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Cranbrook Herald Feb 22, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oso. A. Cox, President. It. E, Wai.kku, Oen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking-Business Transacted.
Deposits Received,
London Agents—The ISank of Scotland.
FORT si lill.i: BRANCH, J, \V. H. SMYTHE, M.in.i»er.
First Class Dry Wood,
Fir and Tamrac.
See Sain Mitchell.
Post Office Box 25
Kimberley is Relieved
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the Norlh Star, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckhorn, Stem*
winder. Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
lime to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Buy early, buy often,
But buy, buy, buy.
Apply    port Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
r   wCr«Je%-.iM>     riuneer «* ni
fcssss i    s^
'    S*rOVJES
I Often Imitated,
I Never Equalled.
Every Stove Warranted
I   Pr.tCnokcrs. S'-oncest Heateri.
I   Lasl Loiigut. U«a Let J/ucl.
M.idc only by
UILMB CO., Limited,
Pioneer dt Hardware
The inrgtst stock in East Kootenay.
The place to buy stoves.
.    The place to buy tinware.
The place to buy chinaware.
The place to buy metal roofing.
Q. H. Miner.
9 9**tt9*ym mam^tSj
3 *
Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
sl In vnilnmil nml tlopot.     Mas \
loi  Ww. public unequalled In
 Proprietor     it
................ a®
Results of Roberts' Plu of Campaign
Shown ii Victories.
Cronje in Full Retreat Beset by the
British on Every Side-
Turning of the Tide
London, Feb, m,—The wir office re
ceived following from Gen. Buller:
"Chieveley Camp, Feb. 21, 4*57 P*ni
The Fifth division Gen. Warreu's crossed
the Tugela today nu pontooua and drove
back enemy's rear guard. Naval is-
pouuders silenced all the guns. J
Halifax, N. S.( Feb. 21,—The Irani
port Milwaukee left the uaval dock yard
at 5:15 p.m. today with tbe balance of
Royal Canadian artillery and mounted
London, Feb. 21.—A bustle at war
oflice gave confidence to report that im
portant news has beeu received from
Laid Roberts, but announcement made
that nothiug would be giveu out. As
correspondents with Roberts are silent
telegrams froui Boer sources receive
some credence. Latter aver that Gen.
Cronje, white British were endeavoring
to suriouiid bim at Fraaderberg aud
Kbodooe-*raud received reinforcements
uuder Dewert, and theu together boer
commanders fought British to a stand
.still. A special correspondent at Cape
Town says, "Gen. Cionje is surrounded
ut Praaderberg but is offering a stubborn
resistance. The Britisb are shelling the
Boers vigorously aud expect lo capture
the whole force.
was surrounded, tliat Gen    Frem
get between Ibe lloets force
Bloemfontein anil that lie wa-. ou.
in-**; re-inforcements tn close in on <
No confirmation of this rumor
t finable, although the general
that (the 'government hue p
important despatcbei*.
; Tli: !•■:'.■ ranicnt lias Concluded to (iive
Ip the Fight.
London, Feb 21 —Rumors of relief of
Lad y Mil i th and surrender ofa large Boei
force in Free State were in air from
early hour yesterday. One was uatural
1111 ere ucc from Buller's passage of rivet
without opposition owing to retirement
of ,Geu. Joubert's forces. Olher.- came
from parliament where persistent statements to eflett that portion of Cronje's
forces had been surrounded, were foi
lowed by fresh explanation tbat rein-
f. net-men is hnd been sent forward and
that surrender either of rear guard ot
2000 or of entire army of 8000 retreating
from Magersfontein was a matter of few
Haul fighting is evidently going on
between Boer forces uuder Cronje and
British troops who have overtaken and
beset him. No im formation from Hii tish
sources have however yet been allowed
to transpire as to final results of or even
as to course fighting has thus far taken.
g Clearing
To make i-ooitl for summer goods we will sell our
entire stock of
Rubber Foot Wear
These goods were bought early last year before
the advance ln prices. We will give the public the
benefit, of these low prices.   We have a full line of
Men's, Women's, Misses' and Boys'
White Pish River.
Messrs. McKay nnd Gutlti, who spent
a day in town tbe end ol last week,
have been for some months ol woik 1 u
the Faller group which is located up Ilu*
White Fish, about six miles from tie
St. Marys river, The (group consist** . I
four claims and U ownetl hy the above
named gentlemen, in partnership with
Chicago operators. The work done littl
i'lown upasttoiig ledge of from five tn
eight feet in width, assaying 6.', pi r
cent copper und some slight values 111
gold and silver. The copper te in tlie
form of malachite aud yellow copper
sulphides, and the owners are confident
that with some improvements in the
transportation facilities they will be
able to ship their ore at a profit.
On the same stream, but 11 few mil is
further up there are several other important groups of claims, ofthe same char*
acter of ore,, which are being developed
by powerful operators.
Marcus Daly, the well known mining
operator, has a bond on the Coppi 1
King group which consists of fourteen
claims. The supplies for the work ot,
this group have been hitherto packed in
over the range by the While Giou.-.i
trail from Kootenay lake, on which
route tbtre is n high summit to cross,
reached by a very steep grade ft oui the
Ernest Mans.leld has lately nrrnngi il
the purchase of tlie Harris group, on llle
While Fish near tlle Marcus Daly pro
per lies, and a large amount of iiioue*-
will be spent this season by lhe l'r uch
syndicate which hus undertaken la develop the property.
Thus there are llyee tut por pint Hilling properties being''developed in tiiu-l
Kootenay within about twelve miles of
St. Marys Lnke which will continue lo
draw their *u -| lies from Kootenny lake
unless the trail up ihu tt bile Fish is unproved and some six miles of new trail
built, it would then be mote convenient antl economical to take hi ihe supplies far all the operation**, 011 Ihe liver
from East Kootenay. The new trail
would  be open  for traffic nt  least n
month sooner than the present nne ow
ing to the high summit the latter lias to
cross, aud the grades and distances nre
both in favor of lhe new trail, which
would tap also tbe widely known While
Grouse mountain country and g vc an
impetus to the development of Ihe many
promising showings theie.
Some Hoi Warfare on the Floor of
thc Hourse Mixed With
Many Personalities.
The Canadian casualties at Modder
were brought to attention of parliament
yesterday by Sir Wilfred Laurier, The
premier paid a beautiful tribute to self
sacrifice ol Canadians and tbeir baptism
of fire. Sir Charles Tupper seconded
Sir Wilfred's remarks in tannest man*
ner. A telegram was scut to Col. Otter
thinking his men on behalf of government and parliament for the gallantry
displayed. _____
London, Feb. 16.— The Daily Mail
has the following dispatch from Lorenzo
Manjues*, dated Weduesday:
"A prominent Fretoria citisen just
from Ladysmith informs me that the
Hoi is are rapidly damming Klip river.
Two thousand Kaffirs are employed iu
the work and they have deposited 10,000
sand bags already. Tbey are only able
lo work at uight, as by day tbey would
be under British fire. This citizen,
however, believes that the operation
will be futile."
London, Feb. 20.—A member of the
cabinet told 11. W. Lucy that the war
ollice had a telegram announcing tbat
lieu. Cronje was hopelessly surrounded.
Tlie umleraecretaty for war, Geo.
Wyildhatu, wus beset by anxious mem-
tiers of ihe house, but would only reply
that the government's news was extremely satisfactory, the sole explanation of government withholding
good news is that confirmation aud
more details are awaited,
"London, Feb. 30—Tbe Chieveley
correspondent of the News telegraphing
yesterday says: "We now occupy all bills
to the right of Colenso, on this side of
Tugela river, Including Ulan Gwane,
which Doers evacuated on Sunday.
This capture of Illau Gwane hill is of
great strategical importance, tbe hill
commands the Bank ofthe Boer defences
at Coleuso."
Yiclotia, B. C, Feb. tfi —To rail lion
s r ice tl e so new'iat expressive Kugif
[lit*   lobby,  the .Seiulin-Coltoii government during the week just closed has
heen duly measured for its coffin, and
b.ls are freely offered that its demise
will   be recorded   within   the next six
dayi-t,     There is,  indeed,  a suggestion
that   the  government   recognizes   the
hopelessness of its position and   will
make a statement to the house followed
by resignation orsuggeated coalition, foi
quite contrary to all  expectations the
Friday sittings were cancelled without
apparent reason, and a protracted cabi-
uet meeting (following a caucus of the
p nt\) was held last evettiug.    Whether
l the farce nf responsible govern-
I  is terminated by resignation ou
premier'* part, all must agree aftei
levelopmenls ofthe Just ended week
llial its case is hopeless.
First it was the C0.1I Mines Regulation
11 that brought the impending doom ol
the  ministry Into prominence.    It  was
wt 11 understood that 011 Ibis measure tlu
ker had compunctions with regard
vim* a casting vote.   The principle
woll debu'ed, mid then to lhe joy of
opposition, Mr. prentice came oul
positively and unqualifiedly for (hepartt
1  the lefl.    Ills speech was, Indeed,
p severest arraignment of lhe govern
ent of any made, for lie clearly infilled that it was disgust that had com
lied llim 10 l'itt away from lhe govern-
pill (n which he had hitherto given an
linr/ib'c 8ltl**pr»r*,    He distinctly denied
■■■I nny such worthy motive as protect*
!_• while tabor from the competition of
i* cootie class had in plain truth actus
tel the government in bringing down
e law—thnt 011 the contrary It was an
ample ofthe worst form of class legts
lesigned at the dictation of oue
Tbe Strike Ended.
Nelson, B.C., Feb. 15—Tlie miners'
unions of Sandon. Silverton and N'ew
Denver yesterday decided lo accept the
owners' compiomise offer made some
weeks^ago. This, sofarascau be learned,
was done by a resolution declaring that
they would recognize $,*-. 25 ns the
standard wages for an eight-hour day
instead of $350 as heretofore. Their
decision means thai the strike is oft,
though the mine owners huve not of
ficially recognized the unions. There is
nothing now between the two, as thc
mine owners are willing to pay what tlu
unions now demand.
Private advices from tbe Slocan show
tbat the men are already going up lo lhc
mines to work, though it is unlikely that
for a day or two, at any rate, there will
be euough men to fill all the vacant
places. The labor troubles in lhe Slocan
may now be considered over, and lhat
district wilt Again eider upon a season
of prosperity.
The local uuinn has as'yet taken no
action, but as the mines, with ihe exception of the Hall mines, nre now nil
working it will make hut Htttedifierence.
What effect, if any, the resumption of
mining operations in lhe Slocan will
have upon the opening up of the Mall
mlues smelter here is uot known. Probably the London directors will have tu
be consulted before any statement can
be made. _____
A contract has been let to ti II Watt.
of this to-mi, to bore 5011 feet with the
diamond drill ou the Mastodoa property
uear the mouth of Ferry creek. A good
strike ol ore on this property would be
of great benefit to the town as lhe ledge
is an immense ont! and will take a large
number of men lo work it wlieu actual
mining is under way.
r\eiVs Heavy Mackinaw Qoods,
Will all go the same way.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co Ud
Cranbrook and Fort Steele.
A despatch from Chieveley says: "The
IIjer liue of fortresses ie broken, British
huve achieved a decided success in cap-
luting positions ou Monte Christo.
Boers however effectively effected a retreat removing their guns and convoy
wagons.   British had few casualties."
General Robert's generalship was conducted with such seciecy, says a telegram
from Modder river, tbat even the senior
officers took the 6th Division through
the preliminaries ofthe operations, did
not know what tbey would finally have
to do. |
Loudon, Feb, 20.-2:30 A. M. The war
office at midnight announced that It
had nothing further for publication
from South Africa.   Iu the lobbies of
suggest that he was other thau
straightforward and open in his explanation; yet Mr. Martin is jutt as well satisfied as he in the view that the electorate
will accept as having weight his position
—that he was ready to make and prove
charges which being proved would class
the financial minister as unworthy ot
trust—and that the house preferred to
accept the statement ofthe defendant
without heaiing the evidence he had to
offer, Mr. Martin will unquestionably
make this a main issue iu the uext election campaign,
The Redistribution.
Victoria, Feb. 19—The redistribution
bill was laid ou tile table this afternoon.
file changes it proposes are as follows:
West Kootenay is to have six mem be s
in place of four, the tidings being Revel*
stoke, Lardeau, Slocan, Kalso, Neta n
ind Rossland, Boundary district is n-
moved from Kootenay for electoral purposes aud attached to Vale, which will
have four members in place of three, the
ridings being north, west, soulh and
east respectively . The whole of Lillooet
will return oue member instead of ont*
for east ami wesi as at present. Cariboo
is divided into north and south ridings,
each returning one member, imtead 01
the whole district returning two.
