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Cranbrook Herald Apr 5, 1900

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Oro. a. Cox, President, B, ti,. Wai.kkr, Oen. Man*
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $0,000,000,00,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received,
London Agents'—The Hank of Scotland.
Central Restaurant
Just east of depot Proprietors jt jt Jt
Are now located in their new store and are
busy (jetting their big; stock in shape. Miss
Watt, thc milliner, is here and the
Millinery 3 Department
is open and stocked with   the   latest   styles.
The ladies are requested to call.
New stock gents' furnishings.
Dry goods are arriving.
1 d 11 $J k Oll1 Sl      ,iiJ-sl» c !orl ■■> Specialty
fiood Stnbling in Connection    J ■
Hotel 3 3
11 Nearest to railroad a--' ' rxl-    1I:lR nccommoda-
* * tions fo-* •■■— fit-wic unequalled in Cranhrook.
..Proprietor      j j
... I Ov...
Bremner & Son,
nl To arrive next week"
lfx Dress Goods, Linoleums, Carpets,
1 Fancy Goods, Men's, Women's
m and Children's Rubbers, Crockery
and Glassware.
(fl Now placed in stock--
i'h Ladles' Gents' and Children's
% Boots and Shoes, best in market
jjj Sec our Ladies' Bicylc boots, Ready  to
m Wear clothing, large and choice stock,
S value thc best.
g California Butter, Oranges and Lem-
« ons.   Something new—Banana Marina-
J lade. Full tine staple and fancy groceries
To make room for summer goods we will sell our
entire stock of
Rubber Foot Wear
These goods were bought early last year before
the advance in prices. We will give thc public the
bcitL-|it of these low prices.   We have a full line of
Men's, Women's, Misses' and Boys'
Hen's Heavy Mackinaw Qoods,
Will all go the same way.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co LW
Cranbrook and Fort Steele.
An Important Factor in tlie Phenomenal
Growth of Cranbreok
Prominent Citizens "Orate," Toast,
Sing, Dine and Wine in
Hia Honor.
Last Saturday evening Fred K. Simp;
hou passed from rout rot of tlie Craubrook Humid for a few mouths, us hero
tofore announced by him, preparatory to
n trip to Capo Nome.
Tlie knowledge ot hte coming departure bns canned un!vernal regret iu Craubrook, Mr. Simpson having heen closely
Identified witli its interests almost from
the day tbnt wink was started on its
first building. Aspect proprietor of The
Herald, and as us editor, it was considered by him his duty,tunl it was a source
of pleasure as well, lo watch closely mnl
protect and advance to the best of bis
ability tiie interests of Southeast Kootenay in general and Cranbrook in particular, both privately and through lhe col-
minis of tbis paper, being endowed
with large perceptive faculties*., a keen
judge of human nnture, a man of action,
and withal us true as n die, Cranbrook
could have found b*.w nicn as well adapted
to the task, and certainly no superior,
To number bis friends and well-wishers
in Cranbrook would come pretty near
Involving ilie taking of a town census or
publish ng a cilv directory^ Fred must
bave known this partially, but the past
two weeks have developed some btir-
prises fur him.
A lianipitl in Ills Manor.
ltelng desirous of doing something
more than taking bim by the hand and
bidding him a God-speed wheu departing for the golden sands ol Cape Nome,
u ton of his friends resolved upon tendering him a farewell banquet in connection with celebrating the second anniversary of The Heraid, to take place
in the spacious dinlug-iooui of the Cosmopolitan hotel, and preparations were
instantly commenced. The capacity of
tlle dining ball was carefully estimated,
nnd invitations issued in accordance
Friday  night, as llie   Imnquelers   assembled and were uslieted inlo the hail,
they wete most agreeably suipflsed al
tbe vision   that greeted    tbem.     L*°ng
tables  occupied   tbe   full   length   and
width of the spacious diulng-room and'
presented   nn   appearance  creditable   to .
any  bampiet-hnll in any city that may
number tbousauds to Cranbrook's hundreds,   It was n revelation to many—iu i
fact to all—and compliments  for Landlord Small aud Che! Orchard were heaid |
from  every  direction,   lu addition to |
very thing good to eat, <liiiik.mil smoke, j
i nave nt one side contained a piano,
presided over quite srtlsiicnll) by Prot.
Weber  which, wilh   .Mr.   \V.   T.   Reid's
phonograph afforded apleaaai)t variation
between acts."
Jolly tiuod Fellows.
Promptly on time the banqueters were
called to order by Chairman li. ti. Beat-
tie, who wuii much reeling annouueed
the near lU-paiture of Mr. Simpson lor a
faraway land, from whence it is possible
lie nn^lit fail lo realize his expectations
f returning  within  bix  months,   the
journey—OB  such journeys nlwajs are—
fraught with more oi less danger; peril-*
were not ended witb n safe arrival at tbe
Cape.      However,   lie,   wilh  nil   ollierB,
hoped for the best.   He spoke of Mr.
Simpson as be had found bun—as a man,
jod cttiseu, ami excellent newspnpai
inn; a man who always attended strictly lo bis business, fought for Cranbrook
in an honorable way first*, last nnd all of
the time; iu Mr. Simpson's departure
Craubrook would suffer a great, but, be
hoped, only temporary loss.
Music   followed,   as  it   had preceded,
Chairman Desttlo'i remniks.
The toast was then proposed and drank
aith ii hearty good wilt—" To Our Gracious Queen." The response was by
Mr. Keaj in a few well chosen remarks,
followed   by   the  sung, "God .Save   lhe
Thence  on   " iuspiraliou," el on, ne lice,
wit and repartee reigned supreme, there
being no hitch or embhrawing watll In
the proceedings, so ably was the nflair
managed hy ihe tfastuinkers, The responses to the lonsts—enumerated bo-
low—revealed the fact that Cranbrook
posesses more latent ui 1 developed talent in that direction th it an; o
iuugini        A   tuario I    n I   r-epe   ■ i
*.* iture oi the vocal efl ■•*   of th
jag wa - the ringing *■ " Home,
Home,"  the   HudUnct*   following  the
lead of *' Hutch" and l te sweet soprano
voice.   Tin* reporter, foi a linn
to the opinion tbat it wo   i plan to im
p'i is i ■.- le ply, il ;       hie, u| on Mr,
Simpson's mind the Cut ihat lieh
iug a very deltghtfnl- ci     Utile "U
Sweet Home," foi H fitfui i frangbl
great uncertainties as well as poosibili-
ties,   Ho -/ever, he lean nl    iter lhat—
er—a-h-h—well, that tbere are others
The toasts following, snd respbuden'fi
■'To Our Army ni.d Nuvy,"—Uv-
sponded io by 'jot Hendetson,
■■To bur Mercanflft liitcfcBts," ■
Messrs, Bremner, Reid and Pink.
"To Our Mining Interests"—Messrs.
A W .McViltie and ti, ti Simpson,
"Our Lumbering Interest"—Messrs
Mclnuess and Archie Leitch, Jr.
'■To Our Guest1!1—Messrs, Malt Rock;
endorf, ti. M. Medhurst and Bert Beat
"To Onr American Cousin"— tired
"To Our Bull king Interest" — Mr
•' To Cranbiook and Her Sister Towns"
—Hon J. H. Costigan.'
To our Learned Professions"—W P.
"To the Press"—Fft-il Smyth of the
Movie Leader and 11 ftl. WfcUtwoith of
The Herald.
" To lhe Ladies"—Messrs. R ti Ileal
tie and J. Hutchison.
.As loasliuakeis and chairmen Messrs.
Hutchison and ll.altio were certainly
the right men iu the right place. At
the conclusion of lhe banquet a vote ol
thanks wus tendered lo them and lo Mr
Patterson for their efliejeut inanugement
of the iiflair; also to Landlord Small and
Chef Orchard, of the Cosmopolitan, ami
Prof. Weber.
The following telegrams were rend
during tho evening, the first beiug
from tht publisher of the Fjjrnic I'ree
Pernie, Match ao, 19 -o.
Chairman Simpson banquet Committee:
Regret inability tu be present. Mr.
Simpson lies, I believe, done more for,
Cruubrook than any man in t, and ii
honoring him you do yourselves credit
1 trust hte new venture mny lie eminent
ly successful. O. G, Hendetsoii.
Lethbridge, March 39,. iyoo.
Chairman Simpson^Bnnguet Committee
Kindly convey deepest regrets to Mr
Simpson nud others. Owing to utlfore
seen circumstances will be unable to bt
present toulght. T. T. Richards.
Oi tlie Ciiizens of Cranbrook ta Listen
to Facts Bearding
whole lot 111 the hotel busiuess; Tom
wasn t feeliug very well that day, aud
hia * 1:1 ile w.t: gelling weak, in fact with-
i* iut b by inch; l'nele Jim
ok it and locked It up in the
ta fe
Presented with a P. 0. Jewel.
Saturday night Mr. Simpson gave a
smoker iu the hall of Key City Lodge
No. 42, 1 O, (J. V„ of which lie is a
1 barter member and P, G. As Ibis-was
Btricllj a society affair the re'poner
sought not admission, remembering a
former experience of earlier years when
the goat was turned loose on him and be
y,ol it—not where lhe chicken not the
ax. il (joes without s.ijiijg, however,
that Fred's brethren were fully its forty*
to part witli him ss is the general public.
However, in order fo give Fred « further and more realistic token of their
esteeui, tlley presented him with a beautiful and costly P. G. jewel. This jvill
always be oue 01 his most valued possessions, a priceless treasure, the worth
of whi -ii every society man knows.
The Commercial Sold.
J. P. St G, Joyce sold their interest in
tlie lease on the Commercial hotel lust
Saturday lu Tom Wellman and Julius
Ilurel, aud the miter named gentlemen
took Immediate possession. The Herald
Is sorry to lose the Joyce brothers, und
mists that they will find it lo their inter-
est lo slay hi C.'aubrook. It is pleased,
however, lo know that Messrs Wellman
aud Ilurel have again identified Uum-
selves with Craubrook'. They wetcnl-
ways ready to do all in th-fir- power to
assist. in the good woik of pushing
ahead Cranbrook's Interests, bah wiih
their money and their time, Tbey will
renovate the hotel, change ihe srrsngp-
uiL-nl of the bar room, aud make many
other nrrgngegieuts, The name has
been changed Irom Commercial'lo Manitoba, and the boys will muke the house
n popular one
A friendly Welcome.
Leader: 11. M. Wenl worth,
lhe veteran newspapet man, who bud
edltorlnl*coutrol of the Craubrook Her
Hid during the fin 1 few months of its existence, is again hack ou that piper, ami
vnb M.i'i Rockendorf will conduct ll
dttrtng the absence ol Mr. Simpson. Aa
W-stitworth and Matl a a strictly all
right, there is no question but the reputation ofthe pater nlll be sustnilied.
i«tT-j*j» .-...m-u-jaa-rr—nymn-nn-i
In Addition to Enlightcnmtot  on
the Situation, A Blow Irom thc
Shoulder Went With It.
And read the prospectus of the
Theo Gold Copper Mines* Limb ■ i
Having read it, if you want any
further information on the subjert
call at our office* We belive it to
a really good thing to invest in*
McViltie & Hutchison,
Mining Brokers
" The man wbo said lint i-1 ft linr, and
the truth is not iu .biriiJ If he is present l.t bim face nn- with Ills aciusa
'lions.'! So said, Archie Leitch, Sr., lasl
Tu«dfiy bight fit a public 11 e-*ti»g In
tin* Opera-house, ami as he stood there
wiih his niawive form erect and cyefl
(bisbifig defiance, it was plain that Mr.
f,i;iii*h was very much in earnest.
this littlo (lurry i» public alfairs In
Cruubrook was born ol the tendency lo
draw party lines in piovinclal affairs.
The dangers orising from the adoption
of such a course is commented on edito-
lially in this issue.
A few weeks nyi) Mr. Lcltcll was BClil
to Vlctoila on'busintss concerning the
interests of Crunbiook 111 particular aud
.Suulheasl Kootenay iu general. All are
familiar with the leading incidents and
unfortunate delay on that, trip. However, Mr. l.eitch finally arrived nt his
der I inatiou iu safety, but owing to political complications then and still existing it was Impossible foi the authorities
in grant the relief sought for.
It 1.
idlng aid lo
ipltal in Cruubrook, au investigation revealed ibe fact thai all funds
which ijilght be made avnllahle for lliut
]i\u\i ISL', had beeu oveidiawu.
Mr. Leitch then leprcsenled that
there was itineh improvement and eon
sltuction of roads necessary in this vi
chilly, and suggested ibe government do
s/inu-ihiiiK in that Hue; an investigation
of the standing of ibe fund for such purposes provided revealed lhe fart that il
also wAs largely overdrawn.
The matter of schools was then talked
of ami Mr. Leitch produced Irrrfuliiole
proofs that in Cranbrook it was n case
of a school-house for n 300 population
town instead of one for a town of 1300
inhabitants mid 150 school children, as
is lhe case here :i*;iit now. The powers
that were, tue, or lo be, would be onlj
too glad lo do Cranhrook justice 111 thin
matter and everything looked favorable
lor the betterment of our school facilities—but il was learned thai lhe fund
wns largely overdrawn.
Mr. I, itch then suggented that the
auxilharv fund might be ulilizsd in helping out the school-i, but an investigation
uf its condilioii !■• said lo have revealed
the lamentable fact that il was out of
lijfjhl, ai '.he bottom of a hole uver fcv
kki deep.
