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Cranbrook Herald Nov 12, 1903

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• »• • * ••*>»•
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
HON. Hkii. A.Coi, rmiilrnl.                         U. K. Walkkb, On Ma.-
Pali Up  Capital   .....' I».?'
Tolal  Hcaa-trici
deposits Received.   Oeneral Banking Business Transacted
SAVINU8 B-.NII DEPART-tRNr   lltpu.ll. itcrived   llltltll Allowi-I.
la amy IhmiuiiI I ivhhiln
HANKINi. uv Mill.   Doimlla amy la. iiuui.. ami withdrawn to
i i.u nf in.4*11 ii mt. ret'cU-*] ovory i,tt,i.itli,a, fmumtiniunllniia a.I.l.-.
.., llic 111:11111*14-1 ..I lli.. .'riiiituiH.il t.iiiii.-li uill i-i-ii-iii-1 u|ii iitioatlti
,<IMIIIIII,M<lllli,IIH< t-M 1*1*11 <„ Hill MM I1...I,
t Capital, Paid Up $2,983,896 £
J Rest $2,636,312 £
J T. R. Mtrritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
•*   *
! A general banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- *
* ble in every part oi Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
$ attention to collections. F. H. MARSH, Manager.     *
Stub Proof Rubbers
Wc sell Ktub Proof ruMwrs only. They
cost more l»ii thoy wear longer. Second
grado rubbers cost too much ut uny price
Wc carry n complete lim- (if Stetson's1
uiul Uoelof's Huts at till prices from the
chca|H'sl to llic hesl.
Eisendrath's Gloves
Aw yon wearing Eisendrath's gloVes?
They wear, they lit. und they only
eust a few i-eiils more than poor gloves,
Mackinaws **»
An* the lit-st mxiJs manufactured.
We sell (hem exclusively.
Crockery and Glassware.
The most complete line ever brought lo Ensl Koolenay, Dinui
Sets. Tea Sets. Fancy Japanese Goods.,in fnct as complete a line ;
you will Iiml in much larger towns
W'e are receiving new goods daily. We hnve received throe ears
ut' fumous • fluinogan potatoes. Also a ear of ( tknnoRan apples. They
are the flinest apples, in ihe .North-West.   This lol  was hand picked
uml c.iivlully [jacked,
Table Specialites.
Wc have have Cranberries, Sweel potatoes and Spanish onions.
Hoods carefully packed und shipped nit) where.     PHONti S'o  I.
|     Port Steele Mercantile Company
last koolcnay's Uig Mail Order Utilise.
•    •   •    • : . i . I i! I 11 ! • ! I 4 I I    • ' ■ I
Thtrc is real Activity in real estate in Cranbrook and the surrounding district. We .ire
solllii** a large quantity of I.i rm lands, town
lots, etc. We still luve several valuable
(arm properties listed with us at reasonable
prices. The indications are that prices will
shortly advance.   Now is the lime to Invest.
The Real Estate Dealers
I«I *> I * I •$ I <$i I wi $> i wI wI v I
We havp a nice lim. of gentlemen's nnil ladies'
Tha pries rung.' from SKO to *100 each, Call
in and see them.   Kvery one ol thom lire ..insl
^^^^  vnliin.
" BY THK ol.li man t$
.Itiiluinu tnnn what can In- seen
al the opera house or-rnsionally. we
have concluded to publish a few
rules, which, if followed out, will
undoubtedly add lu the pleasure uf
those present ■
I Don't uo early. (io lute, su
Ihai you aild your ladies wilt enter
iln- hall after the curtain is up.
Yuu will attract more attention in
ihis way aud lx- considered nristo*
:! Don'l bu in a hurry io take
yunr seats. It does uot matter if
the people liehind you cannot see
the sln^e. Thai is not yourtault.
Haste is plebiau.
',. Ladies should always-Wear
thoir largest hats. The peoplo1 behind you can exercise their necks
trying to look nrouud the huts at
the stage,
-I Always talk during an aet. It
will givo the people near you an
impression that you are an old
thentro-goer and understand your
5 Never fail tJ comment on the
people acting, Those sitting near
are anxious to know your opinion
while the act is iu progress.
li Don't take into consideration
the comfort of anyone near you.
You pay for your seats and have
your rights. If anyone don't like
what you nre doing; they cnn leave
the hall.
7 lie sura and laugh when a
pathetic scene Is1being acted. It
shows your disregard for the com-
puny, ami that you have perfect
cunt ml of yourself.
s Take advantage of the fact
that many can hear yon.antl gossip
alxmt people, You can cut deeper
witli your remarks and make a reputation as a keen conversationalist.
'.i Ladies should chew gum and
men tobacco. Both nre refined and
elevating occupations in public.
10 Belittle every performance
and those who participate, This
will make people think you are the
only real thing in tlie town when
it comos to n knowledge of histrt-
onie matters.
II Never appear satisfied, never
look   pleased  and   never applaud.
Ei titer is a sign of vulgarity ami
ill hreeding.
^ c <*-
A Spokane man dropped fifteen
$100 new American hills through
a hole in liis pocket on the streets
of Nelson one day last week. The
roll was found by two residents of
the town, aud the opinion was al
once given that they were counterfeits and the) were handed
uver lo friends as souvenirs of the
eouiiterfeiter's ail. and one timid
hearted individual crumpled liis up
and threw it oil the muddy street,
Several hours later the loser started nrouud lhe town with the police
lu see wllttl could lie done to recover the money aud il was a forlorn
hope, Imi ihey heard of the
"counterfeits" nnd strange to say
every one of lhe hills were recovered,       Kills  of  that   si'/e   must   he
curiosities  in   Nelson.     If  Iter!
Iteattie. Kuie Small. Al McDcr-
moll, Vic Rollins or the < Md Man
had plckod up that roll there
would have been no talk about
counterfeits, and no hundred dollar
bills handed out to friends.
.'. u ii
There is a problem floating
through the papers tlioso duys that
will send anyone to tho insane asylum if they figure at it long enough.
Here it is:
Mary is 24 years old. Mary is
twice as old as Ann was when Mary
was as old as Ann is now. How
okl is Ann?
Wo hnve had enough of it. and
pass it on to our renders.
mm Hi
Last Monday was King Kdwnrd's
birthday snl our wedding anniversary, Congratulations were
fewer than 10.000 miners employed in Butte, the greatest copper
camp on earth.
In Washington another process
is coming into prominence that
promises a revolution in the treat-
| meut of certain classes of ores, and
| it !h claimed thnt it will In- possi-
{ble to treat Republic gold-sllvcr
tLMOKE ores hy lhe Heiidryx process ut u
cost of 11,'fiQ per ton. The results
of the system are likely to ivvolu-
Urge Bodi« of Low Grade Oie | Suisse the mmp.
Not only does tlie  system  cut
lown costs, hut from tests already
Twr Processes   I hat   Will
Ik Cost.
THE     BfcNiim     AND
May Become Veritable
The Kimberley Trim.
A change has be-on made in the
running of tho Kimberley train.
Instead of running threo times a
week ns heretofore, it will run only
ou Tuesdays and Fridays. Tho
timo will remain the same.
Tho future of British Columbia
depends upon the progress smelters are making in the cheapening
process of treating the various
ores This province is noted for
its immense bodies of low grndh
ores, and whenever these ores can
bo treated at a profit, such a tide of
prosperity will flow into British
Columbia that wilt lie a surprise to
even the most sanguine and' enthusiastic advocate of the province's resources and future. Hs*.
pec in liy is this the case iu Kast
Kootenay, and, naturally, with its
various classes of ore, the people
are interested in every new process that [successfully reduces the
cost of treatment.
(ireat interest is being manifested at this time ill tho .'.liuore process, and if the reports from Koss-
land ho authentic, that the claims
advanced for the Klniore process
of metal extraction have liccn made
good, and treatment of the refractory ores of British Columhin
made possible at $2 per ton, it
means that this fair western province must speedily Uronie the
greatest mining region of .ihc eu-
iire globe. When ore so low grade
as not tO average &t a ton in values
can still be mined at profit in British -Columbia, no limit need he put
upon'predictions as to the country's future. The possibilities are
Ikinndless so great iu fact thnt it
is not easy to grasp tit first si^ht
what thc successful treatment of 811
rock mentis to this province, Only
a comparison can give an idea.
The Treadwell mine, for instance, is the biggest froo'milling
proposition in the world. Fifteen
hundred stamps are dropping at
the one mine on rock running
$l.fUn ton. There are four mines
iu Rossland which can produce as
|much ore every day as the Alaska
Treadwell, providing *■! is pay
Tho hi^f reefs of the Kami unknown all over the world as mining propositions that nre worked
cheaply, Yet with Kaffir labor
antl all the labor-saving contrivances that the science of mining
has produceg, the great Kobinson
mine pays a bare profit of $N rock,
With 98 rock the Le Roi, with the
assistance of the Klniore process,
would pay $30,000 a week profit or
thereabouts on its present production.
The (ii-aabv mine in the Boundary is producing, approximately,
10,000-tons n week. In the Knob'
Hill anil Ironsides mines there are
20,000,000 tons of ore broken out.
The only reason 1000,000 tons a
week are not milled is liecause the
(Iranhy company has uot the
smelter cajRioity to handle that
much ore. The Klniore process
would put SH tons of <iranhy rock
into one ton of concentrates, With
the assistance of an oil concentrator of sufficient espni-ity iniili nl
the mine, the (iranhy company
with its present smelter capacity
could mine 880,000 tons a week,
The freight rate from the mines at
Phoenix to the smelter at (Jraud
Forks is 2ft cents a ton. On 07
tons out of every hundred this 25
cents would lie saved. The jxjs-
siblo profit from this source alone
on the present possible production
of 3!iO,000 tons n week is npproxi-
made, it is possible to treat onis in
from three to eight hours, that require as many days by the old process. K. K. Neill of the Kendall
mine iu. Montana, has been making
tests of the system, and is considering the installation of the Heiidryx process there, A. K. Palmer
of the Mountain Lion is also considering the installation of a .V) ton
test plant iu connection with thc
abandoned Mountain Lion cyanide
C. M. Fnssett, an assayer of Spokane aud one who has attained a
high position for his clever work iu
niiherology aud conservative judgment on all matters pertaining to
mining, has this to say of the new
Heiidryx process-,
"The tests have shown recovery
of W to Ul per cent of the the gold
in the Republican ores, and from
IU) to 80 per cent of the gold and
silver. Those nre minimum savings. When the treatment is perfected, there should lie still lietter
recoveries. The process is especially adapted to the silver ores of
the camp.
"One of its most important factors is the speed of the process.
Dr. Hondtyx at the trials of his
little plant erected in my oro testing works, has recovered values in
from three to eight hours where
formerly it took three to eight days
of leaching. That speed is of immense importance, It reduces the
tanks to at lenst*oue tenth the
number under old processes, nud
there is a corresponding reduction
iu the cost of tanks and of buildings to houso thom.
"One of tho features is the weak
Solution of cyanide. The cost of
the cyanide is not more than one-
third of tile old processes, nud the
cyanide is constantly revivified by
the electric current in the tank.
In most cyanide treatments the
constant aim is to avoid slimes.
With the Hendryx process slimes
are no objection. Tho oro is crushed to a fineness of HO to 120 mesh.
Probably Chilian mills will prove
the liest means of reducing the Republic ores. In fact, crushing the
ore is the principal item of expense. 1 believe that in many
cases it will Ik- possible to treat
the ores and pay a royalty of 10
cents a ton. at a total cost of $1,50
ixir ton." ■
This is evidence of the fact that
mining is rapidly becoming a practical business proposition, and it
does not take a seer to know that
it is only a question of a very short
time when the vast bodies of low
grnde oro in South Kast Kootenay
will lie Worked at a profit, which
will' mean the employment of a
vast army of men in this district
and the investment of hundreds of
thousands of dollars in capital.
