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Cranbrook Herald Aug 4, 1898

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M MKI'l! 20.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Odd. A. Cox, President. B. '■■■ Walkkr, Gen. Men.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
Aooounts of   Corporations,   Mcrchonts   and    Indivlduala
reoelvod on favorable tonns.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Deposits of $1.00 nml upward
received nnd current rates ol intoroBt allowed.
Drafts and orfldits Issued, payable at all points. Exohnnno
OMANBROOK BRANOH will lie open fut buslines in the course of a
mmm^mmmmmmmwmmmmmmm few iliiys.
)- (*>-iS-(.>
i Keep your Bye on .* „•*
The New Townsite of East Kootenay.
, X Iih I'olilllil-iil.Hlliillti'mi tin- Main Hue -if llio rinws Nust Pass Hallway, only 1J •
' - miles friim the largest (ami .Mines In tin- .-uuiitry, llin-nt Watar I'.iwcr hi Kast
. Kootniui)*, tlk> iiiitnral mtv-iilt iimm nt tliu -ila-'-* ar.' sui-ii tli.it all wlm taku .lm tr-mlili* In
' Inv-stl-rate have no itoiil-t of tin* nn-at nriisiierlty mil amwlli tlmt must evniititally
, I'nin.'tiitliln |il:um.   "Klku" IssU'htly nml 1-i'iviLl'ul. ultuatR mi u ll (th mnl li'vi'l iilateaii. '
I'liiTo are s-inisiu'ri'mnl Hut.' In th-> w.-rl.l wln-r.* tlmey-n of tlm strnnuiir uu-ei sur-
. iTlse nml rovt'l lu i-i-auty- wlii'ii- tlm h.iuL h t-]i:irtm--l ami tlio nut*minimis recelvm! limif '
' rut-in* to tin' innmnry with ili-liL-nt    tha' nf tliPi- spots n "KI.Ko." tlimwli a very small „
, iKirtlon of tli« iifimle llvitm in Kttfltonilf kniw of Us real liaau y.„ Some want, huW. yfl
' Hump wtr.ni Htlver,   I'nt alim-st evorylioilj will want lots lu tho Now  lown of "Elko,   ^o
, Iw nus-.i they ere ami always will in- u -uiiiilt*. commodity, an I arc proDt yieWliitf.
*.. + + +■••.. + + . + .. t> m-e>-A-ey-ay^ftl^%-tt-tt-^-ty* ......••*•• »♦*>-•>-♦
Choice Business and Residence Lois, 30x100 feet, with 20 foot Alley,
$50.00 to $200.00 Each.
[Jf Easy Payments Title Guaranteed ;
For Maim ami Mrllier particulars a*.**ly to
' HF.AD OFFICE   ■   ■   •   NELSON, B. C. Jt Q, PROCTER
r.raiu'ii unices; Manager
Klko, Chow » Nkst IMNDIKO, Pout
Ktkki.k. Kast Kootemiy.
The Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd
0. A. BURGE.
East Kootenay Hotel
CRANBROOK, B. C. McQuiston & Burge,
Enlarged. Refitted and Furnished.
Best of accommodations for Travelers.
Feed and Livery Stables in connection with the Hotel.
Contractors and Builders   .-<«<*<<
Plans and Specifications Furnished.
Estimates Hade on all classes of Work.
.« .* GENERAL JOB WORK d» a*
I Pioneer Hardware Store.
®   lti Urge variety nt price, tlmt are sure to please.
(•)    ChII ali,l seo tlulll before tlla-y ;irr gone.
Up-to-date Ganges and Cook Stoves.
Building Hardware and Miners' Supplies, f
li. II. MIN Kit.
to"  H. REINEMAN, Prop'r.
New House, New Furniture, Everything First-class
•»■♦■♦■**■ »■♦ ***••••••••*••• • •• •»
Restaurant a**-*™ «»«r«»
Open Day and Night ANHEUSER-BUSH   BEER.
Alt the Delicacies of the Season.        | Special Sample Rooms for Traveling Men
Divisional Headquarters
Will Be at Cranbrook Until the Road
Is Completed to the Lake.
Work  on   Ten-Stall Roundhouse
and Workshops Will Begin Next Week.
CRANBROOK,    -   -   -
;   :   l'RQJ-RIETOR.
The bent possible attention given to aire ot animals while lu my charge.
YtfAfin VAPI^ I havo on hand a supply of seasoned wood.
IT \J\JU l t\.l\V—cut to stove lengths, which will be delivered
on order at reasonable price.
THE HERALD costs but $2.00 per year.   Subscribe
for it.   Send it to your friends.
Chief of CouBtruction M. J. Ilaney WAI
in town Monday accompanied by Asbis-
tant Chief Tiirnbull. -The chief appeared quite contented and uid everything
in the way of construction work was
progressing satisfactorily. An elsewhere
announced, the end of the steel .Is now
at Warduer. The end will also remain
there probably until the 15th or iSth of
the present month iu order to get the
steel span for the bridge across the Kootenay In place. This will hilng the time
for the entrance of the road into Cranbrook to about the 25th of August—uo
later, unless uuforseen delays arise. The
shortage tf steel kept the road back
from the river two weeks. No further
delays of this nature are anticipated until Cranbrook is reached, and it la possible there will be none then.
Headquarters will be at Cranbrook
from the time the road reaches here until completed to Kootenay lake; all supplies used iu construction wilt be fur-
nibbed from this point, and all business
of that nature transacted from here.
North Star Railroad.
Regatdlug the North Star line, Mr.
Ilaney said the surveyors were probably
not yet through locating the route as no
report had been received from tbem at
the head office. He could not say definitely whether the road would be completed this season or not, as much depends on the mining company itself,
who, under agreement, are to do the
grading for the road, the C. P. R. company completing the work.
Round House and Shops.
Work upon the round house will be
commenced in a few days—before the
arrival of the steel. It will be a 10 stall
house, as heretofore announced by this
paper. The shops will soon also be in
course of construction. Mr. Ilaney says
the number of men employed will be
about 50 —possibly a few more or less.
In that matter much depends upon the
volume of business transacted by the
Hue. The easy gradients afforded bv
tbe C. N. 1'. K. line renders wear and
tear on rolling stock nominal compared
with other lines in mountainous couti-
tties, consequently furnishing employment lo fewer mechanics than is generally the case in a like distance on other
mountain roads.
Regarding his statement that Cranbrook would be headquarters until the
completion of the road to the lake, the
reporter asked the chief if lhat would
not be during a period of two or three
months, but was told with a smile iu
reference to his childlike ignorance, lhat
it would be much less than that.
Croakers who said lwo months ago
that lhe road would not reach here by
winter, if then, now find out that those
in charge really knew more about the
work than those not connected wilh it.
ltut for llie delay in getting steel, a
short time ago, llie road would have
been here as announced to Tin; IIukai.d
reporter in the early spring, by the first
week in August, or at the end of it.
The C. P. K. storehouse at this point
is already filled with hay, grain, etc,
and more coming. Almost daily long
strings ol teams are there unloading
provisions, aud there will be uo shortage
of anything of this nature before the
completion of the road to tbe lake.
Lantern Immlgranls Seeking to Introduce So*
Called Dress Reforms—Squelch Them.
TlIB IIitRAi.n wishes to call the attention of tbe older members ol society iu
Ibe valley of St. Joseph's tivcr to certain innovations in the way of gentlemen's wardrobe which are being Introduced in their midst by some of the new
arrivals from the effete and degenerate
Hit There is no use lu mincing matters, so the point will be reached at once.
A few short weeks ago HurrGeddes came
to the ncauliful from the state of Ohio.
lie lauded here in proper shape, aud It
seemed as though he was a rare exotic
from thai land of dudes transplanted to
lhe more exulted country of dudheens,
as he seemed to the manner horn wheu
he blew in one evening with a cloud of
dust on the Fort Steele trail. lie wore
a flannel shirt open at the collar, a pair
of shoes with gracefully turn-down uppers aud well-rounded heels, no suspenders, a red cotton bandana handkerchief
secreting the graceful cuives of his rubberneck, and a skull cap that had evidently witnessed a long campaign, the whole
topped with a seraphic smile cut a little
on the bins and playing peekaboo with a
four-weeks' old stubble-field of sun-cured
bristles. When the society editor of this
journal met him he was very favorably
impressed with the appearance of the
young man, and he thought that if Ohio
had any more youngsters construct
ed on the same lines she might round
'em up and start 'em on the Cranbrook
trail and she would accept them as a welcome addition to its society, llut the
editor seems to have been a victim of
misplaced confidence or else declining
years is destroying hia judgment of bu
man nature, for a few nights since he saw
Iti.rr on Strayhorst* a venue wearing a mirror-plate front biled shirt topped by an
alabaster while razor-edged collar; a pair
of glove Fitting panta supported hy bus-
penilerp, a Seymore coat wilh the white
I edges of a linen handkerchief Sticking
[ out of the breast pocket, and tooth-pick
Tbe   Bustling  Burg   Lnjoylng an Unprece.
deated Era of Prosperity.
The town of Wardner bus been a veritable bee hive of seething humanity for
the past two weeks, and last Friday at 2
o'clock the Crow's Nest Pass railway
was established lo the water line on tbe
east side of the river. Work is progressing on the bridge as rapidly as possible,
and Mr. McGilvary, oue of the contractors, has been here the past week, to expedite matters. Talk about your metropolitan cities I   Why, Wnrdner today is
hummer, and everybody ts feeling
good. Money is flowing into the coffers
of the business men, and there is a gen
eral feeling of joy aud satisfaction
throughout the town.
Notes and Incidents.
Geo. Gttrd, lhe agent for the townsite.
has gone east to remain aeveral weeks.
Contractor MacDonald came In Saturday from his work west of Craubrook to
spend Sunday.
The hotels in Warduer ate doing a
land office busiuess these days, and all
are making money.
It looks now as if a temporary stage
line will he established between Craubrook and Wardner.
Guy Campbell came ill from tbe east
end last Thursday accompanied by his
wife and two children.
There is a vast amount of freighting
pointed yellow shoes adorning bis ithII
pounders,   if there imd been enough uf
them be undoubtedly would have parted bis hair in the middle. This is to give
Iturr notice tbat be bad better reform ami
not endeavor lo ibange time-honored
styles of Ibe frontier,    He had a narrow
escape as it is. for Cariboo 1'ete was gu-
ng to take a shot at bim as lie was cross-
ug Oraveyard alley, but was restrained
by hll paid, Hold-Out Jack, wbo snid Ihe
lad bad been fixing up fur a ghost dunce
tbat was to lake place that night iu Red
Coyote's camp. It is also reported that
some of the late ai rivals actually use
toothpicks— not the -.-""d old Arkansaw
kind, whuse all-around usefulness is generally recognized iu every laud fit to live
in, but those measly little wooden slivers
so common In the eust. A word to the
wise is sulticieut.
Through the French Ambassador Spain
Sues for Peace.
The War To Be Pressed Just the
Same So As to Force
Washington, July 27.—Hy tomorrow
ihe government will have determined
and communicated to the Trench ambassador what foi 111 lhe steps leading to
peace shall lake.
Au armistice, if granted, will he conditional upon the most binding pledge
that it will be followed by a treaty of
It is realized that when .Spain learns
the extent of lhe demands to be made
by the United Stntes, the first effect will
be to make a reflex move, which in turn
will result in lhe continuation of active
hostilities for a time. The complete investment of 1'uetto Rico hy Gen. Miles,
it is thought, will bring the Spanish
government to a realization of thu use-
lessucss of further resistance.
Two Propositions are Sure.
From unofficial utterances, it is believed that two propositions will be included in the list of demands: First,
the absolute independence of Cuba, wilh
provisions that the islands be absolved
from responsibility from any debt heretofore charged against it by .Spain;
second, the absolute cession of Puerto
Rico to the United .Slates, unincumbered by liability.
It is believed that Spain has practically made up her mind to this condition.
It is believed that the United States will
insist upon the cession of certain coaling
stations in the I.udrones and Carolines
and, perhaps, one other, not yet designated.        *     	
Miles' Movements.
Washington,  July 27.—Nothing  was
heard from the Miles' expedition today
at the war department, but Captain Hig-
giuson, the senior ofli er of the naval
Vancouver, and be tbe senior representative on the coast. Mr. T. R. Billett will
be in charge of the Fernie bank, aud
J. W. H, Smytbe, accountant at Orange*
ville, will be ut the head at the branch ut
Temporary Manager Scott, of tbe
branch at this point, wilt be greatly
missed by all who made his acquaintance during his brief sojourn in Cranbrook. He has made many friends, and
all will he sorry to see him depart.
Living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Whom
We All Kmw or Should.
lingliieer Cranston was down from
Moyie Monday.
Mrs. Frank McQuiston arrived last
Friday from Coal Creek.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilpin and children, of
Fort Steele, were Sunday visitors lo Cranbrook.
Contractor O'Neill was over the river
last week, going as far east as Bull Head
Mr. Hertl, of the Fort Steele Mercantile Company, was u visitor to Craubrook
on Sunday.
II. K King, a well known and popular
merchant of Fort Steele, waa In Cranbrook the first of the week.
Neil Curran, the well-known manager
of the North Star*mlne, was a visitor to
the Beautiful on Monday,
"Billy" Resor is the chief of the night
shift in the barroom of the Commercial,
frequently having to have two assistants.
Mayor Archie McI,eod. of Palmer's
Bar, was in town a few days ago. The
mayor lays the Bar is booming; he is in
the hotel business at that point, is acquiring considerable wealth and a rich
Italian brogue.
Ksau James, one of the old-time rest
dents of Montana, waa a visitor in Cranbrook last Friday. He was also here a
year ago, but had anticipated tbe progress of Cranbrook, so was not greatly
surprised at the wonderful change made.
Mr. James has a fine home and splendid
orchard in the famous Bitter Root Valley.
•5fi|5   -Jp   0m
They Show Which Way the Business
Wind  of  East Kootenay is Bl&Wfog.
THE FORT STEELE MERCANTILE COMPANY, the strongest institution of that kind
in East Kootenay, has bought lo*s, will soon build warehouses and a large store building, and make
Cranbrook their principal, if not only, place of business.
N. HANSEN, of Wasa, financially second to no other merchant in East Kootenay, is building a two-story store building, 40x80 feet, which he will fill with general merchandise.
