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Cranbrook Herald Jul 21, 1904

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ORANBROOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   .11 I.V   21,   1901.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Ok... A. Cux, President B. K. Wai.kkh. Oen. Man.
P.IJ Up Cipllal    sa.7s.Mo.no
Rtsl          «MO.OM 00
Total Koouriica Nov. JO. 'tu   aj.mn.ooo tm
Deposits Received,   licncral Hankin-* Business Transacted ;
SAVIMiS IHNk DBMHTMBNT   Dcpo.lt. Rccelvcd-latcrial Allowed.
BANKING BY Mill,   De ll* iimv I* mnilo und withdrawn by mall. !
.. uiul t.i wn iii'.-iiiinls i|.,,,i4,,,'v.-iv illltaiatia.il.   1 ..iiiitiiuil.-iilii-ii*-uil.lii-HS,*.l   '
10 UlO lllltlll'KUl i.l 111,* I
.it, l.......*t. mil rocoivo |.iniii|it iiu.-titii.i
F. C MAI.PAS, Mincer.
5 Capital, Paid Up $J,«10,000 J
! Rest $2,850,000 *
Z T. R. M-rritt, Pres.   D. R. Wilkie, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager J
J A general banking business transacted.     Drafts sold availa- *
* ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe.    Special *
Z attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     J
A Big Smash=Up ih_PricesJ
We must have the Cash and the Room
50 per cent Discount on all
Lacrosse Shoes
Cloth Top Shoes
Foot Ball Shoes
Straw Hats
Cloth Hats
Summer Underwear
This is a big discount so the goods will move
fast.   Come early for a good selection. .*« j*jt ■*»,*>
Fort Steele Mercantile Co., Ltd.
i*-(a4-(.-)_|Bl-M*.4 -f-rf~lf±-l9\ -.*V-^4-V.V-(.--
~-sk? ® C" ;•■ a a f-f ® ■*-
Coal & Coke
Co. Shares
Hi     They Will Make You a Fortune
R, i» ■
k'-A*>' *W) -3) <?* i
-•> tr  .*, .... ,,-. -m n m ® nn fo ® (j ^> ®-c*>- <j> -<s>-
Exfiert Watch Repairing
We believe I her* I* no plnce iii H. C, where >ou can leave
your watch nnil hare ll ai cirefull) looked after ie with
im. Mnn*. n iiiMi-i welch '- tell in had hands and le spoiled
ht Incompetent or careleil repflfring. Don't run the risk
ol bavlflf your Itmeptece ruined. Hundred! ol eitlalied
cutlomeri -.an leitlf] a*, lo ourabllli) id do flrtl tleai work
H. WIL50N, i™AND.
N H.-Cranliruiik, Muiic. Fort Steel*.* and Wardner aouvenlr
ipoona In stock.  	
in our single nml combination atone
rings for lailtes, Our collection of rings
in remarkable (or the beauty nntl variety,
Many of these i-lngn nt mnnll prices look
us well uh the very expensive thingp.
N. 8.--S-KCUI attention given to Watch
Clock aod Jewelry Repairs. '
Conl Inmls believed lo be worth I the original Spokane or Haekett
millions, are being fought fur by I group, Nelson neopltj srni n snr*
Spokane men who have made lo- veyor into the l-'lntl,-.. I. win, stnk.
r.ilintis in Smuli Kust Kootenay, ed 180 claims, many ot which over-
British Columbia, Bays the Stake* lapped the Haekett grou|
mini lb-view. Ex-Senutor George Ritchie asserts that hia rtusslund
Turner, Senator Levi Ankeny, group which Hnekett Btukiil in
'riiiiiiius Qrcenough, A. .1. Bletheit, IH02 us part nf the Spokane group,
I'. Ilrynt* uml dozens "I other Uackett retorts thai Mr Ritchie's
promlueul men ore lutcrested in locations ore not on Block I5UH nl
the light, nil. hm up* wesl ..I it.
Rival interests! Tin- Spokane South of tho Spokane gioup is
group, ilu- Rossland group, the the Grand Forks group of oil claims
Nelson group, the I.niillnw group, some o{ these have gol tangled up
the Janes group, and other nr.nn.s: wiih Rossland group,
innumerable, lmvi- been staking Kust ul' tin- Ilm In it group is
olaim**, abaudoulng claims, and the Andrew I.niillnw group of i)2
jumping claims until there is now elnims, which are suiil in huvu
ii tnuglu of such hum- bIsm thut ils. been juni|ail by the Nelson group,
creators nro aghast at llu-ir own Mr, l.uiilluw Bponl iuverul weeks
handiwork. on   Hu*  ground uml  i** perfectly
I'nli-as nil tl iaps in existence satisfied ihut it wus vucnnl ground
In-, agents fur various groups have when In- located,
been sinking claims uiul  jumping      Southeusl of tin- Spoliiini- group
chums until the actual ground will Is the second I.niillnw group, nml
imi hogin to lmlil the locations.   It south .if it is the Chamber ol Coin-
is  manifest   thnt   somo   of  tho merce group.
locators will eithor get nn olulmsnt     Tlu- provincial gover nt  hns
uill, for whioh they have put up announced  thut   it   would   grant
goodm. y, or else tlu-y will get licenses to all claimants, upon the
 ro fractious, muoh smaller than payment of $100 license fee, hut
tin- mih- si-uurc locations to wliieh I wn'ulil not undertake (-> determine
they are entitled under the law,     j til(, rjgi,t ,,f nny of the contestants,
llio fight for the cunl Inmls is; Tho result has causal turmoil at
only Btnrting and it is likely to I Spokane. Inevitable litigation
wage through Canadian courts for fm.,,s the locators,    There is nu
8»J -. B \ -.■■-. 44 J i ):. *n . m j .. -. j M St
The Labor Cnions of Cranbrook
and vicinity are mul;i'.ij extensive
preparations this vein fur the celebration uf Labor Day on September 5th.   Over $1,000 will be offer-
t'*sts, nml there will In* entertain-
mint enough tu satisfy ilu* most
critical.   Special trams will be run
Iiuui the eust, wesl  and -lh thai
lay, inlu  Cranbrook su tlmt the
Say, young mau, when you walk
by th- i Be in iln* middle uf the
l-'rnl day and Bee your girl sitting by tin-
front witulow, drop around to lite
back door ami Bee if yuu Iiml |,..r|..,l iji prizes for the differenl
mother doing tin* wurk alone, II
y.ui .|., y..u wnnl tu drop Hint ,_-ii*l
liki* ,*i bob-tailed puppy would n hut
potato. If ymi don't, you'll Iw
running u washing machine liefore
you've been married u year. Antl
suv. young lady, when you Bee your
besl young man nil dressed up go.
itiu- tu yunr liouse iu flu- middle uf
the day, just usk yourself who buys
his clothes nud why ho is nut al
work, II'In- has nothing to do but
loiter around your house in the
middle of the day, just lull him tu
hit tho pike next tl lie cnlls.    II
yuu don I yuu will In- washing ivith*
uut n machine before you've beon
married n year.
with   more  I., hear from,    One
thing is iu I.,.,I,  this year thut
is riKht uml proper in the'handling
ofthe funds. All money received
is tul„. pi.,,-nl ii, the bank nml all
bills nre tu bo passed li.v ths com*
mitt.-.* uml paid l.y cheek signed
l.y the president uml secretary of
il niiiiiit.'. Aft. r il..* celebration, when nil mutti rs are Bottled,
tin- secretary is to make a com*
plete financial stutement ami pub.
I I'le of H utile ilisui.'t will I fish the h • in The Herald, th
have an opportunity of going nl   policy will meet with the approval
very suiiili cost    I brook has of tho people who contribute tu
only one day colouration each year moke the affair a bucccbs, ns well
m f. Gate,
Jeweler anfc ©ptician.
Offloliil Wm.'li Iiih|.o ti.pi'. 1*. l..,CrowHXi.',*tt
I'tmH IMvleluit,
The Inmls ore southeast of the
Crows Nest Pass Conl fioMs, ami
are in the now famous block 1*V,K1
It forms a triangle bounded on tin
west by the Canadian Pacific land
on tin- south by tin1 American lim'.
anil on tllO northeast liy the Rocky
mountains, wliich mark the boundary between British Columbia and
.Andrew Haekett, of Spokane,
staked the first group for the Sjk)-
kiint' Palls (ins Liu:lit company in
111(12. In AuLvust of \\k)-2 Fred
Ritchie ami Koss Thompson of
Rossland, staked lln' Russlaml
group. A fi-w days later .Mr.
docket! formed the Spokane
group, ami staked the lirst oil
claims, on what lie believed was
block d"t'd. The rest were staked
a yearogo.
So strong was tin' demand fur
locations that a little later Mr.
Haekett formed the Anderson
group to north of his tirst one.
Tlie nominal locator was Haekett's
friend A. L. Anderson of Rossland.
and now numbers 120 claims.
All the maps in existencee show
lli;il it wonld lh* impossible to
crowd 1-0 claims, each a mile
square into that little space. Mr.
Anderson, tin- locator who has
bft'ii pilling up the locutions.
cheerfully defies the maps by say-
ing all of them are wrong and
that there's plenty of room for even
more claims. None of the people
he has staked can dispute him, for
none have been on the ground.
While this has been going on.
troubles have been pilling up for
certainty of the outcome. In order
to protect their interests some of
the various groups nre Eorming in-
corporated companies, to which
each locator will turn hisclaim ami
receive a pro rata share of utock.
There is no question ot the enormous value of the coal lands.
They should he worth millions.
It is now a question whu will get
Large Coal Measures.
Andrew Laidlaw, of Spokane.
wus iu town Monday on liis way to
Fording river country where lie
goes to take in a party ol' Montreal
capitalists interested in the big
cotl tields of that section, Thc
company has ninety four sqaure
miles of coal limits, ami on these
are some of thc largest showings
uf eoal to be found in the Crows
Nest country. In fact those who
have seen the country say that the
ontcioppings of coal i* simple
marvelous. The quality is of a
sui>ei'ior character being a semi-
anthracite. This season the company has a number of men employed in opening veins and making
trails from Michel to and throngh
their holdings, sn that next season
everything will be in shape to
prosecute the work of development.
A rail road will be built up the
valley colli tec Hug with the Crows
Nest' line. 1 ii Radii low to the great
conl deposits the conipnny has iu
tlmt section there are about twenty
square miles of limber that will be
available us soon us transportation
is provided.
Iliislnm Cameron.
On Thursday morning nl niniil' reports ure right uur ..1.1 jo'olook, in Uu- npiirlim-nts ,.|' Mr.
friend Ben Theil. of Wardner, is ,■"■■• M'3' t!* M- Bnriley. ;lt ,l"'
playing in luck, After the decline jHotel Ro>''11' Ul« llliima-"' "F Mm
of Wanlner in tho early days, Ben, Eliznboth tmily Hnslnni to Mr.
who had made sume money there Hugh Cameron, both ot Moyie, B.
in the barber business, went llltoIC, was Bolcmniml m llio presence
seclusion at Sand Oreek where ho ot a few friends, Rev. W, O. W .
remained until called to Klko by I Fortune officiating,
the siulileii rise uf tlmt town. The ceremony took |
Vfter tho completion of the Groat
N'ortliern he returned In the soli
tude uf Sand t'l'eek, mul llis friends
suiil thai In- wus foolish.    But Ben
wasn't, ll.* simply kept thinking.
The large Hut nWive the creek
kiuiwn us (Inlli.wity, was the pro-
perly ot William Cranston. Later
Cranston ilieil uml Stewurt went to
Sonili Afri.-ii. where he iniiile n
inline t'or himself by his dure devil
bravery lighting the Boers.
Nnliinilly the property w-iih lost
sight of, iiiiiI no taxes wero paid,
Finally ii wm. pul up nt tux Bale,
Nobody si-enieil to want it but
Theil. Hen wnu then-. He bid il
in uml hus |.niil tuxes ou  it ever
siui-e, mul tin- time fur redemption
expires this full. Nobody thought
anything about it Ulltll lust week,
when till! C. P, H, surveyors started lu survey fnr the line up the
Kootenay lit that point, Then it
suddenly occurred to ipiite a number that the land at Galloway was
u valuable piece of property, But
Ben wns tiiere. He has it now
nud unless it is redeemed it will
become his. Well, it seems thut
he is entitled to it. Ho had confidence in the place, or at least he
liked the solitude of the Sand
Creek liills and spent many lonely
months with nothing but his
spaniel dog for company. If he
eun now make n pot of money out
uf his action he aoservcB it.
Building lor Sale.
As The Hernlil will move to its
new building in July, the present
Herald building is for sale.
F, K. Simpson.
ll large Ih-II llllllll-  of   white   lilies.
.Mr. Barney gave awuy the bride,
Miss Emm i Cameron, sister of
the groom, net.Hl ns bridesmaid,
She wore n In-coming gown of pule
blue organdie, nud curried carnations. Mr. George McLeod, cousin
of the bride, wns best iiuiii. The
bride wns prettily gowned in n
dainty white linen, trimmed with
cherry Inco, She carried bride's
roses. After the ceremony, congratulations followed nud liuhi re.
freshnii'iitH were served,
.Mr.iiml Mrs. t'liuiei'uii lefl un the
wi-Ht bound train for it trip t.. the
(-mint. The going nway gown was
navy liliie cloth, with it cliniupngno
silk waist, trimmed with cherry
lace, A large picture hul wus ulsu
Many handsome presents weie
received in silver, cut glnss nnil
furniture. Substantial checks wore
received from the fathers of the
bride and groom, Mr. Cameron
presented the bride with n check.
His gift to the bridesmaid was it
gold watch uud chain nnd tu the
best tnnn, n gold scurf pin. The
biide's gift to Mr. Cameron was u
gold locket set wiih n diamond.
After August llllli Mr. nml Mrs.
Cameron will be at home to thoir
i.iuuv friends in Moyie,
_ The '-Old Muu" will leave un
Siitunlny for Winnipeg, iiccouipiinl.
ed l.y his wife.   They will be gone
two ur  tin  weeks,   nml ilurin-j
Hint, ti   Mr.  Billings will hnve
control   uf  The    Hernlil.       lie   is
authorized to collect every cent hu
can get hold of and pay out nothing, su tlioso dealing with The
Hernlil In- governed accordingly.
He will run short of cash, thorn is
nu doubt nliuiil llnl. nml when he
comes around with a hill don't fail
to meel ihe obligation promptly,
paying no attention whatever iu
whnt tin- "I lid Man" niiiy owe vou.
Thul won't count wiih Billings,
During the "Olil Man's"absence.
three professional gentlemen hnve
kindly consented to lake charge of
this column. Rev. Fortune will
edit it next week, Uev. Thompson
the sei-iiliil week, uml (i. II.
Thompson the solicitor, the tli inl
week. The readers should feel
thankful thnt we hnve provided
them with editorial Itileut uf this
kind. Tlu-re is nu telling whnt
these gentlemen will sny. Tin-
column is theirs for the three
weeks. iiiiiI they will nu doubt give
the people something to think
nliuiil us well us lu entertain.
Then- ure u lu! of vuung buys in
Crnnbrook who un- simply growing,
they nre not being trained, What
they will he iii manhood is nut
difficult to figure out. Tlu-y take
nu interest in educational matters,
they have nu interest in the future,
ihey don't cure tu lie gentlemen,
they simply wnnt lu lie vile, tough
uml worthless. It is u pity tlmt
there is nut some power thai might
be used to show these misguided
youths the awful error they are
falling inlu. Sume parents seem
tu be ns cureless lis the hoys. There
is no excuse for Hint. They know
lietter, and it is little less thun
criminal for them to iejiure the
conditions and allow their boys lu
drift into lives thut will beur only
the fruit of regret nml remorse.
Be men, buys. Be n credit tu
yourselves nml yunr purents. lt
will be u greut future for the manly
young iirm, the euriist young muu.
the energetic young inuu. It will
lie ii sud one foi the igoraut, irresponsible, worthluss cliup. The
time to change is nuw.
Tennis Timriiaiticnl.
The result nf games played to
ilnte is lu; fulluws;
I.Villus'   SIMILES.
MissMoffiif (scratch), bent Mir.
Kilwunls (i elves .'. I'n; (l-l, J-'-li.
Mrs. Nelson (scratch), bent Mrs.
Klwell isei-nlelii; 3.(1, ti Jl. IL3,
Miss Armstrong (Bcrntch), Ileal
•Mrs. Heuehiiiu  li ins  I'm  ii i.
MIXED urn lit.us
Miss Armstrong mul T. Clnllon
iscrutehl.  belli   Miss   Keuv   mnl .1
so iis nut ti. interfere with other
lowii8intheilistiiei.iii.il hy com-
nu n ciinK,-iit Labor liny has been
selected ns thut dny. Fur this reii-
sou iiiiiI the further fact tlint pen-
pie of Crnnbrook ore spending
their money nud tlieir time to make
the day u success, there will be a
lug crowd of people here thnt dny
uiul nil kinds of fun.
ie evening lust wiik the Labor the parade in the morning, of ft
unions of the tuwn held
nml tiiere wns uu unusual etitlmsp
nm displayed in the project for
this yeur. The mntter wns fully
diseussed nud it wns decided ti-
appoint n committee consisting of
o initii...- from eneh ol'il
ri pri s. ntii g tin
inlerettsoi th,*.]
it wns very l. . .i
of the leading i
yi nr there will 1,
if Ibetween th. ■*,. w!
i*  the people, an 1,
tons to have charge nf ihe arrange-! pretty creations
menls.   This  wns  dine   und  tiie good prizes for tl
following     representatives    wen*
appointed: S. McDonald, l.A. of
Mueliinists: A. DowBon,   I. A. . f
Muster Miehlllli.'s; W. Hose. IV   of
I,. Firemen* •'■ H. McDonald, V.
13. of Carpenters! I.   It. Maiming,
('. I,.  I'.     A (lei* lhe eeuellll   meet
ns those win. lali r for the sume
'I'lu* ci n :..;tt, e lins held sev-
-rul ccetinf»s lh,- | nst ten days
and in*.* making uu st excellent progress. The day will be well ndver-
tis. d und tin- events will lH.
chncteristic of the country uml the
industries Hint flourish here. One
of ilie features of the dny will Ikon ts
i.'li.il lnisiness
i.t.    l-.st year
tnkr part nud
fi r mh e very
'lliere  will  !»'.
different con-
ti sis,  and   in   consequence it  is
reasonable   W   expect   thut  there
will leu large number ..I entries.
'I'he rock drilling mu!   bo a big
thing ih's   y. ni*. ni:.l already  in-
onirics un- coming  iu nbout this
f-niiiie    'll.e lie making contest
ing-adjourned thu committee  held iB going to attract a lot T.f atteu
hurl sissiuii and elected S. M..
Donald chaitmnii  I.  I.   Maiming
At u siil'Setpu nt meeting of lhe
 itiee -I. I'. Fink, F. 10. simp-
sun. I-;. Sniiili nnd W. Smnll were
iniilnl tu the ei iiuiiiii... to re*
pn sent the l.iisiiiess men ul the
town.   Mr.   Fink  uml   K.  Small
Hn- log sawing nnd
Imi | ii t;. To mni y who have
sun to.hi ig of tl., kind the In-
-liuii sports will pleuse more than
anything els,* on the program,
Tl ere will 1,, lmlinn | uny races.
squnw in.es. I,,-h ,,u &o| and
horsi I nek. ludii n wrt stling
mntchi s. etc.    Th, re will l.e nu
,vero appointed   to interview the dearth of entertainment, and every.
'    ness men nml su- whnt  could one in the district  should  prepare
I.    -nised   in   the wny if funds, for the day nn.l  lay aside every.
Cl   .ihey hnve done nml the  re- thing to ronn- :,, Cranbrook mid
-I    .ses  hnve linn  liberal bo far have a good time.
Theie wns ii real game of
lui'i-usse iii town lust Monday. The
boys from the lint enmo-to Crim-
Tht Duudiiniilil Allair.
Loudon, duly 111. In th,* h,,us„
of commons todny David Loyd
Ueorge, i Welsh nationalist) muy'i-d
un adjournment uf lln- house to
nil attention to Lord Dundonald's
brook   to tnke nwnv tin- honors, participation in politics against the
Tlu-y didn't but they enme nii*_'litv
neur doing it.    It was u peach of a
.'nine, and except one little mis.
government uf Canada, while  still
Hicer in th,* liritish army,
Loyd lieorL"- wimtel tin*govern,
•nt to reprimand Lord Dundon-
understanding, waa tc illy devoid aid ond to prevent him continuing
uf trouble. Both sides played l»s afftation against the Canadian
lacrosse. It was the kind of u government.
game that makes friends for thut': Winston Churchill seconded the
kind uf sport. When tin- end of motion uml mantained thnt Lord
the lust quarter arrived, tlu- score i Dandonald ought to have been re-
stood 4 to 4, and the visitors con. cull.il.
eluded Hint they hud enniiL'h. id-' Wnr s-*r.*l*iry Arnold Foster on
though the home team was anxious behalf of th.* government depreca-
lu piny ut? the tie. There w.-re ,'-"1 t'".1' ruisiiiu nf the question,
spells'in lhe game when better especially as the Canadian govern-
lucrusse inn never played. En- ment hod not mentioned the sub-
tliusinsin run high, nml good plays J'*°t and waa well able to tuke care
on Imth sides received hearty °t its affairs, Nobody he said had
cheers from the large crowd pre- (suggested that LordDundonald waa
sent, Milt Knstiier. of Fernie. re- guilty of nnylhiiiti la-yond wnntot
fereed the gnme in a manner thnt judgment, uiul In- declined to ex
press uu opinion on the matter
until Lord Dundonald, who haa been
requested to return home, hnd been
heard iu his own behalf.
gave I'liniiinent satisfaction tnboth
sides, iiii'l the tliun whu can do thnt
is n Biiollygoater in  the business.
