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Cranbrook Herald Jul 31, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office, Toronto. t
Hon. Ono. A. Cox, Prealdent. B. K. VVai.kkr, Cen. Mnn.
Paid Up   Capital       SMOO.000.00.
Real  2,000.000 Ml
Tolal  Rcaaurcca  65,000,000.00
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
SAVIMIS DANK BBPARTMBNT .Dtpotlll Rccelvrd - lalercat -.Hawed.
The store for either large or small
buyers of anything in the range of merchandise, We IMPORT DIRECT (the only firm in Kootenay doing this) saving two profit-, and getting better goods.
A few seasonable items:
! I I   €       Deering Mowers and Rakes,
Crockery, Linoleums, Carpets,
Curtains, Refrigerators,
Furniture, General Furnishings
Our Grocery and Hardware Departmens show a healthy
increase of sales. Help us to do more business and we will
help you on low prices
...141,912,000 TICKS...
Your watch ticks 141,912,000 times in a year. The various
wheels revolve from 8,768 to 4,730,430 times in the same period. And yet some watches are allowed to run for yean without cleaning and fresh oil. Watch repairing is a live issue
with me, and you'll not grumble at the prices either.
When aman wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and prices
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and my prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and sec our line of Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch you	
Hotel S S
Quests Comfort a Specially
linoil Stabling in Connexion
Nearest to rail toad mul depot,    IIhk Rccotntttoflft*
limit, for   the   public  unequalled  In Crnuhrook.
constat* oC goods in demand every day,
Nothing hns u chance to become onl ol
iliiic. Articles sod me immediately replaced by the newest thing in that line.
This is one reason why we claim superior Ity tor our
The attractiveness of Rood quality is
giently enhanced hy (Moderate prices.
A few more
ul n snap, Just eight carriages. Call
nnd get it bargain.
CRANBROOK      -       -     MOYIE
Summer Heat...
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing in weight and price. A
fine line of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
in and get relief.
Mr. GrlcktOfl Promoted.
E. G. BrlclcsoD, for years road master
on the Crows Nest division of the C. I"
10, left Monday on Invitation from General Manager McNicoll fur the L ike Su
perior division, to determine whether lie
would accept the position of dl visional
superintendent ou that portion of ihe
road. Such a move would uieau a promotion for Mr. Kui-ksDti, mnl it is the
general opinion in railroad circles tbat
UOue won lii he more tlt-Hei veil, Ue enjoys iiie reputation of being a capable
uuin in eveiy respect, niul is looked upon
as ou ' tin* beat in Ins Hue on the
West ivision,    I' Mr. Ivickson con
cludes ' -iccept the offer, it would m**. n
thut he uml liis family would remove
from Crauhrook, which Would be sincerely regretted by their lurge number of
friends anil ailmhers. Mrs. luicksou,
during her resilience in Craubrook, has
ever ibeeu active iu church and social
circles, ami the friendships formed are
firm an.I lasting    The family would be
Badly missed in Crunlirook, nml would
be followed i>y tlie best wishes of their
hosts of friends who will always wish
that good fortune uml happiness will follow the Kiicksous.
Advertise Cranbrook,
The Herald would like to suggest to
the merchants of Crauhrook the necessity of advertising ihe town, uml say
that one and all overlook a method thai
costs nothing and yet is very effective
If each merchant would hnve printed lu
one corner of their letter heads a "small
card giving the population ol Die town,
the resources ol the dis net and the lias-
is of prosperity of Cranbiook as a commercial, mining, lumbering and railroad
center, it would do great work in spreading information of a solid character
nbout the town nml the district, and lie
of great value to the community. The
Herald editor hus not written a letter for
a long lime that was not written on paper with such n card There is no additional cost for the stationery whelher it
is printed in Crnuhrook or hy an caslertr
firm, hut, wherever it is primed, The
Herald would suggest that such a curd
be added.    It will do a power ol good,
Advertising Thoughts.
It is said that in battle during heavy
couuouading, when n shot cau not he
heatd, a sharp little whistle will cttch
quick attention. It Is often so with a
sharp little ad pitched in au original
'our bunlncsa   may   be fairly lit tatting
with enlicifj; things to lalk about, hm
unless these good points are refined and
worked into short, readable sentences,
the reader won't he apt to see them as
you see thein.
What you have to say about your
goods may have been said a lllitllou
times before; ihe way you say it. it you
say it your way, is  n  new Way, nnil will
iitvnce your readers in your favoi—if
it's true,
Don't merely assert thai you have the
iheapest or the best store In town, but
pick onl some seasonable article and
ialk about It—describe It. A bit ot description, if It's vivid and true, will
fetch people every tune,   because your
uupetiioi's advertisements tinkle with
meaningless boaslir.g is just why yon
ihou'.d take a tuck uml turn another
way. Break away fiom the old cut und
tilled methods and give your lenders a
refreshing surprise. —Jul Scarboro, in
Trade Mjgnzine.
Where Is J. Qulnllvan?
Wilmer Outcrop:   Mis. J. Qulultvan
is very much worried ami fears that her
llUSbaod has been drowned       Mr. Quia
livan left Wilmer to drive over into
Montana over a month ago, and he lias
not yet arrived at bis destination accord
inj;   1°  HH Information,     llie lust heard
of blm was thai tie had passed through
Port Steele, uud as he would have lo
ford llie river, Mrs, Qulnllvan fears be
was drowned Her Mends join in the
hope Hint such is not the case, as it
would tie a sad nnil sciious matter as
she has a large family.
i-Uiqji Up lhc Crow.
Bracken ridge Si Lund have just closed
u contract with the C. I*. R. for a vast
amount ol wo.k on the Crow iu the way
of repairs. They hnve enough in sight
to keep 50 tenuis ami several hundred
men al work tor the rest of this year
This to ni of contractors, by the manner
in which IheV have done their work in
the past, have established n reputation
that renders it easy for them to secure
contracts where the woik must be reliable in every reaped.
Superintendent llunkk IIIled In a Seri
ous Casein.
■- 1 1 ■ ' ■
The Three Buried Beneath Thousands of Tons of Loose
...HILL & CO.
New Atlantic Service.
Montreal, July 25 — Discussing the
Canadian Pacific railway's tender for
the fast Atlantic steamship service to be
subsidized by the British and Canadian
governments to the extent ol fl ,500,000
per nnuutii, Sir Thomas Sliaughiiessy,
lhe President of the company, stated today that the plans contemplated the
construction of four ao-kuol passenger
steamers, aud 10 or ii 10,000-tou cargo
boats wllh a speed of 15 knots. Other
railway companies would be placed ill
equally as favorable a position us thc
Canadian Pacific as regards traffic, etc.
Rossland. It. C, July 27.—Louis A,
Double, superintendent nf the Le Roi
mine, wns iuslantly killed this morning
hy a cave in on the 600 foot level of the
mine. Two tiiiiberuitu, William L.
McDonald mid Daniel Gunii, were buried in the same mass of rock, but were
extricated alive and practically unhurt
Their escape was miraculous.
The Incidents atteudlug the fatality
are of tlie most sensational nature, aud
the terrible event has caused a gloom
throughout the city thut is almost unprecedented, At the Le Roi a connection was being made between lhe 700
and the 600 foot levels, and the men
were removing lhe sill floor of the 700
level. The work had been under way
for several days, but the results were mi-
satisfactory. The slopes on the 600 foot
level were filled with thousands of tons
of loose waste reck, lelt after lhe ore
bad been extracted, and ihis was bearing
down upon ihe timbering of the floors
beneath iu an ominous manner, causing
lhe timbers to slew and shift.
Trying to Save the Ore.
Instructions were issued lo bulkhead
at close Intervals, but even this did not
appenr to have the desired effect U
wns essential, in order to save the ure
yet unstoped OU the 700 fool level, tbut
the silt floor should be maintained lu-
tact, and Superintendent Diuikle had
been underground fur many hours, personally looking after tlie placing in
position of limbers. At an early hour
this morning be was on ihe sill floor of
the 700 foot level with three men, while
n gang of 15 meu were doing similar
work on the twelfth floor, about 20 feet
below. Despite the limbering, it became evident that the flour would not
hold- and as a last resort an effort wus
made to blast an opening that would
permit tbe waste to escape through the
waste shoot into lower levels, thus relieving the weight above and strengthening tbe supports beneath. The shoot
became choked, and a shot was placed
to dislodge llie boulders aud timber
forming the obstruction. The shot
failed to explode, ami Mr. Dunkle went
buck with his two men to relight the
fuse, stating that If it failed to relieve
the situation he would abandon lhe effort to save the level.
While the trio were within the daugei
/one tbe floor gave way, and a cataclysm
of rock, timbers and debri, poured iu
upon them with a   roar  and B crush that
resounded through the miles of mine
workings. The muss was no less than
16.1 feet long, uud contained thousands
of tons of material, the aggregation of
years of work iu the upper levels.
The men were ut the center ofthe
slide, and Mr. Dunkle was caught in the
avalanche und crushed to death. Mc
Donald and Gutiu escaped practically
[Junkie's Body Recovered.
Rossland, July 28.—Tbe body of Superintendent Lmiis Dunkle, the victim of
the envein at the LeRoi mine, which oc
enrred early Sunday morning, was recovered after several hours' hard work
on the part of the rescuer;*. William L,
McDonald and Daniel Gunn, lhe two
tiinheitiieii who were with Dunkle when
he was caught in lhe avalanche of rock,
hut who were got out alive, are now in
the hospital an I are  not seriously hurt
Manager MncKenzle and Shift Boss
Joe Thome led the party of rescuers
who gut the timhcriiien out, After they
were reached, it required Ihree hours'
work culling timbers lo effect their release.
The mine wns closed on Sunday in
consequence of the accident, and it is
not likely that work will be resumed until after tlie funeral of Superintendent
Dunkle, which takes place tomorrow afternoon al 3 o'clock.
