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Cranbrook Herald May 16, 1901

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Geo. A. Cox, President.                          B. E. Wai.kkr. Oen. Man-
Paid Up   Capital  $8,000,000,011
Real  2,000,000.110
Tolal  Rcstiur.es  05,000,000.00
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
** •fl&aD* 0 O 09 O •■•■•■•
Those Stoves of Gilpin's Cook with Comfort
This cut shows the Best Cook Stove in Canada for the price—
McClary's "Brandon" for $20. j* Steel Ranges for either
coal or wood, for but very little more money.   Jt   jt   jt   jt
New     Carpets,     Rugs     and     Curtains
We furnish your house complete from cellar to dome and do it
right.    Drop into GILPIN'S.    Satisfaction sure to follow.
Suggests Ladies' Shirt Waists
Ladies' Crash and Drill Skirts,
Ladies'White and Drill Suits,
A new lot of the celebrated W. B. American Corset
A great assortment of Children's Shoes and Slippers in black and
colored, just marked off.   All of these lines BOUGHT RIGHT
and will be sold CHEAP.
Hotel 3 3
Guests Comfort i Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad ami depot.    Hns soromnioda-
tions for the public unequalled  in Crnnbrook,
-*i)» ♦-»••» • ■**-•- • 9-
9 ••■mm •■**-••*>*>*>-•■
0 4
1 Just Received        I
Another large .supply
Garden or
Flower Seed
| Can .supply any kind or quantity.    Send us
your order, we guarantee satisfaction or your
j** money refunded.    The same applies to our
J? large stock of
|;        Groceries and Crockery
j> We handle nothing bul the best.
Mail orders a specialty.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. ■*«-
J. P. FINK       ji       jt       ji       MANAQER
When You Ride a Wheel
I have a fine line this year, including the Cleveland, Dominion, Gen-
dron, Antelope, Geneva and Ideal.
Come and see them.   Prices Right.
...   Q. H. Miner
J  News Notes From the Mineral Cily  \
Last Friday Manager Cronin, of the
Ht. Eugene mine, returned from the
east. The mine had been running up
until that time during day shift snd
half b night shift three nights a week.
Mr. Cronin, however, decided to open
up in lull force in order to complete tbe
conttact for are which the company baa
wilh a concern in Germany, Tbe mill
will be run double shift and about aoo
men will be put to work in the mine-
Nearly this number are now at work
anil more will be put ou daily aa the
trains bring Ihem in. The contract will
take some months to complete, nnd by
tbat lime the lead market will likely be
in such shape tbat the mill will be able
to continue running. Thus the prospects lor a good summer in Moyie are
very promising.
Between the C. V. R. station and the
Rt. Kugene concentrator the new sawmill is being erected by Grant & Sheady,
Tbe machinery for the mill arrived last
week aud now men are hard at work
preparing timbers for tbe building. The
machinery will be put in place, and theu
the lumber for the building will he cut.
It is tbe intention of the company to fit
up the mill with the latest machinery
aud make it in every respect first-class.
They hope to have everything in readiness by tbe middle of June, after which
the mill will be turning out 40,003 feet
of lumber per day. Thus, in a short
lime Moyie will have one of the finest
sawmills in British Columbia,
Harold Pollard, to whom was awarded
the contract for building the dam on
Campbell creek, haa now completed hia
work. The dam Is built of cedar timbers
and is 19 feet high, so tbat there will be
an ample water supply for lhe town. In
a short time it is expected lhat Ihe pipe
will be here when work laying it will at
once commence.
It has been decided that Moyie will
in some fitting manner celebrate Ihe
241b of May—Empire Day. Tbe ladies
of the town are going to give a picnic in
the grove across tbe lake from tbe town.
This will fill in the day, and in the even*
ing lhe Foresters are goiug to give a
dance. They are sparing no pains to
make it a success and tbe event promises to be one to be remembered.
Muir's sawmill ia now running in full
blast and ia turning out some fine lumber every day.
Grant & Sheady bave put chased tbe
house belonging 10 Mr. Wergin aud are
fitting it up for offices for their company.
T E Mahafly has moved his stock of
goods to the territories in one of the
towns iu which he will in future carry
ou business.
Mr, Cann, wbo has been in business
in town for the past winter, is moving
bis slock to Fort Steele.
I) J. Elmer has gotten in a stock of
fresli fruit and now has one of the finest
displnys in towu.
The Odd Fellows of town intend cele-
brating their anniveisary next Sh turday
by giving nu entertainment.
The addition to tbe Kootenny is nnw
undergoing its finishing touches and
when completed will be one of the best
hotels in Soulh Knst Kootenny.
J, C. Drewry, one of the directors of
the St Kugene Mining company, spent
lust week ill Moyie, impeding the mill
and doing some limit fishing.
Manager Cronin went to Spokane on
Sn Inr tiny last.
Mr. Gilpin wns In town on Monday
Inst looking after bis branch store,
II. Dlmmock. president ofthe Miners'
Union, hns been appointed shift hess iu
the Lake Shore mine.
Mis Chns. Kllnginsmlth returned laat
Saturday from a visit to Fort Steele.
J, J. Murphy was lu Cranbrook last
Mm. Walsh and family left for Ihe
States laat Monday.
Aa Engine aad Three Mm (io late
tbe Michel Mtor.
Engineer Wardman ani Fireman
Cook Have a Narrow Escape From Death.
One of ihe most serious accidents that
have occurred on the Crow for some
time was tbe wreck of a freight train
last Thursday night between Sparwood
and Hosmer. Tbe train wns iu charge
of Conductor O'Hagan, with Kngineer
Wardiimn and Fireman Cook iu the cab.
aud Claude Barney, head brakeman, occupying a sent on Ihe fireman's side.
The train was bound enst, aud as il was
rounding a curve on lhe bank of the
Michel river at a slow rate, it atrttck a
piece of track that had been forced out
over the bank hy a land slide, "When
Engineer Wardmau saw the trouble, be
shut off his engine and threw the air
valve into the emergency, hut it was too
late to stop tbe train or make a move
for safety, Hefore there was time to
more than grab the lever, and bold on
for dear life, Ihe engine hnd gotten out
011 the track hanging over a drop of 30
feet lo the Michel river below. There
was a grinding crash of binding steel
and straining parts, and then a sudden
drop into the depths below. Down tbey
went, Wardman still clinging to the
lever and bis seat. Tbe engine turned
over, and Fireman Cook, who was
standing in the gangway, wss thrown
clear off the engine and tender into the
river, and swam ashore, escaping with a
few cuts and bruises. When the engine
finally landed the engineer's side was
above tbe swift-flowing water, and
Wardman broke the glass in his window
and crawled out to safety. On the other
side sat "Uud" Barney, who had couie
in to get relief from the chilly air of the
ni^hl, and was calmly smoking hia pipe.
Sitting back by the boiler, there was no
opportunity for him to escape, and wheu
the engine landed he was on Ihe under
side, held down in the current by the
awful weight of No. 694, and there his
body rests today, waiting for tbe arrival
of machinery of sufficient power to remove tbe tender and engine.
The accident wss one of those that
is unavoidable, Tbe train was being
run with great caution, but owing to the
fact that Ihe track was thrown out, there
was no chance to prevent the wreck.
The escape of the engineer tnd fireman
was little less than miraculous, and Ihe
death of young Barney is deplored by
all. He is a son of Cliff Barney, engineer on the yard engine in this place,
and his untimely end was a hard blow to
his parents. He had been breaking only
two weeks, and hud entered upon the
work under protest ftom his mother.
While working at the atation here in
Cranbrook be had made many friends,
as be was a bright boy wilh a aunny disposition, and the faculty of making
staunch frieuds of all who knew him.
Card of Thanks.
The employes of the C- P. R. ahops,
wish to publicly thank the following persons living nt Sidar, U C, for the valuable assistance they hnve rendered towards the recovery aud burial of the late
fireman, James 11. Powers, -stationed at
Sidar, by doing so much; the ladies in
providing beautiful wreathes (or the
coffin and the gentleman in helping toward tbe recovery of (he body: Mrs.
t<osby, Mrs. Briggs, Miss Caiman, Mr.
George Itenny,
One of the oldest prospectors in South
Mast Kootenay, and probably oue of tbe
best known is Ben Pugb. Ben came to
East Koolenuy witb the surveyors on tbe
main Hue, and has been knocking around
over tiie hills ever siuce, stopping during the winter mouths at either Fori
Sleele or Cranbiook. Naturally lhe
world has progressed during all ihis lime,
and ihere are many improvements tbat
have lakeu place iu twenty years ihat
Ben has beard uf but never has seen.
Lasl week he visited Nelson aa a witness
iu a case, ami saw for the first time an
electric car. To tell it as Ben tells it is
impossible, for his manner and gestures
adtl very much to the pith of the slory.
He snys that on the way ever be met a
number of old friends on the boat, aud
in consequence of this fuet wheu he arrived at Nelsou he had taken on board
quite a load. Leaving the boat he
Hiarted up town for the hotel,
1 was just crossing a street with
rails on, wheu I heard a whirring noise,"
snid Ben. "I looked first oue way, then
another, aud just up the atreet I saw a
big fine looking car, all lighted up aud
running like the devil was after it.
There was uo engine pushing it or pull-
iug it, no smoke, no fire, nothing but
tbis great big creature coming at me like
h ,  wilh  a  long  tail  sticking  up
straight from lis back, the small end lied
toa wire above. Scared, I guess I wna.
I looked first one way, and then another,
and finally got across the s reel aud up
against a building. When I turned
around it was gone, but do mi the street
I snw a streak of light. I asked a man
what it was. He told me an electric car
It was the first one I had ever seen, and
theu it struck me I had beeu in lhe
woods a long lime."
A Grand Carnival of Sport to Last
Two Days.
Two weeks ago Thc Herald editor
visited Nelson aa a member of the football aggregation of South Kast Kootenay,
but ac the game was postponed, he was
unable to remain aud returned home the
neat morning. He was there long
enough lo receive from the Nelson players several compliments ou his reputation as a Rugby player, which, we might
add were listened to with that modesty
that characterizes all men in the uews-
pnper profession. No.one regretted
more than we did the necessity of our re
turning before the gauie was culled. Tbe
game was lost to Nelson, If we could
have remained U might have been—but,
what is the use of lamenting. The situation is dealt wilh by the Bong bird of
the Fort Steele Prospector, as follows,
and heuce this explanation:
Tli*-) "Star" he came from ('ranbrook
The football name t<> play;
ile played It hard, ho played It swift
L'aill Uie break or day.
lis talked of halves and backs;
Ue talked of -lial-4" aud "down;"
Be made the Nelsou people betiava
Ua was the best lu towu.
He lold of games bed played,
lu countries near aad tar;
Hut who tbe men or what tbe game,
He'd always been the "rftar,"
But ohl when day was broken,
We searched both near and far;
llut Hunt or search as well we eould,
tt e could uot Hud our "Slar.**
Those Seeking a Good Time Wilt
Certainly Be In Cranbrook
Arrangements nre being rapidly made
for the two days' carnival of sports to be
held in Cranbrook May 27 and 28, under
the management of the Turf and Athletic
association. The track at tbe large and
commodious grounds has been put in
first-class shape, and ia being worked
daily. The foot ball aud base ball
grounds have been given attention and
will be in excellent condition for the
sport at the time of the fair. Nothing
is being left uudone by Messrs. Haiues
nud Peltier to make tbe event one long
to be remembered in tbe history of
South Hast Kootenay. Secretary Gilt
ia iu correspondence now with horsemen
In eastern liiitish Columbia aud Alberta,
and the prospects at present point to a
good attendance of harness nags and
bang tails on that occasion. The local
horsemen are greatly interested and all
of them are going out after a share of
the purses.
There will be two or three base ball
games and one or two foot ball games,
besides plenty of other sports on the
first day. Uu the second day tbe horses
will be lined up and there promises to
be ell kinds of excitement.
The meeting is oue that will afford
plenty of amusement to everyone, and
the people of Soulh Kast Kootenay and
the surrounding territory cannot afford
to miss it. Amusement days are scarce
enough in a new country like this,
hence there is every reason why the people should arrange to turn out for at
least oue day's sport.
North East Keotesay.
Mlilif Notea.
Mr. Mott has a fine line of ore in W
F, Tate's window that waa taken from
his property on Moyie river. Jt is
galena, with showings of copper, and
the assays taken give evidence of rich
deposits of lead and silver. They have
a shaft down 42 feet, and a good face on
the lead.
