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Cranbrook Herald Nov 29, 1906

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Array fceglsl.
1 '<' '.ihr..
* >
December   the   Fifth
In announcing the opening of our fine new Store, we cannot pass this opportunity of thanking YOU for the loyal support
you have given us in the past, and, with the great additional room and lhe many modern conveniences in the new store, we will
he in a position to supply your wants in a much more satisfactory manner, and hope to receive that same loyal support in the
future that we have enjoyed in the past.
npO our present large stock we are adding Men's and Boys' Clothing, Merchant
Tailoring, and Women's and Children's Shoes.
We have purchased the tailoring business formerly conducted by Mr. D. J.
McSweyn, and we are pleased to state that Mr. McSweyn has accepted the position
of manager of this and the Clothing Department.
Mr. McSwcyn's ability as a practical tailor and cutter is well known, and, with
the increased stock and larger and better accommodation for handling the business, he
can guarantee even greater satisfaction in the future than he has given in the past.
In adding thc new Departments it has been our great desire to procure only such
goods as would be worthy of "Fink's Guarantee," and after inspecting the samples
of most all the clothing makers of Canada, have decided that the clothing made by
the Campbell Manufacturing Co., of Montreal, and the W. R. Johnstone Co., of
Toronto, will meet all of our requirements, and we offer it to you with the same full
guarantees as given by us on other lines.
TH E   Men's Furnishing Department will be greatly
improved by the larger space, fines cases and shelving,
and the addition of everything new and natty that
could be desired by the best dressers.
The Ladies', Men's and Children's Shoe Department has
received its share of attention, and here you will find all the
newest lasts and styles from such well-known makers as the
Geo. A. Slater's "Invlctus" Brand and Walker, Parker &
Co.'s "Empress" Brand, each line bearing our usual
" money hack guarantee,"
We will also place on sale one of the largest stocks of
, runks, Grips and Suit cases ever shown in Cranbrook.
we can lit them nil with
OU R   New Grocery Department will be one of the
largest and, we think, the finest in British Columbia.
And in making it the finest we have not overlooked
the necessity of conveniences to facilitate work in getting out
orders in first-class time and manner.
In this, as in all other Departments, you will find only
first-clsss goods. It is our desire to give you juit what you
want.   By satisfying you we satisfy ourselves.
Your Money B&ck If You Are Not Satisfied
We will strive to please you, and by doing that' [we will please ourselves.   To please you it will be necessary to
carry the goods you want, not what we desire to buy, and those goods must be worthy of our,guarantee.
lities for ship-
The Crockery and Glassware Department will be a
dream of loveliness and art. Here will be assembled cut
glass and fancy china from almost every country on earth.
You will also find a very large range of stapleware. TTTE   CEANBBOOK   nERALD
Wc Advise Early Xmas
You get better service and a
larger assortment to select
Our stock is bigger and
better than ever.
The Town Seriously Damaged Last Tuesday
The Employers' Liability Act
renders vmi rosjiotisible fnr ninny tilings.
Protect Yourself
l>> bikhiK oul u policy uilli un UY I,.-1\.■
jusi received ilu- appoint men I for ii very
Btronu company, and run Lrjve you exceptional rates.
Wenl Estate CRANBROOK, ll C. Insurance
Fire Started From a Defective Flue
in One of the Buildings
ii Tui'silii) .iliriiii,,,ii. !•',,ii Sleele,
piniieei   luini ki   lln- district   sni
• 1 .i  most   ihs.isitons im-   whieh
ed nul  Henri)  nn entire lilc-h    nl
i lii-
business       section    nl    till'   l,,..n
lil.,/,- ,,nt;ii ,!     in  lln' Sel.llii
iluiu. iiimii. ,,|ii'i,siii. Hi. I,ii|„<,i.,l
'1          tin. |,uiiiiiiii;   mm.  recentl.
bused l„   Mi   i-    nlm.    .ihinil
i sl.uli'il .,      Iiii'      stuvc,       1,,
Mi    I'niik Ilun I.M   Hn- 1,milium
.mil .iiimii I ii'i'liiil, ,i ii.is.i'iln muir
eil Hu' limine ...is allium' inside, prob-
lllll]   l.llls.-ll     In   .,  ,1.- ni' ilu, I
nulckl. imi,nl in Innil     Tin' lire
ll,'|l.ll .llll'lll ITSpillllll'l]    i|llll'|,|\,    .lll.l,
UOtWitllsl line   I'll'   I.H'I   lll.ll       they
li.ill   llll-   lii'sl   ill   Imm    mill   III,'   ["IUII,.
,i|i|i,u.,tii.s. in,, water iiressuru wns
insultlcienl ,i> .ulmii ni lheir checking   llii'   II rs.      .mil    lii'l'.il.'    steam
i'inilil In- fi.il ul' "I tl"' powei liouse
,,n llilil Horse   rreck, llie lire     li.ul
mill   In   III.'  iml'lli  .mil  snulli
I'EKll MM—11. II. .1 VMIKSON
Vancouver, Nov. 26.—11 is slatnl
Ui.ii (1,'in'i.il Superintendent Marpoie
is slated tu In' promoted in Victoria
in In-   se. 1   nssistnul  tn the vlco-
Tsnh'iii. .its,i ih.ii !•'   F. Hushed is
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
To Start Early Passenger
SerViCe '   0•F-•w•'l•KER•^","'^*IM»"'«>.',•, ALEX LAIRD, Am. delMaruuji
.resident; also llial V. !•'. Bustced is! 	
n succeed hlni iierc .is general super-
 "ti »!"'" " '■'■ '""""'»   ,';•, ALL TRAINS TO  MEET /IT YAHK
|,|i tod   manager nl   C, I'. 11.,
Pacific liners .villi licadquarters     Ini ———»
Vancouver      ll   is also stated th.il
wlion   piers ..m move irom Mon-1 It Will Prove of Great Convenience
n.'.ii in England in !„• manager "l
Ml.inn,' liners
The new position   ol assislanl gun-
I'l.il miinagei'   ol western lines is   lo
I,,' crcnled    I il ..ill bo nihil     In
\ I'rice, no., superintendent ol
transportation, witli headtpiartcrs iu
Winnipeg      M  presenl   lliere is mil. ,    ,,,
  nsslstnnl niiinager    .1   W. I ,-|s  . ,         ,.,  ,   ,
ii,ml.   wlm is   si.ii t-ii in Montreal.|    ',   ,.,,..
Mi    I'lni' ts iiiii.  ii, tlte wesl ■"' s   lull,',',   districl  |>,isnengol
li    H   .I ii'siin,   general  iiiipcrln 'agenl ol   (lie    O   I'   It., will. Lead
1,'nilftii nt ih. western division, will.'quarters at Nelson   In ilns nu     oi
l,eiidi|Uiirters ul Calgary, is In resign  Wl,,|„e«.lay m     tins     week, .,i whicl
f'""i '!"•   servl.'i I   ,1  is declared   .     ,,„1i,.,,.|„.,. .. ,s held wllh   .1
tl    .1   llurv, general in igei   "I , " ""'"   *"'  '	
ll.e central dlv'ls    wilh hoiid.ninr-''hrlokann,    suiierlntenilenl      "i    tlio
lers in Winnipeg, will movo wesl .nnl  trows \est r.iss itlvlsion   h.nl sonic
.iss ■    I'hnrgc "I Hm   weston. ,lm    partlculai  ilmiiflciiiii i morn   ilmn
to the People of This
'I'h,' nsli ul E   .1   Roberts   ,■
iideni   ,,i
"i .1   S. Carter.
A general Banking business transacted,   ttccotuitl may be opened and conducted Wj
mail wilii aii branchu ol this Bank.
Deposit-- ni  $1 nnd upwards received* mul Interest allowed «t
current rate**.-.   ■ lie depositor In subject to tm delay wlist-
ever in ilu- withUniwul ol tlie whole or any
(iui Ilun  til   the   deposit
Crnnbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
|i.iiin-iil,ii MirjiHiiMtuv <>t moro   than
... - ipi-i niiliii.ii>   itn purl ti iut     in  ('i.iiilitiiok
 'IpM     <"   'he    eenlrnl division, am| u,,. ,||8trlcl     Thr ..l i ..i   this
promollon ni .1   T   \ lell, mipcrln- ■Sl'l":''1 "•'""'   '">'<     ""' '''"' "'
ti'iiih'iii nl I lie central dMfilnn lo lho and the   Crow frnm    Crnnbrook    to
posllion    "i    general  superintendent Spokniio,   whieh    is to he maintained
wnh heiiiliiii.il lei.s in Wlnnlpca
ll  i'   understood ihese changes will
he announced lm ihe hegl ne nl lhe I"1' on next April or Mnv f	
 '■"■ I'.ml m Spokane 111 lhe w.il nl i'r
.iliuil.    devour
% h
1 Our Christmas Silverware J§
ffl m
Iln.s just timve'l. Mid t In - deaiLjilS tliis year nre
without doubl ihr ln'si wi* Imve uver shown.
Anything picked out imw we will cheerfully
Uy naiilu until culled for. Wu ndviso tmriy
shn|i|iiiiL'. iis uln-iiily wo havo laid tisido a gooil
number oE Uhristiuae presents.
| W. H. WILSON, The Jeweler and Optician |
We have just opener] a large assortment
of Hockey and Acme Skates of the very
newest patterns, also a fine line of Hockey
Sticks, and the prices are right.
Call and inspect our stock.
thills' in lis |tiill ^^^^^^^
sle.iin wns gol up, however, lln- de-
pnrln.eul w.is enabled tn lurn two
streams ol wnler un « illi suflieienl
force in I'hi'iK the further progress
nf ihe lim I'lie buildings burned
weir twelve in mm.hei. nr frnm lhe
llrilnili building nil the linllh Iii the
T.HUill.lllser     building   nil       the  SUUtll
Among Uu- principle buildings     des-
llnveil were the Stinlhe i I I, the
Nul'dig building, lho .Miller building
.ml the Kershaw building li is
'Stlmuled    Ui.ii (he total luss   will
inm up nearly     SHI),I , and .is near
enn he uscerlnli.nl ul presenl  the
...stirancu   will mil ......i nvei  H15IKI.
The si in i hn mn   hotel, lhe largest
building   lies! In. nil,     wns   iiwlleil       bv
Uurl.1 Ilrillilh "uuil leased to .Lime's
llm km.ui n is iindi'i'slood thut
ihere w.is ,i sin.ill amount ol Insurance mi ihis building.
Il is stilted ihni :, portion nl Hie
numls ,,i A, r, .Miller, general merchant, .nnl II. Kei'shiiw. proprietor ni
Uu- pnsi olllce sture, were sural, Inn
lhe  hlllW   Will   lie  n   llulil   nil.'   In  Imlh.
ns little, if uuv, iiisiirnnee wns curried hv ellher.' Ili'sides ihis loss lu
.Mr. M'lller lie suflered lhu mini loss
ni ihe building adjoining his store
which he lunl Iiiii recently purclmseil
The Imperial holel, ncross llu
sireel friini where the lite originated
was bnilly damaged, lhe entire froni
being scorched   nml ihe glnss broker
nil!     while   lhe    wnler   turned   mi      I'
extinguish    several   Incipient   blazes
ilumngcd  the Inft't'lnr consideruhly.
