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Cranbrook Herald Oct 20, 1898

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President. B. ti. Wat.kkr, Gen. Man*
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $0,000,000.00,
Accounts of   Corporations,   Merchants   nml    Individuals
received  on  favorable  terms.
SAVINGS  DBPARTMENT—Deposlts ol  11 OO nnd upward
reoelvod and ourront rates ot Interest allowed.
Droits and oredlta Issued, payable at all points.    Exchange
■. , , , , CRANBROOK, B. C.
. . . .Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
General Merchandise.
\ (aW tWK-ata,*
out Of
JiJiJWou will tumble into a better
thing these cold mornings if you
tumble into one of our Suits of
Clothes.   a*   o*   .-"■   j*   Jt   Ji
We carry everything a man needs.
Underwear. Gloves, Mils, Huts, Cups
Socks, 'Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Over,
.hoes, German Socks, Etc.
We offer for 30 days a slashing reduction
in Suits to make room for our large
Fall Slock.
20 Double Breasted Suits, worth (h Q
ill anil $12, tor  a**)    O
17 Single Breasted Suits, worth it Q
Sll and $12, lor  af)   O
10 Static Breasted Suits, worth       d-    /
$7 to $3.50, for  af)    O
11 Single Breasted Suits, worth       at 1 -*>
$13 to SIS, for  «pJZ
Don't miss these bargains, boys, they
cau't last long.
r^REID & CO.
1 c RonvvN      V (Queen's Hotel
J. C. BROWN j othmssm**--*****
New Jewelry Store J    e. c. ciarke, pmprieiof.
Watches and Qocks Repaired
Jewelry, Silverware,
Watches and Clocks
"aVII.I. III! CAI1I1II.11. I
New btotft     -  -    Armstrong, rave   j
(Late of Royal Hotel. Calgarj.l
BAKER STREET.    :   :   :    NELSON. B. C.
A Modern Hotel,
CRANBROOK, U, C, * IIIBATKD Tlluolilllin IT WITH miT .Mil
1 in a n-n-i-ni.-. . - *'}i       Ami i,i-.,i.iic.i witli avcry convenience.
All Night Restaurant,
J. E. MARCHILDON, 1'inpr.
This restuarant is located opposite to
the depot. The bes! is always served.
Call and be convinced.
The Great
Clothing Sale «£ S
Will continue a short time yet at Hill's. Call
and get one of his Nobby Suits. The prices
arc marked to suit you. •.•* -.** ■.** ■.* *.** j* «.*
i« dt Hill, the Clothier
A purt of llio Commercial Ho'el building, Cranbrook.
Crows Nest Pass
a ton
Coal and
#  Coke*
Agent for East Kootenay.
Cranbrook, B. C.
($)* ♦*>■•>'
Moyte City, Oct. 17 —Un Monday, tlie
iolli, work was commenced uii llie I/ike
Shore mine,    Double shifts nre being
nm. The 140 tun bin is being filled so
Hint us soon ns the arrangements are
completed with tbe C. P, K , ore may be
flipped without delay.
A. C. Nelson, deputy manager fur the
Moyie and Queen of the Hills mines 'hiring Mr, Wai linger'a illness, was down
here to see lhe works lasl week. Like
all who have, teen this property, Mr.
Nelson was very enthusiastic on the
splendid showing of ore, which now
measures some 25 feet.
Manager Cronin of the St. Eugene
mine, is one who cun keep a thing to
himself", hut it is understood he has
made the statement tbat tbe concentrator will be Imi]t early next year.
John McMahon, of this town, was taken to the St. Eugene hospital on Friday
last to be nursed through an attack of
Sergeant Klopp, of the N. W. M. P.,
arrived here in the small hours of Saturday morning on a C, P. R. "jigger."
He was looking for a man named McDowell, who has been doing business to
tbe tune of about $250 iu the forged
check line. He also stole a blanket aud
shot gun from a man at Palmers Bar.
Sergeant Klopp arrested the man at the
Moyie hotel. Later in the morning tho
sergeant returned to Craubrook wiih the
It. Harrington, who lias not been well
of late, has been recruiting his health in
James Cronin is on a trip to Spokane.
A. W. McVittie, ofthe firm of McVittie & Hutchison, of Cranbrook, was in
towu for a few days last week doing insurance business,
Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cranston, left
town this week for Ottawa where they
will spend the winter, returning to Moyie
next March.
Mr. Ryan, of the Cranbrook hotel,
was in town this week.
Contractors Egsn and McRei Walk 83 Miles
In a Day aad a Half.
Last Friday ti. C. Kgan and and A. D.
McRea, two of the best known contractors of the Crows Nest line, were iu Kuskonook and wanted to come east to
Craubrook. The only train there was
President Van Home's special. The orders given were that no passengers
would he taken but Kgan and McRer.
were bound to get to Cranbrook a* anon
as possible, and so they concluded to
walk. They left Kuskonook at 11
o'clock Saturday and arrived in Cranbrook Sunday night, making the distance of 85 miles in a day and a half.
Sunday they walked 58 miles, which is
about a record breaker in these parts.
Mr. Egan said tbat if they had continued
on cast he believed they would have
caught up with the Van Home special
before it reached Macleod.
A Meeting W»<  Held on Friday Night and
Trustees Selected.
A meeting of those Interested in securing a school for Craubrook was held
Saturday evening at the rooms of Manager Smythe, ol the Canadian Hank of
Commerce, The conditions were freely
discussed, and an elect in-, of trustees
held. George Bremner, J. W. H.
Smythe and John Hutchison were selec
ted ami Mr. Hutchisou wns named as
secretary. Arrangements were entered
iuto for securing a teacher, and the
Church of England building will be used
for this season.
The Machinery Is on the (iround and Ready
for Installing.
The machinery for the sa-h and door
factory lhat is to be operated by George
Leask is on the ground and the work of
placing it in position already inaugurated. Mr. Leask says that wilh anything
like lair luck he will have the machinery in operation by November 1. Tbe
work of constructing the buildings, dry
kiln, etc., will follow. Just as soon as
material can be put iu proper shape, the
work of getting out sash, doors, mouldings, brackets and everything of the
kind will begin,
Departed for tbe States.
F. E. Simpson,editorofTHKllHRAi.n,
departed for the scenes of bis childhood
and other places iu the Mississippi valley aud Colorado on Tuesday morning,
to he absent about a mouth. Lauding
at Wardner in company with the writer,
eighteen mouths ago, to establish The
International newspaper, Mr. Simptou
remained in Warduer until the middle
of August last, wben he came to Cranbrook to take editorial charge of Thk
Hkrai.d. Hehasearned a vacation and
will take in the sights of some of his former
places of abode. Prom certaiu mysterious actions of the gentleman previous
to his dcparitne, such as consultations
with real estate agents, contractors,
builders, and furniture dealers, It might
be inferred that he has serious intentions upon some one of the fair daughters of Yaukeedom Well, no one has a
better right, and The Hhrald extends
congratulations in advance and hopes to
welcome him to the fold of Benedicts on
his return at the end of 30 days, Bon
voyage, old man.
Just Received at C. A. (lilpln'i.
A large car of fine furniture, including
Upholstery and Iron Bedsteads, which
will be held two weeks at Cranbrook, after that time the balance will he removed to Fort Steele. Make selections now
while stock is complete.
President Van Home the Leader of
the Party.
Operating Department Will Soon
Have Control of the Road as
Far as Cranbrook.
Lost Saturday evening al 7 o'clock,
the special train from the west, with Sir
William Van Home, president of the C.
P. R., and party arrived in Cranbrook.
The train consisted of two private cars,
Saskatchewan and Chimplain, baggage
car and caboose, ami was switched onto
the siding just west of the depot for the
As it was dark when the special arrived the parly soou iudulgdd iu their
dinner, aud after a sociable smoke,
sought their berths. They were tired,
as they had been on the road for several
days, and sight seeing is wearisome eveu
to a lot of railroad officials in palace
The rear coach, the Saskatchewan,
was President Van Home's private cur,
and wilh him were R. B. Angus, W. W.
Olgilvie, Dr. Peterson, pesideut of Mc*
Gills University, E. B. Asler, M. J. Haney, aud Mr. Alexander, private secretary
to President Van Home. The other
coach, the Champlain, was occupied by
Superintendent Whyte, R.J. Wbitla, of
Winnipeg, Wm. Cross, master mechanic
ofthe C. P. R., and D. V. Coyle.
The next morning the parly arose early and took their first glimpse of " Beautiful Cranbrook," and they were unanimous in tbeir opinion thnt it wus a magnificent site for a city. Several ofthe
party, who had not kept posted ou tbe
rapid progress made by this portion of
the country, were surprised to see a town
of such proportions. The yards, buildings and work done on the roundhouse
were duly Inspected by the officials, and
it is sttongly intimated that Cranbrook is
to be very much benefitted by the visit
ofthe C. P. R. president.
The party left about 8 o'clock for the
east. They will visit Macleod aud Edmonton, and then return to Winnipeg.
A Change In Plans.
Instructions were received from Macleod on Monday last to suspend work on
the round house, piling for the foundation of which were being driven in the
yards here. Inquiry of purti«a in charge
of the work elicited the information that
some changes are contemplated iu the
original plans, but just what the changes
are could uot be learned as the revised
plans had not yet been received. Evidently they effect only the round house,
as work is progressing on the depot
building and on the pipe line to convey
water to the new tank.
Will Help Cranbrook.
Superintendent Whyte stated while
here that if tbe roadbed was fouud to be
as good as they had reason to believe it
was, between Cranbrook and Macleod,
that poriion of the line would soou be
turned over lo the operating department. This would prove a great benefit
to Cranbrook in many ways. Il will uot
be many weeks before the whole line
will be turned over, as wotk on ballast-
iny is progressing rapidly.
Railroad Notes.
The C. P. R. have sent east for 500
more men.
Chief Dispatcher Mansfield went to
Macleod this morning ou business.
John Eraser, ihe local store keeper,
has his new headquarters at tbe freight
depot in good shape.
A side track was put in below the depot last week. The work of laying the
tracks in the yards will soon begin.
Assistant Paymaster Latter returned
from Kuskonook Saturday. He says
Mr. Barnhnrdt is getting along all right.
C. J. Campbell left for Macleod on
Tuesday morning on business connected
with the supply department of the C, N.
P. road.
Theodore Harwood, chief accountant
of lhe (.'rows Nest Pass extension, was in
Craubrook last Friday closing up some
accounts of the C. P. R.
Clinton Campbell is about done with
the work of gathering up the stores at
different points along the line. Another
carload was received here Monday.
Engineer Gauvreau took the levels
last Sat 111 day for the pipe line that is to
be run from the creek to the railway
water tank that is being constructed in
the yards.
A freight depot has been erected at
No. 22 siding, nine miies east of Cran*
brook, and an agent located there.
Hereafter all merchandise for Fort
Steele will be unloaded at that point.
