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Cranbrook Herald Jan 26, 1905

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iiwr.uooK. Kitrnsii Columbia, Thursday, jan. so, 1005.
whom|nyftdrlv* along the vonntrj r,.n.i.
St.ouM r-1,.1 I'.
Ilu Hundley livery Stables,
|nr tli.- itr..-i...r. nmfli
Til"' Mli III,.1 IB "III I'll' .1 I.J  Hi* i»H' l>«in)*,'III*
wnll   ||ip(.|ntt*t   nml   fin noli    ti>ii,nl,ii-|iiM
TbtJ add i '■ !■> ihf I'li-'.^n-   "1 » IM'
Tli-"' |« i>..ttiH.|i »'...ui aliorii" nr e.hi.lf in
I'.Uat' llllfllltllW.il   <i.   li   hrl,|.|>n>   J,  to.iU   llllf
buam. | ti. tin ui'i-i I... ,-< .t'li.i 1.. |m
lt.i.,i- Who i»r«- tmiinilm ht l<> >-tvle
i-.it Hanoi bv
Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing j
Carriage Repairing anil       <
Oc.icral Jobblog.,.. ]
ItutsMs Ur.hr* I'li.iniill)  i
Mi. «.i. j It, !
Draying is a Particular
We make that nnr buflim-su,
Did you ever hearany oomplaintB
about our work? Wfp employ
the ht'st men we can lind to do
the work Thov arp careful nnd
prompt. Thnt w why we please
tin- people, UV want your business mul if we Kid it we will keep
it, because we will atitiaEy you
Perry & Pitzgerald
Cranbrook Cartage
and Transfer Co.
IIII,.. liapinllc C. I' K.
•rilii.il'. al   i
varloiiB kinds of Job Work
wanted tins winter To gel n
done promptly and righl see
James (irccr
Contractor find Builder
Now is the time to order your
Photo *& <<
Also tn ordorthatEnlarRomenl yoi
want in Bend lo mother.
Prest Photo Co.
|        ORCHESTRA        J'
*   ♦'
1 •
J Maalc luralih.d Iai Ball.. Pi.ll... lie, ♦
5 Iwu.aSfvei plcrii. * i
» !
J Cranbrook,   -   -    -    ll. C. {
loinicrly Hotel I'lutir
B. T0NPKIN5, Manacar,
rhifl hotel in one of the best in
British Columbia nnd up.ta-date
in every respect. Well lighted
sample rooms
n«*i T-wy
fancy Box Chocolates
al the Candy Kitchen
vlr-o Robertson * L"ftry*a hoth
InhosH HTld In t>u<k     IVfl  hmvnM
It* tons oi 'ftn.ll'B Mti.l nintv nnih* J i |
*ttv.   Ti.nl IDPROI •nnw 1-i klnl" <.■■ , .
.o.'t Iron   SEE OIIH 2j.- MIXTURE J l t
lor the ChrlstmA* trad-, as good «e * ■ ,
jolt i-outl biv in Tornnt,.      Sj.oial * [
attention glvin io lunii ori-ra *    (
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kin,Is of finish work in
way of doors, windows, transoms, etu Kiln dried lumber
fnr inside work Uur work is
guaranteed and out prices are
Rough ami Hi i-su'ii Lumber
For Sale
C -
Paint Ihat Stays
We, use lho bail o[  mn
lerinl and our work always
gives sniisfn.'ti.'ti
Wlu-n v.,.. wi„„ painting
paper hanging, decorating
ot   si.'n   writing,   se,.   us
tt   It   BE ATT Y,
CRANBROOK   ll   fj
,K,iM«iisn .vim'i
Wuul nl Itnmecllatel
Do you want a S(ov<? Doyou
waui Boots or Shot*? Doyou
waul  Bargalfii wtuie N.u
Gootjl    .h.     -tn.vihg    'I-tth   -'
I'lwn coin* in my Mor«i
New rigs, good driving
and n.i.l.llc li.U'bi'U nt
reaaonnbl.., rate. Our
aimjivill bo tn give giyal
caro to all horses Bta-
bled with un.
N. C. McKINSTRV, Prop.
I'll II Ol M'KSI-lrV III    .a,..,.,.,  Hal
W,lla„il,.,..r.„.a.- nt.lul l.a',,1 „..,,. -
Sllverton. Jan, iu—John P. Rj>
erts, pics.idem ol the Sllverton Miners union has been committed i**r
trial on the charge ot attempting iu
lunula Montague S Davys, tbo well
known mine manager ol Nelson, In
tins canip on the evening ol January
17iii, by shooting at him with a i-
B&. II E Cleve, a local tailor.
swore he saw tho accused fire, tuul
Couatable black deposed to finding
tracks Irom the point where ihe shot
was in wi to the cabin ol the accusud
antl that the hoots ul the accuiod Utr
ted those 11 ut-kj. exactly, Mi Davvi
personally laid the laformatlon
sgamst Roberts
Tho preliminary examination took
place Wednesday evening before ;us-
tiees ol the pence William Hum*! nd
Charles S.  Kashdalt
Roberts, who had been auesU'd on
suspicion in the afternoon, was asked
if he wanted an adjournment to t'i'J-
cure counsel, but lie replied in 'he
negative, and declared thai he was
ready lor the preliminary hearing.
Montague S Davys vvas the lirst
witness called, Ile deposed that he
was mining in the vicinity of Silver-
ton. Me hail heen working the Hewtt
antl Emily Edith. He started work
on the latter property 10 days before
Christmas, He had a white cook at
Hewitt hut now employed a Chinese,
lie knew the prisoner There had
been differences between the witness
and the Sllverton Miners union >'iui
regard to the employment of Chinese
cooks. He attended a meeting of the
union and citizens on December 33rd,
at which the accused preuMcd. ^'he
question discussed was whether the
witness should stay on have a Chinese cook or cease mining. He had
stated that he wished Jo conduct 1 Is
own business, and if he could not l.e
did not wish to have anything to -'io
with them. A resolution vvas balloted on as to whether he should go or
stay and the result was IS to 2
against lum
Aa he was starting for Nelson the
following day the accused came tin to
him on the whorl and asked if he wa;,
going to take the Chinaman out md
lie replied: "That is my business,"
and the accused then said:
"Y'ou had better or I will fix vou,"
The witness described going to 'he
bar room ot the Victoria hotel about
5:50 on the evening of the 17th and
feeine the accused sitting there, I.i
the bill room wore Brooks, Ku'h,
Ring, Wilson and Dalgle, The prisoner left The room and went out un the
street but the rest of the company
lined up against the bar and took a
drink Pome IJ minutes passed pnd
while thev were all chatting there
was a renoit ns if a firecracker cr
torpedo had gor.e off, nnd tlie witness
notice.! a hole n. the plastet ng'it
over Daigle's head
At the time he heard the report hr
felt sorr.rthinc sting him across the
Sid? ol his cheek.
The course ol the bullet was then
traced by the witness through 'he
window and staircase partition to the
picture at the back nf the bar
H A Cleve, a tailor, testified that
he saw Roberts pointux a pun at ihe
hotel and recognized him easily
Constable Black testified that he
found tracks leading from the spot to
Roberts' shack and that Roberts''
shoes fitted them
' At the conclusion ot the hearing he
magistrates committed the accused
j to stand his trial fo: the attempted
raurdet ol Mr. Daws, and this afternoon Chief Constable Bullnck-Wehstar
and Constabe Black took Roberts to
(From the Vancouver Province A
•Send that man away, mother."
With Those words little Charlie
.Stewart of Fernie initiated a chain
n| cause and consequence which eventually led to tbe saving of himself ard
three youngci children from a "fa
which could only have ended In 'he
creation of foui criminals, and nay
also possibly lead to the regeneration
of the mothei who, stnnccf agaiu«t
had herself (alien in sin
The reply was b brutal hlow with a
frying-pan and si ill more brutal
words Driven from the only home
he knew, ii wretched hovel of two
rooms, in one ol which the wh tie
family ilrpt on two beds a foot apart
the boj fled lo the coke ovens oul,
baking lefuge there, narrowly escaped
b serurns accident, if not death,
rVwaklng from sleep to liu.1 his
clothes burning, he was discovered ly
a watchman who handed him over io
the polite
Tu the officers the little fellow (old
his sad story Ills father had deserted the family several years before *'l
his mothei, left destitute, had sought
to buv food with the proceeds nl x
life of sin It was against this dishonor of himself through ins moth it
that the outraged instiiicls of ihe
Ind rose in protesl
The Femte police Inst no lime sending fur Mr C J South, of the Children's   Aid   Society,   who promptly
from ber oOspriug.
At Cranbrook     Mr.
South tnvesti-
menst hotel,
soon as the
aud work will start as
Irost     is   out of    the
gated the case of a woman who wis ground.   The addition will be 85 I.y
Notice Is hereby given that sixty
days after date I Intend to apply to
the chief commissioner «>t lands and
works for permission to purchase the
following drficribed lands situated in
East, Kootenay district. Commencing at the southwest corner ol lot
4833, Group 1, East Kootenay dis
fillet-, thence west 20 chains, thence
south 2d chains, more or less, to the
north boundary ol lot 5251, ihetice
past. 10 chains, more or less, to the
ii'irtt'csl corner of lot 5251. thence
following the Elk river up stream In a
northeasterly direction twenty chains
more or less, to tlie place of com
Elko, B  C, Dec. 14th, 1004.
leading an immoral life and setting
the worst possible example to her
child, a little girl ot seven Whatever
ber other shortcomings, however, the
maternal instinct was strong. Auh
dramatic fury bhe fought ir. court to
retain her daughter and vowed to improve her manner af life And so 'he
case hangs in suspense, that tbo hand
of alutle child may perchance had
the erring mother back to the paths
ol right
took steps to ri-movn tt,r children mI
to havo tlicm committed tn the rare
of tlia Vancouver or,ranl,atlon. Jlati
In warm ff/ftrtnents supplied hy tr.c
gonrl brims r.f Fernie, the little or„.a
three hoys and a Eirl. have arrived In
this city anil are now it, the soclelv':-
home here
A Fernie ladv has oflared to adnrit
two of the children but nn such te. .,
that thev will not he ,.',it off completely from their mother if she Is
worthy of beim; permitted to approach them. And ol this there is
pood hope. Befriended hy true christians, she has abandoned a life to
which It is only charitable to assurbe
she was driven by destitution, ,,nd
the day may come when mother ind
little ones will again be. united.
Hardly had Mr. South left Fernie
before he received a wire recalling;
him. A new case had turned up, . -ie
Involving six children who were being
destroved body and soul by a drunken mother. Promises of amendment
were, received, however, and as the
home here was already full Mr. South
decided that the woman should have
another chance before the wai parte!
Toronto, Jan 25 —The Ross guv.
crutncnl went down to disastrous ,.e-
feat today At most tbe Libera.)
party will have only 26' member! in
the new legislature and some .'Sti*
mates place tbe number at 25. So
fat as can be learned tonight the new
house will consist ot 72 Conservatives and 26 Liberals. The Conseva-
tive-s gained 28 seats held by the Liberals in 11,02 aud the Liberals captured three only from the Tories
Premier Ross barely escaped deleat,
only securing a majority of 31) in
West Middlesex. Attorney General
Gibson and Minister of Agriculture
Dryden were among the defeated. One
ot the surprises ol tlie campaign was
llie election oi two Liberals in Ottawa
The defeat ol the Itoss government
occasioned no surprise here, though
such a complete snowing under had
not been looked tor.
It is too early yet to announce
what steps Premier Ross will take,
but it is understood that he will te-
lire as quickly as possible and make
way lor his successor, .1. P. Whitney.
According to the latest reports lo,
night the house will be composed as
Brant, South—T. H. Preston.
Brockville-llon. G. P. Graham.
Glengarry—J.  A. McMillan.
Grey, North—Hon. A. .1   McKay
Haldimand—J. Kohler
Hastings, East,—E, W   Rahhbun
Huron, East—A. Hislop.
Huion. West—M   O. CameroD
Kent, West—A. B. McQoig
Kingston—E. J. B. Pcnse.
Middlesex,   East—O.   A.   Routledge.
Middlesex,-Wcst-Hon. O. W. Ross.
Monck—Hon. R. Harcourt.
Norfolk, Nortb-T. II. Atkinson.
Norfolk, South-Hon W A. Charlton.
Northumberlasd,  West—S.  Clarke
Ottawa-O. S May and D J Me-
Peel—John Smith.
Prescott—L. B. Labrose.
Pelerboi'o, East—W. Anderson.
Russell—Thus. Racine
Sault Ste. Marie-G'.N.    Smith.
Slmcoe,  East—J. B. Tudhopef
Wentworth. North—R A Thon,|H
Wentworth. South-D   Reed
Addlngton—W, J. Paull
Algoma-W. R. Smyth
Brant. North-J. II   Fishei
Bruce,   Center—Hugh Clark
Bruce, North—.1. George
Bruce, Soutb-Dr. R. E   Clapp
Cardwe!l-E. A. Little
Carlcton-O. N. Kldd.
DulTerin.—Br.   Lewis.
Pundas—,1. P. Whitney.
Durham, East—.1. J. Preston
Durham, West—.1. if. Dcvitt
Elgin, East— C. A. Brower.
Elgin, West-F. O. McDIarmid.
Essex, North-Dr. ,1. O. Reaume.
Essex, South—Dr. ('. N. Anderson
Fort Wllllam-T. S, T. Smellic
Frontenac—.1. S. Gallagher.
Gtcnville—0. 11. Ferguson.
Grey, South—Dr. .lamieson.
Grey, Center-I. H. Lucas.
Hallon—A, W. Nixon.
Hamilton,  East—II. Carscallen.
Hamilton, West—J. S. Ilendric
Hastings, North-.l. W. Pcarce
Has,ings, West-M. B. Morrison
Huron, South—II.  Eilber.
Kent, E.ist-P. II. Bowver.
I.ambton,   East-Hugh  Montgomery
l.ambton. W>,t—IV. J, Harris
Lanark, North—R. F. Preston
Lanark,  Soutb.-U.-Col   Matbeson
Leeds—J, I). Dargavll.
I.ennox-T. 0, Carscallen
Lincoln—Dr. B, .lessnp
London—A. Reck
-Manlloulln-R. It   Oaniey
Middlesex, North-C. C. Hodglns
Muskoka—A. A. Maltafley
Nlpisslng  East-C   l.amarche
N'lplsalng, West-0   Auhln
Northumberland.     East   Di    WU1-
Ontailo. Norlli-W. H   Ilnylo
Ontario, South-C  Calder.
Oxford, North-R. E. E. Butler
Oxford South—D. Sutherland
Parry Sound—John Oalna.
Perth, North—James Torrance
Prill,,  Suulli-N    Muiilelll,
Peterboro, Weit-T   E. Bradburn
Port Arthut-W. A. Prestou.
Prince Edward—R. A   Norman
Renfrew, North—E. A. Dunlop
Renlrew, South—T  ff. McOarry
Slmcoe, Center—A. B. Thompson.
Slmcoe, West—J. Dull
Stormont—Oeo. Kerr.
Toronto, East—Br. R. A. Pine.
Toronto, Horth-W. B. Nesbitt
Toronto, South—J. J. Foy.
Toronto, Weit-Thos: Crawlord.
Victoria, East—J. H. Carnegie.
Victorii, Weil-S, J. Fui.
Waterloo, North-H. 0. Lanlmer.
Waterloo, South—Oeo. Pattlnson
Welland—M. Fraser.
Wellington East-J. Craig.
Wellington, South—J. P. Downey.
Wellington, West—J. Tucker
York, East—A. McCowant
York, North—T. H. Irennoi.
York, West—J. W. St. John.
32 feet,two stories high. Tbe lower
door will be devoted to bar, billiard,
card and reading rooms, and on 'he
second floor there will be sixteen lid
rooms. There will be a fine rosewood
bar installed, but the billiard room
will be a revelation inr a town the
stie ol Cranbruok. It will be .12 ly
60 leet, and will have lour billiard
and pool tables, including an English
table. This room will be lined with
ovety modern equipment and made as
attractive as possible The dining
room will also be enlarged and uicreas
ed facilities given for work in the
lelu.ln.-ti The contemplated Improvements will cost from $12,000 lu
113,000 Tbe new pan will be uea.-
ed with steam, there will be a pi-
vate dining room tot evenings, md
evetvthiug arranged lor the comfort
of the guests When the addition is
ample ted the hotel will have 111 hed
rooms, and 116 rooms all told That
will make it the largest hotel In '.he
country, and one of the most convenient
All housekeepers are not homemak-
rs. The housekeeper Jets the house
take precedence of tbe pleasure ol
the husband, aud many brigut, happy
hours with tiio children, ihe home-
maker may not be "perfection persuu-
ilied." However, neatness and cleanliness Is her motto. She never thinas
ot refusing awalk over the iields with
ber husband or a pleasant afternoon
ride to a mend's on business Hy so
doing she feels fresher and belter to
do tbe duties that perchance were left
undone. She tries to make home
with her bright presencethough (may
be) storms ul sorrow may have swept
overit, the place where each member
of tbe family can turn and fuel there
ia love, patience and guidance awaiting them
Eveery child born into tbe woild
has a right to a clean bill of health.
It ha.s a tight to be well bom, to
have a sound body, good blood and a
tair degree of brain capacity. Many
lives are doomed to perpetual and
nopeless suffering because parents fail
io itco£nize this high claim. An eminent medical authority states that
if there were to be one-half the percentage of loss in calves and colts
that we calmly looted up as "infant
mortality" there would be legislative commissions and scientific investigation to know the reason and the
remedy. Every child has a tight to
a clean name. Many children are
born under social conditions that effectually handicap them in the race
ol life. No man has a right to crush
upou his tender and helpless offspring
who, unfortunately, cannot choose
their own parentage, the burden of a
diegraced name. An honorable name
Is mom 1 health and commercial
Sat., Jan. 28.
Return Visit of
The London
Bioscope Go.
Better than ever. Everything new
25 Miles of Colored, Animated
Popular .'rices  „*   Seats on Sale
at Reld's Drug Store
Club Restaurant
Opposite Imperial Hotel
Armstrong Avenve
....THE NEW....
"Correct ettfllisb-
fiow louse it."
Joeephine Turck Baker, Editob,
Partial contents for this month.
Course In English lor the Beginner.
Course in English for  the advanced
How to Increase one's Vocabulary.
The Art of Conversation,
Who shall estimate tbe cost or a
priceless lenutation—that Impress
which gives this human dross its currency—without  which   stand despised i
debased, depreciated.' Who shall re- Should and Would: How to Use Them
pair it injured.' Who can redeem it Pronunciations (Century Dictionary)
lost'.' Oh, well and truly does the Correct English in the Home.
treat philosopher of poetry esteem Correct English in the School,
tbe world's wealth as "trash" ih the Whatno Say and What Not to Jav.
comparison. Without it gold has, no Comse in Letter Writing and Punctu-
value,   birth, no distinction, station'   atlon.
no dignity;  bo-uuty, no charm, , age,   Business    English   lor    the Busln»s
no reverance; withuut it every treas-1   Man.
ure     impoverishes   e*ery fcr^ce de- Compound Words: How to Write them
forms,     every dignity degrades, and  Studies in English Literature,
and all the arts, the decorations, and Alphabetic List of Abbreviations
accomplishments    of life stand like) 	
the beacon-blaze upon a roclt, warning the woild th.it. its approach is
dangeious;  that its contaet is death.
The wretch without it is eternal
quarlntiue; no friend to great; no
home to haibor him. The voyage of
life becomes a joyless peril; ana in
the midst of all ambition can achieve
avarice amass, or rapacity plunder,
be tosses on the surge, buoyant pest-
itenoe. But let us not degrade- Into
seitishncss of individual sadty or individual exposure in this individual
principle; it testifies a higher, a more
unnobling origin.
It is this which, consecrating the
humble circle of the hearth, will at
times extend itself to the circumference of the horizon; which nerves the
arm ot the patriot to save his
country; which, if it does not inspire, will yet invigorate the martyr
$1.(11 a Year.  Send W cents for Sample
Purchase Price $3.00 a month
Allowance made for aid machine
Lowest Rates    Best Time
Standard and Tourist Sleepers,
Coaches. Dining Cars
WEST Leaves Revelstoke   Mon.
day, Wednesday, Thursday
and   Saturday   for   Venule
and Vancouver.
EAST Leave  Dun more   Junction
for Toronto. We dnesday and
Saturday;     for     Montreal.
Monday   nnd   Friday;   for
Boston. Friday
Atlantic Steamship Agency
Through Bookings to and from Great
Britain and the Continent
For rates, folders and tickets   apply to
local agents, or to
0. Hlllier, Afeot, Cranbrook.
D.P.A., Nelson   A.G-P.A. Vancouver
Thrtv m^ntiiB Biter tbe Srv publication o!
thUBOtaCS an application wfli be aiaie to
the LUuteoarit-GoverLO -;t,-Cc>sr.c:l under
Section 83 of the "Companies i"," iS97,"bjr
the 'Tranbroolc Knsn 4 Po^r ' ompany,
Limited," for permission to enange it« iinm»
lor that of tie"KImbeili'7 Milling - Maau-
(alluring Pompeii v. Limned "
Dated »ttrat,brook, October 15th, ISM.
Har^tT ± McCarter,
.31 aobatcra tor tbe applicant*.
In The matter ot the estate ot Tupper
Itlealtney, Ute ot tbe town ol Wardner, in the Province of British Columbia, deceased 1:,testate.
NOTICE Is hereby given pursuant
to the "Trustees and Eiiecutocs Act"
that all creditors and others having
claiinb against the estate of the said
Tupper Bleakney who died at Fort
Steele, B 0 , on or about the I Ith
to merit immortality; whieh, when day ol September, A. D. 190-1, aie
otie world's agony is passed, and the required, on or before th*? 1st day of
glory of another is dawning, will February, 1(J01, to send by post pre-
prompt the prophet, even In chariot paid or deliver tu the undersigned
of lire, and In his vision of heaven, aolieitois lor the administialor ol
to bequeath to mankind the mantle the estate ol the said deceased at
Ut his memory! Vancouver, B. C,     their     christian
On, divine! Oh, delightlul legacy of names and surnames, adressee and de-
I spotless reputation! Rich is the scriptions, the full particulars ol
inheritance it leaves; pious the ex- their claims, the statements of their
ample it testifies, pure, precious and accounts and the naiuic of the stcur-
Imperishable the hope which it in- ities, i( auy, held by them,
spires! Can there be conceived a' AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE
moie atrocious injury than flchfrom that after such last mentioned date
its possessor this inestimable benefit the administrator will proceed to dls-
-to rob society of its cbartn, the tribute the assets of the said deceaa-
sohtuie of lis solace; not only to cd among tht parties entitled thereto
outlaw life, but to attain death, con- having icgaid only to the claims of
verting the very -grave, the refuge of which he shall have then had notice
the sufferer, into the ga'.e cf Infamy of. and that he will not be liable tor
and ol shame! the    said assets, or any part thereof
We can conceive few crimes heyond to any person or persons of whose
it. He who plunders our property, claims notice shall not have been retakes from us that which can be re- celved bv him at the time ol such
paired by time; but what period can distribution.
repair a ruined reputation?  He who     Dated at   Vancouver, B.   C,   this
malms our person, eflects that which 31st day of Decmber, 1904.
medicine may remedy; but what herb Trppc'" * r*H1
has sovereignty over tbe wounds of
blander? He who ridicules our poverty, or reproaches our profession, upbraids us with that which industry
may retrieve and integrity may pun-
LanJ Notice,
Take notice that ilxtjf <!e.y« alt*r rtaie I
Intend to applj "» the Chlel CunsmiMloaer
of Lands and'Worki tor permh-tion 'o pur-
rhaee itm following d-acritwd I ind K-bid-
niD([ at the aorfhi-H-t eorn-r ol Lot  1203 0
1 Kootenay    district,   throes    north   20
chains; thepea «ett80 chBlom thenw south
30 chains; tln-nc*- *a*t fiOn.amH to p ao. of
neft;.lining. ct'DtaiLtn/ 16*1 acres.
Jjati'd October Sill, 1904
3* ir J E.E Laidlaw
Notice la hereb; given that 60 da« alter
late 1 Intend tb apply to tbe Chi*! Commie
<■ oner nt Lai.il* and Worki lor pt-nnU-Iou to
purrbn** thf fnlloannf  diKribed   l»Dd|   .,"*:
floatfell Station, tu tbi District ot South
EhbI Knot.nay:
C<itinni-ii.ii.il- at s port planted 'oih"»outh
ufB, 0 Suathfrn Railway, about oh mile
miit otOnatlfll Station and joining ihewut
boundary of the a K. Pauiaun land mamed
•CAP N.w 'cornsr, theo* ■uuili -igbty
hains. thfuo, ,.-.i-t lurly < buinn th-D'-e
north righto ebalus, thence wwt lorty chains
tuplai-ful commcDCement, containing 320
ores more or iwn.
