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Cranbrook Herald Apr 3, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
B. K  Wai.kkk, Gen. M.Q-
Hon. Gksi, a, Csix, President.
Paid Up  Uiipli.il
Total   R**'islrs'C*
. td.iwo.iioa.ou
. 2.000,000.00
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
To accommodate  out-  rapidly increasing trade
V we ere building another big store, two stories, the upper floor to be used entirely for FURNITURE.   This
triples the size of our present premises.
Low Expenses, Large Sales
We can sell the cheapest
Two cars unloaded in the last few days. Another o
vehicles to arrive any time, We sell only first-class
•wFcinUlOUlV       Quests Comfort i Specialty
II       i       f . . flood Stabling In Connection
Hotel *£ S
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations fur the public unequalled in Cranbrook,
 Proprietor       X
In order to make room for spring slock I am offering a LIBERAL
REDUCTION on Stoves for the next two weeks. Just a few prices on
Box stoves:
22 Inch, $5.25    25 inch, $0.25    28 inch, $7.90   31 inch. 8.75
A carload of McLaughlin's Carriages will arrive about the 20th.   Wc
will have just the rig you want and harness lo match.
Pioneer Hardware Store. QI1H-^;NER
Successor  to
I will continue li» keep a complete stuck of hardware, gloves,
tinware, In fact everything in my line lo meet (he trade ol this
dislrict,   Call in nr write when wanting anything.
J. I). He BRIDE.
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods anil sprint; novelties is
1111 equalled in Bast Ksotenny. Call in and
and see the many pretty things we have.
tSi®l8l|®l8IS)lwll?ll(BI«IC.')i;.'>IC--l      I* I*l*l<8.|-M«l*l*l«|-M«l»l
i.t-VHt^V^)~lil-®--t!>--*)-itr-<i)-<&-<£h-    fc-*-si-*-*-l!)-lsl-IS>-s9-«>-tj>-'-'   '"'
Lessons of a Fire.
The foolish gazes at another man's property burning, and says "Too bad, and he had
no insurance." And then he forgets and fails £i
to insure.   The wise man sees the fire and
insures the next day.    Moral:
flllllllllllfllllllllll Wi«W
Ai   Enthusiastic   Meeting   Was  Meld   Monday Night.
On Monday   night a meeting of 'he
hoard of trade   aud   citizens   wai held nl
ihe Cranbrook hotel tn discuss ihe question of fire protection, The fire uf that
morning had itlrred up tlie people and
they met with the determination of doing all in their powei to Improve the
present inadequate facilities for fighting
The question wan generally discussed
and then acliou wiih taken lu orgaulie a
competent lire brigade, ami officers were
elected as follows:
Preside nt—James Ryan.
Chief—J. }f, Pink,
Assistant Chief— A L. McDermot,
Secretary-Treasurer—*0. T. Rogers,
Mr. Fink stated that he would he will
ing to take charge of the work on con*
ditton thai the merchants evinced a disposition to aid in carrying ihe harden.
The Idea suggested wan that each merchant provide une man fur active service
ill ttie brigade, all to wnrk under orders
from tbe chief or his assistant in case of
fire, This plan met with the hearty approval of those present, and Has unanimously endorsed.
An effort will be made to raise a luud
to purchase more hose and apparatus,
and also to extend the limit ut tire protection by securing additional water
facilities In the section of Lhe to ■ n where
pipes are laid.
The move is In the right direction ami
an earnest effort ou Hie part of tht. people and good work on the part of the
brigade, may prove tbe salvation of the
town on more occasions than one,
Annual Report Shows That It Has Made
Satisfactory Progress.
Tbe annual meeting of parishionors of
Christ church was held in the church on
Monday evening. The financial statements of Vestry and Ladies' Guild, lor
lineal year just ended were read.
Tbe financial condition is most satisfactory as compared with one year ago.
A heavy debt has been liquidated and all
current expenses met. With a small
balance on hand to commence the new
year, and uo incumbrances, makes plain
sailing for tbe newly elected officers.
Tne Ladies Guild received much praise
at the hand-* of both Incumbent ati<) vestry, for their tiutirlug *ea. and for the
many Improvements accomplished by
The following is a list of the names ol
officers elected for the New Year:
Incumbent's Warden—DeVere  Hunt.
People's Warden—A   C. Pfgott.
Sidesmen—Jaints (Jill. J Hutchison,
C. S. Parker. Mr. Koch, C. Jeffires, Mr.
Plum mer.
Vestry Clerk—James GUI.
Bach member of the congregation will
be visiled by the vestrv during the week
with a view to ascertaining the amount
each one will subscribe tor the year.
Nelson Detests linsi kootenay
Souih liast Kootenay Rugby players
want to Nelson tu meet the kulgnls of
the held last Monday. They met them
and the colors of Soulh Bist Kootenay
were tra'led in the ground nud dust of
the city by the lake. It wus nut the
faull of our home team. The blame
rests entirely and alone with the Nelsou
players. South Kast Kootenay'a gladiators traveled simply to give iliem a game.
And what was the result/ S mply playing that brought inglorious defeat. Our
boys did well, but the olhei team did
better,    Then   there   is  another  cause,
That crowd oi Nelson football players
ate the most hospitable people 011 em lli
Wheu tbe team arrived on the boat
there weie a thousand hands extended
in welcome, a glad lm//-, of genuine
friendliness, and uu absolute surrender
ol the town to the visitors. Bast Kootenay people can enj >y hospitality, ami
they did. In that they won out, hence
they don't feel so badly over their defeat.
Saved Prom Murder Charge
Unbeit Shore, who has had the banning house at Ihe Fernie mines, had '--•
altercation wiih his wife last week that
resulted in hard Mows and complete
prostration on the part ol llie wile. S >
bad was  she  that   she   was  brought   to
Cranbrook where her condition continued to grow worse until death finally
followed. Tho husband 1 ad been attested on the charge ol assault, but was
being held pending the result of the
woman's illness, and after her death he
was brought (0 Cranbrook by Constable
Barnes. A post mortem examination
was held by Drs. King and Dougherty,
who decided that the woman came to
ber death by natural causes. This saved
Shores from the charge of murder, but
he will be prosecuted on tbe charge of
Will Use Electric Headlights.
The C. P. R has decided to adopt an
improvement which has been experimented with on the Soo Line and which
has proved au unqualified success. A
number ofthe locomotives on the Crows
Nest Pass division are to be equipped
with electric headlights, the current for
which will be supplied by a small dynamo on the engine. This will enable tbe
engineer lo see a long dts'anrc ahead
when running and will minimize the
danger of striking cattle or obstructions
on tbe track.
Several Houses Were Lefl In  Intal
For a Time It Looked Very Dangerous far thc Business
At last Cranbrook has had afire. After
fnur years of good luck it'came, and although the losses were 1105 so heavy, yet
it was fortunate that alt til the business
street was not flame swept*
About four o'clock McAdiiy morning
flames were discovered it(|a pile of slabs
next to R, S. McNeil's holse, on Durick
avenue. Tbe alarm was given and two
engines in the yard took [up the refrain
and by persistent whistling aroused
nearly the whole town. Tiiere were ready
hands and willing hearts* and at once
a brigade of bard' workers started in to
save all the property that was possible
There was no wind aud ih en;.sequence
lhe ouly current of air was that caused
by the flames. The buildings were
frame and of course burned rapidly, and
it whs soon demonstrated that those situated iu the bunch were dunmed. and
the best plan was to devote all efforts to
prevent tbe spreading of tlie flames to
other buildings iu the neighborhood.
The Hue of Iimsp was rur. from the town-
site oflice corner, but found to be loo
short, uml it was changed to the hydrant
at the station, and a stream ul water
turned bio.se tbat did effective work. A
number of men who aaid little but
worked hard, tore down fences and out
houses, (bus aiding very materially iu
confining the tire to a closer area. Por
a time it looked as if the the twnstury
building of Henry Parker's wan bound
logo, but persistent effort saved it, and
undoubtedly many buildings beyond it.
The fl uiiea soon covered the McNeil
house, and bakery occupied by Wright
brothers, and then fair* lanced upon
the two story building owned by Maelu-
touieny brothers. Long before the first
building was iu ruins, ihe roof of lhe
other was falling in. Next to the two
story building was the story and a half
cottage owned by A. Sl. Blols, und occupied by C. Barney, and that was soon a
total loss
liven with no wind to speak of, large
burning cinders were carried as far up
town as P Hums 8t Co '.-. corner, and
had it not been for the heavy fiost Hint
night, tires may have started in other
places. R E. Beattie kept the roof nf
his place wet, and others followed suit.
The losses were as follows:
A, St. Blols, house. $1,000, lusurace
C, Ilamey, furniture,   saved nearly all
of it.
Maclntotneny brothers, two story
double house, Iobi 1,500, no iusurauce
J.  Patton.   household   furniture, lost.
R. S. McNeil, house a loss, fu.uiture
partly saved,   insurance $500,
Wright brothers, bakery, loss bakers'
outfit, uo insurance.
The cause ot the lire is unknown. It
has been rumored that it was not on the
square, bul yet there seems to be no positive citcuniatntices pointing that way.
For a time it looked as it Geary Si
Doyle's stable and the Cranbrook hotel
were bound to go, Paul Hundley Had a
fuiir horse toad uf powder ut the stable
ready to start lor lhe North Star nine,
ami he burned out his horses aud took
Ihe load to a place of Bafety on tbe
prairie near tbe school house.
The loss Incurred by the individuals is
to be deplored, and on the whole the escape for the town was a narrow one.
Ibe next d,.y a sub.staiili.il subscription
was raised lur lhe P.ilton family to tide
litem over utter losing nil ihey had.
The Hospital Dance
The annual ball given by the Hospital
Ladles Aid last Monday evening lor tne
benefit of St Fugeiie hospital was a
success fliiHucially. There was 11 large
attendance and everything uassed off iu
n most satisfactory manner. There was
a programme of twenty dunces and several extras. A flue lunch was served at
12 o'clock aud il was nfter 3 o'clock before tbe dancing censed. During the
evening several cakes were auctioned off
at good prices. Great credit is due to
the committee for ibe manner in winch
the affair was handled.
Job for the Fool killer.
Some miserable whelp took two burrs
off of Mr. I.ounsbury's wagon while it
was lelt one night near the freight shed
loaded with ties, As a consequence the
wheels came off the next morning, and
as no other burrs eould be secured Mr,
I.ounsbury was left without his wagon
until two could be mane, Such a trick
is neither Miiart nor funny, but must
have been the act ol a knave or a fool.
Frank Bail Loses HU Life While Riding On
a Freight Train.
Prank Hall, a brakeman working for
Conductor Caviu, met with his death
ue.1T Krickson on the west end When
the train arrived at Creston, Hall was
not to be found, and the engine was detached and tun back in seaich of lhe
missing man. His remain! were found
on lhe track hombly mutilated, and it
was evident lhat he had fallen between
(he cars ami had been run over by most
of tbe train. The cause ni the disaster
is not known, hm it is supposed that
Hall got sleepy while sitting ou the end
of oue of the .lump cars, and was thrown
The remains were brouebt back tn
Cranbrook and then forwarded to Rat
Portage, where a sister lives.