The above are tlu-only changes ou the
mainland: tin the Island a member is
taken from Usqulmalt, ami the thre*
constituencies Of Norlh and South Vic
tori a and Cowichan nre rearranged at*
only two constituencies. Saunich and
Cowichan respeclvely,
Apurt from the Merit* or otherwise ot
the new arrangement, it is interesting t<
aote lhat each of the two constituencies
of Lillooet and Bsquluialt, deprived of h
member, is represented by a holler.
while the three Island constituencies
■low made Into two, each returned SU
opposition member.
TIIE   I. 0. 0. P.   SOCIAL
The title to all thc claims on this pn •
perty is now safely vested iu the com
pany and recordul in its mum* iu the
recorder's office. Work has begun, the
old house on the ground is being put iti
shape for bunk house aud the ore body
at the bottom of the shnft is being
opeued up by a cross cut to determine it-
extent, All the work to be done before
the general meeting will be ofa preliminary nature. The directors elected for
the year at the meeting to he held iu lhe
middle of March will then be In a position to inaugurate a permanent scheme
of operations.
East Kootenay Will Be a Winner.
Walter Van Arsdaleu, the well known j 1
mine owner of Fort Steele, was in town 11-
on Tuesday and speaks very hopefully!-
ofthe futme of the whole district. Mr.' c
Van Arsdalen owns mining claims mid ' ti
prospects all over South F.ast Kootenny * f
and has valuable inieresisiii (be Winder-'«
I lhe house ol commons laat evening it  mere district, and is confident that Hi
wss tu mured tbat Gen. Ctonjs's amy I Kooleuey will he a winner.
olllcry rollier firm for the discomfiture
f thoir hm-iuess rivals. As for Its tea'
(feci upon Ilie cause of labor— If, faking
Ihe work at the best, the operation of
lhe act was lo expel the Chinese from
the conl mines, they would only be
1 mugM into active competition with
while workers iu other parts of the
province, and no real benefit result. A
bird reason for his refusal to endorse
the measure was that it would unquestionably be declared ultra vires iu the
end, nud the enactment of legislation
tint the province had no authority to
iccomplUh was to his view child's play
tuworlhy a body of supposedly rational
With Mr. Prentice's defection, the
government during tbis delist:, on Mon
day. was three limes forced (or salvation
to lb--? speaker's vote; while on one of
ihe two occiisions during the afternoon.
both di tiling with proposed adjournments of (he debate, the unique spectacle
was presented of a member (Mr, Rstpb
Smith) bel-ftg forced in order to save his
parly, to vote against a motion he had
himself made. It was Mr. Prentice,
however, who would have controlled the
•dtuallon and defeated the government
absolutely on the second reading of this
hill, but for the equally exasperating
(for his party) attitude of Mr. Helmcken
While Mr, 1'ientice came out as indicated, positively and directly In antagonism to this straight government meaa
me, Mr Helmcken neutralized the
gained vote by joining with the government in the division, having explained
his apparent inconsistent desertion by
asserting thai he could not consistently
oppose any measnre that in the temotest
degree might operate adversely to Asiatic
labor in llie competition with white.
(Mt Thursday politics was relegated to
the background and personalities reigned
—the text hei 11 * Mr. Martin's motion for
a committee to investigate the eatlier
rcioid of Hon. Mr. Cotton, the three
distinct charges being that the finance
minister was proved uuflt to occupy so
high a position as he now does as a rep*
rePCtltative of the people of British Columbia, in the first place because he bad
deliberately falsified tbe minutes of the
executive council in the Deadmans Is-
Inud mutter; in the second place, as he
had cast contempt upon a law of the
piovince ami been sent to goal therefore
iu connection with the Cordon case at
Vancouver in 1894; at d iti the third instance, because he hail been guilty'of
frauds in Colorado before coming to this
province, and bad left that state under
disgraceful circumstances, to the loss of
his creditors. In reply to the address of
the mover for a committee of inquiry
(seconded as a favor by Mr. Robertson,
niter a number nf oppositionists had de
dined to have aught to do with politics
of tliis kind), Hon. Mr. Cotton gave bis
first statement with respect to his Colorado lite that a Itiitish Columbia audience
has received. In doing so he cunningly
made ibe bouse his judges, presenting
his defense in his address, while as a
lawyer would express it, Mr. Martin's
vide pee for llie prosecution was uot in
-vlttually only the 'information," the
ouimitleL' being tbe tribunal to receive
vldencei The house after hearing the
1 nonce minister at length refuse the
ommitlee, and Mr. Cotton became n
I changed man in his affability and good
■ humor.   Oi course it would be unkind
It Wss Largely Attended sml Wss s Distinct Success,
The Old Fellows extended the com-
tesies of the lodge room to their lad}
frieuds lasl Friday uight, and as a result
everyone had a most enjoyable time,
t'here was quite n crowd in attendance,
and th** follow)-m*-prinrnm was presented;
Fla o olo   M s. K ' th Magee.
Reattiug—Kev. Smith.
Song—Miss Rhoda Leitch.
Highland fling—Dooksle McMillen,
Song—Mrs. W. T. Reid.
Talk on the Order—F. K- Simpson.
Song—Miss Flossie Magee.
Due'—Miss Rhoda Leitch and MUi
Flossie Magee.
W. I*', Tate was presented with a past
-(rami's jewel by the membeis of tht
lodge for many  favors shown by him in
the p.>sl.
Lunch wns served about it o'clock,
and after that the room was cleared and
quite a number of those present indulge*!
in the pleasure of tin* mazy waltz.
Cranbrook Is tiro* ing.
F. H. Crossley, formerly of this city,
but now interested in mining on Tracy
creek, came into town last week toget a
few whiffs of metropolitan air. He hid
been absent for several months and u>[d
tbat he was surprised lo note such a
growth. * "Vou have not the govern
ment offices, but you bave a town thai
is gowiug right ahead nevertheless."
Cranbrook People Quarantined oo a
Steamer in Kootenay Lake
Mr. Uitch Writes of the Trials Incident to Traveling With
Small Pox Patients.
Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Leitch ami
their son Archie, are among those quarantined nu the steamer .Moyie at tbe
wharf in Nelson. Following is an extract from a letter written by Mr. Leitch
to his children, and it gives the only
true account of the situation:
On Steamer Moyie,
Nelson, Feb. 17, 19 a.
My dear children: You have no doubt
heard uf whu befel us ou our arrival
here, but iu any case vou may not ha\e
heard the particulars and the truth. I
*vill give you an account of it all. To
begin, on Recount of the train being late
be day we lefl Cranbiook, we missed
mr connection bete uud bad to remain
over night in Nelsjn.    Well, we arrived
a Nelson wbatf about -v.-,'-. and at once
proceeded to tbe hotel, got beds and
had ii good night's rest. Next morning
is we were dressing, Archie knocked Ht
>ur door atul told us we would have to
go back to tbe boat as a case of am ill
poi bid been found and we were wanted
to bave our clothes disinfected, and
would Ottly be wautM for n few hours,
So we iuuoc n ly a ie I a *« on 1 ca d
and lo our atUaxetneut were laid that we
were quarantined for fourteen days. We
found out that nf.tr we bad landed one
ofthe wallers complained of being sick
and was sent up to the hospital aud the
doctor pronnunced it small pox and bu -
ried him ' act to the boa', lie was kept
m bis too.11 ou li e upper deck a'l day,
snd taken on "-.bore last night lo a build*
irg they ha I prepared for htm. We
are well treated, hive lots to eat. a good
COmrorUOle bed and a nice roomy s'Ute
room. Nothiug definite has In-en done
toward disinfecting the boat. Tbe doctor came on board last night and vaccinated everyone. Theie are about thirty
passengers ia all and twenty of a crew-so
there are about fifty ot OS all lold. The
health officer came on board tonight aud
told us that the bn-U would be disinfects! tomorrow. While this was being
done we would Se put on t»oard a train.
an-J then h-te'w on the boat for twelve
days Irrm tonight. We are fi^h'.ing
hard to get this time shortened but do
not expect to succeed 1 so you may make
jp your minds to see u-> remain here for
two weeks more. Tbew: are all the particular* just as ihey occurred. Now, all
we can say is dont fret and be good
children. We fio not anticipate anv
trouble or danger as tbe case was not far
advanced ami the room he was in well
removed from tlie rest ofthe boat, being
ob the upper deck, above the one in
wnich we live. This is the first chance
we have had to write, and this will have
to be disinfected before it is mailed.
Fire Brigade.
Nest Monday night there will be a
mass meeting al Forrest hall for the purpose of forming a fire brigade. Even
youug man in the town should be present. A lire brigade is a gootl thing lor a
town. The apparatus is bere, the fire
house is buiit, aud everything ready for
the brigade. G.*t to the front boys, and
get up a brigade that will be a dandy.
Fort Steele News.
Kurt Steele Prospector—
The work of clearing away the ruins of
tbe International hotel is progiessiiig
Alex. Watson has accepted a position
in the office of Koss St Herchmer,
Mrs. K, J. Cann left fer the east on
Wednesday last Sue will be absent for
about three weeks.
C. R. McKeown, who has been in the
oflice of W. R. Hoss (or several months,
left yesterday for bis former home ir,
Oratlgeville, Out, Dining his stay in
Fort Steele, Mr. McKeown has made
mauy Iriends wbo will regret his de
Moyie News.
Prom tlu Moylo Leailcr—
The members of the local hockey club
have fixed up a rink on Moyie lake.
A. T. Clark, of the Moyie holel, ha*-
beeu appjinted coroner for South blast
The ice on Moyie lake is now over ten
inches thick aud many are puling up
their supply for the coming summer.
C. K. Mansfield, brother of L M.
Mansfield, C. I'. K agent at this place,
was out from Fort Steele Ihis week on a
visit and to attend the masquerade  ball.
Tlie North Star Brancb Is Now Completed
to That Tows.
Kimberley has been relieved, and now
enjoys railroad connections. The North
Star branch is completed and trains are
running from Cranbrook lo Kimberley,
Quite a number of pas-v-mgers have patronised the road all ready, and it will
not be long before train loads of ore will
be coming down the line from the North
Star and other rich mines of that district
Cranbrojk extendi t e gla 1 band lo
the people of Kimberley. and cohgratu*.
lates them on tbe fact lhat tbey are now
in direct communication with the outside world.    Kimberley will grow,
Improvements at the Coimop-olitan.
The Cosmopolitan hotel is all torn up
just now, and the many improvements
arranged for are under headway. The
>»ar has been ni ived into tbe room formerly occupied by O. II. 'Jilpin, and
that room, the one to beused as on olfice
and thc dining room are being papered
and decorated The dining room is to
be enlarged to twice its futin--*r si/e. and
olher changes made.
Would Serve llim Right.
A scientist aay.-i tb it "If the earth was
flattened lhe sea would be two miles
deep all over lhe world" After niedl*
tatiny, a Kansas editor gives out thc
following; "If any man is caught (lal
teuing i.u; lhc i-ar.h shoot him on tbe
spot, und don't be too blamed particular
what spot. A grent many 01 its can'i
Dsnce Tuesday Night.
There will he a dance al the Cosmo
politau hotel next Tuesday evening.
Mr. Small, tbe proprietor, is arranging to
give everyone a splettdld time,
Enlarging Concenlralor.
Moyie Leader:    The work ofenlarging
ihe St. Eugene concentrstor was begun
tbis week under the direction of (*». A.
King. An extension of 40x43 feet will
be built ou front of the main building,
and tbe necessary machinery has been
ordered tor some time. The air compressor will be ready to start up iu a f-w
Mr, C'.eon 8. Tucket, of Hamilton is
Mr. John Seys, ex M. P. for Toronto,
died iu the City of Mexico.
The Shamrock Hockey team may
visit Winnipeg in March.
Recent cold weather in Florida has
injured orange and other fruit trees.
Tbe C. P, R will have their "Imperial
Limited" service in operation in June.
Trainmen Organize.
J. ti. McCargar, assisted by W. A,
Armstrong and li Turner, all of Medicine Hat, organized a lodge of Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen iu this city
lasl evening, The lodge starts out with
a strong membership nnd every evidence
ofa successful career. CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY,   -   -   FEB. 22. 1900
i*\ i: SIMPSON, Bdtwt imi Manager.
The iteraiit desires to gtvc (ho nowsol the
district, if you know aiy a'"11"! your town
your mine or yonr people, semi it to Hits otllco.
Do you want
Good lob Work?
If you do come to The Herald
office. That is the kind we
do.   Try us and see.
It waa aa eccentric picture gallery,
with pictures painted by men ubo wete
young* enough fo know better, of
spruwlintr ladies In green, scarlet land*
■cape*) nnd blue angels. The frames
formed In themselves a grim att motion
to mo*t of the visitors; the catalogue
was usually preserve*! by suburban
patrons for the purpose ot frightening
birds.   Yet the gallery whh not without
attraottons un a cold day when the wind
cut along from the lin-cn pari*, down
Piccadilly, racing another wind
which waa speeding madly along Pall
Mall with a slight start In advance to*
ward Waterloo plan*.
