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Cranbrook Herald Sep 11, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Oho. a. Cox. President. B. E. Walkkr, Gen, Man.
Paid Up  Capital
Tatal  fteanurces
. 2,000,000 00
Ik-posits Received,   (icncral Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINUS BANK lli:i'AU MI-NT-n.nolll.'ktstlscdlnltrMl Allawed.
Bigger and Better
Than Ever
We have bought all the Furniture and Undertaking stock of the Kootenay Furniture Co. and
we have now the best stock in either of the
Kootenays. By this combination we are in
better position lhan ever to supply best of
goods at lowest prices Mr. McConnell, who
is thoroughly experienced in undertaking and
embalming, will be on hand at our furniture
store to attend to calls day or night.
Furniture Repaired and Upholstered
j5j That's what I have tn this town. Ask those who 0
S have had their "watch and clock repairing" done here D
B and see what they say. My charges are for the work S
g I do only. All work fully guaranteed and I will stand. B
jQ by that guarantee. B
gs N. B.   Just received, nice line of clocks.   Call in and see them.
When aman wants to buy HARDWARE he is pleased
if he can deal with a store where quality and price-)
are satisfactory. That is why my patrons are satisfied. I carry a complete stock and my prices are
satisfactory to all.
Come in and see our line of Fishing Tackle.
 It will catch vou	
Hotel S s
Quests Comfort i Specialty
Onml Stabling in Connection
Nearest to rnlliond ami depot.    Han neenmmnda-
tinim  lor  tin*  public  unequalled   in  Crtuibrook.
-      MOYIE
A uu tuber of articles which are over*
staying llieir liiiu* lu-re. In the home,
the gardeni nnil the field there are many
tl.iys of usefulness before lhem. bill in
the store their places are wanted for
other tilings. To create new interest in
In tliettl Snd inula* immediate sales we
liuve marked all with quick prices. Jnsi
a few names will give you an idea to tbe
character of all.
HOSD FIELD HOESRbest quality),
SNATHS. RAICKS. elc A full line of
Plumbing and Tlnaini thing In Connection.
Summer Heat.,.
Is made less oppressive if you wear
one of our light flannel suits. Just
the thing in weight and price. A
fine l.ne of summer weight underwear; don't suffer, gentlemen, call
In and get relief.
...HILL & CO.
It Don't Look As 11 There  Ever Will Be a
Sel 11--in ent.
WashInRton D. C. Sept. 3 —Labor
Commissioner Wright has tiled a lengthy report with the department covering bis Investigations Into Llie anthracite stril'i'
In the course ol his report Commla-
slouei Wright says that the lacls seem
to show that tue officers of tin- miner*,'
unions, with perhaps one or two exceptions, peialsleutly opposed tlie present
strike on the ground that It wouid possibly last all Miinnier, aud entail great
hardship aud sneering upon the mine
workers, as well as work incalculable
Injury to the Industrial Interests of tbe
country. Thoy alio believed that nuuy
of the alleged wrongs endured by the
miners might be corrected by appeals
to their employers. Tbis attempt, bow-
ever, to secure .conferences between
the representatives of the mine work-
era and tbe mine operators proved fruit'
less, and the miners themselves decided
that a strike should be organized.
Nearly all tbe operators have no confidence la the ability ol the miners' union to control Ua own members to such
a degree as to assist iu maintaining
proper discipline, Some of the operators aud some uf tbe union i Ulcers be
lieve that no great progress will be
made toward more peaceful conditions
In the miue regions until the anthracite
workers have a union of ihelr own. All
of the operators whom Mr. Wright met
disclaimed distinctly that they bad any
antagonism to labor unions aa such.
They did object, and most seriously, to
some of the methods adopted by the unions, and they felt that wheu asked to
make a contract with the unions the
latter should put themselves In a position to be pecuniarily responsible for
carrying out such contracts.
The specific demand of the union that
where miners are paid by weight, 3240
pounds shall constitute a ton of coal
represents a long standing difficulty.
Wben it Is shown that a ton of coal,
says Mr. Wright, contains a varying
petcentage of refuse as it comes from
the mine, It Is dtfthult to see tbe force
of the argument why It should uot be
weighed, aud the miner paid for the
work he dots. At least, thc operators,
he thinks, ought to share in the loss of
labor In mining Impurities. Tbe demand of the miners that wages be In*
creased 10 per cent In tbe rates per ton
to  those  men who perform   contract
work and   10   per   cant rs-lualion In tlie
time of those wbo work by tbe day is
backed by the statement that after the
increase wblch was granted In 1900, the
prices of all commodities in the mining
region were advanced accordingly
They urge that It Is exceedingly diffl-
cult for them to live properly on their
present wages.
The operators meet this demand with
the statement that they are able to
market only 00 per cent of the capacity
of their mines, and lhat the Increase ot
10 per cent In wages which the meu
demand would mean about 10 cents a
ton increase.
The   Increase   In   Cranbrook's   Population
Mikes ll Necessary.
The steady growth  ot   Crauhrook  is
evidenced by the increase  in the number of school children.    Although there
are now three looms they areinadequate
to meet the increased  demand for room
and the following letter wlllpiuve pleasing news to the people of tbis towu:
Education Ollice, Victoria, II C,
September 5th, 1902.
J.  Hutchison, Esq., Secretary, School
Cranbrook, B, C, Sir: In reply lo your
It tin of tbe 30th nit, iu which you draw
to the attention oi this department lhe
uadequate arrangement for lhc water
supply to the Craubrook schoolbu tiding
ami also the cvercrowded condition of
the rooms, I beg lo udvise yon lhat your
letter has Ihis dny been forwarded to Iu*
ctor Wilson wiih Instructions that he
lnok into the mailer al  his earliest cou-
cllienee.    I may  mid  i},al  at   the Inst
session of the House provision was made
for the election of an additional school-
bmliiiug ai Crnubrooh provided the department found lhal the number of
children warranted us in taking Ibis
step. A look nl the monthly reports
for August was Ionic a pleasant surprise
showing as ihey do a large increase over
the corresponding mouth of last year.
1 li'ive lhe honor to be, i-ir, your obedient Servant.       Alexander Robinson,
Superintendent of Education.
Prior Is Alter ll.
A telegram to tbe Nelson News says:
'•Hon. E. ft. Prior is going to make a
big push for the provincial leadership,
having announced In the local meeting
a night or two ago tbat be henceforth
would bend his energies to bringing
about a conservative government In this
province, McBride ami his conservative followers in the opposition
are opposed to tbis suggestion
And declare tbey will leave the Revelstoke convention if any attempt to force
party lines in the present legislature.
Should Visit East Kootenay.
Senator Tempieman and Mr. Morrison, the member from Westminster, are
touring British Columbia. They should
visit South East Koooteuay. There is
much to see here aud much to learn
It would do them good, and If they act
ed upon what hhey saw it would do the
district good.
The -Gold Kerf Un Upper Perry
A Company Formed to Work Bed
Of Perry Creek With
Steam Shovel.
H. W. Ross, the man who has secured
tbe property at tbe head of Hell Ruining creek over which much interest has
been manifested of late, was in town
one day last week and the opportunity
was improved to get some filrst-handed
information about the strike.
When asked If he could confirm tbe
stories in circulation be modestly replied that he could not be responsible
for general reports and that some allowance should be made in such matters.
"Mines naturally enthuse people, you
kuow," he remarked.
He said that the property could hardly be called a "strike" for the reason
that it was discovered over two years
ago, but that it is a fact that but little
has been kuown of it until recently.
When Mr. Ross was shown a piece of
quartz upon which there is considerable
gold aud asked If it came from the property iu which he is interested, he Bald
that it did.
"How much of such ore is there in
sight?" was asked.
"I cannot tell at present. The portion of the vein from where that came
is almost inaccessible. The only way of
reaching it is by ropes. That piece of
ore probably came from a boulder at tbe
bottom of the cliff some distauce from
the vein.''
"Is there much such float?"
"Yes, but even that isdifficult to reach
on account of the steepuess of the hill
and a rock slide that has covered much
ofthe ore"
When asked aa to the character of the
vela be anld;
"It is a true fissure of great strength
tbat can be distinctly traced for over a
mile, but It does not come to the surface
at all places. At intervals, however,
there appear to be strong oresboots; and
at ■, places tbe ore-bearing material is
twenty feet wide. Tbe vein contains a
great variety of material. Tbe gauge
ls mostly quartz and spar, and the value
carrying materials are grey copper, iron
aud copper sulphide, chloride oi silver
aud some galena."
He tbe showed specimens of white
quartz in which no values were discernible to tbe unpractised eye, but he pointed out peculiar crystals which he said
were rich in silver. He also had with
hime some fine specimens of gray copper,
Mr. Ross says that his discovery of
the property in tbe hands of .several persons is an anomaly iu the history of
mining. He says that tbecoloringupon
the rocks caused by the oxidization of
the minerals makes the vein noticable
for a long distance, aud that when be
reached the foot of the rock slide he
broke up chunks of quar z out of which
he picked pieces rich iu gold. Vet.
while he was there some of tbe owners
were upon the ground with experts to
advise them whether or not the property was worth doing assessment work
upon, which they concluded was not,
Later Mr. Ross purchased their interest
for a nominal consideration aud paid the
amount of the assessment in lieu of
work. *
In speaking of the district generally
Mr. Ross gives it as his opinion that
there are great possibilities forrtbat section; tbat there is a vast unexplored
region to the northwest In line of tbe
recent strike, uud that a number of prospectors are already iu there. Tbe character of the ore is entirely new in tbe
Kootenays and it is not likely that tbis
is ru isolated instance of its occurrence.
There is something about Mr. Ross
tbat impresses oue with bis alertness
at mining aud also tbat he is entirely
practical in bis methods.
He says tbat tbe first thing to be done
up there will be to survey the claims for
crown grant aud after that some pl.ui
of development will be decided upon,
His business in town was to talk with
Mr. Killeeu, provincial inspector of
roads, and see what could be done
toward improving the road and trail up
Perry creek.
Will Work the Bed of Perry Creek Wllh a
Steam Shovel.
Albert Banks, the well known placer
miner of Perry creek, will introduce a
new scheme for placer mining lu tbe
bed of that fatuous stream. He has
formed a company, in which Fobs &
McDonell, the contractors, are among
the leaders, and they will Introduce a
steam shovel to handle tbe gravel. The
rock at d gravel will be dumped on grU-
leys and the liner stuff be sifted through
to the sluice boxes. By the use of the
steam shovel it will be possible to bau-
tile from 1500 to jouo yards of gravel a
day. The company has three nnd one
half miles uf ground to work and the
machluery is now ou lhe way here. Mr.
I'lHik.s says that tbey only intend lo
work to lhe first bedrock. Tbe experiment will be watchid with interest all
aver llritish Columbia, for if it proves a
success iu I'erry creek there will be
many new placer fields opened up.
Placer Discovery.
Fort Steele Prospector: Placer gold
has beeu discovered on Fish creek, a
tributary of Little Bull river. About
three miles bas been located during the
past week.
That gold exists in the beds of many
of the rivers of South East Kooteuay, in
considerable quantities has been conclusively proved. The latest discovery
made in the district is that of Messrs.
Violet, Dore, Armstrong and others, on
Fish creek, twelve miles south of Fort
Sleele. The extent of tbe deposit has
not been determined, but prospecting at
the present time indicates that there are
several miles uf rich gold bearing gravel
that will average from three to five
cents to the pan.
It is reported that Spokane parties liuve
made a proposal lo the discoverers, and
owuers, to put iu a dredging plant and
work the ground fur a sixth interest.
