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Cranbrook Herald Dec 7, 1905

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' •"'
''I      M
I i 190b
.N I  .Ml'.Klf
Paid-up Capital, $8,700,000        Reserve Fund, $3,500,000
H. K. WALKER, Ceiurui Manager       ALEX, LAIRD, Aul, Qu'l MiufM
IHr-.nl II Al   IHt FOLLOWINQ HA 11 S :
$3 ami under  3 centi
Ovr-i   $5 umI not cxi*criliii(* $ 10 .     0 cent!
"    $10       " " $30    10 cents
"    $30       " " $50    15 centii
ThoM Outers iin* 1'uyiihtc at I'itt' .it nny nlReo in < n inula of n Clmrl J limit
(Yukon BKcepteil), HiirJ nl tin* principal banking point* in the Ulilted SiuU-h.
I lu\ hHin tut ex cell unl iiKihml oi remitting small suuih nf money
with suf t> tlllil nl 14lltttlI ensl.
l;. C. MALl'AS Mxr.
,»««««*«.««.i«»*..«........... „ ** ****,* ,,****,,*,j
j Deposits of $1 and upwards received and inlerest al- *
i lowed from date of deposit at highest current rates and It
$ compounded half yearly. J
I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
<•*«»»■>■}»•.»» ******* III an- ************************ tl
Six-Roomed   House  and
one    acre   of   land    tor
$60 0
Small cash payment only
and easy terms on balance
! Our Lasl Shipment Before Xmas I
i_S   y     J1'--*1 come, iiiki we nre now urcpur-      >
of silverware ami pearl goods have
jusl come, iiikI we are now prepared to show you lhc l'i nesi anil hest
selected stock in East Kootenay.
Call in and let's show you what wc
have. If you're only looking uriiiiiid
our business is to show you.
*W    H    WlimiN       JEWELER AND I
5 W. II.   nlLoUll,     OPTICIAN   .* ** i
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mis. Holford, Cranbrook
Ill      Mill'     <lf      111!'     l.llll'l.US     .if      III.' Il.ll
ovei (i iv Tisii.iir's is ,i brick chimney, iiu- siiuriiit.il pari ol win*it is
in mu- nl tin' jn-ii rooms Tin- innk
wmk ni tins chimney waa pierced
wuii aperture* foi stove pipes, hul
when ilu- innii) w.is last papored lhe
rhi'i'si'iloiii ,uiil papei wiil- pasted
ovei iin* opening w tin* bed room
leaving no external Hart- ol the men-
nee which ihis condition ol things Involved (ni human life .unl property.
Tin1 on tiro (Ut ex lend Ing ovei    TU-
dale's riiiifir lerj Bloro, J, ti, Mc-
Bride's hardware si , Hill A Co 'a
dry goods store and lv limns' is occupied by tin* boarders at Lho Cosmopolitan hotel im lied rooms aud
On List Sunday evening about 8.30
|i. in. Uu* Inovllahlu icsull ol Lhe
criminal carelessness oi stupidity uf
whoever was responsible f"i pasting
iimi paper ovet tin* stove aperture
made itself manliest, At the hour
stated I''if! Small, nf thr Cosmopolitan, and Leo Sullivan, of Ihc Herald,
happened, by great good luck, lo bo
chatting at Lhe stove near ihe door
uf Nu. il. 'ri»*y noticed a crackling
sound, und thought for ilu- moment
ii was coming [nun a stove furthei
up Un- corridor. In a lew seconds,
ho wo ver, Die (tames showed themselves where tho pipe of the stove at
whicli Ihey were sllLlug is carried
into tht' chimney already mentioned
The wood-work is us dry as Under,
and tlu* building is nf Lhe ordinary
wooden type, li was no lime lo
siuiul staring, it was a lime in jump
ami <lo things. They did Ihem,
Tliere were iwo of the Victor chemical lire extinguishers nn a landing
iii-ur hy, aiid these writ' brought lino
action in aboui tin- quickest Unit' uu
record. By lho time ihcj had gut
those to ilu- scene of action lhe bed
room ceiling was bhwing, lhe paper
fulling down iu charred masses, uud
ihc ceiling of llie corridor also involved. Without raising an alarm
llicy fought llii* Hit' tu u llnlsh. The
event wus disposed ol before a soul
in iho house knew u thing about what
u most providential escap'e they had
hud. The buys gut. Lheir clothes utterly ruined by the acid used iu the
chemical appliances, hut beyond tins
und suuu* slight damage to the walls
uml ceilings ihr luss wns vol*)
Fred Small uml Leo Sullivan deserve all possible praise foi ilumg the
right tiling at Lhe right lime. They
kept their heads cool, and successful!) cheeked the outbreak of a flro
whieh might huve left half of tho
south suit- id Baker street iu ruins.
it is most satisfactory to -suy ihat
ihey will he ut no personal loss by
tho occurrence, as Mr. J, D, Mo-
Bride who owns the building in whuh
the outbreak occurred has told thorn
iu make good then wardrobo at his
expense. Thorn arc others (tho insurance companies foi Instance) who
might very appropriate!) follow .Mr,
MiHudi's example without an) injury to then immediate interests,
Uud this fire broken out when tho
people bad reUred tor lho night, u
is nut Improbable that there would
have been a holocaust oi lives tu
point the moral uf being careful to a
degree in dealing with those chimney
apertures, lu this case it is Impossible in say where tht' blame
should be laid, It may hav,- been
ihai  Winn-.i-i causod tho papering to
iit< iinm' luld  lhe rfaper-l ger   that
thf chimney was not usod, uud pos-
slbl) the papei lialigei may huve
taken chances.     Me that us ll may,
there   uie   in.     thanks   due   Lo   either
one in Uu- othei thai lives wero noL
lust as weii us valuable property.
This  w.is nul   Ihr  lllsl   Iluu- tn   LllO
experiences ol Cranhrook ihal the
\ u im machines provod their worth
in checking fires In ihc beginning,
Beattie & Atchison huve two show
windows ilns   week that, uie simply
supeib They ale dressed With ul'lis-
iir Lol lot ui lull's, vases, mn rot's,
BlaluelloK, In un/.i' goods, in fuel all
that is luti- uud nobby  111 the way uf
attractive Chr.stmas goods, The
Windows un* very huge uud lo prop-
MANAGER FOR THE Sl l.l.l      -   ^fiBSBSSSBEfif-^SIg^
lt.m.l.,,1,1.  D.C.   ..-Robin   11     ', ltd, r-   ffi    LiTlm^ f ^ M A I-I   ~ I mm.   ~ T «-   ~ ffi
sun hus accepted the position ul mine Jjj
manager for the Sullivan group i kftf
ing company ui  Klmbci loj       - yy
tot then* Uns evening.     Mr. Andc >* »fc / ■.____.   „       __________■   ___■___'■'■ ■ ~i im
,oul«   well  known ■ | W H f\     Ml O I r\       I    h £k t^% d CA I ^ T £X _ 7 7 53
having been   BUpei Inlendcni   ol wl
famous li    *'. uiini- n, '>>.- bu inda -
hn Qve years, und foi two years   he
held   the plaee   ul  BUpei :   ■
the equally famous   LeHoi <
Ml   Anderson arrived In Cranl ,
un   Tuesday   afternoon   ami ul um -■
look a team and drove up in m.u-,
vllle.      i'n   Wednesday morning    he
went   Iiuiii Marysville lo   the   mine,
"The  Lord  Helps Those j
Who Help Themselves"
ft We are helping ourselves by showing you the Largest Holiday ffi
Stock in the Kootenays. K
Wc are ndw road/ lo invite you to conic up stairs in our store and sei the dis-
ffi _______________________________________________________________________________________________
ft play wc have prepared.                                                                                                       ft
ft Your troubles about selecting something suitable for a frier 11    II d  pelted ffi
ft when you -ice uur line, and DON T  FORGET we can save you money, 53
ic.oiupaiiicil hy vi. una Smith,   u.,-| ft From December Ist till Christmas, on all Ilolid.iv goods, we will a discount ol  ten per ffi
"rfirfm lft"or_ni tn... ! ?? "«' off l(l1' cash-   Everything marked in plain figures and everyone                             §
- at tin- present
ut-ii engaged at the Sullivan, anil
output iii  between ami ami   i	
,i weeh   is being steadily main
ail.       1 inli'l     Ilia   manaamimal      ,,|
Anderson it  would surprise   t...
it ni-iv   methods   ol getting out
lhe mt' ul ilia extraordinary duposl
were soon resorted to. li ma) hi
Unit Uu' riimliiliiiis ol Hn* groiini
would I.n..i Hit- removal nl tin* m
tin* overburden ol gravel ami soi
mi Unit the ore bod) eoulil In*   »	
I'll I'll Ilif Ulnl V lmil-' al .lam, a.-, .la
llll-   llllll-   Hall   inil   si.   I.a,..,  ago        In,
iiiliii- is behind hand   mallei u
timbering, uml this .till, in, doiibl
receive luun tlio new matiagei .,1
thr attention it deserves. Km ilia
exploration nf the ground  mil   al..
be pul  ill  lillllll.
I ffi
..   *'
I'   ■'
The cily council met iu regulnl sea
sion lust evening with Mu.m.i lingers
and Aldermen Kink, Tisdale, Jaeksuii,
llii-keiiliotham und Oreer |ircsenI. The
must uf ihe evening wus devoid! Lo a
discussion uf Uu* license bye-law, ami
ihe peddlar and hawkei clause receh
ed speeial attention. Some ul Mir
merchants in the Lown wero repre
son ted before the council by .1. A
Harvey, whu advocated a license ol
yi:>ti fur every six months, 01 (5UU .1
year. Messrs. Tate. McSweyn ami
Leask also spoke iu favor ol ihe high
license.     The bye-law was pul un  lis
second reading and ilu- license was
sliil left at Mini, bui this figure was
opposed hy Alderman Jackson, whu
euiitended   ihai  the   council    should
lake the whuh- eimiiniiuily  inlu     tn.1-
sldorallou uud nol a few ol all) class,
whether tl was a store keeper, Joe
Jackson m-anv une else, lh' though!
Ihai Ui.it tht- outside solicitor should
pay u reasonable tax hut he did nui
favot a lax su high thai it wm; I he
prohibitory, lie had bwtrtolcFbf n
travelling jeweler that In Fernie,
where thc tux was $250 he paid uo
lux hul did business just the same.
und the sume iu other towns in the
province where the lax was prohibitory, hut in towns when- it was reasonable he paid it. Alderman Greer
said that if it weie possible foi Lhe
men to come in uml do business anyway. 01 establish themselves just oul
of Uie limils uml sell with Impunity
he wuuld not favor tlio high tax as he
wanted   to sec  the city  get  ils dues.
Aldermen Kink and Tisdale favored
the high tax.
KffiSftB-MlBffiJK^ nTOKKHS
The Eagles fraternized on Wednesday evening at the I. 0. 0. F. ball
uml beyond a question they did things
splendidly. It is a line encouraging
thing in have to record a success,
and this event was of that order
most decidedly.
The programme called ii "An evening of whist, pedro. recitation and
sung." It said nothing about supper, but lhat wus provided, and excellently ul (hat.
The whist tournament proceeded
during lhe earlier hums uml resulted
in victory for Mrs. W. II. Ilaynes
ami Charles Wilson, While the whist
and pedro were in progress a vcrj
gnnd musical programme was rendered by Messrs, Steward, himle-i,
Black  ami  Smilh,
After the whist programme and
suppot hud heen disposed of, ihe uolii
pany, sume 75 in number, luui n
couple of hours dancing.
Ale mul Stout
Cranbrook Beer
Cranbrook Porter
Schillz Beer
.I,,..-,- n— ■
O'Brien's & Burke's Iri.sh
Dcwar's, Dawson's,
Sanderson's, and D.C.L.
Sctiiili \\liisKies.
Walker's, Qooderham's,
and Seagram's
Rye Whiskies
Send iu Your
at once by
Mail, Telephone,
or Telegraph
CRANBROOK   -   -   B. C.
A Large Assortment
Brandies, Tom Gins,
Hullancl (Hns.
The Finest Stock of
Ports, Sherries,
Santerries, Clarets,
Anil Other Wines
I am going out of
the Cigar Trade and
am selling my Stuck
of Cigars at Cost.
Write for Prices today.  "Don't Delay"
_eaii 3evt*elr*g
a wo** uo       H Ipeatl Broocb or
ZEbC   IWUse "ng always make an ac-
l8 ccptable Xmas  gift.   It 2
Sufficient  wiI1 pay you t0 look 0VCf 2
our stock, '
Tlia c p. it. Qundrillo ilnii. which
Is |-iviii|r sm-li mi I'lijnyiilili' m-i irs nl
dam-as ul I.lia ttVnl uaulli In, II   inlaiiils
In Im v.* u grand mani|u_.iiili! hull mi
ilu. anii nl January. Tins uill la
llii* grcal   mitlii <>i   tin- cluli iianis
Till'   I'Vl'i'lltiVl'      llll-illis   nil      lliis   in'ra
sum In show wluil tlii-t ,iim il" In Hi.'
matter ul altering a it I ciilciTaln
lui'lil. II will luui' n li. fm Hu-
Railway Trainnicnn1 hull record, .nul
Impi's tu will uut.     ll  Hint, lui  sum,,
ut thr leading trainmen have n I .1
—.mil u hiir. lluliii—in llle luiiili,.ti I
Hi,, hull masque,
, Some nt Uie costumes aro alrcadj
•il) dress them takes an Immense suggesled. One lellow will go us
amount ol guuds, hut that don't an ostrich egg. lie Ih elegantly
liiilher this llrui, us tlieir doors am1 lml<l-lii-ii.li-.i. Another will nu us a
crowded ,1th stacks uf tho host ta'^.*^1^^
lho way of Christmas articles, und ,,, M ^iiUeim-u, and are perfeclly
siill mine being unpacked, "Wc certain that no one will ever pierce
have the goods this year," said Mr. the deception, It will In- a ureal
Beattie, "uud we bought them at night, and preparations are already
prices that will bring tlie customers under way to ensure ils success in all
to   us, fur   we have never snld    so departments,
■' y**\L /;*ii'V
And A Union Made Cigar %
"lkiiit.Vtj Own"
"llaivt."'s" IPIoiicci'o"
"Spaniel) MioBSOins"
Honest  Price
cheaply us we are doing this season.
We wuul, the trade und Ihuught that
the hest way to get it was to .show
the people what they wanted and pul
'       they  " '  "
,    .   ,.         ,        ,,            ,,,-., rills is the   time ut lhe veur Hint
the prices where they would buy  il „e„„|j ure liioking  lur  their I'lirisl-
tliey wauled to take advantage ..I the ,,ms supply    ..I lii|iiurs Im* culinary
extraordinary   conditions.      Already llsc an,| n|s0 fot drinking iiiirpnsos, II
out trade is assuming Immense pro- behooves anyone who is Inlying    tn
portions   and   Christinas  buying    Is got tlio best anil that can lie dono liy
earlier than lor several years.   With patronizing   mv place,   ns   I   carry
tlie stuck that we carry a person can nothing else, ninl my prices al
Vo linisli iiiii* wil
gill Jinutlii'i' wild |,I,'iiuiii*,'.
Kir nul,'I.y iill i; Mailers,
AniiiitactureD Mb
ftutt3'8 llMonccv
©ujai'  .factory,
i is Soroovn St., vei.
IDanconvcr,     =     »     3B. C.
Whal. M he a more Btiltahlo pn
Wm. F. Tate & Son,
Official  Watch Iuapectors, Crown Nust   Puss   Division, 0.  I\ jj promptly.'
hnd anything they want, hut it would nult you urc bound   In lie satisfied.
be well Ior theni to rail while   they Wo make a specially ol supplying llie
can get  such a   variely ot selection, domestic trade and will be pleased to scl"  '" B'v0 ""'   '■'"!' "' ""' "'ms'
This year   wc arc making a special have you call or receive ymir orders., than a lieuiitilul   Pandora or K
pullit to take care ol mail orders and  Out lit   town    order;,
lllll any request lur Christmas gouds prompt anil carelul atlenliuii
will receive
Care in filling orders, prompt delivery and shipment have secured lor -|
us over
We have facilities for cueing
for a greater number and we are
after you.
A. C. Bowness.
nay Range.    There is positively ...^.^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^
ing   that   she would pii/.e ns much. TIIE   OBAHTBBOOE   ITER ALP
„..-.! i      'M*»-<««*.i:
DISTRICT    **      **
sun.    The above mentioned gentlemen  tn Cianbrook to see
ul.* In nil ua lhe must popular ll'Cll   it.
ul tin- newest   in.  lu this province|	
utitl should   ik.i  lul.,'    all Hit- l»,l',ii I    Nn iiitnrtiiutinii is t<
way, loi   i
\<-W-9*3S _S#M B - M =■■■.->•»■!■ **»•* **** 9M-WS*»fSWM*i»M*".
Tlie full..wiim: committee lam. beer ap
pointed to have charge uf tin- uil'utt
u   i*   Williamson, M   .1   Bonner uml
A.   .1    ll.iiiilui.ilal.      Tin* liiliai •'   il-.n-
(From thc Fernie Ledger.)
I pa)
. fit
Wall   lu
'"■■""'" ;    '"    ",'   week selecting   Christmas goods   lo
»«-Hi* relui an   H|e M   ,e d      and ,,,,,„,„,„ .,.,„,.
T. 11. Wliil.ui mail
JaOruy yestorday,
Mr.   ami   Mis.   Manahan, ul I  ill
nun, are In the cily tho guest,    "i
Mr. ami Mts. S   I'. Wallace, at    lho
Hotel Fernie.
Assistant goneral Irelghl and pns-
■cngot agent 11 A Jackson, ,.i tho
u \ ,.. stopplni .,t the Wai lorl
Mr Jackson
ltutti- mul lie is
City alter making u Irip ..vei the
western ilivisum ,,i il„* road .Mr.
'Jackson is ono ol lhe genial sunshine
lollows  wlm dispel   1,1 a    ,s    tliey
puss alung.
Annie, lhe eight your old limit; itel
nf Mr. and Mis Drnllingti ti. wli,i 1.08
been in the hospital sutlerlng Willi
typhoid lever dlod on Monday nl i ne
o'clock and wus buried tu-day These
are the uiifonuu.it.' people who were
taken in charge In the gond ladles ol
the Benevolent Association n week oi
two a,',n     The |i  mother dI   loose
five children Is Btifloring untold   anguish in in.-    greal    trouble,
heart-broken subs i
the uii-nilu'i, ui Hn
ioty nf ltd  greal I
table        How deeri
cos uie always well patronized nml
are succosstul,   uml the people can
look forward tn having a it"...I lime
on lhat evening.
Q II. Thompson, Cranbrook's city
solicitor, wus in town Sunday.
I'l,e Aurora property mi the west
Mile ,,l the lake is suul  lu lie looking
1,,'tter than evei
tl.    Stewart,    il«-  druggist,  was
,|,,\Mi   I,,   ITaiili I,   ilu*   llial   nl    Ilu*
doctot  ula,ui   Slocan country.      It consists In    a
' lew    practical,   working, ti lu trious
[miners  joining   togethei   i" take   a
Ihcomlng    us prospect,  oi   partly developed    i.m
llilng theii wai. Im 12 months'to lhc results of the cleanup mi the perty, ol a- must frequently happens,
luun* ilm an* unite likely In le Hydraulic company's ground. This, a property supposed lo bo played
branded as "bad men"—that is, i.n- is usually the ease when people litul out. These men undertake lo work
less the)    can   avoid raising    taxes.' tbey have got bold ol a good   thing.' tho ground, take out tho oro n
Here's success ai.,l i„,M,'i to 'h w  Tll<- w,,rk ,l"1"' '"" ""' 1'la('"'r .|ulil|S  tho owners o percent. *.*  a the
city dads. I the past summer has remedied all tho, fits, oi   a    pern-Mag    lhe gross
.i..s |.*ii,|,.un,i, is one I the besl leakages which existed in the syphon'earnings Ulan this plan is udi.pt-
aiul truest men thai over sirnck this '""1 piping systems to tbe hydrants ' ed there aro no strike   ul tho millers,
country.      Joe is   not overburdened Wmk will he pushed on the property and whal is ol  ,,* iin| ance    to
with ihe world's goods, but he be- during the coming year with greater the dislriel, ihere i*. real rcmunora-
lioves in spending the money ho activity than ever, tlve work being done. Miners work-
makes In lhe   country   he expects to                            Ing Ior a day's wages simply do whal
make Ins fortune In.      Ho has spenl     The sine smolter at Frank will   bo   v a rdcred; and do n without
the lasl couple ,,( years in Palliser « wonderful planl when completed, ll raising any question us to the reason
uuui,., foi  ii,..   sound ol the iiuiii  will he the most complete ot its class actuating tlio inaiiagonionl  In   giving
thai thc Itniiu, has struck tins valley,  "' the world.    Two Immenso  smoke them theii direct s.    Bui us  ihey
when he    will .,.„.      Since tho Hues nre nuw under construction    to work they I n.l,-ami tlml oul t gs
Outcrop   started he has nevei tailed dispose ot thc tumes Irom tho rotorts. aboui the property    uevoi ■
to -ami loi all lus |oh work to  this One   ol thoso   will he 1,700 tcet    iu. by the uu
olliee, ami ns ho has always paid the length.
imiiiii he is s  „| u liiiitl, iii Para, and is
_    I   .MIC
Tu hi
she told mu' uf
Benevolent  Soc-
.1 a:   WHS   mOSl   [ill
IS  the  well  ul     a
the mothei ol
oom to divide
alii|.lum    Im
uf tl.ein      li
■■llll',   ul     11,1',
e i   unable la
i li.
File   I'll*
he Fcrnlo
ul in
ui'tiie. Mr.
by   the aa,
leased   on
trial  will
mother's li
tlve chlilrcn does li
her love, rathoi i
yearnings Ioi each
does not lessen, til
pom woman hccatti
giYC  tu lul   (leal   ,,1
Cities nl  then   . M
,tu assist woi iiii  |i
distress should nml
ol   richer   people
theii shoulders
(From  the  Pel
Win. Hundley, o
was   arrested    al a o'ch
charged   wilh the thell ol
more Inns nl coal from th
ol ihe   Fcrnlo   hospital.
that Hi   Bunnell purchn ci
ol 22 tons   nl coal Inr H
ami engaged   Mi   llandley
It.    Thinking iha bull, in
looked smaller ih.ui ii slu
hud   il examined   hy   .-m
confirmed   his   suspicions,
were put to work lo Back
weigh it, when   it was to
mure tlinii   eighl  imis   sltori
Hundley's arrest was the nal
'. la*, n
nil  he hns I
The   pn
probably  he hold
row before police magistral!
ter.     It is said that the Iw,
'J. F. Camp and John Boyd,
orders tn deliver part nl tin
others customers about ilu* •
The   water    pressure   tui!
ures nn pounds to tho squai
The miners ol Frnnl, are t
starting a co-operative store
On Monday Samuel Slephcnson and
Mary Jenkins, both uf Carbonado,
were united in marriage jil the rectory by Kev. E. It. Bartlott.
