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Cranbrook Herald Oct 6, 1898

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
B. U. \VAl.KKR,Geir. Man-
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00.
Hon. Gko, A, Cdx, President.
Accounts of   Corporations,  Merchants   nnd   Individuals
received   on   fnvorablo   tor-ma.
SAVINGS   n_PAHTMENT---Doposits o(   »1.00 nnd upward
roceivod und crrrr'ent 1-otoH of Interest rrllowed.
DrnftH nnii oredltfl Issued, pnynlile nt rill pointH.     Exchnnuo
Wholesale and retail dealers in Groceries, Hardware, Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes, Gents' Furnishings.   &   o*-   Hay and oats.
Wines, Liquors and Cigars at wholesale only.
Agents for Giant powder. •
j-nrrr-i cranbrook, b. c.
. .Wholesale nnd Retail Dealer, ia
General Merchandise.
$    ABOUT   PEOPLE    |
Living In or Visiting Cranbrook, Whom
We All Know or Should.
Hyde linker is ou the sick list.
Thomas A. Kennedy visited Fort Steele
.Mu i H Iny.
J. M, tledley ti confined to liis room
bt sickness.
II. W. Baraei. tbe Port Steele cousin-
lile, is very sick.
Ike Willin.iiH mid family were in tuv.ii
Sunday enroute lo M'lyu-,
11. T. Brown, of THB Hkkai.d, will
return from Spokane next wee)..
Charley Welliiiiui came up from the
loop Monday night for a brief stay,
G. A.Jtffinhigs. of Wardner, came up
last Sunday on some private business.
Percy Irvine has returned from the
hospital much improved from hi. liege
of fever.
Gov. Hanson was over from Wasa on
Tuesilny to look after his interests in
V. Deaaulnier, proprietor of the Central hotel at Moyie, was a Craubrook visitor Monday.
Inspector Saunders left for Fernie
Tuesday morning, after remaining in
Cranbrook a few days.
Clinrles Dohr, formerly of Wnrdner,
stopped in town a few days this week.
He was enroute to Nelson.
Constable Cole, of the N. W. M. P.,
came iu from the west Sunday aud left
for Macleod Tuesday morning.
Mesirs. Sick and Kaiser of the Fort
Steele brewery, were in town Monday.
Mr. Sick was on his way to Spokane.
Jack McMahon, of Moyie, was in town
Monday. He speaks of Moyie as the
metropolis, and says it without a smile.
Mr. Baker, a nephew of Col. Henderson, of Moyie, wus in town Tuesday.
He had been on a shooting trip up Sheep
Jantes Greer was con fined to the house
several days last week by illness, but is
able to get around again aud attend to
his business*.
Mr. G. H. Gills, inspector of inland
revenue, was in the city Saturday ou an
official tour of investigation. He went
from here to Moyie.
Charles Thies, ofthe Fort Steele Mercantile company, expects to start for
Hawaii soon on a tour of investigation
of Uncle Sam's new possessions. -
J. G. Shier came over irom bteeie
Monday night to take the train (or his
old home iu tbe east. He has not seen
his wife and babies for nearly 18 mouths.
OH*- 0V
CUffS -
jA ji.<«You will tumble into a bette.
thing these cold morning!! if you
tumble into one of our Suits of
Clothes.   .•»   Jt   JS   J»   .*   -*
We carry I'vcrylliini; .a uintt neerla,
llmllTwcsr. QtovejS, Mils, thrts, Cn|is,
Sock., Hoots, Slmes, KnMii-ts, Over-
■lure.. CiTlilnll Socks, 1-Hc.
We r-rTcr for 30 days a slashing rcducliou
in Suits to make room for our large
Fall Stock.
20 Double Rrcrl.tcd Suits, worth <t> Q
Sll and 112, for  >p   O
17 Slnilc llrcasltd Suits, worth £ Q
III and 112, for  sf    O
III Single Hreasled Sulfa, worth at- Z
$7 lo $8..», lor   ap   O
II Simla- Urinated Suits, worth a_ I -)
IU to SIS. lor     4)*-.
Don't miss these bargains, toys, they
cau't lasllong.
?^REID & CO.
Crows Nest Pass
a ton.
Coal and
Agent for East Kootenay.
Cranbrook, B. C.
»-»■»*-»♦♦•♦■« + _-»-•
A Conference on the North Star Branch
is Being Held.
Work Will Probably Bejin Without Delay—It is An Easy
Road to Build.
Mr, and Mrs. llinmore came over from
Steele Monday evening. Mrs. Biumore
took the train Tuesday morning for the
east where she will visit friends and relatives.
Oliver Burge, of the Hast Kootenay
hotel, has beeu feeling badly under the
weather the past few weeks, and contemplates a trip to the Banff springs if he
does not improve very soon.
J. K. Brown, of Sarnai. Onl., was in
towu several days this week. Mr.
Brown is taking a trip through the Kootetiays with the view of selecting a location for the practice of law.
William Cariin. of Fort Steele, was In
town Saturday. He was accompanied
by his brother Mike Cariin, ofthe Columbia River Lumber company, of Golden.
The Cariin brothers tre heavy weights iu
the fullest sense ofthe term.
Scott Morrell arrived Saturday Trom
Jennings. Mont., where he was agent for
tlie International Transportation company during the navigation season. He
will take charge of tbe hooks for the
Foi t Steele Mercantile company at Cranbrook.
A. B. Fenwick returned last Monday
evening from Macleod where he went to
meet his sister who has come over direct
from London. Miss Fenwick will remain a portion of the winter at least
with her two brothers, Arthur and Tom.
O. B. Williams, of Trail, ofthe firm of
Kaake & Williama, hardware dealers,
and a partner with Mr. Kaake iu his
business in Cranbrook, has been in the
city the past week, Mr, Williams Is a
thorough business man, gives evidence
of being a hustler, and is also a most
genial person to meet.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Leask, and John
Leask aud family, arrived Monday night
to join the Leask colony in Cranbrook.
The machinery fur the new flash and
door factory to be started by Thomas W,
Leask, lias been shipped and will arrive
here in a few days. John Leask, who is
a merchant tailor, will have his goods
here next week aud he ready to open up
Din Mann, as he is familiarly known
throughout Canada, of ihe well known
firm of MeKenzie & Mann, arrived in
the city Monday evening accompanied
hy his wife and her two sisters, the
Misses Williams. Carriages met them
■t the train and the party wert driven to
the Craubrook hotel where rooms hud
been reserved. Tuesday morning the
ladies of the party were driven to Fort
Steele where they will visit a few days
with friends.
The visit of Mr. Maun has been looked
forward to wiih great interest hy the
people of Cranbrook, and several railroad contractors, since it was understood
that on \h\s coming depended the final
decision, as to when work would commence on the branch toad tbat is to be
built from Craubrook to the North Star
mine, in which Mr. Mann is heavily interested.
A representative of The Hera_,d had
a brief Interview with the gentleman
justjbefore he departed for the mine iu
company with Mr. Curran, business
manager of the North Star Mining company. He said that he had never been
in Cranbrook befote, and hadjiot seen
his mine for two years.
-'What is going to be done relative to
work on the branch''"
"That I cannot tell at this time. It
will, however, be settled this week as to
when work will begin. I want to see
the mine and see bow much ore we have
got in sight before I do anything else.1'
"Is there any question about the
"I know nothing about that, as It has
beeu bo long'since I have been here. I
cannot say anything about the Hue located, as I am not Informed."
Mr. Mann then spoke of the weather
and a few other matters that had no
bearing whatever on the branch road,
and a few minutes later jumped into a
buggy and left for the mine. He expects
to return to Cranbrook next Saturday or
Aa Easy Roid to Build.
The work of locating the line according to MUWjf" **___S 1uy jK;l_Jioeer_tlc*J:
ardson will be completed this week.   It
Is understood that with the exception of
one short stretch, the maximum grade ia
two feet. There is no heavy work along
the proposed route except tor a short distance about four miles from Craubrook,
where the line skirts a side hill.
Engineer Richardson arrived in town
a short time after Mr. Mann left, iu re-
spouse to a telegram lo meet him here.
He returned al once to the mlue, where
he nill hold a conference with Mr Mann,
Were Carried   Over to the Spring
Assizes at Nelson.
The trial of Autonio Bruno, charged
ith the murder of Guiseppe Puero,
near Moyie several weeks ago, was held,
and the jury stood seven for conviction
and five for acquital. The second trial
esultcd in another disagreement, tbe
jury standing eight for conviction and
four for acquital. The prisoner has been
held over for the spring assizes.
The case of Phillips, the half breed,
charged with the murder of a man at
Kgao's camp last summer, was continued until the spring assizes.
The Unfortunate Experience of Mr. Cross-
dale Receotly.
Mr. Crossdale, representing the Halls
Mines company, met with an experience
some two weeks ago that nearly cost him
his life, and may yet result fatally. He
wauted to go to Cranston where he was
to meet Mr. Proctor, another representative of the company. He took the train
at Cranbrook in the evening and arrived
at Cranston after dark. The one hotel
there is located back from the railroad
a short distance and to reach It one
must pass through a narrow strip of
limber, Mr. Crossdale got turned
around and soon found himself complete*
ly lost In the woods. The night was
quite cold aud he had no wraps or blankets. He tramped around until be was
worn out and uot until daylight did he
find tbe hotel, and then he was nearly
exhausted. The gentleman Is a little
past middle age, snd the exposure
proved too much. He was taken down
sick aud after io days was taken back to
Nelson by the way of Macleod.
The Herald Does S *£
dt S Fine Job Work
The People of South Eaat Kootenay Do Not
Favor tbe Move.
It is evident from the result of the
vote taken last Thursday on tbe prohi bi
tion plebescite, that the people of South
East Kootenay are nearly all of one
mind regarding tbe question. Through.
out the district the vote was very light,
and the majority returned at each polling place was overwhelmingly against
prohibition. At some of the precincts,
no votes were cast, and at all the others
the vote was very light The returns
were as follows:
For       Aj-iiiimi
Cranbrook     .     -     -    -      n 17
Wardner I K
Port Steele    •     -     •     •     M M
Kimberly « 4
Mnyla 1 _
Building Notes.
The Perdue block is now ready for occupancy.
Work is progressing in good shape on
the Aikin block.
An addition is being built to the St.
Charles restaurant
Work is being pushed on the block
that is being erected by Mclnnes & Co
J. C. Brown's new jewelry store is
nearly completed. It ia going to be a
very neat and attractive place.
The addition to the Cranbrook hotel is
rapidly nearlng completion. The fronts
are being placed in the two lower rooms.
The store building that is to be occupied hy the Fort Steele Mercantile company, is about completed. It will be one
I of the very best in South East Kootenay.
It is estimated that Rossland will soon
be shipping lo.ouo Ions of ore a week.
The Empire mineral claim on Sand
creek, known as the Major Steele property, is being surveyed.
O.J. Johnson is now developing the
Aurora claim on the west shore of Moyie
lake. He has a 60-foot tunnel witb a
good showing of ore.
McVittle iv Hutchison say that they
are convinced ihat the mineral belt extending inst from Archie McLeod'l
j.lace, will in the near future add seveml
shipping mines to South Bast Kootenay.
Pr. John Bouiall Porter, head professor of mining and metallurgy nt Mi-Gill's
university of Montreal 1 is now making n
tour through West Kootenny, and will
return to Kast Kootenay this month,
and will visit Cranbrook. The professor
is anxious lo gain a more thorough information, of mining conditions in the
Mr. Sprague, one of the best known
mining men iu South Kast Kootenay,
and one who has done as much as anv
man iu British Columbia for this part of
the Province, paid hi-* first visit lo Cranbrook last Saturday. A year ago Mr.
Sprague did yoeinan service in llie
States spreading the knowledge of this
district's richness, and thousands of iol*
lars have been invested here as a result
of his work.