Haiwi atOoatWI * atjon, Noranbsr Kib,
I.'. A. PauUoti
:|5.&t per I*. A- Pnulfoti. AgfDt,
Solicitors for    the    Honorable   Sir
Charles Hibbett   Tupper, K. C. M.
G , Administrator of the estate   of
the said deceased intestate.
L. B. VanDecar, ever pushing (or-
ward, has prepared the plana lor s
large    addition    to his already fin-
fy; but what riches shall redeem the
bankrupt    fame?  What power shall
blanch the sullied snow of character? Land Notice-
There can be no injury more  deadly. ....
There can be no crime more cruel. Slstydays alierdat* I Intend to apply tm
It Is without remedy. It is without the '-'k^' OummlMloner of Lands and
antidote. It Is without evasion. I Works for permission to purchase 75 aeree
The reptile, oalumny, is ever on nflandsl*u«titlnthedlrtrfetbf South East
tbe watch. From the fascinations Kooitoey and dtsi'ribed as follows:
ot Its ,eys uo activity can escape; | Uommroring at the Intersection of tbf
from the venom of its fangs no one |w»eOlaeol Lot46 6,Gr<mpl. KootronydlS'
can recover. It has no prey but vir- t«<;t with the rtuht of way nl ti*. British Col-
tue; it has no interval out tbe rest- umbla Southern rjilway. ihfnceBooihabout
lessness of its malice, save when SOtthatns, thcu.e «est to the said rixbt i.f
bloated with Its victims, It grovels way, thi-ni* ai"ng said right ol way totpla*
to disgorge them at the withered olcoinDmnomebt.
shrine where  envy idolizes her   own       a:i-9i Eiua A. Mannrrs.
Inlirmlties.         1   Craubrook.B- C, 1st November 19-4.
Notice is hereby j^iven that sixty days
afurdate 1 Intend to spplyto the' blttfCom*
luiMiuLt-r ni Lands uml Works for psrmlssfciri
to purcbas*. tbe following dseorlbed land
uearOoutMl sta ion, in tbe distnet ol South
Hint Kootenay.
ComnoenclnKat a post platt'ed near the,
south east boundary of tot 3903 and about
nine chains north ol ibe British I olumbia
Southern Hallway, marked'-A K P,N. W,
corner" thence somb eighty chains, thence
east forty chains, tbenc-north e ghty ebsmee
thence west forty chains :o place of commencement containing 320 acre more or If ss.
Dated at Cranbrook, . ovember 16tb la04
A. K 1'aulnon
37^t Y. A. I'aulson agent.
Talcs notice that I Intend to apply
to the license commissioners of the
Cranhrook district ol South East
Kootenay for a transfer of the license
lor the Cosmopolitan hotel now held
by me to Eneas H. Small.
Dated  at Cranbrook, Dec. 9, 1904.
4Mt John R. Dowaes. Trtr:   OUA.XDR00K    HERALlf
Job printing ie an HXxtsss
The Herald Practices the art.     You can get only one kind of  g
Printing in this office.    That is the best. S
Seattle, TACoriA
.Nil  ALL  PlCtriC  COA1T  I'lUXTS
St. Paul, Chicago, Nov York
Pallet .ad r.„irl-l SlHpirl, italic,   Llbriry
Ci... Madera  t„,  CMCllll,   lliaiaf   dr.,
;Mcals a la Lam.
Kksi nnd West Dally
a.,.lal iicur.lan rate, tq World'. Pllf, St
lata,*      Vnur choice of null,
lor latea, l,il.li.
laaanlli.a' trip!, C,
al lull
o. verki;
0  W   I'
r p. * T. i
701 ,,'. liivuraiilo We
-,,„k,i,'". Wuali.
S.uoy.ll ul K.falKloia tar disposal of Mia
cr.l. oo Uomliloa Land, io Maailal,,,.
11: Northwest T.rrlltrlc. aad III. Vaiiaa
Territory.        ^_
,,, —flail lAUfll any ,'R purr.l,,...,'. al •! 11 •-.
,,,,r ...Ilo. I una ill '"' .ulliraril. V .
i-tliaii .1 aaroaraiiO, a, 0 ,11*1 I'l ■",'• a
lauloi .-u„.|.-il.v.    tu.aiti al Hi. tin-   "I
na..narlouu. .'.".i putui>..bail boaoil. t
Hoi!or.or.oi.oiioi|»loiioncinonoiio» ' (
Mem bom yearly *10, cm
and nursing In Boml-prlvat
Contract bull yearly *fi,
Codtract monthly Hi.
1'iiviiU' waul *)-Q pei we
boanl anU* nursing.
Semi-private ward $11 |«
rlny board
Teams nnd drivers furnished for any
point iu the district,
A. DOYI..E, Manager.
Lliersul.   Will
Uit* lutuitnr im
UpnUC •iiii.lii.
I,.Ml'   Iti.'   .fill'
itr.-t. iml
ih.- [wienn
r,,i th.- noun
|.|iH, little*
wdtuti n-iuii-i
uie urutiuet uf tin-' l'i-
•> .vuiiii.ii. Manitoba
i*i- iii" v muni iTeitili
unl Un* N.  VV.  1
twi-i-ii lnfcn ami l'iw \wu.-i tii.ilit. 'tli
.■luili-i Inn- iliisnln.'S. iml e\l-mU ki
tliu.' .it Uii* hilt or I,uul.. imt not "v >■<
i,-,'i.   wii re stfuiii powt r Is liscil,
t.-,-l wills nmy he ui.raiiie.l
HriHtjiitiK In Hit* i-iv.«i* ..i M.unt.i'ii
S \V. 1.. BXPOpllBlI tlm VuUn I."
ir.-.- iniui-i iiuiv "Uijiiii i>uly .•■>. li'ils*
M.lifn-.i.-Ji for a t-r r Unit,  j.'*
»tl|e III till' tllr.Mi.ili,ui "t llll* Vllllliln,
'lliHMSfe'sitiilil ti unnnilHil in Mir
i.<i tuul ..i ti.r> <i   Ui.- iiv r buliivv
murH, Mini -.iiiij -i tilths rutin
my rt*.
rilRitlngsni Itnii'li QlHllll
>i tie i
-^ Columbian College {£-
Nsede-J WM New Weslmlostef B. C.
Incorporated I89J
Provides n ohrlBtlan borne for >tn.l»iits of
bdth'sne-j, dtmoderate rates, Him u prop*
nrator-r class lor junior students, doing graded Public-School work.   Pons High Hebool
work, cottiers nil High S, 1 1 prlvllegea, mul
.prepares furlPiu'lu'OifxatniiiiUiiiiiN, Touches
ull brimcbur. ol ii I'llAiTK Al. Itrsi.MWS
COURSE, nud gives diplomas   (Jives a lib*
eral atKvcallnti In Ita ,,
vii ,
llnfrltito rouraa,
..in, ia lln, I.,..,l.-H Coi
itn-aulnr M. K, 1.
unl H. I.....  in Unl
■ M-nrli cau  lal.i
aluil.ata Iln-.aiaa t.lia
.',-  Aria i-mirae
•llll ll„,,lag, ,-! 11,   ,
lie nbiiiiiml from
Ttironto'tlalveraitj-, n
Hi, ,,
in.li lliacnlleirala
io full uHlloti.il,-   Foi
i.ilorinaii.ii, ninl
l.ruia iv,-,'.-,,.
Ktv W. J. Slpprcll II.
a. n
1). Principal,
. J.
. Howell, llursar
Repairing Promptly Done.
Feotwear to Measure n Specialty
Illi'It vv
ill" laws shall have a .1
„HI,HI     -"Ilf     1*   U,.,HI     lllllllll	
each live miles i.i.i wliem «
i,»s iilii.iliiH.l iiiurt' iinm mm
inr eacll fifteen in lea  or Ir
ii.-ntiii. im \ifi- uiiiiiiiii t.u eaoti mn.- nt rive
lenifii.    Itoy.tlty ill Hit* i\u.!iif iimi iiti'l a lt,.l
nt-r .viii onllsutsil oi. the.miimt iiltui' u .•\.-.-.it
liri-tlsiott'ln Uin Vnknii Terrliory ■ su leiisr,
,.f tlvH inHi", r>:| <|i    iiiu-,   lif ginilletl tu  ..  li
mtnur tor ft term ol twenty your*, ulsu ifue.-
the lessee's t-piht Is vbiiDnett to tlie Rtiiinieri
ed iii-.l ur liars i\ Mi- nv r litilmv low ivnle
[iia.i,, tliHt liuu Hilary t-ib'-lltt*! li>  It*, i.oilttu
rn. Ut..< ui ,i.ii ft A.itust m ibe yui ur tin- ilu
ol tlm lease,
i ne lestofl iliall imv - niih itr«i',- in operntiu
nltliliitwuienrsiriiiii u,.- ilutiiof the leusStiin
.•ai. uiotluu for Bucn rtva i.'il'-s witniii six yeai
[luu siiun itait*. Ht-mtii, ti - |i.*r ml.*- i,n' iir«-
year, ainl^lu pur niLlr- formiali -niitM-iiui'iil .mi
imil'ty Willie US l)li -1 iniii.n-
l'lmer Mlnln-j fu lln* Vi.h.iti («•■ illmj.- -i if.-i
(Ulob, I'lvi-rami ulli,Uliui»ltiul nut i-\i-it-.l J.
I ("I'l ill   IrllpfUl,    llll'HMII'.'ll   i-U till)   l.'iii'   llll''   I'.
;-t-'iicml (irroollon of tin* oreea t,r gui.-h, tii
I >AldthbelDalrcml.00otn «,iiuii feet,   aii .•t.i.
plinsr cliuiu. iliall lie 2>J f*t*l s.jn irif.
| i uuiLiiitte iiiitiki-1 Ij> iwu eitai |it'»|t. I'll.' :i
i ciicii i'lni. bi-urta^iiiiil'.-ei Km ry nm-t i»- "'
' i.itiiiid ivi iitn ten lift,s. ll tbe duliu Is iviuili
l,'timilt's.if niiiiiiiit weoi'dor'B .Ull.-e "in ".'i
.ntyiiUiwpu (ur t-ucli inid.iluiul leu nil.tu n
ThRiwrsoaoroompany.ila luira elatin niiix
iml,l ;i ir-i1 ii.iiii.-i » L-i-nliio,ttf
Tlifiii-ifuverfr uf it new iiiIih* i* fiilllliil lo
I'l.iiiitur 11 »-i lu iii-mUi. ami li (lie purl
,H,u;,lr,t* nf lwo, !,;.« [f.-l tilloee I ..ti liie mi
imt nl i\Iiii.ii im loyalty ili.ill be t'llttrtftiil, 111'
ii'sl ,.f tin- pmiy i.i'.llaary • lainu mily.
I iidy tee#111, K'ly.ilty st tli" hlteiif twn an
huh naif iterrnil ou tbi* value ui lln- «unl  *lll|
imii from Uie YiiKnli I'errllory tu be palil io tn<
Ni.rru.'iiiilU'i-shall I'.-.'t'ivt* a jtraiil i.f mon
Hum inn-niiiiuiK .'laiin on eiMth BHiWtitn rlvt-
itriHik or ttulohrTliiit tit" saum miner may ii >■
anv iniiniier ot claims Ly I'li'-clm**. ami  fr."
IlllUers 11,11)  Will'r. llllll I'lllllll*. Ill   piiltU'TSllIji In
IllllllUrilllluo uiiij   pUjIlW  fee Of *:.     A   I'llllll
iimi lie i.uiul 'li",l. nml aii'iilicr iihtii' I ,ni ii<
-ianih iirt'i'k, unl.-li ur rhei'i i>> tin mn null.-.' .ut
layiiiK a fee.
WurKliilist beiloiieon a claim em-li year t'
the value <»r nt least »Soo,
A ei',Ulleau* tlml w..ik lini Injeit il»ii" inn-it I"
nli allied each vear: if not, llm elaim shall In
.l.t'iiii'ilt.i liea-inadoiii.il,unit u-jcu t,iocrti|iaii>)l
, mid entry by a free miner.
* Tne bniiuiliines of a elmm may Im tleilnt: 1 Hi.
. KiUit.'ly I.y litiviiiK ii sin •.(■)'niacin:.nil inilil^lni';
In iiiui'* III Uie V ilium i Itlit'i.ll liii/.t'Ll.'.
I'eirnleiiiil.    All    iiiiaiii.ru|iilali'd   l)uiiilni..i
: [.Riulsln Manitoba, the Surihwest Ti'rrliiirlai
AUd vulluii tin, Ytlk'.U leril.nri Uie uu. II l<
1 |irn-|),iTif)K  fur |i"lrot.-iiiii,   :ia<l Uie inlnl-ti',
limy reserve Mi nu 1'nlh iiiua! ur eonipall)' hn\
, um mai'liltieiy nn Uie Imul In l.e prusim. i.nl, at
iin*ii 'if ill" lien's,    Slii.til.l  Un; iTtis] mr ills
1 ui.viTiiil In [.iijliu: iiti.uitltie-t, ami iilll» tintunii
'• t-.liilill.il such .tikii-.i.vt-rv,aii ure.i lint e\uie,lii,|
• tHD acres. Iuc hul inn llie ull well ami Sllull "lli.-i
liteil a^ mav he ili-ti'i-mnimt. will he sum lu Un
i ilh.-i.verer in, llie rale ur si.ou aa Hflre, siihjee
in royalty at mmh rate ai may bu speollled u)
- i,i',].'t-hi-i:.aiia.il
vv. vv. riii:\
lit'T.nti or tbe Minister nl llle 1 ut'" 01
Dept, Interior.
Ctiptrrlght, ■•■'■' v< u uv^'iAt^nv
Throush the looi hot summer Ml-
luel'i tepes hid stood In the little
jrovt1 oi siiiiitid mesqutte a few Imn-
dred yords from the gate o( the corral.
it Ltiil been a ton--' drought, aud tim
cattle grew thin ou the brown wisps
ibiit ebould have bunn tender gross.
John faced the ilmallon ns best he
Could, but he growled and grumbled
through the scorching duyi and tossed
in restless sleep through the sultry,
endless nights, Hunt) Pete swore
louder nml drank deeper, while Miguel
prayed to hh "Lady of amidaloupe" to
fiend the cooling ralna, making sundry
promises the whllo that were writ iu
Bright Byea, lazy uud shiftless aa
ever, lounged lu tbo open door of ilie
tepee, while the papoose, now past
ilie swaddling blanket, tumbled around
ber feet like uu overgrown kitten.
Down in the corral there was tha
rattle of tbe dice. John made it a
point never io Interfere with tbo men
so long us their guuioa were orderly,
nud there were ninny bite bauds on
tho Aloho Jusl then,
Pete lounged In n corner of the men's
quartern by himself.   The battered old
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Co-
umbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants for sale and to lease on
favorable terms*
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District,
For terms, inups and further particulars apply to the following
local land agtjnta:
tf. Hyde Baker, Cranhrook, B. 0.    E. Mallandame, Jr., OreBton
I, H. Wilson, Wardner, B, C. U. & M. Bin!, Nelson, B. C
R. K. Bruce, Wilnier; B. D.
, TJ C
Or to
face bad grown more r-pliluxllke than
ever. Grim, silent, us If weighed down
by some tragic secret, he kept to himself, und the boldest amoug the Alobo
otitlit did not cure to question Rtlitj
There were nifiuy traditions of him-
the ride through the night to save the
neck of Minuet, when it became a question of his own life before the dawn;
the strike nt .Jose's, where be bud
made the stand und driven the drink
maddened crew into the corral and
there bold tbom until the fumes of bud
whisky und pulque had passed. Herein came a part of the mystery. When
Jose, bud endeavored to thank blm,
Pete bad floored the whole crowd by
giving .lose n talk on the folly of keeping barrels of whisky In easy reach of
such devils us the compound of Indian
und grouser that made up the personnel of Jose's ranch. And the uiosl
Startling feature was thnt in bis ei
cltement the vernacular of the bordei
slipped aside uud he spoke lu the Cultured tones thut betrayed the college
bind sou of the east. He hud never forgotten bis musk since.
Pete rose nnd turned toward the
south, ids lean body ul "uttentlon,"
like a stutue, 11 full minute, his eyes
Used upon the southern horizon. j'Klrol
File! Tire." The shrill cry brought
thu muss uf men Bvvarmlug from the
corral, and tho air vvas full of ex
clamatlon and question. Pete stood
Bill], one bony bund pointing toward
the horlxon, where n misty blue linai
was Beulblug lip.   John, roused from
sloppily   h'tiu^iKK
One look, ami he
"liot to lb.* plows!
imiiy, ninl Uod help
d fought ;■« iy from the plows i.l u
iue bUuded lueu thut still forced tbcm
S Iuu*
O '     Closer still    Tbe lung tile broke, uud
o i the ponies galloped into the corral,
.1 , there to bud'iie In n frightened bunch
£ i 'ihe plows were left where they tell,
o I and the men staggered toward tbo
q ] bouse. Then a shout went up, aud
they stood sun peering through tbe
smoke, The door ol Miguel's tepee
was thrown open, and Bright Byes,
with tbe papoose clinging to ber
sbb'ts, stood in the doorway. The \w
uiau must have slept through an tbe
din und only uwakened to lu*r danger I
wheu t.io hue. 1'or u moment there 1
uus uu awful silence, broken only by
the roaring ».f the Ore that wns hardly
leu yards away hum the tepee, which
stood Jnst without tbe plowed Une,
then u Ioiik tongue of lire shot out
towuid the eanvHM wall and licked
greedily up to tbe roof pole. With u
savage yell Miguel sprang across the
open, llutty Pete ui bis in-cis. Ovei
tim plowed, ground the men sped. Miguel hnd reached Bright Byes and was
struggling back, when Pete yelled,
"Where's the kldi" Too late. The
nre bad wrapped tbe canvas walls In
a shcel of flame, and the Ultle brown
baby wus nowhero t.. bo seen. 'then.
before the oyes of those who would
have h.-id him back, Rusty Pete
plunged through that blazing doorway.
If was all over lit a nuiinle.    A down
men hud reached him when, blind and
staggering, tbe papoose under his
arm, Unity Pete full In the new made
Overhead the clouds hnd formed nn*
nol Iced in the human vortex Hint
surged below, and us the wnll of flame
reared Its '.rest ns if to leap across the
Stretch of plowed hind the very heavens opened up. Down came tbe blessed
ruin iu sheets, and ihe thirsty, fire
cursed earth laughed In very Joy,
All over. But in a darkened room
Hasty Pete lay dying. He wns Buffering greatly, but toward ihe last became conscious and. beckoning tt. John,
whispered something. John turned to
(he boys that lined the room, ihe dark
faces heavy with grief, "ih.ys, he says
•i.oodby,' and don't forget Poto, IK*
wants to be alone with nie."
They, illeii out slowly, wltb many a
backward look. Outside Miguel sobbed and cursed lu a breath nl tbe stolid Bright Kyes, whose eurelossness bud
brought Pete to his death.
Busty Pete lay still a little time
gathering strength for the effort; then
be reached oui his hand. "Alleyne."
John started. The tone belonged to
tin*mnii be had not known. "Vou have
beou very patient wltb uie. and ua the
tide of a useless life goes out we nre
man and man. There is do excuse for
the past, cud I will not burden you
with my history, bnt when I mu under
the ground mall the picture to tbe address that you will lind at the head of
tbe letters. Those you enn bury With
me." John took tbo little package
from Pete's breast, nnd Pete went on:
"There Is nothing else. But will you
write n short letter nnd tell ber bow 1
died—not," with a bitter attempt nt n
smile, "how I hnve lived?" After thut
he was still for u long time. The gray
down lay over the fire scarred mesa
liko a kindly pall, nnd as one long,
rosy arm shot across tbe sky Pete
sprang from tbe bed. "Harvard! Harvard! Huh, rah, rah: Tbe crimson
wins!" He fell back on tbe pillow.
The shadows ennie down on the great
rlart eyes, and Busty Pete bud "piissed."
At the recent banquet tendered t*y
thi> local manufacturers ot Brentford
to tin* 200 members ol tih* Canadian
Manufacturers' A isoelntlon present,
one of the unique features of the
affair wns the reading ol the following original poem by ihe Mohawk
maiden, Miss E, Pauline Johnson,
I entitled
< MM.]* |h < khimIk."
i Winn in i'i.- ertetl ssut Uw osHlag iH«t ws
.,f ti,.- muni upholtll
r pairs r, It Is nsvsv
Before ordering r» now Suit of
Clothes, Because wo know we can
|ileaso you Our measurements
or.' correct, our stylos proper and
uur prices pleasing.
Vou will I"- astonished how muoh
your appearance will be improved
liy wearing Clothes Made to Ordi>r.
Don't make u mouutuin uf a molehill liy thinking ihat Coat and Vest
inuda tu order wPJ be tt«, expensive for you tu wear
Leask & Henderson
Ut  ll,,-
itm . „i
r il*
Mill .-f gol
lit, nml sol
wolves fot
• Hie
jj Cranbrook
I Hotel S S
(luesis Co mi oi i s Specially    t *
lloiiit Slnliting hi tiiuiiciiloii
mil, -mn.i w."«r .
uii ..ur own,
r rn Kaiser WlHirtnVs, s*'<
rn i n.-ti- Sam's.
I.i ll'l    ni,lets   ni.-   till
nun k i.Ihiiu.-i. n pips
tblngs Itisi
,n rM ii. raUmsil ami ib \*
III    I..i   li.r   ,,,,1.1,,-   „,„-,,,
O'Mii triass i
CuIlM nre til 1
AD<t   In   l.tir ulil   ll
Ural nf iUiiiiih i
lint Imf niitl I'ls-ei,
| '(    Mul .li,.! tnlil Itatl,
Hliat i
We don't need tbe
i!n> trnne '<r tin
Ws dun11 nesd iti,* Vi
nor tin* Astiiti.'-.
I'm- wlnit sn saotl as
nud iiinler
Hoggarth & Rollins jj
..     I'n.|.|ltl,i!h       J J
aarls uf Rarope, u.«-
r'.S. ,'. ,1    1-1,'r,
akes's corn and srlse,'
list tap,
our I, ii.*- iim,U' i-it'tti.
.liie blue rtone,
Wll] jrou tell me where vou bave uste.i
i,rf-B,i like ia* bread tnui in i.i,u..i nt
Ami «<• nisj ihe }*imz ami strong, snd wbe
so nt for Uie OgM s« weV
Willi i'i"1 hands "t steel snd our Iron tieol
mul um   li.-uri-;   like tbe OBkpu   lr.-e.
F»r  we aii- Hie .t,.iu.' hTPd,   li-uiif feit   men,
tin- wide of » princely limit,
And  tlie  things  ttiitt  BTO iinid"  In I'niU.ta '
urc tin-   tliUiil.', IiiiiI ulir SOUS ilMiui.it
When ymi iislt Cranbrook nIi>|, at Ihu
i lids  Is tUfr i
It Ih
of |
•si siitl the culltns thnt
•th upholdi
c tor tiowtr, it le neves
TOllth, nod west contend,
like wolves for o tnnverlek'n boue,
Uut I'liiiaiin for ihf Cansdlsosi u tnactetd
thut we ca:', uur own,
i it^i i »r tn*
t pun  tli*  I il*  ,
^ N„rtf Hotter l„ llle l.lstlUt ',+.
9 l.'ni..'i 5i nml up.   5hurt Orders nnil Oystera tfjj
^, lerveil in any ityle li'0,n H p. ,„. la a u, in. m^
El iml
H '1 iir: |,\bt« .s 111- b.-il, Iii- rmr, Art- „.l'.,,rp.i«i-J l,,r dc.in   H
9 lines, and co nforl ,„.l Ilu lvir^is lupplied wuii tin, best brand <$t
|J> ol liquors and cigars, ^_
| L B, VANDl'.cAR, Prop.
fi BtSBBBBtfl ia; H Mtimi1i£M$tWWWE£Sm.
A recent Satu
i bi    frul
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as roaiilt
nib he lis
day night's l^tuie
Institute m Turon*
ICnight oi Queen's,
Interesting    inaiinei
tt Su
Hrilisb Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacific Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
bis Blestn, cAiiia
across (he pnllo,
yelled lu the in. u
livery man In bis
us lo Dghi It!"
[nettle (he corral the ponies' wen
tethered. Am une mini (be eyes of the
whole outfit turned tovvnrd ihem, the
purpose of Bight written pn their linen.
Then I'eto Bprang forward.
"Men uf lho Aluhu, thore's nu use.In
play Ins tho coward. Vou cuti'i cjol-
awuy, uml If you euulil you would have
to leave the women. If wo can't save
'em, W8 enn dk* with 'em. 'Ibe Ili'Hl
man that turns his (wny to ibo uorth
won't neeil nn pony."