THE HUDSON BAY COMPANY, having a world-wide reputation for responsibility,
business sagacity and prudence, will shortly after the advent of the railroad in Cranbrook, build a
mammoth store and stock it with everything mankind finds needful.
The great BANK OF MONTRE^ will soon have a branch instituted in Cranbrook.
The strong CANADIAN BANK OF COMMERCE already has a branch established in
REID & COMPANY, clothiers, of Moyie, Wardner, and other places, have moved their
Moyie branch to Cranbrook.
"There are Others," but want of space prevents further enumeration this week.
business people will need no interpretation of the above facts.
at this time from the end of steel, which
is Wardner, to points nest.
Contractor McCarty, who has the
work through Isr.dore canyon, say a he
will be through by the 15th of August.
William Stewart and William Daniels
of Saud Creek, came iu last week aud
will atari for West Kootenay this week.
h, A. Hamilton and Surveyor McHugh
came in from Macleod by train to Wardner Friday, and Saturday look a conveyance to Cranbrook.
The C. P. R. has established a telegraph line to Wardner, and this town is
now the ouly place in East Kootenay
that has two telegraph lines.
Mr. Knowlton, father of the assistant
superintendent of construction on the
Crow's Nest line, is still here, recovering
from the injuries received iu a runaway
last week.
Paymaster Bernhardt returned from
his trip to Steele and along the line Saturday. He was suffering with a sprained
ankle received by getting out of a buggy
and stepping on a tound stone.
Miss Warren, who so ably taught the
Wardner school last year, will not return, her services having been secured
at another point. Miss Warren was a
good teacher and left the imprint of her
work upon the rising generation of
Several Fort Steele peoplo came down
to Warduer Sunday lo see the railway
aud get a taste of metropolitan life.
Among them were C-. Shier, of llie International hotel, and William Cariin,
two of the best men to be found in Hast
Kootenay today.
The J. D. Farrell arrived last Friday,
making its first trip since the accident
that cut it out of the trade for the past
few. weeks. Captain McCormack has
evidently had a split with the owners of
the North Star, as he has established a
separate agency here, and says thnt
henceforth he will dictate his own rales
to the people.
Captain Denny, the Wardner magistrate, bus been kept busy lhe past ten
days administering to the unfortunate
individuals who have indulged too freely
in the beverages lhat intoxicate as well
as cxliilirates. He has beer, ably assisted hy Sergeaut Smith, of lhe N. W. M,
P., and his able corps of assistants.
convoy, forwarded a brief cablegram
that gave delight to the navy department, because of the unstinted praise it
accorded to a popular and dashing officer, Dick Wainwright, the commander
of lhe Gloucester.
The war department has reconciled itself to lhe summitry change iu its plans
made by General Miles when he landed
at Guanica, instead of 011 the northeast
coast of Puerto Rico, us previously
agreed upon.
It is also suggested that the general
has scored au important diplomatic advantage in setting fo.*t upon Puerto Ri-
can soil before the first overtures had
been received from Spain looking towards peace.
The departure of General Brooke and
General Haines from Hampton Roads,
which is expected tomorrow, to reinforce General Miles in Puerto Rico, Is a
substantial evidence of the purpose of
the government not to abate the prosecution of military operations at this
stage of the negoltalious. The two generals are embarked on rapid liners, and
should reach Geueial Miles by next
Monday, putting him in possession of a
Diffident force lo begin the movement
upou San Jumi nt once.
Contractor Reld's Men Uncover Ten laches
ol Solid (lalena In a Shallow Cut.
The Golden Age, one of the Imperial
group, ueur the head of Lake Moyie,
shows a vein of 10 inches solid galena at
a depth of seven or eight feet. It was
opened by Contractor Reld's men on the
right of way of the C. N. P. R., while
making a cut across tlie claim named.
The property btlongs to Henry Meldcr,
G. W. Pearson and other residents of
Idaho, The former have been doing development wtrk ou the Imperial fur the
The property bids fair to become a valuable oue, aud with a moderate amount
of development would be able lo ship
considerable ore. No assays have been
made, but the cleanness of the ore will
surely give it a shipping value on the
completion of the road to the lake.
Canadian Hank ul Commerce Branches.
Later Information regarding the new
branches of the Canadian hank of Commerce say thut Mr. II. Morris, formerly
manager at Battle, wil! have charge at
C. P. R. Land Commissioner Hamilton
Visits Cranbrook.
Of East Koctcnay, and Without a
Rival in Prosperity or
L. A. Hamilton, Land Commissioner
for the C, 1' R., was a visitor in Cranbrook from Saturday to Tuesday, it has
been sever.nl mouths since Mr. Hamtt-
ton's previous visit to Cr.iul*rook. and
he, even with the high expectations he
entertains for this Infant city, was surprised when he viewed the great strides
of advancement made by it In a few short
Regarding the extent of the shops,
roundhouse, etc , Mr. Hamilton said the
company has reserved 51 acres of ground
from tbe townsite upon which lo erect
such buildings Ol cou»e, all of this
land will uot be immediately covered
with buildings. 'Ibe works at first installed will be sufficient to accommodate
hat it is deemed will hv tbe first de-
mauds of the line, an I at tbe same time
hose of a large
rial point.
business Increases and the demand for
enlarged shop and rouud-honse accommodations become apparent, additions
will he made. To Illustrate, but one
round-house was at first constructed in
Winnipeg; uow there Is Ibree.
All shops, etc. for Lhe Crow's Nest
Pass railroad will be located at Cranbrook.
Mr. Hamilton said tbnt he took treat
interest in the welfare and future of Cranbrook, as ii is in a measure iiis child.
He believes that it will become beyond
all question, the most Important pointin
Uast Kootenay—the largest, moat prosperous and wealthiest city in the district.
Being the railway headquarters, with all
railway communication with the district
centering here, surrounded by avast and
rich mining country, Craubrook if it
would, cannot era I- the prolonged era of
prosperity in store for it. No other
place in the northwest Is attracting tha
attention of the general public lhat Cranbrook is, as Is evidenced by ihe hundreds
of inquiries :egar *i*:s* •,':*:. p.ace reaching Mr Hamilt.-a in bis official capacity.
Mr. Hamil'.ju says three pile-drivers
are working oa the Kootenay river
bridge, and it te his opinion that the iron
U-Jii-e rillrlw-.'.--. • Cl .*-. ok by
the 15th or iMh ol AtfgusL Ihe lele-
graph line is alio operating to Wnrdner,
as well as the railroad
aud thinks that the only place on earth,
with Cranbrook a close second.
Alex. Watson, formerly in the office
of the North Star Mining company, has
accepted a position in the Cranbrook
office of the Townslte company.
Contractor McCrinimin and family
have been enjoying the hospitality of
the Commercial hotel for a few days-
Their young daughter was .piite ill Sunday and Monday, but was relieved by
Dr. Ilrodie.
Thomas Kennedy, of Coal Creek, who
will soon embark in the general mer
chandise business in Cranbrook, was in
lown this week, watching the progress of
his new building. He will move his
stock from Coal Creek, and add largely
to it.
Landlord Kaake, of the Commercial
hotel, wears a broad-guage, dead-level
grade smile these days; whether it Is tie-
cause of the large number of his guests,
or the expressive Craubrook-I'ort Steele
cartoon in his barroom the writer know
eth uot.
1'rank McQuiston, the "after taking"
half of the Hast Kootenay Hotel combination, has returned from a trip to Mc*
Leod. Mr, McQ. reports great changes
taking place in the population of Mcleod,
the old-timers all leaving and being replaced by newcomers.
Contractor McCatty's genial physia-
mabogany has been somewhat numerous
about town recently. Hiscontract in Isadora canyon will soon be closed, and he
will later be numbered among the good
fellows who used to be around here during construction days,
T. Forrest, of Donald, well known from
the Rocky mountains to the Pacific coast
as the proprietor of the Forrest hotel, is
sojourning in town, Inning lots in various portions and on some of them erecting cottages. If he cau secure a corner
suitable he will build a hotel costing not
less than $10,000.
P. Chapman, representing A. Maedonald Se. Co., wholesale merchants with
headquarters at Winnipeg, Revelstoke
and Nelson, paid Cranbrook a visit this
week. He says Cranbrook Is becoming
the talk of the country, and the firm, of
which he Is a member, may establish a
house a house at this point in the near
A Grist of Draaks, DIssrderBes sad Other
Offender; Agates) tbe Law.
On tbe 20th of July J Poddlstal partook of too muc:*. concentrated hilarity
snd was mn up the elevator Into the parlors of the bastile. As lie bad not been
viciously demonstrative be was allowed
to escape with 12 boar's imprisonment.
On the 27th II. Fori:',, who was accused of rolling a drunken man and abstracting $4 from bis jean?, was tried before
Commissioner Armstrong, tbat officer
coming out from Fort .Steele for the purpose, the case being outsi ]e the jurisdiction of Justice Hutchison's court. Forin
Is a timekeeper for the C, P K. company, and imbibed too much of tlie oh be
joyful while in touu, and took the funi
named from an Intoxicated companion
for fear someone else might, and spent It
himself while so gloriously enthusiastic
as to be unaware of the error he was
committing. The law could not condone
the offense on these grounds, however,
and he was given two weeki in jail. Afterward he was release! by order of tbe
gold commissioner upon responsible
bonds being furnished, the exact object
of which the reporter could nol ascertain. The popular opinion, however, was
that the yiung man should be dealt with
leniently, as lie was rather the victim of
circumstance and conditions, instead of
being a willful criminal.
On the 2S1I1 Michael Tremblrx was
drunk and disorderly and having a high
ohl time generally. Ik- was arrested and
brought before Justice Hutchison; the
man with the unpronounceable name
anted $3 and the attendant penally and
tbe judge raked in the pot and told Mike
to draw nut of the game and make no
more bad breaks
Leonard Cratch, nn Italian railroad laborer, got tangled up in it jackpot with
some of his countrymen In one of the
camps and was brought to town. Like
most of his comrade*, he wai the possessor of a murderous-looking knife,
but in this Instance had not mule UH of
it; on being arrested he broke the blade
in three pieces. He was brought before
the court and was forgiven npon paying
$5 to the government ami defraying the
expenses of the case.
A recent arres'. made In iIil- town by
an officer who is stationed along the line
—outside of Cranbrook--engendered
considerable criticism among all classes
of citizens in this place. One William
Am rod was arrested by the officer in
question and confined over night, OH a
charge of drunkenness. When the case
came before the justice In the morning it
was so apparent tint tht arrest was entirely unwarranted thai the court discharged the prisoner. Wanting to "throw
It into" somebody, apparently, lhe- officer then arreted a young man known ns
"Scotty," upon ihe charge ol Inferferlng
with an officer in the discharge of hts
duties     Tbe   hearing   was   bad   before
Captain Saunders, inspector of mounted
police, who dismissed UlC prisoner. It
Is alleged that if the constable himself
had been arrested on tbe same charge it
could have been sustained by ample evidence. It wasgratlfylngloins public to
see lhat there is proteciou from <m-izealous officials.
iiiiviiriniiiy in advance.)
fine Tear *t*-W
Bll   Months  1-OU
Advartlilni rates tur-nlaheU on application.
Admiral Dewey la 61 years old, but
he tights like sixty.
Tbe word which went forth centuries
ago has not been recalled; Blessed ate
the peacemakers.
During these hot wur times It look*-.
as though tlm Klondike wus going lo
be left out in the cold.
The boats of the Spanish tloct nt Manila were built from 1887 to 1801, but
they were llulsbed lu 181)8.
That wur Is a desperate game Is only
accentuated in Cuba by mules beglu-
ulng io furnish Borne of tin* steaks.
Tor foot-bnll ethics to enlist Is not
surprising. Experience with the grid-
Iron bus made them familiar with a
bul time.
Camp life Is not dull. Soldiers can
often get through tlio hard parts hy
willingly using thu numerous drills
One good result of Spain's comparative poverty Is that the natives won't
lose big money belling uu Ibe SUCCESS
of Its arms.
Fire ns thu means of disposing of the
tlead bodies of human souls finds a
deathless champion In the will of Frances 13, Willard.
A New York Judge tbe other dny rendered a decision that "love Is not insanity." Ilu evidently Is a very young
man or u very old one.
It Is Just ns true that "westward the
Btar or empire takes Us wny" now as
It wus when Itlshop Berkeley wrote
mure than u century uud a half ago.
Joaquin Miller continues to tell of
marvelous Duds of gold up somowhoro
lieur the north pule, hut so fur JoiKJUltl
himself does not seem to have gut uny
of It.
We shall expert to see the announcement in the Madrid official gnzetlo
right away that lion. Daniel McGlnty
has been appointed admiral ot the
Asiatic squadron.
The Bostou Herald snys: "The clever
.filly Oaoutchous ought lu got hei* name
changed if she Is going lo distinguish
herself ou tho turf." Why? Caoutchouc ought io win iu the Btretch every
Launching n ship on it Friday 'i« nn
unusual performance, it hns Just been
done at Seattle, In tbe case uf u tor*
pedo bunt. The chaUCOB ure Unit It
will turn out unfortunate—for the ship
that Is attacked liy Uie torpedo bout.
Good for tho New York Legislature
und go'.«*rnot'I in the enactment uf
the law ngalust nil fuse advertising in
public prlutfl, they  have set n Ullltelll
which Is worthy of every state's
prompt following, lt Is a long step
tor war t\.
One uf the recent thoughtful presents
of tin- Czar of Russia to Prince Nicholas of Montenegro Is 80,000 repeating
rllles and 80,000,000 cartridges. Bitch
little presents nlways come in handy
nud assist In maintaining that wonderful thing, "the pence uf Europo," (infract ured.
Destiny cannot be halted, Clear the
track, then, for America! Not America the tyrant, not America the bully
and lhe braggart, drunk wlih her successes, but America, the apostle of free*
(loin,   enlightenment   and   progress.
Peine and prosperity In tlio  end   will
reign everywhere.
Anxious to win laurels for his bicycle
club, a young man a fow weeks ago
attempted tu make a century run over
muddy roadB. At tho elghty-sovontb
mile he collapsed; his body from the
waist downward wns completely paralyzed. Physicians sny that ha will never he able to walk n step.   "Keep your
shoes and change your brains," Francis de Sales once suld to some nuns
who proposed going barefoot ns penance. "Keep your ambition but change
its object," might be suld tu many u
would-be athlete to-day.