Mr. jLeitfch aho stated thai he had
made u full and detailed report lo the
Hi/en.-*' committee, to whom he wa?
esponsible, lie wue satisfied and kuew
lhat hu had performed bis duty to the
bet-t of his .ability, and if any person
had either criticism or accusation tt
make he wanted them tocomeoutiutlu
open and make them; he had no objec*
liqn to houeqt crllitlaiu, and would have
notli lug but respect for any man who
wight honestly and openly criticise anything he might do; but as lor men who
IpUgllt under cover bt lud nothing hut
the mosl profound contempt, nnd he
closed by making the statement must
L'tiipll&ticaliy lhat the person who had
made, the asseitlon lhat tills trip had
be-in utilized by liiui to achieve personal
endl ul public expense was " A liar uutl
iim truth ib* nut iu him."
Mr. Leitch wus followed by Mr Corti-
gnb, who in terse nud apt sentences
reylewtd the situation and Mr. Leilcb'a
work, concluding wiih a motion sudors*
inj^.Mr. Leitch slid expressing confidence
in his work. The motion was seconded,
luu before being put'was commented on
favprably by U. ti. Ileatlie and Chair-
man Ryau. The cpiebtloii was then
Lidled for and thechiiiruiaii found life too
■hurt lo btop tn count the h units up in
iti> favor, A Call for those opposed repealed nunc preseut.
Mi. Lt-ui'h then requested the privi-
leg-S of a kw more words, lie hml no
regrets for fexpressfng himself lu lhe
language that lie did, but he felt thai
he should apologise foi doing so before a
public gathering of repre*enfallv« men.
(li- had hoped io dtaw out the author of
the DccusBtioDfl made, but presumed be
mm not present, but bis statement as to
he unreliability of that party s;iil stood.
'the coiiiiiniiee was then discharged
ind the gathering adjourned.
Cal,an bla Coui-edy Company,
The Columbia Comedy Company com-
nieii* od a two night's engagement at the
Forrest -Vcra-house las-t nlghl, opening
:. a Well-filled house hi the faice-com-
edy "Rose Morris " Tonight -will he
preserved ibe melo-drama " A Convict's
Daughter,1' ttvkryoijc iu attendance
seeifled well pleased- The specialties
I seen et! to meet with thc greatest^favor,
tlu* btul; nud wing dancing, Dutch nud
Midi t' -ineator and "Jason Joshkins"
being ( a qualify acceptable auywlieie.
The company has a brasi hand—smrtll
' ut'nll baud.
The Cranbrook's .v,,w Sale.
Landlord Rynii naf. secured fl new
rafe to ! p us'.d as q reci ptaclefur snndiy
,1; 1 divers Htliclei as custom ami good
I'jsincss judgment iu such  cases pre-
.ihe     The first nijilil after  pulling it
lilar'e he ■abjecled il to a crucial lest.
1   i.M ki nw  that  Irresistible smile of
A.    mt tv». 'iagflr Rookcs'—lt'i worth a
ing it. if possible, ami to Bee if the safe
would   be able   to   withstand It Without
opening up—be done this with misgivings As soon as Cucle Jim was out ol
bed iu lhe moruiug be pointed for that,
safe, tailing Tom with him; after a little
trouble with the combination—itseented
momentarily as though the bolts were
ivelded lu the sockets—the door flew
»pcu nud oui jumped lhat Game waim
Did smile, hopping ha k to its ccens-
touted pluee on Tom's fa ■*, aud entered
upon tne duties of the day a- thou It refreshed by the night's ie*l Uncle Jim,
aroie, wiih a sigh ot te fvl and \olnu-*
leered the statement llut niy Bafe thai
could hold that suiH'e all night wl.hom
melting or bursting could go through
sheol or u dynamite factory explosion
without being fa*ed.
Pernie Sure ol Porl Steele.
Penile Pree Press; Mr. Pernie it-
turned ou Monday from Port Steele,
where lie had spent the previous week.
lie reports the political outlook in tbat
distiiet, so far as bis caudtdature te concerned, as very bright, having been as-
siiled by everyone he met thai he could
depend 011 nt lenut foUr-fiflhs of ihe voters in Port Steele and district umrkinj
iheir ballot in hii favor when election
day came around.
Talks for Ulmr.
Penile Pice Press, Mar. 30: I» l. 1*1
mer. of Moyie, is in town today, lie
leaves louiortow morning for Cranbiook
to attend the labor couv-stitlou tu be
held ihere tomorrow uight So fot lb*
lahor unions have made Uu choice of a
candidate, bul Mr. Elmer, who, we believe, knows as much about the district
ol ti ist Kootenay as anyone in it, is eon
fideut Unit, whoever ihe organized labor-
eis decide upon will be elected by a large
No Lawyers Need Apply.
Nelson Tribuue: If Wm. Pernie, of
Fernie. in East Kootenay, decides to
run in the south riding cf BastKooteosj
lhe lawyers of this riding will hive io
take a buck seat. 1. p.vyers do no; Seem
to be wauted iu any of thc Kootcnaj
They Oppose Party Lines.
Pernie Free Press: Tuesday night's
mectiug of the local Libera! association
distinctly -brought to ilght tbe sauit
diversity of opinion, regarding party
lines in provincial affairs as is apparent
in neatly every political association in
the province.   The motion Instructing
the delegates to oppose pnrtv Hues Was
carried by a very small majority, while
the motion deciding that a delegate bt
sent was carried almost uiianiinoubly.
As tlle mailer iiow stands, the associa-
tlon has directed its delegates to oppose
party lines, and at the same time two ol
their three debgales are strongly in
favor of party lines, one of whom declares that he dots not consider himself
bound in any way by the icsoltiiioii ol
ilie association, surely a rather contra*
licloty state of affairs.
Lamb Creek Shows a Number of Gold
Bearing Ledges.
Historical Perry Creek Still Affords
,t Good Field for Extensive
Placer Operations
Lamb Creek.
John McDonald WM in lown during
the beginning of the week obtaining
further supplies. He is opening up
Home of thi.- claims about three uiiles up
Lamb creek in the Moyie country.
■There aie six claims on the name ledge,
which is about seven feet wide and can
iiee.istiy' followed thronghout the full
length of thesis claims. Assays show
ii'-d values running up to Jn; wherever the ledge is opened up ami it looks
Ssis our townsman, Mr. John Leask,
wioortusa Urge interest in the group,
had Btruck it rich.
lidilor Smyth.s Views.
Moyie Leader: The political siiua
tion, so far as South  eust   i.o.tlenay  is-
ucemed) remaius unchanged,. Thete
htlll but one candidate in the lield—
William Fernie, ofthe townofKernie
Mr. Hernle say.-, tb.it his attitude on ah
luestious will he a strictly independent
jne, aud tint he will stand up for
whatever he believes to be for the best
terebt of South iiast Kootenay and
the province at large. Such a policy ol
course Is what Is wauted by the people,
ml it only remains fir llie people, to
elect the una whom they think
most likely to carry out the prlnclplci
which he advocates after election. Mr.
Fernie is well spoken of and 1.0 doubt
wi 1 111 .ike a stiong run.
tht v.te.k Rear.
Charles Bstmere was in town this week
looking after hi- interests. lie says
that work is progreulog nicely on lhe
black Hear, ami that Ihev are uow taking out Letter ore than at any time
since operations were inaugurated.
Wild Morse.
Al Banks aud W. K. Higby were in
towu ou Tuesday taking in .he sights.
These gentlemen ate Interested iu some
of the great miuiog propositions in the
listrict, Higby having l>eenoueoI the
irlgin il 1 tcators < f the Big Chief, while
Ituiks wis oue of the first in tbe district lo seriously undertake to develop «
'Juan*: ledge, He aud his psrtners
nave now a Iarj;e amount of work done
•in tbe Danlaoelle up Wild Horse creek
■mowing a strong ledge carrying high
values in coll. An arasira was put in
place near the liver and a good workable
tt-st thereby made of the value of the
quartz, and ibe property ii now held at
the tidy valuation of fioo.-ooo and is
likely 10 be sold for that amount before
l»t!g. - 	
Perry Creek.
Few persons are aware that on Terry
creek within leas that 15 miles of this
town ihere is an enormous amount of
gravel carrying gold In paving quantities.
Last tuiumei about f8caworth was taken
ont by some *bat primitive methods ss
au experiment and a much larger clean
up ii look-ad P,r this year. There is a
rire.it opening fur a hydraulic minepro-
perly equipped, and with ample capitsl
to work on a large scale, and in the near
future we may lo-A for the existence of
i strong*company employing io to 40
men engaged in piling up wealth from
the gravels above "Old Town" which is
now named Johannesburg.
The prospectus of this company has
■>een delayed in print but is now out aud
»1I investors will do well to read it
through and digest it. The most prom-
■nent men of Spokane today made their
money on the tale of mining shares
boUgltt when the properties were mere
prospects aud prlc s very low and held
'or a* few jears as almost worthless
paper which ultimately became worth
tplliiifts Jt is nearly always Die fust
lew* mining prospects in a capip which
ultimately prove mines, and it is good
bpiluess io buy a few shares in everything in the way of a re-peclable managed company and hold for future values.
Cranbrook Liberals.
F. M. MedhUrst left Tuesday morning
for Vancouver, where he will attend tin-
Liberal convention. lie went ns the authorised representative of the Liberals
T CranbrouK,
llie Lubur Cuavcnlluii.
The Labor convention, whuh met
here last Saturday, adj turned two weeks
without the tntusacuod ot Important
Small I'oiakrs.
Il was stated by a Fort Steele man
yeaterda) that ihe names of 35s
S!washes had been placed on ibe voters1
A letter written by Mr Fernie, so it Is
alleged, states that he may be an iude-
pendeut caudldate opposed lu Joe Mai*
P.* M, Medhurst Is now in Vancouver
attending the Liberal convention, lt is
quite probable that he may be a candi
dale if parly linen ate diawn in the
ll is rumored that I). J. Kluier, who
represented several of the labor organizations in the convention held here last
Saturday, would not be like Ctusor il
lhe nomination were tendered bim.
There ure a large number of peopl'
who  would   be   pleased   to   see Ate hie
Leitch a candi ate, as (hsy look upon
lum as a lit representative of the varied
interests of South ic 1st Kootenay with
ability ohd liberality of mtiid sufficient
to guarantee good work for every town
and community iu the district without
disciim innl Ion,
Mining Notes.
McViltie t"v Hutchison  have received
nders to do the yearly assessment on
'he Ms pie Leaf fraction on North star
ti A Walls goes next week to commence diamond dri;l operations on the
Mastodon group at the mouth of Ferry
The St. M-nj Mining «c Milling com-
pan) Intend having their claims on the
St. Marys prairio surveyed at once. The
shares are to be pnt on ihe Bngllsh market at an early dale,
Mr Redmond, who has some mineral
lalms in the vicinity of the Hnppy
Frank group on Sheep mountain, on the
h.k, WM ihowlng some good copper
iock iu town rt couple of days ago.
Hill & Co. are   Sacrificing  the   Maggs  ft
Hughes Sloik.
The people of Moyie and Cranbrook
are goliig   to  enjoy an era of low prices
in dry goods, gents furnishings, novelties uud furniture by the sale of the
Maggs St Hughes' stock, purchased by
Hill & Co. The deal was made for rash
and lhe goods were hought tegnrdless of
cost, anil Hill it Co. propose to give the
people the benefit and dispose of the
goods just ns rapidly as low prices will
do It, w. I), niii, ihe manager, believes
in quick turns in merchandise, nml is
willing to let these goods go at prices
Unheald of in the Kootenays, so that no
time will t>e lost, it is an opportunity
that may never come to liasl Kctotcnay
Qood table waitress.    Apply at Ceu-
tr-al hotel, Mojte, It C. i
THURSDAY,   -   APRIL 5,   1900
The Hernia desires to ulve tho nowsol the
dlstrlet, it yuu know any about ".your town
y.nir mine or ymir |iQ0tWi scnil lt to this ofllce.
As has been heretofore announced in
The Herald lhat such would be tbe case,
the undersigned assumed management
of this paper April I,
That we are fairly well known to all
of the patrons of The Herald we believe,
anil if not favorably known to the readers ot this paper it is uot the fault of
the preceding management or of many
good citi/eus who leave kindly saw fit to
recommend us In extravagant terms to
your kind consideration.
We have no promises to make other
than we will maintain, so far as our ability will permit, the high standard of The
Herald; as to whether we succeed in fulfilling this promise—you are the judges.
H. M. Whntworth,
Matt Rock BN hor v.
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
B   H   Cranbrook, B. C.
The Herald views with sincere regret
the tendency to draw party lines in the
selection of Provincial officers for British
Columbia, and has many fears for the
ultimate result. It means the creation
of discord, enmities among frieuds, the
selection of candidates possessed of
party strength rather than for fitness,
tbe introduction of corruption in an enlarged degree for the purpose of carrying
elections, appeals to passion and prejudice rather than cool judgment, the outcome of the future being—distant though
it may be—not uulike the conditiou of
which we frequently read of as existing
in the States, the Provinces, one may
term them, of the United States. Some
of The Herald's readers may think tbat
snch an outcome is impossible, tbst the
editor is pessimistic, but human beings
throughout thecivili/.-d world are pretty
much the same wherever you find tbem,
with the ouly difference that the passions
of some are more easily inflamed than
are others. Drawing party Hues is
equivalent to dividing a house against
itself, and that always means internal
strife and dissension, followed by partial
or entire rulu. Better drop it. It is au
unwise move.