Moyie Leader: The 70 ton ore bill at
lhe Lake Shore mine is finished and lhe
trestle for the car truck is well under
way. Work hi the tunnel will begin
about Monday. , . W, J. Tierney relumed from Craubrook Friday. He was
over to inspect the workings on the
Gertrude and Kmtiia claims, Which art-
located about five miles from lli.it place,
near the" Union Jack mine, and owned
by himself aud Charles Diamond, Work
to the extent of a 12-foot shaft has been
done and there Is uow a 6 foot ledge of
excellent looking quartz in sight.
Jerry Murphy brought a fine sample of
ore iuto THE HERALD office this Sjgek,
It is from the Copperine, one of IheTwin
claims owned by j. R. Harvey and himself on Perry creek, about four miles
from old town, and eight or nine miles
from Craubrook. It is from the surface
and shows heavy streaks of copper,
while au assay gives over $10 in total
value. Jerry says that they have got a
large body and that it grows better us
depth is secured. They will develop*
tbe property next spring, and f_el confident that they have a good thing.
Mr. Kean, who is extensively interested
on Tracy creek, drove in Saturday, com-
ine dlrert to Cranbrook. Speaking of
that district, Mr. Kean said: "Cranbrook would do well to look for tbe business In that section. The government
road from Bummers Flat to Tracer has
just been completed at a cost of ttioo, A
road could be easily secured from Cranbrook to Tracy. Going from Crrnbrook
to the Mission the road is uow all ready
for travel. From the Mission it Is a
level stretch down the St. Marys to hummers Flat, and there you strike lhe new
road to Tracy. This route is eight miles
nearer than around by the way of l-'ort
Steele, aud no hills except the one at the
Misslou. There will be plenty of business from there this winter and next
summer from the Estella mine, also
camps on Lewis creek, Wasa, Luroy and
Speculators, Several of these will be
shippers, ond it would pay Cranbrook lo
have tbe ferry put in again for use ou
this road."       	
The North Star.
The North Star mine, owned by D. D.
Mann, has been a constant shipper for
tbe part three years, snys the Fort Steele
Prospector. The development work
consists of about 1500 feet of tunnels,
drifts; and shafts. A new hoist has been
placed on the property during the past
week. Ou the 22-foot level a large
block of ore has been determined by tunnels and cross-drifts, considered to he
the largest body of silver lead ore on tbe
American continent. Ore has beeu
struck on the ioo foot level. A large
double compartment shaft, now under
construction, will be sunk 300 feet, A
road bed has been commenced at the
new shaft, connecting with the main
tunnel, for the tramway down the
mountain to connect with the railway.
It is reported that the North Star will
btcome a constant shipper as soon as
the railway to the mine is completed.
Wlonlpci Letter.
Editor Thk Hkkat.d: The eyes of all
having money or enterprise to go on
with are turned to the rich country opened up by the building ofthe Crows Nest
Pass Railway line, and tbe towns which
are springing up along its route.
Amongst the latter Cranbrook comes
in for a great share, Fernie making a
goad second. In spite of all that has
been said and done in regard to dissem-
enating of the facts regarding these go
ahead towns, the reports that are brought
back by visitors are at times conflicting
as to their respective sizes,
The completion ofthe Crows Nest Pass
railway as far as the bottom ofthe Kootenay lake, within the time set by Mr. M.
Iron is Laid From Lethbridge to the
Kootenay Lake.
Operating Department Will Sopn
Take Charge—Van Home
Will Visit Cranbrook.
The rails nre laid to Lake Kootenay.
The iron on tin* Crows Nest Pass road
uow extends from Lethbridge, Alt., to
the Kootenay lake in West Kootenay, a
distance of 360 miles. A little more than
n year ngo there wns nothing more tlmn
Indian trails between many of the points
along the liue, nud last evening- party
arrived iii-Crauhrook traveling in all
modern comfort in a well equipped
sleeper with a dining cnr. O'l the i;th
of July of last yeir the first work was
done on lhe road at Lethbridge. Last
night, October 5, the last spike was
driven at the lake. A year ago, when
Mr. Haney said lie would have the rails
laid to Kootenay lake by the first part of
October, railroad men scouted the Idea,
To build a ro id through a mountainous
country iu such a time they said was Impossible. The road has been built withiu the Lime and trains ure now running
over the entire line.
A Party of Visitors.
I.n-d evening about 7 o'clock, a special
pu-led up nt the foot of Baker'street,
On board were M. J. Ilaney, manager of
construction, Mr. Schriber. deputy minister uf railways nnd canals, the Hon.
Mr. Dobell, MlssDobell, MlssGwynne,
Government Engineer Fellows, M. H.
Macleod, chief engineer, VY. J. Welier,
superintendent of bridges and buildings?-1
Inspector Saunders nud Mr. Graham,
private secretary to Mr. llauey. The
party was ou a lour uf inspection and
stopped in t'ranbrook over night, leaving for the west at 8 o'clock Ihis morning. 	
Died lu Ills Bunk.
Charles McNally, oue of the meu
working in the railroad yard, was found
dead in bis bunk Wednesday morning.
Commissioner Armstrong was notified,
but after investigating the case decided
an Inquest was unnecessary. The man
hud died from heart disease. He leaves
a wife iu Algona, Ont.
Over to tbe Operating Department.
It is quite probable tbat the Crows
Nest Pass line will be turned over to tbe
operating department af the C. P. R. the
first of November. If not at that time,
it will be done December 1,
President Van Home Is Coming.
President Van Dome, of the C. P. R.,
is iu Vancouver. He will take a trip over
this road about Lhe middle of the mouth
in company with other officials.
SALAD   and.*
The guests .it th. Cranbrook hotel
wondered nt the noise about tbe build*
ing day nud night ull last week. It was
a pev diar, persistent, unrewitlng disturbance that seemed strange and unusual.
Finally an Investigation was Instituted,
and it resulted in the discovery of McMillan and Frith wearing shirts that
could be heard to Fort bteeie and Moj ie.
The guests are thankful this week that
the shirts nre in the wash.
Cranbrook Is destined to become nt no
distant ilny a great uittirinion;,! 1... rhet,
Tbeie me more young men in this towu
who can cojk, wash, make beds—and we
believe wt are s.u in (Waking llie nsser-
tton—reck cradles, than nny to-vn in
Htiii_.li Columbia. Wli.it a snap la bete
presented tor the modern woman, With
husbands like those t>- I* fouud in Cranbrook, she ueed uevcr bothei bei head
about domestic responsibilities.
Rev. lull came into lb
Inst week and in a bu
asked tbe subscription
Hkk.au>, and 1 lauked
like a gettlU-niai
preacher we like l.
news of the town ui
Wing to pay for
beating his wa**. ■
his church. *.e bai
preach, but we prop*
had lots of expciien
a different -taut}'.
1 Office one day
Ancss-like wny,
price of Tiik
iowu the .ash
That is tin- kind ot a
lie wan's the
llttlUUlty and is
islead ol *UmI-
• n't belong to
■ er heard him
.*, for we have
ih preachers of
And speaking of sutacril ing for a paper reminds u> of the fact lhat then* me
always a certain class o: Individuals who
labor under the Impression that ihey ure
displaying    great   business    shi.wduess
and commercial sense when they manage to squirm along nud read their home
paper without laying for it, while they
enjoy all the beu-Ui- derived from a live
newspaper iu a towu iikc Cianbrook.
The Son of Galilee used to charaeierise
such people as hypocrites and 1'harasres,
and we are wil.mg to let il ^o at that.
There is lhe other bandy-legged individual who will walk Into the office, aud
wuh a smile that he Invariably quotes at
par, remark: "I say tbere, have you
any spare papers? I thought 1 would
send a few to some friends back east.
It wiil advertise yon sod help the-Jown,"
aud he will reach ont bis hand with confidence euough to insure him hist place
amoug a gang of lightning rod agents
orpirares. ile gets his pjpers aud he
seuds them to his wife, bioiher or some
friend, who don't care about the country, town, paper or editor who is actiug
tbe part of a philanthropist when he
should be hustling fur winter socks.
Railroad Notes.
The new C. P. R. eating house is completed.
Work has been resumed on the depot
Mr. Latter, Paymaster Barnhardl's assistant, visited Fernie last week.
George Nelson, who has been contracting with Major Bowles on the Crows
Ntst line, has been in town the past
week. He eipecls Lo take a ttip west
"Jack" Fraser, for a long lime storekeeper at Wardner, has taken Mr.
Charleston's place in this city. .Mr.
Charleston will leave this week, taking a
trip to the coast before going east.
J. C. O'Neil returned last week from a
trip to his home in tbe east. One of his
children has been quite sick but was
nearly recovered when he lelt.
It is said that the C. P. R. have 50,-
000,000 bushels of grain to move in eastern Canada and that all Lhe heavy engines ou the system will be pressed into
service on this work.
Paymaster Bernhardt has gone to Van
cou ver to bring his family back to Macleod. He will be away nbout ten days
nnd his assistant, Mr. Latter, will remain
and look after the business in Craubrook.
J. Haney, viz., 14 months from tbe
start, ts looked upou by railway men as
quite a record breaker in its class.
The power to be able to ship freight
straight through from Winnipeg to Rossland without transhipment is undoubtedly a great benefit to those directly interested. G.H.
School Inspector.
William Burns, Inspector of schools
for the Kootetiays, was in town Wednesday for a short time. He was anxious
to learn of the conditions existing al
Cranbrook so far as they related to the
school question, and expressed tbe opinion that this town would surely be given
a school within a very short lime
Thinks Well of This Province and Cranbrook.
li, J. Walsh, of Ottawa, who has been
interested iu properties about Cranbrook
for the past lwo years, arrived Monday,
lie will spend several dnys looking
over bis interests. Speaking of British
Columbia, Mr. Walsh said that he expected to see the time come when Brit*
isb Columbia would be tbe empire province of Canada. "Vou have the wealth
here, and its development means the development ofthe province in both riches
and population."
Mr. Walsh was very favorably impressed with the appearance of Cranbrook..
aud looks to see this become an important place.
New Money Order System.
Manager Smylbe, of the Canadian
Bauk of Commerce, has received an installment of blank money orders Lhat
have been issued by the associated chartered bauks of Canada. Under (hia new
system a money order from $t to $50 cau
be had at prices ranging fom eight
cents to 14 cents. These orders are payable at auy of these banks at par, and
presents a most convenient and economical mode of sending money away,
which also possesses the additional feature of being absolutely safe.
Tinner Wanted.
Practical tinsmith.   Apply at once to
G. H. Miuer, Craubrook,
"Jim" Cronin. of tbe .St. Eugene mine,
was in town Thursday. Cronin is a mau
that has iitt.e to do wiih newspapers,
and doesn't care a snap whether tbey
have anything to say about him or his
mine. Well, we are difitient. If we
had ss large an Interest iu tlie St. Hu-
geue as has Mr, Cronin, there would
come a day when wt would say to a.l tbe
newspaper men in the Kootetiays,
"Boys, jou poor devils have plugged
right along for Ibis country with mighty
small dividends. Vou bate helped to
bring p-Oj.de iu here to look at our
mines, and yotvnave given confidence to
capital; now just meet mc al Nelson,
Cranbrook, or any oil) -r Central point uL
any time you say and we will cat, drink
and be merry for out ui,;iit." Bnt Cronin is modest, and Ik- thuns newspaper
noterlety. Bul his heart is in the right
P. J. Smyth, editor of the Moyie Leader, arrived ill town last Sunday, uud
naturally in the course Of his rambling*
over the city landed in the Tiik I1i.kai.ij
office. We had 11.ver seen Smyth before, and now we know why lie spells
his name with a "y." He is the best
looking newspaper man in the Koole-
nays, and what is more he is a hustler
and is giving Moyie a __-karat paper. If
wo had enjoyed bis good looks in our
youth, we would have been married
years ago, nnd we dont Understand how
he has escaped so long.
