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Cranbrook Herald Dec 4, 1902

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Head Office. Toronto.
Hon. Gko, a. Cox, Prcattleut. il. is. Wai.kkh, Gen. M«»-
Palil lip   Capital
Tatal Re.aurceB
.   WIIHI.IHIII llll
Deposits Received,   (icncral Blinking Business Transacted.
SAVINUS RANK DUMB HUNT   Dcoo.ll. Received   Interest Allowed.
Listen to This
When you buy a Chrismas
present buy something that
will prove of lasting benefit.
The best place to do this is
at Gilpin's. He has the
largest stock of Furniture
in East Kootenay.
Car load of apples just arrived.
BS Nine boys out of ten have a greater jov in the ownership of >^
M their first watch than of any single thing that comes into their Of
fi possession.    Even the first pair of red topped boots or the first 0
J£**i pair of suspenders does not excite quite the  same rapture in ( )
H them.   If your boy is a good boy he deserves watch-ing.   We pj
H have watches at all prices.   Try us and perhaps our prices witf r\
ss interest you. p"
accounts lor our big sales
in this line. A few left
yet.   Conic and sec.
fKSiitotototototoi t t>t*>tof>totototo4><tr<£*Jfiit
thi: proof or the pudding   '%
Is the citing o' It.
"*^ ATM. .1.    ..    Cl.       J J. J
ORANGE     25
CITRON       ,.
LEMON        O
Whole or Shredded X
Best quality imported fresh  J
to — " ~ """"" "~ 0.
i**N  Best and cleanest ol (. I. .ni Oinr.ints, purest ol Spices and Es-  JtA
^ sences, new Dates, Haling and Cooking Figs, j£
%        G. T. ROGERS'        $
Fancy antl Staple Grocery and Crockery Store
~®-®-®-®-® st-®-®-®-®-®- ^.•^i|-^^®-®~®-<!>-®--®-®^^®-®-®-®-a
I A large consignment of original.,.. f
Queen Heaters
f just to hand.   We have the exclusive agency for I
f this district.    If you want one with the down
f draft from top inside of stove you must see us.
f They are the best and that is why we sell them.
*-<6-®-*®-®-®-®--®--® ®-®-® ®--®®-®-®-®-®-®--®-®-®- ®-®~®-®
Zinc Ore Admitted Free.
The question of exporting ihe zinc ore
of tin* Slocan inio the United States
fluty free In* been settlwl nnil settled
When Thomas Junes,  ot the  Linyon
Zinc company, of tola, Kansas made his
first purchase he determine to send n
trial shipment through tn ascertain bow
the mutter would work out. According'
lv two cat load* Where shipped over the
0   P.   It.    line   mnl Iho   were   Rent   to
North port. In each instance while reporting on ihe probably favorable result
the loml United States customs officers
held the consignments pending a decision irom Washington.
Mr. Jones went to Port Townaeud t<>
interview colonel Buatls, the customs
collector there and to hasten it conclusion, That Mr. Jones has hcen wholly
mircPMbful iu evidenced Iiy a wire from
him to 11 II. Macdonnell, genettd agent
of C. P. R, freights here, which was received yesterday mornlug, in which Mr.
Jones states that the zinc ore will be
admitted free and tint the consignments
already sent will he itn mediately released and sent on to their destination.
This is good news as shipments of the
are will now go right along.
Sandon, Nov. 27 —A dispatch was
reived today from Thomas Jones stating
that the hoard of general appraisers in
Washington, 1). C, bad handed down a
ruling placing zinc ore ou tbe free list.
Shipments will he commenced Immediately to Ida Kansas. The Payne will
sendout nine cars tomorrow. The Slocan
Star has been breaking zinc steadily for
the past three weeks and will Increase
the force to siity or seventy men. The
Bosun will also put on a larger force and
it is expected tbat Ihe Wakefield and
Kntetprise will become steady producers.
The Lnitibermen Hold Special Meeting
In Cranbrwik.
And In The Evening Enjoy Themselves in a Royal Way in
Thc Banquet Room.
Coal Mining Inventions.
Under present conditions, constdetu-
bk* popular interest attaches to (he process of coal mining, nnd whatever tends
to avert some of the perils of that occupation and also lo aid production is
recognized ns desirable. In several of
tbe collieries In Lancashire, England,
an ingenious invention bas been experimented with. Iu the usual process,
the coal in tbe seam is "undercut" and
then Ihe mass is "brought dowu" by nu
explosion of gunpowder. The new device brings down the coal by water
power exercised through an hydraulic
cartridge, and obviates the wasteful
shattering of the fuel. Made of steel,
ilic mi triage is 20 niches in length.
Along Its sides areoilfices each ofwhlctt
admits of a pressure ol three tons per
square inch, the total pressure being
over 60 tons. When inserted into the
bole bored into the coal to be operated
upon, the cartridge is connected with n
pump. In a few minutes afler the apparatus has been at work, the coal
breaks up nnd comes down in grent
blocks. There are no clouds of dust,
such as are caused by the gunpowder
method,    and  the   entire   operation   is
arried out without the slightest danger
to the workers: Only a very small quantity of water is used in the operation,
mnl as the  liquid returns   to  a tank   it
mi be repentedly used.
Straight Talk.
Morrissey Miner! Location is the Important factor in the Upbuilding of n
new town, yet there are oilier conditions to be considered, and one of these
is the people.    If they wish to  make  a
uccess ihey must stand together. Don't
get jealous if you see some neighbor
make a dollar. Olory in lhe fact, and
boost him along. His turn to boost you
will come sooner or later, ami he will
then be anxious to return the compliment. Always be ready lo give a hand
to any enterprise timl promises good for
your   town.     Don't   depend   upon  talk
lone, shell out a few shekels when Ihey
will do good, and as a rule that is what
uts. Don't "'ink yon can get rich by
saving a dollar No man ever did lhat,
Increase your personal earning capacity
by judicious expenditure of money.
Don't wait for your tilghbor to put up,
ami think you will let him pay for lhat
which is to benefit you, You may think
that policy will win, but it won't.
Von may wiu a ,t,s cent meal once in
awhile, but in the long run It will be a
losing game, because the people will get
next, and when tbey do, they will pass
you up like a white chip.
Charged With Stealing a Plow.
Prank Donovan was arrested nt Port
Steele last Saturday charged with the
larceny of a plow. The plow was the
property of the government and had
been used In making road. When It
was needed some time ago It could not
be found where it had been lefl. A
search was Instituted and It was found
in a cabin on Donovan's ranch. The
cabin was securely locked, but an officer
with a search warrant entered the cabin
and took the plow. Later Donovan was
arrested and lodged in gonl. The plow
is entirely new and cost about f.\u.
Tbe New Bank.
The Cranbrook branch of the Imperial bank opened for business last Moo-
lay, but not under the most favorable
circumstances, since their stationery had
not yet arrived. P, H. Marsh was iu
charge as manag-i, wltb O. S. Robinson
as accountant. Their quarters, although
not yet completed are very neat und
The Mountain Lumber and Maniifact
huts' Association held a special meeting
in Cranbrook last Monday. There were
the following members present: A. M
Dougal and T. II. Proctor, of the I'ernie
Lumber Co.; A. J. Mott, of the D. V,
Molt St Son company, Pernie; A. Leitcb
and C. I). McNab, of the East Kootenny
Lumber company of Cranbrook; T. W.
Leask and J. C. Sinter, of Leask &
Slater, Crunlirook; .I. VV. Robinson, and
W. McKenzie, of the Roblnson-Mc-
Kenzle company, Craubrook; M, It. aud
Dr. J. H. King, of the King Mercantile
company, Craubrook; II. C. Manning, of
the Revelstoke Lumber company; J. W.
Jones, of the Columbia River Lumber
company, Golden; P. A. Prince, of the
Knu Claire and now River Lumber com
pany, Calgary;J. A. Duwar, ofthe Porto
Rico Lumber company, of Nelson; II.
Cameron, of the Moyie Lumber company; A. I). McCrea, of the McCrea
Lumber company, of Coal Creek nnd
Dan Mayes, of the Hayes Lumber company, P.Ik Mouth.
The members were a jolly lot, and
although they did a vast a mount of business during the two sessions held, yet
they were full of good stories and succeeded in mingling considerable pleasure 111 tl.e discharge or their work.
Monday evening the local lumbermen
tendered a banquet to the visitors and
a number of tbe Cianbrook business
men at the Cranbrook hotel. The
orders lo Manager Rookes were lo get up
a suitable spread with plenty of yellow
necks and send Iu the bill, nud on that
uccualon Mr. Rooks did himself proud
It was 10:30 when abol : tiiiriyfive
guests took tlielr seats at the neatly arranged tables, and from oysters to fruit
there was a most enjoyable lime Indulged in by all. The table was loaded with
the best the market afforded, and the
menu was n glorious gastronomies.! success. After everyone had finished the
portion ol the program that appealed to
the inner man. A, Leitcb, who ofliciat
e.l as chairman, announced that there
would be a change and that toasts and
SOngfl would follow. Then came the
flow of sou] nnd the members of the
"saw dust aristocracy" gave evidence of
the fact that they could do something
else besides sawing wt ml.
Following is the lists of toasts and lhe
names of those wbo responded'.
The King.
Our guests, A. J. Mott.
Railroad Interest, R   R. Jamieson.
The Press, F, J. Smyth of   Moyie  and
P, iv. Simpson.
The Mercantile Interest, U. K Ilenttie
and J. D. McBride.
The Ladies, C, D. McNab, T. A. Proctor and II. Cameron.
Song, J. W. Robinson.
Recitation and song, II   Darling.
Our Hosts, A, Leilch ami W. P. Curd,
There were many good things said by
the lumbermen, nud many kind words
spoken of Cranbrook by the visitors.
The function was a most enjoyable one,
and those present will have occasiou to
remember it for some time to come.
Selling Cheap Coke.
Vannoiier Worhl:-Mr. Ellas Rogers,
general manager of the Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Co., accompanied by Miss Rogers,
arrived ibis morning from Victoria,
where they have been making a short
visit. They left by today's train for the
Crows Nest country etuoule to their
home In Toronto.
Mr, Rogers announces that fully one
million dollars is being spent this year
out of cnyital account In the development ofthe company's llritish Columbia
colliery properties, the intention being
to maintain their absolute safety by continued insistaiice upon the most improved mining methods throughout. It is
signiiiceiit of the company's devotion to
to the material interests of Brit ish Columbia that they many mouthsngo, entered
tntered Into a contract with the representative smellers In the Kootenay
to furnish coke at a rate of S4 which
rate is still lu force, although it does not
allow any margin of profit tu lhe company.
Sacrlfcc Sale in Wall Paper.
I have to raise #51x1 within the next 30
days and to do this I offer you wall paper
at )i off the regular price, for cash-
other goods reduced in proportion.
Cash tbey want nnd cash we must hnve.
Yours Duly.
Archie A. Currie,
The decorator and painter,
Pur signs see P. C. Ileiij ui.ln.
Mine Ta-tatloa.
Speaking of the paper read before the
Mining Institute at Nelson some time
ago by P.dmund Klrkby, which was
published in these columns at the time,
tbe Kuginering and Mining Journal of
New York says:
"Tbe paper read*hy Edmund Kirby
before the Nelsou meeting of the Canadian Mining Institute, voices lo plain
and vigorous language the feeling that
baa been growing in British Columbia
"lining circles for some time past. There
has been au uumlstakable feeling tbat
the mining interests which have done
su much to mike British Columbia and
mmutaiii its prosperity have been In nue
way or another forced to bear a there
of the expenses uf uiaiutaiug the govern
ment altogether out of proportion to tbt
benefit which they received tud lo their
interest in the state. A heavy burden
has been imposed lu the way of taxation
while the eight hour bylaw tud other
restrictive measures have served to re-
itice ihe producing power and profits of
the mines. Wbile there is doubtleaa an
other side to the case lhan the one Mr,
Kirhy has so strongly presented, there
seems to belittle doubt that there ls a
substantial foundation for thc mine
owners, com plain Is. It Ib true that the
general tendency of human nature is to
believe that Its particuliar interest ls
overtaxed, aud that some one else ought
tu take the larger share of tbe burdens
of government. Making allowance for
this feeling, however, we think that
there is a substantial foundation of
justice lu Ihe mine owners' claims, and
we trust that they will receive some attention from the legislature of the pro.
vince. There are rich mines In British
Columbia, but a large proportion of Ut
mineral deposits are ot t low grade, tod
iu the nature of things must be worked
if they are worked at all, on a narrow
margin of profit. To many of these,
additional taxation or restrictive legislation may meaii the difference between
activity, which would tie in tht highest
degree beneficial to the country, and between practical abondoumeut. Tht
Journal as our readers well known, has
always maintained Ihtt whllt every
citizen should bear 1 fair shart of tht
cost of maintaining the slate tht special
taxation of productive industrlet It tht
worst policy which could be adopted In
any community, especially a new and
growing one, and the legislature of
British Columbia doea not seem to have
borne this priuclpal In mind."
Thc Lead Slluatloa.
The resolution adopted at ibe n-,i«.
meeting of lead mine owners and thoat
interested in lead mines, wta aa follows;
Whereas, it is desirable lu tht iuttrtatt
of tbe silver lead mining and amtlting
industries of British Columbia that the
duties an pig lead and the products
thereof imposed hy the Dominion shoald
be increased so at to be on a parity with
the duties on other raw material! and
their manufacturers which art the product of Canada; and
Whereas, it is desirable in tht Interests of the mining industry generally
tbat all machinery and auppliea used In
mines and smelters of 1 kind not tnaou
factured in Canada be admitted frtt of
Therefore, be^it resolved that wt «■
quest the member in the Dominion house
of commons for Yale-Ctriboo, W. A.
Galliher, Esq. to press upon tbe government the necessity for the legislation
outlined above, aud tbat he urge all tht
members to unite with him, so tbat any
representations he may make will be
hacked up by a solid delegation."
A Big Duck Story.
Thomas Cuvin, tbe genial and smiling
C. P U conductor; returned yesterday
from Sirdar, and brings with him t
most wonderful tale. He says that tht
storm that has swept over the Kooteuaya
the past few days has filled the water on
tbe flats «t Kootenay Landing with snow
and soft ice, and that millions of ducks
and geese are floating arouud there unable to get out. Day and night the air
is filled with the squawking of thcat
birds and people who can get out to
them are reaping a rich harvest, as all
that is necessary Is to go from bunch to
bunch, grab a duck or goose by tht ntck
cut off the legs that are held fast In the
frozea ice. Hundreds are being caught
in this way, and it Is estimated tbat
ihere are anywhere from 900,000 to !,-
000,000 sllll held In bo ndtge. Dr. Bell
says tbat with a pair of large snow shoes
with sheet iron bottoms, one could walk
over the slush ice, and he will start for
there with his patent frozen duck catching device aa soon as a pair Is completed. 	
The Herald's Special Etflllti.
On the 18th of December Tht Hcrtld
will Issue a special edition lhat will
contain much extra readable matter of
interest to all parts of the district. To
give all the people tn opportunity to
see ami read tbe paper, about 1000 eitra
copies will be distributed over tht dis
trict, lists of names having been secured
from the different towns for that purpose. Nearly all the merchants In Cranbrook have secured extra space for that
issue, knowing that it is t splendid op
portunily to reach the people. Those
living io olher towns desiring to tike
advantage of this Issue may do so by
sending In their ads early next week.
The rate will be 25 centa per inch slugla
column, there being ■"• Increase iu tbt
regular rate for this issut.
He Resigis  lis  Portfolio  Afler  A
Few Days.
Premier Prior Will Keep on Trying
Until The House Meets in
Regular Session.
Victoria Dec. l.-W. W. B. Uclnnea
was sworn in as secretary and minister
of Education Ihis tuoralng. It is expected that North Nauuaimo and North Vic
torit will bt opined tt oart. Mclnnes
will return to contlitaeati at anca far
ra-electioa going to Nanaime to-morrow
lo apet tha campaign. Nomination is
expacted on the nth and Humiliation if
any on the 15th. Tht govanimtnt anticipates bit ret«rn by tccltmttion.
