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Cranbrook Herald May 7, 1903

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volume •;.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. (Iko, A. Cox, l-roalilent.
I'ald lip   Capital            Ul.lKIO.
leil      >,■**•«,
fatal  Hr.iiurces l.'.tam.
It, Wai.ki*ii. Gen
Deposits Received,   (ienerill lluiikini; lliisincss Triiiisac led ,
SAVINOS u.M. I.tl'iv MIM   llcpnslis lleiclicd   Internal lllowid. j
CRANBROOK BRANCH, p, C MAl.l'AS, Man-err. j
Cuufitac is Heine Slowly  Restored
tunes tticy    were   courteous   ami    kiii-l,
inslona to do all In their power to i
. Ileve lh** suspense i,| Hit* pnl'li     nQtl   >
slat the iiniiirtintHte-, h ia est ima I
' that ihe next mad can he built over t
, slide i>y following a draw through it si
i two pei cent, grade tin.I tlini the hlgbt
11 It Will lie out)  15 letl atinv.-   ll.c   ■>
' grade
claim ihai m mm is oveil «*f-*ji n«»«
I ni* Met ilit man Bud,
i i-x|il.iti tin* aitu.lloH,
j action ,0 peculiar, si,,,,
I eni|ilinl
I'own is   Being    Kept | _,„„• |0IM de-v-elOfMtfl
Cle.tr .tl   Present  as a
1.1 tl.,
ii,,.   11,
Still    lhe
♦ I V I * I A I ,. I * 1 .,, 1 (, j
Gilpin Closing
Do yo 11 realize lio,v deep a cut  in
prices selling out at cost  means?
•jl i: Come and let us show you.   To clear a  number ol lines of
(Jw which we   have an over supply we are making- ruinous prices
Durkee's Ailad Dressing, formerly one now .we
Ladies' Skirt, formerly $6 now $,)
Ito.v Calf Sillies, ftirmerly $., now $,.*),,
Any alb can of fruit now jtuc
We can sell FURNITURE only for a short time. Secure some
of these bargains whilst you can.
Call early and often.   There is still a lot of stuff to be sold.
b 1 fj ... j ,.*,;<. j .„ | .*. j ,*, 1 ..*. J A J J. 1.. J J ,t j ,-, 1 a 1,: 1A 1A 1 ,i, 1A 1 ,*_, 1A 1 a 1,
© Are You Far Sighted?
>r->. Must you hold the book or paper at arm's length to get the
ST proper focus? If so you will be "far sighted" in a proper sense
sil if you come to us for a remedy. A careful examination now
O and the use of proper glasses will set you  right.   There is
§ worse trouble ahead if you fail to note this warning.
My business is rapidly Increasing;. j I
WHY? }j
Because I have the stock to select from and mv prices !!
are satisfactory. 11
Pioneer Hardware Merchant 11
I Illl!   umiMNY   Will. IM Hl'II.O Af ONCE
For lhe ptesriil lhe li'ghl al Plans  I*
over, although ihe grverntuent U null
holding the iii-Ati dangerous hiuI not nl
lowing iitiyi.ne in live there. Last Sal
itn la v an examination (if the mountain
top was made hy Manager McCaithy oi
the mine, 1 speclor Smilh and Frank
Byron. They united in » report saying
that the cliff wm In a daugeious comti-
lion Htnl that it would he saler 'ur thr
tuliuhiunts   In   move    Ollt.        I'reiuiei
Hdiiltaln, who had arrived ou Ihe acent
frmn Reghin, instantly his'ructed die
mounted police tn notify ihe residents
tlini lhe town must he cleared liy infill
Although Mr. Ilittil.iiii hnd supplied a
train tn tnLe ihr   people   out   the   night
before, yet comparatively toik advantage of ii, nn tbere wasa f ellng that the
town waa perfectly safe. Hut when the
com lull tee's report had become general
ly known, the ex din, wan nn. And
what ii sight ll was to see men, women
ami I'liililren hurrying along the railroad
truck from Frank in Itlalmmre, carrying
willl theitl what little lii.iit.clii.lil (fleets
oi clothing Ihey could tnauage. Utile
girla with lean streaming down their
cheeks, clasped closely io their lireaala
a il dl or some other treasurer dear In
theii hearts; mothers carried babies;
men carried valises, trunks nr blanket*-'-,
while many in their haste ami Ing hi,
had nliat ever Ihey happen lo see  fust,
Wunderful   powei
lien   ilit-   Uwi   "I
nature are given (nil »wey, it is est I on
itetl Unit the tie'tl ni biokgn rock coven
jn area nt two Kiutre miles ai  mi aver*
-ige depth nl (uil) feet, ;v l0({ Hi mMi,ntju
cubic yards ol broken rojlt, oi aboul
tto.ooo ooo inns, l» la useless l« attempt
tn deacilbe some ol the leading feat urea.
The ooe who telli ll to those who have
not seen ll will simply In- a (mil nr a liar.
Harry Cum tut ua, formerly of Fori
Steele.waa at Macleod wllh Meaara. Pott-
poure and McVeigh attending court, and
by being out uf camp Hut night the
three of tbem escaped Immediate death.
A Pretty
to Wear birth stone minus
1              ""•***•"
Who first beholds tilt li-jhl ol day
In Spring's sweet, llnwery  nionlli nl
And wears an emerald all her life,
Shall be a loved and a happy wiie.
Official Watch Inspector fur C. 1*. K.
ttasi Mot lllil.loa
iM ft IMI.«'   (S    • :
«' i •»■ i * i ■» i •* i 4
■   ,.    .    .
» I •*> I *• I
when you have an accident, ll helps the hurl il you
have something to pay expenses with. Wi furnish
the needlul when il is most needed. See our mercantile combination policy.
Phone 20, Cranbrook, B. C.
"l sl I *» I • I * I ♦ I * I * I * I * I ■!' I ♦ I ♦ I
t.i Tt* i a i is i ® i w i as i ts i ® i ® i a) i ® t e
.. I w K-> I at I w I (s I
Schllii Rctr
Heroic Beer
Has, Ale
llalaae a Slaut
A. I.. ricDer.tiot A. C. Bowne-u. *
Wholesale   Wine   and   Spirit  Merchants _\
The lli'-ltest Brands | rite l.arieai and
ot SCOTCH and •* A.aarlmeni
IRISH    WHISKIES        \u,,.™"
A complete stock of Cigars, conslstiiiR of the
"Pharaoh," "LaPortuna," "IrvliiR," "Har-
.K ristei," "Monument," "Hilda" and others.
* Mail Orders Promptly Attended to. 'I'elephone ,7
m Write for Prices. CRANHROOK, 11. C,
2j Agents for T. I.ebel & Co., Hay and llrain.
aiiyllllug from a hreAd pan to a -.niu
pillow. Teams were scarce ami ibr man
who owned one could couiuiand It's own
[nice Im hauling gootla, tlie mile   mid   a
hall tn Blahuiore. Bmlneia men who
could get 11 lea Hi were pin-king tip tlieir
DlOal vnltulile gOOlll   Hllil   Inad li|*   ibein
hastily Into a wagon. Others were
locking their doora and with a ratewiiil
look at their goods, wslkli.g sadly iu the j
dlieel f M dii ie.     I-.!. Orchaid j
hud ju-t returned - nm Cranbrook the '
1111/in ill ilu- sIi.li-.    Mr has a   laige   te*>* .
laurant with Hieeplng rooms and was!
lining a l<ig business    When Iht- Herald
mnil   saw   linn,  he   ami   Ins   wile   weie
packing up furniture, dishes, meat sml
potatoes, ami rushing ibe boxes on tbe
sidewalk ready for   removal.    Charley
Reltl, the druggist, COUld HOI senile a
team, but was Ketllng iii shape Im
utoval a** rapidly as possible, K. Sieves
nf ibe Imperial hotel neld nu lo tbe lasl
minute ami then br^in to rush furniture
over to UlatrmOre, Jnhn Murphy took
a paii oi blanketa ami ■ change of
nuderclothlng from his store ami walked
in Blahmore to ■•■»aii for developments
I He snld he could not move \m goods,
1 anil tint  ool   piopose   in  -tuv   ami   take
any chances.    W. C  Hamilton looked
In-* limit and came to Cranbrook io join
bit Hint be. ami lister, IV lei Smyth
I tloil .Mailit-tou, the editor of Ibe
iinirl had hiked, so be .eft lor Moyie
he rniililn't Net hpe and listen
In* i.initin; at the name tune, A'ei,
vol, lite painter, once ptioi in Cian*
<ilc, hut ihiiv nwiiei nl valiinl.li- pro-
,pi-rly In   Fiank,   IihiI another  tiii-one-,*.
I block nearly completed, He s<iid be
would wait a lew weeks before he did
an> more Wurk Oil It, Rll, Home wns
busy packing Ihr ,\.   I,ellrb  slock,  and
getting It nut of town,   lo 'act, u wax
an a1!   aii'iind sriamhle to rave  all   thai
waa possible without emlaugnirg o e's
lifi-     ll 1 art-mint ol the  evmliit,   Hlalr-
more was iiiildeuly transformed front a
tpllet village ol lew iuhablianis 10 a
p.ipnlmii plare lull nl Ilie and activity.
Mr   Hiiiiltinii lnul a  Second   irllel   train
Katurday night, and when it left there
was um a Mill in town. It.ub entrances
in Ihe pnsN weie gaiiled hy iiioiioteil
On Monday a larger ii.iu.niliee visited
the mountain top and made a thorough
exam I nut Ion nl the crevicra They re
polled that they did not consider the
lown In Immediate danger, aud thus
nlve rise to a great feeling of relief, aud
if there ifl 110 more falling of rock within
the next few daya, confidence will be re-
stored iu ii great measure, This feeling
Is also strengthened by the staleinent
tlmt the niiiuagetueiil of tbe mine will
(•ii tight iilieail in replace its equipment
on a better hills than before, and lhat
as the mine Is not damaged work will be
re-mined ih soun ss lbs machinery is in
place again.
Tbe Hat of killed and wounded so far
as known are:
n rao,
Alea.f.cltch, wile and [onr hoysjohn.
Wilfred. Alien anil Athol.
I.'has. Ac.krolil, wile ami one rhlbl,
J. McVeigh.
J. J. Scott.
Joe Itrltton.
j. 'Jraham, wile ami two grown up
A Graham ami wife.
J. VanUnsen, wife ami two chlhlren.
(I. Williams, wil,- am) three children,
A, Dawes.
K.J. Watt.
P. ftochett,
T. Delap.
A. Clark, wife ami six children,
A. Tashlgan.
— Mkdtgan,
Mrs. W. Warrington mil seven chlhlren.
J. Slolta.
A. Orlialck Jr.
II. Cumus.
K. Vocken.
Two hainiree.il named [nhnsou.
V Parrlngtoo,
T. Poster,
A Dixon,
J. W. Clark.
T. It. U eke,
K   Ivrusa.
J   QutUVUI,
li.   l.f-Olo*.lke,
H Yonack.
sii iiii'iiuiMii men.
IN.lt 1U-1I.
I. Warrington, fractured thigh.
I.   Ackeroyd,   splinter   penciiatliig
Mrs. Watklnn, internal injuries.
A. Waiklns. shock.
S. lnnls, wife und tour children,
Wi Warrington, leg hurt.
D. Mctfenzle, cheat hurt.
Messrs. Hells and lluiismuir Let Out
There was Evidently a Job put  up
by which   Members   were
to Profit.
The Nelson News nf Sumliiy   has  the
following account ot some Important
testimony given last Saturday before
the Oliver commission at Vlctorln.
A hombattel! was dtopped lu the committee invesligntiug the Columbia ,\
Western charges this mnriiing. am) such
sensational evidence presented tlmt his
honor the lieiitensut gnvernoimny Insist
upon a royal Commission   ami   the ill!
missal ofthe ministry.
Certainly the case haa got beyond the
scope of H house committee,  ami   there
l-i more than ever before  necessity   I,
assent to hill No   16 and   an   immediate
appeal to the electorate,
In brief the disclosures of this morning indicate that a mmihIuI of enormous
proportions existed in connection witb
the hope of acquirement ofthe rich coal
and oil lautls of southeast Kootenny hy
tbe C 1' K-, ministers ami members of
lhe home apparently being Included in
lhe prospective share ofthe spoils.
It was former premier Htiiismiiir who
let lhe cut out of lhe bag, or rather forced (.'(intension of a seemingly great conspiracy to defraud the country nu a
wholesale scale.