Mny a governor piny cricket? The
Governor of Jamaica has boon taken tu
task fur recreating himself by the
game, a newspaper of his Jurisdiction
wild ibe Governor "Bhould always bo
Caesar," and even declared Unit "a
blow In the face from u hull, ur a stumble und fnll, would spoil the dignity of
any governor." It Is not usual to Iblnk
of Gaosar at I he bnt. bul who can doubt
that he would have made a borne run
had he tried his huiul ul haseliiiHV And
WOUld he have been nny less CaesnrV
Dignity Is very well In Us place; but
wise men sometimes unbend.
Mtlle Crele seems to be emerging
from the many troubles which have afflicted it uf lute. Order bus been restored In the central and western districts. Tho Inhabitants are displaying
considerable capacity for self-government. Kneh district has a local administration with Its gendarmerie, militia,
and system uf taxation, and the National Assembly Is In touch with the
admirals and delegates administrative
functions Lo officials presided over by a
Cretan. Best uf nil, the coming harvest
promises tu be an abundant one. An
English correspondent urges the necessity fm* an autonomous government,
but unfortunately tbe powers move
New ami more di-struntlve weapons
of warfare mny continue tu be Invented, but afler nil It Is lhe man Unit
counts in battle. No better lllustratln-
of this has lately been furnished ll.
the dashing charge of the Anglo-Eg)
tlan forces al Atlmni. In face of ..
merciless storm of shut from u bidden
foe, British, Egyptian nml Soudanese
vJed in Intrepid emulation tn bu first
lu the attack. It Is this spirit which
wins victories, and the Ingonulty of
mnn wltl never be ablo to iiml a substitute Tor It. It hns been su from the
beginning of martial conflict) und it
.Will uonlInue tu be su mull the battle-
flag   Is forever   furled.     The   Mahdlst
will go dowu In defeat lu the present
campaign, Just as did Chinese In tho
Btrugglu with Japanese, becuuae llie Inferior iiniu must yield to the superior.
Evon Jonquil] Miller's sensational nn-
iiounceiiie.it of a fabulously rich island
in the Yukon fulls upon comparatively
heedless ears lu such n time ns this.
Time was when Uu- Klondike promised
to pluy lhe lending rule lu American Interest during 1808, bul now it bus apparently been almost crowded off the
singe. Glory Is n greater thing thuu
gold, uud uatloi.nl honor than opulence,
It is not that the people have lost nil Interest iu the gold fields, any mure than
they have forgotten their home industries. If it Is really true Unit miners
have discovered n Yukon Island lhat
gives $1. tu every pnllflll uf dirt, und
lhat the bed of the great river promises to reveal the richest placer deposits ever kUOWU, there will be no lack
of Inlerest In the news.    Bttl  lor llio
preseut even such Kl Dorado rumors
musl play a secondary  part   iu   thu
presence ur the greater problems now
overshadowing ihe nation.
.Must people, when they coiuo to
think of ll, will be surprised tu find uul
huw lnrge a portion uf their troubles
nre purely Imaginary, snys ihe Wntch-
man. We keep forecasting all sorts ur
possibilities, making ull sorts uf combinations that will work out disaster,
and before we know 11 we have come
to believe Unit some one of these \\J11
conform to the facts, and we worry
over lhe linngltinry Issue as though it
had really come lu pass. It Is not certain ihnl anything hut experience will
relieve people from lhe pnlns uf these
Imaginary troubles. They have iu lenru
thut they cannot forecast the future,
and thnt, ns u rule, U Is the unexpected
thnt happens. By-flud-by, after a siiffl-
clont number uf experiences of this
kind, common-sonso comes tu the rescue, ami ihey lenrn lhe futility of worrying ubout anything Unit has nut
come tu puss. It is nol your stolid and
rather stupid mnn who Is the victim uf
ihi'se agonies. Bless, you he hns nut
tuingltinllon to project himself a day
ahead, ur io believe anything thnt he
cannot see nt* tottell ur en I; bill It Is lhe
line-grnlned, sensitive, Inlultlvo spirit
lhat Is subject to these tovlures. It is
the pounlly uf n high endowment; bul
thnt is no reason why cominon-Rense
should nut come to the rescue and deliver these choice spirils frum tbe de-
feels uf Iheir own i-unlitlcs.
Great Britain's fortified coaling stations nre tu be found uu every sen. Beginning with Gibraltar, the strongest
fortress In the world, her next impregnable base is nt .Malta, which controls
Ihe Sue/, en mil, nml ut both uf theso she
has un unlimited supply uf con I. Near
the eastern end of tlie canal Is Aden,
1,800 miles frum Sue*-; which Is her
grent eastern coaling stntfon nnd naval
base. Ill India she has lwo grent nnvul
depots, ouo al Bombay nml the other at
Kurrochoe, in Ceylon she has nuother,
and at Calcutta still nuother, which
give her four on or near the Indian
const. Her next fortified station Is at
Singapore und the next Is Hongkong,
These several naval bases give EugtnnO
absolute control ur the entire route
from Europe tn China through the Sues;
ennui. On tlie other route, around Uie
Cape. Grent Britain Is nu less well protected. Stie has coaling stations al Ids-
bun, Madeira, St. Vincent nml Sierra
Leone, while further south she has a
Btallon nt St. Helena, another at the
Cape, with Table bay nud Simon's bny
strongly fortified buses. In the Isle of
France, nt Mauritius, Isonoof Uie must
Btrougly fortified naval stations controlled by the British government. On
Ibis side of the Atlantic she hns a station at lln 11 fax, another at Jamaica nml
Another nt St. Lucln, In the Windward
islniids. In lhe Pacific there nre fortified stnllons nt Vnncifuvcr, Sydney nud
other points in Australia, and ou the
Island uf New SSeulaud, Besides these
fortified naval stnllons there nre several other less Important places nt
which her ships can be coaled In case
uf necessity. At sonic of these places
arc ducks of sufficient capacity to admit
uf ducking the largest ships In her navy,
while as yet this country hns no such
facilities fur repairing her largest warships. This will nut be the cjise n grenl
while, for Congress hits made appropriations for dry ducks fur mir vessels
The naval and cotillug slallutis uf England encircle the world, nml nt no
place on the globe Is u British vessel
far from a base where she cuu be repaired, provisioned, coaled nud supplied with all the munitions of wnr.
So long ns she Is thus well prepared
fur war she will rule the waves.
Thn Lion or Ht, Murk.
The grent Hon nf Sl. Mark is about
tn be restored tu lhe doges' ancient palaces    li)    Venice,    This   wus   Uie   lion
erected by Andrea Grlttl, who I nine
doge in 1523, nml who, iu Uu> fifteen
yeurs uf his rule, restored io his city
nil lhe possessions she held before the
league uf Cambrul. Grlttl died In 1588,
having wuii a threefold glory ns patriot, subller and statcsmnn. lie left
behind him ns his monument tlm famous   high-relief   figure of   the   lion,
which adorned ihe middle gallery uf
the doges' puhtce un Us best side. The
Hull stuud nt it height nf twenty-three
meters frum lhe ground; Us pow on Uie
open guspel ami ilu- dogo kneeling iu
prayer by Its side, uud where it remain*
ed mull the break-up of ihe oligarchy
uml ihe vandalism of democratic Venice swept It nwny. In Mny, 18t>5, the
Italian ministry nf Hue arts tmdertuuk
the work of Us restoration, and out uf
a large number of competing sculptors
Signer Urbano Botnsso wns chosen tu
give the llun bock to Venice. Ills work
—a majestic Hou and lhe doge In his
robes of slntc kneeling by Its side—Is
now complete, and will adorn the ancient pnlnce of the doges lu a few
weeks.—Philadelphia Bulletin,
Quito a Thro tiff.
It Is stated that the must crowded
spot on the earth's surface Is tlm "Mail-
leraglo," In the city of Valettn, In
I llun. Upon a spot In this place, about
two uud a Imlf acres lu extent, no fewer than 2,57*1 live. Thla Is ut the rate
uf 080,000 pel' square mile, or 1,017 tu
au acre.	
I'rolltf) of u I'liHtolllf-'-i.
The British postoffice makes $20,001)
u yeur by unclaimed money orders.
ftafe Retreat  lu  Wblcb  thn  Koneat
Aartciilturlst Couttl i'l ml Repose.
"By gluny!"  growled   old   Farmer
Hardtlmus, laying down   his newspaper.   "Things have come to a pretty
pass, when   -—'•
"There, nnw,   I.yinnn."    interrupt ed
the wife nf bis bosom; with considerable asperity. "Uhlu't yuu promise that
you wouldn't harangue uie any more
about the   baleful    iiilluetice    of    the
money power if I'd quit worrying yuu
by telling yuu nbutit Uie warnings I
had received that suuie terrible calamity wtisnbuiit tu come upon usV Hardly a day bus passed since then thut 1
haven't hud u warning thai something
awful wns about u> happen, but I have
kept It tu myself and never suld a word
"What I was about to observe," re-
BUlticd -Mr. llardllmes. sternly, talking
Uie goud ludy dowu, "has nothing whatever iu du wiiii ihe breaking of our
compact, which 1 assure you I wouldn't wilfully do fur n guud deal. 1 sim-
ply set lu tu sny thnt, what with Uie
oily geullcmou cuutlug along and selling us everything on earth but what
we huve sume use for, uud talking us
into signing nu apparently harmless
memorandum, which later turns out tu
be n promissory uoto tbnt blteth like it
Berpeu't and stliigeib like un udder, ur
words tu Unit effect; mysterious men
with slouch hats who (uke our hard*
earned muticy and give us In return a
gold brick ntul the horse-luugh; as-
snsslus who Iravel iu gaugs and, while
purl uf 'ni divert us with funny Btorles
of bargaluB for ihe purchase of our
land, '.he rest Bwurin ovor our houses
uud burns anil cover 'cm with light*
iilng rods till the structures look like
porcupines, und then pound us If we
hesitate about paying fur 'em; the silver-tongued suns ul' Anak who sell us
patent riding sums thai either won't
saw at all or else snw tis lu two Die'
tlrst time we try to work 'em after the
igeiit bus skedaddled wlih our money;
mid- but whnt I wus about tu sny was
lhat, with ull these Bhnrpers, und so
many others tlmt 1 have forgotten lhe
names uf the must of 'em. forever on nu
honest man's trnil. II looks ns If thoro
wasn't bul une place lu the wide world
where he Is safe If he closes his eyes
for a minute."
"Of course, thut Is when he Is in his
0WU bed nl bumeV"
"Xo; then Is just the time when the
burglar breaks in and carries off bis
tronsors. It looks ns If the only time
Hint u man I* ubsolulely warranted In
feeling safe If he closes his eyes Is
ivlieu he is In church. And. next Nun-
lny, If I happen tn nud u little during
he sermon, jusi plenso reftiomber whnt
i strain 1 um laboring under nil ihe
time, uud let me sleep in pence."—
Au epicure says hurd-bolled eggs art)
hurd to beat.
Seven lliimtt'C'1 Yi-tu-s ufConl,
According to the mosl authentic history of the conl trade, hint year marked
ihe 700th anniversary of the use of coal
ns fuel. Taking the must moderate es-
tlmnte of the antiquity of man, and
considering the fnet thai the coal was
always here, it appears Unit we were
ii lu-njj* time lu availing ourselves nf this
must valuable asset which nature
placed at our disposal. Many civilizations nourished nml .He., out without
Us nse, nnd lt may be said tbat Its )m>-
leiMlalitles, ns n factor In the progress
of mankind, were never renllzed fully
until tihe present century. Up to Its
dawn, aside from the warming uf the
body and the cooking of food, little Importance was attached to the fuel question.    Fur these purposes a fow fllgfftfl
or billets of wood sufficed. But In time
we discovered ihat lu the fire there waa
i glum u thousand times more powerful than the fabled mnnsters of antiquity.
Then the find question became the
iill-lin|Kutaiit one. With Its old all the
miracles of the ages were to be stir-
pnfsed, Give to a million or a community abundant fuel, nnd It could
levy greniter tribute up-on the rest ot
the world than hnd ever been exacted
by the greatest conquerors, When its
possibilities were routined, nml when
mnn kind was ready to take advantage
nf them, behold It wus found ready tc
baud, stored In the earth lu the Bhnpe
uf coal. This has beeu called au age of
Inm aud sieel; but tittle claim would
It have to Unit designation were tt not
fur conl. More than gold or Iron, oi
kings, ur princes, or battles, or revolutions, has It affected the Tale nf mankind, It Is a notable mimlversury, and
It Is surprising that more should not
have   been   mude   of   it-Pit tsbuif-
Curious Cretan Custom,
One uf the curious Cretan customs
which prevail on the eve uf every in-
aurrcetlon Is known as ndelphopolesls,
jr fraternization, one o£ its Immediate results is the cessation uf nil feuds,
eiiinliy ami rnucor. It Is curried out
us follows, A number ot Individuals
chouse a young girl, who must Iw
pretty—no difficult matter iu Crete.
Tbey Inform her parents uf iheir Intention, and the needful cniiseitt Is nevet
withheld. Then a priest Is sent foi
nud tohl ■ begin tba ceremony, lie
Inkes i. i.-ry lung girdle and Joins nil
Uie men with It lu a circle, lu Ihe center of which the young girl Is pin I.
Then the clergyuiiili l lies a nunibei
nf pniyers, nml wluda up by giving hla
benediction tu nil prcselil. The inuiuelil
he proilOUUCeS the last "Amen" lhe circle and Us center Bland, to nil religious
and social Intents ami purposes, In Uu*
relation uf brothers and sister to each
othf?r. Euch of the ltmles Is bound 111
honor—nnd a ('retail knows-no mure
microti obligation-to protect Um girl
throughout her life, but none of them
cun ever take her fur Ids wife. She le
nud remains their Bister, In the eyes nf
lhe priest uud people, lu lhe end of hei
dnys. But they musl also stand by
und succor each other, and If needs be,
nt the cust of life itself.
A Peculiar Iiiiriuc.