He wns  firm -nud   fair, and  from
start to linish. diBplnycd a dlapoai-
tion lo sec ii square game nnd  the
determination to hnve it if ho hud
to light fur it.    He  hnd   it.     The
hi.iiie team scored in „ minute and A ,,„,,,,„ ingfraclor ,,„„ ^n
a quarter in the first quarter, nnd „„,,,,„, fnr ,*„. >„,„, „.*,„ wj|, ,„,
.Meilii'iiu- nut took an oaay goal n
the second iu une minute,   In tl:
To Re-organizc a Band.
A meeting of the band boys was
held un Monday evening,  when  it
wus decided to urL'iiiiize the band.
glud  tu   hear of un persons  who
, .  . . have hail some experience in bands,
thiid the nsitorspiilled  up their particularly   cornel   pluy.rs.  who
punts iiiiiI walked into tli
team for blood, nud tiny got ''- "\iiv si."*
counting two scores, When ihe j-,iv„r ))V
fourth nrriveil.  there wns  truiihli
o juin the blind,
is will confer a
on Mr.  Wilson,
. ™e jeweler, who will givo th ull In-
i'1"'1"1* . Hie ho me team wanted to fornlntion nuoll, practices, eto.
know whether they resembled tin-
traditional thirty  cents   or   nnl
lacrosse players.   The crowd sunn  ,.
found   out;   nntl   although   th,-: kr,Vl'|.!-^:'sl';'
tors    seeiii-ed    uiiotlier    gonl,  ,
Tim.-ly   Suggestion.
\ ..Inly 15, 'Dl
F, E. Simpson Ks i. Cranbrook,
II    \|   I'li.Ki       .:■•    ."..ll, I when time wns colled the game was IB.' C.-Denr Sir:   Wo would bo
(|.2,().S a tie.    Cranbrook wns no longertplcased to Imvu      tr co-operation
ll.lrl, „       -ft,,.,.    „■,.„,.    1„„.„„„„, IU till
MUX S l.lll 111.US.
C. A. Cock ntnl II. Benchn
15|, bent fj S Denisnii mul
If. T. Brymner (receive  18
Melielli'lll's rillieli, i.r hitter sti'l
Cuck iiiiii Beni-hiim heal T. Gnl.
Km uml A. ('. Nelson (scratch):
mux's sixoi.iss
F. W, Green (gives 1 I'n. bent
K. S. Deiuiison iscratch): (1-5,11-5.
M. A. Benle (owes 80), bent I-'.
W. Green; (1-H, (i.4,
* mutter
curing mi ex-
uts. They were In,,,
players They had reason to lie tPI,Blt'|i of the wngon roatl into the
iroud of themselves, and the crowd St Mar*vs. country from iis pre-
«n>re proud of thein.   The visitors *'"' '"i","""" "'  '."" '""',"' M;
wen* gentlemen.    Thnt settles it.; M"1?? ]:,U'''" ".!' ! "' "rl»Xu»'l
Xo need to say thut it wus n clean |
T, Gallon (scratch), bent A. C. hoi ■ last Friday night soon nfter
Nelson (owe-J 15); l-(i, (1-3. t).8,       rati, ing,   Heart trouble wns   the
A, Motherwell (owe In, lient | cause. The funeral took place oi
Brymner (receive 15); tin. II 0,
fur up the valley ns t Iffice camp.
I    A wagon roatl this far would be
of inestimable value lu the many
hied. mine owners, and prospector8, who
*i In, 0. Baker, who has been ,i'"r" ".""' ,",l!ki">-r 'immgeiuoiits to
,*-    ul   of Crntibrook for some develop their properties, being ep-
hi    hs. having conn- from Mon. couragctl thereto by the nnt.elpat-
tni      died  very suddenly nt  his '',1 completion   ol  the Marysville
A trail constructed on the sumo
principle, ns those built  in other
COUSe.    I lu- Itlliernl tuoK  pluee un, i     ,.*-.    ,    ., .     .,    .-•—
Sunday nl 11 o'clock, nnd the ser- 1"'-'""s by the present authorities
would  answer  the  purpose  this
Saw Mill For Sale.
Gilpin's suw mill at Morrissoy
for saie cheap. A good rig. Terms
to Buit if secured. Apply .1. A.
(Iillis, postmaster, Morrissey.  Hitf
Orange Meat
vices were in charge of the Masons,
lis tlm deceased wus u member of I
1 that order, Rev. Thompson
preached tlie sermon and the remains *vere interred in iho Cranbrook cemetery. Tin' deceased
leaves a widow and one hoy alioul
I IweKe years of age.
yenr if it nm U- had. i.  P.,  u  trail
built on a wa^on rond grade thut
can lie widened at  very little expense into a sleigh or wagon road.
Thanking  yon  in  advance for
your efforts in tliis direction.
Yours Truly,
J no. Urqulmrt, THK   CiiAM'.llOOiv    III.IJAI.D
F.litor and Proprietor
Tlu lleralil la worth (10 o yrar   It n-ala
ulil.v ,•». Xi, llllll. ill Suiltti IJn-l Km.t.'iiuv
...li .illill*.! to I.,' iiittinnl il. nn.l pveryolie
li-illli.,Ul4-i.it*.>t Itle .liairi.-t. 4v tin iaiiilpn*sl.Hl
iii .tie progreaa ol thia aeotlon,*abouli] rend it
Itpublish--,tliene.is while Itlanewa It i-
,,.iim.ll..,l ulwolnlely i.v tin |iillillelier.   No
di.iiie. |,iiii4 or iii.iii i'lu,il .liiu ii |4,.li. -j*.
ll .li.i. I Hi i„ |,l,,i.-.'tli.'|.i„,|,l„. It'. Ml*
Into liulillall n i„,4,>|„i|i.ril.iil 44illlH.nm-.lil
lion mill .m.I you' will Iw lluiliktul ever ufti-i**
A-lv.-rlir.iiii:  ratea ,«1   |wr in.-h. alllgl I
ninn. por month, .... in,,i,'iMi.l no leaa.
Ken-ling niotter l.'  |*r line lotion
n.lv.'1'iia.'i's. In.  per line to n-gtllurnil
rertlaere.   Ilii.ii,,— lortila Uie i-ellt» tier Illl.
1. ')•- I Soul
.4444-1    44'I,"IH."   ,14   I'l
|,   4,44, .1.-11.
Knal Knot	
The llorahl huan iii-i,I„-» |,.l. i-l.uil. i
lla work la „i il„* l,,'.i. The lleralil .1,
mnn .I,...11> ll innil- ii Ki|Unre .lent
yuur|ul, iviirt.'.   li wei-tiu't -nil yon imi
in ni,,l priee. klek, nml > I your work
■olliel heopjohll t ael i-i tlllll
era iilaiin.nl n I 1.11,1.144.,!
During the past yenr there were
Mi,J!(i:i casualties on  the  rnilrnnds
ill the I'liiled Stntes, uf   wliieh   '.).-
Sll) represented Ilie number killed
und 711,5511 thoao wlm were injured.
ll is un hundred in i  shot Hint
the dividends paid nn the watered
stock is of Inr mure interest tu the
directors than Hu- people killed
ami injured, If Hu1 corporations
in the Stntes did nut represent the
Inw. lhe eolll'tS, tl M-elltive.   OIK'
might Buggesl u new movement to*
wnnl reform. Some duy then'
will be n revolution in tlmt country
uml thnl d.y will arrive when Hn
people exert their power nml de
i-lnt-c Hint tin- Inml is I'm* tin
musses us well us the I'lttBBOS.
Thu editor nl' Hi.* Slocan Dril
says thnt th.* Republicans in Ilu
States will win hands down be-
enuse the Ili-mncriilii- iinrf.v has
always beet faithful In flu- interests  nf    tin-   ci 11011   people
What tho editor of Hu- Drill don'
know aliout Hu- history nf tin
Democratic party would mnke a big
All of South Kust Kootenny wi
be in Cranbrook on Lnlior ilay.   It
will be the biggest celebration over
held in this district.
i'niil Kroger is (lend, nml to tlu
credit of the people of the llritisli
ling, not one word has been said
siuce his denth thnl would tend tn
give his suul unrest,
The survey uf the line up the
ivootenay valley lingers men-used
prosperity fur thnt portion uf the
ilisti'ii-t. There nre milling pru.s-
pects, fiirni hinds nnd limber limits
from Elko to Golden Hint will give
profitable tonnage to uny railroad,
und it is tin- hope of the people
that this line is nu nct.mil fnct, und
that next senson work nf construction will begin in earnest.
The Melsun Tribune will resume
the publication of tt daily on August
tirst. John Ilotist iu will make it
good daily. He nnnouncPB thut it
will nut support the McBride gov
eminent. Thnt means that six
days in lln- week it will take 11
shot nt the "littlo man frum Ytnii*
Bob Green nntl Riclittnl McBrid
The Daily World ..I' liussluiiil.
lins suspended publication. There
never hns 1 11 much excuse fur its
Tin- Fernie l-Yec Press hns distillled n giiBoliiit- engine nml another job press,    Thnt  looks  like
prosperity for the l-'t Press.   .Mr.
Wallace has worked linrd mid is
gutting out u paper thnt is deserving of tin- generous Bitpporl of the
peoph ,,!' iiii* conl milling metre*
Tin- Socialists have nominated u
candidate in the Vide Curlhoo
district, llis inline is Krtiest Mills.
und lu- is secretary uf the miners'
union ut Greenwood.
to l.e released from custody,
If tin- editor uf this paper hnd the
siiv in ri'u-anl to auy man who was
ml gnilty of interfering with
the rightful franchise of the ihii-
ple. he would remain  in jail  loug
liongll to Ik- 11 lesson tn Iiiiii and 11
warning to all others sn inclined,
nu matter whnt his station in life
wns or how strong his political pull
might lie. The sanctity of the
ballot box should be protected by!
very voter in Hu* hind.
The shipments of utu fur Uritish
Columbitt for the month nf June
wen- 82,81(1 tuns compared with
6(1,1711 tuns in .lime Inst yenr. The
lead bonus has evidently had a
good effect on the mining industry
nf the Kootednys.
An Ottowo telegram states  that
thr if (lu- individuals connected
with the ballot box shilling in  the
lute municipal election of Toronto
There is a light uu between the
nieivhunts of Kelson ami the t*.
I', li. The Nelson people blame
the foinpnny for unjust discrimination in favor uf Culgnry In the matter uf freight rutes. und nre saying
sume very bitter things. Thai
won't help thein any with the C.
I'. R,
With the movement fur incorporation rnpidly culminating Into
success, und tenders for digging the
ditches for the new water company
being advertised for, it is natural
fur people to form tin- opinin thut
Craubrook is one of the must progressive towns in British Columbia.
Lust full, during the provincial
campaign, The Herald did considerable work in the way of advertising nml printing for the Incut
Liberal nnd Conservative organisations, and also for the Conservative
Provincial association. The
malingers nf the two local
orgniiiziitions met their   bills like
gentlen   but    up lo date   the
inautigt-rs uf tin- Conservative
Provincial nssoointion have failed
to liquidate, We hnve sent the
bill in regularly but to no avail,
.lohn Houston wus then the head of
lln* Conservative association in the
priivii  mid it wus 011  his order
thut the work wus done. Since
Hint time there hus risen a coolness
between Ml*. Houston llllll the
powers that In- ill his pnrty. nnd ns
11 consequence he has nut been
nblo to discharge the obligations
incurred while iu churge, unless
lu- paid il nut of his own pocket,
wliieh The Herald has not asked
him lo do nor would it accept the
money in that way. The Provincial Consorvotive association might
well tuke 11 few lessons in commercial honor front the Cranbrook
Conservative association.
The Imperial Coke and Coal Company
The property of this company
niljoins Hint of the Crows Nt-6t
Puss Coid company and it has the
saute high grade of bituminous
nnd coking coal. It's seams are
as large nnd extend for over thirty
miles. It can mine coul as cheaply
us any other eompiuiy and at much
less than the average cost. Tt has
over (10,000 acres of the most valuable coal lauds in the world, which
nn- estimated to contain several
hundred millions of tons of the
best conl. CrowB Nest Coal eompiuiy stock not very long ago sold
at a few dollars a share, it is now
worth SUnO or more. Those who
bought Crows Nest shares in the
early days made lurge fortunes.
A similar opportunity presents itself.
The price |n-r share is $50, par
vnlue SHU), puyinents us follows:
il) per cent, on subscription, 20
per cent, iu ,'i(J days and the
balance in installments of 10 per
cent as may Is- colled by the
Only 5,000 shares will lm sold at
this price and these are rapidly being token np, If you want to get
in. no timo should be lost. Beale
A- Elwell are the brokers for the
compuny uud you may obtain any
further Information from them.
The Gold Medal
given to our national liquor is a reward justified by
the quality ol ^
This is gin distilled under Government supervision,
from the finest grains.
DOIV1N. WILSON  CJX CO.. - Sol-.  A {font a      -      3'20  St. P.ul Si.. MONTREAL
To be had from fkDermot and Bowness
Timber Notice.
ty  dm
Slill Defending,
tienting upon Ilu1 urticl
i' in
Tin' Howld twn weeks ago regard*
inii the game between Fernie and
Crnnbrook, which was devoid of
any rough ylay, and demonstrating
that tin- Crnn brook lx>yn played
like gentlemen when they had
an opportunity, Phe Lethbridge
Ni'wk Hays:
"It is now six Week since the
match between Lethbridge and
Cranbrook and such spiteful para
graphs as tin' above serve only to
perpetuatetilio bitterness betweet
tin' rival Hubs instead of to devel
op the love of true sport. Thi
match between Medicine Hat and
Lethbridge, although closely con
tested was the cleanest kind of La
crosse; only one man, n Hat man,
being sent to the fence nnd then
only for three minutes.
The Herald knows, nn does
everyone who witnessed the game
at (.'raubrook on the 24th. that the
visiting team was treated inamost
ungentlemanly manner, for proof
recollect tlie re|xjrt in the Feniie
Free Press. When Cranbrook
conies here they will be used rijjht
and given an opportunity to show
that they are both able and willing
to play gentlemanly Lacrosse. An
apology is due Imth to the Hat and
Lethbridge lioysforthe insinuation
that they are sluggers.
Notice ir- Iht. hy jiivi'ii lli
ittpr ilu ft'. 1 Intend to npply In Mn
nmmi-siniifi nl I.iiihIh imkI WmU tnr n
ipi'i-iiil I cense tu int anil curry uwuy timber
from tlio fulloAltiir described landii
coratreinitig nt a posl planted nt llin
>outlieimt imiii-r nf l.ut Nn. UfiOfl Bout
kootenny, running nnrtli ho clinlne, east
:U ii.'. chains, south so I'lmiiiH. runt la.-'tl
cllttltlH.  south   Iill i-huhis,   Wfw.I   In  polnl   nl
commencement 40.1H i'liniiim mon- nr leaa.
Hated June Hiii. Htm
ia w. 15. Nni.w.i
Land Notice.
I hereby give notice that «*i\ty Any* (mm
iln- iinn. hereof, I Intend to npply to thf
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works foi
permission in purchase, one liitml■-••-I nnd
eighty acres of land, worn or Iih-, nit ii ated
on ilu- right han't: of tin. Kootenuv river,
iiln.iil four mili'*i south of Wind hit, commencing nl a poat marked Wulter Loring'*
toutliHtbl corner, thenee norlh 40 chains,
tlii'iii'i i'u*. i in »Iini iim more or less lo tin'
Kootenny river, theiiee ami Hi following tin*
r.vii ii'ink 4"> clnilna more or lent, thence
Hi'xt .'i.'i i-tmiiiN mon'or lirt-. to iln- place of
Uftted Tth .Inm*. HUM.
\2 0 Wulter Lorliiff.
Timber Notice.
Tilka 14
Inii-ml i..
Lnmla nn
iiii.I i'iiii-,,
      illl   Iliil I.V  ,1,1.4 „
ii.lily lu tlin rl.ii'f Unu
1 W.irka for it api'i'lnl 1
iin.i.r Iimii,!* Iiiiiii  III
Timber Notice.
Take notiee lhat tliirt.v days after dulo I
Intend fo npply to thr Chief Commissioner nf
Lund* nnd Workn for ti epeclal licence io nil
nud carry nwny timber from iho following
described lands in West Koolenay:—
I Commencing nt n point murkeil I. T.
Hurgesa no rib-went corner poet planted ni a
point two miles aoutli ot Kitchener on ihe
west aide of ItiiHHcll creek, thance Bouth nu
chains, thei east hu chaltB, thenee north
HOehuins, ilm i-i; west to dialitu to the plate
ot comnieucutnenl containing H40 acres more
Of IfhM.
Located theSlet dav of Mny, 1004.
•J Uotutn uciug ut n post marked -I. T.
Iturgi'MH uorth-weat corner noBt plutitedat a
point three mile* sou hot Kitchener on the
W'Htbhle of Iiusaei] creek, thence bou tli su
I'lmiiiH, thenee ennt su 1'lininn, thence nortli
no chains, thence wesl su chains to thc place
if« ni ram, mil em contnlutog 04U ocrea more
ir Iiiim.
I.OCttll-d   I lll
'l Kl dny of Muy. 101)4.
.1. T, IturgcHH, Localo
J. IV Rhlrldge,Agent
fur dute I
liihloner nf
,'tlHC Ml
ilcBmlhed landa lu Weat Kootcnny;-
I Commencing nt n poBt umrked ,f. D,
Kldrldgo'H not ili-wcnt corner poal plunted at
a point four milea hoiiiIi id Kllcheuer on the
vvefcl side of ItiiBBtll creek, thence south HO
I'lmiiiH, ilien".-uihI HOchninB.lhi e north ho
chuiiiB, thonce webt 80 chnina to the place of
'..[iinn uceiil' m coutalliiug uiu more or I.mm.
I a I,-1 Um Slat day or May, 10 I.
j Commencing nt n post marked *l. P.
Bldrldge'ri uoith-weBi coiner poat plunted at
a point five miles aoulh of Kitchener on the
Wital Hde of Id r*-ill   nreek,   llienee aoulh HI
I lll'l.I
I hen
Hll I'llII
vcM >*o
mceti t ion
d IheaiRl dn
,        III       lit'"'      Il.lt   tl|
I'hiiina to the pli
ing 1)40 ui'iea mon*
of Mny,
ii. i;mm
Ige, Noealo
Timber Notice.
[Mi- ii   ..ti.*.. ilml  Unity dnyn nfler dull
Intend lo npply to thot'hhf I'ommhisioiier
LiiiuIhami Woiksforaeprclal llcensetoi'
mid uirry nwny timber uff thef llowlugil.
urlbid lnmla in Vi
l (.'ommciu ini
T.llnrge bnoith-
a  point nin> and one i ulf lui
iJuiiatliilii Cue ii.* it.ilwaytn
side of Thompson creek, tli
I'ltniiH, thence enst Ml ilm in
COIll llll'l
t K.
ni a |,i,-i murkrd Mm. .1
rat corner poat pluuleil nl
ue lalf milea BOIllhof Mi.'
und on wen
-e  BOll-.ll   HO
llience north
t hii chaliiHto the place
lllng (ill) acrea more
o 20th day ol May, 1004,
iielug  at a posl marked Mra. .1.
I'th-wpfll corner post plunted at.
ind one Imli milea BOUth of tli'
ciilc Itn il way track and on went
llpeon  creek,  tlieuce  aoulh   NO
'>' enst HO elmiiiH, the until
cnee weat. nn chnlns lo the plnee
ni<iit eontululng nm uerea more
■ until day nt .May, 1004.
S. ('. Ulll'tfeHrt. I.oeitor
.1. N   Klilililge, Agent
Timber Notice.
Tnke notice tlmt
item) to upply i.i i
itllila and   Work*.
< lo
I hilly days idler dm
lie Clii.-f CotiinrHHiniii
, Vietorin. (or a unt
carry nway timlier from
bed I utla tu SoiilVKii'
e following di
Commencing ot n pout pi hi ted at lhe norlh
■nl corner of A.M. Wnll a purchase lol olftO
lining thence 1(10 i'lmins we**t. thein-' 40
ulna south, theuce 100 chains em-i.
) eh ii hie uurlli io p'nee <d commen
(iiuiiiii g 040 ncres.
Httshiirg, ll.c ,,lune ldlh. 101)4.
I A. H. Wntts, f
Notice of Dissolution.
Notice la lierehy given thai tlm Ilrm
Hilllll' of I'r
I'ompnny, i'.i. K. ferry
aettle all net
all hllh-iluc
- Iifit-liv  maiiially diBSolved,   F
It. C, .Inly
■ ilie lii-iii and collet
12, I iin I.
F. I. F. l'erry.
I'.   I*il/uci*al.l.
Timber Notice.
Take nolle* llml thirty daya nfler date 1
intend io apply io ihe Cliipf Commissioner o
l.uuda and tt orks ul Vielorin torn special
lieense to cut and cnirv nwny ttmhnr from
the followingdiecHblll landa in Weat K iiitt*
1 t'ommeneing nt a posl wo rknl F. Dil
llnger'snorth-weat corner pool plant dutn
point fix chains Plial of Tliompai u enwk nud
limleel H..111I1 ofl.e It track. Ihenee hoiiiIi 40
t'hniuH, thence enat 130 chuiiiH. thence north
4  chains,I'n nee weat 120cliulns to the phi
of commenci ment c tenlnlng u in nt'tes uiore
or Iphh.
I,i>fnled the 20th ilny of Muy, 1004.
2 CommPUi'iliK (it. a poat iiiiii k..I F, Mil
lillger'B uot'lh-wpHt eoi ner poat planted at a
point oue half II lie aoutli of I'. I*. It. truck
and ou weal aide of Tliorapaoii creek, thence
south HUclmiiiH. ilienceeuai Nil chnina, thence
north -I- clialus, thence west BO clialus to the
plnce of commencement contaluing 040 uerea
more or less.
