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Cranbrook Herald Aug 30, 1900

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ouanbkook, bbi-tish Columbia, Thursday, august so, moo.
NL'.MI'.Iill 24
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gro. A. Cox, President.
It. ti. Wai.kkk, Gen. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking liusincs.s Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
FORT STF.ni.l-: BRANCH. J. W. H. SMYTHE, Manager.
At Auction 3
The Furniture of the Central Restaurant and
Lodging House will be sold without reserve
..TOMORROW       .*       Jt       j*       **
The Celebrated dt dt
Slater Shoe    3
For Men       ******
At the...
Toronto Clothing Store
Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort i Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations  for  the  public   unequalled  in  Craubrook.
We Are Not       0        Q .    Q       M
Rushing the Season
But wc are preparing for It, anticipating your wants.
Vou will say so too when you ace our uew
Silk and Velvet Blouse
Waists and Dress
Tailor Hade Suits
Call ind Sec Them..
....G. BREMNER & SON....
Did You Hear?
That wc have added another feature to our already
well-assorted stock?  We are now sole agents for the
Calgary Brewing Co,  3   3
for thc towns of Fernie, Cranbrook, Kimberley, Fort
Steele and Moyie. We will carrv a full stock of
their bottled beer, porter and ale. These goods need
no recommendation.   Used once, always used.
We are also agents lor tlie Giant Powder company,
Upton's Tea, Bennett's White Fuse and Safety
Lighters, Golds worth Tea, Schlit: Brewing Company. We will continue to carrv the same well assorted stock of Liquors, Men's Furnishings, Men's
Shoes and Groceries, as usual. Try some of our
German Dill and Sweet Pickles in bulk.
Write us for prices.   That is where we
shine    in attending to mail orders    ■*.<*
Hum*mhi-r the place
Fort Steele Mercantile Co* Ltd.
J. P. Fink, Mgr. ",'a81 Koolcnay'u Bit Mall Order Mouse"
It Was Pat is Operation Last Tuesday
for the First Tirot
If Reports are True  More Rich
Strikes Have Been Made on
Perry Creek,
On Tuesday the new compressor wa-?
started at the Sullivan. Owing to tome
of the parts having been left out when
the machinery was shipped, the plant
could not be put in operation as quickly
as anticipated.
Superintendent Burdsall was in town
Tuesday, and said tn substance; " While
we started the compressor today, the
output will not be materially increased
right away. I want to get everything
working smoothly and so that I know
nothing will give out before starting in
to work the plant to its fnll capacity.
"As to the uiine.it is looking better
than it ever did .and steadily improving."
The Herald has only this much to Bay
in addition: The time is not far distant
when the output of the Sullivan, the S*.
Eugene and North Star, will astonish the
world, collectively and separately.
Perry Creek Still Conli| to the Front With
New and Rich Discoveries.
J. H. Taylor, the Perry Creek mining
man, was in recently and says lhat Dan
Monroe and his partner, H. Kllers, have
made another great discovery on Ferry
Creek; if the reports are realized the
find will prove to be one of tbe most important ever made in East Kootenay.
Mr. Taylor stated that he had not been
to thc new discovery himself, but that he
had been informed by Mr. Monroe that
he had made 10 locations on a big ledge
that showed much free gold and would
also show big beads of the same metal
by roasting.
Mr. Taylor also says that tbe Kootenay
nnd Pei ry Creek Co.'s big Petri lead is
still panning gold, it is said, as the cross
cut—uow ao or more feet lu widih—proceeds . _______________
Stockholders Visit the Salllvai.
Last Saturday G. W. Hull and.wife
of Toledo, Ohio, and B. W. Laylon and
wife of Wapak-JiieU, O., accompanied by
Cul. Ridpath of Spokaue visited the Sullivan mine. The Ohio people are no novices in mining matters and were highly
pleased with what they saw.
Col. Ridpath, loo, seemed very well
pleased, (here being a vast difference tn
its appearance at this time compared
with his visit made mouths previously.
If tbe colouet is a mau who ever enter-
taius any regrets for the past, undoubtedly one of hte principal ones is that he
at vaiious times '* unloaded" large blocks
of Sullivan.     	
To Miners. Prospectors
And others. An exhibition of mineral samples will be held iu conjunction
with the Fall Fair in Cranbrook on September 24-95, The management will be
glad to receive samples of ore for exhibition. Leave exhibits with McVittie &
Hutchison, mining brokers and agents,
Crnnbrook, B. C.
fi H Miner  The Pioneer
KA.  11*   1T11I1V1       HARDWARE STORE
...Three Gents' Wheels at Cost...
STOVES—Just received a carload.
AU kinds of Builders' Hardware-. Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal.
Eavest rough and Furnace work.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and rtoyie
n bis co-owners who have made lhe te
quired expenditure, pm rala, according
to their former interests, on the BHug
wilh the mining recorder nf ihe division
in which the claim is situated, such notice in full, and there shall be attached
thereto an affidavit of the manager or
publisher of tbe newspaper m wbloh the
notice was printed, staling the date ol
the first, last, aud each Insertion of such
uutice therein, and where and when tlie
newspaper ■uas published during thai
time, and the name of such newspaper
Such notice shall he recorded hs alore-
Bald within 120 days after the first pu'-
icatlon thereof."
Tbt Creehrsok First Baptist Church
Matter ol FaC
Winnipeg. Man., \u%. 311— I -Herald Special)
The strike uf the C. P. R. Machinists, which
tins heen on for several weeks, has been set.
tied ind lhc men %o lu work Immediately.
In Cranhrook I "remitU Mallinson Is hunt
lux up tils crew.
i pay
The members of various Baptist societies now resident in Cranbrook met
at tbe home of Rev. I), lloliord on
Wednesday evening, August 22, to con-
aider tbe advisability of organizing us n
cburcb. The nature and importnnee of
a New Testament church theu received
due and careful deliberation. Hach
member present believed a Christian
church lo be a congregation of baptised
believers in Christ, worshipping together; associated in the faith and fellowship
of the gospel, practicing its precepts, observing its ordinances, recognizing and
receiving Christ as tbeir Supreme Law
giver and ruler, ami taking His word ns
their sufficient audexclusivcrule of faith
and practice in all matters of religion,
unanimously agreed to organize nt ouce.
This was done by uniting in mutual covenant to sustain the reialionsandobliga
lions prescribed by llie gospel, to be governed by the laws of Christ's bouse, aud
to maintain public worship and the
preaching of the gospel.
Articles of faith were adopted, us also
a name by which the church shall lie
known—The Cranbrook First Baptist
Church. Officers were then elected, Rev.
O. Holford, If. D., being chosen hr their
Rev. P. H. McKwen, of New West
minster, B. C, superintendent of B iptist
missions, presided.
Baptist church service will be held in
Wentworth hall every alternate Lord's
day, at 7:30 p.m., until further notice;
also a service of prayer and bible study
every Thursday evening at 8, to which
all are welcome.
The Design of the Church.
The evident design of our Savior in
founding and preserving churches iu tlie
world, was that lhey should tie monuments in the midst of guilty men, bear-
Ing perpetual witness against the wickedness of the world ami to the goodness
of God; but especially tbat lhey should
be living testimonials to the v ork ol redemption, the light of the world, and the
aalt of Uie earth.
They constitute the effective instrumentality by which tlie will of God und
the knowledge of salvation through
Christ are made known lo meu; at the
same time they form homes for saints on
earth, sheep-folds for the safety of the
flock, and schools for tbe instruction and
training of the children uf the covenant,
whUe they encourage the pe tie tent and
warn tbe careless.
As a church we shall endeavor to well
understand our high calling and seek to
accomplish it, according to lhc will of
God. Rev. D. Holford, B. D ,
Missionary and Church Organize!,
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Herald job Printing
Section II ol Chapter 45, Relating to Co-Own-
era, Especially Com mead able.
1. Tbis act may be cited as thc " Min-
ml Amendment Act, 1900."
2. A Crown giant of a mineral claim,
or any part thereof or interest therein,
may be issued to the administrator of a
leceased owner of such claim, or part of
claim or interest in a claim, upon  all
■oiidiiiona precedent to tlle issue of such
grant beiug fulfilled.
The Mineral Act ts hereby amended
by inserting the following as section 8
K. liveiy person who mines for any
minerals for bis own sole uae and benefit
on any crown lands in the province of
British Columbia without having taken
out and obtained a free miner's certificate shall, on conviction thereof in a
summary way, forfeit and pay a penalty
uot exceeding $25, besides costs."
4 Sec. II of Chapter 45 of tbe Statutes of 1899, being the "Mineral Act
Amendment Act, 18-29, i* hereby repealed
aud Ibe following section is substituted
it. Upon the failure of anyone of several co-owners to contribute his piopor-
lion of Ibe expenditure required by section 34 of this act, the co owner or co-
owners who have performed tbe labor or
made tbe expendilure may. at the expiration of the year, give sucll delinquent
co-owner notice by publication in a
newspaper published and circulating In
lhe division iu which the claim is nitu-
aied, or in the absence of such local paper in the nearest oue thereto, for at
least ouce a week for 90 days, and If at
the expiration of the 90 days of publication such delinquent should fail or re"
fuse to contribute hia proportion of the
expenditure required hy said section 24,
together with all coals of advertising, his
interest lu the claim shall become vested
The Blf Swede Touched.
A few nights ago a railroad worker
known as the "Big Swede" was silling
in a room of a public house in an oblivious condition; a well-known railroad
trainman, once well up in the service,
came in aud 'touched" tbe Swede for a
watch, which later was taken by the
thief to a house on tbe row and disposed
of. The man was arretted and is now in
jail; he will have his trial Saturday.
He is very anxious that bis name
should be suppressed, so a* uot to cause
his family "worry." lie is very considerate of his family indeed, as according
to reports tbey have for some lime been
suffering for the necessities of life and iu
a way dependent upon charitable people
for their meagre sustenance, while the
husband—wbo is so feorfnl tbey might
be worried over his arrest—lias been
blowing his money for whiskey nml
Two Mea Drowned.
Tuesday two employes of the C. ti. R>
at Crows Nest lake were drowned. Their
namea were Hutch and Fitzgerald They
were out on the hike in a small boat)
when, while changing sents, tbey were
thrown out and Ibe boat enpsued. They
were observed from shore, but there was
no other boat at hand, and by the time
a small raft had been constructed they
had become ch lied through and sank.
The lake being very cold tbe men were
piobably taken witli cramps.
Slocan Cily wants a bunk.
The legislature has voted Sandon $5,-
000 for relief of fire victims.
Hoodlum Ism of an aggiavated type is
said to prevail iu D.iwson City.
A direct telegraph line  from Vancou-
er to Dawson City ir. about completed.
The Odd Fellows of Vancouver recently made an excursion to New Whatcom.
Preparations ere being made in Vancouver for an elaborate celebration of
labor day.
A party of Chicago students will soon
arrive at Kaslo to indulge in the pastime
of glacier climbing.
R. B.Miller's mill near Sheep creek,
West Kootenay, was recently burned, including much lumber.
The weather never seems to just nult
the general public; awhile ago it was too
dry and now it is too wet.
The stock-exchanges throughout British Columbia ate protesting against tbe
proposed doubling of the tax on produc-
ng mines,
Kamloops is to have a new government building) but n great roar is going
up over the site selected, Mr. Host ork
being accused by the Standard of bool-
The C. P, R. strikers had a large meet-
ing in Vancouver, recently, attended by
all kinds of professional and working
men. The proceedings were very temperate.
There was n collision between a work
train nud 11 freight train on the Slocan
branch of the C. 1*. R. last Friday.  How-
il Guest, a brakeman, was severely injured.
John McCormack, a logger 011 Vancouver island, recently lost his life by falling
a tree which broke a branch off from an
adjoining tree that sti tick him on bis
arm, breaking it. He refused to have
•mated and blood poisoning ensued. 	
Charges Are Substantiated by Mrs. Richard
A London dispatch says that Mrs.