Mr, .Miller, in whoso st  ihe hmp
distance leleplu  wus loeiited   mui
lied the Crnnbrook ollleo ni Hm iin
ml kepi iheii. apprised nf iis process until it bad bi'i'onie sn Iml thai
he wns forced In retire frnm llu
hn.ith As soon ns llm news wns
received in Crnnbrook ihe services nl
he Cranbrook brlgnde was tendered
ml wns declined ns unnecessnry, hul
i large minibei' secured rigs mul drove
ner. nml mi arrival found lln- liu
inder eiuiiinl.
t'U.KIlUM.W   .MI'.'KTIM!
Hm regulnr  through trains nn
il in May iiuiii
hj lhe w.u ol C
niigeiiiuni will gi
'hi i.nk      Tin
In   effei'l   ,|s     sunn  ,Ls  the   I'nlhiii   m.i.l
The, regular fortnightly mooting   „.'™i"|iletra ihe bridge over theS :	
:•, ;?3::;:K''-^---'--''v -•:'^''^^!:::":•^..-lJ^.u•;l,::r;:;;
JiSS-^W.'r:.. KllV^!!o;:r,i'T1,ocrass,ltY"l,k":i'	
etiuir wus occupied    In- I Inn  Met  I     .      here hv n passenger it ,
>'■  Smilh.      The husiness  ,,f tl ven' ' ''"'   l '"'l""   '"•"'   '"  '''"'lv  nil   pnSSOIt-
"<- I'l'lng dlspns ,( ., very oxcoi oni   fil'rs, J" S|»oknno.     This nrrangemon.
"ogrnnimo wns given In ' the m,.,„.,;V I"',"11' •' -"'•" convenience in
'"'"-       Uio   li'ui,,,,.   „f' ,|„, „.' , '   lhe people nl ihis part ,.f ihe districl
wus lhe duet    |,v the   Jllsses S  1 n " ,      "'" "Km   verv well .is   n
Cllllls and .Icnnv I'nllon two ,.■■ s«l'stltulo until the through trains
promising singers. \' ,,,,. ']',> are put oil next spring. Mr. Carter
Paper   wus read   hv Mr      Smith ,,,' ,     M'i, l!,,l"'ns returned home   In-
'■Scolcb Chnrnclerislli's." i,,,-,"... : '';'■ ,WI'" ^"islieil with ,1„. pr„c,','ss
   goliulions inn 111:11 mt ed
............ ...I..,. HI.!.. , .,.,,.,......, »,..?..*».
I .
t Capital Paid Up $1,425,000.00 Resl $1,125,000.00 J
I D. R. Wilkie, President. Hon. R. Jaffray, Vicc.-Prcsidenl J
tl 4
4 Branches in Provinces of .British Colunihla, Alberta, Sas- t
i kali'lic.van, Manitoba, Ontario .iml Oiichec *
5 Interest allowed on Savings account. FROM DATE OF DE- i
J   POSIT .it In'sht'st current rules and compounded half yearly.      *
nit Hie commercial, humorous, valo,
Ills mill nlllhilinlls iintt.ru nl Hie Scut
lish people. Ilieui credit Is due Ml
Smilh for the niannei  iii whieh     bui
handled the subject.     Mrs. Abeiiietlu.,, 	
the    society  vocalist, sang "\Vliis|lb;s| BSCRII'TIONS     AKK   riiMlM
Nile   lne  ye."       I'lper       .\|i-'
',iiiily responded ns an eii-
j I. F. M. PINKHAM, t/Utngct,      §
1- i*
r* ************************ H Mf.f.f . f ..   M ***********
The ,1 iiiiiiiiI mei'llng nl the members nl the Kootenny club wus hold
on Frldny evening lust nml the fol-
lowing ollieers oloclod for the ensuing
.Indue r. T. Wilson, president.
V   IIvih- linker, lirsi vice president.
Hi F. Vi. nieni. second vice president,
A. E. Faster, seerelni'v-lreiisuier.
.Inlin rii.ililiieh. A M Andrews, ,1.
F, M. I'iiikhuiii nud M. A. Beale, ox-
ulive   entntllillee
The I'l'piills ill tlio nllii-i-ls    tor    llm
luisi vent were received mul showed
the elub iii rcmnrkuhly good condl*
linn mid warrant lhe slnlemenl thnl
ilu- elub is now nn nssured fixture in
The K. "i I', lodge eli'i'ii'il ollieers
s follows, lusl Tuesday evening:
C, ('.-A. C. Howiicss.
\'. ('.—»'. A.  Rollins.
I'relule-E. V. .Inlmson.
M    Vi -II.   Ilnhil'hilllil.
K. II   uml s-F   A   Small.
M   !•' -.1. A. Arnold.
M   l-:.-\'.  \, Rollins.
M   nl   \ -A. .1. Hradley.
I. (1 -.1   II. Henderson.
n   tl -r. II. Till..'.
Automobiles are Popular
Hut at this time of the
year one must think of
STOVES. That cooking stove could be replaced by another that
would save you fuel and
make you money. And
as to HEATERS, we
have a stock that will
meet your needs. Snow
will soon be here and the
price of wood has gone
up. all and see what
we can do.
J. G. McCALLUM   &  CO. mSfAN.
The Moylo Minors' union nl n    re
mi     nteeling passed     Dm followlni
■si,Itll lulls:
Resolved   llinl  wo, lho members o
the Mnvie Miiieis   un ue ilesirnu:
,,l pulling ourselves upun record   in
being    ilitrrilv oppused     lo lhe om
ployillClll   nf   Aslulle  Iniiiil   in   mil   en
paclly, feeling    ns ue do that     tin
 ' is  bound  In he ilelllliieiil.il    n
lilll  hesl       llltelesls      ol Ilns  [linviliei
mnl the Dominion genoruiiy.
Resolved, nlso, llml we endorse
llu, altitude of lhe Sandon Miners'
union in then     efforts in discourage
Uu-    omploj nl    ni' this class     nl
Rollt.   I'nllel'siiii,
Jas. A, Macdonald,
Tims. r. Kelly,
.Ins.  Roberts, Secretary.
Committee on resolutions.
Mnyie, Nov. 21st, lllllll.
ii' I'll c
I'own ii gi
>'•■■      Mrs.  Abeinei'lii' I
Morags Fairy (Hen."    Several ll
« were   enjoyed during ibe evening
vol chosen words, Hwnked lhe ■,. i !*" ™FCCS»- Alrendy ipilte u sum hu.
"im; chief. Mr, .1. 1,-. smilh or-ilm b"'""sw>serlbed nud thero Is uiiul
icrviccs nnd    support which   ho I, J "lu,'°    l«» slslil.     This movement    ii
;""" "' ""■ society   during ll   (is   .Zurufoil"° I,1"?,, "'"S."?8, 1re"   '"
nuiih -suii   ""gmni™     in Hns     district, .is   i
  I ,.RJJ\<»"«"* rellel mr    sunetnig humanity
ly delighted will, the manner ffllll"''")' , ,l,1)' lmssc's "'" »!'•"   souii
'    "--' . iiooi- lellow Is,brought  to town   foi
j Dairy Farm for Sale
movement  lo secure nn nrabu-j
lm Crunlirouk is now an assur-
i'd MH'irs.s.    Alrendy milte a sum lias |
'•f exist ance.     Mr
'siiqiKlcil.     Tlie iM.-nilii
ynt-a Mr. Hunter sail) Sw^rl XdH' FJ"r ,e,,ow ls ^oughl lo town I.n
ll",,-1 Hiis being ibo first time ' ilo'"V'"1",1'"1 ;lt lhl' st' Eugcue liospl-
nembers bad tho oiiporluriHv ot ,lul" "e may bave lever or be may
liPurinK   the   sweet   s,,,'J  ,   5   t°i bu sufforing    witb broken limbs     or
ring thr sweet soiigstrcss. An
agreeable viirlntlon to lhe program
was lenl bv .Mrs, Sbaw reciting thnt
exiiufslte [iiit'tn "Jfarj*, Queen of
Scots," lbe pathos am) energy in (he
it'iiilrriii", classes the elocullonlsl .is
<it f On1 highest. Another promising singer was unearthed thai evening when Mr. M. Cllllls snng the
"Sailor Hoy." Mr. I). McKay closed the programme villi the "l-en
Rig," 1 litis ending nm' pf the most
successful meetings nf the society.
Vrrniigements were made for celebrating the anniversary of llie birth
of Unhrrt Hunts, on the 35th • ur
.January, 1007, (when Scrttsmen gMlicr) to honor lhe poet. Tbo next
meeting, December 1 Ub. takes the
form of ii "gathering of tbe Clans,"
when all interested are welcome to
sh,ue in the events ol the evening,
All Information regarding membership, ele, call he obtained frnm Win.
Ahernclbj, secret a ry-t tea surer.     *
Al the meeting of Kev,'Citv Lodge,
Nn, il', I. i). o. V., oiiMntiday evening last a very enjoyable session wa.s
held and the work in the initiatory
degree was exemplified] on iwo candidates. This Indue i^ forging rapidly to lbe front these days nnd is
now one of tiie foremost in the prov-
1 ncc The following nrTcers ^'ero
'lected for  Ihe ensuing  term:    -'-
Chas. Smith, \. fi.
VV. T. Havnes. V. O.
F, ll   McKay, Secretary. J
I   P. Kink. Treasurer.
"We have U!fi Hindoos employed at
our mills, nnd after n careful estimate of Iheir worth as laborers I am
confident wo could gel as much work,
moro satisfactorily mine, nut of im
good while men." So said Lester
W. Fraser, managing director nf the
Fraser Kiver    mills at Sew     West-
\i lhe same time," cnntlnued the
Davnl, "I do nnl knmv Wlml we mill
■it nn tbe Fraser river wnuld'do at
Ihe presenl time if il were not for
lie Hindoo. W'e bave paid, and an1
itlll prepared lo pay, $3.50 n day
nul up, iu while men fur (tniimon
[.iluu. imt manv lhat we bad ivnulil
si.iv mure than a few d.tvs. and
ns .ire bard In find. Ar lifc.ru
Hindoos mt uur pnvroll al $1 0 a
nnd    M.itie nf them are barely
111  tlmt   ainniilil.      Tlieie .He  0llllll uur employ     who are huttui
paid, bul we would tml have th"<n at
crushed bone's, and In see bim
ried in an open, rig in all kind
weather to the hospital is uol n very
humane sight. Ami (here are people
taken sjek in town, both men ami
women, and under existing circumstances it is rather a hard ordeal Inr
tbein in pass through, to be carried
in an open rig m tlte hospital, Let
the good wurk [jo on, Cranbrook
lias long needed an ambulance ^nd
now ii will have nne jf ihe necessary
ciin be raised.
