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Cranbrook Herald Jun 14, 1900

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VOLUME   15.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.     J
Hon. Oho. a. Cox, President. B. IS. Walker, Gen. Mm-    J
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
A General Banking Business Transacted. j
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
I. & G. Bell's Celebrated
...For Ladies and Children...
A complete stock just to hand. Ladies' and
children's Button and Lace Shoes, Ladies'
and children's Slippers.        **      jt      jt
sr* tp s-y* Reid & Co.
a-a-a-9® (*}*»-*■• • • * - * *»■*•■»•♦■»■»■*• -• • -»->Q
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot,    Hns accommodations for the public unequalled in Crnnbrook.
ai-ia-ialS 1
We have placed in stock this week a few special lines in
Blouses and Linen Collars, Ladies' Suits in Crash, Zcphrys and
Pique, jt Latest novelties in Laces, Tics, Belts and Chiffons. .-*
Ladies' Bicycle Boots, j* Handsome Toilet, Dinner ana Ten
Sets,   jt   Full Assortment of Crockery.
....G. BREMNER & SON....
Shoes   Shoes
Shoes   Shoes
The finest and largest assortment of shoes In Oast Kootenay. ******
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Limited
East Kootcnay's Big Mail Order House
fi H Miner  The pioneer
VI • Ui   if llll VI      HARDWARE STORE
....Special Prices on a Few Gents Wheels
Windows, Doots and Sash in all varieties.'   Also Builders' Hardware, Paints, Oils and Glass.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and painted metal.
All work in tin shop first-class and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and floyie
The Herald Job Printing
!*>**-•***• ♦•**>■•*■*> »MH-t«->-H«-)«M»     ■♦ »t»'■«♦>■♦•»•»»»♦♦♦♦♦ ♦■♦♦♦♦♦Wj)
Fort Steele Came to Cranbrook to Hold
a Joint Jubilee.
Eating, Drinking,  Toasting,  and
After-Dinner Eloquence
a Feature.
At about 8:30 p. m. last Tuesday uight
about 100 citizens of Fort Steele arrived
in Crnnbrook in iigt* and on horseback,
precedetl by the Fort Steele bias.*-* band
on top of the old Golden-Foit Steele
Concord stage coach, who were led by
three horsemen, two bearing a banner
inscribed with "Roberts and Pretoria
and Smith aud Victoria," and tbe third
wilh a big Union Jack and were received
by the townspeople with loud ami lusty
The occasion was that of a celebration
by the friends of Mr. Smith, the newly-
elected member for South Kast Kootenay, in honor of his victory. There
were Smith men from Fort Steele, from
Moyie, from Fernie, from Kimberley,
and these, witb Mr. Smith's friends in
Cranbrook, were determined to give all
comers a good time, and they did it.
Until about 10:45 P> ni. Hiker street
wore quite a metropolitan appearance.
On the balcony of the Cosmopolitan hotel the Fort Steele band, uuder tbe leadership of Mr. Barnes, discoursed sweet
music, while on the sidewalk the people
of Cranbrook, Fort Steele, and other
towns promenaded to and fro, evidently
enjoying tbe gay scene presented.
At 10:45 Mine Host 1*;, II. Small informed all bands that the banquet awaited their attack, and ubout 21x1 or more
sat down and did ample justice to the
good things provided, Owing lo the
large number present tbe supper was
served at a first and second table. When
the second table had satisfied the inner
man, everyone gathered in the handsome dining-room of (he hotel, and with
t_.. u;-„   -„   -t...:-_.....   tr-hw   •*_     n    ,,.
Beattie as vice, the toast list was taken
The first to-ist on the list was, of
course, " Tbe Queen," which was drunk
most heartily, all joining In tbe singing
of the National anthem and was replied
toby W.S. Keay in bis usual happy vein
The next toast, proposed by Dr. King,
was that of " Our Gnist." The doctor
refeircd iu glowing leims to Mr. Smith,
and emphasized the fart that the campaign just ended was the cleanest he had
ever seen.
Mr. Smilh, who was loudly cheered,
responded iu a few well-chosen words.
He said lhat as he was uow tbe servant
of the people, the poorest man in the
mountains had ns much right to consideration from the member ns the richest
dwelling iu the towns, and lhat be would
get it. Mr. Smith resumed his seat amid
The next toasl wait "To Onr Late
Opponeuts," and was responded to first
by Mr, Costigan, and afterward by Mr.
LettCh, Mr. Costignn was received
with cheers, nud snid that although
he occupied rather a anions uo-
siiion—that of the vanquished celebrating the victory of bis Dpponetit—he felt,
speaking for himself and friends—Hint
Mr, Smith would rece've loyal support
as the member for the district, nud that
t was the duty of every good citizen to
do all iu his power to strengthen bis
hand. He congratulated Mr. Smith
most heartily, and said tliHt iu view of
the Insinuations that hi«l been cast on
Mr. Martin ns to his Manitoba career, he
would rend a letter from a prominent
politician in that province who wns opposed to Mr. Martin. The letter wns
read and proved conclusively tbnt tbe
less suid nl.i.ut Mr, Mtirtiu in Manitoba
hy bis opponents the better for them.
This act of justice Oil the jail of Mr.
Costignn was received by many nud prolonged cheers. At the conclusion of
Mr, Costignn's nddress Mr. Smith shook
him warmly by the hand. Mr. Leach
then in a few words told the boys tbat
although he would liked to have been a
winner, still he could tnke a licking ntul
not squeal.
Thc next tonal was proposed by Mr.
Medhurst, that ol "Our Leader, Joe
Martin." In proposing the (0,1st Mr.
Medhurst snid that 0 short time ngo
there was ouly one Marltultc in Cranhrook, and the result of the election
showed that now there >vere nt least 122
and called upon Mr. Benltle, thc original
Marlinilc, to respond. Mr. Beattie said
that he could never, on nny account, refuse to reply to the toast of Mr. Martin,
and gave as his reason for being a strong
admirer of lhat gentleman that he bud
lived for a number of years In Mr. Martin's constituency in Manitoba aud had
Been what he could do and whal he did
lo for the good of the country. And
that, although Mr. Martin did not carry
the country at this election, be would
rise up again, nnd ngnin, and ngain.
Our Common Interests" was next
proposed and responded toby Mr. McBride, of Foit Sleele, audi) \V. Robinson, of Cranbrook. Mr, McBride snid
toat this election had cleuicd away any
ill feeling that existed between Fort
Steele and Crnnbrook, and that fiom
now on both towns would work for tbe
interests of the district,   Mr  Ruhiuson,
in 11 lew words, expressed the sentiment
thnt Craubrook, like Fort Steele and
other towns, should put aside all little
local prejudices nnd work for lhe district.
Mr. Kershaw, of Fort Steele, then
spoke nnd snid thnt one of the greatest
pleasures he hnd had during the evening
was hearing Mr. CoaUgOU speak. Me
said that his speech showed hoiiesly and
good breeding. He also said that the
greatest enemy Fort Steele had was a
paper called the Prospector, and proceeded lo roast the editor of that Journal.
Mr, Kershaw concluded Ins speech by
singing lhe following Hues, composed by
Ch-aor, boys, cheer- r«r R0U11*- In Pretoria,
nicer, boys, shear, for Braltli ih in \ lotorla-
ah Uu- itt-iilu's Interents will now protected be
ton steels miti Qranbrookaud Hast Kootonay.
The next toast was lo "The Real
Workers." Tbe chairman said that
theie were a number of meu who worked
for Smith at the election whose names
were not often seen in print and who
were perhaps not so well known lo the
public asotherB, and to Ihese, in a great
degree, the success of the election was
due, This toast was responded lo by
Messrs. Mitchell, Howrie, Ross and
Laurie, each of whom suid a few words.
Tbe next toast w:,s to "The Beardless
Boys," which wus responded to in un
Abe manner by J. Lungely, of Fort
"The Press That Was Neutral" was
uext proposed, and iu his remarks the
chairman said that tbe Cranbrook Herald had shown its good sense iu refusing
any paltry $200, $300 or :*4oo bribe, but
remained neutral throughout lhe campaign and hnd thus lost no friends, hut
ou the contrary had made many new
ones. Unfortunately neither Mr. Went-
woith or Mr. Rockendorf were present
to respond, but The Herald got cheered
just the same.
"Those Whose Hearts are Always
Wilh Us" was next proposed, coupled
witb the names of Messrs. MeKenzie,
Caven aud Hutchison. Messrs. MeKenzie and Caven were absent from the
room at lhe time, but Mr. Hutchison
said that all would agree 011 one thing
—that "Eaat Kootenny Wns AU Right."
The next toast was "Kimberley, That
Told tbe Tale.'' Messrs. White and Carrol responded to this toast and impressed
011 their hearers lhat without Kituher-
ley's majority Smith would have been
in bad shape.
Next, "Moyie, True Blue," was proposed, hut owing to the train having already left, there was no Moyie representative lo reply, so cheers were given for
the Lucerne of East Kootenay, aud the
toast of "The Lndies" was proposed,
answered by Messrs. McDermot. Sly and
Pniker in Iheir usual good style.
Mr *\T-»<tti--.rr>» Mian wild cvcryboily
knew tbnt Mr. Small and Mr. Orchard
were ''Jolly Good Fellows," nnd then
he begged lo propose a toast which he
asked everybody to diiuk iu silence,
that of "After the Heat of the Battle
—Peace " Thia was done and "Home,
Sweet Home" was sung, and the supper
ended with the singing of "God Save tbe
The one feature of tbe evening which
must have impressed itself on the minds
of all present was the statement of almost every speaker that, although tbe
election had heen fought bard, there had
not existed during the campaign, or
does not exist now, tbat it is over, auy
ill feeling or ill will on the part of any
one on any side of tbe contest, and the
fact thnt those who have already had experience in elections claimed this to
have been the cleanest election they
ever seen.
Tuesday ni^ht, June 12, 1900, was one
of thc pteasautest nights Cranbrook has
ever teen, and it will be remembered for
" Hutch."
That Is What the Ute Election in South
East Kootenay Was.
Tbe "Only Paper of Influence" la Southeast
Kootenay Proves Its Powers.
Was He?
Here is some of tbe Prospector's barren float:
" Smith will he hopelessly defeated in
Cranbrook, sacrificed  by   those   who
promised lo support liim."
Did He ?
Henry Kershaw has seriously injured
Smith's chances. Hut then a fellow will
occnsjonally gel it In tbe neck in Ibe
house ol his friends."
Tnis Was a " Hop" Dream.
'■ It is now positively known thai Wm.
Feruie will be the representative ftom
Ibis tiding ut  the next hilling of the
legislature on July 51I1."
Should Have " Coppered" This.
Smith won't be able to get n majority at a single voting place in the dis-
Go lo -Fernie on Saturday.
The Cranbrook football team will go
lo Fernie Saturday to play off the tie
game of the .4th. The boys will liue up
as follow.*-: Frank Ranktu, goal; John
Hurley, Vic Rollins, backs; George
Leitch, A. Ii. Walls, —Ross, half-backs;
Vincent Liddicoalt, HobCougblin, Harry
Liddicoatt, J- J- Huuler, Archie Leitch,
forward line.
At the Hoskina Qroup.
A. T. Poileit, superintendent of the
development work in progress on the
Iloskius group, nenr tbe head uf Perry
neck, by thc It. A. C. Co,, was in town
Tuesday. He says good progress is beiug mude on the work ou lhe lines mentioned in a recent issue of The Herald.
He says a large, strong lead is being developed, but ns they have been making
no assays he Is not prcpnred to say anything regarding values.
And an Unrighteous Combination
Turned Down by Voters Who
Would Not Be Herded.
The election in South East Kootenay,
just pasted, haa been full of surprises for
the political wiseacres. Not one prediction mnde by the old political war horses
was realized.
Early hi the seasou—before the campaign was fairly opened—Messrs, Harvey, Gnlbrnilh and Grace made a deal
with Mr. Ferule whereby Mr. Fernie, if
elected—and they had him surely elected
on paper—was to exert his influence in
the legislature in behalf of Fort Steele.
The latter purt of this proposition Mr.
Feruie honestly admitted to tbe editor
of the Herulil in n brief interview a few
weeks before election. Uuder this condition of nflairs Cranbrook, Moyie and
thc outlying camps felt that lhey would
practically be without representation If
Mr. Fernie wns elected, and cast about
for some olher candidate to support.