Richard Chamberlain, sister-in-law of
the secretary of state for lhe colonies,
who very recently returned from Soulh
Africa, has been interviewed regarding
her experiences there. She declared tbat
every woid said by William Ashmead
Burllett Coutts, conservative member of
parliament, about the management of
the military hospitals waa true. Tbe
surgeon general, she asserts.lhrew every
obstacle iu tbe way of forwarding medical supplies
" With a few exceptions the army doctors," says Mrs. Chamberlain, ''are a
low class of men. Those In South Africa neglected their parents. Six cases of
drunkenness among army doctors came
under my observation. After these people had came in contact with the police
they were sent home in charge of invalid-*."
These and other sweeping charges,
made nfter a stay of several months
in Soulh Africa, are attracting no little
fir-.t floor. Tlie upper rooms filled with
smoke until it streamed from every crevice and the interior was supposed lo be
in flumes. A "still'was sent in and
Fire Marshal Fink. " Watty" "Aleck"
and two or three others of the more vig-
"lant members of lhe brigade hastened to
tlie headquarters, dragged ont the uppa
ratus and went tearing down Haker
street, bitting the high places only, with
an interested crowd of spectators jollying them with shouts of " Oo afler 'em!"
.Connection was male with the
hydrant and water thrown clear ever
ine house in much less time than any one
thought it could be done. One thing
was satislnciorily demonstrated, and
that is that under pressure a fairly strong
Btream of water in iy be h id, file pipe
man had the pleasure of "dousing" a
number of the guyers,
"Monle Carta's" Railroad.
" Monte Carlo,"—everyone knows bim
—of Fort Steele, recently relumed from
the coast, and brought back a railroad
with him, in his trunk; be says he intended it lo tie known as the Monte Curio and Fort Steele Railroad. Monte expected to get Fort Steele capitalists to
join him in lhe enterprise—tie whs willing to " take Ihem in" on the ground
floor of a good thing tbat would afford
a much needed regular train service
right iu town—if wound up regularly;
true, the mileage was rather limited and
it was confined to & prescribed circle,
but could be partially remedied by keeping it moving; however, it seems that
Moule's fellow-townsmen did not partake
of his enthusiasm because it wasn't u
branch of the C. P. R , und in a moment
of pique he sold it to Fred Smyth ami
other Moyie capitalists for fi.-*, -■. ■-
and will build a pipe-line to Ammonia
lake, put a spray nozzle on a hose at
(ached to the pipe and make contracts
witli the ranchers for the extermination
of cut worms 11ml potato hugs.
Noted Unrest Will Attend the Fall Meeting in Cranbrook.
An Agricultural, Horticultural and
Mineralogic.il   Exposition
September 24-25.
[Prom the Mo;la llead-ar- Aug. 88.]
It is expected   lhat   the  St.  Eugene
Hume will be finished by September 2
Mrs. Harper has returned from the
hospital and has albiost completely recovered from her recent attack of sickness.
G. W. Wall of Missoula, Mont, was
here Ibis week looking over the field with
n view to establishing a private hospital.
He did not meet witb the success he anticipated and returned home.
All Indications are now favorable for
several big mines being opened in ihe
close vicinity of Moyie. New discoveries are being made, aud the development
work beiug done on the old properties is
showing tbem up lo good advantage.
One of the richest strikes recently made
was that on the Black Diamond and Mu-
pah, situated about eight miles fiom this
place, near the head of Moyie lake.
These claims were recently located by
J. M. Lindsay and Robert Mills.
The government buildings which have
so long been promised Moyie have been
granted at last. In th? recent appropriations voted un by the provincial legis
lature lhe sum of $1,500 was included for
such buildings as Moyie required. Government Agent Armstrong, when here
this week, said lhat he was simply waiting for instructions to go ahead witb the
work. Tbe building will be fitted into a
court-room ami a jail attached fitted up
with four cells.
Edward Dessaulnier, of Iturke Idaho,
who recently came to visit bis brothers,
had A leg broken by jumping from a
moving passenger train and landing on a
rock pile. The injury was what is known
as a simple fracture, only one bone broken.   l)rs. Higgius aud King set thc limb.
One Found in the Fields ol the Flathead
Country, Alberta.
New Store.
Cranbrook. has arrived at the time of
its existence when it can afford some of
the luxuries of life and become a patron
of art and music.
Mrs. T, Rookes has rented the store
occupied by Pieper & Currie as a wall
paper house, and will soon have therein
a Btock of pianos, organs and other musical merchandise, artists' material, etc.
Mra. Rookes will also give lessons in
painting and music.
Archie McVittie returned home early
in the week from an extended trip
through the oil district in the east slope
of the Rocky mountains and which lies
— the best of it —in the Flathead
countty. bordering on tbe boundaiy line
between the States and Canada. Here
Mr. McVittie succeeded in locating ten
square milts of lands ihat iu many
places oil oozed through Ihe earth by
digging or by upturning large boulders.
Iu one place a match was applied to a
crevice in the rocks and a flame Irom
natural gas whs the result. Tbere can
tie little doubt about the matter of vast
oil deposits in that region which only
awaits development and transportation
fm iii ties   to   be    productive    of    great
Regarding transportation Mr. McVittie says it would be a very simple mailer
to construct a pipe line from the fields to
tbe Grenl Northern railroad.
There N quite a rush being made for
these lands now and Mr. McVittie
1 bought at oue tiuie he was going to lie
lefl on the proposition hut a rustler is
seldom put in the rear.
Something New In Rock.
Government Geologist G. M. Dawson,
for whom Dawson City was named, arrived in Craubrook last night. Together with his assistants he has been
working this season in the Crows Nest
region and report says that he has there
discovered an entirely new, or hitherto
unknown formation in that region,
which, if a fact, will receive due attention when his report is assured.
Spokane Industrial Fair.
The mining department of lhe Spokane Industiiiil Exposition, which opens
on thc 2d day of October, promises io be
better this year than ever before. Many
districts already are preparing exhibits
and some which did uut exhibit last year
are assuring the management tbey will
he on hand this time with a representa
tive exhibit which will be worthy of
their section of the country. The man-
ageiuetlt at Spokane will give every attention to this department and will ilo
everything possible to improve on the
splendid exhibit of last year.
Machinists' Union Dance.
Next Monday night the members of
the Machinists' Union in Cranbrook will
give a ball at Wentworth hall. A cake-
walk by ladies and gentlemen will Ilea
feature. The Machinist's union is a participant in the C. P. R. strike now on,
nnd organized labor and its friends, especially, should show that their principles are more than talk deep, and attend
enmasse. That the occasion will tie en-
joyuble and entirely devoid of any objectionable featuies, goes without saying.
First Fire Alarm.
Cranbrook's first fire alarm since (be
formation of the  fue brigade occurred
Conitable Brutally Beaten.
Constable Lindsay was brutally beaten
last Sunday night, in Moyie, by three
diuukeii loughs. Tbe latter weie at a
house of ill fame uud liecame 80 disorderly tbat the inmates of the establishment called upon the constable for assistance. He came aud tbe three tongh.s
set upon him, got his billy away from
him and be.it him badly about the head
and face with it. Lindsay was able to tie
around Monday morning, much tbe
worse for wear. Two of his assailants
were captured; it is hardly probable the
third one will make his escape. Tbey
should be given the extreme penalty of
lhe law.	
A Resident Dentist.
Dr John Barber, the well-known dentist, wil! in the course of a few weeks
make Cranhrook his permanent residence. Dr burlier is a master of liis profession, has made frequent visits to
Cranbrook, ami all who have met bim
will be glad tu learn that he is to become
one of us.	
Read lhe Toronto World,
The Toronto World's daily financial
articles ami grain mid live-stock reports
are accurate nml full, and arc looked for
Tlie lirst 'County Fail" ever held in
East Kootenay will occur at Craubrook
<>n September ?4 25. on the spacious
grounds of the Turf and Athletic A»60C-
While tlie agricultural and hortlcult-
urlug Industries in southeast Kootenay
are as yel in the very early stage of infancy, people will I** surprised wben
thev can see tor themselves whal the
ouniiy is really capable of in tbat direction: that splendid fruits, vegetables and
grain are raised successfully in this section. It is .1 well-known fact to the
older residents, but newcomers arc,
many of tbem, doubters and an occular
demonstration of the fact for the benefit
of thnt class will tie very beneficial.
Mineral EthlMt.
A special effort is being made to secure
a mineral exhibit which will in a degree
give people an idea of tbe vast and
varied resources of East Kootenay io
tbat direction also and all prospectors
and nnnets interesud iu the development of the country as a mining region
are earnestly requested lo aid to the extent of their ability in furnishing exhibits of ores from their camps which
wili be male the uucluesof a permanent
exhibit o: the mineial resources of the
country. Bring or send samples—not
pocket pieces—but pounds of ore with a
description cf tbeir values, your camp,
etc.. either tc tbe secretary of the Association, A. W. McVittie. or to The
Herald office and tbey will be properly
labeled and cared for. Regarding
smaller and rich specimens bring them if
you have them, and tbey will be placed
in a showcase aud returned if you wish
Great Horses Will Be Here.
There will be very fast horses hete—
many of them livers that have never
beeu seen in Ibis country before, and are
now making the circuit on theotherside
of the Rockies. Among them will be
some of the big winners from the Winnipeg Exposition n\ces, and at tbe noted
tracks of the east.
They will include such horses as Toatl,
winner of the Ladies' Plate at Winnipeg
this summer; Lo.b Perg, winner of tbe
Derby at tbe same meeting these hoi sei
were imported by George Wentworth
from the celebrated Daly ranch in Montana 1: tbe great trotting stallion Brown
Richmond, mark 2:22; Cherry Ripe,
mark 2:21 '4'; Chick McGregor, 2:24X1
Hard Case, 2:24 **', the celebrated jumping horse Lee Metford, winner of Ihe
hurdle races at Brandon; Bob Kirk, the
greal trotting stallion, 2:16, will be
brought here by W. Stewart of Macleod.
Thete are only the leading horses of
the great number tbat will compete in
the races, and probably are tbe finest
aggregation ever appearing in British
•Salty" Is Home A(ill.
" Salty" MeKenzie, slar conductor on
the C. I' R. Northern Pacific ex-con.,
past grand chief of the Zephyr Ananias
club, Montana, etc., returned a few days
ago from bis pllgrimmsge to Spokane,
Seattle, Vancouver and other holy cities,
having had a pleasing and instructive
vacation. 'Sally" hob-nobbed with the
400 of Spokane, at Seattle worshipped
in the synagogue witb I-'iankie Ikey
Lowe, and la Vancouver devoted much
of bis time to worldly pleasures. If
there is one subject more than another
regarding which "Sally" is an enthusiast, it is boats and boat races; be can
give old pupa Noah point* on arkitecture
from a nautical standpoint; and when it
comes to picking out thc winner in a
scull race he is Infallible! "Salty" can
tell you all about the winners in the late
races at Vancouver.
ast Saturday afternoon. The occasion 1 by everyone Interested in tbem. The
was the pari ing of n stovepipe in the World is published every day in lhe yenr
second story of a residence on Hanson and devotes iis energy to getting out a
avenue while the inmates were ou the   first-class morning paper.
Mr. and Mr*. Frank Van Decar.
Mr. and Mr-*. Frank Van Decar arrived in Cranbiook—his old and her new
home—last Thursday evening. While
the change for Mis. Van Decar climatically (California to the base of the Rocky
Mountains 111 British Columbia) is a very
ladical one, it is hoped that she will find
it not unpleasant, bnt healthful, As for
Frank—well, it couldn't be otherwise
than tliat be is looking well and feeling
happy; be thinks California a fine country, but as long as he could bring its
principal attraction for him to his northern home, he still thinks British Columbia is good enough. Mr.ami Mrs. Frank
Van Decar will be at home the ist and
3d Tuesdays of each month.
White Laundry.
There will tie a while laundry in Cranbrook as Mr. A. St. Klot will soon have
one in operation.   A plant is en route
and experienced workmen will arrive.
Mon lay, of cholera infantum, Mosce-
lettc, aged 7 months andH days; Infant
daughter nud only child of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Dickcison. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Tl'MIMS 01' Sl'll CltUTlON;
Tlie HoroUl iletlrcs In -Mr tho news of tlio
district, ir you kniw nny ubout ,y<<m* town
your tnliif oi y mr [.goi-I*, semi U l» tlil- oltlco.