He had been asked hy t Hiver what
caused the cancellation of the order-lu-
council making tbe grant of blocks
'|.y>! nml 4,594 in Hen of Ibe earned
lauds properly contiguous to the Col 11 in
ww waii Bommgtfc
BY  nil: OLD MAN 2
*dnA I.*!**: vvyv-K'*---tf*>>>a-a^*
Bengongh, the cartoonist, iitew nn o»
for quite a wlnh- Monday evening    He
K'Jt u> ipiii-ker than sum.* nl the eastern
firms Who draw nil us lor tbiee inoiilh*,.
Seo&toi   King   is  a   gocd   judge  of
human   iiatuie.      He   bought   the   lien
gougb picture of Joe, Mirtla end pre-
Sellteil It tn l<    I'.   Botttltt.
lu Crnnbrook tbere sre no eipioiiom,
no    rock    nil es,    no    Strikes,  HO    had
weather,     lhe ceil let o( ibe banana
bell is a hi en I plate In Inc.
During nu
of Prank Im
soul was sat*
ot three lire
i-eiuelinihetilricken cily
Saturday  out   ambitious
'd.    We were elected one
rileni.   \V. T. Reld and
** V
The cost of tehuildng the railway i-.
not an easy one, hut wltb a large force
f men the work can be accomplished in
a month or six wrt-ks. (leoeral Super*
Intcndent Jnmiesouaiid Superintendent
Ta>lor have beeu constantly ou the
ground and are exerting every euergy to
straighten out tbe trouble Por the drit
few days these (wo gentlemen were kept
00 the go night and day, and yat at all
Sli Members uf the Lcllcb   Family   Burled
lasl Sunda)
Never, perhaps, in the history uf this
piOVince, bus their been hi'ld 11 fiiuenil
service fraught with so much salines') ns
thai of ibe sit members of the |«elich
latnilv killed iu the lock slide at Prank
last week, Tin* funeral was held at the
Presbyterian church last Bund,
tu ami the large audience 1
crowded to the doors, while ou the outside there were many unable 10 enter.
Rev, l.ee, the Presbyterian missionary,
tilliclatetl in place nf Uev Fortune, who
was at lhe bed side ol his sick wife in
Lethbridge, ami whh assisted by Rev.
Thompson, of the Methodist church,
Rev.J Anvache, oQ the Baptist church,
ami Rev. Beacbam, of lhe Kogllrlll
church.   A special choir furnished music
fm the occasion, There were three sets
of pall beaters, Messrs, C. D. McNab,
A. Molt a, I'.ggott, Barclay, Paraonsand
Colplliail, Im Mr. ami Mrs I,*-itch;
Messis. |(l|, PatleiHii, S. Climcey tl.
Mason nml W. N. Clarke foi |i)lltl ami
Allan, the two older boys;   .Musters W.
Oreer, Ross spiinget, C. McHachern
ami Char Ira llremnei lor 1 lie two yontigei
hnfi Athol nml Wilfrid, There were
foui hearse*, ami when , the bodies weie
placed iu position, nnd die members of
the Archie Leitch family, so recently
bereft of tbelr daughter I'liinnu, mime in
bringing with tbem the three orphans,
Misses. Jessie and May, and Ihe kitty,
Maiiou, the surviving members of the
unfortunate Alex. I .elicit family, there
were men shed tears who hatl not known
a moistened eye for years. It was a sad
scene, and from the hearts ol all pit sent
welled up a wave of sympathy foi the
unfortunate. The services were brief
but Impressive, and afterward the aix
bodies were bud to rest in the Leitch lot
in the Cranhrook cemetery.
Relatives In Montreal.
Montreal, April" 30,- The Frank (lis
aster bas bercuved oue Moutreal home.
Mra. James Mundie, wife ol James M1111-
tlie, manager for the .1. W, Peck \ Co.,
this city, lost her brother, ber sisteriu-
law nml her four nephews in ihe great
landslide, A Leitch who with his wife
aud four sona peiislied under lhe fall uf
rock, naa a brother ot Mn, Mundie,
Ida .V Western Hue.
This question he refused to answer,
but Iteltlg pressed, be said:
"li whs in consequence of statements
made hy honorable Mr. Wetla upon bis
return hum Montieal, where be hnd
gone to see Sir Thomas ShaughneBsy,
and when he expected to make delivery
of the grants,"
The statements he preferred that Mr.
Wells should coiumunirate to ihe committee, ao Mr, Wells was recalled and
was asked to give the facia.
Wells, wlm was obviously ftnharrantied,
declined tn answer, It waa an executive
matter, he explained, and as such,
strictly privileged,
Then he was pressed to suv if he bad
known of Htiy reason before he went lo
Montreal siithYiejit to prevent the carrying out ofthe proposed arrangement.
He confessed be had not.
Had be considered tbe information be
obtained in Montreal of sucb a natiir
as to justify bim In refusing completion
of the pending settlement?
The chief commissioner answered lhat
he had.
Then it wns not an executive matter,
hut developed out of u conversation in
It was, said Mr. Wells, but that wits
a confident lei conversation.
Mr. Oliver appealed to the chairman
that sm-h a communication could not be
As the point wus being debated, Mr.
Diinsnittlr abruptly inteijected, "Oil,
come out with it, Well !"
Tbe chief commissioner lllll refused
to talk.
'-Then I'll tell It myself," mid Mr
He explained that Ihe Information
hus lirst been received by him Irom
Prentice, to whom the chief commissioner had Imparled it. Afterwards
Mr. Wells himself bad fully confirmed
and repeated the statement at his < Mr.
lim siiiiiu'si home.   It wis to the effect
that while be was in Montreal discussing with Sir Thomas Stuujthiteisy the
malter   of these   grunts,   he   hid   been
visited at the Windsor hotel hy Mr. W
I   Taylor, of iht linn of l-,brrt» & Tuylot
uf which  ibe ntlornfy'getieral  is the
senior member, Mr. Taylor hud pressed
bim to give up the deed or grant*., com-
pleiiii(i the settlement desired, to tbe
C P. R. The promise was given llial if
he would himself receive some 30,000
acres, it helug arranged to form a private land company of 20 men to take
advantage of the opportunity of Ibe
grant, those 20 Including two members
ofthe legislature,   besides   ministers of
the crown.
It was In consequence of the iufutuiH-
liuii tnat Mr, Wells had considered there
was too great an element of danger iu
bis proceeding further in tbe matter nnd
he bad returned to Victoria, bringing
the gtantB back witb him. This in lot
raation had subsequently been reported
to the executive and fully discussed al
the meeting when ihe cancellation was
made by orde-iu council.
Mr. Dunstuulr having made thia statement, Wells was recalled and fully cor-
rohated the starting information.
There ibe matter rests for the moment. Some other yet more startling (lis
closures are promised when the committees peat again 00 firtooday.
the Old M.m received tight volei each,
while "Uncle Jnu" Ryan got nine.
Now, we have known ' I'ncle Jim" for
years, ami never knew I1I111 to do a
mean act, but our fttiih in him haa heea
liy shaken, and we ure inclined to
believe he put In h vote fnr himself.
Utt Silt Uwiers.  Say Thai ll ll
onli m is mm 4 rwnr
Land  Around   Morriucy   to   be
Prospected For CoaI
Oil Now.
tltS    KVKHV     PgiiMISI-   Uf    StUM*
'.'» ffl to
Since Beilgough drew   'llaldy'' M«irls'
picture with three hairs oil   the   top  of
his bead, the government'! representative has been walking uruiiml town hs
proud us 11 peacock in spring time.
U        Is.        ti
"lit tu M'iitus."nr something like that
would properly express our leeliugs
when we learned that our old friend
Ilenllie bud entered the field of journal
ism against us. We have given Beattie
the glud band ever since the days he and
A- K. Lclldl kept a model hachelot'a
hall 111 the shed buck of the post office.
We have smoked his cigars, stoleu bis
tobacco, collected our hills with unfailing regularity, charged him ihe top
price for work, in fact displayed on every
occasion ev! fence ol lasting friendship,
and yet lasl week our heart was sadden-
d by the appearance of Number I Vol-
ime i of the Boat Office Pharmacy
News, R. K Beattie, publisher. It ia a
neat five column folio, overflowing witb
news, wit und humor. There are several
articles iu lhe Ilrsl number showing
literary merit of a high older, and Mr.
Seattle's modesty has prompted him to
nt Inch the names ol Oliver Wendell
Homes, Klla Wheeler Wilcox, Nixon
Waterman ard other well known
writers, The politics of ihe paper it uot
need, but It pieBiimed that It will
Support Smith Curtis, W. C Wells, and
J. A. Harvey lu prOVlncUl matters, and
be independent In Dominion politic*.
I'nlike most new papers, It has a heavy
run of patent medicine advertisements,
Hnd seems to have beeu turned down hy
the other merchants In the town.    We
have our doubts about a second number,
but still extend Ilrother Beattie a frater
mil welcome, and trust that hia journal*
Istic career may prove a profitable aod
pleasant one.
to rt ti
In the report of the business meeting
of the Methodist church, to be found lo
another column. It may in seen tbat the
church donated $$ 00 to the Cranbrook
Fire depart ment Hurrah for tbe
Craubrook Methodists' Tbey evidently
hHve**.ui appreciation of what the mem
tiers of the lire department are doing
for the town. Now let us bear from tbe
Presbyterians, llaptists, Hnglirdi church
ami  Catholics.     Am)  while Ibe good
rk is going on, let every man who
thinks that tbe boys should be encouraged drop in and see Jake Pink and leave
anything from .so cents up to aid in buying appatHitis, Don't be backward
about It, |
Tbe Plrst Nlgbl a linod Shcccis la   Evsry
The Pirates of Petiiance have arrived
and captured the town. Tbe lint per-
form-Mice W«l given Tuesday night to a
erowtled house, ami those who came In
doubt went n« av enthusiastic In tbeir
praise ol Ihe nrtlltle work presented. It
was a grand since*** bum Ibe overture
lo the tableaux at the close, ind was ■
most pleasing surprise to nil. The
atldletlCe looked lor the usual breaks incident to amateur performances, tbe
awkward errors, mul the crude work of
the new band, hut none Appeared. On
tbe conttary everything moved m a manner very much professional. Tbe chorus
displayed good training and the voices
blended iu a molt sat factory way.
The work by the principal characters
was strikingly gootl, bringing to light a
latent intent that was surprising.
Naturally Mr. McKenzie and bis wife
were excellent, hut so well were the rest
of them trained that there was not tbe
difference between ihe amateurs and
professional that is so often noticeable,
and su many times mars tbe performance.
Tbe Mckeii/les are entitled to a lot of
credit for the msgniliceut reaulta they
have produced, und it will be a long
lime before Cranbrook people will bave
an oppoitunlty 10 witness such a success* I
fui musical event again.
The stage sellings are excellent and
add very materially to the ancceaa of
the presentation while the costume are
Hpprnpriate in deslgu and elegant tn
material. Nothing has been left undone
and uo expense spared to give the people
lha full worth of their money.
The people ol Neln-nn al a recent maas
meeting discussed the lead situation,aod
although the? fully appreclatei tbe
movement ofthe Provincial Mining Association in passing 1 lesoluhon asking
for a bonus, yet the meeting was of the
opinion tbat it did not *.> far enough
and passed another resolution asking for
a specllic and larger bonus, as a lea-
poriiy aid to the lead industry, until
action can be taken ootbe taritt, Tbe
portion of the resolution regarding tbe
bonus it. aa follows:
Resolved, that while we consider tbat
no bonus which we could expect tbe
government to grant would be adrquaie,
in view of the unwillingness of the Dominion government to properly protect
tbe lead industry by an edj uat went of
tbe land, we eudorie tbe contention of
tbe lead mluers of Kootenay for a loans
of at least tldeeu dollars per ton of lead
iu ore, payable directly aod entirely lo
tbe ore-produces, under tbe direction of
tbe minuter of trade and commerce subject to such regulations at may be made
by tbe govenor*[et>eralin-coancil.
On Tut-div afte*mwa the Cranbrook
Board of Ttdde heU a meeting and endorsed the resolution, telegraphing its
action to Ottawa. Sucb a bonus aseaus
ou ore like that of tbe North Star.wblcb
runi 40 per cent, lead; an aid of $5 40
per ton. which would place tbat con*
piny waere it could commence active
wotk, and likewise all other lead mlnea
In British Columhia. Tbls would mean
prosperity for ■ country tbat has suffered
from tbe depression lo tbe mining Industry for tbe past two years
Oil at Nnrriiity.
Boring for petroleum will shortly be
lo active operation In South Kiel Kootenay says tbe Nelson News
J D Ferguson, of Vancouver, wbo la
already eitenalvely engaged in thia In*
da-itr j lu Alberta, baa secured control of
thirteen »qure miles of oil lande between Riko aod Fernie. Tbe tract of
land extends on both aides of Morriaeey
on tbe north aide of Klk river. Tke
territory has been carefully proepeeted
by en eipert in Mr. Fergoaon'a Interests. His reports were ao entirely eai-
Isfactor*, tbat Mr. Pergut-on karrkd
up from Vancouver to complete tke
negotiations giving bis syndicate control of tbe property.