Chief Dispatcher Mansfield has been
suffering with tbe neuralgia for the past
two weeks. He felt incapacitated for
work and took a run over to Calgary
last week, returning Monday evening.
Engineer Cranston, who has been in
charge of construction on the Moyie
section, left for the east Tuesday morning accompanied by his wife. He will
return iu the spring, as he is largely interested in mining properties In this locality.
Chief Dispatcher Mansfield Informs
us lhat commencing with last evening
all regular trains will arrive at and depart from the depot, instead ofthe tern-
! porary yards. This ir.formation will be
j received with great joy by the traveling
j public.
The C. P. U. has prepared a mineral
exhibit of the Kootetiays that will be
bent to Boston.
Gilbert McMillan came iu from Coal
Creek Monday night. .Mr. McMillan
has two claims in lhe Sand Creek district and from the amount of work done
he considers them good properties. He
is thinking of locating in Cranbrook for
the winter.
FredS. Pieper has two claims three
miles wesl of Cranbrook, the Paymaster
and Bimetalic, lhat are making excellent
showings. An open cut has been run,
aud at a depth of 22 feet the paystreak
has broadeued to about 50 inches, 'the
ore carries gold, copper and silver, and
iu places there are heavy cioppings of
galena, An assay on some picked ore
near the surface gave $39 gold, 23 per
cent copper and nine ounces silver. Mr.
Pieper will run a tunnel at least 75 to
100 feet this winter, and feels satisfied
that he has a good thing.
E. Egan visited Spokane last week
and while there had a piece of ore from
his bonded property ou Boulder cn.ek
assayed. It was a piece of lhe best oie
on the claim and the result of Ihe assay
wns wonderful, as it showed -fi2,v-o..Sj in
values, all beiug gold but a few dollars
in silver. Another piece of rock from
that which is being blown out and not
considered worth anything showed values aggregating J107. A former assay at
Steele ou one of the better pieces showed
$'948-35- Mr* Egan has made arrangements to lake a carload of the ore lo Ute
Trail smelter just as boou as it can be
sent through by way of Cranbrook and
At the St. Eufene Hospital at 4 O'clock
Tuesday Afternoon.
DiKD—At the St. Eugene hospital, Tiles"
day, October iH,  1R9H, at 4 o'clock,
p.m., John McMahon, aged aS years-
Such is the brief record which is written upon the last page of the life of John
McMahon, a young man of great promise in the field of business, aud oue of
Nature's noblest works in physical appearance.
Just one week ago Mr. McMahon was
taken down with the prevailing fever,
and becoming rapidly worse he was, on
Saturday last, removed from his home
in Moyie City to the St. Eugene hospital
and put under the care of a physician
and trained nurse. The disease had secured too strong a hold on the patient,
however, aud there was no help for him.
Seeing that his case was hopeless his
wife was hurriedly summoned from
Moyie and reached his bedside ouly
about an hour before his death.
Deceased was born on the 22nd of
June, 1870, at Grand Porks, North Dakota, and there he spent his boyhood nud
early manhood. Iu June, 1S97, he came
to East Kootenay, accompanied by bis
brother Frank, and located iu the then
wilderness where now stands Moyie City.
Here the brothers proceeded lo carve
for themselves a forluue. They erected
a Jlarge building and stocked it with
general merchandise, at the same time
conducting au hotel. List summer,
finding their quarters too cramped, they
put up a fine hotel building, modern in
design aud finish, and furnished in first
class style. The brothers were in a fait
way to accumulate a competence, but
"Jack" as his friends were pleased lo
call him, cannot assist in its further accomplishment.
Tbe deceased leaves a wife and two
children, a boy and a girl, and Thk
Herald, in connection with many people in South East Kootenay, extends iis
sympathy to the bereaved wife and
The funeral took place at the St. Eugene Mission at 11 o'clock this morning.
Party ol Eastern Visitors.
Mr. Robert JatTray, president of the
Toronto Globe, accompanied by his son,
W. G. Jaffray, Aaron Cox, of Peterboro,
and E. W. Cox, son of the president of
the Canadian Bauk of Commerce, were
passengers on Monday's train from the
east. Mr. Robert Jaffray is largely interested in West Kootenay mines aud is
on his way there to inspect the properties. Tbe party was entertained by
Manager Smythe, of the bauk in this
city, and he and the younger members of
the party saw Cranbrook by gas light.
The gentlemen departe I on their westward journey hy special train Tuesday
A full assortment of stoves aud tinware and shelf hardware at the Pioneer
Hardware Store.
T. Forrest of Donald, the gentleman
who is erecting the new hotel on Baker
street and has been so unfortunate ns lo
have located half the building on nuother man's lot, came in via Nelson last
evening, just what will be done in regard to the hotel matter Mr. Forrest
was not prepared to say wheu seen by
The Hkrai.d representative this morning, but the difficulty will be overcome
in some manner and work resumed on
tbe building.
A full assortment of parlor, hall and
dining room lamps; also a full stock of
lanterns at tbe Pioneer Hardware store
New Townslte Office Buildtag.
Work 00 the townsite office building
on the comer of Baker street aud Hanson
avenue was commenced on Monday, and
at this wiiting is well underway. Us
dimensions are 30x30 feet, one story,
divided into two rooms. The comer
room will be occupied by the townsite
people as an office aud lhe inside, or
east room by Messrs, Palmer and Oliver
for a book and stationery store. The
building will he completed within ten
And She Will Continue to Grow Year
After Year.
She is the Center of Every Industry
That Can Come to Sooth
East Kootenay.
"Craubrook continues to grow," is a
coin mon expression by those who get
around to this town every three or fuitr
weeks. Yes, Craubrook continues to
grow, and there are many reasons for it,
Craubrook is the best town iu Hast
Kootenay today from any standpoint
the question might be considered, and
yet she is only three or four months old.
Cranbrook has been growing from the
day it started to the present lime, and
there is enough building iu sight now to
keep her growing for several months to
Cranbrook continues to grow. So
does South Mast Kootenay. With such
mineral wealth as has been located aud
only partially developed litis country
must necessarily continue to grow, and
with iis growth naturally follows the
growth of iis commercial center, Craubrook. OM mining men who have given South blast Kootenay a careful study
unite iu saying lhat now* since it has
transportation facilities, it is bound to
make one of lhe greatest miuirg districts iu the world.
There will be other growing towns in
South Hast Kootenny, and as tbey grow,
Cranbrook will continue to grow, for
their growth means the growth of thoir
lisiributing point.
"It looks as if the C. P. R. intended
to woik a big number of men here,"
said one man who had just visited the
yards, and seen for himself evidences of
the thousands the C. P. K. are expending in the way of permanent improv-
ments. 'that man was right. The C.
P. K. will employ many men at Cranbrook, and as lhe needs of lhe road in
crease, that number will be greatly aug-
umeuted. Yes, Craubrook will continue
to grow.
And on nearly every side of Cranbrook.
many within a radius cf three or four
miles, are rich prospects where strikes
have beeu made of such importance
lhat capital is being attracted to them.
These prospects are beiug developed
and the number of meu employed on
them is increasing every day. They
buy supplies, and those supplies are
where the large stocks are kept aud
prices are the lowest, aud that is Cranbrook. jVes, Cranbrook continues to
grow. She possesses lhe true basis for a
substantial growth. She need-* no
booming. She is a boom in herself, and
is bound to make a great aud prosperous city.
Building Notes.
The large addition to tbe Craubrook
hotel has been painted.
N. Hanson will build another residence
for rental on the east sine.
James Grier is building a residence
and shop on his Armstrong avenue lot.
Manager Smythe has bad the front of
the Bauk of Commerce building painted.
I.eroy Sage has commenced an addition to his second hand store. It will be
8 by 36.
The Lensk building on Maker street is
inclosed and will be completed iu a
weeks' time.
Work is progressing rapidly, uow on
the block that is beiug constructed for
Mclnnes & Co.
George Leask is building au addition
to his residence, and otherwise improving his premises.
Messrs. Love and Shaw expect lo have
their new bowling alley in full operation
by Saturday night.
The Church of Kngland building is
rapidly Hearing completion. It will be
a handsome edifice.
It is expected lhat work will begin on
the new Presbyterian church within the
next week or ten days.
Gov. Hanson has been in the city several days this week on business connected with lhe new buildings he is erecting
An increased force of men has been
placed on the depot building and in consequence the frame is nearly completed.
Work on the interior will begin next
Aud still the good work goes on. Mr.
Eyre, ofthe North Star Bakery, yesterday commenced lhe erection ofa building on the west side of Armstrong avenue, 24x3^ feet on the ground and two
stories high. It will be divided into two
rooms on the ground floor, one to be occupied by the bakery and the olher will
be torrent.
A Public Mcelinj.
In view of the increasing imporlance
of Cranbrook and the wide diversity of
business and other interests it has been
deemed necessary to call a meeting of
the business men to discuss matters in
connection with fire and police protection, health officer, customs house and
many other matters of importance to
every business man iu Cranbrook. A
meeting will therefore be held in McVittie & Hutchison's office iu the Hanson
block on Friday evening at 8 o'clock,
sharp.   Kindly attend.
IM Men Wanted.
One bundled and fifty good bush men
wanted.    Apply to
Columbia Riviir Lumosr Co., Ltd.
Golden, 11 C.
New Denver will soon have an opera
Tbe average attendance at tbe New
Denver school is 35.
There are no vacant houses in New
Denver or Silvertou.
The new C P. R. steamer ou the lake
will be namtd ''The Moyie."
The Nelson Economist calls Mr. Bollock a '■silver-tongued orator." Why
this sarcasm?
Rossland public schools have a:i average attendance of 433, Bn increase of 183
over last year.
The LeRoi mine at Rossland paid |j6,-
000 to its employes oa ihe 10th. That
is what makes a towu.
Martin Foley, of Moyie, and Mrs.
Mary Ryan, nf Spokane, were united In
marriage at Moyie recently.
About $60,000 were paid out to railroad
men at Brooklyn recently. No wonder
ihere are 23 or 3a hotelsiuth.it booming
ThoC.P. R. hotel at Banff hu closed
for lhe winter. Business of the hotel
for this seasou exceeds that of any previous year.
A smelter will probably be located at
Sayword, on the Columbia river, it is
thought that the Great Northern mil-
way is backing lhe proposition.
Rev. Cattanach, lhe .Methodist minister who stopped iu Cranbrcok n short
tune, is now pointing out the straight
and narrow path to lhe sinners at Whitewater.
A provincial timber inspector is badly
needed for the Cariboo, Yale and Kootenay districts, It is repotted that a
wholesale distraction of limber is being
carried on in these districts.
A surveying part) for the Nelson &
Bedltngton road is pushing its work toward completion as rapidly as possible,
says the Kaslo News. Several changes
are being made from the original survey
which will rc)uire about  10 days work.
