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Cranbrook Herald May 2, 1901

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(ft* • •••••+■•■• ••••••• ••■•■•■• O-9-O^*>-*>90-9 ••••• »■•"»-• •*»•• *>■*>-•■•-•-•■• (i)
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.                          B. K. WA1.KKR, Gen. Man-
Paid Up   Capital  (8,000,011-3.00
Renl  2,000.0110.00
Total Reiources  65,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Those Stoves of Gilpin's Cook with Comfort
This cut shows the Best Cook Stove in Canada for the price—
McClary's "Brandon" for $20. Jt Steel Ranges for either
coal or wood, for bot very little more money.   Jt   a*   J*   «•*
New     Carpets,     Rugs     and     Curtains
We furnish your house complete from cellar to dome and do it
right.    Drop into GILPIN'S.    Satisfaction sure to follow.
Suggests Ladies' Shirt Waists
Ladies' Crash and Drill Skirts,
Ladies' White and Drill Suits,
A new lot of the celebrated W. B. American Corset
A great .assortment of Children's Shoes and Slippers in black and
colored, just marked off.   All of these lines BOUGHT RIGHT
and will be sold CHEAP.
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort ■ Specially
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Han aceommodn*
lions for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
. a.aaaa^aaa®   (.1....*
_ _\
^ Why take chances on losing your life with cheap fuse B
^ when we can supply you with       j*       j* j* y
1            '	
4 Bennett's Always Reliable Fuse!
^ Made
l      three      grades.       Also!
„ Pope's   Safety   Fuse   Igniters i
|          ---    |
^> Neither Water or Wind will stop them from lighting
0 the fuse. We also have a Fuse Coupler for shaft (
0 work. With this devise you can explode 5 shots
m with one igniter without danger. Call and let us show
0- them to you. We are agents for these goods, and for
the   best   powder   on    earth,    THE    GIANT
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. ^
J. P. FINK       j*       Jt        jt       MANAGER
When You Ride a Wheel
I have a fine line this year, including the Cleveland, Dominion, Gen-
dron, Antelope, Geneva and Ideal.
Come and see them.   Prices Right.
G. H. Miner
|  Newi Notei From the Mineral City }
[From The llt-ralil Corn s|*oinl-siil j
Aa waa expected, tlie St. Kugene Min-
ing company ia steadily employing more
men, until In a abort time a full force
will be employed, and the mine tie in
full blast. Fur a abort time there waa a
abut down, only 40 or 50 men being employed, but in a few dnya the milt wu
opened up and run in thc daytime. Laat
Monday it waa decided to run the tingle
liift In tbe daytime and work tbe tame
men half a night shift three nlgbti a
week. The ore for tbe mill ia being obtained from tbe large dump below the
Lake Shore No. 1 tunnel. Thus, although Moyie may be comparatively
quiet for a abort time, in a few weekt it
is expected that everything will be in
full swing and Moyie resume her place
as one ofthe livliest towns 00 the Crowa
Nest Pass railway,
Directly acroia the lake from tbe town
on one of the creeks which flow down
the mountain side, Frank Guidon and
some companions are placer mining.
They have built a sluice, aud although
as yet only a short distance below the
surface, have some colors and every indication of a paying proposition when
they strike bed rock. They are steadily
pushing on tbeir work and are confident
of having a good^thing. Thia will nuke
Moyie not only a lead and silver mining
town, but also a gold producer. Thus,
with mines and lumber, Moyie haa as
good, or better backing than any town
in the Kootenays.
Harold Pollard, the contractor, has
now nearly completed the dam on Campbell creek and has every reason to feel
proud of bis work. The place in which
the dam is located was a hard one to
work in on account of the deep gully,
but where there ia a will there is a way,
and Mr. Pollard found one. The structure is built of immense cedar timbers,
firmly wedged into the solid rock, so
that such a thing as a break away ia iut
of the question. The reservoir is a large
one, conais'ingof a natural basin, the
outlet being between two high walls of
rock, and across this opening the dam
has been built. Work on laying the
pipe will in a few days commence, and
in a short time the town will have a
water system of which it may be justly
Last week an Immense boom of logs
belonging to Park, Mitchell & Co, were
taken from near thc mouth ofthe Moyie
river down to the sawmill at the northern part of tbe towu. The logs are of
the best and will wake very fine lumber.
The mill which has been thoroughly
overhauled has now started and the
prospects are bright for a good season's
work. The machinery for Grant &
Sheady'a will ia expected in a short time
aud on ita arrival work on thc milt will
at once commence, ao aa to be ready for
operations by the first of June.
Tom Rader, who Is interested in the
Aurora mine, returned last week from
Spokane and laat Monday work on the
mine, which had been suspended on account of tbe weak ice preventing a per
son from crossing, wss resumed. Rader
•& Johnson, the owners, intend pushing
their work during the summer, so that
the richness of their strike may be fully
THR I   O. O. P,
Last Sunday evening the Odd Fellows
of Wildey lodge, Moyie, attended divine
service in a body, Rev. G, B. Grigg
preached an able sermon 00 Friendship,
Love and Truth. The hall was tastefully decorated and appropriate music rendered by the choir. About 35 Odd Fellows were present, which was a good
representation considering the number
of members how away from town.
On Kmpire day, May 24, the Independent Order of Foresters of Moyie, intend
to give a dunce. It will be held in the
Odd Fellows' hall and promises to be a
greet success,
C. O. Demsnres, the jeweler, has
moved into the store formerly occupied
by T. Collins.
Mr. Williams and family left on Monday last for Fernie whero they, will in
future reside.
Dr, Barber, the dentist, returned to
his home in Cranbrook last Saturday.
Clarence Miner spent Sunday with bla
brother In Craubrook.
Michael Sheady, of the firm of Grant
& Sheady, returned from tbe west on
Wl Saturday's train.
Mr. Holllsler has sold his house and
lot and expects iu a short lime to remove
from Moyie.
J. W. Livers, the druggist, has beeu
renovating his store, and now has quite
an attractive display.
ti. S. Pollard, who haa been at work
on Palmers bar, was io Moyie Ih* former
part of the wt-ak,
Crufcf-Mk 0M Mltws Observe It li
a Proper Inner.
The Annual Services Were Held
Sunday at the Presbyterian Church.
Last Friday was the -Band anniversary
of Odd Fellowship ou the American continent, and tbe members of Key City
Lodge, No. 42, of Cranbrook, celebrated
the occasion that evening in a most fitting manner. A short session of the
lodge waa held aud then tbe goat v. as
locked in the dark cell, the doors thrown*
open to admit the families and friends
of the members. It was a large gathering and a happy one. Noble Grand
Rockendorf was In tbe chair, and iu
presenting tbe numbers of the short
piogram prepared, be waa assisted by
Vice Grand Leitch. Miss Rhoda Leitch
gave an instrumental solo, Mrs. W. T.
Reid sang aud Mr. W. T. Reid gave several selections on bis gramaphone, Rev,
Fortune had been selected to deliver the
address for the occasion, and be spoke
most entertainingly on tbe subject of
Odd Fellowship.
Afler the close of tbe program elegant
refreshments, which bad been furnished
by the ladles, were served. When tbe
dishes had been cleared away, several
ofthe members aud visitors were called
upon for two minutes' talks, and theu
an adjournment was taken. Tbose
preseut all voted tbe evening a most enjoyable one, aud those who wero not Odd
Fellows thought tbat it was well (0 be a
member of the order.
The Aaaual Service.
The annual service of the Odd Fellows
of Cranbrook was held last Sunday afternoon at ibe Presbyterian church, Rev.
Fortune, who is a member of Key City
lodge, of tbis city, preaching the sermon.
The members of the local lodge aod
other members of tbe order gathered at
the lodge room at 1:30 to lhe number of
43. William Small waa appointed aa
marshal of the parade, aud a double line
was formed in accordance to tbe rules of
tbe order, and the line of march taken
up for the church. Seats had been reserved for tbe members, and led by Rev.
Fortune, with the collar of chaplain on
bis shoulders, ihey entered the church
and took tbe places assigned to them.
Music had been specially provided for
(be occasion, and the service throughout
was a very impressive one. The pastor
spoke of Odd Fellowship and the rein
tiou of the order to humanity in general,
aod said In language mast emphatic that
no church or member of a church should
criticise Odd Fellowship, so long as the
church itself is neglecting the noble
work performed by tbe Odd Fellows,
He stated tbat any mau who took upon
himself the obligations of Odd Fellowship must suicly be a better, nobler and
purer man for having done so, for the
teachings of tha order were ennobling
and elevating. Yet, it did not follow
tbat all Odd Fellows were good and true
men. Seciet orders were not infallible,
and men crept into these organizations
that were not 0 credit to tbe order or
themselves, Vet, this fact waa not an
argument against Odd Fellowship from
a Christian standpoint or a chnrcb standpoint. The church of Christ bad to contend witb the same thing. Tbere were
men wh o got into the church as good
men and true, yet wbo allowed them
selves to be rank hypocrites. The fact
tbat tbey were tbere was no argument
against Christianity or tbe divine teachings of the meek and lowly Christ.
Members of the church should bear this
in mind when they would criticise and
condemn Odd Fellowship.
The speaker dwelt upon the beautiful
lessons of the order, aud dilated 00 Ihe
triune tenets of the order, Friendship,
Love and Truth, aaylng In closing, tbat
there was every reason why Odd Fellows
should be in touch witb the Christian
church, since tho foundation stone of
tbe order were the teachings of the living Christ.
At the close cf the services the members of the order formed Iuto double file
and marched back to the lodge room
from which place lhey dispersed.
J, W. H. Smythe, formerly manager
ol the Canadian bank of Commerce at
Cranbrook and Fort Steele, and now
holding a similar position in Greenwood
was in town two days this week on bis
wny home from Ottawa. Mr. Smythe
visited the east as a member ot the British Columbia delegation, and he says be
believes tbe delegation's work will result in good to tbe west, lince it bad a
tendency to open tbe eyes of some of the
eastern people as to the rapid develop
ment that haa taken place in thia part
of tbe Dominion. He is of tbe opinion
tbat the aubsidy will be granted to refineries, as one ofthe beat methods to
promote the mining interests of the
Speaking of Cranbrook and her growth
during tbe past year, Mr. Smythe said:
"I see that Craubrook continues to grow
in size and prosperity. It is wonderful
what tbe town is doing. Although 1
keep in close touch witb the place, yet I
was greatly surprised to see the changes,
and all of them for the batter. Truly
Cranbrook is destined to be a favorite
spot as a residential city. The hill sides
tbat two years ago were covered witb
pine trees and nudergrowth, are now
the sites of many handsome homes.
And, speaking of your bouses, I see lhat
they are all modern and e credit to a
town many times tbe aize of Cranbrook.
Tbe town is all right, and I am pleased
to see it, for I will always hold a warm
place fu my heart for Cranbrook aud
her people,"     	
N- H. Gouvreau returned* laat week
from an eslended visit to the east. During the past few weeks he spent -round
erable time in Ottawa, and naturally had
something to Bay to different members
he kuew and met about (he woudeiful
resources of British Columbia. He says
it is deplorable fact that the majority of
the members have no conception ofthe
impottance and wealth of this province,
and little or no idea of the development
(hut has taken place here during tbe
past few years. Mr. Gauvreau is of the
opinion tbat most of the representative.1)
need a system of education on the resources and possibilities of tbe great
west, antl until they are educated iu that
direction (be west is bound to suffer from
lundiquate legislation.
"We found both Spokane and Ross
laud rather quiet," said James Ryan,
who relurned Tuesday with Tom Well-
man from a brief visit to both places,
"I asked one man iu Spokane what was
the matter and he aald with a chuckle,
'McKinley.' I guess he must have been
a Democrat. In Rossland, although the
payroll last month was over $300,000,
there seemed to be a lack of business.
The clerks In the stores were idle and
tbe bars were doing very little business.
Tbey attributed tbe trouble there to the
labor conditions, aa there seems to be
fear of a shut down, and tbe men are not
spending any more money than is absolutely necessary. At the line on our return home we had some trouble over our
health certificates, as the officer first refused to accept them on Ihe giounda that
he did not know Dr. King. I told bim
that probably King did not enjoy the
pleasure of his acquaintance, bat that
Ihe certificate was given by ■ health officer and would have to go, Well, they
did, but be took them away from us. I
guess be wanted them as souvenirs."