Superintendent Dunkle leaves a widow
id lour children He is believed to
have carried life iusurauce amounting to
No further trouble is expected in the
mine. At the point where the accident
occurred the ground hus been badly
caved lor some time, and iu the last report of the minister of mines It was
stated that the ground was iu such a
had condition that it was doubtful it lhe
ore reserves could lie mined. This reserve the report stated to consist of 27,-
440 tons of an average value of fu 92,
We were told list week lhat a certain
buly stated ibal The Herald wus nol tit
to lie placed lo n decent family because
we republished the old foke about the
minister going to resign to been me chaplain of n penitentiary. Tbut joke has
been considered since the tiny oi Pilar*
ami us one of the best religious jokes
published, and lias appeared in nearly
all religious publications ou the North
American continent. We are giving
these facts, not hy wny of an apology,
but simply to show lhe trials und tribulations of the average editor. Years
ago, when we were young in the newspaper business, such criticism bothered
us greatly, for in those days we were
foolish enough to try and please everybody. We have been cured. Now we
have our way of doing things. Those
wlio like it and appreciate our efforts
will lake the paper and patronize us.
Those who don't will criticize us. So
let the good woik go on. We are growing fleshier every muulb, and there are
still three meals a day seived at the Old
Man's table. Tbe Lord hales a coward
or a hypocrite, so we will hike along at
our old gait.
ti ti ti
"I heard while iu Frank that a sale ol
lhe "mine had been made to a French
syndicate," said PJdgar lionie, Monday.
"Mr. Gebo has just returned from Prance
and hud arrived nl Prank with Mi
Prank. This report was floating about
lhe town and may not be true. Business seems to lie good 111 Prank, and the
merchants are apparently satisfied.
Tiiere is uo boom, however. About 400
men are now at work on lhe Grassy
Mountain extension, and of course that
is helping business to a coiisideinhle extent."
ti ti ti
R.   K.   Beatlie   relumed   lust   Mum lay
from a trip lo Winnipeg. He stopped
at Oak Luke and Portage la Prairie
while gone, und in this way snw nml
heard a good ileal about Manitoba.
"Winnipeg is getting to be n great city,''
said Mr. Beattie. "ll is wonderful how
it has improved with its new*, business
blocks, nud ii is growlug more metropolitan every year. During the exposition
week thousands upon thousands of bus*
iness men mul farmers from all over
western Canada and northern Minnesota
nml North Oak..in flocked in there,
packing the trains each day. While
Ihere I saw several good ball gullies and
lhe Winnipeg Maroons have won tbe
pennant in the Northern league, which
lucludes several clubs from   the  States.
It Is a meat year for Manitoba, and the
real estate business Is flourishing. Take
it Portage la Prairie, my father, who Is
engaged iu that line, has put through at
least one reality deal every day for the
past few months, and they range from
$1000 lo $15,000 or $20,000 each, And
lhat is the way the real estate business
is nil over western Manitoba. The demand for farm lauds Is increasing aud
the immigration from the United States
is growing larger. Business in all lines
bus beeu good down there, uml the people generally nre feeling good."
ti ti ti
Tommy Turley, who is with George
Goldsmith ami Tom lloyler in the Lm-
deaii country, had rather u chilly experience u few weeks ago. The party had
killed three mountain goats, one ol
them falling in a crevasse underneath a
snowsllde, Tnrley's companions lowered him with a rope to secure Ibe goat
hut he became jammed between the
snow and rock anil was ex tt Seated with
difficulty. The boys were bouud nut to
lose their goat, however, but dug n tun-
net through the snow, ihus securing the
the animal.
For Sale.
A lot with cottage uud bnru on It 011
I Baker hill; alsoapmlor suit. Apply l<
• Joe Jackson or ut lhe huube,
Jeffrie* Still Champion.
Last Friday night James Jeffries, the
champion iu   pugilistic  circles, and Bob
FiUsliumous,   the ex champion, met in
Smi   Francisco.     Por  the  first seven
rounds, so far an points were concerned,
Fi 1/.simmons seemed lo have lhe best ol
it, hut In the eighth, with a terrific
short punch in the libs, ami oue on lhe
jaw, Jeffries knocked Pitzsluimons out.
The cry of fake haa been raised, and a
gieat controversy is thc result. Fitz
Simmons declares llle flgbl was on the
Square, and that the best mnn won,
wliilejeifriesuiaintainstli.il it was lhe
hardest tight he was ever III, They
divided aboul fjo un) between them on
a basis of 60 nud 40 per cent, so they
have good reason to denounce any
charge of lhe fight being a fake,
Frank Coal Mines Shut Down.
The coal mine ut   Prank, Altn., has
been shut down for a short time owing
to the scarcity of cars.  As a consequence
a large number of men are temporarily
I out of employment,
Quite a Contrast.
Phoenix Pioneer: Here is a contrast.
At Johnstown, Pa., the other day, the
coal company gave fiixxi to each ofthe
surviving families ul the victims of a
terrible colliery disaster. The Crows
Nest Coal company subscribed ul lhe
rale of less than fSu for each victim's
relatives, uml the total subscriptions
from lhe public only averages about
(250 for each life lost,
Household (hinds Pur Sale.
I will sell at private -.ale my household
goods al a bargain. Those desiring to
Bee the goods may call at the MeFar-
lune house, two doors south of Geary St
Doyle's livery bam aftel 6 pui. any
evening,   Terms positively cash.
A C Bowneii.
An Important Meeting of the Board In
Spokane Today.
H. W. Ross Thinks South East
Kootenay Is a Vast Store
House of Mineral.
G. W. Hull, general manager of the
Sullivan Smelter and Mining company,
returned from Spokane last Friday, and
went lhat evening to Marysville. He
had little or nothing to say us to what
ihe company intended to do, except
ihut uo meeting bad been held yet, but
liml one would lie held next Thursday
when, in nil probability everything
would be Settled Silpeiinteinleut 1*.!-
emildorf left for .Spokane Sunday morn-
lllg, and ou Tuesday Mr. Dull relumed
to that city to attend the meeting.
11 is generally known lhat considerable of lhe work done under the supervision of Mr. Austin is not satisfactory,
ami thai a large amount of money will
have to be raised to make the uecessaty
changes, Mr. Hull stated at the time
Senator Turner was here tbat there wus
no questlou about tbe work proceeding,
and Senator Turner stated to The Herald. Iluit it was simply 11 question as tribe best method to adopt lor lhe changes
that were to be made.
The company has invested over $100,-
oon up to date on llieir smelter. The
machinery is nil here or ou ihe wny, uud
iu consequence Ihere can be no reason
why tlie work should mil proceed
Auolhei reason for Ihis belief is tbe fact
that the smeller will have lhc Sullivan
mine to draw upon for ore. ami auy
amount of it, which cau be treated un*
tier existing prices at u profit.
Theie ims beeu trouble, uud unfortunate conditions have arisen, bul yet there
is no reason for any peison to question
the fact that Ibe Sullivan smeller will he
pushed ahead to completion thin seatou,
A Bri-jilt Future.
II. W. Ross, a mining man of 20 yean
experience in British Columbia and the
Pacific coast states, was in town Monday. Mr, 'Ross is representing a syndicate thut is looking over South Fast
Kootenay with lhe idea of purchjsing
some desirable properties. Speaking of
the dislrict he said, "This part of Sjuth
Bast Kootenay looks very i>ood indeed
from a milling standpoint. Tbe geological formation is most favorable and I
am of the opinion that there is a ureal
future ahead for this section. We do
not expect lo do anything in the way of
work al present, but what I secure will
lie witli the idea of its value iu the near
future. I have beeu looking at some
gold properties aud also at several copper propositions. I believe the time is
coming when this district will he rich in
miniug development, with more railroads, smelters, refineries, and all that
goes to mike up a great mining community. 1 have beeu surprised to see
so much poor work us 1 have found in
this section. Why a man should spend
big sums digging Into the ground on the
showing of only barren quartz, I cannot
comprehend- Digging won't create Values iu mining. Il is true that depth
may, and generally does, develope richer
ore, hut there must tlrst be ludicalious
of values 011 the surface. Mining should
be treated In a businesslike way. It is
not such a gamble as many believe, but
a study and a science. I believe that
depth is going to be necessary to get at
lhe real values of your copper properties,
and I am of the opiuion that this district will prove to be rich iu copper.
But business methods must be used to
lusure success iu South Kast Kootenay,
ns well us In any other mining country."
The Elmore New Process,
in view of tbe great iuteiest taken in
the new Klmorc process, especially as
It Is so applicable to tlie Kootenay ores
and will if found satisfactory as now
seems practically certain, revolutionize
and start a great boon iu cupper mining
In British Columbia. We publish a
letter from Mr. ,I. D. Kendall, London
Hug., wbo Is well known on the lOast,
to Mr. K 13, Sawyer, managing director
of the Dominion D-velopment syndicate
of Loudon, Kngland, who is at present
visiting the province In the Interests of
hi, company.
Many mining men of world wide reputation have expressed favorable
opinions of tlie process, Mr. Kendall's
belug particularly interesting to British Columbians,;
Dear Sir,—In reply to your enquiry
I have much pleasure in giving you my
opinion as to tbe Elmore oil concentrating process. I have examined, whilst
yet at woik. the oaly plant yet built,
thai erectcil In Wales for the purpose
of treating tbe yellow copper ore from
theOladsdlr mine. It saves about eighty*
live per com of Die values as against If.
by   ordinary    water    conceiilrailon   as
previouslv carriel out with the best
machluery that could be got. The ore
contains only about 13 per cent of copper
1 have also made numeroui laboratory
tests with the oil process. For ores
which contain finely disseminated metallic minerals I think oil Is greatly superior to water as a concentrating medium, for It comes at once into contact
with, licks up and saves a large proportion of the floating particles which pulverization produces In such minerals
and which are unavoidably lost wheu
water is used. To save by water tbe
mineral treated must link, but a very
large proportion of some minerals such
as cbalcopyrlte and letrahydlte, will
not sink as It is well known to all engineers who have given any attention to
metallurgy. I recently made a number
of concentrating tests with water of 1
yellow copper ore containing about 2 i
percent uf copper. The average loss
was TO. 3 per ceni copper mainly lislug
trom floating ore, the surface of ibe
water being covered with a scum of me*
talic mineral tu ore and the more liuely
It Is disseminated the greater la the
loss In water concentration. The use
of oil prevents that loss a.most entirely,
I feel very sure that ibe process bas a
great future tjr beside enabling many
ores to be  profitably  tteated  in water
II will always be useful as a tailings
in mills bandllug ore lu which a large
proportion of ihe metallic minerals is
so scattered through the gangue mat It
can be saved by handsemng aud jigs,
In Htiiiiti Columbia and other parts
of Cauada 1 know of a large nuinucr of
deposits which canuot be worked If
water concentration were use bin which
wiih the Kitnore process wcual become
very valuable properties. Mines that
have been worked at a p-rofl t when
smelting ihelr produce could greatly Increase that profit by employing the
Elmore process prior 10 smelling, Mucn
ore Ibal bas uutierio been amalgamated
aud cyanlded wtll I am sure be more
economically dealt wltb In ibe future
by oil concentration.