Th- law of natioti-i ib_t mi^ht ui-ikes
right has long since been adopted by
commercial companies, and te being rapidly d 'lie by individuals, ll is right, ton,
except when you are the oilier fellow,
The poor native of Indii certainly
is luring very badly. During tbe past
few mouths hundreds of thousands Imve
died trom starvation; uow, the cholera
planiie is sweeping them off at lhe rate
of j 000 [rt week.
The friends of an eight-hour woik day
have always maintained ih.a where it
has been put in lore-, ibe average results
have beeu equal to those realized from
the n> hour system. This claim, if not
in actual words, in effect has been endorsed within tlie week »t Rossland by
Clarence J McCualg, the well-known
Montreal mining man, who, in referring
to the noted Payne mine, among olbei*
things said: "As you know", the payment of dividends have been resumed.
We now have a very good class of miners, and while we pay good wages we we
doing lar mote and much better work
than toriiierly, wuii tlie result tbut our
expenses aro considerably reduced while
the output lias increased.1"
Lanky Bob Fitzsimmons, having failtd
to get Champion Jeffries lo meet him in
the ring again heloie the expiration of
the llorlou law in New York, has announced that tie "is through with the
lighting game and will retire from tbe
ring" Tbe refusal of Jeffries to fight
"Fit*-**," on the sut face appears to lie cowardly. IMlzsimmotis. during bis pugilistic career bus proved bimself, lo paraphrase au old saying, "the noblest glad'
ialor of them all." His bravery and skill
those who have opposed bim iu tlie ring
know to tbeir cost. His integrity as a
professional lighter lias never been questioned, while as a private citisen be is
at least the equal morally ofthe average
man. JMtzslmmmiahas today the respect,
admiration and good wishes lor his wel-
furc of hundreds of thousands of men
and women wbo never saw hlm, never
viewed u " ilng" and are conscientiously
opposed to prize fighting.
Example or l't-.ti-il<*:il SHenue.
French scientific journals contain
accounts of the nm* prising nehlevo-
mentfl of tin* inhabitants of the commune of Moncenii-Htir-Olae, not fur
from Paris. There, in a little village
of only 2C0 ItilinbitnntB, the atreeta tire
lighted by electricity, electrle lights
tin* to be found iu tho church, in all
tlu* housed, and oven in tho stable*-*;
nnd the farm-buildings in the neighborhood of the village arc Illuminated
iu the Bumo milliner. Mnn*- thnn tliis,
the commune posaesHcs a large threshing-machine driven hv<electrit- power
nnd capable of threshing '.mn Bhcuvea of
grain per hour, bcsidcf) tllllp-etlttcrs,
crushers, Bortcra, pumps ami other agricultural machinery, nil set in motion
by electricity. The power in derived
from ii viiterfull, und combining their
Interest*-**, ihe inhabitants of the commune hi-vi** mnde science illuminate
their strrets nnd houses by night, nnd
drive their machinery by day, more
cheaply than these things could be
done by the old methods.—Youth's
NeKr<i"M   Are  llitrn   Willie.
A French j hysietan who hus attended
nf the birth i f ma.iiy negro babies says
that, us n rule, thoy are white or nearly
so when born. The air turns thein
darker soon. 11" suggeatsthatby rearing negroes in the dark tlie race could
be made white in u few gi'iierations.—
X. V. World.
Has jusi received s large
ami complete line nl
Which he In silllii, it Ihe
same prices nuked In Ihe
Cameras for $1.50 to $150
Come in and see them „■*
.1. H. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
OFFICIi- 3IIH1II.0CK.   llt.OCK,
CRANUROOK,    1   ;   :        :   :    II. C
G. Johnson....
\J/ Assayer and
^ Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Ill   s.   II All I.Mi 001 tit.
The forest of lhirt-moor Is surrounded on ovory nldo by wide strut-chea ot
11:.101 land that bolon-g to the several
contiguous  ["-'Irishes, atul every hoU-t-C-
lioldur Us each of these parldhee claims
riglita on tho common ol hits parish,
01 er whicdi, moreover, tho manorial
lord assorts paramount authority, and
enforces it when, he cau. The duchy
of Cornwall, however, to which the
forest bcJuuji-i, professes a suit uf sovereignty o*cr all tbcac commons.
Xow, iLcie lived in tkc parish ol
tiuutli Tautan, in the curious old village of Zeal, where every house is an
urclioeolog'ieul curiosity, nnd every
householder is iudepeudenl -u iioor
yotuia muu of the utuneof Joaluli Hay.
eoutmouly known a*s young Italny Hay.
The ulckruinie wus aequlretl by him
through bis ext-esslv-e eautloii. As the
-slothful num. according to Solomon,
excuses himself from doing anything
cud going anywhere, by Biiyliig: "Thore
te a. lion lu the street," so did Joaiuh
Day shirk U'liiurlng on uny undertaking, or Investing small enrnliigs in any
Bpeculatioiu to which ibe risk of loss
adhered, 011 tlltt plett tlml lie must look
out for and provide UgtUniSt n riiiuy
Joe was imt a lazy man, yel bis ex*
aggeratotl prudenco led to much the
sniuu results us Inerlness- he let slip
upportunitilea that could never recur,
und which went to bencllt men less
able, honest und industrious tlmn himself.
It sometimes happens Unit plums
drop inlo ibe* months of t.lio-se who
stand gaping ut the clouds. All they
(hen have to du is to close their mouths
on the plums and to moke Uu- most of
Sueli il plum dropped into ibe mouth
ol Josltth one Cbrlstm-OB Bve. IK* did,
llideed, suup his jaws on ii but that
was all.
He  was working on the common,
u- blocks, wherewith
   iew lake" wall.    It is
ike opinion 01' every householder iti 11
I-an nli that, hns commons thut be has
a righl io tis much open ground us lm
etui Inclose subject, if enforced, to a
payment to the lord of the manor, and
thence forth his own in perpetuity,
Whilst thus engaged doe came on tt
"burrow" or cairn of small stones. Ik-
cliureii   away   theso us  too sintill    tu
iiuing ii|> gri
and dUcovered be*
in-utJi them a granite slab. Thla he
levered aside. wlUioul mueJi dlfltenlty,
innl lo his .surprise disco veral n stoiw
eihl or collin 1 onstrtioted of t-mU* blocks,
lb- crept in, und wus slJIl further surprised whon he found within 11 potcon-
Ln-Ining charred boines twnl ashes, and
near it a cup of yellow metal, and some
lings und hoops, some weighing six,
others ten and llft-roii ouaees apiece.
He hasllly serainliled forth, :iiiil us
tin* sotting sun gleamed out, h-uexamined his bud by il« light. He rubbed
tlie clip uml the rintfs 011 his sleeve, ami
"liy ginger!" suid he, "if it ain't nil
solid gold. Come! I'm in luck's wny.
This shall stand over against a rulny
"I wasn't called, young Italny l>n.v
for nolliing," suid be. "I'll put it ull
lwu*k again where I found it,-Olid there
it shall remain till 1 have real occasion
to lift it."
So tbe young mun replaced the covering block, then lieaped the smull
stones und earth over i-t und disguised
the fuel, tbut tlu* place Jiad been dls-
lie returned homo very Biitlsilcd with
himself and with bis prospects. Now
he could look forwurd withoutbllnltlng
io ilu- Inevitable rainy duy. At prcn-
ciiit he hud. health, strength and youth,
and with these, he could earn bis livelihood, "llut," as Jos put It, "I can't
reckon on these lnstlng. 1 knows several young chaps ua bus hud colds settled im their ohestcsscs, und bave died
of a decline. Ami Tom Kiidieott, Iw
illsloontiotl his hip, nnd now can't bobbin Up On lo the moor a,llcr granite
no more; and us to old age tuid ile-
eropilude there's no denying lt, every
day und hour uml minute brings 1110
alghor to it."
Accordingly, .los went on breaking
up stone onul Inclosing, tu.d instinctively he extended his "new take" wall In
the dlre-ution of the cairn und stom*
clie.st that contained bis treasure.
On ihe vorgaof the m(n>r, on the con-
lines of cul 1 ure, Lived aglrl naniod Mary
Aggett, villi her bedridden mother.
She mude il livelihood 011I of plovers'
eggs, whioh she collected uml sold, out
of some poultry she kept, oil! of Hint
arrow beads, willed, liy searching, she
found on the moor, und whldishe disposed of 10 nu arehtte-ologUt.  Bhe also
did .some n Ilework nml wentoutcbur-
dns passed the cottage twice daily
on his way oul und on his way home,
und very frequently lie wiw Mary ut ber
door, or sh** was sonrchlngou tin* moor
neiir where ho worked, and thev never
mul without exchange of salutations.
Dn one occasion, win it overlulteii liy a.
hailstorm, be huil been Invited into the
collage,  uud   hiuli been  glteu u eup of
tea thut warmed bis heart as if it Imd
lieen peppermint, und gol Into bis head
us if it had I.e.'ii whisky.
One duy when lhey me),on tlw* moor
ihe northeast blast was so cutting Mini
they retired together under sheller of
a rock io eat logelher iheir lunch or
cold pasty. Considering how eold the
weather waa, Jos putlilsarm round Polly, ami. having an overcoat, be throw
one nnn of il over ber shoulder.
The ensuing nlghl wuh one of sore
temptation to Jos.   lie tossed ou bis
bed, lie eould not sleep. Ile sullied
very early from his house and went to
the moor, resolved to raise bis treasure,
dispose of It, dare fortune and imirrv.
As he passed the eottagu nf Mary Aggett he did not see lier. He wus gliul of
this, lest she should have naked him
why be wont to his work two hours
earlier thnn Usual.
lie jn-iA-vcUvd to \liv _tuui4 IStfUStttf
be stones, heaved tbe covering slab
iside.gotiiito the cUcHtandbroughtcut
the gold rings und cup. He furbished
them Up,and tbey sparkled iu tlie morn-
g sun.
When ull were ranged before bim, he
shook bis bead. "It would be madness
to risk it," said be.   "If I morrii d Polly,
men be them corkscrews, she'd have
the whole story out of me, nud tbey be
thai chiiUerlioxes, lbey can't help talking, and she'd blub about it to every one
in the pluee. Then I'd have tbe crown,
snd the duchy, and the lord o' the
manor, uud the parson und the 143
uuunuu-.e]**-- down uu me tor deniumHug
their ^biites. Bc hanged if I'll ri*.k it.
Women is ter'ble dangerous animals
with their tongues, iirver to be trusted."
Then In wenl ull the treasure again
into tbe eotlin tbnt hud contained and
preserved it for ■i.QOi) years.
"1 know whut I'll do." suld Jos. "I'll
build my new-take wall right over this
old grave, nnd then no one cun get at
the treasure without pulling down the
I.'utle did Jos Buap-iet thut he was
being watched, and thut hts every wurd
was overheard by Tolly herself, who
was behind the rock bind by, whero she
Imd picked up flint chips and (lakes.
Slowly, painfully, Jos Day worked ut
bis wall.   He succeeded in carrying it
over Ibe cairn, und thus lu* secured his
Irensni-* from being disturbed, and thus
was  it   made   fast *4,niinst Ihe   rainy
In the eoiiTse of the next three months
he had completed the Inclosure, and
hud taken from ihe common a tract of
gootl land of ftvo-and-twenty acres In
About this time Mury Aggett's mother
died. Jos pitied ber greutly. the cottage
was st> lonely for the girl. Ills heart
grew soft when be saw her In bluck.
"liless me!" suid he. **U 1 lived In thut
cottage it would save me half of my
journey every duy. but I won't risk it."
Shortly after this 11 great surprise
eame to llim. One morning he found in
bis "new take" a Hock of sheep all
branded M. A.
-•(Inwioiis bless ins!" exclaimed Jos.
"How ever eame tbe sheep there'? I'll
tun usk Polly, she may know. She must
hu* seen some one drive 'em Ibis way."
lie went to the cottage ami siwke in
heat; "Mary, some owdoclous radicals
have been turning sheep into my new
take during tbe night. They are
marked M. A."