Located the 2UI dny ol May, 1004.
I'. Di|liiig>r, Locntor
l» .1 I). Kldridge.Agent
Timber Notice.
Tuke notice thai thirty days from the dnte
hereol I luteud to npply i<> the chief rumtnh-
aioner of UmAt uud Wniks, Vielorin torn
special lic.nae toeut nnd carry nwny tiiuln'r
from the fnlloivliig deaerlM lnmla In Houth-
..tmt Koolenuyi—
Coinmuiiclug ut ihe north neat corner of T
I.Uciih' timlier llttetme helllg HO Ctlllllll weat of
Hie nortli-Mrat rorner ot Lot -'l-l'-i. llmnce
HolllliHOi'hnills, tl eiiHtHU t'linniH, thence
JOIItll HU .ii,iinn along the weat limit of Lot
itllfl to ihe in rtli'tresl enrner of Lot :i40.
thence wihI. IHO elmlns nl mux the north liuil
if Lot .'14 I, llieiii'i rlh .0 chillis, thence
enat 40 elinins, I hence north  liu ebuiiiH.
thence east lu chains to the plm-eof com*
"iiccmeni conl .lining HHUimrea more or less,
Dated Iiiin llllli dny of June. I0O4.
I I'eter Woods, Lncntor
Timber Notice.
il ice in lierehy  itiveti   thut, thirty  du  •
from thin dale 1 intend to apply lo ihe Chief
Coinml-4-.ioiicr of LhiiiIs und   Works for u
license to ctit and ejt-ry nwny timber from
the following described lands:
Commeneintr ut   a  pont   marked   Walter
orlng's Boiit-heast rorner, planted a Imlf
mile  aon 111   mid   a    bnlf   uiilu   ennt   of
the   south   enat    eonier    of     Lot    4001,
group one, thence north tot) chain-, thenee
west 4U elmiiM,  thitice aouth   100 ehuins,
thence enst 40 chains to the place of begin,
ning. containing tuo ncres more of lens.
Dated HihJnne, 1004.
13 fi Wulter l.oi lag,
Hotel 3 3
a-iesli Contort • Specialty
IIimiiI Subline io Conoectioi
Nrarr-Bl to rnllro.il .nil depot.    Ha. tccommoi].-
tt'.u, lor thc public uaequtlle-1 Id Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Haths
Hoggarth & Rollins
When you visit Cranbrook stop at lhe
None Heller In the District
Kales Sl and up.   Short Order,, and Oysters
icrvcd in any style from N p. m. to 6 a. in.
The table is the best, the rooms are unsurpassed (or clean
liness and comlort and the bar is supplied with the best brand
ol liquors and cigars.
L. B. VANDEcAR. Prop.
■■-.fri fr*; s t*(f c: ^^
| The Pioneer Hotel of the St. Marys Valley. J
2 Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining; room service, and the Ji
jj best of everything at thc bar. j
,> '.*-
*   9
Proprietor, g
Timber Notice.
Tako notice that thirty days alter date, i
Intend to upply to the chief commissioner ot
Lands and works, torn special license io cut
nnd carry away timber Irom the following
described lands, situate in SouthEnet Koote*
nay British ColninMu:
rotntnenclngnt a pout plunted in ihe ground
ni ihe north cant cor erotD, liieiniii-innin
ber license uiul ulso thesontheru boundary ol
-l. Parks limber license, thenceeaal S'chniua
thence hoiiiIi HO c nin*, thenee weal 80 chains
thence north 80 chnlns to pluee of beglnulug
containing 040 ncres more or baa.
14 Walter Loring.
June IHth.1004
Synopsis ol Kefulitlois (or dlipoul af Mil.
erals oa Oomlaloa Lind* ia Manitoba
tbs Northwest Territories ind tbe Vukoa
Timber Notice.
Tnke noli e thnt thirty days nfter dnte.   I
Intend toapply lo thechlelromniissloiier of
l,niida innl uo ka, Victoria, M- ('..torn ap .*
Inl license to em and carry nwny timber from
tiie following ileserilieil binds situate in Houth
Kust Kootenny:
Commencing m n poat planted in i he ground
ut the a. e curlier nl l>. Breiniier'rt tuaher lic-
eime. iheirv aoutli HUehuiua, theuce wet*l   HO
elmlns, thence nortli 80 elmius, thenee mat
80elinhiri to the place of Icglmtlng, uuitulu.
iiik i.lii acres more or haa.
It VlohH Lnrlng
June It)   11104.
Timber Notice.
Take not ce ihut ll,iity duys utter dute, I
intend to apply to t he chief commissioner ol
Lands nud winks, VictotiH, H. <'-. for a spec*
iul licetiae lociil and'earry awuy t'mtiertrolU
the following deserib'dlundfl, in South Kust
Ki otennyi
I ommenclng at a pnat planted on the weal
side ol ibe 11. ('. Souiheru Railway at mile
post 04. thenee west 100 chains more or lean
to the easterly butllldary nM'. I'. ll.loL4".02,
Ihenee aniilb following tbe anid bouudnry line
io ihe ll.C. Southern Hallway, thenee follow*
tug mi id ruilwny to lhe plnce of p mniPiite*
meut, cohtnlning 040 ncres more or lew*,
Dated this 20th duy of May, A. I). 1004.
K, I'uiersii".
0. A. Leitch. Agent.
Notice ia heieby (liven that 00 dnya nfler
ilnte the Kast Kootenny Lumber Company
Limited, will apply to His Honor, ihe Lieut*
enanl Governor jn Connell under section 7 of
tlie IU vers nial S'.renms Act. to clear boulders,
log jntns mid other obstructions from the
bed uud buuks of Lillle Said Creek. British
Columbia mid its tributnrieafrom ils source
to where the creek InteriectB the Crowa Nest
Pasa llnilwny, aud to struiubteu the course
ot the raid creek nud to construct dams.
booms uud make such other imp™v» merits
nsmay he necessary for tbe driving of log-,
Homing of lumber therein.
Duted Mnv-J.'lid, 1004,
W. F.Uiird.
ti Solicitor for the Applicant,
Notice i» hereby given tlmt Oo duys after
dale Ibe Lift Kootenuy l.n in her Company,
Lim I. will npiiy to Ilia Honor, lhe  Lieu
tenant Uovernor in ronnrll under section V of
ibe -Hiver** nnd Streuma Act "loileiir Inml
tiers, log jama nnd oilier ulietructions from
Hie bed nnd hunks of Big Hand i-rei'k, UrlUsli
colli llllll ml ii" trilniliit' in, Irom ils hoi
to where In  where tile citek  interneetn the
crowa Nertt Cuss Hallway, und to Btntlgllteil
the i m- of ihe suld i r.i'k, ami toconstriicl
dams, booms, mul mnke audi utliei iin trove*
ineiiU ns mny lie nereaMiry tor Ibe driving of
logs nud (fuming of lumber therein.
Uule.l ilm first dny ot .tune, 11104.
W. K. liunl,
Hol.citorlor the applicant
Sweepstake Mineral Claim.
Situate in Ibe l'ort Steele Mining division
of Kiift Kootenny district., w herelo»»t*
ed, on St. Marys prnire near Luke creek.
Tuke notice that I Kilwnrd Klwell fn>e
miiiei'ri I'criiHi'iitc number H7;i.'ll'4 iigeiu for
Luke nreek Gobi-copper Milling «..mpnuy,
Limited, non-pprsoiinl liiilnliiy. frre miu-rs
cerlillcale nuuiber HOo-'O"), intends sixty
days from tbe dale hereof to npply lo the
mining recorder fur a certificate ot Improve*
meats, tor the purpose of obtaining u trowu
grant of the above claim. Aud futther take
notice tiiut action muler Bection 87 most be
commenced belore lhe is umu-eof such certificate of improvements.
Hnted ihis Ifith duy of June 1904.
IS til Udttt-u'd Dwell.
Co.il.- fnil! Iliads muy Le i-ui'.-ii.tt.-.t at fin per
acre tor soft coal ami im nn uutliruciie.   .v<t
more thau UU  iteres -fiin In* u. n ilie.l  liy  nil.' ni-
iii,iiiimi .ir company,   ruyiuty nt the rate of
[en teiix. per i,ni of .'.eOu p0IU1.il slmll lip culled-
eil mi the (jross output,
ijnuri/.   Persona *>f eighteen yenrs uml n>er
Itntl joint stuck euinpun ex Imlilliii' free miner's
t-erlllicules iiiiiv ohtHln etitty lor il iiiiuiii)* 1. cation
A free in ner h certilieate Is grunted f«r one
nr mme years, natexceedlmt live, npun puymeut
lu Aitvuiu'e nf *7.fi0 per iinuimi for uu UniKltlmti.
uml fi'- in •*:*! tt> *1Ui per uiiumn for u cuinpanj,
A tret* miner, liavlu^ ilhcnvereJ iii1ii*thI lu
plliee. lllny locale It clllllll l."i-tn\l."it«j le*il hy
ui.nkinu nut the same with two le|*ril|io-its,lieHi-
uiii tocathin notices one at each end nn ihe line
uf the lute ur vein.
The claim atiull he reor.leil wllliin llfleeii
days if i.'iMtei! within ten miles nf a mluliig
lecarilera'.iiilt'p, not adilllloDnl ilny allowed far
every uihlltlouul len miles nr fritcttoU. ibe fee
fnr I ecuntliiK u claim Is $A
At least -iiiw must be expended nn ihc claim
eiteh year nr pnal tn the nwilui,' recorder In lieu
ihere.it. When *.:aki tins he-n etpi'inled nr intl.t
ihc l.H'Ulnr nmy upon hutliit; n survey untile, ami
ilium i-iiiiiiilyliiK with oilier requirements pur-
cliHue ibe Uml at si.im uu acre,
t'erinl-slim muy be t-rau'eit hy Die Minister nf
Uie Interior IO locate claim*, cnutuluiu*'Iron itu.l
mica, also copper. In the V ukun Territory, af an
urea nut exceeding liw ncres.
'Iliepniciiit >r nmliilu: liH'aiInn sb.tll prat Ida
fnr Ihc iniymeiit nf rajulty at ilieratc.f.", per
cenl uf tlie •.ii.iliiet or the Iik'uII.iii.
n,t,*er Milling.* .Maiiil.tlia uiul the N. W, T.,
axes itlng ihe Vukon Teirltory.-1 lacer nitnlni
clniins Kcnerullv nre u*i feel si'intre; puiry fee,
$:., reiiewithle.yeaily. <m the North Stskul-
chewun river claims ure either bur or tieucli, lhe
fntmerheln*' liu leet Ionic ami exteniliim lietween hiL'h ami low wuter murk. 'Ilielafei in*
clinics bar illtitilims, hut exlemls hack tn tue
hase of ibe bill or liank, hut not exceeding t.u-ju
feci. Where steam pnwir is used, ciulm* l'Uu
feci wide may heohtulned.
llreilglngln the liters of Muultnha and the
N. W, T., excepting the Vukon rerrilory.—A
free miner limy obtain only Iwo lenses ..i live
miles each for u term of twenty years, renew,
ithleiu the discretion of tbe .Minister nr the lu-
Ihe leasee's riKtit Is conllneil to tlie sublHeri*
en licil or b.irs of the river tiehu*. Inw water
in.ti i, anil snUj.'cl In Ihc rlKhts <>[ all peranua
who have, or who may receive entries far bar
dIgKihgKqr bench Claims, except nu Hip >askai-
chewan river, where ibe leasee may .lie-ine lo
limli water murk on each ulicrnate leaaelmlu.
The leasee ahull have a dredge lu npemtlou
within one schsdii from Ibe date of ihe lease fm*
each live milea. but where a permm nr coiuiiHliy
has obtained mora thun one lease one iiu'iUa
for each tWiceri mih*s or truetion i« snlll.'i. nt
Ki-iital. Jin per annum far each mile af rivet-
leased.   Royalty at the rate uf two ami u hair
pel pent cnllecieil Oil the output nfler it i'\cceil«
Hredglns III the Vukon Territory. Hl\ leasei
of live milea each may lie Kinnii-dlo u iree
miner for a term of twenty years, also renew-
'fhe leasee's illlil laeonflnetl lo thc Milnuen-
eil tied ar burs Is the rlv r helnw low water
inn. h, that boundary to be (Ixeil liy its pasitioi
on the 1st day of Aupisi in the year of tlie .ii,,,t
of the lease.
The lessee shul) have one tln-.lne In nperHtla i
wIthlli two year* rrum ibe 'lute nr lhe lease, au I
iil'Mlieilut'fnr eneh live imles within ill ycuir.
(roll) such dute. llPiunl, ||IK) per mile for first
vanr, and liu per mile for etwliiiiiuemieniycar.
llota |y same ns phe er mlulmi
Placer MIiiIuk la lhe \ nl-.m Icnllni). ('rrrk.
i'iiiiii, river uml hllUlalms slmll mil ttxcectl -m
feel III iciiuih,  measured u|| llin base Iin,- ,>r
getieial iiireciian uf the ereek nr snMi, tha
width helnu M'-lii I iKNiin  .'.ni.. *pc|.     \n ..n,,,,.
l>l i elulnis slmll he itfij feel Rippire
Clnlmsiir nrked by two leniii posts, .me at
nifli end. heurlliK imtlcen, Knliy um*! he oh-
tallied Wl bin teudayK.ir the claim !*. wlibui
leu mill's nf itilulmr reco dsr's <>iiiie. Hte.*\ii,»
.l,i) a Inwi-ii for 1'itcli atld.Ilnli.il len miles nr
The person or ciuiipitm lln1 lm.' a cliilm 11111-.I
lmlil u free mmer'a eerllllcute.
The discoverer .if a n.*w nunc is 1'iitilii-il |,i _
cliiiiii iif I 11 11 feel In lennlli, ami II lhe iu ilf
consists of two, l.f-mi feel all.,.-.- her, mi Um mi ■
pulaf wbleti uo loyally shall be ctiaiKml, Hot
renl uf the pmty oulltmry claims mdy.
I utry fc mil ll.ijFitliy m ihe rule ut Iwu imt
one half pel cent 011 the value of Ibe ua il sluu
peil from lhe \ 114.-n Terriloi y lo he paltl in 11,.,
No free miner shall receive a gram af niiitt
than uric lumlllK claim an each separate nv. r
ureex or Kidch, imt tin* same miner may imi.i
uny immher of clullill by piii.-iiase, sud free
miner*, may work Iheir claims In ptiitnerihlp I j
II unu mn Ice and |>uylnit fee uf •-'. A claim
may he hand wil, and nmnhci obiameti on t >.n
snnie creek, t-iilch "' river, liy gu lii|* noliec ttu.t
payltiK a fee.
ft nrk must he done on a claim escb year lo
the value or ut least slim.
A enrtiileale that work has been done mini n*t
ohiitiiicil citch year; If nol, Uie claim shall ha
ileeineil to beaniindoneil,ami hjwii looccupatltiii
ami euiry hy a free miner.
The lii.uiuhtries of u clulm may he defined ab.
snliitcly by liuvlng a survey mudeiiml piihlUhunr
nnlices 111 the Yiikoii tlfflolal Ua/ette,
rclroleuiu.  All
Liimls In .tiunltohu
uml wilhin lhe Yukou Terrliury sre ais-n
prnspectln** for petroleum, mid the udiitster
mav reserve fm* tin imllvhluul or cmupuay liav-
1 m£u 111 clottery on the land in he pruspectpii, na
urea or mu acres, Slmul-I the proam-etor dU-
ciivfinil In paying quantities, ami nalliraelorillr
estttbll h such dlscoveiy, an area imt e\oeeaiuir
WO acres, tneliidltig Ilia oil we i nnd such ..iiier
luml us muy he detei mined, will be sold to the
discoverer at lhe rate of $1,00 an acre, aubjeot
to royalty at such rule as mny he specified br
Department of the Interior, Ottawa, Kept.,
Deputy of tba Minister of tha Interior.
iiki menu ii:i/ctte.
Ml    liliapuropilated   Dominion
ulm, the Northwest Territories
1 Vukon Territory Bre open tu
I'liANIM.OOK.   BBITISn   COLUMBIA,   TlU'liSllA Y.   Jl'LY   21,   llllll.
Wanted Immediately
lu -.ii r    ■ .i.,..-,i, in
,114,1  1*144,    "   |   |l I,'.      11-111,1   IMI >    »la*U*    .
,,1,1111 ll--'.      Ttl. ' IH.HlfV til ii.i- -.ml.
l.n ii i,   lurl
'      - ,<  Ill -
w. I4.1." ,i. ivr.nl ' nm, ,„■„..
..I  Vill-.'.',   SI   "4. '    .       I    llllll
I.-.   ,   ,4 4 Ifll-ll   II    |ll	
II, V         U |     ! ,,„!.   1,1    Ml-I  '-    ,1
    1*1,11   li |ll.il           H'll     .It.'IH-
III    4M   .  -1    ..1    I.I.*.
     Ill -  1   l"l   1,'ltll-
I'l I il ill Nl RSI tl v.i   liiriinui, llul.
\   II     ll     1,     ,    M Illl'lll      f.ll   I."   ,1.44.14,
Ml   l,,l   ||||,  I,  ,IM, ,.    1.4,11.,   I.
J. M. Di£RR,
Repairing Promptly Done*
Footwear lo Measure u Specially
N,« i-ip*. u UlriviitK
ami Biulillii horses lit
reasonable niti-. ' ..ii*
niiinvill lii-toyivi-gooil
i-iii*.* I., all horses st.-i-
lili-il wiih ua.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
11 is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
(Hi) shoes made new.   All kinds
ol repairing.   Give me a call.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
.1. I'. LAIDLAW, M. E.
Cmitbruuk Mclhodisi Church.
Corner -if Hanson Aiv-nue anil limi-. Street
-I1114.I414   ft-fVlll-K
llii   »,,|-lli|, lli.il
Kllllllll.l Sll I Hf.-I.
Iniii.,, IViintlilii T-'liii*. 41
r,„-'i„,     1 :,..*...*.-. 1.   b11.11 1 11411.11-111
Kiiiluiiri-r *"•■*<■
ri,ni..I....   i\.,.|.l. l-rnjiTMii'llim  ..mi- 11
t   ,,„,li, nun  I> v« I 1	
Craabrook llaptl.t Cluirih.
I'l..f,,ll,,4iii.ll ia a l.al   i.l  11..- a. rn..a ll.l.I
,14 111.' Il,l|.l,r,l I'LIII.I.
4,444,1,,, II     I,     III    ..ll.l   7   HU   |.
<nii,|i,j s.l t        11' in
...1111K l'.-i.|.l.'a -   |>  Ill Tili-Hil.i.1
i'i.h.'i M.'.linii.   . *- I- ni \Vi'.Iiii'..Iiii
II...,,1.1,11. Ill '.llllll; Illl II.. 1 .1
I'lMtor, I'  WAilvn.'l..'.
Crabrook PrcsbyterlM Church.
Inlibatli s rvtc-Bi tl n. in ntnl T.HOp. tn
Illllllil)' Silnml till.l nitili-i-lnaa II p. Ul.
lui.I inn IJn.l.'iivi.r. TlH'Hill'.v H p. III.
Tbv pul-lli- nre i-onlltillj inviii-il t-i allvnil
ill tin' ini'i'linua.
I'n.lni',  \V. 11. W. ['ortiini' ll. A.
I'uiJSt'liNT  lillllllli Nil. '■','■!
Cranbrook, B. C.
it,'.'!, tlntl nin] 4tli Tni-Bilny nl 8 p. m. In
l.n. n. I   hull.
.1. A. Aiimii.ii. K. U.K.
T. IliinKEa, C. C.
I'i.tltllg liri'liiri'ii ,'intlitill.viliviti'ii tn illti'inl.
Cranbrook Branch of
\l4-„ a every Friilnj* niu'lit i.l X 1'. in. Hull nn
ji, II mr ,,f Wnn Bllll'lll'***.
Vi-.l1i.1ir Bretliivii Ciirilinll.i-Invili-il.
B.C. Mi-r.i-.iuii. J.T. lii: M.a.
railway        STRATHCONA
...        ,  ,, r,    . Formerly HoUl Phalr
World s   Fair     nelson, b. c
Excursion   RateS B* ToriPKINS, Manager.
..... I'liis li,.i.-l is r iin- i„'4.i iii
Cranbrook to BrUuill <.*,,•„.,,.,•„ ,„„, „i,„1,i,1„.
Sl. I.iuiis    $ 60.00 Chlcajo      5 M-001 in evert,   n-epoet,     \V, II  lightii!
lori.nlii 87.31   Minimal        *.*i.0(l
Halifax 121.80 Ni*,. Vork     101,00
.lm..-:. I.i. 17, Is. July I, .'..:.
Annual K. ll. Hi, Si-jiti-iuln-r .'i, II, 7.
fiiriill eastern |ioinls uill nl-,,. Ii,
quototl goii.K vin I'orl Arthur, nl
mil or liiki- i-uiitr. Itiliii'iiini: siiim
ur via I'hienpi uiul Sl  Louis.
For lull |H.rtlu«1ara apply to local nu nl:
*i„„|l|, ,44
0. Ilillicr, Akl-iii, Cranbrnnk.
.1. B. CAHTKII,           K. J.COYI i:
D.I'.A., Ni'l-ini   A.li.l'. I. Van in
| Dezall Brothers    :
j   Blacksmiths!
Horse Shoeing i
Carriage Repairing and      •
General Jobbing.... j
Outside Orders Promptly l
Attended to. 1
ilny tiiulit lit tlu-ir linll un
linker street.    Hojoitrlllg
nlil Fellows cortllatly luvltetl.
