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Cranbrook Herald Jun 30, 1904

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Full Text

,V01,UMK   7.
-   I     -
fc Repairing Promptly Done.
Tootwcar lo Measure a Specialty
|'B. H. SHORT j
11.   *
4  Painter, Decorator and Sign  ,
t Writer. '.
-: * s
4. ;   AH 1,-1. il- ..i i ii In I ing, p i|n»rlug uml   ,>
* ""' H ; •>■ ■ i '■"> i i      $
« it
•i l'»
i ...
* We (tlvo perfect satisfaction  ?
J; w ith our work.
« -f
**■> V» ■*!*T V 1 Vt'Tt •»•** #*>♦♦##^#WH
New liij.s. gootl driving
nml BfllliUe linrsi-8 at
reasonable rate, Onr
aim'vriU be to give k°o<1
care to nil liorsi-3 stu-
i bli-il with ns.
N. C. McKINSTRY, Prop.
Drink Home Beei
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Fh Steele Brewing Co.
JdJM W. Wolf
i ;Boot, Shoe and
•   jV
•Harness Maker
Old phocs made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
I ,. 	
MciVittie & Laidlaw.
i   .
gsAJinlng Engineers
lJiainl Surveyors.
■  t
' IV
s      BUILDER
—-     -» i ♦ i »        —
Vl 9+,*9*>*'*>
-. r        OFFICII AM) SHOP
S    ** '   ■■G.',yrj*_-j
,. sksn
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
'" SEE
lranbrook Methodist Church.
Corner of Hanoi Avcase tad Louis Street
Sunday Service*:
UlV  Wiimlii,! 11 *  M
S lu.i S.-lm,.l 8 P. U,
l.n.i..* Worship       T:IIO r M
Tu.-h.Iu>     Kpworth  League ol Cbrlatlau
Kuilpnvor  H ■' '■
Tlm nut uy;   U'.-ekl.. Prayei Meeting ,...h i* \t
\   imi In vital  ih extended in iln-
hi bli i
l'„,.i.,i.H .1 Thompson
Cranbrook Hapllst Church.
rii.-inil..uinum * Hal <>i Hm »men brV
in tin. iiij.iisi Church;
Kumluj   II  ii  in. uml 7 .'in |i
-iin.i.ii Hu I        It|i in
v 9, ivo|itiw h p. in.r.iiMi..
I'ni.imMi. linn. H v-m. WihIii.'..Iji;
Iim. i.iil.ln jii'i.i*iiMliiill.v  iiivit.d to uth il
I'imttir, I'. \V, Ainuili"
Crabrook Presbyterian Church.
Siililmih S rrlciS! II ii. ui. und 7,00 p. m
Sunday Si Inml mul itihli'clUMH 'A ji. in
In id hi h ti ii di'ii vor, Tuesday 8 p. in.
Tho public aro cordially Invited lo attend
nil the meetings.
Pastor, W, 0, ff. (1 Fortune n. *.
Oreboent LodobJNo. 83
Cranbrook, B. C.
UntaDiidand 4th Tuesday at 8 p. m. Ii<
1.0,0. F. ball.
J. A. Aunui.ii, K. It. S.
T. ItooKH, C. C,
Vlnlttng Bri'tUri'ti cordiully invited to attend.
Cranbrook Branch of
Meets ovory Fridny night at 8 p. m. Han on
2ml N • nf Watt Building,
Visiting Bnthran Cordially Invited,
E. C. Mustard, .1- T. (iKIPUIMIf,
toll-Sue. PttKHIUB.N1
.O.O.F.    Key City Lodg*
So, 42. Meets every Mnn
duy niniil at tlieir bill on
linker street.   sojoui liu
>ilit Fellows cordially Invited.
I n. II im,M, W. tl. MiiFarlano.
N, 0, secv.
Craabrook Loaie, No. 3-
A. P. A A. M.
Regular meetliiKs on tin
third Thursday of thi
vlilting br. trail welcomed.
M A  HrAl.K, Sec'y.
THE  A. L. U.  NO 3M
Mivta   i'V-tv   Siilur.lil.v
night in  1. ii. 0. K.  l4.i 1.
i isiiiiiK Brethren cordially livlted to itlenc
— -♦ .*>. ♦* —*
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   J,   J*
Phone night and day 77
Livery 3
Team, nnd driven 'nrnUhed for an;
point in the district.
A. DOVI.B, Manager.
World's   Fair
Excursion Rates
Craubrook to
Si. I nui-    s tiii.otl CbicafO      $ aj.liu
liiriiniii S7.3I  .M-.nlr-.-al        4M.U0
Haitian 121.80 New Vurk     101.00
.Inm* 7. Ill, IT, 18, July 1,2,3,
A.i4,*4,-i-.'.. 10, >,'|.|,■„,!.,., Ji. .,. 7.
tor till oiisti-rn mints will nis.. 1»
qnotud goiti|r mi Porl Arthur, nil
mil rn* Ink.* route. Returning buiuu
or vin Cliicngo nml St  Louis,
for full pnrtluuliirs apply to local ag nt!
0. Hillicr, .Agent, Cranbrook.
D.l'.A., Kelson  A.ii.l'.A. Vuncouvei
| Dezall Brothers    :
* 4
t i
t .
Horse Shoeing j
; Carriage Repairing and •
! General Jobbing.... {
J Outside Orders Promptly .
I Attended to. !
tlroteries. Canned Fruit, Fish, etc.
Al.oOiriiriB*. Floor, il„- l,.-i mod,
.,11,1      Tllllllllll      4414.1     \|,,„|,,4,'       1|„,.
.'*** .I'l**    "I-,,      444111,       OKI     ,|ll,llllV    ,',!
- I- ul    lire   |..'...'- »l„,„l,|
I  .,. In- Uu  tl
in Suits uf Ready-Made Clothing
III .4  IjU   .*!.    II
Ames- Holden   Hoots   und  Shoes
ll|,|,..-,..'li.   ',,,,-.      |1,,,|,.,
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way o handle it.
Harness /Maker.
Cranbrook, IJ. C.
Bridles, Saddles, Harness nnd
Horse Supplies in stm*k
..Repairing ol all kinds..
Each Month....
^ vos li •■ uio e w *i'k in (!rnn-
b ook. The peo Ij evidently
have runiiiii'iii i' in me and my
work.   £ee me Eor plains aiidfl
James Qreer
i'i ntractor nn I Hnilil *r
Prest Photo Co.
Cranbrook, Pernie, Moyie
...British Columbia...
11 lo 12 A   111.
I tn II n  in.
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Haiell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
3. H. THOriPSON.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Physicians and Surgeons
Ollice al Residence, Armitroni Ave.
Forenoons,  ....  0*30 t0 n
Afternoons   ....   1*30 to 3:30
Evtnlois   ....    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    It::       ;    E, C
Formerly Hotel I'hair
B. TO.ni'KINS, Manager.
This hotel i6 mu- of tlm liest in
Britisli Columbin nml up-to-date
111 i'lu') respeot. Well lighted
iiiinplr rooms,
» Proprietor of the
j      Cranbrook
Candy Kitchen
I      Carrie, a eomplete stouk or
I Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. aire ., . call
Men, Women and Children's
Not nt Host but nt 11 big profit.
Call uud see what I eun do
for you.
New  Line  of  Cook  Stoves
Just Received
Chinese Labor Employment Agency
Oriental Bazaar
Pull lim- iif Chinese und Japanese
Fancy Goods, Store on Durick
tri-uiu-. opposite old Hi-rald otli
Ves, nnil iln- CITV BAKERV in the
plnco to gel 11 nice Wedding dike
« nnd orniimciits in tlio latest style.
. W In* -i-iiii your order out of town
nml perhaps liuve tlie ioillg luok-
.) en l.y shipping?   Our prices riglit
,; I'lwiic 51 Opposite n. E. Church
0      C. W. WILSON,
jf-®-®-® ~
Hsve Vou Any Palatini; lo be Done?
Do Any of Vour Rooms Need Pnperlni?
Estimates given on lurge contracts. M'e don't want the
earth, We wnnt to please
you with the work and receive
reasonable pny.
Royal Hotel, Cranbrook
g..... .9	
—TO —
St. Paul, Duluth, Minneapolis, Chicago
Seattle,   Tacoma.   Victoria,   Portland,
Through Palace aad Tourist Sleepers
Dining and Bullet Smoking Library Cars
For niti'fi, folders mnl full information
regarding trips, cull on or uddreHH
il. W. Pi 4, C. P. 1 T. A
Beattie 701 W. Riverside Ave,
Wnsli, Spokane. Wash.
Mow ii.r ErntwhIU Woodctni
Htnni iii* Mu.t ri.pniini Uhu
In (ha Far North.
The ulory of Dawson City Ims de-
parted. «o fnr a-* romance noes, mul
Hit iii.in nuni Dawson m glud und
(iiniid Lo boast of tin* fart. Like
lhe respectable citizen who has been
a guy blade in bin youth, the man
irom Dawson will tell of thu Imt
times of '98 and '99. But to-day he
and Ll* town uie iiniiiti*i(.'-iiiij;iy respectable. Age ims brought wisdom
to l.uth, but ago has not killed
memory, says Day by Duy iu Tbo
News, Toronto,
In lH'.'H tiiere w»s u very grand
tabln in Dawson, uwn.il by a mon
who iv welt-known In Ontario—Joe
Boyle, onro oi Woodetock, nfter-
Hards of trillion, Uolbourno, Now
Vork, and various widely separated
Cttfis. ,Ioo Ilo,\Ie and lii.s brother
Charley, tlie horseman, havo been
rolling stones, but each has gathered  IIIUJ-M.
Mm* Hri>lai for Twt.
The story of the wuy Joe went lo
Dawson and lhe adventures lie hnd
on the Journey, would make the average novelist sorrowfully admit that
actualities put imagination   out  of
business, so to speak. Jn 'Ofl .Ine
Boyle was out on the Pacific Const,
whither he had returned from Australia after having hud in tlin Antipodes "un unsuccessful iroit.onude,"
as our French friends would put it.
With Boyle hud come from Australia
Frank Slavin, in his prim.' a second-
rate heavyweight pugilist, wbo had
never become a topnotchor owing to
too much good nature uml a reluctance to adhere to tho rules of
strict training, Slavin had been a
placer miner In Australia before he
entered the prize ring, and whon the
rush to the goh| Iields of ihe Yukon
began he and Boyle decided to go
thither. Neither of them bad more
then a few dollars, b*.t Boylo had
brains for two. lie had a good
education, a taking manner, and a
physique* that would have helped
bim hnd he, like his friend, gon-a in
for bruising. Bven as an ainatoui
Doyle Was a ndgiity bandy man with
his lists.