Nearly aU of Baker bill has been
staked on the strength ofa gold excitement aroused by the assays taken on
some rock near J. II, Casttoke'a residence. The Herald edi'.or, like several
other property owners in that section,
find their residences taken In by mineral claims. What developments will
show is bard to tell, but those Interested
are going to see what there is In the
lewisite lepruvemeati.
The Townsite company is having
thirteen blocks lying immediately south
of the town sub-divided into lots for
resideulial purposes, These lots will give
to the people some of the besl located
building sites In (he towu. The atreet
running east and west from the Presby-
terlau church to the English church, tbe
one from A. Moffat's house east to tbe
creek, and the one running from the
English church north to the limit of the
townsite, will all be opened for traffic.
These changes will make a great im
ptovement io the lown, and have long
been needed.
The North Slar Is Shipping.
Neil McL, Curran, financial agent for
the North Star mine, is in town accompanied hy Mrs. Curran and daughter
Mr. Curran stated that tbe mine bad resumed shipping, but on a smaller scale,
owing to the condition ofthe lead mai-
ket. At present the limit is 1000 tons a
month. Speaking of mining in.general,
he Bald that tbe depression In the business wns made very noticeable by the
diop in the stock of a number of the
principal mining properties in Bihjsb
Columbia fiom (35,000,000 to $5,000,000
within the laat few months, a loas of $30,
It would be taken for granted that
everyone in South East Kootenay
knew Harry Drew, of Kimberley, and
John Murphy, of Moyie. Tbey are old
timers here, but still tbere is one man
wbo did not know them last week, but
be does now. Both Drew and Murphy,
although not dudes, dress well and make
a gooil appearance. Last Priday we met
them at the Cranbrook hotel talking to
W. P. Gurd and one or two more citizens.
After a joke or two we left them, and
further down the street we met Dan McLeod, book-keeper for Breckenridge &
Lund. Dan stopped us and pointing toward the group we had jusi left, asked
"Are tbose Ihe railway officials visiting
the town?" Scenting some sport, we
promptly replied lu the affirmative, aud
indicating Harry Drew, told Mac he was
Oburiie, white the other gentleman wilb
the iron grey moustache was l.eonatd,
tbe newly appointed manager of thc
western division. Mac gazed at them
iuteully for a moment, aud then said:
'By Jove, they are a smart looking pair!
No wonder they are way up In railway
circles," We wanted lo Introduce him,
but Mac's modesty prompted bim to
Parllasuat Hm Adjcwried.
Victoria, May 11.—The local house
prorogued at 9 o'clock tonight, but
owing to the short notice, end the
peculiar hour, the proceedings were very
tame. Tbe duties of the governor, who
is still in California, were discharged by
Minister Walkem.
The close of the -session was marked
by a number of amenities of parliamentary life. Turner, who is retiring to accept the position of pot agent general,
was presented with a beautiful engrossed
address by his colleagues, bearing also
pictures of the signatories. Price Ellison was presented with a purse containing about $250 io gold, in recognition ot
his faithful services.
Prom the faulei bury nmcrop,
It is rumored that the C. P. R.  will
take over the telegraph lioe when completed.
R. O. Jenning, a well-known mining
man of Fort Steele, writes to a friend here
that he will come up shortly and commence work on some of his properties in
thla district.
William McNelsb has sold the Colombia House, at Golden, to J. G. UUock
and owing to ill health has retired from
business, Mr. McNeish built the house
and bas been successful in building up a
good business since its opening in 1893.
He has taken a lively interest in everything pertaining to the growth of Golden
since its infancy, and his genial smile
will be greatly missed at the Columbia,
"There are many lessons to be learned
in North East Kootenay, and I have
learned some in tbe steamboat business
this spring," remarked Commodore
Armstrong to the Outcrop reporter last
week. Continuing he said: "We have
been running the steamer Hyak and a
barge up the Columbia river, and carrying freight in payiug quautities in lower
water than has ever been navigated in
Canada before, and so far aa I kuow io
the world. We bave run our steamer in
twelve inches of water and that not only
in one place, but at the mouth of the
Slillemachene river, Squaw Point, Abies,
Red Rock and above Poster's."
I   News   Frew    Ihe   Coal    Metropolis  J
* *
{ Prom the Free l'ress ]
Mr. W. Blakemore, Former genera*
manager of tbe Crows Nest Pass Coal
company, arrived iu towu on Monday
and will spend the summer in the Kootenays on professional work. Mr. Blake-
mare's many friends in Fernie where
delighted to welcome him back.
Cards sre out announcing the marriage
of Mr. Albert Gee, oue of Feroie's contingent to lhe Strathcona Horse, to Mise
Susie Graham, of Toronto. Tbe interesting event will take place on the 13th
of this month. They will 1-V at home in
Fernie after June the 12th.
The average editor does not tell all he
knows or reports all be sees. He keeps
a great deal more out of bis paper than
he puts in. A great many readers
should be under obligations to him for
what he puts in bis paper, aud also thankful to htm for what be keeps out.
Gordon Warren, ledger-keeper in tbe
Bank of Commerce here, had tbe mis-
fortune to severely wound one of Mr.
Kay's valuable dogs last week. He was
shootiug at am irk, and the dog which
was in tbe wuvdi beyoud tbe mark, received the bullet,
erule will celebiale tbe 24th of May.
A baseball match belweeu Fernie and
Cranbrook has beeu arranged for, and a
football aud lacrosse match are also on
the program for lhe day. The basehall
team will go to Cranbrook for the 27th
ami 28th, the days on which lhat town
will celebrate.
Mr. Bailey has resigned bis position as
book keeper of tbe Fort Steele Biewing
company. The brewery is losing a good
Tbere will he a meeting of the licecse
commissioners of South East Kootenay
in Craubrook, on lhe 251b of May, lo
consider the application of Alfred Doyle,
of Fort Steele, for a license for the Crows
Nest hotel, Fernie.
Ups sad Down la a Mlalsg Coaatry.
The ups and downs ol lortuue in tbe
lead mining region are thus described In
The Galena (Kan.)-Republican: "Ou
our streela we can point to men wbo
could not draw a check for io cents six
(months ago. Now they can draw their
check for f 10,000—and tbe bank wouldn't
The "ham and egg" train from Van
couver to Kamaloops has been put ou
accept It, Yooder la a man who walked
Into Galena as a tramp a year ago. Today be la a porter in a hotel. Here comes
a man wbo borrowed 10 cents ol us last
week to get a glaaa of milk. Now he
he wants to borrow 10 cents more. He
saya he wants to I uy a meal. He dines
on 1-quid meals. Another, who was j.ul
in the lockup and borrowed money to
pay hia fine, was arrested again the
other day and sent to jail. He couldn't
borrow anything thia time. Here's another man who came here with his last
cent in hia pocket. Last month he drew
a check for f 20,000. He, too, is in jail.
He signed another man's name to the
check. Such are the ups aud downs o
lead mining life. Here today, in jail
Will go te Fcrile.
It looks now na if there would be a
Urge crowd go ftom Cranbrook to Fernie
on the 24th. Both (he baseball and football teams intend going tbat day, and a
apecial train will be run and a reduced
rate given. It will be a chance for a
nice trip and a good time, and there wiil
be a large number take advantage of It.
ll was a Ureal Masks!   Snuest la
The Mass lhat was presented list
Wednesday evening at the Method iet
church under tbe direction of Mrs.
W. T. Reid, proved to be a great success.
There was a large attendance, the audience throughout displayed their appreciation ofthe good work done. To take
between thirty or forty voices and train
tbem so as to do such excellent work as
was ahown tbat evening, reflects great
credit upon tbe director, and npon those
wbo took part. Perhaps there bas not
been an event of tbe kind in Crar-
brook's history that has given snch universal satisfaction; and wben one considers that three years ago then were
hardly twenty people in the town, the
feat seems all the more remarkable. It
is to be hoped tbat Mra. Reid and the
members of the chorus will repeat the
Mass later in tbe season, as it wonld be
received again in Cranbrook with great
Following are tbe names of tbe participant *-:
Conductor, Mrs. W. T. Reid.
Accompanies!, Mrs. Costigan.
Orchestra.—Miss McGee, Messrs.
Higgenbotbam, Patmore, Simmons,
Soloists.—Mesdames Rodgers, Mc-
Nabb, Simpson, Geddea, McFarlane;
Misses Grant, McGee, A. Grant; Messrs.
Hazel, Hill, R. Reid, Wilcox, Sheppard,
Turner, Rogers.
Chorus. — Sopranoes: Mesdames
Rogers, Simpson, Richards, Miner,
Simpson; Misses A. Grant, Patmore,
Watt, Forest, Ryckman, Blanchard.
Altos: Mesdames McNabbj McFarlane, R. Reid, Geddes; Misses Grant, P.
Tenors: Messrs. Rev. R. Held, Henry,
Hill, Prest, Wilcox, Sheppard, Edwards,
Basses: Messrs. Hazel. Reid, Turner,
Propl Port Steele I'rospertor.
A targe amount of devetupment work
is now going ahead on tbe numerous
claims on Tracy creek,
A small force under the management
of E. Elwell is now working on the Jew
Fraction, out of the claims recently
bonded by the New Gold Field of B. C.
Work will shortly commence on the
Bill Nye, this property is situated on
Trail creek, and bas a lead ten feet iu
width, the ore is a quartz, carry gold,
copper and galena.
Tom Beveus and Charles Van Blake
left on Saturday for Finley creek, where
tbey will prospect for placer gold.
A. Parker, W. D. Hill and W. Dunlap,
of Cranbrook, were registered at the Imperial on Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs. George Gilpin were visiting friends at Steele on Mouday.
C. F. Ifuiaiiugtoii left on Monday for
Editor and Proprietor.
TKKMS OF Slll-ri:ilTU)N:
Tlie Herald desires to rive tlie news nr the
district. If yuu gqnw any about your town
your miue or your i»eojile, send ll lo this offlee.
Corrected by "Hutch.''
North Star 5a*
St. Eugene 90*2
Sullivan 6.Wc
Morning Glory 5C
Mountain Lion 9%*
Winnipeg 5r
land Act Notice.
ittk-B Dbtlea tliatiiiH\u applied lo tlio ehier
ctiiiini.sslnner ol lumls ami wurks at Vletinlii,
ii.1'., tarn speeUMUcensetnciii andearryaw
iliutnr on and train tho following ileurtbetl
vacant crown lands, in tho district "i Houth
Kast K.tttfnay. Commencing M a i»»t planted
mi iim south side nr Telfgnit'li Trail, about oue
half mile south uf the croa*>Iiis ol tho Klk river
by tin- said trail. In the said district, and wllloll
po*t Is market! *'\V. W. OnUle't S. K. COItlOT
pnst.' tlienee soutli l*J.r. ollolUS,ttienOB WSSt BO
chains, tlienee mutli ISO elialns, tlienee east 80
olmlns tn the pbuM nt boglnningi containing iw>»
iii-res more nr less.
Dated Die itii day of May. A. 1>. tnot,
Timber Notice.
Notice i-* herein given Hun 1 hnve a|>|*IW to
the ehlef commissioner ol lands and works.for
permission to out and carry away timher from
the following tlewrlbed lands in HOUtll Kast
Koolcnay, CommenoUig at a post msrked .1. H,
MeMullln's south east corner planted near Halm-
ers Bar creek and ihe Payroll Mining Company
wagon mad. thenee north 1*-'.". chain*. Iheii
we*t so chains, thence south iaa chains, then
■M-it **» rh.tlns In |.lae.* ol h.'iiiiinliij:, etniliiiiiliii;
lunu seres mure or less,
liuleil at Cranh nok, H. (".. this Oth ''uy of
May, iooi, J. H. MoMUhbtN,
Land Act Notice.
Noiice is hereby given ihat i have undo »i>-
plleuiloii to the i-hter romuilsslouor nf lands and
Its, Victoria, ll. 0., foras|M*elaIheeasL'loeut
carry nway Umber on and from tha following deaurlbett vmamtorown lands, initio district ol Koiith Knst Kooieuay, B. & commenc-
lug at a post planted on tho nortli shlo of Telegraph trail, nbout twu miles southeast nf ihe
oroaslnjj of the Bik river i.j ihe Bald tralj, In the
said «ii,tiit. and width post is marked "-J. tt.
CostlRUIt's S. W. corner post," thenee north IBS
elialns, ilieuee east so tlm us, iheiieesotilli 1*.T>
olialns, tlienee west 80 chains lo place ot beginning, containing iu"" acres more or leu.