1   11. II Iin:-. IV. II. Mi'Kiirlim
N.   ii. Sec'v.
Lranbrook Lodge, No. 3,
A. F. 4 A. M,
'    '»V,
Regular meetings on the
tliinl Thursday of the
, WllHKlUVtrell    HclcOlllfll.
M A. II FA i.f, Sec'y.
THE  A. L. U.  NO 36!
Meet,   i'.i'..,   -.„i,ir.l,..v
night   in    I.  n. II.  F.   In.ll
Visiting Bullion inrdialli invited lo attend
1 FIF PHONt    B9
*  iOi »i
niil.I   \**|> shop
        A L.uec Stock in Caskets and
01.11 HERALD BUILDING   Roto.'.* *
Phone night and day 77
■      ' ' ' 4 ,
_,,,,,..*"•*■-.   mtm."" ,444—4,
S1LEN1 ,fi,,., . \... ;rmng.
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for old machine
Livery 3
Tenuis anil ilrlvera furnialieil for any
point in tlie district,
A. DOYLE, Manager.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of all kinds
Syrups,   Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Elc.
Soda water in siphons.   Thc most
economical way o handle it.
! (i. P. TISDALE,
[ I'ruprletui „i the
Candy Kitchen
»        i orriesncaini-lflleitoclt i.r
I Candies. Fruits, Nuts,
; Biscuits, I'ipes and
1 Tobaccos. dive us a .«n
Men, Women .-nut Children's
N'-rl ill 4*, ,sl Imt mi, hiu profit.
Call iiiiiI sit whal I cnn do
fur yuu.
New  Line   of   Cuok  Stoves
.lust Received
Hi  M..I.-.1 O'Neill.
Watben .,   MoyU uu' Die ul.il.- gum t1\ln'
lm wiieif iu.. waves an . ■- n
AMI;*."   (he   Wind   pt-M  a-'n.u'
1:i;*ir.i.i, A,,' Tr-Miaii, ilitrk »i' bfnttier,
Hli-li  in.*  Hi,-  UuekJiM ulrv   Line;
f"1"     Yv   In...    mi..u,   iu   iu,-   ,-,!,.:,,*   \\
Mu-,',,.   hi,,'
an l.ili- in
..I-   tbv Kbmli w$ bi-tw
long  .--.ir iln-.
111.' l.ll,.
flteii iinn in,' tu.. w;i,i ui.-n iiuw.-iH
ii.* m know n tin- inMlrli-- U nwoot,
» '"!■ '"'i.s ■ i-e.t.i.i* ii,, lira,
llHT   Ilie   lHir«'B'   f.il   -
-Nut   ,
iii.- glen Htnveis Binftll ;.»' sweet,
"' Uoylt*. i bent rr will n'
-hit fop bnlf .-• tbo w..i'i,i lietwocn,
lm   lillli un'   Ilie   Wet   mill  ratlin',
lillo .ve nre in.,-,,-.-,- tbmi mow loiwheen,
'['"  '•'. fba    nWit  nu'   ,i   nltfbt   wiml
hat lu tlio Imlf u' ibe world between 1
skeh-ii „r Halm li'-Ntlll.
Molrn O'Noill" is ih,. pen-naiiio o(
Mrs. Ai-nes Skr
ttiit.itu  lli'iuls
poet, while Hi
musician. Wo
nl yenis „s ft
)   of   fllstO
rs mv i(it
e.l h.r fur
iinn, nml s
he is
( nntl
lie 0f
J   Have Yen Any Pnlnlinj; in be Done?
t   De Any of Your Kooms Need PupcrlnR?
!   Estinmk'9 given mi Inrgo i-on-
tt-,-ii-ts.     \\',- don't want tlio
I'lll'tll.        Wo    Wlllit     1,1   [lli'Usi-
! .mui niili ihr work uiul ri'i-i-ivi-
ri'iisuiiiilili' pny,
Royal Mold, Cranbrook
.... riCKETS,...
ll.l.  POINTS
Harness Maker,      jEAST and WEST
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Bridles, SntliUra, EInrnpss i
Horse Supplies in stu.-l,
..Repairing of all kinds.
Each Month....
y;ivcs mi1 mora wurk  in t'nin"^
brook.   The pi-oplo i»vidi-ully
havi' t'oiiliilriifi' in I1U" (Uld Ml)
work.   Sf.* mo [or plans nml
James (ireer
Contractor nntl Bniltli-r
Prest Photo Co.
Cranbrook, Pernle, Movie*
...British Columbia...
OF1CE Illlt'KS:
'.) tn IS a   III.
I to II |r  m.
7 10 S |l   111.
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, llic.
Haicll Block Cranbronk, II. C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, If. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Olllee al Resilience, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,  •   •   •  •   9:30 to II
Afternooos   *   •   •   •   1:30 lo 3:30
Evening.    •   ■   •   •    7.30 lo 8:30
CRANBROOK,    t   :   t    :      :    E. C
Si. Paul, Dululh. Minneapolis, Chicago
axij  \i i,   I't.iNTs i-:.wr
Scuttle,   I'muma,   Victoria,   Portland,
AMi   M.I.   I'U Illl   ni.U-T POINTS
I Iiiiuiii Palace and Tourist Sleepers
Dining nntl llnffel Smoking Library Cars
Kor rules, (olilora nnd full Information
(1. W. V.   V ('. I'. A T. A
s.Miili' mi W. Hlverslitd Ave.
Wiisli. S|iokiiiie. Wnsh.
In lln* Sii|.nin.'i'..im i.l Itiiii-.lir.i1ittiil.iii
In 11..'mnl Iit ni ilit'"\Vi.tt-i*l Niiincti"
r liiliilluii Aet, 1807,
In tln> in itt.'i-t.i iln' WaferBupii!y
('.tmi.iiii.t, I.lmllcil,
Tnko Sotb'a Hun tl p|ill-n'l ( the
Uni,,Wiilfrclnii*i'BPoiiiii)liiluim] Ait   1807."
nmlinri/iiiK tlii-i-iiiii[iiiii.\ In |irui'i-i'.l willitin'
|.]'.i|in*>i..| iiiuliTliikinu. bin In.'ii iiilJDiitiu'il
until tin' Mh <l.i\ ul July, 1004, m  1080
ti'i'lui'k in iln1 furi'iiiiiiii nt  llic I'imi't liim*..'.
lltiHttoii Sfjimro. Vlattnlii, li 0,
AmlTiiki' Fmtbor Xtiitw tlint Imfo'l mliig
in*.'ihiM'iihH pro|-u*..*l it. I.t'i'lntrgi'ii by tbe
IliiiillliigiiilfHiiiny I..'1ml nnl to wen-tod
l. 3.:\ i.r I niDiiip ?l ot) per month
.".. o nr 7 im.'Iih    1 T-". per month
H, Oor 10 rnoniM,  2.00 per month
Hi i-.-ntK n il.li i i. Mm I fm*. vi'iv r. nui over n*ti
F.ipIIi.i.'I -
Tn 2T) rjoniH *■". nu per month
Tu io muni-   ft.Ol) per month
ToQOroomn  7.00pn'month
'I'n loo t-mitiiH       a 00 per month
RimnlliiK Hoiw.'h-
T.. Ifi room*' IR.OOpermonth
To HO rooms ■ mm pepmon'h
T.i .".ii in-.nin  " on por month
l.lvory8lnli!.«;      '"■ HO.OOeach
Lniiiiililro..  .'.unit.   lfi.OOcnch
Hilt.,I ni riiiiii.ni'.k. ISjHlsliColumbia,thin
s\\ l-'.diiril.
S.ili ilm  foi'llioCotnpftliy.
gs woro writ I
ihi; vicinity of riiu'li.'i* Ciui-k, \t
bighL of Uio Jlniki.s. EvliloilLl
song quoted nbovo lnul lis liiB|nlra-
Unn in tlm sconery of nur .Noiili.
WOSt, U'liirli imlui'o 1ms fmmotl
nn tlio grand .srutc, and wliich
must, pi'i'soiii. it pi-ofoinul Mni-
trast to the "Kl,.|,.s of Antrim."
Thither Mrs. RKrliiu hns returnod aud thoro bIio is now living.
Iiui- pooms hnv.' If.-,i publlshod fhlof-
ly in Blackwood's Maga?Jno mid Tlio
Spectator. Iter poetry is Irish oftho
Irish—tondor, wistful, hovering mi
iho borderland between tears ami
laughter, nml ns musicnl us an old
Cuelic melody, It sprlnga strulghl
from life, a genuine growth nf the
Antrim glons.    A small volume   of
her sniij-s hns I n  published bv the
BlackWuoi.g.—I'hiii'os,   |n  '||l0  cilobe.
Modern Dlttrllititlan «rtli« Vnrloiu If«u-
Iters of an OnlliiHry Fumlly.
Whero is tho homo life that used
to bo? AVhcre i.s the dud who sits
in the circle nnd reads the paper to
thu family, and who is ready to dis-
cuss lhe stylo in huts or the price
of corn In Egypt?   He is a raro bird.
Where i.s tliu daughter Mary, who
onoo «ns one of this family circle In
tho days uf tlio used-to-be? Oh, Alary
is upstairs getting ready to go to
tlio opera. Hoc beau will bo along
in n minute.
Whore is Tom, who used to be one
of this happy -circle that sat in the
old-fashioned room before iho wide-
inoiilheil grate? Tom belongs to tho
Always Up and At '.Em Society, and
is going out to-night to debute on
ihe quostlon, "Is Jl Right tu Get
Rloh Quickly?"
And Jim?
Well, Jim, you see. Is the wonderful master of the Heady to Aid Fraternal Association, and this is lodge
Then where is Hill?
Why, Hill is clilof lump-post holder
of "Tlio .Stand On the Corner, Spit
and Remark Club," This club moots
nightly, and Bill is decorating tho
But mn?
Oh, yes, mother is chief needle-
keeper In "The Matrons Sew for the
Shirtless Association," and nm is
out at a mooting of the sewers.
But that rip in Bill's trousers ?
HIsltl never a word.
Then what nbout Pa?
Well, dad Is a true, faithful, and
consistent member of two bodies.
"Thc Kit Up Willi the Siek Friend
Society" nnd the "1 Must Oo Out
to See a Man Ullib."
So Ihe key is left under tho mat,
nnd the rat minds house listening to
tho ticking of tho clock and keeping
his eye peeled on tho rut-hulo by tho
Oh! for tho days of tho good old
homo life, when fathers nnd mothers,
slstors nnd brothers, enjoyed tho delights of the family circle; when tli
Chairs were drawn about and tho old
man romped with lhe kids and made
a monkey of himself for their saki
Kay, dad, do you ever play with
tlie youngster now, or do you go
home from work, light yum* pipe,
grab a paper, and draw yourself into your shell, or do you hike upstairs, lalvo a wash, put on a clean
collar, and scoot?
Bo you know your child or do you
push him nwny when he comos up
and pulls ymir paper? Do you growl
when ho asks ymi: "Kay, pn, what
did the teacher mean when sho said
the earth moved? lt ain't moving
(lot up nud have n romp, and nn-
SWOr thc kid.     You  would  answer a
stranger on tho street. Unbend.
Kings havo done it. Don't mind il
you bag your trousers; there nru
tailor's irons. Let lhem iim-is your
collars and rumple your hair; there
nro laundries and brushes and combs
nnd mirrors*,
And then, when the yoorfl draw
down and your footsteps aro faltering near tho brink, when the liijllt is
dim nnd the rond uncertain, do not
be surprised if your ami Is held and
your feet are guided by some son.
snnie daughter you loved and romped
with.    Romping heals whipping.
"Yes. but don't I buy clothes and
feed them?"
Yes, that is true. The farmer also
feeds his pigs, lilnnki-ts his horses.
But you can't purchase a pound of
fellowship or two pounds of love nnd
romp nt. a store nnd send it home.
You curry tlmt, my friend, beneath
your vest.—Charles F. Raymond, In
Toronto Star.
'I'll,'       Mllllllflli'ttllil*.'        l.Ullll..!'
C"iii|i4iii\. limit.-.1, Ims just beon
incorporated under the provisions
of the Miiiiitol-a Joiut Sim-k companies act, with a capitalization ul'
$1,000,000. The ol.jecl of the
rinii'iiitiv is In iiiuinil'iit'tiiiv and
Bell litinlii'i' ami liiinlii-r products
liy wlmli'siili- uml retail in Muni.
i.ilm nml the Northwest Territories
mnl in British Columbia.
A largo it ber of tho lending
manufacturers in Winnipeg antl
in iln* msl huvc joined in tin- enterprise including niiiiiiinst utlu-rs.
ll. t*. Cameron, Winnipeg; D, K.
Spragtte, Wjiuiipeg; John Han-
bury, lirandoii; Movie Lumber
Conipnny, limited, of Movie, ll.l'.:
A. Leitch, Esq., Crnnbrook, B. C;
Kust K'niili-iiiiy Lumber Coiupany,
limited, of Cranbrook, 11. ("'.:
Crows Nest i'ass Lumber Company, limited, of Wardner, li. C;
remit' Lumlier Company, limited,
of fernie, ll. ('.: Robiuson-Me-
[Conine Lumlier Company, limited,
of Cranbrook, II. C; The Standard
Lumber Compnny, limited, of
fimilii-iiuk. li. C; Tho Kootenai*
River Lumber Company, limited,
of Nelsnn. ll.l'.: The King Mer-
cntitilo Company, limited, Cranbrook, II. C.j Porto ltii-u l.iiuil..'i*
Company, limited, of Nelson, 11.
C.;Tlio V.il.* Columbia Lumlier
Company, limited, of Nakusp, B.
C; The Arrow Head Lumber
Company, limited, of Arrow liead,
11. ('.. llevelstoke Lumber I'oin.
puny, limited, of Revelstoke, 11.
Ci Ciiiiiidiini I'miiii* Lumber
Company, limited, Port Moody, B,
('.; Brunette Sum- Mill Compniiv,
limited, of New Westminster, B.
('.: Ladysmith Lumlier company,
ul' Liiilysiiiitli. B, I'.: IS. J. Palmer,
of I'liomaiuus. li. I'.; Shawuiiigan
Lake Lumlier Company, limited,
of Victoria, It ('.: Columbin River
Lumber Compiitiy, limited, of
Golden, H. <'.: W. ('. Wells, uf
Pnlliser, 11.1'.; li. A. Mather, of
Ki-eiviitin,  Ontario;  nnd   W.   (
Lead Bounty.
Wilmer Outcrop: (l.f.i. Buchanan, inspector of lend banntieSi is
acknowledged to Ih- one of the best
posted men in Canada on nil uiut-
ti-rs pertaining to silver-lead uiin-
ing mnl. therefore, the following
interview from the Nelson Duily
News is of special interest:
"The production of leaf] present
is ut the rule of JlUdtHI tons per nn-
ninn, 1 do not know Ihut it will
continue at that rate for a vear.
lull if it did it would mnke 'lO.UUO
tons of lead, This is caused largely by the heavy shipments of the
Si. Eugene mine, which is produc.
iin_- 1,500 tons of metallic lend **er
month, Tins output wns never
exceeded in this country but once,
uud tlmt wns iu 1900, when the
output wns Jll.000 tons, the pro-
[taction that year Inning been
stimulated by the extraordinary
prices iu Loudon. The country is
in n better condition to take care
of its lend than it has ever been."
I n speaking of the amount earned by tin- lend producers under tin.
bounty act Mr. Buchanan said the
claims to the cud of Juno would
aggregate $180,000.
Ask-.l if some claims wen- not
lield up which wi-n- sent in between .Inly and October last yeur.
Mr. Buchanan said: "There ure
some such, but nn amendment to
remove all doubt as to the date
when the bounty payments wero
to lii-L-iii. lias imssiil tin- Commons
mnl the Senate, nnd 1 presume wo
will have official noti. f it  in n
few days."
"How alxuit the payments of the
III ]H-r cent that was withheld?" he
was asked.
"Tin- act snys that the government may pay the 40 |»*r cent on
proof tlmt nil the ore Ims lieen
Buielted in Canada. This means
that the smelters must -.-.-t lo the
Iki|loin of their ore bins, so far as
the or-* delivered up to the 'iotli of
.Inm- is concerned, in onler that
the smelter managers and myself
may be able to certify  to the fact
Cowan    und   company of  Prince J thai   the  or,-   has   ln-en netunlly
\lliert, Saskatchewan.'N. W. T.       smelted.   It is alao important that
  n number of small claimants who
j have never yet lieen heard from,
jsliutilil get their claims in for the
! l-oitntv immediately."
The people of Nelson are very
much worked up aliout what they
eluiill is tin- injustice of the C 1'.
R. regarding the rat.-s granted to
Culgnry over the Crows Nest
branch.   This feeling has  result
Piolilible Rsscbint.
John 1 i rant, who is farming the
Steel*- ranch thut lies near the foot
of   Baker mountain, will raise i.
ed in the Nelson Daifv News giv-1 R™>t crop of hay this yeer.   Heir-
ri^nt,*.! and fhus wus not affected
by the dry season, and w*ill raise in
tin* neighborhood of 100tons. Hay
will l»* h.-iy ihis yenr. and is liable
to sell anywhere from iin to i'M) a
ton.   That will mnke a profitable
Hon 11. Ffl0l.l1 Tl.ein.
Trelnntl's Vlco-Chnncollor,   tlio Itt,
lion. Ilodgos Kyio Olmltcrton,   nmoil
S.l.   llHS  just, got   llllllTi.'il.       lln     I,ns
lmlil llis odli-o slnco l«i,7, iiii.I    appears in n now wi*,- ovory li  it i^
roportixl llnil. ho moons lu retire mi
tho ground "t "I'l nir".
l'Jncliiiiil hns 120 artesian wolls   of
oi or I nil foot iloi-p.
Slock Quotations.
St. IJii^n4.	
I'aj   Roll	
St. Eugene Mi. Mi-n*	
il .-ti-rt. Dil uml Coal Con.p-.u-i
lunmliun li..l.| IVl.U	
International Coal and Cuke
Domini,,n Conrroti.lalnl	
isg some advice on the matter and
suggesting Unit tin- way out of the
difficulty is to encourage tin- building of tin- Great Northern to other
portions of tin* district not now
occupied by that road. AIoiil-
this line the News has this to say:
"There is    way out  of  ilu*
trouble innl  iu  which  wo believe
will bring nl-oiit an abatement of     Furnished by Beale,  A  Elwell
the lll|llStli'e that ll.'lS lii-r-ll ilont' to   ,      , ,.      i *     ,   r.   /-,
Hi,, business men of thi, city I brokers, Cranbrook B. C.
Tho Great Northern railway com-1 UfirS,"p -
puny recently began a more active N,r* v,r
campaign than usnnl tu secure
more ot the traffic uf Southern
Britisli Columbin than it hns hitherto enjoyed. It is building from
(Ininil I'Vks to Phoenix ami frmn
Curlew lu Midway in tin' Boundary
country. In Kast Kootenay it in
extending its line from Murrisst-y
to Fernie. It is said that its next
move will be to extend its tracks
to the Sullivan Bmelter at Marysville, which the Federal Mining
company is erecting Included in
this latter plan will be extensions
of the tracks to Craubrook and
Moyii'. When this is done, with
liiu lines ol the Great Northern already in operation, overy important point in Southern British
Columbin will bo renehed l.y thr
Grent Northern railroad,
Th.. Great Northern railroad,
fortunately for tin'' interests of
Nelson, is not interested in tin'
upbuilding of Oalgnry, nor does it
care a rap whether it becomes n
wholesale center or not, nor is it
uf mid thut Edmonton will Ix-come
,-i rival wholesale center at Calgary.
It is engaged in tin- railroad busi*
uess, pun- and Bim pie, nnd lias no
private interests ill rial estate,
nur dot's it desire lo aid thu Interests of one town at the expense
of another.
As it is not interested in Calgnry
i will le inclined, we lieliiv.-. to
grant the justice which the merchants of this city are (\emanding,
and not getting fro:n the Canadian
Pacific railway. The Great
N'ortliern will soon be in a position to receive freight for Fernie.
Michel. Marysville. Cranbrook and
Moyie in Kust Kootenay. It already reaches Rossland, and nearly
all poinls iu the Slocan. It now
reaches some of the principal
points in tlie Boundary country
id soon will lie iu a position to
handle goods to all of them. The
Great Northern, as it is after ton-
age, will, we believe, do justice to
the business men nf Nelson, und
from it they will lie able to secure
what thoy desire, fair treatment
md a cessation of th i nxi itifg
The Two Factors
i.l ii |.l.-,i- mi 'Irivi* tire fiiriiinli'tl hj tL«*liurH
nml .nrii.iK-'.
In ml.Iiinni In flit****, our .. . i M- Lu*** wu. b
tnonatste, than lifountjln tie u-mul lirerjr
The Handley Livery Sublet
ran lurniib suitable outfit! lor mi; inirimM
ur ocpoaloi.
Ontdin for uxMiiii*.., tui...rain, etc . utmixl.
Prute charges.
Chinese Labor Employment Af-tecjr
Oriental Bazaar
Full line of Chinese unci Japanese
Fancy (iools. Store on Durick
avenue, opposite old Hernlil orliie,
Yrs, nml tin- CITY BAKERY ii the
? place to got a nice wetltling Cake
iiiul ornaments in the luteHt Htyle.
Wliv Bond your order out of town
and perhapB have the Icing broken hy shipping? Our prices right
L Phone SI Ospnlte M. E. Chrck
^®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®~®-&-@ TUK   CKAMIIIOOK    lli-iKALll
lvvvvvw i szsa s vvvv^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^TSX^^^\\^\^^\^^^v^^^^^^^^^vvvvvvv^^^^
ss SEPTEMBER 5th, 1904*^
mmmmA wm
^ama*c^ma^^^mmmm^^mmmm*mmmm^^—mmmmmM^^mmz^^mmm^mmmm ■ mr,mwmrxmm^—Kx^xmma*m^ivmm^mmmi*m^—mmmtmm^m^^^mm
Greatest  Celebration   Ever Held in
the District!