-It does one good," said Mr. James
Marohant, "to oorao to-a show like this.
if 1 ever go out to the Cape again—"
"Which you won't," said the youn^
ludy. ■
"And I feel wislfiil—"
"Mul du [xi-vm," suggested the young
"Kxactly. Why. then. I shall think of
thi.s hideous collection of pictures, nnd
I shall feel reconciled to my hit.   The
Cape is not iill honey, but at any rate
you do get nature Bhere.  And nature
ia always good."
"I Kiipp*ns«* these artists think she can
lie Improved by the Introduction of a
little novelty."'
"I wouldn't," said Mr. .lames Mar-
chant, waving his stick round the gallery. "I wouldn't give twopence half-
jHMiny for tin* lot of them."
"I don't suppose they would <*-arr lo
nell them for less."
Mr. .Tames Marchant laughed •fooil-
temperedly, and torched her hum),
whioh happened to bt* resting on her
fcnee. It wns a very pretty hand nnd
very neatly gloved, and there was gbod
excuse for him.
"But  then1   is something," he said,
lowerinfr. his voice, "something in the
gallery, Rlla, that I would give every
penny I have in rhe world to possess,"
"A picture?" .
J   "Prettier than nny picture."
{   "Better shaped t ban any statuary,"
"Not disposed of already?"
"I hope not. There is only one difficulty—I nm not sure, if I wen* to muke
an offer now, that it would be accepted."
"How shall yon find out?"
He rose nnd adjusted his frock oont
with the manner of n mun to whom for
some years frock coots had not been
fumiliur wear. He was a tall, brown-
faced man, with a good deal of earne-at-
nesd In his eyes.
"I shall aak Mrs. Beckett."
"01" »he wild. She (rasped a littlo before she went on. "And you—you think
my stepmother will be—will be. able to
advise yoit in the matter?"
"I think she will." They walked slowly on tbe thick carpet to the awing
doors,  "Besides, It's only fair to do so."
"It seems to me," she said, rolling up
her catalogue very tightly, "rather an
old-fashioned mode of procedure."
"There is tbis excuse in my eiase.
Mrs. Beckett has nu idea, I nm afraid,
that I huve brought back from tlie Cape
untold gold. I want to make her tinder-
stand that when I say I shall have to
work for m,y living, I really mean it."
"I am glad," she said, quietly,
"I shall see you to-night?"
"I am not sure," she said, wilh lier
little bund resting for a moment In his.
"I think the invitation is for two only."
"I have a great mind,"said Mr. James
Merchant, looking down at her affectionately, "to kiss ynu."
"That is no evidence of a great mind,"
she said, reprovingly. "Besides, you arc
In London now."
"And don't people kiss in London?"
"They don't kiss mc, Mr. Murchaiil."
"I am very glad of that."
"And people don't talk of kissing at
the doors of picture ghllerles."
"I am afraid," said James Marehnnt
apologetically, "that I have much to
learn before 1 become rccivlllzed. The
Cape m:ike one forget nJI one's manners,"
"It has not mode you forget your
friends," she said.
"There waa one." *»*» •*»'" am i-.» ua.
Slated her Into the hansom, "she was
only a small girl—"
"Not old enough to count?"
"Of whom 1 thought every (lay of my
life out there."
There were tears in ber eyes that
challenged the lightness of her good-
by. The small gloved hand was pressed
In the bi*? fist of the man from the Cape
for one moment, and then he gdve the
address to the driver.
A bright face with the tears of happiness Mill there looked through the glass
iu the hansom drove off, and Mr. James
Marehnnt strode nway with a glad heart
tO -see a businessman in Bedford street.
For men who want to earn money must
force their thoughts away even from
the direction of pleasant young women.
It was by great dexterity thnt at dinner in Duke street mansion that night
Mr. Jumps Marehnnt contrived to get
himself paired with tbe excellent Mrs.
Beckett. Mrs. Beckett declared herself enchanted; but this wns so frequent a declaration on the part of Mrs.
Beckett that it was held to mean .something less than the phrase really meant.
"I should have thought, you would
have Insisted, stm—ply insisted on taking down my dear Madeleine."
Mrs. Beckett, fluttered her fan nt Mr.
Marchant in a manner that hud in the
early seventies been pronounced bewitching.
"I want particularly to speak to ynu,
Mrs. Beckett. I want to otter myself—"
"S—■**.—sb," said Mrs. Heckett, mysteriously. "Not a word. I know ex*
ictly what you nre going to sny. Madeleine, my dear," She called to a. tall,
bony damsel just iii Trout, of them.
"Vou haven't, shaken hands with dear
Mr. Marehnnt. How very remiss of
you.   The detjg.girl is so thoughtless*
do you know, Mr. Marchanr, lhat I declare to goodness 1 believe she's in
Mlas Madeleine received this raillery
with u grim smile and shod; hands
with Mr. Marubaut. Miss Madeleine
explained that her half-sister Ella bad
remained at home because fahe had
some writing to do.
"Poor KHa.* said Mrs. Heckett, with
effusive sympathy, "poor, dear girl.
I'm really dreadfully fond of her. Vou
must give me your advice, Mr. Merchant, concerning her nt dinner. I
feel already forgive me for suylug bo—
I feel already as though J"0U were one
of the family."
Mrs. llockett gave her little cackle of
aplf-npproval and general satisfaction
and wenl on ua they seated themselves
nt 'he tnblei
■■I hove notloed it* all nlong, do you
know, and 1 i.m so delighted. Quite
enchntiled really. Ami luyiitllueiicewlth
lhe dear girl will make her like you.
I dure >:n you mux have thoughl her
n little whnl shall 1 nny—coldV—but,
us ii in titter of fact, It has only been—
0, blew my soul, thick soup, please—
what is thc expression'.' ll has only
been—it has only been—"
"Maidenly reserve?" suggested Max-
"Pre—alscly! Pre—clsely whal I wns
trying tb say. How clever of you. dear
Mr. Marchant. 1 can understand now
bow it was you got on so woll in South
.Africa. And your assertion that you
had come home with very Utile was.
I cou Id pee, only a pretense to try us,—
Ves, sherry, please."
"I waul lo spcall in you about that,
Mrs. Beckett. I'm ufraid you don'l
realize what 1 mean when 1 say that I
haven't brought much home with nu*."
"Now, my dear Mi*. Marchant."
"Vou must allow me, please, to tell
you exactly my position. Unless I
work and earn money we shan't have—"
"Mr. Marchant! This elaborate ruse
is on,- that I have heard of before. A
woman like myself doesn't live in this
world for—well, a certain number of
years for nothing."
"No," said Mr, Marchant; "it costs
money, I know."
"That is not at all what I mean. But
when you come back from the Cape a
few weeks ago and hinted that you bad
only a few hundreds I could sec through
it at once. It was—this is n dreadfully slangy expression—too thin. But
the dear girl, of course, didn't see
Ihyough it. and consequently you may
feel quite sure that she will love you
for yourself alone. That's all you
wauled. Isn't It?"
"That, certainly, is all that I wanted,
"And, fortunately enough, to confirm
my suspicious, I came across a letter
addressed to a friend of nunc — she
didn't know ihat I saw it, but I managed to do so ail lhc same—from your
partner, Uurchison."
"neatly?" Mr, James Marehnnt was
suddenly interested.
"And Mr, Buchlson said that ynu and
he had made a pile—such un odd expression. Isn't lb—of £80,000. And he
suid thut he thought you would both
stay on for a few years, hut as we know
yoji sensibly enough came home."
Mrs. Heckett looked triumphantly
across at her angular daughter opposite, who was bawling information
about the weather to a deaf archdeacon,
and then at Marcliiint, .She shook her
head waggishly at the mini from the
"Can I see that letter?" he asked,
"Fortunately T hnve it in my pocket,
but I really don't know whether I ought
to show it. to you. Vou see it isprivalc."
"is that why you took it, Mrs. Beck-
el t ?"
"Come, come, Mr. Marchant. Don't
One has to keep one's
Ih> (oo sev
eyes open iii this world."
She found the letter with some difficulty—for thc pockets iii ladlcs'dresses
are remote and difficult of access—and
under ambush, of his plate Marchant
read it.
"Mrs.Beckett.'Miesaid,excitedly, "you
have, without knowing it, done me a
very great service. Uurchison declared
to mo ihat he had invested om- gains,
and that nil tho money had been lost.
It, seems from Ihis letter that he has
behaved shamefully, and I shall make
him disgorge every penny that belongs
to me, I shall go back to the Cape by
the next boat."
"This Is very unshtlsfaotory," declared Mrs. Beckett, aggrievedly. "You
can't very well get married before next
"The dear girl will wait," be an-
Hwm-ed, confidently.
"I'm not so sure of that," said Mrs.
Beckel t, with some snappish-iens.
"Dear Madeleine is not so young as
site was."
"So 1 should judge, llut what, has
sbe to do with lhe ufl'air?   Is sbe to
\>e bridesmaid?"
"Madeleine bas been bridesmaid often
enough," said Madeleine's mot her.
"This time, providing this money affair of yours comes out night, she will
be the bride."
"Whose bride, Mrs. Beckett?"
"Why, bless the man," cried Mrs.
Beckett, "yours."
"I don't see how that ean be managed
with convenience. There's u law against
bigamy, I believe. Besides, I only want
to marry yonr stepdaughter."
"Klla?" cried Mrs. ItcckclL.ainazedly.
"If ynu don't, mind."
Mrs. Beckett laid down herflshknlfe
and fork and stared distractedly
around the table at the other guests.
Finally ber eyes rested on Madeleine,
and she frowned so much at that young
I lady that Madeleine asked across the
1 table in an audible tone if she were ill.
"Ill.'" echoed Mrs. Beckett, tartly; "I
have uncommonly good cause to he. To
think lhat I have taken atl (his trouble
for the sake, of poor Mr. Beckett's ridiculous little daughter by his first wife.
Why, she isn't worth—"
"Rxeiise me," Interrupted Marehnnt,
promptly; "you will remember, please,
that, you uro spooking of u lady wbo la
to In- my wife."
"Ilnli!" said Mrs. Beckett.—Cham-
Iters' Journal.
The Work Tells
the Tale   .s*   jt
Greer & Co.
I'Minuites given on nit cIassca of work
in our line. I f yon Intend ro bullil, see
us.   li wny pny you.
„*   ,4    It. C.
G. Johnson....
The Cranbrook  1
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AU,   KINliS   01'-
W Assayer *
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
bate ol Toronto
Contractor «■** Builder
Those conlpmplritiiiK 'milii'"!* will tin well lo let
ine llgure on tliu ooftlrucls.
Cranbro >k, British Columbia
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
First-Class Sleepers on all Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Hat, dally for
Si. Paul, Sundays ami  Wednesdays
for Toronto,  Fiidays for Montreal
and Iloston.
t«v 9:10 a 111    Cranhrook   I.v 13:01 p 111
Connection triweekly at Mcl.eod  for
Calvary and  Kdmonion,  and daily at
Medicine Hat for all points Kast.    Con
nection dally at  Kootenay  Landing for
all points in West Kootenny, S'ocan and
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Con-st
and Main L;ne points via Revelstoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Bag*
gage Checked to Destination.
For rales and full infoiiiiation address
nearest local agent, or
F. AI. MEDHURST, Agt., Cranhrook
\V, V. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, It, 0,
n IC.I.Coylo. A.G.l'.A , Vane liver, 11, U,
Certificate of Improvements
PAY   lt'ilj.  MINKItAl. n.AI.M   (NO. MM)
Situate iii tiie I'ort Hti-eln Mining Olvhlon n
Sonlli Knit Knolomiy (Hulllet.    Whon*  lo
entetl—Lying mn tli or am) ntlji li'iiiis tha
rayin aster, on Nigger creek,
TAKKMITJt'K tlmt 1, Arolilbnlit VY. MoVlt
ne, Iree miner's qpnlftonto Nft.itWTO, nelion as
agent tor Uie I'ay ltoll Cold Mining anil .Milling
I'lmi-mny, limited, of I'm 11 In* ok, li. C, freo
miner's eertlllcate No, 11MTO, Intoml sixty itay
from llie date hereof, to apply to tlie milling it
tinnier for n certlllcuto cf liiiimivemoiits, tm ti.i
imrimie of obtaining a browu grant of 1)10 Above
' And fnttlicr take notiee tliat notion, under
section ;i7 must he commenced before tho is-
BUHIlce nf inch eertilieair oi liiiproveineiils.