Thomas Haggart will bt returning officer.
Mclnues I* confident tht government
will have a gotd ■tjarily and bt Is golug into the campaign full uf tight, It
is safe lo say he will uut rtaigu tha portfolio.
It It staled litre 011 good author! tv
that Ashcroft people, who art uwutrt of
tht Cariboo stage Hat, poiatad ont lu
Murphy Ihtt Iht ceuttrtctiun of Ibe
Cantdlan Northtro wuuid hart Ashcroft
as it wuuld kill tbt tltgt buaittss, ted
therefore thty could not support  blm.
Vancouver, Dec l. Asked as tn what
he thought tbt affect tf Dennis Murphy's
resignation would bt, Mr. Jos. Martin
"I thiok that tht govtranitut kit rt-
ceivtd a fatal blew. Tht opinion of the
niiluland, at any rati, is rtlactad in Mr.
Murpby't tctiou. Ia tht gtntral •taction two years ago, Mr. Mnrphy heat
hit oppoaenl In Wait Yale over two tu
out. It only look him ont day lo f nd
out thtt wllh t cabinet petition bt
would bt hoptltasly dtfttttd.
"Iu my opinion colonel Prior shoald
not put htinm!f iu tht position of being
charged with htagiug on to office for
the purpart* of gelling tbe tilery. A
anvtrnmtnt his no right tt ttty in power
a day uultaa It is satisfied Ihtt it rtprt-
siutt tha ptoptt.
"I do not thiok tbtttvtn wltb Mr.
Murphy thty coald bavt commanded t
majority of tht hoast. In ftct I •■
certain thty could Hot. Bat if en If thty
could manage to pall atotg with t
majority of oat er two, It woald be a
great mistake tot kins la attempt it.
"Then can bt ue question whatever
but what iht ptopltof tht provlnct of
■11 ihidtt ef politic* tr* thoroughly disgusted with tht boutt lhat was tltattd
la 1900, and tht *nly rem*dy Is a general election. Any ptlitlclst who rum
counter to th* gtntrtt public fttlitg and
trlta to pravtat aa tlattion will, I •■
certain, suffer v*r> mack in public opinion.
"I au afraid Mr. Mclaa** bas doat
hlmstlf a gnat dial of harm by going
Into thi Prior govtrnment. lam eorry
he look that count. Ht did so very
much agtlnst my wishes,"
A Bid TIE com.
Ns* lltk Ptraict.
Oo Wedntaday tight of last week tbt
rt-orgtuizitfon of Iht Crtnbruok club
was perfected. Then wts 1 good at-
tendtnci and tht following ofictra wtre
Prttidtat, J. P. flak.
Secrettry, E. H. Small.
Executive cowmitl**, G. tl. Gilpin,
Dr. Harvey, V. C. Malpas, W. D. Hill
andG. ■  Miuer,
A committtt was appointed 01 rules
tad regulations ai follows: ft, E. Bealtit
j; Hutchison snd J. C. Malpas
Tht club attrts *at aider mist favor-
•bl* auspice* with a go*d membership.
Th* rooms hav* b**a a icily famished
tad tr* comfortable In th* extreme, a
•tries *f eiittilalHmtats will bt givat
during th* wiuttr t* papularlti th* institution, and lhar* is tvtiy r*a**u to
btlicv* tbat il will b* a narked stc***s
Last Valaatli Jawilry.
Mr. Fltlshmin, tht traveling d**l*r in
jewelry, got off tb* trait frum tht Mat
in a huny list Friday al this etetiea,
tud left twt bo*** tuttaltitg qiite t
numbtr af valnabtt laditt' rings lyiag
on the Mat. ■• did t*t mis* thi* tatil
after th* train had lift ter tht smi, aad
baat*u*d to ultg-'xph for th*m, but ta
no avail, as lh*y *oald not bt fouad.
Mr. Fltishiuau utters a reward of (5* for
tay iaformatlou Iwdiag t* thiir disco v*ry.
Ths S. P. ti.  Has Ordered   7H.W.
Ia»i Kootenay Lumber Company.
A Leilch, manager uf the East Koote-
r>ay Lumber company, recefved word
from Winnipeg Saturday from the C. P.
R. officials placing an order fur 7)5,ou-.i
railroad ties. This is prubably the
largest oitler for ties ever given to one
company, mid il means a lot of work tu
meet this demand. Tbe East Kootenay
Lumber company will put in a lie mill
on Moyie lake,   equipped   with  special
machinery fur the work. It will cut
nothing but lies, but any valuable waate
will be taken care of later. Plans fur
the new mill have heen perfected, and
lhe machinery will be ordered tt once
and as soon as it arrives and is installed,
woik un the big contract will be inaugurated.
15 Months lor %3.
W. P Macelan, M. P. li dsslroui of
increasing the circulation ol Tbt Totou-
to Worltl to 30,000 before tht tud of the
year. The World is considered the
brightest newspaper in Caaads It is
published every weekday murulng at 4
o'clock. Its market rtportl are lhe
must accurate, particularly those in
which  the farmers and   men. hauts   ere
Any reader of this paper who utru
lions this offer, ami who sends ti before
the end ol (he year wilt receive a receipt
up to April 1, L904. The regular piice
of Thc Word i- Ij foi onr year, It la
ibe only one cent morutng paper puli
lished iu Canada
Assniplecopj of The Vmld  may  he
Men at 1I119 office.   Order* with  the S;
should be seui by registered mat!   or   hy
puii.il note.
New Lumber Plant*.
Nelson Tribune: II. B Gllmour, who
represents the Wateroul Engine Works
uf Bisnlford, Ontario, is back frum 1
trip over the Crows Nest branch of the
Canadian Pacific, and is stopping at the
Hume, He says tbe sawmill iadustry ta
nourishing iu Eaat Kooteuay. His
company has orders to aopply the
machinery for Breckenrldge & Luui's
big mill at Wardner. This will be not
ouly the largest mill east of tbe Coast,
but will t-e the only up-to-date, double-
cutting band mill in the provlnct. Its
eapaclty ta to be loo.coo feet t day.
Kobson \ Gibson are putting in a mill
at Fort Steele Junction. Ita capacity
will be 10 ooo feet a day Mott St. Sou
of Fernie are building a new mill and it
will have a daily capacity of 40,000 feel.
K Clever Eotertaiter,
Joseph Youugharti who reprrwtnta a
Montreal waterproof house, was in town
tbis week, snd on Tuesday evening gave
a number at the Cranbrooa club at exhibition of slight of hand work. Mi.
Younghart Is a retired professional, and
II he can sell waterproofs is will at ht
cm perform acts of ledgerdemalo, h* la
whirlwind. For two hours h* kept his
audience marveling at his wonderful
work, and laughing over hi* mIUm of
wit and humor. Mr. Yotaghart la a
plttsant gentleman to meet, aa *xp*rt
in tbe art cf ledgerderaain aad a gnat
entertainer, and his visits to Cranbrook
will always be looked forward te with
pleasant anticipation ou tha part of his
friends here.
Laahsr Cupany Elscla Olllcsrs.
Th* ffrst ordinary nutting *f tb* Crowa
N.»t Lumbar Company Limited was
bald io Wardntr »n Nov. 15, nnd oilcan
ware tltcltd as foltowi:—
Board of dirtcton:—J. Brackanrldgt,
Peter Lund, Wlllitas Carlln, ft. ft. Jain ition, William Stocks tad Alfred
President, John Bncktarldgt.
Secretary, Treasurer, tod Matagiug
director P, Luud.
The Ymir mine has   paid   1100,00* in
Lardean's mining record oBce haa
been removed toCamborut
Six tona of Guinea Gold, LsrdeiH, ere
netted $103 to per tun receatiy.
Piiil S Coutdrey Is the new manager
ofthe 1,3 Roi No. 2 al Roillaiff,
Tin new Ladysinitli smelttr, si Vancouver Island, is to be b.uwu lo about
December 15th.
Last wr-ek's ore shipmeols from ftusa*
Itnd were 6,405 tons, or 501,190 lous fur
the year.
The Le Roi made a profit of |M,6i7
lest mouth, and cleared $417 ASA fur ihc
list five months.
Recently one pan of dirt frum tht
Point claim, in the Cariboo, rltlded M'4
ounces of gold, valued at $yH|.
Five tons of Hampton ort froa th*
Hlocaii, returned :.u».t ounces of silver
to tht ton at the Nelson smeller last
Ilis stated if Hon J. II. Ross ii sleeted
for Tukon a portfolio of mints will bt
created for the dominion and ha will ht
tppolnled minister.
Tht Cherry Creek Copper Elng Minea
Ltd., have taken over the "O, K."
group, a promibiug property en Coal
Hill near the Irou Mask, tear Kam-
Hold furniture for Sale.
A complete outfit of hotel  fnrnltara
for sale.    J.mpiitc at this oflice.     Uoud
ter un.
Par Sale.
Wcutwo-th hotel Cranbrook, D  C.
Cliaa. Vromau, Prop, #
Editor and Proprietor
One year sr?i!
Six munitaa	
The Herald desires to give t|!P m.ws of the
district,   it you know any about your tuwn
your mine or ymir people, send It in tills oflice.
The fact tbat Cranbrook Is selected
as the active headquarters for the
Mountain Lumber ami Manufacturers1
Association Is further evidence showing
the importance of this place as a commercial center.
Who can name trie Prior cabinet next
week! Send all answers to the premier
ou or before Tuesday.
"Wells has accepted" was a bead line
la one paper over the Item saying lhal
tbe member from North East Kootenay
had accepted his old portfolio In tbe
Prior cabinet. What else could be expected of Wells?
Dennis Murphy   concluded  he   would
uol commit political suicide just yet.
I'rlor's announce 1 policy sounds like
an echo of McKecde # Mann's Instruction*,
No coinbliiaiii.ti will dare to foist a
land grant subsidy bill upon the people
at tbe nexl session. Tbo people ol llritish Columbia are tired of tbat sort of
John lluuston says he Is losing money
on bis weekly paper, the Nelson Tribune. Wcdon'idonbt It, He is publishing a <•• paper and charging SI for
It.    Tliat la where .lohn Is a chump.
The miners ask that uo duty should
he charged on mining machinery not
manufactured In Canada. The request
la just. Newspaper men should also
ask that no duty should Le charged on
printing material and priming machin-
try, since It Is not manufactured In
Some man at the Nelsen meeting 'of
lead mine owners, In opposing Smith
Curtis', advocacy of a lend bounty, snid
tbat history did not record a single Instance «f a couutry giving a bonus for
the production of raw material. That was
a knock down argument against ihe
bounty scheme.
Morrhwoy Miner
Hurrah for Morrissey I Wnti a brow
try and a church the spiritual needs of
mankind can be given adequate attention.
Mr. Patmore, father of J. C. Patmore,
tbe hardware merchant, has been lu
town the pasi week.
Eugene Walter will open his new
hotel, the Wlndaor, with a big dance on
Monday evening, December 82. The
affair promise- to he a big event.
Negotiations are now penling which
may result lu the establishment of a
branch of one of the lending banks of
Canada In Morlssey lu the near future.
Julius Ifurel's hotel Is completed wltb
the exception of the papering, and .Mr
Hurel Is now engaged In fitiulslilng the
place. Contractor Johnson made a record In cooatructlng thla hotel, as lhe
building was started just a trllle over
two weeks ago.
There ia all kinds of trouble in keep
Ing the force of men al Morrissey mine
up to tbe desired number. Out of tht
bunch of r.n that came here in September from Vancouver Island, there arc-
only Di left. The coal company is about
$8,000 loaer on this lot of men, which
Indicates some of the dillicillties Manager Tonkin has to contend with In
operating these properties.
Orders have been Issued on the C, P.
U to the effect lhat Morrissey is to be
made the transfer slation for all bualness between the (ircal Northern and
lhe C. P. U. This Is simply another
link In the chain of evidence showing
tbe Importance of Morrissey ns a commercial and railway center.
V. Hyde Uaaer of Cranbroik, was In
town yesterday. He had been on a
bunting trip in thc mountains, bit*
struck very bad weather and failed to
get any deer. Mr. Hiker Is agent foi
the Cranbrook townsite, and part owner
In the town, and natural.)' looked ovei
tht new town of Morrissey with considerable Interest.
Prom tin* Prospector,
Indians In the vicinity ol lull lake*
nave killed 23deerdurlng the last week
Another party killed lour mountain
sheep on Lost creek,
O. 0. Dennis, formerly recorder ai
Kurt Steele has been appointed natural!/
atlon agent tt Pretoria, S. A.
K. J. Hlgbyc returned from Morrissey
.-.muiiiay nisi, nun tidy lie vis uud ins
Sheep creek ranch.
From the Movie heiulor
Tlm Parrel Is recovering slowly from
bla recent severe attack ot rhiiemaiisro.
Last Monday several menbers of the
Moyle Fire Brigade turned out ard
banked the hydrants In order to protect
Ibem from the frost-
H. A. Scott has returned from the Sic-
can and Lardeau districts, and reports
a very successful trip. Hats representing a Montreal tailoring tlrm.
Captain Sanburn ha* returned from
Wblteborae, Yukon Tertllory, and Is
•pending the winter with Mis. Sanburt.
In Puitlaiiil Oregon. The Captain Is In
(treated lu the Aurora mint; of this
Uatli-llffe haa jou ueycil Hi rough
South Gait Kooteuay several times, hut
h* has never yet been called upon to
fay us au official visit.
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news of
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
faction. It is n-orth $10.00. It costs only $2.00
Prom Tho hernia I'reu Press.
Ilev.   P. W,  Auvache, of Cranbrook,
will preach every Thursday  evening   at
S o'clock in the Baptist church here.
Chief Forbes, of the police force,
moved Into his coin mod Ions en*, l age.
West Pernie, ou Wednesday. Mr. Forbos
has a pleasant site overlooking ihe K Ik
and close toll ,1. Turner's residence.
The frame work of Mott, Son Si (Jo's..
new mill la up and if thc mai-hluery Is
not delayed In transportation, the plant
will be In operation by the .-ml ol the
Thc new town of Frank is to have an
open air skating rink 110x100, Mr. Frank
Dm mm has the contract and Is hiiildii'j-
Iton ihe townsite just west of tlie spur,
The Hockey club has organl/ed with .1.
W. As'ihIowh as secretary ami \\'. II.
Ituchanau as captain. The club Is making arrangement to enter the Crows
Nesl League.
Rev, S. .1. Thcmiom, of Cranbrook,
gave an Interesting lecture in the Methodist church on Wednesday evening en
tilled " Lincoln as a Liberator." The
lecturer wiih vivid powers of narration
and description told the life story of
this wondei ful man of American history
The early struggles and uncoi qnerable
ambitions of this backwoods boy wort
forceahly brought to thc front and ninth
lo show llielr bearings upon ids afiei
life when the weight of a nation's re
spoi sibllllics was Hit ml upon him. The
strong characteristic convictions oi-
uf Lincoln which carried blm through
the blood lelt civ.I war In history and ai
last gave lilm a martyr's crown wen
feelingly inscribed by the talented lecturer,
Em In rat l na t« Canada.