Tie Making     3     Log Sawing      3     Log Cutting
Rock Drilling   3   Loading Contest
Indian Pony and Foot Races
3   Caledonian  Sports   3
si. R. riANNING, Secretary.
Any Straw Hal in our Men's Department at .Sl) p. C. reduction
Half Price
Also Special Reductions in
Wash Clothing
Royal Shield Jelly Powders  g|
K iiiii.li* in I-'IHII'I'KKN ilil'l'iii'iit Tlll'l-: I-'It I IT l-'I.AVlll(S <£
MP       u,, I'Hsi'lu'i' ot ilie.lp *'\t 1*1,4*1 s useil lis ill eolllllliill ji-lll  poll'il \r
H ers    \\ e have snhl itioiisnntls of paokota of these .11.1,1.\ <$
Bi I'tiWDKliS in ('1anl1i1.11l4.s1. lhat  Iheir i|iialil,v  needs no ty
■ -roinni    IT'S  THE   I'KICK   WE WANT TO DKAW X
1   3 10c. SKs 3
£     Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery     Eg
♦ I # 1»1 «• 1 * 1»1»1 • 1«1 *:»1 * 1 «• 1 1« 1»1 * 1 *' * 1 ■» 1 •» 1 <s> 1 * 1 * 1S,.
fl* I * I«I -f) I $ I *1 «• 1 * 1 * I * I -s> 1 $. I 1 * I * I * I * 1 ♦ 1 * I * I * I«I«I»I ♦,
I STORE Armstrong
j     $20.00 A MONTH
J J Rooms Over Store $10.00 a Month t
Avenue B
>• ♦ i *! 4
1   I « I « I *1 * I * I * I * I « I * I # I <!> I * I «
* I i 4 I ■! I *i  -a I -j. I *•■ I s*-1 * I *i-1 -!* I **-1 * I >*.
9*    J*   APPLY     TO    J*   .*
Beale & Elwell
- w
- IS)
t> I * I vi' ! ■*' | .'
> I <- I '•* I '!• I *-
.. mm ot us..
We want you to think of us whenever you think of Clothes
Our whole energy is concentrated on securing good tilings for
you to wear
Our Spring and Summer Styles are now making a strong appeal to you> while our reasonable prices make an equally
strong appeal to your purse.   We are waiting to serve you
Rill * Co.. Cranbroek's Greatest Store
-I * i • I ® i * I ♦ j ♦ i»i «i«.*■ .* ......
*■ i*idi.* ,..'..... ..,..■. . ....., . .■	
See our Ready Mixed Paints, Prism brand
del vmi house painted mid he up*lo*date
We will also supply your ivahls In Hardware from it
needle In an anchor
•     * imci*.-...'. Mn
iff     lOOTii.SHOtS   ;;j
' *v^jjammlces a
ll)-! SALE    ■■-
.. HY...
^^^vmMMMNMMM New goods arriving each week in the way of
Camping Season   |     HARDWARE
Is Htre3333
4.,, rl, .Illli.  ul	
 H.I.,i .1, |iii,Inr,,III
 Illllllil., I.II.I I.lll'l
We carry what the
campers need, camp
stools, fishing tackle, photograhic supplies and everything
that makes the life
of a happy camper.
J:   and everything that goes with a first class
if  " stock in a Hardware Store.
"  -KUNcIlP   "*
UNO, .04),
U.^fl. Lt.TllIft
Cranhrook  Cottage  Hospital,
.'..III.'.  Allll-llllll-rill.-lllll* llll'l   I.UI-  M
I... lull |uiili,'iilm. ii|i|i)y In
riiss Mom, - Matron,
<.,:,. I ill I.   .it   Sl.   1.44k,''. II,..i.lliil. Villi
 u-i, 11.0.
Teacher ol pianoforte and organ.
For terms, etc. apply between hours
of three and live o'clock on Wednesday and Friday at residence ol
Mrs. W. H. Griffith.
Picked  Up Aboul Ihe Cily  by Asking
Uueslions ol Many People.
Mr, Gillis of Morrissey, wns in
town Momlny,
Limions mul ornngos, tlio heat, nt
1', MeConnell's.
Dr. BoiiiihII, of Pernio, wns in
(nii'ii Inst Thurstlity,
•I. V Aunstrung visili-il Full
Slooli- Inst Sunilny,
Sullli- sii;i|is   in   unit    eases     lil
Morrow & MoFnrli 'i.
\V. F. liunl mis in Ferule uu
Monday mi legnl lnisiness.
II. Dltrlltlg nml tl. .I'.ni's. uf
W.'iriliti-i*. were iu tuwn nu Sunilny,
limn. I.. Mr. nml Mrs, George
lluiiler. Tuestliiy, dulv 8l)tll. it
1 I
dl   »ir
|l    $        The Frttil nud \\,
M:   $ W.iirl -M-iiiili.lv,
ll        € A   .'*'.l''l   l.ll."   I.l  li-r,       ll*l„'„V,„HI',,,„, |',.„,
H. IDaweon & Company       *.
ulili-a ni mu' store tin- iilivnv
,    ll-lleli yn
i-p ii lurge v.iriely
Seven new bedrooms added.   -.*   The
most comfortable hotel in the Kootenays
Sunday Dinners a  Specialty	
•phone i«
j | HnSHH Here's to You |
4   4 V;^ jl    flfcl     Sllerr,v* "."■'• B:and}. clt.. jlisl   »
Q    |        B |l|l  ^^   • SCHLIIZ' BEER
.lu-,1 I'l'ri'iiiil. n sn
iti-stlii'S  nt   Mui'i'ii
I line ul' tin
&   M.-F.-ti-
Cnnslulile Morris vlsili-tl Nelson
lust week when, he  Weill  wllh  n
pri.-,. in,.v.
Hriin.ii'ii en'nmery liullor in nne
I'linnil hrlrka 27.) i-la. ul li. T,
Burl lloaswits in tuivn thisiveek.
Ills -xwtioii .hi lln- l'. I'. I!, nl
Penile i** keeping lllltl liusy,
Wi iii.. in VnnAi'siliili'ii uf Fori
Sleele, «ms in town Inst Moiuluy
-ni liis unv liuiiii- from Nelsnn
Mi* Henry Wilson, of .Morrissey,
will 'iivtiili In the Methodist eliuivli
next Snnilny ;it the usual hours.
All kinds of fresli frttil un Iinnii
nl 1'. MeCoiitiell's: Apples, IVnrs,
['iii,'Ins. I'rtiiu-s ntnl struwl-eiTii's.
A rumriii't Ims 1,,','n lei   for sel
ting th." polos I'm* lln- new telephone
lino liiuiivii Moyie anil Cnuibrook.
A Dawson .1 I'u.. hnvo retlfiflT
from luisiiu'ss nml Mr. Dnwson tins
iiuui- liust to look fur another loon-
A ,1, Ali-liisnn. lln- Muyii- tlriig-
nfst. mis in Iinni Insl Moiuluy, ll--
fi'|Kirls Mini,' iiiiprmiu)- pm-h
See onr  Ij/.ysliiui- in   Iin-,    The
liusi lllot, pulisli  iiii   il nrket.
.l-l, Mon-oii nntl McFnrlaua, thev
lv, ('. Figgenbollintll Iiiih rottlt'll*
i'il from his trip tu the tin1 I'uiist
mnl is vory iinii'li iiupi'uvi'il iu
The limimins hml u close cull lust
Sunday night, but furluiint ly the
frost was uut heavy enough tu du
uuv serious lim-ui.
T. T. MuVltlle wus ii t'l-iiiiln-uuk
visitor lust Sutiii-iliiy. Mr. ,\|i-\'il-
lie is lii-inn kept very busy these
ilnys surveying mineral .-Inluis.
Dairy litilter in mu- |-tiuinl hrk-ka
•io.-ls. iii tulis u'-Jl eta, ul ll. T,
l-'ivil Drew ivns in luwu for n few
"Due." Sntifui-il. nu old timer in] Malinger Slen-it. of I'. Burns &
those parts, wus in lutvn lust week. Co., is having the building at tin-
Ho  spoitl   severnl   years   In   the eonier of Bilker Btreet  mul  Ann
Vukon   mul   thu   Nuni-*   oi try strong avenue painted,   Mr. St.-i--
siiiiv li.'I.-li Ihu Kooleiiiiys. I ill believes in keeping up with the
On Sunilny tho 241 It tho sttbjeel  |,r ssi""'
for the   morning   service in  Ilu-!    Unv, S, ,1. Thotiipaoti  i-oltirneil
Hnplisi church will 1 Di'iftliig".yoateri|iiy   from  Moyie, whore he
mul liitlieevi>iiilig"The tli-eul Con. uiot thn truatei-a of the Methoilisl
lest."   A cordial welcome lo nil.    j cliurch.   At the mooting It was re.
Tun. Wellnin.w vcnilv  pur- st.lveil to proeoed as soon as poasi-
ehusotl tin* 1.,-luii.l hotel ni \Sin-!,,|,MV,it'' Ul°,'1™J10'1 "' " ™.n";11
couver, retiirue.1 lu-r.- Insl Tlttirs. '''"''" "',' Itivlalock sl.rei-t, kindly
iluv font stay of twu daya when ll""11".'11  I"1' ,l"' l""T"s"  llv  ll"'
ho'i-eturtietl In  Vancouver   lo  ■.,*., tnwnslt pany.
niniii. There is slill   t -e oomplui.il
,        ,,.   ,, i  ,. aljout tlio delay in the laittl reglstrv
.li„,„-s I-,,,, Inyroluritoil  tram  .■.■„.,-„,„,„ Nl.|li,,r;   w , Honorable
visil tu Alberta Moiuluy where  ho  ,*„,„,,., (!|.,,,,, „,ls *„,  (-l.„lll„.,1,1|v „
iioiil Ineoinpniiy with Mr. I!, rls, ',,„,,,  ,,        ,„. BllU|  h,,,,,.  „,|s
Iht-iiiaiiiigoi-oftl,,. Siilliiau  , ■;„„,.,,„„„ |-„,s,i,,|, ,|„|,*,vs „s tlu'i
pnny.   ,\ r.  Itoberls roliirn ihu.l suttieieiit help to keep up iiitlt
Si-okiit.ebywnyol hll,... (he work,    ll is up lo so.iiebo.lj I,,
•Ti s   Hill,   si'iii'imi    4,1'  the llml out. what is the nuttier.
ff!| " 'I. 1b iiiixiou-. lu hnv.. nil      .-I*;,, ,,,    hn ,,,      ,   ,*,  .„,
tlioaceouiit-sng St. Ihc l„,nn    hi- tl„lt the .lnitger is not tivot- su   Inr
oil will, I,,,.,  ,,.,,,,.,-ruiv so Uml tin;L, ||r(,a   ,„,,,„„„,,-,* I.     l-.'„.,-„„l
lilisiuess of the yen,-„„iv bo setlleilL,, ||||m„, ia the pi-ice of our sitlvu-
ll|J .'l> 11IIH-k  V US  llusslli C. ,, 11    '       ,1 I       • ■     I I
11       *       ' tiiiii.       Iiiin*   tins 111   iinnii   uml
tt', I, Darling wus culled liiu-k wnti.li lln- back yniils, Ilu- slovi'
fruui M'inulpeg hy  lhe  illness of plpea, the stoves, tuul nbovo nil du
Mrs,   Dnrllitg ulm  is  nun   innuli not allow loose paper to lie around
Iiiiiii*.   They  loft lids week  fur     A. MeKiioliern  mul  I' iiv  lefl
\\iiinipeg, wlii-i-t-MrJJnrhtig litis |||f|* Sn||(| , ,*„. ,•,,.{,- |,„MI1. |„
11 I"'1*'11"" "ll 1|»' ill-. ! Rhliinluutlor, Wis., nfter spouiliiig
I'liii Diiigmiiu, coutlnctor un tin- tin- Biimtner in lliis country, li is
t 'run. Iiiiii ii I'iiiiI linill.v crushed Insl j In In- hoped Hint Mr. Mol'iu-lioni
Thursday while pulling u pin oitiiuay find it to llis advantage to ro-
his train nl Morrissey iTitnction, turn to C'riinlirook to i-oiiiuiu per-
He wus brought, to the St. ICugene niaiioullv.   Hi- Ims ninny  I'riouils
lit INM'.SS sun r
oao"j:)ri-)Tn:j;):oO'j;)..U'-i* roca^
I i i • |      A-.olhcr shipnu'iit  d   **
Just Arrived FB^RR^iR0r,t
 lactorv. in 14 and 28 T
® pound boxes and bricks, put up expressly lor  Manning   &  Sid- 9
,.J dons; in (act we sell nothing but fresh goads  that   arc  sure  to 9
..; please the most exacting. *\
ffl         We have a few ol those TAILOR.MADE SUITS direct from I
-   London, England, thai are king sold so cheap that they willsur- I
j" prise you.   Oh, yes, and  those FANCY SUMMER  VESTS. T
»' Come and see them WE ARE HERE  TO PLEASE
New Drug Store
Tliis is 1.1ii1 bit-JJ 'ini-'. We Im"' j'.--i :ii'i.'-'i ini" uur iu-w
slur.*, and are Intsv 'j'-tiiui: our '_-.»r!> in sli;i|»-. nn.l \lu*r«
is tlm new utock in take rare of Wi ivill lm a-ttlwl iIowh
in .'i fev ilnya. \Vu ivaul you to ..til anil - -- us. Vmi will
Iiml "in- of iln* neatest, up-to-ilnte ilruji ->t..iv3 in Uritish
Columbia, tilled ivith fresh .Iruu's and druggists' novelties.
lospital mul is now doing nicely.
The ISpworth Iwi^uf will ln.lt] a
ili-nirv I'veiiinp; next Tuesdnveveu-
iiK nt'the Methodisl .lnnvli nl H
.'flnfk.    Rev.Thompson will leet-ltlu
lien' wlm would lif pleased   lu
liim du su.
|)|*. Ktdily. ul' Spokum*. one of
tin* original        owners      ut
in vi(n tion is extendwl to the pul ilir.
li.'iit-nil Siiperiiil.'t..|.'i.t R, R,
••I'lniii'snii. ul' Cnlgnry. made ti trip
over lln- Oj'ow last wirk in eonipniiy with Siipcriiili'iiilriil lifirk-
Bou and Mr. Alton, superintendent
of tin- building mnl bridgesdepiirt.
Mrs. I). Alton foil down thu *r|-
liir steps ;it her home peeuntly und
ni'vei't'lv sprained licr knee, so that
niu- was conHned tu lui bed for
several days and will nut lir fully
recovered for sotni1 iinn- tu come,
P, lirndlrv. thr pi.inlrr ami iW-
oratov, of Nelson, who is going tu
ongngi' in lilisiuess in Crnnbrook.
linived yesterday with Ms family,
Hr Ims rented lli*' now ship* room
next to the Urn nl hotel and will
mil be ivildv for IniM
in town Monday iu company with
I). Elinor. The ilitHmltir.s ofthe
townsite have been nniirnHy ad-
justed and Mr. Klmrr hns been
appointed ugent ami will hnve
charge of the snle of tin- properly
in the future,
Dr. H, Bidlnke, M. R, C, V, S..
was in town lasl Friday arranging
to locale in Craiilirook fur the
piartireuf his profession a.s vel-
erinary surgeon. Mr. Hidlake has
had years of e.Npriieiiee in his profession and lias been sinvrssl'ul.
He is well pleased with the pot J
(n'etu uf Crnnbrook and territory
ami says he is anxious to make ll. s
place Ins permanent home,
A greut improvement das le *n
uiuile in iln- appearance of the
residential portion ofthe town bv
.1. V. Wink and (i. Pallliore enttinu
C. E Reid & Co.
Registered pharmacists
'I'u Esuape Prom Poor Plurnblng
is oiiiy if line wishi -> tn ilu si.    Il's
simply ii r|iiostioit nl'
Who's  Vuur  Plumber ?
Settle Ilint liy .engaging lis lu ilu
nil neeessiiry work nml there will
In- in. flimsy inritoriiil  ur defective
wtirkmnnshii.. I'jion tin iniiloto-
inss. rii' -i-tivoiii-ss iiiiiI iliirnliililyi.f
uur work il'*|i -mis nur ro|)iilutioii.
Wn .'iniilnl risk Ihis trough fail-
llfO til [llrlisi'.
lie al.u make I'aitiu llr) lir Relrljeraton, snl iii u,i old oii-i »;t'.i Pattn; Sjsttm -Beit
Un Rarllt
'*******>***$>*** $*$***$***,$
%        .IN HIS NEW STORE. '<*
9         _ ^
9 A.   C.   BOWNESS, Wholeaale dealer In <b
%   Wines Liquors and Cigars
4> Neiv Knums In the Aiken Blntk, Jusl Norlh of Imperial Bank Corner
Agent fur Calgary Ueer ami .'.irtcr
Agent lm- I. l-ebel & Co., Ilay ami drain.
****<*>* r* *>*****.*'**********9i
LOT'S flk'i V UM llii II.
uf tin- fuir of  thnl   -'ity   iinni   lli
Orniibrook oluli t nn-  there In
  piny Revelstoke.   Thi- reputation
hours lust Siitiinluy.   Mr. Drew is 'uf the lacrosse t'lllb nf lliis town is
milking it great sm-i-oss of the Royal' growing,
hnlel ut Mnrysville mul heileserv
""'  ''''""> ""' '"Wl"''*. I,Imi,, tl„. growthof  iJoplnrs  along lor tlmt    .r.-t.-r-    Pin. -- il ": J"
'''hoNelBon lacrosse club hnB ills- t|,n slough nt the base oftho  hill   ' I^:i,i"r".'"" r;"':","'!''';',','"'',[
iiliulo,]lllltl now  tin* lun.ingemelil  T|„, bcnutifnil resl, cos nn*  uowlj^..^'"^''.!"..*.!I- '-1«" »'«.
I The Calgary Cattle Company,
House for r. nl.
II. McL-'ni'li	
Apply to W.
S, A, Clnncoy |.-ll on Wednesday
I'm- Swift Ourrent, whore ho will
hike the i'iiiiii fur tin- Muyii- l.itin-
Ih-i- Company. Mr. Olnncoy is n
young iiuui nf nliililv uml shmilil
Quite n party uf young people' make n success in tins linn, n ro.
visited the enmp of Mr. uud Mrs.'suit (hut Is hoped for by his muny
.fumes (Iill on St. Mary's river lust friends iu Crnulirook
riiiir.sduy uud hud  a   magnificent
Tin- Hernld will bo  in  ils  uow
buiiiliug noxt month, null will luni'
Tin- V.. P. H. hus leased ils line the liest equipped newspaper build
from Pernio to Coal Creek tu the ing occupied by any weekly paper
conl conipnny, nml now tha com. In Western Ciiiindn. Tin- Herald
pany will not build tlio lino they bus mi the way n lingo invoice of
lind iu view. ' i type, including ninny of the Inlost
,,. , , I faces mul designs, with new cubit:.
Ilsmiio  garni Samaritan would ots, stones, and otliot-eiitilpn ts.
I li.iiuiilili.ivii the mills sticking up when   this is Installed  witli  Iluni tin- sidewalks on  the  business present complete plnnl, The Hernlil
streets, it would bu u blessing In will be ready for tnosl nny kind of I lodge of the wants of Ilie people of
lhe community. wur|i •„ t*„, pr|nt|iig linr. | ,|,ia Bection of the couiilry,
in full lion* from tin- lower pnrt of iisin.tli>Rq„ in
tin- tuwn, uud if the restofthe trees nmii-too -
won- cut -Inuu it would make 100] rm,.ljr-m.ii-
per cent difference In lln- appearance of lhe Iii-n
I! I-:. Beattie Imssj t Ilu- pusl
nook in Winnipeg, where ho hus
been [nlervicwitig wholesalers und
traveling men frum Ilu- eastern
markets of C'anailu uml tin- t'uited
Stntes. Ho reports tluil Ile hns
never seen such ti displny ul suuip-
los us ihcre is helllg Bliown ihis
year, atitl thnt lie hus mnde larger!
purohtisea tliiin ever before uiul nt
prices thnl will enable him In give
tin- people uf Suutli Kusi Koote.
uny st.nie attractive bargains iu
iln'iggisl iiinollics uiul n selection
Hint could nut In- siirpussi-il in
Winnipeg ur nnst.'in cities, Mr.
Belittle hns always boon n boldl
buyi r. but ho hns nlso boiigl.ll with i
iililgllienl ninl  ii   lli I*   '■ '
• I ,iliili.|lii'i..nu.'r.i
tin, i*,|,mini,.ii
Clear of high prices;
Likewise low grade meat.
We are cutting up the best
beef that Alberta produces
Nothing but the best passes through our market.
Harris & Jolliffe TIIU   CBAXBROOK   I1KKAM)
5 : i ::::::::: :  : : i S •' •' •" I •" »$$ll
ft Che Cosmopolitan Bote!
ia A Firstcl.iss House Centrally Located
ft> "       "_	
iff Fine Sample Rooms in Connection. The bedrooms ®§
|f are airy and comfortable, and the table is the best the U
57 market affords. H
M ®*
    <£   «...i!«'!>...)J>i?'S-«h
I As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip
'< Which, being translated, means that thoi*e who wear
j OUR suits, made up in first  class style by first class
; workmen, well know them to be the BEST      .*      J*
J Cranbrook Blnck
Why pay more for your Insurance than ^*s|TllMDppi   A \Ift^
worth ? S Try another way ! S Insure with ^____
Cranbrook, B,C J
.*»■•> mt_)
■•   -
-  .             .,- ..-..>, — * a i- lik.* imviiiL' ii pig in a rag
_..■ ■ 4*..*.'.    s..r-    ,    „;,|IS, |„.„|,||..     All iiii'iili.
