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Cranbrook Herald Oct 2, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office.
Hon. flKo. A. Cox. President.
n. it. WAi.KHK.n,
Paid Up  Capital 	
   '.IHKI.IHIII on
Total  ffcsimrscs  	
Deposits Received,   (icncral llankin); Business Transacted.
saViniis HANK' DBPAV' M&NT   Oepoilti Rccetvsd—lnlercsl Allowed.
Bigger and Better
Than Ever
Wc have bought all the Furniture and Undertaking stock of the Kootenay Furniture Co. and
we have now the best stock in either of the
Kootenays. By this combination we are in
better position than ever to supply best of
goods at lowest prices Mr. McConnell, who
is thoroughly experienced in undertaking and
embalming, will be on hand at our furniture
store to attend to calls day or night.
Furniture Repaired and Upholstered
The first essential is correct time—A RELIABLE WATCH— S
We pay special attention to watch repairing, guaranteed work 0
and moderate pricee. .* Moving this week to store formerly B
occupied by Kootenay Furniture Co., next door to Post Office Q
&©Q©0QQoo@oaQo©o@©i: Qa^i-a i
or cursing at your —— ——  stovepipes if you have them properly put up
and adjusted by
Hotel s s
Guests Comfort 8 Specially
(lood Stnhliiii! In Connection
Ni'incsi to rnltiond snd depot.   Tins accommoda*
(lotn. for the public if e \u died in Cranbrook.
There Will he Races   Between   Both   Men
anil Nurses.
The work of arranging lur the nllrac*
tlonaofthe dill meeting of the Cranbrook Turf and Athletic association i*
going on in a must satisfactory manner.
Oue of Ihe uow features secured le the
fool race between Mitchell, of I'ernie.
mnl 11.in i Nt< viu, "I l i un turn >k, foi
$300 n Hll'c' Intense Intereat is being
manifested >» this contest, bi Uu- two
were the lenders In the nice at Frank
which wns won by Novlu. Tne fernie
Bports sny the result was a Hutu*, sud
uru willing ic back thftli opinion with
nil kinds of coin. Cranbrook sports
him* faith in Nevin, nml it did not take
1 ng to arrange a mnicli for Jr.ooo, to
lake place iii Craubrook mi October lhe
/7II1. nt llie nice hi eel I Ug of the A l hi-tic
association. This event wllldraw good
crowds from nil over the district,
as it will be mie ol the
greatest contests ever -Hilled nil in South
Kast Kootenay. nml ihere will be n
Urge amount of money het.
There is nu Increased interest in the
home races thai are tn lake place, and il
is porsible that n number of good horses
from ihe prairie count!y will bu brought
in. The local horses-fire being trained
iliiily, and some gooi] speed is being developed,
Setrerary Gill is getting the bills
ready aud they will be distributed in a
few duys.
Canada Fnr Canadians.
Let us nil go in lor a policy of Canada
for the Canadians,
Why not?
Wbo will oppose iii* Not the conservative, uot the liberal Dot the protectionist, not the free trader, nor the tut iff-for
revenue man.
NoboJy need keep his sent when the
time comes to shout "Canada for tbe
Canadians."    We all believe iu it.
After we hnveshoiiletl ourselves honrse
we can of course, break up into groups
and wrangle as to wlml was implied iu
tbe shouting.
Assume that Canada is for the Cnna
dians, but what Canadians? Dues the
shouting mean lhat tin- interests of all
Canadians are lo be considered, or, does
It mean thai the business Interests of 10
per cent of onr people shail he built up
and Uut tbe rest ofthe people may go
tt Is well to remember what, we bus-
v*-ct, in in nouio assemblages lot-gotten,
that the producers of natural products
in Canada nre Canadians just ns truly ns
are those engaged in manufacturing,
The consumer is a Canadian us well ns
ihe producer—and he numbers' lh. That
policy will best serve  Canadians   which
does the most good to the greatest numher.—Toronto Daily Star.
nn.l ntlii'r cn.ilslnu utensil, nm-,1 in Ills-
lion, hold slimil.l In-
This has many nilvniiliiges over iron or
common tinware. ~C<»si« n little more,
of course,   but   lhe   increased   Strength
amply repaya   (hit.     This  wnrc cannot
rust, is not affected by ncld, ami is easily
kept clean,     We now have n complete
line and our prtCSl nre very pleasing.
IMumtiIn* and Tinsmlthlng In Connection.
Who Is To Blame?
Nelson Tribune: Now that the provincial government is taking steps to sell
real estate for delinquent taxes, people
are beginning to find thai property they
own is assessed in other people's names,
or lo "unknown," Thla can only be attributed, In many instances, to carelessness on the purl of the assessors. A
case in point comes up from Bast Kooteuay . A Nelson business man owns lots
in the original townsite ol .Moyie. The
title is in his own name, and the deeds
arc registered in tbe land registry office
iu Nelson. None of the lots ate assessed
lo him, and because ol not receiving the
usual notice, his taxes are delinquent,
and on each lot   besides the  amount  of
taxes due Is a penalty lhat amounts to
almost twice as much as tlie lares,
I.very assessor In Kootenny  can  obtain
Information ns in the ownership of real
property from the land registry office at
Nelson without cost; but, it appears,
that some of (hem are unwilling tn go
to the trouble In makeiiiipiiites.iiiiil year
ufici yeat property is assessed not to ihe
actual owners, hut tn nOU-OWOen ami to
ihnl convenient name "Unknown."
The li im nee minister hat) better get
after his assessors, mnl give them a
prodding with a sharp stick.
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear. Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
A Card,
Cranbrook, B, C, Sept, I
INWUSIil Will IN  llll; UISTKICi
Is Reason  to Believe Thai
Nexl Season Will See Large
Amount of Work.
To my
mny li lends ami cltlseitB of Crnuhrook
ami fuiiimimling town? —A report was
Circulated tn Inst week's ist.ui- of The
Herald thnl I hml  sold  out   my stock of
undertaking goods, This 0 .1 mistake,
the report getting around because I was
called to Penile tu embalm the late T
C. Thompson. I desire lo thuiik (he
citizens of Craubrook and surrounding
towns for their many favors in lhe past
and hope lo merit them in the future ns
I carry tbe largest stuck Hnd have the
only firstclass undertaking parlors in
Kast Kootenny. devoting my whole time
to this business I am prepared at a moment's notice to go any where iu the dislrict, dny or night, as 1 live directly over
my Blore.    Respectfully yours,
C. 1\ Campbell,
Undertaker and 1, tubal mer.
Methodist Chnrch.
Service on Sunday ueit at 11 a. tn,
311117:30. Bible school at j p, m. Kev.
J. Keener of Mitchell. Out., will preach
morning and evening. The public arc
cordially invited.
For Kent
A good seven room  house; rheap.
G. 11. Gilpin.
Tlie signs of the times  point with   no
uncertainty to the beginning of a new
ern iu the development of the mining
Industries of Bast Kooienay. In every
direction und in every department, new
life is taking form; and the most encouraging nud hopeful feature of these
activities nre their practical and substantial charncter,
The district has passed through that
period characteristic of the early life of
nl) minning camps. When first dis
covered they pass through epidemics of
booms and consequent relapses, brought
on by Incompetency ntut irrational activities, South Kast Kootenny has experienced its share of these misfortunes,
and survived them.
That the resources nre here sufficient
for great industrial and commercial
activity, have been plain to all practical
minds; and also, that ull that has been
needed is practically conducted enterprise.
That the present enterprises nre in Ihe
hands uf practical people is sufficient
reason to inspire confidence In all con
Railroad To Be Built
The sale of the charter of the Kooteny
Central to people amply able to construct the road, and the announcement
by them that they intend lo do so soou,
is au important move iu the right direc
tion. The benefits to be derived from It
are too obvious lo need mention.
Enterprise In Good Hands
Contemporaneous with the work of
railroad construction ure tne development of mines that are mines, nml the
erection of smelters that will smelt.
In this connection It is significant to
note that these enterprises are in the
hands of men who know- their business,
nml that they mean business, and lhal
the enterprises on hand Hre practical
affairs, ami in wide contrast to the bombastic display of so-called promoters
who have wasted money upon unworthy
The Marysville smelter seems to have
gotten Into practical hands; and there
i-; 110 longer any doubt of it erection aud
early operation.
The linarlnn King Situation
Among the important movements
along this line of progress, are the recent developments aud euterpriaes up
Perry Creek. Probably the most significant and Impurtnul 01 these is the.discovery of the value of the Roaring King
group. The Herald has it from tellable
sources that the Value of this properly
exceeds anything in West Kootenny;
that il is, in fact, au extraordinary affair
nnd likely to develop into one of the
greatest mines on the American continent. For reasons that hnve not been
livulged by either lhe present or former
owners, the true situation hns uot been
ink* public. It is intimated, however
that complications existed between tbe
former owners tbat were romewhat dramatic in their character, which was uot
to their inteseat to make public. It Is
known, too, that 11. II. Ross, the man
who cleared up the complications and
purchased the properly, Is upon tbe
ground surveying the claims in a snow
-■nun. It in said, too, that in order to
protect nil bis rights he has formally
uml legal If abandoned and re located
ull the claims. It is also inlimnted that
the circumstances of their discovery
nnd subsequent purchase by Mr. Rosa
will make a dramatic nud Interesting
page in the history of the mines of Kasl
It is snid by ilm-e who have Heen the
ores, "that a camplire will fry gold out
of the sulphide oies like grease out of
bacon." It is also said that the variety
of ores is something unusual, and that
the manner of their occurence indicates
bonanzas at depth. About three miles
of what appear to be tbe line of tbe intrusive dyke which characterizes tbe
outcrop of the veiu, have been located,
aud U is confidentally asserted by those
competent to judge that Mr. Ross has n
property that will produce millions.
In this connection it is interesting to
observe that Mr. Ross appears to be the
least concerned, and regards the matter
as the most commonplace affair. What
bisinteiiiions are regarding the development ol the property has not been learned, but It is supposed he like his other
methods, practical nnd conservative,
lu consequence of these recent developments much interest is turned in that
direction; and It is conlldently asserted
that thc most Important mining activity
likely tu lake place in Kast Kootenay
wilt he in connection with thla property.
W.   Layton   Expresses   Himself   on lhe
Sullivan Smeller.
B. W. Layton, one of the heavy stock
holders In the Sullivan mine, hns just
returned to Spokane utter a week's visit
at the mine ami Marysville. To a reporter of lhe Spokesman Review, he
spoke as follows:
"I have confidence in the Sullivan
mine, It has the gieiitesl ore deposit
of any mine I ever have seen, ami I
have visited nearly all the principal
mines of the country. There Id absolutely DO reason why lhe properly should
not be paying dividends to day, uiher
timn its management.