It la probable that the olllclnl reports ui Immigration nnd umtgrutton
which nro published by tho Uovorn-
mtiiita uf Canada und tho Uniled
States will show in the next low
.years that tho tide of Mltloincnl thlit
wan sweeping from Cunada towards
lha United States Ihih como to nn
end, nays Tho Huston, Mass., Itox-
uld, and that tho current is now
setting In the other direction. In au
address recently delivered ut Montreal one ol lhe Canadian Ministers
spoke In nn exceedingly enthusiastic
tune of character of the settlers who
were gradually filling up tho agricultural regions ot the Canadian Northwest, und reports from our own
Northwestern-States ure to the effect that huge numbers of Americans
aro going across Uie border und uru
purchasing and Bottling on farms in
lln* Provinces uf Alberta, Snshalch'e*-
Wan, und even us fur north    us   the
Province of Athabasca. Theso Provinces, It is suld, aro font becoming
Americanized by a wonderfully intelligent and progress!vi; ulusa of mon,
wbo are throwing over their allegi-
anco to the Uniled States mid aro
becoming subjects of Kiim Edward
Tho country covered by those gl'oat
Canadian Provinces is snld to bu tar
better, su far us tho possibilities of
farming and stock raising nro concerned, timn any territory, cspocliil-
ly any unoccupied territory, on ibis
continent, Tho conditions under
which tho bind can bo obtained aro
remarkably satisfactory, while tin*
opportunities of peuccful (levelopincnt
make Us possession wonderfully attractive, it may bu Bald that Such
an ingoing of Americana Into Canada will tend In time to Influence the
policy of the Dominion In our direction; but we do not believe that
such a result commonly follows emigration. The Canadians that liaVo
come io the United States are qulto
as tenacious In their Americanism us
iho descendanti uf those who for
generations huve lived on this sldo
of tho border. A number of prominent iiu*n in Cnnndu wen- born in iho
United States, but thoy also
um rjulta ns tenaciously Canadian in
their ideas us aro nny ot those of
natlvo birth. Canada is destined to
obtain by this InflotV of Aiuorlcniis
a largo number of citizens who    will
glVO  strength  nnd   vitality     to     tin?
Dominion, which will serve Lo rendu* It in Hm futtiro oven more independent of us than if bus been in
thu past.
ffliftt Ontario Hun Lett,
The blue book shows that only
22,808,678 acres, or 17 per cent.,1
of Ontario, have boon sold or leased. This loaves 108,180,422 acres,
or 88 per cent., of Ontni-b still
undisposed of, and. In Lho possession of the Crown.
Much of tlie Crown hind is bnr-
ren, or too rough for profitable cultivation, or too fur north. • Hut a
vastly greater area of good soil or
good timber remains untouched than
hns yet been disposed of.
Nor, uf. the present rale, dues
Ontario seem likely tu bu fully sot-
tied for u century yet,. Sinn/ 180-1
—seven years—only 1,228,118(1 acres
have  been    sold  or   looped   by      lho
Crown, at which rate the balnnco
of tho goud litnil of the Provlnco
will not he ull dlBposod uf fur sov-
wui centurion.
A   Spirited   and   Broad-tllixUd   Defence
Against  Mi-., stapler,' Imputations.
An article in a recent number of
Tho Nineteenth Century, by Mrn,
Staples, suggests the necessity, of
at least the desirability, ul Inducing
Upper-class women of Kiigliuul tu
emigrate tu Canada, fur the purpose,
an far us the writer can make out,
of importing sweetness und light;
aud civilization generally, into our
cruder Canadian homes, or, us the
article hus it, "to foster the aesthetic side of life, that the nation lhat
is to be may he greater in mind, us
Well us famous for prowess in sport
und wur." Now, putting aside the
absurd Implication that Canadian
enterprise is limited to "prowess In
spurt uud wur," this is rather unkind, Considering tlm undcnlablo
hut that Uu* public school system uf
Canada is une of tlm finest in the
world, nml turns out un Infinitely
mine broadly-trained hoy or girl
ihiin uny board school uud most of
the private schools iu this country,
it dues not saein tu me that England
could undertake tu supply Canada
wilb uny better variety of sweetness
nnd light limit is evolved here.
' Mrs. Staples remarks, in a slightly ilispai'iiging way, that colonial
lite is too eminently practical, uud
thai in the <>u"ort to meet the material demands of uur western civilization "the softor qualities which
mako up lhe sum total of tho charming person uru likely to bo eradicated." 1 havo two portraits in my
mind's eye, one of un English gentlewoman, according to tho foregoing
definition, possessed of quite as much
education us they supply women with
over here,  who runs her household of
two with five incompetent servants of
lhe usiliil English lype; the other of
ii bright university educated Canadian girl, who cnn cook and make
her own pretty gowns us well ns sho
mids French and Gorman. Neither
of these is an exceptional type In tho
least. Cunada dues not want
"charming women" und "women of
birth and bleeding" of tho English
type. Her own possess n high-spir-
it.'d honor, an active nnd well-bal-
uticed mtiiil, in comparison to which
tbo other is insipid mediocrity.
As for criticizing the ultra-practical life, of lhe west, one has only to
lhe over here to realize how much
broader uur American civilPzatlon is.
It does nut exist for merely a few
rich, who live in Idleness and luxury. They ure surrounded hero by
everything thul this older civilization can give them In the way of
culture, and every form of beauty,
nml, in addition, u servile Borvant
class tu stanu between tbem and tlie
actual strife of existence. In America tiie race in open to everyone, without other restriction than nature
hot self hits made, and the fewer old-
world artificialities Canadians import tho bettor fur them. It Is true
that civilization in America, especially in the west, rests upon a more
primitive basis ilmu is the case here,
und tlmt mere birth and breeding, In
tho English sense of tho phrase,
count for very llttlo 111 a laud where
all, professional man and laborer
alike, must wurk for u living, aud
rightly so. it is true that the society clnss In our country is neither
largo nur Influential enough to fix
thai potty, artificial standard of
morality known us good monitors,
lint as a mutter of fact, the native
courtesy of our people us a whole is
practically an unkhwoii quantity
her.;. It Is scarcely necessary tu
give the well worn example of tno
nlmost universal kindly consideration
of women by Canadian men.
When Mrs Staples talks of the
necessity of educating women tor
pioneer life sh.? is right, hut she had
bettor stay at home and preach that
doctrine to tho "Little Engtanders. '
What Canadian women need to learn
in that direction their own necessities anil common sense will teach
tin-in. Canada does nut need to Import iJuveiiiiiiciit-boIstcr.'d "gentlewomen" from England for that purpose Native Canadians with an
ancestry of the sturdy Puritans who
l,.fi their homes in old England for
tb.* sake of their religious opinions,
uml ngaln left their homes in th*
Now RJnglaild colonies at the time of
ibe American revolution, these sons
and (laughters of United Empire Loyalists have nn need to go begging to
England for birth and breeding.
Canadians have the best possible, for
their nationul purposes, at least, In
fighting blood, nnd this aforesaid
'•ultra-practical mind," whoso workings tthniigh this is at present more
particularly the case with tin* United
Slates, porhapB), tho avorage Brlt>
inh business man has only loo good
reason for deploring, au his antiquated methods of doing business aro being   superseded    loo   rapidly   for   hll
comfort in nol n low respects
Australia and South Africa run
have the 'lady pioneer," as Mrs.
Staples names her, if they wnnt her,
hut Cunntllan women nre good
nnough for Unnada.—Rublnn Preston,
London,  Out.,   In Toronto fJlobO.
I'wlnt and Soap Mines.
A   natural soup mine ami a   paint
mine arc two of the latest  mineral
discoveries    in   northwest     Canada.
Several   soda   lakes  huVe  been    found
In the foothill** near Ashcroft, B.C.
Their Iml i pins and shores are ln-
ci'UStod with a imtii'-pl washing compound containing borax find soda',
No two apalysos agree exactly ua to
ibe composition of the material,   A
New York analysis gives 20 ppr eppi,
borax, while a'WontreaJ chomlst fiom
the same sample gives 1(1 per cent,
borax. Tests prove the substance to
be equal .to the washing powders in
common use. Trials by blacksmiths
and farm workmen stvow that It. will
remove grouse and dirt better than
soap. A syndicate of British Columbia men has been formed to put tho
product on tho market. About 27fi
tons of lho compound have heen cut
uml taken out of lhe l"ko. If is
handled precisely as tee is bundled,
The blocks um more than nine Inches
in thickness, are sawed lutn piceus
of fifteen uud eighteen inches und
weigh fifty pounds each,
NOTICI   10 Till: Plllll. C
Dane an short notice at lhc Nurse Sluicing
Depot opi'i'siti* pcary A Doyle's livery stable.
Prill winner at Territorial l;nir. N. W. T..
en horse shoes Patent Cullfvaliir Maker,
flows ind Machinery Repaired Promptly.
(Jive me a (rial
Tin* Photographer..' busy season
ia b.'iiijnuv till Christmas. This
ami lhe fact thai we are oui of
town ui limes II)like il necessary
for ua lonakour patrons lo kindly make appointments fur sittings.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups. Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.    The most
Economical way to handle it.
Land Notice.
Thirly days after iluio I intend innklug ap
plkaliiui to (In- Hon. llie I'uiiillilsslonur 01
l.'iii'lsanil Wmks fiir iii'iiiiisson in piiii-lms
the follnwhijr daMirlheil luiidii
rniiiiiieiii'ingiit a pnst placed at lhe nmthwesi
fin iht ut l.nt -j-et. I'n'mi-TN ltnr Creek, riuuilni
iheneo we.it no eluiius, smith 4i chains, east fi
Hiatus, thin chain* to imliil rf commence
null', Cilllllllnlllg !M8 ac it's nun.' ur less.
lla.i'ilCra 'mil; Nm. aih, Wl
M '.I. It, Iliiwni'S.
Land Notice.
Thirty days after tlnta I uit.-m) iimktnjt nnpl •
1-Mil.ini.i iiio lion. Uut commission >r uf bams
am Works fur poimission lo |iurchuie thu bl-
lowing ile-iojUieil i:ini:
C liu-iifiii:; al a   unit   planted llllll   a    inf.
ivusiurpif-i-ui- u fir.*, t iiuu i -e iioiih
micliiiliw iiieiirr wiai in chains, ilicnca sn. tli
8d chains, ihonee east 11 -jimitis in imIiii of i. in*
me i i- lirlit,tills lain! In-iii'.l..\.l.aiirli-s pre-ill |>
tion Nu. tut,, .■ontauiiiiiix'.ia.'ii's.
Unuiliroflii November, 2,1th wn:.
Ml \v, II, lllll.
Land Notice.
Thirty <1ny* nfter date ■ Intend making application In tie* linn. Ilu- t'lllllllllgsloiier ul
l/iiuls smi Works for poimission (o purchas
the following iloiiiHtht-d laud:
('oi m-liu* at a post p'auleil at ilu- north-
wesl corner oi pre-emption No. wo uortlieaai
of .Joyces purcliisi- ril tilling tlience -ii
chains iinrih, thr-uce su clinim. west, thenci
•ii clialns smith, tiu-n.v so chains east, contain
I'mnbrook November, !3iili low.
39 a. ll. Itaivncs.
Timber Notice
Take notice that I have appllel to tho Chlel
■'"iniiilssi j of haml-. am!  Winks for ftSpO
clai license tu cul mnl carry nwuy timber froiii
ilm rellnWhiji iloserlhed lamis.
Conuiii-iicliift nl Uu* northwest enruer ul pn
ciitpiinii Nn, kj7 ruiuilnu tin-lie.' norlh lift chain-
tlience iveat'-ioclialiiB, tlionce south ivo elmltis,
Ihonca ensi in clinlni to iiniui nf cuiunieiicD
I'l'jiiiiim.iK Neve
.1.   It.  Him lies.
Timber Notice
N'ntlce la lierohy glvi'ii thul thirty days aflei
ilnto 1 inteml InupiilytnllieUtilel V* Isslonei
of bam! an.) Wnrltaill M.lurla Mi ti special
license tin'.it ami cany away timber Train tin
Tallowing .Inscribed lnmls:
('iiNiitiPiii'iuu nt a post planted 80eluiius  wesl
ii I'm Hie northeast corner pest nf Prank [jiuo'i
lllllbar limit near I'Inch \ .loiloa* mil., tli.-n. e S
BhaiiM ii-irth, Iheneo m^elialiH eusl, ihence bi
I'litiiiui-ui'i-iiu-iii, eoiilahiliiii nm ueres mnn- oi
.N. V, Mi KINHTltV.
Nollce la liornhy rIvoii thai llilrty itaya nTloi
ilate ! inteml In applj liiin' ,\s sbl an! Com
mliRlfliiDr nf Umls iimi Works of the district ol
Kail KonlPiiay, aim tlm i Oomiuiaslniier m
Lamis ami tvurl.s lur n HccilM! In pros) t Mi
coal mi Die Tullowlliu iloscribcil lam! sltnateil
iiiitlieiiorihildooftliel'lallieml Itlver, Hm in
Ilia! pnsl lii'iii'.: Iilmlll une liulf nil e sun li nf Die
Pincher Crcofi tnill ami aboul I wo miles easl nl
thu boundary n f [in? CaiiihIIiui I'nelllo nih*
way's imetur land, In the smitlinaai pmti.ni ..r
KiihI KiKitoiiny illstnot, provhiuu nf llritish Col*
um iiia.
Dali il I his Till -lay ur i li loiter, 1003.
Com iii'im- ai n posl aboul Blxlooii miles east
uf Mi'lown nt .Moirissey.  Iiclll)'tlltj SOIltllHDbl
earner adjacent tu lhu iiurtltyvrst corner of u,
I.. MeplieiiH claim, tlience m chains easl, Uicin-t'
nu chains norlh, iheneo 80 ehalns west, theuce
«0 chains smith tu iho place or liealunliiK, con*
laliiiiigsix liiimlred and Toity acres,
inn wi tuts itith day of September, loose.
-Julia criihaii,
Iiy A. Ilttokctt, Aueiit.
■ushe9 fctiuirt) ri«'h, well muuurud
M»vini; Fun With HU Nam**,
Aftor all, It in Krnesl Seton-
Thompson. The name will he kept
an n nmn tie plume, No bus ten
brothers, und twenty years nffo they
all agreed to cjmiiffo llieir numi by
process of Inw. 'I'hey were seattorod
throiitfliout tho world, and for some
reason tho step wns nqt taken.
"That Is thu mime under Which 1
nm known, und, although Wot on Is
lho correct name, 1 hnvo no objee-
1 ion tu Setoii-Thninpson. Tho bright
buys iii ihc nowspupei's c«n havo
Ihelr fun, hut 1 um still with tho
'wild animals 1 huve known.' "
For (letting a Beautiful Watch
ami chain Pree.-No Money Required.--Every Man, Woman,
Hoy, or Oirl has the same Opportunity under our System.
In order to have Dr. Arnold's English
Toxin Pills placed In the hands of all
persons suffering from bad health we
make the following must liberal offer!