The Fernie Recount.
Nelson. Nov. 0, The Fernie elect ion recount came up this morning in chnmliers before Judge For-
ill. Returning Officer Alexander
told why he had not produced the
1 Mixes wheu summoned to do so.
giving as a reason it telegram from
the provincial secretary, who has
the boxes, saying that he had uo
authority to forwanl the same.
The case was enlarged until Nov.
17th at Fernie.
VaKMver  Liberals  Place  Him   ii
Ike Field.
,. Tor s,lt-
I have the following in use in
ill)- sawmill nt Blairniore.  whinh
will In- fin- snle at end of sawing
season, 1st .December.    Two ln.il-
rs. -VI h. p.. on skids, with .VI feet
niately $72,430 a week.     It takes j.if   smoke   stack,   also one   Mne-
iloO mnn to take ont lll.lXKI Ions a ] Orennr. (ioarley & Co. planer mill
week nt the (Iranhy mine, With-! nn.teher with dolihle cylinder, anil
out lidding one ton to the capacity ' one l-'coi.omist planer.
of their smelter .... Klniore mill
would permit tho Grimily alone to
employ 11,550 men.     There   are
Particulars can he had l.y writing
.'    l'eti.r McLaren,
Mi.i-le.xl. Alia,
Brown, of Greenwood, and Tanner
of Sjnich, Included in
thc List.
PREMIliK     .McBDIUb'S     NliW     CABINET
Captain Stuart to Oppose Wilson.
Vnncouver, Nov, 10. Tin- new
lilM-i-id clul. moms overflowed this
evening with nieml-ers of the party
who nfter ii comprehensive discussion of the issues created within
the "Mist feu* weeks divided to contest the bye-clei-liiiii next Wednesday week necessitated l.y tlie acceptance of the attortiey-genernl-
ship l.y the Hon, Chnrles Wilson.
Captain Duff Stuart, Josoph Martin, .lames Mctleel*. Dr. Midlines,
en-lieutenant governor, T. 8. Hnx-
ter and Captain Hnrt-McMnrg wen*
In the Interests of Iln- United
pni-ty Mr. Martin declined iln*
nomination, as also did Mr. Bnxter
and captain Hart-MeHnrg. unit u
luillot lieing (token Captain Dull
Siinirt si-i-iiri-d a lurge majority of
rotes, lieing subsequently made the
nntiuimous nominee.
Will Protest King's Election.
Wonl hns been received from
the const thnt the McBride pnrty
will protest the election of Dr.
King, and thnt papers wen- filed
at Victoria Inst Snliniliiy in his
case, and iu the eases ot llroivu of
lirt'i-nwood and Tanner of Siinich,
A Hernld representative saw Dr.
King and asked Iiiiii fur the particulars of the charges. -J have1
not l-t-fi. enlightened as to that."
said the doctor, "ns no papers have
lieen served on me. The matter is
not bothering me the slightest Of
course Mr. McBride ami some of
his advisers here would endeavor
to miike nn- trouble if possible,
When I entered the campaign 1
declnred that I would light it on
straight political issues and make
it a clean and honest campaign. I
did so. and am satisfied in consequence, Every ...an who was assisting me iu the campaign knew
my position and my desires on
that point."
The New Cabinet.
After all kinds of scheming Mr.
McBride has formed his new cabinet as follows:
Premier, minister of mines and
provincial secretary, Hon, 11. McBride.
Minister of finance. Hun. lt. (1.
Attiirneygeii.ir.il. Hon, ('. Wilson.
President of the council, Hun.
P, J. Fulton.
McPhillips resigned his imsition
as attiirney general, lieing succeed.
til by Chnrles Wilson, who has
been president of the council.
Wilson Is succeeded in the. latter
office by Fulton of Kamloops,
ll.ith have been sworn in.
Wilson will go Iniek for re-election, tho bye-eli-etioi. being piilhil
ulf in two weeks. Fulton does not
have to Ik re-elected,
Later there will Im* another shuffle of fjortfolios. McBride will
leave the department nf lands nml
works, taking thnt of mines und
combining with it the provincial
secretaryship! while Greeirgoesto
the lands and works department;
Oct the Reports Free.
Do you wnnt the news of the approaching session free'' SuliscrilK"
for the Victoria Daily Times for
1H04 nud receive the paper free until the end of this yenr. This nller
is for ci.sl.-in-ailviii.cc subscribers
to the daily (to) or the twiec-n-
week 1*11. Full and impartial reports, half tone cuts of members,
cartoons and corridor gossip.
Four iwige colored comic supplement every siitunlny. Re-lilt tp
lu- Times. Victoria.
Wonl uiu, received by The
Herald Ihis morning thai .1. II.
Tonkin, manager "I the Crows
N.-st Pius Coal roniinnj had lieen
l.*t onl and thai Superintendent
Stocked was ti-ni|,i,i-.-ii-ili in charge,
Also tln.i tin- Morrissey Mines
townsite had Ikvii tnken from
ThoiiiasCmlu.il and l-u.-ii to Cree
•V Hutchison of Fernie. It is too
late tn s.-.-iii-.-| ai-tii iii.-ii-s ami The
Herald gives the news as heiinl
just liefore going to pres*.. This
arrangement may effeel Mr.
Cruhan's hold ou the L-ompuny'a
hotel nt Michel, whicli is consider.
ed the biggest paying proposition
in British Columhin.
Tlk* »0U Man."
The Vancouver World, in repro.
ducingth.- -i.lil Man's" advice to
young in. ii in n r .-■ nl issue of
that paper,comiu *- litoriallyon
il as follows:
It is imt iii consequence of his
patriarchal] age Imt rather by reason nf the fnct thin In- has ever dis-
played n kind nml fatherly priih-
ami inter, it in tin- districl that is
his home, its industries, itsclinrm*-
ter. its young nn ii nud vbung women, thai Mr. F. E. Simpson of
the Crnnbrooli Herald, is knnwn
throughout tlu* length nnd breadth
of Kasl Kootenny us "The old
.Man." Nor i- the'title slightingly
bestowed, Fasl Kootenuv regards
-The < II.I .Mnn' with affection,* mid
while h nsioiiully finds  it mv.
essary to expose tin weaknesses of
the camps nnil  their   inhabitants
under his s| .*. -ii l.-ithi-rii  jurlsdir-
tion ami cnusticnlly comment there- .
on. the friendliness of his censure
and thcexcelleui 1 hi- ndvicenfe
taken by lie* healthy eoiniiiiiuity
directly interested, in tin* intent of
their deliverance an.l <lulv opjjreci-
ated. Recently "The '''1.1 Man"
has l»vii having a heart-to-henrt
talk witli his young men, His
wonls of wisdom t.> them have the
ring of common-sense philosophy,
and as they ar.- eqnnlly applicnblii
tothe case nl Vain i..i.. r'i young
men as that ..j the young men of
Kasl Kootenny. the'World 'hems
them deserving of repetition. They
illustrate the fatherly style ih which
"The Old Mnn" talks to his Kast
Kootenny family for tie- family's
Libtral- Elecl Officers.
The Cranbrook Lil«*r:il Association held ii meeting Wednesday
night at their rooms in the Watts
block. There were a large number
present aml'grent interest manifest
ed in tin* proceedings. An election
of officers resulted a- follows!
Honorary Presidents Sir Wil.
friil Laurier, J. A. MacDonnldl
Liberal leader; Dr.-I. II. King. M,
P. 1'.
President   W. F. Gunl.
Vie,- Presidents Joseph lirm.lt,
('. D. McNab. T. A. Corey, .1. It.
Downes. 11. Parsons. Wm. Oliver.
T. Doris. T. Boyter, II. White,
Frank Lei'I.-.-.-. M. McAlpine, A.
Krickson. S. Iloleiiu. I!. Logan, J,
Swiimerton. li. I.'. Muir. II. E,
Secretary   F. E. Simpson.
Assistant Sccrctarj    S. Claneey.
Treasurer   A. I. McDermot,
Short inlilressi-s were made by
Dr. .1. II. King, the member elect,
W. 1-'. liunl iini others, and arrangements inii'l.- 1" hold a sn.-inl
meeting ever) two weeks. The
first one will In- Weduesdny evening, Npvemlier -".. nnd ii program
is Wijlg prepared for the occasion,
.-.insisting ol songs, n-.-ilntions,
readings, etc.
Manitoba liolel Sale.
Last week the Manitoba lintel
hanged hands, Tom Wellinnn selling his interest-, to Unu Mel'mnild
and Flunk Clapp. Tin* Manitoba
is one nf the best lintel properties
iu to.vn. and has made all kinds of
money. It was built in the early
days by W. Knke, nml was then
known as the Commercial, Later,
when Itought by Mr. Wellinnn, the
nuilli- was ehaiigeil in the Manitoba.
Mr, McDonald has been manager
of the hotel during Mr. Wellnian's
abseiiee Ironl town while looking
after his stable nf hi'l'ses. and is
well likiil by the I [lie.       Ill-will
continue to have pcrsonul chargeoi
the business ns Mr. Clapp's time
will be fully taken up as iiiniiager
nr tin- Kasl Kootenay Bottling
Wnrks. Till-:  rii.vM-.iionu   lti-:i!.\i.i>
Filitor and Proprietor.
TK1-.MS..I1' 1-L-U-CUIl-Tl.lN:
Tha llemlil .I'-'li*". 1" Hive tii-- III-44SH. (lit*
-Utirlat,   It i*J.i !-"".' •'"' i'1""11 y"'" '"""
,.., , iiiiiu- or yi.ii, 14...I I.*, null 1110 Ull. "HI. **■
In aiinili. i Iiiimi  ot  today's
impel- will be found nu article uiv
ing the wealth of Mr. Heiime, tin
mining magnate of Montana. Ill
the items ualllel is a tract of hind
in liriiish Columbia containing
260,000 acres.    When asked if In
hllil 11 deed lo lhe lllllll.  Mr. Heinz.
Stated on oath that In- did not, ns
the property was being held
trust by .. railway company lo
.-ape payment of tuxes. This land
is probably ilu- grant  made by  a
liberal    legislature   In    Ml*.    lleillZI
for the building nf a short road
from Rossland to Trail, anil his
frankness in slating how it .vas being held to keep the province froth
receiving taxes, illustrates nm- nf
the reasons why Uritish Columbia
is bnnkn.pl today, Not only have
the assets of tin- province been
given away, but a prodigal govern,
ment hus exempted its gills lo
corporations from taxation for
ma.iv v.'iirs lo come.
Heime's Wealth.
1-'.    Agustus   Heili/e   nl    Hull''
Mom., owns 250,000acres ol Brit
sh Columbia lands, nct-ording t'
his sworn testimony nt Hull.- tv
1 Slock -.Imitations.
Furnish,.I hi   Ileal.-.   .V   Klw,-ll.
i brokers. Cranbrook 11. C.
