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Cranbrook Herald Apr 12, 1900

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Array Sl
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
How. Gjso. A. Cox, President. U. K. Walker, Gen. Mati
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents   The Bank of Scotland.
Central Kcstaur
Just cast ol depot
Proprietors -.** *.•*■ a*
li i-;* ;i;i!i-y crasckik;:. ;'
ul   the  dettt-fcnd
The Enlargement of the T. W. Leask ol"   rat,TB
i amediatelv sod '
"To n eel thii  n a Iiii' n the n
.. large ijnJti s&e in iti  coki
t parity      Thi        Hill
 ES OF S. E. K€ I     . / j
Sash nud Door Factory
Feet Daily Capacity ToB« immediately Built.
It it l   i: ibabla llut tin- •■■        In-
i-icifli-ii by aoo more bpfore the suwm i
"The ilem ind forco *- al ohi   ■        I
• ■l our possible supply if-r same lime!
mine development li n • ■■■ so i ir
e shall be tti le I
mtput to pteel the Incn ,**.-.
in demand.   Our maikei ezteuda rrom
A Sawmill of  Twenty Thousand) Winnipeg. Manitoba, toll net     \.
|i ve ■  III! ic-tory  report* on III? cool
From tins admiralty, it hiving bei
by ilia vessels ol  tlie I'4cific  tquttdrn
il ■.      -i\ Ht Esquimau witli highly a ■
factory results,   Ollie' reports, where vi i
i   boa be ii test-id, li i c beeu equal *-
*'\V R. Wilson. of Pit's! ury, Pr., Ii Ii
charge as engineer and nm tin get nfthi
liv i:   miuea,   Helen man of large i.\n rien i
. ,ii,il fi at-clnaa ability.     The work ol en
,i;i,i ' largeutent   and  development is  b fin,
prog* j pushed with all possible speed and the
»ok for tiit* industry is most Batl^fac-
Don't Forget thc Millinery and Dry
Goods Opening at   Reid  &  Co/s
on Friday and Saturday, April   13
and 14.        .*.       V       ,\    • V
ft jj i,p, &
Quests Comfort a Specially
fiootl Sl.-il.ling in Connection    * •
I to rollion
jr lli.u \,,i
lias accommoda*
i   in  Crnnbrook.
Bremner &
tn Tii arrive next week—
m .
21 Dress Goods, Linoleums, Carpets,
Fancy Goods, Men's,  women's
iji and Children's Rubbers, Crockery
JJ        and Glassware.
ii Now placed in stock—
Ladies* Gents* and Children's
Bouts .tnd Shoes, best in market
£ Set our Ladies'Bicyle boots, Ready to
k. Wear clothing., large and choice stock,
',''; value the best*
California Butter, Oranges and Lem"
'-. ■ . thing new—Banana Marma*
. -\*.  *.! line staple aud fancy gtocerles
J*.I»-»»T<- - --I
Giant       (Hani       Giant
Powder    Powder   Powder
Wc have just completed a powder magazine in
Cranbrook and have just placed a carload of powder in
it; you can get all your powder here now, at a minute's notice. We arc agents ior the Giant Powder Co.,
consolidated, ot California, a branch of which is at Victoria, and will carry .3 complete line of their powder,
caps and [use. We are also agents for Wm, Bennett
Sons & Co. oi England, who make the best fuse in
the world.
Do not forget thai we also have a complete range
of Men's Shoes and Fui nlshlngs, Groceries and
Fort Stock Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kcotenay*s Big Mail Order House
When   iminufncturing plants
Inrgod, Instead of their workii
being reduced or worked on shoi
ilit-n you tuny know tlmt proa
reigniug supreme in that locally
Thu T. VV.  Leask  p.lnuiug  i
■Mh and door factory has heen
perouo institution from the day of i
construction   more  ihnti  h  year  ttgi
Peeling tlmt nddltiotial capital and
lately increased plain-—thc addition of
a saw mill—would greatly faellilnle lite
producttou   of sash,  doors,   etc.,   Mr.
Leash resolved in mlppling that comae,
■uu! the result is thai the Slater brothers
from Ontario, huve entered into partnership with hlm, and a saw mill, with a
capacity of 20,000 feet, i« enroute and in
due course of lime will be installed ami
ready for business.
Tlte lumlJer produced will ho largely
iimmI in the manufacture of their goods,
and by thia course they will he the bettor enabled to produce a fust class ar-
tide, as tbey will have a large quantity
uflumber to select the quality of male
Hal from, which necessarily must be ol
the best for this purpose.
The enlargement referred to calls for
additional gtouud space, and a fine le\e
tract has been secured abutting the pn-.
ent site nprlheast of town, Riving them
with  the obi ground, live acres.   Much I     ''"' *'npUver-uf  the Columbia and
of this will be used for lumber yards in   Kmiienay   steamers   have  contributed
which to season tbe output, and have ii! M7° lo 'he Canadian patriotic fund,
in the best possible condition for maim       K.«li|toop«i Standard!   The authorities
That ui:.: Long Since Passe ine Stags
of "a Prospector's I rca .
m mum
.\nJ There Are Others tha   ■■.'.
Soon Be in the Sa ne
:      .:.■   last livt
1 Ut, III lilt
I *h1**-: d  i        ■■ [i pi Lion ol
;..,.; for tin: next five years
utuel & ti
ions.    I:
,   [|   existence
■a I  pi id  nearly
i Be Was a Well-Known Tic Contractor
Living Near Jaffray.
mine   la   I
,   li.vi
u    .
:    '   i
W H. 1,'lly lias beeu recommended
for appointment aaCoruiierat Silverton,
Silverton te already making preparations im celebrating tlie Queen's birth
Preparations for Silverton'a Fourth
Annual Celebration arc now well under
wn y.
An organ tan tio ti called the Revulatoke
Rifle Association liac been formed bom
It is lepnrted tbnt Uie water in Kootenay lake has been raising lately al the
rale of 2ft inches in 34 hours.
Sloenii Cily bas filed n pre-emption
upon li iuion Utty ami will eulertaiu
the outside world upou lhat date.
facluring purposes,
lids also means the employment ofa
working force of noi less than 20 men,
and ranging up to 20. A number id
skilled operators have arrived, acd several families will also be added to Cran j
biook'a growing population.
Tlte advance gnatd of the outfit, in thtf     Archibuld   Cameron,  nu
fhnpe of men. tiotses. wogous. eifc., have! VelIo^io»« »rfne( near ea
1.1 bricks
make ,1 ureal mistake if ihey suppose
thul liorse mange is entirely eradicated.
B-auniel Matlhews, brftleeman, fell uuder ii train near Revelstoke, recently,
both his legs being crushed, tiijuries
probably fatal,
ihete can bi
,ti« tin- trnil
A represe
• bilel vi-ii
Ilit'e il ■•
ol iheoi
giiifll sl
item mil
MlPinpt .vi'
be nitil
if il 1
ment work ,
„[' V'.-ry pro
brief etaU'-ii
ml ol Ihi
i '
v.i'i be uncli
'    ;
, ■ ■   -1
■  h  •
. . -
Ul   1. ■
.1 ii niii
,   tote -A> the
aud Oct
Fears Thai He Has Become the
Prey oi Wi!J Busis or Died
From E;»!:..uition.
A   HU
n i.iiV.i
'«  Hinn n«Tet.goW. C.
'     ■ *l  ..:s lie ,'rtiup
il_-•- mile. ,.,„ or here,
U-. struck  oul   into  the
not beeu sien Mure, al-
Till bas been ni„,le
'Oliudlng timber ami
'ore or  tnoie of iiii-n
K   II
: n-.eo ;b,
eft .-! fo
Iteartlof !co ca ol dn
nny tlislrict Llial liav
ore in s'gltlaud n V
Hiltm bul promises I
iliviikn.lH in lite n. I
'i'he North Slur In I,
been billtqito nn I    r,
trearly  arrived.   The  newee
Ferdinand Slater nud fauilly, J. C. Slater, I worl1' about $6 500.
IMivaid pickaou, jautes Fuwler, WHHaui j    H.I, Jdlinfiotl, awell.ku'owu merchanl
Rycktltau, Robert Speck, Jake Smoke,  of Atruwllead altd Thuiiij.suns laudinn,
Willinni   nistido,   Wamn   G.illin   sud 1 dlaappcnrcd frnin Arrow Head ou Mareli
Willinm Slater. , 31 in a uiysl'erious utaouer,
The men belli,,,! the [Tuns win battle-. ]    <;„„,, ,    ,llink „,;j ,       „   of ,
ml-, he men wiilt ibe liu dluuer pails »tloo, Hans Hartell, a clerk in ibe Run
I'UliU CllleS. '-•lilt-. .    ra 1
sell Hardware store at Greenwood, com
' mitled suicide at his residence recently.
At tlie Hotel .Multiloba.
The «^rlc of KJuven-ttion is goin
as rapidly na carpenters, painters
paper-hangers can do it.   The upf
i- to be elegantly refuted with new
pets, furniture, elc.   The same < a
beinf* bestowed upon the lower ll
when tbe whole thing is com pie tt
oldest friend won't know the interli
he should possibly recognise the exterior
A large cellar is being excavated beneall
the  bMfOOUl,   while the rear of the Im
1 .V Hani, 1
ior Cianlm
They ft III Do a Oreat Factor In the Ail-
vnacetttent ot South liast Koolcnay.
"We expect that thc opening of tin*
Kootenny Valley railway will be the
cou!menc«ment of ihe opening of this
territory to the product of our mine'-,"
sulci Kites Rogatr, of Toronto, managing
director of the  CroWB Nest Coal com
pahy. recently, to a Spokesman-Review
reporter. Mr. Rogers was on bis way to
the company's mines iu 5*ht Kootciifiy
having come west from Toronto liy way
or St. l'aul and the Great Northera.
"Between J6oo,ooo and "f7oo,coa has
been spent iu the development of the
company'a three mines and the adjacent
! uul**, which amount in all to about aoo,«
n r 1 acres The Coal creel: miuea have a
present capacity of iono tuns of coal a
dny, -which will shortly be luereaaid to
luce let) i, and the coko ovens of 325 ton.*,
a Tiny. Besides a large home demand
fot both products, especially iu ihe min
lug regions of Soulli Kooleuny, Uier
.    Nearly  200 men  were put  111 at the
; Grabile, I'oorwan and Athabasca twines
liu Nelson district recently.   Preference
was  given  to   the meu  who hud qujl
i    The steamer Red Star, owned by Gus
1  Carlson ol   Kaslo, has been  purchased
[ I by the Ohtatlo Powder Company, and I
will be used by them foi  tlie carrying
trade ou the lake.
During 'he month of March the earnings of the C- l*. K. freight depattment
«sra, liuKelsuu were J9'ioo iu excess oi the
hing I eatniugs foi  the same month iu 1899,
»t   Biya The Tribune.
