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Cranbrook Herald Mar 28, 1901

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• •••••••• •••••(»}• ••••••••••••••
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gao. A. Cox, President. B. E. WAUcm, Gen. Mao.
Paid Up  Capital
Total Resources .
. 2,000.000.00
A Oeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
* *\>*irit-*y
Make Your
Homes Beautiful
An immense line of wall paper, j 1-2 cts
a roll and up.
The latest in Tapestry, Rep and Chenille
curtains, arrived yesterday. -Prices
from $4 to $15
A car fine Furniture and.Baby carriages
The Sherwin-Williams Paints.
Dress Goods, Trimming silks, Etc., at COST
Go after it, at
Just a Moment
We stated last week that we were
rearranging our store. This being
completed we beg to extend to you an
invitation to call an examine our very
complete and up-to-date line of
At prices that will startle you.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
J. P. FINK, Manager.
When in need ol	
Shelf and Heavy Hardware
House Furnishings, Sporting Goodsj
Call at the old reliable
Pioneer Hardware Store.
Oar .lock la complete.   Uoodi iold at tbe lowed market prices.
Prompt delivery to all parts ollhe city.
G. H. Miner.
All Kinds of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stuy.   .   ,   ,
Walter Edwards aid Charley
sm Back A^an
They Give Out News of All thc
South East Kootenay
hast Sunday morning two well known
members of Strathcona Horse returned
from Africa to Cranbrook. Tbey were
Walt Edwards ami. Charley Peterson.
Tbe boys met with a royal reception,
and were the center of large groups of
admiring friends during the rent of the
day. Iu fact, tbey bave been wined an-d
dined ever since they returned, their old.
friends vicing with each olher to do the
returned soldiers honor, and show them
that tbe friends tbey had before they left
for the fields of South Africa, were still
their friends. The boya are looking fine,
and both are heavier than when they
left a little more than a year ago. Their
faces are tanned a dark brouze by the
heat of the southern sun, aod throughout
the hardships and privations tbat tbey
suffered, they never lost the good health
they enjoyed before leaving South East
Kootenay. Naturally tbey bad some
great experiences, and they have been
keep busy recounting their exploits for
tbe benefit of the people here. They do
do not regret the trip, but both agree
tbat once is enough for them. Among
the mementoes of the campaign that
tbey have brought, none is prized higher
than the medals given to tbe members
on their arrival in London, by King
Edward, when the boys passed in review before the King and Queen,. The
medal is made of silver, a little larger
than a silver dollar. Ou one side is tbe
profile of the late Queen, and on the
other a scene of marching troops in
Africa. One the edge is the name and
rank of each one.
In a general conversation with the
boys The Herald man secured considerable information regarding olher members who enlisted in South East Kootenay.
Those who fell In battle were Sergt.
Parker, aud privates West, Wiggins and
Jones, Arnold, of Fernie, waa wounded
and afterwards died. Hammond, of
Fernie, aud Slenlell, ot Fort Steele, were
James Armstrong remained in John-
nesburg to engage in railroading.
Jack Kennedy is in an hospital in
John McDuff will return to Cranbrook
on the first of the month.
William O'Hern "Fiiih" is visiting
friends in Eastern Canada.
Harry Milton returned in July and is
still in HaUfat.
"Red" Bonsfield is in Toronto, snd
Ike Foster is iu Ottawa.
Haines is married and will soon return
"Dob" Shaw came as far as Winnipeg,
and expects to return to South Katt
Will Clark stopped of at his old home
in Ontario.
Voung Wilke remained in London
with oue of the ollicers.
M O Y I Ej
* *
i Neve Notea From Ibe Mlaeral City  *
* *
The Outlook Tbis Sprisg Belter Than
Ever Before.
Order ot Bsdalocs.
Thi' Ancient and Mystic Older of Buffaloes wus instituted in Craubrook last
week, and at the present time there have
been about 80 people initiated. The
order is a new one In western Canada,
but in some parts of Ontario and Manitoba the membership is very large. In
the United States the order is very pop
ular, nud dining inauguration week at
Washington neatly all the dignatarles in
town were initiated, including the vice-
president and several of the supreme
court judges, Thomas Rookes is exalted
ruler uf the Craubrook lodge. The initiation fee is ouly eleven cents, but it
seems that there are several cases where
it cost mote.
Buffalo I _____
Kicking Oi ibe Trusts.
When John Fink was here he and the
Herald editor had wveral friendly bouta
on thc question of trusts and monopolies.
John was a staunch advocate ofthe trust
system. Last week, A. D. Parker, of
the bank, received a letter, from bim.
Among other things ha aald: "Tell
SiuipBon lhat since I have come to California and find a trust on every corner,
I am beginning to believe he was about
Sanitary Measures.
Constable Morris ts serving notice on
the people this week to clean np Iheir
premises. These notices give warning
to clean up the yards, remove any and
all manure and to cease throwing slops
in the yards or alley ways. In case pf
neglect or refusal, the guilty ones w(ll
be prosecuted tp the full extent of the
law. Government Agent Armstrong has
instructed Mr. Morris to enforce the law
to   the letter, and uo   favors  will   be
[From The Herald correspondent)
About three years ogo a company com
posed of Tom Rader, O J. Johnsoh and
J. B. Sanburn started work ou some
claims directly opposite the town, and
commenced to develop what is now tbe
Aurora mine. There was then a slight
showing of galena on the surfuce, which
or, being stripped proved to be a vein
from three lo four feet wide, aud extending for a cousidera. le distance up the
mountain, About three hundred feet
down the mountain a tuunel was ruu in
for the purpose of cutting tbe vein. An *
other tunnel was started higher up the
mountain last summer, which, after being run in for a short distance struck a
fine body of, not concentrating, but high
grade shipping ore. It was the intention
of tbe company to sink on this, but
water flooding them out prevented it.
Accordingly v.ork was resumed in the
lower tunnel and has been kept up ever
since. About a week ago they struck a
ledge of concentrating ore four feet wide,
but on drifting thirty feet further a ledge
of solid galena, three feet iu width was
come incoutact witb. These two ledges,
which are well defined, ruu parallel to
each other. There is no doubt whatever
that the vein is the same as that on the
famous St. Eugene property, as a person
standing on the auiface vein on the
Aurora claim is directly opposite tbe
different tunnels which huve beeu run to
tap the vein on the St. Eugene, It ia
the intention of the owners to continue
work during the summer nnd further develope the property which in few years
will be as big a paying proposition as
the St. Eugene.
Moyie, for a short time the first of Inst
week, was free from the name of smallpox, but today she again flies the yellow
flag. Jack Allen, a miner at the St. Eugene mine, is the person now occupying
the pest house. The same nurse who
had charge of Dennis Shea, is taking
care of Allen. A peat house has been
built beyond Muir's sawmill and Allen
was taken there. Dr. Green, who gave
np his house to Shea, ia again in his
oflice. Tbe whole town, to a certaiu extent/ is under quaraut-ie, Tbe miners,
or persona living at tbe St. Eugene addition, are Lot'allowed to leave lown
under any consideration and tbe residents can ouly leave by showing a health
certificate. Persons without certificates
coming into town must remain here fur
16 days. Tbe government ageut, J. F.
Armstrong, has given notice by means
ol posters that all persons must be vaccinated within seven days from last Saturday. All those wbo are known to be
suable lo pay, tbe fee will be paid for
by tbe government. No other cases
bave developed so that in a short time
Moyie hopes once more to pull down the
yellow flag and welcome all comers.
The lot between the Leader office and
George Batley'a houses has been purchased for I580 as a site for a new court
house and jail. The government paid
$230 tbe remainder being made up by a
popular subscription in town. Work
will commence ou the building as soon
as the necessary arrangements have
been completed.
The tenders for the construction of the
dam on Campbell creek close on April i-
and last week the waterworks compauy
gave an order for pipe to G. H. Miner.
As soon as possible work will commence
and Moyie will take one more step
towards becoming, what it is fast approaching! the most up to date lown in
British Columbia.
NKWS     NltTltS.
Hill & Co. have purchased the stock
of dry goods of J. Cahili, who leaves for
the east In a short time.
J. W. Livers, the druggist, will occupy
the corner slore in which J. Cahili has
been doing business. Mr. Liver intends
filling up the store iu first class style to
be ready for his share of the public
Tbe new tug for the Grunt & Sheady
lumber company has been shipped and
will be here In a week or ten days.
J. J. Murphy has had bis store renov-
erated lately, aud now has oue of the
best clothing houses ln lown.
C. A. Foote, the tailor, has moved his
stock into the Central Hotel building.
Mrs. Alexander, the milliner, has returned to Toronto.
Dr, Ross, of Nainamo, was In town
last week.
Is Increasing in   Importance   and
Business Month by
Mr. and Mrs. Mansfield, of Fort Steele,
are in Moyie visiting friends.
J. H. Ha wise met with an accident last
Friday. He was thrown from his express rig and badly shaken up, but is
now able to be around.
Mr. MeKenzie, the proprietor of the
Manhattan Hotel, who has been cou
fined to bis room for some weeks, is out
Since tbe spring ihree years ago that
Cranbrook started as a village, each year
has added to her growth and prosperity.
There hive been cranks who Baid that
there was nothing to hold up the town,
aud who were free in their predictions
that iu a few months a decline would set
in, and Beautiful Craubrook would be
naught but the ruins of blasted hopes
end earnest desires. Thia was said that
first spring, three years ago; it was referred to two years ago; it was hinted at
one year ago, and now ut the dawning of
the fourth year, the croakers find themselves out of a job, since no one can be
found lo listen to their doleful tales.
There have beeu the best of reasons in
the past to believe that Craubrook would
be a large and prosperous city. Those
who had had experience in the west, who
could reason from cause to effect, who
were far sighted enough and broad in
their views, never had auy doubts ns lo
the future of Cranbrook. First, tbey
knew the primary requisite was here-a
listrlct of unlimited wealth, (he development of which meant the investment
of thousands and the reaping of a harvest
of riches. Such a condition insured Increasing commercial activity aud the
building up of mauy prosperous towns
throughout tbe district. With this accomplished, somewhere in the district
there must be a great center, a common
point for the transaction of commercial
and government business. That point
must be one lhat would be the most ac
cessibl-a from all parts of the district.
There is ouly one town in South East
Kootenay that fills these requirements,
aud that town is Cranbrook. From a
geographical standpoint, Cranbrook is
the unquestioned center. From a railway standpoint, she has no rival as a
center. These conditions have made
Cranbrook the natural point for transacting the business of the district, and has
made her the acknowledged commercial
center for a vast territory in the district.
The banking business for all of this portion ot tbe -district, including the towns
of Wnrdner, Fort Steele, Kimberley and
Moyie, is transacted in Cranbrook. The
customs business for the district is all
transacted In Cranbrook. The railway
business, and it is one of the most important in the district, is managed and
directed from Craubrook, for the entire
line of the Crows Nest Pass railway. The
lumber business of the district, an industry that involves thousands upon
thousands of dollars each year, centers
at Craubrook. In fact the tendency of
the time is to center all matters of genernl importance at some central point.
This is natural aud simply follows the
course in every district In a new country
And as the other towns in the district
grow and increase, Cranbrook grows
with them.
One feature In the conrse of Cranbrook's career that bas been commented
upon by many, is her position in relation
to other towns In the district. Her people are always ready to assist in a movement that will prove beneficial to the district. There are no petty Jealousies, no
narrow minded criticisms against other
towns. The people of Cranbrook, from
the Inception of the town to the present,
have always maintained that anything
that was good for the other towns in the
district, was good fur Craubrook. They
have worked along this line in all lhat
lhey have done, and at no time has tbere
ever been any antagonism shown against
any other community in the district.