Dau Mann, the railroad and mining
magnate—and you will notice we tall
him "Dan," not because we know him
so well as all that, but simply because all
Canada dots so—came into Craubrook
this week, but failed Lo find our ollice,
We had fixed up an easy chair, pul n full
bend of ileattl on ihe stove and sat down
to wait hi•- arrival. Time pasted, and so
di I several people. Finally ibe story of
Mohamet and the mountain occurred to
us. We took the hunch aud started up
town where we found him cracking
jokes with Harry Melton, George Nelson aud a few others, Thai settled it.
We threw off our editorial reset ve like a
scrapper does his top coat, nud in another moment we had touched the palm of
one of the luckiest, shrewdest nud hardest working men in all of Canada. It
did us good, aud as there was a smile
broke out through his neatly trimmed
black whiskers, it probably did bim
good nlso. Anyhow, it didn't cost either one of us a cent, He failed to subscribe for Thk Hkkai.h nnd we played
eveu liy nol purchasing his m re.
ISO Men Wanted.
One hundred nnd fifty good bush men
wauted.    Apply lo
Coi.umiiia RlVltft LUMDBRCo.i Ltd.
Golden. II. C.
Subscribe for Tim Hkii.u.d.   $2.00, CRANBROOK
THURSDAY.   OCT. G,      ;.!.1Q98
TBItMS OF sin OltllTIOXi
. I.egitiinnle mining is gmtnd business.
Wildcat mining te lhe concrete essence
of re-klessucs*-. the same as wildcat commercial transactions are ns fooFsh ns
they 'ire disastrous But the man who
deals iu mines in n conservative manner,
v nnd uses business judgment and sound
sense in bis taisncLions, is just us sure
of securing profitable returns hs the man
who is engaged in any line of commerce,
There is oue difference, nnd it is an Important one. The successful tullltug
man hui-is-cs greater wealth 111 less tim*-
tli in lite man engaged in any olher line
of business, The history of legitimate*
mining shows this to be a fuel by » very
large majority.
Men ol" capital tod iv red/*; that this
is the cast nml lu consequence oi this
fact, coupled wilh the prevailing condition that makes Investment in many other lines u hnxnrdoua rindertaklng, more
money is being Invested in mining than
ever before.   Not only ;., prlttsli Colurn*
'M.i, hut throughout every country where
the mineral showing warrants develop*
ni-iii. Thi next ten years will make
great mining ybtory and cause to flow
into the laps of the people an uncens
ing stream of precious metal, tlmt will
ndd millions to lhe wealth of the world
nud furn Ull n Insis for the legitimate
and profitable expansion of every other
Work brings wealth, il lhe work is in
the* line ol development in nny Induitry
where the field is promising. There
will be more work dou'e in the mines of
.South Kast Kootenay during the next i
months than lias been done iu all its
pnst history. That this is a wonderfully
rich territory is conceeiled hy every man
with ti knowledge ofthe facts, nnd llie
reason that il has laid dormant for s
long is due to the luck of necessary
transportation fnclllt'es. Now* it has n
railroad, and already the people with
the money to Invest in large cnterprJHCs,
ore flocking into the country. No man
with energy nnd go-id business sense ran
help bul make ti comfortable fortune 111
South Kast Kootrnny during the next
few years, ll will hnve to be worked
for. No one need sit still nml expect to
see it fall iuto his lap. But it is here,
aue the hustler will get bis share,
When the United Slides congress
meets the Spanish war will be fought
over again. Tht results promise to be
There will be mnny shipping millet
within a radius of ao miles ubout Craubrook when the snow disappears next
Tiie building continues in Cranbrook,
and tbe demand for property is unabated. There nre men who see lhe oppor-
tttdity presented in Craubrook and are
taking advantage of it.
The Herald
The fire nt New Westminster demonstrated what the various cities in Canada will do iu a case of pronounced distress. Aid wns grunted throughout the
Dominion nud even from cities in the
United Stntes. Tilt sympathies of the
Anglo-Saxon race are quick to respond.
The man who continues to harp on
the one town idea iu South F.nst Koole-
uay wonld better follow the example set
by the bear, und crnwt Into a hole and
pull the hole iu after him. Such an idea
is unwise, unjust, senseless and ridiculous, without profit or honor, and disloyal to tiie grand territory known as South
Kast Kootenay,
The vote on the plebiscite in South
K.ist Kootenay was not n surprise to
Tin; Ukkai.ii. It wns light, nnd it was
emphatic. The question of prohibition
is not bothering the people of this section just now.
M. J. Haiicy hns mnde a rtrnrd in the
building of ibe Crows Nest Pass railway
that has given him nu exalted position
among ihe managers of construction in
the world. Tim-; and expense nre the
two essential points, granting tlmt llie
grade and work is snti-fnctiiry, nnd ou
theso points Mr. Hnuey lias left 110 doubt
as to his ability,
It is now possible to reach Cranbrook
hy mil from cither Hit enst or west.
To come to Cranbrook is good judgment; to slop in Craubrook is undoubted
Wistloinl lo hustle in Cruubrook is wealth,
The population of South Kast Kootenay will nt lensl be doubled wilhin six
months, and in all probability will be
The falls of South F.nst Kootenay are
grand nnd glorious. A more magnificent climate cannot be conceived, It Is
Invigorating nnd Inspliiug, filling the
lungs with the breath of life and actltn,
and the brain with eucrgy nnd confidence. It is a great climate nnd a great
country. It is no wonder people capitu
late when Ihey come hero,
Has the best equipped office in the Kootenays.
Its facilities for turning out first-class Job
Printing are complete. Send in an order and
become convinced of the fact
I've battled through adversity when skies
Were blue an' bright
To win of fickle fortune bul u feather in
the light.
An' I've never felt a flurry nor the small-
out mite illstrcased
Till Sui had aunk to slumber In tho eraflU
of ibe wast.
it always seemed Hint even, with Ita dark*
nets an* Us i]< w,
Drought forth a hosi <>' pygmies, an' these
tittle troubles srew
'rill,  like  Gulliver,  thoy  liounil  me, an'
when hopo iiml nearly none
i ftit a peace como stealing through ths
gateway of tin- dawn.
I've lain awako su troubtsd, un' a-tossln'
ihrniiKli tha nlghl,
tV-hopIn*  im in- miiib-ii in tin. imiii**   o'
mull un' rlftht-
A-wnmiii,* wuii my conaolonoa over soms<
iiiiii* I had done,
a-plannln1 <iiiiii*-n with ths rlsln' »*
i ili
An' i'vo conjured up tin' sorrows thai it
seemed woro suit to full
l jut ti im- an' in wrap nit iti a Hint o' .-min !■■>■ t
)>u It,
nm iin- ute have always vanished when the
morning cried: Uogonol
An' a ilM-iun i>' peace I'tinn- Stealing llirot'illi
tho gateway of ilie dawn,
An' so I any to alliners, un' to Haiuts wliii
Strive ns will,
The cares iliu i onino upon you when the
shades o' sorrow f"ti
win vanish with lltn vision of a. aoul-on-
lightened day,
An' Qocl win wipe iin- tear-drops from your
nwolion ej'ua uwuy.
The host of littlo worries thnt boaet you
Hi rough tlio night
Shall Him] In Htoalthnil', I inn in lid I, shall 1)0
frowning in their (light,
An' tho real will bo the sweeter for tho
Ills j-u'vo undergone
When   that   holy   pCBCQ    comes    stealing
through llio gutoway of tho dawn.
-Itoy Fan-all a mane, in Leslie's Weekly.
Cranbrook will soon havercgularover
land trains bringing patsctigers direct
from the Atlantic toast.
There will be thnu-nnds of dollars
made in mining in the Cranbrook district within the next ■.en-,
President McKinley will take n trip
through the western states next  month.
He has earned n vnc.it imi.
lt. wnn two years since Joe Bentloy
ind left his home in a fjulct. little Ohio
town to Ki'i'l. bis fortune in the wed.
I-'or two yeurs rni-h working dny hud
round him at his desk in a litrg-c mer*
■untile house in Chicago. Ifa had been
fortunate in securingn position at once,
through u brother of his town [wstnins*
ter, who wins now chief clerk in the oflice Joe will never forget those two
yea ra—-lonesome lwo yonrs ihey were,
the more lonesome, perhaps, becnuse he
luid nover been nwny frum home nud
imoug Sl'llttigers before.
When he first cnine lo C'hfctiffo the
world's fair nnd oilier nit met inns nuide
tilt city a wonderful pluee for Ihecnuii-
;ry boy, but these soon paled or pitsserl
iwtiy, and the loneliness settled upon
tlm an in* felt himself ii stranger In n
ttraugc bind.
Porn timo ho attended church,nshitd
teen bis habiti nt home, but they were
inch lnrge plates, nud tbo enngrega-
Ion and young folks dressed antl;actod
in differently from the church follt '•■
tome tbnt he llnnlly got in the hnhtt
if staying awny, lie sorely missed his
own acquaintances, the companion*
thlp of his slaters a nil bro I hers nud the
(right smile of Cousin 1**011, who USCil
c, pop iii so unexpectedly nnd leave
.nell  a volume of sunshine In-hind her
when ber father would come to town to
hi his mnrketing. The girls with
whom some of his fellow clerks nssool-
itctl, nnd with whom they tried to muke
jim nl home, somehow fnlled lo fill tiie
llll.   Somehow it didn't serin right for
lie fellows to grool them 011 the street
with n fnigUlnr ship on the shoulder
ind a "Hello, Kit, old girl, how you is?"
I ml In spite of liimself he fell too much
if tin aversion to them to enjoy himself
>r make himself entertaining, und
Iropjied them.
At Inst a change crime---gradually, to
io sure, so slowly thut- doe hnrdly
inew there hud been n. change till il
wns tJtert*. For several dnys the sent
i! the opposite end of the tmblc in the
'isluunint where Joe ute lunch hnd
hoen occupied by n modost-appcnrlug
itllt- woiiiiin, whose longluislics frhlgoil
he darkest of blue eyes, ntul wllORu
d Igh ily pouting lips nud rounded
-hecks plowed with the iiatiirnl health
which enn never he duplicated by art
ind wlreb only country nir enn give.
I'he next day she *wiifc In the nunc seal,
mil Ibe next nnd the next, nnd Joe--non
'mm' to look forward, iinthlngingl.v, to
iee the bright face of the unknown,
(hie dny the chair wns vncniit, nud
Ine, with u sense ot deep disappointment, knew* why it wns he looked forward so eagerly to the nnondny meal,
I'he next noontime he took particular
pailin with his toilet nnd was SO iin*
otificnt Hint he was at the tabic five
minutes be fine his accustomed time.
•ibe was not then1, ami his heart wink.
\ mllllllc Inter It bounded ngnin as he
mir fhe well-known figure com log down
lie ftislo.    As she pulled lmek her elinir
prepamlory lo inking her scat. noma-
llOW or other. Joe neveripiitc knciv how-
it. happened. Hie big blue eyes flashed
for a moment |**|to his uud he wns on
his feel, blushing nnd bowing.
Tins wns ihe beginning, nnd ll he-
•nine customary In bow. Inter In sit side
by side and talk during Irtnoli, nud, if
time permitted, to walk with her as fnr
is the Mouudtinek bll I tiling, where she
wus employed, lie hud vulnl.v tried to
discover her mime, but when he hud
naively Informed her thnt. it was awkward to eull her "Sny," she hnd nsked
dm tn eul! hor simply Miss Mnrgnrel,
Hiding flint this wns whnt she wns most
tfenernlly culled and wns most nc-
customed to.
This went on for several weeks and
too hnd several times been nn the verge
:d usldng for her address, Mint he might-
•nil. nr nil'ing ber to accompany ItllU
ot he i heater, but he kept delaying, fonr-
ng llitit be might rupture tlie growing
friendship nml be left, tlfffllMj to himself
nnd tbe Imiesomeness of feeling Hint,he
know almost no ono.