I N..rlli   Slur       lm*
Si  1'itiri-iiii
l'ujin- _
He wns rxnmiinvt ilTthtl I WniHf,-!**
, ...   I l-nv   11,.11
district court there respectmg Wa -
Aiiii*rii*iiti lt*.y	
holdings in  connection with his j Ooieooila	
, -   -   ,,       , CroiaXwlToil , .-
surety on tin appeal bontt. iS| ■»__,«-, m,,,..,	
He had niaile a list of his  real   ■ •„„ ,,,■ ami I Minm l.nl.
and personal properly, and  refer-' wu rtu t*«
nsl to it hi giving his testimony ■•■■■
i ..I
,1,1 i-i,i,i*i
to his holdings. Th.* items wen*
as   follows:    Personal    notes   that
the holder considunil to lie good,
in excess of S2i"..i«Hi: mortgages
upon Butte property, in excess nl
$10,000; real estate in Butte to the
value of 818,000; from 10 to I 5por
cent, of the real property held  by   in a a I'INiii nt Murj'.illk Innilw. run.
the DuviseslateinMnulananlllieJ'1';:;;;';1;,^1;;;,';;. „ „„.,,, ,
value of alsilll $100,000- lOltOacres    -.-.I In tn.ik4-gin]itiVul lo.lhwllhlolli
of grazing land in Teton comity of
IN Till:. nl NIV inl'ltl- OP KOOTRNAV
Itm.i.i:n .ii* FOUT sI'UKl.K.
-in ri-.,i,n.4—
X.iti i* |a I .1l4l'i<l4|.!l llllll mi 111'* -'Ull. l'..V
ul n,l,,l„,r. Hum. it un*. nril.-ml In J. A.
I'i.rili. 1'm|.. lii.la.* ill iln- aaU I'uorl. llml
Jmnra I'.ni'i .iim-11'i.ii-.-.i'iii.ii.l A.iniiu-
i-ilriilni-.,! Iln-I'niuitv .., Kiin.H.ii.v. ba ail-
Iliilii.ltnli.r .1 nil iiii.I .in-iiil'ir lilt*
Tammany has won again In New
York, and the old lime grafters are
waking up,
W. It. llnss is receiving some
luapleasaiit advertisingiis ilu* sue-
cessful candidate in thu Fernie
South Kasl Kootenny has had ils
full share ul graft and grafters and
there have been big grafters and
little grafters that were looking for
$10 nnd Xin pick-ups in their oHl.
citd capacity. There are enough
honest citizens in this district, who
constitute a majority nud who
stand against sin-h official pilfering. This grafting has been curried on in muny nays in this districl, and the longer one lives here
the more he finds nut. A story of
tin. pnst four nr live years' graft in
South Kast Kootenny would make
mighty interesting rending.
Sometimes the goisis were delivered, and sometimes they were not.
and il is incidents of this character
thut would furnish the humor and
pathos fnr sueh a history.
The provincial government is offering a Iannis lor dead crows. Is
Mr. McBride iiutieipating a postelection linuquet.
Itishiip Peri'iu and Joe Martin
butle.1 in nn the Houston incident.
A lot of i by -I editors are taking
a crack nt John Houston these
days. He don't deserve it from
the press. Politically, he is it. a
light that will arouse criticism, but
it should be confined tn politics,
Persiiiialilies have unfiling to iln
with it.
iH'tnttitlii*- tn
ml I.J 1.1
in Inn iii-i in iiaaeeealoi. aftt-tia
ili,-,Ji*i*,*i,-,*il i*. i'..|iiir..t I4.i-tl.-
il. it,.- .ii..l,.i.i«n,-,l.
i-illtor, ..r ..tli.*r 1-.1-.44.11. ImviiK
>|nn nrinli 1,-4.1 in tlii*ilii>llit'llli.ill
■ lllll I'-lnll'lll 111*- Nrtitl    |1,*1VI1-H-4|   if>
liiill lliii.J* iln-4, Ol Illi. llale ...
1..I-I.-.I letter, n lilllrMBP-l  ... Itle
ll, lilt, llllllll.   llllll    HltillrM.lll.il    liuil inuu nliira ot lil. eln'nt or littamit anj 11
nil-tie,,, of 1.1. neco nl. uml tile iintiiri- nl
K-ei.llril.v (ttun.v) hell! li.vliilu.
.„..., ,   ,,,   ■,,,.   i-,-i,iiii    Aln-i Un-iii|.ii-..l'.""I lli"i.i.l'l'a'l)'l"J»
[si ..nt  or uu    nasiii   UlllAl|lll|„i,,Pll,„r,|||p,otw,|l,|, i,.
Keiltielion eompany stock: one-hall'   ttlliulli I tin. tatute, Inning n-garil tn
interest in Basin ti'.wnsite: inlei-esl \ t^_Ma_ *' '" *Mr "" h""' b"'
ill Trail townsite, Uritish Cnliillib-
the value of nlioiit S7 an acre: 250,
000 acres of land in llriiisli Col-'
iinibia. value $100,000; mine in'
Jefferson county, value 840,000;^
Arizona News group of mines neill*
the I 'iiit.il Venle iu Arizona, $72,-
000; 24 tier cent, nf the Nipper
Corn Itoek Island an.l Nipper'
Mines: 115 per cent  nf the   Basin '
in: IoO.OiHI shares in the L'uited
Copper company common stock
(which is worth about $100 per
share), anil 12,000 shares of the
preferred stuck Inn which a dividend of Sit a share was declared 011
November 2|.
"llo yon own any other proper-
ty''" asked Attorney Con, K. Kelley
Who conducted the OXIIItltl1HlEl.il iif
Ml*. Ileinze.
"I do.'' was Ihe reply, "but this','-. r"i;
is about   all  that   I   eali   think
llnli'il in furl si
1I1 r, lllllll.
.Ii.ini'i, l-'nii
. .'Inl iln}* ni Mn
i-in-mi litimliniit-,
ntll.lnl Aillliilim.ntt.
Timber Notice
ml,*,. Ilmi
'Have you ll.e deed to the 250,-
000 acres nf Inml in llritisli Col-
"It is held ill trust for me hi the
railroad company." was the reply,
"nud under that condition no
taxes will be paid on it Iill 11)11, I
could get the ili-iil iouiol-row if I
wished il."
■'What are your liabilitiesf"
"My persinnl liabilities amount
to about $200,000," replied Mr.
What Canada neiil*. is more railroads and needs them badly.
Joe   Martin    lias    bobbed   up
The house meelb this month, Il
will Is- a warm session.
Cranbrook should be Incorporat-
«h1. Her future progress depends
»poii It,
Whul tin* people waut ia this
district is honesty iu ilu- ndminis-
luation of affairs.
Award Is Not Complete.
New York. Nov. 7,—-Hon. Clifford Sifton. the Canadian minister
ofthe interior, nud agent for fi rent
Britain in the Alaskan arbitration,
it-turned mi the Cninpnnin today.
Mr. Siflon and other Canadians
on board were not inclined to discuss lhe findings of the Alnskiiu
coiumirsion nor lhe refusal of the
Canadian commission to sign lhe
F.C. Winle, who appeared before
the tribunal as counsel for Canada,
•aid it wus true lhat a strip of land
about 120 miles long wns not included in Ihe findings because the
surveys und other necessary 'Inin
for determining flu* boundary were
Associated Boards of Trade.
The sixth annual convention nf
lhe Associated Boards of Trade nf
Kn stern British Columbia will
meet iu Kosslauil on Wednesday,
December 2nd. Ma at 111 o'clock
Tin- boards entitled to be represented at this meeting ore those nf
Nelson. Kaslo. Hnsslnii.l. Moyie.
Fort Steele. Trail, Greenwood.
Phoenix, Vernon. Cranbrook, Fernie nud Kumloops, [and any other
Board of Trade within the districts of Kootenuy, Yale, uud Cariboo that has been registered under
the Dominion Hoards of Trade
Act, and that mny make application for membership, Resolutions
proposed for discussion nt the convention must be in the hands of
the secretary at least twenty days
prior lo the date of the meeting.
The usual arrangements in regard lo transportation will he made
and announced later.
lu the temporary absence from
lhe province of the secretary I.Mr.
Jackson) all communication in ro-
ilili-i*.- .luy-. ..Iter'lain si-
inl.'ii.l .1. i.|.|.'.v In thet.'i.iet!*onuu[.Mlon->r ot
Liniil- i4inl .VnrliH Ini- 11 -I yeur leu-u. to
rut iiiiiI i-iiri-'* una*, i.tulirr frum Uiefnlluw-
ili-l .IW.-lllil-ll liili.li.
I'nlllllli-IK lilli    111    11    Im-ii    |.|illlli'.l    tit    Illl*
niniil ll ul Six M li- <-i „,.*.; ilii'ii'e.rlinliiiisin a
uurlli nosla-rly itire.*.liiini|i Snini Mnr.va river
In Iln- i'iiiiii.Iiiiii I'm-ilii- Iiiiiiiiii.v'i, ,'|4h| Iin.* til
lilnrk l.'.IIU; III, li-i- niiinii'I.-Wlllll nl..UK miiil
. liu.. 1.111 ].iiliil nlii'i.- Ii .-i.4HHeu IVrry
-11*1,1 tlii'iin'i'n-1 nne iiillej Iheuea -nntli iivu
ilie; llin n-l  lu Six   Mile .-reek: Itleln'e
lllll 1111.I1-1I,,  iloH'li Si, Mile e k In  I'liilil
llnteil   Snlllli   Hunt  K>...t'-lii.*".   N.iv. Ililier
li. lllllll.
HI K ill*-. Mel'inlllilel'iilll.illtl.V.
Timber Notice.
. Iit'ti-liv s 'i-n Itm' I liuve H|.|.lie<]
tltif I'l.llllllii.eii.ll.-r ...' 1.1.0 Ifl nml
■•Inrltl'llir ll B|<f*l*llll lii-i-nre In .111
i- naii.v Itlllller Imm Ilie InCiniUK
Illllllil ill Snutli I'lliel KnnlcilH'1
nili-1 ul 11 pOHl |il.iuti'il 14! Iliennrlll
I 1117, liiiill|. I, (lll.l Oil Ilie Hi-Hi
■ 1 11,14 '41 Seat I'm*.. Ilnlltviiv lligti.
In lue Men, 1 111- mile uinl'i- ill- l.-ee In
Itllitl i.ftll.. hniil-llll.v Itii-ei: lll.-in-i-
111 eniil hunk nne mile more ul leen
lu II.11M1111I1 limit ul lul lllll (ll'OU'l li Ihenee
i-44-t nne mile In ue .11 I.e.-, tt. Hie 1 in lil nlwny
ni -niil niili.li,.; ila-tiii- eu'ltll liluns .lie fluid
right ut unv uiu* mil.' mure nr lenfl tu lhe
l.liiee ul lii'tiinuiii'i, .'..uliiinin*. 1110 urn*,
mult, ur I, He.
Iltlleil ll.ii, lllll ilny 0! Xniemlier, 100D.
.'II Muli'i.lm flurie.
liniil nil
ll 1
north nl
Timber Notice
Nuliee in   I hy  -itrell llllll  thirty   .Iii.vm
nil.-r ilule.   I iuliii.l tu oplily In ll.e .'liief
Ctitiiiulefllofii rul l.ntnlH nml Wut-ke, Vlntorin,
lor pel lilieei.iii In i-ut 111.1l euiry unity limber
lioni tl.e (nltouliiy-aIeacribi.il ti-n.-t of land iu
Uu. Ulhitlet of South Knal Kuu.eiitt.i:
romimiiiiii-. u. 11 iniilil eisli'yi'liHin.oor.li
nml fuity cfiuliia mat uf ihe north aaateoruet
,,f liiu-lii i-ly'ii I're-eniplloi. Hllitnleil uu nieii*
ery .'l',ek; tli.llee eiiilily .-l.llilut weflt; tlietii-e
i-i-llily iliiiiliH nuittli; theme eiyhly thiiuii
eiie-i llieiii-i'i-i-tli-y i-lmimi nol.ll li plai-e nf
Ill 11. K. Until,
gurd lo this meeting may  be s
in the President,
tl. o. Buchanan, of Kaslo
The Coal Oulpui.