This place was christened "Beautiful
Cranhrook" hy Fred Simpson wben
there was a most expansive and heauti-
tiful bit of scenery here, viewed from a
somewhat smaller meadow—the site of
Craubrook, Jt was very good, fitted the
purpose at that time, and fits the town
today. The Herald, however, believes
tbe lime has arrived for rechristeuiug,
and will hereafter proclaim it "JIappy
Cranbrook," for nowhere else can be
found a place where every man, woman
and child look, act, and are as happy an
the day is long, with the days constantly
lengthening. Kasily accounted for, too,
this happiness—tt is horn of prosperity,
the greatest cheerfulness breeder known.
A Horrible Outbreak
"Of large sores ou my little daughter's
head developed into a c-ise of scald
head" writes C. D. Isbitlof Morgan town
Tenn., bul Bucklen's Arnica Salve com
pletely cured her. It's a guaranteed
cure for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum,
Pimples, Sores, Ulcers and Piles. Only
35c at Beattie's drug store.
W. Leggett, a miner employed at Ih
Aurora, is now in the hospital at the St
Eugene mission.
David L. Bettchen was in Moyie
Thursday malting arrangements for
opening his jewelry store.
J. P. Smyth, of Walla Walla, Wash,,
arrived in Moyie this morning and is
visiting with his brothers.
The ice on Moyie lake is rapidly
disappearing and will likely be out In a
week or ten days. It is breaking up Ibis
year is at least one month earlier than
last year.
There will he a meeting of the Odd
Fellows of Moyie at the Leader ofiice
next Saturday evening, April 7, for the
purpose of taking steps toward organizing a lodge in Moyie. All Odd Fallows
are respectfully requested to attend.
Last Wednesday Tom Raderaud Chas.
Farrell left Movie for San Francisco,
from where they will sail for Cape Nome
on the whaling vessel Jennie. John
Day, another old time Mo>ielte, joined
them at Spokane and will also nccoui
pany them to the north.
When Craubrook undertakes a thing
It has the happy faculty of doing It up
right. Tbis, 110 doubt is due In a large
measure to tbe quality of lis residents.
The banquet given last Thursday evening in honor of tbe second anniversary
of tbe Cranbrook Herald and tbe departure or l'\ E. Simpson, Us editor, fir
Cape Nome, Alaska, was what a Cran
brook man might safely term a "pea-
warmer."    ....
Those Made MUeiuble by It Have tli*
Comfort  of t'uuipany.
It is said that 95 out of every 100
persons who go to .sea suffer more
or less from seasickness, and, taking the world over, there are probably thousands at* this very moment who ure In abject misery
from this cause, Vet few are deterred
by this fact from going to sea, even
though their OWU previous experience
teaches them thut they must Inevitably
suffer. As with some other states of
temporary distress, so with seasick-
ess; when onee It Is over, the memory
t it grows dim, uml we recklessly incur
the risk again, realizing our folly only
when it is too lute to stop the bout.
Although so sarlous a malady to the
sufferer, it is very rare that death results frum it. Delicate women have
made voyages of several weeks* duration, suffering every minute of the way.
and rejecting apparently every swallow
nf food; yet. terra tinna once reached,
appetite returns, and, nfter a few days,
no trace of suffering remains,
There would be little profit in reviewing the many conflicting theories 11s to
the nature of seasickness, but it is of Interest to learn that physicians who havu
hud the moat experience with its treatment regards it us a nervous uffeetlon
and not a stomach disorder. Almost every known drug has been
tried at one time or another, but none
bus been found that will cure all eases.
A moderately siek voyager should
■stay on deck every possible minute, ns
near amidships as he can get, mil of tIndirect rays of the sun, and where the
awful odors of machine oil, steam mid
cooking food may not reach him. Ile-
t-lining on a steamer-chair or lying fiat
on deck is better thnn sitting or standing, and the best of all correctives Is diversion, such us Is found in lively conversation aud the like.
It Ib Impossible to fix any -dietary
rules applicable to all cases, and the
best way Is fnr each one to call, within
reason, for what appeals to his palate.
Although seasickness is not primarily
a disorder of the stomach, there is no
question that it is often mnde worse by
the overeating, and sometimes overdrinking, so commonly attendant upon
the farewells of those about to sail. A
few days of plain living before going
aboard will perhaps do more than anything else to avert catastrouhe,—
Youth's Companion.
Tha  Silver Thr«rs-d's Leap Into   tho
Grand UnruQ at the Yd lows tone.
On the south side of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone river, is one of
the highest, If uot the highest, water-
fulls in this country, lt is culled the
Silver Thread, and fulls, as near as can
bn calculated, 1,800 feet. The descent
is not perpendicular, but it is so near
It that it is hard uot to believe that
the water does not fall straight down,
when viewed from ncross the canyon,
The water comes from u mountain
slreum whieh bas no name, lt flows in
a northerly direction towards the canyon from the foot hills of the Absitruka
range of mountains. Its entire route
is through dense forests until it reuchc?
the very edge of the canyon. Then it
plunges downward with a rour in keeping with Us size, atul keeps dropping
and dropping until the Yellowstone river
below is reached, 1,800 feet from the
As stated before, the descent is not
perpendicular, but it is very near it,
The walls of the canyon ut that particular jdace are very rugged, and this
little stream has worn almost a straight
channel down through the rocks. Tin
-water dashes downward at 11 very slight
angle, practically tinning neither to
the right nor thc left. In several places
a rock, not as yet worn away, breaks
the steady fall of water, forming a
slight cascade. These cascades do not
cause a real break in the descent of the
water, so practically the falls of tlie
Silver Thread are the highest in the
The name given these fulls is very
appropriate. They cannot be seen but
from the brink of the south side of
the canyon, which Is utmost a mile wide
there, Although tins wnteriall is IS
ftet wide from top to bottom, it docs
. not appear to be more than a couple of
inches wide from the point of observation. The walls of the canyon where
these falls occur ure below the vivid
colorations, uud are of dark brown.
The water looks like n silver thread or
ribbon stretched from the brink of the
canyon to the water below, hence the
-uamc, Silver Thread.—Hartford (Conn.)
Seventeen pupils are in attendance at
the Cascade school.
Greenwood thinks it time to abate the
small-pox quarantine.
Nelson is rejoicing over the settlement
of miners' labor troubles.
The Silverton Water-Works Co, are
applying for incorporation.
A Chinaman at Kamloops recently attempted to board a moving train. He
has tint yet decided whether it will be a
crutch or wooden leg.
A ledge or mica, said to produce cubes
of merchantable mica is reported to
have been discovered in Ihe Peace liver
district.    Very valuable, if true.
Its Uliir>   Has l>vpart-t>d.
In the days of its prosperity Hath,
Me., had almost live miles of busy ship
yards. The town bad never done anything else for a living I bun to build ami
sail ships,  but  It prospered   In    Unit.
thirty or more years ago its harbor was
always tilled with shipping, nnd its
streets were busy With trnde. Hut
thore has been a steady decline since the
end of the wur, nud a vivid exemplification of-the decay In American shipping,
At present not one wooden vessel is
being built in the town, und there is-
not a vessel intended for the merchant
marine on the way. Old ship owners
nre-selling'their vessel property as fast
us they are able to do SO, and putting*
their money Into othor things that pay
better Interest, nud unless aomechangi
is quickly made In the economic conditions of the country affecting ship
ping, it is evident that Hut h and 11 great
many other towns ofthe sumc character
will lie compelled to go out of the bust*
ness of building ships.—N. Y, Post,
The  Influx  to .In-mml »in.
During thc past few yeurs nearly 160,*
000 Hebrews have entered Jerusalem
nnd thc arrival Pi another host is snid
to be imminent. Already lhc railways
nre opening the country between the
const and Jerusalem und Damascus, and
n'Hebrew migration on ti largo scale
may cause Syria to become once mure
nf vast importance in the cast.—N. Y.
Physician and Surgeon.
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    B. C
G. Johnson.*..
\V Assayer and
* Metallurgist
Cranbrook, B. C.
<^U**A******t-*************M***tt********A..**.*,.****** j
Wie Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
ricMiillin & Taylor,
Cranbrook, B. C.
Contracts for nil kinds of brick work
given prompt attention. Brick for sale.
Those in neetl of brick or work should
see us.
Are you going to build?
Greer & Co.
Are prepared to furnish plans
and specification--; for all kinds
of building.
See us for Prices.
Jt   J,   B.C.
Laie of Tomato
Contractor .«• Builder
Tlmse uutitcniiilittliij; hnllillni: will do well to let
me llgurs on the contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Ah Quai & Co.,
We knowledge in Kootenay.
Best Laundry man I found.
Contract any kind job, home
cleaning or cooking.
AH QUAI, Chinese Agent
Canadian Pacific
Railway Company,
Soo Pacific Line.
Gives the only direct service from
To all points
East and West.
Fli-tl-Cfau Sleeper* on ill Train
TourlitCira paun Medicine Hat, tlnlly for
St. l'mil, Suurinyn and  Weilnemlayi
for Toronto,  Fridays for Montreal
anil lliistnn.
Lv 9:10 a in Cranbrook Lv 13:01 p tu
Connection irbweekly nt Mcl.eod for
C \g ry and Kdmonton, nnd daily at
Medicine Mul for all [minis Knat. Connection daily nt Kootenay I.uiidinjj for
all points in West Kooleiiay, Slocan ami
Boundary Districts, and for Pacific Coast
and Main Line pointa via Kevelstoke.
Through Tickets Issued and Ba-g-
Kage Checked to Destination.
For rate*-! and full information address
nearest local agent, or
F. M. MEDHURST, Agt., Cranbrook
Wi Pi Anderson, T.P.A., Nelsnn. 11. 0,
a K. J. Coyle, A.O.I'.A., Vancouver, It. t".
•Notion Ih horoliygiven tlmt I,T,O,I'roctnr,
ililr y itiiyi after dnte intQnd lu apply 10 tlie
Chief CommUslnnor of bands mil Works fur a
BNy-satu louse of 100 iioivfl nt laml sltilata abba
foiir.miloiwcntof Wariln-or on iin*crow*Kent
I'iins riillni'iii. ('oinineiiollig at a pnst marked
T. l'i| Hi K. (.'inner.
I (Signed)    r. ii. 1'roctor,*
1 Dated Miiroli Tib, IWW.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.   Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
»■»-#-■->♦■»■♦■> ■»■»■»■»■>■»■■>
When in Kimberley
Stop at the	
KiriBERLEY Hotel
Wellman & Hurel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you teen his stock 1   It includes thc best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Fruit, Fish and Oysters.
Tit IwiiMwIh aid tht bachelor should deal wilh him,   It will pay them.
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Regular  Stage   to   Kimberley
Team, snd drivers furnished for any
point In the district.      , -
Manager   Jt   jt
Solicitor, Etc.
Iliin'k ot I'ommrrn IIUi. ,      C1IAN0IIOOK
VV. F. QURD, B.C. L.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
British Columbia
H. L. Cummins, C. E.
Port Steele, 11. C.
II. W. HliHcmiKli
Barristers, Solicitors,
Notaries ubiic,
Undertaking And
Craobrook, B. C,
Graduate of Champion college of U, S.
Successor to Maggs & Hughes in this
line, Will attend to any work in the:
Promptly Attended to.
The Manitoba (formerly the Commercial) is now
under the management of two of the best known
hotel men in East Kootenay, and it will be their
aim to make the Manitoba the leading hotel of
Cranbrook. The arrangement will be changed
and the building remodeled and renovated.
Robson & Rogers,
meat market.
Pour lots north of tlm Mi:tlii*diRt|rlnircli,
Wlink-wile and retail dealers
In all kinds ol   ....
Fresh and Salt Meats.
Oysters, Fish and (lame in Season.
gjtfihdexs called lor ntul promptly delivered,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop.
The North Star hotel at Kimberley is one of the best
equipped hotels in East Kootenay. It is plastered throughout
and furnished in first-class shape. The Central hotel at Fort
Steele has always been a popular house.
One of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in East Kootenny.
When in Cranbrook
Stop at the   :   :   :
Forrest House,
Proprietor.   :   :
The Beit Slock, the Most Setlilictory Prices, and
First-Class  Work.      Repairing Neatly Executed.
| East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards i
Proprietor  ::: *
This hold hns been refilled nnd refurnished,   rhe table
is the host,    Satisfactory roles Riven regular boarders.
Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:        Cranbrook, B,L   |
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
s </
CL&-RS,  teeth,  Fin ma  and   Ftoofa  All
Como Bandy ni Tinea.
