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Cranbrook Herald Oct 6, 1904

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Wanted Immediately !
.'.   -.11 I'lllll    ii      ltllH|l|„..ll.   ,1 lll'lll
!4!nll  11114.111    II.l.ll.'-.        II....it  |llll   lll4.lt!    .
 1.1   I  I  » lll|t  III.III.'.   Ill   Illl.  II..Ik
ll -Lllllilll    	
t)VMl .100 \ciii:.
W- llll.il,   lli* 1 llllll lltillll. Ill)',' tlllll lll'14'H
\,'l-, 11  Hll-rk. lll.i.nIUH! II.,'rl,..Ii.-l   .Ul.l
lii'>| ,4,iii-l„. lm iiiiliiiiil I tt,e,I ii  ^IiiiiI
  IVl- lllll lll'lll IT Illll.llN   tl,   ,'II44|4 H    Hi
ii I  Iiiiiiii. 11'i'iitlit  inml     Uur iiit'iil*.
1,4... '.'l.ll   ...ll lllll'll.Ill   llll-ll I    llll-l
in....  ll      1.i.l.i 111141 lurti-riil.
I'lllUM NtlRSBRV Cl. . liironiii. lllll.
N It Witliniik lugi-iiii'iiiHl-N lorillilRi-ne,
„l l.n lli,< liiii.illni-i nl .'iiliiNiu- l_<iti,!rt.
lllllll' AND SHOE MAKER.
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear In Measure a Specially
New rigs, good driving
nml saddle borses ut
reasonable rule, Our
.litn'ivill be to give good
care lu nil borses st:i-
liled with ns.
N. C. McKINSTRY. Prop.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
oi repairing,   (iive me a call.
|-.\ L'-INli
St. Paul, Chicago, New York
.'.Lie .oil Tourist Sleeper., Bullet   Library
l«r*i.  MmliTii   Ilay Coaches,   Dentin   Car..
;M_iii_ a la Carle.
L East and West Daily I*
Special excursion rales It) World's fair, Sl.
Louis.      Yunr choice ot route.
I'm t'tllt-8, f.ililt't- nn.l full iufiirtiuitiiin
regit riling trips, rail on or otltlress
11   »'   I',  t. I'. I', .- T. A
Si'.uil,,' ,ni \V. Rlvenlils Ave
Wash. Spok-tne, Wnali,
^*.*. ....... .9. .......   -»4-'4.(g
\ Dezall Brothers    '
j     Horse Shoeing
t Carriage Repairing and       ;
! tieneral Jobbing.... 1
j (luliidc Orders Promplly >
! Attended .0. I
! Cranbrook Sash    j
I and Door Factory i
j j
J \!l Minis of Itnisli work in   J
j waji uf doors, windows, inm    J
J noma, "'li1.   Kiln tlrii-I liiiiilv r  J
j fm* inside work.   Our work is j
j L-iiiiianii'i'il mul our prions niv \
Harness Maker,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Bridles, Saddles, Harness uml
Horse Supplies in stock
..Repairing of all Kinds..
The Saratoga
11. ITO, Proprietor
This is a ncw restaurant, and
will be operated on modern
plans. Open day and night,
and thc* best the market affords
will   be   served   on   the tables
Best meal in the country for the
least money
Tobacco. Cigars and Fruit
Opposite C. P. R. Station
.rontin- Moyie i.i'ii.n-r
I' -I    M.Miil    is  spendingn
IVlt-k  Hi   S|NiWlie.
Mrs. I' .I. Mc.lnl  is   in   Sol
-..ll  lisilill-  Mis   Fllllelti.il
lid Tnylor and wile nml (lem- .<
Hunt linie moved tn Marysville,
i. II Thompson nudT. M. lloli
erts wen- up from L'rnnliruok
W, Mills emu.-   up I'r     Fernie
.M.iml.iy tn Hike |i.iii in tlio drillbiu
li. 'I'. Unwind mul his  s lo
sepll were ill t'rniibriiiik tin- tirst nl'
Ilie week.
It.Tiitiliy. Beeretnry of the miners union wus down nl   Cn-Blon
tliis wet-k uml uu -tied in allilinl
ing twenty nieinbers with tin*
Moyie union by eanl uml by initiation,
It. Kiusny bus lieen grunted 800
u i' water i n I. a in li
I'reek by the government, und y--s-
teriluy he purchii-til live ncres of
ground From A. T. Clark ns a site
for Ids ftintouipltilcd power uml
light plant, Tin- plant will be nf
• nil. horsepower, nml if nil goes
well it will be   installed   nnil    run
ning before many months.
Kd      Hill, C,   A. Finite mill      A.
C. Van Nest weredown in the vi*
eiuity of Ynhk this weik hunting
I'm* lurge uml 111111111 giuiic. Thai
tbey liiel wiih good luck wns evi-
du.ieed l.y thu fact that Hill return-
ed Thursday with u gnntl sized
lil.'icli belli*. 'The bum' iviib killed
about twn miles eust of Ynhk. nml
Mr. Van .Vest is given tin. crodi'l nl"
liiiitglhe shot that luiil bruin
.Iniin .McDonald und Wm. Mills
won tho drilling contest in Moyio
iii Monday afternoon. 'I'lu- drillers nml thoir rt-coiilsnro ns follows:
McDonald nntl Mills. 27-' inches:
Wallers nml McLeod, i~t\ inches:
Hunt nml Tnylor, 24J inches:
Shears and Stephens. 24!, inches;
Harry Diu.ook officiated as judgo;
uml It. Tt-uiby us timekeeper. The
purse wns $100.
aid size, thoro being over 500 birds!    CHURCH DIRECTORY
in Ibellock.
T.T McVit,,., I' 1,.,-v. with ul       Cn""m"lk _i____t< Cl,urth'
Biniill party "f surveyors left Steelo\t„m ,ns„n K        „ L_u|  s
lliiiis-lny |..r lhe Flntbend, where
lii'i \i ill Biirvey n ntiiiil ..-I- nl' conl
t I
j Rough nnd Dressed Lumber j
• For Sale 1
**      BUILDER
■A   ■ A* •   *>
|  IIUI,,. re ved lo -.Inm tiitllillnt oc,I
llmni nmii .inr m.n iiii
A L-irge Stock in Caskets And
Robes.   ,*    _*
Fluine night and day 77
St. Louis
World's Faro Rates
OCT, 27, 28, 29
On snine .Inl
Formerly Hotel Pli.-.ir
B. TO-IPKINS, Manager.
I'liis hotel is nm* i.f ilu* best in
I'.i nnii Columbia nnd up-to-date
iu every respect, Well lighted
sninple rooms.
.rum tlio Kr_i I'n-HB.
.Mr. uml Mrs. tiillis nud Miss
Wnll. Miss Fuss uiul W. A. .Mitchell uf MorrisBoy spent Snndiiy iu
ilu- cily.
Tlm Bonrd nf City Licensing
C'ou.missiouors lield its tirst meet-
ini- nn Tuesday evening when the
application of \V. W. Tuttle fur hi.
new Royal lintel wns considered
and granted,   Other matters with
respect tn tile   provisions   of   tile
license by- Inw were discussed.
.1.1.1 tc
s reduced mt.   round
io.l Tick.is will   l.e
II ensl   ru llnillts
OCT, 9
• • • • • • •
•I  Li.1.11 >ii hm- been appointed
Di-puti Miiiim; Hei-onler al Fori
Steele in   place of II   Clark,  win.
lllls l.eell ll'nlisi'eli'i'il    Inlile   Clilll-
brook ..Hi.vs.
T.   Itookes,   li.    Pnterson,   \V
Neil. I''. I'nrks. I*i. Elwi.ll, r. 1'.
Staples, -I. W. lirill'en nnil T
Wardiiian. Crnnbrook. wero r,*i_is
leii'il ill ihe Impcriul hotel rn,
T (' Arnistroiig, chief nf stnll
nf ihe Kuotoiuiv survey party pus.
snl through Steele Monduy on his
uny ens', in Bubn.it n report nf survey ns completed 7"' miles nnrtli nf
lhe Crow line.
Colonel .Ml. Holmes, l». O. G,
...i Monday visitetl und inspected
I'm Fori Stele Civilian Rifle
Assiicilllittli'B range ntiilurnlury und
expressed himself us well pleased
wnh i-voi-.vlh-.iii?.
i.ituiiit ;i Tsrlsr.
DuiicnuMoFurli .ottheMnrys
ville l.iiiillier coinpiiiiy, is iu town
ttitlny, hiiving just reliirneil Iron, u
trip In lie pruirie. Mr. M.-l-'ni-luiie
snys thai if lie- peopie nf (.'run-
brook wnn! in thoroughly appro
ciiile Craiibronk they niiist see
siiine nf tin- other towns, ns none
nf lhem eniiipare with this pluee.
While iu lieu-inn. ivhere lit- lived rt
number nf yenrs ago. In* wus wulk-
ing along the Bti-ivl stretching his
neck loosing al iln- buildings nnd
wns spotted ut unci' by n luml
ngent, Finding ihut he wus u new
ai-rival nml thnl he wns frum llritisli
Columbin, the Inml agent started
In talk prairie in him. Mi. Mc-
Farlune snid dually. "I don't think
llllll it is much use fnr ynu In Iltlli
land In tue just now. I havo four
sipiui'e miles iu fruit iiji in my
country nnd hnve just sent u full
Irnin Imui nf fruit In Winnipeg. I
closed u deal I'm* another Btiuaro
mile nf apple lives owi\fd liy n
neighbor wlm hud made a fortune
 1 went tn Mexico where he hus
bought ii gold mine. There is
nnother stpinre mile cornering on
my Iinni Ihnl I nm anxious tn get.
tt onn In' bought I'm- $100,000 uiul
is din cheap id that. If I cnn s.--
"UIV ilml I will — " but tile
land agenl wns fading frmn siL-ht
up tin- street, nml Mr. MoFnrlnne
smiled tn himself nnd continued
his walk.
Favnr Tu.'k's Inlet.
Vnncouver World:    "Although
iiiim.- ifi
Sill,i.14   S.l 1
1      1'
'I',,.- lll.l i
Tl ilu.:   »  i' Ui
111    1'      V.
-.1 I.. llll'l,, -',:.-
Cranbrook Hagitlil Cburcb.
.     1,4  1,1
Tlmtullo-Mill 4. - 4 •■ ..I ll,.
iiiiiir limni»i li.iiei'
.sin.ilii.4 11  17.30 14
Siiililii.i S, Itll ,1 :l |,  III
YOltllg f'*-l)|,fl*H H   ,     in    I'm -,!uy
I'rii.nt Mi.iiiit * I' in  ti.-lii...!..i
Tbe Iiniili.  In In miiiii
nil mmtiD-ni.
I',-   ■■   I. i   -I.mi.
Cranbrook Presbyterian Church.
Sal.l.uili S uii-.- 11 H in  ,,ii.I 7 I.U |i in
Huti.lii* Silinel .... I . I.l-. .- i i' ii-
i liii.tiiui Hmli-iii.it 1 in' .lit- 'i in
'I In-I'lll.:> ■, In  utli'U.I
DAN HOLLAND, llic Shoemaker
Shop ill lhe lli-w Itdilitlull In   lhe
Aiken block
He docs old-,  the lu-st  IV. ';.
l.'llll IIII.I see llilll,
nil    llinisi  s   ft l A
DR. CR0**.*<   v_T_m\_m surohon
" ' '  am iiukse uiArisr
CRANBROOK, ll.C. i'hnnt* til
A beautiful lim* ul Homespuns nud Worsteds for
Ln.li.-s' T ilor M ttl. Suits.