C ll. Trousdale and J. Munois, the
latter of the Subset Telephone Co . Seattle, havc leased lhe Boundary Creek
Telephone Company and tbe Yalc-Kuo
j iciiny Tt-iephutie and Telegraph Co.
[ By a recent wreck on the Spokane
1'rill.ahd Northern railroad theie was
destroyed n car-load of whiskey for
Thomas it Gtieger, a carload of ice fur I
Martjn Dolan and several small lots foi
other Rosslai.d parties.
Several Silverton prospectors have nl
read) heen up into the higher portions |
ol ihe district io sec If it would heud
vlsablc 10 move up.   All have returned I
satisfied that this will be the earliest
prospecting season known.
The vigilance of Great Britain iu pro-
tcctlug the se-jrete ol the Ksquhualt fqr-
tifuiiiionsnnd naval yard was exempli-
(led recently when Lieutenant Reginald
Scotl,   R.   N., wus shot  by a sentry for
Gtiliug iu answer a challenge    -Scott will
A11 [ixleoshe P
Improveiuents iu tha 1
ipcniug up woik, is eons
ess,   At present ihere i
or operatiug Ibe BuiMg
ng air; a gravity irnmw
lies too Ions ul oie  ever)
vhich  is over one iiiile
nc full of oie awaiting
heN. S aiidC. N, P, it
ie amiss lo suite here
i^o 1'ieight Agent Peie
t .stationed at Nelson.
irxloufi an 10 ivhctbet ore
lihlieil iu suIBcieiil quant
lime the road ha- n< I bi
1 hole in the bins)     h re
ihcdin conrseol t    . liu
iary tb the bio;-    V 1 Lti
:al managci there is a n
lice cottage! fnr ihe min
■apai ious, uu deru hi ati
dshed mi ecu,:' ns ai.! ,
allies iu n style equal!' ;
icst hotels in nny 1  1
which lo store the i 0.* 1
eel la neons supplies .*.*■■■. 1
it: constantly iu rt add es
tig a gicat mine; this sti
*:';'*; ^"'ormt,u ■       ""
lur Diere art   cipaci    i
igltledbj ulna 11 i
lleneiib  ■',::.!, Bail
and tht
n tun iu the
. ■„; 1 a b
. - mill U
■ y     ■ 1
■ . . .    ll
. ■ 1 tons, in
::•■*.  Ri
it win
-   son lisihe
.'■■*■.' . '. '.
1 Harrison'
b wi    bn j ushe i
.;.,. 11 ion    St   '••■■ ;
n    ■    lie bu .....  ■     1
* dl   1.     11 -1 a I ■- m in lots is
d e :.   :;.:  summer.
• i*. re  "f .he company  are hi   tg
I   j .....    IrU
ini 1 t thai    tie pro
■ i... 1. -.
'.   111 -.   will have to pa     ■■ -■
Will Orgsalze at Mn>lc.
A meeting ..f Odd Pellowa wm held al
hnve beeu largo ret QiilBhipments of c ko ■ Moyie last Saturday night 10 brepati
to the smelters of Montana.   Thin d *  lhe organ i! ttjon ofa lodg? »i thai place
i,.»feJi^Sj,. -.-.  1,'-j    ;, :.»,';. \,.,v.V,.Vi.-'<V4'!-».*J%Vd-*.'/—i
4'%'fS'''i.s-:."',   :. -: . '   v. ft,   i-Tv^4vS-R-%-^^S.V <v\v '
% We hart; just received by express a large as- -it
sortmc-nC of tbe latest       **       **      jt      jt %
Call and sec thein and get one of our silk sou- 4|
venier flags FREE, Buller, White, Roberts, t%
Kitchener, Ladysmith, Kimberley, Victory. C
Wear your favorite.   We yive them away,   jt &
nuiuil had been ao ytent thai for BOUie
time we have uot heen ab!o lo All nearly
all our orders, At present we uie Belling
no coke for household consumption on
The meeting was a successful one, and
as r.oon as lhe uere-saiy arrangements
can be made a lodge with u very gootl
membership will be installed there,
(Having used your eyes and read
the Theo prospectus) and walk up
to McVittie & Hutchison's office
and buy some Theo stock* You
will never regret it*
McVittie & Hutchison,
Mining Brokers
this  mln-fr—foi mines an   tn
f jinn!- from ui1
thropy, 01 lo ,^
Bast  i*- ■■■:•■■ ■■ ■■ - 1 '■*'  mi
oiie of ;ii   ;.   1 ■
trlcla 11"  the   w irld; neveilhe I
pen] 1- ol lhe couuiiy at
ihem al least to the tj
M large amount It I
and pen;: ■:■ 1 tm e in lb
takln . i, f the Inhabl     I
owe,  in  a  large ■■
ent proipi n- *  l    lhe ma!        ol
North Sttti min ;,.....■. ■-    -
tnainl) rlepandcnt tip ■'■ the mi
sources of '.Iii*! region; tlu   N
people ha e cm    .    .
tha tin  ■ *
ill aim
Black Bear.
(d al ibis miue is
...... racli*) ■
.. * -       ,
roper I; -vingln favoi ^,■.L■,
tin- public.
:    ;' prcnenl ilive of the
ity f
..     ;       i      ;...,.;     ■     '. ■ ■     .     .      ,.
gold ores exist in sooth 1-,
The Herald represent *
prised as well ;'«■, l. nse ' -v.
and learned nt UieKorlh .-,
visit wns made a very ; .
the officers ofthe compaiij
Superintendent Parker, u It
com foi table home at the
ibe ext. iislve workii ^ ■ >-h-
lent miner.
R M, ITedley, in lhc Mo
writes ofthe future ol lhe •
leg Notus.
-; 1 CtOI:
cd from
u k1- were
lie (Juan
II    '■' 1.1
11; n lun
1 winze is
nze is a!
in the C N.
bush, ami has
though dill Ken
or liim in the
liountaiiis by
who were work...,
'■ • rntuei officials bave also been
I. hut all efforts to tiace the miss-
■ g ma . have so fai proved unavailing.
H«hM >reii as completely as
■ 1- V.   W, ; u ker, who was engaged »t
North Sui ui acsiuaulllugiheierial
At lhe Unit m utloned McClellati,
*lio had ' ■ ■,-! diiokiug loo much, left
he camp in I went 1 ut Into Ihe bu>b,
witnessed by a num«
-rkiUK. Ik-had
wo or three days
tnd was very much weakened. His face
lad beeu scratched considerably, pre-
lumebly fiom numerous falls, as there
tad been uo difficult) between lum and
tbers.   The men thought at the time
tat be was feeling ashamed —in fact bis
(eneral sppeai inccaud actions appeared
' tbem .-1 11 I .*,*,.■ tiui condition of
wind—and thai lu a shed La seclude
dmsell 1 ■ iu observation  temporarily;
ooseqaeutly no atteutiou was then paid
to his sctlous, but -.vhrii he failed 10 re-
'•'■ P«» :■: d ■ the next day, they
tegau to feel alarmed and fear that some
lisasterbad befel him and lusl ilo ted a
-earch, which later was participated in
lyevcyoae lu the vicinity, Their ef-
oris were froiiles^, mod :i- ally the Match
vis extended to the rnrrouuding towns.
George Bremner, the Cranbrook mer-
•i:a:n, rec-eutly returned from McClel-
■1 s camp, where he went in quest of
formation.    Mr.  Btemaer  knew   the
'**• ■■- or 1 etter than any-
ineelse in thi$ tectiott of the country,
lud up< . a Hera il reporter suggesting
:faepossibility cf niicid-e on account of
financial troubles Mr. Rr-f timer scouted
that tbecry as .itrpsuiblf, lajiig
■ sted, as repnrt-
rd.   Mr. !.:-.--.. . ■   . - ihtt, UcClrl-
Ian, in bU enfeel I coudii ioo, had heen
*•--■ l« "■:■■■ ■ , the camp, falling
iwewhere lying from expos
ure ami ex ,
Tbe attaint; man was 55 years of ape.
and although baring a family :n the
ast be tu 1 n ' '.-. one for years.
Msicaic Lo J-u lastftited.
On Saturday er^niug lasl Cranhrook*
:.- inic Lodge, *" 1- . iras instituted by
V. VV. U:o. VV. J. Quinlan,G.SMassisted
by W. Uro. Byer*. of Nelioo, with tbe
following officers:
VV. Bro Aiex. Mofftt. S. W.
VV, Bro. '■    1' r«te,S. W.
W. l!ro. R. B, Beattie, J. VV.
VV, Bro. James Ryan, Treasurer.
'.V. Bro. I-   ■. boson, Sec.
VV. Bro. J. II, King, S I..
v.. Bro VV. h. Mackenzie,J. !>.
W. Bro, E. ,- 1 m .   S, 8.
VV. Bro. i> H Divids a, J. S.
VV. Bro. W. S. Bell, I. G.
\V. Uro K. ri McNlel, Tyler.
A large Dumber ol members were preset from Fort Steele uud olher points,
'be new lodge slat ts wilh a large mem-
ber»hipand every prospect of success
aud ;' o,| •:• ; !. ; -i* refreshments were
served bj th ■ ; idi - iftci the business of
tit-, evciiiug wa    I,
Alone. Sick, anil Helpless.
That was the condition In which Will-
BUI Wo .1- was found In a shack near
lhc old sawmill site of the Cranbiook
Lumbering Co.. this week.   He bad been
in this condition  th.ee days.   Officer
Morris was notified of the (act, look a
si d we it 10 iii-. relief,   Woods
ffMsuflfttiirg from inflammatory rheum-'
1 i-iji. .*    1 ;.i       , is !eni was swollen lwo
s its uornial rise.    He w.i*
.. [loved,  with  greal difficulty, as ibe
mill ■ touch Inflicted the mosl excruciating pi In, and takeu to the govern
11.;,1 hoi pit 1! Sl Fort -Sletle.
tt Ii reported lhat ii
ring powder. No de<
rned. olher lhan (hat
lmp.irl.int peal BstatO Sale.
A considerable real estate deal was
made this week whereby M. Udnn s
and 1). B. Murphy pu.chased block 94,
nt, the corner of Fenwick avenue and
Edwards St. Tiie properly wilt be improved in the near future.
Il is such incidents as thli that demonstrate the worth snd stability of Cranbrook. Messis. Mclnnes ond Murphy
arc uot speculative plungers; tbey are
mun of tfood judgement, and hard bast*
nuns sense. They look for their money's
' worth when they invest) c\peri to realize a profit, and lhey do.
Their purchase Is u strong recommendation as to lhe future of ll'ippy Cranhrook,
Plkper Is Kc->pon«iblc.
pieper & Cur-ile. the paper haugerSi
ntuii'l paper li I tigers alone, as they are
doing some very neat sign writing about
town. Mr. Piepei is lhc manipulator of
the brush, and does il in a manner unexcelled iu llieli palmiest days by
Raphael 01 Rubens, CRANBROOK  HERALD
THURSDAY,   -   APRIL 12, 1900
■l'KllMS HI' Sl'll-THU'rHlN:
1,0 llcralil llojlrcs !'■ slYO lln' 1100 01 tlm
i,-t. if yim know miy iiwonl y"»'' lown
milts oi yonr ceni'l •. sewl it lo tula onico.