Ono noontime (nnd Joe will .always
I remember it) she wns not in her nccus-
■ loiued plltoe, nllhOUgh the dny before
uhe had been speculating what the bill
| of fare would be.   He ate as slowly us
he eould nnd spent his whole noon hotir
in the ivstnurnnt, but when In* left the
J chair wus still vacant,   The next, dny
I the   same experience.    Ile reprnnehed
himself fnr not. fitiilins* out. more nlmul.
ber- perhaps she WM sick ur hud nut.
with an accident.  Al nny riite.wbeknew
his mum* und address—why dldu't 8h
ul least drop bim a line'.' Surely it wu
cruel to leave him in such uncertulntj
He brooded over w hut might posslbl;
have happened to her, till ids heahb be
gnu tu full, lie never th.night the dull;
walk of ti few blocks could moan n
much io liim.
Several weeks passed by uud llieeluu
still continued uu'nut. t)n ihe very da;
his two years was ap Joe I'ciuetnhorei
thnt shchtidapoliotiofOconooiowoeon.
dny In connection with Iter family. II
would ask for a feu da.vs" respite fron
WOllt  Ulld go up Ihere.    lie hud neve
naked for u vacation and ihey surel;
would nut refuse bim. Ilealtle*, ii wn
not nir rrom Chleugonml liilllty Chlcttffi
men wenl up Siituidn.t ilights to aponi
Suiulav wilh their families who won
slopping Ihc-e. A.n.n.w. lie WOllld g.
for the rest of the week possibly lu
mlghl see her or hear of her and tin
choline would du him good even if le
The   next    morning,   Weilnctidliy,  hi
Blurted, lie could only be spared fo
the rest, of liic week, but whnt mlgh
nut happen in four wbob-days.' Whei
he. arrived al the depot nf lhe pretty lit
lie Wisconsin town be fuund hlmsel
iinxiuit-dv looking around, though lu
condemned himself for his fooltehueKi
in doing so why should she be aroum
the depot if she wns in lhe lown?
After he hud registered til a hotel hi
wandered aimlessly nbout. Ihe tow n
iiilmlrlng the handsome bouses nud tin
beautiful twin lakes, und watching tin
launches, filled with happy eumpers
darting to und frn. In the iif'li-in.Mii
he hired a boat, und tried tn fish, bin
after u couple of hours' cltovt, whei
ouly a couple nf slcltly-looltliigdogfisl
rewarded his cftorts, he gave it up En
disgust nnd returned to the lintel.
At dinner it lint evening he wns ninib
nwttrc ot the fuel that n elrcns was Ir
town by u couple sitting across tin
table from him. who had come In fron
the surrounding country and were go
Ing. In the barber shop also there wns
nothing tnllted of 1ml. the circus. It
made liim fed t'uiien! home tosce tht
enthusiasm crontod by the mere fncfcol
n circus being in lown. How different
f-'iim Chicago, where nothing seemed la
be nlile lo command but passing in
t crest.
Then be remembered thut nt hotn.
everybody went tn fhe circus—why
shouldn't they do it here'.'—nnd perhaps she might be there. He would s*<
tn tiie circus.
It. wus n little late when Joe reached
the tent. lie had not calculated nn
how innuy would be abend of him fm
the single bnrber's ebnir nor how long
'r would take -the hotel bootblack to
put a satisfactory gloss on hte shoes.
As be entered the tent be went down
ihe open space to the ropes and starting
nt one end glanced us critically nt ene'n
luce in: tlie Rlekcrlng nf tho gasoline
lumps would allow. Of u. sudden he
stopped, rubbed his eyes ami looked
again. Yes. surely that wns Mnrgnrel.
looking fairer nnd mora winsome thnn
>.er. appearing quite uul of place nmnilg
the rustics who surrounded her—und.
wonder of wonders, t here was un empty
seal iM'sidc her. In a matter of ten
minutes Joe hnd forced his way to
where she sat ami found himself nt her
side,   She appeared ghld to sec him und
Toe felt supremely happy ns explanations un bdi ii sides were being mnde —
though he thought it strange thut she
assigned nn rrnson for her sudden d >■
piirturc from Chicago,
All things must huve an end and the
entertainment eame tn a- close. Joe's
request to "sec her home" hud been nc-
cepted i.nd beseemed lobe treadingnii
nir us he lefl the lent with Ihe little
hand resting lightly on his arm. As they
were Hearing n crossing und Joe was
opening up the subject of enrrylngoit
n correspondence a womiiii's form eitniu
under the light across the way. Margaret hulf turned around tn go luul;
with a "Gracious, there's mnl" Joe
looked more closely and snw n tniddle-
ttgefl woman with u determined-looking face hurrying toward them. She
look Margaret sharply by the arm an.I
drew hei' tn one side as she snid:
"I've been hunting fnr you everywhere—what mnde you change your
sent? IVe won't trouble this young
man for his company any further" -
with u scathing look nt Joe—"I'm
ashamed of you, nut wilh u young man
and your wedding only three days oil".
I'll be ■.'Ind when Frank bus you tnlnnl.
after instead nf me."
And ns Mnrguret was being hurried
nway from him across the street. .Ine
Clltlghl the glcnm of the ring nu the little Iut ml that was surreptitiously waved
tu  him.—Chicago News.
I.HW MH Shi'  Ir,
Ltiwyer—Vnu say youiaiw the prisoner, my client, commit tho murder'.' _tn-
member, you tiro on your oath, Mow tin
you know you snw him',1
Witness—I saw him wilh my own
"Dili you hnve nu your spectacles'.'"
"I never went* spectacles,"
"Vnu don't? linn do you know you
ilon'l need them? Mow do you know
yott don'l sec Incorrectly? Answer tbnt.
Hid vim ever hnve votir eves examined?"
"Only once. 1 applied for n position
on u railroad, and wns refused because !
enuld nut tell an olive-green zephyr
from it sen-green one."
"Ah, ha! (ientlciuen of the jury, the
witness admit.-- that, he is color blind,
nnd yet be stood up here nnd perjured
his soul lu Injure my client, when his
run testimony shows lie cun't t.ll a
white mnn from a negro."—X. Y. Weekly*        -	
Alt lln (.mlil Do.
"Your boy is simply n depraved boy
Mrs. Dronson," snid the physician.
♦You need a doctor of the rouI, not one
of my profession,"
"I didn't know, doctor," said the tired
little woman, "but what,you might help
me a little with advice."
"So, madam, Ihe only Ihing I can
prosotlbc for him is tt mixture nf
strychnine nnd prtumla aeid." —• Ray
f ityClial.    ,_.,.____. '_   -
<_uod  li«-fi'ii»i>.
"Have jou any defense'.1" ns-ked the
"Certainly," replied the bicyclist.
"'I'he mun very foolishly tried to cross
the street und I naturally run him
"It's a  dilllcult  case  tn  pass upon,'
said the judge, thoughtfully, "Of
course, .\nu ure blameless, but I don't
kunw whether tu call il a etise of justifiable homicide or suicide." Chlengo
Ill   liipiiiiiUlfllt   I <iiii|ilnlii**r.
"It's tiresome," he remarked,cynically, "to see people getting so excited
nvur a circus. Il's the sume old tiling
mer uud over nfjatii.''
"Mny be you haven't observed eh
ly," ventured bin wife.
"Humph: I guess I might tn kunw
what I'm tillItlllg about. I've seen
every  OUO   that ever cume here since
I wus six years nid."- Washington Star,
Triiinliim   Ftite.
When une In BOttletl down, It's ntlll n *ili-s-
u re
Tn ihlnk nf all the kmI** who gave uno
And Mini In why we're so dis|ni*-'t to trenti-
The tell-tale hillei-doii*. we should destroy,
-•■Philadelphia Preas,
it.nte.ir Toroutoj
A. W. M'VITTIE, D. L. S., P. L. S.
Builder and Contractor,
All kinds uf Jobbing ptotptitl. attended to.  l'»
titnntis famished uu apiillcatk n.
"I'm sure It's angry. You go first,
r.ticyj vou're a vegetarian."—I'lek-Sfe-
Alter the I'l-evhlliiiK Style.  ~~
"You're  ROlng to build a house?   Well,
Have you settled upon a plan?"
"Vou betl   My plan Is to build It ohaap.
And rent it as high as I can."
—Chit-ago Tribune.
An  I-ieii'molinm  Kxiiln tint inn.
First Chappie—I wonder now, Choi He,
how thu donkey ever came to lie used
a« the—er, emblem of stupidity?
Second Chappie (with n yawn)—
t.i.-ii i imiiiw; i tn nu re, ut-.m u«j ,   •■ *
have Inn-it before our dey.— Brooklyn
The (lninKi<-i of Time.
"When we were tlmt married you gave
me half the elnset." •*•"*•
"And now yon nol n« if I ought tn
keep my coat nnd trnitsershungingovet
the hull bnnisters."—Chieagn Ke-ord.
In  I'lli   tor Hlm.
Algy-\ow- now. Jliss l.iddy, suppose I should try —try to kiss you'.'
Miss tllddy—Don't think ol it, Mr.
(iosling; you're so agitnled that I nm
sure you wnuld Kerenm!—Philadelphia
How lie Did It.
T.andludy (to new bnnrder)—I hope
vnu slept well last night.
New Iloarder—-Yen. Happened to
have a hot tie of chloroform in my pocket.   1 put 'em all tu sleep before going
tubed myself.—Cleveland Lender.
I)re 1*1 on lleaerved.
ire--What do you think of the horseless carriage?
She-Cuu you— that is, are both hands
required in mannglng them?—Detroit
Free l-rcss.
Kfferllve lime,
Maude—Wonder how it happened that
Mr. Sinarte proposed tn Carrie?
Kdith- I understand she told him
that another man wuh trying to marry
her fnr her money.—Boston Transcript
l'i* In Techiilenlltle-i,
Put touoitll—You know what we menu
h/ "si'iiecze," don't you?
Miss Menultull—It's what Hie brokers
do to \ou when they get yon in u comer.
- N. Y. World.
Nhlrklnv l-.ITorl.
"Demleniniiu IVyster niimt lie a very
indolent yuiiug woman."
"What makes yuu think 10?"
"She is going to marry n man who Is
nl ready buhl."— Chicago Iteenrd.
i    Whleh   Wonf
list her (mooting u friend)—I reeeiml
lwo proposals Inst night, dear.
Kinilei* Well, love, don't. let me detail) you if vou ure nn your wny to Dun's
enmnieiviul ugewy.- -Urnoklyn Kflgtc,
Ahove  llie Avfrniie.
She—I WO by this pii|er that the uv-
i ruge (h-1'miii HpctilCK l~'.nuu words n day
Ilu— Yen; but you're 'wuy hoove the
average person, dear.—Ynnkers Statesman,
When  the Trouble llevmi.
Judge—-Were you present when this
i*nnm-l flint begun?
Witliews— Yes, your honor. 'Phut, wns
t Ii ree years ngo. 1 wus one of t he gu eats
at their weilding.—X, Y. World.
"Wiih there anything left of the estate after it, got. through the courts?"
"Oh, yes, the heirs,"—Chicago Journal.
AU  Rluht nt ilmpi.
"Does your wife object to your play-
iing |ioker?"
"Nol wilien 1 witwind she gets the win-
tiintgK/'-—Chieugo Post.
"Every mnn linn Ills pi'lee," It In said.
Ton sneer at ihe Haying old,
Ttut 1 think you'll agror- tbat every man
1 la* 11)1111)11111- in- other been koIiI.
-N. Y. Tribune,
W. It. Itoas, H. \V. Hi:iti*ii.Mi;a.
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries Public,
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
■"OUT BTBB1.U,   :   i   Bllltl8IIC0l.-J.MBIA,
-Til H
llnllivliiii iii iiiii ni™' liitiirool Crnnlirpiih lm.
0|ll.uil ii Wl'ipl mill »< II a.."Hill bIouk ..t
Patent Medicines,
stationery and l'l|>es,
Toilet Articles.
Spiicinl nlleniloii given in mall nml
out of town tink'TS.
The Palace
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
Knar Kootonay Hotel,
Good Double and Single Turnouts and
Saddle Horses.
1'r<ini|ii aii'-ii imiii to transloi.t trrvoL
^Geo. Geary,
Promptly Attended tc.