The Number of Members Now Increased to
The redistribution makes some mate.
tial changes in tbe province, hut as a
rule is giving general satisfaction. In
South Kast Kootenay two districts are
made out of the old Fort Steele district,
oue to he known as the Ferine district
ami ihe other as the Crauhrook dislrict.
The division line between tbe two districts will be the Kootenay river from
the International boundary line to Bull
river, and up Bull river lo the summit.
Following are the distilcts as provided
by the bill:
Victoria Cily  4
Saatiich  I
Bsquimalt  1
Cowichan       1
The Islands  1
Newcastle  I
Nanaimo  Cily  I
Alberul  1
Coitiox  I
Delta  1
Clnlliwack _  1
Dewtlney  I
Richmond  1
New Westminster  I
Vancouver Cily  5
Atlin  1
Skeeus  I
Cariboo    2
Liilooet  1
Yale „ „  1
Kaniloups  1
Okanagan    I
Similkameeu  1
Greenwood „. ... x
Grand Forks  1
Revelstoke  _ _  I
Slocan  _  I
Ymir    1
Nelson City  1
Rossland City  1
Rosslaud City _  1
Kaslo  1
Columbia „ „  I
Cranbrook  I
Fernie  1
Total  42
The new districts created by the redistribution bill are: Saauicb, The Islands, Newcastle, Atliu, Skeena. the two
Litlooets have been merged into one,
Kaiiiloops, Okmiagan, Similkameen,
Greenwood, Grand Furks, Ymir, KaBlo,
Columbia, Cranbrook and Fernie.
W byte Wanted for the C N. R
Vancouver World: William Whyte of
the C. P. R is announced, it 1b said, as
the general manager of the Canada
Northern, which wilt shortly have a
terminus on the coast. As none of the
principal officers of the company are
resident in this city, or here at present,
it is impossible to obtain any authoritative information in corroboration or denial of the rumor. Mr. Whyte has been
connected with Canada's great transcontinental line for many years, and Is perhaps tbe man who is most familar with
the conditions of railway trade on this
end of the continent. He was for some
time general passenger agent at Winnipeg, nnd recently returned from a special trip to Siberia, where he had been
sent by the company to investigate the
conditions of trade, and the practicability of establishing commercial relations
with (list country.
Fire I    Fire I    Fin I
The following letter  ia  positive evidence of the character of the companies
represented   by   Palmer   Si   Arnold   of
W. S. Holland, Esq.
Gen.   Agent Anglo American  Fire
Insuionce Co., Vancouver, B C.
Dear Sir—I beg to acknowledge receipt
of the Anglo American Fire Insurance
company's check No. 1678 for $3753 95.
in payment of youi proportion of my
fire loss, sustained on the 28th December
last, and for which I am much obliged.
I may state Ibat above settlement is
the first oue made by any of tbe Are insurance companies who were interested
in this loss. I beg lo thank you lor
your prompt and satisfactory settlement
and have pleasure in herewith handing
you instructions to cover my slock with
iusurauce to tbe extent of $10,000. I am
Yours truly,
David Spencer.
He dot Four Maithi.
John On, the man  who stabbed John
Ponrrie in an affray  at Robinson St Mc-
Kenzie's mill two weeks ago, was found
guilty and given four mouths In jail.
Reports Show Tbat British Columbia
Is a Winner.
pig lend be increased from 15 percent
to 20 per cent; am! on paint fiom 5 per
cent to S per cent. They alsoasked that
that the government put their 50,010
acres of Crow's Nest cojl lands in the
bands of an Independent company and
limit the price of coke lo fj 05 f.o.b , and
Jl.75 for screen coal. They also presented a resolution asking that an additional member for the Dominion 11(111-6
be given the Vale and Cariboo district,
lying west of the Columbia river.
Marysville   Smelter   Will   Be the
First of Many In  This
Rossland Miner: "It was believed
lhat the smelter would be ready to 'blow
iu'on June I, but lam satisfied thnt it
will be nearer July I before things reach
where actual smelting operations will be
got under way," said George \V Hull, of
the Sullivan smelter, last evening. Mr
Hull was ia the city over night nn his
way from Spokane, where he has been
in consultation with lhe head ollice of
the Sullivan company for several days,
to Marysville, the scene of the company's
smelling enterprise.
Mr. Hull slated lliat tlie recent suspension uf construction on the plant was
merely temporary, due to minor matters
tbat will not effect the geueril results
more than a few days. Construction is
now under way again, and as ihe building is roofed lu the progress to be nude
from this out should be rapid.
The construction of lhe Sullivan
smelter is regaided as an important stride iu East Ki>oteuay's ad-
Vince. The plant will treat the ores of
the Sullivan mine, where a substantial
ore reserve has been developed ready for
sloping as soon as the nducllon works
areieady to receive ore. In addition
custom ores will be purchased and as the
plant is, comparatively speaking, within
gunshot of the coat mines the company
should make a suUstnuii.il saving in the
cost of ibe coal and coke used for fuel.
Another advantage is that tbe Crow's
Nest Southern railroad will form a competitive outlet for the matte produced al
the plant; giving the works another
signal advantage. Il has been intimated
that ahe Ivtst Kootenay country may yet
see the inauguration of the most elaborate smelting works in the entire province, tbe prediction being based on the
argument tbat lhe Crow's Nest Southern railroad will lind it necessary to secure return freights for the cars which
will be taken south loaded with coal and
that the only available reiurn freights
will be dry ores valuable for treatment
with the silver-lead ores ot Kast Kootenay. Tbe St. lingerie. Sullivau and
Nortb Star mines are a trio of the great*
est lead-producing properties in the Dominion and a big smelter could be run
on their output exclusively, even were it
practically certain lhat other promising
properties will in the near future help lo
swell ibe silver-lead output of lha district. 	
.Smelter For Saidou
Nelson Miner: J. M. Harris, president
and general manager of the Reco Mining Co., is in tbe city from Sandon. He
reports that Sandon is much pleased
over the prospect of Ihe erection of a
Vulcan smeller hy Mr. Ryan and asso-
c tes, aa it will enable the miners to
market ore of a low grade, which hitherto they were compelled to leave on the
dumps. Tbe concentrator which the
Payne is building is about completed
and ihould aoon be ready for operation
The electric drills which were installed
In tbe Payne several months since are
giving good satisfaction. The Payne,
he says, is developing in first class shape
and the general outlook in the SIucsn is
Kitchener Iron Mines
The Mining and Engineering Journal
has the following to say ofthe iron deposits near Kitchener: The Kitchener
ore, so far as developed, is high grade
bessemer ore so situated that it can be
smelted on the spot or transported without very great cost or difficulty to furnaces in the coast region of Britit-hCulum
bia,or to the vicinity of the coalmims
and coke ovens of the Crow's Nest Pass
country. One of the latter alternatives
seems tbe more probable, if the analogy
of all modern practice is to bold good;
since it Is Ihe almost universal custom at
present to carry the ore to the fuel rather
than the fuel (0 the ore. The important
point is that when Ihe tune comes to
build up an iron industry to supply the
Pacific coast and the export trade to the
east—which may not be far distant—-lhe
raw material will not he lacking and it
seems reasonably certain that it will be
among the best of its kind.
Pcrrj  Creek
Messrs. Tron and Iloyntoii, members
of tne Wisconsin syndicate that Beeu ied
the leases on Peny creek lust fill, are
arranging fur extensive operations this
summer. Tlu-y propose lo commence
work at once and Tom Roberts .1 is gone
theie to commence the sinking of a
shaft just below the falls. They will put
in a saw mill, and were In Cranbrook
Tuesday for the purpose of looking up a
Messrs Hanks and Thompson will resume operations on thc loth,
Back imm the Easl
D- R. Young, managing director of
the Similkameen Valley Coal Co , Ltd ,
returned this week from a trip to St.
Paul, Chicago aud New York, retnrnli g
by way of Toront ■ His missl .1 easl
Was to effect the amalgamation of (he coal
companies wh-ise base ol operations is
the Similkameeu Valley. In this, here*
ports, he was successful, and Ii 1 nlj ic-
miiius for the legal formalities 10 be
complied w ih to effect the object sought.
Ur. Young slates that be 11 so was successful in interesting some of the s*.r-_-tig-
est financial men of Toronto, Montreal
and other cities In the proposition nf n
smelter al AshnoW, and llul a smeller
of 500 ton* daily capacity is n >« assured
for his City of Progress.
Findk> Creek
W. Walsh, wh.. is interested m a num.
ber ot properties on  Kindley creek, « is
in town Monday and called nn The Herald. He says th*it section looks good
and that he am! hit p-irtner. W. Tiiot-
lon |obn, have three claim1-, the Silver
(jueen, Trojan and Lady Bird. There
have been Iwo tun tie!-, run on the Silver
Queen, one cf 46 feet an-1 lhe oilier of 55
leet. In one there is a ledge of four feet
and in the other two feet. An assay
shows as follows: ll2 ounces silver,
4 2 gold, 17 blsmitb, 22 line, 1% lead,
IV copper, '2 aickle. 3 2S too arsenic
iron, l.', iros. 46 slag. 1 moisture, 4 uil<
phur, Shis would indicate that Pindley
creek will be a mining cam;: with development 	
A Convenient Smeller
A Vulcan   smelter  could   be  put i
any ordinary blacksmith ibop, and ■
or two men could operate it. Tbey
built in units from 6 to l.OD tons di
capacity. They have no tuyeres,
blowers, no b-lling, no shafting:
simple in construction, and econom
in operation. I*. :> one of these lhat
several SloCSQ camps are ju»t How
tiled aboul.
Kootenay Delegation sl Ottawa
Ottawa, March 21 —A deputation com*
posedof Messrs. Buchanan, Aldricb.and
Cronin, representing the Associated
Boards of Trade ot llritish Columbia, Interviewed the government today. They
asked that tie f 100,00J set aside
lo pay a bounty of $5 a ton 011 30,000 j
tous of refined lead he paid out for lhe
14.000 ton* pioducedj tbat the duty on I
A Prospector's Vie*
Cranbrook, M-ir 24. 1902,
Editor Herald; I wish lo give my approval as a prospector ofthe stand yuu
have taken against the associated boards
of trade in regard to taxing the prisp-c-
tor J12 50 for recording his mineral
claim. There Is only one object they,
can have in view and lhat is lo drive
the prospector out of the country. Or
tney may want to introduce the old Ontario mining law to sell the privilege of
al! Halt Kootenay to some favored corporation or Individuals, so that ihe prospector wilt bare to piy tribute to tbem
for his privilege to prospect, Now, Mr.