The lever outbreak reported lust
week is not at ull serious, 11. IV.
Herchmer is progressing favorably.
J. It. Wallace bus a very light attack and Is now almost recovered,
.Wm. Martin's ease is somewhat moro
serious. Wm. Hodman, who was
taken ill with il isoase lust Saturday has a veil light ai tack.
Kev. A. I.iinti, pastor ol Knox
Presbyterian church, announced to tho
congregation ut thc close ol his service lust Sunday morning thnt he
hud placed his resignation before the
presbytery. Mr. Dunn's action has
caused very deep regret; not only
among his conglegatioii, but alsu
generally throughout the town. Mils everywhere recognized as a man ol
exceptional ability and one whom to
know   is to   mure     respect
litiiiu,ii v
i drivers
ml ml-
l> uuui-
Kin ii.
nf  lhe
In   lha
0 the
(From tlie Moyie Leader..
Alter a close down of nearly two
months the machinery at the St.
Eugene concentrator will again he
Btarti'il to-morrow. Nearly ull nl
the mill crew are again in town ami
a lull funic is being put nu at the
mine as fust us possible, Shipments
to the Bmoltcrs at Nelson aial  Ti.nl
Will begin nest  week.      Hu Ilia [liuin
jug ot    Uctubel  lllll Uu*      .hall  h.uise
ami other buildings ut tlio mine wore
reduced to ashes anil lhc mine ami
mill were closed down pending their
recon.tructiiiii, anil must ul llie men
were laid on". The new buildings are
much larger utul hel lei than lbe old
ones und the mill has been thoroughly
overhauled su tbut everything is in
excellent shape fur u good lung run.
The prospects [nr Moyie were never
brighter. There is u hig anil steadily
growing demand fur both lead and
silver and there seems "tu lie no fear
ol suspension of operations for
years. Business in nil lines is good.
The hotels nre rapidly filling up, the
merchants arc busy, and Ihere is im I successful ranchers
complaint Irom any quarter, Cranbrook's first city eleiiinn    re-
Moyie Miners' union will give its -suited as follows: Mayor, 0. T. Hog-
filth annual bull on Tuesday, Decern- ors; Aldermen, .1. I'. Fink, D. E.
ber 12th, Cards ute out. announcing I Murphy, James Greer, 11. Iliekcn-
thc fact and tickets are now on sale,   hothani, G. P. Tisdale and J. .Inck-
(I ii Buchanan, distributor ,,( lho
1,-ud bounty, was in luun Wednesday
Lead bas reached that ptiee t„r 'lie
present that nothing remains uf the
Dominion government bounty. The
guvcrnmont saves the amount s.*t
,,.iih* Ior tin- purpose ami the mine
owners BUftci no I"-.- A further alliance will mean increasing returns uu
lead shipments, ll. 0. Buchanan's
position us dlspensci m" ihe bounty
hiis now become u sinecure, although
ii mil probably be retained as
lung as there is any possibility ->f tbo
[nice   lulling  11
a,.w attained.
iltse,  mill  lla,llii.-ss    roses im  u Jill
luw in night uml nothing but gold tc
l.a.k  al   111    I.M
The social
I...lies in Eagli
surpassed the
Uu-   commute
I Cl lillllll     ll     l'i
*,,, i.u us iuc
i.l.le purpose i
receipts weic
peases un* pai
iiici' led ui a,
im applii
un below the    point
given by Uu- Catholic
• hall Thursday evening
londosl expectations ul
• in charge, it was
cord bronkoi in Moylo
mn lnmls Im u charll-
ii concoi I. 'I'he gross
$315, .nul alter nil evil Ihere will In- a   bai-
'ally it.:;u This will
lhe llebl  ull   Ilia chinch.
uu, v,l    Tlios
.   ml    III.*     SI.    Fill!
died in Wardnoi
,!| ,
hold Wednesday
ck Fiiiln
led   lu a
agio in
lhc C
is ol t lube   Will     I
•in     merged
Under the
c      lull shine
i.n     euch   ir. shares
The amalgamation
■ wnler   scheme involv
ning ni  the    l.eltni,  Vi
tFiniii the Golden Stai I
Some people blame the poor unfortunate liiiliviilu.il wlm happens to lull
in* ihe wa) i'l*' They suy be should
l„. lulled, lynrhed, Interdicted, or severely punished Nu, reader, he should
not, Ho sliniilil be pitied. Far who
knows hul wlmt tho unfortunate man
is bucking agatnal a hidden undertow? Do ynu think for a ntnineiit
that n man will gel drunk nnd remain lhat way until ho is in the
i horrors, and even fall so low down
1 that a dug wouldn't hark al him, just
' Inr lhe lun nf if. N'n. Ile doesn't
j know what causes him to do it. It
•, simply u hidden undertow that
lings Iiiiii down, Just like llie hen
thai is placed nn u selling ul China
aggs, She nmy sii until doom's 'luy,
mil will never get a chick She
doesn't know why il is. This unlnr-
hiiiute hen is up against the hiilileu
lu.l.'l Imv Mun Is the same way.
lhc viiileis may look evei sii placid
ii limes, iml the treacherous hid-
Icu undertow will drug yuu down,
'Ihis is the season nf the vc.u that
ihc purse proud should hoar in mind
thai ihey begun life barefooted,   und
llml    lhe    level scs    ul furl line might
leave iliein any day without n "bite
In lheir bucks "
\ subscribe! al  Cnlgary writes in
know if .luinliii   wns ever premier nl
British Columbia.    No; Jumbo   wns
mi elephant,     llm  British   Column
has a  leal  white elcpllalll  nnw pre]
closed down
the   wintel
ll step
;      lhe
s II
ul Center Star mines uml Ha
g winks nl Trail,
.l,,c   llalu'l    Ihis   week   s.illl   his   bill-
i shop I,, Waller ll Laing, nl Cran-
iii,li, wlm will hcrcaller conducl the
isiiicss. Mi. linker left Thursday
i Seattle in vlsil wilh his sister,
Iinm be has nnl seen for several
ills.       lie   expects   In   go   In   I lllllll-
iii in ilu- spring
-t ,
(From Lho Frank Paper.)
Wright Dovltt, Charles Pitman ..ml
.Inliii Roberts sustained quite serious
luss Tuesday Irom a lire which des-
troyed their bachelors quarters at
Blairmore, The three were batching
in a tent house and bad lefl whul
they supposed was hut a spark of five
ill lhe stove after the lunch hour. Nu
une was 111 nl  the lime bill   il   is auj,.
posed they led more lire than Ihey
Imagined ami lhat thc mi in a. cntighl
The luss ,,i the temporary habitation wns nnl nf great account lull in
11 Ute men IiiiiI iill their cl'ieots destroyed. Mr. Pitman, whu wus merely slaying ut lhe place temporarily In
ihe absence nf his wife, had a considerable portion ot Mrs. Pitman's wardrobe iu his trunk and this circumstance coupled with the loss to the
lhree of nil iheir clothes, keepsakes,
etc., made thc loss in the aggregate
A. IV. McVittie, of Cranhrook, was
a visitor to the Pass Saturday,
Division engineer, ol the C.  I'.  It
T   Martin,   wns in   town   Saturday
frum Cranbrook.
J. F. Ritchie, chief of the C. p. R,
coal Inspectors for thc Pass, lias been
laid up Boveral days with an Injury
i.. ni f lus logs, sustained by fulling Irom a wagon.
Fred, M. Collins, proprli
hotel, look ,< t
Saturday with
He expected t.
but encountered
I was contonl to I.
Tlie  Golden   sawmil
lasl   Sal mil,iv   lillllll   I
Frank Pico, Hie well tin,wn California jockey, whn hits ridden sum,
ol Hm i,,|i niitehers in his day, tin,
been engaged by F McAhee in train
bis suing uf yearlings,
Mis Dltpolil uml Mis, Kiuiplon, o
Hovelsloke, nre guests ut Hie Knn
tenny house, They will he joined lien
by Mis. K. A. kiuiplon mill Mist
Niuiis, id Wilmer, and lbe party wil
then proceed In Ontario, where they
intend remaining some time visiting
lain lives
W I' Allsup, ihe llriseu rancher
left fur Ins old home in London, England, last Wednesday. It is several
years since Mr. Allsup left, the old
snd, and he expects to remain all
winter. His many friends wish him
bun voyage and hope to see his smiling countenance again nexl  spring.
Tlie C. P. li. depot is to bo lit up
with electricity nml several lights
will be placed on the platform.
The curling and skating rink is at
present being got in readiness for
Hooding mul before Hie end ol
week   lhe cullers     nml skaters
' real
".luck" and     Waller   Fishc
Harry tin, leave Sunday on
to England.
(From the Wilmer Oulerop.)
Walker Tegatt was in town Saturday and slated he was well satisfied
with the products of his ranch for
the past season anil that lie had disposed ot everything at lair prices.
He is une of Windermere's biggest ami
I leo
■go Durant, of Perry Creek, has
gone back to England in order In
interest capital in Hie enterprises in
ivhlch he is concerned in lhe Old
Town locality, Mr. Duranl has soma
excel len I free milling gold property
situated near lhe old saw mill above
Um Hydraulic company's property,
From this he has had assays as high
as S42 in tree gold lo the ton. When
one speaks nf frco gold the question
always arises, dues the mineral maintain its purity wiih depth? The
gold calm., may im maintained, or
even Increased as ihe work descends,
hul the I i u, which Ihey iii'our niuy
change Irom lbe pure guld to a combination will, nth
this combination occurs the gold is1 pounds).
■■aul iu he base, ami requires special I by 33,01).
As these m.i,
Thell lum
a*,,, in      li is being built nl    brick  experience   enables     Ihem   lo dotec
high enough insult- Im nn or-1 grave ml lakes h)   the  to owners
diuury sized uuui tu walk upright In. I but it is m.i iluu I.u. ss lo go   ti
it is being carried up along the lace the ofllco and tell ,,i those things
ul tho hill al lhe back ul Hie plant, The result i. Hint when the) take .
and at ils upper extremity a smoko property on lease 11 Is worked ol
slack will be buill tu a great. common-scnso line , ..ml al a mini
height,       This   will dispose oi    all  mum expense.       The lull, nro    mi
nOXlOUS  fumes  and  prevent   theni    ill-; "ill       The i.Ilai   ilai   I,,iaa nal, lual
icrfoiing wilh     lhe   comfort ol the1 ing on lhc la  Bachelor n
people nt the town,      At  tho other! Forks,  neai   S loi
end ut the works n slmtlnl  tine   ami j cigiiloenlli c    in ui
suinke    stack    will be put   up.        The    ul
selection ni Frank lor Hie oreotlou ol
Hie smeltei was a decidedly good one.
The   company   has its   cual at the
door, trabsportation right into    tho deposits on Crawford Ha.
wnrks, and lime stone ol the    finest  aequt
quality in millions ot ions all ari.lll.il, I p, ui
There arc   millions   ot French    ami   slate
Belgian capital at the back ui    the   j, ,.h
enterprise.      The King Lumbei Co.,ljj .
ui Cranbrouk, supplied all the lumber   w  it,
used in lhe erection nf the plant. ||  ,s
There has been war to the knile |,, „ j,.,
and the knife to the hill between the ,, „ ,,,,
I'nitcd Slales Lead Co., and the ,i„. ,
National Loud Co. The idea was a ■-piiis n
combination between the two, but it may hi
did not materialize. Nuw ihe ,.lsll,
double is assuming an acute stage. I jaas| b
Speaking nt the an'iiir the New York j,,,,, ||,
Herald   says   in a recent   despatch; I
4     USD ALE    5   !       PKOFBSSIONAI
i i •«->-fis---s»<_____a^---i
J ]|.*:i.l.|u.*,i*ii'is fur choice { ; ™"'
4  il't-i-tii,i,.i\ ..ml fruit.   Wn t
4 nrullii'iim,i,is linn't'ortlii'In- 4
t    IlliillS.ti.      IV     ('Iliiriililt.S   SO   A
u\\ known by nil lovers of
u u il sweets. Shipments
imlu sn ns tn have nothing
ui fresh stuck.
#•*.***•*•.•*•»-*»-»  »»»»
red    In* a    Cl,
mul  Sl
syndicate ..t .
.,1 ll   1
I.  ,,1  175,000.
1 l,. pill  in a p
for Uie  Ind
■a i'l   cosl   IIS
Th.   in
m,l  nn t
llll    Ilf    sl
nh iser
MV. lull
•el    tail
Sl.it 1 Ins
lhe   Uie
■   ,   ■
Charles E.
losed exploi
l;Now lhat the lead deal is
iis   'farewell   appearance' Im
positively announced, Uu- new
uut that plans lor the construction nt
competitive   plants   are under    way
again. The United Stales Lead Uo  an
ally of the American Smelting A- tie-'.
lining Co., proposes lo push lhe con
stiiii'tioii work of a new refining plant,
ul   Clranile    City, near    Si.   Louis. |
This will compete with plants uf ihe,
National Lend Co.  iu that  lorllnry. | lu8     I"
Similarly    the    Staten   Island  end, question ol
if the National Lead  ot saf,,,J'
Brooklyn plants
Co. arc to have rivals iu the United
States Load Co's new works at Portb
Aluhiiy, whieh uie now Hearing luiii-
ph-lion." Let. the good work proceed, The more tlmse big colourations war amongst thomselves the
greater the competition for oresi, not
alone in ihe Stales hut in Urltlsh
Kor the year ending 25th November the total .shipments ut ore from
the boundary mines to the .smelters
amounted to no less than 827,48]
ions of this enormous total tbe
Cli unby mines have furnished fully
75 per cent-. The ores of lhe Urau-
by mines are of self-(lusiiig quality,
and on this account can he treated
at irreducible minimum of cost,
A party brought to Cranhrook tho
other day, a sample of ore whieh
he found in a big lead within naif a
mile of the C. P. R. tracks. One
man to whom it was shown declared
at once it was molybdenite, aud it
must he admitted it looked very like
it, except that it had not that purple
blue tinge ot that ore. A very
simple test was applied which showed
it was merely a variety of specular
heinelite. A little of the ore was
rubbed on llie broken edge of a com-
t hey
had   li
scheme years ago.     '1
I ihat   Ihej   merely  th,.
| while Macknj both lb.
I—aud gol  ii
1    wale
s being
ine    of
will tell .
uu that
nut   this
Cranbrouk Presbyterian Church.
Sabbath Services 	
  ... ... 11 a.m. and 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School & Bible Class...,) p.m.
Christian Endeavor, Tuesday ...8 p.m.
The public are cordially invited to
attend all  the meetings.
Pastor, W. G. W. Fortune, B.A.
Cranbnuik Methodist Church.
Corner nf Hanson Avenue and Louie Street
Sunday Services :—
Divine Worship ... -. _ 11 a.m.
Sunday School  3 p.m.
Divine Worship   7.30 p.m.
Tuesday :—Kpworth League ol Christian Endeavor  h p.m.
A cordial invitation is extended to
tho public.
.1.  P. Westman, Pastor.
Cninlirniik HupilM Chnrdi.
The following is   a list of tb
mon porcelain    plate.        The streak vices held in the Bnplist church :-
was a rusty red, which proved il was! Sunday    II a.m, and 7,:in p.m
heme tile. Hud it been molybdenite [Sunday School
the streak would have been lead like.
Another easy test i.s to nil) it on
white paper, on which it leaves a
murk like graphite. Molybdenite
usually occurs in thin leaves, not unlike mica in structure, The color is
a deep bluish purple, almost as black
as specular hematite ol the Hake
t p.m.
Voung Peoples K p.m. Tuesday
Prayer   Meeting ... X p.m. Wednesday
The public are cordially Invited to
attend all  the meetings.
Pastor, Benjamin Goodfletd, B.A.
-J* %»•**%. %•%■*.'-*.•»_.•* •* *■*.»%%.•«,■».% ^
A. W. McVittie
It is often ol importance to be able
to ascertain tlie horse-power a sI ream
will furnish.    It can he worked oul
by this   formula.    Multiply together
the number   of cubic feet   ol   watei
which will, full per minute; the vertical height, or   bend, in feet through
which it     will   full, und the numbei
materials, When U2.3 (the weight of a cubic loot    in
Then divide lhe product
A miner's inch of   water
■i  ii
iicatmeiii foi iis extraction.    In the  is equal to 1.68 cubic feet
i.u.e  ol the Perry    Creek free   gold
hauls  Ihere is nn special reason   (or
Ihlnklng the;    will turn base    with
depth, since Hie chances nre  just as
guoil   they  mny  be found  1
*t Dominion and I'nivin
4 cial   Land  Surveyor.
H. H. McVittie
General Agenl
I CRANBROOK,   It.   (
I We Will Do
f Your Draying
To show a problem worked out wc
will assume that thorn is a fall ot
„_ 1,600 in height, over which i.s coming
sure1,100 miner's inches of water. The
lor hundreds of feet in depth. It is question is, how many horse-power
only wink will tell positively what'will that fall afford? IHO miner's
is the real condition nf the ores on'equal 1172 cubic leet. Then applying
the creek 1 the formula, wc find 672 multiplied by
  11,500,   multiplied by 62.3, equal 62,-
Bnnk ami Thompson are having   a 798,000.       This latter figure divided
lair measure    of success with   their by 33,000.     A miner's inch ol water!*
placer elaim.     At present Ihey   arc'would,   therefore, give     1,1102 horse- $
somowhal   troubled with the amount power.    From this would have lo be ' $
nl water which tho slush ice is turn- deducted a certain variable percentage' J
ing in nn them.    This i.s giving their  fot ioss ol pmv(,r |,y the friction    of' f
pumping machinery plenty to do, but thc water in tlie pipes.     This    per
Is nm     nvercrnwdiug It,     The    big ccnlagc varies with a variety .of cir-
botllilors arc very hard  lo handle in cumstances.     Tho lormula gives the
lhc confined space of lhc drift   from horse-power approximately, but close
the  tunnel.       The other day     Jack  c„ough ,or pl.a(,tical pUrp0sCs.
I huinpsun gut one of his toes broken i ___
by a bar while jarring one of   those     Thc    leasing   system    is   working
masses loose.    He has had to  come splendidly Ior tbe development ol the. M144444444444*********1*!
Auiljiiri/i-ii movers of the
Mason & Klscli Plnuos..,
J Is now located In its comfort*
• able and attractive new quar-
♦ tew In the Watts building, i*
^ lliis Institution is just up-to*
i date and i:. moaemly equipped
| to Jo lust the best work In .ill
f branches oi tlu* tonsorlal art.
**   Burning your smoke is
t_ Burning a smokeless co.il
• I*
^ „„„
n     BET
Ckebcent Lodge No, Sll
Cranbrook, It. C.
fM'o.O.F.Xu."1 TUtS"a)' " 8 "'"*
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
J, W. Uroniner, 0 C,
Visiting   brethren   cordially milled
to attend.
Cranhrook  Local Union l.ll nl thc tolled
Hrnlhcrhnnd ill Carpenli'rtt and Jnlni'r.
ol America.
Meetings overt
I. O. (1. f. h„li
Visiting brethren cordially Imliml
Ft™ Yiuil, Edward t'oolo,
_ ltco,-Sec, President,
l.llli l     key lilt Ladle
No   12. .Meets every
■a^r^*** Monday    ntghl    at
then   hall on Hake!  street,    .Koiuiilu-
lug Oiidleliows cordially Invited,
IV, S. McDonald      ('barbs Smith,
N. II. .Sec'y,
l unit,,aul, LodfO, Ho, it
A. p. 4 A. H,
Thursday evening ut
ovei Patmore lims.'
ijj Burning a smokeless hard ]
I coal from Bankhead Banff!
linvn tin-solo III.
ml.i..,.k  District
9   IM
r ii  lit  for ^.7n
II.     II     W.imlll     u
uiy nwii public si
Inn* Sol:  Conl  S
ml O. ll. II
% Expressage and Draying !
* Phone 86
(ieo. R. Leask & Co.
put Ibis a.l
ilvortlsoment, but we
in the lleriil.l in
Nam Lower Armstrong Avenue,
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mini tig Engineers
and Surveyors.
THOS. T. McVl'I'TIlO,  P, L. S.
J. T. LAUll.A-vl, U. E.
When You
Come to the Metro-
polis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy;
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
' '«» ,    R'-eular  li
* )/\'j \      .»' every in.iu
' islllilg
tigs nn
irotnrcn welcomed,
E. Patterson, Sec'y.
F.   0.   E.
Mcels   Isi and 3rd Fridays   al    8
o'clock p. m., in the Wills building.
\isiiiiig   brethren   are Invited    to
• I.   Edgar Davis,  U.   I'
A. M, Black, W. Sec'y,
.Meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday in
"0,11.1 Templars Hull."
Visiting brethren cordially Invited,
A. McCowan, C.R.     .1. Sims, Sec'y,
ri.'AMMi'OOK     LOTH*! 13
I. O. G. T.
Mcels every Friday night above I'ut-
niure's Store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets cverr 2nd Wednesday nnd -lib
Saturday at 8 o'clock in oddfellows
Visiting brnihers always welcome.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Maxell Block Cranbrook, II. C.
4<************************ ,
|      C. H. DUNBAR       |
S   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    |
J Public, Etc. J
i    Crnnbrook,    ■    •    II. C.   i
************************* I
Physicians and Surgeons.
Oflice at  Residence, Armstrong Ave.'
Forenoons ... - 0.80 to   11
Afternoons - - -. i.;ni i,, 8.30
Evenings 7.80 to 8.:in
ORANBROOK ::    ::    ::    ::    ll. 0.
I     Dr. Connolly,     |
§ Physician and Surgeon %
® Olfice on Armstrong: Avenue ±
® I
S Hours:—0 to 11 a.m., 2 to 4 4
- p.m., 7 to 8 p.m. 'Plume inr, T
(sl 4
•) I * I * I oi I "!> I * I * 14 I * I <•■ I ■•• I * I «■ i
DR. F. li. KINO
0 to 12 ii.ni.
i lo   li p.m,
7  III   8 p.iu.
Olllco anil residence on Armstrong uve
DR. F. li. MILES
0 to 12 a.m.
1 tn   11 p.m.