A Cm of Alaska,
There tbey weit1, theso two advent*
urers, stalled in Seattle with hardly
enough money to keep tbem for a
week or so, or to pay for a deck
passage to -Junonii, Alaska. Tlie bus-
iness man of tbe twain soon made
up his ndnd. It' wus a ease of "Alaska," and the tickets were bought.
Fivt days later, with perhaps tun
dollars left, they and their scanty
belongings arrived at Juneau, and
the next thing wus to get more
cash. Boyls looked around, and
thought he saw a chance uf making
a stake. He went to the proprietor
of ths e-aly hall in tbe tuwn and
hired it. He and his friend Slavin,
the world-famed pugilist, would, lie
announced, give a rod hot boxing exhibition In the hall, and no gentleman who considered himself to be
an up-to-date sport wuuld stay
sway. Tickets five dollnrs. Thero
was « printing office in the town,
and by the afternoon of the fight a
hundred or so hud been sold. Slavin
and Boyle saw tbeir way to Dawson,
Quick Chang* of Proct-mu.
But things were not quite so rosy
as they appeured. Tho territory of
Alaska Is governed direct from Washington, and the officer in command
of the army post at Juneau was a
strict constructionist. He bad been
instructed to allow no disorderlIness
In the town, and he considered a
boxing match to be disorderly. The
opening of the performance wus due.
The hour arrived, and with it the
commandant and a li'e of men. Addressing the crowd, the representative of the Government announced
that hs was going to permit no
fighting, either glove or bare fist.
The miners "booed," but there wus
no moving that warrior,
Boyle, however, walked out to the
front of the stage and addressed tbe
roomful of rough fellows. "Gentlemen," he said, "you have all heard
what the commandant says. I
didn't know that there was nny regulation against boxing in this camp,
or I wouldn't have sold you the tickets. It is clear that there can be
no exhibition, but I see a piano in
that corner, and if you will kindly
excuse me a few minutes, Mr. Slavin
will glvs an exhibition of bag-
punching. After that, it will be up
to me and tha piano. And I beg to
state that, if any gentleman desires
tohav* his money back, be cnn get
The Mlr-.r* Sat Tight.
The Boyle dived behind tho
skimpy scenery, and got out of the
tlghta he had donned for the boxing
show, and into his street clothes.
The miners sat tight and watched
Slavin smite the bag. In a .few
minutes, Boyle emerged from the impromptu dressing room, rolled the
piano to the footlights, and sat
down. The surprised crowd found
that they had met with tbem in tho
stalwart young fellow with the
clean-cut visage, an entertainer that
kept them laughing ami applauding
from the moment he touched the first
key. Slavin was as surprised as uny
of the others,
■ofia an a Haaelague Artist.
Boyle had never told him that he
knew a note; yet here was Boyle, :
singing songs in a full, rich baritone, telling stint.-S that sent the
Argonauts and sailors into fits anil
generally behaving like a sub-Arctic
Grossmith. Slavin smiled placidly ;
lit his pipe, and went down and
joined the audience. He knew that
Dawson was a go. Along about eleven o'cJoek Boyle, who hud been giving a monologue for about nu hour
and a-half, announced that the show
was over, but the audience would
not have it that way by nny means.
They protested that thoy were ready
to pny another five dollars each, but
they wanted more songs, more sior- j
ios, more music. Boyle, beaming,
assured them that he was honored
by their appreciation, but that he
and his partner would not accept
another cent. Then ho went on for
t#enty minutes or so, and when tho
li.ahis went out, ho was tho most
popular man in Juneau,
. Men    S««m Hen
A coi'te-pui
rotito Globe:
of December,
18-98, u gene
for the Parlli
■ I the r,*r'iiMtii-jut of Can*
i...H. v«i Living,
lent writes in Tha To-
I'uring the lutl.-r part
1857, und January,
u election of members
unit of t'unada. then
embracing Canada east und Canada
west (-Quebec and Ontario), was held,
and was of more than usual interest
ii» ing to tlie demand iur representation by population and other measures advocated by tha Reform party
under the leadership ol Mr, Goo,
Brown. There were s'xty-flve members from Canada »\i*t and an equal
number from Canada west, the re-
presentatlvea of the latter being, »t
ihu termination ot the pulling, which
then lasted during a period of about
three weeks, ;is Reformers ami U7
Conservatives, Air. Brown, howevsjr,
being Olected iii two constituencies—
Toronto and North Oxford—but eventually resigning the latter constituency, Mr. Willium Mncdougall being
elected In his si>*ud iti Muy. 1808.
In Canada eust tlie Conservatives
wen* largely in the majority, and
their votes, added to their allies in
tlio western Province, gave the existing Maodonald-Cartier Government a substantial majority. Parliament met in Toronlo in Fobruarv,
1058, and of tho 6,r» members    from
Canada s
moned to
think, n
Church o
having d
Oxford 1
1i\.« unlil
n. Qowai
•A   Hi
ng hs follows:
-oudon, .1 uhu
-. 1*. ttowland;
i. Mncdougall;
Mowat Olta-
ith Wellington,
l bel
i*-e\eu are now l
then constltuonc
Pool,   .1.   C   Aik
Carting: West y
North Oxford,
South Ontario,
wa, ll. w. Scot
D. Slirlon.
of these s..\on, two were supporters
of the Mardonnld-Cartier Government and ii\e were opponents. I
have written the foregoing purely
from memory, but have no doubt
u-at the facts I bave Stated arecor-
rtfit, i,1(( i allude to thom solely as
ug roil
U'i*i Iniiud, Editor  ar Tha Uorth Mt*
bad a l roattuaat, aad lalaratl-
lD(lr TetlS All Abaut It.
A few duys ago the Kditor of Ths
North Star, Parry Sound, had the
pnwh-ge of witnessing tne workings
of the X-rays at the Parry Sound
Hospital, The X-ray, lie explains,
is so i'.i i-«: because it is still an
"X" or "unknown" quantity, .Be-
foie seeing it In Operation the writer supposed the X-ray tu t-e a very
Strong light which ihone tbruugh everything with a bUnding Intensity*,
whereas as a mutter of fact alt tbat
anyone can see is a g' ■■•,■ lit up with
a dim green Quid, tha luminosity of
which Is Insufficient to enable one to
read u newspaper,
Ha* Il Look..
|   The first thing that catches the eye
ou entering Dr, Stone's office,   is  a
large glass case containing tbe italic electrical machine producing    tha
current     Which    supplies     the   light.
I This machine is operated by a wate-r
I motor of u half horse-powsr,    Prom
! the pol.s of the battery, wires   are
I b*d to a Crooke's tube, which emits
tlie  X-rays.   This   tube  (a     a     glass
I bulb about sit   Inches in   diameter,
from   which  the air ot  gases   ha*e
been previously exhausted, thus  creating a    vacuum-   At each    end    of
this tube is fused a platinum    wirs
to one end of which is fixed   a   flat
disc—the  unod.«—and  to  the other a
cup-shapod     elect roil.— the    cathode.
When Uie machine is started In action
the tube begins to glow  with  a dim-
1 green light.     That   is  the  ruv.      Wa
i had. -,- has been alraady said,    ex-
nf   the   B8   pectcd to see n light of such   extra'
ordinary brilliancy that we Instinctively screwed up our optica    to    tha
peeping   point,   and     when   we     wera
iold   lhat   11ns  dim   glow       wns    the
famous Roentgen or X-ray, *e   wera
grievlously surprised.
Ran  II Oparalai.
In examining anything
ray, the     operator
through a  tube, one
red wub a pust
Who    Weie
et  in deliberation t».'t,   1
in    attendance,     l»r
■rth Leeds and Grenville
meanwhile, hi d North
i without a reprcseiitn-
■ following May. Mr O,
as subsequently   chosen
with    tt.»
to    look
1 of which is
of    vyunide ef
ita of lha Kloarlik-*-.
Speaking of the climate of the
Klondike, j-. Stupart, director of
the Canadian "eteorological Service,
recently said: 'The average annual
meiiii temperature Is about 22 degrees; the mean of *ae t*i,« Iununtr
months is about 57 degrees, July being 01 degrees; and ti, xt»-ce winter
months io degrees belo* zero, with
January 23 degrees below. Spring
muy be suid to be open towards the
end of April, the lust zero temperature of the winter usually occurring
about the 5th of tbis month. Miy
with nn average temperatire of -i<.'
degrees, Is by no means nu unploa
sunt month, nnd the 28rd Is the average date of the last fro-t uf spring.
Daily observations [luring live
summers indicate thut on the average the temperature rises to ro de-
gross or higher on 46 days on-1 to
80 degrees or higher on 14 days: '.'0
degrees was recorded in Dawson in
June, 1800, nnd lJ5 degrees i-i July
of the same yenr.
These temperatures with much
bright sunshine nnd an absence of
frost during three months, together
with tlie long o'aya oi a latitude
within a few degrees of the Arctic
circle, amply account for the success
so far achieved by market gardeners
neur Dawson in growing a large
variety of garden produce, including
lettuce, radishes, cabbages, cauliflower, potatoes, and Warrant the
belief that the hardier cereals might
possibly be a successful crop both In
parts of the Yukon Territory nnd in
the far Northern    districts    Of    the
Mackenzie Basin.
A MciUrn N*ftrtpa|>«r F.vtl.
Talking of newspaper headings suggests a protest against tho continual
breaking of articles to continue on
some succeeding or other page; more
often oilier by the Sume token. Reading a daily journal hus come to be
very much like reading a weekly or
monthly serial, only Instead of having one novel to follow, you bave
half a do/en, lhe result being thnt
you either overlook something that
you would like to know or lose the
thread of the argument and have to
repeatedly turn back. The tendency
is always nowadays to length, nnd I
must, confess thai I sigh for the good
old days of pith nnd brightness,
when, for instance, 'I'he N.-w York
Sun used lo give all the news all
the time in concise form. Those days
will returni mark my words, and tlip
most successful and most profitable j
paper of  the  future  Will   he    tbp  one i
thnt gives business men    tho   day's ,
Information   at   the   breakfast      t.tUe
In concise and ensilv digestible form. |
I, for   one, never fall io   rend   iho
summary of  the  news   ii one  is  giv- '
en. before entering upon n perusal of
tho main body nf the paper. In that
wuy 1   often  get   possession  ol  news ,
that in the   hun-y    would he    overlooked.—The Captious One,    in   Toronto Sunday World.
The Cons
11 1
Od  from  lh
h   or
Englond m
. a
,i orgo
on the ous
tho sihedn!
Ml     of
Eskimos, i
e. lill.'S
were not oi
.1 the
spring of H't'l nnd did nol teach ihe
enumerator until tlie Eskimos had
gone from their usual domicile at
Big Whale River to their hunting
grobnds, a ci.midorable distance
north. Mr. Walton hud, therefore,
to wait until the spring of 1003, bo-
fore he could take the census and it
wus not tin'H the subsequent September tha' an opportunity occurred
of forwarding l0 Ottawa the ri suits
of his labors.