Many animals, including both those
thut kill and those Unit aro killed, me
endowed witb special means uf nffennite
nud defensive coinbnt. The latter nre often tuiniohed with weapons uf effect If*
tnlne. such its the horns of cattle and
goats and the hoofs of horses-,
Even some of Ihu largest Riitmals
which nre nut carnivorous find mny be
said to hnvo nn enemies {tonsess special
organs tlml they can tis-u fm- Inflicting
wounds. Bud) aro the timks of elephants, the horn <>f the rhinoceros uud
the uiitlers nf tin* moose. Their primary
purpose, howover, is to aid in pracurlug
food nml iu cleaving a way through ror*
wl nud Jungle,
With htrnutB nn.l Ulnli ..r prey weap*
ons nf niiml, mv ludlspeiianblo. Among
tin* most hltrhly developed nn Uu- n>-
trncltlo Maws or the cm futnlly, tha cut-
Hug nnd tenrlug toelh of the wolf fu lull) umi ih<> niiuiiN ..f capias and bnwks,
V lOveu in lower forms of life wo llnd highly "poctnllsod weapons, ehlof niuuug
which nn! iht* rungs uf venomous «»•-■-
pent* mid tlu-- stings of hoes, wasps mid
hornets, rendered far  re effect I va by
the prosonce of u powerful ntul so ine*
linn-, don-illy poison,
Wnn,. noting the liberal endow men I of
creatures iliut prey unou minimi*-, we
imi-t nut lose sight or the fnci ihat per**
lain vogeinrlnns are nlsu cm nipped with
WeapoOB ot combat. 'I'he unites uf the
bovine uud tbe gont   Irihes In  the  wild
►■lute use these weapons largely iu thoir
combats with rivals of their own species,
while the females employ them ohlelly in
uofeiisa of their yonng,
Tin- hull lights wiib the head down, often with the eyos closed, mid the horns,
being usually short  I nearly Btrulght,
enn In* used only one at u time, aided by
the lima or lhe powerful neck. Tlie bonis
• if Ihu cow iu nil the commoner breeds
nro turned snmewluu forward, so us to
he of tbe utmost service, mnl lhe fuilbfiil
mother Ughts for her calf against dog ur
wild beast wiih her head raised uml eyes
wide open.
A slug brought to boy sttnietlines presents bis antlers to tho hunter. With
some species these branching burns are
shed ni certain seasons, mid during their
tern-wed growth are fur a (tine soft and
useless ns weapons. Tbey gain stpeugth
nnd toughness nt the season when rivalry mid battles between the mules arc In
order, uml it is therefore natural to Infer
thnt the millers are intended chlelly foi
tills purpose.
Against mnuy foes, howover, mun Included, the deer family bud their best
weniwiis In tbeir hoofi, with which tbey
strike mid cut as with knives, sometimes
killing dogs, wounding hunters uml nt
*aW       tlve elreh ui  whom nre
repricing over her ,e,i,i. tuCOpo from a terrible danger. Tin* fiory of her experience is
deeply loterestiog, told iu her own straight*
forward way.
Here I* her nuir.ilive:—"Jn 18801 took a
position in a down-town storo. My work-
was not uniimiuilv li'iril, liut I wi in toiind I
ei'iild Unl rtniid it. nnd inyhrnttli fulled. 1
grewverythin.b d splitting headaohes eon-
liiaiiiliy, di/zj tiji 'ii- nnd extreme n-oakness.
My tongue was thickly furred, liar b and
div every morning,ond I arose tired and
Hchiiiji,   1 wnn	
dull nnd low-Splrllod alt tho
"My sister Imd used Dr. Arnold's Kngllsh
Toxin fills with remhrknblo benefit, and I
also iiiiiii io Ink) ihem. Icaodldlj dido
Uiat itJijuoveinent began almosl mraedl*
Htely. Daily J mended, till today 1 nm in
intii i liejii'h in.it mueh stronger than I have
been for yean.   To Dr. Arnold's English
Toxin Pills, uml to Ihem nlone, tho Credit la
Every girl und womnn who ittffon ns Miss
Hobklrk did Bhohld uso Dr. Arnold's English
Toxin Pills, They will givo now l le nnd
Dr. Arnold's Bngllsh Toxin Pills, ilu* only
medk■in,* tlmt cures disease by killing the
ui iin- Unit cause it. nro sold by nil druggists
at 75c, n inn ; ssmplo box 88c., or eont inet-
raid on roootpt id price liy the Arnold
Chemical Co., Limiipd. Cumuli Life Hulld-
Ing. U Sing sueel west. Toronto.
Tlio rittktin-H ■worjinsli,
The BwonlllBh te muite uiiliom tear
ami will, like u lnili.il.. oi rbltiiuvtai.
charge anything that offends It, often
doing an ntnount of oxeuiitlou bnnlly
in he bullovctl did not the ovldopce es*
1st.   Com imt s bciwecii twonlilBli at*
most luteieslliig aiu) mny be compniod
to ll duel between two export swnrdr-*"*
men. Hueh n eontcst WM observed
off the long pier that oxtouda out Iuto
ihe ocean at Snn in Monh-a. ticai- 1.01
Aiigobm, Inst year. Somo llstiortneu
Hotbed two big fish leaping OUl Of the
wniev aud dashing along the surface.
BOOU It wus seen ihat ilu-y were sword*
Tlu- season Wfil wben ilu- Dili me nu
usually ferocious. They hnd nuulo sev
mnl millOl nnd when obiorvod were
at i lose quai*ton. striking each othor
powerful Hide blows like i uvnliytiieii.
This was utisallsfactory. and dually
lhey separated and darted tit eneli olher like arrows, tho water hissing as
Iheli nlinip dorsal tins cut through It.
Tbey evidently Itl'UCk head on, one
inUsliig, wlillo the sword of the other
Itfllck Just below the eye and plowed
a deep furrow iu the llsli, partly disabling It, so that it turned and attempted to escape. ltut liu adversary also
uC-betl and with n rush drove Ita sword
completely through the body of lis foo
and held It fast, only wrenching Ita
weapon loose wheu Its enemy stopped
Gronlnnd'e Comparlioa.
Laurence Grotilund, the socialist le
writer who ended his days In New
York, wns a thorough pessimist. Ono
evening, after be bad denounced the
modern Industrial system In snvagt
terms, a friend remarked:
"I I te not so bad as Russian despot Km. Is It?"      •
"Not quite. Tbe former Is tho worst
possible; the latter the worst coucelv-
l'raotlcal Triilnine,
"Was she a trained nurse?"
"I guess sho must hnvo been,   flhe
hadn't been In tho hospital a week bo*
fore she wns engngod to tho richest
patitmti"—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Vinard's Liniment Cares Barns, Etc,
Asthma Cured
Afti-v    Twelve    Yemv    Sutforlitg->Ta<
rmilii I'hynlcluie* AdvWeil Leaving:
Ber Home to go to Manitoba—
Clafko'S Kola Compound  Cured.
Mrs. Motag-flirt, W Winule? fit., Toi-
onto, writes : "I hnvo been Troubled with
arrthihn ond bronchitis for twelve years, whioh
gradually grew werse each year In spite of tbe
hundreds e-f dollars my husbnnd ha* spent with
several doctor*), and almost every remedy we
could procure, which only nfforded temporary
re'ltef. Kor the imt two venrs I eould nol lie on
my tell side, ami ilnrhiK the past year previous
tu hiking Ouu he's Kolii Ootobouud the naitinia
became so severe that 1 had not hud a full
night's sleep, nnd during most of that time we
Inula doctor m attendance. Wo gave up several il'ii-turs, na I WH- ' mini; no better, ntul tht
lust doctor, nftor abont two months irentmcut
told me he could du not li Iiir Tor me, uud ml-
vlst-d mu tu gi> to Mauliolm or some dry climate.
Wc henrd ot Olnikt-'s Kolut'inujtuiuia I whig a
cure ful* -i-illumi, mul Iiiiiii,* tnlittiK tills ii'imsly
miidi- several ii'i|iiirii-i frum tlioau whu had
laki-ti li, mnl m . n h t-n-if luiiiid tli.* result an
Satisfactory tlwt wi* ri'-'olvi.-il k> trv lt.    After
hudng the flrst bottlo l twown-s mnch hotter,
mul ln'ittiii in -Iti*|i null iu iii|tliti. Sunt* ink
lur/ Hie third l-oltli-1 hnve not fell ilu- sllirlitu-M
sytnntnmsof iny former troablo, l lutvo, dur-
liiK tin* p:i*t Mix iiiouili* ttiilm-il uuiiilv:'U|iuuiid.4
lu Until imd fool porf-sctty liMlthy Inevsty wny.
a yuu iimt l will do nil In iny power
a miy sullfiti from llii« nrrltiluilli
"It woltbl evw iluu nearly .*.!! the
World la in mho a H|iaulnnVa gnu as
ih- hem wouputi." *a <\ uu iilHti roi the
uriliinuw lm ii. "Thi' Mauner Is own-
etl aud controllwl by the Spanish gov*
ornment. It**: inventor, ono of tbolr ord-
Dance officers, bnrtng sold it m them.
This i* a rhanc-e, nr. rnthor. one of tho
elinocea. fm* thnt government to recover Un tlnaoei'R. for the superiority of
try li."
<Vn|tied uuiinl  ia   Piltr .Mi-'JVg-rfinl, I'm
prlstor of Toronto DairyOot
Hi,, nnn I. .
IT   Clll'I'.'lllV    l,','"L'Ill7.eJ.
nn.l iln-iv n ,
Veil ,1  110-wHltlit.V nf il SU-
|n-is is n„.
Kriig l'iiii.   It wonlil lie
oil,l ir we tee,
- lo |inv i million or two
in Hi.- u-i'.y „
i„\;ilt!,'S ,'vi'iv  vi-nr to
imr   Nil,'  nilv
i-snilM." - I'lillmlelplila
\\ l,y n„
i.ii-i lVnl.s I'luliif
Purls .imiin
Is mi' li,',|,iiiL' ill' n iht*
ski,'in ,'iini|i,
Iku "1 -inii,' npnlust tlie
Priurvof Wn
■s. iiHkhtK win iio iloi'.sn't
l'„ll„» il,,' '■
nbllallKil o iii'.'lilnl en-s
nun fur nn In
ir in tli,' ilifoin 1 lend
li'i„i|i< i,< l„ii
I,-.   'Hi,'! ,-ii,' liiainncei
from   I'i'cIitI
•I.   ,.f   l-niaaln   in   Hm
I'li'iiili  wnr
lown to ConainntlnQ in
Hr,      Tin
I'lini'i, of  um,-  ilie-/
A  l)evl«e Tlmi ciim die owner «r
ll>    Vu  I'Hlu.
"ICvor liv in si retell a shoe with
oatsv" nslii'il a suburban frloml or the
Sauntt-ii'i* -.e.-iui-ihiy.
"Xo: who i-v.r hoard ot eneli a
thing? Why, wliui do yotl iiieau?" returned lhe Suutilt-I'i-!'.
"Well, ynu know, I bought a nice
new -mil* nf >Ikh's luul week. 1 put
ihem on tin* day I got lbem and walk-
oil nbout until nlghl, and the right oue
al st killed mo. Thill night 1 thought
of u I.Milium sfhi'iuo. Wi- had just
gut iu some oats for tliu burse, and
one i.r ilu* bugs got wet. 1 noticed
how ihe onts awelkal. so li struck me
It would be a guud way in ease my
shoe. So iimt nlghl I imekcd the shoo
full of new outs, j i-d n fnll of water nnd luslii-d iluwii ihe lop securely,
"When l uwoke the next moruiug,
the Ilrsi Ihing I did was to look for lhe
shoe, ami whnt do you think 1 saw?
Why. that miserable lb lug imd stretched und stretched until from u modest
Xo. T it had her-onii- large enough to
hold an elephant's foot. And it luul
not stretched evenly. It was full of
knots nnd buucllOH, and sucll a sight
you never saw In all your born dn>*8.
I am looking now for a man whose feet
will tit the two shoes,
"Xo, sir," concluded the sui-bur-ban
friend,  with   n   mournful air, 'as he
thought ovor bis overproductive Im-
i~,.,i ctt.„tf,|ini*. "next time I  hare
u nice irnch nud boudoir lioro nud
who!her in- doesu'I think it lime
! he should redeem his self Instead of
I simply wishing n pleast!nI voyngo and
I snro return lo departing l-aiullmi*.
n.■ul.- Ilmniil lu If'iu,
Seven yemi ago Iteinurd Htewster
ofdraftou, W, Vn.. esiabllahed a library In iimt town and ei|iil|)iH!(l it with
1,000 books, nml lu order lo muke them
mon* durable thi**doimi* sjud'the volumes liouud lu iliiii shoot Iron covers.
The latest report of Ihe librarian shows
thnt nil of Hie hooks ure still In good
condition, notwithstanding tho fact
tbut eneli has passed through the
tin mis or ."uii readers, nud not u eeut
bus i ii spout for repairing ilu* bindings,
lliekle'i* Anti-Coumuuptive Syrup stands
at tjie hoad of tlie lint for ull diseases of
the throat und Iuuks. lt ucIh Ilko miigic Id
breaking up u cold. A cough is Boon subdued, tif>htnefa of the ebest in relievid, even
tho worst ease of consumption Ib relieved,
while in reeeut easea It may bo said never to
fall, It is a medicine pre -oral from the
active principles or virtues of severul medicinal herbs, and cau bo depended upon for all
pulmonary complaints.
She** Soldi with Jiilmuie,
.lolinnlc- Mom rnlks don'l think
lunch nt boys, but our lonelier is stuck
ou  i*iu. 1 guess.
Maninia- Is iimi soV
■lulinuie—Vcs'm. I henrd lier say today thul u thing of beauty was a boy
fin-ever -Ile)roll l-'ree Press.
c I
*•*■ 11"la 1.1  nf  llmiit Kiiirrt-s. ma m  Rale.
Poor l'okt>r riuyi-r».