,   '.     , '      -"SHli look nllko in tin-in iiiiii- they
v   [   ' *^Rr'*s wry often uot poor quality.
* -,   .        WO \\v mini tl„* tuul.* -f those
..**.-. -y \~ iii...kiu.iiiinnii
*\>' '.   - 1
•:t:.      g :ij  ^ HEAT
'Miit'' \   '        iiiiii those that don't,  The for*
pSj#, ,'»* "•'•'-•--t /     /i  mor will know that we have
'"'    ..     *. SsffllWtX^    ,'i   Unit  kind for litem nml lhe
"  .   .   \   .      .. .   -. *-t*-!   •■,if  ^
J. E. Stephens.
H. I.. Stephens.
ll. Roekendnrf
J. I an mui,
As we predicted several months
months ago, the Flathead country has been thrown open. The
" rush is on." The mines arc
running full blast and everything
is lovely. If you are in our neighborhood come to the Alexandra
Hotel. It is the best hotel in
the district.	
Stephens Bros. & Co., Owners anil Proprietors,
Morrissey Mines, B. I.
II. I.. Stephens
J. li. Stephens
The Great Northern is building
from Morrissey to the east.
Morrissey is headquarters for
contractors, supplies, etc. The
Australian Hotel is the " Hub."
If you wish to find anybody enquire at the Australian, you will
find your man there.	
Stephens Bros., Owners and Proprietors,
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
Km- terms, tulips nnd further 'mrtieiilura u*.|ily lo tho following
Ini'iil Imui nguuUi
1 V, Midi* Bnker, Crnnbrook, It. C,    lv Miilliiiiiliiini), dr., Croatou, B, 0,
11.11 Wilson, Wiinlnor, 11. 0, II. .V M. Ilird, Nolson, B, 0.
II. II. Bruee, Wilmer, B.C.
Ill' In
Tin* lli-mlil ('"
I   ..Manitoba Hotel.
« il"iii|.i' New Management)
5 I). A. McDONALD, rianager
J This Hotel is in the center of town.    The rooms are
} comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first-
* class,-and the bar is supplied with the best.   When you
* want a good place tc stop come to the Manitoba.
„„Zhc Owl Cafe....
■ ■. I '•■'•'
'• ■:. - j,-
C. E. Estea, proprietor.
OtK'ii F-iiv nuCi  llltol.it.
Tin- Besl nl Everything In Ihe Baling Line
If you initii' iii'ie imi uill come often.    IV
... nim in please...
Cranbrook Brick
anil  Tile Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
Tunica* & Boiler Specialists
All deseripti
hy new fire pn
£ liriek work
Flues plnstered
ml' process.
Common ln-i'-l,. pressed brick,
I'u-,, liriek nml Iih-un linud.
Cranbrook Sash    •
and Door Factory j
All liiml-* ul linish work in
uni nf doors, windows, ti-nn-
siiiiis. i'l''. Kiln dried lumber
for inside work. ' Iur work is
-/iiiiriittteetl uiul nur prices lire
Rt.uxli und Dressed Lumber
For Sale
Land Notice
Tnko notico Hint sixty days nfter ilnte 1 in
1-ml tu nii|il.v in tin* Chilli Commissioner ot
Lull-Ill mnl Wnrks Fur |n nniimiiiii to purchlise
tlii'fi.liniiii'lili.Hi'riliiil lumls ill Suiiili Unsl
Coram nclng in o liust iiliinti'il  nt tbo
norltmi'sl n,,i* nt l.ut .•tm}*,, llience west,to
ll u-i Iimii nl l.ut MOO, llience soolli m
iln-noilli limit ol Lot; 3570, thence i-ust to
tin- 11,-st, liniil ul Lot U065, theni-e lin.ttl to
Ilm iiiiiii-ul liogltiiiltig turning :i:.»u ai-r,--4
lore or Us.
lininl Hits Uth day of June, HUM.
II * illllllil I'nitiii
' lent.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
A beautiful line uf Homespuns und Worsteds for
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits.
Satisfaction gunranteetl,
Rooms on Armstrong Ave.
Perry & Fitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer company
We nn- in business for lnisiness.
'I'u keep it und secure more we
must do business in u business
like manner, We nn- prompt
mid reliable. Thut is business.
Wu do nil kinds of drnynge nnd
curti-Re,    Wu wnnt more.
Leave orders in our office in
the Crnnbrook hotel block, op-
|nwite stutioiii nr telephone 511;
residenco, Oil.
MOVIE .insults i Mil*;.
Thoro wns u meeting hold in the
[.0.0, 1-'. hall lust Friday evening
for the purpose of re-oi-gnnizing
tho Minors I'uiuii in Muyii-. .1.
A. Bnker. district organizer of the
Western Federation of miners,
wus present nml after the I.hI-j..-
wus organized by him, several
i-nndidiitos wore initiated. The
following officers woro then elected
to   lmlil   office   until   Sept lu-r.
when the regular election will in-
hold: President, John McDonald;
Vice-president, Cntneron Clark:
Financial secretory, It. Temby:
Recording secretary, Mr. Cullin-
iine: Treasurer, -luhu Blackburn.
The regular meeting night is
Siitunlny nnd, us the lirst meeting
wns so well attended, without
doubt, now iiu'iiilioi-s will be joining i'l'iiiu time tu timo uud the
union in Moyie will hnve n largor
roll thnni over before.
The work ut the St.  Eng  is
lieing pushed ns rnpidly ns possible, now men being put on from
time to time. The shaft hns now
Ih-oii pumped out nml it large
force of mon put to work in the
lower levels. The recent strike
makes the initio oven more viilu-
uble thun wns thought uud proves
that Movie is surrounded by hills,
thut hold mineral, whioh cannot he
exhausted for yours to come.
A. ('. Hrndshiiiv. of Calgnry, wus
in town lust Thursday.
J. F, Kinldy. of Spokane, wns it
Moyie visitor on Snturdny.
.1. H. McDonald paid Moyie n
visit the former purl nf tho week.
J. A, linker wns in tuwn on Friday organizing the Minors Union.
ll. J. Johnson, tin- contractor ui
Cranbrook, wns in tuwn nn Suiiiluy.
Mr. Howell und Miss E, Hewitt
were Movie visitors nn Sunday
H. White, uf Cranbrook, was
registered ut the Hotel Kootenyon
K, A. Hnrvey. of Victoria, wns
doing business in Moyie un Saturday lust,
L. VV, Patmore wus doing business in Moyie the latter part nf
lust week.
A, lt. Bongo, nf Crnnbrook, wus
rogistored tit the Hotel Kuutenny
nn Thursday Inst,
H. M. Fullertoii wns registered
at the Hotel Kootenny un Sutur-
,lay of Inst wook.
The hose reel for the Moyie
tiro brigude arrived Insl wook uml
is certainly a daisy,
H. Camoroit, munagcr of the
Moyie Lumber company, rofcuriietl
from a business trip to tho Territories, nu Monday.
The Methodists of Moyie are
taking stops toward building n
church, wliieh will have a Beating
capacity nf nm- hundred people,
Tho Dominion dny celebration
committee hold n meeting Inst
Thursday evening uml found Hint.
after till expenses were paid, there
wns ii surplus of $112. which, it wus
decided, to hold in trust.
Installation of Officers.
At a speeinl meeting of Crescenl
Lodge, Xu. Jlil. Knights nf Pythias,
held Inst Thursday night, the following officers were installed by
W. D. Hill. Deputy Grand Clinn-
cellort X. Hill. ll.C: .1. I'. Fink.
V.C* .1. Btviniior. Prelate- (I. II.
Thompson, M. of W.; A. Black, AI,
ut A.; ,1. Arnold. K. of It. it S.; T.
Rookes, M. of E.; W. Gordon, M.
nl'F.; II. Rabiohaiid, I. (I.: N. ('.
McKinslry, <>. (I.
Dr. Mill's is in Moyie tliis woek.
('. K. KiiH'li. of Mnrysville was in
tuwn today.
P. J.Cahill, of Movie, was in
town Friilay.
Type writing wanted, Apply to
.Miss Stump.
V, Hyde Bnker litis gone to Klko
I'm- a week's lishiiitf.
The enrponters1 union hold their
election tomorrow night.
I'- V. Mott. of Fernie, was in
town the first ofthe week.
A few teams of good youngwork
horses for sale. N. (', McKinslry
George (long-ton hns heen on
the sick list for some time luil is
\\. hi. Argue hns gone to Winnipeg to represent the t'nr men in ji
rs your watch siek? Bring it
to ns. wc guarantee n cure, Tate
the jeweler.
A. Moffatt and his daughter, Miss
l);iisy. are visiting relatives it
Charles Jncobs, ii travelling man
spent several flays tins week visit
ing Cnnibrool*.
Governor Hanson, of Wasa, waf
in town on Monday. The governor
is looking younger ns he grows
uliler.   That is ;i fortunate faculty.
Mrs. H. A. Macdonald, mother of
S. Macdonald, left Inst week for her
home in England, after a long visil
with her son mnl family,
Dovere Hunt returned this week
from Calgnry. where he went ou
business connected with the Brotherhood of Kail way Trainmen,
K. II. Small. M. Johnston, F.
Parks, T. Rookes, -I.F. Armstrong,
nnd A. Hislop attended a special
meeting of the Royal Arch Masons
in Fori Steel last. Sunday
Wm. Burton nud Joe Jackson
caught '.IiSiS trout on their fishing
excursion to Goat river, and as Mr.
Mr. Burton expressed it. "we did
not tish very hard either."
Al. Jones has returned from
Poplar Creek. lie snys all the
Cranbrook hoys over there are getting along nicely and tlmt they
will all come hack for the winter.
A. -1. McKay, o\' Mayook, was in
town Monday getting some machinery in shnpe for the Standard
mill. Mr. McKay is an old tinier
and it is said there is little ahout
saw mill machinery tlmt he does
not know.
Engineer J. Caslaku hns traded
his west run on the Crow with engineer T. (iill who hus un east run.
torn few weeks, so that Mr. (iill
might enjoy lieing with his family
who have gone to Sirdar on a vacation.
The Craiilirook hotel looks liken
new building, Messrs. Moggarth
A- Rollins do not propose to quit
until Ihey hnve one of tiie liest hotels in tliis pari of the country.
They have still other improvements
in view lhat will make the place
very attractive.
The Imperial hotel is rapidly
getting into shape. The upstairs
is all painted mid carpeted and
everything is rendy for business.
Some nm' asked Mr. Small the other day why they were spending so
much money on an hotel that wns
off main street. Mr. Small answer-
ed: "Well. Mr. Mnthesoii says
thnt he hus got to spend alxnit so
much money this yenr nnd he might
just as well siH'iul it making the
hotel better ns nny other way, and
I suppose thut he'will keep ou till
he gets through or his money is ull
gone." (»ne thing sure is that they
nre getting n mighty comfortable
hotel and one thut is hound toilna
hig Ijusiuess*
Dont have broken ui] is laying
ironnd. Wo cnu mnke them as
good as new Tate the jeweler,
Misses Anna and Rebecca Boyes,
of Portage hi Prairie, are visiting
their brothers. Jnmes ami David
Boyes. The ladies will go from
here to Montana, where they have
u sister.
Constable Dow made a good
catch when he trailed the handlers
of old Confederate money from
Gateway to Fernie through the
district. He called in Constable
Walker ami lietween them they
landed the man named Bryant nud
he was sent up for four yenrs by
Judge Foriu.
Mr. Cobbc of Vancouver, a practical painter and paper hanger,
arrived in Cranbrook Wednesday
to enter into the employ of Short
and Coiupany. Mr.Cobbe isnn artist in his line nnd Short and Conipnny nre now prepared to do all
kinds of first class painting and
Dr. Miles, of New Brunswick.
has formed a partnership with Dr.
F. E. King, iu the practice of dentistry in Cranbrook and vicinity.
This will give lo this community
two young men competent fo meet
the needs of the people in the dentistry line. Dr. Miles will devote
considerable of his time to the surrounding towns, while Dr. King
will attend to the home practice,
The increased business on the
North Star branch will necessitate
increased accomodations in the
train service. At present there
nre only two trains a week, but
this will be increased to three, nnd
as soon ns thc business justifies it.
II daily service will be installed.
The construction of the smelter at
Marysville and the building of the
big mill at the mouth of l'erry
Creek, is making lots of business
along the line, and soon it will be
one of the (\ P. K.'s  best feeders.
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
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We are now in shape to furnish all kinds of
Orders promptly filled and delivered in town. For prices apply
j; King Lumber Mills Co. Limited
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$ Locals in this column will be J
Z charged at the rate of 5 cents J
Z per line each issue. Jj
House for Pjitle; live moms; pun try
mnl eellnr; two foticcil Iota; Blnlilo ninl
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nci-088 creek. Apply to Mrs. IV. ,1.
Welsh, or lleralil ollice.
Minimi fm* rent,   Apply lo Hurry Vim-
.lust wli.it yon want, tin- besl pliolos
I'roKi I'hotoCo.
Bullor, biggs, 1'iirk, I'.ti'.     I'm- aliii*-
niiMit to Brlllslt Colniiiliiii,   .11 qunllty,
Write for cusli prices.   I. I'ol-'elir, Dlils-
Inirv, Alt i. IT-fu
l?oi* Snle.—1(10 ncres of Inml adjoining
Cranbrook. Apply to .llis. Tims. Maycock.
l-'or Hont—FimrnisliCfl liniise in weat,
pari of town.   Apply in A. Slii-lton.
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.   We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
Manufacturers of and wholesale and retail dealers in
Marble and Marble Work of All Kinds.
We own our own quarries, ntnl lln- .|iuility in Qoitcotlotl
to In- tin- boat. Monuments, Headstones, riarhle Trim-
tilings tor Buildings, n s|»'ii.'tlt.v.   Uy buying from un you
ii-'t tin- iniiU-riiil nt lirst rust,
DR. BIDI.AKE, M. R. C. V. S.
VlirtklNARV SURfiliO.N
Horse Dentistry nml Lmucness
n Specialty
Tel. No. 71.
Orange Meal
A   Perfect   food THE CRANBROOK HERALD.
ni.VNUKOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY.   .ll'LY   i»S.   11)01.
»» *>.*>.*> *>■■> ***■»■***■.■» *>■#■ ■> •••••** »*-»^»^ -»■»-»♦■■«>*• *>■»■» •>*>-•»-•»-*>-*>->-•**-*'»>     I *|r    x     T*^    V IP V ^^     TT   W    "I"' '1    y ^■y*/   *\--     j    T"*N
The Canadian Bank of Commerce     jJNcW     jMeL 1 LK
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Oko. A. Cox, President. It. li. Wai.krr, Gen. Mnn.
Paid Up  -J-iplHI      SMO.OOO.lie
Rcsl          K.IMM.OOO 00
Total  Ki's'ini..'. \,... ii. Ul   HJ.OtHI.OIW.WI
Deposits Received.   Qeneral Itankinn Business Transacted
SAVINHS IHMi DEPARTMENT   Deposit! Rewind-llllrtlt Allowed.
Oilt-iif-tuivn ni-rin
In tin- iiiiiiingi-i ul 11
MAIL    |ii'|iii-it- mnv Ih- innili-ami ivilliilmwn liv mnil.
iln nvi-iu- ovory iiurnlinii.   ruiiiiiiiiiiiriitiniiH nililri-i-Hi'it
i.-l. will ii'i-i-lvi- prouipl iitti-nliiin.
F. C. MALPAS, Manager.
ok t,i
Z Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000 t
2 Rest $2,850,000 i
J T. R. Merritt, Pres.   D. R. Wllfcle, Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager f
m   .li
J A general banking business transacted. Drafts sold availa- *
*) ble in every part of Canada, United States and Europe. Special *
Z attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     8
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These hot. Bummer days Double the Danger
BEALE    &
is. ■-<.■> v* (.. *- - — „ •■ "<f f ®-®-®-®-®-®-Ji>-®-®-®-®^
.*> iii-i.) ••- $ ■»! ... ®-if ® a-'a-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-
Onr Block .'f Hllvorwtiro Inia jut I boon
milled to by n recent Bhipmenl ol tlio
i-iili-liriiti'il 1841 linger Bros.' l-'l:itiv.-ar.
Ainu tin* Inli'-ti pattcma in 'I'lii Services,
('itkt- Boskets, Pudding I>i:.li,■*-.. Sugars
tuul Creams. Lot's alioit- you tlio goods
ivltetlior you buy or not.
W. H. Wilson, o=^ND
'I'lu- lli.ii. Riohaid McBride ro-
.-.-iitly stated  nl a pulilii- i ting
nl Kusi.. tluil Cranbrook is the
iin-st active, prosperous and go-
iilii'iiil town li,- Innl visited ilurim:
nu intended tour ot British Colitm
bin. Hi- attributed lliis prosperity
ln. amongst other things, fin- fuof
tlint Cranbrook is tin- distributing
{mint fnr n iniinlii-r of smnil local
contres sm-li ns Muyii-. Marysville
mnl others, What makes for lln*
advancement of n trtbutaiy ihi.hi
tends to tho progress of the centre
of trade distribution. It is therefore in order to consider the pros
poets of lln- Industries of Marys
villi- its nlfecting tin- commercial
betterment of Craubrook. Tho
Marysville Buieltor now in process
of election by tin* Sullivan Mining
ami Smelting Company of Spokauo
will nt oni*i* BUggest itsi-lt in this
'I'lu- primary elements of success
in a smelting enterprise aro permanency nml sufficiency ,>f oro
supply, cheap anil convenient
[luxes, nnil convenient power and
transportation facilities, Tin- consideration of transport may bo
dismissed nt once liy saying Hint a
bi-weekly train service over less
tliiin a score of niili-s. taking anywhere from five hoars tn Imlf n
ilny is not an accommodation Imt
mt absurdity, a railroad anachronism, Let the traffic only warrant
it ami tin- service will lie improved
to meet tin* better conditions.
Mr. Weeks, the manager in
charge of tin- construction of the
plant, slates that, as far as he.
knows, no on- will lie treated ex- i
i-f'pt that wliieh will be raised iu!
tin- Sullivan mine, the property of
(lit- company erecting the smelter.
Tlie Sullivan mine is on the opposite side of the valley from the
North Star, anil produces an ore
very-like that of the former, both
in general i-haraeter and value.
The mine affords marked convenience for transport, as the ore
can In- nut down by tram to the
C.I'.K. trai-ks ami;thenee it is only
seven miles or less to the works.
No arrangements have been made
so fm* for treating the copper ores
said tn exist in such large quantity
in tin- valley of the St. Mary's
river, especially on the Mysterj
group belonging to Dewar, nml tin
High Peak owned liv Chnrlei
K'olle. of Kalispell,'
The sinelter site is on a higl
lilulf or cliff some 200 feet or si
above the St. Marys river. Ni
difficulty onn exist as to tin- dis
[Kisnl of tin- fiirnai'e sings whicl
can be shot over tin- bluff mul fill
on ,*i low foreshore by tke rive]
thus preventing mil ipieslinn oris
ing as to injury tn tin* fishing o
tn tin- Ing driving capacity nf th
tremii. Owing tn tin* extrem
flatness of the building site no nil
vantage can lu- taken of the grnvi
tatintial   handling   nf  the   nre. .*
lysti'iu now highly approved ii
smeller prai-tii-e.    lower is ilerivei
from Mark Creek, the water boini
tluineil nn the ground and can-iii
over the bltilf in twenty-four Incl
rivi'tteil steel pipes to till- poive
house at the river level below when
the electric fori-e wil] lie generate,
from turbines and carried baok tt
the plant above for actuation ol
the dynamos which will drive tin
rotary blowers nnd  Bupply   tin
tl -ssury   impulse   for   sninpling
mill, crushers, elevators, etc. Foi
the water jackets, lire protection
and general purposes the water is
piped direct from the creek. Two
furnaces of tin- ordinary wntet
jnekotted tuyere blast variety are
now well advanced, one being nl-
most ready for the water circulation system ; another is not quite
so far advanced, though the liriek
work of both is finished to the feed
lloor level. Some signs exist of
intention to clear a foundation foi
n third ftiriiii ie for which space is
now provided,   Tin- roasting fnr-
nin'**,. sis* in iinnii*.!*. are of lh6
hand siirri-d variety, with nin*-'
upertures mnl lire box. Tin- calcine tracks have iit tn lm nm
under tin* (earths .'inl I o covering Iniililing complete The
trestle connecting the \i" ks witli
iln- t'.P.Ii. tracks is ,i rt morkabiy
line and solid pie. f work, Bome
six hundred yards in lm --tli. It
will enrry the freight cars within
about twenty yards of th. furnace
house and sampling mill.
The assay office nnd general
olliee buildings are quiii' completed and fully i-i-iii*:- ' About
sixty men are now enga, <1 iu the
wink uf construction, nnil tu judge
hy appearances, more keitp coming
mul succeed ill getting work, When
running full blast with three furnaces this plant will employ about
loll men', exclusive of iln* mine
crew, which will have tn furnish in
the neighborhood of 100 tons of
ore pel* day if the plant is to lie
kept in continuous blast : and it
may Ik- said thut n plant nf this
character must be nm continuously if satisfactory results nn to be
Fluxes, both lime rock anil iron,
arc to be conveniently had ut
Wardner, a fact which will solve,
if the stuff' is of the righl quality,
one of the great difficulties in
innking the smelting of silver lend
i commercial success. That they
have the ore in the Sullivan is in-
feiTontinlly proved by tin- en-etion
f the works, mid therefore having
tin- other elements of bucccsb pro-
vidiil, there is every renson to
mitii-ipnte that the venture will
mnke money for those directly interested und be of immense good
to the locality, Nothing is lining
done at tin- mine at present nor
will tlu-re lie unlil the .nnelter is
ready to treat the ore. Development on the property has been
quite considerable; the'shall being
down some 1.10 feet with drifts ex-
leiiiling into the ore body wliieh
in some places runs fully eighty
feel in width, This large body is
of a concentrating cfitirncter however.