> • -■   ti n -
Pimm* on -.rmstront Itc.
The Cunl Creek eolliervhas boot.I '10„ a.'i'ioi'nceiiieiil   has yet  lieen
working {airly Bteady this mouth   l""",'*1"'*' nm\ ", ,s, "''"'l''..,lw,
i   ........n...„.i „,  n„ i,0„i„„i„„| the directors ol  the Ct rand  Irtiiik
l*,,l lull i.4iili4iil;ie'i.|i
,K luliii'ill lllt-ilt.
(i. Hllller, Agenl, Crnnbrook,
I . .1. liiYI I'
A.i..IM    \iui.'...i^
D.r.A., Xel
irk in Crini-
ul HIV
liacli month..
uivna niu morn wnr
brook.   Tlm \icoyh <■
linVO riniliili-lici' In lli«'
work,   Sec ini' for plmis ntnl
.lames Greer
Conti'nctor .-mil Bitildor
Fresh from the
Candy Kitchen
l'„l.',','ivlii::l-.l 'I:   lln* In";
ill iill lovers nfs I.'iiiiii'iii'ii'"    in
ii,i,i',iliiii< L'li'UlllN uml  liiinnni'iiili
nlli-ii'i- .i'"-i is.iii.'l.i.liiin ii-i. I;"
 k, pli'., ni" .iii-n.ri_.__nl tin  Hi.
|,'ll.'i  in   Ik,'.:,'.    |i-:l-   .in.l   ivi.;
Draying is a Particular
\\".' nm...- thnl ' ur business.
lii.ii.'.i. .  - iu.u_.in_.
SILENT oimiHmmmsftm
Livery 3
Uo you want .1 Stove? Do you
want Boots or Shoes? Do you
want Bargains. where New-
Goods are arriving daily .
Then come to my store.
..ml ns predict-H. at its lieghnri)
'lu- month ut' Si'ptembiT lins been
■t pood oui'. The output will totnl
15,000 tons which is within o.tHXt
->1' the record wlien a dotlblo shift
was worked. The output for tin
three collieries will bo about 65,000
tons, the record bein^ 70,000 tons.
Inst .Inmi-ii'y. Tho old complaint of
car shortage is in evidence this
month. The Michel colliery WM.
iillc threo days this week nn
Ihis account. The conl and coke
orders nre piling up and tlic cars
are getting scarcer on account of
the l*ruii- shipments.
An ensy joke hns been worked
-nt the many travellers over the
tinat Northern roilway lietween
Jennings nml Swinton. The
trainmen got hold ofn couple ol
discarded telephone instruments
tuiil connected them up with om
in each compartment ofthe accommodation ear, Then with the train
rinininir nt HO miles per hour n lie
titious enquirer from Mnrrissey 01
ovjme other distant point, would
ring up a traveller and preteml to
irntisnct business with him. Ninr
ly till would bite readily though
some would nfterwnrds shake then
heads and safely remark, "Marvel
Inns, these scientific inventions!"
Purchase Price $3.00 m month
Allowance made for old machine
TfHiufl ami iWivera dirnUlietl for tuy
ARNOLD & ROBBRTS  I poioi m the .iistnet,
El Presidente
j   Have Vno Any PnlMIng lo lie Done?
*   Do Any nl Voor Koomsi Need I'apurint?
I'r-.,,. till- I'rj.lH-t'tor,
Tin* Kootenny rivor is fulling
rnpiilly mnl Inw wutrr murk, it is
I'-'ii-i-ti-il. will bt- rt-iii-lii-tl in n   tiw
I'ni'itii' nr-' uniiniinonsly in tnvor of
I'ti.'k's luli'i ns iho t'lii-ifn- const
ii-rniiiiiis. ns Inr ns thoy linvi-i-on-
iiili-n-il lln- innil.'i- ns yut. How.
'Vim*, this is mil liunl. for. ns l'ri-si-
It'itt Ilnys sni.l nt Winnipeg on bis
wny ensl tiftpriiispectiiigtlip I'lit-ilic
linrls. tli.' Inml npiirniit'lii'S will lmvi*
In* L-inii- into nnil considered Ixt-
lori. In- .-nn iiiiuonui'i- iiuythiiig ns
:u tin- li-riitiiuiB. 'I'lu- hitter, lie
.nys, Ims ii<-i yel In-t-i. detnrininefl,
bul ii is uudi-rslooil nil yixiil
uilln»i*itv thnl tin- directors nr.* ii.
fnvor of Tuck's inlet Ui miles
n.iilli nf 1'i.rl Sini|is.iii."
'I'lii'.'ili,.i.' is ilir ilei-hinition nl
mi' in close touch with lln- Uriuiil
I'l'tuik I'ni-ilit- people, ll confirms
In* sint.'ini'iii Ural mnde by The
World before nny other nowsp!ii>or
iver iiii'iiiiniii'il Tuck's tulot.
However,   ll...  iitlvociiliffl nf l'ort
•Simpson. I Kiiiitiinnt slill mniii.
niu hope, A Vielorin iles|»tch
...ys: "Within lln- Inst few ilnys n
•tiiisiili-.nl.il. ipiiintity '.f proix-rty
n Kitnitin.it. i- I' tin* likely ter-
Iiiimi imiiils nl lli.' lirniiil Trunk
I'ni-il'n- ruilwny. lins lieen pun-lilts
■il li> -lnvwil inveslnrs. ll is re*
K.rtetl nn i-scellenl unthority tluil
I...1-.I liiiinli.iinlil ns ii result ot his
recciil lisii tu iln* const invested
urRcly in Kiiniiinni property,
'npttiin itohii Irving only yester-
lay disposed nf n hull' interest in it
.i-i'v viiiuiible pi-opi-rly linlilin*- nt
lin'l point."
theb -• :
. ,i,,
; nn.l
F. J. F. P1;RRV
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
Are-^YOUR ^
CC0UNTS iv r
RREARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
Mrs V. Hyde linker, Crnnbrook
,. wis a uuest rf My. nnd Mrs. T'J.
!   M.'Vinii'   for   several ilnys   nns
YV. l^. bUAnnu, ileum.
I   week.
Estinintcs given on krgn con- I Qim j-imrm. retuniotl from
tracts. We don't wnnt tin- » U,G\.,r ,.r,.,-k Mondny where in- hns
enrth.    Wt- wnnt  tn plense  } 11,,,,.,, ,.nmi»..il in   prospecting   I"'
-RRIiARS '. '! ? ? '■    •
K the ru-sli ol business
prevents Y O 'J lini'ia*
time to write up your
books, or having your
bills and accounts regularly rendered .in.l col-
lectel, ,ipp!y to
p, n. It.. 211
i .CRANBROOK, .*■  ..-. I*-- C
Paint that Stays
vt.n with tin- work mid re
ii'iisiiiinbli* pny''
Royal lintel, Cranbrook
I sonic timi
\ Hock otBnndliill cranes pnssoc
1 „v,-r Steele   till   their   wny   snlltl
* Moudfiy.  'I'lu' ""''I' *aa l'' """s
Position Wanted.
Pirsl clnss, experienced lumlier-
,ii;ni seeks t-iigngcmcnl ns sttperiii'
endctil with 11 lurge finn. IHngflg-
'i! for yenrs in the lumbet
iiiilusiry nf Miiiiiesiiln. Wisconsin,
Slichignn, nml Kentucky, tins
mil experience in the It, O, lumber
mile in buying nud cruising.
I'lioroughly understiiiids loggiilg
niliiinils nntl nil np-to-.1l.tp nppli.
Ilices. I li'-iliest pnssilile referenees
isllielllil'lli'ler. niiililv.iinil litllllii'ild
ilnndiiig.   Apply, 11. K. W. H.-rnltl
office Crnnbrook, II. 0. il It,
We lis,* lhe l„-l   nf   IM-
i,.rinl nml nur work ulwuys
gives sntisfnctit.il.
When ynii mnil |ininting
puper biiugilig. decornting
ni sit_cii writing, si-' its
-^ lilt'.   CR AX UltOOK    llKKAIJl
1 Sob printing is an Hrt^^t I
The Herald Practices the art.     You can get only one kind of
Printing in this office.    That is the best.
..   v-___U4U_4-_"t_-__ __■•-   __*_■_. __*_' ____
Slink Quotations.
r.u-nis!„•, 1 I.J   llenl.'. &   Elwell,
1,1-,.:.. I-S, I'rn,liri.nl, B, I'
\,"l,   -l.n 	
S iiiiiin,	
I'll) I1..II
S.   IJiih i-ii    4| lie.
1 1 1. II "ll  "ll l*l.nl).;.l'l
I      4    I'.l.l*
ll,     I-II    II'     " lllllll    "I'"'
I  I,,.. I   111 I'  I   4,1    I  1   ..ill l'..lll|."..l
I |,i l„ti.| V , I nil Ijiinl. I1*.   . '
I'rot.iilc Notice.
1\   I III   Sl 1:1:111: Ml: 1 nl IIT  nl'   ITIU
1 ul Ml nl   1 I. lllltl I
j |.,,.'i lsi'|il   I'lll    llml. In   I   lull,     llllllll..'
Wn.tr; Miirlin-ll". .1 innri'iinl ...illiilnil
iullllllll IJI'i'ii   Mill- .'Illilll, tlii'lU'i' -'I  rlllllll.
 ,, "   .'.   .|4""-..'l"..l- NL    4.'
1 11,4 1,.,  1..I       lllll'    111    III"'    'I'.'.. I.-I..|.
.'I    ll.'ll.l    .1.    Ill-    T"mill    •'.     1 1-'      I""
!.-,l,,"'l.,4,i.    S4-l4lil.lI.il   .1..'    li  lltlll»lll-Hlll
,|| k      111    III.'     I*. *.-. ..- *     "I     I'-..""'1
till III.,I, -"!
\..ii,. 1- !i4'i.i.i ni 1.'i 11 ui 1-111,11111111. s. r.
1-1; I .,,, 1    Iill. mnl  A mini-  A..- il'."
..II   |i.  4-4,1.-  I144IIII-   lllllilll,    „14.li,l-l     ll .111.-'
"...,'    .,lil|.l„_'|.l ,,.'     1.411,11,411 ..I.'.,- ,_■,!.
„|,„,|i,,|    ,    .,1~4,4|    ||,„   Jllll     .IH)      "1     MU.'
l I,   i'..1   .,.  i riniliniii- 4,1.41,-411.1   .in' ."
uniml   I.. -'...I I.i   unt, |..'.'|.....l llll'l   .--.-   ,
I, ,. Mlvrr 11. Hi- .ii-li-ralli I ...Imi..'"    W""  >"""«	
4,-4. 1    -I. Ill,'llllll, |.l.   llllll
Lllllll I -,"l,   lllll,   111.'  11 ill 1 4,',l.„
 .ih--Jill,<ln;  ..1 11,- 1 \ I.  I*«.
i.i 1,1,4,.4,1 ilii'lriliiliu-mnl lli
HlUllll.     II •>     Ml     lllllilll-      H.'4.t        lll.'lll'l'     Sll
K.iii, rlli, Hin sn iiiiiin.  1 lupin"'
.if Ih--iIiiiiIii. , .niiiiiiiiiiiL nn. 11..'.'-   I .11.'.'