A croup or old time spuria were lulling
poker stories a few nights ago, and somebody remarked thut the elfler Reninann,
tlu* ninglcliiUt mlghl easily have made a
fortune had he turned bis attention to
"I've heard thai bfforo," said one of
tlu party, ehacktlng, "nnd it always
nnilined ii"1. Why, my denr sir. Alesan
der [Jerminnn wan une <>r the poorest
poker players thai ever drew to a bobtail,   id- liked u social iwme mul plugged
iuv:ij  at  it all bin lire, hut he WSS liuvur
auylhlng   but   a  raw  amateur.    Good
|toker  players an- born, nnd  it  slmptj
wasn't lu him.   As fm* i\* boing able to
manipulate ihe enrda was coueorned, be ;
couldn't do ii, even had be been so tils- j
posed, which of conrse be wasn't,    lie i
could perform wonderful tricks, but that '
ila-- nf ww.-k is something entirely dif- ■
I-■lum   n-utn  what b called advantage
lilaylog,   I havo known four or five fine
sleight of hand performers, uml not one
«r ihem mnlil do n thlu-j with thu dock
In au ordinary «uuir,   To do successful
Are you a sufferer Kith corns t If you
are gut a bottle of llolloway's Corn Cure.
It has never been known to fall.
BOOtaI   DUt 1 net Ions.
"She I.s Inclined to assume a great
deal nf import a nee." said one young
woman. "But 1 don't know that I enn
bla mo hot-."
"Why, you ' married a European
count "
"Ves. Uut she married nn American
coal boron."—Washington Star.
There ean lie n difference of opinion on
most Bubjeots, but there Is only one
opinion as to the reliability of Mother
Graves1 Worm Kxterminnt-or. It Is tale,
ante and effuctunl.
('oiulltloiis I hiiiiK'otl.
'■Tliulr married lifo isn't happy, eh"/"
'•Sho snys siti'b sharp and sni-vasiic
thiugs io bim it's becomlug unbearable."
"Why, be told me before be married
her that Unit wns what lie admired
most aboul her."
"Ves. [Ie considered it 'wit' then."—
PhlliHtetphla Press.
PRBVBNT DISORDBR. - At the tlrst
symptoms of Internal disorder Parmelee's
vesetablo Pills should be resorted loimmo-
dtntely. Two or Uiraeol -meso salutary pellets, i ikon before golnfi lo bed, followed by
doses of ono or two pills foi two or three
niyb s in succession, will serve us a preventative cf attacks of dyspepsia und till tho discomforts which follow in thc tmiuof that
foil disorder. Tho means nro simple when
thownj U known,
Winnipeg! Industrial..Bakers' Bad
card* r ii u- nut
or :. kind entirely
iCks, hut also ii pe-
All  the  men   who
u- fui
tl Id duys were of ihu same-general
lype, nml. when 1 enme tu ihink about it,
in,.-,' | kiten looked u >r less ulike.
'I'll. \ could perform DXlraniilliinry feats,
hut ii 1.1,11 i years of practice aud set*
llun everything elne Aside. No profes-
nlonal Jugglei   could spine tin* time to
"Tin- bust   proof thnt   llemimuu   wnn
iiiirinniii.il wlih the tricks or tin- card m-
hle Ik tlmt lm was i Iminlly k-ins mnde
ib-* itnlm,   Ilu made nu secrel or the
fart Ihnl bu bad I  fleeced time uud
ii tn in, nml 1 huppun lo kunw put-soiiully
iim iu- n-.ir. miir swindled Mil <>r il iim-
-.id Iilonuiouiil h) Md lhe old ml
-hilu-i devices known tu ihu rnilcrulty.
Winn iim ihtug wus explained to hlm
iiriunvunl, bu WSS i|h*|i1) illsglistwl, kul
lu- hud never simpi-eicd ll nl tin- time."—
Sew Orlemu Tliiiu»-Puinuurni.
One t£ I ii il -nf n 1,1 fr.
There te solid eotnfurl in lifo if people
only knew enuugh tn lake it. Imi in have
(.nur.,ii ono musl forsake ambition. With
just eiioiifUi to unl unit u decent suit to
wi'in*, whiit does a fellow need besides
hut lo iiml (i (julet spot where, willi ti
good uovt-l, he enn, in hin mind, hu rieh
ns Crrrsus nr in n position to sympathise
wilh I.nznriis, where he enn rend if he
wishes ur enn Iny down bis book nnd
watch tlie ever varying phases of nature,
where he can he na Inzy as be chooses
nnd li Is nolindy's biisineiui, where he hns
toll und no trouble and is only aroused
from Ids reverie by the ever hungry chilli run colling him to snpper. Hueh exist'
ence is pleasure, but it only fells to thc
lot of ohl men who have no care to be
rich or great,—Cent ml City (Neb.) Democrat. ,
tld in-ill Ion.
1 consider 0 hiiuinn bouI without edti-
catlon like mnrhle iu a quarry, which
shows untie of its inherent beauties until
llie skill of the polisher fetches out the
colors, makes the fuirfaee ublne nnd discovers every oriiumeiitnl cloud, Spot and
vein tlml runs throughout the body of
it. I-Miientiun, after tlie sumo mnnuer,
Wbun It works upuii n noble niiud, draws
onl |o view every latent virtue nnd por-
ferihin. which) wil limit tuteh helps, are
never ablo to make their nppearuuee.—
\c« In Htm.
"Did you attuud the baud concert iu
the now opera house the other even-
"Fine nndltorinni. Isn't UV"
"How ili-l the ncoustics strike you?"
-Wlii -er -I don'l beliovo the I mini
played that."-l-|iii*nmi 1'itlium*,
Tin- II-bm( l.liifitifiit for Hors-B*.
Messrs. Rttohlfl & COi the Inrgo ranch-
Brs of Jl.0., write; "Wo oonfiloer Grlf-
fltha' Veterinnry Menthol Ltutment un-
eqoUIed for liorsos. One of oum had a
bad sprnln on its left leg, which wss
swollen to an enormous size, lirlfllths'
Menthol Liniment wns applied two days,
when tho swelling and soreness entirely
loft lt. Wo consider It superior to any
other llnlinout."   All druggists, 96 cts.
Pnnlnnnliln T,u*-*lrnl»m.
"Ito you know." said the mnn lu the
grn) ulster, •'Unit police Niiitimles show
n lotnl of nearly 20,000 persons who
are reported miming every yenr?"
Ill Iut more Mini) half of theiu
nu ui missed ut nil. They only think
ilu-.-, mi'," responded ihe pessimistic
man with iin* lii-il oil his iieek.-f'hl-
"inn Tribune.
THK WAY.—Tno Rick mnn plne-i for relief,
but hu dlsllko-j sending lor tho doctor, which
means bottles of drugs never consumed, He
bus not thu rotouiion tu loud hin stomach
wilh -.oinpoundti  whleh smell vilhilnoujily
ii nd loslowprso.  Hm il honovo tno will to
deid hiin-.li-.viih hi- ailment, wisdom will
dli eot liis attention to Pm-melee's Vi notable
Pills, whieh i.s u hpecitlc fur indliientii-n and
disorders of ihu dlgostlvo organs, hnvo no
• iptitl.
The secret police of l-nris are quite distinct from tbe regular force. The members ore generally uukuown to each other, nml one detective is often employed
to wnteb another.
London enjoys a grenter ares ot open
spnecs (ban any other capital ia the
UNEQUALLED,-Mr. Thos. Brunt,
Tyendtuuga, Ont,, writes: "I have to
thank y,4i tor recommending Dr. Thomas'
Ecleotrlo DU for bleeding piles. I was
troubled witb tbem for nearly fifteen
years, aud tried almost everrthlug I
conld hear or think of. Homo of them
would give mo temporary relief, but none
wonld efToot a uure. 1 have now been free
from the distressing complaint tor noarly
elirhtcen mouths. I hopu you will continue to recommend It.'1
On* Wnr of I'll III nu ft.
"You seo," explained the detective
who bad Just slipped up on a cukc, "In
novels (heVi'linlual always docs his
work the way (be detective figures It
out, ami In l-enl life be is likely to do It
some oilier wny."-Chicago Post.
MINM LINIMENT fir Sill Enmrlttt.
Winnipeg, Feb. ao.—Tbo ninth an-
uual meeting of tbe Winnipeg Indui<
trial Exhibition shareholders was liolri
Inst week in tho ciiy cotincil :hamtcr.
tho president, Mr. Bfjdon. occupying
the chair.
The minutes of the last anneal meeting were read and adopted.
Manager Henbacb read the ninth annual report of the council to the =huro-
holders, which was as follows:
"Kor your mformati n the board submit their nsnal cash Statement and bai-
auce sheet, duly eertfieil by the auditor,
Ou tho 17th February last, tlie board
met for organization, wheu Mr. Wm.
Brydon wus elected president, uud Mr.
A. J. Andrews wns elected v ee-president, nnd the varion-s standing committees were struck.
Early in the year the iissociatiou wus
notified by the city that they would
have to vacate the premises they had
hitherto occupied as offices in thu city
hall. This necessitated tha board renl-
lug their present otllces, over the hank
Of Hoohfllaga, on Main street
Ah in the pust, the statements attached deal very fully with the question of receipts uud disborsumeuts, and
it is therefore unuecu-sary to make any
extended reference thereto. ln this
oouneotton, however, it may be pointed
out thut the sum of $794,88 was expended in settloiuont of accounts properly chargeable to 1898, and also thut
a period of fourteen mouths is covered
by tho accounts herewith presented.
It will be noticed, uuder tbe head of
disbursements, that the largo sum of
$18,260 .was paid ont iu prizes and
premiums, u very large per eeutago of
which, un will bo seen by referring to
the details, being distnrbnted amongst
exhibitors outside of th-?city of Wioni-
The iissociatiou has paid to tho city
of Winnipeg tho sum of $l,ti50, being
tlm annual instalment of sinking fund
and interest on tlio loan' created for
makiug permaucut improvements, and
iu addition to this Bora, nearly $4,000
was spent in improvements to tho
boildings and grounds, which belong to
the oity.
The board was able to spend the largo
sum of nearly $41,000 this year, in
furthering the work of the association.
This amount, with the exception of
about $1,500 private subscriptions to
the prize list, and $4,000 grnuted by
the provincial government, and $5,000
by the city of Winnipeg, Was mude up
from the revenue derived through the
holding of the exhibition.
The admissions this yenr amounted
Your board havo much pleasure in
announcing that negotiations are pend
ing with tbe railways, by which it is
hoped tbat exhibitors will be put to no
expense this your iu bringing their ex.
hihiis to tbe fair, aud this f lot in itself should prove of very great advantage.
Shortly after laBt year's fair, four of
tho horse ht ablest were b timed dowu. A
tilth stable was considerably damaged,
but it haa since been rebuilt ont of the
fund* of the association. The loss was
appraised at $4,878.67, and this
amonnt has been paid by the insurance
companies to the'clty, aud 'is* "still iu
their bauds. These figures, however,
do not show in the association's ao-
conuts in any way.
Yonr bo.ird bave also to report that
they have secured from tho Dominion
iioverumeut a grant of $1,000, to be ap
plied towards the cost of constructiu*j
a Dominion goverum ut building on
the grounds, to lie used for displaying
the products of the province of British
Columbia, nnd the results of the work
curried ou at the government experi
mental farms, a condition of this grant
being that the building must be cou
struotod entirely of British Columbia
In tub r, and accommodation provideo
therein for au officer of the departmeut
of tbe interior, for the purpose of .lis-
tributing immigration literature.
The board has again the pleasure of
testifying to tbe great interest the railway companies havu taken iu promoting the welfare of the association,
To the Manitoba legislature uul the
Winnipeg city cou uei 1 the board also
wish to express their thanks for the
grants which have been mado them,
and also lo the firms and individuals
whose coulirbutious and assiBtanc; iu
other wnys bare again beeu most geu-
The ussociation is certainly uuder a
debt of the deepest gratitude to the
press, as nothing conld ba more o'neonr.
aging thau the continual thoughtful at-
tentiou devoted at ull times by tlie
piess to tho work aud interests the
board  is endeavoring to promote,
Thu judges also are to lie congratulated upon the satisfaction givou by
their awards, and thauked for so gen-
eronsly placing their services at tlie disposal of the association,
The Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition
association is a joint stock company,;
but its wcmbeis have no pecuniary interest iu its financial success or otherwise, beyond ,\ philanthropic desirn to
eueourage the promotion of agricultural, horticultural, tlorieultural itud industrial pursuits; to stimulate iuveu-
tfoUM, fine arts and domestic economy,!
aud to provide entertainment ami en- <
joy ment for its patrons. All profits,
from each years' exhibition must, hy
tho requirements, of thu charter be expended iu improviug and adding to the
grounds and buildings, which belong
to the city of Winnipeg.
WM. BRYDUN, President."
The meeting then proceeded to ballot ior directors for the coming yeai1:
Messrs. E. Powis, T W. Taylor aud J.
W. Harris being appointed as scrn-
tiueern for the election,
On motion of V. W. Thompson, seconded by A. Strang, K. R, Iiemon was
appointed auditor for ihe ensuing year.
At 0.80 o'clock the report of thet-rrii-
tineers report was read as follows:
L. A Hamilton. Wm. Brydon, P. \V.
Thompson, I. M. Ko?s, J. T. Gordon,
G. F. Gait, A. J. Andrews, F. W,
Drewry, G. J. Munlson, S. Nairn, G.
H. Greig, it. If. Agur, Daniel Smith,
D. K. Sprague, John Arbnthuot, J. A.
Mitchell. John McKechnie, Andrew
Strang and T. W. Taylor had received
equal votes aud ufter dicusssiou Mr.
Taylor was declared elected.
The nowly elected director.-! of tlm
Winnipeg Industrial Exhibition held
their organization meeting the follow-
iug day.