Dated (he 2nd 'lay nf May, ItWI.
The Sl. Kugene mine of Mnyle bas returned operations and pl.ced utvt 2ro
men at work again. The North Star
mine bas resumed shipping, The sawmills of Moy to, Cranbrook and Pernio
are running full time with large luces
of men, and one or two more mills nearly ready for work. The C. P, R Is doing more construction work along tbe
Crow through this district than It bas
ever done since the road was built.
These things, taken together, give every
promise of pay rolls throughout the district for the summer, and a satlsfuctoiy
degree of prosperity. In addition to all
of this there will be a large amount of
work done ou new mining properties,
which will Involve a vast amouni of
labor aod the expenditure of large sums
of money.
Reviewing the situation at this time,
there Is every reason lor ihe people of
Siuib East Kootenay to feel satisfied
over the prospects of the future,
This weather seems to be the real thing
Editor Pettlplece, of tbe l.ardeau
Bagle, advertises tbat be will loan
money. And Iviitor Lowery, of the
New Denver Ledger, styles himself as
editor and financier. Tbose fellows
will be running a trust bt fore they quit.
Tbe case of Minister Baer, charg.d
with tbe awful crime of using tobacco,
haa been settled at tbe Methodist conference held at Nelson last week. This
accusation b is been pending for over a
year, and many of tbe delegates wanted
to lire tht godly man from the pulpit
lor his terrible sin. It ts such nonsense
as tbis that brings ridicule on tbe
church, and gives its enemies weapons
with which to raise Cain. It hardly
seems possible that such a farce could
be enacted In this enlightened age.
Tbe Phoenix Pioneer speaking of tbe
papers of the Interior, has tnls to say
ol Tht Herald:
In Gist Kootenay the Cranbrook
Herald is perhaps the most readable
publication, P. K Simpson conlinues
to mike It a paper that Is a decided
ciedit to tbe place and section.
North East Kootenay got S:m,ir.(i lo
tbo appropriations tbis year, it pays
sometimes to bave your district repre
stated by a member of the cabinet.
The Rossland Miner wants a MAN te
tike up tbe reins of government In this
province. It Is evident by the work of
the Isst few months, tbat something
Is needed at Victoria.
It Is an insignificant man Indeed these
days who does not give Joe Martin i
hot shot.
C. H. Gregg, late of ihe Nelson Miner
Is now editor and manager ofthe Hoss
land Mir er. Gregg Is a good newspaper
mm, Lis principal fault being hla persistency In telllngihe public of the fact.
Tbe price of diamonds are rapidly ad*
vinclog. S .meibing continually arises
to make tba life of tbe country editor a
bird ont. 	
Tbe Sunday games have been stopped
In Nelson. If tbe morality crowd Is
sincere, they will be able to flud many
other games In Nelson that are a whole
lot worse for tbe community than a
football contest on Sunday.
Tbt provincial legislature haa adjourned. Small favors thankfully received. 	
3. Piepont Morgan Is preparing to In-
fade Canada with the idea of forming a
law trusts.   The Herald Is exempt.
Several men made several million in
Wall street during the last few weeks.
That Is more than Jim Ryan, Bert
Beattie, Archie Leitch, J jbn C'jsilgan
and The Herald has made in two years.
Mark Hanna refused the job of managing tbe billion dollar steel trust and
a salary of 51,000,0011 a year. Hanna Is
a chump. 	
Whit British Columbia needs Is 1
local assembly made up of men of brains
and enough patriotism and honesty tt
legislate at least one session for the
benefit of the people and province at
large, unencumbeied by tbe demands
aud designs of corporations.
The provincial legislators raised their
pay from 8«0() to tnun. it they had
reduced It to :m cents, tbe act would
have met with the hearty approval of 1
long suffering public.
Notice Is hereby Riven tlmt one month iifler
laie 1 Intend 10 upply t'» lho olilef «0 bsloner
of lands nnd wurks tor |«rini«lon to purchase
the following described lands In Kast Kootenny 1
CommenoioK nl a post planted nl the 1011 n waa
ornerof lotiOJiln group 1 Kootenay illitrlel,
nil marked, "U, Oiird'a N. K. Corner," thews
011th B0 CliatllS, Ilieuee west BlohHlllM, ihi-nre
.-•rlh sn ehaltls, tlienee BHSl HI e. 111 lis to the
plaee or beginning, eonialnliig oto a.res more nr
Haled Ihls 29th day of Mtlieh 1001,
Notice Is liereliy given thul B0 days alter date
1 intend in apply tn the chief commissioner et
lands and wnrks for permission to ent and furry
awny timber from the foi owinu ileacrlb il latum
In South Kast Kooteneyt Conmienoli g nt n pest
marked ".T.O, Mater's N. K. corner," planted
20 elialns norlh of J.T, 1'uitn's pre-emption,
atiimi Uo miles inu tli ot Cialilironk, tlienee
west eo elialns, thi*nee„soiitli 120 chains, tlienoe
east 00 chains, m* r less lo the west limit of
lleorge Laurie's pre-emption, thenee noi tli 20
elialns more or -(ess to tha south l tint of said
Potion's pre-emption, thenco west 10 chains
more nr less lo lhe south-west coiner of saiil
rattan's pre-emption, thenoo north IW olialns to
the plaee or hihiiiiiiii.l;. containing muu acres
more or less,
Hated this Ist day of April, 1001.
J, V, BbATEIt,
Land Acl Nolice.
Take noilee that I havejnpplle*! to the chief
I'omiiilssloiiei' of lands and works al Victoria,
II. t.i tor a spei-lal Urease to cut 11 il carry nway
ilmher on and from (he following described
vai-itiit crown lands in the district of Houth Kasi
Kooteuay, It. O.   » omnium-inn at a |>ost |ilnnti-il
on the norih side or Telegraph null, about three
mill's southeast of the crossing or llie Klk river
hy the said trull In the said district, ami which
post Is marketl "C. Hlesel s N, W, comer post,"
theuce south litftohalns, thenee east ro clinl*
thence no ih 12A chains, tlienee west su chains to
pi ice of lieciiialuii, cnninlalnK lonuat-res more
Hated the 2nd dny of May, 1901.
Land Act Notice.
Take not leet lint I have applied to the chief com*
iiilH-lniiei nfhtiiils uml worksat Vletnr'n, II. <*.,
for a special license tn cut and carry away limber on nnd rrnm the following described vnonnt
crown lands Iii Ihe district or .south Kast Kooie*
nay, li.V. I'otniiiciielnjr ut a post planted nn
the north side of THe.ura-.il] trail, nlnml three
miles sm th.-ast of tlie erossltiK nf tne Klk river
hy tlie said trail, in lhe said district ami which
post is marked *■('. 1'. i.'Kelly's H, W. corner
post," thence norlh iufi chains, thence eust so
I'halaH, llienre south 125 elialns, thence west so
ehttttlS lo iilueu of lirnliiiiliij:, containing ioihj
acres more or less.
Dated the 2nd tiny of May, 1U0I.
Land Act Nolice.
Take notice thut I hnve applied to the chief
commissioner of lai,ds uml works at Victoria, it.
(.'., for a special license to ent and carry away
ilmher on Hnd from tbe ful lowing described
vacant crown lauds In the dlsti Id of South Kasl
Kuoleuny, it. O, Com neuriiu at a posl planted
on the south side of I elt*gni|-li trail, about two
miles south east of the crossing nf Klk m-rby
Ihe said trail, In tlie said district, and which
posl Is marked "t'enr^e miller's N. W. corner
post," llicnce south un elialns, thence enst 80
chsins, thence north 125 chains, iheuce west sn
clialus to place of beginning-, containing 1000
acres more or less.
lm.ed the 2ml ilny of May, IOO],
Land Acl Notice.
Notice is lierehy given thai I have made op-
lilli ation to the eliler commissioner of limits and
works at Victoria, ll. (:., for 11 special lln nse in
out and curry nwny timber on ami rrom the foi*
lowing described vacant crown lumls in the dis*
trial of south Knst Kootenay, 11. C. Commenc.
iDjutnpist planted on the south stile of Tele*
graph trail, ahoul one- hull mile from thn cross-
Iim ot the Klk river by the suld trail, in the said
district, ami which post i-t marked "Alnloolm
Mclnn-8* 8. W. comer post," thence norlh 125
elialns, theuce easl BJ chains, thenco south 125
chains, tnence west ko oimins to plane of beginning, containing loflnacres more or less.
Dated 1 rnnbrook, ll. C , May 2nd, IMI,
Land Act Notice.
Tuke notice that I hnve applied to the chief
'omuiissloiier of lands und worksat Victoria, 11,
('., for a Mpcciai license tu cut nnd carry away
llmlier 011 mul from the fii.lnwing described
vacant crow 11 lands, In the dlstl let of .South Kast
Kootenny, ll, O, Commencing at a post piunteil
at llie nortli west corner of lot m, group 1,
Kooteuay district; ami whl-h post Is uiHiked
"KdWnrri CalllH's M. W. coruer posi," thence
north 12a clialus, theuce easl so chains, Iheuce
south 125 chains, thence west so chains, to plnce
of 1 n*uinnnm containing imiu acres more or les*
liateii the .:nd day of May, A. I), Will.
Take notice; I, J. II. King,-iu days nfier
date Intend lo apply to thu commissioner of
lauds ami works for special llcotui lo cut nml
■airy nway timber from tlie following described
lumls: Commencing ut a post on the mirth east
corner uf West's pre-emption, near smith lake,
Kast Koolcnay, running west 120 olialns, thence
nortli so chains, thence east I2fl chulns, iheuce
soutli 80 chains lo polut of commencement.
March p.', 1901. J. ||. KINIi,
Tuke nolice I li. s, McNeil :M duys nfter date
Intend to apply tn the commissioner of lands and
works to purchase lite following described lands.
Commencing nt sunt ft-west corner of pre-emption Ntt, Ton, nenr fanner's liar, theuce nortli RO
chains, thence west 40 chains, tlienee south 80
chains, thenee east -UJ chulns to plaonof commencement.
A) rll Mil, 1001, K. S. McNeil*
Ths peopla and parties are cussing,
bnt Joe Martiu was It ln the past local
Take notice: 3> days after dnte, I, It. K,
llealtle. Intend to apply to the commissioner of
lands ami works for special license to cut nml
any awny timber fr m the following described
lands, commencing id a post, on tlie south easl
cornerof John Hamilton's pm-emptlou, near
Smllhs lake, Kust Kooteii'-y, miming east 40
chulns, theuce nnrlli IU) chains, tlienee wosl so
chains, thence soutli mi olmlns, thence east 411
chulns, tlienee south BO chains to point ofemu-
meuceinent. it. K. ukattik,
.Mmeh 111, nwi.
NoUce is hereby Riven that Bldays nfter dale
] intend tn apply to the chief commissioner of
lau-.s and works for permission to cut and curry
nway Umber from lite following ilescrlhnl l.iuis.
situate 1,1 sou h Kasl Kooteuay: commencing
at a nnsl marked "Ferdinand Slater's southeast
corner,' planted 20 chains non li of the north
west corner of J. r. Patlon'q pro>em|iilon, ami
about llin-.- miles north of Craubrook Ilieuee
noith enl chains, llience west im chains,
tnence inuih IB chains, thenoe east 40 olialns,
Iheuce math BO chums, thence easl 80 chains ti
e  place of commeiieemeut,   containing 10iH>
-res more or less,
Doled al Crnnhronk ihls BO day of March.'P.HU,
Thirty days nftor date 1 will apply to lho chlel
immlsiloner or lands uud woi'KS ior n special
license to out mil carry nwny timber Worn the
•wing described lumls  in   Last Kootenny ■
 im->uilii;at a post planted uhntitthree miles
umth ni cranbrook on the North Stnr munch,
near mile post No. ,1. oil the west side of right «r
way marked I'.ter Lumls south easl corner,
thenoo running north so olmlns, ihenoewesi 12.1
olmlns, thenee soulh N chains, ilunca e.isi 1211
chains to point or euin uenceitiBiii.
Lmatid liy Peter l.nntl thisnard day of March,
UWl. I'KTKlt Ll'Ml,
Tu'te notice 1 Thai I, v.. V. King Intend lo
apply 10 the eomml-sloner or lands nud
wo ks for special license to cut and carry
away timher from llie following described lands
commencing at tha lo.itli west corner ot West's
pre-emption, nenr Smiths lake, four miles west or
Cranhrook, theuce wesi ISO chains, thenee north
sii-hains, theuce eusi isw chain*, thence smith
nlong the west line of West's pre-emption aforesaid s 1 chains 10 the point of commencement.