'i'bis dlctam wus delivered wltiu-ul
the quiver of a muscle in bin quiet,
even voice, uud tho men knew I'ete.
Hound and round, tu a widening circle, tbey drove tho ponies lashed to tbe
plows any fashion—cow pony, buster,
thoroughbred, ull strained and tugged
alike aa the plows turned the hard
baked soil, and the blue line, thut wits
In his book. "Bar. Since nnd Platform." Mr. Herman C, Merlvale, whose
father wus permanent undersecretary
for the colonies nnd one of whose uncles wus a rival of Nlebtthr In scholarship, tells of an amusing experience of
another unci* of whom tbe world bus
heard little,
This Mr. Merlvale was fl thorougbgo
Ing cockney. London was ns the breath
of bis nostrils. Notwithstanding be
purchased a country place, Intending
personally to supervise tbe crop''. To
this end be asked advice of a bucolic
friend, a man of many acres, who compiled snd began with the kitchen garden.
"Now, look nt these," suld be.   "1'ou
have a flue crop of these. First you
must do so nnd so In July, then such
nud Biiob thing*  In  September,  nnd
m-iher   ex
ii iho effect
ol sawdust on ilj-h life.    The lecture
was a  contuiuatbin   of   the address
which he gave in tbe Institute about
a year ago.   Tbe professor has madei
an exhabbtlve study ot tha   subject,.
mnl ttte conclusion at which  'he imii
arrived may be summed . \> *s    foi*
lows:      That if.   n   rapidly-running
stream o( water the presence m sawdust bnt) no Injurious effect upon the
llsli; but if tho water is stagnant it
rapidly   becomes Injurious,    In    hits I
experiments he tound thnt ibis   waa
due ti> certain substances wbieb were
dissolved out ol the wood, and, fur-
thor, ihat   the sawdust irom   white
pine nn.l from cedar seemed   to    be ;
the uio^t   Injurious; also   that    tlie;
character of tho saws twed to a cer-
ra-ri extern  Influenced the amount of
il.e material that might be dissolved
from suwd isl
In Uii1- experiment he n'so tried a
slovvlj running stream nt the labor a*
liny wiih Vnrylng rules of flow and
varying ntnounis "t sawdust, and In
the experiment whore the smallest
percentage of anwdust was present
compared with ihe flow ot the stream
be lound sniull ilsb would U%e ubout
two hour's. Thai vvas 111 h strength*
nl .Id per cent, of sawdust._ tn comparing this with ibp amount of saw*
(imt in a stream such as the Bonne*,
ihere Kiver, and taking Into account
the (low of the su-uin and the
amount ol sawdust pnsslng In per
diem, the pro/ossui' arrived at the
conclusion that In such a -river the'
amount of sawdust would n»T. reach
more than ,00'i per cent., and hu did
not consider that It waa much ol a
factor in the destruction of fish lit*
In Mi.1i n I'lvpr.
I'l-of. Knight suld his further experiments showed thut tbe destruction of fish In stagnant wuter by
sawdust was not due to putrefaction
of the sawdust, but to these extracted substances from the wood, and
that In time with fresh air and suu-
Hgllt the water would purify itsalt.
■iss ne ttM isi^siitiaSisii^sai'tis
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New MiuHicer.!.
Drop in um! see us any time.    Wc are nn deck li hours ||
mil oi the 21 B
....MARYSVILLE, B. C.   1
The Pioneer Hotel oi the St. M.uys Va'Icy. |
| ComlorUble rotimi,   Satisfactory dinint; runin strvicr., and the jj
Lvst ol every tiling at the bar. '■'■
Proprietor. |
-il .iVJiWa-s."
Will  be
,'lliing to
il Ihe bo-
wlnit nre
next year Iben
"Quite sn." assiuited Mr
politely. "Bill I must l.eyh
ginning, lu the Brat place
'these':' "
••ivo you mean to say you don't know?"
gasped the country gnntloiunn,
"Haven't the faintest Idea/' snid Un
Merlvale cheerfully.
"These aro—potatoes!" bis friend re
plied, divided between amUSOmeUt und
Two Tests,
Two stories are told in Harper's Mag*
aziiie of ministers' stumbling on texts
ur a humorous personal application.
One wns a very young minister, having charge of his first church nnd
preaching u serlea nr sermons ou the
life and utterum.es of St. Paul. Tho
Inst oue of these wus given Just before
taking bis leave, and dbring bis an
sence be expected to take auto himself
a wife, IiIh engagement having been
announced. After turning over the
leaves of the Bible thoughtfully be
said/"I Invite, your attention this evening to these words or the great apostle,
T am ready now to be offered up.' "
Tbo other minister was a widower
who bad remarried within a year after
his first wife's death. His friends aud
congregation tbouubt blm very expe-
now a fiery serpent curling Its length dlttoug( and 0n tlie llf.v-t Sunday, when
over tbe crest of tbe mesa, approached his text WM anmiullced. tbey could
even nearer. icarcely control themselves.   He rose
The smoke grew stifling. The whole ln m (tiliceia bispulpit-nnd said, "My
world was abluze. long lingers of tire , belovp(1 brethren, von will flud my text
that crept out and pointed the way for ; |n tm WTenteenth rtrae of tbe fourth
the vanguard to follow, closer and }ehoptep of Second r0rinthlane, 'Our
closer, until the murmur grew to a „ h. ifflIcttoI. .^h la 1 «t tb« B«>
savage roar, and toe ponies screamed . ttB»>M| t       ^^
VViiiulnlill   Antiiuli,
Nothing from cattle Is allowed to
go to waste; from the horns to the
lung hair on the tip ol the tail alt
Is utilized. The latter Is turned Into curled hair for upholstering. Thu
hoofs yi, chiefly into the kettle tu oo
boiled for glue, and tbe residue la
made into hoof-meat, a valuable fertilizer, liven the tuiilcuye water Is
hoil-'d to extract Its fats. Tbe coarse
bones nru oil her onrbuulzed ami »>u
for angnr-rofiuors' use or turned Intn
fertlll/ers, and the blond Is mostly
dried and turned Into another aid uf
agriculture, lleforo tho horns ore
sold, ibe pith is extracted from
iiii'in. iu-I the finest grade ot gela-
ilue in ohtalnod fiom the pith. The
Blnevvs mu separated to be used for
vine Block, und the'.bladders are sold
lor holding snuff,and the greater part
of the Intosllnes nre used for Hnusaira
casings. The lining of Um windpipe
is also of particular value, being
UScd for a fancy Hnuflugu caftlng and
also   u«   lining  for  pipes    through
which boor Is passed In breweries    A
now use I.ns recently been discovered
for ih.- contents nf the paunch,
which until lately had to be thrown
aWa.v to lho dugs.    It hm been dls>-
covercd thut a wood quality of cardboard 'tin bo made ol It, und It la
now  being saved for that  pUf-poM
a 'mui'ii.matt Proofs*.
This 1s how a woman lu Toronto
pays a street car luce:
"I saw a woman In a sire-el. ear
open a sutchel and take out a purse,
11,,:,-.* tho satchel and open the purse,
take out a ten cent piece and close
the purse, open tbe sutebul and put
(ti the purse, clote the satchel und
luck both ends. Then aha gave tho
coin to the conductor and took tlve
rents In exchange. Then she opened
the satchel and took out the purse,
closed the satchel and opened tha
purse, put tn tlie smaller coin and
dosed tbe purse, opened tbe satchel
Bittt put in tbe purse, closed the
snt hel and locked both ends. Then
she felt to see if her back hair was
nil right; and It was all right, nnd
she was all tight, and )ust aa ■weeti
That was » woman/'_
ii    NBW DEPARTURE    ii
..            ; •
J; We nro nmv in shape to Inrnisli all kinds Dl •»
II       MOULDIND jj
II        BASE and CASE      jj
JJ Ortlenpromptly filled anil delivered In town. Par prices apply  Jl
jj King Lumber Mills Co. Limited ij
i *«««•* -w'-.-V-'-Si'-Si Ki*X14*t4t!4a!tV*ll4Si VA,'<».Si'«.''JC.-fc<«.- <C>
I William Gordon!:
—=====     j
i WleCalium Block
..v.-'.-i' V--a-.-i..i..-v.v.'a-rS>-aSi-.v.VaVrV.v;-'i rB>;i«,
c. o. o.
M.y iiaoil dlgolloo wall an appetite aa4 health „o both. —SlliKI lil'lURr1.
Therefore wn noil nothing but tho choioest ot Beet, Mutton,
Pork, l''i3l,. Poultry, bto. Try our SaUBaga, Bolongna Winer,
worst ninl headohe'eae, onoe tried you will buy no other
' ItAMUtOOK,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   Till' IISDA Y,   .IAN.   ','«,   1000,
Thc Canadian Bank uf Commerce
llcail Office. Toronto,
Hon. (leu, A. Cm. Prealilent, H. It, \i'Ai.iiit>t, Hm. Ma„.
Paid  Up   Capital      fJl.7IW.IHU.llll
Heal         J.UOa.lalll 111
Tail, Ve.nai.e. Mil, SU. '0.1 ...l.iHiil.nlKl IK,
Deposits Received.   (Icncral Hanking Business Transacted
SlVIIIIS II IM OIHllllrlHM    |,rp„,n. LV.cl.rJ    laurel MI«W1«,
PRU8BNI Kall! nr iNiiii'i-'-, MR 138 PURCBNT
llANKIN'i BY Mill.   I'.'i >-,..,. ,..',„.,.i.M,„-l u-illulruwii li) mail.
II it Ql ,,,»'„ ..--, , - ,<-,
Ul till* lll.l„llL'i'< Ol 111'' I''
lilllli'.ill'.l,. ,,'l'lr,
tttlilillill luillii-li will n-.'i-iM' |.nilill.l iltli'llll.H
P.C, MALPAS, M.ni.lKfr.
I Capital, Paid Up $3,000,000
| Re.vt $3000,000
5 T, R. Merrill, IV*.   1). R. Wilkir. Vic- Pro, and Gen. Manager
A kjrncral banking business transacted.    Drafts sold a valla- J
bit in cvtfry part ot Canada, United States .ind Europe.     Special  *
attention to collections. I. F, M. PINKHAM, Manager.     J
\) )-•*(<».*■ *9*t**titft* kit ************ ****** »tt »tft>
60 Per Cent
of all head.ichcs arc caused through detective eyes. .< Little eye delects grow to big
ones, if not promptly and properly attended to, j« A few simple tests with modern
Instruments reveals llie exact condition ol
your eyesight. »a Don't neglect ynur mnsi
important sense. .•• j* > j1 .**■ j* .* .*
O P T 1 C 1 A N ..
are offering some splendid in
vestments in Real Estate, with
returns, as interest on same,
of 15 per cent per annum < •<
Call and See Them
—HE? |
t; \Kiu:\s
St   Petersburg, Jno   M.—Although
tlie    tl'OODS    had    hern  wounding .Uld
killing Btrikers in theii mtrmjiis to
[disperse them, lew onlookers expected the horrible butcher) which was
| destined Uns morning to stain 'ho
cornei ol the Vdmlratty gardens wiih
human blood   Th*' crowd thei >
slated tn refusing to move on, clamoring foi the e mperoi and continually
hurling nlm:..' in ihr troops, bui al
tempted no violence Two companies
..( the Proohtanjousky guards, *»f
which Etnporoi Nicholas himsell nvaa
Inrmerly < ommandci. formed .nd
marched hi double quick toward lbs
filial cornoi Events followed with
iivviui swiftness The commamiltig of-
flcei shouted, "Disperse, disperse, its-
perse!" three times Many turned to
Oeo, hut in late
A bugle sounded and the men in the
(runt ranks sank to their knees and
hoth companies fired three volleys,
the first two with blank cartridges
and tin- lust with ball. A hundred
corpses strewed tho sidewalk. Many
women were pierced through the back
us they weie trying to escape, rho
Associated Pross correspond en I,
standing behind the troops, saw mangled empses of persons uf all ages
und both sexes strewn on the ground,
One ho.v of 13 had his skull pierced
and rent by bullets. Great splashes
and st reams of blood stained ine
Only u few ol the victims remained
alive, fur the fatal volley was fired
at a distance of not. more than 20
paces, and so tho ambulances had !it-
Uc work to do. The police recruited
a huge number of drosklcs (sleighs)
to carry off the dead. Heartrending
scenes were witnessed as wives, :nis-
bands and mothers came up to claim
their dead ones and were carried oil
with them In the sleighs
The blood which crimsoned the
snow has fired the brains and passion
i.l the strikers, and turned women, us
well as men, Into wild beasts, and the
cry nl the infuriated populace is fot
vengeance The sympathy of tbo middle classes i:s wiih the workmen
Si Petersburg, Jan, 21 -Si Petersburg will be declared In a stale
uf sicgu tomorrow General Trepoff,
until recently chief of police of Moscow, has been appointed governor
general of Si Petersburg and l.ai
taken up quarters in the Wlntet pal
The   aspeel
is decidedly i
winch had bee
still, has been
ed basis    The
! ilu- Russian capital
tore calm Business
ai a complete stand
resumed upon a limit
employees ol the suul
get wc
fin ploy ment.
If conditions continue as they arc
todav wo woo i have i" wait long
fur hard times, we will soon have
Today cash is hardei to % I bold ■ i
than lul   the last   live  veal.-,    it     ».'lll
ist* u we have uo i lunge  o
can vv,- expect  when  ibe   lend
oui good cash io the otbei   il le »wb
gei it back in lumber?   NotLiiig, bui
that the counlrj must »vt   uuiei
I..-! ui send um mouej l iiuti.li
Columbia ami  wi    ■ ■■   il   l    * again
Hi    \.iliirtii    wa) I I in*V     :.ee.l   ' 'll
horse:., i.tcd qui  men, need oui  im>
dim-   Whal nl il   ii  ITI   Ji*i\   J pel  i fi.'
mote I'M oui lumbei' Does thi i iq
all) anything? I think nol as >u_\
a.-, ihey pay high wages '<■ the   'uen
w.- scad lh*»m from tin mn j   n'ld
good prices im out produce
1 do not alone w.u.t ever) lumbui
dealoi lo whom 1 presume the ■*■ * i ■
lion lists .ue -.i' i" In lp I-.' I us
svel j bustoi bj in.-.ii aud i.u inn to
well m i,|, i the question Let lun
Ub i olumbia (loutish, and wc will
lluuiit.li Let us all do .an slut c
toward It   as Britisli Columbia is ihe
Only inalKfl vv,- halt- Im .,11 oui no-
Chas   Sehaek
has al last been an-
Corbln, the railw.iv
ute. has linally i n-
.ii' has completed all
The inevitable
nounccd. n. C.
sphinx of Spol
nounccd that
preliminary pin
to build the road us soon
pie ol Spokane are ready
right of way through tbe
rout). Mr. Corbln is a i
words, lie is a man ol ;
has never yel failed t*
what he has undertaken,
lie has said   that  the moi
now ready
as Ute p-jo*
lo give the
ill)  lo   his
n.m   ui   lew
etlon,   and
i carry out
Now   that
ev Is ready
it is
'. P.
. pun
and   tl:.i!   the road will he huill
a  safe gamble    that   it   will  lie
Spokane has  long  wanted  tlie  i
It. to make   ati   entrance into
city.   Already the shippers and
ness men generally of Spokane r>
and doing.   They  say  that Mr
bin's request is a most modest
and    ihat he will he met with
arms.     Thai   leaves   no  doubt
the building of the  road.   And
people   in : Cranbrook   fully   realize
whal   that  will  mean  to  I Ids  town.
The C, P,  It   will  make connection
near   the station of Yahk and build
to the boundary line to meel the Corbln road.   This will gin- n direct line
from Cranhrook to Spokane, and will
increase  the commercial ,and  raikiaV
Importance   of    Cranbrook   um |-ei
.- ml
coil ol ucqumng such first class tu-
initials as tbe road will require v.ill
be very heavy ami tin- expenses of 'hr
Improvements of these terminal
grounds will run into several hundred thousand dollars, we are willing
to hear all ol this burden, and lo
tun id    the     load    absolutely   v. illi.) il
bonus or stuck subscription. My rs*
sociates I..-1 Ihat what they ask lS
moderate in view ..i what has been
done nu otbei roads entering Spokane,
"My New York associates asked me
if I did not think that was a fall
proposition io submit to the busine-u
and   property   Interest's   ol Spokane
and   1  bad  to it-pt)   that   il   was more
than tali, that it was liberal.
"Tht- Canadian Pacific railroad company,*1 continued all Coibin, "slu els
ready to entei Into a rui yeai train
agreement with the American end ot
the inn*, and to build immediately
wiinl wo siati construction, from its
hue in British Columbia down tu a
oonneciion wnh mn road at tbe in*
ternaiTonal boundary.
"Aflei  extended investigation,  I .'on
confident that the cost ni a right »f
way Wlthld the cily limits would UOt
exceed lluu.ufm, and 1 hope that it
will not exceed $75,000. In view i f
the manifest benefits whieh would follow the entrance of the Canadian Pacific into Spokane, and the Increased
values that would go into real estate
it seems to uie that it is the best
sort o( business sagacity for our people in Spokane to accept this .Tier
and thus cinch the building ol '.Ms
Mr. Corbln was asked if be bud selected a terminal site, "Not vet,"
he replied. "We have three points under consideration; each has advantages
but tbe cost of terminal improvements on either of the three sites
would be heavy.
"The proposed line," said Mr. Sorbin, "would be a few miles shorter
than the Northern Pacific into Spo'i-
ane and only about 10 miles longer
than the Great Northern. The equipment and the service would be .list
class. The traffic agreement offcr-wl
by the Canadian Pacific Is liberal unl
is of a nature that would guarantee
the perpetual independence of mr
"I rea'ize," said Mr. Corbln, "that
the merchants of this town have had
many burdens and have responded
umst generously to the calls 'hat
have been made upon them for business enterprises, and 1 feel that *n
this undertaking they are entitled to
exemption. It seems to me that 'be
comparatively slight burden ol
quiring the necessary right of way in
to the city should be borne hy the
property inlcrests. and to that end I
shall in a few days lay tbe matter
let factories
the crowds i
were dtmtnii
deuce but al
Monday and
-i sink
bed    I
ork today ami
in the streets
ns  arc   m  • vl-
confident leell
ps thai  the .
i.h      have  be
the sai.-iv   a
adopted   w
quiet ol  the city.
Beneath the surface, however, the
ferment continues and the public ner-
cousness and apprehension us to Inline developments is still unallaycd.
Meetings ol different classes in opposition to the order ol things Were
held during the afternoon and evening
but Ibe warlike element which wa«
suddenly brought together by the tragic events of last Sunday are advancing ou d I Iter en I plans ami no common
ground ol action has yel been found
in ihe meantime the police ate actively Boarcblng oui the leaders. Three
well   known   Russian   auliiois   ami     a
prominent edltoi were arrested today
and tho prisons are filled wnh revo
n.l  '.tinieiils
.,1,1, i,
IV.lS   M-Ilt    III
, : ',k
ji ji j» .*
Is there any thing that you want in the hardware hue?   We have it.'   We have the largest
stock in the Kootenays.   It comprises everything In our line.
I'lie completion
mean that  through  trains will be
(rom Cranbrook to Spokane, and I
with the Increase of passenger
freight  tralllc, Crnnbrook will In
railway center that will have   v
for many more men engaged In
line of employment
It may not be generally known
that the l' P. R. are placing rua-
chinory on iheir coal property at
Hosmcr, yel such is tbe fact', al-
ih,nigh under tlieir agreement with
tho Crows Nest Coal company they
cannot ship for nearly two years yet.
Rut they can go ahead wiih the'development work and whin tbey are
ready to ship the Corbln road will he
ready lo receive the traffic, which
will'enable the C. P R. lo become a
hard competitor of Jim Kill in 'be
coal business in the markets of the
Northwestern slates. This coal ton-
age al.uie would make a lug business
>r the Corbln road. Bqt tbcro is
till another matter of vast Import
ance. Paities on ihe Washington
side have been testing (he wheal ol
the Territories arid found it equal to
any raised in Manitoba or Dakota loi
(lour. As u result there will be a nig
mill go up ai Portland to grind up
tho wheal of Western Canada for the
markets of the western Slates ami
the Orient Tn meet lhc demand ol
this tralllc ol the near future the C.
P. R. will, during the next year .out
a half, spend big sums of money lor
the ht'lteiuieiit of the grades between
Macleotl and Yahk, and When they ire
lb rough they will have n road villi
direct Spokane connections that will
be a worthy competitor of tbe Ureal
Northern that hns been gradually
getting a strong foothold in Southern llritish Columbia arid Alberta.
And aside from tliese the building
ol the Corbln road will give Ibe ('.
P, R a direct pussengei and Heigit
service between Si P.iut.Miiuieap ilis
uml Spokane nearly II not quite
short as the Great Northern, ami
shorter than the Northern Pacific,
Ihlin enabling tbe C P, R lo Blllol
into direct competition with both ih-
triads of Ibe Hill system loi the Immense freight und passengei tia'fie
between  tbe points named
Cranbrook is so located Ihal   ».he
will profit by all Ihe changes in contemplation     The tiallie through this
I town     will      l.e doubled within   six
'mouths aftoi   ihe new load is opened
i lor business and Cranbrook's growth
will he correspondingly stimulated,
I   The following from the Spokesman-
Review will explain the Spokane end
of tlie Corbln road proposition
ll,e   following
the Caigai v  I lei
High River, -la
aid    I   WOUltl  i-Mc
ll    you     Would    |:
Inns in youi papei
Last mgbt I received from a
nipeg nun, agents for American
hci, a Intel and petition blank
ing me io canvass t<u signatures tu
a petition asking ihe Dominion feOV-
eminent    not     to   put   any duly <>u
American     lumber.    No   ilotlhl 'ull
firm sends these blanks tu every J. u-
hei doalct and tries to get signaiuivs
on them, presuming thai  it is iu every lumbei dealer's Interest to nave,
the country wide open to American
lumber.   1 wain all lumber dealers in
the Northwest not io tin anything of
the kind, hut if we do want to nel|i
the country let us join tbe manufacturers In asking the government
protect   lhc lumber industry as
eastern manufacturers are protected, ry capital to huild the proposed load
Today two-thirds of nil the lumber Irom this city to the iritematioul
mills in British Columbia are *but boundary line has been pledged ly
down, and nearly every one i.s taking Mr, Corbln and hall n dozen wealthy
only one half the logs tbey haveli.tin men in New York City, and the in-
cutting in former years; what dot*.; terprise will be earried forward if
this mean to us1 j Spokane property interests will   do-
It means that tbey do not requ re  nale, a right of way from the   Uly
any more of our horses, which they   limits Id the terminal grounds
(Fio the Spokesman-Review.)
After   two   years of hard work, 1)
C   Corbln,   the   well known railroal
bmldifr of     Spokane,    has overcome
many obstacles, and is now in a po-
o  sition to bring the Canadian Pacific
the  railroad into Spokane    The ncce1
I have bought from ns in former year's
I at good  figures.   The grain and hay
j supply  is cut in  half,   hundreds    of
j young farmers who went every winter to the lumber woods of British
Columbia and brought back thousands
of dollars with which they Improved   _.    , -   .,
1 their   farms find themselves without interest in the enterprise.  While tbe,   The company wee incorporated   on
fore some ol uur representative
"What will he the length ol   -our
"Krom 135 to 140 miles."
"When could It be completed?"
"If     construction     i*s started  this
spring, the road could be in operation
I think by May or .June tbe following year.   There is heavy work alua^
the Kootenay and Moyie rivers which
will  take.  tfme.   Tbe grades,   iboiun.
will be easy."
Both Mr. Coiblli and Ibe Canaliah
Pacific have bad engineering parlies
in the field, and Ihe entire line las
been surveyed and located.
"It is probable, though, that n
number of changes will be matin,1.'
said .Mr. Corbln, "Leaving SuoK.uie
we follow pretty closely the line of
tbo Northern Pacific to Ruthdriin.
Idaho; thence oui course is north W
east tu the mouth of tbe Moyie river
where it empties into tbo Kootenay,
and thence up the valley of the Moyie to the international boundary,
"Tbe Canadian Pliclflo would have
to build only iu or 12 miles from its
Crows Nest Pass line to a connect! >n
with our mad at, the boundary."
.Mr. Corbln said that the equipment
and terminals ot' his line will cost nol
less than IGiui.bbri.
Mr. Corbln, who proposes the building of tbe new road is one of ibe best
known men of tbe wesl, and where-
ever known bis word is considered us
good as a bond. Ile came lo Montana in the 70s and for some time
wns cashier of the First National
bank of Helena. Later he returned to
New York, but subsequently jane
hack to Montana, whore be acqtill'cd
interests in mines and smellers.
