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Cranbrook Herald Apr 10, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     j
Hon. Q80, a...'six, President.
II. 15  Wai.kkk, Oen. Man-
I'alJ Up   Capllal   tH.OUO.UOU.OO
Ks-«i z.uua.aoa oo
T.unl Reponrce,    (.5.000.1100.(10
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London AKents--Tho Bank of Scotland.
I ..House Cleaning Time..
% Is the time to secure a few nice pieces of
1 Furniture, Curtains, Portieres,
j^f or other articles.   Our supremacy in these lines is uu- j
.3 questioned.   Let  us show you around.   Business to
fi our mutual benefit will surely be the result.   Our En-
fi glish stock of Carpets,  Linoleums,   Crockery,   Etc.
2f should arrive now any day.     It will pay you to wait.
% Our other lines are-EVERYTHING.
1 Gilpin s -—The Store
V^^"^, ^^"-fvV-r^
Hotel S s
Quests Comfort a Specialty
finod Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ami depot.    Tins accommodations for lhe public,  unequalled  iu Crnuhrook.
Proprietor of
...The Pioneer Hardware Store...
A few Bicycles still left.    Going at Cost.
Come in and see our Fishing Tackle.
The largest stock of Hardware in Bast Kootenay.
Call or write.
..J. D. McBRIDE..
...lite Pioneer Hardware Man...
I-'ISHINU TACKLE -Hie best selected lot ever received in Last Kootenay, just received.
GARDEN TOOLS—-of every kind. If you want anything in my line, I keep it.
Tltisttiltlilng a Specialty
J. I). He BRIDE.
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in Last Ksotenay. Call in and
and see lite many pretty tilings we have.
.... ..i | ;.l | i.i i -.s i ;?i.!.-. I ..isi [., | i.n;.! | .i|      |..- |.. | ,s.,,.-. | ,> | ,S. | * | ,i, l,;, | <;, I .i.!,. I*
(•'-»-M):«H9-(.>»«-!H9-«M!>-    lt>-T!>--SSh-sfr-lWK.J--SB--(!M!)-iS--a>-'"
Lessons of a Fire.
The foolish gazes at another man's property burning, and says "Too bad, and he had
no insurance." And then he forgets and fails
to insure. The wise man sees the fire and
insures the,next day.    Moral:
I* I $ I 4> I tp I tt 161 <p IAI $ I <f I f I <p I'd)   ®~® -ghtSHs)-®--®-®-
A Unubit1*Header Ditched Near Wardner on
Last Sunday afternoon a double-head*
er left the Cranbrook yards with Conductor Juckson in charge. Engineer
McCanibly was In tin* first engine aud
i-.ngtuffi Rtitifv nud Fireman Thomas
in the second.     When about five tui.es
west of Wardner they Btruck a cow.
The first engine passed mer u nil right
hut the second engine struck the animal.
The drawbar broke ami the engine
reared up und turned ou ilu back,leaving
the drivers whirling in the a r. Tie
engineer wns thrown liotn bis window
and Innded unhurt nbout io feet away.
Tliomiis, the fireman, went over with
the engine, but being in tlie gangway he
waa thrown clear and escaped with i
few body bruises, Bight freight curs
were piled up iu 11 stack, making a most
disastrous wreck. Wm, Bur toil, head
brakeiniin, whs standing on the first car.
lie jumped and got away with a slightly
bruised foot.
A Correspondent Mikes Some Pst Comments
on tbe Situation.
Editor Herald:
It is rumored that the coal from Morrissey will he hauled across llie Hue and
manufactured into coke at or near Gateway, Mont. The town of Morrissey is
composed ot stores and hoarding bouses
and about 100 tenement houses all
owned by the coal company. Here the
world is shut out and the people are allowed to dig coal under certain conditions.
The coal belt in South East Kootenay
bas been given away by tbe people, and
in return the same people will be given
tbe privilege ol going elsewhere to live
and do business.   But, d—n the people.
The government of British Columbia
will soon be able to offer all kinds of in -
ducements to home seekeis aud business
men wben the map of the province shall
be painted red. all but the coal, which
will undoubtedly remain black.
Gateway will no doubt be wide open
for business, when that place becomes
a manufacturing center for coke made
Irom British Columbia coal. We nre
The British Columbia government is
about to dispose of the balauce of British
Columbia, aud also to build some thousands ol miles ol railway, all lo be given
away to McKenz e & Mann, Hill,.etc,
in order that it may be operated in the
interest of—who ? The people, of course.
Wonder if ihe Ureal Northern railway
would not build the V. V. & K without
a bonus of $40.10 a mile and a million
acres of land ? Why certainly Who
then will get the bonus? Why that's
easy.    The people.
While the brave 11. C. boy? have made
the map of South Africa red wiih loyal
blood, some of them will return home to
see the map of their own country also
painted red—in the Interests of tbe people. An Observer.
An Excursion In Hanson's.
An tlTnrt is being made lo arrange for
s steamboat excursion to N. Hanson's
place on ihe Kootenay. Captain Ariu-
sttoug, of the North Star, is taking aU
interest iu lhe movement, aud it will be
probably arranged for about May 15
The Idea is to secure a crowd from Fort
Steele. Cranbrook, Marysvllle, Kimberley ami Moyie. The crowd from ihis
part of lhe country will be taken 10 Port
Steele by teams, and there meet the
boat, The fare for tbe round trip from
Cranbrook will not be over f 2 50 ami tbe
Unveil] of a magnificent steamboat ride
011 the Kootenay should appeal to thc
people in a way lhat would raise a big
crowd. There is not a prettier place iu
tbe country to villi limn the home of N.
Hanson, not is there a man who would
lo more to make 11 crowd happy. It is
intended also to Arrange lor 11 lacrosse
match on that day, and possibly a fool
ball game alsp
Tbe idea should prove a popular one
ami there Is r.o doubt thnt a big crowd
would lake advantage of the opportunity
for it day's outing.
Thc New Furniture Man.
K. A. McConnell nf Portage la Prairie,
who is the new man In charge of lhe
Kootenny Furniture company's store,
has had a long experience 111 lhat par
ticulsr line. He was connected with
Campbell & Co. of Portage la Prairie,
for years as salesman and all round practical man, being nn Upholsterer ns well
as an undertaker and eiiiliuliuer. Jt s
not un easy matter to secure the services
of experienced men in the furniture business iu this western country, and lite
Kootenay Furniture company, acting
upon the policy that nothing was loo
good for Cranbrook, determined to get a
first class man, who thoroughly understood every detail of the furniture business, This is a great advantage to the
people of Cranbrook, and one that tlie
company fetls thnt they will appreciate.
Horse for Ssle.
I will sell at public auction ou Friday,
April it*, at 2 p.m., at tlie Cranbrook
government office, one iron gray horse-
white feci and white face, held by mc
J for bill due for his keep and other expenses, and claimed to be tbe properly
ofC. S.Tripp.
D. Allnn.
They Won Olory On the Battlefield
of Death.
[    Private Alex, McDonald, Cranbrook,
1 B. C,
Private II   Hawes, Halifax. N   S.
Private J N Biswanger, Halifax, N S
!     Tenth Canadian   Field   Hospital—Severely  wounded:   Private   John   Grant
I Gunn, Loudon, Out.
CKANBK00K   HAS   Ili.Ki.'i.S    IIII III.
One Life Given Up  and Wounds
Received By  Sev.'.r.il
London, April 4 —There was severe
Fighting ull tiny long March 51 in Ibe
neighborhood «f Hart's river, in lhe
southwestern extremity oi the Transvaal
between part of General Kitchener's
forces and the forces of Gei erala Dela-
rey and Kemp, resulting in the repulse
of the Boers utter heavy Iossjs on both
The Canadian Rifles especially distinguished themselves, one party, commanded by Lieutenant Bruce Carruthers,
holding its post until every man was
killed or wounded.
Lord Kitchener's official report, daled
from Pretoria yesterday afternoon, says:
'"Genernl Kitchener (Lord Kitchener's
brother) sent Colonels Kier aud Cooke-
soii from Vriekult, western Transvaal,
March it, tu reconnoiler toward Hart's
river. They soon struck the track uf
guns, and carried on a iiiuiiiug fight for
eight miles, following tlie tri"*k through
the bush. Emerging on a plain large
Boer reinforcements advanced against
their flanks, forcing lhe Britlih troops to
take up a defensible position) which they
hastily entrenched. Fighting ensued at
close quarters until tbe Boers weie repulsed on all sides. Delorey, Kemp ami
other leaders vainly attempted to persuade their meu to renew tile action.
"Fifteen hundred Boers participated
the engagement but they had Buffered
too heavily ami cleared away to tbe
northwest and south. The British losses
nlso were severe. Tbe Canadian Rifles
especially distinguished themselves, one
company, commanded by . lieutenant
Bruce Carruthers, holding us post until
ever mau was killed or wounded. Others
of the fotccs showed great steadiness,
llowing ttie Boers to advance within 200
yards of them, and repelling them With
a steady rifle fire."
Ottawa, Out., April 4.—Lord Miutn
has received the following cable from
Cape  Town concerning the casualties in
the engagement of the Second Canadian
Mounted Kliles nu March 31:
"Dascbponrl, Kleinbarl's River,
March 31 —Lieutenants R. II. Ryan uml
W, G Loud in, formerly of ibe Northwest mounted police, are dangerously
wounded, along with Lieutenants G. B.
McKay of Montreal and R. F. Mnrkham
of New Brunswick Noncommissioned
officers and meu killed, y; wounded 40,
The following is tiie list of casualties:
sou of John Perry, Gait, Ont.
Corporal ALFRED SHERlTT, mother is Jenette Sheritt, Brnntford, Ont.
Deceased is the well known bicycle
champion rider.
Private W. T. PETERS, Cranbrook,
B C.| next of kin, Mrs James Daws
PcterB, London.
Private W. VOLLRATII, Revelstoke,
B. Cnext of kin, Chas. Vollr.uh, Armstrong, B.C.
Private M. G. HUSTON, London,
OhL, nexl nf kin, bis mother, Maty A.
Huston, St. Mary's, Ont.
Private C. N. EVANS, Loudon, Out.,
next of kin, bis father, Jamea Evans,
Port Hope, Qjt.
Private W. P, K. MILLIGAN, Peter-
boro, Ont., next of kin Ills mother, Margaret Milligsn, Clare, Out,
Corp. W. A. KINSLEY,Toronto, next
if kin, lather, Henry Kinsley, Selkirk,
PiivHieT. B DAY, next ol kin, It. C.
Day, laiber, Shallow Lake, Ont.
Private A. WEST, Montreal, next of
kin, |. West, father, Coulilhuist, Bug,
Private D H.CAMPBELL, Brandon,
Man , next of kin, Dougal Campbell,
Puss, 111.