S.'|.|    '.Ull.  llnil, I'l  I Illl-    II. Unit.-
.III.   Ui'l'iiiii- It.ll.  I'orui'r  |,|1.1   41 I;...1..l.n
W ,-H, M.nliii - ..... ...iiii'l. linn.'.- s.l I'lmiiii.
- lllltl    llll'lli'i' Sll I'lmiiiH i'.'4-l .  I ll.-l.r" S" I'lllllll.
uurlli, tlirllf. -Illi lllllll. 4--4-S-. Iu|.l I li,"
|*luitili*r. "ti   .-I"  '.•'•■-      I '
..■|,t  ml.. 11-..I. I.i 1 I4.1-  \l,i.in..'
S>nnp-i_ of ltcK»lnltims fitr Jt^pn-:il m *"     |
crals tin ■Uiiminiim l.inuls  in   Waoltot-
llis Ni-rlh»--lTvrriiiir--- nml Ilu- Vukfl
1 ...11 ntnl ami ■
I 1.nil II, ilieil.
i'   I  J...J--.....-U
lllll,-     141-1,     llll'lli'i'     SU
■  Ml   , I14III4*   i',.sl   I".   lln'
llllllll.    I
Illl li-   -i'lll
.liii-i. ...  I.rn in  • niliiliiluii  'il"
iu'iili',1 -4,4,  uth, n.i.l  1.1 rim.   11
llluti Mi-Null.
Siiliiiliiiliit vim
.i.l, III.' llillllillil.lllll.il**
  , mli.' luit'll™
'„ |,„,.' 1,4.41 nnii.-.
1.1 nISi'i I.rr .1.11. ILU.
■1.1I I111-1- I'urpiiraliuli,
1.4,14 ll    11.11 l-l
Prank II.iii-n. »
l.t lll'l' mill.
. 111.'
I'll I. HANI) LUY.
l'.i-i[iiiiii.|iniii nl tin- Auction Snli' ol School
II    Cl.l    '   llllTl'U iH  Ill'tl'll.V  Jtill'll   Illill     |||4'
 mil - nlSi'limil I.iiihIh li,  Iia lirlil  in
11.-'. ,11 A In-. In, In-iuiiiiji* 1111 lln* -'-III S.'|i
..'4.4." I   44... I  4 niHtl** IHI  IIH' -Till I 111 Illll'l'. Illll'l'
1 11 |iit*l,.1 ni'il unlil furlilt'l'IH.li.'.'.
I'. II. KI'Jl US.
I.-l 1 > nliltt' Interior,
 iv, 1 11I1 s.'i.t. nil-.*.. 1:1111. :lt-!7
Timber Notice
Tilt.   ,I      I.l' tlllll  llllllll.l'H   Illll'l'   llllll'    I    ill-
-mi mni.1 1,1 lit tltf I'I.nl I'ltiuiniHHiii ni'i- nl
I. I., nl IVorta tin- ll Bprolnl lli-i-nsu tu mi
14   4.1.444...     41 14 l.y    tlllllier    ft'lllll     HlO    follOH'lll*
.'..-' rl.'- i 1 Inin .until Kust Iinni I'liii.i.
' 'iiiiii. 111 inn   111   11   iniin  morkt.il "Aim
M      II   4     I    1.   -'lllllll    KlIHt   L'tll'lirr," llllllltl-ll   4,4,114,
, .-1 i 1 ''inl. irrinili ....... mnl nliniit
. 11   m I lli in ili<>  lli  tii">  iiiriii-r .,
I Ims ml lol,   llll'lli'i'  iit'Hl   Sll i'liiiiiin,  Ilir	
"   I'   I,     111      llllll-       II ' I'll Sl "I I.l    III.
,4,1144  III.   I till III''  Ulk  Klli'l    l-'<I   .'IlllillH
l.ili lli.il.l ni Ilir H.li'lii'-I lint'nf suiil li,I lllll.
,*,ll -ImiiiH Irnin lliriiul'lli m-l  nil n.'i  nt lli><
.;,  ,1    "I.  ll I'l'Hlllllll   I -'HI I'llllillH ill Illl'lllllll'
..I   ll.'.l 5. I'4,II.44111,414.* 'iH.    44,11-     I'll    Uf
1. .'in,.I iho Urol .lm ill Sepleiuhnr, iiiiii
■JT.-.i A.11..(lull
Land Notice.
S   11.1  .I.I.IH .'.ll.'I' llllll' il   IH  lll.l   illll'lltillll     ,,,
11   ilir Chlof I'.iuiin'HHiiiii.'i' .,1 l.muln
444. 4 II ..il.. ti, 1 1111KU Ilir l.lll.tliiliKili.H.'til.
• ■I  l.lll Snulli Unsl Kuoteniiy*-
1' .milium 11 [iiml liliilili'ilnt ll ii'llt
m.I i-ii-li .' ..I  II.   T.   Alliulil'i |trt" llllllll,
I   rn ,■ I'll, ■liiiiOHrilHt.llii'liii'llli'lii.iiiH Hinilli.
1'    J..  tliniiiH   ivrflt,   llienee   III cllnlnn
n ■ i'i 4 I 'Hit H.-I, Artiulil'H Iiii   iiiiiii- i.f
1 '.mill' ii'i'inriit,.
I I lieptetlllllir Slill, A   II. llml.
•-'.-'.I ll.tlii'il I lurk.
Timber Notice
Tiiiii' In-llml I  inti'iiil   intli
■   lli.'l I    IliHHilllll'l   l,|  |.lllt,|-   ;,,|i|   tt'l.
|.nin,-.mi,   |„  |,in, 1,4,-"   Ilir liill.iii'li
niili'I IuiiiIh III,Siilill hi Kniilrliilt .
I...'  ::i:s. llrnii|. I, 11,.-.,..■ nuilli m iln
it'll: ,1.-1 'llnr nl -niil   Llil   WIIIS,   II	
Conl and Petroleum Notices.
Sullf   iHlll'tfl-Jlill lint nllt-l'.lliilT)'illill-
ililnliil In nti|tl.i In II liii'lrtillllni-HiiiliiT nl
 Is   uml   ivu'l'ka   innl   ll HHiHlnnl null'
„i-„ i',.| IiuiiIh nml wnrka tur Hinilli l-Jaal
4. inin 1, nv. II r.. lit. ti lli-Mi-i In prospei-l tur
 „,i i-i-i ,1, Iit-fullit-lii- ileai-rl I
iiii.I-. sn tm, ,1 iii Urns u. rurin-r nl llrlllah
,,| Inn   mnl   nl I     II   milts   Hinilli   nl
•I'IIIIH   N'sl    tlllll   nl '    II   IllilrH I'llHl  .tl  Ilir
■ I'll. I ,.Iiiii ..I llin. k T.SII11111I mi tlln.k
l.lllil, iit-tir  Ml.'lii'l   rtri*k    l-'liua.   Melinite,
lill-i-llsl. | lll'll"!'80_.ll till,,,,' h ,1,'Hl In pi-,,-. 1,1
inn   HI 'I-.     L.lltlllt'll
1.4   11,44,     11, Illlil.'
Furnishes a class of news thai cannot be |
ffijSSsSa.qr found in I hf best metropolitan daily or week-  \
ly published.   It is a weekly record of those
events with  which  you are associated.    II
,  tells of fhe heme, the ranch, the individual,  j
i the industries that are making fame and for- \
A iu-1 r'i -.■-riiii.'.ii.- li ninnii'i
111 iiioi'i'jviiisi.i't.■ ..■■'..liu . li '■■ iii'.'i
UiKilvniH I -■■ ■" i«'i iiiimim foi -rn I
1 Atn'u tnliwr, hHVlim illwrn ■-■ ••i  l
III 1i1-.Ul - Olil Ilu1 *>.iii»' Willi l«.i ti'K il 1'
ill-. 1,if.ill.HI linll-i'. nil.-JII ■•'l.ll - n-   "i
.-l.lllil  -11.111   I
..ililllli.ll.: -'.: .
"'Llri'n«-l,,-'',1..'.II,. i* sr!K!H=;;;.''., tune 'or South East Kootenay, the sports of ji
-SfriS,l?"Sr-^dlF^S^'SL?^I^^j^^^f-_li^iS!^£:^_ri^       . the mountain and the valley,   lt tells of all ||
i.|mlit.pnal in 1.i.i I linciiiitiii.   .....iniinni
UIU  nim-n    1 1,inl   -s.'i.t.   nili.   ll".I    I...
I'Iiiih. Mrlllllll*.
hin lli'iniiis 11 11....imr limit mlj.tiim I:
II. WtiiMi-'a nr l'tll'lirr, lliolif.! su rhiiln.
Httutli. tliniiii'sn 1 Iniin-i'it-1 I linn .Hll rlllllll
uurlli. IliftiipSU ,lm n. mail ii. 1.1,, I In
tm,,- llml.tii's
.Ill's  .Iiiiiii.   Ilmiiir
Sit   rlluiua   Hinilli.   lln    sl)   rliniiiH   iti'Hl.
•1„.|    sit   iliiiiliH   lltil'lll.   ll n   Sll    I'llllillH
"„.i   i„ tlm |ilin'i' nl  ItPKllllltllK ilni.iinii
,11 Irs   tlllll r Inss.     Lui'lllrl Si'llt. Till.
llml. I.i I'Iiiih. Melinite
I:    t    Urlllllrr'H    ilnii'Hl   l'tll'lirr. mljul,,-
,.|,„|i,h Hinilli. II n   SU 1-llllillH   I'llHl.   Ilintf'i'
Sll I'lllllll.    llllllll.   ll      SU   .'IlllillH    lll'H'.   ll.
1,1,1,'..   ul   l,rBii,niil..    iuill|!_lil ea
I'llllB. .lllllilll.-.
Ul'.'lllll llnil..it's nil. niinirl* |ttiHt lliljtlile
iu_ Aun-'H llttrltili's 11.IV. I'lirnrr. tlirltrr Sll
nlitiiiiHiiurili.il r sii fliuiiiH pnal, lln-liii-
Sltl'llllillH    Hlllllll,  llll'lll't'    Sll    I'llllillH    lll'Ht.   tl.
j.l...-   l.-'niiiiiiiim   iiiim-' HI"  iirroa
 ,..  ,„■  Iphh.   l.ut- 1   Sap.. T,   IIIOLIij-
rim- Mrtliilrr.
Hiss Kllni llrllull'p'a a.il. rurari'tiiiHl oil-
iiiiuiii- Anui'H IlitrliinH 11._*, i'lirnrr. HtaUf-r
sn  rliniiiH  iiniili.  llin   su i'llllllia  iii'Hl.
III..,    -il    ,.,,.,.,_   h ll.  Il.rllf.'   SU    .'IlllillH
,.,,.1 lupli I lii-iniiin. .   Illlnlllll IHI
-,,.-,,  4,4,,r    I,— 1 4,14,1  Sn|ll     Till.  I11UI
h.n'lun. .Illllllil''.
r.uitliii. 1'. IlmIiiiiiii'h b.p.aurnor uiljuililtis
4iinl nuilli ul NtTlif Mrllllll'ii'a i'lllllll, Ijiriirt.