In INKti he built tbe first railroad
into the t'oeur d'Alenes. This toad
ran from the old mission, at the bend
of navigation on the Coeur d'Aleuc
river, to Wardner, Wallace ami llurk.
At the old mission it connected with
steamers aud barges, whieh ran to
Coeur d'A le ne city. Under an st-
rangeinent with llie Northern Pacific
Mr. Corbln built tbe 13 miles of tall*
road connecting the Northern pacific
main line with Coeur d'Alene lake.
In ibe fall of issh he sold out Uus
Coeur d'Alene system to ibe North*
ern Pacific.
He came to Spokane iu tbe spiing
of l*Vi, and that year built tbe -Spokane Falls & Northern from this my
to Colville Later he extended '.bis
road to Rossland and Nelson, In
British Columbia Several years later be sold the S. F. & N. to ihe
Northern Pacific, which afterward
sold it to the Great Northern in
lH'm be built a large beet sugar factory at Waver!y, Spokane couuy.
This important enterprise he still
owns and manages. He Is a larre
owner ol local realty, and has a isl-
atial residence at Seventh avenue t rd
Stevens street,
Mr. Corbin's road would connect
with what is known as the Cro-vs
Nest branch of the Canadian Pacific,
which leaves the Canadian Pact .te
trunk line at Medicine Hat. From
Spokane to the main line of the Canadian Pacific the road would pen'>
trate a country of great resources,
including coal, timber, minerals, livestock and agriculture.
The Canadian Pacific is one of »l.c
greatest railroad systems in tne
world. It operates nearly 9,000 mil js
ot railway. In 19Q3 it had 74.1. low>-
motives, 842 passenger cars and 21,-
1IS9 freight cars, besides three 'we
steamers, id river stomers, two teri'V
boats and six steamships. It has nl-
with the county so a line of steamships on tbe Paci'io
i from Vancouver, B. C, to China and
Follow the Crowd
and you will arrive at our store where
you buy a fine
for a very little money.    There will be
no hemming, hawing or stuttering about
handing you back your cash if our
goods do not give satisfaction.
nary   17,   1881,   under   a  eharv: ■ OsSB
tbe Dominion ol Canada    It iclfa
\1 from tbe government $25,000,-] z ^p
In cash as a subsidy, 25,D00,f'f)  ti   1
February   1
acres of land. The government
conveyed iu ibe company Iree oi .11.1
cost 713 miles of road, including •■■"i
miles from Winnipeg to Lake Superior. Tbe length oi the main line 'i'r..
Montreal to Vancouver is 2005 mile-.
Sir Thomas G-, Shaughnessy ii
president uf tbe company.
As a preliminary step in the coast ruction ol the Spokane International railway D. C. Corbin has Incorporated the company lor MiOOO.dbO
Tht* articles of Incorporation were.
filed with the secretary of slate -t
Olympia Tuesday and with the coa:i
ty auditor belt; yesterday.
'The company has powers tu build
and operate tbe road and ;uch
brunches as may be determined by i->
trustees, to make freight traffic <i-
rangoments with other roads rr.i
steamship lines, to construct telephone and telegraph lines along its
roads, to operate steamboat!, and ferries un IVn.i d'Oreille lake and river
and ou the Koolcnay river and other
streams in Washington, Idaho <nl
British Columbia, iu manulacture arid
distribute electric power, to est m-
llsh express lines, to hold real cstai;,
timbei antl mineral lands, to own nl
fields    and   to   refine and distribute
rude petroleum and Its products
Tbe company's capital stock of $1,-
000.000 is divided into 40,000 share.-,
uf $100 each The incorporators ue
Austin Corbln, James Monaghan,
George Turner, fjeorge II Martin and
Albert Allen
The company ha nine trustees
named to hold office until July l"»
Tbey are Austin Corbln, Albert ■ I*
len. George II Martin, Albert II
Sparry, James .Monaghan and Frank
l> Allen, ol Spokane, and Chest:;
Cbapin, Alfred C Chopin and J K
O   Sherwood of New York
'^4^«^■^«««sr>asas■sJr4^«,H ■
Big Book and Drug Store
The road will be called the Spokvw
International,   Incorporation  articles
for which were, filed
auditor yesterday.
"All that my associates ask," .-ai'! ] Japan. The company had on Juno .10
Mr. Corbln yesterday, "is this lgUt;l302, 18,603,023 acres in Its Und
of way; as an evidence ol public in- grants
Wm. Reovea, a Great North rn
brakeman, fell beneath the train re-
tween Grand Forks and PhOJUX
about ten days af;o and was instait-
ly killed
The passenger service between
Phoenix and Spokane over the t>r«*>tt
Northern will be started February 1.
Joshua Bell, the colored man wl.o
ki'led Annie Allen at Phoenix, ■ n
August 12, with a pocket knife, was
hanged Friday, January 6, in the jail
at Kamloops. He died game, llfl
made no statement. During his taut
night on earth Bell slept the Ueep Of
an untroubled child. He made a," J
breaklast and maintained his courage
while executioner RadclRo pi.nio.iNl
him. Sheriff Kermau, of Grind
Forks, vvas in charge of the procoi'i-
Ings, wbieb passed oft without a
John Houston was always pretty
good sawing wood and now he is demonstrating that he is pretty stroir
wielding ihe axe, since being eleclci
at Once!
I have lo vacate my present business stand sooner
than expecied
Big Reductions
on all
Fancy Goods
Chinaware ii
Books      Pipes i
...THE... ' '
Toy Dept.
will be almost cleaned
Buy your TOYS for next
Xma3 and save money
Big Book and Drug Store
,v*\«v«vjrjrj*>, TIIK   CRWmiOOlC    UK RAMI
By The Herald 1
at  displayed,
hlishing Company
Editor and Manager.
Bant Kootsna)
it. toi.l everyone
■.lu.ulil road i
suli disastrously for liim in tin* fu-   By local line
iuntry    would Cares more for rest than word.)' gain
tket,   .nd  And patronage but gives bun pain.
Tread   lightly,   friends, let no   .atlt
Disturb his solitude profound,
hue   li  the .prairie
prosper, ii must hav<
every move    made by the people lo
kilt  the     market  by strangling ihe
lumber    industiy,    is  simply driving
nails in their own commercial coffin.
■I'l'tll.ll wlllll
I- Alter
IU Herald is wurtbf 10
only *-■   Nu man i» Soutl
•>■,-., afford to be without
UvlngoatgUUiil iiu-iii.-'ii.'
la the progreasut this swiii
It publish** ttieuewe while ItisuewB.
controlled absolute!) bj the publiihe
eliqoe, party or Individual dicta	
It doot trv in please tlie people.
itlu pill.hull u DSWSpl
to the Domntuulty. t*»ni
Uuu ami uml you «ill lie
adtertlilug rates tl per Inch*single nol*
uuu. per mouth, so mors uud no leu,
Beading mutter i;. toots per linetonoo*
adnrtlssrai lOcents pec Hue to regular ad-
eertiwrr     PllfllnMI J"«*l<-   "»'' MUtS per liiir
t.fii Insertion.
lljraudsslrotu reach tl"- [Joopls ot South
Kan Ko.iieu.iy y.,.i musl iidvertlse in The
The llerold has h nratuluas Job plant, and
tteworklsol the best. Tlio llorald don't
want charity ti wonts u aniinro deal on
your Job work II woean'l ■nil you In mial-
ity antl price r "
■otoa > beapJi
in the,
-1 thai in**
er •!»
Io another column of this paper v ill
be found a lettei Irom Charles
Schack, or High Unci. Alberta, that
shown Up the meal In tbe cocoanui,
t,o lar as ibe Territories and Manitoba are concerned on the question ot
duly on lumber. He states in the letter that he is in receipt ol a communication fiom representatives ul
American lumber manulacturevs ut
Winnipeg, asking him io assist in creating a Bcutimciil iu bis Kccliuii ul
the couuti) againsi u duly on lumhoi
Mr. Schack lives in lho Tcrrtlorhw.
where lumber is u great necessity,
but he is not narrow minded, and is
able to sec into the inline. He sets
iorth the fact that Uiu Territories
must have a market lot their produc
aud that Hriilsb Columbia is that
market, and then im reasons well,
wben he asks why tho people ul tin
prairies should use their Influence ti
hill oil the only market that is opci
to them, lie goes further io demon
straw ihe siieugih of Ins stand, ly
showing tlml tbe depression during
the past year in ihu lumbei' industry
uf British Columbia, has brought
about a corresponding depression
the sale uf prairie products.. And
tbcu as a clincher, be asks ll it ii
not the duty ol the people ul his sec
tlou, and all ul those who have i.
look lo lho mountains for the sale ol
iheir products, tu spend their motijj
in llruish Columbia, whore u will
come back, rathei Iban to send it I
a foreign country, where it will fi
mam ioicvcr.
Mr. Schack lias bil lhc nail squarely ou the head. The people of ilu
United States naturally desire u
keep this market open for their cheaper grades ol lumbei. Tbey are perfectly willing tu petition the Dominion parliament through then Canadian representatives iu refrain from
placing un a duty that would keep
American lumbei out of tliis country,
Tbey tare nut whether British L.i
lumbia's lumber industry languishes
neither du tbey lone any sleep
over the probable decline of llie farm
iug industry of the Territories and
.Manitoba so long as tbey cau keep
ibe market open lo suppl) lumber lo
■ meet the demand of heavy immigration. But il the American lumber
manufacturer is permitted to nave
his way, the abseuco ui a market fi
western producu will do mure to ma'
tbe settlement ol the prairies of the
Territories a dismal failure than all
other elements combined.
A few weeks ago George W. West
a dealer in teed, meat and butter, o
iuni.sfa.it, Alberta, was iu Cranbrook,
and paid Ibe Herald unite a visit. It
was bis second trip to South East
Koolcnay, and during a conversation
regarding conditions, he said: "On
my lasl trip hue 1 sold several
loads of produce, but tins lime 1 lind
that tbe lumbermen, my chief
turners, are not road)' to buy. What
is the mailer.'"'
vAe told him briefly, but plainly
and be saw the point and acknowledged it. He hnd experienced whit
Air. Schack predicts iu bis letter. The
American lumber bad closed down the
mills oi British Columbia, had
thrown hundreds or men out ol
ploymeiit and had paralyzed the
(luce trade oi ihe Territories.
That is the wind.- situation, except
that lho men who ,,re pi
against a duty un lumber, aie today
aud have been fur a long time ihe
beneficiaries ol a tarW on tholr twi
products. Evory buyer of pra.rl
products in British Columbia pays
tribute to tbe tariff on farm products
as well as to the larill on every man
ufactured article ihey iuircha.se. The
lumber manufacturer of British ''o
lumbia Is not asking for trust privileges; he is not asking for an oppor
tuuity to raise the price of lumber;
he simply asks that the market that
is legitimately bis should not be taken by American manufacturers who
enjoy advantages that make it
possible for the lumber manufacturer
uf British Columbia to compete with
The whole matter is simply a question of justice and business. And the
man Iti the Territories or Manitoba
who exerts himself to assist the
American lumber manufacturer to
keep open  tbe Canadian  market  for
The attempt to assassinate Mi
Davys, a mine manager, by a unloi
man at Silverton is an outrage and
a blot on the fair name of British
Columbia. It is all right if the miners object to Chinese cooks, or Chinese labor. Tbe Herald objects tu
them and wishes that conditions were
such ihat not one need to be employed in the province. Bui yet it fools
tbe necessity of condemning actions
that border upon anarchy. If 'he
man who is charged with firing tho
is lound to be guilty, be should liftVO
a punishment meted out to him that
will be a lesson to those who would
take the law into their own hands
and take a life to satisfy a feeling of
personal vengeance,
Cranbrook is a poor town for tho
practice ol a gun play. This place
has no use (or gun men. The pent
lentiary is the best place for Individuals of that character,
The building ni the Corbln road pmi
the Kootenay Central will make lively times in Cranbrook,
Every man who owns a foot of
propert) In Cranbrook should he u
member of the Cranbrook board (l"
trade. Stand togelhor, There, will
be business for Ihat organization
during tbe next twelve months,
The United States i.s now urging
reciprocity with Canada. This i oiui-
try i.s able io take caw of riself, and
when it wants any tiling of the Kin I
it will advise \ ndc Sam. Tbe high
tariff barons of ihe States are rinding out that their extreme measures
are a detriment to thai country, .nil
are now seeking a remedy.
Here let him live in calm repose
Unsought except by men be owes.
And when he dies, go plant him deei
That naught may break bis dreamiest
Where uo rude clamour may dispel
The quiet   that  he loved so well,
And that the world    may know    il
Place on bis grave a wreath Of moss
And ou a stone above "Here lies
A chump who wouldn't advertise."
M   J, Corey.
In a lettei li
bert lianas, Ei
Bank oi Coiuii
now holding
Trchcrn, .Man.
ins paragraph;
-about thli ly
fur the banana
Il .Mi Haines
last week be V
reminder of
Thev  hand     0
mn uur old friend, Hn
niieily manager oi tm
iuc in Cranbrook, nnd
ii .siuiilat position a
we found tho follow
"With ihe tbcrmomotci
below freezing, 1 sigh
climate of Cranbrook.'
had been in Craubi >ok
'01)1(1 have had a Btro i;
ihe    biaiul ol weather
it   in Manitoba.     But
Mice and
again, and
gaze at the snow covered mount
in ihe distance wo see people al
in iheir shirt sleeves and can alu
hear the robins singing (belt si
solids of spring time. The Cranb:
cllmato is beyond compare.
After weeks
Interior pros
"Prof." Hepbi
artistic attain
if weary   waiting    tl
brings us news
n, the gentleman
itmik and  many hit t
Stand up for Cranbrook.
ways stood up for you.
li hn
There is
brook for
no abiding place
i knocker.
There is not a better
Cranbrook in all of Western Canada.
Every resident of this town should
[eel proud of tbe fActTthat hu Hvps
There is a great telephone w,u i u
in Fernie. Mr. 1 lodges, represent in;;
the llritish Columbia Telephone company, is endeavoring to ger in thai
town, but the council, backed by tbe
people, say "Nay. nay, Pauline.''
Mr. Hodges has started to dig holes
for the poles and the council, headed
by the mayor, have filled them up ts
fast as they were dug. Injunctions
and counter injunctions have been
granted, and the end Is not yel,
Hodges i.i foolish to put in a plant
where the people do not want him.
It takes patrons to make a telephone
plant pay, and that is where lhc people of Fernie have the cinch en
I lodges.
Some chump in Ontario is advocating a reduction of the salary paid lo
the members ol the Dominion parliament. At, the present, time tbey ic-
coive about $1,600, just about- what
a guud clerk would receive in a slore
that was doing a big business. Instead of reducing the amount, the
Herald would like lo see the amount
Increased to at least $5,000. It is
only right that the people should
give their representatives u cbai.e
to be honest,
Tbe $500 tax on the Chinese has
ha.T tbe. desired effect, and no Orientals are coming into British Columbia, And now that the law is a success tbe British Columbia governmeul are kicking over ibe decrease in revenue. Its belter to live
with a Utile less Hum to have more
ami divide it with a Chinaman.
A man in Colorado bus applied lor
a divorce because bis wife has cold
feet.     That man Is entitled to it.
days, who taught  tho old and yoi
of  Cranbrook   bow   to   trip   ibe.   i;
fantastic, bow to bow properly, i
to smile sweetly, and bow  to acqi
energy iu making col ccliuns of it
sient disciples of the aesthetic  n
The papers  in   their comments  u
"Prof." arc inclined lo bitterness
tact that     we deplore, for wc know
too well that   should the victim   of
their    comments read what has been
written he will feel the blow keealy,
as be is a sensitive creature, unused
to the coi,| exactions of an unfccliiiij
commercial   world.   And   vvliy   sho'U 1
Hit' people oi \ eruon he wroth? M.vi
lie not gone?     And. too, has be not
traveled with seven-league boots nnd
crossed liie border line to carry iho
knowledge of dancing and depurtuicit
to lhc henTghted denizens of' Washington?  -Mourn nm  lot Hepburn.  Pr^y
nol for him, hut rather pray lot: ilu
people of Snohomish, where be   Inn
gone lo linger.   Below are two nip-
plugs, thai will, without a doubt, I, i
read wiih interest by readers ol  li.n
Nelson Economist: It will ho >-, I
news for Ibe many iriettds of "Prof.
Hepburn hi Nelson i<> learn ihal t-ni
gentleman Is In serious trouble. Sinic
months ago he lefl Veriioii under n
Cloud, several clouds, in fact, n,.d
now thai he lias been located nl Snohomish, Wash,, the Vertiorriles threat-
en through legal process to recover
lhc amounts hu owed ihem when le
so uncorlmoniously left their -iity.
Under tlio sauio conditions the •■iii-
zens of Nelson would present "Prof."'
Hepburn with another gold w-atcn,
flrcenwood Times: "Prof." Hepburn, w|io recently conducted n dancing class bete, has skipped from \*er-
non after letting in many people
there. He is now [n Snoboml ill,
Wash., ami the Veruonltes will liy
through legal process to recover i.'n
amounts owing them,
Fred Smyth, of the Movie Lenler,
speaking of the appearance of >ne
Philharmonic dub iu that town, lavs,
referring lo the work of one of 'he
ladles: "Miss Adele Davis, the • i .-
finis I, has a brilliancy, an ninn-. •■,
public are lefl to wonder wbeiber ibe
and glitter that are her own" I.-
falls to particularize, and a doubtful
glitter vvas in her eyes or from the
finish of her violin.
war    Is uver in Ontario
tarted in Russia,
The Herald has Increased its circulation aboui Bfl the past three weeks
by voluntary subscriptions, Il pays
to read the Hernld lor tbe reason
that it pays to keep posted,
The Victoria Times will issue a
special number on the Hist uf next
July in commemoration of lis twenty-first birthday. It will be a number
covering British Columbia in a nom*
prebenslve mannci and will be a good
one. The facl that tbe Times will
issue i* is u sufllcleirl guarantee of
its merit.
Breathes Ihere a man with soul    so
Who never to himself has said,
"My trade of late is getting bad.
I'll try another ten-inch ad."
II such there be go mark him well;
For him, no bank account shall swell,
No angel watch the golden stair
ing a concurrence ol unusually small
export:; with very large Imports).
This marks s serious loss of nur-
chasing power, at the same tune ihat
there has been an expansion in oui [
scale of living, This seems to point,
the nu.ml of the immortal Micawberj
as to ibe disparity between income]
and expenditure. '
As to qui commercial relations
with Great Britain and ibe United |
states respectively, the speaker
pointed out that while in live years,
from lfluu io 1804, Inclusive, wo
bought from Greal Britain merchandise to tbe value of $259,000,000, rnd
we sold t" her $578,000,000, we
bought Irom tha United States In tbo
same period merchandise to the value
ol $007,000,000, and sold them $357,-
000,000. -\\e therefore practically
drew bills tl exchange on Groat Britain for $330(000,000, and paid $310,-
000,000 of il- to ihe X nlted States,"
While these conditions last, Mr.
Walker urges, we must try to overcome such a one-sided state of affairs
by making its far as possible at home
everything that is now bought   from
the  State:-,   and   bv   diverting   to  our
better customer, Great Britain, by
preference ot otherwise, all tlie trade
we can. Tbe (GCiproolty of fait dealing is tbe only kind Which Canada I... -
any use far; hut it ht |ust the sort
which the Americans are not likely
to gram.
The minute analysts made in this
address of natural and Industrial products in tbe various provinces i.s extremely Interesting, And there ari
throughout suggestions made of a
slrrowdl)    practical   character as t,.|
actual  wastes and possible economies
in our management of such Important
departments ol production as the fish*
cries.(ihe paragraph on Nova Scotia
fisheries is very striking), the forests
fruits, anil othei sources of natural
wealth, as well as in manufactures,
in some departments of which wc are
making'noteworthy progress, And a
pregnant paragraph bearing upon Toronto and the conflagration of last
April contains these words; "Does
not the new high rate of Insurance
show us thai ii is (his community
wbieb in the long run loses every dollar in value that was destroyed by
the greal lire'.' And if Ihis is true,
us ii clearly is, wc should not hesitate to obtain every deterrent to lire
llial is reasonably'possible, and every appliance for Its extinguishment
Ihat could be made available in the
bauds oi our firemen or ourselves."
Predicting wiih much confidence a
great future for Manitoba and ihe
Northwest Territories of the Dominion, Sir. Walker nevertheless insists,
with commendable foresight, upon the
dangci ilf over-cropping that rich
prairie soil and the prevailing neg-
leei uf fertilizing, changing its crap
and otherwise rearing this land. "Is
the rich land of the Northwest su
rich," he asks, "ihat il can defy for-
ever these principles of cultivation?"
And a word in season is spoken to
lho fanners as to iheir Incraslng
mania for owning quantities ut land,
more, perhaps, Iban thev can cither
cultivate or easily bold. '
There Is sq much thai ts inttm ttvr
in this address—which, by the way-
was admirably delivered—thai on.- is
almost Impel let! to say ol its author
whal Doctor Jolinson said in his rpl-
faph on Goldsmith, Mr. Walker marshals his facts well, and bis dedtic*
llops from them are generally sane.
Mm he possesses what many people
With statesmanlike minds do not pas
scss—the facull) of Imagination; w
do not mean the word in an artlstt
ur even In an ethical sense, hut ,b
constructive Im agination which   con
JFactsjAbout Flour
Of Special Interest to our
Women Readers.
i- r,r,l\ a- '."-"i ,". ,,.<■ ,"',..,,r
, limit!
A [,'.„■ i,-,l; ,-un make
villi Unj-nl  11,'UwhouW  Hour Iluu »
L..-I rank '■,„, with 1""" i'"'"'-
Itoj-nl Hoiwhohl IU-.ip.-H uuki, l»ko
ilai ,'l„- |,l«laant«tt rial ">' the »" '■
Tliere .,,'' iwo feiniU .., flour, "Royal
Hoinahol'l" mil tho kinJ Ihu luu ,...,
bran purified hy Ktn-iiU'lljr.
"Thli fl..u, i. jusl ii. gooil ai" begin. Ih,,
Bracer,   "S I me "Kojll Houieholil "
lU'Vei-lli.'-l.-i-r,"   iiit.-r,,,",.   tha   WOlllttll
«l-,,i k,,..,,->.   "I It,,.' tried ' jurl-a^ , I'
Quni In-fore."
i:   RKST  Tl
Wc n
Royal 11".
limit ,'r..
■chold l'i,
Tu\'iir..v:'<   ,
1„V llllMI," rial
iiteuti llio mi	
r  who  luuull..
I i he i '.i-
i Toronti
large m-
i-iil 1,,-ina
tlu, l'ra„
At 'In- annual nicotine ,
liadian Hank ,,f t'o,,,,,,,,-,, ,
ri'i'i'iitly Iii,',,1 was a ,,,,
li'llilani'i',  a„n.„s   llli'aa  un
K. r. Malpas, manager of
lina.k iiiaiii-li. Tlir I,',,,low loalui'o "I
ihe mcr-tine was llie atltlress ilcllvur-
i-,l i>i Mr. ll. i: Walker, ilu- uoni'ral
tnaiiaac!', uial I'liiiiinctilitiK upon lliis
arltltess ilu- Monetary Tiitiri s.,,a:
-M ti,,' annual nii-i-tlim „, tin? Canadian ll.i:.I, ,,, t'„„„„,',',','. Ill'lll ,,,,
Tuesdni last, Ilia Rpneral iiiaiiatrci',
Mi II, I: Walker, rei'ieweil the i,„.i-
„,Ms aipet'lfl "f tin, nasi year iimi
itali'il ,1,,' nulslaiiilliiK lonlures al 'I,.'
preieii, tfiiie in „ innsterl} ,i„v. Tha
lira, pnlnl l„. makes m Uml Dnani'lal
.-..iai,rn,,,m   in I.cDi.l,,ii   have hail tlie
,1   ml   Mail
lileli ela.s.
Vlllg   III
ad a  i
lilies   i
a   !
ll.ll   llll
iu  (In
il ted
t   f(
r ih
■ best
anv    in
D luifili
a wail
r.-ives remote eftei
pauses i„ die materia) ivoritl
can anlicijmtc fratn her present
I'hiiiite eotiditioti tlio future prea
in' ('ii,ia,la, ami is content to
fm l, i.s i>„,|»lv slioii'D In- Uie
Ions use of his ohllltli's to dls
wherein her growlli ,i„il dovcloj
may heal be n-.ili.-iii.