If you will send us your name and
address ai d Agree lo sell for ua twelve
boxes of llr. Arnnld's English Tnsln
Pills at 33C. per box, we Will give yon
ahsnliitt'l) Itit a hcaullful Wakh ami Chain
In elthel 1. idles or Gents slso, or yum
choice nl twenty other prom I limn such
as tint! seh* of Jewelry, Kings, Violins,
Mandolins, Tea Bets, Saloon Skirts,
Cameras, etc. Uemember we don't
want an) money until after you tell tin*
|*ills and you don't have to sell any
more than 12 boxes lo get the premiums,
This is a buna tide offer from a reliable
concern that has given thousands ol
dollars north of premiums to agents all
over Uie country. Ramombar alio thai
Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Pills are a
veil known remedy lor all diseases il
the kidney and bladder, Bright's
disease, diabetes, rhcnmalssm, 'nervous
troubles, ami female complaints, and
arc tor sale hy all lirst class druggists
and dealers in medicines In ill parts -■'
the world. Vmi have only to show
hem to sell litem. Vou are not offering something thnt the people don't
•mow. Our watches arc the regular
standard sir,j for Lidles or Ojutiemeu
in Nickel or Gun Metal Cases with
.'unilsomc illiinilualcil dials and reliable
.line-keepers, watcbesMlCh as no Lily
ir gentleman need be ashamed io carry
.nd ihey will he sent absolutc-h Free
to all who sill only twelve boxes of
hose wonderful I'oxln I'.Us. Wilte ai
ince and be the first i V mr locality 'o
earn one of those beantllul watches and
chain. As aoon as we receive your
eiler or post card we will sei.d you
■ost pa d twelve bf.xe«, together with
>ur Illustrated Oitaligue and beautifully colored wllh y ut name and ad-
Iress on as onr authors id .'gem, il ar
n mind that yon will not be asked tn
ell any limit* than tht? 12 u> x <-, ami we
Wi want any money until after you have
.old them, We oear all the expense
ind are only miking this liberal i iter
.s a method of advertising Dr, Arnold's
.nglish Toxin puis. D n't delay,
rite at once and cam a beautiful ) re-
ent for yourself for ChrUlmas,
•dilrcss ARNOLD MlilUCIM: CO., Dcpl, Mb,
50 Adelaide Sl. liasl Toronto, Ont.
Timber Notice
Nollce Is hereby given lliatilili-lj daysaflei
ale i inteml lu apply to tlm Chief Co Issloner
f Uuilsilllil Woiksrnril siitviallli-i-nsi'liu'iil
mil cany .-may timber f i iiie follow iim tics*
rilieil lamis:
siiuaieii in ilu* illstrlcl of lOsi Kmitcnnj
'onniieiiclug al a i nst planted nboul m chains
 Ihof tliesoiillnvesi corner of lol "lia.th a mi
lia.iiv s mill, tin 11*0 SO ClllllllS wot, tic m-c KU
•niiimuiierjaiptir, '      ti'   ,
I in; eil llils utli day nf Spplemher, iw«.   j;,
(ion. Carter,
:" by Han llnycs. Attoiit.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given thai sixty days aftei
ate i Intend In apply to tim Chief Commission
rof Unds and Works for petmlssinu tn nm
linsai lie fillowlng ileserlhed lands:
I'oiiisi.ciiciun ai a post planted nn tin- aasi
mnk of tiie Kooteuay river in the illstrlcl nl
last Kootenay about 30 chains below .inn
irown's application loi purchuso, tlienca mn
iliigS'iuthiMchains rollowiugiivoi d.,wnslreiuo
i ce rust 9ii chains, thenco north oo chains
in-nee wesl m clialiK to place ,of cnmmouci'
ui'iit I'tiulaiinii - sn acres limro or less
Dated this BOtlHlay of October, iwa
inin ll.i
i, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given thnl llilrty days atiei
late I lui ml in apply in the Assistant c. is-
iioiiiT rn i.,.t..is ■»,„! worka ..i tho.district of
nul Kootonay,nnd ilu- chief Commissi ■ i
Uindsaiid Works fern license in iirospect f.
inai on the followlug ticst-riiicii land, sltuaii
•it the imrih side of Hie I'lnthoad lilyer, llm
"littui post holng about nue hair miin south nf
In- I'lncher Creek  trail am! about two miles
-nst nf liu* boundary hue of tho Canadian I'm-i
lo railway's tract "of lumt, in Um south east
Million of Usst Kootony district, province ot
■■rillsli Columbia.
Dated IhtsTtli ilnyof Dolobor, Itwa,
comnteiiciiig at a ihisI al I s.xlcen miles cist
if tha lown of Morrissey holng tin- soiitheoat
lonior ajaccni to the iiorthnast comer «f
riiomns Crahan'a clnl in, thoneo sn ohahis west
Iience Ai clialns ninth, llicueo so ehalus enst.
Iiwieo sn clialns smith to tin* place of In-ginning,
■«mii-i1 gsh h Irednml forty acres,
Dated mis miii day of Hoplnmbor, ioih,
.Martin Crahan
l.yA  llackett, Agent,
Notice Is lierehy given thai thirty days aftor
.late I IlltoiKl M apply tu tli.' Assistant I'tmimls
doner of Lamis iiiiii Works of tho illstrlcl ur
Kasl Knotimay. ami llie chief Commissi! i of
Lamis aad  Works rut   license Iii |iins| 1 lm
■ oai nn tlm following described land, sltuiiloil
on iiie smith side of the I'latliaad  Itlver, lho
initial poll llOllia nl I "IU' lull! liulesnulli ol Hie
I Ineliei i nek hull nml about twi I.n easl nf
Hie nullity 11 1 llm (.iii.ull.ii  I'del lie rati
wujs's tract nf laud, in the smith oiisi iwrttmi
f Kast Ko.ilonay, pmvinoo of Hrltlsh Colum-
Duted ihis 7th day of Oolnber, imr.'.
Cnmmoiicliig at n post nhmd stxtocn in Ies
oust of the town of Morrissey, holng tin* nmtli
west enrnor ailjncout lo the uorllieasl enruoi uf
I'lmuias Cralian'sclaim, Hioicii mi chains cast,
ilii'ucii su ehalus south, llienee »l chains west.
llftllCO sn chains mnili to tin* place of i Bglnntiig
lotltallllllg six liuadl'lill lllld forty acres.
Dated this IflUidaynf Hoptouihcr, tofta,
n. I,. Stephens,
by A.iiimki'it, Agent,
Nolhe Is herflhy given that thirty doyslafter
din.. i iiiiciul to apply to tin- Assistant Commls*
siuin-r of l-iimls ami Works nf tlm ill-lrict uf
liasi Kooienay, ami the Chief Cdinmlsslnner ar
Until and Works for it license lo prospect inr
coaluiithe Mlli-wln- lands, situated on llic
souih side uf iim I'liithend Itlver, Hm iuii ai pnst
being about mm hair mile B0||tll nf the I'liiclici'
Creek trail ami itluilll two miles oast of the
lioiitHiarj lino of llie Canadian I'atlllc railway's
liai-tor laml, lu the smitlieast portion  Of Kast
Koitenuy dtslrtol, proviitoo of Hrltlsh Columhla,
Dated this 7lh daj of Oolohor, IflfW.
Cominmiolng at a post about slxioen miles
oast Of tlia town of Mmr.ssey, Imlng Uin norlh
east comer lldjaoeut tn the imiUiwest corner ol
ll. I., Stephens olnhn, Ihence W) chains snulli, |
theiit'exo chains west, lliencu so chains north,
uo sn chains east to tlm plane of beginning,
cuiiiiiiiiitii; six luitulicil uml fnrty acres,
Dnlcd IlllS Hllll day or Si'ptetulmr, 1902.
Thomas Cialian,
HO by A. Hajkett, Agent.
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"Royal Brand"
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v '
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Chicago and poinls easl
h lirmiRli r;il:i<... nn.l Tourist Hleein-ra
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Because #e guarnntce every plug
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ri'lmul   ymir iimiu-y il vou
Land Notice
NnttnoIslwroliy given timl llilrty ilaysafter
..an? i intend tna|i|ily tntlin (Jhlof (JoiniiilsBlniier
ur Lamis ami Works (•»' |ioriiiltt*>lon in inirirliiwc
iiliiml lirty acres nf I nul sttiliitoil nu Ht. Marys
rlvor In the Hnulltprti l>l\isinu or Rimtli Knit
Kmilonay, ilosorlbeil asfnllmvsi
ruiiiiiii'iu*liii'   III  the    iiiH'Lliwi'st  enrner   of
Kimmm hel'lpre's pre-emption, tlience oust m
chains, llir-uce north i« Uu- .si, Marys river,
Iheneo following the snlil river n|i ntretim in a
pnlni iim? norlh of tho polnl o( enininenopiiiont,
thenco south i» Um point nf mencoiiieiit,
uaieti dt craubrook, li, <'., n»v. auih i«w,
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mini: minus:
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llvenla,,   ....   7.10in8:M
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(icncral Jobbing....
Iltilslsli- llnls-is I'mniall,
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!.-. . ****************.*****Q
.«. Iraabrunk lad,e, No. H
"'"'A A.F.tA.M.
Itegular iiit-i-Miii'*. nu lb
,      third ThuMilay oi the
*V umiitli.
ViHltiug biL-tbtrn welcoihiitl, I
Oto, A. I,bitch, Htiu'y*, Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right, that will
please you and your customersgive your order
To The Herald Office
Brecxea low, itiai wflly stenl ncross tbeeo.t,
Ah   from   the   cast   tlie   aui   iilj.Mil-.liiul.uv
Tu iiiiii witie vi-iiii where my dead here
» i"*;
n carrj thou tiih girt In nini frou i
ilu Hi.'uliliilv. leal ilu -a ilHiiuii nii rest;
lh inin-  ii...   thy  -hiiiii  ut iiiii.-itii'si niul
'I'hIki- Hum my gin. iih loved mnplc i
Ami liiin- It tiiere ilium uiy liero'H li
i'liiilliiim,   HlOa, A,   I*.  Mcllls
'II f,
Mr.   Jumna  llu|„,  nl     liir.ti.tit    I'ulill,'    l.i-
bran-, "» Uliu in«r..v.i..l l
Mr, .1 nines Hum, |>,C.I,,   writes   -
The lIlKCIISBtuU  in,   this suhjecl, win. I,
hits iit'.-ti nturtvtl hy "Kmixoiihiu" m
Tho WVstmlUKter, revives mwlj rem I
lections. Th.- luK.'s in th.' Aluskokn
district   weiu a    ftivornblu    hunting
ground   from   tin-  i.nli.sl    tim. H     [,,.
tin- Imllnna, nml im iiii- whlto trap
per from lhu mlilillu ..I tho elKlitvoiuli
century until the iulhix oi civilization destroyed tho gnmo within our
own time. Soulmmlanl wero i\lnsko-
kn furs that Mr. tjuettoii St. Uuorgo
rt'giilarli visited Waslmgo from 1800-
Jhiii to purchase from tlm trappors,
Mr. Huiley wus ugeul [or the Hudson's Uuy Company for iminy years
provioiis to iKfin, at whnt is now
llracehiIdgo, nnd the ruins of a trailing post wero vislhlo un tho hunks
.if tin- Joseph lllvor some 40 veins
ago. A rough outlliio .if ihu lako
appears in Mil-hell's mup of North
America, puhllslied in 1700, hut tho
division between Lukes Musk.ihu. uml
Hotmseuu wore nol Rhown in nny
mup (ill the publication of tlie N.i\
V.K. atlas in 18llfi, In this mup the
whole route from the Ottawa to
Ponotutigutshone is hud down from
tin* dosertptions of Alexander Sheriff, who crossed iu either ls-.i or
1830 hy tho i'etcwnwu nnd Muskoka
lilwrs, describing in his paper tho
generut opioaranco of the lakes nnd
livers und approximately giving distances. The lirst Government survey whs made bv 1. Houghton Dennis, O.E., in 1850, Who discovered
Luke Joseph und named it nfter his
The STuskokn road wns one of the
curliest tut through the dense hush
to open up the free grunt lands and
wns finished us :'. r as Dracobrltlgo in
the winter of 1850-00. In July,
18*10, Mr. John Campbell, now Professor Campbell. und tho writer
walked over this road and ramped
on the •horc of tho lake. Not n tree
wus cut along the shores, ami the
park from what is now tiruveiihtirst
to the hay was one of Nature's own
providing. Two Ind inn lunk wigwams stood  oil  the  beach  where now
the railway station nnd lumber piles
hold sway. The following year we
returned with a party of five, bringing witli us n boat VhUli wns carried across the Muskokn road by n
yoke ol oxen, who occupied nearly
(ourtcen hours on the Journey oi
thirteen miles.     The   pnrty reached
oil   this  occasion   thO  upper   par!      Of
Luke Joseph and found so much to
interest them that the trip became
nn annual one. and tbo writer pur-
'chased on behalf of some ol the members Ihnl aires ol Islands among
Which  Is the one now known as  ¥o*
It is pleasant to s.-e testimony
home to the energy uml put severance wiih which Mr. A. P. Cockburn
devoted ht insult to opening up Hi"
lakes to the general visitor, though
It  Interfered    sadly    villi the unro*
■t rid eil fr lorn  which  the tew  who
visited Muskokn had heretofore on-
Joyed Mr, L'ockltum's llrsl visit
wns in 1805, um] his first steamer
was launched in 186(1
■rl.f Skat Oil ..fill* Cufmt nl Mr Wll litm
I ..... uh   .1 ill i ...>•.
Thn career of u brlllhinl   Cfltiadinn
•en 1  on  July  BHth,   1888,    hj    tho
domh tn sir Wllllnm 1-Yiiwick Wll
.lamp of Kurs He nni hoin at
Halifax, N s ,'un.l t« known familiar,
h    ns   Uie hero  ol  Kara     When    a
Colonel   of engli rs In* was engngwl
in defliiiiiB tin* Turco-l'orBlaii hound-
niv    , nl wns appointed HutiOi Mil
itary l'n
.it  Ash
in   IH.Vt
n \slatlc
Se Mih.'..
wholly dlsi
tlgi '
got    Ihi  nl
■ laslod
ot     1 lu-
ol     thu
ml.      Hi
ml    found    l In*   Turks
iii/ud.  Iml  Willi Indota-
liu   ron.vieil   IlllUncs,
nipi otllclals ami    en-
 il  hliiisotl io the Turkish nrmy
In Juno, IBfifl, the llusslan (loneral
Mourftvlctt, wiih-in mm'utfaiitij mul
10,000 cavnlry, lioslcgcd Knrs, ilu*
garrison of which under tleneral Wll*
hnillB,    nuiiiliereil 15.1)110 men.      with
three   months' pruvlslons   uml ihroo
da\t' aiuniuiiKioii     Tli
lltilll    Hi" em! .if   Novp
snuio   yetu   when   nfte
most   heroic ilefenres .
which his mm BiitTerod gi*eatly   from
it si'nM'    and   l.i.l.   of   loud,    he     wn?.
Lined   to cnpltiilulo     A grnnil   os-
naiilt    of   tliu    llii-.hu.i,h   um   tn lis
Iwforo   rnaiiUod In a Ions to thorn ol
0.00(1   men. ami \\  was only throiiglj
famine ihnl the gullunl garrison wns
overcome     Rven Clenerul Momaviofl,
the   lotniuniMli'i  of Hie besieging army,  g.n-'rously expiiss,,! tils n'lpro*
elation ol his oppnn-nl's defence   hy
ftylng   "Clotiornl \Vllliniun, \>m hove
unile youiM-tf n name in history, uud
ostorlty will stand amazed al    Iho
niluntiue,   llie cournge  uml   Ilu*  (lis-
Iplinii which this siege has    cnlleil
nth   in tho remains   of the army
ot   us arruiige a capitulation   that
will   satisfy     the   ileum mis    of war
wit Imii 1 dlsgnicltig humanity."   lien-
etui  Williams wns ili'i.iituil  in    Ijus-
t*?ia   as a prisoner   um i! penoa   wiih
tleeliinal    win n he wus glvtn u    Hurley   and nu ntinuity of iii,000,
; with which
ul iiiuiii-
('aiut-Jn tn I'liij -t fir-tiit  I'tarl lu th* *'uiur.
»r 111.-  Rmptril    A l.rmn.l .   to
I'imii   Hid  llorhl.
Tim Colonial Premiers mid their
Ministers were dined by Hu* Cauail-
iuu Club ol London at Die Trociuloro
real ant,   Lord Sirathcona  prvsld*
■ il       It    is   UStOlllHllillg   tin-  llllllll ut of
vitality in the iif-j.ii Commissioner,
lie moves nbout uml talks like it
mini ui iniv ilu- Lord Mayor wns
ihere, mnl Sir Willi ul Muir-for. Sir
I diimml llurlon Sir Ituhort llond,
Sir William Mulack, |tun. w   Paler
-<>i>,   Hon    U    S    I-'ieliliiig.   Lord   |ht-
by, Lord Ashbourno, sir John An-
ilurson, Mi C M Hays, lion Ur.
M.uiiui-iie, Uetieral llnly, Hon li T
I'uiiv, Hon II iviers, Hon F- Haul-
lain. Mr. .1 s Colmor, U.M O , and
ipiito a dlstingulsheU company.
Sir Wilfrid Luurier. who wus loudly cheered, aftor expressing his ap-
prcclal ion of Dn* overwhelming
warmth of English hospitality and
ie ilm I.iml terms in which the Lord
Mayor hud rcferrod io him, went   on
to say that   his  Lordship had spoken
of Canada in language of great en-
i milium, hat, greal. as his encomium
wns, Canada deserved it nil.