W. N. Clarke Return.
W. N. Clarke, who left Cranbrook with
the Strathcona Horse, returned yesterday from his borne in Ontario. Mr.
Clarke la looking as it he enjoyed good
health, and yesterday he was busy greeting his many friends. He will probably remain in Cranbrook. When he
returned to his home in Maootlck, tbe
people of tbat vicinity joined In presenting him with a fine gold watch,
fitly Inscribed as a gift for his services
in South Africa. Tbe gift is a beauty,
and one that any mau might well feel
proud of,
H»ry ft. Mary, 1 Mlaer, Eielres Oa Ike
Platform et Fort Steele J sac lias,
Last Friday morning when the weat
bound passenger train slopped at Fort
Sleele Junction, a man stepped off and
staggered to a seat on a trunk near the
door of the atation. The train pulled
out and the man sat there, looking
around him in a most pitiful manner.
To the agent, who approached him, he
said, "Tbia is uot Ctaubrook? I want
to go to the hospital. I am afraid I am
going to die." Five minutes afterward
he expired on tbe atation platform.
Coroner Moffat was notified and went
over to tbe junction that afternoon, and
the remains were brought back on a
freight train. The man proved lo be
Henry St. Mary, a miner who had
recently left the Norlh Star mine for
Blairmore, aud was returning to Cranhrook to the St. Kugene hospital when
he got off at the junction and died. A
post mortem was held Saturday and the
coroner's jury brought iu a verdict of
death due to a complication of diseases.
The remains were taken in charge by
the Kimberley Miners' Union, President
J. O. Reiley coming to Cranbrook for
tbat purpose, Fuueral services were
held st the Mission where the remains
were interred.
A Orcat Coacert.
On next Wednesday evening a concert,
will be given at the Methodist church
lhat promises to be the most successful
musical event in the history of South
Bast Kootenay. Mrs. W. T. Reid baa
been training a cboiua of between 3°
and 40 voices for the pest month, preparatory to presenting a mass on tbat
date. The undertaking is a big one. and
those wbo are going to lake part bave
been practicing two and three times a
week and are putting forlh every effort
to make tbe concert a complete success.
Tbe people of Cranbrook should liberally patronize such work on the part ofthe
musical talent of tbe towu.
Goverooient Cats Dowi Appropriate
for This District.
Compulsory Arbitration in Labor
Disputes is Being; Urged by
Smith Curtis.
From The Herald ror res-, "indent
Victoria, B, C , April 37 —In conversation witb Mr, Smith today, your reporter learned tbat he bad several grievances against tbe government. Not only-
have they failed ts provide for the construction of the Coaat-Kootenay railway
as a goverument work, adding to the
burden ol tavation the poor man bears
by increasing the revenue tai to five
dollars per annum, and a few other sins
of omission and commission, but tbey
have failed tu properly provide for the
needs ofthe district in tbe estimates just
brought down. He made a requisition
fur 133,00*1, but tbe government saw fit
to scale the appropriations down to $30,-
000. Tliis Htiiui), declared Mr. Smith,
in view of lhe big revenues paid into the
provincial treasury by tbe district is
nothing short of an outrage, when other
constituencies, which happened to return government supporters at the last
election, nud paying less (hau oue ball
(he .revenues, are given two or three
times as much as doled out to his riding.
Mr- Smith informs us (hat he will
bave souiething to sny ou this point
when lhe estimates are under consideration, and (hat he will speak bis mind
pretty freely, too, Il is not likely tbat
the session will last more then a couple
of weeks lorger us the goverument bas
all of its work pretty well in band, aud
beginning Monday two sittings will be
held daily so that a bill maybe advanced
two stages in one day, This will clear
tbe order paper In a few days.
Martin's champerty bill waa slashed
all to pieces in committee Thursday.
Its author now refuses to recognize it
and it will probably be abandoned. If
passed it will not materially alter the
present law.
The Coal Mines Regulation Act passed
committee Friday and was reported,
Tbis measure will require miners to pass
an examination and secure a certificate
of competency before he may be permitted to work in a coal mine aa a miner.
This bill will receive its third reading
and become law on Monday.
Smith Curtis informs ua that he will
introduce a bill providing for the compulsory arbitration of labor disputes, and
although very late in the session he
hopes to secure its passage, or falling In
tb'a wilt place every,member of the
house on record on this question. Mr.
Curtis evidently has an eye to a future
campaign when some ot tbe members
will be appealing to the "Dear Working-
Finance Minister Turner made his
budget speech Monday aud it la expected
that the debate will last but a day or
two, as Curtis will be almost alone in discussing it from tbe standpoint of an oppositionist. Martin is now numbered
among the government supporters, while
Hsrry Helmcken disagrees with the executive ouly on the question of railway
With the estimates out or the way the
Ggbt on the loan bill will have the
boards, but it is likely to prove a very
smell fight after all. With Martin's flop
to the government and a peace patched
up wilb (he bolters it is not likely that
there will be a dozen votes against tbe
By-tbe-way, this bill is being received
with favor by all parties. It Is said that
it will shut out the American roads
which seek to exploit (be province for
their own benefit, is directed against the
C. P. K-, and will ultimately compel tbe
government (o construct the lines as demanded by tbe iuleresls of the province.
With this law, tbe province will certainly
be protected fully though construction
may be delayed somewhat in some cases.
With the introduction of this bill all the
rancor caused by the late war is dying
out, and now that tbe campaign in favor
of the V. V. & ti. has ended and its
agents have ceased to appeal tothe prejudices against the C. P. R.; the people
are doing a little thinking and a decided
change is taking place in public sentiment bete towards that corporation. It
Is now recognized tbat the charges made
by the V. V. & K. promoters against the
C. P. R. were in most cases founded on
falsehood and misrepresentation, and
the arguments in favor of their company
were not well founded. It was claimed
tbat the road built aa an Independent
line would give competition in rates, as
then it could not be shown that it would
In any way compete with the C. P. R.
In the Grat place the two roads would
have uo competing points, and if they
could have, the rates on tbe C. P. R. lo
Hritiah Columbia are iu almost every
case  lower  than  those of the Great
Northern, in Washington. In this connection it is also recalled that llie rates
on the Crows Nest Pass and Columbia &
Western, while apparently high may not
in reality be so, and tbat if so the busi-
ness men and shippers on these lines can
secure redres.* by appealing to tbe federal government, which bas absolute control of the rates on these roads. At present, however, the rates given by the
company are in most instances lower
tban those fixed by the government afier
the completion ofthe railway a couple
of years ago. All these things are now
being taken into consideration, though
forgotten a few weeks ngo, and the C. P,
R., that one time octopus ia rapidly regaining Ibat measure of public favor
which its enemies claimed it had forfeited.
I News Fron the Cosl Metropolis *»
* t
. From ma in*** Press ]
Mr.  W. J.  Robinson,  lumberman of
Cranbrook, was in towu ou Monday.
Measles have broken out at the mine.
A case has in uie its appearance ut
Smith's boarding house.
Mr. Jack Giaham- formerly of Pernie,
wbo has beeu n Hug as night operator at
the station at Pincher Creek dining the
past year and who rrceqtly was moved
to Mscleod, has left lhe C, P. R service.
He went to Rossluud on Tuesday morning, Mr. Gralmu will be much missed
itifpurtiug circles.
The plans have been issued for tlte
new addition lo the Bngllsh cliiiri.li
The building is to ih* 30140 antl it is
estiumt-.il cosl is about ft,boo.
A scarcity of lumber is complained of
by the carpenters around towu. Tbe demand is much greater than ihe supply.
Owing to tbe lack of men the saw mill is
unable to run night and day.
The residence of the old town ate feeling pretty sore and are disposed (0 register a pretty strong kick over the fact
that the pest bouse is still maintained in
tbe old town. There is uo doubt but
tbat there is a good deal of truth in the
statement made by these piople and
some action should be taken at once by
the authorities to have tbe building removed.
Mr, S. W. Flowers relurned on .don-
day from a trip to Denver, Col., and
olher American cities.
Chas. Feterita and Miss Rose Annen,
of Fernie, were united in marriage by
Rev. Father Coccolo, in Movie, at Ihe
Roman Catholic church, last Sunday
morning. They will make Moyie their
Ex-Constable McLeod was arrested in
Rossland on Monday last on a charge of
theft. The charge was laid by S. VY.
Flowers, of Michel. The accused will be
brough to Fernie for trial.
The Executive committee of the Fernie Athletic association had a very satisfactory interview with General Manager
Wilson on Wednesday in regard lo enlarging and fencing the recreation
grounds. Mr. Wilson will immediately
lay the matter before tbe directors ofthe
coal company.
The Death «1 Powers.
Sirdar, Apr. 35 —James Powers, C. P.
K. fireman on tbe yard engine, 33 years
old and unmarried, was drowned in
Kootenay river near Sirdar junction
about 8 o'clock last night. He and a
companion named Johnson were out for
a ride in a canoe which in some manner
upset. They both clung to (he canoe,
but before assistance could arrive To vers
went down and as yet bis body bas not
been recovered.
Powers came from Montreal and although nothing Is known of his people
It is surmised his parents live in ting
There bave been two other drowning
accidents in Ibis same canoe. Neville and
Fletcher being the other victims, some
lime ago,   	
A Sacccssfal Daace.
The dance given last eveuing by lhe
baseball boys was without question one
of Ihe most successful and enjoyable
eveuts of the kind ever given in Cranbrook. The ball was not too badly
crowded, yet there were enough present
to make lhe evening an extremely pleasant one. Lunch was served ia the ball
by the members of (he club, anil it was
about 1:30 when (he Home, Sweet Home
waltz was danced. Those who attend* d
where enthusiastic in their praise of tbe
managing committee, who had brought
about so enjoyable a function.
Vlaltieg C. P. R. Officials.
Lsst Saturday a number of C. P. R.
officials arrived in town from the west ou
their semi annual trip over (he line. The
party consisted of G. M. Bosworth. gen -
eral traffic manager, Montreal; W, R.
Mclnnea, general freight agent, Winnipeg; II. E. McDonnell, assistant general
freight agent, Nelson, and Geo. II.
Shaw, assistant general freight agent,
Winnipeg. Thev remained in Cranbrook one day, interviewing the business
people and looking over the town.
Tbe telephone line will be extended
from Revelstoke into the Lsnleau. CRANBROOK  HERALD
vfc /d-**^*
Editor and Proprietor.
The Heraltl tin-tires to Rtve tlio nows.ot tlie
dtstiiot.   it yon know any ulwui your town
ymir mine or your peoplo, sen.l 11 to this ottlee,
Fernl* Is organizing a golf club.    The
links will  be near lhe stiusige factory
There are Rood limes coming in this
The Fernie Free Press In Us last
week's Issue, hatl two slurring Items.
one on Fort Sleele, lhe oiher on Moyie
The Free Free Is In poor business wheu
It Indulges In journalism of that bind.
Two hundred more Chinamen arrived
It Vancouver recently on the Empress
The laboring element anil those engaged
in merchandising should refute to suj*
port  any  party that permits the ovei
flowing ot British Columbia  wiih th
orientals.    Wlga-i  will be at   a stage
where  no man can  milte a living tf
China men and Japanese Immigration is
allowed Lo continue.
The Herald Is in recent of a curlostM
from the provincial llberary t BlcUls I
li presumably a communication relative
to the traveling library, bm Is proposal
on some sort of a mlmmo^raph, anil si
blurred that ft Is Impossible to declphe:
more than half of it. Ai a result w<
consigned the letter to the waste Ins
ket. Economy in handling government
al affairs is always commendable, bui
when carried to such au extreme, ft bt
cornea a standing reproach. The pre
vluce maintains a printing < tli je, aim
such work should be given proper at
tentlon. It Is time for the librarj
crowd at Victoria to take a tumble.
They have been trying to run the Institution on the cheap J Iin plan abom
long enough.	
The Calgary board of trade Is en
daavorlng to Inaugurate a movemen
to bring about a visit ofthe Dumlnloi
cabinet ministers io the west this anm
mer. Such a visit would prove an eyi
opener lo a lot of eastern legislator*.
who have no idea of the west or lis pro
gresa. J	
The people cf South Eist Kootenaj
are interested just ai ihis time in tht
road and trail policy uf the government,
ao far as ibis dlsirlct it concerned.