Sll    i|i;iilt.    iluliil.     Illt'llre   SU   I'lllllllH    lli-l.
llll'lli'i'    SU     I'llllillH     Hlllllll.   llll'lli'i'  Ml      I'llllillH
rtinl lu pi  ul lii'ltllllilllir, rtiiittiitiiiin nln
,1,-1,--   Illlil' •--«_     Inn.ll.'.l Snpt. Till, lll'l I.
It.v < Int-. llclllllrr,
Lun KiiiiiiiI.i Hii.ii   nnrtior poal,  tli ui
nntl tuljuitiiii_ ll. A.  Mi'tllllra'aplaliti, Hipiit'i-
sll      I'llllllia    Hiilllll.   Illi-lll'l' Sll   111111111   I'llHl.
Ilirm-r   sii   iliuiuH    lit. tlirlirr Sll I'liiiiiiH
ilrsl   111  plllt'lltlf lirulllliltlir,  iiintii'iiilii.' um
unrpaiiiurour It'fB,   I I Sapl. Tili.l'.nil.
I,.r I'Iiiih.  Milliiin.
Hurry .'m,i-.,'- a.r. •.■oritur lliljniniiin
I'Jiri'iin Itiirlim'Hi'ltlilil 4111 thr uurlli. tliritit'
Sll   l'IlllillH    Iiurlli.    lilt I'   Sit    I'llllillH    Ill'Hl.
ilit'iiit-  -it nlinliia aulith, Ihoni'ii su nhalin
r'll-l  Iii lilllir   uf   lil'icillllill. .   iillltllilliU.     Ull
Ilit'H liiitl 'Iphh.    l.tiiiilril Srpt. Tilt. I llil I
In I'Iiiih. llillllilr.
Nntii'fl in liri't'li.v ttivrli llml ultpr thirty
I.1.1- I iiiltinl In nppl.v lu tilt' filial inm
liliaalntiPl' nl IiuiiIh nml worka ami In Ilir
'li'imlv roiiililiaalnui'l' ul hllltta uiul iturka Inr
-I     I,nm.ii:,,   lit',   tnr ,1  II1.PI1HU lo pro.'
I'l'il 1.1111441I mul prirtil n lliutulloivillft
ilparrlliptl l11111lHHi111nit.il in tht- nolilliraHli.ru
purlliiii utllritiah I'liliinihln nliniii -Js niilrs
-4,1,11, n. I 'riuaa NtiHt mul ul I um* tulip paal
ol lha tin utilr p..-I  uu Ilir aiirvey Una ho-
41,.nil 14144. ks I.VS14 mul l.v.ul uml uu I III'
Inllrr liltirli. I.ttt'iilril Srpt. I'll). 11)111, |,f
I'Iiiih. lli'l.iiirn.
.IMIilrntl Siirr/ry'.. Illill ItftiHl roi'lirr |iiihI.
lliriii'i. Nil I'lmiiiH hiiiiiIi. lliriii'i'sitnliinuH waal,
•ll'-ltSU I'llllillH lllirtll. 1 lll'll.'.' Sll .'IlllillH I'll Hi
plllt-!' ..I In-ulllllillU. .'..I.tllillilllt lllllilll illii
.-. L... ISnpi   Ulli. 111.11. Ii.i I'Iiiih   llr.
   "I    hi-"I.l.'. ill Ilir
lir.i ik   Hninlil  ulOrluhrr III.' .1.1. mnl 1:111,
In -I..I I'rnnlii k. Il.(-...lila llrtl thn* ol
ti.'''.'.... uhu I   I-'. At'iiiHlruiiit
SH itliiii'.. Mti_lalni.it
In ilm .lllllll .Ifl.t.r ■l..i.l.|.'.A|.|iiHlri,im
U-l- Ii ilill'll  ill I'l'iiitl.nittk.  Iii'liit'i'ii I.PHlrr
II mill W. Ilnllin- inii'l inn  un   Ituniin ~h
nnl"..'... Ilrm   III  uml  -..Ir ul rii  A
llnlli..-. liliiltitl-a,llllll IV.Tlli,llina,,M,|i,t,ilil
l'...l..l'1'llt'l'.'I.V    Hilllll I     I. 1,|   ,,,   i,
-'in,II .InltiH,'.iiirt I I...I I l-m nliro-li
444 i>..' Illlli tlnv ufiii't'tltr]'. lnul. m ttirliuiir
..inii'l 'Itt'nl.trk ill    III"   llllrilutlll. It. miHll'nr
III"   plihllin   I"   It   tlnillt. Hit'   imili,111,,,.   ,,,
'1-44" lllllilll iih.' rlllllll in lul' H." slum,! .,44.-, ,411
.' uu it   '   .hr Iur ll .1'  I"im*    mnl   liiiiiul
sti|.|l  '| Li'ilir   |,|iiii,lifi-   I.,   lln-  ilnlnmliini
i."" mil.   iiTirrnul'  l.itt.   I, ri.   I Irr .1.   whirl,
-nil- I *'t."t. UH iH   jllHtly   lllll' llllll   titvil..
I'.t   ill"   tiff Innl    In   III"   ItlnillliflH    ]   hllH
Ii.n.'l Iiii-_Tlli iini'ul .Sr|iii'itil,i'r. lnul,
.1. I'. AruiHtrullir.
llnlli   III' "Illilll        .ll.*,  IHI
I.,...:     .   -i: ....
I.. .1..-  .,.,..,iinni
II - ..I ...min
    Ill      Iill    I      44'|,4.k
< in-, u'lirn ll Ill"" iiill  !>.' i'lnai'il in  in
nil .... .:   II   Tl pnuli,
'•   :i S,,Iiiiiurl.,) I'lniiilun
l-Jlhru .Mill'- ii.u. t'liriier ihihI nillulnltiff
Mil,llml   siir.v....v'H ' ',   Hiram    Sll
'IlllillH   I'llHl.    I lirllt-t' Stl   I'llllillH  Uurlli.   llll'lli'i'
si) ihiiliiH tu'Ht  tu iiltim ill lit'itliitiittir
pp..lllll, lllul. I..
Tlinuifia 1 . .l.i.-|i"t'.- sn.
tllilni! Liu llnl' ill's in iv.
IlllillH lll.r.li. lllnlim  Wl   ilinillH   U.'Hl.
...    I'lllllll lil'.      til-1, Sll     ,   IlllillH    '
I'lll. I      III    1,"I'll,4-14,1.       ..llllllll,illn     lllll
l.,„-4 Isnpl  nil., llml. I.v t'liita,  M
ttrrua.     Liti'itfl
•   i*ur *  pnal  ml
I lira,., s,
hi.  Hiaup.
1..-I   mill" lm, i
lll'lll  l.llillll   44l
 III. Ill i. Sll plinlna pilar,tlml Ili-linlna   [fliial'iii
HUlllll.  lilt Sit .IlllillH   Ill'Hl     ll,    |.I,'I4   'III   hU-   '  .'Il.'llili
■.'illliill*.'.   "iintitiiiiiia  lllll    n.ri'H       l.ni.il.'il | Iiui','-4,
.Sr|.t. lllll. llllll, li.i I'Iiiih. .11
that combines to make the mountain homes jj
of British Columbians so attractive, and .why !
ilffliw^li^i:;        i Pe°p!e  are   anxious to return when absent j
S?KiiES2lS'pi.n ,. :  '11 on  pleasure or business. i
; i
i ti... pr.
.*. lliumi.'.  .lluiui
mm mr liiknn'l'i*
l>ruil|tlll.  lillliriiun  uf   linn it..'..:,  mni  llr     .J'l
N. u. 'L. p.\re|illiiK Uir Vukon   IVrril ry.-.'       .:
ii i iiiii- '.l.i.i »  .". I-	
mill's I'iirli lm 44 t"im i.r tivaitty ynu -. i
lllil" ill tlirtllSi'll-ll'ill nl ilir M I    I ..'   In
Coal Locations.
N',,1  is    hrrrl'i    4ii.".i llnil   lliiin .lins
ir Imr I inl.mil lu n|i|ilv 111 ll Iii.'l i.
1111-11 1   1,1  14,44.!-  1,14,     U,.|.|.H   1,11 II   lill'IISl' 111
|.l'u.|irt'l lm ".nil lm  inil".. i"-  . I.s.ii I.e. I
linn ul Inml  -nm n Hin innili   lurk  ul
ll Ill     111' I,     ui    1.11,144144   Iiii'l'.    IJ11 -1
Km..mini. I i,.In,inn,4i nn H Hi Ihr
Imui ul ThuiniiH TliniiiH	
run ii.'r   ll.  It,    rnnii'iH huiil"   Hiram
111111111111        Ill      SU      "IlllillH.       Hll'll."     Ill'Hl      sn
I'lmiiiH. llr in" Hlllllll   sn  i-lnili,-.   Hi" nsl
IHU iinri'S I .'.'.ill—.
l.n .1 i.-.H. .l.n nIAii. ml, mm.
Hi Isriur ,' |JI ll. llllll.
II     14441141.   I.l.l'.'lln,'.
Murk llrmiiiii. Aural.
Nnii,"   is   lll'l I'lll    nil.'4,    llnil     Illilll    .1411-
I Inml hltl'llll ,,1-lv lull Illlil roll,.
miss mil Is uml iiurk- nu,, limnsn In
priiHpi'i'l l..r .-..nl lir [nllnii'lii.   .1.. .-i il,.-il
Illll'l III lllllll Hlllllllllllll     In   ii,,|||, I,,|l nl til"
Hlllllll   lll'l ll   «i  Punllii-i iini.   Un.-i   Ki.ii-
Iniin.v, iiiiiI niljiiliiliiir.ill   Iiii. Iiurlli Ihr Inml
uf .11. IJ. t'hu|.mm,:
I'nnti Inir ui ii puHl iiiiii'linil  "Nnrtli-
m-i   I'tiriirr   ..I   llrriihl    Unnllu-r'a   Inml"
llu'tim riiiimit'i riiHl  su i'liiliii...  Hi '.' h li
Sll "ImiiiH. II rr ..-iSo,-mm,-. Hi.'ii"" mil tli
SU.'ImiiiH lu    .In""  uf  limiiiiitiim.   ...4,1 4,1 -
4,14,44,1-  111,,       1,'HS.
I nil al AllHllBI Lull. I'inl
iini...I s..|.i..Inin i I'jil, mm.
lli-riihl tlurilimr, I mur.
Murk Dr.iiiiiii, Annul
N '.. is hrrrhi   uii...,   llml    lliiin   .Lull. Inml -ii..-i-l I lv In H blalrum-
llliaai ml IuiiiIh I iinrkn Inr 11 IhrllHr 111
|.r..H|i."l fur mini i.l  [ulluiviim  iIphi'I'IIii-iI
Illll'l  111 lllllll Hiilllll"   lllllilll     Illll'l'    llllll-,,,-1
iil'll it, 1 II I l.iil   l.'iSSmi.l nl i   nv,i
llllll.  l,i,,-4 nl, I'inl) || | ,,in,,|
ll'     I,—4'4'   -llllli
nl'"lll'll   111 II   lllll"-   nt ll.n Hull
llllllll. SHI 1-nr  llllll    I"!   I'lnli   '
"ii-nil.     IUi.t.illl nl tlii'Ut nn
ml nnllt I'nilnjteil OU 111" mil pill Itll
Iirnl'i-iiiii Iii lhe Vulton larrliury
ll   Iin*  mllrs eiiah    mill   In*  41	
iitilt-r lor il torm ol liiriuy yptir*,
Thalussap-srliilil I. enitlliipil lu t
■.llii'ii rn- Imr- i- ih" ru r l.i.i'
.null. Hull I'liilinliiry In hn Iiml l.y
... Ill" Isl .kll ..1 All-tUBl 111 111-.' I-n
il llin Iriisr.
