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Cranbrook Herald Mar 6, 1902

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(UtANBUOOK,   lUtlTISIl   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   MAliCII   6,   1902.
SUM IS Kit 51
• (•>♦-•-»
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Quo, a. Cox, lVs„l.-,,t. B. B, Walkkr, Oen. M«r
l'«l,l U|,   C.pll.l  	
Total   Kc*iiurs'u*
. 2,000.000 IW
A (leneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents--The Bank of Scotland.
Seeds!   Seeds!
We have all kinds of Flower and
Vegetable seeds in packages,
and Swede Turnip, Timothy,
Clover and Blue Grass seeds in
bnlk. Get ready for your gar*
den work by selecting your seeds
early.   We carry only the best.
Fort Steele Mrcantile > Ml
J. P. FINK, Manager.
rroin lhe Moyle Leader
James Prater, of G, II Miner's stoie,
spent Sunday in Cranbionk
George Leask and Thomas Christian
were up from Cranbrook Sunday.
William   Mills,   Jack   McTftVlsh   ami
John McDonald, three of ttie best miners
that ever struck tne camp, left yester- I
day   tor  the   Estclla   mine  near Fort |
Steele to go to work.
Mr. and Mrs. Q T. McGregor and
children will leave about next Friday
for the east. Mrs. McGregor and lhe
children will remain in O.uarlo, ami
Mr. McGregor will proceed to New York
where be will consult a specialist lor
bis ailment. Il Is sincerely hoped lhat
he will be benefitted by the trip.
Tbe annual meeting of the Moyie
Water company was held at the conn
bouse last Saturday afternoon, when
18,080 shares of stock were represented,
Tbe following oftt ?eis were elected: J.
A. Harvey, president; J P. Farrell,
vice president; W. L Held, secretary;
Victor Deaaulaier, tieasurer. The
Other directors are A I- McDonald,
Andrew Johusoti aud Pallllp Conrad
The company Is iu good financial condition and wilt be paying dividends with*
la a abort time.
Superintendent Bury's Departure the
Cause uf It.
They Say  He Is  a  Good Fellow
and a Good Railroad Man
As Well.
T. A Cory, A. McKeuzie, W. H
Greaves—O. R. C
J. G. Cameron, DeVere Hunt, C. E.
Coleman—-B. of R. T.
W R Russell, Michel; J. W. Crane,
Cowley, Alta— O. R T.
To accommodate our rapidly increasing trade
we ere buildine another big store, two stories, the upper floor to be used entirely tor FURNITURE. This
triples the size of our present premises.
Low Expenses, Large Sales
We can sell the cheapest
Two cars unloaded in the last few days. Another o
vehicles to arrive any time. We sell only first-class
Hotel s &
Uncut.- Comfort a Specially
(loud Stabling ia Coaaeclioa
Nearest to railroad and depot,   Has iccomtnoda*
tioup  for  ibe  public  unequalled  in  Cranbrook.
mi ■>■+ »♦*»♦ • • ♦***•;•)
The Cranbrook Liberals Approve ot liis
Actloa St Vancouver.
A meeting of the Cranbrook Liberals
wai held in Leask ball on Wednesday
night, February 36, to receive lhe report
of R. E. Beattie, delegate to the British
Columbia Liberal convention held in
Vancouver on February 6. Mr. Beattie
who was one of ttie delegates of South
East Kootenay who attended all tha
meetings of the convention, whs certainly in a position to give a thorough and
accurate report of nil the proceedings.
He most emphatically denied the repotts
circulated that tbe convention bad been
packed by tbe Martin contingent, and
this was proven by tbe vote taken on
questions subsequent to the retirement
of the anti-Martin delegates. Mr. Beat-
tie fuilher stated tbat tbe delegates who
are now protesting so strongly against
the proceedings at that convention have
nobody to blame but themselves 09 they
withdrew from the proceedings shortly
alter the convention went into session,
and showed by men action in leaving
the convention at such 11 critical moment a want of interest and loyalty to the
Liberal party. Mr, Beattie gave an
eiact account of all tbe proceedings of
the convention, and said that be was
open to challenge on any statement he
had made, After giving a clear view ot
his actions, Mr. Beattie contended thut
Ihe Liberal party of llritish Columbia
should abide by tbe decision of that convention, and requested tbe opinion of
Ibis association in the matter.
Dr. Kiug, A. Moffat and W. F. Gurd
eipressed their approval of Mr Beat tie's
actions, and on motion of A. Moffat,
seconded by W. P. Gurd, u,« following
resolution was adopted:
That wc, lhe members of the Cranbrook Liberal association fully approve
of and endorse Mr. Beattie's action at
the Vancouver convention, nud that h
vote of" thanks be tendered him for tbe
very creditable manner lo which be acquitted himself us our delegate,
In order lo make room lur spring stock 1 am offering a LIBERAL
REDUCTION on Stoves ior the next two weeks. Just a lew prices on
Hox stovest
n Inch, $5.-15   25 Inch) $6.35   j.s Inch 1 *7-uu   ,ti inch, 8.75
A carload ol McLaughlin's Carriages will arrive  about the 20th.   Wc
will have just the rig ymi want and harness to match.
Pioneer  Hardware Store. G*H- fjNER
Norman Hill and bride arrived last
Saturday from Sea forth. Out., and tur
tbe present are slopping with Mr and
Mr*. W, D Hill. The Post, of Brussels,
Ont , has this lo say of the wedding:
A   quiet   wedding   was   sulellinire.l at
the residence of Peter Daley ot Seal-nth,
an Thursday afternoon nf lasl week, when
his second daughter. Miss Bertha, became the wife of Norman Hill, of Marysville, British Columbia, and formerly of
this locality, The ceremony was performed by Rev. I. H. Wnlwiii, pastor ot
the Methodist church, al 5 o'clock, aud
was witnessed only by tbe immediate
relatives. Alter the ceremony a sumptuous wedding supper was served and
lhe evening pleasantly spent. After a
abort visit Mr. iiud Mis. Hill lefl for
their home in lhe west wbert* Mr. Hill is
engaged in the dry goods and gents' furnishing business. Tbe many friends of
the young couple here will unite wilb us
iu wishing them all possible happiness
in their western home. Tbe groom is
the youugest son of Jobn Hill, of Btus-
The Herald extends eongra'illations to
tbe happy couple and wishes them all
kinds of happiness and prosperity.
Tbe promotion of Superintendent ft.
J. Bury, of the Crow division, to assistant
superintendent ofthe Lake Shore division, ami his departure . oin Cranbrook
has brought forth many words of praise
and regret. Below ure the letters forwarded to him from the business men of
Cranbrook and lhe railway organizations
of tbe Crow, and form meterial evidence
of tbe high esteem in which Mr. bury
was held by all:
Cranbrook, B. C, Feb. 25, iyoa.
George J. Bury, Esq ,
Assistant General Superintendent Canadian Pacific Railway, North Bay, Ont.
Dear Sir: The news of your elevation
to lhe position of assistant general superintendent in charge of the Lake Super
ior division of the Canadian Pacific railway, having just received official
firmatiou, we, tbe undersigned business
men of Cranbrook, hasten to oiler you
our most sincere congratu.atioiis, aud at
tbe same time to ussure you of our deep
regret that your promotion involves,
your removal from our mi list Your
administration of this purl of the company's system has been so marked by
promptness, efficiency and courtesy, aud
our relations with yourself personally
have been so uniformly pleasant that tbe
announcement of your removal brings to
each of us a keen sense of personal Ions,
We extend to yourself and Mrs. Bury
our best wishes for your happiness in
your new home, aud we hope lhat at
some not far distant time, this district
may again fall within your jurisdiction,
and we may have an opportunity of rent-wing uut- usBOClatluu. 11. an,, even*
we will watch your future career with
kindly interest, confident that it will redound to your owu credit, to the exceeding satisfaction of the company's patrons, and as a sequence to the great profit ol the company itself
Signed: Cranbrook Lumber company
limited, A. I.eitch, Leask & Slater, Robinson* McKeuzie Lumber compaoy limited, J. W. Robinson, Fort Steele Mercantile company limited, per J. P, Fink,
C. L. McKenzie for postmaster, Alex
Moffat, F. E, Simpson, James Ryan, O,
T. Rogers, W. F. Curd, V. Hyde Baker.
Ilill & Co., O. H. MW, Reid & Co.,
Beattie, M. Mclnnes. S. P. Morley,
Pleper & Currie, McBride Bros., P. R.
Morris, E. J. Peltier, TheC median Bank
of Commerce, per Hubert Haines, manager, Hubert Haines, George R. Leask,
O. H. Gilpin, P. burns & Co., The Cranbrook Electric Light company limited,
W. \V, Doble, King Mercantile company.
The McNab Lumber com puny limited,
W. F. Tate, Kootenay Furniture company limited, per W. A. Miner, II. II.
McVittie, W. A. l'rest, L. Garaut, W. A.
Bell V, S , Geary & Doyle, Breckeuridge
Sl Lund, A. \V. McVittie, John Hutchison. ___^^
Prom the Marys villa Tribune
Mr.    Dudley   ol  Cr-itibrnok   paid   his
family   a short   visit at   Klmberley  on
Mr, Williams who has heen In Marysvllle for some days lefl lor Spokane on
John Duncan returned from Itossland
on Saturday's train alter a short visit
to friends there
OeorgS Heart, of Morrissey was In
town on Tuesday and was looking oyer
Marvelous Marysvllle with a view of
settling here.
McKinstry's teams started to draw
brick again for the smelter. The new
kiln  which   they   are drawing are of
Moyie Will Soon Have Another Big
Ore Producer.
The   Value   of   Smelter   Smoke
Has   Been   Practically
good quality.
Mr. Sliriii who has had charge ot the
dining room of Bale & Small Is giving
up the dining room and ia going to
open up a barber shop.
Mr. Laurie Is busy this week drawing
the logs ttt the side of Main Street,
which will add very much to the appearance of the street.