A Northern Pacific surveying party is
reported to have pa>std Bonners Kerry a
few days ago going to a point 20 miles
nearer tbe boundary line. They expect
to be pined by another party. Their
direct olject is not known, but it is rumored thai the Northern Pacific people
are seeking a route into tbe  Kootenay
The Trades and Labor Councils at
Rossland have takec up the question of
Chinese labor employment iu that city,
aad have passed a resolution requesting
each separate union to pass resolutions
to the effect that their members witbold
their support from hotels and restaurants
employing Chinese labor in any shape
or form especially where white labor is
J. II. Kellle, ofthe Revelstoke riding.
ii uow wearing tailor-made clothes, and
has ordered a dress suit, and the Nelson
Ecoucmist, in commenting on this
change from primitive democracy and
rugged simplicity to the demoralizing
influences of the effete and degenerating
social swirl at the capital, exclaims!
"Who can stand since 'Pothole Kellie*
has falleo ? "
Archdeacon McKay relumed to Donald, B. C, a few days ago from Dawson
City, making lhe journey in fourteen
days. He had to come out on account
of his health, bu: he has a good claim on
Hunter creek which he is now working,
and hopes for a good clean up next year.
He was offered $6000 cash for it before a
tap of work was done on it, but concluded to work it out himself.
Charles H. Mackintosh, resident director ofthe British American corporation, has just completed a deal for the
townsite of Deer Park, just across Lower
Arrow lake from Brooklyn. The town-
site was laid off and plaited lwo yean
ago by Colonel li. S. Topping, of Trail,
who was owner of a one half interest,
and John Julius and S. P, Peterson, who
jointly owned the other half. Por a
tune Deer Park was considerably talked
about, but for sonic reason it has not
created much commotion of late in ihe
real estate world.
Tbe Mounted Police Have Withdrawn From
Esst Kootenay.
Last Saturday morning Inspector
Saunders, of the mounted police, who
has had charge tf the police work on lhe
Crows Nest railway, took formal leave
ol this district, reluming to lhe barracks
at .Macleod. Two men, Seargeant Clopp
and Corporal Hilliam, will be lefl on the
line for a brief period, with their bead-
quarters at Cranbrook. but no officera
will be Stationed at any of lhe towns
hereafter and provincial cousiabbs will
have to be appointed.
Considering the vast territory they
had to cover and the characterof the immense crowds that were along the line,
iu a new and wild country, the police
have maintained a degree of order aud
safety to property and persons that is
wonderful. There has been very little
trouble along the line of a serious nature
and Inspector Saunders and his men are
deserving of great praise for Iheir good
The Spanish government has received
an official dispatch from General Rios,
the Spanish commander in the Vizcayas
islands, saying lhat 4,000 insurgents, including 3S chiefs, have unconditionally
submitted to Spanish authority.
Mis-: Annie M. Fowler, who served as
a Red Cross nurse iu Cuba, is to be married to Albcr Van Shelle, a Belgian nobleman, delegate general of the Red
Cross Society on the staff of his urn jest y,
■ siMt CUIPTinNi
The city scavenger who lurks along
back streets in the shadows of great
buildings and darkened comers, gathering the filth and refuse that may be
found, although not engaged in a calling
that will reward him wi'h either fame or
friends, is still an honorable mar. lie
pci forms a duly, and is nil aid to humanity, But, there is another class of scavengers who wear lhe --mile and babili
menu of gentlemen; who mingle wilh
the througs of men ns men; who deprecate the sins of earlb and pray with
great unction for deliverance from this
vale of te.irs to the heavenly bliss of ihe
laud beyond. These men, with pi out
mien and the smirk of hypocrlcy, controlled by selfi-diucss ami prompted b)
envy, itsort to tricks that nre dark and
dastardly to injure other communities
and other men. The material scuveu
ger, who labors for lhe bread that feeds
wife and babies by performing lus grew*
some task, is a piince beside the genteel
slanderei of other men's fume and for
' Cranbiook his uot been free from the
latter class. As a lown it has been ma
ligned imi! misrepresented by those
whose interests lie elsewhere, and whose
envy has been aroused by ihe prosperity
ofthe people of this place. To such extremes have th<*y gone, thai at last, wilh
the sanctimonious smile of pity and lhe
tear of cunning bvpociisy. liny have
circulated the report Unit the sickness of
Hast Kootenay is due lo the waier ol
Ctaubrook, tthlrll is spreading the dis-
ease of death to those who use il. They
care not tint for two months tunny suffered wilh fever from Macleod lo Nelson,
the disease being brought on iu nearly
every case by exposure along the line ot
construction and neglect on ihe part ol
the men. They lake no notice of the
fact lhat the hospilals at Macleod and
Nelson both me filled -.villi patients ot
lliis kind. This would be the truth, bul
Truth and envious bypociitcs are ever
Btmngers, Hut wiih devilish cunulnj
they stab iu the dark, knowing full well
that evil reports travel on the wings ol
the wind, while K'md ones stumble
along the roadside. And it is possible
that the author of ibis nnlicious work
may do some temporary i jury. Hut
Cranbiook will no ahead jtisi llie same.
It will continue to giow, no matter bow
persisting the hum an scavengers, win
would Ity to l:i ild up iheir own fortunes
by pulling down their neighbors', may
labor. Conditions conttol, and condition.'* have decreed that Craubrook shall
be the great busings point of South
East Kootenay. whether Port Steele
grows oi* not.
The Herald
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact.
(Ute of Toronto]
Builder and Contractor,
Allkhuisof Ji
it  means   greater prosperity   for every
mining district in the province.
There tuny not any foundation for lhe
many reports of dishonesty that continue
lo come dowu from the Yukon dislric*,
but there is sufficient material for a
searching investigation, And it should
uot be of the white wash order, cither.
Conservatives and Liberals are equally
concerned iu their country's honor.
The plebiscite on prohibition was (he
most successful movement ever Inaugurated in Canada, by way of political ac
lion. It is said, and no doubt with i
semblance of truth, that the conservatives asked for it to " place Laurier in a
hole," and Lhat the Premier granted it
to secure the cooperalion of the prohibition forces at the election llial placed
his party in power. Now that the vote
has been taken, everyone seems to be
satisfied. Tho advocates of absolute
prohibition ^throughout the Dominion
aver that the vole was a success, since a
majority was given for their cause. Tht
opponents of the measure claim that tin
vote Is of n negative character since the
total number casting their ballots was
small as compaied with the whole vote
of ibe Dominion, The prohibitionists
-say thai the victory demands legislation
by lhe government, and the nlitis at
loudly declare that the defeat of tin
measure iu the province r.f Quebec set
ties that question beyond a doubt, as tin
rejection ot lhe measure in one province
ninl.es the passage of n general prohihi
tory measure for the entire Dominion
impractical, illoglcnl and unconstitutional, And Ihere yotl ate. The vote wai
taken at a cost of a quarter of a million.
aud paradoxical ;ts il may seem, all par
ties concerned appear to be iiniiieiitl.
satisfied with the rcsulls This would
indicate the coming of Ihu milleuiuui.
Aj.u naldo, llie Philippine insurgent
leaihr, txpects independence und b republic.
Tbe title, "Daughter of the Confederacy," is to die wilh the only one who
bore it, lhe late Miss Winnie Davis.
United States Senator Quay and son,
of Pennsylvania, have been Indicted for
using state funds fir speculation.
A West Indian storm swept the coast
of Georgia, submerging the sea islands
and doing immen e damage along the
It is believed that the Chinese emperor
has been assasinated, although lhe report has been given out thai he had com
milled suicide.
The United S'ates government ha;
adopted England's plan of cheap transportation.
The famous Antlers hotel nt Colorado
Springs was recently destroyed by fire.
Pi res in Wisconsin have destroyed
millions of dollars worth of timber, rendered homeless hundreds of people, and
il is feared caused lhe death of fifty or
The battleship Illinois has beet)
launched and Miss Letter broke the
champagne bottle over the bow.
A. K. Forget, Indian commissioner of
Winnipeg, has beeu appointed lieutenant
■overnor of the Northwest territories iu
be place of M. G. Cameron, deceased.
Fanny Davenport, the celebrated actress, died on September 25, of enlarge*
nent ofthe heart. She had beeu ou the
■tiij,e for 30 years.
A mysterious bank robbery took place
it Winnipeg recently, $62,000 were
taken from the treasury of Molsom's
bank and uo one seems to know how it
wis done.
lt. ti- L. Browu, the well known minim* expert, was married recently to Miss
lliggins, of New Vork. They will spend
their houeymoou in Knrore.
East Kootenay Branch
ssese-tss; f.<-txx<*<«-«-<-t<-i-c< t<- esse** «*-
•v • : e'SCfM-s-ss
Ales, Porters, Lpgers, Canadian, English anil American Iteers.   Ontario Apple Cider.    Areated Waters,
store room on Duiick nve, JOSEPH MITCHELL, Manager.
The Stoves are Coming.
"IlllVC!    Ml
in \
,"    ropllNl      tllO     lli.-M-lisl
"i-.v foolishly tried to crow
ml I   naturally   run   I.i..
silk!   tin
coui'si'. vou ure
know whether
finbla  homlcldi
to   pi
thoughtfully.    "Of
blameless, but I don'l
0 Cllll it ;i i-iisc of jilsti-
nr sulfide."—Clilcngo
iiflonalNleiH t'omnlnlti
esome," he remarked, e;
people [jetting
rlreiiR.   It's the s.tme old thing
id t
n't observed closely," ventured bis wife.
"Humph! I guess I ought 1<> know
uhui fm lulltlng nbout. I'vo seen
every one ihnl ever emtio here since
I was sixyi'iiisolii." •WushlngtonSlnr.
T<> m nt hue ir-nle.
■ is settled down, It's s
WhMi ni
To  tliiul-  of nil tin- Rirls who gave nt
Ami thai is why we're na illspo-tert to Iron.;
Tbe lell-talo billet-doux, we Bhould A
at iny.
—Philadelphia Press.
MlM'THIV.  Tlll**iT-«i;\T.
The Golden Km is still dresming of an
ntr line to the Klondike, ll is lime foi
the Era to wake up,
A much mooted yueilion in Kaslo is
whether llie Almighty created lhe editoi
ofthe News QS well us the editor of lhe
A Kaiiffli m.ni luis married his mother*
indaw, Talk nbout courage! The
charge of the soldiers st Santiago nnd
Soudan dwindle into Insignificance as
compared wiih it,
Commissioner Otglivic of the Yukon
celebrated   his Arrival   in   Dawson City
by rounding up the sports to the tune of
#10,000. The gamblers don't like the
new commissioner's game.
Prof. Totlen makes the prediction that
the world will come to an end on Uie
first of March next. That is going lo be
hard 011 the Crows Nest Pass Cool company. They will hnve Llielr mines ready
for a big business at lhat lime, and if
Prof. Totten's prophesy comes to pass,
most of us in British Columbia will not
need fuel nfter that dale
go first,
\f(.*i* the  l-r.-viillliiu  Hl>lt*.
'Tou'ro going to l.uii-t n houso?   Well,
Havu you nettled upon n plan?"