Haled ut   ranhiook, 11 0. the 10th dny of
March. 1001 «, V. KING
Notice l-i hereby given thnt we hnve made application to the chief couiuil -sloner of lands and
works, st Vhtor ft, for a special license lo cut
antl curry awny timber from the fo lowing described viieain crown lauds In the district of
Soulh Kasl Kootenny, II, 0,1 Commencing at a
post planted at llng't P. McMillans south-east
corner, ami about half n mile above tlie junction
of Little; U1 Hig Sand creeks, commencing ut a
posl marked The McNab Lumber Coy's., (ltd.)
north-east C'irncr post, tlienee south 60 chains,
llience west Hii) elialns, thence north 100 chains,
thence eust 4it chains. Iheuce soutli 60 chains,
tlienee east 120 chains lo plnce of beginning.
conialuiiig 1000 acres more or less.
Dated the Olil day of May, l'-m
TIIK McXAll I.l.MltKK 0O,, I.T'll.
Land Notice.
Ihiriy dnys nfter date I inlend In apply lo
Chief Commissioner uf Lauds and Works for
permission to pun-hnse the following described
land: Commencing nt Ihe north enst corner of
Thos, 1 i-ask's pic-coipiionon Perry Creek, run*
Ing easl 10 chain*, th mce south suclialns, theuce
went 40 chains thence tmr hw chains to polut of
Chester ycA'iam.
VFt have i stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
McMullin & Taylor
At the	
Herald Office
Tommy's City Bakery
ll ailklai the lloweri bloom.
la maklag Tommy'! builaeai bloom.
II yoa waal hiallh lo bloom
Bai Tommy*! Bread, Cabia aad Paltry,
Tbe beat blooming, product la Ike city.
Shipped to all parti ol Soulh Eaat Kootenay.
Delivery lo any pari ol lhe cily.
Thomas J. Hayhurst
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
Anyone Ren-HnR s -sketch mid d-ascrltition mir
.ulckly ascertain mir opinion freo wheltier an
petition In priihnlilf p-itenuble.  Ci.tnniuiticn-
HOTisnirlctlrciitiQilonlUl. Handbook on Patent!
icnt free, Olilent nuonc-f for necurlnK patent-*-.
I'liimiia taken thmuKh Munn A Co. racalfi
tpi-f (nl notltt, without chnrue, In tne
Scientific Jlmerican.
A haml-anm-ftilyllluatraled w-aekly. I.arunt ctr-
ciilallnu nf any nclunilDo Imiriial. 'renin, %'i 9
m»ar; fourmnnltii, |1> Hold by all newid-uluri.
"■"■"* l)!"*"*-!*. New York
i.mv St., WtibluKlon, U.C.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ot principal ind Interest, except In the
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, Is divided inlo len Instalments as
shown in Ihe table below; the Ilrst lo be paid at Ihe time ol pur-
chase, tne second one yenr (rom date ol thc purchase, Ihe Ihird In
two years and so on.
The following table shows Ihe amouni ul the annual Instalments
on IM acres al different prices under Ihe above conditions:
IM acrs at $2.50 per acr, Ist Instalment $59.95   9 equal intal'ls al $50.00
90 00
KimbeiieV is ***e bus-ncss and shipping point for Ihe
J North Slar and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is •hc divisional Point of lhe Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
II Ihe land Is paid lor In lull at lhc
time ol purchase, a reduction Irom the
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cent on Ihe amount paid in excess ol Ihe
usual cash Instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged In over due instalments.
The Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe following town sites in Easl Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kilch.
ener, Creslon and Kimberley.
The terms ot payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
(or the traveling public.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway Co.
The only all rail route between all
poinis Kast, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connects daily
At    Bossburg   Stage  Dally  for
Grand Forks and Greenwood.
H. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pan. Ail.
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C.
••< Builder dt
'-'iCraabrook, B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu-to-Date dt dt dt
Knlorging picturen done on the
premises. No ueed to semi your
work out of towu, especially so
when It cau be done ns well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reas >nal>le. Come and
seesninples. Lnrgestockofpicture
moulding ou It ami. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
:::AT .  ;
-AM,   KINDS   OF-
Direct route to all
East 3 West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, the
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily     West      daily I61IO
16|10  " Eaat "     7tS0
13-00 Kimberley 18:50
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and  Saturdays.
For llmt tables aad lull lalormalloa, call oa
or idJrtsi aeareit local ascot,
A. a. P. A. Altai,
Vaacouvtr, B.C. Craobrook
J. S. CARTER. D. P. A., Ntlioa, B. C.
W. F. ailRD,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Craaaraok, British Columbia
There are a lew points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber.
Shingles and
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
It Pays
To Advertise
Try The Herald.
Solicitor, Rtc.
Kaok ol Comm„rc« IllilK.
Hava yoa talked wilh aayoae aboul balldlai?
Come aad aee ate or lei me tee yoa. II nay
da aa both good.
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk..
Morning or evening to
the people ot Ganbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite the
Methodist church.
Egyptian Uali lor teeditig-imall quail-
titiea ac per pound; lu quantities, »35p«r
First clatt llae .1 Jewelry, Clock.,
aad Silverware always la stock, ::
W. F. Tate, jeWeie
Official Watch latatctor lorC. P. R. THE  HERALD.
Novel  lnt*   For Hla Fodder.
"1 Imve hoard of some stratifo am
curious expedients tlmt bave beeu used
tu ileal* the lrn<:k*> In cast's of rnllfond
wrecks,*' sold a well known mllrofni
ufHelnl recently, "but the methods used
ou ii Binnll rnllroatl not fnr from Bfll
tltnor-a a few yearn ago to clear tlie
trtieks ntul hiddenhilly save a fine en-
;;!iit' from terl0UC dfirungo wore the
most original 1 ever lieiinl of.
"Tiie wreck Imd Ijeeu eaustsj hy lee
forming on lho tail from an overflow-.
In-,' innk near llie trestle. The train
Innl lwo oiijrlni'H. The tlrst englno anil
Hi.- cars luul nm oul on llio trestle
anil tlni'ipi-il ovor. The ivar engine
wus left Ktninting Imlf bUIowIsq on the
llf.-Me, which was :tn fret high. It
i-i-Tiiied as If tin* linn ti of ii Hum's
llllllll would cause ll io tllpplo over,
nud It Ultii-l-i-d (he mad. which was
i ulv hIiikIu liaeked, ami llie wrecking
(iir wlih Us derrick could nnt he used,
'ii ive only Iiml something nan to drop
li en [imi |hou hoist li hack.' snid oue
utlh ;ii. *wi> iiniili umii(i)f-9 mi right.'
"Ilils ri'lliill'k gnvo a farmer of the
nelBliiiorliooil un idm. Ih* offered to
Ml his hlK HtOCk of eorii rodder. The
j.lim was lo pile ihe fodder rrom the
p-euiiil Utitlerneiitli ihe trestle tn within n ivw reel ni ilu* trai-k ami then
tup)tie tin- ctifflnc ini r, The plnn worked welt, ami owing to the elasticity of
tin* rodder ihe nugluo was not ilnuioged
lu Ute least"
Weir TuiT-Tieii Hiid-\vTiTtman,
In In Weir Mitchell's hook a pleas-
nnt story or two Is told of Walt Whitman, the writer, to whom roiuc would
deny the name of poet, while others regard liim as one of the greatest of ull
poets, tine of the characters in the
Btory of "Dr. North and His Friends"
snys that Whitman was eaten up hy
Ills own vanity, regarding everything
lie did ns of BUCli supreme value thnt
lu hat) lost all power of self criticism
nml could uot tell good from bad or lu-
different. Once he wns nsked If he
thought Bbhkcspenro as great n poet as
himself. lie replied that he hnd often
thought of that, hut had never been
able to couie to a decision.
He went to a physician upon an occasion, thinking himself seriously out
nf health. When he learned thnt his
ailment, whatever It wns, could bo
treated best by living as much ns possible out of doors without dosing with
medicine, he was leaving lu all good
liunmr when lie bethought himself of
the physician's fee. "How much wilt
It be?" he In qui red. "The debt wns
paid hmg ago," said the doctor, wbo
knew .ind liked hts writings. "It Ii
you who nre still the creditor." Whitman thanked him nml went out. Au-
other patient, a lady, hnd tnken his
place when he returned, put his two
grenl hands on the tnble opposite his
uiedicnI adviser—hq hnd not stopped to
knock (it- auniiunee himself—nnd said,
'■Tliat. sir. 1 call poetry."
The latly was scandalized hy bii
Abrupt itppcni-nncc and demeanor and
asked ns soon as tho writer had goue
for the second time, "Is the gentleman
Insane?" but. learninii his Identity, she
wished he had asked for his autograph.
Liniment asked for at my slore und
the only one we keep for sale.
All thc people use it.
Plcasuut Bay, C. B.
Trlnoiiomrlrj* In X Uny Wotk.
"Few people know." snid Dr. .1, C
Egelston while perform lug an operation nt the Cily hospital, "thnt ll takes
trigonometry to locate n bullet in the
body. Hut In every X rny operation
In which the bullet or foreign sub
etnnee Is deeply Imbedded n uintheiiiill
leal computation is necessary to show
just how deep the bullet Is. The X
rays matte the flesh transparent, leaving only the bones nnd foreign sub
Btatice visible, so thai yen see Jusi
where (he bullet ts, uud yet yon don't
know where It Is. You know lis latl
tude and longitude, so (o speak, bul
those measurements are surface mens
ui-ciuciits. uml you don't known how
<li#<[> tlie object Is beiienlli lhe surface.
The point on the surface of ihe I-miy
heneiitb   whleh   Ihe  bullel   is can   be
readiiy located, but how far beneath
thnt point Is the bullet?
"This Is tlie qtlcstlOU that nlgoiiome
try bas to nn.nvcr. and by kUUWlQg (tie
answer a (treat deal of nunoeossary
cutting may be saved, ami whin mlghl
olher iv Iso Uo a dlftlcull ami dangerous
operation may be rendered compnra
lively safe ami easy.    If llie bullet en
tors one side of ihe body, for liiitnnco,
and lodges wllhlti nu huh or two of
the skin on ihe olher side, (he other
side or Hie body would bo tllQ one from
which in operate,"
Ue wna agreeing !
.-ind Intuitu i.n the Lcir*-*-'/" ib
Mr. Roderick Benton waa about to vis
It bis grcut-aunt, nml h« sat lu the train
under tho glass roof of Puddington, Impatient to start,  There avo various rea-
jotis for visiting one's great-aunt, such us I
politeness, policy, necessity—or, it mny
be, to give pleasure (from your polut «f j
flew) or lo gatu ll (from tars).  But im-
patience is imt ns a rule one of the nc- j
coinpmiyiug emotions,   The explanation I
nf it in Ilcnttm'fi ense wns this: He luul
jnst returned from Hl'iis, ji town of middle France, nml from iv study ot the
French language, nml there hud preceded
hlm—by the spaco of throe months—from
the same town ami the some study ono
WbOIII  he knew to hi' lhe UlOSt   llOUUtlflll
lndy in tlio world, Sh*' lived nt Paignton.
Mi*. Uentou's great-aunt nlso lived tbere.
"(Jin1 voillei voiisV" ns lhey used to Bay nt
HIoli-Mr. Ilentoii was Impatient to visit
his grenl-auut.
'Ihree imnilhs is a long time, purlieu-
bitty when sponl In a perusal ttt the
French Irregular verbs uml the equally
Irregular French minor poets. Qcuton
realised tlmt ns he sut in llio trnin. It is
possible to forgot no many (blags In three
months. He himself eould forgot nothing
-except Irregular verbs—either in lliose
Ihree months or the tlirca before, when
Ihere hml been boating, riding, picnics on
the Loire. Hut would she remember-
tlmt afternoon, for Instance, tliu vines
wen- particularly purple on either hunk.
nml there wns hardly u gust ur ripple-—
when he run the limit on to a situd bank
ami they luul (o v-.aU there for over nn
hour In mtdstream? She luul been most
gracious about it, nml he luul considered
few places etpud to a snud hank on the
I.iiire. Hut after three months! The
most beautiful person in tha world must
surely huve bo many other things—and
people—io remember! Would Ihe trnln
never start?