"They are mine, Jos."     *.   .
"Yours, Polly?"
"Yes. lt was very kind and considerate t>r you, Jos, to Ineloso so muny
acres for me. I thank you with all my
"Inclose for you! It Is my new
"There is some misunderstanding,"
answered the girl. "The new take Is
certainly mine. I havo l>een to the
lord of llie manor and have iKinght it—
•,•3 acres ut so much gold per ucre. I
have the pa[»ers ail drawn out."
"Yours! Where did you get the
money ?"
That wus a question Mary did not un-
After luiicb eoiifcideratiou Jus said,
fultt-riugly: "Tbis is a pretty go! How
nm I to be paid for the witlllng?"
"I'm sure 1 can't think, Jos."
"Hut it- bas engaged me off andon for
is months. Fifty |>ounds wouldn't ro*
pay my labor.   I en n't afford—"
"I really am sorry for you,"
"There is only one way out of it," ex-
clalined Jos, "that 1 can see; and that
is by changing the brand on the sheep
from A to I), nml by lumping together
my wall ami your land."
"Well, I'm not particular," answered
Mury, and so the. matter was settled.
They were married, and Jos fouud
that he had secured not only a very capital bit of land, but with it a very
thrifty, witty and wise wife.
At the close of the first twelvemonth
there were three in the house in the
place of two. At the end of the second
yenr the number luul mounted to live,
for the second addition lo the family
consisted in twins.
But the conscience of Jos wus un-
ciiisy. Something stood betweenhimand
Polly. He hnd a secret from her, und
that is ever a barrier to connubial unity.
Christmas was approaching. Jus resolved to make u clean breast of it und
tell Mary everything,
Christmas day arrived nud Joe put on
his Sunday coat uml (lowered his "w*es-
kit," took his lever and went forth.
"Polly," wild be, "come along.   I've   a
BiirprlMj for you," He deliberately threw
tlown 11 portion of bis new-take wuii,
discovered lhe lid of the stone chest,
ti vrred it aside, ami then jumped into
the box. Next moment he -rose out of
it blank witli despair, trembling with
disappointment. His trrus-ure was
Ity the side of Ibe ealrn und overthrown wtill stood his wife watching
him, with a smile on her cherry lips and
a twinkle in tier bright eyes. A toddling
child clung to her RklrtS ns she held one
of ilw twins in each arm.
"Poll!" he gasped, "I'm a ruined man.
I've lost everything,   I've 1s*eu robbed."
Then she laughed and when she
laughed tin* child bedding tier skirt
lailglicd also and the babes in her arms
eh nek led ami crowed.
"No. Jon JUtiliy Hay," she Mud, "you
have lost nothing, you have gained
much, I found yuur lreastire,aiid 1 dis-
IMtsed of ii to the antiquarian gcnUe-
miui who buys lhe arrow heads. With
Un* money I bought tbo liintl, the sheep,
the cows—and you."
Then Jos scrambled outof the grave,
and fell u laughing, and hi* laughed till
the tears run down his cheeks.
"Ity ginger!" said he; "woman's wit
outweighs man's wisdom. My true
treasure-trove is here"- he t-kupped his
wife on the shoulder—"nnd it's one
neither crown, nor duchy, nor lord of
the manor, nor parson nor the hundred
and forty-three commoners have, on?
particle of right over no more nor a
pin's head, but is all—all and undivided
—my own."—The Graphic,
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
I Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
j New Building, New Furniture, and Every=
! thing first-class.   Our object is to please our
; patrons.
...HO FEL...
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Contractor and Builder
At present am bulldln, the new St. Eugene
hospital and a number uf two story anil other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick nve.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S.
Office ntul store, Aiken block.
near Canadian Hunk of Commerce, Cranbrook, U C
Uphulsteriog and General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to auy work in the district
Promptly Attended to.
A. W. M'VITTIE. D.L.S., P.L.S. JOHN HUTCHISON. Notary Public
McVittie & Hutchison
„,Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
I. 0. 0. V. Block
Mines and hinds Surveyed
Tire, Life and Accident Insurance
JMone) tu Loan
Cranbrook, li. C.
On letting your contract
until you have seen
i.uip nr rorouto
Contractor •-><- Builder
TIiom* coutetnplntlnK biil'dlng will dn wr-H to let
liic dgllro 011 lilt. cnlitriic'H.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Saddle and**
Pack Horses
....For Sale or Reol
Armstrong nve., Opp. McConncll'a Store
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams and drivers furnished for nny
point in tbe district.
Manager   jt    jt   jt
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience 0 f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C. Nelion. B.C.
Open Day and Night
 Best of Table Board
A flrst-cluss tuok has charge oi the ailMinry department and the
lodging accommodations ure not excelled in Cranbrook.
" The Early Bird Catches the Worm " i
The " Early Closing" Storekeeper
Should Catch Your Patronages.«-.
We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
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of ImildiiiK.
See us for Prices.
Jt   jt   11. C
Alex. H. Watson,.,
Fire, Llle and Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Conveyancer       ::      ::      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up
Office over Beottle'B Drugstore
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
I'ort Steele, B. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
llllllk Ot CiHiilhi'ief lllilK.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Crnnbrook, It. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
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1 Dressed Lumber,
J Dimension Lumber,
I Shingles and |
I flouldings. I
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE   HERALD.
OllANIiltOOK,   U. C.
Ii.ii n Wa* iii-'i'iv UIm Own Paul!
Ami- ill.
"What wc'ii* iiiui* te yuur tobmco
oiil'-r." -iiitioituml thc big niuti ut the
door. "We're bucklug the trust mnl
nn* bound to win out if the people'll
only stiiui) hy un.    Don't Willie nn. ilil-
furuuee \vlu'ilu*r'yi«u stuoko, chow, dip.
swnb oi* suuiv ii. Wu cat) ht you out,
in .vnu right mnl gtini-autcu every package."
"liu glad ymi didn't mention cigarettes," smiled tbu little old lady ut-tlio
olher side of tin* sill. "1 hnve no mercy on elgiirettes, Not u hit! Noi a hit!
I Buy. I u bom Inn te auulT, i tlilnK
chewing ii most ii!ii*li*iinly [ii'ttctlce, *1
Mill noi allow n pipe In tin* house, -nil
I nm jnsi tolcriUo a clgnr.   Won't ymi
cumu iur*
Ile ueceptcd mul fm- ].-■ ml nut en -11
I' I  li" merits of liis guutls mid
tin* Iniquities of ibi' trust. She wns n
Hyiiipiilhetlc listener nml mude nu oeyti
slnual Impilry.
"Sow," he leiiehed In bis pi-mnillun.
'it you will Imvu your men folkH try
mir goods I'll cull bitei*. sill t'liuin »
trlnI lot clienp uml ibeii put thuui on
mu* IM oi'eiisimni'is. I'm* I luiow they'll
l- nsed."
"Men lnlUsV hem* ine! Slsler mul I
hnve lived bere for .'10 yem-s nlone.
Cooilness: Did ynu thlul; 1 >vns uinr-
I'IpiIV" And sbe looted pleiisod. "Hut
you're iiilstnkeii. Nm Hint I didn't
lilivc chniiecs miougli, mnl sister, too,
"Mndnm, I'm Rolljug on commission.
Von ximuM ijtui' told nm Imlf no hour
"H"" And lie made long Bt i'l den toward llie door.
"Hilt If ymi foitld send ine up an
ounce or so of some cheap sunn* to keep
the mollis out'of ibe furs- Why, tbe
rude iiiiiii!" For be was Imlf a block
nw;iy.-l)eli*oit Free Press.
Dear Sirs,—Within tbe past year I
know of three fatty tumors on the head
having been removed hy the application
nny surgical operation aud there is no
iudieatiou of a return.
Oliiton, N.B.    Uoudola Ferry.
In li> Ml iut.
"Well, they're jnst au average lot," re-
marked thc stock buyer. "Four and a
half is tin* best I r:in offer yon."
"That'll be nil right," replied the owner
of tin* cattle, "except for tlie briiulle
Heel*. Jle's worth *_00 just as he
"What are you talking nbout? I won't
pay n cent more for bim than 1 do for
nny of the others. lie's notion-,' but scrub
Btock, and he won't weigh more than
about 'levea hundred."
"Tlmi's nil right. Yon huml what 1
said. If you lake him he'll cost ymi {•'-OO.
lie swallowed my gold wnti'li this uinrii-
lug."—Clileugo Triliiitij',
lt Frequently Produces Hcutlnolit*, U«»rt-
imi-n, I Hu * l lies* innl Other iH-iri-t-siiig
Symptonifl — A  Victim   Tel in  of   Her
From ihu Telejtrniill, Quebec
Tho primary cau*-e of indigestion or
dyeppsia is lack of vitality; tho absence of nerve force; lhe loss of the
lifo-Mi.stuiuing elomenta iu tlie blood.
No organ can properly perform its fuuc*
tioiH when the i-ource of nntriim-ut
fails. When the stomach -is robbed of
the mil* inu nt denmutleil hy nature, as
shi)ii;iii<i;i ceases, unnainral gases aro
generated and tlio eutiro system re-
sponilH to the discord.
A praotiQul ilhisliaiion of lhe symptoms and toituro of dyspepsia is furnished hy tbo ease of Mr.-. A. Ln I ion to,
who lives lu tho vilhige of _ Stndnooua,
(juo. Wuflli in teu* viewed hy,a r^lwjrter
of tlm Qdob-Co Telegrapji, Mrs. l-itboute
looked the picture of vigorous hralth,
Hhowiug no traces of the malady that
hnd mado her life for tbo tiyio. luipor-
ublo. Bpeaklhrf of lier liluoii, Mrs.
Labonte saiil: "For about two yoars
1 raftered di.adfnlly, My dlgeitiTO
organs were Impaired, and tbe food I
ate did not assimilate, ami left me wilh
a feeling of tliilaleney, pain and acidity
Of the ItOlUnoU, aud frei*iiently heartburn. This condition ot n 11'a Irs ROOD
told on my system in other ways, with
tho H'Hiilt tbat 1 bad fieijueut headaches, di/xinotH.and al times u diiuiioss
uf Villon witb spols nppaiently danoiug
l» ftire my eyes. 1 beoamo ho muub run
down tbat It was with difltcnltr I
could do my I oaiohold work, and at all
tiims 1 fell wuik, depressed and nervous. Whilo 1 was at mv worst, ono
ot my friends, seeing that tho doctor
was not helping me, urged me to try
Dr. Williams' Pink Fills. My husband
then j;nt me half a doMQ boies mid I
begun taking them. After I had used
two b-QlQI 1 began to enjoy my meals
and tho various sy nip tou is of my
trouble began to disappear. 1 continued tlm pills until I bad used the half
dozen lanes, when I again felt perfectly well My stomach was as healthy
us over it had been. 1 oould Bleep well
and iny bead was clear and free from
tho dl/.'-iue-H mi 1 aelies that so long
helped make mo miserable. It is more
than a year since I stopped taking the
pills, and health has continued hotter
than it was far years boforo.'' Mrs.
Labonto added that sho will always
feel grateful to Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills fur the misery thoy havo released
ker from, und she always advises
friouds who are ailing to uso tbem.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to tho root of tho disease They
renew and build up tho blood, and
strengthen tho nerves, thus driving disease from tho system. Avoid Imitations hy insisting that overy box yoa
purchase is enolosed in a wrapper bearing tho full trade mark, Dr. Williams'
Pink I'ills for Pale People. If your
dealer does uot kepp them tbey will be
sent postpaid nt BO oonts a box, or alx
boxos for |9,60, by addressing the Dr.
Williams' Medicine Co., lirookyllle,
"Lord Byron," a romantic drama
based on the lift* of that poet, Is to bo
presented lu thc cast soou.
Owen Hall, the author of the most
.nccessful Gaiety musical farces, bas
settled bis differences with George Ed*
Robert Drouet. wbo plays John
Storm In "Tbe Christian," Is the son
of a clergyman uud wus lutended for
the pulpit.