"I am trunk to say lhat the woik bus
been mismanaged, I mean by that thnt
(lie company within Ihe past year has
spent flO0,ooo for the construction of a
smelter and bus to-day practically nothing to show for it except a lot of brick,
a flume and one or two other necessaries
thai can be utilized in the completion
ofthe plant.
"These are the facts, and for one I do
not care to have the public misled. I
am nut on the market for more stock,
nor do I want to Bell the 160,000 shares I
owu unless I can get out even or a little
better, which would be at a considerable
advance over the mat ket quotations for
the stock.
"The eastern stuck holders are not dissatisfied with the mine, but they certainly have reason to criticise the construe*
tion of the smelter. 1 do not kuow who
is to blame for Ihe fiasco, nor do 1 cart.
1 do think it strange, however, that BO
many western mining men who otlgl t
to be more or less familiar with smelting should have been taken In hy the
building of the Sullivan smeller.
"There is absolutely no truth in the
report that the eastern stockholders tire
playing a rule or ruin policy. In the first
place we have never asked for control,
ao tbe understanding has been thnt the
holdings of Senator George Turner and
Colonel W. W. I). Turner would he voted with Ihe eastern stockholders if it became necessary, thus practically giving
us control. 1 wish to say without reservation that Senator is and has been in
no way to blame for the mismanagement of tbe property relative to the
building of the smelter. He has been
busy at Washington, and while he hus
relied too much, perhaps, upon what
others have have told him, he is built
that way, and can not believe that those
horn he trusts can b.* wrong until tliey
prove themselves wrong. I have the
highest regard for Ibe senator, as my
confidence in bis ability and integrity
nre unshaken.
'The entire plant will have to be re
habilitated, and to do that it will require
between $75,000 and $100,000. The entire trouble has been, aa far as I have
been able In make out, in the employment of Manager Austin. After he hud
made a mess of things and he wus discharged, It was learned that the manage
ment bad hired the wrong Austin; that
while Mr. Austin of Denver was a compe
tent smelter man, having built several
successful smelters in Texas and Col
urado, he happened to be a brother of
the man whom tbe Sullivan company
employed lo build its smelter.
During Manager Austin's regime
there was spent ou tbe proposed smelter
f100,000, which was raised by Ihe
issuance of 500,000 shares of smelter
stock. Aside from that tbe company
finds itself in debt about $9,000, and
under existing conditions it will require
about $75,000 to complete the work.
Epworlh League.
At the monthly meeting of tbe Rp-
worib League on Monday evening
the following officers were elected to
serve fur six months. President. Mr. A
Vroom; first vice president, Mr. Alt
Hatiey; second vice presidenl, MissKva
Cartwiight; treasurer, Mr. William
Morion; secretary,Miss Olive Ryckuiati,
A hearty vote of thanks was given to
MOs Pat more, the retiring president.
Arrangements were made to hold tht
first anniversary of tiie league iu Crau
biinik ou October nth, when the Leagui
will have charge nf the Sunday inoruiii;
service and all lhe niembcts attend
church wearing the badge.
Tne Junior department under care uf
Mrs. \V. J. Smoke  will   meet on Friday
afternoon ut 4 o'clock,
He Gives His Views  oo tie Miiigg
But it Will Take Time and Legislation to Restore Confidence
Among; Capitalists.
Butte Horses En Route,
Already horses—runners nud trotters
—are arriving in Spokuue from Untie
This will be a fine lot of racers, In fact
the best horses of such men as W. A.
Clark, jr,, George W. Opp, Ted Haynes,
J. I". Johnson and Tom Burns will be in
this bunch. Jib, the pacer, with a record of 1:1-3 3-4, owned by D. G. Brom-
well of Anaconda, was also 111 one of the
cars. They are coming early to familiarize themselves wltb the Spokane
track and conditions of lhe races here.
Many of lhe Portland horses will
come direct to Spokane," snid Manager
Jefferies "aud will not go to Yakima,
This will bring them into Spokane the
first of next week. In fact from now ou
ihe hones will be coming in almost
.lames Cronin, of Moyie, manager of
the St. Kugene mine, has been in town
the past few days with his family. Mr.
Cronin stands to-day as one of the solid
mining men of the province, and one
whose judgment always carries weight
when it comes to the discussion of inin*
ng matters. Speaking of existing conditions und the future of mining, Mr.
Cronin said that be wns of the opinion
that the future of British Columbia was
a bright one, but it would take time for
the chin.ges to take place. During the
past year be has traveled over considerable country, looking far mining property, 1 ul he snid. "I am convinced
that there is 110 country Iwtter than
llritish Columbia, and South Kast
Kootenny will prove to be all rlgbt.
It's true to a great extent the. ores here
are low grade,but with tbe large bodies,
improvement in treatment and a beneficial change in legislation, mining here
will be revolutionized, But take those
engaged in lead mining it is useless for
tbi'iii to attempt to do anything at this
time, under existsng conditions. Many
seem to be of tbe opinion that the two
per cent tux is the heaviest burden tbe
mine operators have to bear, when iu
fuel, tha1 is the only one tbat is in sight.
The man un this side who wishes to put
in machinery to improve and work bla
urine, must pay a big premium over Ibe
mine manager in the States in the way
uf an average duty of about 20 per cent
011 nil of his machinery and supplies.
Improvements that would cost a company in tbe Stales $60,000, here it would
cost nearly $80,000. Then again onr
labor here, costs about 20 percent more.
Tbat alone at the St. Kugene meant
ubout $3 per ton, which ia tbe difference
just now between success and failure io
lead miuing.
"Take the two per cent tax, wblch ia
generally believed to lie on the net proceeds, while on tbe contrary, is on the
net returns of the smelter. It costa ns
oboiit$i5 per toil to produce tbe lead,
basldea interest on Investment, and that
is not deducted, but is taxed. If we
were to operate tbe St. Kugene now, we
would have no net proceeds to be taxed,
yet there would be a heavy tax levied on
our product just the same.
•'Some very interesting experiments
are being made in the treatment of ores
these days that is bound to result In tbe
reduction of tbe cost of treatment.
There is also a positive conviction tbat
mining in British Columbia la badly
hnndicapped by unfavorable legislation.
So strung is tbis feeling that capital baa
lost confidence, and as a result the mining industry of this province to-day is
prostrated. Men wuh money don't feel
like Investing In a province where there
is no guarantee of the stability of tbe
laws that I'oniiull mining. When tbe
St, Kugene properties were bought the
men who have invested about $1,000,000
in that proposition, were justified in doing so at that time, for the reason tbat
under the conditions then Ihere was
bound to be satisfactory dividends, providing the ore was there. Now, with all
the ore iu sight, with the magnificent
equipment we possess, the man or company who would attempt to operate the
property would do so at a continual lost
In other words, if the mine had to he
worked, now, ii would not be worth a
"It is time the politicians realized the
situation, and I believe they are coming
to that. The men who have suffered
the mnst is the laboring class. They
have been deprived of the means of a
livelihood by the shutting down of mines
11 over the province. And the miners,
if they would take a fair view of tbe
matter vou Id see that it is lo their Interest to work with mine owners, When
lead, silver ami copper were high, then
it was an easier matter to pay a higher
wage, but when everything iu tbe way
of mining is depressed, it is suicidal for
tbe laborers to demand legislation that
will cut their owu throats,
"Capital is never idle. It U always
seeking investment, and the fact that it
is keeping out of British Columbia to-day
is tbe best evidence in the world that
mining here is uot a dividend paying
Death of T. C. Thompson.
Many Rosslanders learned with extreme regret of the death at Feruie of
T. Carbet Thompson, accountant ot lhe
Crows Nest Coal company. He was regarded here ns one ofthe young men
of tbe Kootenays who possessed the
ability and energy to raise to the very
topmost rungs of tbe ladder in the Kootenays, and bis health after a lingering
attack of enteric will be regarded ns a
personal loss hy those residents uf the
Golden City who knew him.
As accountant uf the coal company
the late Mr, Thompson was in a sense
the executive head of the company in
the Kootenays, inasmuch as lhe policy
ofthe company in respect to its relations to the public ami lo the body politic of the province seemed 10 be committed lo his charge. Thus it was that
at  the last meeting of ihe Associated
Hoards ot Trade of British Columbia,
the Ute Mr. Thompson was a prominent
figure iu the issues where tbe interests
of the coal company -clashed with those
of the Kootenays as a whole. His tie-
fence of the company at tin*; [nocture
and the ingenious and Skilltul manner
in which he fought lhe battle ol the
corporation against the balance ot the
convention elided the admiration and
respect of the delegates as a whole.
Almost singlehaiideil against tbe entire
convention   the   late    Mr.   Thompson
fought to the last   dltCfa   and   succeeded
I11 Biihsiantialy mitigating the action
taken by the associated boards at tha
Personally the deceased gentleman
was genial aud entertaining to a degree
that made biui a general favorite. His
demise makes a breach iu the ranks of
the young men of tbe Interior destined
lo become leaders,*— Rossland Miner.
All parties owing the firm of Char*
traud Bros, will please settle their account at once, as we are about to dissolve partnership.       Chartraud Bros.
Caaattlans Gettioc Led.
Toronto, Sept. :;.—W.  F.   McCre.-ry,
of   Winnipeg,   in   sn   interview    here,
earuestv advocates the   advantages  offered by the west.
"Everything is all right," he says..
'It is to be regretted tbat eastern Canadians are not iu touch with the great
development tbat is going on there, and
aware of thc money that is i<eii*g made
by Americans in the west
"Rossland aud tbe Yukon, in their
palmy days, were exploited by Americana aud milllous of dollars t;ken out
of then before Canadians awakened to
the fact that there was any troney in it.
The same thing occurred to-day on the
Canadian prairie*.
Tbe Perry Creek Dredger.
James McDonell of Morrissey has
been In town the past few days superintending tbe removal 01 the steam shovel
tbat fa to be used for dredging in Perry
Creek. The sbovel arrived Monday and
waa taken to the siding at Wanklyn and
then taken over the hills to Pern creek.
It will take about three weeks to get the
machine installed ready for work, and
the company, iu which Messrs. McDon*
ell, Posa, Ross snd Banks are tbe leading stockholders, will then push the
work as long as the season will permit.
Their leases cover some valuable ground
and the results are waited for very aux-
iooslf by a great many people.
The Keoieaay Central.
Mr. Pollen, of Fort Steele, was in
town Tuesday. He said that the preliminary work for the survey of tbe
Kootenay Central is being carried forward, and that with in a short time ■
party ot enginers will be put in the field.
It ia understood from other quarters
that tbe engineers will he engaged In
locating the line during the coming
winter, from Fori S leele north, and
tbat tbe Southern terminus will uut be
determined until later.
We have not advanced the price el Mr
Tobaccos. Amber Smeklsg Tobacco, Baba.
