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Cranbrook Herald Oct 25, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oho. A. Cox, President.
B. E. Walkkr, Geu. Man*
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000,00,
A General Banking; Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents«-The Bank of Scotland.
I W ....».»... a.aa~a!fi
4> LADIES S S S                I
s4 Do you want the  best fitting   &
s-»> Corset in the market?    Wc are the sole   m
9 agent in Cranbrook for the celebrated              9
% VV. B. CORSET.             I
^> wc arc iiiiportiiiK this make direct from the
•$> manufacturer at New York.
| REID & CO.
♦ ♦■»■> 90 ♦•♦©    g}«-» *-•■>■» ♦■■»-» *@
Hotel *£ 3
Quests Comfort a Specialty
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Craobrook.
Easy Shoes for
Tender Feet.
S S S Don't Hesitate
To dispense with your old summer shoes because they are comfortable. They're old and
look it. We have Soft shoes for hard service
Good shoes that wear well.
THEY FIT-THAT'S IT.   **   **   Jt
W; want you to see them whether you buy
or ,10t* Geo. Bremner & Son.
Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!
We are now in position to show you as nice and cheap
a line of Shoes as can be found in East Kootenay. Call
and examine them and be convinced. .......
Fort Steele Mercantile Co. Ltd.
•*l:asl kiinit*iia>'s Big Mail Urilcr House"
More New Goods at Gilpin's
Men's (ioml Tweed Suits, etiioce of three lines Jo worth $-9.
Men's Qood Blue Serges $5 up.
New Styles in Overcoats from $11 up. .*.
rUickinavYS, Rubber*-- f:tc nt way down prices.
Special reduction on Ladies' Jackets, Skirts, Etc.    .'.
See our new bar-gain counter.    Heavy  receipts of Men's
Ladles' nnd Children's Footwear,    Our shoe slocks  have
been trehled iii the past mouth.     Drop  in.    You   will  Iw
treated well whether buying or not.
William MeKenzie, of the McKenrie
syndicate, the railway and mining magnate of Canada, wub iu Cranbrook this
week on hi* way to Kimberley and the
North Star mine. He waa accompanied
by his daughter* and the parly was traveling in Mr. McKenzie'B special car.
It has been some time since the gentleman hns visited South Kast Kootenay
and he was highly pleased with the progress noticeable throughout the district.
In an interview iu the Nelson Tribune,
he expressed himself as follows:
Iti regard to railroad matters, Mr.
Mckenzie stated lhat his syndicate has
nothing ou band or ia view save the
Canada Northern, on which John W.
Su ■*m l, who built the Balfour extension,
ba* n contract. Their project to build
the Vancouver, Victoria St Kaitern railway bas been allowed to drop since the
anti-subsidy legislation took effect a
couple of years ago.
"We are doing absolutely nothing in
connection wilh the V., V & ti. line,"
is Mr. McKenzie'B comment on the matter. He know* of ao projected road iu
this province, stating that the syndicate
ia not interested in the proposition to
build a road from Republic to Carson on
the international boundary line and
ncross into Greenwood.
Referring to hia mining interests, Mr.
MeKenzie stated that be is satisfied with
the prospects ahead of the Norlh Star
mine, The property iB a steady shipper
and improves constantly with develop
A Hustling Mlnloi Mai.
J. C. Drewery, general manager ofthe
Canadian Gold Fields company, which
owns tbe St. Eugene property, was in
town last Sunday accompanied by Mr.
Jeffry, mining engineer for the company. Mr, Drewry iB .kept busy traveling over British Columbia looking up
properties, and haa made some purchases the past year that are proving
to be winners. The gentleman came
over the trail from Crawford* bay to
Kimberley, arriving there just in time to
catch William McKenzie'a party in tbeir
special car on their return to Cranbrook.
Mr, Drewry says that the Craw fords bay
country looks very good indeed, and that
in hia opinion tbere will be some big
properties there in the future. "But,"
said the gentleman, "it takes time and
capital for these properties and companies cannot afford to pay the price of a
mihe for a prospect."
Mr. Drewery and Mr. Jeffrey left iu the
afternoon for Moyie.
* 8
Pioneer Hardware Store
It's a Cold Day
That you need a stove.    They are coming—the
9 cold days-    We have the stoves—a carload.
The Best Only the Best
In thc way of Paints and Oils.   We sell the
pure White Lead and pure Linseed Oil.
Everything in Hardware
Needles to Furnaces
The Aurora Oroup.
O. S Johnson, of Moyie, was In town
Monday. Mr. Johnson ia interested witb
others in tbe Aurora group ou the west
side of Moyis lake, aud ia feeling good
over recent developments on the property. Tbey have a tunnel In 110 feet,
and a cross cut baa shown up a magnificent lead, which they are now following. They have three men al work and
are pleased with the showing that has
been made. The size of the lead and
the richness of the ore exposed goes to
show pretty conclusively that within a
short time there will be some heavy
shippers on that side of tbe lake as well.
Looking Over Ike Co-Miry.
J. I Lowles of London, Eng., has
been in tbe district tbe past week looking over the country's mineral resources.
Mr, Lowles came over from Fort Steele
Tuesday accompanied hy M. A. Beale,
and went on to Kimberley later to look
over the big properties in that portion of
the country. Mr. Lowles will probably
invest in some properties in South Kast
Kootenay as he ii very favorably impressed with tbe outlook.
The editors of the Macleod Advance |
and the-Fort Stee'e 1 Prospector have
been having something in say regarding
big potatoes sent into lliem tiy friends.
The Macleod editor had 1.1 potatoes lhat
weighed 2t\ pounds, while brother Grace
was favored by in that weighed 40
pounds. To us tint seemed like big
potatoes, until list Friday, when we saw
our friend Engineer Gregory struggling
across tbe open flat tbat intervenes between the freight yards and Tbe Herald
office. He"seemed to be carrying something that was bea.y, and naturally, as
be neared the ollice, we concluded tbut
he had -*-*. large specimen of ore. Hut,
no, we were mistaken.. Perspiring like
a man working in the b.arvest field aud
panting like one climbing a steep trail,
he came through the door und deposited
on the table a potato, Ibe like of which
have never seen before. The editorial stand groaned beneath its weight,
the mahogany legs quivered like aspen
leaves in a storm, and total destruction
of this artistic piece of office furniture
was threatened had we not taken off a
heavy editorial clipped from the Moyie
Leader and thus lightened tbe loud.
But that pot oto was a beauty. As to
weight and length we can give no accurate idea. We kept it on. exhibition for
two days, aud then ha'd it delivered to
R E. Beattie, who has bad it put iu his
fire-proof cellar for use this winter, aud
is feeling good over the fact that bis
bill for vegetables will he materially re
Those wbo are acquainted with Joh.n
Hutchison know something abont his
beautiful handwriting. It iu a peculiar
style, full of force, energy and eccentricities. There are curves and dashea, with
here and there a trembling line, which
forms a combination tbat would send n
writing expert crazy to attempt to decipher it at all times. Hyde Baker tells
tbe latest on "Hutch's" handwriting
that will be fully appreciated by those
who have struggled with that gentle
man's chlrograpby. It seems that Mr.
Hutchison intends to start a strawberry
bed, aud being, desirous of securing
plants wrote to Mr. Cherwood, of Nel
son, an old friend, asking him to secure
1,ooo as soou as possible. Cherwood
received the letter and worked over it an
entire forenoon, finally having to give it
up. But a happy thought struck him
Hyde Baker was iu town, and he would
take the letter to him. Finding him, be
"Say, Baker, you know Hutchison, of
"Certainly," replied Baker.
"Can you read his handwriting?"
"Well, I ought to," answered linker.
"I have seen enough of it the past few
years.   No trouble to do that."
Cherwood produced the letter aud
banded it to Baker, saying as he did so,
"I can't make out what he wauls."
Baker looked at lhe letter, knitted his
brow, and then started again. Ile read
it over several times and suddenly looked
up and handing back the letter, said:
"Why. tbat is easy. Hutchison simply
asks you to secure for bim 1,000 Sullivan shares.   That's as plain a9 day."
I Keep the Dollars in Cranbrook?
* *
J   Christmas is coming.   The
* people ol Cranbrook should
4    arrange to buy their Christ
* mas presents of the home
* merchants. Honey spent
in Cranbrook will always
help Cranbrook. Honey
sent back is ol no beneft
to this town. Build up
your own town.    It  pays.
William Hocklag Is to Pay tbe Penally of
Hii Crime.
William K. Hocking, of Moyie, who
whh married iu this city last January to
Miss Jean Montgomery, was found guilty
of bigamy at Nelson this week and sentenced to three years in the penitentiary.
Hocking claimed that he was innocent
of intentional wrong, as he was under
ihe impression that his first wife had
secured a divorce. Tbe Nelson Tribune
"Iu reply to the query ai to whether
he had anything to say before sentenced
was passed Hocking made the neatest
speech ever delivered from the prisoner's
box in the court house. He urged his
honor to deal leniently with him, maintaining strenuously that he wai wholly
guiltless of any Intention to break the
law or wroug the woman who had become hia wife at Cranbrook. He was
anxious (0 have an opportunity to see
Miss Montgomery before being taken to
thc penitentiary in order to turn over
what money and valuables he possessed
to ber and would also, if the law permitted, marry her at the earliest possible
moment in order that her unborn child
might have a name.
The Presbyterian Choir Made Him a Very
Neat Present.
1, ist Monday evening a pleasant party
met at the Presbyterian manse and executed a neat surprise on J. W. Robinson,
wbo has given material assistance in (be
Presbyterian choir the past year. An
appropriate address was read by Mrs. G,
Bremner, and Miss Anna Grant, In be-
lialfnf lhe choir, presented Mr. Robinson wilh a pair of military brushes. Naturally, a response was expected, and
Mr. Robinson replied in a feeling manner. Tbe occasion was a joyful one, and
will be loug remembered by those who
The Herald  $2.00 Per
A Hard Hitter.
Prof. Alexander, the phrenologist, has
been talking to good houses most ofthe
week, Judging from the comments on
tbe gentleman's lectures, he haa the faculty of making a most interesting talk
aud mixing up a whole lot of common
sense with bis pleasantries. He has sent
the javelin of Truth through the flnisy
armor of Hypocrisy on more tban one
occasion, exposing to view the false pretenses of man and his measures. Faith,
Hope and Charity, resting upon the
foundation of honesty, ia never subject
to unjust criticism. But when used as a
cloak to hide selfish designs, no man can
be too bitter in his denunciation,
House Far Silt.
New, under construction, seven rooms,
Apply to George Laurie, 3
Blowi to AtOM.
The old idea that tbe body sometimes
needs a powerful, drastic, purgative pill
haa been exploded; for Dr, King's New
Life Pills, which are perfectly harmless,
geutly stimulate liver and bowels to ex-
el poisonous matter, cleanse the system
and absolutely cure constipation and
sick headache. Only 25 ceuls at Best-
tie's diug store.
Many women worry themselves to
death tearing that some other woman
will be first in carrying a bad piece of
news to a neighbor.
The man who persists In deceiving his
wife is simply piling thorns in a bed on
which he will have to recline in the
If 1 woman wants to hurt (he feelings
ofa youug and fond mother, she nlways
says, the "dear, sweet baby darling"
looks like some homely relative.
An economical spiiit is admired by all
men, even if it ia not practiced; bul a
mean, stingy man is detested by all wbo
know bim,
The purity of any particular political
party depends upon the political affiliations of the man speaking.
The religious man is not always the
most charitable when it comes to discussing tbe faults of his fellow man.
Who Have Been Holm Business li  Cran.
brook the Psst Week.
W. A, Cooper, Montreal,
G. R.Green, Victoria.
V. Colptnan, Lethbridge.
M. B. Steiue, furnishing, Montreal.
D. S. Cluff, orgahs, Woodstock.
T. W. G. Fitzgerald. Toronto.
B. A. Baker, Vancouver.
A. R. Musgrave, Vancouver.
B R. Purdy, llradstreets, Nelson.
W. R. Begg, Toronto.
Jas Stevenson, hats, caps and harness,
Geo. Wilson, stationery, Winnipeg.
Jus. Mann, wagons, etc., Winnipeg.
H. A. Small, groceries, Vancouver.
I,.  I,.  McKindsay, boots and shoes,
R. B. Parker, furuituie, Guelph.
S. C. Matthews, dry goods, Montreal.
J. II. Hemsworth,  groceries, Victoria'
John J. Wilson, (lour, Nelson.
For some time the small school house
built early last summer by tbe public
contribution of the citizens has been
found far too small for tbe number of
pupils attending. Tbe Leader is pleased
to be able to state that the final arrangements have been made by the government for the building of a new and more
commodious building, to cost in tbe
neighborhood of $1600.
Chris Foley will be in Moyie Tuesday
next, when he will give an address in
the I. O. 0. F. ball, assisted by local
We regret to announce the death of
Mra. Frank Nelson, who haa only recently joined her husband from tbe east,
early last Thursday morning. The funeral took place between halfpaat ten
aud eleven o'clock Friday morning under the direction of the Miners' I'nion.
About 60 miners were in attendance.
