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Cranbrook Herald Mar 14, 1901

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fi"** »**•♦»*•♦♦*♦• ••
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gio. A. Cox, Preiident.
Paid Up  Capital ..
Total RcBotfr.ee ...
B. E. WAIftlKR. Gen. Man.
. ts,<wo.wo.oo
. -.000.00000
A Qeneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
An Earnest of Spring
Ladies shirt waists. Mens shirts and collars. The best things from the Toke
Brothers and the W. C. & R. lines. New
shoes for ladies, men and children. See
our boys dollar shoes. You will miss the
best and cheapest if you fail to call early at
G. H. Gilpins.
Agent for Sherwin-Williams Paints.
MISS    JACKSON   has ®
opened her Dress Making §
Room in   Reid   &   Co.'s ®
store.   None but the best
work turned out.   j*   jt
999 Pairs of Pants
437 Pairs of Shoes
The largest stock of clothing and shoes
in East Kootenay	
We keep up-to-date stock. . . .
Our 20th century clothing leads
Are You Aware? I
That the lime of the year has arriv= I
ed when house cleaning should begin. I
We have just taken a large consign-1
ment of soap which was shipped here ♦
in error, we paid cash for the lot and %
consequently get a big discount from £
the regular price, we can make you £
prices almost equal to the factory
price. Please call and examine the
goods and be convinced.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
For anything: you may require in the Hardware line call at the
Pioneer Hardware Store.
We carry a complete stock. Plumbing and
tinsmithing in connection. Satisfaction
0/ H.Miner.
Col. Steele Will Raise a Sewad IHvis*
wa far Africa.
A   Denver   Clergyman   Who   Is
Consistent In His Practices.
Ottawa, March n.—Col. Steele, who
was in command of Strathconas, has arrived in the city and it Maying it tbe
Cecil. He ilia the pink ot health ami
will start into work tomorrow to look
over tbe work done In connection wilb
tbe despatch of South African police.
When seeq by your correspondent Col,
Steele Baid tbat he had accepted command of one of the divisions in South
Africa of Baden-Powell's police force at
a salary of $6ooo and $2000 for expenses.
lie however did not intend to go with
the first detachment that was leaving
tbis month, He waa going to raise one
thouoand more meu in Canada for South
Africa and would therefore remain for a
covtple of months.
Tomorrow he is going to meet the
governor-gen eral and talk over the matter with bim. He did not think tbere
would be any difficulty in getting this
additional number. Canadians were
greatly appreciated In South Africa. As
to his movements during the two months
he remained in Canada he could not say.
Handsome Cheque.
Montreal, March n.—It is stated here
Col. Steele received a cheque for $20,000
from Lord Strathcona while In London,
the high commissioner being pleased
with tbe colonel's record at Ihe front.
Col. Steele will be second In command
under Dad-en-Powell over tbe constabulary. 	
Tbia li a Preacher.
New York, March 12.—A special to the
World from Denver announces tbat Rev.
Robert F. Coyle, the new pastor of the
Central Presbyterian church, submitted
bis resignation yesterday morning at the
close of bis sermon.
He told the congregation lhat he declined to be placed in tbe position of
countenancing the iniquities of fashionable life, while he found tbat the laboring men and women did not come to
church because many of his church
members were cold lo the thought of
drawing in tbia class of people and drew
aside tbeir skirts from any such contact,
ln leaving Denver Dr. Coyle gives up a
salary of (5.000.
Other News Notes.
Loudon, Match 8 —A special despatch from Pretoria dated today says
(bat General Kitchener and General
Dothn had a lengihy conference Gonun
Hill this morning. General -Botha was
alone ami General Kitchener was accompanied by his secretary.
Lorenzo Marquez, March il—General
Kitchener has granted General Botha a
seven day's armistice to enable him lo
confer with the other generals.
Montreal, March 8.— "Gat" Howard,
leader of lhe Canadian scouts in South
Africa, left sn estate valued at nearly
faoo-Ooo to bis wife and the family. The
property is at Itrownshurg, Que.
Fori Wllllin Paaer Heirs Thai Sup* risks-
deal Hur> Is Shot.
It is an old saying that if one wishes
to bear news he must go away from
home. The following from the Port
Willinm Times-Journal illustrates this
point io a most emphatic manner:
A report wan current around towu last
night am) lu.Uy that Superintendent
Bury and Trainmaster Walker bad been
in a personal encounter with some dis*
rhurged employes at Cranbrook, and
tbat Mr. Bury was shot In tbe leg and
the trainmaster badly bruised. No confirmation ofthe report can Iw obtained,
however, and Harry o'Hagau, who came
Ilium* this morning, says that at tbe
time he left, Sunday, tbere had been uo
difficulty and no prospect of any.
In fact, there is no foundation 00
which to base such a report. Mr. Bury
is alive, well aud bustling from one end
of his division to the other, doing
enough work for two men, and yet, always able to find time to treat the public
and the employes of the road.with every
courtesy*   _
Pert Sleek.
The Herald desires a good correspondent In Port Steele—one who will give
the news of Fort Steele and the territory
tributary to that town. The work must
be devoted to the news, and not to per*
sonalities. No correspondent can uk
The Herald's columns to get even with
some individual. The Herald will pay
regular ratea for such correspondence,
aud would be pleased to hear from someone lu Port Steele who would do the
444444 ********************
-1 *
J  News Notes From ths Miaeral City  |
* *
Ib'rom The Herulil inn- M*-on*H*i*t
The St. Kugene mine is now running
night and day snd bus Its lull number
uf men at work, except ou lhe bill and
more will be employed a* soon as the
quarantine is over. It is '.be intention
of tbe company, thia summer, to build
several miles more of flume so that
another shutdown for the want of water
will be avoided,
Directly across the Ink* from the
town is situated the Aurora mine owned
by Tom Rader and T. I), Johnson. On
tbe surface tbe vein of galena ore can be
traced from two hundred und fifty to
three hundred feet aud in places it is
three feet in width. About two hundred feet lower down the mountain they
have run in a tunnel for 'hret hundred
feet and crosscut the vein for twenty
feet. Besides the splendid surface showing they have in the tunnel three or four
feet of high grade ore. A small number
of men are employed and everyday the
claim looks better. If auy one doubts
the prosperity of Moyie, just pay tbe
town a visit and judge for yourself.
SAW  Mll.t,  FOR  MOYIK-
It is now definitely settled that a new
sawmill is lo be located at Moyie. This
week Grant & Sheady, members of the
milting company, are sending forces of
men down to the west side of the big
lake, about six miles east of Moyie to
cut timber, which will be in readiness
for the mill when it opens up. The
proposed mill will cost iu the neighborhood of $7,000 and have a capacity of
35,000 feet per day. They will put in a
planer, joiner and lather, fitted with
the latest machinery and provided wilh
a large engine so that all of them may
be run at the same lime. Tbe exact site
bas not yet been decided upon, but it
will be located some place near the
(own. Tbe machinery is now on the
way and operations will be rushed.
The new Moyie brewery has been com
pleted for some time aud tbe machinery
during the winter bas been put in place.
tt is In charge of two experienced brewers, Joseph Neideratadt and Henery
Walzie. A start was made last Saturday
and since theu it has been turning out
beer which is unsurpassed in tbe Kootenays. Tbe capacity is twelve barrels
per day which will snpply the demand
tn towu at present.
s. c. i.AKi-: in town.
S. C Lake, of New York, representing
Ihe American Metal company, 52 Broadway, has beeu a guest at the Kast Kootenay hotel since last Priday. He represents tbe foreign buyers to whom tbe St.
Eugene has been shipping its ore and is
here in connection with some business
wilh tbe company. He is taking a general survey ot tbe country and thinks
that, as a whole, and tbis vicinity in
particular, it has a great future before it.
Siuce coming here he bas seen some
very promising prospects and thinks
that, the .St. Eugene is one of lhe best
tnioes in British Columbia. He iB sure
of a great future for the province hut
thinks that railway competition is necessary for its full development, After remaining In Moyie a few days be will
proceed to Nelson, Greenwood, Trail
•nd thence back to New York.
List Friday there was a special meeting of the Board of Trade to confer with
Rowland Machin of Victoria, wbo represents Ibe Bennett Fuse company. At
tbe .meeting  a  resolution  was passed
iking for a grant of $1000 from tbe
government toward building a wagon
road to the Society Girl mine, owned by
Chaa. Parrel. Mr. Machin promised to
use his influence at Victoria and in all
probablt'ty the road will wilhin a short
time he built.
What waa formerly the Lake Shore Is
now to be called tbe International hotel.
It Is situated In the center of the towu
and commands a fine view of the lake.
The building Is compact and finely fin*
isbed inside and out. At present It has
accomodations for a fur a number of
guests snd as soon as tbe ground will
pei mit it Is the intention of tbe proprietors lo enlarge it. The dining room is
open at all hours during the day and
will be run on tbe short order plan for
the convenience of the public. It was
opened on Tueiday evening last with a
dance and Messrs Frith and Hamilton,
Ibe proprietors, are sure of getting what
they deserve, a large share of the public
Cards . are, out announcing tbe the
Miners Union ball for the iSth of this
month. The miners intend to spare uo
pains to make it a grand success and
what they undertake tbey generally
carry out.	
Qeacral News.
Wednesday.evening the Ladles Aid of
the Presbyterian church gave a very en
joyable social at the residence of Mrs.
Uoig. A number Were prest *w*«id were
well pleased wilh tb£ evening'-* enter-
The election of officers in the .W«era
Union has been postponed "nil! &£
lylh on account of the smallpox qu:ir"on-
No more cases of smallpox have brok- 1
en out nml on tbe   14th  tbe  quarantine i
on the hill will be at an end.    The pa-
tint In Dr. Gr«n*a office la .III! guard-1 EAST   KOOTENAY  DIVIDEND   PAVERS
ed, but in a week or ten days will be
British Columbia's  Output Is  Very
~ line*! larger.
Mr. Armstrong, the government agent
was here to hold tbe small debts court
on Monday last.
Wi Martiu returned last Sunday from
a trip of several weeks to Winnipeg and
other eastern cities,
Mr, Hanna who was for some lime in
i|uareutiue in Peruie is here uow taking
charge of thc Ireigbt departmeut of tbe
C. V, R. offices.
The increasing business of Hill & Co,
has necessitated the employment of a
clerk, Mr. Robiusou of .Cranbrook is
here filling tbe position.
$5.00   IN   PRIZES.
Tbe Herald Olferi Them for the Beit Essays 0a South East Kooleasy By
School Cblldrti.
With a desire to encourage tbe study
of the district of South Kast Kootenay
on the part of the older pupils in the
Cranbrook schools, The Herald has concluded to offer two prizes for tbe best essays on tbe district and Cranbrook, of $3
and $2 each. The essays are to be writ*
on tbe following conditions:
To contain uot more tban 700 words.
To be written entirely by the pupil,
with absolutely no help as to arrangement, composition or manner of treating
tbe subject- Each pupil Is to Iw placed
on his or ber honor ou this point. Those
who enter the contest are at liberty to
secure information from any source tbey
may desire.
The article is to include the resources
of the district, present conditions and
probable future, with ample reference to
Cranbrook as the natural center. Nothing that will tend in any way to slur any
other town or portion of the district is
to be admitted.
The essays must all be handed to Mr.
Mclntyre, the principal of tbe schools,
by 12 o'clock, noon, Friday, April 12,
1901, who will number each one and
place the number and writer's name on a
card and seal the same iu an envelope.
The essays will then be turned over to a
committee consisting of Messrs. J. R.
Cosligan, John Hutchison aud W. F.
Gurd, who have kindly consented to
officiate in tbis capacity for The Herald.
They will pass judgment on the merits
of the essays, without any knowledge of
tbe writers, and render a decision ac*
Tbe writer receiving first place will receive the prize of (3, aud tbe second $2.
Both essays will be published iu Tbe
Herald the following week.
Tbe Herald hopes that the pupils will
take hold of this matter in au earnest
manner, since tbe contest is inaugurated
entirely for their benefit.