Up in   noon    to-day tbe following
subscriptions liad been received:
Crows    Nesi     i'ass     Lumber
company  jaiuui
V.,Hyde Baker   50.no
C.   Gocksbutl,   Toronio   'jo.no
:V. Pinkham  lo.nu
D.*R, Wilkie, Toronto     5.00
LM Slohn  50
,l:' M. Agnew
UIO acres
7 miles from
mil; L'u it,ilf,
for nil ■„,',.,
frnm    Mum  *
-U under cultivation;
I    tlin    MU  S|ll. )  p,,y
: two hulls; plenty of
Sales nitiouutih", t.i
IU per  mouth,     Nu
mj i
11    I ho.e    wu
hJJjJ' i!',';','",'' '" "^'-broken loRKing
"', """' -Vl'iirs "Id.    Six
o   Ihose foams weigh Irom 3(100     to
■ilun pounds i„-i team.
Appll'  tn
i ii I ,v:ii: Inlii'i 'I wniii's lhat
nnlil in.ike il possible lm- iis lu opt
le Willi iniiiil."
Pincher Clreok.'uitn.'
Corporation of the City
of Cranbrook
I'm lie,uur attention is directed to
(he following extract from seclion
150, ehii|i. 32, Municipal Clauses
"The rales and laves on land nr nu
Improvements, special or otherwise,
whieh are unpaid on lhe 31st day of
December in each year shall bear inferos! therefrom, until paid in full,
at the rate ot eight por cent, per annum I hereon "
Thos. M. Huberts,
Cily Clerk's Office, Cranhrook, B. 0.
King Lumber Mills, Lid.
Al. Boyle     	
P. I-:?'Wilson 	
Mi. Fleishman 	
James Ityan 	
Ayiold uc Roberts 	
.1. C. Carruthers 	
Ucattio <fc Atchison ... .
A. L. MeDoriiiol  	
,1. Brault 	
Thus.  I'aven  	
Ilernlil  Publishing Co. ...
II.   White  	
A. ('. Bowness 	
Heale &  Klwell 	
K. Vi.  Kelsull 	
I'eler Matheson 	
Tate &  Son	
A. C. .Smith 	
Yi.E. Cliird   	
His. King und llroon 	
(1. T. II	
Century Rcstniirnnt 	
IV. R. Wortion 	
■ Ins.   I.ililllilW   	
Vi. T   Heid (ileid St Co.).
s   .1. Mighton .. ..
■ 1.   IVMellriili'    .    ...
Onmpbrll A- Miinulna 	
K   II. Sniiill   ,
W    I)   llill
Kmi si,Tie Brewing ('„.
MeKiiiunii  &   h.liiisiut  .    ,
Kink Mni'uiitile Co.
Ilnggnolh & Rollins
I.    II    V.ilillorul
I'.iii    11,in.liei
('    lluiujlll'lord  I'ollen   „   .
Clapp .V Hnlliiis .. ,
Kust K'lii.letinv Hollllng (',
I'n 1 iiinie Bros.
Dominion Meal. Co, .
('i-nnhi'iinl,  Co-onern'tlve Stoi
■ I   il. McC'nllum
.   2.uu
. 50.00
.   .1.011
.   'l.llli
.   S.UI I
.   5.(Ill
.    2.00
. Ml.Ill)
. 25.IIII-
. 60.00
.   fi.UOi
. 25.00
.   6.001
. 10.110
.   5.00
.    7.IIII
.   2.(10
.    5.0(1
.   2.011
.   2.011
Gold Seal Tea
We nre iiinMim n SI'KCIAL UKKKI: t,, im ailnee lliis  Ten.   On s.ll'li-
IUV. OBCEMHcS Ul, we will offer ii for .i.i teals per Pound, Inn n.- ihis pi ito
will he liolou , il will uulv hold u I mi tlml ill', mnl ue will mil, s,<||
mi,' imniiil I io person.    .Nn i  n- we ci.i'i i.ffbr.1 to be   Iieuiy
losers.   Iinii't iniuei lbe 'lute SAll'RIIlV. DECEMBfiR 1st.
mai!mWX.\t-i:.:&iiri7yr:.Mws%xi!B'x :x ict
The     Crows     Nest  Sleam  laundry\A
..ill close down to-morrow for about   ]
n munth in    order    to install     new    ^
machinery  and  make   necessary      repairs.     As soon as ibis work is com-1
plated     the    laundry will re-open in
better     shape Uiini ever     and   Mr.
Small   slates he    will     be ready to
handle any and all classes ol     work
and giiaiaiilck* satisfaction.
Why Not Give a Pipe for Christma
r ul' llm givi i ami ,i
I.I lm u perpetual i,
ul hiuii.l'.i, inm if you
This lii.iiul nn a pipe is equal to tlio sterling murk on silver.
Tli.-l'in',1 is luly guaranteed ngainsl cracking gr burning, nud
everything ulioiit ii is fully  lirst-cluss.
For particulars call up -phone   No. -
(18 between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 I    \\ittM    n    T. Tr- ff   cr*\l  '
p.m., or   'phone    No. 60 after office I     W/Vl. T.    I A I t & oUIN,
hours.       All    orders   will   reoeiva ■ 	
Srompt attention.
Hill  I', p. ll.
Ondertakingand Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.     Firstclass undertaker in attendance j* *4
CranbrookCooperative Stores
P. Burns C& Co.,  Ltd.
OWING in the extremely high pile, tbat have been
r..([i..R on il.c Atlantic Cast, our eat ol Haddlea has
been delayed, but will arrive in .. lew days now. Tbe
prices on these good" will be close, and lhc quality is said
to be thr finest.
P. Burns C& Co., Ltd
i5iaisiari2iaisri',RLii.,i-:!i?ii',ii'!i;''!io:ijr.':' '
aiaii ib '".   .''..:
Dominion Meat Co.,
Last week we advertised Pork Sausage, and we
are simply flooded with orders in fact were not able
to supply everybody, our men are working- overtime and we will do the best we can this week, but
please oblige bv giving us your order for Saturday
as early as possible. Pork is costing us a high
price, but we will maintain the quality ot our sausage at any cost. @
I _^__^_ 1
1 Dominion Meat Co., 1
EJc]fi2JEij_I^^ i-JeyaaUSSieyc^ Jl
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, ♦
"Gilt Edge" In material, "Gilt Edge" in t
make call and see the new stock of Ready *
made clothing just received. All Union ♦
Labor. ♦
Only part of the wheat
berry is tit for food. Yet
much that isn't often gets
into flour. Vou cannot see
it or taste it, but it's there.
It is simply a case of the
miller getting more flour
from his wheat and your
getting less nourishment.
Royal Household
is so milled that nothing
yoes into it except the part
of the wheat that is food.
Vou get just what you pay
for—the best and purest
flour made. It goes farther
because it is all flour. Vour
grocer can supply you.
Ogllvle Hour Mills Ct,, IM.
At Leicester cuttle market a siieep
bus just been sold for la. yd.
Earl I'ouletl   bus taken over   the
mastership   ol   the Seuvington   har-
W***********.   **************%
-**)       W'^PaJaI !i Rt*r^*'',]SI$ffl&*r WLLS .1
?       W. *fiROCf**rC> '£%£e
* X^jpP^ l'r,.,.l.ru..k. U.I'.
-. -. t fJ^«-^i
Manufacturers nl t m^
Rough nntTdressed
Also nil   kinds uf
4 yyvv */*** VVVV t ftX'eV'ftYYVfYY'k
ffl -i 1 a
0     at        Vi *r, M.'ins.illn   liuu     tS
ffl Xeaotnrj Business   ;v....-h,t,,i,,.r..»■,,. g
| Ibouses of flhiitys*   :,AtAjV:£ 1
c_ ,- —.      * cau heartily   en     fc«
&     ^jUCf   Ct't  Smelter lllty...        dors* the followiii",    ffl
J3( lillMIIH'SS IinUses )W
i Central Hotel rr_Tt:|
§    HANDLEY & COLE Proprietors Marys valley. ®
M ffl
ffl lliiiini; 1*1111111 service llie host. j^
H The place to slop when visiling the Smeller Cu. @
I The Royal Hotel
g A. P. Chenette Proprietor                     §|
g Has been recently refurnished and is now one of |J
S3 the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for a;
3 the people.                                                   p!
| Marysville Drug Co.      s
We carry a complete stock of everything in the m
Drug and Stationery line. iNo need to send away ffl
foryour goods. ffl
Wos tm taster county court, one   ot
the oiliest law courts ol London,
shortly to be pulled down.
Mr, .I,i»'es Kmipp, chorister at
Shrlvonham Iur seventy-eight years
has just died, aged eighty-live.
Dean Stubbs, of Ely, the bishop-
elect nf Truro, is stilted to be a good
At Woodleigh, a kitten has been
born with eight legs, two tails, and
tliree ears.
In Cllssold park, North London
there is u horse chestnut tree in
bloom    for   thc    second time     this
drawing un the tower of Corapton
Abbas churcli nmy be seen a good-
sized pear tree covered with fruit.
Bristol channel is Infested with
sharks, three of the UittUsno*j*xi
species having been taken in the her-
ling nets off llfnicoinbc.
j .lolm Hist, a Liverpool greengrocer,
has been (lncd ten shillings and costs
for having failed to provide & seat
for n female assistant ia Ins shop,
| Mrs. Ann Stephens, who has died
'at DobwnlIs, Cornwall, at the    age
"f 103   years, lived     for the last 58
years in the same cottage.
A new hospital is being erected in
connection with the ROynl Cornwall
Saltors' Hnmt' at Falmouth at a
cost of £2,000.
The death has occurred .it Dover,
.it the age ul elghtv-five, of Lady
Ah'X.tmli-t llnssell, wile ot General
Lord Alexander Russell
Howlonson, Andrews ami Ferguson's hat works, Stockport, were
recentl} destroyed bv lire, the dam-
age being estimated at £13,000.
A tn.iit sent to prison for fourteen
davs al South Shields forbegglng,
said hr had begged for forty years,
and would no on doing so.
In the course of a (ire in the seven-
storey sugar warehouse at Liverpool, the Bremen had to work In a
lake ol syrup, whicli greatly hamper-
eil theii operations.
The Queen has sent a donation of
£100 for the relief ol the Wlngate
colliery disaster sufferers, accompanied by a letter ol condolence,
111  .t   recent  blasting accident near
Buxton   the name of the victim was
Shotwell, and the injuries were ut-
iciniVil to by Dr. Oimn.
The London nnd North-Western
Railway engineers have just completed at Crewe Noi Hi Junction, the
largest stgnnl hox in the world.
ThOCC are 208 levers, all actuated by
Mi and Mrs. Doreham, of Kirkley,
Suffolk, who arc bolh |n their ninetieth year, have just celebrated the
sixty-third anniversary of their Wedding
A fine hunch of primroses has   just
1 '1     Picked al    Wailhurst,   Sussex.
Wild strawberries are in bloom in
Hu- same district, and leaf buds are
appearing on the trees.
The Rngllfch branch of the Society
rol the protection of Swiss scenery
hns I n holding a meeting and protesting against some engineering
Master Sydney ,Lono, a son of the
late Dan Leno, intends to follow his
lather's career, and will shortly make
his debut as a professional laughter-
After working for hours in forcing
open two safes in Messrs. Wallis A
company's ofllces, 17 King street,
St. James's, burglars found that the
safes were destitute of cash.
A bullock having died under strange
circumstances at Crediton (Devon), a
post-mortem examination revealed tbe
fact that the long hand of an eight-1
day clock had pierced the heart.
A new footway tunnel under the
Thames, to connect North and South
Woolwich, at a cost of £150,000, is
one of the schemes of thc London
county council.