Dated tins 2nd iiay of December, 18 9,
Certificate of Improvements
(NO. -i-iQI)
Rough and J
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, |
Shingles and |
I flouldings. I
Many persons dislike the idea of buying
mining shares lest all of the money invested should be lost. The plan of operation
adopted by thc Kootenay and Algoma
Gold Mining Company, Limited, absolutely insures a success sooner or later;
and that success seems to be now certain
in the PEDRO CLAIM which appears
to be on the same ledge as the Black Bear
You are sure of some profit and it will
probably be a very large one.
We are instructed to sell
Not more than 20,000 shares at 6 cents
per share, in monthly installments of one
cent per share.
The Pedro will be a mine
Get In while shares are at the bottom figure.
McVITTIE & HUTCHISON, Mining Brokers.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
,   When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer,
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything;,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and Ihe bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay Ihem.
Livery S
Proprietors m* S ***
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis mul rlrivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   Jt    Jt
Slttinle In the Port Mueto Mining Dlvlslnn of
Soillll Kn.st Kootoimy dlsli'lnl.    Wlli'lti tiicn-
teilr-On Nlutter crtek, about une nttlo from
TAKK NOTICK Unit I, ArrllHinltl W. MoVlt*
tie, fre8 miner's certificate No. hsi-stu, a tin;; uh
agent tor uie Pny Iimi Gold Mining nnd Milling
annipunyjimlteil, of Crnnbrook, jj o„ ireoniln*
H-K-t-riiflcitij No, nostril, Intend, sixty days from
tliu itttle hereof, lo Bpnly io tlio mining h-oordor
forn cprtmcatfl nf IftiprovistiwiUs, fur llio imr*
poso of obtaining n crown gr-int ot the above
Ami further ta'io nctlr-e Hint action, under
section 37, iVnst in; airhmenqatl before thu Is*
Niiniuie of iiieh crfrtlfloilt-n of ImiihivoiimMs,
AitrniiiAi.il W, -M'VUTik   I
llnteil this 2inl day of December, I8BJ, I
Solicitor, Etc.
Hunk ot Commerce Milt.       u'lANBIIOOH
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
RrlllHh Ciilumhln
11. L. Cummins, C. I:.
Port Steele, II. C.
II.  W.  IlKKI'llMKlt
Barristers, Solicitors.
Notaries ublic,
House and Lot in Cranbrook
Five rooms, pantry, cellar and large
shed; for rent. fi2 per month, or for
salt-", f5S(,i f25 ensii, balance $15 per
month. Advertiser will rent honse** or
stores in Cratihrook, Moyie, Fertile, Fort
Steele or Klnilierley, for rent or purchase
011 cosy terms. Apply, l'O. hox 115,
Ctanlnook, II. C,
Promptly Attended to.
Safe riming Investments
When in Crailbrook
Stop at the   :    :    :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & O. JOYCE, Proprietor*
Baker Street, Cranbrook, II. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines  and   Liquors  at  the   Bar
Thc Best Stock, the Most Satisfactory Prices, and
First-Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
B. C Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Mnnulncfun-rs of all Kinds of
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer-j.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
lEast Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards t
Proprietor ::: :::     >
Tins hotel lias licen refilled nml refuniialicd.   -Tlie table
U the bcsl.    Satisfactory inks given regular boarders,
| Baker Street       :-:       :-:        :-:        Cranbrook, B.C
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
Tlie Central lintel is open both day rttid   £   The Nurlh Slar Hotel i.s the large .unl
night.   The Imr goods are first class,
and the dining room is in charge of
[jj   magnificent hotel at Kimberley tliat
is just finished nnd Is furnished new
Thos. McCarson, and is second to none   J{J   throughout.     Everything in ronnec-
tn tbe Kootenays. Free sample rooms
and ibe best and quietest bedrooms in
the linvn.
I[| tion is first-class. When you visit
IJI Klttllierley, don't forget The North
$   Star Hotel. THE   HERALD.
Moth Miller, 2:0T%, is mid to hnve
paced In 2:05% in his work not long
The 3-year-old pacing idly Little
Squaw stepped Into the 2:10 list at
The second heat lu 2:09 by Prince
Alert at Monistowu, N. J., recently te
the New Jersey stale record for u half
mile track,
Dr. W. J. I'hlpps of Wllk.'slmrre, t'u.,
trains ami drives his own horseH. Ilia
trotter Lord Hlddlfltou ir a good one
and will be out next year.
Ai 11. Tyson's entry, lhe brown geld-
Hnj. 1-rlncu A, won Ihe 2:10 mixed WM
at Bethlehem in mriilKht heats, 8:10,
8110, 2:14H, the other day.
I'l luce A, li.v 1'illit*o Medium, In the
new male Oharles Mullen leoured for
Genora, They stopped a half In 1:18%,
last quarter in 8014 iwoudB.
I im 0-yeiir-ohl horso Kontoka, by
Lord ltusKcii, oui uf Jaconet, dam uf
Hilmii, 2:0014, took u time record of
8*39 iimiiiii the Dallas meeting.
Enoch, 2:8*114, by lied Wilton, Is ouo
or ihe prospects ror  woo.   Blwood
Smith of Williesbane, I'll., who has
raced bim this year, will have hlm uu-
other Reason,
Billy Andrews (4), 2:00i4. by Huw
Bells, the fastest new pacer of 1899
nml one of the heaviest winners, retired to winter tpmrleis ut Empire farm,
Copnke, n. y., peyfectly sound.
The 14-yeni'uhl stallion Preceptor,
by Nutwood—Precept, by l'liiu'imst,
who is the sir*.* ot" numerous 2i80 performers, was Btai'ted for a record at
Dallas Oct. II ami trotted In 2:28.
.lacob I'. Wall of the rhenlxville
Driving club has a line filly by Enrl*
inout, a sou of Uvlmoiit. ilnm Lucy
Wilkes, h.v Bourbon Wilkes. She recently stepped the I'oitstown (Pa.)
iin, I; below 2:00, Imlf in 1:10,
Catarrh Cured
After Fifteen
Years' Suffering-
Mr. John Crow. 421 Reefer Street, VftfleoaTer,
B.C., wrltpn: "After reeottitifj invalunblo
benefit from Jnpoiieee Catarrh Cure, I comldor
il mv dulv tn odd my Insllmuny fm the benefit
of ttUQW sufferers. I had been a great sufferer
from catarrh for tlfteen years; ana dnri-ig tmt
time I trii'il almost even- remedy I ever liennl
of for ihtstioul'le.ntnl ft score of doctor"! hut
thi* result was onlv temporary relkf, and In
eaeli enso tho entnrrli returned. 1 u*»ed sl*
box.scif .hipum'si-Oitatrh Cure ov-ur one year
nK». nml »lner tint time Invo been emn'ilelely
free funnciilnrrli."
.luimiiiie Ciilnri li Cuit*. is ihe i.nly i>,*riiinm-nt
euro for catnrrh yet discoveredt ihe h-thi aa*
plication nUevos.  Wo will also be pleated to
■wad n nami-li- te -my ]n*rw>ii n-iiul'li-d with thU
duHW.  Audrou iin* QrUHihi a* Macpherson
Co., u-i thurtli sliei-t   Tonnili).   Selil hy all
druggists.  Price, "*| oenUt <ti\ for ttJ. ■
i.ntif. hm ni vn i a t>ti.
'•Show me ROIIIO t>f yonr umlernblrts,
please,    Size 118."
"Yes, sir, imt Mint's much too large.
Size R0 would 111 yotl il grout deal better."
"I nm buying ihem. sir. for my
yotiugesl huh Kindly Ml und io ihe
i-nriieuhii* •/ot-ntlon for which you
draw your siilnrv  I show me somo
All Toronto Is Talking of
a Most Remarkable
Are    Hm     lliiye   at    Ml rue lei    Will)     Ua
Again y-l-lei't'iil  Events iu Corlalii
Direct huh   IVmilil   si-fin   lo
titdloiltfl Tlmt Thuy Are.
How a Drunken Husband Was Made I
Sober Man by a Determined Wife.
' She writes:—"I had for a Iohr time been
thinking of trying the Samaria Prescription treatment ou my husband for hll
Irlnkinglmliit-, tmt I was afraid he would
llscover tbnt I was giving him medicine,
tnd the thought unnerved me. I hesitate**]
(or nearly a week, but one day when ht
laiue home very mueh Intoxicated and
hii week's-salary nearly all spent, I threw
>ff all fear and determined to make an
iffort to save our homo from tho ruin 1
■aw coming, at nil hazards. I sent foi
rour Samaria Prescription and put it in
biB coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for the result. Al
noon I gavo him more and also at supper.
He never enspeoted a thing, and 1 then
boldly kept right on giving lt regularly, ai
I had discovered something that set every
nerve lu my body tingling with hope and
happiness, and I could see a brlght'futun
ipratd out beforo me—a peaceful, hnppj
home, a share iu the good things ot life, at
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
iverything elso dear to a woman's heart
for iny husband had told mo that *-,*> hiske;
was vile stuff and he was taking a dlsllkt
to It. IC was only too true, for beforo )
had given him the full courso he had stop
ped drinking altogether, but I kept glvin-j
the medicine till lt was gone, mid then seui
tor another lot to have on hand If he should
relapse, as he had done frum his promisei
before. He never has, and I am writing
jrou this letter to tell you how thankful 1
am. I honestly believe lt will cure the
worst oases."
A pamphlet ln plain, sealed envelope,
■entfree, giving testimonials ,-.nd full Information, with directions how to tnko or
administer Samaria Prescription. Corre-
Ipondenoe considered sacredly confidential. Address The Samaria Remedy Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Kali-aoriliiii-iry lie■eraibtnnoe.
lt wni the morning after their arrival
•t the seashore, nnd -■■lie bad her littlo hoy
With hei* on the porch of the hotel.
"Whnt n dear little fellow!" exclaimed
the  new   :ic.] mi in inure,   who  wanted   tu
make herself agreeable,   "So hi,a bis fu
ther too."
"Tio you think so?*' asked the proud
"Oh, yes. Indeed!" wus the reply. "I
»nticed the resenililance in a minute.'1,
"You've met his father, then?" suid th?
proud mother Inquiringly,
"1 boiv your husband when jou ill arrived Inst night."
"This is my second husband/' returned
the proud mother seinewhut coldly, "My
little hoy's father Is dead."
Ami tlio new acquaintance said "Oh!"
Kin* would httvi) liked to say smneihiug
else, hm bIio couldn't think uf anything
-appropriate to the occasion, — Chicago
A t'*micli i ..un MArtlal,
I'tiM   Witness   TllO   prisoner is  Innocent !
Bi'cnnd Witness The prisoner Is nulltyl
Tii-t Witness idcllnnllyl- t)f precisely
Who I Is lhe | >n suiier unilly':
S....111I Wimess (more dell nut ly)-Ot
pir.i-ely what te ihe prlsoucr Innocentr
Kind Witness   Un!
Neeillltl   Witli-."*    IU)
iK.il ilu- nml threats tu clear the court-
room if applause continues!.   Washing
Mi-s Uleli I have irate ilaubts about
the iiihiu'n n'puted wealth.
Mi- Wise -Why?
Mi-*. Iiiih ll<* has offered to havo my
dltl III I- reset.   ,l<*welei-s' Weekly.
,.-,-  .h.inbl  he
'llimmWIih lleieilllary I'retl ^position
*•!...nl.I Til hi-   rreiilliielit tu Time.
Tlu* writer on canoors In tha British Bn*
cyolopedht, snya thnt nearly Imlf nf nil easos
(inn Ir> traced Ip hereditary prcdlsposiUon,
Neatly I'lerynnlhuHlyon mnligutitit growths
otmihaslsofl tho faijl tliat tn a largo proportion nf casts it Will he (mind thnt eilhei tho
fiither in* mothor, grandfather or grand-
mother, died of the disease' 'Ihte hereditary
leudeiiey to eiitieer shows thnt the diseuse
mUKt Im> .of' ii-.copfctH.uthmid nnture, und it
should always i'tiit" these iiersons, whose mo-
jriiitdis have died of the dlseOBO, on their
guard to tako treatment on the very hrst In.
(licntlou of its apjiroaeh.