I, ii-li
(From Ihe Ottawa Journal,)
Sun,,: very respectable members
Oiiawii society who heard Earl Oi
read the speech from liie throne \,
torilay may have hec, startled by lho
manner in which ids exee'loncy
tlie Kinjr'a  Englisii.  Another
and anotlicr    phrasing, as ilu
culturlsis would say, have prevailed
iu L-eitiiii, circles in Ut'tawa lor tnuti,
years now.   it ,s hard  t<» trace :,.,
leas,,,,,   but   Lhc facl  is  quite ajip.u
i-nl as ii is luoxplicahlc.
In llicso circles a very real en,ha.,
lass,,ie,, I foi I owed ihe iis,, ol tli
Duke and Duchess of Cornwall ."..
lurk lo Ottawa ., low years ago. It
was "viewed with alarm" thai their
Royal Highnesses and u,a men,:,,
theii suite talked English quit,
well as that of tlio average cultivated Englishman, Scotchman, Irish,,,,,
or Canadian, and a little botior tha,
that „i ihe average Canadian, line,
IMireh climatic conditions musl tl
nays impart n slight nasntll) to lho
Canadian intonation.
One assumes thai tho Royalties r
ap, to talk English ns "she* is spok
in polite circles,   It is to ho assumed
alsu thai Earl tire, may know s
tiling ol ihe authorities m  thu
, I.Ml
nllun ,
8  with
,- Hint
f English.
ilu- haul,In
lie loiter '
III   t.
1"  i
„ Hr,
im,  a ,
egllglble tj.
,    il
had lo
in Knglan.i. have lately been sold to
the (niied Slates. In addition to
this, large sales of Canadian securities have been made to Inti-rnalfonil
bunking houses who have the command of all European money centem
as well as of Mew York.'1 These
things indicate Ihe growing ability of
the Dominion to carry on
transportation ami fiber enterprt
for it is recognized abroad, probably
as never before, that Canada is ed-
vanclng on no stinted scale, ami thai
she has resources and a population
which justify confidence in her future.
At the same time Ihe effect of our
national economies in the live year
period 1805 to 1800, shown in an ts-
cess of exports amounting to f,!t,-
500,000,  is contrasted  with tbe
the broad "A" is nm necessarily fallowed bv a "U" and that lho canon
of English .speech. In his sui ai least
have  been based  upon  ihe, study    nf
phi log ti al accuracj, musical taste
and what is known iu this country as
oidiiiiiiv horse sense.
Ills French is said by those vhu
should know, to be the purest Froiic'l
of the chancelleries.
For these Iwo things, if for no .tilers, the Canadians may he properly
grateful io ibe men who sent Earl
lirey here. Earl (Jrcy is by no moans
the lirst Governor who has created
this impression It is noted now
simply   because  be   lias   but   recently
10  tn
Haxh Itm
ipMihat un
ted n.i but ■
i- nro alway
. aro 11
eek  fl
,'e -nit the ten
her neighbor*
. Klld US  llinl),,
'us I'.i-i Pays Dest:—The reason pr
core lind it pays tu puBb lloyal Hoim
b.il.1 Flour Is nol because the profit
innier pur barrel—for it Isn't s.. largo
i.m   hcefltise   it p.i
i Wl
lllfl'*- >
lioval lluuseliol.I 1*1
U'A grade id harvl wl
i- the I test Fprlng
Manltota s"'t wheat i' winter vvhei t
—Inferior lor fiom making. Sum >
ini!iei> advertise ihat they "Idend"
Kiftnml bard wheat to get bettor flour. I
We do not blend wheat tor Uujai
Hovvhohl Flour. '
rnowN uome.
Yum tost, Mrs. Home Baker, is final,
if you find "Itoyul Honsehold" best In
y.-iir Ktkin-r. there Is no argument,
I.v,-iv day many Canadian women
writemhow pleased the) an; with Royal
lli.n . h.d.l Floui
ihat it ir all we noy it ia
tli.ii it's jusl ie" ;"■'"! for pastry «h it
Is for bread
• iliat it's quicker, easlor, simpler to
bake it I brood and good pastry wltb
lloyal Household Flour, by the "Koyal
Household " Recipe*
That's one reason ihey like it bo much.
TESTIMONIALS     Lwt week we re-
oelved nearly live hundied testimonial*.
"Titr l'i,,t it nut Ml,"
••t:,'\.il llmiM'bnld"ls llie Hour tor mo,
1 Im.i used the populur brands, but none
can complin* with Royal tlousiholit"*-
Mis .1 II Shearer, H03 Richard Btrset,
Vancouver, RC S'ov. 12, tOCH.
"Tiiciu is i"" Mil it 1'U' l'i"' r.,"
■•[;,,,,,. Household'1 li vVbat the people
want it Iwttai il"1"'- Tliere Is too much
Unl (loin put on ihopeoplool this country at thu presenl time." J. W. Elliott,
fcth.irtreeit, U.O, Nov, 27, 190*1
"A Uriai Uti'ii.'ViiMisi."
■■ [ bad an idi"a Hungarian was as good
Hour us H was possible lo make, but I
llml "Royal Household" a groat Improve*
ment. particulars I y in requiring much
less kneading and makes a whiter nnd
lighter bread Mw- ,;- A- McLauren,
Sav-i.n.'. uiu,   Oct. 17, tOW.
Uave you sent foi lho ttcclpca,
Crbscknt Lodge Na sa
Crnnbrook, 11. C.
iUud aud -iti. Tumlaj
ul 3 |i.  iu   in
U 1'- hull.
J.A.AHMil.l.. K. It. S
.1  p
Kink.!'. C
oiK llii-ltii.ii i-oi.linil.v 111
Util tu Dllflid
irtitilin.i.k   liuid   I'niiiii   l.'ll uf   rtic Lnlle
iiiui in.-1 timtJ ut Carpeoicn nuj Juiacm
uf Auit'ritii.
Thla loeal aioot« every Friday evening at
ii i
Visiting lii-etliruii Cordially Invlteil,
,,,. Cll) luii,,
M.'i'l.n.ei) Mau-
li, al tblll i-.ll ,„>
,,»,.,a.a.k tail,., Na. 1,
114 1 M
v i-iuhik brttrsn «,
I'm tn
id sow.
: Mti.w To. Limitoi,
lltW   i-
Canadian Bank
The thirty-eighth ifinnu.il meeting; ol tho shareholders
of The Canadian Hank of Commerce was held in
the banking house, Toronto, on Tuesday, January
Hon. George A. Cox was In the chair, and he called
upon the secretary to read the annual report,
which was as  follows:
Tho directors tirfi to present to ,.|,c shareholder
report, covering   tlie year ending Soil, November,
usual statement of assets and liabilities:
The balance at credit of prolit and loss acoount brouglit tor-
Yvai'd   from last year, was	
Not profits f„r the vear ending 30tli November,    attrr    pri
vidiim fur all bad and d„u!,t(»l debts,   amounted  i«
tbe tl,,it\meigtb annual
1904, toa,:,h,'i  with ll.e
lSS,tll9 11
1,134,073 06
$  1,2110,532 fit,
Which bos been appropriated an lollows:
Dividends Nos 7 1 and 7:',, at seven per cent   per ar
Written   ,.f! baiir, premises ■■■	
Transferred to pension ftiiul i.ntir-ul contribution),
Transferred lo   rest accirant	
Balance   carried forward
S     tlO'J,0110 HI)
127.S08 41
25,000 f'O
500,0110 00
28,7,26 30
{ 1,290,532 80
The entire assets of (be bank have been as usual eareiully re-vaiued, and
all bad and doubtful debts amply movlded for.
Tho rarnint-s for Ibe past year have been even more satisfactory than
usual, and ai'ier writing otl for ham premises 1127,800 41, and making a
contribution to the pension fund nl 125,000, we have beet, able to add
$51,0,,,iiii t„ the rest.
During the vear tbe bank has opened new branches as lollows: In 'he
city of Winnipeg, a branch on H„ss Ave. and another on Portage Ave.,
in tbe North-West Territories, at Llovdmtnslcr in Saskatchewan, Moose-
jaw in Assinibuia, and Nanton in Alberta. Since the close oi the bar.i's
vear a branch has been opened at i.'laresholm in Alberta, and arrangements have been made to open in tho near future at Melfort In Saskatchewan.
Your directors have concluded ,hat the time has enme when the balance
of the unissued stock necessary to bring lhc paid-up capital ol the bank ,o
Ihe authorized amount, namely, tin,OOO,ooo, should be issued, and a ,ir-
euiar intimating tiiis intention has roently been directed to the shara-
The various branches, agencies tnd departments oi the bank have lie,:,
inspected during the year.
Tbe directors have again pleasu-e in recording their appreciation of ,!,e
efficiency and real Willi which tlie "Oicers ol the bank have peitornicd iheir
respective duties.
Toronto, l„ih January, 1005. President.
Notes ol liie bank in circulation 1 7,050,017 <;«
Deposits  not bearing interest  s 18.003,420 00
Deposits bearing interest, including interest ac-
iriled    tu  dale 52.455.03] 37	
 »'.'',.150,351   It
Balance, due lo other banks in Canada	
Balances due lo oilier hanks ,n foreign   cotintrios
Dividends    unpaid.	
Dividend No. 75,  pavable Is,  December	
Capital   paid up,    ..        f 8,700,00	
Hest      8,000,4100 1111
Balance of plullt and l„ss account lathed  forward W.72II 311.
212.till  80
KK2 42
31,1.500 nu
llll'   A. I . U,   Mijb,
Item,   rvar.v   .-..I,,r.la.T
,i,.-l„ In   I   ,,  .1   ,'   lmil
Vlallln, Hrcttirca luidlall) Invited It, .Iliad
CKANllltllUK l.ul'MK, 8948,
t'HANBKOOK, ll. ,'.
M.'.,- Ihi ami Unl l'i,.-,,lav overv month
III AlilHiltnlalo.
Vi-iiiiiL- btctlirvt, i-urttiallv iiniled
A. Jli
.\HL11.M.1I1V, .Sat-',
Barrister, Solicilor, Ele
llurrisler, Solicilor,
Notary Public.
Crnnbrook, 11.
lllirristcrs, Solicitors, 1:1c.
Iliicll lllink Cranbrook, B C.
I       C, H, DUN BAH       I
«    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    ll
} Public, Etc. %
X   Cninl,r,,,,K,     -     -     II. C.    *
Physicians and Surgeons.
OKI., il Cr.l.lraic, Arai.traa, Al,.
I'nfrainias,    ....   v;,,Q ,„ ||
llttraaiiit,    ....    1 ,,o I.. J:J„
111 till,,        ...    IJOiatiJO
L'KA .BROOK,    I   : :    B. C
'.11*1 'I- ' -8-' *•■ I » I * Mi u I 4,11 i «
§     Dr. Connolly,
*    Physician and Surgeon
?. Olliee on Arnislrong Avcniv
j)   limn.
,,1-H'l'. Illlt'l'S:
0 ,0 111 a m.
1 lu 0 Ji ,„.
7 „. a ,1 ,11.
TUB   IIUKSL-S   ,', I.
Itp lllll uiyr mi- no,,
I,,.nn I.m .i-nl mo not,
,•„ tli, liiul,, ,pnra im- mn
Anil ,11 rani' nt BlCkllOH 1
l)l<. CROSS,
I'l.aa.   ll
SOI ,155,7118 31
Coin   and   bullion       $2,800,32,1
Dominion    notes  5,301,1102 no
E, J, lloberts. of Spokane, who
represents Mr. Sweeny's mining ,:,-!
terests, was in Marysville from Saturday until -Monday, lie drove down
Monday morning ami his sleigh just
great j-cnchcil tho station ns tho train pulled
in. The Herald man saw Mi. Miliums
for a minute and secured the s,a u-1
men, that Ihe Marysville smelter
would ho ready lo blow in hy March
1. Work has commenced on the si.lu-
Iraeks at the smeller, and ore will
lie dumped In the bins In a week , r
,wo.     ' I
Tl.e Sullivan mine is -sure to begin
active operations soon after March I. j
Deposit with Dominion (lovcrnmcnl for security   nf
Notes of and Cheques „„ other b.vns	
Balances due by other hanks ,,, Canada	
Balances due hi- agents in Ureal li'ilnln 	
Balances due by agents ol the hank and other   banks
eign   countries ,	
flovornmonf bonds, municipal and other   securities „
Call   ami short loans	
Other current  loans and discount	
Overdue debts (loss fully provided for) 	
Ileal estate (other than bank premises)	
Morbgages ■■	
Hank     premises     1,1)00,01,0 0,1
Other  assets        88,510 on
-S  \ 1(12,018 II,
1,1,1.01,0 00
3,1135,085 211
10,002 50
.   5,804,805 -13
2,103,505 31
„   ,,313,048 11
1(1,400,1102 50
I87,010|007 07
5I..I58.103 If.
3115.203 38
113,237 15
2211,020 80
McVitlic & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
II-.I.S I. MiVITIII'. B I   S.
j. 1.uidlaw, m. n.
{91,055,798 31
Ibe benefit ol the Americans, is (ool-|To welcome home a millionaire.
M| with a proposition that will   le- The man who never asks for trade
I suits of the similar period 1000   to if not before.  This, with the opera
1904, which was an excess ol Import,  Hon of the smelter, will make things
'of $53,300,000 (the latest year show- lively In that part of the district.
General Manage!
Christmas Cakes
i he place lo yvt
what you want
Is at
}        Skirts        f
f 12 only Ladies* Skirts, *
i Tweed, Lustre and Home- $
1 spun, in greys, browns and J
i blacks, regular $4 to $5.        b
l     To Clear, $2.50     *
* — t
15 only Ladies* Kimonos g
in cardinal, blue, pink and t
grey, regular $1.50, $1.75and *.
$2.00, j
To Clear, $1.00
Furs at 33i Discount |
We have a few Ladies' {
Ruffs in Sable, Electric Seal, >
and American Stone Martin, |
prices as follows: b
$13.50 for $9, $12 for $8, $9 for $6, $6 f
for $4, $.4.50 for $3, $2.50 for $1.70
TOOT !     TOOT !!     TOOT !!!
We have Mown our own horn all summer and
tall, and it hM been beard bom Alberta to Vancouver.
We are now crow-Jed off the Btage by our customers
who demaud a chance to toot for u-i Head below
their stentorian notes
sullivan Mint*, B  C
Messrs. Morrow .v McFarlani.
Gentlemen; Having read in lim weeks Herali some of
Ihe testimonial!, In praise of your goods, 1 have de
"•inl mine along. If li it ot any use to yoti, tarn sure you are
welcome to publish it.
In Octobei last 1 bought a pair of those famous PAL
MER Shoe Packs, that you are agent* for-THAT K1S1J
IHAT NEVEB BlPS-Alloapairol Mulsh ide Mms Afiei
continuous wear of two months, I found butb Mlus and Bb s
Pacini thicker than when I got them, to much su that thi
were, unciiiiilui'table and 1 was it bout to throw them away
when it via; suggested by iny patinei Quo, Thashsr that thi y
mighl be groanu thinner on the grindstone. umI uadi -
ceable again, With the assistance of Mr. rbather, thej a
vigorously applied to tbe stone, but with little results , I
have decided to wear them no loogei; gut good service anyway. :iuil win u.1,1 to tl.i- testimonial su ordei foi another i u:r
Uttti snd I have heard to much ol those W. L DOl GL IS
hhoes that I want you to puts pah In, No. t>, Shoe Packs
So B    \\Jit*n are you coming up ng-tin?   Bo long,
Richard Manlon.
■    .	
■  ')
flborrow & flDctfarlane.    [^
r'r .  '
t'orue in and
ous "Pandora"
sat- McClar] .
Patmore Bri.i
Wonted—A gal foi dm.iig icjom and
up-stairs work    A|iplv P  0   Hox 17,
Moylo, B  t'
'    Seiialol    and  .Mrs.
N   11 , an- visiting i
ill   II  aud !•'   E. Iu:
11. !•'. Kislu'i, ol Staples,
. tliis week t..i a nioivth'
J, 11.,
J. Morrow wc
| REID & CO. |
4 b
Physicians' Prescriptions
and family Recipes
 Purest Drugs
C. E. REID & CO.
DRUQQISTS     "Photic. 7-1     STATIONERS
i'l.ki-ii I ii About ibe City  by Asklux
(JucstloilD   ol   .Mail)    People.
The Cranbrook chili   has concluded
not lo club.
Miss   Swart    speni     Sunday with
Moylo friends.
A. K. Leitch is taking a trip along forme'r'home'in MiVncsuta
! the Crow this week.
,.     .„  ,„ ,        .......   ■      I   Tom   Rookes returned fion
'   Mrs. \\. Cleary and son Willie have Saturday as  the Fernie hoi
' gone to Winnipeg for a visit. | m,t ^ ,\.ai|v fuI 0p0ni„„ :il|.'
|   Mr. ami Mrs. P. J. Bradley  wet
I Fort Steele visitors last Sunday.
j    Mrs.     0.     Kriekson   visited Mn
■ Chudletgh at Medlcino Hat last weei
.Mrs Tom Kcnvvie!;, of Fort Steeli
; is the guest of Mrs. I'. M. Edward
i The Entre Nous dance last Thur
' day evening vvas a great success.
\. H. Qrace, wife ami granrtcniM; an ankle so h
! of Fort Steele, were Cranbrook isi- lined to the In
\ tors last Saturday.
Mrs. E, JJ. Laboute, dressmaking
and plain sewing Hanson avenue
opposite-Loroy Sage's. 38-11
There will probably be a number of
new residences erected In Cranbrook
next summer.
i    Miss Hodson, of tin* poslotlicc   force,
, has returned from her trip to    Cal-
■ gary.
Horn on Wednesday, .lamtarv 8,
to Mi    and  Mrs   Malcolm I lorn
I' lupous,
of weeks
' Mis, S
at liie aiuiiioon tea reccpti
T. Itogcra' store. There i
•inn present,
Last Thursday  evening v,
Winnifrcd   Armstrong   vvas
home from the l£n-tre Nous
slipped on the sidewalk and
■ idly thai she
Nelson defeated Rossi;
of hockey last Thurs la;
score of in in 2. Tin
ha»l revenge at Fcrnie bj
team of lho coal iiiinin
I   The pastry made al
Bakory is certainly up
diiii; cakes and omamoi
,   i
«■«    M#a
"'■-'•'•'■v":     w
■ 11
n -
ir afternoon tea
- were made from
lold Flour
in tiieir excellence. Yours
ii you use Ogilvic's
. -NU OilltiR
fiifen Iii'i! at nnr Store
-.-   li   c
-,      a a
■A  A-r
hA '^''
MONEY  V. M.i: Q  I
the  HKi.iui::-.i:iw.i.
AT Till      lil
Even ,.   -" ill     ,-■■-■-'
the  I- unl, li
cure     lia '
M.al'vi-  .'-    '    '
„l  M
id M
is  \\   n  ilu
Hill visited Imii
'       Ml      a
and Mr
i Sunday.
!    Pavid Griffith, the Wild Hot
cer magnate, was in Cranbroi
Sa nn,lay
The hest Roods inahc the be
vomers    Tl.at ,s
Mr. SIiimiI,
''    ''   on Ihe Crow
Paul,   spent
.,'r.   brook  this
,.-"le  greeted by 1,1
1    Ii. Mlllls,
i'1,1' tontlcnt
„n old time
hut now li,
several day
',',-Im und ti
muni old i
'   Li-thhi'Idg
bridge ai
i. Wed-
irk our
I building
' o\t, iv.is
.t of Dan
ndt'iit    of
kind «e arc
fat more Br
Tivo little girls were lost at
nan,,,, one .lav lasl week, and all
the elTons ol the populace to
them piuir.i unavailing
T Wn nro i„ r i|„ nl in invniee fr,,m ,,-,-  R, »„\   '   , '
HB 1,-ry     It ,,. i',,r.', hns tt,,- ,',,.''-. .'.,,.I from :,  ,i,..i,.',,,„l   point   ,s ^
▼ just tbo iliitiK    Wi' s.-ll .-v.-iviliiiiL' ,,,  tl..- liquur ,,,,'i  cigar }**,
0 "I"' f*\
^ When You Hnv Liquor
% Buy the Best =
■'s'   corps at that point on the t
in town this week the cues
,,.; Alton, the genera)
„,., the department
It is loo   had that ["ranhrook Ins
\'i- nnl a rink this yt-ai      Tha,a  would
i; have lieen   excellent ice utosi ol the
im!, season, and this would have been   a
nre.it place for holding ., big bonsplol
Ifoi the Kootenavs
The choir of tho Methodist church
' ard others, making a party ol about    t. A   Miner, of Duflalo, N   Y.   la
forty    indulged m ., sleigh tilt-    to still climbing, and now holds a   dnc
For   Steele  asl Thursday evening     position  ns   manager  ol  one ol •!„■
'-' ,      ,,  ,     „ „„H loading hotels of that city   Clarcica.
I    Its not  by acelden   that  you mil ht, {he   ability   and   the   energy to
satisfied users ol McClary s e«n,uus make a success
Stoves    Thev are made to glvo ---t-j
Isfactton   Foi sale by Patmore Bro...    Fresh roasted peanuts dally at the
,l„ si...., Cranbrook Bakery '.j,-rf
!    Fort Steele lias become the Mecu ') '»«
| lor all the sleighing parties ot Uiu-    Cranbrook Irlcnds    have     recdivod
brook     It    makes a pleasant drive the sad news of the death of   tits
| and is a   nice   place to rest at UiO CrOorge  Forbes   at Calgary ot, Jam-
Imperial ary 20th.   Mr. Forbes was formerly a
(train   dispatcher   at   the Cranbro.ik
Mrs  I.  n VanDccar returned Irom station and now holds ., similar jiosf-
time il '■'
would be a
enritlge a,.,
liiely ,1,11,
of the tin'
Crows   Navels and
been sjicnt
today tin,
there is the
S Wholesale Dealer in I Iqunrs .•,,nI Cigars H
99*♦•♦<>*♦*»**9.K**9****>9* ***■*■
Oakland. Calif., last Sunday, accom
' panted by her son Frank She Mt
j Mr. and Mrs. James Ryan enjoying
I excellent health
:   Mrs Proctor, of Stillwater, Minn..
left on Sfttuurday for her home after
■ a pleasant visit  with bei daughter,
Miss Proctot. and her sister, Mrs
' Otis Staples.
The building formerly occupied I y
the 0 K. barhi'i shop and Press's
studio Is heinfi torn down. Mr MiU-
leur, tho carpenter, honnht the building
A  new [udictal illstrlcl  should   h?
created  for Kast Kootenay.     Under
tlon in Calgary.]
Wanted—Situation in private ho.ise
or hotel; refercticrs furnished 11 '■*■-
sired.   Apply Hernld olliee      13-11
Qcorge H Webster, formerly 1 ivisional engineer of the Canadian Pacific railway company, has acquired
an interest' in the British Columbia
General Contract company, limited,
and has been elected president in
pace of ('. E. Fowler, who hits ic-
slgned. Mr. Fowler will remain in
charge of the i* I1 R, hotel foundations al- Victoria as consulting engineer for ihe contractors
A Imp' I'onaignmtMtl nl
Port and
A. L McOliRMOT       rW
ltha,,».l( Willi., I lifliar. «aj Lliar. '    i
ll ti.il,..Ir Willi., I lifll.
CKINHIIllllll. H  t
A   new  indicia!  illstrlet  shown    1191
1   .   f'nll al   the Cranhrook  Fin km- (-.t
existing rlrcumstances there are ;oo a loaf of homemade. French Sahun
I many   delays   in  the   hearing ot Im- or rye     bread    It Is eerlilnlv SoU
porta ie I clous. nit
There has been a hip increase In
the assessed valuation ol the property of Cranbrook during the past
yeai Tins yeai It is about, lfli) i»et
1.1 t Hole than last, an increase from
5251,0(1(1  lo  5501,000.
The new drug store building lo l.e
occupied by .1 <! Templeton, is
abniit. Inclosed. The large plate ler
the front windows hns arrived . nd
the frames nre ready foi being placed
".lack'' Ryan, .if Wardner, has returned from a visit to his old home
in Ontario. He was ni I.ncan and saw
Vic Rollins, nnd savs thnt Vie «Vaa
badly worked up ovei  tho campaign
Stoves, Ranges, Coal and
Wood Heaters
Don't forgel that we Jo all kinds of I'l.UMItlNO required in
your house.    We guarantee all our work to
be dune by lirst class plumbers
The iievl assembly of the C. P. R.
Quadrille clnh will be held February
1st. and every two weeks thereafter.
The committee requests thai invitations he presented at the door.
On Saturday a hockey game will he
played between the ladies and bankers-
The bankers will only be allowed to
use one hand Lots of fun is expict-
ed. Seats will be provided for spectators.
The McClarv Manufacturing Companv are noted for turning out guO'J
goods. They have on hand at present orders for all nl their famHis
"Pandora" ranges that they can fill
in a year's time.     For sale bv
Patmore Sns.