On patty Hues ibe voters of Cranbrook
are almost entirely straight liberals or
ouservalives, and the votes would make
it appear lhat the liberals are iu the as*
udaucy. Consultations were held between the local leaders of the parties
aud a committee appointed to select a
candidate upon whom Craubrook and
outlying towns could unite practically
solid. After much discussion Ihe committee decided upon Dr. King, a Martin
liberal, than whom there is uo more pop
u';ir man in South East Kootenay.    It
St. Eugene and Sullivan miues there
would be no Cranbrook, no Moyie, no
Kimberley, no Norlh Slar branch railroad, and possibly no C. V. R. road west
of Fernie.
Mr. Smith was dubbed by sor«e of his
opponents "The Silent Man;" he ma.- I
prove an illustration of the old proverb j
" Still waters run deep." At any rate
all citizens of Crnnbrook feel thut Mr.
Smith is a just aud honorable mnn, aud
that to the besl of his opportunities and
ability he will do atl possible to impartially advance lhe best interests of Soulh
Bast Kootenay. lie is said to be uufet-
teied by ante election promises.
For a somewhat warm campaign there
probably exists less sores and scars than
ever before resulted fiom a political
tight. The victors have been generous
und tbe defeated, like manly men, have
accepted their reverses with grace and
without bitterness—nt least this coudi
tion applies to Mr. Cosligan and bis sup
"All is well tbat euds well."
He Expresses Himself Regarding the
Political Muddle.
1 76 Carloads of Ore
-f —An avprnie nf 7.6 carloads per
} day, 22 tons to the car—bave
} been shipped from the North Star
j mine and Sullivan group during
J the ten days ended last night.
J; Tbis is not a "spurt," but steady
}. shipments which are Increasing,
} and will continue to so with great-
V er rapidity when the Sullivan buck-
jf et tram is Installed. J
The Herald has what It deems au- *
thentic information to the elfect J
that net returns ol the first ship- J
ment of Sullivan ore was $13 per J
% ton, which considerably exceeded *
J expectations. J
j What's the matter with « Happy *
J Cranbrook" and South East Koote- J
$ nay? X
was thought for a lime that the question
wns settled, hut ufter sleeping over thc
proposition tbe doctor wisely concluded
not lo sacrifice his professional interests
for the benefit of bis countrymen, and
declined the highest honor that bis fellow .citizens could confer upon htm.
Steps for union of local and political
interests having thus failed, the field
was open and John li. Costigan, in party
mutters a conservative, announced himself as au independent candidate in opposition to the government; In this
coutse he bad tlie encouragement of
some of tbe most respected and substantial citizens of this district, and it cau be
truthfully said that no riding in the
province would have bad more able representation thau Soulh Kast Kooleiiay if
Mr. Costignn bud been sent to Victoria.
Mr. Costigan was to have had substantial aid from the coast In his campaign,
but through influences not necessary
to discus here, it was finally withheld;
it is an old saying that " alt happenings
are for the be&t," and it seems to be so
in this instance for It haa since transpired that Mr. Costignn's candidacy in
reality strengthened Mr. Fernie, and
wilh incieased financial resources would
probably have encompassed the election
of the latter.
The Martin liberals, led by a number
of young men who find in a warm political campaign one of the greatest pleasures of their lives, now began to cast
about for a candidate after their own
heart, and iu union with the better aud
more broad-guage element of Port
Sleele, brought out Mr. K. C. Smith, a
milling and ranching man, an old citizen
nnd highly respected by all who know
him. Nor is he without claims lo having done something for the advancement
of tbe district, as a little more than two
yeai b ago be went to Spokane and closed
the deal whereby the present Sullivan
Group Miuing Company was formed; ll
i., uot necessary to comment upou the
benefits conferred upon this country by
thul company-   Without the North Star,
Tbe Prophets' Calculations Were All Upset
When the Returns Came la.
The total number of ballots cast falls
several hundred short of tbnt registi red,
but that is uot tu be wondered ut, asiua
country like this—a land of magnificent
distances—where the voting-places an
miles apart nnd where, iu many in
stances, the voter would have to travel a
whole day over rough trails, to deposit
bis ballot, lhe only wonder is ihat the
vole wus noi still lighter.
Below will he found the complete returns from South Kast Koolenuy, wilh
the exception of one smalt district,
which can not materially affect tbe re-
suit us below announced:
Smith ferule can
Moyie ii*j so si
Cranbrook m a :*.
Wnrilni r  10 8 B
Klko    u 7 in
Tracy Crook    :i :• 0
Foil Steele fti Tfl ;■
Pernio  1:1 m -r
Mlolicllo  u s 31
Wasa   0 8 0
Cransion   t 3 t
Klmliurloy  0; ■> ■■
T-titiil  tsa     ki       iw
The result has demonstrated tliat no
one can often nccurately foretell tbe result of nn election where the voter is
free and unlrauimelcd. Iu such instances, like horse-races aud base-ball
matches, " 'lections is mitey unsarliu."
Through Sleeper.
With the inauguration of the "Imperial Limited" service the Canadian Pacific will operate a through sleeper between Arrowhead and Vancouver for
the accommodation of tbe Kootenay
business. Tbis will be a very great con
venlence to the traveling public,
Taken Around Town by  tbe Hone  Editor
Since thc Counting of tbe
" Hutch"—We can take our medicine
gracefully, I hope.
Euie Small—Well, old man, tbe hood
buns wou, didn't tbey?
Heard from a very saintly old man in
Fort Steele—Well, by G—!
Arch. Leitch—*There are just 8-6 beautiful Sons of Annanias in Cranbrook.
Although Costigan bad b scrutineer at
Wasa, be did uot receive a vote there.
Hyde—Costigan don't give me a bit of
consolation for lotiug a bet of (too on
Charley Edwards—I thought I had
landed 40 Fernie votes in Cranbrook, bul
somehow or nuother 33 flopped off.
Hutch"—It mnde my heart ache nnd
brought the tears to mv eyes to make
Kdwards and Beattie take the Book.
McDermot—The Tro^perlcr is an "influential paper" beyond all question; il
has never failed to beat auy mau it supposed.
Archie Leitch, Jr —1 s; ent nearly two
weeks with an old sinner before converting him, ami then learned tbat he had
no vote.
Medhtlrst— There were just three Mnr-
tin men in town nt the opening of the
campaign; ' Doc" King, Beattie atul
myself.   Ou Saturday there was 123.
Archie—Well, Huuson bow's Costigan going to do up here? Hanson—All
right, that's nil right—you leave all that
with mej I'll lake cure of thai—and he
did. Cosligno's name did not appear on
h solitary ballot,
J, H- Costignn: I have regrets, of
couise; largely because my own town
gave me so light a vote, but bad il have
been otherwise Fernie would bave been
elected; us the general result now stands
I would rather be defeated than to have
been elected w th Martin endorsed. I
believe now that if I had uolbcen a candidate that Mr. Fernie would bave lost
his deposit, as il is very probable that
Mr. Smith would have received op per
cent, of the vote given to me.
[Scene, Fort Steele; time, jnst after
the close of the voting booths on Saturday): Fernieile: Now Mr. Costlgau-
ite, the labor of the day is closed, lei's
set down and see who's the best guesaer
as to tbe remit; uow, what do you think
Cranbrook has done? Cosligtinile; Ob,
t's dead easy, Mr. Fcrnielte; Costigan wilt get 120, Smith 76, and Fernie
10. Fernieile (arising angrily); Well,
if you ure going to talk like a blaiikety
blank fool, we'll quit; I know of 40 sure
iu Craubrook! (And tbe ballots showed
lhat Mr. Fertile'* lieutenants could claim
33 Son's of Aniinnius in Cranbrook, but
7 Fernie votes being cast.
It Would Result in a Vote of Want
of Confidence in the Government,
Col. Baker, tbe founder of "Happy
Craubrook,'' and for many years a cabinet officer of British Columbia, is home
lor a two weeks rest, before startiug for
England, where he wiU rejoin Mrs. Baker for a vocation, oat in the meantime
looking nfter Crnubrook's advancement.
Tbe colonel is looking hale and hearty,
and appears to be growing younger,
rather thnn older.
Thinking the veteran's views rewarding the present muddle to British Colombian  politics wonld prove interesting
reading, he WU asked by   a  Herald reporter:
'What wilt be tbe outcome, colonel,
of the political conditions existing in
this province?"
ln regard to tbat it might be well to
go back a few months to the conditions
which kd up to tbe calling of an election in the province. Wheu the governor called upon Mr. Martin lo act as
premier, tbat gentleman was absolutely
without a following in the house; consequently be had to go to tbe country for
endorsement by the people, and the peo-
pie have declared in the strongest terms
that they will bave nothing to do with
him. Of 35 members but 7 nre elected
as his supporters. Tbe remaining 30
memben are distributed between three
factions, but whom nevertheless were
e'ecte-d upon the issue of Martin oronli-
Martin, and will under no conditions
lend themselves to Mr. Martiu to aid him
in lhe formation of a government. Tbe
issue can only be determined on the
meeting of the legislative assembly,
which in decency should be called together with the least possible delay. A
vote of want of confidence in tbe gov-
ernnieDtw.il then be put and carri. d.
This will bt a coudcumaiiun of the lieutenant governor and force Sir Wilfred
Lturier to take act-.on—either in dismissing the present lieutenant governor and
appointing another, or by suspending
bim and calling upon tbe chief justice to
act temporarily in his place."
"What, in your opinion, would follow,
Mr. Baker?"
" In thai event, which will certainly
occur, the governor ot his representative
will call upon someone else to form a
government—-either a member of tbe
bouse or au outsider. With a good,
strong man for a leader a powerful government ran be formed—one such as
his province needs to successfully foster
its rapidly increasing importance as a
mining, agricultural and manufacturing
And if a failure to organize follows?"
Another election would occur within
12 months."
Ota Sudtlsoder Has Qottea Into Very Serious Trouble.
Last Sunday nigbt at about 10:45 the
Wasa ballot box was stolen from tbe
oflice ofthe custodian of ballots, Thomas
Kde, at Fort Steele, while be was in an
luiost helpless stale of intoxication.
A short time before tbat hour Constable Barnes took Kde into a hotel and
left bim there. It is alleged that a few
moments later Dan Stadtiander, a prospector by occupation, came into the
hall end took Kde to his office. Soon
afler, it is said, Stadtiander was seen
with the missing ballot box in bis possession, having it partially concealed
under his coat. What became of lhe
box afterward had not been reliably
learned by Wednesday.
Stadtiander was arrested and on Mor.-
1 iy was given a preliminary examination before Gold Commissioner Armstrong, He was defended by Attorney
Harvey, who, upon Mr. Armstrong stating that unless thedefendeut could show
more evidence than had been produced
in his favor he would commit him for
tiial, secured an adjournment until today in order to allow the prifouet lo
sober up."
It is alleged by the prisoner's friends
that .the box was taken simply as the
drunken feat ofa man not in bis senses,
and that no crime was intended.
Whether this is u fact or not, it is very
liable to prove a most serious affair for
the prisoner, as tlie laws beating upon
tbe commission of such crimes are very
Johu R. Costigan, upon receipt of a request from the government, went to
Fort Steele this morning to appear for
tbe prosecution.
Barker Is Found.
W. W. Barker, the engineer who had
charge of the installation of the Nortli
Star tramway, and who ao mysteriously
disappeared nearly three months ago,
has been beard from by his wife. It
seems that he wandered away in a fit of
temporory aberration, and when he
came to a full realization of .conditions
he found himself in the state of Washington, and notified his family of his
Whereabouts. At the time of his disappearance he was having much trouble
with (he construction of the tramway,
and it is presumed the affair preyed so
upon bis mind as to throw it offhalauce
for the time being. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Tin* Herald desires
district, if vuu know
your mine or your i-oopli
Blve tlte nows of Hie
uy aboul ;yi-ur town
Far away, by the jaijjer sea,
Three forms are walking, side by siQfc.
And now and .h-.ii they bend to gaz«
i      Over the ocean wide.
*And three of us bun walk and pray
Beside u dark and boundleaa a-aa;
Wo cannot pierce the radiant slow
I   That folds tin- other three,
They watoh above tha rolling world,
Watting tin one at Gcd'a command,
Shall cross the space that lies between
Thin und tha further land.