These various factors have combined
to give Cranbrook prestige aud continued
prosperity. As a result Cianbrook Is
growing rapidly today. There are uew
houses going up on every hand, and yet
the supply fails to meet the demand.
What was a barren flat and a hillside
cow red with trees two years ago, is now
converted into a handsome residential
district, where there are homes thnt will
compare favorably with many that may
be seen in Nelson, Rossland and other
Isrger cities.
Cranbrook is a growing town and a
prosperous town. She wilt be one of the
very best towns in the interior of British
Columbia In five years. Sbe bas arrived
at that stage where there can be no backward step. Tbe future of the town is a
bright one, and there is every reason to
feel that it will continue to grow brighter.
posiiiou and is one of the ueatesl houses
iu towu.
The addition to Reid & Co.'s store is
now finished and occupied.
Dr. King's residence is greatly improved since it bus been painted.
P. Hammond has had his home greatly improved by a new coat of paint.
Mr. Ryckman is pushing forward the
work ou his uew residence on Baker hill.
K- K. Orchard's handsome cottage on
Baker hill js nearly ready for occupancy.
The Fullj.iinea brothers have their
large two story dwelling nearly completed.
T. T. Forrest has commenced tbe erection ofa large double bouse on Hanson
McBride Bros, have completed tbeir
large wureroom nt the rear of their hardware store.
J. R. Costignn's new residence has
been panned, and it is now one of the
most attractive on the hill.
W. \V. Doble has purchased two lots
on Garden nvenue, located between the
C. P. R. house and F. E. Simpson's residence, and will begin at ouce the construction ofa house.
A. W. McViltie is having a large addition built to his house, and the whole
building painted. Mr. McVittie will
have a handsome home wheu the Improvements are completed.
Jud   Lanxtey   Is    Commissioner   for
District of South East Koeleaay.
Jud Langley, of Fort Steele, census
commissioner for South Kasl Kootenny
listrlct, has gone to Revelstoke where he
will meet R. L Drury, chief census officer
for the province, who recentty returned
fiom Ottawa. This meeting is fixed for
tbis week, probably commencing Tuesday, uud lull instructions as to tbe carry
ing on of the woik will be given the
commissioners and assistant commissioner.
The census, being taken according to
the de jure system, will represent tbe
population as It was upon the 31st day
of March at 12 o'clock at midnight, so
that everyone born before that hour and
everyone dying after il will be counted
in the population.
The country will be divided iuto census districts, to correspond with the
electoral divisions as they existed for tbe
last parliamentary election, wilh few
Census districts will again be divided
iuto census sub-districts to correspond
with polling sub-divisions for electoral
purposes. The actual work of taking
the census for the sub-districts will be
assigned io the enumerators. Every
officer employed in the carrying ont of
the census is bound uuder oath to faithfully and exactly carry out hla work.
He is not permitted to disclose any information which may be gathered for tbe
purposes ot the taking of the ceusus.
The facts and statistics collected are to
be used for taxation or any other object.
The work of enumerating is to commence Monday. April 1st, and wilt be
prosecuted continuously from day to day
until completed. Sundays excepted, Tbe
population is grouped under the heads
of families, households and institutions.
A family consists of parents, and sons
aud daughters united iu a living and
housekeeping community, but may in
elude other relatives and servants. A
household includes all persons in a
house-keeping community usually with
one of their number occupying thc position of head. Single persous living alone
who have a special dwelling and carry
on their own housekeeping are also regarded as householders.
The races will be designated, white,
red, black and yellow. Only pure
whites, will be classified as whites.
Children born of marriage between
whites aud any other race will be classified as red, black or yellow. Under
nationality. Canadian will be used to
describe every person whose borne is in
the country and wbo has acquired rights
of citizenship. A person born in auy
foreign country who Is a naturalised
citizen will be entered asa Canadian ; so
also will be a person born In tbe United
Kingdom or any of its colonies whose
residence iiiCnnmla is uot merely temporary.
A, L McDermott bas been appointed
enumerator for Craobrook, and C. M.
Edwards and II. Kershaw for Fort Steele.
Mr. Langley wil) make other appointments after his return from Revelstike.
Tie Board of Xttip Passes Sick <
Many Matters of General Interest
is Presented for
What wai done—.
Approved appointment of delegates to utt*u-
Ordered lire bills paid.
At*|K>iiue«t committee to lake preliminary
steps to secure Inoorpotitlon tor Craabrook.
Evldeace ol Progress.
J. P. Pink is having bis residence
W. S. Keay'a new residence is nearly
completed.    It occupies a commanding
A Prosperous Inslltutloi.
The Kast Kootenay Bottling Works
under the able management of Mr.
Frank Clapp, has been increasing in
popularity throughout the district. The
company is manufacturing a high class
of aerated waters that is giving satisfaction to the people, and as a result the
busiuess is steadily growing.
More Houses Needed.
Kvery day someone Is Inquiring for a
bouse to live in. The demand in Cranbrook far exceeds the supply. A house
costing *$6oo or $700 will rent readily for
■J15 per month. That makes a pretty
good Investment, especially when it
is taken iuto consideration the fact tbat
the towu Is ou a permanent aud substantial basis.
Oue of the most interesting and largely attended meetings of the Board of
Trade ever held in Cranbrook was that
held last Mr-nay night. Mr. A. Leitch,
president of tbt* Board, presided
After the mlnulei of previous meetings
had been disposed of, Mr. Leitch explained how the delegation to Greenwood had beeu changed by the executive couiuiittee, and on motion of Mr.
Costigan the action of the committee
was approved.
Tbe secretary reported that fioo had
been paid iuto tbe fire fund for lhe purpose of discharging the debts against Ibe
brigade, and the obligations were ordered paid.
Tbe question ol incorporating the
board enme up and it was pretty gener-
ally discussed before any action was
taken. On motion of Mr. Costigsn, seconded by Mr. McVittie, tbe secretary wu
instructed to secure necessary information as to tbe requirements for incorporating the board, and report to a special
meeting to be called for tbat purpose.
This closed tbe minor business and
then John Hutchison started the ball
rolling by moving tbat the Cranbrook
Board of Trade favored incorporating tbe
town. The motion was seconded by Dr.
King, and then followed a general discussion. A letter waa read ftom Mr. F.
T. Griffin, land commissioner for the C.
P. R., in which that gentleman a—ltd
tbat the company would not oppoee a
movement toward incorporation, it the
members of the board and the people of
Cranbrook favored it. He further elated
that be did not believe it was advisable
just at this time to secure incorporation,
bat believed that a brief delay might
serve tbe purposes of all interested
Mr. Leitch explained his visit to Mr.
Whyte at Winnipeg, and tbe talk he bad
witb bim.
Mr. V. Hyde Baker said that speaking
for himself individually, he would sot
favor incorporation just at thia time, but
a little later he thought perhaps he
would favor it, and said he desired to
know what incorporation would mean.
Mr. A. Moffat replied that it would
mean lhat after incorporation some 30 or
40 people in town would not have to pay
for all public improvements secured.
Mr. A. W. McVittie spoke at length,
heartily favoring the proposition.
Mr. Hutchison's motion prevailed,
and then Mr. Baker moved tbat a committee be appointed to secure all tbe
necessary data for the preliminary steps
in securing incorporation, and the probable results as to revenues and expenses,
such committee to report as soon ss possible to a special committee of the board.
The motion prevailed.
On motion of Mr. Costigan the follow*
ing gentleman were appointed as members of the committee: Messrs. Mclnnes, Costigan, Gurd, Haines, Baker,
Ryan and Hutchison.
The meeting then adjourned.
Baseball Meeting.
A meeting of those interested was held
in Ibe parlor of the Cosmopolitan hotel
last Monday night for the purpose of reorganising tbe baseball club for the
coming season. The meeting was well
attended, and was a most enthusiastic
one, and the way the work started should
end iu the forming of a baseball club
tbst will reflect credit on tbe town, especially as tbere are several new players
here wbo have the reputation of being
the real thing on the diamond. Dr.
King was elected president, aud B. H.
Small, manager and secretary-treasurer.
The choosing of a captain will he left to
the team, wben properly organized.
A special committee, composed of P.
F. Pieper, Art Shelton. A. L. McDermot, Harry Nevin and Matt Rockendorf
was appointed to devise some form of
entertainment to assist in defraying the
expense of a new outfit, and it was decided to give a ball in Wentworth hall
on Easter Monday, April 8, at which a
generally good time is promised.
Ckaiies Al the Mercantile Co.'s.
J, P. Fink, tbe hustling manager of
the Fort Sleele Mercantile company, haa
brought about a great change in the appearance of the store. It has been rearranged inside to make room for new
goods arriving, and cver)(bing ia now
neat and attractive. CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor arid Proprietor.
Tlie llerntd desires tn give tiie nemot the
distiii-i.   ir yon know any about yuur to«™
your miue or yonr people, send 11 to tbll olllee.
And now cotne reports of how the life
of the Cz tr of Ru«fJ Is being threateue *
daily by nihilists. He sleeps In a
armored ror in. and te afraid of even hi
moil trusted lieutenants. And yet, th
whole of Kussia ban been involved i
trouble <n the mad ambition to secure
the oiar'i crown. Why, we wou!"
rather remain a poor country editor th
re-it of cur natural life, able to hold the
conddeuce and friendship of the people
able to walk, ride and eat In absolute
safety: able to go lo cur humble home
and know that our helpmate, friend and
companion was waiting for Us j able ti
breath the air of personal freedom It
the streets aud In onr printing i Dice
We wuuld rather work the six days li
the week, performing all Lhe duties of
a country editor, from building the dies
to writing about Jim Brown's new lence
receiving for our labors enough to In
sure ludepence and com tort In our hoint
life, than to be the czar *M hours, and
live like a wild beast at bay, surrouuded
by all the luxury and pomp that monej
and kingly station gives, looking fji
death in every smile, knowing no friend
suspicious of everyone, living In fact £
life of persistent and unremitting hell
A maa might travel across Canada
from the Atlantic to tie 1'jc lie and
back again, and be may Und nowhere a
more prosperous district than South
Kast Kootenay ora better town to locate
ln tban Cranbrook. Tbe district ts de
▼eloping and the town Is growing. The
man who owns property in Craubrook
today Is fortunate, and one wbo Invests
In Cranbrook property at this time
shows good business judgment.
This Is the time of year tbat the poet
sings of gentle spring, the young man
succumbs to ihs seductive Influence of
moonlight nights and a pretty face,
while tbe married man Is hustling the
best he can to get something to cat and
and tlud a place to sleep In a home that
Is undergoing the annual scourge—
bcuse cleaning.
A witty lawyer, when asked the extreme punishment for bigamy, said
"two mothers-la-law."
Cranbrook Is going ahead again this
spring as usual. The penn im est If. Individuals who have said that Craubrook
would not grow must feel lonesome.
Cranbrook today Is a better town tban
she was a year ago, by very large odds
ant one year from today *he will be ao
much better than she is today that even
tbe most sanguine will be surprised.
Railways railways, railways : If a
man had a cat tor every Lime tbe word
railway Is mentioned In British Co lum
bla these days Carnegie would not be
"In It" with him as a bloated millionaire.
—Nelson Miner.
With no desire to criticise the erudite
editor of the Miner, we would suggest
that the word every be changed to each,
It would make a vast difference In the
amount of money estimated on the
proposition presented.
