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Cranbrook Herald Dec 11, 1902

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VOLUME   :..
oitANllltOOK,   IMMTISII   lol.f M lii A,   THURSDAY,   DECEMBER    II.   1002.
Photo Frames
lhe resting plate ot absent
friends mul lovetl tines. Did yotl
ever sec 1511 photo frames? Call
and see mirs. II wc haven't what
ymi wanl it isn't mailc, for wc
bought iitiin all lhc leading linns
Mother and Father
Ihey Itiay Ik*cast orsoilllf
5-illd tliciii stimclhiii-*, to show
that you remember tticm and ap
predate the fuel that Ihey acted
>anta Clans tor you. They will
appreciate It and you will he do
in), thc hes: act oi your life
Uric a llrac
Wc mean fancy articles ol
china and dell, Ihey add to the
appearance of home antl reflect
your -*,<H»d judgment ami tasle.
We have many novelties III vases.
c|K*ri)iu*s. match safes and novel-
tics of all kinds.
Ink Wells
arc Ihc never failing gift
at Xmas time. Wc have *f» different varieties iu wood, metal
gold plate, marhlc aud glass,
fnnn 25c tu $5.
in plenty from 60c lo $2.50,
I'hey are cheap this year. We
had 200 in stock hut havn't that
many uow. Better call and see
Leather (ioods
After all they ure Ihc longest lasting present you can (five.
Dressing cases, jewel cases, writing cases, collar aud cuff botes,
Idler holders, haiidkcrchiel holders aud, in fact, holder-, for everything, all made of leather.
.lust a word about purses,
(iood purses cost money. Don't
expect a good article for Si or Sj;
yon will lie disappointed in a few
months, l'ny a fair price aud gel
a good article that will hold your
wealth for years to come.
Man's silent friends. It is
useless lo attempt to tell you
aluml them. We never handled
books lill this year. Now we
have everything.    Have a look al
lie poets. Li/at J binding, acorn
binding. Inn nl leather binding,
and do/eus of other styles. We
have laid ill a special slock of
children's   books  this year.    AH
he newest, best and most attractive that the great American
houses turn uut.
Hair Brushes
tire suitable Xmas Kilts il
they arc (..mhr-m's .if Curis with
pure hristlcs and clM.uy ur rosewood back. I.ouu; bristles lor ladies, military for gentlemen. Nail
t.Kith and flesh brushes are also
10 thi: people of SOUIH EAST KOOTENAY:
Our holiday stocks in the past have been gootl, hot wc cau
safely say never equal to what we are showing this year. We
bought in the best markets ami thereby secured the best selections and the best prices. We bought early last February and
thereby saved m per cent, of which ymi will receive the benefit.
In »ur store we are showing fancy goods, books, leather goods,
calendars, cards, etc.
Our l.iy slock is su large Ihis year we hail In secure outside quarters and
are shutting il in N.i. I sample ro Crauhrook holel.   We have Ihe largest and
best selected range ever shown. Quantity makes a difference iu price when buy'
ing loys and wc bought thc quantity. Tliey are going lasl and wc would advise
you lo buy early and wc will deliver Chrislmas eve. We positively guarantee
belter prices in toys than an> house in Soulh liast kooienay. Inspect our slock,
buy if satisfactory, otherwise no harm done.   Vours for best goods, lowest prices
Mail    Orders    Will    Be      Promptly    and    Carefully    Filled
A box ui stationery that
shows good tasle i> a graceful
present. We have a large variety
of good stationery in the newest
shades, put up in boxes that are
useful afler thc stationery is gone.
Prices ranging from goc ty Si.
that arc Hue and reflec
you as you are. We have at
endless variety. Our specialty i
ebony hacked Illinois. They an
good bargains this year. Ucnicm
her ebony mirrors are made ii
ist and 2nd. We guarantee our
to he ist without a flaw.
Christmas ami New Near
cards. This year wc arc haml
ling Canadian and American cal
endars. Ihey are equally artistic
am) cheaper lhan Inglish. They
make a pretty mul seasonable re
membra nee.
Mechanical Toys
are Instructive ami nuius
ing. The very best toy ever made
is the friction toy. Vim can't
break it. Come ami sec the mer
ry-go round, ihc swordsman, Unseal aud do/ens of others.
Bibles and Hymnals
Large range of family, liax
ter, teacher and ordinary Bibles
in good bindings. New Church ol
f.nglaud services iu good servlc
able bindings. Also hymnals of
all denominations.
Just a word about our perfumes. Wc take a special pride
iu them. We have ull the leading Trench. English. Canadian
ami American makes put up III
the most artistic styles. Poor
perfume is had. timid perfume is
1 pes
I lie solace t»f man. Have
yotl seen our $15 pipe? Come in
and look at it then we will tell
you about It. It. it. pipes, (1, H. D.
pipes, meerschaum pipes* amber
stems. Companion pouches, seal,
buckskin, rubber, corduroy and
rubber lined; they arc the hcsl.
Wc arc uol going to attempt to tell you about them. Wc
have over 500, drcsssed and undressed, kid and rag, Trench ami
American, real aud artificial hair.
Noii must come and see them tu
appreciate the variety, Hy the
way, did you ever sec a 1(1 inch
kit! doll for sue?
For Babv
Have \ou a baby? Ikm'l
forget il. Perhaps it is its lirst
Xmas. We have pretty rattles of
wool, Ivory, nlckle and straw: also infant's brushes, combs and
mirrors that w ill he happy re«
menibranees in years to come.
Don't neglect baby and baby won't
neglect you.
■ tn 1   1     in    ■
I    idi.S'.t   .JI
llr rakes a   i.>* Crack* al Prior uud   Hi
meni wiih tt majority nf on**, It lakes
them nil Hint time In limit*, on to (Hit**.
uml  llltv i-oillil    iml    -lie.'rt-'l   in   doing
tlmt Iiii «iiy greul length ol time. There
Ir  no  rliuin-r  nl thriu caming Weal
l-tn ifil tin* mi in 1 j nest ion, hecaiiHf* I be*
llcved ii contained rllecllve provisions
prnioetlnjj lln* people. Art* these pfnvi-
uiii- in uny ol I hem in lie Hi mined. Tin*
if t in 11 nt*->lion given u vei v Iipiiv > bourn*
Joseph Morlhi. M. I'.  IO   hm   Ihi I   l" the rnllway company, naniplv. te.nr«{ Vale.      Kwrjliwly   knows   thnl   Mr.
tl.e fnllnwlim leller m Uie pres-: \**r mile fn.-uyt mllea, 01 11 lolal n* *.*..-   Murph-/    rescued sunply  Iin nf   Ins
Vanennvei   Dee  1    Sir  tire tlinl   >s 1    ll In (Mended In Increase mis   I™«"1 «" reluming in his constituency
appeals are heing m 1 !■• iu -nriniHipiail  1 grant? If ao,  lion   ...ml.,  uml  In   what | that public opinion  waa^lmn-*;  ■•*■■	
ri-    llllll    s 1.11   .1 Id   I"'   pi
MUt.lllt-1   llll"
  i    ....       ,     , I 1 „ ■ 111   ■■ dvMenli foi tbt; jjnverumenl in Inive st
•1'n.ir gov 111.*nl in.iiili'i Hint ilu v ni.i\        \\ hm ..(ami dues 11.lt.1ifl Pi(n| mul his 1
■   .,  ,       , o , , , eoied   i   mnre   favorable  eoiiMIlueiii
run   lliiiniv'li   iluit   inilvviiy   policy.     I   ....yennm-nl    tnke   >>li   nlliei   important.
, 1 Ijriii WeM We.    Mi   Murph*!   wus   |*
would like tn H«b   what iIihi  11
[| 0 . i>-li>1il ■! ¥    » lir-ii    -1    in W    1
cmiie-  premlei   ••'  u pro' Inc*1
shmiil vi
- Hi
nple.    We lis
.-ut <
is.   nneulinn.i whieh  ure hetnie the. people       , , ,    ,    ,
...        ,. 1 .   j    pnlsr *tm looked npon *a a. man of anil
ie-  ,,i tli 1 j province? li *nr,i<l seem intend-  £      ,,..-,       ■ , 1 ■        ..■       ,   ^
he   -.1 tlinl Uu proposition  put   forward  h,
ni   die -mn-ment is tlmt tliey are HeaTeii
1 -,t ah : -......-.   he  fxpeoted  :
tli ii BCtloni
lllOiv siiiptist'ii in  my   life.       II.'   ran it".
tin enormous Mneki iiiiii hh tn <|nalii>,
von can't liml any beller nr a more
vailed aelcclion in nny more in Winnipeg. Ills leather goods nml Christinaa
novelties aie nf llie latest, while his toy
department is 1 marvel. His plnce is a
regular Sunn. China einporiniii. and I
waa also surprised to see tbnl his  pi ices
lliat III tlie lltnimtai...     V..i. I... j-trnl
town hot., an.I n hve up in dale Ini •>'
iiieiihiiiii'. "
lie had carried his coii*Htiiiriicv h*.
ovei t»»o to one only two   -ln>it years
■.*:. ■-   tht condemnation Involved i'i lib*     Morrlaaei
iiumrdliue hack down is therefore mosl :( raiibrnol:,
" "•-"-'■■"-(       "'  T   .  .   . ,rn7"a7"'." -»■-;-"' '" Mi.plulic and slionld have beet. fo.io». ««W to • Utile shy ol  l.alr. ii....  lie
 'r «»"""«';"' cnbmHPrnr.  ex- dved  to ,. lhe public know heforehand ^ J • J ^                    ^ ^        ,   lMyi that the olhei   .lav   h,   vv,hl   llll(,
eept a statemeiil lhal he I. In fav  w|wt ihelr ... tnilo.ii   ..e.  with T*g*td o       ?                       ' Ecve.n.nei.l        r'rank Dirklnaon'a shop In Cranbrook to
"I" «".' llu' c ">''   "ll""   m,l"s '"  "M   'I""1 ■      l  rt0",,t' lBdwtl-   " vo.it'. in.lv                 igei.halrcol.
mil,,,,,. they kuowihemselves^hat stands ihej jo^ph Martin.         W anppoie I Ret a Hal.   cu. cheaper,
ltt,illhn *e.led. I think,  llm'   the hdrml In tnke nt the coming sea-don     li
mli i- i
ut Chimin exp.-.t I., iiiiiiiii   11
■ss ii !,.,■. ill, ii lence nl  id.