7 to   8 um.
Ofllco In new Held block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
People who want job work dune
cannol aflord to pay for poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald odice. No complaint Is mode ol the work tut nod out
here for thc reason that it is up lo
date and thc work ot up lo dale
printers. That makes a difference
with an; Individual. iiiE   CRAKBHOOK   HERALD
ft&l?.*?;!^ JOB ^ AUTHOR.
.il.e .in Auctioneer's Licence as sojh as one
can lv procured from the Municipality.
P. 0. Box
MHMRM. fflt'MMMm mi'&$m&Wm®ffiWfflMm
♦ XX**-* **<•**«*♦♦♦♦«« *<►«•»-*•«►♦*♦«<► <*» ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
444<H",4-4***</41r4 4*444tl44444*\-4-M,W*t$'<t4*-*4444
Sale hi Oriental  Novelties li
A Great Opportunity to get Xmas Novelties tt
Wong Fong, who has a store tin Armstrong-
Ave, says that his stock is too bis?. He has
[ust returned from China where he bought a
big stock ot oriental novelties, silk goods, brass
ornaments, etc., and he must sell, no matter
how low, to raise the cash. He will have
some great bargains the next two weeks,
Remember the place, opposite Imperial Hotel,
Armstrong Avenue:
The Wentworth   a
Clapp & Rollins,
The Now .Managers.
Drop in and sec its any time.
mil ul th
We arc on deck 2.i hours
i 24
-.(.mm": ':■:.'.'"■" ' ' aJIEEEiStlBjEEiS
j  13 C. Livery ami  Feed  Stables
t Firsl .lass liim-. sufy nnd stylish tern-is, Drivers
4 anil  [iick  liorst's  i •   .n in  tli,, district,
{ Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
, Sntite lite Mil am
» _,« .,«.«:«,« £ j ... r. «,. « « • » ..-».,., .'« •.,»;. »>,a»i«i«i.|«!«l«l_]»i«:i,i«-
I === D E>1N ft— s j
= Cranbr©Qk Beer [!
j!     ^^ Sl
M.ide from the besl mall and the purest \v.u* j|
er, ll ■   u.ii*.. * Ill i ■ ; -.    **    Ask for gj
Cranbrook Beei an 11 having It.
The Cranhrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
era ill nil kind, a linti'i IViuu
lhiHlMlKiM,N|-.,M U N ■ , v K.|K,_■ jM|H, .|M,W,M,_ .,..»,. . .,fc,H,N,l( K ■, M/HjM jM,M^Hj
// NOTICE 11
, MINERAI  WA HER FACTORY lu Ins i-stali
1 uuv i   .al.ui or irnvi'l
er ll.
.all ,,l  :    Inr ll          ,          cl' r   i|ia|.|iilll.i|.|,v   I.y   III,
i mul miiiiini,!.                     iii(i ri.m lo nny in lhe .lis
Tin' ptlblii' nre iis| ua linil. [*,*. |ii.'sl.al to t isil us nm
le the Kink m liu* fni.tory
999999tt99tl99ti9ft99li.mi.ui: i
! Clean Clothes 1
il    is   I'HSV    to 1
eliiilins  ud..ii  then
■i lirst
,'1,'ISsllllllllil'V   in    I"
niii'i Jill'iiril in [intn
• rln-
Ill-Si- wllt'll   VOU   '"llll
work iiuiii' liy white
pie in
ii white wny nntl nl |
, iimi
will   li|.|ii-nl   In   nn.
wu ll t9 good work
Crows Nest
Steam Laundry iy
Crnnbrook, 13. 0. jj"
.Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
Machine Shop
IVlcKinnon & Johnston
Wu nru prepared to
ilo all kinds uf iv.
pair work heavy ami
light, make castings,
turn shafts, etc.
Scientific    Horseshoeing
Aboui two vreebs Ago an "auth
advertised la the "want" columns ol
Ilu* N[ml,t-Miidii-llt-u,'U tor a hobo lu
assist in tho preparation ol ji
book, .nul the editors uf the
Spokesman * Review indulged In
.ill kinds ol Facetious communis mi ilu- same In theii l«-
sequel to tbe ad, appeared:—
Spokane, Wash . Nov, 3D.—To the
cditni ol the Spokcsnian-Kevlew:
Several days ago 1 bad occasion to
nisi'it aii advertisement lot a hobo
in youi valued columns, which at the
time appeared lo be a source ol much
.iiiiiiMiiii'iii to you, I herewith take
iin- llbert) to Inclose an exact duplicate ol .1 lettoi ihat 1 to-day rec
■■ii Irom .t hobo who Is al presenl
lhc Ciii-iii  d'Ali'iH-s,
Por irasmi:, iicsi known to myscll
I .un unable to use this gifted mmi o
Un- mail, iiiiii il you cannot use lh
in. losed, ii will, al least, ufioid yoi
.i quiet little laugh Vours very
■Till-: Al T1I0K."
ilu- luclosuro containing tlie con-
trlbutlon follows:
•Tin' Weariness oi Wlllio, or The
Kn'mi.s in ,i Hobo, in one spasm.
"Ihiiliil.'il up on a bonch bark vt the
stove oi a lourth rain saloon id one
ol tbe principal mining camps oi the
Coeur d'Alenes, was Weary Willie.
Some of lii.s more energetic compan*
urns had been roading a month old
Spokane puper and lunl nm across an
advertisement Inserted in ii hy a ten-
dertoof author from the east who desired an assistant in the iorm of a
hobo to aid him in putting real life*
im.i ii book mu which lie was then engaged.
"After listening L
animated argument
Identity ol the anil
rose from  his bcncli
more or less
ii llie possible
Weary slowly
I scaled himself at one of Lho beer slopped tables,
ami mi a slice I of wrapping paper
laboriously wrote an answer to the
advertisement. After doing this, he
borrowed a stamp nml envelope from
the bartender, sealed and addressed
liis Idler nnd gave il to the manipulator of the heer plugs to mail, invested his last nickel lor a mug of
heer, helped himself to the free lunch,
and finally deposited himself at lull
length on the bench back ol the
stove and went  to sleep.
"In the course of a day nr two the
tenderfoot author from thi cast found
the following letter in liis mail:
" 'Pear Unknown: To-night in »he
saloon find in ihe gloaming I sat contemplating the evening and the massive certitude of fate, when i noticed
yuu "iid" in the paper
'• A bum is a penniless man who
"ks; a hobo is a man who
rare occasions. I am a
hobo, for I worked once The rccol-
Icctlon is siili vivid, and it brings a
blush of shame tu my cheek. I worked
foi a woman who possessed tine
iilind eye ami a bob tailed hull don
Mi.it possessed an excellent pan of
teeth. 1 carried some house plants
iiuiii the p.ulor to tin- cellar; ihat is,
some of them I carried down, others
l allowed to fall ihe greatet portion
of :h, Journey. ]
■■ 1 have shunned liatd work and
have jerked a living from the horny
hand of late by tho use ol an oily
tongue that would have reaped honors and fortune in a political field,
"I have travelled as a tramp,
neaih passenger trains, and also as a
gentleman, all over the northwest. 1
havo been from coast lo coast and
trom pull I., poli-on election day.
1 have luld many judges my story,
and they have listened with much Interest io my tale and have .isked
many questions bearing on ihe io-
molo past ui my life. Many towns
lhat 1 haw visited detailed squads ol
police io chaperon me beyond the city
limits,   lest i take ihe   wrong road
ies.-iuL. ,\ hobo is often compelled]
to smoke snipes,' walk arm in aim'
wilii a vile jailer and look yearningly into the eyes "i a w fudge and]
weak-kneed juiy.
'Well, this is enough. I am reduced
to a hand me down sun .md a live
year old plug hat. This i- all 1
have, save a haughty stale such as a
bartender wears when a 'broke' pal
calls for a dunk on a frosty morning
when the mean temperature is usually mean.
li these words put me in ';.■ wa)
of .. job   tha' contains little i i    nu
Work, I will led thai 1 *.au' i.m
spread these ihin lines of blue in vain;
1 have frequently said mom aud ie-
Delved less,
'i you wish more Information, .i-k
loi a. Iti helping write a book oi
ih.- great northwest that aa* formerly   Inhabited hj     tribes vutli many
bucks and  now   hy   inn.  wilh nan    a
I  think wnh a gush ol (iiun
I could help iome      1 should
write a hunk ol uiy llle    so
every lathei, or even u    step
could give it lo ids son   and
say; "My son, it-ad this aud Mien do
1'Please Iel mc hcai Irom ynu.
yours truly,
Wean Willie."
t ha t
like   l
.11 I. Y
Spukane, Wash.,  Nee, i --One halt
ol    the    const ruduiii    WOfk    un      the
Spokane A- International railroad Is
completed," said n. c. Corbin today. "The heaviest of this work is
on the other end and with as good
weather as wc are now having wc
vvill have this about completed by the
first of Uie yeai. If we have an
open winter so that work can be continued Uu- enure roan win lie completed by thc lirsi oi July. Sand
'I weigh one hundred ;>i\ty pounds
ne hundred sixu pounds ot mellow
nslnnei, and we.ii a smile of sweet
npllcity ami othor uui nf dale ap-
"'1 I was going io tell my
in unable lu
re ()Uiic
iill <it
uie  tl
Hi   Mils
s   lhc  s
in two
led, but
socks—si u;k:
second    id
clime i
lent mc
■I I havo
other one
■ one eyed
bleak   and
lilt, Idaho, is about half way and
the heavy work is beyond ihis point.
It Includes four tunnels with a total
length of between a third and a half
"All ihe construction material foi
the road, Including rails and fastenings, amounting to 2'l,niut ions, is at
Fort William, tlie Lake Superior port
of the Canadian Pacific, or is on the
road west of Fori William. It all
reached that point before navigation
closed on the lakes for the. winter.
All of it is coming west over the
Canadian Pacific. Other material,
Including that for bridge work, is en
route over Uie Son and Canadian Pacific lines, one hundred box and llat
cars tu be used in const met inn are
on the way and two locomotives to
In* used m construction work arc
un the way and two locomotives lu
he used in construction work art-
waiting in Pittsburg lo lie shipped.
If the weather continues favorable
track laying will commence from the
other cud In aboui a month. The
length ut Uie road is l lu miles."
This is the mad which Mi. Corbin
s building iu give Spukane direct
onncctioii with the Canadian Paeilie.
Spokane merchants confidently believe Uie construct ion of this eoniicc-
u will do nmre than all things else
give Spokane better freight ral
if nnl the terminal and distributing
rates for which lhe city has fought,
quarrelled, schemed and pleaded f"i
the past -ii years.
Mr. Corbin has built other roads for
Spukane, Including the Spokane Pills
& N'orthcrn, and is believed to be
about the best friend the city ever
had What lie can do for them, merchants are certain lie vvill do
INCREASED      01 il'i'T     STIMI
Spokesman-Review; increase in the
daily production from mm ion.-, to
l.uuu inns is Uie eaus,- ni Uie ristj in
Uie uiaikei jni'i- ol 'locks uf Lutorua-
lioual Coal, according to u. it. i„t-
iii-r.-..', nin- ol the ne.tvy blodcliolders.
c,i -.ie jm...' lew weeks ibis sunk
n.t-. been rising, and Ian wees weni
irom about tu cents to iA cents, at
winch price n ih now selling. Stcauy
uiuuuig iu.s markeu uu- irautug.
Speaaing «-i ,i„- ninn:, a' Uuiumau
Ainurta, or  Lauurue said u.u nigut
\\i  At.- ut'W supplying i.a* i auauidii
PaClUi   Jalhoail   auu   KlUUlieib,  HUd  Inl
Uie la..I llm-,: ttn-iu liuU' iieen UKlllg
OUI   |,UUU   iuilr> nl COttl  .1   'I..).   \\ •■  ,..t,,
a 1 upai ii) "i -,u"H tons a day,     vu-
imvi! IO" coke ovctiu imw ami Will pUi
111  ion moiu 111 a snort  ume.   ijicmi
'iW'iis luw- j i-,t,pai|I.J nl 110 tunS ul
■ use ttaiiy ami .ue running ai luu
t.ipaeiU.       ll rcquirun oue ami    Uiii-e
lourUi.s tons of coal  lo inane a lon
nl lol.e.     'tin- cual wuul, gucji loWttfU
me itiuiuiiai-iiiiv 01 mis foau is included in un* total outpui ol LjUUU
tons ii da), previous!) mcuiioucu,
ihe coat lucre is a .suit bituminous
variety. the liner material is used
toi making un,.', and the coarser is
-.mu im mil purposes.
'im  uompaU) tm ii.-. in,uuu acres ni
UIU   at   toll:
nl i-ciiiie, li. (
01 led liy   Li
lemon 1
luoul a,uuu ptopi
it* eual mine.*..      1
Lo Uie Ion
I'll t
mining ■
ig propoi
I ins
. Tm-
ilOW,     DUI.    t   llClli
-ai auu.
"Our engineers
are tiu,uuu,uuu to
uoovu the level i
amount will rim
coal Ocds nip ai
ucgrecs, add the
palely   a   lUllliell
greatest uepih we tn
■ed, mu ny exiuuilii
can £,ii a ueptii ol u,uuu lect. rinj
>.ual uedij extend iluwn below Lhe vai-
tcy, bin wc are nol paying any aitcu-
lioii io tin' beiis below lne valley at
.ins tune, lne mines hate been producing lor liie paM   iun years.
'inn output tieputids enure!) on tne
demand we nave ior the coul, ami \\u
cxpuct Lo have the dumuiid maieriaU)
increased in Lue uuxl tew years by
utocrs ior coke irom the liut-te smelt*
eis. liuwevcr, i believe un- salvation    ul   llie   coal  uiuiatiuli ol     that
country ims in tue development ol us
iron industries,    fiiscuvcrics of iar^c
iron uepusus have liei-li liiaile Uiele
lecenily, which 1 understand coiildtu
oo per eenl ui d good iiuaiuy ol iron.
leposils are auyining like
iiauncd lo he, I seu no reason wny 1 Here .slioulu nol be Idlgc
lion iiiuu.su ius c&idblislied tltcru in
IUC next lew jeacs. I iimlerslauu
tliat an t-iigiisn syndicate ami 1'uis-
• ■uig irull people iiaie been uuy ing
uirgc holdings mere. These iiuiiis-
uics wuulu, ui course, create a mai-
M'l   tar  a large amount ul
a   inese
iIIO)   ale
hei   1,1   Uie
ii N'orwny. Not as a
friend, oh, no; bm M a liushand, she
said thai I wmild have nothing lo do
s,iv.' split wood, chew spruce gum and
milk ii-imli'i'i heifers, I declined, as
I preferred to end my days in America begging lobaeco and looking lonesome,
"Every spring, when the bees make
things hum ami the trees begin to
leaf, then I gird my loins, and with
no other luggage go forth to lure
foodstuffs (rom Uie thrifty housewife
with smiles and words ol coy mellowness.
i am 21 years of age, or will be
June I next. I choose June so Ibat
the nation can celebrate it and havo
the festivities all over and out of thc
way in time for the Fourth of July.
"Tlie foregoing may seem to you
rather unsavory, but I am not a
criminal. The only deed that fraught
my career with taint was an occasion
of temptation w'hen 1 wrote a poem
and look il, together with my lifft in
my hands; to the editor. I found,
however, that the easiest way to get
ynur name iu the paper is via the
police court route.
"I am tired of being a hobo and
think    some   of   resigning.     I will,
then, perhaps, lake up the hero  pro- mas-Review
Local railroad men have been informed that C ll. Present t, who resigned a few days ago as master mechanic of.the Montana Central railroad, is to he made master mechanic
or superintendent of motive power
of the- Spokane International, with
headquarters in this city. He was
formerly eoimeeied with I). (J. Corbin, who is at the head of the road,
Mr. Corbin was asked yesterday
concerning the appointment, imt refused to confirm It, "I will he able
to say something in a day or two,"
was bis reply.
Well iiiforned railroad men here say
that Mr. Prescotl will come to Spokane shortly and will lake up the question of rolling stock for lhe mad.
After conference here he will go east
to pi,ice orders for engines anil rolling stock for the road, lie has been
at (Ireat Kails, Mont., hut Mrs.
Prescotl has returned to ihis city
ami rented a house al Pearl street
and   Nora avenue.
It was reported a few days ago
that Mr. Prescott would go to the
Oregon Short line, bui It was
(bought here at the. lime that he
would conic to the Corbin road, on
account of his former connection with
Mr. Corbln.
Mj*. Prescott began his railroad
career ou the Union Pacific and then
went lo tlie Northern Paeilie as a
machinist at Missoula. Mr. Corbin
then secured his services as master
mechanic and be was located at Old
Mission, Idaho, iu connection with
the Coeur d'Alene road. After
couple of years he came to Spokane
in the mechanical department of the
Seattle, Lake Shore A Kastein road.
When Mr. Corbln built the Spokane
Kails A Northern, Mr. Prescott became master mechanic of the line and
remained until thc road was sold. lie
vvas manager of the Union Iron
works of this city fot a lime, and
then went back tn the Spukane Kails
A Northern as master mechanic. Last
spring he went to thc Montana Cen-
The Nclsun Daily .News will issue
its customary special euitiun on Du-
cembcr 31 devoietl to a review ol Ihe
mining and kindred ludusiries ul the
province during ine pasl year.
Thu annual review lias in iuc past
ueeu recognized a* the most coinpru-
ueiisne aud reliable record ol Uio
jears progress aud developments in
the mining districts ul the province
puuiisUcd in any lorm, li is tne intention oi the Daily News to maintain the high standard ot previous issues and, so far as possible, to improve ana widen the scope of the review.
Every phase of the mining industry
is covered and the story told is based upon authoritative statements issued iu The. Daily News by il.c mine
diid smeltet manager-, ul thu piu-
Every year since its first issue the
demand lor this annual mining review
lias been iu excess ot supply owing lo
ihc facl thai hundreds ul orders fur
from hall a dozen lu uiu- bundled
copies have, been received aftei' un:
tonus haw gone to press. This year
The Daily News hopes mat all urtlers
will be sent in lietore Dccembei iS.
The review is issued at 1U cents a
copy and cash should accompany .Ml
I Ide     is a, quest inn    which  sel     a
dozen people puzzling their bums fur
hours Uie oilier day; A man having a
iwo dollar hill, ami no more, goes
iu buy a railway ticket, lie linds
ihc cost will be three dollars. lie
pawns the two dollar bill fur a dollar lifty cents and gets a ticket re-
cordltig the transaction. Going out
of the pawnshop he meets a man,
Whom we will call John, aud sells
him the ticket for $1.50. Thc man
now has three dollars to purctiase
lhe ticket. Who loses the dollar?
Jim appears tu make lifty cents un
the deal, and the man turns a two
dollar bill into three plunks of thc
best sort. Tlie question is not so
easily answered as one would think.
Aa Oycrc?.-"'
Slioiild Appeal 'to You.
As a man of taste, tin:
"PREMIER" ought to appeal
to you,
It is designed and tailored  for
just such men,
Fit-Reform  patrons   ,! id tliat
their garments be the Lest that can
ht.- lui] for the money.
See how completely the "PREMIER"
Overcoat sustains I ie Fit-Reform
$18, $20, $22.
Till* IratlriiuA idr-a.
lt!,f»   evei)"   K'liu.ii*
1 "it-Reform gwmr-vt.
M  rrr-  *S*
Lih,V fo, 1.1*1 viA
ti id ai-ilt anil ttue
S-,   riT- ",.*>  >'«.•<■■•..« »*. I*...-.
1 t»
-_— Tbe only Pif-RefcfSi W-irdicb; here is al -""mM*-
(he Kitchen
When looking <n*,-r
your market accounts do
you realize how much nl
what yon pay for is
wasted ?
Often the hits that you usually throw out because you
cannot serve them as they are, can be transformed into
delicious, toothsome dishes with the help of a little
KOVKIL.     Here's a dainty Luncheon I'ish from the
I    .,'. -I, .ao,i   _lle«g  of
11  a*'., a -!,..,!<! Im1
,'   m I  mi .ilml* ™*1
. .._.,r and l,-(i
II., thi a --iraiwi li.-i,i-
a; . I,   wi -,   tkivril cuated
S3™*:        3,   .   "■   '        -: 'iy!'* i»»ct,
"**i Ie*   : ^'-t '■ . '■ •-*■ ta-,...,,
.E& »>   __i£im . '.i:i:ioi.,.,i,.i
ai :!„: limit
remnants of ruast mutton :
wu$ h
Kiglir pound* of prime beef is eonce-itrflted
four ounces of UOVRIL.
i -imh'-rifup:uviiii.t-iir.
-    .•■v.'.'.cx'litiTtiwrr
Bovril is pr;-i3.ea crjy iy
n&g|riV     MVHIL LIMITED. LOKDOtf, ESQ., anil H0.VTIEA1, ClVlDt
Purveyors ro His Majesty King Edward VII.
&■*• Commit over nctk of IloOli* aud del D«auOlul t'r.miuiii Picture,
HARRIS BROS, are nnloading this week
the largest consignment of smoked meats ever
brought into Cranbrook, 36450 lbs. direct from
Armour * Co., Chicago. The name guarantees
the quality of the goods. Place your order with
i«*»83£i ir.-tMMMMea*
X m
A we have your overcoat and suit. WE BELIEVE '
X that it wilt please you, that you will like its cut, its grace ',
^ and fabric, and, withal, we're confident you'll be pleased ;
X with its price.        .*        j*        .*       >        j*       jt
■ :-:--:--:--:--;r>9*>9
II. c.
tral  nn  tn;i.ti-j
001,11 MEDAL,
Y    Before you make arrangements for
4; your fall
see us for ideas, designs and stock.
It may be mutually profitable
London, Dec. fl.— Tlie llritish Columbia exhibit of apples at Gaxtoti!
Hall was the finest seen iu England'
for years, the exhibit covering a
space of 7fl feet, long and (i feet, wide.
Tbe agricultural society awarded tbe
province its gold medal and eight
industrial exhibitors' medals of lesser
I F.J. Bradley & Co. j
a    Artistic  Painters  and   Decorators    ' |
t i
*#w*-M~K~>->-:--w«:-.:--K--><'-:t-t^-:-o-;:->->-;v>-M-^!_fc*ii TUE   ORANBROOK   11 l-ati.U.i.
Uy   'tht  Herald   Publishing  Company
Jfc /^vJ
Editor nud Manager.