Privates    West   and   Campbell   were
dangerously wounded tn the engagement
mid died later.
bang*/rously Wounded.
Privates. MoLeodHoward, Montreal.
Private S. M. Lissert, Cianbrook. B.C.
Sergt. A Milne, Calgary,
Private J. C. Grafius, Cranbrook, B C.
Shoeing Smith W. H, Hunter, Winnipeg.
Private J. C. Fisher, Vancouver, II C.
Private L. Stratton, Moosomin, N. W,
Private, 11. Hodge, Virden, Man.
Private P. W. Deunehey.
Private Chalmers, Calgary, N. w. T.
Aniooiios Derrah, St. John, N. H,
Slightly   Wounded.
Sergt. C. R. Othen, Brandon, Man.
Sergt, Tbos. Western, Portage !r Prni*
Private A. Fnrley, Winnipeg,
Private J. Simons, Nelson, b c.
Private P. Bendy, Roasland. H. c.
Cranbrook Heroes ia Battle.
Lust Sunday the news was received of
tin* buttle fought where Canadian troops
won glory for the Union Jack by giving
tbelr lives lor tbe cause. Among those
killed and wounded Cranbiook bud four
sons, and the intelligence of the dlsaa
Irons results carried sminess lo many
hearts iu tbis town.
William Peters, who was killed, had
been a fireman f»n the Crow (nr some
time, and was well known iu this district.
S M- Lissert, J. C. Grafius and Alex
McDonald hail worked at the lumber
mills in Craubrook Inr quite awhile and
had many friends here.
A Strung Company Arranging to Put In a
Plant There
Arrangements have been about completed to pui in a big saw mill plant nt
Wardner. It Is understood that Golden
parties are largely interested in the enterprise, and that the mill will be built
lor the purpose of handling timber ou
the upper Kootenay and its tributaries
TheC. P. R. will be asked to build 11
spur to the slentuhoal landing nud the
North Star will handle the product that
is to go up or down the river.
This will have n tendency to liven up
Wardner and give it a permanent industry, thus bringing better times to the
The V. V. & H. Road (lets s Dig Slice ol
Public Bonus.
Vancouver, B. C. March 31.—It is reported that a contract was entered Into
today between the Dunsmuir government nml McLean Bros., contractors of
tbis cily, for the construction of the
Coast-Kooienay railway.
A cash subsidy of 44000 per mile is to
be given and a bonus of a million acres
of land. Norman and Hugh McLean
are in Victoria today fixing up Ihe denl.
It is understood that the contract will
be submitted tu the legislature in a joint
bill with McKenzie and Mann's Canadian Northern scheme.
The Coast-Kootenay road will connect
with llie Hill system at both ends At
lhe coast end it will join tbe Great
Northern system now under construction
fram Liverpool, on Eraser river, opposite
New Westminster, to Ladner, and with
a ferry system from Ladner to S'dney,
on Vancouver island. Connection with
Victoria will be had by means of tbe
Victoria & Sidney railway, while a
branch will be run from ihe mouth of
the Eraser to Vancouver. In the Boundary country the line will make connection with the Hill system to Spokane,
known as the V. V & lv., and Washing-
ion and Great Northern.
This contract with tbe McLeans is
practically a victory for the V V. Si E-,
at tlie McLeans obtained a charter for
that line, and have been fighting bitterly in recent years against great odds and
powerful opposition to get government
The sudden reversal of the Dunsmuir
government's opposltlcn to V. V 8tE
is believed to be owing to the fact that
it hopes to secure a favorable opinion
Irom the public on Ibe bill embracing
both the Canadian Northern and the
Coast-Kootenay schemes, which it could
not do with the McKenzie and Mann
contract alone. It is cooB.dered a clever
Stray Horses Caught.
A letter to Tbe Herald editor from A.
It. Fenwick says tbat he stopped three
horses be found swimming the river at
his place, and bas them in pasture. One
brown mare nnd colt, branded off hip;
one sorrel, brand off shoulder, bald face;
one buckskin, Indistinct brand off shoulder. The horses weigh about 1000
pounds aud are nice looking horses.
Hospital lo Father Pal.
A M out real dispatch says arrange*
incuts have been completed for tbe
shipment of the remains of'-Father Pat"
Irwin lo British Columbia. It is staled
that the family of the deceased will erect
a hospital nt some point in British Co-
umliia, probably New Westminster, as
a memorial of the deceased.
Ditched by a Slide.
While coming west from Sirdar Sunday night a double-header freight traiu
iu charge of Conductor Caviu was struck
by a slide while passing Go.itriver canon
and six cars were derailed. The track
was covered with gumbo and rock a distance of fifteen car lengths to a depth
of four feet. It took the biggest part of
Monday to shovel out and clear the
Boiled Ibe Plot Pong Balls.
Housemaid (entering hurriedly): "Oh,
if you please, nitiui, you know wben you
allowed cook lo go out just now for an
hour? Well, she's come bark so very —
ei—(hesitatingly)—poorly." Mistress:
"So very poorly? Good gracious,
Jane, whatever ii the matter?" Housemaid:      "Well,   ynu  know,   mnm,   you
told her to dn them bantam's eggs for
master's tea, nnd she's trying to boll the
plug-pong balls.—London Punch.
Thai Is What Will Now Be Unite al
James Cronin Has Returned From
His Mission in Eastern
O W, Hull, general manager nf the
Sullivan Group Alining and Smelting
company, the company that is building
the Bmelter nt Marysville, come down on
Tuesday's train enroute to Grand Porks
and Republic, Speaking of ibe work at
Marysville, he said everything was progressing iu a most satisfactory manner.
"Just ns soon as we have the roasters
completed that we are* now building,
work will commence at once un four
more, and another furnace, thus giving
u roasters mid three furnaces, and a
capacity of 325 to 250 tons n day. And,
as the needs rise, that will be increased
from time to time.
This is evidence of the fact that
Marysville is hound to be a permanent
place, and that no money is to be spared
to make Ibe smelter a big winner. This
will be good news to Ihe whole district,
and will have a beneficial effect OU mining generally in South linst Kooienay."
Cronin Back From East.
Moyle Leader:    James Cumin nun a
ger of the St. Eugene mine, returned
from Oltawa  last  Tuesday,   where  be
went a few  weeks ago as a delegate
from the   Associated   Hoards of  Trade
along wilb (l. 0. Buchanan and   W.   II
Aldrldge. Mr.  Cronin says  lhat when
the committle reached Ottawa the bnd
get  was   already prepared   acd    tbey
were too late to accomplish much  good
this session.    However the members of
the government realised ihe necessity
of enacting such measures as the  con:
mlitee requested and Ihey   promised to
give the in mer tbelr best consideration.
Messrs. Buchanan and Aldridge are sllll
fn tbe east working on tbe matter.
Mr. Cronin says there Is absolutely
no truth In the report tbat the Gooder-
bam*Blackstock syndicate Is negotiating for tbe purchase of ihe Trail
Mr. Cronin says It I, Impossible to
tell when tbe St. E-agene mine will resume operations. Tne price of lead it
lower tban It was one nnnlh ago.
therefore the prospects of opening np
are not as bright as tbey were at that
Tbe Vulcau Smelter.
Joseph Ryan, representing lhe Vulcan
Smelting company ol San Francisco,
makes a proposal which should put a
new face on tbe smelter question. The
Paystresk Bays he offers to build in Sandon a lead stack of 50 tons capacity
which will treat lead ore right here in
towu at a cheaper rate than that charged
by Trail, Everett or lhe Hall mines, besides which the freight to these points
Will be saved.
Mr. Ryan claims (bat with the Vulcan
furnace very little flux is needed except
the gang or ledge matter in which the
Slocan ore is found. He contends thai
properties like the American Boy, for
instance, which has rock on tbe dump
lhat carries 40 per cent lime and sufficient iron to keep the furnace open would
need practically no fiux. By shipping
clean ore only the owners are digging
the eyes out of the mine and leaving in
lhe ledge or on the dump large quantities of mineralized vein matter which
would pay for treatment by an economical process at home. Tbat is what Mr.
Ryan proposes to do.
The Vulcan smelter is built on a new-
principle nud the company claim tollable to not only {operate cheaper lliau
other lead stacks, hut to suve everything
that goes into the furnace.
Mr. Ryan says thai bis people can
build smelten of from seven tons capacity up, costing anywhere from f io.oou to
a million or more. With such stacks as
these available, il would be a case ol
every mine owner his own smelter man,
ant! Instead of companies building concentrators they would build leod stacks
and sell matte. Tbis will put the kibo-h
on the bmelter trust, especially when
tbe British Columbia government gets
its refinery working, Then any kind of
a prospect tbat has ore in sight will
have a lead stack of its own and instead
of piying freight the mine owner will
get full value lor all he produces.
sufficient quantities to be called piy.
Farther prospecting Is likely 10 be done
ami it may vet be discovered that May*
le's streets are paved with gold.
Alfred Pilkey Is the new publisher of
the Lirdeau Eagle. He staris in right,
and sets n good gait.
It is said to be taking nxxi men to
keep Dawson warm these cold days. The
Alaska Vukon Mining Journal quotes
one nf the \e idlng wood dealers of Daw-
Kin ns follows: "Of th* 2000 men 30a
are sawing v ood In tbe cily and ihe
others are engaged in ni iking roads and
trails and cutting ibe wood in the lulls,
while ibe others are occupied in hauling
it to town, aad selling it to consumers,
Four foot wood sells for flO to f 15 a cord
aud men in town charge from f$ to $Ji
for sawing it.
The Sandon Paystreak gives Premier
Dunsmuir a dressing down that cuts like
a sabre and must sting like a hornet,
fhe article is frank, aisl the charges
made are of a nature tbat would make a
guilty man crluge like a slave and au
honest mau demand reparation.
Says the Payrtreak: It is reported
that P. J. Deane Is lo take the editorial
management ol the Kelson Miner. Tbe
Crows Nest Coal company will still own
the plain They have put up f$xa oa»h
for the linotype macbiues formerly used
by the Tribune.
The Golden Era has joined tbe ranki
of thedepaited.   The past winter  bas
been a hard one  OU   uewspitp-r* ruu ou
the peanut stand policy.    \ newspaper
W like any  other  business, it  must   be
run on business principles
Cooper creek, in tbe I.srdo country, is
tbe la est placer field, and considerable
excitement has been aroused over some
ofthe finds. Some of the pans are reported to have run us high as 25 cents.
C    P,   ti.   IMPROVEMENTS,
Cranbrook Is to Be Made More uf Crater
Than Ever.
Work has been inaugurated on rxlen*
sive improvements that are to be made
in tbe C. P R yard- in tbis cily. The
old buildings that stand on the west side
of tlie truck are being torn down and
uew buildings of a permanent character
will be erected- The yard capacity will
be increased, as weH as that of the ronnd
house. New machinery will be added
to the equipment of tlie shops, so thet
in the future repairing tbat has been
done at Winnipeg will be done in Cranbrook. This nil] mean tlie employment
of more men, and a materia) increase in
ihe Cranbiook payroll.