1'uere nie twn tl*i lbum pond
ing at ihe pniriit time, one in •AV**
Vale nnd one in Norlh Vicloiia. DHlii
(rjnvrrnniem uuni.I Inyhii; theii viewi
befnie lite rlrelnrs "I IIicm- ivvocnnMilii
tnrles? H *->. whj don't ihey dn ii
Sume   leglslu'Inn   .villi   regard   !■'  tin
i uiadiaii Nnrtlien ysteibmO-,  i ilk    ■.
i-diiboiil,    i\ie lhe gnveiniiien ■! i-.   I hai w
hi re what th s legM n. in i.. *  the on
|i  |,inks vr-n  Ullirll III.' H    The.cM  \ , t llllll
all ,.i nr llir -i..  i i    pinpi.M'il   In ,li, cm
in- i   iv 111 Ii  l ..I.m. I   I'm..i r.nu.e
oli. i. giauillif! n.i ■•< On'   inl U ."i \
,i Intended to change Mils ud ■
I tlian,.-, .ne pi.'pns.ti     1 slip     |,n lull |
I! the
it tiiere    Is    nni    miicl.    in   Ctll."   said
lienrge  as tie settled down In tliclialr
"Not t.y a.!    - light," said Dlckins'on
j  ■ I charge you  extra   liecatise   li   takes
What     >    MuM-it-ci    Kr.U-ul    Iklsk*    «| | me longer in lln.l the lull/
♦. HurJ iu Cbrlsliuas Buyers.
nr  prepar*
In l.Ur am slamt llut WOtlht lllt lire
nil the suapnil inr lhe lime lieiup ol
m ijnriij ni the lionse, uml if, iu order
still keep fi nit| nil) il lieiumes neftf*
i v  ti..in dn*.  I.. ln\  io ehangr Iheii
iml.   I   have in. d.nibi  ihej «ili   be.      R, p.Jnlniaon, of Winnipeg, ««
unit equal tn ihe occasion, mwo Wvernl iKys ibis >.eeu nn im wsv ;    A v.nlk through ihe Crin.b k Hti
wiiii ihe I'.niiiirv   reallj   wants i>. n io ihe cnaat.   Mr. Johnson expreaied ajwtll lobn tonvince any  reasunablc pei-
iii-i.il i-lrtiiun    li is the only llilng onit   fnvornhlf) npliilnn of Cranbrnok   »nn that the place to buy Christmits pre*
ii t"*
.nn tlie iiuiiiflphere, it O "I lu*%t been iu many o I the tnwna ut
ehsiireor geiitng'ft atmng gov ' HrltUfl CnluthMa smi the Teriltnrles,
Mtn.-ii con dn snmething lm but I mum say lhat Cranbrook la one nl
nv The int.ii lhal iin- •*.» lha h«attor ifa aire I ever *»« In many
can ei peri, even u u can led | ways fan are nietrnpollian Youi mer
ic nml N.Hii. \ n i..iih would be   chant* ntiv magnificent itock      Why,
is nt .mr    m oh-mr ol  sny ; take (Bl*holiday display in the vim.   nf
it*i* ran he pawed hj  i ^meiti     ■!>  Rtfltttle, youi ibuge>»t    I nevei *-..*■:
aeuta is in Cranbrook. Nevei before
have tbey bought such Mocks, am!
never before huveiliey sub! al stirli Inn
prices, i 'ne ennld md find a t.riit-i sel
eptlno iu Winnipeg, Spoknne ni \Mi
ennrer. Presents lu jewrterr, Inrnitnre
hooka, novelties, dolls, toys, tlreis
gooda, dlahrs, cutlery, iliiware,  Moves,
iu fuel everything, can be found here
Tims,* living out nr (own should conn
early, aa they would have a belter np
portitnlly tn find what they want,
I Mr- II. I MOinil* u| Wsrducr 1- Sliol bv
■  HUte.
I.i'.t Riimla.v Mrs. n. | Mclitiii*-.s, nf
Wardner.wnR acrldenlallyshnl in ihe leg
hv s in -.^n bullet, and the hnue wnr sn
b'lillv nhnltereal tlinl l»r. fvillj' ^niitut it
urce.ssi.jt io r.iiipiitv.ce ihe limb Wednesday, wlurh waa fliiccew-fnUj 'inn-*
The nccldenl wns a peculiar one, II.
II, juuiit'siiu, ii young man who Ims been
liunliiiK lu the neighborhood nf Wardner
lm ii lew weeks, was silling III lhe rnnni
cleaning his rile.    The gnu was loaded,
uud iu some way illseli'iigeil.    The  bullet, u soft nosed 30-30, passed through a
I stick nl wood and then lhe won.) hoi
. and glanced at an angle striking Airs.
.Mi Innes nn lhe   shin  hone,  shattering
! the bone  so   badly  lhal  several   pieces
I weie  driven   through tne  llesb,     lb
' King  whs railed tn   Waidner Monday
and   he   had   the    iiiilnrluiiale  woman
' hrnngtll to lhe hospital Tuesday.
1     The all,ir was hii   accident,   yet  the
resiill ol finding with Inuded fire arms.
I li im cbunrex were taken iu this way,
: there would be fai less accirteola.
week llie
ami filled
ing urlicb
ihe tlislrlc
al the foil.
U   I?. I'..
P. 0. II
W. Wll
I. Oillis,
T. A   I'i
A. I'
paper will hnve eight pages, properly taken over coualstaof $40acres
In nveillowlng with Interest- of laud on v.bich A. 1. Paine, I. A,
■H fitun well known  people  in   I)aveu|iort   and   Robert  I. *«rt   held  a
t.   The paper will b sale   bond.    Ibe consideration  v»as S^oon.
owing place*: Sis veins ni coal from 5 to 14 feet, t'O
•allle, Cranbrook, ' aggregating ••■ feet, have i-reu uucoffr-
ipe, Alnyie. eil.   The directors and principal stofk-
nti, lilm. I holders nf the uew com pan)  are A. I..
Morrissey, I Paine, I,  A. Davenport,  Kol^n   i;w»n,
inly, Pr -. it..Ill  MasnanndA. S CrowTlei
imwi I'.ni ftteeie- 	
"Hoick" wl CraabrMk,
Mnrrl*-ev* Miner: John Hntchlwa,
. , j iniiarv °' lhe arm of }i-'.i->. Batchtsoa A- fciiyell
ie dste «riei waa in town Tborsdat, Mr. Hatclilaoa
'-•■'. :,) |j ui I* beiier known «s ■•Hatch," Uc***
In ibr Oieiii ■ Pernie to Kooteoav t-andlnp, soil enjoys
The rn -ni ,,,e reputation o( being one ol tne ban
,lt   insurance tmatlera In British Columbia.
lhe Inrkev I rail So More.
Rreal Kill*. Mnai.,  Dec.   ,    j 1
11 hai no.,  been sel   ns the  date
ll'..- nreai !■■ I . ,\ i*., 3.''.
be officially  turned over
Northern Itnllwnyi pai
will he known as ilu- .Milium
Palls \  Cnnada   "Hntcb"   was  enjovlng  oranges   aud
\ om- Crowded.
Tin* rianbionk hnaineaa men mailed
fin* lleiulit   lbin   week,   aud rapiiue.l
ilmiu  all  the   space   available,     Neil
Northern.   The tin
hus a mu row gliage lm * •***. 11-iiiliiiv*   limn
OteaI Palls tn l.ethbridge, Cnnad 1.   ami
the I melt has been widened tn slumlord
Through ihe ncipilsili
President J J.llillnfibe Great  Northern will tup ilu- vasi innl dcpoaitaofil
Crow's Nesi fields nnd  secure fuel  l
the line*, nl the Nml Imi 11 Sn untie- roi:
According to the inf
able hen* from 15 tn , ■ iralnlnads
dally   will   luirh,   iu.-   Montoi
Oir-i Norlliern road,
Ik-ii lo Crow's
Spnktaman Review
N.-.l Coal   ft  Coke ,.
organized  to develo|
neat lilani , Allien
apples   in   liorliia    live years *go
when llie news uf "l-eanilfi:l i.raa-
brook" was wad-- . that way oo the
pine *irrme<i breeze ol tbe south. Ji*»
>( ilu- road i >oh tin* llrsl tram for UrliiiL ColoajfiU
.nni wtieu lie arrived ai Cranbrook
found the town consisted of Jim jtyau.