The Herald W worita 510 a year. It
torts only %'i. No man in South
East Kootenay can afford to be without it, and everyone living out.nde of
Ihe district, who is Interested In the
progress of this section, should read
It. It publishes the news while tt Isjoeeun
Hewn.   It is controlled absolutely   by  brium
!,.i\i   b<... necc saiy to ■ ■ i lire   into
the methods resorted to bj   the   final i e tninistei aud the ebb i commts |
sionei tn bring aboui an equilibrium
,.    revenue and expenditure and]
il ii.i hi have heen thai there would
i ave been di i overed evident e ol ca
,..,. ity to nun   to account   lhe    op
portunities afforded by the vasl natural resources ol the province and by
progressive and   aggressive measures
to  have  secured   the   i.i.   -.-.   addi
tlonal reveeui a w ithi ul adding to the
existing burden)    ol  thc tax p 15 ei
Had this been po* ible there    would
have been occasion    to congratulate
ihe government, but upon their own
admissions nothing ol  the sort   has
occurred,      The stability and equill
lue   solely  to   Increased
the publisher.     No clique, party   oi
individual dictates its polity. It
dou't uy to please the people. U*i
desiie is to publish a newspaper that
will he a credit to the community.
Send ia your subscription and you
will ne thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates Jl per Inch, single
column, per mouth, uu mure and no
Reading matter 15 cents pet line
to uou-advertisers ; 10 cents per line
to regular advertisers- Business
locals five cents per line each Insertion.
If you desire to reach tho people ol
South Kast Koolcnay >ou must advertise In The Ui-r.ild
Tbe Herald bas a
plant, and its work
The Herald don't want chanty. It
wants a square deal on your job
work If we ran'I suit vou in quality and price, kick, ami send your
work lo some Cheap John bouse in
the east that never spends a cent In
ThlBisthe gm
filiation of the
taxation and decreased expenditure.
The Colonist suggests thai Hns
policj Bhould be continued aud thc
Grand Forks News-Gazette finds 11 io
entirely to ns liking thai it, also,
thinks thai U cannot be improved
This will not he ihe view "I the
country Something more is expect
ed of :i government than the mere
exercise ol its prerogative to intn,is., taxation. The comiug session
will be barren indeed if measures be
not taken for the readjustment ol
taxation in several directions and for
first-class job! a decidedly more progressive policy
is ol lhc best, j of development and expansion.
British Columbia is undoubtedly
enjoying a greater measure of prosperity just now than was the case
n twelve-months hack but that is no
justification for a po.icy of do-nothing, It is, rather, ihe justification
fur farsightcd measures looking to the
Imilding up ol the chiel Industries ot
the provinco, lhe settlement ol the
vacant lauds ami the undertaking ol
practical schemes of irrigation aud
A short session is desirable, hut it
should he a busy one. There is plenty to tlu if the governmenl can be
aroused to a proper appreciation ol
the requirements of the country.
ml enbficrip*
to investIga-
Press rc
tion tieta open to i
tion hy advertiser!
Tlie Herald gives
In value for a dolls
ey. Theadvortlsei
right to know win
receiving lor his
Tbo Ilenihl Ib oi
thnt courts Invest!
—■■mil miiin ii mi Irii
lhc   Herald   uill he fouud  on X
sale at the following places: T
Marysville, Marysville DniR Slore 4
Wurdncr, (1 Donahue's Store
Moyie, S. K. Marvin's Drug Slore
< ► Ryan, R. P. Finlay
li , Fernie. Purity's Book Store
Elko, Holbrook's Hook Store
Cranbrook,  Beattie & Atchison's
and C. li. Keid & Co. v,
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•* *■>*-*•**♦♦
thf: coming session,
Nelson News: Thc newspapers supporting-the government intimate that
the coming session ol the provincial
legislature will he ol brief duration
and that no legislation of Importance
will be introduced.
The Victoria Colonist, which has
apparently repented of its attitude
towards th? government at the close
of tho last session, when it denounced the administration in vigorous
language, announces that there is no
prospect of a general election before
the expiry of the full term of the
present legislature.
Of thc financial policy of thc government, thc Colonist assures us that
there "exists lltt.e or no reason lor,
readjustments," It content's that
the pouhtry is able to stand lhe In j
crease uf taxation that has been rendered neccssarj to bring aboui stability and equilibrium between revenue
the'r endorses tl
eminent In curt
Thc   Grand     I-
voices very slmlla
to the finances
the government,
take the     stand
good admfnlstratl'
expenditures    hav
the revenues, and
best   course for
pursue in  the future is
little as possible on pub
to gather in every doll
in thc shape ol taxation.
It must he conceded that adherence
to this policy would ensure a continuance of "stability and equilibrium
between revenue and expenditure,"
and if a balance nn the right side of
the ledger be the highest aim of a
conservative administration the government will be well advised tn leave
Stand up for Cranbrook.
The report that has been circulated
tin.* past .month to the effect that the
divisional point was to he removed
from Cranhrook to Crows Nest is a
mistake. All the foundation there is
lo the talc is thc fact that there will
he a turn arranged for at Crows Nest
iu expedite business in the handling
of the freight tralllc, Instead of
anything being done that would tend
in the slightest degree to reduce the
importance ol Cranhrook as a railway
point, the C. P, H. have plans In
Mew that will have just the opposite effect.
The circulation of the Herald Is
still glowing, and now there are very
few peuple in the town ot Cranbrook
who do not read the Herald.
Cue cannot always get out the kind
of a paper that they would like to
do, but the Herald management has
spent a lot of money on ihe paper
and expeets to do still mule und
more in that direction. It has alien
heen said In the past that the uver
age publisher ol a country weekly was
more or less of a fool, and the reason
was given that he was nevei satisfied
With liis paper but always planning
10 spend every cent that he could
scrape up to Improve it, whether
there was anything to be made hy
increased expenditures or not. As .1
mailer of faet there is a great ilea,
in the statement. A man with a
newspaper loves to sec it grow, he
loves to give mure reading matter
and better reading matter, he loves
io see its appearance improve, he
loves to have it tilled to overflowing
with the news 01 the day and week,
he loves to see it a better paper thau
ihe business ol tue community jusii-
llcs, and 11" he dun't make a fortune,
il iiis neighbors in other lines of bus-
mess arc pil.ng up wealth, lhu newspaper man seems tu gel u. great deal
.11 satisfaction   uui 01 iht knowledge
the  gOV*
lhat be ts doing Ins w
mough to live on con
ias a numbei 01 frlciu
tatc what lie Is trying
ml fm.,
the matter with the Golden
[Star? For two weeks it has iusi
I appeared     and   that     is all.     Sume
paper on the main line said last week
I the lack of life 111 thc Star was due
to ihc iipper.itiee ot a baby in     the
News Gazette
b With legal
icial policy ol
Wl* "»ll'ie,|.   .     a,,...1,
t   is proof ul'
t within
ly, the
imenf tu
pent! as
orks and
Llial 'here wen.- not  twin-,,
Cranhrook  lias  more  pr.
than any town in the Ko
Lucky for the pape,
well enough alone
however, for govern!]
attribute any measui
ship to the- members
government, for the 1
they claim to he so
conditions avowedly
brought about hv the
ingenuity on the part
ts absurd,
i gaits to
of the present
londitlona that
l.- ii able These
have nnt heen
exercise nf any
of the tninistei
ead bounty is now a very inexpensive proposition to the government, as the prices of lead has increased until the sliding scale or pay
I ment has wiped out the bounty al-
j together. This shows the wisdom ot
the legislation as it was created,
since it gave life to an industry thai
was languishing and at the same
time was surrounded by such safe
guards as to preclude thc chance foi
a wholesale graft in case nf a decided
rise in thc price of lead. Thc wholi
country are under obligations for the
benefits derived, and it was especially
fruitful to the towns nf South East
Since the visit of Premier McBride
i and the Hon, Mr. Green through llie
of finance, or any ol his colleagues, province, the Conservative papers are
but by the simple mechanical process filled to overflowing with fullsome
of Increasing the burdens of the tax-i praise of the government and predlc-
payers and decreasing the expend!-; lions ol an early election. The Her-
turcs on public works for the develop- aid believes In ministers visiting thi
HE way ol thc transgressor is hard. Imagine how smoothly ours ron. We desire to make
it as smoothly as possible for our fellow men and will offer them this week some of the greatest snaps in Clothing and Men's Furnishings that has ever yet been brought to the public
notice. Once again we invite inspection of our varied lines. Once again do we ask permission to demonstrate the purchasing power of that " Almighty Dollar." We firmly
believe and feel we are able to convince that a Dollar spent with us will bring greater returns and
satisfaction than a Dollar and a Half or even Two Dollars spent in any other house.
i ■
We Still Continue to
Slaughter All  Goods
The prices of the 20th Century Clothing will be cut
squarely in two.
Our Ladies' Millinery will also be the victim of
our carving  knife.
We have today the largest and most complete stock
of Ladies' Neckwear—A direct Importation from
Chevenier & Co., Paris, France. Also Belts, and
many other Novelties too numerous to mention,
which we will sell at the exact Wholesale Price.
Now is the time to select your Xmas Presents. We
invite you call and inspect them.
All Must
I with the needs
of the people, but ministers travelling
ai public expense ostensibly for the
public good, should meet all the people and discuss the needs ol the country, and not the members ot one
party alone, and that the supporters
i.l the government. Tliis flood-tide ol
praise following su quickly tlie visits
of the ministers, with statements as
to an early election, would give the
impression that the jaunt over thc
province was a straight organization
nip rather than one for the good of
the people as a whole.
The provincial election will probably be held next spring as the Herald
suggested some weeks ago, and then
the ground will    not  be too dry to
Alderman Cree, of Kernie, is talked
of as the successor of Mayor Stork.
Mr. Cree would take to the mayor's
chair dignity, ability and goud looks.
Dave Carley, of the Nelson Economist, will start a daily paper in Nelson
about the first ot April. Thc paper
will lie changed In name and the
Economist will cease to exist, Dave
Carley is one of tho best known
newspaper men in the province, aud
one of lhc best writers, but what in
ihe world lie wants to quit the easy
life he has lead in Nelson for the
past len years and jump into the
turmoil and struggle of printing a
second daily in Nelson is beyond our
comprehension, Uut since lie is going to do it we wish him all the luck
that can possibly be secured In liis
Tliere is not a town in all of the
Kootenays that has the bright future
of Cranbrook. Tliere are some wonderfully good things ahead for this
Keep the city out of the hands of
political bosses, and It will be money
in the pockets ot every taxpayer in
the town.
Both Conservatives and Liberals of
Alberta should drop politics and get
down to business.
The Granby mines paid $405,000
dividends last week.     That Is  going
some, and   will prove a big ad for
m ning in British Columbia.
, but it is not consiti-
until alter the    new
Tin- fatalities ol
football have been
sn gn-at      this   y
.11    that a strong
movement     is     h
dug     inaugurated
against    the game
as operated under
its present   rules,
Talk about    the
atrocities of lhc
Russians and    the
ment of tin: pruv
then it   would 1 various sections of the province and
brutality of the Turks .vlij they are
child's play as compared with the
murderous onslaughts made hy young
men who arc friends.
The friends ol Senator Boslock all
over the province will sympathize
with htrn in the misfortune he suffered in losing one eye.
The Canadian Northern is now
built into Edmonton, and the event
was celebrated hy a big supper at
Which Calgary men said good things
about Edmonton and Edmonton men
hrcw oratorical bouquets at Calgary
it i?ons This new road has accomplished much already.
The farmers of Alberta are buying
les in which to keep their   money.
And next year's     crop may he still
London, Dec. 4.—The political crisis
in the United Kingdom reached a
climax to-day when Arthur ,1. Bal-
lour, the premier, lormally tendered
the resignations ot himself and the
members of his cabinet to King Edward, wbo accepted them. His majesty has Invited Sir Henry Camp-
bcll-nannerman to an interview tomorrow morning, when he will offer
him the mission ot forming a new
cabinet. Sir Henry will accept the
task, and within a few days, even
within a few hours, a new government will be formed.
It may he stated as certain that
Lord Rosehery will lie entirely ignored In the makeup of the cabinet and
thai John Morley will he one of the
chief advisers of Sir Henry in drawing up the list of his official family,
which will be presented to his majesty-
Mr. Morley himself is considered
likely to go to thc Indinn oflice, and
it is probable that Herbert Henri
Asquith will be chancellor of ihe rx
chequer. The foreign affairs port
[olio will go eithfr to Lord Elgin or
Sir Edward Orcy, though lhc latter
is considered likely to he made secretary of the colonies. One thing is
certain—that Sir Henry Campbcll-
Bannerman has explained his attitude
on home rule for Ireland to those liberal leaders who are known to be opposed to home rule on the lines of the
last bills introduced in parliament.
Since his speech at Stirling, which
raised such a furore, Sir Henry has
not made any statement, but it is
confidently asserted in the liberal
clubs that he is ready with a policy
which will secure the adhesion of the
British nationalists, and at the same
time avoid raising the issue of one of
the prominent planks in bis platform.
There is   some
will he ePiectiv
ered probable
An interesting feature ot the political situation is the prospect of a
closer alliance between thc Irish and
ihe labor parties iu tho new parliament, .lames Kcir Hardic, the socialist and Independent member, in a
political speech to-night frankly
pointed out- that ifi labor members
combined with 7'» Irish members
would provide a voting strength
which no government, however
strong, coulh afiord to ignore.
London, Dec. 5.—Thc London newspapers tliis morning are full of speculations as to the construction of tho
new cabinet, but these differ so widely that tliey are useless as a guide to
the distribution of portfolios. The
ministry of Sir Henry Campbell-Ban-
nerman must of necessity be largely
composed nf new men, and difficulties
will arise from the number of eligible
Thc most sanguine members ot the
conservative party appear to have not j
the slightest hope of success at the
general election.
The Canadian Pacific railway an-j
nounce daily low excursion rates,
flrst-elnss wilh lhree months limit,
from all Koolcnay and Crows Nest
points, to nil points in Eastern Cjhi-|
ada Tlie rate from Craiibrook ta
Toronto and all points iu Ontario,
except north of Cravenhurst and wesl
ol Pembroke; Montreal and any points
west iu province of l-biebec, is Jiiii.fiO,
Quebec is $-1.60; St. John, N , lt.,i
$14.40; Halifax, $17.50, higher thin1
Montreal, with corresponding rates
to other points easl of Montreal, j
For passengers inking advantage ofi
Xmas sailings to England, specially j
low rates will be quoted to Atlantic!
seaboard. Full particulars, standard
of tourist sleeper reservations, can lie)
had on application to .1. S. Carter,
D.P.A., Nelson.
Xcabino Business
Ibo uses of flfoar\»s*
\i[[C   Sbe Smelter tfltg...
Marysville has come
into her own. The
town nitw has a permanent payroll anil in
ihe gateway of the St.
Marys valley. .4 Tli,,
Herald can heartily
Indorse the iollowinu
business houses;
The leading hotel in the St.
Marys  valley.
§ Central Hotel
& R. Johnson, Proprietor
ft Dining Room service the best.
ti The place to stop when visiting the Sin.ii.
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one oi
the best hotels in thc district,
thc people.
llcailqiiatI.i- ior
... .^w . ,„ .H.».M,«„r,w„,„r„.„r„r,: r,
I Marysville Drug Co.
Wc carry a complete slock of everything in lit*.
Drug and Stationery line. No need in send away
for your goods.
furnished by Bt-iilc tiers, Cranhrook,
St, Eugene ..
B. C.
Canadian Gnldftt'lds  :i{
Western Oil & Conl      .Ill
International Coal __ Coke  22
Sullivan  :.     .!)
War Kaple  20
North Star  05
Ilamlilcr Cariboo  M
uncertainty  as toi Marconi Wireless (Canadian).  4.00
when the dissolution    ot parliament Rocky   Mom,tain
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready |
made clothing just received. All Union t
Labor. t
♦»♦♦«♦♦«««•«»«««♦«♦««« ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ *44***t
The HeraJd, $2.00
A Yeair int. 0BAXBB00B SEB -'■
»■* - ■
Dress Suits
Have you got one for the
I.O.O.F. Ball Jan. 1st. We
have a lot of Dress Suits of
tlu* finest broadcloth material,,
made by Campbell, in the very
latest   styles.    Price  per  suit
$22 and $27
Ganbrook Cooperative Stores Ltd.
A  GIFT  FROM      -
WouH be thc exact term, should you visit our upstair Show Rooms, and select any of the many
beautiful things there in the Furniture Line as a Christmas Gift for yoi All
arill agree that no present is as much appreciated as one that can bo uv.
list below.   We are sure you will see something that will  just  suil
Mother, Brother, Sister, or Friend.
Bed.   priced  Iron $1.75 to  Vein,
over JO styles.
Springs Irom $3.M    to .$6.50, all
Mattresses Irom $3.50 to $17.00, all
Dressers and   Stands  Irom   $15   to
$15, elm, ash, oak & mahogany
Chairs, common, irom g0c to :-.-
Rockers, wood, Irom $2.50 to $7.5u.
Rockets, leather,   lowest   on   the
Settees, plain wood, Irom $lUto .$tt>
•*  ■ . , m  :*0 to   J
Standi from $9 to $18, fine   »
Xmas Gift.
C        i        ■ . irom $20 lo $30.
to $30.
Wc have just placed
in our store, fresh and
new, a fine stock of
Xmas Groceries.
When you want good
goods ior Xmas Cook -
ing call up No. *>
We offer This Week the Best Cooking Apples on the Market at $1.65 Per Hox
■   Utia week under
yean old mum be
.■!. iiiiii week,
1   i" and 16 moat
I liy I ither, mother
to |[ive na a
■ . ilvertlalug
must bring rather,
■        . them.
Coupons Musl C: ['resented V ittilo Oue
Week After lbe Issue of tliis Taper.
December 7.1905
Cranbrook Co-operative Stores
■___«£_*":' :...' ..• ~ - *.-T--r-r-BMTiTTiii"-n	
I V0U ^WC ^0Ur ^e^
1      Something
X X SS5___S_SS_S_£5 "    '   i   ^^
II Our Boot, Shoe and Rubber
|j        stock, can't be dupli-
H cateel in Cranbrook
Oil Tan Larrigans at
Wholesale Prices	
tim   LATEST  I Onr LARGEST Consignment
of BISCUITS nml CAKES Erora .JACOBS DUBLIN, ELEVEN l'A*-i:s ,,f Real Irish goodtioss
.•mil excellence, iiimii' np iii the f'iriii of BISCUITS,
Space will not allow us to enuni-
ate the   Immense lines of
^  HKl'lililSlS
we hnve In stock. All perfectly
fresh, No old Goods, Come in
ami look for yourselveSi and you
will be convinced that ihis is the
place to purchase your Xmas
Presents. Prices are always right.
C. E. REID & CO.,
■i———————B1   ''■""•>'
al Fink Bros,
Thomas Cross, ol   Kii
In town on Wednesday
CliI'tstmnti would nol bo Christ-
mm without books,
You cannot buy u more Bnltabhi
pri'M'tit limn n nicely bound Imok
ot poems or fiction.
You will find our naaovtmoni In
this linf ihe licfi in Uio district,
Snint' nl onr best lines in Fancj
Morocco, Burnt Ualher, Ump
Leather mnl Iti mil Wood htmllng!
cannot fail to plenco you.
Beattie si Jftcbtson
Where it pays to deal.
See pur drug ad. on 1st page.
foi   Xmas     I ■    • ,.;■:■.-■ Iimi   ol     Jacob's .Scutch  oat   cake.     Cl    T
I    nio- \ it.       "The   ver)      wale o' Scotia i
,.; I, -,    tt-as I   There is ; talk of h    moil i n ] l-ioil."
(stock Now Complet-
|"    est and Largest
We Have Ever Had
Simon's Cross Cut Saws. Atkin'sand
Maple Leaf Cross Cut Saws
Black Prince Axes
Picket! tip About (be Cily   by   \akinj:
Question** ol Many People.
William Carlln, "f Kort Steele, was
in Cranbrook on Monday.
Mrs. Blnmore, ol Fori Steele, visited the city on last Thursday.
F. Derosicr, of .Jnfirny, was a Cranbrook visitor thc flrst of the week.
Albert Hanks, of Perry Creek, has
been in Cranbrook lor a day or two.
For rent, two unfurnished rooms
near business center.     Apply Herald
A. IV Fenwlek and Mrs Fenwlek
were at the Cranhrook on Thursday
K. llirt/., ol Elko, was transacting
business in Cranhrook the flrst of the
ti ti Yates, ol the Staples I umber Co., was in town on Monday ami
Constable Joseph Walsh, ol i'r it
Steele, was In the city on business
on last Friday
Mrs Otto Winner, ol Wardner, was
visiting   wit li   Cranbrook friends   a
couple Of days this  week.
Two from ofllOGS, second (loot Watts
block, Ior lent. Apply to Heale A
Klwell. 7-tf
Give thc Wentworth barber simp n
trial when in need ol the services ol
a tonsorlal artist, First-class work
John Anderson, ol lhe Cranbrook
orchestra, lefl on Monda) l»i Toronto and the east. II, will tie awa)
until March.
A. Carney, provincial timber Inspector, came to Cranhrook on last Tuesday on one nf his usual trips n! Inspection,
Foi    real    up-to-date   novel lies In
Ladies'   NivW.mi.   Hells,  etc ,  direct
Importation rrom Franco, call at
Mill .\ Co.'s and procure ihem al the
exact wholesale cosl
Han Mcintosh was up from Moyie a
couple nf dnys tin- past week attending in private business and renuwlng
acquaintance with hr- many Crap
brook Iriends.
To lbe lady who is looking for a
useful presenl. Ior her husband, w
would suggest a bra nt iiul Snow
Whin- Standard Enameled Hath Tub
or Lavatory.—Patmoto Bros
Conductor Harry Pet let le'tl for
the east last Tuesday. Miss Birdie
Peltet will join him at Winnipeg ami
together thoy uill visit Chicago,
Montreal, Boston and other eastern
P. .1. Leighthadsor, who recently
opened a barber shop in the Wentworth hotel, received his furniture
tliis week and now has one of thc
neatest two-chair shops in Fast
J. II. Huchcrolt. of Marysville, was
in tlie city during the week and had
some sample of the loudest smelling
kind of mineral ever smelt in thi:
locality.     It came     from the Flat-
. al the
Lmil...   h< it g pnl   up on   the
;,.   : .     LtCCt  tail]    III   till    -ji' ing,
t :   ,.        ..i     ol   wall pictures
ever bio igui    u l'i anh   ul   licii     un-
A. VV, McVittie left    mi Wednesday '■■ packed lo-daj  at  the Preai SlUdio,
i  a business trip to Nelson j    H      v   R „    u, Kiah Ul,(US
George (iraves, of llyau, w
Cosmopolitan on Fridaj lasl
the Timothy
i ame o\
nl Marysville,  was in tow ma,ie ., s|i,„i bt Ly in the city.