.1  D  Kendall.
Wild Horse Placers.
Port Steele Prospector: Messrs.
Henry and Cbisholm are still engaged
lo tunneling lor an ancient channel of
Wild Horse creek. The travel taken
out pays about ?i per day tc each man
Nip and Tuck —With a large amount
of water and a big sis loch giant, a large
amount of gravel is being moved on the
Nip and Tack. Sjtne twelve Chinamen
are employed lu devolopmenl work.
Tne Cnee Chee Wc Company have 30
men working with an ample supply of
water and two tire fuch giants lo constant operation large quantities of gravel Is being passed through the flumes
The Ban Wan Company have about
35 men employed and have two nve-lnch
giants In operation. Tula company are
working leased ground owced bv ihe
Invlctla Mining Company.
A Chlneese company employing some
twelve or fifteen men are working near
the month of Boulder creek, ground
sluclng tbe gravel banks in thai vlcln*
On Wild Horse creek and its triba-
taries 00 certificates of work W new
locations and four certificates of improvements were recorded In 1901.
Mlolng Notes.
L. D. Sivyer, mining expert of Spokane, was up the St. Marys valley lost
week looking at some property owntd
by John I'tquhart. He, like all wbo
have visited that section, thinks that
it is going to be a rich country.
E. G. Boynton and wife of Lacrosse,
Wis., left Tuesday for their borne. Mr.
Boynton is at the head of the Wisconsin
syndicate that purchased some leases ou
Perry creek. J. O, Trow is now in
charge of the work and it is the luten-
tiou of the company to put a Urge force
of men on at once ami develope the
property. Mr. Boynton is of the opiuion that they have a fine piece of ground
and he is willing to expend the money
to develope it in a manner that will
show what theie is in it.
Harry Melton brought in some fine
specimens of iron ore this week Irom the
Baker mountain claims iu Ahlch he is
interested. It is a red hematite, without phosphorus or sulphur, aud will run
68 per cent, allowing 2 per Cent for ittic
ious matter. It is mid that uo iron
found iu this district compares with it.
A large syndicate 1ms the property under
consideration, and in ail probability a
sale will he effected. The property is
only nine miles from Cranbrook.
Lacrosse at Fernie.
The Junior lacrosse club left for Pernie Tuesday to play the Juniors of that
town. The club was made up BJ follows:
Stewart Morris, Percy Spronle, Maurice
Nevin, Davis Mcl.achern, John Campbell, Frank Murphy, Clarence Fimiess,
Charles Henderson, Barney Mcl'eak,
Charles McEachern, and Willie Greer.
Dorwood McLeod went atoni* ns mascot.
James Greer, Ross Tate and Mrs. Henderson also accompanied the party.
C. P. R. Prospering tor Coil,
The C. P. K. hnve 15 men working on
a coul prospect in the valley opposite
to the Morrissey coal mines. Ilis said
that the quality of roal id that point is
equal to the bent. CRANBROOK  HERALD
EMitor and Proprietor.
One year W£J
six months 1*IM
The Herald desires to give the news ot the
district. If yuu know aav about ymir town
ymir mine or your people, semi it to Mils olllce.
The editor of the Pernie Free Press,
whoever he is, takes umbrage at the
comments of The Herald on the police
changes in this district, and declares
that Mr. Barnes was entitled to the
position of chief instead of Mr. Forbes
The Herald is perfectly willing to abide
bv the opinion of tbe people In South
Mast Kooienay on this matter, and will
reiterate the statement thai Mr. Bullock-
Websier will always be held ni high esteem by the people of this dislrict ror
the change he has brought about, li
will also say lhat at no lime has it bad
any personal grievance against Mr
Barnes. If it hud it would not exploit u
through its columns. The Herald does
not believe in using its columns for pel
sonal grievances, nnd what criticisms it
has made bas beeu for the good of ihe
service In this dislrict. So long as .Mr
Forbes follows a policy that will pro
mote the best interests of the district,
he will have the support of fhe Herald
When he departs from that hue, lie will
also Hud himself an object of criticism
But Thc Herald has confidence In Mr.
Porbes, and feels assured that in the
discharge ol his official dulles lie will be
controlled by the principles ofjiisllce
and honor.
Do You "Fake The Herald J
You should :.? you don't*    It gives the n
district    It works  for the  district.
editor I   by .my clique or
jn. It is 'vorth $10.00* it costs only $2.00
SMALL       --   ii
The   Craw's   Nesl   I    I
Down m
[f th
Pros fact
| :.;■■.-.
IH   IS   11 SOI l
■      ■ ■     |'    ' | ..'.'.■
o- '
i      story of ot
-  lhc Cm
i'.. - i       Co. I ■■'
la .,     iv wit ml   ■    i
ptijh.    Hi « '
oonth ,    ■ ■
■     ,    i-    ,
i     .; up   *■ hlC ii
i   upcoualstsoi
.,- .■   .
led 1 md
ire   located
VI d aboul
■.   ■ ■
tifoh   will ,   ■ ■
ot depth o I   I ■
:- ■        'i
luuitei-,        ami        feet,
ru-i I en cu. In al
Hitch ore has been    ti .   t,
ut   of lhe   lo: c
est side
illi i ast
Mill, Mi fill H ''■
mini ?' notici
■   U*l    l-'Ott.M 1'.
;  f*|      , :
■ '"■-[,. umiii
i   H
I'unl,     1    :
: i      i> or -ib
..   V
.    i
m .
■ ..
Diiti'ill        i ■
\S .!  .1   ;;   Ull/ni
.       .
ilititl-ti MHkl..
Hot Sun Ruins a Building... 1
If you want to [jrotcct the build- §1
ing PAINT It.   Thc QUICKER you 0
you paint it the more money you @
will save. We paint buildings and g|
use the best of material. gj
i   Paper Mangers and Decorators. Kj
■ •l;::o::.:-o:;-oi\i3:-i32EE(iiii
! 1
!  j
U |.„'    -i.   mill gel ill
t w e n, j
.sl      I.H'1.
Editor McAdatns was blamed for not
obeying the original summons and bik
ing at once to Victoria. He lind n good
reason. He didn't have the price ot
If lhe press nf British Columbia was
not virtually muz/led by tht* seventy of
the McAdiiuis' sentence, what an expression of opinion would be turned loose.
No one excuses McAdams lor some of
his unwise and foolish restrictions upon
the court, yet, as n young man ol Inexperience in such matters, nine months
seems a cruel sentence for contempt. A
fine or a rigorous reprimand would, in
the eyes of the people, tmiiutniti the
dignity of the judiciary, and had .ii tin*
same time the desired effect ou lhe offending editor.
Smith Curtlfl is of the opinion that
there will he nn election belore the
house is called together again.
The C. P. U. smelter at Trail may be
forced to close down for lark of coal, li
this is done, the town of Trail will be
Fernieized.         ^^
It looks very much ns if the Crows
Nest Coal company had no intention of
bringing about a settlement of ihe strike.
It is demonstrating very plainly that
Hie government should throw open the
coal reserves for entry. What British
Columbia needs just now is other coal
mines lhat can produce coke.
. i    , nrehase lln*
bail,   by  lack  .if  Iran**
was ace
li. I'AMi'BKM
Amos P.inly ar.; In O I
The repoi i y
In .,11 [he
pri»cipai      ; Meat Merchants
Towns in       M
;i British ti Fresh.and Cured Meats Frt.sli
Pish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the host.    Your
trade is solicited.
OOO-V 0*-":-!'-OO -00"OOTOIGGil
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
George Laurie has wood
of till lengths, sec him
before buying.
ijohn W. Wolf
Notary Public. Boot* Shoe an<*
Cranbrook ana Mary avllle, II C. HaHleSS Maker
W. J. WELCH,       Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
M   A. Bealc, lian^cr.
in    . i-       A    ! . :   Pr
Drought ..sn ti1- ; ii: ana ...,.....,.-.	
shoot U.cirs if thoy slid not  ilesi s
.occeeded .,. In tilling
In tbem and 11   y called i;i  the  asi
Braying 2
I Furniture
■ i
I moving
Plan ..» Moving a Specialty
1 c
rgo of
e clear
at  ll
Between the hard limes and the supreme court, the life of thc country pub
Usher iu British Columbia is n strcnuotu
The Pennsylvania anthracite coal
operutors hnve raised the price uf coal
again. It is easy for the coal combltu
to meet the losses of the strike. The;
have the immortal clut b,
This is a year of disaster. They have
drouth iu the western slates, floods In
the Mississippi valley, strikes in the
eastern stales, high water in the wheal
districts of Manitoba and hell iu British
The King will be crowued on the 9II1
day of August, but owing 10 his maj-*8
ty's physical condition ihere will be u
great cutting out of pomp and ceremony,
If there Is a provincial election held
this  year,   there   will   be   UO   dearth   ol
The Pernie Coal company seems determined io paralyze the mining industry
of this province. And what is the government doing to protect the people?
Hon.   Mr.   Wells,   minister of public
works,   has   long   expressed   a iksite to
visit South Boat Kootenay In In*, official
capaeii y. Last week he got as fa r as
Nelson, and then returned name by the
way of Revelstoke. Tne pe iple of .Soulh
Kast Kootenny nre very anxious to see
Mr. Well.-. They think lli.il ,is minister
of public works he could explain how
bis district, North Mis'. Kooienay, is so
greatly favored over Ihis district in the
way of public appropriations.
Jeffries cleared up about $22,000 in
half an hour's light last week. It would
take lhe average country editor about
ion years to do as well.
Will Commence Murk Sunn,
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is healthy
It is the Best
Ft, Sleele Brewing Co.
a. w. aii vi nn.