Air It in Leilch, Bert He.,tile and ityde
lljkcr. lie ramped, ami has been ibfre
ever since. During that time he built
a comfoitable home, j-ot married' wo-ra-
n! up a line bosloets aiil made as iw#uy
friends as any man wiiu ever came to
■Oil Kooienay. **Hnich thinks .-u.i-
risaey u jH rlghi aad says his uru. ei-
pe.ts in t,i,,1,1 ,11, (bell propertj Ltre
before spi Ing
Ol.l (llll
Htii lant
I It.- 1,1   1
N. II.
1 a 1 Cranbrook
Tics, .ill llic latest sivK'-s .nisi shades
Collars .nul Culls
Handkerchiefs, linen, colton and silk including some nice silks
wiih any initial
Gloves .ind Mills, lined .md illtlincd, Iiv;lit and heavy
I kits, a lull range ol Stetsons snd cheaper lines
Caps, a lull line doth, lui- lined, and a lovely line ol all lur
Hnuls and Shoes, all kinds, styles and shapes; we have style
and comfort combined
Braces, all kinds, including the famous Towers nuke
Shirts, we handle Skcllon's, nothing better
Hose, plain and fancy, cotton, wool and silk stripes
Underwear, lhe  largest range  in town, including the famous
Wolscy absolutely unshrinkable
Rubbers, heavy and light, including the famous stub proof and
King quality
German Sox, all colors and prices
Mackinaws, Carrs' and some cheaper lines
Sweaters, all colors and kinds
Towels, small and large, for bath and other uses
Blankets, we have the best line to be had
Quilts, all kinds including a down
Comr ill ami let   Mr. Miiirnsv   slinsv vim sMIt-ltliHg ..-rn If vml iliin'l buy ill.
first titiif. after >int have seen mi.- iim- range .mi will cnttie attain.
This is one day in the year when the young and old alike expect to have a joyous day. They both begin by hanging up their stockings lor good old Santa, and end
it with a nice big dinner. We can supply you witli the stockings and the dinner. We
will not ask much oi your time in reading this. We have goods to sell. Our aim is
to give you the very best goods at the most reasonable prices possible. What we sell
you we guarantee to be just as represented. It is worth any one of our employe's position to misrepresent anything; this we will not tolerate under any circumstances. We
have been in East Kootenay five years and have as yet no blemish upon our name.
Honesty is the best policy.   This is what we always pursue.
W« invite our out of town friends to come into our office and write their letters.   Make
i| your headquarters while in town
'PHONE No. 4
S- & W. canned fruits, vegetables and oysters
Aylmer canned Iruits, vegetables and soup
C. & B. jams and pickles
Home brand California pickles, sauces and honey
Cocoas and chocolates, all kinds
Seely's extracts, all kinds, nothing better
Bumham's clam chowder, VanCamp's soups
Stilton cheese, cured and uncured
Peels, we have Batgcr's, best put up
Fruits, evaporated, wc have everything
C. & S. coffee, sealed tins or bulk
F. M. S. Co.'s teas, 3 grades; also handle Lipton's and Ram
Lai's, nothing better than these
St. Charles' cream and milk, best to be had
Folgcr's baking powder, best on earth
Crockery and Glassware
We have tea sets, dinner sets, all shades and prices
The finest range Japanese goods In East Kootenay
Plain and fancy crockery of all kinds
A very fine range toilet sets, very pretty
Water sets, lemonade sets
Table and bar glassware of all kinds
Onr Mr  Palersi
ery pleated to show ynu through 01.1 large slock. -—,•.-<••-<*».—A*-* -'
Auction Sale!
The largest Sale of Fur=
niture by Auction ever
held in the Kootenays.
This sale will he held at
t| Cranbrook, Tuesday, Dec. 23d, |
J ■               At 10 a. m. sharp. j
*•        i'„,ier virtue of a MorlKaffolielillty K.J. Peltier anil O   II.  Mine. II
1 !   an.l (liven l.v L\ s. liiirly »liii- i'i iiiotIkiikc w a proiltlteil nl tittle II
S* J ..i .nie. I   mii litstructeil by tlie mortnageea lo sell t>>- iius-'iimi on tlie IJ
it  above ilnl.-   all   llie   1111111111"-.   crockery,  llxturea, kllcllen iiti-nsrls. '*
il!   ,Vove«, l.nr Qxliirea. liedillllK, allverware, etc., lately lielonitlitK lo Tile • '•'
ii  I'ulla View   liolcl, Marysville,  coiulallng of about *J,ono worlli of , it
1 *>  (nriiitiir.- uii'l house liimishinK« wlllol. »e.e plircliaaeil last sl>rli.|i.  llie j|i
sain.- lit'iiin practically new. ,-i)
The k..iii1s are nm* ou extllhlllon 111 the warehouse directly op- IT
poatte Dr. Ktits's office on Armstrong Avenue where lhe sale will he 1]
held. !'f
(to or Ullder caah.   Suras over $10 30 day. oil approved hint nolea J*
hearltiK Inlerett nt 10 par cetll,   I'or further particulars apply lo li. Vf
I  Peltier, O  II. Miner or lho Auctioneer. j®
JOHN HUTCHISON, Auctioneer. \<k
......................... .••.•*.**•.••••*.'.
£^®^®'®-® ®-®-S-©HaMsHS—SUB-«-<*-®-®-®-®--«-<«-«-»-«
The best beer is the best. •
The Fort Steele Brewing Co., j
Of Pernie, B. C, 1
Is producing it line quitlity of beer.   It is clear, J
clean, nutritious, possesses a line flavor and is al>- J
solutely  free of detrimental   ingredients.     As  a <
family tonic it has no equal.    And what  is  more, J
it is made iu the dislrict. *,
S Sold in Bottles or Draft. S \
The Cosmopolitan Hotel,
Cranbrook, B. C.
The ureat liniclish Xmas drink
^ Allsopps Stingo  ^
fiuttranteed five years old.
35 cents per bottle.
If the best is good  enough for you
tiive the Cosmopolitan Hotel a triul.    Special rates
by the week or month,
J. R. DOWNES, Proprietor.
Editor and Proprietor.
iiie Herald desires in give tbe uewsot the
district, ir yuu knot, any about fuui" Iu«n
.our mine nr yuur people, leutt n to this oltlee,
Sweet apple cider Ht  MeCtinuell's,
Will Crnuhrook have a hockey team
this year?
Read lhe ml about lhc unction sale ot
fit r iii t ure.
K C Smith, M, P. P., waa in lown
last Saturday,   lie did nut talk politic*,
A. Taylor, ol Nelson, atsti.t laud
agent tm ihe C, P. i« »-)*. iu towu Tuea*
Mn* tl. Cutler returned butt week bom
a visit li> lui loi iih-1 bniiielii New llrillia*
I'or rent, four room collate, in west
part   of   town.     Apply   at   Ihe Mernltl
1 mice.
mitb Right Prices
Hnd tbt best efforts to please
Successful tailoring
Lies not so much in low prices as in the very
highest qiitilty possible to give in material and
workmanship for the price asked on any given
article. Compare for yourself before purchasing.   We'll stand by the verdict.
McSweyn & Griffith.
Cranbrook Hotel Block.
Subscribe For THE HERALD
Mi*.s Jessie I.eitch lefi yesterday tor
I,ethbridge lo visit with her sister Miss
iOiniis a lew days,
bate news from Mist I'.mrua I.eitch   Is
10 the tiled thnt she Is gelling aluug
nicely, nt l,ettibrld)-e.
H J. Peltier and wife expect tn leave
in 11 few ilftys for mi extended visit nt
their old home in Ontario.
Joe Gilpill, son nf Mr. nnd Mrs. ft. 11
('.lipid, is cmifuieil lo the house wltb
piiMitiinultt. but Is improving.
Miss Amos, nf Prince H1lw1.nl Island,
has come lo Crnuhrook to make her
home uud is c'erkiiiy for Hill & Co.
Itev. Doctor llntdiiiaii, of Calgary,
will occupy Kev. Fortune's pulpit next
Sunday, both morning and evening.
News has been received in towu Out
Mrs. W. W. Doble is tu very poor health
mut liml she has billed rapidly since going enst.
Mrs. Prank Vai Deear and child      t
justenbty   (or   their   former  home   in
Oil for 110, where they will reiuaiu du
ing ihe winter.
Mi-is Chambers, h trained muse, has
11 une lo Cranbrook to take Mi si Mc
Cilltitu's place. She is making he
Inline with Mrs, James Oreer.
Qeorge   H-iggartb,   of   lilkn, was in
town Tuesday,    He expects to leave In a
short lime for a visit uf sevt r»l weeks I
his uld home in eastern Outaiio.
Din'l forget tbe big miction sale of
furniture ou the 23 it, All of lhe hi mi
line iu The Kail*. View hotel at Marysville will be sold hi Ruction lliat day.
If we make your overcoat, it will con
sisi of all lhat is ne weal ami best mul
will lie built lo your nica-nre at
McSweyau & Griffith.