Ilir Irssrn -linll luiV In
.,an tlrettitc lm
i'l Lm
ill   Hi"  .nuilli
Unsl Kn
sn I'lllllllH, llll'lli'i
Sll I'lllllllH 111    lilin
i .1 ims:  in.ni...I "Xni'iii
M.    I'J.  I'lu huh    hlllll'
IHI     SU    I'llllillH.   II "    HtlllHl
I Mo nil"-- ntnl  I—.
l.iipiniHi iiiih tin, ,,i Atiii.tsi. mm.
In S,-|,l Imr I'Jlli. llitil.
.11. li. IJIiupiiiiin, I mui'.
llml. Ilriiinin, Aiiriit.
N.tti.n   i-  IiitpIiv  nit".,   iiiiii   lllll'll' iln in
Imm tlilla I ii I in limit,    .1 lln-"lin-i iiini-
ii,i-i ml I I. nn,   u-tti'kH im ii lini'iisn In
I'M.-| 1  illl I'lllll I))) Hit-   i'.llli'.l 11,44     I"-, nl.,,
Iiiul ul lllllil Hilllllln,ill Hm nutill lurk nlllip
Willi-   I'IIII I  I'ur.liim   rivt-r,   IJn-i   Kn.f
tt'liny. lllltl iiiljiiiiiiuu nu il 'lh  thp Imui
nl .Mis. Murk lln	
I'u -nnii-411 n pusl inniimii "Sui'lli.'..<>
 ' '   ul IVillll'l'   lllirillli-r-H Inml"   III".	
I'tllllllllU   H ll    SU  I'lllllllH.   H P   --I    sn
rl H.I I    null I, Stl   "IttiitiH.   I lii'in,.   nilHl
SI iiiim   pin." ul l."-iiitiiim. riililtilnhlll
111" IHU'. Ilium Ul'lt'HH,
l.ui'lllptl Uill. tl.tv til AtimiHl. IIIIII,
I>.-,I.-.I .-..,.1.-,,,I.,-. Iiui,   IIIUL
M.lllnl l.lllillinl.. | ninl'
Mink Iiiiii,in,   An	
it lm
„.,l l.i nv,. lattulp
ililiH. II   tlm   , Illl
I'll" |.,'|S44lllir l'|i||||llllll   Stl
hnhlu Iraa inuipi'-s uurllllaiile
T riui'iur nl ii nmi mi
i'linui ni i a <i mi'l iii ipniith
iiin-i-t- nl luit. I.'.inli'.l 4,11 '.
lllll ul nl,irl. uo tttl.illi -Imli
m-i nl tlm imily ol'il'ui.irt .I.ii
111 nr .'"lit nil the lllllll'
I is not only a joy and a source of information  ]
to your own home, but it is a weekly letter to I
! relatives in the old home back east.   West- M
ern news is always of interest tothe old folks |
at home.   No young man living in South East li
Kootenay should fail to send the home paper
. to those he has left behind.   The father, the
.1, rn* ut *i j i
I mother, the brother or sister, will soon watch |
for it with anxiety, because it tells the news I
; of trie country where the boy is living.
i'ii r
li* ItlllllllU ilial!
rKiilcli, nut i
muer <>t .'lull
 y iv.irk III.'
myltiji it fee,
\\ .UK lllll.t 1>C>il"l
t leusl
i I I
A ci- till
i ni Huh yetirjlf nu:. th
'-iiii'illiili.* ;iii,iiul,. n.'.t. jiinlt.
iileiilij*lij:ili'i*i* niliit'i.
In.' i..< i:in.-.il j. rl in
.Inii'l) li> li;t\iiii; asiiryifyhlti
Xull.lt  |h   In.,1,4     uilt'll   llllll    illilll    .In
Irnin iiiiiii I h I ri.l, mil Iii'.-t,,,,
 'Ill IlllillH .III.I    4. "4 1    41   Illl'	
•I   I Ill       lull.", llin     ill'H.'I'illl
il Imi-a I	
I.. I.  i.l   Kiinllllll rival-,   IJl.Hl    Ku
... ,   -a.   I.iirillail Sapl   nil,, liu,I.   n,"Ji;i'|.J |V. .!.'ii.l """
t. in in. ni iinultol at, ilm Nn
iiml  uulilii Ilm  V t   Inr
ci'Vi'i' iiii Iii paylitu i|
i, ruyiillj ut snail rule ns nui-
Iteiiiirliiienl o'l tin- Interior,
,1,1.,.il...   rt
hy flute, lln liiirr.
tleorni-l.uytTa a.w. roriler iitljuiiiiiiii Ull.ra
Mill'H ii.ii. ruriirr, il  sn nlinlnH  *lh.
'I -a mi i'iiiiii hi. H 'pSllehtiltiHa It,
llialii'ft-I rllilillH weat   In |iltipp nl In', innim;
 Illiilnil llin  nnrrn.     I llnil Sapl.   lllll.
llllll, I.i Tin...  Mi'llllil".
nlli.'.s.'ll'HHn. nnriirr   pttHl   n  .ultiinu I Inn.
I.u.viI'h h.u. rtuiirr. Ilu-nir so phnflta nnrlli,
ili.'iin.'Siii'itniuHivtiHi.ii,,., kii ehnlna aouth,
thooea_ili.hiiiiiapnal tu pi I hegliililii-*-,
rnntollllll-l  Uiu unli'H.    I iitril Sept.   nili.
llllll, hj-l-hiia. .Miiiiiii".
May .lliirliii'a n.n. i-ortior north nl nml ml-
jnitiiliu  llllir Soll'H rlniiii, tllrlll-u .*" 'IlllillH
Binith, 11 p sn rhnliiB Waal, I lit su rlinins
iiniili.  llit'iii'i'   su  rhiiiiiH riiHl  tn nliti'e  uf
In'Hiiiniiiir. ,i4iititiiiiii_  uiu iirroa.   I.uptileil
Sppl.llHl.   I!" H.ll.lTllllH. Mnl Illl)','.
I'. Ll  \. MrTuvlBh'a
n.iv. rorner punt
illuiniii" Mnv .iiuiiiii*h mn. rorner. II	
IIH    I'llHl,
lliplu-o SU I'IiiiIiih nOrlli, Ihencn-I ehiilua weal
In plnra nl linuinninit. ctllltnltllllg lllll urinH.
I ii'".l Sapl. Illh, 111.11, hy I'Iiiih.  Meliuire.
Lllll Mctllllru'BB.a  ruritei' niljuiiiuik* Innt-
'    ' ni'i MrTuvlHli'ali.tv. "nriin, il nHi.challia
ll|| nu I liul'Hl. I'.i'linrSilnhniiiH weat, thai .SUrhliitiH
|aullth.   Ihr,  .sn   rhiiiiiH niHt  In pin I
I l.raini.ini.'.  iln'liliiK iiiii ncraa,    Liii'iilnl
III," nl Hi"   Snpl   UH.. IIIIH. Ly I'Iiiih. M
k     II    I
II"" SiuIi'h  hu 'tier   pnHl   niljntliitlR
lliuiiilil   IIi'I'iivIhIih n.iv.  inrtifi.   ll  su
i-t'iiliia north, tlirni'i. su rh..l.,H pnal, ilmi	
ll ehnlna Hinilli, ll ii wi nlnn,,- „,..|  ,„
I' i iim m n |"'-i lliurkml   ".snulli"
■nr -ul Tin.ini,. Thuiuanu'H   Inml ' Hm
illinium   nnrlli   »i  I'IiiiIiih,   Hii'inn  Ileal
'liuiiiH. Ihnl .-null, sn niu,ins. I Imm "nisi
'IlllillH In |,l ul lii'Hliiiiliiu minim,
I I l.'.H.'iln. 4,1 A.mi.-I   mm
in I s.'i.i.'i i Lull. mm.
'I'l "-    in-,,,,    I ,
lltl-l.i 'i.f liunl-.nui nml- |„r i, lll'.'IIHH In
pruHpnt'l Inr .'.ml nn Hm lullniviiip I.,-, i-iln-l
ll'iirl uf liunl Hlllll i Ilm iiurlli furl, utllie
Hinilli .nil 1,4*1, ni Furillim ri,,-,-. I'IuhI Knit.
ii'iniy. nmln.liiiiiiiii44 nu Hm innili Hm luml
nl nhl (Inrilnur:
fu Jiiii  nl ii  pnal  iiiin-kril ".Vnrlh-
ivi'H linr ul .Mrs.  .Murk   I Illl III III s Inml'
ll 'iiiiiliiin nisi SU  nliniiiH.   Ihr   Hinilli
SU "IlllillH. Illi'  lirsl Kll I'lllllllH. llll'lli'i' llllllll
Kurliuiii- I t l,r. innim*.   eilllltlllllllll
UIU lll'l" rnl'll'HH.
I.ii.'llln.l Lull.In.l ulAllllll.l. IIIIII.
Ilnlnl S"|i1 Iirr IL'II). mm.
.11 ih. Mink Iiiiiliiin. I.tii'il.nr.
Mnrli Hit  Am nil
Xnllrr is hrri'hy itivpti Hun   llilrly .litis
iiiim ilnm I i ml In iiiinlv tn II Met 1*11111
llllinlnllar ul I Is nml ti uVks Iur ii limn	
in-" pml Inr iiml on ilm lulluuiim  il.-Hnl'ilinil
liiml nt luml Him lm urn-Hi fork uf ih
hiiiiiIi   In.in. I,  ul  I-inllliu rlvor,   Unsl    Kn.
,,'llliy. llllll iiilniiiiiiiu nil   llin nnrlli   the Inn.
nl Unl.fr liunl	
I'-.t iim iii ii pnat miirknil "SiiiillmiiH
I I"   ilii-m
.lAlll's  A. SMI
lli'tHili iilllin Minister ti. Iho
Notice of Application fur Incorporation,
Kolli-i' IB hereliy Riven llinliil.ar.mi i	
In.lil HniInliiillll" Ilrm   pnhlli'iilinn In
.i|.|.li.'.i'i.ii.'illl.p I-  alluunui *
l.inllli'tiiiiil.l.i.vi'i'l.tir ill I'  It... i    ..j in
illliill n-il rill*   nilinii l|.nliii     In   ,'      ....
putiitr minir nl IJrnnlirnnl ,
pun I III..illill    I I   III   Ilm   I'ln, .1	
Ilnll-li rullllllliiil. iln-'ill,|.ilii-I . I •
llillllllinilllllKUl n pin   Inl   In., ■
ISI till, nip ulm.   Ki unv illalrli'l.   , 'fl ,
I'mriinr ul lllltl-1,  i "Innili. i       ...      ||
in,nlnn!, Iimii ol llm.ililHii.il iih   I n nn
Xnlmin,   I.ii.i-l.   ii.lnni
is the home paper of the district.   It covers |
lj  the news field, it pictures from week to week
the Site in the west, it tells of the resources of il
li jj
fl  South East Kootenay, the richest district in it
resources in the Dominion.   It is a paper that |
will give pleasure to you and to the old folks p
at home.   You should subscribe for it now i
f»| tor vourself, and you should send a copy
lj  back east.