Canadian Pacific Railway
The Cheapest, Quickest and
Best Route
Toronto, Boston,
Montreal, New York,
Halifax, Philadelphia,
Chicago, St. Paul
...AND AI.I....
Eastern and European Points.
Pacific Cfi'st ntul Trans-Pacific points,
Klondike and Yukon Gold l-'ields.
Matnllicenl Sleepers and Dining Cars on all
Travel by this line and have your Baggage
checked through lo destination.
Dally Connection from Koolenay Lake points
except Sunday.
Fill' lull ilifiiriiuitl.in .-:ill im or nil.ln'ss
\V. I'. AFIIIiltMHN,
Tiiivi-linii 1 nss lim'r AfiOIII.
Nki.iiin, II. ('.
K. .1, friYl.r, 111,1. I'lissi'nur.r A|il,
V mtrver, li. i'.
Great Northern
The Surveyors Chain Made
It the	
Shortest Transcontinental Route
It* Is.tho mosl modern in pmilpniMit. 11- It*
tlit*only liii<> liiiihti'K liixiiiiiiiiK dull rnnm
enn*.   It Is tho only mioforvlngini-hlHon tin
» In ni rip 'iin n.
Through the Grandest Scenery in Amer
ka by Daylight.
Atti;n'tivi' tnurfi ilnrinn' tlio Ri>ii80n of mv
iRiiiion on dreat I.nki-N vln Dnlutli in con-
niTliim with tl"' mnaniflcfiltt pitcm'itgrr
Btciimrrs Noithvn-ht- nml NoitlilJiul.
Form*jif*t liottnlit nml pomplfllo infoniin
lion cull on or address S. P. & N. Hy.agentf,
Gpiiprnl Ant?nt, Spoknm?, ffusli.
U. P. AT, A,,St,rniil. Minn.
McVittie & Hutchison,
Baker Street, Cranbrook.
Correspondents in
Mines and Real Estate
| Insurance Agents dt dt dt J
nines and Lands Surveyed.      ©000
Pieper & Cume
dt Painters, Paper Hangers
and Decorators dt dt
Sijcn Writing a Specialty. [   satisfaction
Estimates given on all work. guahanteed
Fort Steele Brewing Co.
®-®-®-® ®-®-®-® ^>~®-(S'®iA
Manufacturers and Rrcwers of
CA I KA rlfNaC iH(H(Hiuimmiii»ni
Beer and porter
Sold by the Barrel, Keg or Bottled.
Bottled Beer for Family use a Specialty
P. 0. BOX 812.   Telephone No I.
KAISER & SICK, Prop's.
% Keep your Eye on a* ai»
The New Townsite of East Kootenay.
m-i-i-n®®.. ......................
,-■ i* Innl'' mi Uii'-Main I lm- nt llm I rows Nest l-nss Hallway, only 12 C
..„ .-     i fi»in tlin InrirratConl Mines In tin- country, tlm'st Walsr PilWOT In Kast
i.".<i,.|i:iy. ii,,. iMiurnl lulv.lrbiRcs ,if tin; ii'iich an' snnti that nil who uko ilia tronhte to (
.,„,,''■,  I'1,'.1,1,'".,"."1!", Kn'IU !'r«s|'i'rtiy nn I growth Hint must .mutually ,
, ..I"" l" Un-I'll.;-.   "I'.lk.i   issi.'liilniii'ilii'niillliil.sltiintiioii»ll||hnnillev.lpl.l«iiii. (
ll.i,.,„,..|...i,l„r<..,i„iil,.,,. „.„,„|.| , „ii„ ,.,.., „,, tnmsfr mm an,.
''-'' "'" ,'""'  '"ly i wIiiti' III,- s.nil Is rlinrinril uml till' lni|iri'.»liins rer.lveil lunii (
,  .,      '',"'.,""■' >,"1 " ■••■I'arlat.. ilni' ,,r ilira.i spot. IS ••Kl.KO.-' tlimiKll a vnry siii.lt ,
, "nrllnn „rilii. 1 1.Hi 1111111.-111 K.inli.iniy knaw ot lis icill Irani y.   s.im. want gif
*"' "'"in "liver.   I "I i <t evi'Dlnnly will want tuts In llio New Town ot "Kill
, lm niisi' llii>y an' ami always will tin n slnale entiiiiinility, an I nro profit ylelillng.
Choice Business and Residence Lots, 30x100 feet, wilh 20 loot Alley,
$50.00 to $200.00 Each.
Easy Payments Title Guaranteed '
Por Mans ami further pnrtteiltnrs apply to
j?|> HEAD OFFICI:   •   •   ■   NELSON, B. C. T. Q. PROCTER
llraiii'll uniecsi «,„,,„
$ K'M°' "SrMiK-fflSSir*0"   The Kootenay Valleys Co., Ltd. 1
Divisional Headquarters
Livery and Feed Stables
CBAtfBROOK,    -   -   -
J. 11. McMUI.UN,
Tlio lies! possible attention Riven to core ot minimis wlillo in my charge.
WflOsi  VjH*d=--=1 ,inv" on hand a supply of seasoned wood.
"u   lal"       out to stove longths, whioh will bo delivered
on order at roanonahlo price.
T. A. Creighton,
Is loo busy lo write an ad, but
will have something to tell you
later on.
A complete niltl well selected stock of Family Groceries,
Miners' Supplies, etc., now arriving;, t
Commercial Hotel,
CRANBROOK, B. C.       Jt    Jt
New, Neat and Roomy.
Tliis house lias just been completed nml is one of llie Urgcit in Southeast
Kootenay. Oflice and liar room the most commodious to be found In this region.
Dining room large, mid npiiuintiuenls complete. Transients will 6nd this home
will meet every requirement,
Proprietor.    Jt    Jt    Jt    JI   Jt Ml! I HOW FEffEK
I'lrm u Gulden Mint lletore *ll«
Bytta, Then tin- Djmlre In Blceit-i
inni Finally "I i> in the Wood..''
one wuku li> the knowledge tint every I great nmaxeiuent, hii clothes, <>r such of j
bone in Ute body i*. being twisted] broken them u*- Uy handy, were gathered u|i      	
.uul ground. Mon.- quinine la taken, and .uul wrapped in in. blanket, .uul Uv wu  Titles ol Conttonl Hnviieutttits nt the
for awhile it gives un unnatural feeling told he would Iw taken "up in tho •voo-U,"' Front.
of Btrength ami lightness,   Tlmt passes, a vague wave, ol the band toward the 	
ami ilu- sick man feels worse than ever, south Indicating w here "up in the wood***.    k   ■/ M.rr_eoonJ in    u    Clhl -I
Thpil u seus_ of worry te udihil  lo Uie   was. milium      iv      Lhe      Viknn*__    rouinient
physical agony, nml uu nrmy surgeon te     Qucstious us to the reason ol thli were ,.    ",, ..    ^ ,„",,, troon** furnish ■
wearily Bought,   lie snys it'* biliousness not answered with thi mpletene-M '"'■,,.- ,7i tun ror nil observers. lie iwllw
in* u touch of malaria and gives tlm pa- be d.-iieil.   A newly established hospital ,n of one of their eanUuiu* who in
ticnt, who all thla time Is staring stupidly | was there, it  was clean and dry. the dtmd 0f nlvinir the order  Jn two ranks
ut liim mnl letting out a frequent groanjulr was pure, yo
in- taken twu at a time between tho houraltho pi
The man on Llio next cot boosted himself into a half .sitting position .villi ono
ni in .unl niaili* swift iIhIh ul the small
of his bulk with the other.
"As between yellow fever nnd Ik*.!**,"
said lio, "I choose yellow fever."
His was a moro than usually mild ease,
or he might have chosen otherwise.
At Slboney doctors uml nurses try lo
 fort  the'put lent  with   that   thoughl
lii'i-aiiM- lliev I'imw if a 111,111 wilh yellow
fever gels sen rod llio is us Uul us lost. I remember what tho doctor mid durliij
flio odd p.ut ul it  is Hint mm doesn't Die second visit, bul I have n faint
gel Beared onslly.   PorhrtpH it Is becau-ie pressluu ho wiw u very busy man. uml
ilu> imnna uro blunted ami Uu*   mind I womlcrod whoro ho got his clean clothes
ilmiiled hy the disease. |   AI«i I uld, "Doctor, if i could ouly
Ono ceases tu caro nl t things audi havo ,1 huh, 1 think Hint would d
II ity'desli-o In life is io sleep.
by wny of keeping up the conversation,land bo better off in every way. ltut you jj£™ ^,',,1- 'Uh\ \\u.„ '■„ „-,„.. ',,{ h,
ix quinine pills uf two grains each, to didn't want care, nor did you yearn for ,„]•,... -i.*,',,,,. riu-htl" i„     uil'i  "N
of "up iu
hU." You I
like 11 i
f Sand « m tho »"*nmiy. "whenever | wanted only tn he let strictly and «^j""-aSeraTuimpton was riding through
hitiipoll in wake up."   I'he foot thuL
Hu* doctor gives the qutuino shows ho
doesn't believe the trouble Is yellow fevor
for quinine is nover given iu thai disease,
Next d.iy the visit h> the physician i*
ropeatod uml the putienl is stupider and j you try 10 |i
n-o listless than before.   Hence, 1 can't]and inn."
Ilemeinboring how uncertain my logs
then were, I think as a runner I would
havo bean .1  plol iqna tullure, Oddly
rarely alone, TJ.o prospect took on|t,~™"oT5?V--Ui"-_n™Ttit"ciiK
dreadful possibilities to a mans sick and
fevered brain. You gol quito ditunatlo
uml said, with a liim nir: "If Fm going lo
die, I want to dlo among my friends, H
<tl up there I'll eul
N'vmiii piiysicinm in Chicago, notably
Dr. Uollly of tlio lioulth doparl at, sny
thai iv'lnii ive hnd tloivii thero wasn't
yellow fever ni ull, hut only nu accentuated form of malaria,   As the doctor
has hud llm fever his opinion Is tn he 1011
flldorod.   Ili< -ays iin- [Utlenls recover too
quickly tor QUO Hung. I lhat. tlm doiilh
iiiii> te nol so high tu il would hi' if Lho
dlsensi) |ero gcmilil6 yellow fever.
DiK'tonlin 1'liim were unanimous, I
think I may safely say, in tho opinion
thut Hie uatirgo of siboncy was the mil
ml ult1, Ihuugli n mill) type. When 1
left Cuba duly ll there wero between two
ami three hundred cows, nml tho number
wns growing hourly.
Mild typo ur nol,  what wc hnd  wus
enough nnd lo span', and overy man who
got il will u-wiin- yuu that a littlo yellow
fever goes n   long wnys,
The Into spring and early _ui.ini_r days
ut Tampa were ihe best kind of preparation for catching any malarial disci.-*
lhat may Ik- Unking nbout. Those Iffo
months debilitated everybody, und the
forces mohilijced there went to Cuba full
of n»ui' nnd biliousness,
An 1 reeall it now—though 1 didn't understand the significance of it ut the time
—tho first him of oncoming yellow fevor
is to be found iu a lovely golden-hued
lllist thai hangs in front of your eyes
when you open them in tlm morning.
