
the   crluliiali
l.aboi     Ilai
a    mali rialisitic
Is   a..-aial    In   Illi
mnsi   ,,i   us
whal    ii   terinl
-,'.' la-    I.
Ilia   1,  .'.,,   „
know who    real mil
■  ■. ■    ma.
there Is anotli, i      1   I„
he |,r ,i
tion, and    one  llial  sbou
il   nm       lie
overlooked, ,,,..1 llial Is ,1
a  sefllime,,-
tal phase ,,, it, il mm car
■ In su coll
shier   it.      Ill   a  ia ,1   'I, ill
ll   111,,'   ill,
Kootenays, or in tlia oWe
iiii 1   more
settled sections ol the col
„,,,. Laboi
Day should !„• a day ol ce
elit.lliiill 111
everyone   alia,-.    The la'
diet 1,, .lay
occupies a promlnen, i„.si
imn   ill   tins
world,  ami    il   is  t.i  Ins
his energy, his palrlollsn
. II,.,,    tbe
|irospcrity  uf any coimtr
is   la,call
due.    The country in ivli
■li Inbol   is
not given  Its propel  di ;i
i,y,      Ihal
lubor is not given ill  pi
ipel     sli.ua
ot    the prosperity   ot U
,,    a, ailj, I'M
that labor is not shown
Ua    rcspeel
and   conildencc due   il   ,
, ., counlrj
lhat must g.,   into comn
M. Mil       .,li.i
moral decline.     History
lim,     never
shown an exception,     Hi
,    lhe  vollli
try where labor is honoi
1  anl  given
lhu   position dial'    ii pi
,pcrly     dc-
serves   in  Ilia   minds nl
Ihe people,
from   every standpoint,  i
, i, country
where general prosperiiv
irevails and
tbe standard nl iivili/.iii
,n   is     lligll
for  llial    reason l.aboi
im-   should
be   one ,,t   general rcjot,
Ing, a    ilaj
.hat  should     become   n
,,e   populai
year alter year, since ii
should    be
a    day Ihal   marks   thc
trecdoin  nf
labor and a ilai   thai ma
ks   llie   ,1,1-
vuncement ml Ilia laborci
s Ideals,
Last year  ibe revenues
I'M,,,,        111,
district  war,' over    Sim
,„„,      Sinp
toi _ moment and think i
1 that. This
enormous   si.,,,   wns   pal
,  nm,,    Hi,
gov, rnmenl    Iron    ll
idol   •,.
Cranhi ,.      ',a:  .hat .
mn gci
tine; back? 'I!. ppopl wl ■ iaj sue]
enormous revei in    .  ■ Ight ii
ask- iha! ijiin Hon. When Uie nfli
cials, auihorized to colli tlicsi
tavcb an I royaltii -, secured tin
inoncy, tin ,,.■'.-■ ti- wen
a Conser. ivi ,.. ii he ,ven a Lih
eral. im u   did not    re
quire 1li i :  h.     Th ■
tuxes wei wcri
named, an I   th ..   paid    then
.. ililOUt  ,t   •-■ -• -. ; .  .-..: i
ihat becau y ol the    \"i
iis can a LH crai i it m I I wa yean
ago ..nl ■ lei te*l I) .Lil. King, who
is not a suppor -; I tl i>vernmeiil,
ibis dis li ui i.i ■ ex| - ■ much in
the way   of mo
for fi-..r that -h -. . -,i ihe Lil,
eral parly n et the i rettit    foi
such Improvements, li this is true,
if the govi run i nl •<'. this province i-
takiiis such a stand, if they are
throwing aside tlie business view oi
the situation an,I are being controlled
entirely hy the hope of a petty, partisan advantage, they ate guilty of a
great wrong tn tins whole constlt-
uency. The resuli of their action
falls nn ihe shoulders of ihe Liberal
and the Conservative alike, nn the
man wlm owns property m the dls
trict, on the man who Is interested
in mines, mi ihe man who has a
ranch, on a man who has limber lim
its, on ihe business man, nu ilu- laborer, in fact on every individual in
the district. li ... lu tin- inlerest nf
every man in tin- district iu sec bis
district advance. Wc arc here to
do lhe besl we can financially. Out
property is taxed regardless uf our
political affiliations, taxed so much in
ti. Mi :: ■ Liberal
ami Conservative alike, over JlOti,-
ii'Ui a year, and vet fm tli- --aki* ol
political revenge, for ihe purpose of
preventing any credit being given to
■In- Liberal member, this district
being retarded In its niowih fur the
'.uk .a" governmental expenditures
that shuuid legitimately be made
hie The roads and trails are be
ing neglected Tie streets in the
different towns an- given no atten-
t .ui The government officials are
transacting their business in crowded
hovel.-- il.at would be a disgrace to a
dynasty on an island In ibe South
s.-a Tie question thai every one
fuiist ask himself, is tins fair'' The
Herald is ..( the opinion ihat ilu*
majority ot the people of this dis-
trtct ate just selfish enougfc lo ibink
more ol the advancement nt the dis-
trict titan ol ihe political fortunes ol
either the Liberal or Conservative
party, or the political ambitions ol
a member of eltliet party. What ibe
Cranbrook district should havo Is fan
plaj■ this is not a political piie
position, n is a cold business proposition.
The announcement has been made
llal lbe Conservatives ol Soskatche-
. an will run the campaign this year
ou a non-partisan basis, under the
I adcrship of Mr. Haul lain. That
sounds somewhat paradoxical. How
ibe members of one party cau unite
ior ihe. purpose of running a nonpartisan campnlgn is a new ono    ioi
Lowury's Claim will appeal about
ihe 21si'nf lln* month Tliat is aboui
lime, tot tbe et'iilnoXlal sinim.s.
The Herald Annua! will be a peach-.
\: rangements are being made lor
.ouic-thing ibat will make people glad
bat tliey live in Cranhrook ur South
Kast Koot-eiiay.
Peace is declared at lasl between
l.ussia and Japan. Now gel back
to Un* big llgln foi tlie big dollar.
i Jt.it seems to be ihe alpha ami
omega nf nations ant people in these
degciieratti   da.s   ..(   higVt 'civil Iaa
\ giHMl lecture Is like a good meal
ii will lasi an.l hi remembered. The
people nf Cranhrook should take ad-
.anlagc nf thi-. appearance m Mr.
.John ai the Methodist church on Uie
i veiling of ih,- LOfIt. The gentleman
. accreditcd wiih being one of ilu:
hrs I Iretnrers mi ihe American platform to-day, and that is saving a
ureal deal.
Rev. Westman, the new minister at
the Methodist church, is rapidly be-
comlng very popular in Cranbrook.
There is good reason for this. The
reverend gentleman is human, and being human he understands human nature, ll will be within his power
io tlo a world of good in Cranbrook.
and lhe Herald is very much mistak-
n if be does nnt improve the oppor
lunity llat has been placed in hi:
hands. The youug men are taking t.
him like ducks lo waler, and that i:
ibe b.l,I ior good wmk in any    eom
Marshall field, a widower of seventy years and seven millions, ha?
jusl married a young widow. Such ;i
marriage is a farce and sacrleloge 01
ihe sanctity of ihe marriage vows.
The famous Bishop Potter saloon ii
Sew Vork subway has proven a fail
inc. It eoutd not be othei wise.
Booze and religion is a bad mixtme,
and whenever it Is made the -i**\il ti
They havo just burned another nig
gel' at the slake in Texas. Tin
crime is ihe same old oltense, assaulting while women. The punish
ment is barbarous, and tn us in tin
north, whu know nothing of the cir-
ciimslanoes, it seems inhuman and
brutal in the extreme. In fact, it is
but it tin- same offense was brought
home lo lhe mother, wife nr sister ol
any man in the north, there i.s no telling to what extreme he might .»
willing to resort In before his passion
for revenge was satisfied.
Tlie Spokesman-Review has an article beaded "Do School Ma'ams Maki
Cjood Wives'?" It is an even hei
that   they  would  not  make good  hus-
ll.l tills,
Aiiimugii tliere were over DW extm
lleralils- printed lasl week, tl'-p stippj)
was exhausted Friday evening, anil
ib'- relocated demands foi more pain.-f'-
tioin individuals ami news ageiielef.
had io be turned down. The Herald
"j:rels that ii had to disappoint so
1 ■>' people.
Tin- newspapers ol Nelson evident!)
laboi undei the ImpreSBlon that thill
r 'adei's ate very much iiitere.sli.il in
Hn* pi "*, quarrels uf the papers. At
least imn h r»i uu» hiiuco Ik di-volod in
mutuul reerlmliiatli n nnd persoiuil
abuse. Cm it mil Talk ,i.,o*n Nel
-'ii aid. Urltlsh Columbia That will
-mil the people far belli i iban fighting among ymirs, Ives
The KamloopR Sliiuilnrd sulTered
constderuble loss by iin. last week,
A tire in a newspaper office is   whnl
Sb'iii.an sold of war—hell.
I'u'.'itist Nel-nn .-ml Pugilist Brill
poumlcd eaeli othe Insi week for
pighn-en roumls until nt-iiher man was
hardly able to spjak. And yet the
treaty of n.ace belwern Russia and
Japan had just been si^n.-d, a treaty
brou-ght about in the interests of
l iiiher civilization. It is really fun
ny when you think about it.
The Frank miners are out on slrike
That is too bad. and it is to be hop
.-d that the differences between the
company and the miners may tie set
tlt-.l so thai  work may be resumed.
The meanest, lowest, most scuriil
mis artiele that we have yet seen in
a British Columbia paper is the allied- published last week by tbe Vic
torla Week, seining ibe unfortunate
miners of Nanalmo The Herald
holds no brief from lhe miners of the
Island, hul ii feels called upon to protest against such a screed as publish
ed by lbe Week. It is noi fair, if
was not jnsi, it was not decent. It
read as if written hy some would-be
aristoiral who had uo sympathy with
labor,   who   held   Ihe idea that cor
porations thou I rule, who looked up     ha.ldy."     Vnu know mighty    well
,.n a Lib.' ■-• one to be uswl   ihat  the preaehei  ri l the editoi aie
mid ./,■:    i h censure as    thatUtten placed in the box when-    they
papei publish d wtv nol coming    to have to put up a blurt or quit.
the miners ,i Nanalmo, in (act is not] 	
due anv lahorii R class on earth.   Tlu-,   The editor of the Golden Star says,
papei b sni rs ai the common labor.-r   "pon't knoek—just come in.''
comes iu bad taste Indeed, and the in
dividual guilty ui wining the artiele'
should hang ins bead in shame.
The mob riots in Japan nave a haul
blow to ibai country s boasted advancement ui civilization.
If you Wanl '«' see what this ,ti>
trict Is receiving in 'be way oi returns foi tin- l.-avy revenues pail ibe
government, to to ihe police station
a'td weep at ibe ruins vmi will there
behold When recovered gn next io
the hencoop rail.,I bv grace ol the
provincial governm* ut, ibe governmeul ofllces and there bt-boUt the
t|uii.h through which thousands ot
dollars pass annually as ihe tribute
paid by tin- people ol ihe district lor
ib,- jun il.;-.- ol living
Qi i read) Ioi Incorporation it is
coming i.uw in a few weeks, The
palters have been forwarded lu \ le
torla and .is sunn as ibe necessary
preliminaries can be arranged in*
election will be called Cranhrook
wants men as inaym and councllmen,
not politicians. Cut mn the politics
and net  down to cold business
\ Ni v, Vork n.-wspapei man re
c. ntly paid $8-1,UOU im a seat on the
stock exchange anl a Cranbrook
ni wspapei man pui up a complimentary foi a seat in a punk show. Bui
New ^ ork is im Uui east.
i:\   l'HK OLD MAN •
i: mi
-C*._ tVl ©«< W-S  tf  E-'W -m   ■*.  St.*\<-m   V?
What has sii- do
the darkeiud inn
Whal has sin- dor
Has    lia.-bed   lhe
- lhat men will sa;
oi theii waj
idei eugci eyes
-ion -Allure she lies
. iliai iat .mil wide
.Volt!   that sin-    ba
That lull, in distant lands have s
To mi:' onotliei', "She is dcadV"
Why should iht; h| s ul strangers i
lo hu :, monument oi praise?
\n, il was Ihis tu conquer fame,
She i lu a Name.
.1   all,'   V.i,,,  Ilea  SO   Wllillily   sliil,
touched ,,l joy, iiiiie.nl nf ,11,
■■   :ii"   done aught.     Why, surd
e. records i.f la, li,i,.., show
l,„nals uon, nu nlm, gained,
cliorl crowned, i.n lieigln allninei
I,,a she i'liii]ti|iii.ii,'il iio cause;
v should llie |ia.-siii4 people pausi
a little lions,l„,!,l s narrow scope
111  nil  hel   lllllll allil   all   ber  hop,
0 lowly she tor fame's lii^l, ,Ionic,
,Shc maile a Home.
"My observation of smokers," says
S. J. Mighton, the well known clgai
dialer, "leads me tu believe that
man's character ean be read pretty
accurately by the way be handles bis
"Take lhe man who grips lhe hull
Hint between his teeth and just let;
lui burn any old way. 1 have, nl
ways found bim tn be an^i-essm-
hmiiid tu gel whal he wauls, and di
iv ha l In- pleases, regardless ol the
lights of others.
"His opposite is Uie fellow wh.
-mokes slowly and deliberately, una
ing the clgai around and watching tb.
imoke curl upwards. lies a good
fellow,    I alwavs ibink,   easy   gofnj
and   line as  slivl.
''The weak, characterless man pull
away eaiL'lessly and inlei'iniileiiil.
.vhilQ the nervous man handles ni:
cigat clumsily, a:, if he didn't know
just what to do u. 11 li it The vain
boastful man lips his elgar in ilu
.i.y, while the levelheaded smokei
Keeps ii horizontal and puffs awaj re
gularly, The man wlm chews ' In;
mitt and twists it from cornet t.
corner nf his mouth is generally u
a tenacious disposition, but high
"The best fellow of all, Irom
social point, is lbe man wbo can't
keep his einar alight. You'll always lind him a jolly companion witl
,i fund nf good stories. Match ? Yes
■iii.     Mere ymi are."
There is a good story floatinp
around about some Cranbrook ladie
wbo were tfilh ilu- camping party a
Movie lasl week. ll seems thai twi
of them had come over to the town
from the camp across the lake anil
were wandering around, laking in Ilu
sights of that beautiful town. The^
came io the building used as a lln
hall, and one nf the two noticed tin
triangle used in the place nf a bell
mr an alarm in case of lire. A ui
angle was a new thing lo her, and shi
asked her companion whal the bent
piece of iron was used for. "Why,
that is a triangle." said the wlsv
maiden, "and i-. used to make a
noise." Just theii ihe innocent mn
espied an lion bat neai at baud, and
in think with her was to act, anl
picking up ibe bm she si ruck thi
irlaugle several vigorous blows
Clang, elan-;, and the sound revei
brai'il .tb ng ilu- rtreel nnd ss fai
a*- H.i Inke shore, penetrating every
l)ilKin.'Ss boiiKi and redd.nee in thi
Ullag . Ai tin.-' all wmk was slop
ned in ib ■ people, customers wen
Mi standing, ami ibe populace rushed
im.. the streei looking for lhe tin
th.ii perhaps threatened their homes
oi the business portion ol ihe lown
Thi- ladiis saw ihe effect nf theii
act, anl prompted bv an impulse to
seek snf'-tv anl oblivion in lllght,
they Uirneil and with fleet feel gained the protection of ihe parloi at tin
hotel where they were stopping. Thi
mistake was made known to lhe people by some one who bad witnessed
lbe ihnocent act ol tin- two ladies
from Cranhrook. Anxious citizens
returned tn iheir business places smil-
'ng at- ihe Innocence nf some ladies
from the metropolis oi Kast Kontu--
Politics makes poor business men
mt of many in business, and many
men    in business   make poor   puliti-
\ A. Hall, of Marysville, writes
that he has rend so often Ihal n man
cannot net along without ihe Herald
that  he concluded tu subscribe   Thai
bows   Ihal   lbe  peuple  believe     whal
hey r.-atl in ihe Herald.
"Daddy" Saunders, uf the Leth-
hrldgc News, has Inken a preacher in
task fur saying things in lbe pulpit
that he did nut mean, ami knew was
nol line, simply because the preacher
ntlmutcd Ihal the News had done
something nf   the kind,     cm it out
K well lilted Church is indicative nt
iwo things, the popularity ol the
minisTer and lhe telideiuy to do right
mi the part ul ihe people.
A Cianbrook voting lady was talking to a Movie young lady and a
y tiling man Die oilier afternoon, when
the Cranbiook ladv said: "Medicine
llat is a nice place in visit if it were
not for ttie daggers. 1 attended a
lawn party there one evening and
found   lhe i'liigiyis   pretty   bad "
•oh, how perfectly terrible," exclaimed the gul Irom Movie, "and
where did vou say they bit you?"
The Cranbrook girl hesitated a mo
mini, and then replied, "Why, ai
Medicine Hal, 1 said, Maud."
Frank Dlckison was indulging in re
unuisoetiee. at lbe Costnupolitan
hotel lbe .ilbei evening "Yes, 1
used lo im* in New ftctttiuliistei
ttbvn l weiii there Premlei MeHride
was nisi starting to study law Did
I know 'Dick'? Well, I' guess mi
Fifteen years makes a difference in
all of our lives, Duk' is now nm
iiiug the government ot tins great
province, and I am running ilu- t*h
Ing and hunting seas..us til Soulh
blast   Kootenaj       Funny how    fast
lime flies."
On Sunday evening next Rev. J
LeRny   Sloa'i,   pastor  uf  Ihe    llapus'
church, will preach his farewell sermon io his Cranbrook congregation
liir revei ind genileiunn Is leaving
next week tt. resume his educational
sindies in Toronto Not a tiw will
genuinely regier ihe depai lun* i-i
Mr, Sloat irom Cranbrook. He has
dime a Roo-d work for ihe cause which
lh< espouses, dealing mil Chiisllanitj
■ ■it broad-minded puiielptes ibat have
lilled ib.- ht*ai ts m man. w ith ti tie
eunviellon; Ins hand was uwei slow
'n It lp the deserving n.-edj in mate)
al form, and his voice was ever rea tv
;.- L,ue sage counsel and fcopeful
.\,utis in ibe discouraged one; he vva^
i good citizen and looli an active pan.
in all movements for lhe progress and
!i. n -lit ul onr cily be was a gyod
.; nn and encouraged the young men
;n promoting pastimes ihat weie
■■ban end manly. Among ibe young
l«-oplc ol Cranbiook Mr. Sloat was
,i;'L lieulatlv popular, ami ii is needless io say tlul during bis staj here
lie has wi.-i led an Influence for good
.imung Ihem thai is hound to benr
fiult. May Ins star continue to
•Iriie, and brighten up dark spots ou
life's Journey wbeievei his Ini may
e east.