Mr, Ferguson returned ftout Morriae*|
yesterday having made alt preliminary
arrangements for taking over Ibe property aud starting boring operations
immediately upon tbe arrival ofthe drill
which has been telegraphed for.
It ia expected tbat the boring operations wilt be well under way by June let.
Licenses bave already been issued fer
eight square miles and tbe other five
licenses bave been applied for anil will
be issued shortly, tbere being uo dispute
over these lends as in the case of tboae
io tbe Platbead section.
Mr. Ferguson is highly delighted with
tbe prospects tor oil in tbe Morrissey region. Tbe territory be has secured
forms an ideal reservoir and all the indications point to practically ineibane-
live supplies of oil.
The syndicate represented by Mr.
Ferguson have tbe meaua andtbceipcit
knowledge to operate tbe oil industrr
upon 10 extensive and thoroughly up to
date scale. Tbey brieve tbey bete
struck as good a thiug aa there Is In tbe
nil line on the American continent aud
they Intend lo push operations actively
juat so soon as tbe necessary machinery
can be placed on the ground.
South Kut Kootenay ia a wonderful
district. It appears to be aiarvelousJy
rich in varied natural resources. What
with its extensive coal areas, timber
limits, and uow with its oil fields 10 be
opened up, il promises soon to be tbe
most prosperous and populous, section of
the province.
C. P. R. Proaelleii.
Toronto May 4 —Alfred Price, superintendent of C. P. R. tinea between Toronto, Owen Sound and Detroit, bea been
appointed super)ntendeut of tbe Lake
Superior division, wilb headquarters et
Port William, succeeding P. P. Brady,
who succeeds Mr. Leonard, aa general
superintendent of the central division,
Winnipeg. Mr. Price ia succeeded by
Mr. Mansoo. who has charge between
Torouto and Smith's Palls.
Per Salt.
Dealrabe  residence   on   Baker Hill,
fm wee and water conveniences    Apply
toO  W, Pitnio-a, y CRANBROOK HERALD
Editor and Proprietor
TBKMSOV sntsruinii'N
The Herald nealre
district,   it yon h""1
your nUuBoryuuri i
, gtve the newsol i
my abuitl yni toi
si-ii.i ii in tills oltice
lt is now stated that Joseph Martin
will not lute his \t_\. His Friends and
bis enemies alike rejoice In his escape
from Biich misfortune |oe .Martin is a
tighter, ami he accepts all thai comes
*ii"a way that cotupi Is admiration from
even his enemies.
Tutu tbe rascals out.
Sinn y?
1* done.    Wall Papal
Iiuiisi* iniiiiiiiK tlon't coat tnucbi you
ilimil mill  1  ha., iust limulil a large
siuiilicc aud imi uu* .1" vonr wo.k 90
',',«"than 1 co.,1.1 to day, a»o. You dwlya lb. beueBt Mm
1 .    *. -.ii- .i.- Block lasts.   It will pay you.   Al-
,,.,,, s- ,'*--. rs.'l "P "' ^*.*    V"'
.ill rwaurprls.il; llusood oil I
i.iuit.yiif »blt. lead and	
tiFlCli HOURS:
'.I tu 1*.' a  Ul.
1 lo 1*. p. m.
7 lu S p. ui.
advantage "I lb. opportunity while th
way. iu the ahop from ; to g i> ui*   «-
Yours Iruly
Walk in.
•n to dart
others Uy
s, anil   tire
Into tb<
against   over   hangl
picked up dead.
Sieve Manahan. of the Ferine hotel,
was down to Nelson this week and
while gelling on" ihe boat al the landing he had the nilsloi iiims lo  step  into
Timber Notice
veil that
lily tu Ui<
Our line is exceedingly replete, comprising staples which are
the standard for excellence and merit, while the collection of
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing  \
Carriage Repairing and        «
Qeneral Jobbing....
Why you -diould buy
Outside Orders Promptly
*»ji i
n   liouesl   am'
ihe would hi
.utitiv   in   th.
UWe British Colombia
capable government mul
ibi-jnoHi  prosperous   i
ll takes rare ability
government haul.
Who in responsible in the ill
that has been uncovered at Victoria'
tndlvliluiili. iWhn would he belli respon
iinie u the British Columbia  govern
ment whs built on party lines' Due tit
the political parties, and no political
putty could stand up under thc weight
uf In In in v lhat has been revealed In the
government at Victoria. The recent
ilitclosutes are the best argument ever
produced tor political responsibility In
tke management of government affairs
lu this province.
Wells had neither ihc brains or nerve
to carry out the big steal alter it was
It takes two sides to carry out a gov
ernmeut steal, aud the parties who receive the goods are equally as guilty at
those who deliver them.
The Wilmer Outcrop, official organ of
the Wells dynasty, will have a filfflsult
term defending its political Idol, after
the scandalous revelations ut Victoria
the past week. i
The legislature   has   adjourned   lor
week,   und   the   reason    given   is  that
some of the members nre charged with
Ve gods! What a farce
the  lake  Instead i.(  onto
III pluckily cling lo his valise which he
wm carrying at the time and It waa
with some little dlltlculty that limit were
rescued,   Mr. Manahan la ap< lug n  •   The Leading Tailors
ot weeks at the coast. i *
II, Huntley   who   went    to   1 .nth- ,
last week to move  hi** home
returned on Wednesday with 1
family.    They wile among the   first
I  Overcoatings and Trouserings contains many exclusive a
*   lined styles ol the best foreign  and  domestic nunulactu
!  J—J
exclusive and con-
  ^^^^   iircs, and
our entire collection has no equal lor complete and varied assortment and stylish designs and colorings.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Sheriffs Sale.
.oke the unique trip over tho rock slide
i Prank. i> took two and a halt hours
0 make the two miles. The household
iffeets were lucidly shipped   ahead  and
got through before the slide   occurred.
Mr. Bentley and family ate living in the
house across   !■, k   recently   pr.rili
From II, il,  I'm ner.
Mi.Vii' l.e.i.l.'l
Kr tin-
ti, remain.
An average of 30 carlomls of coal a
day have been shipped from the Morrl''
spy mines, mul this will be increai
30 cars before the lirst of Juno.
The Hrst shipment of brick for the
new coke ovens at the mines was received this week, and   work   will com
irom Pernle
There is some talk of getting up a
log rolling contest and other sports for
the '.'Ith of May
Miss Grossman  was up from Gran*
l.rooif Ihis week visiting wltb tier shier
Mis. A. McParlane,
Miss AUwood left Sunday for Chicago
wliere she will remain with her brother
din Ing the summer,
Just   jot down In   your   memorandum
d to | that In the spring of I uiu the last oi
tlie Ice in Moyie lake did not go out
until Sunday, April 3ltth.
Mr, A. E, Marshall tells of an nxcep
tlonully large dead llsli embcildt-d   lu   a
at Ion f.
umrdlalely on them. The found \ block of Ice which wa
The Ozonogram, the new paper pub*
llahed by U. T. Lowery and Will Mc*
Adams, has been received. It Is not the
paper we expected, but as il may have
been produced under many difficulties.
tbere will in all probability he a marked
Improvement In the ensuing numbers,
Tvpograplcally It does nol look like
either gentlemen, and is far from the
standard In a literary way. Can ll be
possible that the warm, seductive
bree/.es of the Pacific have already hail
a bad effect upon the active, keen ant)
striking mentality of these gentlemen,
wbo have been feeding on the bracing
o/.one of the Slocan (or years * 11 is to
be hoped that they will become t]Ulckly
accllmati/ed to the salt air of the coast
and lose none of their vigor or original
tty In the sleepy environment of a slow
going people.
I'liuii Tin- i-t'riilu I'li'i- Proas.
Mr. Ueorge Joyce of Marysville was
In town this week.
Mrs. \V. II. Oanong leaves tomorrow
for St. John's, N. II . where she will
spend the summer,
Koss Tate, of Cranbroolc passed
through town ou his way lo l.etlibrld-'e
on Thursday to alien I the lacrosse
league meeting.
The new Methodist church at Morris
sev Mines camp Is ucarlug completion
and reflects much credit upon the
energy of Its protnotor Uev. C. 1*\ Con
J. Burrows formerly of Pernio defeat*
ed J. Kll/gerald In a boxing con
Spokane on Tuesday night. Th
was a hard one and emled In tlu
Mr. .1. I'\ Armstrong, of Fort Steele,
was down on business on Wednesday.
lie walked over the road to Monissey
lu order to gain a thorough knowledge
of what Is required to make it a good
Mr. and Mrs, Henretia left mi Wednesday evening for Calgary where tbey
will make their home iu future. Mr.
Henretia will be employed at Anihnicltc
opening up some coal properties there,
They have hosts of friends In fernie
who regrets their departure from our
Mr. T. II. Refuse who has tilled the
position of yard master in Pernle yards
for some time has been promoted to a
higher position in the company and left
on Thursday evening for Calgary to report to Qeneral Superintendent Jamie
aon. Mr. J. Balenger of Cranbrook
who formerly held a responsible position
In the yards here has received the appointment of yard master.
Wild ducks In countless numbers arc
seen these night**, flying around ihc colic
ovens, drawn thither, no doubt, hy the
heat and tbe light of the ovens. The
ducks nre on their way north, and seem
glad of a rest on their long trip. Several sports have been out after them with
their guns,*%ml they report very satisfactory results. Some very onrlotl-a
trails are uotlccd on the   pail   of thc
.-.Ml oven? has been   built,   bill
ber will quite likely be incrcas
ed to 500 before the summer Is over.
It is said that the C P. It* will .shortly commence work on a new side truck
and a large freight house al this place.
Tncse improvements nre made necetsiry
by the rtpldly Increasing Importance of
this town as a shipping point, and with
the opening of the town on the hill will
cornea much greater volume of business
for the Crow.
,1, A. amis, proprietor ofthe cash
store, will build in the new town und
pen up a big combination clothing and
grocery store. Jack will be remembered as the lirst merchant in Morrlssey,
and until his store was completed here
did business under canvas next lo The
Miner ollice. Ills business has grown
aliice the embryo days of this camp, and
so has his popularity. Me has done
well here, and will still continue his
Morrissey store, for the present at
.1. C. Patmore of the Pioneer hardware store, Is another Morrlssey bu-ii-
iless man wbo will pull up stakes and
iacate in the new town on the hill. Mr.
Patmore expects to commence building
operations as soon as he can purchase a
lol. and will put lu a general stock of
h-arilware, with a Unshop anil pluming
establishing In connection. <loe.
thoroughly understands his business,
and The Miner wishes him all kinds ol
success in his new location, He can
be banked on iu any community.
The mau who runs u newspaper In a
country where tbere are sn many opportunities to mnke  money us may
isheil   ashore
near Sirdar a short lime ago.   It mea
ured seven   feel   In   length    ami    w:
one of   the  largest ii-.li   ever   seen  in
Kootenay lake,
Word wus received here this week of
the death of Kdward Parrell al Summer
Like,   Oregon,   on  April Mat.     Brain
olivet IIurge Is again back io old,
Town, tailing a much needed rest,
Qua Title* has been on the sick list
(or about a week but is somewhat bet- |
tei al present.
Hun McKay nml a crew of men ure at
wurk putting iu a bridge across perry
Creek close lo Did town, Mr. McKay
intends to put the road in first class
Th a Wisconsin Mining company is at
work. A. S. Trow is expected to arrive
about the lirst ol the month. They expect to put on a large force of men as
siou as (hey have their saw mill on the
The Perry Creek Q ild Mining comp
pany have a small force of men getting
things In shape so as to start the shovel
as soon as ihe snow Is all gone. A
Hanks, the manager, is now on the
ground overseeing the work.
New limber Regulations.
Victoria, April 23.—It is senil-ofVicially
aiinoum.ed that the following amendments to the timber regulations   will he
D  -111.
11, uu-1,,
in ot
ltiiti.lt l!i
at Um -ml
mil lis
11M111-.1 Hit'
1 1 11 t 1
K ui   HI 1.
,1V A>
p •dlMNH
ANV, ilefou
1 lim-
1 nml 1 a
l-Vl, 1111,111
ah Hi
right, till
1 ml. nil
nl  t
e said del
|. Mumi.