The Subscription $>} AA „ Vpnf
is Miiy....**,**,***-** «P^.VU a I car
hiiiiiIi i I'.Ull, llii'iin* hiiiiIImiH'.'il.v .-i'i
-lllll   IU'lilhlrll f   llic-   ni.illiiilv   I
MnrnlilMruol i iilmiK Htn wilil  nn
lunil >.i I In mill Htivi't   in ilu* inii i - -i
suiil  mii'lli.'il.v  limit   u[  lluro'il »trri
Hi -ii-t'lv   limit  i>F   l.iiniH.j.'ti   nu-i
bIiowi  Hiii.l |>lini niiu. ilienn mi
lllfl MB llin Rlltll I'JIHtl'I'I.V  lllll'  I.f   Hll ill  l.n
l,:S™l,i,rluw„'iimi,<'o;'',h,r';S;'':!i (I You can afford it.   You  often spend $2.00   j
wn.vnf tlic I'nuvs Xi'Ht   I'n-H i-n'hviii'  uh ilu    II it r(j
foolishly and don't miss it.    Try this year  j
I1! spending $4.00 for THE HERALD, one copy :;,:
y*|!  for you, one copy for the good old folks al
M^iV':;;'^!^.:;^":-:-';;.-1?;:;,,;.'!;:'-,;;:,';:;;v!f:!I jj home.   Try it for one year.    You will never
■ III*. Hlnl.l    IlllillH    Hi-   suiil    Hurl .vi|;'
I'l regret it.
IlllillH.  llll'lli'i' Hlllllll Kll "IlllillH.  i lira.,..m-i
■llllllla I.. I    l."44l.Hii.U4 14,44141,a  I
inm iiiorn or leaa.
Lun i L.ih .ini .,1 Animal, mm.
In I Kepi her Llih. IIIIII,
a m.i.i. i uh. Lm ui.
lllllll utmilil Eilifiiril air
.villi tl iiHtrrly limit ul Niiii'Ihh.. iivmiiin u-
Hlinivn nn |i]llll IKlllil f.i'lnl  ill Hlllll Inml |, :•
ll I'ulll,,.  nu llu-SJ'.lllili.l'ul.lmilliii'.i. Lnul
Ihanneaoiilherly iilnnsr, ll aterly Iimii m
Hiiiil NinrtHHi'iivri naahown nu Buhl plnn
•i.'.li.l   In it.-, ililrrarrlinu Willi lite BOU I herly
miiiii, Hioneo tvi-Btrrly nlniiK Ilm aiiuthmly
liniil ui Kultl Btreet na ahoivli on aulil plan
i.lliil nml uu plan iiniiilni lllllle, nml llllllll
rknl ii,-nnl Iiiiiii ronlatry ..III*.- to (In- inlet*-
'•rliiilinl -i.i.l   Knill all I   iviln II Hi-
PBlpfly Iimii ul Inn  Hnrno  sir  Hiram
nri lii'iiHli'H.v nlnnii thr iinrHiiviHti'i'l.v Iimii
I Vmi Hot-tie Btreef to Ilu- polnl ol cotn-
Ilnlnl   Ins lul ilm nl  llrlulirr. A.I),  llllll.
~| $2.oo A YEAR
W. V. flitnl,
.1. A. Iliirvrj-,
4. *--... ,.**.. **.***
_-.ll 'I'lll'.   CRAN BROOK   iii:i; \i.ii
Argument 1
Should lie entirely lllinee-
essnrv tu convince nn  in-
lending |iilreli:isel* llml
Overcoats, Trousers a.nd Suite
nm lite I t I nili ilei) garments in Ilie truile.    . Lir Blot-- i i-
1Tmi T. |.nl>ln'   inspection     I'iiii'v   tuir I   li,niiit; '   III 'inl
I ii nml ' I-n'"I mil !>.'Imui. I lln-..ni I,I,,I in .111,* iiii.I tiiiil, tint
Til mil '.|ii'i'lul   'iiiiiile In iinn.niv ' .1, |i.irliii,ml        Suils,   $ir,.
i ^
« 1NCW ***..< hil,1M1M I "I'nil,-, Seis. „„ o
9 ►_-,^.TT   y-.-.j, lH.rlc.lili.wl I'r. lie factory  in *
__       1 UlLC  1 l*"i:l:ni.l-   '!'«.■iilvniinnre.lesions. $>
9 sliupi's ninl shinies Iii el se frmn <!►
£ WARP     -I  ric-8 $11.60 to $15.00,    Kit,:, |
V YVAtVLl-i!. jnrs in ,ilnln while, ivliilt-illul u'.-l-l ***.
V -^^SgSgS ^ nr snnie [inlli'iTi ns nnv sel in Ilie *
9 *_** nssi.t'lnieiil. *
9  ___!_ 1  I
8fi T POflFPC Fancy and Staple %
\y*.     I .    IVVJVJjU in -w> (irnccriw anil Crockery X
lm iim n- uiu,. t i, nni_.,i„
    1,1114" -In, I,   ,-   I,.       ,,  I,,
Ira,ilull ll,.  I,.   ■ ,|„
',"i -. >.■..! ol Ilium
nl Imli.
,.|     nil".
Cranhrook, 15. C.
V^ VI illll'l IM-K,      I*.       -v. /W
X-   Agent tur ilu- Canada Carrl_Kc Co, Itm.k\ilk, and lhe l-'aircttilil Co., Winnipeg   jT
'So the parson told us), And wc wish to prepare ourselves.
Thi- is a thought constantly before each individual employed
| in Cranbrook's Greatest Store; therefore, we must unload not only our
sins, but the Greatest Stock ot Ladies' and Men's Goods ever brought
I into the city.
As an incentive to the CASH purchaser we will deduct 15 per
cent and refund it cheerfully from all cash sales,
This holds good until turther advised.
■ i
I Change of jfirm <_* ** _* _*
Harris Brothers wish to Inform their customers and
lhe public that they have purchased Mr. Jolliffe's
interest in the firm of Harris & Jolliffe*. Wc trust
that by careful attention to business to receive the
same generous support as under the old management,    Drop in and give us a trial order..4.*4..**,*
tmvvte Bvos. flfoeat flDarhet
Wu .nn gel iii :i lub ipiickcr
iluni mn ninn in town nntl better.
Come in uiul see mu SINKS
"I  i Vi 11   ili'Seril'lii-ll.
Wt 'eun uiie Vnll ilnse |.riees,
|■ I |.t nml lllieielll serviee.
Wo nre ht-rti to please
Illl BUSI   in  III   Mill  n FUR-
tm s k ssffi na h mm © ss . nmmim imwmim
it -?/)■- BEST BRAND
£■*     "I i l.n. i tlml .'.'in lie lnul
i      ST. KMll.lQN
m 11mileii-ii.....|iini Tin it
i *
£. Wholesale Liquors
ti CRANBROOK,   ^>   B. C.
Cranbronk Cottage Hospital,
' i Ailii-llinin :,,,.,ui,-mnl l,.„i-*t.
1,41    lllll   I'.U  tl"Illill-   4,|' I'll   1,1
fliss Muss. - Mitt run,
itinlniili- ,,i St.  i.uI.i.'h llu.p'ual, Villi.
ruin,'I. ll.C.
Teacher ol pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
ol three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence of
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
Specialist in Town
That this is an age for specialising goes
without saying. In former days the physician was known as dentist, doctor ar.d surgeon three callings in one. Today each
calling is a distinct profession. For the extraction ol a tooth we go to the dentist, for
an operation we go to thc surgeon and for
the general Ills of humanity we go to the
medical doctor. This specialising is carried
also with great effect into the commercial
world. A lew years ago at the great general storey which are now practically a
thing 01 the past, a man could buy provis
ions., footwear, whisky and clothing; a
women could buy her dresses, hats and fine
fabrics, lo lind m many cases in making
up tlie goods the linger marks of the clerk
that served her, who had been called from
culling potatoes in the grocery department.
today lor dresses women go to the
Today lor hat_, women go to the milliner.
Today for fine fabric women go to the
dry goods store.
Today tor provirions  men   go  to  the
grocery store.
Today lor whiskey men go to Ihe bar.
Today   for  footwear men  go to the
gents  furnisher.
Today for Clothing in Cranbrook Men
go to Morrow & McFarlane,
Whu  are Specialists in Their  Lines
6 M Still Oom^ li;
nm at tbe Old Stan
As usual wc dispense tlic besl drug
curable and never substitute.
You can save money by buying all
,.' IUI
goods at
Beattie's BiQ Dn$ :
BOOk StOre, Wkre It Payjtc
| g%%-^%\-^%3^^ '   -v'i:
One Jolly Night
"The mirror scene Is one nl the clev ;
erest things tur dune un  Ute London
_t-i{_-"   l.undon Daily Chronicle,
First lime here nf the hilarious suffluenev,
H, A. On Souch-t's I nri inl Comedy in three
acts, interpreted by
Walker's    Comedians
A company of Metnipnlitni  Player,  under
Ibe iimnait-iti-Ki of Mr. C. P, Wnlker.
••The funniest n1o> o| ihe season. Will
make you laught till the tears rull down
your cheeks."- New York lleralil.
Prices. $1.00 and 75c
li'i'-i'iini Seats in I', i). limi: Stare.
linve remove 1 tnir sttulio lo tlie
.-.■.iini ll4.ui' ,ii tit.-  Iitiililerioa
litlililiitg, opi-isil.. I Ill iilituu
l-lll-'l  4111.1   Htl,. I      1
ileal ot nn up lu ilnte nri *_.tl-
i-ry. nn.l Inn.- tltrlllltl-! [or ilo-
im pliol.ign.plti.- work eqttnl to
I l-.ii
---I". -.'I.'     I.'l ......I   l-l-'
REST PHOTO CD., Cranbrook
Picked Up About lite Cily  by Asking
Ql_!8tl0-8  tit  Main   I'euple.
M..i't',.« .1 Mi'Kii'l.'i.,,',
Dr. (.i.ii, lins i'4'lui'ii...l li'.'in hin
trip lo tlio const,
\\ Iini j-oti wn.it trt-sli fruil  thnl
willsitil p. to I'. M.-1'..iiii.-H's.
Wlllinn. l-'..i'i'.'sl  ot  Mui-ysvilli-.
ivns in town Suiuliij.
A u-i'iiiiini' i';i_l,' l.i'iiml  Stfi-iin
luil I'm' $4.00 ul !■'. S, M U).
M  A, H.-iil.- ivliiiii.
from liiu trip to Virtu
Sli'ls.ui. thn i.'i'iiuii
J1.00.   liniil * Co.
this ivi-i'lt
-.Iniin I','
Morrow & MoFiirliui...
M.   Phillips,  nf  thn
illlltl'V. 11-118 ill tOWll lilli
tiny .his
m. *******.******m*mmmm
%        .IN HIS NEW STORE.
|        '    --
9 A.  C.   BOWNESS, Wholesale dealer in
%   Wines Liquors and Cigars   1
\., New -iniin- in llic Aiken lllutk, Jusl Nortli ol Imperial Bank Corner -^
V Agent for Cnlicary Beer and Sorter
A Kent fur T, l_.-l.el & Co., Hay nnd (Irnin.
mt '***"       " " **J "****  jig
mm ^mmm*. _ia_^!H_B_M_aaa_indi
.Ml*.   Illllllill.lll.lll     l'J'l'l-14
int.' liis nu .llu-i- ul litis i-ity,
'I'lu- I ."-I I"  lir   luni in   I'ni'iii	
In-ill. . I'.iiniiiii- Urns.