Around Ihe Province.
An Knglish syndicate lias purchased u
controlling inteiest in the he Roi.
I'hoenix securities ure in demand at
premium.    I'hoenix is a gootl town,
Moyie will not celebrate the 24th ni
Phoenix has settled its school sit'
question at lust,
Captain Troup wus wined uud dined
by the citizens of Nelsou lust week.
British Colutuhiu may be allowed fout
more members iu tbe federal parliament
The Greenwood Miner is now one of
the best looking pupers in the province
The Kootenay Mail bas grently im
proved iu appearance, und the Revel
stoke Herald is making a specialty ol
railroad news.
Those wbo claim to know suy lhat ffo
ote iu tbe Boundary yields us much pro
tit as *fS tire does from Rossland camp
This is because of tbe self-fluxing chai
acter of Boundary ore.
The Odd Fellows of Greenwood had ii
dance last week, and tbe Miner of thai
pluee had this to sny of it : "It wns tli
most successful nud enjoyable function
of the kind that bus taken place i
Greenwood since tbe 'gooil old days' ol
general and unpretentious sociability
Said one enthusiast; 'We bud a res
good time, for everybody danced will
everybody, and there were licit hei
'sissys' nor dress conts there.' "
A miners' union with 43 members was
established at Ferguson on Saturday In
James Wilks, president of the district
association, No. 6, Western Federation
of Miners. The officers elected were:
Vincent Lade, president; Alex Blown,
vice president; Alex J. Gordon, corresponding and financial secretary; l'ete
Ferguson, treasurer; Robert Foran, conductor, and Bdmuud Ward, warden,
An laveslurs Viewi ui .Mining Laws.
A Revelstoke Herald representative
obtained an interview Inst week with
Mr. J. Douglas Walker, K. C, und Mr
A, O. Kirby, the two rep resell tali ves of
a group of London, Kng , capitalists who
recently came out prepared to invest
largely in Lurdneu mining properties,
Mr. Walker expressed himself nt
length aa follows:
"As the mining industry is berthing
to take a foremost plnce among the
industries ofthe country, and is really al
the foundation of all the other industries,
building up towns nnd cities ant! furnishing a market not only for the goods of
tbe wholesale merchant, but lor the products of the three other most important
industries ofthe province, viz . lumbering, farming and fishing, it seems that
tbe time bus come when ibe taxation on
mining should be revised. Miners in
common with traders, are called on to
pay an annual license fee, nnd in regard
to this there is perhaps 110 ground for
complaint, except thut in lhe mining
elates to the south and in Ontario nml
Quebec no nieh fee is Imposed, fie nest
has to pay lor recording n claim n fee of
$3.50 and for recording his outlay, which
has been for thc ultimate benefit of lhe
lute he hns to pay a iee ot $2 50 each
year Tor five years. After doing lus five
years work and paying the fees 1 linv«*
mentioned it costs him several hundred
dollars to secure a crown grant. AH
this must be expended before there is'
any certainly of n return for the money
nnl time expended, and il is fair to assume that perhaps ouly one claim out of
forty or fifty ever proves marketable.
"The owner theu begins to develope
his mine. If he uses a water power there
is au annual fee for that.    For all   the
nber he uses from his claim the gov-
nmeiit charges him (5P Ctjnft per cord.
"All litis it mult be remembered, is in
addition lo the heavy customs tax the
miner, in common with all the rest ot
the population,  has to pay on  tools,
■lothing and foon; and the  heavy  expenses be is put to get all these  thing!-
o the scene of his labors, which usuull)
lies iu a more or lessltiaccessible place
and thousands of miles from llie ntauu
faclutfng centers. So much for initial
.xpi-uses 111 the shape t.i tuxes nud trans
portatiou charges and so ou. I ma>
also say incidentally, as additional cvi
deuce ol lhe exceptional ditltculties snd
■ xpeitses lhe miner has lo face, tliat tht
wages he pays ure higher atul the hour*
nf work Shorter, limited as lhe latter an
by statue lo eight bouts per day, than in
iliut.stany other industry. Besides, you
must remember, all this lime he is helping to bring into existence some litllt
own near his property, tbuscreating foi
die country additional means oflaxnlioi
uul revenue.
"The Inst straw to the camel's load h
in the shape ofa royalty of iwo per cent
on the the gross profits realized on tht
ire without mnking any allowance foi
the expenses of miuing. There is ni
• uch tnx ou tbe output of any other in
lust ry. There is no such lax on ore in
ihe United Stales, nor as jar as we kuow
lu anycmlized country. Theu there U
n land tux of 35 cenls per acre on ever)
crown gi nnled claim. The government
exact an income tnx which is in addition
10 all the other taxes."
Land Act Notice.
Notice is hereliy Kiveu lhat I have inatlo up*
plicuiiou tu ihe older commlwtoiior ot lands and
works, Victi-ia, ,{> (!-i 1nr n nvsmM Herat* io out
nn.l oarry away hiuImt on mul from Uu f"*l,'*\
«>8 (l«urllHKl vacant erown lands, in i»° a,B.
trlrt of t*ontli Kast Kootenay, B.CI Coinmano
Ing at a post planted on the north side af Tela-
Brapli trail, about two milos soiilheasi »f the
■ eross!nn ot tlie Kik river liy tho sold trail, lu the
laid dUliM, mid which post is marked ".I. I\
i'ost (nan's s. \v. corner post," thouce north llm
chains llienes east 80 elm us. thenee south l.T.
cimius. tht'iice west 80 chains lo plnoe nf Iwgln-
ning. cmitnlniUK lirno acres inure or less,
Dated the ■-inl day uf .May, ll«t.
Notice is hereby Ktyan tlmt one month nfter
ilali* I Inti'ii'l to apply to tlio (thief < otninlssloncr
•r Innils nml works for permission u> purchase
.he following lioaorllwti lamia lu Kast Kootenay
Commoiiuiuunl a post plant-ail al the soulh we-tt
corner of im lfoii in grotty 1 Kootfthny district
and innrkod, "u, (inrd'H N. B, corner." thene
.until 80 i-linlii.s, tlienee west BOolialllS, llicnce
11 -uii sn i'lmins, in noo enst sn olialns to the
pi ice or beg nniiic, emu dining 010 at res more or
J luted this 2fHli day ut Mmcli llKit.
Notice is lu-rchy given thnt :tn dnys after dat-
I intend lonppiytn tlie chief eotiunlSstoner oi
amis ami Willi's for permission to cut and curry
iiwny timber tram tho ful owfiw liosarlb -d lamis
in Hoiltll KftSi KiHitcuey: tiimiiii-iK.li g at a |h's|
uiiirkcil "J.c. Matiir's N. It. corner,'* planted
M elinlns norltl of J.T. rait* n's pie-einptlou.
-it). 11 it uo miles umth of U/nntirook, thence
west SO elinlns, llu'iicu^sontli I'M chains, tlienee
cast DO cluiiiis, 111 ire ur hss to the west limit ol
Mfiorge IJiurle's 1 rc-i-mptiim, theuce run tit »
elinlns nim oor less to tlie soutli 1 imt nr saiil
intlon's preemption, thence west In cliuln-
more pr less,to the amiiii-wcu cmner of snli 1
ration's pi e-ciiipi|oii,ilii'iii;e ninth nm elinlns to
tlie pine* of Loginnlllg, containing 100U acres
inoie ur less,
Dated this isi day of April, inn.
,t, 0. HliATElt
Land Act Notice.
Take nbtlce tlmt 1 luive'applle I to the clift-t
cinnmissioiifi* of lauds nud worksat Victoria,
ll. ('., for a special license to cut ii d carry aw in
ihiilii-r mt ami from (In* fnlio-wing described
vacant crown lands in Uh* district nf smith Kusi
Koutenay, it, 0, commenting ut a post planted
mi llu* norlli sliln of Telegraph trail, about three
miles BOlllheast of tlm ems.slng of tlie Klk livci
ny Ihe said hail lu the said ilistrh-t, nnd which
posl is ninrlitil '•('. Ule-tel » N. W. curlier post/**
ilieui't: smilh l*.*j chains, llience ease *u ojialns,
theuce on th US Clinlfis, IIteiii-e west HO chains lo
pinoe cf lii.'Klriiilng, uoiitnlalng louoacre.s more or
l>-Si. -SSt—JH    9 •     M   ■ L.
dialed (lu*'.'ml dny nf May, mn. 1
——m im—      C HIKSKI..
Notice is iicrehy given that"' days after (tale
1 tlileuil to apply to the chief cninnilssloner of
Un ts nnd works fur permiHiinii to out aud carry
away timber from the rniiowlnit described l nds,
slluuteln Souli Kast Kootemiy: Commencing
it n post marked "t-'erdiuaiui Slater's smith east
oruer,' )>ianted 'in chains north of tin* nordi
vo-it enrner of J. T. Pulton's pr-a-empiiofi, aad
uhout three lullen north nf rniiilinmk thence
north no chains, theuce .west pjo elialns,
ilieuee soulh t-iUehnlni. Iheti'c cast to ehalus.
llittuce nurtii BO chains, theuce ea-il BOetialns bi
place of commeiicemeiil, conlHliiin^ lono
acres mors or less,
hated ni Craabrook tills W day af Mnreh/lDOl
Land Act Notice.
Take nolice lhat I have applied to the chief eom-
iitis-imicr of lamts and works ut Victoria, H.V.,
fm* a special Uct'iisu to cut nnd carrynwayilm-
iier 011 mid from the following dcscrlhed vacaui
.-ronii I nm Is lu lhe dlsirlct ot Smith Kast Koote
nay, ll.C ('ninmcimliiK nt a pust planted 011
iho north side of TelfBWb trnil, about three
.nllc siiiilhciht of the crossing of tue Klk river
ny tin-said ttnll, in ilu- suld district uml which
post is marked "(M'. 1.'Kelly's N, W. corner
,iost," iheuce north Ub chains, tlienee cast hi*
iiliuins, iheuce smith Viii chains, thence west so
•hams lo jilncc or ln*glnnliig, containing 1000
.ini** more or less,
Ditteil the jnd day of .May. WW.    .
V. ivo-KKuA*.
Land Acl Notice.
Tnko notice llmt I huve applied to the chief
commissioner or hinds ami works ni Victoria, it
1'., for a s|iep|iu license to cut ami carry nwny
Itlilber on nml fiom the following described
laeiint crown lands In the district of South Kns.
Koolenay, B.C, coiuncm-iiu at a post planted
ui Die south sliloof leli'gruph trull, about two
miles south cast of tho crossing of Klk river hy
lhe said trail, in the snid district, and Which
post is iiimkeil "licorne miller's N. W. rornnr
>ost,"  tlioilCO Miiulli I-.T1 chnins, thencu east so
olialns, liim north 190 olialns, thence west so
chains lo n'lic-a of beginning, containing loun
acres moru or ii>ss
DfllCd the Slid day of .May, 1001,
Und Act Notice.
Notice is hereby given thai 1 have made ap-
pii'utiiiu tothe chici commissioner of lands and
worksat viiturtn, it. c, for a special llothse to
•-ill ami enny awny iimhei- on and frum the follow Inn described vnouot crown lands lu the district or South l-iast KiHiienay, ll. V. Commenc-
111/nt a pi 8! plmilctl on the Mouth side of Telegraph I lull, nlmui one- liulr mile fi mu thn crossing ol the Klk river hy lhc said trail, in the said
district, ami Whloli post h marked ".Malcolm
Mcluii s' 8. \V, oi-Tiisr pust," theme north 12-5
iimiiis, thence east8.1 ehdns, iheucosouth us
chains, tnenee west so 0mills In place of beginning, containing mnn acres more or less,
Maleil l ran brook, II. C , May 2nd, IU0I.
Land Act Notice.
Tuke notice tlml f hnve npplletl to lhe chief
iiiiiiiissioiifi* of imiiis ami works at Victoria, is,
., for a special license to cut ami carry away
Umber on and from the fo.lowing described
aciuil crown lauds, iu llm district of South Kasl
Kuoli-miy, ll, C.   Commencing at :i posi j.inuieil
1 llie east hank id the Klk iivei, In the saiil
strict, aiioui 300 yards south of government
agon inni from Klko to rillltlmis, nml wlu7h
ist Is maikctt "liiiwurtl Ciihlll's N. W, eorue
pint,"ihi!jicu i35 chulns soiiih-vcsiftrly, follow-
he cimrse of saiil river, ilr.mca southeasterly at rgid angli's 10 snid course 80 chains, theuce
thensteily Vi* chains, theucenorthwesterly
su chains to place of l*v**iiiiiin ; ciiiitnliilng ltwo
acres mor<-or lest.
