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Cranbrook Herald Aug 2, 1900

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»»••»■»•»»»»«> ii>«->->„ a ■»•»♦-»♦■»-»-»-»■»■»■»•»»--*'*■»■»Q
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Ron. G«o. A. Cox, Prealdent. B. B. Wa««», Gen. M»n-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A -General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
L & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.       ******
19 r tf Reid & Co.
Hotel 3 3
Qncsts C—til % Specialty
•flood StaHlaf li CmmcUm
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Hat accommodations for the public unequalled In Craubrook.
20 per ct.
Off dt dt
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
WM.uk Dealer, ta
Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
....    Schlitz Beer    ....
WMtMk »** Mall
. Groceries, Men's Furnishing Goods,.
.... Boots and Shoes .   . t .   .
Attala hr
.   . The Giant Powder Company .   .
Af.it. Ht
.. Bennett's White Gutta Purcha Waterproof Fuse ..
Fort Steele Mercantile Company, Limited
Jacob P. Fink, Manager Ganbrook, B, C
fl H Miner  The Pioneer
Vie at*   IT 1111VI      HARDWARE STORE
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doom and Suh in all varieties.   Abo Builder.* Hani-
ware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
ROOFING.   Tin and painted metal
Eavestrough and Furnace work.
Alt work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and rioyle
The Herald Job Printing
It H SiU That TkktyFMt if Ore Crops
at tbi Mace,
Unfortunately It Is Far From Any
System of Transportation, in
a Rough Country.
Bob Haggard, ■ prospector and trap*
per, report! having made a great galena
discovery al tbe bead of the weet fork of
thc St. Mary river, reached beat via Cran
It waa very recently found, and is reported aa btlng 30 feet wide ou the sur-
face aad all ore of apparently a fine quality of conetntrating galena, traceable 400
Ita great remoteness is to be deplored,
aa under this condition It will necessitate
considerable development before capital
can ba attracted to It. The district is
reported to be 35 miles from the nearest
wagon road, with a pack trail only a
short portion of the distance between it
and St. Mary's lake.
BilM a a*. Pack Trail Marc Tkaa Twenty
Mites Leaf.
h Boyka, and Captain G. R. Gray, of
Bonner's Ferry, arc tbe owners of the
Del North and Great Northern galena
claims on the above-named creek, which
la about ao miles north of Perry creek,
emptying into the St. Mary river.
These claims show t\% feet of ore of a
concentrating nature mainly, showing
galena, silver and gold to a good amount
by assays. There Is an 80-foot adit on
the lead, the face of which shows ore as
above described. At a distance of 400
feet below tbia tunnel the ledge has been
caugh't again and also shows ore.
Tbest gentlemen have lhown the perseverance ef thc true proipectdr, inasmuch aa they have cut a trail 30 miles
long from Perry creek, 2% miles ot
which Is graded.
Mr. Boyka was in town Tuesday, having just returned from the properties,
where he had been accompanied by Geo.
Johnson, of Cranbrook, who went out to
examine the property in the interests ol
investors. Mr. Johuson appeared favorably impressed with what he saw.
Mr. Boyka has returned to tbe property and will renew development work.
Cealag ta Tbeir Senses.
Mining-stock investors In Spokane are
beginning to come to tbeir senses, quite
a Utile flurry having occured iu Sullivan
atock in that city Monday last when 14c
waa aakedand 13c bid. The fact ofthe
matter Is there his not been a day for
the peat 30 days that Sullivan has uot
been worth from 30c to 13c, at a moderate estimate, on ore actually iu sight
It Was HsU Last Pri-esy Evening, a Urge
Naabcr Being Present.
Thia summer a football and baseball
team waa organised. It was understood
that Cranbrook would celebrate Dominion Day, and that It would be necessary
to have something in the way of sports
to assist in drawing patronage to belp
defray tbe eipcnscs of tbe celebration;
U was a well-recognized fact that a few
horse and foot-races would not accomplish that end, ao the young meu of the
town organised as above slated; they put
in considerable time practicing, spent
many dollars for uniforms and other par-
erphernalia necessary for such organizations, and finally found themselves con
sldcrably in debt.
Accordingly they planned a ball to aid
thein In liquidating, conscious of the
fact tbat tbey bad bt-rue all the expenses
without help from thc general public,
contrary to general usage, and knowing
that they would be well patronised, an-
ncements were made that a dance
would be given for the club's benefit* li -
vltations Issued, tbe hall secured and
beautifully decorated, an elegant supper
prepared by Chef Orchard, of the "Cos"
and everything done to Insure thc comfort of the many guests.
It was, as expected, an unqualified
success in every respect, nnd thc boys
have every reason to believe tbat their
efforts to make the Dominion Day celebration a financial success waa appreciated both by tbe Athletic and Turf Association and the citizens In general; without the baseball and football contests
there would not have been a corporal's
guard from Pernie, and the attendance
on thnt day would have been cat in two
in consequence thereof.
The floor was crowded with merry
dancers until a late hour, happiness
reigned wpreuie until . the close, and
over 50 couples enjoyed the supper.
The receipts of the evening have pretty nearly leveled the boys up financially,
and they desire, through the columns of
The Herald, to return to the numerous
patrons of the occasion their sincere
thanks for their kind remembrance.
Later—The above was written and put
In type thc day preceding the evening of
the dance; lt was so written to save time
and on the supposition what should be
* ould be in a case of tbis kind; tbe fact
ot tbe matter it tbe " benefit" dance put
the club over $20 more " in the hole."
More tban |oo of the club's liabilities
were incurred In paying the expenses of
the Pernie club Tor the Dominion Day
celebration—tor which tbey received
medals and made enemies for themselves
and made money for the association and
those who had laid wagers on tbe game.
Up tc July 21 Slity.Twe Ferel-jeeri Had Bcea
Killed at tbe Britisb Leistlcn.
London, July 31—The admiralty haa
made public the following dispatch from
Hear Admiral Bruce at Tientsin:
"The following advices have been received from Pekin:
* The British legation at Pekin, July
10 to 16, wu repeatedly attacked by
Chinese troops on all sides, both by rifle
and artillery fire. Sluee July 16 there
haa been an armistice, but a cordon is
strictly drawn on both sides of the poet
tion. The Chinese barricades are close
to ours. All the women and children
are in tbe British legation. Tbe casualties to date are 62 killed, Including Captain Halliday. The rest of the legation
are all well except David Oliphant and
Warren, killed July 31.   MacDouald."
There Are Three of Tbem, and Tbey Find a
Ready Market fer Tkelr Product-
Employ IM Workers.
Cranbrook expects much, and uot with
out justification, from the large and rich
mining territory adjacent to it.
But this is far from being its only resource. Agriculture and horticulture
will at some time In the future.be an important factor in the prosperity of the
town. In the meantime lumbering will
ba one of the main and Increasing
sources of revenue.
There are three mills in town and on
the outskirts, with a capacity of 60,000
feet per day, aud the probability of a
fourth one soon being in operation a little farther out Is not remote; the- plants
now in operation employ a total of 115
men, which in itself is a snug contribution toward ensuring the prosperity of a
new town.
The article manufacture 1 is of a very
good quality, as there is fine timber surrounding Cranbrook, as far as the vision
can penetrate, in almost every direction,
consisting of fir, pine and tamarack. To
the eaat, across the summit of the Rockies, is an everlasting market-—the great
plains country.
The firms engaged in this line of business, tbe capacity of their plants, etc.,
are as follows:
The Craebreok Lumber Csmpnny.
This company haa tbe largest aud best
plant In this section, wilh a capacity of
30,000 feet daily. It haa all machinery
for the production of rough and dressed
lumber, propelled by a 60 horse-power
engine; also connected witb the mill, for
auxilliary work, is a 25-horse-powcr engine; this company is the only one
that is the happy possessor of a spur
from the railroad direct to its mill. Tbere
are 60 employees in various capacities.
Although running without cessation tbe
product has little chance to accumulate
lu tbe spacious yards. Arch. Leitch,
well known in business and political circles of Maultoba and British Columbia,
is president of the company,
Tbe T. W. Leask Campaay.
This was originally a sash and door
factory exclusively, but was augmented
this spring by a lumbering plant with a
capacity of 30,000 feet a day. It is located at the north end of town, and from
the time of cutting tbe first board-—about
three months ago—it has run steadily
aud the product disposed of as fast as
turned out, principally to the St. Eugene
Mining Company, at Moyie. In addition to the sawmill la a sash and door
factory. Thirty men are constantly employed.
ReblBsea a Mc.esik.
This plant Is located about two miles
southeast of Cranbrook,. In the midst of
a fine body of timber.'-. Their mill is
somewhat smaller then the others, but
is turning out as good material as Is mnde
In any lend; like the other mills they
nlso have a planer attached for dressing
lumber. The output Is le.ooo feet daily,
and tbey have In their yards 700,000 feet
of lumber; they employ a total of 35
men; their market Is also In tbe east,
and they report an Increasing demand.
Lest His Right Hand.
Mark Plnniss, a car repairer in the C.
P. R. shops at this place, lost his right
hand last Friday. He was between two
earn repairing the coupler on one of tbem
not taking tbe precaution to place out
danger signals. An engine pushed other cars against the one Pinnies was working on, crushing his band between the
couplings, necessitating ita amputation
above the wrist. Dr, King performed
the operation, and the patient Is getting
along uicely.	
» Skinned'' Again.
The Cranbrook Baseball club went to
Pernie last Saturday and were cleaned
up for the second time this season lu that
towu. It was 17 to 10 thin time; the
game Is said to have been even up to the
7th inning, when the Cranbrookera went
to pieces. Nevertheless the boys say
tbey bad a fine time, and that thc Pernio boys are, and alwsya were, all right,
Miners' Unlet.
A miners' Union, numbering 43 members, baa been organized at Kimberley.
It wns instituted the latter part of last
week by Organiser James Wilks, of Net-
Craabrw* Ma; SMiflavtfeod -Bdla1
All That Is Needed to Secure These
Blessings Is a Reasonable
H. W. Kent, general superintendent
for the Canada Western Telegraph and
Telephone compmy, arrived in town
Monday morning for thc express purpose of reviving the old telephone plant
that was installed twoand one half years
ago by his company, between Port Steele
at one end and Swanaea at throthcr.
The intention at thc present time ia to
reconstruct the old line, which has been
ssdly wrecked, both by falling trees and
vandals, put it in active operation and as
soon as necessary extend It to Mo> le and
later, as the country develops, to Nelson,
whence long distance communication
can be held with soulh and west British
Columbia, and the northwestern United
Tc Kimberley.
At present there is no maansof speedy
communication wi h Kimberley-—uo telegraph and a mall service tri-wcekly
If a reasonable amount of patronage
will be guaranteed tbe line will be immediately extended lo Kimberley and
tbe mines, a state of affairs, under present conditions, much to be desired at
both places.
An Eichnuft al Craabreek.
Mr. Kent also statea that the company
wilt instal a local exchange if a certain-
amount of patronage Is guaranteed; and
The Herald will state that the number
required is moderate, and the subscription price within the reach of almost
every owner of a home.
Thc company ia one of the largest telephone corporations -ot tbe country, and
can curry out all lt undcrtafcea; It ta to
be hoped It will receive the necessary
encouragement to furnish .the service it
stands ready to aupply,
Paul Rookes will be the local manager
and will uo doubt prove efficient and attentive to the service.
Malcolm Mclnnes Caa Lay Claim te Pasaesslag
tbe Prettiest Heme la East Kaeteaay.
A. D. Grant In building, lor Malcolm
Mcluues what ts probably not only the
prettiest and most substantial home In
Cranbrook, but all Bast Kootenay, and
will be for some time to come, It ia situated on thc hill, on the block recently
purchased by Messrs. Murphy and Mclnnes, and commands a nice view of tbe
It is a two-story structure, the lower
floor being 30x41 and the upper 38x30
feet. Pour gablea on the main building
and one on the front po-tch give the
house a very attractive appearance from
a distance. Tbe arrangement of the
rooms are so as to make them very con
venient of access one to the other, and
they are spacious ns well. On the first
floor one goes from the porch to the
vestibule, thence to the parlor or dining-
room, aa desired, and from the dining-
room to the parlor, slltlngjpwm,, music-
room, or to the kitchen, aa may be preferred; Mt in the wall of thc dining-
room Is a spacious china closet; a short
hall leads lo the kitchen, aod you can go
down from the kitchen Into a large cellar 01 out on a convenient back porch, aa
the occasion may demand; thore la nlso
n bath-room and closets, chambers,
store room, etc.
The second floor contains three large
chambers, large store-room, elc.
Tbe bouse throughout will be plastered
and bard finished; thn internal woodwork will be of cedar, highly finished In
oil; the parlor windows $111 be plate
glass with leaded transoms, while In lhe
dining-room a large art window will be
a feature.
The large front porch hej handsomely
turned posts, while there Ic just enough
filagree" work about It to make It look
pretty without being "glng-trbready,"
One of the most important and comfort-producing features In connection
with the home will be thc system of
heating, which will be accomplished by
means of a Kelsey furnace, Installed by
G. M Miner.
With tbe coming of the electric light
and telephone system boihof these modern conveniences will be utilised, and
Mr, Mclnnes will be able to say lhat he
has the best home In Bast Kootenay.
A Sadden Death,
Mr. and Mrs. John Hutchison met
with a sudden bereavement Tuesday
night in the death of their infant and
only son, John Nestle Patrick Hutchison,
■g«d 4 tf •months.     Tht m^B w|ow htd
never been strong, but, singularly, appeared unusually bright and well the
evening before hla death—so much so
that his parents and friends were congratulating themselves upon hla apparent improvement. But tbe fatee had ordained that little Pat was never to -see
another day. and he passed away allcnt-
ly aud without  a struggle  while  yet
asleep. Gastritis is tbe cause assigned
for bis death. He was buried lasl evening, early.