UO   Ol  .1  1
I Mai y. ill.-
.V'l.Jt i.nil al-
1-1 ,1111111m In
Prupnetui or lhe
Candy Kitchen
I .1 .1. I|>l.l.-sl»,'l. „l
Candies, I ri'ils, Nuts,
llistnils, INpcs antl
Tlll)HCCIlS. HI.. ■• a 1.II
Because It li th. hrs. quality
lieC.UISe it is Iht* iiii.si Instill*; chew
I BCCllUSC it is tin. I*.tv'>-si lngli Kiail.
la or -rjc plug
  I BeCailSe tt,e* lni*s  art* valnahle  fnr
»«n*| premium*, ualll Jaa. I, IM.
i Because *•■ n,ai.*„n,**. .very i>i„k
I Because ...... ii...i**..*.i.<,iiii.n,*-t...
.1 ...ii
Iliad il
Tin: iMi'im: iuihi-lii co.. LM,
'John W. Wolf
trouble, caused from un  mil   accidental   Introduced during the present session of
.-ih .
■jfAluy, I'.N
,ai the tun
ot l
ITK-Iulemlina purcluwers »n -
themselves us In Interest ami l it If ut th
iti-ii-uihiiit. Sullivun tl roup M111t111tC1.11
.\iihiv,nit.ir> nl ilu-si-l/.'il (fundi may I"
mmii application In M. 11. Mn Million nl .'■
1 ilh-, ami at the slu-rill soiln-i- Neltun, It
nail-lias Mtirysviilo, run April,imm,
S. p. TIM h
:, Sheriff uf .Smith It 11
Timber Notice
icthal thlrtj days ,nhoi
W. J. Welch
I make a specially of unloading
cars aud moving pianos.
Prices to suit you.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (iive me a call.
itil.-'l   heslllD the
gunshot wound, was the cause of death.
Hd Parrell was about 9(1 vears of age.
and was married last December. He
was well known In Moyie, where be
lived for considerable lime with his
mother, sister and three brothers.
•  light
ml lit South K-ist Kootenay, is a tool.
There Is no other business he could em
hark in, but what, with tjie same industry, the same Intelligence, the sami
general practical knowledge of business
and one hall the capital, he could mak.
len limes the money he can In the news
paper Hue. And yet, once a man gets
tied up In It. and has what money he
possesses iu the business, there Is Utile
hope for him. as the fui.es seem to he
against him.
II. U Stephens, proprietor of lhe
Australian hotel, Is contemplating build
Ing a large hotel lu the new town as
soon as the lots arc on thc market
Tlie plans for thc new building call for
a house Hlxl'.'.'i feet In ll/Q, thiecslorlcs
Officers Elected and a Schedule Prepared
fur the Season.
Koss Tate returned from Lethbridge
where he attended the meeting of the
Crows Nest Lacrosse league. He rt-
poits a pleasant iltue and great enthusi-
isim over the prospect of u good season
Ullicers were elected us follows:
Patroness, Mis. Geo. I,evusseiir.
Hon. Pres, II, Itentley.
President, T. A. McCuilough.
1st Vice Pres.  A. C. Uphart. fertile.
ami Vice Pres. W, 1*'. Tate, Cranbrook.
■ 3rd Vice Pres. Mr. farmer, frank.
See-Trea-i. A. 11. Staff mi.
A council of four, one represenlive
from each town will lieeh-cled to handle
the business oi the league.
following Is the schedule;
May 25 Cranhrook in l.t'tliliridge,
dune 8 l.eihhridge in frank.
June jo frank in Cranbrook,
July 1 Craubrook in fertile.
July 15 fernie lu Lethbridge,
July ao Cranbrook iu frank,
July 37 Lethbridge in Cranhrook.
Aug. .i fernie iu frailk,
Aug. 13 fernie lu (Jraulironk.
Aug. 21 frank In Lethbridge,
Aug. 31 Lethbridge In ferule,
S-*pt. 7 frank iu fernie,
Melhudlsl Church Prosperous.
The Inst official meeting of the board
of ihe Crauhrook Methodist church was
held un Monday   evening  Ol   Insl  week
In flte church.    Rev. ti, J. Thompson-
pastor, in the chair,    The various de
pariments of th.
lhe legislature;
Thero will be no surveying of timber
lands held under license required until
October 1st. Hji.4,
The license will be trunferable and renewable.
No person can take out more than two
licenses in one name. If more timber
land Is required by one person he must
lake out n lease.
Timber land under license need not he
rectangular us former)v required to be.
It ran be taken 111 several shapes, any
one side, luiwever, must not he more
thun half a mile long.
Iht'iii'i- Smilh si chains in  ..
meiil, I'lmtuhiliut Wu iteres, 1
Dali-d this lUlll tiny of Mill
sinner or l.m
Itrltlsh Culm
eoal nml |Ktl
un lerslgned
.He in apply
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Timber Notice
Nntlei* li hereby given Unit thirty days nftei
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Solicitor lor the Imperial Bank ol Canada
The Colonial Investment nnd Loan Company.
Cranbrook, H. C.
Hn- pro'
enriier marked "W. 11 iin
-1 nt ih-
< llH
1. Ihem •
i'-t, themu ►
AHt, Ihe  8
ni-r |ni
■ lialus iiiulti lo    posl nl fiiiiiiiii'iii*,'iiie-al nn
n 11 llit I ill uu nui acres.
Milled *.'7lh day of .Mar. li. i<ni*i,
W. 11. Iludsnli, im aim*
1 hv T. M. hulbj hit agent
lake n.tiii i* Unu 1
lend to llpplj to 1
Ijimh nml Works fu
Timber Notice
y .luy-t 11IItii
.'im: nl
planted ai 1 in* north
nisi i'iuii-
r, uml 11
mil tl
 lUna-i corner 11
Mi.     Ill'-
1 pre-e
No. ttflfl, running 10
i, them
- 411 I'l
nlns west, tlieuea 10
ulialns in-
uf 1 nui'
11, tliei
e to 1
mliiM east to ilu- pinm
nun- mu acres nmre n
.1 Uu* Ii'llni* ItUil
-(Si (8> (iu ii)- ®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®-ffi
•l Has everything lifce in ils [
i-, line, sueh ns *?■
,            BRBAD, BtN5, (:
,             SCONES and -3
PASTRY.... i
) r
Orders lor Itreml from (ml- (•
!l        side promptly attended to 1
'i Plume Sl         llppesite M, E. Church \
p      C.W.WILSON, I
Timber Notice
hlircll made their  rc-
rlH  whicl)   show   prosperity  tu  each
e,  The membership report alto-wed
that thirteen have lieeil received nn pro-
ii'-isinn  nl l-iilli,   twetily-six   by   letter,
high, i.la.i.ra-1 tliroitghoiu antl nnlali.,1, ,M|l| reculwi| 1|ljrl)..„ll„,. „,„„„,, b
l„ ll„. b.11 poHlble manner. Th. hotel , ,,,,„ „,„, „„„., ,.„„,„, lwml,.lwo, ,„,,
will be modal In .very  rnput, "III. ,„„„„„ ,„.,,„,,„.     Tn„|  mmi„,
the Ilrsl [|00r divided Into an olhce lux,    .   .    ,. ,,,, . ,   ,   ,
,   ,      unity live    ihr slewnrda reported woo
.'(i In sl/e. a hai mom    0x80 am  dliiiug ; . . , mi „        .
*  ns pit-id m pastor,  §4*jK ott trustee ac
Os-to,   there will he dileepltig rooms        ,    .,.,   «... i       i    ,■     u ,
'   h count,   ilu- Bnmlay school bus dUburs*
In   the   place,   hhIi   large  parlors  and j    ,, 0   ,,..     ,, ,,  , u, .,.,
...        __..,   _.,,,.,., J '',l Wlj-1 ■"' I'P worth League too,      I litis   benevolences   of the   chinch
bath toomi on Imth the second and (bin)
floors,    The hotel will be heated hy hot
air, wired throughout for electric light
and equipped   wllh
Altogether il    w
buildings  to   he
electric  call   bcl
be one  of the hem
reeled     in   the new
M. A
From the Prospector,
Beale, Cranbrook, was a Steele
visitor Monday.
Barrister Thompson, Cranbrook, was
at the Imperial Monday.
C, A. Cock and W, 10 Johnston, Cranbrook' were registered at the Imperial,
Miss Moss, matron at the fort S'eele
Hospital has gone ou a visit to friends
al Slocan, Miss Keay will have charge
of tiie hotpllal during the absence of
Miss Mossp
(1317.33 The Ladles Aid society $365,
1 Hher put poses, nub incidentals us fuel,
supplies fnr choir, etc , $301 65, making
a tolal f.-i-,.-, for all purposes. A ilouti-
lion nf ¥5 was ordered to be forwarded
In the Craubrook lire brigade.
VV. T. Reld was elected as lay delegate
to the district meeting ut fernie,
Uev. S. J. Thompson, lhe pastor was
lhe reclp'enl of a cordiunl resolution of
thanks and unamiotisly invited to continue in the charge or the church.
For Sale.
stray sow. cured for hy ll
will be
iilay, M
dfi-red  al    public   sale,   11
y I?, I'/'...
J, Brennan,
er diit<
Imdonor ol
lands In Huutli Kast Knutennyi
1. (oimiii-ii.-iUK at a pnsl
l-iiiiieiireiix'a iiuriheusi nun
lhe weal hiiiul of Misueriil
ninth ofa north Imuiiilnr) >
tliuncu wesi siii-haoiH, then
ii'i-i-asl KOollltlllS, llietli'
lilaee  of   licgllllllllg, 1
M-     tue II- H
elmlns, thenco -
i-haliis, thi'iii'.' ■',
llknl   "Bllpll
imat" plimlcil
1 "lluptlslo
,1" plaut.-il
ih'lialus I.i
nlnlng  wo
Taki'imtii'i'lhat Hi
jnli'ti.l Ihii|.lily In lli.-I'lii.'l Ci
Lauds mul Works for special
mu] i-iiri'.v mviiy timber Irom lhe lol liming j
ileacrlhrd liiiids lu Bmtlli liiial Knotoiiuy:
r,nun,,.11, iu|. at a posl plmili'd nt i In- point
whr-ro il osi Until of Lot 11311 (Iroiip I
Miik'-Kthi'Miiiihlimii otlniH |flfl (1nt1l|i 1.
thi'iii'i-iihnni-ioijili litnil nlluls U'.'i nml 120
flrmip tu InMBOfl (Iroiip I, HO elmlns mom
or Ii'hh, ihi'iH'i-Noiilh HO nliillns inoie nr Ii*h
toll rill limit Ol I'l   1'n.vli'H  pie plioii,
1li.-lii-i> tvi-sl U.'i i-lialiis 1 e nr llUB  In  Bri-
llsli   I'lilnmhia   Houtliem   railway,   llli'l	
miilli«ir.|  ulong snld rail1
Hiildlul II'-'
plu.,-   ol lu
Mill   I
. .'17 .-lu
,,r In
111   liiull  ol
1 In Hie
DnlndtlOlli April III ■•-
lie plaei-  u
cn-s 1 ',' 1
hateil ihis
Timber Notice
Take notice Uud thirty ilnys lifter date I In*
tend 10  upply in ilu- chief i'ouiinl.is1uiier ur
Units mill Works fur 11 special lloi-iioo 1 t
ami i-any lUVll) tlllllilT from the fullinuiK dus-
crlhed lauds In .South litst Knutenayi
1. Ciiiumi-iii-lmi til a post marked "tl, flodo's
X, \v. comer imst" iittmteil Uu iltt-s nmtli nf
11 iiorlh liiiiimhu'v nf l.ol 1958. (Ii'uii|i 1. ami onu
mill- east or I'lizjiortiht orock, llieneu south -mi
i'liains, llienoe Klist B0chains Ihi'li.i- sortli mi
I'lu.i'is, ii.i-t Weal m, ohnlis In i>i,u r he-
umiitHKi eouliiliilng • in ami's, more or Itus,
if, r,.iiim iiiiin- ui i
s. W. corner iwst"
im-olhmi-il lolili<|,-il |
Illt-llO-J Nmlh su ibal
thcitoii Hnutli sfl chilli
IIUMli GIHltllllllllg '-in-
Mated this iMIi ilnj
ed <
rr is tii'li-l.v II
.iVi-ll  tlllll   1
. Ilu*um
. i    Hi,Hv
(.lit) ilnys 1,
1.1 lliunnlalllll
1 ...iiniiissti.
lu-r ul Ih
ink. Iur 1 In* ill
Mini nn.l Hi
11. i-lllnl is
iii-i -iilliiiiil.nl
,1 ...nksut 1
In, |„-,n,
Inl* nil
isl, I'lillttnliiii
llnii.t  |.--1... 1-..
11,r 11 li si-
 1 In
* liuulai
nl   tin
.,,11 In,1.
ul ilu- -iron
iii-n .,1  Until
.li 1.-In n
list il. [nil.,,,.