Uraislck & Demp-ey contractors, of
Fort Steele, who have been engaged
during the construction of the Centra)
hotel here returned to Fort Sieel on
Thursday. There many Irietids wlsb
them success and a quick return,
F. Pleper the well known paper-
hanger visited Marysvllle on Tuesday,
The Oldest Established Hardware House
of South East Kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will make attractive prices to clear.
Notice ot Dissolution.
Notice is hereby given lhat the part-
nership heretofore existing between II.
Jones aud II. Mcintosh, nnd doing
business uuder tbe firm name of Jones Sl
Mcintosh, at Elko, B.C.. has this day
been dissolved by mutual consent of
both parties, Mr. Stevenson, of Winnipeg, acquiring thc part of the business
formerly controlled by Mr. Jones, All
accounts owing to Jones & Mcintosh
will be collected by the new firm of Stevenson & Mcintosh, and the new firm will
also pay all accounts against tbe former
firm. H. P. Jones,
H. Mcintosh.
Dated at lilko February ?K  1902.
Nearly :t ,000 new settlers will leave
England for Canada in March,
Cranbrook, B. C, Feb. 20, 1902.
O.J, Bury, Esq.,
Assistant General Superintended Canadian Pacific Railway, North Bay, Ont.
Dear Sir: On behalf of the members
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers, tbe Brotherhood of Locomotive
Fireman, the Order of Railroad Conductors, the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen and ihe Order of Railroad Telegraphers employed un the Crows Nest
division ol the C. P. R., we desire to ex
lend to you our felicitations oh the well
merited promotion which has come to
yuu. Nothing could exceed onr pleasure
at this expression of llle company's con
lideiice in your ability, were it not for
the fact that it means yuur tiansfer to
another territory.
The twelve mouths yuu spent in
charge of tbis division were marked by
many impioveuients in the service which
contributed to the safely and expedition
in tbe handling of traffic, ami thereby
made our lot easier. The reputation
which preceded you to tbis division was
tbat of being a strict disciplinarian, and
this we found to be a fact, bin on the
other baud we found that in all your decisions you endeavored to be just and
fair; and while jealously guarding the
company's interest, you always displayed a clear appreciation otthe diflicul
ties under which we sometimes labored.
It is our earnest hope that yourself
and family may enjoy the blessings of
health and happiness iu your new home,
that your official career on the Lake
Superior division may be crowned with
abundant success, and tbat tbe present
advancement may be but the precursor
of still more signal honors iu the future.
Il   K. Murphy,  Thomas Gill—11. of
L. E.
W. J.  Edwards, T  N, Bryans—B of
L. F-
A Plain Ueclsrallua.
There have been countless rumors regarding Marysvllle, and the smelter,
and many of them have originated In
the minds of vicious persons wbo
seemed possessed with a desire to Inure communities as well as Individuals,
The Tribune desires to state right
here that there Is no doubt about tbe
Sullivan company building a smelter;
that it will be built In Marysvllle; that
thousands of dollars have already been
expended on construction; that there I*,
no foundation in the statement or rumor
that the plant will be moved to Elko or
any other place; that Q. W. Hull, the
general manager, Is pushing forward
.-.hi* work .ih fast as men and money will
do it; and that the man or men, who
circulated the stories that Mr. Hull was
entertaining overtures from any source
for a change In the location, lu behalf
of the company or with any Idea of
personal gain, Is guilty of vicious and
malicious falsifying. Tbe Tribune
would add tbat Mr. Hull, representing
large capital Invested in these works,
is anxious tn see construction proceed
without delay, and in his management
1 s doing what he can to conserve the
best Interests of the people he represents. In carrying out a project of the
magnitude of a smelter, too often there
are those wbo would do all In their
power to create discord aud diautfsfac-
Hun. The time has arrived for a cessation of that kind of work, Spring is
uow here, and with the mild
weather work will be pushed,
tbe force will       be       Increas
ed, and within two months, tbe great
frames of tbe buildings will be enclosed ;
the roasters will be completed, and
machinery will be going Into place;
what baa been developing during tbe
cold season, will materialize as a
smelter, in fact as well as name, nearly
ready for handling tbe great body of
ore ia the Sullivan mine waiting treatment.
Moyie Leader: Moyie has certainly a
great mine in tbe Aurora, and if the
price of lead continues to advance as at
present it will not be long until this
property will be shipping ore and paving
dividends, It is estimated that already
some $6000 have heeti expended on development work on this group which
consists of five full claims. The No. I
tunnel is now in 325 feet. From this
there are two cress ruts to the west, one
40 feet In length aud tbe other 35 feel in
length. These are running at an angle
from the main tunuel aud on separate
veins, Then there is a shaft down 40
feet, This is on the vein and lhe ore
has averaged from 18 inches lo four feet
iu width all the way dowti.
The Aurora is directly across tbe lake
and on tbe same lead as tbe St. Eugene.
It has more work done aud looks better
today than did the Lake Shore group at
the time it was purchased by the Canadian Gold Fields syndicate. Tbe Aurora is owned by Tbos. Ruder, O. J. Johnson andCapt. J. B Sanborn,
Fred Ron made a big shipment of fur
last week.
There have been a number otpenple
in ibis locality looking for mining property.
The fart that spring has arrived in
this section is shown bv the farmers who
.re busy plowing.
George Hoggarth of Elko, wa** visiting
Mr. und Mrs. Campbell last week.
Howard Magulre, Gust Peterson and
Geoige Badderly spent Monday here.
A numher of Americans came over the
line the other day lo visit our school.
W. Potts left for Fernie Tuesday on
business connected with the Belleview
Frank Scheif, bar tender al the St-
Louis hotel,  visited  Gateway Thursday,
The regular stage running between
Elko and Gateway is proving a big accommodation to the public.
M. Brandenburg was here Sunday on
his way to Kalispell.
A number of traveling men have visited this classic burj; the past week.
Fred Ron. general merchant, has just
sent a consignment of furs to Mrs Anderson, conn ihesMiiaker, London, Rug.
He also bad a letter from Prince Henry
for a few simples, and an expresslou of
regret tbat his present arrangements
would not permit htm to leave the United States, or that he surely would come
to Ruosvtlle.
Wild Horse Placers.
Fort Steele Prospector: During tbe
past year, especially tbe winter months,
there was a great deal of prospecting go
ing ou among lhe placers on Wild Horse.
The work done has demonstrated the
permanency and depth of the immense
gravel deposits, and proved tbat the yellow metal abounds in paying quantities.
The interesting feature is that not less
than six companies will work on the
creek as soon as the season opens.
Dave Griffith, wbo came down from
Wild Horse on Thursday, reports that
good pay gravel has been struck iu the
tuunel now being run to strike bed rock
in the deep diggings on the creek. He
brought down a beautiful specimen of
placer gold obtained in the face of the
tunnel. E J. Caun has also a quantity
of fine gold obtained from panning.
ill.- tr.-
The Alberta Hotel will In future be
conducted by Mrs. Oeo. Levassenr,
widow of the late Mr Levas-ieur. Mr T.
.,.' Ulggar has been appointed manager
of the house and it will be conducted as
a strictly tlrsi-clasi hotel.
Toere has beeu a good deal of stealing going on In the C P K yards by
parties breaking into cars. The company convicted or,e una last week and
a special constable has been detailed at
the depot and yards sod determined efforts will be made to pat a stop to petty
A Smth African war medal with tie
owner's name. Cnaries Peterson, on the
rim.was lest a few days ago. Tbe Under
or any person who knows c' lis where--
about*, will piease leave with Frank
Duun.Hayal Hotel. It is of no vaiue to
any one. but is prized highly by Mr.Peterson on account of its being presetted
to him by King E iward.
A Nice Lot 01 Them.
Slocan Drill: Things are In lovely
shape with tbe provincial legislature,
which opens for business at Victurta on
Thursday. Members have switched In
their allegiance so much tbat It is hard
to grasp tbe situation with any degree
of Intelligence. Dunsimilr appears to
be holding down the premiership, with
Joe Martin's assistance, and has a following of IV C K I'ooley has been put
lu the speaker's chair, Mr, Booth being
too 111 to attend, Richard McBride la
leader of tbe new opposition of 111 mem
beis, with H F.Green, Slocau's representative, as a whip, Martin still
claims to be leader of the opposition
though voting with the government. He
and McBride had a scrap Monday for
possession of ihe cbalr designating that
position. Smith Curtis joined in the
fray, and a number of tbe other legislators got tangled up In the scrap creating a most disgraceful scene. Some
enterprising theatrical manager should
corrall the B.C. legislature and exhibit
the whole works In a dime museum.
There would be a fortune In tbe scheme.
Rev, Dowering Declines.
The official board of the Methodist
church held its quarterly meeting last
week and extended an invitation to Rev.
Bowering to remain as pastor another
term. Rev. Bowering stated in teply
tnut he thanked tbe members of the congregation for their expression of good
will and confidence, but tbat he had
made up his mind to return to Manitoba
aud therefore could not remain.
Tbe property owners on Garden ave
nue are building a side walk. It Is at
improvement lhat was badly needed.
Bold la Smelter Smoke.
Omaha Correspondence of New York
World: Two years ago, while workmen were making repairs to the roof
of a building in the Omaha plant of the
American Smelting and Ketiniog company, they were amn/*d to find the
shingles and boards covered with atoms
of metal. One of the boards was taken
to tbe assayer, wbo burned It, retorted
the ashes and imparted ma startling In
formation tbat the metal was composed
of gold, silver, lead and copper.
Other boards were burned wltb like
results, and tbe mystery grew more
preplexlng. Finally some one standing
on the roof of the building had occasion
to brush from bis coat sleeves Bakes of
soot which were dropping from the
great, rolling clouds ot smoke and gas
emerging from tbe giant stacks near by.
Sbeets of common cheesecloth, cut to
lit the Interior of tbe stacks, were prepared. Through the centre of tbe sbeets
were cut holes large enough to allow ihe
necessary free draught. The sheets were
fastened at various heights lu tbe stacks
and allowed to remain In position for
several weeks. When removed and
subjected to treatment tbe chemist produced gold, sliver, copper and lead worth
hundreds of dollars.