The Kootenay Mull says tbe Golden
hospital continues to forge a bead. That
Institution must be something In the
nature of a human foundry.
Tbe C. P. It passenger rates In the
Kootenays have been reduced SO per
cent. And yet some people will continue to kick, because tbe company
don't knock olT the other 80 per cent.
The new school act is being roasted
In every part of the province. No com*
munlty seems to be satisfied with It, and
yet It stands a good chance of passing.
What Is the matter ' Is tbere a colored
gentleman In the wood pile '.
The railway situation In Manitoba Is
getting decidedly warm.    .
Paul Kruger, safely watching tbe bit-
tie from Holland, protests against a
surrender of tbe Boers. Kruger Is like
Artemus Ward, who was willing to sacrifice all,his wife's relations on tbe altar
of patriotism.
The talk of Increasing the poll tax
from 83 to $a will not meet with the approval of the people. There are other
methods of Increasing the revenues
without piling up the burden upon tbe
shoulders of the working man.
Journalistic Jollies.
Medicine Hat News: The Cranbrook
Herald, tbe representative paper of
South East Kootenay, has entered upon
its fourth year under very favorable
auspices. Kditor Simpson keeps the
Herald bright aud newsy and mirrors
the life of Cranbrook and sur rou tiding
Phoenix Pioneer: The Cranbrook
Herald has begun its fourth year of ex.
istence. From its patronage it is evident
that the people of that Kast Kooteuay
town know a good thing when they see
it. Here's even greater success to you
brother Simpson, for the future.
Moyie Leader: The Cranbrook Herald
haa eutered upon its fourth year.   The
paper te brim full of life uud nds, und
up-to-date reading matter, and has every
indication of being fur out of tin* sheriff's
reach. Success to tbe Herald and ita
editor,   and  may tbey live   loug   and
Favors the Idea.
Phoenix Pioneer; Tbe suggestion is
made by the Cranbrook Herald that the
papers of the interior of llie province
form nn editorial association. Tbe idea
is a good one, and we take pleasure in
rising to second the motion. Such an
organization can be made of no small
mutual benefit.
itimtt! in si'iiiii Kust Kootenay:   Commencing
at a nut marked "Kerdluaud Slater's soutli east
corner,' i'i-oit<*<i -ti attains north ot th- north
went corner ot .1. T. ration's pro-einptUm, and
about three (piles north of Crnnbrook thunce
north GO elialns, tlienct? west IW chalus,
thence south ISO chains, tlienee east 4-4 chains.
thenoo north oiohalns, thouce eatt 80 Qhahu to
llut ptaoo or eoiuinencetaout, containing iuuo
acres moro or less.
I >aled at Cranbrook this _".i iluy of Marrli.llWl.
There wasn't a dissenting vote on tbe
proposition submitted to the citizens cf
Kaslo to offer a bonus of (50,000 to proposed smelter to be erected there.
Stratton's Independence mine of Cripple Creek, Colorado, is producing at tbe
rate Of $6,000 per day. In January the
mine yielded on an average wu tons of
rock per day which yielded 2>j oz, of
gold per ton. Total, 3710 tons of ore.
Average yield of gold in ounces, 9,3011;
total valuation, -$186,000.
Coal Nolkes.
Notice Is hereby given tbat thirty days after
aii-1 intend toapply to chief oonuiilsiloner ot
uiiK and works nt Victoria for a lloeuia to
. i'1'.p.ri roi* null upon iin* followina described
Innus, situate on Llwartl creek, In South Kast
Kootomiy, Hint Is In sny:   COIllIlienclngftt a pust
maraud "Joseph Komlor's A. w, corner"
planted ou lhe noilli side nf l.imml creok,
theuce north eighty olialns, thenoo oust eighty
elinlns, thenoo south olghty chains, theuce nasi
eight) olmlns in the piAoo or beginning, containing om acres more or less.
init'-ii this r.'iii .lav ni Maroh 1001.
JUiKI'll F iKNIll!,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dnte 1 Intend tn apply to tin* clilot commissioner
ui lands nud works ror a license to prospect tor
coal upon tin- following described lauds, situation Ustzard creekf m Suiuli Kuii Kootouay: Commencing ui a. post marked "Alex, Taylor s south
wesi corner" planted eighty olialns oust of
Joseph lui.Iits's soutli west comer, tlienee
norih eWity elfins, tlioooa east eighty chains,
thenoo south eighty chains, thence west eighty
olialns, 10 the place or begin ten, containing 040
uores more or less.
bitted tlds rah ilny or Muri-li iihii.
Notice is hereby given Hint thirty Jdays after
dati: 1 intend to apply to the chU-t commissioner
of I'iniu and works si Victoria tor a license to
prospect (or conl upon the following described
lands, situate oa l.l//ard creek, lu Soutli Enst
Koolcnay. llial is to say;   Umililuacn at 11 pout
marked "Joliu Kenny's south west eoruer*-
planied eighty chains enst ot Alex. 'Inyior's
south wosl corner, thence north eighty chains,
ilieuee east eighty chains, Iheuce suutu eighty
Oliatus, llience west eighty elialns to the place
or beginning, cnniuiulnt; wo aoroa 0. lund more
or less .j
Uutod tins ljili day of March vm.
_ .1- HN KENNY,
Notice Is hereby given lhat thirty dnys after
dale 1 Intend t'onppiy lo tlie chief cuuiiulssluner
or lauds and works at Victoria tortt license to
prosuoot for coal upon tiie foliowlug described
lauds, situate on l.l/znid creek, lu South Knst
Kootenny. thai Is to sny: Commeiu-lnKUt n post
marked "\Y. 1'. Itowlaud's north wist corner"
planted oil the mutliside uf l.Wunt t'reek.
iheuce south eighty elialns, Iheuce easl eighty
elialns, thence uortbelghty chains, theuce west
eighty chalus to the place ot beginning. Containing Ult) acres mure or less.
U-Unted this mh.dny or March vm.
W. K HOW1.AM).
Nolice Is hereby given ihnt thirty da,* after
date I intend tn apply to the chelt commissioner
of lands uud works nt Victoria for a license lo
prospect tor coal upon lhe following described
littuis, situate on ;i.Uzard creek. In .-iimth Kast
Ko.-ieuay, that is to say: Commencing ut a post
marked "It. Hall's north west corner" plained
eighty cimius east id W. V, Rowlands north
west comer, thence soulh eighty chains, tneuce
east eighty chains, theuce north eighty chains,
t *•*- west eighty chains 10 the plneeor beginning,  contalulngtllO acres of Uml more or less.
Dated this mil dny of .March UM,
It. HAM,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend 10 apply to the chief eoininlssluner
or muds ami works at Victortu for a license to
prospect for coal upon the following described
lands, .slliiHte on hluiua creek, iu .South East
Koutenay. Comment-lug nt a pusl marked **W. E,
third's uoi tli west corner" planted eighty chalus
easl or It. Hall's north west corner, theuce south
eighty chains, thence cast eighty chains, theuce
norlh eighty chains, tlienue west elglily olmlns
to the place of licgluiilug, coiitaluiugrilu acres
lll-6ra or less.
I ...lea tills mil day of March Win.
Timber   Notice.
Tukc nolice; Thai 1 James ManiUc Intend ;iu
days utter date to upply to the chief commit
blotter of lauds and works at Victoria for permission to cut and carry away timber from tue
foliowlug described muds in East Kootenny,
Commencing al a post marked "James Muudl'
soulh cast corner at the south we.tcnruer nt
Joliu Hamilton's pre-emption at .smiths lnke,
llieii'i: west lotty chains, theuce north forly
cha us, thence west elglily chains, thence m "
eighty chains, thence cast eighty cha ns, theuce
South fo ly chains, thence enst fatty chains
Ihclice smilh elglily elm Us to place ufeoiniiiciicc,
ment, containing i,0n0nures niuretor less,
Hated M.Tch U.tli, iimi.
I, the undersigned, have ihls dny made apph-
Ultlou to the chief commissioner of lauds u..d
works for permission (a cut and curry nwny
timher from the following described Ian is In
East Kooleiiay, Commencing at a post at the
soulh cast coiner of toi numbered 0,000 Kast
Kootenay, tlieiioo south ill) elinlns, thence cast
80 chains, thenco north Kill chub J, thenco west
iu chains, thonco nortli iu chains, thence wosl 40
ohnliis Lo place of commencement,
March 81st, 1901,
i, ihe undersigned) have this dny mnde application lo lhc cldef commission of lands and
works for permission to cut and cany away
timher from the fullowlng described lands In
Knit Kooteuay.   Commeli lug at a pust nt lhc
nitli east corner or Waller McKeiule's pro-
npiioii Knst Kootenny, theuce enst to olmlns
thenoo south -to chains, thence east so chains,
theuce nortli l.o chains, thence west uro chains,
theuce south to place of commencement.
Mitreh-jist, lUOI. WM, MeKEN/.lE.
Tnke notice that we, The Crnnbrook Lumber
Company Ltd., intend iiCMlnys ufter date to apply
to tbe chief commissioner of lands nnd works at
Victoria for permission to cut limber from the
following described lands, situated ln East
Kootenay:    tnmmeucliig  at  a post marked
"Cranbrook Lumber oompony Ltd. south east
corner" situated rorty chains north of Watts
north west pre-emption post, nenr Miiftlu lake,
llience west eighty chains, llience north forty
chains, llience west forty elinlns, thence north
eighty cimius, tlienee east rorty chains, llience
south forty chalus, theuce east elglily chains,
thence south elglily elinlns lo plnce of commencement, containing 1UO0 acres more or less.
Hated March ictliim
Thirty days afler date I will apply to the chief
cumnilsslnner of Inmls and works for a s|M*cla!
llc-onaeto cut nnd carry awny tlmbor from the
foliowlug described lands lu Kast Kootenay:
Commencing ut a post planted about three miles
north ot Cranbrook on the North Star branch,
near mile post No. 3. on tne west side of right of
way marked Peter bunds soulh east corner,
thence miming north 60 chains, iheuce west m
chains, thenc* loulli 50 chains, thence east 120
chains to point ot oomntencemont.
Lm ited by 1'eti-r Lund this .'Jul dny ot March,
1001, I'ETKU I.l'ND,
Description    of    Proposed   Srldfcslte  it
Wasa, British Columbia.
Across the Kootenny river In K.nt  Kootenny
at a point  having for Its Eastern approach a
portion uf lot No, oo In Group 1 Koutenay district aud for Its western approaches a portion
of Iut ON In Group I, Kootenay district, bolli or
said lots la-lug owned hy Nt Hansuu, of Wasa,
itrltlsh Cul bla.
Take notice iimt i Intend to make application
lo tin* tiovcruor 111 councilor (llQ Dominion uf
Canada for permission to erect ami maintain a
trnflio bridge nt Wasa. D, c„ across tin- Knot
unit) river extending from i»t os tlroun 1, Kootenny district to lot r>7l, Uroilp I, Koutenay tils
And furiher take notice tlmt I Imve deposited
lhe plana nf the said bridge uud a description of
tiu> proposed she with iim Honorable Ibo Minis*
let* or Public Works or Canada ami Hint   I have
compiled with tho provisions oft 'haptens lbS.0,
Mv application Is made under chapter '.<:. and
'.u of llie revised Statutes of Canada.
liter notice; Thai I, tl, )". King Intend to
apply to the commi*>sioncr of lands und
works for special license to cut nml carry
awny limber from lho following described lauds
commencing at tho smith west corner nr West's
pre-emption, nenr smiths lake, ronr miles west of
cranbrook, theuce west 130chains, thence north
so chains, thenco easl 120 chains, thenoo south
along the west Hue of West's pre-emption afore*
said SJ olialns 10 lhc point of commencement.