Lest there be misunderstanding of
any sort between the parents and the
teachers in any matter relating to
ihe school and particularly with respect to the absence of pupils during
any of the sessions, 1 beg io say,
that under no circumstanees, may
pupils leave school without the leach-
el's permission, and only in exceptional cases will a teacher'give leave
io a pupil to leave school during a
session without having first been
shown a written request to thai ei
feet from a patent. I am confident
ibat- all parents realize bow very
very Important it is, hoth for the
pupils and ior the school, lhat all
children attend sehuur as regularly as
possible. All the teachers ate hope
ml that in these things they will re
reive the help and co-opcratlon of all
parents who ate Interested in the
future of their children and in tlm
well being and effective oi'1'ani/.ation
ol  the school.
A   A. Macnell, Principal.
The Water Works company has de
elded un some considerable extension!
in their system. Connections will
V made with the Baker sireel mam
ami tun along Government avenue
to ihe government unices, thence to
ihe .Sash A Dour factory and Di
Steam Laundry and lhe residences
in tbe vicinity of each of these sections.
Thc remuneration ihal the company will receive for this service will
be exceedingly small fot some lime ii
comparison to ihe outlay necessary,
but the Wat-er Works directors are
progressive and far-seeing and are
fully salisl.od as to the growth of
ihe towu, ami this especial portion ol
it has made great strides in lhe
building line the past vear and is
last becoming a residential center
t''or the past two years there has
been a good deal of wild-catting for
oil in Southwestern Alberta, and al
lasi the efforts of those Interested
have been rewarded by ibe biggest
sirlke ever made in ihe Ilomfiiion.
I-or several days a gushn, struck al
a depth of nun feet on the property
oj ihe Rocky Mountain Development
C... has hem (lowing ai the rate of
■s.i.mu bar..-Is per dav. Th,' reservoir
accommodations nre Inadequate and
"imii of the greasy UuM is going lo
Waste. As soon as the strike he
'•nm' known a stampede ensiled and
hundreds of ojl clnlms have been Died
Esnerts claim ii to be one uf the
rieh.'st .-.Hikes jn i*-,,. world, on ue-
coiuil of the superior' quality  uf   the
Wi:i)DI\d BELLS.
James c. Reed, a mechanist employed at thc C. p. R, shops here
was marriid at Stratford Out nil
Monday, Sept. 11th, In Jennie only
daughter of Hon. Thomas Italian-
tyne. Th.' ceremony was performed
by   Rev.   Professor   Rallantyne,    of
Knox college, brnther nf Ihe bride
and by lhe Rev. E. W. Ponton, of
Stratford. The happy couple will
return it, Cranhrook slmrlly in take
up their residence.
The following are a Few of lhe extracts taken from leading daily  pap
ers   concerning   the   lectures of Di
lohn P. D. John:-
"A  masterly effort  that  held     the '
audience spellbound." i
"Interest in Dr. John's hcture was
onfined to no class."
"It   was more   than an entertainment."—Manitoba Free press
Before yuu make arrangements for
your fall
PAPERING        !
sco us for ideas, designs ond stock.    ;,;
It may be mutually profitable        ;!;
F.J. Bradley & Co.
Artistic   Painters  and   Decorators
• _—__>_M_»_—_■••
(Jrbscbnt Lodge No, mi
Cranbrook, It. C.
Mi-fts 2,nl and .th Tucs.U, ul _ j, iu.
,u I.0.0.F, hall.
.1. A. Arnulil, Kit S
J, W. Illcliilu-r, I' I'.
Vtilttni  brethren  cordially Invited
io attend.
Cranbrouk  la.al  I uii.n  l.lI „l lhc Called
H<a,!i.rt„„„l it, Carpi-Ill.r. ana Joiner.
of limtun
Thla loco) nieota r-vi-iy Friday .ivt-n-
l„K al K p.,,,. I,, l'i. V. hall.
vlBttlug brethren cordially [nvlled.
.1. A. Landry,       .1  11  Ui-I. ua
It,-, 4-cc. I'rculd.iil.
I.n l, la Ke) III) > win
N„ i_ Mai-la every
rjt +^.~^m* Monday nigh I ai
thell hall „n Baker itreel Sojourn-
in,; Oddtellowi oordlall)  invited
ll    S    Mel ,1,1        ,!,.,,„.a  Sin,lh,
\    (I. Sa,')
Dbniot I i'ii... No Ji
LKt A, n
ttlbat 1$ ft mason
It Involves .lie selection ,,t everything that isuooil by those wliu
know precisely whul is good, nml
the rejection ol everything Unit is
Investigate the merits uf ihe
mason it Riscb Pianos
\V. P. Tale & Sun., Agents, Cranbrouk
J. li. Whiteacre, Western Manager,
Box 615 Nelson
and Riscb Piano?
mestcrn Oil and goal
Why Pay a Fancy Price for Ihis
"$«e fiuiclf
ri! VNUIIOOK  A Kill K Mi. I),.;
I.  o.  v..
\\ I'm R. .1 Morn ». w. s ; \.
II. HI.-.. I.. A,-,,a me, la ,,: I uu.
Im lull   Ki  anil ..i.l  l-'l.alaV
CltANUHOOK, ll ,'.
Meets every 2ml ,„„1  Illi Tiiesda,  in
••li,...,l Templar. Ilall "   '
VislMng hrclhren cordially invited.
.\. McC'owao, r It.     .1. si.„a, ,s_c'y.
(KAM'.liOOK       LODOK
I.  O. G.  T.
y Friday night a
Ci.n-.e anil
n lln- Happy Hand.
Meets everv -nd Wednesday and 1th
Saturday ai 8 oYI-ck In Oddlcllows
Visiting brothers always welcome.
MRS HLSIOP, Teacher uf Ihe Planodirle
Special attention to touch, teaeh-
ni.-UL', phrasini; and grading uf studies.
Forjiaitleulars apply </. E. Heid „
Co.'s Drug Slore.
w. F. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, lite.
Ilaitcll Block
Crunbriiuk, ll C.
W. T. Reid and family lelt to-day
for the I'onland lair.
K. Durrani, of I'errv Creek, lefl
Cranbrook this afternoon for ling'
land, via New Vork.
Malt    Rockendorf,
hotel,   Calgary,   and  formerly assoc-
latetl  wiih Ibis great (amity weekly,
is spending a couple of days cireulat-
Ing   among hib   iituneroiis Cranhrook
111; U.K.
Ilev.. Mi. (loodflcld, formerly oi
ICamloops, will succeed Rev. Mr.
Sloal in ihe pastorate of the Cr.m-
bro'il. Baptist church, nud will preach
his first sermon liar
toiler 1st.
~||      C, H, DUNBAR       I
Auction Sale  || BarrisUf{.u^llS'c,Notary I
i   Cranbrook,    -    -    ll. C.    »
Tin. fnllowiiiK valuable  sto.-l,
1,.- sulil nt public niii'lit.ii mi,
Tliiirsilny    uexl    21sl   S. |,li-iiil,i-i'
ll„. Palace   lDUSul :i |),   ill
W     \.    Mraeham, tIn- SI.    Mar;
Vulipy iniu-li;'!. i.s in   inn,,    to-da
lit-   ,a|l,,l',s    ,'U',y,l,,„a   I.a.t
in thai  locality—good
pronpects in    miniiia. and n genei'iil j
[cling ul sallslaetinu ilui.uKh,,,,!  llie
Tin-   hose loam ,.l   ilia Cranbrook I
Iii,- iluparliiHiil and ilu- L'l-aiilirooli la-
■n.vsa i,i,i„ received invitation!; iuuu]
I,.- inuiiageineiit uf tin" Nelsini    I',.,, 1
i.. lie    liali I
lut   nl   tl
rear of I" K Monis' rusiiluueu.- ,'l
Jersey t'ows. I Halt Breed Jursu.
('uus. ,,1,1,'s, :, i,airs: 1 Jursu)' Hull
lUigisturi'il.j I ivull bred Buy Jl are,
■*, years uld, u I driver,   I' Bro.vu
I'ony. ,|,,,.'i i.ni,I,miii.I .Iiii,'. I Bm
Huddle jVtiiii'.iiguudinilk-Cuws anil
I'llllm-l.     'l'lll'Sl' liliillials „,-,- all ivt'll
Sunday, 0.-1 l.roknn i„„.l per.e,.tl)- guntle. Own-
r li'tivinii district, solu   runson fur
ips,"'Kbiigi'it| Arnold & Roberts
Audi iiicers
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olllce .it  Residence,  Armstrong Ave.
Furenoons .... n n, i,,   11
Afternoons - . - . i m ,,, :i :(u
law-nil,a.s ..... v ;ui i,, *. ji.
TIMBKI1 ■suTH'lv
Tal,,- notice il,.ii  ih,
to |,,,nii:l|i;,,c in uv,
in ill.' bin iiiiii' llut is coming ,,1T In iv,-,
llie   Vaiitiful   i-ily-lii -ili.-lul..-    nesl|„,„?
week,      Owing, however,    to several
llli'inltars   uf    i-ii,l,   ml   Illasa   lirgaill/ll
linns Is'iug ahseiil Irnm lown, bull
of iha iiu llal ions had I,, 1,,' ilt-eliniil
Tlm Co iipt-rntivr- Stores an- ,„
larglng ami Improving their miarlur.
his   week.       Tlie stairway in     ilia
Into I mm ,. I |<> uppl
. I,
ilnys „,,,,
, iiu ii,,.,
I Hoiks a I
, .an      unl
ill.- I,,llm,
'   in      Imm I
CRANBROOK ::    ::    ::    i;     u   o.
i* l * , «-! <e-1« i ^,, .,m .■:,. :... \ ,.i^.i*
Dr. Connolly,     l"
"   Pliysici.in ,inJ Surgeon
•   ® Olliee on Arni.slr,),l|)   Avenue
W l-i
|J    Hums     0  ,..  II  „ ,„..  _  In  | li
I' „, , 7 to 8 p 111,   'I'll   lu, ■
carry away  inula-
lug dcscrlliBl i.u, I
Koolenaj   Dislriel
Nlarllng nl ,, |... i _>l....... 1 ,,i    ihu
northwest corm i ol loi li.iiu, gruup
una, running south sn chains, iTicneu
I'liimlng was, sii chains, thencfl nu,
nuw north su chains,   thrnce running
froni nf lln- grocery department    Is cast 80 chnlns, tli	
liein.^ removed lo lhc buck    ,,,'|    of chains u, ilu- p,,
the   sinru.       This   will uiv,-   inure 8,1-51 h   m   j
space in thc trnni nf llie sinre   ant'
Uu, whole uf   tliu upstairs will     'h,
„lili/c:l.     Other    inipinvun,inls    an
also contemplated,     Progress is tin
milt u est Mi
watchword of lhc I'.
An est ihilii.n panic has been ar-
rangrd between lhc ('. P. It. offices
and ('. P. It, shops fm Saturday ilm
Imii ai the race course,
Kick oil at IV o'clock,
FOUND Till-: IlllllY.
The body of John llccnnn, who was
missed Irom hi.s head quarters at Fort
Stc-lc live or six weeks afro, was
discovered on Friday lasl by Indians
win, were llshing cluse In Die fold nf
the Sl. Mans liver jusr wesl ni
Furl    Steele. He, nan    was     :,„
..Id  lime pruspeclnr In    Kast Knnli-
nay anil closely associated with    III
development „f tin. upper si. Mary
Hill..I   Una  l-,ll day uf Sep'l.   HuTi.
\  FINE 11 wis  in 11.1)1 Si;.
Hurl is progressing in a must sat
Isfnctory manner un ilm new building
to he occupied by llm Canadian Bank
ol Commerce, As lhc walls go up
III.' peuple aie impressed Willi tliu
lieauty ..[ ilia structure, and liie gen.
eral opinion is dial ii is guiuR ,,, he
one of Hm hands cs« liulldlngs    in
ihe Kootenays.
Til MEMBERS OF 0. P. R   OU.M)
Iill.I.Is CLUB.
Tliere   mil i„. a   meeting „t     ihe
winners on tlm   evening uf October
cnnniry. Il is supposed thai llccli- 8rd in 8.80 p. ,„. at Wentworth hall
an uml his ilenlh while crossing llm tn review pnsl vein's work and prc-
si. .Minis lord, and, although his sent the yearly report and to elect
loss is deeply lelt by the community, joltlcers lor ensuing vear.
much satisfaction Is expressed at, the IT. S. (tiiii p.nS( c, H. Knocks Sec
final recovery ol his bwly. 26-lt
,- I  ." i ■»   I ... I a
OFFICE Hiil'lts
» lo 12 a.m.
1 in   ll p.m.
,   lu    8 p.in.
Office ami residence on IrniHtroiig .,,„
DR. F. 15. MILES
3 to 1_ a.m.
I to 6 p.in.
7 to   8 p.m.
Olliee In new Held block
t'p llill urge mc not,
Down hill tint mc not,
On the* plain spare nm nut,
And In ease ol sickness call ,,|,
DR. CROSS, vbti'Wnakv suKoiiuN
.»    — » ,,J tlttKSH DENTIST
CRANMUing. B C. 'Ph„c J, 11 IT".   . RANBROOK   II i.i;..l.I>
IRON rani BRASS enter into
the composition "f ibis b, ,1 AUT
enters into tin, di'siun. ECtlNO
M\ miters lulu l 1..- price.     Win u
i..n wi, ilu- I.,,I ynu „i|l ,,|,|,i.. ,,,,,-
,1,.- ...i,il.i,inl,..il Mure Hiull nil
yuu can bu) il un uur MOM III \ I'll
MINI I'l AN. Ih.rcli) rojoylni lis coin-
(erti soverAl miuutis before yuu arc
called in pui lor il.
Wc are not occupying tliis space m this paper to keep thc editor tr, m Starving or freezing to dealh. We employ this .pace for lhc purpose ol
telling thc people from week to week what we are doing, -*h.d v>e h.ivc lo sell and :1c prices we charge kr the geeds v.c are selling.
Wc look upon our advertising in this space as a business investment, therefore we are anxious to ascertain whal returns this particular investment is giving us. Wc know our business is growing daily, but ihis may te atlnli.tid le clhr catsts tl.n .ou lis i g. We vert t< n .le uu in
this point, so beginning this week wc offer t
who will cut out thc coupon appearing in upper right hand cc nnr cl tl is p.'ge aid fctit g it lo err Stctt v. ill in i re »cik In m c'atc i n v 1 Icli lie payer
is received, ll makes nodilfertnce tons whether you arc a subscriber to this paper cr r.ct, ttirga.'trgtle curm itd jet lOctr.ts. We will lake It
[or granted that il vou save the coupon you read the ad and wc will then be in a position to get some idea ol thc value ot this space to us,
obbrsi- :rsv&a-w**tr•«ti_-4ii__*»jfflK_«f«s^'«-_»^»»«*
Do \ ou Read Our Ad?
We Want to Know
t'ut ...il this I ,   i- n. bring or n-iul
,t lo our im). a- 10c tor ii
Add i
September H, l«OS
Cranbrook Co*operative Star.
I llailcJ
»<^VV>»VS-VV-vVvVS*VVv*vVVV, ,
I loin Our Ccnd
I ina Library
: Hew BooksitndHew:
: Itlaitazincs Cwry it
| Dav !
.*** *t,          dm    ,'   I'   -s
>     Papc,
tl,      ma.    Ileal hi,
3  *   Mi I    llal
ll. i  Ilaiai.l,  was    ,,
*»   *   "■
■      tt. Be, u( ih..   Sullivan mine
— Hi u, ii un         in
j_|    II   II   Price   t iiii leal   im, . ., l'i ni
I k  ,i ,:.,,   it,,,  in ;l  ul  llie  iveel
William Iiul > lasl Sunday i",
I   .I,dm    I,ul,. ul    lluvle,   waa
i   Save lhe   ,'   i'   s   run
mI.i,   .   lapel.
1    .1    s     inl,-, „ii.  ,a   II,,,,ii,I.   ;,
I rough   ' iai,1.i, nk 'I
way ,,, Siillwater, Minn
n,u      Saic thc   I'   I'   S coupon iu    in I    il,   and  Mrs     McKaehein ratio ne
a,     |m|i, m i,si,-i.l.n   It,,iii   thell   tup  „i,li   ll'el
,la      i.   :        i' I'      II   inaslci dai.nj.lrr    Miss MeKarlie,n   la  lhc,
 i.n..- al  faleai)   paid I'tuu  lormci   home ou I'rlnee Edward 1
,,|    ,, visit  lasl   .Unlal.ll land       Miss   McEuclH
.1   11   I Ink an.l   hi   lathe,    I,    s mm l.cthh,idge   wh.-ri
I .'llll    m, . i        lake
llllflall,   .M    lla
( arm. n ;., ilm a
r    \     l'l,a|„„an
w.m   a,   ',,„:.  ,, it,"
Ui.   II    North.',
II..,„i I   war,   II,  ll
ll     nl     llie]
Tliu In.lll nll.Caa, BCCOIld linn, Walls lhl>   Wl-l'li  lul   al	
M, ell, aa  rent,     Aij.iI)   lo lleale .) Miss lleddinss, lale "i OUawa, I..
Klwell.                                      Til nrrivi I   lo take   ,li.,i.e .a     lt,,,i
Mis    .\    \l,„„„.,    ill   tli'dieinc 11.;.   t'u » '"i" 'V  department.
spenl several davs In town 'In   w, ■
e   -Ile  sl„|,|,,.l
,1,-s       Sl,,-  ,s    I
ived   III lienlth and
Ml  vcrj   h.-nellclal
,n s il,,,, he saw m
looking ,ili,-i 1,ii-1ii.   ■ affairs In
* I
. Beattie it Htclmon
<_, a
* where i, pays In .la.,I       «■
J     See pui drug nil. rn, la, page   %
Iwill slim
Im ,1a
One Night Only
FRIDAY,   SEPT.   15
Mr. tidward ti. Suiter
respecttully announces  the  first
appearance in this city ut the
Crlebrated English Actress
I lor five years  a  valued
member of Henry   Irvine's superb company i
Margaret Neville
and a most effective cast in
un  Elaborate   Production of
Sir   Edward   Hulwer Lytton's
beautiful romantic love story
The Lady
of Lyons
-'It isn't olten you leave the
playhouse (eellnn better than
when ynu entered il But you
will if you see lliis company nnil
Reserved scuts will be placed nn
sale one week before  the dote  in
this cily nl I'. (I  Drug Store
Prices, $1.00 for  Reserved Scot;
I'.,kr,l   Up Al"„,l  IU' li"    '"    .-li,,s
(Jiiesllun. „l Mi„>  People.
I'.ead   I'ai,,,,,,    11      'At
It.   Una   ,s   r
i.'s  I'r
1.  1,   McBride,
has   Jl
s 1   rec,
llll   aial    CUlllpl
le   Un
■   nl   s.i
.11,1  -luniks.
I   L'unductoi  A. .1   Martin, wlm    has
l,ea„ cunliiiid in his  i ihruugh ill
a ..a ile past lew d.ns, is again able
in he mil
1-:. 0, Adams, a lumber dealer uf
LeUibrldge, imm is loin, u couple ol
days litis waal, interviewing llm local
laminae, Dave McNabb has lell the
i' I' It sum,' here, aud went to
Spokane Monday to accept a position
mill ilia Ureal Northern.