A new light hns heen shed on the mothods
of treating this m-rioim malady. Tho bar-
Ijaritiesot the knife nnd plaster wilh their
OVOtwhelming iiereentngc of fnilures nud ie-
nurreiiees, hnvo been suporceded liy 0 const!-
tutiounl remedy that builds up the depleted
strength, searches out tho cancer poison in
every corner of tho system, and without any
putting or Buffering radically and permanently cures tho disease,
Wo do not publish testimonial-* In tho
papers, ns sensitive people do not enre to
piuiiile their nilmentri for the benelit of tho
curious. These peoplo aru only too wlml,
jiowever, for any suifcror to hnvo tho benelit
pf iheir experience, Jf you are Interested lu
Ihls matter and deslro further information,
send us two stamps und wo will mall you
treatise und testimonials. STOTT & .1 UllY
powiimnvlllc, Ont.  Mention this pnpor,
- I"
1 henl
tc economise iin-ii
If some ni' ihe sectlmi hosi*» nre par
tialiy filled it will Iw be*t generally to uncap ihem nnd Mtrnci ihe h'>nrv fmm
Every colony should hare n fair Bilpplj
of brood at lii'i- lime, nnd till thnt hive
not should ii crivi* n small quantity of
teed daily to ir-rtnee them tn breed
If n colony ts found with a good supply
of brond in all -i n*i - uuw. h Indicates
Bakers' Bad
nl I
research in this line is i h
Allowing dirt m i illth iu
011 ihe imii.11.1 I" milt ui ihe li
Ingn hotbed nu* th- pngatl
nud 'inn* ninth gel  -imtnl a hive lusts
Oeuernlly breedlns should he done at
nigh!fnll, s.i us imi (,. excite nibbing.
Onee robblug Is si:nled. ... much is lost
ns might otherwise he gained, as the
colonies that need the most will get the
To make sugar sirup placo a vessel ou
the stuve. hold luu ;'s "ll"'11 Ils il ■•* ,!'*s'1'*
et] to mii.'c. I'm hi about three parts ot
sugar nnd one pint of water ami let it
enme to a boll. Then sei nil nnd pour in
mu* part of honey. When cool, It ii ready
lo feed.-Hl. Louis Uepuhllc,
INK.—Dyspepsia causes dernngouieut of
the nervous system, nnd nervous debility
once engendered te dinicuit to deal with.
There are many testimonials as to tbe
etlloaoy uf Pariueleo's Vegel&ble Pills In
treating this disorder, showlug that they
never fall to produce good results. By
giving proper tone to the digestive organs
they restore equilibrium to the nervs
Toronto, Dee. 13.—A few weeks ago
the press of this city gave the particulars of a BuccesBf nl case of skiu-graftiug,
a large number of patients iu the hospital voluntarily permitting the surgeons to take rom their arms and
chests small pieces ot skin, whioh
were "graft.d" on the back of a young
Ind who had been terribly burned sometime previously, aud whose back was
eotirely covered with these engrafted
pieces', which bnvo "taken root"OO to
speak, in tho most satisfactory umuuer.
Now oomes tho report of n still more
wonderful triumph of medical skill—a
mau who was horribly mangled and
broken by a full of forty-five feet, and
who has beeu an almost totally help
less cripple iu cousequence, having re
stored to him the comparatively full
use of his limbs, and fully all his
wonted strength and health. Tbe narrative is a nin-t interesting one and
shows clearly the wonderful extent of
modern medical resoorces.
The man who lias had this rare experience is George Kobeits, a well-
known bricklayer, who lives at 82
Armstrong Avenue. At the time of the
accident be was working on one of the
walls of the building now knowu as
the Toronto Opera House, bnt which
was tbeu the Adelaide Street Roller
Skating Kink. The bones of both bis
legs Wi re broken nt the ankles, the
joints iu bis left foot* were dislocated
and other Injuries equally severe
wero iuflicte.1. For six mouths the victim lay in the hospit.il, his legs iu
splints, and bis foot in a plaster of
Paris cast. The most skilful medical
meu iu Toronto attended him, nnd succeeded in setting tbe fractured bones in
tbe legs bnt the dislocated joints of the
foot detled all their skill. It was fouud
□tterly impossble to keep the bones in
their places, and at the end of six
months Mr. Roberts left the hospital a
helpless eripplo, with little prospects of
ever recovering the me of the foot. After a time, however, the hones grew together and be was thus enabled to
move about, though there was uot tbe
least seir.blnuco of movement in the
joints, Mnt with this change enme uew
troubles. Rheumatism of t he most
agonizing nature set iu.nud his nervous
system became a source ef continual
torture. Day aftor day, experiments
intended for his relief wero mado, doctor after doctor treated him, oue kind
of medicine after another was used,
hut effort* were fruitless. For two
years he etuluied increasing torment,
and. as be to'.d the reporter, bad it not
been for the sinfulness of the petition,
he would have prayed thnt be might
die. This pitiable suffering coutiuued
until a few weeks ago, wlen what
many of bis neighbors look upon as a
gonuiue miracle bo was completely ie-
stortd to heath, ln a v. ice broken and
quivering wilh emotion, he told tho
reporter bow this happened.
"Of late my sufferings hnd grown almost unbearable. Tbo lower portion
of my body was entirely without feeling, except tbat of the burning iifjotiy
caused by my rheumatism, and my
quivering nerves. 1 was at this time,
watching with tnterut the case of a
young girl, hatira Slieelinu, who had
been brought home from Sl. Miehnel'i
hospital to die. hut who was Miadily
getting better since her mother began
giving her Mr Arnold's Knglisli Toxin
Pills. So wonderful wiih her improvement that I thought 1 would try tho
molicme myself. 1 did so, and thank
God, it made .i new man of me. My
terrible, ttKoniziug rhemmit Ic pains
aru goue. My nerves aie now its sound,
strong and steady as ever ihey wero,
and I am enjoying the best of health
and ean eat and sleep naturally, and do
a fall day's work. I have used, 1 bo<
Hove, every remedy yon oan name, but
they did me not a particle of good.
Dr. Arnold's Knglisli Toxin Pills alone
benefitted me. Tbey have given me
now life—mado me a new mau in fact
—and I earnestly and honestly urge
every mau or womau who sutlers from
rheumatism or broken down nervous
system to take this must excellent medicine. When it cur, d ine. ir will care
Dr. Arnolds' Kngllsh Toxin Pills are
made to cure discus,* in the only ration-*
al way—by killing the germs thul
cause it. They stand alone in this respect, for uo othor medioiue made destroys the germs of disease iu tho system.
Dr, Arnold's Knglisli Toxin Pills are
sold by all first-class druggists at 76
conts a box, sample box $5 cents, or
sent postpaid on raoelpts of price, bf
The Arnold Chemical Co , Limited,
Canada Life Building, 4% King Weal,
Tlie M- AN, Wi railway hns applied to
parliament for uutliurlialUiu to com,
plsts their extonilons In   seven ytarii
A Coiillilviit  Vniilh.
"So, sir," exclaimed Iho father Impressively, "you wish lo marry my
"1 do," answered the youth resolutely.
"Do .vnn think you can support her in
the luxury to which she has been accustomed V"
"I ilo. When she iunices her borne
with me. she won't have ilu* gna turned
down at H>::tO from lhe mi'lei' ns a hint
ihat ii is lime lor eumpiuiy to go home,
and she won't have any complaints
uhout the anion ii i ufeotil burned lu order to bent the |-:ii*!nr for visitors. 1
hind of think, iiuiybe. the dear girl will
he pleased willi tin* change In time."—
Washington Star.
A I.ii*■■*.-.
"I'm going to i]Ul1 gambling. It costs
too much."
"Why, you know you win more tbaD
yon lose."
•'Yes, but to keep even, I would have
to win twice ns much us I lose. You
see, whenever I will, I have io give
half to my wife."—Indianapolis Journal.
Ah. lio!
Husband feyulenllyi—Ah, women are
all alike! When | first asked yuu to
mnrry mc, what did you sny'! Why,
you said that you wouhln'i marry the
Uoblesl man that ever breathed.
Wire Oink'tlyi-Well, 1 didn't, dear.—
TH-Hiis. .	
Tin- Hast Family Liniment Known.
Uriniths'   Menthol    Liniment   la the
frcatvst pain reliever of the present day.
t ni. it lies tlie ■■iiim'ul -'arts the minute
applied, and is n complete medicine chest
In ttsuir Vse It for Scalds, Hums,
Bruises, Sore Throat*. Cold on the Chest,
aud all forms of swelling und inllamma-
tiou.   All druggists, 2-5 cents,
Irllil l'i % lu   l>-f iiiiiii ll.
Growers of stone fruits can count
upon ti new source of revenue. Tbe
pits of peaches, apricots, nectarine:
plums nud prunes, heretofore thrown
awav or used ns fuel, bave a markot
value. Especially is this true of
peach uml apricot pits. This year
tbere is a strong demand for them nt
from eight to ten dollas a tun. delivered in San Pranelsco. Tbe kernel
ta the product sought. Prom tho apricot kernel Iimt (tolictoiia French
"tint candy" is mado, displacing the
almond, t'immm.iii. all mi CO out! nutmeg aro adulterated with this same
jiit. ground nnd highly iireparod for
the purpose, Prussia acid aud essence
mul ml ni nlmoudfi mi' made from tbe
peach and prime pits, and those flavors
are Used itl ;i lluuisand dlfforOUt Way's,
The nils an* cracked in Snn l-'rnmisco
ami the kermis are thon scut east.
In  n  Hll hi 111 -To iim mom.
Usher (the eourt  having heen  much
in tiny cd by ihe s I mining of footl—Will
ye lionhl yer iniigucs up there with
yer feet lu the gallery! -Punch.
• lln
A Hull
A lit,Ir
A link*
A little
A little
RmrV In
at In
tie lo
lo, lhc truiihle
11*ml ill
We little know the toil and
hardship that those who make !
the "Staff of Life "undergo. |
Long hours in superheated I
aud poorly ventilated work- j
rooms is hard on tlie system, ;
gives the kidneys more woik than they
can properly do, throws poison into the
■system tlmt Bhould he carried off by these j
delieate tillers.  Then the book gets hud— .
Not much use applying liniments and
plast-srs. You mast reach the Kiduevs to
cure the back. DOAN'S Kidney Pills
eure all kinds of Bad Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to heulthy action.
Mr. Walter Buchanan,  who has cou-
ducted a bakery in  riunilt, Uut., for tht :
past 15 years, says:
"Far a munl-er  of yMra  pr-irtoui tn   Ukiiii '
D'ioii'i Kl.luer I'm* I infffna a r**»»t dinl from
:■■".'■■ vslat vrum tli-a imatt of uij hack, pultia lu ;
tlie lm<k uf mv lit-ml, illulimii. ttaaxj fwlllll anil
,--,.■:,: iluMllty. Frum tli* Dnt Mv ■'.-.. nf '
i >-.,:. • Klitimy i'lll* I .■<,!ijnn-i]'-'*.i to liupn-v*. and
I Iiutb continued until 1 am tu-duy a wnll umii.
I lunu not lmu i all" or aolie *.'■" .* nt, My li-suil li
rlwir: the urinary iliftli-ultlot t..l cm-i- ; my nU-fn I*
r-t-fru»tiliig Hid lur ..tidlli u t,*tt«r low \lau tot
The Ob i en bo, Milwaukee und St. Paul's
annual statement shows that $(12,182 wns
expended iu internal revenue stamp tuxes
during tin' year.
The aggregate mileage ot ull the roads
controlled by the wonderful Vanderbllt*
Morgan combination up to the present
date is •in.—'i, whieh is more thuu one-
fifth of all lhe railroad mileage in tht
United States.
A Moscow- railroad millionaire named
ManiontOW has been arrested ou the
charge of embezzling 9,000,000 rubles
from thc Jaroslaw railroad. Bnil for
1,000,000 rubles offered hy another tins-
Sinn millionaire wus refused by the government.
Thc French minister of public works
hus issued a circular to the railway companies of France, informing them thut
unless their trains shall keep better timo
the government will enforce the fnll pen*
allies ordained hy low for railway mis-
Intrusion of urle aold into the blood vessels is a fruitful ciuseot rheumatic pains
This irreguhirity is owing to n deranged
and unhealthy condition of the liver.
Anyone subject to this painful affootlon
will llnd a reinedv ln Parmelee's Vegetable Pills. Their action upon the kid
nays is pronounced and most iHinellain),
nnd by restoring healthy notion they cor
reofc Imparities In the hlood.
Dldn'l llr-t-tk nn Hi* New I'leec.
Abont t!0 or i0 yearn niro, when Ibe
manufacturing trade was iu its infancy, several poor Scotsmen settled
iu Manchester, who ultimately lio*
camo millionaires, and whose descendants are still connected with Ibe
city. Wc were speaking a short time
ngo with a vory old woman, who
knew uno of these men in his enrly
struggles. His lnudludv thought be
paid too little for his room, and wns
determined to raise his rent from Is
tid to is Hd a week. This the Scotsman stoutly resisted, nnd was resolved
to pack up his baggage and be gone
ratlier tlum pay a fraction moro than
eitrlileenpence. After gaining bis
point he concluded the dispute with
this axiom, which ought to Imi remembered by our. young men:—"It
isn't tlmt I, mind so murkie for tbe
odd tuppence; hut. ye ken, Betty, it's
the breaking iuto a fresh piece o'
HONEY SAVED and pain relieved by
tbe leading household remedy, DR.
quantity of which usually infBoes to oure
a oough, heal a sore, out, bruise or sprain,
relieve lumbsgo, rheumatism, neuralgia,
exoorlated nipples, or Inflamed breast.