From the time of Queen Elizabeth
the mayoralty ol High Wycombe, lus
been held    by anceptoi
I Packer, who has just died.
I sell was also mayoi.
|    A builder  whn  w.     u
tion in tht* Ipswich bai I
tetuined     Ins
which, he said,
tors a divide!.i!  ol
a halt in the pound.
Flat ford    Bridge, Intrai
the paintings ol Job) I i
I ueh a condition tbat
thop into     the river Slum  .
pede navigation        EHoj
made    to   restore It   on il
The education    eon mftl
London county COUiii il lias
ui'omtreiid tn the mut. il tli
for the study ol thc     li
and literature    be -
lie elementary    sell Nils >.( I
Ullngton, St  pancrai     ■    ■
At a meeting ol li
ter, the other day,  Ml    'I   T   Mink
stated tlul  the ehai
bred" to "bone killed ' In tin
meat contracts WO ll
Knglisli a|rIculturitlH - ' between
and two million poui ■'
According     to    th*   l'i
paper, the total amount  i
posltois in trustee *a\ ll
Eiigland an Novembei   Hi    "
£30 730, 363,   while the toi
amounted   to    £31,828   •
Wales     the       respective
were £048,030 and   1.(168
While shpotlnfl neai his residence nt
Edenbrldgc, Hon. Patrick I yon ai
el dent ally stmt a Ind named Wickeu-
deti in tlie eye with a glnni'im bullet
Mr. Lvou specially conveyed the hoy
to a specialist m' London, and has
promised to Interest himsell In lhe
lad's future.
HiiKingsioke was visited n yenr
tgo bv uu epidemic ol typhoid, caused; It was"", general!j believed, bj the
L'ontaminatian of the wnU'i fr*»m the
corporation water works, The
epidemic has cost the ratepayers
more than £5,000 in hospital expenses and suits Ior damages, and n
supplemental Is.   In  tbe pound   has
been made.
A doctor was called io give evl
lence :n an action nt Morpeth count)
•ourt, in which a miner claimed £25
lamages against a barber foi fl
'foul" shave. The medical man
'ook the Scotch oath, anl the judge
hereupon asked, "Whicli, in your
-pinion doctor, is thc mute ilanger-
us—the court testament or thc
uhlic razor?" The doctor—"Thc
ourt testament "
The Worcester eleclion commission
as decided to reporl Alderman
'aldicott -. for bribery and Illegal
■radices, -and refuses him a eertifi-
■ate. Of 93 persons who arc In lie
-eported. 2H have heen refused certl-
Icates. ami1 the commissioners have
ound that Mr. Williamson, the un-
icated Conservative member, was
fjUllty of a technical offence in making
payment'to a person oilier than an
'lection agent.
At an inquest nt Colchester on the
body of C'olor-serm'ant Harrison, ol
'he Scottish borderers, who shut hiin-
-clf through the bend, n military
jprgeon stated that although tlie
'ate man's brain was prut rudlug
from the wound, he wns perfectly
sane for 30 hours after the occurrence and read a book with evident
ippreclation. Two days afterwards,
however, delirium tremens set in,
probably as. the after effects of drinking whilst ,on furlough.
The Uev. .1. M. Barnes, formerly n
Unitarian minister, when sued al
King's Lynn, for a grocer j hill, claimed that as he hail no settled or -certain income the debt should he cancelled. Ethically spenking, ho c-ould
not regard s himself as a debtor until
the state guaranteed him employment
En keeping j; with his education, ami
with sullicient remuneration uu
which to sfpport himself, ins wife
and family.'*- .Judge Willis made an
"ethical" order for ten shillings a
The autumn conference nl tiie
Church of Scotland Young Men's
Guild was helil: at Greenock.
Dundee shipbuilders are ro luisv
that they have refused au order lu
build a .steamer.
A laborer named .lolm McCoy is in
custody at Avr on a charge nf murdering his wife by cutting her
throat. Ile surrendered tu the
police at Cumnock.
The      foundation   stoi f     SI
Stephen-s Episcopal mission, Crescent
street Greenock* was laid by the
Very Rev, Dean Hutchison.
It seems to have been a bad lime
for walrus, though a good time for
the hunters, this vear. A Dundee
whaler captured 380 .specimens.
A prosperous poulterer has recently
built a nice residence in nne of the
Glasgow suburbs, and having asked a
friend to suggest a suitable name
was told to christen it "Cockpcn."
The body of Henrv Scuhie, forty-
two years of age foreman railway
surfaceman, has heen found on the
railway near Arrochar. Scohlo resided at Railway cottages, Morelaggan.
Scotch herring packing girls are
threatened with an alien invasion, an
advance party of ten Swedish women
and four men, Imported by a Lowestoft firm, having landed nt Grimsby.
A three days' bazaar to raise
£3,000 tor tho erection and furnishing
of more commodious halls for Patrick St. Mary's lodge, No. 117, was
held in the Fine Art Institute, Glasgow.
The annual public meeting nnd conversazione of the Scottish Sabbath
School union was held In St. Andrew's halls when addresses were delivered by Mr. Cameron Corbett,
M.P.. and others.
The Tobermory treasure-hunting
folks, after digging a thirty-fool bole,
have, says the Evening Tiir.es, come
upon a solid obstruction. It is perhaps rocks, but it is hoped it is a
box of pieces of eight.
i Mr. Briggs priestly, head of the
well known firm of Bradford manufacturers, Priestly, Limited, is dead.
lis was    seventy-live years old.    He
'■!   P   toi  the P ii   ■ j
bin     n embership   exti
85 to    ■ ■'■
i ■ .■ Sherifl ■'   Aberdeen, in settling
case tin  othei  dav, remarked
if i   horse sold Irom
nesbiri     to  tberdecn   would
■    -' '■   ■       ■■'.•• in the a'ni"-
■ ulnl) hen   j
u'tnarki ble       en  ci   in   tbe dialect
:  ii was addre   - *
At    ilu-    ripe age of   eighty-seven
n.   .-ii away at   his resl
il      Ingll by    PoUokshields, Gli
-v.     Mi    Robert Hogg, retired dry-
salter.       The deceased, wim wa
nl Milnathort, came to Ma*
- "^ iti earlj youth and ultimate!)
i ■ '■> -i rctpoiisible dbsltion with
thc  htm  uf  Messrs    It. and  J.   Hen  ;
■■ ih     baa    been    .'ailed    ' the
friend      because    it brings
ui b ii-iirt   .nnl     healing to workers
■■  cuts, iiiiiii, bruises'
a,ii.  ii.iii! V 0|   ill-case       .Mt.
II    i   i iiii,   ut     Cavendish street,
t)nt)      tells how *Zam Buk
tevere hums,    lie utyi
md    ven   severely luun I
nl   wilh   luui'        Tin-   Inittis   weie       BO j
deep thut as I piled mi shovel     the
blood actunlh     i.m down the handle
I    altered you may     well!
I   tried several different I
1     il I Vl'     Imt   lln- burilS  weir  (OO
'".ele int ihese preparations to
! obi lined    a supply ol Zam-fiuk
il tin yen in .i application gave me
ease t'lifa   pleased mo, you     mav
■•e . Imi ns I applied the halm each
daj I was mme and more pleased
ivilh tin- effecl Tho pain was re
lieved complete!)
"I liad .,it.-i, heard of Znm-Buk, inn
llioughl before I tried it (bat it was
-innl,ii to the ordinary salves you see
ulverllsed. In a very short lime
/.un llu* healed mv burns complete*
lv, and my hands actually fell better—the muscles more lirni and     Hie
dan in hotter    > litiou than before
I wn-, hm ned."
Nnl only for burns, hut for cuts.
bruises, sprains, etc., /.am-Ituk is the
hesl and suresl cure. It also cures
■i/i'tti.i, ulcers, abscesses, ringworm,
mils, eruptions, poisoned won nils.
'Iillhlnllis, had leg, piles, etc. All
Iruggists sell nl 50c. a box, or posi
free from tho Zam-Buk Co., Toronto,
un receipt of price. U boxes for
.—__L__——_-l   •   ■   .   *   ■
.  | Tl.  IT. -; -. -;—J-*f"
£ Cranbrook   Foun
| dry and
I Machine Shop!
f McKInnon & Johnston
v Proprietors
We ore prcpari-il to
ilu nil kinds of repair work heavy and
liu'ht, make castings,
turn slmf'ts, etc.
[ Scientific    Horseshoting   m
"There are more things in heaven
ind earth than arc dreamt of iu Ihv
.dillosophy, Horatio," and after wit-
tcssing a performance of the Great
McEwen and bis company one is com-
iclled to exclaim, "Will wonders ever
cease'/" MeKwen's eiitertainment is
unlike lbe entcrtalnmcnl ol any other
magician, hyipnotlst or mind reader
:u tbat In one evening he performs
Lhe must ditlicutl, elaborate and co-indicated feats of each. Everything
is novel from beginning to ending and
i'liibraces much that is weird, incom-
relicnsible and marvelous to behold.
lis en tin entertainment is presented
independent of the usual stage artl-
Iccs, such as especially designed dress
uiits confederates iu the audience or
mechanical trap doors and eoiitrivan-
es in the stage, and yet, in his
magical performance, they are all
iricks in which he makes you believe
vou see things you do not, uiul keeps
vmi from seeing things you should
The mysteries and wonders of thc-
osophy and spiritualism which Mr.
McEwen has spent years investigating, are brought home to each audience which witnesses bis entertain-
incut In the exploitation, by him of
many of their must suitable discoveries and innovations.
Ilis. hypiiutic demonstrations are
genuine, scientifically interesting and
highly amusing, and his mind reading
is tlie superior of anv living exponent
uf tbis hraneh ol mental philosophy.
Supported by a company including
several well-known vaudeville acts,
the Great McEwen comes to Cranbrook two nights, beginning Wednesday, December 5th.—Adv.
Christmas Photos
lour folks at liuiiiti
would raiher liave
your picture than
anything else, Better
liav. it taken early aa
there mj.lwt.yB a rush
llie   luat few weeka.
Prest Photo Studio
t T
| is now located in its comfort- !
» able and attractive new quar- •
t tcrs in the Manitoba Hotel.      j
, This institution is just up-to- I
J date and is modernly equipped I
J to do just the best work in all j
» branches of the tonsorial art. j
S>< . . . ."» >........,,.,,0
When You
Come to the Metropolis tay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
Livery  S
Tea,,,a anil ilrlver, lurnlahed for an;
lolnt m tn« tlUtrict,
A. DOYLE, M.nau.r
Receives both ladies and gentlemen
as resident or as day students, lias
a complete commercial or business
course. Prepares students to gain
Peachers' Certificates ol ail grades.
(Inch ihe four years' course tor the
If.A. degree, and lhe liist year of the
school ul scj, nee course, in affiliation wiih Toronto university. Has a
special "Prospectors' Course" for
miners who work in B. t'.
Instruction is given In art, music,
physical culture and elocution.
Term opens September 17th, Vdtiti.
Vo\ calendar, etc., address "Columbia College, Xew Westminster, U.C."