Koine one— u nian—camo up to the ear
ringe door, opened it anil begnn to ram
in baggage—things strapped together and
parasols mui a box marked ""'Ith care."
"Is tlmt nil?" asked the Innu, turning
to some people behind.
"Everything. But hnve you put my box
In carefully?"
Ilcuioti snl up iu his sent. It wns the
Inevltnblu third person. It wns she. It
wns her luggage, Hhe wns coming down
iu tlio same train with Idm. Truly lhe
Orent Western wns tlm lines! line in tlie
Tlie mnn wns renssiiring ber nbout the
"It wouldn't do If your wedding dress
wenl wrong," lie snid.
lien ton, who hnd risen to his feet en-
geily, collapsed,  Wedding dress?
"1 shouldn't be nhle to proceed with tlie
cennioiiy if it were crushed,"
"Poor bridegroomI" said one of the
"It's in ihe lurk." chattered lhe man.
"And I hero's no hurry about j. ling in.
Train doesn't go fnr ten liiluiites yet,
I.ei's walk up nml down. I mippose after
tomorrow we shan't see yon lilt the honeymoon's over?"
The party turned nway from the carriage door and went tlown Ihe platform
Demon wns left to his contemplation. Ihe
hateful box before Ills eyes. So—she wns
to i*i* nuirrled tomorrow, and lie wns
to travel down with tier uml her wedding dross. This wns to put faith in
s woinuii. lt might have been expected,
of nurse, if he hml mu been n rnul ll
would luivo been polite lo let hlm know
she wns engaged; ihnl could easily have
been done. At least two things wen* eer*
taini Of ull rivers in the world llie Loire
wns lhe most deceptive: of nil rnilwnj
lines tlie Orent Western wns ihe most
diabolical. What is the good of vines be
lug purple or of running limits on to
sund hanks?
An old gentleman gol into lhe carriage,
took a corner hy llie iloor nm) threw a
pocket handkerchief over his hend. ns i;
contemplating steep. His enny gave lien
ton the iibii of escaping while thero wri
yd time before lie luul been seen. As he
stumbled to llie ilom* the iosotTcrnhlc mall
who hud rammed in the luggage turned
(he handle.
".lump in, Mnisie," tie snid, "TrSlu'a
Just off."
Demon returned to tlu* fm* end of the
carriage. Mnlsla hnd got In and was bid
diuggoodby through the window.
"tloodbyl" liny chorused.
"Don'i forget to glvo me n lender
glance as von go down the olsle tonmr
row," added ihe Insufferable num.
-I shull he mo uervous." «he snid.
She tnnk tier Real ns the train began to
move, ami in so doing became aware of
Mr.  Ucutun for llie tlm time.   A faint
blush came to ber cheeks.
"Mr. Ileuteii'.'" she suld. holding out
her hand.   "This Is a pleasure nml sur
ssed the
u scheme
•A great surprise."
mked a little p.
H lu
ll* answered Icily.
pICXCil lit his cool   i
in* ns Paignton?"
il,    "considerably
1 hank-nl i iii
t-wuutifu; ihey were—usi-ticularly tbat dny
we—Imi I'm afraid I'm boring you with
i raiulsccnCos?"
"A very pleasant duy," suid Benton
frigidly. "But I did not think nt lhat
time that I wna to have the—j.k'Hsuit—
if congratulating von nn yonr—your wed-
line dress."
"Oh," she said, nml a glimmer of
nmitsemcnt danced lu her eves, "(bank
you! If I hnd only known ymi were iu
lie in England—but yon won't even bo
near otherwise 1 should huve given you
an Informal luvttntlou to come und sec
tho ceremony."
"1 regret thnt I shall ma be in (lie
"Then at course It's Impossible,"
Hei- torn* wus ns eold u- Iiii now, uud
she nlso snt buck in lur corner. Tin* train
rolled on. nml the old gcntlemnu dosed at
Intervals. Finally, as ihe train began lo
Indicate a hplt, In* awoke Hint Inquired if
ihey were npproneliiug his destination,
"I think so," she suid, looking out.
"Then perhaps soni  will oblige
uie hy huudiug out my parcels us 1 gel
down," suid tin- old gentleman, looking
toward Uenton.
He mlghl iih well hnve nddr
cushions, Benton wusplaunjng
for exploring Patagonia! provided that
rattlesnukes abounded ihere,
" Politeness!" imapped the old gentle*
"Mny I help yoil?" She luiii.lc-l him
out hh bug iimt hh.' parcels nml Ids ah
"Thank you, ina'aiu; thnnk you. Hm
In my dny il wus tin* young men wlm assisted the old"—
The sound of his snapping aroused
Ilcntou, aud lie sprang up confusedly,
"Can I he of nny assistance?" he inquired.
"No, sir; you ennnot, sir! There is n
lime for assistance, sir, nnd thut time I-
wiien assistance is required, not when it
is entirely useless."
Hut ihe trnin wns ulrendy moving
They were alone in tiie carriage now,
both silent—she with lier eyes fixed oil n
magazine, the pages of which she perused
nud turned over witii un almost lucou
eelvnble rapidity, without observing up
patently thnt she held it upside down; he
staring out of llie window ut the moving
landscape. For lhe tti'llsf, or course, ii 'a-
nn Interesting pun of the country to p,iss
through. There art ho views tu spent;
of, nml nny one whose Ideal of n rivi#: Is
thut It should he hrown wiih mind hnuki
wiil ma iiml it in ihe iieeushimil silver.*-,
meander of the Thames. On (lie "the
band, there nre mnny tliluys lluil one i-nu
glnre ai witli a considerable show nf eu
thusiiisni, such ns cows nud aitverii.-e
ment boards. As a pot cut hll rnwlny
Uenton would naturally lose no uppurtu
olty of Jotting iii his memory points nlnni
COWS,    llllil    he    t'Veil    Ijegllll    Iti    Womll'
whether or no ii would lie necessniy i<
provide hlinself wiili stuck b-i'..ii* ->i :ii
lug for Putngoiiia, In his mind's i,ve I*
hnd alrendy Inlil in Ihree eows I a r'lh
f.llil some  lOillll  powder mid  lltlit  li.mk '
his pas'nge—steerage—when he uwnk
to the fuel ihnl when lhe old gcnil-iimi
got out he had been wanting iu polip n s»
He tind apologised to him, il i- inr*. till
uot to the lndy. Whui conld esenw hi.
for such behavior? He mined nve p e
lexts in his mind uml could iiml none, lb
took his eyes cuiitioiisly tai'lll olf liic Heel
im,' cows and looked ucross tin* enit-'u ■
to where she sat. Piilagoula faded i i
"I rear I was aiosi rude." I.e begin
"Not ut all," she snid coldly, looking
up from her magazine.
"Rut I was preoccupied," he went on
"Why should you uoi be?"
"1 wns thinking of thnt dny nt Blots
that yuu mentioned."
"I did not expect lo heur so soou of
your marriage,"
"Marriage—my marriage??
"Your marriage," he repeated.
"Bnt I nm not aware ttint 1 nm to Is
"Not married? Bnt-ftml isn't that yonr
Wedding dress? Aren't you to be nwn>
for n honeymoon?"
"Oh." she suid. laughing; "that? IT*
only Dick's bonSchbtJ. He takts ndvun
tnge of being a young cousin to chatter
Ucntty (lie dress is uothtng more than u
"Dm tdt honeymoon?"
"My cousin's. She is tn be mnrried
from my mint's house in Paignton, nnd I
um to stuy for Ihree weeks in the Imil-e
nml pretend to tie n daughter*"
"Then you'll be nt Paignton?"
She nodded, "It's only a cbaugo of
house I'm making, and— Here's Palgn*
ton already, so I must sny good by,"
"Certainly not," said Heutou.
"But you said"—
"My mistake," he suld hastily, "Mny
I   help  you .down   with   your—wedding
dress r*—King.
Ur. William (imv. .,t NVwiumktt, Tell*
How Bfl B-Mtma Hal.- ami Hearly at
Hi*- Ad vanned Ag.*- ot Movent j Aftt-r
Having Snnvretl Great Torture Frmu
si-iutit-u and Itlienuiml-iii.
From the Express, Newmarket, Ont.
Mr. William Gray, who te well nod
favorably known In (ho town ot Nuw-
nmrket und vicinity, Is rojotclng (iver
his release frum tbe pains of sciatica
nnd rheumatism Uirougb tha una of
Dr. Williniiis' i'ink Tills \ reporter
if tho •leprous culled upon hUn ror
the purpose o( obtaining particulupN
u( the eure. wln-n Mr. Cray guvu tin*
follovi ing story for publication —
"About two uml a Imlf years ago 1
wus seized with u very severe lUtuck
of rheumatism. The pain was simply
torturing. At times the troublo was
seated in iny knees, Uien iu my hips.
por noarly t< year   I  suJTered   nlong,
Working un  best   1  eould.   in   llielu-pe
ul bciiitf ablo tq ovorcoma i,lio dls-
B. During liu* dii\ the puin w,is
less severe,   bill  at  nlghl   il   wus  jusi
ns bud us ever, To Increase my torture i caught a cold, which resulted
n un attack of sciatica in my right
log H J walked a short distance I
would be seized by sharp pains In (he
hip inni in time I becnine a used up
ouu; my appotlta failed me, uml 1
■ould not resi u< night nu account nf
tho puin. 1 tried ono medicine after
nnother without avail. I also consulted doctors with no better result.
1 was beginning to think that I was
doomed to suiter the rest of my life
when mie duy ti friend strongly advised mo to try Dr. Williams' Pink
I'ills. 1 took bis advice nud procured
a supply of ibo pills uml begun hiking thoni according to directions.
Beforo the ibird box wus finished I
noted n ehango for lho hotter, su I
continued tbo use of (ho pills till I
bad taken ten or twelve boxes when
my trouble had entirely disappeared.
To-day I am free from pain uud feol
that life is worth living, even al the
ripe old ago of seventy. I can now
do a day's work with many men who
are twenty years younger than I. 1
lluink   O-od    for   my    restoration    to
health through lho agency of Dr,
William's Pink Pills, nnd I trust
oilier similar sufferers will give them
a trial, for knowing whut theso pills
havo    done    for. mo 1 am sure   thul
lhey cannot fall being as beneficial to
others similarly af Dieted,
Tf the blood is pure uml wholesome
disease ennnot exist*, Tho reason
Dr.Williams'Ping Pills curosomany
forms of dtscaso Is thnt they act directly upon tho blood and nerves,
thus reaching the root, of lho trouble.
Othor medicines net only on lho symptoms of tho trouble, and tliat is lhe
reason the trouble alwnys returns
when you cease tlteso medicines. Dr.
Williams' Pink I'ills make permanent
cures in kidney troubles, rheumatism,
erysipelas, annemin and kindred diseases. But be sure you gel the genuine which bear lho full naino Dr.Williams' Pink Pills for Pale Peoplo on
lho wrapper around the box.
li Urie Acid in thu blood.
Unhealthy kldneyi are iho
crubs oi the acid being
there, If th* kidneymicled
as they ihould they would
•train tha Uric Acid out
of thu lyitem and rheumatism wouldn't occur. Rheumatism Is a Kidney Disease. Dodd's Kidney Pills
have mads a great part of
their reputation curing
Rheumatiim. So get at
the cause of those Tearful
•hooting pains and stiff,
aching joints. There is
but one sure way—
"Arc you golnjt *>
she nuked,
"1'iiilher,"      hi
further." M
lie had di't'ldid to ku to the eittcmo
Iiniili of (he world, where whirlpools are
Mod roleflDOCS nud other de-pciute things.
She looked ut him In wonder, resenting
his ioik*, imt made nuother effort.
"It leeina n loug time sluee we were nt
"Only ihn-c months, hul I imtee wilh
ymi tluit mie tun forget n good deal lu
three months."
Una-fin pathetic.
"Yon haven't mueh sympathy for ths
request from your employees for shorter hours."
"Nol mnch," Answered Mr. Cum roi.