Cripple Creek Output.
ami throughout this yen thfi pn  h I on
i f ihe camp has been tbe meiaui
nulls ii nl smcltRT to treat llie on .. 11 ■
downs  lha  fewer  the  I   :n i- .   -
•ti $    '■■'• 1)011   ':',,,- ri 3 (livid
record I ■ I 4.18 II
d- crease fi -n t be   record
-..■■i'i eral oi       ■:■    i pi
ilic ,-,. o ■ ■    ■   ear ag    li
iitcii In bam        I part
y, at or foi ec      m i< i ■ ? he com
panies owning ilu-m have diverted   th
in rid end mo ey lui   c-lhci   baoneli
the Portl ind, f      eiamph    I
ha i •■ *■ n but luto the  big in
.. -,- i. .-it dlanrnied thli yi   i i i.
Land Purchases,     iSpokane Falls &
Preemptions, Notflieni R>Co.
Minnij  Claims, •"
Etc., made by contract. Nc|so„ & Ft,^hephard R'y Co.,
Red    Mtinnlain   Railway   Co
1'IKV, T. *ik\ ITTIE, P.L.S.
p. ii. Fori :;i.'s:ls'. li. C. *
KB     ''.      saSBaOKBMWM
Undertaking Alid
Embalm ing
The only nil mil insiie between nil
|.niins Kast, Weat anil South lo ...
Intermediate Points.
MAI <;.\i:..'l I.is-,.I
"'Ml     .'     t
"■     .,             .
VH'J.II All"..
i l"l
I ■■        I UANSl'KU
' 1      NHB,
V.I, tllllt  (1
nl nf J i.pii
i i',.'i' r mn "ci
s   '     '        - --i   I   .    .:
■ r
II   I' .1 INI
I I,.us.
EMILY I. M \., in:
,i tne la
11  c
the mot
ria i: let Cranl .
II. v;   BAI
Chief Licence In
i.Ulli UIIKI M:\'l;ll,i;l:.
Marys vilin Truman
It is es'i'ls-nt tlmi ..'.iis will liss resumed
nn the smelter within n few sl iya. There |..,.,,
are.ten ear toada of ltiacbtnery on the
way lo Marysville nl the preBC.lt time
■oil part of litem have already reached
Cranbrook. Iinsiuess i, hound i" lie
lively iiH.iuiil here in 11 lew weeks.
ii.i thirty ilnys after <inio i Ih-
li.-ii,- rfs'liaiiiiiinn college nf U.  S |
OITice nnd store, Aiken Work,        |
near Cnttntliaii Bank s-f Com-
nietce, Cranhrook, 11 C
Coniieeting nl
SPOKANti witli lhe
'lire-it Northern,  Northern I'/iciflc
Upholslcrlng nnd (i.-ncral Furniture Repairing mu) q, |^. & N. Company.
Will mend i" .snv work in the liisuirt
 „     ,. C...mi's ts nt
Agrill l r lhe  Rranuon Mrrhle anil (irsinlsi i
Wnrka.   li-iiivuiiei.. lleaslsiaaea, elc.     .Nelson  with  Steamer lor   Kaslo
:j-.-*./:,.-iai,'»f..--»ia«ias»MtM«iiussB sinil  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Hi.   in,-,il .
llis.il   ll?"
J. li. KINO
Physician and Surgeon.
Ottlce ill residence, Armstrong ave.
forenoons, 1:30 lo II
AlitrnoonB  •   ■  •  ■   li.in lo.ii.in
I'ssiiii.iis    -   ■   •   ■    J.JII Ii, Ri.lll
KANIIKU'lK,    :   i   :       l   :    II. C
„r-..~v - \ ,    I.0.0.P,   Kc) I'll. Lodge
'''".   I..'   tV*^   x„, .|...   Meelaaten Mnn
<■■■:;:<:; Q o»>-,.,„r,i i,„n„
llukor strout.   Bnjutir n
Oriel PellfYtft cnrillalli invited       -.
A. i.i'tilt, Jr., M. Ilnoketnlnrf,
■ w ■■ Cranbrook Lodge, Nn. .11
A. Pi A A. At.
' /V ."   AS   ""«"""■ " ll"B« iinllli.
i :  '.   " . . \       ll'lol  Tlinriiil.it „r 111,'
i Sep :i        nm.
\lsl [lirrtnornivBlcoin il,
iiis.i. A. I.nniii, 8eo'j-.
Connccta nt
Myers Palls with Stngo Dally lor
Republic, .nul
Conuccla daily
At    lt.isslui.-ir   Stage   Dally   Inr
Hi-ami Porks innl Qrcenwootl.
It. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Agl.
to notloi. Ilsnl sixty tiny, nll-rilfild 1 Inlet, 1
I have good wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompl attention.
Richard Stewart
There nre a few points lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good    M atcri
and the price.
ilove you fnlkej wllh anyone nboul building?
ppty tothoailetrommlad.moruflMiiasnmi' Come ond see mc nr let me sec ynu.   II may
WnrkM for p •iiiiiH-i ,u t«_fptiroluuia three humi- do lis both good*
• tiioplaciiifc'inimc
e.hitha , red and twpnty fi-rru nr innl nimut rnurmllBH
*wut',. h. K. of Crnnbronk on M, .Ipso ori'ok.univ
""lli. NikIiI unilnr |ii"-piiii>ii'i?i nv nu*-,mid ntliorwlso
u iiI'.m:\ iu'wii'.!!*]).
toy, 11, l?., July iftjlll, ,'.,.
!   la Mill mi l July,
Contractor. f
Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that  will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald. Office
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area o1 th^choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenny District. The prices range from Si.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.    These lands Are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
it wns flvo yonra ngo. Tho nfttilr bo-
gnn then, bul before 1 Bny nny inoro
lot mo recall tn your mind the fuel
thai 1 was ntwnyfl rogtirilutl in tbo family us my uiniiili'uihi'i's heir. Tho title
nml ontnlled I'siuii' would go, oC eoum*.
to his oldest sun, my iiiielo, Inn tho
grentor pari of his vast ivimllli would
como to nn-. in foot, ho lind mi do*
t'liii'i'il. 1 hml Inst both parent! when
but 11 child, mul l hint grown tn mnn.
hnnd under his Immt'dhito enro, for ba
lind long been a widower. My father
lunl been his favorite smi. Whnt moro
natural than thut l should bo ilu- pro-
ft-ricil 01107 There wns this linden-
standing, howevor, between my grand*
father and myself: 1 must never marry
without his approval, Marry I 1 bad
no thought of It. My rollicking bach-
dor life plcaBcd mo loo well lo exchange It fm* uuy other,
And that sort of existence lasted until I was twenty-seven, and then It
was brought to nil abrupt close by—
what do ynu suppose? Well, n girl's
face, nothing wore—a girl's face Been
for a brief moment only at n window
as I was changing carriages at Bolton
Btnjlon. Vim smile. 1 don't wonder,
but I declare to you that from thenceforth I knew no pence of mind. That
face was ever before me, looking out
from under u dainty gypsy bat, pale,
pure, perfect In outline, with n luxuriant mass of soft brown boll" full of
shiny ripples, dark eyes, a little red
mouth nml shining white teeth.
"Some dreamy llttlo chit," I said to
myself again anil again, "with a pretty face nnd a head full of romance. I
wish I had never seen ber. At nil
events, It is highly probable that we
have met for the first and hist time; so
I'll forget her."
Brave word*! 1 could not forgot her,
and just then, to mid to my perplexity,
my regiment was ordered off to India.
A few days before embarking 1 received n letter from my grandfather,
SU* John FTnlbrooke, urging me to run
down to The Towers in order Hint l
might meet the lady who was destined
to be ray future wife, My answer was
short and to lhc point:
near Go nil'at tier—I linvc no do.slre to marry.
BestdH, l Itart for India tn two wecki, so 1 liava
no (imi! lor courtship, tint 1 ahull mu down to
Tlio Towers to Kfl you.   Yuur affect innate, etc.
The  old  gentleman's   auswer   was
equally concise and explicit:
lit* Pfar QTandwn-H you coma lo Tlie- Tow*
tn wllh the Intention of putting yourself entirely in my hands, 1 almll he overjoyed to to
yon.   If yoit it tempt lo etiler mi  house wllh any
other Intention, I'll have you kicked out. ami t(
you go lo India, 1 hope to heavm that you'll lis
ahot.   Your affectionate, etc.
Whnt could be done In the fnee of
Sticl) an epistle us this? Evidently
nothing, so l cheerfully made my
preparations for departure, and before
we sailed—I am glad to remember ihis
—before we sailed I wrote again to sir
John, but this lime ft was a letter full
of gratitude nnd affection nnd earnest
regrets that l could not do us he desired
To tin*, 1 received no nnswi r, bul a
month after my arrival In India I read
llie announcement  of  the   baronet's
death, nml the MUM paper contained
his marriage notice. A letter from his
solicitors explained the mystery.
My grandfather had been Bcvcrcly
Injured while overlooking Boine i-ona-
vatlons which were belug made at i lie
Towers, and, feeling tlmt death was
fast approaching, he bad almost at tbo
last moment married tho oula child
nml heiress of Hubert Monekton, i:-n. i
"Moreover," wrote tlie lawyer, "by
your grandfather's will yon Inherit
something above £00,000, provided you
consent to many Hie Imly with whom
he went through the corotnony <<i innr-
rtago on tils deathbed. Otherwise you
recclvo not n penny of his fortune."
Mud tho man roTiq madV Many my
grandmother?   ror. word  it  as they
UilKlit.  lhe  Ugly  fuel   .Mis  still   Ihetv-
Hie woman wns my grandmother.
nrlslllitg with Indlgnntlon, t wrote to
sir John'* lawyor-not very civilly, l
fear, but very ouorgotlcnlly, I am sure.
In iho tlrst place, I wild l would uot
neeept a penny "f BlrJohn BnlbroaloVB
fortune us a frco gift   In tho next;, i
Would not nccopl lhe whole of It Imr-
donod with a single restricting clause,
and. In conclusion, 1 not onlj refused
to marry the widow, bul absolutely declined holding any communication
whatever wllh lier.
"Ami any to my grandmother." I added, "that tho world is wfUe enough nnd
there are men enough In It for her lo
BOQk whom she mny devour ils.wliere
nnil not among those whom the law of
the land now declares to bo ber own
kith nml kill. Let ber east her eyes
among the Btrangors nl her gates and
not upon her grandsonI"
Thnt ended the platter? nnd I wns
troubled with no more letters about it.