Pernio Free Press: The tolnl
output of conl from the three collieries of the C, N. P. Coal Company
amounted io 71,800 tons, This is
about 2,000 tons below the highest
The coke shipments were:
Conl Creek . 10,7511 tons
Michel  11,167 ions
Morrissey     1)37 Inns
Total        I7.2i!7 funs
There are ..limit 5,000 Inns of
enke stacked at the ovens awaiting
shipment, The transportation
question has undergone no change
during lhe week and it is slill im-
to secure anything like nn udei*uiite
supply of cars.
The lack of cars has been fell nt
Michel to n greater extent than al
either of the other collieries and as
u result much time was lost there,'
Ii is estimated that the tolnl out-'
put would have been at least 20.-'
000 tons more had plenty of cms'
been   supplied   throughout    the
month.   It  is expected  thai   the
liHiniesf grain shipments will soon
he over ami lhat  lhe shortage of
ears will gradually be relieve*!
Timber Notic*
Ni.tiie   iu -h hy -tii-eli   that Itiiity ituy.
nliei-ilule I iiuiiiii to'apn y lu tliatJlilelCom-
niineii.n-rni I.iiiiiIh antl u nrkfl at Victorlo
fur periiiieflldii lu rut' iiii'l i-urrt* uwuy
timlier friill. tlie fullnnitig .i.-.i-riln*il trui*.
nf Imui Hiliiiil.il uu Unlivery . reel. I., tie Din-
ll-ii'l ,,1 Sou. li l-Juiit Kuutemi.i:
I nliitin'IK'ilif. lllll puilil ilU'l.V iiui ll, weelnl
ll ,1-1 ll eiint ennui- uf .1. T.   l.lliilluw'H lim
Iter Iiinil: llin Igbly ehulufl mil lli; llleui*.
ei-.lil.l- iliiiiliH WeHli tlieiiiM eish.y iluiiuH
Ht.iilli: I lieui'ii i iulily iiuiii H eu.t tu jilare uf
i-olnui' iii't-lniilil.
.11 ll.ivi.l liriltlili.
Timber Notice
Nulire iH lu-l'eti.V uivi-.i .hu. Iliiily daya ul-
ter dull! I ittteml In lippj,. tu Itle I'lliel Com.
mi-i nil I.iuiiIh uml Wiit-kH, Vicfurii,. fur
puriiilaalon in eirt nn.l hurry u4i«y timlier
frum  IJle f.illiiiiiiin  ile.eiilieil  tl-m-t  nf Intel
ninn Imi llre.irrylY.ek In the IH-lrlet ul
Smuli IJtiHi K'ooleoi.'y.
riilnui.-ll.'ilii; ill Ilie uurlli etlHl euruer nl II.
K NenellH liuilin- liniil poflli then e ei-ilily
i-liniliH north! Ilieiii'e ei*|llly eluliliH wefll:
llletiee ei-ilili- .-lluiliH Hultlh; llienee tlgfi.y
iliitins eiiHt lu plnee nl I'limmelii-etueiil.
Ill J. T   l.ni.lla..
Formerly Hotel Phair
NELSON, B. C.   -
B. TOHPKIN5. Manager.
This hotel is one of lhe best in
British Columbia and up-to-date
iu every respect.. Well lightt-d
sample rooms.
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Teaoia anil driver, foitiiaheil for auy
point iu the iliatrirl.
Manager   J,   J.   j»
New Dairy ^^
\V. B. iJiiiiliii-tt Ima come In (.'nm-	
ln'ixik with ii lim* linrnf tnilt-h iv\v
anil wil) ii-jH'ii ;i ilttirv.    Tlmsc tit*-
siriiw. Hrst rcliiaa-milk xhotiltl bco
luni:    IU* will suit you.
I.O.O.F.    Key City \M\t
Nn.-11   MreU every Muii-
'**.**79***w  a;,> "'«iii ■••* tltelr IihII mi
ll.tkei itrMi    Stijiiiitliii*
mi i'i Hows i-oiiihijy invent
■' Ml ii:. W. N.llark.
•N-   "■ 8et*'v.
The Herald Gives the News.
Criibrook l.od|t, No. J*
A. F. & A. M.
It, -diUU   111•■r'llllt'il nil   lilt)
tliinl Ttuirulity «r tiie
\l8liiii**iii,' tjielpoiiip,!.
M A. JiKAl.f, Hei*'y.
'■>•-•♦••♦♦•♦•♦*♦♦••• * *•>-•*«•••{!)
l'ni|irlei(ir nf tlie
Candy Kitchen
Parries a winjilileilMk at
Candies, Fruits. Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. oiv« ui * »ii
Timber Notice
Tnke notice (hut ihiriy <hiyx uftcr itu'n I
Intel),) to "iiply in tlierUletCouultii-ttinttr ol
LiiihIh ntnl Work nt Vlntorin. for i*|i«'itil
HeenMiiirnt ami i-arry away timber from
ihi* iiilloiviiiji ili-Ki'iiln'il lund: Commetifillift at
a i.ohi wliert* tltn miutti enst mrilcr ot l.oi
■it!I hit'THiftH Uie north t»nundr> ol l,ot*ti!4
Kroup oi.p Kuiit-'tiii.v (tin rtfit theni'p f-asl
Hlli;huiii« to noi'tlh'ttHt i-oriipr ot fla'd Lot
4*.'I, tl t'lui- north Mi t-hnlni, llienre wt-nt nh
nhuillN, llieiiniHOiith nt iiik eastern boumlry
uf hoi 421 tu jilure ot HiiiniiiKji'ooinliiinK
1140 arii* more or h*e.
.1. II   Dowtiei,
O, tober, 1st. IDOft, 33
Timber Notiee
Nol it e in hfretiy (riven thnt ihiily rtityn nfler ilait* I. C. Uukir will apply lo the Chief
Commitmioni'i* of l.uaihiaiiii Worka, Victor In,
for n cin-rial lilt-nut- to nut liiuht-i- *>n the fol-
lowitig ilevt-Hbett laml, south of Wnrdner, in
South Kimt Kootenny:
totntneni-lntf ut» poal o-i the went bomiiia-
i*y of lot III 7 one mile north of lot HI (iti.
<hcuie noith one mile- weat one mile, r-mitli
one mile ami cflbt out* tuitt* lo the |ilm-e of lie-
Sin Iiinil, ;io
DaleUOftoht-rlUh. lOl'fl.
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   -J*   Ji
Phone night and day- 77
| Eagle Cafe I
| George Paquin, Prop. $
i *
I Morrissey Mines, B. C.       J
The best restaurant in J
fouth East Kootenay. §
When you visit thc %
town be sure and try it t
Timber Notice
Nolii**! in heieby Riven that 1 hirly v-'nyii nl
terdntaV. II. linker will apply io ths Chlel
fommiHBioticr nl t.nnilH ami Work*, Victoria,
foraHjiH-itilliif-iiMtlo uut limber on the fob
lOttiiigiluactibeO lund, .tonth of Wanlner, In
.South R«Ht Kootenny':
t'ommem-ingthn-tt initeH honth uml half n
milntaet nf lhe norUmed corner of lot ftOTO,
theme two milf*) ninth, hull u mile emit, two
mllen north um) half a mi In went to fhe plane
nf begiiiiiiiiK. *m
Haled October8th, lOoa.
Timber Notice
Notice In hereby given thut thirty dnjl af-
ler dtiif.luuien baker will upply lo tha Chief
Commiwiioiier n[ I.iiihIh uml Wurkn,Vhtoria,
for n apecial licenie to cut timtwroit the fob
lowing dem-tllH-dlauil.Hoiith of Wanlner, In
Honth KuhI Kooleiiuy:
Cotumem-inK ul Ihe loi'ithwett i-orner of
lot .'U7, ihenrneuHt mi chuiitfl more or leva
to (he weal Hide o[ lot 111.',, tht>m-e Honth two
intlfBtutlie lonthwi-Ht corner of lot 1115,
thence weat All elinins mo e or ten lo the
euet Hide ol lot (1H17, tlmnee north 1511
i-balne more or lean to the Rortliaaet corner
of lot 111(10, tin nee wiat 45 ololui moreor
le«H loa point due aouth nf point of com
mem-ement, thenee north seven eliilneniore
>ir leee to pi int ol romuii'iii-emenl. 110
Uatwl Ovttiber Dili, 1*008.
A lii-ili,-1iihh |.ii,iiti> i nltUB Hi-i...,,i lur
ln,j.„liill Mai-..   Ite-arMKia H-.|..ptult|.r llllll
8 k alnltul i.-,ii-i„i.     f,iiiimi,.,! i,v n„.
i-'-i Iiiiuiii.*'    'It I ,» l,4„l rerai.rkii-
bla alliena*. ami n Ion*. Ii-i ..I ul.l lii„»-- urr
ini*.* im,inuu ut in hum rr>tt i,s. uiuika, li...
Ilu. iiriuy, th.. iiitv.v. llic civil hit. i.'. iiiiiI iii
llii-i'iimiiKT'-iiil ,i„rl,l.   An a Hi'* l".n	
an.l r. Ii>r,*in4-H in Vancouver ur.-:
'I'l..-1.-..-111.-1,4,,4 ol ft, .1 li .--I nioaier
I'll,' V.'iirrnlil., IJ S IV l',-ii.:,.iitli. n. li,
Al. l,,l,-,i„ili ul I,,liunl,i:>
Tin-ll,iu. II M.-lli ,  laii.r i.lll.l*
11. Mnr|,,,l,', i:.,| .l'.i,*illi*Sn|,l „lili,.|* f II
1.1ml r.il   I' -. Ilm.,4.
I.i,ur.. ni. rl'iUiitrljilil,
Hclinlni-allliiaaurtji Ironl |,10 lolHHIn.c
iiunrili'il in ilrri'i-iiii-t I.,,,-. I,,, nnrtii-iiliiia
iniiin-- ilm
RtV. C. J. BUKNTO.N. M. A , Head Ma*kr.
IIo.vh Kfm-rall.v tin much Mlerlnnn Itieti
tiiiii.ii like the above uml unnV (rumatriel
lllllll ','S
If mu are In trouble with your engine tn
any nay or your boiler la leakier, nr neco,
-.ashing taad lor mc. I bave a fart; pump
aad lull ael nl tools Inr dnlaf all klada nl canine and bailer repalrli,| aad tilcaalaf rl|bl al
your mill.   Call or aead a card lo
J. I'  PATTlIM, Kacblalil. Cranbrook. H. C.
|   Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
llarrislcrs, Solicitors, 1:1c.
Haiell Block Cranbrook, B C.
J. ti. ClIMMINtlS
W. I-. OURI),
The Contractor
Who (Jet* Contracts
If vim iiiiiii in l.i.ilil lol mi' know.
I will Ih. plensed tn furnish you cranbrook,  iipitisii Columbia
i*stiiiinti-s mul  mnv  help y.in imt
llilll SOlllll ill.-lis us In |il,'ins.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Timber Notice
v ,i     •  i     ,      ■ ,        ,.,       . OriC    llol'K-*;:
J..'" a lu-n-lij* -.Iveii lli ,i aitl. n llilrly i        ,...,,..  1M
-1"*"'  »   »   M»raba .|.l,   i a iio'lp in
' liiel Inmuiaalonar of I.iiihIh hu I   ll.. k„, I        7 to 8 d  hi'
Vi.-t..rin, tola spi'ii illii',.n-,.|,,,.hi iiml,,., „„ {
lliafi.lloa|a*til Il.nlInmlii-.|irl.i-ni«i-i4-|.k, I _
.-.olilll IJnat   Kooloimy, 1'i.iiin.i'lirlliu tl. Uiu   _    '   ""	
■...hm. i,.*r „i i.,.i .v., i*i„,i, ,i, JO. H. THOriPSON
ninth oue mile, ueol One mile. -«iiitli one mile
umt euat one mile to |il*iee ol nomtilelitviiH'ill.