Ilichurd Mansfield has announced
tbat lu addition to a revival of "Henry
V" he contemplates produclug next
season Herman Mcrivale's play, "Don
Two of Whlshn-w's novels of Russian
life -have recently been made Into
plays. Itcerliohm Tree may appear In
tlle Version of tbat une called "A Hoyar
of the Terrible."
"The Wire Walker," in which Edna
May will appear In London nest April,
is said (o bu a new version of the
comic opera by Kcrkcr and Morton
known formerly as "An American
Have Wm Held has added a new dialect to bis list. He Is mnking an artistic success with .tames Whltcomh
Itlley's poetry. Heretofore Riley has
been tlm only porsott who could do
justice to his Hoosler language.
"The Greatest Puritan" is the title of
Uie Oromwell play written by Arthur
I'utsrsoii. The play cuds ufter the batik* of Marstnu Moor. One of Its episodes shows how capable of great compassion Cromwell could be under cerium circumstances.
Walter Perkins Is to havo a new
comedy, In which ho will appear late
lu the season, when he becomes tired
of coining money with "My Friend
From India." Du Horn-bet, the writer
of that very successful farce, will do
ibe new one for Perkins.
r Tho Bilk and satin foulards are uncommonly handsome ln color and design this year, and they are now bought
by those who never bought them before.
Uudersleeves with tbe regulation little band at the wrist, though perhaps
a little wider than those worn by our
grandmothers, appear in mauy new
;go wus.
A panne velvet parasol has rather a'
\ynriu look for summer, but It Is beautiful. One with a white ground with
the most delicate pink roses in clusters
upon lt Is charming.
A rather pretty effect to a woolen
gown that Is made princess In effect
and fastened at tbe side Is given by a
wide black velvet ribbon which Is run
lu and out through the gown down the
A novelty among the Imported silk
petticoats Is cut with a box plait ln the
back, fastened at one side of the front
aud finished around the hem with two
medium wide shaped ruffles with very
Que cords stitched In closely around
the edge, forming a trimming fully two
Inches wide.
The latest fashion In linen collars Is
made to pass twice around tbe neck
like a stock, with an opening at the
back, through which the ends pass,
nnd It fastens In front In small buttons.
Theso collars are not more than an
Inch wide at the fastening, where there
Is a narrow tape to hold the necktie In
place. A short, close bow of silk or
lawn Is worn with this collar.—New
York Sun.
There Is no Index of tbe character so
sure as the voice.—Disraeli.
As we advance in life we learn the
limit of our abilities.—Froudc.
Manners carry the world for the moment, character for all time—A. B. Al-
Activity may load to evil, but Inactivity cannot be led to good.—Hauiuib
Never say you know a mnn until
you have divided an Inheritance with
Tbe same vices which are huge and
Insupportable in others wo do not feel
In ourselves.—i.a llruycrc.
It Is better t« suffer wrong than to do
It snd happier to he sometimes cheated
tiitui not to trust.—Johnson.
Ho that bath a trade hath au estate,
and he ihat bath a culling hath nu office of profit and honor.-Frhukliu.
(.Mn* grand business Is not to see
what lies dimly at a dlstauce, but to do
whut lies clearly at hand,-Carlyle.
There Is nothing more precious to a
man than his will; there Is nothing
which be relinquishes with so much reluctance.—Holland.
The roots are the life of the tree.
Fruit trees with low heads are preferable.
An apple or cherry tree Is much more
valuable If It shoois out low. Cut out
the top.
When tt Is tho prevailing opinion of
your neighbors tbnt a variety is an un-
Certain bearer, do out plaut It.
Many orchards are mined by over-
pruning. Hotter not prune at oil than
ruin the tree hy overprinting. No pruning means no water sprouts.
One advantage In planting corn In a
young orchard Is that It affords shade
to thc young trees nnd at the same
time protects them from hard winds.
Hen Davis, (iauo, Jonathan, Wlno-
sap. Crimes' Golden and Missouri pippins make up a good list from which to
plant for a commercial apple orchard.
One adrnntnge In growing either
clover or cowpeas In the orchard Is
tbnt even though tho tops aru fed the
inasH of roots left In the soil rot and
add materially to the fertility In the
Boll. Thc roots of both these plants penetrate deep.—St. Louis Republic.
Not I.tv.r Atone,
New Boarder—Do they have nothing
but liver for breakfast here every day'/
Ohl Hoarder—(JiioiIucsh, no! Cau't yon
.Bee there are prunes also?— Indianapolis
Tiio Urluliml.
. "It's the same old story," said thc
gloomy young man. "Thc world Ib
agaliiHt anybody, who wants to get out
of the beaten truck."
"Whnt's your trouble?"
"Too much originality."
"In literature?"
"yea, Tlicy won't let me spell worda
my own way."-Washington Star.
Whi eh Have ul LtMUl tha Merit of
Hvlntt Very Ttrae and to tha Point
und   Are*   I ouitd-d   on   Some  of   111*
Parsonml Bxpartanaes,
(Copyright, 19-jO, by C. B. Lowls]
Alius respect de truth, but at de
same timo remember dat de world expects you to lie 'bout half dc time.
While It am well to strive fur a rep-
utasbun as mi upright man. remember
dat de merchant who pays bis creditors IW cents on de dollar kin alius
come back in do market an git plenty
of credit. I knowed a mini who spent
*JO y'ars In trv In to make up hll mind
whether It rained  fo'ly days au fo'iy
nights io bring ou de tl 1 or only BO,
nu Jest as he was ready  to split de
difference dey carted hlm ofT to de
pool'hoi INC.
Bbory nmn makes a fule or himself
'bout once lu six weeks dooMn his life*
time, but let bis bOBS balk m- his dnwg
WtlV.S THK 1)00 IS LOST.
git lost once In five y'nrs, nn bo jumps
on his hat an wonders why do Lawd
didn't gib animals scuse.
If 1 wns a rich man, 1 Bhould pack
up an go to Yurup once In fo' y'nrs an
stay dar fur 10 or 12 months. As I
am not, I bev to remain at home frew
de presidential campaign an look upon
all my feller citizens us boss thieves
an Haffs.
When my cabin burned down on was
a total loss, 1 braced un an got oher
my lamentln In 'bout fo' weeks. When
a Bore heeled mewl cum nlong uu
kicked uie cud obcr end as I sought to
find out bis hurt, I dldu't furgit It fur
a whole y'ar. It am do little things
dat hurt do most.
When a law went nt It nn mnde a
distinction between lyln nu perjury, It
smoothed de road fur a powerful lot of
men to dodge round dc truth nn uot
suffer fur It. But fur dnt distinction
I doan' know how I'd ebor worked off
my blind mewl.
I'zo bin tryln fur 50 y'nrs, yit I can't
git a straight line on my feller man.
It was only de odder dny dnt a stranger picked up an banded me n silver
dollar dat had worked frew a hole lu
my pocket, nn yit ns we set down in a
street kyav be bent de conductor out of
bis fare an nebbcr winked an eye.
Wo am told dat charity am a divine
attribute, but de ninn wbo sets out to
practice it soon dlsklvers dat It am a
one sided affair. Do other feller looks
upon it as a slick an easy way to gittin
suntbin fur nutblti. an wben choked
off be fools he has bin robbed. Bo
charitable, but don't cut dc bone off de
meat an keep a buck saw an a cord of
wood on band. M. Quad.
Kmch   It  Win  Ills.
; Mr. De Avnoo-1 sow our baby wny
around on n side street today. The
baby should be kept in tbe park.
Mrs. De Avnoo—'Hint's whero Bhe is.
Tou must be mistaken.
Mr. De Avnoo—No, I'm not. Don't
you suppose I know thnt perambulator
that 1 paid *t»2 for?-Ncw York "Weekly.
Home-clean In it Strate-rr.
"Was tbat a porch climber wo snw
over at Hamper's'.'"
"No; it was Camper himself. Ilo was
afraid to go in nt the front or bnck
door for fear his wife or tbo cook
would set him to beating carpet.'*—Chl-
ongo Itcoord.-
A Capital Definition.
"Pn," said the senator's little son,
"what Is n nemesisV"
"A nemesis, my son," replied the senator, "Is n female ofllce seeker for
whom you bnvo foolishly promised to
uso    your    influence." — Philadelphia
She Did.
"Do yon believe In teaching the languages in the schools'/" nsked Mr.
Clinkstone of Miss lilldcrslocve.
"Yes, indeed," replied the young lady.
"Every one should bo nblo to speak
Kiigllsh and golf."—Del roi I Preo Press.
The Sinintl.ni.
"Is n man Influenced more by heredity or by environment?"
"Humph! If heredity brings n mnn
money, he can make Ids owu environment."—Chicago ltocord.
A 1-V'tiiliilne  Knit treat ton.
"They say Padei'owskl Is getting
"He'll 'do bis hair up' so as to bide
lt."-CleYelunil Plain Dealer.
The Forecast,
I tub tn limit de-Vlnalilrd
A-[>i|-iti ob Lis tune
Del bring do href oil iiimmah,
ou h-grant homy Juno;
*■*'      I lull io in ail Annl Illiiah,
Wlil di' MHl|Mll In Iut inp,
4-riiuiiiii nil -n'l-ili* lions
About tliu uiiluii trap.
 -Till ■*■•*■ (TO Xnvrl
An Artlet With Horse 8ena«.
Frieml—What on earth nre you doing
to tlmt picturcV
Groat Artist—I am rubbing a piece of
raw muat over this rabbit lu the fore-
gmimil. Mrs. De BllOddle will bu here
this afternoon, ami when she nees her put
dog smell of that rabbit she'll buy It.—
New Yolk Weekly.
A Ilnrtlalilp.
"Tlie  mdn'fl   wear   Is   very   loud   this
spriiiK," said thc salesman soothingly.
"I should sny so. A man can't get a
bocktlo or a colored shirt any more that
doesu't look as If his wife bad bought it
for Iiiui."—Washington Htm*.
Tom Nolan, -■HPi. wen l-i races oul
of 111 starts last season.
Charley It, S-079L '"■ill be raced
through ibe Canadian circuit this year.
J. 11. llronson, Jr.. of New Ilaveu has
suld all uf his burses aud Is out uf the
racing game.
Senator J. S. O'Brien has bought from
Tummy Cii itliu the 2-year-old colt Wild
Pirate fur (1,100
J. S. Brawn, GrlfSu, Ga., bas u 2-year-
old by Oratorio, 2:13, that is u great une
and "ill be raced iis a 3-year-old.
Berlins, a 4-yeor-old, hy Directum,
that is ia Keatlug's string, recently trotted a mile over tbu Pleasnnton track id
1'p to the week ending ou April 14
British agents bad shipped from New
Orlcaus 20,000 mules, valued ut $1,080,-
HT."!. averaging $!■* euch.
The Qlly hy Searchlight, 2*03%—Zela
Carter, by Director, 2:17, lias been named Becord Searcher. The little one is
entered in stakes to tlie amount uf $80-*-
Typhoon 11, hy Imp. Top Gallant, dam
Dollj Vardeu, waa hied, gelded nml rested nil tail season, but will not stand
tunning thin year ami bn- been tinned
out ngotu.
Tiie Great Metropolitan Stakes ot i.ihw
sovereigns! ruu at Epsom, Knglmni recently,    wns   WOU    by    l.i.nl    I'eiiihyn's
B-ycar-old-botrso King's Meueuger. Fifteen horses nm.
Miss Bennett won the 2-year-old nice
nl  .Memphis tbe olher duy, coverlug   !'■:
Knlongs, witb no poundi up, iu 0:05,
tlu- track record hy Imlf n second. Bhe
won, pulled iiji, l>y four lengths.
'The Austrian Trotting Derby is a
growing institution. The entries for
1000 me 83; for 1001, i;_ entries; for
1U02, 141 entries, nnd fm* 1008, -12 entries. There ure many American bred
horses in ibe lists.
The best kind of bees to bay are Italian.
The less BWai'trihlg the more surplus
honey you will bave.
Drones draw so heavily ou the stores of
honey tbnt many contrivances nre now
used lo kill them.
If two or more swarms cluster together, don't put 1 bein iill iii one hive, or valuable queens may be lost.
If hives become daubed ap with propolis, lift out the frames, place them iu a
new hive ami clean up Ibe old one.