"Vou hctl   My plan is to 1 -<■*. 1.1 n oheap,
And rent 11 na iiigii an t vnu."
—Chleago Trlbuno.
Ati l* 11 con kc lour* I'lsitlnnnilon.
Kirs! Chappie—1 wonder now, Choi lie,
how llm donkey ever cnnie to In* used
ns Uie—er, emblem of fltiiphllty?
Second Clinpplu (with n ynwn) -
Kon't know, I'm sure, dealt boy; must
huvo liecn before our Any.—-Itrooklyn
HEATING, coal and wood.
bbhig iironlptiy attended to.
furnUlmil ouupr-llcntkn,
', It, Koss, II, w. llrrtiiiMKi
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
tl. L. Cummins, C. E.
-1*11 K-
I stock in
AC A P  T C\ A n   The best selected sto
V-./-Y1V LAJt\U. East Kootenay.
Reserve your order and see the stoves.     Prices will  be righ*.
Q. H. rilNER.
('Iiiiiiki'i, of Tlniv.
wore first ninrried you gnvt
closet." 1
Among ihe reciprocal treaties asked
for by Canadians at ihe Quebec conference is nn abrogation of the duly of one
and one-half cetitB on lend nnw lmpos«d
by the United Stales,    To the people of' -
Britisli Columbia this is one of ihe nu-1 h
portnnt features ofthe conference, since   Pn
'When w
'And now you net n« if I ought le
■|i my conl uml trousers bunging ovor
■ bull Imnlstevi*,"- -Chlcngu llceord.
pnan 1 sl
Miss 1
In  I'll)   for llim.
"Tow* now, Miss (tidily, sup-
nuM tt> -try to kind you?
iililv    Omi't Hilnh oi  il. Mi*.
you're so iigltult-d that 1 nm
would m-reiiml    I'hlliulelphlii
East Kootenay Hotel
CRANBROOK, II. C. McQuiston & Burge,
Enliirpctl, Refitted and Furnished.
Best of accommodations for Travelers.
Till! Ill: 'I' 01'
Feed and Livery Stables .n connection with the Hotel.
Hotel s s
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.   Hns accommodations for lhe public unequalled in  Cranbrook.
llollavlmi iii iin' urnnl nitiiroot Prnnlimiik ims
•>1>. a i tl<rs>. nitiVavi'll lauurl<Hl alnuk c>(
Patent Medicines,
Stationery and Pipes,
Toilet Articles.
Special attention given lo until ami
onl of town orders.
K. It. lilUTTIl'.
Royal Cafe and Bakery
Meals Served at all hours.
F. B. VAN DECAR, Prop.
Regular Meals,  -*»•?>,
The Best tbe Market Afford. OOle.
Fine Une of Cigars'and Tobaccos, Canned Goods, Confectionary and Soft Drinks.
CRANUROOK   BTRBBT. Rea(| the Big Sjgn>
Pieper & Currie
dt Painters. Paper Hangers
and Decorators dt dt
Sign Writing a Specialty.
Estimates given on all work.
The Palace
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables ...
Nlllllll'lir AVKM'K,
Nrnr K,i.il,.|iny lli.til,
Oood Double and Single Turnouts and
Saddle Horses.
Promi-i nlioii r ii i.i to transient trrvoL
Geo. Geary,
I The Cranbrook
t I
I Lumber Co. & &
1        Saw and Planing Mills       \
 Al.l,   KINliS   OF	
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
1 Dimension Lumber.
a*- '
| Shingles and
| flouldings.
Contractor and
Plana ami specificntions furiiislieil on
Application. Iistlinntes made on buildings. Oi-r woik will be satisfactory in
every respect. Tlmt is better for you
and better for me. Call and eee uie if
you are figuilng on building,
Cranbrook, * ■ B. C.
Sage's Commission
Niitlre is liereliy plven tlinl sixty tiny, nftrr
ilalf* 1 l.ili'iitl in njipiytn lln-eh] f ihmitiil-wl! mi* ■
or l.ati'l i inn! Wnvks fur iii'rinlssldii tn |ilirellU8Q
tin'tut oiviiiLt ili'siTibcil lands: Itiuliiniiiu ill il
I iimI |iliiin-i| iihniit twit inili'!* nist "f Irishman
r'lVl'h 111
fmnk nt tlio Moylolrlv
llieiiiM ivcst Hi e iilns. lln-nri* smith Hicliulii.t
iinnu or I ss to tlm Mnylfi river, tlicnco oust
iilniiK llio M'Vlo river lo llm jiliU'Cfif i.ei-iiinlnu.
nml sltiialf lit Ihe  District of Kiiil  Kimti-nav.
nml oxceplntf Um viuht <>r wnyoftlioliiltl.il
I'oliiiiililaSoiiilieni rail"ay, I'oniiilrilin; :ilsi -ii*rn.-t
it a
Mnl ml tins
rt i.,
lit iiay of .Inlv. IWI.1,
i;mi;i:|('I »l.'ltl(i
Goods sold on Commission.
Second Hand Goods bought and
sold.   Bargains every day.
Hanson Ave,, south of Cranbrook hotel.
CiiANimnoK. 24th Annus   is')-*,
I liereliy elve notice that sixty (tny* after ilttto
1 intenil to ii|i|ily tr» tlm Clilcf ('otmiiisNt-iiier of
l.innlsi nl Wiiiks, Victoria, fnr iiorinlsiliiii to
ptni'liase tliu following ilesrrlheil inmt or laml,
sitiiateil In the Nontlmrn Dlvlslnti nf Knst Kmil-
fnay: CnmiiinnrHiK nt h post |ilante<l nt Mm
iii;er.i.'olioil of tlio cunt bnnuilary of ],ol :w
wlm ilir-iKiitlirvn slnim of I'ri'inler [*HkO,lllONCO
north forty (10) Phnhm, thonre oast forty HO)
I'halnK. llmiu-.i -toinh forty (#H nlmiiw. theiuo
west 'ortv MO- chain i tut lm point of rommeiiiT.
lil.mi. nml*.;;:iiii on* Imtitlrf-il ntul -<lxty acres.
W,\(i()N    WOOD-WORK
Proiiijjtly Attended tc.
Canadian Pacific Railway
The New and Direct Route from
East Kootenay
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
St. Paul, Chicago
...AND Al.l,...
Eastern and European Points,
Pflclfc  Coast. China. Japan nnd Australia
Tourist Cars leare Coast Daily to St.
Dally (except Tncsiliir) to Itastcrn I'oinls.
Tars. 'Huns. Mural. Weil.
7 A. nt, 1.1'livc. .
Connection from Kootoimy Mko polnls tlally
excopt siaiiliiy.
for mil1?, iniivs. i'U'.. nud lull Infonnnlion
call on orHddress
Trnvollng l us.'iiKor Akoiii.
Fort Steele Brewing Co.
<•>-» ®-®-®-®~®-®-®-®-®r-®-®
Manufacturers and Brewers of
■ ttttittt(ttt(»itti(ttt(tttt
Beer and porter
Sold by the Barrel, Keg or Bottled.
Bottled Beer for Family use a Specialty
P. 0. II0\ 81*.   Telephone No I.
KAISER & SICK, Prop's.
.   Kil .-.  ,-,   ■-   ?~-.iT®
I® ' ® 1® I ® ' ® I ® I ® - ®J® 1®1»,L
f® Keep your Eye on ,* .*
The New Townsite of East Kootenay.
'tiger Agi
, it.
Great Northern
The Surveyors Chain Made
It the	
Shortest Transcontinental Route
It te thp ttiont tnoOorn in pMtlnmi'tit.   liic
rnrn.   jt. iri tlio only lino servingtni'Ulaon Hit1
a lucorteplmi. •
Through the Grandest Scenery in America by Daylight.
Atfrnetivn lonra ilnringlliospHgon ol n iv
IgAtion on Grent i-nki* via Huinih in con*
iiiTlioii witli the mngnlflreiit pnaiiongrr
steamers Norttitrost niid North! unl
Porm-ps, tlckols nml enmptotn iiifurnin-
Hon cnll on ornddrtia H. r. ft N. Hy.ngeutBi
c. a. DIXON,
General Agent, SpokwiOi Wnsti,
(J. I'. AT A.,St, Pntil,Minn.
tin- Main I hio i>r tin* i rows Noft 1'iim Ittllw-i**. only 19 C
ml Mines in tin*- country, finest Water TVwer In Rait ,
iiii-H nf iho piu-t' an- -.iii'ii licit all wlm take ihe trouble to f
arcni prosporlty mil grmrlli tlmt muni eventually
m-inlv mi 1 i>-aiitltnl, sitiuiti' mi all i*h and level plateau. !
■ in tne wurlil where the eyes of (lit* Ntranjter mi-ci sur-
•n- tliu until Ih cliai ini'ii aim tlie Imi-rosston** recelveil Inns (-
•tit.   Uni'iif tin-si* spnts is '•i:i.Ki»,',tlimi**lia»ery amail
n Kootenny krntw or Its real bonny, tinme want unlit. '
i"iT>liinly will wnnt lots In tin* Si'w Town of "Klko,"
ill uo n implo I'liniiiioiiity, nu i tire profit yielding.
Choice Business and Residence Lots, 30x100 feet, with 20 loot Alley,
$50.00 to $200.00 Each.
Easy Payments Title Guaranteed v
For Mn|M ntul fiirtlipr lurtii-nlari apply lo
Hl:\l) OFFICE   ■   ■   •   NELSON, B. C. J§ Qt PROCTER
Ilrnnch OHlces- Manafer
««'SKSi-.,'ol,T   The Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd.
The Cranbrook.
Will be open to the public in a few days where
you will find first-class goods at prices to make
all customers happy.
Creamery Butter   ■   35c. I:ggs ■  32c per doz.
T. A. Creighton,
Is too busy to write an ad, but
will have something to tell you
later on.   ^   j*   ,-*   j*   j*
A complete and well selected stock of Family Groceries,
Miners' Supplies, etc., uuw arriving'
|j:^44-f *)*«•)»■•) «m-»* ♦■* » *>■• titii iiy»i a*e4j-*)-a-a-a-aaa-a aatya •'->'»'»
Commercial Hotel,
CRANBROOK, B.C.   ji   j*   jt
New, Neat and Roomy.
This house tins just been completed and is one of the largest in Southes.it
Kootenny. Ollice nnd bar room the most commodious to be found ln this region.
Dining room Inr^c -unl appointments complete. Transients will find thli home
will meet every requirement.
Proprietor.    Ji    Jt    Jt    Ji   Jt
, !