Naturally tLis move will be received
with pleasure by the people of Cranbrook. since it means added prosperity
to the town, acd further evidence of the
permanency of the place asarailrosd
ceuter, as well as the center for mining
and commercial operations.
Three Railroad Men Hare a Queer Experience
ai Kitchener.
Last Monday, wbileConductor Hunt's
train was at Kitchener, a big rain norm
came up accompanied by heavy thunder
and flashes of lightning, It became
necessary to chain a car, and W. Wilson
and J. Uremner, two of lhe brakemen,
and the car repairer at Kitchener, got
the heave 'hair, out of the caboose and
with it over the shoulders of the three
of them started down the track. Tbe
storm leemed to have increased and the
skv w.is overshadowed with heavy
clouds Suddenly there was a crash aud
S mass of brilliant fire seemed to dart
from lhe hea.-.ns, centering upon the
chain carried b) the railroad boys. All
three were prostrated and it was tome
time before 'bey fully recovered. Their
bodies were burned in places and their
systems were filled wiih electricity.
Bach one carried a watch and on examination later tli it day Mr. Tate found
that all of them had beeu highly mague*
lized by ibe shock.
Fred Dumont, who wu down the track
j about half a mile, saw tbe flub and be
1 said it presented a brilliant spectacle, hut
I lliat he was filled with fear as he saw
tbe stream of fire reach down lo where
the men were carrying tbe chain, as he
I thought tbey had been killed when ihey
I dropped,
None of tbe victims care to repeat
the experience, although they all escaped Without serious injury,
Placer Excitement Al Moyle.
Moyie Leader: Moyle hid a real, genuine placer gold excitement this week.
W. E Stone was grading his lot, which
la on thc miln street opposite R-M,
Campbell A Co.'s store when some one
suggested that he wash a pan of the
gravel. This was done with the result
that several nice colors of gold were
found. Considerable dirt was washed
and more colors were  found, but not in
Advertising in The Herald Psys.
A few weeks ago G. 11. Miner aald;
"Give us a few locals about my bicycles.
I'll see what that will do." Seven or
tight lines were inserted and llnee days
after he got a letter from Kimberly and
a dralt fur a bicycle, the buyer Baying
he saw iiie advertisement in The Herald. Advertising pays if [you use the
right paper. The Herald is the medium
for the district.
Money for thc Hospital.
The proceeds of the hospital hall were
an follow*!
Collected, $200,
Expenses       f it
On Haml         4
Cheque handed to the sisters 185
Tola!       fao« CRANBROOK  HERALD
t-fc /<2tl^^y>*w~»^
ErUtoi -ui 1 Proprietor,
TfclKM-. in* M.l: UKlrTIO.Ni
Uut. year   -   - -   -   S-.tfi
SU moatiis -   - ...   t.oo
The Herahl ileilres t-. five the uewsof llie
district, li you Know ims aboul your town
your uiuu- oi youi peopl ■, send ti to tuts office.
The division ol tin- old Fort Steele
dislrict is a liiuve tli.tt meets with general approbation, since conditions bad
readied tbat stage where a secoud member w.is au Imperative necessity. Perhaps nowhere In the province has there
been a district tbat has undergone such
rapid changes as has this section in the
last four years, and Increased representation was bul a fitting recognition of
its increased growth and impoitaiice.
This politico] division made for voting
purposes, does not necessarily imply
that there will also be a division of the
government woik, and the establishment Of u second seat of government,
with a second set of district officials,
Tue redistribution bill makes no such
provision, ami that part will rest entirely uml alone with the executive. The
bill for the division goes into effect at
the close of ihe session, but the executive business will continue to be transacted by Government Agent Armstrong
aud bis assistants, as of yon?.
If, however, the executive would deem
It to ttie best interests ol the district ibal
separate offices should be maintained.
the change would probably be made
without delay, which would mean a new
set of officers for the Fernie electoral
The facts are, llial any move in Ihis
direction will depend more upon the
political situation than anything else.
The men who will hold the power to
make such changes will naturally do
thut   which   will   prove  most   beneficial
to them Irom a political standpoint.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction, it is *vorth $10,00, It costs only $2.00
E. C, Smith, M, P, P., was visiting the
district lasl week, ptying special attention lo the new division to be knu-vn as
tbe Ferule district. Mr. Smith has a
ranch just across lhe Hull river, and
therefore can be classed as a resident of
that division. The Fernie Free Press
says that during Mr. Smith's recent visit
to Fernie, it was publicly understood
tha he wus tiiere for the pnpiseofsi ■
iug up the situation io secure a nomination for re election, as an Anti-Joe Martin Liberal, and lhat he would make the
fight on that issue, Already antagoi ism
has been aroused over liis candidacy,
and there are those who call him a carpet bagger, and say he is not entitled to
the support ofthe Fernie people. There
are others who declare that if he is Anti-
Martin, he has no business to run as a
Liberal, us the Ami -Martins lake tbe
position tbat the next campaign should
not be fought on party lines. Take it
altogether, Mr. Smith will not find it so
pleasant during his next campaign
The resumption of work ou tbe Marysville smelter is good news to lhe district.
South East Kooienay would like to
see >the St. Eugene resume. It won d
mean much for Moyle m.d the whole dls
W. Blakemore is liable to be candidate lor the Fernie distiict. He has se
cured an interest in the Free Press, and
it ia pretty generally understood tbat he
has political ambitious.
When will the license commissioners
be appointed for this district ?
It is time for tin* peanut politicians to
drop the reins ai Victoiia, This province la entitled to a government In fact
as well as in name.
Are Mr. Grace, Mr. Stork and Mr.
Clark candidates for reappointment as
license commissioners? And will Mr.
Barnes ask lor bis old position us license
Inspector ? 1'lit* people would Hkj to
When ynu
-r town
Cranbrook y.
ll will
to trave
u distance,
.1. ttislr
The people
nt C
ct lire
n«- nn
ilati-1... ihe sss.mil
bo li
It looks as if ihere would be an election thla year, but it will be late Iu the
season, gentlemen.
And now Moyie has Struck gold In her
streets.   This is q woudertul country.
Thc editor of the Canterbury Outcrop
h-is been compelled to suspend, owing to
alack of finances, It takes money lo
print a newspaper, uud Hi other Evans
has discovered this to his cost. There
are men who will read a paper and never
think of paying lor it, nor will they ever
notice any kind of a notice or dun. Il
ia such a spirit that kills many newspapers, coupled wtlh lack of business abil
ity on the pari of the publisher, Business is business, and tlie man who attempts to run a champagne paper in a
lager beer town, will, sooner ur later, be
up agiinst the real Ihing,
The next representative from .hind's*
trict will Imi! from Caubroole, and his
name will lie ?
The Anti-Martin issue la not bo effective as it was. South East Kootenay'a
representative has lingered too lung at
the pipe that Smith CuiIIb smokeB.
Marysvllle Tribune
The advent of a new and more pros
pereus era for South lOst Kootenay
has caused the capltil. which has b«en
helJ so tightly In lhe eastand In ISurope
for the last four or live years to become
somewhat loosened and mining
men, all over tbe district) »ell us thai
numbers of enquiries for properties ot
various kinds are coming iu lids spring.
Tbe tact ihat the face of the capitalist,
whir h hus ho long "looked the oilier
war," Is now turned, with at any   rale
bo mo favor on South Bant Kootenay,Is a
mailer for us to congratulate ourselves
The day of tbe "Wild cat" Is over, In
fact that animal once as numerous as
lhe Buffalo on the plains, In Ibe HftleB,
is now like the monarch of tbe prairie,
almost extinct.
The passing of the wild cat Is a mailer of rejoylng to not only llie investei
bui ia the honest prospector, In days
gone by he who had the smoothest
tongue sold lhe most claims but to-iia1,
talk cuts very liltle figure In a mining
deal, the goods must be there oral least
there must be a reasonable chance o'
their being ihere.
Now that more confidence Is being
established In this province there Is n(
doubt that South Hist Kootenay will
get a good share of the capital to In
In our own part of tbe district tin-
revival In mining Interest Is already vis
able In the resumption of active work
on the North Star and Sullivan mines
and in lhc building of lhe smelter am.
refinery at Marys vi le.
Not only, on these shipping mines, lithe revival evident, but on the properties which are less developed work If.
the order of the dav. Development
w r i i" being puihed en hundreds ot
prosp-cts in our Immediate vicinity
Up the St Mary's liver mmy hard)
prospectors have been **haid at it" al
winter and now as tbe warm winds oi
spring are driving away lhe snow, mermen are rinding their way Into tin*
uuper couutrv to push work to tbe full
lestixient. Many of those men wlio
have had literally, "faith enough u
move mountains" who have held uu ti
properties faraway from transportation for years are now nearlig tbe tluu
when thev will be rewarded for al1 tin
sacrifices ihey have made and the hani
work tbey have done.
South East Kootenay'a star Is io tin
asseudant but it has not yet reachei
ne highest point to which it will rise,
when It does South Hist Kootenay will
be K not the greaiest at least one ol
tie greatest mining distilcts In thi
g'eat Northwest. We have atwayt
hai fai h In Soulh East Kootei ay and
! i that part ut it known as the St. .Marys
country par iculary, we consider it a
good country to tie up to and we pro-
pjie io stay with it and we advise
others to do tbe same.
A Wonderful Dislrict.
Tils era of prosperity In South 1*1 ast
Kootenay his tome w iho u a do* bt
One has only to ake up the villous
mining papers put llshe I In Cau.v a and
the United Slates, or In fact, any newspapers published In the west to knovi
that this Is true. No part of this greal
mineral producing Province Is so mud
talked aboul at present as Souih 10.s
The reason of this Is lhat this part of
lhe province has a greater diversity ol
resources than any other. When out
looks over the district and sees the Im
mense coal fields to thc east, the bn-^i
gold, copper, silver and lead deposit!
to llie west and north, the wonderful
Iron mines of the Hull liver country
and the tremendous timber wealth ol
the whole district one Is assured, thai
come what may, South lOst [Coot en a J
is all right.
Of c urat e'crybody, who has given
the milter any ihought, laiows tbat although a country may bt naturally rich.
a great deal ol the prosperity of tlie
country rests with the people In It. Vot
this reasou it Is nectssary tbat the
people uf S null Kast Kooienay should
"hang together'' (or lhe beoeflt of
South lOsi Kootenay- The various Interests of this district   do   not,   luckily,
cia«h with each  other  and therefore
there is no reason why the people who
make up our population should not pull
together j there Is no teason why petty
jealousy should exist; there Is no reason
why we should nol all be broil. :rs,
What is wanted In South Hist Kootenay Is more about the rlstrlct and less
about each and every town In thai district. We all know, at least those of
us who have been In the country any
length of time know, that we bave a
district in South E tit Kooienay, that is
second lonone In the province,therefore
itls our duty as citizens of ihis district
to stand by it and to give vent to our
good opinion of the district on every
Talking of mining, it must be u.idi.-
stoud that although we Lave a number
of shipping mines within the disttlct,
Still there are hundreds of properties
that have not reached the development
stage of which greatness may be expected, We all look for a greal Impetus to
the mining Industry this summer.