The. many friends of Mr. and Mrs.
Hutchison will join The Herald in ex-
tending sincere sympathy to the afflicted
Notable Visitors.
Kx Senator Warner Miller, of New
York state, U. S., accompanied byC. M.
McQuaJg, of Montreal, who Honied Uie
Republic snd 1'aytte mine?, wns in town
Friday. Mr. Nonuau Biutnoie, of Montreal wss also of the party.
A special train took tbe party up to
Kimberley, and from llicnce they went
to the North Star mine; returning they
left for tbe west with the Idea tliat Soulh
Kast Kootenay Is of fur mon- importance as a mineral-producing district tlmn
haa hitherto been generally acknowledged. Tbey may return at a later date
to further investigate tbe mining resources of tbis country.
Blessing of the Bell.
This interesting ceremony wilt take
place Sunday next, August 5, at 7:30 p.
ni., at the Catholic church. Father Coccola officiating. The bell will be hoisted
into the belfry on Monday the dny following; it is tbe only church bell in Craubrook, and Ita tones will be welcome in
more ways than one.
•It Is Nothing," Said the King ol Itsly, as He
Pressed His Hand to the Side Wherein
a Bullet Had Pierced His Heart.
Mouxa, July 30.—King Humbert has
beeu assassinated. He was shut by An-
gello Hrissl and died in a few minutes.
The king was attending a gymnastic
competition celebration and bad just entered his carriage with Iiih aide-de-camp
amid the cheers of the crowd. He wns
killed by three revolver idiots tired iu
quick succession. Oue pierced the heart
of his majesty, who fell back aud expired
in a few moments. The asaa-iMu was ar-
lested Immediately and was with difficulty saved from the fury of the crowd
by the police, He gave his name as An-
gello Hrissi, describing himself as of
Praio, In Tuscany.
•It Is Nothing."
It appears tbat wben King Humbert
wan wounded be exclaimed: " It is
nothing." fhe royal carriage covered
the distance between the gymnastic society club-bouse, where the crime was
committed, and tbe royal villa at full
speed, requiring but three minutes. The
king expired on the way, and although
placed In a bed was dead wben tbe doctors arrived.
The Assassin.
Bressl Is young, tall aud swarthy. It
appears be remained four days in Prato
and two days at Bologne, after which he
came here.
Oo reaching the guardroom of (he carbineers Bressl was in a pitiable condition, his bands and arms being lacerated
and bloody, and his clothes torn by tbe
angry crowd. Replying to questions,
he hissed through his teeth: "Tell tbem
I came from America on purpose to kill
Humbert. I have ouly just arrived from
America and know no one. I spent a
day at Bologua, and theu came on to
The assassin is strictly guarded in prison. He observes absolute indifference
and took bis meals today without any
sign of being affected by his position.
Tbe Bad Resorts Concerning Tbst Fake Con*
Hanally Confirmed.
J. G. Van Wart, of Calgary, an old-
time miner In California's early days,
could not resist the temptation to join in
a stampede once more. He is now enroute home and tells about the same
story as is now generally current regard-
tug Nome. He worked on the beach
awhile but $1.50 a day was tlie average
result, and one can do as well and better
than tbat In many places in British Columbia.
Hr. Van Wart said (bat Nome bad undoubtedly been ru-h last season, and
Top Kup beach also, but are now worked
out. The latter place had a pay streak
only about 500 feet long, but made its
discoverers rich. He Is of the opinion
that the creeks will develop quite richly,
but tbey were all staked long before anyone got In tbere this y-tar. He confirms
the story of many who had taken in
heavy stocks of merchandise being
nearly, or quite, ruined by their venture.
Lienor Licenses.
The debate on the second reading of
the liquor license bill came up ut Victoria Monday, July 30.
The present bill does uot include the
obnoxious fio fee on application nor the
personal atteudance of applicants for renewals. A graduated Mat of fees ranging from |6o to I200 and an amendment
was promised qualifying wives to sign
petitions for or against licenses being
Methodist Manse.
The manse for tbe Methodist church
Is in course of construction. The cellar
has been completed and the carpenters
are getting to work. The building y/ill
be s t% story, 33x30 feet, and will cun-
tain six rooms. G. R. Leask haa the
Md Fellows' Eicurilon.
There will be an excursion to Moyie
Friday, Aug. 10, given by the Odd Fellows of Cranbrook. A special train will
leave here In the morning, returning in
the evening.   F.xcurslon rates.
Will Play Ier Coin.
Tbe   Rossland   ball   team play three
games at tbe opening of tbe Spokane
ball park, commencing Aug. 4, for $1000,
Townsite Company Will Devote a Large
Sam to That Cause.
Committees Appointed   to  Secure
Government  Aid   for
List Tuesday afternoon tbe Board of
Trade had a well attended meeting to
confer with the agent of the townsite
company, and the members with each
other on matters of vital interest to
Cranbruok property owners.
Mr. linker Informed the board that the
Townsile company Imd set aside a large
11111 cutti I of money for the permanent Improvement of Baker street, as well as
for work on other streets.
A committee whs appointed to work
with Mr. Haker in formulating plans for
the disposition of the grant lo tbe beat
advantage of tbe town in street improve*
Another committee was appointed for
tie purpose ol'drafting resolutions regarding procuriug freight rates over the
C. V. R that would deal more justly
witb Suu h i-ia-t Kootenay buaiuess
men than do the eiisting rates.
A couiJiiUee to confer with the government regauling the construction of
necessary public buildings in Cranbrook,
tlie appointment of an additional constable and to secure improvements on
the existing government road through
Cranbrook was also appointed.
. Tbe session was tbe most earnest and
interesting held for a long time and demonstrated tbe existence of a renewed interest in the welfare of Craubrook, and
a stimulated energy as well.
Ute Report! Are Favorable te Its C
tto-a, vis Port Steele.
The Herald, and all good citizens of
South Hast Kootenay, is glad to learn
lhat the pro.-pects Tor tbe const! uction of
the North and South railroad, taking in
Fort Steele on tbe route, are brightening.
The last ;ssue of the Fort Steele Prospector contains the following:
"C. F, Hanlogton, C. ti , wbo went to
Winnipeg to consult Chief Engineer of
Construction W. ti. Tye, returned on
Thursday evening.
"When asked regarding hts mission
to Winnipeg Mr. Hanington said: 'I
can give you nothing definite; lam of
the opinion, however, that tbe road will
be built. I will say this—that my instructions were, in making my reconnai-
sance, to gel as near Fort Steele as possible. I ran three lines, one from Saud
Creek, which is number one* number
two from Wardner and number three
from the Junction. In my report I
strongly recommend No. one, and in thia
Mr. Tye agreed witb me. The reports of
he routes gone over are now in the
hands of Mr. Shaughnessy for action.
" ' 1 can say that the road will undoubtedly be built, or rather, tbat it Is
now the intention of the company to go
ahead with this work, and it is probable
tbat the surveys will be made this fall,
and thc construction may commence; of
this, however, I am not certain, but can
say that when the road is built Fort
Steele will not be overlooked. *
11 expect some definite information
regauling the surveys before many
Sbot Himself Acddes tally.
Last Saturday Frank Sherwood, of
Fort Steele, whileincampsomedistance
from Palmer bar, accidentally sbot bimself with a _S-calihre revolver. The bail
entered the upper portion of tbe calf of
the right leg, on tbe outside, ranged
around to the back part and downward
spirally, coming oul above and back of
the ankle 8 inches from where it started;
the boitc was apparently untouched, the
injury being purely a flesh wound. He
rode to Palmer's bar horseback Sunday,
thence to Cranbrook in a wagon and go*
ng lo the Mission hospital. He was attended by Dr. King, who aays there Is
no apoari.ni danger of serious results,
and that Sherwood will probably be out
Masonic Lodge lastfluted.
Last Thursday night Cranbrook Lodge
No. 34, A. V. St A. — , was dedicated by
D, D. G M Morrow, wilh the following
brothers as offi-ers:
W. M.—A. Moffat.
S. W.—W. F. Tate.
J. W.—R. ti, lieattie.
Treasurer—James Ryan.
Secretary-W. I. Gurd.
S. L).—I>r. J. H. King.
J. I).—Malt Rockendorf.
S. S -Hugh McMillan.
J. S.—George Leitch.
I.G.—W.S. Bell.
T.-R. S. McNeill.
A number of ladies honored tbe brethren at lunch nnd so long during the evening as Uie gmit perm it u-d. Une of the
most pleasant features of the occasion
wss the singiug by the Misses Scott
(Dudley Buck Quartet) aud Rhoda
J.eitrh. The lodge has a strong membership nnd has entered upon ita char*
tried life under lhenio.it favorable conditions. qms a^jas 3JP|3   >«AdGUH>
•p_ujni-j _q ||1M A"anoai
jnol JaojDBjsiies jon si jt ji jeqj _?uipu*Rjs.i_p
-un aqj no pjos si Suil(J0|3 S,A*_40l(S
•j-eqj _dijtj_-s 01 pjojg*e jonuB**- iaqj pn*e *-*-[*cjs
j-e si notjBjndai jpqj '•o**) *^ Xaaoqg ***-*■ A"q
-p-era jtramjBS a"j_a3 ni sb 'pooS aq oj _jns si
138V1 S.A3_0HS
Suuuaq Suiqjop jo appj-e Any
•npia oi
aprcu jou
1!) o| -jprai si
*U»I{) JO}
p»3|se ->5|jd
tip ipjo/_ -Me
0_. n N AV
■_n)iioiu oah wd "'u -iiijanp luotiisod
■***-J fillia-iniH Jnn jonoi J'>a<i j-iuhimo; '>.\\—"H'K
'"•N 'll'l VNOII  At  O
•U0|1isndd« uo (UflinniiJ-B*.! un*
■iiosii-iH iCsmi nip in uonenill ii j-.j (tjinliud
e, (iiii|j eiji sj Mrtjj   '9AV(Itbq JsiiiiiiMh|)]in os
siDirsns ssiNisna uv ni
-sunoo aaHwns lvioads
. ffWtfy
__N_VW 3H1 NO
aiavarw isow am
H8Jl-0M"0O-V 13UPES 19 'fl TiopnnH-a idiupjd o.po
*i sispjo ii«k  sit/- u i-Duojiuonpa <s}usmen-0
q-itii',) pmi '.\Jtniwjs' iiuni.)],] nnoi8|t.'H ,«J*I*a
a*S£_i'*i!i«_ n^-id ono-flio
•pft*-l JBpuiia jo tuozop OAUi- ou .."oSnq
•umi V'0BtI3 !iml "' 1° «Jnot] jqliio tit ninn
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Tho llornld ilfljlros to glvo tlie now. or tlio
district,   if yuu know nay about lyour town
your ■ iiliti- or your pooplo, BOUll ll I" this tilllcL*.
m tu the Hodorn Hebrew i* Ut-tr-eiy a
i in in .i*.
Pu Lea tine Is nt present, ai Matthew
Arnold Iiiih laid, a laud "of ouu, aud
arid sloin*, uud crumbling Willi-, ftUd BUl«
try  stiod,"  hilt   tlici'i-  is  uo  li'iiNiin   to
iioniii tlmt outturn nud Irrigation would
n-sUuT lu fertility, and thul It might
oncu ngnin overflow ttitn milk uud
lionoj' if only tin* mouui wero leoured
ttiu'ii-h.v tin* work of I'Qclamtitloneould
he begun on u lnrge icnlo, sn)** the Lon-
dou S| inti.r.   Tlio Ult nmn colonies
tin* i*i' imve dono well, und Hi ero ure few
p<niH of iho lund lluil would mil yield
McVittie &
...Dealers in. .
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
I. O. 0. F. Block
Mines nnd Lands Sunevcd
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Money lo 'Loan
Cranbrook, U. C.
It has bee
.ted that ilu-
(low te rnrcly a farmer] that he prefers
tu work with tliu brains, to turn money
ovor, to engage in openulntIve occupation-!) inthii* than to work will) his
bands, 'I'he fact is true in tlu* main,
hui it Is oupable of explanation through
historic onuses, it is almost certain
that wo owe ngrloulture to the Bemltea
and it is certain tlmt tho Jew.-, were in
iineient limes an agricultural people,
Their exclusion from so many arts in
western ICurope, their confinement fur
centurnes to a few callings and to narrow ureas, will sufficiently account for
their present speuulotlve and somewhat mercenary Instluota,
Jt would be distinct guln to tbem,
morally and socially, could a goodly proportion of their rucc be induced to resume, under happy conditions, thoso
healthy and primary arts of life in
which lhey engaged before the overflow
of their ancient commonwealth- Oue
more land reclaimed from Turkish poverty and desolation would lie :i gain for
the Jews nnd for the entire world. It is
certnin that the Turk will do nothing
With Palestine; it seems equally certain
that European rivalries will prevent
anyone European country from colonizing it; why may not the true solution
be found in Jewish colonization? The
idea is attractive and it seems feasible.
.  That  tm-ulively   Bronte TlU-uutfh  tlie
I Ocean's iiuitoiti,
A break In the cable laid between the
BotlOgul const  of Africa nnd  IVnuim-
buco, lu Itni/il, live years ngo, has led
to an extraordinary discovery, related
recently hy Mr. He nent lo tho Instil n-
tinu of Klootrloal Engineers, 'i'hocnblo
was aa Hue a one un modern methods
could devise, yet nfter three months it
11roi;i* aboill IflO miles from Mu* African
coast) il WnB repaired nml broke again.
ll   wuh thoil  found thnt at  ihe place
where iin* break occurred Ihere was a
grool deal ol vogotnblo growth res-am*
I bllllg liver weed;   thai the color of the
sea wnn a dirty brown!4*igreen. Indicating the presence of fresh water, and
birds' feathers, pieces of ornnge-poijl,
scraps of carpel nud bits of driftwood
weie taken from I lie bot loin of I be ocean.