I  will  have  my  winter supply
of Conl in n Itw days, und nm
rtmdj  t.. tuko orders,     1  will
Bank head Hard Coal $8.75
Soft Coal S6.7S
Lust winter 1 was ont of Coal
port of tiini'. Tliis year I propose to keep u guod supply on
hand, and vvill Sell
nml nil polnta West thereof in
Hute.'i on application
November illtli to December 31«t
Saloon, SW; Second, $761 Steerage. $54
and up, accordlnit u steimer.
For detailed Information, Sailings,
Ocean Steamers, First Oluu or
TonHst Sleeper reservations, apply
i< Loe I Agents, or write:
(E0. HILLIER, A^cnt, Cranbrook
A.... P. I ll   I'. A .
Ckeschxt [aODOl No. 33
Cranbrook, B. C.
Meets every Tuesday at 8 p. m. at
New  fraternity  Hall.
T. It. Roberts, K.R.4S.
J. A. Arnold, CC.
visiting   nretliren   cordially lintel
to attend.
I.O.O.F.    Key Cily Lot,,
No. 42. Meets e'er.
Monday    night    al
New     Fraternity    Ilall.      Sojourning Oddfellows cordially Invited.
Woik in '.he Initiatory decree
F. H   McKay. W. T. Havne.,
«« w, Sec'y.
U.Bhroiik.l.iMl,,. Na. i.
A. F. | 4.M.
Regular meeting, on
the third Thursday,
ol eery month.
Vialtug hretl.n welcomed.
S.  H.  Hoskini, Sec'y.
M. A. Beale, VV. M.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind;
of repairing,   dive me a call.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
Meet every Wednesiay evening   al
I p.m. In B. of L. F. Hall.
Dr. Coftin Aerie Physician
P. O. Box 28,
C. Ross Tate. W.P.
J. Breckin, Sccietarv.
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
Meet at B. ol L. F. 11.11 2nd   and
Ith Saturday each month.
Visiling brethren always welcome
T. Boyter, .las.  E. Larriiran,
W. M. Sec',.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
tlliell Block Craoarook B.^.
X      C, H. DUNBAR      |
.   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   S
| PubUc, Etc |
J   Cranbrook,    •    •    B. C.   |
Physicians and Surgeons.
Offloa at Reatdem, Armstrong A.a,
Forenoons • . • . I JO to   11
Altcraaou • • a . 1.30 to 1.90
Eruiaga r.so to I.M
CRANBROOK 11    a    ti    ;:    B. C,
I ts 11 a.m.
IUI p.m.
T ts  I p.m.
OBea aad residence on Armstrong art
I ts 11 a.m.
1 ts  I p.m.
I **  • ,.-.
Olles la aew Reid block
t Repairing Promptly Done
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
Geo. R. I.eask & Co
Our wurk ii our tdverttfietnent, but we
put tlill ail in thf lirr.lsl tu
empharetlu it.
Near I-ower -Hrnitrorii*; Avenue,
A. W. McVittie
Dominion and Provincial   Land  Surveyor.
H.H. McVittie
General Agent
iiii:  pai.eh that  is  i;i:.\u  uv  Tin:  eiooei.t:
l IB AM'.I'.OOK   Ilt'l! AU>
H,  the Herald   Publishing Company
A}       1
tfc /<dZ*~J*f*-*-v\
Editor and Manager.
Tbe lletald is worth JIU a tsar, I.
costs only 12 No man in South
Hast Kootenay can afford to lie.wnli-
out it ami everyone living ouuue ol
ii tht district, »ii„ is into.eetedInl ilia
progress ol 'his section, Bhould road
it It publishes the news while u is
news It Is controlled absolutely h
the publishers. No clique, putt) "
Individual dictates ik   policy.      ll
aou'i tiy to please the I pie.    H s
desire Is i" publish a newspaper Uiat
will be a crsdll i" lhe community.
Sen,l in youi subscription a,il you
will he ili.uii.fii! eve. afterward,
Advertising rales Sl por Inch, pe.
month, no more and no less.
Reading matter IS cents per line
to non-advertisers, Hi dents per line
t.i regular advertisers.
II you desiie l„ reach the people ol
Souiii East Kootenay yen must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald has a lusl-class juli
planl, and ils work Is ol lhe best.
The Ilernlil don'l want charily. It
wants a square deal on your job
wmk. II we can't suit ymi in quality and price, kii'k, anil semi ynur
work to sonic Cheap -lolm house in
tlie east Unit never spends a eenl In
Thla ti ihe giianuitued circulation ot tha llorahl
Pros*- iiiuiii mnl uniiM'riji-
limi HfltH open lu Investigation liy ailvrrtioeiH at auy
Tlte Herald (jives a dollar
in value fur a ilollar in uiun-
ey. The ailveialHoi-lias "thoi
rigi'il i" know what he Is
receiving for lii» money.
The lleriiM   is   mtv*   prtfffir
" t
11 *
1 I     Tho  Herald  will be found or '
' * sale al lhe following places:
i > riarysville, Marysville Drug Store
J I Wardner, fl. Donahue's Store
' | Moyie, S. K. Hame's Drug Slnrc •
• • Klko, Fred Roo's Store
<1 Spokane, J. W. < ini ham & Co. T
J | Cranhrook,  Beattie & Atchison's ♦
o and C. B. Keid & Co. s *
t t
*m-t, *j-
*ii'>.3*.i- - • ■•■'-■-1 &@&se££&.£&
The r. p. It. ,in- building a new
platform .0 Kernie, and ii is n wide
um-.    Lucky Fernie.
Wh.it tiie Great Northern needs al
Pernio   is   a new     nighl  man   win;
(kjlOWS limy     to lie courteous -lo    llie
people ulm arc spending their money
on .lim Hill's road. Thar man wliu
was selling tickets last Friday night
was the most Insulting specimen of
humanitj wo have seen In a railroad
olllco in Canada, lie shoult] bo
givch a place in Lho bllTs where he
could associate with coyotes and
owls, ho lias no husiness ilealliuj witli
clvlizcd beings
It is n pii\ ilie C, IV R, docs nol
furnisli the luiiilier companies with
suilicii'tii cars iu meet the demand
If thoy ditl ilii-id would in- a big bin.
mess  III  8hlpplllg   slabs  in. liie   |H.nrii
for wood. This would glvo the lumber companies a lim revenue and
alsu relic,e tlie fuel MtiulioD oil Uie
I'he subsi i Iptlons arc coming iti for
tlie ambulance In a must satisfactory
manner. it Is n grcal u.ow Inr
humanity, and everyone h liu cm
spate a dollar or more, Bhould contribute to thla ftauso.
1I..H. t'harles liymdn, nf London,
has resigned. Tins is rigid Tiie
ileralil said al the first lita.t 11 Mr
Ilyman secured liis office by fraud,
he should resign. No man, Liberal
nr Conservative, should hold an office secured by Fraud Hul these extra good Conservative organs who
. have said su much ahoutriUiii returns
of the London election, should carry
their minds hack to olher'ptectlons
in London when the rottenness wns
not confined to tiie Liberals hy any
The Nelflon Canadian apologizes fur
printing the contemptible article
originating in.thc Prospecjpr of this
citv, reflecting upun .). \, Maodonald, K. C, Tliat was a manly
thing for Hie Canndjan to do, and its,
promptness   places tiro Piospeetnr in
did not concoct tin* foul slander. Tho
prospector bad the opportunity to
make amends   in the last issue, hut
(ailed to da so.
Charlie Buck has coined a phrase
iur    thc   candy    ho    manufactures. I
.Made in Cranbrook." That is a
good sign, ami oue that should he
placed upon ever) article uianulactui ,
nl iu Hns city,
it is buildings erected by the Can-'
.uuu Hank ot Commerce ami the
Fink Mercantile company, thai show
whal confidence large concerns havu
ii: Craubrook ami ibis district. \
Keep   "i. 1 sting       II  won'l limb
Mi. Sherman seems to havo gotten
hold .-I the ho! etui ni the stick in
lho Fcinie sti[ke.
Uhvu a lain.i leader gels political
ambitious In- ceases Irom thai moment to lu- useful to lhe organization Ihal  lie represents.
No Liberal sponkei oi Liberal
paper has condemned Prcmlei Aliunde ior seeking lo seeuie the best
terms possible lor British Columbia
uuui  tin- Dominion government.
That   Cranl k     "Better Terms"  _
\ quel to Premier McBrldo seems io
In-  in   lite same  picdicailient   as      the
one Unit was  to have heen given     al
Vancouver.    Hoili are slow materiel !
Wlien a man gels an olliee dishonestly, nail him to the cross, no matter to Wlml party he may belong,
Thai is the way to purify politics.
Lei ns demand a clean vote.
Charley Ilymau resigned, but Hilly
Boss Bl.ll holds on.
The   cry for   an "adequate tariff"
etna na t i llg iinm manul.iclurers' liau-J
tjuets fails to strike a responsive
chord In   tlte   hearts of ihc laboring
Tlie   Vernon   News is calling upon
lbe loyal Conservatives of that    dis-l
tiici to get  into line ami prepare for]
battle.    The News compliments   the
choice uf  the Liberals verv  highly  in
selecting Dr.   K.   V.    Mnedon-.ld fori)
lheir standard hearer, saying tn.il lie1
is a man iu whom the people can re-l
pose    lull   confidence.      It is about.
lime foi some of the small fry iicws-1
papers of tho province to quit decrying Liberal   papers    that are talking
about an eleclion that is liable to bei
culled at  any  tlmo when lbe Consei-1 '
vative paper's arc wan log the aiihor-  J
cuts ul tho parly to get  iu readiness1
lur the contest. ' I
Our friend  Blakemore,  ol  the   Vie-'
1 oi ia  Week, gave   a prophesy     two'{
weeks   ago   lhat    dissolution       would1
he announced in      tliree     days.     Tlie J
Week is a Conservative paper and    is
supposed to be on tho inside of   tlie] ,
magic political circle, but yet it wash
guilty of a had break, and now must j
meet-the criticism tliat should come1
frum Conservative     papers for     its
temerity.        The    trouble with   Mr.
Illukomore    is he possesses a   degree
of Independence Unit, is unknown     tu
lhe average Conservative organ,   and
he will persist once in awhile in   ox- -
pressing au opinion of his own which'
does not set well with tho Conscrva-I
tive machine.