On Tuesday evening, the 12th inst.,
at tbe residence of Mr. Henry Parker,
brother of the groom, Mr. Charles S.
Parker and Miss Anna Sheppard, both
of Cranbrook, were united in marriage
hy the Rev. W.G. W. Fortune, B. A.-
The wedding was a quiet, but very
pretty, oue. The bride was very becomingly gowned in a traveling dress of
blue, with red taffata silk bodice. After
the ceremony a most sumptuous repast
was spread, which was heartily enjoyed
by all, though the wedding was strictly
private. The bride wai (be recipient of
many beautiful and costly ; resents.
Tbe Herald joint wilb their many
friends In wishing the happy coup)- long
life and prosperity.
St. Patrick's Day Cw«rt.
Next Monday evening a concert will
be given at Wentworth ball under tbe
auspices of the Ladies A of St. Marys
church, the proceeds to be given to the
building fund. This society has given
several entertainments since iti organization, and each oue hai been a success.
The admission hai been put at the low
prices of 50 and 25 cents, and tbose who
bave the matter in charge are doing all
lu thelr-power to make the event an unqualified success.
A Hist far Sfrii|.
Clean up. It looks like neat week
will be a good time to commence. Don't
throw your slops near the bouse. If you
have no cess pool, dig a whole and place
iu it a barrel with holes cut in it. Put a
cover over it and in this place throw
your slops. Your health and the health
of the community demands caution.
Remember thli.
BlrtMsy Party.
On Tuesday Miss Hazel Lund waa
seven years old, and a number of little
folks were invited to celebrate the day.
They played all kinds of games, indulged
in refreshments,, and had a jolly good
time. Those present were Helen aud
Gladdis Eraser, Bessie Br-amuer, Margie
Robertson, Dorothy Simpson, Edith
Lund, Brick Tale, Charles Morrison,
Rodger Lund aud Hazel Lund.
The   Sullivan   Presents   a   Fine
Field fur inveatmeiii Just
at This Time.
Prom the returns of the mineral production of the Province of Itritsh Columbia for tlie year 1900, submitted to
tbe local legislature by the provincial
minister of mines ou March 5th, It is
gathered that tbere was during tbe year
au increase iu the value ot tbe output of
the lode mines of the proviuce of $2 310-
428 and a decrease iu tbat of placer gold
of $-66,176, leaving a net increase in
metallic minerals for the year of $,244,*
252. There was also an increase of $i.-
013,238 in the value of coal and coke.
No returns are yet available of the value
of other non metallic minerals so these
can noi now be taken into account. The
foregoing figures, though, exhibit practically last year's net Increase, which
was $4,257,490. as shown iu detail in tbe
following table:
I'lac'r g'llll 1,844,900
].uitt> gold    "1857,678
Silver   1,003,708
Copper ....   1,351,453
lAUl      8TS,87II
(oat, Cuke 4,0(53,0311
ivm   1 lucreaielDer'as
1,-378,71-1 »..'*,! .t
8,401,0071   ii*.;.!.!'
•2,-AWW 631,801
l.til.V-'H-.'! Kti'l.SJii]
2,000,077 1,811.707]
'•.'Wi,***-!1.-* i oi:t,•_'*•*
Tiitiii.. ■•ji-.'lif-tijirw iiil4ii;|i;4ri ■?'i',"i*;-.,'--»m $■>'.. i:--
Tbe total miuetal production of tbe
province for all years up to and including tbe year 19-x) is as uuder:
liulil. placer f 02.rH4.443
tiolu, luile  L'.-n-.j-jii
Mlver  11603,708
Li'uil  0,0-13,366
Cupp-r  6,437,871
L'ualaiKl Coke  49,430,700
1 tuer Minerals   ii|*|*i*n*  *MMU,u»J
The number of tons of metallic ore
mined in the province in 1899 was 287,-
343 and iu 1900, 554,796, the increase for
last year having beeu 267,453 tons. The
respective increases for 1900 over 1898
were: In quanlity of (metallic ore mined,
338,852 tons, and iu value of metallic
minerals, coal and coke, $5,652,284, tbe
latter being au increase of more tban 50
per cent.
Two Dividend Payers.
West Kootenay papers bave been publishing a list of dividend paying mines
during the past two or three weeks, and
tbey have taken in properties tbat have
paid as low as $10,000 the past year.
Yet, none ot the lists show either tbe
St. Kugene or North Star. The St.
Eugene has heen a steady dividend payer for many mouths, and the North Star
is looked upon today as one of the leading lead ore mines on the American continent. In less time than a year past, it
bas paid about $160,000 in dividends, besides adding largely to its reserve fund.
As a dividend payer it is one of the surest properties in British Columbia, and
oue tbat gives every promise of increasing its output aa months go by. Notwithstanding these facts, the St. Kugene aud the North Star, two leaders in
the mineral world today, are left cut of
these lists. West Kootenay editors
should study tbe map of South Kasl
Kootenay and the reports of ore outputs.
It will wise them up.
Sullivan Dowi.
The news of tbe practical suspension
of work 00 the Sullivan had a depressing
effect on the Spokane stack market, aud
tbe bears pouuded the stock down to
about nine cents, It will be 14 to 16
cents inside of 60 or 90 days, and tbe
probabilities are that within six months
it will reach 20 to 25 cents, if not more.
Tbe Sullivan is a mine.
Smeller it Kaslo.
The town of Kaslo has voted $50,000
bonus and exemption from taxation for
a period of years for tbe construction of
a*smelter. Tbe Gooderbam-Blackstock
syndicate will prohgMy build there under those conditions.
East Koetcaiy Stocks.
BII>       ASKRD
Crows Nest Coal  $75 00   $67 00
Sullivan  10X       °9>i
Monh Star  84 75
Mlilag Notes.
The payroll at the Trail smelter last
month was about $25,000.   A smelter Is
not a bad thing for a community.
The Old Abe group on Bull river was
jumped last Tuesday night at 12 o'clock.
It is a company proposition and is considered to be worth good money.
Jimmie Guy has struck a lead on tbe
hills about a mile west of Cranbrook
that gives good promises of something
substantial. He has sent samples to
Trail for an assay.
Many   ex-burghers  arc   now   hearing
arms will) the British against tbe Itoers.
1 kimberley!
* I
I News ol Her Mines aad Her P,*,',-, a>
From llie'-  '*-TaM (iirresi-ondeut
The North Stir mine bas been ship-
pin* regularly the past week, on an
average of 60 tons per day. On Sunday
Ibe tramway stopped working ou account
of repairs to the cable, but everything ll
now going ahead in excellent shape, aa
The Sullivan bas been shipping a few
odd loads. On account ofthe poor con*
dition of tbe wagon road from the mine
to Kimberley, it is impossible to expect
auytbiug else, A tunnel tu- been driven
in a considerable distance on this pro*
perty a year or so ago, starting in the
proximity ofthe bunk bouse, the intention being to drive for a ilistauce of 300
feet in order to tap tbe ore body at
depth aud to facilitate drainage, etc,
and taking out ute. Tbe tunnel wai
abandoned for the time being, but is
shortly to be recoutinued. As soou as
the road is in good condition larger shipments tban e\ • t are expected to be made
from tbis tuiti;.
The Mount Sicker & British Columbia
Development ct uipany have shut down
for a mouth on account of tlie welling
snow, which has caused the workings to
fill wilb water, giving them tuoie water
thin they can handle. The showing
was good when work stopped. Mr.
Dixon, the manager, ii on his way to
Vancouver Island, and will be away
about a month. 1)11 his return work will
most propatily be Continued ou their
Other Notes.
R. O. Jennings is working the Dean
and is exceedingly well pleased with the
Messrs, Mclnnes, Oborne and McDonnell were visitors on their special lasl
week, accompanied hy .Superintendent
J. F. Armstrong, the government
agent, was bere during the week on general business.
Tbe Presbyterlai Ladles  Sb«w  Their Esteem lar Mrs. U. Bremer.
The members of the Tidies Aid society
of tbe Presbyterian church gave their
former president, Mrs. Bremner, a little
surprise last Thursday evening. Tbey
gathered at tbe Bremner borne, bringing
wilh them a full supply of edibles, and
proceeded to take possession. Tbere
was a jolly time, and before tbe eveuing
festivities had ended, the ladies presented
Mra Bremner a bread board, as a token
of their kind regard and unbounded
friendship. It is such occasions as these
that remind humanity that it is well
enought to get together and remember
each pother. The following address lo
Mrs. Bremner was read :
To Mrs. Bremner, the retiring president of tbe Ladies Aid of Knox church,
Cranbrook :
" Dear Mrs, Bremner —We, the members of tbe Ladies Aid, felt we could not
allow you to retire from tbe presidency
of our society without giving you some
tangible evidence of our appreciation of
your services. Vou bave been tbe first
and only president of our society up to
tbe present date. During the two yeara
in which you have held office you bave
been most unceasing in your efforts to
furiher the interests of the society, and
the success which has atteuded our effort
is in a large measure due lo you. The
discouragements which you bave been
called upon to face have beeu manifold,
and at times powerful, yet you apparently did uot hesitate to seek to overcome
tbem, while mauy of us would bave
fsinted and failed by tbe way, while you
seemed but nerved to do your utmost,
Wc desire to thank you for tbe example
of perseverance you have been to us, and
ask you to accept Ibis little token of the
esteem in which you are held, and Id
conclusion we will trust that the sll loving Father may long spare you and yours
to be witb ua, not only iu the guiding of
the temporal affairs of His kingdom, but
also joining heart and voice around our
common mercy seat.
To licorponle.
Cranbrook intends tosccure incorporation aud next Monday evening the Board
of Trade will present tbe matter for dia-
cussion. It is tbe intention of the people
to commence the preliminary work without delay. The people should be present
as everyone is .interested in this movement. Turn out and express your
opinion, i
Church Reopeilor.
The reopening services held at tba
Presbyterian church last Sunday were
largely attended. In the morning Rev.
Fortune wu assisted by Rev. Holford,
of tbe Baptist church, aud Kev. Bower-
ing, of the Methodist church. A special
choir had heen organized for the services
and iu consequence the music wsb very
good. The total collection amouuled to
Editor and Proprietor
Tlie Herald desires to glVQ tlie iii'wsiif Ilia
district,   ir yon know any about your i*
your mine or ymir people, semi It hi this ulil'
We liavc always looked upon the editor of the Lirdein Eigle as a broai)-
mlttded writer, until the last issue of
his paper. Kiep out of religion, old
nun, It will do you no good to show
bitterness on matters of lliat kind.
Description     of     Proposed    Hridgcslte
Wasa, British Columbia.
Ihu'.'S'lay. Marcti
Friday,".       ",
(JaturiUy^   „
.iam-R-.su in., Observer
This issue of Tbe Herald closes the
third volume. Neat week we start on
the fourth volume and our fourth year
la Cranbrook. It hardly serins possible
that ihree years have elapsed since the
flrst Issue of Tbe Herald. Craubrook
at that time consisted cf half a donen
buildings and an Immense pay e'mte of
hope. The Herald building was a lone
ly structure on ihe prairie, away to the
sootb of "Jim" Ryan's hotel. Durick
avenue was defined by the fact tbat
(Jeorge Hllliard's blacksmith shop and
Tbe Herald office were on the same
street. Liter Mrs. Donahue built tbe
Kilt Kootenay hotel and George Leitch
erected the postoffice building, which
wai occupied by It H. Iteattle's diUg
store aud a furnishing stock owned by
the Leitch boys. Then came G. H.
Miner all the way from Manitoba to
open a hardware store. Prom tbat
time on you could sit to front of "Uncle
Jim's" hotel and hear Ililliard. liy an,
Beattie, Archie Leitch and Hutchison
talk about the bright future of the
"city" of Craubrook. And now and
then "L'nele J m" would say to Archie
Leltcb, "Say, old man, what are you going to do with all tbat lumber you are
plllig up at your mill'" And Mr. Leitch
would come back with the query, "Oh,
1 don't know. What are you doing with
this hotel out on the prairie?"