Hated ai Cranbrook, H O, iho luth day of
March, nwi. G. P. KIN(
Take notice: 3D days after date, I, It. R
Kent lie, Intend to apply to the commissioner ot
lands ami works for special license to cut and
ennjr nway timber fr ni the following described
lands, commencing at a post, on the south cast
comer of John Hamilton's pre-emption, near
Smiths lake, Bast Kootomiy, running east *y>
chains, thence north 100olmlns, (hence west no
olmlns, thence south hu chalus, thence east 40
chains, tlienee south 80 chains to point of commencement. Jt. H, 1IKATT1E.
March 19,1001.
Tako notice; I, J. II. King, SO days nfter
date intend to npply to l Its commissioner of
lands and works for .special license lo cut nnd
carry away timber from the following described
lands: Commencing ut a post on tho north enst
corner nl Wen's pre-emption, near Smith lake,
Kast Kootenny, running west ISOollftlns, thence
norlli so chains, thence eaat ISO elialns, thence
■oui b sll chains lo point of commencement.
March 1-J.1001. J. H. ICING,
Take notice: That I, .John Laurie intra 1 to
apply to ilie commissioner or lands and works
for special license to cut and curry away timber
frnin the following tn mis; Commencing nt the
BOllth east corner of West's pre-empt on near
Smlib lake, -I miles west nf Crnnbrook, thence
easl 120 chains, tlienee north so chains, thence
west 120 elinlns, thence south along the east
hounilry of West's pre-emption aforesaid, 80
chnins to Hie point of commencement.
Dated nt Cruubrook, li, C, this nub day of
March, 1001. JOHN LAURIE.
Livery 3
Proprietors jt jt jt
Teams and drivers furnished for any
point iu tbe district.
Manager   Jt   Jt   Jt
Notice I, hereby given tliat 80 nay. alter date
I llileml to apply to tlieelilef cuiiiii>h,luiter uf
iMipu ituil work, fur pei million to cut ami carry
way llin lier fium Hi, following ite.crllieil t.iu.t-..
Furnished or
Inquire of...
Durick ave,
There's not so many dyspeptics
Since Tommy came to town.
He knows this evil genius
That holds the world's renown.
It lives in yeast and flour,
But Tommy kills it dead,
You'll have no more dyspepsia
If you eat this excellent bread.
Tommy's City Bakery
Delivery to any part of the city.
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay to talk It over
with a Contractor. We are
in the business as our work
for last year will show. Call
on us for plans and Ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co,
Canadian Pacific Railwa^Lands
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate- amount ol principal and interest, except in lhc
case ol lands under $2.50 an acre, Is divided inlo ten instalments as
shown In the table below; Ibe lirst lo be paid at the lime ol purchase, tne second one year Irom date ol the purchase, Ihe third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows the amount ol the annual Instalments
on 160 acres at different prices under Ihe above conditions:
160 airs al $2.50 per ier, Isl instalment S5M5
3.00 "
3.50 "
4.00 "
4.50 »
5.00     "
V equnl inttil'ls al $50.00
k'ini her It** v is the business and shipping point for the
■xiuivt-i i-sy N()rth §Jar a|)d Su|,ivan mines
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook *s ""-* (|iv's-ona* P°-nt of tlie Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter time.
II thc land is paid lor in lull al Ihe
time ul purchase, .1 reduction from lhc
price will be allowed equal lo ten per
cenl on the amount paid in excess of llie
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cenl will be
charted in over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in Ihe following town sites in Bast Koolcnay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle. Kllch.
cner, Crcslon and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance In six and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Hotel Kootenay
The best of accomodations
for Ihe traveling public.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co.
The only ill rail route between all
points East, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANE with the
Ureat Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N.Company.
Connects at
Nelson with Steamer.for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Connects nt
Myers Falls with Stage Dally for
Republic, and    *
Connects dally
At   Bossburg   Stage  Daily  for
Qrand Forks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, Oen. Pass. Aft.
""■ Builder dt
:::::Craobrook, B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu-to-Date dt dt dt
Enlarging pictures done ou tlie
premises; No need to send yonr
work out of town, especially so
when it cau be done ns well. If
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable. Come and
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on hand. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Direct route to all
East ■ West
First-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets to England, thc
continent, Australia, China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
Depart Arrive
7:50 daily    Vest      daily 16:10
16-10 " East **    7t50
13-00 Kimberley I&50
Kimberley trains  on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and Saturdays.
For time tables and tall laformatlM, call oa
or address nearest local ageat.
A. a. P. A. Altai,
Vancouver, B.C. Craabrook
J. S. CARTER, D. P. A., Nelsoo, B. C.
Contractor and Builder
At areseot am building tbe new SI. Eugene
hospital aad a number of two slory aad other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Craabrook,      :     :       British Columbia
Solicitor, Etc.
' orfle.;
lluuk ot rummi-rra BMg. CIIAN'BKOOK
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked with snyone about building?
Come and see me or let me see you. II may
do as both good,
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and g
**************************************************** *
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk.
Morning* or evening to
the people ot Ganbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite tne
Methodist church.
Ituyptinlt Ofltfl Inr seeilinj.—smnll r|ilall-
litles .1' per poiiml- ill qimntilies, $35 per
Suitable Gifts
A choice selection in gold foods
watches, chains, bracelets, gem
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    .    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector for C. P. R. I
Bat  the  RimI  Mnai   Uv  Iran,   With  i»
Ite-dluit Tip.
"When nil otbov methods of controlling wlltl benata full tlte keeper has only
to employ nu Iron roil, which has hoon
nnido rcdbot nt one end," said an old
elrt'us mun to a Star reporter recently.
"Lions ami tigers," lie continued, "win
cringe hefore tlw liented poker, and no
mutter bow restless ami fretful Uioy
may hnve beeu the Bight of Uie glowing I nm immediately brings tbeu to
iheir besl of nuluutl bouhus, It Liim an
almost hypnotic Influence over tho
beasts. I Imvo seldom henrd of nn
unit mi I being burned In thia manner,
nowever, ho tbere Is nothing cruel In
lhe Ifenilttcbt. It would uoi do for Ihe
keeper lo imin the cbnrgvs undor Ida
enre, for tbu senrs would mar ibo
nnl mnl fur uxhlblilon purposes. The
hm lion Is a lenor. jusi ibo sumo,
ami under Iih persuasion lhe kings or
the Juugl 'i- docile and rt-mly lo do
what is wanted or them,
"In elreua menageries the nnlmnli
often tirc-iiiiu' n I most nnmnnngeitblu,
This in true of llm younger specimens,
who do um like the ldi-u or being sn
ctoaely housed, ho much lutulcd nhunt
ami so often cut off rrom the Ilglll or
i lie outside world. When li heeomes
necessary to give iheir cages a ilior-
ongh nml snnllury cleaning, one niteml-
nui holds ibe linnst In a corner by
menus or lite red hot iron, while nn-
olher thoroughly cleanses ihe remain
Inn portion or the cage, the work being
accomplished by brooms am) mops
from the oul side. Id cha tig! ng ihe
wilder animals from the cages em
ployed on tbo road to tlie larger and
more commodious quarters nt the winter station, what we call a strong box
Is used. The wagon Is hauled alongside the lnrge cage nad the ateel strong
box. open ut both ends. Is constituted a
passageway, The animal hesitates io
mnke the journey through such a suspicious looking object, however, nnd
ngnlii the heated Iron mu*»». be brought
Into piny."     .
Conldu't See the Iltunnr.
"1 can't for the life of me see," remarked an Englishman during the
course of conversation with Nat -flood-
win once, "what people mean by Amor-
lean humor. To me all humor Is alike,
whether it be of American or English
origin. Perhaps you can explain to mo
just what distinguishes American humor from any other sort?"
"Well," replied Mr. Goodwin, "I think
the American type of humor Is rather
more subtle. It doesn't always fully
Impress itself upon you at once. The
more you think about lt tho funnier it
seems. I can perhaps best Illustrate
my meaning with a little story.
"A man wns walking along the street
one day when he pnsscd another man
who was carrying a letter in his hand.
'"Pardon me,' said the mnn with tho
letter. 'Do you know where the post-
office Is?'
"'Yes,' snid the other man and passed on. On second thought he decided
that be hnd been rude and went bnck
to where the mnn with tho letter was
still standing.
" 'Do you wish to know where the
postoffice is?' he asked.
" 'No,' said the other mnn."
The Englishman's gaze was vacant
"Just turn It over In your mind for a
few minutes and tell mo what you
think of It," said Mr. Goodwin.
Ten minutes Inter the Englishman
clutched at Mr. Goodwin's elbow. "Yon
won't be offended, will you, old chap?"
bo murmured. "But, really, I think
they were both bltwsted rude!"
A Very Sick Man  Made Very
Well in a Very Short Time
Tho l'ur of 1>. Hulitht  In imi Interesting
Story ot How u lt-»iHiiMiig   Invalid
Finally -flailied   ltoaltl d   Strength
111 tough    tho   um* of   lloiM'»   Kkln*y
-A   succeeding po well that t actually be-
I i gnu io bum, when sinMi-iiiy it occurred
me to wonder If om* greased tba
Ten i
tins,   "When in doubt, don'l grease," {
I snid to myseir. nml 1 quickly decorated tbe pans wlih dabs of dough.
five minutes later i imd n sickening
feeling, for Maria bad never told me i
about the oven.    I fell sure, however, j
tbat, being a man, I would understand
any such  mechanical contrivance as ;
I a gas stove.   1 wondered wbat under !
"I wonder, Th ad do us," snid my wife I the sun possessed  ihe Inventor of a i
doubtfully,   giving   uie  a   searchlight i gas stove lo put tbe oven down near
look, "If you could got your own dinner I the floor    1 nm rather a portly man, j
toulght   l want io go to a meeting of   nud  getting  down on   my   knees  to
tbo Suffrage club, and the maid Is go- I co!t lnt0 thnl °W umi wasn't nn ma- \
Ing out."
Now,  It has alwnys seemed to me
Little Rapids, Algomfti Out., Feb,
11.-(Bpeclal),—Most of tlio Inhabitants of this district me constantly
exposed to Inclamant weather and extremes ol boat ami cold, wiili n result that very   many    bad eases ol
chronic   kidney     disease,     lame   Imd
and rheumatism aro to be found
among our pooplo, Mr, i> Ilalghl Is
one of our mosl roapoctod residents
who lias boon a terrible martyr to
llio  ilread   torture ol  chronic  kidney
For four yoars ba bus suffered,  ifo
Iiiih   Hied   every   prescription,   patOtlL
inodlclno and homo remedy llial has
been suggested to him or advertised,
but all tO no purpose Mr. Height
eiiinneiales al leas! u dozen dlsagreo-
nhlo iloses which he bus forr.'d (town
bis throat  in the   hope of securing
Home relief, but. all In vain. Home
of thoso would help hlm lor. a time,
but very soon the pain would return
With renewed vigor lo lorlnre him,
Al lust, someone BUggostod thai
king Ol kidney remedies, Dodd's Kidney rills. He had tried so many
modlclnoB that he had vevy little
faith, but. at tho suggestion of his
frlomls he bought uud used a box.