Csrrency and Pllf Play Cbewlag Tttictt
are lhe same she aad price to tht ennrntt
aa formerly. We have also (ties-Jed lbs
llmeforthc redemplloaof Saowsbss tags ta
January Isl ISM,
The Empire Tobacco Co., Limited.
J. A. Teeisel, brother of Mis .), A
Harvey, came in on Tuesday", stage,
J,C.Cannings-P, >■ s.. New West-
minister, has located   and   opened   an
oMce at Fort Steele.
Mrs. M. Mclnnes and family were
visitors it Steele Wednesday last.
Kev, A, I. Macdougal and Mrs, Hrodle
visited Cranbrook Thnrsday.
Mrs. Blton, Sen., Is on her way home
from England, she will visit with her
frlenda la the Northwest, and will return to Fort Steele where ibe will
remain during the winter.
We understand that Mr. and Mrs.
Arthur Fenwick with Mrs Thomas Fenwick will shortly leave for Kngland for
a visit. Tbey will spend tbe winter
there and return In the spring.
We regret to report the death of Mr.
Charles Todd, Indian agent at Metis*
katla, at Port Simpson. Mr. Todd was
formerly a resident of Kootenay and
waa one of Its representatives In the
Local Legislature after confederation
with John A. Mara. He followed nln-
tng on Perry Creek and was one of
those who sunk tbe Dominion shaft
there In 1870. He was a man universally respected, and his many friends
will regreat to learn of bis death. He
held several Important oflicial positions
under tbe Provincial and Dominion
L f
Editor and Proprietor.
Mx nisj.*fcb •   ■
The Herald desires to Ktve the ne
c-t*t*.    it von iu...-.  any about youi t
ymir mine or your people, sBtid it to this mil'
■    ■     l.lHJ 1
lot the t
Uo You Take The Herald?
You should if you It gives the news of
the district* # It works  Ibt the  district.    It is
ownscl by tl nd not  by any eli [u    or
n. It is ^vorth $10*00* It costs only $2,00
The Herald has undergone a change
of he.m. For years it has advocated
me location of the government cilices
at some point on the railroad, antl all
tneae years It has been tn grievous ei-
tor. The government at Victoria Is of
tne opinion that It knows what is best
for ihe people in this district, and iliu
government Is right. Too many men
ure prone, tn thla age of cupidity and
Insane desire to gather lu the coin of
tne realm, to ruin themselves mentally
and physically l.v an Increasing (Activity.
Tne*- full to take outdoor exercise ur
Indoor r- it. We thai It that way in
this ilOtrtct and the povernment, acting 11,1011 the policy of paicruali-im, lias
seen Ut to aid the people against their
Will. The pinple have Insisted thai
g iverninfill (ill: s should be located at
h i ne ci.nveii'eut point i u the railroad
'i'he government lias said no. The people have maintained that it was an Imposition lo compel those having gov
ernment business to transact to ride
twenty-four miles In all kinds of weather to Fort Steele. The government has
held that It was good for their health
afler a ride In an overheated, death-
dealing Pullman. Thc people have In
listed ihat with the growth of thc district, with every towu In the district on
a railroad but Fort Sleele, that lhc of
Sees should be located where lime
would be saved and convenience be considered. The government says lhal is
all nonsensr, and that simply because
railroads have been bulli all through
the district thai Is no reason why thc
traveling public should dcert stai^e
The government Is right. This talk
about progress, convenience, and objections to riding twenty-four miles
through rain, mud, snow and zero
weather, will do for the effete east,
hut not for the hardy pioneers of lhu
west. Must we rely upon the luxrious
Pullman, the swift passenger train,
when we can travel to the seat Of gov
ernment by stage and cayuse' Let us
give the people something better still.
Lit the government (lllr.es hclocatt.il
In the Skookumobuck country. Th.t
would mean a long hard ride of fifty
miles or more from the nearest point on
the railroad for the round trip. Uut
people would object to the hardships of
such a change. Hang the people and
their obj -.ctlons! The govern ment is
supreme. Won't the ride be healthy:
Won't they have an opportunity to view
the driest scenery on the continent'
Won't they be compelled to visit portions of the district unknown to many!
Ott to Skookiimcliuck' As civilization
advances let us away to the nilis with
the government olllces. Diwn wllh
modern Ideas and the demands nf an Increasing population and an Increasing
commercial Importance. The government knows the needs of lhe people,
and this idea of having government offices at some central point on a railroad
ts foolish.
The government is rir,ht and The
Herald has been wrong.
On to Skookiimcliuck I
What does John Houston want the
city of Nelson to buy the tramway
system fur' It Is a dead horse, and
would be for years to come. Puolic
ownership is a good thing, providing
judgment Is used In the purchase. Is It
a scheme lo unload an eicphant of unusual slxil
When the members of th*; Dimlnion
parliament find out that mining Is u big
Industry, ll will be better for thc gov
ernment, and better for mining.
If a few more eastern members of
parliament would visit llritish Columbia
their range of vision would be greatly
Evidently the provincial government
will add considerably to Its treasury
by the Uud lux sale*! about to be Ipattg-
nratfld.—PbOSnll Pioneer.
If the government don't the papers
that are publishing the lists will. That
Is some consolation, any way.
Bualness has remained good lu (.'i.n
brook during all the hard limes. That
Is the advantage t'.ar. a commercial
center enjoys.
in crying "Canada for Canadians"
the people want to took out that those
who are crying are not the only ones
who will benefit by the policy they
want intioduced. Laws that mean the
greatest good to the greatest number
are all right, but laws lhat are for the
purpose of enriching a few at lhe expense of many are a burden lo civilization.
Thc Cranbrook Herald Is edited by
Us proprietor. In other words Its policy
ls not dictated by any person or cl'i| ie.
All papers in this province are nol sn
The Herald has faith iu South Kist
Kootenay, because It knows that ttie
resources here arc sufllcieni to Insure
permament prosperity. It lakes time
to develop** them hut this development
means much for the whole'dlstrict.
...0...®-. <*•,'.'*   . •"•♦•■©•••e)    tho "ii enmo at 1
'' ■■'-■-
i fiFTTINfi ', By      I
*, UL I  I IJNU    <,     MAKY      6
...,. imp is i-1-..n,
R**      * it ' j  >"' "P !'■ i ,|„      ,    .    .    '   ■       ii... I run
ood i • ■ "  ninnSALL.   t            ni    m Hll)
„ up to tho luiiil;
*        f hy ,                            Mil nol  will, tho      "' ,","
i-'.i     <1 ............        ....... 1 ''H     \r    I'ls'illl         I          ,   l.sillllll f.i
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
Irtl ilnysallt
llcens, t , ni
Sl.   SI. Ill
Timber Notice
i.i nu.
1   '
•   s. s.!
whon in- ii.|.i.isi.,i
, 1.1 nil, I'liMim.' .'"'" V"
deralil fTnstln
inn's I. treating form till I        ill r
lill'li.'.l    (loWII    ii.:!. "I I'lll
• nn I :     .: linnil I   it    i'„r
s'i'ent Int., hla mnl ttivnoU I
  lli,. Kil
♦)   IHVTdM   e   ...,,,   :, .smi- nn. "•ns.....,-,        , , looil. '
I PAX I ON    , ■     i™ <™« ms ,.
T    rlvi , v nii n „hl,   v   h ■,..,.
■••>*» ••»•». 0.».»>6C     | It i nulil  l.i'  n .„,.,,.   |                  ,	
■ ■ lllll  lur Mls-li wn. on I    .'■   '.. ii .     il'- i   I 'i"l      ol
ll'llKt,  I.      livod       HI
' I'estt i.i I nlou nro   l<      "'in   In        ' '   ■'■ '	
,    ,,ni I,,,   l.ivii tiiiniliiK mnl fi'iintls-sinii   ull ihj
:   1108,   nml
.   rovolntlon
In. inilli .   ■
•■.   in,   i in e tif li      il      con
...... i   .
■...is.     ■ '
s,       ml,.
"I : .il-.'l    '
Of    liis   |>.is|-
ii,' '.' hi- '.i .1      ... .i .   lu
I..ml    in.    tlllWII    0
sion !
lit- sold "wiu-n'l
ti„i, ,i..|i'i'i,'.i i      for us l.llo.   But in  (lu   r     ,,  !
i.i     nipiithy ror hi. sllssiouiflU'sl   ',,',,' lll:
ll too "li   ii   imii   !„,.„   i   „.,.,|,|.
t I Ml vou thut I love you,-nml ,!' " New York "' "'  s "« P'«"" ' '"   '
in till   ■-
"VOU   llOll'l    In'..'   hllll,   ilu   ynu,    I',,r/'
lie usked earnestly.
She   Hindu  ;i   ii ouo,    "Ton   foolish
boy!" sho laughed.   "Uow umny tlmca
ilbuuy did not got
.   i with   i"
Iti .
■ i It
« f°r U'o «y- bound
iraent," aald Gor* cure i
..! iu Bay some* hit   0
i followed him to il"1 i'i
Timber Notice
Tako Notice that thirty days after ilnto I In*
ti'ii'i in  apply i" tiie Chlof Commissioner or
l.iii.K ind Wiitk-I fm' ?i  -iiirlil I lu Oil SO  to cut
nun entry nway Umber from tin- following des*
Timber Notice
i ko Notice that thlily days aft< r
dati I Intend to apply to the Gnlef Com
■■.■'. per i ! I,unit and Wotkt f.ir a
-1. ■ io cm   and  co • rv away
tltnhei from t.»- l illow ii y lauds:
r m • i     ■ ,■ .]    p. ri     marked
■ j pi 0 i -' ' N \V, • nuer." phi ited
,,i north i ■ r*n i. ii SIM, :'n up
i    io i   i. ..;, ,.        ni ii'n  |no
:      Cll-I'IM,   IhCllCl
ii    I    li   ll] 11     .     ",!., i-,      11;....   Ill
i. wait nn iii nl.
.1 •        :.
I,   u  ; itn    ; i  ,      i) u     Miguel. I
■j. .!  I II  DJIJIW
rimber Notice
.ill   Nu
Timber Notice
snlil O.T-
Ull  |ll
ll  In
ynli  OUgllt
I  the
1 Input
• ■ i
SS'li   ll
l.l'i  ll,
i llliluMvil
I  (liei
his   COCO
1'nxltill   I
ortl noil.
"It's nisi'
;,s.    The  fuel   is I'm ongngefl  lo
ilce UlidRnll's word, uml Mr. Snon-
llllllll  B
light.   It's liui'ti
hlu With hllll
il thnl .mi niu shited ror tho posl-       Ll
I nm iiliniii i„ jsisu up.   1 gu to ^
' fork." j ""!
ir, thy suld "I told you so," hut her i,,,'ln
.,,,.1    lo
ipprcolutlon In Europe ot huzy. "I
liiiu ml is no doubt llm ho snid.
why  !',„■ is loult.st  upon ""ins T
our must noteworthy po
I'I  I
Hi.- nn
1 Hllll
Hull ur
ed hero
here is
ipon the
i  much
"• of thut ui'l.   Ill
.   "The Iluven" \s'ns war's .1 gone c
lmini',1 mul wrought 'I'h ■ Okluhoiu
u of inc'liiinisiti.   Im ni-igiiiuls.       '1
I'l'.il  mul  tochnlcnl. prouillj drew 1
nnd Ihis is m.ili.ly "M-v  "l''1',' L'"v
■ try Hint prerulla '""i ^-."'|' '" ' !