Novomlier 1, IflUtt, mi
Timber Notice
N'oticela hi'icby (tivi-n ilmi within thirlv
il.i.vHii.lt. Mtin-hall will iiciil.v io iliHl'lilel
l'«iiiiiu*H.ijoniTor I.iliiihni.il Wiirkc, Vi loiin,
futaeiieiliil Ih-eiiae to ml  Umber the fob
bluing deinrlbetl lan,| mm* Lewie ereek in
HoulhKael Kn'oteiiny:' l',.unii.-i.,*ii,K „t thn
imrtliwebt i-uitiei-of l.ut   12117. tliehi-c lh
two milei,-/usl half a liille.nnulh uuniiiW
am) Hettt Imli a mile.
November i, liin;i. '({(
Timber Notice
Notice [a hereby (jlvt'll thai Hihln
duje J. Turner will api-l.v to ihei'liie
minhioiier i.f l.tiiidn unit Worka, Viri,,
iHifiiriiil iicei nt. t,i ,-nt timber on the
Ingdeacriheil Inml near \,fw\» ereek
Km*I  Kootiiiu,,:   rommilli-iiig Hixty
north ot the north wool enrner oi |,o
lli mi i-e north two mil.-H. w.*tl  hull :
sou th I wo mile.-iaml eiiKl liti'f n mile l
of commencement.
Xovemlur 1, Mni.'l.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor for tbe Imperial Bank of Cauda
The Colonial Inveilmenl and Loan Cempaay.
Cranbrook, li. C.
John Ellenberg,  |
f      IN RliAROP WKNTkVdHTII IHIlfiL     %
4 * >
i Pioneer in  the  business and *
« his work always ...uks with +
} the best.     Call  ...id see him. :{
§ Repairing boots ol all descrip- -•*
♦ tiops, Irom a cork sole  lo a t»
* lady's finest slipper. * -    S
JohnW. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made- new.   All kinds
of rcpairinx.   (iive me n call.
liast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in  siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
llRi>. KINO & (il'l:l-:N,
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice al-Real-leaee, Anii-tnini- Ave.
roreaooaa,   ....   9:30 t0 11
Af.ernooaa   ....   1:30 to 3:10
Evenlflf.a 7.10 to 8:30
CRAM1ROOK,    :   :   :     :       :    p.-C
, U
Timber Notice
Notice in hereby given ihai within Ihirtv
-Iu.in J.TniiiH* will n\\\\\y to the Chief t'om*
niia-toneruf LniidH ami Wnrkn nt Vi'toria
fur a hfiPciul lieciiwf to rot timber on Hie fu'*
loitlii»r lieaerlbiil lainl innrl,. « Ki*r<i*lt,Soulh
I'ajtut Kootenay: CommeuciiiK '""'f " inlln
north nf Ihonortlitt'eet corner uf l.ut t.Qp),
t ben tc north t vo mile', cn-i half u mile,
annth two tulle* nud we*!  half a mile tu tin-
place nf i-omuieiieeliient.
Novemlier 1, IOOD.
Land Notice*
Notice i-j heieby given Ihut wiih u thii I.v
du.v»K. Mnn-hil) «ili apply to the Chief Com-
miyMioner uf I.uiiiIh ami rt nrkfl, Viirtoiia, for
anpfcial lleenaa to cut timber tin Ihe follow
Inn dinitrihed lauda near LewiH creek, tiotitb
K11.1t Kootenuy: Commencing one ami a half
miles mirth ol the norihweal corner nl l.ut
120*1 thence north one mile,   newt  one mill
aouth one mile nnd treat one mile to the pint
of cmunifuceincut
November 1.100.1.
Surveys 0,	
Land Purchases,
Mining: Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele. B. C.
Timber Notice
Notice in hereby (tfven lhal thirlv itm-. nf.
lenhitt, 1,. II. linker will apply lolbaOlilul
t'"»""i',ti -' of Laudauud rtorke, Vlctorln,
fur a Hpici-il Ijii-n-ie to cut timber ou lhe fui
lottili-j t'eM'ril.cl liiml)-, i-oulh of Wardner, in
South r.iml K'uol. iiu.i;
I'liltiiiietii'ilig otielLlle M.*ht tin) UOcIihIiih
mn ih ul t lit* tuul h .vt-Mt coiner of lltanfnet *
tin.Im* Ibttifii, bit Nu. 0108, theme
went I wo till lea more or leea to
lul H170. Ihenee snulh Ilu chuiiiH innieor
lewt to tbe north limit of lot 0100, thenee
ciHt 40 I'hnliH more or lenn in the northen«l
corner of bit 01 Oti; ihenee anuthtlve i-haliie
moreor le-n lo » poim half a utllea inttl ol
iiut-ili limiii.'iir.v nf Huh application, thence
eintt !hl rlinins iiimiv or leaa to II. I! . I<j|-*<ar'ti
Bontliweat corner, llience north  -tOchulim in
place nl begin III nif, MO
Dated (It-tiiberOlh, 10011,
Timber Notice
Take notice thai tliirly days alter date,
I Intend to apply in the ( bief I Ommlaaloner
if l.uiidaaiid \Vorka,for uejieeliil llremte to
cut ami carry away timber from the follow-
Ingthwrlheil lumls, in South Kaat Koole*
I'oiumetiL'ing al lhe nni'thwcbt corner of
Thtia. Leiii-k'a pic t-mplion on the eolith
bunk of StjUarya liver, theuee aoutli 4')
vlniina, thonce west 40 ctmiue, thenrn north
UMI clibin-* more ur leea to Martin lleitiin's
Uorlli etlHt coiner ul St. Mnryin river, thence
ilowtietrcnm to ihe point of commcniHtnienl
eotitiiiuiiiii 1120 ucrcB more or lean,
Datnl ni (hinbronk. It. ('. ihe iln), duy ol
November, 100.1, Joltn Amleratiti,
Timber Notice
Nolicaih hereby given that. 110 daya afler
date we intend to apply to thet'hluf i.'ummia*
aion rof 1,-iml*) uml Worka for permbwlon
to ml uml cany awuy liti.herfrom the lol
lowing ilcHt-iilictl landa, vix;
Comment inn ul. a post placed at theaoiilh-
eBHt, corner ol timber limit No. 0108, llroap
I, South Kant Kootenny, thenee cant Ml
chaiim, theme aouth 80 ehnina, Ihenee weat
NO chalna, thence north 80 clinine to place or
ItobiiiHuu-Mi Keiuie Lumber l'o., Limited
Dated October 10, 100y. 3|
In the mailer of nn application loradupli-
i nt ■ of of a (VrlHi-ftte ot Title lo Lot :i(»,
lllock 4-.I, in Ihe lown of rrnnbrook (Map
NotitnialiBieby given tbat it. I-my intcn-
tiuii lu imueat Hie expliutioii of one month
doni ibe Hi*-i |iiiblicatiou hereof u duplicate
of ihetertiftenleof TIiIh fo the above sen-
tioteil Lot 80, Hloek 411, Town of rrnnbrook (MnpilOO). lu the name of John Vo tl
VhuiIiiw-ii whichCertiflcnte in dated Ihe 10th
day ol Ibcemtar, HUH), nnd mimhrreil
ntltlNK. 11. I'. Mii.I.eo.l,
'   Dietrlct Iteglt-ier.
Laml Itdgihtr*/ OBit-a. N leon, II. I'. i
vthoaubur, iuna ui
Timber Notice
Notice is heieby given   lhat llilrly dtlja tlf*
tenlatc-i. L. linker  will i ty  to the I hid
ConimiHoiniicr nl LnmUnml Worka, VlftorllV,
lor u apecldl Hci-llHc to cut  limber on the lol
lowing tltwribetl landa, emiib of \\ tirdnnr, in
Smith Himi Kootenny:
Cnmnu neiiig nun mile weal nndtJOchaitia
iiorili nl the i-oiilhweHl porttoi nl Hremm-r'N
licetiae, lot No, 0108, ihetue loulh one mile,
enat otifl tnllu, uorlli one mile ami weal, one
mile to lhe ttlnrfl of begilililog •l"
Iluliil October 0th, )Uo;i.
Timber Notice
Notice in hereby given ihut tlilrly daya nfter dak'I. ('. Ilakii* will apply tn theChief
Commie-Miner of LnmlN and Work", Victoria,
for aepetbil IIcpim-j locnl. tiiuber on the following dcBcrilied lnmla, anillli ol Wurdner. iu
Snulh (-'net Kooienny:
Commencing ut ihe Hunthwinl comer if
James Pnrka' licence, lot No. IMUT; Ihenee
weet :i" chtiitm more or leaa lo the enat aide
of (,(.!. r. Diggur'a llcenae, Itbeneo north '30
chains, thence weet one mile, tticnea uorlli IH
cbiiina, IhcnceiUHt, 117 chalna more or leea
lo aeet eldcof lot 011,7. tlu-n n aouth to the
place ol beginning. .'10
Dated lllobei Dili, lOba.
Timber Notice
Notice in hereby given Ihut thirty daya al-
terduteV.ll linker will Hpply lotlteCliiel
fommiHidiiiicrol LnildKillld VVot-ka, Vielorin,
foraeiH'ilalllcetuelo cot Umber on the following dei-ci ibed lumle, loath of \\ urdner, In
Snulh I'.iiHt Kooletmj:
Commdicing three tiiilcH Huiitli ntnl nne
mile euet ohhe uorlhweal corner ol lol .'!i7(l,
(hence north piim mile, «wt film mjlp,eoiilb
one mile nnd mat one mile to Ihe place of beginning, HO
Dated October 8tb, I'Jnj
Timber Notice
NoticeiHbrreby given Ibal thirty daya af
ter date L. H. Itaker will apnly totheCldef
Comm^aloneilol Limh uml \* orka,Viclo-ia.
fur aa|nciul Hit nac tn cut timber from the
following detcrlbed land, So,nhol Wurdner.
in Sontb I*3n6l Kootenny:
Comraeucitigoiifl tulle weat nnd 00 chalna
north of tlio unrllnvcM corner ol 1). Rrem-
tin's timber   liceim...   bit    No. 01(18.   llience
weat tno tnilea, north half a mlle-eaet (wo
mileii-ml mnil i-hnlf a mite t-o place nl
lirglnnlng, an
Dated O.-l,ber (lib, limit.
Land Notice*
Nnl Ice la hereby given that within nixly
duys from date I intend to apply to the
I'hief I'ommlaetouer of Lnmla ami Worka,
fur permisM*on lu pnrclmeu lhe following tie-
acribi.l Inml nenr l'erry creek in South Kail
1 o|iitnci!citiM-Hi ,-|inii,H,,,it of Una Thiea'
pre-emption i-cnr,l Nn. 0H5, aouth enat corner: thenee aouth 40 ehnlna; thence enat 40
ebnltin; noiili 40 ehnlna and weat 40 chuina
to place nf beginning.
Dated Ih'a Tr!■ duy nl NovetnlMT. 1000.
■H Oliver A llnrgp,
Timber Notice
Ni.liieia heieby *:iveu thai within tidily
da.ia M. I.et-lie will npply In Ihei'liM Coin
tnleetnuer of 1 nuilli ami H'oika, Vielorin. Inr
iietiaiaainn t< cut and cairy away limber
from lite fnllowlng (ll acrib.il landa in South
RtlQl Kiiul* ii i.v:
('oiunieuclugni ii poal pin tiled two milea
enillll of ll nihweaf turner ol  Lot  No.