Looking over the si'...ili n gen-
■rally one ennnot fnil to be struck
by theoxtrnordinniy stimulus which
has been given tin-Inw grade silver
ire production by the granting of
he bounty on lend sinoltetl in
Cnunda. Had it not been granted
,t is more thun doubtful would the
Murvsville smelter have ever been
-..111 pi.-t.il.
The effect of the employment
jive tin- works is nlrendy very
qipari-nt. The local suw mills are
mpplying quite n quantity of linu-
'er mul tin* local brickyard is liming all nutlet fnr its product. The
.nurie nml Mnrysville lumber cottl-
miiies employ between them about
i hundred men and nre making
irrnngenieuts to employ more, The
iitle burg is already prosperous ns
night In- expei'ted ot 11 place whero
ml of a population nf about 200
,niils fully 1)5 per cent, are wage
earners. As a result tlie hotels are
loing a splendid business. The
ibiquitous commercial man is ul-
■eadv in evidence; his trunks
dock the hotel passage ways and
ie pushes his wny note book in
land ready to tnke "a line" or
iiiythiug else thnt muy lend to
This prosperity requires a deal
of material of one kind or another
to supply its wants; and right
lu-re is where Crunlirook must
come in for lu-r share of what is
going. Tin- more Mnrysville heeds
the better for Cranbrook. In a
short time three or four hundred
men will be nt work in Hint immediate locality, mid when the mineral
resources of the St. Mary's valley
come to be opened up Ins they
must In- in time) and its copper
and silver lend ore treated ut the
plant of the Sullivan company, it
is difficult to forecast what muy be
the future prosperity of Marysville,
jf* 5**5i»*S*S s« s 5***s*« e e-r
* l-.Y THE OLD MAN g
**» **t*AA» M iSiSS-ts***. 3:3*9'3*3Sfc
Edited by Uev IV, Q. W. Fortune.
Last Thursday or Friday whon
rung up by the "Olil .Man." uutl
naked toedil this column, we demurred, owing to the brief notice
given, uml the foot we were purtic-
tilurly busy. However, desiring
to have tin- "Olil Mnn" enjoy a
well earned holiday, mul remeinber-
ing we piir-Hised taking a month
nil'a little later mt. uud Hint "one
good turn deserved another" we
ileeiihil toaocedo to lln- request,
wiih the thought iu our mind,
the "Olil Mun" muy take our wort
for a week, wliile we are holidaying.
rite "Old Man" hits boon giving
some sterling advice to the boys
and girls of Cranbrook. whioh,
judging from the notions ofn number, has not been appreciated.
Hoys should ponder well the advice
given, and view it in the light of
the recent tragic event in Winnipeg.
James Harris, aged twelve, and
George Hall were driving together.
On the wny they were arguing
about Lord Dundonald. The argument developed into a row, when
Harris drew u pocket knife and
stabbed young Hull twice. Harris
hnd been u bell boy nt the Cloron*
don. Yellow-bucked novels, street
lounging, und hanging round hotels
and stables produce thiB kind of a
boy. If our boys are to Ihi useful
in -tubers of society, and part ot
the honest wiigo-eitriiing and
wealth-producing clnss, then parents should Bee to it they lire off
the street during unseasonable
hours of the night. There lire too
many who are allowed to grow tip.
and are not brought np. Hoys!
emulate true manhood and cut out
everything rowdyish.
...BUYINQ  A...
In ii matter Hint reqnireH experience mul
Judgment. Tlio Hliglitt'Ht variation in colofj
dofwtlvo cutting or amnlleiit flaw In a Htom-
will iiinkiMi marked iliffi'ti'iH'i* iu itn vuhif.
Von cnn rely on our judgment uiul our roptt*
I ul inn wlicu -juir.-lii-HiiiK from un.
W. ff. Gate,
Jeweler ant* Optician.
Oltliilnl Wilt ih Inspector", P. B., Crow.Nrat
I'u.. Plvl.Ion.
Canadian Wins King's Prize.
Bisley, July 2-1. —Private Perry,
of Vancouver, B.C., won the King's
prize today, with it total score of
821 points.
Perry thus takes the king's
medal and the Sl,250 purse, having
defeated all the crack shots of the
llritisli empire,
Private Perry nlso won tho
National Rifle association budge
and .Cli iu tho St. George's chid,
lenge vu8e competition, coming
42nd on the list. Major Howard,
of Nova Scotia, adjutant of the
Canadian team, wub first on the
list, winning tho vase, a dragon
cup, gold cross and £,tfl.
Perry's score at the 1,000 yard
(King's prize final stage) wub 5 5 5
4 5 1 5 5 5 5—48. Perry's winning
was a great surprise, but was most
popular. His score was ten better
thnn the winning score of last yenr.
The Prince of Wulo? congratu
lated Perry. He snid the empire
owed much to the colonials for
their loyalty nnd devotion. Karl
Rols-rts also congratulated him,
and greeted him ns an old comrade
who had fought at l'nnrilelierg.
The Princess of. Wales distributed the prizes,
Corporal McGregor, of Canada,
won =tli0 and the National Rifle
association badge, with n score of
ilOli points in the King's prize
Building for Sale.
As Tho Hernld will move to its
now buiiiliug in July, the present
Hernld buiiiliug is for sale.
F. E, Simpson.
Sow Mill For Sale.
Gilpin's saw mill at Morrissoy
for sale cheap. A good rig. Terms
to suit if secured, Apply J. A
Gillis, postmaster, Morrissey.   Kitf
Speaking of hotels leads us to
ty, thut it would be to the credit
of the hotelkeepers in Craubrook
if they would observe tho Sunday
closing net, without pressure being
brought to bear upon them by the
iir.ii of the law. It is not to their
credit, nor yet the credit of the
town. Hint drunk men are sitting
on the edge of the sidewalks on
Sunday or lying ou the grass to be
seen and pitied by tho churchgoers. Tho hotelkeepers would
rise in the estimation of the citizens of Crnnbrook if they would
agree iimoting themselves not to
sell liquor on the Sabbath.
Wo would suggest that Lord
Dundouiiltl mid the "powers that
be" at Ottawa fight out their own
battles. Mutters huvc gone too
far when politicians and friends
junrrel about Dundonuld's dismissal. We nre glud to notice he
has been recalled, and trust the
tinhiippv incident muy soon be
forgotten. As mistress in our own
kitchen, our representatives tit
Ottawa have upheld tin- dignity of
the Canadian Parliament, and must
lie allowed discretionary powers lo
deal with all such matters.
tu ti, at
A word to tho married men.
These tiro the days for outings, and
the wife ought not to be left lit
home, while Ids lordship is enjoying a holiday. We did not mnrry
for the mere sake of saving the
salary of n housekeeper, then do
not treat the wife as such. Remember the love-making days, how
the face of your sweetheart lit up
us you told of your affection, or
complimented her on her appearance when bIio donned some new
finery. Many a woman today is
pining for a wonl of approvul or
commendation which is never
heard. The wife should lie fairer
in the eyes of the husband than
she ivns as the sweetheart in the
eyes of the lover. If she is. then
tell her so, Do not forget to play
the part of the lover when iiit.rri.il
The wife lookB for it. Plan little
surprises nnd outings its you did
before you were murri.-d and you
will see on her face the bloom of
perennial youth.
Mnrrissey Junction, -Inly 25,
limi. .Mnrrissey Junction, for the
second timo this Bummer, came
near being wiped out by bush fires
last Suturilay. mul was only saved
bv the prompt action of the citizens, aided by the wind which was
blowing nway from tin- business
part of the town. ' The fire wns
started by severnl Italians who
were camped in n shuck in the rear
nf I'.-itinnri's hardware store, and
before it could be checked hud
reached tin- sawmill formerly operated by the Cedar Valley fuiprovo-
iiu-nt company, and later became
ihe property nf ,1. H. Gilpin,recently of (Jrnnlironk. All efforts
to save the mill were of uo avail
and iu a few minutes the building
and machinery was n smolderln
muss. Thoro wus no insurance oi
the mill. Frmn the sawmill the
lire quickly spreai I to the dwell
house of Mr. Grady, proprietor of
the shingle mill ut this place,whicl:
stood just across tin- street, uml
this building soon went the way of
the sawmill. Mr. Grady's loss is
considerable, as he hnd recently
ptirchused a lurge stock of dry
goods and clothing whicli was
stonnl in the house, preparatory I
opening a clothing slore.
Owing to the high velocity of
the wind ami the inflammable condition of the down tiniber which
covers the townsite, the fire rnpiilly ute its way toward the Great
Northern truck, and in tin-direction of tbo brewery, which was
soon it in.'.ss of flames, The brew,
cry wits the property of A. Mutz.
of Fernie, but hud not been in
operation for some time past. At
the time of the life it was used as
;i meat market by 1'. Hunts A- Co..
iiiul so quickly did the flames
spread that nothing was save..!.
Mute's loss will not be heavy as
the building was insured for $2,000,
and Burns' loss will be insignificant. Win. Stewart, niu- of the
liotelmen here, hail a quantity of
keg beer stored iu ihe brewery,
which was nlso lost.
After destroying* tlu- brewery,
lhe fire gradually burned out. and
by evening nil danger wns passed,
but for a time it looked rather bad
for the big railway bridge across
the Elk, nud it kept the mine
engine busy saturating it with
• The Italians who started the
lire were arrested by Constable
Bcnudoin and tnken to Fernie
Mondny. Their triul has not lieen
held ns yet, owing to the absence
of several witnesses whose appearance will be necessary.
From the excessive dryness of
tin- pnst spring conditions in the
timber ure ripe for a grent conflagration, and too much cure cannot be employed in starting small
fires in tho bush for cooking nnd
other purposes, This is the second
time in tbe past two months that
the town has been threatened by
tires from this cans*, and if the
carolessness of some of the guilty
ones wits followed by a heavy line,
it might liuve the effect of saving
n misty one nnd it is doubtful if
the man will ever have the use of
his hand again. Constable Tranter
placed the mun with the cutting
proclivities under arrest, und he is
now awaiting trial in the Fernie
Constable Tranler lo Leave.
Willium Tranter, who hus beeu
tin- constable at Mnrrissey. Morrissey Mines and Tonkin since the
sinning of the towns, throe years
ago, has tendered his resignation
wliich will tnke effect the end of
Ihis month. He will gn to Red
Deer, Alberta, to engage in the
hotel business with liis father-in-
law, _ Mr. Tranter, dining his tern,
of office, has, proved a most fuiih-
ful and efficient incumbent, nud it
is with regret tiiut the citizens of
these towns see liim leave. His
duties, owing to tin- distances between tin- three towns, and the
great percentage of foreigners,
have not been of the most pleasant,
but thev were discharged in a
manner thut reflects gr»at credit
mi Mr. Tranter mul the towns nf
which he had charge. He will be
succeeded here by Constable Sampson nf Feniie.
Stabbing Affray al the Mine.
Early Monday moming in a
drunken row in the mines, in which
Slavs and Italians participated,
nn Italian named James Marfes
drew and went after a Slavonian.
Another Italian, with the intentio i
of pnrting tho two men. Btepped
between and reoeived the knife
across the wrist, severing the
tendons lo the bone.   The cut was
Coupon, for Orange Meal Premiums May
be Redeemed up to That Time,
Orange Meat, the popular Canadian cereal has coupons iu each
15c package which can be redeemed
in fine silver-plated spoons, sngnr-
shells and other articles. The
coupons an- in some cases marked
as good only to July 1st, 1904. It
is hvorth knowing that these coupons have been extended to January 1st, 11KI5, until which dnte the
valuable premiums can Is- secured
by Orange Ment users. Each 15c
package contains it coupon nnd
full directions.
Work on tbe Urade.
Work ou the extension from Morrissey to Pernio is progressing in n
most satisfactory manner. On
Foss -V* McUoneU's contraot which
takes in the first three miles from
Morrissey. the rii_-lit of way is nearly till cleared, while severnl gangs
of m.*ii with station work, are
rnpidly getting the grade in shape.
Mr. Fuss has his camps located two
miles from town where liis heaviest
work is. and at present has aliout
150 men employed. This force
will In- increased as rapidly ns men
can be ttse.1 to advantage, but ow.
iug to the nature of the cuts and
fills it will Ik.* well along in the
winter before the contraot is finished, next to Foss A* MdDonell's contract comes Pat Gorman with two
iniles of work, which includes a
heavy rock cut. and lhe genial Pat
has a good bunch of rock nieit at
work and is making quite u showing. A. V. McDonald follows with
two and one-half miles and then
F. W. Stewart, of the head contracting linn is doing one and one-
half miles. This takes the new
road to the crossing of the Elk at
Feniie, and is all the work that is
let.   There is a loop of three miles
the other side of the Elk to the
coal mine spur which is not yet
let, but the work is of a light
haracter, and will be finished by
the time the rest of the road is
The head contractors. Stewart &
Welch, are represented on tin- work
by Ernie Emerson, who lias the
line iu charge, and in him they are
well represented. He is a young
muu. but understands railroad wont
from tin* ground up. anil it goes
without saying thut under hu.
supor-'ision the construction will
lie of the ln-st.
The contractors store at this
place, in charge of Mr. Olson, is
doing a big business, and in addition he is the paymaster for the
line. Mr. I llson has all kinds of
business to look after, nml is the
riglit man in the riglit place.
Every energy is lieing exerted to
push the work to an early completion, but it is safe to say that it
will Is- well along toward the new
year before trains will lie running
over the new line.
Russia Backs Down.
St. Petersburg, July 23, 2jJ15
p.m.—The Associated Press is able
lo announce that Russia hus informally notified Great Britain
thut orders hnve been issued to
the Russian cruisers in tin- Red
sen not to arrest any more merchant*
men. and it hns been agreed 1**-
tWi-eii the two powers thnt. if in-iul-
ing the receipt of these orders by
the captains of the St. Petersburg
and Smolensk, any other ships
should be stopped and held us
prizes these acts shall be regarded
us not having tnken place nnd the
ships concerned at once released.
New Manager at Coleman.
Grand Forks. B.0„ July 23-
H. N. Guler, retiring assisstnnt
general manager of the Granby
Consolidated Mining it Smelting
company, leaves here shortly for
Coleman, Albertn, lo assume the
duties of vice president nnd general
manager of the International Coal
and Coke company, Although
coal mining operations were started
less than nine months ugo the
underground working already exceed one mile in length nud u daily
output of 250tons is maintained in
development. An extensive plant is
lieing Installed.
Church Re-opened.
Rev. S. J. Thompson returned
ou Tuesday morning from Morrissey where he re-opened the Methodist church at the mines, The
church has been finished with
plaster and ivainscoating and platform and pulpit and presents ti
much improved appearance.
The pulpit is a splendid piece of
workmanship turned out by the
Crnnbrook Sush und Door Factory.
The entertainment on Monday
night was fairly well attended.
Speeches were made by Rev's.
Ross. Robaon. Thompson and C.
X. Niinge of Vancouver. The solo
by Mrs. Sinister and a duet by
Messrs. Vahey und Thomas were
the principal features of un enjoyable entertainment.
The Methodists of Morrissey
Mines are to lx: congratulated on
having a church free of of debt and
the only church in the community.
Have Dissolved Partnership.
On Monday last a obniige occur*
txl in the proprietorship of the
Wentworth, Mr. Shelton retiring
from the firm and Lester Clapp
assumes entire control ofthe house
and will, in the future, us in tho
past, put forth his liest efforts to
eater to tho wants of the many
patrons of the house in u manner
satisfactory to all. THE   CltAMMiOOK   HURALD
Editor and Proprietor.
TheBerablUworth910 « yew. Itcot
only $'-'. No mun iu Bouth Baal Kooteo
.mi afford to be withoul It, nud everyone
living outside ol the district, who Is interested
in the progress <>t this seotion.Jehould "'ml it,
It publishes thu news while Itisuews. It is
controlled absolutely by tbe publisher. No
clique, party or Individual dictates II policy.
It iliin't try t» please tin- people. It's desire
in 1.1 publish i< uewspnperthai wlUbsa credll
to the community, Hem! in your aoluicrip-
Uqu nnd nnd vmi will ln> tliitnkEii! ever afterward.
Advertising rates *1 per inch, elnglf column, per month, ua more and no Isbs.
Reading matter 16 cents per liue-tonon*
advertisers; lOconts per lino to regulur wl*
vertleere. Business locals Bvo centB per line
iu'li insertion.
[t yon desire to reach iln* people ol South
EobI ICuotennj you muBl advertlN in The
rho Herald has n Brstclass {ob plant, mul
its work isol the best. The Herald ilon'i
waut charity. It wants a Bquare doal on
yourjob work. If wecan'l unit you In quality and price, kick, and tseud your work to
some t heap John house in the east tlmt never speuds a cent In Cranbrook.
oomes mi tln> heart is "apt to wonder back to the "Old Folka at
Homo." The old, old home, the
fame familiar weeks about the
placo. the garden paths, the deep.
old fashioned well, the bam and
gentle horse, are all called back to
memory and tlio sun or daughter is
again with the loved ones ot home.
It is true that many a young man
goes to a city and too soon forgets
liis father and mother, but thoy do
not forget him.
How often we hoar tho husband
as he stands by the bier of his
wife remark that "she was a good
wife, God bless In
we see a  husband
flowers for his wifi
placed in tlie casket
How of ton
buy tho first
after  sho is
The woman
Woe to hint who smiles not over
a cradle and weeps not over a tomb.
He who has nevertried the companionship of a little child, has can.--
lessly passed by one of the greatest,
pleasures of life, ns passes a rare
(lower without plucking itorknowing its value. The gleeful laugh of
happy children is the best homo
inusie and the graceful figures of
childhood are the liest statuary.
We nre kings and queens in the
cradle, and each babe is u new marvel, a new miracle.
He is happiest, be he king or
peasant, who finds peace in his
God pardons like a mother, who
kisses the offense into everlasting
The future of society is in the
luuiils of the mothers. If the
world was lost through woman,
she alone can save it.
The love that makes memory
hnppy and home bountiful is that
whioh foruiB the sunlight of our
earliest consciousness, beaming
gratefully along the path of maturity, nnd its radiance lingering till
the shadow of death darkens it altogether,
Many men have been obscure iu
their origin and birth, but great
and glorious in lifo and death
They have been born and nurtured
on farms or villages but have reign
ed and triumph in cities. They
were tirst laid in the managers of
poverty and obscurity, but have
afterwards become possessors of
throne and palaces. Thus you all
see that poverty is often a beacon
light guiding industrious, honest
young men to fame and fortune.
No young iiiiiu in glorious Canada
has cause to be discouraged lie-
cause he was bom in poverty.
From the most humble walks of
life has sprung our greatest and
best men and women.
asleep there had borne the heat
and burden of life's long day, anil
no one had ever heard her murmur:
her hand was tpiick lo reach out in
a helping grusp to those who fell
by the wayside, and her feet wen-
swift on errands of iiu-rey, the
heart of her husband had trusted
in her; he had left her to long
hours of solitude, while he amused
himself in scenes iu which she hatl
no part. When boon companions
deserted him. when tickle affection
selfishly departed, when pleasure
palled he went homo tuul found her
waiting for him.
"Come frum yunr long, long roving,
On tile*. Hen mi 1,1,'nk unit 11 mull.
-.'inin* iii uif tender nml loving.
Ami I hIuiII tn* lili'Ht enough?'
That hud been her love-song—
always on her lips or in her heart.
I Children hud been borne to them.
She had reared them almost alone,
I and they  were gone !   Her hand
I lnul led them to the uttermost edge
I of the morning that had no noon.
Then she hud comforted him and
sent him out strong and whole*
I hearted while she stayed at home
land—cried.   What eun a woman
do but cry?-nnd trust!
Well, she is at rest now. But
she could not die until he had
promised to " bear up," not to fret,
but to remember how happy they
had been. They? Yes, it is even
so. For she wus blest in giving,
and he in receiving. It wus an
even partnership nfter ull?
"She— was—a — good — wife -to
Oh, ninn! man! why have you
not told her so, when her wire were
not dulled by death? Why wait
to say these wonls over n coffin
wherein lies a wasted, weary, gray-
haired woman, whose eyes have so
long held that pathetic story of
loss and suffering and patient
yearning, which so many women's
eyes reveal—to those who read.
Why not have made the wilderness
in her heart blossom like the rose
with the prodigality of your love?
Now you would give worlds—were
they yours to give— to see tho tea ■
of joy your words would once have
caused, liejewelling the closed windows of her soul.   It is too late.
So greut is the mind of a sweet-
minded woman on those around her
that it is almost boundless. It is
to her that friends come in seasons
of sorrow nnd sickness for help and
comfort; one soothing touch of her
kindly hand workB wonders in the
feverish child; a few wonls let fall
from her lips in the ear of a sorrow,
stricken sister do much to rnise tin
load of grief that is bowing its vie-
tim down to the dust in anguish.
The husband comes home worn out
witli the pressure of business and
feeling irritable with the world in
general, but when he enters the
cozy sitting room, and sees the
blaze of tlie lire and meets his wife's
smiling face, he succumbs in a moment to the soothing influences
which act as the balm of Gilcad to
his wounded spirits that are wear-
ii.il l.y the stern realities of life.