■ rclos.   Poo's pn- J,),™ '",,;,' „„„
 g, III10 g.  net-
utcitl disinterested.
. for himself, l.nt (nv
11.' hus..ui'S'iT beori in.-. No, sir. iVe linl
uiiliv. for the reason siulll lust night, in i
■ fnr less nppreclat- siutlon, und I just
id.  The stress uf life '1!'
mrnl nud Intellectual ';" "
ore 4hmi upon Hi
Ui,  hml  11
roslhotlc. \\'u demand u messuge of
tho i.'.'i nv thut he shull tench us how
to lire. Poo hml no message hut that
of ml. Ue mado no coutrlbutlou to
our stock of moral Idens; ho mnde no
lllll I
III' ,1 ,1 I
or m:
i'!i Hit
ii,s lurgeb
m ramlllci
,1 :f homo;
hud set-
lino i.|'|'..r-
;    uml    slit
OBItA&D'S 11 f!AKI' III:r,,1,1.1.1* u nil HUUI.IIN
I'llJiS'ls BATISFACT1011,
skirts, nnd us Dorothy dlsnppcarcd
within llnstincs Btrolled down tho
ipih'l village street.
Mutters had been tacitly onderslood
between him and Dorothy for a long
time, nnd when ho had 0I1I11
position uh operntoi  nl the dopol he
hml hoped sunn to bo nblu to uu
his   tt'll'e.    'I'li'-n   lho   1
hsiulc wns established In labor,
to tlio surprise ol everybody, Aln
on ihu 111 null mlud.—John Burroughs ',".,'   ,,'.
in Century. ,,,'.,   , i
iu  Hi"
A   Cm.   Vtte  llllll, J        (|
Aii uinusiiiu slurs is mid of n certain ,|L.( j,, ,1
...  quari      man  \s-liu is JIM. ■■ "i
1 1 ul threatening lawsuits nml ne- [u-nli-le
lions  for dnniagcs on every posslblo [in   lilm
prutoxl and who Is also uot averse 1. ss     :
Inking 1 of his follows, braird nl
nil   ;l   I...I    1 :i   Ills   h.,1    \s;is
sii'Jidy damaged hy Boincthlng nccl- ■'"
i dropped from iii" window of u      in tli
iiiiii  was set li
Tlm notion 1,ml excited no llttl.
comment, foi l-jixl m r. ■ 11 N'e.   i'i
or, nml labor fell  n, il llm ,
9 .Milium i.n r'.iir
i n I'.n Ciiin-
I!,.us.., ih.'u known
hut bIiduIiI ho is'plnei'd hy n now on.',    '• <s''1  '' '        '   '      sliu.-j    of
11  li"   leillj modi  i 11 pic 1. Boeing lhat    ,;'   It"! Hive   I uml Uu .-    1,
t .: and shabby,    h""''1 l,}  "'"■' '" " "
(il"'1"'''''' "'"• !l -' '"'             :             forth iu nu I              loltui  from lho   |>u...     1   ,',..     y
sls.nl, ,,|,|,..liil,'il I,'mil. 1- .   „ ,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,„, „,„    ., |,    .     n-|
hoold hnvogonolo 11 :    il i        livr.   , , ;, iu, |(|;
I bad ui lust liopi'i 	
place himsell, and uoii   !' •"    ed to
lilm Hint I'm.lnii hml uui  h   1 out ol
everything,   a floreu doulre foi ri.
uni'o ailed his liuml 11.   ho me Is his
way homeward.
Ills feelings lind not changed tho
next morning, when lie Innls his sunt
uf the tolcgrnph desk. Tabor wns n
comparatively smnll towu, and mosl
of tho business wns on rnllr md a
few lot-nl messages being  11 oi
celved. After ho bad ro| irtinl thd
11:10 down train ihere wns little 1 lm
duuo fur nioro than nn hour, nnd bu
busied his brain devising some means
for overcoming his rlvnl,
no nnd Dorothy hnd been 1. ren almost since childhood, ni il 1 ,
16 11 "lis mini M'uiiii',1 doubl,  I..
Ilu wus awakened 1         ri rle
hy tbo nppenraiico of tbo Innltor ,,l
the bank, who deposited 011 1!:.. ledge
a coin und 11 yellow telegraph hlnuk.
"Mr. Spencer snys to send tl.ril nt
onee, please," this us Gerald moelumie-
ally counted.the Words. The [tiller's
heart throbbed with sudden Hems soils-
fuctlon, I'm the message road:
Wllllum W, llh'ilsiill, Itonli lixiiirilii ir, Al-
1,'iny, N. y.:
linn ynu cnino up nl enro?   I
Bono wrong,      ai.msjn P. SPENi  .,
For moro tliiin  two  bourn  Uernld
went tiirougli his work nutomnl	
A delirious Joj lillud hln benrl in Hi
tlionghl liml hlu rlvnl wu» driven from
IVIlllali. Hurling, <lo|
otter, however,     , n,, ,   i,,. lMi,,
Is u hum Ik-uian v ell actjualnt. 1, .. 	
.1 tho svenktu   es ol his coiro- 1 ,,■    rci
spondeiit.    1'       I ol tig  Indig. ,1. ,-    ,,   1
.iii.  Impi'd uu,' ol ih" demund uuin i., e    s.
ho wrote a playful reply, explaining garui lull  h
thnt iim, t wore hiii'.i, money Bcnrco Kugluntl     othin
.mil 111 s, huts .ii n premium,  Uo hoped, '"; rd of 1     youn
however, thnt as he could not fiuiiisli ^, ,l1  ■ '■        "',l
1.1" . . .1 .1 .eil pal l.v  ss iih u new  head [
covering ho woutd accept tbo material
for  une.     And   he  illl'luseil  IS  sheet Of.       ? ,   ,
foolscap!—Loudon 'J'ii-r.iis.
'limber N.
uerol I.,,.,'- 1.1 il Wotl ,, special
. use 10 cm and 1 irry .n-'.iv 11 .,,.. .
  is, lollowlug de -i lm il lands:
■'  ■     '. ■ ■ ..1  .,  |.,,'.i  mai ho i "M
.1    '.  1 . .ui "ei," plained ii'u.ut  s 1
mains noun ol Uu- forks ni si ild creek
,'. i1,11111I111.,  nail   in   1: .st  [toon s i
ih day s,i Au.sisi, 1002.
Timber Notice
marked "1
■:. it. icon-
iiini nmiii
'"'[,.'„"'' .■■'■' 1
...  ..iv; lllSH
U'lM,  Illi'lll
Mill-, tn II:
ee east III I
e west IfiO
e place of
.ui, tittj .ii.
Vii'UM. 1003
1 .  It    1.1'
tout  Works
timber from
Hint  thill
lhe Chief I
im ii lieens
lln' follow It)
I dnys nfier
i-10 uut ami
II iiescrlUed
UH mn |Kia|
inted iimOn
V. M, Ken*
ilf way lie-
trull, tluee
vviml nl ilii-
np  IHIC.  lv"
ut, Hi. in" i>
.HIS    Hull',...
imiili ives
0 III   10 Pill
u.il.i in  ell
imi tiiiul nii
1 .nriii'l uf
lei;  llieiiei'
in-., tlienca
Iih, in Ilia
, mh day ul
All;*.- s|. 1 «>
A    M,  KI
Tlm Dec
roup  I,
oath si
a\ 11 August, in
li   Till ! I
. I ' i Is lu it'liy j'K'i u lli.it L11111 y
,0 , i utii i dale   1    will   apply   lo  thu
i-i.;     Oi nlkHloner    ol   Lands   nml
Woi is foi .i spaolal Hf ?iim? to mt uud
icuinvu t liulier Irom ihc lollowlug
r>> uui iiiini* nl Hu* north wost cm
tie i post, pi iei! .ii ii.t' South west cor-
,,. i of id ick -in, ic i p.li a liis oast, theuce
i i chains south, tlionce Klu chains west,
p..ii.'. 10 chulns norm to the point ol
comuteucoment, containing OIU sores
more oi ies*.
Cranbrook, Sept  I b, IooJ,
•:: c. il. BLACK.
Timber Notice
Notice fa hereby givan, that, thirty
days alter date I will apply io the
Chi f Comcnlssloui r of I .anils at d
yVorhs ior ;i special llcenso to cut and
r movO Umber I rem llie following
Oitnmcnclng at the north west corner post placed (iin- half mile south of
t*. II. Black's north weal corner post
*• i chains oa"., thence S'l chains aotitti,
thonee mi chains west, ihence sn chains
Oprth 10  tllQ  p tint   ol   emmm. i.cement,
containing Q4u jcies mare or less,
Cranbrook, Sept. 4th, Wl .'.
IIULDKN AT 1-iJliT  BrKUl.lt,
Ttmb.rr Notice
!i:il on Hi- l.-.t'ulay nf
iT.Ohy His Mono. ,1.
lln- sold court, lliat
..<i', tintalal .iduitnls*
onteniy, bo Adliilnls*
ii... estate "f .Mo m
Timber Notice
Timber Notice
li nee e«i.i 10i) chain", ihence Bouth 4)
li,,i! . thence -ve-t ]i\0 chilnB,  ihence
i'.h iflchalnB, to the  pace of begin-
lep, contaln'ng ii I ! acres.
Dated this 14 h dav of Aoguit, 1908,
80 T ,1   WELLMAN.
Timber Notice
cany   a*, y
v   describ d
1 It'll
Unit Uh
11, 111
a y
llll) III
■ rui|ii
1 Iiy n
of Iih
1 uf
; ne-
y ilt
ii ny l
i un. exilrnllon ,.r tho Bflld lliirly days
 iisii. i„i win'iiiii-c.-ii  witli tiiedistil-
u( ihu t'stair. Imt-ing reKiiril in llmse
onl) uf whloii iiv slum liavo hnd nolleo,
ni pnrtsi fii't iis *iiii, iiiiy„r s,.pi tm:',
IAMBS Flillt)U3 'N   AK.lSTIlllNii,
t Ufllpltil Ailnsliilslr.il,ir.