French engineers are constructing n
peculiar bridge over tbe Heine, nt
Rouen. On each bauk of the river miniature Eiffel towers, 17o feet high, have
been erected, From these heavy steel
cables will support a truck bed, which
ts to be suspended 100 feet above the
surface of the wnter. Moving platforms on wheels aru to bu run backwards nnd fufwui'ds over this truck
bed uu rails, nud frum them will hang
huge chains, to which will be attached
monster swinging carriages,
A man never loses monoy on fast
horses. It is ihe slow ones that drivel
bim tu lhe free lunch counter,
AmberBubatltuteaShould He Avnidetl,
iu. 'i lu-.v An* Very Diiiiuerouti.
A soft day Is Invariably ami smoking, because the nerid oils obtained uu
lhe destructive- distillation of the to
bacco nre absorbed Instead nf collecting In a Utile pool, which must eventually, either by lhe vuluiill'iiiluu or by
mechanical conveyance, tench the
mouth. An old wooden pipe or brier,
so dear to Inveterate sniuker.;, becomes
"smooth smoking" because the pores
uf the wood widen and so nht-urb, as Is
lhe case with dny nnd meerschaum, a
lnrge proportlou of the tobacco oils. A
liook-shnped pipe must be better than
a pipe ihe huw! uf which is nu lhe same
level as Ihe iimnth, fur the simple TOO-
bou that in the former a considerable
quantity of 'lie nil is kept back lu the
U-shaped part uf the pipe, while in the
latter the oil travels easily down tho
■item. Ebonlto stems nre to general ob*
jecthumble, because they eniuiiionly
spoil the inie flavor of Uu- tobacco
Hiuuke. We know Instances where
cbonlto stems hnvo produced distinctly
i.hiccllonuhlc symptoms lu the tbt-ont.
Bono or real amber makes a much more
satisfactory siem, ur '.he pipe should bu
of wood throughout, Amber substitutes, ami especially celluloid, should
be discarded entirely as dangeroiH.
PlpCS nf special construction cannot be
regarded with much favor, such ns
thus-- which are suld to be liyglotllfl nnd
usually contain a so-called nicotine absorber. Those smokers who require
such auxiliary attachments would net
Ier not smoke ut all.—London Telegraph.
Hpoilcii by Absurdities.
There   are   a   number   uf   Scottish
Btorles written by men who have but nn
Imperfect knowledge of the dhllect.  As
an example of this Inefficiency a writer
lu the Scottish American cites a love
scene In one uf the London magazines,
below which were the words, "Can yotl
love mo a little wee7" There wns another lllustrotlon lately, "lie was glowering at her." Glowering Is not a look
nf hive fu the Borderland. "What nre
ye glowering at me for like a wild cntV"
Is a rebuke. "My ccrty If ye dlunn gle
ower glowering ut me I'll clash yer
lugs, yo besom."   These words may be
heard as it preface to u fight. Not loug
ago I read In n popular book of Scottish
stories that the expression "gey far
ben" means that u mnn Is very holy,
and comes from the word "ben the
hoose." Now In the Borders to sny u
mail Is "gey far ben" Is not lo give him
a character for godliness—it.is to give
1dm u character fur craft, it is said of
n man who cau make a shrewd bargain,
"My word, he was gey far ben." A
Scotch ntithnr has entered a protest
against writers who spell the Scottish
by absurdities. The word "toe" Is an
unmeaning thing. No one in Scotland
says lae fur lu. "I nm gnlug out tne
Penicuik tne see Mr. Crockett," Is not
sense. Because the word "tu" when
used In speaking Scutch is used very
quickly, so quickly In fact that It
sounds t'. The wnrd "too" Is pro-
Uotinccd tne, but thnt Is nuother thing.
Kesenl Betii« Mado a (Show.
"The Stfterage of To-day" is the title
nf au article by 11. Phelps Whltmarsh
in tno Century-; -yr. wnirmnrsn says:
Due evening several members of steerage No. 1 nud I were grouped about
the foremast, talking upon the nlUib-
Borblng subject, America. The conversation drifted Into an argument on the
equality of man, nnd this, In turn, led
to a discussion ns to the rights of the
saloon passengers.
"If we ain't got no right to go Into
their quarters," said one of the men.
"wot right 'ave tbey tn come Into ours?
It -u'd be all right If they bc'nved their
selves; but they don't, blast'em I Anybody 'd think as 'off we was a lot of
bloomln' lepers, to see the wny they
carries un—a-'oldln' 'nndkerchlefs tu
their noses, an' n-drorlng their silk pet-
tlcunts close to 'em, nn' tlptuln' an' tlt-
terln'. 'Ho, George,' says the big woman with dlamondB In 'er ears, as come
down yesterdny; 'the pore, bloomlu'
i-reeehuhs; but wot makes 'em smell
boV' Just ns loud ns that, mind you.
S' 'elp me. 1 could 'a' tore 'er to pieces!"
As I happened to witness the Incident
su graphically described by the cockney, I could not help feeling that his
linger was righteous.
Skillfully Managed.
Nut long ago, a young and handsome
mini was appointed as chief of one of
the bureaus In n department of the
French Government where women
clerks nre Iii a large majority. From
the moment he assumed control Mr, x
wus annoyed by his feminine subordinates, who sought every excuse to visit
him ami lodge complaints or report
silly gossip about some of their number, In desperation he appealed to the
head of (he department, but that functionary told him he must settle the difficulty himself or resign, The disturbances continued, nnd seemingly the
young chief paid ii" atteiitlun to the reports nnd gOSBlp, Bul nt the end or the
month bu assembled his clerks nud
read aloud to Ihem ti record nf the complaints he bud received and by whom
made. "I do this," he explnlued, "with
the llOpO that as BOOU IIS yuu knnw of
what you nre Indlvldiinlty accused, yuu
will endeavor lo correct your faults and
thus aid me In making uf this n model
bureau." Uo retired from the room,
leaving a crowd of Irate women who
were as angry at each oilier as with
him. Since that time Mr. X has nol
been molested, and mine of the clerks
ure on speaking terms with each other.
F.xploilliift a Iiiihhic.
It la Interesting to learn tut every
phase of pretended mind reading by
the aid of spirits bus beeu outdone by
hypnotists, muscle renders and by per-
suns who have given definite study to
psychic research reports, and Investigation committees huve ascertained the
true causes of certain phenomena purporting to proceed from the spirit
w ortd.    *	
Soldiers In Conjjrewi.
In the United States Semite tbere nre
twelve Senators who served In the
Union army, nnd twelve who served In
the Confederate nrmy, There are fifty-
seven representatives who served lu
tho Union nrmy, and thirty who served
In the Confederate army.
Gaelic Itevlvitl In In land.
Tho Gaelic revival In Ireland is making remarkable progress.
The principal apartment In u gam
bling house Is the nute-room.
Colombo WuHlii-rwoiuvii Curry Grcut
Load-*- uf 1.1 in-ii uu Their tit-lulu.
The Chicago laundress with a guud
custom Is quite apt to have her own
cart nnd horse to collect the washing
sbe does al home, Bays the Daily News,
lu Colombo It Is different, There the
washerwoman packs Uie linen Into one
huge bundle fully ns large as herself
am' pulling It nn her bend, calmly
walks off wilh It, lu lio wise Inconvenienced by the weight. Usually she
takes it to the bank of somo stream
uud rubs the clothes nu  tint    stuties.
Modern tubs nml pateut wringers have
uu charms for her.
Fort Alniiff tbo Trouhii.
The Spanish trocha In Culm Is a form
of fortification running along the coast
for fifty miles, wilh a Jungle ou either
side, in which barbed wire Is used extensively. The picture shuws ouu uf
the furls along the trocha.
Ugly Weapon l'NO(t by Spanish,
The navnju Is carried by almost every
Spaniard not u-f the iipiwr classes. It
opens with a ratchet nnd spring and
has a blade lung and ugly. The weapon
Is used with the blade lip and the ripping wouud it Inflicts Is frequently
fu tnl.
Right Wry to Cut i Cable.
Wheu the Havana cable was "cut"
the men who performed the task did
uo sever the parts completely, but left
connecting strands, ns Indicated in tlio
accompanying skeicb. So with tho
Manila cable. There Is an art in doing
everything—a right wny ami a wrung.
(J/tieer HI lulu ol' Fuel.
In Southern California, In the pench
districts, pench stones are not uncommonly used ns fuel. They ure Bold at
thu canneries by Ibe wngon loud.
Bench stuncs burn freely and make n
very goud lire. Ou the huinewurd vuy-
age uf vessels In the encuauut trade
ooconnutfl are used for fuel, as they
are also while the vessel Is lying at her
wharf discharging, nut souud nuts, but
such iih arc decayed and not siiluble.
The nuts are broken before they aru
put lutu the stove. Oocoauttta burn
freely and make a good hot fire.
How to lM-tcot Chicory.
Coffee which la suspected of containing chicory may be sprinkled on the
surface uf a glass uf clear water. Coffee lioats, while the chicory, being
heavy, sinks, leaving n bruwu trull
through the water. Chicory Is soft to
the touch and will crumble between tho
fingers, unlike the bard, gritty particles
of coffee.
The Italians always curry their money
together with their passports, iu long Un
A newly discovered spot in the aim,
visible nnw, te 2(1,1)1)1) miles in diameter.
A church in Seidlitz, in Bohemia, contains n chandelier made uf human bones.
The violet was Uie Bonapartiat*' emblem nnd mnny duels wore fought over
the little blue flower.
Chocolate is used in the Interior of
South America for n currency, as ure nuts
and eggs.
import-nit Work Performed by tho
Grimy Mun Down I It-low.
In the ships of Paul Jones, and NY1-
suti, and Hull the sailors were iho
men thut swarmed up lulu the rlgglug
and unfurled the cuttvns that made
the vessels go. lu lime of buttle some
i>f them continued lo intend to that
duty and others manned the guns. On
a modern man-of-war the work of
fighting the ship nnd that of propelling
It are divided amoug two different
classes of men. The men on deck are
gunners. 'I'he real snllurs—Ihuse who
handle the motive power ns the seamen of the Constitution broke out
their studding sails and  warped on
their hedges when ihey were edging
Iheir ship out of the teeth of lhe British fleet nre dOWII below lu stuffy Ill-
tie cuiupnrlments, pouring ull Oil bearings und IlBtoplUg In Un- Jangling of
bells from lhe bridge.
The man In the engine-room hns little of ihe fun or glory uf a modern sen
light.   Ho hoars Iho booming of near
nud distant guns, bnt be tines uul
know how the btttllo te going. The
ship may be a helpless wreck, nml the
ncxl minute mny bo his lust, but t lui I
Is  none  of   his  affairs.    The   engines
must keep moving, nml they must ro
spend lustuiitly lu Ihe will of Un- ship's
brain lu tho cunning towor ur tbo bat-
tie Is lust.
And It Is nut ithme the grent machinery that turns the screws that hns to
he looked after. The whole ship is one
maze of complicated enginery, ll is
ulcered by steam; Its turrets are turned by steam directly, or Indirectly
through electric pneumatic, or hydraulic power; Its great nuns ure loaded by steam; ll Is lighted by electricity, which Is supplied by dynamos, run
by sieuin; it is ventilated by Btoam—
steam Is the source of all Its activities.
Let tho engines cense to work nnd
the ship would die. Jt would drift like
u log tin the water; Us guns would bo
silent; Its Interior would bo swathed
In darkness; nud snffucation would
drive Us crew from Us lower compartments to the deck. But lhe machinist stands there—the grimy, faithful physician, with his hand on the
ship's pulse to see that Us heart dues
nut stop beating. Down In his steel
dungeon, with nunc of the Inspiration
of the buttle, he listens for the signals—"Slow," "Half sjieed ahead,"
"Iteverse," "Full speed astern"—and
upon his vigilance depends the success or failure uf the Captain's plan
uf attack. A lever turned right may
menu an enemy's ship rammed and
sunk; turned wrung, It mny menu the
buttle lust.
It takes unusual qualities to succeed
In the euglue-room of a mnii-uf-war-
sober, unflinching devotion to duty,
the courage to face varied ami abhorrent forms of death, coolness that
nothing enn disturb, and an Inexhaustible fertility of resource. Happily for
us, these are qualities In which America is rich.—New York Journal,
liiimenfic   Hums  of   Money   Spent   in
Europe by Tiiiiri»tt.
The nmutiut or money expended by
tourists in Europe has. If ulllclal records abroad are to be accepted ns authentic, increased enormously of lato
years. There hns been recently filed
with the Swiss minister of finance and
customs at Berne a detailed statement
of hotel receipts In tbat country, from
which It appears that the grnss receipts
of Swiss hotels rose from 52,800,000
francs In 1880 to 114,883,000 in 180-1,
The entire annual expenses uf the
Swiss republic amount in a year iu
betweeu 80,000,000 and 00,000,000
frniics (the budget fur this yenr is given nt the latter figure), and It would
seem, therefore, much as If the holela
of Switzerland take lu mure in n year
than the government Itself tloes. The
Swiss figures nre nut the only ones furnished In Europe recently on this point
A French record shuws'that every year
there arc 270,000 foreigners who pass
from n fortnight to a whole winter mi
the Riviera. Every person is supposed
to expend on an average 1,000 francs,
or $200, In the country. In other words,
the foreign visitors spend In the country every winter the sum of ffl-1,000,-
000. The Kugllsh arc put down ns contributing one-third of this amount; the
French themselves contribute another
third; Germans, Belgians, Hutch, Russians nnd Americans contribute the remainder. From being a poor country
when lt was annexed to France, In
1800, Nice has become one of the rich
est departments of the republic.
Some figures recently compiled ot
the revenues to hotels from tourists In
Parla show the average number of foreign visitors tu be 00,000. It Is cuslum
nry to estimate nt 10 francs, or $2 a
day, thu hotel bills of slrangers In
Burls, Estimating nt $2 a day euch
the hotel bills or 00,000 tourists, nnd at
about ns much mure their olhcr outlays, and It Is tu be seen lhat lonrlsts
In Purls can bo put down for nn expenditure of nearly n quarter of a million dollars a day.
The tutnl sum expended by tourists
In Europo In a year Is probably mil
very far frum (1700,000,000, und a considerable portion of this comes frum
the pockets, the purses, and lhe bunkers' balances of AmorlcauB, who nre
proverbially thu must liberal among
travelers. Russians come second, Bin
/.lllaus third.—New York Sun.
Thn llebiivlor uf tho .dtp incse.