Two years afterward 1 returned to
England on leave, and then lute. In
tlie person of General Ashland, led mo
down to Surrey for a fortnight's shooting.
Ah, my dear fellow, It Is only the old
story over again. I went down to Surrey and met there—whom do you suppose? Well, the girl whose fnee—seen
once nnd for a moment only —bad
haunted mc for years.
She was u distant relative of my
host. Yes, and 1 loved her desperately
not for her beauty alone, but for lho
pure goodness, liitulllness and unselfishness of her heart, which were constantly and unthinkingly revealing
themselves In u thousand artless Illtto
So, its you may guoBB, my two weeks
nt Ashland Turk wore on to font*, nnd
1 still lingered, even until the dying
leaves weru rustling feebly in tho mellow air of a belated autumn.
u Aiid ous nielli stsi'lit evening, jvlioa
light housework; riHiwi
ply ITT Forty i Hi -ti
„ ,            ,  ,                       ,    -     , * MISPLACED "AD.""
flelnn mnl I were Rnuntci ng*nmoug
Ihi' tl'lll]  (lower bids tli.lt  WOl'O PUt  lu The Troalilt- It llriiunlit Down I'pon
the suit green turf of the tern  l ihe Wilicim Household.
bi],| inT Uio Boerct of my-hear I -Its Mrs. Wilklns wanted o servant girl,
hope, iis four, Its sweet unrest. Mr* Wilklns, whow pursuit
'Wh,n i censed, my companion looked
up ul me wonder I ugly, nud, upon my
i •,  tours woro glistening in  hor
"Whot!" slm said.    "Are yon BUro? Thu nexl morning m I
O.i you   I.m'   in,'   mt?    iih,  Colonel   d 'hell rang.   Mr. Wll
ltnlbi*ooke,1iow eould you?   luducd, it rayed, answered the iu
cnn nul   cnnnol bel"                              I l|,l|ll,itl a large woman n
"Hecnuso your heart  is given else- . ^V
where, I suppusof   But, Helen, I cntl- hil
nol   let ymi go I'nilii in.'!    l  hive youi l»n
Oh, my darling, bow shall I live all lhe tl.,- *.
long weary years of my life ivllboutj "No," snlil WllklnB. "Bo you want tho
ymiV" job?"
■■Hush!" she cried sl.ari.lv.   "Sir, do ' "Md" exclaimed tbo woman. "Well, I
you know  do you know who'l am?" (tneBS not."   And Bhe Qounced angrily
"Indeed, ycsl   Tbo sweoteBt llttlo girl """"! 1,,,'1 h''Vii*                .
,                                             , Ai . Mm \\ llklns rose and, going to
iu uu. win \ mm. tl    |.[lcile„  iniurt*,-] '„.,. bauds in pan-
"No,  sir,   I  am   not.    Colonel  Hat- cokodough,
brooke, I am yodr grtindmoiher!" "It-r-r-r-t'^Mlng," said tbo boll.
M.v grnndinothei'I    Talk of sudden Mrs. Wilklns went to the door,
shocks niter that, won'! you?   I tried "Are you tho people who advertised
lo speak, but my voice hilled me,   I about a girl?" asked a Btnartly dressed
reached mil my bauds ami touched her. | young matron who hud messed the but-
Vis, she was there, real enough, uud I
u  paper.   Ti,;,
1:13 Hi- Wilkin
nil. me," Wilklns ussured
i go! a girl here?" pursued
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ol principal ami ini rest, except in lhc
esse of lands under S2.50 an acre. Is divided into len Instalments as
shown in tbe table below; the llrsl lo be paid al thc lime of pur
chase, tne second one year (ruin date ol the purchase, lhc thin! in
two years and so nn.
The following tabic shows the amount ol ilic annual Instalments
on Imi aires ,*ii different prices under the above conditions:
160 acre ai <l50 per acr, Ul Instalment $69.95 <> equal lalal'ls at $50.00
3.00     •• ■• 71.90              " 60.00
3.50      ■■ ■' 83.90                 " 70.001|
'■    '        4.00      « " 95.85                  " 80.011
4.50      » " 107.85                 » 91)110
5.00      » " 19.85                 » 100.110
was not dreinnltig.
"Tell me nil!" I gasped,
And slnildlng   there   by  the  broad   ently stnoii look
stoiio coping she told me all—how ber
pni'euts had died  when she was liltle ' not
Yi-s,"   Bald   Mrs.   Wilklns.    "Come
und to the hack door."
The woman looked surprised, hut pres-
the klfchem
Now," she began, "how many niler-
ilo vtui want,  what are yoi
moro than nn infant, und Sir.lohn, her    hnhlts and  what do you know  abuut
gunrdlau, hud watched over lieu-with j cooking?"
iuitlous enro* alwnvs keonlne her ut ' wnB      s' "l";'"1' turn *° '"-' 8Ur"
school, however, until lie brought lier ! '"..^ , lirll ,„„„„ „,„„,„   ,
home to alio Towers, n young Imly.     | „,„,,„,„,.. „„,. Hlti,] ,„,.,iv, »„„a I ,lo not
She llllll lienrsl of in,-.   She know nil | tl,i,,k it ttcriioons 1 wnnt out nil! any
nliiml her gunnllnn's Intentions nnd u,y i of your business. Whnt rofereuceB hnve
persistent  refusal   to  see  her.    Anil   you got, uml supposing you tell uie aomd-
wlien Sir John luy dying niul appealed ' thing nbout yourself."
to her i„ ninny blm, in outer to secure j    "Well," snapped lho women, "for n
!l-YiOBt, .111.)
certnlu property  tfblch ss-s.ul.l .ithL-r- ,
wise- pan iu the next of Kb. sho con- i 'T's''" ""'"'"■" "'";- '''•";■ 7
l.li.'k   !i,'|, , 11).      l.'lilll'll   .MIS.   \. II-
seuted. | *Kt,l8i »w*.
"Not for myself, Colonel llatbroolii "
Lands nailer S2.50 per acre arc sold
011 shorter lime.
ii thc land is paid fur in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from lhe
price will be allowed equal lu ten per
cent on the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash Instalment,
Interest at six per cent will be
charged In mer due instalments.
The Company has also lot.-: fur sale
in the Following town sites iu Fast Kootenay: Elko, Crauhrook, Movclle, Kllch.
eaer, Creston and  kimberley,
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, ami the balance in siv aad twelve
KimbfiflCV 's the business and shipping poini lor the
J  North Star antl Sullivan mines.
BEAL & ELLWSLL, Townsite Agents.
CftlflbrOOk 's 1',e divisional point of the Crows Nesl Pass
Railway and (lie commercial centre of Sutlh
East Kootenay.
V. HVDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
For further tniornialton apply lu sgcnls us above or to
A. TAYLOR, Dislrict Land Agent, Nelson, ll. C. or
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Kitchener Is in the comer oi lhe great
Inin range ami Ihe ga.tewaj lo the While
(iroiise cupper fields.    .1. T. BURGESS,
Tow nslte Agent.
,,, cnlli
"Welt,   I  sujiposo ys.„ object to Ilia : %***** ***********
slip continued, "f„r I Inherited u for- j name, hut I ,.-,nit ,v„u to understand that   *
luiio, but for ynu.   Thc property lias girls in my employ nre servuntB. 1 want   ^
been sold, according to lustructlous, : no Indies in my kitchen.'.'                        j *,    r
and the money coining from the ante Is "w''11.   tor  gooslucss'  snko  whooycr  «
yours,   sir Join, wished you lo tnko It. ; "■'i'!!""1 "''"' "' *™* old kitchen/             J
,,    .,        .,   ,               „ the womnii outside looked nnzz est.         *
lis. often snld thnt your nllownnce wis ■ „„,,,„,,       „(lui,,isu llm,       „.aMr,l)   *
paltry   coiuplirctl   wnli   wbnt  sin,uld nnlnco?"ahcnskoil.                              I *-
hnvo been yours nnd would hnvo been, : -nnrdly,  1 ndvcrtlBCd Hint t svnnls.l n ' *
loo, hml your fnther not left so ninny , girl."                                                     I*
ileitis behind lilm."                                  ! 'J'lic woiiinii pulled n copy of llic paper ; Js
"You nre privileged lo speak ns you tarn  her bundling nnd pointed at  tlio , *)
plonso nlioul my father." I murmured. I ''?mnl' "''•," column.   Then is wna Hint   j
"Wore bo living,  yon would ba  bla ^f'JI^^l'l'fO"^^!8™™.'  *
Lumber Co.
Mrs. Wnktna snw thai ho
i,,l bs-,.,1 placed in tiia "attnnttous want-   «
1" column,   sin. di.ln't say much just   ir
"Don't bo ridiculous, sir!" cried her ,|„,„. in,", wii,.u, attiir'iiniiwering'tlil'rtr '. S
ladyship sluu'lily. "And If you arc try- , sis calls m tho doorbell mid confronting J
Ing to mortify mc you may as well un- thirty-sis nun nnd women who looked I *
dcrsliiiid Unit you cannot succeed.    1    her over with the nlr ot an employer, she  3
m t to .1,, right, nnd I regret nothing   l',"'k:11 '!'« '""•' .•'"']' "°* *"*S ","'',"' !" ' *
thai 1 linvc done. I did not know nny-: 'l!l -">»« "' ;' "•'l1-1'1"'1' "'"' b<> l"lll-'i'" , *
thing of your grandfather's foJIsll Jo^.rtc ohaerved In a atrennoua under- 3
wishes about us until his will was | "Gi-aeiousI 1 wish I could get Tom to ' ^
I'eail." ■ awear for me just n little!" j *
Saw and Planing Mills
| A Dollar in a Lot
i\ nitty make lots <n' dollars,     Buy a lot in
! MARYSVILLE,   the   Smelter   Citv of
! Siiiilh East Kootenay.
i Simpson ck Hutchison,
; Crauhrook and Vlarysvillc Sole Agents
Dootora' vaoatlona. i
"WIkh » contrast thc legal profession   g
pros, i.i- to ih." medical in rrsin-.-t to lioli-   j
"Do 1 nnderstnnd tlml the money is
really mine, Helen?"