More cheesecloth catchers were Inserted In the smokestacks, a few feet
apart, one above the other, from the
base to the crown; a semicircular steel
bouse was built, extending from the
furnaces to the base of tbe stacks-, a
blower was placed In position to cool
and force the smoke and gas through the
tteel house and up tne Hues, lo Its
passage the smoke deposited In the steel
house hundreds of pounds of grime,
which was allowed to gather and pack
for six months. That of the grime
which managed to travel through tbe
circular house and reach tbe Hues was
caught by the cheesecloth, very small
portion, practically, escaping to tbe
When the steel house became filled
with packed soot—highly Inflammable—
the mass was touched off with a common match and allowed to burn for
several days, after which It was found
that there still remained In tbe enclosure many tons of a peculiar dead-look*
log cinder, bard and worthless appearance. This cinder was run through
tbe furnaces, receiving treatment lu
the same manner as tbe original ores,
and readily yielded its precious wealth.
During January the Omaha plant
gathered a six months' "smokehouse
anl cheesecloth harvest," receiving K00
tons of cinders, which yielded more
than $33 000.
Fifty thousand dollars per year scattered over Omaha in smoke! That's
what it imounted to In twenty years.
One Wa* Formed in  Craobrook On Monday
A meeting of a number cf representatives of the lumber mills aloni> the Crow
and the mountain range on tbe main
line, met at the Cranbrook bote! in this
city Monday for the purpose of forming
an organization tor mutual protection.
Afler a general discussion an organization *w«s formed to be known as the
Mountain Lumber Manufacturers association, and the following officers were
President—A.  Leitcb.
Vice President—J   W. Robinson.
Secretary-Treasurer—W, W. Doble.
Executive Committee—S, Grant, J.
Slater, M. B. King. C. 1> McNab,
Among tbe representatives present
were Mr. Jones, of lhe Columbia Lumber
company, Golden, Mr. Weds of I'all.ser;
C. 1). McNab of Jsffray, S. Grant and
H. Mnir of Moyie, and representatives
of sll the Cranbrook milO One of tbe
objects of the association ls to arrange a
uniform scale of prices for tbe various
grades of lumber, and thus avoid Ihe occasional rale cutting that hai proven
disastrous lo tbe business.
Items of Interest
Col Prior has been sworn iu as minister of mines and will contest the Victoria seat wiih Mr   Bodwell.
Charley Goff and Tommy Ryan will
not fight tor the world's championship
at Rosslaud  this month.   The pastime
Athletic club, under whose auspices the
match was to be pulled olf. has cancelled
the dale for lack .if n suitable building.
There is still a chance ihit the fight will
lie pulled off at ROfllsnd Bt a later date,
The Pastime club wains the fighters to
wait until May 24, as by tbat time the
big skating rink will be available. Tbis
date is a holiday in the province as it is
the queen's birthday. A race meet will
be held at lhe same time and big crowds
are expected.
Tbe people of Peterboro want ihe
name of their town changed to Wtlmer,
in honor of the Hon. Wllmer C. Wells,
who has done much for lhe town.
On February 23 a lively grasshopper
was captured at Canterbury. That
places that classic village in tbe banana
belt with a vengeance.
There was a meeting ot the Colonial
institute in Lindon last week at which '
Hon. J. A. Turner read a paper on Brit*
ish Columbia, and Lord Strathcona delivered an address. In his remarks
Lord Strathcona said ihit nol a single
Individual ia the whole Domiolon could
1 'i* found 10 express himself a pro-Doer, CRANBROOK  HERALD
Editor and Proprietor,
ifiitUii ot- auBnowp'riosi
The Herald desires w give ttie uewsof the
district.    If you  know   any atiiiut  youi  town
your nnil-* or yuur people, semi it to this office.
Tbe election of Joe Mart.n as the
provincial leader will um he - ccipted
by the Liberals —Fori Steele Prospector.
That seems to settle Martin. For h'l
is-ic it is a pity that be did not conm t
tbe Proipeclor before he allowed the
convention io elect blm leader, It
wjuid have saved blm a lot of trouble
aud sorrow.
What Is the use of iiadwell and the
other members of the Island crowd crying "packed convention"' When tbey
went lo Vain oiwer It was with tne
avowed Inteutlun of running the con
veatlon through tbe committee of ere
d'ntlals. They were defeated at their
own game, and now ihey should lake
tbelr medicine.
If the Crows Neat Uial company
cure a monopoly of the cual dinl ci
trade of western Canada, ft id pity those
wbo have money Invested In British
Columbia mint s The Damlnlon govern-
me it, i it ha the Inteiests ol tb i pco
pie at heart, must prevent such a monopoly. 	
If any one ever saw Jim Hill protect
1'ythlug but his owu interests, It has
never been recorded, His Interests are
Id tbe L'ulted Stales, and the coal aud
coke from bis Fernie mines wilt be used
to advance those Interests, uu niatser
bow much the mining industry of British Columbia has tu suit :r.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction, it is worth $ 10.00. It costs only $2.00
Oh. ur, my fiuttt-iiu-j [.tilt,
'    *
Lovu itie lik« rnal
i ??
li i.n- it.) counterpartT
Throbs it iik   tlwi
Doei .li* r*in«ii.i"i yel
.. i-if
Tlit Spot -.li.-i-' l.i-t ■■- met.
Whi.ii l Kli-.ll ne'ei forget,
Uis'itlic like mil
Bull tcliou mill repeat.
■■-. .
"Loves ilic like uitf"         *
O-O. 4
niiL-n on tiiut mouy m-nt.
On her
Wlth i
My )."i
Germany Is dolug   a   tall Hue t
lag with Uncle v-jm these days,
Canada, lu way uf retaliation aud pro
tectlon, Is preparing to deal the United
States the hardest bluw she has ever
received Id toe matter of foreign trade.
When tbe United States loses ibe trade
of Canada she will begin lo realize lhat
she has lost one of tbe bust m nets she
bis ever bud or ever will have.
God bites a knocker, a liar and a
The Nelson Daily Tribune was forced
to suspend on account of financial dilf.-
cu'ties. It is a crying shame that Johu
Houston wis forced to the wall. Nelson
will miss htm and feel his loss.
A division of this district will take
thc government offices out of the wuods,
and place them where they shoald have
cen located long ago—at Cranbrook.
By M. Quail	
OOo 0OO00OO0 oooo oOOootTOo oOO
1 bud fallen in with Loon Messerve
up the Mediterranean, uml It wns inure
tliim eight months before wo got buck
to Purls. He was it young iiiini of 23,
educated, well off, a Jolly companion
and ii good fvlciid. We Innl rooms together In I'll lis, und we hud been living
together for a mouth when he received
word from his notary one day thut be
was (luniicliilly ruined, I uevei- did
leiiru lhe full particulars, bul it seemed that nu estnie he bud lalh-n licit' lo
bud a defective title nnil after n legal
contest paused lo nnotlior. As Leon's
sole Income, bud been derived from tho
revenues uf this estate, be wus led lint.
At the time be heard the news he did
nut have a bundled dollars in rush.
Of course 1 did my best to console film,
but he was proud und sensitive uud
would be under obligations to no uuin.
After u two hours' lull., In which nothing wus settled except (he fact Hint he
would nut accept a loan from mc, great
or small, be went out without laying
when be would return.
When three days bud passed without
Messerve returning or sending word,
1  became uu anxious thut 1   went to
Tbe Herald has lost a few subscribers
because wr advocate a policy of buvlng
of tbe home merchants. We cm stand
It. We believe In supporting the town
la which we live, and giving trade to
those men who are always ready to
spend their money for the beneUt and
progress of tbe towu. When we have
to muzzle ourselves ou this proposition
to get new subscribers or retain old
ones, we will get out of t ie newspa] e*
Cranbrook Is nccomtng more and
more tbe central poll t of this d strict
for the transaction of general business.
The people of all the other towns In the
district now concede this point without
Tbe Moyle Leader says that Plng
Pong Is not tbe name of a Chinese
Tbis Is the brightest spring South
East Kootenay has seen. The prospect:
for a busy season were never better,
and conditions, notwithstanding the low
price of lead and c ippor, are such as to
cane a feeling of thankfulness.
Odds And Bads.
The British Chess club has written to
tbe Brooklyn Chess club accepting the
dates of March 14 and ir> for the seventh
annual ftu--\ match by cable for the Sir
George Nevv'nes trophy.
Ml is Stone the American mti-doiurv,
who, with Mm.- Tallica, was captured
by brigands lu the district of Saluuica,
on September loth last, has beeu released and arrived at Ktrntnlua, Macedonia, at three o'clcck this morning.
Nobody was at Strumitis to meet Miss
Stone as the brigands had given uo lu-
diction where tbey proposed tu release
the prisoners. Mine Tsllka and her
baby were alio released ai the same
The department of agriculture has
received an order for 15,500 long tons
of bay, equal to 16,780 Canadian tons,
to be shipped to South Africa during
the month of March. The department
has already placed the contracts for
supplying tbe order.
Canterbury Outcrop : The question of
patronizing home merchants instead of
sending money away Is a live matter,
not only locally but provlncially, and lu
fact Is a burning question throughout
the whole Dominion. It seems to be a
sort of mania with many people lu
this country we send to the coast to
ftt goods cheaper; at the ceast tbey
send to the east; In the east they send
to the cities; In the cities they send to
old world; and so It goes.
Then In reiurn the people jf rach
place wonder why It tn that money Is so
scarce.    How could h he otherwise*
bis notary for Information. Nothing
could bu learned of lit in there. I
spent two ilnys wandering nbout in ihe
hope of catching sight of him, uud a
private detective In my employ spent
three more, but we gut no trace. Then,
fearing thut he bnd made nway with
himself nud by the advice of tbo notary, 1 went to the police. To my great
amuzeiiieiit, no sooner hud my story
been related tbnn I wiih put under ur*
rest and our Joint npnrtinouts were
searched from top tu bottom, When I
Indignantly protested, ihu Inspector answered :
"He wus yotir fl'lond.    You nre tbo
lust oiui who hiiw blm. You must produce him or lie under the suspicion of
iiuviiiir encouraged blm tu solf murder. Perhaps yuu wanted to rid your*
self of him when you found tbut he
was ruined."