Ho commenced to improve from the
first dose, and gained steadily ns the
treatment continued, till finally overy vestige und symptom of his old
enemy bad disappeared, nnd he wns
a well man. This is over a year ago
nnd Mr, llaight has bud no return or
sign of the old trouble.
llin lias been regarded by tho peo-
plo bere -as one of tho mosl romarkablo cures that has ever been effected
ln Algoma. Mr. llaight says: ''Four
years ago my kidneys were in a bad
state; I tried old medicines nnd new
medicines ol all kinds, doctors' prescriptions and home-made cures.
Borne of them rolioved mo for a littlo
■while, but. 1 wns soon as bad as
ever again nnd a second trial of the
samo thing proved its worthlessness.
'At last T was recommended to get
"Dodd's Kidney Pllln and they cured
mo nnd T havo stayed cured."
thnt the more a man asserts his hide
pendenco the better, 1 felt pretty
doubtful about Hint dinner, but I
wasn't going to let Mnrla know 1 had
any qualms, I remembered, too, I had
managed woll at bncholor housekeeping for a few weeks.   I bad everything
onVOttlent!  never made thu beds be-
OUSO It was so well to let them ulr
thoroughly, nud because I believed in
ConaolldntlOU and that In Union there
Is BtrcUglli I did not wash my dishes,
but let them collect and tho day before
my mother returned put tbem In a tub
■nd turned tbe hose on tbem.
The success of (his venture embold-
ed me to try again, but for reasons
best known to my own soul I did not
(ell Mnrln. 1 simply said I could manage and WOtlld really enjuy the novel
performance or getting my own dinner
that It would by no means prove
fatal. I resolved two things tlrmly—
that 1 should have a good dinner Irrespective of tho germ theory, microbes
and bacilli and that the dinner should
he at G o'clock promptly. This not having meals on time, 1 felt, was all nonsense, and while Mnrla waa away was
surely the time to indulge In microbes,
for ahe feared them so she had given
me n restricted diet. Thnt dny I left
tho office at 4 o'clock. I hnd been thinking nt Intervals during the day whnt I
should have for that dinner. I even
meditated corned beef, cabbage, mince
pie ntul doughnuts. All of tbem I would
make myself nfter 1 left the office.
I procured on the wny home the
necessary supplies, An alluring display met my eyes. I went Into the
market nnd purchased n nice pin te
pleco of cornet' beef. I wns nbout to
tell the butcher I would carry It with
me for my 0 o'clock* dinner when the
butcher, who kuew me pretty well,
assured me thnt tiie corned beer hnd
to boil a number of hours to be done.
In the reaction which followed tills announcement I remembered "that he
could Bend It tor tbe nest dny: 1 hnd
meant thnt alt along." nnd I hastily
purchased some oyst ers a nd lu ml*
chops. "1 will have oyster soup foi
the flrst course," said I to myself, "nud
chops nnd tomntoes for the second If
that won't be good, I don't know what
It was 5 o'clock when I got home
It wns bo lonely without Marin Hint I
thought I bnd belter start the dinner
at ouce; besides. I wanted thai men I
at 0 o'clock sharp Maria had nboul
bothered the life oui or me by uot
having meals on time. 1 lighted
the burners ou the gas stove, ami l
decided to make biscuit, mluee pie
and doughnnis. besides cooking the
oysters and the men!. Hy fi:30 I was
Just enjoying the tiling I had the milk
for the oysters contentedly boiling ou
one of the burners, nnd Hie others had
been blazing for some lime, all ready
for use when wauled. The first thing
I did was tu find a cookbook.
I ran dowu the index through pump
kin, lemon, carrot, custard, until 1 got
to mluee pie. Tliis I read carefully.
Then I sadly closed the book. Mince
pie required cold meat, apples and a
thousand other tilings and could not
be mnde in an Impromptu manner.
nnd at (1 I must bnve that dinner. I
fell distressed, but there were slill tbe
doughnuts. 1 was just in the midst
Of discovering It would lnke nt least
a good iwo hours to make doughnuts
wheu, by thunder, didn't lhat milk
boll over! I fell like going through the
whole litany. I rushed to the stove,
seized my clean handkerchief and had
Just made Up my mind that the milk | talking of 'our sphere
must be done enough ror the oysters
when   I   discovered   the  handkerchief
was done also.
The crisis being pnst, 1 decided to
make my biscuit I thought this time
1 would not consult the cookbook, for
It was getting along toward tl, aud It
>k loo Ioiir to hunt up recipes. 1
pnt a great deal of flour ln n small
bowl, dumped In some water, and proceeded to mold It nil Into sbnpe as
I had seen Maria often do. In thc
Interim I talked to myself.
"1 know all about this." I snid with
pride, "you Just stir until It gets the
consistency of cream, put i» a pinch
of salt nnd flavor lo laste. That's
What IllOJ always say.   I have read It
hundreds of  times.    I  can't  fnll,    1
ituug. i turned ou ibe gas ami went
for tho match. When i came back
Mid crawled on my hands and knees
to light UlO jet-great heavens!—iin
explosion occurred lhat seal mo half
ncross tho room, in tho middle of it
all I heard that Infernal milk falling
over again.
The    greatest    of    natures,     when
aroused, sometimes become terrible.
I foit murderous. 1 also felt desperate, 1 gradually approached tbat oven
ngain assumed (In* aiiiimh* or prayer
Iiml put tllOBO biscuits hi with a slam.
I wns perspiring ull over. 1 took oft
my tie ami collar and looked at my
watch. Il was 0:80, I was to have
Kilmer at 0, and the tomatoes wen* not
touched yotl I wiped them off, got
Ua- butcher knife and began io peel
them, ror 1 reflected I had uo time
to waste In cooking tbem.
I would eat those microbes alive.
Lifo at this crisis seemed of little worth
anyway. I bad rend somewhere that
tomatoes should be skinned, not peeled;
but the more I tried to skill those
pesky things the more the Insldea came
too. A terrible expression came over
my face. 1 did uoi kuow but my usually kind disposition was ruined for
life, but 1 fell sure of the biscuits nud
the oyster soup-wbat remained or it.
Then I put the chops on the fire, lt
was about 7. The chops Immediately
started to see if they could not bent
the soup and sputtered aud blazed to
Btich an extent that 1 felt desperate. 1
waa watching them every moment
when I thought aloud: "By .love, then-
are the blscnltsl lVrlinps I had better
look nt thom." They were nil there.
but somehow they looked dejected.
While I wna finding out from the cookbook (which 1 Immediately consulted*
thnt I ought to have put baking powder in them the smell of burned llcsli
made me rush to the stove, only to find
my chops black ami beyond rescue. t
felt myself nn unfortunate man. 1 begnn to mumble Incoherently to myself,
ond I feared that it was nil going to
work upon iny brntn. With the astuteness that characterizes me us distinguished from my fellow men 1 gave up
all efforts. At this moment, because
nil hope was lost and 1 wns mi the lookout for misfortunes. I (jrl-id unt. "Rlnrii-
od If I haven't forgotten ihe potatoes."
1 had the look of ou ' tin- enrly
Christian martyrs. They, tpo, had suffered nnd loved and lost. Kvni Ihe Invectives I bad used were not sulphurous enough.
I went out Into tho shed and brought
bnck a pail. Into that I scraped the
soup carefully. Next l dumped in the
biscuit. Then 1 gently put the tomatoes and chops on top. This accom*
pllshed, I passed hurriedly out Into the
bnck yard. Btopplng only to get n shovel out of the wood shed I dug a bole
nnd tossed the whole thing In. Then I
meekly returned to the houso and regaled myself on some bread and butter
which t found In the pantry, .lust as
I wns doing this the clock struck S.
nnd Mnrln came,home.
"Hello, denr!" I cried, for 1 wna determined to forestnll nny remarks,
"I've been terribly busy, detained nt
the office, and Just got home."
"Oh, Thnddens:*' -snid Maria regretfully. "And you imvo been without
your dinner! 1 never ^liould have left
you If"—
By this time Maria had seen the
"Maria." said 1 solemnly, for 1 saw
her pause, "you bave been invited to
join n club for the subjugation or bus*
hands. You needn't join I am subjugated already. Vou women nre nlways
Encroach on
man's sphere if you will, but for ueav
en's sake don't nsk me again to encroach on yours!"—New York Herald.
A   llll-a-llHK.
Dr. Connn Doyle tells this story of a
Itoor nnd an Kngllsh soldier wbo lay
wounded side by side on the field of
battle: "They had n persoual encounter) In which the soldier received a bullet wound nnd the burgher n bayonet
thrust before they both fell exhausted
ou the field. The Itrlllslier gave tho
Boer a drink out of his Dusk, aud tho
burgher, not 10 be outdone In courtesy,
handed n piece or biltong In exchange.
In the evening, when llielr respective
ambulances came to carry them off to
the hospital, they exchanged friendly
, greetings. 'Ooodby, mate,' sold the
shall just slap them Into a tin. pnn and ■ Ho|i)|tT   ,wtmt n 1)l(lgBlIlg lt |S We met
each other!'"
mil them In the oven,"    I felt I  wub ,
u grippes mm.
Shi* Whn Lt tl Wink .ind Itun Dnwn, itutl
UiihIiIi- ui Bi-fftln Her Strength I mil
■she l't.,1 Dr. Willinm*' I'ink rill*.
In the village of Cuinpilen, Ont.,
and throughout tho surrounding
Country! there ure f>.*w people better
known or inure highly esteemed than
Mr. mid Mrs. Daniel Albright. Mr.
Albright boa for many years filled tho
position of village postmaster, in ml-J
dltion i<> conducting a boot mui shoe
buslnoss. Uul it is with the post-
mauier's estimable wife thnt thin article has cblofly to do, ns n gives.
practically In ber own    words,    the
tinihir.s of her recovery from a
ire illness through the use of Dr.
Williams' I'ink Tills. To a reporter
wh.. naked .Mrs. Albright if -sho would
consent to give the particulars ol her
[UntSS ami   cute for  publication,   she
Bald .   'if you think my    experience
will help some ui lur Bulferer I am
quite willing to glvo it, lor I maj
ieii you that l am a very enthusiastic admirer of Dr. Williams' I'ink
I'ills lor somo years prior to tin-
winter of 1898 1 suffered with a luine
buck, which frequent ly proven ted me
from doing my household *work.
Luter exposure lo cold developed
sciatica, ond every movement, of the
body mused intense pain, ln this
way passed gloomy days and restless
nights, until thc winter of'1808,
when my trouble wus aggravated by
an attack Of la grippe. The lirst and
most severe symptoms of I liis trouble
passed away, but it left mo In a
weak and depressed condition. 1 did
not appear to be able to recover my
strength; my appetite was very fickle;
I was extremely nervous, and iny
heart would palpitate painfully at
the least exertion. 1 had been under
a doctor's care, but did uot recover
my strength, and as a consequence I
wus much depressed In spirits. At
this juncture a friend who called ii|>-
on mo advised mo to try Dr. Williams' I'ink I'ills, and 1 decided to
follow tho advice, and procured a
supply. To my gratification X felt an
improvement in my condition almosl,
from the outset, and afler using the
pills for a little over a month I was
once more enjoying the best of
health, every tracq . of the trouble
thai bad afflicted mc having disappeared. It is nearly three years since
i used the pills antl T. have been well
und strong ever since, and 1 have the
best of reasons for ascribing my present, good health lo the use pf Dr.Williams' Pink nils.
Dr. Williams* I'ink Pills aro a Ionic
nud not a purgative medicine. They
enrich tho blood from tin* first dose
to the last nnd thus bring health and
strength to every organ of the body.