(OheerH. I Thu Loid Mayor hail said
lhal Hm free Institutions
tliey were blessed in 1807 ii
tulncd   tha loyalty of Canada-    'Ihey
hail done more— thoy had enhanced
h- loyally of Canada, (timers.)
This was u fi'oo country, and a iinui
was always welcome to speak hia
mind lo a llrillsh audience. Lei
him say Ihis, then, that if it. hail
not been for Ihe charter of liberty
whiih Canada has received, the condition nf things woii'd perhaps havo
he ii dllTeront, In IHTT, lhe first
year of her late Majesty's reign, Canada was in a turmoil of oxcitcm.'Jit.
I'here wa. rebellion in lhe French
piovin'U of Quebec; there were rebels also in lho Bid I ish province of
Ontario. Tho rebellion, was, in his
opinion, qulto Justified by the unworthy system which then obtained,
.iiul by the attempt to ndo what
oiighi to have been a free people by
methods wblch did not suit them.
Hm in 1801), when ihey had a free
iharter, iilrn they had n Parliament
io whieh the Government of the
day wero responsible, when they hud
all the blessings of responsible government in the same measure in
which tho people of England enjoyed
hem-—al thai lime, wh n lhe authority of Her Majesty was threat*.nod
n distant   parts of    her dominions,
he very sons of lhe rebels of 18:17
wero the first to go to the rescue
ind lake their coats off to maintain
the domination of tho Qtioon in
Soulh Africa, (Cheers.) Thut wus
the result of thn wise policy whieh
had bron followed In regard loCun-
itla nud th- other colonies of Ureal
Britain 'Ihu IHth century hail heen
■n (In al Britain, n century pro I ilic
In reforms bul In nil the reforms
which had been eiTeeted in thai memorable ls'i'iiul there wus none
whii h had been so prolific in ureat
ami useful results us the concession
to Hip colonics of lhe power to gov-
A Nii.iRl.ie llav.
The other day, just ns a train wan
about to go on! of station, a boy
run up fo tin- ticket inspector uml
whispered, "Sir, there's two men
traveling In the iniin nml neither
emu of them has got any ilrluis."
OIT went Hu- Inspector uml senri'bpil
bll the cnrrlngos through, bul without avail. A|l lhe passengers had
proper tieleis. Then, seeing his in
former stunding near the eniraiu-e to
the station, lm shouted, "Where aro
tbe two men without tickets?"   "On
Ibe tmj-iiiti!" tjlioult-d   thu boy.
own will and with what   they
red    to     be their own Interests,
<( he
era )   Canada was blessed    not
wiih a good system of govern-
nn ut
,   but she wus also blessed with
a   fjt
md climate  cold In winter, very
warm In summer,  very wur in;
always dry, cheering ami Invig*-
ng   and full ot cxhlUi-Alion. Af-
descrlh ng    the    great     strides
li Canada  had made dining   tha
100 years    Sir Wilfrid Laurier
on  fo sav  that   Hl'in was nb-
sol ill
o certain!j   that   Canada would
!>■-   1
he granary of Ureal   Britain   At
present   time  there was in Can-
an ocean of ripening grain ol »
■1 nl
t*.    unsurpassed In   the   world,
and us for u'hin'i'y, In a tew years
ihere would bo enough lo feed the
wholo oi tlroul Britain, nny the
who-0 ot Europe (Cheers.) lhe one
hue: only which they wanted in
o.nuiiu ut the present time was population They had a population ol
live   million and » in tie more   ihey
had room and lain! In gnu homes
an.! shelter to ., hundred millions at
least and lo mnl bv, as he hoped in
n nol vory distant future, ilu-*, would
have within lhe bounds of Cnnada a
population   of   u   hundred millions.
i Cheers | I'hev wel *■ |:<iinit to repeal    the   h story ol     the     rutted
i In
KiiH hi
Haw the distressed condition ol many
of our pco.de it wns nlwnys to him
a    mnller of snino surprise  thai    no
greater efToru wore made by tha
people ol ilis country (o mud over
their pom surplus population to
ihat vasi I.iml ol Western Canada,
lln' C'nnadinn Cavprinnent was do-
■n ■ it nhp.ro Ii had emigration
ngmls ni nil pmts of Europo, but
ii preferred Hu- people ol those nor-
thein noes fn whieh we nil belonged, because, aftor nil, they weir tho
hesl oi ail men in a now country.
It'll mi mn'ter when* Ihey nunc from
Un-.il Hi ilnlti, or Ireland, or Nor-
wny, or Frame, or normally, ol Illln-
naov. or Hu' United Stales also they
t itn ltd 1 In-iii nil in the Hume way
ami mined them out good Cnnadlans
one nnd all. (Cheers.) 'lhe Canadian tloveriiutenl gave ldti acres of
land to every hoy ot eighteen years
.if age, who would make it a home,
and Hi*' price thoy risked wns that ho
should take a good wife und bring up
his children upon the luml. Not one
dollar did ihey require from him,
They offered further advantages, and
on these conditions ihey opened their
domain to alt the destitute of Europe. If ih' Poor of (ireat Britain
who wero longing for work, nml who
would be the best of settlors, would
go to Canada, they would be In a
few years, prosperous men with
homes for lh'iiisehes and families
If h • had a request to make of the
Citnndian Club it was thnt they
Would seeond the efforts of lhe Can*
uiliiin Hove, miu'nt, and send cini-
giiiuiH to Cnnada, The more w«
sen! population to fVniifbi, iho moro
we would hind her to nur h'*urt, and
lhe inoro we should have that condition which we all hoped for the
British Kmpiiv, of whirl) he, n British suhjecl not of British origin, was
*isl   as proud   aa    any yie-* tMay,
Or. Workman   Bp.Bki   to  tb* *"Ii*»l.t»rl*tl
A»t**iii»ll»" of Toronto of Mooj
Proiaot U-r Evil*.
Tbjv, Ur. Workman, nt a recent
mooting of tha Toronto Ministerial
Association, rend a carefully-propar.
ed paper on "Anarchy, Moral and
Economical." The treatise, which
covered tlm subject thoroughly, although briefly, wus greatly appro-
elated by the members. In opening
Dr. Workman described anarchy   us
a deliberate disregard of human Oov-
eiiiiiu-iii. nud Hm typical anarchist
us a malcontent a-galnst the present
Btalu of things, whoso Ideal was
the abolition of Government and of
privuie properly. Tin- abolition of
Oovornmonl wns contrary to Scriptural teaching aud to oxporienco.
Tlie form of nny Oovoriunonl w.o. a
divine ordlunuco,
Hum) Anmrrhy.
Wiih regard to ihe moral application ot tho term the speaker said
that conscious or deliberate disregard of human or divine law. was
moral anarchy. This was particularly true of violations of divine
law; no mutter how obedient a man
iiiigut.     be     to   lhu laws of      man,
ii.* was uu anarchist.
Ur. Workman proceeded to outline
tho various kinds of anarchy which
presented Iheiusclve.s to his observations.     Theso wero:
(1) Tho determination to have
one's own way; if a man undertook
to do as he liked, regardloss of consequences, he wns an anarchist.
(13) Doing evil thai good might
result. Many practised the doctrine that lhe end justified the
moans; rather should they say that
the means justified tho end. Mrs.
Currie Nation, the Kansas agitator,
was a type of Hie downright, wilful,
absolute Anarchist. All those temperance families who wished to
abolish saloons without regard to
the rights of saloon-keepers wero
Anarchists. Revolutions should le
accomplished by the process of evolution.
(:i) Ignoring justice In dealing
wiih either a citizen or a common
The actions of the French Govern
ment in the Dreyfus case mid of the
British Government in tho Venezuela mnl ter savored of Anarchy. Groat
Britain's treatment of Ireland, tou«
had been anarchistic.
"What of Ireland itself?" was nskr
"Ireland has its Anarchists, too,
I will admit," said Dr. Workman
"but that does nol justify the measures adopted in the government ol
the island. Let justice be dono,
though the heavens fall; it justice bo
done, the heavens will not fall."
(1) The wreaking of vengeance ia
nny   lown,        Ijynelllllg,   IOI tlll'll)*.*   ullO
burning at the stake were examples
of it in our own time. From the
largo number of people who suggest
ed Hint Czolgosz should have been
lynched for his crime at Buffnlo it
was apparent that this sentiment
had n firm hold on a great portion
of public opinion.
(fl) To act on the principal thnt
might was right.     Examples ul this
were   to   he   found   in   the      Jameson
raid, Britain's threat to coerce
Venezuela, the reported conduct of
the French and Gorman troops In
Clllnn eighteen months ugo, the
smashing of Spain and the taking of
the Philippines.
(d) Ailing from policy or expediency when a moral principal was
involved. Tho    only  law   in bucli
cases was tho golden rule.
K.-iimtiiuic Anarchy.
Under tho heading ol "Economic
Anarchy" the speaker grouped:
11) Financial, such as the deceiving of an assessor by a property
owner, tho practice ol extortion by
money-lenders nnd others, the smuggling of merchandise, and in stock
(*_')  Commercial,     ns shown  in  thi
unscrupulous mentis employed      by
many business men to make money
rapidly, such as the adulteration of
gold, the employment of false
weights and measures, the accept'
once of Illegal commissions, etc.
(M)   Municipal,      where      the        Itn
commandments were set at naught
The traffic In franchises in Philadelphia, ilu* protection of gambling
and Vice in New York, and the cor
ruptlon in Chicago were mentioned],
11> Political, such ns the taking
o( money in thc Pacific and M
Oreevy scandals, lhe buying o!
votes, lho use of Hie gerrymander, tempering wllh vnler'fi lists,
uud ihe st tilling of hnllot-boxcs,
(5) Industrial where the work
were treated as mere machines, end
wna Improperly Influenced In manv
directions,      The    formation      ol
trusts, monopolies and combines of
all Kinds Was a feu I nre of this sort
of anarchy; labor was cheated of its
fair share ot profits. Anarchy was
occasionally connected with orgnnta
ctl labor; when noi-uiilon men were
compelled io join a union, or woro
prevented from working; where thero
wns any    Interference with personal
liberty, thero wna tyranny, which
was anarchy.
Tha Outlook Alarming.
In concluding his description of
anarchy tho speaker said: "We nre
living at u t Inin when widespread
anarchy is abroad. There seems
lo bo an epidemic of not only criminal anarchy, but ol moral and economic also. Tho two latter are on
the increase, and the outlook Is
alarming. A characteristic tea*
tine is iho unscrupulous means otn-
ployed    hy Iho so-eallod law-abiding
I citizens In gain money or to obtain
. power tied position.
j Dr. Workman devoted some time
to a consideration of tlio cause mid
cure of anarchy- He mild that
thero   wore  several  causes,   but  that
the fundamental one was selfishness,
man's Hellish love ot power, position
and wealth. 'i'here was still sonic
savagery in the human disposition,
a tendency for one io go as ho
pleased) 110 mut'er who suffered,
The euros were to bo found In
education, lu teaching men to obey
and respect the laws,     They should
moot all evils constitutionally; not
flglil tim with lire, legislation and
Christ Ionization were the other
methods to bu employed,
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific Kailway Company control a large area ol the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenay District. The prices range from $,.oo to $5.00 an acre, the latter being tor first-class agricultural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
Terms of Payment
The aggregate amount ol principal and lnt reit, eicepl la the
case nf lands under 42.511 an acre, ia divided into lea inalalment. as
ahowil in the table below; Ibe first lo be paid at the time ol purchase, tne second one year from dale of Ibe purchase, the third ia
Iwo years and so on.
The following table shows the amounl of the annual inatalmeal.
on Ian acres at different prices uuder the above coadlllona:
IMI acrs al Si.Stl per air, Ist instalment $S9.*S 9 equal intal'ts at S50.08
.1.00     "                            7I.M "              60.00
.1.50      "            ."                 MM "               70.01
1.00     •■           "                W.K.S "              U.M
1.50     "           "               107.05 "              MM
5.00     "           '•                19.1(5 "             IM.M
KimberleV 's ",c ',us'ncss 8n0, shipping point for the
J Nortli Star and Sullivan mines.
BEAL & I-ILWIiLL, Townsile Agents.
Cranbrook is ",c divisional point of the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre of Sculli
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
Hor further information apply to agents as above or lo
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Linds under $2.50 per acre arc sold
on shorter lime.
If the land is paid fur in lull ai the
time of purchase, a reduction irom llie
price will be allowed ctpial lo ten per
cent un the amuuni paid in excess of ihc
usual cash inMalmcni.
Interest al »i\ per cent will he
charged in over due Instalments,
The Company has also lols for sale
in Ihe following hmn sites in Easl hunt
enay: lilko. Cranbrnok. Mine lie. KItcll.
ener, Creston and Kimbcric).
The terms of payment arc one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center ui the great
Iron range aud the gateway lo lho White
Grouse copper fields.
n\\ nslte Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
I have good wood ol all lengths.
Leave orders at Townsite ollice receive prompt attention.
Richard Stewart
and Builder  *
All work guaranteed.   See ua before
sua bulla.   II will pay >»u.
Cranbrook, B C
s HOTEL... I
ik   ************************  to
* PBTtiR MATHBS0N, Pruprlclor.      $
3 ************************ Jt
* When you nre hungry und want JJJ
-ft a goal iiif;il go to the Hunt m\
1* Kootenay. j
£ When you  are tired anil want a *
good rest go to the Kast Koo- ft
tenay. j
J When you are thirsty and want a JJJ
gootl  drink   go   to the   Kast n*
Kootenny. J
2   In fact when you are in Cranhrook JJ
■ft stop at the Kast Kootenay. *f
******** ***ti.y>****1***iii**
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranhruuk and Mar>nvllle, H. C
Tht Empire Restaurant
Memlan.es Shaw & Campbell, Prop..
Meals and Lunches al all Hours
Home Made Bread, while
and Brown. Buns and
Pastry of all kinds.
Next Door to Post Office
riii|irletor nt the
Candy Kitchen;
carries a cnmplaloBtoek of
Candies, Eruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. Hive ua • c.ll
• * • . • . • •-• ♦ •-♦ • • ........ . .rj)
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
pokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Ft. Shephard R'y Co.,
Red   Mountain   Railway  Co
The only all rait route between all
points Kast, West and South to,,,.
Intermediate Points.
Connecting at
SFOKANK with the
Ureal Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. R. & N. Company.
Connect, at
Nelson with Steamer tor Kaslo
and All Kootenay   Lake Poind,
Connect, nt
Myers Falls with Stage Dally lor
Republic, and
Connecta daily
At    Bossburg   Stage  Dally   lor
tlrand Forks and Greenwood.
If. A. JACKSON, 0«a. Hail. Aft.
Sensible People Travel ky tt. C. P. R.
The atmve three worsla furnish the tea-
asm why tbe C. 1'. R. ia considered the
heat roai) acroaa tbe continent.
Leave Cranbrook 3:10 p. m.
Arr. Winnipeg 2d day 8:50 a. m.
Arr. St. Paul 2d day 6:10 p. m.
Arr. Chicago 3d day 9.30 a. m.
Arr. Toronto 4th day 2:45 p. tn.
Arr. Montreal 4th day 6:30 p. m.
Arr. New York Sth day 8:55 p. m
Clos. Connection, lor All extern Palais
of thla company are modela of cleaull
ness and comfort nnd .re in charge of
porters wbo endeavor in .very way to
make Ihe journey
These cara leave for the eaat as follows:
Prom Dunnore Junction .ally far SI. Paal.
From Kootenny La.dla, Tacsd.y aad Saturday lor Toronto, Montreal aad all Eastern
I'. Key Cily l.od-e
Nn. «. Meals every Monday nlRlit at Ihelr luiilii n
lliikes stleet.    Htijiiiirlni!
0.1.1 Kollown cordially Invited,
A. Utah, Jr., M.l*, Bluings.
N U. 8»!<.'