The Fernie Free Press sajs the lasi
mulch between burrows ami Lewis looked very much like a take. I'ernie seem
to be a garden of l*Meii for punk pugi
Dr. Darner, the dentist, has returned
from Penile and will be in lown for
several days.      Those  deslrilg   lo   luve
their teeth atteuded to ahould see him
at once.
Frank McCabe, of Wardner, was in
lown Saturday nu bis way lo Spokane
Me has M>ld out his store iu Wardner,
and is now thinking nf going to Port
Ilill \ Co. are giving out s handsome
line of Chrislmas souvenirs. They aie
artistic and attractive aud aboW ibe good
taste of Mr. Ilill iu making such a
There will be special services In Chiisl
church utxl Sunday. Tbe morning will
be devoted to lhe dedicatory service,
ittul in the evening a general Ihuukhgiv-
Ing service will be held.
Though often wrong, tbe world is apt
to judge a man by bis clothes.     Diess
wed.    We aim  tu supply   tbe clothing
wants uf every man in this vfcluity.
McSweyau & Griflltli.
Officer! were elected for Key Cl y
lodge, I. 1). O. V. a-i follows lasl week;
P. C. Mortis, N. G 1 J. Manning, V. (J ;
M. it. Hillings, recording aecretan; S
Morrow, financial secretary; S. Richards,
Mrs ii. I). Hi own lelurued las) F,|
duy ft mu an extended visit with Iter
sou Wilkle, in New York city. Ilt-i
uirce Miss Ivibel  llicbie,   nf  Winnipeg.
returned with her, Mr. HroWu also returned from the iimin line last week.
Kuilwuy men will be interested to
know thai C Knss Palmer ul Cranbiook
lias been nppnluied to Ibe rtgef.cy ut tbe
Dominion of Canada Guarantee and
Accident Insurance company, and will
in future lake charge of the irillroail de
purtuieut for tbis a I Vision. Mr. Palmer
is well known in thla part of Hrltlsh
Columbia and ibe company displayed
great wisdom iu securing his services.
He is a member of the firm of Palmer &
Arnold, of this town.
Thomas RookeB received a leller from
Jamea Kyaii Monday. Mr. Ryan said
tie and Mr. Wellman bad nr lived in Smi
Francisco all right, and were enjoying
the iii.ignilii.eiit climate to the fullest
extent, The weatUer is as wai in ui
Cranbrook weather m September and
lhe nights delightful. He had setu
.leorge Wentworth wbo has n siring of
hursts itt lhe race tracks, ai.d sho nt
uncle of Thomas Cavin. Mr. Ryan tt
perl* to make a I rip to I,oa Angeles and
San Diego in h few day*. Wall, picking
oranges bteli irmupiug knie deep lu
snow, audit is dollars to doughnuts lhal
"I'mie fliu" rtpprect-les that fuel jail
It   is  said lli-tt   action   laketi   against
Rev.   Holford  formerly  pastor of the
Maptisl church here ami iHter at Pernie,
has restilttii ju the reverend gentleman
being ex communicated forronduct uu-
becoming tin cloth. Theu* are antiiu
things tbut a minister cuu'l do mul hold
his job.
II Jmruy, who wot ked on lhe section
at Moyle fm fame lime, was brought np
to Ctaubu.uk 011 Tuesday ol last week
very low with pneumonia and heart
trouble and died lhe next day. lie was
a Mason ui high si indlng ami his fun-
rat was li.-ltl at ayii Wednesday of this!
week, the loral bulge having dlHrge,        j
Re ent copies of IhilTn'o, New York,',
papeis received bv Tin* lleinbl, contain I
ie  very   Hal I or lug iiuttccn ul C. A.!
Miner, whu Wns remit ly Ullllle maiiuget ]
of Ibe MnrkolU hotel, one Ol lhe largest'
ami best hotels in Unit elly,    Mr. Miner
III be remembered by many in Smith
Kast Kiinleii.il who knew llllll while   be
aasociatvd with his brotbei G, II.
Miuei, iu Ciaiibint.k ami Muyla. Hla
hi-ellenl huMiii'ss ability has received n
inst aubatHiitlbl recogiiillou and bis
rtends here are pleased lo kuow ol hi*.
good fortune,
Rev Thompson hml charge ql the
opening services nt lhe new Melbodlal
Church al Mortissey a week ago Sunday,
anil remained over a tluy to deliver his
lecture oil Abraham Lincoln Monday
evening as a social given in the church
The people of Morrissey speak In high
praise of the gentleman's ability ns a
speaker, nnd he made many slsuncb
friends dining his brief visit, kev
Thompson has already during his residence in Soulh Kast Kooienay wi.n an
enviable reputation for himself as it
speaaer and Ins ser vices -ire iu demand
Wentworth Changes Hands.
Charles Vroiuan has   until   his Iciim* In
tbe Wentworth Hotel tn o.t». Hoggarth
who took possession Wediieaday evening,
"Yi."    Rollins   Will   be   1111.linger.     Mr.
Itoggarlh will remain In Klko. Mr,
Hoggarth ami Mr. Rollins nre wt 11
known in the illstrlcl anl us ihey are
taking over an hotel lhal hus hud an
excellent reputation under Mr. Vmnmn,
Ihey will make h gu-"i success.
Canadian and American.
Is our Specially.
S.... WOODS MACHINE CO. Hasina. Mass
Celebrated "Waoda" I'laaian Mill Machinery
COWAN & CO., nl lull, Hal..
Must c.lcaslve Iim-ul ssuusl inuchiacr)
la  Canada.
Sinilli.ille. N.J.
Must up-to-date sash and duur aiashln-
ery In America.
W. H. MERSHON 4 CO., Sailaaw. Mich.
Celebrated "Mersauu" hand resaw.
AMRKICAN lll.llWlilt CO.. Octroi.. Midi..
"A B C" Mulst air dry kilns, els'.
New Krilala, Cuntt.,
Chain Saw Murllsers.
M.. ....... nther "Special" tin... U'.u...
Winnipeg. Man.
Dealer in
"Hi.' s.l i lit.- ls.'.-|.s ..../mu .iii.ii i.s ilr.ni
Tlw leave. ..I .Ir,. i„.,.|, nullnj ..nn i.) ;,„„:
A Mutual Life Policy provides ..
yearly competence for your loved
ones when you are no longer here
to provide for them.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agcnls
Fire and Life Insur'ce
..New Bakery..
I whh toaunoiince to the public  thi
I have rented the new hakei*, on  linn
son avenue ami  win ha   prepared   to
Bread, Pastry, Cake, Pnill and Confectioner)
on the I:.ili of December mnl contltuie
In solicit a Share Of yoiir patronage nu
ami afler that date, A piacilcal iiiiii
will have charge nf the bakery ami sal
lafactlon is guaranteed
Undertaking A"d
Graduate of Champion college ol   U.  S
Office ami stoie, Aiken block,
near Canadian Ihi Ilk nl Colli*
merce, Crnuhrook, It, C
I'lihidsivrbiK and (icncral I urnllurc Kepnlrlng
Will nlteild to uuy work iu the distiicl
Kent for Ihc Bran-bin Marble and (IranMe
\ Wnrks.    Tumhsliii.es,  Ikadslnnes. etc.
Livery  S
Proprietors .* * .*
Tennis nn.l ilrlvera liiinislii-.l for nn)
point in tlie itistricl,
MiiniiK'er    .*   .*    ,4
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc..
(i. H. THOriPSON,
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craatiriink aad Marysvllle, 11- C.
Surveys „
Land Purchases,
JYlinino; Claims,
Etc., made by conlracl.
P. (I. Furl Sleele, II. C.
Q Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season. Q
Robinson -McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Just ,\ little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will we.ir. one that will look well at all time**, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection ol suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 2<ith Century tailors, Cranbrook, U. C
s HOTEL... |
4    l..)4i«JJ4^Jr»((«»f(»t..   * j
£      I'KTIiH MATHIiSIIN, Proprietor.      *
It   t»iiiiiiiH******t**ttt  J j
J   Wlii'ii son   arc llllll(.iy   .m.l   siuiil   J'
>i :. youil Illi'lll   ^u In   llic  l-.nst   -s '
{, Wli.il ynll   su.' lirt'il nu.I want n *,
n         n'.i.il rs'st t>n lo lln- Isiisl Koo- t
J            tl-IIIIV. j
I Wlien yon arc tliir^iv ami wanl ii «
.         c.iixl ilrilik   RO   tn Ihr  linst .
*        Knnlcnay. J
J In l.,.-I »li ti ynuitrcln Cranbrook J
,.        stop :si ihe Is.iii Kootenay. •
it g
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
i li. P. TISDALE,
Candy Kitchen <
|.le1.'-.tiii'k nf
! Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
■ Iliscuits, Pipes and
',   TtlbaCCIIS. HI..' as a call •
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Eire Brick
and 'File
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
" I !  I ■•• 1 !- I  !' I
_,      .      . ♦        F. C. BENJAMIN        ♦
"" tmpire Restaurant t PAT«JTP,p AMn $
Mesdames Shaw & Campbell, Propa,       J  " **11N 1 UK. /\1NL" -
Meals and Lunches al all Hours ♦ DECORATOR "■
*, •■>
Home Made Bread, while
and Brown.   Buns aud
Pastry of all kinds. I*        PAPER HANGING
I* »
Next Door to Post Office "*i*i»|«,|«,|«i«,|«,|*i«,|«i«ii.|
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control n lar^e oren ol the choicest larnilnir, and ranching land*
in the Kootenay District. The prices ranee from $1.00 to $5,00 tin acre, the latter hcing lor tlrst-dass aurlcul
lural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by llle Crows Nc-st Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The iKKrenale amounl of principal and inl real, cui'pl in lit.'
case ul lunds under $2.50 an acre, ia divided inlu ten Inrtlalmetlln us
shown in Ihe table below; Ihe llrsl lo be paid al Ihe lime uf purchase, Ine second une year frum dale of Ihe purchase, llie lliird in
Iwo yearn und at. un.