In,11 11.i1
nil nt n 1
11,11 Ml,u-sl ,-.,,-
iis-i-   1 'lil'll
■II s. 1
Inn llini-sl    1-111
i-itnr  niisi,"
l-IISl,   III ,-
Ml I'lllltllH H,
mil,, ill,
sn i-lin
Ilia ms,', tlu-ttr,
nth lu |
nt roll
iiiii-ii,i,|ni'[il 111
.,1   i',,i<liiil,iii|i ''.I'l III-
,1 lltllt ,ltiv ..1
Miirili, 1.111:1
n 1 .--inn.-. In
1. N. Hull.
,-, his iik
lluiie un short mil ue al Ihe lliinu* Shoela|
Depot iipposiu* (leary & Bnylc's livery stable.
Prill winner al Terrllorlal Fair, N. W. T.
un horse shoes I'ntcni Culthalur Maker,
flows ind Machinery Repaired Prumpll).
(live me a trial
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagn es, idcrsr
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
Economical wy to handle it.
Physician and Surgeon.
(Hike at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Fiirenoonit,   *   -   -    *   9:30 to II
s 10 iilncu ..
of M li. i'i
1 1 H»  lo
Uiul* miii Winks mt
mul <uii> iiu-H) timiii
i-r.lu-il lumis iii Knutll
Timber Notice
ililrty days nfio
. loiiimi'i
i'ii-.i" pi,.'ii.-1 *>.-i(iti
Timber Notice
1,1 in- In h-vi'liv uivi-ii llml Ililrty da.VK nl-
il,il,-1 iati-ndlo n'l.lly   UM In-I'liii'llom-
.itlmier nl Loiiils tiiiil Wnrha for 11 H|«olnl
iiho to en I nml lurry nuny timberfioui
following ilrscrlhdlliiiuls in Bnittli Rnal
Wild Horse Placers.
Fort Steele Troupe-dor- linve (Iriflith
was down from Wild Horse creek Sutur*
iliy. He reports the season a« several
weeks Inter iluui usual, thut the Nipaml
Tuck will commence operation next
wee eh.
Willium llnupt, who returned from n
visit to the Invicta placer mines Saturday, reports 11 delay in   nellin^   lumber.
The Thompson  Co., are constructing
i.H.K', feet of Hume.
Tbe linn Qtion Co., are a Inn engaged
iu pltttltlK in n liiu Hume hilt expect to
be rt*inly (or work uh HOOtl an there in t
Hi-lent water tor hyilraulicing.
I'timiiii ni'inu at a pout pliint-m] till the Mt*
1. Moyi,. liver aliout luo miles iilmvi! Mil-
or'B limbi't* t-laiiii.  Ilieiiii1  west MO t'lllllllH,
I lion™  pimth  Hi  elmiiiH,   thenee past B0
IniliiH, ihi'iin- noHli ho nb til ns to Itiiipltico
I lieginnliiff,
I'ni.'l lilli April, lim:i.
7 Ali'Mimler MeKi'lisli*.
Timber Notice
Niillrn ik lii'ifhy |dveil thut thirty days after dull-1 iiili'iul lo apply to tint Chief Com*
uiif-riioiiri'td I.iiiiiIh uml Works ul Vii'lorin
fm* n HpMitl liri'tirto lu enl and etiny uwuy
liinlii-i'lnim lhe fttllnwlllB dem-riliH lumla,
ail mile In Snutli HllHt Kouh-un.v:
t'liinnii-iii-iiiH' tit a pohl ■pliiiitt'd imar Mm
hernial tliu LB tie Moylo river nnd uhoiit
Ihren lulles nbnvo llllllor'H tlmher elaim,
llii'iu'e west -HI) elmiut*, thotino south no
t'linlllH, Hidiii'O fimt, K0 ilniiiiH, tliiiiee north
BOelniInsto the plnro of eomniflneninont,
nniilniuhiK 'HO miffs more or h
Datnlnl I
7 W. B. Bell.
rook, B.O., this HU' April
llllles mu'lli ■ f ll ooilh  liiuimlai'V  at lot
inmi , ami ono mnn .-h-i ni rii/u.-i
ii-i-K, Uieiiri'Siui II Ml cIllllllS,   Hu'iii-c  liusl
lumis. 1 iii-n.',- Nnrllisoclmliis, thoi  Wesi
liain*. to iiiui'i- of coniinoiicomeiii, cantnln
iiiunriTS, more or les*,
, w.
lift   at
jiusl    muki'i
Itlniite ■!
fiiriier liust
'•i>e uilliah-il  post. I
eiii-i- Norlh MM'haiiis, tlieiice West $0 chain
eiiett simiii sn elm Ins tu (lieu or cnmiiiciiu
■•nt, cniititluliiif uiu ari'iM, mora or less,
Hilled 1 hi-. I'*lli day nf Maieh. IW«.
H W. li.WllNli.
Timber Notice
Tako notico llml thirty days after date I Intend to llppty to the Clil.'f Ci>iaIIIIK-Uiitier at
Lands mil Works Tor a sin-i-uil llciuhu lo nit
nml carry away ihulmr from tin- fnllowlng iten-
i-i'iui-ii lands in HtuiUi Kasi Kootenay 1
1. loiiiiiu-iii'Iiiu al a posl luarki'd "\V. \V,
TIliiuipson's.N, W. enriier post" plHtlled flvn
mill's north of ti northern linniiilnry ut \»i im,
(iroti|i one, uiul une mfio KaM of Klt/gsralil
Crook, llienoe Kntilh mi nhnlns, tlifliice l.nst in
eludiiH, thenee Nol til HI) ell Sill S, thenee Wi-M  SO    	
ohnlns tn the pltieo of liegluiiliig, nontaltung <mii j of tlm pro
lines moro or loss, I ■« follows;
2. Cniiiutoneiiig al 11 post maiked "W, W,
'Ihoiai'soii's S. \V. itnnier pout" platllSil hrnldf
lim tiliovn montliined iniilaioil pust, llioiieo i:h»i
Riii-haiiis, tbeiiei! Norili Micliiiius, ilionoa West
mi chains. theiiPO south Wolialna lo tho place of
1 null mini-:, I'onirtltiluij mo acres, morn or Un.
Dated iiii-*, nib day of Maruh IDttt,
Notice if lierehy glvoti Uml   Ihiiiv duys
niter (Into 1 IlltPlul tu npply In tliei-hlel	
inlaaloiier i'l land*' ami   H'lirllH fm-11 lii-i-iiNi- li'
piuspDui fm- until mul pelrolenin on tho foi
lotting .li'M-r hi'il  hi tiilr-*. nil mil t> on tlio went
M.h'or Kik river and below tho town ol Morrlssey, Crows Neat valley, Kimt Kimti-nuv
illalnct, comtut'iiuing ai u pont marked "II -I
Thortios norilieiu-l cortior," atnnillug clow-
to 1*1*1111 in iii-iimiiiH Miiuilii'iirti corner pimi
tlll-lire     BOU 111    HU    OhlllnS,     I In-IH-i*     WTHl     s|
L'linlns, lli ■- Hi hi 1 chiiiiis, thenee ensl
Ml t'lllliim In plan' id (iimmeiii'i'ineiil.
I)aled Murch UU, MIKl.
llaiiii'l M.'Kt'ii/i,'. iigniil
Coal Notice
Nuii.'u Ih herohy given Umt I, Mmnmler
ii'il, inl.iiil lliirlv (Jill) iluyH nftei-date li
Iv lo Hn-. 1 i--.fr-1 am enniHllsalliuor id land'
wiiikstiii-lliuillslrlct,nml the chief com
Kioai-r of I.in.I- ami works nl llo* prni
■ ■I British Ctilu 111 his Torn license to pros
bit I  1111.1  p li'iih-iiin llpiin LllC Intllll
1 iii ilu. 1'i,ii lu-rnl rivor In the soul linnal-nrti
nur of Hu* pi 01 nu'**' id Bn 1 UIi 1
iii.iii ai* inllnwHi   r ui.
1 In
nl 1
iltiil "N   I'.
Allernooas   •
rivenlnfc*    ■
•    l:.«llo3:J0
•     7.JU tu N:J0
1 have (rood wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
.-Mil, till
sn.l |.|,|il|llll|||*| ..In .
II.....I 111
ill ,lii, nl M111.I1, lim
H. It. Ili,„.II 1,
1  N  lint
ly, bi" ajii'iil
Coal  Notice
Nntil-. la
liarnliy «lv ni 1
, im- muter
sin 1. Inn
ml 11,1,1.   (110),lit)*,
i,|i|il, I., lh
„ naalatiilil ...iiiinissi
 -oi Inmls
nml uiul,.
im-tlm ih 1 limit
1 limits nml Hoiks uf tin- 1 -,,
nl llnii.il 1'
nil,ml,,.1   Illl'   II lillll.
e to prosmH
,„l'...nl in.
,1   i>. I11.I1 mn  ii| Hn. Inmls,.nsl
1,1    Illl-    I'll!
lli.-n.l   I'lVl-r III   Hn-
Himf lii'ii-oei-ii
our - ul 1
Mil |„,,,„ni- „l lln
inh roliiiubia-
ilncrlltcil n
S full,ll.n      I'UIIU	
illg  Ul  II  pllht
III    III),   Sill
iilln-nst.  i-iiini'i-   mn
rkcil  "Oscnr
tt'lilto'a sn
iilln-nsl i-iiiiii'i- 1 i.sl
," llu-iiee HI)
I'llllillH IVI'Sl
, llllllll-B SU   i-h-iilis   1
iiirlli,  llienei-
HI)  'Ililills
,-iisl,   llii-in,.  HI)  i-Iiii
|||H aoutli lo
|„,SI uf i<i>!l!||||,||i'i'tlll'tlt,  mul  1.0
til aliihig 1140
l.iil.'.l .-Till ils, ul MiiiiJi. 1111111.
Hs.iii- »liil„. 1
1. N. D11I
ix, bin ngeal
Coal Notice.
Noflco in liHii-liv glvan thut I, Mn* ninli'i'-
slgtistl, Intend Ililrty (.'»)) ilnys nfterilate to
upply to ilia iiisnistiini commisHloner of Inmla
ami woikslor the tllatriot, mul I'leolilefcom*
missiflner of inn.iH uml works of tho province
of llritisli Columbia fm- a license tn priispwt
fnr eoul mul  imlnil a upon  I lie lauds oil
Did Flat hand river in tht-Hunthi'nMorii lornei-
" 1.1. nf Biitinhl'iiliiniliiBdesci-ilieil
Coinint-liehig ut n post nt lhe
utheast  comer marked "Brm-e Wnllo's
•niiilii'iiHt corner  post," ilmnce NO ohnlns
uurlli, thonoe HO chnlns wcat,tliotieoflOclinlna
■until, thonce ill oliitliis eaatto post of coin*
manri'in-tin und emilui'dug (140 nriim.
Datiul *J-1h day nf March, 1.101
Bruco White, looatar.
I. N. Bully, hia ugent.
Henry Parker,
If you w.uil your li.iuliii).
done promptly .md riRhl, Rive
mc a c.ill.
lllalriiiiiri* llwacr II. S. I'rlllllrr
Car Lota or Small Otiiiiilitk-s
AkciiIs lor liust Kootenny
Plasterers, Bricklayers
and Stonemasons....
See l.ove iilioiil plaaterln-- your
llottse. If we can't convince you
to have II plaaler.il, well, "Love's
labor la loat.'1
*_). . . • . —S--t? *®-®-<SHS •*** <&-8 -t-^-*® \»>-*s;-<**>~®-
T '
-IS- *-..'-»>-»-«-*-«-<.•* --.I
bv CANADIAN LABOR.    15 sizes," Usts, f**
hers.    Lt'.ttlit'rs, light, w.tti'rprool ,,nd pliabl*'. Tl
to lit any fool.    New spring stock now in.     -.*<i*
.,,    .,    .)   .„,    .-    ..   ..I    -tt     wSV-'.l   (•'   f->   W   '•***-A\   i«A-W-rt1-   **iv (-"-- .i
., .i .   .. |) ts) ...„..<.. i.* ... ft) ,.• it. ® i.-i.i ..i QMS
1        MONEY   BACK        1
♦ l
«*> We have a TEA and COFFFEE that by tbeir excellence and A
|fe  price are bound to become popular.    We reler to our ik
9 ,1,-a COFFEE and uur Ok: li. T. K, TEA *
* *
_M We have custotTiers who have been using both Ior some time ^v
J? and they unanimously proclaim thin, BEST VALUE. Try fa
!V a pound ol either or both and it you are not satisfied that they HS
V are what we say then we will  return you the price paid and .**tr
* 0. T. R. TEA, 40c and SOc.   0. T. R. COFFEE, 35c.