Mr. Violet, who is in Spokane, ia ex*
pected to return to Steele next week accompanied by several mining men who
will examine the ground in the interest
ot Spokane parties,
The Ladles' Guild ot Christ Church Present
Tribute of Esteem.
At the regular monthly meeting of the
Ladles' Guild of Christ church, held
last week at Mrs. A. IO Plgott's, Mrs.
E. G. Erickson, who is leaving Craubrook for Port Arthur, was presented
with a beautifully engrossed address accompanied with a handsome silver
plated candlebra as a token of the esteem in which she Is held by tbe ladies
of Christ church. Tbe address wns as
To Mrs. E. G. Erickson:
Dear Mrs. Ericksou—We, the members of Christ Church Ladies Guild,
take this opportunity of giving expression to our deep regret at your departure
from Cranbrook and the consequent
reverance of your connection with Christ
church and our society. To your constant attendance, earnest effort and wise
counael the Ladies' Guild owes very
much of its success during the almost
four years that you have been associated
with it; and we assure you your services
have been heartily appreciated. You
will always occupy a warm place in our
hearts and we pray that God's richest
blessing attend you and your family in
your new home, and that you may long
be spared to work in behalf of Christ's
church. We desire you to accept this
memorial of our esteem, which we trust
will keep you in remembrance of your
sincere friends, tbe members of Hie Ladies' Guild of Christ church, Craubrook,
Signed on behalf of the Guild,
Mrs. A. E. Plgott,     Mrs.Juo. Bather,
President. Secretary.
Mrs. J. H. Caslake, Vice President.
The rector, Rev. H. Beacham, was
present, and spoke on behalf of the congregation expressing tbe high esteem in
which Mrs. Erickson was held by tbe
entire congregation aud expressing his
own personal regret at her departure,
especially wben she would now soou en
joy the privilege of worshipping in n
larger and more comfortable church.
He hoped that the article that bad
heen presented her would be symbolical
of ber future life, as it had been of her
past, "A light so shining before men
that the Father in heaven be glorified."
Morrissey Licenses.
Every man wbo applied for a license
in Morrissey received what he asked for
Tbe commission did not seem disposed
to turn anybody down but pulled down
the bars and let tbem all in. At the
close, however, tbey passed an order to
the effect that no man could open his
bar until his house was complete in every respect ami furnished. The enforce
ment of this order will be in the bands
of License Inspector Forbes, and he will
carry it out to the letter It will be impossible, under these conditions, for any
man to throw up a cheap shack, put in
two or three- beds aud call it an hotel.
As a result it Is quite probable there will
be several ofthe applicants wbo will not
build, but instead will throw up tbelr
licenses.   „_____^__
Eularflng Christ Church.
The people ol Christ church have decided on extensive alterations in tbe
church building. The lot adjoining tl e
one on which the church now stands Is
being purchase and the present building
will be moved back into the middle of
tbe two lots. A chancel 15x20 will be
built and a vestry 9x18. A furnace will
also be put In this fall. With these improvements Christ church will be
only a credit not only to the people of
tbe church, but to the city. A large
portion of the money necessary for these
alterations bas been raised in the parish
and It is expected with the assistance of
friends outside lhat when the church la
completed it will be almost if not entirely free from debt.
Morrissey Coal Is Declared Tbe Best
Of All.
It  Means  That  There Is Much
Ahead for the Whole
Last April the minister of the Interior
submitted lo Parliament the report of
Colonel Taplor, of Pittsburg, who, at
Mr. Slfton'a request examlmed last
summer the Crow's N'est Pass Coal
company's field In order to determine
tbe best place to select the 50,000 acses
of coal lands to wblch the government
Is entitled, such lands to be ot an average value of the entire coalfield. Tbe
expert made a careful examination of
the coil developed at the mines of the
Crow's Nest Coal company at Michel
Creek, Coal Creek, and Morrissey
Creek, and also examined It where developed by the 0, l'. E. company on
Michel Creek, near Marten Creek
Prom the development now made he
judges the beat part of this coalfield
(both In regard to thickness of seams
aud ease with which they may be worked), lies between Michel Creek where
Marten creek enters It, and Morrissey
Creek where Crow's Nest Pass Coal
company arc now operating tbelr
mines. He recommends : "Tbat all the
coal lying between Morrissey Creek
and the outcropping of tbe seams on
Lodgepole Creek, be selected, and that
a dividing line be drawn from a point
at the junction of the north and south
branch ol Morrlsssev Creek near where
present openings are being made by tbe
Crow's Nest Pass Coal company; from
this point due north until It intersects
with a line running east and west
through the most southern aide of the
properly, now owned by the Crow's
Nest Pass Coal company on Marten
Creek, and tbat the greater part of tbe
b0,000 acres be selected to tbe east and
south of these two Hues. With a proper
division made of tbe coal selected as
above dercrlbed at Morrissey Creek
there might be two separate operations
made In this creek, one of which could
operate in tbe territory directly south
of the creek, and the other could work
In tbe territory east and north. The
next available place would be on Michel
Creek and Marten Creek. This territory could be so divided as to accommodate two operations. These are tbe
only two available places for operations
that 1 saw, and I would classify in
relative merits the operation on Morrissey Creek as No,. 1, and that on
Marten Creek and Michel Creek as No.
l Ia recommending tbe selection of a
continuous territory from Morrissey
Creek to Michel Creek I had in my
mind the fact that if a smaller field
were selected at Morrissey Creek and
another similar field at Mlcbel Creek
and Mirten Creek, that tbe intervening
territory between these two fields
would be worthless, as It would be inaccessible from any other points, And
I am of the opinion that tbe centre of
the field lying between the two points
above mentioned will be found to contain the best coal. Tbe distance across
the field measured between theae two
points is but nine or ten miles, and It ia
perfectly practicable to mine half way
from each side. Tbat would give a
maximum underground haulage of the
coal of four or five miles, which Is not
an Impracticable distance. I wish to
especially recommend to yon the selection of the field at Morrissey Creek, as
the present developments Indicate that
the coal Is here at Its maximum thickness, and lies In tbe mountains to such
a way tbat It can be economically moved and operated, and there will be two
main lines of railway easily accessible
from ibis point."
Cao't Alford lo Miss It.
Next Monday Miss Pauline Johnson
will be here, accompanied by Walter
McKaye. Mtss Johnson appeared in
Cranbrook some two years ago, and
made a most favotable impression with
the people, and the entertainment this
year is made stronger by tbe addition of
Mr. McKaye wbo has made a great reputation as a delineator of the French
habitant characters. The people of
Cranbrook will give tbe conbination a
good house, especially as it is for Ibe
numbers of the Lacrosse club.
Card of Thanks.
We have disposed of our stock of
goods to Mr. G! II, Gilpin. We beg to
thank the citizens of Cranbrook and
sistr towns who so generously assisted
in making our business tbe success it
All those people owing accounts will
kindly sellle same with Mr. J. P, Pink,
the secretary of the company at the Fort
Steele Mercantile company's store.
Thanking you one and all again, we
remain sincerely yours,
Thc Kooteuay FurnitureCo., Ltd.
Tbe Calgary Baseball Club Ool Two Out ot
The Cranbrook baseball boys returned
from Calgary with the score against
them. They lost two out of three games
but they retained their honor. They
accepted tbe Invitation to go to Calgary
iu true sporting spirit, and gut their
team together under great difficulty.
They played the first gauie with the
Calgary and wou it. But in the next
two games Calgary would-be spurts put
in paid men aud won, although the second game was wou hy hard luck ou the
part of the part of the Cranbruok boys.
Up to the eighth inning it wus 3 to 3 iu
favor of Craubrook and u magnificent
game, Uut there the boys got up against
the real thing, aud it is claimed by many
that rank decisions on the part nf the
umpire bad much tu do wiih lhe result.
Aud the tabulated score us published in
the Calgary papers) uot only indicates
thot there is just cause for .this claim but
demonstrates beyond a doubt lhat
Young Jamieson is the equal ii uot superior to auy pitcher in British Columbia or the Northwest Territories. Just
gaze at tbis:
Second Game—Struck out; by Jamie
son, 17; byOrr, 14. Base hits; off Jamieson, 4; oil Orr, 5 Buses on balls;
Jamieson, 1; Otr, j. Errors; Craubrojk,
3; Calgary, 3
Third Game— Struck out; by fauiie-
son, 13; by Orr, 9 Base hit-.; off Jamie*
son, 7; off Orr, 10. Bases on lulls; Jamieson, 1; Orr, 3. Errors; Cranbrook, 5;
Calgary, 4.
Hoes tbat look as If Cranbrook played
losing ball?
Tbe Cranbrook boys took their medicine like men, bul hereafter wheu a town
offers flattering inducements io play
ball they will ascertain whelher the people are true sportsuieu or (iimtlaniets.
To put in paid, proiessiou.il meu (a amateur sport is considered the world over
as a rauk violation of the code ol sport-
lug honor. Craubrook can s:.ui<! n and
wishes Calgary all the joy il cat, gel out
of tbat kiudofagiime.
Dr. Gordos, of   Pboeim.   a   Oood Mao   lor
■ To* a.
Dr. Gordon, of Phoenix, was io town
wvcral days last week the guest ol Ur.
King. Ur. Gordon is au exceedingly
pleasant gentleman to meet, and a valu*
able man for any towu to have as a
citizf-n. It would pay the council of
Phoenii to send him out once a year lo
spread abroad tbe good things of tbat
town. An easy talker, conservative in
his statements yet emphatic ic his declarations, he never quits. Phoenix
and the Boundary countiy seem to be
his religion, and he preaches tbe gospel
of prosperity ind good will to all. He
says Phoenix is the best town in British
Columbia, that it has tbe best mises,
the best newspaper and best prospects
for the future. Tbe doctor is tbe kind
of a man who wii] make a knocker feel
sorry he was ever born. It is such men
that help to build up towns, They
create confidence and make men glad
lhat they are on earth providing they
live in Phoenix.
Imperlsl Holel Chides Msnaf-emeat-Olber
Editor Herald:—Dan McNelih, wbo
has for a number of years conducted thc
Steel House at Fort Steele will take the
management of the Imperial after the
fifteenth of the month. Tbe house will
be renovated and a uumber of improvements made. Mrs, K J. Higby, who
haa bad charge of ihe dining u*5m, will
move to the new town of Morrissey and
engage in business there. Harry keine-
man, who has managed the liquid department, has not yet announced bis intentions of future business,
Several business men .ire making
preparations to move from Fort Sleele
to Morrissey. W. M Stewart of the
Oriental hotel will engage in bail ness
as soon as a building can be erected
at the new town. Mr. Miller, the flour
and teed man, will go to Morrissey, ami
Mr. T. F. Armstrong, lhe tinsmith, is
thinking of moving down Ihere.     - • •
Business Is Business.
Trail News: There will will be no
more graultous advertising In these columns, Aoy item tbat lends io make
businesBfor a man is advertising, and
that Is what this paper has to sell. And
*• to churches, we shall be glad to accord them ample news space for any entertainment or other happening KO long
no charge for admission it made and
nothing Is placed on sale. Where there
is such a charge, it becomes a revenue
producer and regular advertising rates
will be expected for any notice pertaining to it.
Talklai of Monopolies,
Moyie Leader: South Easl Kooienay
Ii rapidly becoming the land of monopolies and combines. Only within the
past two weeks several of the sawmill
owners have formed a trust. Beale,
Hutchison & Klwell are monopolizing
the iusurauce business; and Fred Simpson Is dotting Ihe mnp with newspaper
Editor and Proprietor.
The Herald desires to give the news or the
district. If you know any about yuur tuwn
your mine or your people, semi it in this office,
From Hie Ferafe Free Press.