Hives should be made so tliat tbey cau
he opened without jarring them. Nothing is mure irritating lu bees than sudden jars.
Arrange the apiary so that everything
may be kept neat ami tidy, and do not
compel the bees to Hi lend their way
through weeds and grass to get tu tbeir
Bees moved in tlie spring seldom go
back to their old quarters, fur thpy generally mark llieir lociltluu wlieu tbey take
their lirst flight, whether tbey have been
moved or nut.
Propolis is a gum or varnish that bees
colled for varnishing over tbe inside of
their hives, filling cracks and crevices,
cementing loose pieces of the hive together and makiug tldags fast.—St. IjouIs
The Paris exposition Ih not quite ready,
bat Paris is ready. Tlie people of France
are always ready fur the dollar uf the
UllWliry traveler.—Springlield News,
Our prediction is that at the Paris exposition ull records will be surpassed in
receipts, a,-, they liave.ali'uudj* been heut-
en iii ihe matter of expenditures. And
a great proportion of the total will be
American money .—Philadelphia Inquirer.
The fact lhat the share bf the United
States in lhe Paris exposition is greater
than that of any other country except
Prance appeals to the pride uf Americans and may be expected tu prove of uu
small hem-lit to our commercial interests.
-Omaha Bee. .
Americans have scored their lirst victory at the Paris exhibition by an exhibition of energy in getting their building
ami exhibits advanced so much uhead
of others ns to make tliu French commissioner general say, "It is an object
lesson to us all to see the American people work."
Tiie only side Turkey takes in the matter uf debts is the side of the innu who
"lets lhc other fellow do the worrying."
—New Vork Press.
It is lime now for the sultan of Turkey to remember nud act ou the uld adage, "Beware the fury of a patient man,"
mid pay, pay, pay.—Baltimore American.
The Turkish government seems to have
become a convert to the philosophy by
which Ibe debtor leaves tbe other iiiiiii to
do the walking of tlie floor.—Washington
The sultan is in debt to the whole
world uml cannot establish a precedent
by paying as without bringing nil lOurope
on his back.—New York Commercial Advertiser.
'Turkey's cash box must he running
rather low or the sultan would not go
buck on his promise to pay the trilling
sum of S'.RI.OOU as indemnity for the destruction of buildings elected by the
American missionaries, — Ulobe-Dcino-
The United Suites by Its extent would
be mi easy prey to a great sea power unless we bad ships to enable the mun behind Ihe gun to work to thu best udvaii
tagi il keep the eiieiny off our coasts.
and Ihis is tlie object of llie naval appro-
priutlons. It i> always best tu be prepared.— Grand Bupids Herald.
CungVess is building up thu navy, but
Secretary Long says the department  b
short of ollicers to handle the .ships, li
might be a good plan to hire clerks to
do tlie clerical work of tbu various bureaus of tbe navy department and send
the naval otticers to sea, where they be
long.—Philadelphia North American.
Pastry should always he mnde. In a
coo) pjace nud ml.yd with a knife rather
than the hnud to insure lightness.
When soaking the salt out of cucumbers, it Is said llie pickles* will be more
crisp if hot water Is used Instead of cold.
Rice water reserved from boiling rlcu
is mi excellent foundation for white
soups. It also makes a groundwork of a
cooling drink.
Do Not
Pay Cash..*
A very largt wviag can bo mado.   Wc can
furnt-sh ths oiuct amount for any pajnuat
Writs for particular! and price.
Uhui'll.-T Ata -on^ 1 lu *<-twiitui nt
ut  Uo*     lll< lllll-   lilltl.
Tlie gunn o( ibe Boera culled familiarly     "pom-ponm,"   ore   l-i udcr
Mu\im much ino guns und an* m interest in several respects, A .luusu
in the St. Petersburg declare tion *-i
ibOS enjoined that no explosive pn -
jscttve less than i-i ounces 111 weight
should be used in civilized w it bus
and the Boer pom-poms h_.vo the
narrowest margin io permit --i being
admitted by the nations, besides hazing the distinction Of being the lirst
ol their kind ever used  in the field.
In     order   to   make   clear   the     full
meaning of this statement, we mist
lirst explain  certain technical   terms
A machine gun is onu tlmt is loaded
nnd bred by machinery; n ipiic'.- r-
Ing gun is one thut is lo id d by
band, and Orcd either  by  hum!  or  l*y
machinery. The former wus limited
in calibre until quite recently to that
<>f small-arm ammunition,
The machine gun dates from the
primitive type « f nailing gun used
In tbe United states Civil Wur    The
flrS)    utleoipt    Ii.    Ill   rr-.isr   the   calibre
above that of Htnall-arm ammunition
wnn made In tlio ll.itchki-.s revolving
cannon ot 1 S in h calllye, throwing
a 1-pound .shell Its rmiep wns
about 6 500 yards, and it eould Ire
8il rounds n IlilliulO. The objection
to it was that it was too hoavy a
piece for lis calibre
The next [nt] roveiuont wan t'-e
Maxim     87-milIlm Ire     nir, inch),
which Is entirely iititoimilii'; tint is,
after tiring the lir.-l shot it ia nice -
sary only tn keep tho iin-er on the
trigger; the gun goes im loading and
firing, and can dlschnrgo .'li ll l-
pound shots per minute. Tlowo'ghts
of this piece is proportionate t. its
calibre. This is Ibe 80-Called "pompom" of tbe Boers-
She Followed  Inatrnetloni,   With a
Very Sn-iirl-sliiK llttniilt.
"That daughter of mine will be the
death of me some day," declared the
portly party with a chuckle. "There has
been a young man hanging around thc
house for the past six mouths, and I was
growing tired of it, for 1 didn't consider
that he was good enough for my girl. Ho
yesterday I summoned my daughter ami
'"Daughter, will that yuung man hr
here ngnin tonightV
"'I suppose so,' she answered, looking
st me out of Ihe corners of her eyes.
"'Well, when he comes I wnnt yon to
sit down on liim.'
"'Very well, pnpn,' she answered de
"1 went down town congratulating my
self, for 1 really expected a BCClie, as my
girl hns a will of her own and is not at
nil backward about Expressing it. Bul
when she promises to do a thing it is as
good as Bottled, and I chuckled to myself
when I thought of the reception that that
young man would meet with wben he
culled in Ihe evening.
"Well, that night thc young man made
his usual evening call, nud I cleared onl
to give my daughter a chance to entry
uut her promise. I waited au hour, Olid
then as the young man showed no sign*-
of leaving I entered tbe drawing room
where they were. The gas was turned
down, but it wus light enough for ine to
discover that the young iiiiiii was holding
my daughter on bis hip.
"'What is the meaning of thlaV I de
manded with the Hub- breath I had left.
"'I om only following your Instructions, papa.' she answered witlamt even
looking up,
"'You're whntV* I gasped.
"'Following your Instructions, Don'l
he silly! Didn't you tell mc io sh down
on Mr. Blank wben he culled'/ Dou't I
hear mamma calling yon?'
"I took the hint and fled.  Cards will br
out In a few dnys."—Detroit Kree Press.
The MUIH Letter.
film wrote lit I ween the Unci ami ilrramni
"Nnw tlioic fond wordl will mnkc liim i;lail;"
lli* iiiui in'hvi'i'ii tlie lines—and icoincl
Tu ih.J Kmia thought wlil ih made liim nu-1.
—Detroit l-'ree I'nas.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Hollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh ihat cannot tie cured by
Hill's Catnrrh Cure.
F, J. CHENEY & CO., Prop*., Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned, have known F, J.
Cheney far the Unt IA ye.nrs, and believe hlm
perfeetly honorahle in all Imsluvss inmuacihun
and financially able to carry out any obliga-
ti-iiiu made by their tlnn.
WIS*-ft TKUAX.UVil&inle UruggistH.Toh'du.O.
Walmno, Rinnan-£ Makvin, Wholesale Drur
glstH, Toledu, O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, acting directly upon the hlood and nniiou.1 imr-
faces of the system. Price, IBc per buttle. Hold
by all druifKlHts.   TeHtliuonlala free.
Hall's Family Pills are the beat.
Mnch Like Dem oath en ei.
"Woman," be suld, "really ought to
be a better orator thau man."
"Why so?" sbe asked.
"Because," he replied, "to a certain
extent at least she follows the methods
of that famed orator, Demosthenes."
"In what way?" she Inquired, still
busy with the Iluishlng touches uf her
"You remember," he answered, "that
Demosthenes used to practice talking
with bis mouth full of pebbles."
She hastily took tbe plus out of ber
mouth and informed bltn that be was a
meau old thing, anyway. — Chicago
Vegetable I'ills are very mild in their action.
They do not cuusc griping iu thc stomach ur
cuuso disturbances there us so many pills do.
Therefore, tho most delicate can take them
without fear of unpleasant results. They
can, too, bo administered to children without
Imjioslng the penalties whieh follow Uie use
of pills not ho carefully prepared.
Tlie Condition of Affnlra.
"How do you lind your neighbors?" Inquired one mau of another who had moved into u new ijmuter of town ubout a
mouth before.
"1 don't have to." was the reply. "It
takes nil my talents to keep them from
(lading inc."—Detroit l-'n-e Press,
There never was, and never will he, a universal panacea, in ono remedy, for all ills to
which flich is heir—the very nature of many
curatives being such tbat were the germs of
other and differently seated diseases routed
in the system of the patient— whut would
relieve ooo ill in turn would uggriiv.ite the
other. We have, however, Si Quinine Wine,
when obtainable la a sound, unadulterated
state, a remedy fur many and grievous ills.
By its gradual and judicious use the frailest
systems are led Intu convalescence and
strength by tho influence which Quinine exerts uu nature's own restoratives. U relieves
the drooping aplrfts uf thufo witb whom a
chronic slute of morbid despondency and
lack of interest In life Is a diN-u-e, mid, by
trunquillzlng the nerves, disposes 1" -ound
and refreshing sleep—imparls vigur t.. thc
action of the bluud, which,being stimulated,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
the healthy unTinal functiunsuf thu system,
thereby making activity a necessary result,
strengthening thu frame, and giving lifo to
tho digestive organs, which naturally demand iiu-refiHeil sute-tnuc—result, Improved
appetite, Northrop it Lyiimn, of Toronto,
havo given to the public their su-i-orlor Qui-
iiine Wine at tin* iii-uul rate, and, gauged by
tho opinion of scientists, thin wine approaches nearest porfwitlun of uny In Uie
market.   All druggists sell It,
Bus ball. Football, Tennis, Qolph, Cricket,
Fishing Tackle, Ammunition, and nil other
lii.e-j including  li^ht hardware, wa euiry in
Stock, und our prices are very low.
We ulso do gun repuiriiiy good uud cheap.
We will tute in exchange lor goods any
produce you may have, eordwood, etc. eto.
Write us, glvh ii tuil description of whut jou
-   I ■
B rot hrr bicker's Phlloaoph-r,
j    I got no fault at all wid dis wort*,
i It's des so brtghl dot sometimes I gits
i blinded fnm lookln ut it.
I    De only way ter mako n garden In
| dis worl' la ter take good keer er de
| flowers eo see ter it dat dey gits plenty
' er sunshine en rata.
j    Uur's alius oue uio' river ter cross.
j but  sometimes  de  ferryman   Is   fas'
asleep, en yuu got ter swim It.
!    Some folks think Jedymeut day Is so
! fur off dey kin git a good, loug sleep
fo' sntnn ketches bolt er 'cm.—Atlanta
Btto-ninK  in- Gratitude,
After ihe editor of the llnwville Clarion had b. en bunged up nguIuSI tbe wall
a few iimis nud dnlgjted around iu the
dust he Hieeeedid in hieuki'liH invny'froui
his assailant long cii"ii*.'li to vav, ■"riir, 1
th-ink y ■•-,."
"You thank me!" pxclftlmed tbe irate
vl-d or ,u astonishment.
"Certainly," replied the editor. "You
haredi tm- un lm>_tlmnble favor."
"In wlutl way." demanded the visitor.
"I said in my paper iimt ynu were a
lawless brute, didn't IV" Inquired thc editor.
"That's what yon wild."