That   was   during Cranbrook's   Hrst
summer, and a reference  Is made to It
simply to illustrate the wonderful pre
gress the town has made,
The Herald has never missed an Issue.
It bas appeared week after week,
msnth after month, and yearafter year.
Its flies contain an accurate history of
Craabrook, from her birth to tbe present. Tbey lell of the hopes and alms of
tbe people; the serious and joyous
pbases of their lives; the coming and
going of each one; the progress made
each week; the construction of every
shack aod more pretentious building.
Tbe paper has carried to the outside
world the news of the town and the
news of the district. In eastern and
western Canada, In nearly every state
tn the union, to the money centers of
Old Kngland, The Herald bas told of the
marvelous resources oiSoutb Hast Kootenay and of the stability aud prosperity
of Cranbrook.
Through all this time The Herald has
adhered strictly to thc policy of pub
Uihlng the news of Cranbrook and the
district. It has never used the columns
for personal animosity, or permitted
any man to so use tbem, It has en
deavored to do what was right, as the
editor could see It, and trust to tbe
future for results.
We bave not tried to please every
ooc. Tbeonewipaper man who would
attempt tbat l» either a jibberlng Idiot
or a rank hypocrite, We have made
some enemies and we are proud of it
We trust we have also made some
friends. We have endeavored to pur
sue a liberal policy throughout the dis
trict, and at no time have we ever refused to publish anything that would
prove beneficial to any portion of the
district. Neat week we start In on
another year. We hope, before the
year Is out, to make such Improvements that will enable us to print a bet
ter paper. We propose to treat the
people right, and when the time comes
that we must be narrow, mean and nn
fair lo our dealings with other towns,
with the district as a whole, and with
the people, we wilt shut up shop and go
Craabrook la just starling Id her
growth, aud has as floe a lot of business
men n auy newspaper man ever dealt
with. We want to take this occasion to
thank tbem aod the people throughout
the district for the liberal patronage
tbey have given Thc Herald, We bave
not gained great riches, but we have
made a good living, and wben i newspaper man Is able to do that we suppose he should be satisfied.
Volume IV, No. l.    Hire's to you.
W W. Beaton and (J. \V Webster aie
the new proprietors of the Kaslo Kootenaian. That paper lias had a most
varied career the past three years, and
we trust the abil t/ of Uie new managers will place li where a Kaslo paper
properly belongs—lu tbe class of the
best pipers in British Co.umbia.   __._^-
A *alLi!JW-4i^r*t5e*Ii formed In Oaa-
53a. These trims are getting too
A man died tn Washlngtoi I ol llrg a
check for 810,000 In bin band. What a
good time that man conld   have  had
The hotel registers of Cranbrook show
tbat every day tbere are numerous visitor! from Moyie, Kimberley, Wardner,
Pernie, Port Steele, Sand creek and
other outlying districts. The reason
for thla li plain, Craubrook Is the
natural business center of the district.
Meetings are held here for convenience.
Business appointments are made for
Cranbrook because it Is easy for people
from anywhere In tbe district to reach
here, And tbose having government
business to transact come to Cranbrook
where they hire teams to drive to Fort
Steele. Tha hotel registers tell an in
terestlng story In this respect. They
show that If tbe people would consult
their own convenience and be governed
by tbe logic of conditions, tbere would
uot bt a man In the whole district
cept at Port Steele, who would oppose
be   nad   lived  a   few
vlsticd Cran brook.
days lotiRer, i
Vjncouver has touched Caroigte
a SMi.mm library building.    Tbe 11
trying to work hlm for a new did
ary and a 1*001 almanac
F«ur paragraphs from ihe editorial
columns of ibe Miner appeared as original editorial lu the DO IU rani of the Per*
Free Press In Its lasl Issue No
credit whatever was given the Miner.
Will tbe Free Press please explain '
Nelson Miner,
That Is what we call nerve. There Is
hardly a day goes by that the Miner bas
not oue or more items taken from the
press of British Columbia for which no
credit whatever Is given.
Tbe Medicine Hit News lias started
on its eighth year. Tbe X-jws, under
ihe able management cf Editor l-'.ister,
is easily one of the cleanest and ablust
papers In the Territories. It Is a success, and The Herald Is pleased to note
it, for Mr Foster is a hard worker and
a thorough gentleman.
(ieneral Botha is to surrender at his
wife'H entreaty. Many a man has done
Nelson is to have a band. Thus an
opportunity will be presented for lhe
editor of ihe Nelson Miner to blow somo
horn besides Ills own.
Col,   Sleele   has  been  decorated
King Edward,   It is a twenty to i
shot that  the   gallant   colonel  merllti
even more tban he received,
The reports say J J. Hill has secured
30 per cent of the stock in the Crows
Nest Pass Coal company. ,l!m is not
often contented with 30 per cent ol any-
Senator Morgan, of Mississippi, made
a grand stand play In the United State?
senate the other day, posing as a patriot and a hero. It all came up over
the Nicaragua canal question, and the
blood thirsty senator wanted to whip
England there and ihen. The cranks
applauded and the lobbyists of the
transcontinental railways laughed In
their sleeves. They know that the big
ger the row, the longer the building of
the canal will be delayed,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
lie Canadian Pacific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District, lhc prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands.   These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
The thanks of ihe Herald are due to
It Tapping, who laid a do/imi fine fresh
eggs on the editor'* table yesterday
—Revelstoke Herald.
Seven years ago we had a pr'?.** hen
that laid two eggs a day. But to have
a friend come In and lay an eveu dozen
on the editorial desk at one sitting puts
tbat hen In the shade. We should like
to meet Mr. Tapping.
News of ilie Day.
Genernl Harrison's  condition   is becoming weaker.
A severe SlortU hns blocked   traffic  it
Severn] cases of freezing lo deitltl ut.
reported from Nome.
Lending    Japanese     rewind   Hussiu'
action hi Manchuria as n bluff.
Andrew Carnegie lias   given  Jloo,oo
lo Ottawa for a public library.
Montreal harbor board may build   Iw-
large million bushel elevators.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount nf principal ami Interest, except in ihe
case uf lands under $2.50 an acre, is divided inlo ten instalments as
shown in lhe table bplow; lhc Ilrsi tu be paid at Ihe lime uf purchase, tne .second one year from date of the purchase, the third in
lwo vears and soon.
The following lalile slums Ihe amount of lhc annual instalments
on loll acres al dllfcronl prices under lhe above conditions:
Killacrs al $2.Sll per ucr. Isl Instalment UfM   >i equal Inlal'ls al S.SO.IHI
.1.1111     ■■ •■ 7I.HII •• 0II.IHI
3.50    ••        •• taw " 70.00
*.II0     '■ " 9S.HS " 80.00
...Ml     n ii 107.85 •• W00
5.00     •• •■ 110.85 ii 100.00
Suitable Gilts
Kimberley '8 lhe business and shipping point for the
•'   North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAI. & ELL-WELL, Townsile A-jcnls.
Crailbrook is "lc divisional P-uinl of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Soulh
Easl Koolcnay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Por maps and further information apply to Agents as above or to
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
If the land is paid for in full al the
time ol purchase, a reduction from Ihe
price will be allowed equal tu ten per
cent on Ihe amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
lateresl al six per cent will be
charged In over due Instalments,
The Company has also lots lor sale
In Ihe following lown siles In East Kootenay: filko, Cranbrook, Moyelle. Kllch.
ener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and tbe balance in sis and twelve
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
A choice selection in gold goods ^
watches, chains, bracelets, gem lf:Hsl*-*-<8H&*^^
rings, brooches etc. Elegant
silverware, mantel clocks.
Wedgewood, Scotch and Canadian souvenir ware. The famous Crown fountain pens.
CRANBROOK,    .     B.
Olllclal Wolcli Inspector ior C. P, R.
Physician and Surgeon.
nt Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoon.*.,   ....   a.,|0 tn II
Afternoons   ■  •   .  .   t:3fl toj:30
Evenings   •   •   ■   ■    7.J0 iu 8:30
CRANBROOK,    :   :   :        :   :    II. C
Leading );(
Hotel Kootenay
The bcsl of accomodations
fur the traveling public.
Lots in Town
Who have not tried Tommy's Bread and Cakes.
They cost no more than
the poorest. Try them
and be convinced.
Tommy's City Bakery
Deliver*? lo any part of tlie city.
Take notlcoi  '■*
intend to 'i|>|i1y
uii'i winks ror«]>e
mwiy llm hor from
<><>i onolna at a
ofWert'i  fm
■I,.I. II.  lv tuu
ilnner nti-imu
mi i hntm
ih i-i
islni t<> i'oiut or oominetioeii
Tiiki* notice
ill* intend i>
IbikUami "'irk
latiiU:   Cumin*
i, James mun,
o i ly to tlmn
comer ot VVeit'i |>
I ail Kooleiiay, HI-
west KOrlialiM, tlte
east s<> chains to |"
18, 1001.
'lake noticei $• dnys arter dale 1. M,
King Intend to ii|'i>ly to iim coinml-wtinnci
lands and works for Hpcuial license to out ;
carry away timber from tlm fo'lmvlnu descrll
lands) Commencing at a post mi tlie sonlti e
corner or West's t'j:e*;em|ition near Bmlili ta
liitst Kootenny, rttnuliijjionili isnclmliH, Mini
west8Uclialnn, tlteficenort i lao elinlns iiiui
i-a-i so elialns to tlte point of con nccmotit.
Mnrcli 18, loot. M. iv Kim
dale,   I,
tht locitlOQ of ihe government ottr-M  olialns, tlienee w
1 menoement.
March u, idol
la Craubrook.
'lake notice:  81 days a
llealtle, In end toapjily to the commissioner or
Innds ami works for special I so in em nnd
eai'ijr away timher fr m the miloivInK described
lands, commencing al a post, on ths south west
corner of John llnmlllon's pre-emption, 11 -iti-
Hinltti lake, Kasl Kootenny, miming imiih 40
chains, tnenee east ico olialns, 11 0 nnrlli mi
linlni, thence west 8ti olmlns, tlienee smith -io
.t 80 olmlns to |.ijin( nf co niii   l-:, UKATTIK.
Land Purchases
Pre-emptions j*
Mining; Claims
lite.        jt        jt
Weie hy Contract
A. W. M'VITTIE, I). I.. S.
Provincial Lund Surveyor
Minink "'"I General Agent.
Crnnlirooli. 11. C.
About that House
You are to Build
It will pay lo talk it over
with a Contractor. We are
In tho business as our work
for lust year will show. Call
on us for plans antl ideas. It
will pay you.
Greer & Co.
50   YEARS*
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
sliehti -uul (i.MiTi el ton may
-     imi free whcdiiT an
...    Illtllllini
■nl Hueni-y lur m:i in ni*.! pul Mil-).
1- tii-i umi'ti  .firi.iii.il .lliinii fi iv. reeulvu
•Iiiittit Hullo-, wit lnuil iihiinio, In tin)
Scientific American.
A handsotooly IIlilalrated weekly,   [-ntves! nr-
1-11I11111.11 ..f nm- ■:,-i,.rnilli* |.iiirm)l.    'IVnit.i. fl11
yenr; 1-nir iii.iiiIIih, (I,  Hulil l.yiill iieWHileiilern.
MUNN&Co.*-"1' ""<■ New York
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'y Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sliepliard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain   Railway   Co.
The only nil rail route between nil
points l.nsl, West ami .South to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SrOKANl* Willi the
(ire.it Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N, Company.
Nelson  with Steamer for Knslo
and  All  Koutenay   Lake  Points,
«■*■ Builder .**
::-Cranbrook, B C
Cranbrook Always
Uu=to=Date dt dt dt
Kularglug pictures done on the
premises. No need to semi your
work out of town, especially so
•when It call bo done as well. I(
not satisfactory no pay required.
Charger reasonable, Come nml
see samples. Large stock of picture
moulding on liaml. Frames made
to order.
Prest, Photoghrapher
Myers Palls with Stage  Daily lor j
Republic, and
Contractor and Builder
At    Boss burg   Stage   Daily   for
(ji ,uui Turks nnd Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Act.