Four little children are left to the care
of ber bereaved husband to whom the
community extends sincere sympathy.
It has been stated on good authority
tbat a new road will shortly be built to
the Society Girl. It iB estimated that
the road wilt cost about $1500. The intention is to start from the south end of
town, gradually climbing the bill until
Bridge creek is reached, then swing
round the point above the creek and
strike northward to the mine.
Government Agent Armstrong is making arrangements to purchase land for
the purpose of building a new court
house aud j -mil. As soon as (he arrauge-
nieuls are completed thc work will at
ouce he commenced.
Magnificent Work Done by George Leask
and Pieper * Currie.
The house that has just keen completed for Kngineer Murphy on baker hill
by George I.eask ia one of the beat finished residences in Craubrook. It Is
modern iu design, and a careful examination of tbe work, both outside and In
the Interior, would quickly convince
anyone that Mr. I.eask Is painstaking
and careful tn every little detail ofthe
work. Nowhere Is tbere any slight, In
no place ts there any evidence of botch
work. From cellar to garret, fine workmanship is plainly visible. The joints
on the doors and window casings sre
perfect, the stairway iabnilt by ■ master
hand, the doors fit like a kid glove—In
fact tbe house stands as a monument to
honest, faithful work.
The painting and oiling was in charge
of Messrs. Pieper and Currie, a fact that
la hardly necessary to state, after noting
the manner in which the work has been
done. The beauty of the pine and the
tamarack has been brought out by the
artistic touch of their brushes, and tbe
finish is such that it will Increase in attractiveness as it grows older. The appearance of the wood work in Mr. Murphy's house quickly shows tbe difference
between having anything of the kind
done by those who understand their
business, and novices In the business.
Mr. Leask and the firm of Pieper & Currie have goud reasou to feel proud of
Mr. Murphy's house.
Fernie residents are desirous of in-
creasiug their stock of cats. Mice and
rats are increasing st a rate tliat is h!hi tiling,
The Trail smelter paid $27,000 in wages
last month. A smelter seems to be a
good thing in a community,
Sandon has a fire apparatus but no
fire department, This is as bad as a
man with a fine borne and no wife.
The man Howard, who in a drunken
fit, shot s man st Nelson two weeks ago,
wss given five yeais for attempted murder.
Nelson Economist: Sandon, which
has always been a notoriously wide-open
town, has begun to realize tbat that portion of ber population which live, thrive,
and bave their being on gambling can
be dispensed witb. Tbe crooks and
gamblers have been ordered 10 clear out,
and tbey must obey tbe mandate, As
tbe Paystreak puts it "Its all off now.
Chips that pass in the night are valuable
only as souvenirs, and the sgaitatiun for
tbe free and unlimited coinage of poker
checks is only a matter of ancient history. The dealers, boosters, chair warmers, pluggen, cappers, professional rubber-necks, markers, rimmers, crimpers,
abort card men, Montana sleeve artists
and other members if the Bportiug fraternity will have to turn tbeir backs on
tbe classic shades of the Silver City, aud
with heavy hearts and tear-staiued eyes
bit the long array of ties to lhe laml of
exile.    Tbe great moral wave has struck
tbem—iu Sandon,"
{Penile Fred I'i.-ss, net. IS.]
Mr. II   Bentley returned from Lethbridge this morning fully recovered from
the accident which kept him confined
to the house for three long weeks.
The new addition to the Northern
hotel is being plastered throughout tbis
week. This will give Mr. Kschwig one
of the largest and most comfortable hotels in Kast Kootenay.
Complaint haa been made of late that
Indians from the Northwest Territories
have come into this province in large
bands and have been slaughtering game
along Elk river above Michel. This
state of affairs, was brought to the notice
of Government Agent Armstrong daring
his last visit to Feruie, and he al
once hsd Mr. R* L. Henderson sworn in
ss special constable with instructions to
see to it that in future none of these Indians be allowed to kill game of any
kind in tbe province.
Au occasion of considerable importance
in Masonic circles took place on Saturday eveuing when Worshipful Bro. Morrow, the district deputy grand master,
was here, it being the initiatory step in
the formation of an A. F. & A. M. lodge
in the town of Fernie. After tbe work
of the craft was exemplified by gtfae
brethern bere, they adjourned to tbe
specious dining room of the Royal hotel
where Host and Hostess Tuttle did
themselves honor In their magnificent
spread. The remainder of the evening
was spent in social intercourse, interspersed with songs and speeches and
ended, with tbe singing of 'A uld Lang
A Visit by tbe Blsfaop.
The Right Rev. Aug. Doutenvllle,
Catholic bishop of New Westminster,
will arrive here tomorrow and will be
met at the station hy the Fathers, Sisters 'and boys of St. Eugene Mission,
where be will proceed Immediately.
His lordship will spend a few days In tbe
district visiting several localities. He
will be in Moyie next Sundi y where, attended by Rev, Father Coccolo he will
officiate and administer tbe sacrament
of confirmation to a number of children.
In the afternoon of tbe same day ht will
take the train ta Fernie, where, at tbe
evening service, be will bless a bell, address the congregation and preside st
tbe Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
Returning from Fernie Tuesday morning be will say mass in the church here,
after which he will go to St. Eugene
Mission to spend a few days with the
Fathers, making an official visit ofthe
institutions of the place. On Thursday
next. All Saints Day, his lordship will
r>11 id nte In the Mission, where there is
expected a big gathering of Indians, and
lu the afternoon of the same day he will
return to Cranbrook to bless the works
ofthe new hospital, and will remain for
tbe evening service in church, where he
will preach aud give the benediction of
the Blessed Sacrament.
His lordship will take the train for tbe
west on Friday morning enroute for
Rosslaud where he will spend Sunday,
the 41b of November, presiding at the
divers offices and blessing a new bell for
the Sacred Heatt church of Rossland.
[From tlie I'rospector Oct. 20.]
The Chinamen who are working teased
ground on Wild Horse creek are now
making a cleanup.
The new rond up Wild Horse ia now
well under way. It is doubtful if It will
be completed this fall, the appropriation
being insufficient.
Tbe club bachelors gave a dance at
the club on Thursday evening. It wss
a most enjoyable affair.
Mr. Goldie, of Windermere, who has
been mining recorder at that place for
several years, bas been transferred to
Fort Steele. Mr. Bullman succeeds him
at Windermere.
William Haupt has returned from the
Windeimere country where be has been
for several months doing work on several
properties in which he is interested.'
A Successful S-aefctr.
The I. O, O. F. lodge gave its first ladies' smoker for the year laat Friday night
at (he lodge room. There was a large
crowd in attendance and from the generous expressions of approval beard from
those present It is evident that everyone
enjoyed it. R. K. Beattie presided, and
in his smooth and confiding manner, he
placed everyone at ease, including himself. An interesting program was presented and later a lunch was served.
The Odd Fellows have a reputation for
entertaining, and It Is evident lhat the
members propose to sustain It duiing
Ibe season.
Says It's a (iood Town.
H. O. Brown, of Spokane, son of the
late H. T. Brown, one of the founders t f
The Herald, was in tbe city several da)s
this week. Mr. Brown holds a responsible position with the Spokane branch
of the American Type Foundry, snd
made this trip through southern Britisb
Columbia in tbe way of a vacation. Naturally he has heard much|of Cranbrook,
and alter sizing up the town expretsed
himself as more than pleased with the
appearance ofthe place. Before leaving
be met quite a number of the business
men, snd he emphatically stated that he
liked tbe Cranbrook crowd because they
were bustlers and jolly good fellows.
A Brief Sketch sl the  Laker Lesser For
Csri-Wo-Vale-kootest) District.
As s matter of news The Herald publishes the following biographical sketch
of Christopher Foley, tbe labor candi-
ate in the district :
Christopher Foley was born in Toronto in 184S, Five rears later bis parents
removed to Paris, Ont., where be worked
ou bis father's farm until 14 years of age
when be started out in life for bimself,
going to the soothem part of the United
States, where he traveled extensively,
until 1 St*, wben be left tbe south and
went west, Reaching the mountain
country, be commenced prospecting,
snd bas mined snd prospected with vary-
ng success from the City of Mexico to
tbe Fraser river. In 1SS6 he settled in
Vancouver, where be engaged in contracting, and succeeded by close attention to business in accumulating considerable money, which be invested ic Vancouver real estate. Tbe panic of '93 and
the slump in rest estate which accompanied it bit Mr. Foley hard, and he was
compelled to sacrifice much valuable
property snd to seek new fields. Two
years later he csme to Rossland snd
commenced as s working miner in the
Commander mine. Since then he bas
followed the occupation of a miner and
bas worked in several mines in the camp,
at present being employed in tbe Center
Star. He had been a resident of Rossland bnt a few months when be became
a member of Rossland Miners' Union
No. 38. His fellow members at once
recognized his great executive ability,
and thrust him to tbe front. Always
refusing to hold msny offices proffered
bim, he hss almost ever since his admission into the union been a member
of the executive board, a moat responsible position, snd one which often calls
for the most hard practical business
sense, which Mr. Foley bas in s remarkable degree, and hi influence with tbe
Rossland Union, as well as witb tbe
whole Federation has been great. Tbe
recent conventions of tbe Western Federation of Miners has chosen him to
represent this province on tbe executive
board of that great organization, and in
tbat position he has shown marked ability. Three or four years sgo Mr. Foley
commenced Ihe study of social questions
and that study hss placed him In the
front rank ofthe social and political reformers of the Dominion. Interviewed
sfterhe accepted the nomination, Mr.
Foley said: "I did not wsnt the nomination, but under tbe circumstances,
wben tbe convention asked me to be tbe
standard-bearer, I would indeed have
been a traitor had I refused. In accepting It I considered the cause instesd of
2000 Balks
For sale at one-half cent each. Cheaper than tbey can be bought in Toronto.
R. E. Beattie.
Foley to Speak la Crssbrsok.
Chris Foley,  the candidate of the Independent Labor party, will deliver a
political address in thia city tomorrow
night.        ■
Board sail Lo4{ls|.
Mrs. M. Donahue has opened the
boarding and lodging departments of tha
Mast Kootenay hotel and is now resdy
for public patronage. Everything first-
class. Mrs, M. Donahue.
Lsrie Work Oi thc Crows Nest Llae-A
Los 1  BrM|t.
Vancouver World: A new tuunel,
which will be one of the longest ou tbe
line of the whole system of tbe Canadian
Pacific railway may be built on the line
of the Crows Nest Pass near Fernie.
Several contractors are said to be figuring |on the work, among tbem one or
two local men who have done a large
amount of work of that kind on other
parts of the line. Tbe tunnel Is ol about
1000 feet in length and is about third in
the list of long tunnels on this continent.
It runs through a long spur in a mountain, and its consttuction will save several miles ol roundabout travel now run
by trains on Ibis line, British Columbia
contractors were also figuring on the
construction of a bridge across the Columbia river at Robsoo, but President
Shaughnessy let the contract for this
work to Winnipeg parties on his way to
the the west.
lt Olr-JIcs the Olohe.
The feme of Bucklen's Arnica Salve,
as Ihe best In the world, extends round
tbe earth. It's the one perfect healer
of cuts, corns, burns, bruises, sores,
pains and sll skin eruptions. Only infallible pile cure. 15 cents per box at
Beattie's drug store. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Tlio llernld itoslres t.i give the newsof ths
district,   if yon know nny about ^rour town
ymir iiiiiii* ur your people, send II to tills ofllw,
The Herald believes in preaching the
good p' ints of Cranbrook early and late
It believes that the Deople should do the
same, and lhe following article from tbe
New West Trade, of Spokane, strikes an
appreciative chord iu our makeup, and
•we ure of the opinion that the people of
Cranhrook will say amen to the sentiment expressed:
"Stand up for your own town. If others revile your place of residence, take
measures to correctas far as possible any
detriment that it may cause. There is
nuttiing like hiving pride in one's locality. [Muling out the good points it con-
tains—the points you can talk on—and
then impressing tbem upon the general
public, mnl especially upon those people
who are inclined to dispute them. A
little lime spent in educating a stranger
is profitably given if it wilt prevent that
stranger from going away and speaking
ill of your place. There is no telling
how much injury, be may not do. The
success mul upbuilding of communities
has behind it nothing stronger tban tbst
spirit which is determined to show to
the world the advantages which lhey
present. We often hear people of in-
Hue net* in a towu or city descanting not
upon the virtues ofthe plaee, but upon
its drawbacks; forgetting that tbey are
thus putting in the hands of enemies a
must potent weapon. "
Spend your money at home,    It pays.
Jnlm Houston, ofthe Nelson Tribune,
says that the great bulk of the people
are more interested in a Thanksgiving at
this time itisu they are in politics. It is
evident iti.it Mr. Houston is not a candi*
dale in this campaign.
The estimates in election results In
both Canada and tbe United States show
a remarkable similarity in one respect.
The two parties in each country are pos-
itiv_ of an overwhelming victory.
Sir diaries Tupper has taken it all
tuuk, and now says that be never meant
to make the charges he did against Sifton re lhe Vukon liquor permits.
The Liberals in West Kootenay are
kept busy watching each other.