The Japanese ure us courteous as ihey
are theatrical and artistic. Tlicir courtesy and their art are very closely allied, Their keen bouso of courtesy uud
their unflagging practice of It havo, I
believe, as much to do with the quietness and fitness of their funerals as lias
their tine artistic Instinct. They nre as
a nation even prouder and more studious, I think, of their courtesy than ot
their artistic excellence. "Cry. It will
do you good," I snid once to a poor Jap*
nese woman, who, crouching bcsldo her
dying husbuud, wns controlling hersell
With nn effort, that would, 1 feared,
make her 111. She laid her little, slim,
brown finger upou hor trembling red llji
aud shook her head, then whispered:
"It might disturb him." "Cry. lt will
do you good," I said the next day, when
the man wns dead, nnd she seemed almost prostrate with grief and over-enforced self-control. "It would be most
rude to make a hideous noise befor*
the sacred dead," came the soft reply.
Ninety   Feet   Hiuli,   uml   Spt-etU at   ■
Mlle-n-Miniitc Onto,
The enterprising Yankee who should
erect n swing of the dimensions of the
one i.iuwn In this picture would make
a fortune In a seaBou—If he wasn't arrested the first dny ho started his dangerous apparatus. What do you thluk
uf Hying through the nir nl Hie rate of
a mile . minute, suspended by n mere
thread?   That  Is whnt  the  Siamese
B1AMRRR swixo i:\tuauuoinai-v.
irapcxtsls do,   tt Is nol so professional
us some of the perfonnniices seen Ul
this country.
The exciting spectacle of two men,
literally risking their necks iu midair,
Is seen ouly nt the Siamese harvest festivals, at which all Shun congregates.
The attention of the crowd Is directed
to the performance of the swinging
games by a great blare of trumpets, The
swing Itself Is like any ordinary child's
swing, except for Us enormous size.
'rhe pillars are over ninety feet high,
and the seat of the swing Is nbout halfway between tho ornamented cross-bar
and the ground.
Fair Cuban Imager lur War.
Miss Fivdlsvludn Sniichez, of Iho
City. Fin., wns the first Cuban young
lady to volunteer from ihls country to
go wlih the Bed Cross Society. Miss
Sanchez Is tho belle of [bor t'lt.v. n suburb uf Tampa,  Inhabited  mostly  by
miss Fiu.in--vir-.DA sAxriiKZ.
people of Cubnu extraction. Shu has
taken grent interest III the struggle uf
the Insurgent leaders. She declared
thnt If she couldn't go ns a nurse to
care fur the wounded she would take a
rifle nml join the Cuban arms, atul she
Is a good shut.
Importers say thut a revenue lax of
Ith-  ii   pound  nu  ten  might   lint  In raise
Uie retail price.
The Ch en pest, moet comfortable and direct route from KaMo to all points fa
Csnadft and tht United State*.
The only tins running through TuurUI
Cun to Toronto, Montreal und llostoa.
Through Tourist Curs to St. PaUl daily.
Travel by this line und have your baggage check*-*,! through to dt-ntiiuitioH.
Daily connection frum Hindu cxroptlng
Sunday at 7:110 a. m.
Fur full information cull an or nddrM
Traveling l-nnx'-tiger Agt.,
Or Nelaoti. II. O.
District I'husi-iuji'i Agent,
Vminim er, U C.
EAST-! ass -WEST
The surveyor's chain
made it the shortest
transcontinental route.
It li the moat modern In equipment.
It la the heaviest railed line.
It has a rock-ballast roadbed.
It croaaea no aand deserta.
It was built without land grant or government aid.
It la noted for the courtoay of Ita employes.
It la the only Una serving meala on tha
la enrte plan.
Por maps, tickets and complete Information call on or address International
Navigation it Trading Company agents,
K. A- 8. railway agents, or
Kootenny cuiiiipctlnii at Itonner'i Ferry Ida ,
Sunday and Wednesday,
Westward  S.ftO a, m
Uamward :un p.ia
C. O. DIXON, General Agent,
Spokane, VfsMu.
r. L whitnut, a. P. * T. A..
It. Paul, fttla-a. HOITT'S SCHOOL.
Riirlhig  (al.. accredited and limited
1,1 :>u buys.   Tin- location and surraum
Ings, together with the nlmost perfect tl
mult' und enrcful attention to nienlul,
moral ami physical Induing, cnslly nW-ea
Unitt's amniig the fumiiaal  Bchoalfl for
buys nn the i-iiusl,    S. I'. Chroniclo.
Kighth yenr begins Aug. II.   lm  U.
Ilollt, I'h.l).. IMllcipul.
The hiiir mi mosl of tho .lulls made iu
Kiini]"' ■■■um'- from iin* Angora goat.
A powder to be shaken Into the shoes.
At tliis aeason your feet feel swollen, nervous, uii.) hot, and get tired easllv. If v»u
have BiimrtltiK feet or Unlit s'hoas, try
Allen'-. Foot Kiisc.    It Coolii the  feta ami
makes wulklng easy, Cures swollen ami
sweating feet, blli-fors and callous Bpots,
Helluves corns aud bunluiisofall pain and
fives rest nml ootnfurt Ten thousand tea-
luminals of cures. Try it latino, Bold hy
all druggists and ahoe sturerf furttto, Sent
by mail fui-'J.V in slumps, 'I'nni *>;i.-Lii*e
FKEB. Addrusa Alluu S. Olmsted, U
Roy, New Vork.
All    llie   Old   Hnd*   I till
in-,*.h of On' fl*?rn
ll may Ih- before long Unit our pins
Will   him* tt) In* dipped  in  .-iirhulii- UClil
before bnlug pul , iii  bureaus,    Kbr
pins have been proved to hi* a proline
Miiin-i* of danger iu apreadlug diseases,
says Harper's Mannar. All kinds of germs,
it Issahl mu beeolleeted undor llio.licatls,
nml nurses who Indulge lhe icuiiiiiiic
lml.il nf holding pins in their mouths lay
themselves open lo serious attack. The
dnetors whn Imvo warned tin* public say
that many uf lhe so-enllctl new pins are
nul new ut nil, but have been picked up
hi lhe streets nnd laid side hy sido with
tin- others. The idea ii not an altogether
pit-.is.inl niii*. ami is. moreover, ono likely
to increase the uneasiness of the over-fas-
Thru1 an* seme women nnw whn nre
so afraid uf germs that thoy waslu'nH
their gold and sliver pieces before handling Ihem, and who never allow n hank
bill lo go iuto their purses until il hns
been wrapped in soma kind of dlshifeet
liu*   NollliH   Of S|iiiln   Art'   Sol   All   ur
Tin-in s.iii- ut Bomelinil).
In spite uf Uie grand iiih* of the Duke
<>f \l duvnr del Ufa, lhe new minister nf
foreign ullniis iu Spain, there is un blue
blood in his veins, nml he is uf botirgeolsc
origin, lb- te indebted for Ids title of
"Duke" In his marriage with Dona Cleno-
vefa de Cordoba, only child and heiress uf
the late Duke of Alinodovar del Wo, says
lln* Wnsldngtou Post,
lu Spuiu in default of a son titles pass
lu ih.* daughter, nnd when she marries,
her liusbund becomes Invested therewith.
Thny have a peculiar name for these nobles by marriage hi Spain, and those who
nn Indebted fur their dukedoms lo unit
rlmonlal alliances are styled "tliupie-MH,"
nnd are  looked    upuil    with    u t-erluiii
amount of itcmpt, wldi-li is perhnps a
til tie unjust, seeing llial Ihere Is' not a
single une of the hUt nihil dukedoms iu
Spain Llnil has not iu this milliner passed uul uf liif family upmi which it was
lu fuel there in no easier way fur a
foreigner In obtain a perfectly authentic
nnd ancient Ullu thuu lo wed ihe eldest
>,,■ only daughter of - a Hpaulali noble
man   whn   has  nn huh, nud   among   the
mauy foreigners whn huve taken this
nieaiis nf gratifying iheir ambitions in
Ibis res] I,  I  need only mention  the
Irish bunker, O'Bhcft, uilelo uf   CVplaln
O'Sh uf Parnell ease celebrity, who In
Uii- maimer becilinc Duka of Ban l.ueiir,
while thf brill in ul Journalisl nml author,
nrciivlllu Murray," generally supposed lo
have been an Illegitimate son of Lord l'i!
morston, after being I led out uf England by tlie present ICarl of Carrington,
ipeill llie latter part of his life in Spniu
nml Prance, his Identity conecaletl under
u sonorous nml Illustrious Spanish uaitio
prellxt'tl by the lille of "Count," nil of
which lu* owes in his Madrilotie wife.
The present minister of foreign ullniis
is llie suu of u very wealthy wine dealer
und wine grower uf Andalusia, and having
1 n partly educated in England, speaks
English like a native. Ile is 4.") years
uf ago, rather stunt, and exceedingly guud
humored mid cheery.
Ing puper.   They pveu require the shop
girls who hand Ihem Iheir change In wrap Muke   llio   I'l Ic hrr   liu   Much   Kit ni
il iu paper first.   What is to be done, if Work in the Gamo
all this is so. with the popular supersti
tions aboul picking up nil the pin- Unit
one sees und never passing a penny iu the
Mrs. Hoffman Describes How She
Wrote to Mrs.   Pinkham for
Advice, and Is Now Well.
Dfau Mas Pinkham—-Before using
your Vegetable Compound 1 was a j
great sufferer, I have been sick for i
mouths, was troubled with severe pain
Id both sides of ukdotncu, sore feeling
in lower partof,bow*
els, also suffered
One nf the cleverest points of pluy
adopted by tin* Ualtlmoro team in seasons past was working the pitcher by
compelling him to toss up us many hulls
ns possible without proving n handicap
In the Orioles, says au exchange. Of
course Haitian's men were in a position
tn palm nil' bits uf strategy nn a pitcher,
bemuse they were une ol the most scientific set of batsmen ever gotten together.
Thoy Uml a w.iv oi dropping u well-
placed bunt with'the bust's lilled. bringing in n run. mnl then lllliuj- up Uie corners again, llmilun uscll tu argue 1 li.it
every ball pitched wasa handicap in the
twirier, uud his men wero therefore Instructed to work off funis, overlook
strikes, hold mil  fur three hulls, mid pin
,    , .the pitcher, if possible, with three balls
with dizziness, i      . ' . .. '      ,     .   , ...
I innl two strikes,    lu fact, anything to
(Iilil,  Curiunn  iiml   l.-nijjluible   PIiii-m*
of Human Nutum Graphically Portrayed by i;iuiiii_iit Word Artiste of
Our Owu Day-A limine t of Fun.
Flic Knew Hint,
lie--And would you believe It-tbe
parrot look the words right out of my
She- Yes, I kunw; some parrots swear
terribly.--You hers Statesman.
The 1'oat Dan-gen
"Are you worrying nbout your sun
that lias eullsted. Grimmer?'
"No. It's the une that Ims contracted
as n baseball umpire fur the season
that's bothering tho life out uf me."—
Detroit I'ree Press.
Ti nu w i hoiitfSi
She- Fortune favors the brave,
He—It used to.
She- Used to? Why, whom does lt favor uow?
lie- The bnm-ti.-Upto-Ihite.
a Heartless Mon.
O'Hiich-Well, now that you're mar-
tied, do you tlutl lift; a grand, sweet
Bouodlct- Oh, no, The tirsi thing I
dltl afler we got back from OUI' wed-
dlug trip was tu hide my wife's music.
I'.rniiiil lln.vs. T
headache,  and
Could not sleep.
make hi in waste halls and use np
1 wrote jou a |""t,l*» """W;   '"'•' «•"* I*.***" lj»ve
.  ' pi te hers 111  lie   e-i'-ue. nnd lnniiv a close
tng my case and   '        ,      , ,    ,,,       ,        t
«dv|Cf, *You I """" "■"■" '" ""* '»"■ ,
^ lnfmo juit I    •'" *"'"■"»"■ "f ""' 1",""'","1-v "°"rr
followed your direc*
' tions. and cannot praise your medicine
enough for what it has done for me.
Many thanks to you fur your advice.
Lydla K. PlnUham'B Vegetable Compound hns cured mc, antl I will recommend itto my friends.—Mrs. FLORENCE
R, lloFFMAN.ru a Roland St, Canton, 0.
-,l  tu hike nut  life  in-ill'
- policl
Female commercial travelers in Berlin
nuke their rounds on trioycles, which me
irranged to curry Hunples of their goods.
Tho earliest complete clock of which an
ecumte record exists was made in the
'Vhcconditio'ndescribedbyMra HofP* I thirteenth   century   by a Saracen   me
man will appeal to many women, yot ehanle.
lots of sick women struggle on with j    It Is estimated Ihdl greater quantities
their daily   tasks  disregarding  the of gold and silver have been sunk In llio
urgent warnings until overtaken by sen tlmn aro now in circulation In the
actual collapse. ' world.
The present Mrs. rinkham's csperl* ;   Barcelona Is now llie most populona .itv
ence In treating female ills Is unparal- „f Spain, tin* resull id n census just token
leledi for years she worked side by side showing 820,000 inhabitants lo Madrid's
with Mrs. Lydla B. Pinkham. and for ,-,u;.iniii.
sometimes past Ims hail sols charge ■■■|ll, Ksotirial palace in Snnln contains
of the eorrespondenes department of ;1 ,..,. ■.,.,■,.,,■._ tl monastery with 200 cells,
her great business, treating by letter Lwo CO|]0»(?J,| |-m,,, libraries   ami nearly
ns many os a hundred thousand ailing i*,,,,,* other rooms
women during n single year.
umiuntis [iiniNj-ii Jiin i.A|j...u m,,, )i |mi< 'Hum mi.*: 1-JI-.H <
ill   J-1)   .'It4\\  Jl>   ll')(   tjl|lSI  Hill   .•« |-ll«   00.00%  ll] IIIHtt   III,.*, IIUIOUIU   Dl|1   3|«|(*
  hj-...i,i |.ioi|s .siilwjill litll i;i UlOJIStlMOQ  ,s,,||iV|
 iniuj -.tiis.-i'ivjni (.in ..r. muj*K.i-i.«uJi| Mipd
I Uliuj 11 J]IfS ."'Ml'"'I I tin W t " Uiul] *.-.»«iiii,ii|.| ,s.)i*j«'[
, -'im -hi 11111 sjtnijn- : 010 '-uns: •"liii.w iu'Is -Jie«J0ptt{i .n,i!|i«-| |o tii|fuoa ifaon tao
Iinriil t''"" iwu "n ■*< <i mi' la.Ai, in ii jo .isui|.nn«t u.iijj i|u« uoA|8oq m* oioiiiv inj«n '
--„i\ .inn.   tnfliu IM» ii-ii,     nm iii .(ml inn J,)i[i.ti|M 'uv.' ii -ii di|,i j.   1 .i nn|i|S|A
9l|AV   1iM|Jil I'll 11 ■t|u||t||l,itap >')|H m *u-M| l| H ii.i||injs,i3HiiM|,iniij,)iin1| puu h.*| Xih
l-llll.l ,ll|) UU a■.*M1 ■ I   (ll* BMOHI •.-■lllll-l I-..I' |1IIM|. 'lllll *,,1H|1IA l*,ll| »l||
oui e\\  'USAoiil leotJtl ujqi>«u   i*e,\\ mhwjui pus i(asipimo '.lopjri luupu-iu
ojojs OAJsnjoxg ui jng
oTois ^uoui-tJ-edoQ oj\j
iSaOIHd M3M iSGOOO M3N mm Ml
First Boy—Where nre yer goin' to,
Second Buy—I've gol lu go right over
'Ammersiniih brldgo in Bnrues, then
I've got io go to Putney nnd back by
Fulhnin rond, then to'Igh street, Kensington.