One bundled and seventy-four Eskimos, whicli number only represent
one-third of tho total, were counted,
There were altogether fort-y-two families. All belong to the Church of
England nml almost all the adults
ran read and write, A typical mime
for iho head of a family is Ooch-
aungwak und for a wife Alcluklo.
barium end platinum. The pfrsOU
1 to le «iri rat d on Is placed between
the ngiit    and   the   operator,    who
'places one end of the examining tuba
j to bis eyes and the other he places
j on the patient, and immediately av-
! erything becomes visible, accordiag
' to the relative density of each sua-
j stance.
j     The  writer  had  the     privilege    of
looking' through  one of the    gentle-
! men present, clothes and all, just ao
Ilie stood,    and   could   easily discern
j the bones and ribs and the pulsating
I of the heart  was perfectly     distinct.
i One of tbe doctors took  up   a book
i which was from 2± to 'A inches thick,
and placed liis hand behind    it;    1*
j looked through the tube and     coujt
1 plainly see the bones of tbe doctor',.
j fingers through    the entire thickness
of the book just as if there had been
no book  there.
Eianlnra tha KSltar.
The writer was also put through a
thorough examination, but being 011-
■v a newspaper correspondent, noth-
hg of intrinsic value was found upon him, of course. A demonstration
wai also given of the use of ths X-
rays for the cure of cuncer, tumors,
etc. iy simply holding the glass
globe Jose to the pan to be operated u,on and submitting it to frequent eyiosures, the penetrating power of th, rays hus the effect of piercing the ;rowth and gradually dis-
Bemlnatin*- it until it finally disappears.
<"*' Saa Thraiigh a Haa,
After havng hafj _ Jnost interest- ,
ing time «.„ the X-rays,  which enables one tc "ggj through   a man"
better than tr*er wns dreamt of until
lately, Mr. \\ u remoVed the Roent-    I
gen tube and lS:inif  the  static    ma-    |
chine alone, he Ra\e several present    I
a  course    ot    t^atment  in    electro-    ,
pathy, which is i»e treatment of dis-
eases by the use if electricity,  Tha
patient is   sealed l a chair   on   fc    .
i platform raised abou  _\x   inches off    V
the   ground.      A bra,,    rft(Ji    called
ths  shepherd's crook, )ecaUM   jt   is     I
exactly like one. connu»s     one p0]e    r
of the static machine w.j, the plat-   j
form,   while the other    p*_ ,a    f0ll.    I
nected    with   the   floor   b a chain.    |
The operator    standing  on   \m floor
is tbe   medium by   which th* ^^
trlcity is carried to fhe patient, u-i
stands behind the patient and po.^«
a rod at him,    and    whenever   ti.|
rod comes within    a certain distant,
of the person    In the chair—distance
dependent  on   the  strength     of    tha
current—the fluid passes from the rod
to the   patient   and operates    mora
particularly on the part to which the
operator    is    pointing.    Iiesiroua    of
seeing into everything, and being In-
flirted with a slight tomh of rheumatism, we offered ourselves as a subject.
Aa ta tha Saatatlaa.
The first mistake we made was
that we drd not inform Mr. Watt as
to the exact geographical location
of the rheumatism, and that gentleman sturted in with his little slick
on an exploratory mission, which
kept ua guessing lively. He Started
iu wiih giving us a poke on tha
shoulder blade, Just at that point
where srratchmg ia a most difficult
oj>eration. The sensation is a sharp
tingling one, not at all unpleasant
I If it were not delightfully unexpect-
, ed. After giving us two or three
[ playful pokes in the short r.'bs, ha
sent a telegraphic despatch up our
spine to the base of the skull, which
felt just like when we make one step
iu the dark where no step exists,
only 100 times more so. Joking
aside, however, the treatment is
pleasant and eun be varied in
strength at will.
| Another of the gentlemen present
waa treated for neuralgic pains. A
ring of metal was hung a foot or so
over his head and the current was
turned on, As soon as this was dona i
each individual hair stuck up on snd I
until the patient looked like one of
I the pictures we have seen outside ths
booths of a country show of the ancient Aztecs of Mexico, only more
so. Thc sensation was most agr##- ,,
able, nnd certainly Some of US Who
wore treated that night went away
thoroughly convinced of the efficiency ,
of tho elect ropathic treatment for
the cure of nervous or rheumatic dhv [
en.-cSi | Cbe Cosmopolitan fiotel
A Firstclass House Centrally Located $j
* ft
1 IW" Sample Rooms In Connection.    The bedrooms iti;
|i'ate'-airy and comfortable, i-.nd the table is the best the ii
Ji*.market affords. II
As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip   j
Which, being translated, m*ans that those who wear j
OUR suits, made up In firs.! class style by first elass j
workmen, well know them 10 be thc BEST      **      ** i
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C.  J
buvi.no meat
i- tiki- linyliig ii |,lg in i. bug
Willi Mlllli* |U*il|-ll*.        .Ml   ll.Ullt-l
Iraik iilik.'in ilii-iii iiiiiI — thoy
t |iiHiri|iuility.
'i i 'G^xn^
'■SKIF^:*v ' -l '""'"'u '
IBS -:%"''    1     nEAT
, .sHI'.jo?; /    iimt will know   that   we  have
., n *■ -^jgMfa^-^ffiV•■■ ' /    tlmt   kind   for   tbem   and  the
h P. BURNS <& CO.
iiii. ciiAMiiiooi;   ui.i.'Ai.n
There Is More Danger of Fire This Time of the Year Thai\ Any Other
We can offer you lo-ver risks cf Fire Insurance than any other agents in Cranbrook. Our
companies have shown by the prompt manner in which the claims resulting from the Fernie and
Toronto fires have been met, that they do business on an Equitable and Adequate basis. You
can therefore reckon that every cent you pay above our rates simply goes into the pockets of
n therefore reckon that every cent you pay above our rates simply goes into the  pockets ol rt/\|\    C*  k  M   *r\   *^vw-v    w   tm*t ..   .-a-***
; stockholders.   INSURE WITH Mil-?    SAI    FOI?    I   PACP
ARNOLD CSL ROBERTS   rui^ Ml^c ur lcasc
************* ************!-.■*.#
f ^..Manitoba HoteL
I   i,,   ... il'mli-i* Xi « MiiiiiiKt-nioiil)
|  ,','vu        I). A. McDONALD, rianager \
I Tliis-Hotel is in the center of town.   The rooms are 5
" comfortable and well turnished, the dining r^om is lirst- A
diss, and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you ..
Want a good place to stop come to th-* Manitoba. |
Nptice for Transfer ot License.
Ni»t**««'iK'liPr.'iiy uiv-'u timi I.Jnmea IWon
oftfr/MtifefCrnnliniok-. II, i.. IntKliii Ii)
apply iiHit* hn <ul ul I.l -ciue t 'ummlaalnner
|*ir ftttftinffi* nl tiiv Imi"! Hi'MlBP, in  Ik'1 !>'"
mi»"H Hin* ill 'I**■ rit». |  iih thf "i'i'-"
limok-HniH/'Ilnl;,"* Strop .  Crnnbrook, "•
V. to ffnirirfirMi A ftollinn.
Drttrtitht Hi II il iy of Mn.v 100-1
I [■ '■ Jnmes It'"'■
-'■-;■■   and ENUINUS
'^»w Mill nochinci-
.Planing mil MtacMiury
• Iron Workinu n-^hincrj-
-'Mlrtlng nochin-y
Michlnery lor-.ll Purposes
-All sl very '"' makes.
"   J' L   -leifson At Co.,
i   '■ '   *     ' 60Z .M.*tir, St.     inn pi'l.'
Land Notice
I I'ni,,, iiiili'i. Hint afxty itn.vH fiftvr ilnti, ] in-
! i'il'l ni ii|i|it.v to lli>- t'flli-f f'liiiiitii.aiiiiter ,il
ii.'iimIh mnl Wnll,.,Cm |i iini.ainii lii.|,uri'lii,-i-
lln, Ifil'iiwinu il,,„i*ril,nl IuiiiIhIii South Kiwi
l',,niiti iii-lnir id  'i  pout   |ilunt.it   tit tin*
liorlli.i'-l i'iiiiii,' nf Lul 11005, tli-mi-e weel lu
fl n-l limit nl l.ut 04110,  Ilium--- MUltli  1,1
lli„ lull-Ill lilllil ut I,,I ,-1,',7,'t. Ulnili**) molt In
Iiii, 141**11. liniil nl l.nl mill.*,. Iiniini, nn tli ti,
lln, i>l iii'iil lii'iiiiin'tiir, i niitiiiuinf- ,1:111 1.1-raH
hum' * lira
Illll4.il ll.l-III ImI.iv lit .llllll-. 11,114.
II VMIIluu, I'rufl.t.
J. E. Slephens,
H. L. Stephen*..
M. Kockenilorf
J. I.-ikmiii.
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines arc
running'full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district —
Stephen Bros. A Co., Owners anil Proprietor,.
Morrissey Mines, ll. C.
II. I.. Stephens
J. II. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
Irom Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters lor
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at thc Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephen, Bros., Owner, anil Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction. It. C.
Chns. Early hus c-iiito n crow l"
wurk ut his lirifk yuril nml «'ill
anon Ih- running in full lilnst.
Mr. Coo mul iismiciiitus. of Spokane, ••oiniiu'iiccd work >m their
valuable copper property, '" miles
up tin- St. Murys
TlioiBinelter eompany linve now
close t» furt.v im*" mi lit.- lm.vi-iill
nml i-vi-rytliiiiK is moving lilting in
n businesslike mininor.
Air. Wolfe mul family of Prntik,
•irrivi'il lu-rt- tliis week, Mr. Wolfe
having taken over the dining
room .if tin- Fulls View hotel.
Mrs. Weeks, of Cliii-ngn. the.
wife of Mr. Weeks, resident iiiiin-
nger of the Smelter company nr-
nveil yesterday uml will mnke this limongst
Nurlli Stur to I i',nii!:ii.'.
The following oirc-nliti' 1ms lieen
sent .mt uy Chns. IC. Porleoug,
secretory bt the North Stnr Mining compuny for tho meeting thnl
wus In-lil yesterday at Montretil:
Tin1 iininiiil general   n ling of
tho Nortli Stnr Jliniim Compnny.
Limited, will In- held nl tin' Inml
office of the compnny, room i'.i.