Chris,  Foley,   the   Labor  candidate,
seems to l>e a whirlwind on the platform.
Two weeks more of misery for the
candidates in tbis district. The polling day wilt be set a fortnight later than
in other parts of the Dominion, and two
weeks in a campaign often makes all
kinds of trouble.
Sir Wilfrted Laurie got a great reception in Toronto.
The Chinese laundries are still flourishing in Cranbrook, Money paid to a
Chinaman never does any good to a
town. It Is boarded, and finally taken
to the home country. Money paid to a
white man is spent in a white man's
country. It is time Cranbrook tud a
steam laundry operated by a member
of tbe Anglo Saxon race. Leave your
money at borne. ,
A. W. M'VITTIE, D.L.S., P.L.S.
A dollar spent at home is better than
ten sent nway.
The Ferhle Free Press says the Chinaman is not (lie only menace to labor lu
British Columbia, and it is not a friend
nf the rtiitif.se by any means. It gives
farts and figures from Its own town,
showing that a large percentage of tbe
coal miners are Slavs and Dagos and
that nearly all of their money is sent
awuy. Civilized workmen cannot compete with workmen ot tbat character,
and im town can thrive on their earnings, uo matter bow many are employed.
This thing of Christian nations sending missionaries to Chins to preach
Christ ami Him crucified to the heathen
itti-l I lu* n sending military forces to tsake
the heitthetii accept tbe teachings of the
missionaries) is carrying the supposed
duties of civilized people to the extreme,
Religious intolerance is sometimes prac-
ti ci-i 1 under (he cloak of religious liberty.
Tlie Ferguson Eagle is now four pages
and nil home print. R. B. Pettipiece,
ibe editor, (urns out one of the brightest
papers in British Columbia. He has a
way of saying things tbat goes straight
to the center, and he handles his subjects
without gloves, Theie ought not to t>«
n man in the Lardceo country who has
not sent two dollars to that office.
Such a paper should receive a hearty
A Mnrlend druggist is still advertising
tly paper. One of two things is certain
—either they are having a long season
In that part of (lie country or there is a
Macleod druggist who is taking a long
Tlii> people of Macleod have organized
for (be purpose of having (he railway
station moved into the lown. The
building would be of little good unless
they could prevail upon the C. P. R. lo
build llio road to follow the station.
McVittie & Hutchison
...Dealers In...
Mines, Mining Stock, Real Estate
Mlaes aad Leads Surveyed
Fire, Life aid Acddeit lasiraace
Moacy to Loss
I. 0. 0. F. Block Cranbrook, B. C.
They were lUndlng ln the sunllffbt
Uf tbe lummtr um* of life;
She was .till without a husband,
He was waiting for a wife.
And her cheeks were rich and rosp,
And her lips were luscious red,
So he-pressed her dimpled Angers
As he looked at her and aald,
As they stood there In the hw.t_.ir
Where the road luul croiatd th* riU:
'May we nut fan- together
Up this long, hard hill?"
Now her hand began to t rem We
And her eyes were full of tears
Aa she trained thom un the road that
Wound »•***>■ among the years; ;
But she bad no voice to answer
Hint: sh* could not understand,
For Iho future lay before her
1.1k* a far-uff fairy land.
Thera was sunlight on the heather,
There was music in the rill,
Aa they went away together
Up th* long, bard hill.
Oftentimes the way was sunny,
Other times 'twiu full of lures,
But the love that had come lo th*m
Waa the true luve lhat endures.
Though the bonny brow Is wrinkled,
Though the raven lock be gray,
Tet tha road might have been rougher
Had she gone th* other way.
Now the frost is on the heather
And the snuw is on the rill.
A&dthcy'recoasting down tbe short old*
01 Ua long, hard hill.
-Cy Wannan, Ir. N. T. Sun.
The ('niiHervalives feel confident thst
Slftoll will lie defeated. They are making a wai in fight-
A s SBKN from the sea, the town of
f_ New Haven, Mass., appears em-
bo-fumed betweeu two bill*. These
bills ure not more than five hundred
feet in height; but what they lack in
altitude tbey make up for iu pictur-
esqueness. Tbey present a bold front
of trap rock, which, combined with the
harbor in the foreground, aud a. loug
line of low bills stretching away toward the aky line, conatitute a scene of
loveliness which is nut easily forgotten.
The.whole neighborhood ia of bin-
t-ork-al interest. It waa iu one of theae
two bills—that which la called the West
ilui-k- tliat the celebrated regicides,
Goffe and WhaUley, ouce fouud refuge,
A cleft in its rugged aides is known, far
aud wide, by the name of the "Judges'
This eave is a mere den, lying be-
tween two immense buuld-er* of about
twenty feet perpendicular. One of
these is somewhat conical in shape,
while the other la almost a perfect parallelogram. Between these, at some
remote period, another large stone
would seem to have fallen, aud become
tightly wedged. This is all tbat justifies tbe name of a cave. The plaee
must have been a fitter dwelling for tbe
bears and cougars which at tbat period
infested the eastern states, than for
two famous Englishmen.
On oue of the stones, which Is covered
with inscriptions, some visitor bas
taken pains to renew the inscription
which, tradition says, the occupants
placed over their retreat. Ills enthusiasm must have been brighter thau his
orthography, for he baa ouly succeeded
in informing posterity tbat "oposition
to tyrants ia obedience to-find."
Hither one hundred and twenty years
ago came Reginald Flanders, ao Kngllsh soldier, wbo had served In the
French and Indian war. It was a solitary situation for auvh a man to bare
chosen aa a settlement; but he knew no
fear, and craved for no companionship.
He cultivated a patch of tbe wilderness
which stretched far away inland, and,
aa the Indians were quiet, the wild hillside aeemed to him, bis wife and Basil,
hia eight-year-old son, an earthly paradise.
It was a September morning. The
leaves, beginning to change, shone like
gold In ibe huh. Reginald Flanders
had thrown a sack of corn amiss the
back of bis plow-horse aud was taking
a farewell of bis wife and child, preparatory to starling for New Haven,
where he proposed to exchange his
marketable commodity for household
ueceasariea. Throwing his gun over
bla shoulder—for no prudent man
would then go on a journey without his
tried weapon of defense- he strode
away, and waa almost immediately lost
to view.
Shortly after tbediapat-t-h ofa frugal
breakfast, ltaail left the log house snd
wandered towards the verge of the
wobd». A Mil-ill stream came trickling
down toward (he sea, audi bettide it tbe
little fellow baited. A floating acorn,
the first of the seuson, caught his eye.
and, with ihe thoughtlessness of childhood, be drew it to the bauk. Somehow, that early fruit of Ibe wilderue*s
appealed to bia roaming instinct. He
craved for more, and, reasoning that
there must be plenty up alreitm, perceiving that hla mother's eye was not
upon him, he Htarted on hU<*i»»t.
The rivulet ran through a ravine.
The banks, composed of rocks, fretted
by storm and (focay, rose almotft perpendicularly on either aide. A few
scattered trees and shrubs sought nourishment from the earth, which had
fallen from above. Beyond these, up
the gorge, Basil pushed on—whither he
did not know,
The mother soon missed her son, but
at first, thinking he waa In the Vicinity,
check-Art her fears. The hours parsed,
and, as he did not return, ber anxiety
changed to absolute terror. Forsaking
all else, Mrs, Flanders hurried to the
fields, and, with rapidi footsteps, traversed th* gloomy glades. Search as she
would, she pou Id'discover no trace of the
missing one. She shouted, called* his
name, but there waa no response.
At len^lb she came to the stream,
There, with aery, half of gladness,half
of dismuy, she hailed ihe child's font-
prints In the soft, yielding soil. Rhe
saw that they poiute-d' upward*; to the
gorge, into which she had never before
ventured. But a mother's love fears no
consequences.   She entered,
For some time she rushed onward,
experiencing all ths bitterness of hope
deferred.   The cry:    "Baail!    Basil!" ,
rang out ot the stillness of the wood,
but uo answer came.
Suddenly sbe stopped* and gazed into
the gloom witb atraiuiug eyes; then
■he presided her band to bar heart, reeled
and utmost fainted. There, not 50yard*
away, stood* Basil!
It wus but for a moment thnt she so
yielded to her conflicting emotions.
Conquering her feelings, she rushed
forward aud clasped tbe child to her
breast. As the uow overjoyed mother
did* so, to ber horror, looking up into
tbe tauglfd foliage, she perceived a
huge panther, stretched, cm milt ing.
upou au esteuded bough, apparently
ready to apriug. Probubly the brute
had ouly tbeu observed ltu-_.il. for now,
upon his mother's approach, it hesitated to attuck. lashing its tawny sidrs
witb its tail, as If to work itself into a
state of greater fury.
What was to be done? A weak woman wus powerless against the strongest
and fiercest deuizen of the New Fug-
land wood*.
Scarcely knowing what she did, the
poor mother seized her child and turned
to fly. As ahe did so, the panther made
its spring.
Owing to the height and the distance,
it sprang short, barely touching the
rock upon which the two were standing, and' fell bat*kward.
The respite was but brief. Recovering Itself, the savage beast returned to
the attack.
Mrs. Flanders clasped Basil closed1 to
tier side, being resolved, in her desperation, tbat (he destroyer should only
reach his life through herself.
She could not escape by flight, aid
had no means of ilefeu.se. She could
only wait and pray.
Once more the assailant made ita attack, this time with a greater measure
of success. It struck the edge of the
rock, and managed tot-Hug to it. Struggling desperately to recover itself, it
sl reU'hed* forward until its jaws seemed
but a short yard* from its intended victim.
A't this moment overwrought nature
gave way under tbe strain, and she
awoobed. As tor Basil, he had bidden
bis face in liis mother's gown.
Meanwhile, Reginald Flanders sold
his corn, and expended tbe proceeds iu
flour, sugar, a email, prized packet of
tea fur bis wife, powder and lead, and
other simple necessaries.
Having transacted his business, he
set out on thu journey homeward, The
sun rose high in the heavens, uud, anticipating no evil, be suffered the slow-
paced plowihorae to subside iuto a
There was joy lu tbe calm peaceful-
neas of the surrounding wilderness.
The birds were merry, the sea gleamed
behind bim like glass, tbe hills rase on
either side. He was surrounded by the
pure beauties of nature, and the sweetness of contentment filled his soul. He
seemed to dream, and left the horse to
wander as it liked.
How it occurred Itegluald Flanders
could never tell. To-his surprise, arousing himself from pleasing reverie, be
found that Dobbin must 'have taken the
wrong course, for they were on the upper instead of tbe tower side of the
"West Bock."
Tbis mattered little, excepting tbat
it made the journey somewhat longer;
for which he was sorry, us he knew bis
wife would be looking out for his coming; only now be muat cross the stream
high up in the woods. -So, pressing the
faithful old horse iuto an apology for a
trot, he pursued his way.
At length he came to the precipitous
bank of the brook, down which with
some difficulty he guided his horse.
Pursuing a downward course in tbe direction of 'his home-, lie wus suddenly
startled by a shrill, weird cry.
It- souud-ed as if it were the voice of
his wife, and yet it was strangely unlike. Whatwasit? What could it por-
There it rang again. -Some one must
be iu (tire peril.
There was no time for delay. The
inyMery must be solved at once. Forward!
The old horse lumbered heavily ou,
over rocks and projecting tree-Htumjw,
but its he*! effort* failed to keep pace
witb its master's ever-increasing uux-
The cries had ceased. All was once
more aa* silent as nature, on an early
autumnal dny, can be. Willi the recurring silenve thn man's fears became
As he came within slg-bt of the rock,
he was surprised to perceive an enormous panther, making strenuoua endeavors to climb its slippery sides.
With the Inslinct of the. hunter and
(he coolness of the practiced soldier,
Beginuld Flanders grimped bis rifle,
shuok tbe primfng in his hand, placed a
fresli flint in the lock, and took a long
and deliberate iiirn, Had be known the
real state-, of affairs, it ingi'ht have unnerved'bis ami, but the knowledge was
happily spared him.
And now the auvsge animal mude Its
fool hold good. With a snarling cry It
crouched, leaped und -rolled hack, lifeless, Into Ihe stream, with tbe settler's
bullet through its brain!
Curious totftud out what had been the
panther's object, yet not for a single
moment giie-sKing the truth, the marksman set himself to climb the rock.
Who shall describe thr mingled horror and thuiikfulness wilh which be
percrived the unconscious forms of his
loved ones, and realized that he bad
been providentially enabled to save
Ihem from an awful fate? {
With difficulty'the loving husband
won hla wife and boy-back to life, and '
bore them, pale and weak, but safe, to
his cabin. j
T-hat evening the sun went down Into
the west with hla last red rays resting I
upon a family giving* thanks for an almost miraculous escape from a dreadful
death,--Golden Bays,
Public Nttlce.
I have in my pasture a dark bay horse
four years old, branded on shoulder and
hip with square and apot in center,
which I will sell at public suction on tbe
iSth of November at the stable of -Geary
& Doyle, in Cranbrook, B. C, to meet
the bill of expense standing against said
J. H. McMullin.
T-aMts  tn Wli-a 1%«m la No Far*
•eat-IAf* tor Swatlmtat.