MI70 Smith Ktial Kuotenny; theiiee weal one
mile, ami Hi otic mile, mat one mil I noith
one mile lo plnce nf beginning,
Dated Si-plcnilni-.Mlth, MH'Ii. '.»1l
Timber Notice
Notico Ih lioreby given tlmt within
thirlv iliijH A. K. Lirech will apply to
thu Chief Commisfltoner of IjiiuIh uml
Works nl Viclniiu fm* |M'imiMHioii to cm
nml carry awuy limber from the foliow-
inx ilnw-rilii'it lnmla in South Haul
Commonelng nl a post planted alami
Boven rlmins tltio floitth ol lhe southwest
cornor of Lot No, .117 and on the north
boundary of LotiiKiii, thenee north one
mile, went one mile, poiith one mile and
enst one mile to place of commencement.
Dated HeptemlwriHtili, lnoil,       iii
Timber Notice
Notice ia In rcby given thnt thirty daya af-
tcnlaleS. I.. Baker will apply tolhelblef
fommiaaiouer of Landa and Wbhie. Vleiorla,
for a ef ial lieetiM'to cut timber on tho following ileal rib.il landa, aouth ol Wardner, In
South Kuat Kooininj:
Comnienc'ng one mile weat nnd2flcbuliia
north nl tbe mtiihueat rormr of Hremm-r'a
li.-eiae, lol No. lil lis.i|„.|i,-t, -.nml, ,,ne mile '
wial one mile, nuilli one mile and iahi one j
m lain lhe plnee nf beginning. K0
Dated October It:It, niua.
Wooin & Dezall    |
Horse Shoeing j
Carriage Repairing en J      ',
(iencral Jobbing.... ♦
(luiaidc Oritera I'riunpii, ,
AltJa.'eJ tn.  . J
»••••••••»*♦•••*• .».*.**$)
Perry & Fitzgerald
If you want your hauling
done promptly and right, give
me a call.
Sole Agents in iranhrotik for
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It Is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Notice la hereby given Hint   tIiii
ter dnte.hum-a linker uill npplj i
lliianiom-r ol Lnmla ami **> ml.
I apccial licetiae tn cul limber
lowing it, acrilii-,1 land, auulh ol V
South Knat Knoteiiiiv:
iiniu-iMmt- two nml nm- hull t
ami one mil-* citit   nf Hie iiuillut
lint   (1070,  Hience   Htlltt'l   I wo
half u mile, tn.rib Iwn pol^a ntid
hilllll mile In Ilie place nl ticcililnii
mi Hie
StlORr UvlNE  li
St. Paul, D.iiliilh, Minneapolis,
Chicago and points east
-llirnii-ili l'liliii-i. nnil Toiirlstaie'e'rti**..
llllllll-,'nil I Itntti'l Hlii.ihlll*; i,ri.j-iirv*l'Hi.-i.
ANP SCENERY UNE)l>Ai.l.i:0 ,
For itn.*.,. l-'iililt-rs unit l-'uli '.lir.iiiitiii'liiii
cult mi nr aailrenj ■■
H. T. LAND^CK, ARciit,
A. Bi-C-DBNNIsioN, ..  .
0. W. P. A., Senttle, Wash
■H '
Till:  (-RAMUtooK   Ill"UA.l.H
New Styles in Overcoats
NEW! ^he ^°
SUITS  Ti,eBr'shton
Little dents'
Kaglancilc Overcoats
Boys' Reefers
Men's Rain Proof Coals
\L*fl TO 6ALL-
A Ilm* mnge ul' si/i-s in nil
lln< iibove liin-s. Inspect uur
Btot'lt, Vou will Iiml ii nil
tli.'il rail -a'tlrnir.il.
J Reid & Co.
At ioc, ,5c, wc and 15c per
DOUBLE ROLL Former price
3JC lo 50c.
**** ******** **************
For Your Afternoon Tea
ning pnrty why waste linn* n.nl a-ntia.-*- worry liy by link- U
ing when y.m i-nii net stu-h exquisite mul dnility
|       Fancy Biscuits, Fruit Cake %
|       and Short Bread I
4} us manufactured liy Jacobs & Co., Dublin, Trohind, nntl Im- 0
IB .ported direct by nu, With those cukes nnd G. T. It. TEA 0
'js your pnrty is iissm-eet of success. 0
V Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery *
^ Cranbrook, B. C. f"
 • ......ex.. si
If ymi p;iy nn pxhorliitant pritv tor n still PART of your  ;
moiti-y is wasted, no mutter how good the garments are.    If you
puy't-vi-r su suiiili u priiv t'<ir ,*i  li.nl  suit  ALL your  monoy  is
wasted. -If you buy a good suit you  must  pay nt  least a .fair
pr'iijk and thnt is all yuu will pay fur a suit inwle Ity
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.   J
......................... ij). a ................^
lli-at your home with n J
f     Sunshine
Furnace..    !
'I'lu- l»-si heater [or this districl ns •
,       ii gives ported  satisfaction  with !
1..1I1 .-...il.    full un.l 4-4-1 particulars, j
Alsns iirlineof •
,     McClarv's
Famous Stoves :
Ml kinds of sheet metal work, blower piping;, etc. •
Patmore Brothers,
I'liinihiiig, Heating and Ventilating Engineers ;
Iiiimi now Im,l.ln,t ii.-m I..tin* Mu....11
I-',11,1,im-,- i'n
You Need a New 5uit
11' thai Is tin- i-iihi-. yuu should In- en refill in lh,'
(selection. Wo i*au -give you out' that will bo sal.
islailun in quality, workmanship ami price,
I hup in ami hoi- uur stock. Our (.'lotlies nru
inaili- in Cninhrook liy Crnnhroolt -neoplc. They
nn- suits that hint.
Leask & Henderson
I The Cosmopolitan
%      J. R. Downes, Proprietor
i Cranbrook, B. C.
B Two well lighted and furnace heated
H sample rooms.    A firstclass hotel with
m firstclass   service.    Popular with the I
0 public.
Sterling Silver
A Piece of Je_ Spoons, Coffee Spoons
SILVER Bsrr Y SPoons* $ui" Spooos,
I* Always Crcim Ladles, Sugar To.iji,
Appreciated Butter Knives, Cold Meat Forks
W. f. Gate
Hhc 3cwclcr
ottik.-i.it match Inspector
C. p. K.. Crown Weut bi-
2 1
Picked Up Aavul lit City  ky  Aikl.f
UwatkiH ol Muy He»*4e.
Tickets for Clara Mnthes at
SI. H. Kiim visited Winnipeg
last week,
James Greer viait.il Morrissey
last Moiuluy,
K. C Su.itli 11*11111- in fruui his
ranch Knliirdny.
Dot your tiokets for L'lura
Mnthes at Beattie's.
Mr. uiul Sirs. Small have tnken
rooms at tlu- Koyul Hotel.
P, .1. Smyth, of tho Moyii-
Leader, wus in town yesterday.
Tho ur.-l.ius had a groat timo
with tho first snow last Monday.
The Kntre Nous club will moot
on Thursday evening of next woek.
Tho first snow of the season cov-
I'l'i-d tin- ground Monday morning.
Norman Hill and Mr. Mother-
well   in.,   hunting   big   gain.'   at
The Clara Mnthes company will
always piny 10 good houses in
Wanted Girl its operator at the
telephone exchange, t.'ull ut the
telephone office.
Guy Mason Ims returned from
Rynn an.l is now clerking for \V.
1)'. Hill .li* l'o.
W. Snniorton is acting ngent nt
Klko during Sir, Austin's absence
on n mouth's vncntlon,
Don'l forget Clnru Mnthes, Her
compnny »»iious for a thi-eo nights
ongngement this evening.
Mrs. W. I table and children ex-
pect to leave Snturdny for l-oinona.
I'lilifornin. (o b-m-i.i1 the winter.
Sirs. Wiilliuger and children of
Port Steelo, visited Crunlirook
friends lust Sunday nud Slot.day.
Humid Nelson nml his company
un* receiving unstinted praise
I'n.in the press wherever Ihey appear.
I'rof. llcplnirii expects to put ou
u itrnniutii- performance iu the
iiciii-future [or the benefit of lhe
N. C. SIcKinslry is 1.living a
livery burn built iu front of the
Roynl hotel. A. S'rooni is putting
up tin* building,
H. W, lloss, who is writing up
the mining conditions of the district for Iln- II.-raid's iiuinnii. was
in tuwn Friday evening.
Chnrles Campbell hns purchased
nu lii'idertnking business in l.eth-
briilgc. iustcuil of going lo Ilu-
Imli. and says he hns excellent
prospects of u gixxl business.
Sir. Burgess, 0, I". 11. ngent at
Kitchener, camp up to Crunlirook
one dny Inst week to hnve his Wowing locks trimmed. The lock of 1.
tonsorinl artist in thut town makes
such trips neeossiry nt times.
I'rof. Hepburn states thnt pupils
mny enter his dancing clnss for *".
for the rest of the tenn. This is n
grand opportunity for thoBe who
desire to tnke lessons from a mnn
whu understands his business.
The Miners' I'nionof Kimberley
holds its regular uiiniinl ball this
veiling. These balls are always a
success, and nre looked forward to
with pleasant nnticipntion by the
people of thnt vicinity.
William Keay. customs collector
nt Fernie, nntl Willium  Simmons,'
private secretary for.I. H. Tonkin,'
manager of the eoal compnny, wen.'
, in town Suturduv.   Mr. Keuy is a
I . I
former resident of Cranbrook, und
' his friends here ure muny,
Tutu Wcllmni. took his horses
to Cowley this week
Sir. and Sirs. K. II..nu* r.-lunu-d
yesterday from their bridnl trip tu
Willie Greer returnod from Calgary Wedlicsdliy, when- he has
lai-ii attending school.
The Oddfellows" lodge will linvo
work iu tin- inititory degree next
Monday evening nml u lunch after-
tiiiil. at London. (Int.. on October SOthi Mrs. W. ti. Honth. moth-
er uf Sirs. F. 11. Munis of Crnnbrook.
Sirs, l'etitt returned Insl week
from her trip tu the oust. Sliss
Petit! will remain in Winnipeg to
take ii course in music.
George SVnlcs nrrivi-il in town uu
Tuesday from Crows Xest. where
he has la-en engaged iu 11 sum* mill..
He jlill probably remain iu Crunlirook this slimmer,
Miss Jessie Leitch will leuve in
a few weeks for the const tu make
extended visit with relatives,
nnd seek the benefits of a change of
climate during the winter months;
Then' nre a number of sidewalks
in neiil of repairs over, the lown.
If lietter judgment wns displayed
in the cnn- of Ihc prisoners, they
could du nil uf this kind of work in
Crnnbrook, instead of being tnken
to Fort Steele to languish in juil.
The dunce given by Ihe Alexandra hotel nt Morrissey Minos Inst
Sloiulny evening wns n decided success. There wus 11 large crowd,
excellent music uml 11 ittugitificent
lunch. Everyone present had u
must enjoyable time.
The Cosgrove Concert Company
will give nu entertainment on the
20th tor the benefit of the lire department. This is n first class
compiiny nml- should be liberally
patronized. After the concert 11
dance' will lie given. The net proceeds of the concert nml Uu- proceeds of the dance will go to the
lire department.
Literary Society.
The Crnnbrook literary society
will give ils first program next Fridny evening nl (Mil Fellows hull.
The committee has nrrangetl for a
very enjoyable evening, and lhe
promoters of the society hope that
there will la- a lurge attendance
and many join thut evening. The
society is IhjuiuI Io Im1 a lienelit to
the community ns well as affording
several evenings of pleasant entertainment during the winter sciisun.