"Yosi all .sours."
"Well, I "nnt It."
"You shall have It. Never fear. Hut im„ sM ., „.„„ known x,.„. Yl„.k
are you so rrlghtfllll.v In debt?   asls.-d ^i,,...^,,,, n,0 other day. "A medical man \*)
my ipnnloii in n low, nwed whisper, rarely, uni i lie baa ottalned thc highest ' J
her big eyes full of gentlest sorrow, imltion, thinks ot taking a deal two 3
"In .l.-l.i'.'   Tltnnk heaven, ns-:   Bnt u           ind Uie creator number regard   *;
I cnn receive nothing from you unless themselves n« esccptlonally I   to tl   ir  J
you give yourself to mo nlso." ""'■' -'■ " clew three weeks, whereas J
"A .oil ., .ii n.irr;   '. so- i.lalldliv lb- *™J    '.    ;      ''.,,,..    „.'   n ,,0 ,   : *
or':" she naked between a sol, nml a .,,i,",',"....,..il mon ai odd ion.-.'               | J
laugh. '    -a .[ - ,.r thirty-five .si...tn 1 kn w ,+
"1   ivonldl    An.l   my   grent-grand- has been trying In vain tgi live years to  *
mother, too, If Bhe enmo to me like see a ilimticr.   Another told mc lately   *.
thla." i'"lt '"' had not been oui nl Now \"ik   *
Then n BUlllc liis.- Ilio full sunshine ''i,v M™ '"• ■ 'l:'v **" ""', >'■''-•.   ■*■-   J
,,   ,         , .,,    .        ,    . ,■           , for myself, snee t took mj degree thlrt-
wrentbed ray dnrllug ■ perfect lips, nn.l , ,,„„., ,|ii|ik ,.„, lu,, a jmt,
- and   n.ll. to mc tlinl pr m old tor- Vaaiinn. taking It all In all. op to the
i ice became thon simply l-Meii, n gur-    present  ii   ond   I'm   new   sixty-five
den or ojl tlctlghta. -,      nld.   Very tow outside the medical
s!.. ia my ss.i, inns'. I liko my fum- profession realise whal a terribly eiact-
lij mi loo well to think of marrying 'ng service If lmpo«cB."
out ol It • 	
-AU.    KINDS   OF-
Robinson & McKenzie.
*     Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, I Roug.h and Dressed Lumber
Dimension Lumber, '
hingles and!
■    <
I riouldinsrs.
[ASumsner Fire
and Builder  .*
lit ssnrk slinirnnls'S'il.   Sec as Mure
Cranbrook, It c
...minnl Newman. Hopttlaed.
A friend of Cnrdtnnl Newman snys '    "I '''',,', Biippose," tho young man said
In The r.tniliill tlmt thnt eminent man   '" hesitating tone, as be bi I before her
.        '    ,      ,,'    ... i ' i     father and nervously drummed on his
Bpenic.ri) uuj rromi touoi noeioeit   h ,  ...  .      i ,vil „,,ult l0 trIIJt      r
In hla study.   "Ho nlways kept on His   (|,   . b, but, sir, I-t a ,urc"
ini'l" ll "Htlon of iiiiiiii.n, sslili tho      i -. I,,,, !„i," ihe old gen-
notes of Qnliot and Mllraan, Dolling,   tlcman Inlcrruptnl.   "If you had c tn | you build.   II will pay you
el's 'lleldeillliiiin mnl -Iml,-minim.' ill-    line ami pill up a i: I, strong bluff, nnd
mosl always tbe copy of 'Athniinslus'   Instead ,-i savins; you didn't bupi  I'd
which had belonged to llosi t ami   let you havo hor told me thnt you'd coma
sn.i.i ntnlnetl In tl.cinnrgln notes In   ' ' ""' l'"'"v !'"',',■'"" """' B0'ng '"
„  ,.,,.,,,.. ,,,- ,i ,,..,, i,i»i,nn_    lake her and you'd like my consent as a
holuindvMitngol   It   gient bisbop- nf n]. BomcUlh,g „f „„„
tho 'l„si ol tho fnthcra,  as Newman   ,„,„, ,-,, ,„„.,. ,.„„M,i,,.,,i ,i„. |ir„p„siii,,,,.
dollBbted   l«  .'.ill   I.Ini.    Xe.snia id     „„, , ,,,„•, „„si „,v daughter lo a man ' riW***«,»*»*«.*»»W***»M*t
also always nenr ni band s, Oreek   „i „ along saying ho'a afraid he'a , J  _,._,„ ,,r,r.rt.rt*, . .,  4
^iSWLd„ tc is ii-^iiilrOm^iOO;,.;';:;:,,,:::;;:;:;,; a EAS1 KOOlLNAY s
" HOTIiL... '    l
l?>«-l!»3Ji90v6?f5SSfSiH   *
iotllah professor lhc W-  J      PETER MATHliS.iN. Proprietor,     S
Is a Common Thing
Are you insured? That Rre may
come this week or next. Don't
wait. Save yourself by insuring
f.j ffi r.)-^)-.-^ /;>. ^) /t\-/i>-s>-^v-A>/.\- j..u-5>-5>-.5>_^)—j—v
thinkers,  be snlil - ami  I  believe lie   In lovo with nny other man's dnug r. It
has   ,„elilloi,e.l   11   lo   olbci'S   that   lm    mio' h-lp )'"'.' ">'"''» ';,""'!' ,"'"';','„'/!,"'.';; ' J
owed llttlo or nothing Intcltcctunlly to   ' I   morning,   Jobn.    ,a.   tho   mall a
any Latin writer, with one exception.   """           . *
The cscoptlon wns nol si. Angnstlno, j w.i,-,„-,i. O
lun  Clcoro,    lie  ntwnya molntalnctl      of a certain Si isl, professor llie foi- J
that he owotl Ills ranrvclona stylo to tho   |aVs-l»B atari la told i Among Ms atudenta sj, „,**,,,^..^ilii:i z-.f sr.€fl ;:;
perslalenl attidy of Cicero.   This will    ,...„., „ ,,,„„,. „  from tho hlghlnifds g ....       '     ',               .    .,,...
Mills,', mi ib.iil.t. ninny people nn most     „hn,  before lie left  liis country  Inane, ">   W ucn yon sre niingi,   nni    ,.,n    ,,,
strnngo.    si.   Aoguatlue, ono  would   had token to lilin.clf a helpmeet for Ufa, ;n        a gorsi meal go to inc  isobi   n
think, would hnvo np cd to New-   ( morning ho entered tho college class- ;       * onie mj.                             ,,
>z^tjz ■ te-vsSSSSS I S-"~»i
- ,.'   T!.^":mm™ srfflKft i ^7Z,^:\^:t: I
^ijmrSSl^nB0:,^.;^   S  I" &%$" "Jj Cf ""-'  S
reply;    "Only ac" it dee. not hnppcn |       •''"l1 »> "'" '"'sl l*"oi-««y.      J
niiiiin." I *iTrt»ttJfr«*H»MMi*«m»,_
St. John
New York
wrote better Ungllah tho
:ero I .nt-
lu. Novortbelcas be coiisiiintly Insist-
cd mi bis obligations to the grent Uo-
man Btntesinnn."
nlnel.  IB..j-n.
In tlio calendar of tho nations there
nre unite n number of "black" tlnys,
'Block Moiulny" wns April 14, 1300, n
llefo- do Walt. | 	
"Honest, now, Undo Eph'm," said ono
of the yonng men. "did you ever In all   rj      .   Vnntnnnv
ilny so diirli nnd eold Hint iiuiiiy of llm : j.„„,. in,, hnvo as much money as $10 nt   L.dSl  IvUUlWlla J
array ot Etlwnrtl III., king of Kuglnu.1,   one time?" .,,,,,   I
which  lay  before the city or Purls,      "I wns wulf eighteen linn cd d„lhlis |
! wero fronen to dentb.   An Immenae   once," replied Unele liubn suilly,   jea
bush lire occurred on "Black Tluu-
ilny" In Australia, Feb, 0, IS51.   Twn
events nro cominctiiornlcd hy "ltlni'is
Krldiiy" III MiikIiiiuI- Dec. 0, 17.",, when
ns 1 atood."
i Bottling Co.
Hi.   Vttltt   S,'i,l,.|l,
"l'npo," snlil Miss Strong, "I wish ynu      i   .„nl-A/|       W/lfna-O
,   ,   ,.   ,    ,   ,   ,    ,      would stay in this evening.   Mr. Parley   AeratCd      W dierb
the news i elicit  luiglniul Hint the   „.ul wnnt to spenk to you." !»»••»       ....
pretender hml nrrlved at Derby, ami      ..jina ho really proposed nt last?" i Of all Kinds.
Mny II, 1800, svben llie fiillilrc of Over-       "No," ropllod the dear girl, ssilh a look
lantl, Gtirnoy & Co. brought on n mosl I of dctorinlnnilon, "hut ho will tonight."    I
dlsnstrotis  piinlc.    A   punle  in   New
York  iiirroil  Sept 25,   1800,   which
wns nfierwiii'd known ns "Black l'l'l-
day,"   "Blitck Saturday" is the name ( ,
applied lo Aug. 4, 1031, when a great   "I1"111""'  i  0 >A wftie, in siphons.    The mosl
slni'in occurred ul the tlmo puTllnuieiit |    Poverty l« no crlnici lint, novertlielusa, .        0 nrnvmlealtciandle il
There are 8,000 words used  nlilse In
Prencli „,el Kualish without variation in
Syrups, Clidinpagncsj Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
a  I I Ull'11,1    II-   UU llllll,',   lllll,   in-yi-1 iiM'M-rts,   ,
.. .      . . .. in in ouuliliable by bard labor for lifo.      I
tbu yooftle, ^nw^ i^>^tww*lW'Ji» «y 11  ■
tn i o ll waymica
w.<4   \OGQQQ(mm   ( '";0*DCO'OOOOQ©ai
San Francisco
Refitted TUrougliout
(iiu- of tlie Moat Comfortable
Hotels in But Koot«ni*f.
Nt-wly rurnisbed
j I.. B, VanDecar, I'nip.