There are few sentimental allusions
in any of the raporta which emanate
from the government printing office in
Washington under authority of tha
commissioner of labor. It may be no
surprise, therafure, to mauy to know
that the eleventh annual report of the
commissioner of kbor contains ln tabulated form, reduced to exact perceut-
egea, a statement showing tbe occupations of divorced women.
Tbe bureau of the statistical expert In
charge uf tabulation divides the female
population of tbe .'tilted Statea of ten
years or upward into four general
_laa.ee. First there are the married,
who number 13.lit per cent. Theu there
are the widows, who number 10.10 per
cent. Third is the class of the "alugle
and unknown;" these number ti-.st per
cent, Finally there are the divorced,
wbo constitute niue-teutbs of oue per
cent, of the female population of ten
years of age or over iu the I'uited States,
and they are distributed throughout
various occupations, which the statistical experts have endeavored to state
with undeviating exactness. Of the
total number of divorced women employed, it seems that .21 per cent, are
bookbinders, .83 are shoamakers and
.CO are corset makers. A much smaller
proportion, Ai, are saleswomen, while
60 are telegraph and telephone operators. Stenographers and typewriters
uake up .67 per cent,, and .38 are mill
The official statisticians at Washing-
.on look neither to the right nor to the
eft in their tabulation and tt need be
no surprise, therefore, to know that
1.23 of the divorced women of the United
States who have any business occupation are merchants, 104 are carpet makers, aud .40 are bat and cap makers.
Milliners come under a separate division, their percentage of divorced
women being 1.32. Of seamstresses
there are 1.15, and of clerks and copyists
.51. Moreover, .29 are boxmakers, .63
printers, .31 cigarette and tobacco makers, .64 in the confectionery business,
1.43 dressmakers, .46 paper mill operators, and .15 iu silk mills,
Tbe professions have a considerable
number of divorced women, 1.24 baing
music teachers and 1.18 teachers of art.
There are 3.33 per cent, described as
hotel, restaurant and saloon keepers
and barkeepers and a somewhat larger
proportion as boarding or lodging house
keepers; 1,62 as laundresses; 1,60 as
nurses, and .11 aa agricultural laborers.
In one particular, however, the report
of the commissioner of labor seems to
be pretty nearly exact, for 3.16 of the
total number of divorced women are
put down as agents and It Is a matter of
very general observation tbat divorced
women make excellent agents where
persistence and volubility are required.
—N. Y. Son.	
It Mar »• ■•lie* ta Older st B»k*« la
Cider will soon be very cheap, and a
g-illoo can be put to oo better use Chan
to help in producing the perfection of
boiled hams. Choose a medium-sized
bam, wash, scrub, weigh and -soak in
plenty of cold water for 84 hours; wipe
dry and simmer in the cider, allowing
15 minutes to each pound. Allow It
to stand over night to cool in the liquor,
then peel off the skin and wipe with a
soft cloth until tbe surface Is dry from
moist fat. Garnish with aspic jelly and
boiled vegetables cut in fancy shapes.
A very savory meat jelly may be quickly made for garnishing when aspic is
not at band, by making clear bouillon
from chopped beef or beef paste, color
with sliced onions fried very brown in
butter, and pour a pint boiling hot on
quarter of a box of gelatine soaked for
a few minutes in a. little, cold broth,
Salt and pepper to taste, strain and put
away (o set.
A h-i-iu baked in a paste Is another
delicious change, and once this recipe,
though slightly extra trouble, is tried
the ordinary one will be laid aside. Prepare the ham as directed above, mix
up about a quart of flour with enough
cold water to make a stiff paste. Cover
the flesh aide with this. Put in a moderate oven; while the crust is still soft
begin to baste with sherry wine; do
tbis every ten minutes until a large
cupful is used; after that there will be
sufficient gravy la the pan to continue,
Ten mnutes more must be allowed for
each pound in cooking, as the paste protects the meat, When done the crust
and skin are to be peeled off, the ham
sprinkled witb crisp bread crumbs aud
sent to table garnished as above, Tbe
busting ia troublesome, but with cooler
uut iimn days should not be minded.
Barbecued haan may be served by help
of a little sherry. Put a large slice of
the baked ham iu Ihe bot frying pin;
season with pepper, salt and mixed
mustard; add a teaspoon of vinegar; it
will brown quickly on one side; keep
the pan on a hot place; turn the slice,
sprinkle in a very little sugar and a
wineglass of sherry; briu-g to the boil
and serve. The sugar is not noticeable,
but does away with the acidijy of tbe
vinegar aud brings out tbe flavor,—Han
Francisco Chronicle,
--•Chief Justice Judd, of Hawaii, who
Is now in tbis country, wus graduated
from Yale in l Mia. and his two sons will
be graduated from the same institution
at the coming commencement.
* His Nataral la torts at.
Mrs. Hoon (looking up from her
newspaper)—I have just been reading
of a pretty widow who has sued a man,
who broke two of her ribs while hugging her, for $1,000 damages. The
wretch ought to have to pay heavily for
injuring her so, hadn't he?
Old Hoon-Aw, I don't knowl Most
likely she Is suing him for not breaking the rest of 'em.-—Tf. Y. Journal.
•»!«•-* flaw..
For several poumti of plums take
3 ym pounds of brown sugar, one pint of
vinegar and one ounce each of cloves,
allspice and mace and two ounces of
.innanion, putting the spices ln a muslin bug. Place the ingredients in a pre-
wiring kettle and conk slowly until the
juice is a thick sirup when cold. This
a a relish to serve with ail kiuda of
•__-.si.--_*vsw,a ttudjst. ^nIJf> ---     '
Renowned and Unequalled
" Imperial
EAST-Fast Daily Train-WEST
With direct connecting service
to and from East Kootenay
country. First-class sleepers on
all trains. Tourist cars pass
Medicine Hat daily (or St.
Paul, Saturdays for Montreal
and Boston, Mondays and
Thursdays for Toronto.
Westward-Daily Train-Eastward
17-25   lv. Cranbrook Iv.   9:35
Connects at Macleod for Calgary and Edmonton and at
Medicine Hat for all points
east. Connects at Kootenay
landing for all points in west
Kootenay. Slocan and Boundary districts, and for Pacific
coast, Main line points via.Rev-
elstoke. For rates, tickets and
full information apply to agent
Cranbrook or
A. 0. P. A. T. P. A.
Vancouver, B.C. Nel.on, B.C.
I "Thc Early Bird Catches the Worm " $
The " Early Closing " Storekeeper C
Should Catch Your Patronage jt jt iff
We can "suit" you, "boot" you, and "outfit" %
you in a strictly up-to-date style. Come early %
Are you going to build?
Gteet & Co,
Are prepared to furnish plena
snd specifications for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
jl   jl   B.C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
British Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
Bank of (•omroerc. BMg. CKANBItnt-K
t, It. Hofln, H. w. Hkkciimku
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Pianino; Mills
All Kindt Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
• ••
Refitted Throughout
One of the Must Comfortable
Hotels in limit Kootenny.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Craubrook, B. C.
Royal  ^^
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Promptly Attended to.
Oi Idling your contract
until yuu faivc seen
Late ot Toronto
Contractor »< Builder
Tho,. coHte-aiilattiiK bulldlnK will (lo well ti, let
m. flttur. on the contract!.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, f
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
flouldings. I
IN   STOCK Oil MAUI! TO OKI)!.!!. |
Contractor and Builder
Al present nm building Ihe new SI. liugene
hoipll.l ind l number ul two glory ind other
Cranbrook, II. C.
G. Johnson....
W Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt THE  HERALD.
UU Sole NuiH-rtnrltr.
I'm wedded to ■ wonder.    Aye,
li'iii-eil, 'tis lolemn truth tliere'l DO DUB
Who evet saw my wife but iayi
She Is ■ most superior woman.
Ai It one audi wit-? not enough
For any housi-,  I've now mother;
Uy thuiL-hiir'n rome home _ revised,
Knl-triced edition ot her mother.
Thrre'i nothing cither cinnot do,
And do It well.    I vow now, no when
1 will—In learnlnB'l every fleld-
Tli.-j- ninkc ma It'll that 1 am nowheral
In actenct-of political
Or |mru or sut inl or domeatto—
Tlny're up In iljiie md tower nl-ov-t
Mc it i h(l|;lii that most maji-stlo.
e mini!
tpl mora muacl-a,
And they've not only got i
An emit day provae, but
Ti. he in any game With tti
I caw, luit); tliii'c tlmt 1 must hustle.
Tor my Inferior limit, ami lira'
They ihow a toltranco iliai't
And more thai) lull conttniplu
Yit In oue way llii-y truit in
hslf kindly
♦For, oh, wilh all their initmtiius
BuptHority—Mil tunny--
They yield nnu thild (n mel    Roth think
That I'm the una lu make thn iwinayl
- Ik-atnn Ulate.
HOW tltiaaiir> Gut tlie Nnme,
MuHxiim ilu nut ib*rive their Hump*
from miy -suit nf u ivmriy or clioer. The
ilium* lu from tlio Mnny nr woitl hiiut.nr,
DlomitiiB   tlio   twentieth.     Hussars,   na
i-UV.ihy   BQldlWB,   H*i*i,.   Hrst   COU (111. ij   iu
Ilimmiry. In 1*1*10 tlio crown painted n
law compelling tin* peasants to supply
one imni out of every liu uf tlicir 11 umber, nml tlmt man u horseman, to tbe
siniy of tlie state. The first bussarj
were recruited from tlio Inhabitants of
tho Immense Hungarian plains—strong,
hardy fellows, with sinews supple as
steel, who m-rni their Iir.* In the saddle,
Cholera and all BUtnin r comi-wtnta are ao
qulek in their notion ll) it the eold hnnd of
dentil Id .upon the vlotim-j hefore Ihey are
tiwiire that dung r te ne.ir. If attacked do
not delay in Dotting the nroper medicine.
Try a do-so of l)r. A.G, Eollogg's Dysentery
Cordial, and you will got Immediate redef.
It aots with wonderful rapidity and never
fa:If to effect a cure.
A Witty JuiIkp.
One dny it fell to the lot of Lord Mor*
ris to hear a case at Colcralne iu which
damages were claimed frum a veterinary
surgeon for having poisoned n valuable
horse. The issue depended upou whether
a certain number of groins of n particular drug could be safely administered to
the animal. A dispensary doctor proved
that he hnd often given eight grains to
a man. from which it was to he inferred
that 12 fur a horse was not excessive.
"Never mind yer eight grains, docthcr,"
said the judge. "We all know that some
poisons are cumulative In effect, and ye
may go to the edge of ruin with Impunity. Knt tell me this: The VI grains—
wouldn't they kill lhe divil himself If he
swallowed them?"
The doctor was annoyed nnd pompously replied: ''1 don't know, my lord. I
never hnd him for n patient."
From the bench enme the nuswer: "Ah,
no, docther, ye nlver hnd. more'* the pity.
The_o)>! Htjori still alive."
Liquid Glue,
To produce liquid glue which will
keep for years break pieces of glue nnd
place In a bottle with some whisky,
cork tightly and Bet nside for a few
days. This should be ready for use
without thc application of bent, except
In very cold wenther, when the bottle
should be placed In hot water for a tew
minutes before uslui: the clue.
I was oared of  terrible lumbago by
I wai cored of a bad oase of earache
I wan ourod of   sensitive   lungs by
To mo j
All  [iti
ur heart Is mule; all pleading wr-nli,
-.lunula prawn -ol  mine  ire lirrailied In
1 have n
Vet, no
Ai If 1
< power in mako Ita allcnt rlionls
i with Mqulllt* Joy or tender pilii.
ur laie, Itfe'i -ml* lor ymi will clwtiffl,
v wHchary, tu tnchanted wayai
A w-_n-.li
Will .
lt in.' i
Or at
It tna) l
Or Mh
Unlock )
>UI radiance, new ami meet and itringt,
sl Ilu lutitle clamour o'er the ilaji.
e nlim lhe ynr li growing old
lie lime tlml pi.t-jilii vlolctl bloW|
' mid tin* mi ir'i ineti nud ruM
11 the bloHOlnl sleep ln-iii-iitli lite Mi.if
e ulil enme imi with his maglt ivy
iut heart md let in mualo free.
-  l-_.  Miilheson la Cli.int.-*.*.-.' Journal.
An Appla Knlrr.
I>iiriiiu n vlsll in the aonth of Bnflaud
a gentleman wuh met wiih who related u
Uiiuiue uud most Interesting experience In
dletellw*. ll wnn thnt for lln* lust three
Jears be hud lived on one ment n dny.
nml iimi meal wuh composed chiefly nt
applcRl l-'nrih.-r astonishment was evojc*
ed liy Ids reply to my question ns ta wbfll
he drank when he stated thnt the Julce-i
of tin* rii-i-if-i lunpllcd hlm with nil the
Itioisinn* or drlllk he needed. This, he
Cllllllteil,   wuh of  the  purest   kind,   helns
In reality water dis tilled by nature nml
flavored with tho pleasant aroma of the
apple. He partook of his one meal about
a o'clock In ihe afternoon, -sating whnt
he fell satisfied hlin, thn meal occupying
him from 80 minutes to half nn hour.