Street   Itnilwity C'linnilu-rs.  Mon-
tri-iil, un W'l-iliii'-silm*. 211th of -li	
next, ul I2:J.H o'clock, p, in. Al
the conclusion of the imliiini-j
meeting un oxtrnui-tlitinri iiitH-ting
will In* lii'lil tn i-otisider
the question ui' luruiilnting the
coiuputiy nml tn etnpower the
tllrectors to curry out the same if
improved. Also to nuthorizo the
snli- ofthe I'oiiipiiny's properties nt
Kust Kootenny mitt the distribution
the shnn-holdei-s of the
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
For fi't'ins. in:
nl lunil ngeutst
Hyiln Baker, Cnn
nl further particulars npply to the followiulj
I. II. Wils
Kit. liru
wilt, 11.
it. I'.
Miilhiiiihiiii.-, Jr., Cri-8te.li, B. C.
-V: M. Bird, Nel9on.-B.-0.
()r to
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alftcrti
*,' Ban
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Ijranbrook Brick
and Tile Works
Taylor & Davis. Props.
Furncce &,Boiler Specialists
All.dvsi-i*ipi'i.ins'i!' brick work   i
iinrl.-rtnk-'ii.    I*'ln.*s plnsti'nil
I.J iii-w Iin- ini"! pr ■**.
Cotfiiiion lirii-k, pressi-il lirick.
tire lifii'li iiiitl till' on Iinnii.
A I'fiiiiiifnl liiif of Homo-
;   spun* mill    WnrstnU   for
l.ihlii's' Tailor Mude SuitH.
i   Siilisl'.-irlioti ^unniiit^'iil.
l.'iiums on Armitroof Ave,
Cranbrook Sash    \
and iDoor Factory i
lAH.kiiuis of finish work in {
vAtf.ut rliinrs. windows, trim- 1
finiiiis...i'ti*.   Kiln dried lumber *
fdr.fnsii.lc wurk.   Our wurk is ',
giiiwiuitt'inl uiul mil' priii*, .in' !
stJtltWn-tiirv. !
RouRh and Dressed Lumber I
* '•    -  For Sale !
Perry & Fitzgerald
I'lini'lllKltUW IIF THK
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer company
Ti, kee|
must ih
like mu
uml rel
We do i
the Cm
ii lnisiness for business.
it mul si'i-uri- more we
business in a business
iiiirr.     Wu  nn- proni|rt
niili*.     Thnt, is business.
nil kinds of driiynge und
Wi- want more.
• orders in our officii in
uk  hotel block, op-
tutiiin, or telephone 66 ;
v. 03,
place her future, home.
Mr. Johnson, contniBtorflf Cri'u*.
brook, bus ln-eit building ll fiOxHO
addition for Finch & Jouosof fltel
fulls View lintel, as tlu-ir present .
iptarters were iiltogether to smnll
tu nccoinothltu their ninny gtinsts.
Carlin &*Doyle'sorawareoi)»nit.
ing close tfi town putting D, Howe's
and .f. Mi-igher's logs into the riv-.
er, and the town has beon visited !
lately with quite a number of litmly
looking river drivers on their wuy
11 the cmnp.
Mr. T. McVittie and Mr. Welsh,
Kort Steele,  have completed  n
survey of the Flying Cloud mineral
Iiiim, nwni-d by Montana  pni'ties.
ituuted three miles up Mark creek
front here, iu onler to get it certificate of improvements.
Tin- government bridge crossing
the north fork illl miles from here
ciilhigiHiil from becoming ovnrlniiil-
i-il with snow during the lute winter nnd has been curried down tin-
river during the high water this
spring. Tliis will causa much inconvenience lo prospectors whn
travel throngh that, section.
A successful dance was given
here on Tuesday night in liniuir of
the wedding of P, McLaughlin and
Mrs. Anderson, which wns attend-!
ed by it lurge number uf tlieir [
friends who nil join in wishing
them nil the huppint-ss in store
during tlu-ir mntrimuiiial journey
through life, trusting their path
will lie strewn with Dowers and
rose linils all the way.
Messrs. Noble. (Iridium ami
Howe have lieen lining some
development work on the PMto
dluim owned by A. W. McVittie.
.1. Leask mid nthers, uud succoed.
ed in locating a fine body of shipping ore, which gives the property
tithe cur murks of milking a paying
proposition with u modurat-i expenditure nf capital,
N. C. Mi-Kiitstry has pul pu u
stnge line frum here to Crnnbrook,
ns tin* C. V, It. iu altogether too
slow for the prt-Hi-ut uge. and if he
dues not make the run tpiite us
fust, he will make his trips daily.
whicli will lie u greut Improvement
tn thnse that have to get a daily
paper. 11 is to lie hoped that the
postal department will liaveenongh
energy left in tlii-ni to forward the
iiuiii daily Instead of holding it
three duys iu Orniibrook,
Htilldlnf for Sale.
As The Herald will move to its
new building in .luly, the ptesenl
Hernld building is for sale.
F. E, Si111p.s.111.
Two Loin tor Sale.
In the block in which Mr. Mc-
Iiiiies'residenceiind the Presbyterian niitnse ure located, Due corner lot. nnd the other adjoining,
«*|iply to Arnold & Roberts.
proceeds nf snid snli-. together witli
uny uther funds.
A. H. aod A. M. Grand Lodge Officers,
Thegmi-d L-tlge, A. I*', uud A.
M„ met nl Rossluntl Inst week nnd
eli'i-ti'd ullicers ns followsi
W, .1.   Bowser,  Yuu, ver   M.
W. Grand Muster.
T. .1. Armstrong, New Westiuin-
ster   K. W. Deputy Grand Muster.
George JohiiBtoue, Nelsnn R.
W. Senior Grand Wiirden.
Jnmes 11. Scholield, Trail 11.
W.,liiniu! Grand Wimloii.
Rev, ('. A. Procunler, Revelstoke
V, W. Grand Chnpliiiii,
Hurry II. Watson, Vnncouver
M, W. Grand Treasurer,
Robert K Brett, Vietorin V.
W, (iriinil Secretary.
A.   J.   Griiylen,   l^sc-ulmnll
Grand Tyler.
Items ol Interest.
Mr. Kckslein, of Fernie. was in
town Inst Sunday. Mr. Kckslein
is u solicitor mul was formerly n
resiileiit.nl Grand Forks nnd New
Westminster. Siuee coming tu
Fernie he litis been very successful in the practice uf his profession nud mude n host uf friends us
well. Ho is onthuslnstie over the
future of Fernie nnd the whole
district, uud is of tin- opinion tlmt
South Kast Koutenny hus mil yet
tasted the renl prosperity tlint is
In follow greater development,
Grunt MoAlpin, n former pioneer
uf Wnnlner, was in Inwn severnl
duys this week. For lln- pnst few
yenrs he hits been living in Wesl
Kniiteniiy uud the Boundary
country, lie wus surprised tu Iiml
ie  und   pros-
In the Best Town
In the Best District
In the Best Province
In Canada
The Herald
Robinson=Mckenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
New Milk Business.
Mr. Thomas Taylor haB purchased
the cows and milk business of P,
McConnell, nnd will give his whole
iittention tn the dairy, It is Mr.
Taylor's intention to give to the
people uf Crnnbrook only the best
uf milk nud prompt service. He
trusts that he will merit the patron-
uge nf .Mr. MeConnell's old customers and ninny new ones.
." ».... .©*!).--♦■« «»^....*4>44.l  .........
Wc are now in shape to furnish all kinds of
i        BASE and CASE     I
J j  Orders promptly filled anil delivered in town. Por prices apply
jl King Lumber Mills Co. Limited |
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The Ncw Managers.
Drop in and sec us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
i out of Ihe 21
move inln
latter purl
•  will  have
own. It i*.
the   Aiken
i.-1'iul   Imuk.
erv  facility
i Iill
s still lots
Mr.   I Inz.ii.
■ik s prn-
suys  Ihnl   he
ii   letter from
i wns iu  Vnn-
■ Hindu.
s tuwn
ill r. Tnylor
House for rent.
B. McFarlane,
Apply to  W.
Crmihi'ook such u In
[leruiis plnce.
A. C. Bowuess will
his new store rootn thiol' the week, where hi
nne of the best iu the I
iu the new addition uf
block next lo the lm|
where he will huvu el
for handling his busiiti
A letter from Pretl
tains the  wherewitliii
his subscription,     11
the Poplin*district, in
ul present things un*,
there, uud thnt there >
snow in   tin-   hills.
Maurice Qtialn, and Wllliin
ure developing Tom   Leask
party.   Mr. Hu/et
had just   received
-•Shorty" Lnmb. wlm wns i
enuver. llllll hud jllsl left fu
Tin- new brewery in th
has a much moro complete plitul i*************************f
thun uny une who hns mil visited j Houso for Hale; live rooms; pantry
it hns any idea, It is u modern Imul collar) two fenced lots; stable nml
plant in every wny, folly equipped chicken  liouee | (.v. if soM nt once;
hi un
nw in
i  tlllll
lu tllsposlllg iif my dairy busi-
Dess to Mr, I'aylor, I wish to biiv
thnt the chimge was due to a lack
of lime un my part tu give the
dairy siillicienl iitteiitioti, In selling tn Mr. Taylur. I hnve sold to ti
man who will InUir delingeiitly In
plense the public, und  as  he'has
i nnil it line hit of cows  lie  will
he able lo do this.    Thanking you
fur pusl pntroiingc, uml wishing
even   SUCCORS,      I lllll
I'. McConnell,
Timbsr Notice.
Tnki, tioli lint thirty iIiivh nftt-r dote I
ini-iiil to h|4|i|4* to tin- t'liii'f t'linniilSHloner ot
l.nlnta I  Work- fur u B|l*irlul llml tu cut
uiul i urr.v IU4IIV liinlii'i* Inuu Mi,, (o]|,i,viii||
ili'ScriliSil lunitsill w,--.i Kou.elui.v:~
I   I'.-n.n
lliirgo., ii,
iniilil   IWO
I    4111
nnpliia ut
-ri i'iiiii'
-f II
*,.-., >
i, n,„
* |IIK| ||
iliii-l! lllll
ul Mn.v. I
toil .1.
tilled ii
Notice to the Public.
f lii-n-l.v -iiv,, noil,,*- Hint I will '-ill, <ll> A-
B|lOlisitile fur nny ili'bia iinilnu-lfil by iff
wit. from llii. ilnli*. I'i'Iit MiithMiin-
l)iiti,,l iiiin L-iitli ilny of June, nun nru.