Everything points ihat way. 'fhe older
properties are taking on new life, and
a veiy large number of new properties
will be exploited. Unbounded wealth
is burled Hi these mountains of outs.
To dig It out is the next thing.
As to silver-lead mining,In pirtlcular,
we all known that the low price of lear
has been a stumbling block |ln the
road of S tub Kant Kooienay's develop
meni, beoauso the district Is very largly
a silver-lead dislrict. Tne Sullivan
Group Mining company have been the
ilrsi to see through what seemed to
most people io be a "stone wall."
As the mountain would nit come to
Mahomet they have taken Mahomet tn
llie mountain. In other words tbey
li d they can make a good profit nn
their silver-load ore by smelting ami
refining It In the country of Its production whereas ihey could nol do so by
shipping it to foreign smellers. That
Is why the Sullivan company ts building
the first lead smelter lu Hast Kootena
tud ihe lirst lead lellnery In Canada   at
aryavllle, Riltlsh Columbia.
T.ie Sullivan company aie undubted y
ihe lint to go into tbe smelting business
in ihis district but they will, bv no
mean", be ihe last, Wuen other mines
see iiie success that the Sullivan will
make by smelling and refining their
ii-vii ores, many others will follow suit
until in lhe near future, this South
Hist Kootenay of ours will have not
oue smelter bin a dozen or more doiied
over ibe country from its eastern lo Its
western and from lis northern to Its
■jouttaern boundaries.
A   Cljua   Morrla   Story.
Clnrn Morris rcluted this story In Manure's Magazine of ber production of
"Miss Million:"
"The piny had twice foiled In Tarts,
which was, to any the least, discouraging. Hm nfter brief reflection I concluded I would risk It, nnd thon. just
by way of encouragement, Mr. Cuznn-
rnn declared that all my acquired skill
and natural power of expressing emotion would prove useless to me, tbut
'Miss Miilton' was to be my Waterloo,,
und lo nil anxious and surprised
'Whys''" he saplently made answer, 'No
children.' His argument wus thnt, not
being n mother iu reality, I could not
be one lu Imagination,
"Always lacking lo solf confidence,
these words miulc ray heart sink, but1
tho over ready Jest came bravely to tlie
fore to bide my hurt from the public
eye, nnd nt the next rehearsal 1 shook
my bead mournfully nnd remarked to
tbe llttlo man: "Hail—bad! Miss Ctisb-
iiiiin must be a very bad Lady Mac-
belli.  I don't want to see her!'
" 'What!' he exclaimed. 'Cushman
not play Lady Mncbethl For heaven's
sake, why not?'
" "No murderess!' I declared, with un
air of authority recognized by those
about mo as a fair copy of Ids own. 'If
Miss Cushman Is not n murderess, pray
how cnn she act Ludy Macbeth, who
Barristcr( Solicitor,
Notary Public.
i.niiiiin.uk and Marysvllle, ll. C,
Vroom & Dczall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
(lateral Jobbing....
llnlsiils Order, Promptly
Attended lu.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0. Port Steele, B. C
One   or   MMiiil-dv'a   Trick a.
One day lu a London tobacconist's
shop Sandow, tho strong man, was
handed some change, und In the middle
of It he saw something thnt looked
like n bnd shilling. He pushed It back
across tlio counter. "I thluk that oue
is bud," he snld.
'"Nousi'iise," snld the shopkeeper,
with nil Incredulous air. lie took up
the shilling nud tried ft In the little
brass coin tester thut wns screwed to
tbo side of the counter. Then he tendered It ngnln. "It's quite good," he
snld.   "I can't bend It."
Sandow smiled nnd took it between
his Anger nud thumb. "You can't bend
It!   May I try'/" bo asked.
"Certainly," suld tho man, with a
The strong muu pressed the tip of
his forefinger toward tbe tip of his
thumb nml the Hpurloua coin bent like
tissue pnper.
"Well," said the tobacconist dum*
founded, "It looks like a wrong 'uu
after ull! Perhaps you will accept another?"
Ami Suinlow did.
A  < li-ftilnr  HhIiiIhi.t.
A member of n party who made no
ascent of Flusterrehorn some years
ngo (bus described a novel sight which
delighted the tired .limbers: The day
wo mounted the Klnsterrehorn wo
vera treated to the rare sight of a olr-
cular rainbow, the phenomenon lasting
nearly imif uu hour uud forming a
com plot o circle,   There  were  heavy
clouds lying some 4,000 feet bolOW ou
Hie Alll* glueler, uml  It  \va» on these
that tho beautiful, brilliantly colored
ring lay. A BUCOIld circle wus also visible. We were near the summit of tho
peak when the tlrst of the party oh-
BCrrcd It. nud from thul point Hie face
of tlie mountain on tho Qrlmsol side is
almost   perpendicular,   giving   us   a
splendid view.
and Builder   *«*
All wnrk guaranteed.   See us before
you build,   ll wll! pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking A,,d
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Oflice and store, Aiken blork,
lieur Cnnadiail Bnnk of Commerce, Crnuhrook, H C
Upholslerln-f and (icneral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Oflice at Residence, Armslrnn)* Ave.
Furenouns,   ■   ■   •   •   9:30 lu II
Aflernuuns   ■   *   -   •   IJOtoJ'JO
Evcnlngi    *   -   *   ■    7,30 to 8:3(1
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    B,  C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
t.nte analytical chemist and control nssnyer t<
the North situ .Mm um nwny, limited..
livery bescrlptlim ol Mineral \mihsis.
Prompt Attention to Samples In Mnil and
Otr.cc and Ubnrntnry;
Kootenay St., Nelson, B. C
A  ItlchUT  Anecdote.
It Is not nlwnys the grout conductor
thut shines ns n composer, though unfortunately he often labors under the
delusion that such Is tho case. On one
occasion Hans Kit-liter wus present at
a concert given by n brother composer,
at which tbo hitter performed a lung
and not particularly Interesting work
of bis own.
When the composition cnino to nu
end. 1Mentor expressed his criticism lu
a very few words. "Well," he said, "I,
too, liuf written compositions to maku
n pilu so high"—raising his hand three
feet from tbo ground—"but l hut burned them!"
Rlxty days ath-r date I Iii'qiuI tn apply to tha
Chief c iBsloiier »i  |jnu|s nml Works at
Virtu In, It, o, im- permission to Mirrli.i-.oiha
following described land si
i i-iiiiiii-.n'iiii: nt ilu' Hnutli liasl corner of An*
Kus Morrison's i rc-ciup i n near Miiltli'slnko
riinnlnu west eight) olihlns, rutin tin south r-l lity
e inin-, riiuiilti; i'iist rluhty rlmliis, milium:
n Tih i' ulnj I'lmins to iii>- point of uoiiinK-nce
meni, contain) id s,\ hundred anil foity neres.
Slum-it (i O, KINK.
Cranbrook, Bust Kooteiiajr, March id, iww.
A^   S.0.0.F,   Key Cily Lodge
r-W^&  Nu. ia,   Meet.s every I'r1
wSxbJ day night at tbelr ball nn
lliiker street.    Hojniirillllfi
Oii.t I'cllows eoiillnlly liivlfed,
S. J Morrow, IL Parsons,
N, Ii. SOO'V.
iranhrook I.mine No. 34
A. F.& A. M.
Ilegiilnr meetings on the
iimu Thursday ut the
&'"\ *       iiiimtb.
(inn, A. I.bacii, Seo'y.
t* Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies   jj
:• and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines    j]
• •
Surrounded by
lllC  IllllllSVllI)!...
And fine Agricultural
Country. Large herds ol
In abundance with a climate clmiisl Southern
and all lhat could be
A SHT\JOT A 's owncc' ,11K' b-ickcd by thc payroll ol the Similkameen Valley
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee in its sell
ot its success. '1 he equipment and development of their
coal mines, installing of water, electric light and power
plants are already arranged lur. The development ul the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by lhe Eastern capital
isls, who have established their payroll at Ashnola, make
it thc coming cily ot the interior ol British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In blocks 1 to 4 and 13 to 20 the price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May 1, 1902, and to 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks. The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed forS buildings including
cottages for the employees of the company at Ashnola. This
work will be under full headway by May 1st. Thc company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 equal
. *
', J Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
',■'•;■ Today they are quoted at $80.00.    With the advent of transportation	
{I can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any oih-
i, er company in Canada.   For further information apply to , . .
I    ■
ii Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited
>\ Nelson, British Columbia.
....Dealers in....
* Wall S Paper,
f*\ Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
flouldings, Etc,
in all thc
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply .inly the hest.    Your
trade is solicited.
Horry Mtlnliitdi
K.cl,rc.c.tctn A Continuous Show
"Always on Shift"      STEVENSON & MelNTOSH
Nelson :Tent: and|w. f. curd,
Awning : Factory
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
Ft. Steele Brewing Co. of repairing.   Give me a call.
Spokane Palls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard R'y Co.,
{ed    Mountain    Railway   Co
The only nil mil route between nil
points lsiiht, Ws-Ht nnil Smith to ..
Intermediate Points.
Conneclliifj nt
SrOKANR ssitli ilu.
lire/it Northern, Northern PticKIc
and O. R. & IN. Company.
Connects nt
Nelson  witli Steamer for  K.-islo
unit All Kootenny   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Dally lor
Nepuhlic, and
Connect*, ilnllv
Al    Bossburg   St.isve   Dally   ter
Grand Porks and llreenwootl.
II. A, JACKSON, n.n l'n.,. ||l,
1 have good wtisssl sil all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ullici- receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a few |ininls lo
be considered in building.
Good  work,   Good   Materia
and the price.
Have sun talked Willi anyone dIihiii hnililinn?
Cninc and nee in. nr li-l me see yen. II may
do ns huth Hnnd.