He looked the picture of I Iiliful nmn*
hood   nnd   la   onglged   dully   lu   literary
Is IMe Acid in the blood.
- Unhealthy■ Uidneya nro tha
I'liuae of the mid being
Outre. If ths kidneys acted
as Ihey should they would
tiiHin tha Uric Acid out
ofthe iyiteni and rheumatism wouldn't occur. Rheumatism la a Kidney Disease. Dodd'B Kidney Pills
have mado a great part of
their reputation curing
Ulieumallam. So get at
the cause of those Tearful
shooting palna and stiff,
aching joints. There 1$
but ono sura way—*
A Bit or Ii-lab Repartee Tbat Reator-
e*l Guud 11 ii ui or—Tbt.- Cause uf u
lieni'ml Laugh lu a Dublin Catbe-
dral—Aa lutt-rrinili-d Svrtuon.
"Ad Irishman of tbe full blood cannot resist an opportunity for repartee,
lio matter bow* solemn tbe occasion or
what bis Biirruuudiugs," said an ting-
Ilsh clergyman, a visitor lu Washing
ton, the other day, when the conversation turned on the runny experiences
of clergy meu and the humor that
creeps Into matters connected with the
"I   wuh   OBBlBttllg   an   old   friend   of
mine, the rector of a church lu Ireland,
OUU Sunday, uud befoi'C lhe service we
were lu tliu vestry 1*00111 pllttlug OU our
robes, wilh the old Bl'XtOU, a shriveled
Up Irishman of ihe perfect type as-
Hinting. My rileliil. who wiih somewhat old, wus u llllli- It-sty thut iiinru-
lllg, nud somehow the sleeve of bis
Bilipllce got mixed up, Not withstand'
lug tbo assiduous efforts of lhe obi BOX-
loll lo direct his arm to the right hole
the two would noi couuecti I'limlly,
lojlllg patience, my frlonil suld sharply:   'Ob, the old boy's In the tiling,*
"The old box tou brightened up und,
looking ovor ul uie, with u twinkle In
his eye, said an quick as lightning, 'Not
yit, your river I nee.'
"It restored the good humor of the
situation, and the vestment wuh properly adjusted.
"The only time 1 ever beard ft, congregation laugh unrestrainedly during the
regular services In ft cathedral was
luii'li In the eighties, wheu I wus a
resident of dear, dirty Dublin. On one
Sunday moruiug the bishop of Cork
preached. He with a splendid man. nn
Irishman to tho backbone nnd possessed of ns flue a brogue us ever distinguished a sou of llrln. His congregation was made up of the very essence
of fashion ln Dublin, wblcb, ln those
days, was one of tbe greatest social
centers of lhe world. Notoriously, people were living beyond their means, for
the Income from the lauded estates of
Ireland had taken a big tumble. Rut
that mude no difference, nnd good
dressing went ns a matter of course
nud wns one of the smallest of the extravagances. The bishop preached on
tlie subject of extravagance and spoke
particularly of overdressing. His sermon wns ft bitter arraignment of the
slu of debt and the wickedness of setting the heart on fashion and dress.
lie nttneked the overdressed woman
and wound up this particular refereuce
this way:
" 'Now. supposing every one of ye—
every one, man aud woman—should
stand up In this church, take off the
clothes ye have uot paid for, Just walk-
ly out with the things oo your buck ye
have paid for—a pretty lookln lot of
scarecrows ye'd be.*
"There was u pause until the real
significance of the suggestion had percolated through the members of his
congregation, then some one snickered.
Every oue was picturing to himself and
heTself the renl seoue that would occur
Bhould the bishop's Idea he carried Into
effect, while wife looked at busbaud
and members of each family undged
oue another. The ludicrous side wus
Irresistible and the laugh was general.
"I once attended church ut Who Hey,
n little village on the borders of Lancashire aud Yorkshire, in Kngliind. The
church, which had been a part of the
old abbey, was built In the year lOtlfl
nud Is today one of tho most Interest-
ing sacred edifices In Great Britain.
The rector was a Mr. Whlttnkor, very
old. very stout and very deaf. He had
Occupied the living for 30 years, nud
while he generally appeared in church
uud took some part In the services, he
was able to afford Ihe luxury of a curate and was nlwnys glad to bPClire the
services of ft frleud to preach. On one
occasion a geulleuian I knew very well
wns to officiate, it was his custom to
limit his senium to 20 iiiltiuies, preaching ex tempore, nud nlwnys look out
Ills watch uud his pocket handkerchief, placing them beside him before
commencing.     This   he  did   ns   usual.
ami. iiuditig a very convenient little
round receptacle, Bluffed the handkerchief into it, laid the watch ou top and
llred nway.
"Tbe congregation wns surprised to
see the old rector, wbo wns sitting nt
the bottom desk of the 'three decker'
erection, which I suppose still stands
right In the center and half wny down
the aisle-not III the chancel, as In lhe
modern churches—become very miens)
In his seat. He sipilrtued around uml
looked up, though every oue knew
qUltO well that he could not hear a
woiil of the sermon. Finally he beck
oned to the black gowned old  verger.
who carried a lung wand, and wills
pei'ed to him. The verger ascended
the pulpit nml In turn Interrupted the
sermon by n whispered conversation
with the preacher, who wiih seen to
iitildenly grasp bin pocket Ua 11(1 ker
chief and   wnich, ftmtt-D and   Hod, nud
then proceeded with bis sermon. He
hnd Oiled the receiver of the old rec
tor'l onr trumpet, wblcb connected
with a tube to tbe lower desk, uud ibe
rector bud been uuable to tell wheihei
nnv sermon was going on or not."
But   Only   Sm«-« <ln   In   l..-ltiiiK   lllin-
■elf in Hot Water,
One nile when it wus so hot puw g-it
up about mldnitc und sed IK* WOB going
uut ou the port eh to sleeji, becoi he
would h-utti'l ate If he couldn't huve
Fresh air.
"Well, you better put your doge ou."
Hniw told him, becoz he wuh _re.-_-.-d
only ia his Loug uite govrud.
"What for?" put? auyt, "Nnbuddy
cnu see in aiming the vines along the
Frunt of the ported. If I would haft
to wnre trowsers, it wouldn't do enny
good to go out."
So he went and got lu the hatmnurk,
and prllty soon the muskentas and
Things began to find out where hr whi?.
If he would of rung the bell when he
wanted to come buck lu the house, ll
would of Been all rite, but he forgot ha
didn't Have Ute keys iu his nitd short
poi'ket when he went nut, nnd he hated
In disturb  the   Fumhly.
They nic H big tree besidt* our house,
wilh the linm growing out over the top
of the portcb, So Paw thut he wuuld
clime up the tree nnd get uu thc ported
nnd go In nn open wiudo. Then iiobud-
dy wuuld haft to get woke up.
The first thing me uml maw nml Little
albert new about it was when ws herd
paw hollering uud QaptUD Cooper's duwg
frum next door Barken prltty ssrldge,
The duwg now puw when he started
Across the grass toward the tree, nud I
genu he must of thot it wus u gonst or
When we looked out of the wlndo, we
saw paw go pnst first aud prltty soon the
duwg. Tbey were having n ruce nrouud
the house. Paw was hollering "Help!"
uud the duwg wasn't losing emiythlug on
each Inp.
"Wait, imw," maw told him, "and I'll
como down ami open the door."
"I haven't time," paw sed when ho
went pust ngain like a Sack of flower
shot out of n cannon.
Then tho dawg got to gaining, and prltty soon paw gavo a jump when he got
near tho tree and cot a llm, It was the
highest jump paw ever mude In His life,
and he couldn't of done It If he would of
had a Iut of close on. But his site shurt
didn't seem to way muteh.
After he got so he wus settin on tho
llm catching his breth and talking harsh
to the dawg a poleasmun came running
to the seen of trubble.
"Come down out of that," he told paw.
"That's all rite," paw anserd. "You
wnlt till I go in the house and get some
close on and I'll tell you how It happened."
While they were tawklng about It
maw got Dressed and went down to the
frunt portch. So pritty boou she and paw
came back up stairs, nnd the poleasmun
went away, when paw gave hlm a quarter to By some cigars. It was pritty
Btill for quite nwhflc nfter we were all
>n Bed again. Theu paw sed loud enuff
bo you could hear him all through tha
"That's what o-body getB for having a
kind hart. If I wouldu't of cared for
the cumfort of the rest of tbe fambly, I
would of rung the bell and woke you all
up. But that's nlwnys the wny when a
person does kind deeds. Hera you are,
maw, Buickering like nn old man at a
bulley show, and me nil het up too!
Think what mite of happened If I
wouldn't of cot that Iim wheu I jumped I"
That's what I'm doin," maw Bed.—
Vitlue uf Truth! ul.l,k« Tbat lie
Will P. itiui'* Ut-ituiiihrr For a
l..ohm  Time tu Cume.
Little Tommy Next door isn't an utterly malicious hoy, but-he Is un nlmighi>
iugeufous uud inventive liar for his
jcuit, which an* S>. One ufternouu a
couple Of weeks ugo be wus _ittiu*_ on u
bowlder iu the vacant iut near hii up
towu home eating u very Urge uud
luscious looking peach wheu a couple "i
child:en, uue a hoy of 7 and the other n
gill of ll, belonging to n poor family in
Iho neighborhood, upproav'hed uml regarded the peach wisifullv for awhile
US  they   held  on  lo  each  other's  huml-.
Whin, nfter finishing the peach, Utile
Tummy Nexiduor produced another one.
equally large and luscious looking, th.
hoy who had hold of hte little BlBlcr'i
huml mustered up (he nei-ve tu snyi
I in*, Tbuiuiy,"
ik   n   lai'jJC Idle nnd  BUlllcd
l-guiu   t'   give   you
lu* siid. 'hm  I'll tell yuu how yo
i kin
gu bushels u' peaches f cut nil by
self.    Vuu git fgetlwr n lot o' l.
o'  peio li  Btoiics,  an  they'll  pnv   v
a .".ii
cents n bos fr 'em iu th' drug t
They muke uiedkl'ut to' them."
"lloni-fl   Injun, Tummy';" iuqitin
other Uttlc buy, his eyes growing I
"That's   right,"   snUI   little   T
Nextdoor.     "All   you   gol   l*  do  is
tb' peach stones nu cluck Vm opci
1 tin
iu my
i' gil
a rock an git out th* kernels uu pi
t 'em
This,   that   mid  the  other  thing.-
Vork Evening Journal,
"Hnfferty," said Mr. Dolan, as he looked
at the big hotel building, "if 1 hov ty lira
iu a place like thut, gimme tho top flure.
Then, In ense auy iv the j'lces Invet go,
the felly ou the grim ml (lure hov ty bear
the brunt iv It."
"Hut t'ink iv thc drop!" Mid his neighbor.
"It 'ud be ter'ble.    But I'd chance It.
I've   hnd   oxpcc.'eni-p,   nn   when   there1
any kind lv H-gedin together 1 iuvnr'ahly
wnnt ty  bo the mun thut hits first.1
Washington Stnr.
-Ton. mon Humor at Fui It.
The    pemlstent   correspondent   was
worming n biogrnphy out of the reluctant
"I hiip|n'si< It In true, nenntor, nn everybody understands/1 be snid, "thnt you begnn life iin n poor plowboy?"
"No, nir," growled iho ntnlpsmnn. "I
begun life as n red faced, tint nosed,
squawllng baby,"*-—Chicago Tribune.
t.npt* l-'nr  111m.
"Have you ever tried to reduce youi
"Yes, I'll bet I've spent $500 for antl*
fut medicine; but It's no good. I've
tried everything nnd I Just keep getting fatter, lit give lt up now aud go
on nnd weigh a ton If I have to."
"Oh, don't get discouraged. Come
over and try our hoarding house for a
month or bo."
Usually, when you pass two women,
you enn bear one nsk, "Did you make
It without a Batten.r-_ltehlgoa OloU*
ImiircKNlun Correel,
Dlnglfos-Didn't I lend you $10 a
month or two ngo?
Sll ml bolt—Yotl did. If you had a good
bUHlnesfl heud on your shoulders, you
would be able to remember n loan like
that with absolute certainty and
Wouldn't lm vi; to ask anybody about It
Though Stephen Crime la said to hnvf
-tied poor, he left hooks nud manuHcri|)ti
ihnl will In lime he of eimxlderable value,
Iii." will hus lately been prubilleil In ting
lund    Mr  Crime's In-other, Mr. William
Uuw* Cnu f Purl -Jet-vis, N. Y„ Lu,
Until named as executor.,
A  lllraftlrtK In IHniilic.
I suppose yon nre greatly displensrd
wlih my daughter's pianoforte practicing.
lt  must  annoy  ymi dreadfully—the tint
has nucIi thin  walls,"
"Well, no, I hnve no wish to condemn
your daughter's pructlclng. It hna been
the direct cause of my wlfo nml I inking
a great deal of very beneficial outdoor
ciereiue." —Cleveland l'lnln Dealer,
Miss Brown—What's thc mnttcr with
your husband V Some stomach trouble,
Isn't It'/
Mrs. Mnlnprop—Oh, worae'u thnt! The
doctor didn't specificate. He just said
It   wus   some   "severe   abominable  com-
pluiut."—Philadelphia PreBs,
A Ueii-alne Oaila,
"Miss Jinks Is lucb a restful girl tt
talk to,"
"Is Bhe?"