First Boy-Why, I've got to go to 'Igh
street. You go on. I'm iu u bit or a
hurry, but I'll wait for yer.
MmilIii'm Pre-eminence.      ~Z
"It Is snhl that Munilu bus the largest elgnr factory In the world.''
"Is Unit so? Then that makes two
of the largest things in Uie world Unit
Munilu hns."
"What's the other?"
"The largest submarine fleet of wnr-
Bhlpo." ,
A Fnolif.li  I'riipiiHitiiiii,
"What tin yuu think of a man whn
will pnrudc nrouud wlih a military
compuuy In tlino of pence ami then resign when war breaks out?''
".Now, what's tlio use suppnslng
such a case? No real man ever dltl
Yubsluy—You look ns If you must
huve Innl 11 goud lime lust night.
Mlldge-1  hope net.
"You hope nut?   Why?"
"Because, if I did, it was wasted,
1 ihiji't recollect n thing about It."—
Indianapolis Journal,
Modern Methods,
Mrs. Watts -Yuu folks are dreadful
slow. We are using Individual communion Clips at our church.
Mrs.   Potts—Slow,   arc   we?    Nest
week   we  begin   using   capsules,   Indianapolis Journal,
Hurried Along.
Dentist (to assistant, who hns Just
admitted a yonng woman from the
walling room)   Was it her Hirn?
Assistant No; but I hurried her
along because she suld the pain was
passing nwny.- Jewish Messenger.
Nautical -Note.
An liifiii-tmt-il • Adnittutotti
She John, wen-yuu very greatly flufl
tered wheu yuu proposed lo me?
lie Yes. To lell you ibe truth, 1
wns so rattled thai nlghl 1 dlduJl kuow
whal 1 was doing.
As yel he has uol succeeded In get*
tlug her iu list en to a 11 explanation.
They Can't Help It.
Willie—Pa, why is It Unit every mnn
who sim ded at anything advises ev
erybody rise not to try It?
l'u -That's only a round-ahotu dem
oust ration of the fuel that everybody
thinks he's the smartest fellow on
HOW tt'i Dune.
Ti If
Friend of Denier - ll-liu. sum:
What's up? Never heard you stammer like i hut over n price before,
Dealer  Well, yer see, George, when
I dun know 'om 1 Jls says, hun-iiii-mi
iiml.-n-,1 gives mo time to see how
Ihey takes It, an' if it don't surprise
'cm loo much I Jls claps nn as much of
another 'underd us 1 thinks they'll
swallow,—London Punch.
The Poetry uf It.
"The eyes," he said. In a line burst of
poetic eloquence, "are the windows of
the soul."
"So I have heard," she replied,
"but "
"But what?" he urged, as she hesi
t! I.
"You needn't try to sit so dose to me
just  because   I   happen   lo  be a  Utile
uea r-slgb ted."
Itf worn-out acres fullovi li.*,
Ouprnned tl rchard bbinds
For they whn tended them loug since
11 nvc gone to other lands-
One m th,- prairies of Uu* west,
And one across the sea;
j The rest have reach is.) Unit blest country
Where partings inny not be.
Tlu* elm Iraughs tup the skylight dim
As, in the dnys ogoue,
They tapped lo waken merrily
The little folk m dawn.
The woodbine curtains tenderly
The shuttered window pane,
Yet irrmits admittance to Its friends
The sunshine nud ilu* r.iin.
Nn step, no whisper, breaks the hush
But hist!   A sweep or wings
Athwart tho attic's dreaming iluak,
And tender twitterings I
A iciinnt fur the empty nest?
See—from the window ledge
A pboebe bird culls te its mute
Upou tho cradle's edge!
And in the cradle, vacant long,
Pour downy llcdgcllngs 1 i>
And cuddle close. They'll dream of wings
And 1 witter in their sleep
Ail through lhe iiuiel summer nightj
While on the dingy wall
I'lit silently ihe thin, weird shapes
That eumc at moonlight's cull.
0 life 'ind love thut werp nf yore!
() Bin) old house bereft!
To Une hm memory's treasured store
And the Utile birds nro left.
One of thine own Is in the west,
Ami 1  across the fomn;
The rest ure in thu I fairest hind
(If Home, Sweet Home.
-Utlcn Globe.
ii.iniiv.i bet
ino!" replle
tbe bor
me) When
V" came r
Fhe ICxplalns.
lie (yawning)—Excuse me, please.
She—uertaltily.   I'm glad you did It.
lie—1 don't quite understand wh*
whal yuu mean.
Shi*—Nell Waddliiglon told me that
yuu didn't open your head the evening
you willed on her. Now 1 can truthfully sny Mini yuu didn't act that way
when yuu en tne to see me.
A Mini uf l'iiits,
"Mr. Fizulngton Is quite a linguist,
Isn't be?"
"I never knew It."
"Oh, yes, he talks three languages."
"Whal are thoy?"
"Home, base-ball and gulf."
A Cmul Wretch.
In vs. Mllllken-George, If I should die,
how long would you promise lo remain
Mr, Mllllkoi. .eniitlouslyt-Whut is
the shortest length of time you will eon-
snler as an inducenicinV
Weylcr's Invasion,
"Do you think Weyler seriously
thinks of ever trying to invade this
country?' '
"1   wouldn't  be surprised if he did.
That fellow is just Inhuman enough lu
want to cuiue over here and lecture
about it after the trouble Is ended."
I hint- Deceit.
She—How came you to suspect thai
the landlady was deceitful?
lie—Why, she had pillow-shams 011
the bed and false-hair mattresses,—
Youkers statesman.
The Klrtit Citinn
Power tint will nt, jou aooe; ■«*
■ake yen aoaej. Hercults B-ijUe.
tn ate oheapeet power known. Burg
Gasoline or Biitlltote Oil; oo tnoke,
lire, aw dirt For pumplof, runnlni
oelryor (arm Machinery, the; hare ne
equal. Automatic la actlen, perfectly
taft ana reliable.
ttiat (er lllutrated caUlep,
Hercules (Jas
Engine Works   |
■a; St, Sao Fraacltet, Cal
Hereoln Special
ttH aa-trul boreepowaw)
Price, MLy tISS.
OovernoBs—D—a—m—dam, a thing to
keep back water,
Voting rupll-Wben papa says ll
mamiima always cries.—Sketch
"Impoverished!" she moaned, agon-
"Hon't get red-headed!" Implored
her father.
Dut how eould her hair possibly remain auburn with their Income fallen
from $i)0,000 a month to $350 a yenr?
—Detroit Journal.
II a raiiy.
Tourist (Iu railway car)—I understand you have very good drinking
water lu Munich,
Munlcher — So I hear.—FHegeude
A Menu Advantage.
"Tho girls ure taking a mean advantage of the horrors of war."
"How so?"
"Woll, they look so deuced tcary and
pitiful when they bear that a fellow
Is going to the front that ho can't help
engaging himself to them. I'm engaged
to seveu mysolf."—Cleveland PUUn
Kl lege tide Blatter,
Another Patriot,
"I understand ihat Blndle Is going tn
apply for a pension."
"rpou what grounds, I should like tn
know? lie never fought fur his country."
"No, but he enme over on the Paris
and his nervous system was completely upset."
f yiuiiuthlzliiK.
Mrs. Do l-'aihl (who cannot stand the
odor of turpentine)—1 would have Bent
for you to have dune this cleaning las'
week, but we huve been having the out
side nf our hutise painted, am) It ninth
us nil sick.
Mrs. MeSeadd (sympnthlzlngly) -■
Sure, 01 don't wonder. Thlni colors is
enough to make any one sick.—Now
York Weekly.
A Trusting Flower lie.ile*-.
She—1 am not up In the lungmige ol
dowers. What did thnt buncli of Jac
i-iicuiliiotH mean Ihnl you scut me?
He—I don't get llie traiiHlatluti from
the florist lllltll the end uf liic mouth.
—The Mnnliuttnn.
Her Ouoasi
HO—For a week I have not slept nn
hour nl a lime. 1 have tossed upon
my bed night after nlghl, only to urine
weary ami depressed lu the murnlngs.
I cannot eat. I eumc uml gu ami am
weighted down with one ull-perviul-
ing thought, it Ib with hid In my
waking hours. It la with mu tn my
She—Ah, it Is too bad. I'm sorry fur
He—Marie, have you not guessed
what lt Is that troubles me?
She—Yes. You're afraid there mny
be another cull for men and Hint you'll
have to go and light.
An hour afterward he was Ht Ml walking around lu n circle nud wondering
whether Bhe really meant It or uot.
A llewlldcrlnir Conjunction.
The havoc that bud been wrought
wus awful! Everything seemed to
have been literally lorn to pieces. It
was evident lhat a crush of matter
hnd occurred.
But It was not the scene of a great
battle. No, the pnperhnngcrs nud the
dressmaker had opc.'ut-id In thu house
en the same day.
IT was sundown In Santa Rosalia.
The rainy season was on In Cuba,
and low-, rumbling thunder had
been heard all the afternoon. That Is.
the peoplo who lived in lhe littlo cluster of piilm-lhiitcheil houses called Santa Rosalia thought it was thunder, And
so It was—thu distant mar ol' Spanish
artillery that came up from lhe south
One lllile collage stood by the mad
side, sunic tllsiaiicc apart from the others. II was the home ul' lhe Muiicntins.
The father, .lose, was ileiul.    lie hnd
fallen a victim to the last,  the   "ten
years'," war. Three suns were left tn
carry on the light, and they were then
wiih Brigadier Lopez Heclo, Only
mother ami lOmllhi, lhe sister, a little
girl ur twelve years, were left at homo
to wnich and pray to (ind in aid Uie
Cubans In Iheir struggle fur liberty.
Suddenly ihe noise nf cluttering boors
came from the southwest, The still
nlghl air bore tbu 11 u nils la ka bio sound
wlili distinctness. In un insianl every
head was al tin* open door. Nearer and
nearer came ilic galloping rider. [Jo
was alone. His horse wns covered with
foam uml paining like tl tired huiiml.
Up tn the little gale ot llie MuUcadu cut-
Inge In- staggered, and iheii his rider
reeled and utmost fell into tbu arms ur
his mother,
"My God! Rafael, you are wounded,
my boy—"
"it *„ no mutter; I cun sllll ride. The
Imtlle ul' Saratoga is raging. 1 um on
my way to Cnlutiel I'eiiu. lie does nut
kunw of It. We need him and bis t-ilV-
ttll'y. Help me In tl fresh horse nud I'll
catch Penn at Santa Lucia lu-niglii. [
The poor fellow never finished the
sentence. He luul fainted. The arras
nt' tender women bore bim iuto the
house. Poor little Kniella followed,
tlie tears streaming from her eyes. She
watched thom draw off tho riding boots
filled wlih lier brother's blond. She
brought witicr tu moisten his pqrelied
lips, she saw the ugly wotiud lu ids hip
and murmured through her gritting
teeth: "Bad Spaulurds! Bad Spaniards!
They will kill us nil yet!" And then
her borthcr'S eyes opened. The cold
water hud revived him. He tried to
move, hut ouly groaned lu agony, Once
more he Btrovo to rise.
"Mother, some oue, help mo to ray
feet! I must go on—I must go on. 1
have ridden sixteen leagues since morning. There are only four mure to Santa
l.uclii nnd to Peiitt, We musl have him.'
Aud Willi 11 mighty effort he rose to his
feet. Then he wavered, teal's of helplessness came Into his eyes, ami he sank
back on lhe bed with a sob of anguish.
"Tn think lhat I should go so near lo
the cud of my Journey ami then full!"
"How were you wounded, my buy'.'
"'Twos near Kl Desiuayo—Into this
afternoon, 1 imd changed horses at La
Vlndu an hour before. Suddenly I ran
Into n body or Spanish guerrillas from
Sun .Miguel. I could not fight them—
there were loo many—so I look up a ravine toward Isldro, They flred five volleys nfter me ami gave chase. Tbey
knew I bore a commission, My burse
was Heel und strong nnd I got nway,
but carried with IHO one of their rifle
balls. I lure off parts uf my sleeve and
pushed them intn Uie wound, but ll still
bled. I'm better now; I'm rested; I'll
go on." Ami again lie tried to get on Ute
"Itufacl, my boy, it is Impossible] you
are weak, Yuu eamiui ride; the motion
Of llle horse will cause yuu lo bleed tu
death, (iiililu must go. Kmllhi. toll him
tn snddle a fresh horse ami got ready to
ride to Simla Lucia."
EmIIIn started toward the door, but
her brother raised his hand in protest.
"(itihiu is only a half-wit. lie might
start for Santa Lucia, but he would
never find his way iu the dark. Even
if he reached Llio place he would forget
whom he wanted to boo."
"But there is tin other man in Rosalia," pleaded the mother,
"True! Therefore I must go. wound
or no wound. Kmlllft, tell Quldo to saddle a horse and bring It to tbe gate
quh-kly.  We are losing time."