"Well." returned the editor, "it occur-
red tu me afterwiird thai possibly l
mlcllt huve heen mletnl'cu, but v>ti have
now inoved the ease fur me, and I am
naturally grateful. You lane relieved my
conscience of u great hmd. I feared 1
hud done yon un Injustice,"—Chicago
ifarulng the .looul.r interim! ami oxter-
lalreuedy, HU. THOMAS' ECLEC-
TK1U OIL—du not, su far as known, exist. Tl.e testimony is positive and oon-
cut rent that the article relieves plyeicjvl
(ialii, rims lameness, cheeks a cough, Is
an excellent remedy for pains and rtieu
ninth; complaints, and It has no iKiu--..tt
Ing ur other unpleasant effect when taken
He Was Antonlshed.
"Oo you mean to say thnt the horse
ran awny with you?" said Mr. Meek-
ton, aghast.
"Yes," answered his wife.
"And wouldn't stop wheu you told
hlm lo?"
"Of course be wouldn't."
"Well, lleinietin, I don't know what
to sny except lhat the horse wasn't ac-
ijuniiitfd with you or else he wouldu't
have dared to net lu that manner,"—
Washington Slur.
The great lung healer Is found lu that
'icellent medicine sold as Hleklu's Antl
CoLSumptlve Syi-up It soothes nud
diminishes tlio soi-HihUity of the mem-
rrar.e of tbo tbruiit ard air passage**, und
is a sovereign remedy for all cougbfl.
•olds, hoarseness, pcin ir soreness In the
■hest. bronchitis, etu. It has uun-d many
when supposed to bn far i.dvanct'd In eon-
Montreal,  Kree Hus. Am.
P. 11,60 up.   E. P. 11.00 e_.
An   DxeOI-a   Pur   1 rimil Inn try.
"It almost kills me to Standi" nionn-
ed the lady In the street car. "If I
dou't get n seat pretty soon, l shall
j'ust drop!"
'And It was only the nest day tlmt
■she stood up two hours ami :i half
while she Imd u dress fitted.
But then that's a different thing.—
Bosion Transcript	
U" TOUCAN A ""kuan*;*-. CiGAR
Brass Band
I. ■trmnenU, Drums, Dnllbtms, Etc
Lowest prict-H ever quoted.   Kln-a eatilogaa
,'.0  i lustration* mailed tree.    W rite U- for -anything ill MiM(  ui Mil>• 11 Ml Iiir-lriUllfiiU.
Whaley Royce & Co., T"^„»S',; _„,
The Illr.l Oriiiiim-nt.
Fair l.ily. give ,m.w,
For, itn« jou or.* fair,
BIiuII jiui ilnu|thtor a -lung
llli enrol pnv iparr;
I.rt (he minim fill pit,
•"A bird In ll,.* Iiuih
!■ wi-rili ten 'in ■ bat."
INE.- -Dyspepsia cau-ies derangement ot
the nervous system, ami nervous debility
onoe engendered Is dtttkult to deal with.
There aro mauy testimonials as to the
effloaoy ot Parnielee's Vegetable Pills ln
treating* this disorder. Bhowtng tbat they
never Fall to produce good re-sulta. By
giving proper tone to the digestive organs
they restore equilibrium to the nerve
CluiNH-ter  In  Ilnniltvr It Ini;.
"Do ymi believe there is anything in
the claim I lint men'.- characters are
fliown in their handwriting?"
"Yes. A man who always writes hia
name so that it can be read at a glance
has not yet arrived at the point where be
thinks ihe world can better afford to
ivitsle time working over pmalcs than
that he slmulil pm forth "an extra rffort,
no mutter how small,"—Chicago Times-
ist for Miiiard's and late do otter.
Sat I i-i'il Io tin- .-Million.
"Who Is that nmn so violently seasick?" nsked ibo cnpuiin of the ocean
"I don't know his name, sir." said tbe
supercargo, "but he's-on officer of a
revenue cutter on it vacation."—Chicago Tribune.
leev UIA_.'S UIIIUT U Ul I
Moilern I'-u-ftrj*.
Anient Young Wonmn-Prpm whiit
hidden sources, Mr. Bnrdde, do you seek
ymir Inspiration?
Poet—My dear girl, I'm too tnur-h
rushed wilh my writing ever to waste
time chnaliig nround after liixplretlon,—
Chicago Iteconl.
HURD'S UIIKW ll Kri II PlTWttll.
"I am content to be numherodnmoug
lhe politically dead," suld one poll-
tic inu.
"i don'i blame you," suld the other.
**lf I were lu your place, I'd iniber
hnve nu epitaph than to have nothing
nt all said about inc."—Washington
Wo k.x |> n Inri;,- .tuck
nlwity.on li:imi ol Tvi'i,
1 'klNT.KS* U .TKK.l. And
Pumas' _aou_ut]
v,- i\in tit out Uulv or
«.. .1) Paper, or Job
jr-' : i-t:,',-.  \V, tils- rappl*/
n_n Put-on, >m,l I'ai.u
Farm Lands
For Sale ia All Farts of tbe
Province.   Write for Liits.
■taB-afaettued by THOS. LEE, *»\ Inalpe*
The Manitoba
Farmers Mutual Huil
liouie nnu.-. :.o.i Hclotrn Block,
IFIanlpe-jr, -"•*"■
Chartered to do Business ir, Manitoba,
also all over the Northwest
Over $3,000,000 lotoraoce ia foree and
Increasing everj day.
Punuer. -nuntim; protection frum hail
Bhould -write us or see our ;-a*u1 UKeat.
Bui 672, VV inni jug.
VV. C. GItAHAM,  Manager.
No nldnujunor bolldin. No-* i, the time w
prepu*-* f r » {mutton in the ban k*_»oij.
ruu ptrtlcuUn on »|ipbc_ti',n.
(l.Yf. DONALD, *-»•&
V. B.— W-* ualited ovar 100 of our itud*BU to
pctltloni (luring the *,(_ii five moi'tha.
Catholic Prayer 8S_S_Sj2SS
nlM-a, K.llfflo'j. PletOJ-a f-Uttwv, .nd ctiarcb
Ort_tn«nt.,J_u_:ion.l Work,   fifttloraen r»
o«i».prompt.tt.o-.tt,,, -j ji _:;;;*4C: J-ural
W. N. U. 277.
*UL/t*lrn^UHL/        -TtHLrASU    tf- ij   4/
I Must have the
genuine, The
imitations took
very nicc> but they
hurt my delicate SKIN*
'■nil Ai(imTToiLtrSo*o CoV. I************************-**
I     LOCAL   NOTES     j
Picked  Up Aboul the City   by  Asking
Questions  of  Many   People.
George Leitcll is uow stationed at the
upper mill.
James Joyce took a " scooi" over from
Fernie recently.
New clothing for men—nobby goods—
Ht Reid St Co.'s.
Furnished Rooms—Neat and comfort-
nble nt Mrs. Udell's.
T I.ebt*l, the Pincher Creek merchant,
wns in lown Monday.
Miss Alice Cole, of Toronto, arrived
in Cranbrook Tuesday.
G. I,ninges, the IIi>>li Cieek merchant
visited Cruubrook lately.
Hr. (). Hell was a visitor lo the Crow's
Neat country this week.
W. h. Reid, lhe Moyie merchant, wasa
Crnnbrook visitor lately.
Charlie Kstmere paid Cranhrook a
snap-shot visit last Saturday.
Judge Armstrong and daughters were
over ftom Fort Sleele yesterday.
W. Whitman, a well-known miner of
Kimberley, was in towu Tuesday.
Reid St Co. are showing a new line of
tapestry, carpets, aud liueoleums.
Lady wishes employment by the day.
Inquire at Henderson's fruit store.
A bargiiln—7-roomed house, good eel
lur.     Apply A. ti. Walt, townsite office.
Miss Alice aud Daisy M. flat are visiting al .St. Mary's near Cardston, Alberta.
Geo. M. Robinson a Lethbridge merchant was a visitor in Craubrook yester
A. 0. Kelly, of the Waldorf Astoria, at
the St. hugeiie, Moyie, waa in lown recently.
Mrs. J. It Costigan will resume her
lessons in music (piano) ou the ist of
Jud Langley, the rustling Fort Steele
prospector and mine promoter, was in
town Sunday.
J. R, Martin, of Nelson, government
timber inspector, arrived in town Tuesday evening.
If you have no wheels in yonr head
come atul get one at Parrott St Demeos
Bicycle Stalls.
Mrs. G. II. Miner leaves tomorrow for
Cornwall, Ont., where she will make an
extended visit.
R. A. Fraceser, Judge Armstrong's
clerk, accompanied the former over
from Fort Steele.
Mr. nud Mrs. V. Hyde Baker are in
Nelson for a stay of a few weeks in their
home iu that city.
For sale cheap—5-roomed house in
course of construction. Apply to A. K.
Watt, townsite office.
Local Manager Rookes says the telephone line has been supplied with new
long distance transmitters.
Miss Neville, daughter of Ii. II. Neville, C. P. R. tie inspector, was a guest of
the Misses Wellman recently.
Secretary White, of the Kimberley
Miner*.' t.'nion was down from lhat
nourishing camp Tuesday,
J. Murray, of Winnipeg, C. P. R.,
track inspector, accompanied by S, ft.
McCall, was iu town recently.
Government   Agent  Aimstrong  is a
frequent visitor to Ctaubrook tn one or
another of bis official capacities,
James lirownlee, (raveling engineer on
the C. P. R., was iu town Ihis week ln
connection with his official duties.
At Toronto prices—cheaper than Nelson—that's tlie rate Beattie will make
you on cumeras. plales, 61ms, etc.
Mis. Peter Lund aud children have returned lo Spokane after an extended
visit iu Cranbrook with Mr. Lund.
For Sale—A good square piat-io, small
cash payment; balance iu small pay
menls.   Address H. M, J., The Herald.
Engineers A. J. and J. II McLean aud
Mrs. A. J. McLean and daughter, of
Medicine Hat. were in town yesterday
There will be work In the initiatory
degree at lhe Udd Fellows lodge tomorrow night and a full attendance is desired.
Reid & Co. are showing an elegant line
of ladies' hats in early fall street wear.
Volunteer nnd patriotic hats are in evidence.
Miss Ada Veil man and a number of
her young friends celebrated her birthday last Tuesday, passing a very pleasant eveuing.
Jumes Short, a well-known legal luminary of Calgary, was in town this week,
and may conclude to make Cranhrook
his home iu the near future.
II. M. Dins relumed Monday morning
from a trip to Rossland and olher pointp.
He reports great activity in lhe Rossland
district and au increasing output of ore.
It is a girl I ahy, and was born In
Cranbronk last night. Mr. and Mrs.
Fied Frith of Moyie are the happy
parents. Mother and daughter are doing well.
Sam Mitchell will sell at auction tomorrow (Friday, Aug. 31), the fixtures of
the Central restaurant and lodging-
house, in tlie Itaker block, just below
Henderson's fruit store.
Gporge Wentworth met with a serious
nml painful accident a lew nights since.
Stepping oot nf ihe hotel kitchen in the
dark 011 a platform about six feet above
lhc ground without a railing, he stepped
off with one foot nud alighted on his
right side on top of an upright 3x4 jnst
above lhe ground, breaking a rib or two
George is a heavy man and  lhe   wonder
s, us au inch board edgewise was fast*
tued to the scantling, lhat be did not
juff-jr worse injuries. This is the secoud
I me he has received such injuries.
Horace li. Butler, Barber—Shampooing and cutting ladies' and children's
hair a specialty; hair dyed or bleached;
will call at resideuce if desired. Shop in
Aiken block, Cranbiook.
Harry Ku sell, of Spokane, who is ii.-
te rusted on Palmer mountain and spent
•everal days in thut camp last week
started for his Spokane home on last
Monday night's west bound.
J. W. Hays, of Spokane, conuee'ed
with uiiuinjt eciteipii'ts, **s iu town
yesterday Mr. Hays is interested on
Palmer mountain with Clarence Clover,
and is on a trip of inspection.