And, oh!   1 lone for tin* years to pass;
And, oh!   I ery for the lime to lm
Whon thoy who arL* watching with eager
Shall bend and beckon me.
Bo sang 1 hut few weeks uno,
When, through tin* Blleneo, u message
And one of us passed to tin* distant throo,
Hearing  With Joy his name.
Four walk now by the Jasper soa,
Turning earthward thoir radiant oyea,
Where   two   of   us  now,   with  yearning
Look ever to Paradise,
-Anna H. Bonaol, In N. V. Home Journal.
Mrs. Silvester Dean Leveen was ji
ishing ber brnss knocker, lier long,
thin bauds rubbed uud rubbed till Mi
little white curls uu bet* forehead danced
like street children. Yet tlu* labor luul
no perceptible effect. Tbe metal shone
like light, but so it did when abe began
to clean it. li bad shone like thut yesterday und the day before, uud, indeed, every duy for lib yeurs, There
wus a .smooth circle nil nround tliu
knocker when- her dellcnte bunds bud
worn iuto tbe hard, black wood of the
door. Nevertheless the old lndy nibbed
away just, us she bad done every morning since tin* spring of IR„.1, wlieu she
wus brought, u bride, .Into lhe house,
-ibe was the pride of Greenwich village
then, and she meant to be still.
Oo this pnrticulnr frosty morning
Mrs. Leveen tarried longer tlmn usual
at her task. After the lion's bend was
satisfactory oven to her sharp eyes, she
worked on. lint it was evident hi the
glances she shot ncross Hunk sired thai
lier attention was nol given wholly to
the work of her bonds, Neither wns It
diverted to tier customary inspection of
the neighbor's knockers. Theirs glistened like hens, und, besides, every time
she looked up tier eyes turned to but
one door, that of the house in front ol
which stood two sturdy hoi'BCS nnd ti
Pretty soon the door opened and a
' young mnn iu n carter's blouse came out.
He saw thc old lady ucross the street,
though ho pretended not to. Uo busied
himself ostentatiously about the horses'
bends for n moment und then turned
hack to the truck, Mrs. Leveen bad
Been him. She bonl herself earnestly
to the knocker und in n few strokes lln
I'-bed it olV. Then she faced towards 1 he
street and fixed the trucktnnn with her
eyes till he hnd to look up.
"Good morning, Aunt Martha," he
said, ns he doffed his cap.
She beckoned to him to crime to her,
"Good morning, Percy," she answered
pleasantly, ns he npproaohed ber, cap In
bund. "Come in a moment, I wish tn
speak with you."
The interview he bud drended for
weeks wns upon him now. He knew
from the first it wns Inevitable, but day
after day he hnd put ti olT, omitting his
usual calls on tits a uut, and avoiding Iter
sight and summons, Now thai she bad
caught him ho was glad, As he followed the old lndy into her prim, comfortable sitting-room hu made n pitiful
figure of humility, but in the meekness
of bin soul there was the cheerfulness
of finality.
"Sit down, Percy," sbe. suid, in the
sweet-toned voice be loved.
He took the chair she Indicated, and
shn Rented herself in her old inciter.
"Percy, dear," she begun, "istliis true
that I bear; you menu lo mnrry this
"Yes, Aunt Martha, I was going to
toll you, but knowing ns ynu were agin
It—knowing that you would not like
to huve me do so— I waa afraid to come
to you about it."
"Don't twirl your cap, my dearj gentlemen don't do that, yon know."
He stuck bis cup between bis knees.
"I am sorry. Percy, you felt that way.
It is iny intent ion always to he kind
and sympathetic, Vou should have
been quitcsure 1 would have henrd yonr
story through with understanding.
Now, lell me everything.    She is the
daughter, I am told, of n Gorman In
Hudson street."
"That's right, aunt, Her father bus
the- biggest corner grocery over then*,
und he ha-fl made bis pilc-I mean haa
mnde money since he's been there."
"How long bus he been hero?"
"Going mi, in years. He's utmost nn
old Nintb-wiirder now. He's some in
polities, and Ids fondly te right In it."
"Percy!    1 never knew Ibctii."
"I know, but you wouldn't. It ain't
my fault. I wanted to have them nil
over to mother's so us you could Ih*. introduced to them."
The old ludy looked u.s though she
•would answer this, but she did not. She
was silent u moment before she proceeded.
"So ber father is a grocer?"
"Yeai like Mr. Jamison, wbo you
liko well enough."
"Mr. Jamison Is a gentleman, my dear,
The misfortunes of his family can never
niter tbat. The Jamisons nro of tho old-
pat Greenwich families on both sides.
He in a grocer by necessity. This person of whom we nre speaking is one by
"Well, Aunt Martini, It's as good as
being irtruclvnan, and Iw-tter,"
Mra. r-eveen, winced.
"You might havo been a judge, like
your father, or a senator, liko your
grandfather. I wanted you to enter political life."
"Politics is pretty lOW down these
days," Percy remarked. "II ain't whnl
it wns. Resides* I tried to get an office from Mike McNamiirn, bill he said I
wouldn't ilo in any where the pay wuh
a. W. M'VITTIE. IU.S.. P-I.S. JOHN HUTCHISON, Noturj Public
McVittie & Hutchison
,..I)enler« in. .
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
JVlines, fining Stock, Real Estate •   KlHBERLEY   HOTEL
Mints antl l.un.l
lire. Life mnl Accident Insurance
Money Id Liiuii
. 0. 0. F. Block Crnnbrook, II. C.
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
ns mueh as the trucKing pays    Ami
^Tue_ ihat's abuut 30."
The last sentence v-*as cheerfully
spoken. Mrs. Leveen looked nt her
nephew's ruddy cheeks nml sighed.
-1 do wish. Percy," shu sold, gently,
"that you eould hove found Home oue
in Greenwich. That pnrl ui Hudson
street where these people live is way
beyond the outskirts of the old vlllngo,
out where the hog Holds were till the
i ilgrnnls begnn to settle nrouud us."
••llul whnt's tho difference, Ainu
Martini? Ii's nil ono now. There aln'l
no Greenwich nny nmn'. It's nil jnst
Now York city, so what's the use ol pretending?"
Tho Irnpntionoo In the yonng man's
tone innii/.oil his aim! ol st os iniu'.i
na iho sentlliionl lie uttered. Never before had lie [tilled to show her respect.
On lhe contrary, thc humbleness of his
demeanor hnd beeringrlerancc toheri
it did nol become one of her own b 1
to mnnlfesl the somo awe beforo her
Unit an ordinary Ninth wnrtlor did.
Tho old link straightened In her
ohnir, lhe lines nholil hor mouth stiffened nnd hor eyes gllstenod liko lier
knocker as she answered!
"Percy Deunl Vou forgot to whom
ynu aro s'penklng. Vou forget yourself,
sir, nnd yonr good breeding Is evidently suffering from the usgoolullons you
permll yourself."
Percy was frightened. Tho lost time
he bad been rebuked In Ihis temper
by his mini was whon he was a bny.
lio mem Itcnse.
"I beg vour pardon, Annl Unrlhn,"
he mun	
Mrs. i.ovoon look her knitting from
tlio tablo nml worked busily nl il til!
hhe "as quite calm. She Innkiol upnfler
every fow llirusts of her noodle, Indig-
 illy al Ilrst, then coldly, nnd Iinally
the Iniiiiinnl expression of kindnc&s returned lo hor looo.
"I dure say yon aro in n hurry to
go Iii town, iv'ny. nml I shall not detain ynu iniioh longer. Vnn may toil
me sninolliinir nbonl this young—this
girl.   How old is she'.'"
"Sho is going "ii 10, Aim- Martha."
"Is sho onliivMiid. educated? ('nine.
Percy, tell mo ull aboul hor."
••She wool through the grnminnr
school, I think, but she bad to work
alter lhat? So she can't nhiv llm piano
nr sine, '"'I she is a nice girl and oan
loud Iho houso and cook, now lhat hor
mother is dead."
"Thai's right* sho ought lo be ablo
in manege her husband's household.
lint loll nm more nhoul her, Is her
voice snn, arc her mnnners gentle, is
she modest? Describe her lo ino, my
dear.   Is sho pretty?"
Percy was encouraged by lhe few
Mollis nr approvnl he had won.
"Aunt,she's0 beaut', Unit's—"
"Whal do ymi sny, a whnt?"
"I moan she's .1 bounty. She's gnt
lllnc eyes mul blond hair and the nicest,
biggest, reddest checks. She ain't what
vnn would call rjulctl she's mnro lively-
like. Vnn ought to hoar her laugh
when wo'ro down on the docks nights
with lhe rest nf tiie crowd. I'll hot vnn
conld hoar hor across Iho river In Ho-
llolien. And jolly? If she gels a mug
10. is loo fresh she ean 'oily Iilm along
1., heat Hie liiiiid. llul Bhe's on I ho level,
ton. She docs the square thing by her
old mnn every clip. The housework
lias to la' done before she's In (or Hie
game, And she Blnves for hor tittle sis-
tors and brothers jusi slaves for thein,
nnd yet she does il as willing, llul ih™
siio's good to everybody; always ready
lo help out wilh work when neighbors aro behind or sink or have company, and she sticks up fnr horses and
cals'and iill liko lhat. Vnu wouldn't ho-
llevo she was lluil way. though, tn see
hor nt a hall or dancing on. excursion
bonis up Iho river. She's a grind looker
and 11 good dresser, nnd when she's nut
in lull rig—well. say. she's a sight. The
oilier Mlows don't do nothing when
wo'ro nut—"
Percy stripped shnrl. Mrs. Leveen
had risen suddenly, and she stood erect
before him. tall and wliiti I proud.
"Why, Aunl Mariha:" be exclaimed.
"'•'lint's enough, Percy. Thank vnu.
I 8cc I have been wrong, all wrong, In
ihis mailer from lhe Ilrsi. Yon shall
have your way. for ii is right. 1 consent."
"Oh. Annl Martha:" he cried, .springing up nml seizing hor hand tn kiss. "I
tun sn glad, llut I know, you would
nfler bearing 11I1011I lier. Anil say, aunt,
vou ought lo see ber once. You coo.'dn't
help liiil liko hm and admire"her.
Everybody in Ihe ward does. Why. dn
ynu know whal lhey call hor, llio men
down nl Ibe (lrapevlnc?  The way you
looked tl made me Ihlnk of It. They
call hor lhe Pride nf Greenwich VII-
lago."--N. Y. Post.
1 DO NOT DECIDE :   pat";
-.■j    New  Building, New Furniture, and  Every.
r- ,    thing first-class.   Our object is to please our
Open Day and Night
 Best of Table Board
A (irat-class couk hns charge of vhe culinary department and the
lodging accommodations are noi excelled In Cranbrook.
I East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
Hugh Cameron »
Proprietor   :::  ::;     )m
ft hy  Hi* DlCtl,
Tu is_7 Mi*. V.en, Colomlilun minister
in Kiijriini.Udinl.-ii.lili'iil.v. Uo wnn Insured in various oflieoa, nml rumor Bahl
In- liiiilsluii himself. A moelitif? of 0110
ni tin* insurance lionrds wns hold, uml
the tllret-lora won lalltltiff tin- mailer
over, whon Dr. M— appeared, who
was the company's modlenJ referee us
well us Ijlr,/ien'sown physlclnn.
"Ahl now ymi can tt*ll uu the truo
i-iLiisi*- of Zen's death."
"Cerlnlnly T enn," said the doctor, solemnly, "because I attended liim."
Here he paused, aud was ntirprlsed to
find tlmt his merely preliminary rum-ark was hilariously reeeiveil as a solution uf tin* whole question.—London
Household Words.
Il» Wni Chief of the Snob*.
Sir John Drown, the cutlery manufacturer of Shollleld, owed his title to
n visit to tlml city by the pvinco of
Widen while Sir -fnlin was mayor of
Sliefllcld.   That he is a snob of snobs
This hotel I in a been refilled mul refurnished.    The table
istheliesi.    Satisfactory rates given rcgulai boarders.