The genuine pills are sold only in
boxes with the full name, "Dr. Williams' I'ink I'ills for Palo People,"
printed on tho wrapper. If your dealer cannot, supply you send direct to
thc Dr.Williams' Medicine Co., Brockville, Ont., and tho pills will be mailed post paid at 60 cents a box, or
six boxes for S-.-S0.
Tb* Sleet Inn Between »»   Imttltlotta
Iluiilrr tinii Ilia llmt <:rU/1>.
Im "Sketi hi    of IJfe In the Uolden
ri S.
i t-ii-
Trylnn lo Keep Out.
A sick man who wns really near to
death could not resist tbe temptation to
hnve a little run with his spiritual adviser. He hnd a lingering innlndy, but
his dnys were certuinly numbered by a
few weeks at the most. He had not
been known as a man of strong religious convictions, nnd yet there was
little if anything which could be said
against him. It wns one of thoso dell-
cute cases In which it is hard for tlie
minister to do anything. Some one
suggested to Hev. Paul Wcyund. then
stationed nt Mornlngslde, thut he make
n call upon the patient.
doing to the house, he found tho man
propped up In bed to relieve a smothering sensation. The sick mnn oould
scarcely talk above a whisper, and ltev.
Mr. Weyond began to make subtle Inquiries about bis spiritual welfare.
Tlie Invalid's answers were all non
committal and evasive, nnd llnully In
despair the pastor asked:
■*l>o you really want to go to heaven,
Mr. Blank?"
"Do I want to go to heaven?" repeated the dying mnn In a hoarse whisper.
"Why, that's the place I've been lighting so hard to keen nu* nr fnr the lust
iwo years:"
1 USLAINA,     FACTORY, Montreal
He Cures Every Form of Piles Thoroughly and Well
Without the Danger, Expense  and Pain
of an Operation.
It Is surprising what a large number of men and women suffer from
the wretched uneasiness aud torturing Itching of piles. You may be
among those who, through modesty
or fear of the surgeon's knife, hnvo
been prevented from appealing to
your physician for a cure, i'oii havo
tried the hundred nnd ono things lhat
friends huve recommended and have
become discouraged, You say, us
many havo said hefore you, that
thcrfc is no cure for piles.
Now is tiie time for you to turn lo
Dr. Cbaso, whose famous ointment is
recognized the world over as the only
actual euro for every form of piles.
Tho real substantial value of Dr.
Chase'B Ointment has given it a
unique position among medicines. It
Ib used in nuarly overy neighborhood
on this continent and has become
known by word of mouth from friend
to friend and neighbor to neighbor.
Abu your frlenda about It, ask your
druggist, ask your doctor. Others
have been discouraged, and after
years of misery have been eured by
Dr. Chaao's Ointment. Hero is one.
Mrs. Jamoa Drown, Hintonburg. near
Ottawa, wrltea ;—"1 have been a
constant    sufferer from nearly every
form of piles for the last 20 years,
and during that time, both here and
in tlie old country, have tried almost
overy remedy.
"1 am only doing justice to Dr.
Chase's Ointment whon I say that I
believe it. to bo the best remedy obtainable for bleeding and protruding
piles. I strongly recommend Dr.
Chase's Ointment to mothers, or indeed, to nny person suffering from
that dread torment—piles."
Mr, lieorge Thompson, a lending
merchant of Dlenheim, Ont., states :
"1 was troubled with Itching piles
for 16 yeurs, and at times they were
so bad I eould scarcely walk. I tried
a great many remedies, but never
found anything like Dr. Chase's Ointment. After thu third application I
obtained relief, and was completely
cured by using one box." Ask your
neighbors about Dr. Chase's Ointment, Uie only absolute cure for
You cun obtain Dr. Chase's Ointment for (10 cenls a box from any
dealer. If you prefer, enclose this
amount to these offices and tho remedy will bo sent, postpaid, to your
tiddrops, Edmnnson, Dates A, Co,,
Tlie Dinililc Letter,
The dotibh* letter Is scarcely of nse
In nny longnnge Sometlnies we nre
purely Inconsistent. Letter must have
two t's. literal one. I'he double letter
very seldom nlTecls lhe pronunciation.
Would It nnt he well to drop llio
double letter nllogether? lt would
simplify spelling ond save time too.—
Notes and Queries
The Ktnel Truth rcineted.
CnllPr—Vou look like a good and
trillhfill girl, Tell me—Is your mistress really out?
Domestic- She Is. ma'am.
Domestic—Af   'he elbows,   nia'nm
Do Not Trifle
with danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure your cough or cold
at once. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It is
a safeguard for you always,
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
RkV. Mr, Patton of Toronto write*!   " I
used Ma bottle* nf Shi rou and take -ileiwiti*
in recommending It<   There i* nothing like ll
forcouRh. ihro-a and lunjf trouble.
Bhlloh ■ flonaiimiitlon Cur* U until by all
clnif,';;l§l» In t.-.iimU nml   Unlt-nd stiilr-i   ul
■lit-, AOii at.no it li.illlc    In (li-rul llrlliiln
at le. til., Ua. 3<l, anil **■ Od.   A pHntfil
■QftNiaUa bum wlltl wry but Hi-.    If y»u
are not latisflea go to your druggut una
Kit your iieiney liccfc.
Write lor Illustrated book on Oo-nitlmpiloP'   ^m
without ci.ii tn yoa,  S. c Wclli -ft Co., roronto,
amusing   auceduti'   >»r  an   ambitious
hunt, t* who met hl» first grizzly benr
In procession,    'llie Incident occurred
In tin- woods nenr the Bite ot the pn •
(.■nt town of Monterey.
Tho hunter sut down to rest in thi*
shade of ti tree and unwittingly wont
tn sleep. When he woke, it wns near
sunset, ami he sat up, rubbing liis eyes
und couteuiplutlftg a return to his hotel
several tulles dlstnnt
.lost then n rustling :i'k1 crackluc
nci.se from n clump of cbnpnrral aboul
100 yards away attracted his ntteutlon
Out walked n grizzly bear, n monarch
of his kind. He yawned, licked IiIh
Jaws and thon ad vn need toward the
treo whore our hunter snt imt evidently was unconscious of his presence,
His grizzly majesty hnd proceeded
about 20 paces when a female bear followed hlm. mnl nn instant later a third
grizzly followed her at n slow, sham-
Tin* hunter snt spellbound with terror as tin1 procession came toward liim
until the forward grizzly was wli
so yards. Then, scarcely renllzlng
what lie did, ho sprang to his fi*t*t nud
uttered n fropzled yell—yell upon yell!
Tho effect was magical, The fore-
most boar sprang Into the nir, tinned
sharply about, knocked tho femal
down, rolled ovor lier, gathered himself
up nnd bolted '"like 4ii cartloads of
roek going down n shoot," straight for
the chaparral ngnin, tlie other two
henrs close at his heels nud never turning to see what hnd frightened them.
The hunter, seeing tlio enemy recreating, sprnng to his feet and tied nt
top speed for the hotel, leaving hat nnd
gun behind. The truth of his wild nud
startling tale wns proved the next day
by the numerous benr tracks of different sixes fuund in tlie marshy ground
near by. But the three bears hml gone
off beyond pursuit.
How's This?
Wi: iff«r On Hundicd I'l-llu-v It. w.ird tor
any Crs-o of Cut m-rli Unit I'ltiiimt im t-niv-l Ij;
Hall's (Jntarrti Cure,
F .J.UHKNKY & <:0.,Protm , Tiilwlu.O.
Wo, tlio nnilorilgned, havo known P. J.
Cheney for tlio lust 1-- yenrs, nnd beliovo iilm
trlei'ily hinmnilik Inn! Im-nhim trammi'ikim,
null lln neitilly nhlr v cniTi < ul nnv i,lill|,*,i1iua
uin-le lu* tin iv linn
WBST&TliilAN.WIinltMili* hn.KKNKT.ilnKO.
WAlilMMl,    Kiss an   A   .M h*h,\,   wlioloww
DntKBi-it'**, 'l"li!'1o, O.
HhII'h Catarrh Ouro Ih taken liitornally net-
inn illnvllv Upon  tin: 1>*. I uml muOOUB ■iii'-
r-KJu<or thtj^ynlum. Prtci., 7,r*e. per IhiHIl*. Suld
t-y all (IriiBB >in.   Tu.iihiioiilii'H freo.
Hull's Kunilly rills* um tliu bt-Bl.
ClosencHa PeraonMcd,
There's a good story lold on a young
fellow hero mited for his closeness, lie
went to spend the tjlght with tl friend.
During the entire night he betrayed
much restlessnesn, whleh kept Ihe host
wide awake, uml llnnlly the slumberor
betrayed signs <>r violent emotion.
"lie's going to have a nightmare." snid
the friend, "but he always grumbles so
when you wake hlm up thai I hate lo
disturb liim." 1I«* waited awhile longer, sitting up In bud Btnriug on the
miserable sleeper, nnd finally, becoming alarmed, he roused hlm. He sprang
up In bed, glared wildly around nud
suld: "Where nm IV I don't see the
"Why, here In my room." said the
host soothingly. "You remember you
staid ail night with meV 1 beg yonr
pardon for waking you up, but you car-'
ried on so 1 had to."
*'Heg your pardon," gasped the guest.
"1 shall never he grateful enough to
you. I dreamed I was out with Miss
Itud. nnd u terrible storm enme tip. nnd
my shoes were new, nnd I wns just
ordering a coupe for two when you
roused inc. Old hoy. you linve saved
mon dollar."
And the host says he was actually
afraid to go to sleep again thut night
for feiir the coupe would come
i iti
Mr. .lohnson—l)ld you renin wk at dc
(tuli last nlghl dat I looked like a le:
ster. suli?
Mr. Johnson -Nit. snh. I nm Iin
backbiter,suh. If l wished tocast any
aspersions upon de lobster family, I
Bhould g<> right in a Ilsh maikei ami
do it st ni igh I lo (le. i' faces, suh. Dnt's
my style, sub:—Puck.
Brass Band
Iiml rntticnti*. Drams, Uniform*, Etc.
Lowest prleea ever quoted.   Fine eatjtlogne
GO l Illustrations mailed free.   Write u- for anything hi MunloorHail<alIiistruuients.
Winnipeg, Man.
Whaler Royce ft Co.,
WHEELER & WILSON sewing machines
Baptdity.  Suva nbout one day in thn e.
'^tii-aiil psi-nddnmJiilHv Mlliaut liolieorwear.
General utility.   ll»-si f-.r nil kinds of work.
^13 PcirUigo Ave., Winnipeg,
Not an out-of-date artlelo, bul abiolutolj
tho mt>i»t Borvloeable, durable, light running
and perfect skimmer, lit* psge Catalogue
mailed free»n application. Agent* warned
in every district, Apply nt onco,
Shipments <*f Pn *U butU r wanted.
Wm. Scott, "">$"AAy%r*
You feel better after
rubbinjf npainst soot, grease, paint,
etc,| when you have at hand a cake of
The Master Mechanics
Extraordinary Soap
There is nothing liko it for removing* heavy dirt from hands or lace,
nnd llm tar, cine of iis principal In-
gradients, heals any SOrcs or cuts.
Dealers in good BOBp sell it.
Jltt Albirt Tnllet Soap Co., Hftt., Montreal.
Thla It • Positive Cur* fop all
Throat and Lung Troubles, also
Represent a New -system of treatment
for tho weak and for those suHorin^
from Consumption, wasting diseasua
or intl.ininint.ury conditions of nose,
throat and lungs.