The phenomenon wns purely local, us
the ni-ni'esl   river was 76 miles uwuy,
and discharged iis waters In a different
direction. It wns surniised thut it
meant tlie sudden breaking through of
a submarine river, and the (.able was .|
moved to a distance; ufter two years
It broke again, and wns moved once
more, and engineers nre waiting to see
whal will happen. Submarine rivers
are known to exist in other parts of
! the ocean, olT the mouth of theCongo
and in the Gulf of Carpentaria, for Instance. This explanation, however, does
not account for the carpet and orange
peel, _.  a
An Autocratic Ilulvr Wlmli ('ovi-rufd
li}*  the   Will   uf  HU  People.
The ameer of Afghanistan, who was
nt first suspected of complicity with
the Indian border troubles, but whose
innocence is now well established, is
one of the most autocratic monarchs
in the world. N'ot the c/.tir of Russia
nor the sultan of Turkey Is more absolute in authority, says the New York
Tribune. Yet he is. or makes himself,
curiously subject to the will of the people iu some respects. A few years ngo
lie greatly desired to visit England ond
other European countries,nnd the Itrii-
ish government was anxious that hp
should do so, but lie did not venture to
do so without the consent of his people.
So be took a plebiscitum on the subject. He sent a proclamation lo every
village in his empire, telling what he
wauted to do, nnd explaining the advantages thai would accrue to him nnd
to tlie empire from such a tour, nnd asking the people lo take mote on the subject aud  let hlm Know thc result.   So
the subject was submitted lo universal
suffrage. After a few weeks the returns were nil in and were counted,
and it was found that a considerable majority of the people were opposed to liis
leaving the country. He was disappointed, luu acquiesced in tin- will of
the people, uml slaved nt home, sending his second son to England in his
place. ..
A HOTfcL. IIN iwTTTowns.
If   One  Tnun   Qo*l Dry  the  Iliu   ('tin
lit-   Mover)   Into  tlie (itlier Town.
In selecting Uie site for thc Grand
hotel   iu   the (ntskills. on lhe top of
l'inc Hill mountain, the owners evidently had in mind the vagaries of the
excise Vote,    ll is not generally known
thnt the Grand hotel stands on tho boundary line of Ulster and Delawnro counties, ihe boundary line passing almost
through the middle of tin- hotel -build-
Ink- The hole) therefore is in the township of Bhiuidnkeii. Ulster county, and
In the tottushi,p of Middle town, Delawnro county,   should Shnndnkcn   go
dry,  the  hold  bur could U- moved to
Midilli-Kiwn.iind vlcoversa. Advantage
bus been taken of this fact by tbe hotel owners to keep down the assess*
inenl, Bays the New York Suu.
The assessors or Rhnmlnken placed a
-valuation on tha property of -130,000,
but agreed to assess it for only $88,000
if tin* hotel would remain in thut township. This year tln*\ hau* raised the
holel assessment lo $30,000, and the
owners hnvo notified Ihem lhat they intend to remove the hoici io Delaware
county, where tbe assessment "in be
made much lower bv the loe.n of Mill'
tlle town.   The assessors of Shnndakcn
township nre going to try In have u bill
passed by ilu* nc\i legislature creating this hotel properly inlo a special
district, uud giving to the stockholders
lhe privilege Of voting us to where they
shall be assessed or whether they shall
be assessed al all.
Tlie MImi-I Thrush la Cruel und Pitiless,
The robin, that "pious" bird, is very
quarrelsome, und it exasperates one to
watch Wm wasting the precious hours
in hunting another hungry-robin down,
md round uud round, till the sparrows
have cleared the board, says the Contemporary Iteview, The blackbirds, tuo.
are very annoying iu the way that they
match up a lump of bread and liy* ulf
with it, only to be chased about for the
•■est of the morning by other blackbirds, while a sparrow makes a square
meal olf the morsel fallen meanwhile
under a shrub. Hut, relentless ns they
nre in pursuit, tlie curious fuel is that
they seldom fight. If the pursued
turns, the pursuer stops, perks up his
tall, and. being promptly charged by
the oilier, becomes In turn the pursued, Hut woe to both when lhe missel
thrush comes, He is pitiless in pursuit, nnd I have seen thein pass my
window time ufter lime in the course of
i morning, the storm cock hard on tlio
"heels" nf the blnckblrd. And when
lhey overtake them whal happens? For
myself. 1 huve often said before I believe the missel thmsh a cannibal. At
any rate, i attribute some of the dead
blackbirds and thrushes that one find*.
iboui the ground's to his cruel beak, lie
tvntehes for hirds for hours at a time,
like a bird of prey, and attacks like one,
I huve often stopped n chase which
I knew could only end in one wny.
I. o.o.r.   Key City Lodge
Ni' u,    Meet-)overy lu-
il.i>* nmlit at tlieii hall on
ii.i,.-i meet   sojourning
nllnlly lotted,
W l**. (Iiml
..All Kinds of..
Post Office Building.
Contractor and Builder
At present am building the new St. Eugene
hospital aad a number ol two story and other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
R. S.
Durick ave.
0a Idling jour contract
until vou Imve seen
Nn  Stone  I'mimI Iii t'linrilruellnir I'en-
h Iii ii   Ilu tilling  nt   \\ nali him nn.
Very few people know, it, bm it is a
fact that thc pension ofllce building is
the largest brick bull til ng in the
world, ll has been .subjected to much
criticism, but it can stand It, for ns
the time passes along there are many
things seen aboul il that escaped notice when it wus newer. In nil there
nre over 10,000.000 bricks in lhe build-
ing, snys tlu* Washington Star. (Jen.
Meigs took liberties with bricks that
no other architect had ever nttemptcd,
He not only used bricks exclusively for
the building, but lie used them In constructing the stairs throughout the
builditiff. In the matter of stair-build-.
Ing brloks have often heen used for
the raiser, but the stop has always boon
of iron, wood or slate or stone, ln the
pension nlllce both raiser nnd slep are
of brick. Asa brick building, therefore,
pun* nnd simple, Jt is unique lu construction, niiisidv uf tiie fael that It is
thc largest exclusively brick building
In the world.
Notice Is hereby given that the nartsri'g I
n in nu iiuy" after date spply ta tho elite! oomm a*
doner of lands aafl works of tlritlsli Columbia
for a special license to out anil -any away timber fi.nn the fnl.o-.vma described tamli commencing sl a post i lamed nt ihe loiithcMf corner ol Mock 9063 tllleitsilcHM ilu-ime east su
olialns, ihe oo north 19J olmlnt, Uioncetvestso
chsn«. thence soiitli IM chains to placo of coin
Dated July SOtlt, 1000.
John HreekenrldKo, Applicant
Notice i-i liereliy Riven that the unders'gned
nm, .i i nays after date. >\My tn the Chirr i ion
missions! ot Lands nnd Works for a special
h true tm'ui nmi eurj sway limber tmm the
Fo lowing descrlb a in a Comnirnclt-ui at a
po-it plaulsd nbout lew feet erst of i.ntic -sand
iiiilruy Mill im thenoo west to chains,
thence north-hi
linnet aottli ilu cliHiih
'lake nollttfl Hun one
Iliein'C wo-. I iiii
thouce etiii 100
lo  plSCQ of nm
month after date
 ^^^^        i in
tend to apply t * tho chief commissioner of land-i
aiui works tm permlsdon to pureliaio lhc following described lands i Commencing nt iho
sunt invent enner ot pre-emption  No. r-.'l tKd-
nani Walts] thence nortli I'l I'lintii, tbeiiee
westfttolialns, iiiciti-c south -wi ohfllni, ihencc
east n chains to the pant of oomnienceinentt
situateneai l-almors imr ii rowli Iftwt Koote-
nn .
Dated tu Cranbrook this oth day or July. IKO,
t. Voung.
Late ol Toronto
Contractor «d Builder
'i tm-ii* rohteniplatluJi balidtng win do won to let
mc Rftura on the eootraets.
Crailbrook, British Columbia
uml Uo
|ilaiih'il at ilu* iiittlln
hilled iii (Timl'i
i*ii tlmt I ni.Tnl In aji'*ly
' Commissioner nr Lands
tstba io pnrobase the tot-
. Cummencng at the Inlt-
miles west of Cranhrook,
H comer of W. J, Hainll-
-..(■(' ens! in chains, UtenCfl
■e weii in chains, thence
co iwat in cimitis, thenoo
:c east io chains, lhutico
pUce or beginning,
llilsseih day of June, moo
mu I till Al.l J MUTOH,
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors,
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
jT. A. Creighton,
j       The Grocer.
It includes the best of everything,
Have you seen his stock ?
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The hniisewlle and Ibe bachelor should deal with hint,   It will pay tbem.
Open Day and Night
 Best of Table Board
A first-class cook has charge of the culinary department nnd the
lodging accommodation-, are not excelled in Cranbrook.
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop,
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
iiiii ty ilayi nftsi dote i Intend to np] ly id t ho
I-hif i coiunilulcQfir ol lAntli mul works for n
■jH-.lnl imnnlt la ent Umber on llie foilowlnR
ih-st'iiiu'd Intnl. Commencing ti n nasi iinnlotl
nt iiio nortli onit corner ot w, Dmiiei inn oin|>-
tl»ii nml runnlna vntt IBQ oltnlnn, thouce idntli
bo i-iiiiini, thenoo woit lai elialtia. tlionro n rtli
wi rhnlni i-< polnl nr commenooincnt, oopttilnlriR
wo noraii
Dairii iiiis tdtii iitiy of July, iihhi.
•laiiiGi A. dloolo,
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt      jt
Made by Contract
A. W. M-VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice ol McVittle ■ Hutchison
Cranbrook, B. C.
•"*<• Builder dt
iBilCrnnbrook, B C
ink,1 notion i
lOA'-ply to tin'
WnrkHfoi ion
deu 1L..-.I Inndi
-A. K. Lrtloli-t
la p I iiilrml
lilol < 'iiiiiiiiis.iiiiu-r nr Units ami
Isslon In nlnrliasii thp rotluwlhn
uominenolni nt a post mnrkntl
nli'il at
Undertaking And
Cranbrook, 6. C.
Grmliinte or Cliampioit college of 11.
Successor to Maggs & Hughes in this
line. Will attend io any work iu the
Promptly Attended tc.
Saddle and**
Pack Horses
...For Sale or Rent
Armstrong ave., Opp. McCounelPs Store
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc.
Cranhrook, British Columbia
Alex. H. Watson...
Fire, Uie and Accldeot Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Conveyancer      ::      :;      ::      ::
Accounts Made Up
Office over Beattie's Drugstore
:> In
a Ins, Di.* in i
io or beginning, containing
mnl Dii'*-ii:iir in lie iioi it ii-
I'Mi'il lln- •*!: .1 ty tif.llllir, IINV).
A. K. LI!IT0H.
Notli ci, iirrohy ({Iron iimi mi
iiiih-1 Inlonil to jipply to olilof ev
lundt nml works fur itormlsslon i
foUowiiiB iloscrliioil l»n:si   cbn
post piimtod nt llm soiitli
Voting I |>ri!-i*iii|>tinii al I'ah
trfotuf Uiwt Kootenay, tlton
tlionca ffi;8t sn fliiiiiis, Hit'iici- smith -toelinfns,
tlionooeiwisoolmliM to llm jilitco of beginning,
rnMiiiiiilii:; 9W*no i-.i umi"' nr less,
Dated at t raiilnunK tills Otlulny of,lulft luAl.
(lea Joyce,
in* month aft r
fotninlssloner nt
in inirclia-.,* th.
niin-tnifiing nt .
it corner ot I
-i liar, In tlio (Hi
G* Johnson^*.
^ Assayer
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery 3
Proprietors *t j* jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
TcnniB and drivers furnished for any
point in tlle district.
Manager   Jt    Jt   Jt
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience 0 f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, qr address
" The Early Bird Catches the Worm " 1
The "Early Closing" Storekeeper *_
Should Catch Your Patronage .* .<
■ft  We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" S
. you in a strictly up-to-date style. Coitil- early %
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
• ••
Refitted Tliroughont
line nf lhe Most Comfbrtabl
Hotels in Bas, Kootenay.
Newly Purnislieil
VanDecar & Son, Props
Crnnbrook, D. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, B. C.
w, It. Unas, 11. w. HKliciiMitn
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
I'lMlllHlltlll IIIIICi'
1' llllli IH IlllllSnll lllui'li
Solicitor, Etc.
tl.'llll. nfl' i. HI' lllilH.
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props.
We have just tnoveil iuto our new bakery ou Hfinson avcitui', ftiitl witli the
largest and* most modern hrirk oven in
Knst Kootenay are uow prepared belter
than ever before to turn out Hrst class
work.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresh every night.
Orders for Wedding ind other Fancy Cikes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
B. C,
e. j. covi.fi
a. a. p. a.
Vincouver. B.C.
T. P. A.
Nelson. B.C.
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
jt   Jt   B. C.
**ie*************iA****2********************* \
The Cranbrook  I
Lumber Co.        I
Saw and Planing Mills       j
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, r
Dimension Lumber, I
5hingles and !
| flouldings. I
**************************************************** %
(Iradunlc ol Ml. Sin.I Hospital. New Vork
Apply at McVlllle i Hulchlion'i
Or it J. Ilukhluio'a KcldtDit
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE  HERALD.
An,]   After   Atl   rami*   Ont   nn   I£n_y
Wist tier.
"Did yuu know/1 »nld an old repurti r,
"thul ii promlueul newspaper mini of
St. Louie left :i tiptop editorial position
thi- other day for lhe purpose uf set-
tins up in business as u writer i i'
■speeches and h Iters? i have booh his
auuotmeutucnt nnd must sny be dueau't
mluce words In offering his sorvici^ tti
tin- public, but tells in plnlu tiuglteh
(exactly what lit* proposes to dm
J" "l have had n Httlo experience myself in speech writing for other people,
ami one episode I call to mlml wus
rnthor burrowing. A certain business
man who is a tiptop good follow, Luu
totally devoid of what Is called Lhe
'glti of gab,' was [iut down io rospond
to a Uiusi ut ii big bnuquet nud camo
tu nn* iu a cold sweat to help him mil.