Mr. Li. A. Hamilton nominated the
flrst vicepresldeut, Mr. A. ,T. Andrews
We- I ule know the toil i
hardship ibnt those who mi
the "Staff of Life" undergo.
J-ong hours in superheated
and poorly ventilated workrooms is hnrd uu tbt- Bystem,
gives ths kidneys more work than they
••an properly do, throws poison into the
system that should be.oarrIed olT by these
delicate filters. Theu the bnck gels bail-
Not mueh use applying liniments and
plasters. You must reach the Kldneysto
enre the b*iek. DOAN'S Kidney -Pills
fiire nil kinds of bud Backs by restoring
the Kidneys to healthy action.
Mr.  Walter Kui-batian,   who bus con
dueled a bakery iii riuruit, Ont,, for lln
pnst 1.5 yonrs, snys:
"Fur [. minit*r of years vM-rifiiM in  li
Imim'ii Kidney I'ilU I infferM a greht ■'■*,!
sonl-a uluHnu Ihsstnsll **>[ my buck, pnti
Die tuuk of my heml, dlSUDHI. wenry I-MIiie if.-l
(Hera] drtuujr,   From ths Hr-I if- do
Dmu'i Kidney Pflli I aomnancad to Inprai
1 have eontlnned until 1 nm i<> day a-ai-ii
I hnve not itul» paiu'or nt'lir alxmt inc. My hoad it
ElMcl tli« iirlnury illftli-iiltlt-s nil rWMttay *tle>-[iii
rifwhlni ami mv hi-iUUi ULuiier non Uiu for
fan ■''
a--**^'Our No. 1 Collection contains 88 fullrissd nektf• or
™  tha best Y-flWtabtOSeeds. pnfT.cier.*: to dirni*h v?? tftHt-s thfounbout
' theyrr. and one rtrVt-t of \Vl!iJJ.'iinlrn Flow-rr Peods, which w« will
"e(T'ilrropttWtoflrvRd'l*'i*t*'Jnt':cr'jEilnlonoft'ar1*'.dftor Dnlted States foi
■"we «tremely loirpncs of Sl.
Otir No*, 2 CoUrrtioTI rr>et*tin<! 16 yaeteU of Vesetablo Seeds and otm
"•Tfflck-ttWi'tl'liiT^nFlnwrrFrcdMlsttiiTe.   Prepaid for 60 cents,
Dn* No. 3 Oollectlnn oontahu s pacitts of Vegetahte Seeds for :sc.
ur No. 4 Colled inn co-itair.Rio pseketa or Fletrer Seed? forSi.
fNo, 5CollcctioueontoitiaMrftcketrofFlo*n*erSeEd!iforwc
r No. O ColloctioUcotitalns 10 packets of Flower Sec-rls for 25c.
F Allpostwiidon reelpt ofp:lee   Forrariutti-sin shove eollecUonfl see our Hflndwfce Uliil-
trated ■CiUlogueeontatnlnitothirerc.'itofier?.   Mailed free to an**- BilUresg.
R, ALSTON, Royal Greenhouse & M Establishment, WINNIPEG.M AN
f6r the ofltoe of presl-deut, Mr. F. W
Thoinpsuij sflooudiuR* l'lw mover spoko
'of the versatility, eloquence and ability
of Mr. Audrews, nnd referred to the
honors thut hud beeu eouferred upon
him by tho -.dty., Mr. Andrews was
utiiuiiiiiou-ly elcftfd, nnd in raking tin
chuir, ox^resKRtt Iiih nppreolation of the
honor, itud especially nf the nomination
us mude hy n geutleniun with whom In-
had been itsKi'-iiiii-il on the honrrl foi
seven years.
The president nominated Mr. ti. W,
Thompson ns vice president, Mr. Maul
sou seconding. This election was also
mi uiimoun, Mr Thompson in ucknow
ledgiiiK said he hud no doubt that with
so energetic tt president tlio 80th cen*
tnry OAhibittoti would be a success,
NotwithstuiuliiiK his own recently increased labors ho would devote ull the
timo he iKissildy oould lo the exhibition,
Uu motion of Mr. Smith, Messrs
Hiiniiliou, Maulsin uudThopmsouwere
uppointed it special committee to strike
tbo FtAtldlllg couunittecs. Un report,
of ihis uub committee, the bonrd elected
the following, the chairman being sub-
-fiHi[iieiitly chosen hy the soveral committees, these retiring one by one for
the purpose
Finance—Daniel Smith, chairman;
D. K. Sprague, H. II. Agur, Aid. Bur-
clay, F. W. Thompson, (Ioo. Gait, S.
Uronnds and bnirrlings—Wm. Brydon, chairman, D. Smith, J. A r but linm, J. T. Gordon, I. M. Ross, F. W.
Drewry. representative of the Dairy us-
Kociation, uud Aid Burcluy
AI tract ions--Geo. Gait, chairniiiu*
F. W. Drewry, J. A. Mitchell, I. M.
Hon.-*, representative of tho Horse
Breeders' association; L. A. Hamilton
and F. W. Thompson.
Ppintin-» and advertising—G. J.
Maulsou, chairman; T. W. Tuylor, A.
B. Stovel, Wm. Brydon. G. H, Greig
unl Aid. Spoil**
Prize list—L. A. Hamilton, chairman; G. H. Greig, A. B. Stovel, Aid.
Speirs, S. Nairn; representatives ot
Horse Breeder.-, Sheep und Swine and
Pure Bred Cattle Dealers' associations,
and T. G. Gordon.
Gates and tickets—G. K. Sprugue,
chairman; K. H. Agar, Geo. .1. Maul-
son, J. A. Mitchell, J, Arbuthnot and
S, W. Taylor.
Only a Woman's Storj
N-arvoim  l*rontralliui — llvm-l  W-eakiieiH—
A-Konlzlng 1'iihiH mul Allaery, Sm-li u
\\ oiiieu AIiiiih lviiiliiio, .Mmli- tlie Life
nt Mrs. Tlu>uian Meur-t a ltiii'dtn.
Just a woman's story.
Not strange because it happens every
daj; not romantic, or thrilling, bnt
just a story of misery and suffering
each as, unfortunately, too many women endure in silence.
For several years Mrs. Thomas
Sears, of St. Catharines, felt* her illness gradually but sorely gaining a
firmer bold upon her system, and ultimately she almost despaired of recovery. To u reporter who called upon
her, Mrs. Sears *aid:
"What I have sutTered is almost beyond description. My illness has been
gradually growing upon me, and eighteen months ngo I found myself almost
helpless. My nerves were shattered,
my heart weak and my entire t-ystent
seemingly brokeu down. I had uo rest
night or day; the little sleep I did get
did not refresh me. I was in constant
agony, and only a woman can understand what I endured as I tried to do
my household work. Any j-uddou noise
would frighten me and leave me in a
conditiou bordering on collapse. At
times I experienced attacks of vertigo,
and these seemed lor a time to affect
my memory. the'Ieast exertion would
leave me ulmost breathless, uud my
heart -would palpitate violently. I had
no desire for food of uny kind, aud yet
I had to force myself toeat tomaintain
life. I treated wilh three dilfcrent
doctors and spent much money In this
way, bat without avail, and I was in
a conditiou bordering on despair. 1 was
urged to try Dr. Willinm*' Pink Pills,
and in December, 1M'\ 1 consented to
do so. I flrst got fonr boxes uud noticed a change for tho better aftor 1 had
finished the second box. When the four
boxes were finished thero was a great
change for tbe better, and I then pro
onred another half dozen boxes. Before these were all used I was again enjoying tbe blessing of good health.
There can be no doubt of my euro because months bave parsed since I discontinued taking Dr. Williams' Pink
Pills, and during that time I havo never felt tbe slightest symptom of the
trouble, and I cheerfully and strongly
urge other women who arc sofferiugto
ute this wonderful medicine, feeling
sure that it will care them, as ir did
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills are a sp.-ci-
fio for all forms of WFukuess. The
blood is vitalized, tho nervous system
it* reorganized, irregularitiu-t are ear-
reated.s trength returns and disease disappears. So remarkable havo been the
carts performed hy these little pills
that their famo hus spread to tbe far
ends of civilization. Wherever you go
you will find tbe most Important artiole
ln evory drug store to be Dr. Wllli-Mni'
Pink Pills.
.n iiiufuctimii i,\ inns, i.i i -., win ul peg,
limit** ii 1'olk-v Haw tn luitir*it.
Tiilie On.- Oul  NOW,
Hares, Robinson & Black, Managers.
is ci-r Dlakton, Ant-it for »iim.
hiitl N. W,T.
—          IVINNilKH,  MAN.
- - TbeUbrari •»
SOUtll Africa   ' "" '* -*" '-  -
Dwljrht i.. Uog_,	
PUlton,    h   :      ■   :      ,  Vf-OrkliDd    '»..i.f'.u.f
.-■--•      . ,,.1-ijtiof oiJ mil
I tl.« b " ki.,IT:r-l for iftit*.    I'r.o
l-uiM < xtm li!- iM  ProfWrion
I  0f w. —.1 1	
I fun.I
ra, down.
.ni*.ui | r«-
.......... „.,„ U1„„,u.n   rmru.ni,  Willinm
Brlff-csiUtUi   iii it ok & Pob. Hotue,Tor»to
,„,'■„„   ,,.„ U.H.M II.Cnffe-Bt
Ii iijopti r« of (,i..(*. r.i- hAtit h, K_tnwU
WItieilS  HiiiulltiMi. Out. l-s.J. It.sptcti
Grain, Provisions and Stocks;
I'rlv.i u  Wife ConueclInn wl h a 1  l.eadloi
Murhi-l-v (iniiii mnlSi'ourlties Iiimvlil.Soliltitiii i
Crrli-dni Murg n-t.   ('   nsi-ondemwaoUoIt-od
Private Cypher Code Furnuood upon ai»i>u »
148 Princess St., Winnipeg, Man.
i\ o. d it aw Kit taai.
red cross  bib And
Arc. positively Buomntwd Pure Qarana
niter, und will please the most
fastldloui smoker.
Do Not
Pay Cash^
If you hava payments lem than fe-o to
make at any Dominion Landti Offico nud us
thi- amount, less -U |wr rem..and w-o will
mako tlio -payment nnd return the I^ind
Ofllce receipt lo yon, Write f.-r prices tur
luu;*- payment-i.
The yearly Increase ol sales proves an
iiPI'riviui.v,* publk,     M-ttiu-
fiK-turt-d i oly by
GEO. F.  BRYAN  & CO.,
Catholic Prayer ]'?*;„?::£.":
ii lur-, Ktlhrtoia l'i* :r.n » M«tu.ii*,.niiilrtiun'b
Onrnmi at*. (Cducatioaal Wi rk- Uft]. i nl.-rsrc-
eeln [aompintteniiou p. i J SrtltrJtOl.,lMtm]
*>ii.iiin-:ii. free Hu*. Am.
, P, ti.w up. i-:. p. ti o.i t*.
I'mvlim Thnt n Little I.earntiiK I* n
DniiKi-ruiiH '111 I iih.
When thu niliiisiui- toils u hii^i-li
iiml laughs ns heartily as nny auditor,
there (■nn bo no secret aboul it. And
tills Is whut In: tolls:
"I became vory much Interested lo
services Tor the tloat nud dumb. After
I had talked and preached sevu-ral
times with the aid of nn Interpreter I
thought that It' 1 acquired ilu- sign Lin
gungo of these interesting peoplo I
could get closer to Ihem nml do ihem
much good. I gave myself over loo
completely io the undertaking. I stnd
led nud practiced ou Anger movements.
facial contortions nnd corporeal genu
flection when I should have been doing
something else. I would lie nwake
ihlnkiug of this silent language nud
then drop Into fantastic dreams abont
"A friend from auolher ciiy wrote
me of n man who tvns couitug i" Detroit nud would call me up by phone to
arrange fnr a conference of mutual interest. There wns a ring just nt tbe
Ilmo I expected, 1 answered, nud the
usual question for IdeutlflCfltlon wns
asked. Inside of n minute lie wns say-
in-,' harsh thlugs. nml beforo two expired lie hung up Ihe receiver with a
thunderous bang.
"I stormed nbout my study for a
lime. He had said I tin t I was either
nn Idiot or uo gentleman. I had snid
worse things tlmn that and plainly iold
hlin that lie would have to suiter t:p ho-
fore I could consent to talk with him.
."Suddenly I broke out witli a laugh
(lint clings to me yet The whole
blessed time afler telling liim whn I
wus I hnd danced around thnt telephone, mnhiug my lingers tly, twisting
my face nut of BhflpO nnd making
signs. Not n word hnd I uttered."—
Detroit Free Press.	
■"■niii-'* l'<i|iiilnrlt>.
'•Whnt a favorite Id society littlo
Sndle Singleton Is—with the men, 1
menu! Vet she Isn't pretty, and her
figure Is Imd. I BiippoSo they like her
because her disposition is ho Ion ly."
"J,ovoly llddtesth-kx! They like In-i
becnuso hunu-liody ntni'icd tin* siory
thnt she is the favorite niece ol u child
less old uncle with a mink lull of cop
per slocks,"—Cleveland l'lnln Dealer
A   lal'llllllll'   IHll'lilli'li.
"I know what yon wnnt. Mt Rpoon-
ninore." said Johnny, "Vou wnnt to
kiss Mnl'i-I."