Tlte Koolenav Centra] was back of
t meeting of the hoard of trade of
ihis city last    Thursday evening ask-j
iug for llie oiidorsntion of a proposi-	
tion to grant to tlte road a subsidy.        "
The result of Ihe meeting was an ex- i.i,r j* jlc n
prcssion    of an    opinion   in favor of       attorney
RUarnnteeJiig bonds, bui not of grant-.'    ' 	
Ing a subsidy. The Craitbrook hoard i .,..,.,, Ul\\{ thai has been started
look the proper stand. The people .,,„,,.', .[^satisfaction in regard to tho
of iliis town would novel' lavor a j [|)(.ral leader hy lhc Conservative
subsidy, no matter Imw much they ,,',, ms is n roolish attempt to raise
would like tu liavt- lhe mad buill. ir,,u|,ie m llie Liberal ranks. Tiie
The time for subsidizing railroads iu !il(., |s tlml Mr. Macdonald, lhc able
Hrilish Columbia is past. I leader ol lhe Liberal parly of British
  Columbia, lias lhc complete confidence
Tin* Hernld extends its svmpntliy fo uf )*,,, Members of the party, and af
the j pie of Fori Steele for lhe mis- ,„, ,jII1(, |,ns there been a word of dls-
fortune they mel wilh this week In Sl.ni Sn well did lie manage the
Ihc way of n disastrous fire, A »ffnirs nf Iho party ul the pasl three
calamity of thai kind iu anv town is sessions and especially al the lasl
always la be deplore,!, and'the Her- session 'tlml he has won for himself
old trusts that with the development \\v. admiration and respect ol tbe
of lhc territory thnl surrounds Fori, ,..lhti .,,„• [-,[,. „- U|fl Liberals through-
Steele, one uf lhe best iu the ureat m\ \\u. entire province. Un many
province of British Columbia. thai occasions ii lias been said hy Lib-
bo town will be rebuilt and iii.it hus- ,.VA\S   am\ ,1S far as that  is concern-
With Winter Winds
Comes the Need of the Best of Clothing
And In talking about the "best orcTothijW'. we use the term advisedly. Clothing has heen our
business for years, and we feel free to make tlie assertion that Ihere never was a make that would
compare in quality, style, durability, fit, natty appearance, with the
In Cranbrook and every other Canadian City, the best dressed men buy the 21.tli Century Clothing,
and thousands who have been wearing these goods for years give the best testimonial that any
make of garment can receive, and that is their CONTINUED- PATRONAGE. But we have
neither time or Apace to discourse on the merits of this line. Let our genial Jack Carter tell you
all about it. He can do it in dulcet tones that will appeal to your artistic sense, and present facts
and figures that will appeal to your stern sense of economy.
There is not an establishment in the Kootenays that pays more attention to this line than we do
If you buy a shoe right, and buy the right shoe, there is no trouble about pleasing a customer.
This is what we have done in shoes for ladies, gentlemen and children, and In consequence we arc-
in a position to please you. It is difficult for some ladies to secure the right last--we can meet
that difficulty, for we have gone to the expense and trouble to overcome this very objection. To
the men we can give them the celebrated " Walkover," and there is no better shoe made. It meets
the demand for style, finish, honest workmanship and price.   What more can you ask ?
Never in the history of our commercial career in Cranbrook, have we carried such a stock of delicate
fabrics as this year. It is not easy "to talk about Dress Goods, there is such a vast field. We can
say, however, that for Values, for the Latest from the looms of fashion, for a large stock from
which to make a selection, there is not a store in the interior of British Columbia that can
excel ours.
un inlu lln' campaign
eral nf . tie province.
Mni'ili.ii.ilil Ims urnwii ns 11
slnci' In' assumed tlio posl-
lender ol tlio Liberal
iif       ilie      province    and
mess will increase in such nn exlenl i.,i   hy s
llml Hie   lmil lurk nf lius iveek   will |i.r.t Sir
In- [iiriinl I en. in the prosperity   ih.it statesm
mi,v    follow.     l-'nil Steele is     lho tion    I
pioneer     mwn    ol Il.c .llslrlct    mnl ,mriv
everyone would lie pleased to see tin, ,iamls     lo-dny    ns    one     nf     III
lown   prosper uml    the    people who ablest men   hi    public affairs in the
have placed thell fniili in    lhe future prnvinre       Thc Conservatives     nre
nl the    place reap tho reward   Hint harking   up    ngalnal n Iree wilhoul
Innilil come   1.1 Ihose who are loval imiii when (he. allempl I" dlscrcdll
in   ll.o   town In which they   believe \|i   llncdonald wllh lhc members   ol
in. • his own pari.   So in ver held lbe
•  I, liience nf'lbe    milk and llle, no
llml  public   hulldli.K bus evident I v ninn ,.yci advanced in  in tlie Rood
been struck   by the llost.       tt lien i'i  nlim nl  lbe people Ihnn Ins   Mr
will be complcled is n problematical llnrdon.ild   Ile stands lo-day llle mil
rr.nlter      Hul  the  council is lo   ho iersi.1 choice nl   Hie Liberals nl llu
eniii'iniiiluli'il   on lheir business Inn-- province   us Icadei   and    Hie    Bairn
slghl since they    dn mil have in pay Liberals I.uiul, in Ihemselves nl    tin
Inleresl on the debentures until   the foolish nlleinpls nl ilm Cotmervntlvi
money   is    used     in this wav    Hie press I,, iliscredil    Mi   Itnrdonnld   ir
I    getting sn iiiuiii lh,' i| rm ,,[ ihnse wlm have every enn
I micncc iii him.
pnnv about Iwn mill's from tbe tn Cranbrook looking for a imw loca- bonds, it vwiuhl be necessary fm Hm
station nl Hakei-'. The hit. In fall- tion. He was favorably impressed company lo go tn Hie tiii.iiiii.il muring, caiigbl n llml) nu another tree, -witli llie Co-Opcrative Stores, nnd kels wilb u subsidy in. Hie road
which wus tlirnwn .backward, fulling arranged lo associate himself wilb from llm provincial government. Mr.
nn Walter l-loag, striking liim nn Hie. llie Him for a lime to give liim an Pulien briefly Iraeed lln- history nf
head nnd rendering bim unconscious*,.!opportunity tn size up ttie situation, ilm rnnd from its inception, closing
[lis brother hurrled.'ovcr tn where he Alter three months close connection wiih the positive assertion that tlm
i.n nml Inking Hm head nf lhe"unfor- with Hie husiness, .Mr. Magcc arrang- c   [>. i;   wuuld go nn tiirlher     wllh
iiiniile ninn in bis lap, cried fnr help. | ed tins week in tnku a tcrcst   iu Ihc construction   uf tlm road unless
There were about thirlv men wnrkim;, llie business uiul will move bis I.niiilv Hie governmenl    granted llie snlisiilv
lll Hint  part nf the bush, nnil Robert  hero ns soon ns     lie can secure      ,'i asked.
Taylor, lbe foreman, answered ,{1.0 liouse iur ilieui. T. Williams bus Tim following resolution was mov-
'.ill. Abonl this time lb.' .Injured charge nf the dry guuds and genis' ed bv Aldermnn .lames Ily,hi, s nil-
man regained consciousness, nnd wltlnturnislilng department, and since    be wl by Mayor Knurrs-     "Tbut     tlm
Mime assistance wnrKed iwu miles lo  became conneeled with ihe tinn,   bus Ci inbrnok board ,,f trnib -operate
tbe camp.      Here be became uncoil; made many   friends iur    hitnst'lf and wilb tlm boards uf   Irude nl uoldeti
gain, and ivas carried to the] lhe company,     M. I). Column,     the Windermere .nul   Porl     Sleel,' lu ln-
loeal nml   hrmigbl In lhe St. R'ugenc
tuisiiii.il, where he wns given prompl
■ 11 i^.Ti.in In- llrs      Kin- mul Green.
Tlm falling limb had broken Hie skull.
'ii.i-iiiir Hie cusp a  critic!
nn inllie presenl  lime lb
dning well nnd Ihere is linpes or bis],'„iire    iinm to this   work.    Georgo.f.tihlt«ljirtu such olher g	
"'liliinle  ri'cnverv.   '' | I'liiipiiiun Innks afler Hm (lirnilllle I,'-   il,,.y  Imve." Tbe  innliiiii   w
bookkeeper,     wlm is rarely seen but vilinp; lbe governmenl ..I llritish ('.
can always he lound al liis desk   un lumbla lu lunl,-    Inlo Hi- question <
lbe  second   llmir,     where he is kept ,],,. Knuleiiay f-cnlrnl railway lo si
busy  from     uu,tiling  till  night,      I'l. if there is nny |uissililr way lm  Hiel
ie.   bnf i T.'.M.irinn bus   charge nf Hm under- t,, nssisi  lhe company by gunranlei
Heni  III | tnkjunjs department     nnil devules    bis |IIE hmuls nr  In nssine Hie pilblir h
U iil'Sl   ul   il
N"s™'hu,'''T;m"ii!i:;i:(K!!h;,:!'nii': hw,™t,vt^ m,,,.,.
uiilBsliip wus being Imld ii j. [nr $7.imn fll/.KS.
bonus, he    knew Hint ho was slating 	
lhat which wns    untrue, inula man (Vlsun Canadian.)
h"1"""; ""' l'"1'111 hat lm dnes as ul   Thr llnII,  Canadian rcgrels Ihe in-
mfmher of Hi.' Donilnlon parliament, iusllce done Mr, .1, A. Macdonnld bv
slmulii bow lus Imnd in shame   when llu, leproducllon in Ihese enluir.ns nf
in nmki's siieb iisseriiuiis     ll is that nn item originally appearing in    lhc
liiul nf politics thai niiike the heller Prospector,  which     slated ibat Mr.
■luss nf peuple weary,
"Hallol      Ilny   I.il
Im foegotfen.
will   nnt     snr.it
Macil ilil liad lieen iii Fcrnie mul had
taken pari in lhe slrike sel I lenient.
We uniilil mil willingly wrung a pnli-
lieal ..1111..r11• 111 and are glad llinl llm
Icniler ,,f tbe opposition bus been su
easily able In prove an alibi.
a poor light indei
as the Canadian
it is twenty t„ one tint .1 A
Harvey eels the nnmlnnllon in ihi'
district.     In fact  he may gn  to lhc]   WAI.TKI:   IK)All    BADLY  IH'HT.
elcclor  will, a cabinet ofllco. Mr.1 	
Harvey has always been the powers On llm nflernnnli n[ November 22ml
llml he in ibis district when it came Waller Hung, mul his brother Robert
tn politics, wilh llm McBrldo admin-   Hnag,   were sawing   a tree nn     tlm
pairs and makes lbe mattresses   anil; rlc.l
lines Hm    upholstering   lm- lhe firm,     ii  w„s    moved bv   Vlnvo.  Huiieis,
whieh   is i w    departure.       11io| ,\m, n copy ol    lhe above resolution
property    owned by,.I. M. Heir   i,,,   nrwnrd'cd in ibe secretaries     ,,l
Mow TIM': I'U.WIIHOOK ro-lil'I'lll-i Minsimiig avenue, wns purchnsed lm  p, honnls ul Irnile     mentioned   iml
AT1VE STORES  HAVE        I tbe iindertakliig busuu'ss .mil is   «•«— I 11..t  .ir   Pollen lip   inlliorl'/cd tn se
1,'OHaEI) AHEAD. . , void exclusively    in Ihal line.      ,1. ,.„.„ i'ns,',|i lions frnm olhet hoards nl
A 111
'   I
[i.iiii.I in the in
this wnlTrl succeeds' impurllimiil, while E, K. Mmlitl Ilns In,,.
like success. This bus belli demon-.I charge ill llm dellvory wuii Tlto
stinted liy lhe iiilvmu'emi'iir made bv slut! is imw well orgi.nlr.eil nml byi
Hu' Cruiihrunl, Co-Operative Stores systematic eltntis nie able lo I runs I
'luring Ibe pnst venij under tlm man- ■"'' un jmmonsc amount nl business In
ngemenl nf » II .Mi4'nrlnlie, The n inunlier lll.ll is satisfactory tu llie v
business is u largo nne' mul includes j iiiuiii, pn Huns ol lhe company. Mr. I,., ,
ninny      departments,     taking'      In .JIcEnrlnnOi   the manager,  bus    moro
i '''lies,      furniture,      llry goods,   In.ptnvomonls In view Im  ihe luliiie,
I'lolhlng, genis liii'iiishings, nndiilsn but naturally leels highly gratified
iindertakliig. A year nun Inst Sop- over ilm Increasing patronage nf llie
Icmher     Mm     business     aggregated   I I'l-', mul bnpes by continuing    his
Th"  il
in,'  nl	
.mini   I
Victor mul Will Rollins will leave
abniii ibe istb uf December du their
uld biimc in l.ticaii to spend Hm holidays wilh lheir parents, Tlm Rollins
buys uri- iwu young men nlm keep
tin- memory nl homo green since, Ihey
buve i'i,tue wesl ami they nre Itoking
rnrwnrii lu Ibis visit tu llmir pari litH
wilb plcasnni uiiiiiiimtiuiis, .    .