Editor, I don't think any sane body of
men outside of tenderfeet would want
any such law for the welfare of this"
western country. As a prospector 1
won! I give f 12 50 to send tome Of the 111
back tu the fish barrel again. Tbey are
living too blgh in tbis light air, and foi
some of the old timers, If they would
turn their attention to the Mongolian
ami try an.l tax him out of your 10*11,
ihere would be lolltM robing in lo their
treasure box, where tiiere are ii-t -tinkles
now, for every white mnn in your town,,
is paying tribute to tbem ami there is nn
return, only their labor, tbat should l»i
given to prospectors to help tbem, And
when you help the prospector yon help
the country, for you know trr.ni experience that capital follows ihe prospector,
Drive him out, and you will drive capital out,
A Prospector.
Has (loae East.
L. J. Murphy and wife left on Monday
for North Hay. "Birtiey" was known
from one end of the Crow to lhc other as
poiter on Superintendent Hurj's car
here. Me has now* gone to North Bay
to take charge of official car 14. which
has been assign tl for General Superintendent Bury's use. Of an energetic
and enterprising disposition, thoroughly
devoted to his employer, "Harney" is
bound to get along.
r L Uarrant Dangerous!) HI
L. Garrant, the barber at the C-ntv-
brook holel. has been very Ml for over a
week, and last Monday he was taken 10
St Eugene hospital. Tod y In- whs
Slightly improved, bill I here Is little hopO
for his recovery, CRANBROOK   HERALD
Filitor and Proprietor.
The Herald Jeilres to give tha news of the
district. If run know any about your town
yuur mine or yuur i-eoi-l-*. semi it to this office,
editorial wares
The adtlress of the Lieutenant governor of the Territories,   us a state paper.
would not have nude a passable essa)
for any member of iheCraiibrook schoolO
hist grade class.
Tbe man who would liuve nervn
enough to kill off the Dili inl Gazette
at Victoria would earn enough fame lo
last a life time.
The local assembly adjourned for the
Easter holihays, presumably lor ihe pur
poseof giving tue seekers ot government
subsidies, a much needed rest.
A law is needed In this province that
wilt permit towns uf 100.) io 250.1 population to Incorporate on a proper basis
But at present the representatives at
Victoria are too busy fixing political
grafts to legislate in the interests of ibe
And nowtt is reported that Joe Martin
has declared he would defeat tlie government as soon as the redistribution
bill was passed. Martin has many eue
mies, but ihis act would send a wave ol
approval over the province that would
sound like the rej Icing of a million
tongues. __
Tbe Cranbrook   way   is lhe   winning
«y. „	
Watch Cranbrook gruw. The change-
taking place in this district tm-au mucl
for Ihis section aud for Cianbrook. Tin
policy pursued by the people of Cranbrook in the past is now bearing fruit
Tbe town has always stood for anything
tbal would benefit any portion of tbe di -
trie! aud opposed nothing 011 the grounds
tbat some other town might reap more
direct benefit than Cranbrook. The po
licy was a liberal une iu its inceptiui
and has been carried out with a liberal
spirit and in good faith. Cranbrook today
stands as the leading lown of Cranbrook
district, aud its growth will continue
as it has been from the time lhe town
was first started.
A wedding iu Uasteru Canadu hml to
be poBtpoued last week far twenty four
huu s, for the reason lhat the bride to
be was engaged iu a ping pong tournament and could not get away.
When Cecil Rhodes died the British
Empire lost its strongest workei for ex
paualon and furtherance uf power. Cech
Rhodes was a great money maker, liu
he was a still greater empire buildei
Mis name will be remembered by Hritons
when tbe roll of the rich is a forgotten
"Cranbrook district" sounds good tt.
Lent Is over ami the devil will have a
free band,
Tbe editors of British Columbia an
supposed to meet st Halcyon Hoi Spring}
on lhc 14th for the purpose ut organizing an editorial association.
There is hope of the present assembly
dissolving. We are not asking for every
tbing on earth, but an adj mrnmenl
would surely seem like the approach ot
tha millcnium.
No man can lose money who puts hit
faith iu Cranbrook.
A knocker  should   have  no abiding
place on earth.
Tbe more people come into South
Kast Koootenay, ibe more ihe fact is
emphasized that Cranbrook is the coin
menial and milling centre.
It is reported that the Crow's Ntal
Coal company has purchased Ihe type
setting machines formeily used 011 the
Nelsou Trbune and will use them 011 the
Nelson Miner. If this is trua, tbe Coal
cotup-tii v evidently feels lhe need of a
permanent organ.
A Hot One
London Tit-Bits: At a certain ball In
the country lhe other eveolug a gentleman undertook to Iniroiluce a cuuipan-
loo to a young but somewhat stout lady
wbo seemed to pining for a dance.
"No thanks, old fellow : I don't care
Co wa!■ 1 with a cart."
A "cart" Is understood In the district
referred to as a partner who does not
do her share or dancing, but has to be
drawn round.
A few evenings later the same young
lidy, who bad overheard tbe cm vert a-
tion, beheld tbe yuung man seeking an
Introduction and asking If tie might
have tbe honor, etc.
'•No thank you," she replied: •'] may
99 a can, but I am uot a doukey-can."
Barrister, Solicitor.
Notary Public.
Crmbrsiok and H.rji.lll*. II. C.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
j   tUllUK     HOWARD TOMit
♦♦♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•# ♦•*•*•♦©*».■
It wits nn odd iinine for 11 newspaper
—The Sangnmou Boy—but lis career
wns ho full of oddities that nobody
minded that  The easy going country
folk uf thu Lower ('utiieis said it was
ii good paper, Anyhow, like the good
boy, It died young. Its editor—there
wns 11 mini who never was duplicated
In or out ot the newspaper busluesa.
"Thnt fellow wns n queer one," snld
old tiph Edwards, "but ho was smarter'n chain llghlnln'. Did ye ever rend
nbout Iclinbnd Cm lie?   I've forgot who
It's by, bul ihis Josh Kinney wns a
good deal like I elm bod."
Josh Kinney wns a farm band by
day and nu editor by nighl. Somebody
said hla nerves were made of Iron. IIo
rested tils brain by busying his body
and rested hla body by busying bis
brain, The eyes Hint wore set tin* buck
under the shaggy blows never lost
their keenness in tin.' shadows of bin
protruding brow. Tbey were Ihu unfailing signal lights lliat flashed the message of a vlgllnnt, alert, observing
mind. Kinney wus patient, else ho never would hnvo learned the printer's
nit at odd moments. He wus plodding
uud persistent, else he never would
have tolled fur Into the night to bring
out the weekly issues of The Sangamon B oy.
His office wns even older than the
man. To see It one could nlmost guess
what milliner of man was Us presiding
genius. It la standing today, u plain
square cabin on the very crown of n
desolate hill five miles removed from
any towu. Behind It uml sheltering It
from the spite of the winter winds
nnd the afternoon sun ts 11 grove of
grent towering ouk trees, lifting (heir
branches high over the bend of a tangled muss of forest shrubbery. Its one
door Is milled shut, und strung boards
cover the two squares on either side
where windows once lot In a timid
light by day and sent out a ghostly
glimmer of oil lamps by night.
Kor ten years nut 11 foot has been set
Inside tho door. Thc little old hand
press was removed long ago aud tbe
worn type. One might lind a rusty
stick nestling here and there In the
cracks of the board floor, nnd be might
see a bit of yellow paper tacked near
the door bearing the words In Josh's
own handwriting:
"Loafers ure Invited to tbo blacksmith shop down tlio road. This Is a
Coming from anybody else this hint
might hnve Invited trouble, but respect
for Josh Kinney's Iron muscles and bis
teeming bruin brought It only silent
Lower Corners, which, by the way, Is
uot a village, but a funning community, made sport of Josh when be lirst
came nud started bis newspaper. That
was before they knew anything about
tbo big brain that dominated his angular body. He managed lo get something Into every Issuo that net his
neighbors thinking and inadu them respect him for hlsicnrnlng.
In Lower Corners today there are
men of families who were boys ten
years ago—big, lusty, mischievous buys
who loved a fish fry In the summer and
fl bobsled ride when tlio snow was
kn?e deep on tho Rochester road. Of
course, they remember the night when
a dozen of (hem, playing the gallant
to as many country girls with ruddy
cheeks, rode past Kinney's little oflice
and bombarded the door with snowballs.
Kinney never forgot It, because tho
crush of those snowballs sent a shock
to his heart that changed the current
of bis life. All night long he lind beard
nothing but the monotonous ben ting of
tlio Httle press which his foot kept In
motion. How prosaic It was against
tbo rollicking JlngU of the slelghbclls,
bow harsh ngulnst the musical laughter of tho girls lu tbe sled! And what
a atruiigo thrill went through lilm as
he heard out of these cry out: "Please
don't throw any more, boys. Von
oughtn't to disturb Mr. Kinney when
bu'i busy.   Please don't."
"And is there really somebody who
cores enough about mu to think of
tbat?" he asked himself. "Am 1 ilolug
right lo shut myself up here when I
might be out with those boys uml girlsV
I wonder whose voice that wns, It
Bounded like—but what reason have I
to think that?"
Miiylio ho didn't bare nny reason to
think It, but a vague, tender hope rose
above reason, "Wnry"—what a pretty
name It was, be thought—"Mary Manning—Kinney." So timid was Ibis big,
strung nifiii Unit lm nctunlly blushed at
bis own audacity when he coupled lier I
miiiu! with his. "Mary Manning Kin- j
neyl" It kept ringing lit Ids spirit mil
ear like tho melody of n favorite song.
When the Inst Issue of The Sangamon
Boy was run off nnd Josh Kinney crept
Into bed, a host of sontlmcntnl fancies
kept him awake until far Into the
mornlug nnd then wove themselves Into the fabric of tils dreams,
Mary Manning was tbe only dnugh-
terof the richest farmer In Lower Corners nnd the one girl in the community
who had tossed aside the blue bonnet
of the district school and heroine a
semlnnry girl abroad, She sow In Kinney something more than a clod, something higher tlmii tbe creator of a
weekly rural paper. She respected him
for Ids wide fund of Information, for
his nigged sincerity, for Ids physical
and mental power. She—but she herself could not have told by whnt process aha came to hold n tender regard
for this modest giant ntiiong pygmies.
Possibly It was because bo wub ut once
so gentle uud so strong. 1
liower Corners was suspicious enough
about most tilings, but It did not stop
to give the subject a second thought
when Josh Kinney took Mary Manning home after choir practice. Ho
was Just the bass singer and she tho
organist, and of course lie would not
lei her go unprotected, Lower Cor-
is ihought he wus ucconiuio'diiliiig,
hut was all.
Would she protest also when ho
should tell her of Ilis hinging, of his
love'/   Ymi, gentle reader, know she
would not, und Jush made bold enough
une night when tlie moonlight wns
glowing on the hills to lind nut for
himself. It wns nut for others to
know whnt he said.