There was an exciting time at the
jail this afternoon. Harry Thompson,
a prisoner, who Is slightly insane, suddenly became violent. He seized a
sledge hammer and breaking In the
door betweeu the jail and the cilice,
made for Chief Forbes aud Constable
Koomer. Both men realized lhat this
was no time for arguni-nt and leaping
over the counter stiuck a 8t40 gate
down the street, pursued by the raving
inniac. When be reached the gate be
smashed tt from the hinges with one
blow and throwing down his hammer
burled large rocksat the fleeing officers.
At this stage Constable Walaer appeared on the scene and dodging the rocks
wotked up close to Thompson, who
again seized the hammer and made a
terrible sweep at his head. He dodged
t iis and before Thompson could recover
bis guard sprang In and soon over
powered him.
Mrs. Fred Stork left last week for
Brantford, Ont., where she will spend
three or four months.
Messrs. A. W. Bleasdale, W. S. Keay
aud J Ii Pollock returned from Michel
on Tuesday, where they had been on a
fishing outing.
II. W. Herchmer left on Thursday for
Toronto. He expects to be gone about
a month. It is said that Harry will join
the ranks of the benedicts during bin
stay In the east. The happy event will
come off in Lindsay on tbe loth of this
A number of local business men wbo
are interested In a large placer claim
on Perry Creek are putting in a steam
shovel. ,las. McDonnell, of Foss St Mc-
Uonnel Morrissey, Is one of tbe principal shareholders In the company. He
Is quite confident that they have a good
Mr, and Mrs, D. McMillan left for
Port Moren, N. S., on Saturday evening
last. Before leaving they had tbe body
of their son, ltaney, who was killed In
tbe explosion, exhumed and sent east.
Cranbrook has got together an aggregation of baseball players that seems to
be pretty hard to beat. They have defeated everything In their neighborhood and this week journeyed as far as
Calgary in rearch of glory. In a game
In the prairie town ou Monday tbey defeated tbelr opponents by a score of 18
to B. On Tuesday, however, the Calgary boys recovered their lost honors,
winning from Cranbrook by a score of
11-3. This is their lirst defeat out of
• leven games played this season,
Do You Take The HeraH?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is -vorth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Kootenay river and down the Columbia
valley to Golden. Tuts will be a great
move towards the advancement of this
valley ana it is to be hoped that the
syndicate will build the entire line lm
mediately. It Is also stated that the
syndicate will build a largesmelter near
l-Hk river and utilize the mammoth water
power obtainable from that river.
Timber Notice
Nniii'i'is herebyglven that thirty tlnys after
dale t will apply in iiiii ciiii'i Commissioner ol
Umls uml Works im a special llcenso Incut
am) carry a way tiiniii'i from the following described landsi
commencing ui tho southwest corner post,
placed on the bank ut Moyle river north at Bob-
arts' placer mine ami halt mile wesl from tin*
junction of Movie liver mul Mgger oreek, east
f chain-*:, thence north mi chains, thence west
BO chains, tlienoe sontli ni chains to tho point ol
commencement, 0*10 acres, more or less,
Crauhrook, 20th August, lima
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cut and carry away
timber from tbe following described
Commencing at a post marked "T. J.
Wellman's N. W. corner," planted iu
chains north of tbe south east corner
of Lot 80S, group 1, Kast Kootenay;
thence east lun chains, ihence south 40
chains, thence west UiO chains, thence
north 40 chains, to the place of begin*
nleg, containing til!) acres,
Dated this Mth day of August, 1902,
20 T .1. WELLMAN.
From the .Moyie Lender
Tbe St   Kugene mine will  be closed
down tight next Monday.
Miss Erna Xiederstatlt is in Nelson
attending the Si, Joseph's convent.
James cronin ami son Jack Cronin,
returned from a trip to West Kootenay
Headmaster Chas. Crossman Intends
to move his family to Cranbrook within
a short time.
The employes of the sawmill here are
talking of organizing a branch of the
Western Labor Onion.
Manager Cameron of the Moyle Lumber Co. transacted business in Cranbrook the first of tbe week.
President Leltch and Vice-president
McNab of the East Kootenay Lumber
Co., were this week Inspecting tbe
Moyle mill.
A social dance was given at tbe Cosmopolitan hotel last evening and a
splendid time was had. The nextdance
will be held at tbe Manhattan hotel
next Friday evening.
From the Prospector.
Mr. and  Mrs.   K, J.  Hlgbye visited
Fernie Thursday.
W. Hill, Cranbrook, wan at the Imperial Thursday,
Wm. Carlln has gone to Golden on
A. B. Fenwick will commence threshing Monday. He has a large crop of oats
and wheat.
Miss Malice, Miss F. MaCiee, Miss
Wellman, J. McSweyn, A, L. McDermott
and N. Chaput of Cranbrook, were at
the Imperial Sunday.
The Following was Printed In  Ihe  Wllmer
Outcrop Last Week.
A private letter received In Windermere from a man well known In this
district and who writes from London,
England, states that tbe writer met Mr.
Pollen there who told him tbat he had
succeeded In selling the Kooienay Central Hallway charter to a syndicate in
London. The syndicate must spend S10,
000 in construction Ihis fall In order to
hold the charier. The charter Is for a
road to be built from near Klko up the
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Con!*
mlssloner of Land and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "D
Smith's S. E. corner,'' planted at the
north east corner of M. Dunn's timber
limit In South East Kootenay; thence
north Hi!) chains, west in chains, south
100 caains, east 40 chains, to the place
of the beginning, containing mo acres.
Dated this !3<ith day of August, 1002.
30 D  SMITH.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
ttm.er from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "A
Rookes' N. W, corner," planted SO
chains west of the south east corner of
Lot 338, group 1, East Kootenay, thence
south so chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west tio
chains, to the place of beginning, containing 640 acres.
Dated this lr.th day of August, 1003.
Timber Notice
Take Notice tbat thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for
a special license to cut and carry away
timber from tbe following described
Commencing at a post marked "T
Rook's S. W. corner," planted at the
south east corner of Lot 33S, group 1,
East Kootenay; thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to the
place of the beginning, containing (ilu
Dated this lr.th day of August 1002.
Timber Notice
Take Notice lhat thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner o! Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked
S win nation's S W. corner," planted 40
chains sonih of tbe north east corner of
\l. Dunn's limber limit on Cold cieekL
East Kootenay; thence north so chains,
thence east so chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, to tbe
place of the beginning, containing 640
Dited this 85th day ol August 1008,
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I intend io apply to the Oulef Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following lands:
Cjmmcnclne at a post marked ';
Walcott's S. Wi corner," planted on the
north east corner of ,T. Swlnnarton's
timber limit; theuce north 40 chains,
thence east HI l chains, thence south 40
chains, thence west 1H0 chains, to the
placco' the beginning containing 0-10
Dated this 25th day of August 11)02.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
limber from the following lands:
Commencing at a post marked
"Joseph Dobbs'N- \V. corner," planted
at north east corner of Lot 330, group
1, East Kootenay; thence south 100
chains, ihence east 40 chains, thence
north liiil chains, thence west 40 chains,
to the place of the commencement,
containing 040 acres.
Dated this 14th day of August, 1002.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty daysafterdate
1 inteml to apply to the Chief COmmls-
■-loner of Lands and Works for a special
license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described Unds:
Commencing at a post marked "M
Dunn's N. E, corner," planted about 80
chains north of the forks of Gold creek
on Piumbob trail In Etat Kootenay;
thence south 80 chains, tbence west Su
chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, to the place of the beginning, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 25th day of August, 1002.
20 M. DUNN.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief Com*
mlssloner of Lands and Work** for a
special liccisi* to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "R
Trltes' S. E corner," planted on Gold
creek trail, four miles nortli west ofthe
north wesl corner of Lot 320, group 1,
East Kootenay; thence north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains to the
place of the beglnnleg, containing 040
)ated this 20th day of August, 1002.
Timber Notice
Take notice that thirty days after
date I Intend io apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands'and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "J no
Mulligan's N. E. corner," planted 80
chains west of the south west Corner of
Lot air., group 1, East Kootenay; thence
west 80 chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains, north 80 chains, to the place of
beginning, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 28th day of August, 1002.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after
date I Inteml to apply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of lands and works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber from the following described
Commencing at a post marked "L. H.
Smith's N. E. corner," planted on lhe
west side of tbe north fork of Gold
creek, about three miles from Its forks
up stream; tbence south 80 chains, west
80 chains, north 80 chains, east 80
chains, to the place of the beginning,
containing 040 acres.
Dated this -.'Oth day of August, 1002-
20 L. EI.    SMITH.
Timber Notice
Notice h hereby given thnt llilrty days nftor
date I inland to make application to ihi' chief
Gntiimlssloner of Lands mitt Works Inr license
biciti and carryaway timber from lho following
descrllmd lunds:
Commencing at n post planted about one mile
west ot southwest corner or Lot iiir. ami run
niuR nn chnlns west, Ihence so chnlns smith,
thence S'i chains east, thenco ■*" clinlns north to
point of commencement, containing 040 acres,
e or less.
anbrook, B, a, August 20,10t»,
K IJ. IIItl-.MM'.i;.
Timber Notice
like is hereby given that thirty days nfter
"mi* we intend to mnko application to tho chlof
" Isslonerof Unds ami Works for license
i cut nnd carryaway limber from the following
ssarlljed Inndsi
Commenting at a post planted nt the s h-
wesl corner nf hut m, ami running north 80
chains along the west line of Lot ;nr.. tlionce
west bo ehalns, thence soulh N ehalns, tlionce
sasi bo chains to place or cnminen ement.
I'litiiiito.-k, ii. c, August wih, iota un
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Inteml toapply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works at Victoria fur it special
license to out ami carry away timber from the
fallowing described lands:
Commencing at a post innrked "J. or Pen*
wick's 8, K. cooler," planted nbout one mile
north of Dobson's cabin on Hie west hank of
until Creeki thenco nortli ion chains, thenee
wost 40 chains. Hiei south loo ohulns, thonou
east40ohnlns, to the place of the beginning,
conlllluliiK <Ht> acres.
Dated tins 2Tth day ot August, wo?,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thai thirty rinysnfier
data 11ntend tu apply in tin- Chief Commissioner nf i.ami-i ami Works at Victoria for a spoclnt
llcenso to cut and enny away Umber from the
following described lands:
Coiimiehcllig ut a juts: ma-rki'i! "A. M. North*
mil's n. \v. come ," planted io chums smith or
Uie south easl corner of i.m No. ana, group i
Kits', Knnii-uuy. tlionce enst su chains, theuce
south si chains, theuce west su ehalus, thence
north SO chains, to the place of iin: beguiling,
containing 04) acres.
I Uited Oils'.'Dili ilny of August, 1002.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days nfter
date 1 Intend tu apply in tlio Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works nt Victoria for a special
license to out and carry nway timber from the
following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked "J. It. Fen
wlek s S. E, Corner's," planted iihout one mile
nortli won! or where the small creek enters the
north fork of Hold creek, -Smith Kast Kontenay
ihence north 60 ohnlns, thoneo west so chnlns,
thence south so obelns, thenee enst na chains,
tn the place of the beginning, containing mo
Dated this 27tll day of August tfJo2,
'20 J. It, FFNWK'K.
Timber Notice
Notlco Is hereby given that thirty days afler
din-' 1 Intond to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of bund ami Works at Victoria fnr a special
license to cut and enny aivity timber from the
following described lunds:
Commencing at a post marked "I. a, Motfatt's
N. W. Corner,** planted forty chains west of
tho south ensi corner of Lnt No. :wn, group 1.