P. Burns & Co!
Whole-fair, and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Fresh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the hot.    Your
trade is solicited.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co.. Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Just a little worn, eh? What you need is a new suit. One
that will wear, one that will look well at all times, and
that will not cost too much money. We can fix you out.
We have a line selection ol suitings to choose Irom and,
what is more, you can depend upon the quality.
Leask & Henderson
The aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, II. C
Livery &
Propiietors * * *
Teame and drtvera furntaherl for any
point In tb* district,
Manager   J  *   *
Wc have ,t stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed lirick,
Fire lirick
and Tile
Further   Information   regarding th.
"Only Way" can be bar! on applic.llon.
Oku. llllMKk. Agenl,
It J. Covt.B. Cr.nbrootl, B C
A.G. t. A., Vancouv.r, I C.
J,8, CR'tnn, 1>. PA,
Nelson, B. C
Land Purchases,
Mining Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. 0. Fort Stills. I. C.
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor
Undertaking And
Graduate of Champion college of U. 3
Oflice nnil slim*. Aiken block,
neat Canadian Hunk of Commerce, Cranbrook. ll C
Uphol ute ring and Ucnernl I nrnliure Kepilrlaf
Wilt attend in nn) work in the dUtrict
Agcat lor llic lirnndim Mirhle aid flraalu
Warki.   Tumbal»n.*it, II cad 11 unci, tu. 1   FIN L SLASH AT PRICES   g
tt \VINTER   JV\ANTLg5;i
fl Our entire itock ot up to-date Jackets we oiler at exactly W
. . This chance to secure a stylish and comfortable wrap • j
fij) (or winter wear will not last long. The following O
]$) quotations speak for themselves:
Pine fawn Beaver .i.isi^sms. •, I Oxfursl (Irey cloils .liclu-K -, ®T
leiiftii. n.-ii cuff, lai. (.,.,„. Innnth, double breast, *, .... I®
eat atyle, 83'J now Ml.IHI       alaah poolteta,SIS.no.,     otMiu vx
iii,\n   oii'iLi-;;   Toronto
Capital \ulhorlzL"]     St.lKJU.OOO
1 Capital I'aiil Up  2.K6J.W2
Hc-?t     2,tJ8,5M
t It. Mt-iiiti, I'realdenti i>  It. Wilkle, Ytca
ITeslil«iii:  wdllain  Haiii.«y, Ku!>>*it Jattray,
.viiiuiii Uendrle, t. smherlanJ siayner, Ellas
li, ll. U'itkle, General Manager.
I-. liny, A-si-i;uit iietUTii! Mautieer.
w. M.iiini. Inspector,
Nuitii-Ui'statiii Qrltlsh Columbia
i r-inlirnok.raliairy. Winnipeg, llnuitloa Kil*
 Iiiini. I'l.-niui* l:i   I'rulrif. I'llli.'f  Allii'tl, i!u
■..    i;.-M'Muki',     MMtl lit.    W.'tiisklttlu,
iiiii V.'isi.ii. Ki-rmiinii, \i.-iiniii, \iiiii-.nivi'i-.
s.t\ h s lliink lii'-i-irtnii'iit !>i'|nislls nf V'
mul upward veil nnil Interest allowed,
i>i'ti.'iitni.-i Provincial, Municipal ami oilier
ilrli.' ■•■<* i.inrliiisi'il.
A-.-iii- in iin*it llrltnlii Moyil's Hank, Mil,
T' i. niiniril si., Liiiniiin. with iiiini money
iimj in- iIpihisIibiI fnr iiniisr. r t.v lt-tii-r. m . ,ilil.>
is, ,n;. uf llie above branoliea.
F. II. M \KSII, MaiMKcr
®T Oxford drey Napp Cloth Jackets,
>.,   lergth, ifiw welted yoke
ba*k andsl isi. pot It ts,     ^y ■*,*>
i)T     8h so, for only W.m)
Kine pawn Melton Ja keta, serai-
fitting back, velvet col-     ^ ,y.
OH, velve'Jcollar, Bin
a snap at
Oxford (irey Kersey Jackets,semi I 9
lining tuck and velvet     «- .... jl#.
collar, Sin, going a' W.UU . j
liiin* Golf Capes, pui-i trimmed, a £•".
only, SIS, are now re*     .,. .... [®
duoedto sVi.OO S
I i
J® larv llll   no.                    W
Tg) Foil L.tteth UlKier.,OufortlQ
* *' The hall price rule governs this sale throughout. sO
0 Come early.    These lines will move quickly.  Decern- ff
ber Fashion Sheets tree.
A lew osiii ata.a left Iii Mlssea   It.
Winter Jarknta,    These will tin <! .
S.S.IM)     .silil. S7.U0 lor Wall: SS...» lur Si .ill. i'-1
O-Q-iit-d) .... ■•   .   .   .
-®-sl>~<5)-®-<.)-®-iS> ®-®-®-','>-®-*4i-
SOLID lilll.ll ■ (101.1) FILLED    STERLING, SILVER
The Largest and Best Stock of
Ever Shown  In East Kootenay
the old stand. We are always
willing lo show goods as we
have them to show.
Official Wakh IrtspiM'tnr Crnwa Nest Hraach C   P. K.
A Word to the Ladies
Have you seen our new fall goods? We
have some exquisite patterns and latest
novelties in ladies' wear, Call in and see
our display. The prices, well, they will
satisfy you in every instance.
...HILL & CO.
One of the Moal Conilbrlalill
Botela in Baal Kootonay
Refitti-il Througuou
Newly Ptirulalietl
L. B. VanDecar. Prop.
Crunlirook, 11. C.
We have Just received two car loads of Al potatoes. We O
want to turn these into money quickly so shall sell at ( )
They won't last long at this price so leave your orders early to ( )
avoid disappointment. Ours is the NEW MEAT MARKET Q
on Armstrong avenue. r)
I  I
We also carry iarge  slock  ol   HAY AND GRAIN.
Picked  Up Abuut lhe Cily  by  Aakini
i.iui'siiniis  of Many  Penple.
Charles Karrell of Moyle wna iu town
Por ii'-i-fiil presents in china ■pp
G T Rogers.
Wanted — Cure taker ior Christ church.
Apply lo Jns. Gill.
'Ihe license commission will meet in
Craubrook nn the 15th.
Force, nml all other reliable breakfast
foods nt G. T, koger's.
How about hockey? Is tbere to be no
rink in Crnubrnok this year?
Thu heat fifty cent tea on earth.G. T.R.
ohi only by ft. T. Rogers.
McCorralek'a choelates nt P. McCon-
uell'a,   They are freah and the best.
M. A. Beale left yesterday for lhe
coast.    Hi* will he (jone about a month.
We aim to suit Hie public,
McSweyn Si Griffith.
I'. McConnell has a fine display of
coufecliouery and everything fresh.
If you want winter apples go tn Mc-
Counell'a.    He linn a fine stork,
Thomas Crahan, agent for the Morrissey townsite, was iu town lasl Tuesday.
Grant rteliitigne arrived home on
Tuesday, after a few weeks' vacation in
the east.
Pat Mr-Mnhcn, of Klko, came down
Monday to transact some business in
Get your apples nt McCnnnell'fl. He
Ins a line supply of Spys, Baldwins anil
Go lo Renltie's foi your toys and
don't lose any time. The first come
will have the better selection.
Rev J. S. Thompson will preach both
(horning and evening in the Methodist
Church,   Sirntigers cordially welcome.).
Mr. and Mrs. William Colpuinu anil
boy, of Cowley, were tbe guests of Mr.
ami Mrs. A, Leitch several days last
I-'rvd lOvart, superintendent of tbe
Crntibrcok Jvlcctiic Light company, has
been confined in the house for some
lime with a sprnined knee.
Mrs. Ii. II. Small and baby will rr*
turn next week from an extended visit
wilb relatives nnd friends in Winnipeg
mul St. Paul.
O. II. Uremner went to Leithbridge
Monday to join Mrs. Bremner who was
called there by the serious Illness of her
■iistwr Mrs. McKillop.
Mesdames Tunbridge aud Lacey have
opened up a neat store in the rooms
vacated by Wilson, the jeweler. They
have a nice stock of Chrislmas goods on
Tun Lebel, the hay and feed magnate
of Pincher Creek, was in town this week
taking stock of liis grain supply, Mr.
i.*:iiO lias a laugh that is pleasing and is
shrewd in business as a Vermont Yankee,
11 is fortunate that the people of
Crunlironk hnve a commercial operator
al lhe C Y. K. station like Harry Patterson. He is always accommodating
nnd at uo time does he impress a patron
of the company by bla actions that he
owns half the road.
Cranbrook and Montreal have the ice
111111 dressed in white uniforms. These
men are known as "While Wings" and
their business is lo supply Ice to tbepns*
sen gel trains.    Tbe Herald compliments
Montreal ou ibe fact that It li In the same
class as Cianbrook in tuts respect.
lm J. Smyth, of the Moyie Leader,
wns in town last Monday, and attended
Hie Lumberman's bampiet lhat night
Smyth says that it made him feel like
being in tlie Palo use country again to
throw bis legs under the mahogony and
drink the sparkling fluid from tbe yellow necks.
The Winnipeg Free Press of Friday
prints a dispatch to tbe effect that J.
G. Taylor formerley of the Great North
crn, later with the C. P. R., and at one
tutu.- chief dispatcher in Crnuhrook, hns
been appointed superintendent of terminals for the Northern Pacific with
headquarters at Wiunipeg. Mr. Taylor's
many friends in Cranhrook will be pleased to hear of this recognition of his
A. Grenier has opened a blacksmith lug
ami horse .shoeing depot opposite Geary
& Doyle's stable. Mr, Grenier is the
gentleman who suffered the loss of au
eye while working ou Hie government
road a short time ago and Is anxious lo
establish himself iu business. He has
Inken prizes ns a Imrseshoi-r in llie territories and thoroughly uuderitaudB ids
Attention All!
The largest, finest, best selected and most varied
stock of Christmas goods ever brought to this part of
this province is arriving daily. The place to get what
you want is
Pred Frith, of Moyie, was in town
R. Dudley, of Pernie, visited friends in
town ou Sunday.
P. D. Hope, the Moyie druggist, was
in town yesterday.
Rev. Gordon, of Fernie, was a Cranbrook visitor Saturday.
F, Stevenson, of the Hoffman holel,
Klko, was in town Monday.
C. K. Reid, druggist at Frank,
Albert, was in town on Monday.
Geo. I.eitch of Jnfl'rny, was III town 011
Sunday and Monday ibis week.
Mr. Bohart cntne over from Fort
Sleele last week on a business trip.
I*;. J. Clayton, of McNeill St Clayton
Marysville, was in town this week.
James Greer has the contract for
building a two story residence for J
Mr. Gigot, manager of the Hudson
Hay company at Nelson, was in town
this week.
Frank Dickson visited Morrissey this
week an 1 reports the town prospering
Miss Watson nnd Mrs. Nelson of Fort
Steele attended the concert and dance
here on Thursday night.
D, McGillivary, who bas been very
ill in the hospital for llie past two weeks
is slowly recovering.
Milt Williams ol the n°y**» ■■**■*•*■>. »■—
been laid up during tbe past week with
au attach', ot pleurisy.
Word has heen received that Wilke
Blown, who nnw lives in New York, is
the proud papa uf a sou.
Misses Lou aud Ella Leitcb visited
with their brother George at J affray
lasl Saturday ami Sunday,
George Laurie, ol Laurie Lumber com
pauy Marysville, was in towu Ibis week
doing business for the lirin,
lid, Klwell, of Beale, Hutchison Si
Klwell, insurance agents, visited Marysvllle and Kimberley this week.
Frank Rutley left last Saturday for
San Francisco where be will enter the
employ ofthe Santa Fe railway,
R, H, McNeill returned home to
Marysville on Thursday last, after n
absence of about a year iu Nelson.
Tbere will be a meeting of the shareholders of the Cranbrook Klectrie Company tbis evening nt lhe Cranbrook
Joe. Ber train returned from the windy
end of the Grow this week, and bis
many friends were glad to shake bis big
mit again.
J. M. Lay lefl Saturday, for Nelson
having completed bis part of the work
of inaugurating the Imperial bank in
this city.
Mrs. W. Small of Marysville, who baft
been ailing for some time uith a severe
sprain of her arm returned home on
Saturday Innl.
Samuel Speers who has been time
keeper for the C. P. R. nenr Diliiinnre
Junction for the past four mouths returned on Thursday last.
.Misses Durtck, Tiiniiliiiiiser, and
Messrs. Jude, and J. Taiiiibatlscr nf Furl
Steele attended the coneer! and dance
here on Thursday night last.
J. A. I,auric, of lhe I.antic Lumbci
company of Marysville, has been down
the line as far a Moose J.iw iu connection with tbe company's business.
Mr. Calnll, the well known limber
cruiser, was iu town tins week. Mr,
Cahill litis tbe reputation of In ing a
limber rustler that is always on the go,
Father Oueletle relumed last week
from the east where he has been foi
some time past, He is very much Improved in health and looks like another
Rev. Thompson went to Morrisse>
Saturday to preach the opening sermon
in tbe new Methodist church of thnl
city. Rev. Connor, of tbat lown filled
Mr, Thompson's pulpit in this city.
George Thrasher and Jimmy McPliall,
of Kimberley, left for the coast on Sunday last, These gentlemen hnve beeu in
Soulh Kast Kootenay during the past
four years and are interested in several
mineral claims up tbe St. Marys Valley
and 011 Matthew Cieek, Their mauy
friends wish tbem success,
I    Hello Boys!    I
H Our Wolsey Underwear has arrived.   We can fit you p
to i» four different shades.    These goods are absolutely
<$■ unshrinkable so you are sure of getting a fit that will
<► be .1 lit.  * The finest line of
to ever shown in East Kootenay, in a dozen different *)i
to styles. .< Those Stub Proof Rubbers are a poor thing O,
to II they keep going this way there will be a rubber O^
O mine wanted before spring. 0
i     Ft. Steele        S
Mercantile Co.  1
Winter Caps
J. P. I:INK, manager.
Gneruey Patmore was able lo gel
down town last week wltb the aid of
crutches. It wns his first trip out of
doors since he was blown up by the
acetylene gas machine iu Kimberly.
Frank Dickinson spent last Sunday in
Morrissey where he arranged for Mr,
Cllne to join him here in the barber
trade. Mr. Dickinson says tbat H, L
Stephens has a great hotel.
The Ladies Guild of Christ church desire The Herald to extend thanks to
Thomas Rookes for his kindness in
playing for the dance last Thursday
night, for which he would accept no pay
The concert nnd dance given by lhe
Ladies Guild of Christs church last
Thursday evening, was a great success.
There was a latge number present nud
tbe ladies cleared up about $150 for tbe
building fund.
James Ryan and Thomas Wellman,
left last Saturday for S:tn Francisco to
attend 1 he winter race meeting in thai
city, It isn nice lime of the year to go
to California, and no two men in the
country will enjoy seeing lhe horses go,
more than those two.
W. M. Clayton, ol Victoria, and father
of K J. Clayton of Marysville, wns visiting with his son last week. Mr. Clay-
Con is very deeply impressed with what
he has saw of South Kast Kootenay and
thinks that Marysville Is the ideal spot
ol British Columbia.
Tbe heaviest fall of snow tbat li*.s
visited thin section for years fell last
Saturday night and Sunday afternoon
and evening. It snowed steadily until
it bail reached a depth of into uinches.
This heavy snow looks gootl to the
lumber men who are cutiing millions of
feel of logs around Cranbrook.
The plans have been prepared by lhe
C, P. R. for a depol at Moirissey, and
the stone is already ou the ground for
the foundation. The building will be
about like the Cranbrook station, except
tbat it will be several feet longer. Work
has commenced on the structure, and it
will be pushed rapidly forward to completion.