"Not necessarily for publication, but
Just us an evidence of good faith,"
said Josh lung nfter wheu twitted
about .It
There came another night when the
moon was not shilling. The Utile office
wns ns dark us the great world outside and ns quiet. It was Thursday
night, and the hand press was still.
That seemed Btrange to passersby on
tho road. They were used to bearing
the steady clack uf tlie press ou thnt
night long after 12. If ihey had on-
served closely, they might possibly
have seen that the door was standing
wide open nud thnt over it was a
square white patch of something.
The next duy—ah, what a Friday
that was for Lower Corners! It baa
been written lu great big letters Into
the history of the neighborhood. By
some freak of fortune or misfortune
John Manning was the first man to
ride down the road past Kinney's office. The sun wns Just lifting Its red
disk over tlie cornfields to the east
Ue was whistling his favorite tune,
the one he had learned In the old days
wheu he wooed nnd won Nancy Cor-
Wln. He spied the bit of pnper over
Kinney's open doorway. He passed
through (be latticed gate nud up the
bill to the cabin. There he adjusted
his spectacles and rend these words:
"To subscribers: Walk iu and get your
pnper.   The editor Is busy elsewhere."
Manning, consumed with curiosity
nnd never bashful nbout getting what
was coming to blm, went In and picked
up a paper from a huge pile stacked on
the oflice table. He glanced over tho
first page and then turned to Kinney's
editorials—be always liked to read
them even though be wns not always
convinced by them. There was something there this time that blanched his
face and made him totter to a chair for
Ills lirst Impulse was to tear his paper Into fragments and burn tho rest,
but Instead he folded It up, thrust It
Into his pocket and hurried from the
"Drat his hide!" ho mumbled to himself. "He might at least have asked
mo. How'd ho know what I might
havo said?"
Iu two hours every man, woman and
child In Lower Corners wbo could bad
devoured these double leaded lines:
"With this Issue publication of Tho
Sangamon Boy Is suspended for lack
of nu editor. He came to you empty
handed; he has gone with the fairest
flower of Lower Corners, with tho
'queen rose of the rosebud garden of
girls.' He hopes he has gone, too, with
tbe kindly wishes of all this worthy
people Ilu boars with him no enmities,
no regrets, Gave those that come from
(bo sense of a work 111 done. If he had
ideals and failed to roach them, tt was
not because he lacked the InBplrntlon
of your generous support.
"Better Tbo Sangamon Boy should
din In his youth than be cast a waif
upon tho world. Of blm 1 shall hold for
myself tlie tenderest remembrance; to
you 1 bequeath whatever of good he
may havo done. I loved him thc moro
that he was only a boy, Just ft strip of
11 Ind who longed to be a man and
wield u man's power. Pity that one so
young should not hnve bad n wiser
ham! to point his way nnd guide his
wavering foot, When you, my friends,
shall read these lines, his life will bavo
closed, nnd mine—will hnve begun In
fuller measure. Do you doubt my
prophecy?   Head:
"KINNKY-MANNIN'a-Mirrlcd, Juris 17. la
Bprlngflflil, at tn id Niu iu, iy Rift J*-'"- ii-B-Uli,
psster oi tlie Grand Avenue m  t*. church, at tils
residence, J-ntiua Kinney and Mlu Mar/ Manning,
LoUi u( Lower Corners Shortly After tin ctre-
tunny Mr. ami Mri. Kinney lelt on the Alton far
Bsnitl Cily, -vli-rt tlie tale editor of Tin S»ni[»*
mon lie-) ■-■ill m-i- tilt ii.?ii» time to iiewiimp.r
woik. Tbl bride li tlie daughter ol John Manning, out of tlie belt known tannera uf SmiyiinoD
Two hours nfter he had read this
concise notice John Manning held In
one of Ids hands a telegram from St
Louis signed "Mary." It simply suited
lhat she was very happy wllh tho
"dearest mail in the world."
A cynical neighbor snld Manning was
conciliated by that statement about
"one of the most prominent farmers;"
but, whatever the cause. Manning declared Hint "Kinney Is u mighty long
way from being the worst man In tlio
world."—Chicago Record-Herald,
Look lor tht
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
Vroom & De/.all
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
(lulslsle Orders Promptly
Attended l.i.
Surveys ,„	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Steele, It. C.
and Builder  _*
All worts guaranteed.   See us before
you boild.   It will pay ynu.
Cranbrook, li (.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
Undertaking And
Iradunteef Champion college of tl. S
Oflice and nlnre, Aiken block,
near Canadian bank of Commerce, Crntihrook, It C
Upholstering anil tk-ncrnl Furniture (repairing
Will attend lo any work in the district
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al residence, Armstrong Ave.
OpflCE llnUKS;
Forenoon",   •   ■   .   ■   o;'|) |n |,
Atternniins   .   .   .   .   1:30 to3:30
Evening.    •   •   ■   •    7.30 to 8:30
•RANHKODK,    :   :   :        :   :    It.  C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
nntrcl lUBayer to
4  j-S-> * « T      mM1....._..1ft1M>| ifflMKtllllimi . ■■■■■■
jj  Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies
and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines.
i <
Surrounded hy
llie following,.,
And (lac Agricultural
Country.  I.nrge herds ni
In abiiiidntis'c wilb n ill*
mate almost Soothero
and all thul could be
ASHNOI A is owl1'*'*- nnd backed by lhe payroll oi the Similkameen Valley
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee in its self
of its success. The equipment and clcvetapmcnt ol their
coal mines, installing 0| water, electric light and power
plants are already arranged lor. The development of the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by lhe Eastern capitalists, who have established their payroll al Ashnola, make
it thc coming city of the interior of British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In blocks I to 4 and 13 to 20 thc price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May I, I-TJ2, and to 10 per
cent, In the remaining blocks. The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed for 8 buildines including
cottages for the employees of the company at Ashnola. This
work will be under full headway by May 1st. The company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 equal
* *
Four years ago thc Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they are quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transportation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any other company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
Similkameen Valjey Coal Company, Limited
Nelson, British Columbia.
* •
^V ....Dealers in....
| Wall ,* Paper,
Paint--., Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
-vjjy'      riouldings, Etc.
| /jiv Paper Hangers and Decorators.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shepltard R'y
•Set!    Mountain   Railwuy
i m
Utc ana
I.- North
.Mill II:
. I ll |U
Every Description ol Mineral -innl) sis,
Prompt Attention to  Samples  Iiy Mall anil
O.i.co mnl 1 alinrntoryt
Kooleno) SI, Nelson, H. C
rnrlnliiiril   Gold.
It Is shown by olllclal returns to
parliament Hint In tlie English chancery there Is about £60,000,000 or, any,
$280,000,000, uf which all hut nbout
$0,000,000 Is kept subject to the orders
of the court In eases now before It.
This sum or $0,000,000, known officially
us "dormant funds In chancery," la tho i
only amount of chancery for which
owners nre not absolutely visible, mid
for n large part of these dormant funds
owuerfl nre pretty certainly known.     .
The statement ought to have sumo
elTci't ou thu well established business
of (hiding "heirs" for vast estates. <
Dozens of astute persons, disinclined I
for ordinary labor, hnve mndo comfort-1
ii bio livings out of credulous people
who hnvo contributed to funds to se-
cnn; these eHtiites, to which they belle veil themselves entitled as heirs.
The claim ugonlR have not restricted
tbelr operations to any ono country—
Cnundn, tho United States, tho continent uf Europe, tbe Itrltlsh colonies,
hnve provided n llvlnir for them.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Pish, Game and Poultry.
We supply nnly thc licst.
tniili' is solicited.
i iti.i Fellows
S. J   M
Key Cily l.mlxi-
N... IU, Metis every I'i"
ilny nlfilit m ihelr mill on
linker street,   Kojniiriilng
ooidlnlly Invited
nrow, II. Parson*)
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   Alt kinds
of repairing.   Give mc n call.
Crnnhnnik Lodge, Nn. ii. ■	
A. P. & A. M.
- Notice In licifliy i tvrn Unit iM't'i* nll«n "111 bfl
ttiwdar meetings on tlio  irnul* fr. tb« 1'i.rllni.ui.t ut rn ii.!.. at lis nest
., |. .   ....       . ,,    , .,„,   se.slim Tin un Act iiiitlmr nii>: llie Bt, Altirj a
lltilll    IIIHIMl.l)   t.i  llll.     1(Uflr ||n||lVtlj.*.,,n|l|my   tll C  llslllll't llllllill.il
m"l«*-« or extendi f fa iiilnvsy fr-'m w-mn point nn
I the ramimnr'H p-i-toiil lino nl nillwny iHence
northerly nnd weaterly hy the North Kontenny
I ii-*s to 11 point nn Uu Iim ileiKiv HI ver in Unit-ill
■ i(liiiiiiMi liclwiwn Wnrdno- nnil tlm Interna*
I ti 'imi iiiiiiiiiiuiy, nUliniilliiiHtynlM t icnniiruct
liiiiiii'lies fnmi nny mint* on the proponed linn
tint MeeoilInR In niiynnaaiiaojwiulnwlii li'iullt,
wiih |his> r ultimoentmtriict, own mi 1 nperate
Idem in h >i"'- h-lcplimio linen tor the una nf tie*
pplille, nml lo non-rule, iruumiill un.l ileal In
elcetrlrl y nml ilomrlo imwor.
Dull it Dl-l-l-ltllll'l  I'.llll, I'KII.
1 Wntti-f linrwluk,
«-« Solicitor for Aiipllintuti
tft******t********999 999*9**^
| HOTIil  I
£ HiitiiDiiiiitiii((tin |,
[J      I'l-TIIB MATIII-SIIN, Prop-lcliir.     *
£ »>«IHllll»lll((tlt»
£ Wliett j'olt ,.rt* lmii-.iv mnl uatll
>r> a "ui"! ini'iil  no to  the  ItDSt
jjj Kiiols-iiiiy
2{ When sou in., tirr-il Hint waist n
■* Hind fc*t It. tp III.' Must Koo-
J ten*)1,
J Wtiett Jnll nte thirsty niul ivnnt is
,i "noil slrlllk   c<.   lo  the   Itnist
ll Kiinti-nny.
Jj In furl wl. it.ynti areltt CrAttbrpnt*
_, fslnj. nt tlie Iv.sl Kn.tteiiny,
Tlie only nil rail I
points linst, West
' between -.11
I S..11II1 10 ...
(llto. A, I.ha.ii, Sis'y.
W. F. (iURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Nelson :Tent:and
Awning : Factory
Intermediate Poinls.
Cottttcetlttg nt
SP0KANK ssilli lhe
Orent Northern, Northern Pacific
nnd O. K. & N. Company,
Contii-ils nt
Nelson with Steamer Ior Knsto
and All Kootenay   Luke PoInU,
Myers Tails with Stage Dully (or
Kepulilic, unit
At    Bossblirg   Stage   Daily   Inr
tlranU Parkland Oreonwood.
II, A. JACKSON, 11.11 |>iu. Ail,
I have good wood ol .ill 1-iiRtlis.