Mis A M.u tin, trained nurse,
Crnnbrook, li c. Parties needing
services may call at residence ur address al general delivery pusl uth.f
George Gonry was brought uown
from Sheep creek last Friday siulei ,,,,■
wllh appendicitis, lie uas taken to
*ie hospital and is doing very well.
James Kinlui came down frum th,
Sullivan mine last Thursday evening
in luuk alter sonic matters for Uie
company, lie reports everything in
iluu section progressing iu a must
satisfactory manner.
U II llill is ill rccelpl nl llie sad
information thai I is sister, Mis. E.
Leu-, ul llol.nrsvllle, mil . died    un
Ins la
The   um,
in.    Villi
'llal   lla
e\l   Si
I I     ill       Ml
Insi   month
111.       ...:
iy   ill
nek lu
Sl  a
il. n
.hm IlluKiiian got stave;! yesterday,
.ii,.I ., it-w mliuites afterward In- I,-.','..
i l ti, ilie glass ..ii.l then started o«i
to i.n.l Jim Hickman.
All  Odillellowa   are requested
a-uin'l the it,'\i regular meoliiig Mon-
day night, as   llieie Is business    of
Importance to attend to.
Kelson Entwlslte, Hanson avenue,
will make you a good pair of Winter
Shoes il vmi will leave your incits-
uiv. Repairing neallj done. Harness
repaired. 2-1 tl
s. A, Jackson, the popular nhl
time traviler of lirockville, inn..
was in town three .lays ihis ncek
tloins business in connection with the
(inn he represents.
I-'. .Y (i.i.lir.'v, ol Ctilgarv, repie-
setiitu; Campbell Hros a Wilson,
wholesale grocers, was in lown t:.,-
week. I'll- reports business bciiei
than on any pnnioua occasion.
W. B. Chamberlain, wife an.i
tlau^hter, and Dr. Wright an.l wife,
of Toronto, stopped off in Cranbrook
a lew days tbe past week on their
return from the Portland exposition
The lire brigade held a special meeting last evening and named Victm
Rollins as temporary captain in ihe
absence ot Chief Kink ami Assistant
Chief Bradley. Messrs, Manning ami
Hay ward have charge of lha general
work during; Mr. Kink's absence.
1 v. ill sell my Uut roomed residence
ai a bargain as I have oilier arrangements lo make. The house has
a stone foundation, stone cellar, water connection, and everything in v\-
celtent comliiion, Foi pai ticnlars
address oi call ou me.—(1. Cart-
.1 C K.vl, y. wlm left here toi
Calgary several weeks ano. has ie-
tutned ami is again wnh \\. V. Tate
& Son Mi. Kecley is oue of the
besl watch repairers in lhe west, he
bas ha I a technical training, an.l lip
sa\s ihal Cranbrook is good enough
f.'i   bun
Josloli Stlrretl lia*- Just written a
letter of gratitude ami great satisfaction io Benle a Klwell for a cirque amounting to 570 00, brin_.
amounl of indemnity paid to him on
his liisialltih'ii! A
pollc\     with   the
liei | ue) Spivi's, ni Spol
1.    a  ...i,', I i.-ii
i a lay'
11 begin!
ui   Marysville
,  ih.- place
up tl,
-U.   M.i
his boyhood comrades and Ihoroughlj
eiijnyi I the vlsil, Inn thai attci ii
lui se ii everytmd) he was perleellj
willing io starl .m his return trip li
Cranbrook, ,is ihis place seemed mon
like home in him Iban am place thai
li.- has evei lived.
rould en
s,,l bj In.;ii lo.l
Th,' .milvai
armin are i
his week disi
h' '"'ki'.'o i" ll.'''t<.!'!ii1''1 i m,':   KAHID  RISE   OK   HARRIS
■   new Shall tL    he '^'"nkks.   ill!   m-v
,'. I„
,-     be,
1'   It.
months old, ansv,
"Hubs."      Kind
tt'llson, Jeweler,
(I   II   llunlel :
I. nun  lu  II.  tt'
,1, lui l.i.i
Ihev mil
Tue'i lien
inl   a  shot 1
\  -.
pnsl      ni,i  weeks  luullii
lor lhc Staples Lumbei
ll-o   new   railroad Ihal
huildiiN in t'herry creek.
Misses Lou and Isllu I i
Friday for t'algarv, ivbai
inter school Ior ilo year,
aeeoinpanicil by Miss .1.
who will lisit in I'aL.uy
« II Ingram, ,„' Paris
in town the guesl of C. I-I. In,
an old friend. Mr. Ingram is cdilol
nf the American llogister, ol Paris
and is the author of "tt'lm is Whu ii,
Messrs. lln_.„i;li ,v K,alius-, ol
■he Pranhrook Tiotel. have placed oni
of tlie Travelling Man's ass'oeialion
liiii'nriis in their nniee. The tilu.ili
conla'ns loo volumes of the best fie
Hon and is also a line ornannnt,
I Miriam! uf UkanailiKl I ruil, iiuludl.i)
,p"li'Si, I'csr., flu,,,., Prune- «r,d Cruhs
i'so linen rumaloes an I cllrans, will arrivt
.11 our Mure ub, u, the 271ti ui this mnntu
II 25 , FINK mtus
Sir Thomas Shaughncssy, preside,,,
uf tile V. P. R,, is nu bis way wesl
mi his annual Dip uf inspection. I,
be will couie lu Cranbrook ilu
board ,,f trade .mil the citizens gen
erallv will s've blm ile freedom "i
lhc ei.li
T T. McVittie an.i wife, ni fori
aie ,,,     town    to-day.     Mr
a lias    jusl returned I ,    .,
I - ti i|. up ilia Kootenay rive.
,,. has in en surveying Umbel
foi the Crows N'esl Pass l.uin-
e has I , quite mi me slinri-
Cranbrook tliu venr. H hi'-
ci ...ni i.,i several ul He bu*
,„ „ rn    lu «,   from   Fun
,.. Cranbrook, and that la one
bai     Km I   Siaale lias demon-
I   I..   (' 1,1,-ml:   llial   she    cull
M, V,
.loscjill Thompson,
pa.1  nil in  .' l.l [tl, I......  Vt-ali
A. Leiteh, C. H MeNnb a
.ii.ls. Mi Thompson
Iiimii,',,,,.,,, and Mai ;
nnl, ail ..( these _aail.ii
i Ottawa, slop
■cslcrday ,.. s,,
I S. Hid,
nf lbe iiiiii were iii lull
tt'cslcv    Cllne has Hi
a   S	
,l„. Ityan was dun
hi ,i tew dnys ilm- ,
.1 II llm -, ,„ Sp,
a, lhc i pollinn
\ W.illiiM,i ,.- nun
government offices In
II you ivnlch m ,,..,
ui.uiaa, read Tat
U     i     Km 11 ,1    ol   Mai! u I
in   ,,.»„   tu.     a   ,, »     ,1
part ,., lasl  lie, k,
,; oi        ,,,.,:
,1.1.1.     M     Llal     lip     ».'.!,     a Ml-
|.|,l.    ml     I tl Ml, Hi.. 1 l    n
.lam. .   Mai,.I    Ue. m.   1 ... It, '-
,1    IPS,,,, I    I   Slnpl
III-    pl.lMI     I  a    •  I     I'   I"     '
l I ll,
ready   wall
bv pulling
Dial   lliimlsu
lie has „ls,
Vet Inn   I
:  ■   ■
■m   II,a.
llaplis, ih,
I M ll. Hi
■ek thai 111,- litlle la'!
Ml, Ileum Iai La Ol
died  lasl   ileal.
Ii mn, cu- bother y,
nun i ensl  \,„i ,uii iliill;
(Iriuliinte Opticians,
A l.einl, led last
pan   ni, business.
mil go  In  lhe praii
shoot nt two necks.
Mmi la
Im Cai
lb. ie lie
iis annual
1 t I
-  i     a
,   , ■       \ world of gm
Kb d        l   w.nli-l   I,-
al n lla,I 11      wnll   ia charge
„ be hoped  Man   ii an ,,i,l
,, make ,, living
el, Sunday nexl.
.1    L. SI	
nrnlc, luiaelinm
o„ Monday
imolhe. .-,,,,.1
list iii the per
I'lina's place ii
ill,-    (lis, I id    „s
.breast ui the ii
.lass nml,, Ire
and    where Hie
I'i'k inii.li.
iprnvcmciits lu liis al
quipped Inlismial |,.ul„i
i another ehalr ami ami
,-, min,,i,-.l work rack
ployed Ha- services ol
IVmital—lilntmt  roo.
A Idle
Ilns .11, Moyt
II,,1,1 ;,„ sale-Until doing a   il I
business, nicely sin,.',,ad. iml call
Itlvo possession al alii linie. In
quire ul Herald. Wl
II, I, Sliielila, 111' regular Mas,,,, it
Itlseh plnuo tuner, is In town fin a
few dais. Onion can be lefl nl
IV.   Im  Tale's  Jewelry  slore.
Messrs. lteatllc & Atchison have
■eui awui phntogrnphs of all the
Hunts in lhe paiit'ile on l„i'linl bay
and will have the finest colored postal cards made Irom then. These
will be really as sunn as Hm linn given lhe coulracl can turn them out,
und ihev will lie greatly in demand by
tbe people ot Ihis district.
with the repi
impai rep.™
tors went Ui
.ml i,,ll he
nli re lie si's
,1, .a Hie
,,„ Hansard
panylng iha cm
ii ill issluii pas-
anbrook yesterday
s and several uews-
Tlie   mi
um, il
Imlil. a
Will   he   pi
snclal si
Sl, 1,1s    -
un   Will   111
Ml   l,v   lla
ind well assorted flsli
tries ilini never pel
''nd Sun lh. nt    111
is     in  limn    la,I
tii'ih speaks
ut Frank Knley
pioleil thioiigliuiil
shop Hun kccpi
.. eiies only first-
evcryliody whit,
s ,, line nf i.,,::i
and ben
Mmi.. Leader,
11,.r.la.        Hi
•llll   ni  tha I ■
Movie ,ii„l s.ns thai Uu
nevei in bell ,r shape Tb,
Sl Kueeua mine is working ,, ml
lorce wllh a blgge. payroll Ihnn ever,
and Ihf Annua mine aci'ns. the laki
is making wonderful progress in    H„
Will-    nt    iteieiupiiiinl Tliey   hav,
All tlinse Interested in the welt,,,, i eieht men „t wmi; and have goiu
nf our lown will Im pleased lu know through the zinc capping ,,, lhe (ift)
that arrangements bave hem    made| fool shall ami aie in now  whal p
lull 11
■apacitv.      He is
iimlmr. nf Cranhr
ind a nice visit.
eli bv the main line f"t be .lolm P. I). Jul,,,, in give two mines in be a great   body ut    silver
N'elsnn lo-niiiri'iiw, „,' his great lectures in Ihis place  oil  lead nre uf good values      I, is    '.he
will Im held   \ninng ,h(' oven'ngs ni Tuesilay nnd Wedncs- Intention nf Hie managemrnl tu pul in
wis It   I'   Uunhar day nt nest weak.    Tbe leetnrcs will In hoist ami   thus ospeilllc die work
', acconi- l«- sivcn in Hie Melhndisl church. Dr.|n| slnkini; the shall.    Tlul ibis !„'•
„ ullicial -'fit" is 1'c.copizcd as au Intellectual j ngrly will develop iut,. ;, paying in
isin nf I'
la.I  the
nud   Mrs.   K.  I).
l-'uiir years ago J. J. I lut lis came
iu Cranbrook witli no capital, luu n
lul nt good business luugmenl ami
rustling ability, He liked Hie looks
..i ihe town ninl became, in lie meal
business with A Jolllffc, whom he
uftcrwiitil bought uut anil associated
nub Iiiui iiis brothel J. Harris l-'<	
i small shop iu renled quarters   this
uin bas advanced uniil now it oceu
pies a rum two stoty building, with
uiu ui ilie most iitiiiiciiie salerooms
u lu- found In uuv ment uiarkel   it
Has,an, Canada     The building ts  ilu
ic.-t lung and connects with the ware
house uf Uu- same   length    Beneath
Until warehouse uial shop is a   iargi
'Inr giving plenty nl available room
sloragc   purposes     The shop ,.-
b\ 21 feci, aiid fully equipped with
rythlng    inu.ietn   tor   the   prope.
handling uf meals and poultry,    The
lis are painted while, the hangers
ihe meat are uf great strength be
; fastened directly In lhe nulls ui
Hie building during construction, uud
ilm roui,, is lighted by several acety
I.ne gas jets.    There is au elevator
being   constructed lo facilitate    the
handling nl beef quartets and    othei
neats, su that in   the summer   time
hay can be kept m lhe cold .storage
below fot coolness, and in ilm- winter
they will be kept there to keep    the
meat iinm freezing so haul.   Hack ul
the shup there is a commodious oflice
with all that is up-to-date in lhe wai
uf oflice   paraphernalia   tu   expedite
business.    Next tu that is the sausage room and the grinder is operated
hv a three horse power inutnr in the
collar,     Back of tie   sausage rnum
work lboin where llle nun    arc
not   crowded    in   their    operations.
Krom the front to lhe bank the place
is as neat  as a good   housekeeper's
kitchen,     a   leature   that Is always
.lumentable in a meal market.
Tie Harris brothers huve extended
heir business until hum  they kill on
an average of 10 beeves a month, bellies  handling    manv  sheep,    linns.
hick-US and lish,     Tliey alsu .1,,    a
lug feed business and expect  lo     increase ibis branch very materially In
Ute nnr future.    The" career of this
firm demonstrates lhc possibilities uf
this western country with men   wliu
willing in work   ami will attend
strictly ui business.
Incorporation for Cianbrook is now
a question of only a few weeks. The
petition has been generally signed, s,,
freely in fact thai there is a sure ma
jority in favor of Incorporation so fai
as property values go, Mid the
governments grants tb.' petition il
■•.ill then be necessary lor a returning
olliivr to be named nnd the list he
gottin in shape. ll is estimated
ihal there will be from 125 to 150
voters the lirst election, Only pro
p.-itv own,*rs can vote, and thai will
Include all ladies who an- ilie ownei i
oi property within the limits to hi
Incorporated. The ilrsl election will
he bu ib' period Intervening between]
ibe time thc election is held and ihe |
regular dale set for municipal elee«
lion in this province. As the matter is virtually settled it is time Lhat
ibe people take time to consider wliu
they will want as the lirst managen
..I tin- municipality And Lhat i
wlat ii means. I' is noi a i*npstlon
of politics hul simply ,1 question as
io whal piisons ymi waul to taki
hold of the affairs of ilk- city Much
d-ptii.ls upon whom ynu select ami
ihis point must be borne in mind, li
is ini ib,* people I., select, ,ili,l n
ibe righl men are nol named, none
hut the voters are io lil am 0, Cut
out politics, cut out friendship, ntt
out personal favoritism, bear in
iniiul one thing only, business. Tin
people want a business administration. And everyone can count on
ono tiling sure, llat if the lirst administration is a ffl ilu re from a bus!
ness point of view the members "f
ihat adniiiisiration will be held responsible
li   Children's Dresses   I
m.i  Colored  Print and
ie  lu fourteen \. ars, to
Children's  White Muslin
nullum Divssus. luoh from i
ar III llllll [Jl'ice.
$5.00 Line inr $2..SO   $|.95 I lne for 90c
-t.llll line for   2.01)     1.50 Lino  for 75c
.150 Line fur    1.75     1,25 Line  for 65c
.LHU line lor
2.50 Line for
2.00 Line for
nie  for  ,i(lc
ine for 40c
Miss Ois.dings, laU> ol Ottawa
Milliner}- Department.
ill li,
.".a       I
\\ o have sum.' odd linea iw l-'ancy
Cups and Saucers. _ poon Mulders, Glass
Vinegar Hottles, Ulass Water iets,
Glass Table Sets, the regular price of
whicli run from $5° to $5 00.
To clear we will sell at
a T-? AI T   ls THE TIME WHEN *
& 1      Al *1   if*-*   Nature prepares herself for A
the  rigours of  approaching
II    -.riant      Nn ,,nn wlm lius ever hoard "icrlv ilu-tc is u„ longer anv iloul.t.
u"K3c,^,x.s^«rvci«i!Jo,I**?**rv\zix a
n.f    olinw-t.       -.Ll     tl,..      ctl-nnir      inVnl.l »U pel llll     lOlf'l Ml       Al.ltlU'-Oll,      llll1
. Wed., jvho  tSAn^AAA'lA^li ri.ri.-ot. had all I.a .-...«    attend
'nine „|, frinn     Simlninc the   first ,,t  ainiicco I".    ,,,.'1     altloup   tlia   place
,1,,. ivei; in visit .Iiirvsvilli'inr a ,','iv     „,   „'  ,    ,, 'cmivdi-d  frum    llie   Satunla" lieloro
iliivs, returned yesterday and lefl  ii,     ''■ "■ McFarlane, manager ot    ine | lln.r] tho day after, no otic went away
the alternoon   Ior    ihc'snuih       Mr   fo operative Stores, has n new Idea dissatisfied.      Ii is tills faculty    nl
Weeks is in i r health ami lie found  ™ advertising, wind, ha presents this properly  taliine   ere „f llle gnesis.
it ti.ccssory in sever   his cnniiccllon   "'''.''' '" "'" HoraM.     He wants    tn cotnhlnod   with   a first class    lintel
uill-  ihe Mnrvsvillc sniclle.  Io.   lho  '"'""' ""' rs'™' nt ''"' l|.'ni'",s '" '"' liuililiug. thut mdhca il easy Iol lit.
ure.M.1 ninl se.-li a new elliuale Willi derived hv advcrllslng iu lne Herald, jiaihesni, in please llie public,.     Hut
the hope ,„'   Improveiiient    'lie will  a";i "' l,,,p sa""' """' l"'vc ""' '"'"''lr Ihis hits In  lhe ease evei since   lie
-ii ,n Snuil, in California fur lhe nn- • IwncHt-    In the Co-npcratlve Plnrrs 0pPncd the hnicl, and lod.iv the Ini-
snii      llr   Weeks' departure is sin   "''■ ",is WM'' "'"' '"' '"'""' " coupon, puri.il is one nf lhc best known hotels
civic leer. Unl hv nil who were  as-  il";l "lis coupon, like Hi,- coupon given along the line nt lhe Crow   The din-
snciii'inl with iiiu,'nnil knew him dui'-   ll' n *'■ '*■ ^ coiiduetor fur cash fare, lug-room service is perfect, the rooms
in,, llie lime he uas in iii nai- of the   is wnt'lli ten cents      As a result ,he ,in> cinnfn, lulile in   even' way,    and
consliuellon nt  Um  Mirvsvlllc sinel    Herald Ihis week Is unitli n-n cents ii,,.,,. |s no crowding in any part   ol
hnsl ,,| iri,ills' ivisli liim " ""' "Wl"'1 C"IIS '"" ""' coupon and \ft house      People coming tn Cran- Ihal   the drilling   lor the races     is
takes ll In tie    Co-operative Stores brook can always he properly taken|over, regular praotlccs-Will Ite rcsuiu
The fire brigade needs several new
members to fill up the tanks nl tlmse
who have gnne away from town anil
also to increase the funnel force
There ate many young men in town
ivhn would make tine additions to
the liripade, and anv who feel inclined in link themselves with tliis laudable Institution are requested to
hand in their names to Secretary
Roberts, nr any nthei members. Nuw
A **
A Winter.     This is only the beginning of Fall but can A
*  you think of a better time lo prepare  your system _
A 9*
A against the troubles that come with the change of the *j*
« j^
■jj season.    We have the means. .