Lying in Hie tent. Imlf uwuku and hulf
asleep, you see it move lazily in front
of you, uud yuu lift your liuud lo bhisll
ii awny. lt refuses to nvuiinl, nnd Incidentally vou observe Hint the huml is a
bright yclli
n mulatto,
Vou sny, "That's funny," aud then got
—up.   A vigorous blinking of the eyes and
11 dii.sh of cold water on tho head drives
friends dldn'l seem to relUh 1,','
Hu- proposition or having mo "die among
-^^^^—.^ ihem." nor vi-i  lo lurrj  in lliolr mldttJ
 re <■ I tlmn anything also." I knew |Thoy kopl steadfastly at work gathering jo''it"Chia w'av
there was n big slotio basin in the lm- ,up my belongings, and in .1 way quito fdeMtll*. Itnurtsli
 >gardleu ul tuo         '"*'
•a lie eheountercfl an unus- \
milly raw recruit. Tho reornil saw by
Hu- uniform that Hu- stranger was m
ufticer, .md bo suluted with a friendly
(lourisli nt tin- band, as much n- lo nay,
"Hrllo, ohl hoy!" Then Uoiienil Unnp
ton reined In bin hone and inst mc toil the
recruH that ilu- proper way to salute un
IHecr was tn come lu .1 halt, face duI
nd 1 ni arms,   "Nol much," mUd tlio
recruit,   "You i-.m't   glvo mo  no gu	
h.u.   1111 Uw old .• bird.   You ju-t'
ee?"   Ami ngnin tlio
i'i ■■ i'l-1""' » 5 ''•"' '»;" 1 "■«•"■''  ..iiiiwaii nadiiu ;1i,i\v;:,,,:rai\\;ii,,,.,Il,.l'-'L!,tl,ln,',''''''':■•
lit. quiitian-a of 0 S|biiii.|i ofllcot' in llio or i«iii in   m;-|i,s tu oito nuoUicri Lu ■■        _,,.      *t_.   .   v,    k
•I"." taforo 1 lupitlon   I  I II ,-ntli* l-ll r. hi" ot "11«U I boiM hlm, „,,. , „',,, j „,„,,-,„„ ,	
Iiml „ sliowor iprtty ovor I, |iiiek two tulu ol  lomoor or tliroot ,„ ,,„„„ ,„„,„;„    ■, ,  UlU   „lMuiy
"You ilon'l ni'isl 11 Imlli,   In- iiinni'ii'il.     Proloal. ivoro m rain.   Mutly I -ami I ,,,,_ltll yon go to liim    S     "lion llio
™ "■ """ »'"" " """""' "'  Im. vn-ul-lyl »"■ «*»l wtneboto «  "Boti-t Iwnll| „,„,.,,„, B,      ,,,, , „„,,
'""   I "'MllliI n  timo Hi" nltml talk Uml tray,  iiiim llmyil biko >■■„. ,.,., , ,. ;„,„,, |M| ],,, .;,,,..
mi. iiiuiiil in tlio I'Mii'ini'.   11 ^ nl na liy foiro if yon don't go willingly.1 InoTiod   The recruit w «-t".i nmoli for liim
if a Imlli iu I'li'iin, sofl wiili'i-, in 11 lonli   Willi lli.it n grail lialrcal of iiuiiikin.l u|1| |u, mj{, ivitlioul  nttomiitiliu
niii, niili fml son|i uml n 11'iil tmvi'l, iviii nml Uie ri'iili/jiiiiiu tlinl I wns n nmrtyr furulf,,. instruction      i
11 tiling moro to lio'(tosirctl tlitiii nuytiiing overtook ma nnd  I aald, "Vory woll."      ^ Tnnm   corrosnondonl wrltos   Hint
.•I* iu tlio world. Tin' mill, engine Uml I1.111I- Hi.' con! train. (.,,'[.,,„."  |„'lllv, „, ",|'„. simv uiiuii Now!
Tlio tliinl Uny. BOiiiooody, or sovorallof llie S|niiii.h Aiiieiii-.m Iron coiniinny yuri.  |a ,, tvplcnl lii^liiii.iii nnd lii^ ro-
somobodios, would como nround nnd any, stoamod a,j. tlie line witli a mnislracVle i,,,,,.^, tl, |,i'^ n,,,,, often ca'usc  i bvoud
"Huw ilu yuu feel!" uml ,1 drowsy" rlout iniiil very  piiiniilv-Q ojlctl "slllllincr" .111 „„|lo  l0  |)a88  „v,.,.   Ijholr coulllonnilclM.
H.iiue" would lie tlio answer.                      [nml  n  lint  ear attached 1»  il.      ('aila,
I'he souiohodlo
^^^ iileuily were worried)WnnkcU, clothes ni 11 were bundled »_„»!,"»_ two of litem otrao from tlio
fur nliiu» iownrtl nlghl a couple uf doc- Into il, somo of the men on stretohers, ,.... iyMi     ,jnu.
ton would bo brought in by your friends. I   All were angry—ul least these nlio hail „ | u , .
placed mi
point nf the gitnrd luul
L'suully one wus 11 t'ulian physisiau who strength   loft for an  emotion— nnd  ull  COI.ald'fiyable  dinicultv   in   kccninil  lliom
hud luul yellow fever ami knew all the I wol'O iginira.il of the fuel thai the iliva.le.l „„ ,*, ',„, .;      .   r,. 1 ... 1
,     •      , , .   ,        ,     1 n     ,    , . , -       ,    ,   ,      , ,   I'll I lien lnis|s.    lie ie .ui 1 e.i in t lie I ni, ni..1
Ins nnd out. of us progress, an, the othot scourge, of wlilell We had denrd so niudi ,,,„, „„. „„,, „,,„,,, „„, ,., ,, , ,,„.;,.
an Aiiierifiiii nrmy suigenu. who seemed ami which wc feared so greatly wus heavy |)lls(^ (ls ^ y W).,.(, s(,,(llts .,,„[ trailing
rather awed in the presence of this now upon them. I'-Seouls nnd thra s, nro Ihey?  .Weill
form of "mnhii'la" whi.-li qitinina w.iul.l
ii'l. cine. Together Ihey would hip gently 011 the abdomen mid ask if it hurt,
ami take .lown llie Hating candle and hold
it close lo lhe eyeballs, They would
kindly leave you to your sleep then, but
if you didn't drop oil at once you eould
sec tliem beckon one of your friends outside the door mid you eould he.ii' Ihem
Whispering together.
This was annoying and made you feel
that a great deal of unnecessary fuss and
solemnity was being indulged in aboil!
a plain ease of lualal'iil 01- bilious fever,
hade—ubout the color of | Then you dropped oil to sleep and
dreamed nervously of bathtubs und
cranked iee, only to tne awakened every
two hours by u friend who suid: "Mere's
your medicine, old mini," He gave you u
away the pretty yellow cloud, und if you
think ulKlut it lit nil it Is only to deeide
lhat you are billot—3 und to take half a
dozen grains of quinine,
lu u few days, say a week, nil int-
inense desire to sleep and 11 culm Indifference to f.ssl lake |uissessiiui of lhe patient,    t'p to this time it has been easy.
line goes about his usual affairs and there
is only u vague conax-ottsneaa of "not
feeling  well." Then  some  Hue morning
pill or two pills nnd n drink of water,
took the candle and went sculling nwny
ill his bare feet to the next lent or to
the next compartment of the shnnty, if
you happened to he living in u shanty,
I'hcie to give medicine to somebody else.
^This condition lasli'd a day or two
more, the pains in the lunies grow less
sharp, the loathing for food uml llie decline of strength increased.
.Muylie the llflh day, to lhe patient's
lhe engine yelled   twice, und   slowly   ,,„ „,  , ,     „,.,,        ,„„ ,,„,. ,.,
moved toward "lip III lhe woods    ulicrc  T||„     |„s   nn  1 i,,   l(  Ooloncl.
we were lo slay for days llial. .-, led na „.,,„ „Hll. „„„„ „, „,.,, ,„„, ,„  ,,„.,,
long us  weeks,  days  in  which  nothing ,,,„,,„- U|„ ,,.      ,    ,.x„„ ,-,„   ,,,„
seemed to happen, so weary were Ihey. , ,.,„.„, , „ ,„„, Um,,m ,„„| „ ,,;„,,. „,
\rt m many things lupi-nod Unit I nlll| , „.,„ 8ra 1( , ,„„., s|imv  „
enn lliiike uliolhei- story about llieili.        1 „„,,,. ,,,,,,,..   T|,0 „„.,, „,.,.,, brought, mid
Col 1  llllllv tied the 1'ol.es ur Ill their
^0 fewer Ihiin 1178 persons have been „„kl,. .„„, „,,,,, ,.^.m[U „ _nm
burled iu Westminster A' y. |,„,.     ,   w„n       ,u,-,.il (r  null tint-
Of -2H cities 11,  the lintel Stales coil-    ,„ ',„ „,„,   Unl. ,,  „.,,,„ ,
taining over   I1111.111111   liiluibllniiU   tlioUrma, v„ ,,„. ,.,„,,„„ „„, tw0 t|nt.
death rule of Oinalui is the lowest. ,        ,-, „  , V1, vvi||    , „ |||(,
A W.tKKi.iHKi brldgo is lo be Iniil! hy thralling yo want,"
the ll.uiish goveintiicnl  to connect .lilt-1 " ' -^—
l*nlvfr.ttj     l'i'.»i...s.>r   llt-iii.   11   n>
silt-i-ltiu \\ lal. 11 I'liilille.
II i- 1 'hi.  .it.1 a pail of water
ls.il with,,111 putting il ou tlie flic and
wiilioui applying pstHnuil heal to ii m
.my way.    In fact, you n kc a pail
..[ water boil by simply stirring II with
a wooden p.iildie. Tho leal was recently performed in the phyalwl labor v
nl .1.llm- Uopklns university in Haiti-
more. Md.. ami anyone may .io it with a
little trouble ami porMvorame. All mm.
have to .!.. Is 1.. place tho wnter iu u pall
- -ii 111.1v be i.e water, if n ssary - nud
-tir ii with a wooden pnddle. If.vou keep
..I ii long enough it will certainly boll.
five hour, of constant and rapid sllrrlng
are siiili,i,i|it to perform the fe.il successfully. Tbo water will after :< time grow
v.inn. mill then il will grow leu   so hot,
iu fact, 1l1.1l you cannot hold y - huml
in ii. .,11.1 anally II will boll.   I'roti 1
.1 s .a John. Hupkins ..huh.,Ily illustrate c ..f lhe pile nnu of lli'ul l.y
having one of hi- Btudents perform the
trick iu front ■•! his class, li i- .1 lire-
Mime [oh, bill 11  1- perfectly [cislblo.
Tkopolnl which ProfeBor Amos wlslie.
1.. ilu-n.iii- 1. whal i- known a- Ilu	
ch.inic.il isfHuil. 1 hen.   11 requires
lusl - any  fool  pounds of work lo
develop a given quantity ol heat. Ily
nn nm- th,. ,11.1.11,   iii Hi., watel  m 11
regular sp I it is possible 1.1 llnd out
just how much work la required to raise
ihe temperature of water ono degree, The
1,1-1 measure nl so far made and, in
fact, ilu- ..in which is accepted u- the
alandurd of tho world, i- thai which was
measured iu Johns Hopkins eollege.
Ileal is developed in nlmosl any substance which is subjected I, dilutions
or very violent notion. Ii Is an old Irlck
fur n blacksmith 1.. forge wltholll lire
Long continued and violent hiuuinci'liig
on i»„ pieces of wire will heat thonl to
such uu extent Uml Hi. v cm lio welded
logetlicr. A lend bullet, if -Imi directly
nl n -lull.' wall, will develop heat cnungli
l.y ilu- nun.in lo molt uml full to Iho
gr I ii mullon metal.  There are many
duvclopmciil  of. hen  lice.in,., mitiilfct.
Iiiiul aillli llir island of I'lincti. -      ,     ,                        . .,    , ..   .
„.,    , .   ,       ...       ...                  , . Un the Aiiiiii' river anil its Iriluilanes
he 111s  0110 a u.ns in   he autograph ,.    ti      1      1 .1    01.111     ..
,   ,   ,         ,,   .                     , ,r      , the I ssini uml Hie Sililkit, Ihere are now
rnaiket shows    ha    a oncintgo   c Ier of ,■,,,-,                       ,    . ,      ,-
,,,„.,..               ' "   ,           , liking 111   privnio   slcaincrs,  bes ilea   Is
Mr. Gladstones is now worth 1 pound ',     .     ,' ,,    „    .                   ,
.. B)|||||                                      ' belonging to the llussinii govoinmcnt.