Leave orders .it Townsile ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There area few poinls lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Gcod   Materia
and thc price.
Move ynu tntls.i] villi Anyone nhmtl liuildln-?
Cnmc nnsl iss'e mc nr 1.1 mc ,cc ynu. II may
dn us lltilll "nnd.
* Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
|       ...AN...        :;
K A Story nt llj-|mi>t|*in. »
Muuy yeurn nj-u I wiih bonrdtnn In n
well known bouse at tiu< lowor eml or
lltonilwny, Itrpt by u Jolly, Unlit eyed.
iiriu bolted, nu Qormnn lady, the widow of h "professor," Mnn*. Steinberg.
Ali for iiij-Hi'lf, 1 wm a gillot, ultl ruHh-
loneii tenclior of langunges, uud the
plnCO  milli'tl   nie.     AuituiK   my   |iii|illn
vim the daughter of a rlelt widow,
living in WaBlilugtou square, whieli
wns tha height of fnalilounble na.
plratlon In those days. My depart
meiit was luBtruetlon in the Qerinnn
language, ami in Kiln Cameron I round
n pupil so completely mul unttirnlly
Imbued with thu mysticism dcoiued pe«
cullar to tbe Germans nnd the orientals
thnt I found she grasped the Instinct
of tlint grandly expressive language us
an infant learning Uh nun her tongue.
There was German blood aomowbere
in tlio long pedigree of Kiln's nuei-s- j
Kiln Cameron had Inherited sufficient
of the natural Scotch Intellectual force
to give her balance without blunting
tbe subtle sensibilities of her ml ml.
Oue day there came to our house a
foreign gentleman to board. No one
knew his nationality, nm! to this day I
am Ignorant of It. He spoke English
fluently and Idiomatically correct, but
with such an accent as he might hnvo
learned hy being educated abroad; yet
hu was not nn Englishman, for he said
so. His German waa perfection, his
French Parisian, his Italian nml Spanish a marvel. As for his age, he might
have been thirty or he might bava been
Naturally enough, with our assimilating tnstes, education nml pursuits, and
through the kind Intervention of Mine.
Steinberg, Paul Btolberg and I became
soon acquainted aud then intimate,
"Great men," he would say, "are but
tbe embodiment of an abstraction aud
as purely accidental ns anything within the meaning of the word."
These and similar enunciations he
would give utterance to, not in nny
dogmatic or self sufficient spirit, bul
•Imply as staling the result of his study
and experience.
Most cultivated nnd educated persons
1 havo met hnve possessed hobbies ot
some Bort. nnd Stnlberg's bobby was
tbe collection of crystals. Ills collection, however, wns certainly the linest
1 ever biiw, containing specimens of
quartz, spar nml other minerals and
even the diamond In various forms.
They were arranged In his cabinet under glass nnd numbered several hundred. Besides these, be had In aootbci
case n collection of magnets, comprising about fifty, and nlso of nil sizes.
ISuch n curious concatenation of tastes
surprised me, and I remarked upon it,
asking why he had selected two such
diverse objects for collection.
"Not so diverse as you think, my
dear friend," said be, "for I at least
think that where two powers, apparently different in form nud character,
produce tho same results, If exercised
In the siiino manner there must be consanguinity somewhere."
"The magnet attracts," said I, "and
the crystal, excited by friction, will do
• the same, but so will u glass bottle or a
nick of sealing wax."
Ho smiled nnd, going to his crystal
cabinet, selected from it one of thc larger ones. Then he snld ns he returned
to my side, "Sll easily In ymir chuir
while 1 show you something cUe the
crystal will do and mark your senna
tious." 1 t.mk au easy position, resting
my lunula on the arms of the chair, nml
wnl ted.
Seating himself directly In front of
nie. be raised lhe crystal with both
bauds, and nt about a dlstuuee of b!x
Inches from my person drew ll slow
ly, perpendicularly, before me, rrom my !
bead io my feci, As in* did bo I noticed a sousatlou ns of n Hghl brw ■<■
blowing upon me. The operation huh
repented, and Ihlj lime i fell o pleasant
iirnwuiih-HH creep o\ ur tne, the cool
wind hiiii bu>\\ ii|isiii me, mul i geomed
to sec nothing hm the crystal, whlcb
assumed n larger appearance aud be-
came Intuitions al the angles     A third
pass, mill it occurred io me that I
would mention this luminous appearance, which was Increasing, bul ou
trying to do ia I found I could nol
ipenk and move, ami, wiih a dun fnucj
tiiut'l wns rude to fall asleep under
wm ti circumstances l been mo luscusl-
When I became conscious, the window wus open nud the cool October
wind blowing upon me, My forehead
wns wet, nnd my cbnlr bad been wheeled lu front of the window, Btolberg
sat by me, and l observed tbat bo looked paler thun usual nml anxious.
"What Is the matterV" snld 1.
"Nothing," be replied,   "l do not euro
to wait until yuu should come nniiirnlly ;
■ out of your conin, so I  used physical .
means to awaken you.   What do you'
think of tbe powev of the crystal now?"
I replied that 1 hud never heard or It
before nnd described my sensations to
him, but he did not pay much intention, and his mind seemed distraught.
"But bow is It about the mngUet?"
snld I. "You have not yet proved in
me nny Identity between these two
"one experiment of this sort Ik
enough fur un evening," he replied
"On another occasion I will con v I net
you thnt (he magnet possesses precisely the game power. But tell me—you
have n piinll whom I should much like
to moot—Miss Cameron,"
1 was surpilsed that be should have
beard of her and anld bo. i
. "Xou mentioned her iiiune wheu you
were under the Influence of tho nt-
tal," he replied.
"So, then," said I, "this power l« allied to that of animal magnetism';"
"It produced a kindred result by a
different moans, But tbh *Um Cain-i
iToii, an I Judge from your remarks,
must bo a peculiar character—what I
should call sublimated,"
"Vou are right, though 1 had no Idea
of talking In my sleep or telling tales
out of school. But really 1 wuuld like
you to sen her and converse with ber."
Btolberg expressed the pleasure It
Would give lilm to meet ber, and 1
promised to intiko an tirrangemeul to
that end when I gave her my lesson on
the following day.
My description uf tuy friend and my
assurance nf his sclinlnrly attainments
roused sufficient curiosity lu my pupil
to render lier eager to see him, 8o an
appointment wus made, with the eon'
sent or her mother, for the following
day, and, punctual to tho hour, we entered Mrs. Cameron's drawing room.
The ladies appeared Immediately after, and, presenting my friend, what
was my surprise to see lllns Cameron
suddenly pause, trembling violently,
while her face becauiu vividly pale. I
stepped forward to support ber, but
Btolberg hud already taken ber hand,
and as he gracefully expressed his
gratification at meeting her she be-
-•nine instantly calm, and, seating herself, In a moment she waa pleasantly
engaged In conversation.
Somehow or other we drifted Into
the subject of hypnotism, and I mentioned the affair of tbe crystal. Ella
was interested and begged that Mr.
Btolberg would give her an opportunity
of witnessing Its effects. He agreed
willingly, aud a future occasion was
promised when the experiment should
be made on tho young lady herself.
A few dnys later, ou reaching our
hoarding house, I was Informed by
Mine. Steinberg that Mr. Stolberg bad
packed all his property, with orders to
send It on hoard a pneket which was
to sail on the following day for Ham*
burg. A note to me, left by himself, In.
formed me thnt he bnd received letters
which required his immediate departure, hut that he would not deprive
Miss Cameron of her Beance aud would
meet me at her mother's house In tbe
evening nt the hour which bad been
At Hint time and place I found blm,
apparently making himself quite at
home, and presently opening a small
box which he had brought with him be
drew from It the sume crystal with
which he had operated upon me.
Scaling hiinr-i-it' In front of her as she
reclined easily In her armchair, he commenced the mysterious pusses with bis
crystal, I watched ber closely, and as
he moved It slowly In front of her 1
could perceive that she gradually grew
pale; then her eyelids dropped, and she
was apparently In a souud sleep. Her
mother called to her, touched her and
even, used some gentle violence to
awaken her, hut without the slightest
apparent effect.
Pointing the crystal at ber Stolberg
drew silently backward toward the
door, when, to our astonishment, the
sleeping figure rose, or rather glided
afler him out of lho door, Into the ball,
down ihe stairs, and ns be opened the
front door Stolberg called lo Mrs. Cameron, who stood with me nt the hend
of the stalls watching tho results of
this wonderful Influence!
"You sec, madam, she would follow
me anywhere," aud, ns though to prove
it. she passed out of the door, which
Btolberg shut, and, to my horror, 1
heard blm lock It nfter blm.
I flew down the two flights of stnlrs
Into the basement, my brain turning
mad, it Boomed to me, nud reached (he
Bldewallf by tbe lower door Just In time
to see n carriage turning at full speed
ihe next comer.
Returning to Mrs. Cameron l found
her In n swoon, out of which, as aha
awakened to sensibility, she passed Into convulsions nml nt midnight wns a
corpse. Meanwhile tbe police bnd been
Informed, messages sent tn nil directions, but of stolberg ur his Unhappy
victim I hnvo never beard since.
KV« Frenchmen  Were (itrmtiii.
The name of Prance is derived from
the Fraud, or Pranks, a people of Germany wbo Seized thill pint of iho
country nearest the Klilnc mul settled
there. Later on they subdued Purls
and made that the royal seat of their
Increasing empire.
Tho   origin   of  other  geographical
nainei ts Interesting mitt will serve to
enlighten us when WO rend of, for Instance, Hlbemla for Ireland. tUbornla
In Hiild to he derived from a Phuiil-
clan word meaning "farthest habitation," there being no couuiiy known to
tbem west of Klin.
Portugal obtained Its mime from Porto, the haven or port where tlie QaulS
lauded their stores, This is Oporto,
culled hy Die Portuguese -> Porto (the
port). The town was ghen us a dowry
to Teresa when she married Henry de
Lorraine, who styled himself Karl of
Portugal because tbe place was known
as thu piutus Gallorum (the port of the
Gauls), Thc name wns finally extended to the whole country.
Russia look its denomination from
the Rossi, or Russl. u people of the
south of Russia, who possessed themselves of the country In the declining
days of the Greek empire. Being the
predominant Inhabitants, they Imposed
their name ou all (he rest.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
lhe Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
A Street ramble.
A little girl stood at a window blowing Roup bubbles. Beneath stood u little boy, and as she blew hubbies toward him he tried to catch them. They
broke and disappeared on all sides,
but the two laughed and kept up the
game, she smiling down and he gazing
upwnrd engerly.
"Behold, a parable!" said a mnn to
a woman. "The eternal relation of the
Bexesl Vou blow beautiful bubbles
down to ub from your height, and wo
wenry ourselves In trying vainly to
catch them.   Poor little boy!"