The fiillnwinit lalile shows Ihe amuuni uf Ihe annual instalments
un loll acres al different prices under Ihe above condilions:
160 acrs al $2,511 per acr, 1st inslaln i'ni $,M.»S   0 equal Intal'lH al $50.00
..   -        3.00     ■• »' 71.HO " 60.00
J.50     " 11 W.«KI •• 70.00
4.00     .. .. »5.«5 " "0.IH1
1.50     •• •• I07.H5 " 10 00
5.00     •• " l«.»5 " IM.™
k mhc-rlpv is lhe business nnd shippinjj point for Ihc
ix-i-ii-ii ic,y Nyr|h Slar a|)d Sl|||ivan |njncs
BI-AL & ELLWELL, Townsile Ajtcnls.
f mnhmnk 's !he divisional 'point of thc Crows Nest Pass
vi .iiiiii uuiv RaHway and thc commercial cenlre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
Pnr further Inlnrmallnn apply In a(cnl. as above ur lu
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent. Nelsojjjl. C. or.
Lands under $2.50 per acre are aold
uii shorter lime.
If lite land is paid lor in lull al the
lime uf purchase, a rediuliuu from thc
price will be all.w.'d equal lu len per
cent un llie amuuni paid In etcc.a of Ihe
usual cash instalment.
Interest al si. per cent will be
chanted in over due instalments.
Thc Company has also lots lor sale
in lhe fulluwin. luwn sites in I'asl Kootenay: lilko, Cranbrnok, Muyclle, Kitchener, Creator, and klmberley.
The terms ol payment are one-third
cash, and Ihe balance in ai< and twelve
Kitchener is in (he center of Ihe greal
Iron range aud Ihe gateway (o Ihc White
Grouse copper fields.   .1. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Aiceiil.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg. USEFUL
| At Gilpin's
<► Every store advertises some special lines lor this ♦
to season. We luve so many "special" lines, ail suita- 0
to ble lor the season, we can give only a few hurried re- W
3? marks aboul each. However, il you want a practical ^j
,.'k present that will give comfort and joy lo the loved ones, SB
0 not tor a day or a month, but lor years, come and see S
0 our slock. ▼
9 Furniture Bj
B During tlie past month  we  have received  nearly  three Q
car loads ol lurnilure, and ot.r slock is complete.   An iron or Q
Q brass bedstead is always in order as a present for "her."     A Q
g rattan chair, a neat center table,  a   bed room suit,  a dining Q
room table, a comlorlable rocker, a writing desk, in lact  any- Q
Q thing along this line would nuke a present that would be ap
Q predated.
9       Dry (ioods and Carpets.
kJ Our dry goods stock  fornishes every opportunity lor a
S§ nice present lor wile, sister or  mother, while the carpet de-
*J partment is replete  with the  best that the looms produce.
X Perhaps that front room  needs a  new carpet.     Now  is the
kJ time to make the wife happy.
to Stoves and Tinware
to This department is filled  with everything in this line,
to Irom a large camp range to the smallest bedroom heater, and
*** all kinds of granite and tinware, and as to prices, an cxamin-
{% ation will prove very satisfactory to any purchaser.
£ Groceries
0 You will need groceries (or that Christmas dinner.    We
are supplied with the best and a variety that will make buying easy and satisfactory to you.
A Word More
Christmas buyers would do well to call. It will save
them time and trouble. Wc carry everything, and handling
so many departments under one roof, with the same force-
naturally we can give better prices, because our expenses are
proportionately less.
Consult your pocket hook this season and buy at
 , _   _.,   , i
to    — *■   —to
The Largest and llest Stock of
Ever Shown   In Cast Kootenay
the nlil stand, We tire always
willing lo show goods as we
linvc Ihi'itt to show.
iiill.l.l Kiii.Ii Insnc.liir .'...»   Nesl rlrsa.b C   I'   K.
Capital (.ulborlitd ... M.iMW.UW)
Capital  Pi|<] Up i.Oti.'tii
Kent   1,438,593
1. It Mfallt, Prtfjtdebt; U   i:   WUkla, Vice
President* WUIiau  Kaomy, Rob*rt JaUrar,
\\iiiiaiii Utiiilrie, 1  sutb-r-rtuu t staytwr, bTlai
H.h  W IRIt.i.ruerdl Manner
E    H.i|      \-t.   (..Ill ...■!
"ii'itii WrM. ana hiiilih i i.lt.mliia
Pranlirook, CalMry. Winnipeg, Hrunilon Kd-
ninnlnn, htrioRe in I'mirin. prince Ann-it. lie
L'lii.t.    IteiflitnH-*,     Stl lli.'.itn,   Wet (.kUJu,
i ..i.t.-i., Sebum, i-i run-.-ii, \ i. ...i.i, Om ..ii.fi
nk   1i>'|iirtiiii*nt   l».|i
llllll II
i alli.t
]ll'lii'llltlle-i    I'li.tlliilitl.  Miini.||i.il  :m-1 ..tlli'I
ilelieiitnrtu iiureliAfled
Ai-t'iii. iii iiiH.it Britain   Lloyd's it.ni . t.i.i
;.• I. inliaiil si., l."innni.   nitti wn m i uj
in mi) i.r nif.ii».ii' umnclie*.
F. tl. -AAKSH, Manner
I'll/Ill  fn.
I ill., Ik
tlu l'n
nl tin
i 'ruitbn
1 icii
h t,lu
ill uf a
in n Merry
ll llll
a Ilu Mm. \ 'rn
) hll.
Ymi is
1.1 ME
v mux
2j       ,i* .>
£j Markets
I in all the
gj Principal
y Towns in
1 British
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale aad Kel.ll
Meat Merchants
Presh and Cured Meats Prt*h
Pish, (lame and Poultry.
Wc supply only the hest.    Vour
trt.de Iti solicited.
Picked Vp About the City  by  Ankiiix
QucHtlunit  ol  Many   People.
I'm iiHctnl ptftsenta in china ■<■
ft T. KofcfrrB.
Wanteil—Care lakei tui Cb rill church,
Apply lo Jas. lllll.
Force, it i it I all oilier reliable breakfast
(uoila at l>. T. kn^ei'a.
Mm. Rinyttie lield a very pleasant ul
li'iiue FriiUy afternoon.
Ttie best fifty cent ten on earth G.T. R.
HOlil only by ij, T. Rogers.
There are oue or two weddings n-lieil-
uleil for early in the year.
MeCotinlek'rt choclatea at P. McCou-
nell's.   They are fresh am) the hen.
We aim lo suit 'he public.
McSweyn Ac Oi llli ill
The htutu belt e.liior of The Herahl
ba*. lakeii a vacation fur a few months.
If you want wilder applet) go to Mc-
Coimell'a.   tie bla a Hue murk.
P. McConnell lun a line display of
confectionery i'ad everything fresh,
John Hutchison visited Morrissey last
Tburtdi) and con ailed a hunch of in—
(iet *)o»f npples at MrCnnnell's. He
has a fine supply of Spy", Baldwins and
Green ifigs,
Mrs. tl. K Jamieson enteilained a
large nliiiiber of friends last Thuiftday
J, I,. Parker, liitueger of the North
Star mine was In lown lam Satunlay on
bis way lln inc.
J. II. Tonkin snd C. P. Hill passeil
ihiinitili town Munday ent mile fnnn
Nelson tb Fertile.
Mltaej Atwooil nml Miss Rt'ckuiaii
areitsUlIng (fothe twliila) tush ai 10
p.. neailtea attire.
Go to Brattle's foi vour toys ami
ilnn'i lone any time. Tbe liist ronit-
will have the btttt-r selection.
Mn V. 11 Sioftll am) baby returned
from an exlt-nded visit with relatives
ami friends in tbe rast.
Rev. Auvache, of this city, goen i.i
Ferine each week lo hold services in lhe
HaplHt church of that city.
Quite a number ol Cranbrook people
attended a pth(J pong dance in Port
Sleele ]*sl PrltU) evening
Thorn a* Crahan, agenl of the Mortts-
tty io* Unite, anil Chris Bckatortu. sec-
reiarv, *etr In lOwil .MomUy.
The sail news Iih* been received thai
Wilkie lltown has losi bis baby, ami
thai Mis. Iltuwn has lieen lUngetoinily
Frank iioktii'iiii has a metropolitan
appearing bai ber ittop now, nml wllh
the BHsiaUiu'e of Mr. Cliiie, is doing a
iiig buaillcat,
Mra. Cliuillclgb and daughter left lasl
Monday for tbelt home in Manitoba,
atiet a plea«nl viait wnli Mr. ami Mis.
R, 1. Chtnlleigh.
The atKniHl dance ol lhe lOitie Nous
Club waS taiveil last Friday evening. Ii
was laigely attfmled mid ptoved to be
a very pleasant nihil.