The treatment is free. Tou have
only to write to obtain it.
Itsofiicncyisosplainedaa Eimply ns
possible below.
By tlio new -system dovised by DR.
T. A. SLOCUM, the (ireat specialist in
pulmonary and kindred diseases, all the
requirements of the sick body arc
supplied hy the Four remedies constituting his Special Treatment known as
Tho Slocum System.
Whatever your disease ono or mor.*1
of those four preparations will be ot
benefit to you.
According to tho needs of your caso,
fully explained in the Treatise given
free with tho freo medicine, yon may
take ono, or any two, or three, or
all four, in combination.
A cure is certain if the simple
directions aro followed.
The Remedies are especially adapted
for thoso who suffer from weak lings,
couehs, sore throat, bronchitis,catarrh,
CONSUMPTION, and other pulmonary troubles.
But thoy are also of wonderful
efficacy in the upbuilding of weak
systems, in purifying the blood,
making   flesh,   and   restoring   to
wealr,   sallow people, vigorous   and
healthy constitutions.
Tlio basis of the entire System :** a
flesh building] norvo and tissue*rtnewa
Ing food.
Every invalid niid —tk person needs
strength*   This food gives it.
Many people p-ct the complete system
for the'sake ol tha Emulsion of Cod
Liver Oil, which they tboasslvos need,
and give away the other three preparations to thoir friends.
The second article is n Tonic* It is
good for weak, thin, dyp.-e; :;c, nervous
■•-■aple, for those whohavo no appetite,
who need bracing up.
Thousands take only tbo Emulsion
an l the Tonic.
Tha third preparation is an antlseptdo
Rahn or Jelly. It euros catarrh*
It helps aU irritation of the nose,
throat and mucous membranes. It
gives immediate relief*
Thousands cf our readers need the
OxojeM Cure for Catarrh without any
of the other articles.
Tho fourth article is an Expectorant, Cough and Cold Cure. Can
positively Le relied upon. Js absolutely
safe for children, goes to the very root
of the trouble, and not merely alleviates, but cures.
The four preparations form a panoply
of strength against disease in what*
over shapo it may attack yoa
Tou or your sick friends can havo a FREE course of (Treatment, Simply
write to Thb T. A. Slocom Cuemical Co., Limited, 179 King Street West,
Toronto, giving post office and express office address, and tbe free medicine
(Tho Slocum Cure) will be promptly sent.
When writing for tbem always mention this paper.
Persons in Canada, seeing Slocnm's free offer in American papers, will
please send for sampled to tho Toronto laboratories.
The Berliner
a :*. inch born,
concert sound box.
Tlie Talkinc machine that UlkS—tlagt—plays every in-,trument—reproduce* s^u-»a'»
Hand—Ni-Kiu MiiiMrels-striiiit (jrclie.strns or -".hutch choirs.
The Berliner Grttn-o-photieli louder, cle«ier, -,*.*eeter and «imp!er than anv o-h-^r
Talking Machine nt anv |n ice-it jilav-* cake \--.ilk-i. tvtlltzci inarches and operatic •*-»rleet-
ioiw.it lings (words nud ntUilc] ol Blithe iwj.idar -wngs-r.f ihe da v as well a-. Coon t-ougt.
patriotic and snered selection*-2!! tells funny rloriesor rep-faf*. a prayer.
The Berliner Gramo-phonc i-i made iu Canada, every in-trunient is t-old with a five
yeat's written guarantee.
The records are not wax—they are hard, flat ind indestructible. Wiil u«t io years.
Write to us for Catalogue and iceo'd lists free
FACTORY: 347-371 Iquoifuet St., -Mentreil.   "*; \ je*. BtOUT. Cen-ml HiRt{er •:■ dllll,
Por sale also at Hudson's Bsy stores, prin H8^0 to cmeroiprtp from Montreal
v/tuns hho t*4Ct*A/ fat MW
-JUL/  rt4   lytseU   <h    *> 4+*<*dl &**Jg
EVERYBODY *;!',** CStW.-.WlS
m         THK  ItBSTi
J. M. PERKINS, Seedsman
lo Mild your onlcm :.: i;r or smnll lo
| PAUL SALA ^Vi*= Wines, Liquors
Winnipeg, Man., '.l'i Main Street.
Purt NttJtt Pud bf InvalMi, fi.15 %**, (tl., li fa
Bai WtOAsy, f* rs. »i. |. y. pn galn |e. }**%, h
■ HILia-X.    rSttntlH    »Mll    tttttUAK    I'llll,
W. N. U. 312
One houso (concrete) 40x26. lwo rtory,18
ootna imd limit* cellar, |>ln it-red in.-ido nnd
.ut, suitable for l>onrdit>u botiao,
(ine large livery iind feed stable, 60x26,
It'ed for 17 teams of bbreea, barton foriu
cms of hay.  Gix,d water n sUitilc*.
(i.:c six-room dwelling, plastered in-ldc
■ id 'iut, tfoiid cellar,
I'he noon are now ranted for$18permonUii
'roperty ]s on Sooth Railway street, about
mi j-Firdu southwest of gristmill,
fjoo cash, balance in easy monthly pny-
aenta.  Apply toS, A.KBEDltA.WapiIta.
IU AUTCn I   !)l ;i!' ■■■*im(1 "iter- tn Hcnd
Tf Mnl CU i stonceforourprlntcdprlca
list, nt second-hand Bicycle*. All
kfftda; till m good condition. Frlc-oa
tiw.iy down. Special discount to
dealersi Muni clear at onco. lhiri> t
Andro Anna & Cycle fo , 10; Thtntla
Ki, Winnipeg, 8uo>« torn in Uya-
«i   Hrotlu-ra.
-I Save Your Furs
By using	
Moth Camphor balls
Sulphur candles
Insect powders
Pure red pepper
See BEATTIE.   He sells them.
Spots of Excellence
Cross & BlackweN's Jams and
Marmalades and Fancy Pickles,
deliciously pure and wholesome.
fi    T     Pfifi FRS Fancy and staple groceries and
Place your order Now
Your suit will be ready for Easter if you get
your order here in time. Our clothes are durable, seasonable and down to date. Suits from
$18 up.
Leask & Henderson
I'he aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C.
lown,   ihnl   he snys   liis  company   will
take   two thirds   uf   tht*   stock.       The
matter te being consldeied and details of
a phi u arranged.
Persons  found  cutting wood of any
description   on   the Craubrook estate
without written authority! will be prosecuted. V. Hyde linker,
Kor Cranhrook Estate.
Toggery Business.
In spite ofthe old adage "Don't Judge
lhe Bock By tht Cover," we nre always
attracted liy rich bindings, antl reasooa-
blj so, for ilime novels are not covered
wiih morocco. Atul so in the judgment
of our fellow men, do we ever sny "Sir,"
to the man wilh the dirty collar and
slouch)' COBt? Of course not, for are not
his clothes nn outward aud visible sign
ol a shiftless ami slovenly life? Then,
if you wish to he respectedi loved nml
admired, it is essential tlmt yon wear au
up-to-date, tailor made suit or overcort,
C. R. Palmer, having secured the
agency of the Crown Tailoring Company,
of Toronto, guarantees (for a consideration) to clothe you in raiment Buch ai
even Solomon in nil his glory never wore.
Dress well uml be respected.
Tremendous Deficiency.
London, March i.v—With the navdl
estimates presented in llie bouse of com-
tiions yesterday evening, the budget for
the coming yeur shows an expenditure
of upwards iif/'iSi.iiL-o.iiw against /'i.S'V
ooo.ooo for last year. Unless the revenue
is increased, tbe statement of Sir
Michael llicks-liench, Chancellor of the
exchequer, will ebow a deficit of nearly
^54 000,000, the largest ever estimated.
Do you wear shirts ?
If you do and want tu see the latest and best in that line,
call in. We have them at all prices. Nut old styles, but up
to date.
Our neckwear is the
finest in East Kootenay
Hill & Co.
!     LOCAL   NOTES     $
* *»
Picked  Up About the Cily  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
One week from next Sunday is Raster.
J. W. Robinson is in Victoria this
Charles Kstmere, of Kimberley, wns in
town several days this week.
Furnished rooms to rent. Good location.   Inquire at Tbe Herald ollice,
Wanted —Pupils in short band nnd
typewriting.    Mrs. Scott McDonald.
James Ryan, Miss Ryan and Miss
Dyker visited Kimberley last Saturday
R. Reid and bis mother returned from
Kaslo last week and are now the guests
of W. T. Reid.
C. W. Burdsall, formerly superintendent of tbe Sullivan mine, has gone to
California for a visit.
Plymouth Rock, Hrown Leghorn ami
duck eggs for hatching, for sale hy
A. I.eask
K J Higby went through Cranbrook
last week   fur   Unite,   Mont,,  where lu
bad some mining interests to look nfter.
Tbe Methodist Sunday School orchestra will he in attendance at the lecture Friday, April;, in Methodist church
For Sale—Pure bred  light  Brahma
roosters.      Fine,   large   young blrdi
Price fT, oo each.   Address Box It, Kimberley, H. C.
Sidney Coulton, the window artist at
Reitl Sl Co.'s store, has dressed one of the
windows in sptitig goods that is attracting a great deal of attention,
For the Easier holidays all Canadian
Pacific railway agents will sell round
trip tickets nt fare uml one-third, good
going April 4 ami 5, returning April 8,
A. Connelly, who kept the first res
taurant in Cranbrook. Is in town again
for a brief visit. He hns been in Pipestone, Mont., lor some time and is now
on his way to Ontario.
James Cronin came up from Moyie
Monday to transact *?oiiie husiuess at tbe
customs office. He reports everything
all right at the St. Kugene, except the
inconvenience ofthe quarantine.
Dr. King and P. M. Medhurst visited
Victoria lust week. Tbey say that the
town is full of lobbyists just now and
tbat tbe principal fight on Is the Crows
Nest Southern and the V. V, & lv,
"Tommy" hns his '.ong talked of assistant now, Thc store is always open.
Ask us for anything in the coke line.
No more refusals from " Tommy"
T. Hayhurst,
The Kpworth League of Christian Endeavor hnve arranged with Rev. R J.
Reid to deliver his lecture on Abraham
Lincoln on the evening of Good Friday,
April   7th   in   the   Mellio'i-it   church.
There will slso be a good musical pro
Fresh eggs by the case at P. McCon
W. D. HHI spent Wednesday at his
branch store iu Moyie.
Jumes Gill is badly crippled this week
with an attack of lumbago.
The Presbyterian social last Tuesday
evening was a great success.
P. Bums, tbe meat czar of tbe Kootenays, was iu town this week the guest 0
M. Mclnnes.
P, McConnell ban returned from Man*
itoba with 10 cows. 16 store bogs and 400
chickens.   See him and get your choice
Drew McShery, of Manitoba, came
back witb Mr, McConnell. The lad is
one ofthe best acrobats iu the Dominion
There has been a reduction of 20 per
cent uiade on the main line iu the pas-
senger rate. The cut does not effect tbe
The football boys are making prepa
rations (or a grand concert lo be given
on the night of April 16. Some of the
best talent in town is interested, and the
concert promises to be a grand success.
Matheson & Nicholson have purchased
G. II Miner's grey team and delivery
wagon, and started a general delivery
busiuess lor merchants and individuals.