I'.:;t I'KI'MI'.ciHiil til'TIII. SOUTH
HH'I il'.lilU'lDlMICS, .11 DlCtAh IMS-
i' mutter of iho KsiAlo ofdninas Wits	
Timber' Notice
i   the   i ilio i log described i
ng  at   a  post   m irked   "A  j
\V.    corner,"   [planted   !J(11
ni tne Bouth east corner of
p l   K si K    u nay, thenti
--  -. . nee , is    -i chain*,
inter at Um Mtm >ial>l< Mr.
timed tlm -ti. day of Sep*
each creditor of tlie above
usuliil in I" Hie uililrrSlRlieil
si ilayot Niiveirttier llKVj liis
uld esiafit vi-rt'd il Iiy siittut*
■etlmr ivllh sl iteiueul of dm
llus Mli day of He|it,, I1WI.
I'uiiiic Adhiliilsiralnr,
lleRlna, N. w. '1'.
Timber Notice
- i ■ hai rut  ihence
■ place if beglon
l*i;h day 0,1 -Migui
A     Hi
1  . 1!
It >K
Timber Nuiice
Vor Getting a Bcmittfiil Watch
find chain Tree,- No Money Required.--Every Man, Woman,
Hoy, or (iirl has the same Op-
t j    ]■-.■■■: hub ].>.it niv mi -tugns . iiius     j     poituiiity uiuler our System.
I i ordei to have Dr. Arnold's Kimlish
l'o\in Pills placed In   Hie   hands   of  all
poisons ftiifferlng irom  bad  health  we
make the following most liberal ofTci:
days after j     if von   will send   us your name and
1 i.i en I i"  applj   .i»  ii"* Cnlel   addret»at.d agree to soil'(jr us tt"«ive
C uieossl in • ol i.i  da iml   Works  for   boxes at   Ur.   Arnold's   English  Toxin
a sped  I license lu cut and carry away   pills at Dfir, yei  boa. *c will  (rive  yoil
tlmoei  from  the  following described  absolutely Tree s beautiful Watch nnil Chain
j in either Lidli i 01 Umits sise, or ynui
Commouc'ng at  a  posl   mnrked  "T    choice of twonty other u mis r-uoh
l.' ik'a S W. corner,' planted al llie as lino sel» of Jewelry, Ulngs, Violins,
a nth cast comrr ol Lot 338,  group I,   Mandolins,   Tun  Bets,   Sjteun   Bhlrls,
i.   . io n in • , ih, nee nor ih 8;) chain*, ICi ins,   etc,      Itenioinhei   we  dnn'i
hei i-, i i ' • . t i ■. 'i, ii .. south i ti-ini any inoiioy iinitl after you »ell ihe
■ ■I, ,i',,-,,.-. we 80 chains, to tlm I I'uls nnd ten ilou'l have in sell any
I, j   i or the beginning, conialnlnn ivio  more than 12 boxes in gei iin- premiums,
rjcn a ; Tu*. it. a inn. ooffoi from s  u-llnhle'
onoern lhat  has  given thouaaniis of
iniiars worth < f pram uui* to agents .ill
Timber Notice
Wll en Johu  Wit-i In Doulit. '  ],,
John was n eoBChmnn who took llfo h
most seriously and, heiug very purtlcu* >-
Inr,   \iniilil   return* frequently  In  tlio "'
course of the duy to mnlte sure ho uu- I"
dorstood ilu; oi'd-'i's th.ii lind been given •'
htm in the morning.   One afternoon lio
prcsonted himself before his mistress )\
mt l
i thu War Oflico in order tlmt
:     n-   L'lVO    Il0l    Widow's      I" H"  '
er h'tter wns dulod from Hou-
I'r.iiice, nnd HUttod that     hor :
I  rJIud   n,  South   Africa     Inst j
lluv.  •). Soniinons,      Indian
or Iho liriviis  Itlvor district,
"Mrs, T„ Oi'm nol ipilti
to Mr. T.'a ordher thla i.
wns drqlvln' hint lo the lh
",;.. 1,1 that Hit' [lorsc wns In
told mo io do BOiuetlilii'
l in 1 ii*o 01 don't know w
11, 1 .shoe blinortoshoo
thul   tlio  Willi!
;,.    were    1'.  ll
i.|   I'.ii'tur   of   111'
is-  iit   Norway
Mason. 'I'lso 1
1,','V.   tmiinin
it 111 in.! iii Hal
try- 1
ol   lll'llQVlllu'H  BllOO
pu.'L-huso u pair of Inn «""':tJ-
0 p.iir wus on bulo. Tliey have
thla Sflth day of August 1003
Timber Notice
Notice that thirty dnys after
. -n'l tn a .p'v to the Chief Com-
-1 f 1 i.'io.-, 111111 Worlifl im .n
Icense io cul nnd ou*-y nw.iy
from   the  following describyd
nnclng ■ I a pest inarbe-1 "J,
".I'- s w corner," pUnied 4a
place of the beginning) containing 6H
It   ed tlili U!Uli day . I AUptm 11)03.
Ull ,1. hWINNAIUU.N.
il tbla lath day "I \n,-"M Itinf.
•**> T   i;o. u.p.'i
i Imber Notice
r i< ■  no  r ■    liiii   iimn  dim al ■
,■    ii      I to i    fly to the Cnlel Con
i       ......11.    di    i -I   Worti   loi
•■..! tlm .i'ii nt i v. iti mom hm ,u o iii.it
i> . Aui-ii Ps i: mn ii Toxin nih am a
sv.-ii ... ,t ii reini dy loi all dliijaios 11
ii..- kidney and bladdot, Utlght's
d ■ an . hi,>'i los, iheumais ai, netvous
H,i.i! s, ami female complaints- mul
,.i. i ii sale by all llrsl olnss ilmppi-is
.nni dealers in inedlclnea in in parts of
I tat el this
lui. ., i j ih ■ pi, ci   i
day if .141,,i:-t. 1003.
iu   dct&rlVcd    ltlL Ml,r'1'*     ^tH   linvc   (,11'y   ^° ■1,,IW
.\hem losell thoin.   You are not offtr-
.   ,  ,.        ii-i; 8ouieriilii|T   tbnl   the  people don't
." , '     ' '" I km w,   Oar   watches nro lha regular
pianyu  ''0 s„;.,(„;,) w.. (i. i,„ii,.-, oi   Gentlemen
',  l'""'' ' "' I in N'l lu-i   or   Gun   Meul   Cases with
.',,; V,!'.' J\' li.iiil^ m- Him mod dl a l«. aim reliable
tltne*l}cepcrS| wnlchra unci) as no lady
ur gentleman need be aiha'tned io carry,
and tin;v will bo sent absolute)) Free
to all v ho s'li only twelve boxes of
those wonderful 1'oxlu Pills, Write at
 , , l)1]r(. i,.<i be llie lirst In Y.nir It culliv io
T,   ,      -T   , earn one ^f those heautilut watches and
imbcr iNotice chair.     As soon as   we   receive  ytur
""Take Notice that thirty diyi after tc-it'r or post card we will send y.ui
date'I Intend to apply io tnu Chief« P*"1 PR'd twelve hoses, together with
Curointsslcnor of lands and works for a ! our Illustrated CJatalcgue and beoutl-
suiclal license to cut and carry nway {ullV colored with y in mine and nd-
llmbcr from the following dcdorlbed dress on as our authorlzad agent. liar
[andj. in n.i mi Out vou will nni he nshed to
Commencing nt a post marked '0. II.   ?",a,,y o,oiethnu llli; )2 bo-xea and  we
ud  on   the wui.lany money umll alteryon have
1 fitiiii mem. We iiear all the expense
ami are only maitlug this liberal offer
as a method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin PHls. I) n't iteiuy,
write, ai once and cam a beautiful present for join self for Christmas.
Address ARNOLD MEDICINE CO., Dcpl. 116,
All Adelaide St. Eusl ioronto, Out.
-.1 ride ol On' no.in fork of Gold
u.'O abcul tint:!' miles fiom Its foi Us
(> .si..- in; ihei t*e '-fiuii s i chains, w< st
i chs'loa, uoith so . bulna, east 80
iialns, to the placo ol the beginning,
i i-ialnlng 010 aores,
I),i. il itila 'Mi'i day ol AngnU, 1003
3(1 0.  II.    SMI lit, Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers give your  order
To The Herald Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Do You Want
Then Buy . . .
E. A. Small & Lo'a
"Royal Brand"
This   meritorious   brand   of   Tailor-made
Clothing has long since been tried and proven.
'Tis lhc best made, best cut, best finished, and
.—  ' ——
the best value in the Dominion.
If you would have "Royal Brand" Clothing
look for this guarantee label in
the pocket of the
Mtt ../ N
f "\   -!;03<f   / X
B. A. Small & Co., ore founders In Canada of
Tailor-made  Clothing ready-to-wear.
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths, see him
before buying.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It U the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being lor first-class agricultural lands. _These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Reid & Co. Agents Hor Cranbrook.
tttie Up
Thi! s
►The !.<••
For 11
Tlie tvl
Air 1.11
a wo love nnd mny nnt Kiss,     ; Tl
p!f we love nnd eust nslde,
.very ways we choose tu nrtss
nili's ivlii'i'i; rue nnd thorns abide)
sful eyes 111:11 -.... tin- shore,
v t.i Come, lijit tlion in store
" Margaret HIdgely Bctiott,
A Luci
1b1nt11.11 on u  subject  of lnt most
Ity itiiveiuiitir.
.  ure known  ns  shore    birds,
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shiics made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   ('live mc a call.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office nt Resilience, Armstrong Ave.
l:,irenonns,   •   -   -   ■   MO In II
HflernQi.ni   •   ■   ■   •   1:30 lo3:M
Evenings    -   -    -   ■    7..1U lo 8:30
CRA   BROOK,    :   :    :        :   :    11. (.'
I... i«   1.... Jolly Younc. Ciitmilliins Suppor-
0.1 Cttitls Till.', i.t 11.., IS.'.-fiii 1'iui-
Alll«M'i«-»t> iu llllilill...