Al present am building the new St. Eugene
liospital and a number of two slory and other
Cranbrook, B. C.
Direct route to all
East |i West
Pirst-Class Sleepers, Tourist Cars
and Dining Cars.
Through tickets  lo England, Ihe
continent, Australia) China, Japan.
Cranbrook Trains
West       daily 16:10
7:50 daily
16:10   "
Kimberley trains   on Tuesdays,
Thursdays and   Saturdays.
l'ur time tnbles and [llll infoi ill iiiiiii.
or adilrtft-ss nearest local agent.
A. li. P. A.
Vancouver, ll.C.
J. S, CARTER, D. P. A., Nelson. II. C.
Solicitor, Etc,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
There are a few points to
be considered in building.
Good work,  Good   Material
and the price.
Have you talked with anyone about building?
Come nnd sue me or let me see you. II may
do us bolli good.
0. R.
M. Mclnnes & Co.
Meat Merchants
J ...Market! at.., J
Z Cranbrook Z
m       Fernie Jt j*        Z
* Moyie j* jt   |
Z Kimberley J
All kinds of meats at all times,
in each week.      J*      jt
Fresh fish shipped
af *f Jt
We Sell the Best.
The Cranbrook  j
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered- throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   HERALD.
Twin babifti are true compauions-
1.iie's current cum is made ui plan
uiiimoii sense.
Some funis put un move airs than a
wise man could grind oui of a luu*-
rei organ.
i\   pessimist   is  a   mini   who   preler**
artificial light to genuine sunshine,    i
I In- mun   wlm   knotVB  nothing   uud
wants nothing (nighl to ho eompuru  ;
lively happy.
Th» iklfi in black, thc winds arc bold.
Hut -hat .ir,- cli u li mil itony w»yi
When heart-lira full <l wogf
And two -iimi* be who walk Ifla'l pith
I'lihi-rdiui; wiinl i r Wenttier,
And min-Jini; bul J'OUT merry sprite
Win bind*) llidr hearli together.
All Wilis nu* unutli, nil daya are bright,
Witli bim foi guide and sun,
And three aru ■ikv.in company,
ll t.ovo lie one!
Tbt Mail la luioothi tlio wind ii aoft,
Tlie shy is clear o'orhead,
Uut wliftl are pleasant waya ami ti»ia
To thOH WllOia ln'ait.i on- dead;
And what Is swa, thnt nils the can,
llut can no farther go;
And what U Ughl that eyes ran Ke,
ltut null tun never know! *■
Ah. two there be that walk llfe'i pith
A* though ihey walked aloue,
r tw.
Mnny ti  would-bu acini  m n    u
havu made the mlslal f his llfu by
bul nn horn.
VlTucluil   im.i.i 1.1 norjtlllllK
Hiu'ii ii load i-l innl i" |iiuTlui**d
umlrail ol in nnu in ihi< hu.vw n iikii
nil) nm--. in llm iviinr
I'ii.' luimlml  nr ..mi:,,.1.,   |.-!'
y  in llu- nvonifio oul|>til nf n Parln
llrm inr th,- |iimt (ivo yeara,
A Mail and Empire Representative  Investigates.
tioim-.'i.ii Hhi it Senantlou, ilia Lilt-.** >4
Wbloh It Huh Not Kxperleaoed Vox
Vt*Hra-li:ivlil Howe Gives '*> Written
Mat fm cut ut thu FnoUorilieOaao.
From tho Mu.il uud Empire.
Consecou, Jan. 31.—For Boino time
this vlllago uud uelghbo'rlidod lias
boon ringing with the story of
David Howe. Mr. llowo Is a farmer,
who hus lived on ti farm threo miles
frum hero ull his lifetime, uml it
known to every ninn, woman und
i'hiUJ tor inili-s around. Souk* i imo
ngo his friends noticed u gral change
in his pliyslcal appearance, und no
little comment wns mnde us to ihu
rapidity with which lu* was falling
in health. From a strong, vigoroui
limit ho hml bocomo u bent uud crippled Invalid. Recently, however, ha
hus appeared to his friends sturdy
mid straight, strong uud woll, und
with all    liis    old-time   vigor    un*
health.    Knowing     thut   siirli  u   ease
would be of greal public Interest,
your correspondent viBlted Air. Howe
to gut tho facts, Mr. Howe is a
modest mnn of few words, frank,
straightforward, nnd truthful. Aftef
having  introduced myself, ho said:—
"You need not apologise for visit*
ing nu'. lo intmirt* Into thi* matter,
1 dn noi. consider it un Intrusion at
nil. I have little to say beyond the
fact ihnl un ovorybody urotind hero
knows. 1 wns bent m-iiriy double
Willi Kldnej Tnmlile, jinins in my
shoulders, Spine, nnd small of my
hnek. Tlie suffering I endured wns
something fearful. I could nol stand
up simielit to save my life, 1 could
do nn work. I consulted my physic-
Ian und look his proscrllwd medicines, bul got no belter. I read in
tho newspapers Jjow Dodd's Kidney
Tills wero curing pedplo of Kidney
Disease, Lame Duck mul Rfaunuittam.
I bought u box from Mrs Oorinan,
who koops Uie grocery here. Defors
it wns all used I began lo rernver,
nnd after 1 Imd Inken len boxes I
wus entirely cured, nnd now. ai you
Bee, 1 am in perfocl good health This
is my ulory. Vou can print 11 if you
like, ns 1 have nnlhlnp to hide, nnd
il mny satisfy n good many peop
who kuew of my previous condition
In know how f wns cured.*'
"TTavo you any objections lo wl
ing u written statement *'" en-rpilred
ihe reporter.
'None whatever " answered Mr
Howe, ".inst you go ahead and writ*
down whnt  1 snv."
M Mr. Howl's dictation, l prepared the following statement, which
hr cheerfully signed -
"I hnd verj Hovero pnln In tn.\ bnck
moro or less for upwards of i wc
years, ti commonced in my Bhould-
its nnd extended down m\ spin.* tin
ally eonceutrnllnH Its full force li
what Is commonly railed the mini
of ih.* bnck, or ncross no kldnnys
ami thero Dn- pain wns almosl tm-
enduruble li mnUn an* go herd ovor.
1 could not straighten up to save iny
lifo.   When l wenl to urinate it gnvo
ng....* a man, suffering n« I did, u.i**
ii.>i nblo in do much. I consulted a
physician, uml he prest rlbed for me,
Imt in no Ilu.*(ii I noticed In ihe
iwi-vm how thai Dodd's Kidney IMlls
woro   curing manj    cases of Kidney
Illieas id llheumatl-sm, mid  I   da*
Urmlnod io glw Ihem n trial t
purchased a box on Mi- Cl« rmnn,
who kepi grocorles and patent medicines here 1 did nm tool mn hanuQt
at ilrsi. but boron I hnd finished the
in *.i box I begun  ol u change for
(In* halt or. I look in nil hn hovs,
» mid thoy have nnttrolj cured me t
have im paltut In m> back or ncross
my kldnayi, and I mn n well man
lodnj  thn.ugh taking Dodd's Kidney
(ttlgUwl) DAVID litlUU
W   .1    MAKSll
Those who mny read this article,
nnd do not know Mr. Rowo, cannot
fullj npproclato tho position lie holds
in tlila community. Ilo i- un nblo
farmer, well uml favorably known,
and us uu evidence of his ohnrnclor
for truthfulness nud honest*, I np-
pond thu statement o( Mr. J. .1,
Hard. Un* local jusllco of lho   poaco;
This in to cortlfy Mini I am personally acquainted with Mr. David
Rowo, am) know Mm lo he a mun nf
truth, a mun of sterling honesl.V hntl
Integrity, whose word could always
be reliod on. nnd a gentleman woll
and favorably known   hi    Uonsei-aa
aud vicinity. und. in fact, ull
through Hu* county, and nny slnto-
mont he mlghl give you I havo n*
hosllatlon In saying thai you need
nnl ho afraid to uso, ns a gentleumn
nf   Mr.   Howe's    stuttdiug    giving     n
wrl i stuit'ini'iit would In* suro   t*
carry wolghl with It.
,T. .1. WAItll,
,hiHtlco of lhe Fence in and for the
County of Prince fidward.
I*.   |; *IM :
n. Uclntyre llcntlcnoii in Uarper'a JU-jazin**.
**      Slory ol a Morphine Taker.       1
"Well, there's OUO good tiling llbotll l\
I'liliininiiu, iiuyhow - he's grateful." i
ri'mltilsiriitly remarked a Wnshltiglou
111:111 who put In u t'tuiple ot ertllsua us \
mi ftpolhccnry In lho Uultctl Bin ten navy. "Ymi mny of Into, In tlio grent
muss or rubbish tlint's been written
nbout the sliiut eyes, hnve seen tlmt|
fiirt disputed, Imt I Just hnppon to
know Ihnt it t'hliinumn's grateful. How-
ever. In order to muke the polut clenr,
I'll hnve to begin nt lhe beginning. Sn
here goes;
"When 1 was serving on bonrd n
cruiser ou the Phelflo stntlon, I hnd ns
a shlpmnte n prlvnto murine nniued-
nh, well, Tom Kingsley Is near enough
to it. Some of his people, of good station, nre still living In Pblliulolphin,
and tliis boy hurt them enough, so we'll
just mako it Tom Ktngsley, Klugsley
went to the ship with a detachment of
murines quito awhile nfter l wus attached to the vessel. 1 noticed him
particularly ns soon as he enme aboard
-not so much thnt lie wus a mil. broad
shouldered, tine looking chap, who
completely outclassed the bunch he
Joined with In appearance and hearing, as because I snw what his trouble
was as soon ns I clapped iny eye ou
bho. l understood as soon us I mtido
the discovery why Klugsley was wt'iir
Ing the uniform or a buck private in the
marine corps. It was because a slnv
ery to which he had become addicted iu
civil life had tendered hlm uulll aud In
competent to keep up with the proces
shm h) civil life.
"That Is to say. I didn't ueetl lwo
looks at Klugsley to see that murphlno
had hlm. His gray eyes foe-used 10
pin poinis, and he had all of llie othei
exterior Indentions of the mnn chained
In ihe uiorpbln bondage.
"At the Inspection on lhe Sundny'
following Kiugsii-y's coming aboard l
watched my Immediate chirr, lhe ship'?
surgeon, narrowly lo see If he was go j
Ing to get on to Klngslej when he j
passed by the marine iu following ufi 1
er the eominnnillug ofllcer. When iliej
surgeon pnsed by ilu* row of mnrlnefl |
drnwn up In their mustering eluihes.
ryes straight lihemi. 1 observed lluil !
lie gave one sharp glance nl Klugsley ,
and that was all.
"Delow. In my siateroom. after In j
spectlou the Burgeon looked nt me oui
of the mil of his eve.
•' ■Have  you   noticed   Ihnt   tunr!n<*. '
apothecary?1 he nsked me.
*' "Ves, sir,' 1 replied.
"•Hum! I'm glnd to he corroborat
ed, yet I wns mire I couldn't have been
mistaken,' said the Burgeon, 'Better
hnve an extra eye lo your slore of
morphia.   Keep It under ever'
"However,  Kinp-dej   dldn'l  become
Incapable,   lie was an ndmlrnble nol
diet* of tlie see    Ue was nlwnys rlphl
■ ni the minute, a lop notchcr on guard
[luty, ■ spick* and span man nlwnys
The marine ofllcer In charge of the ;
. 'md never, et course, suspected ibal
! ere was nnyUiim. w rong about Kings ;
ley, and  he IhoiiRhi   i»o  mueh of  the
man's falthruluess that  he  hnd  him
made n corporal n couple or months
ifter  Klngslej   Jolnwl   ns.    Klogsley
ii as nlwnya uuder iho Influence of Ihe \
drug of ceiirse.   lie never run out of :
lho siuCT.    Vou  knew   huw   morphine
slaves provide against that nwftil eea- j
llngcncy,    lie kept 00 edge nil the
lime and never appenred to overabool
Ids limit   Kiugsiey surely wna a man j
..r powerful self control In thai respect, j
Howover,   I   knew   Mint  it would  gel
hlm iu time atul throw him.   D always
does throw Us victims If lhey give il
rop-a enough, yon kuow, nml morphine
la oue of those things that Just de
mnudfl ull Die rope it wants.