X. .1   Small*, ol Marysville,    as ln|    i ..,,-■■,| Xuu i prei nn ale lhe popn-
'l   lar thing.     We have i iem,   Paimun
the cltj   on  a business
■ip i.u
Scotty"  Burn
been visiting friei
w  davs.
nf  Bayard,     ba
in town the pas
Sale.-Hou c and  I
Lrcel oi .
and     Mi
avlnc hi
nm   familj   tn
for   thai     pi
i ia iii.i.-
.iii.  .mil  lira.   II.  T.   Iti
lala,at   a   luminal   ul   lla-,,,,
ila)  nigbl in liolior ol Sll
E.  II.  Mi-lii
Wm. Snull hits again mili-rcil i
service oi llii- C. 1'. It., iih a inui'lii
1st In tlm Cranbruok shops.
Mike Durick was iii,van lia,in Mail
villa Tuestlny shaking hands witli I:
iiiuiii   friends   in Lhc.   met ropolis
Kasl  Kootenay. ,   ,   , ,
Hugh II, liilin.iiii, ot tit,- Waleroti
Engine Co.. Vancouver, was in ll
vlty on Tuestlay, antl registered a
llle Cranbrouk.
.Im Larson, ot Kort Steele, iva
in tlie city on Tuestlay lasl anil re
luti red at the Cosmopolitan I
was over presumably, about his tlet
un tho l'i",limit,-Ti'.:i'i*.
Miss    Caslor,   ii graduate   ol  i!
Royal Victoria hospital, Muiitreal,
visiting In Cranbrook, the guesl    i
her sister, Mrs. Sowell.
For   real    n}i-i,i date   novelties i
Liulias' Neckwear, Dolts, en . dint
Importation   Irom   Franco, cull
Hill ,\ Co.'s and procure them al |.li
xnct wholesale i".--!
Thc scats lor the new Presbyterian
lunch are on tho way and "Ralph
Connor" lias consented tu open tin
church un January 7th, Uie llrsl
Sunday in the new year.
Tate & Son have received a line "1
tit    Jewelry     made    trom gen1
coins.    They are proving to be q
Hers as they arc decidedly a it
ul art.    Inspection in\ Ited.
David  Dreckcnridge,  ol   Wasa,
been In Cranbrook ,„t lutsine     a    a] a    Miilnu.
lew days.    Things arc vcty Iimi  in Country,
tlie big logging i-iimiis oi  lbe Dlvck-  It lends will i
enrldgc .v Lund iiiui up uu the Kuo-     Life Is am a
li'itay river. It ils us,     V>,
Despatchei \\   E. Cllne received   a selves, leavin
despatch i i   Winnipeg to daj
forming liim    tliat lus mothei
verj  ill and that hei   llle was    dcs-|
paired "i.     Mt.  Cllne lelt on    Una  "   l l!'
afternoon's train tot Winnipeg. |    "• '•   '
W. ll  McFarlane, ol the Craubrook  ""    •»"'"'
Co-operative Stores, lelt Friday last! oast.      1
nn n business ui|i to tbo eastern .-it- ■ Chicago
ias     Mi*   McFarlane will also    take
advantage ul   the    occasion tu visit
Ins boyhood homo In Now Urunswick. j 1- 11"''
Llle is nnccrtaln? Su the preacher '' w
ti-lls ns. Wc wish to prepare cur- ,v "''•'
selves, leaving everything in a st'ttiail cltj <>,
shape for those whu may come utiii*. '■" |"l's
Wo   must unload   and al    the exact   "Hat's
wholesale cost       All musl  go-Hill.vo1   ''"'.'■'   *    "
A- l'i..—All must go. j'" ,l1"'1   "*■'* '    '"'■ ■
Arc you looking lorn Smas pre-j ,1. «'. Drewurj relit
sain [or your wife'.' Why nol gel cast last Satunlaj am
somelliing usclni as well us beautiful?  hitti i, dccoraiion Ihal
We   would suggest an   "intn  ul thu-  l"- ""  '' ■ »itlt ' t
London enamelwaro   Ior the kilclicn.   tachuienl   that   atij  i
I si'tul every hour   ol the day,    and   ll   Is said llial    tli
every   dav    in     the   year —Palmare east      posed      ■ '•
Bros. I In Idt .   in * •■ St   I*-"
The blue lahclnl parcels luun    tho|    .1   F. Priugle ,.i .l-i'-
I'itsi are coming in Ity  the car load   w,,s [n lhe cilj un i-1
jusl     now, nud   hundreds   ul dollars   .,,.- Ihal  the In
Uml    slimilil   have 1,,'i'ii   spoitl  righl   un thu Spokane     Inl
hero in town have been sani  tu   the  been moved   Iri.iii ne
department stores ,,f  the east.     II    i    the    Culled
is a puur way to build ti|i a Lown and  Things are v, iv  la;.-*,
thero is little or no money saved ly  all lhe same.
mi    Un
Apply tu
Harry  Kaliichaud
lined in ia- ii i ie
,-n   will i.
in    I'liui
.,. inspecto
i Winnipeg
nil ninl     lu,
Itegiilai iliuuli si-i-iii-i-s will In- held
in in,* Alethodisi church n,-xt Sunda)
,,s usual, ttie pastor having charge on
i'.,ii,   oeeasiun,        Lveniug   suujcct,
.-. a.uimui; Absolute in Ituligluu.'
The I'lniu and male tjuarti ti, ivtll
in ,n i in the ai-i vi, i: ul -, ng       t ■• i-
giegiilioiial song service 10.   All
„ia invited.
Unl in.-.-,
en a,uial
ul .il,n.i..
i r ua* .,.
■ pn, .pi
, I   Mrs
pasl   liinulll i-.vpi
pleased »
.a-   will  in inn  u uui  20  lullllln
during lln- in \L :.|ii*iiim tu seltle duv
iiiiiiiiiu lien- und  i,i, u,  aa   ,i	
growing Industry.
i meeting will l«* held in Wen
..auu ball nn Monday evening iu
,,i a..iu tui* ihe purpose ol diaeussii
llie in,aial relative I" Uu' ureciii
ni a iiinlUing iu lown tui social ..a,
athlello purposes. His tti,:,!.,,
alayot llugetb will preside ami ai.
niierested in tins mattei an* urgeu
iu aiit'iia.
.iaiiifs Daltuur, inspect,u ni agencies lul III,: i_i.il.ul,an uiilivvaj ,i,,„,-
l-lll     lllSlll.ll.IL*    t •-.,    Ha.-         II.        '...'
my,   ,u„i lelt an    Tuesday's    v.- I
Pound Irani mr itcvclsi    lie will
„,i itniu in.ii    putui iu iHtnw.i   auu
places uu in.,    ruule.       in- win  rn*
aa.ni in ll. v*. in inarch.
Al Uu* nexl meotlng ,,i the Caledonian Society to be held uii tlie 1-it.li
Inst in Un- hall over Patmore Bros,
biore there will In- a debate on the
subject: Resolved: '1 ma taimna Is
desiined in remain a subordinate part
ul Uu- Diiiisli empire, Lcadoi lot
,i„. iilliimatlvu, A. A. .1..mull.
leader Inr tl,,-.   negative, C. 11. Uuu-
Uui Mi l.eod, general fororaan Inr
Brecki m Idgi .   Lund, who has charge
t  ma- lal'   ,   I n.liliitimi work
on lho new Coi i, was in tuwu
 a ......     ... ,.: week while
recuvei ing irom an .. .lack ut t,,n..iii-
tls.      -Vim     .11' l.eod     Slated  lll.il   llle
work on the   Uauadian -side was   all
,..    a:, a   ..' il     Lie  sleel   laid ahum
;, ,: a .... ; eyund ii.a boundarj line,
i,„i that in- i.iei. weti* all tuuved
aerui - lhe una .nal wi'iv nuw engaged
,,n iiiai. m.i a., .v Lund's contracts
in lilaho.
llll.l.   IS   A   l.*K.VNK
i ■ man Hilt, ul Hill ,v Co., Is a
crank ui tue tlrst water. He don i
..im.,    when  Lo   t_ult  when    ue gets
.. ■■,-.     . .    _> ods ~i a .-ale.   Eut
  ,..*   been  selling   bis
., *  ;. ;m .    that  make pooplo
wonder, .iaa ll.,* lasl week he lias had
ll ..;    !,,!,.., ,i  all  I,tiler     le-
. .   tl       ..... made in tbe   town
[Seven years •! sueeesslul inercliaii-
,.:. _        i .ni    -..: s   t:...:   l.e   is  going
■   ... 1      -a    ... Ml   I.a.   StOCk   IS    SUld
nd   ..     ,     lot    aiiuiit     lu quili.le
bum i'. a ■  . , il \, nl .ut everythtug
WILL  IS il.l.i.:-
ul   lln
Tne iity council shuulil lus  time
in passing a tue protection bye-taw.
.unl une ul ti.e ,i.iiM. lhat need im-
I mediate attention is a Lhorough ex-
i aiiiiii.il mu ,,( every line in tlia bust-
1 tn-- porliou ui un' iny. i.a town
' lmil a narrow .-siape tne ulher nigiit j
j owing Lu a detective Hue and it ma. !
inn   lie ,su   lutiuiiiiii' anotbei    time.
i. thbri ...    ',.:,., Dec. 1. 19ij_.
F.   m   Sim| Ci anhruok, II. C.;
;  —Ilosi an s   opera    com-
pany played    El Capitan" bere    turn, miy tic best show
t.eie lor two years.
i . ;.   . iei ,  :,   m,. packed ;o     lbe
....■ :...
i*. J. Eckstons,
Manager Lethbridge vi,".'ra Hnuse.
Monday, Dccembei I, 1905, to Mr,
ami Mr.,. Sewell, a daughter.
,   .:   i   1905, lo Mr.
ami Mrs.  FiUpatrick, a daugliter.
.. December 4, 1905, to Mr.
...     Alex   St   Imuis, a sun.
Uu    Tuesday,     Dec. 5th, 1905, tu
Mr. .na. .Mm. Robt. ..akin, a vmi.    '
* We
Hie ex.i
I'lni.   IV   tt.   im
1  ills  lu
MiTll la 'Hi "illE PUBLIC.
'.ITins would In- a   good jnb lur    ti.,*     Second-hand   store Just opened, op-
ii ce. ,.   ,*,   ;,,  Cranbrook bakery; highest
Engineer .lames Caslake, who has price paid      for   second-band good.,
t  been spending   tlio    pasl  lew   weeks   rhrco room   to rent.
ii-i  go Hill I with Mrs. Caslake at Sydney, H. CJ.,| 37* Hugo Hink.
I returned home Thursday last, imvin,
lie l,,v left I recovered   sullieiently  Irom  tin-    In
]u lM1. jury tn Ins knee in enable him tu list. Paul   nmm lus nm this    week.    Mr. Cos-     xj.gg ^|ary Macdonald, begs lo ao-
Wliili   ui   '•'*"' s"ys l1'"'   Mrs* l'i"*1"1"'*' i"''ll,1:  Bounce that she has started buslnesn
na euesls ut  is much improved since going tu  tin:, as ,jrcssmakw ar„i general seamstress.
enasl mil  lhat  she will bt unable tn  |;0 out ,|a||j. ,( desired.   Address, op-
ii'iuni tn Cranhrook before the mmi-l rmsite Crows Nest Laundry. *25-l-W
mai  mouths. Only sii: were sated.	
,,t H.
Pbetl Hr,
,.*iji.|.^e-h^*^^-i:-H0i*v|Mivh>t^H--;-a--: !■:■-:•-;-*;• .;..:--H*-ivK-i:+.+-******
A hfcW  hiKt I
lhat the Non-Tariff Companies  operating in |
la- insurance to ask S
i Cranbrook District would li
.   1 before placing their ri.-,ks;
" "":"*"1 '■" I       An* tin* insuniiii't! ruti-a "f  the  si-veral T.iriff Insuranco |
110 '"""' _ I 'oiti|initiofl lisml l,y tin- (i,-n,-ral aumiits ..I iii, ..   i lompanies in *
. une J une tion, nj s|nl| |.'niiii'isi'u, mi tin: basis ui tliu   Iin, waste   in "a*   tlnttetl B
■'■m*  '"'•    "" -K S'.nli'S. ,>r nr,- tlii-y.list-'l li.v Hi • M:m,!.i■■•!   Board  ol  l'"ir"  lTn- S
ii    iiii" S ilorvvritors, bnsod ou tliu Caimtlinn II     » If by thu first ij
.1  lional   havu * iiniii,',l. in it f-tirV  antl if by tlin lnttor, why ilo not tboy assume*
'   •'  J'"''1'',"'" ffi the ruspousibilltyV £
Stales border m        .   |(     ( ;i !m.{ t||ftt reaoUtt_nns of Boartls of Trade and if.
■I'M,  Ins aval* * *   '
al, il    I
:.   Wu
this method ol buying. |   „     g Uy   numbe
Alderman 11. E. Murphy's engine smoking concert ltd
No. -175, ts in the shops and is being |,n|| ,„, Manila] even
titled with one ol the electric henti-  ,,!   the   Cranbrook   hnckt
lights whieh have proved sue!, n sue- good programme ,-i t I
eess on llm   main lino.    Tho    intn-  mental music    was rendc
pany have the htntdllghls here lot llm  besl    local talent   ol lbe city and ,t
balance ol the passenger engines and   rrnotl lime was enjoyed by all    pre-  ;i. n     ■ ■ ,■    .-■■,.,
they will be fitted as rapidly as pos-! sent. £ '" "".v °."° "»t»"'»- '"■'"" '" the ,llK '  '""' "' l1"'  "'
sible. |   „Fo„sie"  Farrell,    wl.,, has    been  | trstroiu ■' -n "a    ■■■■■■-■
nnl  ui'ili
all    111    tl
u uilii'i' bodies of business men who p :. t>-! oul the unfairness of i
1 ij. tlie iuereuses were utterly disniRartledr
'' ;J! Is ilu.*!*,'a diitilii in tho uiinils of business men that thai
;! g sninll concessions made by tho Tariff Companies is the rusttlt '■
1 | of loss of business by those Ci
-j-        Would these rates have been lowered had there been no [
,. 1 competition   from   Nun Tariff   Companies,  who   all   along!
I- have maintained fair rates-?
■ lln- Xiiii.Tiu'ilV ('iuii|ii
i fai
ni'i't tlti-ir lnssua
ost ilis-
J. H. Wilson, ol the Sullivan n .employed at the Wentworth the past   |
staving In the city (ur „ day    or  l™ «''''*"• 1""1     ""' """r11'*""'    "'  |
,w 8up.| break his leg Monday ■-
He states  thai   tli
All that the Non-Tariff Companies operating in Cranbrook :
I tor  _ Dlstlrct, ask "I you, Mr. Insurer, is a fair shire of your busi- *
,,..., ,       ,,    , itaii-ii   im $ ness, and that you shall Judge them on their merits, and not*
head country.     Some ot his Ir ends' or ntcnilont, Mr. Anderson, arrived at a "■* """'» ' "S      ,  ,5 ,,  '   , V.        ■   ,■.  ,  „,,,:,„       v„nii,-.i
.'. ,   ,,   , j I,, ,,     i,      o     , work       mu Tua i.m   morning   lie >K by hearsay ey dence offered by prejudiced  parties.     Appnca-
are interested in the find. lhe mine on Monday morning.   Some "'""■       '"" .,. "f '"-' "•' .    M__ .-.,,    .„„,„:„,„ m   i„  r...„ivail
,, ,,, saciiHii a ii- and vv.i- driven to   n   ; tlons for Insurance by Non-Tariff companies will  he  receivea .
Dr. Hishop, ol Marysville, has been fitly men arc nuw*   working steadily *     '   ^      « ^ 1]M |R   n,   |
confined   to   thc    hospital with    a I in the   mine and   shipping lhe uainil Illa.t1."1'u .^1'i"; ,','n,,,,,',„. u,nq nh|n    tn'W.
somewhat bad attack ot orysipclaR in  BOO Inns a week.    There is a    very' l'1'
his taee.     He was sulTu-ietitly rccov- considerable anniunl uf l'iKgiii*; going ''
ered to he able to leave fur hiitnc onion   around   the Kimlnili y     Milling '
Idenl   did
ii  (except
mm Iii-. duties.  Thr
cause "F ile" am
■ •-      -  imanclally), as lhc leg is nn artificial   •:-
Wednesday.      The Herald  congratu- company's concerns, and  things   are, ,,ne and the   break occurred    in thc  :j;   ■„,-,.„._..a.,.-a-<ia-'$
lates the doctor an h.s recovery.       Uetive about the milling tuwu. miming gear ol the same. ^H-J1t^H7Hfl■^fc^ll+/i--l---»-^'rlv!•-l^rK-^vl^>r;l- uv*iMr;l--t.-1*^vr.-,--m*Hvl-*^^-^*^jMi.
Winnipeg, Man—With three rail
road companies rushing construction
to Hudson Bay, the eyes ol all ihi]
pers in the middle west are turned
toward that great inland sea. The
Hudson Bay is a prize ol which Canadians are only beginning to realize
the value. Hitherto it lias only been
exploited by foreigners, chiefly Americans, who have carried on whale fish
enes in its waters tor a number ot
years. It is 1,000 miles long by
uuv miles wlue, auu coven a„ area
01 over 600,0uu sijuu-e iuiicm
The Canadian Northern railway has
surveyors in tho Held miming a  u
irom Prince Allen, In Suskateuew
tt Churchill, on tl	
lew days ago oiie
poilion ul
to For
the hay, and a
the olhcials  ol the
lhat   contracts Iol
construction   °-~
.nd dons made M reach I
lbe earliest pos
A mysterious
me Manitoba &
now letting    couti
uon trurn a     point on tt
Keprescotativi' Burleson, "1 Texas,
raises whal  * ■ dd t"' termed in    lus
tate a "ml I **     Iol ol , in. Hi
attention * d' to *'*' laboi to
pick it     Hum .      ■  Is it cotton piek-
, a.i      " ant    ll|l   it   big
 il   l.a,'u,        a a   llala   Was   little
.mjJ: iluim ami hundred!  Ol  pounds uf
otton rn, -   b,       losl      Some    ui
.  ■  j,. |,. ot   religion"   ami
,. * .a in prea, h     One ol the best
a tlia   place     went  to    Mr.
Burleson ... ni n uin   and :,,iil him uf
., vision,
I   *,*. de big while clouds a-rollin'
,n   .i-tiiniti'in     an'  a tuiiun
an' on dem i loud   »     di  letters F
,'     II:   lll.l.lll     hie
Well ■ i.ai ol it' tli Burleson
asked, suspecting that his cotton
picket han 'iiul religion " "What
,i,, m.u iiiii,i, those totters P C
stood tm''
•ile) sian s tui "Preach Christ,' "
declared the darkey,    aii   means i se
£UL lo gu uui an   uieain
**.\i)l al  all,    .tluaiia,    nut   al    all
answered Mi    Burleson       lhe  it
iel. 1' C .laud lul "Pick cullun
,uU yuu get your sack and gu uui
in* nan! will gel yuu sure."
ements ol the genial and pop- NOTICE,
inau   ..ml regarded   witli 	
: ,  all p. u ims.      It is    notj Notice is hereby given that 311 days
believed, however,   thai  Mr. Matkin- to apply lo the   Chief Commissionei
lush has Um slightest aspirations   in 0| _,aiMls and Works anil lhe Assistant
llut direction  or lhat he would   be Commissioner uf Lauds and Works (or
ollered the   posl bv a liberal minis- East Kooteu. tor a license lu pros-
,      .,, , „             ,.,,   , peel Inr   coal and petroleum on    the
tn. Inn people will tall, ami pulllit.il £jjowto, described land: Situate  ai.l
m   ,,..   ..ii* i,ial ,,i BUrmising,    yuu gjjjjjejt on the east to the C. P. It.
know,    besides, il be has Ills eyes on boundary line as surveyed and
,,i,i,* date
company, km™a   ''
Midland railroad,   le
loi con ma
_,,„,  v. ,Mau boundary line ti
aRe la Praine, "•"' *""""
„„,g lines north ol "a''
jirwtli.n ul   Hie bay.
Mellen, "i
that C. S
une ul ll"
, al" I'm
wll   in   '!"'
it is reported
Nan York, "•
,,i this coin-
name has ti,"
will. Ha   line
It.M  railwa]  i
iinm    Devil'
nth, and actlv
.nl. a  lllll  I'l-el:
Hm next im
■ tuyster
promolors  o
u be has I
gubernatorial     mansion
.tmuld la* iaa a a residence?
P *?■;,
1,11   |„,s:
ami time
li Hie N"
uany   known    us n"
katelii'wiin * Hudson
having surveys   tnadi
lake,     N. D., dim   ••
construction on the i
be commenced   within
months.    Thero is also sum
in connection with tb
this line, as Hm Incoi
all employees „f tlio
lit.      Until tlitse lattci
iiisliitig    surveys     wit
speed, and at  'lit     I"
luiiks like a race hctw
,.rn Pacific and Croat   Non
wrests to reach Hudson Day
What the Canadian Paclllc
ly lormed Grand Trunk I'ai
ing in the meantime no nui'
know, but um' thing ia cert
that is these two companies
allow such a valuable putt i" (■"
tbo other toads w*n il competition
on their part.
When the lines arc built tn tin' Imv
practically all the exports from the
Canadian northwest and from the
middle states will go by this route
to Europe. The lollowlng table o
distances shows the great advantage
of this route:
hav lu l.iv-
...  302U
al to Livcr-
York to Llv
V., V. ,v  li   PROQRESSI.NO,
Midway, Det .: James ll 1*.-
ned), chiel engineer ol ihe V , V
E. railway now building westwards
imn, here Into tlm Simllkameeo
country, returned last night Irom a
two ut throe weeks' inp to Princeton, ilm present objective, ami Intel
mediule points, where In- lias survoj
ui.-. working       Mr.    Kennedy state!
thai   tlm  Wnll,  front   VInlw.,1   to    tin*
I,,,iiiiiiaiv lim-, where ilm crossing is
ma,!,' mt,, Washington, some 30 mite
iinm lau*. is making excellent pro
gross, though ilm contractors   could
m.t intn J ilm) ti,iiiii in- bad.  Al
togethei there an- mm 1,300 men on
tins .Hi milts, siniie ul llm work be
uu- heavy rock cutting. Thero are
two tunnels, une about 850 feet ami
anothci sunm 100 Icel in length, li
was ai  tin*    mouth ui um- ui   those
why three-fourths   of a    mile    from   Hit*
' I mouth of the south   fork of the Flat-
I hi-ad River, SouUi blast Kootonav, B
- -   0.t
Commencing at a post planted at
[the south-west corner, being the initial post adjacent to the north-wesl
.■oiner of .lames Fisher'a elaim antl
lying wesl ol the Kitty Thompson
elaim, Uience running north Mi chains,
Ihenee east 80 ehains, thenee soulh
Sll ehains, thence west SO chains, to
plaee of commencement, ami coatata
ing 6*111 acres.