"My chum lii'iisvii nnil  1 upont     our
- 11.'.-  viu'iiliiiii  nt   llm  L'tlll-Aioeri-
iiiii I'.Ninisiiiini," sni.l a jolly young
i .iiinilitin who I'liini- ts. this city,
Hi,, other dny mi business for n
JIonlro.il     linn, suss   Tlio Now  Yut'li
Twin ■ "and in .1 spirit of uifschlof |Q, fl. THOHPSON
sv,' thought ssi' svuiilil piny n tl'issk '
mi thu VunkccH 1,.' nroleiulliig ue
ssi-i'i- British noblemen. Wo both
eould ussuuii1 a i-i,ml Imitation ul
ill,.' most approved aristocratic, uc-
euiit, niul, luivlng hessril ,1  lot of Lln.'
ifiThiely. plover, sumlptpcrs, snipe, [ '
etc., nlTsii'il tins, sport sometimes. *'
Along the Atluiili'i ...„>l 11,- Bhoi'O ■'
bird shooting is exceedingly good at 1
times. Shore 1,1, ,ls. thai is man) oil "I Introduced Ilrown us -Sir 'l hom-
thelll, are very unsuspicious; the) sis Kay,' and he Introduced lno 113
jdecoy cosily, and many hunters ran, 'si'' Arthur Bonks,' fhongli my real
in Imitating their various cries, often name |s Hlxon.
lure them within gunshot, slim,. "Our lirst dlsappolnlmcnl enmo
birds, us the mime Implies, aro round when sse could not Hnd rooms in 11
along llm shores of tlie seas,  lakos,   flrst-clnss hotel in Buffalo, Iml    had
'und rivers.   Solno species  breed    its    lo bo s t.-nt with a third-rater. Our
favored localities In lho temperate second dlBappointmonl enrao whon
pnrts of tin- continent: many nest on ' wo elearl) perceived that our tiiles
the Nortli Wesl pisilrlos; iunn.' iimro had only sonod 10 raise such sus-
on Hi,' Islands of Iho \rctlc 0.rnn, piclon in our landlord's breast Unit
mill many nam' along tho narUirrn he sleninndod u week's room rent 111
shores ..( this c'oliltnenl and lho ndvanco Our ihlrd came whon wo
bnnks ol Iho Mackenzie r.nd other saw thai our fallow guests wore far
rlvor. Ilowlug im.i tho Vrctlc Oi.iin, too busilj eugugvil in golllng their
I liii.e often sliut shore birds, bul I ! money's worth to l'.s.s us nnything
havo never used decoys Of
l.ii'in-i- s|.,'.-i.'s    th,-    i:t'..,it,.i. Yt'll     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
logs, s„ called in dt.tliiKiili.ti it from '     ' "      "     -'''..' "'" abandon
Its smaller duplicatn, in,- I ,■*■-,.r Vol.    our lleltlious  titles,  however, su   wo
lowlegs, nnd Iho Ooldcn  Plnvoi   aro, ' nwolvnl lu r.iee 11 out, nnd wo called
..    -\n tun    faithfully  when speaking 10
-,.■ third 1
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary  Public.
Cranbrook n"'1 War, •-.. llle, 11. C.
Dray ing and
,,1,:..il".^,.,riS"i,s j moving
largo uml hamUomo birds I
ngaln I hiivb I.n, it Ure.ttei Vellow-
legs to Ihelr doom tncivly b) Inil-
tailng tin' plaintive whistle Wo , lulls nro they rnlled thnl I have whls-
II.sl them Into rnngo Irom .1 distance
,,( 11 ,imii i.-r ol 11 mile, nnd raina-
liin.s .sh..,,  1  missed   ih" ' 1 -i .... 1
In,.,,  whistled  tlii'in  Iml nln    In
Bprlllg  nn.l   lull   tin-   dlglll    ui    ' It	
ami    other    birds is heavy,  Itn	
thuy ure limn going t,, and n
from tli.'li   bioesllliK-gi'oiii 1      >    '
iniilil     1   I'.'i'iilt.'i'l   un,,  spi  '.
is here ... ..nn.l  Hi.' mm   ol   lln       ■'"  ,
height, a m,'Hi iinl,'    1         1
blow for Hi  a,i.s      Of 001     .1
l.lnls, iiiiii in,, ground everywhere sins
1 .sits   nii...    ssnli    world..™    nnil
oilier siniiii birds, Hutm-hiii" lot Insects .mil .euda Bnd- ssi.iv everywhere, ,111,1  iVlll 11 1  1... .1.  .,  wtilk    up
III.'   llll'.'   .slU.IT    I   tllllllll   111.,   li -
I'l'ully I,lurk ssiili Hoiks ,,i »uud|ii|s
"is, -i,i|i'' ,111,1 plover, iiiinhl.. to innl "
li.'.i.l.s.is  iignlnsl  ilu- gnli,     I In  I-,     ,
1  1 I.,,'nl ,1  Inmp    1     v. , .1
1 il  liur.il)   >.n   ,1,,,' 11  svhi 11 I
. |!l wo felt rather
N'obod) seemed sin-
-. .nut sse wero bocoin-
.   discouraged,      whon
'Mo  lm! '
I il'ln.l   linn Ir,
■ 1 ■ roi
,1  tli.
rniietl t  hint nml
■    III inn,I    .11,ll   ll       	
llie 111.iiiiini: Iii .. it.,, us .. lhe
pnl„ nm lm t il nn.l diirlna mu nighl
tl.- ni.,1 lu. .,Kiln. ,1 l, . 1, i all vnn-
l-li .1   -limits , 11
.ll    S.'l,
I., ,1.1  as um  ...nt     tie told     lilm
ive  11 loli rn I tn rough it dur-
il  L     OUI      1 ■ [p    III      lllll'lll'il     lllll! who
ui,  ■ i.i mu , is.-.     Wo allowed I,	
[lowevei .  -1, all um 1 lathes   lie
v 1 ill ul  lliiil  »,' lipped linn
hem ruin
Nexl ,t.,s tin- s.iiiu- thing was repented, and b) „ leu nilroll i|ito«-
lions I've I,.11 nesl tli.it lie ss.is lm.
lm: ., hnrdel  Um., gotllmj u living in
\ ;i  tl  I ullrlpuled     .sliuti
ne lefl    Ir.,1,1  l.'Kiiglnnd,'  nnd    wn.
Iii,, l.s lo lose In-  is waller (Ilnl
s,'i \ I'li.tii uiii, ■    It 1,1 brlbo ilio
li.-uil  sv, r .siiti .1   s-.  lull      liu uut
It      lli.- n..\i  ila)  In    sin., ss.,- 11,1,,'n
 gorounly    ill, mul    no    hospital
n..iit.i receive lir-r for less than    110
In ndvnnro,    tfo e,,t Unit. loo. Nest.
lln)   Olir     su, ,1" ml,it.      uml   «u
"i. rimi tor homo rcithoi  ply     in
 „^^^^^^^^^^^_    I ,l"       '""'   >• t■-.>'.'%   ss.iil.'i   l„ii'li,'il
but   Hi.-,    r'nu'l'i.  in 1   1 imi I™"   '•""  ' *-. 1""1 began    an-
Uw and    Samuel    Hi 1,       Ihe   other hard-luck Btory.     Wo cut    it
fust  in, il Ims lhe 11.1 li"       hml   h)   saying   tlmt   sse  had    duno
lhu   lliissinn   si.ii'   in   Ins   nucliisps)   0 tli lur hllll nlroudj   Ilis obMiuil'
mul Ute Crimean English mil Turk-   """ ■-""ll' ll|ed out      With uu iiiipu-
Ish decorations, tho single clasp   on   dont  r, ho snld: 'Wall, good    dol,
tho former being for jSolmstopol.        I Sir. Brown; good dol, Mr. Dixon.'
Sutiiiii'l  llmiil.Imi w,.,ii's th,.  Iluliic      "Wo looked nt one another,        H
ini'slul uml  Hu, Chinese for  L85D-00,   was plain tlinl ho wus [on.'     'How
Ills clasps im tho lntter arc Fatsllan   d'd yo" find 011T?' wo noked.
uud t'uuton. I    "  "i wen' i° a nowspapor   oilico
Among surviving volornns of Um h'aiid h'oxamlncd 'Burke's Poorugo.'
Iniliiiu Mutiny ,,i" isfi7-f>8 uro James "i didn't Iim! your luilles there,'
Ili.ssell,  lute of  Iho 60th  Regiment,   s"'d ho,
ishiise  modal  liiis  two  clasps,  l.uek-      " '-It was only 11    Jolso,' 1  replied,
now und  llellel ol l.tu'lsnnW.    Itiiss.ll    'Yuu Won't blow 1111 us, will you?'
wsss In,. 11 iu tho army, and his lutliei "dt    III. Ill'm a bit of a loior
anil brother boll,    foil    during    lho   mesolf,' suisl be, with another    leer
mutiny, t ami a broad grin,
lieiuiis Allen, for iiiuii.v yonrs mi 1 "'"■ "'nol suspicion took hold of mo.
odlclai of lho Toronto iuil, sorveil In'    ">?iVsn'e ull  llipso hard-Hick slosis-s
(hi loth  tiogl t.  Ihriiuglioiit    lhe   of yotti's (ulsi's ulsiiV tasked,
inillnv,  ho bus lho modal juid elusii1      follies" Is the word.    But you
for l.tukiiiiw.   JnmoH tjul  Ijito ol eannot    deny Iml whnt, 1 glv't. yer
tl.e Ibid Biitluliiiii. lliflo Brigade, bus   fi'»»l 'Plloy In loitlsis fer yer scads.'
a.so the Indian Mutiny medal;  with ""■'[i '"'•"
utiisp for Iiolhl, I ' ' —
, | in. i.i... nni ii...
Not Ills Knult.-Klu..- The mnn In' Toacllor-^Nonl which wan tho Bluok
the book went through ilu, mul w*.   V™?** ,"",'; m,r,.'' jff.'.u!."""!,   "}'!}
tor lo support bis wile.   Tie—Old Its'
—Vloaso miss,  llm one be dlesl in.—
fiho—YaS—ho   wus    a    liieuusn.—Ally    ' "  ''■
tilonor'a li|^lf-Usjliday,, _ "~
I'iaii.'to Mo\ Ing a Specialty
I.(l.o.P.   kc> I'll. I.nslec
M. Il,„.k,'ii,l„l(.
Cranbrook I odgc, No. .0
.. I'. 4 A. ,M.
II,niiliii meclhiBS
llmil   'I'limsilii)
el,' .1, \
I..,,. A. I.HI,'
Easl Kootenay
Untiling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Cli.iiiip,igiies, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Sod.i water in -siphons.    Thc mcsl
economical way to handle it.
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairinj; and
(icncral .lobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Terms of Payment
The nt'sirrnte .-iuuhiiii of principal snd inl rest, except in the
case nf lands under £2.50 an acre, is divided inlo len instalments as
shown in the t.-ilile below; tl..- first tu be paid al Ihe lime of purchase, lnc second une year frum date uf the purchase, the third in
Iwo years and sn nn.
Thc lullmvinii inhli' shows Ihc amuuni uf Ihe annual instalments
on Kill acres al different prices under the abuve cundiliuns:
inn acrs al S2..S0 per tier, Ist Instalment S.so.os   ., equal intal'ls al S50.00
.1.00      " " 71.90 " tO.OO
3.50      " "i 83.00 •■ 70.00
1.00      » « 05.85 •• 80.00
..50      " •• 107.85 " 00.00
5.00     » " 19.85 « 100.00
KilTlberleV is the business and shipping point for the
-   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
CrailbrOOk 's "le tl'v'siona' P°,nt °' ",e *-r*iws Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial cenlrc of Fi nih
Bast Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further In format inn apply to urciiIs us above or lo
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent, Nelson, B.C. or
Land, under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II tbe land ii paid lor la lull at the
time of purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cent on lhe amount paid la excess ol the
usual caib Instalment.