Too Difficult and Complicated for
Mr. Forsythe says: "1 am pleased to
recommend Faine's Celery Compound ;
I believe it is the best medicine in tbe
\Vl.l.l,s & KlCIIAUDSQN LO,
lii'iitb'tnt'ii:—Por two yuan) I wns in
u    low   condition   Of   brail It, Ktlttovitlg
from mrvuiisiii'ss. ful tiling apulla, pain
in tho bond, st i'li Utiiibltw uud luss
of appetite, I wus innli'i* tin' rui>'nl
two doolora, but received no liem'tlt
from tliulr troutinuiit,    I nlso naod twu
bolllis ul' a i mu tiili'd  piili-iil limdl
eilie, but uu gootl result rami'. I was
llun iidivsi'il by u iiolgbltor in tutu your
wonderful uiedlclnu, Pulnu'a Uolery
Uotupotiud.  Tb<- uau ul' this nuirvelloua
pn pit nil it nt   H001I    proilirid   tllO    very
Ih'si i-fHuiis.   lamglndlo roporl tlmt
my In .ihli is iiupriivi'il in eviT.v roapool;
I nm   Blrougor.  b!po|j buttor, (ind   my
appetite is ■■mill ami   iiatiirul.      1   um
pleased to recommend I'aiiu-'s Oolory
Compound in ull alok peoplo, an I beliovo it is thi' best medicine m\i. tbo
Vinii-s truly,
Muiivi'i-s, Ont.
A Light uu tlie Suliject.
First Chappie—Weally, we aeem to
be questing a aenaation,
Secoud Chuppio—Aw, we're such
leuued fine fellahs!—Judy,
i'he  Diamond  Uvea Color All CIantes
of Ltiood-4.
Dinmbud Dyes, as far ns general nse*
fnlue-H is ooue'6rued, are f;ir ahead of
all tli i adnltarated package und soup
grease dyea now before the publio,
Thesa orudo package dyes ami soup
grea-19 mixtures are very limited in
their powers. 'Tis true, tbey give u
aamblftuoa of color to thin and flimsy
fabrics, but when tried on good dress
in iterlala nud heavier goods anoh as
fltuui'ls, worsteds, tweeds und cloths,
tbey ure simply worthless.
Tho Diamond Dyes, owing to their
grout powers of penetration, their per*
feot BOlldlty and depth of shade, their
purity and brilliancy, ure adapted for
till olaases of goods from tbo thinnest
gAUKa to the heaviest tweeds. This
grent 'range o( work, possible only to
the Diamond Dyes, is what has made
thein so popular ull over tbe world.
If you would ilo your dyeing   work
iu proper style, use the Diamond Dyes.
Avoiil all imitation package und  soap
preparations.   The Diamond Dyes ore
rjt aud best for home use.
Strange i-Ii-m*. ot Economy, t'oilif-K-H. Gin-
eroiiltjr auil ('rntltiide.
Tho spirit of economy In the Obtneso
Irueu trannoonds all that oan lie Imagined.
[ Tho Biuollost pnrtleloof matter te utlllxod.
[The old i.ist off account book of tbu mor*
chant la cut into ulocea andoUod toaorva
Instead of glfiss In windows or lantern*
A COOly who Iiih a nIx hunt!.' iniiii'h With
a bi'iivy bunion will return to bis point of
departure without having brokou bin fust
In nider to save the l! cents hla breiikfacl
would have COflt away from homo. Nolb-
ini/ Ih moiti ourloua than to ho them eat,
although with thoir famoui ohbpatloka
thoy do not porform all iho wondorful
foata gonorally supposed, Evory tiling ts
Borvcd tlii'in iu bowls or saucors, and with
the ohopatloka thoy raise tho pieces ot meat
or lish to the mouth With ■IllUoloUt gTOCO,
Knoll one has a bowl uf rlre, which be
boldH nnu* in   lips, and with tbu aid uf the
iliopsiii-iaH ho piiahoa tha contonti Into bis
tuouth. It is ourloua to im thom plok up
with thoir chopsticks tho grains o( rloo
that fall ou the ground, The children ar*
taughb thla art from thai? oarl|eat years.
Nothing iiitisl lie lout, nut liven the small*
oat (train hero is au oxntunle of their *io
lltonusii a Chlnoao arrayed in bis moat
boautiful oostumo who presented htmaelt
niii house disturbed nratw b-hwaaon-
Joylng hluisi'lf lu a jar of oil. ll - iut In
bis 1111-1■ i overturned lhe Jar upou tl ' via*
Hor, WhoiO dress was  lullietl     Whlk   lhe
unfortunate visitor waa still pain with
rni;i' iii* hostisntored tba apartment ami
after tho usual salutation tlie vlsllof OX*
plained hin mlaadvotlturei "As 1 entered
your honorable apartment 1 had the mil*
fortune to alarm your honorable rat, whleh
In taking flight overturn*! your honorable jar of oil upon iny miserable ami Insignificant clothing, which explains tho
contemptible condition lu whleh you find
ine In your honorable presence."
To duterinlne your eondiiot when a Ohl-
neso offers you a present la thejiioat difficult ihlni! tn thu world. Certain things
aro not offered to be accepted, and others
may not lm rofuaed iwromptorlly. in a
general manner nevertheless one may no*
eept, understanding perfeetly that tho gift
must be returned u hundredfold.—St
Jaiuiis Republic.
Cojonol Satan of Tennessee won't raise
a thing among tbu Spaniards In Cuba
wben he nets there.—1-lltsburg News,
Whon Colonel Frank Satan of Tennessee reaehes Cuba, bu will find there a i-ou-
dttloh exactly sultod to be his residence.
—St. bonis llepllbllc.
Tbiise .Spaniards probably thought that
Colonel Satan of Tenttessco had arrived
and opened business when tlm dynamite
fTiilsi-r Vesuvius i*ot. to "tossing 'um ovor
tbo pinto."—Cleveland lender.
Whon Colonel Frank Satan of Tenues-
Kue roaches (JUba, bn should uxpurii-iiee
little dill'u'iilly In convincing thu Span-
lurds that General Shunnan's ilullultlou
of war whs accurate,—Uldoago Times-
NO PAIN.   NO  GRIPE,   when babe he goeth walking.
LttXQ   l.lvor rills a  Farfoet Cure  Tor
mkssks. t. MibiU'ltN ic CO., Toronto, Ont,:
Ueiitlemou—1 am plowed to tc-stifv to tho
great t»- uBtlhavo reoelvod from tho use ot
l,a\a l.ivt-r lilts.  1 was very ituuli i:i»iisti|iati'd
mid Ml u'rrai ili-.h'.s> ufiri- i-ittiiii*.
Your Laxii Liver Pills i >yulft'e I my stmimi-li
ami lantoiod mv entire Bysteni to healthy
ai-linn. Tin-cffi-i-t nf theso jiills is mosl iiiita-
nd ami fib- tlvi-, rn-r from any jrii|iiii|'i.r juiln.
Thi-v i-iiusi- not the least iii.-otivi-niui-.n-. My
nilviVt- tn nil Who may uei- tills ia to try thein.
tor I know thoy are good,
(Signed)   "        JOHN OOHBRTY,
JuM-lih'a  ('Nptnri-  Waa   Nut   tin*   lll*c(«it
It.-ioily   I'mm-il   Ullt   uf   tin-   Water,   but
Turued Out, After All, tu n« i>vt*id»di*-
tn« Uoavlesti
OUCO upon a timo, when Schreiner of
the Columbia Ptshtng olub wasn't us
"Ily" us lm is now, he passed bis good
money over to a mun who played with
loaded dlco, Porhupa the memory of
that sad night bud something to tin
with the trick Mr, Sebreitier has played
on his friend, Robert .Mill. Bosltloa,
jfr. Subroinor litis heard of tbe jumping
frog of Calaveras tbat led OU shot.
At any late, when the eluh left west
New York ono morning leeeutly, on
pisoutortul pb'usures bent, it wus Mr.
Schreiner wbo made tho proposition
that $10 bo awitrdcd out of the treasury
to the member catching the largest fish.
Everybody agreed, for every man in tbo
Columbia Fishing club thinks he's the
only ono "in it" when it comes to capturing tbo club'B legitimate prey.
When tlie day's sport wub over, Mill
and Schreiner each claimed to have
caught the biggest tish. Mill's certainly
looked bigger, but Schreiner contended
that the size of fish, whale or sucker,
whs reckoned by weight. Thut of course
could not be deuied, bo tbo scales were
brought out at the clubhouse. Schrei-
ner's fish was four inches shorter thaa
Mill's and of the samo breed, lt wasn't
a bit bigger iu girth cither. Hut tbe
scales showed it weighed a quarter of
uu ounce more than Mill's.
"Sure, Bob," said Schreiner, after he
got tbe $10.  "He's a lead eater aud has
been gobbling up tho bullets shot In
practice by the soldiers Ht Forts Hamilton and Wadswortb."
The Hsb was ait open, nud. sure
euough, he bad a pound of bullets in
bim, Sobretuer bad shot them. Hy
merely pumped lend iuto that tish
when no one was looking. Then ho
"Wet up" everybody with thy $10.—
New York World.
Couldn't Uudintaud it.
'Last year. " said tho man with the
furry silk but, "our compauy paid $50,-
000 to the government."
"Groat Scott I" rejoined his friend,
whoso   eoat   sleeves   Were   too   short.
"Aren't you pooplo rich euough to keep
from paying ull those   tuxes'-"—-Detroit
Free Press.
Spain has Borne reason to regret thnt shi
did not train gunners instead ot mutaduivs.
—Washington Star
Spain wants the status quo ante, bul
■bn will iiml herself oonipolled to ante up
a (*■■.'.! deal moro than that bedim she goU
through,—Pittsburg Times.
Spain at homo is usually symbolised by
a  lloii, meek  and   moth   ralen.    All   tbfl
world knows now that a livt-na In llie only
truthful symbol.*-Philadelphia Press
It Is said tlmt Spain onee had a ehanee
to nell the Philippines for $000,000,000,
The fait tbat sho OHM had a ehanen tu |*et
nhout   the  same  prlee for t'uba IlldloiltoS
1 tint Spain In add let rd lo the habit of lot*
Mug goods Npoii on ber hands.—Cleveland
Whon onr babfl ho goeth walking In hli garden
Aruund liiHiitiidiiit* [eel tha Bunbaatna play
Tho ponies thiy nre i*<~od to liim
And bow thorn as Uiay should to him
As fiiiviii ho upon ins kingly way,
And btrdlluga <J tha wood ta him
Muke iiui-i'-. mantle music, all the day,
When our babe he goeth walking in hin garden.
When mir imlli- he goeth swinging in hu oradlo
Than iht'iiiL-lo ti lookothevei sweetly dowu,
The little stars they urt- kind tu hlm.