Mis. George l.-ask and son lefl las!
week for Spnkftne. They will hi joined
by Mr 1,'ask Aftei be has closed up hla
bualneU in Ctlttbrook.
li tbla (all ol 'iu»i* mvci die illstrlcl real oi bu a roliple i.r in.inili*. tbere  will
be million*-, ol feel ol log*   luiiled  in  to
the niiHii and Water coumet.
Mlsa M.'Calluili lelt Monday fur Sault
Ste Marie wbrre site will remain for tbe
halanrfc ofthe Witter. She was called
home da the slt-kftesa of her sister.
K Joyce atid wife passed through
town Siiutlay ImKeiiiie. Mr. Joyce haa
■old Ids hoaiueaa in Kimberley aud in
future Will mike Fernie hla home.
J nst before Tom Wellman lefl for Call-
fnmiH-, be bought a fine Jetaey cow, say*
ing thnt be proposed to have some
blooded stock in Ihe bovine line. The
animal is a heahty.
Jamea MoDdhlell, of Morrlsiey, re
ceived word Suhday while iu lown of ibe
death of a brother in lhe east and Ihe
serioua illness ol hit mother. He left
on th* liist trait* for his mother's home
A, Jolliffe, for several vests a wel
known resident of Cianbiook left last
Monday for Niagara Falls, and from
there will go to Ftiglaud, expecting lo
reach h s u d home In time fur Chrislmas.
Roderick Mathlsou will start a second
paper kt Finch*? ft eck to be known aa
"Tbe 11 und-Up.-' Herbert Uke will
have editorial charge. We wish (he
new piper evety success, but would aa
sooner think ot starting an overcoat
lactoiy lu hades as a second paper to
Flucl.tr L'ltek
|J. D. McBride,!
to 1 lie name of Mdlride is close-
▼ ly associated with the hurdware
- business In the Territories and
Eastern British Columbia. II was
the lirst firm in Aouth Host Knot'
enay to engage in the hardware
business, and since I have moved
to Cranbrook my business lias increased rapidly. Ihis is the hest
evidence in the world that the
public is sutislied in its dealings
. with Hcltride. We curry it com-
Ot plete stock und our prices are
O right. When in Cranbrook drop
7 in and see us. And if you send
an order by mail it wilt receive
prompt and careful attention.
In  addition i>>   tlm
IlirUO BtOL'lt UOW llll llllllll
ssi' liiis'si several ears uu
tlie way.    We have
* Heating and Cooking
* Stoves, Ranges,
* Camp Ranges,
* Shelf and Heavy
j Hardware, Saw
J    Mill Supplies,
**  logging Supplies
fi ,.
j    Steam l-ittings
! Bar Iron, Belling,
Cant Hooks, Chains.
J. D. McBride,
.gifts for everybody.
Tor Brother
An  eiirtlilv heaven for
lll.M'llil.|l.'ilisl'llli.< IS
tilui'. I'., yiinr |.atl tn
ml.I in tli.- toy. Toe Impolite*, uf tlie littli' ..litis Bttrely snlllclmtt reward for vour -liis'lii iu-
v.-stini'iit.' Sitlttilili! alfts
.111 .-..st litlle hi our
store. A »ell suIm-HhI
atoek nf
Cuff Links
Rtc, etc.
W father
Father Is pre|wrltlu u
suriirlse for yuu: ilon't
him II.- uimwu il uml
will apprei'lata it.   Hut
itoli'l Ilka .-Miiiviiiti.iire.
Here yotl «.-l tliu silienp,
il... ajtio.1 nnd tlie usi-fnl
-nlsive ull, the lieiilltlflll
Shaving Cups
Military Brushes
Smokers' Sets
Etc., elc.
for Slitir
"Wonder wlmt brother,
futlier ur mother will
give in..'.'" That's whnt
sist.T is aaying llieae
.lays. Hut wlial tn give
hor? Hem's sulue uf llie
things we liave fur sister
Picture Frames
Button Hooks
Nail Files
Lorgnette Chains
Stick Pins
uml ninny limit;, apace
Will   not   permit minimis
And   Above    All    Don't   Forget   Mother
.Wilson, The Jeweler...
PAID UP CAPITAL, $8,000,000.        -        REST. $2,000,000
l|..s urn i n\  I'nsuli'iii li'iuiii Kin t. 1*.*hj     . ■■ i*..-,i.i-*»t
.1,1- I Mill.Ill, I. H W    l:   Il.i1ii.|',..|i   I m( M tl h.-v.  I .-    iat   Imi
.I..llll 11. skill. Im,, K   I..  I.I- I*. .1    W     I laVPlll'    I Sll
A   Kumiii ill. K*"| Hun. I.. Mi*hl i .liintj*. l i.   n.-\|   ,..N  hv|
D, E. \\Aii.i:i: ueiieral Manaaei .i  n I'l.l'MMhif   \--i iifti*-iai.Mauaa*r
A H  liHuii.i.i lift insi^.i.ir una-mi,..'uiii..., 1.1.' ,.' .   ,■
A> i i ...lun'.>ii Hi Hamilton St. ratli mu. i       I nm   .l,.u. um
ii.in •• Dri-tieii London rarniti VV»lU«*i on
bellevllle hinuias i TanurUlli* -unit Mf  Mini--    W uk.-rvil e
i'fi in ininii.iii- t>tuwn M'.it.iitii ivuiti	
lua ii-iiu imi ii.ui. ■••. Paris vi ■ vviartmi
llmnifortl "nn I'arkliill strntrnnl .vinO««r
CayiiKH linuerlcli ivterlKim M nitlroj v\ I it.wit
i liatliiini i-iiHlpti I'nrl 1'i'iiv luh'li n.-..Hi.'. -
Quebec: Man. and N.W.T. British Columbia:
Sunn real < nlgnry Mi-.ii.-in- Hat Aiiiu ViumImi .
„ ,       _. I'm in..ii Moid uuin Cnuibrnnh \.-i..,'t
Vukoi Ter. I.,,,,,  Si't-pnwa i-riu. \..« \i>**tiultMter
Imhk.ii bl mini.hi Mm. 11 Iti-i'i t.if-uh'.....| Snliilnil
Will .■ n.n*.*■   Kulu ii.'li.Ti.f Kii'iili«.|'. I'm ier
lllfiicrt I'lafui       \Vltuil|.eK l-ulj^nnili \ k*lorla
In Great Britain:
I. miloii, on i...ii.t.iir i »t..!.. i.  K,t'iutwpin i>\anilt-i Mum pi
In the United States:
Stw Vurk.    Soli Iriui.'i-i'.i. i iti.      I'tirtlMiil, ure.    N*atth> tt'atli     Sfc,Hi;wny, Alatka
Bankers In Great Britain:
Hi,' liii.ik..' Klitflallil    lli» Hunk ■>(   Ktnliunl;  l.lii)il« v., nk   1.1 111 11 eil    Tlie I' nol
l.nii.lDi ii ml miiiIIi-.' lln ilt, 11 nil ■!
Bankers and Chief Correspondents In the United States:
iin* .merlt-nii I %"1ijiiii*c Viuiunnl luuk. \e« V»rk   riif Niiriii**ru Tnist i nnipanr.
t In.'tue. Ilu* liiiiik i»r Xnva Scnlla. llaiinti: l !..■ Siitt-niul *«ln« mil llmk. Itmton. Ill*
M;ninr  Vitlit.iiiil Hank   I'mtluli.   Hi.- I'niiuiierrliil  Natlmia!  Hank,   *■.'    Ui pa i   i Ue
|-.ii|iti''s favlnas Haul-. I lot roll
Savloica  Deperimcat-Oepuniiti   Received— Interest   Allowed   Present   Kate  ul
Inlcrcsl i Per Cent
Rcfittfl Thiuut'liout
One of Hit* Most Com Tort tbla
Hotels in K:i>t Kooteuay.
N.1,1)   I'm nislie.l
I.. B. VanDecar. Prop.
Crnuhrook, 11. C.
1 fl Convincing Argument
©Tliure Is ii imiili wln.'ll you j=
eannnt  lull  lu upprectale / l»i9&>:
Q Mill  llllll  is  III" ILlviinluei' / / fBB
pt tu  Ini  ituiue.1  Ly   Imyliw ///           ^J
m from onr slock   of fresh, ^
g ..le,,,,. pure   foods.     Yon y
O liiak" |.i"l'H'ii"""»   or the \    -
HH fuatlve leaaon.  su ,1.. is.-. \
D an.l lime  111  Hock  au a,- x
M sortmetit of what we think \
*S vi.il \s rk.it. sili'li .f
O ghrisiie's fancyBHKUlti
q etirUtlt'* Trt.li Gtktt
H CfirUlIciPlum Puddina
PTIiese lire slii|.|.e.l to 118 ill;
-~ leri from tin- faetorv and
O ami   llieir ile-luiess villi 1)0
g        relied un.
q Robertson's fancy Candy and Chocolate Bcn-bcns
| Batger'i English Candy in Drumi
O figs, Dates, Cable Raisins, nuts
| new crop Oranges, Apples, firapes, Bananas
O new Honey In the comb
^ Che Open Door to China
will lend von over our door .ill.    If yon a     a    le beautiful
I'llilllisvilie lhat |H.s.ess.".',.l'li..1.1- llUlllitl   tl   ll - . isl '.l.at «'-
have to allow von. All we ask ia tlmt you tome lo' I'-.-k-ii."
ami ourillapliiy will lie sure t" altraet yuu an.1 soggeat -..me
litltalile gift for friend oi relatlvu.
mail Orders carefully packed and promptly shipped
G. T. Rogers
fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery §
The acknowleditcd Hub. The y;re»*teat display. The center of
activity. The most up-to-date goods from all parts of the world,
England, Prance, flermany, Switzerland, China, Japan and Pernie
Ladies, call and be convinced. Men, call and hear our talkative demonstrators
demonstrate. No need to send to Old Tim at Toronto when you have Voting Tim
al home. We carry everything to make you think this world a good and glorious one. Ladies, see our Parisian shawls, regular dreams of beauty; opera capes,
fancy neckwear, or even furs; we have them from $25 to $225. Men, see our
20th Century clothing in suits, smokers.oversacks, cover coals, top coats or pants.