"*l engaged to gel up Bomethlug
bright nud snappy that would occupy
aboul   Ave' minutes  in  delivery nud
gTOi ml   mil   ilu:   Mult'   wlthotll   much
trouble on tbo following duy. My man
wns certain ho couldn't memorize uuy-
thing, and I accordingly reduced it to
typewriting nn a coupio of sheets su if
necessary ii could he rend,
"I was present nl tho bniiquet myself
In tho capacity of reporter, uml shortly
beforo the speoehmnhlnR btfgtrii n winter hnndod mo n frautlc nun- from my
frieml saying he hail brought ihe
wrong manuscript by mistake and bogging me to do some th Ing quick ami
save hlm. lie was sitting sonic distance nwny on tho other Bide of a lung
table, nml when 1 lookod up lie made
a wlhl gesture of entreaty.
"i am nol a particularly rapid writer,
and tho sudden emergency, the excitement nnd om* or two glasses of champagne punch 1 had Imbibed drove the
speech clear oul of my head. My mind
wus a tutnl blank, Imt I grabbed a
menu card and began lo scribble un
ibo back. Tho speech wns third un Uie
list, so I hud to write ngalust lime, nnd
groat beads of perspiration rolled off
of my foroliond as I stumbled along.
Whenever I glnncod nt my patron he
motioned me to hurry.
"It was an awful onlcnl, but I got
through wilh It somehow or ofliol* nnd
sent uver (lie IlinilUSevlpI just in tiie
nick of lime. My man delivered .It* ho
Indistinctly Hint nobody eoiihl'tindtJc
slnml liim. and that nccouhls for "the
enlhtiHhi -iii* npplniiso ii reeeived.- i
never dared ivn.il it in pr,|nt."—New
(li-ieans Tiim's-lMmrnil.	
li,- it ii si.r,--i-i- : ror Veitrs I'rmn Kidney
Trimble--.uniy nicilli-hics Wero Ti U.I,
but lull i — Ur, Williams' I'luli I'l I In
Bnvcil  llim.
Mr. Jamas Upper, ol AUeubnrg, is a
gentli man wi ll known iu Wellnud
county. Mr. Upper wus p.ni*rioior of
Iho villago hotel tor over thirty years,
and uo hotter lnndlord ovor entered to
a trnvelior's wauls. Mr. Upper's ao*
quuinl nice also extends over Ontario us
a sequel tohs prominence in Orange
uml Miisoiitc stroll s, His present vo-
oation is forming nml >n this calling ho
hus beon very successful, Mr. Upper
has been ii sufferor for years irom kidney (rouble iiml begun to think* thut
good health hnd altogether passed him
by; but the time eamo when he found
n complete euro and is again strong,
happy and vigorous. In regard to Mr.
Unper's■sickness uud cure lio Bays:—
"la Deoecnber of l-S 1>7 I was proBtruted
witli a severe form of kiiluey trouble,
Previous to this I was slightly ulllicted
in the lame way, but at this time matters oatne to u ollmax as tho roralfc of
exposure and over-exertion. To sny
thut I suffered does not express it; Iho
pains in my buck wero terrible. I
gradually grow worse uud was compelled to keep my bed and for mouths I
oxlated us though in a hidco'.is dream.
I hud consldi ruble unnsea uud lonthing
for food, was greatly  reduced in flesh,
The pain daily grow mure intolerable,
I got little sleep; wub left wenk nud
exbuu-hd, unt despaired of getting
will. DJfferonl remedies were tried
without benefit. l''inully, I vns persuaded to try lb*. Williams' Piuk Pills
uud procured six boxea. This waa about
Maroh 1st. 1808, i took tbo pills faithfully ami ut the end ot two months I
felt well ngnin mid uble to attend to
my work. The following nntumn 1
experienced a -3light recurrouco of tho
trouble aud again used a lew boxes of
tho pills and now consider my euro
complete, ns u yenr has sinco parsed
and 1 have not experienced » palu or
ache. I am now able to follow farming pursuits with perfect ease. My
wife nlso speaks as warmly in favor of
Dr. Williams' Pii Ic i'ills ns I do, having used them fnr headache, dizziness
aud loss of appetite, ihe pills always
jiving comfort nnd relief, tf.nce my
illniBH I huvo learned thnt u good
remedy is none ilu* less good beoaUSS its
cost was so much Jess than I expected."
Find Fly -I've imi to do something
to build myself i |i thin Bummer.
Second Ply—Why don't you try
horseback riding? It's done wonders
for mo.—Types	
AOTION.—Somo persons, when' thoy
wish rn i leauge the Btonmoh-, resort to ep-
fioni and other purgative salts. These arc
spe-fidy in tbeir notion, but serye no perr
manent good. Theft um produces in-
olplont chili.-, and Ii porsistecl lu thoy Injure tho stomach. Nor do bboy act upon
ihe Intoitinea in a beneficial wny. Par-
mBleo'd Vegetable Pills answer all pur-
poms in this reBpBot, and have no superior.
Matrimony nnd Or line.
"1 begnn my enreer of crime," paid
th8 famous criminal, "when I married
the second lime."
'•Bid yum* second wife lead you
•astray?" nsked the sympathetic visitor.
"Not so much lis tho Ilrst one. It
•wnn sho wbo preferred tho bigamy
chargo."—Philadelphia   North   Amorl-
tELIi TIIE DEAP,-Mr. J,Tf, Kollook,
Druggist. 1*. rib. wr.tes: "A customer of
mine having hoeu cured of dcafnots by Hi
iw nl Dr.Thomns' Ecloolr.'o Oil, wroto to
Irolaod tolling hi* friends thoro or llio a
Iu const qui ooo I row Ived no order in icnd
half a doson liy exprou to Woxford-- Ire.
land thia week,"
illtmtrntlou of n Diplomatic Art Undo
Toward Uoflgmn.
i*i the "Life of Archbishop1 Benson"
by Ids sons occurs the entertaining
.md extremely suggestive passage:
I shall never forge! a conversation
between the embassador of a forelgu
p iwer nud my rather. Tbe former was
lining at Lambeth, a geulol, Intelligent mun. very solicitous lo be thoroughly in touch with the social life of
:l:e e-iillIlr.V. to  Wlljcll  lie Jlllll  beelt UC-
■redlied. ATter dinner tlio emhrtssa-
lui*. Iu ml! dipl imnllc uniform, with a
llil i ti and siar*.. •■itiing next io my
,.i ier, wild politely:
"D ii t yuitv giuce reside mue-liin the
My rather wtltl ihat as nrchblshop he
i'*as [ir ividml v, lib a coiiiiir.y bouse uml
.lull tie w;i;-5,l!;ere as tUUCll us possible,
fa* be - (iivrotTi'd the cotmiry to the
<'w:i.   .        ; '. ,
"Now, dues yum* grace go tu church'
lu ihe .ountry'f" with au air of geutal
:u|'!lry. turirtna i-nntil'lii hlg-'cliAlr.
■■Ves; in leed!' said my father. "Wo
inve-'ii bent'iltf-iil dun-ch almost In tlie
inrk. ivhleh ibe village people all go
-Ves." said ihe embassador mcdltft-
Ively, "yes, l nl\vnys go iu Church iny-
elf lu the country, li Is a good thing
tu show Bympiuhy Willi i-ollglous feel-
in-.': It Is lhe one thing which combats
oelallstlc Idtas. I think yotj ore very
wlso, your grnw, to go." ■
My-l'alher said that be felt us if be
ui.l Uie emha-siidtir were the two nu-
;il|*_ ns iX'tiresentcd In runeb.
"1 did my best,*' said, my Cnther, "to
persuade liim llllli I was n Clirisliail;
imi be listened to nil tbut 1 said witli a
charming expression, implying, 'W.a
nre men of the world uud undersiaud
each other.* I am sure ihat he thought
thai I was speaking diplomatically and
in purely couveixtloual language, .und.
Unit if we bad known each other .hotter
I should have thrown olf the mask and
avowed myself as free a thinker as
he." . .
in Action Hit- Anlma] !*••'« <,-*»*e. Tnlies
lull l*OBBUNNll>n of Man.
At home, lu n progressive coitumiul-
■ty, a nfau nuiy be a* eonl' licn.vt.i'-.oii* d
bank olei'kl bul, who lever bis station,
lhc eiiviroiimeiii of civilizing luflueuce
is Btrbug upon liim. nm| 'most of. his
chiiucevs for the display of Courage
come to tbe .moral1'side of his nature,
ltut out In'the open, wl(b inost of the
trammels enst off nnd' Ihe mieiny >in
front, with tbe ripple oft Uie colors
nbonl liim nml,, more thrill nil, tho feeling Hint (-trnies from ijompnnlonshlp in
tl '-fintn(ni danger wilh mnny of his
iviluws. ft Is-tlio iinlnml that gain's sti-
pretnncy, And man, being by nature a
brave nnd fearless anlmnl-lbc most
fearless of nil the anlma) species—simply remains Hue to bis birthright nml
Lues through (lie ordeal in the natural
way. ■     i      .
Whal can be the deduction? There
Is only one. Ii Is ibal battle gallantry
,-iinl battle brutality, springing ns tbey
both do from the same source, must
necessarily be (rilled.**1 Vou cannot slip
i be lensb of u bloodhound and stop him
half way to bis seeut. If any proof
were needed lo muke tbe fact of to-
!,. rent bravery nud—tho other tliltig—
ccrlaln it is to be found in the marvelous change In face, mnnner nud even
••speech thai comes over nearly every
man v, hen he is engaged in battle.
It may he urged Hint ibe excitement
or being under lire would be sufficient
reason for this callousness, but such nn
['jinla mil hm will noi account for tbe
• utile -fiiiivei'sion ofa man's whole life
,ruining. Tlie real reason Is Hint nt
mch limes it is ibe animal nnture that
:nkes full ami complete possession of
the human body.—Chicago Times-IIer-
u Id.
ll in First I2nriling*.
A few yeurs ngo u large party, bended by the Inihe of Norfolk, went ou a
lour through the eonilneiit. The duko
busied himself very mueh oil tlie jour-
ai.v in u kind liearieil wny about the
welfare of every, one In ibe party. At
every slnllon he used to get out and go
round lo see if be could do anything
lor nny, tine. One ohl woman, who did
not know hlm, when bIio arrived nt lust
in Rome, tired ami hot, found grent
difficulty in gelling a potter. So she
seized on lhe duke.
"Xow. my good tnun," sbe snid, "I've
noliccd yon at nil these stations loafing
about. Ilusl-muke yourself useful fur
once In your life. Tnke my bag and
hmi me a eab."
Tbe duke mildly did ns he wns bid
and wns rewarded wilh a sixpence.
"Thanh you, madam." be said. "1 shall
prize lids, Indeed! It Is the Ilrst colli I
have ever earned in'my life,"
Tin-   I'lltillf  iiimI   0||rrfl.
'here is q general opinion ihat the
ckholdera support the opora, nnd
ii ihe general public may consider
•If highly privileged lo be admitted
nil to the sacred precincts. As a
iter of fuel. If ihe opera depended
its oxlstonco upon the support of
> stockholders, 'he doors of lhe
tiiipuliuin Opera House would never
open, The bottom would drop out
ihe whole enterprise, The parquet
I ihe galleries are  tbe   manager's
f reliance.   Opera Is not a Hocial
tion; It Is n public Institution, and
liout tbe public's support would col-
bo like a house of cards.—Aluslee'a
The Lndy—Nowi don't-you buy drinb
Willi Hint nickel.
The Wnnilerer-No, Indeed, ,mumt
thank ye, miun. Tbis will 'just"'about
pay for file now-ninuieuie soL-r-Indlau-
njfollS I'ri'ss.
Wben n mnn wants to break: away,
the (Irs! symptom Is his declaration to
ibe girl (bat lie Is afraid lie canuot
make her'As happy us she deserves.—
Atchison fllobe.
Do Not
Pay Cash_>»
A very Inrif. uitvlng enn lie nmdo.   Wa can
furnish Uie -uxaut amount for any payment.
Write for particuhin nnd prli**,
rwlfe lnrkv I*, lhc pwl who
. Jljiv faU.hti Mti-ali-juit ItdBc-
, His nnn-slB sptaV her eyei -I t>lu«t
Ilia Imlliil-i cinii hrr path,'
■ -v riijm-a »iiii Qlidyi one might pen,
yuiie Hood enough to Bran,
Out whnt if yuur glrl'i cu-jiiomen *
Wu plain Sotnantliy Ann?
if -n
Qraca o
r liqbcl
Or May,
out n il
•a lit,"
■01193 \
..ulil WW vi
I mvttlc
- An
1 Willi
y help
im out,
■iiguue »
11 veer
n (right,
anv mn
mui,m s
vent Indltt
inl liy Aim.
There'i I'oc'i Uenoro ami Burnt1 Je*n
■For song tests yiaerlul themes,
riiQj* lycll nilglit spfiik of "rootleit mieB"
■ Ami wcivi their lauded druim*,
Out my iweetheartl   Ah, suoh'g slmui
To thus Indjst n ban
On rhyming lovi-r wilh a name
Like plain Bainanthjf Ailn.
-ltoy Parrel) QracM iti Detroit Free rr,*«.