"Brother, wo can't let you go. in
never see yuu again." And the poor
child burled her head on her brother's
neck. Then, suddenly rising, she exclaimed: "O, why was t not n man?
Culm so needs men! Yes, I'll tell him
to gel Linda reinly nt once. Colonel
Penn must go to help Gomest." Turning, she kissed her brother's forehead
and hurried nut to the stables. Moon
tbe quick gullnp of n horse was heard
approaching the house. But it did not
stop at the gale. On it sped In the direction of Santa Lucia.
A moment Inlet- Quldo, the hair willed black boy, wandered aimlessly Iuto
the room.
"Where Is the burse, where Is ED"I!
mn all present.
"I dun know. She said sumethiu'
'bout St. Lucia, Jumped on Linda's
back, ami looks to me as bow bhe'a
And so she wns; the brave little Ktnil
la, although not a soldier of Cuba, had
taken her brother's place. She had gone
to get Penn; to tell bim that the tight
between Uuine?, and the Spanish General Oastellanos was nn at Saratoga nnd
that every Cuban In Camaguey was
On the little heroine rude in the darkness of Un* night. She had been burn
nnd raised In the country, nnd she knew
the way tu Santa Lucia, although she
had never before traveled il lu thi
dark. But she was riding to snvo hei
brother's life and for Cuba. Darkness,
danger, nothing daunted her. Bare
headed and alone, she urged her horsi
over the rond at a pt  which would
have made must girls   tremble   with
Not even when nn hour biter the trop
lent storm broke In all its fury around
her did she hesitate. Lightning Btrlk
lug the lull "palma reals'' caused Lludii
mauy times to shy and almost bolt tin
road, but the brave little rider held 01.
ami never luosencd rein until lu sight
of Pena'a carapflres,
"Quleu vs*." Buddcuty called out the
"t'tiha!" answered the brave little pa
trlotns. She reined up her panting steed
"Adelunle una!" ordered the guard,
and Emilia, pale, wet, and dripping,
mile forward.
"Canimba! it Is a child. Who ore
you? What do you wnnt?"
"111m Emilia Moncndo, I want to tell
Colonel 1'emi lhat there Is a battle ai
Saratoga, General Gomes has only B30
men against over 2,000 Spaniards, aud
he needs help."
A few minutes later, almost fainting
Willi fatigue and nervous strain, she
was borne Into the presence nr Penn.
"Dios tiilu!" he exclaimed, as he listened to her story and then gave the signal for bis command to mount.
"You poor little thing, you should b-
abeil antl asleep." Wrapping his coal
around her little, trembling, wet form,
he jumped Inlo his saddle ami had an
otllcer pass ihe child up to bim. The
order was given to march, and lu his
arms the lighting Colonel of Cnrangue)
carried the Utile heroine back to ber
home In Rosalia.
"Take her." lie suld, as he handed her
over to the half craned mother, "Sbe
brought 11s Uie news. I'll --peak of her
tn General Gomez, She deserves the
rank of a Major General, she has
saved her brother's life, and ber bravu
d I may win tbe day at Saratoga."—
Omnhn Bee.
Groat Fortunes Math- by Accident.
If there is anything thai makes n
pur, tolling man happy it is to read
about llukes that have made fortunes.
Fur Instance, there was a captain »>f
a vessel plying between English and
Austrullaii points whn made a lucky
strike when convicts were taken tu
New South Wales.
a "time-expired" man came to the
mariner and begged tp be taken borne.
The former convict hud no money, but
he would gladly give his plot of land
for transportation.
The captain accepted the terms, and
great Is the Joy of his descendants, fur
that pint is now occupied by u wharf
and It is valued at $1,125,000.
A Limerick tobacconist believed himself to be ruined by ti tire that destroyed his shop. The next day he
found tins of snuff thnt had beeu in the
lire. Curiosity prompted liim to open
the canisters, lie fuund tlmt the action or the dames had materially lm*
proved the nrotna and pungency of the
snuff, The discovery made him very
The discovery of the Mount Sheba
mine was purely a fluke, anil Its output
of gold is the greatest or nny mine ir
the world except ill the Klondike district.
.V bank clerk In London heard that
there wns a rich deposit or gold at a
certain place at the Cape of Guud Hope.
Ho set about forming a provisional Byn*
tllcate among bis fellow clerks, and
ihey raised nbniit $1,500 among themselves.    A mining engineer was sent
out. He made a thorough Investigation, but fuund no gold, lie had decided to give up the search and was
ready to leave for home when he ran
across a miner.
"Well, stranger," he said. "I guess
you are ou a buut for the shiny. 'Taln't
here, boss."
"Have you a claim here?" asked the
"Yes; and l want to make tracks up
the country. Thai's ray claim over by
that camel's hump. You enn have it
for $100, nnd here's a sample or the
quartz, That claim ain't worth its
weight In gold, but it's worth every
dollar I ask for It."
The euginoer examined tbe specimen
and divided that there was gold lu It.
lie tided quickly.
"I'll tell you what I'll do, mate," he
snhl; "I'll give yuu $80 on the risk or
losing it."
The bargain was struck nnd the
claim carefully explored, An abundance uf gold was fuund In the most unlikely veins. To*day the shares, the
race value of which is $100, are worth
$000,000 each.-San Francisco Chronicle.
Med Willi Crutches
iiml   1 di 1 iuie  Tr.-fuiii   Bore*   Which
1 rouble.) III in for V«*rt.
•■I Iuivf been nilltcted with icrofuln rrom
birth.   Win n 1 ■ yeim old lores appeared
ni tu) hu ankle,' uud pieces of t ■mine
ut    I hi-ciiuu! diiicouniKed, bul I began
nklnji 11 i- Sarsiiporllhi audti affected
.ii** in. 1 cure.   The aeron are all healed
uon    .\. r. m inn-r, riu-h-iii-., Wash.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Moan's Pills nure nil liver ill.-.   23 Dents,
legs proportionately
! should travel nearly
A lending phv-i
vn mercury will rurely tier-troy lhe fen*** of
m.-ll iin; ■ ■■;■.-,:■ |,.| nee tin- wliole »>*g-
-in whon entering u thr.'iu;!- the mucoui sur-
acei. Su* h ■rUclei ihould never I*** une.l ex-
ept on prefer!ptloni from reputable phyil-
Ian*-, 'in iin- damace they win .to n ten-Md
tl ■■ c ■ ! rou can 1 "—.1 ly derive from them.
[all'i Catarrh Cure, manufaolurefl by F. J.
n-iny m Co., Toledo, O.. contalni no m**r-
■iry nn*l ll lulien Inlet-nelly, nctliif- -llm-tly
pnn tl" blood atul mucoui mirfacei of tin* *■»•
-m. In 1'U-.i*-.k Hall'e Catarrh Cure Ik* euro
,>n get thi genuine, it ts taken internally,
-,i made in Toledo, Ohio, by f. J. Cheney a
Ti itlmonlali free.
Bold   by   l 'rucBintn,  price TSe per bottle,
Hall'i  Family  l'lUn ure the belt.
The number of female elcrlu in the
'nltcd States ha- quadrupled within tlie
.1-1 2j years.
M i- .1 pretty general belief in Clilna
iut women who wear short hair will iu
future state he ii.ui-t.iiined into men.
For Infants nud Children.
Die Kind You Have Always Bought
Signature ut Cda^jffSZetSti
A woman of H.lf.1-1. Me. bul week
nun.I her 1**1 hound iu order to oh-
in ni.iiev to utv the liet-n-e t;i\ on her
■>  for C mmimiitlon hu '»1 n 1
I    ■■■  v..--   :•■ sin • ISCL-J. it.
.'■"   IM Av< . Chicago, 111.
The l.tie-t whim for lhe owroers of doga
tu make them wear shoej in the house
r Ihe \-\\\\>- 1 -irotccting the polished
:-■■■■• tcatorer. Bead lor tin k tst.oo trial
»til<>tu.<l:mttl«>-. liR. IL IL h*J*tXK Ltd., OB
r- h s-.revt. )'■.>.-..;-•■■:,'.*. 1-w.
Iu Ftniac* Orieai Uii sre«r white daisies,
nl foUoaers ol the bouse ol Rourbon
!c- I'.i.ni - d'Hemgne**] >ti-.ir white car-
Is due not only to the oriyinality and
j simplicity of the combination, but also
: to the care and skill with which it Is
manufactured by scientific processes
; known to thn Cai.ifohma Fig SvBUP
! Co. only, and we wish to Impress upon
j all the importance of pur'-hasinfr the
j true and  original  remedy,   As the
genuine Syrup of Pigs is manufactured
by tlie   CaUFOBHU   PlO   SrfBDP   Co.
only, u knowledge of tbat fact will
assist one in avoiding the worthless
imitations manufactured by other parties.   The high standing of the Cai.i-
1 fojsma Fig Stoop Co. with the medical profession, and   the  satisfaction
which the genuine Syrup of tigs has
given to millions of families, makes
the name of the Company n guaranty
of tlie excellence of its remedy.   It is
far in advance of all other laxatives,
as it act-, on the  kidneys, liver and
bowels without Irritating or weakening them, and it does not gripe nor
nauseate. In order to get its beneficial
effects, please remember the name of
the Company—
**4\ PIUKOISOD, Oat,
Lot ISVIU.K. Kj. SIM VOUK. tt. T.
llo-ifl Tree 1,000 Vears Old.
Oue of the must Interesting curiosities lu Germany te tbo rose tree at iiil-
dcshelm, which   is  more  than   J,o<)0
yeurs old.   lis exlstnitce can be traced
buck to the time uf Charlemagne, and
lt is a fact that it wus mentioned as a
curiosity In old chronicles of the ninth
century. It twines round n large part
uf the ancient Cathedral of Hlldeehelm,
near Brunswick, and with its countless
blnssiiuis presents In the season, an entrancing spectacle, This venerable witness from bygone ages has been attacked by some insidious insect that threatens it with destruction, The Uildes-
helincrs, to whom the roses ure n sacred
heirloom, have summoned the best authorities In arbor culture to their aid,
but the fnle of tbeir tree lllls Ihem with
anxiety,—Pa 11 Mall Gazette,
Curious < iilmlilcm ...
By n curious coincidence tho number
of lives lost at sea during 1800 In British merchant shl^s is returned us ex-
nctly l,ou7.
h It Wrong?
Oct it Right.
Keep it Right
Moore'-. I.e*filled Hamad? willdoJt. Threa
duet will mike you (eel better. Get it Iron
your droggUt or any wtioleuds droi bouw, 01
hum Sttwart >v Uolmoi Urug Co., Baattlo.
Stopped atoms
glli   HO,   'UN. _____     _
|2^HS-4-®-4- •'.'.'.' .•'..■' ..' •■' .,' .' .'...' .'..',. V ..'..* .,' ■.*.;'..,' .',. ' ^SHMnS-SHb-lS-HSHsM^
*-4      CRHMBROOK      •»—»
COMMERCIAL and •••   •••
OF   :  EAST   :   KOOTENAY.
••• •••
As a Site for Smelters it has exceptional advantages, being the
Divisional Point on the Main Line of the Crows Nest Pass Ry.
and the most central point on it for the principal mines of the district, viz: The St. Eugene group
to the west-northwest, the North Star and Sullivan groups to the north-west, the Wasa group to
the north-east, the Wild Horse group to the east and north-east, the Dibble group to the east and
south-east, and the Bull River group to the south-south-east.
C. P. R. Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man.
V.   HYDE   BAKER,  Local   Agent,  Cranbrook,  B. C.
B. 0. Land Investment Agency,
Victoria and Vancouver.
!<;• I *X«*T*I*[*l*I<H*I*i«>i*!'' i <■ i -1 -1 • I ■'•lI-  •! -•> Ll- i *!■•• - i' i • 'i • • ■ ■   '■] ■• xr i -.-' i •rX''X-'\-'''X*'L^X!''l *1*
Mr. Ihiillie, to impose upon
The Rossland Times is now edited by
Kenneth Qarliuon Uellairs, who ad ver*
tises himself at Uie bead of the ediloii.il
columns ns one wlio for twenty years was
editor of the London Weekly Bulletin,
Kenneth, uml we trust, lie will excuse the
familiarity, is unique nml will prove a
revelation in British Columbia journal*
ism. In his first Issue he deplores the
fact that the peop'e have been burdened
so lony with "-indent, illiterate, so-
called newspaper*,11 and "Interminable
twaddle which seems to be the essence
of northwestern journalism," nud hast'
etis to assure nu anxious public llial
henceforth they will have an opportunity
to rend a paper that will please their fancy aud not shock their [esthetic tastes.
Kenneth will be a boon to the newspaper field of British Columbia, For years
tbe poor unfortunates engaged in newspaper work have been plodding along,
writing ' Bngllsh as she is wrote." and
and waiting patiently f. r someone to
bla/e s journalistic trail that would meet
with the approval of intelligent human*
ity. At lust lhat lime hns come and
Rossland, happy Kossland! is lo he the
point from which bright journalistic rays
are to radiate. Kenneth, you arc nil
right. We like your style. We have
known for the past twenty or thirty
years that the world was not wagging
along just right, but we have hesitated
about telling the people so. Vou evidently propose to establish a policy that
reminds ua of lhat eplgramatlc statement made at the lime Spain objected t<>
the United States interfering with Cuba,
"To hell with .Spain." Vou have made
a gond start, lor iu one issue you have
told the people that your papci would be
lhe only Simon pure article in lhat line
in British Columbia, and started a cyclone atouud tbe Rosslaud postmaster,
roasted lhe town fur entertaining Lord
and Lady Aberdeen J east a slur upon the
Victorian Onlet of Nurses, severely criticised the aldermen, sent a red hoi wave
to your subscribers, lo'.d the news agents
lo come up with the coin, and made* life
miserable for n lonely horse with a bell.
Tslk about journalistic hurricanes I
Why, Keiltietb, you are a wonder. We
bow our head in humble acipiieseuce of
your power, and wait anxiously for lhe
next issue. It is now time for the illiterate fraternity to get down on their
knees.   Tbe King has come.
his Nemefll",
him again.
The appointment of William Ogilvie
us commissioner of tbe Yukon district is
one that meets with the hearty approval
of all. No better man could have been
There were more lots sold in Cranbrook the last two weeks than there were
sold in all other towns iu South East
Kootenay combined tbe last two months
Cranbrook property is in demand.