* 0. T. ROGERS,
Y     Taney antl Staple- Qroceries and Crockery
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought at 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, nol mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock low
and sell on the rise.
Beale, Hutchison & Elwell
Cranbrook Agents.
(let that Spring Suit
Leask & Henderson's
liu* goods will suit you
The cut will suit ynu
The making will suit you
lhe price w ill itult von
Why use Inferior potatoes when you can obtain the •!
very bust quality from us at the same price. Since ;•
lhe last car arrived wc have been selling 2,000 pounds j j
daily, Send
gone. Flour
your orders  early  before ihey  are all .',
and  Feed, Butter  and  Eggs al lowest j I
Canadian anil American
Saw Mill Michlaer.
Planing Mill Machinery
Saab aad Uiiitr Machinery
Umber Dry Kilns
Blowera and Kxhaasl Tana
Steam and flaaollae Hnilnea
Holstlm and Elevalln, Machinery
Iron Working* Machinery
Aalamalk Saw Hilling Machinery
Sbnrley t Dlelrkh Mill Saw*.
F.verylhlnr, hlih grade
Write ua
Winnlpm, Man.
Prest's Photo Co's
Now Open.
W. F. (lURD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
i:U,,MIKOOIC,    lll.-rilsll   COI.IIM1UA
tt »
The heavy sales on May 1st were the result ol a growing conviction in the public
mind that the new town offers the safest investment In this section. .*• MORE
HANDS ARE BEING PUT ON in the mines and on coke oven construction,
and the inevitable result will be the building ot a most prosperous town at MORRISSEY MINES,    j*    Come and look over the ground, quit paying rent and build
Morrissey Mines,        -it       British Columbia.
♦ .
LONDON, ENG. Umlled   J [
Nils company otters for s.-ik •*•■- \cr.*ti parcels of the choicest [I
FARHINU, OR Viim and IIMBER LANDS In the Valley „f ' j
tbe Kootenay, .* \tljacent to RAIL and WATER TRANS- ••
PORTATION.   ,-e   Qood Local Markets,
■*isy  U i ins.   * *
:,,r Ml Partlcula
mill Information \|'pl\ to
T. (1. PROCTOR, manager,
. HYDE BAKER, Cranbrook Agent. NELSON    li. C.
-  15
1 A Camera is Instructive
antl Pleasing   j&   j&
So pi i-   i    ill       ' live  III  -l
.(j in inv liealitI'uI  -..   .
mu 11     il you la      ihe I
itliltiJ rli'.mi ... 1 i
ut.. tii • I*. .'...in ,■ |)i
IR It   Willi
mmry like llilii where
presented •*•, Iiii,>nt a
tun* yoiirsell il has nn
ii \ u want n. Drop
t nnil h ive a i nui era
Capital salhnrlic'l
Capital Paid Up
■ni. li   II   Wilkl.-. Vlci
 in.  II..I. .1 .liilli.il
llu-iliiill hlliyner, lllui*
I-:, liny, j
ml MiltiHm-r.
iii-nil .\lni.i.i!.-r.
W. M.illut. Iiisih-Hiii*.
A (ivnural Hanking Business Transacted
I sl mul iiim'ni'ilM'.'i-i'hnl ami liiK'i'i'slfilli.Wi-il
.in;. I.i-i
till) nl lln-iil.il
.1 tat i
lull,    mill
IIUIHll'l   I'. Ii'lti'l, <il I'll III
F. It. MARSH. Manaxer
ii.it- in uii |inrtn ni liintsvii
Picked Up About the City by Askln*
Questions ol Many People.
New Vurk,
4 Fdectrolytl
uiiinted copper
London, May
Price uf Melili.
k,     May   4 —B-xr
copper,   14J4.
4,—Leatl, £\2.
A in nl-
il Mnrysvllle, waa in
J.  McDinnlil,
In a n Saturday.
II A. CioHHilnlle <>f Nelson, wan lu
town Sit ti nifty.
Constable Driimmond, of Mnyle, waa
in tOWU Otl Sunday,
J Angers of Marysville was a Cran-
lirmk visitor Situnloy.
Maycock -S: Bartie have niltleil mi ice
lionae in llteli meal nnrkct*
Hhilie Wilson, nf 1'. Duftlft & Co,, was
in town Sunday hiiiI Monday.
1 l.. Parker, manager of the Nortlt
fitai mine, wna In lown Saturday,
J A, Mnlleut la mnklud some extensive iiiipiiivriiu-ntu aliiint liiu place,
•.'hatles AiuiitrniiK returned Saturday
(rout a visit to several towns down the
Twocomforable rooms io rent inr-
m.lietl nt iinliiinisheil.    Apply tn
P. McC mnell
W n. McFarlane lelt yesteulay fnr
Montreal to uke treatment lor hia neck
nblcU bnf been alTected since ins sick-
Furniture ami furnlihttiKS
ue.ui boarding bouse foi sale
rVdaui iUH range,
ol  Home*
also  one
Miss Christie MrKlonon ol SHverton,
past v
.-k, the tii
HtlllR '» -"wn   hi
ill of Mil   J    D.
\ll miner's license eiplre May ;i.   h
will he well fnr people to hvHt tills ill
iiiiinl. and see Kt-cnnlci MortU hefoie tl
is too Ute.
Tin- new itore building for the Mr-
Cot) ii el I* in ni i mt* company ia being
rapidly puihed towuni coiupletloti by
\  ll Ntutiett, Uie contractor,
OoTcrnineni agent Armstrong belt) an
election of Ure wardens et the govern
men I bull ding last Bn turd ay, which re-
niltid In tin aelecllon of jamra Kv«n(
U T Reld and V i*. Simpson to till
ilu- positional
Last Sunday a special passeuger train
sterlet] weal to return a lot of paaa-tigers
tn Koote-tiay Landing, but unfortunately
gut iiwav leaving most of litem nt (lie
hotel. Ii returned after reaching Moyie
nml picked llit-iu up.
•tallies iireer, the well known enn-
liai'lor. lias the contract for N. Hanson's
large hotel at Mornssey. He will rom-
iiieuce work its soon as he can get tbe
material on the ground, nnd will push it
iiipiilly to completion.
P, Smyth aud wife of Moyie came
down from Prank Sunday. Pete has
been with the Prank Sentinel tbe past
few mouths, but aays lie la through wilb
a town where the building shook ao one
couldn't tell tbe u hoi from the   t|und
Mra Hamilton aud daughter of Prank
were among tbe first to arrive in Crnnbrook of the fleeing residents of tbnl ill-
filed town. Tbey have taken rooms at
the Cranbronk until tbey can secure u
a house. VV. C Hamilton, the aon, arrived Sunday. He had a largo gent8'
furnishing bltalnell lu Prank ami locked
bis siore aud Ml town.
Turn nut to the Pirates, Tney are
lhe beat ever.
T Lucas,   C,  P   K, engineer,  was in
Prank several days Ufil week,
Rev. Thompson attend*-.! the district
meeting ot Methodists at Pernle last
l.d Home wus in Prank several days
this week looking after the BtOOK of lhe
late Ale*, keitch,
Last Saturday afternoon the yard engine jumped the tails ami mm If all kind*.
of trouble fur several houri,
I. It. Vntii) i-.u uii b3cn under the i
weather quite a good deal lately, hul is [
now feeling better with the advent of
Ward) weather.
1*   J. Smvth, of tlie
iu town   yesterday.
Moyie leader,wqr
He   looks   happy,
Mcihudiau at I'crulc.
The meeting of the Kast Koott-itHy
dlstticl of the Methodist church wa-.
beltl iu Pernle last Thursday. All the
ministers at.d students for the ministry
were in attendance. .Mentis. Marshall
nf Moyie, Colwell of Kimberley and
Brown id Michel wbo have passed tlieir
preliminary ex imi nations were duly
recotllittettded to conleranre hb fit persons for the m'ms'.ry. The until re-
pollsfrom various fields showed tbat the
amounts of money raided in the various
fields wore largely in exr-ess of lust year,
lhe membership nlso reports a still it a tl*
tial Increase. In the evening a banquet
whs tendered to the delegates in Princess' hall, nhout ijo seats being occupied. (Jood speeches were made by
Messrs Rev. Ciordnn, White, toctltie
and others.      Messrs.   \V.   T.  Reid ol
Ilea tlie. lhe Druggist.
Are now arriving every day.    Better I
call and see them.   Choice lines in hats,
shoes, ties, shirts, collars and underwear
Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
feels happy; and says Moyie will  yet he   Cranhrook,   W,   C.   Uphnrdt of Fei
one of the hest towns iu the Knrjtetuys
I,. Ernst and W. K. Mills, coal magnate-;, wsre in town Sunday enroute to
Nelson from the east. They walked
around the slide und wished the) hadn't,
were elected as lay delegates lo conference. Rev, S. J. Thompson leaves thi:
week to alien,I the conference at Vic
• -£)
• *-«
The Mckenzie's are entitled lo big
houses. They have worked hard in
produce a fine entertainment, ami the
results are a credit to the people noil   to j
Ut Sale al Morris sev Mines.
l.'ist Friday lhe auction sale of lots in
the new town of Morrissey Mines took
place with William Tuttle as auctioneer.
The sale was a lemarkahle one in many
! respi cts, us tne prices for the choicest
limed Plymoii.l, Rocks ewluslvelyf or CWMr ra„     {Q #|      ftM), |hf ^
five years eggs »i.Sn for 13 from  Co«l»  price was frnui fcoo lo «6oo.   The total
not related.     No uioic fowls for sale. I
N. A  Jicksoit
7 Macleod, Alberta,    i ua sold since.   Among those who pur-
Albert Hunks, manager of the Perry I chased lots were II. I,. Stephens, T.Mor
Creek Placer Mining Co . was in town I Ion,- R, Walters, N, Hansen, J l.awson,
thedrstoftbe week. He says lliat he j P. Hums .Hi Co., R. Rogers, Prank Mc*
expects to have tbe Bteam shovel at {Cube, II. Hently, A- W. Ilieasdale, J
work dredging the strenui by next Mon- j Hnrel, ami Tom, Rader, A number of
day. j lots were bought on speculation.    Thos.
j amount of property sold was nearly f pi,-
ooo, and there I.ave been n number ol
ARRIVING A c.,r laid ol j
ffiSttteai      FARM TRUCKS ||
King riercantile Co.     !
The engigement of Mr.  11    Haines;!
fntnierly manager of Ibe Cranbronk
branch of the Canadian Bank of Commence, ami now ncllng In the sniti
capacity at Trlherne, Man , antl Mis
Wataon, of Port Steele.
Cralian, the tnwnsite agent, was k.-pl
busy during the day and since making
nui papers and taking in lhe coin.
Stephens, the Hotel Man.
II I,. Stephens, well kuown in Crmi-
\ie«    McKenile   if ft   yesterday   for   brook •*«*■ "•roiighout-tlie district, a man
Pittsburg, Pa., to hlteiid  tbe  annual of«MrllV. ability, hnd goodnature, has
convention of conductors of Canada, the I de<»0«»-«"'1 ■««»•* his way of doing
United States nml Mexico, us represent*
utive of the Crow's  Nest   division.    He
will lie nhs-snt several weeks.
li had been intended to run nn excursion to the scene of tlie disaster at
Prank last Sunday,   but the  Northwest
Territorial government called the C   P
R. oil, as It did nol want any people In
thai lown so long as there was any un-
rt-rtuiniy as to Dual results.
Angus I.fitch and Robert Findlay. of
Oik Lake, lhe latter a lumber of the
lale Mrs. Alex, heltch. arrived Priday
night, having accompanied tbe budlesof
lhe two boys lhat had been recovered
tiiut afternoon at Prank, George I,eitch
who had gone to Fmnk to prosecute tlie
search returned with tliem.
Mrs. Percy Clark arrived lust Saturday by way nl Revelstoke and Nelson
from Brandon, Man., nml will be the
guest of Mrs. J. VV, Hiinett for a few
days before j-ilning her husband at
Meadow Creek, where Mr. Clark il in
charge ol the attain plant of ihe Mint
Kootenay Lumber company,
business.    At the aale nf lots in  Morrlssey mines Inst Friday,  It was conceded
lhat one  certain corner was lhe most
desirable, nnd the bidding for that particular piece of property wns very spirited.     It filially  resulted in being sold
to Mr. Stephens for f 1300, aud tbe ad-I
joining lot for $640,  making a total of L
*?i-j4<) lor the two, the biggeat price ever I
paid lor town lots in this district.    Mr,:
Stephens had men to work getting the I
ground in shape the next day aud will
have a three story building up as soon
as a hig force of carpenters can do the
Hill & Co. arc still after the dollars by
selling at paralyzing discounts. Get
your goods cheaply while you have the
Bengoufb a Prince of Holt miner*.