' 1 »
"J.. Baker Street       :-:        -.--. Cranbrook, B. C     »
L____, - a  _.  »
Ijito nf Toronto
Contractor ^ Builder
Those ' onti*iai')aUan bnflillng will do well te let
nil* ilgtiro o*i th" eoiitraels,
Cranbiook, British Columbia
Nnttco h liereliy given tlml [.ilRmnellllllnril
ini ily ilays ii ft pr date, ititfiul tn apply to tlio
nlileru'imniissimcrof lanistmil works ior por
mission in 1 a ehnso am acres ot iinsiirveyetl
I'nni sltimtuO nbonl om- unit oae-lmlt miles west
of t'maliroolt, ailj-liiliii* Wales nml ["arson's
purchase en the west Blilo.ei latacacli n-u 11 post
jiliuiU-il at ilu- aoitliwest oirnur of Wales aad
I'arsoiis purchas.', tlienco running smith -to
cii'iins, ihoacc west sn chain*, iheace north *IQ
chains, tlu-nuu cut so chains to starting point,
<;i:o, iiii.i.iAU-'.
Iiatoilni L'ranbrook, May ii.tucu
•lake notluc lhat ono motiMi nfter tla'o I Intend
to apply tn iln> 1 liter Commissioner ol Uaili anil
Works fm 1 amission ui purchase tin* follmvihii
ileso.ljutl latals! Commenc eg at a post marked
"A. K. Loiii-h's s. |j. eorner pnsi," panioil at
iliosnutliwesl corner or loi s2S7.i In group otic (I)
Knntcnny rtistrtd, then *c we-it so ch ihis, llicnce
 tli 10 vIuiIih. th'iii** ea-41 -sn ctinhis, Uieaen
tmaili la elm n- toilnceiirimjlntilm, conta alag
l,™acres Rllimtc mn* ami mi *-li if lllllQ i soiltll*
west or Climb im]*,
Hated llilttthd.tj of Jmir, ;w>.
A. it, MUTCH.
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Fort Steele, 11. C.
Arc you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared lo furnish plans
and specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
„■»    jl    B.C.
Bakery S
Charlrand Bros,, Props.
Robinson & MeKenzie;
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best ol everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
Tlle housewife and the bachelor should deal wilh him,   lt will pay them.
I " The Early Bird Catches the Worm " I
The " Early Closing" Storekeeper
Should Catch Your Patronage .< **
%  We can "suit" you, "hoot" you, and "outfit" %
,;•  you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early €
^obson & Rogers,
meat market.
Four hits nortli oi Ibe Methodist church.
Wholeule and retail dealers
in ull kinds uf    ,    .    ,    ,
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and Game in Season.
£■_;-(>!,k-rs railed lor and promptly delivered.
Centra! Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prnr>.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Undertaking Alul
Crnnbrook, 1). C.
Graduate of Cbatnpton college of U. S.
Successor to Maggs & IIiij:li»*s in this
Hue. Will attend to any work iu the
we have jnst moved ittlootir new bolt-
ery ou Hanson avenue, and with the
InrgeHt ntul most modern brick oven tn
East Kooleiiay nre- uow prepared belter
thau ever before In turn out first class   HORSESHOEING,    MININO WORK
Livery  3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular   Singe   lo   Kimberley
Teams nml drivers furuished fur nny
point in llie ilistiict.
Manager   »*   jt
woik.    A full lint of
Graham and Rye Bread, Pics,
liiikcl fresh every night.
Orders lur Wedding ond other Fancy lnke*
will receive prompt utleniiuii.
Cookies and Fried Cakes WAGON   WOOD-WORK
Promptly Attended tc.
s Saddle and****
Pack Horses
....Tor Sale or Kent
Physician and Surgeon.
umcu-aiiuiii.o: it ulouk,
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    11. C.
W. It. ItOSS, 11. W. IIICUOMMRtt
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ublic,
Atmslrong ave., opp. McCotmclt's Store
VV. F. QURD, B. C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Crantirook,       :      ;       British Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
Alex. H. Watson...
Tire, [.Ik1 nnJ Accident Insurance
Accounlnnl, Notary Public nnd Gin-
veyonccr      ;:     "      ::     '■•
Accounts Mnde Up
OltANflKOOIC' Office over Beattle'a Drunfitore
the rollowlnrr story proveai   On llio   ...MISS  M. rtcCALLUn...   G. TohnSOIl....
oecnaloti o( Ills vlall Llio prince leaned *
liis Iwinl (lu'iiinsl ii, -wall in the
bllllnrtl-room in his lujst'a Iioubo, leaving ii stain on iho rlolictite paper. Thla
stain Sir Julin had covered with fflaaa \ Oratlualc of Mt. Sinn! Hospital, New Vork
iLint Burroiinded by a gold frame, plac
Ing nn luacrlptlon lielow whleli reltitotl
that the slain wns mode by tin*- head of
Bngltuid'a future 1 ing.—Boston Olohe,
Apply nt M. \ ink* & Hutchison's
Or nl.I. Hutchison'---. Residence
\\{ Assayer
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Service for the year 1900
will ba commenced
June lotii. The "lm=
perial Limited" takes
you across the continent in four days without change. It is a
solid vestibuled train,
luxuriously equipped
with every possible essential for the comfort
and convenience o f
passengers. Ask your
friends who have travelled on it, or address
A. fl. I'. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, II.C. Nelson, II.C.
Refitted Throughout
One of lhe Most Comfortable
Hotels in Eaat Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranhrook, D. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fort Steele,
Fernie, Wardner,
j The Cranbrook
I Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
 AM,   KINIi.S   DI'—
I Rough and
Dressed Lumber, f
I Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and f -
I flouldings.
Fort  Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE  HERALD.
Tailor mnde »ilk coats, jackets mu)
basque bodices are highly  fashionable
both here nud nbnmd.
Ribbon entre deux of lace niul clusters
of tine tucking form some of ibe pretty
dre-SS sleeves well on evening tullntd for
debut nu tea.
The nott}- Eton nud bolero Jacket styles
rival the belted, round walsted mudela
among spring tailor costumes beiug made
ready fur Kiistor und post EllnU'l' wetw*
The hnudlQtnOBl "t the new luce tlmine-
lugs in duchess point, rcualBsnnce, veutse,
bonbon or other choice or fancy pattcrit
me -shaped iii circular form lor both skirt
and bodice garniture.
The stylish fauey belt girdle aud ox
pensive chatelntne accessories keep the
round nralst vory promliieiit ainoiig favored modes. They m*o yoiuhful loukiug
when worn hy graceful nud -demlcr women.
' A transparent black but is trimmed
wiih largo block ostrich plumes nnd nu
expensive gold bucklu d I with fiit-el-
ed  oiiv\  BtOUCS.     Uoilllll   (lie H'own   te   n
roll of folded hollotropo lull.* ilullentely
veiled with black polul de gilie hieo.
Light colored gloves ure Introduced ihls
sown, whieh In a great degree will hii-
persedo lhe pure while onus which huve
ho long enjoyed tlie sinui|i or universal
approval, Biscuit, doe color, sane gmy,
nickel, a pretty shade ot inn, a llghl llut
of sable brown uud one of (line ute mining
the new euhirs.
The newest  ornamental  buttons  for
Bilk, sntiu or chiffon draped waists are
those of b'l'opcb lirllllants of various
Bmnll bIxcs. They nre eiiiier BUrrouudcd
villi n mere tlirendllke line «.r black on-
nincl or else with no sett lug whatever.
Thoy fasten to llie bodice hv menus of
gold bhanks nnd rings.
It T. Hu Haw 1 li"-"- Wi-nk nnd Dt-Kpmuleiit
Ciui Ubtiilu New lleultli mul Strength
Dt a Mimll I xpenee—The 1'uetH Fully
Vertfleil by IiivoiiIgHtlbn.
From the Mall, (iranliy, Quo.
The rending publio huve evidence
put before them almost every day of
tbe healing powers of Dr. Williams-
Pink Pills. It ia sometimes nsked
whether these cures nre permunout,
and iu leply to this wo would say tbnt
a case which recently citneto tho attention of the Mail indicates that the
results following the use of this medioine are as lasting ns they nre beneficial, Some years ago Mrs. Robert
Webster, who is well known iu Granby, parsed through a very serious illness in which her condition very Dearly bordered upon collapse. Her blood
appealed to huve almost tnruod to water She was very weak, her appetite
fickle, and she suffered from severe
headaches. Mrs. Webster had the bane-
fit of excel'out inoJicul advice, hut apparently without avail, aa she seemed
steadily growing worse. Tbe least elation would fatigue her, and finally
Bhe was for n lima unnblo to do her
hoUBBWcrk and was confined to bed.
Her husbaud suggested the use of Dr.
Williams' Piuk Pills and purchased a
few boxes. Mrs. Wt hater had uot been
taking the pills long b fore she found
lu-r.-elf growing Birougei*. Her bead-
achfs dlsup,oared, her appetite improved, new blood appear, d to be
coursing through her veins, and her
nerves ngain became strong nud active.
After using the pills for a couple cf
months sho felt as well us ever she had
done in her life, andoould do ber house
work without feeling the fatigue thnt*
hud formerly made her life so miserable. This, na already indicated, hap
peued some yonrs ago,and in t'.e period
that bus elapsed Mrs Webster hns enjoyed tbe best of health, 8lic says tbnt
if she feels at any timo a little rou
down she t'ikrs a few dosoj of Dr. Wil-
iauiB' Pink Pills and is soon all right,
nud she thinks there is no medioine to
equal them Mr. Wob.-iter, speaking of
his wife's cure, Bays Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills did her a thousand dollars
worth of good, nml friends who knew
horonnditun bit' re ihe began the pills
and saw the effect upon Iter, say the
samo thing. Them nro a number of
others i» this violnlty wbo havo used
this great medicine, and so fnr as the
Mm I oan kv-.rti the roBolta hnve always
heen beneficial.
There   nre   t lions mils     of     women
throughout tho country who suffer ns
Mrs. Webster did,who aro pale, subject
to hendnehos, heart pftlpltattcu an I ill-
tloeis, who drag along frequently folding tlnl life is a hunli n. To all such
wo would say givo Dr. Willinm-*' Pink
Pills a fair trial, Those piUa make
rich, r il blood, sire igtheu the nerves,
bring the glow of health to pale uml
sallow cheeks, nml make the feeble and
d-ospoudent feel Unit life is once more
worth living. Tin gonuinn nr.' sold
only In boxes, tho wrapper bearing the
full mine "Dr. Williams' Pink Pills
for Pale People'*, May ho bul from all
dealers 11* hy in -til af 60a a box or six
boxes for $ j, nil, by addressing the Dr,
Williams' Medicine (Jo., Brook. Die,
Hoonomlonl Thought.
Wife   My laiiarj' Is dead, dear.
Husband- You don't seem lo he very
Sorry nl jo tit It.
Wife Tin not very. You see, I enn
have it Stllffod for my Knsler bonnet,
imd I bell you'll nut have lo pay quite
bo much,—Philadelphia Press.
Thoro novor waa, ond never will be-) a universal panaoea, In one remedy, for nil Ilia to
Which IIckIi is heir—tbe very nnture of tunny
euriitivei* being sueb thnt were the germs of
other nml dillcretitly seated dlaeaSOB runted
lit ihe system of the patient—what would
relieve one ill In turn would aggravate the
other. We hnve, however, In Quinine Wine,
when obtainable in a sound, unadulterated
State, u remedy for mnny and grievous ills,
liy Its gradual and jOdiduususo the frailest
systems uro led into eonvnlettcenen und
strength by the influence whleh Quinine exerts on nature's own restoratives, it relieves
the drooping spirits of thoro with whom n
chronic state of morbid despondency and
lack of Interest In life la n disease, and, by
t nim-iiili/.iiig the nerves, dls-jKiscs to sound
and refreshing Bloep—imparts vigor to tho
QQUOh of the blood, which, being stimulated,
courses throughout the veins, strengthening
thu healthy nnlmiil functions of the system,
thereby making activity ii necessary result,
strengthening tho frame, and giving life to
tho digoHtlve organs, which naturally do-
innnd increased nulwlanue—result, Improved
appetltOi Northrop &. Lyman, of Toronto,
have given to tbo public tbolr suporlur Quinine Wine at tbe usual rnto, und,gauged by
tho opinion of scientists, this wlnu approaches nearest iicrfeollon of nny in tbo
market.   All druggists toll It,
Their only iviekvd Trick I* De-roms
luu People's Clothes,
Evory housewife knows ouly too well
nf what extraordinary mischief (hose littlo insects are capable and how even iu c.
tew weeks' time clothes which have been
carelessly put awny will be perforated in
a scute of places by the hungry caterpillars, whose tracks are plainly visible run-
niii*; from hole lo boh*. Hut no creature
is without its good points, end even the
troublesome mollis have something to be
said in thoir favor. They are really vory
beautiful lllile insects in spite of Iheir
dingy coloring, Bomber though their hues
innv be, one has only t<> pluee it clothes
moth uuder Uu* mlMoscope in order to
perceive Its beauty,
Daly a BllUl'l time Inf..re these lilies
weie written I caught Olio of these ths
iu my study, Bays nu entomologist, uud,
wishing to examine ii, damped n strip of
glass and  pressed  tin Istoncd   pari
gently ngnlusl the surraco or its wings.