Easl Knot may; iheuee east 4') chains, thence
south 100 chains, thence west 40 ehalns, thenee
north ISO chains, to tho place uf the beginning,
containing 010 acres,
Date.) ihis 29th day nf August Wl
20 1. A.  MOFFATT.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given that thirty ilaysafter
dute I Inl- ml tu apply tn ttie chief Com
mlssloner or Lands ami Works at Victoria
for a special license to cut and eairy away timber from the following described lands:
Commencing at a post marked "J. \v. Hayes
s. Wi corner." planted 40 ehalns south of the
south east comer of l,nt Nn, :i30, group i East
Kontenay; theuce north I0Q cbnltia, theme**, onat
40 chains, thence south iisochains, tliemie west
in chains, to tin- place or the beginning, contain-
(rig 040 acres.
Dated this aotll day of August, 1902.
20 .I. W. HAVES.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date l inteml to apply to tlie Chief Commission'
er of Lands uml Works ror a license to cut and
enrry away timber from the following ileserlhed
Commencing nt a postmarked "M. k. Fen-
wlck's N. W, coiner," planted at the north
east corner of Lot No. 205, Croup I, East Kootenny ; thenee east nn chains, south 80 chains, west
Bu ohulns, north BOohalns, tn Uie place of the
beginning, containing CIO acres.
Daifii this Nth day of August, iuiu.
Timber Notice
Take Notice that thirty days after date i in-   ......
end to apply in Ute chief com   mi-simr cferlbedlandsi
I, iiuls and Works fm* a special license to cut
ami carry away timber from llie following described Infills:
Commencingnla post marked "E, it. Kennedy's s. W. eornor," planted -j'tn chains north
nnd 200 chains wiut of the north west corner of
Lot -.-iii. goup i, East Kootenays th&uce east inn
chains, thence nortli 40 chains, thenee west hid
chains, tlionce south in chains, tu tlie place of
the beginning, containing oto acres.
tinted this 20lli day of August, 1002.
20 K. It. KENNEDY.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dnte l intend to apply to the chief Commission*
erof Lauds and Works fora license to em and
enrry nwny Umber rrom the following ileserlhed
Commencing ut a post marked "E. P, Fen-
nick's N, E. corner," planted annul is
mill's north of Dobson's oabln on tlie north
fork of Cold Crook, South Fust Kooienay, nnd
about two iiiIIi*h wesi of ihc Fhiiulioh trail;
tlienca smith 10 chains, ihenee west isu chains,
tlieneo north 40 chains, thence enst nio chains,
to the plnce ot the beginning, containing did
Dated this 2*tli day or August, low,
20 K. I''. FENWICK.
Timber Notice
Notlco Is hereby given that thirty days after
dale I Intend tn apply to ibe Chief commissioner of Lnmls ami Works for a license to cut
ami enrry away timber from tho following ties.
Commencing nt n post marked "M. L Trltes'
N. W. earner,'' planted at south west corner it,
A. Trltes' timber illillti thence east ni chains,
Ihenee soutn no chnlns, thence wt-.it so chains,
thence iiniiii >u I'linins, tn ilu- place of the beginning, containing 040 acres.
Dated tilts ?'..tli day of August, 1932,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dnie i inteml toapplyto the Chief Commissioner
nf Lands uui! Works fnr ii license tn cut and
curry away Dinner from lhe following ileserlhed
Commencing at a post marked "B, a. Trltes'
S. W, coiner," planted at the south east corner
of J, Swlnnarton's timber limit hi south East
ICoolonayt thonoo oust BO chains, tlienoe norili
B0 chains, thenco wesl no chains, theuce south
«n chains, lo the plnce of the beginning, containing oioncres,
Dntorl Mils Kill ilny of August, 1002.
20 H. A. Till TEH.
SitlhltO iii lhe Port Steele Mining Division of
Kast Kootonay District,
Where located i  Near Mark creek.
Take notice that I, Edward O, .McKinstry
(Froa Miner's CertWfcntu No, H 43,200), noting
for myself and ns agent for Sylvester a. Fnllon
i Fi'eo Miner's Certificate No. II 10,143), intend,
slxly days frum tho dale hereof, to imply io tlm
Mining Recorder torn certificate nf improvements, for the purpose of obtaining n Crown
(Irani of the nbmfe cinini.
Ami further luke notlco that aclltvi, under
vtinil 37, nmsl  lie enmiiieiiceil  before tin- ls-
innoe nr sueh CartlOaate of Improvements,
Edward c -McKinstry,
Dated July n, 1002,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given lhal thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner
of Lamis and Works for a license to cut and
carry away timber from tlie'followingiieBcrlbed
lauds In Soulh Eu->t KiKitenny:
Commencing at u post planted isochalns north
and 40 chains east of the northwest corner of
Lot Na a-*1", ihenee north #chnlns, theuce Wesl
mu chains, thence south 4'J chains, thenee east
iii'i chains to the place of hegiuulng.
Daied this iitilh day uf duly, Wl
■23 o. D, Monad,
Timber Notice
Notice is herebyglven that thirty ilaysafter
dale I lutein! to make application to the Chief
Coiumlsdoiii'i' of Lands uml Works lor a special
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following 11 user! hen lands:
Commencing ut u post planted at ilm south-
eus! oorncrof Lot88H, Kootenny district, Ihenee
smith mi ehalns, theuce wost sn chains, ihenee
north 80 chains, thence cost ni ehalus tnthe
place uf commencement, containing ivto ucres
more or less.
Dated this 32d day nf July, mi.',
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty ilaysafter
date i intend tn mnke application tn chief < om-
Rilssloner of Lands and) Works ror a special
license io cut and carry away Umber from the
following ile*cribi)d lands:
Commencing at a post planted at the north-
westcoruor of George it. c. Taylor's timber
limit, about one milo wesl of the northwest
corner of Lot Nil, llionce soulh gn chnlns
ihoiicewest.suclinlns, thonoo north BOohalns,
thence east 80 chains to the place of commouee-
nient, along the smith alltfl of the Crows Nest
Pass railway, contatulng Gin acres, more or less
Daied this 22d day of July, t9M,
**3 H.S, TAYLOR,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
lute I intend to apply to the Chief Commission.
erof Lands uud Works fm* a license to out and
carry aw ay Umber from the following described
lamis he ween tlio Kootenay rlvor and Hold
creek lu SOUtll Easl Knotenayi
Commencing at a poatuear lha west bank of
the Kootenay river belnw lho month or Klk river
and uu the south end of Mann's timber licence,
thenee smith \o chains, tlionce west I0Q eluiius.
Ihenee mii'tli 40 chnlns, llieiuc east nm chains In
the piat'ii ur iiugiunhig.
Dated this 97th ilny ot July, toon,
'-;| it. It.HOPKlNS,
Timber Notice
Notion ts hereby given that thirty duys nfter
dale i intend cu apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lunds and   Works  for u license |o cut niul
carry away thiiii-ir from ihe roitn»iog described
lands nn Meadow orcok-lll Boiltll Ens! Kimliuay:
Commencing at a post plauied at the southwest enruer nf Lnt   No,   3.20,  tliemo  north I"
ctiuiiis, theuce wesi nm chums, tlionce south w
eluiius, theuce east loo chains tu ihe place of beginning,
Dated this '..villi ilny nf,Inly, 1002.
■IU *   li. A. LKITCH.
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty ilaysafter
date i late ni m apply tn ihu chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works for a license tu cut and
carry away Umber from the fullnnlng ileserlhed
lauds between the Kootenay river aud UOld
creek lu Mouth East Konteii iy i
Commencing at|a post planied on the wet
bank of the Kooten iy river 70 chain* north of
the north huumlary uf Lot No. 3-W. thence wes)
150 chains, thenco soulh 40 ehalus, iliem*.* east
i;t) chains, more or less, io tliebnukul ihustud
Kooteuay river, thence north.', ly along thu
river bank to the place of beginning.
Daied this iMlnliiy of July, l 02.
23 A. J  LKITCH.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty days after
iiate I Intend tn apply tu the Chief Cumuli .siou-
er of Lund s niul Works fur a license !0Ollt ttipl
carry away Umber from the following desorlbiHl
lauds on Meadow creek hi South E.si Kootenny ;
i umuienclng nt n pnst plant'd -M rhn'n*t east
of the southwest corner nr Uit No. itui, ilieu-*e
west i.nchains, theuce smith 4> clinlns. theuce
east loo chains, theuce north Ju chains to thu
pi ee of beginning.
Dated Mils 39 h day of July, 1002.
23 A. K. LKITCH.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dale i intend tn apply to the Chief < Commission*
erof Lands ami Works fnr n 1 cense lo cut ami
carry uway llmiier from the following described
lan is on Meadow creek In South Bast Koote*
Cninmenclng at a post plunted sj chains smith
of the northwest corner or Lot No, 320, theuce
west ltin chains, tlienca smith -m chains, thenee
east too chains, thence ninth to chains to the
place nt inviiiniiii:.
Dated tills 20th day or July, 1002,
2;i 11. LKITCH.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given thai thirty nays after
date 1 intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner uf LiUid** and Works fnr a HooHSO tu cut and
carry away timber from the following described
lauds hoiweei the Kooten ity river ami Cold
creek hi SOllltl Rmsi Kunieiuiy;
Commencing at a post | hinted on tho west
bank nf the Kootenay river 70 clmii.s north nf
the north boundary ur Lot Nn. 320, theuce west
180 chains, thonee norili m chains, thenee east
140 chains, mure or less tu the snld Kooienay
river, thence southerly along lhe river bank to
the place uf beginning.
Duied tills 28th day nf July, Wi.
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 Intend tonpply 10 the ciuef Commission*
erof Lauds ami Works for a ll.ense to cut and
carry away timber from Um following described
lands on Meadow creek in South'Kust Kontenay:
Commencing nt a post planted 40 chains south
of the southeast corner of Lot No, 828, thence
north 40 chains, tlieneo west ICO chains, thenco
smith 40 chains, thence east W chains to place
nf beginning,
Dated this .".'th day of July, 1002.
23 A. J. LKITCH.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given Hint thirty ilaysafter
dnie I Intend to apply 10 ihe chief Commissioner of Lands niul Works for a llcenso In cut and
carry away ilmher from the following described
lauds on Cold creek in South Enst Kootenny:
Ciimincnclng at a post planted Ho chains
north of the center mile post on the north honn-
dary of Lot No. ;t2i). Ihence north 40 chains,
thenee west Mil chains, thence south SU chains,
thence enst on chains to the place of boglnnln:,-.
Dated this SOtli day of duly, um.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given Unit thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of lands and Works fora license lo cut and
carry away timber from (he following described
lands on Hold creek in South East KVoleiniy ■
Commencing at a post planted if-fi chains
ninth anil so chains west of the northwest cor*
ner of Lot No, ;i:'i>, thence south mi chains,
thence west xncuulns, ihenee north 80 "bains,
thenee east mi chains to the place of heglunlng.
Dated this 2-Uh day of July, Wl
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given thut thirty days nfler
date I intend tonpply tnthe Chief Commission*
er of Lands sud Works fnr a license to out anil
enrry away timber from the following leserlhed
lnmls between the Kontenay river and Cold
creek In South East Kontenay:;
Commencing nt a pnst planted'.TOchiiln* north
nnd 180 chains wost of tho northwest comer of
Lot No. :un, tlienoe north 40 chains, tlieneo east
100 Chains, tlieneo smith 40 ehalns, thenee wost
ii;ii chai ns to place of beginning.