One Way at G.tltttlt IHotter  Wltlmul
I'uiiiiiuif It Oul,
' "'rhert-' .urit .inore wnys of lunklnti
money- otfva chilli) thnn punning li
out," uniil nn Alusku mluer \vho hnd
jfpMQ Ineh witli bis pielt and shovel
'Tor lust a lice, I knew a man or mo'ttUN
In lhe Dawson district who bad e
elnlm wliicli luul failed lo be ns pro tit*
nble ii!) expected,, and be didn't know
just what to dy with It to get hla
money back until ho hjid devoted cou
shlevable tboiiKbl to It. Ami it was _lin
[ile eiiopb'li wben he knew bow*.
"lie <iul*-Uy weiit; to the gold com-.
mlsslouer am) annoiineed that be wished to pay tils 10 por cent royalty on the
product of Ids claim 1'or a year, which
Mils $tl,0OO. The commissioner. ac*
C'eptdd the sii.OOU royalty and gavo hlin
ilie usual receipt, stilting on Its face
•what It was for, with tbo number of
the claim, location, etc. '
"Then he 'waited patiently about,'
like -Mary's littlo lamb, and otic day. In
the course of human events, an I'.ng-
lisbniiin came afdng looking for n good
thing for some people who had money
to spend, lie nsked Mr. Ilhuik. among
•Others, whnt he bad to sell, and the
.smooth gent told liim he didn't know
exnetly. but he would show bim .bis
-goods. They looked over several
ijtkilinH thnt were practically uoworked.
and then In n casual way Mr. ltlan.k
shqwed the Englishman his receipt
fur royalty on cluliu so nnd so. 'And,
you know,' bo sajd. with n wink, 'thai
it man Isn't paying royalty on uny
more thnn ho.can possibly help.'
"The Kngllsh man wns right on tp
that liltlo gitmet of course, nnd he
sized np tbe $U.UD0 receipt, looked over
the claim In u general way nml ended
by buying it for $160,000."—Washing
tou Stnr.
Tlie Duke and the Ilvnn.
The late Prebendary Uogers used to
tell bow Lord Itosebery Joined bim In
petitioning.thy Duko of Wellington to
open Apsley House on Sunday after
noons, so that the public might see tbe
pictures. The duke nnd Mr. Itogera
met In thc park and began to speak
about the memorial.
"Among nil these signatures," said
the duke, "I find only one respectnble
name, nml tbnt is your own."
Mr. Uogers replied tbat Dean Stau-
ley bad signed.
"Ob," said the duke, "I dou't call him
respect able."
"Well, but there Is Lord Itosebery."
"I dou't think much of hlm," answered the duke; "but, ns you"assure mo It
Is alt right, 1 will see what can be
It wns Iinally agreed tlmt visitors
should be admitted on condition tluit
they wiped llielr feet on the mats nnd
did not «lt down-on tho sofas.—Westminster Gazette.
I'lecliiK Hunk Hotel,
1 nm told at the treasury department
that It is not possible for n person to
defraud the government by what they
call "pli'cing"-tbiit"is, by 'clipping'off
small slices of several bank notes nud
lilting tbem together to resemble a
complete note. Such offenses have
been commuted, nud thc guilty persons
have been sent to the penitentiary, but
the .treasury never redeems the bills,
nnd the loss fulls upon llie persons who
send Ihem In for redemption. Tbere
nre several,ways pf committing frauds
of this' nature, and they are done so
skillfully as to cscupe detection except
by e-xpci-ts. There Is now n $500 note
on exhibition at Ibe treasury which
Is made up of 1(1 slices of other notes
so skillfully titled together as to escape tho notice of a number of banks
ami many people who handled It.—Chi
cngo Record. ' "'
An Opern Air In Chureh. .
jTboso or my eburchgolng renders
who nre fnmlliur with Moznrt's opern
of "Dun Juan" and Imve eveu sung 11
hi chnrcb In—
I mn conscious of an Interruption
and n protest nt this point, denying the
allegation ami defying the nllegntor,
Imt 1 must Insist on the truth of my
statement The tti no "Smyrna" Is nol
sung so much In church as ti used lo
be. imi yotl could llnd it in plenty or
tnnebuoks 'jr. years ago. li is a heiiutl
ful melody, bul not devotional except
ns it expresses the devotion of the lie
kle coquet to In the opera as she con
soles her bruised lover.— Irish Independent.
A -UneMiloti of Ailviiiitiiife,
Mnn is distinguished from the beast
by the [tower to speak his thoughts;
the beast from the mun by the power
to keep Its thoughts to itself.—Detroit
Siamese people hnve bo superstitious
a dislike for odd numbers thnt tbey
strive nlways to hnve nn even number
of rooms, doors,, windows, closets, etc.,
lu their houses.
At the beginning of the eighteenth
century people were hanged In Great
Britain for the Illicit manufacture of
Tin- Other Side uf It.
"The mnl ter of expansion depends
entirely upon clit'iitnstances," says the
amnloill' plillOStfflier. "A man naturally objects In his wife's folks widening
tbeir sphere of Influence 111 his dlt-ee-
Hon, yet be Is not averse when n profitable Held is open to expanding toward
Uieiu."-Phllndelpllla North American.
'in An nl her IMnrUot.
"So Ihe BtOI'y goes." sollloipil^ed the
struggling author, mailing tbe ihrb-e
rejected mannscrlpt to a fourth pub
llshei'.—Chlcngu Tribune
He  Knew  the  Sharper-'  Game,   bnt
They Knew lt Better.
In tbe days wben things were wide
open there was a "brace" faro game on
the other side of Canal street, where
some pretty fat pigeons were frequently plucked. While this was going on a
broken down sport formed the bablt
of dropping In and securing a share of
the plunder by simply betting the reverse of the victim. Tbe latter, for Instance, would bet $50 one way on tbe
ace, and the old sport, knowing positively that, the dupe would lose, would
bet $r> the other way on the same card,
ln order to secure the (50 the dealer
bad to let the unwelcome visitor win
his little five, and that sort of thing
happened almost every time a fresh
fool was piloted Into the establishment.
Ot courso tho sharpers wbo ran tbe
game regarded this proceeding on the
old sport's part as a most outrageous
Invasion of their private rights, equivalent to blackmail. "I call It Just the
same as stealing for him to come In
flint way wheu we're skinning a man
uud take off a slice," said the main
sharp, "and:be really ought to bo arrested. We must do sometblug to stop
- Accordingly tbey laid their heads together and evolved a Machlavellan
scheme. A few day a later a stranger,
who had all the appearances of a very
verdant planter, wns steered Into the
place, and right behind bim, as usual,
came the old sport, sceutlpg rich pickings. After playing for awhile In a
small way the stranger, who appeared
to be more than half tipsy, pulled out a
huge roll of bills and offered to bet
$1,500 on the turn of a card. Tbe proposition wns promptly accepted, and the
other fellow, thinking he bad tht
chance of bis life, Immediately put up
$05, which was every cent he had on
earth. To his consternation, tbe planter won nnd he lost That broke him of
the habit and was tbe last time be ever
tried to rob robbers. It turned out
later thnt the planter was a Memphis
gambler, "made up" expressly for tht
role.—New Orleans Times-Democrat
How   the  'Little   Flsh   Ar*   Rooke-J
Through the lee.
The smelts are all caught witb hook
aud line, says tbe Bangor Commercial.
Taking them otherwise, such as by
seine, would be regarded by the fishermen here as a great wrong. The fishing Is nil done In tents, the tents being
nbout bIz feet long, five feet wide and
high enough for a man to stand up In
them. '
These tents are covered witb cloth,
heated by a stove and lighted usually
by a lantern. I have known tbe temperature of my tent to vary, however,
GO degrees within ten minutes during a
cold day.
A holo about six feet long and eight
Inches wide Is cut In the Ice and the
tent set lengthwise ot this. Six lines
attached to a pole fastened to the
plates of the tent hang Into the water
nearly eight Inches apart. These lines
durlug fishing hours are always kept In
Tbe way the fishermen handle tbesa
Hues, how they cau bait the hooks and
slat smelts, when, as they say, tbey
are "taking bolt" is certainly wonderful. I hnve known one man to catch
100 pounds ln less thnn one hour. This
means at least 1,000 fish, or about 17 a
minute. One smelter has been known
to catch 600 pounds during one tide's
Some hare made $25 to $30 a day and
others $200 In a few weeks. But these
big catches aro ouly made by those expert in tlshlng. The chances are that
a green band would starve the flrst
winter If dependent wholly on what
flsh he caught
F-alie Teeth af Antl««ltr.
The manufacture and use of false
teeth aro undoubtedly of great antiquity. The ancient Egyptians were
no mean dentists. Jawbones 6f mummies have been found witb false teeth
in them, and also witb teeth filled with
gold. The undent Greeks,also knew
how to till teeth with gold; also bow to
mnlte false teeth.
There Is plentiful evidence of skilled
dentistry among tbe Romans, for many
of the Latin authors bave references
to false tik'tlL. In the "Roman Laws of
the Twelve Tables" tbere are distinct
references to artificial teeth. Tbe first
part of No. 10 forbids useless expense
nt funerals ln general, but an exception
Ib permitted by No. 11, which allows
thnt thc gold fillings of false teeth or
the gold with which tbey were bound
should be burled or burned witb tha
The Moil tlnaremnatieel.
A literary man wbo bns Just returned
from the anthracite coal region of
Pennsylvania says that he found a
great quantity of "locnl color" there.
lie nlso suys he beard tbe most un-
grammatical sentence while there that
ever cumo under bis notice. He was
strolling through a mining village In
Schuylkill county wben be* heard a woman culling, and at some distance off
saw several children who were playing
In tho road. When be reached them,
he said kindly:
"Your mother Is calling you, children."
The largest child, a girl of about 10
years, turned to him and said:
"Her ain't a-cnlllu we; ub don't bt*
long to she."—New York Times.
Ere Wash For Don.
For pet dogs that Inherit a tendency
to watery eyes a wash of cold, clean
rainwater, followed by. a lotion of
three grains of rochelle salts dissolved
In four ounces of distilled water, Is recommended, Tbe latter should be dropped Into tbe eyes witb a medicine
dropper. About three drops twice n
day should be used.—New York Trlb-
In Lock.
First Nurseglrl—J-o you've got a new
Second Nurseglrl—Yes.
First Nurseglrl—Do you like It?
Second Nurseglrl-LIke it? Why, it
Is right In front of a police station!-
Indiana Weekly.
ll ■ 1,1-1 Work.
"That was n short time In which to
prepnre for a duel," said Alphonso.
"I hadn't beard,"
"Why, eneli man wns allowed only
two seconds."—Types,
The Indications nre thnt things have
como to the pass when Chicago wi-JI hnve
to go out nnd get thiags like conventions.— Omaha Wdflil-IIernld.
The fuet thnt Chicago women have to
carry arms to protect themselves from
thugs ought to act us n check to tht
v'uiity of the Inhabitants.—New > York
Suu. .....   ,.M
Chicago has bad no prairie fires In Ua
new words this winter, but sbootinjr the
rapids of the Chicago: river--is jmlticlent
excitement for , the. season.-rSt. . Louis
A Persian priest Is trying to Introduce
sun worship In Chicago. As the sun Is
an unfumiliar object to most Chiciigonus,
it Is doubtless regarded with reverence,
and the gentleman from Persia may Had
a fruitful field in the dark cily jt he
works it right—Minneapolis Times.
Chicago in getting good. A large number of druggists hnve signed an agreement to close tbeir place** of business on
Sunday. Well, (here Is need ot reform
In n town whero building operation's and
other work of that chnviicter used tu be
curried on on Humbly,—Cleveland Leader
Yon cannot be happy while yon have
turns. Then do not delay In getting a
bottle of Holloway's Corn Cum. It re
moves all kinds of oorns* without pain
Failure with lt Is unknown.
When Conilhlona 11 ulr.
• "Do you swear or ulllrmV' asked the
"It depends entirely upon the provocation," replied the wliutm-t-l'bllutlel.
phia North American. ■
Tou need not oough aU night and disturb your frlendB; there Is no occasion
for you running tho risk of contracting
Inflammation of tho lunga or consumption
While you oan get DickieY Antl-Cou-
■omptlve Syrup. This -medioine cures
oougbs, oold*-, inflammation of the lungs
aud all throat and chest troubles. It promotes a tree arid' easy' expectoration,
which Immediately relieves the throat
and lungs from viscid phlegm.
Hore d'fGavres,
"I see that the Ladysmith garrison
ate 0,000 horses during the siege/'
"Gave free rein to'tbelr appetites! I
"A In cart, of course?"
"I guess. Most of them took neck,
no doubt."
"Why neck?"
"It's the mnue stay."—Cleveland
rioin Dealer.	
are the causes of despondency aud melancholy f A disordered liver is one cause
and a prime one. A disordered liver
means a disordered stomach, and a disordered stnmaoh means disturbance of the
nervous syBtem. This brings the whole
body Into subjection and the victim feels
sick all over.. Pat-melee's Vegetable Pills
are a recognized remedy In this state and
relief will folio* their use.
Why He Sold,
Dasher—Yes, I sold my automobile.
Had to because it brought nn nrmy of
tramps around the house.
Rasher—Brought,.tramps around the
bouse?   What were they after?
Hasher—Tbey admired the blanked
machine because It would not work.—
Types. ...    .
These College Presidents,
"The president of oue of tbe California universities snys this yenr will witness the downfall of the British empire."
"Well, that's a good deal safer than
advising people not' to Invite the trusts
to dinner."—Cleveland Plnlu Dealer.
The three great vital factors
of this body of ban are the
heart, the nerves and the blood.
It Is because of the triple
Siwer possessed by Milburn's
enrt and Nerve Pi 1 Is of making
weak, irregular beating hearts
strong and steady, toning up
run down, shattered, nervous
systems and supplying those
elements necessary to make
thin, watery blood rich and
red, that so many wonderful
cures have been accredited to
this remedy.
Here Is tbe case of Mrs. B,
J. Arnold, Woodstock, N.B.,
who Bays:
"I was troubled for soma
time with nervous prostration
aud general weakness, feeling
Irritable, debilitated au4 sleepless nearly all ibe time. My
entire system became tun
down; As soon as I began
taking Milburn's Heart and
Nerve Pills. I realized tbat
they bad a calming, soothing
influence npon * the nerves.