I sent fur the notary- but ho was
noncommittal, lie was evidently
uii'ul.l of the police. He did Bflj tbut
Leon considered ine bis best friend und
thut I bad been very nnxlOIIS nbout Ids
disapppnrniice, but there wna uo licurtl-
uesH III biff defense uf mo. All the satisfaction thnt I could get from the
American minister Wus tbnl lie would
wuleh tha COSO. I wns "otlielully detained" for being aceouory tu the
mysterious    dlsnppi'iinince    of    Leon
Slesserve. I wns arroated for Inter
ferenco with an officer in discharge uf
bis duties, althuugt) 1 hml simply protested. Further, 1 wns put under snr-
veilliiuee us it SUSplclOUS person,    All
this meant thnt 1 wns locked up in the
house of detention while the police
went hunting, uot fur tho missing man,
but for evidence to Incriminate me. I
could have got bull, but us 1 wus not
a citizen of tbe country bull wns refused. I wns willing to employ agents
to mnke further scnrcli for my friend,
but this was not allowed. Even the
notary was forbidden lu umku nny
move In thnt direction.
for seven weeks 1 was n prisoner,
wlillo tbe police bad charge of my
apartments nnd would give tue nu news
whatever. Tbe lawyer 1 employed
snld that wc must let the law tnke its
courHis—ibnt Is, we must wait until the
rfi.-nils of tbo law got ready to let niu
pmvu my innocence. If I couldn't
flf-vo that 1 wns not accessory to the
iiilssin;r man's suicide, then It would
go hard with tne. There cnino n day
ut lust when 1 wns arraigned in court
It was uot on tlio inulu charge, but on
that of obstructing (be law. 1 bed
Simply asked the Inspector wbut bo expected  tu  Hml  In  my apartments
friend.   That was made out tu be "oh-
1 Blinding," imd 1 wus lined a sum equal
| to-about $-U.    Tbe  next  day  1  wus
, brought up on another charge.   It wus
: my duty under tbe law tu have notified
I the police at once of Leon's disappear-
! mice, but 1 hud waited several days be-
| lore ttuiug su.    Being derelict iu my
duty, 1 was fined $7.   There wus still
u third charge.   1 bad employed private detectives when 1 should have no*
tilled   lhe   regular   police.     This   wus
holding the law in contempt, It was
clearly within the province uf the
court to Hue me for that, hut as 1 was
n Btrauget' lu Franca and bad not been
found guilty of nny criminal offense
this charge would be overlooked, I
was tin -ii given my liberty, with a
warning to bo nunc clrctiutspoct in thu
fut ur.'. My attorney bad not opened
bis mouth iu my defense, but 1 had lu
pay him n feo of $2B.
Dpon being turned uut of the courtroom I nindi- my way to toy apartments
tu Had that Mensem- hud been home
fur three days, bul thut the police bud
prevented blm from notifying me. He
hud left the rooms fully Intending to
make an end of himself, but bad encountered friends, drunk with them
ittiil finally brought up In a gambling
bouse and won something like $20,000.
This bis friends bail taken care of for
liiin until lie wus once more himself.
He hi
und listened to mine wbeli the p.
came and arrested him, and two days I
later bt; was Hied and convicted of tbe
charge of "raising u false and iliineces- j
siu-y alarm uud cdhiBlug lhe officers of
the law unusual ami unnecessary trou- ;
ble."    This  was based  upon the fact
Hint he bud not committed suicide, and
he wns fined $uu.   1 do nut know that I
tho police would have brought further
charges, but 1 did uut wait tu give them
a chance. Bidding my companion adieu,
I packed up uud crossed the channel
and left them to work it out uu those '
remaining behind.   A few weeks later
1 heard thut the notary wus lu trouble, j
but   whether because  he   had  uutlfled
Messerve   of   his   misfortune   ur   for
breaking BOine oilier article uf tbe code
1 could uut leiiili.
Tut   Uiiuii  Smuher'a  < 'unr.
We nx« Often tuld tbut u man who Is
Binoklug In tho dark would be unable
it. toll whether bis cigar were alight ur
no unless be could see the red glow at
tbe end of it. So, too, a man with his
eyes shut would have great difficulty
iu telling whelher he were drinking
port or sherry. Now, ns I hnve been
blind for upward of Ilu years 1 inn unluckily Boiuowhat fairly qualified to
i earnest tlie validity of this Btatamimt
I was a smoker for 20 years before my
Infirmity crept upon mc, und I am
smoking even uuw us I dictate this letter. In fact, 1 have smoked nil my
To say that I do nut know whether
my cigar is alight or no because 1 cannot see either tho smoke ur tbe red
glow nt tlie cud of the weed is simply
absurd. The taste alone ls sufficient to
toll im* accurately. Tlio one is Infinitely
pleasurable and llavorable and ihe Qtlp !
er exceedingly disagreeable and objeo ■
tlonoble. Tongue, palate uud odur nre
incontrovertible testifiers, I grant that
the pleasure of smoking Is lessened by
(he absence of lhe Bight of the smoke,
but only slightly, nnil to assert that 1
do not kuow w-Jieihei* i am smoking or
nul is as much as to nny 1 do not know
whether I nm standing on my bead or
my heels,—Saturday Itevlew.
Look tor the
WONDER,    i
Al th*
The Wentworth Hotel
. ,
| Vroom & Dezall    !
t I
j    Blacksmiths j
i     Horse Shoeing
j Carriage Repairing and       j
! General Jobbing.... •
1 Outside Orders Promptly •
. Attended lo. I
i.tl scarcely relntotl his tiuventtiveB , 42*, .-..'^ve
li--t.-ii.-sl to initio when tl,.- police |*-*»UI VW^ » „t	
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract
P. 0. Fort Steele, B. C,
and Builder   „*
All wurk guaranteed.   See us before
you build.   It will pay yuu.
CranbrooK. B L
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
An In vi-rti-il l-'iihle,
"N.nv," said the big buck deer to his
eldest born, "I will show yuu a sight
that you never saw before and I mu so
I proud   ur   that   1   feel   like   walking
i around ou my hind legs all the rest uf
j my life."
I     "Why," said the fawn, "it Is a man,
bs I 11 vol"
"Yes," said the fawn's proud parent,
j dragging out the curcass from behind a
tree, "and nuw, like u good little deer,
run nud get me my sharpest knifo
while I skin lilm und prepare his heud
for a illnliij; room urmunetit, Aud shall
I tell you how yuur papa did such a
brave deed? Then listen, my sun. This
morning, lu company with my fulttiful
bloodhounds, I trucked tbe uiun
through the forest, drove blm lulu the
hike, having tlrst ascertained thut lie
was unarmed, uud then, us be was
BWltnmlng abuut almost exhausted, 1
put fori li lu uiy eiiuue aud shut blm nt
leisure in u nice vital spot where it
wouldn't show."
Moral.—"Hut, papa," said the fawn,
"the man hml no chance ut all against
yoKi' skill mid science.    1 don't see any*
thing brave to be proud of."
"Uut you will," said the big buck
deer, "when you get tu bu us big us 1
Hm,"—New Vui'kl.lfe.
II   Warn * Wonderful Toiieh.
The late bishop uf Luulshimi, the
Right Kev. Joseph l\ Wllmer, was once
traveling In England with Ids cousin,
Bishop Richard Wllmer, when au Incident occurred which shows lllsbup Joseph's readiness lu it trying situation.
Tbu two bishops were being entertained by a gentleman who thought bis
wife hail all the musical talent and accomplishment that uny human being
can possess. He Insisted upon n specimen of her performance. The two
apostolic cousins stood near the piano.
Itisbop Richard, recognizing tbat a
compliment would be necessary and
difficult lo make, ijuk-tly stepped back,
us most men du on such occasions,
leaving lhe position of honor lo lllsbup
Joseph, wondering what the end would
bo after "tho assault upon the Ivory
keys" might suddenly terminate In nn
awkward solah. Bishop Joseph, like a
self possessed woman, wllh dignity
and sweetness uf thought, spoke to tbe
hungry soul uf the adoring husband:
"Is j but touch ur yuur wife natural or
"i>b, It Is perfectly natural," replied
fhe delighted spouse.
"I thought it was," said tho bishop,
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Ollice and utore, Aiken block,
near Canadian Bank of Com-
nicrcf, Cranbrook, 11 C.
I'litinlsfiriiiK and liencml Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work iu the distiict
J. 11. KING
Physician.and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
l-.irt-„iiniis,    ■
Alternoons  ■
IsveiiltiKS    ■
■ 9:30 m II
■ l:.lll 1„':.<!,
■    ;.J(I to 8:3II
Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies   ji
and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines    it
Licensed Provincial Assayer
I .nt.- itnttlyllcnl nhemW uixl *nntr,,l .i.-ns.-i tn
it,.. North Mu, .Mt,,„ luimuy. iitnlied.
li.ery Description >,t Mineral Analyst*.
i'ri»n,|it Attention i„ Samples by Mail aa.t
O.T.eon .nrntnry
K.i»H-r.ity St., Nclssic, r!. C.
For lime table,, nod lull Infurninllitn.  .all,»,,
or Address nearest litsal agent.
A. II. I'. A. Agent,
Vausuu.er, B.C. Craiihn.„lt
J. S.'CAKTBH, II. P. A., Nelson, B, C
I don't tMiits HtiL-h a touch could bt
•boTfftatTad bocoul«o.'"my"uii»»luil   MOulrca."--I-Wlli« QtttWCfc.  fjSffiBuJ
l.ll.ll.l.   key i'„. Lodge
Odd Kcllnwa cordially Invited.
S. J   Mnrrosv, II. PnrsollS,
N.,:. 8eo'v.
Surrounded hy
ilm (allowing...