The Han Wlio Told tba Tnik.
There wi] > min who suld one diy
Into lil-mrU: "llon-afltf I
Sliall nol tic I'lM enough to uy
A tingle word tlml il a lie.
The truth I'll tell to each ind ill.
To hliib and low and great and mull."
ind to ha bravely started out
llli heart waa rtronf, hii spirit bold.
Ot all the Uiinis h« talked about
Tlie truth, and nothing tlie, wu told,
tie acorncd the trlclu of ape-tab through whleh
Ilea make tbtntalvea adore* aid rich.
Re told tha wliolt truth, nothing mora,
And when they bora hin home tkat night
Hit face waa battered up and aore.
And he waa what la called a tight.
8a lott hii job, his friendi wart law,
ut be bad lasrntd a thing or two.
—CblUfo Timet HutU
The iimlaiice of the man who found an
umbrellii nnd advertised for its owner
mn.v Indicate sensitive honor, or it may
he merely mental decay.—New York
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart uml Nerve Pills can
Readily Cure.
Onu of tho Indications of serious heart
trouble is the sensation of wenkuess or
I'iiii 'rjens thai eoillfi On at times.
Sometimes it is simply » dlssy feeling
lint passes offj or It may lion state of un-
mnseloitsuess nitb bnudH snd feet cold
and cottntennuce
ghastly pale,
These symptoms Indicate a
weakened heart.
They nre unmis-
takahlo evidences
of the engine of
lifo breaking
Now there's
only one reliable
remedy for restoring strength end vitality
to weakened hearts aud relieving all ths
distressing symptoms. It is Milburn's
Heart and Norvo Pills.
The case of Mrs. A. ttt rutton, Frederic-
tou, N.R., amply proves this. Here Is
her statement:
"I suffered very much from an Impoverished condition of the blood, coupled
with extreme norvousneBS. A dizzy sensation on arising quickly or coming dowu
stairs, often troubled mo, nnd my breath
was so short that I could not walk up
stall's, Tho least exertion oatiBOd my
heart to flutter and pnlpitate violent^
and I Bometlmes felt a smothering sent
satlou on going to sleep.
I doctored buck and forth for my weakness, but I got no relief from any medicine
until I tried Mllbui'u'K Heart ami Nerve
Pills, and I can say Unit they helped me
wonderfully, tiomotimos my faco and
arm*** would swell and pnlf, but nil these
troubles speedily yielded io the restoring
Influences of Milburn's Henrt and Nerve
I'illfi, and 1 nm now strong und well. I
did not ii.-c them longuuMII regained the
blessing of healthful, refreshing sloop and
[t will ulwu.vs bo a pletiHurt) to me te
Irioommond them te others."
The  Story  ol n   Mill  nnd  »   Verj   An-
Iii >   (lot,.   Ix.l.l.-r.
It was ii tousled nml sleepy looking head that popped burriedlj through
tbe second story window. There was n
frown on rbc face and nn nogry flush
in the half closed eyes.
■•Who in thunder's there?" wns
shouted by this forbidding looking
presence, totally unmlutlful of nature's
beauty at ."> In the morning. "Who's
there. I say':" it repented in louder and
more threatening tones.
There was no answer,
"What do ymi mean coming arouud
here this time of nlghl nnd ringing ray
bell like this? I never heard of snob
Infernal Impudence. (Jet out in the
yard where I can see yon ami toll; to
you. Say, I'll be down there in about
two minutes If you dou't tell tne what
you want."
"Anything the matter, dear?" yawned the sleepy wife.
"I should sny there was.   Didn't you
bear the bell? Rang fm* five minutes
straight Whoever it is must be either
drunk orcraxy. Whore's ray revolver?'
"Don'l you think for a minim- of go
ing down thero wljh a revolver, li
would he terrible IT you'd shoot some
one.   I'll go."
"Indeed you won't."
"Then we'll both go."
Just ns they faced the window u
Clirtnln shot up nl the next honse. »
dozen feet nwny, nml tho pretty youug
girl who was to take an enrly train up
pea red winding one nf those round,
nickel, loud ticking clocks.
"Why," she laughed. -Mid the alarm
bell disturb you'r"
He crawled Inlo bed saying intense
things, and lhc more Ute wife shook in
the effort to restrain her mirth lhc
moro he said.
Then nre bo many cough medicines In
tbt market that lt Is sometimes difficult
to tell wblob to buy; but If we bad a
oough, a eold or auy affliction of the
throat or lungs, we wonld try Btokle's
Antl-Consumptive Syrup. Those who
bave used it think tt Is far ahead ot all
other preparations recommended for such
oomplalnts. The little folks like It as 11
as pleasant aa syrup.
Tnllemi *nr«.
Furs will look much improved if
lhey are cleaned with bran. The bran
should be placed in an earthen receptacle and Routed iu thc oven. Wben
hot it should be rubbed well into the
fur. Fliinnel is tho liest thing to use
fur rubbing the bran into tbo fnr. After the husk bus remained iu the garment for about half an hour shake it
thoroughly to remove all particles and
brush until the articlo is perfectly
clean. Fur collars tlmt havo become
soiled from tubbing against the lytir
may be mado to look like new by using bot bran ou tbem. Two applications of tbo bran, nnd probably three,
will bo ncessary if the fur is badly
C«r» to ilia Kyobrawe.
The eyebrows should be carefully
washed every day, and a tiny brush
aud comb used to keep them soft and
smooth. They Bhould always be
rubbed from the roots to tho ends,
and never the "wrong way." Vaseline should be rubbed over them onco
o.* twice a week. When tbey get
scruffy, vaseline should be put on
the spot, and they should be washed
with hot water and a little soup, but
on no account should thev bo rubbed,
Tbo eyelashes of children may be
made to' grow long and curly by being
clipped slightly now nnd then, but not
ho case of a grown person this would
make them coarse and stubby.
Brother Dtoke-f-a   I'lilluaoyh,.
Kf you wants tor make a man satis
tied will (lis worl, des tell Mm dnt his
time's up on ho gwlne tor de next,
Dey tells us dat In a few years de
wort gwlne tor dry lip; but ef some er
dese folks what tnlkln so would dry
up de worl would run smoother.
1 Is a great believer iu fuiTlu mis
shuts, hut hit don't do me no goud lei'
see a heathen in a beaver hut ell a
fm' overcoat whilst I projlckln mun
In n hlck'ry stripe shin.
.Some folks want all de gold dat you
kin dig for um; but wo'u hit come ter
dlggin it doyae'f, dey gits a certlflcate
fum do doctor sayln what dey needs is
A Sullxiiiielhiii.
"What are yon going to do for amusement today?"
"I think," answered the hero, "that
I'll go to a dime museum and sec the
armless phenomenon."
■'I didn't know you were Interested In
curiosities of Hint klud."
"1 wasn't formerly, but it will lie a
great satisfaction to meet somebody
who I'm dend sure Isn't going to shake
hands with mo."
TlioriMitlilj'  l*'iiiil|i|)ed.
Lady—You huve not been out to service yet, therefore you have no oliurnc-
Applicant—No. tiiuin; but I've got
three school board certlfleuts.
Lady—Ab. well, that is something.
Are tbey for honesty, cleanliness or—
Applicant—No, please, mum, for lit-
erntoor, Jograffy aud free'nml drorlng.
Not Given A way.
"These trusts give me ft pain." remarked the observant boarder.
"Thc window glass trust charges for
panes," added the cross eyed boarder.-
Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph.
Winn She Meant,
"She said she was afraid I was going to kiss her," he said.
"She meant that she was afraid you
weren't," replied her dearest friend,-
Chicago Post.
The We dill ii-k Slote.
"He Is wedded lo his ail."
"Perhaps that accounts for her cool
uess towni-d hlm."
Came Fnr Aimer,
Hit IIhIiiw the Holt.
"You and young Chnbbloigh don't
(.peak to each other any more, Ethel.
What Is the matter?"
"Nothing, only ho told me one day
when wo were at the nark that I had
a swanliko nock, and I told Ub he
hadaswaullkewalk." „
"Here, 1 sny, 1 do feel Indignant!
What, lio—here's thai girl been and
called that thing a duck!"
Aud off he went full peg uud called
a special meeting, of the Royal ymick-
ologlcal society to *ee If something
couldn't be done.—Ally Sloper.
Sha Matt Iir   \ liftt-ulitiliiSerJ.
Cynlo—What makes .vou bave such ui**
limited confidence in your wife?
Cheerful—I gave her ***10 lo pay a hill
of $*l.00 for me, and she brought huek uii
Of tbe change.—Detroit Free Press.	
Grain, Provisions aud Stocks
Mnrkt-tf. OniinandSeonrltiesBtiiiBht.Bold—
C.rrk'il. n M.-ir** m. f* ■ r. *i..n*dPiie-. s<-li<-it.-d.
Privtte Cypher Code Furobuted upon .ii-iill-s-
14S Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.
1>. O. DHAWI.lt 1887.
Fay in SOR1P for Dominion Lands and
Save 20 per Cent. Discount.
for full tnfitriin.tii.il apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to any offico of the MERCHANTS' BANK
CANADA In Munltohu or tho Wont.
To rule one's anger i-i well; to pre
vent it Is better.—lidwnrds,
Iirjlm; good te the only certoluly (nippy action of« man's life.—Simoon.
The readiest and surest wny to get
rid of censure te to correct oufoeltet.—
Tire and sword arc bul slow engines
of destruction in comparison with the
The Bible is a wludow In this prison
of hope through whleh we look iuto
eternity.—Dw Igh t.
Every base occupation makes one
sharp iu its practice and dull in every
Other.—Sir P, Sidney.
Lovo Hint has nothing bnt beauty to
keep It In good health U short lived
mid apt to havo ague Hts.—Erasmus.
A good nnme Is rather io be chosen
than grent riches, nud loving favor
rather tlmn Bllver and gold.—Solomon.
Any one may do n casual act of good
nnture. but a continuation of tbem
shows it te a part of the temperament
An unjust acquisition Is lil;c a Imil d
arrow, which musl be drawn backward
With horrible nngillsh, or else will be
jour destruction.—Taylor,
Wheu silence fails, it isn't necessarily
All things come to those who are rich
enough to wait,
Suicides are persons who can't bury
trouble without burying themselves,
If n tnun doesn't know enough to go
lu whon ii ruins, he is eatdly takou lu.
There is always room at the lop-
probnbly because lhe experienced traveler prefers a lower berth.
A bachelor nays ihnt marriage and
the colic bub double people up; but,
fortunately, the colic li ouly temporary,
•-t'blniyi) News.	
"(■hurley, dear," said young Mrs
Tor kins, "is there any such thing »-
wlreless telegraphy?"
"Why, It hasn't beeu perfected yet
But 1 believe there is such fl thing."
"Well, they ought to put a stop to it
right uwuy, Tin* idea oi scattering
all thoso messages Indiscriminately
through the nir wo breathe! li must be
very uiiiicalihy."- Wqshliurhiu Star.
Thero never waa, nud never will be, a
universal panacea, In one remedy, for all
dis to whioh flesh Is heir—the very nature
ot many outatlves being such that were
tho germs or other nud differently wwted
diseases muted tu tho system of the pa-
Mont—what WOUtJ relievo one 111 In turn
would Hggravate the other. We have,
however, in Quinine Wine, when obtaln-
■iblo In a Bound) uiudnltcmted tttve, a
remedv for many and grievous Ills, liy Its
gradual nnd judicium use the frailest sye-
totns aro leu into convalescence and
-ttrength hv thn inlltience which Quinine
eierts on Nature's own restoratives. It
relieves tho drooping spirits of those with
whom a chronic statu of morbid despond
ency and lack of interest In life Is a dis
->ase, and, hy traiiqulllzing the nerves,
disposes to sound and refreshing sleep-
imparts vigor tu-the action of the blood,
which, being stimulated, courses throogh
out the veins, sttengthenlng the health;
animal functions of ihe system, there&j
making activity a necessary result.
-Jtreuglhenlng the frame, and gWlDg lit*
to the digestive organs, which naturally
demand lucreaaeu substance—result, lm
proved appntltw. Northrop aud l.viuan, ot
Toronto, have givon t*i the public thelt
superior Quinine Wine at the osual rate,
and, gauged by the opinion of scientist!,
this wine approaches nearest perfe-otloc
of anv ln the market. All druggists sell
It.    '
Tb*  Mnn  Wlm  Una  it  Qanlttl For  llr-
Intt   liii>ii|iiirtiiii«*.