Dated lhc ^mlii.iy of May, leei.
. N., 1.. I <* I... 1.. *.* 1 ■*■ f-  $   b7$ 1 -1 _ I i
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
I'he Canadian I'acitic Railway Company control a largo area of the choicest farming and ram liinjv lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest I'ass Railway.
Thirty Mays after date I win apply to tlm chief
aoMllllssipner of luiols mid works for a special
lit'onse to cut and carry away timher from the
foi lowin t; desi-rllit-il lands In Kast Koiitonnj;
1 'oninii'iit'liig ut a posl planted iiliotit three miles
liArth nt Cranhrook on ihe Nortli .star britucli,
near mile post No. $', on the west side or rmltl of
way marked IVter builds suiilli east cornel',
ihe::i-t* ritiiiiln*; mi it 11 *1 Oil lit 11.-t, thcnctiwcsl 12*1
■iialns, llit'iii-c soulh Hi chnins. lli--iit-i- east 1LM
Chains to point of com iiencomaui.
Lottted hy Peter Lund this'.'aid tiny of March,
mot. PKTioit i,r.\i»,
Take notice; .Tlmt 1, ti. P, King Intend to
ti'ply to the coiiu'iilssloner or lands and
works for speclui license to cut and cnr.y
away timher from tlie following described hinds
oniiuciicing at tlm south west corner of West's
,'ie-empllon, near Smiths lake, four mile*, west of
Tan tin ii ik, theuce west ISO elialns, tbence north
>o chains, theuce east l.'i chain*, theuce sonih
along the west line of West's pre-emption nfore-
-millsj chains to tlie pulumf commencement.
tinted at rnuhiouk, 11 0. die mtli day of
March, imi (i. F, KtS«
Tuke notice: Hi days after dnte, I, It, I*:.
Keaiiie, hi eiui lo apply to the commissioner of
lauds and works for special license to cut anil
■>ar. y away timber fr m tlm following described
lands, commencing at a post, on the smith cast
corner of John Hamilton's pre-emption^ near
-iitiihs l.iKo, Kust Kootenay, running east -iu
idialns, taence nortli 100 clmiin, thoiicowost hi
ilhaln.1, thence south SO chains, llience east in
i'lmins, llicnce soutli hi chains to poiut ofeom-
mencement. It. K, HUaTTH*;.
March io, tool.
Tnke notice: f, J, ll. Kin;, SO days after
date Intend to apply to lhe commissioner of
lands and works for special iici*n-« to cut ami
•m ry awny timher frmu the following described
muds; Commencing ut a post ou the nortli enst
•uruer of West's pre-emption, near smith lnke,
as! Kooieuay, running west via chains, thence
nortli so clutliH, thenee east I'M chains, llicaee
■ Out h sn chains lo point of commencement.
March in, loot, ,i. il. KiNt
jTnke notice: Tlmt I, John Laurie Inttnl to
ap.dy to Die Commissioner ur lands and works
for special license to cut and carry away limber
from tlie fo.towing lands: Commencing nt the
south east corner of West's pre-empt on near
-Mnl.h lake, -l miles west of Craubrook. thene
east 120 chains, thenco nortli sn chains, thence
wenl 1-20 chains, thence south along the east
hotimlry of West's pre-emption aforesaid, BO
chains lo tbe polul of commencement.
Dated ut Craubrook, 11, C. tills tilth day of
March, tool.    . .fOHN l.Al'KlK.
Take notice 1 It. S, McNeil UO days ufter date
intend to apply to the commissioner of lauds and
works to purchase the following described hinds,
Commencing at south-west corner of pre-eui|i
ilon No, T09, near Palmer's bar, tlienee nortli HO
chains, tlienee west 40 chains, tlienee south SO
chains, thence cast id elialns to place of commencement.
A| I'll 8th1,1901, It. s. MeNT-ll..
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt  Jt   Jt
At the	
Herald Office
Tommy's City Bakery
Is maklag tht Hewers bloom.
Is maklag Tommy's buslaess bloom.
II you want health lo bloom
Eat Tommy's Bread, Cakes and Paslry,
The best bloomlig product In the city.
Shipped lo all pans ol Soulh Easl Koolcnay.
Delivery to any part ol the city.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
In the business as our work
lor last year will show. Call
on us for plans and Ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
Terms of Payment
The [iKftTi'iftiin* amount of
principal and Interest, except
in  fhe
case oi lands tinder $2.50 on
acre, is divided inlo ten instalments ns
shown in the Inble bclov.
the first lo he paid nl  lhe lime
ol pur<
Chase,  tne second  one
from dale of lhc purchase, Hie third in
two years und so on.
The iullowinj! Inble
s lhe amuiinl of lhe annual iiislalmcnls
on 1611 acres nt ilifierenl
I under lhc above conditions:
160 ntrs al $2,50 per scr, 1
1 ins
almenl $59,115   o equal Inlal'l
s al $50.00
3.00     "
7I.H0    '
3.50     "
83.90               »
4.00     "
95.85               "
4.50     "
107.85               "
90 00
5.00     ••
KimheMpv is the business uml shipping point for the
1U '    -J Norlh .Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWEI.L, Townsite Agents,
Cranbrook 's '**e •J*v,s*onal P°<n' 0| ""-' Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per ncre nre sold
on shorter lime.
If llie land is paid for In full al the
lime of purchnie, o reduction Irom lhc
price will be allowed equal la ten per
cenl ou the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cenl will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in thc following town sites in East Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitchener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms ot payment are onc-thlrd
cash, und the balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
floyie's Hotel Kootenay
• *. \Y The bcsl of accomodations
LCclQing   A .       for the traveling public.
Hotel    *
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sltcphard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only nil mil route lietween nil
.   points Kast, West nud South to.,..
Intermediate Points.
Ctinnecttng nt
SPOKANE With the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects nt
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Forks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lion. Pass. A(t.
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Tori Sleele. II. C.
■"" Builder dt
:::Cranbrook, B C
Direct route to all
East ■ West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to=Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done on the
premises. No need to send your
work out of town, especially so
wlieu it can lie done ns well, II
not pulii*factory no pay required,
Charger reasinable. Cume and
scesiitiipIcH. fcftrge stock of picture
moulding on hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
w. P. GURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook,       : Rrlllsh Columbia
j The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINt'S   OF-
I Rough and
| Dressed Lumber, 1
j Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
There are a few poinis lo *
be considered in building.
Through tickets to England, the Good  work,   Good   Material
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7s50 daily West daily 16:10
16|10 " East "     7t50
13*00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
For lime Ublei ind lull Information, ull on
or njdresi nearest local agent.
A. 0. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C.
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson, B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk or Commerce ni,it:.
and thc price.
Have you l.-ilkcil >' illi anyone about building?
Come nnd see mc or Id mo tee you. II may
do as both good.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk	
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
also.   .   ...
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite tne
Methodist church.
KtO-ptinn OntH lor Heedlng-HHtl'tili r]iinli-
litios ac per poviml; in quantities, &35per
PlrBt tlass line ol Jewelry, Clocks,
and Silverware alwnys la slock, ::
W. F. Tate, !lJeweIe
Olllclal Watch laspector lor C. P. R. I'
Ilitfj ire left atone in lhe dear old homt
Alter w nwn-f yenrs,
rt lien tin- liuus-a wus full ut frolic aud fun,
Of childish laughter and u-ur-i.
rin-y tire left alone, they twu, utice in.ro,
Bediming life over again,
J .ist tti tin v did In lhc days uf yore,
Before they were nine or ten.
Aod the tiii-le ii let lor two thfie dayaj
Tlie child-run went one I7 one
Away from huntc uu llieir set mra It wnya
Wlieu the tlilldhouil dnys were dune.
Huw litiilllilly li,in,;ry lhey used tu Inl
Whnl riimiiiiiit they usi-il tu dut
And mother—fot *-*mpitijr-*-eaii liordlj iee
Tu bet the Utile fur two.
Tlti-y it-H'il lo Kiitlirr around lhc fire
While Bonn* une wuuld read aloud,
tint whether at MU**y ur Wurk ur [ilnjr
'Thus u lutliiK mil im.-r.-y erowl,
And ROW lhey ire twu tlml Jut her lliera
At evening lu teud or lew.
And it m ■■in* ilmoil too much tu hear
When thoy think uf the lung nun.
Ah. well, ah. well, 'III the i-iiy of the wurldt
Children ilay llut a utile while
Aiui then Into Other Keoei are wlilrled,
Where other hOMOt IWffUiU,
'Iut It iiiiitlin not huw lur tliey loittti
llieir hnirunre foil.] und true.
And thert'l aevir n hoiiu* like the dear old lioiiu
Where theiunu- Imt for lwo,
-Mm. l-'rank A. Hn-rl. lu Vqillll'l Comi»lllOH.
Dear Sim,—Fur some yours 1 huvi>
Iiml only partial one ot my arm,
caused by a midden struiu. I huvo
used every remedy without, effect, until 1 Knt u sample bottlu of MINARD'S LINIMENT. Tlio bopoflt I received from it caused mo to continue
Uh une, and now I nm happy to miy
my urm is completely restored.
Olainis, Out.     R. ff. HARRISON.
By Iti Vac (he Drummer Gained a
Profitable Cnitomer,
"It's a hard life, that of the drummer,"
feaid one recently to whom 30 ynrds ot
hard work had given the right to speak
with authority. "It's a hard life, but it's
an Interesting game and gives a man a
close hold on facta and realities. Thc
drummer learns In a hard school, but
he does learn, and the lessona pay. Whnt
Is the first lesson he haa to learn? Hon*
to manage men; how to approach a reluctant or an indifferent or a suspicious
buyer io as to win his confidence and
overcome hia indisposition.
"Experience teaches this better than
anything else, though some men learn it
more easily than others. I remember
when I first began to travel as a salesman, when I wns hardly more tban a lad,
I had an experience that proved valuable
to me. There was an old fellow on my
route who had been known for years as
the terror of all traveling men. He was
declared to be absolutely the worst na-
tured, worst mannered fellow they had
ever met anywhere, but I hadn't even
heard of him then, and bo I entered his
store very confidently and handed him
my card. He took it without even glancing at It, tore It into bits and threw the
pieces on the floor. 'Now, air,* he said to
me, 'get out of my store.' There were
two pretty young girls In the store, who
did not understand the proceeding and
who looked at me as I walked out aa if
I bad been nn escaped convict.
"Well, I smarted for several days over
that affair, during which time I made np
my mind thut I'd even matters up witb
hlm If I could next time. So before I
visited his town again I had a card made
expressly for my good friend. It looked
exuetly like the one 1 used before, only
that it was made of tin. When I reached his town, I waited until I saw the
store pretty well filled with people, and
then I walked In and gave bim my card,
He took It just as before, glared tt me
and gave the card a twist,
"But lt didn't fall on the floor In bits
this time, and he only succeeded In giving his wrist a wrench and raising a titter among his customers,
"I was nearly out of tbe door by this
time, for I really didn't think my life
wus safe, but be called after me, and I
went back. 'Come Into my office,' said
he. I went lnt expecting never to come
" 'What do you want to sell me?' he
asked me.
" 'Dress goods,' I responded,
" 'Well, go on.' And I actually sold the
old curmudgeon f 1,000 worth of cloth be
fore I left. For yenrs after, so long o-
he lived, In fact, bo was ono of my beat
customers and one of the best frleudi
I aver made in my business.'
Ifreet  Merta tirn-L.
"What do ymi think uiy husbnnd does
when my mother conn's tu sev uaV
"1 never KiieHs."
"He writes for his mothor to come too."
A Slnmi>i*r Kor tho M. I).
Maid (to nliaeiitmiiitled invnlid)-Tlia
dOOtor is here, sir.
Absent ml ntled Invalid—Well, Just yon
tell hlm I mn not able to aeo any one to-
Th* Last Hitch.