Daied this mil day of July, 1012,
23 JAS. Mt'NDlK.
Timber Notice
Notice ts hereby glvcu that thirty days after
date I iiiiend lo apply to the Chief Commission*
it of Lands and Works fora license tu cut ami
carry away timber from the following described
lands on Gold creek hi smith Bast Kootenny 1
Oommeuclag ftt a post planted iff) ehalns
nortli and 120 clinlns west or Die northwest corner of I-ul No. -'IW thence west ID chains, tlieneo
north 30 chains, thenco west go chains, tlienoe
north 20 chains, theuce west 90 chains, theuce
nmiii 20 chains, thonoo west 20ehalns, theuce
north 00 chains, thenco east id chains, thence
south 40chains, theuce east 4) chains, theuce
south 40 chnlns, ihence east 20 ehalus, thence
south 40 eiiiiltts to place of beginning.      1
Dated this .-lliii day of July, 1903,
Timber Notice
Notice IS hereby given that thirty days after
date I Inteml in apply 10 tin1 cider Commlssluii
er nf Lauds and Works for n license lo cut ami
curry away timber rrom the following descrilied
lands on Meadow i-roek m Smith Last Koote
Commencing at n post plunted -» chains south
uf the northwest uuincr if I ot No. 330, ihence
west 100 clinlns, tin-net' north m chains, thence
east 100 ohnlns, I enco smith 40 ehalus to pirn
nf beginning,
Dut.-ii this 20th day of July, itsw,
23 I.. H, LKITCH,
Timber Notice
Notlco Is lioroby given thai thirty days afler
iiuti' t laicmi in apply tn tne chief commission-
er ur Lands und Works for a  llcenso In cut am!
ciiit*. uway timber irom the following lies -rlbail
lauds uu Mciiduw eieck lu Boiltll East Koole
nay 1
Commencing at u post |Hnnleil 411 olmliiR south
nr the northwest comer of l.nt No. 828, tlienoe
north 40 clinlns, thonee west ion chains thoiici
soulh 40 chains,  thence  onsl   ion chains to llli
ptaco or hogimiing,
Dated tills 201 ll day ur duly, 11)03.
Notlpe is lioroby given that thirty ilaysafter
date 1 inteml 10 apply io tlie Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works nt Victoria for II special
license to out and carryaway timber from the
following desorlhed lamis lu the Soulh East
Kootenay district!
Commencing ut n  post  plained alongside
George A. Laurie's No, 1 pnst. mi lhe easl hank
of I'erry creek, about Iwo uml one-hnlf mile-
down ihe creek from OldTown,thfluce8Jehalm
west, llienee smith si) oliaillS thonee east so
chains, Ihence north si) ehalns tn the place of
August 1st. 1003,
21 J. A. LAURIE.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days nfler
date I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works fora license to cut a d
carry away Umber rrom Hie following described lands on the west bunk of the Kooteuay
river in South East Kontenay:
Commencing nt a post planted near tbe crossing <>r Small ere k north of I'luuiu Huh creek hy
tin'trait no tin* west side nf Kooteuay river,
thence north 80 chains, thenee west so chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence cast su chains tn
the place of heglunlng.
Dated this 30th day of July, 1002,
23 J. A. V. PRRBTON,
Timber Notice
Take notice (bat 1 have applied to tlie chief
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for a sl,.
oia) license to cut and enrry nway timber from
the   fnllnwlug described lands:
Commencing at a post marked VM. MoDon*
all's s, K. corner," planted about half a mile
north of the northwest corner of Lnt 3:w In
Group 1, Hast Kootenay, thence north so chains,
thence west80 chnlns, llienee smith so chnlns,
Ihence east 80 chnlns lo lhe place of heglunlng,
containing 040 ucres.
Dated the 28th Angus!, Wl
'i. m. Mcdonald.
Timber Notice
Take nollce Ilia! I have appllel lothe Chief
Cninmlsslnner uf Lunds and Works for a special license tn cut and carry away timber rrom
Hie following desorlued lauds:
Commencing nt a post marked "W. stocks s.
H Corner," planted ut tin- tuierirctlou of lhe
western boundary of s. cadieiix's pre-emption
with tlie mirth boundary ur Lot 835, Group 1.
Last Kooienay, Ihence north 4D chains, litem
west 100 chains, thenee south 4<) ehalns, them
east 100 chains to the place of beginning, co
lalnlng 040acres; more or less.
I iftted this 28tll duy of August, l<*n.     "
Timber Notice
Thirty days after date I win apply tnthe Chief
Commissioner of Lamis uml Works fur asie
elnl license tn cut nn.I en ry uway timber from
tlie following described lands In South Kail
Cnmiiieiiein?.* at Hie northwest enruer post sit
untcdon lho east sl.te of Block 831, about 100
yards soiuh nf >n. s posl, ico obniusjeust. thence
41 eh tins smith, thence 100 chains west, theuce
40alium-i nortli toiiic point nf commencement,
ti.0 acres more or less.
Cranbrook, 2St|] August, 1902.
93 W. K. GIBSON,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
dale 1 intend lo make application tithe Chief
* ommlssloner of Lands and Works for lUens
to cut and enrry away timber frum the following
-l.scrlhi'd lands:
Commencing nt a post planted about one mile
west of lhe suuthwes! corner of Lut ;i|S, and
running 831 hums north, theuce so chains west.
theuce -0 clliiilis Mouth, tllellcf*  81) clUtlllS CUll tl)
the place of commencement, containing 040
acres, more or less,
Cranbrook, 11. C„ August 28, Wl
■ir, It. A. ANDERSON.
Timber Notice
-Notice Is hereby given ihat tinny days nfter
date I Intend to make application lo the Chief
commissioner of Lunds an I Works fnr a special
license to cut and curry nway limber from the
following desorlhed lunds:
Commencing at a post limited at the north
west enruer of Lm mill, Kootenay District,
theuce south so chains, thenee west 80 chnlns,
theuce north 80 ohnlns, thenco east so chains
along tho south side or ihe Crows Nest Pass
railway to place of commencement, containing
040 acres, moro or less.
Duteil tills 93d dny of July, 1002.
2;t GEO, 11, C. TAYLOR,
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend toapplyto Hie Chief Commissioner
of Lnmls an.t Works for a license Io cut und
cany awnj Umber from the following desorlhed hinds on lhe w. st bank of the Kootenay
Nverliiisnuih East Kootenavi
C01 encing at ft post Ranted near the crossing of small crook north of Plumb Boh creek by
the trail on west side nf Kootenay river, thenee
sumhmi chains, thoneo west. 80 chains, thence
north so chains, l hence east HO chains to place of
Dated mis wth day of July, 1W2.
Timber Notice
Notion is hereby given that llilrty days after
ditto I Intend to apply tu the Chief commissioner of Lands nnd Worlisfnr a license to cut nml
carry away Umber from lhe following described
lands on Meadow creek in Sontli Kast Kootenny:
Commencing at a post planted 40 rhultis smith
or thu south east corner of Lot No, sss, thence
west sn chnlns, thence south so chains, thence
ensi so chains, tlienoe north si chain- tnthe
place of bouimiing.
Dated ! his 20th day of July, UK)?,
2.1 Af. LKITCH.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dnte I Intend toapplyto the Chief Commissioner
nf l.aiiifsnml Works for permission tu prospect
for coal on tlie followinc described lands:
startlni' al a post planted nn the west hank of
the iioi'ili fork nf Michel en ek, nbout five miles
Above the north bnumlary of Lot46W,U, I, on
said creek, Ihenee mi chains north, thence so
chains west, theuce 80 chains south, Ihence sn
chains easl to pnlul nf commencement.
1 ait-d Ihi, L'utli <luy or August, I'JOj,
■21 M. MelNNKS.
By Ills agent, C. M. Edwards,
Nollce Is hereby given Hint llilrty Jays lifter
ilnle I I ul end tnupply tutheChlef'Comiiilssl.mei
of Lands ami Wmss for permission to prospect
for innl mt th ■ following doscrlbod lands:
starting nt a stake planied ou the west bank
or lhe uortli fork of Michel crock, uhoiil live
miles iiium- thu 11.nih boundary uf Lot 4 Hi.O, I,
mi.siiiii creek, thenee 80 chains enst, thence mu
chains north, ihence so chains west, ihence ho
chains south lu point nf c.-mmunceiiioiit,
ruled tills 201 ll day of August, 1002.
Ry his agent. C. M. Edwards
Timber Notice
Notice |s hereby given lhat thirty days nfter
dnte I Intend tn apply In the Chief Commissioner of lauds and Works for n license to cut nnd
enrry away timber from the following described
lnmls between ;ihe Kootenay river nnd Cold
creek In Smith East Kootenay:
Commencing nt n post planted Oil chnlns
south nf the northeast) corner of, Lot No. 320,
tlieneo north GO chains, theuce wesl 8' chains,
thenee north 30 chains, thenee enst 130 chains,
more or loss, to the bank of the Kootenny river,
theuce southerly along suld river hunk to a point
due east nf the place of beginning, thence 4.1
1 hams, more or less, to the placu of beginning.
Dated ihis 27th day of July, mi
SB OR. Ml. fit.    I
Timber Notice
Notice fs herebyglven tlmt thirty days nfler
lain 1 inleiul lo make application to the chief
Cuauulssloiier of Umls and Works for a special
license to cut und carryaway iliniier frum the
following lU'serliiod lnmls:
Commencing nt the N. K. eornor post situated
niilln west sIiIh of C. 1'. It. Itl'iiO Hll, uud nue
mile from IL A. Robson'se.irner | nit, thenod so
chains south, thencti no chains west, thence so
chains norlh, thence so chains east to the point
V of commencement, ow ucres, more or loss.
Cranbrook, 19th August, 10J2.
21 C. It, BLACK.
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
dnte I intend to make application to 1 he Chief
commission.! r of Lrnds and Works for permission to cut and carry nway timber from the following desorlhed lands;
'oiiimenelngat the N. E. comer post situated
on the west side of 0, P. It. block 831, and about
ono quarter of a mile from tlie railroad, from
sold post 80 ohulns south, thenee 80 chains west,
thenee 80 chains north. Ihence so ehalus east to
the point of commencement, 040 acres, more or
( runbrook, August itnh, 11)03,
tt H. A. ROBJON. *
Timber Notice
Notlco Is hereby given thai thirty days nftor
iiiiic l inteml to apply to the chief Commissioner
nf Lnmls and Works for a special license lo cut
nud carry away timber   from   ihc   fulluwlng
described lunds:
Commencing at a post marked "W. L. Darling's N. K. enrner" planted on Chlpkn Creek,
otto mile west of tbe fnml Included in r. Lund's
special timber license, in smith ICast Kootenay,
thenee west 00ohnlns, theuce south su chains,
thenee east SOohaliis. theuce mirth tmchuins to
point uf commencement, contain hit; 040ucies,
more or leis.
Dated this 36th day of August, 1001
Timber Notice
Notice is hereby given thnt thirty days after
date I intend lu apply lo the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for n spools! license to oilt
and carry nway timber from lhe following described lauds:
Cniiimcuciiig al it post  marked "It. !\ Jamie-
son's N, U, enruer" planted at 5 lie southwest
comer uf vv, P. nurd's purchase, une mile west
of Hie snutwest corner of Lot ffiW, lirunp 1, East
Kootenay, llienee west hi chains, thenee south
100 chains, thenee cast 40 ehalns, thence north
100 ehalUS tn the place nf lie lulling, cnutuluttig
oiu acres, moro or less.
Dated this 90th day of August, wm.
,'l It, 11. JAMIESON.
Timber Notice
Notice ;h iiarohyjgiven that llilrty days after
diitt' I liMi'inl tu apply lu the Chief Cuuiuilsnluu
ernf Lands and   Works fnr ll special license to
oiit uml onrry nwny timber fiom tho following
deseilbeit lauds;
Commencing at a pnst marked "il. it. .lami**
son's N. It, corner" planted 011 the north bank
nf Chlpkn 1 ine It ul thu   soul It west ctirncr uf Ilio
land included iu .1. Ureokeiirldgo's special tlm-
bar license, In   South   Kast   Kooienay, thenee
westso chains, thence sontli mi chains, thence
east so ohnlns, thonee north so chains tn the
plnce of beginning, containing o-m acres, mure
nr less.