Tin: l.li.UHV.l tin li - r
"I      I','    'I M'l     I"     IlllVil
I lllli.
•   UU
M.M.i i.i iin. eui...ii.-iiii.um. i..uiili,
I S|,|,.|„li.| .:,,,.. I'..,,
I'luiiiuio,      Aims M. I-
llboill   t3,l ,   while  llm  business    lu
flclober Ibis yon.' run nfer Sli,null.
Tlinl is au Increase Ihal wi.illd please
Hm liiniingetlU'liI nf anv business, uiul
when il bus been brought ahoul iii a
lown lhe size of flrnnbrook it makes
musl   creditable showing.       Tbis
polio*  nl  glvl
silili-'fiu   Hie i
■    Di- Inler, ..I   .Imn'. wns    .
C'ranlirnok nui  Tuesday.
E     Elwell   uml   I Ily exjieel   li
lenve in n    feu  Am:     I.u   England
where Ihev mil vlsil will, friends lm
ubuiil   llnir i lbs
lm Imsi  values pi.s-1   'I ' Harris vis  Plnehei C If
v, in iimii'.ise that Ihis neck  siness connected willij
li.i.ih KEEl'INtl
f    II     lull:'.   II    Ari'l ,   will    i
pi I v a I.'    |ui|iils     lui    lui I nui uu,   i
ndvniu'i 1 acci unllng, lea.li.ie in n   t
ei I D    .in , r    .      II i n.i
li. Iiiii.ii holel. ur A,l h,' '- Ibu  . '
I Hm Iluu
.1    Su
Ibis  I..
Meal   inn llu'l.
I.'fl   ii-ili'l
uy     [,.
he iiill remain Inr several weeks vis   I
I Ding reliili.es and friends. i *«^
Miss   A   li. Milium, In,eli, I-        !
llm [lillllllfc.il,, Ti iiii. in. ill i   h |
Arins.iniiH Ave     Cranl.ro, li J
Mnti'i'iiity     ,'nsi's    n     sju nin   \-
Aiblivss :
General Delivery, Cranbrook. B. C
linn bus     nut   entered     to nny 0110 I DISCUSS    MATTERS     PERTAIN-     "   Olson     lias   i ipletedb
class, II   has tried     In please     the,    INO TO TIIE KOOTENAY CEN-   I tract for enlarging the Moyiti tunnel
people, nnd   evidenllv it has worked i TRAI,. I .md lell  yesterday lor tho slntoo
along the proper line's,     nuring   lbe   Wnshuiglon, where he bus been cnllcd
year lhe compnnv lias received six1 A meeting nf the bnaril ol trade to figure nn Iwn nr Ibree lingo liui-
nf Ihoso Inrgo oa'rs iif furniture, nnd was Imld lusl Thursday evening nl I nel ennlrnrls, Mr, Olson stands to-
Ibev have aiiotber mi lhe 'wnv that | lbe Council Chamber nml tliere was: ilnv as one uf llm lending men in tun-
will he here anv (li.v. tilled with a/In representative alleluia ncc nf the nel wnrk un tbe IVmerlenn continent,
line especially selected for Christ- business men uf llm community. I nnd he Is always In demand.
mas iiiirfhusers.     Every department   President Bcnttio   wns in Hie chair;    Miss Ella Orant, well nnd Invoralily ESTRAi NOTICE
is now well supplied mul llm slnek is d 0. II. Hiinbiir nibeinled as sccre- known in Cranhrook,  is expected lo     lulicn  uji-One   roan heller, obnul
complolo sn  Hint,  lhe nerds of-    the ; lary. arrive  Ibis  week  lo accept   the posi-   six     months old.     Owner cm    liave
penpie   will he met     without    any      !'.. Hungerford Pollen, president ol tinn „f stenographer in lbe Canadian  same by proving properly anl p«ying
trouble.       Some three months ago.   the Kootenay Central, presontod   bis .Bank   nf Commerce     Miss   Grant's legal charges. t
Vi   i,    Mago'e   wlm     wins ennneeteil i case in a clear mul   concise manner,; mmiv   friends   in Cranhrook wil! lm E. Corbett,   -
will, Barlan A- Co . nf Winnipeg, snld | maim ing that tn make the road a I pleased In learn llml she has return-  Parinl  Ranch, near Norlh Slar MUI.
islralion, mul il might be a help   In  limiis nf Ihe Standard Lninhcr cum- his Interest's in Hint firm nud "came   success    and   insure a    flotation oiled here to live. .' ••     ■  'iyil THE CRANBROOK  HERALD
1'1'IIK   Wool.
Per 35c. Pair
.1 Pairs for
1'n.loubteilly u sensational onVrinu. in uur
Boys' Ready-to-Wear Department
Thia week we will give the people o£ Cranbrook on opportunity to
buy Boys1 Clothing at n big reduction tn price, We place on Bftlfl the
bnluuco ot our Boys'Suits, ranging iu size from 2*J to 30 inch, at one-
ihinl off regular prices.   Nud" ii few of our Bpeoials i
$3.00 for $2.00.       $3.50 for $2.35
$4.00 for $2.65
lumber-     llrakeuun II    Tiillt; lift mr- EH-	
.i I ..I..ninn    i  ■         ....
!    Mis   h   I    Tayloi nml children, ol
Kiitiiinl.-.   »,.,,.   Cranbrook visit....
Mllllill.H     i.iSI
■ I. It   ltnis.  lb.'    Ilk,. lb I...
.inan.     wasa    Cranl I. vrsi iin ton    lucsday lo   enjoy ,,   short
I   tt.   A   Hamilton   ol Fernie,     wu.
j registered ;,. the Cusmopolli       i • i
day last.
|    Don't   forget     Hm     1 nl.'    C   1.   lieul .  Co I busy ,,n„iig-
cuiicen uu Thursday ... hi      Decern-  ing Ihei. Christmas guuds  '..mi   will
ber 18th. I havo a lun display.
Balance ol our   children's clothing     lul   Patterson,    ,,f lbe Porl Steele
II m :..i inch,    1-'. nfl   the    regulai : Mercantile company, mmi,. a trip to.
price.     ?:) in, suit lm  12 ull —H ■■■'
i in
"Lightning Hitch"
Size, 1 lu
G. T. Rogers
in.',v ninl Sia|>li' Groceries
il rt',rki'iv,.Mitin. ulovoa
oU.fi yiuifii, Cranbruok.
C. E. REID & CO.
art- busy this week getttiug their CHRISTMAS STOCK
in shape. They Imve exercised excellent judgment in their
selection this year, ami, having bought right, are prepared to
give the people some
(ireat Xmas Bargains
Before- baying,  be sure nn.l  cull unit look over tlieir line.
Von will not lm disnnpoh.teil.
C.  E. REID & CO.
Druggists, Stationers
Phone 74. Dispensing: is our specialty
Don't Buy
THE i'imii'Ki; \tiyk STORES
We ion rued lusl year tlmt the people denmnded soniettiing in
the FURNITURE line when buying presents for Xmns. This
is quite natural, as ;i piece of furniture isnt onee usut'iil ami also
umi ornament, nnd the chcniH'sl uu
Anticipating a bin
less durable
r. we bared
Selected for
These goods will Ik-displayed on uur Boors by DECEMBER .oth,
nml we want every ninn nn 1 woman in Craubrook to su,1 this
un-nt display nl* beautiful nul up to-date designs in tlm following
nf whieh will mul,i i. mosl npproprinto Xmas llift i
M'l I 1 is
CHS llll   I ll.l I -
I S I I \-iu\   I Ull I •
Ml II I >
run fosii lis
Hill SSIXU   I VBl.Ei
llll.II ill tins
In Sec llicsc Qoods is tn Buy I hem
The Craubrook Co-Operative
Stores, Limited
Special Attenlion Given lo
Beef, Pork, Mutton,
the Mountain Market
Chickens, (iccsc,
Order Vour Turkeys Ior
antl Turkeys
Thanksgiving and Xmas
Mr. C. P WALKER presents the
!*]."»,"im   Invested  iu   illusions   and
Mut-ii'iil   Kquipment
A Scientific demonstration   of  tlie
Wonderfully MyuterlouB
Hypnotic Force
PRICES 75c and 60ti
Change of Hill Nightly
eats on sale One week   in ad vane
at  V.  U.    l>rtig   Slure
A Meerschaum
Makes a Fine
We Carry a Large
This is gre,i
I,iinlnii iirr
chocolates ut Campbell &■
.    Ko-
wintiT weather
heesc at Campbell
Manning a,
.1 Carroll wns ilowu Irom Kimber-
Icy yesterday.
J. Colwoll, oi Moyie, soent Sunduy
in Cianbrook.
WANTED—An   office boy.
at tlio Herald olliee.
M.   .1.   Staples   wns   down
Wyclillc Friday last.
A. P.   Stephenson wns up
Elko Friday Inst.
LOST—Hold  .'liuin   bracelet
liit'it to post otlice.
.Miss    Noi tliey, ol WyolltIO,
Sunday with Crahllrook Iriends,
Hurt Hoss and wife, ol Sirdar,
were visitors in tlie city Tuesday.
1, N. lleesoii uml O. Olson, of
Moylo, visited the metropolis Mon-
,1ns. Walsh, nl Kurt Steele, Irans-
ncti'd husiness in Crnnbrook Friday
.Mr. and Mrs. It. II. Benedict, ol
Mayook, were shopping in Cranbrook
WANTED — Lady stenographer
wants position at once. Lumber olliee preferfW, References. Apply
Herald Olliee. 35-H
fl. (1. Jewell wns np Iron. Jafiray
Friday looking aficr business interests. '
Ilnv H. Wheeler and II. N. Decker,
ul Wyclifie, spent Sunday in Cranhrook.
It. Anderson, superintendent ol tbe
Sullivan mine, spent Sunday in Cranhrook.
Mrs. William Clary visited Wardner Iriends Friday and Saturday
Wm    Thorp .mil II.       — -
Wardner,    weie   Cranbroi.1    visitors
Friday lasl.
E. E.   Jones, of Kimberle
transacting     business   m  Cranl t>
Saturday last.
WANTEJD—Lady'n help For particulars apply to .Mi-., p. ii i un i,
Wardner, B, C. .,, ji
E 11 Pearson, ol .laflra. was
transacting husiness m t.'ranbr'o
lust  ut the week.