"Yen: she didn't even kuow this was
presidential election year until I told
hur."—Chicago Itecord.
'Il Hod He-.perl ence.
Mr, George Clarence Holmes' boat,
the Hod, capsized Saturday, which induced tbe genial commodore to remark
that the hod that Isn't turned upside
dowu occasionally cannot have much
Through tho efforts of Coipielln tbe
government of Franco has given per*
mission for tho establishment of a lottery for the benefit of the Society of
Dramatic Artists. About *:ioo,ooo will
be raised and will be devoted to pen-
■Inning retired actors.
Ill a clgpr box, an th' inau In
Btoreil give you r.U cents fr th' box."
The other little boy looked at his liub*
sister. Her eyes were us big us his own
With the prOSpCOt Uf riches,
"W"y don't yon do ll y'se'f, Tommy?"
Iiujuli-ed the poor little boy, naturally
fu on jjh.
"Oh, my puw, he gives me all th' money nn peaches I want:" replied little
Tommy Nexiduor grandly.
Then the poor little hoy nnd bis sister
walked awny, band in hnud, nnd talked
It over. It wuh u groat scheme, thev
concluded. They got bold of a baskel
at ouco und began to scour the neighborhood for pencil stones. Tbey wenl
through alleys and the cans stnndlug in
the alleys for peach stones. They well]
nrouud nt busemcut doors and begged the
colored servants to save the pencil Ht'niiM
for them, refusing In uarh ense, libv?
ever, to divulge their reasons for waul
Ing the thing's. They were nfl'llld Ihnl
their business might hu spotted if the
other children in the neighborhood found
out how vntuubte peach stone kernel*-
were to druggists.
After ten days of hard work tho two
poor children uf tho neighborhood gnl
four elgur boxes that they Imd begsed
from the coiner tobacconist tilled with
peach stone kernels. It hud been a la*
bnrlous joh to crack the hard peiich
stones, und Iheir lllile hands showed
tbe effects of their coiiBtniit labors in
the task.
Tbey set out right after breakfast on
Wednesday morning Inst to sell iheir
four boxes of kernels, and ns they nud*,'
ed nlung toward the nearest drugstore
they tulked of the things they were go
Imr to buy for the $2.
The druggist whose storo thoy lirst en
tered—It , was up near the houiiilnr.v-
smlted when the little hov s^iul Ids
proposttlfTtftnnd iiiwsente^'Tii^fouMjoxi'.'.
of kernels for sale ut the regular mar
•ket rate.
"I don't nood tbem, son.," suid the druggist. The boy's fuce fell, nnd po Aid the
little girl's, bot tbey went out and walked down tbe street, tint quite so cheerful Us hefore, nnd tried the uext drug
store. The result was the siinie. The
second druggist smiled jipoti thein aud
told them thnt be didn't hnppon to need
the kernels.
The children walked from up nenr the
boundary down to Pennsylvania avenue
with the four boxes of kernels, trying nil
of tbe drugstores on the way. Their little legs were wenry and their hearts
sore by the lime they reached the nve
nne. However, they began trying the
avenue drugstores. At each ouu they
only gut n smile nnd a shake of the
clerk's heud. Discouraged, they turned
toward home ngnin, for it wns nfter the
noon hour, nnd lhey were very tired nud
hiingiy. besides beiug benrtbroken. They
still curried the four boxes of kernels,
however. Imagining that tbey might bv
able to dispose of thein Inter on, when
the druggists were mure in need of them.
At the corner of (.1 nnd Fourteenth
meets tbey met littlo Tommy Nextdoor'*.
father. The man recognised the children. He pulled up wben he saw them
nml nsked:
'What in thc world ore you two young
ones doing duwti here ntoiie, and whut
have you got In ihuse boxes?"
The tired youngster, slill holding his
little sister's hnud, explained how little
Tommy Nextdoor had told tbem of thc
riches thoy could make out of pench
tone kernels and how poorly they tin*]
made not nfter tbeir hard work for nearly two weeks.
Little Tommy Nextdoor's father pulled
out his mil und stripped off a ¥2 bill iin-l
gave it to the boy nnd told him tu throw
the pench kernels nway, nud when Tom
my Nextdoor's puw got homo tbnt evening Tommy got uu Illustration of the
value of truthfulness thut will pcrhnp*;
cause hlin tu sleep with his face toward
china fur quito a lung time tu come.
ability i.f
b, Tba i
nw :■ mr*\ lives nml body,
OUlfl tii-.i'ii .-nt
It. Williams'
Bought. Mr.
'.noun black-
]■;     I  .    ,s   ruu
Dr-aft-ned nnd Dniiled.
"Madge, whnt did Maud say when she
called r
"To tell tlie truth, she had on such a
lovely pink shirt waist thai I didn't hear
s Word she said."
Flr-lnt-ncy,    Sick     Urada-ohe,
Br fit Hi Hnd   L uolatlou*,   In
nnd a Feeling m Weight on
* i i-h iir* Among *lif Syinptoi
Dyspepsia, or Indigestion, ns it is
also frequently culled, is one of the
must serious ailments Mittt iilllicls
mankind, When Lhe -Homaeli loses
its craving: for food and the power
to digest U, the person mi altttcted is
both mcntully uml physically ill u
condition uf wretcbodness, Tlio
symptoms of Ur* disorder arc manifold, und among them iuay bo noted
a feeling of weight In ihe region of
the stomach, sick headache, hIIci.kivo
breath, heartburn, a
tftsto in tin* mouth, it
temper, disturbed sleep,
(lition is in fact  ono uf
tion of tho l'i I, n.-rv
itud on the first sympl
tlirougli Un- us.* of
l'lnk I'ills should bo
Willinm Dirt, u well
smith ut Plsquld, P,
who suHcrud for years
Ids experiencu for the
liar Kiiiiv-ivrs ,\h* h
muny years I wns u <
gesllon, nceoinpftiiled by norvo•wnoss,
palpitation of Um hoorfc umi othor
dlfltresBlng symptoms. My appetite
wuh Irregular, and whal I me felt
liko u weight in my stomach; this
wus accompanied by a feeling uf stupor or sleepiness, nml yel 1 rarely
enjoyed a sound night's sloop When
1 would retire u creeping sensation
would come ovor me, wilh pnlns
and fluttering around the heart, uud
then when I arosa In tho mor g, r
would feci ns tired nnd (attguftd us
I did before I went to bed. It Is
needless to say' that T wus continually taking inedluino nnd tried, I
think, almost uvarythlng racoinmuncl-
ed us n cure for ilu* trouble. Occasionally I gol temporary relict', hut
the trouble iihvny.s enme Illicit; usually in a still moru ifgraVfttod
form. All ibis, of course,' cost (l
grenl, deal of money, nnd us (be expenditure seemed  rtsoluss l  was very
much   discouraged.   () Inv  mm  of
my neighbors', who huil itsud Ih*.
Williams' I'lnft Pills with much !n*n-
eiii, 'advised ma to Lry ihem, nml I
decided "i do so, thinking novorth'o-
less thnt. it would In* bm auolher
hopeless experiment. To my. great
gratification, however, I had only
been uAlng thb pills    a few    wooks
when     I     felt       decidedly   heller,      uml
things began to look brighter, I
continued Inking Iho pills for several
month's, with llio result thnt my
health wns us good uud my digestion beiier than it imd ever been.
One of the most, flattering results of
the I rem men i wns my Increase in
weight     from   I2fi     pounds     to   155
I'o te.   li is moro than a yeur now
since I discontinued the pills and in
that timo I hnve not Imd the slightest return of tho trouble. We always keep the pills ill the liOUSt
now, und my family luue used them
for other ailments with tho samo
gratifying results."
These pills may be had from   anv
denier In medicine, or will
post paid ut 5(1 cents a box
boxes for 82.50   by addressing    the
Dr.   W lliums'   Medicine   Co.. Ilrock-
ville, Ont.
tineuuniiiOle Sloven In Clim-i,
Somo une with n bead for figures has
recently attempted to cnlculoto lhc nmn
ber uf moves on the chessboard, lie
starts with the fuet that inch player bus
HU possible moves-from whieh he musl
select biu first move. He then tells us
that tbe number'of possible ways of
playing the first four moves only, en
each side would ho 01S,070,6Q-I»000.
If theu, nny ono wero to pluy with
cut cessation ut the rate of one set n
minute, it wuuld tuke bim more thnn
IJOU.OW) yeurs tu go through them nil.
Tbe number of ways of playing the lirst
ten moves nn each Bide is 100,518;82D,-
100,04-1,000,006,000,000,000, These figures nre probably iu defect, rather than
In excess, of the actual number, On their
basis, however, nud considering tbe population uf Ihu whole worl,I to be 1,483,000,-
000, more thau 217,000,000,000 would be
needed to go through ihem ull, even If
every mun. woman and child on tin* face
uf the globe played without cessation
for thut enormous period at tho rate of
one set per minute and no ert wus repeated.
tl lllnis MEX1CAH  LAWS
rio \  have soma very curious crlm-
al    laws im Mexico,   For Instance,
is luii.* aa much ol un offenso
j mul llute    tbo    hue of u woman
thai      of   ii   mun.    The   law   seems
be bus< il "ti the Idea thai a woiuai
besl     possession  is her beauty, und
thai   tn mar It does her a great injury.
There is another curious law It a
person should be wounded In au encounter, the punishment to the offender is fixed by the number ol days
in- \i. nm Ims to stay in the hospital or under n doctor's cure. A
Lliii* ■ is fixed at -10 duys in the way
of a general division. If the Injured
u,,in occupies more than 40 days in
hla recovery, the penalty doubles up,
rn Cure te a spoclflo for ihe
removal ol corn-* and warts.   We have ucver
may c
heard of it* falling to remove
The m
among tbi
sqillto     was      recount I tering
papers on tho country store
>d   morning!1
inn,   peeping
leaves of the general ledgi
"Ah: Qoud morning, bn
ihe mosquito politely, "IV
give me tho Information I a
glvo mc n list of the peoph
hnvo uul yet bnngbt their
or nuttl&Bs?"
ly   cried   a
behind   tbe
ther," replied
'haps you cuu
Mr. .*-   A-fceriium, comuiunkil   traveller.
Belleville, writes: "Some year,- ngo I
used Ur. ThuiuuN Keleotrlo Oil for in
tlftmmntory rheumatism, uud thru; hot
tlus tffeoted a complete cun* 1 was the
whole of one summer unable tb move
without crutches, anil every movement
boused excruciating pnlui. 1 am now oui
on tho* road and exposed to all kinds of
weal her hut havu ta-ver been troubled
with    rh-_uim.ll-.tii    since.      J,   however,
kfen n bottio of Dr. Thomas' oil on band,
uud I always recommend It to others, a*
It il.il no much lor inu. "
in« I
Young    Doctor-
fhings will go pn
Ml I get
Why,   when
brass plate,  I  hhi  in
fur three mouths ami
"Whew!    That   wi
Only one ens
"A case of Iilslrilui
I    expert
low when 1
tai'ted n little.
you must or
'll   I   first   showed
iu my consulting n
mil only hud one cu
wus rough, wasn't
1 what was that u I
1'ule. ulckly children
.no of lhe  principal  n
-hihlren ami cln-uld t><
should USD Mother
alitor. Worms nre
wh of Buffering in
unpolled  hum the
Too llaii'.
Seu Serpent—Oh, pshaw! It stems us
If I never cau get my picture taken,
I'hose photographers arc uhvujs In such
a hurry.
Allow & Cbip
Stocks snd bonda bought, iold and
carried  on margin.    Listed
mining Blocks curried
Fly Paper.
"After nil your talk nbout sensational Journalism!" exclaimed tbe fly on
the edge of tbo sugnr bowl. 'Tm stir-
prised at you!"
"What nbout?" gasped tbo captured
fly, vnlnly endeavoring to extricate
himself from thc sticky trap.
"Well, I notice tlmt paper you're
stuck on now Is decidedly yellow."
Mr-<.Celeste Coon. Syracuse, N.Y., writes:
"For year. I could uot eat muny kinds of
food without producing a burning, uicrucl-
utlng pain in my stomach. I took Panne-
le-'d I'ills uccordiiiK to directions under
'Dycpi psia or Indigestion.' One box entirely cured mc, I can now cat anything I
choose, Without distressing me in thu lean,1'
Th. s.* pills do not oaUM p i in or griping, und
should be u.-wl when a cathartic la required,
it iii'iiuiiii-i to ile Seen.
A smart young ludy recently entered
i rnilwny rim-Inge occupied by three o
four ini'iiibiTs of the oppuslte sex. Om
if ilu'iu. in the liimllinr style we kn ■<.