"Klugsley knew by Intuition thnt I ■
kuew ubout Ids luiblt, and ho avoided :
ine very elaborately.   One noon hour,
however, 1  happened to be sumLIng n
plpo at tha gangway     Klugsley  was'
looking -"i"* -svrr the bcauilful harbor'
ot Acapulco in his iirenmy, dopy way
—his May, thut is to say. when he was
off duty. Weil. 1 wlgvd over to Kings
ley. Wo were quite apart from ihe
rest of Uu- meu.
"•Bucko.' said I in us kindly a way
as I eould-1 felt sorry for Klngsley,
who wits mosi obviously u gentleman-
'yon wnnl to cul it 0111 Yoa do for a
fuet. It'll unll you It-'s n gnme yuu
can't beat. Nobody can heat ii. 1 con
reduce you gradually elgbthofagraiu
n dny. Better let me take hold nf yon
It'll he on the quiet.'
'"That's good eif yon. pal.' replied
Klugsley. never biking Ids eyes nwny
from tlie huiizuu io look ot me. 'I Won't
fiirgi-i it. bill I've tried reduein^ le
fore. I am going to make the light
illnue. I'm going lo hung on If it kills
tm* Death Is only a Unit- thing any-
huw. compared to this slavery,   vyiieu
ive hil.e a»vny frum here for lhe Islands
Ui vi week. I'm going lo In-uve all I've
coi .11 the stulf over the side. Then
Ull bo me or tin* powder    I'll do the
best I know- I'll he trying to win. anyhow.    Much  obliged  lo ymi  all   ihe
•••Mail Job breaking It off all ofa -ml*
iloii,' 1 told him. 'iiuu'irerouri, nl tii.it.
Yel you're u pretty husky looking fellow,    You mny beat il.'
"1 was pretty gkcptlcQl riboui It, Intt
1 diiln't want to dlscotirpfS hhn.   Well.
the uiiidhool; earn.'' up 1 lays' Inier,
nml uwuy we wenl for Hum.lulu.    We
started in the morning.   1 didn't see
Klugsley until nloug lownrd night.   He
looked protty bad 100.   1 knew thai he
was making lhe fight.
" 'Klngsle.v'll he coming to mo for lho
stuff tonight.'   t   thought,    'lie's been
Inking 80 or 40 grnlus 11 day, and ho
■won't be able to stand it. Dut I'll lm
benched if It'a fuund out that I've given him a sixteenth of 11 grain. I'm sorry for Klugsley, but I wouldn't be able
to belli him out.'
"Well. Klugsley didn't conic to me
until along toward 2 o'clock on the following morning.
'".Inst nn Injection,' ho whispered to
in* hoarsely.   'I'm going insane.'
"1 couldn't, nnd I lold Klugsley sn as
decently ns I could. It hurt ine lo lum
him down, but 1 couldn't take ihe
chance. He shuddered all over nud
staggered out of my little storeroom.
"Right for'nrd of my storeroom was
the storeroom of Wang Woo. the skip
par's steward. Wang, of course, lilt
the pipe. Most (Vhliinmeu in the navy
do lu the midnight prlvitcy or tbolr
storerooms, bul no nfllclnl nol too Ih ink-
eu at' that. It's looked upon as prut of
the Chinaman's gnme. Well. Klugsley
stumbled Inlo Wang Who's storeroom
Woo wns cooking himself a pill l:i lhe
dark, t heard Kingsley beg tlie Chink
for a little of Ihe gummy sniff, offufliig
to give up u month's wag-; for it. Y.'ut
passed him up, nnd Klugsley slpm
bled forward, almost nut I. as he hml n
right to lie. He'd already have beer,
Insane had it not been for Ids irr"--;
natural strength.
"At U o'clock (hat moruiug. the I: mi
of sick call. I saw KHic-h-y come tlu - a
the after ladder, looking frlghtrnl. I!
faei* was drawn in a km 1 f *oiu hi:- suf
I'erings. Oue ofthe gtiu divisions wm
breaking oul (he ufiir magazines, ihe
hnlelivs 10 which were rlghl nl Ihe rnul
of ihe after Inddfnt   The hnlehes w  ,.
wide o|ien.   K1lli."-ley..-« :: ;-u do*.-.a I
after lad.hr. sinv ihnl lhey wen n|   .1
I'.111 Wang Woo. mu nr; nrouud I
lie 111
above, was looking riiofi thrndgli tin
main linlch to see lhc messengi 1 buy
and he didn't see ihe open inngn il it
batches. Well, he had one root alremly
over oue of Ihe ha:, lies rfnd was iu-i
ibonl 10 plunge io the bottrfih uf [lit
fixed ammunition magazine wlieu the
collar of his blouse was gripped by the
hand of R man whose muscles were
liko iron. 1 mean Kingsley. King.-]' y
raised Wan*; Wuii ' - I I.i lo llie lad 1
sleps    Want; Wen a!:mi-t \,i:u, t] h . 1 n
- da
. I I
he smiled  blandly  at   Kiug.sley.  nnd
Kingsley foil irt-ed Iilm Into the China
man's storcrori-t.
■■Why, of course. Chinamen are grateful. Kingsley didn'l report himself
sick at all. lie emergitl from lhe
chinaman's storeroom teu ui luu tea later looking quite chipper, comparatively, nnd Ids eye!; Wore focltSbtl lo pin
points umil we got 10 Honolulu. Then
Kingsley went ashore, took nn overdose with all the deliberation In lifo
nnd was fouud dead in bed at n Ditto
hotel in Wnlkiki, with suitable letters
telling nbout bis people, sealed ami addressed to the skipper, ou the tabic be-
-side hlm.
"A Chlnumun'tl always make good for
favors n-reived."-Washington Star.
I* i-offr ran tie Orttinu mphj .
"Mnminii,"   said   lhe   small' j-'lrl   who
wn-H jnst learning to ipcll, "how do you
■pell hellV"
"Why," snhl lhe mother, "liell is i»
minghly ".vord. Yoa nlioul.l tint use it.
Why do you wnnt to spell IH"
"Oh," was llio reply, "I vriiuted to spell
Helen, nud I tlioiight I mgld l-yjv *i
•pell hell tirutl"
1 riilit'   1 ri-Ufi-ii-k a Ilevut-Ml   foilowti   <•■
l.uii.i-nii  milium     %   ll(-|)ln*it Of
ih.- li.iiiiiin   KlllTl.
1 r iv 11 Prince FredcrleK William
\ idiot-   VugUSl      I'n*.-1      .-   ;he      fall
uu'i   'In* youny  mun   *vho is see-
.  to 1 he Kaiser     n U:t ereat
... ■ u. n   Empire     He  1-  n   Lull   sol-
* i'-i . chap 1-1. years ol ,ig.- Eigh*
in., is thi age when Gertnrtn roynl-
tits attain theii majorities, mid the
■•ii;liiu..'ini, '.;i tl duy ul '.ho crown
I r in- wus relebraled a iin uiueh
brilliance Iopi   Uu)
Cruv -1     i'r hit*.     I rederick   w lllinm
B   the  oldesi   .,;     tji n      Vict'irm -
i.t .11 -gt'tindsuiiN and i' s said ih.u
> 1- hn ial appearance 1- moro ol nn
1 nglishmnn ihun of 11 CJenuuu 1 Iwre
■ s  iiu    ih.u however,  ubuui    Iiii
* nlul make ii|>.   There is uoi in till
* 1 ■ Kaisi-i r* domain u youth more
devuletl to the htl hf-rlund ihnn his
-..11 Whal is nl-.. quite certain is
thui tin itowii pi nnv 1*- inc-'ivl,-. ii.-
voied  hi his rather      Prederiek   Wil
I   im  Iwl-ieVi -■  ' llul   no  Oth *r  in.hi     on
turih Is tpiii rlever .1*- ihu U'iffl
er       I'h. y It.'1--' heen  .-.insi.int     rom-
imni.iu'-    hu*    iiiiin*-     ythim, and llm
Ivnisi-r bus inken enre to insi ill into
■ ■ - - sou li*- nv 11 Ideas rn
;.,,,i riim. ni   .md      lhe     tlesl  Idee      ol
uould take up llie rolns ol   govorn-
ini-tn nl no\ inn.- ii siidd.'iin i-nlled
on 10 dn -.1 and carrj nut rull, his
riHlu-r's iioliclt-w
I'hoiigh the crown urine.* is not
v-oi IB yenrs 01 age. lho i*iutehmak-
ers are already ims,*, witli his' rmina
Murrlugealile prlncessos nro senrco In
lairope  ni     the  present   timo       nitd
Ouly in seventeen slates mn 11 mar
ried   womuti   dtsposo   of  her   sepni n'--
and Independent estate l.y will      in
the remaining i wenty-eight statea
she must have tin- consent ol her husband beforo she enn will hor own
properly  as  sin*  muy   Wish
Health authorities eatbnat-e thut in
per cent ol the men who go to Lape
Noiin- never come buck -alive
If u young man is m donbi us ta
tiie propriety of kissing a pretty girl
he should give her the bo noil I of the
There is nothing artificial about these Teas. The purity
is unquestioned, the flavor is delicious, the bouquet is a revelation. If you have never tasted British urown teas a treat
awaits you.     Japan tea   drinkers try Ceylon Tea.
St.   Petersburg    churches    ure     the j
mosl splendid of any modern churches
in the world.
t'bt.o-e it   probable future  Kn.press  of
u'Mi mentioned in this enntiucUpn In
thai nf the Hl-yenr-old IVineess
Heiiriie of tfuxo-Coburg-tlothii,
daughter of lho lalu duko, who wns
n pon of Queen Victoria. She is
there/ore a Ural cousin of Kmpurar
William, who [s 11 sun ol Qilcnil
Victoria's oldest   daughter.
Tin-   New anil Iteflrlng   Pt-Mlileiltl nf lln*
III)) III  sneiely.
sir Willinm Muggins, tho new pre-
sidont of the lioyul Society of Eng-
Innd. succeeds Lord Lister by tho'unwritten law ihnt the presidency shall
be held ultermitely l.y eminent naturalists nnd eminent physicists.
1.ord Lister's mime i.s n household
word in every civilized land, but
thul  of the    new  president   Is  more
sli: wilufLM III (JOINS.
familiar to men of science. Vet with
the imporlnni discoveries mnde hi
Sir Willinm Muggins lhe ordinal**.
man is fmuiliiir. Sir William in 188-S
began those reseurclies of his with
thu spectroscope which resulted in
the discovery ihat thn constitution
.a' the stars was similar to t Jul I of
ihe sun. and thus proved sclcnUflcnt-
Ij   wh.it   hnd   heforu  1 1   long sus-
pected. Perhaps tho most Imporlnni
discovery nf sir William Muggins
was    that developed h>   his speiiro-
tho stars Hy ihis ha has furnished
i,  method b;   which astronomers ran
measure (ho s| d with whieh stars
Uiprottrh     or recede rrom lho earth,
Hy   it   have  I n   rovcttlod   lhe orbits
ol mnnj suns ami otherwise hulc-
teclable companion stars huve   been
In McnNiiml Ity tlie Cures Mv Makes—Each
Remedy Specific Tor Certain Diseases—
A Remarkable Cure p£ Brl&ht's Disease.
in this practical ago a physician's
ability   is    measured   by   tli"     actual
cures ir* makes. Judged by this high
standard, Dr. Chase stands pro-eminent hh a giant among physlclnns.
Tnl>o Kidney atul liver derangements,
lor example. Iir. Chase, by means
of his Kidney-Liver pills, hus brought!
about BOino of Hie most surprising
cures ever oJTcctod. This is due lo
iim dlrccl nml spoclflc action of lids
great homo treatment on tho    liver
ami kidneys, Here is Uie experience
of a highly rospcelod resident of Consecou, Ont. :—
Mr. .Inui: s Delllhunt, Uonsecotti
Princo Kttwnrd County. Ont., writes:
"For several years I suffered great
torturbS ot mind and body from
Drlght's disease of tiie kldnoys. The
pains were Bbiucllmcs almost beyond
onduranco nml    extended    from my
head and between lhe shoulders down
llm whole spinal column ami seemed
to concentrate   across   my kldnoys.