It would seem tbat such a business should
he placed on a paying basis in a town
the size of Cranbrook in a very short
The committee in charge of sale of
work to he held hy the ladies of Knox
church, on Tuesday, April 9II1, request
that all work or donations he left at tbi
home of the president, Mrs. P. Lund,
Hanson Ave, if possible not later thau
Wednesday evening, April 3rd.
Macleod Gazette: Mclnnes & Co., the
new butchers, have purchased a tract of
land lietween the townsite nud the rail-
load and will erect a slaughter house and
a residence for the butcher thereon
Charles Swingle is at present engaged in
sinking a well on the property,
Mr. Alex Leitch, of Killarney, Man
spent several days this week visiting his
brother's family, leaving for bis home
last Tuesday morning. It was Mr.
Leitch*s first visit to South Kast Kootenay, and he waa delighted with the appearance of the country, and especially
impressed with Cranbrook, which he
thinks is destined to become a great
commercial point, owing to her advantageous location.
Telepboies fer Craabrook.
A local company has heen organized
in Crnnbrook for the purpose or installing telephones, ndd already enough
subscribers have beeu secured to warrant
the promoters in going ahead with their
A Water Works System.
Mr. Savage, of Spokane, interviewed a
number of lhe citizens of Cranhrook last
week relative to tbe proje t of putting in
a system of water works. He is so favorably impressed witb Cranbrook and J
the possibilities of tbe future for the
By Telegraph
Every morning, Spokane prices
direct from the Spokane Mining
Hutch   (Of Course)
Always a little ahead of the procession.
Substance of the Amendments Now Before
the Legislature.
The new provisions of general interest
in the hill to ameud the Public School
Act, now* before the legislatuie maybe
summarized as follows :
The cily school districts are divided
into three classes, according to the pop
ulation. Tbe first will include tbose
with average actual daily attendance of
over 1,000, at present Vancouver and
Victoria ; llie second, with average daily
attendance of over 250, inctudiug now
Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster ami
Rossland; and lhe third, all the smallet
incorporated cities and towns. There
nre to be seven trustees for each district
of the first clam, five for those of the
second, antl three for those ofthe Lbird,
In rural districts any householder
qualified to vote, is made eligible for
election as trustee *, and in city districts,
property qualifications to the assessed
value of f500 is required.
Specially important sections nre the
10. Section 34 of said Act is hereby
repealed, ami tiie following section is
substituted therefore:
54. The salaries of the teachers em
ployed iu the public schools in all incorporated cities aud towns, shall be fixed
nnd paid at the discretion of the school
trustees of ihe said cities and towns respectively, am) such salaries and all
other expenses for the purchase and
lease of school sites, erection, enlargement or rent of school buildings, for
furniture and repairs and all.other in
cldcntal expenses whatsoever incurred
by the board of trustees in the respective
cities and towns, shall be borne and paid
by tbe municipal corporations of the said
cilies ami towns respectively."
11. Section 35 of said Act is hereby
repealed aud the following section is
substituted therefore :
35, A per capita grant of thirteen
dollars for cities ofthe first class, fifteen
dollars for cities of the second class, nud
twenty dollors for cities ami towns ofthe
third class, per annum, based ou the
average actual attendance of the public
school pupils, shall be paid quarterly by
the minister of finance, out of tbe consolidated revenue fund of tbe province
to each ofthe school districts, of the first,
second and third class, respectively.'
12. The said Act is hereby amended
by inserting, after section 35, thereof,
tbe following section :
35a. lu cities iu which a high school
is iu operation, there shall be paid to the
municipal corportlon of such cities at
the end of June in each year, the additional sum of three hundred dollars for
each high school teacher employed."
Looks Like a Settlement.
Victoria, B.C., March 24.— Statements
received in dispatches from the enst rejecting the negotiations which are said
to be on between the Canadian Pacific
Railway company ami tbe Crow's Nest
Coal company, looking to au amicable
settlement of the matter in dispute between tiie two corporations over the
application for a charter for tbe Crow'i
Nest Southern railway, hns caused a
good deal of speculation here, as has also
the presence of representatives of the
two corporations in the city.
Speaking on the matter Mr. Jaffray
said: You may say that you called on
tne and tbat I gave you tbe statement
tbat our advices from the east are of a
similar tenor to the press dispatches al
ready published, We bave not as yet
received any material details of the negotiations, which are practically concluded."
Mr. Jaffray wns of the opinion that an
amicable arrangement would be carried
George McL Hrown, executive agent
of the C. P. R., was also approached for
confirmation or otherwise of statements
made in regard lo negotiations.
"I am able to tell yon," said he, "that
advices I have received state that tbe
negotiations respecting the matter are
under way in the cast. It Is altogether
premature, however, to say that the
agreement |r concluded. I wish you
would say that ns soon as the future of
the smelting industry ol British Columbia is properly safeguarded all our op.,
position ceases at once, 1
For the best  °* Liquors and Cigars, order  of
E. J. PELTIER^Cranbrook
Agent for Schlitz and Fort Steele Beer.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South ol Herald Office
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C.
I.O.O.F.   Key Cl y Lodge
No.«*,   Moot, overy 111-
.lay uiuli* ot Hull hall OH
linker .irci'i,   Hajaiiriilns
t><iii tallow, cordially Invited,
Matt llookendort        a. i. McOcrtnot
N, ti. Boa'Vi
Cranbrook Lodge, No. Jt
A. f. tt A. M.
II you want a Sunday Suit
..See Palmer
If you want a Pair of Pants
..See Palmer
If you want a Fancy Vest
..See Palmer
If you want a Nobby Overcoat
..See Palmer
All Qarmcnts Made to Order
and Quaranteed to Fit j* j*
[ From llio Free Press ]
Mr. Bally has resigned bis position
with the Conl Company and is now en*
Ka^ed as hook keeper with tbe Fort
Steele Brewing Company iu Fernie.
Thirty men in Mr. Breckenridge's gang
at Michel were quarantined ou Wednesday night. One case of smallpox bas
made its appearance among them,
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Smith and family
left for Sandon, II. C., on Tuesday morning. Their many friends here sincerely
regret their departure from Fernie, and
unite lu wishing them every success iu
tbeir new home.
Mr, A. Sansom, teller in the local
branch of tbe Bank of Commerce, has
been removed to Vancouver. Mr. Cbas.
Ballard, of tbat city, lakes bis position
here. Tbe departure of Mr, Sansom will
be regretted by a host of Iriends.
P. Navin, contractor, of Cranbrook is
in towu tbis week looking up business
II. J. Turner, the popular proprietor
of the Victoria, last week put in telephonic connection with the station.
We understand Messrs. Digby &
Swanson are negotiating for the purchase
ofa sawmill atMitchel. They intend to
move it to Fernie and erect it on Mr.
James' property across the river.
The survey of the proposed line to
connect the Great Notliem with tbe
Crows Ncsi coal fields in Kast Kootenay
b-.'gun in earnest. A party ofthe Great
Northern engineers from St. Paul, with
assistants and supplies, arrived in Kalispell recently nnd are uow at work running a line from Jennings, Mont., to tht
iuteinational boundary.
Easl of the Kootenay.
muu Fort Steele Prospeeeor,
Extensive preparations are beidg made
towards working the Wild Horse placer
mines tbis summer.
A uew mining company composed of
some six or eight local business men was
formed at Fort Steele last week.
The tunnel on the Colossal claim is
uow iti some 80 feet.
Work on tbe nibble mine will commence as soou ns the season permits,
Engineers who liRve recently examined the grent mineral ledges on the
headwaters of Wild Horse creek declared
that in a very few years tbe riches of
South Africa will here be discounted.
Tbe Klni'l Salary.
Loudon, March 14 —The Times as*
seitn thiit the government's proposal for
the civil lists shows a total of ,£470,000,
being /jt 10,000 for his majesty's piivy
purse and the rest ofthe expenses ofthe
royal household. At a meeting ot the
civil list committee of the house of
commons yesterday the chancellor of the
exchequer, Sir M. Hicks-Beach, who
was elected chairman, explained that
the government proposals contemplated
an abolition of the royal buck hounds,
intimating that tbe substitution of a
pack of fox hounds would be regarded
as a suitable appendage to the royal
The queen's consorts's allowance is
/50.000. and is included in the total
already given. This will be increased
to ,-£70,000 in the event of the death of
tbe king.
The C P. R. intend to burn tbe ruins
of Donald so that the remains of lhat
town will not be au eye-sore to tbe public travelling ou the main liue.
Regular meetings an tin
third Thursday of tin
ViNltinif lia-ihern wek'oin tl,
W, V. (It'itn, Si-r-'y
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wholesale dealers In
Grain and
Given special  attention.
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking: And
Graduate of Champion college of U, S
Office aud store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B C
Upholsterinf and (leacril Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle It.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon Unking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
....A Car of Groceries
Including everything Fresh and Good. Special attention is called to the St. John Valley
Brand of Canned Gcods.   They're unequalled
A Special Price in Case Lots
on all Canned Goodsjtjtjtjt
the Grocer.
pjTi pyt*. '■ v * 1 fsrn; ",vi ram r ■."i nvyn
Lid! JL1L1.1 iZ. J LuiLiL'J LlJL*J
Physician and Surgeon.
Ollice ,1 ReiMencc, Armitroni Ave.
Forenoon,,  ....  9:30 lo II
Afternoon,   ....   1:30 lo 3:30
EvMlnfi   ....    7.30108:31)
CRANBROOK,   :   :   I       I   I   B. C.
Fort Steele
M. Mclnnes & Co.,
Wholes-lie nml Retail
Meat Merchants
Presh mul Cured Meats Fresh
Pish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.    Yuur
trnde is solicited.
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors of the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
Just received, an immence stock of paints, oils, varnisli and the
latest designs in wail paper.       J*       Jt       jt       Jt       jt
We Paint and Paper and We Sell Painl end Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
•*•* Currie.   They lead.      Cranbrook, B. C
One of tin* Most Comfortable
Hotels in Enst Kootenny.
Re fi tied Throughout
Newly Put llisltetl
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B. C.
BQD:Q.GaQ©GDQCQ*GQGQDa©£v.» i .Of:
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for .-sale on liberal WORKING BONUS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in thc Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Hotel 3 3
(iut'sls Comfort n Specially
linod Stabling In Cnnncclion
Nt'iircsl to rallior.d mnl depot.    Huh itCCOIlttlloda-
tlons  for  the pllllllo  iiin-qiinlU-d   In   Cninlnouk.
 Proprietor    j
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K.-W,-G Block, Nelson, B. C
•nott1,Bilver*l.«iit nnd Cupper Mlnoi wanted nt tlio liXOHANOIt. i-lii:i: Mill
INU aou> properties wanted nt niice tor Knitern Investor*. I'artlei having minim
property for sale nro r< quuted to M-'nd anmpt-Qt of ttifltr ore In tlia BXOHANtHi tor in
lilliitlnn, Woileilrotolionrfrompfnspoctorj who Imvo prom'tlm mineral olnimi ii
British Colmnlila, Prospectors ami mlnlnginon nro requested tn mako llio itxclTANfll!
tliolr lionilqittirtera wlioii in Nelson, Alliatnpttis Hlioiilil tit* senl Ity ox prow, I'ropalil
Correspondence solicited.  Address all oommnnlontlons to
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, li. C
Teloptiono No, nu.  r. 0, n»\ "oo,
■!> I * I * I
VA    *    •.*)-)
Beale & Elwell,
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Agents, Mining Brokers, Notaries,
Agents for Assessment Work, Kimberley Townsite Agents.
Kimberley .* Moyie Jt Fort Steele.


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