£One hundred tons of hay for sale at
St Kngene Mission. Hay consists of
pure timothy, pure clover, mixed timothy and clover and Hungarian grass.
Price per ton, hoe it$; I a'ed, $«.
Engineer Joe Daly's genial face is in
evidence again about town. Joe has
been lu the hospital at Calga-y for some
weeks, suffering from troubles incidental
to the life of a locomotive engineer.
James Jones and D. Gavin of Van-
cover are in town. They aie "freight
tracers" for (he C P. R. and have been
along the line looking up missing goods
that Gaw Is known to have shipped out
Kngineer Ft ark Robbins, ofthe Nnrlli
S ar mine, returned this morning from a
visit lo Kosalaud, which district Mr.
Robbins says, has settled down to a
solid substantial bediock basis of business
The Hotel Wentworth has been wired
throughout and now each room is provided with electric annunciators—lhe
first in Cranbrook. George says if he is
going to ruu a hotel it musl be up to
dale in every particular.
The Linebam brothers, James G. and
W. D., of Okotocks, Alb , were in town
Sunday and Monday, homeward I ound
from Cape Nome. Their account of that
country is much the same as that heretofore related by others,
Charlie Hlesel.of the St Eugene mine
at Moyie, was a visitor In Craubrook last
Saturday. Mr. Biesel is oue of the kind
of meu lhat, wheu you part with him,
leaves a feeling in your breast that you
would like to meet him again.
A "company" of two advertised "A
Hot Time In Coon Town" at the opera
house last Monday, but judging from lhe
size of tbe audience the showmen must
bave arrived at the conclusion that it
was " A Chilly Time in Craubrook" that
The Baptist church society, under tbe
charge of tbe Rev. Holford, is progressing nicely, holding regular aud well attended meetings In Wentworth hall. The
Baptists will soon begin the erection of
tbe finest and most modern church edifice in East Kootenay.
G. II. Miner bas just completed installing furnace-heating apparatus in the
houses of Messrs Leitch and Murphy,
and is now performing the same work at
the homes of Messrs. Mclnnes and V.
Hyde Baker, and will also furnish in lhe
near future the residences of A, McVittie and J. GUI with lhe same comforters.
Fritz Sick, of ihe well known and pop
ular Fort Steele Brewing Company, was
in town Tuesday. Messrs. Sick & Mulz
merit alt possible prosperity, not only
as pioneers in East Kootenay in their
busiuess, identified with borne interests,
but also through producing au article unexcelled in quality,
A bull in a china shop1' is au old aphorism connected with great destruction
A good parallel is"acayuse in a laundry, and that is what happened at lhe
Cranbrook the otter day; he evidently
thought be had as good a right to go ou
a tear as some others, and after cavorting around a while dashed through the
hotel back-yard gate, aud iuto the laun
dry hy way of an open door. He lipped
over the stove aud wrecked it. smashed
some windows, broke through lhe floor
and succeded in putting one foot or another into pretty much everything In
sight. When be bad bad all the fun be
wanted be quit.
Who Have Bees Doing Business  lo Cran*
brook This Week.
j. P. Ferguson, Montreal.
J. W. McDougail, Montreal.
F. W. Fraser, Montreal, cigars.
H  M. Buriltt, silks. Vancouver.
W. A, Richards, drugs, Winnipeg,
R. Harron, groceries, San Francisco.
George S. Dingle, coal oil, Winnipeg
F. Colpman, Lethbridge, N. W. J. &
C. Co.
James Callaghan, musical instruments,
Thomas Conlan, notions  and  fancy-
goods, Toronto.
Editor's Awtil Plight.
F. M. Higgina, editor Seneca (Ills.)
News, was afflicted with piles lhat no
doctor or remedy helped until he hied
IJucklen's Arnica Salve, the hest ln the
world, He writes, two boxes wholly
cured him. Infallible tor piles. Cure
guaranteed. Ouly 35c. Sold by R, E
Beattie, druggist.
li Living Deceit Now.
A cannery boss at Ketchikan 11 nm d
Robinson went on the warpath recently;
be committed several aggravated assaults
and broke the arm ol the marshal wbo
attempted to arrest him; then he got a
rifle and bunted for the marshal, who
had made hla escape; he found him, and
now Robinson Ib a good citizen; a bullet
did the work.
A Powder-Mill Explosion
Removes everything in sight; sn do
drastic mineral pills, bul both are mighty
dangerous. No need to dynamite your
body when Dr. King's New Life Pills do
the work so easily and perfectly. Cures
headache, constipation. Only 25 cents j
at R. li. Beattie's drug store.
i,t-HN tin- Wrapper unii Mure Ibe Heat-
rt 11111 n   llri-HH   Tlm 11  loriutrl).
Everybody should bear in iniiul that
the moal essential point in attaining a
well-dressed itppcnrance is to study consistency ami becomkngucss, na well aa
tho latest modes In out nnd fabrics.
Tin* gown for the morning may bt* of
the most oxpcuslvc material, yet if it
In* of fabrics designed forevonlngwenr,
nnd mode after the style of a street or
reception costume, both time and
money havo been thrown away in the
effort tu make something suitable to
the time.
The morning house gown, and especially thut of thin, airy, flowing1 materials, has an irresistible fascination
ior lhe esthetic woman. If she is a success in this neglige dress, she pretty
well understands the art of selecting,
in color and style, llie-gown tliat best
haruioni/os with her surroundings nnd
her own Individuality, and Bhe wear:;
it with the air of never having considered the effect nl all.
The morning gown affected by the
women of to-day is less the wrapper ami
more tha dainty Arena, in which ono
enn appear with nil propriety outside
the door of hor own boudoir. In it she
is appropriately gowned; ami while it
h uut BtilTened with bones, Btnya nnd
tnterllnlngs, the contour of thc figure
is not entirely hidden, as iu the days
when the Mother-llublmrd wrapper
went swirling in uneven fullness and
slovenly fold about her feet and waist,
.Not that we wholly condemn this comfortable lounglng-gown, which, when
lined In that enpaeity, is a comfort-
giving garment; hut let its use be confined to the lounging*.00m, and not at
the breakfast tatble or for the reception
of morning cullers. The woman who Is
carefully and becomingly gowned In
the early morning not only adds greatly to her appearance, from thc point of
good dressing, but takes on a more
youthful appearance, ami the effect sho
hns upon those around her is by fur
more pleasing than If she hus the look
of having hud just time euough to throw
on a wrapper und reach the morning-
room to situteh a bite with the rest of
the household.
At no time is the morning house gown
more appreciated than In warm weather, when even the most comfortable of
outdoor garments seems unbearable.
Its very daintiness nmlies one cool, and
when the thinnest materials ure used
with the laciest of trimmings, the delight of the wearer is only equaled by
the pleasing effect the tout ensemble
has upon others, ln autumn ami winter months the house gown, while quite
Qf) dainty, takes on a more substantial
and close-flttlng air, suggesting warmth
and Qozlness, Richer nnd warmer colors nre generally used, though many
women cling to the dainty, delicate
tints and pure white all the year round.
-"Woman's Home Companion. .„,-
I.O.O.F.   Key CI y Lodge
No. 42.    Meets every Friday nii:lil at llielr llllil an
Haker street,   tjojom ulng
Odd Fellows conllully Invited,
J. P. Kink W. F. (iiii-.l
N.fi. See'y.
Cranbrook Lodge, No. 34
A. F. & A. M.
Regular uiortliiKs an Die
third Thursday or tii0
\ is It in; lui 1 ti r-r 11 wi-lcom il.
W, F. Gunn, SiT'y.
A Qood Opening
For a Laundry	
A white family wilh lwo or
more children preferred; will
guarantee support to right
family.    For full particulars
W.S.M., Kimberley, B.C.
For Presbyterian Church
Will be received by the Ladies'
Aid to September 1st.    Addiess
Diss Cardiff
Notice ll h'-reliv itlven that 1 Have Mils day applied tn tin; chief commissioner of iaiida nnd
works tut a pei nut nr license to Oi.t ami carry
awny all or miy of the timber 11 on tlio following
described piece or jinn-el or laud 1 i 'ommenoliig
at the southeast corner of li. Utile's pre-emption, thenoo wesi ft) olialps, thence ninth  J_0
chains, llience east ft) chains, tlu nee south i_u
ehains, to tin* litaiu nt tirKlira.MK.
Dated ut C unlirook, dlstilct of Soutli Kust
Kootinay, this mu day ot AllgtHt, 1W0.
Kilward l.mii-.
Notice is hereby given Unit om* nionih nfter
iiate l intend to spiiiy to 1 h • chief oominlisliiner
of hinds and works ior permission to purchase
uie fiiiiiiwuif! described lands 1 Commencing nt
a (tost marked "B. *•*. Kennedy's N, K Corner,"
planted at lhe northwest coiner of ten HI,
droop 1, Kast Kootenay, thence weat-W chains,
tlienue snath m chains, thence cast lorlui'iii,
to Uie westerly boundary of saUISLot 81, thence
northerly ul -ng wild westerly boundary, so
olialns to ihe place of beginning,
1'iiteil at criHiiooiu tills mil tiny of August,
imti, u_ Thomas s. Kennedy
Notice Is hereby given thai one nontli nrtor
date t laii'in to apply in the Cldof aommlSBlnm-r
or lauds and works at Victoria ror |iormtssleii to
piirclasuthe following dcscllhoil lands* Com-
1111*11 ri ii*.; at a poyt nuuUil "John Ijuirle'it north-
i-all comur post," |ulaaU-il at tin* inrt Invest corner of A I.nt'gtor-t'8 pre-emption, near Paltnors
lar, thenoo cant 10 chains, tlicnco sauli so
elialns. tn-nrc west 411 chains lo thc east boundary of snid LniiBfonl's pre-emption, tkeucc
north M) chains lo [ilacc of beginning.
Haled at ('ranb.onk tins 13th day nf August,
luoo. John Laurie.
Notice Is hereby given that the undersigned
win todays aiicrdnie apply to the elihtf eoinm s-
sloner of lunils ana works of British Columbia
for n spedii] llooilBQ to cut and carry nway timber from (he following described land- Com-
incnclng al 11 past 1 hinted nt ilia sowbeiist corner or block WiOB (Dleasdoll's) thence east m
elialns, thai ce north ISO chains, thorn;-*-, west mi
cimrin, thenoo south isa olialns tn place or com*
Dated Jul) Will, torn,
John lirockcnrlilpp, Applicant.
See the new
Comfort Hose
"Never Burn the Feet"
New arrivals in Clothing, Dry Goods, Furniture, Hardware, Groceries, Etc.
Most complete stocks in East Kootenay.
House I Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery     East Kootenay
D   .   . ar- Bottling Co.
i«vRossland, BC **
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MININO TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Lolumbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
iurb^buWr' Lotsfrom $125-$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C
Their BUDWRI8BR IIIU'R (bottM)
in rijuul to iitly im-mru-il article
AliRATKH WATERS of nil brawla I
be hail at all hotel! In Went anil Hat
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholtaale Grocer
and Selling Agent!
Craabrook, D. C.
The Herald  $2.00 Per
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room Is tlrst class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, S-j.oo per day.
Tie laritit aad final equipped
brewer-/ la Hrlll.li Columbia
Planing Mill
if ""Sash and ::
Is     Door Factory
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  ji Doors ** Mouldings
**   Frames   **
Band Sawihg  ** Turning
For Developed
•■- Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
*.yrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod* water tn siphons.   The most
economical way to handle It.
A nice selection of "Meridtn Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A I
goods      Jt      Jt      jt      jt
High grade movements in the
best quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       Jt       Jt       Jt
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Wattb laipector lur C P. R.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt      jt
Made by Cualract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Laid Surveyar
Ollice .1 McVittle 4 Hatcbliua
Craabrook, B. C.
Prest & Co.,
p^Thret doors east of Postofliee.
••"-Guilder dt
::Craabraok, B C
CRANBROOK, • British Columbia.
C\D A IV RDnnk'' Is the divisional point of the Crows
VK/ii^DKUUlV Nest Pass Railroad.
{"*_*--•_ flHtTtriltf ^as a ,0"sta*" round house, large machine
Vf *m*Jl vlUlx shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook Is the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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