Dated tills 2Mb day or August, 1003,
Timber Notice
Notice Is hereby given tlmt thirty days nfter
dnie 1 will apply tn Hie chief Commissioner
of Lnmls andWorks for permission to cut ami
remove Umber rrom the following described
lands 1
Commencing m the northeasl enrner p si situated on the west hank nr Moyle river about 120
yards BiUtlt  from  the   Oils, smith ,s. chains,
thence west60 ohnlns, thence north ho chains,
tlieneo east so oiinlns to the point of commons*
ing, 010 acres, more or ieu,
Cranbrook, -loth Annus., 1002.
24 HCC.lt A. HUDSON.
John VV. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Call at Tom's Barber Shop, Victoria House, opposite depot.
The simp h ns-.-st. Use tnsvels are els-an,
The slis-slls isi.. tsliisrii, tlie rn/om keen,
An.l KverytliliiK Must skill ssi.li sin
If you'll .-nil lu-'ll ilo 1..1 ynii.
J. T. Dendurant, Prop.
Shave Ik.      Hair Cut 35c.     Shampoo Mt
Physician and Surgeon.
Office al Realdence, Arraatroag Ave.
Foreaaaaa,   •   ■   ■   •  MO lo II
Allcraooaa   -   •   ■   ■   1:30 lo 3:30
Bvealoga   •   •   •   •   7.30 lo HM
CRA   BROOK,    I   :   :        :   :    B.  C
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Craobrosik and Marysvllle, 8. C.
Draying and
I'lnnno Moving a Specialty
tranbrook l.od|c, No. it
A. I-. ft A. M.
Regular mcetlng-i on the
third Thursday of tb
Visiting brothern welcomed,
iiKn, A. I.RlTfH, Beo'jr.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The most
economical way to handle it. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customers give your order
To The Herald Office
WHEN the
Currefi Richard Greenley
Copyright, 1001,
By Ourrn... Hi. hard Urcenlny
"Tnssli-, rle.v linin't iiiilliiu' IjIm eknl
dta sldu ob k'l-i'iiHi'il llglitiiln' tf ho
wnnt tor go, lnit"-.lim li'iiiit'il over
i'imlli|t*utliil..v-"lif> ilu dobbll'l own
fob ti'inpi'b, i'ii I'm might? I'oiucil lm
gwlne ter bolt, what wlil ull drm l>nisn
ban's en slimitin's, en t'f ho ilo (Icy
hain't nobody kin hoi* him, lessen it bu
Miss Jobs, on alio hain't lu tint ginne
Jim alylii'il nppi-t'he-nslvely or ho
rubbed down the satin emit of tbo
fuvorite—oleiin limbed, dark buy. uu
aristocrat of the ni'lBtocratfl, breeding
lu every Hue of the urehlng neck,
deep chest nnd mighty limbs, true son
of the grent Hindoo. The eyes tshowed
ft wicked little rim of whlto.
"See dew eyes, Mns' Charley? He
been a-showln' dem whites ull duy, en
lt*a Gawd's truf dttt hain't no pence
flag. Lnwd be'p de ulgguh what's
gwlnt tar ride blml"
I left the stalls and started up toward tbe Judges' stand, considerably
worried. It was only "niggnh talk,"
true, but Jim knew the Hay I'rince
better than any oue ou the plnce. Ue
did not know tbat on this race depended tbe old squire's borne, aud if lost It
would mean beggary.
I ahut my eyes, and It all came before me—the rolling, goldcu splendor
of tbe wheatflelds, tbe cool shadows of
tbe beecben boughs across the long
avenue thnt led up to the quaint old
home, wltb Its colonial pillared verandas, and tbe graystoue walls where
tbe guelder roses climbed aud the
thrushes snug through the summer
days; the old squire, white haired nnd
stately, and tbe little figure tbut always hovered close to his Bide, my
Jess, my wife to be, Bomewbere In the
t Jture.
Losses, debts, mortgages, one by one
bad accumulated, until the tiour hnd
come when the flower of Bel Air stables must either prove tbelr sulvatiou
or tbelr ruin. He bad always beeu a
wicked colt, vouchsafing his friendship to none but Jess, -whom he would
follow like a dog. It has passed into
tradition bow one sultry afternoon,
wben the temper of man  and  beast
mount."    He  turned   to  the  others,
"Have I your consent, gentlemen?''
At the word be waved his hand,
uml the buy ut tbo weighing block
picked up his saddle nud stepped on
I lie stllles.
'IVn minutes later tbey were lu line
below tho Btnnii — sorrel and buy,
chestnut anil gray; but, peerless among
them all. lhe noil of Hindoo fretted
niul piiweil. rolling liis eyes, that now
sliu wed tho "Inn tie ting" more tbnu
ever. Ills foes were worthy of his
best Stride—Zillgaru, the red mare,
j queen ot the Itlarktiinu atubles; Floiir-
j de lis of Haiinockburii, with tho lion-
I on uf lho Tennessee Derby still fresh;
Black Itovol*, WnlpurglH, The Tliun-
| dei'ci-, Malcontent and His Highness,
a great red brute from tho famous
Clin n ton stud,
j Quivering, electric, with thu scent of
! battle in their (hiring nostrils, ns tlie
i tense muscles rose und fell lu great
cords iu tlie mighty flanks! Tbe gor.
gi mis Utile figures sitting low down In
the snddloa settled themselves as the
ied (lug fill. "<;o!" nud away down
the stretch flew u prism of red, yellow,
green aud purple, blending In the Ken*
tucky sunlight, around the white ribbon of track. The first quarter passsd,
and tiie bunch closed up, neck and
neck, shoulder to shoulder. Another
quarter aud one fell behind. Black
Hover was In the lead. Around the turn
and dowu tbe home stretch and Bay
, Prince bud crept to Black Rover's
shoulder. Now It was neck and neck,
and a wild yell went up from 6,000
throats as black and bay were nose
and nose. Twenty yards, and the red
jacket lay down lu tbe saddle. They
were near enough for the judges to see
the flash of the great bay's eyes as be
gathered himself and with a mighty
effort landed under the wire just ft
nose length ahead of the black. And
then pandemonium broke loose. Men
clambered down from everywhere. Up
went tbe numbers—Boy Frince first,
liliii-l. Hover second and Zlngara third.
It wns all over, and the Derby had
gouo down Into history. In the midst
of it a little figure all In Us gay scarlet
satins dropped from the saddle and
was half carried by Jim to the weighing block,
"You go way, Mas' Charley. Dis
liculi boy ain't nowise fltteu ter talk."
Jim bad for once forgotten bis "raisin' " In bis anxiety to bar me out, but I
brushed blm aside and saw my Jess tn
her close tailor suit standing just Inside the door. The scarlet jacket and
cap lay upou Jim's cot, and my darling's pretty face rivaled tbem tn eolor.
There wur oue shamefaced moment,
and then the little bead went proudly
"I did it for papa and Bel Air!" And
Jim went off chuckling to himself as I
drew tbe door close behind me.
! George Laurie has wood
of ali lengths, see him
I before boy ing.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shepherd R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
Tile only all mil route between all
points Kast, West nn.l Smith to....
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SPOKANK with the
Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
ConueitB at
Nelson with Steamer for Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Points,
Myers Falls with 5tage Daily for
Republic, and
Connects ilnilv
At    Bossburg   Stage   Daily   for
Grand Forks and Greenwood.
M. A. JACKSON, lien. Pass. Aft.
climbed wllh tho mercury, the devil
in Bay Prince broke out ruiiiptiiit. The
stall flew Inlo bits as tboao mighty
heels thrashed to lhe right nnd left)
down enmo the door, ami be wus free
to work his will.
The men scrambled wildly fo places
of safety, each shouting OfdefS to Ihe
other. Little t'ete, llie satellite of .Ilm, j
bad been stealing u nap In the corner
or tbt bam, nnd when the alarm eame
no oua thought of him until the raging
beast swept tow aid the spot where he
lay. A prolonged cry went up from
thu negroes as, powerless to reueb tha
child, they snw lilm seized by tbo I
shoulder nnd swung upward, uud then,
from somcW'tiere, cams a clear, low
Whittle, sweet as a thrush's note, The
burse paused, his Due ears nlert, still
as curved bronze. Again 11 mine, and
the lioirllletl negroes saw llie liltle
uiOtiet.*. standing lu the doorway.
"Pflnce. PrIttCft drop him uud come
here, sir." And to the Astonishment of
Tele, whom terror had stricken to sl*
fence, be was dropped to the Hour with
a dull thud, und Bay Prince walked,
gently nickering, to where JeBs stood,
wltb her hands full of sugar.
I looked toward the grand stand,
but could not see Joss anywhere. It
was nlmost time for tlio race, nud the
excitement wus rising to fever bent.
I'p In tbe judges' stand a little knot of
meu were holding un animated discus*
slou, Judging from tbelr gestures. I
strolled up to them. j
"I say it is against all precedent!" a
short man in a checked suit was vociferating.
"It makes no difference about his
name. How do you know If uny of
them own tbe names they carry?" mi id
unotber, and old Colonel Sylvester
clinched tho subject.
'it ls merely n matter of pounds. We
know the boras and tbe owner. Let
him ridel"
"What Is It all about?" I questioned,
and tbe colonel replied.
"Squire Montgomery's jockey bits
disappeared. He was to have ridden
Bay Prince In this rnce. There is ■
boy down there that claims be knows
tht horse, but be will not give bll
name. There bas been some little ob-
faction therefore to allowing him the
Old Are.
Professor Jowett, the great master
of BhIIo! college, had wise words to
speak on tbe crucial topic cf growing
old.   He wrote to a friend:
"Tbe later years of life appear to me,
from a certalo point of view, to be tha
best.   They nre less disturbed by care
uud the world.    We begin to understand that things reslly never did mat*
ter so much as we supposed, nnd we
are able to see them more lu tbelr true
proportion instead of being overwhelm* I
ed by them.   We are more resigned to ,
(he will of God, neither nfraid to de- j
part nor overanxious to stay.   We can-1
nut see Into uuotber life, but wc believe
with   su   InexHugulsbable   bopo  that;
there is something still  reserved for!
us." !
It Is worth while to remember his
hints for old age, full ns they are of
a practical wisdom:
Beware of the coming on of age, for
It will not be defied.
A ninu cannot become young by over- j
exerting himself.
A man of sixty should lead a quiet,
open iiir life, !
He should collect tin* young about
He should set other men to work.
IU ought at sixty to have acquired
authority, reticence and freedom from .
personality. I
Ho may truly think of tbe last years
of life us belug tiie best and every year
u*- belter than the last If he knows how*
to use IU
I have Rood wood of all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite office receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
There are a few poinls lo
be considered in building.
Good work,   Good   Makri
and the price.
Have ynu talked wllh anyone aboul balldlair
Corne and see me or let me flee you. It may
do a, ball, sofld.
Cm   ri.mrrn.
Many peoplo who profess tbemselvee
very fond of flowers scorn not to love
iheiii well enough lo take proper care
of them. Especially ls this true of cut
flowers, which unless properly cared
for last sueh a short time. During tbe
day give them the coolest place In ths
room, the Icebox If you have one.
Choose for all loug stemmed flowers ft
deep vase, change tbe water every day;
ni night lake them from the vase and
plungo tbem In cool fresh water to the
very bloom. Vou will find them much
refreshed In the morning, whereas If
they stand all night in the same water
or In an Insufficient quantity they will
be limp sud discouraged by morning.