Located this  2sth  dav ol September, A. 1). 1905.
Nettie II. Piatt, Locator.
.las   Fisher, Agent.    83-flt
In the matter ol an application fur i
a duplicate nf tlm Certificate ul Title
lor Uie  south j of l.ut is, Block  I,
in  the   Town of    Fill I      Sitala   (Map
nil.) Notice is hereby given thai
it is my intention tu issue al ll e expiration nf thirty days Irom the in* i
publication bereol a luplicate of the
Certificate ol Title to ilm soutli I nf
lau I.s, Block I, in tli,* lumi ni Fori
Steele (Map 6.4) in ilm name ol !:- b-
eit II. Karalofsl y, ivhich CcrtiOcate
is dated ilm 3rd day ot June 18.8 and
numbered B5GK.
II   K. MacLeod.
District Registrar
Land Registry Office, Nelsi n. It  C,
Novcmbol  till. 1'iii'm a : a '
I 1 II -I I -1-1*1 I I l-ll-H-ll-H-l H-i-H-HI-H-H -I-I -l-H-l-l I -I-M-
S-l-l-HM L!-I-I-I-I-I~H-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-H-H-I-I-I-I-|-I-I-1 -l-l-l I-H-l-l-
** TT
Winnipeg via Hudso
Winnipeg via Montreal
Duluth via Hudson Bay
pool ... ,
Duluth via New
pool   -4201
St. Paul via Hudson Bay to Liverpool  409K
St. Paul via New York to Liverpool   4210
The shorter rail route by the Hudson Bay Is another great point in its
lavor, especially from points west of
Manitoba and on either side of the
international boundary line. So far
as the towns of Winnipeg, Calgary,
Edmonton, Prince Albert and 111
Saskatchewan valley, I here is no
comparison. The millions of bushels
of wheat grown each year and ex
ported to Europe could be shipped out
by this route, not only from tlie
Canadian side of the line, hut a ho
from Minnesota, Montana and the
The Hudson Ray company ba:. km
using thi:; route to take out furs for
several hundred years. Once tl.o
company took in a party of British
soldiers by this route to quell ;i rebellion in the northwest.
Recently Canada has been looking
into the possibilities ol these waters
as producers of fish, fur, minerals and
international complications,
Last year A. W. Low of the Canftd
ian geological survey depai tment
spent a year in those northern waters looking into Ihe possibilities i>
navigation. The result was thai
Mr. Low came down (rom the north
with the conviction thai the ordinary
ship could reach Kort Churchill, « n
Hudson Bay, from the middle of Juno
to the end of December ol each year,
get cargoes and take them to Liverpool with no more hazard than by
using the St, Lawrence river. There
is a clear waterway, free from
.shoals or ledges, straight into Kort
Churchill, where there is a splendid
natural harbor. It only needs ,i
railroad to Fort Churchill to turn
this route into practical use, and it
is to this end that the railway companies are now rushing to the bay,
and when they reach that hay export
shipping from the middle of the
American continent will be completely upset under thc present arrangements, and then the dream of the
west will be realized.
Mr. Low points ont thai this roatc
from the wheat fields to Liverpool is
some 1,000 miles shorter by Hudson
Bar, thus making a saving of 13
cents per bushel, which will no Into
the farmers' pockets, which alone
this year would have amounted to the
enormous sum of $16,000,000, figuring
that the wheat crop of the Canadian r(,mnit
northwest amounts to 100,000,000 ,!,t' »i
half of which ti available. Ior export.   Henri
A III'] I*    Ull
'll    -
1'. It.
il iKnilii
nick   was
laud, th.u
red hel ween the grading icings uf (In
iwo rival railways, which is expectei
io he decided In a few hays in tin
courts, in favor of the V., V. A E.
"Thf grading contracts let to thi
sub-contractors hv .1. \V. Stewarl
wbo has the work from Selms
Shields A Co , are m thu forms o.
stations ui 100 feel each, as is usual
the following being llie names um
numbei' uf stations oi each contrac
tur, fnuii Midway lo the boiindarj
Burns tt Jordan, inH stations,
.lohnsoii A Anderson, U7 stations,
Including 850 foot tunnel; .Johnson A
Welch, 1-12 stations; D. J. Brown, 58
stations; D. A. Rankin, (12 stations;
Bole Hros. & Motan, (iii stations;
CJeorge Chew, KU stations; Burns A
Jordan, mi stations, including 'lot'
tout tunnel; .Johnson A Welch, 82
stations, T. .J. Gallagher, 12.'J stations; E. A. Carleton, tifj stations; P,
S. Hughes, 144 stations; Gorman A
Pierce, 121 stations.
The distance of the line in American territory, to where it again   ei
lers Canada, is about.47 miles. Th;
work is all well under way also, but
is not making as good progress
that on this side of the line.
At the point where the line .-u
into British Columbia again, a distance of some 17 miles to keremeos,
the work ii. just being opened up,
some -JO or SO teams having gone
through this week to be used in grading, etc. It will probably be done
by Mr. .Stewart's men direct. Krom
Keremeos to Princeton, via Medley
the distance is some IS miles, and
whether this will he let Ihis winter
or not is not known. It was suppo
ed that it would not be given out till
spring, but a change may be made
and tlie work rushed all winter, a:
Is being dfme just west of Midway
for It Is known thai Mr. Hill is anxious to get the line into the Simill.
araeen without the least possible de
Mr. Kennedy makes his lioadquar
ters at Midway, where be has his office staff. M is expected that shortly passenger ti.uus will be running
ovei the extension fiom Curlew tu
Midway, as the track is nm. u, shape
fui use in that way.
(Prom Hn- Vancouver World.)
Mr, Oeorge McL, Brown has recolv-
ed a merited promotion. He has
been made genoral passenger agenl ol
'ii" C. P, It. company's Atlantic
steamship service, a must Important
position, with headquarters at Montreal. Mr. Blown is well known to
mosl British Columbians and will he
besl remembered as executive agent
foi the 0. P. li., in which capacity
ho came largely in contact with ministers and members during the stormy
days of 1898 and 1000. He has
well-poised manner and is much ol
diplomat; but the ministerial changes
at the capital were too frequent and
upset all his calculations. His position was finally abolished, so the C,
P. R. has been without a "lobby" at
Victoria for the past three sessions,
Ex-Governor Mackintosh, Inte of
the Northwest nnd now of Rossland,
was in Vnncouver on Wednesday. He
came from Victoria, where he has
leased a residence, and while hen'
expressed the Intention uf rem,
his family to the capital, there
remain permanently, Wilb rumors in
tlie aii of the early retirement of Sir)
■Joly from  government house
The em represents our Men's 10 Inch
Logging Boole. Thoy me made from
tenuiue I rem it Calf Leatherthrougnotit
iml have Hock Oak Poles. Tbey have
mil-hie counters, pegged and have Man-
hut! sere« enforcing :iil around tlie solo,
Ut* are justly proud oi these Spools.
v me iht- besl footwear for their pur*
evei manufactured, and cost no
ethnn ordinary logging boots.
J.   Leckie   Co., Ltd,
Notiee is hereby given Unit 30 days
after dale    1 intend   tu apply   lO    the
Hon.   Chief  Commissi! i   ul   Lands
and Works toi a license to jiiospecl
lur cual and petroleum on the following described lands, situato
about seven miles north of
the Internationa) Boundary line ami
about three and one hall miles east
ol Sage Creek, S. E- Koolenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-west corner, being lhe initial post, adjacent to the north-east
cornel of Alfred Thomas' claim,
thence running south 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains, thenee west 80 cliains to
jilace of commencement ami containing 640 acres
Located this i)th dav of October,
A. Sorenson, Locator.
88-M .1.  Fisher,  Agent,
Noliee is hereby given thai 00 d <\-
fruin date 1   inli'ii I to apply     lo   tin
Chlol   Commissioner of   Lands     and
Worl-s iu purchase ihe follow It i
bciIhod lands,   mi.it,'   jn ih« dislriel
uf Souih Easl Kooti nay:
Commecniitg a*  the noi Lh es I  cor
ner ol Iol     D117, gi mp I   K
division,   Hn nco  n ■! Mi     10    i h iin
thenco  wesl  10 chain -   thence  south
III ehains,   thenee Pflfll    hi ihains      in
ihe place ui commencement.
Vlfred .luun),-.
Located   Un- llh    d.iv   ol October,
81-0t Cranbrook, It. C
The Cosmopolitan |
. II. il\ ILL
Strictly Firstclass and Up-to-
Date in every respect. The
bar is stocked with the best of
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
and the Dining Roomscrvicc is
Vc Buy and Sell on Commission.
WANTED:—Western Oil  and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn Gwynnc &
how much il cosls to keep a horse
and carriage. Can you afford it for
just occasional use? Whether you can
or not     ::    ::    ::    ::    :.    ::    :;
is better, anyway. By it you have
all tlie pleasure of driving; none of
the bother of keeping a hurse. And
if expense is an object our service is
by far the more economical.
The M n li.'y  \.'\vi?y Jti'   es
Excursion Rates
Round Trip
Three Month's Limit
Toronto, Montreal
and principal points
Ontario and Quebec
Corresponding   rales lo all
points in Maritime Provinces
N'liW EN Or. AND
On Sale Daily
December 4 to 31
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   (live me a call.
•I-I *••! I I I I I I I I ■!• -l-M-l-l-t-** I- l-l-l-M-M-I-M-l-l-l-l-l41 M-l-W
•!•■!-!■'-,';: t-: t-t j-I'I-i-i-i-i-m-i-i-i-h-i-h-i-w-i-h-i-i-i-i-i-i-I'- i-i-
j Cranbrook
! Hotel v£ s
(lucHtH Comfort 1 Specially
(loud Stabling in COHMCttOQ
Notice is hereby given thai lln
j iove mentioned party has filed ;i
I 'tilion, datetl the 2nd day uf Oi'to
1 -r, 190S, amending bis former petl-
'• on datetl Ihe Tith'dav of November
■ MM, hy showing that the lands re
i rred to therein are on Aklminn oi
! ishenenah creek, running from thi
1 ninlary lim* to about four miles
; irth of it, and not upon Oil 01 > agi
1 eek, and Mis Honour, Judge Witsun
by order dated lbe llth day of Nov
ember, 1905, has ordered that thli
dvertisement he published to giv
noticc of the said amendment.
Dated November llth, 1905,
J. F. Armstrong,
35-11 Registrar.
Livery *£
Tin,ui_ unit drivers fumi.li.,1 for mi
uoiiil iu 111. illstrlet.
A. DOVLE, Mana n.r
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way of tloors. wiiuluws, tt'an-
soiiis, etc, Kiln dried luiiiber
for inside work. • Onr work is
guaranteed ancl our priors aro
satisfactory.    Screen    doora
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
k child who la old enough to
■tudy fa old enough to wear
gtosses. Do not chance waning
the life of the child by neglecting the eight. Eyestrain always
renders study difficult and ultimately lajuret both body and
mind. Glauet ar« not expensive.
Notice is hereby njiven lhat .'in davs
after date, L James Fisher, intend
lo applv 10 ilif Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works an.! lln- Assistant
Commissioner ol Lands ajid Works Ior
East Kootenay for a license to prospect for cnal ami petroleum on lhe
following described land: Situate nnl
adjacent on the east tu the C. P. R,
boundary line us surveyed and about
thi*iMuniths oi ,1 mile Irom the
mouth ol thf south fork of the Flathead River, South East Kootenav, B.
Commencing at a post planted at
Ihe north-west corner, lying north ol
and adjoining K. l-_. L. Dcwdney's
claim, being the initial post and adjacent to the .souih-west corner of
Nettie II. Piatt's claim; thence south
80 cbains, thenCe east SO chains,
thence north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains to place of commencement
and containing 640 acres.
Located this   2flth dav of September, A. D. 1905.
33-51 James Fisher,  Locator.
Notice is hereby give that two
months after date I Intend to appi;
to the Chief Commissioner of Land
and Works for permission to piirchas
tlie folluwing described lands in Eas
Kootenay disiriet:
Commencing n
,1 pnsi   planted  at
Ihr    northcasl
I'nrn.r of I.m 7310,
thence    north fii
chains, Ihence west
SO   chains,     lln-
co sunlit iill chains,
Ihence cast Sll ch
iins along north line
ol Lot 73111    tn
place  nf Milllllli'll'.'a-
ment, containing
■Ikii acres inure   or
DalM at Elko,
11. C. Oct. 2, If)05.
Catherine Mills.
l.i\ Nil NOTICE.
Notice Is hereby given thnt sixty
days altar date wa intend In apply
to thc Chief Commissioner of Lands
ami .forks at Vii'tnn,*! for permission
lo purchase lhe lollowlng described
CoininenfiiiR at a post plniilt'ii nt
lhc northwest cornet* of Lot. No. 5447
Easl Kootenay district, Ihence north
ciirhly cliains, Uience east forty
chains, thonce south richly chains.
Iheiiee west forty ehuius to place of
ommenc-Diont, containing -iiltj acres
Rohfson-Mcl.eu.ie Lumber Co.,
27;!)t Limited
Cninlirook*, September 25, 11H15.
(Form K.)
(Form I'M
TAKE NOTICE thai I, Neil. Mm
l.eod fii_r..n, Fiae Miliars' Certificate
No. B78008, Intend sixty days from
the [lale hi'li'iil. tu apply In lhe Mining Recorder, fur a Certificate ol Improvements, for ihe purpose nf obtaining a Crown (Irani nf Lhe above
And further take notice tlml action
under Section ,'17, must he commenced before Issuance of sui-h Certificate
nf Improvements.
Nell MiLaml Curran,
Dated this tilth day ul October
1005. ,iii-si
TAKE NOTICE that I, W. A, Mil,.
Meachen, K. M. C, No. R73II52, agenl
for Wm. Carlin, F. M. C, No. B73753
and W. A. McL. Meachen, Free Miner's   Certificate   No. 1173052, inten.l,
sixty days from date hereof, in apply
|to the Mining Recorder Inr a Cciii'-
tficate of Improvemenis, for the   pur-
For detailed Information, first-class Pose of obtaining a Crown Grant   of
in  tourist sleeper reservations, apply the above claim.
i„ local am.nl nr u-,-11,. I   An(l Iftber lake notice that action,
h , under section 37, must be commenced
J. S, CARTER,      E. J. COYI.E,   .before the issuance of such Certificate
n i> a    voic...   mm   .....«»»!• °l Improvements.
".I .a.,  ,\,-,:,,>n.  A.U.I'.A.  v, rii.ni,,    n.,.L.  ,u:    ao._   .        ...        L
"'   Dated this 28th   dav of November,
li. Iliilier, AKe»t, Crspbrook. fc# 19"5*     w, A   ^ ^^
O'OOOOOOO 0000000000000.0
this   season for   Xmas   gifts O
are potraits in sepia plat-     Q
inum with a very artistic, mounting',
which is entirely
Prest Photo Co
N,   || a-,1  I,,
lliaiii  tin
lliil and CI rl Baths
allium! llllll llapot,     Hah »i-,',iiiiliii»iln-
be public iitieiiuuiU'il lu Craubrook.
Ilogjfarth & Rollins jj
 Proprittton     ||
*s >
kA     tHE
M.uiufn.-turi'rs ef
RniielianU dressed
LUflBER ami
Also uii  kinds ol
Mills U
.liiU'tiiy. li'ynii nml
4-',       \,v^W-'^pr (•riiiilm.iik.H.t
** ' ^*>"',ui,-to*'"^ Held Oflice, • Cranhrook
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
baw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Wo havo oulnrgocl our (\uartera and our a took very con-
shliTiibly of ltvtn mul oiui supply tlu* wauta of tlio pub]to in
.uiy liim. (Vlthough we Boll al uiiBtoru pricos wo huvi' uotliiup(
shoddy to sloup[li off. Wu guaraiitee our pjoocls for what wu
sell thorn Eor, Lumbormeirs nud prospootors1 suupHoa a
Bpecinlly. Lot us outfit yon. Wo havo sonic now ninl bocoiuI
liauil luniiitin.'. atovoa, eto., to go at real bargain pritrs.
Cord wood for Sale,    liniplnyincnt ARency in Connection.
Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand Man
Our western manager, Mr. J. C. Whiteacre ,will
be wilh the local agent, Mr. Ross Tate, for one
week during December and will offer
Special Christmas Prices  and   Easy   Terms
To anyone desiring to purchase a Piano. Send
your name and address to Mr. Tate, DO IT NOW
MASON & RISCH PIANOS are used from
(he Atlantic to the Pacific. Their splendid tone
volume, their artistic case designs, combined
with their great durability, have won lor them
this great popularity.
1 Order Your Annual
ft So that you will be sure to get one.
Notice is herebj given Uial I inleml
io apply if il"-' Board nf biccijsi
Commissioners for the Cranbrook dis.
trict at Hie
held SO ilars
nf my hotel
Slratlicona hotel, l'i
tn Gourlcy ami Alell-
mooting in be
i', tor a transfer
known as the
t Sleele, It. 0.,
mid of the sum;
liis I5lh   day of November,
II. A. Fraser.
Thirty days after dale we intend
to apply lo Ifco I'hief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works, Victoria, for a
H(|.eeijil Ueense i0 cut and cany
awny timber from the following described lands situated in Snuth East
Commencing at a posl planted 3.J
miles, more or less, norlh of Ihu
jprihern houndary line of Lot 731:!,
thenoo running north 40 chains, thenco
west 80 ehains, tbence south Ml
eliains, thenco cast 80 chains, thenco
noith 10 chains to point ot commencement,
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Dated November 3, 1005.       34-51 PRE rii WBRnOK HERALD
f**T'. " T."-.»«■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦♦♦ »♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦♦♦♦♦«
fci K-|*-.*_•_..4...  - - — a-a -.v^-^jf—.- . i   , !!>■■ i——n*——*^———^——M^»-—^^^- jc. fl*
. :r""
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people, un Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
going on about us.
YS s
!'."■-' AA
Therefore, to read
Tho Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, Morrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
ol   the district.
$2.00 For One Yegyr
$1.00 For Six Months
E, SLMSON, Manager
! !
yy    -   ^,   j, **,,. rii.i.- i, nothing like deep water t.i
SlrtBUll   "I   KlKUlllliiin;. IHf Ji-pOMll 111 Min-
ente ai Oomiaioi Uadi ia Mmmutw,      M   l    ''■'■ Pictures ul o speech thai
tb? NorllmcslTerruoric*. and me Yiikun photographed on   the mind.
V    common   stotuarh complaint t
■     :. , ,,-, i. i.,-i.    •■ ;•   i- ', ,„ ■   .H       I |*l
..      -.,       Lllll    .-.H    fill     ..llllll.0    I.' S,-l
Uuu  -    ■ i'-- ■ .it, '■ t' ii -i--'' '■■■
uilui coininuu*,    Koyalt) al un* rati1 »t
mu i»u< i . '"i pu .ii ■* fciutll IwiMilwl
e raid Publishing Co.
IJii.Hl/.     I'-i-oli- ..I ti^lUi-t-ll
uiu luiiilstucK i.*"in|Mii.t-. li<ddiii*. live miner**
,fi um- a.-- ii,..\ obtain .uii) ioi a nituiug luea
a free in ii-1 • ■■■:.,:■ .ii.   - graulftl lur one
Dl   H->.-.iI-, ii'ttrM'f.-il,ii; ll,. . iil-'ll |t,jii.'*lil
iii .nl., uur ■■! --. ,' liei   uiii'iii, t -i tUl in   i'i 'i-i
nnil ii iiu -» i ■ ■ mi  miiuni tutu v      wi
wi- mj;!"- .; i .
I ■!■■■   i '.   '.,. ii.: -.— ■    ■ .    I   10 III i
|,,,„ ■'.   j, .,,   ia nu   ,, ., .,. '.■■-. ..*   >
UUli, ,U„ UUI Ull   UtlllH Win. I -■" .i -■'■ I-'"*.   '■*-"
hi.. I H'.iii.in ii* Hi,--. ..i ■   ,   ■ :,   Ull    l«l'
.,1 UieliMt) ,i !•-1.
hie ■ 1..1I" wnll ■■■  ri    i " .  ■• man   ifieou
.!,,i,. 'i luoattHl n tlitu ti ii i ■■"■ "' -■ ni lUus
tth. iriteri    II nr ,i-luii"ii.i.
1-l.lllH <
■ 1..
. Kiwuilnl "ii llie I'Utlu
II ■ l |hlld I" III.* III.llllll u-.-"M   l   »u
Ulutll ffiUU li.i" liMH «->l-  llitMl --I   |*M
ut iti.i.1 up" i ii.ii iiiu mini »'-> mwlu, mm
.■■|i|||i-llli UU(   |"l!
,,-lfitiinl.il, u*
ii i-u i.y tin: Mn..-.i-1 "I
nu. cutitiiluli.y it,rn linn
, uttun 1< tiit'i}. ul -ii
kMUHInu -li-iil prnvftlP
tti ol ll
>- lut.i.Mii
utwuuil tin-  ti,  W.   1
IkUU 1>
nlm}    i ia.fi niii'iii
uu   tn,     \,..lll   •HSKIll
tuner nui <ii buitflt, i"
■til. ninl u\i.-i.'i'h- i*i
bllt il"l, \'''>'illlU   i.u*
11  ib used, ulHIliii ie
'•\  Mmiltoba nn.l tb<
mun tl
e iukuu   lurnturj —*
lln leascuslllil
iri'itjjiutf In Uifl V'ukon Territory, ■St
live tunes mi.Ti nut} in- Ullltaeil I'
inn im a it-riu ul iwiotj years, uiv.