Ami tine Agricultural
Country, targe herds ni
In abuadanse with a climate almost Southern
ar..! all lhat could be
A ST'ITMOT A 's 0Wlle*- an*l backed by the payroll of the Slmilkamecn Valley
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee In iis self
ol its success. "1 he equipment and development ol their
coal mines, installing of waler, electric light and power
plants are already arranged for. The development of the
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by the Eastern capital
ists, who have established their payroll at Ashnola, make
it thc coming city of the interior of British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
In blocks 1 to 4 and 13 to 20 the price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May 1, 1902, and lo 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks. The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months without interest.
Arrangements are already completed tor S buildings includtnc/
cottages tor the employees oi the company at Ashnola. This
work will 1c under full headway by May 1st. The company'r,
stock is now selling; at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 eo-jal
.. .
Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and wet* sold at 11 cents.
Today they are quoted at $80.00.   With the advent of transportation,	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Ya.'ie as cheaply as by any other company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
Similkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited
Nelson, British Columbia.
ty    PIEPER & CURRIE,     i
^fV ....Dealers in....
I /S
m  T
| f*\ Paper Hangers and Decorators,
f Wall s Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
riouldings, Etc.
Cranhnmk Lodge. No. $i
A. F. & A. M.
13 in ali the
Towns in
Columbia .
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Keiiill
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured, Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply .ml} tin: best.   Your
trade is solicited'-.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shcphard l.'y Co.,
Ked    Mountain   Railway   Co
The nni}-all rail ,"i„,- hoi wren nil
poiuta Hast, Ws-st ,.„<! South tt	
Inleimediale Points.
donecllng ,,t
Sl'OKANIi with Lhe
,iGrent Northern, Northern 1'neilic
and 0. U. & N. Company.
c>,....-.,.. ,t
Ne-lstm with Steamer Ior Knslt.
s.,,,1  All Knutenny   Lake  Point*,
Johu W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made now.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live mc a call.
Rrjnilnt iiit-PtlnKS on Hip
Uuni Thursday ot tlm
VlilttnR bri'thGrn wftlt-om-'d,
, a. l,KAcn,Sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Nunc i*
Niitk'i- in horshy irlvnn that nppllratlon will hi
./mnilotiitliB ruriiAiui ui nt Guiiitdn m Its next
,\ si'-Hl'i-i fur mi Act. itullmrl/inu tlm St. IMitry's
lilvor liiillmiyivmtuiny to omistniat nlironcli
hi i-\ti'iisinii nf His nillwny twin luino jmlnt on
tlm r.iiii|.iiin''i int'-piu iim* .if nillwny thonoo
iwrthi-rls nii'i westerly hy iho North Kootenny
l'ii*tii tn n imlnt nn thu Kontonny fllvrr In ItrllUlt
r.iinitii.iii between Wnrdnoi nml tin* Interim.
ii.iiiai lioiiiulury. i. itn .ti.ih.iriiy .tlio to construe!
iiriin.'iii'-i from nny tmltiL-i mi tlio prnimso-l linn
n.it I'-.rfi'.iiiii* lit nny nun ense 1W ml-on in li'iu-lli,
wiiii i.ii.M-riilsDiiM-iinsitni'i, nun nmlopemte
ii'ii-pi ii'.h nml lelepli  Ilnex lor i he \m ut tho
public, nnd in Rcnernte, tmnmnlt uml deal in
it|i'oii'ii'iiy iiiitli'iii'iiii' nnnor.
Diit.ti Decernbei inii, 1001,   s
WnlHir Unrwlok,
i 43-0 ;   Sollnllor ror Appllflaid,
U* *
Oi imMmillHfKli:./' .1*
-4 PBTER MAT lll'.SON, Proprietor. £
$ ********************* M* £
jjj When yon   nre hungry nud  w wt ^
H» ii K-,(11'   ■■■-''-1  g" ■"  'he   I'--*'--- 1-
* lCootetwy.
JJ) When you   nre tired nnd wnntt a ()t
m\ gnnd ri-sl RO to the l'.nut K«»- t<
£ tenny, jj
JJJ When yow are thlmty uud wiml <v ijl
*|. Rnotl   tlrliik   gn   In tlie   1*0, +:* <n
iK Kootenny. j
Jjj In fnct wt in you arc in Cranhrook ^
^ stop -nt the linst Kootenny. .1"
jNelson : Tent: and
,Awning : Factory
Myers Palls with Stage  Daily lor
UVI ni lilii, nml
ConnerU ilnllv
■\t    Boss burg   Stflgo  Dally  for
iiiiiMii Porks and Greenwood.
II. A. JACKSON, flon. Pmb.AiI.
I h.ivi* iMuui wood ol all lengths*
Leavt' orders at Townsite office receive prtimpt atU'ntiou.
Richard Stewart
There arc a few poinls In
he considered In building.
Good work,   Good   Materia
and thc price.
Have ynu tnlkcil with anyone aboul biiUdlngi1
Cunic anil SCO m* or ki nu- ICC you. ll may
do us both good.
(i. R. LEASK
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customers, give your 'order
To The Herald Office
faltered and bruised hi..I Worn and old,
Bin-It ul Itli iiiini. nml ull, ,
a veteran charger lUnch and bold, **
Ue liai vmtbtred lite's flwceit nil*—
Tlie hlW ..f mtnjf • (tulliiiil raid, -!
iii many ■ blo-odlcu wir, im *
A mldter ot fortune, undliiniyed V.
li; baltli sud wound md iwrl
'Neatfa ilm fuldlni t h ol ■ ttttte hand
ilu nun traveled nwny * mile
Through the wondorlul rmhm ol Playlike Unit,
Where ilm »|.iiu» ol tautq unite.
Il.it, itranga to say, lu i.i* bahleal light,
rhough ii>. halted oi rrati-d nol,
Through nil his trovi-li bj ilej md night
lis Inn itood in the wltai -i'"i!
llr was ridden for, h» wm rtddcu herd)
Itn l.ai borne n.'i'.' Iiruntiand blows
And -.ii lm lelt, ii i f.vtfi reward,
a kiH on mi womoul if iw.
And. though im u rather ii.« worie for wear
And Ii crippled 411.1 hsiiiit-il m.tl ..l.l,
in ih* t-yt'i ut inn mailer he Mill i-t folr
And nuitli Ida weight in gold,
Herald md l'n-bli> ten
y-■i*tU*A i iliiftmlf Aiftl*A
•   i CARRYING    r
By f\ Quad.
Copyright, 1001, by 0. «. Lewis.
The crew of the American brig Nemo
had beeu paid oft ut Cndla und ns mate
1 wus looking fur nuothet? berth when
a young and good looking niiiii who
was strolling about the wharf as if In
search of some one accosted me with
nu Inquiry as to my capability as a
navigator ami later on asked me to accompany biiu to a cafe for a talk. As
the young man was a Brazilian nml a
landsman my curiosity was naturally
aroused. He wns Outlier slow lu coming to the point, being evidently desirous of sizing tne up. and I bail begun
to grow u liltle Impatient when liu
leaned across the table ami said:
"Senor, I hnve decided to trust you
and tell you the truth. It Is an expedition to carry off a young laily."
"If It Is a scheme to abduct a woman,
I want nothing to do with it," 1 replied.
"Do not mistake mc, senor. 1 nm a
Brazilian. 1 am from one of the highest families In our country. 1 am In
love with a Spanish Imly, n young lady
of highest birth, but her people are opposed to our marriage. I am not only
lu love with her, but she returns my
a VAIflMl oiltti l Nl.vr.u. LOOKED Of-ON.
passion. She linn vowed tn llie Virgin
(tint she will never give her hand to mini ber. Indeed, slip is ready to die If
■he cannot marry mo."
"And why do her people object?" I
•tked, Lb lu king Hint If his looks did
not belle bis character nny fnther In
Rpnln might be proud of him for n soil-
In law.
"ii wna a feud between our Cottiers,
s-'iior, partly political and partly busl*
Heat,  There was bad bloo.l. mi.l. though
my father died ypnra ngo, Don itnmi-
ii,-j huh boldi his bitterness,   lie bus n
oou with whom 1  bnvo [Ought a duel.
nml dint i  wounded and vanquished
lilm tins but mhled to lhe liltteiness nf
lho situation."
"Why, ibis Don RsmlUCI In n gov-
finiiient ottli-lul of some sort, lso'1 he?"
"lie Is governor of tlie province of
CadlS, nenor,"
"If he is rich mul powerful and op"
in.---.nl to tbo inurrl.ige.  your onke Is
.nigh-    Vou Nccm  lo run  mure of n
iinnco of being shot limit ut boeoralug
is HlUI In In w."
Si'ii.u- Dn CostQ, ns lie IiiiiI given mo
in mime, lookoO troubled for n inn-
it'iil. uud then it flfllh eume lo bis eyes
m ho quietly oikcdi
"In your country, senor, whnt do they
o In siii'h casest"
"The lovers?    Well, If the Old folks
■ ru opposed there Is generally A run-
■ rtiiy match."
"1 huvu heard so, and there will ho
<me In this case. We would both bnve
ti otherwise, but It ls the last resort, 1
must take the souorlto to Bra ell to be-
.-..iiie my wife. It was settled thnt wny
utst evening."
"Hut have you counted on the old
■mn?" I asked, a little annoyed by the
f.iiing man's coolness lu disposing of
u.e case. "He'll be after you In two
h.ims. nud he has the legal right to
Idke his daughter oft' the steamer and
tint you behind the bars. I should say
lie would be a bad mnn to fool with."
"Listen, senor," quietly replied the
lover. "You will find In thla port a
ernft for sale or charter. She may tio
•mull, but she must he fast It will tie
better for many reasons that she is a
anil vessel. You bIhiII buy her and
clear her for some western port, und 1
will sail away with tbe senurltn, aud
•be will become my wife."
"But we Hhall be pursued," I said.
Ilu shrugged his shoulders and smil*
"And If captured tt will mean years
%yt UuurlHommut for me."
"Your pay will be commensurate
with the risks, senor. Let us waste no
more lime. Set forth at once and find
a craft."