Interest at all per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company bat alio lots lor sale
in the following town sites in East Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Mich.
ener, Creston aad Klmberley.
The terma ol payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in sl. and ^twelve
Kitchener is in tbe center of the great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
Urousc copper fields.   J. T. BURUESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Call at Tom's liurher Shop, Victoria Mouse, opposite depot.
Tin* ftlioii Is ui'iii, i ni> Imvels urn clean,
i,].--;i...ti-'.nivsiiiin,,n,-. wumxs i.im-ii,
Ami l.M'iyiliiti'Mi!,,! skill i-itti (in
ll viril cull li.-'ll du loi y..ii.
J, T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave IS...      Hair Cut 35c,     Stinmpiiu ZSc
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a few points lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good    Malcti
and the price.
lUive you lalkct) wllh anyone abuut hiiildlnj-,?
tome anil see me or let me see you.   ll may
do us buili ■'iimi.
and Builder  .*
All work Riinranlecd.   Sec us belore
you build.   II .111 pay you.
Crauhrook, li C
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain    Railway  Co
The only all mil route between all
points linst, West aud South to....
Intermediate Points,
Connecting at
SPOKANE wiih the
.ireat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Nelson with Steamer tor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with Stage Djlly tor
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    BossburK   Stage   Dally   for
Grand Forks and Qreenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Aft. j
in all the
Towns in
|P. Burns & Co
Wb.lu.~i ... Rel.ll
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Qame and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trad* I. solicited.
ts eesmbs! mmttfmsm&ii
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind. Of:
Rough and Dressed Lumber
i i:ast kootenay 1
j HOTEL... I
'Hl,,il...fli,([.i.li' O.
PDTER MATIII'SIIN. Proprietor. Ij!
*  ,»iiiiiiiiittttt*tttti, *,
,*   When you  nre hllllgty  nn.l   want ".
*t        u good meal go to lhe Bast -*
tl Isiiotetiiiy. JJ
J When you  nie tiled nml want a J
-I gnu,! rest gn to the linst Koo- -s
'I' lenny, I
JJ When you are thirsly niul want a J;
ns CSJ.nl   illillk   go   Is)   (be   I'liisl   m
IB Kooienay,. 11]
"*  In fuel will n you me su Cranbrook  S
„        stop ssi lhe Hum Kootenay,      tft
When in town don't,
forget to stop at thc...  .
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
St. John
Bust on
New York
San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
Ly, fori William, Suo., Toe , Frl.
VIA. SOO UNE      "
leave Dunmore Junclloit dally lor St. I'aol
Leave Kooienay Landlnu Toesday and Satur
day lor Toronlo and all easier., poinls
Leave Revelslokc dally lor Scallle, Vanioov.r-
and coast cl.les
Throoih llckels lo liurope vis all Atlaotlc
Lines. Prepaid llckels Irom all poinls .1
lowesOales. For loll parllcolars 'apply lo
local agents.
K. 0. P. A„ M"l.
Refitted Throughout
Oue of tbe Most Comfortable
HoteU in East Kootenay.
Newly Furnlibed
L. B. VanDecar, Prop. I—I ^**J- ^ I
Cranbrook, B. C. ... 1   1 Vf Ivl
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Teams and drivers furnished for .ny
point in the district.
Manager   J   J,   Jt
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract,
P. O. Fart Still.. 0. C.
Wc have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, (ire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U.  H
Oflice and ntore, Aiken Id-irk,
near Canadian Batik of Commerce, Cranbrook, 11 C.
U»k-tlilcrli| 9At ttcaeral Farallnrc Rtpt1rta|
Will attend to any work In the district
A|»l lor tbt Braid** Mirkk aad Uraalu
Werki.   Ttiaiktluaca, lltililtaci, lit. Tailored
Clothing S S S
Our Fall Sloe* ol Mcn'snnd Boys'
Clothing la almost eomplete, onlj
a (es. more Hoes lo open up. Tbis
department of t ur slore is one io
which we give ihe best possible
lit'elillou. A look through our
lines of Ms n'sStiits ;sml Overcoa's
«1U ennslnee you tlinl .prclal enie
has been eiveu ssi the selection ot
each garment.
FANCY VESTS «•»■•' "•"''■
A revolution has taken place in the manufacture ol leiiily-miule einthiiig See our Tailored
R ■ idy-to-Wear Units, i
I   ....VALUE....    f
I There are many biscuit manufacturers in the X
H Domininion, all making buscuits that are m
H proclaimed good or bad according to taste, Y
M but none have gained a more enviable reputa- Y
H tion for thoroughly reliable, absolutely pure HJ
tX goods than <^
|    CHRI5TIE, BROWN & CO. . 1
to WE BUY NO OTHER. Our customers want O
'fill no other. For your next afternoon tea get a 0
O few Christie's Buscuits, assorted. <>
Fancy and   Staple   Croceries and Crockery. ^
I For a given price we insure you against loss. You take s
no chances. We do as we agree, without fail at any |
time.   That makes you feel safe.
All over thc District.   Sec us or our agents anywhere
I Head Office Cranbrook, B. C. local ano lono distance-phone ;
I      Spokane, Wash., October 6th to 14th, 1902, Inclusive.       8
| Fine Arts Exhibit JK
I Fruit Exhibits the'northwbst
I Stock ,,0RSES'*»
!  r-is    I '*.   rv_       n.. .:...„ BIO EVENT EACH DAV
; Eight Day Racing m m
I Agricultural Exhibits
I $25,000 IN  PREMIUMS
m houses entered
S     HKST MUSIC— Amuseuieut extraordinary,   Concession privileges of all  ,i>
J  kinds for sale.    Write for catalogue. GEO, H, MARTIN, "J
S FRANK I.KAKK, Advertising Agent. Mgr, and Sec'y.   J
i &....... ..."
Proprietor of Hie
Candy Kitchen
Carrie, a complete sn,ek „f
Candies. Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
t   TobaCCOS. Olve us a call
Q**^-** ***-*. .......... .*-**{$)
'■He who will not, when he ran,
Musi tarry when he wouhl not."
Secure Insurace
it is too late
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agcnls
Fire and Life Insur'ce
a. ot Interior or exterior of your home go to 1.
* Mimii-nr wnrk will iTi'i'lvi* nm bc-.i ait.'ii Jjj
*L     nnil. Nonresident work wlloltod      t,
The variety is such that it will
please you and the prices will appeal to you.   We sell the
This chain is guaranteed. The
guarantee means that if thc chain
is not as represented I am authorized to replace it. What more can
a man ask.
Jeweler and Optician.
Hln, ml Wafeh in pes Inr for
Crows Nesl illileliin C. P. R.
Select   private    boil riling   school    for
boya, Morieru methods, Accomplished
masters. Excellent table. Home cure.
Refining influences. Large, niiy bed*
rooms, Specially built class rooms.
Cricket, root ball, boating, swimming,
military drill, Patronized by the best.
Highest references. Prospectus, Rev.
C. J, Hreiilon, JVI. A , Vancouver, B. C.
Reference ihe Rev. 1!  Beacham,
Owing to some raisunderstaudlnga in
ihe past Tlie Herald hereafter will make
ii ii it ml** of 7|a' cents per line fur lirst
Insertions uud 5 c-mts per line each subsequent insertion for church ami society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received In lieu of advertising
or us complliiientariea, Bualness ol ibis
character will be transacted on h cusli
basis hereafter,
Picked  Up Aboul the Cily  by  Asking
Questions of Many People.
Read Tates' Al this week.
New goods ut VV. !•'. Tales' the
Charles Reid returned lust Sunday
from Kaslo,
Mr, Watson of Fort Steele was in
lown tins week,
P.J, McMahon, of Moyie and Klko
was In town Tuesday,
Jamea Plndley and wife, of Kimberley
were in lown Monday.
Mr. ami Mrs. John Ureckenriilge went
to Michel last Monday.
Dr. Brodle Is iii very poor health at
his home in Fort Steele.
IO I,. Hyron, of Frank, is in town
looting alter business matters.
Mr. Dendurant, spent a week or more
it the new town of Morrissey.
Mrs. II. I). McMillan of Marysville
.pent 11 few days In town this week.
J. F. Armstrong, gold commissioner.
[*'ort Steele, was in town this week.
It will soon be Thanksgiving. Get
ready with your thanks nnil turkey,
A. Dick, government mine Inspector,
has been In Cranbrook the past week.
Arrangements will soon be made for a
series of dances at the ball this winter,
Wanted—A First Class vest and pant
maker. McSweyn St. Griffith's,
R. IJ clem, of tbe Canadian Pacific
express company was in townSalurday.
Say Mac let us go down and see those
new goods at        McSweyn & Griffith.
Dr, Barber has returned from Fernie
ami will he in Cranbrook for several
Harry O'Hagan, well known on the
Crow, is now running a train ou tbe
Canadian Northern
Henry Pettet came down from Crow's
Nest Tuesday. lie is now runniug from
lhat town 10 Macleod.
Rev. Gordon of Fernie occupied the
Presbyterian pulpit last Sunday, Rev.
Fortune being in Calgary,
K. Klwell, of Kimberley, Intends to
move to Cranbiook. Tlie W. A. Miner
house is being fitted up for him.
For Sale—Six soom cottage, well furnished; immediate possession.
S8*tf II. C. Pettet.
If you want a nice clock wait for my
new slock. It will be here in a few
lays. W. F, Tttte.
Wentworth ball is being filled up lu
-(ji.tl shape. It will be a great improve
ment over its former  condition,
Charles Finch, of Marysville. was in
-own Sunday. He says that the lumber
business ii good with his company.
Or 11111 Belaugtt, of Marysville, was in
lown this week. He says that work ou
the smelter is progressing  very rapidly.
Gentlemen our new  line of Fall and
Winter goods have arrived huiI   we  beg
to submit thu same to your inspection.
McSweyn & Griffith's.
Jay Usher goL a finger of bis lefl
hand too near a buzz saw last Saturday
with disastrous results. He will be
laid up for a while.
.tames Findlay, of Klmberley, was in
town ou Monday last. He says that
work will commence in a short time nl
the Sullivan mine.
James Cronin, wile nnd twe children,
•I Moyle, and Mlsfl O'l-imlen, of Port-
laud, Oregon, visited in Cranbrook
several days this week,
W. F. Tale, lhe jeweler, has been appointed sole agent for the celehrntml II.
.v A. Saunders' chain. This chain bears
1 guarantee stamped on the link.
Well say' Those Scotch tweeds are
ilrigbt, and with one of those grey
Over Coats, well a (cow could go to
the races, and tbe place is
McSweyn & Griffith's.
flu- Perry Creek trail has been completed, but it is said that it was not
built on the line surveyed, and that there
is some objection to it as now located,
J. Wolfe came up from Wardner on
Friday last. He bas charge of tbe din
ing room of the Wardner hotel. He
intimates that Wardner will be n good
Mrs. J. P. Fink and children returned
last Saturday from their visit lo Mrs.