On which account the sorely tried
young woman dared not send the impudent youngster out ot the room.—
rhlcn*io Trlliunc
"Gent'em-*!].--) mv« noch i>lri>*tire in reeoin-
owiiilit-i.- your Marf-Ml CremuotrC ceetwudi
[piin-i-Moi Iran yon. It d tf. ii* work well
and U yerfertly od r en wben la u*-* .)t-bii.n)ltu
■*ui. Mfknity ran afford U> be Vilbool It u
ItUlMluwESdfie to b-Mltb, tnd It is -Tith a
*~. —I duly I certify \- III cr-^it ii't-fulntai,—
V-uurslruh. 1>K li  <  THOHPSOX."
llumliclJ vf lAhi-n iih-j tia-ie itfed ttiii cloMI
wid tyfi ty t • l .t- ai«jv .
II -.MIlliiN. UNT.
W. N. D. 260.
Gar lamp*. IVacona*, Bahrain, Ulndmlha!
*r.    COCK*sHUIT   PLOW   CO..  Wia  .peg.
\ pen ■ .:.i la tbebeaal is ut diet n
etna tuthh ol *ii ■ a-':*r «cfa
of a deadly tnca-nr. Ht-vi th»- wamluir L»
ft - :* ■-:    .. ■  and me
CaUirh of   ll.itel ami Throat    Th*
hf-ad ai^d thf.tt le-<,:•..   <l.*r*»..-»I from n< k*
d ' iu.-ing eatarrfa whwi Ihtcw-
altloa nl  the   bt-oxl  ptidiii-fiiv-s   to thu
i atitrrii ui th- Motn-t'ii. Thli O rdi-
t:i.;i may n-iulT tr-im t*-vtr,l mhw-i, l.ut
llie usual ■.■.■.-■ la Cmlmrrh, th- -tiui-iu
-tr^.n-ji-f ilowij Into tti*: ihr'st, .ind Mbi;
k wallowed.
Catarrh «l lin.i . ),■ ,i TiiIj^., Tin
oonitltlo-i otun rF->ulif frmn Catanh ■ \-
i.ndnK lr-,iu tbe li-*U 10 throat. If lett
unch"cacil ■* Uteudl ilown th« wintlpji-t
lino bronchial U/i-- ami :n tlm*- -itucki
ih* Itiiitr-.
IMM VN * ATABRH (IKK j<nUirntv
and n-rinaniiitlv ean* ovary form oi thin
iii-iM-'n K-ul-ieaae, li ts iafe and ffl-wttuil
r..i,t.ii>i. no poi'o.ionx (put.*.  *-oi't every*
Aak yonrdi > *■ for It err -^n'ldlrwi to
in.   nCDIAX  (  -il.tltltll  (TIIK CO..
I tu Kt. Ja-m-m Ht;, Hontmil,
.1 ■II'-   M.'-I.o     i- ( ., , I'llOHHIITOHfi.
\i rlti   :**r Mtnp'e Uix.   Price, Ino per faosi
-, ir-.xt-t fi,r OM. j,*,at [aid.
:,.- tbnt JOHN HI8LOF lion -ve--rmtk-
ig«,    itatlte  Simple  Ims   n>, |,n.»ald,
uiiriiah to prore v.-fajt the remtrly van do
•viiii for it.
t'tlereu u Hone Laugh.
J3fi_l M '■■■-.■
^Ofe*8»,'"" '* ':*%.'.
iAmU •*«¥/'.■
"(-uy, iiiri't ynu l!„' i<.;mh*iit who
I: l|ml liu- v:|i n »ll'i*|i . Ill wln-n I »ii»
oul   niii,   i.iv   nllluiiinbllii   il,,-  "iIht
"All rlRlil. I'll -ii"'i your Imlky [mi-He
'.)!• you I y |,i -lilus il,.- woxutl up
i.nliihi Iilm witli my nciloiiiiihllf  Timo
Serious Conditions that Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills can
Readily Cure.
Out of tho Indications of serioui heart
trouble ia tho hcu5»tu.*ii o/ w-Mkneii or
fui nt iifiB that OOmM on at times.
|    .S-jijietiniea It Ib himply a diz*?y f-r-elkiff
I tlmt panel off, or It mny ben ittteof tm-
insolounsil with haiid-t and feet cold
and cotinti-niuce
ghutiy p»li*.
Tht-M- h y m p •
toms  iiidii-iiu-   n
weekmed heart.
They an; un;ni**-
ol the engine of
lifo breaking
Now thoro's
only one reliable
roun-dy for i -*oritij* Btrcngtb and vitality
to weakened heard and relieving all iho
distressing t>ympto*JiH. It is Milburn'a
Hen rt aud Non*u Pills.
Tho case of Mrs. A. Stratton, Frederic-
ion, N.B., amply provea thla. Hore Ii
"I Hoffeied v-f>ry tniich from an lm-
povt-rishi-d condition of the blood, coupled
witli extreme iiervoiit-.iieg*. A dizzy Hen-
witi'iu on arising quickly or coming down
stain, often tronbled mej and my breatb
»ai ho nhort thnt I could not wnlk uji
staira. The leant exertion canned my
lifntt to flutter and palpitate violently,
and I soiw-titnt'S felt n smothering sen-
snlion on poiiiK to bleep.
I doftnrod book and forth for my weakness, but I got no relief from auy medicine
until I tried Milliurn'n Heart tuid Nerve
I'lllx. end 1 can any that they helped nm
wondorfiilly. SometlmeM my face nnd
nrmti wonld nwidl and pulf, but all Uieee
Ironblea ipcodily yielded to tbe restoring
in (lite in*'*-' " MUburn'fl Heart and Nurve
I'ilU, im       m,i now strong and well.   1
did not in long until I regained tbe
Idt-sning ot l.iiilihful, refreshing el«ep and
it will always b« ■ plaasur* to me to
roaoramend tbem to otbirs." 0
.-v i   I. O'o.r.  Key Ui> Loiim-
jKrfeS   No. 'i     Mufl!.i'htj-HI-
fi»-, ;>., -ViJ day iilnlit ill llielr hull mi
" llnkoi street.   .s„i„iuiilii*
(1,1,1 Fellowa uonltully Invltotl.
Jnirn-a Urcer,     .1. I'. I'ink.    A. L. Mellfrniot
.-..,;. V, U, Beu'y.
Books, etc.
Beattie's Drug Store,
Post Office Building.
V •*•■*"♦•»-» W*>»»»TV V»-F'
♦ ••wniiVT^
Picket)  Up About lhc City   by  Asking
Ouestiuns of Many People.
if l-oi t Steele,  was in
s able  tn be nut flgnitl
Pound—A miners* \voikinn card, cull
a this office.
K.J. HtKby
town Tuesday,
Prank Rankin i:
after bis sfclt spell.
W T- Reid, of Moyie, was a Crat-
brook visitor Friday.
A nice assort nu* n l ol It. C. souvenirs
nt Tale's jewelry store.
Remember Hill Sz Cu.'s liis sale of the
flla^s & Hughea1 slock.
There will be -jn-iit bargains at Hill &
Co.'s in ilie Muvus & Hughes' stock.
Hrown Leghorn oggfi fur Betllllg from
■prize slock. 1'. McConnell.
Mrs. Leigh Miinsfie'.l and Mis. Ilatley
of Moyie. were shopping in Cniubiook
M. Brandenburg, ihe well-known Kalispell freighter, was iu Happy Cranbiook
this week.
Mosquitoes ntul other spring birds arc
piping and  trilling llieir  Uinelul   notes
tiny and uight.
Editor and Mrs.Onice, or Fort HleL-le,
were welcome collets ttt the Herald office Saiuiilay last,
Alex Carr left for Seattle Monday
where be will remain until he is reatly
tu lall for Cape Nome.
Charles Kstiuete, ihe embryo millionaire o'f Kimberly, accompanied by Mrs.
Estmere, was in town this week.
I). V. Mott, the Fertile lumbermen,
was in the metropolis of Southeast Koo-
tenay Tuesday, a guest of tbe Cranbrook
Sam Mitchell of tie Mllcltell restaurant, has leased it lo Wilson and Hurry
Squires, who will hereafter conduct the
Jack Spellmati, for so long dispenser
Of itlsplrntiotl III the Cosmopolitan barroom, haa departed for his uld home in
(1. II. Gilpin has displayed n good
Streak of enterprise in expending the
Hiker hill sidewalk  to  lhe corner of his
A. McLean and F. A. Mead, the well-
known McLeodstockmen, weie in tuwn
this week iu connection with their business interests,
Iliuebells ond other aprlng (lowers are
blossoming on the hillsides ailjoitilug
the pim-apple belt of Britisb Columbia—
Hint's Cranbrook.
Hill St Co. will give the people cf
Moyie au I Cranbrook nn eje-openei on
prices in disposing of llieir purchiiae of
the Ma«ns & IIuhIil-s' stock.
May 34th the Ladies' Aid society of
the Methodist church »ill give an enter-
toinuient, for which au appropriate and
entertaining program is being arranged
J. l-\  Joyce nud W,   It. Stone passed
two dnys hi Proctor, recently, bunting
and fiBblllg. Mr. Stone COIIght o silver
itout measuring 31 inches itud weighing
I0# lbs.
Dr. King is reported ill nt St, Eugene
Mission. Ilia many friends hope his attack will not prove serious, and thai a
il iy or two at lhe most will sec hitn about
Ills duties, Hr, Green made his trip to
Norlh Star today.
R. C, Ward, a well known Fernie
druggist is assisting .Mr. Beattie while
the hitler is engaged in stock taking
p -eparatory to enlarging Ins store and
making room for a car-load ol quinine
and other cosmetics.
Pl-jper & Currie are receiving the
largest and most up-to-date stock ol
wall papers, mouldings and decorations
ever brought 10 East Kootenay, When
the shipment is complete the boys will
hnve over 10,000 rolls of wall paper in
ti. W, Morrow aud wife returned this
week from Winnipeg, where Mr. Morrow has I nt n most of Die winter. Mr.
Monow lias resigned Ins position with
the C. IV li. ami is now associated with
M. Mclnnes .V Co. at thelt head office iu
iLis city.
Ernie Browu is in u pickle; he txpecla
Ills mother here to reside, soon, and can
find no place u> put ber. Despite tbe
fact that a large number ol men are busily engBged erecting various kinds of
buildiugK, not a tenement cau be found
in the town.
"Sally" MeKenzie has Conductor Becker's run 011 Uie passenger train wine
that gentlemnu is attending the trial 1 f
Sanderson, ill Nelson, who is churgtd
with Bleating the express package at the
wreck near Creston,—Liter: Sanderson
has been acquitted,
Thomas Forrest, of the Forrest hotel,
with his usual public splilted enterprise,
has placed a large light at the east end
ofthe hotel, which Will nol only be up-
predated by the palrotia of the house,
litil by all whose business calls llieut to-
ward tbat end of the street 011 thesu
darl; nlghta,
Norman McConnell was playfully tub-
blng the back of a cayuse last Tuesday ;
the animal, thinking one good turn deserved another, grabbed a goud mouth*
Jul of Frank's leg, just below lhe thigh;
urUmately he lei go before separating Lt
.ml Frank, but left severe contusions.
Junes Kerrigan has i.e..pud tbe local
igeucytnr tin* Imperial md American
Oil Companies aud can sell von gallon
o.- car-toad lots. His new hottling wo 1 s
ate about completed and he will soon be
prepared to furnish you bottled ale or
beer in any amount i-vnolul.
Parents, wa*cli yonr cbtldreu closely
regarding building tires 011 the streets er
walks. A few days ago small children
built a fire within three leet of tt Durick
nvenue house.    Hut fur passtia by ex-
ili» iuyuuurst'oli oi a cuii'Hnytutlou
Wuuld I.*-.*.* become ,1 ceitalnl* .
A numbtfi nl' the laihoid boya nre
f.eling a little soie ovei Hi- fact ibai
railtoa.l men from ibe vast me coming
ni ami taking liivii placet, The buys
here have had Lhe huid knocks during
an*l  since 1 liu liu.i, nud don't take
kindly 10 the fict of bvlttg supplatiteil
now bv othei men from the cast.
Duritii! ilu* perfontiauce ofthe Colum
bia Cometly Compuuy nt Fo icsi hail
tonight, the well known S uueis faiulb
will introduce ilo it heanttl il mttsical
bltigiug ami dmicing sped tliiea No um
should in ss this bin aitiflciion ns ii is
v *y s-1 loin Cinubrooli 1-, visited l.y a
stau 1.11*1 uimpntiy, plnjiii^ mi y the big
,ily M^vs-is.
A citizen of Criinhronk who ha had
considerable to dn *wi imnslid shows,
mnl who has seen ibe best mlustiels
traveling lor tin,- pusl i.*; venra, ttilne sell
a rehearsal of ihe H mm RHuatre'fi one
lilglil this week, ami says lhat lhe peo
pie of Uits town will have an oppoHnn-
ily lo see something unusually good
when lhat show is put on.
Brer's Simpson and Beattie were Ht
Port Steele yeslerdny, Un ihu waj
home lhe horses and ih- .liiveis had a
falling out—invwa) ihey didn't do bus-
nessiiH one oui lit any longer. The buys,
just to show ihat lhey went 110 tender-
leet, walked -.even miles Into town, nm1
\i_ hours ahead of the horses' arrival
The blaeksiiilib and wheelwilght's bill
will he presented in due lime.