"It mny seem like bragging," faiMtX
tho BugllHlimnn, throwing down tali
newspaper In disgust, "but If thla Boer
war wna being fought out ou the sea
tborc'-d bo a different story to tell."—
Philadelphia North American.
The Chop mm* Ih* Cherry Tr**.
"l\-|ikln loves to bo historically correct."
"What's his latest?"
"He lind an English chop for breakfast on Washington's birthday."—Clare-
land I'lalu Dealer, ___
people are killed every year in thii
country by CONSUMPTION. The
fault is theirs. No one need have
consumption. It is not hereditary.
It is brought on by neglect. You
do nothing to get rid of it.
will cure a cough or cold in one
Mm flovi.1, i rating lady of Slmcoe, t
■chool teacher and prominent Bo-rtallv, went
rapidly into a decline (ruin * cough.   Wai not
upecttd to live,    Shiloh completely cured
her, People In that vicinity are well acquainted
with the facta Is her case,
ghiloh't (JoMumptlun Our* Is sold by all
-truffflsU lu Canada and (Jolted Haatwa at
•SoTWe, «1.00 a bottle.  In Orcat Britain
et Ii. «d.,  tl, ed., and 4a. 6d.   A printed
guarantee goes with every bottle.  If you
•re not latlifled go to your drugf lit ud
get yenr money bach.
Writ* (er llluitratcd book •■ Counmptloa.  Sail
Itheet K* tt to*.   8, C. Walla * Ca., To-wato.
The  Happy Ending Of a Very Ber-
ious Aud Painful Case.
Mra. UaghtaWM \. i y 111 IHuhU-iI uud lu
I'ouatunt .MImtv, Slu* Suffered for Pour
Yfin-it. he tort- hIk-i iiM.-tl Uud .'a Kidney
fills- Hhe la now wi-ll itud Hu|ipy
Morley,  Ont.,  April 8. (Special)
Nflst.ni Lellur, JiiBticc of thu Peace uf
tliis place, vouches for the truth of
thu following interesting story, told
by Mra. Tliomus-j Hughes.
Verification, however, will not be
necessary to those who know Mrs.
Hughes, ua thai lndy is ono of the
iiioNi highly respected residents of
(!rvy County.   Mrs.  Hughes suya :—■
"1 Wns u great sulTcrcr fur four
yearn. 1 waa treated by four doctors, and a specialist from Ult) United States,   1 tried nearly ovory kind
of tui-tliriiii- 1 could bear of, hut HQMl
aoo'mou to do ino any good.
"I was in bed for nearly Ibreu
yearn, I had paius in my spinal column, in my head, over iny eyes,
across my buck, through my left
oltfo, ami occasionally in my right
"For threo nights at a Linie, I
would never closo iny oyes in Bleep.
1 wns terribly bloated, hu lhat 1
could not sit up or walk. My i,g>*
was '11 when 1 was taken sick.
"1 have taken iu .ill fourteen boxnn
Dodd'H Kidney Pills, nud now I tun
strong, and able to do as good a
day's work, as I huve ever been. Tlie
doctors said I had Itlieumatism, They
saiil Unit nothing could be done for
"I waa not able to cut anything,
only corn starch or soup of somo
kind. My weight hud increased from
112 to 147 pounds. I am now down
to my normal weight again. I can
never say enough for Docld'a Kidney
Pills, for 1 am satisfied that they
saved my lifo."
There are many ladies suffering ns
Mrs. Hughes did, although but few
may be ns low as sho was.
Deranged kidneys nre responsible
for almost nil tho trouble that comes
to women in middle life, nnd no woman can afford to be careless, when
her kidneys are in any wny threatened.
What eured Mrs. Hughes* of this
very bad case will cure any case.
Dodd's Kidney Pills aro the only
remedy that ever cured Brlght's Disease, Diabetes, or Dropsy, and lhey
have never failed.
Proceia by Which the Toothlomi
Edible In Untie Marketable.
By far the most valuable byproduct
obtained from tbe sturgeon Is tbe roe,
from which the valuable commercial
product called caviare is prepared. For
this only the hard roe of the "cow" fish
la supposed to be u,sed. The manner oi
preparation is as follows:
After the egga have been removed from
the fish they are placed In large chunks*-
upon a Btainl, the top o. which is formed
of a small meshed screen. On tbe underside is arranged a zinc lined trough,
about 18 inches deep, 2 feet wide and 4
feet long. The operator gently rubs tin*
mass of egga back and forth over thr-
screen. The mesh is Just large enough
to let the egga drop through, and as lhey
aro separated from the membrane by the
rubbing they fall through into the trough
nnd arc thence drawn off Into tubs by
means of t Eliding door at the end of th?
After all the roc has been separated
ths tub Is removed and a certain proportion of the best Luncberg (Germany) sail
added to tbe roc, after which the operator carefully stirs and mixes the mnss
with bis hands. The most delicate part
of thc whole operation is In the mnnucr
of miring. No direct rule can be given
for doing this portion of thc work, as the
condition of the roe regulates the time
consumed and the manner of hnndlins:.
It requires practical experience to become proficient.
After adding the salt the mass of eggs
first dries up, but In 10 or in minutes the
strength of the salt draws from the eggs
their watery constituents and a copious
brine Is formed, which can bo poured off
when the tub becomes too full. The salted eggs are poured into very finely meshed nit*ves, which hold about ten pounds
each. In the cavlnre hnnse nre usually
arranged long, sloping bourn, with narrow strips nailed ou each side. On these
tlm sieves nre placed and are left thore
from 8 to 20 hours lu order to thoroughly
The eggs bnve now become caviare
of commerce nud are transferred to smnll
ensUs of either oak or pine, which havo
beeu steamed In order to prevent nny
possible leakage; the disks ore covered
und allowed to stand until the gna escapes and the eggs settle, 'llio vacant
space caused by the settling is then filled,
nnd thc citHk bended up nnd put In a cool
place until ready for shipment. The
casks cost about $1 each nnd bold about
185 pounds net. It requires about 11
quarts ot salt to prepare a keg of cavlnre,
Mlmlehlni the Queen.
Few peoplo nre perhaps aware how
thoroughly Queen Victoria enjoyed n
Joke. A gentleman in waiting, whom we
will call Mr. B—, distinguished for his
Imitative powers and dramntlc tnlent,
was a frequent visitor at both Windsor
and Osborne. One day the queen, looking with a certnln austerity straight Into
tils fnee, demanded:
"Now, Mr. B—, I nm perfectly well
aware that when my bnck U turned you
Imitate me. I wish to sec bow you do ll
this minute!"
Poor Mr. B— fell straightway Into
the royal trap, crimsoned, faltered and
utterly lost hia countenance,
"Ah," exclaimed the queen. "I Bee 1
was right! You ought to be ashamed of
yourself l" nnd tbeu added, laughing as
heartily as any schoolgirl, "But, mind
yuu, don't do It again."
!■ th* Daaapa.
"I heard a man the other day" said o
philologist, "give a novel derivation for
tbe phrase Mn tbo dumps.' According to
hlm, Dumops, an Egyptian king, built a
pyramid and died of melancholy, and
from Dumops' name and the story linked
with It our word 'dumps' Is derived,
That Is very Ingenious and striking, only,
like so many Ingenious and striking
things, it happens to be false. Our word
'dumps' comes from tbe Danish 'dump,'
which means dull, low, depressed. The
word, Indeed, runs through a number of
languages."*      " ''
A Contrast.
Tlie man who ho gayly a ahort wlillo ugo
01 "iwccpinf the country" would talk
Now cub-wr and kicks when hs haa to go out
And atiuvcl tho snow off liia walk,
The Chief "Dlfferenee."
Tommy—Bay, paw, whot Is tho difference between an amateur poet and s
Mr. Plgg—The amateur poet, my boy,
Is tba ono that keeps ths professional
EnibnrraailnB Dreakdowna Which
Occnr ou the Slant* and the Vnrl-
oua Devices tu Whioh the PUyera
Retort to II rid iti* the -bap.
"It's about thc most embarrassing
thing that cuu happen to one," recently
declari-d u well kuowu actor when referring tu momentary lapses of memory on
the stage.
"Some players," ho continued, "aro
peculiarly liable to forgot their words,
ond personally the longer I have been
plnyiiig one character the more prone am
I to 'run off the Hue.' You see, you, as
It were, get to know the words too well.
They arc bo fnmilinr thnt they foil to
claim your attention, and then one night,
before you are nwnro of it, memory fails
you, aud yuu iiml yourself staring at your
auilieiico speechless.
"A tragedian told me a rather peculiar
story oh to ti breakdown thnt happened
tti hlmselfi In lho middle of ono of his
spcci-lifs a lndy dressed In bright red
cume into the hin IK and, watching the
patch of brilliant color, the actor forgot
tils words, The next evening n kind of
lerror seized upon hlm lest some oue la
red should ngnin tnko a seat and he repeat Ills previous night's uiifurtniuito
performance So strong lind this iVuing
hi'conio thut, after three or four nights,
thut mau actually bought his wife a
bright red dress and got her tu sit in tbe
stalls so that ho might overcome his apprehension.
"Another mnn I know plays in musical
comedy. He never forgets the lines of
bis spoken parts, but often makes a slip
iu a song, lie comes to the end of a Hue
and can recall nothing but the beginning
of thc next verse, aud he hns to stop the
orchestra and begin over ngnin. Some
singers, when ln this predicament, just
sing on Mum-tl-tum' to the tune till the
words come hack. Borne have told me
that having once been at sea with their
words they are sure, out ot nervousness,
to mnkc another slip the same evening.
They arc so anxious to avoid another mistake that their minds can think of nothing but tbat they must remember their
words. In singing, the tune, of course,
somewhat assists yon to remember tbe
"As you know, tbe prompter usually
comes to tbe rescue of the player so
stranded. But occasionally that official
is not at his post, and then the mon on
the stage has to .wrestle with his brains.
Sometimes one of the company will, perhaps very audibly, supply the omission.
While some players when they brenk
down resume as best they can and take
no notice of tbe mishap, others gag or
tako tbe audience into tbeir confidence.
Said one over tbe footlights: 'Now, those
are just the very words I thought I
should forget The gas man called ai I.
was learning them,' Another, on coming
to one of these awkward full stops, said:
'Pardon me, please. I was thinking
whether tbere was enough of that cold
chop to do for supper and quite forgot
my words.' These things sound poor
enough to relate, but at tbe same time
they 'go' well enough.
"One singer who broke down sold:
'Look here! We'll get over that difficulty
by dropping the verso altogether. You'll
still get your money's worth, for I'll sing
the last verse twice.1 There Is one little
trick that usually goes down well. The
singer bas foiled and bas had to appeal
to tho prompter. When he finishes his
song, be darts off and drags on tbe
prompter—probably In bis shirt sleeves—
to share lu tbe applause, which Is usually
quite enthusiastic.
"Well, as most players keep their memories in hand, as 1 must say, some peculiar tilings have happened. In one play
an actor 'doubled' two parts. lie was
an olil man in the prologue and a young
one later on, and In each be had a longish
speech to mnkc. These speeches he alwnys attempted to transpose, and one
niglit ho got out some four or five lines
ef tho wrong speech ere he realised what
he wns doing. Another man played In a
piece having a darkened scene. Stepping
on ,o the gloom shrouded stage, he, to no
one's surprise more tban bis owu, commenced a portion of a part that he had
played In another drama having a similar
'lights low' episode.
"There are some vocalists who cannot
trust themselves to sing n single note In
public without the printed or written
words. This Is awkward If they obtain
engagements—and most seek thciu—on
the vnrlety stage, for there, as you kttow,
It is not the custom to hold music In the
hands. Some ball-id singers aud otbera
write tho words very small on a card nud
hold this In the palm of the hand. 1
heard ot one man who, singing three new
nml rothcr difficult songs, adopted tbis
lit tio device. He got so used to having
the words there thnt ho Was afraid to do
without them. When he changed to
other songs, he attempted to dispense
with the paper, but ho fouud lhat he hod
become so UBcd to having It to look at
now and again tbat he was 111 at ease
and awkward before bis audiences without It.
"Iii opera breakdowns arc uot, I think,
frequent. You see, opera Is special work.
Tlie opera season Is nn event thnt excites great Interest, and all renderings nre
inevitably contrasted with those of other
great singers, This puts the players on
their mcttlo nnd keeps them excited
about their work. They hnve no chnncc
of pliiying and Hinging mechanically, nnd
so their memory does not often fall them.