(llll  IS
IS   lh
m.irj i
r Aii^i
Uilli llmll   III    ti
uv,i- below
■ bt- liM'ti i<}
si iii ilm year
ill bay
'" lU-li
iiii- date ui Hi
l- M'llbU '.Ml.ill
ill, Tl"«'J)«*l Ul
lor eiwIt Bubal
*■   )
.l.l,. ,-
\Uhllll I'lTlltl
Ull    ol
iii I UUI
id i.u ibe  h
111  ".lum  llll'l,
' tin
MCl, Hill, lll'il! 111^11,
t-ii mil. .-nl nun,nn i
mj mluweil lur fin
ut ur wlm
.jt ui iin
ii nun mine is i-miiii-ii i
ii lentil, und ii iin-. pi
- ifi'i .lUt'j'-.li.'i, mi tne i
■all}  -.ball bt'  L-lmrged,
nary , l;n
ate ul tun um
Li.-.Mil.   I..>y,ilti ut i
■uiM.aif l-ei i'i nt .in tin- nil,IB ul tlie (jiiid  -.till
n-ii irmii iin-VtiMui territory to bo paid to tu
'ouijil roller.
Imn oiiu ntliilliK elmm on enuli setuintto nv<-
ii-i-i. orgulcli,
nt ctu
ilutinsin iMitiu*
ail 1
not, Uie
-U.ninl npe
IVir.'ii'iiin.   All    iiiiiii'i'i-ui'iliiicil   In,inn i >l
Umls in .iiuiutuiia, tin- Noriliwem  liTrliones
profitiectltiH ''ii  petrqioiiin,   ami the liilnlitei
mdasnin) in' dtti'Miniit-d. will in' -uid u> tin
heovorer nl the rule ul *l.iw hu ucre, subjecl
ii mynlty at suolt rule as may be speoltleil bj
\V. Vt. in\;\
lii'imtv of thu Minister ol itm Intor
Pi-i-i, I titer Eur.
I*,        BRICKLAYER and
X        Furnncc. Boiler,  Range,
A nnil FircpliH'o work u spednl- A
{,v I
■J* All ttoscrlptiona ol atono- y
t work nndortnken. Ordera lcifi ?
% ;'t                                        ^
ij! .1. D. MoBUIDE'S        k
y will roctovu prompt attention, »j»
•{• I'liMiir lift.              I*. 0. Uox864. 'j*
6 %
min if est ed in  sourness n( ipnt'h
A  innii wiihniii  anv   [celiiiK docsit'i
know when he has nul liis fool in ll
\ti\ WTMiKS    iih     TUn   TEAMS
Sn Charles Kirkpalrk-k, ol the
toui i..- i nglUh [uothall team was
tall 11■ u. n; Philadelphia ahoul crickel
■ In ii northern garrison lown lasl
yeai he said, ' a match was ar-
r.ii.t'.'il between tin- ollieers -U the
.mi ; i "i- .u.u  lhe niiinty lawyers.
The cili. ei prepared .i superb
luncheon i"i llieli visitors, and all
sai down in the repast belore the
■Tin* lawyers did [till juhtice lo the
. ■ oil things Like Rianta ihey al
lai ked thu champagne ami black
cigars Ami tin- ollieers were more
than bo pitable. Dottle aftei bottle
was brought In and the cost I) black
cigars from Havana lay in profusion
u very whore
"Finally tbe lawyers would have
nothing niuie. Then laces, though,
were alreadj Hushed, and as lliey
emerged min the sunshine ol the
cricket field, their glazed eyes blinked.
"The soldiers, wlm bad partcken
sparingly themselves, winked at oue
another.     Victory seemed assured.
■ Uut what was this;' Uut of a
marquee a crow of athletic giants
came running and began in practice
balling and bowling in aumirable
'■ 'Who iin- those chaps? We don't
kuow ihem," said an ollleur, frowning,
" Uh,' said ono of the lawyer
guests, )they are our—hie—our playing team. We are only lhe luiioulltg
team, you know.' "
Jerome K, Jerome, al a dinner in
New Vork, expressed his disappoint-
iiinii ut imi yet having inei W, ti.
Howells, Un vi'iisi.
"Perhaps yuu think," said Mr.
Jerome, "that 1 am not great enough
in meet Mr. llowulls. Vou llilnk i
nave not dune enough lo merit meeting hint. Ai an) ran-, mj disappointment is greal. 1 am in much
ilie same position as the disappointed window-cleaner,
"Tbis poor fellow was cleaning the
greal plato glass windows ol tlio lirsi
limn ol a Pal'k Lane mansion when
—r-r-r-r—iliud! he slipped and fell lo
ine hard sloao sidewalk below. U
was a mallei uf sonic ten tin
"A yrowd gathered, inli of sympathy. Fortunately, the man was
iml much luui. Uazed and sore, he
raised blmsell to a sitting postuie,
and a servant iaa to Imn with a glass
nl water.
"Uiiicily disappointed, thu window-cleaner waved lhu water aside.
■■ -Unl) water?' he said. 'From
what height musl 1 fall to get a glass
..it beer?1 "
a borne during tbe silent watches   \u
homes where the family circle
broken ean be just  such a  In ti
this with a slight eflort in   ■■■  ;-..-
ol moh member ol lbe household
\(though it is a terrible ml ■
io lose a home by tire, it is nol neai
ly .■" bad as lotting the happim •
home  by tin*  dissipation, unfaithfulness ur disgrace ol one ol 'in- mun
hers ni the family     U'e think a home
ought to be a type "i heaven, a place
■d rest and happiness     The happiness
••I the world is shortlived and    Borrows and disappointments come to us
all. bill it we do "ui best and trust
Hi   Uud   we believe   it   will   all   result
in -j. I, and we will imd more bright
ilays than dark ones, Tho lirst essential element in n happy home is
mutual love, but this will nut last
wltboul kindness, patience and forbearance. We think ibe next most
important requisite is byslem aud
H'niil housekeeping un the pan ol the
>ute and mother. Via don't believe
in a rigid system that Roorillces the
comfort ami freedom uf the lamil)
oul wc think a certain amount oi
it is necessary to the happiness ol a
Thero should be no day in uui live*
ihat did nui record some act oi kindness, sume nelp held out io the
ucedy,    one sett-denying act ot sumo
ni wuul, or a pleasant glance, has
(allot like sunshine ur cased an aching
neat i. There is no act intended to
uuip another, too small ior ihc Mas-
ti:i .s no lice. U is lho conscious ;.t-
luuiion to what tne world calls ntiie
inlugs ibai makes tne great heuut)
anil success in lite. Lilllo words ol
Kindness, Utile deeds ol ctiariiy, litiiu
mis oi sell-denial, A eati'i'ii w.tlcll
agaltisi liiile stus ami gratelul uso ol
nine Ulessings, a pallcal inatiuuuiici
,11   Well    UOlllg   UUUef   hlil,'   .l.e iiii   / —
ment, those Ullligs win give waiilllli
lu   UUI'   OWU   Ileal is   anil   euiulul i.      lu
utiiurs. the dew ui nighi dues nol
uii upon bodies that an- too slow to
impart waiiuin tu others. inose
wuo waiei others shall themselves ue
watered. To ne nappy ourselves, wo
lUUSt live in mala* oiuels tiappy.  ftu
iei us try tu be laiihlul in iuc least
as well us in the Utile gins of Ute,
and wueii uur luii is dune uur lite
work shall bear fruit in heaven.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
aftei dale l Intend m apply lo Uio
Iimi. Clue! Commissionei uf Lauds
and Works foi n license to prospect
fm- enal .iiul petroleum mi ilu- following described lands, situate
between seven ami eight mill's mirth ui
tbe International Boundary line  und
about     lhree     miles   east"    of   Sane
Creek, s. K. Koolenay, B. <*.
Commencing al a post planted at
the suuth-west cornet' adjoining 0. J.
Lung's elaim un llie north-west,
thenco running north Ml chains,
thenee east KII ehains, thenee suutli 80
chains, thenee west Kh chains to place
of commencement and containing 840
Located this Dili dav of October,
Fred. K. Empev, Locator.
36-51 .1.   Fisher,   Agenl.
Garfield W. Wecde, the left end nl
ihe Pennsylvania football team lay
with a broken leg in the university
hospital. In thc same ward lay two
oilier loolbaU victims, William Mol-
letlbaeh ami Frank Piit'iia, Uie former
with a broken leg, the latter with a
Iractured skull, flowers—great masse.-, ol roses and violets—surrounded
these- brave young men,
"Yes, 1 am airaid," said Wcede,
with a patient smile, "tual football
is becoming a pretty bloody, a pretty
ghastly sort ol game. It reminds ol
iiarlicriug down cast.
"1 once went inlu a down east bar
ber shop tu get my hair cut. As 1
sal iu lhc chair aud Uie barber's dog
lay beside me   on tlie Hour, looking
up at lue all the lltne must attentively,
'• 'Nice dug,  that," said  1.
'■ 'He is, sir," said the barber.
" 'Ho seems fond,' 1 said, "of
watching yuu out hair.'
" il ain't thai, sir,' explained the
barber, smiling. 'Suiueilines I make
a mistake and lake a little piece ot)
a customer's ear.' "
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after dale I intend to apply lu tho
Hun. Chief Commissioner »f Lauds
and Works for a license to prospect
lor coal and petroleum un tbo following described lands*, situate
abuut seven miles north ul
tlu- International Boundary line and
about Llirco miles east of Sago
Creok, S. 13. Koolenay, It. C.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-went corner, being the Initial pnsl adjacent to the north-west
cut ner ol A. Snreusou's claim, thence
running uurth 80 eliains, tlu-nce cast
.sn chains, thence south Mi chains,
tbence west su chains to plaee of
commencement ami containing **tt*
Located this    9th dav uf October,
sasamiisvfK .-•■■.■ - .  ;.-.-r*«-.i't*
♦♦t^^??ii^jjjj^^_t_{l_t_t^?jj^^ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦w
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date I Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works to purchase the following described Kinds, situate In tlie district of
South East Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted on
the west boundary of lot 7100, thence
west 80 chains, llience norlli 80
chains, ihenee east 80 cbains, thoncc
south 80 ehains to place of coin-
AA   meiieement.
m™ ' Otto V. Hough.
Dated Sept, Ifilh, 1005. 211-01
0.   J.   Lung,  Locator.
James Fisher, Agent,
When a man has wou a victory over
liis wife be wilt atop high ou his way
down town,
Thunder in winter is like a political
disturbance tu an oft year.
It is pleasant to see a man ol small
means rlso tu a large oeeasiun.
Ainu who arc never useful are frequently persevering.
Mailers are never nicely adjusted
by jerks and profanity,
A change, of season much asstos to
seep the girls in style.
Oratory   both drives   tbe truth   ia
and uut.
Some  men   would rather     bat
nightcap than au overcoat.
When physical energy runs ahead of
the mind mere is likely tu be a bad
No spinal column is comfortabli
under an x-ray examination.
People who go much to tlio theatre
get the notion lhat they can act
Every revival mooting audience gue
to show thai the women are most
anxious to he saved.
A cold rain will make a man hoi
under lhe collar.
Men oat to smoke and women play
cards to eat.
Early to bed and late lu rise makes
a short day.
A broken engagement may be mend
ed, but it will carry a weak spot,
Sume pooplo think ihey can always
get what religion thej waul by going tu church.
A man will whine un an empty
stomach, bui a faithful uog Is under
better control,
it is not a good memory 'hat is
nevei forgetful ol trouble
Sume men are such funis as to believe that every woman on the pavement is thinking of them.
It is a work uf art to exhibit a
pretty  fool  unconsciously.
Some men arc such balance's they
never stand on both feet.
Iv'.-imhling   Reverie*
l^   \ DREAMER.
1! we um put one touch ot cosy
•unset Into tin* life of any man nr
woman, we -lull feel that wu hav*
lone well.
A snuli- ol appreciation is worth
more than a volume of well rounded
nteuces of praise—society prattle is
cheap, but in-.ui friendship ts a tit*
plant   iii   -.i.iw   growth.    Happy we
they wlm ean rear a few,
Memory Is as beautiful a.- hope
and a thousand times morn true.''
Fortunate are ihey who have a L*ppy
childhood to recall, after they h*ve
gone out Into the world to meet th*
biiu-r currents ul disappointtae:,*
thai lie in wail fur many, who li-a-ti
the pateni.il rout tu seek home and
fortune among str.mgeis.
Am I mj brother's keeper?" Iluw
ften we bear it said, "Uie la greatly
what   ,.,• make it," but is it not true
that many ,ue as clay in the hands ot
thu potter?     There are natures    bo
mpletely controlled by environment
that tbey are hardly responsible   for
then   acts, and   when they arc   rot-
rounded by elevating Influences,   they
are a credit Lo themselves and UrtMo
Hied lo ihem, but when these    un-
pressabte    natures  come   in cpftwt
with    those     who revel   iu   popoiac
s,  ihea    brother becomes    their
It is ii truth, none can teiutc, u-*i.
a are all to some extent depefcjeni
ion olhers,    .Money   will buy u-tU.*-
lions, but  u [ails   to buy happiness
id   oiien ii is   trom   the humblest
nines    ihat   wc leap our greatest-
joy.     rhe millionaire will turn from
ins home ol wealth, where he b**s   .«.
iUrfeit of luxury and stop at ihe Uuui
il'ait humble   cottage   tu enjoy   tne
mile ol a   prattling child that   t-as
von Iris heart by its pleasant ways,
uid as it walks uy ins side *-s fax u~
safely will permit and m  waicnus n
until  il  enters   its   home.     As    he
misses    the     little   hand from     hu
grasp, he retails muse whu Lave Jd»S-
-eu   out ui ua-   reach ut hu> loving
care, and bis soul cues uui, "What is
home  wilhout  the chUdrcn?"
There are [headships ol thc head,
whoso currency is thought, to*.
mem tuo, we return (crveul thauus,
u.ii lamil) friendships aie uue uicni-
ships ui tne bearir-in these uo vv
store uai treasures—the love and  ij'.c
i.uili winch De-come iiiii;:..' *. tl* lU&y
living, lhe aspirations which -\m
uuiutaliuu does lis nesi to oiuutiiei,
tuo ue.il Ui.il is in ua and in uur
iieareui ana dearest.     We stole it up
ut  =c   urigni aays, Vn-iuc Hugo .>
nn-..; heaven, when u-u cniiureu *re
in ne and iuc parents arc young, um,
tuo, in the 'J.iiiv days wtucu snail yet
urightcn in memory, like clouds m the
anuAci—uie wnoio cnecnered w*jf—etot .
we have for our "open sesame n<«
sadly sweet legend "Uo yuu reffleiyr
ner: ' Thieves and time i—~ii ''"<-
creak through ana steal it- it «.n-
ricnes nn uays—"The last uf ute tor
winch the lirst was inane," the <Uy».
ttUeu We aim uur irteuu Sit t-n-iidv Ijm*
emoers wmi white iocKS| calia eyes
and quiet bear is; when me golu>n
tureau ui lues story is spin., bui
must ul au it is lot iui on iuc***
ua) When au sit at Uii. *ionc, t-Jid
nnow lhat by tne vacant place tntflUu
u3, immoriatily u proved. '
The habit ut treating those who
aie nearest and dearest to u. wivo
mseourtesy, - une that clouds i~-
suushme oi loo many numes. 11 yuu
au young and looking lur yuur
pnnte, just test hns home COUUUCI.
uo not ue guided in your choice by
what a youug man is in the paxkii;
hnd uui whal ne is in his mo tie* i
hiitmg-room. uo uui judge mm uy
tne way he can tip his hat, but by
Utu way he treats lhe old, especially
Ula pare
The home where mutual consideration rules is alway* a
happy one, tl tt be lhe top tUt of »
cheap tenement ur an adobe but on
tne prairies. There snouiu he a cecum respect ubaeru-d in the most Intimate relationships. Wives ha*« no
mure.right to search their husband'b
pockets than tbey have to Uke tho
same liberty wltb on acquaintance.
Wc have no more right U) rub the
baby s bank than to lurw.- the vault, ,
oi the national hank. We may hail
Lite feelings 01 a suciety acquainuuy.*
and there is no grcal narm done, bc-
yond an estrangement ol two people
who eaie but llttlo toi each uther,
but when we stab the fund mother's
heart, that loved us with a love neat
in tenderness to heaven's, or wountf
thc sensitive feelings of a brothel or
sister, lito is nut lung enough to extract iiu* -ting from memory. Love's
opportunltj will soon vanish tore vei.
and out through the sunset of life, tho
unes we love dearest and best have
flown away like birds to a summer
land and our words of endearment
are thrust back like voices thai beat
against a wall ot rock.
People who jump al conclusion
Thirty days   after date wc intend | always calllog for a surgeon. ffhen thc toiib ^d cares of thc day
to apply lo tte   Chief Commissioner!   aro f*vt>r, and    thc children are    at
of Lauds and Works, Victoria, for a An old umbrella will shine on a'homo from school then comes the
Special   License    to   cut   and carry |     .   ■ I _,,,,,'.        .    .»    « - u-
awav timber from thc following des-  Wct     *' most   <u'llK,llful    h0UI u\l c f
crihed lands situated in Soulh   East  circle,    The outside world is dismis-
Kootenay: I    Growling   can be acquired without [sed, aud father and mother and chil-
Commonclng at a post planted  1|  study. dren are together in sweet commim-
mlles, more or less, north of the. nor-   , d unshaken trust.   There is no
ihem    boundary   line   of   Lot   7313,      ,,„ .        . I .    , _. .       .    ■
thence running west HO chains, thence! rhcre arc tlII,,'s when thc interests vacant chair. There is not a late
north Mi cliains, thence east 80 i Of tho burglar should he carefully con- missing. Urnth has never visited
chains,    thence   south 80   chains, to i sidered. 1 this home.     Tbe   hour   ot    retiring .
point   of   commencement,   containing i   1 comes, and blessed wilb father's   in-
aCThe King Lumber' Mills   Ltd When a   man has lo8t hi's influcnce B^uctlons aud mother's prayers, the
Dated November 8. 1005,    ' 34-6t   ! hi: KaVs he doesn't caro what people  little group retire, for the night.  May
say about him. it not be that angel1; hover over sadi TUK   CIIANBHOOK   HEKALO
jwnwmn »iiM>wnmwi»ru  ""'' ""' •'" "' " ^-'i'"1'""-  '	
*£ -, .. . |  lau pulled    on1 a   roll ',i bills uml
I beven  Years Ago - ,.,,i,i,sn .,i„n ..u,i   i;,i,n,i,i,i..t..ii,
i, Iiiii cheap, Imt mom-, counts in    Uii*.
? in Cranbrook .< ,* I »«nr.   jfa* i "'•■ ■»■"■"*■" •"•|
« 8  lars, nml I'll bet II  ' H»e ""N "I1
^  tf llial colonel     Haiai In elected.      li
v  ITEMS  CULLED  FROM   llll*. I  ,ImI , ,    ,. .,, , haVB .„„n„.,
| HERALD   OF    THAT    I>ATEg,wn    M ,     the 1 1.
^MMMMWWtatMSiSieS-WMr   Tlio pla)  «.," a ul 6 one and    he
tailed    I"   Ulnl   ll   tlll„*l S|ll-,,l,llia     nl
Tin- sUmiiht   Alnxworlh   thai  runs lt ;,[..-.vi.,,.1-.. Joe said:    "I    would
ou the Knot it   lake was swamped i,au- heen iii a devil "1 a iii if Ihey
last week.    Nino in*>>|il>* wure drown-jhad
eil. twenty-one  escaped iu liie boats
and iu .i tug.     W. .1    Kam, cngili
ui the boat  tells the story as    Iol      A hM |ri,,.|]   manilg„ „,    ,,„.
lows: "We lell  Pilol   Bay  ,,i 8 18 p. Cranlirook     l.tuiiln-t     company   and
in. and ut ...in wc     encountered    a riii,.|   ,,«,„.|     ».||| |oaVe Una month
siiiuill oil I'rnwt.ii.l Bay.     Tho  boat v-.iri. his wile and youngcsl son Ior a
was pretty well loaded down al    the llsj, ,,, ,,„.,, „|,| i„,m,. |„ Oak Lake,
bow   wilh wood,       The »     was \i,„, , |,„ ,, us„ „, ,, in „,.,.|,s. \|r
ji'tiisi.ni'd   to   lighten the   bow and |.,.|U.|, „.,., |„.,.„ „ |u,,| Workei sl	
that   let the   water run all       The |„. ,.,,„„. ,,, Cranhrook, showing   in
sii'iimiM lurched to the right, Ihen to domitable pluck and wondcrlul ,* .,
,,1 called iiu*       Tli.it hunch    ol
money coutained |us1  live one dollar
1,111s,   lllll    till'   llllll)    'Mill   "
.c .   . iimvltlMIMIMIa
l.\   UN    ",.|i    VI AN g
94}       ...      .     -      -       ■-■* - •■•'■  ?*.-&
'I.n, often mil! complain "' being l|»
.,1,1,. ;.,   •■[    ahead iu ilu^w.uiil jon
.„*, ,,',   ;   ul     .1   in.ii>\   liills   lhat    they
M'.'ll,     HI
llllu  I,, ,*.,!,1,  up  mil'.
III   mam
mmi-       tllM   la   lllll'   In   1
buying ,,n   credit.
S|„,i,, -in.,1, Review  bad
,,, i,„,; ago   Ihal struck
nail i.m
nn tin-     head in rnnsidi
ihis in,
pusiilun, .a iiimii an lha
,. ii  lul   Un* 1 fill  m |n
III   l*l.,I.
u-uok    "i elsewhere win,
In- suite
nm ilu*     tortures ol ui
liuit-s Ilium their own ot
extravagance, dlssipu
1   mai   Mi-Ill   llamlaliaalll
Mini  ll,
i   iii such ,iai. ui proap
a-   Una
,,ii  lias l„*,'ii enjoying s,
,. should l„* running nun
Till': FIKKT i HI Ml I, OF Till*: Ml MC 11 'A l.l TV UF <'liAM'.lit» H<
i*mm  *'-'Hfl
_■ A&'^km
-9%     ■?■
' 9M
■y\zA ■-■
' ■-* ji'■"■'■
-V--*   \
*■    •
■>    ■ >^*dr     •"■
1               f
_    -JA: *—
^f^iIWSJK. X I ll ADDII I 0 N A 1. LOCAL
aldermen.        Wc published what    We
heard as a matter ol sired news, anil I
nuw that   several    nt the aldermen     Attorney I lui vey la
have strongly   Intimated to us Unit'dav.
we  were   wrong,   we Justus lteojy|    j,|s   ,.losllv   o| lln.
Moyie    i
[,!,    was
ii   iitisitinii   tn say one   way ot the
other how tin- vote was vast, as wel   William Marshall ban Joined ll.iiii
ute nnl a member of the hnartl.     If | Bins, us accountant tu the Unu.
we were there then-   would he   one
vote    lhat   Hit'    whole    tnwn   would
kiiiiw hnw il was cast on even* i,in-s-
iinu   „f public   Interest,   mui   Unit!   0. I'. Tisdale Is
v...iii.i I,,- nuts.    We never ,li,l bolievelthe most  attract!'
in   ihe seoret   ballot.     Bui    lhat is .situ in Cranbrook,
Dr.   Kim; is expected   borne about
tin- imii ot ihis month.
iiiu; mil una    nt
milt our opinion, mul others think
iimi lho secret ballot is all right,
.unl Ihey have jusl as good a right to
their opinion us we hnve lo ours.