McVittie & Hutchison
<*s and Real Estate
INSURANCE ..< Jt        ..<
Q   Q   Cranbrook, li. C.
As announced I«->t week. I1'. M, Meu-
hmst went lo Vancouver as a delegate
to llie liberal convention. Mr. Med-
liursl's acquaintances knew wheu lhey
m-hi hlm there that he would lie equal to
any emergency that might iirii*. and
that the couventiou would know that
Souih I'.ist Koolcnay was represented at
all even's The emergency nrose. So
did Mr. Medhurst. The convention was
ii stoutly ouo-ill fact a Kcutuckian
iu the United States would have spoken
of il as being a little lame. Inasmuch as
there was nol a single killing m" a shol
tired, imt altogctlier quite entertaining
as a forerunner of what uny follow.
The convention nna'.ly "spH'i" ",:J
what Americans would lei ill in their politics " rump" conventions ensued—Martin nnd anti-Martin being Iheir complexions. Referring to tbe convention the
succliil correspondent of Ute Spokane
Spokesman-Review nt Vancouver said:
•i lleforo tbo convention broke op tbis
afternoon, Medhurst, South Bast Koute-
nay, formerly edilor of lhc Wetoskawln
Review, n type-wrilleli pn|>er, "rousted"
Vancouver ami Victoria delegates bitterly for etching factional squabbles inlo
llie provincial convention and wasting
the time of Koolcnay delegates."
Pulitk-s are still verv mucli mix*' i! np.
Last Sunday *.■••-• lead an exlraoiiliuarj*
article in tbf Rosslatul Miner, whose
sole editorial topic is the misdeed i ofthe
paBl, piesent aud future ol'the C. 1". tt,
and all connected wiih it. That papet
had actually a brill colllilin edilOrf.il,
hootiiiitR -Mr, C !'■ 1'tv ■-. ihe C. P, li.
lawyer — Kamloops Standard.
E. N Bodwell, tj C , banUtei <-'. Victoria, B. C, who is mnv oil i. vi-U l'i
Toronto, is apoken of as likely i" t nlci
the provincial fight iu UillUll Columbia,
and lo hi-ad a parly of IiljL-r.il.'- and conservatives who, if returned, would run ti
lonlilioii government, - Phtcnix Pioneer,
Physician and Surgeon.
tUTIi li--IlKI'l.": K   IlLUCIC,
CRANHROOK,    ::::::    ll. C,
! The Cranbrook   |
I \
I Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-5F    T'
Hf*^ _t>~*m
politics iu Soulh Hast Kootenay have
not the feverish conditions uf other districts.   So may it continue,
It Is said that some of McKinley'a admirers contemplate the makiug ofa solid
Hold statue of the pretident of lhe
United Statea and exit toil ing it at the
■world's fair iu Paris. Will lhey place it
rn a high pedestal and expect people to
fail down and worship it, like unto a
curtain other golden image uf old?
The royal reception accorded to fjueen
Victoria by the citizens of Ireland—from
little children lo tottering uld age—must
he a source of great pleasure and satisfaction to every true and loyal subject of
tlie great British empire. The enthusiasm with which she has been received by
the Irish masses shows that, diplomatic'
ally approached, their hearts will always
be found lo he in the right place. Her
Majesty |is a better politician, nitd can
fathom linm an nature mote deeply than
any of her ministers.
Tlie Port Sleele Prospector contained
an editorial item last week alluding lo
tbe candidacy of Mr. Arch. Leitch for
membership in the Provincial house,
Our esteemed friend and neighbor ia in
error. Mr. Leitch had no petition out-
SQiiie of his friends hail, until be heard
of it—then it was withdrawn. The
Herald will say this, howevei: There is
no riding in British Columbia that would
have cause to be otherwise thau proud
of iheir member if tbey were fortunate enough lo secure Mr. Leitch ns
their representative.
Cranbrook's population is composed of
energetic, enterprising business men,
progressive and fully np wilh lhe times;
tlie working people, iu their sphere, are
not one whit behind thc business aud
professional men; a man who lias traveled much, especially in newly popttlat
ed regions will observe this condition of
affairs at a glance, needing no informs
tion on llie subject. This being the case
it is n source of wonderment to the Herald why so few of the residences—many
of them quite handsome—are uupainted
Iu addition to increasing the sightliness
of the buildings, it is a good business
proposition to paint a new building.
Situate Oil Murk creel-:, lu tin* Mining HHIslon
of Sotilli Knit Kootenay-
Tiit-cd aotlce iimi I, Juntos llyan, Free Minor's
ci'iiuii-ui'* Nd It oral luteinl, ouihtys from the
iiata hoii-nf, to nnply to Hie Mlnluij Keeonlor
rnrii iiTtniiiiie ni lintrnvcineais,fer t'io pu •
ns- of obtaining a Crotrn (Irani ot lhe above
Kill)".   lllllhT
i*ii i
■ tin*
moo nfmich Oortllloato of iiii|>i<m>iiient-*,
Dalai tins, -mi day of March, twm.
I lloroliy ri'i'i fj* that I havo Mils
oil tin- "Maitoitnn Gold ami t*
I ii | in i iy'
lor tn
"rinnimii.es Act, I8OT", to eiury out or effect nit
or any of tl hjeota Itorelnaftor set firth to
whleh llie I-wlslatlve Authority or tho Uglslii<
tine of llrlllili Columbia extemt,
The lieiwl oJllco of the C piny li situated In
tlio city of Spokane, in tho i oantyof Bpokuno,
In the State or Washington.
Tin* ntnount or tin.* > aiiital or tlte Company ts
Twn liiniii'i'ii 'lliotisniitl Dollars, illvliletl Into
Two Mun n-il Tlioiiaiuitt Slipres of One Dollar
eat'li. *~a
Thn li'ini ortlco of tho Oompkny in this Province is altnatftd In Cranbrook, In the Province
or iitii-.li Columbia umi J. II. Taylor, whose
ntUlressiri CrHnbropn, Port Steele Mining Division i>r Hie iiisiiift ni l-^wtKooleiiay,British
Coltimbflilstlioaitor ey far the Company,
Tho lime of iii* existence of llie Company In
fifty years.
Tin; objects r h which i in* i lompany lias been
eitabllih-ni are; Mining mining mnl smelling
purpiisssi for luillillng. eijiilpi'lng and managing
water nunc*; tor the inillilliig, equipping anil
uiwrntlngelei-trlonlatils; for iin* buiiilhiK uml
-inmni,' of rnllrnails. and for tlm ouuaitlim Hi nil
sicji tins) csi in n-h.lnii. wltu ..r liiul-l'-ul to
iiiiiim;*. mill I -jt nml aineli Iti)!, In Hid MiiIi* nt
Washington. I oil *ii Suiles ol Aim rioa, lirillsh
I'dlmutila nml ilsewliori*,
(ilVI'N miller nn hitlitl uml Sen I of Ollli-i- itl
Vlili-rm, I'lovlm*,) nf llrthii (.'oimubla, Ihls
•htiil liny <>r aitiruh, nm* iho; sun I nlno
I ireil,
k. v. Un '(TON.
lloghtrnr of ilolnl stock UompAtitei
G. Johnson....
\-V Assayer
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B, C.
-AM.   KINDS   OP-
A Horrible Outbreak
"Of large sores nn my little daughter's | Hl'Mull-ill ■& Taylor,
head developed into n c-t^e "t srald
head" writes C*. I) l-ihill ol Morganlown,
'iViiu., bul Buckleit's Arnh'fl Salve com
pleltly cured ber. It';: h guaranteed
j for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Klieuin,
Pimples, Sores, Ulcers ami Piles. Only
25.- nt Heattie's drug store.
\Vh>  ilu* Modern Hebrew In Hurdy a
Palestine is at present, as Mai I hew
Arnold hns said, 11 land "of sun, und
arid Btonc, and crumbling will, and sultry wind," but there is no reason to
doubt that culture nnd irrigation would
restore iis fertility, uud tlml M might
onee ngain overflow with milk uud
honey if ouly the menus were secured
whereby the worl-; nf leeliiiiiiitiiiu could
be begun uii 11 large scale, guys the London Spectator. Tho Uermun colonics
there have done well, and there arc few
parts of the hind lhat would not yield
It has been objected that the modern
Jew is rarely a farmer; thut .n> prefers
to work with bis brains, to turn money
over, to engage in speculative occupations, rather thuu to work with his
hands. The fuel te true in lhc main,
but it Is capable of explivmitlon through
historic causes. It is almost certain
ihat wc owe ngrieulture to the He in it is
und it is certain tlmtthe Jews wore in
ancient times an agricultural people.
Their exclusion from so many arts iu
western IStirope, their confinement for
oenturnes 10 11 few cnlllngs and to narrow areas, w ill stilllciently account for
their present speculative and somewhat mercenary Instincts,
It would In* distinct (gain to them,
morally and Boclnlly, could a goodly proportion of their race be induced to tiv
fuune, umi l-i u.'i'iv uunaitione, tiioso
healthy uud primary arts of life in
which they engaged before the overflow
of their nnclcnt eommonwep.Mh    One
thai   I'.iin ;
nny cine Ku
ountry from ci
ing ii; wh
lot thc true so
be found i
li colonization'
idea is atti
tct Ive
md it seems fe
Au Autoenttio ItiilvrWho laQorerneil
hy llM-  Will  tit*  (ii*,  renplc.
The ameer of Afghan 1st an, who was
at first suspected of complicity with
the Indian border troubles, but whose
innocence is now well established, Is
one of the most autocratic monnrchs
In the world. Not tho cznr of Russia
nor the sultan of Turkey is more absolute in authority, says tin* New Vork
Tribune. Vet he Is, or makes himself,
curiously subject to the will of tbe people in come respecls. A few yeurs ngo
lie greatly desired to visit Kngland and
other ISuropenn countrloa.and the British govenunonl was anxious thnt he
should ilo so, but he did not venture to
do so without the consent of his people.
Ko lie took a plehlBclttim on lhc subject, fie sent a proclamation to every
village in his empire, telling whut bo
wanted to do, und explaining lhc advantages lhat would accrue to him nnd
to the empire from such a tour, nnd asking the peoplo to lnke a vole on lhe subject und let hlm know the result. So
tin* subject wns submitted to universal
suffrage, Aftci- n few weeks lhe returns were nil hi und wen* counted,
and it wns found thai nconsiderable majority of the people were opposed to bis
leaving the country. Ua was disappointed, but acquiesced in (be will of
tin' people, nnd stayed nt home, sending his second sou io England iu his
**■» Stone iteti in t-onatmelltiK -Pension llutlillntr ni Wiialilnutan,
Very few people know  |(, Inn it is a
fad- tlml the pension ollice building i.s
world, it has been subjected lo much
criticism,   Imt   il   can  stand  il.  for as
the time passes along Ihem arc many
things seen about ii thai cBcnpcd notice when  it   was newer.    In nil there
tire over 10,000,000 foricks in lln* building, snys thc Washington Star,   Ren.