Tbe pair played and laughed In the
sunshine until the hoy grew tired. He
called out "Goodby!" gnyly nud mn
away to piny with other boys and girls
In the street. The girl looked after him
wistfully, a shadow on her face, "she
did not care to blow bubbles nny more.
She leaned out to watch lilm, und as
she did so she tipped over the howl
of soopy water. She looked very lonely.
"Behold, a parable!" said the woman
to tbe mnn. "He has tired of tbe
game; not she. There is no other little
boy to blow bubbles to, nnd If there
were she has no pretty bubbles left to
blow. Eternal relation of «*■••■ es! Poor
little girl!'
Terms of Payment
The- tts-rejalc ,'iniiiiim nl principal and Int rest, except In the
ense nl Itinil. udder S2.50 tin acre, is divided inlu len instalments as
'I111v.11 in the tabic below; the first tn he paid at lhe time of pur*
chase, lite second une .cur (rum slittenf lhc purchase, the third in
Iwo years and so on.
The I11II1111 in* (able shows lhe amount ot Ihe annual instalments
nn Ilill acres at diftcrenl prices under the above cooditions:
loll tiers nl S2.SII per acr, 1st instalment SS-.IS t, equal inlal'ls al SSO.OO
3.M     -          ••               71.10               " 60.00
ISO      "           ■•                83.00                » 70.00
4.00     •■          "               95.85               " 80.00
4.50     "          "              107.85               " 90 00
5.00     "                            19.85               » 100.00
Kimbci'lcv is "'L'business aml shippinj! point for thc
•   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & I.L1.WELL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook 's "ie (-'v-s,on--' P°'n- °' -ne Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of St.ul h
East Kooienay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
For further infuriiiiii imi npply tu agents ss above nr to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under (2.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter lime.
If the land Is paid for in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from lhc
price will be allowed equal tu len per
ten I on lhe amount paid in excess oi thc
usual cash instalment.
Interest at sin per cent will be
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in the following town sites in Bast kooienay: Elko, Cranbrook. Moyclle, kilch-
ener, Creston aad kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in siv and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway in lhe While
Grouse copper fields.   .1. I. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
.% Real <ni* Crab*
Eugene Blackford, at oue tims flnh
commissioner of New York, was Hand-
Ing lu ihe door ut his odlce Id l-'ultou
market one day when u liternry womuu
thuh' up to blm uud '-uiii "Mr. Black*
ford, 1 um gathering muterlal for uii
article on crabs, l'o you ihlult IbOSi
little crustaceans have the faculty of
"Well, iiindiiin." replied Mr. Blackford, "I have never given the subject
n (bought, bin I have known crabs lo
do ioiuo remarkable things, i.nii summer I was llrdilng for flounders In
Jamaica buy. The wnter wab shallow,
and I could easily see tho bottom. A
crab sidled up to my bait, picked up
the hook wllh one clnw, took off the
bull with the other, nte It, and (ben
climbed up tbe line hnnd over band,
tumbled Into the bunt and went nosing
around looking for tbe bait box. If
that isn't reason, ft certainly Is a very
high degree of lustlnct."—New i'ork
Fire   Anions   Smv«k«   Nation*.
According to Pliny tire wns a long
time unknown to some of the ancient
Egyptian tribes, and wheu a celebrated
astronomer made them acquainted with
that element nud how to produce It
they were wild with delight The Persians, Phoenicians, Qreeks nnd several
other nations acknowledge that their
ancestors were once without the com-1
forts which Are bestows; the Chinese
confess the same of their progenitors. I
Pompnnton, Mola, Plutarch and other
ancient writers speak of nations which,
nt the time when they wrote, knew not
the use of fire or had Just recently
learned It.
Tbe Inhabitants of the Marian
Islands, which wero discovered In 1651,
had no Idea of lire or Its uses. Their
astonishment knew no bounds when
they saw It applied to wood, most of
them taking It to be some kind of nn
animal which the Bailors had brought
with them and which must be fed on.
woo*!. j
All  Charged but  tbe  Cork. i
A good story is told of a digger who
bad ridden into a Western Australian
lown to consult a doctor.  Having done |
so, he went to have lhe prescription i
made up,
"How much Is this lot?" he asked
the chemist.
"Well, let me Bee." was the reply.
"There's seven and Sixpence for the
medicine and a whining for lhe bottle."
He luf.ltnicd, uncertain whether he
bad charged for everything.
"Oh, hurry up. 1)088," snld the Impatient miner; "put a price on the cork
• ml let us know the worst". |
The Cranbrook  j
I Lumber Co.        I
j        Saw and Planing Mills
| iiiAT
! Rough and
| Dressed Lumber, 1
a *
§ Dimension Lumber, |
1 Shingles and f
| riouldings. I
#*#*******♦*»**■•»*-»»*-»♦¥*« i+4**4i*4**i**444**#44*4**%
hu tart.
The following Incident Ib reported
from one of lhe public schools lu the
poorer section of Bostoni
"Say, teacher, here's a tuberose I
brought ymi," salt! n smudge faced
youngster the other day.
And, beaming her (hanks, she asked
liliu where he got It
"Oh, say, ditt was easy," he replied.
"1 got tt olT'n a dead lady,"
To clean Annuel blankets a good way
li to put two talilcHpooiifuls of hums
and a plot of soft soap Into cold water
suttlelent to cover the blankets, When
the borax and aonp have dissolved, put
In the blankets and let them stand over
night. The next day rub them out,
rluse In two waters and hang tbem to
dry.   Never wring tbem.
A   "Square"   Alderman.
"\ happened to be out west," Raid a
rittsburg architect, "when a certain
town decided to erect a city hall.
Architects were Invited to send In
plans and specifications, nnd, though
1 hadn't fully decided to compete, I
dropped In on a boss aUlermnu one day
to secure some information. 1 had
been told that he was nt the bend of a
ring, and it didn't tuke me long to discover that such Information was correct. We hud scarcely passed a dozen
words when he said:
" 'Mr. Itlunk, tbis building ls to cost
" •Yos.*
"'Aud there must he nt least $200,-
000 to divide up among the plcklugs.'
" 'Yes.'
"'Can you plan an $800,000 buildlny
which will yield $'JOU,uuo worth of
" 'I never hnve done bo.'
"'Then don't begin here. You'd not
only muddle yuur plans uud spoclflca*
tlons, but you'd tempt us to steal you;
wluiek of the stealings, and we want
to get out of It with a Utile honor left
to tackle some other Job with. Try a
railroad water Job or something easy,
and good morning to you.' "
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
Anlmala and   fCartbqaakea.
Many birds show their uneasiness before an earthquake by biding tbelr
beads under their wings and otherwise
behaving In an unusual manner. At
the time of the Cnlnbrtnn shock the lit*
tie lishllUe eels (clrrleelll), which usually hide deep In the wet sand, came to
thu top und were caught In grent multitudes, In South America certain quad*
rupeds, such ns dogs, cuts and Jerboas,
nre believed by the people to glre warning of coming danger by their restlessness. Sometimes Immense flocks of sea
birds tly Inland before an enrtbquako,
us if alarmed by somo suboccanlc dls*
turhnnce. The only explanation offered
of this apparent prescience Is that some
uiiiinalB are sensitive to tbe small tremors which precede nearly all earth-
quuke shocks. , ■ .   ^
An  Apt   Ufttnltlun.
"What la a Bohemian?" said the
young man wbo wants to study human
"A Bohemian," answered thc cold
blooded friend, "Is a person who nlwnys needs two or three extra Indorsements on bis note when be wants to
borrow money."
Ro lapersllllon.
"Would you start on a Journey on
■'No, indeed."
"Why arc people ro superstitious?"
"But this bus nothing to do with superstition.   1 get paid on Saturday."
A small Iron pot holding about a
quart, which Is sllll preserved, wus
cast at tbe Lynn foundry In Hi lli. it
was tbe first Iron article made from
native of* la America.
Goal Chnim.
"The mnn who goes In for Angorns,"
says an authority, "will And thnt It la
true they will Jump anything under
100 feet high and climb n sapling, They
will get at the neighbor's wash ns sure
ns ft goes on the line, nnd there will be
lingerie to pay for. But If yon would
be on the safe side and keep the billy
there turn him up and cut away tlio
little creeper that you will find at the
bottom of the hoof. It will not hurt
him to lose It, but It ruins his ambition as a mountebank. It will snvo
lots of trouble to have a chiropodist
get nt tho Angora with a nnil trimmer."
Goat meat cannot he distinguished
from mutton ordinarily. In every car
of sheep that comes from Now Mexico
there lire sure to be from two to n flofr
same block at the puckers', and the
same block at (he packers,' and tho
good wife who takes home goat chops
for liinib chops Ih never the wiser, nur
Is ihe butcher. A goat Is only a gout
When be linn his pelt on. After thut
Lwli.aaheepL i-minUta.
Sl. Paul Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
East, leave Dunmore Jet. dally
lv Kootenay Landing Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West, leave Revelstoke   daily
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
I: J COYLE C fi lllll.*-.!-!
A. 0. P. A , -Heal.
Vnnbnuvcr. Cnn brook
.1. S. CARTER, P. P. A., Nellie, B. C.
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he make!
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, ll. C
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
II so, don't bu,    npi   TIPD    The flol) Wholtult 1.1-sior tlt.ltr In
■■III you IH..    ruLllUK   SoolbE.sHs-M-len...    * rile lor Price.
Cranbrook, B. G -S- -0- *=
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point (or South East Kootenay.
Refitted Throughout
One nf lhe Most Comfortable
Holds in Bast Kootenay
Newlj Pnrnlshed
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. I-I -f\*f p 1
Cranbrook, B. C. •••!   I " LCI
floyie's .
Leading 1
Hotel Kootenay
The best ol accnmmlalions
Ior the traveling public.
McriAHON itkos.,
Livery  S
Proprietors * * *
Team, .n.t driver, furutahe-1 for .ny
point in the district.
Manager   *  *   *
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in thc brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor Wc arc opening up our new
Spring S Millinery:
And will show the nicest goods ever shown
in Cranbrook.    Our opening will be on
Thursday, March 27th,
Day before Good Friday
Saturday, March 29th
A I'. Gc 1 lea ..f Elko, wus in tosvu
Tu -sl sv. II-- reports bu-luess very g.iusl
Ibere m preaeut.
i'.i .-..'.. -n bouse ar.1 lot cbeap. Busy
terms. Urst class pruperly. lliltcb, the
real estate man.
"portal  llial J. A   Ha
»m a»«><ea<e<e«
New Blouse Goods Just In.
Miss Koltmeier, ol Toronto, has charge of
the dressmaking room.
®-®- -(iW-) -GHsHB--®-®--®-®-® -®-
ot Intel lm or exterior ol your liolllt" go In   if
J Amateur work will receivo our bust nlten 1
%      tluu.  Nonresident worn solicited      *\
**)***) ***************** 90
Ii Old Camerion Hotel Building
I tiave recently oponed litis lintel nml am
ready to take boarders iiy Ilio tiny, week or
meal, I have no liquor llcoiise ami It Is my In*
teottun t-i run n strictly lirst class hoarding
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up Aboul Ihe City  iiy  Askin*
Questions ol Many  People.