Tbe next meeting of the "Kno'k-
er's Club" will he held Friday evening. The subject for discussion is ihe
old question, "Why does the man
with no interest in a town make the
best knocker?" The members have
asked the Herald lo refrain from
printing their names
lu the appearance of th'
monie Lady Quartette
Wentworth hall lasl Friday and Saturday evenings, (.'ranbrnok lovers of
strictly hi eh class music were treated to something rare. Each of the
Indies is possessed of exceptional ability in her respective pari, nnd ilpir
ndition nf Hie many delightful quartettes, duels, solos, etc , vvas oxeciit*
in a highly ariistlr manner, whieh
elicited repeated demands for
encores by Ihe large and appreciative
audiences that took advantage of this
opportunity to hear something out of
the ordinary in the musical line. The
readings given hy Miss Adfilo Davis
proved her to he an elocutionist of
nn mean standing, and her manipulation of the violin was simply charming.
As a happy, harmonious combination the lady Philharmonic Quartette
can fill the hill before the most intelligent and critical of audiences
Take notice that we, Finch A'
Jones, intend to apply lo the hoard
of license commissioners for the Cranbrook district, at the first meeting
held thirty days after the first publication of tliis notice, for a transfer
Irom us to Alexander P, Chenette nf
the license for the Falls View hotel,
situate at the town ot Marysville,
Dated this 17th day of January, A
D. 1805.
44~4t Finch & Jones
lepart ni nl
1111    ac-
■ , the
1     j
the fall,
'■   ■".-.;
s    pro-
■ -! into
. ..iid off.
.:-■■     I'lO-
. n line the
are all
tra . .
.   he    dis
1 learing
. I s extra
.' depart*
is   te-
. n-
: Ihat
iough ihe
vantage cf
' has liard-
.:    .
in 1
.   -
...    ;   .
■■   for 1
chinery to take oul the
the report of the expei
the six seaim
in thickness, thri • miles I I
■   : be
expire, '
>n In
a  1 .
■   :.       .   .
ihi   ;  .
ment, M
have gone   tea ily
property in     tha] ll they
satisfied    tha 1  .'
Then they • tocked it for a fair
$500,000, insteah oi do!
is general!j don   undt-i
cumstance -     stocking It foi
two    million    A sn ill block    I
stock ts     now   being placed on th
market  for
the property
chinery to proouce about suu tons a1
day.   This will eoi 1 in the n il ;l
hood ol     5100,000,    and ihat me; ns
that the mine will he 1 |ulppi d    vith
Ing more until it i1- deel 1c 1 to increase n:, oulpul uvei I 000 tons a'
The fact  thai  Ihe mine Is .: il        I
on tlie east sit!,' ol the Rock! '
that its market is on the pi
a wonderful    advantage, and w.
consequence give a  greal   1 er
of net profits on the out] il
:    I.  Michael J.
ply   to   the
•  ihe first
;■■  after  :hc
■   a transfer
.  P. Che-
:   the   East
on Baker
,. ■ hotel
..-.:■■   A.
M   -J   MePeak.
•   ■
.    :   .
; nd  bei-
:-:  hot
etc.   Resi-
. ;ham
EAOE.ES oroaxize here.
Last eveniug an aerie of the Fraternal Ordci ol Eagles waa duly organized In the Od I Felh wa ball, and
the    li stitui :  this latest and
worth j addition ti Cranbrook's large
list of secret societies was attended
by all the earmarks of lasting success
and prosperity. There were 56 candidates initiated Into the mysteries
of tbe order as charter members, including several from Marysville and
Klmherley, and many others have
their applications filed
The Institution ol tbe sew aerie was
under the supervision of A. W. Von
Rhein, cf Esquimau, provincial dep-
uty grand president, who was ably
assisted by the oflicers cf the Moyie
Aerie.' The initiatory ceremony was
most impressively carried through by
the de-zree teams of both the Sloyie
and Fernie Aeries
The officers e'.ec*.ed to watch over
the destinies of this young, ye* healthy and promising aerie are as follows:
S   J   Morrow, W. p.
Eizar Davis, W. V. P.
Dr. Bishop. W. Chaplain.
Ross Tate. W, S.
C. E. Reid. W. T.
W   CHne, W. Corductor.
W   O Hear:., W. I. G.
W. Edwards. W. O. G.
Dr. Bishop, w. Physician.
L. Clapp, W. D.' HUI and A. M.
E!ack. Trustees.
The task of making the new organization a full fledged branch of tbe
Grand Aerie of Eagles completed, a
social function in the shape of a refreshing collation and a general good
v.rzi was richly enjoyed by the numbers of the new aerie and their jolly
crowd of visitors.
The Cranbrook Ear'.es aim at having one ol the best aeries in the province in good working order within a
short time, and they certainly have
.Tier, within their ranks who are made
of the proper stufl to accomplish the
task. They will rr.ee*. In Odd Fellows' hall the seco-d and fourth
Wednesdays 0! each rr.o-th.
At presenl   Ihe
■: '
65 cents, bill hill
1 ii wil
. be
ed to al leasl  .1
00    A
a  :..
Investment, tlie I
terald 1
saying that it is
be found in the \i
tho appearance ol
and with the futi
property thai can
rapidly   increasing
prairie count ry, then
asiired  success    (
an ■       iicopTi
fortunate in    having an
1n secure some
ii  ■ .
■   '
those who have t
-   ■
foi an tii'.'i" imeni
Arnold & Roberts
1  :
lu->nk brokers for
■     -
are in .1 position 1
tion on any point
li  li
by ■
■ ■■ ."v?^^ "- lfi
C. P. R. engine 505 i
hoodoo,   U'hiie nn lho "
ry lust week foi repati
track three mill    west of I
made ,1   wreck of  five cars
the westbound
Three   weeks   a
thing near Frank with the
ber of cars
Amon^    the improve::.'-:.'
western lines ol the t   I1   R
a course   of   instruction   foi
hands and alt those engaged in train
handling.     It is understood that in-
structions have been issued to
intendeds, or will be issued in    Uu*
near future, that all train hi
pass rigorous examinations in   tra
rules and train handling.  These
aminatlons   will take pi 1 :e ai  fl
intervals and full courses ol . ,
tion will be given    Tht intent
to educate all train men to the  dgh-
est   possible    point of efficiency
that great efficiency, speed and   afe •
in the handling of trains maj  '-
tained.      Under   tbe new reg
each man is supposed to be ahl
take charge of a train, and to be able
to understand all signals or rule
the road under all conditions.
The regular winter reduction In the]
working staff of the C, P. H. is row !
in progress.   This reduction affects all 1
room \\ iih beautiful "Standard" enamel goods
3 Time to Make Good
• that Manning A Siddona is tha  place to
ml will satisfaction in every case.    Tbey are al-
lie on tlieir notice.   Tlie proof is to give
1 be convinced, wishing one and all a   happy
■   1'
We arerespectfullv,
;a" boarding house
xst cco'c In Cranbrook . "The Wilga"
;2St served meal "The Wilga"
nicest dining room .... "The Wilga"
tendance "The Wilga"
il Terms for business. People	
Breckenridae & Lund Coal Shares
;,.■!, si.!.- ut tin' main lit.
Th,' property consists ot I860 notes, extends U i
of Cauiulinn Pacific Rnilwtiy,Crows N.-st I'nss.
Thoro an- four cul seams itvemnrtiiR 10 to 12 feot vriile, tlin-i- mil™ lonR, i'stimi>tc>rt
to nive ti tonnage of over iO.000,000 tons of coal.
The ,-ral is already well nnd favorably known, Wns " first r-loss conl tor steam or
domestic purposes,
Tho estimated cost of minimsaud londinR coal nl Lundbreck i»$1.05pprtot,    Pre
Bent price of coal, K. 0. II curs at mine, for Sure, ,1 Domestic uS'iSll.
This is without n doubt one of the best investments ever „tl','iv,l tor side in this ilistriet.
duly ;, litiiiti,! number of shares on the market.   Fur applivatli.
formatton bci,
I'm iii
Phone i><)
Cranbrook, B. C.
Made from the best malt and purest water, it is
unexcelled for quality.    Ash for CranbrooK
Beer and insist on having' it.
Tke Cranbrook Brewing <$L Malting Co. Ltd.
Also Moiiiufacturers of a.11 kinds of Aerated Waters.
CRANBR.OOK, *   #   #   British Columbia
I. V.. Stephens,
II. L. Stephens,
M. Dntkcnilnri
J. I HWrllll,
Morrisscy Mines is still
turning out its usual quota
of coal. The big Alexandra
hotel is still the best conducted hotel in East Kootenay. Your money's worth
at all times.
Stephen. Hr,,.. & Co,, Owners ind Proprietors.
Morrisscy Mines, B. C.
II. I. Stephens
J. li. Slephens
Morrissey is the place to
take the Great Northern
train for Spokane-the
time is 12 hrs.j 24 hrs.
to Seattle; 32 hrs. to
Vancouver **" dt dt .*
Stephen!, Km,., Owner, anil Proprietors,
Morrissey .lunction, 11. C.
ffl m
1 Wholesale & Retail Butchers |
Hay and Grain Dealers
Prices and Quality (iuaranteed.
V\'e are showing some
Beautiful Suitings
for the Christmas Holidays
.4 .4 j« LET IS MAKE YOU ONE J. .* .4
Wit missing
J\ Good Chine,
If you are not a regular reader of
RE—t- YOUR •_
RRGARS ? ? ? ? ?   •
If the rush of business I
j prevents YOU finding
\ time to write   up your i
| books, or having your ■
■ bills and accounts regu-
' larly rendered and  col-
■ lected, apply to
l>. (I. Itiix 217
\  CRANHROOK, J,  J. B. C.
(Krom the Lodge.)
A subscribe!   wants to   know   tht;
tliili'ii'iivf  bi'ivvrt'ii  a load ami  a   Um
ul ami—800 pounds.
The site tot tin* federal government
building In Kern it* will Jit* chosen by
nest Monday.
At Blairmore tin* poles are all op
mnl tin* telephone wires will tu
strung this week. Ii beems strange
ttiat a village like Blairmore should
be iii advance ol a metropolis like
Half the pleasure is dissipated Ly
the cruel Beats in Ferities uulv I neater, ll the mavor can have a nylavv
passed making it compulsory to have
cushioned seats in all theaters, man)
a lover ol the drama will rise np ami
smother his name in blessings,
Alter all Houston did nut keep his
printed word with the electors ot Net
son.  lie promised tu shut down p*u
kssiun.il   gambling   in   minutes   aiU:l
he was elected, but it vvas lull) 20
minutes before the ileed was duue,
ami Un- griel stricken gamblers ..l
luweil tu weep around flic grave ul
thai Qoddcss ol Fortune known ns
The. Llboral association met i n
Monday evoning and appointed a com-
initle'lo decide Upon Ihe si to ill !'<»!
llle ini  a new   poslOf&Co building, 'llie
decision will in- sent lo VV, a. lialliher, M. 1'., ami no tlmibt Hill will stc
ihal Kruno has m least a $"10,0IHJ
governmeni building. He received liberal support in l-Vinie, Inn aside i'.,m
political  leusons  this eily   is .-ntillid
lu public federal buildings.
Kast Kootenay needs a resident
eonnty court judge. Tho judge* 111
VVesi Kootenay and the Bound-it y
have too much lo ilo and necessari!)
Kernle is neglected. John Ulbbs
elected un a speedy trial, but under
ihe present conditions he cannot gu
a uial in Kernle lor two months,
when a week should be the hurl
This is an injnsiiee, luu un [null oi
the judges.
A regular direct mail with Spokane and Fcrnie uvtl the C. N. S. will
he. Inaugurated some time next month
as the government commenced work
on the iiiaiter long before the board
of trade broached ilie subject, It
always take:; considerable lime to
change a mail route, and make lew
arrangements for the carrying of mail
over the railways, li tho railruaU
in Canada carried postal matter trie
of charge any route could be changed
in a day. At present the patience ol
the people is usually worn uut before
the last yard ol rod tape is properly
(Krom the Free Press.)
The sheriff's sale of the McRac
Lumber company1 .s property at lius*
mei that vvas ret tor toila) has hocn
postponed for ten days.
Mr. and Mis. (.'has. Greer leave
Michel next week for Cranbrook,
where they will make Iheir fuU'C
home. Mrs. Angus McLellan has uk*
oil possession ol the (iieei boarding
K. Del mage ramc up from Leth*
bridge recently lo accept a position
wiih the (J. N. H. company. Mi
Delmago was Uie crack goal keeper of
the Hal Portage seniol liockej tci.n
anil he will he a valuable acquisition
to the KeTiiie team as point  man.
There are a few small souls even in
Pernio. At the Watson show lasl
Wednesday night were several hollers of complimentary seat ehecii;.
Half a dozen of these presented theii
cheeks with ihe others at the tick it
office and received money fur ihem
The company was therefore oul $■'(.
VV. O. Robins received a ear load id
iron beds on Tuesday whieh a ue
the Great Northern from Montreal Mi
six days and a half.
Owing to the Illness ol two oi their
loading actors the Watson Stock ioni-
pany was obliged to cancel their engagement iu tliis city after Tuesday
evening. They played "Jim, the
Westerner" and "The' Parish Priest"
on Monday and Tuesday evenings to
very appreciative audiences.
Tho large new mill building of the
Klk lumber and Manufacturing company is now completed, waiting fir
lho installation of tlie 20 ears ul m.i
chinery wliloli is now on lho way.
The foundation for the huge ew
burner is now being put iu, ' he
burner is a massive structure requiring a very solid foundation. General
Manager Iloynlon is expected naek
Irom ihe easi shortly to superintend
the placing of ibe machinery. A
great amount of excavation work hrs
been done hy the company iu preparing log ways, dams, etc
It is about lime for the civic authorities io put a slop in professional gambling in Uns cily, The city
has boon Infested with tinhorns lor
some lime and Ibis week Iheir numbers wero increased by others who,
il Is said, wore driven oul ot Nelson.
The Hunk of Commerce moved into
tbrii' lino new building Inst night after hanking hours. Kntire new furniture of iho besl manufacture Is rn
the wny and the old furniture will
bo iisc.l temporarily. The building is
a gem in many respects. The main
walls are painted wiih rich colorings.
(Krom the Leader.)
Tho Moylfl hockey players for some
reason or' other have so far been unable to organize a team.
P. I). Hopp came down tioin Marysville this week and is working Im
the st. Kugene company.
Joseph Stcrrltt, district manager
for P. Hums & Co., was up from
Cranbrook Tuesday.
P. J. McMah'on. O, A. Fooln ind
Dr. Ilarvic have been appointed ts a
committee by the Moyie Aerie of Angles to have charge of lhc giving if
iho masquerade hall on February !l.
It. should bo borne in mind Ihal the
closed season for Ashing begins on
November 15th and remains in force
until March 15th. A fine of $100 is
the penalty for catching tish within
these dates!
Vol. 1, No. I, of tho "Moyie Follower" has made its appearance. It
is published by VV. J Atchison, who,
an exponent nf the virtues ot
Chamberlain's remedies, is pretty difficult to surpass.
Miss Schandcr and Mr. M. K.
Shaughnessy wero married in Sp.i\-
ane on Monday, January '.it* Thjv
will make    their home in Missoula,
Mont.   Miss S.-hander is a sinter
Mrs. Conrad ol Movie and is well ;
favorably I sown here.
The   Movie   odd   Fellows   will give    &
thelt fifth annual ball next Friday evening. January 27th.   The committal  *?■
® ... (ShshI
ge will spare no pains in making
it a success. The Eagles' hall Us
been engaged i"1 the purpose, and K.j
T. Howard has been given the prept
ration of the supper, whieh will le
served In Ihe hall. Tho grand match
will start al 9:15 tvclock sham.
Tickets, Including supper, will lei
11.50 \ hearty welcome will be i r*
tended to evei vone.
a tbe Cosmopolitan Bow
(From the Prospectoi )
and    Mrs   J, K   Armstr ing
I" __ _____ House  ciitrally Located
{f Pla« Sample Rooms in ounce! ion.
Mr      and     Mrs   J,  K
were at Steele Thursday,
Work on tho Bull rfvei placet mines
will  he   resumed about ihe first   ul
V, Hy.l.- Bakei and .1. T Laidlaw,
were at Steele un business Tburs.t.iv.
The nexl week will boo ihe comple
Hon   ul   Uie     MtlVi-v    ul   the  piop.>..'<
K.iuteiiav  Central ratlwaj.
Mrs Proctor. Mrs. v. U. NeU m
Miss L. Staples, Miss J. Proeioi
Miss Leilch, Miss Muilat,, Miss 1.
Leilch, Miss VV'Ilmotl, Miss VV. Aim
strong, E. J. Pa tenon. l>. J. Mc
Swevn. K. S IVni.isun, (i. H Mosuli
M, A. He.ile, C, II. lumbar, 0, 11
Thompson, J. A. Motherwell, C. A
Cock and N. A, McKlnstry, all o
Cranbrook, wero registered at tlu
Imperial Tuesduj.
Fort Steele will ho the divisions
point on the Kootenay Central!
A. It and Turn Kcnwieli went to
Bull river -Monday. They will to liie
annual assessment work on scvei il
claims in ihal vicinity before Uuv
return lo Steele
On Tuesday     evening some two
Cranbrook pleasureseekers drove
to Steele, bad supper at the Impei
and danced foi a couple of hours :
then returned to Cranbrook.
Mr. and Mrs. A. It. Fonwlck, "dr
and Mrs. T. T. MoVittle, Mr. nnd
Mrs. T. Fenwjck, Mr. and Mrs. V.
Binmore and a. Doyle took advantage of the fine sleighing and went to
Wasa Sunday last.
Mr. and Mrs. McFarlane, Mr. and
Mrs. G. Patmore, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Slater, Mrs. VV. T, Keid, Miss Patmore, Miss Cartwright, Miss Adams,
Mist, L. Cartwright, .Miss Baker, .diss
Crest, Miss Poriious, Miss Newt,I
Miss Cole, Miss Tlsdalo, Miss VIc-
Leod, Miss Johnstone, Miss Helm,
Mr, and Mrs. (i. Tlsdalo, Rev. Slual,
Messis. Maecoiiiiell, McCowan, Wilson, V'room, C. Vroom, Ilayward,!
While, Staples. Bradley K. T. Joli'i-'
ston.M cTavish and McKlnstry, all nl
Cranbrook, were registered at the
Imperial Thursday,
(J. K. Henderson, general inaiiaji;
of (he Hull river mining company,
and Mrs, Henderson and G. 12. Henderson, Jr., went east VVetlnesdiv,
Mr. Henderson will return to Steele
iu about   three weeks.
G. K. Pownall, Fish Lakes, was in
town Thursday making tho necessary
arrangements for the installation ol
a water wheel on Little Hull rivir,
which will operate a pump The \ a-
ter will he used fui domestic and irrigation purposes,
(From  Fort Steele Prospector.)
The amount ol sawlogs cut iu .lie
Kootenay     valley   this    winter will
reach  between  six  and  seven  million
At Geary * Doyle's camp at Sheep
creek 2.500,000 feet of logs have been
cut antl skidded to the river hank
ready fur the spring run, The map it
of tins camp will he at least 6,1)00.-
000 feet,
A large amounl ol logs have been
cut al the Wolf eteek camp,
Mr. Milicr, at Skookum Chuck, c-
Utnaies his cut at live to six 'milted thousand feet,
li. Lundln, at Skookum Chuck, v ill,
cut 400,000 feet.
At ihe Hull river camp of Carl in A
Doyle 550,000 feet have been cut.
All tho logs cut al the*.-camps v..11
he sent down the river to Waril-ior,;
having been cut under contract for the
Crows Nest  Lumber company.      •
if market affords,
lie  bedrooms i
arc airy and comfortable, and ihe table is the best the i,i
ii, ,., m ,„ . ,j ,.„,,.-. ,„ .„ ,(, ,%, u, w m      _M
,., ,.., a ,.. ,., ,., ,., ,., ,.-, ,.. (j, .. .  i#.  ., ,., ..*
3   P. BURNS C& CO.   I
WbolCMk nn.l I.Vlntl
I I'l-stl 1111,1 Lllll'il   Ma.it ,       1^
Prt'»ll    I i-.li,   li.-iniu   nml li-
I'oilltry. I
SUfipt)  iitil)  Un*   tiivl
Crude Ik mlicllcd
Markets in nil Ihe prlnctpnl
lu Urllltli Cm u in hi i
l   ...Manitoba Hotel...   !
It'n.liT N.-w Miinnjrp „i)
I), A. McDONALI), rianagcr
'-fuicl is ii the center of town.    The  rooms are
a cjm.j,-tab!e and well furnished, the dlnlne ro.i.n is first- t
i *
j class, and the bar is supplied with the best.    When you »
J want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. J
****************i*******i**i *********** ***********■*,-}
I^Wall Papers,^ |
We are making special
reductions in prices of
all lines of
Call and see us before
buying. Our patterns
will please you.
Mouldings to match
all papers.
F. J. Bradley & Co.
S Armstrong: Ave.        CRANBROOK, B. C. 'Phone 52 &
Fertile Ledge: The leading event
in Pernio last ivrek was the alder-
manio election, tlie mayor having I is
second term i,y acclamation, 'i'he day
tins cold, hm ihe contcsf was fairl'v
warm lor Fernie, and 235 votes tut
of a possible 281 were deposited in
the box, four of which were spoiled
In tho marking, Tito coimril of Pernio is now fairly strong, and this
year there will be something doing in
the right direction, The following is
the result of tlie election and tin-
number ni votes cast for enrf, candidate:
IV.    IV.,   Tuttli'..    mu
S,    F,    Wallace    128
IV,  0,   Ilobins    lil
A.   ll.    Tritcs    Il!i
A.  II.  I'ree    H3j
H. \V.  Ilelrhiiier    l.ll   ---....
E.   Wrigglcswortli   mn
I..   HI, Proctor    ln»
!■:■..•&..:...;.     .'! Drink Home Beei
Ilie first six of the abrivo list are
the elected aldermen, Alter the ,,•
suit was known Micro was consider,, |
bio jollity an I ton,,, enlivened I v
tlio bagpipes and a lorellllgllt p,„,'.a. ;
sioti, hut nut a life was Ins,, al
though il Is reported tha, Robins v„,l
sein drinking apolllimrls, while Steve
Wallace relaxed' his enttntcnance io„'^,
enough I., smoke three cigars.
Robinson-McKenzie Lumber Co., I.Id.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kind, Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
II is Pun-
II is Hit,III,y
It is the I test
. Steele Brewing Co.
Victoria, Jan. 2.1.—.litdge Spin'is
has handed tn the government I,is
findings in connection will, Ihe Inuil- ... _ .
ry into Hie charges laid against Inspector Dick.  These charges, it will
bo   remembered,   were •'To-Ihe effect   |,i.„  \»/    \\j   ,r
thai Inspector Hick, while it, the ,„,   .lOIlll   W.  Woll
ploy ol tho government, was also in,
tbe pay of tbe I'rows Nest Pass Coal
company.     The   investigation which
lollowcl resulted in completely exonerating     Inspector   Dick and be has
therefor,,    been reinstated and beg,:;
his duties again today,
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Mr   (loldle, ol the government , i   (,| reliulriflt?
fice, spent Sunday in Port Steele. r
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
(live me a call,
's*»s«s« svsasaxasasa\a>jjisj|
Say, People j
Ilnv,' y 'im th,- work  til
I'lni,:, Neil Sliiini l.niiiulrv.
Ii'm ivriiiinlv up In .(lain
S|,,.,'inl r.'il,.., for |,U|(,]a a,„|
fninily  work.     S|,,.,-,,-ilii„
II Is,   lihiiilii'ls   uml  I,,,,-.
Iiiiiiu. Whit,- hiliur ,,„|v
I'.-rl.'cl ,,nli,,fiii'li,,n riv.-u by
Crows Nesl
Sleam Laundry
SLATER & McPHGR. Proprietors
If is The Best Paper in  Seven
Districls, and Ymi Shruld
Have It.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. lino. ». Co*, r.t.iileiit. ll. li. Wal«k«. Oeu. M.u.
NM U/   Cifll.l    1S.7W.0M.9K
l«t.       IMW.«
fatal timmi.i.1. M. 'U  .I.MI.0W.M
Depoiili Received.   (ieneral Hanking Business Transacted
s.vishjs t-ist HMITMUNI   Iksuli, ttcilvtd-latsml sUtwM,
HANKIN'll HY Mill.- Dapotlll iiiiiv bs made ind withdrawn by mill.
Oi,t-al-t,,*.ii ii.-aiiuiil. reciiive i-v.-ry nltenti.,,,. t\iiiiiiiilin.„ilioiiH mlnx-faiil
Ui Ih. maunder ul tin, Craubrook iiiiiucli will receive prompt uuenlii.ii.