Those wbo complain tbey "can't keep
flowers" are usually those Who neglect
these simple precautions.
A Recoil Joke,
Not so many years ago there was a
veteran teacher In a boys' blgb school
who often made bis classes wince under the lash of bis bitter sarcasm end
ready wit One day a little half starved yellow cur strayed Into the school,
and tbe boys thought tbey saw a chance
to express their feelings toward "Fussy." who was busy In another room.
The frightened mongrel was picked up,
quickly fitted with a pair of large wire
spectacles and placed on the teacher's
"Fussy" entered the room, walked to
his desk, calmly surveyed the work of
his pupils and then, turning to tbem,
pleasantly said, "In my absence I see
you have held a business meeting and
elected ope of your pumbsr chairman.'*
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. S
Office nnd store, Aiken block,
near Canadian Dank of Com*
int-ree, Crnuhrook. B. C
Upholstering snd (Icncral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work iu the district
Agent (nr the Brandon Msrbic snd (lrsnllc
Works.   Tombstones, Headstones, etc.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian i'acific Railway Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
In the Kootenay District. The prices range from $1.00 to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class agricultural lands. t'l hese lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The annuals? amount of principal and int real, except In the
case of lands under $2.50 an acre, ia divided into ten instalments as
shown in thc table below; the first lo be paid at the lime ol purchase, tne second one year from date of the purchase, lhc third in
two years and so on.
The following table shows the amount of the annual instalments
on IM acres al different prices under thc above conditions:
IMacrs at J2.SII per air, Ist instalment SS9.W   9 equal inlal'ls al $50.00
3.00     "
"              60.00
*.50     »
1.00     "
1.50     '.
"              9000
5.00     ■•
Kimberlev >s "-c business and shipping point for the
•' North Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAI. & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is tl,e (livisional t°'ni of the Crows Nesl Pass
Railway and the commercial centre ol  Sculh
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsile Agent.
For further InformslloD apply to agents ss above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agenl, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under 52.511 per acre are sold
on shorter time.
It Ihe land la paid for in full at the
lime of purchase, a reduction Irom thc
price will be allowed equal to ten per
cent on Ihe amount paid in excess of lhe
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will be
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also lota for sale
In the followinf town sties In East Kootenay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyelle, Kllch.
ener, Creston aad Kimberley.
Tht terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance la six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of the great
Iron range aud Ihe gateway to the White
Orouse copper iields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent.
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
Be sure you get
"Royal Brand"
With this protection label sewn in the
left hand pocket ofthe
Coat or Overcoat.
The "Royal Brand" label Is a guarantee that
this Clothing is tailor-made, manufactured under
our own roof.
It is your protection against Clothing made
in " Sweat Shops " by inferior workmen, which
neither wears, nor holds its shape.
In order to obtain perfect fitting Clothing,
made by experienced tailors, and Clothing that
will give entire satisfaction look for the
" Royal Brand " Label
E. A. Small & Co., Hontreal
... MAKERS . . ,
PWalW In Canaan el Tetter-™*;. Clothlnr ready -to-wur.
in all the
Towns in
P. Burns & Co
Wtuilt tali and Retail
Meat Merchants |
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh g
Fish, Qarne and Poultry.      El
We aupply only the best.   Vour
trade is solicited.
Reid & Co. Agents For Cranbrook.
and Builder *
Ail work foaraatetd.   Set ut btlare
yau build.   II will pay you.
Cranbrook, B C
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fori Sleele, B. C.
j HOTEL... I
* s.)........i...((l.(.(is 4
jj|      PETER MATHESON, Proprltlor. *
i ><l»44:M44***»*t**tt*t.< S
** When you are hungry antl want **
*\ n gootl meal go to tbe Kast *s
* Kootenay. jj
S When you are tired and want a **
«, . good rest go to the Kast Koo- 91
ff tenay. jj
J When you are thlraty and want a 2
jj, good drink go lo the liasl £
§ Kootenay. *
I In fact wben you are in Cranbrook "*
a.        atop at lhe Enat Kootenay. *)
-O.O.P.   Key Cily Lodie
No. .11. Meets every Mini-
.lay niulil ul llielr lusll 0
linker street.   HoJnuriiliiK
i.i.i Mow....i.liully Invited,
A, Lelli'li, Jr., M. Ilmtkeiislsnl,
N. 0, B.c',,
When in town don't
forget to atop at the...
Victoria House
The best dollar a day
house in Cranbrook...
Everything Fiistdasa
Opposite Depot
I L. R. Gubbins,
J. T. Dendurant,
St. John
New York
San Francisco
Upper Lake Steamers
Lv. Fort William, Sua., Tue., Frl.
Leave Dunmore Junction dally far SI. Paul
Leave Kooienay Landlaf Tuesday and Satur
day lor Torooto aad all eatlern polals
Ltavt Revelaloke dally tar Seattle, Vancouver
aad coatt cities
Throuik tlckclt to Europe via all Allaotlc
Llaea. Prepaid tickets Irom ill polalt al
lowtat raltt. Por fall particular, apply 10
local agenta.
A. 0. P. A.. **.*''■
Vaacouver. Cranbrook
J. S. CAfUBft, D. P. A., Nfl.an, », C
A Dollar in a Lot
may make lots of dollars. Buy a lot in
MARYSVILLE, the Smelter City of
South East Kootenay.
Simpson & Hutchison,
Cranbrook and Marysville Sole Agents
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Refilled Throughout
One ofthe Host Comfortable
Hotels in Bast h-ontenay.
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar* Prop.
Crunlirook, B. C.
Livery S
Proprietors * * *
Tennis ami ilrivera furntahed for any
point In llie dlatrlcl.
Manager   *  Jt   Jt
We have a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fir:
place., boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor Ready to Wear
Latest arrivals from
Eastern Millinery
Houses introducing
the newest Parisian
and New York styles
Fall Outing Hats
In Oxford, Castor, Blue.
Red and Pearl shades, a
splendid assortment to
chose from and
The Prices are Right
|        INVIGORATING       1
H The day will have fewer risks for you if you start it with gg
rJS a cup of good Coffee or a cup of G. T. R TEA. 15
to Shield Coffee, with  just enough chicory  to improve the ^K
^ flavor, 40c per tin.   Turkish Coffee, 45c.   Chase & Sanborn's ^
to famous blends or pure beans, ground fresh, 50c. A
to We have Teas at all prices from 20c to 60c per pound, O
to but our special, and we claim our best, is the G. T. R. at 50c. O
to Come in and get a sample of it.
to Fancy and Staple  Groceries  and Crockery.
Fresh Beef, Pork,
Mutton, etc.*j#*j£*j£
Pork Sausage, Poultry,
Game in Season.
Pish and
Offices at Cranbrook. Fort Steele, Moyie, Kimberley,
Marysville, Morrissey 'and Elko, B. C, and Blairmore and Frank, Alberta. Jl The District is our
territory. **....*,*•*
Elc. -
Head Office Cranbrook, B. C. iocal and lono distance 'PHonb 20 a
k®-®-®-®-®-®-®- ®-®- ®^H^^-®-®-®-®-®-®H5HS-®-
Spokane, Wash., October 6th to 14th, 1902, Inclusive.
Stock L,0-"-s-8-s'«»
CATTLE, sheep
I Fine Arts Exhibit H.
S Fruit Exhibits ™m»n»t
Eight bay Racing 3B;°
| Agricultural Exhibits
!|l      BBST ISI I'SIC—Amusement extraordinary.   Conceasion privilef.es of all  ,,,
*  kinds for sale.   Write for calnloBUe. GtiO. II. MARTIN, J
» FRANK I.lsAKIi, Advertising Agent. Mgr, and Sec'y.   J
j Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
• Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing..
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended tn.
Sol-SCt private hoarding school for
boys. Modern methods, Accomplished
masters. Excellent tahle. Home eare.
Re6ning influences. Large, airy bedrooms, Specially built cIhss rooms.
Cricket,   football,   boating,  swimming,
military drill, Patronized hy the best.
Highest references. Prospectus. Rev,
O.J. Breuton, M. A , Vancouver, D. C
Reference the Rev. II. lleacbam,
Picked  Up About the City  by Asking
Questions of Many  People.
Owing to some misunderstandings in
the past The Herald hereafter will make
ii flat rale of -,% cents per line for first
Insertions and 5 cents per line each subsequent insertion for church and society
locals advertising paid entertainments.
No tickets received In lieu of advertising
or as conipllnientartes. Business of this
character will he transacted on a cash
basis hereafter.
(Jet Insured
Every one knows
Insurance pays
fijow is the time tn
Secure protection
y cm
Rely on
Early settlements
Don't hesitate
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Agents
ire and Life lnsur'ce
I Sell This Brand of Silverware
"Stiver Plate that Wears."
Proprietor of the
Candy Kitchen
carries a complete stock...
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Hive us a call
i,,. . . .■•* ...*.....*... *■**-*-•'$)
i> nf inii'i im or exterior of your home go to *
Jj Amateur work wilt ronelvo our best atten Z
W      tion. Nonresident work solicited      *>
si^t.   t_^G WORLD-,
Official Watch Inspector lor
Crown .Neit dlvll nm C. P. ii,
Rev. Fortune bas gone lo the coast.
The history of Tracy's life at Beattie's.
A bunch of blooded chickens for sale.
F. K. Simpson.
James Ryan visited Wardner last Mon-
. Miss Dudley visited friends iu town
last Sunday,
Don't forget the Lacrosse club benefit
Monday night.
Mrs. II. McMillan aud daughter spent
Sunday in town.
G. T. Rogers left Monday for Winni-
pef and other poinls in Manitoba.
II. C, Killeen, inspector of roads anJ
bridges, was in tlie city last week.
Will Clark is In Morrissey tbis week
helping to install the Miner plant.
Mrs. James OVeer has returned from
Halcyon Hot Springs very much improved in health,
Rots Palmer has returned from Toronto, where he went to attend the funeral of an uncle.
Three 25 cent novels for 25 centu at
Healtie's on Saturday night. First
come, first pick.
Get to Beanie's early Saturday night
and get your pick of three 25 ceut novels for 24 cents.
Beattie has a few copies of Tracy's
life left. The story is thrilling from
start to finish.
The thunder storm last week played
havoc with lhe Electric Light companys
Those wlio go to the hall Monday
night will hear an entertainment that
they can appreciate.
Small bouse for sale at a bargain; bas
furnace, bam; lot fenced. \V. F. Gurd,
Solicitor for owner. **
The commission appointed to investigate the Fernie coal mine disaster is
now iu session in tbat city.
Misses Alice and Daisy MoiTat returned
last Saturday fiom an extended visit
with relatives near Lethbridge.
fi, C. Rwart, after a visit of several
weeks, left last week for San Francisco,
where he will engage In business.
Mrs, Harry McVittie and children returned from Ontario Sunday, where
they have beeu visiting tbe old home.
Mr, and Mrs. Thomas Rooka returned
Tuesday Irom a trip to Calgary and
Banff, Tliey report a very pleasant
Key City lodge, 10 0 F., held an
Interesting session last Monday night,
ami did some work iu tbe initiatory degree.
James Hickman left for (Crows Nest
Saturday, where be will engage in development work  on C. M   Edwards coal
fid. Hume is uow bookkeeper for The
East Kootenay Lumber Co. He In with
a good Stilt) and the company has secured the services of u good man.
Next Saturday evening R. B. Beattie,
the druggist, will llll a front window
with 25 cent novels and the crowd can
have their pick three for 25 cents.
William Welch and Henry Parker
have formed a partnership in the dray
and express business. It is a good combination and will prove a success.