Tlio moon she hath a wind to him
And Iny Bill on hla head a guhli n i-rown,
And -urn-till then the wind tc hlin
A sunn, the |*entle aong ol Bel Idem town,
When our bubo iw goeth swinging in hla cradle
-Kugene Field
"A pretty tough climb, Ian*! it, ttlatV
The speaW was a tall ICngllBbmnn of
perha|iN DO, hut looking as huirtl nnd tough
und generally lit as most mon of hair his
"Ves, sir," said the uuhte. who stood
befuro him at the inn door, "nud we'll
have  tO Start  early If  wu uro to git bark
the same day."
sir Robert Ballard turned und re-en*
tyred his room,    iroiii his desk ho pulled
out a sheet of paper, and, picking up n
pi-u, sat down at a table ami began a lettor,
Mv Dun UAitnr- I'm afinid I've not I n
quito fair to you, Thinking over Ihtngsnguln I
ran too ihat your fbullsh innks « hioli ao nun h
offended mo may have beau Indued no doubt
were—the results o( -.iin-r youthful high -Mir
Hs. 1 am tliuri'forn Dgtlln altorlng my will
•nd Instead of mv cousin Jainoa Rennlo inin*"
my residuary legnlod you will timi iir.tr bulk
of my property will eventually coins to you.
I (mat thin will havo boeu a lesson to you and
that you will grow u|» u man worthy of tho
trust 1 am ru-iosing lu you. Your affectionate
unolo, RongttT lUi.i.Altu.
Sir Robert sealed and stamped the letter
und then on a sheet of foolseap proceeded
rapidly and with businesslike precision to
redraft bis will.
It seimied an easy enough matter, and
took but very few minutes! You would
hardly huvo Imagined tho amount lu
question was something like 180,000 or
The rapid pen ceased flying over tho
paper, and Sir Robert touched tho bell.
"Call Max Sohnotder," ho said to tbo
wutter, "nnd you, too, eame ln, I want
you to witness this signal uro fur mo."
Ho Btgned tbo document, the two men
affixed their signatures, and then bo folded It, placed it in an envelope aud slipped
it Into au Inner pocket of bis Norfolk
"What time do wo start tomorrow,
Maxf" be asked.
"Not later than half past 8, Bir,"an-
swerod tho guide
"Very well, then, I shall go tb bud at
once, and I suppose you'll do tho same."
Then to tho waiter: "Mind you call mo
sharp at II.    Good night!"
And U0 minutes later bo was sleeping
like a baby.
• •••*••
"Great luck having such lovely weather, eh, Max?"
" Lovely indeed, Sir Robert. But pray
don't say anything about it till we're clear
of tho iee. It's tho worst of bad luck, sir.''
Sir Robert laughed—the laugh of a
strong man who is thoroughly pleased
with himself,
Indeed be bad reason to bo pleased
Very few men hnd ever climbed tho beetling cliffs of the Aiguille Vert ut ull. Fewer still could boast of having accomplished
tho feat within tbo hours of a single day.
Half an hour later they reached tbo edge
of tho ico. Tho sun had now set. and tho
air, chill with approaching night, was no
longer clear as it.had been. Pole wreaths
of smoky mist bung in light bands, which
teemed lo shift and ohatigu kaleldoscoplu-
ally, though no breeze was felt.
Still roped together, as they had been
during the entire climb, thoy crossed tbe
moraine and started steadily tramping
across tho rough ice, whoso surface was
broken by a hundred deep rifts and lumpy,
yawning crevasses.
Tho fog closed and fell thicker nnd
Somo threo hours later that night ono
ot the guides burst Into tho kitchen of tho
Mont vert inn.
His face was whlto and drawn, and ho
was almost si>eecbless with excitement,
misery and fatigue.
At lost he managed to gasp out his piteous story—how they bad missed their way
in the fog, how* ho luul beard a sharp ery
of warning from Max, who was leading
the party; how nest lie had been Jerked
off bis feet by a tremendous pull at tho
ro*Hj round hiswalst, aud how ho had desperately saved himself by driving his
alpenstock Iuto the loo. Next thing ho
knew lie was alone—alone on the edge of
n giant crevasse, whose misty depths
yawned silent as a grave.
The instant tbey understood htm ti ros
rue party was formed, Ulldor tlie giiidancu
or Herman, tho Innkeeper,
All night tho devoted men worked and
most of next day Hut it was useless
Tho glacier did not easily give up it* prey
• ••••••
A big, broad shouldered, good looking
young fellow ot abdut eight and twenty
was sitting lua ratlier dingy little room
lit Hlooiusbiiry answering a letter ho had
just received,
Harry Ballard had been looking out for
a chance of accompanying a reading party
abroad during tbo long vacation, and by
good luck an oven better billet had come
bis way. An old friend of bis father, a
Mr. Pfolkos, had written to hlm to engage
his services OS ttltorand general bear leader to bis sou, young Kverard Kfolkes, dur
lug a forthcoming Swiss tour.
Ho bad always win.ted to gel abroad,
and now tho chance tuid fallen his way ho
was it-solved to make thu must of It
Young Kverard, his pupil, was a thor
ougbly inni lad, and the whole expedition
SOOIIIOd tO partake more of tlm nature nr a
holiday tlmn BortOUB work Tito two
trudged afoot through lovely valleys, up
turf clad slopes, over rock bound, luagnlli-
ci-nl passes, drinking iu tlie clear air and
enjoying themselves rather like two school*
boys than a tutor and his pupil
Kverat'd wanted to climb a mountain
Harry rather discouraged the Idea Hu
told the boy of the fato of his undo, Sir
Robert Billiard.
"Vos, 1 remember hearing of that when
1 was quite small," answered Rvorard
sympathetically, "Wero tbu bodies over
"No, never," said Harry, "and probably never will ho."
Tbey walked In silence a little way
then Harry said:
"Do you know, Kvorard, I should like
rather to see the place Suppose wu go up
to Montvortf Wo can do It In two days
from Chumoutil. Your father put no rosin- tion on our movements,"
"Theu lot's go," replied tho boy keenly
Mi'invert bad becmuo quite a fashionable resort within tho last few years. Tbe
•Md   Inn bad   lawn   much enlarged    It
boasted all sorts of modem Improvements
—among them a drawing room, a band
nnd a visitors' book.
The latter Harry was studying when he
was startled by the names, "Mr. James
Ronnie and Miss Reunle and maid, Glasgow."
"My cousin, by .love!" ho mtitturE-d.
Be hod soon nothing of them for yoars
—not since Mr. Reunle hnd come in for
Sir Robert's money. The daughter, Muriel, he had never seen. James Reiinie he
knew by repute ns u rather bard and canny Scotchman, and here tbey were staying
at the same hotel.
They met tbut evening In the drawing
"And this Is my daughter Muriel." Ren-
Die said.
Harry looked up uud saw a soft dot of a
girl In a black evening gown, who gavo
bim a warm. Impulsive handshake
Somehow Harry and blsohorge staid on
at Montvert for a whole fortnight,
Harry was a new mun. The luevltabts
was Imppenlng, Only the poor fellow had
not fully realized it Boob successive day
was plunging hlm more deeply lu lovo
with his cousin's daughter;
Then the Kennies gavo a picnic It
turned out a brilliant, sunny day, and It
was decided to go up tin* valley to a wood
near tho lower end of the Aiguille Vert
glacier lt was at this picnic it for tho
flrst time Struck Mr. HtUiniu that Harry
was a trlllo more attentive lo Muriel than
there was any occasion for. Ho did not
hay anything, but be mado up his mind to
two things—first, to watch the young
oouple pretty carefully that day; secondly,
to leave Montvert tomorrow,
Harry and Muriel slipped off among tha
trees and soon found themselves quito
alone. Thoy strolled down to where from
under Its arch of muddy lco tbo glaolei
river started on its foamy career and sout-
ed themselves near by on a great mossy
Btono under n pino tree. Tliu Mazing sun
made tho shade most welcome, and tbo
two sat there quietly drinking lit thu
warm scent of tbo woods.
"lm afraid our holiday will bo soon
over," sho said. "Wo have to be home by
tho 1st of October."
Harry experienced a curious shock.
With extraordinary suddenness he roaliised
what life would bo without Muriel.
"Muriel," ho said quickly and earnestly; "Muriel, will you care?"
Apparently sho did, for when, flvo minutes later, an Interested spectator walked
quietly up behind thom over tho carpet ol
noiseless pine needles he saw a sight that
made his smooth face wrlnklo with rage.
Tho two cousins were sitting closer together than strict coitslnshlp altogether
entailed, nnd Muriel's head was leaning
on Harry's shoulder.
James Reunle lost his temper.
"You sneaking young scoundrel I" ha
said, with a sudden emphasis that mads
tho lovers jump to their feot.
"I bog your pardon, sir," Bald Harry
vory quietly. Thore was a dangerous
gleam in his ore.    " You wero saying"—
"That you area schooling fortune hunter. Your undo cut you off, and now you
think to regain tho money in a low, underhand way by marrying my daughter I"
Craslil A sharp, rciidlngsound, followed
by a heavy fall, mado all threo jump back.
A great pioco of lco, loosened by tha
heat, had fallen away from tho glacier,
and something clso too—something dark
and soft—had slipped from tho broken mass
and Iny limply on tho debris below.
For a moment no ono moved.
Then Harry stepped forward and stood
by tho fallen figure. Tho others followed.
It was the body of a man Ho was dressed
ln rough tweeds, and his upturned face
had uquict, peaceful expression. He might
havo died an hour ago
Instinctively tbo two men removed their
hats     Then Harry looked at Mr. Ronnie.
"You know who tt is?" he said.
Yes, It's Sir Robert," ho answered la
"Three years ago I waa troubled
with boils, anu tried several
remedies recommended by friends,
but they were of no avail.    I had
. FIFTY-TWO BOILS in all, and
found nothing to give me relief
until 1 tried Burdock Blood Bitters.
The first bottle 1 took made a complete cure and proved so very
satisfactory thut 1 have recommended B.B.B. to many of my
friends who have used il with good
:   results."    A.    J.     MUSTARD,
Hyder,  Man.
Any one troubled with Boils,
Pimples,   Rashes,   Ulcers,   Sores,
;   or any Chronic or Malignant Skin
i   Disease, who wants a perfect cure,
,  should use only
, lo
They picked the body up and lifted it
Into the sliudo of the pines.    As they did
ho a folded paper fell from tho torn jacket.
That ceiling Harry met Muriel  In tho
hotel garden.
"Your father has told you what It was
wo found?" ho suld.
"Yes, dear," sho answered.   "And ho
told   mo,   too,   about  your  suggestion.
; Harry, you are very generous, aud, do you
know, father appreciates it."
"I'm glad hu doesn't think badly of mo
; any longer, darling." said Harry.   "Bul
1 you  know* wo shall bo rich on half tho
1 money, shan't we*-"
Muriel's answer quite satisfied him.—
Trl»U of Writer..
! George Eliot in one of her letters, referring to her novel "Daniel Deroudo,"
writes as follows: "My book seems to me
so unlikely ever to bo finished in away
that will mako it worth while giving to
the world that lt Is a kind of glass in
which I behold my Infirmities." Again
i of tho samo work, "As usual, 1 am suffering much from doubt as lo tbu worth ul
what 1 am doing and fear lest I may not
bo ublu to complete It so as to mako It a
contribution to literature and uot a mere
addition to tlle heap of books."