.Meigs took liberties with bricks tlmt
no other architect bad ever attempted,
I lie not only used bricks exclusively for
the building, but he used them In con-
j strtictlng the stnlrs throughout   the
, building.   In the mailer of stalr-bulld-
I Ing bricks  have  nften  been used' for
the raiser, but Iho step hns always boon
of iron, wood or slate or si.me.   In the
! pension ofllce both raiser nnd step are
ofbrlck. As a brick building, therefore,
pure and simple, il is unique in construction, outside of Ihe fncl that it is
tho largest exclusively brick building
In tin* world.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contracts for nil kinds of brick  work
ijven prompt attention,   Prick for sale,
Those in need of bi iik   or  work  should
see us.
Arc you goinj; to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared lo furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
Jt   jt    B. C.
bale or Toronto
Contractor «-.d Builder
Tims,; coiitpmi'littlii1-, tinliiilng win ilo well t-i lot
in,1 flguro on iii,. oontrnois.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundryman I found.
Contract any kind job, house
cleaning or cooking.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives lhe only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
l-lrsi-Clu*!) Sleepers on all Trains
Tourist Cars pass Medicine Mat, dnily for
H;. I'nni, Suiidnys nud Wednesdays
for Toronto, Fridays for Montreal
nud Huston.
l<v 9:11m m Crttnhroolt I<v 13:01 p tn
Onnnectlon trl-weekly nt Mcl.eod for
C lg ry ntul Udmoutoii, nud duilv at
Medicine llul for nil points Bait, Con
nectlon daily at Kootenay Lauding for
all points iu West Kootenny, Slocnn nml
Boundary Districts, nnd for Pacific Const
and iMuiu Line points viu Itevulstoke,
Through Tickets Issued and Baggage Checked to Destination.
For rules nud full infoiinnlioti address
nearest local n^ent, or
ti. M. MEDHURST, Ayt., Crnnbrook
\V, v. Anderson, T.P.A., Nelson, II. C.
D I-:. .l.Cnylo, A.U.l'.A., Vancouver, 11. f,
mil* v iin;
1 Iii- r 1 on
iimi Nn Pon-uo to Mateo,
The father of a Inwyer now well
known in San Francisco wns in his last
illness talking with a clergyman, when
the latter asked hlin if hi* hnd mado his I '£..';'.
pence with liod.   "Sir," replied lhc old ' hissr
(rcntlemnn, "tin* Lord nnd I bare never  T. I\,8. It,
had any trouble." I
I Dated Mnn
lierohy Riven that l,T, 0,1'roetnr,
1 ititi-r iimi* intend in iii<|iiy to iiio
■itwloiier of i,ititii>i ;nii WnrNs fot* n
so of 100 iicr.-s of laml sititntn iilmti
u-si nf Wnrdner "ii llioCrowsNost
nl, I'mnmeiichiR nl a (msl marketl
flBiii'il)    t. ii. I'roptor.
Rough and J
Dressed Lumber, |
Dimension Lumber, j
5hingles and I
riouldings. 1
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds 01
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Ilurel, Proprietors.
New Building;, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and the bachelor should deal with him,   It will pay them.
Livery 3
Proprietors .-* jt jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Teams nml drivers futnislieil for any
point in tlie ili.strirt.
Manager   jt    jt
W. F. OURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
lirillsh Cnlumbln
II. 1.. Cummins, C. I:.
Fort Steele, II. C.
Solicitor, Etc.
W, II. Iloss. II. W. IHtllOIIMlill
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Undertaking And
Crniilsrimli, B. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U, S.
SitoceDRor lo Marrh "-t Hughes hi ttiis
j Une, Will nttt-m] lo nny wurk tn tlm
I district.
The M,inHob.< (formerly the Commercial) is now
under tht management ol two of thc best known
hotel men In East Kootenay, and it will be the'?
aim to make tlie Manitoba thc leading- hotel ol
Craubrook. The arrangement wiil be changed
aad the building remudtl J and renovated.
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
i lots worth of Liic Metliodlaijchurcb.
WIioIbmIb and retail dealers
in nil killd." »f   ...   ,
Oysters, Flsh and Game in Season.
|[-#-'Ortlera called loi nml pr ptly delivered.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The Norlh Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
i    1 IV* 9 9
Refitted Throughout
One of tlie Most ConilbrlnMe
Hotels iti East Kootenay,
Newly furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, 11. C.
• e * li
QH   Minpr    The Pioneer
•  ***   Itmlllttit*,      HARDWARE STORE
You will find a Urge stock of
Of all kinds.   Now is thc time to PAINT  YOUR  HOMES.     We
have got the paint to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and Hoyie.
Tlif Best Slock, Mil- MhpI Satisfactory Prices, nnJ
PlrBl'Cliss  Woik.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
.*^Xrir::'}!"*CY"'■'*':"':";'".:*;; '.">* :■*)--.■:■■ -■ ■* ~lt.r'r}'"'",i' *i:*^"!r;'i!7''!7.'*;r' 'n:*^r*f](,^*T'-*"l
I East Kootenay
I  ^
T. T. Richards jj
Proprietor til :::     .,->
Tliis hotel lm*; been refitted nml rerun) I all oil,
is llio beat.    Satlafnclory rntefl given regula
Die labia
| Baker Street
Cranbrook. B. C
Promptly Attended to.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
A LA mode:.
Mnny of lhe handsomest wrnos
nm.l** of broadtail trimmed eithir
eabli* nr Peruvian chinchilla.
All red makes n telling color mitt*
law assembly, especially mnv th:
munv lluek gowns uf M'lvct, satin u
un* worn.
The new iillubli
uu*lii*il, quilted, killed,
tun]  mnehlni* atliv-Unl,
rn- \v,in| rnbiteB.
Hlm pelt
sill, buck
■till '
nl i
i*.l by fv
'Inge «i
i-    I   .
Tin*.-, nn
Alt  InlfiT-iUi-B l> 1--m-ii-«-*1i>ii on n Very
I Utile ft I   U"' silo,l.
"Mentioning the subject of queer
onmea," Mid the man from tbe oust
ns be smoked meditatively, "t had an
nnele whose unmo was Woodonleg."
"Is iimt your name, mny I aak?" inquired Tho man In ihe ue"<t sent.
••No. -Up whs mi uncle by marriage
ouly. But in.v aunt's anme llttwl hi*
in a ehariu."
"Tlml Is strange."
"Yes. She wus u Walker. Couldn't
have been more appropriate, conld it?
Up; linl"
There were ullimco iiml smoke ufter
iiui i mull several Btatloua bad been
pptwed, wben a tblu voice piped up:       ■
"Thai's iioibluu mi w lorful,  Why,
A gimlet wns once devoured by tin on-
nidi in captivity, anil another •- .-.ii.l lo
have  snalhiwid   it   llgbted   I--!-'   nhlunit
experiencing any apparent discomfort or
A fot and n hound belonging to n K*en-
tlemao in Kennebec, Me., are nff-ciionnte
companions  nml  coustnntly
Bleep witb eaeli other.   When
yonhg, tbey were placed to*.
hnve ever since continued froli<
r "ind
The "walking H
channel, Callfornl
pediculntl tithe an
Un* gulf wppd nf
pectoral fins n
leg*, nml ii
itinp Its prey
Of !
It builds
A Vancouver
J Policeman
Onu fi "tli.* feature* ot the   op
Uon of   postal   savings    bonks
Ureat Britn-tn   brought   out hy tho
(jj .--•*,'-n nf tb" lUhjCQt due in thn
recent loyln-ft °f th-u fotmdniton stojii**
of th? great ciltilco in Wesi K-bnstog-*
;<.ip. is rhe elect which thc opportunity  fnr living has in pnfinotlng*  IW*ts»orc«,writM: "I havebesnagrest aw
nil   classes   of     people. I letarhnm catanb, Which  1  contmcte<l over, i
IT v-ear*-. upo In VCinnl|it-p.    1 trletl many H
•*-P-ernnitiflntly  CnrrA ot Cntnrr
A-After 19 Y-MitV Ruffei-ln*.
Mr. TlK-s. Cra-.Tfonl, Rarecam   VaaconTl
ol     pcopl.'.
tlie    most
.inks   In   th,-
> I
111,1,1,   .lull,   .1,1
.  ,111,1
■ ■kill  I
, I In
*ii i
,1,1 ul
tl   |l„
' nn mini
i'l III
\,:n llr.vlllll'M."
l-'lslilli '.■"   Mklll   Hi
u,,' n,-i Ottra r„r cul,u.
I Only those who hnv„ used lirlfflthi'
j Menthol Liniment nin Btipraola-M Its
I vffltio for oough, mill coliln, iwneolally
i with ohllilron. Apply It to llm throat
! anil obett ou a lliiunel whon going to bed,
anil tho ri'tiult will .urprlKo yon.   Try It.
fill conts, hy nil druggists.
nl -luul ' „l,l i
clollli   in   liury
,o hi uul n re
,t-,. in inn 11.,',1 ia
nl  In,
■ il tin- llun
null  BI1CC lllll!  Mill,'
hits  loiirli,.,!  n   iioinhl,
hy lm
A ItniulMti
dress hut is
Lyons   velvet
green or ilni'k ruli.v ivil, wllli u brim ot
mll'lo tur ittiil :i Htlllilllllg Iriiilliiiint of real
Int'tf mill Pilhlit lulls uml u clnsler of piuk
crush roses set nl one siili I [tartly
falling nn (lis Imlr.-Xow Vork l-ost.
pr,   Thi.
Ic ilcgrci
Um ciipra, cnlltiva,
ulc of ll, liunlcrcil ut
- very iliiiK tin, Ml,
Dllll   tircolililt;
it   tuque  shn pc
nil ntul
Vur.ll. 1
"1 Ill
tvere 0
buying ii
sausage nuich
',' .,,.,1
were into
ICll   US
tO its
ISC.     '11
o old llllil
|tln i	
is  Imlli
oi    lliem
Stlllll   t,
of do-
hov lui
1 adoptct
of  Re
ting in
Ol    the
cully  i
ml   wo
■  in  ll
dd hor
,'   ml'le
nftor inki
wilh  Ihei
1 ll,-
I nnd
nuisl if
le    Hi"
r   iou.l
Its uiil
why i
i each net
u set
ol fnls
»" questli
nod „
,1,1 mill
lip „t  in
n ..mil
■ We
did     i
link   of
lhat.   lln
und  inc."  he
said,    i-
■ 1,111    V
•e   (luuiulit.   Wl
d rut hor
Ihe   so
S.lLl'    1
„, lui"'
niter  llll.