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
I   A Story Illustrative of tbe Ways   t
Iot Hoavon. 3
VlAJ>.»f-.-?>-?-.-.-K' ■••■•-■•-$'■•-*■*■$-J-•"•*?   I ••"•■ *    *
iii tin* rolgn of King Moithdur then
lh *'<l at Bnbylou a youug mnn limned
Xiullg. lln was Imii.lsHtiM', rlili ami
imliinilly good lit'iiili'tl. nml nl (lie tUO*
moot when tbis etory opens ho wna
traveling mi rimi tn boo Lho world ami
to It'iini philosophy ami wladotn, Ilnl
hitherto in' lind oneouuterod bo much
misery nml ondured so many torrlhlo
tlOiisli'is tbat la- lind become tempted
to rebel against tho will of heaven a nl
to bollovo Uml tho Provldouco which
rules Hie world neglects lho gond uml
lets tbu evil prosper. In this nulmppy
[flplrlt ho was ono day walking on tho
bnnits of tlm Euphrates wl hoclmiic*
etl to meet u venornhle hermit, wboso
snowy In'iinl descended lo liis glrdlo
nml wbo carried in bis hand a scroll
vbk'li lm wns reading wilb attcutiou.
Zndlg Btoppod ami made blm u long
bow. Tbe hermit returned tha salutation wllh nn air so kindly and so noble
that Zadlg felt a curiosity to speak to
blm. lie Inquired what scroll was lliat
(Which be wns reading.
"It Is tbe 'Book ni' DOBtlny,'" replied
tho hermit, "Would you like to read
He banded It to Zadlg, bur. tbe bitter, though be knew a dozen languages,
could not understand n word of It. Ills
curiosity Increased.
"You appear to be !u trouble," anld
tbe kindly hermit.
"Alas," said Zadlg, "1 have cause to
be so!"
"If you will allow me," snld the hermit, "I will accompany ynu. PerhapB
1 may be useful to you. 1 am sometimes able to console the sorrowful."
Zadlg felt a deep respect for tbe appearance, the white beard and the mysterious scroll of the uld hermit nnd
perceived that Ids conversation was
Hint of a superior mind. The old man
spoke of destiny, of justice, of morality, of the chief good of life, of human
fraliiy, of virtue and of vice with so
much power and eloquence that Zadlg
felt himself attracted by a kind of
charm and besought tho hermit not to
leave htm until they sliotitil return to
"I nsk you the sume fnvor," sab! tbe
hermit. "Promise me that, whatever
1 may do, you keep me company for
several days."
Zadlg gave the promise, and they set
forth together.
Thnt night the travelers arrived nt a
grand mansion. Tbe hermit begged for
food and lodging for himself nml Ins
companion. The porter, wbo might
have been mistaken for » prince, ushered tbem In with ii contemptuous nlr of
welcome. The chief servant showed
them tbe magnificent apartments, nnd
they wero then Admitted to tbo bottom of tlio table, where the Innster of
the mansion did nol condescend to cast
a glance at tbem. Tbey were, however.
served with delicacies in profusion nnd
alter dinner washed tbelr bunds In a
golden basin set with emeralds and
rubles. Tbey were then conducted fur
the night Into n beautiful apartment,
nml tbo next morning before tbey left
the castle a servant brought Uuin each
n piece of gold.
"The master of (lie house," said Zadlg as tbey went tbelr way, "ni pears
to he a generous man, although n trifle
haughty, lie practices a nobis bos-
pit nil ty." Ah lie spoke ho perceived
that n kind of largo pouch which the
hermit carried appeared singularly dla-
lemleiL Wlilitn It wns tlie golden basin
pi l With precious stones which llie old
lniin hud purloined.  Zadlg was omiu*
ed, Imi he said notlilug.
Ai noon tin- hermit stopped bofore n
little bouse, In which lived a wealthy
miser, nml onco more asked for lm?*
plinllty. An old valet In a shabby cont
received   tbem    \eiy    rudely,   showed
tiiem Into tlie stnble mid nol before
tlieiii a few rotten olive* some moldy
in.'ml and beer which had turned sour,
Tbe   hermit   ale   nnd   drank   With   as
much con ton | as lie bad shown the
nighl before; thou, nddresslug the eld
vnlet, who liml kepi Ids eye upou tbem
in imii.e sure Unit they stole nothing,
Im giivo blm tbe two pieces •'■! gold
which ihey IiiiiI received thnt morning
nml thanked him for ins kind attention,  "Bo sn good." he added, "lis lo let
me see your master,"
Tbo nstonlshed vnlel showed thoin in.
"Must mighty slgnor," sold (lie lier-
mll, "I can only render ynu my liu in-
bls thanks for tbe noble n net in
«idiii you imve received us, i beseech
ymi   to ftCCept  tills  golden  buSlU  as  n
token of my gratitude"
The miser ali I n 11 Um kward wllh
niiuucinent. Tho hermit, without waiting for blm to recover, set ml' with
i-l d with ills companion,
"Holy father." suld Zadlg, "what
dues nil this mean? Veil seem tn me
In resemble other men in nothing, Vou
stent a golden hnslu set with jewels
from n Signer wbo receives yon with
mngnlllCOUCe and you give it to a cur*
ii'Udgeon wbo treats yuu with lndlg*
it Ity."
"My son," replied the hermit, "this
mighty lord, who only welcomes trnv* j
■it-is through vanity ami to display his!
riches, will henceforth grow wiser,;
while the miser will he taught to |>r:io-
tlCP hospitality. He itma/.ed :it nothing
nml follow me."
Kndlg knew not whelher ho was deal-
Ing with Ihe most foollsb or the wisest
of nil men. Hut the hermit spouu with
such ascendency thai Zndlg, who he- j
sides was fettered by his luomise, Imti
no choice except to follow blm.
That night they came to nu ngrcea*
bio house of simple aspect mid showing signs neither of prodigality nor
avarice. Tho owner was a philosopher who had left the world mid who.
studied peacefully the rules of virtue
and of wisdom UUd who yet Mils Imp*
py and eautOUt He bud built tbis
culm retreat to please himself, mid be
received tlie strangers In It with a
frankness which displayed no sign of
ostentation. He conducted "them himself to a comfortable chamber, where
he imiili' them rest nwblle; Iben be returned to lead them lo ll da I nl.*- llttlo
supper, 1 Hiring tbelr conversation
ihey ngreed lhat the nffalrs or this
world are uot always regulated hy the
opinions of the wisest men. Hut tint
hermll still maintained thai tbu ways
of Providence nt'0 wrapped In mystery
ami that uieii do wrong tn pasn Judgment on n universe of which ihey only
see lliii smallest part.    Zadlg wondered
how a person who committed such mad
mis could reason so correctly.
At length, after u conversation ss
agreeable ns Instructive, thu host conducted the two travelers to their opart*
meni uml thanked hciivcii for sending
him two visitors so wise and virtuous.
He offered them some money, nut ho
frankly that they could not feel offended, Tlie old mini declined and desired
to say farewell, ns be luiended to depart for Bnbylou tit break of dny.
They therefore purled on the wannest
terms,'aud Znilig above all was tilled
| with kindly feelings toward so Amiable a in.tu.
When lhe hermit nnd himself wero
hi their Chamber, tbey spent some lime
in praises of tbelr host. At break of
day the old man woke bis comrade.
"We must be going," be remarked.
"But while every one Is still asleep 1
wish to leave this worthy man a pledge
of my esteem."   With these words he
; took n torch mid set thc house on tire.
Zadlg burst forth Into cries of hor-
. ror and would hnve stopped the frightful act, but tho hermit by superior
strength drew blm away, The house
wns In n blaze, and the old man, who
| wns now n good way off with bis com*
: panlon, looked buck calmly at the
burning pile.
i "Heaven be praised," be cried, "our
kind host's bouse is destroyed from top
to bottom!"
At these words Zndlg knew not
whether he should burst out laughing,
call tho reverend father nn old rascal,
knock him down or run away. But he
did neither. Still subdued by the superior innnner of tbe hermit, he followed him against his will to their
next lodging.
This wit* tbe dwelling of n good and
charitable widow, who had a nephew
of fourteen, ber only hope and jov.
She did her best to use the travelers
well, mid the next moiiilng fhe bade
lier nephew guitlu them safely past s
certain bridge, which, having recently
been broken, bnd become dangerous to
-cross over. The youth, eager to oblige
them, led the way.
"Come," said the hermit when tbey
were half across the bridge, 'i must
show my gratitude toward your nnut."
As he spoke lie seized tbo young mnn
by the hair and threw hint Into tlie river. Tbo youth fell, reappeared for nn
Instant on the surface and then was
swallowed hy tbe torrent.
"Oh. monster!" exclaimed Zndlg.
"Ob, most detestable of men"—
"Yuu promised me more patience." .
Interrupted tho old man. "Listen! Beneath tbe ruins of that house which -
Providence saw tit to set on fire tbe
owner will discover nu enormous treasure, while ibis young man, whose existence Providence cut short, would
have killed bis aunt within n year, ami l
yen yourself In two."
"Wbo told you so. barbarian?" cried j
Zadlg, "and even tf you rend tbe issua ;
In your 'Book of Dostluy,' who gave
you power to drown a youth wbo never
injured yuu'.-"
While be spoke ho saw tbat the old
man had a beard no longer nnd thut
his face had become fair ami young,
his hermit's frock bad disappeared,
imii* white wings covered bis majestic '
form mid shone with dazzling luster.     I
"Atigel of heaven," cried Zndlg, "you >
nre then dcsccnde4 from the skies to
teneli nu erring mortal to submit to tbe
eternal laws.
•Men," replied the nugel .lezrarl,
"Judge nil things without knowledge,
and you. of all men, mosl deserved to
be enlightened. Thu world Imagines
lhat lho youth who bas Just perished
fell by chanee lutn the water and lhat
by a like chance tbo rich man's house
v, us set mi lire. But there Is no such
thing as chance; nil Is trial or punishment or foresight. Feeble mortal, cease I
lo argue ami  rehol ngnliisl  what you
ought to adore I"
As be Spoke these  words the nugel j
took his mgin to heaven, and Zndlg '
1.11 upou bis knees   T'roiii the l'ri-tieb. '
i   IT WA3 MADE ABOUT 1671.
! The UUluric Ueltol Un- Alianqulu-t.Vthloli
Sur|iMit-s m Interest Au> Hell Kuown
iu he in Uxlitenee,
I Mrs Harriot Maxwell Converse, or,
ns she is known among Ol- Senecu
, I tnUiius, tJa-lo-wuh-mih, recentlj   lelt
Montreal,   hiking   With   llur   to      New
York tbu wampum belt  which      sho
euusldoi'S the must vnluubli    ox-
i.mi Mis Con versa is an uuthorlty
un     Indian relics, nnd al
up  the  hl8lor>   of  her Inti
fiald ii surpnssud iu hlstorlcul ami
sen ll mental interest tiny bolts known
in ho in existence With th.' consent
oi ih.- Indians fiom whom she obtained the prize she bus pruaented It
to Mi. Joseph Koppler ol New York,
to ri-iiinin iu bis custody and tbut ot
I his bens forever.
The belt wus obtained from ilm
Cnughiiiiwagu Indians, a tribe which
is mm living near Montreul. They
uru the lii'si-eiulmits of tin- Indluns
who were lefl in tin* Alg |Uln Confederacy after the llvu Nttttons revolted and subdued the Confederacy.