M)K,   ItlMTISlI  COLUMBIA,   TIIUIISDAY.   FEB.   2.   1905.
„5.-,.~?-- -,-.'^-.i--'.-'--?-«e.:r5-ep   ley flowing like     an oil well in
I   fiDCCDVATlflNC.   V Flathead country.   And that trip
(JHjtKVrt I IU1NJ    "llianfl was a Klondykc drwira.     '
ft C MALPAS, Maruecr.
Capital, Paid Up $1,(X»,IKX) *
R«t $3,000,000 Z
T. R. Mrrrtlt, Pro.   D. K. WUkir, Vice Pre... and Gen. Manager J
* A general bunking business transacted.    Dtalts sold avail.,- *
_ Hi In every part oi Canada, United State* and Europe.    Speii.il *
I attention lo collections. I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager,     $
'» ****** .....tt-..........>.,.,,. •»...»,..,,,»......^
CIk nuggets
Our Stow
are just as genuine as
the goods we sell.   Our
I- goods will bear close
inspection, and every-
_ thing purchased here is
fully guaranteed by us. If at any time you
want anything in the jewelry line, come in
and inspect our stock. Is k a watch, a ring,
or a piece of jewelry of any kind? if you buy
it here you can depend upon it's Quality.
Quality is thought of long after price is forgotten.
have for sale several
Choice Residences
In vjirioviB parts of tho town which can be pur
ehnsetl by paying a small amount of oaah down
aa a deposit, tha balance io be paid on reason*
able tornifl, which would not i-xooed very much
the amount which Would have to N? paid its rent.
~k» i<«
* Particular People Prefer *
;£iv!j ,n liny Limits ot their home dealer, ivlii't,  quulilii and Jwffif]
|Hn /iWir'ur,'the Mini,'    Besides, thare Is aaatlifncllon in Kt.i&
cBB making j-o.ir selection from goods before yuu, us yon V'/^;
*_$T '1°nottiiivetoaconptsubstitutes,rnnno risk. I„,.s,.r %nn
Ate} ilimiiiL.',' in stiippliiB. avoid express oliarxea nnd wiih ifing
"*ar /''"•' ''"-eiiii.'iis ii,"! just what yon want, al thn tlmt l\__\
nwM y,ui want It.   Wo make tin specialty of the best qoois _tfB\
SMS nn the market, nnd at as tow prints aa any catalogue BftSI
\*&V bomb, or any other dealer ilPi
S/\/.     f.    TAT El,    JBWBLBR aad OkAOUATB OPTICIAN
OlEiiul Watch tnspeotor, Crown Nest Pass Division, C. P R.
j» ji j».*
In there anything that you want in the hardware line?   We have it.   We have the largest
stock in the Kootenays.   It comprises everything In our line.
j» j» j« j«
»»iftDinnu»iii w ii i'Imuti i» »>n mna^
Tht itowspaprr men ol Western il-
berta and Kan tern llritish Culumhi,
met in convention at Calvary last
Thursday and Friday for the purpose
of forming a pram Msoelatton. We
call  tlit'iu     iii'ws|ia|H.*r men, although
some people engaged in the business
Iovb to bo desipnatrd as journalists.
Hul MOOfdlni to our views on ifaa
question Hit'ip vas not a journulisi
in lho bundi. A journalist would
starve to death iu Western Canada,
while the nowspapei men look like a
lot oi prosperous Individuals who luxuriated in three meals a day snd
clean beds SuIIice it to say that
tbey went to Calgary lor the purpose
of forming an up to date, live press
association lor mutual benefit, .-.nd
they succeeded. There were about -10
members of the emit present-, and the
term cralt is used advisedly. They
formed an association to be known
as the Alberta Press Association. The
Llritish Columbia and Assinaboia
members made no objections to ihe
name as both ol these divisions f-.ro
so well known throughout the civilized world that the fact that ihey
were left out ol tbe title of tbe association would cause no comment
whatever and really make no differ
J. J. Young, proprietor,, manager,
and the big It of the Calgary Her
aid, was unanimously elected president of the new organization, and
Colonel Porter, formerly ot Ken
tucky, was selected as secretary
without the semblance of opposition.
The Colonel is one of the best all-
around newspaper men in Canada today. Ile can write editorials, wilt
telegraph, rush a column of hot local stuff, read proof; dash off heads
that show spirit, and entertain three
or lour visitors at the same time,
and always wear the smile that never comes off. Years agowhenUic Old
Man was an innocent cherub of a hov
chasing news on the morning .Journal
in Knnsa CtLj, Missouri, Colonel
Porter was performing a like service
for tlie morning Times in the same
city. Wc knew each other in those
days of slrenotis life, and that was
17 years ago. Tlie Colonel was then
considered the star reporter of that
star paper, and bis friends were
legion. As years passed we drifted
to other scenes and so did the Colo-
I nel. Destiny and an uncontrollable
desire to better onr condition drove
jus hoth to Canada, and when wc
j stepped into the editorial rooms of
j the Herald Wednesday of last week
' we saw uur old friend again for the
first lime in all these years. With
Mm as secretary and Mr. Young rs
president, the success of Ihe new association is assured
The promoters of the association
did a Rood stroke of business when
thev, select oil Calgary as tbe
I piece to organize the association. It
is a great town. The sifchts of the
place are Paddy Nolan, Hob Edwards
and tlie city ball. Those who have
not met either ot the gentlemen
named have lived in vain. The Lord
never created a better entertainer
than Paddy Nolan. To talk with him
an hour, or rather to sit still and
let him do the talking, will cause
any man to regret that he has never
seen Ireland. As an after dinner
speaker he is par excellence, and compared with him Ohjauneey Depew looks
like a newspaper man's promise to
pay a note of $1,000,000. It is said
that for years when a man contemplated the act ol appropriating another man's steer or horse, he first
retained the services of Paddy Nolan
For many years there has not been a
criminal case tried in lhc Northwest
Territories that Mr. Nolan has not
been retained on one side or the other. Hob Edwards is a modest individual who is engaged in editing a
Sunday school publication known as
the Eye Opener with the laudable
ambition of bringing the recreant
souls of Calgary to their milk. As
to the city hall, our appreciation of
the hospitality extended to the visitors by the people of Calgary, and
Die kind words said by Mayor Emerson, renders us dumb on this subject, and causes us to refrain from
making any comments on this wonderful specimen of architectural
The treatment extended to tbe
newspaper men is characteristic of
Calgary, and shows how the right
kind ol people can build up a metropolis on the windy prairies of Alberta. There, was nothing too good for
any or us. Breakfast seemed to lie
about the only monl that was not
provided. There was a night at the
theater as the guests of the Herald
company under the jirolectlng wine;
of Mr. Young, a business men's
lunch with the mayor of tho town
aud Chief Justice Rifton 'telling the
visitors that they were the best ever, a banquet at night as the guests
of Mr. Har.Iie, manager of the Toronto Type Foundry, of Winnipeg,
when every pencil pusher had an opportunity to throw boquets at the
publishing business, a trip to Banff
as the guests of tho C, P. R. and
Dr. Brett.  Truly it was one con-tin-
drive over tbe mountain trails to the.
Hankhead coal imn--, is probably |
one of the grandest winter excur-
stoai to be found in t) * world today, [
and we will never forget it. >r.
Brett as an host cannot he excelled.
From    Victoria   comes   the report
that the total value ol tbe minerals,
produced within the confines ol Brittle gave his visitors iwo meals   ;.nd  bjh Columbia   during the year ended
Waited ibeoi to eat more, but there  i)ecwuber   8j8*    vm    Wits   ..,, m
is a »»lt rnn to a newspaperman 1  m   m was an ( ,     •
■uimaeli    Ntx    time  the assoc.atiou  m
will iiici'i In llsnfl, in tbe month   cf I   _..    , . , ',    .      ,
Aueust, Ike lime ol <<* vt.r wnenl/*' ^J*1 '""",°■ °' m"1""1 i,r"
DM conot tell ibe ililtcri-nre I e-, ^^ °"1" tha" coal in "* >«''
tWMB IlonB »r.d hc.ven. umuunlcd      to      115,300,(100.        I'he
  I amount of gnlil producedi hotl, (run
Thete   could   be    columns written 4u.rtz and   placer,   during tne ye.r
about Calgary, but lack nl space lor- j was in excess of that of the year
Mils.     Tbia   much ran be said, it is  lore,   lu   111114   the    amount of gold
the beat city- of its size in Canada j take,,   Irom the earth amounted    lo
tuday and has a great future.
Cranbrook has good reason to feel
proud ol Its local talent. The program presented on January 25th,
Burn's night, was mint enthusiatio-
ally received by' a large audience.
Mr. A. HcCowan Is a host In him-
sell with bis pipes and step dancing"
and the four "chips of the old block"
are not a whit behind their "laith-
cr."   The   Strathspey   and   reel, (.s
M, 100,11(10; that secured In lliti.i was
15,8730.16, slightly over $500,000 loss
than that ol the year just passed
The silver product ol the province io
1004 was also in excess ol that of the
year- previous. The stiver output ol
1904 was 118.200,000, which was 107,1
528 in excess ol the year 1903, when
the amount ol silver taken from ilm
llritish Columbia mines tontlnl
11,521,172. The copper produced 'ist
year was slightly in excess n.
mined in 1903. During 1904 the total
output   was   (4,600,000.     The lead
presented by Charlie, Jessie, Lily j mined in 1901 was valued at $681),
Douglas McCowan, was so heartily ,44. a total muc„ lcss tha„ that „
received that it had to be rendered a -la03.  T„e coai al)j. cokc produced in
second time at t'he close of the program.
Mrs. Templeton is a splendid acquisition to our musical circles and
made a decidedly favorable impression on this her lirst appearance before a Cranbrook audience. In addition to an elegant and pleasing stage
presence she possesses a voice ol Une
culture and flexibility.
Mr. C. Darling is improving in liis
readings, while Mrs, 'Brock captured
the audience with her Scotch dialect.
Instrumental music is generally received very placidly, but the encores
accorded Miss Adolpbe and the Misses
Lok and Ella Leilc-h indicated that
they will be gladly heard from aguii.
Mr. Sims is always a favorite,
while Mr. Graves is making a unique
place tor himself In Cranbrook as a
comic singer.
When the Indian clubs arc as well
handled as they were by Mr. J. Sa-
ville they make agood addition to. a
Both Miss Adolphe and Mr. .1,
Wright were pleasing accompanists.
the province were valued at $4,332,
267, tho amount being the same i,i
that mined in the year that preceded.
The approximate statement of tin,
mineral output lor the year 1904 is
as follows:
Gold-. I' 6,400,000
Silver .-,    2,200i000
Copper        4,000,000
Lean    1,500,000
Miscellaneous       B00-,00(,
Total   mineral   production
other than eoal $15,3(10. jjO
Crows   Nest Pass...
Vancouver   Island..
Total coal tonnage    1,090,000
Value ( 3 270.00.1
Coks, C. N. P  220,000
Coke,  V.  1  20,000
Total   coke  tonnage  240,000
Value $ 1,200,300
Total   value mineral  output lor 1904 $19,770,000
The    townsite office often receives
inquiries covering nearly every line cl
information wanted about a lew "LITTLE MAC'S" PHIL0S0PIIV.
country. Kecently Mr. Baker receiv- Sheer hard work is not going lo
ed a letter from a man in Minnesota bring anybody to a very brilliant le-
that lett hardly   anything   unasked. I m\t.  What is required is intelligent
^iSElBVSrt SrSe.asS,»"'"!-t'"»' -V-?" «■ lnt*»^"™
piece ol hay land that would te wlult hsppens? One becomes a mere
adapted tor raising good timothy hay; machine. The work which commands
also   land   that would be suited for, the smallest Scale of remuneration is
M'TgoSd'' aa-w^g- wr ™j * «r*«r-
place  that   will  be a market or in- Pcr c°atr*«   «•   minute one infuics
sure sucb by its natural advantages.
"Are there any good available lands
in the close proximity to Cranbroo*?
"How far are they Irom the center
of town?   ■
"What kind of land?
"What price pcr acre?
"What terms?
"How is the town ol Cranbrook
"Is it on or connected with try
water that could or will be likely to
be used for commerce?
"Are thero any large water powers
there, or In vicinity, that could be
used for manufacturing or mining
"What Is the available horse-power
of such, 11 there be any?
"Is Cranbrook likely, in the nea'-
future, to have any more railr-ud
"Is there much good farming country tributary to It?
"How far Is the Crows Nest i'osJ
location from it?
"Is there any other coat or mineral near by?  If so, how far?
"Does land require Irrigation in
that section?
"Is there any new mines open Kg
up or arc there any valuable nods cf
mineral around that section lately?
"What is the average summer nnd
winter temperature of Cranbrook?
"Ts it a suitable place for people
affected with catarrh or throat trouble}
"Is it likely to be a good residential town and to maintain its position as tho center of trade for East
"Are there any new industries Icing, or about to be established there?
"Is house rent high?
"What is the prices of lots in to wi;?
Would like to have a town plan show.
Ing entire town, If possible and -oti
for sale, prices, terms, etc.
"Does property improved handle
"What arc the chances for a builder?
"Isthe town likely to grow fast?
If so. why?
"What are the ruling prices for
lumber, lath, shingles, etc.
"What would one have to pay fat
carpenters, masons, etc.?
"Are thete any building and
intelligence into his activity, his services begin to raise in the scale ot
wages. The more thoughtful and
brainy he gets, the more money Ho
earns in a given space of time. In
fact he becomes practically!;, independent of time and speed for "knowing,"
for "suggestions," for "ideas."
We must not lose sight ot theie
(acts when we laud the industrious.
When industry is accompanied by bet
business handmaiden, intemgencs.
then, something happens. We should
strive lor tbe capacity to do much
and to do it the best way; not simply ia repetition of what bias always
been done under like circumstance;
but to get hold of new methods and
new means in connection.
Thero Is hardly a system in use today which cannot be bettered. To
find this better way is the part—the
duty, indeed, of one who would rise
rapidly in the world ol his art cr
trade. Modern requirements of Mi
tend to multiply the demand for ihis
intelligent kind of service, and just iu
proportion as the work meets this
demand , Just so fast and so far wilt
he advance along the path that lei Is
to success—the achievement of fam
name, honors, wealth and power.
As to luck, I do not feel lnclinexl
to credit its existence. The Judge
who finds lor the right, and indicts
wrong, dots so through the laws of
right and wrong. Those affected h>
his ruling are not "lucky" and "in
lucky.':Thus it is with all the wor!lr,
doings Rewards and punishments,
even on the most natural planes < f
life, are matters of law, not chance.
Calgary, January 14th.
M. McDonald
1          w
1 We claim to have
I one of the  most
I complete lines of
1  Men's Furnishings
I to be found in the
I west.  It is our aim
1 to have everything
1 "just correct" for
I men to wear.   We
I have a few lines
§ that we are selling
| very low.   It will
1 pay you to see them
1             csmP
■.itwsM iiJkJBta! *
...THE... I
j HcDonald \
I Simpson Co. j
!      CALGARY      |
Qjboitsalc eo««U»l«i   |
mtrcbMts I
Tke Wipelli Roller Mills
Tbe lumsden Roller Mills
The Bradwsrdise Roller MiRs
Nsisbilt ft Company Stock Food
The Moyie Lumber tad Mllllif Co.
Lever Bros., ■• Sunllfbt Soip'
Tbe  "Armour"  Llmlied
The Vofel Pscklnr Co.
The Rest Cigar Co.
Vienna Food Co.
by Cranbrook parties near the boundary line in anticipation ol the building ol that road, and at Yahk there
is a movement on loot to build a
lavge saw sawmill and a commodious
hotel. As soon as the snow Is oil In
the spring there will be all kinds -I
activity along the proposed line t,l
the new road, and Cranbrook will receive material benefits as a cons;-
There ia accumulative evidence that
the Corbln road is to be built   the
companies operating there?    II   so. „,.    ,,   ,        „
what do they charge for money, , r comiD8 •»*»• Tl* SP"""™ p"ss'
what is the principal mode ol lend-' a copy of which has been sent to the
ing? I Herald, by George    Lcask, contaiis
"I would be glad il you would kh,l- an account ol tne purchase ot a larM
ly give what Information   you   caw
alo* these lines.  Whether you take
me for a farmer, a merchant, a man-
tract of land in the outskirts ol that
city and says that it can state tn
ufacturor, a speculator, a builder, or good authority that this purchase is
one looking lor a suitable location made in view ol the need of the Cor-
for a sanitarium it is hard to say. m- .«.^ i„. .^.mi«„, ,„.,„;»,„.. ,«
At any rate I am after information b,n    ">** ,at    *miMl ,,lcl"tlcs'»
ued round ot unalloyed joy, with out- aIKi bave fairly   succeeded in' partly  ***'  ""J-   "   '*    a,s0 stated that
side money no good and inside mon- covering the ground." such valuable land hu hen staked
I. O. O. F. BALL.
Key City Lodge No 42, I. O. O. F,
will give their annual ball this year
on Friday evening, February 24th.
The Odd Fellows' dances have always
been among the leading functions in
the social life ol Cranhrook and that
the one this year will be no exception
to the rule Is a foregone conclusion.
The committee in charge is composed
of Messrs. Hickenbotham, Cathcart,
F. II. McKay and Billings, and these
gentlemen will leave nothing undo.ie
that will contribute to the success of
the event and the enjoyment of the
| Big Book and Drug Store
Next week
will be a
We have one window fill- ,
| ed with 25c goods and 11
one with 50c goods,.*.**'.** ™
Have your choice for 25
and 50 ______    •__
The Pipes are
going lively
25 per cent off
every one
$20 Pipes for $15
| Big Book uid Drag Slore TIIK   CKAXBROOK   lll.'IIAI.O
By The Herald Publishing, Company
Je* /U—*
Editor und Manage)
Tht Htraldl* worth Jtu a ynur.   Itwuts!
,'Ul>  IJ       No tllilll ill   30Uth    l.:t!l   Kt.uHelUI>
•MB tfiord tu !■<• without it. und Bvuryom
Uvingoutildt ol the district, who islotprwtod
i u Iti*. pngTMt dl llii'' BMtloil, -lioul.1 Tea.I il.
|t publish** thauewi ft-taUt itianows Uiu
controlled absolutely by the publisher N"
cujue. party or Individual  dictate* tt polloj*.
It tluu't try tu pleaae tin* people      ll'» .li'iSn.'-
lata publiab * iwivspajierthtii will be* credit
it. thv commuuity   i*end iu ynur aubacrlp.
tion innJ and you will be tfiauUul *ver alter*
n an)
AdvertiHlng rate* tl per Inoh, elngl* eol-
iiuiii, jwr mouth  m. more und nu less.
Hfttilitig lnntter  lo cent* p*P line to lion-
■.tv.-ribere; lOoent* por line to regular ad-
rertiMN Bualneae loeahi live ceut* per line
M-h Insertion
it you dealre to reach thu people ot South
t.uit Kooteuaj you must advent** lu The
Th* Herald ban ti Uratdaaa |ob pbmt, and
Ita work foot the beat, Th* Harold don't
wantcbarity 1' wanti ;. tvjunro du»! on
jnur j.il. work It .ve can't null you in quul-
(ty an,I price, kn-k, mil Bond your work to
eutne i heap John*hou*M in thu aaet that nov
•r apend* u eenl In i ranhropk.
What  are   the  people  of  Cranbr<>
(doing    toward   looking   after    Ih-
general  interests'.'     Are they  taking
the interest    in     the board of trade
that they should?   Arc Ihey p'anni-it;
to woik together for the advanreim
of the town"'     These are Important
questions at this time.      Tho   next,
twelve   months are to be important
one; in   the    history ol Cranbro'ili
Progress comes to those who are pt t
gressive.   The business man who iti
in his office   and    thinks ol his ova
personal affairs is not doing all thai
he -should for the advancement, of !i«
own personal   Interests.     Cranbrool
should hu the divisKiial toint .1, i;.i
new road    to   Spokane.     Craihri.i
should have connection with the a-ir
toad that is to be built up theKooii1
nay valley.     Cranbrook should  Io"n
het claims as   a   distributing point
But   Cranbroo     cannot     do    these
things unless the people act together
Individual   eflort is   weak indeed i.s
compared with concerted action
board   of trade   is the best mediu.ii
for the accomplishment of good    f.-r
,   any community.   II Cranbrook is not
made the   important   point for this
this district, some other place   will
lake that enviable position.  The Mine
to wakr up is now.   The time for nc
tion is now.   The time to get togetn
er is now.   And, gentlemen, what an
you going to do about tt?   Are   yuu
going t.i make your board of trade j,
organization of power  and   inlltien ,c
or are     you    going to permit  il I
drift into an excuse tor a represent.!
live body'*   It is up to you, people i
Cranbrook.   It is ol vital Importaneo
to every hotel keeper in town; it is
ol vital   importance    to   every mei
chant in town, il is of vital irnpori
unce  to every     properly    owner   i
town; it, is of vital Importance lo iv
ery contractor and carpenter in tow:
it is   ol    vital   importance, to ever
painter and decorator in town; it i
of vital importance to every omploj
1. town    Uu you want Cranhrook i
drift backwards, .,r do you waul Ih
town to  keep the   lead   that natui'
ami good luck have given it tip to th
presenl    time?      Vancouver. was   i
small town, hut it was forced alknd
by her people, and brought riches   io
thousands of  the inhabitants    Spokane was made ,i leading city in     nr
same way.    Winnipeg has become   <t
great   metropolis   by the   united itt>
tidi of her business men.   Calgary *>-
day is receiving concessions from lhc
C. H. R. and creating a great whah-
sale point because  the business men
believe in   action   rather than sUcp
C.anbrook has the advantage o.' lo.-a-
uon, has the advantage of being   In
the lead, has the advantage of having
more   railway   connections in sign:,
and now is the time to give the tow i,
the advantage of a llve.activo board
ol trade that will be In a position to
go after things for the benefit of the
town and for the hencfit of every resident in the town.     nut the people
generally   must assist in the won
The drygoods merchant,  the grocer;/
man, the   lawyer, the lumber inan'i*
fji.tiirti, the doctor, the agents,  rv-e
railway   man,     in fact each and .i'l
who have   any   interest in the town
should be a member of the board   of
trade and take part in its meriting.
In that way Cranhrook's future   wi-1
lie protected.   Otherwise other tow'd
will forge ahead, and when it U   to
late the people of Cranhrook will   indulge in   regrets that will not tn-tftb
them a dollar.
Become a member of the board cf
trade, and when you are a member
become an active worker in Ihe
ranks.   Don't leave it for your nci.j*.-
IT WOt l.l) 111-: DANGEROUS
Il lias been stated thai the strik.;
al the mines at Coleman i* a prel'in-
Inary movement to Inaugurate a general strike at Morrissey, Michel
an-i Coal Creek as soon as the time
of the existing contract with the
Crows Nest Coal company expire-.,
aud that tliis strike will l.e based .mi
a demand for additional concpssio-s
Irom every coal mine In Alberta attd
.British Columbia. The Herald re
lieves that the men who are engage.!
in coal mining should have, a wag"
adequate to meel the labor performed and the danger incurred, but it
trusts that the men will not act hastily in this matter. A general Strike
at this time would prove disastrous
to the country and to the men. Coal
milling is not all profit by any mean-
It lakes vast sums of money lo place
a coal mine in a position lo In* able to
pay dividends. And the capital th'W
Invested    is   giving     employment  to
thousands ol men throughout the
wesi. a strike at this time would
mean a hard blow to the mining i i-
dustry and consequently to every other line of business in the western
Country. That would mean ihat hundred- ol men in Alberta and British
Columbia would he thrown oul ot employment and their families sulTei In
consequence. There should be a way
to arrive at a just sett lenient ot
these questions without paralyzt it-,
the industries of the countries. Il is
up lo the men to move cautiously .1
there is any movement ol the k: .'I
There are many explanations behg
lor the political landslide in Ontarii.
There is only one. and that is ihe
scandals attached to the party
in power. The Herald believes
that Premier Boss is an honest
man, but it also believes that
he had around him a hunch of
barnacles that were willing
resort to any extreme measure lo
win political success. The people of
Ontario evidently thought so and demanded a, change. The* defeat of i!