V       (iibson's Peruvian Tonic *
9 9
9        Howard's Sarsaparilla *
V 9
m are both good, reliable preparations. f
9 9
v *
•|.'I"t"l"l"l-l"I"l"l"l"bl"t-l"l"l*H-l"I-l-l"i't"i"l-M 'I«t"l"t"I"l"l 111 "1"I-I"1-J*
wish you 1.. realize liiul wn are carrying nn I'I' Tl l-DATE
stock "of General Dry Goods, GontB Furnishings, i lotbing
uml Smallwares.   Wi
nd lu
IV     I Ill    |I|
slide in his ir
und caily tesl oral Inn |„ heaflli.
lh,- eui,iiii inns iiiiil down.
cu,- „f at lhc Imperial.
ed every Thursday night,
our range ol' kock1.t.
il choicest Btock in t!
iii. so as to prove ail
> promptly attended ■
you to look through our range of komI.-,, whore you will see
ilu- besl assorted ninl choicest stock in tlm Kootenays.
wanla will l,u supplied, so as to prove advantage of dealing
here    Letter orders promptly attended to,   We want your
nnl mil lum. M least n share of it if Good  Values and
'riu,... L". for anything.
„   HILL  & CO.
■l„j..|.H„j.H4.H-H^^ THK   OUANltnoOK   HERALD
11 |s gc-tlil 6  Ij  ennilKli >" camp| "PRINCE tiTT.
i,,r    the appeal
in ins, Tom and Jerry. \|,   Harold Nelson, wh,
Some Golden men aro so dense Ihal   his I
about lhe only thing the)  eve.   -'"
"next" is in a barbe,  shop.
i lhe heavi-nl)
i-niisi-tiiiii,- season undei the
management ,.t ll,   C  V  Walker  al
the Winnipeg theatre on  Labor Day,
,    will soon he seen ut lhe opera bouse
Bar.lt, Kii-l.l, l..u.       nl <:^-'^ S;l,i.r.l.iv.   s,,u      lo.in   his  latest
success, Prince Otlo.    This is annih-
i  ..I ihi.se romantic plays s,. picas
***********44**44444**444******4*****»*******»*4*****44*****44444************ ***********
♦ ♦ ♦♦
ll n
♦ ♦
nnl ilia onlj pi, :,i esque spots along
the C. P. K Wi have some chunks
ul scenery around Gulden.
The local bom-tall m .a was ,1 tented
at   liuuUi ni   Monday, I.m  ,1"'1   'x
peel  In >l.i h.-'t.a   lu tl   """■■       H'"'n
ihe Calgar) I""- ■ ' dclcatcd ihe)
immediately holle, faki ' and blame
someone Ioi 'In,mm m. lhc game. Golden has sports ,' i ai> lia- lobsters
Tins week the si.,, edllot was  pre-
sen,..I wllh ., in." ■ ol    .' hj Wai
ter Nixon, who killed them neai the
Wnlpple Sanitarium, l.eancholl. And
s,,,::e people M.a.l-a hnv lbe clitoi
H NOW $5.00    SOON $5.501
ill; in lbe public when properly acted
ami produced,    li is a dramatization
of   SU'veusou's   novel ol    ibe    -.ante
iuii,.'. ami    was played  with    great j
success iu    New York, I'lileaRO, Bus ,
ton,  Philadelphia, St.  I,.mis, and all
the   .iih.r big   cities oi the I tilted
Slales a season or so ago by its jilted aetoi author, Otis Skinner There
i.iie ii  is not untried material.    Hs
dramatic qualities b..ve been lull)
tested and  not   found  wanting.
In presenting this charming   drama
Air.   Walker    believes  he  is  nfTnrdinp
♦ *
Sm,,.|mm ul Kt_ul-lii»,_ lur disposal ,>i Mineral, un Uaiainnni Lands in Manitoba,
tl,: Northwesl rerrltorlei and lhe lukon
ur .,.„,•„.,,.,
my i
i la
■ tan
q ,,,.,, li) ,,iii-   i,
,-,.ni|..,in.    i „,., i, ,,, in. rate '-r
..... „, .-. ,„ i mil i in-, t
—..... ,...t
Visaiis a .Mill- a-  aial n.ai
.,„ can a- a a,l im ti.a nana, .
,','- i-al.Ulaala   m      ■ ■!   La   all"
IM   .ll-aii,,
,- Waa , ,a
a- a ll
., ,-a   [nay
a,   iiinii'iiil  ill
In hold up lhe C.  I'.  I
rich   corporation   was  ,
The dog is i„ni il.a!
Mr. uial  Ui a    «    UcN'eisli
in Golden ll.e, lay      Tlu ,  huve   ius
ie,,,,unl   I  a    m i,   :•. Scotland
and alter f, shorl stay renewing "I
ai-riunlntn.il, I -■ pin, ecdi .1 to than tenia
in Vancouver,
The mai.  'I...'   a
, In-   balance
ll    llllll-      Rl'l
,■ ol Gulden's
.-, ,ai-    tlinl
I yards •„
■■ll.i,!,,   lie
In   Uavi,,
alngist.   I
linil   111   III.
liiililli.iliy,    in,
nn.l ,, nice spe
away is out .., ttai
crack shots has n
counts   the   lunula,
grotlSO sin,I. a,   01,
ihe wing Iml .-..-I li
This week the -'
line cnhincl .■. on
Sebastian, Golden'
is the most valuiih
country, lie lias
copper, silvc], lead
nine and tin. M
has ruck sail, i
candy, rocking chal
iuicu of Hie rock ui iiucs.
W. I).    Hodges, alius   Mis ui llill
was brought lieloro Justice uf th.
Peace Moudic Inst S.iiui.l.iv inutility
and unci foi'ty-eigl.l huurs in leavi
town. Mr, Mooillo road Missouri „
lecture un hi;, oscapu.les in Golden „,„.
advised Imn strongly lo heed win,
wus .said to him. Min nl Ins callhl'i
were nol hy any means desirable hen
.. .1 ihe scarcer he made himscll th
better. His credentials, alsu, wcr.
nut the kind In a.Imn bill] In tlia enn
lidece uf lhe public, Mlssimri Inn.
llie hint and saved blmseil fur,Iter in
Word has ni i ached lown as   we   u,   .N,,lsun adequate opportunity   i
;,, ,i, pi si   thai .,'       ■ • ■     on   Ilu.-. siwii.fi, his -plelidlil rcputallnn as a
Spilliinnihcnc has licstruyiHl the    rn- actor.     The eh.,,.,,;«,  .., the I'n ■'
tire seiisnifs .ii ul a... in ■,,,' ramps is ailmirahly s,,,-*-! ,.. his alnlni.-s [n
.,, II. Mllligai 11 hope Hi- luua.i'nis daub, subtlety, powei .ml roman
is willioul found,. Inn n,. 8i»,|e,
Mrs. McKay rial grandchildren a. .\h. Clifford Lane Bruce, so long
rived Irom Win! ri to Monda) anl assucintid mil, Mr. \,-ls„n. mil he
lelt ,,i, 'In,." i.m'.   Ii ■ '   ia  tin coast.    lVll ,, ,1,,. |,M|,„. minister.
- '."- It'i'dl   Miss llalcne Scoll should Iw charm
ing and effective as the princess.
William Itlake, auolliei .a' last sea
.sun's favorites, will bave i, dulightlul
coin „  rule.
Tli,- niher nieniheis ol lhe coiupanj
ale well stilled   In  the palls assiRl,,',! ,
ihem, and an   cxccpii illy wcll-bal '
aliccd   pcfnllna,,,','  is us-nlled.
New Westminster, ll. C, Aug. 2".—
lui.uij. lhe ailrai'liic additions I.'
ibe buildings ai Queen's park, when
lhe liuir, [),.„,ini..„ Fall will open un
Sept. 27. is an ,dal,,.rate baud stand
inr the accommodation of the Royal
Irish Guards hand, whieh has hoe.i
engaged at enormous est as tin
musical feature uf the big exhibition.
Although the Irish Guards have nol
iKsen lung in existence, ami up I.
their formation there was no purlieu
lar Irish battalion terming ono o,
,hu household regiments, it bus yel
gained a reputation lot iisclf as a
magnificent organization, so (.,, u-
the rank and liie are cunccrned, lim
more especially Uirough ihe splon.Hi.
mind that I', il. llasscll succeeded ii.
..cuing together.
This hand comprises lorty-two o.
ihe finest musicians in any iniliiuri
ncgnni7.atloi. in the British Empire
They have all heen selected fur then
special ability on some particular Instrument, and in fuel, each and evei)
nue is a soloist. In passing, i,
might he mentioned thai il is n
gratifying fact and une considorci.
very gratifying tu the Royal Miliiari
School uf .Music, thai all the band
masters uf liis Majesty's Pom
Guards received , heir training ai
Knellcr ilall.
Mr. llasscll, although still a com,
paratlvoly young man, has heen il,
lhc service fur upwards uf a quarici
ni a century, during which time in
has heen attached lu several Icailliii,
military musical orga.iI/.allons, aim
was sclcuted im the hiuiiiluustcrellli
ui Hn- liish Guards out ol um candidates, because ho was conslderot,
the ablest conduct.), iu lhc service.
His inciinle is large, than that ,n
any bandmaster, ami tils [ante ex
iiul-, all over Uie I uiimI Kingdom.
Viscount \csci, a direct duseeudani
,,[ ilu- original Irish peer, will la
ihe colonel tu charge ul 'he Ituyn
Irish guards   dining llieli  visit     I..
, T.'l
id, i',, nf famuli
null The $5 nliuns un
r 1,,'lni'n Sept. ul mid ul'
Shares of the Marcuui Wili-le
enn I.r lunl turn few days loturur lit So e
neurly iill sold. Thej mil In-gone on „
ter tlml date ,,.„„. will lie sold Iobb limn S5.5U
If you wuul i.. l.uv. N't l\V is ilu- tin,.- i.. .1.. su. 'I'm ilt-lti)
means lo pny ,.0 cms i„'i sliurn more, peril,,ps Sl.OG, ns llie
munltor to lie sold al So.nO is very small, The uost block v, ill
bo put ,.ii sale nl SH.U0, UV espi'd llm [trice i" ii'ueh S7.00 he-
fore J.muiiry Ist. Stockholders will lie uiv™ preference in the
purchase nl' shares ut So UO,   Send chucks made payable to
Last Monday morning (Labor Day,
Golden was the scene uf a sad accid
cut, which resulted filially in .1. A.
better known as Jack Melntyre, ;
general laborer Who has worked a,
various lines along lus lengthy resld
encc in Golden fm' tin- past decade
while Iledlcy Dart, a fireman nn ,.,,.
„f lhc C. P. li. pushers stationed hen
and also a resilient here fm man)
years, received injuries which nil.
keep him in Uie huspital im son,,
liiuc tu culue.
It appeals Melntyre, who lor Ih
past .sum,net has I,ecu working In,
W.   C.   Wells,   lil   Palli  a,,   li.nl       bee.
spending Sunda) in Gulden ami in
Icmled returning tu iii, duties al lh.
Palliser mills ua Mouda) morning, hi
intention being in leave lut I'alli.e,
un Nu. _, winch passes Golden al hull
past   fnur in   tlie morning.    Engine I New Westminster.
Nn. lOilS w.m al Um time doing s.„„. I  ♦	
shunting in  Ua-   yard and  Melntyre.  XKI_S0N   KAm   prkmium   LIST.
intn ilm In email a aide of the call, Ucrsnus wlm wish tn exhlhil at the
Where lie could gel warm, osklicj Nelson Pair, which ..pens this year
Dart in Un- meantime to l.e suru an I September 20th, shniihl semi al one,
wake htm up, u ha went ,,, sleep, on (0 Secretary J. !•:. Annablo Im .,
Ue arrival o! N,, _. U.u' limned Iprize list. Thee, an plenty oi
atcly ,iiiiaii naiii,I I,, lne up and chances lor Cranbrook peuple tn win
had ha. im, aimla'l when he was prizes in drawing, fancy work, pain,
struck un ihe aim b) -mne m iii ings, school wmk, etc', lu the, lis,
flying debrl , breaking lhe righl am ' ui fancy work „ large number ol the
in two plait.      Dan called '..    Hi    premiums   nre ollered for work   d	
lutyre :., ..,... a.' , wived no a,., suae las, September. 1838.00 is of-
"'■.'■ A string of Irc-ighl cars which t(,rMi ,,„ pli/(.s ,„ thu poultry de-
bad jusl been placed on Ua main parlrnnit, i,:iii...i,i, has heen approp
track started ba      .    .,   the rngin.. riltwl ,,„. ,,,..„,,,,,,,<. (,„  ,,,,,,.    Tin-
was going in „n    i    witch and strip h.,,r „ , „,„. Ulll,. a„y8 ,,„„ ||m||).
I'mI 'lie    I,.,,.,,  .,- lown   one   side expensive open air at-lractfais    have
liuin slen, to item, c,   r)ing Uu lire   ,,i,cadi been bonkeil.    Secretary Ann
man's si le ,,i th i . 'in   'en   able Informs us Uie tali  mil be  ,	
ilcr ol ihe engine "... •    .   iiiii     tie third larger than las, year, boih   in
budy ol Melntyre,   who was inish, I icxhihils and attractions,
to death in an Instant  between    ilia
tender and the   corner   uf
35 Broad St-, New Vork
_;,, Congress St., Huston
Canada Life Bids'., Montreal
Munroe   & Hun roe,
Managers inr lhc Murcoiil I nilrwTiters   **
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
-uiull Iiii tu,  i.i. i u,,i; ,iM.,-ii
i-i  ..ill, ii leu hi .-• "i  ■' in,.i'ii:
I..', fl.,',. i  il) ..ii■■...- I l«l
mil lilt. i ,. ■     Ii'ii
III, Mm. . i i.(
I . . .,■ ,, ,i, .1
 bll). ill    l»
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<-♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«> *♦♦♦♦♦♦-_*•*>*♦*♦♦<>♦♦*♦♦•*
* ♦ • ••♦•** •-«
Cranbrook Sash    '
and Door Factory •
All kinds nf t'niisli work in |
way of iloors. windows, trau- ]
nnni8. etc.   Kiln drii'd lumber ]
for insiilt' work.   Our work is J
^uaranti'i'il and our prices are \
satisfactory.     Screen    doors ]
Rough and Dressed Lumber ;
For Sale J
• •»*> ».»»■»■«>■• •■».» •»-« • • ••'.•
»^^^,.„^—^»^»«|| Your Draying
! STEWART'S     '
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
$100,000.00 M'/ce?,#
1 We Will Do        I
.-, «< ♦
i-n     A*tf> in fi manner that in-   >
j I JJ     %f* uui'.'s    satisfaction.   *i.g
jj Tbo Lending Store For       # i Tlml   is  our  linsi-   ,fj§§   ROVAI. IRISH QUARD6 and other Fnmo
? Dominion Exhibition
l905=September 27 to October 7=1905
t'nilur the nuspices ..1' ilm Royal Agricultural
nml itidustriiil Society    .   .'	
New Westminster, B. C.
Stupendous and comprehensive   array of Ex- Xa
hibits representing the resources of all Canada OO
Ei $100,000.00 ||
linlarged Groiinds, New, Hanil-nnic, Spacious Buldlngg o o
~-   -  ■ - 8S
Lacrosse. Horse Racing. Broncho"finsllng." nilitary g^
Parades and Exercises. e>,>
} PKESU fltyiTS 1  j i     ,,,'ss.   Wu. ivuiit  I.,   ft SS   ORAND WATER  CARNIVAL   Parade ,.,'  Pra/.er river  SS
J VPOETABLPS _   « 1'll'"S'''    "tM.mM"1-   fog          fishing fleet, patrol   hunts, II.   ,11.  warships, Indian   gg
4 CHOICE CONl'-feCTlONliK-i S  2 liilK to kbor html to   If SS          war canoes, etc.    Indian Sports.                                     SS
4 itA/.KI.lViiul) ICE CREAM j  J        i      "    '"     *     '°
J Prompt Delivery. J \*> il   .1'
{ ,*HUGH STEWART.* j 2 mlm
0 PHONE NO.  TG      ARMSTRONG AVE i     4-" PJil^l^V
•*■»**■**•**»*•'*'***■•*♦'»*♦*• I JJ Atitliu
ncL'oinplisli thnl oh-
ji'i-t. Tlml ia why oui
liiibiiifss prospers ::
cur, being caught around thc hips and
almost severed, only the covering  of
tht. abdomen   holding the legs     and
trunk together,     li was all done   In
a twlnklin-g, an.l even if Melntyre hod
Ix'i-n awake, which is nut known,    nl-i    -,    , . n, —~~"
though the fireman snvs ho could n,u   , °" *uf"  ..M an   '"' "'"' Se^mbe'
h.,,.„   ,, , „„      ' ,„,     ,„„. „„,,. I" und 17, lhc Canadian I'acilic rail-
,i,i,e    Ueeii    aslat'I    as   He      uas  ,1,1,1 i
sncaWns lo him nol n „,- than Beven\my "' sv" al Nelson. Rossland
or'ciKht seconds beloie tbe accident T'iv!"'*,1 "° 5ay •'"""' '," tkkcls
occurred, coupled with ll.e lacl thai '?.,""""!"""' i,'' 'n'"'"' DulttUl' F°rt
ft was still practically dark, it would ITrT „* * , a"d '° C'"k'aR°
have been well-nigh Impossible lori' , ; ' olr''sP""J.ng rates will be
him to ed away. '"i"lc (rom a" Kool,'na!' Points.
Through rnunil trip tickets will   be
* .told on thc same dates to Toronto,
BEST IN THE WEST Montreal, and all pnints in Ontario,
 ' (.uelice,   Maritime    Provinces,     New
Nelson Economist! Tbo Cranbrook ' "lk"nd New England states, good
Herald has blossomed Into an elght-l0n "" ral1 nr lakl! """''' al '^M
page   weekly-ami      one  nf   Hie   besl
papers   published   in   the   west   tlie1 tf.nri.st" "-.ieepL-r reservations, apply to THOS. T. McVITTII.   P. L   S
Herald is nt lhe present time. I J. S. Carter, D.P.A., Nelson. J. T. LAIDLAW, M. E,
excursion rates.