Any slips thnt do occur are usually caused by nervousness. I henrd of one prima
donna who, In a new opera, bad a particularly fine song to sing. So eager was
■ho lo get to this that by mistake she
sturtrd It Instead of oho that should bare
preceded It. Tho conductor luckily saw
the Blip Instantly, and, rousing his men,
he cleverly went with the singer. She
faltered a littlo as tbe truth flashed upon lier, but, having the music ell correct, sho sang tho song out and earned
grent npplauBc.
"As I have snid, however, while you
remain thoroughly interested In your
work you are not likely to experience a
brenkdown. On a long ruu the opposite
Is tlie case, and It Is when you are so
familiar with the words that you don't
bother aboutflthem that yon suddenly discover you have for the time being lost
them    altogether."
Tbe Liberty statue In New York ts 151
feet high, tbe pedestal Is 165 and the
total height above low water mark Is 805
feet nnd 11 inches.
Tinware was first -made ia —k MH
tn- in 177a	
A Hn-ffi Retort.
Mapimn—Ittm't pul your bnnd in tha
sugar, Bobby.  It's utiretliied.
Bobby—Why, no, uifimma. This Is
granulated sugar. Only brown sugar ll
unrefined.—Chiengi. News.
The Sole Survivor.
"He Is tho only survivor of tho thirty yenrs' war, lu which ho wns a participant."
"Nonsensel Tho thirty years' war
occurred centuries ngo."
"Not tho ono 1 menu. It ended only
last week with, the death of hla wlfo."
-Plillttdolphiu Press.
Close ciipiIIiichi ut Uu in*, tbt, Wliitti
Muutbtt flat Lett You -M'tult, BaiUj
Driirt-t-s-eil uud ' Out ■ 1 :orl>."
The Words ''Weak und depressed"
expresses the condition uf thousands
uf peuple in llie sprint; time. It is
one of nature's slgUS lhat humanity
cannot underyu months of indoor life
in badly ventilated     buildings    with
Impunity. Sometimes y vu huve u
headache; slight exercise fatigues you,
your uppelilu is variable ; you are
easily irritated or depressed ; perhaps there uro pimples ol* slight eruptions   thul    iudicule   llie blood needs
uuciuiuit. Whatever the symptom
may be it should bo ul tended io ul
once, else you will fall uu easy prey
to graver disease. iJo nol use a pur-
gulive iu lhe iiopo that, ll will pul
you right. Any doctor will lell you
lluil purgatives weaken, I luu they 'ill-
pair lhe actlop of the liver and entile chronic cuusLipaliuu. A toulo is
what is needed to help nature light
your bullle for health, uud ihere is
only one alwuys reliable, never-falling tonic, uud thai is Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills. These pills have no purgative option. They mako rich, red
blood, strengthen lhe tired and jaded
nerves, aud make weak, depressed;
easily t ired people, whether uld or
young, bright, active and strong.
Among those who have proved tiie
health-bringing qualities of Ur. Williams' Pink Pills is Miss Kmiuit Cha-
pul, of Lake Talon, Onl., whu says:
"1 cannot thank you enough for tho
good I have derived through the use
uf Dr. WUIiams1 Pink Pills. J honestly believe llmt but for them 1
would now be in my grave. My
health was completely broken down,
my faco us whito as chalk, and If
I made the least effort to do any
housework I would almosl faint from
tho exertion, and my heart would
boat violently so that I feared 1
would drop whero 1 stood. I was
a groat sullerer from headaches and
dizziness us woll, and my appetite
wus so poor that I scarcely ato at
ull. 1 tried several medicines, but
they did not help me. and then I decided to send for soinu of Ur. Williams' Pink Pills. 1 got six boxes
nnd before I used them all I wus us
well us 1 had ever been, with a good
healthy color, a good appetite and an
entire freedom from tho ailments that
had mude mo so miserable. You mny
be sure that 1 will always have a
warm regard for your invaluable
Do not experiment with other so-
culled tonics—you are apt to Und it
a waste of money und your health
worse than before. You will not bu
experimenting when you uso Br. Williams' Pink Pills. They havo proved
their value the world over, and you
can rely upon it that what they havo
done for others they will do for you.
If you cannot get the genuine pills
from your dealer send direct to the
Ur. Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., and they will be mailed
post paid ut 50 cents a box nr six
boxes for $11.50.
The most popular ait* with the average girl is the millionaire.
Don't think because a man Is In
touch'with'the toothache, that he's
iu sympathy with it.
Nature rest >es n man's health and
his physician pockets tho fee.
When a man's conscience nets ns a
policeman ho is never on the beat.
Mr.'. Celeste Coon, Syracuse, N.Y., writes;
"For yenr.< I could rot tat many kinds of
food withuut producing a buruing, excruct-*
ating pain tn my stomach. I took Purine-
le-Vs Pills according to directions under
-Dyspepsia or Indigestion.' One bo< entirely cured me. I can now eat anything I
choose, without distre^ing me in tbo least."
These pills do not came ptin or griping, and
should be med when a cathartic Is required.
It sometimes happens that one-half
the world doesn't know how its better half lives.
Strength nud wisdom nre not' always found together. Remember
Samson's finish.
Wna Readr to Compromise.
A very small pile of ctml iny uu the
sidewalk in front ot a house on A struo;
southeast A correspondingly siiml]
sou of IIiuu was sauntering nlong nml
seeing it, scented a job. He rang tin
"Am dat yo" nil's coal?" be asked
the lndy at tbe door.
"Want It toted In?'
"Kalu't I git de Job?"    .
"Why, you're pretty small, and then
you might eh urge too much. You might
usU more than 1 could pny."
"How much Is yo' got?" asked the
smnll man of business. "Kin yo' raise
a dollnhV"
"Oh, my goodness, uo!"
"Seventy-live cents'/"
"No; run along nud dou't bother me."
And (the started tn close the door.
"Mcbbo so yo'll gib 50 cents."
"No, no; run along."
"I reckons yo' all ain't got or qua'-
"No."   .
"Mer a dime?"
"No, not even a dime," replied tbe
woman, beginning to laugh.
"Well, bow much Is yi? got?" questioned Ham, showing bis ivories. "I
But'nly docs wunter git de Job."
"I've got just n nickel."
"Well, I'm jus' n-lookln fer nickel
Jobs."    Aud he straightway began.
A Rei ah bor hood Humorist.
"Yesterday I met George as I got on
the car and I said, 'Hello, Ceorre,
how're you getting on?' Theu he said,
'I ain't getting on, Pm getting off/ "
"Today I met him as 1 was getting
off the car aud I said, 'Hello, George,
how're you getting ou?' Tbeu be snid,
'I ain't getting on at all, Pm putting
my mother-in-law ou.' "—Chicago Record.
Mrs. Nurviis-Whiit do you Ihlnk about
my eye, duelor?
Dr. Noliawl (replacing the bandage)—
Oh, your eye will ciinic out ull right In a
week or two.—Uruokl.ru I.ifc,
Two  St run i( em  Introilueed  One Ib u
Clever ConUUeuce liunie.
Several Chicago busiuess men last
week discovered ti brand new cou-
ftdpnee game which cost them from
$20 to $50 apiece. In manner of wording it resembles the loci; game, but is
much more clever, fully ns sine In its
results, and, nil In nil. n trick that Is
likely io catch the wisest personi.
A well dressed Btranger walked Into
the Boyce building bullet Inst Monday
and exchanged n quarter ror n drink
und cigar. .lust as he turned to go
out he stooped to ihe floor nnd apparently picked up a gold tipped fountain
pen. II was uf line wuikiiinnsliiii nnd
must hnve cost lis owner al least $!0,
"Something of u find/' murmurt'd the
strauger, us he placed the pen on the
bur. "Guess we will Imve to have Another oue on that. Try It and see If It
will write."
The bartender ranched for n sheet of
paper nud unseiewiug ihe iieuhulder
round tlmt ii was 11 Uud with black Ink
ami that the pen; Which wns diamond
pointed, wrote as sinuullily ns a quill.
Several present tried It In order to test
its good qualities,
Just at tills point a second stranger
entered Who hnd beeu mound curlier
In the dny. luul spent a little uiouey
and had departed,
"Say, when 1 was here nwhile uro I
lost iny gold pen. Any of you fellers
seen anything of one';" he said.
"Whut klud of tt pen was It?" asked
one of the proprietors.
"Gold cap nml head, diamond tipped,
gold pen, 'bout live Inches long, foreign make, nnd was tilled with red
"Look anything like this one?" queried stranger No. 1, as be held up the
peu he bad pretended to flud just previously.
"That's tlie pen, suro enough.
Thanks. Come up, boys," wns the an*
"But you snid yours was filled with
red ink," some one remarked, As this
was said the stranger traced several
lines on thc paper lying on the bur.
The Ink was black, even Jelllkc in color. All saw this except the claimant
of the pen.
"Yes; I said red, and I mean red,
carmine red, and no mistake. I know
my pon when I see It, and don't you
forget It.   Como, hand Hover."
The pen had reached the proprietor's
bands, who tested It himself,. There
was nothing red about Its contents that
he could see. Tlm Ink was of the blackest bite.
One word followed another between
tbe two strangers until tlie nihil who
claimed the pen offered to bet $1U0 the
pen wns hts property and contained
red Ink.
Coolly the first stranger brought out
bis pocketbook. He bod but $40 with
hlm. "Lend me $50." said be, "on this
ring or come In halves ou the bet. It's
a sure thing."
All thought so, nud Iu less than a
minute the moiiey had been placed.
"Now try the pen for yourself." said
the stranger who was betting on bluck.
"Guess I kudw my own pen," observed thc second stranger us be gave a
quick Jerk downward with tho holder
ns If to force the ink Into the pen.
"Let's have a clean Bheet of paper and
see what thc mark will be like."
Throwing the pun hand forward with
a decided jerk ouce or twice, the stranger took tbe paper and in a bold, easy,
running band wrote:
"Fools are born every minute."
Tbe letters were plainly transcribed
In red ink. Iu fuet, tho pen would not
write In black. Tbe $200 bet was collected, and drinks were bought. The
gentleman having proved ownership
of the pen placed it In his pocket and
went away. .Shortly afterward the
other left, and It wasn't until Detective .lack Flymi of tho central detail
came In that the boys realized tbey
had parted with their moucy ou another man's gume.
The reservoir of thc pen Is divided
by a partition, each side of which connects with the feeding valve ot the
pen's nub. A small point projects on
the lower side of the penholder. The
Inks nre easily changed from one color
tu another by simply pushing the slide.
The trick Is a good one, as many cuu
testify to their Borrow.
Weight of Elephant-*' Tuilm,
Sir Samuel Baker gives the weights
of tbo largest African elephant tusks
he ever saw as 172 and 1SS pounds respectively. Tiffany & Co. of New Vork
have now a pair weighing respectively
224 and 230 pounds. Their corresponding sizes are: Length. 10 feet 0% Inch
and 10 feet 3!£ Inches; clrcuiiifenv'-c
23 Inches and 24'i Inches. The tusks
of the extinct Kleplms ganest were
sometimes 12 feet 4 Inches tong and 2
feet 3 Inches around. A manituctli
tusk from Alaska Is 12 feet 10 Inches
long and 22'g Inches around, but llie
average tusks of this animal ure 7 feet
to 0 feet leg and only GO to SO pounds
In weight. Tho tusks of the mastodon
are thicker than those of the mammoth, n large one being 9 feet 4 Int-hcn
long and 23 Inches around.—London
Wrote tho Transvaal Hymn,
The national hymn of the Boers was
written by Miss Catherine Van Bees, a
native and resident of Holland. She ts
the composer of several operettas that
have been performed by the Choral society of Utrecht und during one of
these performances she met Mr. Burghers, who afterward liecame president
of the South African Republic. It was
ht1 wlm nsked her to write a hymn for
•be Transvaal,
A Vuln Olil Hark.
He—I huve been to n dunce or some
social nflair every night now for a
Slie—I should ihlnk It would tell ou
"It would if I didn't have tbo constitution of n young girl,"— Life.