Illllllil. II. I. IJI-.1I
-mli '
4*1 hi
■l„',l .1 T,
miti'it nt it
■hit mil In-
'   -441114   su
iiiiMi************ *******
,1,     —.„■,.-.,■■.■■.■ ,_   tft
* tn
J Locals in this column will be J
J charged at thc rate of 5 cents *
J per line each issue.                  *
to ninki1 n first-clnss brand of thr
atnber lii|uid tlmt  hns  miulo onul
town fiiinoiiK nml mny do the siimo
for C'riinlirook.    Mr. Gcillor,  tho
manager,  is  n   pmeticul linnvcr,
hnd is giving his pin'sonnl ntton- '
tion to the work in Imnd,    Hi' Jihh]    Any Ilmi
severnl brews on Imnd and expects I nccepteil time to
to havi* the first beer rendy for tlie;|,m" IMinl" Vu-_
mark.'t   within   a   month   or  sivj   ,|(JU,U(lf,„* nmt
weOks. Idecur.
.lltl clin
ic   Mn
W. .1.
Proasmnklng nt homo or liy the ilny.
Miss  StiipliMini, over Pntmore'B luinl-
jit'nil t!mej-
iget ycinr |ii
now in tin
tint' tnken
Apply lo Hurry Vnu*
1 IllH'.l 111- Jl-t  lh
2 turn ui tit'l hit hi ii (mm in
Unr^iMi uurih u.'Hi vortwr iirwl
imiiil throw in i"H huh ii of Kiti'
W.'Hl   fill,,   iif   ItllHHI'll  •I'M'li.   Ilifl,
olmitts llii'ii fiat hu i'liiiilm, i
Nil nil III Ml), til-in*i' ni'hl Hll 1*1111111-.
uf,* ninif nn niniil cunl ni ni i it lil1
or Ikhh.
I iini ill.-21 hi ihi.vnfMav, IIIIM
■IT. Btirgciw, t.i.i-nliir
):i .1. M. Kl.t.i.lu.'. A,..-..!
Timber Notice.
Tuk Iii'i> Unit- tliirt.v iTu.yh nflrr ilnlu 1
inti'iiil io imply tu llic Clilnf Conimkflloiiori'l
l.jtn.l-jimi Worka [nru apocinl Ikiitm-ndiciic
nml enrry nvtn-y tlnil)*r troin tin' fo Now lug
,l,--nil>r,| l-uitlKii, W.-ki Kantonuyi-
1 I'limiiien.-i'iii' nl it |n«r tnitrkcil .1. ]>.
Klili-i.lni'V |iOitl?wiHt l-miii-r iiiihI -iliuiti'il nl
a ptilnl (our miW Hontti uf KIlcliDiiiiroii llin
IVUHt   HJ.Il'   (>[   Ittll-H  11  I't'tl'k.    Ill   lll'l' Hlllllll   Sll
I'lmiiiH, tin-ii".'i'iiHi SflHuiiiiP.il north 80
i huina, tliHini' wi'ft so t'hnhfH to tin* plniw nl
i-oinini*iii'i'iii nt ruiitnl nt inr IWO mow or li m,
I,ch-«1wI tin--Jlit tli*y»f Mny, U*'H.
2 limn 'lii'in" inr nt a |""»t. ihnrkcil J. D.
Enlriilni-'H nortli wi'Ht ifornor |i(i*it plantn't nt
a point Ave inllcB aouth of Klfolmner on Ilia
wi-Ht Hittii of Umbhi'II erwk, tlicm-a Booth ho
I'llllillH,   tllt'lIM' I'UHt   Kit I'llll'IIH,   till Ulf IHHtll
so I'lmiiiH, ttionue waal 80 cliulna to iln- plnco
ol I'liiniiu'tii'i'ineiit foniiiiiiiiiji; nil) acrea innri<
LoJt.Utl.e21at ilny nt May. 1004.
13 •Al 0, Kill lii I gl'. I.ncali
Timber Notice.
Tnki- uutil',- ilmi ll.irly dujn Irom the Alt*
lii'iiof I Ititoml tn npplj ii. the i lih.1. i imm It*
Himii'i- ol I.iiihIh nml Wifrtta, Vietntla tur ft
k\ inl lleenwi to vill in >l nirr.v nwny timber
Irom Hi.* lollowiiiu -l-'r,. iih-,1 In Fill N in Hntitfc.
Knil K nn,\:-
I'ti ill inclining nl Hn' noiili ni-.. i I'orner ol V
1 iih' i I hi ln*r hiHiHi- hi-ltiK so i-imtna mm at
tlin iiorlh**viiat coriiur ol Lot lllttt, thenr*
 m-tli'Hinilli siii-Immhh. tlii'in..mnl nii ,.|mnia, IhtHMt
Hi" i'l"'" j hoiiiIi sn ehnlna iiIoiikHio \mt limit ol Im*
■rcHiiniii'   :i;|!i lu tin-in iili-M.Hi ,-,,r.ii-r ul   l.oi H40.
Uliohcc h.hI lllll fluiin-  K ih.- north liHIt
ol l.oi IUI, tIini nnlii VO i-hnlm   then*
I'tiHt -in cliulna, llii'iH'i* north 1*40 i-baiM,
tlii'liii' .'imt lo i'IiiiIiih In the |ilin->> ol tffim*
liiiKil Hila 1 Uth ilny nl .limn, l'.m4.
HI 1'i'icr VVootli, LocattV
Sweepstake Mineral Claim.
aituntfi in lhe Furl- Stifle  Mining dlrfiioft
ni Flint Kootenny district.  Where liWtt-
eil, on St.. Mnryn prnini neur Luka (ta*k.
Tnke  notice  thnl   1   ililwiuil Elwell In*
mltti'i'ri certificate nnmber liT.'i.'i^ agent for
Ltlk-D neck   (lold-ropper  Mining rnmpatjr,
ljmil.'il. iiun-iii'rsotiiil linliilitv, free nlneft
eiTlitieate iiuiiiher   D0050R| iiitenda '■ist'f
daya Irom lhe date hereof to np| ly 16 Un
mlniog recorder (nr a < ert itt.ate ol impiov*-
iiieiitH, Inr the piirpmit) of obtaining a crowa
grant nl the nhnvu elaiin.   And tlitthw ittm\*
notice Unit nation niiilerneetinu87 nml IM
coiutapnccd In-fur*' iln. iKuiiuice of inch c#rM-
fiintii of im|irovpmentn.
Hilled thia ir.th de vol June llMU.
Utlt tdward KImbU. rm: ri'AM'.i'ooK   in:i.\i.n
ll.mli.il' l.itii'ti.'iii'l V.'*.iiii-.-. lliuu *i**i
lliiuliiis Suits sl,ii*i*.. Silk ''.ni*, ui
Ml nin* new silk uml timi*)   llinu
III l-'in.-y Nook Itililiiui. iiriil.ii  in-'
Ml Whit,- Muslin I'liilenvenr ul
ul t-'n*. nmi'
Half Price
.1.1 i-.i p- c. Oil
,M .-.i p* t. oil
2$, per yard
.1.1 I .1 p. C. Oil
MR *
VII Goods marked In pl.iin figures .ind every line a BARGAIN
|    ....Come and Sec for Yourself....
EI D   &   COflPANY
(llOTE.   Terms Cash.   Nu Sale floods sent out on approval.
m*********t *******:mim'4ji4_
Dairy Butter, I pound bricks 20 cts.
"        "     in tubs 22 1-2 cts.
Fresh Creamery, 1 lb bricks  30 cts; 2 lbs 55 cts.
very best, and the price lhe lowest <** J* «** J*
Fancy anil Staple Groceries and Crockery
Cranbronk. li. C.
Agent fur Broekvillu Cm-ringi- Works, Buggies mul Rigs of
' nil descriptions,
.. > i«.i»i * i «■i»;
fi-s-i-ri-**! •■;*  •
I* i s>; .-. •■, i *
' (ft I 4*4 | 4$ | 4.
Sl 1 '!■ I * I * I * I * I
..CfilttK 0? tl$..
<S We want you to think of us whenever you think of Clothes ®r
® Our whole energy is concentrated on securing good things for ®-
® you to wear ® '-
|® Our Spring and Summer Styles are now making a strong ap- s-
pealto you. while our reasonable prices make an equally ®-
strong appeal to your purse.   Wc arc waiting to serve you        ~®
ink ul ll„< niiiiml,,, nil.,,     Wc
Illl  Illl'lllllll,-   41.I-I    ..(1,1     -4141..-
Cranbrook Collage Hospital,
t'iiiiii-t Armstrong i,vt-ini.- nml bewls&t,
l-'or full particulars apply lo
riiss Moss, - Matron,
tlni.liinii- uf St.  I.uko'j llospilnl, Van*
 .-er, ll. 0,
Teacher of pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
ol three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence of
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
..JULY..   L
A mighty mingling ol the
....Twenty-Eighth Annual Tour....
at Beattie's Drug Store,   m
Picked Up About lhe City  hy  Asking
Question, of Many  People.
p  Rill Si Co., Cranbrjok's Greatest Store
>I*>191+191+1*1919  *'   '   "'
14,iiJ*yi*.i*■...!,, ■ ..  ■•  ••  ■;  ■•
> I ® 191«14
,        |     ,. ..-     .     4,
k 19191 * I * I
1* i *.* - •   •
iai«i,-4 I'm *i ? ■ *: | i I ■   •   •   •*■'»!■? |« 191-*-1919I9
.   ...   .   .   .   •     ..   ...,,..  ,. ; 9;91919)9l♦4,*
Whenever tlu-re is anything you
be Never mind what il I
ven  il  it','
write to
money, don't   hesitate I,
ill ^ et you vli.it vou require and save you
a firc.it deal ol (rouble and time
a ,,*.,*■...■;.* •
New Hardware Store
We have iust opened our new store and propose to carry
a complete line of Hardware, Tinware, Iron, Mill and
Mine Supplies
MILL SUPPI IES    Pumps, Canllir.oks.Saws, Axes,etc
BUILDERS' SUPPLIES- Tar and Building Paper.
MINERS'   SUPPLIES—Truax Ore Cars and Steel,
Hydraulic Rams, Pipes, etc.
A complete stock ol Fisliitij; Tackle, Rifles and Shotguns
1). .1. KIiiiit. nf Moyii'. wns in
t iwii Monday.
.MiilsuluiniT suit- nuw nn ut
lii-iil ,t Co.'s
Mrs. M. liillis is visiting trie-nils
in Macleod this week.
Ladies white  wi-ur al
cent nil al Reid & t'u.'s
.1. A. Hnrvey visitt-il Moyie on
legal business lust Friday.
A lino nf ladies >-l..th skirts al
Imlf price.   Reid ->: Co,
Mrs. Stokes hus gone t-' l-jlnim*.-
t ui lo visit with friends.
Mrs. Altinnn and children ore
visiting friends in Macleod.
I' Mulhiini, nf Jaffray, was a
Cranbrook visitor over Sunday.