S*V,    ,■„
ll    -el
,i  leell
would  0
ist    Us
ing lik
S 1.".
while     Ih
■ snli-
sue.,* II
will ou
y cost lift
il you ninny n mini who
luul ho
■ll Icfu
-It lie
were l-l
h nnd ihe
liu: Ik
1 hecll
ty lhc 1
isiirnn,',: ,
ili-i R|n»tilter ii'siinicii
i  i \\  n  imiti   in   Silk'in, Mnaa.,
\\|n*ri* tin folks lived, who wns tilwnys
enll.-.l Slim-eoiia-."
"Well, wiihii'i Hint his miuier
-Nn.   ll   WIIHII'I       lie   llllil   11   t»''''ditll*
kind of n kIow w:i|K. mnl the S-ili-in
boys llxol lImi nnnio on Iilm. M Hindu
hlm so nwrrj lo in' nlckiinnied llinl
they Folio will hlm iiroiaid enllliiK '.Mr.
SlowcomeV m 'his Ih*l*1h. ik* la*|ii n
shop, nnd tliev lormeiited hlm until ho
appealed lo im* police to raid tliu lioya
iiml protect Iilm. A mini In iilllforw
was sent io read tho riot act to lhe
boys, wblob bo did effectually. Then
ho went Into tbo shop nod snid in Ibe
unit) thoy had nicknamed Sloweome:
"It's nil rijflil now. niid you woil'l be
called nut nf yonr mime nny moro,
(J(JOtl dny, Mr Shnveoino."'
"I henrd n sloty." hii id tbe III till In
llio iie.xi sent, "of two Indies, mnihor
nml dniigiiter 'i'he *,**irl wns expoeilng
a new yonuy man acriiinliilnnee in onll
on her nnd wns concilium ber iiioilioi*
on bis mime. -Now reiiti-Hihi-r, mn, bis
mime is Cowtlry. nnd l want you lo sny
It over .so you won't Forgot It.1 So
wben iho young man called the mother
met him with a hospitable smile nnd
held oui bor hand, '(iood evening,'
says tlie old lady: 'nice evening. I'm
real Rind to see you. Mi*. Urycow.' "
"Oh-l-c-n-g-o!" called tbo conductor,
nml tlio InteR'Sllug trio stepped front
the onr.
Denr Sird,—I cannot Bpeak too fltron«-
ly of the excellence of MINARD'S
LINIMENT. It is THE remedy in iny
household fer bu uh, sprains, etc., and
wo wonld not be without it.
It is truly a wonderfnl medicine.
Publisher Arnprior Chronicle.
The   Terrible    Situation   of   a
St. Vincent  Lady.
Br. Viscbst, Unt.. Veh, VI,—So olher man
in Cnnndii bn.- none through a )ici'uh1 uf such
estromt; ansioty, altornuung wiih despair.oa
Mr. Joseph McOultonah, a highly i-wpceted
retired wrmer of dn* pluee. experienced
durinu ihe [Hiet nunmer.
Lust P|inim bis fiimily phjwolan pn^
nounced Mrs. MoOnllOUgh to '>.* sulferinB
from un ineurnhlo cupo of Neurasthenia, or
Nerve Exlmustiuii. She wiw extremely nerv-
ouu. hy-jlorienl. nnd tlo^-jioii-dtuit. She luul
bC\ero rlii'UiiiHli*.- inline, palpitation, hnd
slinrp pains in her left side nnd over the kid-
noyn; her foot were i*.'rpeiunlly cold, her
face ttlinetly pate, urine Inch colored, seiiM-
ing.iiud U-uvini; » hriekiln-l dcpoatl] WUt
rtomni.-h, BplilUiiH hendnchea, inn! pain nfter
sating 0p| -*-l her.   Shehml n.npi-eiilti,
oould nol sleep.nnd lost Oesli -mniiii«l>*.
Itseented to hei- frlenda thnt i-i.e vrna ''going
into dreline." Tito physician aald hor ouly
hop.Mif rellol Iny in tho Wolr-MHchell traat
uicni. This tM-iiiR i-n ,-iwtly (nuoutof tho
nueftloii. und hrr IniBtnnd bcllovod there
wns no nope.    He rend a MttSpOpOt intiele
hlalilv rooommondlna i>r- Aroold'a Bnglieh
Toxin Pills, ahoul (Ids time, aud decided to
try them. Boon a obango for lhe better
camo, nud d.iy by duy the p&tlonl Unproved
till now aho Is as vell-i strong ana**lgorous
us eh-o evrr wus. Her recovery te due entirely
to Dr. Arnold's tinulish Toxin Pllls-tbo
only remedy tlmt eures disease by killing lhc
gorms tbnt cnuw* i(. Kvery olher medicine
she used fulled.
Dr. Arnold's English Toitln Wllsafosold
byBlldnigtists.nl T.v- n box) sample rise
2fio, or sent post paid i n receipt of prico, by
Tho Arnold Chomi.-nl to., l.iiniled, riinndu
LK«i Building,-42 King street wtst, Toronto.
!lllc«  AH   I'lMMl   III   fit I llll,
■Tlio llrat thing whleh atrlltea the
truveier lu China upon his entrance Into any of iho mnny cltlea <>r iho Uolea
tint cmplro te the strings of dried mice
Which bang rrom tho roofi or the
hOUBOa suspended l.y their lulls, Just as
UUsngO nic hung In front of butcher
Htmps In I'ntnoo.
Tbo UhlOOSO hunt these mice with a
long, sharp pointed hiilfe, which they
pltiiu'i- biio the animals' tbroiiis. Then
tbo mire nro luapeudcd by the mils until the blood hits dripped out, when
tbey are shinned, drawn nml smoked.
Another fa tor llo dish with the chl
MM ll dogs' foot, The fool of black
dogs nn' considered moro of n delicacy
than those of uny other color, nnd
white dogs nro rejected ns being lasio-
lesH.    Dogs' fut, prepared In n special
manner, is looked upon ns a repast tit
for n Ulng. 	
"Hal" cxclnlniod thc Paris plotter.
"Ho UlOtlgbt I was nt the cud of my
"Ho says yonr ilemonstrntlons hnve
not affected hlm In the slightest degree
und ho defies you."
"Uo does not know whut 1 huve ln
store. 1 um going to cull off tho mob
and semi ti grand chorus of Btreet planus to piny In front of Ida honse."-
Wnshlngloii Star.
Tht. l.onui'Ni Word,
Wife-Here's Iho longest word In the
language.   There's l!u -syllables lu It.
Husband-Just tho same. It Isn't.
Tbo longest word is the comparative
degree of long.
Wife—Uow do you mnl;e that out?
Hnshnnd—lOnsy onough. 1 dou't cars
how loug your word Is, that la louger.-
Dolfbtt Woo lh*ess.
•'Tliis," ihe hold young nmn whlspc
ed.  touching hot* blushing cheek. "
the plllk ol peiler-iiiiii."
■■Ami  tliis.-   ids  Uiil* eousii
bringing  her hand nguiiiM
wlih a ringing Rlnp, "is the
one, |
-Chicago Tribune.
Itrlefa  l-'i'im
Qroot Influoncu in
hour on us lo etiiii
but so i'nr we hnvo
Whenever lln* slier
gels BUSplelOUS a
nnd Ida tea nroco
and an sociable us
iiiim iih*.
■■ I n brought io
tin- political race,
loClllied al! offers.
1' hfi's ti- niiinlng
d takes after us.
tins '" be as ihick
the  measles, and
io of I hem nre Juki •
mu ml.
Thero Is no I ruth In the
vre ilirenloned to hum one
loud brldgna liecnuso tho «
fused ns a iree pas.s. We tit
swim tho river and wall*
mnli in do-
rumor thnt
of the rail-
•ompany re-
ou't wnnt to
inn wo still
mi subscrip-
Hickory mils ure rlpi
Ulkc oows nml groceric
Theru am oiikos of consumption so far
advanced that Ulukle'sAuti-Consutnptlve
Syrup will uot oure, but none so 'md tbst
It will not givo relief. For couchs, oohlB
and nil affections ut tho throm, lungs sod
chest, it is n spoolllc whleh lins uever neon
kuowu to fail. It proinotos a freo and
ensy expectoration, tlioreby removing the
phlegm, and gives tiiu Uiseasod pans s.
ohanco to huil.
.*,• i> i nn   depositors,
nl   ll".i*'iti.tinti  to   lln
-:e    |   itl    Ol
h .-I  doubltU
s \'- ii   \,..r-.
■ ■ hi, deposit ti
£ LU(t,UI(l,OU0
the Instliu-
At tin* etui
iv wore l.-
i a balance)
credit.     A i,
ity years tie* flguros
:i now. nfter   thirty-
there  wore  nearly     6,-
callt-d i-atarrh cun*a, cousulttd phyaicinti*.
ifttarrli ipw-lalists, ami not one of tiiPin gave
me more ihnn a hut- temporary relief. About
two yesrssgo I Wed Jspanea-a Catarrh Curp.;
iinil since Dompl-Sttns diis treatmi-nt 1 hnve .
been permanently cut.-a. I i*an highly recommend il—the BlSt awiiioatiuh r-Jlleved"''
Bold tar all druggists. -vic«n»,"^'freBSftmpls.|
sent to asy person BUffsrlnn irom cstarrn.
BueJoH 5*wnt Matop. AiiUiV--, tea (irltinnsi
k Hiophsiion Oo., l-'i Rhnreh itreet. Torontq. I
'wns tn^tstf, L&v $\S jA^fhj^f nrft<ati,f far
d*rnJf JhtfeJ' *Mivf4M *%t/ nte-n, *C<ws
W. N, U,   259
th a    ball
.'   number
l if HI
ng hold n hleh th
■ ■ I upon ilfij popul
one .'in  ..f ovei
■ e   I nl    Klngtli
1*1      11    has   heen
ii   l.ioi-liiibs of ih
til t > tho wnrktn
.li ;.  tremendous
Thero lias,
i such  loss
ilrulated   i
entlng on th
lU'rease of |»
i.-d in
I mill-old
Tito Hiillrnnd Paiiea.
When its limited express trains wert
pul on some years ago, the Lake Shore
[tallwny company decided to charge
extra for the privilege of riding oa
tbem. t(nd -luhti Newell, who was president of the system at tbat time, gave
orders that passes, half rale tickets,
etc., should not bo honored on the "fliers." It was not Intended, of course,
thn I the compllmentartes issued to high
otiiclals of olher roads should be void
on the fust trains, but through nn oversight a yearly pass wns seut io D. W.
Caldwell, president of tbe Nickel Plate,
which bore on its fnee the words:
"Not good on Lake Shore limited
A few dnys nfter Mr. Caldwell's puss
hnd been issued Mr. Newell received
nn annual puss ou tbe Nickel Plate
with the following Indorsement;
-Noi good ou passenger trains."