We have $600 worth of men's lies selected by the following well known gentlemen: E. H. Small, "Sally" McKenzie, A. L. McDermot, Tom Wellman, Tom Cavm,
James Ryan, Sullivan and Ben Pew, We would ask lhal every man cell and criticise the efforts of our buyers.
JI merry Christmas and a fiappy new year 1902-REID & CO. XMAS STORE NEWS=1902
The time for Christmas Gift purchasing has come again and anyone will admit the
fact that the problem of "What would be nice for a Christmas Gift" is a perplexing
one. Let us help you. Our stock of dainty and useful novelties for the holiday trade
is complete.    The following outline will only give you a small idea of what we have:
Mens holiday lies
A most gorgeous oMsplay oi
Gents' Fine Neckwear. All the
newest styles ol Imperials, Lombards, Ascots. Derbys. Pufls,
Bows and Strings, made in the
choicest up-to-date silks.    Prices
I5c to SI.75
Ikaiiliiul Mended
A nice assortment ol these
in newest designs and colorings
to choose Irom.
Our stock in thk line is not
Urge but will be found to contain
some ol the most select lines lor
ladies* wear.
Linen and
Haltenberg Novelties
A glimpse at our window of
last week would give you an
idea of some of the.se, but those
are not all. Space will not permit us to tell '* all."
Xmas Footwear
In Gents', Ladies' and Child
rcn's slippers we are showing a
full range. "Slater" Mullilers for
Men. Felt and Plush Fur Trimmed Ronieas lor Ladles. Coronation Slippers lor Children.
Reversible Mufflers
This comfortable winter necessity lor men made 111 various
styles and silks.     Prices 00c up.
Ladies' Gloves
Mocha in gloves is the latest
We have it in tans and black.
All sizes.
" Lambs Wool"
The cozy collars, muffs,
ruffs and caperines made in this
material are just what lhe little
folks require. Make them comfortable and happy while tliey
are easily pleased. The prices
will please you.
Extra qualities, special ior
lhe Xmas trade. A lew nice
lines nt silk suspenders put up iu
neat cartoons suitable tor mailing
I.adies' Neckwear
Slock collars and lies in the
latest novelties. Also a nice assortment ot fancy neck ribbons
in dilli-rent shades.
Initial Handkerchiefs
Our lines of initial and plain
hemstitched silk handkerchiefs
will be found excellent values.
A line af SOo is our leader.
Sitk Minuses
Latest Parisian and New
York styles. Newest silks in
cream, pink, tuscan, blue and
black. Prices from $5 up. Sizes
32 to 40.
Cushion Covers
A shipment of these just
passed into stuck. Beautiful
tinted and burnt leather effects.
Fancy Sweaters
A line of men's sweaters in
fancy honeycomb weaves just
received. Mild combinations of
red, green, black and blue, nun
faclured from finest yarns.
Men'.? Gloves
"Perrins" celebrated manufacture in grey and brown mochas. Silk and wool lined kid
and mocha gloves and mitts, 75c
to $2.50. Boys' wool gloves and
kid mitts at 25c and 35c per pair
.HI receive prompt attention.
Cranbrook's Twin Stores
REID & co.
Canada'* (ircfltncxt..
"Greater Ciiumlii" is n coin tn org theme
these.lays, anil uo papers are printing
more words ol praise itian those tfnith
of ilu- tntt-riiiitiunul ln.un.tfin iim* Tlie
gram) iitihistrinl aWlikening that tins attracted tlie attention nf the world lo the
innrvelous resources nt Canmln is going
to result in great good fur this country
Tlu* Detroit Journal, in it recent is*iie,
ha1' the following to sny of tills country
nnd lier future,
'■It i« published thnt Cnnada, even
Cmimla, hns lhe presumption to ihink
of building another trtiurcoiitlneiital
railway, carrying the news to Ituilynrd
Kipling, wh iinicilCiinnihil.il ii Reti-
erallou tn In* tegari-eil hi KiiKlnnd as
"Our Lady of ilu* Snows " Cany Ihu
news In those who predict ed that the
On mul i" n hieific was built ii ceuluij
hi mlviinee ni tin' iii-i-ils i.i ilu- territory
li traversed. Carry llic news in lln
ihnu-aiiils whose dcsceiiilutils will yel
■..*.* the I'lm.iiInn Niiilhwesl lhe home
nl flfly miliums ..I   i |il.'.    Oiuv th.'
news    10    Atii.'iii'.in   .'aptulMs   whose
t'v bus ahead) slniteil lhe develop
t of Canada's mi tntiii-j \nm\
liilities, mnl foi win iu nnnlhcr rnilwaj
will iiichii ilu* opening <>i .i hum empire
io Wcnine H-. Iruly Aiiierirnii ns many
pans ni llie Hulled Stales
"Cniuuln linn ulrcml)   >,. lien m
ruilwnj Hut cost uenrl) f'/o,i« 1,000
Sin* ban ihi* longest cniiiinual tittelch ol
Internal navigation tu th.- world,    She
has 70 miles ..! munis, u... jimtlnllleeH,
Su.uoo  milt-H of telegriiph wire; 18,000
public scbonlH, I 11 men ill Iht 1 I.n
i'ii in pn In the winter, 1" unlvcishies niul
over 511 colleges, ..niv 15 pel Mil nl illiterates,   1 river   ovei   -• lies  long,
"• o people, of whom uenily on p,-i
cent Hie Cillliuliiill horn niu! ntily ,; pt*i
itui foreign hoi 11. Caimdii muk- Uuiiiii
in lln-iniiihiriioii uf colli, his „ million
nijiinie miles ni pmciiciill*, iitiexpbi<eil
territory, coul beds thnl will  yield ovei
.1 000,000 Ions yearly nn ,** 1 •.■•,.■■. .'iml
;i pei fftpiliulebl nearly iwieelh;* . 1 ii.,-
Uniled Sun-?;,
"Canaibi O one of the most fortuiinle-
ly Hliuale-I eountrlea pulllicnlli in lhc
wurhl.   Sin- is imiiiiilt'il nn lhe east tii
west by Hie   Mo e ilurlrliir,   on  t
nonh   in   the   impicguablo  hanifi
I'li'imil ii'.-. .ni ilu- souih by   11   iielghli
thnl wishes ln-i well an.l is giving nf li
inllli 1 ns  pledges  «i   lii. mil)   hr,
 in.   She bns nn umie need nl a un
than for niiolhei nortli pnh ; little uu
Pioneer Hardware Merchant
- '.I
- a
- a
- t
Wishes the People of South East Kootenay
Largest and best slock ui
Cooking Stoves
Heating Stoves
Tin and
Granite ware
Shelf and heavy
liver brought In
Smith liasl kootciiay
Carriages, Sleighs
Harness, etc.
.'£?r*r*3 **£s
- -.-^s»:ctjs'-^= ,--'-   - r.:n     ■*'- i»--Si-."*-5iA» 'IH .******; M*\~
todtftXht^rr- "£Mk
Wc make a specially uf
and are prepared to
do any work in this
linejn a manner
that will prove satis-
--. Pf factory both in work-
■f^K* nianship and prices
loud. t. in South last Ktintcnsy.
Morrissey Minn; There is n little
quest Ion In iho winds nf the people as to
an election being held before spunf*.
And when it ti held, one ofthe hot hnt-
Uegroum!.-) will bi* South i-nsi Kootenny. There will he two members to be
e ected from this district, one fnnn the
oust side and one from the west. The
present member, ]■: C. Smith, resides iu
this division, nud Ii O understood lhal
In* is 11 ciimlidait for re election. Feruie
will have inn* candidate, nml tbat la one
of Uie prominent members of the I'ernie
Millet's union. It is nlso possible Out
William ill tki'tiinii*. ni one lime 1111111a-
■..•t oi iht* coul .■.■.. pirn, but lm the
linst few years '",| "l| Hie heal terms
with Ihnl corporjtion, will be a t-jn.li-
dHle. lit- biisaiiibiiioiifl hi Hut direction, innl bus laid s nie wires with lhat
iilc1 in view, Who miii ii.- ibe candidate in   im* Cn k tlisii.i  is not
known, lb I ll. King In- been men
Uuneil, inn in' 1- ti bnaj mini. U I
llealtfc  is 11   1 .voiile  wnli lhe  hi be nil
crowd mul m ghl be pei  Inl ■•> mn.
ami 11 in- .inl, h.' ,. 1111..!..■ h hniraec
Imues Kyi 1 ilu- Craubrook   holel,  A
U-ilcll o! Iht- I. ist Kooienay l.uiubei
company, mid I \ Harvey, harrlsler,
Furl Steele, aie mentioned suiting On
Coiiaeiviuives. Ai the eleelion Is inn
yel assuietl nothing defiiilte as to tin
candidacy nl nny particular Individual
li.ts developed, Hut when Hie lime
comes there will i.r nn dearth ol cnu-
iliilules, uud ll Is saw logs lo saw ilitsi
ilnl Hit- people "l both legislative dn
iti.i', will hum lliiil there Is a campaign
.hist a I. it Ik Slaw.