Mar sin times when yo' kin quote
Scrlptur' to yo'r wife nn silence her,
but dar am oilier neenshuns when a
wise husband will step out to feed de
hawgs au give ber uu hour or so by
herself to git ober It M. q-JAD.
prr  -fu4
flay  -7$_
(JeA/ tVtXei/
Lancaster was iho capital of tho (
Dnltod states from September 27,
1777, to September ntt, 1777. in 18O0J
the sent of government wu» trans-j
ferri-d permanently from I'hihidelphin j
-Tin* of Onto, City op Toumo, 1 „
P1IAKK J.C'UBJSaV iii-ilfta until tlmt Ur it*   lit,
wiii-f* i-iirliiBrtif tliu liim of F, J. i'iiksi v -Jt
* <>, tl-u 1 «■  btuduni  tu  tli.* l'ltv  ul   T-. ulu.
■ oimty Ht.<l Mfiteat. idt..id.nnil iimt t-nhl linn
•Hll i'*iy Hi.- -mn i.f u.u! Hi'Niutkii in.;.-
■AKS ior •■■■'li limit-*-.----, r«Mi l ,*. tlorrli tl. t
i-ttiini.t bui-iit*.'.! by tin H.-eof JUi.j/h Tata 111:11
Sworn t<> teforo in- nml luhweibM in hit
prcence, ihk -uh i.ay of Drew l„.r, A. D., It*
( — , a. w. ui,i:a>o.v,
[■^am tt'obtry fnUic.
Iblll* f'Atnrrh Hure t* ttikn iutui nnllj and
rets lilroclly on the bli oil nml Ulu-OODB sorfaost
of tlle -ytttiiii.   Si 111 tor ttKtilinniihls, iti-c.
K J CHUNKY &UO.,ToU-du 0.
Sold by DrURftiBti, 7f0.
Hull -t Family I'ilU ntn the Iwt
A fee simple is money yiveii io llu
quack doctor.
TELL THE DEAF.-Mr. J. F. Kellock,
Druggist, Perth, wr.tcsi "A euntomer of
mine having been eured of deafuct-s by the
use of Dr. Thomas' Eeleetria Oil, wrote to
Ireland telling his friends there of tbo eure.
In consequence I received Rn order to eend
half a dozon by express to Wexford, Ireland this week."
Mistakes nre the milestones In
man's life.
MINARD'S UMKHT ior SUt Enrnrtm.
Homo men   impose   on   theinselve
whin they tax their memory.
H you would be happy yo
learn to live a day at a liui'
We have no hesitation In laying thnt Dr.
1. D, Kellogg'sDyyintery Cordinl is without
loubt tho bo--t niediuiae evor introduced (or
lysontory, dinrrhcoii. choltta and all summer complaints, nn isii!kiiHS-rf, 11*.:, li promptly gives relief nnd cover falls to effect a positive curt. Mothers should nover be without
t bottle when their children ure u eUnui*.
II,  is  never  loo late to mend,   but
sometimes it is time -wasted.
A carnal isn't necessarily Irascibh
because he ulwuya has his bock up.
HMD'S LBfflEOT Curs Dulnl
Tho light of other days may be
all right, but it is thu light of other
nights that makes an obese gas bill
Doctors arc uot necessarily bad lie-
cause tho worse people are the moro
thoy visit them.
Learn modesty from the clock, lt
keeps its hands before its-face nnd
vims down its own works.
It Is only ncceamry to read the tertl
monhils to be convinced that Hollowny's
Corn Oure is unequalled for the removal of
corns, warts, eto. It Ib a complete extinguisher.
Beauty is only skin deep, but it
answers the purpose just as well as
if it were deeper.
Bickle's Anti-Consumptive Syrup stands at
the head of the list for sll diseases of the
throat and lungs. It acts like magic in
breaking np a cold. A con^h Is Boon cub-
dned, tightness of the chest is relieved even
the worst cane ot con.iumptlon Is relieved,
while In recent cutfes it may be said never to
fail. It is a medicine prciHin-d from the
active principles or virtues of Beveral medicinal herbs, und can be depended upon for all
pulmonary complaints.
Egotism    is   an alphabet   of   only
one letter.
The world  is like a piece of music
—full of flats nml sharps.
The roynl road to wealth is paved
with industry and frugality.
Sou need not oough all night aud disturb your friends; tbere Is no occasion
for yoa running the risk of contracting
Inflammation of the lungi or -consumption
while you oan get Blokle'i Anti-Consumptive Syrup. This medioine ouret
ooughs, oolds. Inflammation of tbe lungi
and all throat aud cheat troubles. It promotes a tree and easy expectoration.
Which Immediately relieves tbe throat
and longs from viscid phlegm.
The average girl is much easier to
get married than to keep house.
The woman who listens to flattery
not, only fools herself but tlie flat-
crer ns well.
Minari'i Liniment Cures Bum, Etc,
GatilBtc Eves,
"Skitts found out that his absence
from onr boarding houso wasn't universally deplored."
"How did (hot affect bim?"
"lie enme hack "
■jiipjn in mood v jo -joej ot(i itut
ni  -isipodnjiip v .-ijinhai itiRtop if
Some Slot* Itiirnl Jobi,
"One of the most desirable posts ni
Windsor castle," snys n corresponden 1
of tbo Chicago Record, "is that of 'tin-
king's limner,' who in ancient times
decorated books aud manusci.^ts with
Initial letters and who now prepares
the parchment commissions when his
majesty Is pleased to confer knight
hood or some other honor upon one of
his subjects. Tbe mun who now tills
tbe post has extraordinary skill with
tho pen and brush, and his diplomas
and certificates were greatly admired
for tbeir exquisite taste and skillful
execution. He receives a salary of
$2,500 a year. The clockmaker at
Windsor castle receives the same compensation, and It Is hts business to keep
all tho timepieces In repair. The historiographer, who Is supposed to keep
a record of events, holds a hereditary
ofllce, with a sutury of $2,D00 a yeur.
Tbe master of music receives $1,500
and arranges concerts for bis majesty's
diversion. Tbe surveyor of pictures Is
paid $1,500, the librarian receives $2.-
500, tbe examiner of plays $1,000, lhe
keeper of tbe swans Is paid $300, and
tiie bargemnstcr, who looks nfter the
boats used by thc i<>*el family at
Windsor, has a similar compensation.''
The K-fiw-Mt and E>sllv 1h<s Rett.
t.'l"-ie:s'!:g. 1 l.-iiin*.' - -mi
uLithiR refreihing, noli-
M]i:lo. removes t:ir i!--s
not Injur? the enamel,
anil Imp rt- it Btvevt na-
Htnutteturad frum a
tropica! ).!. n . known u
thfl • i iieH-ti-. • whi li
In ilu- D-otUltrlM hon* It
mm U r*..' ir-.l-3'l »*> Sa-
torri Bpeclflo f..r iliu
teeili. minis alia mouth.
1» entiruW frte from
chalk ind ny other prltty aulMtanoe.
put tip ln colltt-tltile
tttba wuh ■mUtlt'Al.y eu-'
KrilVi'd l:i: vl-i nil ! t-on-
tuiuiT.-. 1'rli-t* -.'.*> reiitrt
Kur ■- ilu f-y .'! chi-miitB.
Tin*-1' who lik>- a leaily
■t'o.j,! thiiijr w ii'd bfwlsj
i . enquire tar it and hav*
Uan'frSt    to hon ro,
The Imperial Fruit |
and Produce Co'v.f
Hiw purchased the stock and v
trade of the ANDERSON V
AU klada of Fruit lu Hi-uou. *]<
Hist Prices ral't for l-rod-ae* •'.'
High     water    doesn't
also the puce ot milk.
It u uuiu really deserves praise be
d-p.'s ntu wnnt it—nud if be really
wiuitu tt   tlnn Ik* UoeSn't   deserve it
Everything for the
1   N|fff|fffTfff|Pfff| -tr-WTW
I Recommend
to all mothera who want thoir babies ! ',
to hnvo pink, dean, clear, and
healthy akto.
Mads of thn fiii'-M materials.
Mo aoap, wherc/ar made, la better,
Mknuf.ctur.r. of Ib. C.l.br.t.i
LA "T0SCANA," f J^mS"^
Lt.-Col, Dent, Imperial Remount
Officer for Canada, will visit Manitoba and Northwea' next month to
parche-se horses for South Africa. We
have decided to sell in Manitoba or
Vorthwi'st, two of the Stallions selected by him in England for breeding Cavalry Horses. Write for particulars,
It)  St.   Maurice Street, Montreal.
Brass Band
Inetrnmaata, Drrnnt, tTnlforaa, Kte.
Loweat pricee ever quoted. Fine c-aUla-ne
iO'VloBtrationimaiiadfr-e. Wrltt eifor aaj>
thiol ln Moato or Maid al Initruuaau.
Wli»ley Boyc* k Co., ^filSJ: Si.
WHEELER & WILSON stWitiG machines
nnd Sewing Machine Sapotfbi for all
iri'i.hiti'- .'■;■'. in -t ek.
Office ami Ware mom*   43 I'ort. Kf Arc.
_ _ _ m   _»m4k   rt-anam-aUai aad
''.ne by ein ti vrorkman.   8*nd for llrt of now
tad MCond hand wh,<ll   Try u.
"ClMIl- Aj.nt.. Wln.lj.-fc
W. N. U. 820. T
- II I'aya lo Deal Willi Ik.tlle "
Fishing Tackle
We have the latest and best
The tackle will catch the fish
The prices will catch you
R.  ti.  DC-Bit IC,  Druggist
A Tempting Table
If you have difficulty in making a pleasing variety in your bill of fare from day to
day COME TO OUR GROCERY and learn
how easily and economically it can be done.
We keep just the best.
....Q. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery
New Dresses
Cost Money!
11 And when one buys they want their money's worth.
Wc have lust received a large stock ol SPRING AND
please the ladies in quality and price. Our stock comprises the latest styles from the eastern markets. Call
and see them.   You are always welcome. Jt J* Jt J-
The largest stock of Gents' Furnishings
in South East Kootenay J- jt jt jt jt
...HILL & CO.
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly understand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice it.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right,
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
I     LOCAL  NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City by Asking
Question* of  Many  People.
Clarence Miner cume up from Moyie
for -Sunday.
Iir. Bather has heen kept busy in
Moyie tlie past week.
C. 11 Mansfield, of Fort Steele, waa in
Craubrook last Friday.
M, h Hollisler, of Moyie, was a Cranbrook visitor last Friday,
Tbis week closes (he work of taking
tbe census in this district.
(ieary & Doyle have erected a neat
tik>n at their livery in this city,
Rev. Robert Reid will occupy the
Methodist pulpit next Sunday.
Remember tbe election ol fire wardens
next Saturday.   Hut yon won't.
Rev. Foi tune nml wife left last Monday for tbeir trip to const points,
Mr. aud Mrs ti. K. Morris entertained
a party ot friends Inst Thursday evening.
William Keay and mother have moved
Into Mr, Keay'fl new house on Itaker
Petet Woods, of Fort Sleele, was slut It
ing handa witli Cranhrook friends this
Pieper St Currie are fitting the upstairs
of their business house for residential
Mr. and Mrs. Kricksou entertained a
number of friends at cants last Wednesday evening.
Mrs. W. II. MrFarlutie ink-mis build
ing a •Jhkj'j residence on the lot south of
the present borne.
Rev, J. W, Bowering, II. A., of Cran
brook. Occupied Rev. 0. VV. Million'
pulpit last Sunday.
The Moyie brewery bas now turned
out its first supply of bock beer, and it is
said to be second to none.
W. A. Prest, Rev. Bowering and Rev
II ub on have gone to RoBslaml as delegates to the Methodist synod.
P. McConnell has a regular milk route,
twice a day, to all parts of town aud is
prepared to meet all demands.
G. H. Miner drives a pacer that he has
recently purchased. George is a little
quiet about the best time he can make.
The raffle of the Mauser rifle belonging
to Wm. O'Hearn, will take place next
Saturday night at the Wentworth hotel.
J. Neiderstadt and Julius Reisterer, of
the Moyie brewery, were in town Monday looking after busiuess for Llieir pro
The members of tbe board of trade are
urged to visit Mr. Fresl's gallery, and
eit for a picture as noun as possible, ta
he   is  anxious to finish up  the group
photograph at an early date.
To Rent—four roomed house. Apply
at Herald othce.