"ll goes to bIiow I lm t men don't know
when they nre well off. If they hnd
been Invited nrouud to niuslcnles nod
drugged through Europe by Mrs. 0.
nml lhe girls like I bnve, maybe they'd
nppreclnie the privilege of Btnying In
a nice, comfortable, businesslike oilles
nine or teu hours a dny,"
Is MniNiiml by tlio Cures Ho Makes—Each
Itomoriy Specific for Ortaln DIseaHes-
A Remarkable Cure of Brlght's Disease,
Wilhelmiuii of Holland is now tho
only ruling queen, i >f lho 74 i-ilers
on earth, -- are presidents, Id nro
kings nnd 8 uro emperors.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
hy loenl applkatiutin, dh they cannot reach the
fiWSBSa l>ortloii of the car. There Is only one
way lo cure dl al nets, oud that Is hyoonslitu-
tionni remedies   DesnieM is caused by an in*
t'limwl coiniltitm of the muctnts lining uf the
BtutaCnun tube. When Ihls tube gel I hill'im-
ed you have n rumMlofr sound nr hnporfoct
hi* ii ring, and when it In enilrcl.i* i-l'iso i deafness
is the result, and unless tlu* Inflammation can
lie taken out and thin tuhe rcsloretl to ita norms! condition, hearing will be destroyed for-
ever; nine <-ii.-*- h out nf ten are cueied by ca*
t'irrh, which Ie nothing hut an inH-imed con*
■liuon of the mucous oiirfaees.
We will five Une Hundred Dullun for any
ni* of I)eafne.>s (caused liy catarrh) that caa
not ho cured by Hall's 1'i.i-irrh Cure. Bend (or
circulars, free.
F.J CHKNKY4 00.,Toledo, 0.
Sold by DruggiaK7Sc.
Hall's KamUf I'ills are thc best.
They  Worked  on  llenebea.
The dtgniltcd dume was not really
English, but sbe luul mastered the dialect to some extent,
"My nevvcw 'Krbert," sbe snid,
"wnnts to marry n sebooltencber!
I'awney! A person whu works for a
llvjllgl To be sure, now thnt 1 think of
it, that Is not always n disgrace Vou,
my dear, write for (tie press it, . and
then, I nm told, but you don't 'avo to,
yuu know.   That Is different."
"Yes," replied tlie young person to
whom slie wns spenldng, "but I mny be
snid to have Inherited n tendency to
work. My father and grandfather both
wmked for a living, and they were not
allowed even the luxury of n chnlr to
sit on.   Thoy worked on benches."
"Denr me!" exclaimed tbe dtgnlfled
dome, grently shocked. "Wlmt did they
-nh-work ntV"
"Well, my father wna a judge of tho
nuperlor court, and my grandfather
was one of Ihe Justices of tho United
States BU pre tlle court."
The Sniiitlicrliiu Seine.
An   to   stage   appointments,   then
couches draped with sn'tl'i tn early
days. The iiiiiilture was as unpretentious as tlu* costumes. Indeed on one
occasion w hen u tn ly wus playing I" *-■-
demons to bet In slmud's Othello n disastrous and nt ih.* nuii* Hum ludicrous
effect though of coarse unrehearsed.
hnd liceii lm Ulln ull I I h rough ihe hick of
(".. u u null or two tn innke nu old Btool
li was thc snn.iie ring scene, and the
couch wns niadi ■ ■■ ■■( twn .hnlrs nnd a
rteketj stool i tered. of course, with
the simplest (Imperii ■ n red merino
curtain irlnitned with yellow worsted
fringe, luingliie u Dewlemoiia endeavoring to recline gracefully, nil the while
feeling portions of her couch sliding
from under her Tills Is how tbe scene
was plnyed out
Dradctnam-'RllI mi tnmcrrow: l#t mi! life to
ii   ello—Say. II ton ilrirt—   (Krc|> quite still.)
DcKleiiioni-Uul lutl aa hour.   (Ob, hold mul)
nili.llo-Id Iiir done,  thrre I* no paime.    (I'll
pu-ili tin* siool uniii-i i
li, -.1, tiii.hn   Kn! while I w » prajar,   (Do bt
quid,, II* Inert, n ll lllpplng,]
Othello—tt i» ieo i.an:
Which. Indeed, it wns, for the bed collapsed, Mini Desdenioim's body lay upon the Iloor. her head upon tbe sole
clialr, which stuck to Its post fititbful-
ly.- Gentleman's Magazine.
HOUSE RAILWAYS. j    Kothing    resembl
There are now in the United States much as tomorrow
nbout  130,000    miles  of street   rail-' """
ways,   of which 500 miles   ure    still
operated by horses.
In tii- Vunri.wii.fc Plus* llr. 1'inmt lco Iiih
given Iti Ih* Wa rid  llu- hails of  hm(f Boten-
Ufloreseareh in lho whole realm ol medloal
solcncei combined with new and vnltuiblu
discoveries never before known to man. Kor
Ptmnelce's I'dis net like n chaim, Taken in
smull doseSi tl>e effoel is both a tonlo and a
stimulant, mildly exciting the secretions of
the body, giving lone mid vigor.
The Pie Rntera.
Pie In New Kngland is served In
many queer ways, especially the king
ol nil plea, the royal mince. Not long
ago there appeared asfgn in thestnilnn
if sinhl. ei'ooketl nud correct Iloston-a
ilgn bearing Ihe sl range device, "Hot
\lluce Pie ami Ice ('renin."
This te ii mild combination compared
Willi one llmt was served iu this city
ut a midnight supper, a Welsh rabbit wns being urn do, mid ihere wen*
tome who did not enre to cut It on
■nickers; no toast in ihe Imitn*, for 11
■Us the lire's evening oul. A uihn *■
ile was liiiiiii, linking In lhc ice eht'sl
{ml prcNurd lulu service. The rabbit
vns spread over the pie. ami bulb rttu-
shed iu a sliurl lime, Those wbo nte
ire slill afraid In me ihirk, for tbey
an Itiiiiglue thai ibe same things are
■inning fnr them -r-nin m caine during
heir dreams of thai wild, weinl uight.
A local ininlsler tells.il pic story uu
iihiisell Hint Is a "corker." lie Is a
del Ion lo limn, uud ins wile wuh down
eu pic for Iilm ami ruined li for family Use. Otlce he weld lo il couveulloii
in Pilisiieltl, nud a dinner was served
at which Ihere were seven kinds of
pic. 'I'he minister took n "littlo of
each, please," nml never enjoyed himself so  much  in  bis life.
S ver colds are easily cured by thc uee
of Biuklu's Anti-Consumptive Syrap, a medicine of extraordinary iieuelniting and beal-
ng ptoperties. It Is acknowledged by those
who have used it ns being the best medicine
•old for coughs, coldsi inflammation of the
lungs, nnd uii affections of the throat and
eli st. Its iigrt ablenesd to thc tuat ■ makes it
a fuvorib* with tHdiea und children.
A CurltlllN lleeeliit.
llniiover's registrar discovered fl very
curious document some time ngo ns he
was looking through a bundle of pa
pers thnt dnte hack to the eighteenth
century. The document is fl receipt-
probably the only one of Its kind In ex
Isteiiee--which was given to n Hitno
vcriun captain by a canon of Dulsbui'f
during the Seven Years' war,
"I, the undersigned," It rends, "here
by acknowledge Mini I hnve received fi"
blows or a stick, which were Inflicted
upon tue by a lieutenant of Captain
It's regiment as a punishment for the
it lipid nnd frivolous calumnies which
I have uttered in regard to tbe reg:
ment of chasseurs. Kor iny tinprii
lent words 1 now admit that I ntn pro
foiiUdly sorry* I received my punish
men I lying on n heap of straw nnd
held by two men, nml I benr testimony
to the fact that tlte ollleer struck me as
vigorously as he could with n stick
Mini was as Illicit as iny linger.
"In proper form nml with due grntl
tude i sign Mils receipt and avow thai
ill therein is irue,"
—These significant words wore u.-cd in re-
fard to Dr. Thomas' Eelcctric Oil by a gen-
leman who hud thoroughly tested lis muilto
In his own case—having been cured by it of
lameness of the knee of throe or four years'
stnndirm. It never falls to remove soreness
■s well as lameness, and is an Incompurabls
pulmonic nnd corrective.
In tliis practical nge a physician's ■
ability is measured by thu actual
cures he miikcu. Judged by ibis high
standard, Hr. Cliuse stands pre-eminent as a giant among physiciatiB.
Tube kidney nnd liver derangements,
for example. Dr, ctmse, by means
of hin Kidney-Liver pills, has broughb
about some of the most surprising
cures ever effected. This is due to
the direct and specific action of this
great homo treatment on the liver
nud kidneys. Here is the experience
of a highly respected resident of Con-
secou, Ont, :—
Mr. .1 times Dellihunt, Consecon,
Prince Edward County, Ont., writes:
"For several years I suffered great
tortures of mind and body from
Brlght's dii-icasu of the kidneys. Tho
pains were sometimes almost beyond
enduranco ami extended from my
hend and between tho shoulders down
the whole spinal column and seemed
to concentrate ncross my kidneys.
My back was never entirely free from
pain. When I got up in the morning
I oould not straighten myself at ail,
but would go bent, nearly double
most all day.   My water was scaniy
nnd at other t fines profuse, and It
gave me great pain to urinate.
"I could do no work, and, though
I tried many kinds of kidney pills,
could get no relief. As a last resort
I was Induced by a friend to glvo Dr.
Cbosp'fl Kidney-Liver Pills a trial. X
felt a change after the first dose. I
used in all about five boxes, nnd
they have entirely cured me. 1 have
no pains now and can do as good a
duy's work as I ever could. It Is a
pleasure for me to recommend Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver Pitts, as they
have dono bo much for me."
Mr. J. J. Ward, J.P., Consecon, certifies that he haa known Mr. Dellihunt for years as a truthful man and
respected citizen, and vouches for ths
truth of the above statement.
You cannot possibly obtain a more
beneficial treatment for tho kidneys
and liver than Dr. Chaao's Kidney-
Liver Pills. It has stood tho test of
time nnd has proven beyond dispute
lis right to the title of "the world's
greatest kidney medicine." One pill
il doso, 25 cents a box. at all dealers, or Edmonson, Dates A Co., Toronlo.
Minard's Liniment Cares Distemper.
A llrrmWiil Moment.
A conductor on lhc l*urk line hnd nn
experience tiie oilier dny thnt Is quite
certain lo cause hlm many utieomfortn-
ble minutes In the future. Ills etli
slopped nt Spruce street to let a middle
aged lady oil, and ns she touk her seal
the conductor gave the motormnu twu
bells, aud the car shot alieud. When
tho conductor entered the ear, tbu woman In question wus looking out of the
window aud did not see his outstretched hand.
"Tare, please," remarked the conductor.
The woman evidently did not lienr
hlm, for she did not turn her bend.
Neither did she hold out thc necessary
"Fore, please," snid the conductor In
n louder tone.
ltut the wonuiii paid no heed. Then
the conductor touched lier on the shoulder nnd lu n tone of video thntVimg
through tlu1 car exclaimed:
"Vour fare, please, lady!"
Then the woman turned hastily
around and looked ni the conductor.
The knight of Mie be 11 cord gave one
gasp nud lied lo the back platform.
The woman wis his moilier-ln-law.-
A (iniml Mcmor-f.
A highland girl, who hnd been In
service in Dundee ami hnd gone to a
place further south, called upon hei
old mistress on in r wny north to vtsl'
her friends.
Bhe was Invi'ed to tnke dinner with
tbe family, nml her master asked n
blessing en the meal as usunl, when
tbe girl said:
".My, muister, ye innuu hn'e n gran
memory Thai's llio grace ye said
wnen 1 was In re sax yenrs syne. '-
London Telegraph,
it is   Perfect Because   it is  Pure, Wholesome,
Clean,  Delicious.
It reachaa you in its natural Btate.   Pruaalan Bluo, Soapstono, eto . are
not used, ai In ollii-r teas,  to htil<* delects,   ll lias none.
A free sample of delicious S.-\LAL)A Tea sent on receipt of
postal mentioning which you drink—Black, Mixed or Green
Tea.    Address ''SALADA," l'orontu or Montreal.
Minard's Liniment Cores Colds, Etc.
Failure    te   one of llie things  tlm
re spoiled hy success.
Wise is the man who cun p
good melon or a good wife
sl orv
The mn
he expense
of the
mny    exj
There never wm, mid never will  be, a
universal [jantieutt, in une ii in dy, fur nil UU
to wh;ch tl Bll is heir—the very nature of
many ournttven being such tbut were the
genua of othor mid differently fated die-
a rooted In the system of tno patient—
wlmt would leliovo ono ill in torn w uld aggravate tho oth1 r. We have, however, in
Quinine Wlno, whon obtainable in a sound,
un,idniiimil d Btate, a remedy f< r many mul
grievous ills. By Us gradual und judicious
uso tho frailest systems nre lod Intoconva-
■nr-ceiiec and t-trciigth in ihe influence which
Quinine exert* in nature's own restore lives.