Ili-lt buckles nnd blouse sets nt
a bi-- reduction, Tflte, the Jeweler,
Blouses, -thirls, ribbons etc., ut
greatly reduced prices, Hi Id &
Tin- Htriu't Bprlnkloi is a grei I
Imoni  t.i  flit'  people  mi   link, r
Ml I'l'I'l
|)r, llnrvh', nf Moyie, wns mi on
Saturday for a brief visit to Orniibrook,
Father Ouellottc reliirneil this
Wirt fri'ltl  n   trip  to   Now   West,
F. C, Mftlpas lefl on Tiiesilny on
it business trip lo the const tn 11-
gum- ii week ur su.
Tlionms Stark visited I'nsslunil
lasl week ns dologuto lu flu- A. F.
nud A. M.gi'iinil lodge,
It T. Ui-yiinii-f. nf Ilu- Hunk nf
Cottitnerce, rcturnetl Mondny fruui
his trip to th iihI.
A. li. Fenwick, of Port Steelo,
wns in town lust Fridny looking
after boiuo business mutters,
Tnke nlung n few boxes nf our
fine struwlii'rrii-s. Tlu-y will Inline-for ymir luiteli.   F. S. JI. Cu,
Thomas  lii-mii!  hns   gone  to
Novu    Huotju    fur  n   lisit  with
I relatives nild  friends   for   tlupe
If not you have mi   i-.l rurM of fun.  The stn-ains of South
Ensl Kooti nuj nn  full -,1 the speokli-d lieanties, and tlu-y will
booh In* risiuu to tii.- To lie a successful fisherman, yon
uiusl Iiuvi- ii pnipi'i onllil 1 keep tin* besl Block i.r
to Ih-found iu British Columbin.   The Hies niu mi fnctuied
cspociully for tin- si'i'tiun     Drop in and make youi selection
or send iiiim. i-i,nl stilting whal you wunl foril |iays toili-nlul
_\ ,\*
Fruit tuul Vogi-ttil
<*h our window.
0. A word to tho Ladies   when you ivaiit c-oiifoetiouury
3    g ■'" "in "I-"" »-' k,-p u large variety uml only the bust.
| |       B. Dawson & Company*
g| §^fc%gjfti
€  Q
Here's to You
For yoursparkllni Wines. Port.
Sherrj, Rye, Brandy, etc., just
■Imp .1 l.n: ur 'phone io	
Wluik-ak* Liquor! Cranbrook
I'tuinc 17
Our Mail Order bil
lies*, continues to grow.
Rooms bright, clean and well furnished
The dining room is the brightest.    -.**    The table the
best in Cranbrook
Table Boarders—$7 (or 21 meals ticket
Rooms with full board from $30 per month
W. ,T, Atchison, nf Moyie, wns Tho Hernld hns had twenty-two
iu town Inst Friday.   He snys thm men 1 rjtest ugninst tin- statement
Moyie will have n hummer uf n mtido lust week nbout lodgo ser-
celebrntiou,                                   I vices being u guml thing, ns it took
Tenders nn- wanted  by  Fntlier aomu I"'"!'1''   '"   °l"ircli   at least
Ouellette,   nf St. Marys church, °"V'e" -Vl'"r-    Anionn thosu who
for the liiiililin-' nfu Fence around ""jeetixl on the grounds of personal
the Cntliolic cemeta-y. applicution   wore   well  we  won't
,           ,,                   ,    ,. mention nny iiumes,
James    Ryan    rt*turneil    Irom
Seattle lust Siiturduy.    lln Bays'    lee cream uud len crenm suilns.
tin-    tropolis   nf   iln-   eoiisl   is tlu- best thut  run be found, ut I',
rather tpiiet tliis Biiiuuit-r. MeContieirs.
Rev, Slont is now in i-hnrgi- nl"    Mrs. Jessie   Dny, n mjianled
tin- Baptist .-hur.-h.   II.-  is «.u*k- by her btibj-, nrrived  from  Kulis-
ing his way througl liege, and is pull Insl   Fridny  fnr u prolonged
n young man of much promise.      .visit   with  hor parents, Mr. und
W.  ']'.   Haines,  nrriveil   from ' *Mls* °lmx Biirge. of Perry Creek.
Sohriber  on   Monday  with Mrs. I Mra. Day visited her father, prior
Haines and hns taken the position ! to l"'r I'inrriage, in the early duys
uf chief clerk with Superintendent  "f Crnnbrook, nnd the lirst pnrty
Kt-ii-ksnii. ■ given   in   the  town  wus   in   lu-r
,,, , •        .,   ' honor.
If ynu want to take a trip on the
lirst. uml wish to know what is go-     Butter, Fggs. Pork & Etc,   For
ing on, und whal  the places nre shipment to British Columbin,   A
like, rend I', s. .\|, Co.'s add En j 1 quality. Write for cash prices.
this issue. I. D.-Fi-hr.
12 Didsbnry, Altn,
Mrs. 1,1',-lnii* and daughter of
Montrenl, are the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Rabicliaud. Mrs.
I.i-i-lnii- is n sister of  Mr.  Rnbi-
For Sale   My residence on Artn-
, strong avenue.   Will give a good
. price fur ensh, or will sell on  reasonable terms.   Apply to H, Tun.
resident' bridge,
Senator King, father oftho King
1 nys of Ihis place, nrrivt'tl lust.
Monday for a few days visit, The
I Senator wns pleased with, the pro-
W, Ralph Fowler, C. I' I!, gross Cranbrook hud made since
station ngent, of Uguitville, t lut.,1 he wns lust here, nnd is of the opin-
ni'i'uuipnnii'il by Mrs. Fowler aro ion thut this town hns a gootl
the guests of Mra, Fowler's Bister, future. Ho will remain until
Mrs. Klilun Cnthcnrt. Monday   nnd then  return to liis
Ladies, you may bo preparing I'' °*
Bomething for n lunch. Vcu may
rt'iptiiv somo unlil incuts. Just
ring up No, -I and we will full ynu
whnt we havo.   F. S. M.I
S. K. Oliver, a  I'm'
of   this town lull   nuw   with  the!
Nelson News, made a trip through     ''• '''• Rogers has put on the
the district last week in lln- inter- streets a now delivery wagon thnt
(st iif his paper, | 's " dri'iitn in artistic lovlliiess.    It
,,     .  ., ,,      „   ,       ,.   , Is covered nnd has the firm name
Francis Mot oi noil relumed Inst .„„■ „„, (J| T R       |nfl ,    -j t, ,
weekfroi W peg whore ho has glory,   ,,,„, hn]m{;illt ft,„tur„ is
been    attending    bt,    Bomfnce the0|Ibox to|ieJtll th(J^ of „„,
college.   He will spend  his vnca- ,vngon mu] (lt the rear.    In this
""" '" ' "' '""L I wny there is un i-linni-,. for uny nil
Miss l{h..ilu l.i-iii-h. wlm is at- getting Into tho rest of flu- guudH
ii-iidiug tin' Wi'st I ii ui rm' conserva* | during delivery. Mr. Rogers la to
tory at Toronto, pnssed n verj auc* be eonipllniBiiteil upon his iiu-ti-u.
cessful I'xnmiiiiiliun ut Ilu- close nf polltnn turnout,
the term, n-i-eiving high honors inl ,,,,,,,.. ,
nil the studies that she had taken -'■ "■ Mo-BrWo hns received
up , wonl llml his dnitghti'r Edith, whn
J. Pollock, wil',. ,<i,„l daughter,•jB,'tt6mll^,Bcl,ral ".' A1""1 "J1.*
uml Miss CitSBle Cody, ci lown   W i'T"   "''' ox"ml",at'0',f wl11'
from Fernie Saturday lo visil will, tho lifghesl honors and will next1
Criinl k frlouds.' Mr. I',.ll„,'k *v""r' ""T, ,,!'l""  ,ll"r „''" N"'6
retnrni     Monthly,   bill  Mrs.1™'™'    '',,-s sii.-i.ks w.-ll fnr lu-r
I' lekiind Hu- young ladies re-1 l,ulnstr> ,u"1 '"t"11'^"™-
innlitetl several days longer, |    -|-hl.  wilgn  house, under   the
Work is progressing upuu the' able management of Mr. and Mrs.
interior finish of the Imperial hotel Houdley, is rnpidly gaining iu
as rnpidly as possible, luit it will favor, audi! is now found to be
linrdlv bi- ready fur opening by necessnry tu incrensc the number
tin-first uf thu iimnth. ft is going of rooms, With this idea In view-
to be on.-uf the largest nud tnosl the hpusp wiil lie extended so us to
comfortable hotels in tin- city, |odd seven more moms, onlargo the
kitchen nud afford greater i-oi.y.-ii-
Just Arrived
Ar.other shipment of
BUTTER, direet from
-        factory, in 14 and 28
2 pound boxes and bricks, put up expressly for Manning & Sid-
® dons; in fact we sell nothing: but fresh goods that are sure to
® please the most exacting.
| We have a few of those TAILOR-MADE SUITS direct from
- London, England, that are b;ing sold so cheap that they will sur-
J- prise you.   Oh, yes, and those FANCY SUMMER VESTS.
? Come and see them WE ARE HERE  I'O PLEASE
,., I Hi I 4.*  ''.-.     ... 4    ,.
New Drug Store
This is uur busy time. Wo have just moved into our new
Btore, uml un- busy li.-ttiiitr uur i;ik«Is in shu|»*. und then
is the new stock t" ink.- cure of. We will be settled down
in n few ilnv*..    We wnnt ymi tn cull nml see us.   Yuu will
Iiml um- nf ll litest, up-to-date ilnu: stums  in  British
Col liiu. filled with fresli drugs nml druggists' novelties,
C* E* Reid & Co.
Registered pharmacists
%        .IN HIS NEW STORE.
|        =======
1 A.  C.   BOWNESS. Wholesale dealer in
|   Wines Liquors and Cigars
9 Ne» Rooms in the Aiken Block, Just North of Imperial Bank Corner
Agent Ior Calgary Beer and .-"orter
Agent for T. Lebel 4 Co., Hav and Grain.
To Escape From Poor Plumbing
is easy if um- wishes In ilu sn.   Its
simply u question nf
Who's  Your  Plumber ?
Settle ihut by cngnging us tn ilu
nil necessary wurk nml there will
be no Hiinsy material ur defective
workmanship. Upon tl miplete-
uess, effectiveness uml durability nf
our wurk depends uur l-i-putntinii.
We cannot risk this trough failure to plense.
We also make Patent Dry Air Kefrlgerator,, and lil up old ones »:ili Paleot Stitea -Seal
On Earth
'I'lllll   U  44-1,4-14- 4,  ,-l4,|l   |a  ,„„-;  4,|,l  |„ -JO *l»t MjT.