At the end of another half hour we
had the details arrunged as far as possible, nnd 1 was ready to begin my
share of lhe work. Within 24 hours I
hml found a schuom-t' yacht fruiu tbo
Mediterranean, uu Ifiugllsh built craft
whose owilor hud tired of pluylug suit
or ami left tier tu (ho hands of n. line
Iter for sale. It required a week to repaint, repair, Hml a crew ami put provisions aboard, ami Dn Costft wns ready
With -f- wherever there wan need for
$1, It was given out that a yacht had
boon bought for n resident of tlie
Azores and was lo be delivered there,
ami there was no trouble abuut her
While knowing, of course, that Da
Costtl was lu Cud Is, tt appeared ttuit
linn Rn mines had neither Imprisoned
his daughter nor set an extra watch ou
her movements. To dodge her duenna
mid escape from ttie house and grounds
mul make her way to un appointed rendezvous must have been a dlftleult matter, but she accomplished it, and two
hours after dark one evening a boat
brought the pair of lovers aboard. Ten
minutes Inter we were under way. A
fairer girl 1 never looked upon, and she
was na brave as she wns fair.
We left port with a fair wind and
carried it all night as w« headed out
into the Atlantic, and the yacht slipped
along as If driven hy steam. We hud
got away so quietly tbat I did not look
for pursuit, but daylight bad scarcely
broken when wc found ■ steamer In
our wake. As 1 afterward ascertained,
the girl had been missed early in the
night, tho sailing of the yacht discovered, and while one steamer was headed for the Canaries a second took the
course for l'.io and was soon overhauling us.
At noon the steamer came up with
us. The brother was aboard of her,
while the father had taken tbe other
route. She came slashing alongside,
with shouts and yells from her crew,
thinking to make au easy capture, but
us there were uo armed men aboard
she quickly sheered off before our rides. Within the next two hours she
made three different attempts to crash
Into us, but each time our tire, which
was uot meant to kill, drove the men
from the pilothouse and confused all.
Then sbo settled down to pursue us,
and, as n mutter of fact, she bung to
us for 48 hours. She had come out unprepared wllh fuel or provisions, however, nnd ut hist bad to turn about and
head for Cadiz. By the time she reached port It was too late to tblnk of fur*
llit.'i   i.twniiU, nml  -ore iters loft to tltukl
our voyage In pence aud land our passengers In duo time at Ilio. I learned
tbat Don ltnmincz and tht Bpunlsh
government kicked up a groat row over
the nltalr, and there was a lot of correspondence und demands and red fire,
but Da Costa won bis bride, and the
rest of us got safely away with our reward, nnd the obstinate old father bad
nothing to do but chew tbe rag and
yell "Carambal"
Died  WhUUItiff.
Dr. William Krnust In The Journal
of Nervous and Mental Dtscasea describes ihe case of a t'ollsh herdaman,
21 years of age. weighing 230 pounds,
who some months previous to an accident had suffered from apoplexy refilling In left hemiplegia. He was
slowly regaining the use of bis arm
nnd leg when he was struck by a train
nnd wna found unconscious en tbt
truck with three sculp wounds. Thert
was a depressed fracture of tbe skull
three Inches above and ont Inch behind the left ear, He wns Immediately
trephined nud the depressed bona removed.
Abuut 10 o'clock at night be began
to whistle, not, however, the "popular
songs of the day," but tbe whistle calls
lie wns accustomed to use In calling or
driving his Mocks. Ho would cuutluue
whistling for about one minute, then
would cense for tlve or tea mlnutet
and kept this up at regular Intervale
HOtll ho died. At uo time was II pos-
tilhlo to distinguish nny melody. Tht
Bounds were of the anme pitch and Intensity sud of the wnli* character.
They were audible throughout tht
ward nml attracted the attention of pa-
tients nml attendants. To the pby-
BtcloOS in nttendniice It was a strange
experience to hear thest whittle cilia
coining from a patient In a state of
unconsciousness, it was Impossible to
rouse tho pnilent at any tlnit before
or after (he accident, and ha died*
Whistling ii few minutes before death.
Prat*   Stsrr   of   kb   Ad*.ntur.    ib»i   la
t.r.iu I. hi ) imii)
Hare is the title ot it cancelled t>ta.iup>
I'm * stamp—
A postage stamp**.
A two-center;
Don I   Want   tu   bmg,
Hot  I never wus
Licked ,
Exrept unri—
B.V li  geiilleiiniu,   tuO.
He put  mo '* '
To n gaud ihiug
ll  wus  mi  envelops,
Perfumed, ptuk, square,       ,
I've beeu stuck ou
Thul envelope
Ever since,
Hi- dropped un—
The envelope uud me—
Through  u slot   IniO a  il*rli
But we were rescued
By u mall-clerk—
Mora's the pity!
iiv hit me an awful
•Simtsh  with  a  hummer;
li Mt my face
Black aud blue,
'J hen 1   went uU u long
J uuiuey
Ul two days.
And wheu we arrived-*-
Ttie pink envelope aud mo—
We were presented
To u perfect love
Of a girl
Wiih a stunnlngest pair
Of blue eyes
That ever blinked. .,
Say, she's a dreamt
Well, she mutilated ■, ',
The pink envelope, ,   \ |
And tore ouu corner       .
Of nie  oil
With a hairpin,
Then shu read what
Was inside
The pink envelope.
I nt-ver saw a girl blush
So beautifully.
1 WHtild be stuck ■)
On her—if t eould. j   j|
Then she placed
The writing  buck i   .
In the pink envelope;        I,  ,
Then ah*s kissed me.
Oh, you little godletaT
Her lips were ripe ;!
As cherries
And warm
As tht- summer sun.
The pink envelope aud me—
Are now
Nestling snugly
In her bosom. ,  i  i I
We can hear , i   .
Her heart throb.
When it goes fastest
She takes  us  out
And kisses me.
Oh, suy.
This   is great!
I'm glad fm a stamp—
-A   two-center.
..I i il i
11 it
■ope le of the valley; Eflort standi
Upon ilia mountain top. ladng the iun:
IttH'i  -Intuit ol drcattn itu-ls u -...-  and gretl
df-rda ti..ni\
Kflort goci forth with tuillntt (ret and V.:,■.!*
To tttstn th* farofl, iky touched uMel-indi
Ot |rtit ik-:it and, lill lint did it won,
Lookt nol below, when th* lone itrife, IfPpun
In pl.-aunt del.la. oiri torrents, reiki an.l lands,
Hoi*. Inn when Dope li.li look wit hln her sua
And iis.-vi* :i* Komlruui i'-hiri which rosy I**
Will not for di*«iiiiy. wilt not at all;
Tl.ii If ..!* tu tsUure'l .lark and dim nmran;
s-fimii ihcu to all in) powm a trumpet -ill
ail, nat ia lun.l, tuut ui' u.« mountain pis*
—Sew York Tillmna,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Hactfts. Railway Cumpany control a large area of the choicest larniini; and ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for lirst-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The :i**ra'.its' „„n.,1,11 „f prlncipttl Rtitl int rest, except in the
cast- ttl land, under HM tin acre. Is slmdcil into ten instalments as
ihown in tht; ttibli- below; the first 1.. he paid at ih.- time of pur*
chase, tne second one year from dale of tlie purchase, Ihe third in
two years and so on.
Tlie following tnhls, 'hows the amount of the annual Instalments
on 11,11 nercs al different prices under the above conditions:
toll airs nl iJ.,.11 per acr, Isl instalment SSO.-S <j equal iolal'n at $50.00
.1011     .- "               71.00 "              60.00
.1.50     - »               MM '.              70.00
4.00     " »               M.H5 "              80.00
1.50     ■• "               I07.K5 ••              WOO
5.00     -' »                11.1,5 "             100,00
U im|*,-.--l,.v is the business and shipping; point for the
iviiuuv-i iv._y No|1h star a|)d Su|Uvan mj|lcg
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agenls.
Cranbrook 's "lc -•'■isional I10'11- °'1,,e trows Nest Pass
Railway and the commercial centre of Siuih
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsilc Agent.
For further Information apply to agents as above or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agenl, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under 52.511 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
II the land Is paid for in full at the
time of purchase, a reduction from the
price will be allowed equiil Io ten per
cent on the amount paid in excess „t Ibe
usual cash instalment.
Interest al six per cent will be
charged In over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
In the following town sites In Fasl Koot-
enay: Rllso, Cranbrook, Moselle, kitchener, Creston and kimberlcv.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center nf the great
Iron range aud the gateway to thc White
Oruuse copper fields.   J. T. BURUESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I The Cranbrook
j Lumber Co.        I
1        Saw and Planing Mills
I :::AT
Improving On Nature
Is one of the (unctions of the tailor. By his art he makej
up for 'fefkiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make pcrtect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think of selling at less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
The 30th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
-ALL   K1NUS   OF-
IVil  Didn't  Know  T*»r»»*.
reel regarded all light iltterau-uri aa
tr I flora nml poeti with their unproflta*
hie puratllti oi tho butterfllea of tha
hitiiiiii ipeelea, Carlyle had prompted
Mllnca to pu'hh Tennyaon'i cUlma for
a pension. The rival claimant wai
Sheridan Knowles, thu popular dramatist.
reel consulted Milnes aa to th© count
Which ho ought to take, accompanying
tho Appeal by the ntntement that for
himself he knew absolutely nothing
either of Mr. Tennyson or Ur. Knowlea.
"W11 nt I" mid Mllnei. "Havt you
never seen the name ot Sheridan
Knowles on a playbill?"
"No," replied PeeL
"And have you never read a poem ot
Tennyson 1"
"No," was again tbe answer, accom*
pnuled by a request that Mllnei would
let him see something which Tennyson
had written. Accordingly Milnes lent
to Sir Uobert Peel the two poem* ot
"Locksley Hall" and "Ulyeiea."
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New Vork
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
I riouldings.
Refitted Throughout
One nf the Most Comfortable
Hotels in Haft Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
Sl. Paul. Chicago nnd all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
I;.,,   l.v RevelMoke Wed. Prl. and Sun.
l.ilM   l.i lluamore Jcl Mnn.  Thssr. S.I.