J P, Fink bas received word from
Mrs Fink that ahe expected to leave
Sweden Tuesday. That would permit
her to reach home about the 25U1.
Mr and Mrs. W, S Keay, of Fernie,
came down Sunday to visit Mrs. Smyth
and Mrs. Keav. Mr, Keay returned to
Fernie, aud Mrs. Keay will remain several days.
J J. Miller brought two curiaus formations into this olllce Monday. They are
apparently petrified pieces of moss and
toots, nml were found in tbe creek back
u( the hospital.
Frank McCabe, of Wardner, was in
town last Wednesday. He says tlmt
everything is looking good In Uut town,
nnd that work Is progressing nipidly ou
the site ofthe new mill.
Pauline Johnson is wot lit goiug a long
way to hear.
Tbe Ladies' Aid ol the Methodist
church will give a lecture and social for
tbe children some evening the latter
part of the month. Full particulars will
be given next week.
Tim Libel, of Pincher Creek, was in
town last week. He is the hay and
liraiu magnate of this partof tbe country
and says that he is doing more business
this season than ever before.
The telephone plant is now installed
and is in good working order. It is a
great con ve nie nee. and especially to
The Herald office. It is now safe for us
to ask a man lo loan us five—he can't
reach 11*.
C. M. Qdwards leaves this week for
his old home in England, It is said tlmt
he ha 1 just come Into a snug legacy by
tlie death of a relative and it is for the
purpose of adjusting this affair that be
visits England,
J, L. Parker,  superintendent of the
North Stai mini-, was in town last week
Mr. Parker Is employing from Soto 100
men on tbe property, making shipments
three times a week, and pushing forward
development work at a rapid rate.
Mike Sersen, for several months a
clerk iu G. II. Minn's hardware store,
left Monday for Fernie to accept a position with J. I) Quail. Mike, during his
residence here made many friends, and
proved to be a first class salesman.
Maurice Qnain, while fixing a transformer at Leask & Slater's mill last Friday night- came near receiving the full
force of the voltage by coming in contact wilb a broken wire. Fortunately
he received ouly a slight shock, and being safely fastened to the pole by his
belt escaped serious injury.
M Rockendorf, who has been with
The Herald since it started as foreman,
has gone to Morrissey to take charge of
the work on The Miner. His place bas
beeu taken by M. D. Billings, who will
have charge of the work in The Herald
oflice hereafer. Fred Haines, formerly
of the Marysville Tribuue, bas taken a
position in The Herald office and Fred
Auvache will continue with The Herald.
Tbe Old Man will divide his time between Craubrook aud Morrissey.
The Clara llanmer Company.
The Cilgary Herald has the following
to say of the Ciara [limner company
that is to appear here nexl Friday and
Saturday evenings.
The Clara Ilinmer Company fully
sustained ita execelent reputation of
tbe powerful live act play, - Brother
against Brother."
The play was very well staged, and
was thoroughly enjoyed by an exceptionally large audience. Miss Hanmer
added another to her historic triumphs
in ber delineation of "Ned'' tbe erstwhle
waif and protege of Jjck Glyndon.
The talented lady was loudly applauded on several occasions snd at the close
of the programme was presented with a
magnificent bouquet by the members of
the Cranbrook Baseball team.
Dave Williams, as Lazaroua, supplied
the low comedy element In a most pleasing manner. His humor was fresh and
clean, and every utterance was provocative of laughter. Mr. Kennedy played
the part of Henry Glyndon with much
ability and restraint, and Mr. stillman'a
portrayal of Jack G'yndon was above
tbe average. Miss Maybelle Thompson
scored another success as Niano Bradford, and was ably assisted by Miss Ber*
ger as Topsey Corval. The minor parts
were well filled,
Between the acts several interesting
specialties were Introduced, amongst
them being a very clever instrumental
proformance by the G rovellos, wbo were
loudly applauded.
From Hi" MniTi-.il> Minor,
Breckenrldge & Lund have about completed the contract ol laying 300a feet
of side track for the C. P. R. on the
other side of the river.
James Greer, of Cranbrook, was on
tbe ground early and bas secured several
contracts for hit tiding"-. Mr. Greer is a
rusher and will push his contracts to a
George Leask, one of Cranbrook's well
known contractors, has been hi town
several days looking over the field. He
says that he believes Morrissey has a
big future.
Frank McCabe of Wardner, was
among the early buyers of property in
Morrissey. Mr, McCabe is h pioneer In
East Kooienay, nnd he Bays that tbis
town looks good to him.
A, Geddes of fitko, is one of the Org
purchasers of real estate iu this town.
He will put in a general store us BOOH its
the building is ready, and as he is a
man who makes friends rapidly, he will
do a big business.
John Gillis has been nppoiuled postmaster for Morrissey, and as soon as
the necessary papers and outfit arrive
from Ottawa, he will be ready for business The oflice will be iu his store ou
Broad wa*-. next door to II. I, Stephen's
hotel and The Miner office.
It is tbe intention of the coal company
to construct 600 coke ovens not far from
the townsite. This will he an important
industry and will necessitate the employment of a large number of men. This
number of ovens willbe largely Increased
next year, as it is expected tbut ibe de
mand for Morrissey coke will far exceed
Lhe supply.
A. W. McVittie, who Ib surveying the
towunite, has his hands full these duys,
Mr. McVittie Is one of th-- m j.it capable
meu in his line in British Columbia,
Hnd aside from bis Ihoioii-th tt cluneal
knowledge of his business has al n
artistic ability that serves him well in
laying out townsites.
The railway bridge over lhe Elk will
be completed in about fifteen days. Mr
Cullens, who is in charge of the wotk, is
pushing construction as rapidly as possible. There will be two spans supported hy Howe trusses, one 8; feet and the
other 150 feet, It will lie a fine piece
of work when completed.
H, L Stephens, one of the best known
hotel men iu the district, has secured
two fine lots on Broadway and Armstrong, and already has commenced the
construction of a fine hotel. It will be
too feet in length, two stories high,
plastered throughout and furnished in
fine shape. Mr. Stephens proposes to
give Morrissey a fine hotel aud he will
do a big business.
Within a few weeks it wilt be possible
for the people of this district to come 10
Morrissey and take one of two transcontinental lines for the east or west. Al
ready the C. P. R. is in active operation
through Morrissey and the Great Notth
em, by Its British Columbia branch, wilt
be running passenger trains into Morris
sey in a short time. At the present time
they are running as fnr as Gateway nt
the boundary line, and as steel is laid to
tbis towu it will not take them long to
arrange for trains to run here.
Nearly Killed In s Collision With sn Electric Car.
Plttsfield, Mass., Sept- 3,— President
Roosevelt, on the last day of his New
England tour,, narrowly escaped death
or. serious injury In an accident near
this city In wblch one of hln body guard,
a secret service agent, William Craig,
was killed outright, and D.J. Pratt, the
driver of the coach occupied by Presl-
aent Roosevelt, Governor Crane, Secretary Cortelyou and Mr, Craig, sustained a fractured skull, which it Is feared
will result fatally, The coach, wblch
was a regular tallyho vehicle, was
struck by an electric car on the Pitts'
field A Lenox street railway, at about
0:80 o'clock this forenoon.
American Senium
A bulletin from tbe land oflice of tbe
Dominion of Canada says that 25,000,-
000 acres iu the Canadian Northwest
have been purchased in recent years by
persons from llie United Stales, and
• hat 5,ooo,uoo acres of this area hnve
beeu purchased during the current year.
One fifth of this purchase during the
present year has been settled upou; tbe
rest of it is in the hands.of American
land companies, which will dispose of it
soon. Accordiug to this bulletin more
than 21.000 Americans located in the
province of Manitoba and neighboiing
territory during tbe first six months of
1902 This emigration of people from
the (Juited States to Canada doubtless
is due to the fact tbat the lauds in the
United Slated for farming purposes
without irrigation have been mostly
taken up.—Boston Herald.
Seated tenders for the alterations and
Improvements to Christ church, Cranbrook will be received by tbe undersigned up to Saturday September 13'h,
at 13 o'clock noon. Plans and specification nmy be had from James Gill
DeVere Hunt.
A. C. Plgott.
Mosey lo Iron aad Coal.
Montreal, Sept. 4,—The directors of
the Dominion Iron St Steel Co, met today and completed final arrangements
for taking over the property of the
Dominion Coal Co. On tbe basis of 8
per cent, dividend on the coal companies'u capital of $20,000,000, a check for
81,1200,000. being the rental for the past
nine months, was handed over to the
coal company. Tbe directors of the
steel company declared a dividend of
ll'i per cent on the company's preferred stock for the half year. The
directors of the coal company also met
and declared a dividend of 4 per cent
for the half year.
H. M. Whitney, of Boston, until a
short time ago president and managing
director of both companies attended
both meetings.
McAdsrns st Home.
to, Excitement Still Prevails at
I The Big Store
B In our Men's department new goods are arriving: every week
W so that our stock is becoming more complete every day. It
O wi" pay you to inspect our goods before purchasing.
to This week we received a large shipmen- of Glassware and
O. Chamber Sets which we will sell at close margins,
fy        Our stock ol Groceries is always fresh and clean.
I —
to J- P. FINK, rianager.
3 for 25
Next Saturday evening Beattie
will sell 3 25 cent novels for 25c
First come first pick.
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a fine selection of suitings to choose from and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The 20th Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
All kinds and superior quality. Our
Apples and Plums cannot be equalled
in town and the prices are right. Don't
think of preserving until you inspect
our stock.
Sandon Pay-streak: Tbe editor of this'
great blue Journal has returned to tbe
silver city of the Slocan, and once again
grinds out copy in the front eud of the
printing palace and dodges tbe wily
creditor around the neighboring woods.
It is easier going to jail than it Is getting
home, hm tbe government only supplys
transportation one way, but the warm
reception given tbe editor on his return
to the metropolis of the Slocan was very
different from the reception given blm
by the supreme court.
Jim Wardner.
Jim Wardner, one of the best known
mining men on tbe American continent,
the founder of Wardner, Idaho, and
Wardner, il. C, passed through Cranbrook yesterday. He Is interested in a
cost deal at Blairmore, but will stop off
at Morrissey to see old friends.
Churcbwarduera.   eace,
Why Vou Should Buy "Fair Play" Chewing
Bkcausk it 1s the best quality.
Bkcausi. it is tbe most lasting chew.
Bkcausk it is tbe largest high grade 5 or
ioc plug.
Bkcausk tbe tags are valuable for premiums Until January ist, 1904.
Bkcausk we guarantee every plug, and
Bkcausk your dealer is authorized to refund your money if you are uot satisfied.
The Empire Tobacco Co., Ltd.
Sltaatloa Wanted As Nurse.
Any lady requiring a nurse apply lo
bux 84,    Have had many years experi-
35 tf
Hot Sun Ruins a Building...
If you want to protect the building PAINT it. The QUICKER you
you paint it the more money you
will save. We paint buildings and
use the best of material.
Paper Hangers and Decorators.
1ft:% ft ft 'ft ft ft ft ft ft -**jh ft
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Hennessy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle  $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  1 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00
Usher's Old Vatted Glenllvet, per bottle     I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle     175
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts'1870 Invalids Port, perbottle         2 50
Jamaica Rum, proof strength) per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00
Claret—Chateau-Clowsman, pints  I 00
Bass Ale, pints  35
Guinness' Stout '..  35
Qur Samples of Woolens
And Tailors Trimmings for the Spring
and Summer Season, 1902, are made up
of the latest and choicest to be found
in the foreign and domestic markets.
They are especially adapted for the merchant tailoring trade and may be had
upon application.
•i *


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