The program fur jVriit.ty evening
is ns follows:
Address by the president, Sir.
K. E, Beattie.
I'iano solo, Mr. Wright.
Paper, the benefits of .11 literary
society, -Mr. Claude Vroom,
Song, Sirs. iMulpns.
Song. Mr. Hazell.
Recitation, Mr. C'lii'rence Dulling.
Paper oil a current events. Slr.ll.
1'. Rogers.
Song. Sirs. Slulpns.
Resolved, Ihnl Civilization Tends
lo Make Mon Happier. Uev. W.
Oi, W. Fortune, unintuitive. Mr.
W, V, Gurd, negative', Dr. .1. II.
King. SI. I'. I'., referee.
Aa Imposition.
The (.'rows Nest Puss Coul ('olll-
pnny or the Grent Northern, are
displaying unliniit.il nerve when
they run 11 Imjx cur for passengers
on the Morrissey brunch nud churge
fnn>. Ladies ure compelled to
-limb 11 crude stepdndder nn.l
crawl Into the side door Ihc liest
wny lH.ssil.le. und then sit on
benches 111 the cold during the
trip. To expect passengers lo ride
in Ihis age iu thut milliner, when
there is no excuse for it. is unking
too much. A tnouopbly hus n
cinch, but it is |«>ssil>lo to overreach the liniil. It is strange Hint
the Morrissey Dispatch tails lo
comment upon the milliner iu
which-the peoplo of Hint town ure
lieing treated, Morrissey is too
good 1. town to stand for it.
Cnmhk'lor T. Cnvtm has returned to town from Calgnry.
Conductor Rotor gol Mediciim
lint i*, in tuwn for 11 few ilnys.
Mrs. \\\ Ktoeks him boon tho
tfiieat of Mrn. Bennett n\ Sinlnr.
Operntor W, 0. Knowles left on
ii visil to the enst on Kriihiy.
Roadmastor Doolan visiied Sir-
dnr ou Friday and Movie on Sunday.
Krithjenmstcr Stocks at-eompan-
ietl the bridge Inspection party on
their tour.
H. T. Johnston of Calgary, has
sHecetHled J. W. Lucas as assistant
resident engineer of the Crow's
Nest branch.
Arthur Sheppanl is in harness
agnin after his vacation, Hosjxmt
n very pleasant fortnight with
friends at Winnipeg anil Portage
hi Prairie,
Superintendent Taylor, in company with divisional engim-ers
Dawson and Brooks of ('itl-jary. has
Imm-ii on a bridge inspection tour
over the Crow the (Hist week.
Miss A. L. Couzens visited Rynn
on Sunday to spend the day with
her brother, who this week resumed
his duties ns agent, after a vacation <>f six weeks in the east.
.1. McKef. one of the most [wip-
ular bridge foremen on the Crow.
intends to make his home permanently at Klko. Mrs. McKee and
family move from Reginn this
Friends of Fred Thomas, formerly romlmttster's clerk here, will regret to learn that au necident hi-
sulfentl some time ago has resulted in the loss of the left thumb.
At the time the accident wns so
slight tlmt he took little heed of it.
but blood poisoning supervened,
und the thumb wns amputated in
Mnch-od hospital.
The practice indulged in by
muny truvelers in the West of not
entering the train until it hns
started, received nu unpleasant illustration at Crnnbrook on Saturday. No. il had just started westward, aud in the rush for the steps
au elderly man missed his footing.
tl but for the energetic action of
a fellow passenger he would have
fallen between lhe platform nud
the wheels of the moving train.
As it was. he was enrriinl some distance along the platform with his
feet dangling dangerously lielow
the ear steps. The incident caused
not u little excitement among tlie
spectators who witnessed it from
the platform.
The population of the Crow hns
been depleted to the extent of nearly IKK) souls  this  week.      On   ae-
mt of the reduction of the staff
to a winter basis, tbe extra gangs.
consisting mainly of Italians and
(iitliciana. have either lieen laid off
or transferred to service on the main
Hue. The gangs included in the
latter category were: Worth's.
Carlson's. Hansen's. NewlaniVs|nud
Provenzanos'. The others dispersed fur and wide over the country,
some to the mines at Fernie. others
to Edmonton and Calgary, Not a
few were passed baek to Montreal,
en route to sunny Italy, to spend
au idle mouth or two ou the dollars
they had been pding up almost
since the time of construction,
Annual Sale.
The Ladies' Aid Society of the
Methodist church has decided
to hold their annual sale of useful
and fancy articles, candy, dolls, etc.
on Thursday evening, Nov. 2flth,
from It to 12 p. in. Several choice
musical numbers will be given (luring the evening. Au admission
fee of 10 cents will Ih- charged at
lhe door.
Church Notice.
At Christ church service will lie
held tonight (Thursday) ut 8
o'clock, Archdeacon Pentreath
will give an address. 'I Irs is lhe
Archdeacon's farewell visit nml I
trust n full congregation will meel
him, The Rector,
-'*!. On .Snlnnlny nexl wo open -*"
■xt to door to Cosmopolitan hotel,    Vou nre invited to call
,  '"I'"1'1 '■"' "lock.     Jt is all new uml np-to-ilnte.     Don't
tiny'unless yon wnnt to, Remember cash is worth 10 per
cent ever} second at th.s si ire. Don't overlook lh,- big line
2!„V'.'liS?-''^ls,m<llx»lisi»*.enre showing at ilu* lilli lilll'C
Mi 'Kl*..    I hey nn- worth going over.   < H course you k.mw
It Pays to Deal al Beattie's Big Bazaar and Drug Slore    \
Mail Orders Promptly Shippsil K
®I®I®I®I®I3>I®I®I®I(S>I i®l®|tBI®l®l®ltBltSI®|®|iS|(Sl
iSucctssors to G. H. Gilpin i
.lust received a big assortment of
Lulus'.   Gents'  ami Children's
® Prices to Suit All
i«i <s*: * i <s> i <i> i * i <.
Call anil See
» I ♦ I «> | *> I * | «
A. L. HcDermot a. C. BowneM
g Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchanto
■ StklUiB.tr .    l        The Highest Brands Tat Until aa,
m «'..". ai. *"                    °« SCOTCH and ►»*•  """■"I
■ ^"...St-.jilJ.       IRISH    WHISKIES [?$S«k
"Jr A complete stock of Cigars, consisting of th£
0 "Pharaoh," "Lal-ortiina," "Irving," ••Bar-
Ifji ristcr," "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
M Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. Telephone 17
- Write for Prices. CRANHROOK. B. C.
Agents for T. Lebel & Co., Hay and Grain.
«  Owing to nn uuni-ciiiinliibli* delay we w,-r.' iletaiiiiil from open.
*J ing uu the ilule heretofore nnuounced
J         Friday, October 23rd will be
; Our Opening Day	
* Come nml inspect our iiremises. our entirely new stock uf lim^'B,
**  l)nej; Sundries, Stntionery. Fancy (toods. Perfumes, etc.
! Chas. E. Reid & Co.,
i The New llluek Cranbrook, B.C.
J Dispensing .*. HfieFlrd'ty
When you visit Cranbrook stop at the
None Better In the District
Rates Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
served in any style from g p. m. to 6 a. m.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpis«d for clean
liness and comlort and thc bar is supplied with the best brand
of liquors and dears.
Hotel 3 3
Oueiti Comfort i Specialty
(Iood Stibliflg in Coancctlo-s
Nearest to ruiltoai] iud depot.    Hia arrntnuioila-
tioui for the public uocqualleit iu Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
Cold Weather
Is Coming: On
1 huvc a line line uf
The BEST made.   Also anything
kept iii ii firstcliiss hanlwnre stoic
J. D. HcBride Till
('liANI'.ltOOK   iii:iiai.ii
Tiie  best  breakfast,   umut-r   or
tpper for a child is
Victor »"«»«•
.-■iporaled V/l COlU
m -BfinHBuaHMM
in all lhe
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wbiilcult aid Krla.ll
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, (lame and Poultry.
SS      <^
We supply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
BSffiSEElill MMLfflBl
(i. E. GRIFFITH, Proprietor.
Well lui nisi,.
.iiilut'lalilc   I'OOIllB, good u.euls.    Stop
h.-re when iu lowri
S II. I'.
16 II. I'
them in
for full
The DoLoneh
Variable Frio -
tion Feed Suw
Mill. .Simple.
Convenient nml
cheap. Cuts iio-
eiirute lumber,
tluunintccd tt.
give satisfaction. With 4 II.
P. cuts 2500 ft,
fi H. P. HBOOft,
.".in it. p-r duv. Can he used with unv power up t"
. Weighl ..I' mill •.'lun His. Suw 40 Inch, Some !!0of
■•v in ll. C un.l nil giving grent satisfaction. Send
ilt'sei-iptirin anil prices. -        ■'" '
E. G. PRIOR & CO., Limited.
Wc have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
j   Have Vou Any l-ulnilng In lie Bone?
ti   Uu *.[!-. ill Vmir Known Need PnperlflX?
|   W. N.CLARKR.
iEstimales given on lnrgo oon-
, trnets. Wo don't wiml the
earth. UV want to please
you with Ilm work nntl receive
reasonable pay.
Royal Motel, Cranbrook
*)*****...... .............
Wc liavt a Ilie alo-ik at ♦
Ladies' Novelties, $
Children's Cloaks, ♦
Dress Quods, *
Toys, Etc.
Harriage      1
Yes, nnd the CITY'   IIAK. I
KKV is tin- plnce to gel n nice T
wedding enko nnd ornaments f
in the luteal slyle.   Why send <p
your order oui of lown nnd ®
Y perhaps linvo tho ieeing lii-ok- A
*j" en by shipping,   Prices right. X
"' Phaae SI        Opposite M. I. Church I*
C. W. WILSON,      J
Html luip-irtatlaue froin fiailaail al *
Barialo Prima. J
************************* I*
s *>
* *
4   la Whom li Ma, ftwiirii ■»
I    I
| For Signs, Window Blinds, *
j Show Cards, Banners, Etc. •»
j i
s |
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing mil Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining; riachinery
Machinery torall Purposes
All of very best makes.
J. L. Neilson <L Co.,
Ml Mala SU Wlsa'pci
I XMAS PHOTOS        |
J NOW i« lha l».»t lima lo ail fnr, J
t your Xiiiiin Photos.   This ia tin* *
* nil*, wny nf Iiuviiif- then on iinn.. ♦
J Cull fiirtlii-m ..hen vou wnnttlieit. ***
JS       PREST PHOTO CO.      8
♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦la
II. L. Stephen*. J. li. Stephens, J. l.awsun. M. Kut keu-lorl
"The mill will never grind with the
wilier ihut hus passed."
This means that if you are not now a patron ol
the Big Alexandra Hotel at Morrissey Mines
you are missing thc opportunity of living in the
largest and most homelike hotel in the district.
The rates are high but the service is there.
Sii'lit-ns Midn. & Co,, PrW-jie
Morritfsi'V Min
li. I.. sti:i-iii:\s
li. sti:i*iii:\*.