Montesquieu wrote thus tu a friend: "1
\ thought 1 should have killed myself these
: three months to llnlsh tt luorocau (for hit
great work) which 1 wished to Insert on
! tho origin and revolutions of thu civil
laws of France.   You wilt read It in three
hours, but 1 do assure you thut it cost, me
i so much labor that It has whitened  my
[ hair."
<     The   eminent   modern   French writer
i Gustavo Flaubert suffered tortures In his
i efforts to attain perfection.    When com-
' posing, bo would sometimes spring to his
feet, shriek aloud und call himself "blockhead, " "Idiot "   No sootier was one doubt
removed thuu another arose    At other
times ho would sit at his writing table as
ono luagne.ti/.ed,   lost In contemplation.
His friend Turgcm-ir declared that ll wns
exceedingly touching to sec his struggles
with language     Hu would work a wholiday and sometimes all  night on a slngU
page. —Klinor IC   Jicnlol) In Upplncolt's.
A Woman Axtrouotner.
Marie Jeanne Amelie Harlay, who afterward became by marrlngu a nleco of the
Ilrst Uttnildo, was bom In ITiin, not 1*H(J,
as lioblura says Sho Hindu such reductions as wore necessary for tho lu.ouu stun
of her husband's catalogue, published  hi
17U0, besides   much  other work of the
samo kind published nt various times by
herself.    Mine.  Lalande'n only daughter
was bom on Jan. 'JO, I7W0.    On  this day
was seen for tho first time at Paris tho
comet which was discovered hy Caroline
i Herscbel.    For this reason the Infant was
i named Caroline.    A son had previously
'• In en named Isaac, In memory of Newton.
'■ Mine   Latitude took much  pains to train
j A. II. tl. Cassinl as an astronomer that hs
| might follow the traditions of his four Illustrious ancestors and thus bo Cnsslnt V
\ tn astronomical biography.    Ito did work
{ nfter awhile at tho Paris observatory, bul
! after u fow months devoted himself oxclu*
j sively to botany.    Mine. I .aland-- lived un*
■ til 1838.—Popular Astronomy	
Would Snuiki' In Goud Time.
Talking about cool men on tbo gallows—a murderer while, ascending to
tbu death trap was offered a cigar by a
man tu the crowd, tfeqcooptedlt, wlicu
another man shouted:
"Dou't you want a mutch, purdnor?"
"No, thanks.'' was thu reply, as the
sheriff  was  adjusting   tho  black cup,
"I'll light   it wlieu I get there!"—At-
luuta Constitution.
A Novo Scotian Parmer Tells of His lnt nse
ti.ftering  Prom   Kheumati-ain  anil   How
He Fouud Relief.
From the Hridnewntei', N.H., Enterprise.
Snch Buffering as rheumatism causes
tho victim upon whom it fastens itself
is almost uuoudnrable. only those
who writhe under its pangs can imagine the joy of ouo who has been freed
from its terrors. Mr. J. W. Kolkeii-
ham, of New Elm, N.S., is ono of those
who have been released from pain, und
who believes it his duty to lot others
kuow how u cure can bo found. Mr.
Folltonham is a farmer, nnd like ull
who follow this urihunis but honorable
calling, is subject to much exposure
li was this exposure that brought on
his trouble und caused him so much
sutlVring before he wus rid of it. Ho
says:—"In the spring of 1807 I contracted rhoumatism. Throughout the
whole summer I suffered from it, and
libont the first of October it became so
bad that I could not got out of (tbe
house. The pains wero located iu my
hip and buck, and what I suffered can
hardly be expressed. I bocnitio so helpless 1 could not dress myself without
aid. Eventually tho trouble spread to
iny bands and arms, and at times these
would lose all feeling nnd become useless. In November 1 began using Dr.
Williams' Pink Pills, antl aftor taking
four boxes began to improve. After
using six boxes tho pains and soreness
bad all gone and I was able to do a
hard day's work. I intend using a few
more boxes more us a precautionary
measure, and 1 would earnestly advise
thoso suflVring from this painful
trouble to give Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
a fair trial and be mado well.
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by going to the root of tho disease. They
renew and build up the blood, uud
strengthen the nerves, thuB driving disease from tho system. Avoid imitations by insisting that every box yon
purchase is enclosed in a wrapper bear
ing the full trade murk, Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Palo Peoph*.
A strong solution ot borax applied twice
a day will euro ringworms.
The well beaten whlto of an egg, slightly sweetened and flavored with a few drops
ef vanilla, is good for children with irritable stomachs.
For a stiff ueck und pains In the chest,
warm some sweet oil aud rub on thoroughly with the bunds, then cover with
sheet wadding, tho shiny side out. Wear
It until you feel comfortable.
A difficulty of administering medicine
to small children Is ovurcomv by Professor
Alsiiel, who affirms that a mixture of
squul parts of soup liniment and aloes
irlll set us a cut hurtle when rubbed ta
mall quantity upon the abduuien.
Take Laiutivn Bromo yuinint* Tablets.   Alt
drtiKKlsts refund the money If tt falls to cure.
Dues ft Pay tn get nu
with an Alexandra Cream Separator 10
oowh will muke 12 lbs moro butter in a week
than with uny system of "sotting milk, as Iran*
dredsofour customers oau and will testify.
12 lbs of butter per week nt 15 cents (nvcrnga
prioo i for 49 weeks Is I78.oo-tho price of n separator sultublfl for la or 11 cows. Hence in one
year'the separator will BAVK Its tbst and you
have a mauhlno good for ten yearn wiih ordinary care. In addition to this you -give labor,
muke a quality ot buttor that will command a
hlghor prioo mid huve sltim milk with tho
natural heat ln it to f I chlyos.   "There Is
money in cidvcs."
for herds over twenty buy "The Slelotte,"
ihe bcsl disc machine mnde, clonnesl skimmer
andooslest to turn of nil btrgo capacity Dream
Separators,  For particulars Apply to
282, 2.U King St.. Winnipeg.
tir liH-ul agents
Sua Insurance Offico.       j
Eastern Assurance Co,      \
Quebec Fire Insurance Company.
London and Lancashire Life Ins, Co
Britisb and Foreign Marine las. Co.
j Lloyd's Glass Insurance Company.
tleneral Ajcenl.
C/iAj -bupistd" f   <hLciio-*A f f^r^4-    <c^w6
use ALBERT soap.
If your fancy is for a Tar Soap you
will find the best in our
Sold at all Drug Stores.
te a condensed food, capable of preserving physical strength
Through Any Physical Strain
And Is equally valuable to those requiring to use
lt has no eqna 1 for giving
Strength to the Invalid
And   it   will  agree   with   the   weak -m
ttomnohs.   Get it from your drug-
i-it or grocer nud tes.
ita value.
It has been said that hypocrisy is the homage which vice pays   |
to virtue.   Such is the case with the host of imitations ot |
Richards' Pure Soap •
Beanreyira Ret RICHARDS'.   Sold by all grocers, or writ. P. Richard:
Woodstock. Ontario, giving your full address aud I will returu rcu PBBE
isrds,     P
E au     I
— OF	
Firal Britisli Kin- Duuranee Office Established in Q-uuda, A. D., IBM.
The aboye Company U desirous of opening agencies in all towns throngbout
.Manitoba and the Northwest Territories where they are not at present repr*?.*?*Dt«l.
and will be pleased to receive applications f»r -ame,
Montreal, On...
Chief Agutta for the Lajnnnion of Canada
_i Ytpuivvni
— UtxaV mvr.f rv  VvsY.--
"J-ivVt„t Ot\   J'JvusW.
f V-
--SrT-V--   '
Lot. of fence concern, hu'tating as, bul none equaling Inqnallt* ..f product.  Pagefanoa
haa now been In um. thirteen year., nnd ii- sale.continue to i]..iti.li- each y..r   Tin- succsan i,
..wIiik I,. strlft ii,lli,r,.|i,... i.i.'.iir motto: "The aery beat article :.t \i low price.'
s.ii.1 f„rmir now Illustratedcntalogue.
TIIK l-AOK PUNCH CO., LIMITED, Walkeraill., (lot.
Or to It, Ross, Ilox  .*,.*>;l. Winnipeg. Hole Agent for the -fOff.bw.et.
That sliuulil Iut fuund
in ever) Well regulated
Choiee'Btock Ale,    Extra Porter.
Canadian Pll«ner t.tiger,
(A finellftht beer.)
Golden Key Brand Aerated Water
Imperial Table Sauce, , ,lho[w
c I able
India Chutney. j Relishes.
Maiiiiriu-iiiriT ft lui|iqrter,
MAKE for Peace
AND SUPPLIES.  Law calsloguo Iree.
TIIK REID BROS., Iii Kli.g Wesl, Toronto
W. N. D.
[hi' Dyson liilisnn Co.
For Hale by all  LoidiDR Hotuei.
Ull AH. HuKVKM *  HONM.   lUuurk'-turm,
TORONTO. ONT. l?--®-j»_l5w* j!v-fSI-ffl-<sWffi.-»^-*-»-a?'--«a>-<B-<SM^^
•I ..*'.,'" ^*»;a:A   a   a   »   »   *   »   » " Vi »»  ■»   »   a^ » ■ ■•• i'«v»' i •» i ; I--: vl •*•, : . -. -  -', - L •• I -. - . •'l*'! *J'»1,^*1»1*1*>1*1*>I«>^^
CRANBROOK : : : British Columbia.
»M**M#»**M*»*M*M«M***M«M*»*»»M*^ ***«•
| The TERHINUS of the
|     Crows Nest Pass Ry.
!     Is now at Cranbrook.
The Construction Headquarters
Will be in Cranbrook until the road s
is completed to Kootenay Lake, the j
terminus for a year or more.
^4t^*4t-4t»*4Mt4MMMMMWWM*^^ -K--S-.J
A strong point in favor of Cranbrook is the factj
I that wholesale houses of the east and west recognize!
[this place as the distributing point of East Kootenay]
|and are locating their branch houses here. j?
■<z~j-?s-rs .-*.-.-»; &&?si^»&i*raH*rimimiSr&}t*&»ai-sy»&
The C. P. R. are putting up better buildings in
Cranbrook than at any other place on the Crows
Nest line.
•If faa fssMS fi.'-re laV-ft* Si m-t^-taAHtil3H»i!SH^eiHi£'lii-fS£^^£^^^
&&& *=3t=C=a*Wfc-**-=lWt*W'^^^
Cranbrook is already the financial center of East?
Kootenay, and has more banking capital interested)
than any other town in the district. And there is!
more coming.
:J*J=fl=0= S
For further information, maps and prices of lots apply to
Victoria and Vancouver.
C. P. R. Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man.
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
l    ABOUT   PEOPLE    S
* I
Living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Wkem
Wc All Know er Should.
J-ilte l'i 11 It visited Winlner Sunday,
Solicitor Harvey waa in town I'ri'Uv.
AL Hrown tiiaile a trip to Moyie Monday.