Furnished rooms to rent, Good location.   Inquire at The Herald oflice.
Mm McConnell'S ice cream parlors are
now open and are prepared to supply the
best ice cream by the dish, quart or
Rev. Holford, of the Baptist church,
will occupy the pulpit ofthe Presbyter*
ian church next Sunday morning and
For Sale—ladies' bicycle, almost new,
will be sold cheap for cash. Apply at
Herald oflice.
Wanted, Information regarding Alex.
Halvereon. Address, Kmite Aakbus,
Michel, II. C.
R. IC. Beattie spent two days in Nel
son this week purchasing a la*ge stock
of goods from travelling men be met
tbere by appointment.
Frank McCabe, the mayor of Wardner,
wns iu town Monday. Mr. McCabe has
just located a bunch of Michigan farm
ers on railway land near Wardner.
James Ryan and Tom Wellman returned Irom a trip to Spokane and Rosslaud Tuesday. They say that they
found business very quiet in both places.
Mefisrs. Grace, Stork and Clark,
lit ense commissioners, aud II, W.
Barnes, license inspector, were in town
Saturday attending a session of the
Elmo Henderson, while fooling with a
saw one day last week, had the mis
fortune to bit the thumb ou his left
hand, nearly severing the member from
bis band.
Mr. and Mrs. Leitch had a large number of youug folks at their home Thursday evening as a good bye party to Miss
Huiiiiii Leitch, who left Satuiday Tor
There will he work in the first degree
at the Odd Fellows' lodge tomorrow
uight, ami a good attendance—especially of the degree team -is desired by the
Noble Grand.
Fong Yon Kam did not sell his laundry to Mah Ming Sl Lee Wand, but is
still in business himself, and still owns
ihe building and lot. Mah Ming & Lee
Wand did not pay the money.
James I'indley, one of the well known
mining men of this district, wae a Cran*
brook visitor yesterday. He is sanguine
ofthe future prospects of this district,
and says that in a short time South East
Kootenay will prove a recotd breaker.
J. S. Clute, inspector of customs, bas
been in town this week ou official busiuess. He found the office of W. S.
Keay, the local collector, in good shape,
and bad a number of good things to
say about tbe manner the business was
carried on in Craubrook,
J. W. II. Smyth and wife returned
from their trip tn Ottawa end other
points east last Sunday morning, stop*
pta-g for a dny iu Craubrook. They kit
Tuesday morning for Greenwood aud
were accompanied by Miss Keay, who
will visit with tbem for awhile.
C. McNab, mayorof Jaffray, is iu town
Gecrge Morrow was iu Nelson and
Spokane thia week.
Paul Rookes is now braking on the
passenger, and is running with Conductor Niblock.
The members of tbe gun club and thore
desiring lo become members are requested to meet at tbe Cranbrook hotel ou
Monday evening next, 6th inst.
A. V Lane and J A. McFhee, who
bave been in the town the pnst mouth in
charge of the Bremner stork, will leave
Saturday for their homes iu Lelhlnitlge.
Sidney Cnhon, who bas heen wiih
Reid & Co for the pnst yenr, leaves next
Friday for Phoenix, where he enters tbe
employ of Hunter, Keiidrick & Co. Mr-
Colton has a host of friends in Craubrook
who will regiet his departure, but all
wish bim success in his uew field, "Sid"
is a good fellow, and The Herald bear lily commends him to the people of
FffllH Fort Steele 1'iospei't-nr,
Gus Theis, wbo returned from  Piny
creek on Monday brought down over J6oo
in gold, tbe results of two men's work,
during a little over two months.
A strike of three feet of graphite is reported in tbe Swansea, the ore carrying
native silver.
It is reported that tbere te six to ei^hl
inches of grey copper ore in the upraise
on the Stanley.
Work is being pushed on the Carbon
ate King claim.
Nelse Rohertson and Ben Htickle
started for Horse Shoe Canyon to de
velope property in that vicinity.
Arrangements are being made for
active work on the Golden Five group
The wagon road through Westport is
to he repaired nnd put iu good condition,
Contracts have been let to Geary and
Doyle for the repairing and changing ol
two bridges, also tbe turnpiklng of a
portion ofthe road. W P. Henry h-e
hIso secured a contract for lu.npiking a
portion of said road.
W. ti. Johnson returned to Foit Sleele
on Sunday last.
R, O. Jennings and John Orassick
went lo tbe Perry creek mines on
L. W. Patmore has planted a number
of fruit trees on bis hulf acre lot in Fort
F. A. Bale bas also planted some three
dozen apple and plum trees.
A number of railway magnates at Fort
Steele are wearing a Kootenay Central
smile these days.
Messrs Reid & Gunn, of Moyie, were
visiting at Moyie on Thursday.
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
I'he Iim'.-I has been reopened and la now ready to enter to the
public, First class dining room service. The Jbest of wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
Mr. Whyte's Record.
Mr. Wm. Whyte, who has heen promoted to the position of assistant to the
president of the Canadian Pacific rail
way and whose headquarters have been
in Winnipeg siuce May, 1897, when be
was appointed manager of the C. P. R
lines west of Fort William, was born in
Fifeshite, Scotland, in September, 1843.
He commenced hisezperience in railway
work with the North Britain Railway-
Co. Coming to Canada in 1896 he ob*
tained employment with the Gra* d
Trunk, with which company he occupied
various responsible positions until 1871,
when be wbb appointed freight and station agent at Stratford, Ont. Later be
occupied a similar position at London,
Ont. In 1881 be was ordered to Toronlo
to take entire charge of lhc freight
offices in that city. Liter in the same
year Mr. Whyte was appointed assistant
superintendent ofthe central division.
Severing his connection with the Grand
Trunk, he was chosen iu May, 1883, lo
succeed James Ross, C- K., as general
superintendent of the Credit Valley tail
wny. Boon afterward bis merits as an
administrator becoming widely known,
he was called to the management of the
Toronto, Grey and Hi uce railway, which,
in September of the same year, became
a portion of tbe Ontario and Quebec
system, afterwards designated the Ontario division ofthe C. P. R. On the
completion ofthe Ontario and Quebec
railway, its management, likewise, lell
to Mr. Whyte. Remaining in the service of the C. P. R , he received a fitting
acknowledgement of his services and
capabilities by his appointment iu 1886
to tbe office of general superintendent of
the Western division of the road, wilb
headquarters in this city, in May. 1897,
he was appointed manager of the Canadian Pacific lines west of Fort William.
Mr. Whyte Is also director of the British
Columbia Southern railway. He is generally regarded as a man of great skill
In railway management.—Winnipeg Free
Do You Sell Liquor????
II »o, don'l buy   nri   TI P D   Tl" •>"'» Wboleule Liquor Dealer In
until you ate..   I   UUIII.K,   Soulb E,„ Kooln,r,    Wr|,e |or prices
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
the hoard in Lmiiloii, but ttiey admitted
tbat the arrangement was puisihle.
The spring work on the boats of the
C. P. R fleet is iu lull suing, and all of
tbe craft are undergoing changes or repairs. Tlie Nelson is tied up at the shipyards antl the Moyie is having the interior altered, Tiie space in the vicinity of
the dining saloon is to be rearranged to
permit ofthe addition of five stale rooms,
tbe demand for sleeping accomodation
being somewhat greater thau tbe supply
A report is current in regard to Fati-
Atneticau exposition rates, that the
roads operating out of Nelson will give a
rate lo Buffalo below the single fare
tarifT decided on from coast points. It
is thought that a $50 rate from Nelson
will he granted and lhat this explains
the delay iu confirming the rate up to
lhe present time.
I.O.O.F. Key Cl y Lodge
No, Vl. Meets every Friday nlftbt at llielr hall no
linker street, sojourning
Otltl fellows cordially invited.
Mutt itocKendorf        a. I. McPermot
N. U. Beo'v.
Craobrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. ft A. M.
Il-pgnlur meetings nn Ihe
tliiitl Thursday of the
\ isllmg br. them weloniii il.
W, P, Oi'Bii, fiec'y.
60  YEARS-
Cqmriqht-j Ac.
Anyone landing a sketch sufl deicriiitioit mat
qnlt-IOr nswrlulu «ur opinion troo wbtttaor Ut
invention il probably puleiiUbla. Cummunici-
tlonsBtnottr-aonfldBiitw, Huutbookon Patents
-lentfreo. Ulilt.it nitoticy foriwuriiioraiMiti.
Puttiiua Ukon through Munn A Co. recelvt
(jitcliil notice, without chaw, In ths
Scientific flimrkan.
A hsndiomelr I1luit»te4 weekly. Utttatl circulation of any ai-ientlfla Journal. Taruii, |8 a
yenr: fouriuoiithi.il. Sold hy all nawadMlera,
MUNN I Co."""""* New York
Branch Office, (06 K St.. Wublnaton, D.C.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Montreal, April 26—Report is current
bere in well informed financial circles
that Jim Hill Is seeking control of the
Grand Trunk railway and Grand Truuk
Western for the purpose of securing an
outlet lo the Atlantic coast. This he
would secure by purchasing the Grand
Trunk line from Chicago to Portland,
Me. At Buffrlo the J,ehigh Valley
would give him New York Central connection and at Montreal, the Central
Vermont would furnish Boston connection. Hill would also bave an Atlantic
terminus during the summer season at
Montreal. At the Grand Trunk oflices
prominent officials said they would probably he lhe last persons to hear about the
Dialler, ai it would all be arranged by
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ot Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
Are Your
Worn at the knees
or elsewhere?
..See Palmer
..For Pants
James Kerrigan & Co
Wkoleailt dtaleri la
Grain and
Qiven special  attention,
Car lots a Specialty,
Cranbrook, B. C.
t3)*>-m*>* ••*%■••••••• »>»»«>-»i-iiC
Wt have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
New Vegetables
Peas, Cauliflower
Radishes, Lettuce,
Are arriving daily.   You know about our groceries.
They are always the best.
Our aim is to please VtrttY '***<&«»"•
Try us ^ ivinsr  - &
Give you time to think.    Think about that INSURANCE on
your house, furniture, store or stock.      Act on your thoughts
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale ond Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade Is solicited.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
Refitted Throughout
One ofthe Must Comfortable
Hotels In Kast Kootenny.
Nfwl)' Fnriiittlleil
Undertaking And
Graduate ef Champion college of U, S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Batik of Commerce, Cranbrook, B. C.
Upholstering and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work In the district
j. 11. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Mlk   a| Reil-jegci, Arm-strong Ave.
Forenoon,,   •   ■   ■   ■   9:111 lo II
A lie mourn   ....   I;30lu]:30
livenlnji   •  • •  ■   7.JOIo8:JO
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVEK-LHAI)
properties are offered for sale on liberal WORKING BONDS. For
reports and information, address
CHARLES ESTMSRE, Kimberley, B. .
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels In the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Halting,
and Painting.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No.4K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B.C
nlii,«iiver-Ua«lanil(!iip|HirMlninwantetl at tlie KXCIUNliK, I Kl-:t: Miu,
UOMiprnprrtleu wanted itl ortoe tor Kimtern tnvastwr**. 1 Turtlei IuivIiik minimi
nt| [ur«aleuror-tiue>t-atl ton wliampl-eaof thelrore tu Mm KXOHAntln lur e\
nil. Wi* ilt'slit* tnlii'iii frmu ]iiiiiin'i*tiir.i alio huvfl (mini tin : inlm-rul ot&lltu In
ill Columbia. l'rns-j*i*i-ti>rs uud mliiinn 1111*11 nre r«i|im*tt«l tiiiiinki* lln* KXi'MANlJi;
li-p»iltlHHrturfl whan In Nulmin. All saimilm *IhhiIiI bu sunt by MjiresH, l-ru-jiitM.
*s|khhU*iici! siiiiuitfit,   A iii I *i--ii nil com miuiU'at loan tu
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, II. C. **'
ione No. loi.  P. o. ilox 700,
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
l.l.l.l'-»l.l.'l-»l.'l.l. I.I.I. 1*1*1*1*1
•to i -io
',-■ * *
.«.: Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident
Agents, Mining Brokers,
Agents for Assessment Work
i  j berley Townsite Agents. .,., -
.    j   Kimberley jt Moyie J» Fort Steele. \®   •'
t Insurance If A f
s, Notaries, jlf|$i
Work, Kim-   \t*l


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