J. W. Hengough, the cartoonist and
lecturer, delighted a large audience nl
the Baptistist church Monday night with
his artistic work and drall wit. As nn
entertainer, Mr. Hengough is a prince,
and there was not a moment ol dryness
during bis two and half hours of work.
Fares appeared like magic under his
lightening like touches, and there was
mirth 111 lies delineations and the best ol
The coke and coal shipments fmm the j humor In the literary part of the pro-
Crow's N«t collieries fell nil a little last. «""'■ H« l»",,e a ll'1 w,lh M* 1(U'**1
week but tbe output has heen very fairly ''"wlngi, and Constable Morris, |ohn
heavy, From Pernle 480 ions of coal Hnlchlwn and Mr. McKeiule ihe ilngei
nnd 1,265 tomofcoke were sent out and BPPMtetl llkc Iife "m,,'r tl,e ,u,ic'11
from Michel 690 ions of coal ami 598 tons I l°«<*he« <>f bis pencil, k was Mr
of coke, making the lotal shipments of &*&'• lirHt »PPMfW III Cianbmnk
be will  receive a   cordial   wt-lcoui
X        When you visit Cranbrook stop at the        §j
B None Better In lhe District Q
0 Rates 5i and up.    Short Orders and Oysters Q
j^ served in any atyle from 8 p. til. to tt a. m. S
M The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed lor clean- im
^J liness and comfort and the bar is supplied with the best brands Q
iO ot liquors and cigars. _\
S L. B. VANDECAR, Prop.        .*{
imI 1,170 tons and coke t.Sbj.or a grand
lotal of luel shipped out'.t,«i.| tons
It is said tint the place known as;
Meadow Creek, where the Kasl Kuote-
nav Lumber company has out* of its
mills la to have a station and agent, and
he named Ryan by ibe C I1. H in
honor of "Uncle Jim" Kvau, chnlrtiian
of the board of directors of the lumber
company. William Simmons, now In
charge of the freight shed here will he
The Wutkln Mills Concert company
have been favorably received everywhere. A private letter from orange
ville, Ont , anys: "Never in the history
of this place has Ornngeville been honored by two sucb artists as Messrs.
Mills nnd Parlovllz." From Saokvllle,
N. H., we hear that lhe applause was so
frupient aud encores so many thai Prof.
Wilson was obliged l'o ask for mercy lo
tbe hardworked artists-   01 Mr.   Mills
Crnnbrook when he returns.
Death of John Uraaskh.
Much regret is expressed in South
hast Kouteuay ovet tlie death of John
Grusslck which occurred at Fori Steele
on Friday last. Mr. Oraasick wns bom
in Aberdeen, Scotland, jn rS.jj. and came
to Canada early iu life. He was in business at (iolden In 1H90 at Windermere
in 18911 and came to Fort Steele iu 1893
He was tin- senior member ofthe Ilrm of!
Grusslck antl Dempsey, contractors ami \
lie wns a prominent free mason ami j
the funeral which took place on Sunday
wus conducted by lhe members of the j
For Sale Cheap.
On linker hill, south  of  Presbyteriuii
VIC ROLLINS,  Manager.
itlnsaiil tbat it's vol***.* Ih a* Boft and I parsonage, g-m.i auimaoiial coiia**--
deep aa velvet and of womlcrfitl com-1 '4"H "" "■"> ■<■--*-• r'v* •o0°" »•*■"
paaa.   "Mr, ParloviU, playing waa be. | kitchen i6»,o, wood .heil 16,5 .nil gooil
yonil eapressinit lovely.''   Tllese tiighly
praised art sis will appear In Crnnbrook
on May 151I1.
pantry, also gouil fence all round,
ply un pieiniaea.        J. I.  IJ.h.ii,
7 it Cranbrook^ B.
Hotel 3 3
(iui"*ts Comfort a Specially
flood Siabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad uud depot,
ttoua for the public unequal!-
Mot anil Cold linili-
Has accoiimiodft-
.1   in   Cranhrook.
^. ^» ^* »^--s* *■. . • ■». -*^*lrj Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers give your  order
To The Herald Office
bisiusslai the Cigarette IMI.
Kdltor Herald;   The tt. tu m your las-
taaua   reganllug   "Im uilu   Cigarette
Smokers" opens the wuy l<»r a lew re
umrks ou Ilie subject.
Voti  refer to parental discipline.   I
say precept belore leaching.    Uow can
• nan conscientiously  nr iiiccussfullv ]
UNDER the     1
Uy Roy Richardson
caution bla young son against the evil
an.l disgusting Itabtt ol smoking in anj
form while the ••offender" Is constantly
iu   his own  mouth'   Generally   what
iMheror iilolber does Is all tight and
»urth> of   example.    "I.ike father, like
►.nn."   The desire is bom with him.
I have boys of  uiy own,   ami   while 1
have never seen ihriii using tobacco 1
have good reason to believe Hint the)
do, am] while speaking ol It to them 1
Uney   Ihey   laugh hack al uu- Willi the
thought, a case of "I sl say. hut nol
a* I do." _
Very often outside teachers have more
iutturiice with  children than their own
parents and 1 would   suggest   thai those
Hiibjects be) thoroughly talked over, especially in the Sabbath school
Another good plan is this: Let the
parents make out a pledge to tins effect,
to abstain Irom tobacco, rum and bm)
language, having the boys sign It weekly
or monthly, giving lor each slgnrluie
tt lised sum of money according as ibe
circumstances peiuiii, to be laid away
until a period of say from three to_ five
or ten years, then counting it. comparing results financially and physically.
A warning or chastisement limn the
parent has little effect beyond the passing hour. To do the wotk required foi
the good of the rising youth we must
get at the core am) linve a sniistunlial
basis to work on.
There are other crying needs of reformation in different lines in our little
town, but. Mr. Kdltor I should not flare
presume to more than bint ut anything
which might tend to shake your faith in
your idol, "Ileautifnl Craubrook."
Artialic Phiidigraph).
The I'rest photograph gallery is now
pieparrd :o meet tbe demands of South
Kasl Kootenay for artistic work. Iu this
Hue of;hueiuesH, too many photographer***
are of the opinion that anything will do
fer Ihe smaller towns in the west. Mrs.
I'rest does uot take that view ofthe sit
nation.    Feeling convinced that thebcsl
was none to good, she spent the wlntei
In thr best school of photography in the
United Sttites, and then v'slted the galleries lu the leading cities, receiving
•.pedal Information as to modern work.
As a result she has returned prepared In
gue the results of her studies to her pat
tous. There are three leading styles, the
carbon, platinum and nrlstophitino, and
ahe has on exhibition samples of thit-
work thut shows at a glance the differ*
eiii-e between simple picture taking and
arlislic photography, It Is a pleasure lo
see her work ami note the latest   iu the
way of picture covers,   It is not neces
vary lo go away to secure it pit-lure thai
■full will be pleased It, send lo friends in
the east.-you van secure them  at the
Prest studio,   lust call ami sue for v -
A Serious Prohhim.
ll ia now a serious problem as to how
Ihr lumber product is In   bt-  gotten   out
to the eastern market, since ihe slide
at Prank has made it u mailer of uncertainty as lo when the C, P. K. will be
able lo get a track through tbe pass
The compauy has not enough barges tn
attend Intake care of the lumber Iratlic
lu addition to lhe western coal and coke
demands, hy way nl Moyie lake. ll is
possible that it will he necessary to
arrange for transportation by way ol
Morritsey and tbe Oreat Northern tn
meet the pressing needs on the prairie,
aud yet this would mean almost a prohibitive increase in freight rates.
Visits tke Rambler-Cariboo,
Douglas I.ay, who bas been employed
as assayer at the Kambler-Canboo mines
Ihe past year, has returned to Nelson
for a few days visit. He stales that tbt*
work is ptogressing satisfaclorll) at the
mine ami that there bas been uo shut
dowu because nl stiowslides as was reported. The slides have uot started
yet, and the packed suow ou lhe waggon
ruad is seven feel deep. In the Surprise
kaelii above tbe Kambler Cariboo the
auow is even deeper     Nelson News.
Coyle May be Promote-!.
Winnipeg May 4.- It is rumored in
railway circles that R, J. Cnyle, general
panseuger agent ou lhe C. I*. K. at Vancouver, who ia here to confer with C. i*.
MacI'herBOn.general passenger agent for
the western division, which it is said the
latter is about to vacate fnr a higher office in Montreal, mny succeed to that
post I ion.
Mrs. Fortune Improving.
Rev. Fortune returned from I.eth -
bridge Tuesday, ami says lhat Mrs. Fortune Is improving rapidly am) will be
discharged from the hospital next week.
6 0
I   ConyrlKlit, IHOt by tl... I
0 b.S.MaUlur.0 1-.....*   ?
O-o-o-o-o-o-oo - c>-o-o-o-o- £>
■Tin sorry we'ro Invlled," observed
Mrs. Ililtiiuiiils In Inl- liiislmiiil asllii-y
iii.*.-*-.-.! to go out   "Wo abau't bave a
t 1 timo."
-Wli.v':- ber liiisl-iiiul Inquired. "I
iilwn-s liked Ned."
"V.-s," n-s|.,iii.li-il Mrs. lMiniiliils.    "I
Ilk,- litem bollt, but, Will, try lis. Ilu il
iis 1 umy, tbey muka mil- nbsurtlty jenl-
Mr. Edmonds grew Berlous, "Tlie
1.1.1 oxcuso, Qrnco. 1 tbougbt you lnul
outgrown tbat bud bnblt, We've nut
bo iiiiiili Unit tlii-y i-iiii never linve.
Tlii-i-i*!" In* cried, plucking ber cbcek.
"Lot's put ii nsldo. We linvo ,-iu-li other, wbllo yon kuow tboy quiirrol. We
must linvo tin-in lii'i-ii suinu ovonlng
Boon,     V..II   run   sin-,'  Wllilo   I   jUgglO
iiii. cbnDiig dish. Nod-Constnhlo novcr
could iii.-iki- a decent rabbit. His wire
won't lot liim Icnrn how."
Mrs. K.lin Is si-iln-il oven nt her
hiiBbnnd's picture of n plcnsnnt even-
Ing nl borne, "I Bhnll depend upou
ynu," slu* snid ns tbey rang tho Con-
stnblo doorbell, "to keen mo contented
toulgltt, Will."
li wns qulto nn nlTnlr. Mr. nnd Mrs.
CoitBtnblo, whntovor tbey might bo
vvlii'tt nlone, woro it cbnruilng bust nml
"ll...v well tltoy ilo ii!" i'\i-lniiiii'il
Mrs. Edmonds to hor busbniid ns they
*.nt ctillng. 'J'iu-ii, wiiii n dnngcrpus
tutiii in Iter voice, Bbo sniil, "I wish,
oil, so much, Ibni you nnd I"—
"Thoro, tltoi-e," Edmonds broke In
gently, "Wo'ro nol goliig lo s|.™k of
tlmt, dcnrlo. Ily .Tovol" bo cjnculnted
suddenly. "I .!.• bollovo litem's old
Tom aoodwln over thete nil by hlniBeK.
You reiucmbcr Tom, don't you, Grace—
tin. fellow' who wns ton poor In entile
lo our wedding nml vviio snld lie wns
Bonding forks lnslond oC buying n mil-
ruiul ticket? I linvon't Boon him for
months, lie writes tilings, 1 believe,
Yuu niiist moot bttii, good i.l.l chnp,"
"Ho you know," (looihvin renmrked
u fow nun Is Inter, Bcnlliig ltimself
bcsldo Ills new found friends, "1 nl-
wnys promised myself Hit- picnBut-o of
,1-,,        .._
The KqulUbfe life.
He sure and read ihe statement of lhe
Itynltahle IJfe Assurance society of the
I'ultrd Stales which appears iu litis
utu**. It is an attractive condition, ami
wakes people ferl aale wbo ate doing
busttiesa Ffiib lhe company.
meeting Mra. Edinouila, Ami now," nnd
Ids gonial fnco beamed with good until ro, "1 see how I niu it Is (hut tin-
expected plonsut'cs uro the keenest,
runny thing, Mrs. lSilmoiulS, but 1
didn't wnnl to como hero nt nil."
At this Edmonds smiled ut bis wife.
••Neither did wc Now wc nre glnd wo
did," bo wild. "Hul, Tom, why hnvon't
you c'llleitv Vou might linvo found us
beioiT tins in tlio directory."
**uii, yes," Tom rejoined; "but you're
siit'li  draidful  bwcIIs  I  didn't  dure,
Vou ace," Im GXpllllnotl while Mrs. lid-
montls tried lo toll lilui bow modest
Ihey renlly were, "I'm Just beginning,
Wli.-ii you just begin, people don't llko
you, and mostly you don't tnlto lo thom,
nnd fo 1 huvc thought it besl lo keep
«wuy by myself until 1 hud done some*
tlilng worth whilo."