A. MolW Ims ii'iiii'iii'il It..in his
hunting trip to tlm prnirin,
Mi,mni ,1 Mil'iiiliiiif.
l-'i'iuik .liiliiisiin. ul Muyii1. wus u
Orniibrook visitm- Insl l-Yiil.-iv.
II o_,spi'ii-.-il inini'i-s' overalls 75c,
Reid iV Co.
-Dave Newell, ot Fort Steelo, wns
in town several .lays Insl ivneki
t'liiri-ni'i- Darling retiii-iietl Insl
week Crom liis triy. lo Montreal.
Wt- have :i nice rongo ot fall uml
winter cups.   F, S. M. M. Co.,
Mr. Atchison, the .Mpyie ilrug-
gist.it. spt-iuling it feivittiysin Iniyn.
Morrow & McFiirlane.        *
II. Jlt-Lt-tiil. of Syilney. C.B.,
visited his sun tteoi-gn ul' this city
lust week.
Wanted—Girl for goncral work
in hotel, ut once. Address It. It..
Box 17, Moylo, B.C.
A. J. Miller, tlic successful rancher of Uu- SliiHikitittrhurk country,
wns in lown on Wednesday.
Hill & Co. will deduct l-Vi olf
all cash purt'liiiscs until further
Burns Conl, coke, or wood. The
Sunshine furiince, The liest ever
iii.'i,li' Piilinoi-c Bros,
Mr. uml Mrs. IHrieksou lisitctl
Mr. nntl Mrs. I'mviifllnt l-'ish l.nke
:t few tlnvs lust week.
Mrs. Willium Forsyth, of Fori
Steele, wus a Crnnbrook visitor Inst
For milk shakes uml ull kinds of
suit ilritiks tin to 1'. MeConnell's.
Mrs. S. ,1. Morrow and baby
have been visiting the old I'ulks at
Nelson the pnst week.
Morrow *_ McFurlutie.
Conductor Cory hns gone to the
Rat to take Conductor Nibloek's
run on tin- passenger train,
Miss McKenzie left lasl Thursday for the coast for a visit ofn
few weeks.
Come and see our big stock of
iuvictiis winter Bhocs. L-'. S. M.
\V, K. Worden, of thu City Dray
couipuuy i wus u un-nil ii'!' of tlic city
council of Slocan when In- rutin-
Cranbrook's Greatest Store has
nl present it storkot clothing which
would ilu credit tun cily like Winnipeg, Toronto ur Moi.tn.-nl,
VV. J. Henderson hus gone over
in the i Ikiiiiiigiin country tur u few
days   lu  Itmk  after Bouie private
Sec our "Excelsior Hut lllust"
Ill-liters, the best I'm-suit coal.
Patmore Br us.
Tuiil Turii'v. n former citizen ui
Crnnbrook Imt for tlie past twu
years a resident of the Territories,
is iii town this week.
Morrow _■ McFarlane.
II. .1. Johnson, whu hns the contract I'm* building tin- two new
churches in Moyio, wns iu luwu
Inst Friday.
A new consignment ul chocolate
iTciuns ut tin- Vancouver Tea and
Cotl'eo company.
lli-u. Smith, formerly ivi.lt the
C, P. lt. lit Culgnry, uml un old
friend uf Will Rollins, is in towu
I'm*ii brief visit.
Don't buy any Biveatnr but llio
kind wc bundle.   1-'. S, M. Cu.
II. I.ninoiit. who hns been in
Moyio fur tin- past few months,
cniiie up to Crnnbrook Insl week lu
visil ii tew duys with uld friends.
Wlien u nuni buys n heating
stove In- wii.it-> something to suit
him.   .1.   I).   Mi'llri.l.'  liny-  Ihis
liiml In* Ih 'lunil.
Morrow .V McFnrln.ie,
.liiseph  Milbvuril n-liir I from
Nelson  Inst  Snturdny, Imt  Mrs.
Milliviird did nut i ti* with Iiiin
owing tu the serines illiu-ss uf lu-r
Wanted- A janitor for the Methodist church. Apply tur particulars
lu li, W. Patmore, secretary uf
trustee bonnl.
The new nddition lu llic St.
Kugene hospitnl will sunn In- completed. It is u beauty uiul gives
the building n most nttrnctivo appearance.
Hill tt Co. nro making special
prices for tin- bargain seeker uiul
will deduct 1">'. oil' all cash pur-
X. H. Bnker und C. M. Edwards
went to the tipper Muyii- tliis week
lu hunt tor caribou luit could Iiiul
no bulls. Thoir trip was a failure
in consequence.
Morrow & McFnrlnno,
Don't 1 my anything but a CnrsB
ninckitiaw, thoy nn- water uiul cold
proof,   F. S. M. Co,
Morrow & flcFar
Morrow... McFarlane,
Mrs. K. II. Sniiili uml bnby have  C , *T*'
&?"'"' "■u"vi8it ,;f"; otove   1 une
Buy your limiting stoves early
We liuve liu- very best.
I'ut iiititc Bros.
A. (Idlest reliirneil Sunday trom
Quol.ec where he hus 1 n visiting
his old home for several weeks.
Miirruw A* Mel .ii-liiiif.
Judge Leamy In-lil court at Fernie litis week iu place uf Judge
Fiirin, whu is unity un a vacation.
A pair ut' Big Horn overalls
made uf regular (I ounce deiilinui.
ui 75 cents nt F. S. M. Vu.
Mrs. Ben Rendenil left lust Saturday for North Dakota where she
will visit relatives most of the
F. J. Byron came down from
Blairmore lust week and left lust
Siitunlny fur his properties mi
Perry Creek.
F. J. Bradley * Cu. ure innking
spi-ciul rcdltutious in prices of wnll
papers. It will pay ymt tu st*.*
Edward McCabe gut uut of the
hospitnl Inst Tuesday where he hns
been eonlilictl with II crippled funt.
caused by a lug slipping.
Morrow iV McFarlane.
Maurice Qiiaiii returned Tuestliiy  from his trip to (it uivood
whom he visited witli relatives
several days insl week.
Malcolm Leitch, of Oak Luke,
Man., is in lown tout tend it general
meeting uf tin- stockholders of the
Eust Kootenny Lumber company.
Wc don't give uny per cent oil'
for cash but we du sellthe best
guilds itt very rcnsonnhU. prices.
F. S.M. Co.
I-'.. .1. Peltier, uf Clin.hum. I tut..
formerly uf Crnnbrook, hus pur-
chuseil the extensive wholscnle
liquor business of lt. H. Truniliell.
Brandon, Manitoba.
Morrow A- McFarluno,
C.  E. Smitlicringale, editor ull
the Slocan  Drill, passed through
Craubrook ou Tuesilay  eu route *
home after u visit to liis old stamp*
ing ground in t Intnrio.
The person who buys tlieir tea
and conco of lhe Vancouver Tea
uiul Coffee company ure making
money on every purchase.
Is Yietc\33
•5 A
Yen., cannot iifloi-J to let yo-n*
house get chilly. Neither can
you afford to overlook our slock
oi HEATERS. We have the
largest assortment ever brought
to Cranbrook.
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't (.»0i-l ihnl ive do all kind, ni I'l.I MWVi rcijiu'ed in
your house.    We guarantee .ill our work to
be done by first tin.. plumbers
www -1
Wt will -cll Ihc hul
ante of our MfcVS
an.] HUNS' SLITS at
cost i» make room
inr our Fall and Win*
ler Qoods that arc
arriving oer> da>.
Come and be -iitniiK
ed. and ai ihe same
time examine a u r
ne* guilds Uiiil [iri. .*
that are righl.
Yours to please.
j-&_&-&&&:£--!       I
ElXfl --*:% #* .& ^a,
Till: RMillT (Jl'lNTITV   -SI) MLALilV
of thc ilnu called fnr goes into
W\ ■;
le suow is seen coiliui*.
slowly I
down on ilu- mountains ami thoL. (|(illi
banana season is nearly over,   ft tim lii«i
hns  lieell   illl   UltUSnal   selisun. ex- Liiiiii,in,
Ireiiiely dry utu I us u ruloquitecool, t-sj in
' uy imiii
Morrow A' McFarlane. j  n.ri>i
Louie and Pete Unbiohnud have .'„,„„
sliirtetl it wood yard nml will devote
llu-ir time this' winter tu the fuel
lnisiness. The buys niv nisllers
uml will make n success ul' the
Wanted A lirstcluss salesninn
mul clerk fur n gents' furnishing
business. Must hnve three yenrs'
experience nntl the liest uf references.   Morrow A- McFarlane.
Rev. s. .1. Thompson returned
front Medicine Hut todny, He
reports church life iu the Hut ns
prosperous nml progressive, lb-
will occupy bib own pulpit next
-nl -iiinil**. nor ilm
* In*. Iiiit-w.   n I-
iil.i on-  I In <'i>
a I®  '   '   ^ '
CHAS. E. REID & CO., Qraduated Druggists
j Styles That Mean Somethings* :
Shows iii every gnrment wc mnke, In* it oven nut,
ul- ivnisletilll.      Il'sjllsl tlllll   illdelilllilile  si.lllell.il!
inuile cliilhes tiiiii yon ciin't get iii   the  rend) iu.nl
renl secret is Ihnl we mnke clothes lu lil one  in m    I iv.
tvill l.e inm   nui u hundred men nil ui once.
.users ,
■ • dlor. t
.   The J
I,**,.,* it
Mrs. Annie Rutherford, Doiniii-
ion president of the Women's
Christian  Temperance Union,  is
expected to be iii Crnnbrook next
week mnl will address meetings,
which will be announced later.
When you buy ten orcoffee there
are two tilings to consider, the
anality nml tin- price. Ynu net
tin- besl nt tin- Vancouver Tea and
Coffee company,and lhe price is sn
low that it will surprise ynu. Step
ill snnie dny mill get ll trial pur
chuse.   Ymi will uut regret it.
Private Hotel and Catering Co.
Banquets, Bulls, Weddings, Picnics, etc., catered ini
The dining lull cnn be engaged Ioi- private parliee
I-'or terms apply to
the Cosmopolitan ftotel
A Firstclass House Centrally Located
■j-j> Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    T'ne bedrooms iiii
ll are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the U
*■ market affords. H
Prompt and Satisfactory
The Recent Fire at Ring's Lumber Mill.
,| 0f th,. London Mutual l-'i
agents nl Cnuibrook, B. C, the sin
lull pnvin.nl nnd settlement of nil
,.„,.,-,,|'„„ ||H. Mil, ,lm ,,| September. UK. I
t 'rniiliruuli. H.C, Sept. *ilst. I'.ml.
■ Iiisurnnee ('niiipiiiiv. tlin.ugh Arnold A: Roberts, tlu-ir
of Nine lliiiiilri.liiiiitl Fifty 1 Whirs ($050.01 ll. being In
nims uiul iletiiniids fur Inss or (IntlMgp by fire,  which  oe*
|ier M. H. King
_. NELSON, B. C.
Maniifneliiivi- of and wholesale and retail dealers in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
This shows how our companies do business, and if you want similar offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
treatment in case of loss, insure with us. lumbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
  __ __ __ _. _^ _         - Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
ARNOLD & ROBERTS    __o,b__,_s
        These lands contair. some of tlie finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
Illy  is   i-iiii.