I.ditor lleruhl: In jom lasl issue  you
wete couipbiiiiiiif* in yum edllorial linlns
..I Uir  I "iiviiv belweeii  Un*   Oillled
Stales -iml I'muula,    1 would <.h. r.n   m>
exiniiple ol (On nh tn   null  service,   mr
received lhe Crniibroolt II mil.I ol iiclo
in-    ;n h Innl e.veiling Deceillbei 1st.
Veil  Ket-pecllnlly.
I'. An.ln-	
We Cau'i Agree.
N'.-Otm I'libuue; I'lienriloii lutcen a>
N't* soil mi lhe Irnd ipieslioll IIlet*is with
llli* upplov il nl (be 111 ilingi'M ol llie- S
I'aigene nml lhe North Sim. Iw.i ot Hit-
flugest sl I ver-lend iniifel. in Kooienay,
infd ii Mini- lo aatisft silver-lend mine*
use for nn army than lluilsnii Hay lun. "wm-rs generally. Uut the netion taken
lor au army than Hiiilwin Ibiv Ims fm-mi »l NelMUi docs not meet >.iih ibe ap-
awiiiug' llei pence is gii.-umilced in in- : pnn'itl ■■! KovsIhiiiI'.s Siuuiesu twin-.
vinlnble eiieuinsianee, lier desiiiij is Smith Ctniia, M. |». I', nml K H Khby,
10 niit use in feeding   ami I'lfllhiii-1  lhe | Al- •'■ . t1"1 ''inr iwo newspaper orgnus,
world; to buihl up a   mt   !ih.-ii, -the .Unaal nml Miimi   ami  th.-  Kosslam
loving people; lo develop ber lieinen  I Kveuiug Woihl     Ilill Iblngs  will   \-
doiia uiiiiu.'il resources'ttiib the help r>l[i'*uhi nbng j«:hI Oh* Bnme ns if iin-*..
Ameiieaii millions in new uud ii.nn eiiiiueni men ami newspapers were miu
plunted lin'll-lries, esiMeiit
"The United Slated  is not  pi wisely
au effete country as yet,    Ilnl  ihe mi.   I.
prises   in   dlscoveiies   of  vast tualeijiil).
wealth, in natural deposits of coal, bun, !
eo'pner, silver njidgohl are ol nur pint The world's big rnppei mines an*
maiiiily.    In CjiiiIi !|ii*>  nre only   i«- ' growing lowei   in   grade,   wnli   ibe  .*.
^Inning,   Merely ihe fringe ol ilmt vnsi '''"I ■' ihe !••• t..u \   Mouiunn miue
t«-iili(.r_» north of luhan been eximlned ["'■ 'he A111.1lvn111.1ied company, which
lo«tl) It is tlif trmtesi ny*.|ei 1-- j main niti* lis wondeifnl ijliifs, pild is
tllMliinj; tu tbe world, barrln** oulj It in- po*sib j tbt most profitublc eopoei mine
•*li, und Amerifuni are to  btve   ■.   !.irt;e inf ,1"' **nl1,1 ,l  l,ie   prcenl   iim*-.   *..-
millions of tous of ore a thousand year*
afler it was opened by the CnrlliH^u-
nlaua, ban a diH'ieuniiBted ore averaging
1 1 4 pei cent lii its bottom levels, 90a
feet below the surface.    Copper mines
frequently improve nt medium depths,
but uo copper mine Improves at grent
depth. The Lake mines boh] tbelr values
Inr belter than ibo.se of any ..titer dis
If let, but there is u tendency toward
lessened values at  great   depllis   iu   the
mines of ibis district.
I'r  Uie l'|IM.ivt,i|.
T, Crahan, the Morrissey townsile
ageilt, was at the Impc lai Monday.
.1 l*. Ilarr, a South African volunteer
returned to Steele Monday.
\\. 0 lleatne ami l», MaithlHOli Cran
brook, wne ui the Imperial Saturday
Mis. i). McNelali ami chllilreii reiurn*
cd Tueaitay fnnn a vlaii m Mooaemaiii
Asn111 , acconipanUd by hei slatei  Miss
.1. Wolf, Crauhrook, 11 it.I au appl It* a
thin fora cciililraie ni  Improvement-,
mi  hit ranch property at Three Mile
11 la reported that a cave-In of con
ahleiahle eiieni occured .11 the Silver
i,iueen laii week. Some lime ago a
drift was mu in follow a soft seam al
nearly rlglll angles to 1 he vein, and
■luce then the aides ami roof have been
slacking away until several louu of
material ravel lu making It necessaiy
10 tint tier up the apace to prevent lm
tlm caving. The -ion where the cave
occurred was inn with no purpose il
developing ihe mine ami Its loss U nl un
\billlsse)   llhili|
Arthur Arnold, of I'aluiei a   Arnobl.
the liiiHiiing general agents of Crau
lirnok. »*a*. in town Sunuay nml M01 .lay,
.ml wh'le line nude a ulp lolbe iu ne.
Witli four tlaiH-r* now lu sight ami a
iire»ery inc urse of construction, llle
in Morrissey promises to lie one grand,
continuous «imi oi rapture this coming
10 anl. Olcklnson, the tiranVronk barber, was In lown Sunday nigh*. Frank
is prospering  In Craubrook ami came
down (nun j nee Willi Wesley Cllne  lor
pulling jumlici chair In his shop.
A Slierlda'i c.ime in rrom l-.llin Tties*
day nighl Mr. Sneridau lus ll.ililiel
the woik of grading fur llie new ahlo
nark 011 llie C I'. If at Dial place, ami
■vill in all prolublll y bi lug Iiii it-am to
Mniilisey ami engage In the wood busi*
.ess this winter.
\| lilkn 1 here la a large collie dog that
mows hit business. He meets every
assenger train, ami at soon as It stopa
ihis to llie ill ne 1  ami Sits llOtt 11 111 I mnl
it ihe window where the conk  wmk«.
Wesley CU ie,   tne harher,  who has
it*-* 11 in MoriUsey since the iowii was
lulled, lelt for Cranio .ink Wetlnesilay
-lien* I <- will sel np hit cliali 111 I'rank
hcklnsou's shop, Mi. fine I*, a tlrst
lass barber,   and  the c!t,!;'-ns  of  ibla
!' 1
vena.    Til
1 which the Uo
i Ti
own regret veri much to see hi in lea*
.ml hum*, mill! lhe oooll rilse-* ihc M  -
j ilnw aud throws In in a Done.    He   Is   a*
"   regular la clncif    ■.*>01 *   In till*,  perfot-
I I hours late, seems to be badly worried,
And a Happy and Prosperous New Year
I have made a study of the trade of this district and am prepared to meet the
ii    demands of the people in my line.    My increasing business" is evidence of this fact,
Thanking my patrons for their past patronage, I am
"♦, * I •
Areated Waters
of all Kinds.
* Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
j Ging'er Ales, Etc.
J  Soda water in siphons.
$amcs 6rccr
(Contractor anb fiuilber,
Ci'tuttu'ool;. X. ti.
He has built more houses in Soulh
Easl Kooienay lhan any one general
contractor. That is good proof of
thc fad that his work pleases the
people. If you expect to build see
"Jim" (irecr. It will pay you lo
talk to him about plans and estimates
»*i *-*♦-♦-"* •» •
# v♦*> * *'**■ 9$f99f<f9?*9999 »Viv*4 iryaj 9ftttf999999?99999999fli
We buy nothing but lhc BEST lor llic We arc d.iily expecting a  large c.in-
bctit is CHEAPEST, and wc are, there-   signment ul
lore, prepared to give our customers the
MONE.Y, so in deciding where to gu for
Fancy and
Staple Groceries      ,. ,    . , . .      .    .
« Uon I overlook llie (act  we have tlie
please bear in mind our slock is llie best    best assortment of
in town.
"G. B."
liesh from the factory.   No one handles
these celebrated chocolates but us.
We have just received lor fine family
trade a Ion of
in town.    Try a barrel and be convinced.
We have also lo oiler beautilul
in one pound bricks, also in fourteen and
twenty-eight pound boxes.
Hay and
in filly pound boxes, equal to Hardens in
If you require timothy hay, highland hay,
oats, bran, shorts, wheal, chops, from one
hundred to twenty hundred pounds we can
fill your order.
Our stock of
cannot be equalled anywhere and our supply of Peel, package Currants and Raisins,
shelled Almonds and Walnuts, Confectionery, fellies, Preserves and all varieties of
Potatoes, Turnips, Carrots, Beets, Onions, Canned Goods are complete as thought and
Cabbage, Parsnips; all number one. money can make them.


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