My  back  wns ne\er entirely free from
pain. When I got up in tiie morning
1 could not straighten myself lit all.
but WOtlld go bent nearly double
most, all dny.   My wator wuh scanty
mul at olher 1 lines profuse, aud it
give mo great pain to urinate.
"t eould do no work, and, though
I irietl many kinds of kidney pills,
eould get. no telief*. As a last resort
1 was imbued by a friend to givo Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver I'ills a trial. I
fult a change afler the first dose. I
used in nil about live boxes, aud
the.v have entirely cured tne. I have
no pains now and can do us good a
day's work as I ever could. It is a
pleasure for ino to recommend Dr.
Chase's Kidney-Liver I'ills, as thoy
have done so much for me."
Mr. ,1. J. Ward, J.P., ConSecon, cer-
l-HI 1 i-i that, he luu known Mr. Pulli-
hi-nL for years as 11 Iriilliful mnn an*
rasped ed citizen, and vouches for ths
truth of tlm above statement.
You cannot possibly obtain a moro
beneficial treatment, for tho kidneys
uml liver tlmn Dr. Chase's Kidney-
Llver Pills. It has stood tho test of
time and Ims proven boyond dispute
iis riglll to Hie tllle of "Ihe world's
greatest kidney medicine." One pill
u dose, 'Si cunts a box, aL all dealers, or  Kdiminsoii,  Hales & Co,, To*
l.Oltll l.l.-.11.11.
found. Threo limes, has .the Institute
of I'rann* honon-d the great British
physicist wiili prizes, nnd three limes
hus lhe ttoynl ttiwioly presented him
With medals. The last of these. I he
Copley prize, which Is regarded ns
the ■bin.* ribbon" of science und
Open lo men <>f iill nationalities, wns
bestowed upon 1I10 distinguished astronomer in  IMS.
I -illili.1 1 tin-* Pint lentnl>
In IROo ih.* trustees of "io IlrlUsh
Museum purchased a lb papyrus
roll, written 01 th sides, ih.- obverse bearing n series of revenue returns, dated in tho "7" yenr of thu
Kiuporor Claudius, 11, C. 1(1-17, and
ih.* ruvo'rso .. sorles of m.iglc tales
written in Deuintlc, An English
translation <ii ihe latter hns Just
appeared In Kngtnml The stories
aro purt uf u series which centre in
u hero mu I Khuiuims, High Priest
of Memphis. tin* historical originul
being the rriiuv K.-genI-khn-m-uiis.
the son of Kameses |], The .wril.-r
nf these slories Ims collected u giVilL
qimnlily of folk legends, Which were
current l-n Kgypi til the Liim* when
this niauuscrlpl wns written, about
.\ I), 711-sii; uml the.-papyriis mnj
certainly he described us one of the
richest collections of first century
♦ale over discovered!
Hi* Looked Her Over.
He innl been il> relPil lo n pretty girl
for some time when lie rend this iidrlee
in 11 young n.itin, "Heroro nuirrying it girl
iniik lier inoilu-i* over." He did so, with
ihe result that he innri'led the motherr-
Clilcniio Tiaies-IIenilil.
orivu Unt lip In tti-ii Coughing lhe Wind,*
Ml(rlii i.'ihk Daoion rniiiiiiti-iv Tobi
tin,, in,. Tn-ulila Wri Developing Into Contain pi ion-How It-sUef WaiOh-
From the Times, Ploton, Onl
Nothing rucks ihu body more thnn
u auvere cough. If II la alloed la
run for any length of nine, it is very I
hard to gel rid of. uml often leads tu
ihat most dreaded of all diseases—
CO-OBUmpI ion. Such u sulTerer \\ as
Mr. Thomas .links, pf I'rime Edward county. Mr. .links relates the
following facts to n Picton Times reporter—"1 11111 sixly-seven years of
age, uud for ilu* hist   iwenty years  I
have had a bud cough, 1 was troubled with catarrh, which started In
my bend, bill Inter spread to in,\
stomach, leaving mu dyspeplic. For
two years I was troubled wuh pains
in tlie stoiuuch, nnd wns not aide to
raise my nrius above my head without experiencing severe pains ubout
my short ribs und sloimuli. Then
my kidneys begnn to trouble me and
at times 1 could uoi gj|t out of a
chair wlthoui hoi]). My limbs and
feet, were ofton so swollen Hml I wns
unable to laca my boots, bul ns soon
ns the swelling went down I was but
a mere shadow. My wrists and
arms were so shrunken that I eould
spun them with ease. My cough
rucked my whole body. 1 have sal
up in bed ami coughed lho whole
nlghl    long,    f   1 ried   Severn I   doctors
without   success.   Thoy   flnnlly told
ine 1 was in the Ilrsi stages of consumption. In the spring of 1800, a
tittle pnmphlel Wuh 1 brown in the
hall dour, telling aboul Ur, Williams'
I'ink Pills, nnd I decided to try
them. Hefore finishing the second box
I noted a change and nfter using
them for a couple of months. I was
completely cured  and  the rough   hml
left me;   At present m.v health is tw
good as I can wish for, uml 1 can
truly say through all my suffering, I
never gol   anv  perinuneiii   relief until
I look in-. Williams' Pink Pills,"
Mr. .links added that ii was not in
his own ease alone thai I'r. Williams'
Pink Pills had proved of advantage
in his family. Ills daughter, Aliss
Mildred, wns in very poor health,
and scarcely able to go nrouud. In
fact, her friends feared lur I rouble
wns developing I do dropsy. Sho
used live boxes of the pills and is
now enjoying llie very besl of health,
lit*. Williams- I'ink Pills cure smh
apparently hopeless cases ns Mr.
.links', becnuse they muke new. rich,
red blood, and (bus reach the root
of the trouble. Tnese pills are the
only medicine ottered the public thut
can show a record of such marvellous
cures afler doctors hud railed. If
you are nl all unwell., tliis medicine
will restore you lo health, but bo
sure vou gel tho genuine with the full
name "Dr, Wllliums' Pink I'ills for
I'nlc People."  1111  tllO wrapper around
each box.
Ittilli i.ik! Outer*.
The Philadelphia Record -ays: "Oue nf
the tend delusions cherished by New
Yorkers is that the (irau.l Central stntlon
iu tlicir cily is one nf the greatest rail-
road lerminals In ihe world aud a scene
of sucli biiatle and activity sb enn be
seen only In the metropolis. As a matter
nf fact, tli" travel through the station is
much smaller thnn thai which passes
through stations in Philadelphia, Host on
sod St. Louis. It ims i.ni> 102 trains each
way 11 dny. while the Uroad Street station iu Philadelphia handles nearly 'J.-.-J
trains rnrh n'ay, and thc Rending Terminal hai -I", out ami 21 ii in."
Ti'tn-her-Now. Adulbert, enn you tell
why. King Richard was called of the
llsu heart?
Adclbert— I s'pose It was beenuse lie
bellered   when   be  was   hungry.
How's This?
W. iff-ar On 111111.1 cd Hollars Hoirard for
any eats nt i'.11 mil Uut cannot he cun.*.i t>y
Hall's Catarrli una
F. J.rilKNKY A: CO..ProM ,Toledo,O,
We, tin. iurler.l-L-ii.il. have kn.nvn 1*\ J.
'■Iii-ihw f.-r lie* 1,-tsl 13 v.nr- nml Mine hint
.vfui-ily lum,,nil,), in ni bushicra transa. i ons,
mil tin iii-I*iiiv uhl.- ocarry onl nnv • Hit-num
made hy their firm
vvi-vi\*Tar.\\.*-A ]ti.!i-..i!.* l'i*i'*.'i;i-ts.T..l,d-,(i.
WAI.UIK0,     VLlHSAH   ic    MlllVIK,   WllOlfttlQ
DriUHt&W, Ti le in, i>
Ralfa Catarrh euro la taken internally act-
i.ik directly nn n iiu hi t anil tnueeus stir-
f -tortlmsyaiom. Price,;-i* per bottle. *3j
tyiilldriiK-k'-iH   TiHthnonlalaTrcB.
Hall's Family PIHs are tlio beat.
LA     lUaVAIVJki    PAOTORT, Montreal
When Sir Thnmns l.ipton comes otp?
hen* wiih hii am Shnnirnck, he will run
up against tin- Inie-t km.u ledge thai  I hii
country possesses in naval architecture,
If lie wins, In- «ill have tho ant itf act hm
uf knowing thai he Uas henien us nt our
very best.— Philadelphia Inquirer.
Tlte Bnggesjlou of the -Sasle as the
name nf Ibe next nip defender is net es-
iit'tly original ihis tiuie. It has been
mnde nhoui as often a« previoua -*"*p defenders bave bwn hittlt, bul tt has alwnys had lo give way tor tomeihtag bet*
fer, Quite likely thai will be us fate
DRltn Thi* f>H|£le Is um a water bird.—
L-i-it.u Herald.
Bird  hiflllirenor.
During a lilgh wind one summer day
n young orinle wns thrown froni its
nest to ihe ground, it wus picked up
by kind hands and kept In the bouse
till the storm ivps over and then placed
on the roof of ihe pliwu. A watch
woh kept behind the closed blinds of a
Window nenr by to note proceedings
on the part of the parent birds. Ihey
In the meantime had seen the little one
borne uwuy and imd folio wed it to the
house, and. as it was kept near the
open window, lis* cries had apprised
them of its whereabouts. They soou
eame to It on the roof nud hovered
ubout it. doing nim-h lalking aud eon
suiting together.
Finally they alighted near the little
one, nml the female slipped bet* wing
under it ami seemed to urge some
course of acting upon Mie mule, who
lidgeied about coming to lhe little one.
s.neaillng his wh»:s over It, I hen Hying toa tree, when Ihe female followed
him and brought him buck ami agillu
Rl'Ptie.l n wing mul-!' tin* little om*.
Finally he seemed to understand or
to get his nerve under control, und
slipping Ids own wing under, together
they made a sort oi cradle ror the bird-
ling, and, encb Happing Us free wing,
the.v Hew io ihe tree, bearing it to a
place of safely  au g tlie branches.
where   ll   Wil*   Imd   sight   of,
The vast   mfl.iorily of Hindoos    di
riiil drink intoxicanla. 	
"Ily I moll and by crook" is an nllii-
ftinti in an undent manorial custom
whieh permitted the neighboring poor
tn lake nil Mm wood that they eollld
reach and pull dawn from the lorest
f.nis. using ouly tbolr shepherds'
Do Not Trifle
with. danger—and remember
every cough or cold means
will cure your cough or cold
at oiice. It will heal and
strengthen your lungs. It i.s
a safeguard for you always.
Take it at the first indication
of a cough or cold.
-Km*. Mn. Patton ol Twanto write* i
nied two boUleio( Suu.'.a and take pit
in-Ecornmmdinif i'. Tliert '» nothing I
e*r ..-unll ihfg.ll and Iimt; trouble.
1.1c, ROr Sl.nO » Imi tl«i.     In tit-fiii li-ii i
st   In, M„ Rl. 3d, mill l*. I'l.    A t»r*   *
i»iii»r:iiiti!-» t;*,"-. wiili ovaty bottle,   i   .
i4t- ii mtlliiltfiil   aa   tu yum tlroggUt lit
(•at viiiii- luntifiy tin k.
Clotlio-a mnl lhc Mao.
If it -Vlliplno outers ihe bouse of a
Buropenn IIvIur in un uanssumlns
way, lie will not believe thai the Ku-
i*o|h*!mi Is either v.*ealih,v or wise. uml.
itlthouiilr his nut liner may lu* correct*
It will um h.- humble, no tbo other
baud, it' lu> visits au [gnoruut man
who Indulges in preitt Bploudor, he will
it onco become exceodlugly respectful
Mr. Phelps Whitmnrsb, who in The
Outlook gives bis experiences in thi
Islands, tells the Btory of n wealth]
provincial visiting Manila for tin* firel
time, who asked to bo presented to tbi
governor general.