Dr. Herdmati will preach in the Presbyterian church on December 14th, both
morning and evening. The doctor was
pastor in the Presbyterian church in
Calgary for a number of years but has
recently been appointed Superintendent
of Missions in the western division, lie
is a fluent speaker and a treat is in Btore
for nil who will have the privilege of
bearing him,
Tbe ladies aid of the Methodist church
have been preparing for a sale of woik
of useful and fancy articles for some
time. It has been decided to bring it
off next week, Thursday December nth
in Wentworth ball. During the afternoon tea will be served and iu the evening a Japansesocial will be held, with a
pleasant and Interesting programme.
The ladies of ihe congregation are anticipating a good lime to take advantage
of ibe sale for tbe purchase ofClirlstmas
"Tin; Him- nr un- ki-i-iiN oil-in.- iiron Iiy drnn,
1 in* leaves of lira koi>|i fiillltijj hug i,y one,"
A Mutual Life Policy provides ,1
yearly competence for your loved
ones when you arc no longer here
to provide for them.
Palmer & Arnold
Manufacturer's Aircnls
Fire and Life Insur'ce
> v     _
I       F. C. BENJAMIN       !
you must begin with his dress. Dress puts man on
an equal footing. Thc footing is oftitnes mighty slippery without tailor made garments. They smooth the
way to social and business life.     Call and get them at
Cranbrook, B. C.
Cranbrook Block
"FORCE" s s S S
We have thc exclusive agency for the celebrated cereal ''Force**
It is the whole of the wheat scientifically combined with barley
malt.   Only 20 cents per package.   Try one.
We are today discharging the eleventh car within a month
of Flour, Oats, Vegetables, Feed, Hay and Apples. Our car
of groceries is to arrive during this week when we shall have
every variety of canned goods made from this year's pick and
the best on the market.
Have You a Set of Books
f You want looked after?    We are in that busi- ®
I ness.     Headquarters for Insurance.    We write ^
f business in any part of the district.
f Head Office Cranbrook, B. C. "Vl:" '""^gSSfJIS I
f 9
*-**® s>** ***-*-**
Hotel s s
Guests Comfort a Specialty
Oood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled iu Cranbrook.
• •> » »(D
Dealer in
Poultry, Fish and Oysters in Season.
Cosmopolitan Hotel
....Special Lines....
Henncssy's Three Star Cognac, per bottle   $2 50
Dunville's Old Irish Whiskey, perbottle  I 75
Usher's Special Reserve, per bottle  2 00 '
■JT* Usher's Old Vatted Glenlivet, per bottle   I 75
John Dewar's Special, per bottle    1 75
Coate's Plymouth Gin, per bottle  I 50
Crofts' 1870 Invalids Port, per bottle  2 50 '.
Jamaica Rum, proof strength; per bottle  I 75
Old Spanish Sherry, per bottle  2 00 '
Claret—Chateau-CIossman, pints  1 00
Bass Ale, pints   25
Guinness' Stout  25 ' Cranbrook Herald«Supplement.
Land Notice
Notice Is hereby given iimi sixty days n(
ilatu I In.en.i to apply it> tiie Chlel I'ouuii
mhO"!' .if Unds iuni Works ior permission
lairubase tlw foliow.iig ileserlhed lands in soi
Unit Kootonay
i iiiiiiiit-ticiiu: at i> |H>st marked "11. Morrlso
iiurtlieu.t eo.iier," plained nt iho iiurthw
I Koike Is hereby given that tlilrty days; after
iian-1 iutend tn apply to Hu* Assistant Commissioner of Umls nml Works of tiie district of
Ilast Kooienay. niul Hie Chlel Commissioner or
1 Unrli and Works for a license to prospect fnr
nml mi tin* fallowln ■ limits, situated mi tlio
O south sldo of the I'Tatlu-ad Itlver, lha lull Mpnst
riot, thence
lalniiiK iimnerea inure ur i
initf.i tii.s Mh De-.emtie
.i)ruei*..i!'. l.uuu's piircli,iRo ni Kubk Cree.<t j holng about one liulf mile south ot the i'lncher
theuc.* west su chain*, thence soutn su clinlns, I creek trail ami about two miles east ■( the
m iim northwest curuer *->- "**" ■»'*- Kruuu oue boundarj lino ..r tliu cauadUu i'aclllo railway's
K,.oieii..) dnurict, thencceiw, s,chains, tlionce trao, Clf l;u|il ,„ l!u< g(„Ithctt8, |lorUoM 1)t ,.:.is,
Kooienay district, province ot Hrltlsh Columbia,
i mt. it tiii*. Ttli iijiynf October, \wi.
I   Comuieiicliigat a post about sixteen miles
 sl of the town «f Morrssey, being tin- north
' rast corner adjacent to the northwest coi hit of
- in. i.. MBpheos claim, thence ta chain-? souih,
Ihence**•■ chains west, t e i" au clialns north,
ilieti.'i' 80 chains east to tlie place nf beginning,
containing six Inuiii ITU mill fni't*. acres.
Not[ .els lurelij given that -.i\ty days alter        Bated tills loth day ot.September, ivns
ilalo 1 will apply tu tiie thiol uoni-uissiuuei ut Thomas Crahan,
Ull siti.d Works i.n i*eniiis»luu tu purchase        »■ by A. Hiuaett, Agont
ilu- fu.towlng uescrlbrd lauds in South i-astl
Land Notice.
Thirty days aftor data 1 intend making appl *
cation to nu* lion, tlm commission *r of Lands
nni Wnrks for permission to purchase Uie fui-
lowing described Ian h
Commeiiahig at a post planted half a utile
west ot pre*empiioa 7W. riiiinlug tlu-nuo north
80 chains thenou ive*.t m clialns, iliunue soulh
S<i chains, thenee east H ohulns in point of com.
mi'iiit'inrai.tliii laud beiligJ.A.lJiurlo's pru-otnp
Hun No. :.i.l, ciiiitalnliii'ii'.'iiai'n's.
Cr.inbroo't Nuvember, aotti Wl
3D W, 1). Mill.
Land Notice.
The Photographer**' husy season
is from now till Christmas. This
and the fact ibat we are out of
town at times make it necessary
for us 'oa-kour patrons to kind
ly make appointments for sit—
ti K.
■ *■*•♦*»••
Land Notice
Imied ib)-. Mh
.nkt'.i "Juhn Hll/s
at   K. < nmpbell i
Land Notice
Nutioe Is here!
.i..ip i intend to
I I..uui- nud l
Hit'  following  i
i v. i  11 rutin's
otoimi 'ii-itii
i.,tsl Hn   . ll ill!
at*..  th ?
HtHlnlnj- ii.
Land Notice
on tha norili sideot tii
iimi post helm! aiitiut.
tilef Commissioner of
i.-.'.i-.* t«. prospeo f...
'-.'iiiini laud t.ltuate.1
latho.il) Itiver, the In*
.uut ..ii'hair nil.'smi ii <>t ihe
ill nud auoilt twu miles .us, id
' f mr i ui dan I'.i.'iiii' ral-
il. hi the M-ulli-.IM poitl .ii uf
-met. iruvliiosj of llrl.Ish (.'..)•
I dny of October; H).i2.
Thirty days after data I iutend makiiiK an.
plication iu   tlie  linn, the Commissioner  of j
Lnd-anilW rks f.ir permission to purchas.*
tin1 fol.owliig described kind i
Commencing at a post punled at the north,
west corner pf pre-emption mi, iho northeast
ur Joyce's piircliasu riiiitd g thenco -itt
chains norlh. thence so uliaius west, tlienoe
10 clinlns Mitith, ihcucBSOoliiiliis oast, contain-
lug aw tiL*r.-i
Cranbrook November, 'join Wi
:r.i A, il. Downes,
Land Notice.
Tlilriy days after datu I Intend making ap-
'Hniiimi   io tin*   ilon. Uu* i mlssloner uf
IjiiiHs and Works for pcrmlss on tu purvhaaa
lie iillowiiig described landsi
Couuneiici g a pusi phiced al tin* northwest
roraerotl-ot*wh, .umeisllur Creeg, running
lii'iii'i' wi-t ..ii clialns, a-.uih '. chains, cast uu
■iiitiiis, north 4u clmlna to polul ff commuiice.
iien . containing a-is acres mora or less.
Da.e.l i ranbrook Nov. aith. i.n*-'.
IHI ,1. |[. liuWUes,
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
General Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended to.
chain*south to tha phuo m i eghuitng, con*
lll'UgbK ll uud nil ami t.. tyo re..
Haled this lothdHi of Sei tember, vmi
Timber Notice
ereby given thul thirty da)
i'ni vi I or In for n
did to out a nl i
I following ilo-crlbed
ay Mitlicr Irntu tu
i-l iiiiikuil  ".lollil
It il. .1 t   i-Mli .
Land Notice
Nollce Is 1 ereby given thai sixty days alti-r
• lat" I IllU'lllI tun ipiyiutlic i:|ltOi < uiiiin.ssl.ui-
erof |'iitdS llllll Works lor pei'lHissluii to pur*
ihasi-ilief lluWlugilosiTlliBillii'iiIsi
I' I'll. In*; al a post pi niteil on tile ens
hm , nf the Kooti'liiiy river in die dl-lvlct f
Ha-t Kooteuay about :m elntlns heln. J Uu.
brown's up,illcittlim lor purchase, Ihenee tunning smith itt chain*. lollowluBiivor tl wn ctrenin
il tt.ii-t.-u .'linns, lliencu mirth tie eluiius,
llienee wesl .'ii L'hullH to plii.-o ."'( itnnuueoui-*
inout .■(iiiiiiiii ni -o nun's in ru or lem
Dated ild-. -".un day uf > ciub.*r, lltuj
A. (looil,
ur ima lliiyus, Agent.
Timber Notice
Nutlei! is hereby given taut llilrly day* altar
data I Intend in npply lu thu chief LV Wsluiu-r
of Umls illiil Wo ks ful* u s|,>.,-iai Uf. iiK-Uii-ut
and cut i j away llnihtir ftom ilie following dee-
urlhed lauds;
shunted m iin- iiMiii'i oi I'jist Kmib'iiiiy,
I'liniiiH'iii'l i'j at n i nst I'lnuti'il ul)..lit i'ii I'luiiiis
south ol tliosotitlnvosiournuriif mi it-AUiemte u
(lllll IIIN lllll. till 11*1' NU I! .lill- Wl»t. Ill nue i*u
I'liallis lliirtli. Uieiiuii xii eluiius ua I in idit'ii  O
I'oinnieiiae imnt,
Hnii'ii lliii utli da) ul Hcptemliui', tuti-j
(leo, iiiit.i
Iiy Dun lln
inst plailttitl In
ortier |»st of v
it'll Si J •.' iii
iheiu-B i*n chums west, to pl-u
a, cootahilng niu aores iuoi
k'tubi'v. um.'.
N. I'. Mi KINSIltV
Not lei' isjhi-iviij given iiiiii iiiitiy days alter
date i iiii"iui !•> apph to tliu Astlsiunl i <> umls*
sloner ui Unds aim Works nf ihu illstrlcl uf
Kast Kootenny, und the Chief rut ssluaer ■ t
l.ahd.iiuil Wink   lor ii lli-i'ii-i> in ( r. spue. [ •■
eoalou lhe following dusertln<il land, sltiiaied
mi lho nonh side nr ilu' I'liiti-ead I.Ivor iho
initial |iutt ii'iiuaiiiuii ihih lialf mile smith uf
tliu I'liiBiior creek lnul antl about twu miles
citBt uf tin- huumlHry Hub of Mn- Ci na itun I'nel
lie railways unci nf liml, lu U\- saitn eusl
pin tlm (if ICa-t Kootu y His rlt'i, piov.u o oi
• ill ish t'u l.l.i.
Dated this Till day uf OoiOhpr, IH1.'.
Coiiiiiifiicimi ni a post nii nit s Kiecn miles easl
of tlio tuwn i if Mhi'i'Ih-i')' liulig uif smilhcast
earner ajai-eiit lo the nirtlwiisi corner of
Thomiis i raliiins uiiitui Hicnce mi clialns west
tlii'iu-i' sn clialns umtli. llieiioa -u uhahis east.
.li-'iici! >D ehalus souih lo th« place of brgliiliing,
containing sis luimlretl ami forty a s,
luited lias pith day oi feiitt-mlmr, i ma
Martin < rn an
by A. Ilackcli, AuBllt,
Timber Notice
Take no lue that I liavc appllel nillw chief
i iiiiiiiil-.liiiu'i' of Ijuuls am! Works fur a special ucciisu incut anil curry away timber from
Coiiuni'iiclngai tli thwest •inr uf pro
riiipllou Nn. mi; ii Inji III lie iniilil nm clialns
tlieiire IViwI inclialns. tlience smith IW cllldllS
tllOIICU I'llBl  -in eluiius lo iiulnl  nf cniiiiiiciici'
IN I.r
Notice Is
ieivii> given thnt thi
ly .lays
llll' 1 IlltUI
dl ly mtne .ssi
lain ii
sionprot I
■ ml. niul Wur..-  o!
he .iiv
let nl
Kan K	
lay. ,u.il tuc l Inc. 1 o
i.-r of
Unds uml
mnl un lhc
Hmks mr   ll ease t
i.iii .whig desorlhed
llllll,     sl
in .lie SOU!
i  side id III" t'lathc.
tl   Wvc
,  tlie
lltilll! post
c u : iilmlll nlic half iu
I'lllcl.i.r. v
liol mill
i   Incur the < >,mi. 11
■ I'aoll
■ rail*
Wilis', trilt
i > f .Hiul. Iii the sunt
cast   liurlliiu
>f Lust ho
teiiiiy. province of I
'lllsli t
Dat.il i
Ilk' at   a   pi nt   itlm .1
III It's
■Ni i.f the
OWU of Monis-cy.  l.e
ng the
vest cm in'
lluj.iccllt tn tllOHurtl
cast cm
Il'l of
riiomai i'i
Iiiiu'ioiahn. iheicu '<
In una soul
mi., south, ihence •
W   sl.
ithis inuiii to iho piiu*
Of i BU
lv Iniiulred un. furij
UT   s.
Dllti'.l till**, lutli .hi)* uf -ci turn
li.  1,. Slcphc
hy  \. i.n
holt, u
Land Notice
Xntlce Is
mivi.y given Unit 111
iv day
>f I'lmlsn
il w imBfur peraiii i
ll In pit
ii i nm
Ul   M.
river In mc
Siiiuhcrii  Division i
f   Sunt.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstraa- Ave.
Forenoons.   ....   9:30 tn 11
Afternoons   •   •   ■   •   1:10 tn 3:30
Evenings    ■   •   •   •    7.30 In 8:30
S.'KA    BROOK.     :    :    :     :       :     11.   f.
. John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
sv . yosi should buy
I Because tt is tbe beet quality
'''. Because ii i*1 the most lasting chew
I BeCaUSe ii is the largest high grade
BeCaUSe the  tags are valuable for
p eftmtiis until Jan. I, 1905
ac guarantee every plug
Koolemiv, iloscrlhe
I'oiiuiii Inn ai ihc   northwest comer of
[.Uf-ene LelTen's pie-i-liliillon, thence est 111
chains, thi'licn nmtli lo lhe si. Marys rlvor,
llietii'f! loliowfng tlm snld river up stream to a
point dil" linnil n| Die pi hit of ctuiiiciti-.tiii'lit.
tllt-liuc s.iiilli lo tlm point ol commencement,
Dm ci „i (Timbre**, it. •'.. N<>v, Jiuh hhm.
Done on short notice al Ihe Horse Shoein*-
Depol opposite deary & Doyle's livery stable.
Prlie winner at Territorial Fair, N. W.  T..
00 horse shoes    Patent Cultivator Maker.
Plows and   Machinery   Repaired Promptly.; Because
Otve me a trial
r de .tier is authorized 10
When you want good Insurance, see Beale, Hutchison & Elwell. Cranbrook Herald—Supplement.
Land Notice
Land Notice.