Pur full particulars, first class,   or
Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
^'Machine Shop
J*. JVlcKirtti.m & Johnston
Wn are |i!'u|»;u'i',l In
■ I., iill kinds' of repair „,irk heavy und
lll_'lll. nnil;!' cflStillfjf-,
turn oliiifU, ctfi.
• | Scientific    Horscshoeini-   a \
Authorized inovera of (tn:
Ma-.ini Ki^li I'lumis	
. |p|^^m^^?»i?-***?*»**_J
0*%*k-***4 ••*».%•».-*%%-%-».****-»*k***-».*%0
I   A. W. McVittie   I
| 4
. J Dominion and Provln- J
"I'eial   Land   Surveyor.*
"I    H.H. McVittie   \
{ (kncral Audit J
- i TIMBER. MINES and |
SS   For all information write W. II. KEARY, Secretary and   0->
PO and Manasfer, New Westminster, B. C. AA
SS (4
s^     s^
fhrvn Ever Uo
f 1 A Real Fair This   Venr
| '     ~ = —"= ■
U The Twelfth Annual %
iSpokane Interstate Fairf
{ CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining; Engineers
and Surveyors,
fiofel *
A Short Drive
From Victoria
People of South East Koot-
CRANBROOK, B. C. \ enay w'10 v^lt Victoria should
not fail to visit Goldstream. ,?*
It is the tourist's paradise.
October 9 to 15, 1905
Wonderful l>is|,lnvs.,l'l'.MN S l/AMnrs l'YH<'TUI_Nll.',S,
|.r,-s..iilinn;-TIIKl-'M,l, HE I'OHT AIMTII'I," in l-'l„inii„;
l^ireworks, LAIIUKH KXIII lll'I'S in KVIUV 1.1.1'AltT-
MI'AT,,!' the K.-UIt. MMN-SKEI.AY RM'M iluriiiu-the Whole
W.n.'k. Bialit lintrios Tho FINEST SHOW ot l.l VIC STUCK
eiver held in U'nsh.UKton, I'l'-Tn HATI-; Vanilnvilln I'mura
ICvurv A ttrriionit ntid ItSronlnit, 11< ...it i I'm) I'TillT DISPLAYS ,
Inr tillM'ASH I'lIIZKS. I'l\ I-: oi'MOi.1. KM'ITIM; |,.\r
KS DAILY. Sl'd KANE I. KNXKI, ('LIU'S lliKA ul Don '
i Show, INDIAN VlLUOUniid INDIAN RACKS nnd 111 ■„
lllllllll I  IV. I'll). I'lm-iilMH m
ItllllT II. CIIS,IK,,11. Sec, mnl M||r •
•NNMttt KM——• e—t———
, Cunc.saiona [nr Sale
I Write (or I'remiu,,, l.lsl and Hurt I'mnnini
llllll  , ll,,,    ,M'„'.,   s.   MlI   < -a
lulhi       lie liillc, .....a., iiii, ,„.
a.;     ll a i. ., mu ,...„.,  ,.
IUI .,1   I.,a   III
III,,  .lllllll  I l
UllUiisiir. inalki-,1 ,,, luu ,_,i,
eat i ,'i„i, 1,,-aiiiu .,,„,,',■. t-.i.ii.
liinit'U ni li,., |,.,i „ii s, I, til. a,i,
ll tl nila-s i„ UIIUIIIS laeiail,-, - Mil,
ilHJUluweU la, eaeli iiililUiaiMi
Ilu- aer.ali or ea„,|,iiii) stimuli;
liaal ii Ira. laiui'i . ceiiiUi'ale
Tile Ulaeuverei ul a ,„■„ mine is
i-laini a, 1 a a ii-i-, In i, ii.iii. in,,,
UOU.I.U uf twu, l,.'.i„lai-liia„a,- Iii
I-nl Ul a,Mali no  iiij.iU,   slitlll  ,a-
I. III... ,1,1,1).
liner -slu.], re
loll, lllll  Ilia
AM, ALL I' I, II I,' I',,I.N rs
St. ,'uul, Chicago, New S'ot l,
I'hI.ic nud lourlto Sleepers, lliifl.-l   l.llirnri
Cam, Modern  Da)  Coaches,  lliuioi   Car.
IMcrIs a lo Carle
nil, L
7   FAST
—  liasl ami
I   WCSI   linil
Special excursion raits tu World', ini,, St
I nuis.     Vour choice uf mufc,
>■ mtua, Inlilu
• linu Irlpa, r,
. VI'Iikk.s,
,i  iv iv i.
licit! lu
. and mil inl ,„,„,„
I  , ailli.   -
I   I' .1 I   I
1,1  IV. li,,-,', ate   Iva
Spokniiu. tVilsli,
I ], Edgar Davis |
Don't Pay Rent
Build a House
But before iloinj; su seo Jninna
'■Jrner, thi1 uontractor. Hi1will
bo able to hlep ymi with buk-
tfi.'stioiia that will prove valuable,
James Greer
Contractor and Buildor
Livery  S
TeantH uml driven, lurniaheil for any
pnint iu lln- dlatrtct,
A. UOYI.E, Manager,
X        BRICKLAYER and
X        Kiirnnci', Boiler,  Rang,
... and Kircpln,',. work ;, spuein
f '>'
j*      aii ii,'s,'i'i|,ii,,,,,i i.r Hi'.n.
X work iinc1ortulic.n. I Irilnrs Iri
... ul
•|. wil
•I. D. Mi'111(1 DIC'S
1',',','ivi' i,i-i,ni|,l all, iiiimi
I'.  I),   lln. ami
, <t*435*t4**^>SKHt•^•^•_•;;_;K•..:«;••:^_^|• the cranr.r,<...I""  herald
Take notice thai thirty davs alle:
dale   1 iutelid   lu   a|)|>lv   In   lhe fill I
I'l.inniissiuuei nt Lauds anl Works i»i_
a license tu prospect [ul oal and !'<•-
tnilcum    nn    tilt-    hdlnwitic.    lands   III
Snuth Past Kootenay:
Commencing ai a posl planted .,,
the nurthcast corner, being ihe tmiiti-
east coiner post ut lhe .Unlit- It'.un
mure out claim, abonl two miles
nnith nl the southeast earner past ol
Hie Lewis Hulls dial claim, 111 lae
South S„ chains, thelice wesl M,
chains, thenee north Bll chains, thcuce
cist  SU chains, lo place nt  beginning
Dated Aiiaust   Iih. inn:,.
.\h.dic Romlguire, Loealor.
Vi   Held, ii, Agent.
Take ,„,
,1a,e    I   ni
Hint  ihim ,1,,,    ulie,
,n   a|i|ili   :,, lh,- lln I
Commlssioi  I.uii.1* ant tt'nrks ,•,
a license in prospect foi coal un i   pe
in.li'illn    nt,    lhe    I..Ilnii ui,    l.iti.l.   it,
N.MI.Il   Kasl   knnleli.il
.-..linil, 1,,-iri.-.   .,,    a   |„,.l   plnntcd   ill
ih.-     ilm,si   i er,     i„.,ni<     i|it<
norlh     ii,".,   em,i, i     post   ni     ue
llnllle   V    Boyd  ,...,1  .lam     .1 Inn .'
,ia  Altslle Komlgulir cai ,1.,	
Hie east,     Hi me   • ,1,   sn chains
Hi. in-.- east su rhains   Hi. Ilea mil III su
chains, Hi. ma im'.i mi chains lo pliicc
>>i beginning
Baled Au-ais,   in,   Hlli.l
llnllle    \     It..,ll.   I.....1I,,I
tt     Ilall, ii.    .grin
Take nnil,,' llial Hun, da,a afle,
dale    I   Intl'.nl   1„   a|i|ill   In   I 111- t'lli'd
t'liiiniiissi,in.., ,,i Lun e ,n . Wind's t...
ii license in prospect fm coal and   pe
iiuleu a   ilia   lolloiving   lands in
s b Past Koolenay:
Commencing nl a itosl planieil a,
the northeast comer, being iha north-
easl cornel posl ni ne Haul I lain.
coal claim, aliniit hm, miles eu.sl nf
the nni'Hiivcsi cotuer ,....! ol Hi
llnllle A limil coal claim, theu'e
south SO .tains, thence west 80
chains, th.nee noi ,li s„ eliiiins, th, ne,
east sn chains I., nlace ni heglnnlng
Hiiic.1 August nu. liiur,.
Maud I I.n ns. Locator.
W. 11,1.1.,,. Agent.
Take notice Tliat  thirty dais alter
dale    I ,n,end   In   iinnlv   ,,,   I he Chi "
Commissioner ot Lands and Works fur
a license n, prospeel no cull .,,. I |,e
troleum on the lollowlng lands In
Snuih Past Kootenay:
Commencing at a post nlni'led -,
tha northwest corner, being the
jaiiih west comer post ,i lne
Ahhie sh.-han coal claim, adjoining
ihe Maud Harris coal claim on ilu
east, llience snuth SI, chains, thelice
nisi RO chains, thence until' sn chains,
ih.-nce west 80 chains lo place nf lie-
Halisl  AuuuSt   llh.   1905.
Abhie Shehan, Loealor.
\\. 11,-1.1, n.  Agenl,
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend tn apply to Hie Cbiel
1'olnmlssioncr of Labels and Works i.u
a license t„ prospect for coal and petroleum on Hie lollowlng i.u.Is in
Siaiih Past Kootcnny:
Commencing at a lumi planted nl
th- northeast corner, neing ihe northeast corner pnsl ,.f the .1,.;,,, Men,-,
coal claim, about tun miles east nf tb,
northwest coiner pnsl ,,l the Abble
Shehan cnal claim, ihence south su
chains, thence west SU chains, ,lie,in
north ,Su chains, thenee easl s„
chains, tn place nf beginning.
Dated Augnsl   Iih. IH05.
John Mercer, Locator,
W.  Heidi...  Agent.
Take in,nee thai tbirlv dam
dale 1 Intend lo npiil. to lh,
Commissionei nl l.an I- an I V,"
,, license lo prospeel foi cnal ui
llolciun    nu    the    lollowlng    la
Soulh Pa-., Knotenav:
Commencing al   a posl  plan
ihe    northwest   , „',.    Iielni
I inllll     wesl    ,..,ne,     post    .
.1    It      IlllcllolZ   I  liana      a I
lhe   .I..I'll   M.i.. I   cai   claim   0
,.ist,  thenee south  -a chain)
Take notice   lhat Hiitty dais after
iiiieiid i„  apply to the Chlel
Cnninnssiunel uf Lands an.l ttnlks [in
license n, prospeel mi "'a' a™   I	
inh'lllll     nil     IllC     InllnWillS     laiWS   ,„
louth Kasl Kootenay:
Comiucnclng al   a post planted »t
the     snulheasl       mil, ,.   bt-lllg lhe
Hi.as, cornel posl ni tl"' llessie
I', lla,its coal claim, MlJol.il.iK 'he
I IVileos coal claim on the west,
thence norlh HU ehuius, itcuce west
ii chains, thence soulh su chains,
„,,,,■ a.i.,  su chains in place ", I"'
Haled    Vn.'.usl    lib.   II	
Iiassie I'. Harris, Locator
«    ll.-ldiii.  Anv.il.
\,M H 1
Pake noilce   ,1,.,,  llllll) days allei
lala    I   ml, nil   n,    lippl)    In   ,he  I'll,,',
i ,„ l.nnls .n.l Works i i
|Uu |,ei ,   !•■ ,1 ami   I"
llul ulu    nil    ilia    liillnlllllg    I.,u Is   iii
i ll   I'll, a    Im ,-,. II.I,
I'll.llllll'lieillg   a,     a   post   plan,ad   .1,
i litwcsi    cuner,   being     the
 Innm|   ...nml   |n,sl     nl   lhe   Moses
CrlltclKletl   n.ai   il.iini,   adjoining    llle
Iiiui    Hi ia,. i,    I   claim   m, lhc
in, lh.   Ih, nee  I, SU chains,   llience
an-.,    sn    il ,,,    ll -e   south     8U
i hall, ,h. Iaa      llisl    SI,   cl,.l,,,s In
place .a I"'   a ini'.
Baled   lii'iMi   iih   HHI5
ll  i mi al.a   Locator.
W     Hi l.l. II     .'4.111.
Take ia,lie,' ihai thirl, davs alter
lala   I iuleiul in   appi)   in ll.e l'h,','
i,minis,.u..i ,.i I,.,ii I an I Unl lis I- l
i license ,,, prospect l.e coal nntl   I"'
lint, a    iha   lollowlng   lands  in
iiaiih Pnsl Knntelliiv:
Colulneni'illg al a posl planieil al
he southeast corner, hi hm llle
nlillieasl   cnl'llcl   posl   ni   ill.'     Lewis
;,.ll. conl claim, adjoining the
Mows I nn.-iai, i. coal claim on the
tlieiiee iiiulh sn chains, thence
Hast    sn    i hains,    Ihence   snuth      80
hains. Hi. nee easl Si, chains tn place
i beginning.
Baled Allgusl   llll   11105,
Lewis linlls. Locator.
W. Ilel-n. Agent.
Take notico llinl thirlv davs alter
laic 1 Intend n. apply to lhe Chlel
I'niniiiissiiiiiei' nf Lands and Works for
i license n, prospect lur cnal and petroleum   nil    Hie   flllloWlllg   lands  ill
iiiiiIi Pasl   Km,lei,.,v:
Commencing ai a post planted at
the ma ih..mi corner, heme lhe nni'tli-
, corner |m,i ni ihe William
Birds, mi c.al elan,,, ail,,,,nine lhe
Lewis linlls cnal cl,,,,,, ,,„ the SOIHll,
lllcliee soulh sn chains, ihciice wesl
sn chains, thenee north so chains.
Hi. nee easl sn chains in place ,.i beginning.
U.lle.l   i.nj„sl   Ith.  liu,.-,.
William   Bildsilllg,   Lnealnr.
W   Itel.lin. Agent.
Ihal Hm tv days afle,
,u appll In Hie Cbiel
Culiunissuiuei ,,( Lands and Winks li.r
a license 1.. pinspeel lut cnal and petroleum nn ihe following lands in
South Easl Kis.ieiiat
Commencing al   a' pual  planted i.l
lhe nut Ihwesl eiillli'l, Iiuine. llle
linrlh "I'ai en,,let pus, .., ,1a
III,,,    Itevnnlds a, ai I lillllll.  nlK.ll.   IWO
miles wesi „i the northeast cornel
pus, nl Mis .I,dm Oslelberg anal
claim, thenee south 80 chains, llience
ensl 80 chains, Ihence norlh 80
chains, Ihence west 811 chains lo place
nl ti ginning
Dated August   Iih. IM..',
.lla,,   Reynolds,  l.ooalo,
W     tli-l.t, ii.   Alien,
Take notice thai thirlv days alter
dale I intend to. apply lo ine Cbiel
Commissionei ol La,nli ami Works lor
a license lo prospect lot co«l and petroleum ,.n the following lauds m
South Pasi Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted ai
the southwest comer, being the southwest corner pus, ui tho William Met-
lal llal I       cnal     I'luiUl.      a.ljullllllg    H.O
Barney Thumps .,, Ihe easl. throw
norlh   80    chains,   thence   nasi    SO
chains. Ihence south S„ chains, thence
west su chains to place ul beginning
Dated   tuguit   Ith, 1905.
William s.-ue,,,rid. Locator.
W   Belli, ii. Agent.
Take notico that thirty days afie,
i.n,-   I Inleml to  appli lo ilie Chlel
r iissimii i ui L.in Is and Works Iol
i license tu prospect fm coal and I'e-
Irnleuin ,.,, lhe lollowlng lands in
-. i, Kasl Kootenay:
Commencing al a post plan, .1 .,'
th,-    south-east     comer,   being lhe
.until cast ,, ',  post ut the liani.-v
Thompson coal claim, about uvu miles
easl uf the southwest cornel post uf
lhc Hem, Collins coal claim, then c
um il, su rhains, thenco west 80
chains, Ihence south hi, chains, niece
nisi so chains tu place ot beginning
Haled   Annual   lib.   1905,
H.nmi Thompson, Locator
W   ii.i.i.ii. Agent.
Take notice thai thirty davs altet
dan- I intend to apply io lhe Chlel
I'ouoinssi.uu'i ..I Lands and Works lu.
iuc,is,- to pl-.-l.e> !  I", ' "al an.l    a
troleum   on   Hie   lotlnwing   lands iu
South fiasi Koolena)
Commencing al .. posl plan'..I at
ihe uorthwest curlier, being lhe
north west coinei post >.( the
Mollie Olson >■...,! claim adjoining     the    ll.ii'.     i..iinm   un     ihe
si,mli. 'Ian..  a 8U chains, thence
■asi 80 rhains, Ihence north Bu
hains. Ihence srcsl so cliaius to
place oi beginning.
Bute!    *,UgU_l    llll.   1005
Mnlln- ,,l    Locatoi
W      lla! I, l,       \.     !'
Take notice thai Ihlrl) da) altei
dan-   I intend to  apply ,.. ,!„• Ciil ,1
Ullllllsslullel ,,i Lands ,u, I Works aa
license in prospect toi , oal and petroleum nn lhe lOllOWing l.in.l- ni
Soulh Pas,  Kis.li ua)
Coinmcucing at a posl planled al
the  ,,..,,1, mm,    ,nine,,    being    lhc
northeast   , ,     "i   'le    Sldonic
Euiliailes cai claim, adjoining     the
Motile Olson nn the easl. in.iaa   I,
su chains, thence wesl s„ i hains,
thence north sn c-lmlns, ,1 enco easl
su chains lu place ..i iaa nuinii
Dated Augitsl   Iih   1905.
Si.l.a.i. Eulllade    I..., aim
W    Hell. n.   \gent.
Take liunee   Ihal   lllllll   .la.s aft,',
ilaie 1 Intend in apply tu the duel
CommlBSiuiiei ui Lands ninl W'nrks inr
license in prospect fur cnal and  !«.-
nlaiiin   nn   ihe   Inllnwing   lauds in
o,iH, Past Kootenay:
Commencing ai a post planted al
•ha sn„,bins, corner, being Hie
niiihiiisi corner pus, ot Henri Collins coal claim, thence north so
chains, ihence cast 81, chains, llience
south 81, chains, thenee west 80
chains in place nf beginning,
Haled  August   Ith,  100,1.
Baled August  llh. 1005.
Henrv Culflns, Locator,
Vi, Bcldtn, Agent.
Take noilce that thirty days aliet
dale 1 intend to apply lu the Chief
Commissioner ol Lauds and Works for
a license tu prospect fur coal and petroleum on lhe lollowlng lands in
Snuth East Koolcnay:
Commencing at a post planted at
lhe suuth-easi corner, being the
soulh-onsl cornel' pnsl ,,f Hu- Maty
.Marshall cnal claim, adjoining the
II,my Collins nn Hie wesl, Ihence
north su chains, thoncc wesi su
cluiius, Ihence smith 80 chains,
ihence cast su chains lo place nf beginning.
Bateil Auausl  iih. iinifi.
Mary  Marshall,  Locator.