I., kootca.v Undln* Friday
St, Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
West Lv R*,el,loke "•*"'■ a**prl-
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
L B. VanDecar, Prop.
Crauhrook, B. C.
rioyie'S Hotel Kootenay
■         Jj.           \t/ The hest of accomndali
Leading   X lur the travclini- public
Tb. Hall....
'I'I,,; Maltcae are lunllilj tht lltt a<»
vlvlng retuttnnt of tht Gartliagltitan
iH'niiel, of tlie old l'tiienlelau peoplt.
Malta waa tha half way atatlon ha-
tweet, Cttrtliaife and Sicily, long bald
hy tlio Cariliaiieiilana and of wtil.-b
lltintllcnr, the fattier of Binnlb-U, wu
at ouu time governor.
Throuf h booklan .0 Europe via all Atlaatlc
I   Mat,
Prepaid llckc.i Irota all  rul.il>  at low.,
A. 0. f. A , Afeal,
Vaakoover. Cranbrook
i.S.CARtER. II. P. A., Nelson. B.C.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Tonus oust driver, fttritlillusl for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt  j»   j.
We have a stock ol
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, lire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
The ********
_   Hotel S &
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors
I ', and Schlitz Famous Beer  dispensed by the popular
' 5 bartender, Charley Armstrong.
i J.R.DOWNES,Prop.
Quand   vous pensez a
L'assurance vous  pen-       V'
sez a Hutch.
• ■*' Insurance in all languages.
I' 1 3,1 *■' -».' * '...' \   '• ' *■ 1 * »* ' ♦ * *5,>
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
II ,o, don't buy   pp I   TI C Q   The Only \l holeule Liquor Dealtr la
aatllyoam..   I   CLI ICK   south Bail Koci«oay.    Wrlle tor Prlua
Cranbrook, B. C -*> -S- -O-
PELTIER is also agent for
This is the supply point for South East Kootenay. I -. |!: ■'.--:: : ;: ::::::::: r
We will start our Early
Season sale ot Whitewear
tomorrow and will otter
In every line. Come and
let us show vou what we
Reid & Co.,
fcV-(8-«H5HS)-®---!)--«M^®--fiHS-« I^i^-^SsWSMlh®-®--®-?
1      LOCAL   NOTES      J
♦ .'•
Breakfast Menu
l-eiiijohns      Wheat Manna       Mall Food
Cream of Wheat      Grape Nuls       Rice Flakes
Olgivic's Rolled Oats and Wheat Granules
 Ham, Bacon, Eggs....
Canadian Cured Stripe, and Back Bacon
Strictly Fresh Laid Eggs
....Tea, Black and Japan....
Kalona, Shield, Tellys, Ram Lais, Blue Ribbon,
Seal Brand,      Incolored Japan,
Chase & Sanborn's Coffee.
Buckwheat Pancakes and Maple Syrup
All reliable and always'fresh at
4  oMllietlororuxt-rlororyoiirlHtluef-oti, j
Amateur wurk .OU r
lUieiil worn solicited
Per month paid monthly
secures to you
Per month   during  sickness from ANY disease
or accident.
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Agent.
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Cranbrook, B. C
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and  varied
stock ol
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
Proprietor nt the
Candy Kitchen
Carries a complete stork of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
(live us a call
If you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Official Watch Inspector (or
Crows Neit dlvlelofl C. P. ti.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft Steele Brewing Co.
Thoroughbred Barred
Plymouth Rocks
E. B. Thompson's
"Ringlet" strain.
6 Cockerels at $5 each.
Eggs, $3 for 13.
Cash must accompany each order. U W. PATMORE,
51 Fort Steele, B. C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
C ran brim k and Marysvllle, B. C.
Picked  Up About the City   by Asking
Questions  ot  Many   People.
A policy with Palmer pays.
K E B?attie visited Moyie Sunday,
Miss U-isie Auvache Is sick with ton*
Rev Auvache 1b confined to the bouse
liy Illness.
I'almer'a Policy Procures Perfect Protection.
What is luiine without a Singersewing
Penile people nn* now talking Incor-
I oration,
Fresh eggt* gathered every ilny ut Mc-
Mrs. 1) lv Murphy is in the hospital
hm is recovering,
Tweilty-flVU live cent pucks of seeils
I'm f 1 m lk-itttlt-'s
J nines Rynn visited Marysville uml
Klmberley this week.
Your money back if the Heeds you buy
.it Henttie's dOtt't grow.
Summer's garden seeds at Beanie's.
Every package guaranteed.
Mrs. Jamea McBride ii in the hospital
1'iit will soon he uhle lo leave.
W. S. Keuy came down from Fernie
Saturday ou customs b islness.
Mr. Sheridan, after it long siege in the
hospital, is uhlf to be out again.
Hniil Martin Concert company Friday
Marjb 7.    Tickets ou sale at Ueailie's.
J unes Greer ii enjoying a visit from
his brother, Charles Greer, of Shelbourne,
Oel your ^rass end vegetable seeds
ready. It will soon be time for garden
Don't forget to read Stevenson & Mc
In ...OOi Klko hotel advertisement iu
this issue.
W. A. Simpson has recovered from his
recent illness, ami is utile lu he around
once more.
M. H. Hillings of The Herald staff, expects to be able to leave the hospital in
a few days.
Sewing machines sold on easy monthly payments. C. R, Palmer, agent for
Oast Kooienay.
Sister Conrad and Sister Bertha lefl
for Montreal last Monday and will be
absent a month.
Leroy Sage has improved the appearance of his business place hy building a
handsome porch.
Mr. and Mrs G, II. Uremner gave a
book party last Friday night tbat was a
great social success.
D.J. Elmer was in town Saturday on
his return to Moyie from Gateway and
intermediate points,
Buy Battenberg patterns and materials
of Mrs. Vroom. One lesson free with a
one dollar order.
J. J Miller received word last week
that his aged father had passed away at
his ohl home in Ontario.
George Hoggarth of the Klk hotel,
Klko, has beeu ill the past week but is
now aide to he out again.
your house protected against destruction by tire? If not, why not? Get
a policy fiom Palmer NOW.
Enid Martin Concert company Friday
evening at the Presbyterian church.
Tickets 011 sale ut Henttie's.
Mr. Jolllffe'a meat market .has an awning. It is painted St. Patrick's green,
and cau he seeu for miles.
Miss K.hel Ryckinau returned Thursday from Hamilton, Out., wheie she has
beeu visiting lor some time.
A Mr. I,und is in the hospital, having
undergone a successful operuiiou for appendicitis,   lie came from Klko,
Tbe Crauhrook Odd Fellows will give
a progressive pedro party next Tuesday
evening, Match 11, at ther hall.
Dr. O'Hagan came down from Marys
v.He Tuesday ami lefl lor U-tllbridge
Wednesday to visit Mrs. O'Hagan.
lu the absence of Ore an extinguisher
is mil appreciable, But when you need
it, you need it bad.    Buy Kilfyre,
Mrs. J Woodman arrived Monday
from   Rat   Portage   to join lier husliaiitl,
who Is employed at Leask .v Slater's
The "Mutual Life" holds reserves for
ihe security of its policy holders 011 a
higher basis than the government standard.
The past winter has been a model one
iu every respect, and even the most critical individual could not help lint be
A. K. Watts has greatly improved the
appearance of his property opposite the
station, by adding a porch and considerable paint.
Mr. Jones, book keeper for G, II.
Miner, underwent an operation at the
hospital Monday aud is now getting
along nicely,
Samuel Grant of the Moyie Lumber
company, was in town Monday. He
has just returned from his old home in
Falrbault, Minn.
There are a number of improvements
to be made about the school buildings
this spring that will give the grounds a
much better appearance.
Sister Nazareth ami Miss Mildred McConnell are visiting several of lhe towns
east of Cranbrook ou business connected
with the Sl. Eugene hospital.
Bert Richards n 1 ■'■■ 0 yesterday from
Montreal where he nas beeu haviiig his
injured eye treated, He coined back
looking iiiimr.il 1   life   md leetiag good.
Nortnau McCoui I and T. H. Vuuntt
have establndie. ver) and dray business at Elko. The b ijs are bus.leis and
should do a big busiuens iu that ttuiviug
Why lose Li 111c- wheu  tick?    One dot
Ui paid ibuiiiiiO  -tbeu 10 fc<j-jd health
aecuiea   to  >ou  ;j    pel   month when ill
trom any disease 01 acc.deut.   Set Palmer.
The Fernie merchants have accepted
ibe inevitable uud now say ihey are sat-
lafied with the new stoie idea tbat ia to
bt put into eU'eCl by the Crows Nest Coa
More actual tiles have been put ont b>
women uml childreu with "Kilfyre"
than with all othel chemical extinguish*
era combined.   Palmer, agent for East
J M. Leonard, general Biiperlutendeiiti
aud air, Jameson, ibe new superintendent of the Crow, will arrive iu Cianbrook today, Mr. Jameson will assume
charge Of his woik at once.
Don't forget the musical treat at the
Piesbylerian church Friday evening,
March 7. The Ivnid Martin Concert
company is considered one ol the besl
musical organisations on the road.
Owing to his appointment on tlie civil
service, A. L. Mel leruiol has resinned
bis position as secretary-treasurer ol the
Cranbiook Liberal association, and W.
F. Gurd was elected lo succeed him.
L. B. VanDecar is preparing plans for
an extensive addition to his already
large hotel, the Royal, When this is
completed Mr. VanDecar will have oue
of the largest hotels in lhe district,
Clean up your yards and alleys.
Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and
there are a lot of people in Cranbiook
who can hardly be classed as Godly if
one is to judge from their back yards,
Fred Pieper visiled Kitchener Saturday 011 business cotlUected wilb lhe linn
ol Pieper & Currie. That firm dues all
the good work in the line of papering ami
decotatlng from Kooienay Landing to
William Simmons, who lias charge of
Iiie freight bouse, returned last Saturday
fiom a visit to Medicine Hat aud Leth-
b-idge. He is fully recovered from his
i .ness, and is looking as though lie had
enjoyed the trip.