Proprietor ol the
Candy Kitchen
t        .'siriles u coinptele stns-k of
I Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
j Biscuits, Pipes and
j TobaCCOS. fllve sis a call
Draying and
Pianao Moving a Specialty.
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
E. E. ORCHARD, Prop.
Btst meal on earth.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
a Cockerels at Ss each.
Eggs. *.t >«r !.!•
Cash must accompany each order. L. VV. PATMORE,
51 Port Steele, li. C.
Fire   Fire
Wc would respectfully
4*\: you to give us an
opportunity to quote
you our rates when
wanting; (ire insurance.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy of Tate and it
ii not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Witch linpectnr lor
Crows Nut ilvletou C. V. It.
''Spring has (-nine."
Clean up your yards,
("Jet your watch repaired nt Ardell's,
K. 11. Small  visited  Frnnk last week.
See Anlell for repnirs in watcheB or
M. A. Beale of Movie, was in town
II Nation of Moyie, is visiting friends
iu this city.
lietter take that Hoik to Anlell. lie
will fix it right,
M Mclnnes made a trip to tlie Terrl
tones la-it week.
Cranbrook has been crowded -villi vis
itors Hie past week.
Afternoon tea ut G,T Rogers' grocery
store on Saturday.
Prank McMahon of Moyie. vtsi'ed
Cranbrook Saturday.
Still a chance to gel a bicycle at cosi
ofG. II  Miner.
P, Lund Ims been home for Bevernl
days with a bad cold.
W. II. Donald of Michel, spent two
days iu town this week.
Mrs l*nsby of Sirdar, visited friends
iu Craubrook this week.
The insurance men were hustling business the day of the lire.
It is time for the front street merchant
io h ive another clean up.
Mlsfl KIk da I.eitch has been sick with
the mumps tbe past week.
Constable Drum mo ltd of Moyie, pntd
Cranbrook a visit Sunday,
George Leask his built n ueai
conservatory at his home.
Lost—gold beaded bracelet. Finder
please return to Herald oflice.
Miss Jack nt JalTray, was visiting
friends in Cranbrook Monthly.
Solicitor Gurd spent llie Master holidays with his parents iu Nelson.
M Mcliucherii is building u handsome
verandah in front of his residence.
I,. S. Otis and wife of Nelson, wen*
visiting Crttulirnok friends tins week,
Mr, and Mrs. Elwell of Kimberley,
were in lown Saturday ell route to NeKon.
J. Anlell lias opened a jewelry anil
wati-h tepair shop two doors from ilu*
The Robinson-McKenxle company expect to have their mill sawing nexl
I). Moore, the well known ore buyer
for the Trail smelter, was iu town this
M. li King lias been improving the
appearance ol his home the past two
0, II Miner has a few of those lii
cycles at cost. Hurry up before they
ara gone.
Charles Marly of tlie Folia View hotel,
Marysville,   was   a    Cranhronk    visitor
James Greer IiaH had liis fence painted which improves the nppe-irnnce of
his home.
Fred Bat ton, n C P. R. brnkemnn,
had two fingers taken off at Blalrmore
last week.
Mrs, !I II. McMillan Of Mnrysville,
visited friends in Cranbrook several days
this week.
Tlie business men of Cranbrook observed Good Friday and Raster Monday
by closing.
George C, Rohhins returned to the
North Star Friday to take charge of the
assay office.
I) . John Barber will be in Cranbrook
for business for a short time in the course
of a few days.
M. Durlck nnd Mr. Warren of Fori
Steele attended the hospital dance Monday evening.
II. Sheldon, T Jones and Nell Me>
Criiinnon ot Kimberley, were in Cranbrook Sunday,
It i
Fort Steele solicitor, will opeu an otll<
io Craubrook soon.
11 Heidi mer of Ferule, solicitor fur
lhe Crows NOst Coal company, was In
Craiihr iok ruesday,
Sit- Rollins nf Elko*, was in towu
Tuesday.     Vic looks well, aud says thai
1-lk.i is a lively place
We waul even boJy to try a cup ol our
new u*n on Saturday afternoon,   ft. T.
Roger's grocery store.
Oliver Bnrge came in from Perry creek
yesterday, He reports everything looking well in ih a sectlou
It is mout time to cleun up the nmln
sl reel. The iiierchauta should get together on the proposition
\V.   A.    Mi ,cr   leaves   today   (nr    L"s
Angeles, CO.. where lie will |otn Bin,
Miner aud his Bon Clarence,
Mis; We lm.iii has returned from
Grand Forks nnd la again thc guest of
her sister, .Mis. K. II. Small.
For P'llnts, oils and brushes go to G.
II. Miner's hardware store. You can
net just what yoii waul nf him
A good m my people ruined their
clothes at the lire Monday In their enorts
lo save other people's property.
Miss Caiter ol St. John, N II, nnived
Monday nnd will visit for some time
with ber sister Mrs. M   U. King.
The lirst after I. rut dunce of the Kntre
nous club will be held at Wentworth
hai! ou Wednesday evening, April y,
Messrs Clapp and Rvckmiin can trust
of Ihe best built pii-ket fence in the
town.   It is a beauty and no mistake.
W k, Ro'fl Mrs. Ross, J. I* Armstrong and daughter, and Mrs. Nelson of
Fort Steele, were Cranbroik visitors
last Saturday
Aie yon going to paint this -spring?
The place to get what ynu need in that
Hue is at Miner's Hardware store. lie
keeps only the Oest.
Messrs. A. Currle and Fred W chell
nnd Miss Dudley of Kluberley ami
Bennett of Mnrysville came down to
attend the hospital dance last Monday
Mrs. and Miss Arnold left last Friday
for St, Paul, Dining their stay in Ciuil
brook the ladies made many friends who
regrelted very much   to   see tlieni leave
Mrs. I-. Gurrant is desirous of selling
lier restauraut and .Mr. Gamut's barber
tliop, Call and see J. Hutchison or Mrs
Garrant.    A buyer cau secure a hargata.
Remember the social to be held at the
Presbyterian Manse Thursday evening,
April 3, ni a o'clock, Good entertainment provided for all. Everybody welcome.
J. F. Armstrong- as trustee, has pur-
chassd tli** W. A. Miner res deuce. Mr.
Armstrong is evidently of the opinion
that Craubrook real estate la a good invest men I.
Messrs. McSweyn and Griffith of Fort
William, will open nu up-to dale tailoring establishment in the room next to
llie Cranbrook hotel. They will carry n
fine stock of suitings.
The people of Elko are preparing for
their big celebration on lhe 24th of May.
I'hey propose to spend the money to
make lite day or.e long to be talked
about throughout the district.
"We might just as well be incorporated and paying a heavy tux, us lo have a
dozen or fifteen of us pHying the whole
thing when llie subscription paper comes
around," said R. Iv. Beattie, the druggist
A number interested in the formation
of a rifle association held a meeting last
I'liiirsda-' evening About ao names
were secured, mnl an adj nrnment taken
null] a Inter dale to complete the organization.
Messrs. and Mesdames Kltou, Ann*
siroug aud Nelson, Mrs. Ross, Mis.
Artnstiong, Mr*, T. McViuie, Messis.
i-ttttle, Lucas nud Watson came over
from Fori S'eele yesterday afternoon In
play plug J.OI1g.
Invitations for lhe Masonic bait on the
15th me out. Tin- guests will include
man)' from sat rounding towns us well as
a I iige list from Cranbiook, and the bill
promises to be the swellesl function ever
given in tin* district,
An election of fiie wardens is advertised for iiie 36 li, Of all fakes as carried out in lhe town, the (Ire warden
lake i-i tlie Worst. Il is lint on record
that a lite warden ever did a thing along
the hue of his supposed duty.
Tin-Medicine Hit lit!) club   Is trying
to tug ini/.-- a league to Include that
town, i-et li bridge, Cardstou, Moose Jaw,
Calgary, Macleod, Pincher, Fernie and
Cranbrook, and correspondence has been
started Willi that idea in view.
Charles Mathews ni linger for R. G
Dunn & Uo al Nelson, was in town ihis
week ill lhe Interest of Iuh company
Mr Matthews has a host of frleuds iu
Craubrook who nre always glad to see
him and regret to see   him leave.
W- T Reid & Co. had a most altrac
live window for Easter, Ihe work of Mr.
McCarter, and it attracted the attention
of everyone panning along the street
tine of the novelties was the $150 lint,
the trimming of which consisted of $5
ami fio bills
R. A. Pease of Moosomin, Man,, was
in town last week lojking over the
country. He is nn old fr.end or J,
Hutchison, mid knew '•Hutch" wheu
Lhe latter wan ranching, uud raising
geese from turkey eggs. Mr. Pease
thinks wqll of British Columbia and especially ol South East Kooienay.
The members ul -be Hospital Ladies
Aid Boclety desire Tbe Herald lo thank
Hie people ior the liberal manner in
which lliey patroniz I llie annual bo-pi-
lal ball this year, and also those wbo
rendered   such   valuable   assistance   in
making the event such a success.
C. R, Palmer, lhe well known maiiii-
faciurers* agent, has formed a partnership wilb Aithut Aruuld. Tbey will
upeu the bill! ud an I puol looms recent-
ly mu by 11 irry McVittie, and keep a
Hue of c gars, tobacco, etc. As an additional attraction ihey will put in a
ping pong luble.
W. 1*. Perkins, for the past year ac-
1 mutant in ibe Cranbiook branch of the
Canadian hank 11 Commerce, has been
transferred lo tin* Ktinloops brunch and
left tor there today. Mr, Perkins will
leave n long Hiif of friends III Cranbrook
who will sincerely regrei hisdepiir-ure,
Perkins is a gnnilchnp lo lie In, ft ml The
Herald b ipes ilm in* nm be returned
l'1'..in iiir Pernio 11 ■■• Press,
Dr Djbcrty has tokenupblsieshlenoe
at Lho nib es.    Tills will malie   It   moie
convenient fori hose  needing his services at that vlliage.
Mrs s. Arnold, wlio was the guest of
Miss It >ss, for several tl lys, returned lu
lier home in Qratibroolt on Sunday.
The link was closed for lhe season on
Monday n'ght after qiite a successful)
winter. Mr Dlgby says it Is bis intention to Increase the size of it for next
There ar» rlv-* cases o( dlptherla In
lown, Mrs. A L. By eta, being the last
victim of the dread disease, A 1 those
iin cieil have been removed 10 the pest
Aiout twent-llve poisons wlio have
been under rpiaratltliie in LllondtVs
boarding home, in the old town, for
some tims, were released on Tuesday,
rhe huum bai been quarantined* with
llie exception of a few days, ever since
tlie tlrst outbreak of smallpox, four or
Qve cases having developed there. The
building has tc-*n condemned by the.