Fink's old home in Sweden. They had
a pleasant trip both ways ami came
back in good health.
J, A. McPhey, of Lethbridge, has been
In town the past week, greeting old
frtnds and making new ones. He Is out
of lhe dry goods biiilness now aud is
handling life insurance.
If tlie coil unites null cuke ovens of this tlistrict should close touior
rn.v ever, smelter in Hrilish Coltinihin would close within thirty days
Uuin MEN will be employed in the near future iu the mines nnd at the
coke ovens ol MORRISSEY.
Claude Vruoiit,  B    A., who  has  beeu
attending the nontftl school at Van
COUVer, roi tin'past tluee months arrived in town Monday and will asinine bis
position as first assistant in the public
school lure.
Dr. O'l lagan ai rived on Sumlay
mornings train,    lie drove to Marvsville
in the afternoon. Dr. O'Hagan was
practicing bis profession In Marysville
during the past winter am) his many
friends were pleased to see him,
Fretl Hazen catne down fiom the St.
Marys country fur a couple of days Ibis
week. He says tbat matters are looking
better about Marysville, and that preparations are being made to open the
Snl ivan mine.
Miss Lund and her niece, Elizabeth
Lund returned last week from an extended visit to relatives iu Helena, Mont.
They bail a nice camping experience in
VOlow Stone patk, and come back
greatly improved by their outing.
For Sale —Desirable residence on
Baker Hill, owned and occupied by G.
VV. Patmore. For Sale at a bargain.
Furnace and water conveniences, Apply to Beale, Hutchison, Si Klwell, or to
G, W. Patmore, 28
It ivoiilil surprise anybody to walk
through G. II, Gilpin's store rooms aud
see tbe great variety of goods be carries.
That he has faith in tbe district Is evidenced by tbe immense stocks be Is
William Eschwig,the well known hotel
man of Fernie, was iu town Sunday, Mr.
Kschwig says that Fernie is rapidly improving, and that business is again on a
solid basis. The number of men at tbe
mines Is being increased and prosperity
is assured for the town and people,
John Fink, brother of J. P. Fink, and
well known In South Kast Kootenay,
was among tbe passengers held up last
week on a, stage coach near Slites,Idaho,
The robbers did not get much from
John, but gave him a touch of high
Mrs. B. F. Carter who Iwb ouppHc6
the position of first assistant iu the
public school here for the past three
months. 1ms earned the gratitude of tbe
parents, the good will of the children,
aud the confidence of her fellow teachers
on tbe staff.
Rev. John Kenner and Mr. Kenuer of
Mitchell, Ont., are visiting their daughter Mrs. Thompson at the Methodist
parsonage. They will remain for some
weeks, Mr. and Mrs. Kenner have
visited the Coast and expressed their
delight at the tuagniilce.it scenery on
tbe route.
rte have not advanced the price of our
Tobacco. Amber Smoking Tobacco, Bobs,
Currency ami Fair Play chewing tobaccos
are Ihe same size and price to the consumer
as formerly. We have also extended the
lime for the redemption of Snowshoe tigs
to January 1st 1904.
Thc Empire Tobacco Co. Limited,
W. Wilson, the jeweler, bas at last
secured a most favorable location on the
Main street, having rented the store
room next to tbe post office. He is having It put in shape, and will noon be
established in very attractive quarters.
Mr. Wilson is a hustler, a fine workmen,
and one who is making patrons by his
treatment ofthe public.
Mrs Shaw and Mrs. Campbell have
rented the store room next to the post-
office and will open a firstclass restaur
aut. The ladies propose to keep a neat
place and to give people what tbey want
whelher it be a 25c meal or a banquet at
f5 plate. This is what Cranbrook needs
and it tbis policy is pursued the restaurant will be a success.
Full Is here, and nature now is using
the hand of an artist in giving the rich
tints to the luxuriant foliage. It is a
pleasing sight to look upon the uioun
tains capped with snow, while lower
down there is tbe magnificent coloring
brought about by the touch of King
l'routs' hand upon tbe summer garb ol
tbe bushes anil trees. The lover of
nature is happy these days In the magnificent pictures presented.
.loin) Murphy of Frank, Alts., has
ocen visiting at Old Town for several
days. Mr. Murphy and Oliver Durge
are Interested In some quartz claims sl>
or seven miles up Perry Creek.
Mr. McVittie has finished surveying
the Roaming King group of claims,
which were lately bought by a Spokam
outfit, and has returned to Fort Stech
wiih his men. They say they encoun-
tereil some pretty rough weather while
A few moneyed men wltb tbe spirit
that Mr. McDonell shows would mak
a greal difference lo the mining world
of I.ast Kootenay. He Is like the fable
of thc lark, as he does not wait for hi'
neighbors to do the work, but says
come on boys and we will do It. If I]
hail not been for Mr. McDonell we
would not have got tbe road this fall
ami another tuinmer would have come
aud gone wiih very little done lo the
In lhc way of developing owing to the
fact that It was linpanslbtc to get
machinery up the creek wlihoui a good
waggon road.
The I'erry Creek road is being rapidly
done, Mr. L-clerc Is rushing bis men
In oidcr to complete the road before It
gets two stormy, Mr. Leclerc la the
right man in the right place, Mr
Armstrong waa out on Saturday In company of .1. McDonell who has a force of
men on the grade,
Mr. and Mrs. Slater, Mr. and Mrs.
Johnson were visitors to Old Town Sunday. Tney said they were very glad
tbe editor of the Cranbrook Herald did
not materallse (as was expected) as
they had the pleasure of eating the
chicken dinner that otherwise m'ght
have been consumed by him had he
arrived lirst.
From Hie Moyie Lender
Tim Farrell has gone to Rossland to
F. J. Hill, accountant for the St.
Kugene company, was down to Nelson
this week.
Frank Clapp of Cranbrook, representing the Kast Kootenay Bottling Co.,
was in town yesterday.
Joseph Nlederstadt Is making arrangements to take over the Cosmopolitan hotel from Wm. Mills.
Jake Nelson was down to Morrissey
and Frank this week. Mr. Nelson Is
improving very rapidly and will soon be
able to walk without a cane.
Ben Murphy came up from Spokane
last Saturday, and Is now In the Northwest Territories with Thos. Hader looking after some land they purchased
there some time ago. Ben looks prosperous and bas made some good Investments since be left Moyie.
From lho Fernie Free Tress.
Rev. D. Holford bas resigned his posl*
Hon as pastor of the Fernie Baptist
church. His resignation has been accepted. Mr. Holford has not yet decided where be will locate.
Lethbridge News—"Lost or stolen,
a handsome trophy—tbe Levasseur Cup,
Supposed to be somewhere In the neighborhood of Fernie. The rightful owners
will be glad to receive news oi Its
whereabout?." Our boya should take
the hint.
Work bas been commenced on the
new electric light line to the mine.
Tbe power house In Fernie will be
abandoned In tbe near future and the
power will all be furnished from the
motors at the mines. Tbe electric plan*,
at the mines will be one of the linest In
the west,
Some excitement has been cauaed
among local sportsmen by the appearance of a mountain Hon on the road between town and the Fernie Improvement Co.'s mill. The animal, wblch Is
reported to be a large one, bas been
seen by several parties.
Timber Notice
Thirly days alter dute I will apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands una Works ror n special license lo cut mnl curry nway timber from
tlie foltowlng described land) In South Kast
Kootenay 1
Coniineuolns nt the northwest corner post sit*
iiiited on the east side or liinek ;kii, aboul km
yards south ol No, 8 post- I00dhalni|tait, theme
iu chulni south, tlieneo um ohulns weit.tlionue
in ehalus uortli tu ihe point of oomiiieneeineiit,
810 acres more or less.
L'ranhrooki Mill August, w:.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tint thirty days after
iiiiie i inii-N.i in make application to the Chief
Commissioner i>r l-snils ami Works tor Hcen a
lu cul mid '-any aivny timber from tlio fiilliiwliii*
described lands:
I'uiiiiiiciiclue, at a pnst planted about one mii,<
west nr llie SOUtllWefl curlier id  Lot BIO, and
running st) chains north, tlienca Hociminn wesi,
tlieiice so chnliiN south, theuce m clialns eusl In
tlie place of   coinineiici-ineiit,   cniitaliilui- 040
acres, more ur less,
rrii ni 1 rook, n. 0.1 August 20, HUB,
110 It. A. ANDERSON,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby hIvcii tbnl llilrty days after
dalu I Inlend tn mnke application tu llioi'lilet
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for llconso
in cut unit carry away timber from the following
described lands:
i.'uiiiiiK-iidiii! nt a ihisI planted nbout one mile
nest of southwest corner 01 Lot Uts, and run
niu*-* so chains weal, tlieneo so chains south,
llienee 80 clinlns east, llionco HO chains north to
nollltof commencement, contain!tin ttin neres,
more or less.
(runbrunk, 11. C, Aiiuust 'iti, lIXKt.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby mvi-n that thirty dnys after
date we Intend tn mnke application to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands nml Works for license
to cut iiiiiI enrry away Umber from the following
described binds:
I'niiiinoii lm* aln post planted at the south-
wesi corner ol Lot BIS, and riiiininit north 80
IiiiIim ulniiK the west lino of Lot BIS, tlionce
wi-m -11 ciiiiins. ihence south so chains, thence
easl so chains in place or coinninnceinenl,
Cnuilirnok, ll. ('., Annus! 90th, wi 25
Excitement Still Prevails at
1 The Big Store 1
O In our Men's department new goods are arriving every week
.^ so that our stock is becoming more complete every day.   It S
"*- will pay you to inspect our goods belore purchasing. fi
to        This week we received a large shipment of Glassware and
O Chamber Sets which we will sell at close margins.
Our stock ol Groceries is always Iresh and clean.
to J. P. FINK, rianajcer.
We are agent for the best.
Come in and hear a few
of the very latest records.
BEATTIE'S drug and stationery store
Mail Orders Dispatched Quickly.
I    1    Fresh Beef, Pork,
1   «fe   Mutton, etc. *£SS
Q        T        Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and
Q Qame in Season.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can lix you out.
We have a line selection ol suitings to choose Irom and,
what is more, you can depend upon thc quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
AU kinds and superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think of preserving until you inspect
our stock.
Just Arrived, Our Fall and Winter Stock of
Also Fine Line Ovcrcoatint-s        SERGES,
McSWEYN & GRIFFITH,   ™*m* >«.„«
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
*jfa Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00 '
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle  I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle  1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50 '
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 ]
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, perfl)ottle  2 00 ;
, pints
Bass Ale, pints	
' Stout
Tbe Cosmopolitan Hotel will close Sunslsys nfter October 1st,


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