Mr. Theis, of Ihe Fort Sleele Mi-rcmi
tile Cpmpaiiy has been lliixi d ti]i with ti
number ot very foituiifttfeiiiliilr.g miko
the last few munihs, un botli sides t,I ilu
line. A reporlei lor the lu-iahl, commenting on ihe fact 10 Mr. Jake Fhfk,
wiistuUl a little story heanng upon Mr
Theis' goed luck. It is a good slot)
and for lear of spoiling il in Hie Icllltm,
we rider the reuder tu Jake.
Sllpt Biitlsail, oi the Sullivan mines,
wns down from Kimberly Tuesday
It is an apparent fact tllfll Mr. UiliUrll
is the tight mnn in the right place, pos
sensing the ability to cope with the somewhat peculiar conditions existing in the
Sii.livan. That the Sullivan will be an
extensive shipper iu the near future is
Apparent, A more extended liotiee ol
this line properly will he made soon.
If, mi some bright pleusnnl day in the
future yuu chance lo notice Sam .Morrow
strolling down the boulevard wearing
-with other things n proud mid scorning
air capped wilh a bcauliliil $7 jjoStetson
hat, you may know tlmt Al McDeimotl,
the broad guage consttucled accountant
forthe Fori Sleetu Mercantile Co. b -light
il for biui. lt was 11 btt on Ibe amount
of the company's business for March,
which was f 1,000 longer tn tlu* gjotl than
e ver.
Mrs. Fied Simpson and mother, Mrs
Phelps, leave here with Mr. Simpson on
his departure tor Cape Nome. Tin- futnlly will travel together as far asSpokttlie,
whence the ladles will depart Jot thelt
old home in Ctlpple Cteek, Colorado,
U. S A., biding Mr, Simpson's return.
Tlielad.es have endeared themselves to
Cranbiook society dm iny Iheir hriel
re-fidence lure and iheir return tu this
city in llle near Inline is nu event sin
cerely hoped fur.
.lltlon, mid well groomed)    Therefore,
if 011 Eonie warm, dusty afternoon, when
the dust is ankle-deep and the suu blazing, you should c. mice to see a balloon-
shaped dust-wbbl tearing down the road
like a Dakota cyclone breathing forth
sulphurous odors mid invocations, witb
i dazzling bright, globular spot In the
cett'et resembltug a searchlight, calm
yonr ferns ntul be not a)nrtucd. The
shtulng spol will prove to be " Baldy'a"
cranium, the sulplnuous smell will arise
from his admonitions while giving the
quirt and spur to a bucking wheel.
That Tli rubbing Headache
Would quickly leave you if jou used
Dr. Kind's New Life Fills. Tnonsands
of suiTcit-rs have proved their matchless
merit for sick mid nervous headaches.
They make pure blond and build up
ynu health, Only 230, Money back
il not cured-   Sold hy Beattie, tbe drug-
New Business Firm.
I    Wilson and  Harry Squires have sue-
e 'piled Sam Mil -bell in the management
01' the Mitclu-ll restaurant, «*«st ol tin
,1 p-il.    The Srjuires are hustlers  from
Hustlerville, in  (leithere county, and
will give jou a feed for your money that
1 will bring you back to their tabltsnext
No News ot Barker.
Although inquliiea hnve continued,
yet nu news Ins been secured relating to
lhe mysletifjiis disappenrnnce of W. W.
Barker, construction innjiager on the
tramway at tiie North Stnr mine. Then-
are various theories ndvnnced, hut up tc
the present lime there is nothing definite upon which to base an opinion.
lit Si u
A hd
inlo on .Mark eroak, In tlm Mining Division
h i-iiist Kootenay-
■ notice llial I. Jnnies Hyan, Free Miner's
elite Nn II D7U1 Intend, OUittt)S from th,
I'liiil, to ttllflly In tin*  Miuln:; ltcuuriler
'citllirn-o (if mi, riivi'iiii'ii'H, for tie pu
if ubtalniiig tt Crotrit Utaut or the above
fun Imr lake nollco I lint notion, under
■.7. must iiiH-.iiiiiin!iuii*ii before the u-.ii-
■f such Certllloate at liuprovetneiiti,
Mtii day or .tlnroli, 1110:1.
N.iti.c is hoivby Riven tlmt on the etb day of
Varth, uuw. it whs nrdoreil by J. a. Porin,
KSij., Jlltliie nf tae saiil court, Hint James Per-jii-
ski Armstrong, olllclnl nilinlnlstriitor ot the
cniinty of Koot.-imy, be administrator b an aid
siiiRiiliir iiietdiiiis, clmtiels ami orertlt of wil-
ll.un-milli Iti-lil. uf (raiiliiiHik, ratlwny con-
Iniotnv, deoi'ttsed, imHi wtti tinnnxud.
Kvery iicisnu m'etiteil losjilddecensi-il Is re-
iuiIm'iI to make imymeiit forlhwlth to the under-
. very netsau Imvln-i in imss-sslni effects lis-
lotifiliit 11 the deeeiised is rmjiilrcd forthwith to
ni ify Dm iui-ii'i*-,ii*niii, Kvi-ry creditor cr
ober lu-.snti luiviiig nny claim upon, 01
nti'ii'-i ui tie dfstrllnitl 111 nt the le.snaal
isiate nt tin* mild deceased, Is required
iv.lliln     lllrty  days  nf   t'il«   itnte.   to   -wad
in* rejtl-iieri'il I* tier ailitieised lo the under
signed. Ids iiniiie ami uildress. aad the ful par-
ticu'ais „f |i|. 11, lm ni* luteten, and h siateuieut
•it lilt iiiciiiini. ami tiio nature of the security (in
nnyi held by hlm.
After tlio explrutl n ofthe said thirty days,
ttio Administrator will proceed with tbe diitrl-
iniiii u of the oiinte,  Imvhig regard to thoic
•■'uliii* only of win. Ii lie shall have had nntlce,
ited at l"ori Med.*, this {Mill day ot March,
1-J j J
OJllcl il Aitminhtrntor.
ll Pays 10 Trade at Beadle's,
U you wish to get abend in the uoihl
you must join the procersion; but don't
siny in iis tear—take the lead, A Mc-
ilurney-Beattie wheel will put you theie.
tt., li, Beattie, av'eut. Craubrook.
Thc Bicycle Season.
The bicycle season is on us, although
this lime of the year is generally more
of thc tobogganing or skating kind.
The bids mid lassies and many maimer
people me Beeklng tu improve me opportunity of learning bow to rein a hord-
bitted bicycle or Mul: to a fiery, untamed wheel ihat isjusi heglnniiigtogei
frisky on the new Krnes, and bua intermittent attacks of bucking or attending
quietly lo hiislncsi.
Among the elder people who ate seeking to become experts, it is reported,
is our stout Meml, City Morahul Mo-rift.
It la aald that he hasaeruted a first-clunk
wheel, which In* is keeping iu hij.li con-
"Mnatoilon Oui 1 an I topper Company."
I llcicliy Celt ry that I have this day registered the "MiistoiInn Ould ami Cop)Wr Ciimpniiy"
i.s nu I'Mra I rovlnclal Comiuiiiy under the
•'t'liiupail ei Acl, l.iu7*\ 11 curry out or eUcct all
nr any of tllO objects lieielnnfter set firth to
v,l\ eli the Legislative Aiitlinrity of the Leginlii.
tn e nf iiritlsii Columbia extend.
'I'lielicndufllaeof tne Comp.iDy Is situated In
the City of Spokane, In the County of s-iokune,
In Um -it ite ni Washington.
The amount af the Capital of tha Company Is
Two Hundred Thousand Dollnis. divided into
Two llun rid thousand shares or One Dollar
e,., ii. * ,-_,,
Tlio h--ni ollice of te Comiianv In this Province is situated in ciiuiiirimk, lu tbe Province
nr Hi 1 lali Columbia and J. II. Taylor, whom*
address is Criinlirook, Port Hieelo Mining Divl-
sion of ine Dlstilot of Hast Kootenay, British
1 oliiiiili a, Is tlio attor e,* lur tlmi(iiii|iauy.
llut lime of ih- existence of ibe Company Is
ilflj years.
Tliu ulijeeis f >r whleli tho c»iti]iany has imen
nstiilillslicti ttrei Mining, milling and smelting
l>iir|h>sisi for building, oipil|iplngnni| managitiK
mter fluncsjfortlio luillilliig, equipping ami
dpenillllg electric u'lintB; for tlio liulldlug and
running of ntllroails, ami for the eiisfaglng in all
such bushiest iu roltitloii with nr Incident to
milling, i-illll -g und smell lug, In Ilia Stute of
Washington, Unit-d Wales or America, British
Colmiltilit and elseivliere.
11IVRN Ier ui)* hand and Heal ofORlce at
Vlib na, Province of lirttsh cnlumhht, tills
ilay  of  .March,  one   tliniiHiind   nine
:hl il
pegNtrar uf Joint Stock Contpanln
...Reserved for...
I Leask & Rankin
i$E Particulars next week.
Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce
Cnnie-j complete lines of
Dry Goods, Hen's Furnishings,
House Furnishings, Hardware,
Crockery, Groceries and
Lines complete in all departments.
dt dt Special Notice, dt dt
Having recently received a car load of furniture wc arc in a
position to supply any demand.
KimberTey is Relieved
.  From Litigation.
A Great
American Oil Co.
Imperial Oil Co.
The pn! lie nre requested tn see Hi, y
an- tltppllei) with Coul Oi! „f Use I'u.-i
t>r,,i\v.    "I.   A   !'."  Amcrifiui   Oil  en rl
p. uy's p.uiliic*, in superior to auy other
hr.111,1   ill  III ■   III,lllll.    -fo 1>„ luul fiuiu
nil ntore. in Ciuubiouk nml Eaat l<n„te
James ICerrlgttn & Co.
Ituportcra nn,I
SellhiK Au 1
I'lniiiimiik, II. C,
As KIMBERLEY is bound to be the MINING TOWN
OF EAST KOOTENAY, being situated in the center of the
strongest mineral zone in British Columbia, containing such
mines as the North Star, Sullivan, Quantrell, Buckhorn, Stem-
winder, Black Bear, Kootenay Consolidated, etc. Now is the
time to purchase lots, as there are only a few left, and as thc
C. P. R railway arrived in town this week, a rush for lots will
leave somebody in the cold.
Bu?bSXu,yb0„f^• Lots from $125=$400
App'y    Fort Steele Development Syndicate,
; <f.*■•.,*.^-fiT ;i*iV)iii^(|im*)iipint>*M"[*.
B     Planing Mill
Ii **"*
ll «>iu Sash and ::
SS     Door Factory
N. A. Wallinger, Mgr.
Fort Steele, B. C.
Heated by hot air throughout.
The dining room Is lirst class.
Every convenience tor travelers.
Hotel S S
E. H. SMALL- Proprietor.
The best oi liquors nl the bnr.
All the rooms neatly furnished.
Rates, $2.00 per day.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kuids.
•Jyrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons,   The most
economical way to handle it.
...Mnnufnclurers of...
Sash   ja Doors „* Mouldings
.■*   Frames   jt
Band Sawing   jt Turning
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Br ker
llnck'Renr... 3}{c   Iim pi re  9*.'
Kimberley ConsoUilntetl, top
Kimberley, R. C
Via Crnnbrook
New Stand
■ New Skylight
New Scenery
Better Work
Picture fromes in slock. Sizes
always on hand, and a good
stock oi moulding to make any
size.   Giv; us a call,
Prest & Co.,'
fJFflire. ilut-rs t-.ist of l'ostoflice.
CRANBROOK,    -    B. C.
Olllclal Watch Inspector lor C. P. I).
But to have it pay
properly, you must
get the value of your
money in paper, and
then have tne pper
put on by workmen
who understand their
business. Any man
can paper a room and
any man can cut a
head of hair. But,
the question arises,
how will it be done?
Do you want your
paper to wrinkle? Do
you want a botch job
No, of course you
u'on'c. You want
good work. When
you are ready, see
Pieper & Currie
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Better Subscribe 1   $2.00.
-1 <» 1 <» !-•• 1 > 1 .-I* x- \-- |»ifu.|*i*i.;.r.i r-?.r*R>j>rr" *r<j.rrr«,i"«r.*r«'i*7.*r*r*F*L-«,L*r-*r-*T*''*r.» • l • i
K>-i-a®Hs>--*->KsH!HS-®-^ ®-®-®-®--®2^-iSH®-<iH.)-<t>- If
G. Ii Miner
The Pioneer
You will find a large stock of
Of all kinds.   Now is the time to PAINT  YOUR HOMES.    We
have got the pain! to do it with.
BICYCLES in stock and more coming.
ROOFING TIN and paintc' metal.
All work In tin shop first-cl.v,; and promptly attended to.
Cranbrook and flpyle.
CD A MRDHni^ l5 the divisional point of the Crows g
K*/IV-^i 1 L>KXfyJIV Nest Pass Railroad. %
■T?t*^ltlht#n-nl^'  ^as a l0,!!Sta" round house, large machine Si
wr«*IIl/I UUIV shops, expensive railroad buildings and ex- W
tensive railroad yards. ill
Cranbrook Is t*he natural and commercial center of South East Jib
Cranbrook 's the headquarters for wholesale houses and corpora- j
tions of South East Kootenay. '
Cranbrook Is the best starting point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after T„,|
week. M
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors, -$
manufacturers and investors.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
B. C. LAND INVESTMENT, AGENCY,      C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
int^i)^!^^ « ®-4i-®-®-isi-®-®-®-®-® ®-®-®--® ®-®-®-®x®i,\


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