■Spain "bus more blind men  than nny,     '" f"ali"l* ,K'[* "l« ""' "' •l"ilH' '"
Ita-    l.u.1    UU«    li.    \11I11I    lias    Ueci
Mn.iu l.l.-r.'.l.
The     I.i-1      hippopotami!!!, has been
sloughli'ied in Natal.   All ile larger uml
-1,   fast   lhat   this  nil!   he .1   nu.i	
world, ut any   rate foi  li iillll.ili-1-. in
another century. Nm so long ng" lhe
hippopoluiiius haunted lhe rivere oi Oa|s
1'..I.,in und N.n.il. and "bike cow bacon,"
.1- Hi.' salted layer u men underlying the
hides i- colled, na- a favorite d'hdl, bul
from Imi li countries. The hunter has
been ii- enemy foi many .1 century, bin
Hie rifle i- a fur more deadly weap in than
tin- assegai.
The animal had an appetite prop .ni. u
.il   lo il-  hulk, and  .-au nc. 1.1,-I.Hi   a
great deal "f vegetable produce. Ilesides
till, il i- a wasteful feeder, trumping
<lo.mi .111.1 tearing up much more Ibun i:
consumes, nnd it prefers cultivated plant.
i" wilil vegetation. Thai ha. proved Us
.1 ii in N'alol.
line  herd   wa-  lefl   .it   Seoraw  lake  .1
.1,1-1 l.ig... ear Durban, ami na- pro
n-,-1,.,1 by the government,    ll  1 i-'el
of parent, uml n family of live   .lifer
111.Hrh   thee, like lining | pic nil lhe
world uver, loved "sweetie,"  I mailn
noctunnl raids mi th,. neighboring sugai
eaue plalitatlous.   The owner. petlHo I
the gov.-in 1. .1 warrant of execution
wns grunted, and the parental bull. wh..
uiiisi huve I,,-.1 near!) SO year, old, waa
lhe lasl l„ fail, nnd will henceforth bo
only un "exhibit" ul ihe Durban muse-
Ih,' proportion  nl  foreigners to Kng-
ii-n in 1 n 'I.in.I 1- al 1 I in _•.."
Kiisslu 1- going 1- Bholl.li il,.- ,l,iii. nl
tie.  of  u.ivig.itimi  at   th..  inn,ill,  ol   thu
Volga hy cutting .1 canal direct'),  1 1
lln' liver lo lln- r.i-pi.ui s»n.    Work oil
ii nill begin tin 1 r.
A ng ilie Itiili.iu pirates ol Morocco
the women .1.. all the agricultural .111.1
 1   hard   work,  while  Hie  men,  wl	
.11  home, do II king and  mend  Hie
clothe*, including Hie 11 n's.
EsUbllahed 1780.
______^____ «
=--=---*— <j
celebrated for more yt
than a century as a --j
delicious, nutritious. "-J
and flesh-forming X
beverage, h*s our tf
w.ll-known g
Yellow Label
on the ftont of e.*ery tf
•lackage,    and    our jj>
trade-niaik,"l..-tH-lle tf
Chocolatiete,"on the _
Dorchester, Mas*.
£&t5(4t_t_t3 tjs3'. -^r-it- 3 *-i -30 cit3^
other stutc in wcsli'iii lSuropc. The j>m>-
portion te US to every 100,000 inhnlii-
iatits, wliHo iii Ki'iiiiio, Ci'i'iii'iiiy nnd
England it te 8-t, Hr» und ss, respectively.
Of the 7S50 convicts now in lhe prison-.
of Mflssacliusotta 1US7 are women.    Dnr-
Inilia, is f;n* ahead of all rivals. Kiists of
from H.i to ID dnys ure very common, nnd
onco n yenr they nre >*a'u\ to a-bslnhi from
food for "t days.
ln Prnnco Uie oxen tlmt work in tlie
Holds nre regularly Btii)g to as oiieournge-
in (lie year just ended tltoro was nn in-1 ment lo exertion, and no peasant has tlie
cro.ise of US in the number of women and' -.lifjhk-sl doubt but thut llie ijnlinnU II*-.-
a decrease of ].m men. j ten lo him with pleasure.
1110 Alm V"erin !""'"   , H'im" I "-oiiungo ..f nearly 8(1,000, mnv he lidded t
senl-auboul !*» per eenl ..film lolal pop..-; |]i(, A ^ ,■,,,,.,,,,,„   |nrtritie througl
ll,ll,m "'  "'" '" >*' i Ihe annexalion of itawall.    N.'.irlv ..11 mi
Taking Ilia nvciiige depth uf tbe mean  uicin lin. UVVII(.,| in tlli. (,llimllv. |hlll ,u
to be three miles, there ivouUI U- a layer  Ml(1 Hawaiian Hug,
»f -.ih *_.'in feel deep if ilu- water sl Id
owipornic, uon to link*. Crnrtw runniti*.
I'lnylng eards were hrsl piinted nboiil i    nur w.y methoil, whleli any one enn
1351),    ll is e-alimatcil Hint Ihe preseiil an Ih-.mi. \iill be -s-nl free tCl you.' We inusl
i 1 miIpiI exceeds 7,1H)0,000 pneku   n IImvv help und will paj yu wp|| for m.ik-
II.ii wuii-r Inuipii aie Uplng boI up i" Writo t'odny with enclofeil sUntp fm full
London wilh nlot nrraiigomonlH by which purtleuhirs.  N'orthwoAteni    Ut   A-.-u
hoi cocon, ooiroo or imip enn Uo ohlnlned n,.n.  Portland, Oregon.
as well as Witlm*. -	
Wales is threatened with another tin The population "f Mexico i- 12,610,04!).
plate workers' Btrlke mi ilie tup «,f tho     |„ Sfoilund at  time capital pun
conl Btrlke, which seems us fur from set- Ishnient wns drowning,
lleuietil as ut  ihe beginning.	
Cheap and n I conl i- now boirig eon- bt.   amirs  hali^-a  uoardiso  and
Vflvoil down llm /hhIicm river to (!bllnlc ' 'uy I-';'"J<l1 for B-rls- prl"';ir>"- pwi-araui-j
linn utiHii uii   miiirwu*., inn uniiiii-.   n|iJ ftcu.-emic courae.   MuM.-. (lenii-n. PntWb,
Ibe quality  of  lhe  eo.il  is  ilcscilbotl   ;i-: timwinB,   [Minting   ond   eliM-utlun   tuui-ht   hy
oainnl   t,i   Hi,,   lm I    l'mii;  li ■ ■PBciollltH.    Fur   liifunn.it,on   -*.il_r„.   i-1M   l'i-
it,mil   ui   un    iiim    i.ii   ii-n. | t,fl0   Ave     p^fcn,,,,    WMh.
In moving the lutileship Plniernlro In 	
the Devonpoii iloekyi.id her bowsprll '■ Almonte, Ontario, has a woolen factory
knocked to pieces the big 00-ton sheiirs which iisra compre«sed air as motive pow-
lu the yard, which coal $.5.1100. | er.
A powder to be shaken Into  the  ahoes.
At this season your feet fuel iwollen, ner* i
vou.. and hot, and get tired easily.   Ifyou   ___. m m ___. > ■ __    ma. mm.   _Hil_n_M
have smarting   feci   or  tiKt.t try   C_ VDIID    fit   LIPv
AHcii'k Foot-KnJe. It cools tbe feel ami A 1 Hill* llr lllll.
makes walking f-usy. Cures swollen and V m IIVI wl ■ IW
Sweating feel, blisters and callous spots.
Relieves corns and bunions of all pain and
fives n_i and comfort Ten thousand tes-
linoinals of cures. Try it todnn. Sold by .
all druggists and shoe stores fori.'.v. Sent
bv mail ior 25c in stamps. Trial package
b'KhY.. Address Allen 8. Olmsted, I.i
Boy, New York,
Flfty-lhrco vessels, with an iiggrcgaf
... MAK*JFACTt7BKD   BT ...
nrnvra thi: mamb.	
H V.-'i■.'.•*
a lio»rJinii _n.l Day ^ hod (bf bars
—Hillary „i«**U'liin* In fliarj* of t . W
Arm*f Otflotr.     I'r n.*rv.   ;■•-._••.'*
A  J   _ .'■Uii-   Vn.  -.   •   ■•       >:»■;,_
I r»   I, .!.»   U Slaia .1 ll»» KKVIlllj- bwil III*
•Ut.nl        M.'.vt   ft   -U    «*•«   s-tmk<rmA
'hv ""rim-uih .*..!-
■    • ;,     a _.»:.>.   *
|T'.!ICIIV_I.   1      W.
I'l-wi-i IT. fi.-
Dw nis« f-JT min»tiim1
■■•ml—. __t iut -.tin..
.M*nC-t<m.&: f'ux   ' •v'1* '""*■
 "    %•!.! ht   ItriiKl.l-.
ll tt Wrunti
Gtt It RifbL
H.«i-'. R....I.4 .am.6j wlUiott. TbrM
Imi will m_fc. ... fMl tettu.    tat It tt.■
»•_ drogf-t at aar w..ls_0. tn. avata, M
km mnan t atsmm tm 0*. hsw_
_       I ItOpM- tt -iyt
Hcmi-i .4Mltabe!lihB14|,C-ilcafo.Iii
if you are dissatisfied with the size of piece or with the quality
of the chewing tobacco you are using-
and you '11 get your money's worth. The 10-cent piece of Battle Ax
is larger than the 10-cent piece of any other brand of the same high
quality, and is the largest piece of really good chewing tobacco that
is sold for 10 cents.
Remember the name
*   when you buy again CRANBROOK : : : British Columbia.
$-i39*****M**M*-»*M*««^^^^ [f^
S The TERT1INU5 of the
I    Crows Nest Pass Ry.
1     Is now at Cranbrook.
I The Construction Headquarters
I Will be in Cranbrook until the road
| is completed to Kootenay Lake, tPe |
is terminus for a year or more.
■mii-iSiiiii-i-HSH-StitmimHiiHStUtt   ttttHitHiiiitHtt-ttitt*
O. -J- -8 •^4>--lS-4,-tV^4-_l*^4*_lt4*^-<*Ul^
A strong point in favor of Cranbcpok is the fact
[that wholesale houses of the east and west recognize
[this place as the distributing point of East Kootenay|?
"and are locating their branch houses here. w
_--3---$~tt~S -8-S-8--S ^41_&^-4*-.l!-*-«-***4!-*^4t-lJ--tt4t--ai. JS -*>
The C. P. R. are putting up better buildings in
Cranbrook than at any other place on the Crows
Nest line.
■r_--is rs-s_ ft1--*kms-!-_^«-^*mbs--_k-i>aH* SH6H_(*_se•».•._.-_-
(f.-S_S- :<*Ul".---^-lW-_^_--f^E_J..t£^
1 Cranbrook is already the financial center of East I
Kootenay, and has more banking capital interested!
than any other town in the district. And there isj
more coming. V
■C******* -S~S-_--S~S-4WI-J^-S^^**-4MWJ^!-S_tt^4t-tt=«=a=«^^
For further information, maps and prices of lots apply to
Victoria and Vancouver.
®-®-ft- _       ,   .
' «• I *T*I*T»I<">T«>]>
C. P. R. Land Commissioner, Winnipeg, Man.
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent, Cranbrook, B. C.
^.a.aa aaaaaaaaaaaaAa.aaaa.
Picked   Up Aboul (lie City   by  Asking
Questions of Many  People.
McVittle & Hutchison have several
houses to rent.
It U exactly 19,', miles rrom Cranlirook
tn Moyie bv the rnllroad.
The building fund of Uie Presbyterian
chwtch is now nearly $50".
There is n Iiir^-e nmotiiit of Craubrook
real estate ebiinglug hantts these days.
The Fort Steele Mercantile contpam
Will have their stock in place next week.
. If you want to rent a house McVittie
& .Hutchison will build you oue to suit
Oeo. II. Henderson, of Owen Sound,
Out., will start a puper nt Fernie sonic
time next month.
The passengers who arrived 011 Monday night's train report a heavy full of
snow at Macleod and Plncber Creek.