W. Bcl.lcn. Agent.
iniiee   thai  thirty dais altc
nil,,aI  In   .ipplv  to Hie Chit
, , ,,i I ..ui I. ..n.l Works f„
n> prospeel fm coal and  pi
rn,   il,.-   lollowlng   lands i
list Kootenay:
Plicing  a!    a' pnsl   plan- -d   ,,
Take notice tli.it ihnn dais altei
dale 1 ,,,'eiid in appi) :-■ ihe Chlel
I'm,ninssiiai, i ,a' Lands'and Works i.u
a Iai   -    '.   i ■■'.,■', i  ,,,,,1 and   |1C-
',,,' nn    I '       Wine    lands   ill
i hams
I      Vgcll
days a
1. ai
ii 1
a   1
■ |i
a, I
to, i,
nl unit
1   h
,1      ll
1 urge
.   a
III   na
11-     1
su    ell.i
: i
, s
1 '
ia ii
ll.lla   ml
ll 'a
,s    1
Hi Id
i     l.l
Mil II
mil   !
davs a
■a   ,
u  1
1< an
lu,   l
1 Works
a    ,,li. 1
;     l.ili 1
,,    1
; Ihe s,
I h.i His.
,.[ I..'
,   Hu,,
I.M   ■
i.   lhe
,l ,    ii
1 Wm
...ll  al
.      la
1 !
i 1
ll.i 11'  I
a livens
South I
llie    sotltliwesl     corner,      being     ll:
snttihwcsi I'oruei (Hist o( lli« W. ll
Warrington cnal claim, aboui twi
miles west <>i tlie southwest eornei
pnsl i.i ih.' II.mv I'ollins coal claim
Hi.-inv north su chains, thenco cast
mi chains, thence south 80 chains,
llience west su clialas in place ol I:
Uigusi   nh.  1110.1
W   ll   Warrington, Locatoi
\\   Bclden, Agent.
days afle
ii the ('iii.
I Winks fo
•al ami  pe
K   lauds  i:
Take notice   that tl,
late   I Intend in  app
Commissioner nl I,an.l
cense in prospeel I
(cum   mi   the   tolli
Snuih Kasi Kootenay;
Commencing at a post planieil a
the northwest corner, being Di
miith wesl coiner post ol tt
Mrs. William Netterfield coal dab
a.i.i. iuii'". Ihe Wm. Netterfleld mi 'I
unli, llience soulh su chains, them
east tw chains, thence north N
liains, thelice west su chains I
place nf In-ginning.
Dated August -tth. lfitin.
Mrs. William Netderlleld, Loealor.
W. Boldin, Agent.
Notico is hereby given that thirlv
.lays ai'i.-r ilalc I Intend in apply t'o
the Chlel Commissionei nf Lands and
Works and the Assistanl Commission-
pi nt Lands an.l Works inr Ute district
ol Kast Kootenaj foi a li''' use to
prospect Inr cnal and petrnleiiin mi
ilu* following laud. Mluati' adjaeelil in
ihe seventeen (17) mile posl oi the
Canadian Pacific Railway posl aul
one mill* easl lhereof, in what is
known us Block 150:1, Snulheasl
Kootenay, llrilislrColumbia.
1. Commeiieiiig al a [insI planted
ai iii,' north-east corner nf David
Marliii's claim, same being tin* initial pnsl uf ib,- said David .Mai tin's
claim au,l marked David Martin,
thenee south eighty chains, tlieucu
wesl eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains, llience east eight)
chains*, in the phue oi beginning, etui
mining tii'i, more or less.
Localed August  Ith, 1005.
David   \l,uim,   Locatoi*.
It     I,    D.-ai.l    and    Charles   Melinite.
Notice is hereby given that thirl) Ta notice ihal I intend tu apply
days alter dale I Intend to apply lu tu fa ■ hiei I utiimissiouci m l.a:.i.,
'.I..- Chlel Couimissiunel ot Lair,!-, at. I .ind L,.i.s f,.i a Special I.u. li..- lu
Works ai.i the Assistant Commission-' eui and l,ih> nauy liiuht'i liuin ilu.
ei  ..I Lands and Works loi   He   Dm-  lull k-sciitn-d    Lmd.   u,   i.u.m
trici ui bast Koolenay foi a llcem>e Kg I nay n trie , liu lull I'uluuibu:
i" prospect it.r coal and petroleum] Coniiiieucin,j at a post planted m
un the lollowlng land, situatfl mirth mik a, i ui the Skookumchuck itv-
ant adjacent to the Klaibea.t rivei on,er, mi the nisi cretl on tin* wesi mK
tin si.inli adjoining what is known as ami close in trail going up said
the Hackett Group mi llie west and in  creek, thence smith i(.n chains, thence
block 1583, Southeast Koot-enay,
British Columbia:
1. Commencing at a post planted
.u ih.* southeast cuinei ol AiWi i
Wbltmore's claim,    same being    ili_
initial posl    nl  the said   Albeit  Ulnl
more and markid iVlbei i Whttuioic,
ihence west eighty chains, in. in .-
north eighty chains, thence ...m
eighty cbaiiis, ihence south eighty
chains tu the place .ii beginning, con
taimng H-lb acres, mote oi it-ss.
Located August tith,  LUU5.
Albert  tttiitinuie, LtR'alei
It    I.   Beaid   ami   Charles  Uciiniie
i. Commencing at a posl plnnlc i
at the sou Ui-west em mr ol John
DuUioui- claim, same being ilu* initial post ui John Durham's claim and
marked John Durham, and hint; east
and adjacent to Albert Ut llmore h
claim,   ib.uee   noiih    eighty chains,
lln nee   easl      eighty    eli.tiiis,     lli net
s.aiiti eighty chnlns, ifiniu* \','%i
eigbiy chains to Hit- place .a ii,-;.,ii,
iiing,   euniainiiig   n-iu acres, moru oi
Located August Oth, 1005.
John Durham, Locator.
It.   I.   Heard   and   Charles McOuire,
-.. Commencing at a post planieil
at the north-east corner oi Ldward
U'liitiiioi'.'h elaim, same being the
initial post uf Kilwanl Whltmore's
claim and marked Edward Whltmore
and lytlig soulh and adjacent to Albert Whltmore's claim, thenee smith
eighty     chains,    Ihence   west    ei^liij
.■hains,   thenee north  eighty chains,
llience east nighty chains to thi- place
oi   beginning,   containing   ■»l" acres,
more or less.
Located August nth, 1005.
Edward Whitmoro, Locator.
R.   L. Beard   and   Charles McGiiiro,
I. Cnmmenoing at a post plnintod
ai ihe north-west corner uf C. Owen':,
claim, same holnR the initial pi.si ni
L'harles Owen's claim and marked
Charles Owens', and iylng sutilh and
adjoining John Durham's claim,
Ihence east eighty chains, llience
-.mull eighty chains, Ihence west
i*Uhy chains, ihence north eighty
rlialns to i'he place oi beginning, containing K-IO acres, more ot less.
Li-eat.d  August nth,   ltillfi.
Charles Owens, Loealor.
Charles MeGuire, Agent.
j. Commencing nl a post planted
.u ibe north-east corner ol IJ. K.
Scott's claim, same being the initial
|His*|. nl It. K. Seoit's claim and mark
wl 11. !•'. Scold and lying south and
aljaiiiii io Edward Whilmore's
elaim, thenee snuih eighty chains,
it eiiee wesi elghtv chains, Ihence
nmih eighty chains, ihence east
hains lo the place ot begin
ii (aiding nl" acres, mure    oi
west m i hains, ibei.ee north lttu
chains tl i, , east lu chains, iu the
place of beginning,
E. Rica.
Aug. -.id,  1005.
Mil UK.
Take notice that 1 inteud t.. appi)
tu  ■'! ■   I ti.- i    l UillII a.. I     ul  l.a...l.,
.tad WuihS i.'i a Sj.^iai I.IUII..L- to
eui una _u.j awa) Umbel iimu the
lolluuuig ilescil-bvd taiids in Kasi
Ko'ii'i..,y District, Biitiuh (..luinbu.
i i.iiiiii, m j,.', ,ii a post plauied ai
E. Uiee a An. 1 uorlh-wesi cornet,
thenco soulh luu cbauu, ihcuoe west
IU cbains,    lliince     north  luu chttlOti,
iheucu ii-i iu chains to puce ui bt-
E. Kice.
Aug, 33rd, 1005.
Mil .tT..
Take notice that 1 Inteml lo apply
ii iin* i lu. i Commissionei ot Lauds 80
nd U.ur.s tui a Special License iu
ui and cany away timber Irom the
tolluwtug de.scina*j lauds in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia;
Commencing at a post planted at
E, Itice's No. -   north-wesl corner,
i tit lu u .soulh   1 UU chains,   thcuce   wesl
tlu chains, theiice iiuiiit luu chain-.,
thence easi -lu ehuius tu place ui be
it, McLean.
Aug, *JJi d, 1005,
Parcel N.-   (
Notice   is b.i.-b)    khi t.   tb it   'tin ly
days altei dale 1 intend t.. apply to
tie ('ni t I'■■ amis iunei ul Lands and
Works ioi .i special license lo cut and
carry away timber from in.* lollow-
inj, described   land   in North    East
Ko.il. nay:
CotiuiH'ncing at a post planii-d about
one mile north of While ii\.-r and
about l n tbs east ol block I'M,
thence north so chains, thence east
mi chains, thence south So ctains,
llieme west su chains lo place ut
Parcel No, I
Commencing at a i1"*' planted at
ih.- south wesi eornei "i C A. Chap*
man |.. ri -! .'•*■ ihem ■■ east hu
chains, thence souil ■■■ .:...,: , thence
wesl id i hains, ih nee north so
chains iu place ol commencement.
Parcel No i
Commencing at a post planted at
the northwest corner ol C A Chap-
mans Parcel No. i, thence *outh inu
chains, thence w.-s'. l" chains ihence
nmih Hat chains, thence east 4U
chain-, t.i place ol commencement
Parcel No C.
Commencing at a i»m planti-d on
the east Boundary line ol block i.vn.,
on the n<>ub bank of White river,
thence east mi chains, thence nmth
chain--, llience wi -', mi chains,
thence soutt bll chains, tu place oi
Take notice thut 1 intend to apply
lu ilie ( hie.I ( ommissiunci oi Lands
and Worhs i.a a Special License to
cut and ctii) awaj limbec Mum ihe
lollowiug dcscribeii lands in East
Ko.ii.it.iy Dislriel, British Columbia;
Commencing at a posl planted at
I). McLean s uorlh-wcst comet,
llieme south ltd) cliaius, llience West
iu chains, llience north luu chains,
ih.niv east   III chains   In place ,.i   he
i).   Mela
3.   ('
.1,  11 ]..
s,      |,
,i lhe
im III c
urlier ul
nan s
c I,.,,,-
lUSt    ul
11,11 ka.l
u.u  1
Ilai i
hi aial
1    Marl
,,    lam
-llllll I'
ns.    lhe
ance    ei
s,           ,
,,   III.'
ui la ill
iiiii ne
eil .lus
lh,   lllll
li. dei
notice iha! thirty davs after
intend in apply to the Chief
sstmiet ol Lands ami Works foi
» to prospect fur coal and pe-
i mi the following lands iu
South Kasi Kootenay:
Commencing al a nost planted at
th,* southeast coiner. Icing ffie southeast corner post ot rhe A. L. Anderson coal claim, adjoining the M. II.
Sullivan coal claim mi the north,
lh, ine norlh SO chains, ihence west
su chains, thence south su chains,
ihence east so chains to place oi beginning
Dated   \ugust   llh,  1005.
\   L. Anderson, Locator,
W   BeUin. Agent
1 .,i
mi ill
east emn i post ol the "Funk Hat
t.li coal elaim. about two miles east
ol ibe south wmi corner posl ol the
I'm .ii Wilcox cmil claim, Ihenoe north
HO chains, thence west SO chains,
Ihence south .sn chains, thenco east
Hll chains to place nl beginning.
Daied  Augusl   lib.  10(15.
Frank Hat/ell,  Locator.
W. Bclden, Agent.
V iiiiii s'li.-h.ui   I ,., at ni
u    It, I i.n    \gent
iliat  thu i\
lain I Inieinl to a-uih In ih.- Chlel
rmiimissimi-i ni Land an 1 Works fi r
ii license In prospeel un coal and petroleum on the lullowmi; lands in
South Kasi Koolenay:
Commencing al   a post  planieil at
the northeast corner, being the north
easl cor
coal  ela
lata  ami, a    lha!   Ill
lale   1 inleml to   app
I   II
., aii amu.aai ol Land
ks f,.r
i license ,.. pumped  h
1 I'l
il ai
I    l.e
iiul. aa      lha    lulli
ii in.
ils    III
oath Kasi Koolcnay:
Commencing at a post planieil at
ie iiiiiihcasi cornel1, being the north-
ist tmiiet pnsl 0[ the M. II. HuM-
an cnal claim, adjoining the Ned
'oopei coal elaim on the west-, thence
niiih 80 chains, thence west 80
hams, ihence north su chains, thence
,im  su chains to place m beginning.
Dated  August   lib,  1005,
M   ll   Sullivan, Locator.
U, llcl'lm, Agent.
\l.iv   Kedmaii,  Locatoi
id   and   Charles  Mediilr-
a I
lal p.
•i-a 11 ft Augitsl Bib, 1005,
It.  F.  Scold,   Loculo
[.. Beard   and   Charles MeOn
Take notice 'hat thnly davs alter
Hair I intend lo apply to the chief
Commissioner nt LandVaiKl Works in
a license to piospcet, for coal and petroleum on the lollowlng lauds in
Smith Kasl  Kixiieiiay:
Commencing at   a post planted at
the   northwest   corner,    being    Uie
north    went   corner    post   uf   the
post nf ihi> Madge     ™i Ned Cooper coal claim, adjoining the
adjoining the Frank llat-\\\\ \\   Warrington cnal claim on the
ilnlm ou the smith,   thenco Ij,olIli,   t|„,m,f. Sl>l„i1 K() chains, thence
ih   80    chains,  thence   west     80
chains, thenee nmth Hti chains, tlune
ist sn chains in place of beginning.
Dated August 4th, 1005.
Madge Cass,  Loealor
W. Belrtcn, Agrnt.
Take noli
thai  thirty davs after
east    80   chains,     thence   north   8u
chains,    thence   west   80   chains   to
place of b.*ginning.
Datod August  Ith. 1005.
Ned Cooper, Locator
W. Bidden, Agent
Take notice   that  thirty days after
T.il notice that thirty davs after
date I intend to apply lo the Chief
Commissioner nf Lands and Works foe
a license to prospect for coal and petroleum on Uie following lands in
Soulh Kast Kootenay:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the   southwest     corner,  being     lhe
southwest corner post of the Coral j ilu* northwest corner, being the the northeast corner being the north
Wilcox coal elaim, adjoining lhe Annn norlh west corner post .if the east corner post of the D. Elliott
Shelan coal claim on the north, Jul'tis Orlh conl claim, adjoining lhe coal claim, adjoining tbe Moltie Ol-
theiiee north 80 chains, thence east Madge Cass on tbe east, ihruee sou on the west, thence soulh 80
811 chains, thence south 811 chains, _ south 811 chains, thence easl su chains, thence west 811 chains, thence
Ihence wesi sn chains in place of he- chains, thrnce north 811 chains, thenee  north 80 ehuius, thence east 80 chains
pnsl  planieil
I liei   of   U'eslej
aim, same being the init-
Wesloj Marlins claim and
marked Wesley Martin ami smith ami
adjacent to May Hodman's claim,
thence north eighty chains, thence
west eighty chains, thenee south
eighty chains, tlcnce east eighty
chains to ihe place of beginning, containing BIO acres, more m less.
Located August  Ub. 1005.
Wesley Mai nn,  Locator.
I Commencing al a post planieil
at lie south-west cornet of James
Hrady's claim, same being the initia'
post of James Brady's claim aif J
marked James Brad)', aud cast and
adjacent, to Wesley Martin's elaim,
thence east eighty chains, thence
north eighty chains, Ihence wesl
eighty chains, tin nee smith eighty
chains to the place of beginning, containing B40 acres, more or less.
Located August 4th, 1005.
James  Brady,   Locator,
H    L. Beard   and   Charles Mcfluhe.
5, Commencing al n pnsl planted
al ih.- ..orth-casl cornel' of Albert
Delorc's claim, same being the initial posl id Allien Delorc's elaim and
marked Albert Delore and snuth and
adjaceni Iz U:..tv Martin's .hum
thence south eighty chnlns, ihence
west eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains. Ihence easl eighty
chains tn the place ol beginning, containing BIO acres, more or less.
Located   AttgUSl   1th,   10(15.
Alhell   Delore,   Loealor.
It.   L   Beard   and   Charles McOuire.
fi. Commencing ai n p.isi planted
al the north-wesl corner ol James
steward's claim, same being the
initial post of James Steward's
claim, and marked James steward.
and smith and adjacent to James
Brady's claim, thuiiv cast eighty
cbains, thence south eighty chains,
thence west eighty chains,' thelice
north eighty chains to the place of
beginning, containing sin acres, more
or less.
Located August   llh, 1005,
James Steward. Locator.
It.   L. Beard   and   Charles McOuire,
A Rents.
u. Commencing at a post planted
at the iinrili-wesi corner nf (leorgc
Si-hart's claim, same being the lull
iai post of George Scharf's claim and
marked George Scbaif and lying
soulh of C. Owens' claim and alia
n ni thereto, ihence east eighty
■hains, ihence south eighty elains,
ihence west, eighty chains, Ihence
north eighty chains in the place ul
beginning, containing filA acres, mote
or less.
Located Augitsl oth. 1005.
George Sel ail, Loealor.
li    L   Beard   and   Charles MeGuire,
7. Commencing ni a posl planted
at the north-east corner of Mrs. IS,
C. McDorman's claim, same being the
initial pnsl of Mrs. K. C. McDor-
inan's claim and marked Mrs. K. C.
McDorninn, and snuih and adjacent to
11 F. Scott's claim, thenee wesl
eight)' chains, thence snuih eighty
chains, thenee east eighty chains.
..hence norlh eighty chains lu the
place of beginning, containing (ilo
acres, more or less.
Located August flth,  1905.
Mrs. E. C. McDortnan, Locator,
H.   L. Beard   and   Charles MeGuire.
8. Cnmnirneiii!i at a posl planted
at flii' north-west corner nf Calvin
McDnrman's claim, same helng the
initial post of Cnlvln MeDnrmnn's
elaim and marked Calvin McDotiiinn
and lylne smith ami ndjaconl lo
Georgo Scharf's claim, 1 hence east
eltthly chains, ihence smith eighty
chains. Ilu nee west eighty chains,
llience north eighty chain- tn the
place of beginning, containing Bit'
aciis, more or less.
Located Augitsl nth. 10115,
Cnlvln McDorninn,  Loealor
It    L. Beard   and   Charles MeGuire,
Aug. aitnl,  1005.