When I looked at this through Hie micro-
scope, ihe sight was really a most exqul-
site one.   Ill Hie center of Ihe tilth' gray
patch wero thousands upon thousands .if
in iv scales, each slu 1 liko a baltleiloor
deprived of Its handle imd marked by
live delicate ridges tunning along ii from
hii-!■ to |ip,  while nil  in* nl  were lhou-
sands more of much longer nnd  n
Blonder bcuIos, each or which split up
mat' the extremity lulu three hull-like
plumes, And ov.-r ull these scales, ns
ihe light shifted, rainbow tints were
Beauty by Itself, howevor, would bo
hut a small recommendation, and the
clothes moth enn lay claim to usefulness
as well, lu our houses it is a nuisance;
• mt of doors it hns a work in do and does
it. What becomes of the hah* which is
woven inlo su many Ull'ds' lieSlS when lhe
nests themselves are deserted'/ The
oh.thos mollis destroy It, ami the nests,
which otherwise wpuld cumber lhe
brandies of ihe trees for years, are enabled to fall to pieces.  What becomes of
the wool which sheep rub off upmi thorns
and bushes? The clothcB mollis destroy
ii. What becomes of the plumage of dead
birds aad lhe hair on the skin of dead till-
linn Is? The chillies moth destroy thi-m.
These little creatures have their uses alter all. They belong to the great army of
nature's scavengers, whose task It is tu
remove all dead and useless UMIttel', and
it Is only when they trespass into his
dwelling that tiny become the enemies of
man,—Church Monthly.
Hla I-OTO For the Shi-ell  U'im Great,
Imt He Chose (he Other Pen.
There once lived an old curmudgeon
whose wealth consisted principally uf hillock of Bbeep and his two sons. Now, one
of   (he   bitter    was   u   noble,   generous,
wholo Boulcd fellow, whoso kind ImpulaoB
led Iilm into colt pn ny and in nets of
kindness, nml he evidently set Utile store
by wealth. The other was a grip all.
just like the father. The ohl num. being
upon his deathbed, called tbe bitter ami
".John, you know your brother is a
good mttured, easy fellow and when he
gets his share of the property will nil minder it away, ltut never mind, John, do
you divide It ull fairly wilh bim." To
which John assented, and llie old limn
With baste John proceeded to make di
vision. In n grent Dock of sheep ihere
must, of course, be ninny indifferent
slice p.
These John carefully selected and placed in one pen, and with them an ohl ram
known as Billy, The hest of the Hock he
placed In another pen. Between the
youngest son mid Billy the warmest nf-
fectlon existed, dating back n grent many
years, ami by this affection the crafty
John calculated to work off all the indifferent and valueless portion of the Hock
upon his brother.
"Brother, our father is dead, nnd be
charged me to divide everything fairly
wiih you, nml 1 hnve tried to do it. Broth-
or, there is one pen, nud Hilly is in it, und
there is another; take which you choose."
Ou seeing Billy, he gave a shout nud
jumped into the pen, commencing his
usual playful tussle, nnd when be bad
fairly fatigued himself slopped short and
thus addressed him:
"Billy, you and I are old friends. Many
n rough and tumble we have given ouch
other, mnny an hour wc have spent i,.-
gel her, Billy, 1 love you like n brother.
Billy, it would almost burst my heart to
think of separating from you, but" (looking all around), "Billy, you nre iu bud
company, and I must bid you fs re well I
Brother, I'll take the olher pen!"—Philadelphia Inquirer.
A OpIIcii.-ii Ctrl.
A young iiiiiii spent Sunday witb bis
best girl over on Pipe creek sc-iuow iu-to
nml noticed she did uot eat much for
dinner or supper. He nsked ber with a
kind smile if she wns sick, nnd she implied by saying shu Seldom nte nui-.li nl
any time.
On Monday morning he met the girl's
Utile brother golpg to school and (Diked
him how his sister wns. Tbe little bo)
told bim thnt "she was just iiwful sick,
thai mamma told her that she bud cnten
too much pumpkin pie, cold cabbage nnd
ful bacon last nifht afler yuu Went
Tbe young man asked If a doctor had
been called.
The boy Baid: "No. Sis is afraid to
send for Dr. Apllu for tear he would iiml
oul what made her so sick and tell it to
bet* friends."— Miiineapolls (Kan.) Messenger.
Ttvo Mimlonl I'erfui uht».
The lute Dr. Spark, the Leeds corporation organist, was often engaged for re-
lit ft Is and "openings" of orgaus iu the
jnst riding, and bis blower followed him
nboul With n devotion wblcb would have
beeu pathetic if it had not heen so unius
illg, The blower would generally be lirst
at the church, Bit that be might be sure
of displacing the ordinary mnn, nml
when Spark arrived he would remark
with the greatest sangfroid: "It's all
right, doctor, I'm here; nnd there's sure
to be n good performance between mt."—
Too Mueh of it.
Greene—How does It happen thnt you
don't trade nt Cleaver's any mere? Yon
used to brag nbout thc nice cuts of meat
be always sent you. Is It becnuse be
wouldn't give yon credit?
Gray—On the contrary, it is because he
did.—Boston Transcript.
Kat MiiriirlHlnic.
Mr, Bhrlckeno snys lie Is always
nervous when be gets up to sing."
"I dou't blame hlm," answered Miss
Cayenne. "He hns henrd himself before."—Washington Sine.
lie fitly -iMihcn.
Smith—Is your new clerk a good
Jones—Never saw his equal. He
works just like n charm,
Smith-But I wns under the Impression that charms seldom work.
Jones—Woll, you beard what 1 said.
-Chicago Itecoril.	
In Mnny Until-,-*,
Smith—Cruet claims to have quite a
war record.
Jones—Yes; he bus been married
threo tlmoB,—Typci.
Hold   ii>  tlte   tlueketfnl   Found   by
I -ti r I > A run n nn ta a n il t h e MI ii *.•
Tli en Lu_i m View Forever— A
Golden Lads-* That W«_ Seen i>ni
"There nr** two Interesting legends "f
lost mines that are famous all over the
northwest," snid a Spokane milling mail
recently. ".Many n prospector bas outfitted at Spokane for n search for the
Losl Basin nud tin* Uluu Bucket mines,
propositions ihai hnve bltheito eluded all
efforts lo llnd them, Thi- Blue Bucket
mine lies BOiucwkere iu Oregon, on a Hue
driiwii  from the  big  heud of the Snako
rd <
wny lo llie Col
Yreka, Cal,
"It wns Koine time iu I860, I believe,
that a party of home Beckers struck off
in the fool hi lis of tin- Rockies ou tbe
Oregon trnil for ilu- uorthwest, Intending
I., work down Into northern -California,
Tbey were farmers, pun* and simple, uud
iho news of the discovery of gold in California hnd nevor reached them,   Tbey
had loft the hem) of tin* StillItC river
some days iiuforluniitoly the story is
not de lln Ilu as n> tb.- number of days-
bclilnd thorn <l thev camped one evening on Hu* hunks of a stream, where lhey
rested iheir oxen and horses tor a couple
of  days.     While   Iho  men  of  the   part)
bunted ilia surrounding country for fresh
■in-ill nml tlie women spent  tbe lime in
washing clothes, tho children wnudered
about iu the vicinity of tin* camp picking
berries, carrying with them, as the story
has ll, 'om* ot those old fashioned blue
buckets.' Old timers sny thut the blue
bucket was an Important part ot the
Argonaut's outIII in those days.
"One day ut noon the children hurried
into camp, two of tbem struggling with
the weight of their bucket, the bottom
covered with a number Of pieces of yellow metal. They snid they bad Hied to
dig out of tbo ground some deep rooted
bush hearing a flower Unit pleased them,
Intending to plant lt iu ibe bucket and
take It along, and they bud found the
pit s of metal lu the ground. Everybody gathered nbout the Iiml, nud nobody
could make'anything of it. Tho metal
couldn't be of brass, of course, they
knew, but it might bo some kind of unlive copper, ns it eould be honlcti out (bit
wiib case. The pieces varied fi\>m the
slsc of a pumpkin seed to nu egg.
"The argonauts bud uo use for u -single
pound of useless weight, and when the
party started off nil tlie metal was
thrown away but a few pieces which the
children were allowed to keep for jack-
stones, nnd heavy jack-stones ihey were
too, Of course when Yrckn was reached
ihe piny things were recoguincd as Kohl.
Then there was u stampede over the Oregon lava bods for the Blue Bucket mine,
imi snow had fallen east of the Cascade
ranee, and ibe track was lost. Two or
three of the party spent their lives looking for the lost placer ground nud died In
poverty. Tbe others settled down to
farming and succeeded ut ll. Every few
years some prospector takes a notion to
make his fortune by llnd ing the Blue
Bnckcl mine, but uo gold tins since over
been discovered iu that whole stretch of
southern Oregon,
"The losi basin is a legendary quartz
proposition hidden In a beautiful basin iu
the Bitter Boot mountains of southern
ldalio, A packer who was employed by
one of llie expeditions lhat made a preliminary survey of llie Union Pacific railway made tbo discovery in tbo romantic
way ihat Is characteristic of tho finding
of nil lost mines. Several mutes got
nway one night in Ibo wildest part of
Hi iu  mot-mtttt-i   i'<i>ti<*.  nitd  CTCOTgo   Hm-
vey—that was the packer's name—was
detailed to find tbem. having first heen
supplied With n horse to carry Ins bedding and grub. He was Instructed tu
hurry along its soon ns he had found the
mules, as the englnocrs in chargo of the
expedition bad decided that ns die country was Impracticable for u railroad tbey
would lose no time In pushing westward
to the main onuip. where various survey-
ing parties were tO meet.
"Harvey started back on the trail enrly nn the morning of tba breaking up of
the camp and found tlie mules in u little
valley gracing. He secured thein without trouble ami decided to camp, as night
bad fallen, In tlie morning be looked
around. A peculiar rock formation -0
feet wide protruding from the ground a
rool and extendlug 100 yards to the edge
of ii stream arrested liis nltontlon. The
pock was soft, and Harvey chopped up ii
yard or more of the surface, A yellow
gllltl caught bis rye, nml he picked up a
'string' or pure gold u font hmg uud
Weighing half a pound. There was plenty   more  nl   the   valunlde  metal   in   thnt
spoi, ami after chopping up the surface
ut various places on the rock Harvey
ia Hilled blmsrft that ba bad discovered a
gieat treo milling gold lodge big enough
io make him u millionaire several times
"Concealing   several   pounds  of   cold
ni t in» person, he moved out of the
rolley, after Improaalng lbs narrow en-
trance upon Ids mind. Do soon found tbo
surveying party hnd hurried along so fast
Hint Ihey hnd lefl no murks, biases on
trees or otherwise to Indicate tbo way
thoy bid taken, und ns hr bad lo depend
on ihe Intelligence of his horso ami (he
mu I oi to find the wny lu dli regarded ull
die landmarks, lie finally arrived nl tlie
main camp, saying mulling aboul bis discovery and working nt Ins Job Until the
neiii summer,
"Finally he made n confidant of -old
.Iim' Uendorson, whose cms bulged when
ho saw the evidence in pure gold of 11ar-
rey's discovery. Both mon put their savings lugethei—they were afraid to try to
dispose nf Harvey's gold, as (hen the
iPCrct would have been theirs no lunger—
purchased an outfit and started for the
luistu or valley. Of course they never
found it. Rocks ami peaks ami streams
were no landmarks to llnrvey, for he luul
neglected to notice Ilium on his former
burrled trip to the mnln camp. Tbo two
wondered through the mountains nil summer and cume out us winter set iu.   At
tiie settlement whoro the nourishing town
of Boise now is lhey took others into
llieir confidence.- who were convinced of
llie truth of Harvey's story liy n sight Of
tin* gold which he i-iill kept. Many an expedition was organised) hut the basin wns
lost for good, npimrcntly. Even today
an occasional prospector mnk" icnrch
for the lost basin."