-in well, produced u cigar ami hi
mutelil u:- ami snid;
"I trust, mndiiiti, that smoking Is tu
llsugrecnblo to yonV"
"Ili'titly. sir."" witli the Bwertest -
siulies, "l can't tell, for ns yet ti i gi I
tlemuii bus siboked iu my preseuca"
How's This?
Wo offer fin-! Iltmdied Dollars Reward for
curry out i
To the Editor ot tho Ceylon "Observer":
Colombo, Aug.   IS,  1HOO.
Dear Sir,—
1 have carefully examined und
tasted the small sample of Tea
marker! "SALAD A" Pure In. olored
Ceylon Green Ten you sent me losl
night nml find it is ns Btated,
The tea bus oxceptloual leaf fragrance uml draws a choice, flavory,
cowslip water,some whu I resembling
best grade Japan.
As a specimen ol whal Green Tea
should be iu the cup i would be
almost  impossible to   improve ou  it.
If Ceylon planters will only f*-
careful to ship Greens up to this
standard of excellence,' the capture
of the American nml Canadian markets is certain and asaurt d.
Yours fail hfullj .
(Signed) K  p. STREET.
KITi IIF.N Hn.l'
the water in the
,i  double bo Ier rei
I, hasten tho operation by Baiting
*   water.
'ill dirlj  saucepans with hoi soda
i lu-re  is  tine*    to wash  them
ia  menus n  great  saving of time
dinewater will clean |ars and nigs
Icb soup and water have failed lo
in-i- h is admirable for cloftn-
oul  rei • p oi los and nursing bot-
ve tho paper bogs They mako
1  gloves  for  tho    cook  to clean
stove with.
our. meal, RUgar, salt, spies.
soda should nlwoj - !-■ Rifted be-
' B   ■' string beans   pena
: nipi oved    by n
•uld     dways   be    washed
r b fore ii   :-■ used for puff
I i  tarda its rising.
■ *-*. >i or more flavors
more pleasing En gelatine
II •■':■*    il      ,:  d   llll
ins    ol buttermilk
us  much    nourishment   us
,if oysters, • wa ounces ol
d - tt i potato,
< l>ll
WKST-ft'l nnv,
W'AI.IU.m;,     Iii
Drn«gJtf, TiL   .,
J-Iulis Citarrti due Is talon Internally,
lug (Ilreillj- n|i<.n llie b'ouil ami mue _*
face' of llie *ystem.   Pilie, 7>. p, r I- tti*-.
hy ul] ilni-v'u.-is.   T-fwIliiionla'i trie
Hall's Family PlUi am tlie be i.
lo iv riii   Sot uk)*   CoiiNiimor-a.
Hnlf the Btnle nf lown In nnderlnid
tvitb conl, iayi Rollin Lynda Hunt iu
Tbe Atlantic. What maiter, then, dial
thc Indies of lies Moines must lew their
ball dresses Into bugs to keep llit-ui
from the loot? What mutter that the
beauties of lies Moines have twisted
their pretty cbt-ltl awry in Attempts to
blow cinders oil' from their pretty tore
hends'/ What mailer that ymi CQUffb
like the people of Hutu- iu yuiir vnln effort to catch n breath of something bot*
ter thau bitumen?    "No smoke cousiui)
ers?" I pasped.    "Sir," said lhe lowans.
"every clUxen.ls n smoke consumer!'
A mistake hus been mnde Homewhcre
If a good cnlouniker doesn't iinally become thc mother of a buye family of
Librm-iaus say thnt people who rend
novels nud nothing bul novels are nbout
TO per cent ot renders in thc public book
Told tlie Tenth.
Gentleman (Ind jft.ii wily) — When I
bougbl Ihls doir. you said he Whn splendid
fm* rn's.   Why, he won't tomb tbem.
Dn* Dealer— WclI. ain't that spk-ndid
for tin* rats?	
A DINNER I'lLL,—Many iiorsons Buffer
eierucinting ii^ony after partakinu ot a
hearty dinner. The food partaken of te likn
a ball of lead ii-mii thi- r-toiiuieli.iiud innlead
of beinu a lii-althy nulriuicnt it beoomos a
poison to thu system.    Dr, I'urmcleii'n Veg«
otable I'illH urn wonderful   ebrrootlres of
such troubles.   Tbey comet  acidity, open
scuiTllons and convert llie food partnlton of
into healthy nutriment.  They arc just the
modlclno to lake It tioubiud with iudlifCtfllou
or dyspopstfl-i
Will Itit-f-rfon- Next Time.
A Lewi-ion mnn was passing thronzh e
country district near the city one day,
when off in a field ho saw n boy throwing
stoms through ihe glass of n deserted
house. The man's first Impulse wns tc
shorn to him to stop, but (ben he thought
that the boy's father should have taught
him better things, nnd it was not his duty
io chasiise another mini's children foi
their wickedm-ss. So he went home thai
night nnd began to tell the instance nt
supper table. Ills boy, win. had been out
In the country hunting all day, began tc
turn colors nud Iinally broke out:
"Well, pn, ymi needn't he sn roundabout. You know it wus me, and I guess
the man who owns it knew, for I saw
Iilm running after me down the rond."
Hefore that evening wns passed, sure
enough, the owner of the old bouse drove
up ami demanded the nay for the glas3-
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Everywto.
The Author ot "Vanity Fair."
Thackeray wns nhxolutety without nf-
fcclntion or false pride Of nny kind. Me
did not mind speaking of himself, and in
answer to my inquiries, after a conversation which had lusted Borae time, us to
whether tlie success of "Vanity Pair"
had taken him at nil by surprise snid:
"Very much so. And not myself alone,"
he added. "When a little time before I
hnd nsked for permission to republish
some tales from Kraser's Magazine it
was given to me wiih ii smile, almost nn
Ironical one, as much ns to sny, 'Much
good may you get out of them.' They
bring me in (800 a year now."
"Twelve und sixpence a page," he said
wns nil ho got for his contributions tu
lhe magazine, nml he expressed n hop*
ihnt writing was better paid now than H
was iu his young dnys. IK* told me thn:
Turgcm-fT hinl called upon him without
any introduction, simply in tbo cbnrnrtcr
of h foreign admirer of his work- nnd
without sayiug a word about his own ht-
ernry position. - Sutherland Edwards'
"Personal Recollections;"
We keep a taiga Stock alwnyi on
hand of
Wt can fit oat Daily or Weekly
Fapea or Job Outfits on ■
fa** hours notice.
We also -jupply BEADY-PRINTS,
I   175 OWEN ST., IMEEB.
iii..uul,if.,i inn,. Wife,
Wil,-   My   .bar.   theru   is   a
rentleiimn -vriltlng in iho oilier room.
Ii* w-i-.i's iii apeak tn .vou.
II.**   P.. ymi ):m,w hlmV
Sin*- Yon must forgive me, dnrllnp,
ni ot biti- yon have been troubled
■vith n cough, besides, you tnke so lit-
lie enre of yourself, nnd—ob, If you
inly l.iifw how noxious I ntn nbout
yotl. Suppose I wero to lose you, love,"
[She bursts Into sobbing nnd throws
herself on bis breast.)
He—Come, my denr, Billy child, do be
enlm. do be cnlm. Pooplo don't die
of n alight cold, still, If It will pnelfy
rou, sllov-r the doctor In. Who i.s It?
Dr. Pullot, ehV
She-It Isn't n doctor. It is—it ls-
ri life Insurance ngonM
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Bm, Etc,
JfiNt ii \Vnj  of Hera,
"You musl not think, young mnn,"
snlil the corn fed philosopher, "thut n
young wimiuti doesn't know anything
Jusi i.eiiiiisu hIh* ims it hnlilt of asking
foolish ipiesilntis Mint give you n
ebiilice  Io  Imparl  Information  with a
uperlor plr."
LINIMENT Relieves NenraUli.
I.,,,,,   at,   Iri..,I    Polled,
Ugra, tfanltolM n„,i V. w. T.,
fVlonlpejr, Hu.
ur io PETBn l,l( KSOX, O.nenil Ann.,
Brass Band
li.ulrnmrnU, IJrnmi, t'«lfi.rm», Kt-r.
I.    WJXl   prtl'M   I'V.T    ','1*1-1]        Fill.    1-H'n •,„  ,H
tO  llluitrttloni ti,a, M rr- .*     WrlU n- for uy
thing In Mualo or Huilnl lmtrtiinnriU,
Wialer Bore. - Co., T"Tit.^.',.'SiL
K°^MPA _!£__
Miia.ir-irturMl   by THUS.  LKE, W Iiolp. f.
Umk-t   Street., Opp. Cily  Hall,
Hi.mi,...k-, Man,
Write f'.r m.,:i'j gne,
VV. A. SJH'HELL, B. A., Principal,
Catholic Prayer SiSUnaS:
mint*, Rellg-jpulPtetnr-Bfl SlHiunrv.nnflChnrch
OrnwnentiiiEdiiutiODM worka Suiioni-.ni receive prompt Bttenlton. D,4 f.8«Uif ftO0.,l0HI(ll
BURXEB luu un air chamber which j»r-_-
ventfl tbo Qiuna rotting on Ihe gni opening,
No more clogging, no mun* worry. Durna
equally well mil on ot fumed down. Yield*
moro light from grs used than any other
burn. r. Price $2,78 i*t doxon, or _tS pot
uriHw; tamnlciflO ooo la oaoh, Tin*- Boono-
mie Aoityhno Burner Uo., 28 Wellington
Bt.W., Toronto, Ont,
W. N. U. I      LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked  Up About the City  by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
A. W. McViltie is in Pernie tbis week.
Kd Hill enme up from Moyie Sunday.
Window shades, good variety, at
Charley Edwards waB in town Saturday and Snnday.
S A. Scott, of Moyie, was In town
several days this week.
Firewood—pine, br and tamarac in all
lengths.    VanDecar St Son,
Miss Hackett visited with Nelson
frieuds several days this week.
Don't forget the concert in the Pres-
bytenan church next Monday evening.
D. Murphy and family bave moved
into tbeir haudaome home ou itaker
Dark green window shades, linen, full
size for 50 cenla each, complete at Bremner's.
Willi*"! Cariin, the merchant prince
of Port Steele, waa a Cranbrook visitor
Fred Suivth, wbo is confined to the
hospital witb fever, is now on the road
to recovery.
Sam Morrow sprained lm ankle last
Sunday ami bas heen walking with
crutches ever since.
P. T. Smvth, of Moyie, came up Sunday to see his brother who is confined at
the Mission by illness.
John Bremuer returned from Lethbridge Tuesday where he has been enjoying a brief vacation.
V.  Hyde Baker returned to   Nelson
Monday.   Mrs.   Baker ia improving
tapidly as could be expected.
Mr. Reid, one ofthe well-known merchants of Moyie, ' a prince cf good
fellows, was in town last Priday.
T. H. Jamison has returned from the
hospital where be has been under
treatment for the past two weeks,
Pred Young, ofthe Herald staff, went
to Moyie Tuesday to helpout tbe Leader
boys during Pred Smyth's illness.
There seems to be uo betting in Cran
brook on election results. The people
are not enthused to the proper stage.
John Houston, ofthe Nelson Miner, is
traveling with Christopher Foley and
speaking for the Conservative party.
Word has been received that Jack
Noble has lost a finger in Nelson. Tbe
accident is not a serious one, however,
M. King, of Chipman, N. B, is a
guest of his hi other, Dr. King. Mr,
King may conclude to remain all winter
V, T. Smyth, the understudy of Editor
Smyth, of the Moyie Leader, came up
last Sunday lo see how his brother was
Horace K. Butler, barber, singeing,
shampooning and cutting ladies' and
children's hair, at their residence, in
Aiken block.
Tne concert at the Presbyterian church
next Monday evening promises to be a
musical treat. The people of Cranbrook
should not miss it.
Charles Stein, of Kalispell, Mont.,
passed inspection with 13 head of horaea
tbis week. He goes to Red Deer, AIM.,
witb hia family to locate permanently.
M. Mclnnes left Monday for an extended trip to the territories where be
will look after the large number of cattle
and sheep tbe company bas in that section.
Mr. Norbury, wbo went hack to Eng
land about two years ago, bas seut word
that he will return to South East Kootenay and take up the woik on bis ranch
Rev. Gordon, of Fernie, stopped in
Craubrook a few days this week to viait
friends. He was on his way to Nelson
to attend the Presbyterian Sunday school
The infant child of J, P. Fink bas been
very sick the past week. This morning
there was a change for the better and
hopes are now entertained of his ultimate recovery,
A, E. Watt and Jumes Hunter left the
first of the week for several days' outing
in the hills. They will he able to supply tbeir Iricmls with all kinds of game
ou their return,
Messrs. Costigan, Wellman and Morris were out hunting several days laat
week but met with indifferent success.
Tbe other two say that "baldy'.*." laugh
scared away all tbe game.
The young people of the Presbyterian
church held their first social of tbe winter season last Tuesday eveuing. It was
a most successful affair aud presages
many plcssnnt eveninga this winter.
If you bave not tried Gilpin's store,
you should do so. You can get what
you want there, simply because he carries all lines. To tbe average woman
this Is a convenience aud a pleasure.