Take notice thai  I intend lo appi)
to lhe Unci I'mniiiib.iuii.t uf I..ml..
and Works lur a Special License tu
cut anil cany avta) Umbel lioiu the
follow tug desci Hnd laud > in Easl
Kootenay IDistcici, British Columbia
Commencing nt a post planted l
mile north ul 1). McLean *> No. -
north-east corner, Uieuce west IU
chains, ihence north ItiU cluiii-.,
thence cast 40 chains, thence south
IM) chains lo the place ui beginning.
K. Whebell,
Aug. 33rd,  1005.
Take notice thai 1 Intend to appi)
o the Chlel Commissioner ot Lands
ml U'urKs for a Special License u.
cut and cany away timber [row the
following described lands in Last
Kootenay District, British Columbia.
Commencing at a post, planted ai
It, Win-Mis south-east corner,
thence south hU chains, thence ea^t
80   cliaius,   thence north   liu chains,
llience wesl Ml chains tu the place ol
H. Whebell.
Aug. 23rd, J905.
Parcel No 7.
Commencing at a posl planted on
the northwest cornel ol C A. Chapman s Parcel No B, ilu nee easl **-u
hains, ihiiie.' north Su cluiius, thence
."est su chains, ihence south BU
bains to place ol commencement.
Parcel No 8
Commencing al a post planted at
lhe north west cornel ol C. A. Chapman's Parcel No, ,, ihence east lou
.-hains, thcuce nurth Io chains, thence
west IBO chains, ttence south It)
chains iu place ut commencement.
Parcel N... 0
Commencing at a post planted al
ihe n.ii ihwe I cornel of C. A. Chapman's Parcel N... 8, ihence east ■'"l
el .uns. thenee north bu drains, thenco
west mi chains, Uieuce south mj
i hams to place ul commencement.
Parcel n.i   to
Commencing at a post  planted   at
the northwest cornel uf C.  A. Clup-
muit's Panel   N.i   u, thence east   80
chains, thence nurlh su chains, ihence
wi it  SO   i bains,   thence     south   mi
chains to place ol commencement.
Dated this UU da) oi Sept. 19U5.
i.'   A.  Chapman.
Form F.)
MEN i'H.
Take notice thai 1 intend to apply
tu the i duel Commissioner oi Lauds
and Works for a Special License to
cut and carry away limber from the
following described lands in East
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
It. U'hebell's No. i north-west corner, Uieuce north 100 chains, thence
east 40 chains, Ihence south tliu
chains, thence wesl 40 cbains tu
place uf beginning.
A. Oeddes
Aug. 23rd, 1905.
TAKE NOTICE that the Selkirk
Copper Mines, Limited, Non-Personal
Liability, Free Miner's Certificate
No. B82.323, inUnd, sixty days from
the date hereof, tu apply to the Min-
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for lhe purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ol the above
And further take n dice lhat action,
uadt-r Section 37, must be commenced
before lhe Issurance ol such Certificate of tmproverai n-.s
The Selkirk Copper  Mines, Limited,
Non-Personal Liability. 24-9t
Dated this   2nd dav of September,
A. D.,  19fi5.
Take notice lhat 1 intend to apply
to the Chlel Commissioner of Land.-,
and Works for a Special License to
cul ami cany away timber from the
following described lands In Kast
Koolenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planieil at
A. Gcdd s No 2 south-east cornel
thenco north 1B0 chains, thenci
easl   -in   chains,     thence   south   IHI
chains,   thel.ee   Wist   111  eh.nns   lu   lli,
place of coiumi nccuienl.
A. Oeddes.
Aug. 23rd,  1005.
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply iu the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
for a special license tu cut _md carry
away timber (rum the following described lands in South Eaat Kootenay :—
Commencing at a post marked
"Alex. Moffat's Smith Kast Corner"
planted on the west line of lot 161,
Group one, and about one mile suuth
*.f ihr norlh west corner o( Hie tuid
lot; thenco wesl 80 chains, thence
north iu chain;: thence northeasterly
following ihe bank ol the Klk river
120 drains, more or less, to the saitl
west lino of Lhe said lot 381; thence
lh 120 mains to the place ut be-
iilng, containing 610 acres, more or
date   I intend to   apply to the Chlel dale   I intend to   apply .to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fm Commissioner of Lands and Works fur
a license to prospect for coal and   pe- a license to prospeel for coal and   pi *
troleum   on   the   following   lands in troleum   on   the   following   lands in
Smith Kast Kootenay: South Kast Kootenay:
Commencing at   n post planieil nl Commencing at   a post plan ted nt
Dated  August   lib,   1905
Coral   WIlCOX,   Loealor.
W. Bullion,  Agent.
west mi chains to place ..i beginning, to place of beginning.
Dated August   llh,  1005, I   Dated August   Ith. 1005,
Julius Orlh, Loealor. D. Elliott, Locator.
W. Bclden, Agent. I W. Bel den, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days
from date I intend io apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd
Works *o purchase the following des
erihed lands, sitiialiMu the district
of Soulh Kast Kootenay:
Commencing al the nnrlh-easl comer of lot 5210, group I, Koolenay District, Ihence soulh su chains, (hence
east. 40 chains, thence north 80
chains, thenee west 40 chains lo the
pnint nf commencement.
Located Un' llih dav of Sept. 1906
'II. Iluiiglaud.
Cranbrook, II. O. 25-nt*
Thirty days after date we Intend :,,
apply lu the Chief   Commissi) r   ol
Lands and Works, Victoria, roi n
Special License to cut and can;,
away timber Irom the following des
crihed lauds Hltunlc in South En ■'
Kootenay, ti. C-
Commonclng at a post planted une
mile, mute or less, from lhe nmthe.n
boundary line nf tot 7312, th, nee run
nllig east III chains; thenee mirth IP
cbains; thcuce east 40 chains; llieiic
north 40 chains; thence west 40
cbains; thence north 40 chains, thenee
west 4li chains; ihence south 1-H
chains tu point of commencement,
containing 040 acres, more nr less.
The King Lumber Mills,  Ltd,
Datid   Aug.   17th,   1905. 22 .'it
Take Untie
tu ihe Chief
and Works
cut aud can
following d
Kootenaj   Hi
■ ihat  I intend  to apply
Commissioner   of Lands
ni a Special License to
v away timber fiom ihe
scribed     land.-,    iu    East
Uriel, lltnisb Columbia
eing ai a post planted at
1 Nn. 3 iini■ih-v.rst corner,
lit  luu chains,  ihence east
thence   south 1B0 chains,
.1   111 chains  in plait* ul   tie
U,  Fairfield.
notice  lhat   I  intend   I
0 appi)
1 Lands
it. ihe chief Commissioner
and Works for a Special License lu
cut and cany awa) timber fiom ihe
following described lands in Easl
Kootenay District, British Columbia:
Commencing at a post planted at
W. Fai i field s si ut l h-east corner,
Ihence north 1B0 chains, thence easl
40 .'hains, thence ROiltn 160 chains,
thence wesl   lu chains lo place ul be-
W   Fail Held,
Located H.e    ll!
A.I»..   1905.
of   AuguU,
A. Moffat.
Thirlv days aflei date we Intend to
apply to thc Commissioner ol Laods
and Works at Vli torla, B, C, for a
license tu cut and carry away timber
Irom the following described lands in
Un- district of South East Kootenay:
Commencing al a post planted
about twenty chains north ol ttio
smith wist comer ol lot 1879, thi-nrs
west mi chains; thence noi th V|i
chains; Ihenee easl 40 chain thence
Aoith 20 chains, Ihence east 20
chains; thence south i" chains; thence
east 20 chains; thenee south CO
chains, tu the place ol commenco-
in.'iit, Inclitalng tho whole ot lot
3000, and pari ol lot 3371, group I,
Kootenay illstrlet.
Kimberley   Milling  A Manufacturing
Dated 17th August, 1905. 21-fit
Aug. 23rd, loon
Take nutice thai   I  it
Take notice that I Intend to apply
tn the Boa id of License Commissioners for Cranhrook District at the first
meeting held thirty days alter the first
appearance of this notice, tor a transfer from myself to James Neil, of the
license for the Falls View Hotel,
23-11 Alexander P. Chenette.
DaUd August 20th, 1905.
Take    notice   that  tbe partnership
heretofore   enisling  between the  undersigned   al   Marysville,   as    hotel Take nutice thai  I Inleml to apply
keepers,     under   the   firm    name   ol io the  Chief  Commlssinnei   ol Lauds
Chen.'tle A    Neil has this dav    been'nntl   Works fur a Special   Ltcensi   ...
dissolved by mutual consent. The cut and carry away timlier limn ihe NOTICE.
business is continued hy James Neil following described lands in Kasl Take notice that I intend to apply
under his own name, whn assumes Koot nay District, Biiiish Columbia: to the Board of License Commission-
all the liabilities of ihe above linn Commencing ..t a post planted at ers lor Cranbrook District at the first
and to tthom all debts due said liim W. Fairfield's smith east corner, meeting held thirty days after the first
must be paid thenee east    Ml chains,  llience south  appearance ol this notice, for a traiis-
Dated at Cranhrook this 15th   day mi   .hams,   Ihence   wesl    mi chains,  ler   from   nml    lo   A'6**™"    ';
of August, A. D. 1905,                    ' thence nmth -Mi chains to the place Ctanette, of the license lor the Royal
Witness :—             Signed :— of beginning.
J. A. Harvey,     A. P. ChcneUo- I                                     (V Mebell.
James Neil. Aug. 23rd, 1005.
Hotel, Marysville
I   2;t-4t. Georgo
|   Datod August 26th, A.
II. Wales.
D. 1005, in*.   OBAXBBOOK   IlHiiAl.D
M*frg --,               . i   . | .1 I Si.-.   KMi, l-.-l ,'l  1' IlitlTT IN
fl                  .. .           ';. I              1 Kill ,1.!A .'il HOI Ml.
g Seven Years Ago
£ S I   San Francisco, Sept. 9.—In a fight
■' in Cranbrook ^ •.* *! :"' wUI u,,u s'-",,i'"a class o{ lts
•'. S|l,w» '" 'be Wstor)  ol ring contests,
"     j Hauling    Nelson,   the sturdy   little
j ITEMS ill l.l D l hum THE £
n HERALD Ol ill \i cut: jj
w. J, Woodward, tho tar lamed
mixologist Is now tickling tho palates
ot thu patrons at the Commercial
J. M. Ueadley, ul the bank, has
purchased au Arabian steed, Head
ley takes great pride in his new acquisition and Is now endeavoring to
teach lhe animal to eal oats,
J, il. Laidlaw aunouwes this week
thai he Is agent loi East Kootenay
iur lhc Crows Nc i Pa s Coal and
Cuke cumpany. This is a happy
combination, 'ihe coal and coke is
die besi in the country .n.i -■■ Laid
law i--, jusi ihe n,.ni in have charge
ot this teriit.ii j.
The Royal hotel calc is now In o-t-
ccllcnt condition. Messrs. Tom
Wellman and Julius Muriel who have
charge ,-t tin- bai .n.i i.imns aro men
well lilted for the hotel business and
aie making a    geeal
nnil i-> tn rliaie,
o( Mr. F. P. VanDecar and lhat is
sullicicnt guarantee that ilu* guests
aif well looked afli i
Last nigh! R ti Vgent Davilt, o!
the Domiuiuit Expn is i ompan) at ri\
nl un tin* passeti ' r and at once sa ■■
Agenl IM illaul and established u-
express  oOiee  Ior '        u*
Bobiltard   has   lu.   supj;
ready to transacl all business in i
express Ine'.
Dane Irom Illinois, knocked mil Jas
Edward Brltt, of San Francisco, at
I'nlma  this ait-eruoou.
in- end came in lbs IStfe round and
was a clean cut, fairi)  won victory.
ilu.-.  i>  a  silO(flf   stall "iiiiil  nt   lhe  tr
Mill, the   story   ni   the   battle itself
lUtnishi'S  a   Ull 111 tlif    -'"i \ \..    ele-
iii.nl   lhat   ^ocs  I,. gi\u  ib.- tight     the
iiipcrlalive title ul "grcalcst" was
missing. 'the Kuriuundings, ibe
crowd, ib.* known bitterness .>f lhu
men toward eacl olher, the uncer*
laint)  a- i.i whetbei  there wuuld be
a  light   al   all   up   lu   williit.    a    In iel
!.t [allowing locations and certificates • »( work weie filed iu this tlis-
tiici during the month of August and
up t.. September 12th :—
(•ulil drop, J. 11 Hawkins, Nigger
Creek canyon.
(lold mint, J. II Hawkins, Nigger
Creek canyon.
Gold mint No 8, J. It Hawkins,
\ik ..i Creek canyon.
(.uld mini, Nu. :., J, 11, Hawkins,
Nigger Creek canyon.
I Had uui, M   Joins on, west fork, St,
Silvei Belle, \ Milton, west [ork
ul St. Marys nut.
Morning Glory, J. Johnson, west
fork ui St. Marys rlbcr,
Silvei Drop, John Ulowbery, west
.uie si. Mary* met
\ iciui ia. \b-\andei Hodgson, wesl
(oik st   Marys rivei
Nl I su\ FAIR
Fm this event which takes place
Sept. 20th, -l-i and 22nd, lhe Can
adian Pacific Railway will issue tick
eta Irom  Calgary,    Macleod, Pentie-
ton, .Midway, lto--.-l.iiii. Trout Lake
City and inlernit'diaie points to Nil
son and return on Sept. Diih to 21st
Inclusive, good to relurn till Sept.
25th, at rate single tare.
in consequence
success.  The din
nu,,!..        Ml
anil     i
Engineer lticliatdson lia.. moved hi
camp io aboui five miles above '1.
mission, Nearl) i< u miles ul thi
line In the Nmth Slai has bci
A. II. Mansfield, chief ilcspatchc
and tl. Si,-,,,. ,i,i C \. Cotterel
assistants, oi
at   once   .im-.',.,
respective po,..
poratily located  in ilu- sod ion bou •.
pending  the compl'dlou ol   the tlepoi
.lesi rs, Bohart and Dunbar eame :n
yesterday wiih several Uiousand
pounds of mils In.m Tobacco Plains,
'lbe family ol  Ur. A. B. Gran! a:
rived lasl nigh I -nl "   "'"" ■* "
ing into the hand:   "
Una, (iuldee   Hodgson,  west    lurk
Si    M.iivs
Mayook, Wiliiuiii Wesl   Baket mmm-
IIoslou,    \    \\     I't-i.l.  Ilak.-i  uioiiu
I uu..   U     I'   Hehl,   Ital.ei   luminal it
Mm um. Star, A   K   Watts, Palnici
.piall.l   ul   ai.   hour   bel-.ie   lbe     fight     , ^ ",l  '     ''*    ,l     t'l,t> '""'    tt,,>l     U,lk
aetuall)    look place,  tin- i-h v.i ,.,*..,, fS'   u'"'s ""'
gamciuss and .ndiiiaiit.- displayed b)
Uir   IWO   boM-is- l.ii-s,-  al.-   wbal   lu.i.li
lhe ugbi a gieai une.
It was Liie stoi) ol man) aiiuUiei
ring contest—lho bueeesa ol tin
itrong, sturdy, enduring llghtci
against a clever, cool boxer. lln-.,
in brief, is ibe description m Nel
sou's and Brill's characteristics, ro
ipeclively, From Uu- ver) hist moment uf  lhe fight  Until   Kel.-iee (iluu
.-y flnishud the emmt ol l", Nelson
forced tho fighting Though battered
ii' innumerable bruising blows upon
tbe face and body and al  times    ver)
tirod, Nolson never tor one moment
.jave ground. He came back after
-.i-i>    vicious   attack   by   ihe clevoi
(lull,    always   Had'       to     cxchailgi
For  i\m
ill   luetics
lia t.
pbell.   Palme:
finished  ou     Uu
Mr. Uraul has just
east side.
.Mrs. Sprague, ot Fort Steele, was
a Cianbrook visitor Saturday. Uii i
her characteristic enterprise she came
to make arrangements for shipping
fruit to Cranbiook by way of Fun
M. Mclunes will start his line two
storey building on Baker street ns
soon as he can secure ihe lumber,
Cul. Baker left Tuesday morning
fur lbe east, He will sail mi 'J:.
Teutonic on the 28th fur England,
where he expects to remain sever.-.!
months looking after mailers of
general interest tu Cranbrook and
visil'ing relatives and old tio.i
fi lends.
Last week Rev, C. A. Procunler,
whu has charge ol ihe chinch of England services at Full Steele, Cm i-
broolc and Moyie, spenl several days
in the interest ol his organization,
As a result a subscription of several
hundred dollars was secured, and
plans and tenders asked iu erect a
church building at once. Tlie con
tract will he let lhe latter part ul
the week il a satisfactory lender   is
received.    Hev. McPher. , pastor ul
ihe Presbyterian cm gicgallon, i
raising a subsci iptlon io raise n
church in this cily and lu- is ineciin.'
with success, .Mr. McPhcrson s,i\:,
that he will receive libi ral s - island
from his church in the cast it It,
secures a good subscription here.
Cranbrook is now receiving her mail
by thc way of Macleod and tho Crow*
Nest Pass railway. Dr. Bell, win
has charge nt the C. P. H. mail un
tho train .' a tal ■■; charge of Uu-
local mail an I hi ■ - thai It readies tin
proper uili.- i h will give Crnn
brook ii..1.:: ihrct times ,, week Iro u
now un an I will rove i great c« n
venlencn i., evei
ni, lltiit could lie
no cllccllvc 'uui.i.-i. Tlie California
tried eery hluw known t.. biiu-aii
:ie apparc(Ul)  know-, all ,,i  them—I
■ top bis tireless upi cut,   lu   every
.'.,i\ he fa hi Iti 'in.- Unit pun
.-.bid Nelson eve-rely, knoul ins bin-
lown m.i.' and sniggering him several
times, hut nevet was li able tu heal
.uiu back and change the iispccl oi
the fight.
(inly oi.ei-, in ihe third roitti I, di i
,: appear to those cluse enough tu
iwlgu lbe tide ol battle thai BrlH
mighl win. In this ruuud he reach
,1 ihe most vulnerable spot mi Nel
,.m s muscle armored body—his stom
acb—with two Icrriile tigtl hand
blows Uial carried punishing force be
hind them. Nelson faltered foi a
moment and doubled over, tjutcklj
tuiiiing his attention to Nelson's laCe,
Brill -sent in a lerrifie right cros*.
that (hupped the Dane to his knees.
Ihere was a great shout from Brill's
iriends, but the elation was shortlived. Nelson got Up before the timer could teach the count of two and
fought lhu only way ho knows how tu
fight—always coming toward his man
At ilis critical time for Nelson the
gong sounded for rest, a most cheerful note lo the Nelson supporters.
The call of time for tho succeeding
round, however, found Uie much bat
lead Battler fresh aud ready to resume.
Nelson was always the first to begin i uii mis, tihough not always the
first In land a blow. Time altei
nine te would glide along after Briti,
much after the style uf Fltzslmmons,
never clever on bis feet, hul alwajs
seeking to Bhorlen the distance be
tweeu his opponent and himself. This
tireless persistency—a most discouraging thing to the opposing fighter—
and his malicious disregard oi physical punishment, won the light for Nelson.