UlllmiBit'R |,rn|i,,|l.v liiml,, lli,.t,.. il miiiii III
llliili'l-tliii Ill-Ilia, Hinilli,, Hlllnr will I,ink tiki*
ii i.i.-, [ -iin*..:--lurk.
1 y .
h ,-,. It,.*..I ii, ii BL'toiu-o. W,, uh-4, nlnpli-
ti'iiiiun in lln, Iii.-uli I'ilii'hut ,4-iir.v I'iiii
mul iiink'* it ii point to h-u I Inn nil uro i'.
Leask & Henderson
Wo  hnve just received it  very
I have one request to make.   . ,
have  boueht all  jour   Clothing N'01"1"'
since March ist at the One Prlc*'    Willium Uli-aslell. of Fernie, is |„nr|. line of ties direct  from  thi- I'"l'l's "'' V'-ry w;ny.    Tiiere
Store.   You know where that is. assisting tt, jj,  Beattie while tl:p ,„^',„f,„.i,„.„PU i,, i,-, j , i ' -i-i,,, ' j room I'm- siu-h u biiiinliiig house in
You have always had a perfect fit.  s ock is being arranged in the n, -y I %XZ*£& we    nvo in,   '!'" t'™'('' f |*» ™'«<™ lllls <»">'
Si, I wish you to continue to buy budding, I     ,       ^ « H|     , kca       ,1, muustrnt, ,1.
there.   I have always come away I    p0r   Sale   My    resitlei
There  wits
That is thu spell our store has over its customers.
Morrow & McFarlane
...       in
from that store with the firm be- Armstrong avenue,   Snap for cosji
lief that I got just what I bargain- or ohenp on easy terms,   Apply to
eil for, and with the happy thought H. Tunbridgi'.
of getting still greater values in      T. , ,,,.,.  „
the future." L If-??".W""  " ""'''' Bht lmt ,["'
'the birst, get   one ol ours.     \\
Clear of high prices;
Likewise low grade meat.
We are cutting up the best
beef that Alberta produce*
Nothing but the best passes through our market.
Harris & Jolliffe
I nre shading the priee of every lint
00 cents mill
I J"'. S, M, Co,
very low prices.   I-'. S. M. ('...       j    The Lnnlenu Eagel has this la
Word   hus  1 n  received  thnt 9 .V »f two Crnnbrook citizen-., who
Bnmmy Rajoyette lias enlisted jn n.o mining m thnt district:  Geo,
the   African   police   fur   i titer Goldsmith and Geo, .lulu sin  left
term of two yenrs, nml Hint   Frank! I""1 week In open up un the Scout]
Rankin is with a survey corps inIP"5"!'-    ""'.v purpose containing
,     ,* i Hie 1.llllll ii ilin reirini,        I',, >t ll nf the i *'l'*    ''IISI'    tltlllll'l    llllllll.'    tile    Illliill
50 cento i'i"1 Ule-V "r" «oin« '»'*| boyseSd Vlcmnbroot IW Iho' W- . A.t the snspensi fn,™,.
The Calgary Cattle Company,
Suutli African war,
timis Inst full the nssny wns tVXl Illl.   Cll AMU'OOIv    HERALD
^y^^vv m^uu gvvvvvw^ vvvvvw iS5\\\\\\\X533^55.^^
.j\ lew of ibe 10,000 and one CMng$ ttle Carry
Capitol   Cylinder
Aetna Engine
Renown Engi'e
Atlantic Red
Eldorado Castor Machine
Eldorado Eng'e
Summer   Lubricating
Union   Thread
Vegetable Castor
Air Compres'r
Polar Ice Machine
Arctic Cup
Axle Grease
Harness Oil
Cased Illuminating Oils
Fire Buckets
B. S. Vises
Asbestos Wick
Square   Flax
**£m Kootenay's Largest fiardware store...
fl few of the 10,000 and one Dings (Ue Carry
The growth of the industries in this district has created
a demand for a firstclass hardware store, with thc room, facilities and capital to handle a strictly firstclass stock.    Wc have
P ' "lock SDiral I met this ^emanc^ ^Y doubling the capacity of our store and in-
Packing 1 trodudng modern features in arrangement so that we have the
Sheet Packing
Leather Belting
Rubber Belting
Lace Leather
Cotton Waste
Fire Clay
Portl'd Cement
Plaster Paris
Plastering Hair
Wire Rope
Barbed Wire
Agency Wing's Wub Spted Graphite Babbit m«al
Screen Doors
Screen Hinges
Green Wire
Ice Cream
Garden Hose
Fishing Tackle
Brass Goods
largest, most convenient and up-to-date hardware stoic in
South East Kootenay.     We have the most varied and heaviest stock in the district, same selected with a view to filling thc
varied wants of our different industries.    In connection with
our immense hardware business we make a specialty of tin-
smithing, plumbing and furnace installation.   All work in
this line strictly guaranteed.    We are therefore in a position i Globe Valves
to meet any and all requirements upon a varied hardware bus- i
iness, and desire to impress this fact upon the public, so that
we will no longer hear "we did not expect to find this in stock
in a town of this size."   Don't forget that MAIL ORDERS
receive prompt attention.  We serve South East Kootenay and
and serve it faithfully.
Steam Gauges
Iron Well
Iron Force
Low Down
Fire Arms
R. M. Paint
Boiled Oil
Raw Oil
White Lead
Window Glass
Carriage V'r'sh
Hard Oil Finish
Ironite Oil Finish
Dry Colors
Colors in Oil
Carriage Wood
Bar Iron
Band Iron
Sheet Iron
Pipe Fittings
Coal Oil Stoves
Agency    Hamilton    Powder    Company
* Kiicitcv tiiirncv, Cildcn * £*:, Souvenir Sieves and Ranges
I gig v vvvv^ ^^^^^^ vvvvv^W^S
;t*n%y  \i.«*M*.y,   vow-*.!*   w)    •*■*.  -   ffnf.nu    *-.»»»*■   «"«  ■•■•*.«»«        -
■,Tb4* Hernlil Curro«|ioiiilciit.
% , % a
15     5
15    10
7    ;i
TonfBtrrow will Bee the biggest
celebrijibn in Moyie that there has
ever bben in the history of the town.
There have lieen reduced rates, of
a fare und one third, secured from
the 0. P, R., und large orowds ore
expected from outside 1-oints. The
celebration is in the hands of an
energetic committee, consisting of
V. Di-sliuliiu-r, P, J. Me.Muhon,
Fred Frith, 11. Cuineron, I1. F.
Johnson, F.J, Smythe nnd D.J.
Elmer, and information regnnling
any of the events may be obtained
from these gentlemen,
The   Bimrts   will   slnrt  nt  one
o'clock, .when the following events
will h^ nulled off :
I. 100 yards foot race
i. Broad jump
il. Siu-k nice
■I. Putting stone
5, I'ntiito rui-i-
li. Log rolling contest
7. Tie making contest
8. Chopping coutesl
II, Drilling contest
10, Hunt -race
11. Tiiu- of war '-'•*>
loggtrsv-.  r«
Iii iidditiou to these, there will
be ■ . eHts for ilu* children, con-
sii -, nf I'niil racing, jumping, n
Imi     i iie-nnil oilier sports.
nt night the Moylo tire
brig uie inleiiil giving another hall
in tin- Morley hull, the ti-ki-ts for
whirl, hnve been placed nt $1.00.
The lire boys tinv*,* ulwuys been
noii'il as entertainers and on Friday
evening they intend to uphold their
Thus, uny -lersiiii who wishes to
enjoy Dominion Duv to the full,
cannot do lietter thnit buy a li.-ket
for .M'l.vie. situated on om- of tin-
prettiest lakes to be Found anywhere in llritisli Coliimliin.
THE   ST.   I'.l mi.N! .
A short time ngn - if the richest, it nut the richest, body of ore
ever found in the mine wns struck
in tin- No. 1 tunnel of the St. Eugene.- The ore lioily is 11 feet iu
width nnd runs higher ill silver
thun dny ore yet found in tlie workings.1 The work of pumping out.
tin- shaft hns been completed, and
within u short time men will be put
to work iu the lower levels. Thus,
the St. Kugene is proving even
richer than was expected nml Moyie
has the best backing of any town
iu South East Kootonay.
SEWS nut us,
R. J. Hamilton, of N'elsen, was
iii town lust Thursday,
S. K. Oliver, who represents the
kelson Daily News, wus a  Moyie
visitor the hitter part of Inst week.
\V. M. Walker wns registered at
the Hotel Kootenuy on  Thurstlny.
Colin C, Brown, of Vancouver,
wns doing business in town last
H. Snell, of Montreul, pnid Moyie
a visit in Friday.
R. P. Wullastoii, of Victoria, wns
in Moyie last week.
M. Fleishman, of Vancouver, did
business in Moyie Inst Saturday,
.1. A. Hnrvey of Crnnbrook, wns
in Moyie on legal business the latter part of hist week.
M. A. Beale. of Crnnbrook, was
registered nt the Hotel Kootenay
on Monday.
Bob Johnson, of Old Town, win
iu town Monday.
(1. H. Miner, who at one timi1
run a hardware store iu Moyie, was
renewing acquaintances in town the
former part of the week.
.1. 11. Flccklnstoin, who has been
in business in Moylo for the past
few months, sold out Iuh interest to
Mr. Lung, uud hns gone to Revol-
stoko, wlu-ri- he intends to locate,
Largo strings of fish ure being
caught iu Ilu- hike and nny por-
soii who enjoys the B|xirt of fishing
should spend the 1st of July in
Apply 1,
licnrge Miner Back.
(i. 11. Miner nnd wife nrriveil
lust Saturday from Pomona, Oui.
Mr. Miner hns sold out his business interests iu California uud is
back to British Columbia to look
over the country with u view of
locating, Speaking of California,
Mr. Miner suid: "The t-limate iH
too warm in tlmt country for me
in tin- summer time. When it
got up to 100 in the slinili* 1 began
to think about the cool nights of
British Columbia und the nice
breezes you liuve here through the
day. Finally I concluded to sell
out and 1 did bo. I have no complaint to iiinke, for I did well iu
tlutt country und liked it very
much. Hurry Fairfield has a tine
stable iu Pomona uml is doing a
fine business. Mrs. Doble and all
her children are living there nnd
seem to like it very well. I have
not mnde up my mind us to wliere
I will lot*at.'. but expect to take a
trip through the Edmonton
country and see what I think of
C. M. Edwards came up from
Palmer Bur last week where he lias
had charge of the placer work on
the diggings that are being dcrelop-
eil by the company that is lieing
organized by A. \V. McVittie.
George Hoggurth went
on Wednesday.
Wanted, n nurse girl
Mrs. T. W. Leask.
Miss Cameron, ul' M
guest of Miss Daisy Hillier,
J. Breekeiiridge und wile were
Crniibrnuk visitors lust. Sunday.