Florn'n Tnrn Neit, '
Flora—George told me last night tbnt
be believed I could break a mail's heart
wilh my smile.
Laura—ilcorgc  was talking nonsense.
A nuiu'x IimiI te no* like a mirror,
All In the Title.
"Who Ih this Russian prince you
hnve Imprisoned heroI" nsked tbe visitor.
"Ob." replied the keeper of Hie Jnll,
"Hint's Knipotsky, the prince of dyiui-
Mlturs.-'—PliUadelphlfl North American,
A l-'nlr linltittlun.
"What Is porpotunl motion, Unclo
"It's the wny some politicians run
for years rilld never get an ollice."—
Chicago Record.
Turkey  DUB  "ml  tho Mo»1  nnd Denmark tha Least t-Mghtinv,
Although  the existing  war iu the
Transvaal bus been protracted in au
unusual degree, It is Uot tbe longest
Btrnggle In which Great Britain bus
been engaged during tbe century. Napoleon declared wur against Kugluud
in May, 1S._, ibe previous war belweeu the two countries baviug ouly
terminated by tbe treaty at Amiens lu
October, 1801. Tbe wur of 1803 lasted
until April, lfSH, wheu Paris surrendered to the allies and Napoleon
was Bent as prisoner to Elba, where be
arrived ou the 4th of May. He escaped from Elbu lu March, 1816, and recommenced the wur, which finally terminated witb Napoleon's defeat nt the
battle of Waterloo on tbe ISth of June,
IMG, having lusted nearly 12 years.
Napoleon wns sent as prisoner to St.
Helena, where beetled lu 1821.
Tbe European power that bas been
most at wur during Hie century hns
been Turkey—88 years of It, as against
02 of peace. Tbe second ou tbe list is
Spain, witb -B2 years of warfare, nut
counting her last fatal campaign. Tbeu
come Kriiuce wlih 27 years, Russin
with 24 and Italy with 2;t. Grent Britain bus hnd uo less ihau 21. Germany,
uot counting Prussia, follows witb 14,
Sweden with 10 and Denmark with 0.
Our owu country during this century
lias escaped with three foreign wars.
one civil strife, Hie Philippine Insurrection nud a baker's dozen of ludlau
campaigns, tbe longest of whieh was
tbe Seminole war.—Chicago Chronicle.
Wltltli of a Boll of LlffhtnintC.
Some of our foreign contemporaries
contain the Interesting Information
that tbe width of a lightning Hash bas
been measured recently. On Aug. 28
last according to n German journal,
George lttimker of the Hamburg observatory obtained a photograph of a
holt of lightning which struck the tower neat- tbe observatory, ln this case
the point struck was known and consequently its distance from tho observer, which was 000 meters. Knowing the focal distance of the objective
of the camera and the field illuminated, as shown by the negative, It was
possible to calculate tho breadth of
thc gassy mass rendered Incandescent
by the current. Comparative measurements with tbo Image of the tower
showed that the discharge bad a
breadth of about five millimeters
(about one-fifth of nn Inch). This result closely concurs with that obtained by Plltschikoff at Odessa In 1805,
obtained In a similar manner.—Western Electrician,
A Wonderfal Fire Alarm.
A fire alarm recently Invented Ib a
combination of the grnphophone and
telephone. In tbe use of tbe talking
alarm one of the grnphophone machines Is placed on each floor of a
building and couuected with tho telephone lire alarm system. For each
machine n record Is prepnred. For Instance, the grnphophone on the second
floor of a building would contain the
record, "There Is a lire on the second
floor," etc. This record Is then adjusted so that these words are repeated Into the telephone by the expanding of a thermostat whenever a fire
occurs. In this way tho origin of a
tire Is located lmmodlnt_d_; nnd automatically. Tiie alarm nlso lights tbe
electric lights lu the building, sets a
red light biasing iu front of the building to guide the firemen and sounds
the alarm Into the street through a
giant megaphone—so we are told.—
Science sittings.
tilfisa Iloaaea.
If glass building stoues become popular, people may yet "live In glass
bouses." The stoues wero Invented
In Franco nml ate now being mado In
Gorman;. They arc hollow, are filled
with rarefied air and permit tho entrance of daylight, at the same time
diffusing tbu sunlight They are not
transparent, however, aud one ou the
outside cannot see what Is going on
wil bin. Tbe walls may be readily
washed. Tho experiment has been
iried with success In nn operating
room at tbo KllzubetU hospital of the
Sisters of Mercy in Casscl, Germany.—
New York Tribune.
A Mammoth Drcdffcr.
Tbe largest dredger ever built wns
designed by a Chicago man and baa
dies 7.S00 cubic yards per day. Now
comes a new type of excavator which
almost walks through tbo earth. The
machine consists of n scries of project-
lug blades or cutters which revolve
around a cylindrical conduit of sheet
iron. Within this conduit revolves a
screw conveyer which carries the mn
lei'lnl to the upper end of the conduit.
Whore It fulls to the belt conveyer and
Is cnrrled away. The machine Is op
orated by three engines.—Philadelphia
I'iiIIi'm Ar« OleniipenrluB.
The economies nud convenience of
distributing power through n factory
lu lhc form of electricity rather tban
by pulleys and belting are becoming
more apparent every day, ond ln towns
like HulTulo, where electric power Is
supplied ou a large scale. It Is said tbe
pulley men hnve censed to push their
wares very vigorously. Still, tbe old
power trnustuisslou system's repre-
sentatlvef pretend tbnt their business
bus not yet been hurt appreciably.—
New York Tribune.
Tht Ooer Una Pmal*.
What do the Boers do with their
guns'/ They never seem to surrender
thein even when defeated, and tbey
i niinot break them Into Httlo bits. Do
thoy send thein awny before they surrender or do they bury tbem lu the
sand of their rivers'/ The plan of
burial Is the one adopted by the bos
tile inces In India, nml It Is not so fa*
ml to the guns ns might bo Imagined.-
London Spectator.
Do Not
Pay Cash_->
A very largt saving cao ba mads.  We om
ftrralsh the eisot amount for any paymaak
WHt« for particulars and prloa.
The tomato te now definitely assigned
n place us a tonic uinoug foods. A noted
physician bus mnde extensive cxperl-
meuti with tbo juice as n inedlclue and
aays ns n health preservative it is uu-
A fnirly good substitute for whipped
■rrenui, when lhe genuine cauuut be had.
Is prepnred ibus: Beat the white of one
•*(:■_ to n si iff froth, edd one cup oT milk
tone spoonful ut a time), sweeteu to taste
and tlnvor with vanilla.
■    Beef uud pigs' livers are less Strong if
soaked in cold Baited water tea minutes.
and uny liver is less hard nud dry ou the
edges if dipped in bolting water nud the
<~kiu pulled off nml veins removed before
rooking. Wipe dry, roll iii Hour and fry
quickly iu hot fut.
Tsou-Hsl, the empress dowager of
China, is n mysterious woman. Borne*
times called nu Am*ipplna und styled bj
others a Maria Theresa.
The (ji-nnd   Duchess  of  Mecklenburg-
Strcliiz, granddaughter of Ucorge  111,
receives an annual  Income of $15,000
from ihe English government.
Spain, in nil her poverty, manages each
yenr lo give lier boy klllg (1,400,000, ol
which the prudent queen rc-jeiit is able
to luy nside more Ihnn nnedinlf.
Why He llim smn.il.
"I notice that Clobber, the grent pro-
Boer mnn, is off for the Transvaal »t
"But be probably won't get there until the fighting Is all over."
"Of course. That's whnWlnally Induced him to Btnrt."—Chicago Post.
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Eimlnre.
A Counter IIlow.
"I believe you only married me for
my money," be remarked bitterly,
"Well, you took good care to make
the money one of tbe leading Items lu
your proposal," she responded.—Philadelphia North American.
He Meant to Worry HU Wife, lint He
"I don't think I'll try uny more practical jokes on my wife. They don't pun
out well,"
"You see, she Iiiih a habit of hoisting
the window lu our room every night.
As I usually go to bed lust she depends
on ine to hoist It. Sometimes I forget
It, nnd then there's a wild squabble.
Frequently sbe wakes uie up In the
uight ami asks tno to see if It is open.
If I dou't, site nngs at mo until morning.
"A night or two ago I resolved to give
her a bard scare. I rolled up u lot of
old newspapers Into a long bundle and
laid the package down by the window.
Of course shu was asleep ami didn't
bear mc. Then I opened tbo window a
little way and crept Into bed. Some
lime after midnight she nudged me
aud said:
" 'Jim, I'm sure you didn't open that
window. It's like a bake oven lu the
room.  Get up and see.'
"So I got up, went to the window
and threw the sash ns high ns It would
go. As 1 did so I gave a little shriek
and then flung my bundle down to tbe
walk below. It struck with a dull
mud, and I dodged behind the curtain
to await developments. The room waa
very dark, nnd I couldn't Bee my wife,
but I heard her raise herself to a sitting posture.   Thon she spoke.
"'Poor old Jim!' she quietly snid.
'He's tumbled out of the window in his
raggedest nightshirt What a spectacle
he'll he when they And hlm In the
morning!' Then she lay dowu ngain
and went to sleep."
"Whnt did you do?"
"Stood there shivering for n minute
or two und then sneaked into bed."—
Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Talk* ni Slie Looks.
Teas—She's too fond of talking behind her hack.
•less—What do you mean? Behind
whose buck?
Teas—Her own. She's a regular rub-
berueck.—Philadelphia Press.
KM': Liriment Cares Bums, Etc.
Additional Teitlraon-r,
"Well," grunted the prominent citizen of Mafeking. laying down bis knife
and fork ufter another struggle wiih
lhe mule steak, "General Sherman was
right. 'Hint's exactly what war is!"—
Chicago Tribune.
GATIVK —To purge Ib the only effect of
many pillri now on tbe market. Purine-
lea's Vegetable Pills are mora tban a purgative. Tbey Btrengthen the stomach,
where other pills only weaken It. Tbey
cleanse the hlood by regulating the liver
and kidneys, and they stimulate when-
other pill compounds depress. Nothing
of an Injurious nature, used for merely
purgative powers, enters Into their composition.
Br a Farmer** Wife.
"Oh, (tlve me th* lift of a fnnnrr'« wife"
In tlie mninirr lm\ nml (.right.
Mid to-Miik lri'_» ami barking ilogt
And dreadful H<*n*-* tliat Mto.
To ri;c In tlie morning lm" asleep
Wtien tlie runner Mows liis liorn
Am) -'-ti li the WOcdl as lliey ro to leed
All over the y.uj and Uwnl
"Oh. give me lhc lite of a farmer*i wife"
When the rain tir-zlm to |-ionr,
When the drhliiff biccze ihahcs teavea from the
And whirls them In it .vour donrl
The rain go icamperIng tl r.-n-_Ii the nails.
The ants in the closet roan?,
Tour friends drop in when lhc larder Is thin
And the servants are gone from hotnel
"Oh. (five me lh« life of a fjrmcr'i wife"
Win n he's it i.i i mi nn old March liar*.-
And ripi f- ,<-,:*i -'l,a rants and << .*.re
And act** 'lit a two legged Inar,
When be h-Hig*] the door nnd '.it '.-* thi doff
And trrada on tbe tall of the cat,
And roll  feel  like  the comet kd struck tht
And knocked It perfectly flit I
When coM It i*r< tti ami winter snows
\ • rHiiiriinr thick and while,
Ui   n thc brvad v-on't rite and ()>   bahjr crlet
Ai"   the dre une-i    ul at night,
And wood is irarcc ind klndllngi wet
And Water (urns to ice,
Just try Ih.- life (if s "fatiner'e wife"
And s (<     U Isn't nice.
—»lc!.n*ond Tl»*\
Ptxmelee'l Vcy table Pills hy aotlng
mildly but M")pou, My on the sooretlonn
of tbe brew ,-» a valuable tonic, stimulating th- egging organs to healthful
action: restoring tbem to full vigor.
Thoy oar I ■ taken tn graduated doM>s
md so uh hat they wi t)o discontinued
it any tlm *■■ .■**m,i mtuva of tbe all
meats whtol -Wi j oynyn t.wd to allay.