(iovernmeut ami will doubtless be destroyed'
The Royal Hotel has rectalved this
week, from Chicago, a beautiful hotel
cabinet for the oflice, Mr. Tutile Is
also a titling a gents' wi icing room to one
ot the parlors upstairs ami is making
several uther CUOUges In connection
with the building, the most Important
of which Is the Installation of several
new lavatories which are on the way
from tbe east.
At a meeting held In the Royal Hotel
on Tuetday evening, to organize the
baseball club for the coining season the
following r Hi era were elected! --1'res ,
,lohn Kir; Manager, W. W- Tutile;
Captain. Mr. Kiatner; Sec -Treas , A
C. Llphart, Mr. W. W. Tattle and Mr*
13, 10 Wrigleswjrcii were elected
to represeut the club on tbe Ex ecu
live ot the Athletic Association, Tbe
club fee waa fixed at SI. There were
tifteen members of the club present and
the meeting was enthusiastic throughout.
A Kick at the Boards
Slocan Drili: An aggregation of commercial freaks, known as the associated
boards of trade, met In annual conclave
at Kaslo last week. As It was to be ex-
I ecteii from such a gathering a host of
resolutions were proposed upon a variety of suhj 'cts and solemnly adopted
S3 long as the counter jumpers stuck to
their own legitimate Hue of thought
ihey did wed,but they became ambitious
anil sought other ileitis to air their Ideas
and do their trick at resolving, And
therein tbey erred and ct red grievous1'.
They adopted a resolution dealing wllh
ihe provincial mineral tax, under which
they allege the mining industry is groan*
Ing, and that despite the government
ngures of propress ta the conttary, lo
their resolution, the freaks ask to have
crown granted c aims do 8loo worth of
work each year or pay a tax of tifty
cents an acre, Uncrown gran led c aims
are to do $iu worth of woik annually
ami pay *>i*; BO tor recording same
.Money so raised in be that much less lo
the tax on the output of mineral. Why
can't these Johnnies attend to their own
knitting and leave mniters beyond their
ken alone*f Hy their resolu'lon the
treaks seek to prop!11 itc the ui.rie man*
ajer, and entirely over look ihe injury
tbey are doing to the pi meer and in itn*
stay of ihe eouuiry—the prospector.
Has In not enough to pay as It is from
year to year without adding any more to
his agonj' I'i-try step he takes In bis
career li taxed, from the taking out of
nis license to the crown granting of hli
claim. If these company ducks do */n la
it isilaml would be content wllh smaller
iilartcs and es abllsh economical management rules, tiiere would !)■' less talk
about -'anjiHt taxation." As for the
as-teciatd boards of fade, tbey have exhibited great aptitude In envolvlng asi*
lulne legislation.
valuta tn gold. The owners have d-.no
some thousands of dollars worth of
work on this grcup and have a large
quantity of dry ore In sight, Six mll-s
up Mathew Creek, "Beu'1 Pengh has a
group of grapbl'Q claims at present
practically undeveloped
At the head of ihe St. M irys lake, 12
milts from Miry»ville, l.*t situated ihe
Bowes G-oup ol oappei and guinea
claims t'u tbl- gtoup too feet ut tunnelling bBb iieeu tUUs*. Adj dnlug the
Howes Group Is tbe McPailalo Qioup
also cupper and galena piopenles on
which a great ileal of woik has been
accomplished. On ihe opposite side of
tbe lake Is lhe Uurren Croup which
have been held fir two yeais and on
which mush work has been done, Us
values arc In copper and galena. Alki
Creek, which empties Into the St.
Marys river Just above ihe lake has
vast mineral resources, The Unit
Scrabble Group owned by PVed Hazen
ami his associates is a copper property
carrying values in gold on which a
B-eii deal of work, aboit |f.'.,ni)il In a'|
has been expended. Adj lining tbo Hard
Scrabble are a number of claims owned
by c. Qungerford Pollen, W. A
M lachem, and Itobt. Dewer all of which
are like lhe Hani Scrabble, dry ore pro
periles and all of which have a good
quantity of ore lu sij;tit. The John
Hull Grcup, another dry ore proposition
Is a property situated 10 miles up the
river from th ! Smeller City, on which
:■", ouu worth of woik has been done and
which Is owned by P, Tracy and H.
Opposite the John Hud group is the
month of White Fish Urtek on which
creek 0. H Pollen has a group of four
cliiims carrying copper and gold and on
which he has done a greal ileal cf woik
On the same creek are situated the
McKay and Giinn G<up, the Evans
G'ouo, the S--*anson and Mathers (i'otip
Hie Sunbeam Group and the Copper
King Group These groups carry vain-s
in gold, copper, silver nnd lead.
Many of the claims mentioned above
are c own granted,
Going up the St. Marys again we
come tn the Malachite Gnup 17 miles
from Marysvllle. Ii Is owned by Chas
Q larndsirou ami II B. Thompson. Here
copper assaying Hll per cent Is fund fn
ibe form of malachite, still further
up the river Is the Pyrlmld camp, dls*
lanced 85 miles from M irysville. This
grmtp of 14 claims all crown granted is
owned by au fcOgllsh syndicate. Also
-'3 miles up from M ir\svllle we come to
the East fork ot ihe river nn which
there are several galeiia and copper
properties,, J. Blatbeson and P. E.
Virden are ibe names of two men who
have steadily developed property there
for live years.
On the west font of the river
Is the Great Dane (Oo'up said to
be oue of ihe largest lead ocpo.siis In
British Gjlumbla. J C Drury Is the
head of the company handling It. The
Weicome, E iterprlse anil Surprise
groups are on tbe west fork, owned by
.1 E cott, Murphy, Phillips and Lovat
A'ioiu $17 ouo has been spent on
this group and the Trad S nelter oomp
any had a bond on it two years ago, but
had to throw it up for lack of transportation.
On tha north fork of lhe river we lind
ihe McLean ami Gnno Qronp consisting
of 2iJ claims, carrying high values lu
gab-iia aud copper,
0 i the soulh fork of the Over ne
have the Wells and Tauhouser group of
ll claims carrying copper with S*.'Ii in
gold. The King and Queen group, belonging to Quarnstrom and Murphy.
Tne Bjker and IIaz<.n and the W. A
Meachem groups. On Ofil-se Creek 30
miles up the river there are a group of
24 claims which have been held by a
tijssland syndicate for years. On Bl?ck
Current Creek -in miles up the alver Is j
group of copper properties held foi fly,.
years by Maibew and Swanson.
Tbe Bracebndge group Is also In this
vicinity owned by S Lovett.
O.i Iti-ih Qieeu Mountain Is tbt
Hooker Group which be Ims held for S
We then come to Rogers Pass the
lowest pass over the divide on the S.
Mirys, There are many claims In the
I as- all nf which h^ve been represented
for years Space do is not | ermlt Us t j
mention all the claims, by any means,
on tbe St. Marys, but the few we have
mentioned are enough to show that It
I. a mineral country with a great future
and oue lhat would supply lonuage tc
a ny railway tmldlng in,
^>-e-e?-->.-^.*^-^5' ^^-e?**.^-.-^.-^*-^ C ^O-^-^.'^^^?^-^:^^:-^**-^
In all styles, shapes, sizes and prices   -^%
ol <£
McPhcrson's, Kinn's ami Attics, to
lloldcii's best makes. \
--diiitliil    ^>
The Biggest Stock
in East  Kootenay
Enameled Shoes
Patent Shoes
Tan Shoes
Black Shoes
MOT Htl.l. PlAYMtSi   Wc lia
Hns- nl imii hull boots   ..liisn  ..in bo hero
n.,1 ws-.l.    lull nml -el n [inir
I Fort Steele Mercantile Co, Ltd
to J. - FINK, Manager. A
Don't Get a Camera
Until you see Beattie
He will have the best line ever brought into
East Kootenay.   Drop in for a camera chat.
from tin* Marysvllle Tribune.
The lack of irar.sh*oriatIni in the St.
Marys river country has undoubtedly
kept It In thc the background and the
general public arc not aware of tbe
vast mineral resources of that
region. The hoi-c that the C. P. li
or some other railway company, will
build up the at, Marys river has led us
to post ourselves on the facts connected
with the mines and prospects of that,
district more particularly bacause each
and every claim on tbe St. Marys Is
trlbutaiy toftlaryivllle, Starting from
Marysville, about a mile n irth west of
the town h the •Omlulca Group," owned by L .l.mes and P. Tracy. This group
has a tl fuot lead   of   copper,   carrying
l'inin ih<- Murysvlllu tru-mie
Stib-crlhera au* reminded that anun il
Qsaessinents aiu now due. Let >oitr
light so shine that the editor may nei
the color of your dollars.—The Miner
Timothy's Epistle to the Canadians
Is out.    In   other   wotds   Tlm    Elton'
catalogue Is blcctlng the mall system
of ihe country.
Rev. Mr. Iliwerlng of Cranbrook.
vlsiied the S nelter City this week. Ilu
also held service at Kimberley on
Wednesday evening.
Bradford Se Tracy are at work on the
"J dm Puli" group, sixteen miles up the
St. Marys. They went up wiih a large
pack train last wtek.
Fishing • x,ierts arc getting their rods
rtady for the spring season. There Is
exceliem fishing aiound Marysvllle and
some great spoil Is ahead for those
who luvt* to cast the Dies.
A knocker never lays off for bad
weather. He loves lo work d uuk
shift and his energy never lags. He
glories In failure and mtsfoitutie, ai.d
belittles suc.-.ess. II: Is a detriment lo
any community, he hates himself
and continued prosperity would kill
hm! The Lord scorns him and the
people displse lilm and the dogs turn
away from blm.
What is in a name?
Sometimes nothing. Sometimes Everything.
It is the quality of the teas that .-.peak and this
new tea of ours can speak for itself. One sample,
given free, will convince you that we have the best
SO cent tea in the market.
Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery.
Christy's Biscuits are the Best.
We have the greatest variety to be found anywhere in town.
They are fresh from the makers. Don't overlook this fact.
Our stock of fruit is always the best on sale. Those apples
that every one has been buying and talking about are nearly
gone.   Place your orders early.
GM*M5M!W^-«>--®--4HSH!>^ OVSV-SHB-®-®-^)-SHB-«-CMM.
House Cleaning Talk.
"Mrs. Smith, are you cleaning; house?" i
"Yes, such love y weather.   Could not wait longer.   And  I 1
have found  several chairs that  need  repairing  badly.   What |
shall I do with them Mrs. Jones?" -I,
"Why, Mrs. Smith!   Really, I thought ev-ryonc knew that 4
the Kootenay Furniture Company does just lovely  work.   Send -!)
them word and they will call for the chairs and return them when !>
finished, and not charge a cent, onlp for thc work." ^
- - -                                  ,. w
llnmuis SL'vuiHiri
llurr> Mslnliisli
First Clans Cult* iiiiiI
RmiiiiB In Connection
"Always on Shift"
A Continuous Show
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.


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