Every dose seemed to help the
cure. They restored my sleep,
strengthened my nerves and
rive tone to my entire system,
think them wonderful."
The Vera Cruz nnd Pacific railway has
sent its representative to Italy to obtnln
laborers to push the construction of the
The Chicago, Burlington nnd Qnlncy
-railroad is eqtllpptug its locomotives with
electric headlights, to which a current
is furnished h.v u small dyuaino directly
forward .uf the smokestack.
The superintendent of the White Pass
and Yukon rftllrond took the snowfall nt
various points nlong lhe line of the niij-
road for December, with the following results; Chu-ier. 00% Inches; White Puss.
65 inches; Fraser, ■T-1/. Inches; Log Cabin, 7-1'_ inches.
' The officials of the Chicago, Rock Island ntul Pacific railroad hnve decided to
follow the lend of oilier minis in tbe mutter of providing technical instruction fnr
their employees on t lie rond. The "school
on wheels" for engineers, firemen, eon
diietors and hnikemcii Is to he a part of
thc Hock IhIiiiuI system.
I was eured of a bad oase of -Grip by
Sydney, G.B.
I was cured of Iosb of voico by MINARD'S LINIMENT.
I was cured of Soiatien Rlmnmutism
Bnriu, Niid.      LEWIS H. BUTLER.
N« v In it Street Car Fare,
"Eliza, it Isn't very far down to the
WIggsesi let's walk."
jBltsn (looking at hlm critically)-—
Goodness, goodness! Is thnt the man
who used to hire a carriage to tuke me
to a party ouly across the streetl—De-
troll Tree Press.
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Diphtheria.
A» I mm I,
"Did you suffer much from the Are?"
"No. You see. the Are wns In my
place. The fellows on each side, of me
who received the water sustained the
most damage,"—Philadelphia North
Miiiard's Linimeat Cures Colds, Etc.
Itriiily to Fill the  Viieniic-f.
"Mister," said tlie boy with the soiled
fuce to ibe mild eyed old gentleman
from Ibe country whose shoes be was
polishing up, "huve you got u little
elm11 at home about my elite?"
"No," replied bis customer.
"Don'l you want oue "/"—Chicago
Miiiard's Liniment Cores Distemper.
H4-v!m<-i1 Version.
"Why stand ye here Idle all the day?"
asked the taxpayer who is fond of quotations.
"Becnuse," replied the pnrty of the
seeoml part, "I am a city employee."—
ChleagO News,	
Miuia'i Llftlment Cars ooid li Con
Itum-H-l   Aluint  It.
Gotham—I suppose all of those portraits were bunded down lo you by
fbUl' atieesturs?
Wubasli-Ancestors nothing! Tbey
were bunded down to me by the a lit1
tioiiei'i'.- Yonkers Kiniesinan.
' _!________ FACTOBY.Montreal
Ttinae Liivlim* Girls.
nnttle-1'm Invited to the Upporten
ball next week, but I really dou't kuow
whnt to wenr. Whnt would you wear
If you bad my complexion?
Ella-Tbe thickest veil I could find.-
Chicago News.
Hotel Balmoral. R-TO-Wfgrfa
A Niitnrnl Seqnrnoe.
"You hadn't been lu the bouse two
minutes when you made that bad
"When you go broke, you can't help
breaks."—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Help your children to grow strong and
robust by counteracting anything that
onuses Ill-health. One great oause of disease in children Is worms. Remove them
witb Mother Graves' Worm Exterminator.
It never falls.
t To Make Money.
"Why do you sell wntered milk?"
asked the dry goods dealer.
"Why do you sell watered silk?"
asked the milkman.—Cbtcngo Record.
SEEDS ^is-oo
■E- KEITH * CO.,
S14 Mcltormott St., 4 doors west of Main at.,
Catalogues mailed on application   P.O. Box 838
Which neither ll at nor Knmi ■ nviin.
After B years' trlnl (-uatomrri cIiik-* It superior
to all other rooting    Highly nn* i mi men iiml at
W limlpeg IndimtiTul Exfilhttloii, HK-s.
W. G. FONSECA, ,lfl£*tu
Miila  Str-ael,      -        •      Wliiiilp g, Mao.
Hale Old Age.
Sod to see people
advanced In years
suflerlugfrom Backache, Lame Back,
Urinary Troubles
and Kidney Weakness. A halo old
age, free from pains
and aches, enn ouly
_ be attninedhy keeping ths kidneys right and the blood pure.
befriend the aged by freeing them from
pain and sorreoting all Disorders of the
Kidneys and Urinary System.
Mr. Thomas Ash, an old resldeut of
Renfrew, Oat., spoke ai follows:
"I am 72 years of age, and have been
troubled for a number of years with pains
eorois say back. When I would stoop
over It gave agonising pain to straighten
up. 1 was so had that I oould scarcely
walk, I have taken many kinds of medicines, but got nothing to help me. lining
recommended to try Doan's Kidney Pills
I got a box. After taking three doses I
noticed a great tdiange for the hotter,
and I oan now get nrouud as smart as a
orlekot. I oan i<\>\ it my own wood aud um,
ln fact, Just like a uew man. "
A boltcry of nrtillery consists of six
A bomb weighing uhout 70 pounds explodes Into a shower of 1._imi pi,-.-,'s.
Cavalry rover four miles nn hour when
Walking, nine mites nu hour when trotting, Ki miles nn hour gnUnping,
Aeeordlng to the knitier's uew nnvnl
programme, Germany will hnvo -m but-
tlcshlps In lt>10 Instead of the 17 she has
now, 110 large cruisers instead of 11, -IH
small cruisers aud gtinbouts In place of
82 and 11-1 torpedo boats instead ot St,
as at nreseut.
M-uafaetared by THOS. LEE, Wlnulpag,
Farm Lands
For Bale ln All Parts of the
Province.  Write for Lists.
Are Pare Havana Filled
They're mado for men who enjoy a fragrant and sweet smoke.
Obtaimiblo at alt good dealers everywhere.
When the doctors gin you np—Try an
Oxydonor.   It is better and cheaper than
Solng to California, as it furnishes purest of
iiygen to tho system by nature's law*, discovered by Dr. Sanche. Sub-dealers wanted
In each town in Manitoba. Address W. T,
Gil-bins, Grain Exchange, Winnipeg, Mr.
John Buller, Wlnnipegosls, writes: "Tour
Oiydonor laa wonderful thing aud has made
a new man of mo. I have also cured one
mun In eight hours of a bad case of lum.
bogo." We bave dozens of similar testimonials.
Catholic Prayer Ssa__STK_?
nUn, Religion! 1'k-turci. Statuary, and Church
Ornaments, Educational Works. Mail orders rv
oelfaprtmptattention. D,&I.fillerHO.-IOBtTO]
No iiiIiImmiimiit hollilnvfi.   Now In the thnu to
-prepare tor n situation in iho busy mmiun.
rull |iartleulars on a|>pliaatlnn.
N. B.—Wi- asfllalot! ovor 100ur our sludenta lo
positions during thu post llvo mouths.
W. N. U. 270.
Good Clothes
are worth the
price asked
lor them.
is made to lit
not made
to order.
Sold by
Reliable dealers
Any article of clothing bearing
is sure to be good, as in every garment made
by H. Shorey & Co., their reputation is at
stake, and they cannot afford to sacrifice that
Shorey's Clothing is sold on the understanding that if it is not satisfactory yonr
money will be returned.
curvncv'C   Clare Serge Suits
-MI-UKLI 3   Rctai, for j,2j5 CRANBROOK  HERALD
' A. W. M'VITTIE, U.L.S., P.L.S.
Ono year 12,00
sis mouths l,oo
The Herald ilwlrca to Rlyo the notva of thn
district. If vim know any ubouttyuur town
your mini' ov your iieojil *, semi li i» this ofllce.
Whr the HudeVU Uubr-un Is Ituri-ly a
Palestine is ut present, us Muttheav
Aruobl bus snid, it bind "of BUI), nnd
iirid stono, nml crumbling wall, and sultry snud," but there in no renBon to
doubt thnt culture und Irrigation would
restore Us fertility, und thut ll mlghl
iincc  again overflow with milk and
honoy if only tin* liit'lilis VVCtO BCOlirOtl
whereby the work of raoltunnUon could
be begun on a lnrge aeivlo, *>u.\s ilu* London Bpootator, tin* Ucrinun colonies
there hnve dono well, and there aro few
purls of lbt> bind tbut would not yield
It huH liven objected tbut the modern
Jew is rarely a farmer* thut he prefers
tu woik with his brains, lo turn money
over, to engage in speculative occupations, rather than to work with his
bunds, Tho fuel is true iu Ihe main,
but it is capable of explanation through
historic cnuBes, ti Is almost certain
that wo owe agriculture in the Semites
und it is certain thul the Jews were iu
anolent limes un agricultural people.
Their exclusion fnnn so many arts in
western Kurope, their confinement for
pen tur lies to a tew callings uud to narrow areas, will sufficiently account for
their present speculative nnd somewhat mercenary Instincts.
It would be distinct igaln to them,
morally and socially, could a goodly proportion of their race be induced to resume, under happy conditions, those
healthy nnd primary arts of life in
which ihey engaged before the overflow
of their nnclcnt commonwealth. One
more land reelninH-d from Turkish poverty and desolation would be a gnln for
the Jews aud for the entire world. It is
certain that the Turk will do nothing
with Palestine; it seema equally certain
that European rivalries will prevent
anyone European country from colonizing it; why may not the true solution
he found in Jewish colonization? Tbe
idea is attractive and it seems feasible.
JOHN HUTCHISON, Notary I'ubllc | &*••
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers in...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mines nml Lands Surveyed
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Monty lo loiiu
I. 0. O. F. Block Cranbrook, B. C.
When in Kimberley
I     Stop at the	
That  Sti-nugt'l>   liriuli Tllruush  the
I Ocean's iiotium,
A break in the cable luid belweeu the
BoilCgal coast of Africa nnd I'enuini-
buco, lu  Ilril7.il, the years ngo, hus led
in nu exlruuvdlnnry discovery, rotated
recently by Mr. Ueuost to the lusiiiu-
iinunf Kh-cti'h-ul Engineers, Tho robin
wus an line u one nn modern methods
could devise, yet after three mouths il
broke nbout 150 miles from the African
enlist;   ll wns 1'epniied and brokeugnln.
It was thon found tlmt al iho plnoo
where lhe brenh occurred Ihere wuh u
greal deul ol vogolubla growth reseiti*
1 bUlltf river weed;   tlml lhe clot* of the
.sen wns a dirty browni-lti grcon, indicating the presence i»r fvoah wnter, uud
birds' feathers, pieces of oraugo jioel,
sirups nf CIU'pOl uud bits of driftwood
wero taken f mm (be bottomof I be ocean,
'The phenomenon was purely local, us
the nearest rivor wns 76 miles away,
nnd discharged its wntcrs in n different
direction. It wus surmised that It
meant ibe sudden breaking through of
u submarine river, und the cable was
moved to a distance; after two years
It broke ngain, and was moved ouce
more, uud engineers are waiting to see
what will happen. Submarine rivers
arc known to exist in olher parti of
! the ocean, off the mouth of thcConpo
nnd in tho Gulf of Carpentaria, for in-
stnnce. This explanation, however, does
not account for the curpct nnd orange
An Autin-rntlc Kuler Who U Cover a ed
by the Will uf mu People.
The umeer of Afghanistan, who was
at first suspected of complicity with
the Indian border troubles, but whose
innocence is now well established, is
one of the most nutoonitic monarehs
in tho world. Not the czar of Uussin
nor the sultan of Turkey is niore absolute iu authority, says the New York
Tribune. Yet he is. or makes himself,
curiously subject to the will of the people iu some respects. A few years ago
he greatly desired to visit England and
other European countries, and lhe British government was anxious tlmt ho
should do so, but be did noi venture to
do so without tiie consent of ids people.
So he took a plebiscltum on the subject. He sent a proclamation io every
village in his empire, telling what he
Wauted  to do, .-md explaining the ;i<1-
vnntnges that would accrue to him and
to tbe empire from such n tour, and asking the people lo take ovoteon ihesnb-
ject and let bim know tbe result.   So
the subject wns submitted to universal
•suffrage. After a few* weeks the returns were nil In and were counted,
and it wus found thut a,considerable majority of the people wen* opposed lo his
leaving lhc country, ile was disappointed, but acquiesced in the will of
the people, and stayed at home, sending his second son to England In his
place. ,.
if one Town ones iir> the iim* Oan
lie   MOVe-ll   Into lhe Other Tow n.
In selecting the site for the Grand
hotel in the Cat-skills, on tin* lop nf
Pine Hill mountain, the owners evidently hud in mind the vngarlos of lhe
excise vote. Ii la not generally known
thnt tho Grand hotel si amis nn tin* boundary line of Ulster and Delaware counties, the boundary Hue pnssing nlninst
through lhc middle nf the holel building.   Tbe hotel therefore is in lhc town-
-ship nf Sbnndnkon, Ulster county, and
In the township of MIddletown, Delaware county, Bhould Bhnndnken go
dry, the hotel bar could bv moved to
MIddletown, and vlcevorsn. Advantage
litis been token nf this fuel h\ the hotel owners to keep down the nsscss-
ment, sii.vh lhe New York Sun.
The assessors nf Shnndnken placed a
valuation on the property nf $80,000,
Imt agreed In assess it for only $85,000
if the hotel wnuiii remain in thai township, Tlds year thoj u,i\r raised the
holel assessment in $30,000, und the
owners luce 00tilled thom that tbey intend to remove ibe lintd tn Delaware
county, where the assessment will be
mado inuoli lower bj ihe lownofilld-
die-town. The assessors uf Sbuiuhiki-ii
township are going tn try to have n bill
passed by the noxl legislature creating this holel property into a special
districi, and giving in ibe stockholders
the privilege ot voting ns to where they
-.hull be assessed Of whether they shall
bo assessed nt all.