When ho reached tho palace, be
fouud the governor tnblng coffee on
his piuzza, dressed comfortably In a
white cotton suit. Tin- l-'lllpino re-
ipie.-ied thnt some favor be extended
to Ids district, and his request wna
grunted. He then withdrew. The official who bail procured the presents
Hon asked hlm what be thought "f the
genera i.
"Why." replied tbe visitor In a lone
of disappointment, "be is do different
from any oilier white man."
It so happened that the general was
lold of the Incident, nnd he gave orders that at his next reception the
Filipino should ho presont.
t'pou entering tho ihrouorooin and
Feeing lhe general In full uniform,
•urrounded by his hrilllnut staff, with
the accessories of splendid tapestries,
laeed ushers and all the pomp and
splendor of these Spanish functions,
thc provincial grew pale and. kneeling
iu deep humility, exolnlmed:
'■This is indeed my general!"
So Impressed was lie that the following morning bo sent n pair of handsome horses lo the goueral'wltb a note
Which rend:
"My genernl, yesterday I liked you
so much In your uniform of gold lhat
1 send you this pair of horses, but do
not use them when jou dress In a
while suit."
w Band
hOWCll p(l0>M rvt't imot-MJ F*i:o ciiliioyuo
ID I InstAtlooi .im:Vi tr*-**. WrltOOlfOt Uf
thin* Iti Mtuto-orUaal-MktlnktramauU.
Whaley Royce 4 Co., *"«^;B*ll
Umps Mil
f1 uwii in In il els stores
i houw --   i ht n\' -'.  brightest   uud
light   known to tho world to-
Dig money f"t* agents. Send for
u)ile uud  -,'t"     your   territory     at
-i*    The  lucand-MM nl   Gas    Lamp
.   H'l   Thistle s'.r.vt.  Winnipeg.
jj        NO    PROH ISITION
5 PAUL SALA *mt Wines, Liquors
b          Wlaolpeg  Man . Ut Main Str«t.
I     Par*                                  i it -.-. pu y*L,tjr**
jj                                         , - «
g    M.u«   r.«cM *««„„..«„«
•.*-A<mm\imii*a*9-A . _
I bi   It Ui doc ;._■ ooe this year of very su-
l*.*ri'.r uierit, and if yoa hoy without writing
for my deieriptiTe Oatalagne, )<tu will be
doing yourself a crt-at inja.-t ■.-.■<■.
Win. Scott, ""^xlprof*"'
MACHINE with II ■ ry Motloa aad Tall Bear-
hipi.nuking it nm Keashr and te fiKtr. J.
E imVNA.-.Ot.i'nJAgeiH l.-l ThL-tl-.-stifcet,
Catholic Prayer fcSiSSSS
nlan, Rdlgtootnetara StatBanr.aadQfaarob
Omameiiif, t-JducaU-onal WnrJcs al, urdt-n r*r
Ml«prftmpiatteatl6a. I*.4J *Je*Liif4CC.V-SilTCtl
llnd Ifti Own Girl.
One of the churches in n iittle western
town te so fori mint e ns tn hnve a youug
woman ns its pastor. She wns called lu
the door of the pnrsdnnge ono dny nud
snw there a tniuii pinhurriwrd young
fanner of the Oortnnn type.
"Dey Enid iler minister lifed in di-
house," he snid.
"Yee." replied the fair pastor.
"Vell-li'in-I-I vant to kit tnerrltr
"To get  ninrried?     Very   woll,   I   enn
mnrry yotl," said 'lie tntulstereu encour-
"Oh. hilt I cot n girl nlren'y " wis tiie
disconcerting reply.
Slmly In Illiiel. nml  White,
They were pln.vinir nt the chess gnme of
love, Site was rlclll lie was poor. She
uUggestPtl  the opera  for their 00X1  gfllB-
hit. Ile stopped io consider wlmt hi**
next move Bhould i"1; tlic-u. taking oul
hii watch, lie looked nt it thoughtfully
;::d  said,   "IVWU   ft,'i','t."
and po would mnny a y
lndy, rather than take a butFi
without tbo "Albert"
H It  Ir.iv-H tba  -k'.-i v■ n'!*rftilly Wfl
a aii'l fn-h ion! iti ialni bsgnnoeuax-
3 trt-melj pleasing,
ft Heware of IraltaUoni,
Stock, ,n,l "wnnl, bought, iold
rjirrl.d   On   imirf,),,.     Ij.liil
milling Btookl ,-ur
W. N. D. 309. A Snap
For house decorating, four rolls ofj
French crepe paper for 25 cents. ThreeJ
folds of Dennysons Imperial crepe paper^
for $1.   Buy early and avoid the rush.
It pays to deal with
R. E. BEATTIE, Druggist.
Mooch," The Herald's-teniue beauty,
has pawed through tbe hairdresser's
bands and cume forth a tiling of beauty
and s joy forever. He looks like ■ cross
belweeu an hyena and ao Alaekau mala-
moot, with a little porcupine thrown in
on the side.
Among those wbo left for Soulh Africa
as a member of Uadeu Powell's police,
was W. N. Stewart, of Sand creek, better known as " Billy." They have a
host of good men from western Canada,
but there will be none in the contingent
tbat will surptss Billy in that kind of
work. Giye him a horse and something
to do in wh eta there is tn element of
danger, plenty of hardship and teats of
endurance, am) be will land on top every
♦ 1*1 &i ti*H*;*5':-*i*!>i*S'i€'i'S'iS'i-»i*i*i#i^i#i#i#i*i*i^i*|**i
1 •••;
Looks Tempting
Our stock of tempting things for the appetite
would delight that of an epicure. We take
pride in procuring the freshest and best to be
had. If you buy here you will agree with us
that we succeed. Choice selection of Fancy
Biscuits and Confectionery just in.
G. T. ROGERS F^Xy.SUpleKroceriesand
(*>»-•» •»•»•»•• •*>••••■•■•*>• ••• «■■»•»■•><*)
Like the Natives of the
Sandwich Islands *£*£
You may wear a sweet smile but in this
country it is customary to wear clothes also.
Stylish, Symetrical, Seasonable Clothing.
flade to fit and made to wear by
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
I     LOCAL   NOTES     |
Picked Up Aboul the City  by Attiring
Questions of Many People.
Rev. Holford went to Fernie Tuesday.
Julius Hurel was a Cranbrook visitor
this week.
Have you been vaccinated? If not,
why not i
Charles Bishop, of Sand creek, was in
town Tuesday.
Dining dainties, delicious, dependable, at G. T. Roger's.
Parker Bros, have added a new tank
to their water route.
Be sure and' attend the Board of Trade
meeting next Mouday evening.
Dr. King is happy once more, He has
recovered bis pet spaniel pup.
Charley Kstmere was in town Monday
looking after some mining matters.
Charley McNabb, mayor aud poobah
of Jaffray, spent Sunday in town.
Furnished rooms to rent, Good location.   Inquire at Tbe Herald office.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Fink entertained a
parly of friends last Thursday evening.
P. McConnell has gone to Manitoba
for a carloud of chickens, pigs and cattle.
W A. Prest hns beeu uuder tbe weather
the past few weeks, but is recovering
A card from J. H. McMullin asks that
his paper be seut to Pomona, Cal., for
the present.
Joe Mitchell came up from his Swan
sea ranch tbis week for a few day--.' visit
at the metropolis.
Fine confectionery is stimulating and
nutritious. See the selection in the
window at G. T. Roger's.
George Leask tried to go to Pincher
Creek last week, but didn't. The quarantine officer shut him out,
A. W. McVittie and V. Hyde Haker
left Tuesday for Nelson to attend to bus
iness connected witb their coal deals.
For Sale—Pure bred light Brahma
roosters. Fiue, large young birds.
Price I3.00 each. Address Box 0, Kimberley, B. C,
The Nelson Miner says tbat I.iettt
Beer, who recruited the boya in the
Kootenays, iB to have a commission in
tbe constabulary.
N, C. McKiustry, of Kimberley, was
iu town yesterday. He reports everything looking well at Kimberley and anticipates a lively season in that district.
Dr. King is improving the appearance
of bis premises by having bis bouse and
fence painted. The doctor has one of
the neatest looking places iu Cranhrook.
The Ladies society of the Presbyterian
church will hold their sale and enter-
tainment on the first Tuesday after
Eaater. Full particulars will be given
Mr. Anguer, chief government inspector ol stock yards and stock cars for tbe
Dominion, wss in town last week and
looked over Cranbrook in company with
Dr. Bell.
M. Young, pf Lethbridge, has purchased the Bremner stock, and has
taken charge. He is assisted by O. V.
Lang aud J. A. McPhee, who came up
with him.
Read I.eask \ Henderson'd uew tailor
advertisement, They have a line stock
and are turning out Nome nobby suits,
Call iu. They will be r;l nl to allow ynu
their goods,
••• j Beale & Elwell,
, Life and Accident Insurance If A t
nts, Mining Brokers, Notaries, JT*$**1
nts for Assessment Work, Kim- || y |
Agents f
berley Townsite Agents.
•    j   Kimberley J> Moyie J> Fort Steele. $T   *   T
• i«i«i w k.'iw i (■:*; i-i i ®: w i (•. i®l®l®i®i@i<8i@i8i@i@i®ii.-*i(j)ii9i@iiJ)
For the best °* ■*-i^uors *si Qgw& grjg gf
Just Received
A Fresh Lot of McCormack's
Biscuits and Confectionery.
As we have no rent to pay and our other expenses are
light, we do not have to charge high prices to make a
fair profit.
E. J. PELTIER,Cranbrook
Agent for Schlitz and Fort Steele Beer.
Cut)stable Barnes was up from Fernie
on Tuesday.
ti. ti. Simpson leaveB thia afternoon
on a business trip to Fernie.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank VanDecar, Wednesday, March 13, 1901, a
: Manager Haines of the bank haa been
confined lo his room by illness the past
few days,
There will be a meeting of the members of tbe foot ball association neit
Monday eveuing  at  the Cosmopolitan
hotel, for the purpose of organizing for
the season,
Messrs. Hill and Joll have opened a
new butcher shop iu the Aiken block.
They have made arrangements for a regular supply of beef and say they will continue the business.
t Harry Fairfield returned last Friday
from an extended visit to his old home
in the east. He will resume his old position as manager ofthe Cranbrook branch
of Geary & Doyle's stables,
O. S. Frizell, the well known representative ofthe Fort Steele Brewing company, returned from Spokane last week.
He had been on the sick list for some
time, but is fully recovered.
Thomas McVittie, tbe well bnown surveyor of Fort Steele, was in town this
week. Mr. McVittie has sever"! large
contracts 011 hand, and expects to be
kept unusually busy tbis season.
A general invitation is extended to the
public of Cranbrook to call at Bremner's
old stand where a genuine clearing out
sale is now goiug on, Absolutely no reserve slock, everything must go.
Mrs. J. F. Armstrong returned last
Saturday from an extended visit with
relatives iu Golden, Mr, Armstrong met
her here, and they remained over Sunday, gning to Fort Steele Monday,
James McBride has in his store a
splendid specimen ofthe bald eagle, tbat
was caught by Indians in a trap. It is a
monster in size, ami has claws strong
enough to tear a hole in a solid granite
One man walked up to a friend on
Haker street oue day this week and
slapping him ou the arm, said : "Hello,
old fellow, how are you?" The other
replied as follows :   ".H—- !!****!]
Charles Theis, of Spokane, spent ?ev-
eraldnysin the district the past week.
Mr. TheiB is interested in miniug and
mercantile business here, and looks to
see uuusuul development this seaaon
throughout the district.