The hell is it trophy of thai mini.us
victory. It is tlie symbol of (In- defeat of ihe Algi'iupiins und tlie victory of the Five Ntitlons, which consisted nf tbe Moliuwks, Henecas, On-
cldits, Cnyiigus and Onondagas.
i From the iiivesiiguLiuns made by
| Mrs. Converse, it appears tbut thu
hell   was  made about   UiTt. For
lifly years prior lo that tlie Five
Nations mul the Algoiupilns hud been
engaged in  a desperate struggle,   the
live Nations being bent on seceding
from tbe Algonquin Confederacy, and
the AJgonqtilns being hunt on preventing them. The French, who
came into Canada in ibe early part
of the sixteenth century, funned an
alliance with tin* Algontjulna, but in
Spile of tbis (he Five Nations won
the sanguinary conflict, mid it was
ut the treaty, or peace that the belt
Mrs. Converse found wns used. At
the council, Which was held near
where ihe Cnughiuiwngn iribo now
lives, they buried six tomahawks,
one for the Algonipilus, uud live for
the Five Nations. The Algonquin
weapon was put underneath, so that
lu case hostilities were ever renewed
tho A Igimi'nins would have to lift
tbe weapons of their foes from their
own. u reminder of defeat. As u
token of condolence und peine, tha
wampum bolt was given by tho victors to the conquered.
The belt is nbout four feet long
and live inches wide. It is made of
purple heads strung on threads uf
birch barks and fastened to thongs
of buckskin. It is fifteen strings
wide. At the upper end ihere is woven of white beads n tomahawk — this
tomahawk of pence. The purplo
bends represented tho sorrow of tbe
Algonqtilns at their defeat and tho
mourning (or their death All over it
was smeared red war paint, ami although more than two centuries have
passed since the ceremony ut its presentation lho traces of the paint are
still visible
In nil tho years that have passed
since that time, tbe belt has been
sacredly guarded hy the Indians. It
w..s found hy Mrs. Converse hidden
between two stones tn n mission
house It is in tt gootl slate of preservation, but very fragile. Owing
to tbe esteem in which Mrs. Converse
is held by ibe Indians tlie chiefs
turned tho relic over to her with tha
understanding that she was to turn
it over to Mr. Kepploc. lie is an
adopted chief In the Seneca tribe,
aud hoars the Indian name ol Oyniil-
wtlkn.    It   is  said  lm  has  the      tines
collection ol Indian relics in tho Ur
fled Slates.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
Thc aggregate amount nf principal nnd im rest, except in the
ense of lands under $2.SO an acre, is divided into len instalments as
shown In lhc tabic below; the first to be paid st the time of purchase, tne second one year frum dale of Ihe purchase, the third in
two years ami su nn.
Tha following tabic shows the amount of Ihe annual instalments
un hill acres al different prices under the above conditions:
Midairs at $2.50 per tier, Isl instalment $,SM5   Q equal inlal'ts at $50.00
3.00      • » 71,90 " 60,00
3.51)     "
»              70.00
1,00     »
4.511     ••
5.00     ."
Kimbei'lev is "lc l,lisincss a,,u< shipping point for the
-   North Slur and Sullivan mines.
lil.AI. & ELLWELL, Townsile Agenls.
Cranbl'OOk 's "1C divisional point o( the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Fouth
Easl Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Par further hi to nun I inn apply In agents ns nbnvc or In
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
If thc land is paid fur in lull at the
time uf purchase, ;i reduction frmn the
price will be allowed equal tu ten per
cent un the amount paid in excess of lhe
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent wilt be
charged in out due instalments,
The Company has also lots fur sale
in thc fallowing tuwn sites in Fast kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kitchener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range and the gateway io the While
Grouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
«♦»**#♦♦#♦♦#**♦♦*•♦-•-•••**■*♦♦ *.********■****.**■*+**.*****»»,
I The Cranbrook 1
8 2
Lumber Co. |
Saw and Planing Mills j
:::AT SI
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his ,*rt he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. Wc not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but wc put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think  of selling  at  less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, li. C
-AU,    KIN US   OF-
A OftnadUn I'-».itW- si..rr-
"Wo picked up n new Irishman
soi tu- w he in up-country, and set liiin
in work breakin' on a construction
train at M cents a mllo tor wages.
iitn- day when him an' me wns on th*
train she gut nwny on ono o' thorn
mountain grades nnd the first thing
we knowed she wns hying down tho
track nt about ninety mil oh nn hour,
with noihln' in night hut the ditch
and the happy liimiin' grounds, when
wo coma to th*' end 1 twisted 'em
down uh hard as I could nil along
lln-  tops,  anil  then  of a  BUlldcn   I   BOO
Mike orawlin' along toward the end
one of tlm cms on all fours, with
his face the color of milk. 1 thought
in- was pet iin' ready to Jump, an' i
BOO his  finish  it he did.
" 'Mlko,' I says, 'for Clod's tmka
don't Jump.1
■'lie clamps his fingers on Hip run-
tun' board lo give him n chance to
turn round, and, lookln' nt mo contemptuous, answers:
" 'Jump, Is li? Do ye/, think I'd bo
nfthcr Jumpin,' nn1 mo makln' money
as Inst   as  I  inn''- "
IIimiL   llnrrii.tlnii.
One need hnvo no delicacy In asking
n person to return a borrowed book-
Books nre property, and when borrowed they should he carefully protected from Injury anil promptly returned to their owners. I doubt the
propriety of borrowing a book if one
ts near a lending library, We do not
borrow shoes or gloves or furniture,
uml why should we mnke nn except Inn
of books? 1 think the owner of a set
should hesitate to let a single volume
go out of her possession. Blther make
a lonn of the entire set or give your
friend permission to consult it In your
homo,—Ladies' Home Journal.
n-lii" lu   II* luiat, If-tvrtl.
lion.   Kdwniil   IHakn  refuses   to  he
Interviewed. Scarcely a public man
In Canada will consent to undergo
iho trial except at the hands nf a
known advocate uf his political
cause, and under Bpeclal circumstances. They know that their advor-
aarloa will criticise what they     Bay,
nnil they nro loath to let other persons do their phrasing.
Interviews are. ns a rule, fairly
accurate, but when a man occupies
such n position thut his airiest
words mo fastened upon by shrewd
opponents, und searched for faults,
tt is not surprising If ho decides not
to authorize anothor to simulate his
voice and spoak In his mime nnd
A  I'rolilem  Aliont  Corn,
Here Is a puzzle In geometry. It
docs not require a skilled mathematician, however, to solve It.
It is required to demonstrate (geo*
motrlcally) thnt a larger crop of corn
can hu grown on an acre uf level
ground than on an acre ot slnntlng
ground, The stalks of corn are supposed to grow perpendicularly In buth
cases, and nil oilier particulars, such at
fertility of thu soil nnd ihu like, to be
the sin no.
The Ingenious reader will probably
havo no trouble la solving the uruhJVU)
without assistance, ; --<jjj£
A VuiTtimtliHi Story.
Dr. Sheurd, tho Medical Health Officer of Toronto, is telling a good
story on one of his officers, The oilier day, says iho doctor, a woman
came in loading two llttlo girls. She
wanted a certificate of vaccination In
order that ihey might be admitted
to school, The ofllcor asked to see
the marks.
"Ob, they wore Vaccinator upon
the Labrador/' was the reply.
"I don't euro whether they wore
vaccinated upon the Labrador or lhu
back of the neck," was the roply,
"J must boo it before you got thu
Thu children hud boon Vaccinated
during,  tpuranliiiu     uu thu     i.U'uiiier
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, f
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and {
Nn lec In hereby given that t o nun
Into Hie innlersiBtieil wm ttppij tn i
I'ommlSHloner of Until and works At t'tctmln
fur i> rmlsstoa to iiitreimsu tlio rullowlnji do-
sanbad lantlsi Coininonclii'i At a [tost p'tuil oil
on the west Imnk of Hook Urock, In lliail>triot
ot smi h KiiHt Kootenay. II. C . aliont t inlte-i
(pcstoi Elko, nn tlie Kouili sii|.> tif the Crows
Nist pass Itnliwayi running net k> ohnlns,
tlipnco south m' oiinlnn, tlienoe cast so chains,
tiietifi* north si chains in tin1 p'nt t licgln*
Imteil utli March, 1003.
Mulicil. PKTKII I.I'M).
iA*********t******** *******
i **********************u
xi PBTRR HATIIBSON, Proprietor.
J ************************
JJ When you nre liuug-v pud uaiii
f ii good tiiciil go to the Bast
JJ Kootenay.
!}! When ynu  nre tired and wnni a
nr, good rest [•(] to the ISast Koo-
£ tonny.
||, When >ou are thirsty and want a
•ft ootid   drink   }*n   lo   the   Knst
1* Kootenay.
jjj In fact wh1 n you nre in Cranbrook
ti, stop nt lhe Must Kootenny.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  mosl
economical way to handle it.
Sl. Paul Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
Easl, leave Dunmore Jet. daily
l.v koiils.-im> Landing friiln.
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
A. II. P. A , A|tnl,
Vnnliuu.er. Iranbrools
J. S. CAItrnR, II. P, A., NeUon, B, C.
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor ? ? ? ?
.or l>.iUr ll
Write tar Prim
II ,0, don't buy    DPI   TIPD    The Ilnl. ttholtsilel.la.1
Mill you see ..    rCLI ICK   Soulh Cast kiicleoa,.
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point (or South East Kootenay.
Kcritled Tliniugliiiiil
One of llie Moat Cr.mf'jrUtila
Hotel, in Ha,t K.i.tesi.y.
New!)  FuniUbed
L. D. VanDecar, Prop.
Onllllll.uk,   II. C,
rioyie's Hotel Kootenay
• ja • \t/ The best of accomodations
Leading   A fur the Iravclinj; public.
Hntpl McflAHON  BROS..
1 lOlfcl Proprietors.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
TeniilB ami 'Irisi-rs fiirlllalu-it fur  nil)
nint in tlie ilihtiirt.
Wc have a stock o(
Common lirick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and TII.
Those wanting chimncyif fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
SKTJ    Geo. R. Taylor n
ss-.,.-. a, (.-. i.s (,-, (.-, (., ... ..... ..)
StsMSMS-®-®-®-©-®-®  •   •   ■   • .,
We are receiving new goods
daily. See our new Waists.
See the latest in Hats. Our
prices are always right. «£ «*
B-«-^>--(iW->-(5)H»)--SWi)HiWi>--(.V^^ . .