The Missel Thrash U Cruel und Pitiless,
The robin, that "pious" bird, is very
jiiarrelsiiinc. and it exasperates'one to
watch bim wasting the precious bout's
in hunting u not her hungry robin down,
ind round uud round, till the spnrrowB
bave cleared the board, says the Contemporary fleview, The blackbirds, too,
are very annoying in the wny thut they
match up n lump of bread und fly olf
v\ ith it, only to be chased about for the
rest of the morning by other blackbirds, while a sparrow makes a square
meal off the morsel fallen meanwhile
under a shrub. Hut, relentless ns they
are in pursuit, the curious fact is that
they seldom tight. If the pursued
turns, tbe pursuer stops, perks up his
toil, und, being promptly charged by
the other, becomes in turn thc pursued. Hut woe to both wben the missel
thrush conies. He is pitiless in pursuit, am) f have seen thein pass my
window time ufter time in the course of
t morning, Ihe storm cock hard nn th-'
'heels" of the blackbird. Aud when
thoy overtake them what happens? Tor
myself, 1 hnve often said before 1 believe tbe missel thrush tt cannibal. At
any rate, I attribute some of the deud
blnekbirds and thrushes that one timte
tboiit the grounds to his cruel beak. lb*
ivatcbes fnr birds fnr bonis at n time,
like a bird nf prey, nnd attacks like one,
1 hnve often stopped a chase which
I knew could only end in one way,
No siiine iiteii in Constructing ivn-
mIoh Butiiitnu ni Washington,
Very few people know.lt, hut il is n
fact thut the pension ollice building is
the largest brick building in ttie
world. It hus been subjected to milch
criticism, but It cnii stoud It, for as
the time pusses along there fife many
things seen nbonl it that escaped notice when it was newer. In nil there
are over 10,000,000 (bricks in the building, snys the Washington Stnr. Oen,
Meigs took liberties witli bricks thnt
no other architect had ever ut tempted.
He not only used bricks exclusively for
thc building, but he used them in constructing the stairs throughout the
building. In the matter of stnlr-buiUL-
Ing brioks imve often been used for'
the raiser, bnt the step has always boon
of Iron, wood or slate or stone, In the
pension ollice both raiser nnd step are
of brick. Asa brick building, therefore,
pure and simple, tt is Unique In construction, outside of the fuel thut It is
the largest exclusively brick building
In thc world.
Notice Is hereby given that the ondert'gnwi
n in :*o ilu-, s alter date -tni-ly te the chief eontin i
sloncr of lands una works or lirillsh I'olutnblii
ror a special license tn mt una • any awny timber from tho Mowing tleserlUodtamli com-
menolng ai » post i footed at Ute imithotal mt
nor of Monk bod-(Bleasdell-s) ihenes east ao
chains, Hie ae north W olialns, tltaaea west 80
elia ii*. thenM Mtith iw chalni to place of com
Dated -hii> !Wli, inn.
John ItrackoorldjtF, AvpUcant
Notice is hereby Riven that the und»rs'gned
will, u-i d»ys nfier date, ir-rty to the ClUet Coin.
mluloner ol Units snd Works roi a apeeinl
tt-ensotoeatnud eury away limber from tin*
folowlog 'li's*-r*n d la il       Ciiiiiiiii-Hi'lirj al a
i*n-t planted about iti-W feet eesi at Utile Sand
creek uoni Jaltrsy •ltllng thence west •wciiutns,
tltanoeaorth-tu ehilns, llieneo we_t no i'lmins,
Un nn aorth tu I'hiims, tttenoo en-it too chains,
tii' ooo n. ii ii i 0cllaiaB in place »r lonltnenas
mi-tit. y
Dated June .'ist, wo
Take notice thst one oiontti urt-er dnte i lo-
tend tn apply i ■■ the ehtof coaualMloaer of land-i
ami workl lm |»'iinls.|i.ii tn |iiu'rha-e Ilu* ful*
lowing desorlbed landsi Conunoni'luS ut thr
lotlthwcsi c truer "I |-rc i*ui|iiliiii Nn. ffJl tl-'il*
waul Watt-*) thence nortli m chains, Ihenet
west 90chains, ikeaos soatli -><> olmlni, ihonco
east DO chains to the pool of commencement,
■Hunts near l-nlmora liar h touili Hast Koote
Dated ni crnnbrook thli Dili any ur July, ioco,
t, Voung,
Thirty days nttei date i Intend to np| ly tn tlio
I'hirt commltilcnsi oi lands and works for a
ipeclnl i oruilt to cat limber on the ruiitmiim
iU*M*riiH*ii iiimi; Coiaiaonelng si a posi pnntotl
nt the ninth enat eonier of \v. iinihu ino otnp*
tion, nml iiiiuiiiiu unit in ohnlas, in e loulli
linlns, tltBitao nest i_o I'liuiiiH, iiii'ino n rtli
BO chains to polnl or oonimeneeinont, ooabdnlug
'.um aeres,
Dated this loth iiuy or July, nm
■Ionics A. tlicole.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt      j*
Made by Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ollice ol -rlcVlllle tt Hutchison
Cr.obrook, B. C.
*■■•• Builder dt
-----Cranbrook, B C
;■*     I. 0.0.P,  Key City Ladle
;^  No  (..    Meets every Frl*
Jilt ut thc
stteei    sojourning
mill Pillows oordlitllyiiirrted,
,i. r Fink W  V. Oard
.All Kinds of.
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Every-
thing first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best ot everything:,
(resh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
The housewife and lhc bachelor should deal wilh him,   it will pay them.
Open Day and Night
 Best of Table Board
A iirst-class cook has charge ol the culinary department and
lodging accommodations are not excelled in Cranbrook.
Post Office Building.
Contractor and Builder
Al present am buildlnit lhc new St. Eugene
hospital and a number of lwo story and other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick ave,
0a Idling yonr contract
until you h.-ui* seeo
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Undertaking And
Craabrook, II. C.
Graduate of Champion college of U. S.
Successor to Mbrks St Hughes iu thin
line. Will attend to any work iu the
Lite nl Toronto
Contractor -nd Builder
Tliosi* ■■onti*m-.'Inltiij; luiilillnp will ilo well to let
tm* ll.yiirt* on tlie -ontracis.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Notice 1_ hereby ijiven Unit l intend to.Apply
(ortliwlth to llie Clilel Commissioner or i.muU
nnd WoriAltor iiorihlnlon in purchase the toi-
lowl b ilncnbed lan-li i * mineno na at the lull-
inl inst, About tw.i miiiM west ol Cranbrook,
planted M ihenorthvro.| corner of W, J, llainll-
lun-i11refill|lion, the**tceonit 40chains,thenoo
norlh sj-Itatns, thence «t"i 10 elialns, tllence
south 41 chains, ihoneem-xt tn clinlos, thenoo
south 60elinlum ihonce east 40 chains, tln-nce
north 10 chains to ilia plica nf Beginning,
imti'il nl (Tiinl k ihls 281 ll ilny of J tins, nmj
AIM'lllllAI.lt LltlTOH.
Tnho notice thai onoinonilinftot ilaio 1 Intentl
■0 apply n> ilu11 hii*!Coinialsslnnor of Ijiadi nml
-.Voi i,s for 1 ormlsslon to pvrehnse the rollowlnii
ii'M- iin-n tandsi t'ommrnolnu at a post marttod
■A. K. Lnlih*. S. i:. ini iht p-usl," piiiilcil nt
iliaienthtrasl cornei or toi 287? tn group ouo (lj
tCoolona. dUlrtct, tiirnee wait uch[iins,tlienco
loath in ehnlm in pin rt bDginnln-x, containing
1,30 nrros. nltunta one aad one-half mlloi south-*
wosl of Crnobfooic,
Dated UiUUhilai of JunejKH,
Notice h lirroby Klroti Mint om* month an r
iinti-1 Intent! lon'iplj lo olilof coiinntsalonor or
Innils aiui tVoi ks ror permission lo piintliiiso llio
following deserliiod Innisi CnmhiOnoIng ni 11
post pmntud at ilia soatlnrtsl corner or t,
Voiin-i s pra-omptlon nl raimera liar, in tlio ills*
Irjotof Bust-Kooioiiayi tlioneo north 10 ol ans,
thence wi:at sn ehnlns, llieneo boiiIIi -trtrltnlns,
llioiioo cost w oIihIih io Hm pin ifboglnnlng,
containing iRW*no db taqro nr loss.
Outettnt 1 rtuibrbpk this oth day of July, ui%.
(IcO. .loyoi*.
Promptly Attended tc.
Saddle and^e
Pack Horses
..For Sale or Bent
ArmstrouR nve., Opp. McCounell's Store
W. F. GURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook, Brlllsh Columbia
Alex. II. Watson...
Fire, Lite ind Accident Insurance
Accountant, Notary Public and Conveyancer      11 "      ::
Accounts Made Up
Office over Beattie's Drugstore
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Livery 3
Proprietors ** jt jt
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis and drivers furnished for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt   Jt   Jt
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, B. C.
W,  11. ItOSS, 11.  W.  I1KI1.-I1.1IKK
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
ciiANitnooK Critn'iroolt nnici'
AND KOItT ST1CRI.K. IG itllll IS HiLllsnll !SI<>l-li
Solicitor, Etc.
jtiuik nf comiaerco niiin.        ciianbiiook
Bakery S
Chartrand Bros., Props
We have just moved Into our new bale
ery on HanBoh.ayeriue, ami with the
largest aud-most uiodprn hrickovenin
Kast Kootenay ore uow prepared better
than ever before to turn out first class
woik.   A full line of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pies,
Cookies and Fried Cakes
Baked fresh every night.
Orders for Weddiag aad other Fancy Cakes
will receive prompt attention.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    I :    B, C,
Service for the year 1900
will be commenced
June 10th. The "Imperial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience 0 f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, qr address
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C. Nelion, B.C.
" The Early Bird Catches the Worm "
The "Early Closing" Storekeeper
Should Catch Your Patronage.* jt
We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit"
_\ you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early %
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building,
See us for Prices.
Jt   Jt   B.C.
..MISS M. ricCALLUn...
Onduilc ol Ml. Slnal Hupllil, New Vork
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AH Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refitted Throughout
One nf the Mosl Cotnforlable
Hotels in K.i-u Eooteuoy,
Newly Furnished
Royal  ^^
VanDecar & Son, Props
Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,        Fort Steele,
Cranbrook, Moyie.
■*<. >.*..*.***.****..**.******.**..**..*......»
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Apply it McVittle 4 llutchlmn'i
Or it J. Hulcblion'i Rcildtlce
-ALL   KINliS   OF-
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, I
Dimension Lumber, f
Shingles and j
flouldings. |
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt Ii
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About thc Cily  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
You can always see something new in
novels ni Beattie's,
See P-.ntii.soti patriotic crepe paper at
Beatlie's; it will pay you,
A St. Eloi is having an additional sto
ry added to his residence.
J \V Sleele, a well known citizen of
Winnipeg, was in town lutely.
Attorney Harvey, Fort Steele's ahle
barrister, was in town this week.
James  H.   Sell0Geld, a l'mclier Creek
athlete, wns a recent visitor to Crnnbrook
w. C. Colclenugb, nastsUut accountant for tiie C IV K , wus In town Tuesday.
Superintendent Cronin, of tlie St. Eugene mine, waa a Cranbrook visitor Mon
Mrs. R. ti. Beattie Is visiting with her
brother und family nt the Reclamation
There ts too much reckless driving and
riding of hoises in the streets ol" Cranbrook,
David Morris, of Nelson, was In town
the olher day, in connection with a mining proposition.
Oliver Bulge left last Sunday morning
for the coal regions nnd hot spi itigs east,
returning Tuesday.
J V. flyers, of Welaskawfn, was iu
town Saturday nn a shott visit with Mr.
and Mrs  Mtdlmrst. <-
N A. Wallinger, the Fort Steele and
Kimberley mining aud real estate mau,
was in town Tuesday.
Whal a fine field for a riot Baker street
would make wiih its beautiful collection
of pebbles uud dot nicks.
The eastern potato bug is making himself apparent in the potato patches in
the vicinity of Cranbiook.
J. F. Armstrong and daughters, of
Fort Steele, were among the visitors to
Cianttrook within lhe week past.
W. F. Gurd, Cranbrook's busy and
atteniive-to-business lawyer, made flying trips to Nelson and Fernie this week.
John Cardell, master mechanic for the
western division of the C. P. R.,was
over from Calgary for a few days recently.
Five hundred rolls crepe paper, plain,
flowered and decorated; just received at
Beatties'. Come enrly and have your
Charlie Kstmere, one of the explorers
who did uot go in search of the ammonia pool in the Selkirk mountains, was
in towu yesterday.
Mrs. Peter Lund will come out from
Spokane to Creston to have an outing.
Pete says it would he no change for her
to come to Craubrook.
W. ti. tirani lias purchased the bakery
al Moyie and will conduct the business
there, but retaining his iuteiesl here iu
the bakery with Mr. Sheridan.
W. C. Lee, ol Cleveland, Ohio, chief
of the B. R. T.,was in town recently on
business connected with the affairs of
the Brotherhood iu this region.
For Sale—One bedroom suite, practically uew; nlso a few cream colored
blinds. Apply to Rev, W. G. W. Fortune, at the Presbyterian manse.
Chinamen in Kimberley will soon be
Biltong the things that were, and iu
Craubrook the result will be lhat the
tilings thai are *•,*, ill be augmented.
J. A. Maclean, of Fernie, connected
wilh n mercantile firm ai that place, returned Wednesday night to thut point
from a business trip to Kimberley.