Messrs. Newell nnd Caldwell remained consistent enemies until [be former
died nnd was succeeded by the latter
as president of the Lake Shore-Old
etigu TInioi-vHerald, 	
A CLKAH. Hi-.AI.THY !-K N.-Eruptions of thi* skin »*.il tne blotches which
bieinlsh biMui. ar* th<* r- suit of impure
blooit caused b.* uiilnftlthy inttoa of the
Liver nm Kiiln y-. lu lornctlng thla
unhealthvii ti-ut '.ml res orlng iheo gans
fro their i" nn 1 I'oouliloo, Purmelee's
V.gcabU* I'l. s wil at th- same time
cleausu tho hi.oil. i.nO the bo.-.his and
irruptions wid disappear without leaving
nny trace
nsperity brings peace."
mi's RO.   Tin* man ne\l lit
OOW Mint lie comes home
i'i "    Di
MINARD'S LINIMENT Cures Dattdrnfl.
i Galnxi o
Now lei
give them.
I -lilted l'ur   Iriirr.
If Admiral Pewey
v well aa ho could
Th* Keeper of Ih* (Jrent Seal.
ior is no :    -j see thnt the keeper of ihe great
at nlRbt   senl ut Washington is dead,"
■ornet,"- j    "Yos?"
i    "He must Imve beeu n man of nn Impressionable untut-e,"-Cleveland Plain
i Denier.
ami why | —	
-hoot tha       M?s. Bright—I ihlnk those new lor-
roii l*'ree I Rnettos look particularly well.
Mr. Bright- Perhaps; but only people
who don't look particularly well re-
oulre tbem.—Jewelers' Weekly.
KYi •**!. — Amoiia the many kjoU ([tialltles
which Parmelee's Yigetahli
ot least
iii  ot habits of thrill
(de. and not a mere it
nits   from   nne agency
i another. Borne ol tin
savings    luniks   havo
il    is   true,   but   those
on* sounder  Ihnn   lhey
ml Ibe total sum depos
IhuiI.s  exceeds  l.v  sever
.- amount which    lhey
io post ofllce system w
tnbllHhed in  1801."
A Jurther evidence thut tin
hunks do not seriously crlppl
terfera with private hanks is found
in iho faci that In Scotland, where
there are lurffo facilities given for
popular thrift, there Is bul ono depositor In the postal bank '.tit nf
every fourteen persona in uie pop'-iln-
lion, while in England und Wi.les,
>vhere the faelllilcn *V* no'liig
through private hanks nre less than
In Scotland, there is one depositor
for ovory flvo Inhabitants.
Considered   from   every   point    of
view, Uie postal savings banks appear to bll nn actual need of a people, Where there is nn opportunity to
save, habits of thrift. will grow;
but Where no such opportunities are
provided, there will always ho Waste
nnd want.
Otir ( iii'lii.ih  IIiiiIn.
a wonderful piece ol nelf analysis,
worthy of Bt, Augusllue,
in ouo of John  houm*'*
11 moils,  gives  pnlgimm  expression  to |
whut musi donbllesi have been a common conditiou of so sensitive a brain.
-1 throw myself down iu my chamber, uml 1 rail in and Invlle Cod uud
hlK angels together, nud whin they nre
Hi,-re I ueglcct tlml ami his niigelH I'or
lhe noise of a fly, I'm* Ihe milling of a
! coach, for tbe wbluliig of u dog;  I talk
j ou in the samo posture of prayer, eyes
i lifted up, knees bowed dowu, ns though
i I prayed m God. nml if ('oil should nsk
I me when I lasl though! of Cod In thul
j prayer I cannot tell,   Sometimes I And
lllit'l 1 forgot Whnt 1 was about, but
when 1 begun to forget It I cannot toll.
A memory of yesterday's pleasures, a
fear of tomorrow's dnugers, ti straw
under my knee, a noise in mine ear, n
ongl ehitnorn lu my bruin, troubles ine in
my prayer."
It is this brain, turned Inward upon
Itself nud darting out on every side la
purely random uxeuraloua that was responsible, I cannot doubt, for nil the
coiitnidietlotis of ii career In which the
Inner logic Is not at tlrst nppnrent—
Port nightly.
-Tin-, i-if."-*.-..   Uiu-mi.,   Kitri'i,W-.   V-.ii*
Af,    COCKSHUTT   PLOW   CO.,   W
'ill   sor- I    Itnportetiol Qroccrlei
' fliUlSS Unmlltoa.Ont,
.s. \ 11. I iiffMS
...s„v it. Bxinujli
11 net-1- Hiuln-ei*   fut* u WuillHM-llHI Won-
lUlflll   I'nWfr »«t*  .Uillllill-4.
No   other    woman    in   the   world
ihnfes tho secret of Miss' Clniro Hel-
Icl s     power  over   lions.      Nn    snake
charmer ever displayed half tbe smll-
" feurloss.-n.wi of >hte -■■ :-r,der!iil
ynung iiimer of wild beasts. Thd 11-
luAtratlbn shows only one of iho
innnj romai'kablc attitudes iu whieb
you may see lhc protty young woman and her savage pels. Tlio im-
lity of ihis young Circe i.s un-
n, as it is nlways different from
mi«lit lie Worse.
"I'm happy every time I heur Hint
piano going nexi door."
"Do you like thai girl's horrid playing ?"
"No, but I always think how we
would suffer If It wns a melodeon."-
Dctretl Free Press.
There never wus, and never will bo, a universal panacea, in one roracdj, lor nil iil^ to
whioh flesh is heir—the very nature of manj
curatives being bucIi lluit woro iho genua o(
other und dllferently seated dlsoases r ot*d
in the system of lhe pittlcnt—what would
rellete one ill iu turn would nggruvutu the
other, wo have. how-, ver. Iii Quinine wine,
when obtainable lu a sound, unhdultwatcel
etuti:, u remedy for many and grievous il p.
By its gradual nnd fudleii in use the finilest
systems nre led Into convnoacenco and
Btrongth by tho influence whleh Quinine ex-
erts on nature's own rostorativoa. It rollavBB
lhc drooping snirba of thoia with whom n
chronio state of morbid despondonoy nnd
lack of Intend In life is a di-seaw. and,bi
Imnqidlltlng the nerves, disposes lotound
und rofreshtns sleep—Iraparta vigor to the
action of the blood, which, boing Htimulaied,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
tho healthy animal functlonsof the system,
thereby making activity a noceBsary result,
atreoatbenlng llio frnmo. and giv dh Ufa to
iho digestive organs, whieh nulurally do-
intind incit-itscd aubsbtno i—result, Improved
appetite, Northrop & Lyman,ol 'lor.nto,
have given to the public their superior Qui-
n'no Wine at the usual rate, nnd, gauged h>
Iho opinion of scientists, this wi&o approaches nearest perfceilon of uny In the
market.  All druggists sell il.
Grain, Provisions and Stocks
Prh-ft o W re Connect Ion wl fa nl Lending
Market-'. Qrain and Securities Bought,Bold ind
g.rrledi n Marg nn. 0 rrSnoi danoa bolloited
Prlrste Cypher OodeVuraislwd upon A]'|itt,a-
148 Priucess St., Winnipeg, Man.
Pay iu SCHI1' for Dominion Lands and
Save 20 per Cent. Discount,
For full Information apply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or U, uny i.niuc ,,( Uis MliKCH ANTS' BANB
OANAIJA in Mnniluliii ur llio W,«t.
Muitlr,.,,!,  Kr,., Hus. Am.
1'. ,1,H up.   E. 1' H.in ia.
THE —a.
Haiitu » 1'nlle.  Ni'tv to Iii-turrrt.
Tukc Ona nut Now,
Hares, Robinson & Black, Managers.
I'rtl-r III. 1.-.
-IVINMl'l.l!,   MAS.
U South Afrlea -t ur booki In ODt), -ni
Hwl«lit 1.. Moody, tlie Mnn and IIU
_ l-.--.luri, 11 Iti
Hliwtrwed; ■ml
ti.* :- -1 ■ !T ;,' -.
terms •■lira lib r»
of ae. ond bo>k 5.h
randed with am
ittr Ilkt-lomi of
c» ava    down,
;s.-,,M»-*ui t ra*
df-rf-r-five l.o.iki.tVIIll-tm
1. P
lirlifKi.Ut*'.!>    ;»i li    k m I'nt*. HoutP.Toio&to.
RED CROSS    bib And
Atv |K*itivi-l-> g-onranteed Pore llaTana
til lor, ntul will |.lciit>«.' llie most
ftutidioua -smoker.
Tlie yearly Increase ol aalea piowi ao
appnolaUte public    Uinu-
Factnred t raly by
GEO. F.  BRYAN  & CO.,
Catholic Prayer l'^,"::^:
.. It.lm.
sment*. Edooi
a prompt ait*-i
..   . and I'llurch
iinial VVorka   Mnl ordertl»
ioo.d.41 Sii'ituco.lotunl
*.i •: natal *:■■.-: 'i.-r. hu not
*» *r**t Miiei, bet • boon Ip
hiiiidr-;-    M     ■.*!■   ra«n an Ming thli
I r|,j«t.and*illrioi-'t.n-* it at,« imety ocorl«a
ind lulta-r iu traxy   aapact.   Altar being In
the tn .tka lor ortt two yean tt.i* closet hu
I become aooowiUr ibai Uw manufaetarort iiav-a
(■id t. ■:. ■'-,-- *i*' ■'■•'■   Mpot In order to mom tba
< demand.
For r-*'»ln*iii** aii'l lirlO* II** well* lo
(lo-Whnfa U
■liulliii: illBli?
Iiml Itl
nf yonr pretty
loillgnoDt Oitatonmr-You don't enll
that chill MUCe, do yon?
Polite Wiili-T-lfs bwo on tlie ke
ull day, Sir.
Bill—Everybody ia talking about Hip
big i-oin crop in Hu* west
Jiil-Thiit our lit to muke a lot or red
frlenda, y
-No; (hoy uiuk
\i'i* thoy nro,
aur   beat
WO cry whon we
llvo iii cold di
i u pretty warm
'ilia nog-
ses»,  bo-uii's   regulatrog  t e digestive
organs, te thoir smoaoy in todnolug in-
:i*»niiiHir -n ot tin* ayes U hns i-nlled
fort. many lett-u-* of reeomineDdBHon
from t'lOM* wbo wero nlllktetl with this
comiilutnt und round ii oure In tin* plllB,
Tl'iy »fl'.*ct   tho  nervo oonteis nud  the
blood in ii surprisingly aotlte wny, und
the ri'snli la almosl immnllHtety icon.
iw, Jttlililn
nuniinm- 1 iHimiff
i .umi' liiili,
I ami IIHITU Id llliy
,1.. lion lui
B will ii he In-fore
Lis iiiiiii.':. •
v -.hlsl nil,'
:    llll. lllll
li nnnin: Hint's not
iinv   Yea. It la.    I  know my fall.'.I imve yotl i'i> I" ilie conns
Thla la 8 a Slu-uh.