Tlie Moyie Leader has passed to Ihe
ownership of its editor—Fred Smyth—
uud J. Iv. Musgrave. The Leader is a
live little paper, with a live editor, and
merits a generous support from Movie's
The Kaslo Daily* News has gone the
usual way, Associated Press dispatches
and all. lt mny be weeks and it may be
months before another daily paper is
started tbere, but one will come. All of
tlie "long felt wnnl men" are not dead.
The Prospector complains of one or
two appointments made in this district
since election. The Prospector may feel
n little sore, bid il is nothing to the great
number of would-be office-holders who
were basking 111 the warm rays of Baillie
promises up to July |3,
The question as to who is to be leader
is still a serious one iu tbe minds of the
A yenr ago the people were asking—
"Where is Ctaubrook?" Now tbey are
enquiring "How.quick cau I gcttoCtau*
The reading of the prospector shows
that Mr. Baillle is nl work again as special correspondent at Vancouver. He has
evidently used the same methods wilh
the committee that he used iu ibe cam*
paigH, and as a result fooled ihem into
posting the necessary fj.ooofora contest.
The Prospector credits Col, linker with
lhe statement tlmt he wus returning to
Victoria io form a government wiih him
self as premier. No man is fuul sll
enough to believe lhat Col linker made
any such remark, nitd Mr. Oincc dies
not believe il.   lie lm-. limply penn tied
A visitor to Craubrook last week who
has been accustomed to sleep iitilil a late
hour, complained of the noise made by
ibe carpenters in tbe lown. The com*
plaint la a sctious one, ami yet there
seem* to be no way ihat relief can be afforded to lhe gentleman. Cranbrook ir
growing rapidly aud tbat keeps a large
number of carpenters at work early and
late. And their work naturally is pro-
•ductive of mote or less noise. Tin.
HiutAi.o call offer only one suggestion.
The gentleman might goto some oilier
town in Fast Kootenay where he desires
10 indulge in peaceful quietude, There
«re towns that call afford tbat luxury,
but il will he it long time before he cnu
secure it in Cranbrook. Cranbrook is
growing, and sbe is making considerable
noise as she grows. The people are beginning t > hear il from one coast to the
Two Representatives R-*ccitlly Visited Cran.
lirmik in the Corporation's Intercut,
Campbell Sweeney, manager of the
Vancouver brunch of the Bank of Montreal, also bunk inspector for lhe Province, and A, II. Buchanan, manager ol
the .Nelson branch of the same corporation were iu Cranbrook .Saturday and
Sunday, departing at noon of the latter
day to take the steamer for Jennings,
llieuce by rail to their respective homes.
The gentlemen said nothing during
their visit as to when their corporation
would establish a branch in Cranbrook.
declaring lhat that matter would luve to
be determined at a meeting of officials;
they were not satisfied with lhe location
of the bank's lots and before leaving secured two others near the lower end of
Baker street. THB Hkkai.d is of the
opinion thut not many weeks will elapse
lief ne il will be able to announce that
tbe Bank of Montreal   has commenced
the erection of a substantial building in
Cranbrook to  be occupied by a branch
of itself.     	
Inclusively, 33 years banking experience
in this range, Colorado, California, &c,
Personal responsibility.   Correspondent:
i ,1 National bank. Chicago.    Code used.
Craubrook, ll. C.
Thai Have Occurred Durlajs the Week Past,
or Will Take Place Later.
The Reverend Oliver is on the religious editor's schedule for a discourse next
.Sunday evening.
G. W. Pearson has the thanks of the
"responsible editor" nnd family for a
fine lot of Moyie trout.
To get Cranbrook real estate do not
wait until it's too late; prosperity ihl» w.7
is prancing, and prices are rapidly advancing.
Tbe telephone ollice has been removed
from the Craubrook house to the Craubrook pharmacy, on the corner opposite.
Beatlle makes a very good substitute for
the regulation "hello girl," says Archie.
The Leitch Brothers have disposed of
their gent's furnishing business to Keid
■S* Co , of Moyie City and Wardner, who
have largely increased the stock and will
continue the business at the old stand.
Work has been commenced along the
creek and springs in lhe northern and
eastern end of the town, clearing the
cottonwool! and undergrowth; also opening Baker street eastward. This will
add greatly to the beauty of the town as
well as destroying the ouly ulosquttolu*
cub.itor in tlle place.
J. Hutchison, real estate and mining
broker, is a hustler in that line, having
recently issued a neat little folder tersely describing the mineral resources ol
ibe country surrounding Cranbrook; he
is mailing it to capitalists throughout
the Cauadus and England.
The safes for the Canadian Bank of
Commerce huve arrived; one of them
weighs 5000 pounds nnd the other 2C00,
Temporally Manager Scott is now happy,
and i.s prepared to receive an 1 pay out
all kinds of money. By the way, the
bu tineas m 1 nager of Tm; Hekat.d is the
proud possessor of tbe first check issued
upon tlie Ctaubrook branch.
A son el horse was found in the brush
around the Springs Monday afternoon,
where it had be- ll pi, keted and left some
days by someone. It had become tangled in llie pick. I 'ope and Hies hnd tortured lhe poor animal until iis head and
neck were badly swollen aud together
wilh its ears infested by maggots. It
was taken to McMullen's lively stable
and treated with a wash of carbolic acid
and WaiteC and will recover.
A member of one of the Italian trcopb
which passed, through here furnished au
object lesson on how to obtain speedily
and cheaply a pair of 100-ln-lhe-shade
pantaloons; material necessary, a few
feet of twine, a small pointed stick, and
a gunny sack. Splil the gunny sack up
the middle from the open end within
about 11 inches of the top, so as to form
two legs by -ewing up ihe open sides thus
made; rip open the closed end of the
sack, split it down a few inches so as to
form a fl*,— or it can be used without—
and you have a pair of pants with ten
minutes', or less, work; the creases may
be at the side instead of the front, but
one dou't have to follow set styles.
An acrobatically inclined—induced by
tanglefoot — Frenchman took a dive
thro' the door of an uptown house a few
days since, after betoic struggles lauding
inside; he was dead broke, nearly dead
drunk, and evidently wanted to make
it three of a kind by deadheading his
lodging, but be failed to fill; he made a
bluff, however, and the landlady and her
boarder threw up tbeir hands—tbey
weren't hi the play at any stage of the
gum.', Constable Cole was, however, nud
called Parley Voiis, who Immediately
laid down without showing his hand;
the constable llien dealt the cards and
got a pair of Jacks—they were a holdout—hill the Fienehiiinti wouldn't come
up,  -in his hand was bunched and he,
was packed lo the bastile, where he afterward raised the bliud—aad tbe dead,
almost-—with his yells.
Archie Leitch will assist Mr. Reid in
the clothing store now kept by Reid &
Co., successors to Leitch Brothers.
It lakes all kinds of people to make
the population of the world. Cranbrook
is catching its share of all kinds, regaid-
less of color or brand.
John Willis, well-known along the
routes of the Great Northern and North-
un i*o,e*f.c rwUny" ..a n dining ear cook,
also as "Pap" Willis," has rented the
building opposite the North Star Bakery
mid will open therein a first-class short-
order restaurant.
This is a hone apiece on the Rev. Oliver and Joe Laidlaw: Not many days
ago tbe reverend traveler, iu company
wilh another gentleman, called at tbe
home of the Hon. Col. Baker, and Joe
found Ihe duties of host devolving upon
himself—of course he was equal to the
occasion; in due course of time Joe produced two or three decanters of the
choicest brands of liquid enthusiasm
and invited his guests to partake of it.
The parson declined, but his companion
and their host filled their glasses; Joe,
unaware, of the reverend gentleman's
calling, and attributing a wrongful cause
for his ruddy complexion, urged him
to join them, ending up with, "You'd
better juiu us—one moro won't hurt
general practitioners,
Cranbrook and Fort Stuelk.
Itojdiliir visits tn Wardner, Swansea, Moylo
City «int st, lingerie Missim,.
W. lt. Hosh. II. W. IlKltOIIMKIt,
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Fort Sti-'I-xk,     :    British Columbia.
Promptly Attended tc.
Motary Public,
•"^ Mines ~e <£
Cuirt-niioiidcucc OuHtHfcttl
1, thn undersigned, N. Hansim. lii-riM-jr give
notice Unit I jnh-.nl i-i ,t-i|<l> tn Hit- < l.iri 1 iitn-
mlBsluner uf IjumIs ami "ft'-irk* rut- 1 enntoilnn
ti> nmvliH ■*«* mi*' 111 nullt»il -ui'lslxiT-ii-ie-; of hml
on t'riimly Creek, South Kan Itootoniv, tie-t-
i-iihsil :ii r.ilt-iw-*.- CiuiitiieiH-lri-j at llio until-
e-tsl enntiT. itl-.i-.iil 1101 n>rly cliniri* aimlli tn 111
-.ni it * 11'.m corner nf (innrua* Coott'i iittroliflsc,
l,ni-.*8.*s ti 1 Tracy Crank, tlioiten HO) forty
{■iiiiin west, thence i4-t* roily clmltis noiuh,
iliniiRo t-tti) forty elmlna east, tneiica (*■) furtj
cli-tin* tiortii io iiulnl of conimQitceinont
N. IlA.M-.ON.
l»aie 1 Wasa, ll, <•., it; June, tans.
Provincial Land Sutvoyor,
foist stkki.k,
ItDlIttVlllu In tlio ureal future of I'l-anlnoo'.; lia-
opcnctl a large and well assorted sloclrof
Special attention given to mail
and out ot town orders.
R. li. UliATTII-.
The large ami cr mmotlions Steamers
In the mattar of tlm "Water Claim * Cniiiiillilii-
tlon Acl.M 7." ami Intliuiiiath'iuf tlm trnil-
Ino .k Wiit'n* Coin|»ii*,\ l.in.iloj.
NiHiri* n iifn-i.y jjivfn that a 11 till m has
boon lll-1-i.l In tlio J'lutri'-l lli'tfliiry of tlie
Soiii'i-nii'I'ointof ltd Mi t'ollinit-la at N'n.soa,
Itrfltsti Coli 111 'lit in a Ihk for'a earth) wd unrirr
si-cll'iti.", > 01 ilH-Hliiim niHitloin'd Act, author-
\/M\K the imHl-,o>k Water I'Din'ttu/ In con-
sti-.ii-t and niwrsta 11 w<iU-r works sy-tom for the
Mi'ii-lynf water to tho t-wn of Cranbrook and
the liitiaoltanis tlu-rcof and to tho sandier iii-m-
thessul town; ,111.1 m-tit-M* nlso hereby -ilven
tliat tins ii;i lli'.itinti 011 thn sild i«*titloii,w.]l ho
mado liy iho i;tid comimnr to a JHujI ot llie
siiiuvmi- Court of lirithli ('tiliiini*lH Ht Vlrtorla,
on IliuiMlai, tlionr.ili ilnv of Aupint. ma.
'I'll- ilate of tho tl si inibllcstlon of this notice
wiim tin* mtli ilay of July, 1S-J8.
Unitr.l Mil .Inly, tHUH.
DAVlh. I'dtH.KY ti Ll'XTON.
HI llastlon street, Victoria,
KoroKori for the Cranbrook Water Co., Ltd,
l.tlie untlerslgnflrt, J, MeKeti/.h, horabyjtvB
illuo Unit I in cud to aituly tutlin cliipf Coin-
inlsslonor or 1,um It ami works for narinlMlon
in iioriiliasc :•*.') kitcs of land In Hmilh Kant
Kiioloiiiiy, ilcii-rilint as follorrs: I oniinciiiiilij:
al liiesmitliwesi I'liriirrnf William Mi*lsca/.lf* *
ivo-i'imitliiii i-laliu, llmiicn fait -Hi chains to
>ulhs:i*tl cui-iiPi- of said d.illil; thcuci ititntll Ht
lialiis; tlicn-'c «est nciiala-u iheiice north m
IniiiHlo iiolntor roiniiiL-m-ciiinni.
.1, MrKK.S7.IE.
h.uc.i t'riinbrook, It. C, <lnuc 111, i«us.
(j>»-.»-*>-» •-♦♦•-•-•-•-♦ ♦■•-» • ♦ ♦♦♦♦»»•
One huiiilrvil pas^i'iij-L-is and one
hundred uud fifty tons freight each
'Win o-irn tlu> nnvlfintlnii sonsnn on the
Loot, nny Itlvor from
-ox Tilt;—
Fur ul point. In Kiisl Kuotunuy
About : April 20th.
I'nr (irssi imri' atul lii-l^lil inlo, Hilllrcs. tlio
Goitt>ia'ilo.V nu»nt tit Jemtinya, .Montsnti. nr (lu*
Fort Sleolc or Warduer, II. C.
This space will be
occupied by ... .
A complete ami well selected stuck of Family Grocertef,
Miners' Supplies, etc., now arriving.
;•>,«*-•♦* -•-•"» tin
Fori Stele Mercantile Co. X
Fort Steele and Wardner.
K*.**^*..->*!tt**ttt<e^t*tttte.*Mi**AttU*ayAi 11HHBJM
The Cranbrook Lumber k
1     Saw and..
I     Planing Mills..
* —AU,   KINI.S   OF	
, iii hi I.-M 1 up to ,ii fecilntltf.
Dittteiifitoii Timber, 3.4 to taxi, up to n feciloiiK fift 00 \xt U
-' "       nvcr 211 fa-a-t lone ilplo JO ft, niltl 50c, >ie*
M fur cacti nililitionnl 2 feet,
"        "     over 30 ft. long—prices on nppllcetton.
Rough Lumber, 12, 14,16 ft. length*  1* no pe. II
Surfaced    "      11,14,16 ft.      "       to 00 pee M
(1 inch T. nml 0. Flooring—No, 1  t* no per H
6 Inch      " " "    1  »» no P«« at
4 Inch     " " "   1  18 no per M
4 inch      " " "   2  14 00 per M
6 inch Rustic   "   1  >• 00 per II
6 inch  "    ' 1    tt 00 per H
4 inch V joint nr bended coiling.—No. 1  ti 00 per 11
4 inch V 2   24 m per II
Ship Lip-nil widths  »« 00 per II
Mouldings and finishing lumber, cosing., &c, price, on aoplicetioo. Z
« AHCH'd LEITCH, llemstger.       i
-»® »..*♦
The Cranbrook Hotel


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