Joe Mitchell, one of the first business
men in Crnnbrook, more lately a hotel-
keeper at' Fernie, has disposed of his
business at that place aud returned here.
The principal winners of races during
the recent exposition al Winnipeg wer*
horses la'.ely owned by Qeoigs Wentworth, of Cranbiook, and raised by him.
C. D Mackenzie, of Nelson, who had
been up the rivor to examine lhe Hastings mining property) returned Tuesday,
going nut nn Ihe west bound that e'en
Contractor Oreer is building a lnrge 2
slory addition to George Hllliard's shop,
the first floor of which i9 to be a wagon
factory and repair shop, and the second
a paint shop
The mill gang are still fighting fire,
bnt the calculation last night was that
by today noon il would lie so thoroughly
uiuh-r Control lhat the tusk could he
Mrs. S. VV. Smith, of Toronto, who
has been visiting with her sister,
Rev. W. G. W. Fortune, during the past
week, left ymlenl&y morning for her
eastern home.
George Taylor fume down from Kim-
heiley Ihe first of the week, having com
pleted the wink of placing the boiler in
place for the compressor plant at the
Sullivan mine-
Mrs, Henderson, in thc Baker block,
has secured the agency for Hazelwood
ice cream, a product famous and without
a peer. For sale at retail or ill auy desired quantity.
Work on the Mclhodist parsonage ad*
joining lhe chnrcb, is in progress, It
will be u story and a half, six-room house,
22x30, neat nnd comfortable. George
Leask is building it.
There will be an extra service in the
English church next Sunday evening.
Morning aud evening services will be
also held on Ibe i.lli, ns usual, being lhe
second Sunday in tlie mouth.
Last Monday evening there was u very
enjoyable garden parly and musical at
the Methodist cimrch, given by Ihe Ladles' Aid society, The program Inctud*
ed refreshments and music by the Dudley Buck qunrtel and recitations hy Miss
ardine, tbe elocutionist. The church
was well filled aud it seems superfluous
to add that the entertainment was of a
liiyli order and received wilh upprecii -
tlou by lhc audience.
A. J. McLean and Thomas Lucas, C,
P. R. engineers who have heen doing
company work at Creston, were in town
Knie Small, the testhetic proprietor of
the Cosmopolitan, has been decorating
his show windows very artistically wkh
patriotic colored, ornamental crepe papers aud everlasting potted plants.
One bundled tons of hay for sale at
St. Eugene Mission. Hay consists of
pure timothy, pure clover, mixed timothy and clover and Hungarian grass.
Price per tou: loose, $15; baled, $jo.
These hot, dry, windy days are particularly Ihe days to be unusually careful
regarding fiie, A little bl«ze, no larger
than your hati'l, could easily in a short
time result iu the destruction of Crau
Prank Lowe, of Seattle, an enthusiast
In "slough" uml ol her (Kslheticpu* suits,
departed fnr Seattle to rusticate n while
and lo replenish his stock of goods and
nerve for the full trade iu South Kast
If anyone has lost a bay pony with a
picket-rope attached, the probability is
lhat he will find it near Malcolm Horry's
place about a mile south of town, dead.
It bad evidently became inextricably
tangled, fell down and perished.
Improvements about the Wentworth
hotel are constantly in progress; carpenters nud painters are completely transforming the place. George also contemplates increasing the s'ze of the "opera
house" to about double its present capacity.
Alex ("Sally") McKent'e, the belle of
the C. P. R. conductors, is taking a vacation for two or three weeks, which he
will pas-i in S| okaue, Seattle, and other
subuiban resorls frequented by Cran
brookerri, Hope you'll have a good time
" Salty."
Mr. and Mrs. John Breckenridge firmed from Ban If la-t Sunday, and
will make Cranbro'ik tbeir home for a
while, at least. Messrs Breckenridge
St Lund have extensive tie contracts in
this vicinity, as well as for C. .*. R. sidings at Siidar.
John Joyce and family departed Tuesday morning for Renfrew, Out., and after
abiief sojouru at that place will go to
the "Soo" and remain there until convinced thnt South Hast Kootenay is Ihe
better place nfter all—which it will not
take long to do.
John Hutchison, Cranbrook's hustling
insurance agent, was doing a good business in Moyie last week. For his companies he made many bets with Moyle-
ites that their residences would uot burn
within a year, paying about 10 for I if
the companies lose.
The Presbyterian manse has been finished aud is now occupied hy the pastor
and wife. It ia finely constructed, and
the punning and papering is very fine.
Pieper St Currie, the old atand-bya, were
the artists who did the latter, aud G. R.
Leask did tbe former.
health. -Ouly 25 cents. Money back if
uot cuied. Sold by R. ti. Beattie, druggist.  __
Slocan contemplates incorporation.
Trail Creek is agitating for a school of
The town of Phoenix is about to be incorporated.
Greenwood ia getting aftct the Chinese
by boycott.
Tbe Halls mines smelter will reii
Operations August 7th,
Mine operators in tbe Nelson district
complain of a shortage of men.
Nelson  finds lhe rock-pile system
good one for ridding itself of vaga.
Tbe cut-worm is destroying vrgetatiou
eveu to fruit trees and berry bushes, in
the Slocan valley.
The Steveston strike among the fishermen has been ended by giving tht* Japs
military protection.
Ilea s in the Slocan district are too
numerous nud mischievous this year for
the c niibrt of prospectors.
0Hewitt Bostock, M. P., his written to
a number of his constituencies that he
will uot be a candidate for rv-election
The Strand at R< ssland. the hand*-oiliest saloon iu British Columbia has closed
its doors for want of sufficient patronage.
The tinners of Nelson bave formed a
union, and lhe employers having agreed,
cojimenced a 9-hour woikday nigust 1.
DHriman B'oomingdale for 15 years
cashier for Simon Meier in Vancouver,
recently committed suicide at tbat place.
The laundry-workers of Nelson hive
formed a union and will pieseul a united front looking to the banithmeut of
Chinese from that place.
Charlie Copp, working on the Silver-
ton mine, recently indicted a cut on his
foot six inches long; he had to be packed
several miles on a stretcher before surgical aid could he proem ed.
The striking fishermen on tbe Fraser
river have evinced a willingness to go to
work if the Canners' association will
recognize their union; in event of this
being done ilu fishermen will withdraw
their demand for Increased pay,
12-FOOT LINOLEUMS imported direct from England.
M'CLARY'S STOVES, large shipment just received.
GROCERIES, lines always complete.
Henry Dias, Cranhrook representative
for the Rossland Lion brewery, is completing a large refrigerator—not ice-box
—for storing his company's goods on ar
rival. The capacity is more than a carload of barrel beer. Henceforth they
will deliver goods already ice-cold.
Miss Ilnckett, who had beeu at the St
Eugene hospital several days with an attack of the measles, wus in town Tuesday, thoroughly recovered from her ill
ness, aud departed yesterday for Pernie,
where her uncle, Mr. Turner, ex-chief
of police of Swansea, has assumed proprietorship of the Victoria hotel.
J. Aitwood, ot Portage la Prairie, Is
lhe successor of P. M. Medhurst as station agent for Ibe C. P. 11 at Cranbrook.
Mr. Aiiwoi.d appears to be a veteran
railroader, and The Herald extends him a
hearty welcome to Craubrook, hoping
tbat he wi'l find British Columbia as fine
a country as older residenters believe it
to be.
Prank Currie, of Schriber, Ontario,
who for the past few weeks has been visiting In Cranhrook, departed for bla
home last Monday morning. Quiet and
unassuming and a gentleman in its true
meaning, Mr. Currie made friends of all
he met dining his sojouru in Cranbrook,
whose hest wishes for happiness and
prosperity follow him.
A. ti. Watts was down from bis Palmer
bar ranch Tuesday, and reports serious
trouble up there with brush fires; with
assistants be " fired against fire," Monday, for a distance of nearly two miles,
and finally succeeded in preventing the
further spread toward his place; since
then the fire has been working slowly up
the mountain.
Malcolm Mclnnes and your '- Uncle
Jim" recently returned from another trip
lo Calgary. Mr. Mclnnes says the people of that region were never more prosperous than at the present time within
his recollection of that country, dating
bnck 15 years or more; crops are good
aud the price for cattle has not beeu so
good for tunny years. But it does seem
a little Btrauge about Mr R<an going
over there so often; of course it may be
altogether commercial business, and
something always comes hack with hlm
that ever gives the trip au air of coldblooded commercial transactions. This
time he brought hark two teams of splendid work-horses fur the Cranbrook Lum
ber company, oue of George Wentworth's embryo world-beater runners
for a local horseman, in addition to more
material for thc Holel Cranbrook's livery. Prom the way he is slocking up
that livery Mr. Ryan must be looking
for a 5,000 or io,coo town within a year
or two,      	
Holel Properly for Sale.
The property known as the Bast Kootenay  hotel;   price   and  terms made
known on application to the owner on
the premises.
That Throbbing Met.ache
Would (jiiickly leave you, if you used
Dr. King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sulfeiers have proved their matchless
merit for sick and nervous headaches.
They make pure blood and build up your
Our prices are right.   No one undersells us.
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone.in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
IKX^' Lotsfrom $125-$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
[From tba Movie Leader, July vs.]
The Moyie brewery in to be enlarged
Miss Louise Henderson bas returned
from her visit to Macleod.
Grant & Sheady have a contract getting out limber for Ihe St. Eugene mine.
P. T. Smyth, of the Leader, and Miss
Ida Hawkins spent laat Sunday In Cranbrook.
L. M. Mansfield, formerly C. P. R. station agent at Moyie, has resigned aud
gone east.
The Desaulnier residence, on Queen's
avenue, recently narrowly escaped destruction by fire.
C. J. Rose, who recently left Moyie
for his old home iu Dakota, was upon
his departure presented with a gold
111v-tl-.1l hy the Foresters.
John P. Farrell of Moyie, and Miss
Sadie Spencer, of Lowell Mass , were recently married in the latter city, at the
Church ol tbe Sacred Heart. They are
now at home In Moyie.
Recently a man In an Intoxicated condition was found sound asleep with his
head laying on a rail of tbe track near
town. He was discovered and removed
by Constable Lindsay; 20 minutes later
a freight train passed.
The St Eugene Consolidated Mining
company have still more Improvements
in view. Work was commenced tbis
week on a four-mile flume which will be
built from Sunday creek to connect with
the flume recently built from Bridge
creek. Tbe new flume will furnish more
water, it ii elaime:!, than tbe one from
Uiidge and Shanty creeks together at the
present time. This work will employ
about 75 men.
Who Have Beei Dalai Biilien  li  Crai-
brook This Week.
S. S. Hart, seeds. Windsor, Ont.
R. B Parker, furniture, Guelph.
Arthur Booth, insurance, Nelson.
Arthur Poole law libraries, Toronto.
John Chtlstenson, syrups, Vancouver.
R. Stewart, wallpaper, etc., Hamilton
W. J. Mackenzie, hardware, Vaticou
J. II. Chapman,
surgical Instruments,
It Helped Win Battles.
Twenty-nine officers and men wrote
from the front to aay that for acratches,
bruises, cuts, wouuds, sore feet and stiff
joints Buck leu's Arnica Salve la the heat
in tbe world. Same for burns, skin
eruptiona aud piles. Sold by R. K.
Beattie, druggist.
Notice is hereby given that one month after
iliiti' I Intend to apply to the clilt-f coiiuiiltuilouer
of laml* min worki for permission to purchase
tlie following iii'miritiiiii lan-is: CuiiiineiioliiK al
a pusl plant 'il at tlie southwest corner nt K,
Little's pre-emption, Iteconl No. 000, at Palmer*
liar In the ilhukt ot Kant Koolcnay, thence
north 40 elialns, tlienro west to chains, tln-ncc
N'tiith 40 chains themw eaat HO chains to Ibe
placo ot beginning, coiitalolug 3.D acres.)
Dated at craubrook this Oth day ot .Inly, 1900,
0.1). McNati,
Notice 11 hereby given lhat one month after
dam I lott nd to apply to the chief coniiu islmior
nr lands and works for |>e mission In immHase
the following described land ■ (omnienotng at a
(Hint planted at ihe not th west corner »f B, l.li
tie's pre-emption, Iteconl Na 600, at 1'almers
I ar In the district or Kitsl Kootenuy, thence
south40 i'lmins, lliciiii* went BO chains, theuce
ninth 40 ehalus. ttu-uce east m chiton to the
pUce of lipgluiilllg, containing 'I'M acres.
imif-i tlih'-ih dayot July. IBM
J. J. Cameron.
House I Sign Painters
Paper Hangers Decorators
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
The Lion Brewery
»*»"kosslaml, li C
The luteal Mil Unci equipped
brewery la brili.h Culunibli
Their III'DWlilSHU BURR (bottled1
Is equal h> any importi-il article.
ARRATliD WATERS nf all brand. I
lie hait at a'l hutcls ill Went anil Kit-
Bast Kootenay
Bottling Co.
James Kerrigan & Co.
Whnt sale Grocer
and Selling Agent.
Craobrook, B.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is lirst class.
Every convenience (or travelers.
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $].oo per day.
Planing Mill
•"Sash and::
Door Factory
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
yrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
...Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   *t
Band Sawing ** Turning
A nice selection of "Meriden Britannia" silverware to hand this
week. Choice designs in A 1
goods       Jt       Jt       Jt       j»
High grade movements in the
belt quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       Jt       Jt        Jt
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch laipector lor C. P. R.
For Developed
- Silver-Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley. B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning,
Ladies' and
Wheels jt **
01 Ibe bell make, for hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Opea Dally Except Saad.y.
Parrott & Demers
Prest & Co.,
"Three doors east of Postoffice.
CRANBROOK, • BritishColunibia.
Is the divisional point of the Crows
Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a 10-stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook ,s the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook ,s the headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
9 9
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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