Tlicr-3 was a young ludy of Crowa.
Who ivuiii-il io catch tin 3 fi.
Haid the porter, "Don't hurry
I * Or hciiitj* or flurry.
It'* a minute or '' 2 'I '■*■"
,             -Art atudent.
Miiiard's Linlmeat Cares Barns, Etc,
"Tlifiv's oiu- iliiiix ci'i-lnlii," ii-nimU-
I'll tllQ oIisit.it nf ovents nml llllllgB,
■■Hun n-bci ii como, lo lilnnkollng n
horso illOW I'i'iils u ynelii raco nil hollow."
Slio-Tlio illos nro liolillue on protty
Into.   Don't yon think so?
llo-Woll. I ilon't know whether thoy
nro liolfiitlg on Into or coming iiiihiihI
Vonst—Won't yon ind your wlfo Join
out' whist club?
t'l'lmsonbenk—Noi tlio doctor snys 1
must keep my wlfo ns quiet ns possible.
Yonst-I understand your wife has
quite n reputation ns a cook.
Crliusonbenk—Vos, she has, hut It Is
not whnt you would call nn enviable
The Cook—I do be tliluklii wo women
should vole.
Tho L'I ibol'iiioltl—SUuro, ye forglt
ye'd huve lo llvo In one place for thur-
i v dnys.'
, il.-i i dny
nml I
idlng I.,
i   hear
ns» 'i
ilim'i sny.
js, Jusi n» he
ir nn Knglisli
ml swnlUwed
.  oliin State
hlm.   Willi.- Unati'l
NUM1C. — Theie lew adjectives apply
with neeullar foros to Dr i honias' Boiee-
trio Oil—iiHttituliml ex urniil and lulernal
remedy, ndaptetl to tho relief and oure of
oouglis, sure throat, honrHoness and all
ntTuullonsof the hreutblnR organs, kidney
troubles, excoriations, sores, lameness and
physical pain.
ml   of the
„". ci,ll ho
■ nttuoTS nose,
iiutry In which she   Is
'nnco uml Qorntany
In Pr
A Iilm,,,, Center.
"Whnt a lliolailchdly nmn Mr. drools
"Ves: he's lllllllll'l Willi iho play left
oui."-Chicago iii-iiinl.
MINARD'S Wmt mm NWlUll
Willi n Dllll I'liu'II.
The |>liiloso|ihi*r of the ctirbBtooe
rises to it-murk thnt:
The villgtiri'Bl people on enrili ure
those who tnlli mosl of the vulgarity
of others.
When n woman says ot anoilmr woman's tint, "H's ti sight on her," she
menus she believes it would be becoming io liL'i'self.
It is only the married womnn who
says "Thtinlv you" wlieu you resign
your soat lu u siroot ear. The others
lake it for granted.
Tho only dinference between the average girl ami the average widow is:
THo former te consumed with curiosity;
tho In I tor bus lost hers.
Is ii io lie wondered at thnt the look
Id it luirglni-'s eye is steely?— Detroit
|.'roe Press.    *   _____
MINAftD'S LINIMENT dr Sale Eferrwtiert.
-Mis«." she is pretty,
fulr-lmired, and nliottt *_.*> years old,
.niii sho journeys from one city to
another with her dozen tawny com-
(Uiilions. Her perforiuauccs are given
sometimes |» a theatre, oftener in a
-tnologlcal garden. It. lusts nbout
twn hours ami the Hons are on the
stage all the time
Mtas llelioi enters the lions' great
rago armed only with a tiny whip.
Nobody i.s witli her. she is entirely
at the mercy ot the wild beaate, but
plays with thom in nn cany and
friendly fashion, as though thoy
wero liiitens. First they eat a luncheon together. Then Miss Hoi lot o[-
furs I lioin ber own pretty head aa a
delectable iiiors*,*! for deSHoit. That Is
to soy, she nlieks it Inside the open
jnws of tbo biggest, of Ibe lions, bul
ho waits for her to withdraw it.
then deliberately closes his mouth
Bgulii. Meanwhile the audience, t".
dire alarm nt the girl's peril, breathlessly waits for the calamity thnt It
feels must come, but ll iinally becomes evident that there is no aius«
for fright, as by some wonderful
magic ibe girl hns lamed the beasts
III) they ure no more tn be feared
than lap-dogs. They even consent to
combine with a group of dogs which
ire a part, of Miss lleliot.'s troupe to
make u few telling stugfl tableaux',
Tin- Hons. for Instance, permit them.
solves to be harnessed lu n chariot In
which tho dogs then complacently
seal themselves, nnd ilrnu it amiably
about the cage. Then tho lions aud
dogs, with the help of benches, group
themselves so ns to form n triangular
picture, nnd tlio girl stands fu the
middle, wilh her whip on the ground
beside her ntul eaeli arm nbout n
lion's neck.
The best performance is given by
LWO powerful African lloi s, Saschn
nnd Nero, on tho tight rope. The two
kingly beasts start from opposite
ends "of the rope: thon, nfter creeping
cautiously toward* each other, meet
In the centre. In a moment Miss
Heliot snys ••down." nml Ilko littl"
schoolboys they wheel about and go
back to their seats. Tliis trick !■
said to show the very hlghesi form
of Hon Intelligence.
frnrw in Seeds for the feeilM^" M-iffi-SI__.
I.j In li Somewhere.
"Figures," suid the bookkeeper, "never llo."
"No," replied the expert nc-couuinnt,
"but sometimes the people who use
them do."
Then lie returned to his task of uncovering shortnges.—Chicago Post.
A (loud HuuniT.
lu nn article ou a municipal campaign n Texan exchauge says;
"Mr. Blank run all through Iho civil
war and. us it matter of fact, ho has
beon running ever since. He never
gets nuyihlug except the Joy of running.
TORONTO,     f***'**^'*  —w*amm
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i -^(   I. O.O.P.  Koy CHy Lodge
No. -is,   Meets every i-'ii-
tliiy nlRllI ul llieir hull en
linker street,   sojourning
Odd Fellows oonltnlly Invited.
James Urour,    -J- '*• Piuk,   a. I., Mciimniot.
N.fl, v, u.* BeoVi
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...Tackle Beattie...
Post Office Building*.
importers In Canada. Uo Bays he bus
purchased a stick fur superior lo uny
he hus beret fo e curried, and will continue to make fuither important purchases for lhe coming holel'.y uml loll
Father Coccola, of St. Eugene Mission,
recently returned from it vlall to .his In-
(fian wards around Tobacco Plains. The
father reports lint Nature is looking its
loveliest down tbete, the season being
so far advanced over any previous records, Spring dowers, luxuriant grass,
and flourishing crops weie visible on
every band, aud the Indians happy and
proegerous, uii ut which was v*ry pleasing to (beirguardlao,
Bert Beattie and W. S Keay we*e in
Nelson Sunday und Mi nday last; they
were j iut.-l tbeie by F. M. Medhurst er
route home ftom the convention ut Van
|      LOCAL   NOTES     1
Picked Up About thc City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
Found—A miners' working card, call
at Ibis office.
Born, Monday, April 2, to Mr. and
Mrs, G. R. Leask, a son.
Fred Smyth, of tlie Mojie I.eadep
wasn't in town Ihis week.
Hrown Leghorn egjjs for setting from
prize stock. l\ McConnell.
A. E. Watt's new business block is in
the bands ofthe plasterers mul paiutets,
Oold Commissioner Armstrong, accompanied by Mrs, Armstrong, was io
town this week.
When you want tn build a bouse. Insure it or borrow money on it, nee McVittie St Hutchison.
John Hutchison has been appointed
agent lor the Birkbeck Loan Co , uud is
prepared to do busiuess.
Neil Mcl.eod Currau. linuncial agent
for the North Star Mining Co.. was a
Cranbiook visitor this week.
Joseph McConnell, a Cranbruok youngster, is wearing his -good right ana iu a
Bling—cause, a tricky bike.
Tom Kennedy, one of the original
artistic wood butchers ol Craubrook. was
in town Tuesday from Moyie.
There are people who think they nre
the whole push, everywhere, but there is
only one '■ Push" in Craubrook.
G. II. Gilpin, accompanied by Mrs.
Gilpin and Mrs. Hurry Reineuian, were
guests Ht the Cranbrook yesterday.
Harry O'Hagan left Tuesday fnr Fort
William where he was called by the
serious illness ol a sister.
The wheeling fever has struck Ihe
town, and Parrott's bicycle livery is doing a scorching business in consequence.
II. Byets, a prominent hardware merchant as well us A. F. & A. M., of Nel
son, was in town last Saturday evening,
John Cardelti master mechanic ofthe
western division of the C. P. R., was in
Craubrook this week on official business
Notice—C. Ractcliff, late ofthe N, W.
M. P., -Hill leant something to his advantage by writing to G. Skinner, Medicine
Dan Drain, an engineer on tlie Crow,
was called to Ills home in Salt l.nkeCily.
Thursday, by the serious illness of his
A meeting will be held hy Ihe board
of trade next Thursday for the purpose
of taking steps preparatory to incorporation.
Hutch has found a job for the boy; he
went into Miner's yesterday to see if he
couldn't secure a prospector's pick that
would fit the kid.
Tom Rookes has a rejuvenated conundrum—in fact several of tbem; this particular one is owl righl; if you don'l believe it ask him to piopouud it.
The Port Steele Mercantile company
lias jnst received a carload of gianl powder, caps, fuse, etc., which is now Installed in their new powder house.
C. P, Hill, United States revenue collector at Port Hill, was a visitor to Happy Crnnbrook recently, looking after
mining interests in the Sttllfvan camp.
Mnunging Kngineer Robbins of the
MeKenzie St Maun Mining syndicate,
after several days sojourn in Craubrook,
yesterday weut up to the North Star
Tom Wellman and W. D. Hill have
disposed of their interests in the clothing store at Moyie tn (heir pnnrter, John
Murphy, who will conduct the business
George Leitch says the Meliurney-
Itenttie bicycle he pun based from Ileal-
tie. thc druggist, is the beot and eaidest
wheel he evee rode. He should know
for experience leaches.
O. A. Friz-yell wns over Monday, In
the interests ofthe Fort Sleele brewery.