The "BIG" White Hotel Ml Morrissey, B. C„ is
the tavorite stopping place for travelers coming
from Montana over the Great Northern railway,
'we'll give you the glad-hand at the
that woro included in tlio pvioe'-of
my Bteam ongtooering t'ourao, mv
alone worth .Um money 1 paitl for
tho courbo.   Wliile tho instruction
it*, so ck'ar and  concise, that
• Hun t spend spure time thlnktnr
whut ,i,u iiii|>l)t bi* if your saint*,' wcit*
UuiibK'J! /'uiny. uut tliinkluK. will make
yoiii* wish 11 iculity. Our freu booklet,
f'Aro Vour HandsTIed?" tells you what
lu ilo mul liuiviu ilu it. Thousaaas have
uln-itdy iloubleil it lai|*i'ly ini-reast'J
tlieir salaries by following our plan
I'tiJi-i our L'uliiutiee you t-au do the
kaiuv. .*\ct today! 1. *'. S. Te*t->
liuiiku make it easy for those already
at work to
Learn By Mai!
liibul-r-J, HUM, Elttlrltr.1, tlill, ■lata*. Tap*.
thwat, «a4 TrUfC-nth Ka-jUtirlafi »*** Ul
•uadrj Practical iMbtalral tl-t»l»|l Iraki.
1MU-*i l'la«Ua|t>hMl-Mrl*1l-allirainMM|
I'krral.ir,, : On Mr, Hal IImI*-» i l-tUrUf 1 ■(*!-
..   UtaaallT* liaaalaft  tlrtlratbMefaMIlM|
liarraaa i Hpaaltk i I rsaeh.
Clrculat lilt,   Stile mbjicl tint Inltititt you.
Bos 71», SCHAM1-OH, PA.  •
can inake *i;oo.l progress iu a short
lime. Conaidorhif! thnl u ninn enn
us., his spnre moments llius to
improve himself in liis trade or
profession al a slight cost. I would
unhesitatingly ndviso unv nm-
bitioiis man or woniun in tnke up
ii course with lhe Scranlon Inter-
tioiiul CorrpBpondonce school.
A. Mussel*.
Engineer Sush and Door Factory.
An iiiti-r-stilly i-shiliitinn fm-out*
WH'k coiiinii'iiciti-j; Friday Nov.
13th, como and sot-. The International Correspondence Schools
of Scrnnton, have opened n great
display at W, T. Roul's store.
Thoso schools havo behind thom
lii years of continuous bucchbs, not
only in this preat country of ours,
but also across tho soas, in Asia.
Africa. Kurupi-. and Australia,
and havo proved beyond n doubt
that Instruction by mail canquaUy
our working classes for hotter positions. Tin- lies! wishes and testimonials of hundreds of thousands
of students and graduates are testifying to the worth of those schools.
The exhibit has aroused an Immense interest in our borough and
we must say that no men wishing
for improvement in his position or
betterment of his pay should fail
to visit it in order to consult th
special representative iu attendant1
as to the steps lie ought to take to
achieve this end. The Interna
tional Correspondent School's
exhibit contains toxbooks published by the International Textbook
Company, tho owners of these
schools, written in connection with
the I;"il' different courses taught.
Mild given free of charge to their
students. Five lessons in Spanish
Clcr'mnu, and Fronch are given by
means of the phonograph. S, II,
Kings, tin- locnl representative, is
In constant attendanco in order to
form classes at Bpeclnl club rates.
Tho "International Library of
Technology." the best standard
reference books Oil technology ever
published hi the world, is open for
inspection, nnd the "Principles of
Law/' the supreme compilation of
commercial law of the Fnited
States should be of interest to lawyers, manufacturers, owners of
real estate, iu fact all merchants.
The International Corrospon-
lonce school's additional branches
are Courses in Lettering and Sign
Painting. Show-Card Writing, and
Advertising. A rare collection of
work done by students and graduates of the schools can be examined. The great benefits so many of
our fellow citizens derived from
these echools and our own conviction that anybody willing to study
leit ure hours will 1 o able to
gam success permit us to recommend a visit t> this great educ.i-
tiotial exhibit,
The maguiUcutit sut of  books.
Wants lo Knuw.
The Sawmill, Perry Crook. Xov..l
Editor Herald: Sume time agi
you indulged in a  little  witticism
i  anv- ■ .**      ,,   , i ■
.... ,     ,     ,. •   I upon an item that appeared in
oi the arflmgi- understanding F'    s    ,   ,,„,    „,'„,,wlli,h,
nhnrl . *
a party of hunters wore shoot ii.ra
Huminer's Fl:ll. Now. of emirs
the awkwardness of the phrase
obvious enough, but there appea
that there 'is soine coutrovei-f
aliout the propriety of the Pro
pector's use of the almslropliy '•}■
und using in the 'lirsl wonl of ll
name of 'places as nouns hi 11
pttssessive case, , Should it I
written "Bummer Flat', or "Utu
Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
The Canadian Pacific KuilWuv company control a larye urea of the
choicest [arming uud ranching Innds in the Klk. Kootenay, t'ohnnbiu
nml Sliieuii valleys in the Kootenuy district uud in the Kettle river und
t Ikliuagaii valleys in the Boundary district. A large majority of tltese
Inmls ure readily iii-cessilile l.y railway.
The aggregate amount of principal and interest, except in the case
uf Inmls nnilcr $2.80 p.*r nciv. is divided into toil instalments ns shown
liy tin- Inlile Mow; Ilu* lirsl lo la- -mid ul llic lun.- of purchase, the sec.
olid one year frum dnte of mirchflBC, the  lliinl two yenrs, uml soon.
The following tahle shows iln- iimouiil of tin- annual instill its mi
llii) ncres ut ilill'i'i-i-iit prices under the nlh.vc conditions:
KUna.nl93.40 IXM-nr. Isi Instalment 9 50.01,0 equal inslul'ls i.f $ 60,00
liiiiiii.nl !),00|K-rac, 1st liislilluienl 71.(10, flvqiuii inslul'ls of ini.llll
lliiin.*. ut fl,50|ierac. 1st lu-hiilincnl K't.OO, 0 i-quul inslnl'ls of 70.00
H'.il.ii'. ul I.IHI |„-i* :.,*. Isl illBllllmeill !l."i>."i.'.1,-ip.al inslnl'ls i.l 80.00
KUnc.nl l."ill|icriic. Isl iiisliihueiil 1(17.85,0i-quul liiBtnl'tsof '.K1.00
liiil ,-n- ,-it   fi.Ol) per ue. Isl Iiisliihueiil   110.85, II equal iustni'lBof   IHO.OO
I .uinls niniil- $3.50 I'l-r 1.4-1-4* un* sold on shorter time.
II land is paid lor in full at the time of purchase, a reduction from
lhe price will be allow eil rip a' lo ten percent ou the amount pit it! in
excess of the usual cash imta iiirut. Interest at six per cent will Ut
charged on overdue instalments.
The compnny is ulso interested in the following lowusites: Klko,
('rnnliiiiiik. Kimberly, Aldridge, Kitchener, Crcstoo. L'roctor, Xelson,
(lorrnril. Letnoiilon, C'listlegnr, Cnsen.le Cily, Grand Forks, l*iholt,
tlreenwood, Midway, N'ukusp, Ai-mwhend, llevelstoke. Donald nml
Ivimiloops. Terms of paymenl nre one-third cash and the l.aluuce.in
six uml twelve iiionllis. with interest,
for further piirtieulnrs nppiv to the following locnl ngcnls;
\V. M. l-'ri.st. llut.-wnv. Montnun*     .1. A. M.l'nllui.i. tiruiul l-'..iia,H.l.*.
I!. K. Brace, Wilmer, IS. ('. ll. A. Uendcll, Eholt, 11. ('.
V. Hyde Bnker, Cruubrook, li. ('.    A. l-Vrgiison, (jreonwooil, It. C.
.1. T. Burgess, Kitchener. B, ('.        .1. I>. Sililmlil. lievelstoke. B. C.
K. Miilliiiiiliiine. -Ir.. Creston. II. ('. Thuinns Abricl. N'nkusp. II. C.
G. K. Stocker. Cnscnde, 11. C. 1-'. .1. l-'nllim. Knmloops, li. C.
I*. C. Elliot, Trout Lake City. ll.C.
Or J. S. DENNIS. Lund Commissioner for British Columbia,
at Calgary, Alberta.
I mm Die .Mov.e l.iUiltr
P. II. Hope lliis week purchased
Ihe drug store from A. T. Clark.
Then- is talk of a fancy dress
ball being given in Moyie on Nov.
28th, thanksgiving ilny.
H. W. Ross was in -Moyie yesterday securing data for nn article
on mining, which will appear in
the Crnnbrook Hernld annual.
John Rogers, the newly appointed manager of the .Movie Lumber
Co.. has severed his connection
with thut compnny. nnd hns lefl for
the enst.
Lewis Thompson has returned
from the Slocan. He snys n person must go awuy from home to
appreciate ihc prosperity wliich
South East Kootenny is enjoying.
Claude Trotter, lhe young ninn
who jumped from u moving freight
triiin in Moyie three weeks ago last
Monday and hnd his left leg so
Inuiiy mangled that il wus found
necessary to amputate it below the
knee, is out of the hospital and is
getting along splendidly.
Yours respectfullv,
Tall Tim'bc
Iiuui Ilia ri-ii'ii.-.-tiir.
M. and Mrs. A. B, liowness and
A. L. liowiess. Oranhrook, visited
Steele Sunday Insl.
C. II. Diinliur. of lhe law linn
of Harvey. McCarler iii Dunbar, of
Cranhrook, wns at Steele San-
I'rof. Hepburn, Mr. and Mrs.
Williams and Mrs. Clcaiy. Crun-
brook. were registered ut the lm-
porii.1 Wednesday.
Thuinns Beaver has sold his
ranch at Litlli, Bull River to W.
Crowston of Manitoba. The purchase price is snid to l»- SI.IHIot
cash. |
H, W. Ross. Ihe Steele correspondent for the Cranbrook Herald,
was at the Sullivan mine this
week getting data for the Herald's
A hunting party consisting of
H. A. Wnllisger, Goo. Watson
and several others will leave
Steele today on a ten duys' hunting trip, on the headwaters of
Bull river.
.Mr. Wm. Johnstone arrived Insl
Fridny from ..Ireland to take charge
of the Presbyterian church nt Fori
Steele and Wardner. Mr. Johnstone is sent out hy the Colonial
Committee of the Irish Presbyter-
inn Church to fill one of the vacnii-
cios of this province,
lt depends upon w.ho is using
the names. Thonglils ure like ja-i*-
sons. Kach person iIvossob to suit
one's self, Language dresses one'*
thoughts,   uiul   like   persons,  arc
chlirilcteristii' of their clothes
Either of those terms would lie offensive to fastidious persons: either is characteristic of the Prospoel
or. und the I'ruspccto.r hus ll l'ighl
, to use thi'in. . .Papers, like persons,
oro somelinips interesting for their
peculiarities. If u inuu wunts to
wctir his shirt outside his pauls
then- is no liiw lo prevent hitii/aiul
if In* spells I'liinnner's Fin! with m
npoBtrophy "s*' nnd n smuli "I"
I there is-no law-to prevent thnt
Common usage is to nol use tin
possessive.sign..,-is,in "\'.-iiu-iuivei-
Islnml." Vancouver ...discovered
the island, hiit.it does not belong
to hi.n. The 8fimo applies In Bummer Flat, Still lliere is unlaw In
prevent the I'l'ospeclo'r l'rotii saying Buiiiun-i-'s Hut. nor tu prevent
people from shunting at it.
liy ihe Herald Office, u b,,y t„
learn the pl'lntilig trade, lie must
be iiilellig'..it mul energetic and
mean business. No tritlers wanted, mul worthless kids need mil
This is nn* exiif-t cut uf u line uf
Clothing we are ngcnls fur, nud
this line can only In- found in illusion, in Chlnbrook, Hill & Co.'s
Minimi..th cfotllillg House,
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.   .
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ui.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Dealer in
B Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
Manufacturers of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
mils at Cranbrook, li. C.
Orders will reicivi" prompt attention,


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