Rev. Ball, ofthe Presbyterian church,
will hold services at the North Star restaurant building next Sunday afternoon
at 4 o'oloek.
II, M. Wetitworth on his arrival at
Spokane proceeded lo y've to the papers
some good pointers of South Hast Koot
en-iy and Cranbrook.
The St. Charles restaurant has changed hands at good prices twice during the
fast week, showing the wonderful octiv
ity of ieal estate in Cruubrook.
George Bremner met with a painful
and serious accident last Saturday, lie
stepped on n nail which ran neatly
through his foot, and as a result he wits
laid up forte ver al days.
Mr. Cipetly, of Vancouver, representing several insurance and loan coin
panies, has been in town this week look
ing nfter his interests. He thinks Cran
brook is bound lu be a great winner.
Reid i\. Co., of the Toronto Clothing
House, have an Announcement in today';
paper lhat will prove beneficial to those
who read a-ul net on lhe advice given.
Tllcy  are  receiving  a  large stock   and
need more room.
The nights are growing colder as llie
snuimer glows older. The snow line Oil
the hill* is COUllng down lower each
week, aud it will not he long before
South Fast Kootenny ulil be wrapped in
the mantle of winter.
Joe Laidlaw, agent for the Crows Nest
Coal company, says Ihnl he is rtmljf to
bring coal in now at any lime. Speaking of ibe quality oftliccOijl for use in
healing stoves, bu Says ii has been thoroughly tested and found lo he all right.
Tom Well man met wiih an accident
Friday while driving to Ibe Mlbslun.
Iu crossing nn Irrigation dllcli one ol the
axles broke, throwing Mr. Wellman out
and bruising him considerable. He bor*
rowed another buggy and artlved home
A. H. Wat-Oil, secretary of the town-
site company. Is looking after lhe timber
contract for the two mills now being
opei ated by lhe Cranbrook Lumber coin ■
patiy. He says that go' d woi k is being
done In getting out the logs and lhat the
supply of lumber will ,he ample io meet
all demands.
The Northwest Mounted Police will
Boon close up their work along the line
of construction ami return to Macleod.
The boys will be missed along llio line,
They have done their work well, made
many friends, and will leave with ihe
good wishes of the people.
John Willis & Sons have taken charge
of the dining room at the Commercial
hotel, having disposed of their restaurant. This fact is sufficient lo guarantee
the patrons of that hotel that Ihey will
get good meals, for as a caterer "Pap"
Will's has a well earned reputation.
Harry Rhiuemaii, ofthe Hotel Venos-
ta at F'ort Steele, by way of giving this
paper nil idea of whal they have for dinner at his hotel, sent us a bill of fare
last week. The proprietor of any hotel
should feel proud of such a bill, ami the
uiati who can indulge iu all tbe delicacies shown is fortunate indeed. Mr.
Rhlneman is paying special attention to
his dining room aud is doing a big bus
Iness in consequence.
F. W. Pctern, agent for lhe C. P. R ,
was in town Thursday, when he made u
trip, accompanied by G. Campbell, to
the St. Eugene mine. Mr. Peteis
making arrangements for the shipping of
ore, which will probably commence in
about six weeks.
The owners of lhe Lake Shore mine
have built a wagon road to-lhe track and
will shortly commence building ore bins.
They will ship at the earliest opportunity-
The Moyie public school was recently
opened, Mrs II. C. McMahon being ap-
pqlu'ed teacher.
The Like Shore hotel has been leased
for six months lo S. A. Scott. Mr. A*
Manuel, lhe proprietor, has gone to Nelson lo look after his interests in that
Mr. Clayton, who was around town in
tlie spting, returned from Nelson lasl
week to have a look around.
Mr. Kaiser, of the Fort Steele Brewery,
was in town Thursday night looking afler lost freight.
New fixtures and alterations are being
made  in   the Moyie post  oflice,   which
will be running as soo*i as the cars a:•
I). L. Bettchin and A. L. McDerinol,
of I-'orl Steele, were taking a look around
town Sunday aud Monday.
C M. lidw.irds has been collecting
taxes lhe past few days. Willie in lown
Mr. Bdwards was the guest of Col. Henderson.
Chin Irs Uoltr has left for West Kootenay. Mr. Dolir has many friends here
who wish bim good luck.
A letler from Cascade City says that
liiitc n Wardner contingent has located
Ihere. Cortnack & Llvermore nre running a stage, Captain Dlfibrove. Tom
Pool and Al Hitchcock have a contract
for building a bridge, C J. Fckslorm is
running an hotel, Tele Kelley and
George Got nut ate looking for an opening, Pete Larson is living there, "Beit,"
formerly at the Wardner kitchen
working in one of lhe hotel-*, and "Dick"
Goifrey is talking walnut to the old
Some miscreant broke inlo lhe Warduer hotel llie Other.night, making au entrance through a dining room window
He lefl his boots iu the dining room and
uiade his way upstairs, and when discovered was creeping into lhe room oc
Ctipled by Miss Jagger. Her screams
aroused iu r mother who came to her assistance, and the intruder rushed by
them and escaped, leaving his boots behind. They form a clue ihat will probably lead to the arrest of llie party.
Contractor and
Plans and specifications fa nr shed on
application. Estimates made on buildings. Onr work will be satisfactory in
every respect. That is better for you
and better for me. Call and see me if
J you are figming ou building
Cranbrook, ■ ■ B. C.
Xt-tlr-r- Is liereliy (riven that slxtv ilavs afti
ilate I iiii'inl tuapiiiylii thiMlil r iT-Jtumlaalotli.
of Laiiitt ami Works t.ir permission in iinralitisu
Sage's Commission
Goods sold on Commission.
Second Hand Goods bought and
sold.   Bargains every day.
Hanson Ave,, south of Cranbrook hotel.
thu lol.owlriL- ile-irrlbeillHnits:   IK'ltiiilm. ul ii ,
I'list planted atinut two miles east of Irishman   I Inteml m a*.|.ly to thi- t"!ii,-r t'oiiimlisl tn-r of
.. 241 ll .\ii'ii-.t, IS!K
nit sixty days alter ilali
-in,:ii.-.I in 1 lit?
im at 1
jreok and about itoO feet north from Uifi rlirht! !.anii«a*i'l Worns. Victoria
hank of the Mny Itiver, tinmen ninth m chain-.. ■ I'lin-hasi* Um follow- ■--
thane, west m « alas, itienoB south -nii-haia-i    '        ■ -   ■> - -
: nure or Ims ti> tho .Moyie rivor. thence* east
ainn-i iiii! M -yle river In llie ittace-o. heulniilii-r,
anil t-tttiitte la 1 in- District of Knit Kootenny,
laml tween luic the. right of way of the in IU h
Columbia Southern railway, containing a_i) acres
I of land more or 1- ss.
j    Paled tills .ist day of .Inly. tsfis,
1 trad of land,
i <>r l-iisl Knot-
1 liuii-1 ai ih
wltn Um nn lln- iis!i,iiv,ir ri-i-ink-r l.a!;e.llitw
north inity il'ii chains, tln-iu-c- i.isi fori" in
chains, then•_ soulli furiy hid oliatns, llii-in'
weal forty NQ) ftlislns to (lit* |i,|iitof comiiioiitx
nieiit, nuit,ii:!iii3' one lniniln-,1 ami shly a<-irs.
T, W. STl'I'lllCN**.
The lumber is on the siding here for n
The school is making excellent pro
Thcraiboad office meu are now stopping at lhe Central since llie closing 0}
lhe railroad eating house.
Work is progressing in good shape on
the bridge.
0. A. Joining? is in Cranbrook and
.Moyie this week.
Mr. Martin is now in charge of the
Word has been received here that Tom
Crab an and Hugh Stephens left the first
of lasl month for the Klondike with a
curgb of Initis.
Martin Crahau expects lo go into business at Cascade City.
Everyone was glad to see W. G.
Uuchtand return f om the Inspital luolc-
ig so well.
Jake Pink visited with his family over
Cap'ain McCall has returned lo his
home in Seattle,
M '■ J'din Warren has returned from n
vi-ii to Kalispell, bringing wilh her an
addition lo lilt fitnlly tn the shape of a
big, healthy hoy.
Movie ts gelling rrady for an official
post ollice.
J. M. Lindsey is now acting as tem
porory constable at Movie.
The Ucouoiiilsi says that many CHpi
talisis ore Hocking iuto Nelson.
The new Catholic church at Moyie i-
under way. Kcv. I;alher Wul.h will br
iu charge.
Kamloopi h:is a restaurant called the
''Poodlg Dny;," One would naturally
look for hairs in the soup at lhat place.
A modest Saudon man ha-* presented
the New Denver hand willl $-Q, but fails
to reveal his identity. Surely that must
be Dave Young.
! The .Movie Leader snys lint Moyie has
j never h id a boom, That is right. Tbe
j lown has grown Steadily nnd will I.e one
'•Min* best vamps in the Kooleunjs.
I A. T. I.owery, of the New Denver
hc'.lge, the only man known iu the news
paper business who ohnoQnpea nt the
head of his editorial column tb it be is
au "editor and financier," hns gone cast
lot a tiip. We have always known that
I.owery was au editor, and thlc eastern
trip convinces us thai he is a financier
as well.
AU   AROUND   Till:   WORLD.
Interesting Notes nf News rrom the Four
Theodore Roosevelt has been nominated for governor by the republicans 6T
New York slate. .Mr. Roosevelt whs a
lieutenant-colonel during ihe late wnr,
and is the man who organized the rough
riders.   lie will be a bard man to defeat.
English farmers arc complaining of a
total la.k of rain.
President McKinley snys lhat all Spaniards must leave Cuba by January I,
The new British policy iu China has
failed and I.i Hung Chang is on top
again having been relh-tated.
President McKinley hns appointed a
commission to invesii-j-ate the war de*
purtmeut during the late war.
There nre 3000 cases of typhoid fever
nt Dawson City.
Diplomatic relations between Colombia ami Italy have beeu resumed.
A cyclone swept through Mention
Out,, Inst week, killing three persons
and Injuring imny.
All Night Restaurant,
This restuarant is located opposite to
the depot. The best is always served.
Call and be convinced.
East Kootenay Branch
Ales, Porters, Lagers, Canadian, English and American Beers.   Ontario Apple Cider.    Areated Waters.
store room on Duricit ave. JOSEPH MITCHELL, Manager.
1 The Cranbrook
! Lumber Co. & s
1        Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KIN'llS   OF-
Rough and
I Dressed Lumber,
1 Dimension Lumber,
1 Shingles and !
I flouldings.
(•:■•••♦-• «;»■»■♦
The Stoves are Coming.
HEATING, coal and wood.
ArAP T OATl   The best selected stock in
V_./\J\ a\-\Jt\U. East Kootenay.
Reserve your order and see the stoves-.    Prices will be right
0. H. TUNER.
.East Kootenay Hotel
CRANBROOK, B. C. McQuiston & Burge,
Enlarged, Refilled and Furnished,
Best of accommodations for Travelers.
thk bk-top Wines, Liquors and Cigars ^tte."'''1
Feed uii Livery Stables in connection with the Hotel.
(*-»••*•*•••»••••••*•♦*•»♦•• 0 a* ................ .-»»»^. a®
Hotel S s
Guests Comfort a Specially
Qood Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railioiul atul depct.   Has accommodations for Uie public uucqiialled in Craubrook,
• *'--': '•'••• • * *••••• • • . a. aa a a a-..
The Cranbrook	
Will be open to the public in a few days where
you will find first-class goods at prices to make
all customers happy.
Creamery Butter   -   35c. Eggs •  32c per doz.
Royal Cafe and Bakery
Meals Served at all hours.
F. B. VAN DECAR, Prop.
Regular Meals,  3C-
, oot.
The Best the Market Affords <
petlneot Cigars and Tobaccos, Canned Goods, Confectionary and Soft Drinks.
eiuNBRQPK BTRBBt. Read the Big Sign.


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