The rough school boy flies into a
rage from the taunts of his companions to lind Bolace in his mother's sin ile; tlu; little one full of grief
with her large trouble, finds a haven of rest on its mother's breast;
and so one might go on with instance nfter instance of the influence that a sweet minded woman
has in the social life with wliich she
iB connected. Beauty is insignificant power when compared with
It is truth no thinking person
will deny that every man and woman whom the world calls great,
ond whoso words have been saved
for their wisdom or goodness, all
cherish with the utmost tenderness
their memories of mother, of happy,
innocent childhood and of home.
Their testimony is always interesting, often very beautiful; and they
spenk the common sentiment of
the human race. The love of homo
is universal. Tho ties of homo
should lie. and usually arc, t'10
strongest and most sacred on earth.
True, in the busy s'rect, young
people go rushing on until the work
of the day is ovor, but when night
Bad Mes Must Oe.
Moyie Leader- Constable Houth
is out on the war-path after the
tinhorns, rounders, macques and
all such gentry, whom, as the bible
says, "neither work, neither do they
spin." Since the reopening of the
mine, Moyie has been infested
with a worthless element who are
not looking for work, but who hang
around and live off those who are
working. Mr. Routh has served
"blue papers" on no less than 22
Bince the first of the month. Last
Monday night Joseph Niederstadt's
hotel was broken into and some cigars, liquors, nnd a few dollars
thut were left in the till were stolen.
Other petty ollenses have also been
reported to   the   constable   lately.
Mr. Routh is handling the situation ns best he can but being without an assistant he iB badly handicapped.
Spokane Fair,
Robert H. Cosgrove, Secretary
and Manager of the Spokane Interstate Fair, which this year is held
October il to ll, hns left Spokane
nnd gone enst after special attractions to put on at the fair this year.
This is the lirst. time the Spokane
fairs have taken the trouble to
send n man cast to select these
attractions, wliich are bo important
to the jollity and success of tin-
fair. In other yenrs the fair has
booked its attractions as best it
could, from circulars und secondhand reports. Excellent selections
have at times been made in this
way and at the same time some
very poor turns also have been
Mr. Cosgrove is just the man to
send on thiB mission, rather than
to delegate the important task to
some one else. Mr. Cosgrove haB
been in the exposition business all
his life nnd knows just whnt attracts the peop'e. He is so well
acquain e 1 with the vaudeville profession that he doubtless will be
able to drive good bargains for the
Spokane fair, as well as pick out
mu ;h better attractions than have
been had in the past.
And the ii teresting part of it is,
these attractions are to be free in
front of the new grandstand, and
not off in some sideshow, where
extra charges will lie made to see
Mr. Cosgrove will visit the
Dominion of Cnna.'u Kxp isition at
Winnipeg, which is o te of the
biggest fairs in Ame i -a, and he
will visit the Minnesota State fair,
which is one of the big fairs of
the middle states.
ST', \V:' ;•: -.ij [.-•; '!   i
"Extra Special"  Old Scotch Wfoisky
"A' things ore guid tmtry'd.'
'tis   tht* proof of the
that the maist   o' us
are seck.nr.
Yc git jist that in PKTER
every time, mon. The rare
blend, thc richt age, and the
honest flavor, will male yc
smack, your lips o'er it.
Ma word for that."
BOIVIN, WILSON & CO. 520 St. Paul Street, Montreal.
Sole Agents for Canada.
To be had from HcDermot and Bowuess
Served with a
silver spoon
A new Canadian process,
preserves the very best
elements of the very best
Canadian wheat.
The result is Orange Meat
—the essence of a perfect,
sustaining food.
It requires no cooking—
every particle is perfectly
digestible. It is supplied
in germ-proof packages,
and may be served hot or
Each 15c. package contains a coupon. Your grocer will tell you what they
mean—heavy silver-plated table service free—made by the same manufac-
turer, of the same material and in the same manner as the silverware on
most of your tables now.
The Tennis Tournament.
ladies' singles.
Miss Moffat (scratch), beat Mr.
Nelson (scratch); 6-4, 6-3.
Miss Armstrong (scratch), beat
Miss Keay (scratch); 6-5, 3-6, 6-4.
Finals on Siitunlny, Miss Armstrong vs. Miss Moffat.
mixed doubles.
Mrs. Nelson and Nelson (owe
15), beat Mrs. Edwnnls and Mascn
(scratch); 6-4, 3-6, 6-2.
Miss Armstrong nnd Gallon
(scratch) heat Mrs. Beacham and
Cock (receive \ 15); 6-5, 5-6, li-4.
Miss Moffat and Benle (owe 30),
bent Mrs. Nelson and Nelson
(owe 15); 6-5, 5-6, 6-2.
Final, on Satunlny, Miss Moffat
and Beale and Miss Armstrong
and Gallon.
mess' doubles.
Pinkhnn nnd Beale (owe 30),
be:it Green and Gunl (owe i 15);
6-3, 6-4.
i'inkhnm and Beale beat Motherwell and Mason  (owe $ 15); 6-5,
Final, Pinkham and Beale beat
Cock and Beacham (receive J 15);
6-3, 6-4.
W. F. Gurd (owe 15), bent
Devere Hunt (receive 15); 6-1,
Edwanl Elwell beat C. A. Cock
(owe 115), (receive 15); 6-5, 6-3.
T. Gallon (scratch), beat Edwanl
Elwell fi-5,6-4.
A. Motherwell (owe 15) beat J.
H. M. Pinkham (owe30);62, -211.
Timber Notice
Take notice that tlilrly ilnys-Iter ilnti*, 1
tlii'iiiuli'ii-i'iiii'il, inleiiil to apply tu tlii't'lii-'f
ciiiiiniim-iniii'i' ill Intnl. nml uiirkH at Vlctorln
lor a .peeiiil license to cut nn-1 carry nwny
timiii-r (i'iiiii I Iim fiilliiuiliir iIi-hci illl il IiuiiIh:
Commencing at n punt plnnlcil nbout o-o
anil a halt mllus sonili ot HunItill iiiiiiiiiiii su
limine Hinilli. thenee in utinliiH went, tlll'llCO
sii chain, nortli. thence 60 ehnlna onat tu
place ef hegiiinm*-*.
Dated thia 19th-ley ol July, 1D04,
James Joyce,
IS Locator,
Notico Ik I
ry*  t'ltigi
iiiiiiii' nl I'i
.1. I'*. I'ci'l-V
mine all an
Notice oi Dissolution.
lii'1'.'l..i* given I lint tin-linn ul IVi*
111    Tl'llllHfl'l*
4' Illl' lll'l
'1,. ll.C.
'. llllll.
P. I. F
Notice of Dissolution.
Nnttni im hereby gii'mi Ituit the partnoralilp
heretofore existing bettmon Shelton A Clapp
in tlu. tiny dissolved by mutant consent. I,,
clnpp will continue tu conduct Hu- Wont,
mirth hotel liiiHineHH ntnl [iiiynll Iill- ngllhiat
suiil business noil collect ull accounts due
Daled et Crnnbrook, B.O i July 20, 1004,
A. MIHi.Ti.x,
lo the lieen,
district lm' i
.IllllIIHIIll lit till'lil'
lllltl'll liliu'-'lllll
114*14 lllll'l' III
t illl I to
Hint thirty
I I tiie nnlii
loitimtnaiooeinoftlui r
iniiKfi-r frmn myHelf I
line  tut* lln* Coul
iln.vi.l July, A.D.,loot.
John A. McDonald
Horse Dentistry nnd Lameness
a Specialty
Tel. No. 74. CRANBROOK, B. C.
Timber Notice,
ice Hint thtity daya after daf
u I. iniilnl lu apply in Hun
nt liuiiiH uml tvorksnt Vlclo
I.', fur napeclnl
In-!  in,in Hie f,i
111    UllHt   Kllllll'l
llllllli'til'illlf nl ll
cornor uf lot
Ilia, tbencii ik-hi
10 chains, tlunc
cul lining i.i
lensn lu -nl mni I'rrr.v
miiiii described IuihIm in
j* Districti
ist nlnnled nt the south
IIJIH.   thi-ire nor, h SO
n cbiilils, thonco snulli
'enst sii chnina tu plnco ol
ulagOlO liens mure in* logs.
milli*. .Illl.HI. liiill.
S, S. Miiiinliii.i,
I llllll*.
Land Notice.
II 'by give notice that sixty days from
Hn* il  Inn'nf I   Intend to npply tn tlie
I'hiif Commissioner nl Lands nnd Wurks fm'
pni'ini-siitn to pur,Iihbu, nun linuilrni] nml
eighty ncres uf lund, mure in- les", sitlliiim]
mi tli,, riglit; Imiii of Hie Kootennr rivor,
nliuiil four miles Hinilli nf IVnrdner, commencing nt a pust marked Walter Lining's
.■uiiitliiii„i corner, thence nnrtli 40 elinins,
thonce past 411 ehalns mure in- less to tlio
Kootenny rlvor, thence soutb billowing the
i'ii-i r lunik 'l.'i elinins mure ur less, tlieneo
ivi'.-i fin cliulns moro or leas tn tin- plnce of
11 Hotel & *#
flwjsts Comlort • Specialty
linud Stabling in Connection
Nearest to railroad ntnl depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled in Cranbrook.
Hoi and Cold Ealhs
Hoggarth & Rollins
When you visit Cranbrook stop at Ilie
9^, None Better In the District
-^.j- I'litcs Si and up.   Short Orders and Oysters
^;. served in any style from >*** t- .... too a. m.
9 The table i.s tlu* but. tin- rau:ns arc unsurpassed lor clean
S*' liness .ind comlort and the b,ir is .supplied with the best brand
*.,*. ol liquors and cigars.
4> L. B. VANDElAR, Prop.
•$Hssi$.Ha; mas. mmsmimimimmM
AfiiStSefte vimIm-Jiiim:-;,*! im, ... ....     . . - ..;
k c u-e -jet; e-tct esse tii*s*u
The Pioneer Hotel ol the St. Marys Valley.
$ Comfortable rooms.   Satisfactory dining; room service, and the
best of everything at the bar.
ill X
| FRED DREW,      .\Y      Proprietor. |
^.-9*-^^:Si3^.-3v5^.^3-?.-3-3*3:-?^^';^.a ^-:-\-----      fig ^^3■:^^i^:■^^6■&a:>■3r^:->5■*•^.■^■*M?
Timber Notice.
Tnke notice tbattklrty duye after dnl
inti'iiil to apply hi itn-1 lii.'f' otnmlealonor
Lands nml works, (or n n| in! lleonso tu
und enrry nwny Umber from tlio follow
described bind*, eltuate tu South Ensl Km
nay British Columbia;
Commonctagni npoBt planted in the groi
at the uorth east cr orotD Bren -'ai
hot license ntnl ulso tlu'i-ont hi'in l-otimlnr.
.1. PnrkBtimberBconss.'thei utS'clin
tlieneo south H" c alns, theueowesi ROelm
thonce noith Nn.-lininn lo placo ol bnglnii
coutuining 040 acres moro or hss.
14 W;ili, i-l.orim
.Inn.- Mlb. 1904
Timber Notice.
Take nothe that thirty days after dale
Intend to apply lo the chief rouimiBntuiu-i
bauds and wo ks. Victoria, D. U.,torn *|
itillii*.'iiH.. pu'ut nml carry away timi »'i fr
the following described lands situate In 801
East Kootenay:
Commi mi rn-' nt ii h»-t i Im.i. il In iheRi-oi
ut theb.o eornernfD. Bremner'Btimber
enso, llion-io smith BOcbulns, thei wesi
ChutliP, tllOl 'Ill Mt rlfiii's.  il •■ •
HO elmlns to the pluee of ti'-gluulng, <•> ■'■
Ing 040 acres moro nr l**-*i.
II V, 11.1,1111
June 111. UHU.
Synopuli of Regulations for disposal of Mli
-.[.us en Dominion Lands In Manitoba
th: Northwest Territories aod tbe Yakai
Timber Notice
Tuke ttoii.-e ilmi thirty dayB after datu.
the undersigned, intend to npply to the ebb
commiBs'onor ot lauds nnd works at Vi lorli
for a i-peclal lleonso to cut and carry aun;
Umber fr.,in tin* fnllowlng described Imui
in South Eual Kootonay District:
1. Commencing ut npo«l nluntvd i.i tl,
north woM corner of lot liiTm, thenc .-! gl
chains.thencesmiriitj) i-limim, thouco «ee
su rlmlns, Ihonco north 80 cUuIih, to pine
fit bt ginning containing 040 aercs.
2. Commonclngnl n posl planted af th
aourii west corner nf lol 23\o, ihenco ens
HO chnlllB, thenco nortli 80 chains, Ihene
west Ki) ih Ins, thoueesouth 80 chains, ti
plnco nf b. ginning contnliilng 040 ncres.
Dated at MnrjBvllle, July 24,11)04.
ib.ru K. Wallace,
I., .fnt.it
I). McFnrlnno,
18 Agont,
Timber Notice,
i after dnte. I. tbo nude
mply to tkochti
ed 7Hi Juno, HUM,
Walter Loring,
..   ..   -kK ft
uml curry away timber from thc fo
described lundB!
Commencing ut apoBl planted on
half miles south of Oonifoil nml neat
marked James Joyce's uortb-oaBt
pOHt, thence riiiininn' 40 rhalns cm
chn'ns soulb. M) chains west, ih.'
ohulnsuorlli, Ihensfl 4ii chains on*t,
hii chains north to plucn of beginning.
piiird iblBiathdiiyolJu'y. W04.
iu Alltiii Mn
Notico Ir lioroby given Ihnl; no dnyn i.f
date thn Ensl Kootonny Lumber  pni
Limited, will api-iy to Hi" Honor, tho I
tenant Governor In oouncll under s inn 7
tbo 'ltlverB and Streams Ad " to clem ba
dors, log jama and other obstructions fn
th« luo) ouil l.miUof IliirKiiu.h i.>1, Brill
I'filiiinbin, uml [Is tiiluiiiii' es, Irom Its sow
to where in vbero the eneh Inter *. i
rni.vu VhI I'ii-h ll.iil.un. .nnl in mix i-l.i
tboconrso of the snld creek, uml i mm
.lu um, booms, und mnko Burbot hot nn .rov
meulmm mny be litfi-Mhiirv lor i lu> driving ol
logH nml II um ing of lumber I herein,
lifii.'.l the first day of Aan», 1004.
W.  l'.lill.,].
Sol, itor lor tho npptlcan
.  t*i .Mi
I >i tii'.:ii
'■.."« i'l l
may be pureliased at Jio per
ini) un.l * .'ii for niitlirucite. N»(
.* uerea can be ui*q iired hy mie in*
company,   i.in.i.iv at ibe rate of
iii.inif.'.' ihi iii.iii. .s si.uii becullect-
0B Olltpllt,
IVimiiis i,t eitiliteen years ami over
ich i-iniipames holding free miner'B
may i.l.talu ei.ti y lor a minimi luca-
ht'i oerllflcate Is criiuteil for ona
rs, llOtuXceeiilllH l)u>. ni-mi payment
I -J7.-30 per atimuu fur an liiulvldual,
<- tn -im. per ..iiiium fur it company,
ner, having discovered mineral In
locate a t'ialm ir> mxliiiiu te*Ji by
11.,-sanif Willi tui)le*',i||K)!itH,bear*
nutlcoi ono nt each end oo the Una
n sttuli im recorded wiibln flfteea
iti'tl iiilliin l.'ii miles of a milling
Iti.'e, mie aililllloiial ilny alloweil for
onnl teu inllos or frnotfuQ. Tbe fee
lou must be expended nn the claim
iin ii to iii.- mining reoorder in lieu
him (GOO Ima beeu e\|>.-uiieii «r paid
n:.\ nin... lmvi ug a survey made, ami
ybigwlth other requirements, pur-
ii ii!.t>'i.e ut'iiiieii l.y the Minister ot
in 1'ii'aie tl.in.is contalnmclrnn ami
i|.|'t'i. iiiiii.- iiikiui leirilory, of an
ecdlllK luo uorcs,
, f ramliiln* t..catl.m shall i>rovlde
tn ni .-I vin. nili at Um iuie of -i'i i«r
l.ili,. t ..rtti,' loeiiil.m.
inuu'. .MiiiiiiobiiMiidlhe N. W. T.,
I.' Vukon Tetrltory.—I lacer mlnlni
rally ore 100 feet Buunroi eniry fee,
.f.yeaily. (Hi lln* Nmtli Siikltt-
r .Ijiiiii- are ellher bar i.r boneh, the
uemn nn teel Jong ami tfxtctullni** ho-
igh ami low water mark, Tbeiatier lu-
bni  .laiiiluL'H. hut extend* liacK to tlin
ibe bill or bank; imt not exceeding l.otw
Uii 1,* slt-ain 1'iiw. r Is used, claims UuO
le mny be obtained.
nm, in the rivera or Mat.itDim am) tbe
l., cxcoptlnu tlm Yukon IVrntiirv—A
uermnynbtulnonly two leasen nf lite
nli fm a term of twenty yearn, renew-
tlie disoretlon of the Minister of tbe in*
ossec's right lseQnllneil to the submerg-
Ol bus of Ilie river below low water
imi niDJDCt t<> the riplits at nil persons
ve, or who may receive entries for bar
-.,..' h.neli eliilms, excepl on the ruwkat-
l river, where UlO lessee may tlreilue to
itei mark mi eaeti aliernate leas.-tiiilu.
i—i.e shall bave a dredge In operation
mu' season from ilm date of the lease for
.it miles, but wliere n person or company
;.ti I iinn.* than .-ne  lease one ilretltftt
li  lltleeii  mileH   nr fr.n lum  Is siilllel.-nt.
$10 per immim for each mile of river
i:-I 11\ ,it Uie nne uf nm »nd a halt
t collected on tbe output utter tt exceeds
■tu; in thc Vukon territory,—Hlx leaici
miles eaoh tuny tie itianleilto a live
or a tiiiu of twenty years, also renew-
ossce's right Is confined to the •mhinerK-
nr bars is ihe rlv r  helow low water
hat boundary tobeflxoil by ns imsiun-i
Isi iini of AUgUBl In Ilie year of the dalu
.-see shall have one dredge In operation
tno ycari nam lhe ilnte of llu> lease, amt
iiii* for each flvoinjtea within ill years
icli dale, iii'iiini, -I i' u-i mile for iirsi
......       ... -       ...--■-niHiuoiigye*ir*
IK lullii! ViikiiliTenlloiy. -freck,
nl iiill. lultiis shall mil eveeeil vmi
. ineoinrod nn Iho base lino pr
nmi of Um crock nr uuleh, Ilie
foet.    All other
J let
v In
si,ii ne
Sweepstake Mineral Claim.
Sitlinle in tlm  Port Sleele  Milling division
ol Kust Kootenuy ilihlrlet,   U lu re lo.'iil-
e.i, on St. Mutys prairo near Liiko ereek.
Tuke notice thut. I Edward ttlnoll free
miners lerlillcnteiiunilii't* B788M ngonl lor
Luke creek Gold-copper Mining rompnny.
Limited, non*perionnl lloblllty, freo miners
■'ertittente nnmher 11(1(1.".!).".. intemls sixty
dnyH from tho dnte hereof to apply to Ibe
miulog recorder for a certificate ol Improve*
..ientn, for lhe purpone ol obtaining n rrown
grant of tho nliovc cliiitu. Ami fnttbrr fnko
iiottce lhat action under seotlon 87 biitBl be
ennimeiii eil beiore i he ifi- UUtlCo of such n rt i-
llcuto of improvements.
llnteil this loth dny of June 1001.
ia 0t Edward Elwell,
, «no at
lenrmguoin-os, r.iury must bo coin I lins, ir Ibe  ,-lJihu is wllhlli
in unit: lei'O Att't ullUv. (irteextm
i fm  eael. mill.tlou il  ton miles or
•um roiii-Mii*. sin1 im: a elnlm must
minor's certlfionlo.
ii-iei  i.f a new mine is entitled lo a
o i.-i-l iu leimib. uml It Um purl?
no, i, .*" feel alt .i"' her, mi (lie mu
li no royalty -hull be   .'luiiceil, the
iioly imllmtry ilalins only.
mu.   lloyaby at Uie rale of two and
e. nl on lhe Milue ..film (tout -tliip.
e vuxou Territory to uopSld to tim
[nor shall receive a I'liint nf more
inlu*' elnlm on each seimruto river
eb. mil Mm saiue miner may bold
- ut iluliiiH by i> in, nase, and fren
wo.k tlieii iiiiiin*. In '.iiiUiemliip by
* ami pnylnu fee of *'i.   a claim
il ii-il, ami iiniiib.'!' ..lil allied oa the
, ju.iebnr river, uy giving notice ana
■t in* iimie iiii a claim each year to
Ullio lii'iii least Kim.
■I'lliili'iiii' tlmt wmk bas been done must ba
nq.1 each year) if not, Uu> claim shall he
eil tn bcai.auilmieil,aiul open Inoccupation
ml i j* l.y n live miner.
' I..nn.iliiies of a claim mny tie defined ab-
■iy I.v Inn lug u Mirvcy um tic ninl publishing
'■' a ViiRoiinfllolal OaxeUa.
l let
 _ Nurtliwest Territories
I wilhiu tliu Viiknu Territory are open lo
njiectlnB for petrnleum. nml the Milliliter
j reserve i.ii au Individual or company liav-
uiiicliinery mi the luml to be prospected, an
•iiiiiii-" ueies.   Should tbo prospector tlls-
ei oil in paying quantities, and satisfactorily
ati,I h su.h dtsi'ovny, nn area imt exceeding
ncres, i i'liiiiiin.'ll.e nil we land siu-h other
d as may bu determined, will be sold lo tha
i-overcrai tlm rate of Sl.oo an acre, subject
nynityut smti ruto as may bo specified by
lepartineni of the Interior, Ottawa, Sept.,
Deputy of the Minister of tha fatarior,


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