It relieves the drooping Bplrltsol thoso with
whom n chronic stato of morbid despond'
un«y and luck of Intbrett in life in a dlsoase,
uud, by imi.t|niii/!ny ihe nerves, disposes to
sound und refre-hinn i-lee*.*— imparts vitfn.r
i«> the action of tiie hlneil, which, l . iiu
stimulated, courses throughout tlie veins,
Blrenutlicning iho hen thy animal functions
of the system, thereby making activity a
uoccsBury result, strengthening the fram-a.
mid ah'inti life to llradlgcsuvporgans,which
naturally demand Incrdnscd *obatnnco—re-
huli. Improved appotlte, Korthrun-Ji Ljiuun.
of Toronto buvo given to the public iheir
superior QulniuoVfjncat the usual i.ite.nul,
gauged   by the opinion nl  njlgntlsts, thi-4
wlno approaches nearest iierfeetton ol any In
(tie mru'ki-1.   All ilruc^i-i- -< ii it.
The pace ihnt kills i:, nut the pace
of the messenger boy.
Tbe wise mail gives words, hut he
keeps bis thoughts lo himself.
A sober imiu when drunk is as stupid as a drunken muu wln-n sober,
Minard's Liniment Cores DijltJii,™,
on Ins rights
ImiurlM-d  hv u
Salt may be a ureat cure, bul
there are some spoiled people whom
it will not savo
Where nne muu lives by the sweat
of bis brow, two men live bv their
Uiart'i Liita! Curs Birtet u Con
The path of dun may bo rough,
but iin* conscientious mortal Qnds
the gtbueft soft to his feet
v> ii-ii!*.   nre the natural   logical
und      inevitable     results     of     causes
whieh man does tu,t understand
In ih» course of lluio men may advertise for p-ension-. and ofllcas III the
"wont'   columns.
Cholera and all muni roomp'slnts «re ■*>
eulckin tlteir ik-lieu th.I lho cold h-.ml of
death b* upon ilie tictimi before ihey tub
aware tb&t daegtr i* wrir.   If sttackod do
Some people are known by their
nlehllons nnd others by their woekn
I'reiiin-liiritl is tho only bind where
ail men nnd women enjoy equal
It takes nu amuleiir musician to
deteei Un* errors in tin* instruction
Some people ure churitiihb* on l.v*
when  tbey bave a largo uuil."iic-
Dot deim m getting tlie proper medicine,
try aduAof Ur. A.G, Kellugg'-t Dysentery
Cordial, and yon will got Immediate ro ief.
Ii uei** witb wonderful rapidity and never
fa Is lu affect n cun*.
\ theory is noi necessarily bad because n la nol practical. Bveu ibe
finely spun theory is something to
th.nk about.
Yfter Hie people make up iheir
minds to worship a man or w*omau.
he or sha is at liberty to say and do
jvvh.t"*"T I or H pleases."
U "TOSCANA," R^BAfiSS , v Ir t*- HT in the ,u."ra*t
— t«vivnii«miw |,i(ian|i(1j, douse will convince almost
any man that he ought to have    u
home of his own.
Tlie «|;ir» nml  Strlpp-g ■« Aer*.
A good Ainerlctiii had lieen making
•rune soul Btlrriug rmiiurlts nbout thi
p'iufloiis star spflngled banner wben «r
BligHslnunii wbo 1- patty well Aiuerl
eniilned told a little story apropos: "I
reiiieinher once l > have seen the Star*
md stripes applauded uproariously oi
a peculiar occasion, ii happened man.'
years ngo when the British ling wasn't
as popular In (be United States ns it li
now and n party of us Eugtlsbmei
ivore nt n theater in New Vork consld
erably farther down town tban then
lens are now to be found on Broadway
Phe play was 'Richard I,' nml if you ri
member there is a scene In tbe pla;
There Richard- after putting his foe
to flight In terrific style, mounts th
walls of Acre nnd plants the Brltlsl
colors there. Evidently the manage
ment knew the temper of the atldienci
nnd felt that even under such elreunt
stances the Brltfbh flag would not be n
good tblng. so what did they do but
-the Richard thc star spangled banner
ami. by nil tbe gods, lie t<..,k It will
htm In thc charge and planted it on
Acre's walls. It was ridiculous, ol
course, und we Englishmen ladghed
but Ihe audience took it quite ns tht
correct tiling, ami the way tbe peoph
stormed nnd shouted nnd clapped wai
enough to have made Richard turn
over in his grave, Historically it wai
awny off, (Innnatii ally it was open to
criticism, imt patriotically it was n
bowling success,"- Washington Star.
Brass Band
lnitrnm-tata, Drum*, Uniform*, Etc
I.tr-.-s*. prlc-M rrer qn ,t«d Fir,* caulo-jut
G 1 lutr*tloni mSQsd free. Writ* tu tax an—*
thing In Hnale or Mulral I»*tmai«iU.
WUla-f Rojea fc Oo., ^Ej^Si.
price list of new and -second-band wheel*.
Special diFcouDt to dealers, We also want
your repair work. S*»rd repairs in now before the ra b. We jtire t\<-cl&l and prompt
u:ttniii>n to country orden>. Andre Amu
A Oycls Co.. Winnipeg. Successors to Hy*
lop Bros.
WHEELER * WILSON sewim machiiu
Sapidity.   8d*s  ■*■» "i   r.e day in thrc-a,
Vile;n •■•) .mdduraWlity v-ibout noise or wornr.
' .•mer*! ntility.   lu-tn for all kinds of work.
2*1 Purtage Art., Wln*nl,..f.
United States Cream
Perfect   skimmers.   Light   running
and    easiest   to wash.   Will outlast
two   of almost   all   competitors.    All
round ihe most serviceable and best
value.   Everything    needed     in     the
dairy     kept.   Write    for   catalogues,
Shipments of frestt butter wanted.
Wm     fl-ftntt    *e* p«*fie Avenue,
Will.   OtObl,        WINNIPEG.
'Iht' i bln-suS Cntalne.
Tlioilgh Chinese cuisine lias been
credited with some utterly fabnloii-
illHlies, snel) as while mice served
alive, which ad<i pit] ua ney by tlieli
-niltenk as Uny dive down tbe gullet,
curiosities iu the edible Hue do form
•i consttlernble list.
Ill nts nest soup, for Instance! n
clear soup made from the retined
iilulcil with which n certain species
of swallow fasten iheir nests henenih
ihe rocks; stewed "sea slugs," nnotbei
nasty sounding dish, but transcending
lu llnvor the aldernianlc green turtle
fnt. Tbere may be, too. on first Intro
tluetloii. some prejudice ngnlnat fried
(jrnssiioppcrs, Bul courage In this m
stance Is rewarded by a delicious!)
crisp, browu mouthful, of a dellcnli
iiuiiy llnvor
It la a t'nllaey to sltpposo that p'-i'l.
loiius a cuusiiuii nrtlcle of diet Ii.
China, As a matter of fact. It is lot
expensive and Is only eaten ou hit:'
days uml holidays or nt restaurants
Neither do milk, beef or gflUlO villi".
uiiu'li Into Chinese cookery, (he flrst
lwo heili-j lilbiioed oil religious grounds
|)og llesb In eaten In (lie south Imi
nii'cly ami only liy the poorest of the
poor.— Illuckwooil.
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure your cotigh or cold
at once It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
Kiv, Mn. Patt-am t>t Tor-snu mxitms; " I
uieil two htiult*. nf Shm.-.i an.) uke pleaiuit
ta rwocuintndlng ti.  There is nmhfni like Ii
l'ir -iiuith i noil and i-tny. troubl*
Hhlhtli a CoiKiimntlon Gnr-a In **>M hy nil
■*Ji*-nK;;liin lit CanatlA and Itiin-a Ntftt** nl
f.lc, AOu 8! .no m li.ittlc In «rt»t ltrlluln
At ll. <•!., Sm. Si), hii'I 4a. flil. A prinn-il
-jubi'-hiiUb k mt* with arary bottle. Iljun
»r« not K-uUlleil ten to *four ilrn|;gl*t wild
;«t jaur mouoy back.
Wriuf.ir illustrated b--*k on O-.n-sumpii-nn.   Sell
• illiuut coil lu you.   S. C. Weill A Co,, Toruoio.
Actife. Energetic A,ent- tonptoent the
Old London Mutual Fi-r- luoranofl O*. of
Canada.  Erfabllihea IftBO. ijttttt-thosiae's
of any Canadian company in Canada. ti*?n-
ond LuiinoM d< ne on premium, note and
30th plane. Qood njfeni-* nm control the
(i-tifiiti.-i- of tbeir dutrict with thia com-
[mny.    Apply to
General Agent, Winnipeg.
' or -Hurry d-tcrn ladi , aneloao rtlamp for
I partlonlara.  The Pilot, Winnii*fr. Bni '.rt.
The Only Printera' Unpply
House in the Northwest
Itfl OweB Itr-Mt, Winnipeg
160 PUnit j-v»t I-.1-J for 11.  s«nd tur list.
MA **n*i tf &t*ns ATeiaJ- iifcLv
f&vnJL o£ Ifo ■ ll Payi to Deal Willi Beallie "
The way to do it this
summer is to   J*   •**
Buy a Hammock
We sell them irom $1 to $5.
R. E. Beattie,
Those who use our Coffees say they
are the best. The quantities we sell
is convincing evidence of the qual=
ity.    You can have it fresh ground
or in cans.
....G. T. ROGERS
Fancy and Staple (iroccries and Crockery
New Dresses
Cost Money
And when one buys they want their money's worth.
We have iust received a large stock of SPRING AND
please the ladies in quality and price. Our stock comprises the latest styles from the eastern markets. Call
and see them.   You are always welcome, jt Jt Jt jt
The largest stock of Gents' Furnishings
in South East Kootenay jt jt jt jt jt
...HILL & CO
And to secure good work one must get men who thoroughly under
stand their business.   This is so in any business, and especially so in
One never ceases to regret a poor job of painting or paperhanging about
his premises. He notices it daily. He knows his friends notice it.
How can it be avoided?    Why, that is easy.    Simply by seeing
They know their business. They paint right. They paper right.
Go and see some of their work.   That is their best recommendation.
somt lime, and thnt Kite people are fe'te
iny good since the  Si. ling-cue resumed
Constable Morris arrested two men
lontid riding on the trucks ofthe passenger train lust Tuesday, mud they were
arraigned before Justice of the Pence
Moffat and given oue week iu jail ut
Foit Steele.
A typographical error in last week's
jiaper made the limit of miners' licenses
ihu- 1st uf May, when il should bave been
tlie 31st. Constable Morris, of this cily
is the deputy recorder, aod te authorized
to issue licenses to app'ic.tuia.
There is considerable talk just now
about the organizdion of a baud in
Cranhrook. Mr. Uigginhothain, wbo is
an old band ninn, Is willing to do all be
can if he receives the proper encourage-
uit nt fiom the people of the towu.
j ick Kennedy, oue ofthe Cranbrook
members of the Slrathcoua Morse, returned last week. He remained in Lun-
doti, afler the test left, beiug confined to
the hospital lor several weeks. Ue has
fully recovered his health and is look
ing fine.
We trust lhe people of Craubrook will
p tdon The lk-rald for not collecting the
accounts due the paper this month, but
the work of moving has prevented us
from making out oui bills. Next week
we will be after tbe coin, as our bank account looks like thirty cents, and getting
iuto new quarteri cost money.
Harry Drew, of the North Starhotel in
Kimberley, was in towu Friday. Mr.
nrew protested against lhe grant;ng of
another license iu Kiuiberley, owing to
ihe small business in the town at present, He wasovenuled hy Ibe boatd,
however, and does uot feel kindly over
lhe matter, as he has been to a heavy expense to maintain a first class hotel, and
was ofthe opinion that under the circumstances be should have some protection from the board.
The Herald is in receipt ofa letter from
Aicbie McLeod, formerly constable at
Feruie, setting forth in detail some of
his troubles. We have no know'e Ige of
the foundation of the differences tliat
has a isen, and do not care to take a'iy
part in the conlrover y. We have
Known Mr. McLeod for several years and
have always found him on the square.