Then an* dun of consumption no far
hdviiuocd thai Blokle'sAntl Cumminptivu
Byron will not euro, but non* no hud that
ll will not i/ivt- relief. For eouuhn, c-ohin
and nil uiTi'iHouk ot th • tbroa^IODgiud
etii'st, lt Ik u Hpeulll- Which bos never bt't-ii
known to fnil.   It prumotus n trea and
easy expectoration, thereby reuionng the
phit'Kiu, nod gives tii.* diseased pur;s a
uhaiitx- to luul.
One or iht- Other.
"Doctor, what nils my daughter?'
••Before I nuswer tlmt question let
me ask if you hnve reasou to think she
bas had a love disappointment of any
"1 know she bus not."
"Then, madam, yonr daughter bus
the grip."—Chicago Tribune.
BT-srybody Btae Docs,
"Old fellow, lend mo a dollar."
"Certainly.    Why  should   I  seek to
gain a reputation f>.r eccentricity?'—
Chicago Tribune,
**lnniri-.tl.   free Hus. Aus
, IV tl mi up.   *•;. P.tpB aa.
tir-rnt Choace Por mm.
'•I see hy llie iiewapajwrB," said the
casual caller, "thut ihere Ib a man in
i ti uud u with tbrt* lungs."
"Oh. my! Oh, myl" exclaimed the
bitm-hall fun enthusiastically. "What
a "Tooier* lu* would make, wouldn't
la*?'-Chicago Tost.
TRV IT.--it would Ih- ii gross Injustice to
confound that Btandaid healing agent, Dh.
Ti'ouas' Kii.k.iiiu* dn., «itli the ordinary
uuguente, lotions and Balves. Tbey nro
oftentimes Inflammatory nnd astringent,
Tlie Oil i-. mi tli.* contrary, eminently oool-
ii:: and roothina when applied externally to
relieve pain, and powerfully remedial when
care Dlphtluriii.
l-'r. in-ii Village,
oure Cronp.
Cupe Ishiud.        J. F. Cunningham.
tho I. *>t remedy uu earth
Norway, Me. JOSEPH A. SNOW.
So Chance Fo* sin*..'■*-■»«.
"Whut do yotl tbiuk of his new theatrical veniiiriV"
"Won't do; won't do at all. It's not
up in modern requirements."
"Why, what's the matter?'
"lie bas neither nu Immoral piny nor
an Immoral star."—Chicago Post,
III* Idea Of lhe BOOti,
"Sny, pa."
"The I'.oers could have an easy time
coming out ahead If they had any brier
patches down there In Africa."
"Why? Whnt would brier patches
Imve to do wilh It?'
"Nearly halt' of the soldiers fighting
tlgltltist   tbem   bave   their   legs   bare.
Uow could they do anything in among
i hit of brambles?"—Chicago Times-
Tbe ritrospeci of life swarms with
lost opportunities.—Taylor.
An ox ti erne rigor is sure to arm everything ugiiliisi It.—liurke.
Opposition luihiiiii's the outhuslnst.
never converts hlm.—Schiller.
Gonitis begins great works; labor
alone finishes ihem.—Joubert.
Those wbo never retract tbeir opln
Ions love themselves more than tbe)
love truth.—Joubert.
There Is merit without elevation, but
there Is uo elevtiliou without some
Mosl persons would succeed In sm ill
thltigs if lhey wore nm troubled witb
yrent ambitions.—Longfellow,
ll'u mnn has any bruins nt alt. let Iilm
uilil on tu his calling, uml in the grand
■iweep of tilings his turn will come at
hist.-w. McCunc.
Whoever Is menu In bis youth runs a
grent risk of becoming a scoundrel in
riper yeurs. Meanness lends to villainy
r.Ith fatal attraction.—Cherhnlles.
An I'lir!-*   Stnrt,
"Thnt Bllukersdorf girl Is the promptest young womnn I ever had the pleasure of escort lug."
"She comes by it houostly. Mer father was a car starter."—Cleveland
Plain Dealer.
I A "TfKCANA " 8Bl_____fl£ cigar
L *       lUa-W-mrt,    k.\i-.**KY.Montreal
Farm Lands
For Salo in All Parts of the
Province   Write for Lists.
TllO-i. UU. « In.lprg.
Trad* Uark Rei
rod Ko<
.-4, lit*.
Ooo Oiydonor will serve a family. You
on* to do the curing youtsolf. fully lasted
la all dlacaso*. Oxygen i- bature's greatest
cure. Sur.* euro tor CaQrippei Rheumatism,
Oatarrh. Chronic Ujapo da,-ate, Dr.P.Bm-
: iiioit-. of S-.tu-.u-.*. N. Y.. write*: "Iwfoh to
glvo >ou ii rtlcttlarn --'J a tew  from many
[catea which hava been effected bytboOsy-
donor 'Victory* la my mactioe."   Be o»pa-
! dally ino turn- ens - *.*( Pneumonia, Bowel
Trout.!.*, i; ytlpolas, Asthma, Rheumatism,
I Dlptheria, Mauels, Neaialsta, etc l*nr-
Li-culufer can u a on u* mi offloe. Subdeatan
in i wry district wanted. For descriptive
bookitt   and  partleu'an uddrces Wu. T.
1 Otanma. Uniiu Exchange, Winnipeg,
Ko midsummer boUdara.   Sow is the time to
prepare ( r * mil-Hon in th« lusy ■-,.,*_■:..
Fuli j-artiualir* on _.;-phc»ti'.'n.
G. W   IiUVALD, >f_.
N, B.—>v.j aasi.-ftl orcr UO of our stnd-snU to
[Mti-'un-* during tot [■»*; live :;.   .'.hi.
"Look here! I'm pet tin? tired of
this. I've fired you out of hen1 three
times, and still you come back."
"Ali, yes, but 1 represent a different
Arm now!"—l-'Hepiiidf Bin Iter.
Catholic Prayer fSX?'"'^'
uUr*. lt-!:poos EteteKi StataruTa udChoreb
Orri&rneiiU, BdlMBUlODa] Works Mai '.rdenr%-
txin* prompt nun:to;. J., ft J liiilFf ft Cl..1.11101
W. N. U. 271.
Wuu. KoMirti/ wzwiTns out/
dfaMA^nJtX mt><Aas *vn/L }<vtHts
iLxTnt*/ 4nU*t'
tlUfc/tt  4/ 4fi-*i/ •&ntMfC&tAjtif'.
Good Clothes are not expensive, it is the
common kind that costs most in the end:
must be good as every garment is guaranteed
aud money will be refunded if it is not as represented.
All seams are overcast.
The Cloth is sponged and shrunk.
The Linings are good.
The Buttons match.
The inside, which you cannot sec is as good as
thc outside which you can see. 11 is sold by reliable
dealers only.    Made to Fit — not made to Order.
c,       ,  Forbes worsted Trousers
snorey s Retail at $3.50
Tailors get $6.00 LOCAL   NOTES
lutij^.    When biy companies like Ibis en-
larn-  Iheir places of business,  it ia
Questions oi  Many  People.
Fresh eggs and fiesh butter at MCCott*
See  McVittle fi:
1 IlK.rtl.     l\K.J I ti-O        ;>   preity sure indication lhat the town is
I    Jinimie McNeil drove over to Steele
I lasl night, where iu future his smiling
_.,,,,     ...   .*.     r:t„   k..   Actio-? ' face will be found behind lhe prescrtp-
PIcked  Un -\bout thc uly   by Asking r       j
rn.w.u  vy rtuuu! tl0tl comiter 0f Harry Ueiuemnn'fl new
hotel    Jimmie was accompanied over
by   Alex    McDermot,    George Meyers,
J. G, Patterson  and Tom Callahan, ai d
from the melancholy looks lhe boys aie
wearing today the parting at Steele must.
have been pninful in tbe t-xtrtme.
Sunday will be observed as memorial
day by Key City lodge I O 0 F. All
members ol tbe outer are coidially invited to meet with the local hidge al the
b ll at _ p in . fi om whieh place tbe procession will march to lhe Utile cemetery
west of town, wheie the Odd Fellows'
beautiful sei vice will he held over the
grave of llrother James M lis, who lost
his life hy an explosion in the Lake
Shore mine at Moyie last October, aud
was interred In this city. A large deputation is expected from illoyie,
Oliver Itiuge has quit at Bowser aud
Is sojourning for a brief time iu Cran
brook. Mr. Hinge says lhe suspension
oi railroad operations in Hint vicinity
has caused all business enterprises to
come to a standstill, and slopped the in
vestment of capital iu prospects and
mines. If any oue else had told The
I let uld so, the story would not have
been given credence, but he says that
mosquitoes up there nre so large and
plentiful that lhey are often mistaken
for blackbirds, and ihat lhe prospectois
when ''grub" is gelling shy, convert
them into blackbird pies
I.O.O.l*. Key City Lodge
Nu. 12. Meets every Vth
day nitfht at their hail ou
Haker street.    KoJounilii(i
Odd Follows cordially Invited,
JuDies Greer,    J. 1'. Pink,   A. L. McDermot
N.fl. V, U, Sec'y.
Want    to    build i
Juke Berkman, of Ph enix, was in
town Tuesday.
All kinds of small fruit received dai'y
at McConuell's.
Money to loan for building. See McViltie & Hutchison.
John Cardell, master mechanic C.P.R-
was in town yesteulny-
\V. P, Walker, ol Spokane, registered
at the Ctaubrook Sunday,
Archie McVittie went enst Tuesday
morning, on a fishing excursion.
ti. S Pollard, of Moyie, waa reading
signs iu Cranbrook lasl Friday,
Dr. and Mrs. Kennedy, Macleod, were
guests of llie Ctaubrook recently.
A. Stronach, of Winnipeg, C. P. It.
car inspector, was in town this week.
William Hudson, of tbe C. P. R auditing department, was in lown recently,
J. R, Martin, of Nelson, government
limber inspector, vos in town recently.
P. I). Hope, of lleatlie & Hope, druggists, Moyie, was in Cranbrook Sunday
Lewis Thompson, Moyie's solicitor,
was in Cranbrook Tuesday and Wedties-
Julius Ilurel, the same obi Adonis of
Kimberley, was shaking hands in town
Iir. Barber, the Nelson dentist, was
in town today, and h ft this afternoon
for Kimberley.
Johnny Muiphy, the T. Eaton of
Moyie, was a business visitor to the
metropolis yesterday
G. H. Miner has received a large new
fire and burglar proof safe, which is now
installed in his oflice.
John Fink came over from Fort Steele
with the crowd Tuesday evening, nnd
remained iu towu Wednesday.
Now lhat the election is over think of
your own business and insure against
tire.    See McViltie & Hutchison.
George I-IHHard has completed a whim
for W. C. Mclnstrey, to be used in developing a claim on North Star hill,
The Fort Steele foot-ball team has accepted lhe challenge to come here and
play the Craubrook team on the _d of
The ice cream social held in lhe
Methodist church list evening was ti
great success in everyway, a very large
crowd attending.
For sale—a Mason & Rtsch piano
Nearly new, having been in use less
than six months. Sold on very easy
terms,    Inquire at this oflice.
The Herald was in error last week
when it stated lhat Corpus Christ! would
be observed at the Mission last Sunday,
ns next Sunday will he the day.
C h. McRay and W. Meacham laid
over here a day this week wilh 10 carloads of cattle, the property of "Pat"
Burns, enroute to West Kootenay,
Tom Covin, the popular conductor of
tbe North Star branch, hns been transferred from that run, much to the regret
of all doing business over tbat road.
W. F. Anderson, C. P, R. passenger
agent. Nelson, aud W. G Coyle, district
passenger and freight agent, Vaucouver,
weie guests of the Cranbrook loday.
Gordon Small, a "small" nephew of
Knie Small, ai rived in town Sat ui day
from Charlottetown, P. ti, l„ and will
iu fut nre make his home with Knie.
Louis Blue ami Henry DIas, of the
Lion brewery, Kossland, were In town today and their visit may result In lhc establishment of a branch brewery in Cranbrook.
Mrs, M K. Henderson and daughter,
Miss llenileisou, of Bnrrle, Ontario, are
visiting wilh Mr. and Mrs Harry McVittie. Mts. Henderson is Mrs, McVittie's
The Forrest hotel has been sold by
Mr. Forresl to V. Hyde Itaker, who will
lease it to parties at present undetermined, There are n number of applicants for it.