R, H. Doliart was up from WftrJaer
Mr. and Mrs. S. ti. Oliver visited
Steele Friday.
A. \V. McVittie paid Moyie a business
visit last week.
Tercy Irvine had a relapse and is at
the hospital ayain.
A. D. Fenwick has been a guest at the
Baker home the past week,
James Ryan, of the Cranbrook hotel,
visited Moyie last Monday.
.Mr. Sick, of the Fort Sleele brewery,
has returned from Spokane.
Mr. Kaiser, tlie Fort Steele brewer,
was in Cranbrook Wednesday.
Constable Barnes, of Port Steele, is
recovering from his attack of fever.
Mr. Simpson has closed hin hotel at
Swansea and gone to Neistm to reside.
Mr. and Mrs, YatiDecir are slowly recovering from n severe uie-^e of the fever.
Mr. Simpson and Miss lUckett, ol
Swansea, were Cratihrook visitors Monday.
Ktiginecr Garden was up from the
classic burg on lite Kootenay, Wednesday.
11. F.. King, of Fort Steele, came over
on the stafje Tuesday, returning Wednesday.
A. 11  Bcale, one of the milling brok
ers of Fort Steele, wns a Cranbrook visitor this week,
C. H. N. Council and Miss Keay, of
i Wardner, were guests at the Cranbrook
hotel on Wednesday.
■ ti. Heuniger, of Wardner, was in town
, Friday. He has closed his hotel at
Wardner and gone to West Kootenay.
. 0. II. Miner lias rented the office
; building recently vacated by Mr. Irvine,
I and will fit it up to live in this winter.
I John Fink, of Steele, spent Wednesday with his brother Jake, of the Foit
Steele Mercantile company, in this city.
! Harry Moore returned from Coal
i Creek Wednesday where he has been
I working with the C. P. R. painting force.
Contractor M. H. Cowan camo over
! from Nelson Monday night and left on
[the special ou the return trip Tuesday
| II. II. Wilson aud family have moved
I to Cranbrook from Wyoming. Mr. Wilson has built his home and will become
i a permanent resident.
| Tostofiice Inspector Fletcher visited
Cranbrook last week. lie expressed
surprise and gratification nt the rapid
growth of Cranbrook.
L. M. Mansfield has taken his position
as assistant dispatcher at the Craubrook
oflice. Mrs. Mnisfield is with him aud
they have taken rooms at the Cranbrook
W. II. Bishop, one of Hie pioneers of
Wardner, and a holder of large mining
interests on Sand creek in the vicinity of
Cranston, f-pent several days In Cran*
brook last week.
Al Swalwell returned from Wardner
Monday night where he hnd been completing the work on the new school
house at that place. He will probably
remain in Craubrook this winter,
George Gurd, agent for the Wnrdner
townslte, returned to Nelson Friday after
a brief visit to Wnrdner.    Mr. Gurd has
moved his family to Nelson and will
make that town his headquarters this
Assistant Paymaster Latter left for
Macleod Wednesday where lie will be
stationed in the future. Mr. Latter has
been in Cranbrook and vicinity for several mouths and he leaves with the best
wishes of a host of friends.
I, E'mer Musgrave, artist and newspaper man of .Moyie, was iu town Monday. He soon tired of metropolitan life
and will return to the city by the
lake today. Mr. Musgrave content*
pi ites .**. visit to the east ut uu early ilnte.
Fred Smythe, editor of the Leader,
Moyie, came in on the train from the
west lust evening and proceeded on to
the Mission this morning, lie having
been chosen to act as one ofthe pallbearers at the burin) of John McMahon.
•t****-!^*****^** **********
Picked Up About the City   by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Is your life Insured? Hnve you an accident policy? Consult McVittie i-i
McVittie St Hutchison are now the
Cranbrook agents for ten of the best fire
Insurance companies in the world.
The most comfortable nnd up to date
offices in town are those now occupied
by McVittie & Hutchison iu the Hanson
Palmer & Oliver have opened up business In the Perdue block for the present.
They have a nice stock of goods, and
will do well,
Wau'.el—A female teacher for the
Cranbrook, Snilh East Kootenay, shcool.
State qualifications and salary expected.
Address enclosed references to John
Hutchison, secretary of school board,
Craubrook, B. C.
IC. J. Hill left this morning for Win-
uipeg, and may possibly extend his
journey as far east as Montreal. He
goes to purchnee goods to replenish hi*
stock nnd will be absent about a month.
Hill, the Clothier, has been fitting out
all tl e dudes in town with fancy vests.
They are natty. He has but a few of
them left, but has plenty of other patterns, besides gents' furnishings, boots,
shoes, etc.
William Doble, who is connected with
M. Mclnnes & Co., will move to Cranbrook from Fort Steele as soon as their
building is completed here. Mr. Doble
says this wi'l he necessary as Cranbrook
is so centrally located that it will be
made the headquarters for their extensive business in Kast K >oteniy.
Col. W, N. Brayton, accompanied by
Host Ryan, of the Cranbrook hotel,
went over to Moyie on Monday. The
object of the trip was to look oyer the
grounds selected at the foot of the lake
for the new townsite. The colonel Informed Thu Hrhai.ii ou bis return that
b contract was let for clearing the ground
and a force of men would at once be put
to work.
Jeweler J. C. Brown on Tuesday disposed of his property on Armstrong avenue to W. B. McFarlane. The premises
will be immediately fitted up by Mr.
| McFarlane for a barber shop and bath
' house. Both water and hot air baths
| will be installed and It is hoped to have
them ready in a couple of weeks, Mr.
i Hrown will secure quarters on 'Baker
| street if possible.
By a private letter Thk Hkhai.d is informed that Mr. B. G. Hamilton, brother of Laud Commissioner L. A. Hamilton, and who paid Cranbrook a visit
last July, has taken the position of editor
on the Journal at Fort Williams, Out.,
and extends the fraternal hand. Thk
Herald congratulates the Journal upon
its choke, as Mr. Hamilton is a fluent
and forcible writer.
J. H. McDowell was arrested in Movie
hy Sergeant Klopp, of the mounted
police, charged with having stolen a
coat, a blanket and a pair of shoes, and
with having obtained money under false
pretenses. He was arraigned refore
Judges Laidlaw and Hutchison on Monday afternoon and was sentenced to six
weeks hard labor in j dl. The fact of
thr Ben truce being so light was due to
his previous good character and the
drunken bout which caused tbe trouble.
President McKinley and parly visited
the Omaha exposition on the nth inst.
Acting upon instructions from Havana
tbe civil government of Manzanillo has
been turned over to tbe Americans hy
the Spanish officials under protest.
Secretary of State Alger has decided
to muster out the Second U. S. volunteer
cavalry, otherwise known as Torrey's
Rough Riders. The order will probably
be issued in a few days, to take effect at
once. The men will be mustered out in
Jacksonville, and most of them will return at once lo their homes iu the Rocky
Mountain country.
Tbe Tourist hotel, under construction
by the Tacoma Land Company, Tacoma,
Wash., was burned on October 15. There
had been expended on the structure up
to date $135,000. upon which there is no
insurance. It was the purpose of the
land company to make this one of the
finest hotels in the country and il would
have cost complete over $1,000,000.
A flood Business For Sale.
O. L.  Hilliard, the blacksmith,  has
become iuterested in other business en
terprises, and as he is not enjoying good
health, is anxious to dispose of his shop
and blacksmith business. He has the
only shop in town, 'is doing a good paying business, but will give a bargain to
the right man.
Official Changes in tbe Yukon.
A dispatch from Ottawa announces
that William Gordon Hunter, barrister,
of Victoria, has been appointed gold
commissioner for Yukon, William Fawcett to be recalled, and that Clement, of
Berlin, will be registrar, vice Wade, dis
Several carloads of bridge limber have
been shipped from the sawm'lls at this
place to the bridges on the west end.
The painting force returned last night
from Coal Creek and will begin work ou
the interior of the section bouse within
the next few days.
I) b 8., ft 1.. 9. Notary l'ubiio.
McVittie & Hutchison,
ItAKKH ttTltKKT, .      -     OltAHimoOK.
-Dollars In-
Mines and Real Estate.
.   .   .   Insurance Agents.
Wood and Freight.
CIIANU1I00K, 11. 0.
Is Prepared to Furnish Wood
and Deliver Some Promptly on
order. Well seasoned and cut
to stove length.
Of all kiui's will receive prompt
Fort Steele and
Dry Ooods,
Ladies' and dents'
Furnishings, Footwear,
Paints and Wall Paper.
Large Car of Furniture
on sale at Cranbrook
Till about October 17th.
Goods and Prices Right.
Spokane Falls & Northern Ry.
Nelson & Fort Sheppard Ry.
Red Mountain Ry.
Tbe only rail route without ctiiufe ol cars
between Nelson aad Rossland and
Spokane aad Roiilaad.
|.oavo r.-.-x n. iu.   KELSON    Arrive r..3C p, 111
"    U:"»   "    lUlssl.AND     "     llV •■
"      S.3J a. HI.   SI'DKA.NK ;. 111 j.. in
Train Hint leaves Nelson At 11.20 a. ni innkrs
close connections M Kiiukaue tor nil faclOa
('nasi iMiints.
PasscneiTs for Eelt'e Elver and Bounilnry
Creek connect nt Marcus with stage .lally.
0. II. DIXON, (I. P. ST. A,**3
«.K.TACKAmiKV.A,,.,!""'"" ■•'•'""■
Ne.iuii, It 0.
jt~aTM*-8-^-fl-45-8- S S"1S"SS:l'.2S-.g-S-JS-l>-$-&3t.-&.4&4l=4ttt
We have just completed our Cranbrook branch and are stocking it with the most complete line of     dt   dt
Below we mention a few of the many good things we have in our Grocery Department;
Chase & Sanborn's fine Mocha and Java Coffee.
Crosse  and Blackwell's Pickels, Vinegar and An-
chovie Sauce.
Lee and Perrin's Sauce.
Curtise Bros.' Blue Lable and VanCamp's Tomato
Gordon and Dilworth's Salad Dressing.
Johnson's Beef Extract.
VanHouten's Cocoa.
Upton's Jams.
Perrin's fine Buiscuits and Candies.
Kesller's Marmalade.
Fine Canadian Cheese.
J. T. Morton's Pineapples in Syrup.
Cherrystone Lunch Oysters.
California Asparagus; California canned fruits.
Aylmer Boned Chicken, Turkey add Duck.
Portland Star and Noble's Lobsters.
Connor's Clams; Barataria Shrimp.
Clark's Deviled Ham.
Armour's Lunch Tongue, corned and chipped Beef.
Log Cabin Baked Beans.
Farrell's Puritan Maple Syrup.
Swift's Hams and Bacon.
Our Dry Goods, Gents' Furnishings and Hardware departments will be stocked with the latest
We also carry a large line of Sash and Doors.
In our Wholesale Department we carry a fine
line of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
We would be pleased to have you call and see
our store and fire-proof cellar.


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