6-®-®-<»-'!HSMSH9- ffit-tS-SMsMS B-G> -I
* ot Interior or oxtorlornf your Iioiiip fro tn **
J Amateur work will receive our best ntten t
\      Itun.  Nonresident work aolloltcil     ' *}
Is Old Cimerlon Hotel Rulldlnx
I have recently opcneil tin- hotel nml am
rewly lu take boarders hy the day, week or
meal, t have nu llt|iior lleenite anil ll Is my In-
teuUoo to run a strictly lirst clans I uuin 1 Iiie
nouss. .1. I>. UENDUIIENT
i'i.i|u ii'nn of tlie
Candy Kitchen
Carries s ooraplste stock ol
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
\ Biscuits, Pipes and
j Tobaccos. aive us s can
Draying and
Pianao Moving a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Best meal on earth.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
6 Cockerels at Ss each.
Egf», $3 for 13.
Cash must accompany each order. L. W. PATMORE,
51 Fort Steele, B. C
Fire   Fire
We would respectfully
a.k you to give us an
opportunity to quote
you our rates when
wanting (ire insurance.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Questions  uf  Many  People.
The Jeweler.
1 keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches. Clocks,
Silverware and
If you boy of Tate and it
is not right- Tate will
make it right.
UlHclil Watch liHpector lor
CfawiNit) iNkfM C. I1. R.
The man who whispers down a well
About the gooils he bus to Bell,
Won't reap the glenming, golden dollars
Like one who climbs a tree and boilers
MORAL—Advertise your yooils in Tbe
Rev. Auvache visited Marysville lust
Oust ThieB came in from Perry creek-
last Monday,
Cut llowers at G. T, Rogers on Tuesday, 151b inst.
Mrs. G. II. Uremner hns been quite
sick the past week.
T, Turley was transacting business in
Marysville Tuesday.
Don't forget tbis cleanup proposition.
It will do the town gootl.
Tiiere will be a great tunny yards
vastly improved tbis year.
G. II. Miner is making improvements
around bis handsome home.
James Ryan visited Macleod lust week
in company with M, Melnnes.
J. P, Fink, E, J. Peltier and G, II
Miner drove up to Marysville lust .Sunday,
Mrs. Ii. J. Peltier received the smi
news Inst week of lhe death of 11 sister in
the east.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. McBride and
daughter Kdltb, visited Marysville Inst
C. R. Palmer was transacting business
at Fernie and Intervening points llie
past week.
Frank McCabe, the well known merchant of Marysville, visited Cninbronk
last Friday.
McSweyn Si Griffith, the new tailors,
will open their new tailor shop iu Ibe
Cranbrook hotel block tomorrow.
11. T. Forrest of Winnipeg, government railway inspector, has been here
the past week officially inspecting the
Marysville spur.
Superintendent Jameson's family aie
eipected in a few days. Tbe C. V. R.
bouse uu the lull is being put in readiness lor their arrival.
A meeting of tbe directors of the
Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association
will be bebl at ibe company's ollice Fii
day evening at 8 o'clock.
The Herald bas live advertisers. The
men wbo advertise judiciously never fail
to profit Iiy it. Advertising in The Herald is judicious advertising.
A. It Fenwick advances bis subscription to The Herald. Mr. Fenwick was
among th: first subs-ribers to th s piper
aud wants ii tu keep coining.
George W. Tlu'tnpsoii relume I lliii
week from Toronto where he accompanied the remains of bis brother, who
died iu Seattle a few weeks ngu.
G. P. Tisflale has fresh candies every
week at his candy kitchen, and is doing
an increasing business, simply for tbe
reason lhat he is attending to it.
The date of the Press meeting nt Halcyon Springs hns been changed fiom
April 14 to April 11. to better accommodate a greater number of newspaper men,
Fronk Sentinel: A. Leitcb, Cranbrook,
was a Saturday to Monday visitor iu the
camp Mr. and Mrs. Grier. Cranbrook, spent Saturday iu Frank visiting
The office ol the Ryan hotel is now
adorned with n desk c-binet tbat is a
beauty. It is surmounted by a cluster
of electric lights and attracts all kinds
of attention.
P. A. McConnell of Portage hi Prairie,
a cousin of J. Gillis, hflfl succeeded VV,
A. Miner in the Kootenay Furniture
company- and will have charge of llic
store hereafter.
Klko will hove a great celebration
this year. Thc citizens will hold n
meeting in a few days to make arrangements for the event. The people in Hint
town will do it right, Of thnt there in nn
The pioceeds of the Masonic ball will
lie given to ibe St. Eugene hospital.
That is a worthy charity, j
Harry Fairfield has opened bis equine
minor in! parlors, find in consequence
many n horse goes into bis hands 11
Bcraggy looking caytun and comes out a
prancing Arabian steed.
A B Aiwuod of Creston, sending iu
his subscription, says: "! oiissed The
Herald last week. Keep it coming.
There is loo little sunshine just uow to
do without Tbe Herald."
P, I) Hope, the Moyle druggist, was
in lown Sunday and Monday. He says
lb il ping pong and guessing when the
St, Eugene will start are the two principal games in that lown.
Miss Emma I.eitch, who has visited in
the east (or the past year, started ou ber
return home last week. Sue will slop
seveml places en route, but expects to be
home by the lirst of May.
Palmer 81 Arnold have opened a neat
billiard parlor and cigar store, nnd judging from the appearance of lho place and
the mnn tier in which it ia being operated
it is bound to be a great r-uccess,
Dr, Harvey of Montreal, has been iu
town the past week, lie will go to Victoria to take bis examination for the
province aud will then return to Cranbrook and he associated wiih Dr. King
iu the practice of medicine.
The Invitations for tbe Masonic bull
have lit-t-ii issued, and they are a neat
specimen of typography, The date is
April 15th, and it Is evident that this
bill is to be Die event of the season
The invitations nre limited, as the management are anxious not to have tbe
bnll overcrowded.
It is staled that Constable Morris, in
plying bis laundry last week, in a moment of absent niindetlness, wrote tlie
name Ping Pong on lhe face ofthe check
and tbe Chinaman presented it at the
bank. As the features of tlie Chinaman
and tbe name was familiar, tbe check
was promptly paid.
Hubert Honey man, better known ali nig
the Crow and tbe main line In British
Columbia as "Old Scotty,"left last week
for Scotland where be has relatives,
"Scotly" was a rharacter. harmless, full
of good nature, lint during the last year
he became n physical wreck, and unable
lo provide for himself.
Captain AiuiBtrong, one of ibe best
known river captains in British Columbia, wits in Cranbrook Sunday. He will
operate the steamer North Star on tbe
Kootenay again this season, and will uot
lako tier through to lhe Columbia as he
had expected. He expects to lind business iu the lumber nnd produce traffic.
The ping pong tournament between
Fort Steele and Cranbrook devotees of
tbe game, held in Craubrook list Wed
nesifny, resulted iu a score of 24 for the
visiting ladies against   16 for Craubrook,
while the Cranbrook gentlemen turned
lhe score by 25 to 16, thus saving the
day for the ping pong champions of
Moyie Leader: Park, Mitchell & Co,
nre making big preparations for taking
out ties along the line of railway south
of Moyie lake. Two large tents arrived
this week for their use olid they will
give employment to nbout 75 men.
They have some 50,000 ties to take out.
It will take several mouths to complete
the contract. This wilt add greatly to
Moyle's payroll during the summer.
J L. Gales, who is now managing the
Victoria hotel at I'ernie, was in town
yesterday, He had been visiting his old
home al Kinibeily, and was pleased to
notice evidence of activity in the surrounding mines, "The resumption of
work oil the North Star nnd Sullivan is
hound 10 make things lively in that part
of the tlistrict. Marysville looks all
right nnd is bound to be a prominent
town aud 11 prosperous one."
There have been n number of people
apparently reckless as to consequences
in Cranbrook, who look upou the driv-
iug of wagons over sidewalks ns the
proper tiling, when convenient. This
practice is to be stopped, and in the
future, as the sidewalks are government
properly, those guilty of tbis act will be
arrested and summarily dealt with.
Constable Morris should be informed of
any violations of the law in this matter.
Fred Stnvthe, the editor of the Moyie
Leader was in town yesterday He
bioughl lis smile am) a nicely decora
ted eye He told u long, rambling tale In
Ibis ollice about a terrible conflict with
a sluice box on I/unb creek and bis narrow escape from   death.     He had just
reached the climax nf bis story when
bis pipe welil nut, and as uo one in The
Herald used tlie same brand the final
chaptei was continued until a future
The sisters of'St   Eugene hospital wish
10 thank the members nf the Ladies Aid
Society for tbe kindly interest which
they hnve nlwnys taken in the hospital
and for lhe many material aids given
toward lis inttlntenaiice nnd in particular for tin: handsome donation of f\$5,
being the net proceeds of the ball given
by them Inst week. This amount wilt
gu toward the reduction of the debt on
the building. Their hope is that lhe
zeal of the good ladies will ever be a
fruitful source of help to them in their
chosen wurk of charily.
J A Gillis hns resigned his position
wilb W. T. Reid & Co., with whom he
has been for the pnst three years, He
has been appointed postmaster at Morrissey nnd will leave for his new home
this week. The Herald editor has
known Jack Gillis since he has lived in
Cranbrook, nml knows that when be
leaves, Cranbrook will lose one of her
best young men. A hard worker, possessing n genial disposition nnd a good
heart, he wns always a favorite with the
penple, nud his runny friends in Cninbronk join with The Herald in wishing
him nil kiudr. of prosperity.
Rt. W. Ddput) Grand Master Chip-
man will pay an officio! visit to Cranbrook lodge Saturday night. A supper
will be given .1! lhe Cianbrook hotel
after tbe meeting, to which al! Masons
are invited.
Mi Mu linn Super.
Mr. Fran* McMahuu of Moyie, and
Mist Sjper ui" Kimberley, were united in
marriage at Moyie, Weduesday. April 9,
1902, bv Father Coccolo.
Mr. McMahuu is oneof the proprietors
of the Kootenay hotel,and 11 "jolly good
fellow*' with a host ol friends who will
wish him well iu lhe sensible move be
has taken. The bride has lived iu Kimberley fur several years, and has a large
circle oi acquahitauces throughout the
The happy couple wore remembered
by their friends in a most substantial
Ik-mil nf n. Met Curran's Mother.
Ottawa Citizen; Mrs. J B. Curran
passed away on Saturday evening at the
residence of her sou in law, Mr. J. II.
Eraser, 30 Cooper sireet. Deceased,
who was the relict of the late J. 11 Curran of Kingston, wus iu bet 85th year,
She was of Irish descent, and a lady of
many sterling qualities of heart and
mind. The other members ot her family
are Rev. Canon Curran ol Algiers, Africa; Neil Curran of llritish Columbia,
nud Harry Curran of Chnpleau. Tbe
funeral will lie private.
A Pertinent Question.
Representative E. C. Smith has asked
the   Attorney   General     lhe   following
1. What amount was paid to tlie Government Agenl at Fort Steele, re tbe
meeting of License Commissioners iu
I'ernie on the 31st of December, 19*11 ?