"There goes u niun," said u Canal
street pbllosopb* r, "who hus mude a fall-
ore "f hte iu spite "f exceptional equip
meat for siiccc--* He u boneit, affable,
hlghlj educated und Industrious a*** o
bearer. He hns nn had habit-:, and I
couldn't name a man in New Orleans
(vho priMes'-cR n kindlier disposition, yet
he U continually out of a job and te stu-
dloiuly avoided hy every body who knows
hlm. The mysterious purt of it te that
nobody cau tell you just why, and the
poor fellow doesn't understand it himself,
lie is begin iimi; tn think thnt M-mebodv
hns worked a rabbit's fi«.>t on him, but
lhe secret is really this:
"He hus a genius for the inopportune.
Hy some malign freak of fate In* always
snys mid does the Wrong thing at the
Wrong time. It in uot lack of tact; it is
destiny. For example, I like him. hut he
Dover called on me In his life that bis visit wasn't highly unwelcome. He is morally certain to drop in just In time to
catch one doing something foolish or dis-
Credltable, and you know how ive hate
the innocent ebunee witness of onr follies.
"He made a mortal enemy of Colonel
— because he happened to walk Into
his fitllet*  while  lhe uhl  man  wns dying
his mtibtachc, ll< chanced ou u cetta ->
prominent lawyer smirking before a mirror, rehearsing au Impromptu after din*
mi* speech, nn.l the prominent lawyer
got even hy knocking bim out of a. valuable contract. Those are two cases out
of dozens. He never gossips or tattles,
but the mere fact that he has seen things
In* oughtn't to see aud heard things he
oughtn't to heur makes his very presence
embarrassing to lhe other fellows.
"It's most unfortunate, and all fate. If
he were Introduced to « man whose
grandfather bad been hanged he'd be absolutely certain to begin talking about
rope Inside of two minutes. As 1 said before, he has a genius for dn* Inopportune.
My wife loathes him because her false
frlsxes Ulew off on the street ono dav nnd
landed on lop of his umbrella, lie had
nothin*: whatever to do with either the
fri/ze- ui the elements, but now I can't
«-k him t*. my buuw Terrible to bo on*
di-rsiicha curse, Isn't iir- N.*» Orleans
Times Democrol
The  Boaa,
-d t
A Gift to De-frer.
An old Georgia lady who enjoys knit-
ling socks for the soldiers, In sending a
pair to Admiral Dewey, wrote:
"1 want you to accept these sock** witb
my love nn compliments. If I could only
afford it I'd send a pair o' shoes along
With 'em. Hilt lake the will for the deed,
an may the Lord bless you!"—Atlanta
In truth, although the i ipnnhin of ib
poliiiel.'iii was yonng, li was evld nt lhai
ii wouldn't do to pick I lm up as n man
nlth no worldly knowledge. — Chicago
Love's Voung Ur-rain T-utlav.
TU... - ,«.l ' - - itugl ■.; I :., ■,.
.». h1 l»- -..j. tM-ftVe hnd -I.f was fair
Aii.I Jit. --  I 9   .  .. n ki-f*- lliHnr).
"Oh   l*i u.'* Le ib] ila-rel" lit* i*ti«l.
■ .*.:. let nu ■:. Ilj loll t*-r ibei-'
b..-   *j   hai you-trill bemj brtd-a
A.i'i have -Ji minion over me!"
"i . am •!■■ -in*.--,* -lie mau'* reply.
"Bi • *     - i «•:**.* a money king
v: . •       v the Mrth tf I
*-.       . i •■ -   .   :      •* rani tlie thing'"
land Plain D-wiler.
The C3uadiaa Acciflent Assurance Co.
[he rao 11 l-eral a-id -.tractive potter i-au«i
qranv e-iivuiiy.cavrriiig ditaMem-rnt c;.n*it
■>'•> sti* -*'*-•■•-■*-- or scejdeni Agent* motet)
ni unrepresented districts.   Apply
\V.   T.   KIBBY,
Canada l'artuanant Black, Winnipeg-'
Aorxrs Wastid vs VrnTpatBama Dutbicts
Haaaccra Han   an<l N. W. T.
Deductive ll> pothralrj,
"Whnt were his Inst words'?"
"He didn't hnve any."
"So his wife wns with hlm to th*
end?"—Town Topics.
Write  ui  fur full Information.    Vou
W.    H.   SPROULE   &   COMPANY,
Real Estate aad Piaaacia! Brokera,
375 Main St., Winnipeg.
A Fnll i:*.|ilntuition.
II rou beep cowi yon cannot afford la Ha
without a CREAM SEPARATOR, sad If you
want to hau iba beat, mott moderate la
price, aad oa east-tat tanna, apply ta
E. A.  LISTER tt 00., LTD.,
S3! King .St., Winnipeg,
Dealera la Dairy Supplies aad Prodaca, Ga*.
ollne Kngloes, Horaa Trand P-owara, Kta.
WrUcei,   '•fta-cona,   Barruwi, WludiuiUai
4tm.   COCK8HCTT  PLOW CO., Wlanlpeg,
"Why,  why, do you turn your hesd I
sway from im*, denroatV"
"Ouions, love."
t   -ll' -Hll.il, ll,   llll    Itll-llll-
Telegntnhy.    Ko   tfalli
li-.lilu.il liiatruitir.ii, Bi
nt any lime. Get i*»rti
0, W. liii.N.vi.n, Bee
A Hint to T-fpetrrllera.
"rinklo Miliar hns a cood scheme."
"Whut Is ur
"Sbe carries her luncheon to the office
doue up In a candy hot."—Chicago Record.
I LOUS, SffQI I MRU    Circle Tew
tap-Mere rfanewlN     &£££-&£&
Tlltl IL MaaalltoB.Oat.    L.MA IplOM
W.  N. U.     361
I Must Have thc
genuine, The
imitations look
very nice, but they
hurt my delicate SHIN -
•nia ________ CeV. C
ty**, U*!j< hey, "i*^ W I.O.O.F. Key Cily Lodge
No. i-'. Nuctt over) hh
day uu* lit at limit hall on
Bokor street,   Hojouruliw
Odd Pellows cordially invited.
jauies Oreer, .)■ i'. Pink, a. i. MeDeriuot
N.ii. v, o, Beo'y.
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office Building.
wounded .'it ih*.* Modder rivet battle,
M. Mclnues .*v Co. »ml [etnra Ryan
will get their sipply of Ire from Moyie
lake this year. Gtniu & Shady, the c m
ir t-rt'.rt-. hava n gang ot men at work
uow cutting,
Dr. King, who is now altcndlnij leo-
turea in New York city, will return 10
Cranbrt ok about the lirst of the t»:ou\h.
tlis host of friends bote will he gtad to
Bee him return.
Tiie difference in the temperature yes*
terdav aud » week agu yesterday wus
fust *■.(■ it- ■iii-t'-i. A week ago it «a« 41
degreis below, and u-. enlny it \vas4j
and patriotism, etitdo,ao in n manly
way -nd provide ior such a uontlugent,
ur drop it aud -*io[i talking,
If anybody knows anything that li s
been accomplished by the present provincial legh Lit ure up to the present
time, they would confer a' fuvor by glv-
iug the iufotmutiou tn an anxious public.
A   gu
Joy-abb in
The proper place for the gov , ,.*,
ernment offices of South Bast 1
Kootenay is in some town
the railway.
There are several cases ot dtphllici a
iu town.
The genuine Mechanics tur toap al
Hungarian, Gteuora and Graham flour
at Gilpin's,
Insure against small pox. McViltie &
Jumes Ryan and Dr. Bell vlsiud .Moyie
last Tuesday,
If you want crockery or a nice diniu-i
set, try Gilpin's.
There is quite a chaiigeiu temperature
the past few days,
William Ross wns in town Saturday
on legal business.
Evaporated raspberries, apples and
apricots at Gilpin's.
Col. Henderson has taken tip his res!
deuce in Craubrook.
Mechanics tar soap as found at Ileal*
tie's, is the best.
A. D. Grant is b dldiug a cottage on
Baker hill for rent.
M. Mclnnes has gone to Alberta to
look after some stock.
Two comfortable bedrooms for rent.
Apply to l'. McConnell,
Fiesh ef-gs and butter; the best in the
market, at 1'. McCou licit'it,
A   social   will  be held  at  the M. ti.
church next Monday evening-
Mrs,   John  Spclluiaii    left  today    foi
her foinier home 1*11 New Vork.
Try Gilpin's for groceries. Always n
full and choice stock on hand.
McVittle & Hutchison have sold lhe
building and lot soulh of P. McConnell'.-
A. D. Parker, of the Canadian Bank
of Commerce, spent Sunday with liiend-
in Pernie.
Tom Rader, Ihe well-known milling
mau of Moyie, was iu town on business
this week.
To let—one unfurnished and two furnished rooms, apply opposite McFar*
lane's shop.
German Hor, Rubbers and Maeklnnws
going at cost, at the Fort Steele Mercatl*
tile company.
Judge Fori 11 was among the passengets
011 the Moyie and is now quarantined at
his home in Nelson.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
are selling Rubbers, Macklnuws imd
German Sucks at cost.
The Misses Wellman have returned
to Kimberley ufter a pleasant visit with
Craubrook friends.
W. T. Reid left for the east this week
to lay in a stuck of dry goods and millinery for bis new store.
George Taylor has let a contract to
George I.eask for the building of 0 cottage on his residence lot.
Quite a number of Fort Steele people
mine over last Saturday to attend n
skating party at the rink.
A cost sale of Rubbers. German Sine
and Mackiiinws now 011 at the Furl
Steele Mercantile company.
For porridge you can get rolled oats,
groats, rolled wheat, wheal ties, middlings aud corn meal ot Gilpin's.
There waB a very pleasant flong service
at the Methodist church last Sunday
evening, and a large attendance,
J, W. Robinson, who has beeu down
east for several days, is on bis way
home and will arrive tomorrow,
John Hutchison is making some improvements about bis place, on the
theory tbat Kast Kootenay is all right,
Mrs. Frith, mother of Fred F. ith, or
Moyie, bas goue to Calgary. She will
go east in a short time to remain a year.
W, F. Tate w'll build a residence on
the lot he recently purchased on Hanson
ivenue.   George Leask has lhe contract.
Tbe time at the Cranbrook Lumber
company's mill bas beeu increased to
teu hours, owing to the diys growing
The Phoenix Pioneer snys W. T,
Kaake bas just placed in Ins bar iohii
two of tlie finest mirrors in the Boundary country.
A nice selection of winter apples, snch
as Spies, Baldwins Greenings, Russets
Ben Davia, Sweets and Spltzenherg at
P. McConuell's.
N. Hanson, the Wasa poobah, is in
town. The "old man" is always a welcome visitor, (tnd be has n handshake
that makes a mau feel good.
0. Stampel has called a meeting of the
carpenters ot Cranhrook at the Cranbrook hotel on Saturday evening for the
purpose of organizing n union.
Wanted—a partner to 1 uy or rent half
Interest In the Sulphur Spring Sanitarium, address,        H. J. Tiniiey,
Blainilote, Alberta,
tit. lie ban bee
in* foi the past t*.
main in luwn <> d
s charge ni ihe 11
W ready l..i o|iei
l, II Cuddy, ..,
king uul   1
1 nt t ie Presbyteilan
waalargeij attended,
wae pieseuu-d.   aud
ed iu bave bud an en*
.*. :>.111:1   1 IhclaUd   as
1 luutl v im some oue
.*, pm-tung mucin, to
.. 1't.e imperial Lite
j by upplM.ig to the
. j. W, W, Stewart nt
is wb-ikhig bauds with
mis in Ciai h uuli Imi
-ii nt ilu- Nunli Slat
There are uow al least twenty-live
buildings in cmii.se 1 I' construction and
under contract in Cranhrook. with plans
being made for lhat many more Such
a condition 1 < in.tier ml evideuce ol
growth and prosperity, Cranbiook to
day has reached that stage of advance
mint th.it it is no longer questioned by
nnyone,   hhe is a winner, and yet she
has only stlHled.
The government is taking the rigid
cou Be when lhey decide to go to the
lounlry,   Situated us Ui.v were, it waa
CRANBROOK, • M^Coiumbia.
1 lu |iower»ii»siuiplj
■ li.
uie, ni lit
y   lb.lt   II
brunch    Tlii.jfl
lu-iidling freiftln un 'J
tiling bellia lak.ti luu
A teller hai been t
.Mrli.ilVufuT UiecuiHl
Oltnn,   lli'.'v   u.-r,.
uncut lied reucli.il
qnurteieil iu llie
-tibies of tlle evpoalljull grimilu*, Colli
men iu ti '•til, wl:li plent-, ul clean
straw ami blankets.