The   Herald's business  Inr November exi Is the business done by this
uiu,',' any month since il wus established. We leel veiy good over the
result, us ll shows appreciation on
the imn ui Hie people. The circulation  ,,l iin-  Herald is much larger
than it was a yeai ago, uml thai is
further reason for us tn leel good.
City clerk Prest vislled Fernie lasl
week   to n*'l   .sume |iuiult'i.s   luun   the
clerk ni iimi city.
Divisiuii I. . Principal v A Ma
sell —Number ,.n roll, ,'tti. average,
in. perlcct allctidance, Louise Rollins,
'li.ules McCowan, Spiv Munis, St,'-'
van Morris, Gladys Oasklll, Olga
Wigcn, Louise Stewart, Tamils Reid.
Iilvisiuii II,, Mrs. lliuik, teacher.—
I'otal   nil Iiiuie,   n.'H;    boys,   33,1
iii Is, 18; average attendance, I3.33;l
■terfeei attendance, .lessi,- Kennedy,
Itnsu Oasklll, Bella Taylor, Vivian
'.ess ii, .Joe Bourgoin, denrge Ken.
' illinti Leask, Once Welsh, .lessie
ileCuttiiii, Kuti, Harvey, Winnie Dea-j Jacob's Inddi
, Ii uu li
Division    111.,   M
t her.—Enrollment,  12
tendance,   M.37; pcrfecl
1,1111,111   MeCiittiill,    lleltrum    Mtll'Sn
nml.    Edgar   Nobles,   Allien Ilai a-     Pullmat
luiiili. culls.     'I
Division   IN..     Miss    Cartwrigltt, il. Ilencics.
teacher.—Enrollment, fi3; nveiiii-e at- only mun
■end inr     II.'ill.   |ieifeet atlendniice, II     Win
Wilfrid Dallas. Onrduii Fmvlt-r,   Lot-
tic I.eiisk. Katie Welsh.
Iiivisiun V.. Miss (1. r. Williams,
leii'lier.—Tumi al tendance, fill; cn-
iiilliiieni. ru;; average al tendance,
II; pcrlecl attendance, Anliiii* Bowness.    Willis    Fllnpntrlck,    Norman "",	
Fowler, It'lln .li.lnis  Willie Moore I    A  numbei
tlniii'lus McCowan,   I  Parker, Annie Patton, Clarence Agnew,
>[   111
• Queen
hotel, lius
id tl]
at link nl
the p
al   week
Mixl    His
CUlt   lllill
A   .1
ii leu
-li.       1
• easl  t
Bpend   i'l
lllll        l\
poets lu
let III
u l
IS   ilia
uui   Hi
latter pat
1  ul
Ills, I
.1     1...V
The bog 1
le     ll
s| J.
Ill    III
l.ll a .Hel
kill,lu -
,   ll|l     II
T.   It's.
Mis   Fi
,1  w
ml   ti
,,      l,m
i  llm
<   in,,all,
,.ii  in
i  hei  ii
1'   1.nm
Ml     I'ii  ll
ham. Out
lie mil  In
llial I ie
nu ihc i;
li    sleiiu
l> In
-s   l
III ll
a   ('
V ii "i
li es   ill   1
IS    11
Lewis, j, |(a    wm nj,   ,
•*'W »t- li .Hen        Tn   the
I > il.liii biscuits.
Oriental   Limited
ull,.r.i you
lhc privacy »I vour home, Ihc comforts of a club, the
luxury of a firsl clasl hold
llinl,   I'M  SI     I' llll.   Ml ,,|„,ll». I'lMM  S.,,,1,,1 I,l„l|l,l„,„„,|,;,,,., II
vi.. ll.e
S. ii. Vcrkcs, A. (i. P. A., Seattle. Wash.
Ik'I,,ill (lllll   la      Ul   IIMI
iillla l,,i Hi,. Hi  1,.|,   I. USUI
Heating Stove Cheap    *
S     lllll     III     -
ilililirs   full
lars fill   i
Mt N.t
u. t i;
I). K. Muryhy
J.lM'trr.     J    Jti
the lefl, and once mine Lo port anil
then Bwampetl.    When she first start
eii tn roll, ui"; ul the clew UUtncil
i'atiseaii, launched u life boat ami
four went with him. They lmil haul
ly left the steamer before she weni
down four drowning, the one Baveil
swimming to the' wreck. 1 climbed
up to the deck and launched ilu- hi:;
. M«>ur
.1. I'  Ki
ik,    il   IliukmiUillii
[lie boat but she wns alsu ii]isi*L li
the Italian passengers in Lhcli
ncrainble to got intu hor. Finally
she was righted and with two hoards
lor paddles, we toachetl .shore two
miles and a half away. After lighting a bonfire we returned ami rescued
those who weie still clinging in Lhu
wreck. The pilot boat Irom Kaslo
took those who were saved Lo that
place. Included in the number that
perished are: Charles Campbell, merchant, Pilot Hay; John tiurii, steward and James McNeil, fireman. The
names of the other six could not bu
Last Saturday, Hen Langensen and
two men were going over to work
near the last siding on Hit; west end,
A train was seen coming and the
hand eart was taken oil the track until the train passed. Afterward the
car was placed on tho track again.
Joseph Tacier, one of lhe men, had a
ride with him and he carelessly shoved it on the car, holding it by the
barrel with the muzzlo pointed toward his stomach, The trigger
caught iu some tools and lhu gun
was discharged, Lhe bullet passing
through the unfortunate man's body
in tbe upper part of the abdomen,
Word was sent to tho siding lor an
engine and Ur. Green, and when help
arrived tbe parly started lor Cran
brook with Tacier, but he died before
they reached the city. Coroner Watts
was notilied and be eame over Tuesday nighl. lie Investigated tho case
and decided Lhat an Inquest was unnecessary. The deceased was Irom
St. Cassimer, Quebec, and has been
ou the road for some lime.
Arrangements have been complotcd
lor holding a dance in the Purdue
block ou the evening of December 10.
This will he Cranhrook's flrat dance,
and an effort will he made to insure
success in every respect. The committees have been appointed as follows: Arrangements, H. ti. Ilea ttie,
J. Kink and A. L. McUermot; rc-
ceplion, J, W. H. Smythe, A. if
Mansfield and J. ll. Laidlaw; music,
W. T. Moiell; floor manager, Colonel
Brayton; aids, M. A. Boale and 11
H. MoVittie, Fort, Steele, y, lv
Simpson and E, 11. Small, (.Tan-
brook. The tickets will bo $1.00 and
spectators will be charged lifty cents.
The music will he furnished by the
Cranbrook orchestra.
A gootl story is told of the recent
election in this district that resulted
in returning Colonel Baker to the
legislature. On the afternoon of Lhe
election, Joe Laidlaw, who officiated
so successfully as tbe colonel's agent
fell in with Hob Mathers, the lieutenant of the Haillie forces, and by the
way a good stiff political flghtor, The
result in tho Lown of Fort Steele had
just been announced nntl ihe Baillla
men were feeling jubilant. Laidlaw
met a bunch ol them at Un- Dntgard-
no and they begun at once to give
him the jolly josh.     Undaunted and on
Ilini Miuet
ai    ii,nun t
lhe best n
ulillg illlllctlllj
»sl  begged* Lo i
ua J s.
.Miss Klleu Moll, and Mi. Edwin paymei
nmii, ot Fort Sleele, were united uress-i
i marriage on November a?. Air. wait I
miih is iin- manager ol Lho Sum- chanl
an group. The Herald extends con-1 bim in
i a i mat ions.
Mr. and .Mrs. Mclnoss came ovei
irom Fori Steele Wednesday evening
■Ul'S. Airiness remained in Urailbl'ooK
while Mr. Mclnoss visited Fernie. As
.•.unu as Uieu rooms ale teauj thej
will mo™ from Fort Sleele to Uruii
mook lo make this place their pel
tnoucnt home.
The rivalry between the two stage
lilies between Craiihlook and Fort
Steele gives the public the hest ol
service. it is not an uncommon
thing lot une or both of the stages
to make the trip uf li miles in un
hour or less.
Harry Bentloy, ol Lethbridge, was
iu I own Friday and Saturday. Air.
Uontloy is the mayor of Lethbridge
ami hy the time he lias been iu town
a lew hours Lhe boys hero aie willliug
tu elect him for mayor or anything
The Cranbrook Conservative assoc
[allot) held its annual meeting Tuesday ^ evening last ill the hall ovot
raiiTinie Bros, store, The meeting
was a very enthusiastic une, them
being nearly 50 members present, the
younger contingent being especially
well represented.
The mailer of forming a "Young
Conservative" association was dis
cussed among other mallets and th
following commit lee appointed to
lake charge ol the matter: A. J
Marl in, J. Staples, Ira Manning,
llobert Aikens, and V, A. Rollins.
Uu motion of J. A. Harvey, seconded by T. I). Cavcn, a vote of thanks
was tendered tbe retiring president,
O. T,  Rogers.
Tbe following officers were elected
(or  lhe ensuing year:
Iimi.  President-A.  Leilch.
1'iesideiil-. lames   Mcltlide.
Vice I'resiileiils-James     Ryan,    T,
1). Cavcn, Waller Edwards, .1. P.
Fink and William McNeil.
Secretary-treasurer—0. II. Thump
Executive Committee—V. A. Hoi
lius, VV, O'llearn, K. Brown and J.
A.   Harvey.
Denis Mahoney being full of lho
cup whieh cheers too much, refused
to unit the cily after two separate
warnings by lln- police. On the
third occasion Dlnny Hung his tongue
to the winds, and told in tho finest
kind of language whal he as a free
subject thought of Ihe police, I lit-
ri I v and the world in general, Dinny
was taken and lefl lo cool his head
iu the cells. This morning he got a
practical lesson iu cily government,
being ordered tn form a streel cleaning   and   sidewalk   improvement   gang
of one, and Lo so continue Ior thirty
days. He will be a guesl of Benjamin Hugh in the city mil for a
The same hospllalltv will he extended to anv    others of ihe   Dinny
Mahniiy type' who need the like attention. Low living ami highway
cleaning is a chastening Influence for
ihose artists in booze who cannot
carry their liquor with spilling bail
language.       Let   the good work    go
, lus   lailer
KOI     ail-   nlil
tlieir paj, 1
equally will
pledging in
iis wile s
ougu to
mini mcr-
III noi
ten   per
een t.
month monej ninj In- secured from
some individual ' eagel Lo gel his
clutches upon Lhe Wage earner, ie-
quiring Lttal be plodgo bis luiure
earnings as u guarantee
li is .ill vet j nice—till pay day
comes, li is pleasant tu enjoy all
the luxuries—until tbo collector arrives. Il is '•business'' from the
man who sells the goods—until
tnnis ihai iin- creditor through sickness, luss of position or the accumulation ol oilier easy dobis of Lhe same
sort is unable iu paj' as he has
'I noes are good in Spokane—the
city has enjoyed a long and wonderful period oi prosperity, lt is up tu
tne business mun as well as lo the
wage earners to try lo keep limes
goud. Right nuw, when ihere
Work for nearly every man who wants
il, is the lime lo put business ou a
solid basis—lu cul down the credit!
mi luxuries, to lighten up tbo collections, lo clear away Lhe books
and collect in the cash. The wholesale and retail grocers of the city
have already had lhe piaet eal wisdom tu take sieps in this direction;
let the business men uf all Other line:
follow the example.
It is a poor kindness to a man to
encourage lum Lo run into debt fot
llniigs he tines mil need. It is a poor
scheme to expand business by spreading uut uue's resources over a thousand doubtful bouk accounts Llial
would not be worth 2fj cents on the
dollar if a period of hard times
should arrive,
There is talk abonl the new council
putting a good still lax on bachelors.
Thai will make Vic Rollins, John
Fink, Jimmy Arnold and a lot mort;
ut them squirm.
A lady lold us a good story the
other day. she bad gone down cellar in gol some vegetables Inr dinner
and heard ihe back d  open, Thinking ii was Uu- neighbor's liitlo
(laugliler coming in the lady called
up ihe cellar stairway. "Dun't cuiiio
neai Uie cellar door, dearie," and an
answei laim- in a deep, grufl voice,
"I won'l " It was a delivery man
instead ol the llttlo girl,
\ man wlm [s caught cheating iu on
open pul.ei Kame Is ''ailed a tinhorn
ami subjected in ihe m-i.in nf all who
practice gambling. Hut il a uuly
is caughl chentlng in plnying whist or
high five ai an evening party for a
bon-bon box as a prize nothing is
said. And yel what is lhe difference.
We expeel ihe gambler in cheat for
gambling is bis living. Ilm have we
a righl in expeel thai anv lady will
he so rallied awav in tin* race for a
pn/-' ai n card name that she will
resort  Lo dishonest  ladles lo win?
If you wanj lo start right, Ret
married, hut iu selecting a wife see
'bat ynu get lhe right kind ol a
woman. Remember thai is no joke,
because you are entering a life eon-
tract.     Oct a good wife and llu-n be
The man who is gelting a fair salarycannot afford to wall to get married, ami lhe girl who would not nave
him under those conditions is un-
worthy nf any true man.
There is considerable discussion
aboui tin- rumor published last, week
ns Lo the vote of Lhe cly council   on
■11    liir
Selkirk preceptory, No. 45, Knights
Templar, was instituted in the Mas-
r.iii.- hall, Cranhrook, on Monday, the
lib lust, by it. K, Sir Kt. A. W. R.
Markelev,  of  Calgary.
The following officers were installed:
Otis Staples. P.
A. B. Giaee, P. P.
.1.  W,  Fenton,  C.
D. T. Williams, M.
Uon  McKay,  Chap.
J.  F.  Armstrong, Treas.
A. Moffat. Registrar.
J. D. MrBride, Sub-Marshal.
Together with several committees
required for the effective working of
ihe affairs of the preceptory.
Three sessions were held during the
day and evening and a large class
were given ihe several degrees pertaining  lo  Knights Templar.
The pteeepiory starts under very
favorable auspices and with every
prospect  of success.
Public notice is hereby given that
the partnership heretofore existing
between Thomas 11, lliekey and A.
P. Chenette, hoth of Marysville, was
dissolved ou the day of the date hereof.
No further debts shall be contracted
in the name of the firm of Hickey A
All debts due by thc said firm of
Hit-key & Chenette will be discharged
by the said Thomas H. Hickey, to
whom all accounts due to the said
firm will also he payable.
Witness our hand tliis 7th day of
December, 1905.
Thomas W. Hickey, 37-2t
A. P. Chenette.
Tbe annual banquet of the Caledonian Society was given on llie evening
of Lhe 1st December at the Royal
hotel. It was very largely attended,
about i'i ladies and au equal number
of gentlemen taking part.
At about 10 p. m. Piper McCowan
played the haggis to the bead of the
table, where P. J. Smith presided as
chief, supported by Mayor G, T.
Rogers as sub-chief and W. Aber
notby as secretary. Tbe banquet
fully sustained the high reputation of
the Royal hotel. The toasts wore
very eloquent,y responded lo. Miss
Leilch who was in fine voice, sang
"Jessie's Dream" splendidly.
At ilu- termination of lhe toast
list thc company adjourned to tho
parlors where dancing was kept up
for quite a wh le.
The following was the toast list:
"The King," 	
"Our Patron Saint," ... Rev. W. 0.
W. Fortune, Rev. J, p. Westman.
Burns' "Address    to the Haggis,"
 I. Maedouald
"Our Society," 	
  J. Fintay, W. Ahernethv
Song  Miss R. Leiteh
"The Ladies," 	
 O. II. Thompson, R. S. Baron
Mpssrs Ileid, Paterson and McSweyn
"The City," 	
  Thc Mayor, J, (Ireer
Song  Jos, Ryan
"TheLand We Live In," 	
   A.  A.  Macneil, J,  A. Harvey
Reading   Mrs. Brock
"The Land o' Cakes," 	
  C. II.    Dunbar, Jos. Ryan
I'm ii'n
brook   ha
lo.  tin- p.,/,' .,
Oram!   Trunk
naine  for  lhcli
us.     They    ha
Port (Irand.
James Ryan relumed homo o
Tuesdav from' California ami wa*- gla
to gel hack to the banana lull. An
whal is more his friends in Crai
brook were all pleased to see bin
"Jim" has been in Cranhrook so lon
that be belongs here and he is mr
sed when be goes away.
Jabez Harris, of Harris Bros
leaves on to-morrow for a trip lo \l
Old Country. He will lake une <
the Cunnrders from New York nnd ■
his arrival in England will go on i
the Weston-Super-Mare that mo;
loved spol in his native countj i
Somersetshire, lie will return i
""The nexl    thing whieh  (lie Herald
will    need   is    a  permanent     soi
editor ou the staff,     ll is comin
such    a round   of endless    banq
dances,  suppers, balls ami  whal
that   it demands a person ol special
skill to deal with them.    Last night
there was the C. P. R. Quadrille club
dance at the Wentworth hall.     This
was in full and    most opulent   blast
at the same     lime ihat   the Eagl
were entertaining   their   Iriends fu
tlier up the streel.     The club mushed a bundled people, fitly couples,
its banners, and they   had what
called the time of lheir lives.
There are many kinds
of Rubber Footwear,
but years of experience
have taught us that
brands recognized as
good under other climatic conditions may prove
unsatisfactory for this
province. After testing
many lines, we have selected.
Maple Leaf Rubbers
as the besl for dealers lo
sell or   individuals   lo
You may profil by our
experience by insisting   j!
on your  dealer  giving   *
you Rubbers wilh  Ihe
Maple Leaf Brand.
J. Leckie Co, Ltd
Selling Agents to the Trade
See   Our   Stoves
ui Conl nntl Wood Burners before you buy
elsewhere. Ais«. Cual nml WWl Furnaces
set up la suit your requirements o!
McCallum & Co.
Iliiiilwiin' Merchants g
Wholeule mil Retail
Fresh and Cured Meat.*
Fresh   Fish,   liaine  and
We .npply only thc be.l.    Vour
Iride It Mllcltcd
Market. In all lhe principal town.
In Hrlll.h Columbia
Success Due To
Office Stationery
W| AS the title of an article in a recent
I number of a leading trade journal.
| It was the story of a young man,
J who, when he started business, gol
'"■"-■■' the best Stationery his money could
buy. It looked like that of a successful man and
everybody complimented him on it. He said
his Stationery was a strong factor in building
up a successful business. We take a particular delight in printing line Stationery work
that's a credit to you and lo us. We pay
special attention lo mail orders.
IIIII  I,Il'l ll'I'l.TV
II   it   ia   man
Special permit under Section 12!) Io a......
Charles E. Mackay, to work from I lie ■***•*♦*»»
| Al     aial       MUM!,Iai
JfA   Home Tlade Uread Shop
i A*****#*****#*
I lot),
llll III
i.    Cull
i Kutu r-
11 Inv
r ■
east or Aurora side ol Moyie lake towards his works on the west side nt
same lake.
Transfer by bill ol sale Irom Geo.
Scott to Ncls Johnson, ol thc Golden
Key, War Eagle and Evening Star on
Skookiimchltck creek. [
Certificate   of     improvements    to
Charles B. Mackay Ior the Faller and, ■. j«n uran.e.i.aiiiornia >*a,a
Evangeline on White Pish creek,   St. I t Z.J.n!ZT        '
Marys valley. I J __\ u»pw Smyrna Pigs
Certificates of location to Anthony  ,   __iji..-.tj cTcm.n-r
Modlgh    for   the Black Rock, Koote-   4 «»*HUGH STEWART.*
5*y.   Central and Chatham, all    on  # phone no. 7a    .hmstaong avu   ',
**%*>%%%% **},
The Leading Store For t
Fancy Winter „rape_ Choice   lliiiuins J
Jap OrangenCallfornla Naval Onus.. 4
AT Till*: rlM.viiiiiini; nOTEf,
Blue Cannon or Sand creek'.
aaiaiilifia   |,alinlal    0
■"jail". Illla uni.liiuln  Ill   III,, tllll-llll
.■iiiiac" d'I'l'li'i mnl I'm , who I. known
"II   "ia*,* iairi,| |   Alll.-i-t.-i,,  j,aim,nma,
la* ryiilM* an l pia-rng., *,-,iji ff|v_ rondinjp
ottliolinniliil   ,*,*„„l,,,„,|, ||„„.| l,og|„.
i.iiiB Monday, Doc, IS.   Su ,j,i_ should iiiiM.
llinl j
ir lini,il
«lull   m
,1  I'llll
"        Wiinl    ,„„
.tin,, ll   lit Ilia
mm mm ni ,
lla,   Ninn, . „|
l.lll KIllllM, ,1,1
i"i* mil. veil	
 iniiiil  "I,am
I    Ala
a hali ,<„
Ilf I'nlliii.
'■a urn
aim ,l„„|l    ,„
She lii'iiui. lu lllllll
 I ,
'   llll
iiiiii",*,*"tl,','iiim ill"  	
'"I'l,    Ho ""I low 1»  kiu.wlo.ls in,
ilii-iliniiiliiii imiiiruijn toiror .low.
Tl Iin- ,,l Uiiitliinil, aornmny,  llmttu
ll'il.v nnil nil other   Btiroponn coi iaa nt,-
-ill) H|J..|l||illir 111 llal'Nl iiiiii;,, .Ut'.ini lotl.      111
Winnipeg uml   Vnni'ini,,.,' Mm    li„,|„
iviw referred In nn the ii'nndurtol ivntiuin,
"Strange," "wonderful,' inn ini,,, >,,,'
iiinili,.' wl.ni mny lie .-.'in* hopn, r.mr or
iiinlnli.iii, n-'OBiill iiii* wonderfully ulflnl
I'M.vi-ln*!  pnliniHt.    Yin  will mil   Iih, li*. n.
"I"","',"1    SI'" i« Ilia ...'I.v  Ill llll. Minli'v
luu Iin. prnfoaalonnlly oppo mil lieforu llie
Hi-ie,il,«i» and moillcnl facullli* ol Europe.
four life rend lr„„i uraill unu,,    »„*(.
ii,'.*, marriage, eucceao, health, wealth, etc,
limn-*, 10 ii.tti. tolljim.
llm* nliurwa are very raiMoiinlilo,
Itamaiiil.,',, om. wi-ek only.


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