2. Whnt amount paid out in connection with this meeting, nud to whom
Prom the I'ernie Prce Press,
Fernie Is to have a new furniture
hoase. The members of the new mercantile concern are W. O. Koblns anil
II H. Brewer, the Inner being formerly
connected with J. D, Qiall. p Work has
already been commenced upon the business premises, the site of which ts between the Northern hotel and Martin
O'Reilly's dry gooils house ou Victoria
A meeting of the Fernie gun and rltle
association was held on Tuesday evening at W. 1\ C'uthbert's for the purpose
of organizing for the season. The following olllcers were elected: T. It Mc-
IImoyle, president; 0. N. Ross, vice-
president; .1 S. T. Alexander, secretary-treasurer; E. L Wrlglesworth, captain. Another meeilng will be held at
thc same place on Tuesday evening
Dr Williams of Elko arrived in town
on Monday evening. He has almost
completely recovered from the tflOcts
ofthe accident which gave him so close
a call for his life two weeks ago.
The East Kootenay Bottling Works,
of Cranbrook, has decided to establish
a branch In Fernie. Machinery for ihe
local branch Is now ou the way and ls
expected to be In operation for lhc first
of the summer trade. The opening of
the l-Vrnie branch will mean the ex
pendltureof over 83,000 upon the plant.
There was considerable excitement
upon the arrival of the east bound train
last evening. It appears thai a man
boarded the second-class coach at Cres-
lou Junclon. He was taken oil the
train at Cranbrook, where he was held
by 1)'. King as a smallpox suspecf. Dr.
Bunnell, medical health officer, was advised by wire to have the coach sidetracked at Fernie anil the passengcts
In ll vaccinated, so as to minimize the
the possibility of infection, Accordingly Dr. o'orsan and Officers Barnes
and Henderson were on hand when the
train pulled into the depot. The coach
was slde-iraclu d and ibe work of vac*
dual iug the passengers t Here In commenced. All submitted their arms to
the doctor with but two exception'.
Informations were laid agiinst tnetn by
Dr. Corson, under ihe health act, and
they were locked up In the car for the
nlgat. They will be given the option
today ot complying wuti thc provincial
regulations or spending sixteen days In
the detention hospital.
From the I'roirwetor.
Things   are   beginning    io   bum   on
W.ld Horse ccek.     The  placer mines
located ou the creek   will be extensively operated this year.
Considerable Interest Is being centered ou the big iron deposits on Bull
Grundy Ankus has n small force al
work on the Viking property which Is
situated on Tracy creek.
II. H lines, manager of tbe Hank ol
Commerce, and C.|\V, Matthews, representing It. 0, D.inn & Co., were In town
011 Saturday last.
Mi", and Mrs. R, Frascr were In town
Jules Hurel, Tobacco Plains, was at
the Imperial Tuesday.
D. Griffith was down frnm Wild Horse
Tuesday, He reports active preparations going on among the placer mines.
Rev. D. M:Kay Raid loft on Wednesday's train for Wciaskawln, Albt.
A Ore/ run across two bears while
cutting wood on his island ranch.
Work at the Estella mine Is being
prosecuted with energy. The tunnels
are lo be run several hundred feet so
that   progressive   work   shall   be kept
ahead, of the levels already drifted.
Several good catches if irout were
made by local fishermen during the
pasl week.
Mrs. It i» Jennings and Miss May
Jennings returned from a visit to Fernie on Thursday.
L. W and Mrs. Palmore and H. Kershaw it-mined noui a vintl to Fir Me ol
Marysvllle Smelter.
Marysvll e Tribune,
List Saturday Mr, Hull and wife, ac
com panted by Mrs. McKenzie, returned
from Spokane. Mr. Hull's lint trip to
that cily was to confer further with thc
members of the hoard as to certain
iilca*i of construction and arrange Inr
lhc pushing of the win li on the smelter
ai rapidly as possible. As Mr. Hull |i
general manager, ami chairman of the
board of control, naturally he lit lu a
position to speak aullioilllvelv on thc
Intentions of Die company, both an to
the smelter and tlie mine. To thcTilluu e
man, Mr. Hull salil that everything,
had hcen satisfactorily arranged, and
ihat In the future, it the material pu-
chased arrived on lime, tiiere would be
no more delays and lhc smeller would
be ready to blow In some lime early In
July. They have had iroub'e abou
their Iron, like every other company
thai Is using much of it this year In
construction, as the demand for structural Iron exceeds the supply. The sale
of the saw mill 10 Mr, Laurie has been
confirmed, and lumber will now be run
out so that there will be no delay tn
thai occcunt, Work will soon open at
the mine, and by the tlrst of May there
will probably be tit) lo SU men employed
there alone.
The force on the smelter will be Increased as rapidly as more men can be
profitably employed, and as a result, the
permanent pay roll in Marysvllle will
be of such size as lo insure a satisfactory
degree of prosperity In tbe town.
toi>^^<r^ir<m:'^^<yt^i>^<^i:'^^^my-   1 i
St.Marys Valley Road.
There are numerous rumors floating
about as to the building of thc road up
the St. .Marys Valley tbis summer. U
Is quite evident tnat there Is to be a
start In ihat direction, and it Is more
than probable that lhe C. P R will
capture this Important piece of territory before the .Iim Hill combine can
do so.
If work should he Inaugurated on this
road this season, Marysville will be a
busy place of great Importance. Think
of It, If yon will. A town just started,
surrounded by mines and prospects that
are to be worked; thc junction to a vast
territory where several hundred miners
and prospectors mtisl come and go; the
site ot . smelter half completed, aril
refinery and lead works; and tbesaptly
point of railway construction for a road
some sixty miles long. This is not
booming or wind. All but the railway
building ts a living fact, and thai is
almost assured. And yel there are
people who spend their time grumbling
and kicking over Marysvllle. because
that In five months of winter, with one
to two feet 0. snow on lhc grouu*! the
town has not grown from a timber tra. t
10 1 town the size of Nelson or Spokane.
How large was Cranbrook In live
months! How large was Fernie in live
months.' How large was Elko In live
months: Yes, and how large was Nelson
or Rossland In rive months.! Marysvllle
has the basis now of a prosperous town
of from 1,500 to 3»00Q within a reasonably short time, knockers or no knock;
ers, Time will show it, but Rome was
not built in a day, nor was Seattle, Vancouver or Spokane.
Just think It over a minute, gentlemen.   It may do yon good.
From ihe Marysvllle Tribune
Paul Ilanilley  drove   down  10  Cranbrook   on   Sunday and   brought   back
a load nf powder for  the North Star
mine nu Monday.
Mr Laurie of Oranbrortk. visited the
town on Tuesday was well pleased with the progess of   the   saw   mill,
Joe. Mortell has started a fruit
gard n. This Is the liist fin It garden
In .Marysville.
Pred Hazen left on Wednesday for
Ills claims up the St. Marys river.
M. II. MoMahoo, late of Rossland i»
located In Marysvllle as private secret
ary to G, W- Hull, llie general manager
of the Sullivan Group Mining company
Mr. McMahon la accompanied by his
Marysvllle started her first sports on
Tuesday evening. Font ball Is ihe
game and there Is nothing slow about
the boys, and It Is hoped ihat they wl I
have an opportunity of plavlng a few
matches with Cranbrook, Port Steele or
Fernie. We have the material and lots
of ll aud there Is no reason why Marysvllle should nol support a good team,
All that is wanted is practice.
The North Star has declaied its eight
dividend. This ilmc it Is 1 1-8 cents
per share. The total dlvd -nds to date
aggregate $373,000 and there Is nbout
8200,000 Is In the treasury of the company.
There is a placer go'd excitement at
Cooper Cr-.ek, SO miles from Kaslo.
The cretk is staked for miles. A company has b**f>n formed 10 build a Hume
and dam. Lumber, supplies and men
are rushing tu, Clilrl from the river
pans Bfi cents of coarse gold. Gold was
known to exist for years, but was never
before found in such large quantities.
Mrs. M A. McKenzie returned from
Spokane this week to join her husband
here, who Is foreman for the smelter
The Biggest Stock
in East Kootenay
Enameled Shoes
Patent Shoes
Tan Shoes
Black Shoes
In all styles, shapes, sizes and prices s,>
ol V
Mcpherson's, king's anil Aims ^>
Midden's best makes. \
~ to
IIII1T lltl.l. I'l.AVIiRS:    We lun.-11-lili-ilill.l ^>
lino ol toot Imii boon   .vlilsii  ..III  lis here ^w,
iis-.i wss'k   Coll anil get a pair "£
1 Fort Steele Mercantile Co, Ltd
.1. . FINK, Manager.
tolto^toOtototo^^totoOtto.to^totototo^ i Oy-^
Do You Fish ?
The trout are rising. Are you ready for them ?
They are a wary (ish. Vou need the rijj;ht tackle
to be successful. Our stock has been selected
with a view of fooling Kootenay mountain trout.
Call and sec our stock.
Mail Orders
Promptly Pilled
BEATTIE The Druggist
When Summer Fruits
The housewife falls back on Canned and Dried Fruits
Clean, sound sweet Prunes, per pound
livaporaied Apples, per pound
Rvaporated Peaches and Apricots   ■
Black and (ioldeit Pigs   ....
i'.est Cleaned Currants   ■   ■   ■
Canned Pruits in Assorted Cases
Uur Popular Assortment, 24 cans for
10c, 12 I 2c. 15c
12 l-2c, 15c
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
A Carload of Timothy Hay
---Just Arrived
A Carload of Oats Expected
---Daily at....
-<!HS)-o>-®-®H5MSH^^MS)-®-S)- ffl
House Cleaning Talk.
"Mrs. Smith, are you cleaning' house?"
"Yes, such love.y weather. Could not wait longer. And I
have found several chairs that need repairing badly. What
shall I do with them Mrs. Jones?"
"Why, Mrs. Smith! Really, I thought everyone knew that
the Kootenay Furniture Company docs just lovely work. Send .•>
them word and they will call for the chairs and return them when •)
finished, and not charge a cent, onlp for thc work." (>)
®-®-®-®-®-ffl-S>-®-®-®-®-®-®- -Gnj-Qhto-th®-®-® <$ •••■ .-  ■•   •
| Cosmopolitan Hotel |
....Special Lines....
15? Henncssy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle     $2 50 ^f
Dunvillc's Old Irish Whiskey, per bottle... I 75 fi
j. Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00 hLj
f Usher's Old Vatted Gleniivet, per bottle        I 75 'fi
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75 UL
Coatc's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50 %
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 if
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75 ^
Old Spanish Shcny, per bottle •  2 00 %
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  1 00 fi
Bass Ale, pints             35 fljf
Guinness' Stout  35 i^j


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