Though the pride and credit of victory belongs to the winner, he is nut
entitled to, nor did he receive all tbe
praise. Brill, had he never achieved
a ting victory, musl forever be remembered as one ol the gamesl men
that ever faced a foe. After hi.*
mosl, .successful rally in the third
round, the popular little California
lighter    weakened.       Many      ol      his
hiends seated very close to the ringside saw the change and ventured Uu
prod lut Inn tlm' Nelson would win.
Mriil bad done bis besl **i tin- third
Ile bad used nil IA slrenglb, all ho
cleverness and all his blows, yet, he
tailed to achieve a knockout.
A POP1 LAR LECT1 uy.it.
As a great (ami and through Uii
efforts ol a tew Mils great lecttir.-i
i as been secured ' for Tuesday and
Wednesday evening of next week,   i',
The l-'ori SI ■
tile    coin
|.ai,)'.  ".■■','   lil
work i   la ia:    I „  „ 1
n    rapirtl;
us lliii lui,iltar   i at be  ■ i u
nil.     Tli
cellar is co.nplcti il anil aln
■all     IllOU
sands ol dollars wortl. ol .
;oods liai
been stored awny.
C. II, Miner has received word
from T. Forrest, of Donald, lo the
effect that lie intends to semi a force
of men here at once lo commence
work on his large holel building lo
Iw located on Baker street opposite
Mr. Miner's place of business.
The Norlh Star has made her last
trip for llie season. She had a haul
light   to  get   up    the  liver  and      was
siuck on bars several times'.     Aflei
reaching, Wardner she endeavored   to   ~jjj ,(.c|u,.c jn ^ ^j^ "^
get to Port Steele but could nut do   m ^^  &m
it and was compelled to discharge her     , _(.The Wurl|[ of     M    ..
-cargo at A. B. Fenwlek s ranch.        |   ,_,.,M(J Mai( Mak(, (,()(| ur m m
Jolin Hutchison and bride an;    ex-  ^alie Mwrf"
pectt'd in Cnanilirook tho lirst of the     Got ymir   tickets   at Hcid's drug-
week, store.
"A i," Arthur Burge, Perry crook
Scotia,   John   Frubalm, Bin Sand
Tyrol. Um   Pavll, Bin Sand creek.
\ibioii    T    II      Vowall,   Big     Sand
Toronto, It- McTaggart, Big Sand
.Mammoth, 11. Hegan, Big Sand
Jap,   A.  T   Caldwell,  Lost creek.
il. H. McVittie, Moyie river.
Ilaveslon, Selkirk Coppci mines,
A'hite Fish creek.
Clopham Fi action, W. Meaclicm.
Abite Fish creek
Dupage,  I'-- U. Evans, White    Fish
leek.  '
lb sptaines, Selkirk Copper mines,
White Fish creek.
Hell's Roaring, A, L. Jameson,
Hell's Roaring creek.
Flora Belle, R. U. Ludiiigton, Hell's
Roaring creek.
McKinnon, Ci, It. Gray, Hell's
Homing creek.
Blue   Bell,     E.   A.   LtlSpelt,   Palmei
Lak.-Mde, I). Howe. St. Mary.s
Elko, L. Lnchanco, Big San.l
South, J. V. Rosier, Burned moun-
Morning Fraction, J. U. Osborne,
Burned mountain.
Nmth, J. U. nsh.,1'1,,'., Bunie I
Farm, II. W. Drew, divide between
Mnyie and Ooat rivers.
Farmer, II. Eller, divide between
Mnyie and Goat rivers.
Farmer Buy, ti. Davis, divide between Mnyie and Goat rivers.
Duval, II. M. Borrow, Wasa creek.
Hod Cloud, G, H. Suckling, While
Grouse mountain.
Amasjon, F. Nor tiger, White Grouse
Copper Chief, T. II. Reid, White
Grouse mountain.
Bun Ton, S. Forlcath, White
Grouse mountain.
Reno, J. II. Wright, west fork Sl,
Mar vs.
Hope, .1. c Hooker, north fork Si
Juno, J c. Hooker, north fork Sl,
Mar vs.
lden, E. Klwell, west fork Si
Stone Farm Fraction, C. Spit
stead, west fork St. Marys.
Champagne, Richard Roberts, 3J
miles N.  lv of Movie
Caledonia, Sound creek, John Car
old Dominion, Perry creek, A. N
Pelican, Perry creek, A. N. Burge.
Kimberley Fraction, II. Eller.
Sunuyside, While Fish creek, A. G
Copper Hill, White Fish creek, A
d. Erlckson.
While Fish, White Fish creek, A
G, Erlckson,
Jennie E., White Fish creek, O. M
Imperial,  Marysville, E. E. Jones.
King of Kootenay, No. 2, Wild
Horse creek, W. Voss.
Poorman, Wild Horse, J. P. Larson
Uncle Sam, Wild Horse, J. P. Lar
Montana, Wild Horse, J. P. Larson.
Silver Crown, Wild Horse. J. P.
Dun Mask, Wild Horse, J. P. Lar
Mountain View, Wild Horse, J. P.
Tiger, uud Horse, J. P. Larson.
M. A M, Wild Horse, J. P. Larson
Iron (Jueefl, Wild Morse, L. J. Hin
Silver Leaf, .Manse creek, W. Van
Victor, Manse creek, W. VnnArsdal
C U. Junior, Manse creek, W. Van
II P Fraction, Movie lake. W. J.
Hlili.* Star, soulh fork Si. Marys,
■I   Tanhauser.
Lost Chance, south fork St. Marys,
J. Tanhauser.
Wallle, Four Mile creek, SL Marys,
J. Tniilmuser.
Reliance, Palmei  Hal net, E. Foot.
Maple, Moyie lake, F. Oulndon.
Kruger, Moylo lake, F. Oulndon.
Uohi'iis, Moyie lake, F. Oulndon.
Goo:! Hup,, While Fish crock, C. IL
; Pollen
I   llill N"\.', between Trace) and Trail
creeks, C. S" Reynolds.
Nasbv,   between  Tracev and    Trail
creek, C. S. Reynolds.
;    Silver   Belli*,   between  Tracev     and
Trail creeks, C. s. Reynolds. '
.   High    Peak,   St,  Mans river,    c
I nt'lo Sam, St. Marys river, C.
;    Mystery, Alkl creek, R. Dewar.
:    Surprise,   Alki creek,   A.  McLeod.
|   Wellington, Sullivan and Hill, Fin-
!   Horns,   White   Grouse Net, 0. M.
The Nelson Fair which i.s to commence September 30th wili occupy
three days this year. The building
wilt be open to the public at 13,30 on
the first day of ihe lair and a pro
gram of open air attractions will
commence   at  I o'clock in front    oi
lhc new gtaud stand,  which  will con
slat of balloon ascensions, trapeese
performers, high wire walkers, aero
bais, novelty juggling, hoop rollers,
trained dogs, puny races, relay
races, and the Slope will consist ui
novelty attractions, such as morry-
go-round, Smiill's mcchtwtical city,
Kusqiiits wild animal show, Erlck-
suns trained brats ami many novel
lies diieci limn the Portland [air.
Baseball and lairusse games aie be
ing arranged and visitors to the fail
will lind an Interesting programme ol
events commencing at 1 o'clock each
afternoon and continuing iill 0.30 p.
Miss Maty Macdonald, begs to announce that she bas started business
as dressmaker and general seamstress.
Go out daily if desired. Address, op-
posile Cmws Nest  Laundry. *35-13w
Are ymi going to Portland fail
If so, why not go while the Pntmn
Ion Exhibition is on at New West
minster, and lake iii both fairs Ioi
the. price of ono't The Canadian
Pacific Railway wiN issue tickets tu
Portland and return for $37.00, good
for 30 days, and tn New Westminster
on Sept. -I to October 3, inclusive,
good to return till Oct, 13 for $21.15
loin Cianbrook. wiih corresponding
-ates from olher Koolenay points.
Commencing September 36th and continuing daily iill October 3fith, sleeper will tn* run between Arrowhead
uui V ancottvor for the accommodation ol Kootenay passengers, For
tickets, reservations, etc., apply to
any O. P. R, agent or write J. S,
Carter, D.  P. A., Nelson, ll.  C.
thence south eighty chains, thence I
west eighty chains, thence nurlh j
eighty chains, thence easl eighty
rhains, tu point ui commencement,
containing fi-io acres.
Description ol land staked hy 11
G   Wilson:
Commencing at a pnint on the
southeast side of Oil Creek, marked
■II. O. Wilson's N. E. Corner,"
about one and a half miles in ;t S,
IV, direction   from    Sli    c   ll. Tup-
per's S, W. corner post, thence smith
eighty chains, thence wesl eighty
cbains, ihence ninth eighty chains,
thence east eighlv chants to' point of
commencement, containing 6*10 acres
Description of land staked by E
Commencing al a post on the east
hank of Oil Creek marked "K Bran.
pier's s. W, Coiner," about tour
miles in a S. W. direction from Sir
O, It, Tupper's S W. eornei pnsl,
tin me north eighty chains, Iheiiee
east eighty chains, I hi nee SOUtl
eighty chains, thenco wesi eight)
chains to point ul commencement,
containing BIO acres.
Description ol laud slaked hv A s
Bun hell
Commencing at a post mi the oasi
bank of   oil   Creek marked   "A.    S
Bluebell's V   u. Corner," ail um'
K.   Bt.uuiiiei's   s. u    eornei  post
Uieuce   SOUlb    eighty    el .tins,     lli, in ,
east eighty chains, thence north elgh
ly chains, ihence West eighty chain
to point of commencement, contninlni
lllll acres.
Description ol land staked h\ c. E
Commencing at a post on the easl
bank ol Oil Creek, marked "C. E
Rind's N, E. Corner," adjoining S
BurehelPs N. W. corner post, thener
south eighty chains, U-cnce wesi
eighty chains, thence north eight.
chains, thence east eighty chains to
point of commencement, containing
I. iu acres.
An event ot exceptional interest i--
the future engagement at lhe Went
worth ball, Friday, September 15,
of Loid Lytluu's-brilliant play, "Tli.
Lady of Lynn-*." It js said Hut the
instantaneous hit Ibat Miss Neville
and the supporting company has made
has Iiii to the cancellation of many
of lhe smaller cities iu whieh il was
booked so as to enable tho manager
to accept contracts offered in larger
cities. The engagement in this city
will be kept as managers Clapp and
Rollins have au ironclad contract in
this effect.
The Mine Dealer who sells u
Mother a pair of Leckie Boots for
Her Boy will win the whole font-
wear trade uf Uie family.
Ask ymir dealer for Lecklo
Boots. Ymi'll know Uiem i.y the
Tial.' Mniki.ii the cole,
J. Leckie Co., m
VANCOUVER,    -     B.   C.
LANDS   Slit  Vi'K     ON    \KIMIN \
Descripiii.n of land staked by M. E
Lane, about 3 to 5 miles north of tht
International  Boundary  line:
Commencing at a post on the norti
bank of the creek marked "Mrs. M
E. Lane's N. E. Corner," adjaluim
I). F, Hallahnn's S. E. coiner posl
ihence .south eighlv chains, thenei
wesi nighty chains, Lhence noi'ili
eighty chains, thenee east eight;.
chains to point oi commencement,
containing B*tli acres.
Dcscripiimi of land staked b)
Margaret.  A.  0.  Leckie,  about one  lu
two miles north oi the International
Boundary line;
Commencing al a post on Ike north
side uf the creek, marked "Margaret
A. 11. Leckie's S. W. Corner," about
throe miles in a S. u. direction from
II. U. Lane's S. W. cornel post,
ihence north eighty chains, them
cast eighty chains, llience sou I
eighty chains, thence west eight,
chains to point of commencement,
containing 010 acres.
Description of land slaked by John
Brcsnabau, adjoining ihe Internation
al Boundary line:
Commencing at a p.dfit uu the
Boundary line marked "John Bresnn
bans S, W. Corner," about one mile
south of George Bradley's S. E corner post, ihence north eighty chains,
lh. iuc cast elgh t y cl alns, I lu nee
south eighty chains, thence wesi
eighty chains to place of commencement, containing tiiu acres.
Description   of land   Btaked  b)   S
B. Baker:
Commencing at a post on the nor Mi
side of the creek, marked "S. Li,
Baker's N. E. Corner," adjoining
John S Tail's S. E. corner pust,
thence soulh eighty chains, thenee
west eighty chains, thence north
eighty chains, Ihence easl eight)
chains to point of commencement
containing (Mi1 acres.
Notice is hereby given that lli
Honour Judge Forin, by order date I
September 5th, 1005, lus ordered
that any person Interested In the
subject matter of said petition, oi
having any objections to the prayer
of said petitions being granted, vhull
ou or before the till) dav of >'-'V ...
her, 1005, file with the Registrar of
said Court at Cranhrnnk a petition er
statement setting forth liis claim or
the ground of his saitl objections, and
verify the same under oath.
And the said Judge has further ordered thai a copy oi said petitions
shall he forwarded to any party interested by said petitioners or theii
solicitors on application being mat
therefor to the Registrar of _.at<
Court at Cranhrook
I Dated the 5th dav of September
' 1005.
Tupper A Grilliu. Vancouver,
Solicitors for Petitioners,
•1.  F.  Armstrong, Craubrook,
•80-11 Registrar of Court,
IN Till-; COI STY rill lit u.' KOO-
Vancouver,   Victoria,
Seattle, Portland Ore
30 Day Limit
1 (l|l,,i..f ,if rniil.'H, nil rnil vi.'i Siuniis
In tin-   Mutter   ol ilie   I'ellllo
t^l^T'lnmTl: 8: S. S. Princess Victoria
Bresnnhan and S. B. Baker, under VIA   VIC TOR IA
nl   Un* "Coal     Mines'
— Dominion Exhibition
Noiiiee Is hereby given that- the
above mentioned panics have (lied
petitions to the Judge of this Conn
lo decide disputes as io the right of
title lo prospecting licenses for    the1/v   _ . .       ...
following described lands, thai is to; On Suit' Hoptainbpr 24th to (M, II
say:— (-JihmI to return till Oct. I2lli,
Situate i» East   Kootenay on    the (Wivspnmliim rut.>fl lo ofhor [mints
east side of Flathead Unci* on Oil or ■
Sage Creek,   5 to  H miles   north   ol I
the International  Boundary.
Description of land slakwl hy Fred-:
crick Peters:
Commencing at a post on the north *     innnurumn   ta  wau
west bank of Oil Creek marked "Hon.!     AHnOWntAD   TO VAN-
Fred. Peter's N. W. Corner," adjoin- milWCP
ing Sir C. 11. Tupper's S. W. corner -UUVCn
post, thence sotith eighty chains, i n.,;i„ f««„, _.,„* 01141.4 /.* » n<ui
thi nee east eighty chains, thence 1 Dilll.v ™m Sept 2tftb to Oct. 2fitb
north   eighty    chains,     thence   west!
eighty chains to point ol commence- por _xl\] particulars, first class or
m&rlSio„ 3 U,VsU_ uy M. I tourist nloiipiir rosi-rvutions, npply
W. linker; j <° l°a" iiKWita or wr.tt.
Commencing at a post on the north Q. miller, A?ent. Cranbrook.
west side of Oil Creek marked "M. , „ n.nTR,B p i mv, p
W, Baker's N. E. Corner," aiijolniiiB, J- a- LA"rl!'K. *■• J. COYLE,
A. McK.    Dick's S, K. eornei- pust, j D.P.A., Nelso». A.O.P.A, ViJicnuft.
Through Sleeping
Style Hints of
Hall Fashions
Ruck Coats are longer tliii
m-.,.-.,, 11 witli 11 more pronouu-
n.l curve at tbe waist.
Vests cut lower—and trousers are
1 ,- graceful than ever before.
Lots of otber style " wrinkles,"
1l1.it you uill appreciate more by
... mn,;' in ilu- garments,
We will In- pi,'iisi',1 lo sbow vim nil
tbe newest Pit-Reform creations anil
point out tbe fasbion changes.
Ai your convenience, of course.
Suits nml Overcoats  $12. to $.'30,
Trousers $3.50 to $7.50
Thliirademaik iden-      f ^ \tf\     '-""'' ^M '"'""' w'''*
iiii. i   et.iy   (M-.i. '■•       3   \      FIT-     «V       irail--iu.uk nnd nri a
Fit Reform gum nl.      | %'RCrORM (<;'>      « fixed Ly main*.
.-"'■^     I.i. in,, r.i Hji.i.n 'n'ji.i.'.'i h:ie is si
•-t'S I.
We have received
A  Carload   of
That means that we have
;i big stock to select from
Ihis is stove time. Dun't
delay getting ready for
Heaters,   Ranges,    Cook   Stoves
USEEHEi 12_ _OT________Eira_KBiZi
P. burns m. CO.  M
Whnk-salt anil (Mall
Fresh and Cured Meats
Fresh    Fish,   Game   and
We supply only lhc  bent      Ynur £|
trade in solicited |p
Markets in all the principal towns {,
In Unii'ii Columhiii ■
ivery Lady's Dressing Chamber ^vAgS^Wi/
lould be equipped wiih a dainty, snow-white, one-piece       -  -iiii-1* ' ,
should be equipped  „ „ ;, -, _.., r— "^^li'V^
"^tnntfaed"  Porcelain Enameled Lavatory. _ ,   |
Have you ever stopped to consider  VC-;,j
how   delightful!)' convniicnt it would     I'li.J
>nWj        be tn huve hot and cold running water     ! ^\\
J ft^-i^'i    (a '" ^'"lir  t!rcs i,,y   cIl-l,ntvr>   sleeping     ij'
1  JbjPV^*'11^] apartment or  first-Huor toilet   room?
^wirffiJI   .'^'-irNtiiaJ ^ts Prcsencc would aiTord yuu the highest     j
ipvJf- (IwWp ~*&? tIcgrce ol"co^lf°^t•
I* Jft^ilEvSfST^       ^'e "'ill gladly quote you prices.
jf/'^A-  i1*'*;'v___i& n*"^ Our plumbers  urc   strictly  competent
-»»a_ii*.._>>■■ ■     ft mechanics, honest and reliable. ......
rMORE   .BROTHERS ~"__       A
niiic,II«iiiiwan<1V»nt(liitlnii Kiir nr» U f
Cpp onr guns  and
'^'-'■-, ti in mu ii i lion
before yon buy.   Wo
have a complete stock
to show  you.     _*     .'
ItlacCallunt *$
H        !.'NOTICE II        t\
l»'B8 lo notify lln, ri'sidnnls of lOr.et ICootonny Mini ho hns
«'l'l"'l „ MINERAL WATER FACTORY lo liis estab-
lislntii.nl mul would cordially solieii nny rc'Bitlont or tnivi-l.
er to cull or send for a sample order (pnrtiotilnrly by Mm
trnilu) nml giiuratttecs his uon,Is stini-rior to any in the tlis-
tnei. Th,. public nre resiJeottully i-.-ijin.atud to visit usand
sninpl,' the (.'oods nt tin- fiictory.


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