Mrs. Thomas Drummond, accompanied
by her four little children, left lor Calgary on yesterday's train, where she
will place lhc children tn lhe convent
school at lhat place.
Cranbrook has shown a great deal of
enterprise in almost every direction, but
theie is one thing it has overlooked—
the establishment of 11 good brass band.
lt is a "long-fell waul" and shouM be
supplied soon.
D. L Beichen, F. I. Moore and Dr.
Higglns came over from Moyie early
Sunday morning on an "Itisb local"
aud joined with a few who bad lorgotleu
to go to bed in llieir enthusiasm over
Smith's victory.
A feature of the Smith celebration
last Tuesday night was Tom Wellman'a
band, which alternated with the Fort
Steele band III entertaining listeners.
Tom's baud paraded the streets utilil a
late hour, and were enthusiastic and
earnest players,
A. Ii. Giant has the coittiact for M.
Mclnnes' new residence which will be
located on lhe Mclniits-Muiphy plot of
ground iu the southeast part of town.
Tbe building, when completed, will be
one of ibe largest and most modern
dwellings iu the cily.
Jake Pink, of lhe Fort Steele Mercantile company, is having ibe small store- I
house in the tear nf the store torn down,
to make room tor n large addition which
will be of lhe same br ndth and bight of
the present store building) and 30 feet
Who Have Been Uulng Business In Cran,
brook This Week.
G. II, Brown, Victoria.
W. II, Ripley, Lethbiiilge.
J. Fyfe, woolens, Montreal.
J, J. Iloiaii, dry goods, Motitieal.
J. Ross, boots and shoes, Toronto,
J. BallOur, Lennoiville insurance.
J J. Thorley, dry goods, Montreal.
F.W. Godfrey, dry goods, Toronto,
George Wilson, Winnipeg, stationery
James Calluglian, pianos, Vancouver
Hart}' N. Cooper, dry goods Vancou*
W. G. Fowler, rubber goods, Wiuni
A. P, JePVey, druggists' sundries, Win
William Ilnrgnaves, hardware, Winnipeg.
F.L Kahti, jewelry and notions, To
W. G. Datner, hoots and shoes, To
IS, C. Davidson, California Wine Co.,
George C. Hinton, electrical BU] piles,
Fred Thayer (accompanied by wife
aud son), drugs, Toronto.
Prospects Being Developed and Settlers Com*
Ing In Rapidly.
George Douglas, a prospector from the
vicinity of Empire City, was in town
Monday and Tuesday. Mr. Douglas has
two claims, the Bluebell and Bluebird,
which adjoin, in that vicinity, and have
two ledges traversing the entire length
of each, one being 2}. feet wide and tbe
other .0 inches; no assays have been had
as yet, although the quartz is generously
spotted with galena and there is some
indications of copper and gold. Mr.
Douglas says they have been throwing
out considerable stuff resemblingcarbon
ate-, and it is lo be tested by assays.
Further over the " Bishop Boys" are
working their claims; they have been
di ifting alotigsiile tbe lead and are now
crosscut liny, or about to do so, the appearances at lhe present lime, it is said
being quite sh l i*-factory.
Man) prospectors are coming in either
to search for mineral or woik their as
sessuicnts. The snme conditions nlso
apply to lhe Sand Creek district.
Many settlers ate also coming Into the
country, at least one or two ranches per
week beiug taken up The outlook for
the entire country iu every way is said
lo be very eucoutaging.
Fame is like a magnifying glass.
Unmerited honors never wear well,
Prudence is the true court of exchequer.
Fiiendship multiplies joys and divide:
Point not at another'it spots with a foul
Common sense is the growth nf all
Let the shipwrecks of others be your
Measure jour life by acts of goodness,
not by years.
Contention comes by piide and is supported by envy.
Good government is the g eatest security of freedom.
A man that breaks his word bids olb
ets be false to him.
Fair and honest dealings seldom fail to
liiiug their ''tie rewaid
Disunion is the parent of animosity
and the friend of confusion.
Follow tbe perfections of your enemies
rather than the erro'S of your friends
Sell respect and self denial will forever remain thc crowning virtues of manhood.
A pleasant voice, n cheerful countenance and a good recotd will introduce
you anywhere.
A Wealth ol Beauty,
Is often hidden hy unsightly Pimples
Fi/.i-ma,Teller, FryfltpelaK,Salt Rheum,
etc. BuckIcii'fl Arnica Salve will glorify
the face by curing all Skin Eruptions,
Alio Cuts, BrillsQS, Burns, Boils,   Felons,
ricers, and worst fortius of Piles.   Only
»5 < Plltfl a box     Cure guaranteed.    Sold
hy K  1*; Beultic, druggist
..All Kinds of..
Post Office Building;.
FIRE!       FIRE!
Do tbe citizens of Fernie cherish ill
will toward Craubrook on account of tin
result of lhe recent election ?
It is so reported, hut Tbe Herald can
not believe that any such condition pre
vails, unless it be on ibe part of a small
minority, whose hopes and ambitious
bave been blasted.
Mr. Feruie and his friends expected a
much larger vole for that gentleman in
Cranbrook. Likewise, Mr. Costigan
and his friends expected many more
votes fur thut gentleman in Pernie than
he received; still, while lhey were disappointed, lhey are nol "sor.." Tht
fact of the matter is, if Ihere is any one
who has a cause for complaint against
Cranbrook on account of bis trea'meni
by its voters it is Mr. Costigan. He is
one of its most respected citizens, and
in point of ability is the peer of any
man in K;ist Kootenay; still bis fellow-
citizens turned him down fur a man who
is very rarely withiu the limits of the
towu and in no way identified wilh it
locally. Yet Mr. Cosligan and his
friends accepted their defeat gracefully,
attended a banquet giveu by tbe victors
on Tuesday night, and made the best cf
what wus their misfortune.
If Mr, Feruie and his friends have any
occasion lo feel disgruntled wilh any
one, it is wilh the people of Fort Steele
with whom he made a deal for his support, and wbo did not "deliver the
goous"—-" could not deliver lhe goods"
would probably be the heller way to put
it, as there can be uu doubt uf ihe sin-
ceiity of their Intentions,
Mr. Ferule's expert nice during the
past campaign will probably be of value
lo him. lie has acquired au experience
entirely new to hiui and others have
been well paid to let him acquire it.
They were not Cranbiook people, and t>s
Mr, Fernie and his friends ore men of
intelligence and worldly judgment they
ceitalnly will not harbor any ill-feelings
lowatd Cranbrook fur not giving wnai
was not here fur, or promised to Ihem.
Oh, you remember the fire at New Westminster, don't you? Well,
there hasn't been any fire at G. H. Gilpin's general store, but to judge
by the _# -_* *!* & ,.* ,.-t „•*
♦♦•Immense Bargains in Dress Goods...
that are being offered you would thing that there had been.     Friday
morning commences our -* ** j* _•* „•*
14 Monster Give-away Dress Goods Sale ff
This sale will last for Three Days Only, and every yard of Dress
Goods in stock, during Friday, Saturday and Monday, will le sold at a
Tremendous Reduction.
Come early on Friday morning and secure a Dress Length*
G. H, Gilpin's General Store
use % Sign Painters
Paper Hangers
Opp. Bank of Commerce
James Gil!. Manage!
Mrs. Tina Lester recently died et Lester as lhe result of a surgical operation.
The head oflice of lhe Crow's Nest
Coal Company is to be removed fiom
Pernie lo Nelson.
The night-train tunning between Rossland and Spokane is welt patronized and
so far has paid expenses.
Tbe proposal to bold the Dominion
Uny trades procession at night in Nelson does not meet with general approval.
Tbe coast papers are giving some attention to a challenge issued by Johnston of Vancouver, offering to row Hack-
elt of Seattle for $500 a side.
Mr. M B. Bridgford, of the Rossland
baseball club, has received a letter from
the management of lhe Stanford, California, baseball team, requesting a date
on July 1.
A letter received In Nelson from Cipt,
Illancburd of Victoria slates tbat when
"A" company ofthe first. Canadian con*
tiiiKcnt left ll oenifoetnin 16 men were
left behind i\ho weie unfit to march,
John Worley, who left Nelson as acting corporal in charge of lhe recruits for
the contingent tu j >iu tbe Iwjuiuialt
garrison, has metw.ih great success in
the profession of arms, having been rap*
idly advanced, step by step, until he Is a
senior non-commissioned officer.
is mm
From Litigation.
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrcll, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Nov/ is thc
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as the
C P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots wil!
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu?SybuWr* Lotsfrom $12S=$400
Apply    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr. Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
You can tell our work by the modern manner
in which it is done.
Is the Staff of Life
Tho Edmonton Milling Co.
Hv'H lo Bay lluil nil llieir Hungarian
l'lilent lo manufactured from iliochoic-
• sl Ni) l Iiiiiii wheat procurable ill tlle
uortliwct, bo they enn guarantee the
rjua'ity tu be second to none in ihe market
To tu convinced nf this fuel ynu enn
procure a sample bog of 15 pounds fice
'I nl] rosl liniti lhe Belling ngentB.
To be luul f 1  sl of lhe stores in
Crflublbolt, Fort Steele, Mojie, elc.
James Kerrigan & Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of ail kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes,  Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economieal way to handle it.
Whnl sale Giocer
ntul Selling Ai;t 111s
Cranbruok, B. C.
Planing Mill
I and Sash and ::
SS     Door Factory
..Manufacturers of...
Sash  jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   „•*
Band Sawing   jt  Turning
Hotel  S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best oi iiquora at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
For Developed
»' Silver=Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere....
Kimberley, B. C
I have .1 regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Official Watch Inspector for C. P. R.
Ladies' and
Wheels _t **
Of the best makes for hire
Stable on Armstrong ave.
Near Presbyterian Church.
Open Dally I'xccpl Sunday.
...Parrott & Doners
Prest & Co.,
fjey niree doors enst of Postofliee.
f _-_HSH_-i!>%s'>--<-^^ ^-sv-iwij)-.)--®--:i/_S_jv-V.w.1-.SwS-_.''Q-X^rX^.Q-®-(Vns,. (gJ^A. J
Tcte Deuanlnlcrof Gem, Idaho, ia visiting hii))irollicr.il
Father Welch, now slntloncd at Ross
Innil, lias been visiting at St. Jiiigeue
.Mission ant] at Moyie.
Charles Diamnut Ims left and joined
Martin Foley at Spokane, They will
spet.d the si;miner in prospecting near
Sampler, Oregon.
The first minm.l meel ing of lhc district boaid of the miners of British Columbia will he hetil in Moyie Monday,
June 18 h, when all subjects of importance concerning the organization will be
J. J. Murphy has purchased the Iron
Mountain mineral claim from O. h,
Shaukltn. The Iron Mountain group i.s
located about one milt; from the south
end of Moyie lnke, and consists of two
claims, The work doue constats of an
8-foot shaft, nud there is now a three
foot ledge in sight. A recent assay
showed a value of $34 iti lend nnd silver.
Mr, Murphy intends further developing
the properly.
A Monalcr Devil Pish,
Destroying i's victim, is a type of
Constipation, The power of this uial-
ndy is It-It on organs, nerves, muscles,
and brnlti. Hut Dr. King's New Life
Pills nre a safe and certain cure. Best
In the world for Stomach, I.iver, Kidneys nnd Bowels. Only .5 cents at
R, E Heattie's Drug Store,
British Columbia.
fDA WRDAAI/ s*s the divisional point of the Crows W
CKA1> DKOUfi Nest Pass Railroad. 1
■*r*t*£l tlhFffcf.k'  ^as a ,0=sta-- rounc' house, large machine Q
^* dllUI UUIv shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- |tl
tensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East |*|
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- $
tions of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in  Ijfi
South East Kootenay. trf
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after {*}
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, |||
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
(swiw*fl-(i>-<i>-®-'fM?)-'»)--'i> i»>-Gx-<.i-f.-,-®-®-® ®-<-''-<ii--®-®-®-®-®-™> ®-® -®-® -iyJ-y-®-®-®-®^®-®^}-®-®-®--®-®-®-®^
®t£*&2fcb 1 (sit],-* ■» ■•) -j-iy-iii,--!) W ix'S-i>-i> _-_-i)-(v ■'.'.■ a GHs) ■®-®-®-®-^-®-^-®-®-®-®-®-®-<iy-®-®-®3>r


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