Tbe poles for the electric light plant
have art iveil and are being put ln position. The machinery will be installed
some time next week, and before the
first ofthe year Cranbrook will be enjoying a modem light,
Messrs. Leask and Liddicoatt are making improvements at (lie rink and getting it in shape for the coming season.
The place will be fitted with electric
lights and everything possible done for
the comfort of tbe public.
Miss Clara Fortune, of Winnipeg, Is
fishing her uncle, Rev, Fortune, of Ibis
city. Miss Fortune is thecontratto soloist in St. Andrews church at Winnipeg,
and next Sunday evening will favor the
Presbyterian congregation witb a solo.
N. Hanson, the good-natured governor
of Wasa, was in town Monday and Tuesday. Mr, Hanson says tbat the chances
for a bridge over tha Kootenay this winter are good, and that that wftl bring the
Wasa  country live miles nearer Cranbrook.
James Kerrigan has put in a large boiler in his place for use in bottling.
Dr. Bell visited Elko tbis week and
says that the Great Northern surveyors
are in the lield in that section running
preliminary surveys. There seems little
doubt but that that company intends lo
build to tap the coal fields aud ore heaps
of tbis district.
Oak Lake News: Leltcb Bros, are into building again. This time It is a
large coal shed. Tbe south aide of the
track will soon be known as "Leitch
Bros.' manufacturing subdivision to Oak
Lake," all tbat remaius to complete it is
an electric light plant.
"Say, Simpson," s-aid a Cranbrook
resident the other day, "you newspaper
men ought to know nearly everything
going on iu a town, and I want to ask a
question. What has become of tbe
Cranbrook board of trade?" The question remains unanswered.
Miss Clara Fortune, of Winnipeg, assisted by local talent, will give a concert at the Presbyterian church next
Monday night, -diss Fortune la tbe
contralto soloist in St. Andrews church
at Winnipeg, aud Ihe people are sure of
a musical treat in her singing.
A number of the youug people bad |*
most enjoyable eveuing laat Thursday at
the hospitable home of Mr. and Mrs.
A, Leltcb Dancing was Indulged In un
til a late hour and after partaking of refreshments tbe guests departed, all
thankful that they bad been present.
Mr. Cepherley, of Vancouver, B.UMi
Columbia manager for several leading
insurance companies, waa in town Tuesday checking up McViltie & Hutchison,
his agents for Cranbrook. He says that
this brancb shows a larger percentage of
Increase tbe past year tban any other
agency iu Ihe province
Macleod Gazette: Tbere fa at present
a letter in the postoffice here that has
upon it the unique superscription. It is
addressed as follows: "Miss Willis, A
Ranch. Rocky Mountain.., Canada "
The writer evidently haa a blind faith In
the efficiency of the postal authorities in
tbis portion of the globe.
The man who owes a dollar or more to
The Herald on subscription would confer a favor by paying tbe same. If you
read the paptr, pay for it. If you don't
want lo pay, say so, but ao long as you
take the paper, be willing to come up
with the coin. We bave to pay our wage
earners every Saturday night Standoffs
don't go with them.
Tbere is some petty thieving going on
among the residents of Baker hill. John
Hutchison lost a barrel of vegetables and
A. W. McVittie a haunch of venison. It
Is early in tbe season for tbis kind of
business, and Hutchison says that he
hopes in the future the thieves will take
the vegetables before he labors to dig
them from tbe ground.
B ..prist church in Wentworth hall
Sunday evening, October 28, at 7:30
Rev. D. Holford, B. D , will by special
request again discuss the much vexed
question of Hell and Eternal Torment.
All are welcome to these services. A
bible reading will be given in tbe ball In
the afternoon at 3 to which all are invited. A solo "The Harbor Bell" will
be sung by the pastor.
Macleod Gazette: It is asserted by
the Cranbrook Herald that Mr. Haney'*
house at the Macleod station will be re
moved to Cranbrook. The house has
now stood on tha hill beyond tbe station
ever since construction, a tower and
land mark, but we presume that Mr.
Haney ia removing il because it serves aa
a reminder to the people 01" Macleod bow
be broke faith wilh them.
Calgary Albertan: "Sugar" Dixon
met witb a serious accident yesterday
while returning from Okotoks by trail.
Tbe night being dark he missed the trail
and running into some obstructions the
team became frightened and ran away.
Mr. Dixon was thrown out and sustained
a fractured collar bone and an injured
arm. The injured man was brought to
town by Mr. Grierson. So far, tbe
team, which was owned hy Scott brothers has not been located.
Nu  l,ua«er Amy Ham* lu tin TI.ra.Lfl.
tSaroae with Tkeaa.
Vp to tiini-M within the memory of
living men, almost no one of means
traveled through Europe without a
courier. Before railroads were built
and before good guide hooka were printed, he uas alino.tt iudii-jpetii-.ilble. Ilia
tribe survives, writes Herbert Luce In
(Joint? Abroad, but in greatly dimln-
islmil numbers. To the self-reliant
traveler be te ot no use whut ever. Indeed, he la frequently a positive incumbrance, und worse. To my mind,
one of the great pleasures of travel la
iu learning to travel by myself. There
is satisfaction, pleusure aud education
in planning routes, deciphering time
tables, making bargains, learning by
observation the lay of the laud.
The time iimy have been when a courier could wive a traveler more than hla
cost. Mn.-i i-ertulnly that it* nut the case
now, Ou the contrary, an he geta a percentage on every purchase his party
makes (which) of course, comes oul of
the purchaser In increatwd- price), and
as It In often for bis interest to advise
the more costly route, the more costly
hotel, or the more costly excursion, he
outs np much more than hia wagea,
while saving positively nothing. Bean
declares that in a two-weeks' trip In
southern Spain, which he made aide by
side with a couple having a courier, be
Invariably reached -the hotel hrst, got
better rooms, uuw all tbe sights to aa
good advant-age; yet the courier waa
of his kind an expert. The fact is that
travel has become so general, tourist
companies, railroads and< landlords have
so well -stiiiMed lis need*-*, books are so
plentiful, Unit you couldn't very well
get oft* the track or hnve a mishap if you
■HtiimpR were contemptuously culled.
John M. Nile*, onr ixa-tmaar-u-r-ffeneml
ut that time, tried herok-wlly, but In
rain, to move congr-BM to authorise
atampa for this country. Hliauocewor,
Pave Johnson, waa more fortunate, ami
the bill iteatred wm approved on March
3, 1847, the stumps not being- ia-Hued,
however, till August, though the time
appointed wait July I. Only two values
of thc new atainpa were introduced lu
isn—a five and ten-cent atamp, bearing, respectively, the portrait Of Franklin in a bronze tint wid Washington In
"The first purchaser of st-ampa In the
I'uited States waa Henry Shaw, the
father ot Henry Wheeler Shaw (tetter
known us 'Josh Billlaga,* the humor-
ist). Mr. Shaw was In the poatmaater-
gen-eral'a office on August 6,1847, when
Mr. Johnson entered witb the printer
from whom he had just received sheets
of the new stamps. Mr. Johnson passed
a -sheet to Mr. Shaw for Inspection.
After giving the stamps a hasty (fiance
Mr. Shap. iK-rbape with an eye to future fajue, took out hia wallet, oounted
uut lft oentf and purchased one of each
variety. The 'nve' be kept aa a curiosity, the 'ten' he prteentod to Oov.
Brlgga aa an appropriate trlft.'^^-
Heated by hot. air throughout.
The dining mom Is first class.
Every convenience for travelers.
Christopher Foley
The Labor Candidate,
Will wtdreu Ibe citizens of Cranti-ook
Friday Evening
Oct. 26th.
A cordial invitation U extended to
the members oi all political parties
to be present*
"Josh Bint-ass' " rather Waa tfc« First
Purchaacr, Jttat  Tlttr Vamra Am*.
"Fifty years ago—ln July, 1847—
Uncle Sam issued his first postage
stamps," writes Fannie Mack liothrop
in l.tidle-s* Home Journal. "In fing-
laud, aeven yean before, .lowland
Hill, 'father of the penny poet,' introduced  the 'sticking plaatars,'  aa tha
nJuTl   No. ii.    Meets every Frl*
mt_\oS_¥mS J*> "o-" " iaei» ■jJl1 °"
«-*    I*....     Baker street   HojourHtng
Odd Fellows cordially Invited.
.1. P, FlnH W. F. (bird
N.fl. Sec'y.
Craabrook U4gt, Ne. 34
A. P. ft A. M.
Regular meeting* nu ths
third   Thursday of tll«
ui' mil.
\ lamps tirtibero wdconi d.
W. F, ODRp, See'r.
While   Closlnf  Out   These  Lines, a Qreat
Cut in Prices Will Be Male.
■Wj inula 1 issollne Umiw, worth •l'-.flo now 8.
lu Double Gasoline I amps   "0  woo " 12,
-tio Medh losl KWtrio Belta     •     -    •     M1
lio Medli-lnul fclecirlc Bstteilea     •     -     S.00
SIS Me (Mutual Klectrlo hatterl-M aoo
io Children's Novelty Safety Mvloga
luO Haud Oil I'alntlnKS ol Kootenay size isxau
and ■_iix;«, worth 3.-J aud |w each, selling at Iin
und |I5, Including beautiful buralibed gilt
frames, moat suitable |ireseut ot the day.
All kinds of pictures selling at cost. Picture
framing a upeelaKy. Prices guaranteed the
lowest to Kooteuy. Novelty Scissors, novelty
Electric Necktie Lamps, etc, tioods unt 0,0,1),
whea deposit accompanies order and all mall
orders will receive prompt attention at,
a 0, NilVHLTY (Mi NelMfl, B.C.
Not loe Is' hereby given that .'one month after
date I Intend to api'ly to ibe chief commissioner
of lands sod works for permission to purchase
lhe following described lands: Couineuclng at
a post marked "Duucau MeUesald's 8, K, corner post," lhuate4 st tbe northeast corner of
H. W. Melton's pre-emption near Palmers bat,
hast Kootenay, thence north eighty chains,
tbenoe west forty chains, thence south, eighty
chains, thence east forty chains to the place of
beginning, containing 3W acres.
Hated at Cranbrook this lutb day of October,
IKXi. Hunvan McDonald,
Furnished or
Inquire of..,
Durlck ave.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    III        !   I    B. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co,
The only all rill route between all
points Ka.t, West aid South to..,,
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Oreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and 0. R. & N. Company.
Connect, at
Nelson with Steamer lor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Point*,
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and
Connect, daily
At    Bossburg   Stage  Dally  lor
Orand Forks and Urecnwood,
H. A, JACKSON, Orn. Ptlt. A|t.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
The best ol liquors at the bar.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $i.oo per day.
Has jusi received a large
and complete line of
Which he le selling al Ihe
same price, asked In Ihe
Cameras for $1.50 to $150
Come in and see them *t
The Lion Brewery
tvvkossland, li C
The 'argent and find cuulnficd
brewery In British Cnlumhlii
aa-ann(y)  fl), ................
When In Kimberley
Stop at the	
Julius Hurel, Proprietor.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
•*>••• ••••••••••••■•9Q  (*■)♦ ••••••••••••••*>•■• ••••••( ;
Kimberley 3
The coming town of East Kootenay
near the famous North Star and
Sullivan mines *t **
A limited number of lots for sale at prices varying from $125 to $400. Now is the time to
buy as prices will be advanced the first of the
year ********
Apply to
Land Commissioner C. P. R. BEALE & ELWELL
Winnipeg Fort Steele and Kimberley
...Sole Representatives...
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Tlieir MJDWEISJlR BURR (bottled)
is equal to miy Imporleil nrttcle,
AKKATl'l) WATKRS "'nil briHlrta to
lie Iiml al nil hotels in West anil l-'i.st
James Kerrigan & Co.
Wholesale Oiocer
and Selling Agents
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of u. S.
Office nml storo, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Crnnbrook, IJ. C.
Upholstering anil -General Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economieal way to handle it.
A nice selection of "Meriden Britannia" silverware constantly in
stock. Choice designs in A I
goods       jt       jt       Jt       Jt
High grade movements in the
best quality of gold, gold filled
and silver cases. Satisfaction
guaranteed       Jt       jt        jt
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. li.
Teams nn.l drivers furnished for any
point in tlie district.
Manager   jt    Jt    jt
For Developed
- Silver-Lead
Write to
Chas. Estmere...
Kimberley, B. C
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Land Purchases
Mining Claims
Etc.       jt       **
Made by Contract
A. W. Jll'VITTIE, D. L. S.
Provincial Land Surveyor
Ofllce of McViltie & Hutchison
Cranhrook, B. C.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Will have his STAI*IP PHOTO
attachment in town on Saturday   13th and   rionday   15th.
Prices $i.<xi per two dozen.
■■< Builder dt
:::::Crnnbrook, B C
CRANBROOK, - gritisy^mbia.
f*D A MRDnni^ ,s the divisional point of the Crows
•WK/\llDKl-HJIY Nest pass Railroad.
C'\T*€mt.\ht*nnl*r Has a I0°sta■1, round house, large machine
WldllUI UUK shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook Is *he headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week afler
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTHENT, AGENCY,       C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.


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