The fact that he was arrested and taken
back to Fernie on a serious charge, and
then no action taken against him, has
the appearance, lo say the least, of spile
work somewhere. We are plc-ifed to
know that eveiyibing has been st-tiled,
and ll is well enough for all lo leuieni-
ber the adage, "He who is without sin,"
Two  Days of Sport
The Cranbrook Turf & Athletic Association will hold its first        jt       jt
...MAY 27 and 28...
$1000    IN PRIZES AND PURSES    $1000
FIRST DAY--Foot Ball, Base Ball, Qun Club Shoot,
Foot Races, Etc.
SECOND DAY--Qreat Program of Horse Racing.
Pointers for the Public
We have just placed on our shelves the finest assortment of DRIED FRUITS and CANNED dOODS
in town, including Prunes, Apricots and Plums
among the former. Our stock of canned goods and
vegetables is unexcelled for variety and quality.
We ofier a guranteed Pure flaple Syrup in convenient packages
We are making a special cut in our Dried Fruit lor quantities of
twenty-live pounds or more. Don't lose sight ol our Oranges, Lem
ons, Green vegetables and endless variety ot Choicest Groceries.
Our prices are always right and satisfaction guaranteed.
Call and examine KING Tt1E OUtKEH
Take a day or two off and go to
Cranbrook for a good time
A. Leitch, Pres.        Jas. Gill, Sec.
|     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up About the City  by Asking
Questions ol Many People.
Tom Rooks was on the sick list last
Charles Estmere was in town last Saturday.
Furnished rooms lo rent. Apply to
John I.eask.
Born to Mr. and Mis. M. Mclnnen,
Sunday, May 12, 1901, a sou.
John F. Adams came down from
Barnes ranch last Saturday.
A. B. Fenwick aud wife enme over
from their ranch last Friday.
G. H Gilpin and family will move into the Fullj tines house this week.
Mrs. Mooney has so far recovered as lo
he able to get about the house again.
James Ryan and Tom Wellman are in
Calvary this week attending tbe races.
Miss Sopher, of Kimberley, was a
Cranbrook visitor last Friday and Saturday.
G. H. Miner has been laid up the past
week with intlamatory rheumatism in
one foot.
J. W. Robins m, of Robinson & MeKenzie, visited lllairmore and Mitlu-1
this week.
Messrs, Grace, Clark ami Stork, license
cnuiminstallers, wherein town us aboard
last Friday.
Harry McVittie and family bave moved
Into the house vacated by W. S. Keuy
and mulher.
Superintendent llury lefl Monday for
Medicine Hat in his private car. Mra.
Bury accompanied him.
Mrs. Joseph McNabb lenvei this week
fir an extended visit to Fort William
•ml other points m the east.
P. McConnell has aregular milk route.
twice a day, to all parts of town aud is
prepared tu meet all demands.
J. P. Pink, manager of lhe Fort Steele
Mercantile company, left Tuesday for a
trip to Fernie, Michel and Blaiimore.
Mrs. McConuell's icecream parlors are
now open and aieprepaied tn supplythe
beat Ice cream by the dish, quart or
A bunch of Cranbrook men have
picked up 1 fiue bunch of timber along
the proposed line of the Crows Nest
Mrs. M. Taylor, of Spokane, arrived In
Cranhrook on Monday lo spend the
summer with her daughter, Mrs FrBnk
Dick in pon.
Ah Lung sold houseand loi to Charley
Long Yung Sl Co. Owe anybody without trouble Ihe buyer. Charley L"Hg
Yong & Co.
Mrs. W. T. Reid will leave today with
her tw o youngest cbildi en, for her former
home in Wisconsin. She will remain
Beveral weeks.
M ijor-General Dixon, who haa been
wilh the C. P. R. at the Loop, has been
in town this v eek shaking bands wilh
his numerous friends.
Messrs. Moffat, Gilpin, Small. King,
McBride and MeKenzie attended a meeting of tbe Masonic lodge at Fort Steele
lost Tuesday evening.
Mrs. F. Tate atd youngest son F.rlc
left Monday for the east. Mra.Tate will
visit at her former home in Norlh Bay,
and olher eastern points.
J. H. McMullin, Harry Joyce, Harry
I.iddicoatt and Norman McConnell have
gone to Baker mountain on a prospecting
trip ofa week or teu days,
McMullin & Taylor shipped Ave carloads of biick to Fernie this week for
the coke ovens. Cranbrook is getting
to he a great shipping point.
J. Bell, charged with stealing cattle
from AI. Mclnnes on St. Mary's prairie
last winter, was found not guilty at the
regular assizes in Nelson last week.
P. McConnell sold a cow to F. N.
Johnson for $75, oue to Mrs. P Navin
for 880 and another to h. B. VanDecar
& Son for $ica during the past week,
T. IC. Mahafly and wife, were in town
Sunday and Monday. Mr. Mnliaffy bus
left Moyla anil is moving his stock of
g03ils to a settlement  uotth of Kegina,
There wil! be a meeting ofthe Hospital
Ladies' Aid society on Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock, in the parlors of tbe
Cranbrook hotel. A full Hl'endmice is
At a recent meeting of Key City lodge,
I O O. I*\. F. It. Simpson was elected
delegate, and J. P. Fink alternate, to thc
grand lod<<e which meets iu Nanaimo
next month,
Charles McNab, managing director of
llle McNal) Lumber company, waa In
towu thia week. He says lhat the plant
at J iffi ny will be ready for operation the
latter part ofthe week.
A request has gone into the government to bave Johu Hutchison appointed
justice of the peace for the town ol
Cranbrook, so aa to lighten the work of
the other two incumbent i-i.
John Fink writes the editor ol The
Herald that he will leave California and
go to Dawson this summer on a business
venture. The Herald wishes him all the
luck possible iu that country.
Fong Yon Kam did not sell his Inun«
dry lo Mah Ming & hee Wand, bul ia
siill In business himself, and still owns
the building and lot. Mab Ming & Lee
Wand did not pay the money.
K, James, of Moosomin, member of the
firm of Brigham & James, is in town
this week look ing after the meat businera
of Hill & Joll, and couferiug wilh Captain Fustace, tbe local manager,
,     , , AH work guaranteed.   See us before
F. J. Smyth, ofthe Moyie Uadir.witi  you build.   It will pay you.
In town Tuesday.    He aaya mailers in ,
Mrs. Donahue, Proprietor.
The hotel has been reopened and U now ready to cater to the
public. First class dining room service. The [best ol wines and
liquors at the bar. ROBERT SHAW, Manager.
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   ,
.O.n.F.   Key Cl y Lodge
No, 4.'.    Meets every Friday niidit nt llielr lull) mi
linker atreet   Mojoariiiim
Oitd Fellows cordially Invited,
Matt Itiwkcmlnrl A. I. McDermot
N, (I. sce'v.
Craubrook Lodge, No. 34
A. P. & A. M.
Railroad Notes.
The C. P.  R holel at Banff is opened
for the season.
John G. Sullivan, district C. P. R.
engineer under the construction department, anticipates that tbe commenc-
ment of active construction oo thn Lar-
deau brancb will not be delayed more
than a few days longer. The location
party is now on the ground laying out
the work, and F. M, Young, chief of the
party, will be iu charge of tbe work,
Tbe date for starting tbe Imperial
Limited this year is June 6th.
There is a rumor circulated in Calgary that the Pacific division is to be
extended to M.diciue Hat shortly, and
that it will take in the C. & E. and
Crows Nest line.
C. E Bunting, formerly ticket agent
for tbe C. P. R. at Toronto, has been
transferred to Vancouver aa chief clerk
to E, J. Coyle, assistant general passenger agent.
As a result of tbe recent accident to
barge No 15, which almost foundered in
the lake with fifteen laden cars aboard,
a number of dismissals have taken place
on the local C. P. R. staff.—Nelson
Those who bold C. P. R. stock area
great deal better off than lhey were two
weeks ago. It did'ut help the editor of
tbia paper any.
Northern Pacific stock went up (ofioco
a share one day Inst week. Thete were
a few dollars made tbat day, and a few
Jumes Unl ft ur. representing a railway
accident insnrance company, is tn lown
again,   doing   business   and   shaking
Suaerlatendcat Marpole on tbe Cfelaeie
R. Marpole was the first w'tness at
Monday morning's session of the Oriental commission at Vancouver. The gen
eral superintendent at the C. P. It, replying to chairman Chile, stated that the
total number of employes in his division
in 1900 were 4 693, In 1899 lhe average
number of Chines': employed was 99 and
70 Japanese, though at one time, owing
to ibe scarcity of labor and the necessity
of suowshed work, they bad employed
300 Japanese. There were 19 Chinese
and uo Japanese employed in Vancouver
and West minster. There were 300
whites in the shops and on the wharf.
Chinese section men got from$i to $1 in
per day, and white section men $1.25
to $1.50. Mr. Onderkonk had employed
Chinese almost exclusively on C. P R.
construction work. When witness took
over the division in i836 there where 6.0
Chinamen employed between Vancouver
and Revelstoke, and these bave gradual
ly been replaced by whites as white labor
wai superior to Chinese In strength and
effi iency.
and Builder  jt
...   ■wm,    ....-...,■.,.      ..v    „ii 1 n    mn 11-471-1    iu  1
Moyie  are  looking  brighter   than   for
Cranbrook, B C
Regular meetings nu Hip
third Tliursilttj ol tin*
\i*.;:l:n,; bn llii'rn wt loom tl.
W, F. Guud, See'r.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ol Herald Ollice
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice it KeiMcace, Armstronf Ave.
Forenoon!,   -   -   •   •   9:30 to II
Alieraooo liMtoj-N
Evcalafi   ■   •  •   •    7.30 lo 1:30
CRANBROOK,    III        I   .*   B. 0,
Full of the style and
dignity that comes from
the finest tailoring.
Made good to stay good
Agent for East Kootenay
Over PoBtoffice.
• We are advertised by our loving friends."
Ask anyone where to get INSURANCE and they will
tell you   .   .   .
MARKETS AT         *"'
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholesale ind Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
Wc supply only the best,
trade is solicited.
lmproving On Nature
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholts.l. dealers lo
Grain and
Given  special   attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
(?)•••• ••• 9-••••-• •••■•••••-•••J*)
Undertaking AluJ
Graduate of Charapiou college of 0. s
Office mill stnre, Aikrii block,
lii'in CfiURilintl Hnlik nf Colli*
merce, Crnnbrook, I) C.
Upholstering and Ueneral Puratlure Repilrlai
Will nttentl to nny work in the district
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Is one of the (unctions oi the tailor. By his art he makes
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The -nth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Refitted Throughout
One nf the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Knst Kooieuay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C. Block, Nelson, B. C
Ml, hlvlM-aiul und I'l'l'im Mine, muti-il nt Ilia KS.'IIANtll*. litl:ic Mil.I.
j iNtt (101.1) pro-tartfe-i wanted titlinea fnr Kaaiern investor.. l*artlea having 111111111*1*
pro'tatty tor mile nt,, r quoded to a nit ttaaiitlna til lltalr are to Uta KM'tiANtiK tur 0,
tiiiiiiinn. Wa tiaetra to tiiur front iit-os'ioetora who Imva itromialnt tnlnaral claims inl1
llrlll.li Coliiinliln. I'roaitaalora anil -nlnlngmen are rat|tia-ileiltniitAke ilia t'.xriiA\ur.r
llielr headqiuiitara wliun In Nelson. All sainidoa should lie lenl ny ntttinuii l'i,*i,ni.i.j
] Corrcsitondeiice solteltett. Address nil cmnmitiiinitionH tn
Andrew F. Roscnbergcr, Nelson, II. C.|
J Tr-lr-ll'inne Nn. IfM.   I*. It. Ilox 71K1,
••• *l.1.1.It •fttl-tl.lt I
Beale & Elwell, ~  r
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley J- Moyie J- Fort Steele.
* I ® I IS I (•! I ® I ® I ® I IS I ® I ® I ® I ® I Sl I S* I Sl1 ® I ® I SI I »l I SI I SI 1511 »~i S) I«) I IS 1151
Team, ami drivers furnished for arty
point in tlie district.
Manager  Jt Jt   Jt
Chas. Estmere
Real Estate and Mines
Kimberley, B. C.
Do You Sell Liquor????
II10, don'l buy    DCI  TIPD   Yje Only Wholesale Liquor Dealer In
■■III you see..   fCLIICK   Soulh Easl Kooteaay.   Write tor Prlcea
Cranbrook, B,C»**
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay.


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