We own ..nr ..«" t'llitmi-B, nml uu- qu
I,i In- Un In-sl, Monuments, Headstones, riarble Trimmings for Buildings, a specialty. Hy buying I'ruiu us ymi
,...i il,,- iiuitoriid ui lirsl i-.i-i.
I   P. BURNS (& CO,   |
.'.'.'! /""^T^^5^^ Wtoleith an. Will ra
MEAT       |
Fresh and Cured Meats   j^
resh    Fish,   (lame   and j^j
.upply only the  best
trade is solklle d
Markets in All Ihe principal lltWNfl
In Hritlah Columbia
..Manitoba Hotel.,
ll'iider Ne
I). A. McDONALD, manager I
3 This Hotel h in the center of town. The rooms are 5
J comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is [first- |
* class, .ind the bar is supplied with the best. When you jj
i want <i good place to stop come to the Manitoba. *
* <*
New Business
For Cranbrook
n lu show visitors tu uur
 |ilele stock of
Wall Papers and
Room Mouldings
n the ICuoleiiuys.     We respectfully so.
inil ii situ re of your |)iitronage, niu] iu-
iteyou lu cull iiml s ur' linuils uml
it uur priees.    W'e inn kr ii specialty 111'
■isiiniiiles cheerfully mvt-n,
\ F. ]* Bradley & Co,
*      A .      A... I-DA.IDD/IA-      D    _■ -TM
4  Armstrong Ave,       CRANBROOK, B.C,
'Phone 52 %
Owl Cafe...
Cranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
l-'uriii'cc & Boiler Specialists
All descriptions of lirick wurk
undertaken. Flues plastered
by new tin- proof process.
Common brick, pressed brick,
lire brick und tile on hum].
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.   Ash for Cranbrooh
Beer and insist on having' it.
for terms, in.ipi
,i-nl lllllll UlfUIlt-!
V. Ilyile Baker, Craubrook, 13 C
I. II, Wilson, Wanlner, B.C.
It. II. Ilriice. Wilnu-r. 1.1).
nl further iiarlieulars applj l" Ihc .illowiiiK
i<:. Miiii.intiiii
II  il M. Kit.
... .1.-.. I'i.i.  ll.C
Nelson, II I!
The Cra-nbrook Brewing <& MailWwi Co. Ltd.
Also Ma-nufacturers of __.lt kinds of Aerated WaJers.
CRANBROOK, *   *   *   British Columbia
liriiish Columbia land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
J. n. Stephens,
II. I.. Stephens,
M. Rockendorf
J. Lawson,
As we predicted several months
months ago. the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines are
running'full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district.	
Stephens tiros. & Co.. Owners uml Proprietors,
Morrissey Alines, B. C.
H. I.. Stephens
J. li. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
Irom Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephen. Bm.., Owner, and I'ruprii'liirs,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
British Columbia Illustrated
Illl M IlllillH    Illl   II  IN —   114-44111 1
The Ifi-jlx-st Province in thc Utilisli Empire
,.,-i4,ll. illii-iimina Itsiin-nl iiiliiln-[,l,-r,-l„|,iiii-iil. iillli iloivn I! IIk-'i	
Sent Post Free on Receipt of Price, $1.00 and $1.50
Address, JAMES LAWLER, Rossland, B. C.
AliR IS IN It. C.
Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited
Capital $625,000, of which 35 per cent, in shares is now in uur
Treasury.   Shares fully paid and non assessable.
Nature hikes 01
laughs rt'ith tliost
weeps witli Lhose
I'l'juiri' Illlil lll'l' y;l
HY A iii!i:.\MKi:
ut* tm
I:   slic
Villi    1,'lU-h     llllll
in weep.    If we
the very birds-
.1 Is
The Best of Bverythlng In tlie Rating Line
If you come ohcc wm will conic often.
. . . aim lo please .. .
To Subscribe for the
HERALD IS NOW m2l!i:_;rr'','i9'
sing more sweetly, tiie w
streams luuriimriugour song, liu
if we are Bail anil sorrowful n Biid
den uloom Fallsupon Nature's face
the sun shines, Imt not in ou
hearts, the hints sin^ bul not to 11
The music oE the spheres is pilch
nl in n minor key.
WHIJIil- IS MY   lllltl, Tn NI'lllT
Dear Kklilor: As 11 conslaut
reader of your vithiahle paper I de-
sire to congratulate yuu upon ymir
nilvice to y 011 njj; people, Now with
your'penutBsiou I will mnke a few
suggest Ion b thai I feel sure will he
endorsed h,v the many mothers who
read your paper. I havo thoughI
much ami much has heett said nml
writ ten aboul "Whorj- is my hoy lo
night." As ,1 mother wlm Ims sev-
end dimglilersand no hoy, I would
like ihis iiuptiry changed sn ns tn
read. "Where is my girl tonight,"
With pafigs of remorse one musi
admit, tlmt in our commuuily nt
least, many of uur girls who luive
go nl homes are on lhe streets seven nights in tin' week. They wander listlessly nl I.   im object   in
view, They bringupontheiuse]ves
slighting remarks frum street lotif-
ers. They gossip nnd lllrl with
young men, they would blush witli
shame tn have outer their home.
My girls would nol desire to loaf
upon the streets nnd iu the streets
and in the store if others did nut
du sn. Can we uot as mothers or-
gani'/e ami in some manner, prevent this growing evil, tlmt sooner
or later is sure to destroy tlie hap-
pi 1 tess nf our homes, Wuuld ii
not be much better for uur girls in
spend theil" evenings ut homo iu
mental Improvement, or it' they
prefer meet nt each others homes.
Anything to keep them off the
streets. They lose the respect of
nil guud citizens and sooner or later will lose nil respect for themselves. Respectfully submitted by
A Mother.
Home is mother's province; her
empire, uver which she is emphatically, "monarch of all she surveys."
She hns here all the essentials of
happiness, and if she is skillful iu
lhe use of materials she may build
a shrine for her household gods
more dazzling to the heart and eye
thun ull tlie storied fairies of antiquity,
Row cnreful should she In* then
tu mould iter actions and modulate
lief voice in shapes and tones of
purest linrtnony! How zealously
should slie apply herself to make
only skill nud faultless notes from
the complicated instrument that
responds so faithfully to her touch.
How cousumate should her tact in
tmieliing tlie key note of character
in husband, children, servants relatives iiml friends, How she should
tittuuo tlieir hearts to love and
reverence her iu every relationship.
What delicate studies come under
her observation and intuitoti for
each dny und hour of her life!
How many und how precious tire
the ones whu look to her for daily
happiness, ns well as daily com forts
and how bright 11 spot uf sunshine
site mny make of her circumscribed
nml undisputed realm!
Mother, wife, daughter, hister. is
it imt in your puwerto make some
one happy? l>o ynu abandon
thoughts of self sufficiently to make
their happiness of inure coilBO-
tpieuce than your own? Do ycu
um' nil your gentle nrts aud influences to attain an object so desirable? Then yuu do not have to
seel, your own eonteNtmeut. It
comes to you in the realization lhat
there is une heart,at least, depend-
eel upon you fur huppiuess. And
if you realize also that the variation of a tone carries weight, that
lhe expression of a smile a glance
the significance of a worth an action, may make or mar the sunshine of ti day for that one: and if
yuu regunl this trust more sacredly
lli;in the keeping of a most precious
jewel then you need not feel the
rivalry of strange women, nor rum
shops, nor any other business or
pleasure, Thus the charm of your
presence gladdens the spot made
nmst holy 011 enrth, .bearing the
sacred title uf home.
and yet with norugularadvertisiuj
of their appearance they hml a fu
Mines directly west uf tlic
LeUuiund 1-eHoi X...-J. War
Kngle uml Centre Stnr. four
uf the lurgesl gold.copl>cr
mines iu the world, nil ..I'
wliieh have paid large dividends.
tfi-jv'Sniue identical ore and
veins now in sight nu the lilli
FOUR.    Large mv bodies.
Assnys From 95 to SHOO in
gold, cupper, silver, etc. Very
rich display ns nuw on exhibition in the city ure exhibit,
cniising wide comment.
We hnve nearly two miles
of ruilwny on Big Knur prop-
erty with water iiml timlier in
Rossland nre shipments for
1002, H50.000 tons. Shipped
Wn It-Oil, about 410,000 tuns.
Total value nf Rossland ores
milled, §27,000,000,
Please Note Price at
15 Cents P|R„ARE
For One Month
Itosslnnil's lnr-,'1-niv lioilh-i
nro 11 Lii'i'iii -nn ss nil li  iln
t-nni-i-iiii-iitiiiii sysli-in nl' on
IV.Ill.-li.lll. !$.__)       Ill*,*        111,11
In'th.- latest ivpui'is mnl.Ihi
Nn Irss limn Iiiii uliiirt-i
sold,   slimvs ,*,*ni li,- Iiml  1.1
insliilltlli'lit    |il;in.    |'liyiuelltl
monthly. Twenty per .-..iii
,'nsli. l.iil,.1.1*,   within :i \, in
('iiiit|i.inv litis nu ilflils ,1
liabilities.'.mil n lull hirce o
in..11 now working.
Uofereni-os.       The    I l.m
Mayor, tlolil   Commissi t
iioslniiisler. or unv Imuk o
lnisiness iiiiiii in t-ilv,
Uliiili mln,n
lln. Iiiimi,
All! 111111111111 less Iimii .Illl ni'tli! In
|to. tolflccor express mono* nrtkriovcr
litis amount, in bnnktlrallttiSccrcttirj
llin Pour Consollilnlcil (inlil Mines,
Lid.. Rosslniul, ll. C„ Cniiatln,
Till- lllltlil'llt-e see.ni-il tn lit- |||<-||
ils tin- ,-iiiilii-ni-t- wns i-ihiyiiIhi-iI with
iniiglttor most ot lln- time,   Posl I
is 11 t'O.lll-11.111, droll in liis wny mul i
11 liniu'li   pi-.mIiti-i-i*   without  lllllll
Tlmy will :i|i|B'4ir again Itinlglil
,     . I
nin nii'i tlini
m nn ni,.-]
.Ill  Mil,II,44
The 11. and I. Company.
Tho U & I compnny by soni,
iiiisliiki-of their iidvniico mini nrriveil It dny soiiliertllllli   est .'ftell,'guniu
Aiilrv Morrison, M  I'., hns been
.il.|«iinti-tl jntl-,'1' ot tin* sii|iii-	
court for Uritish Coliimliin lo sue-
t-eiil .Insti.-e Drake.
Trains will be rn.i.iiiiK over lhe
Grent N'ortliern linint-li In I'l nis
before Christ inns.
**************** ....1 *****
* ———————-—
$ Locals in this column will be *£
| charged at the rate of 5 cents J
Z ftt line each issue.
Timothy mul iipliiinl liny, pressed.
Ilntter ni.it eggs fo.r sale, Write for Inw
cash price . 1. DoFelir, Dltlslmry, Alia.
KTUAYKIi, Iron, premises nf lhe
North Slm* l.iiiiihi-i- t<niii|iuiiv, tint-
hrnwn horse, weight llltnut lllhi ills., in-
uver, right leg Imili;- spnvllieil, hml
liulter un when luni Been neur Crnn*
hrtMik.   Suit, hin rewi.nl lor return ,,t
Robinson -McKenzie Lumber Co., I.lil.
Saw and Planing; Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
The Calgary Cattle Company,


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