Goodwill iniidu himself very Agree*
able, uml Mis. Edmonds liked him.
Iter husband got deep in debute with a
LtusinesH ncntinlntnnce, mul tho two
men presently drifted io tbo other sido
of the room, so when (lie music begun
In the conservatory Goodwin took Mrs.
Edmonds up Btnlrs,
"It's awfully good of you, you know,"
ho snld to her ns tbey sen ted themselves next u dense umss ol' pnlins In
tho ballroom, "not to Insist on dancing, but to talk to inc. You're so cheerful nnd seem go contented. Will is a
rortunnle man, Mrs, Edmonds."
"How odd! 1 was discontented and
blue when I emnc hero tonight," nho
suld, "nil because I wns—well, I wus
Tom laughed.
"Wo nil get Hint wny nt times, I fun*
cy," he roranrltod. "Look at those De
Ptiysters standing over thero. ibe richest people hero. You wouldn't bollovo
It. inn thoy ure ridiculously jealous of
Hi,' Pour Hundred, How the Pour
Hundred faro we never know, but the
Ho I'uystcrs npe them ns fur ns they
cull, while --nine of us nre silly enough
in npe i he Puystei'B. I mu glad
7011 ure nol one of Miohc."
Before Mm. Edmonds could confeaa
that Indeed she wns 01 f thom then
came to Uereur from behind the puluu
by which they sat the sound of volcua
They both recognised the tones of their
host uiul hostess, tt was nu awkward
position, bill they could not have es*
taped being seen from over the pnlins.
Constable wns evidently ii'inomttrut-
tug wilb his uil'r. "You cnil'l menu to
pivleml," he w,is snylug, "u> be keeping pneo Willi ibe m- i'uystcrs, Ono
would think you wero, to sen us to*
night   1 nil you, Ann.-, 1 cnti't afford
il, uud llml's Hut."
'•'riini's whnt you're always Baying--
'can't nfford thU; cau't pay fm* thutl'"
cried Mrs. Constable, wilb cuuslilern-
bin heat    "\\ by don't yon gu into
bankruptcy uud be done wilb UV You
never used to compluIn."
-wo would look well bankrupt,
wouldn't we':" her Bpotiso cul in. "I
novel used lo complain, as you any,
because l was getting rich I'asi then.
It is changed now. uud I'm ofton pinched fot money to the vergo uf dcspCl'll*
linii.    I've told yull sn,  Anne.    Wllilo
I'm- no objection in your eulertnlulng
md having 11 good time, there's a limit
(o our menus, ynu know, mid whero llio
devil ibo money tor tins Im coming
from I don't see."
■•Ynu never told me." cried Mrs. Constable. "You merely snld you were
worried. And I'll tell you right now,
Ned Constable, 1 do intend keeping
pneo wiih tho Ho Ptiysters nnd Hatter
myself I havo done so."
"lie stuck me on 'change for $12,000
lust week," muttered Constable. "You
may be ablo to keep up lhe puce; hut,
hy HiuiKli-r, 1 can't nt that figure,
'I'Iiiti' was n pause. Then he snid pa-
cllicallyi "You go nt it wrung, mid, 119
your husband, 1 must correct you.
Look al Will Edmonds und Ids wife.
Tlicy an; poor, ns lhe world takes such
people, but tbey nt'O richer uml happier than we nro."
"Yes," exclaimed Mrs. Constable,
"ami live in n llltlo place where you
can hardly turn around nnd whero you
meet slnrvcd inuslclnus, Impecunious
nelors or authors wbo hope lo sturllo
Hin world some duy. Perhaps ynu
would llko lo change pidecs with
"I mny have to," Constable murmur-
ed, "beforo it Is nil over. Come, Anne;
Hu; people nre doing. Wo must get
Goodwin mid Mrs. Kdiuunds arose, he
serious, she trembling.
"Tell mo," he asked ber, "should we
have gone away?"
"Yes nnd 110," she answered. "Wn
couldn't without their ktiowlng," Then,
putting her hand in Ids as tbey camu
to Mr. Edmonds, she observed seriously;    "A little while ago 1 was jealous
of them, Mr. Goodwin. Now 1 am
not, uml my Utile place where you can
hardly turn nrotllld seems sweet nnd
good lo me. Como and sen us lu ii. Wn
will welcome you, uml yuu may gel uu
idea how nice humility Is. Good night,
I thank you for being here."
As Graco mid Will Blood ognln in
their own house later that night she
said to him us she kissed bim, with
lours iu her eyes: "I thank Um Lord,
Will,dourest, lor our little place where
sumo people can hardly (urn nrouud.
Shut your eyes, Will, and say It after
tno: 'ltless our littlo place where you
ran hardly turn around.   Anion!'"
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control n large area <>f the choicest farming; and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices ranga Iron, $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, thc latter being fur first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass knilwav.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amounl nl principal and inl rest, cxccpl in Ihc
case nl hinds under S2..SII an aire, is divided inlu len Instalments a*
shown iu ihc lahlc below; Ihc first tu be paid al Ihc lime of purchase, tne second one year (rom date of Ihe purchase, the third In
two years anil su un.
Tbe following (able shows thc amount of Ihc annual Instalment!
ou Hill aires at different price*, under the above conditions:
Kill airs al S2..SII per air. Isl inslaltuenl $59,95    i> equal inlal'ls ai 5511,
3.00     »           •■                71.011 m,
1.50     *•           "               8*3.90               » 7ii,
'•Wl      •■             "                  95.83                  .* mi.
'■•ill      "             "                 107.85                  .. uu
S.IW     »           ..                 \9M                .. m
Tlie Gift! nf th-* Went.
Tho west gave to the world Blicll
types ns the farmer Thomas -lolt'erson,
wiih bis Declaration ol' Independence,
bis sintulo for religious toleration uud
bis purchase of Louisiana, she gavo
us Andrew Jackson, Unit tlcrco Tennessee spirit who broke down the traditions ut' conservative rule, swept
uwuy tbo prlvncles nml privileges of
ollielaldom mul, like u Gothic louder,
opened the temple of tbo nation to the
populace, She gnvo us Abruhnm Lincoln, whose gnu tit frontier form nml
gnarled, massive band told of ihc conflict with the forest, whose grasp on
Ibe :i\ handle of tho pioneer was no
(Inner than his grnpp of lhe helm of
the ship of stale as It breasted Hie seas
of civil war.   Sho gave us the tragedy
of lhe pioneer fur r ns he marched
daringly on in thc conquest of Hie mid
lands uml met bis Ilrsl defeat by forces
too strong to bo dealt wilb under tho
old conditions, Shu bus ftiriilslicd lo
this new democracy her bIoitb of mineral wealth thut dwarf luosoof (be old
world nml her provinces that ln themselves are vusler nnd more productive
Hum mosl nf tlio nations nf Huropo,
tint of her bounty bus como n mil Ion
whoso iiidiisirinl  competition alarms
the old world mid whose musters of hoc
resources wield wealth and power vaster than ihc- wealth uml power of kings,
-Frederick J. Turner in Atlantic.
A   l'lili'Mil   (inme  of  CIifn**.
It Is ii Spanish tradition tlmt (be fate
of Columbus overhung on u git mo of
clioss. For yenrs ihe great nnvlgiilor
hud haunted ihc Spanish court, trying
to Interest some one lu his plans, bin nt
lust ho determined to abandon the
country mid visit liYnnee, Thu nlghl
before bis Intended departure he Bought
an audience with thc queen to communicate his Intentions nnd to tako his
lcnve. The queen nsked him to wall
while sho nindo another effort to Interest the king, She found Ferdinand en-
gaged ut n game of chess, ami disturbing him by her entrance cntlSOd him lo
loso n piece. Annoyed nnd Irritated by
the Incident the king, after rudely denouncing Columbus nml his schemes,
Informed Isabella thai the result of tho
petition would depend on the result of
Hu; game. It grew worse, nnd lhe
chances were nil ngtlllist the launching
of Ihe expedition. Hut the queen, overlooking Hie bonrd, whispered lo her uu-
uusl spouse u suggestion relative to a
move lhat would ueudvantiigoous. The
king followed ihc advice, the complex
ion uf lhe- game wns q Ickly reversed
and Coliltnbua1 dream uf years was
realised at last     .
killlhcrlcv '8 *l,c ^Hsincss and shipping point for ihc
*7  North Star .ind Sullivnn mines.
BEAL & ELLWELI,, Townsite A^ems,
Crauhrook is (hc (1'visional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
liasl Koolenay.
V.HYDE BAKtR.ownsitcAgent.
I in III rt her In In nun Hun apply In agents us ahuvc ur to
A.  r AY LOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B.C. or
lands under$2.M'pcr aire are sold
on slimier lime.
If the land is paid for in lull al Ihc
lime of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equal lo len per
ceal on lhe amount paid in UCCM ol Ihc
usual cash instalment.
Interest al lis per cent will he
charged in over due Intdalmcnls,
Thc Company has also litis fur sale
in Ihe following lown sites in l-'asl Knot-
may: I Un, Cranhrook. Moycllc, kil-.li.
citcr, Crcshui and Kimberley.
Thc Icrms uf payment arc une-lhird
csnh, and Ihc balame In h!\ and twelve
Kitchener is in the center ol ihc great
Iron range aud lhe gateway tn Ihe While
Oraiisc copper fields.   .1. I. BURGESS,
Townsite AKt-„t.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Before Kciuly-to-Weur Clollica had heen hroilght
I.i lhe high degree of perfection reached in
You had tn j;o to :i tailor.
(hilinary ready-made isn't
worth your while.
But, to-day, if you nre
looking for lhe hest made,
hest looking, hest wearing,
'] "****^  newest   styles   you   j;et  il
only in the  garments bearing   lhe   " Royal
II rand "   label in  the left breast pocket.
Th© best Clothiers all over Canada sell " ROYAL BRAND."
_ Muniifncliir**.! I.y v.. A. smai.i. *s c... Montreal,
Of .n. ■ mmJ
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wkolcaalc aad Kciall
Meat Merchants
l-'resh and Cured Meats Prtsh
Pish, (iainv and Poultry.
We supply only the besl.   Your
trade is solicited.
Robinson McKenzie Lumber Co., Lit).
Sold by W. T. koiil & Co.
1 M. McINNIS, h
Q Dealer in 0
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
Advertising is the thing that
tells people that vou are not
is still in the same place.
THH up-to-date hotel of the
Morrissey, It. C,
H. L. STEPHENS, Proprietor.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, I). C.
We have a stock of
Common llrick,
Pressed Itrick,
Eire llrick
and lile
Those w.iiiliny* cliinineys, lire
pl.ices, boilers lined, or any job
work in thr brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
CIIAKI.I-S P. CAMI'ltni.l.,
Undertaking And
(Iniiliinlc of Cliatiipiiui nillfj.'!* of    U, S
Office nml store, Aiken block,
near Cftiunllau Itimk of Coin*
tni-rre, Crnnbrook, ll. C.
H|ilitilHk-rliiK and lii'iicril Turnllure Kepilrlif
Will ultt'inl tu tiny wurk iu tlie ilislrict
AkciiI fur the Brandon Marble and Uranlle
Wink *,.   I'timtistoiii'i, I lead * tune s etc
and Uuilder  j,
All work fuaraaleed.   See a. belore
yo. bulltl.   II will pay yaa.
Cr-inbrook, II C
Livery <&
Proprietors j* > j*
Teninti nml ilrivem ftiiuUheil for any
point lu the district*
MmuiRer   J*   J*   J*
Timber Notice
Notlitt In lifit'liy nivt'ii dial llfl ilny« nftor
.int.' I int.-ml in ti|i|ily in ili<' C'lilel rnunnla
sinner nl l.nniln nml trnrlta lor pprnili«iliiii tu
'tii ii nil en r v hwhv IIiiiImu* Inuu itm Inllow*
iifViltwrilii'il IiiihIn:
Kilinili-,1 in Hit' illfltrlet nf IOjihI Knnlonay
'Oinineiii'Inti nl a |iobI pin ii I eil nliriut une
iiiilciu'ci mid um- Intll mill, mulli ollliiiauilth
wtmi enriier of l.nl :tt!H llimirti nnrlli to
ilinlns lliei wchI 1(10 elmlns Ibenee soiitli
lOrliiiiiiH thenee eust I flfl eliulna eontrtlnlng
ItlOnert-H iiiuii' ur less.
iii.i.'.i ihir.'joiii ,i„> niMni.ti iob;i,
RIpUll, 11. II. I'lllllTlntl
il by linn llayea, Agent.


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