Cliarln IMwnnli received n lei-wain
from Mayor Uanli il, ol Vancouver, nsU-
inn liow niiny volunteers ihis district
men ii i.l to pio u,i
■f75 for llielr own  iqulpmeiit,    Mr. I'd-
tlons, but probably leii on tame tennsas
Straihcoun's Horae."
G. II. Gilpin ii is 111 ivcd inlo tli-; new
rpiarters ami i.. gelilne; Ins ijoods inlo
slupv. Tlie large wnichou e Uml Ile
bn. used ns a furniture waieroom Is beiug enlarged and j lined on to the store
building. When 'lit gets through he will
have nne of lite lies', and ulu-,1 cump ele
store ronma in 1*) ,st Kootenay'.
Witli nil the tnlk aboul small pox
here Ins bren only three cases In the
hole province ol British Columbia,
Artistic Printing
Cai! on The Herald.
0/».hA MRDHAI/ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
|| ■WK-^i>-t>K^^-5V Nest Pass Railroad.
Cr^nhrOOk  1as a l0=staH round ho"se, large machine
wi cm wi WITS. sjlops> expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook Is the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook *s ihe headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
g Cranbiook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in !♦$
g| South East Kootenay. * K
ncMullin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. C. ,„..,
Contracts for nil kimls of brick work I WT
i i.-.-ii prompt attention,   Urii
'I'liosi: in need of lulvk or
M Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
I?} week.
W Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
work should ! I'%.?®2ri$^^
A Frlgllllul lllundcr
Will uflctl cause a holriblc Ilnrii
S-i.1.1. ful in limine .llnckleil's Atlilca j"
Salve, "ill bill lhe pnlu nl d promptly !°
Ileal It. Cures Fever Sores, Ulceis, j n
lloils, Corns, all Skin liiuplions. Ilesl t
l-lle cure mi ciitili, Only .'.i "is. a hi x
Ciiregiiiiinuleid,   Sold Ly K   E   ll™'.- j j1
HI'LOKN Al' I'OltT .--ri.Ki.i;
Nn lee is li'!' •!',' e-vii tlml "ii t'.o Mill tiny ot
I or it.
of l'ie i
Wc hnve a
nil anlled in
• of fresh |»
1 Unveil* ['
iirllnv.lli to llm niuler.
■i ir I'.. s .a liav.nu
i a tie illst.-lla io!
'i tuts date, tn m. ii.i
ii'iwi t" in ilur.
it llie 1,1 par
llecf, by
Unit, in
Hint,  pi,
idc or enrcnsB
^£SS5jW. F. TATE,
i ii i.rt
"          m   i*
R lull,
onnil     6   r ami up
'•        ia,<*aC
"     12'; c      "
A l.*irj*c supply of Binnlcetl menlQ al a
Tlinnkiny yon fur your pusl pHtfiiaj.'-.',
we still look foi your patronage i*> Uie
future, M. Mi'Iunra & Co
Wurkliig Day And Nlglil,
The busiest nml mlKlttlest little UiIhr
tliat I'Vi-r um iiuiile is Ur King's New
J,i!\* Pills. Tin'*-*.- (lilis ri, utge vvc.il:-
nese into stieugili. lifitieBsness Into energy, buiiii-i.ii',: into mental power.
Tliey'ro wonderful in btiiltling np tlie
lienlili. Only 25*: per box, Sold by R.
ti. UcHttie, (Inigyist,
mlii itt.rly dnys,
. , [ tin' Ail iiiais|.*i.l .1* wm iif.wjtvil \\ tii  tin* ilhiii-
1    bitilm oftho I'.iai*,  Imvlnp loyanl to iIiojk
«*' - iiiin-. only <*f whu-li lio ahnll Inive Iimt n-rflco,
Uatciltit fori; to J.1, tills sutlitliiyut t'flbruu.
•n\ AHMSTItOXtl,
1 itK'l.l Ailiiiuii i ii tor.
JAMUd l'i: ii
Pursuant to "Creditors Trust Deeds Act.'
(IN   TUG   Sli)!!.
There in not a imui iu nil of Unii-li
Columbia that shown a surer nr better
growth than Cranbrook,    Al 110 tiii,*.*
NoliM l- liereliy given Hint Clement M(i«ks
nml Pntiih W. Ituttii -s iruriliiK uiidoi tlie nnme,
Riyle nn I llrm of Miijot-J-S I In-lii s. in the tov\us
nu raiiiiriioh unl Mojle, 111 tlnjjirovlnceof Hill-
i-.ii (.'olnniljla, have i>y ileeil bearing ibito tin* Bill
iin-, i.f I'Vlirinuy, a. H.hliun, iw*litneil n)l]tlielr
fi-r-i'-iiui > stale, cit»hC4 nnd ellecis, wliioliiaay
in* seixeil anil milil untlur exrenl mi. ami nil llii Ir
ivnl est.tte, in William ll. boss, nr the townnf
KnitKleele,lu iho sabl irrnriiieeul lirlllsliml
umi la, iMirrl iff ut law, m trust lur the general
n>il 1
'II ie 1
L'seiii-tul ty Hit* iniii as-ilgaor mitlicMliduyo!
IViiiuury, !{HW, ami i>)* tho sal I asilgaCG on tlie
r.iti day el t'ebrunry, livo, aU i*ersnns, nnns
nn It'Oi'imratlmii liavlng plu'ini iifHiast tin* stilil
SIUIHIH .t llniitim* am rciftifro I to forward to Iho
nadersltcncd full luilleiiliirs nr their ehdats, iiaiy
verllled, and tl aturo or (he BifeunHes, If any,
l.eid mi or More tho aotlidnyof Murali, iuW,
Ami nntlre la lieraby given (bnt nf:or Hi" mid
;;. uhhi) nf March 1 0', ui" iiiM'iii-.* win proceed iiullBlribntttilicawi-is o( (i eu-ttateiimmiu
t*!.*i-ii Hot ealitleu tlieri'to, fiavlng reg^nl only
has there been an unhealthy b-jom, but | in tt.ti einlms ol which tlio mild asshtaoushall
011 the contrary the nrlvniiceinent has
Uem Bteaily anil 111 keeping with the
substantial devtlopuienl ofthe tributary
tenitoiy It is surh a growth tbat
builds prospeioua cities.
There were two Kiiuberleys relieved
tliis week, one by Gen. French in South
Afilcn, and the olher by Gen. O'Biien,
wlm i'l in charge of construction nn the
North Slur branch. Tin* inhabitants of
both places were jubilant iu consequence.
A member of the Dominion pirlia-
ment made u Bppech last week In favor
of the It s, and then resigned,   Ho
would have d splnycd betlrr Imlo nud
jiidgmeut if li" had resigned before lie
mnde the speech.
tliixi have ha
wl I n,)t be
in no: 1
. nnd ih-fttbd win u-ignei*
b!e fm [„, as-iots.ornay
rilnited in any pewm nr
th on, nf wlinso iii-iii or
•II. in
ml  t  r
lid iu
stjiiinr will liu held at Hi
hitliaxHldtrnvn of HiauhnioH 1-11 Sa'nritu,* Un
I'Ui diy ut l**ebruary, i.m  nt !J o'elocK In tin
paiod this 12th dny nl Folmiary, \<m,a
Wll.l.tA.*,! k, miss
S'ntlooIshi-reby even Unit llio f llowlngnp'
nUcallotis far a Heeii-ntta retail I.c.ij.i . win tic
nnisidored, nt Ilu- iiexi ini*etllig ortn-n JJrctiK-e
Ciiaiti-luliiaers ot Koiitli Knsi Kootoaay, to be
held In linuii.rwdt, Marnltxnd, inwi
jo-tiipit itiMidt, Uiinadlaii ii"M 1, crnnhrooit,
( hief Mroase In-poctnr for Hoiitti Kast ICouio*
rouble Bhould
the heiiclili
In   times <.f
The mm who caittiol ■
aountry when she i** in
not In* nllowcd to e j -
gratited by tlmt count!
The male "f Kentucky now hnq two
governors, and tha l.ofd only knows
bow many shot guns.
Joe Martin failed In his attack nn Cotton, as the bouse voted down hte resob -
tion, declaring bj lhe act that Cotton
was a yard wide and nil wool,
Kniifloislipreiiy viven tint iltlriy itaysallor
nlo I iitii'ini to make up. Ileittlon in tliu cin-i
■nun i-sinin'i' ol Ijinds aim it-ark* ror porinli-
.1,1 in purcliiMii s k luindred and forty iion-i nf
mil iHiiiuimiug ai a post m.irki*d 11 ll,-»osi
-til. river, trnil rami ag nortli nlglily olinlas,
li neo west eighty vlt-i'ii-** llieneo smiili elglity
■Iiii.il->*, tlieiirueast eight) elmltis to ihvpoliil "I
[•11 al l'e
t ,)ni
iiy.'i, l'i.
Oueadvantayo lhat Cranbrook
as a railroad renter is ttte pussesi
actual railroads.
Xotco K licnliy irivoa tint thirty dny* n'ter
lui.' I Intend to laako^ippheatloii to tho t Idol
:mmnisdaaca • r Ijinds and Worfts inr |iermli*
hu to |,ll l'i* 1111 0 Six imint'eil  an I fu, tV IlOrOSOf
uml, eominoauhig ai a p si markpd 11. It., itboiti
in cf tulles w-'si nf I'.lli river, ami i-nrijiIii - uorlli
•iKlityelialiis. llicnce west eighty otialiis, llieneo
milh rlglily olialns, ttieacQ eusi clglily chuiiis
11 [inlti ol i! iiimoiH'cm-'iil.
Dnti-d I'ertiie, H, 0„ January 33, H»D.
■KHIN, I*'. .lAhVIS,
ily tn IheCli CfUOIII
.fm* ponnlw-lon t"
"Cranbrook, change cars for Klmber* j NOTICE.
ley, Wiiideriuero and all points north,M 1
will bo tin* auttmuiceuient on nil trains j
over the Crowa Nea rond within a year,'
  [ st: jsn's Rett': rf tb: h-Tia
The pro: o.-'tiou by the governmenl of j ';,,K.,.l'(C, !«» o]mhw.CUit*i
nsk inn voluuteers tm the Itflllah Col 111   iIh-iim
Voung Thompson, who was formerly ' bin contingent tn pul up $75 In Bim
in the baggage room nt the station, is  preposterous, If ihej-nveiiutient Intends ;
oue of the Canadian contingent who was  (0 take a -ind 011 the pi c of loyalty
1 lie plana «r Iipriii
III il' ' |0*B,
iftordatal Intend
K at pusl |j*anleil
11 Nigger orcok,
' north 11 olialns,
us, Ihi'llfiO Bfiltltl 10 i'lmins In
lug and coiilnliihig icoaoroi
II. I'   \AMUrAlt.
Get Your Freighting
Sam riitchell
P. O. BOX 25
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lur C. P. R.
James Kerrigan
Wholesale Grocer
General Agent
Whiskey     Wines
Ale   Stout
Rossland Beer in Kegs
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have tne paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANUROOK,    :   :   i   1   :   :    11, C,
r. W. I.EASK
Planing Mill
*: ■»•! Sash and ::
Door Factory
...Matiiif.-icltircrs of...
Sash   «,■*  Doors  jt  Alouldings
.«•   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
lllark Pear.., jj-fc    Umpire    "J*
Kimberley CoiisoltilaUil, ioc
Kimberley, li. C
Via CrnnhriMik
After Xmas
I* wry one has pklurci- or pliotua
tliat sliuuld be framed.
Wc have a    Of Ready made
(tqqjJ frames in stock
sii-es and mould
ings to make up
for all sizes.
Willi Utc latest machine in llie market
for mnliittg fnuiii .s.we feel confident nny
orders you leave with us will give yon
satisfaction nnd lie appreciated foj ns.
Prest & Co, Photographers
Over poBloMU'c, Cranhrook,
Are fur those who know a good thins when they see it.
A Snap....
A man's Black, Heavy Weight, D. D. Wool Suit, $10.00
Don't 60 around shivcri,ig when you can buy a suit ol
Raid's warm, heavy underwear lor $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
I?FIR & fft      TORONTO
"The S Emporium"
Balance of Furs at reduced prices.
Some snaps in remnants.
Ready made clothing, odd lines, to clear, at 20 per cent
A few pairs of boots, both fine and heavy, to clear cheap
before stock taking next month.
Stock complete in every line.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Hotel S S
E. II. SMALL, Proprietor.
I'he best of liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $3.00 per day.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
Cranbrook, B. C.
I llv««-»
RulitU'il Thronyliout
On. or llie Most Couiforltlile
Hotels in Knsi Kooteu.y.
Newly Furnlihed
VanDecar & San, Props.
Crnnbrook, H. C.


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