This brewery is doing a great business
these days, and its product ranks among
the best to tie found in Cnnnda,
W. R. Stnne. the barber, Irs removed
his shop from the Crnnbrook holel to
the room formerly occupied bv Leask,
the tailor, and uow has nne of the must
convenient shaving parlors in town,
W. II, Hishop, better known as "nifb"
to many iu Soulh East Kootenny ns oue
of the owners of the bishop group on
Sand creek, met with lhe misfortune of
breaking n leg teceully, iu Spokane,
Albert Hall, one of Fast Kootenay's
persevering prospectors, enme down from
tbe St. Mary's country this week. Like
the true prospector he is not saying a
word, but awaitin-2 results from his woik
before claiming that he has mines galore,
Pieper & Currie have been receiving
a large invoice of wall paper—not 11
train-load, hut enough for the present
needs of Craubrook. They sei] their
pnper oil the wall, not out of their store,
and will place it there for you in un ur-
listic style.
ltealtie, the druggist, visited Nelson
on Monday atul white then* met several
representatives of the largest wholesale
couver; Monday evening
Doble arrived in Nelson,
hunters received another
you can Imagine that will
hearted Sggteg lUoti us lit
wns what Pied Smyth
Leader snys llie en xem
ileuoiuiiiaie a " ■■i-nwiimi
11. A. Kanouse, who h
75 years maunged to k
ahead of clvlltxalloii, wc
present camping   place— V
week.    lie was h  pioneer ii
the same at Penile,   He saj
are getting ttuctfuifart-ably i
limpsoti and
d the gold
ml.i IT. And
ich a warm
tbe occasion
f lhe Moyie
■i Cruubrook
lm  1 lie pnst
few miles
r from hh
in Macleod.
nya quarter*
crowded in
-\a) wt li It.a
lires under thecok-t
is vapors nre aeeli
ndiiliftis of a futon
1  the kind of old
a hulf hour's jot
paratliig yoni
s vwtli him.
'.Ull   :
Pernie, bul thinks hi
while us Hie roasting
ovens und sitl|illUro
mating him to the c<
camp,   Me is one i
liniers lhat gives jou
straightening   out and
lingers niter (disking Iih
The Slashers Am Weil-Known Craabrook
Business Meu.
It's an ill wind t- nl blows uo one good
luck, and now its lite good people o,
Moyie who are reaping pecuniary benefits through lhe misfortunes of Maggs &
Hughes, merehnuls. Hill St Co. bought
in their stock nt 11 lump figure which en
aides ihem to give the public a benefit in
Ibe way of cut nml slashed prices thai
hnve never before been heard of in
Soulh Bast Kootfiiay. Hats, caps,
gents' furnishing goods, fninilure novel
lies, etc., will go ut pilees thai will even
defy those nf an auction sale. W. D
Hill, the manager don'l believe in a
" clean sweep,"—that it to say, he don'i
believe in keeping goods laying around
long enough to get tliuly There'll be
no dust accumulating on these fcoods.
They'll be sold nt some price.
Faster Services.
Speci.il Easier services will be held in
the Church of England Sunday nt n a.
ni,   There will be no evening service.
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if jou used
Dr. King's New Life Pills* Thousands
of sufleiers have proved their malchlesF
merit for siek mid nervous headaches.
They muke pine blood nud build up
your health, Ouly 35c. Money back
if not cured.   Sold by Beattie, the drug
Mrs, Dowser left for Macleod lester-
dny being summoned to the bedside ol
her daughter, who is reported danger*
ousl/ill. ...   ..
Cecil Pnist was olit frcui Crnnbrook
tbe first of the week to look aftts-p.-H.
Miner's store dining the illness of Thos.
W. J Watklns haa Fold bis house and
tot in tbe north end of town to a Pott
Sleele puny. The deiii was put through
by D. J. Elmer.
Tbeie is talk of organizing a bras*
band iD Moyie. A mtetiog will be held
at tbe Ctniral hotel tomorrow evening
for that purpose,
Coutt Moyie, of the Ind* pendent Order ot Pot enters, bave decided to give a
grand tuillon the eveuing of the Queen's
birthday, May 24.
The memory of ihe oldest inhabitant
runs not to a time when South East
Kootenuy experienced snch fine weathei
is ihe people me now enjoying. Moyie
lake is free from ice nnd lias been foi the
past week, uud tbere is tint a patch ol
snow on lhe townsile or foi a good dis
lance up the foothills.
In years past there hns been a search)
of boats 011 Moyie lake, and pleasure
seekers  f-om   Ihe   outside   were   often
doomed todisappoitittnetit when they arrived here uud were unable to either Inn
or rent them, However, it will be different this yiar, as M. L Ilollister will
soon begin building boats uf ail mode!-.
and descriptions.
Eaoter Sunday al tbe Mission.
Sunday'next—Easter Sunday will be
one of the greatest days ol the year wilh
tlie members of the Kootenay Indians.
Those who have never attended on
such nu occasion, will be well rewarded
for their trouble by being enabled lo see
a sight Unit can be seen in but few places
in Noitb America. Then and ihere will
be assembled Kootenay Indians. Iheir
squaws and papooses, Irom mites und
miles—a hundred miles around—lo at-
-eml the solemn Easter services of the
Cniholic chinch. All are attired iu tbeir
gayest colors, the squaws wearing brilliant-colored Easter hats- -handkerchiefs,
rather, the whole, as they come and go,
presenting n kaleidoscopic effect very
pleasant lo lhe eye,
Maple Leaf (iroup, Elko.
Tenders will be received up to the 20th
inst, bv J. A. Harvey, Barrister, Port
Steele, for continuing tbe cross-cut tunnel now in 170 feet nud known as the
lower tunnel, 10 the ledge, a distance of
up; rorlnistely 60 feet.
AptII 51I1, 190.1.
The London & Liverpool Co., Cranbrook.
Messrs. Schofield & Co., late proprietors of this business, hnve placed all unpaid accounts, Incurred prior to the
transfer of tbe business, in lhe hands of
lhe undersigned for collection, and it is
requested tbat payment ofthe same will
be mode promptly.
Barrister, Etc. Cranbrook, B. C,
Por ll,i:n: MlMlnl Enlcrlal-imenl, Olven Under lhe Ails.
plies 01 llie Business and Professional Men ol Cranbrook,
II. C„ lor lhc Ucncfll ol Ihe Fire Brigade   : :   :'
Grand Silk, Satin : :
:   :   and Crysanthemum
tdian Bank Commerce
-■-'■ omplete lines of
.. ten
Bt-y -0G.C Is,
House! lings,
■   ■ ceries and
"r*r tt-***]
F       -TUR]
Lines ci
A Great
...Monopoly... .
American Oil Co.
Imperial Oil Co.
i-ec-sii  . ar Ioac
position to 1
01 furniture w e
Tbe puMii
■ .applied   v
James Ken-lean
i ility
,1 Or, I
Craubrook, u. C.
■ sti&'ation.
I.-)-, it'.-i-
urnm-m \tmm *. p
.CocfH    q'.,f|   .   .
• ..   U-311   CillU   .   .
Door Factory
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated: Waters.
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ale--, Etc.
SoJ.i water In siphons.   The most
economie.il \c.--.y to li.inclle it.
«*■       ■***,   ,   yf/iTi;'..,,A
■':•   y(rm
■   .
ShJ ■
•nd to be the MINING TOWN
icing situated in the center of the!
on; in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckhorn,°Stcm.|Sash  •* I)oul's *''
ja   l-rarnca
Danil Sawing  »«-■
winder, Black
time to purchas
C. P. R railwa;
leave somebody
Buy early, bt
But buy," buj
Apply      por;
N. A. Wallinger, /
Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
1, as there are only a few left, and as the
ved in lown this week, a rush for lots will
Lots from $1254400
D jvelopment Syndicate,
Fort Steele, 13. C.
Chas. Estme
am   *
Heated hy ii
Thc dining :
Every com.
1   i1
II   8   8   J. «. COSTIGAN
I- PIBPBR      f Bm» Tambos j J; g°^,N
linuul Mnljj-Ovorture      ;     :     :    Hy Cotiiiiany
" Tin- (iirl 1 I.mv..-'     ;      :      •     J. G. Pottorson
iComposed by Jtr. Clms.T.rnleslor tlilsocraaion)
"Clioootalo Colored Bnby" : : T.Hookos
"lady wilh lliiK-iimr Walk" : i J. Hutchison
"A Mother Novor Con Forgot Hor Hoy" : Win. Hill
" Town Topics" : : i : F, 0, ltenkin
" I Want to li■ a S.I.Iior" (Ijurloaquo)   :   i
: McDermot and llockend6rl
" I Want My l.nu Ton" : : : K. I'ii-por
"She Lives on the Same Street With Mo"
'■'.:•.::       Wm. Edward,,
"The Power of Music"    :    Churucterfl hy Company
King of Clubs
■ -'^-{•j-®-<i^-'e)--t-
A. L. McDermot
Inimitable, in Iiih Rcoetltrio Musical Act nml
Plantation PiiRtimcH
Hill ISrus. McDermot Rockeodorl
The Burlesque Acme Quartet
In liititiniuii uf itunjiiH, nag-ptnos, Kti'iim Cnlllopoa,
oil1,   Also in a Funny Farci, entttletl
 .      "Till! SINOINO SCHOOL."
A few lines from
in liis funny mnl lauglinblo monologno
uml tin* latest iiovolty, tho "Anlmntotl Song Shoot."
j. fTnk~
l!A<i-l*l'.\f!HIN(! EXHIBIT.
Exhibiting ft-iltliroa ot the inanly art of self-defense.
Tlio whole to conclude with
An Undertaker's Daughter
ly Members of tlm Company,
Pi-ogrnni Subjocl tb change.     Don't forgot tho date,
MONDAY AND TUESDAY, April 16 aad 17,    .
FORHESfr HAT.L ,   :      :      (MtANHKuok.B.C.
moral Admission 50i?.
Drug Store.   Soouro
•il I
owon Balont fioattlo'i
ly and avoid tin* rush
• -*••*•••*
*5k^p      _~
Tlie ber-1 of liquors at tlle bar.
All tiie rooms neatly furnished.
k;,lcs, $2.00 per day.
u*k Hear... 3#c   Empire
Kimberley Cousottilate-
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranbrook
New Stand
New Skylight
New "scenery
, Picture fromes in stocl-;,
always on hand, and a
stock of moulding to ma!
jive un a call.
ist of Postofficu.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olilclal Wol.li Inspector farC. P. K.
But to liavc it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money In paper, and
then have the paper
put on by workmen
who understand their
ii! business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how wil! it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, oi course you
don't. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route  and   deliver   night
and morning.
Subscribe!   $ 2.00.
• i "*
tt   *
Is the divisional point of the Crows
Nest Pass Railroad.
Mas a lo-stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Is the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook ^3 the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
s the best starting point for all the mining districts in
nth East Kootenay.
log rapidly and her population is increasing week after
s tiie best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
ufacturers and investors.
er information, maps and1 prices of lots, apply to
ti  ii)
-.and Commissioner*
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent. S
*>~^:®-^*>-ft;v5M5)--®-^) -® ®--i-   '-   '.>-®-rt-rHSl~m-.V) ■ V          .1- .T-m.-ffl- r.1 -^v-m-Y.1~rtWYiv-«^-/^_m_i" ®
'.. ., ii,
- I'M •	
-S-®  ®-®-®-^eHSr-®-®-®-®-&-&4


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