Notlco Is hereby given that thirty days; after    Thirty days after data 1 intend making appl ■
:ite I intend to apply to tho Assistant Commls* Cil-wn-o lhe lloti. tiuuoi isslomrof Unds
the district nf i"11 "Wksfor permission to purolnuo ihe foi*
Nutlet'is I hy given mat sixty days iifti
.Intel iii.emi io appl) io tlm chici t'otiitnls-   date I intend to apply
smnui'of i.aiuis ami   .vork- for permlssfoii to   sioucr of Umls uml W	
iniiclinsellic r<dlm..ii;- ilcicrllicil lamis m Sunlit    Lusi Knoicuay. and the Chief Commissioner of   >"»'"t. «>--''>"•-. i.i
l-.iul Kootenay ' Lnmls ami Works fnr a license in prospect fm*    Commencing ut it pnst i.iiitit
Comineiioliig at a post marked "11. Morrlsoiri ,-i.ni mi the followhi' latins, situated on the
uuiilun-t coiiior," pun.eii at ihc iiurlhwusL noiii'i side of the Matlu-ad hlver, the lull ai post
lomci .a p. Lund's puruluio al ItouK Cree.., holng about one hair mile south of tlm I'liiuhc
thuiio.'westso chalii-t. thuitco suntu mi olmlus, creek trail ami uhoiii two miles east .f tlu- „    .
m the northwest corner of Ut M group  ' ,„„„.„,,.., IUl, ,„ lllt. Canadian I'aclllo railway's   l1"" N.   ";"- «"'»ill»;i'a :■-'" m-res.
Kuotenuy distrlol, tl.ei.cB Bits, s, chains, tlienoe   trMt llf ,,„„ ,„ thl. Sill]llll>ilsl |10r, ,f K:i>t     * r-inhroo.. November, Mil um,
.lurihsaoiiaiiistuilioplaue  or lien iug. con district, province of llritish Columbia.       M w* D* m-
taliiuig uiuaores mure ur le-.s. |      |)m, J „,„ „, ll,ny llf ,„,,„,„.,._ m,t
Duteil tins sth December, Wl,
3U II. Morrison.
■si of pre-emption ;
chains ihc
chains, lhe
mem ciiiriii.tills
half a   mile
theuce uortli
iin*.. llienee souih
US to iiolnl nf colli-
A. Laurie's pi'e-i'liip
Land Notice.
I   Commciiclngat a post ubout sixteen miles
oust of llm town uf Morrssey, being the north \
easl corner adjiioeid tn the northwest eornor of i
 | ll. L. Mcpheus claim, thenco w chain- souih, Thirty days after date i intend making up- [
, iheuceai chains west, tioue* su chains north,  plication io  tlie Hon. tho commissi ir of I
Land Notice                   t theiijo so ohnlns cast to the pltioonf beginning. I. nil*and W rks f..r peruilssiun tu ptiruhua*
i containing si\ hundred ami forty acres. thu fohowlng described laudi                        !
Noti.e Is iiucliy glvull Unit sixty days uller |       (Jilted tills luilidiiyol September, ItHM, Commencing al a post p allied at the north* I
tie i ivhl lipid) in iti,- iiiiuf coiii.iiissluiier of                           Tiimiias Cridmn, w'esi corner i.r |irfl-emptloii -\ii. ihu northeast .
piirohnse1      ■'■'*                       by A. Hiu-kett, Agont. of  Joyce's    puiciu.se    ruutd g   thenu
iiie fo.lowlllg iioscrlbetl lands lu South last
ItOutOUU) :
i uiumeiicliigal a post marked ".luhn llll.'s
suiitheitst corum" plniiicii at K, Campbells
-oiiiliwe t mrucr niul one mile mirth of llic
mint i I'll-1 turner of Lot a.sgruup one Koolemiy
district, iheneo north soclialu-., tlionce w si *.
Uhallis, ihuiiutj south mi c.alii-. theucB cast .su
cuius, tn tin* place uf beginning, containing OU
a res more o| less.
Dated Hits-.th . eueinbi-r Wl.
llll .lolni DM.
Land Notice
Nun.?, is hereby given liml sixty il..ys a ter
•i.iie I intend io apply tutlieCiileft umiiiiss.Diiei'
.( Minds and ..orksf r permission to pu o.iiuib
Die follow!!!.* ilescrLied lauds hi smith Last
t'uiiimeiiulng at n pusi marked "A. Umiriey's
nor beast i-oriier," plantodai thos iiilhw-si con
hit of W. I.. D riiiiH's imroliuat*. ul itock creok,
thence WOS   sn chains to the east limit III Lot ■■}*.
group one Kootonay illstrlcl, ihence south so
chains, tlieucu east w clialns, thfUun moth BO
ehalus tu tne place ■ f beginning, no italuhig iM'i
ac is more cr less.
Duteil the Bill iht) ol December Wl
.[.. A. lion ley.
| chains north, thence
i wesl.   Ilieuct
Land Notice
\ .utshereby ui'
date 1 im i to apply io tli
.a Unds uml Works ior pcrmis**
llie   follOWlllg ilcs.'l'llicl   llllllll
cu 'iielng ut a pint marked ".luhn ah
son's noitlieust cuine ," planted oil"  mho i
■l\ty days ufl
o, Cm n mis i	
iimi to purOi.i
South ■ '■
Ml    Hi
list '
ntenay district, Ihence wosi -n chains IomiIiI
sub, thenee south along u nsl Hunt nf
I Lilt 3)B80 Chill   S.tll'llOe east *ll  ell..Ills,  lo
suiitliwosi co nor of \v. I. Dtrllug's pur*
se. til lice u Hill s ' PlllllllS lu lhe jila f lie
nni''. coiiln ii Ug ol" lieroB more "r less.
H Bill 'la. nf lU'C'iiil.-r lm.*.
Notice Is horeoy given lhat thirty days after
iiut- • iiiteml in ap| 1> li in Assi tiint com-
mlssloner nf L-iuds.ui.| Wuritsur iho distil t of
Last Ko t may, ami th • i Itlcf Oomnussloner nf
Lamis ami warns fnr a license tn prospee for
coul on ihe following dosurihcd laud hit unto. I
Diithenorihsidijoftliol-liiilio.nl Ihver, the initial pnst belug about ono linlf ml u sou li nf Die
I'lncher Creu . trail ami tiniiul two null's ctisi uf
thei.nuiiilary iimi f inct'iii dluu I'.icIIIb rat-
way's tract of land,  In llie soulh 'iisl poitl Ul id
losi Itnoteimy Ihtriot, pruvhicu uf inl.Ish Col-
DaiPit this 7ih day of October, wi.
CuiiiiiiBuelugai a pint nhoul sixteen miles east
oftlmtow  Morrissey, holng thu soulh-'cst
cornermljnceiiit ■ lhu mnthwost corner of II.
I, - lopheusclaim, H ce at ihidu* east, iheneo
so chains uui I li. i hence WJ clia us  west,  thenee
tso chains south to ilio i la. u ot i ogluiilng, eon*
lam.m--h hundred nml fo-tyu rei.
Daied this into duy of Kc|touibar, hh-t!.
■loliu Crahan,
by a. .ntcKi it, Agent
Timber Notice
Notlco is hereby given tlmt thirty days afle
late I inl I li.i.jmlyt-ti... oii.'-r I'oiiiiuKilui.ei
.ri.aii.laml  Works al  VI loriu  for  u  speula
iceiisetooutaitl cany away t.inbnr frmuuu
ollowlllg llOsOrlheil   lail'ls;
l'n . in Dig ul a poll i>laiitcil Bichains wm
■ om iiie northeast comer pnst of Knuik Lane'
Umber limit mar I'lncli N Ji s* mil. Ihell e w
lllll rt i, (li u e .-.i'ii In* east, llienee si
us son Ii i hence na eluiius wcsl, to plaeu a
nieii' eoiciil, uOlllalulllg OKI acres more in
The Photographers' busy season
ia from now till Christinas. This
aud the fact ihat we are out of
town at limes make it ne.-essltrv
for us to a-knur pal runs to kind
lv make appointments for sii-
11  gs
Vroom & Dezall
Horse Shoeing
in rhaiiis-until, ihence.su clialns east,  contain- I I
in« iwo neres . j Carriage Repairing and
cranlirook SoVBmber, 'JOlll IO02. ! t ....
General Jobbing....
a. II, Dowues,
Land Notice.
Thlny dnys nfter iliitu I intend making ap*
plkailnn io Die don. ihe loimiilsslonur nr
Lamis and  Works for liermlBSoil n. purchase
the ullowlug described muds:
('utiimeiiei a    a pnst piueed at ihe northweit
cornet'of Lot 'j*JH, .11 lllui'S Par frecK,  niUIllllg
thence wostmolmlus, suitli -11 chains, easl iki
clialns, noith i-i chains lo polul rf lomilluiice.
liii'ii. cuiitaliilug '.'ir. acres imua ur less.
Da.ciii ranbrook Nov. auih, liu*!,
■a' .1. li Duwnes,
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended to.
il iictnbt'i.
Land Notice
. daysiifti
Nniicc is loruhyglvon 11
.'.al" I Intend ton iply In tlie Dhlu 1 <1in111.-tsl.Mi-
i>r uf I'iiuls iiiiiI Works lor pormisslmi tu pur*
.lias" Iht! r lluWillg tlUSi'rihUll lit uls:
I'm 11.'Illg al a post pi in ted mi tlm eas
hunt nf tuu Koot--iiity rlvor 111 the ill-trict O
Ka-t Kotiteuuy ubout ■•« ehtilns belo • .bio.
Ilrown'sap 'licatiuti tor purchase, tlionce uin*
iiingsoiiih id ohnlns lollowhig 1 irer d< wnstrenm
iheiit-Bia-t jii di 11111, Diet  tmrill UU chains
llienee IVt'St 'Jll Cliallll tu plif'O ,u( lUmilllOUOt*-
ment cnuiain tl I mi acres in re or less
Dated mt, -.tn iia. of 1 ftub.-r, l*.iii'j
A, 1
linn lluyos, Agent.
Timber Notice
Nul Ice 1
hereby uiven tiiiitilili'iy duvsaltoi
date 1 int.
id lu apply tu tlm Chief Co umlssliiUBi
uf Umls
ml V>o ks lor a s, ial in-, ns • Ui cul
ami cany
iway limber i.niu .he following dci
iiilietl lm
in tin* district of   t.asi Kmifi'imy
mat 11 iosH.liintciliili.nl Vi-t cliitim
s h or tl
esoiitli west uur ul in. ;;■.';•„ I nence 1
elm ns s .1
III. tlu 11 e mi c  am- Wc-t.  Ill lice  s
chains tm
I'l.ihei.ciisn chubisea 110 |.|.cu 0
Dated II
Is llth day of Hu|4einl)er, 1IW
il-lrli'i ut
islo.ier "i
S|   fn
Notice iijherebj given tluu Hum
late I Intend loupph to tlio Asslsta
doner oi Lamis mm Works nl tin
I Last Kootenay.nml the chief I'omu
Lami.aml IVnrK fora lleenso to 1
coal on the following   ilescillieil   lain!, sllll ile<|
nn iho north sideot Die I'luD'Cud l.ivur ihe
initial luisl lidmtabout nm. hhlf mile smith uf
Die I'ltiohor Crock tun! ami nhnut two miles
east uf the li.uinilurv line of Die I', na  lull   Pi.el
lie railways Intel nf Innl. lu the saitu east
pniii f liasl Knot.' y tils rid. prov.u c or
. iltisli Colunihlii,
Dated tm-thi day of Ooiolmr, lft*v.
I'oiiiiiii'nc.iiL'iil a post iih -id s xieeil mi'e- eusl
of Die ItlWII ol Mnii'|s-ey |ie|.|)* (lie Southeast
curuer ajueenl lu the a atheist corner nf
Thomas 1 lalian's claim theiiee so chains west
thenco su chnlns imith. Iheuoo sn oIiuIim east,
.hence so chains s iiilh iu Di- place or heglunlng,
containing six hundred and forty i s.
iiutuii tids intli ilny of sepieinhiir, una
Martin «rnnan
liyA. llacketi. Audit,
Timber Notice
( ..iiiini.-1
eiliiit i liuve appllei in Un- Chief
er uf Lands ami  Wnrks fur a special license in cul ami enny uwuy timber from
ilm lodowtngdescribed hinds;
Commencing ni ilm i orthwesi inm or of pie
cmi'ilmi No. -:i: 1 Ini: lh ne ' ii.ii-ili 11111 clialns
theiniMvasI piuhllliis, tlieiiee soulh nm chains,
theuce cast 10 chains to nuliil uf couiinciice
■lie I.
t'riiuli k Nnvciiihor, utli ItflJ.
nu .1. it  Downes,
Notice is hereby given that thlny days »ti.*i
<l lie I InleiHl l.i ap| ly lo tne \ss|il;,iit 1 omlllls*
siomrof 1.111111- ami w..|.,.s of tlmdlsirlct ul
Last Kuuiciiay. am! lue 1 Inc. 1 ulllllllisloiler of
Umlsunil uinks inr ih-cuse to pros leui lor
void on tho foil'Whig desorlhed laud, sltmitod
on   liu SOtllh  shle of (he I'lalli
llllllpOSl tie li: lilitillt  linlt
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ....   9:30 to II
Afternoons   ....   1:30 to 3:30
Evenlnts    ....    7.30 to 8:30
s.'KA   HRO'IK, : II. 0
.ttffi John W. Wolf
Ilu-1 mlai)  li f lhe
ways'- traoi if .and, lu t
of Last Koneiiay. provm
.n.i uui mm s easi m
niuii. n paclik rail*
i! SOUtll east   iuiitli.it
i' nf   llritish  I i'lll ii-
DaiHi ihi.:ihdayunie ui.tr, i!«i.'.
I'm I'lll'lllglit   ii   pi'Bt   iilm,I   sMucii mlcs
est .iftheluHii of Moriis-iiy, bolug tin* north
weal corner imjnueiii to tne iiortliBitst corner or
Thomas Cmlum'soluhn, Iheieo mi chums cult,
tin nee su chums soulh, ihence s.eimus w si.
llicni't. so. linlns norlh to Ilu- place nf ieg| ,nlug
uuiilalumg six hundred an i fort) ner s,
Dated tills loth duy uf m»i temli-r, iiwa,
II.   I.. Mcplll'tlS.
by a. im 'kcit. Agent.
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
Land Notice
mt iIiiil daysaflor
t lilclColllllllssl'illcr
urns imi io purchase
Of liiin! silnalcil on  M.   Marys
hern Division uf Mouth Last
Notice Is her
dato I liiteiid i
of Lauds and i
nl I lift) mi'
river in tlio Hu
Kl 'IIIIV. tlOSCrlbeil as Minus:
('miimeiioliin nt lho   northwest corner   uf
Kugeuu i ci ifn\ pie-em pi Ion. tliei oast to
chains, thi'iiuo noith iu the st. Marys river,
thence mlluwlllg llie siiIII rlter tip sireani hi it
pollll lllt" llnl'lh ol Die |n llll llf  eiililllleni't'ini'UI.
tlience SUlltll to lllO polllt nico.lilllelicemellt,
I lai cd ..t ( laiibiMk, It. <-, N'.v.Jiitli Wl
KCDKNi: l.Kil.lliC.
\V  . you should buy
BeCiUUSe it la the heat quality
! Because ii I" tbe most lasting chew
j Because ii is the largest high grade
! B£CaU5e t>.*-  lass are valuable for
Done on short notice al the Horse Slincinn u-niiuius until Jan I IM!
Depot opposite deary « Doyle's livery stable. I p ",,u"1" u""1 ""• '• mi
1 BeCaUSe  *.  i-uariintee  every plug
Prlie winner at Territorial Fair, N. W. T„ Hml	
on horse shoes    Patent Cultivator Maker.
Plows and  Machinery  Repaired Promptly. Because vourrlraler is authorized lo
lilve me a trial	
-In i'ii
IlfV    I  VOU
tiifi d
When you want good Insurance, see Beale, Hutchison & Elwell.


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