Sid Wilson left on Weduesdny
for ii visit at Betnnsville.'Ont., I'm
severnl weeks.
Tom Wellman has g  to tin
const nnd mny probably locate in
Miss Pansy Bourgoine and 'lm*
Btirgoine nre visiting friends it
Jaffray this week.
J. H. Polf. tho insurance agent
has beon rustling business in this
section the past week.
Chnrles Early came down from
Mnrysville Fridny to attend tu
business iu Crnnbrook,
The Heiiilren house nu Bilker
hill was sold this week through
Beale it Elwell to .lohn Duncan,
Tin* Methodist church und pur-
sonage is being greatly improved
in appearance liy n new emit of
11. I,. T. C-talbrailh, uf Fori
Steele, wns in Inwn Tuesday enjoying the balmy breezes ui' Crnn*
H. Hieki'iiliolhnn has gone lu
the coast Inr a trip ul' recreation
after his luni,' Biege with iiiilninii-
tory rhoiimiitism.
A paper is being liberally siu-n-
etl  b.v   the business men stilting
thut they nil ngi to make August
first ti civic holiday this yenr.
Don McKay cinno uver from
Fort Steele Insl Thursday, Tito
slough players took mi a serious
look when they suw Dun coming
to town.
Dr. Miles, of New Brunswick,
hus nrriveil iu town und is looking
over the field us n location I'm- n
dentist. He is a college mate nf
Dr. F. E. King.
E. Elwell went to Cowley mi
Tuesday fur u couple of days outing. Mrs. Elwell, who has been
visiting tlu-re for the [iust week
will return with Mr. Elwell,
The services in the Methodisl
church next Sunilny at usual
hours. Morning subject "Christian Stewardship"! evening "Patriotism", Strangers will be cordially welcomed,
Mr. Campbell, of Moyie, was in
town yestenluy. Speaking uf thu
celebration tube held in ihut inwn
tomorrow, he snys thnt there will
In* amusement fur young and old.
and he hopes to see a good crowd
enine down from Crnnbrook.
.lim Henderson nnil Frank Rut-
ley left yesterday I'm- it few ilnys
fishing ul Kitchner, They will
bring snnie big ones with them
when they come home tlutt is.
big stories,
The bunks will close this Thursday at three o'clock until Monday
morning, us Fridny is Dominion
d iy und the government has
decreed thai Saturday shnll be nn
holiday also.
Thomas Tnylor. wlm hns purchased lhe milk business uf I'.
McConnell, is doing u nice business. He is adding tu his stuck uf
cows nnd seems tu be giving sntis-
Euclion tu his customers.
S, J. Mighton is fitting up his
room I'm- tin- new cigar store in
tine shape. B. 11. Short, Ihe paper
hanger, did a specially artistic
pieee nf work. The room, with its
new fixtures, will In* one (if the
must attrnotivo iu the town.
John Wolf, whn 1ms churge nf
the dining room and rooms uf the
l-'alls View hotel at Murysville.
wns in town Tuesday. He snys
that lnisiness is nlrendy looking
better nnd lhat there is tin dnubt
about the town going ahead nuw.
Thnse wanting anything in the
way uf garilou work dune or the
clearing of lots, would do well tu
see Willium Sneddon, lb- makes
a lilisiuess nf it and is une nf the
besl in his line. A iurd lu him
will get ymi iii communication
within twelve hours. As a lawn
milker In* cannot be beaten, nnd
The 1 l.-i*,-, 1,1 iiiiiu knows from experience,
N. C, MuKlnstry hns stnrted u
stage line lietween Crnlilirouk llllll
Marysville. The stage leaves
Crnnbrook nfter the arrival of the
east bound train in the afternoon
nud returns fu Crnnbrook lhe next
duy in time tu catch the west bound
train in lhe morning, This will
prove n greut convenience to tin-
people uf both towns und the
traveling public.
CM. Keep received a letter from
.1. T. Lnidlaw. who is with a surveying party on the Fording river,
surveying n bunch of conl claims,
who says that the report, thut one
of the party wns killed is all bosh.
He also snys that he has seen it
number uf elk uud gouts und tt few
grizzle during his trip, There nre
no lish on account of the falls thnt
prevents them going so fur up
The liurlHirs of Cranbrook held
a convention on Tuesday night at
the shop of T. E. South.    Messrs,
Ciine, Cloddories, aud Lupier wen
present. The objeel of ilm uu i
ing was to discuss the ipiestion of
keeping open   "11  StllldtlJ .      Sl III
iif tliusi* present maintained rial
uny mini whu shaved fur *-i - il ys
in the week wns entitled J" a n t
un the seventh, regardless o[ rel ■{■
inn. In fact, the question i'l relig-
ion did nut ruine up. h wns simple
eoin against personal comfort, und
nfler the mntter had been threshed
out Ilu- hitter won. Therefore,
thnse whu want In secure a shnve
mi Sunday in Craubrook hereafter
will have'lu use ili.-ir min razor.
A (irenl Mlnlslrcl Show,
Nexl Saturday night the people
uf Cranbrook will have an opportunity nf seeillL* nne uf tl
uiinistrel coinpttiiies nf
Kii-ltiinl *V- Pringle's Ge
Istrels oro conceded tu
the best on lhe mail.
been receiving all kind0,
in the towns ihey li;
The iiiaiiageluelit run t!
on regular military   b-
i   | mu
Simpson &Pittman
i-| s only
i.     They
the discipline enforced l„
the besl .tali-til with Iini:
live and travel in their own |
cms. which are fitted up for comfort und ease, As t>> ihc performance-', the leading critics unite in
saying tlfnl this company can furnish more fun and real outci'tnin-
lllelit in two hours than any com-
binntiou un euit'i, Don'l forget
the day and dale, ami i-einoinlier
thut you cnn get ymir ticket in advance from II. E, Beattie.
Quito u number of Cranbrock
people ure arranging lu visit Winnipeg ut. fair linie.
1". \'., Simpson, Esq.. Crnnbrook,
B.C. Dear Sir; Wo shall be glad
ii you nm at Bonie early ilnte, tind
room in your payer fnr this letter,
which con turns we venture lu think,
mntter nf considerable public iu-
Tin' danger we run ui' iin* in this
town has impressed itself strongly
upon uur minds lately,and Boine ut'
us hnve taken the wise precaution
tu put mir house in order.
Iiui nl' nil those whu insure,
mighl we ask," How many read thp
conditions upuu wliieh policies are
issued?" Nnl uni' in a hundred we
would wager, and yet tm the fnce of
the policy tin- assured is asked to
"carefully read" same, Ignorance
uf ilu' law. is. as wc nil know.no
excuse : -in it is with tire insurance.
Thereforo, with your permission,
th iiuiiiii ilie medium of The Herald,
nil all
il  fc\V
■2    tit
Iia  .loan
•lltlllV  I
■ nf ll
lint r<
is with
' draw the attention of
■ insuring public wlm
id the statutory con*
I) arc plainly printed
>a. The following are
most important:
cation (or Insurance, ii bIiall
iin.v policy nn' renown! rn
lo thn QBHiuoil Ib Intended to
Willi Ilia It'l'tllM I.F Illl' nppli*
■   I"
iii tip mnterliil tn Mn* i
control ot- knowledgeol
raiil Mi" policy uh n. i
i-1iy.iinlimntl h
llgO h) |ll'OIII1>t
en i lt<*v urn In
Oil (lllllll  11111.-
Vol  III.- II
iini  nn.l
-ii iiIiuhixI
hlllllll  III' la  V
V. III. I, |||>|'Hl.tl
t iiiiiiii,tn
I     llllllll-   lo
ih nnl liniil.- lor Ioi R il'
iimmiiii'nliiiiiitv oilii'i* I*, in
oin nu hy'a iinnnit therm n
IH MIlloiHOll   lll'l II,  -  If
. in effected inum
r. ihnl
i-l I
■ring t 11.
i jiii|i(ii'liini condition nml
divide   ii]i   I hi'ii' ihMin.Mi-
tli'tiliu- wire ilmi Uk' nmunl
.ii v In nui Hnlilo for tlio louses
H ill Hll.V <■*) Wlll'lv Illl' illHIII-
ililingH or tlu-ir cuiitentH for
it good nml Butmtnntlnt
„'B0l' li.V hmIii'Moi*I'lnlici'i
.1 wiih iln' knowledge nml
Hired in woodon vobhuIb: or
*l«il»irij-t- botngto tin* know-
Hi in nn tiiiBiiro condition or
tl. (i') l-'nr Iiihm or .iiimiinii
humor thoir ooiitciitHwIiile
.■inn laimii'i'il liy .'iii'iii'iilfi's,
. Ion, ,.-,!
n-h 1"
I.tlllll ill roimai'lll'lllVtltlTWlf.,
to executo Blietl roiiiiin. hml
ulily be Been that paying
'iiiiuiii is only one part of the
the pre
contract lietween the assured and
the compnny, and nur desire in
bringing this matter up now, is to
emphasize more fully the imjMirt-
nnce of observing the conditions
which all tire insurance policies are
issued and thus in the case of tire
avoid the possible disappointment
of getting claims disputed or eon-
All companies strictly adhere to
these condition'), and rightly so we
consider, when it is remembered
that nn class nf insurance is more
npeii tn fraudulent claims than is
tire insurance. Nevertheless, we
feel sure that none of the companies
represented in tins luwu will resist
claims where an honest endeavor is
mnde by the assured to intelligently
carry nut the conditions laid down.
Yours faithfully,
Arnold & Roberts.
...Z\k ©wl Cafe...
C. ti. HMCS, pri-i'maor.
Open H>nv nntt IHlObt.
Tlie Heal of Uverylftlll In lhe Elllni Ilie
ll you cuiue OM'e you will 4*11111' olieu.    We
... aim to pleaae .. .
Wanted Immediately I
tirf'11   Frn't   Tin'*.   llnH|>l>i'ir.v. (inom l> try
nml Cim-mit IWIlP*, oto.   (iood nny iiaakly :
t.iiiiii fii'O,    There in hi}- money in this work
for ti'ii-l -toilli.v moil.
■"'» linvo, nmlor I'liltivntiiin. ovor (100 aorrn
ofNiireerv Bto-ak. itieiitdingtliofilioloe**t nml
lit'Nt, viiMilii'c for ori-linrd nml (tn d n |>'Rt>t-
inir. Wo will deliver iroode to rn«tonifi» in
aood condition, froiuht pnid Our nj-on'*
lmvi' I'very Hilvantnge thnt thi* linn ol i nui-
tioHr. etui oftwrihem.   Aoply now tor term*".
N. IV-Wilt inn kf n rriinpotneiitfll.irloonliicHii'jf
or (or tin- handling ot exclusive trjrlto v,


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