Upper Lake Steamers cranbrook, b, e.
lv. i„,i wiiiiam, s,„,. me. in.    j OQQOQ13QpOOaOO;v:):;COODO.O0BBBBBBi
 .        ! _: __ooioi. O._  r.
v.a. soo line       Ir'^^nV.^Anlr
Livery  S
l.eitvc lliiinnnre .luiielinii slnils for St. I'nnl
Leave Kootenay I nmliny, fucsda) nml Si.iur
sln> lor r„r,„iln mul all eastern poinls
Leave Revelstoke dally lor Scallle, 1 ancoovcr
Through Ikkoln to Europe .in nil lilmiii.
Lines.   Prepaid llckcla ir,«'i «H P"'oi« "I
loweal rnies.   I„r lull parllcular. apply io
local ageals,
a. a. p. a . *i««i.
Vancouver,                 Crnnhmnk
J. S CARTER, li. P. I.. Nel. B.C,
Proprietors * * *
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Th osc wanting; chimneys, lire
,..„... lisl"''11 f'" ""> places, boilers lined, or any job
w ork in the brick line call on
.oint in the -li-.ii....
Manager   .-»   ..*    ..*
(ieo. R. Taylor
The Cranbrook Herald
Two Dollars per year. w^^^i .-.■.•:•.•.•.■.•.•.•-•.•.*.\v;
French i:lattitel
Embroidered Waist Cloths
On.' ot our new lines. A
trilk early to wear but not
too early to make a selection. One waist length, only in Castor, Vieux, Rose,
Silver Grey, Rcsedo and all
the populat shades.
' Cool Neckwear
Mull and Grass Linen
Stocks. Insertion and Applique sailor collars.
% Belting-
in Tucked  Talieta and
Folded Satin.    Just in.
...M^N'S SECTION... fi
Overalls s>t
Wc have just received a -fl
large shipment of Men's and -?I
boy's overalls and jackets. *I
One line to sell at $1.50 per Vi,
suit. JA
Collars and Tics (t<*>
All sizes in linen and rub- ®T
berine summer collars. New ,. ;
tubular silk wash ties. The • l
i ®
new string tie. wl
Shirt Waists %
A lew ciioice patterns in [®
si:es lo, 15 1-2, lb. ] •
!«? Watch our "WEEKLY STORE NEWS."    Wc \
Aj will keep you posted on correct styles (* I
tf ..AT  REID  &   CO.'S.. f
i"r _ v , ^^    _.wi--.    0a
i^W^O<siO-.^*-Os!>0^^'0<0-0-(0<f^(.'^s--.- ■'?• - ■'•■ -iv--.OOOw
<to&tototototototototototo,to4 .< > •< -§*£•».>:•##-&«>>
<!> **>
I ...Camping Parties...
Vroom & Dezall
|     Horse Shoeing
• Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....        '   j
Osilslsle Orders Promptly -j
AlleaslcJ lu. 1
• I
rj • •• ••♦♦♦»•♦*♦ ♦*• ♦ • •*••••■
! Two plastered rooms for
! rent over Herald Ollice.
• Inquire of
1       or at Herald Office
We are headquarters ior supplies for
outings oi this nature. We have dainty edibles iti cans and jars. We will
pack your hamper neatly and carefully
and will guarantee you satis!action
with quality and assortment. ........
Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery.
R-% ££{$ ********** Afl**********
I      LOCAL   NOTES     I
4   • ft
Picked  Up Aboul lhe City   by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Owing to some misunderstandings In
Uie past Tbe Herald hereafter will mnke
ii tl it rale of i% cents per line for first
iiisi-i linns nnd 5 cjnls per line each suh-
sequent insertion for church ami society
locals advertising paid euleiliiiumeuis.
No llckcls received in lien of advertising
or ns compllmentarles. Business of this
character will be transacted on a cash
basis hereafter,
'm:to^<r<^<rm-r r fr'Vy ->■> XrO^^-irO
Fresh Beef, Pork, §
Mutton, etc.-^-^-i* §
Pork Sausage, Poultry, Fish and   G.
(Same in Season. O
1     ...ONE MILLION...
e 0
B Of all kinds of DRY LUMBER on hand. Can load Q
0 from 1 to 5 cars per day. We will quote prices on Q
{2 request. Q
1      JONES & FINCH       §
fi Mfrs. of Rough and Dressed Lumber, Shingles and Lath jg
0 lllll with Capnsllj troai 25.111111 to 3(1 llllll per slay Q.
Marysville and Kimberley, B. C.
When in town don't
lorgct to stop at thc...
*" POR AN ARTISTIC is- '*"»*»* '" *'"•' "' """"
*     PORTRAIT OR PHOTOORAPII     I   Tr,     , . TT
I „,„„,„„are,,,*,.„_„,,, »-, ? V ictona House
tl-   Of illtMil.il-111 I'Mi'iiin mi ,i.ur
m ..   . ...   'I*
-^ \11mte11r Vt....
■*       tlou,  N01
* 1...M.      ,■.,.,!,I--.I.I.II1    »„l   ,   Sm.U.H... -,,
•»->-» *44 ***).) I i**$i****lr
What is your Estate
Vou can make it what you will
Ask Us How
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
Fire and Life Insur'ce
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Firstclass
Opposite Depot
L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
Tllr-.lM^\^.,l'.,l,ll;l!|.,'t''ii-i-;i/i1!'s 'kf-Cli.
Ami I'l.'iJ-Mii.ii; lli.il skill i-im,It,
It* you'll mil Iim'II .In lur you.
J. T. Dendurant) Prop.
Shave ISc,      Hair Cut 35c,     Shampoo 25c,
<i. P. TISDALB, }
Propriotoi of iii>'
Candy Kitchen
Cnrrloi ncompletestook nf
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
j Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. Olvs us a call
Rogers Bros."
Knives, Porks,
Spoons, etc.
■ pnrtnerslil|i liliherio   exlailiij* between
nl *i- tii" uiiuii' of Stevenson & MdntoBli,
■ Town ut liko, B.C., ns  proprietors ot
iniTiiuiii iitii-ic. holel in snlil pliire, ims
i.i-M"'?i mconl niitnirsiililhiiilnesii
All inilebi"''.'    .. ui-i suiii   partnunhlp
WitnoiKi   Vi. .1, Ni.bsnx.
Dllleil July 1, IM2
Ky« cnrcftiliy exitntncd ind
properly (iileil io lli-t belt jfrutt-:
When in Frank, Alberta, take
your meals at the
.,.„.,»,,,,    , '-• E. ORCHARD, Prop.
niMilal Wnicli Inspector ior r
Crows Nesl Jlvld1.11 C. I'. R. Bcst mea| on QArfa
R. K Beattie returned from Winnipee
on Monday.
Mr, McGinniR of War'luer, wns in
town Tuesday.
P. 1'. Uorttt'ii of Marysvllle, wns in
tuwn yesterday,
Just n few summer suits left nt McSweyn & Griffith's.
I)r, King spent several days fishing on
Suiji creek Inst week.
Charles Reld of Marysville, visited
Cranbrook last Monday,
J. I, Parker nnd wife returned Tuesday from n trip to Nelson.
Mrs. J. II. Wolfe has none to Halcyon
Hot Springs for lier health,
The Oild Follows held n very enjoya-
iiie Sinokcr Monday evening,
Jntnes Ryan has put in water connections ul the Craubrook hott.*].
Born, to .Mr. and Mrs W. J Lowes,
on Wednesday, July 23, a boy.
Pieper & Currie have given the Cnlh-
olic church <- uew cout of pnint.
A large number of Cranbrook people
Spent. Sunday along Terry creek.
Our values In ties cannot be surpassed
iu town.    The Port Sieele store,
Whnt is the matter with the Cranbrook
lite brigade?   Hns it died a bornin'?
Jake Pink nnd Sam Morrow caught
174 trout lu Terry creek Inst Suudny,
Just lecelved today, the newest nml
latest in ties nt the Fort Sleele store.
D. M. Mackeuie of Moyie, cmne up
Monday to enter St. Eugene hospital.
The Mission hills nre being widened
so thnt in tlie   future  they will be safer.
Leask & Slater are hauling log s from
their timber reserve north ot town by
Edgar Hume went to Prank, Alta.,
last Saturdao, It was his regular monthly 1 rip.
We hnve a nice line of flannel panting
Bull able for tennis wear. McSweyn &
Kev. C. W, Houghton of Fernie, oc-
i*ii|)ietl the pulpit al Christ church last
Sun dity.
James Laurie relumed Monday from
Winnipeg, where lie went last week on
T. J. Moore, bookkeeper for Lebttl &
Co. of Pincher, wns In town Tuesday on
Mrs. Rowtnutlson has returned from
Prnilki Alln , where she   bus been visit
ing friends,
The latest black silk belt obtainable,
at the Port Steele store They're neat
ami cheap,
H, Haines visited the regatta at Nelson Inst week and reports an exceedingly Buccesslul occasion.
Mr. McMahon, book keeper for the
Sullivan Mining company, came down
from Marysvllle Monday.
Max McSweyn of Nelson, was visiting
bis cousin J McSweyn of ibis town
Tuesday nnd Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson nml two children, May and John,  went  to  Kitchener
Tuesday for a fislihig trip.
A. H. Grant and  fninily  nre going to
ive from Frank to Calgary, where Mr.
Grant has a permanent position,
A horse owned by Leask <S: Slater gol
mired above the dam nl Tom Love's
place last week nud was drowned.
Stewart Mi'Kini went to Silverlou Inst
Week to look nfler some interests he has
there.   He reports n pleasnnt vlilt.
T Lobe! St Cn.   have opened n grnln
warehouse Iii Pernie,    Thi*. makes two
tbey hnxe in Smith lC.ist Kooienay.        '
Several Crnuhrook boys aie expected
from South Africa this week.
J- A Arnold who hns beeu visiting
relatives in St. -*-*ul the past two weeks
returned homeWednesday morning.
Four rooms to ".'"l on second floor of
postofiice bulldiug, Suitable for offices
or light house keeping.     R, K Beattie.
John Hutchison, ibe real e»tate and
mining broker, has moved his ollice to
the second flout nf the post office building.