Sidney Arnold, of this city, has a
brother iu St. Paul, Minn,, who is candidate for the legislature, and ty*. N.
Clarke has a cousin, J. W. Flnehout,
who is a candidate for municipal judge
of the same city.   Both are republicans,
The Herald readers should not tall to
read the statement of tbe Equitable As
surauce company in this issue of the
paper. Mr. Alletlberg, the Spokane
manager, well known throughout the
Kootenay9, will always do a big business
with such a company at bis hack.
Al Doyle and William Cailiu have re.
turned from their trip to the coast. They
visited Victoria, Vancouver anil Seattle,
At Victoria they saw G.J. Shierand Ned
Bray, ami in Seattle Jack Lam out and
A. B, Keeler. Mr. Doyle was greatly
impressed with the commercial itnpoi-
ance of Seattle.
C. W. R. Pooley, for nearly a year teller at the Canadian Bank of Commerce,
will leave soon to take a similar position
in tbe Dkaguay branch. Mr. Pooley ia
reserved in bis way, but to those who
kuow him he proved himself a gocd lei-
I iw, and his friends beie will regret Ins
H. T. Winsby, junior at the Canadian
Hank of Commerce, hus gone to Victoria,
the bee hive of Orientalism, for his annual vacation. '■ Whistle" will be missed
by a lot of us poor devils who had to
hustle wheu he appeared with a draft,
but still they all hope that tbe boy will
enjoy himself.
Mr. and Mrs. V H Baker gave a large
party Monday evening as a I a re well to
Mrs. G. J. Bury, who left on Tuesday for
tier future home in North Hay. The
evening wus a most enjoyable one, aside
from the general expressions of regret
over Ihe departure ol Mrs. Bury,
II. L. Stephens of the Melbourne
hotel at Elao, was in town Tuesday. He
reports tbe town in good shape and says
the citizens are preparing (or the greatest celebration ever given ill South East
Kootenay on the 24 of May. Tbey will
liuve all kinds of spurts, with prizes that
will  attract  the   people,   aud evpeel lo
have from 5000 to 7000 people that dayi
.1. G. Taylor, fomierly chief ilispalclu r
on this division, arrived in Cranbrook
Tuesday from lhe coast. Mr. Taylor is
now in Mr. Tate's oflice In Montreal ami
has charge of the slandanl rules school,
and it is on Ihis mission thai be vi-tted
the coast where the rules were put into
force on March 1 He reports Mis Taylor as feeling well and says that they are
enjoying life in their Montreal home.
The sanitary officials of the district
are preparing to make a thorough overhauling of the towns, and have yards
and slreets cleared and kept clean. It
is the intention of the authorities to
s'riclly enlorce the regulations this sea-
Bin and thus prevent sickness. It la to
the interest of every resident to do all in
his power lo see that every assistance is
given in this work.
Mr. Jones, formerly of the firm of Mcintosh & Jones, of Elko, bus sold out his
interest in the Hoffman hotel to Mr.
Stevenson, of Winnipeg. Tbe new firm
is doing a good business as well as the
old, Their music hall Is in full blast,
and new talent is coming in each week.
This firm has n fine building and is
spending large sums of money togivu
their patrons the best that can be uf-
| forded.
0 H. Thompson, of Sandon, has located in Cranbrook for the practice of 1
law. n ■ O a youog man of ability hi d
oue who makes friends rapidly and will
succeed In Ons field.
Marysvllls Tribune
Day by day as ibe woik ut cuniitru..fc-
lon- what Is without doubt the greatest Industrial institution In South Eiat
Kootenay. is progl esslug, oue ls led
to C0118 Id ei more ami mote the woiwter
ful resources of the district, one Is
led to dwell upon Its marvelous .Utility,
lis magnificent climate. Us unbounded
wtallti of -luiber ami Its prlc-ess mineral worth There is uo district in the
province of British Columbia that can
show so many natural advantages as
South 1*0.11 Kootenay. Where Is the
dislrict within the length and breadth
of this great province, this westernmost
jewel In the Imperial Orown, that can
be considered a (arming and ranching
country, a timber country and a mineral country atone and the same timet
Hnt nevertheless South ISast Kootenay
Is all of these and more, tt Is a manufacturing country,
Along the course oi the Kooienay
river from Us source to the boundary,
one mav see many well cultivated Uclila
and herds of well bred cattle and
horses, The same may be said ol the
St. Marys prairie country and many
other pails of the district. Of timber
much inlghl be said. There are In the
district some ten or twelve saw mills
ami alii!-.ugh most of these have been
tuuniiig fur some years a very small
percentage, Indeed, of the vast timber
areas of ibe district have beeu touched.
As a mineral couutry South Kast
Kootenay is second to no district in the
Since early in the Oil's gold has been
known lo e xisi wlttilu ber borders and
vast quantities of the "yellow treasure"
have been given up by her lo enrich the
world. Later silver and copper, were
it..mil in paying quantities accompanied
by lead. To-day South Bast Kootenay's
mineral worth Is being realized by tbe
outside world ami lu a very short time
those who have camped in South Kast
Kootenay and have nof'slrnrk camp "on
account of .small disappointments will
win lhat rich reward which is their
due. Besides the minerals ibove mentioned S .uiii Gist Kootenay Is perhaps
richer in coal than any oiher part of
lhe Dominion. The coal fields of the
t.row's Nest Pans are welt known the
world over and now at the headwaters
of the Flathead river coal oil has been
discovered, it Is said, In paying quantities.
And now ai to the manufacttiringilile
of the question. At Fernie and Michel!,
In the Eastern part of lhe distiict. the
largest coke Industry iu the D iminion
is carried on. Then throughout the
district lumber, lathes and shingles cl
all kinds are manufactured lu huge
quantities and are shipped to the Northwest Territories and Manitoba. Within
lhe bounds of the district we have also
tucb domestic industrious as brewera
and soda water factories. The greal
coming industry however of the dfstrict
is the smelting of ores. As everyone
knows at our own town of Marysvllle a
ilrst class up-to-date Btnelter ii being
erected by the Sullivan Group Mining
company. First with ttie idea of smel"-
ing iheir own ore from the Sullivan
mine and then lu the near ftuure to
connect custom (.melting with their bust-
ness. Further ihis company will erect
a lead rertnery.the first In the Dominion
of Canada, and later ou while lead aud
lead pipe works.
I'.0111 all of the above may be seen
tnat South Kast Kootenay is a progressive district, one of which any man
may be proud of being a citizen and
one iu which any man with energy aud
slick at-it-ivuess should succeed.
There are many nourishing towns In
the district, all of them growing, but at
lhc present moment none of them are
so much "In the public eye" as Marysvllle the Smelter City. The reason for
ihis Is that people who are seeking a
place in which to Invest then money
look for a pay roll town lu which to do
so. Marysvllle Is the coming pay roll
towu of ISast Kootenay.
^^e^eoo^^eooo .* .4 ^m?A imi>o
"Strongcsl in the World."
The Equitable Life
I        Assurance Company
•f Of the Umt.J States
3? «*•<*
a  Outstanding Assurance Dec,
O,       31, W01
to  Assets Dec. 31, 1*>0I
**   Assurance     Fund   and   all
New  Assurance   issued  in
$1,179,276,725.00   'to
245,912,087.00   H
ID.-"!      A
331,039,720.34   O,
O      other liabilities
to   e      ,
f\  Surplus
to Paid Policyholders In 1901
to JAMES W. ALEXANDER, President.
259,910,678 28   M
71,129,042.06   ^
27,714,621.42   O.
JAMES H. HYDE, Vice President.
O   H. ALI.HNItl-Rti, Manager, Spokane. <j.
Oi o
Thomas Stevenson
llarr> Mcintosh   „ j
A Calico Hull.
A calico ball will he held iu the lown
hall ou Easter mouday, March 31, in aid
of the St. Eugeue hospital, under the
auspices of tbe Ladled Aid society. All
members nre asked to donate a Cake and
send it to the hall during the afternoon
or evening, ami we trust that our townspeople will use their utmost endeavors
in make this ball a genuine success.
Any particulars regarding Ibe ball can
be had from Mrs. Mclnues, who is president.
liltpln's New Building.
O. II. Gilpin has sold the building tlj
slatted to build on Cranbrook street to
L. B. VanDecar, aud has purchased tl.e
lot lu the rear of his store, facing ou
Armstrong avenue. He hus let a con
tract to G. R, Leask for a two story
building. 34 by 100, with a basement 34
by 60. The building will have a store
front. The second story will he used for
furniture alone, the first story fur fund
ture display and other goods, including
vehicles. The excavation is under head
way, and plans for the building are all
A dUpatcb from Lord Kitchener dat
eil 1'rutoila Friday, February :31st, says
that colonel Park, with three hundred
mounted nanonal scouts, recently sur.
prised a Boer force ai Nooltgetlacbt,
Transvaal Colony, aud captured 104
prisoners, together wltb a quantity of
munitions of war and a number of
horses aud wagons. There were no
Uiii ish casualties. The prisoners in
elude Held cornets .lonbert and Dejnier
and lieutenant Vlljoen.
A Continuous Show
First Class Cult md
Rooms in Connection
'Always on Shift"
Best in the World
A big car of new furniture
just arrived. We can now
fill your order for almost
anything in our line.
We do any and all kinds of
J. P. FINK, Secretary.
Next Dour to Postofflce.
For the Lenten Season.
Our stock ol Fish is replete with about every variety In
use. CODFISH in bricks, newly packed. PICKLED
HERRING that cannot be equalled. SHAD In kits, don't
tail to try them. The ever increasing demand lor our
line ol groceries makes il necessary lor us to keep continually adding to them, therelor they are always Iresh.
Don't forget our Hay, Oats, Bran  and Shorts.   Also
Feed wheat.
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and spring novelties is
unequalled in East Ksotenay. Call in and
and see the many pretty things we have.


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