Constable Morris has received instructions to meet each passenger train
and take Ihe names of passengers who
get off, where tbey came from, and tbeir
destination. This precaution is taken to
assist in guarding against the spread if
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
sent a large order of goods to Contractor
Olson, who has started work ou the big
loop tunnel. The Mercantile company
cover the district ia their sales, and
Manager Fink is a hustler after business.
As we have "other fish to fry," we
wish to dispose of our stock of livery
bicycles, seventeen in number, some almost new and all in good repair, For
further particulars call at the bicycle
livery, Armstrong avenue. Parrott &
\V. J. Greer of West Superior, Wis., is
visiting bis brother James Greer of tbis
city. Mr. Greer is iu the meat business
in West Superior and a holder of considerable real estate that is rapidly iu-
creasing in value. He is most favorably
impressed with South lust Kooteuay
mul says that Crnnbrook, locattd so
centrally- should make a most prosperous city.
Messrs. Hunt and Corey, who event to
Winnipeg as members of the general
committee, returned last week.
A. V pu allies, of the coast, brother ol
the inimitable "Billy," was in town a
abort time last week. He looks like a
senator, talks like a it nte* man, ami ia
evidently a good, alt around buainess
The wages ot freight conductors have
been iucreased from 5 cents (03:15 a
mile betweeu Crows Nest and Kootenay
Lauding. The brakemen have received
a raise from 3.07 to 2 18.
Switchman (Juiun has goue to the
H. Brock spent Sunday in town. He
has beeu with tbe work train at Kitch
ener lhe past few weeks.
Tbe west bound passenger train was
derailed at Coal Creek laat Saturday
morning. Tbe rails spread and caused
the accident.
Mr liowmau, of Winnipeg, chairman
ofthe local.board of B. 1.. F., haa been
in town several days looking after the
iuterests of the order.
Tommy Hume, passenger brakeman,
came up from Medicine Hat for a few
days.' visit with Cranbrook friends.
Operator E. Cline, of Fernie, waa in
town two or three days thia week,
A. Richardson, whu was hurt by jumping from a freight car at Fernie a couple
of weeks ago, is able to bobble around
town wilb tbe aid of a cane.
A joint meeting of tbe engineers and
and firemen was held last Mouday alter-
noon to consider matters of importance.
Conductor Petlet received a slight injury at Feruie last week.
Tbe conductors and brakemen held a
joint meeting at their hall last Sunday
Conductor Mnrry says he brought in
the heaviest train ever pulled in from
the east with a single engine, last Wednesday.   He had 800 tons.
J B. Farmer, brakeman, has resigned
and gone to Spokane,
Joe Rodier, brakeman, has resigned
and gone to Nelsou.
Kngineer Veuables spent several days
in Medicine Hat last week, visiting with
bis brother.
T. II. Jamison, after quite a spell of
sickness, has resumed work. His many
friends are pleased to see him out again
George Milligan is now yard master in
Cranbrook. A good engine has been
placed on permanently, as there is a
vast amount of work to be done.
Art Sbelton has had a severe attack ot
the grip. He is able to he around again
ami will soon be ready for duty.
Cure Fer Saillpoi.
Edward Hlnes, a traveling correspondent of the I.iveipool Mercury, sends
the following to that paper: "No disease is so repulsive aa smallpox, and so
generally dreaded. I am willing to risk
my reputation as a public man If tbe
worst case of smallpox cannot be effectively cured in three days, simply by the
use of cream of tartar. This is tbe
never failing remedy. Once ounce of
cream of tartar dissolved in a pint of
boiling water, to be drunk when cold at
short intervals. It can be taken -it any
time, aud is a preventative as well as a
curative. It il known to have cured
100,000 cases without a failure. I bave
myself restored hundreds by this means.
It never leaves a mark, never causes
blindness, and always prevents tedious
lingering." |
Not Pred Smyth ol Moyie.  .
Church—Dltl your friend drop blab's
while he was in London.
. Gotham—He did worse than that-
lost an eye.
"Yes, before he went over there bis
name waa Smith; since his return it has
been Smyth,"—Yonkers Statesman.
New Cailami Ofllcer
Kaslo Kootenaian: There Is lively
competition among some good reformers
for the position of Island Revenue
officer, recently vacated by Alder Bishop.
The salary—$50 a month—is a perquisite
tbat makes tbe position desirable. F.
W. Swannell, officer at Nelson, will dis
charge the duties pertaining to the
Kaslo ofiice until Mr. Bishop's successor
Boards of Trade a Benefit.
Phoenix Pioneer: Some business
men—few, we are glad to note—affect to
believe that a board of trade is of little
practical benefit to a town or cily. But
such meetings as that held by tbt Associated Boards last week in Greenwood
and lhe evident influence ofthe organ
izalloti, go far In makiug tbem cbaitge
their miuds.
R. Lounsbury
Is now prepared to
Fresh Milk
Morning or evening to
the people ot Cranbrook
Fresh Laid Eggs
Leave orders at George
Taylor's opposite tne
Methodist church.
Saddle Horses and
Sale Stables dt dt
Stable South of Herald Ofllce
Chas. S. Tripp,
Cranbrook B. C
the Grocer.
[ From the iree Press]
Messrs Anderson & Pollock have madt
rapid progress with their bridge acros*
Elk River and in a day or two wilt hav<
it so far completed as to enable foot
passengers to cross.
Tbe smallpox scare so far as Ferni
is concerned, is now at an end, thank-
to the vigllanceof Constable Ittrhes and
his assistants and the medical health
officer, Dr. Bonnell. Dr. Barber, tbi
ouly case ever in the town, is uow almost well, and in a few days will be
himself again.
General Manager Wilson, of the Coal
Co , is determined tbat their win be no
delay this season in the building of coke
ovens so far as material is concerned.
He now has something over a hundred
thousand fire brick on hand ready fot
the new ovens here, and au equal number at Michel. In addition to this, cat
loads of the same material are arriving
daily from Pittsburg, the only plact
where good fire brick suitable for this
purpose can be procured.
A start was made this week on one
hundred and' twenty-six coke ovens.
Tbe row starts close to the mines brancb,
near where the mine coaches usually
stand, and extends down alongside the
last row built to almost opposite the Alberta hotel. This will necessitate the
removal of quite a number of shacks, including the Clark boarding house. It ia
General Manager Wilson's intention to
do as much work on the new ovens as
possible, and by the time spring opens
will be all ready for tbe masons to go
right ahead,
At a meeting ofthe local Liberal Association held laat night. Mr. J. H.
Bricker, of the Crows Nest Trading
company, was recommended for the appointment of customs officer at Fernie.
A subscription list was started in town
last week on behalf of the widowa aod
orphans ofthe victims ofthe recent terrible mine disaster on Vancouver Island.
Something over $750 was secured, nearly
f-joo of the amount being subscribed by
the miners.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
lt is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
I.O.O.P.   Key Cl y Lodge
No. -ti    Meets-every Friday nii--ltt at Iheir hull on
Baker street,    Snjmn iitu*-
tilit Fellows cordially luvlteil.
Matt Itnckemliirf A 1., McDerinut
N. (I. Sec'v.
Craobrook Lodge, Na. 34
A. F. ft A. M.
RpKtilar meeting nn the
third Thursday or the
\ iiiting breihero welconii-d,
W, F. -Uuitn, fl-so'jr.
If you wish to keep in close touch with the
Kootenay Mining Market
Send me your name and address.    It will
certainly pay you.
Weekly market letter and latest pamphlet on
the East Kootenay district, free on application.
HI TTf H   M'mn* Broker,
IIU I VI I      Cranbrook, B. C.
It ia curious, but nevertheless true,
that a fict impressed in rhyme remains
in memory longer than in any other
manner. "When doea Easter come?" ia
the annual aud oft-repeated question,
therefore the following verses are given
as reliable answer for all time :
When March tbe twenty-first ia past.
Just watch the silvery moon,
Aud when you see it fult and round,
Know Eaatet'll be here soon.
After tbe moon haa reached its full,
Then Easter will be here,
The very Sunday after,
On each a id every year.
But it it hap on Sunday,
The moon should teach its height,
Tbe Sunday after thla event
Will be the Easter blight.
Fortunately, when not convenient to
walch the "silvery moon," au almanac
gives information when it is full, which
answers the same purpose.
Lost—Plata Oold Ring.
Between Craubrook and Foit Steele,
solid gold ring, with signs of zodiac on
tbe outside. Finder please return to
N. A. Wallinger, Fort Steele.
C. P. R. Earaliis.
The gross earnings of the C. P. R. for
January were (2,054,015; working expenses $1,805,819; net profits $648,196.
There waa a decrease over tbe same
mouth last year of-$43 473.
Persons  found  cutting wood of any
description   on   the  Craubrook  estate
without written authority, will be prosecuted, V. Hyde-Baker,
For Cranbrook Estate.
Newa Notes.
The new Yukon commissioner, Mr. J.
II. Ross, waa a visitor in Winnipeg.
The change in mining regulations is
causing a boom in the Yukon gold
-Emperor William's injuries, received
at   Bremen,   are serious, and alt public
functions are off.
James Kerrigan & Co
Wboleule dialer, la
Grain and
Olven  special   attention
Car lots a Specialty.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Undertaking And
Graduate cf Champion college of U. S
Office and store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Commerce, Cranbrook, B C-
Upholsterlif aad Qcieral Purolture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the district
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
A. T. Vroom,
Wagon flaking,
and Painting.
All kinds of work given prompt
attention, and we will guarantee
satisfaction to our patrons in all
we do. Yours for trade.
3 Pieper & Currie 3
Proprietors of the only
Exclusive Paper and Paint House in
the Kootenays.
Just received, an immence stock of paints, oils, varnish and the
latest designs in wall paper.      j*      jt      jt      Jt       Jt
We Paint and Paper and We Sell Paint end Paper.
Our stock is the largest, our designs the latest, our goods the best.
You cannot afford to improve your houses without first seeing Pieper
* Currie.   They lead.       Cranbrook, B. C.
Relitleil Tlir<i'i*.'hni!t
One of tbe Most Comfortable
Hotels iu Kust Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props.
Cranbrook, B, C.
Capital Wanted
To develope the rich mineral resources of
:::: South East Kootenay ::::
Partially developed and undeveloped COPPER and SILVER-LEAD
properties are offered for .-tale on liberal WORKINO BONDS. For
reports and information, address
The Cosmopolitan
E. H. SMALL, Proprietor.
One of the best equipped Hotels in the Kootenay. Centrally located and heated throughout by hot air.
Cranbrook, B. C.
All Kin ns of Meat at
New Butcher Shop, Aiken Block
We are Here to Stay.   .   .   .
Hotel 3 3
(Incuts Comfort a Specially
flood Si a Mi u * in Connection
Nearest to rniliontt aud depot.     Has ■u'roninuiilii-
tintiH fur the public unequalled in Crnnbrook,
> a a t .a-a-a+-aa+aaaa®  ®. a a • • . a a a a a a aaa aa a a a a aa
Adrian 0.  Hanauer
HIM. Rookery Bl<l(. Spokane, Wuh
HMdt-uarlers rut -Milllvau Orollu and
Miwtli Bur. Wrllt ur Mtu Mlnr buy.
Lug ur tilling. ^_
The Prospectors' Exchange
No. 4 K-W.-C Block, Nelson, B. C
•n-nl(1,SilvBr-I.eiiil mnl CuMwr Miliei wniiteil Ht   the BXOIIANQR.    FltKK  MILLING (iOI.D properties wanted -ii tiin'ii fnr Kaslern Investor*.    Parties having mining |
property f«r sale are r'<-ue«toil to a -nd samples of llielr ore t» Hie i:\tHA\ui: un e\-|
iitbitioii. We desire t<> heur from projector* whn imve protnisln t mineral claims in |
British Columbia. I'mspPRtors «mt mining men are re'iue-ileil tomtlltfl Hie KXdllANUK I
their headquarters wlieu In Nelson. All samples should he sent hy expre-ts, Prepaid, |
Coni-s]ioiiili-iii-i- Huik-ited.   Ailtlress all enmnumlcatlons to
Andrew F. Rosenberger, Nelson, B. C. \
Telephone N». 1114.   P. o. p»\ 700,


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