The woik on the telephone plant Is
progressing rapidly, and some cf the
phones wilt be installed will)hi a few
Bert Hill leaves Friday for nn extended trip to several eastern points, including Toronto, Montreal,  Niagara) New
York mid Boston,
J R. Downes of lhe Cosmopolitan
hotel, bas built a tine stable back ol tbe
hotel for the accommodation of lun
horses ami carriage.
Dr. King has just purchased a line
team of driving horses ami new buggy
It is one of tb ' finest ont liis ever brought
to South East Kootenny.
Charles Finch ol Marysville, was in
town Saturday. He is getting out a lot
of lumber at his mill, and is finding a
gootl market I'm his output.
P, McConnell sold a calf three mouths
old to A Jolliffe this week for $25 Tbis
illustrates the fact lhat it pays to raise
good stock iu East Kootenay.
The Misses Gurd gave a very pleasant
progressive euchre parly Tuesday evening to a number of friends, The evening was a most enjoyable one,
J. McSweyn and Harry Griffith are
looming up as stars iu the amateur
photograph Hue. Tbey have produced
some excellent work this season,
George Tedlock returned last Thursday from bis Irip to ttie coast. lie reports a pleasant time, hut says that the
weather was intensely hot at Seattle.
Government Agent Armstrong has
consented to build a trail over J. Ryan's
route to Perry creek, as a slmter for the
new cut off road that is so badly needed.
Joe Stephens was discharged from the
Sl Eugene hospital lost Thursday, nnd
returned to Elko, He made rapid recovery from an operntiou performed for
Mrs. I P. Fink expects to leave Sweden on the 1301 of August for home.
For the pnst two months the children
have not been very well, and she prefers
lo have them at home.
ft. H. Gilpiu took a few dnys off Inst
week nnd hied to the bosh for recreation. He went as fnr south as the
houndnry line, nml returned feeling
much better for his outing.
There is Bome talk of an Odd Fellows
excursion during August. It U quits
probable that one will he arranged so
that the lodges of Fertile, Moyie and
Craubrook may participate.
This is the time of year when everybody should look out for fires. Everything is as dry ni tinder, and a spark
might cause a disastrous conflagration.
It will pay nil to be cnulious.
I). Murphy hns received word thnt his
little daughter is greatly Improved nnd
has been taken out of tbe fever ward of
the Calgary hospital. Mrs. Murphy will
remain until her dmigbter is able to he
brought home.
The Wilmer Outcrop gives a long account of a Inrge banquet tendered Captain Armstrong of the steamer North
Star, of lhat plnce n week ago. It was n
most successful affair, and there were
many kind words for the captain.
J. L. Doupe of Winnipeg, assistant
land commissioner for the C. P R , and
A Taylor of Nelson, land agent for the
C. P, R in the Kootenays, nre In town
to look over the surveys made by the
provincial surveyor, W S Gore, ns far
as the C. P. R. lauds are concerned.
A Fernie dispatch to the Winnipeg
Tribuue says it will soon be two months
since the explosion there, and still there
are several bodies lying where they died,
without any effort being made by the
proper authorities to recover Iliem. It
is very properly thought that this state
of things shovld not be allowed lo continue longer,
ft. Campbell and wife nnd Mrs McKenzie of Moyie, spent two days of this
week visiting iu Cranbrook. It wns the
first time they had spent nny time In
Cranbrook for n yenr or more, and they
were very favorably Impressed with the
advancement made in lhe town, and
spoke in high praise of lhe tunny heouli*
ful homes in this cily.
If Government Agent Armstrong nnd
Inspector of Roads McKay desire a nice
ensy ride, they should get a double rig
wllh a weak back spring and drive from
Cranbrook to where .the road intercepts
lhe road from Port Steele to Perry
creek. And there are probably a dozen
teams over lhe Cranbrook end of the
road to one over the Fort Sleele end.
Oue uf the finest drives nnd most
pleasant places lo visit these days Is Old
Town on Perry creek. It is the scene of
early day placer prosperity, aud many
of the buildings used iu those days are
still standing. The place is full of historical interest, and within ten or fifteen
ntites' walk or the hotel are placer
mines now in operation. And whnt is
more, Mr. and Mrs. Iliirge hnve charge
of the hotel nnd any one can be made
comfortable lor the dny, with meiils that
will please even a crank.
1 tho MurysvUle Tribune
Miss Wellman of Craubrook, basjbeen
visiting friends lu town ibis week.
Mrs. McKinstry is visiting with ber
sou N. C. McKinstry of this place.
J. D. McBride, the Cranbrook hardware 111 nu, was iu town Thursday.
Charles Armstrong nud E. J. Peltier
drove up from  Cranbrook ou Thursday,
Fred Tate aud Dan Breinner of Cranbiook, brought lhe mail up uu Tuesday
Tom Armstrong of Port Steele, was in
town this week. lie says that Sleele is
very quiet.
Mr. Thompson, one of Cranbrook's
lawyers, wns iu town Thursday on a
business trip.
The smelter company is electing n
dam on Mark creek fur the supply ol
water tor the smeller.
lieorge Leask of Cranbrook, has se*
cured tbe contract for building the new
school house, and work will begin at
Grant Bellinger returned from his trip
to the Territories on Tuesday, He reported things in that part of the country
ns being, good.
Don McKay visited Cranbrook this
week, mid also purchased au outfit of
supplies for the government road cutting
party up the St. Marys.
Superintendent Elemndorf drove to
Craubrook   yesterday  on   business con
uccted wiih the (inelter. Mr. Elemndorf has made a very favorable impres
siou with the people here, and the opinion is unanimous that he thoroughly
understands his business.
The Thompson placer mine Is being
rapidly cleared of water. They will be
\ soon taking out gold again.
Oliver Burge has returned to Old Town
from his claim "The StaT" where be bas
been dolog assessment work.
Art Mallinson, Robt. Akins and Jack
Balhle spent Saturday at Perry Creek
tishlr.g    They caught a nice mess.
Mr. Sherwood made a trip to Steele
Friday.   He had been in the inountali
for over a month and had not heard of
the King's Illness.
A. L. Moore has resigned his position
ns manager of the Perry Creek mining
Company and returned tj SjiiFranclsco
the Brst of the wees.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dickinson were
guests at Old Town the first of the
week. Frank and Arthur Burge caught
in the afternoon 103 trout.
Mr. A, S. Trow and Mr. Boynton and
wife arrived nt Perry Oreek on Friday
and will remain f*r some time, M ■.
Boynton and wife will go to the coast
before returning to Wisconsin.
Hank Ellen and Dan Monroe arrived
at Perry Creek this we ik with a pack
outfit enronte to their claims at the bead
of the creek. They expsct to spend
sometime doing asieasinent woik on
their several claims.
Messrs. Pleper and Currle, piper and
paint merchants, Craubrook, mad:
visit to O.d Town In company with
Conductors Cavln aud McKenzie. They
bad great sport Ashing. Mr Covin got
the honor of catching the most by one
of the liniiit- tribe.
From tlie Prospector,
Dr. Hugh Watt and Ujy .Jennings ie-
turned to Giteway Tuusday.
T. G Armstrong accompanied by his
daughter Minnie, visited Mirysvillc on
Mrs. C. F. Hannlogton and daughter
left on Monday for Victoria where they
will reside in the future.
R L. T, Gilbrallh Indian agent, returned on Thursday from an iillcial
visit to the West Kootenay reserve,
II. Raines, manager of the Canadaln
Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, was
visiting friends at Steele on Sunday
Kniglils of Phythlss Convention
Al Sin Friineisco, August I to 5, Por
thc nbon* the C P R. will issue tickets
from Kootenay common points at $50
for the leturn, good all rail or via steamer, Including meals and berth from Port
land, Victoria or Seattle, Por full par*
tlculars apply to local agfttt, \
Prom tho Metis l-emler
Mrs, McMahon, Miss Baton and Miss
II igglns are visiting lu Kllio this week.
Fred K. Haines cf the Marysvllle
Tribune st j il, and Miss Dudley of K'tin-
berly were vlslllug In Moyle lasl But-
Constable Driiminond relumed from
Pernio yesterday and will remain. The
strike Is not yet settled hut thu town Is
quiet and tberc Is uot llkley to be ai.y
Mr. A. T. C'ark, who owns the valuable llmlor and meadow properly , n
the west Side of the lake, has just completed thc contract of delivering 8,000
feet of mining timber to the St. Eugene,
Cranbrook's Pride.
The Cranbrook baseball club expects
to start on a trip nbout the mlh of August, ll will piny Pincher Creek, Medicine Hat, nnd possibly one or two other
towns. The boys desire encouragement
front the citizens since they hnve practiced hard enough to make themselves a
winning team, It is to be Loped thnt
they will be given the assistance necessary A winning ball club is a good advertisement for ony town.
Amber" Ping Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits, "Have you
tried it?"
* <*
<►       OUR      r\j T^T*       0UR      $i
#i    STOCK IS     l-C I TRADE IS    *
«*L> O
~A And if close buying and good values will continue to 9
O increase our turnover we will continue to give them, n
% H you have not looked over our stock lately come and **ta
to be convinced we do as we advertise.     Our stock of Ot
|        ...GROCERIES...
^ is always new and fresh and our Men's Department is
V becoming more complete every day	
to .1. P. FINK, manager. O.
A Delicious, Cooling Drink |
may be found at our soda fountain. O
The best of pure fruit syrups used. fiH
R. E. Beattie, the Druggist %
£j   We carry lhe right flies for Kootenay trout.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. CJ
Expected Saturday
Green Apples, Peaches, Plums,
Berries, Rhubarb, Bananas,
Cherries, etc., etc.
Our stock of fruitjis always the most complete and
our groceries are admitted to be the best. We make
a specialty of coffee.   Don't fail to call and look at
our stock.
Will Renew the Appearance ol
Your Parlor, (lood Values In
the Latest Style can be had
Repair! i« and Upholstering a Specialty.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hcnnessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunvillc's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle    2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivct, per bottle I 75
John Dcwar's Special, per bottle 175
Coatc's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  150
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle            2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength! per bottle
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle	
Claret— Chateau-Qowsman, pints	
Bass Ale, pints	
Guinness' Stout	
I 75
I 00
i Our Samples of Woolens
S And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
M and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
S of the latest and choicest to be found
y in the foreign and domestic markets.
g| They are especially adapted for the mer-
1 chant tailoring trade and may be had
^ upon application.
i   1


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