Liberals does not mean that the pr.
pie are giving to the Conservatives
an unconditional recommendation for
political honesty, hut simply that by
a change they hope that the Conserv
atlVjOS, starting in with no entangle
ments, may be able to give Ontario
a government free from scandal. Tin-
independent voter is the salvation of
of any p rovinec or any country
The same Independent voters that
threw down the Liberal government
at the recent, election, will do iht!
same by tbe Conservative governiii" I
ff Mr Whitney and his followers it
not true to the confidence that !.v
boei reposed in them by the neopli1
The sooner the people of Canada as t
whole can realize that political Indo
pendente is better for the cotintr;
than political partisanship, that Hon
e-t administration of public aflairs i
beliei than crooked manipulation foi
temporary party advancement, th.
bbtttei It will he for everybody, ,
This is .the name of the company
thai will publish the Hetald in Im?
future. The change has been mat
simply to facilitate the Handling ■
the Herald's business, which has mj
terially increased the past year Th
new company has been Incorpora el
with .in authorized capital of $15
000, $10,1100 of which has been Issw
and paid up. The incorporators .it
I-\ E. Simpson, K. P. Simpson, I 11,
King, M. P. P., G. T. Rogers, W. !>.
Hill, R. K. Peattie and At. I) Ri' ■
ings. I-VE. Simpson will remain .--
before, editor of the Herald anil m.vi-
agei of the business. Nu uut'ii'
stock will be issued until some time
in the future when the growth of the
lown demands a large increase in the
equipment of the plant.
The ii.licy of the Herald will ie*
main in the future as in the past, in
dependent in everything, neutral I,
nothing. Its politics, its religion, It'
aim and ils hopes will be the ad
vancement oi Cranbrook and South
East Kootenay. It will endeavor l-j
give value received for every dol'.i:
paid, and to work for the best inter-
ts, as the editor sees it, lor ihe
community in which Ihe paper i* pub
The Rev. Richard Powell, of Philadelphia has just invested over
M,000,000 in New York high class
apartment houses. He is credit.'.1
with being ihe wealthiest preacher
in the United States, and does r.Ot
seem to he losing any sleep over ihe
bible story of the needle tbe camel
and the rich man. It must be edifying to his congregation to hear ,iim
speak of the sin of wealth accumulation. When a preacher gets^ to '.he
point that lie is out all the time Liter the coin, it is pretty hard to
convince the people that he is worrying over the salvation of their souls.
There will be a great many thousand people go into Alberta during llie
next two years and every one who
goes in and every one who i.s inw
there will he a customer of the British Columbia lumbermen. That is
one of the reasons why British Columbia is bound to increase in prosperity.
It, is said that Premier Ross, id
Ontario, intends to retire from politics. That reminds us ot the miii
who resigned his position after he
had been fired.
|   Men    who   have    been slaves since
they have been nun, and generations
before them foi ages, seldom have
the nerve and courage to prolong a
revolution. That ts why ihe tfennflee
are against the people of Russia. A
slave seldom makes a man
The trusts ot the t'nite States aro
now trying  to   convince the people
that  they   have   been organized    fur
the purpose ol giving assistance   to
Buffering manhood. And they will
probably succeed,
Ferule is having a severe attack of
tetepbouobla,    superinduced   by    the
Coinprlltioti nt nut side enrpoiati.'ts
wilu home interests.
William Tut tie, oi Pernio, hole)
kccpei and a member of the -i'.v
Council ol Uut city, has given noti:e
that he will Introduce a measure oi
the council providing for a limit i.
the number ol hotel licenses iu Uui
town The basis proposed is one ie-
laii lieeu.se lo every Ktui population
und one wholesale license to every
3,000 population. Before his term oi
olliee expiies Air Tutlle will convince the people id his town Ihat I.u
is not a wallflower as a member > f
the council, bui a creator of practical legislation inr the benefit of ilu?
Winnipeg Free Press: Where Mao-
Gregor sits there is the head ol the
table. The real leader of a party i
the man who t.iW, the van in pre
Seating Its future programme. 'Ir
W. F. Maclean has lind the lirst ,«'un
in the expected Conservative campaign fur ihe greater autonomy of
Canada. He would appear.slightly
amenable to the charge of wishing lo
appear as not only the real but the
ostensible leader. Mr. Borden, being
Still without a scat in ihe house, ,ius
been anticipated in a role that there
is Rome reason to believe he mca.il
lo create. It may be, however, thai
lite editor acted as herald for tho
lawyer. Al any rate Mr. Borden
left wiih plenty of opportunity
emphasize and bulk out the argument
Iu the meantime Maclean's' hold
stand is of high significance; There
no denying his importance iu politics.
Whal lie says today Tory Ontario is
always pretty sine to have been
saying secretly for many a day, and
sure io he saying publicly tomorrow.
In this case he has said'whivt Liberal Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Manitoba and llritish Columbh
have been thinking on for a consider
able time. Young Canada has long
favored the completion of Ihe autonomy of the Dominion. II the Oppi
sition follow Maclean in this busine.
they will put themselves in line with
one of the powerful sentiments of lb
country. Possibly they hope to put
Sir Wilfred in a cleft stick. He '
scarcely the man Io "get left"
promoting the autonomy of Canada,
At any rate nothing can take awnv
from Mr. Maclean the credit and influence gained by assuming the van in
a cause that may be popular in pr
portion to the sanity with which
may be presented.
Mr. Maclean's words were:
"When we speak of increased aut
nomy for the Northwest I am
minded that there is something to be
said of the need of greater autonomy
for the Dominion. The time has come
when ihe bounds of our powers
country should be widened. 1 am i.ot
afraid of the future and ihe problem!
it will present for snldlinii. 1 am no
afraid to say Ihat Canada should In
more autonomous than she is today
I am not afraid to say thill the turn
will come for the disappearance of ihe
Govcrnor-Gdneral, when Canada will
he an independent slate under
Crown of Great Britain, and when
ihe Parliament of Canada will malo
the constitution of Canada, instead
of that constitution being made .m
the other side of Ihe water. 1 am not
afraid to say that I hope to see iho
day when our supreme court will he
our court of final appeal. 1 am no:
afraid to .say that I hope lo see the
day when Canada will make her own
commercial treaties under the Crown
Questions like this should claim some
of lho time ol the members of tli i.i
House. Mention has been made iieru
today of our Imperial relations, and
I believe a propasal will he brought
before Ihis House, dealing with thai
subject. My ideas are somewhat different front some I see in the press.
The trend of public thought, as I
read the signs of the times, is in 'he
direction of establishing a Brit 1*1
Empire made up nf free and independ
ent states under the Crown ol Eng
land, and working, not through i
great Imperial council, but through
negotiations between the government
of these free and independent states/
These observations make allusion to
motion oflered by Colonel Sam
Hughes, a Tory not un progressive,
He is so dissatisfied with the status
ol Canada, perhaps her liability, to
be dragged into wars without any
voice iu either beginning or ending
them, that he proposes a resotuttjn
favoring Imperial federation. That is
really in line with Maclean's views.
Federation is an arrangement between
equals. The electors of Canada
in political Inferiority to those of
Sonthwark and Tippernrv and Glai
gnw so Inng as the Canadian Parliament Is subordinate to thai of West-'
There is i.n personal king of Cam
da. The kingship here i.s in the London cabinet, a illafant, shifting, (cm-
poiary body, unamenable lo Canadian advice in many matters Important
to Canada, If the King has tt prerogative, his every subjccl has righis.
One of them is to be ns neiir he
Monarch politically ns any other subject of like degree, Thai Britons
should lose iheir birthright, their political caste, Iheir Irue relation to
their King, Iheir personal and direct
subjection lo him nuly, bv having
been born in or hy having removal to
one of his oversea countries, is a •Jo..-
trine that would have seemed monstrous to the United Empire Loyalist forefathers of Canada. Canadians
can get hack into that relation when
they obtain a position lo address
and advise the King by represenia-
tives of their own election. One band
of Ihe race brotherhood has no sound
claim to rule another. The band so
subjected would he stihiecls of th.'ir
fellow subjects. That is not good
enough for men of The Blood.
This is not- a matter of monaroUI.U
sentiment alone. Nothing can lie more
practical. The crown, as a political
institution, is one of the utmost /al-
ue just because its wearer, being advised    and     governed   solely by ihe
,«£; A AAA* A A AAA ***<*************************.& \«'
| Big Banknipt Stock!
A. Uarvcy, of Rosslnml, has brought to Cranbrook, a big stock
Of Clothing. Cents' Furnishing. Children's Clothing, Shoes, Watches,
etc., which he will sell at most any price. Don't miss this chance.
The stock will be sold at Kennedy's old stand on Hanson avenue. Also
renTemher that there will be an auction sale Saturday night when you
can buy at your own price.
eoun;-eIs ot men elected by his people
cau do no wrong lo them. A llritish
country is wronged in status and liable to he wronged materially, when
its representatives do not advise him
in all its affairs,
In order lo euler any federation
under ihe common crown, Canadians
need io get first into the same facilities for advising Uie Crown that is
possessed by the Crown' lieges in
Great Britain. Complete autonomy,
i.e., independence under King Edward, seems the necessary preliminary to negotiations for Imperial fed-
oratlon. Probabtv Mr. Maclean will
meet Colonel Hughes motion by an
expansion of these positions,
It is curious io liiul Americans Inclined to smile at the notion that Ihe
Crown is a democratic institution.
British Liberals haw become newly
aware, during the past thirty years,
that an omnipotent Parliament, managing public affairs in the name «.f
■the Monarch, is of all political le-
vlces the one best adapted to popu*
.Iai government. In Canada there can
he hut limited popular rule .until the
Crown i.s counselled hy Canada only
in all manner of Canadian affairs.
Such considerations would iot
count tor one Iota if there were '.ot
good practical reasons hack of Mr.
Maclean's desire for the completion
autonomy in Canada.. That the ')u-j
minion Parliament should bavu uid
should exercise the treaty-making
power is patent. The country needs
pcrlect freedom to use its own head
in promoting commerce wiih fellow-
subjects, neighbors, the whole round
world. That iis legal business interests suffer from subjection to Ihe judicial committee of the British Privy
Council, is main'; I tied with greit.
force by Mr, Donald McMastcr, K.C.,
of Montreal, one oi the most stem
stern and unbending Tories in the
country. That its defensive forcus
cannot he developed properly until
the sullied ion of the Canadian forces
to Loudon rule shall have ceased theoretically as well as practically, appears evident.' What people, free to
choose, will maintain more than a
■shadowy army and navy so long as it i
may be possible for an authority i
quite external to abrogate their liberties, and to try to employ abroad j
or even against themselves the forces !
they may maintain? I
Il Is ol importance to Great Britain, as well as lo Canada, that the I
defensive 'system of this country
should he reasonably and liberally le-1
veloped, The publicists of England
are always saying so. But the profound and reasonable distrust whieh
mow or less consciously resides in a
people not perfectly free or autniii.-
moiis, prevents the desirable evolution, .lust so in Australia, and lhc
other so-called self-governing countries nf the empire. They seem im-
likelv in sirenglben their power according Jo their geographical nn.l political situation until Ihe responsibilities of compli te freedom are give?)
to them, and they brought to on
equality with Old Home Britons under the common Crown,
What a Monarch, what an .Empire
might the world then see, ami rejoice
to behold nt least, the commercial,
liheriy-loviiig, non-predatory world.
King of Oreat Britain, King of Canada, King of Australia, King of New
Zealand, King of South Africa, Emperor of all the British Dominions!
Before so tremendous a title His
Majesty's present holding sounds
rather small.
.... £
The East  Kootenay   Lumber Ij
Co., Limited.
MlNUI'ltlDlllillS OF
RoukIi and Dressed Lumber and Dimension j>
Also MOULDINGS of all Kinds ' J
ClUtSCEKT Lopgb Nu. Xi
Cranbrook, It. C.
UbhIb an-i nml tin TuMilajr hi h p  ui   In
I  O.O. K. lmil.
J   A. Alts.>l.l>. K   It. S
j. r. rtuk.i'.c
VlallluK Itii'tliriii roi'iluillyiiivitt'il t.< altaiid,
Crnnbrook  Local  Intuit  12*11 id lhc In Ile
llrullitilie.-Jil ol Carpcuitra aod JuIiu-m
ui America.
Thla local moats i-vit.v Pridnj avtulne wi
»*» p.   ID. lilt'. 1.. V.  llllll.
Viattlug Urethruu Coitllallj Invited,
.1 a Landry, J ll UcUotuu>
llKC-dEC. 1'lll.MI v.ST
•_±.    I.0.0.P,     Ke\ Cily I i.Jlc
:££*   No.«. Ue«i. every M.*.
■Juir*r<J <tu>,ll)l'1 M 'him hull uu
IlllkVI Hli-tt.    N>;>>li.liitf
tM.i I'cllnttHfiinittiii)'ihui.il.
ts.J. Murruw, n  it m.f.,i].,i..,.
N-    l:  Ml.\,
' / ■ V
Uarttiriiiik l.nilfc, No. At
i.V'A A.M.
Il'i'iilitr nii'i-llii'is iitf iht}
Uut,I lliii.li, of thin <iiili.
\ ailing t»Mm>u nelrutnuil,
the future, the cry will go up with
wearisome reiteration that Canadian i
companies cannot compete against
foreign manufacturers. It would he
more true to say that Canadian water cannot compete against foreign
cash and proeressiveness. A singular
thing about this agitation for higher
duties is that it is practically directed against the British preference, and
hy the very same men who keep up
llie shout for "imperial preferential
trade." The woollen men got the net
duty laised against Great Britain
imm 2a 1-3 percent to 30 per cent,
while the duties upon goods from
other countries were not changed.
Neither will the cotton men get any
change made in the United Statts or
German duties, and iheir only hope
is to get Ihe British preference diminished, In the case of woolle-iS
however, an influential body of traders 1ms shown ihe government how
unjust and absurd in many cases has
been the effect of their concessions to
the manufacturers. It is to he hoped
a consideration of all clrcumstancas
in the ease of the cotton companies
will convini'c the government that
ihe protection thev nuw receive is adequate.
Craiibriiuk Presbyterian Church.
SnbliailiS ,,i..»:..   ii ...,,, „„,! j.,,,,,,. „
rt„ll,ln.V Srio.cil „t,., uthlaclou. .. ;, ,, „
i hrl.il.il K ,'nr, '|'„„.,|„,     ..      ..     ,.
Tli,,,,,,,,',,-,,,.., ii,
IV, I-',
A cottage on llakcr lllll fur (931)
Apply t„ Si,l Arnold, Uox 711, I'.il-
garv, Alberta,
Flourfax Fables.
The Young Wife and the
Honest Grocer.
Cnmhreiik MelhiuJisl Church.
uirnn- nl IIAnion Avtlittc nud UuiB Slf.rt
SlllnhiV .--..pvi,.i.      •
UlvliiQ (Vnnd.lp       ii \. it.
Snutliij    .V,.. i  a ,.  y   |
Iiivh,,- \W.nUip.., .    , .„. ,."v,
Tlicsdliy:    tiimorth   fa-ague   ul   il.rwu.in
Kndeuver   ,. .s i- M,
Thursday;   Weakly Prnyer Mecttni?.. * i\ u,
\      fL'r.liuI   UivltuHuU   Is   I.XU-Illil>.I   tn   llllll Lin-
Paiinr, S J   TUonipflOli
Crinbrouk RapiUt Cburcb.
TlnalollmvlnglsaliHt ol th.- «.rvlo-n hi-].|
in Hit- UliptiBt'Ulllireti
rfitiiilay  ti  ii. in iin.i 7 .'lo |, in
<iin.i,,,v Suhu.it ;i,, „.
Vi.uuk IVi.*tl,* r\ ,,. m, TiuwiImj
I'nuerMectliia 1 p.m. Wndiipmiov
'IVpiiMli'iiroi'urdiiillj iiiv.i.-.n.. intend
r-.stt.r. .I   I.  si,.nt.
Montreal Witness: The cotton manufacturers, or, at least, some of thorn,
have made an early demand upon '.he
government for increased duties on
white cottons. The present duty
amounts to 25 pcr cent ad valorum
in the ease of the United States; to
lfi 2-3 per cent iu the case of the
Uniled Kingdom, and to 31J per eenl
in the case of Germany. Some of the
shitl and collar manufacturers are
willing to support an increase of duty on white cottons if, at Ihe same
time, the duty is increased on he
goods Ihey make. The duty on shirts
and collars is now 35 per cent in the
case of Ihe United Stales; 23 1-3 per
under the peferential tariff wiih Great
nritain, and 13; per eenl in ihe -josc
of Germany, including Ihe surtax,
The cotton men and the shirt men arc
a-greid that these duties are nol -kf-
licienllo keep tlieir Industries iu life,
though, for thai matter, they seem)
to he duing very well. In so'saying
tliey imply that their business ns
pared with the same business carried j
on In ihe countries named is carried-
on nt a loss equivalent to these iii-
ties, or at least, the lowest of them. I
So that to cover this loss and to
give them also a profit, they want
still higher bonuses tint of Canadian
poekets. The Canadian people do nol
forget, however, when ihe cotton and,
woollen men demand higher duties.'
on the ground that thev are not ear-
ping enough to pay their sharehold-
dividends, that a good deal of
their apparent capital is water.
Years ago, when the cotton compn-1
nies were making large profits, they
were afraid lo declare what Ihey,
earned in the shape ol dividends, he-
cause if they had done so they expected that the government of ihe
day would have found it necessary to
lower the duties. Public opinion
would have urgently insisted upon
such   a   reduction. To avoid any
such demand, the companies increased
their capitalization for the benefit of
the shareholders. In the case of the
new merger, which is to he known i,s
tlie Dominion Textile Company, there
millions of added water, upon which
It is proposed to pay. six or seven per
eenl. If there should at any time l.e
found any difficulty in doing that, in
V young ft ii't- deelde'd to gn to house*
'■ 't'piiig mill do her own marketing.
"Ni.ft I want to save alt the money 1
can." she told ihe grocer.
"lam going to buy jusl us economically
us I can, and I am going to d... my own
cooking ami bake my owu bread."
She -aiw s-oiue eggs.
" llow much are eggeV"
" Well, we have them at various prices.
Tho best are thirty cenla a dozen."
".My, how expensive! Haven't you
eomo ior twenty?"
"Yes ra'am, but I can't recommend
" But we are trying to save money."
"True, but you can't afford to.save
money on eggu, butter and flour.''
1' Thoae are three tbiogs you want good
and you can't have them too good.
Vou can save in lots of wayu but don't
do il on the necessities.''
" What is your best flour?"
" Royal Household."
" How much does it cost ?"
lie told her.
" Have you cheaper flour."
"Yes, cheaper in price but really not
as cheap in the end. You see in Royal
Household Flour you get the largest
amount of Hour value for your money."
" What do you mean by 'flour value'?"
"The largest amount of wheat nutriment—of pure flour.
"The cheaper the flour the less nutriment it lias in it and tlie more  bit.:,.
"The bran is in ull flour till its taken out.
"Ii'h all taken oul of Royal Household
Flour, and that menus the best machinery
and the best milling.
"Ami another thing, madam, perhaps
ymi haven't heard of the new process
used in making Royal Household Flour.
It Is purified by Klectricily and that
fleeuifl to make all the difference in the
world in flour.
"Everybody wants "Royal Household"
now—they seem to think it is healthier,
and 1 guess it is."
.Suddenly she looked-suspicious at ilie
earnestness of bis argument.
"Don't you make more money on
Royul Household Flour?
"Xo iii'am—not as much as wo make
on cheaper priced ilour."
"Then why do you recommend it 1"
"Because when a customer once tries
'Royal Household' our trouble is all
over. It sells Itself after that und we
never have nny com plain tn. If you send
to The Ogllvle Flour Mills Co., Llml id,
Montreal, ihey will send you ihe Royul
Household Recipes.
"Well; send me a barrel of 'Royal
Household' then; and I'll luve some of
those 30c. eggs too."
    *'..:. FLOCRFAX-
Sixty days after date I hereby intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works at Victoria, It. C, for the privilege of cutting and carrying away timber from
the following described lauds near
Mayook station,   Kootenay district:
Commencing at a post planted 200
chains south of the southeast corner
of Harry Arnold's pre-emption,
thence 8U chains west, thence 80
chains south, thence 80 chains easl,
thence HO chains north to the pla»to
of beginning.
Cranbrook, .January 30, 1005
44-61 Mary Kennedy,
ilUMIKouk   lliVt.NCII.UF
llll:   A. I.. IJ.   siikl
Meets every  Saturday
night in  I  n  u, F   lull
Vlslllnt brethren cordially hulled n. a,ic,,j
Meets lal and 3rd Tuee'du-y every month
\ ItMng bielliVeiii'uftliully Invited
A. He- owa.n, r It.    Wm, .Uehnktuy, Sae'y
W. P. (ll)RU,
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
3. Il.TttOflPSON,
Hamster, Sulicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, B. C.
Hamsters, Solicitors, Etc.
llaicll Hilled Craiibriiuk, B. C.
I      C, H, DUNBAR       |
«'   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   »
J Public, Etc. X
X   Crnnbrook,     -     -     II. C.   ',*
Physicians and Surgeons.
ttttlie at Residence, Arm.lrung Ave.
Purenoiiii.,   ....   y.jo ,„ ,|
lllcrnoun.    ....    |:JQ to J:J0
BvealD|.    ....    7.J0 lu HtJO
CKA   IIKl'iitK,    t !      t-   B. O
-■•'I ■, , -j' !... mv !,, i ,,, M-.a
Sixty days after ilnte 1 intend to
apply to the Chlel Commissioner of!
Lands and Works, at Victoria, B. ,.'., '
for the privilege ni culling and carrying away timlier from'the following described lands near Mayook sta-1
tion, Kootenay district: I
Commencing at a post 1211 chains
south of the southeast corner ol Harry Arnold's-pre-emption, thence *0
chains west,, thence 80 chains south,
thence 80    chains   east,   thtnee   Mi ra nt,. '        . />	
chains north  to the place ol begin- -■ uttrce on Armstrong: Avenue   .
Cranbrook, January 30, 100.1.
44-6t Geo. Kenned,
Dr. Connolly,
Physician and Surgeon   @
Z.   III., liri^tllii 11 11. 11,.;  a,., 4|,  lit, 7   ®
5       '""'""•   •|'l"""""s  :   i
1«I $ 14> I *> I * I $ i «> (® I ^ I $ I «».!'$ 14}
Sixty days after date I intend to
apply to the Chief Commissioner if
Lands and Works at Victoria, 10
purchase the following descrtbnd
lands in South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted 11
the southeast corner of lot 7007,
thence north sn chains, thence easl
20 chains, thence south Bti cgaliis,
thence west 21, chains to place of :>,■■
Dated   tliis 20t!i day of Docombot
■H-ot r  p. Davis
Nolicc is hi'ii-liy given that sixty
days niter data (' ,M, Kdwanls will
apply lo Iho Chid Commissioner ,•(
Lands and Works, Victoria, fur •,,-,-
mission t„ purchase lite following tli
scribed land ,,. Suuil, Easl Koolcnay
Commencing 111 chains ensl ol 'I,.'
Moyie river, on tbo International
boundary lino, tllonco 1(1 chains west
thence in chains nurlh, thence -'it,
east,   more   or   less, I,, II,a ivoslel'l,
1 mini'!' "' 1*1 L'ovoll's pre-emption
thence soiilhorly following sai.l western h,,„Hilary to so,ill,wesl cornel'
thence III chains cast, thence Iii
chains south, mure or less, to point
ol commencement.
Dated I nth January,  lOOii.     -t-i-ut
I"" ~— -I
'Take   notice   that    I,  Michael  ,1.
■ Mcl'eni,-,   intend   t„    npply   t„   tbo
j Hoard    of    License   commissioners
I Inr    Crnnbrook district, at the lirsi
meeting held thirty days after the
jdale ol this notice, f,i, a transfer
, from myself lo Alexander P. Chc-
, nette of the license for the East
j Kootenay hotel, situate on Baker
1 street, in the town of Cranhrook,
, now known as the Queens hotel.
Dated this Otll hay of January, A.
D.,  1905.
!      41-4t M.  J. MePeak.
1,10 tu a m.
1 to n p. m,
7 to 8 p ut.
I I- lull ...I- ,
!,„,,-,, hllliri.t nut,
it,, t>,<- i'i""' Bpnm „,'- not.
And III i-iihii nl Kl.-ku, all up
DR.  CROSS    VBTBRINARV  siRillitil
, ind Nllllsl! IHiNTI!fI
CRANDR00K, II. C, 'Phone M'
McViltie & l.aidlaw,
MinliiK Engineers
mul Surveyors,
TH09, T, McVITIIB, P. L, S,
J. 1. LAIDLAW, M. E.
Stock Quotations.
Pili'iilshod by lli'tilo, &  Ehvnll,
brokors, Cronbrooli II. ('.
SI. Rug  ,s
Sil,li,-„,i  «
N.irlli  Shir  -,
tiller,.,,,iunal ,'„,„ inn, Coke  :'o
lle-tern nil ..n.l Onill Com,iHII,V  Hi
Ii,,p.ri„] Oil nnd (.',,»! L'ontpnii,,  50.00
Hull Itivrir Water Polvor & Light ('„. 1 „()
Salea—500 Internatioiial Coal <$»


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