II. E   Taylor ami A. McKi mil     ol
Kimberley; wen tranaa
ii, Cruiihiook Tuesday.
Mr and Mrs lit, Staple nf
Wvclity,', were guests <-i thi Cran-
brook hotel Fnd... lasl
.1    A    Lauiie,    whn  is     l.,i, .   .     i:
lereated in timher limits, In Oil
Hi,- Qolden dis.m tn,   m ovei     limii
j Nelson to-day.
Constable Wind, ol Maryaville wa
[ tranaacting oftlclal busine in Crac
| b.nuk the lust nl the week
We Wish tlul we mighl he favored
with a call lion, every mothei whu
has a buy-to clothe.—Ileid .-.  Co
F    ll   Meckel    ninliagel  nt   rIn- Slu|,
les Lumber cotnpuuy's Calgary
branch, wais in town a couple ol days
Hus week
Don', fo/get tu visit mu ready-to-
wear department. t-:i nil un all
children's    clothing, lit to
Held ,V Co
Mr. and , Mrs. A Mm/.
were Cranbrook visitors tlu- lusl of
thc week, and drove over lu Steele
Tuesday afternoon.
James McOovein. one nf the old-
| timers ol tills district, who Is nuw
employed near Creston, spent a lew
days in town this Week.
Nothing like pot plants lm Christmas gilts. Ordei early uml havo
them pul on one side Ior vnu. llucli-
insoii greenhouse.  Phone ns.
T. O. Jones, accountant tot llie
Crows Nest Pass Lumbei company
ui Wardner, transacted business iii
town Hie first ut the week.
Don't Wrgei tu see Hie realistic
tableau, with Hie wonderful light uud
scenic chVcls at Went wm Hi hall
Thursday .''Veiling, Dcccihlier mill.
Order early cut lluwers lor Xmas,
We can supply, camatluns, chrysanthemums and roses, if ordered early.
Alsu pul plums. The Hindi grscn-
liousc.     Phone 98.
A. F. Krapfel, general manngor ul
the Nortii Star Liinilier company,
was up from Elkn Monday [nukiiig
niter the firms Interest in this vicinity.
Don't lorget to sec tho cow girls
and the Quakeresses in lheir laugh
providing songs and dances, at
Wentworth hall, Thursday evening,
December  13th.
Oeo. Leiteh, who lias been traveling in thc prairie country several
months in llie interests ni tlio Kast
Kootenay Lumber company, returned
hi,me Friday last.
A regular assembly of the C. I'.
It. club will be held ' in Wentworth
hall on Tdesdav evening, December
lib. The Wycliffo orchestra will fur
nisli the music ior the occasion.
Write to Riverside Nurseries,
Grand Forks, fur Iree descriptive
eataiogue of home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised fruit trees ami ornamentals, an
Wood is scarce in Cranbrook these
days. in fact it is difficult to secure first-class wood when ypu need
it, and that seems strange Willi Hie
lulls covered w-lth limber.
J. Edgar Duvis and Ilos.
lelt Wednesday for Sau Francisco
to look over the situation Willi a
view lo locating tliere. li Mr. Davis
linn's things'- to bis liking in ihe California town he will send Ior Ins family later. '"*
D. A. McDonald, proprietor ul llu,
Manitoba hotel, wbo has been quite
ill Hie past lew weeks, left Sunday
last for Ddtroit, Mich., where he will
seek modioli treatment umi spend
Hie holidays with bis mother ami sisters.
Among th6se who visilcd Steele
Tuesday to view the ellects ol the
lire were: J. D. Alcllridc, llr. F. U.
Miles, '»'• M. Hoberts, M. A. Heale,
A. Doyle, V. Hyde Hakei, li. Hunger-
lord Pollen, Jos, Hyah, A. U. Grace
and Jack Davis.
Duncan iMeFarlatie came down Irom
llie Nortii Star bill Wednesday lor a
eoople ul days recreation in the
metropolis. Mr. McFarlane stales
Unit work on tbe Nortii Slar and
.Stemwinder is steadily progressing
with favorable results.
.Messrs. Beattie it Atchison, in
order to introduce "Ferrol" lu their
customers, have decided to have a
free distribution ol that remedy at
Hieir store on Monday next. Full
particulars regarding tiie distribution
will be found on lhe eighth page ol
this issue.
The Herald received a letter Irom
Oeorge Oougeou tins week in whicli
he stated that himsell ami family
were enjoying the best ol health anil
doing nicely at their new home at
lies Joachims, Que. This will be
pleasant news to Mr. and Mrs. Hon-
genu's many friends in tliis vicinity.
N. Hanson, the governor ol Wasa,
was lnukiug afler business interests
in Cranbrook the lirst ul the week
Mr. Hanson slated it was the first
lime he had came to Cranlirook with
a team since he secured his aiitomo
bile, and he found the traveling rath-
t"    Kitchener     thin
1',iii ei
Inn Falls,
me   company
Ui and Mrs. .1. p. Mareellus, ol
Pincher Creek, weie micsts ul the
Koyal lintel Tuesday last.
A bargain. Seventy pieces boys'
 '   underwear,   worth 35c. to 65c.
'.uii       Held    .y l'u.   will sell at lie.
-Ml. ami Mis. .1. II. Seutt moved
mi" Uu- ilini dispatchers residence
opposite    ihe c. p. lt. station,   the
lust of llle week.
IVANTED-Uaipentera, lour dollars
day.     Apply     West    Kootenay
Light Co.  Works,  Humous-
near Nelson, U   C.       li
.' pieces huys' miii underwear at a
bargain     Worth llie     to Mc.  each
Keid  .V   I'n   will sell until cleared
15c. lo ..:"„■   each
I   ll   Ferguson has accepted a po
I'ltlmi with the king Lull.bei mills a
KtngaVille, uiul assume,! his ilulle
'In- lusl ul lbe week.
engine -so oat, winch has been l
.I"' buOpS uuuc.gu.ug leuulls, will
"•ull ue uui again, unu win ueleallel
ne huoWII as lue '100.
vu   ..unm uuun. local storekeeper
lui llie e P. II., wenl lo .ucuiuiic
li.il Mallllila) alld mel lus lau.ll) auu
UlUUgnl  ineiii io Crunhtuuk.
■Jouii balnle, lol .lie pu&i year iu
U.U elu,..u> ol lbe ivlbg ..uuihe..
...Ills, i.,uiueil, has acceftleu Ins
uiu pusitlou as boileriuahei al lue
i Kiiimuuh shops.
crcgul trallie over the Spokane 111-
leiuaiiuii.il ii picking up rapidly and
InUlsUuy lasl a solid Hum ol luliy-
lv.0 ours loll    the    Cruuuiuoh  Julus
iui bpokauo over that route.
i.eiore you write any letters   drup
mlu  Ueall.e A:  Atchison s and      seo
at new linen paper  thai Uley bale
Slues.       It is     the latest     aud
cry lauy should bave sume uf ll.
llalpli Whebell, whu has been   con-
.-.ugenu hospilul iui some
: iib.iiii, and expects     lo
dunes at  lhe  C.   I'   It
lops again Alonday,
l-uit   .vu.i.-i,-,,iu, harness     and
s  Wagon,     Apply  He/all  Bio...,
ai "suuih,,, CranbrouK, B. O,      aa
Eiigincei H. McUoldric has rccovor-
I sufficiently Hum Ins recent illness
is  duties Monday      aud
rgc ol   ibe oug.uo    wilh
Hie work train at Elko.
i- ll. biuull has iust finished
decorating a window at Ucattio ,v
Atchison s  thai  is a  beamy ami    is
 '"'"ng n'l kinds ui aliuutiuii and
niaiii' words of praise.
Oeo. llillier, Jr., who enjoys Hie
distinction ul being uue oi uie ablest
dcspnlcliors ou ine western division
"i Un; I'. P. 11., is enjoying his vacation in tiie Edmonton country,
».  Ilyiiilmuii,    telegraph    upera-
iceiitly from    souih Mountain,
been iu town lor a   lew
ell     Tuesday  fur  Frank,
been assigned     fur
McClary's "Famous"
Stoves and Ranges
Progressive Methods  '
Attractive Exhibit^, al
Trade Tempters
Marvellous Values
Opportunitiesworth noting
Reasonable Prices
Elegance and Excellence
guiy peopl.IUi.our prompttwainou
Di'I'iiiuM,. ,,„,■,!.„,.|,sc t|.„, only fcjnu
"    wi- ,,tr,,r.
Only, ti.w ','"1 '".ii'   ean you aci
tainl.it-l.    har.  in..  rlKidly  main-
Tinners and Plumbers
visited  Wardner ust
F. 0, Malp
J O. Cumniuigs, ul Fernie, visited
Iriends in Cranbrook Oils week
Albeit Mu./. the picture man, Was
in tuwu yesteiday extolling Ferine
Tis-day is Thanksgiving in th,.
States and tlie turkey was materially
Fur Marysville public school   duties
tu commence January 7th   Hn.7. Applications stating qualification     and
salary   expected Addless   0.   H.
TihlieUs, secretary  Mnrvsvllle school
board SB-31
linen in m.
Out.,  In,
<    he
IS. A. Cluiicey, ul Edmonlon, lell
yesterday inr llie prairie io luuk alter
somo large contracts lor his firm. Mr
. I.iiieey will return to East Kootenai early in the spring to interview
Ihose having building on hand.
Mr. Cou, general storekeeper al
lalgaiy, wliu is making a lour of iu-
spectiiu, of tin. "Crow," was in Cran.
brook lucsday and alter inspecting
Hie store lie went to Sirdar, (roui
whence he will return to Calgary.
Oliver Burge, who was operated on
lm luninr ol lbe throat about tun
.lays ago, recovered sufficiently to
leavo the hospital the lirst of Hie
week and returned to liis home al
Old lown yesterday.
Tlie Crows Nest Pass Lumber company have closed down tlie big mill
l"l Hie winter season, but the planer
will continue to run ail winter This
company is building one ot Hie largest
and most complete planers in the
country and that will be placed in
commission iu a lew weeks.
The East Koolenay Lumber company have closed down their Jafrrky
saw null. ihe plauer will continue
lo run all winter.
FOR SALE-Two most dvsirabie
.,uii,iiii(, ims m uianbrook adjoining
Hr- Ureen s residence. Price .3uu
Apply  lo C, 11. Presl. 3^-ti
It is rumored iu railway circles
lual six new stalls aud au extra ash
pit are lo be added to the Cranbrook
■simps, thus increasing the capacity ui
lhc round house and facilitating thc
work ol handling engines.
A.   a.   Wilmot,   oi the Patterson-
Ailinul Lumber coluuany, came up
irom Elkmuuth yesterday. Mr. Wilmot slates that they expect to have
lheir mill ready lor operation iu
about a month.
O. B. Abbot, coach painter at the
C. P. 11. shops, leaves to-morrow lor
ins old home in England, where ho
will spend the Christmas holidays.
"Dick ' is one of the moat popular
hoys around the shops and il industry
and thrill counts, is certainly entitled to a good, loug vacation.
For Sale—11) acres ol lirst-class
liuu land, two miles west oi Creston. Apply 11. HicKenbolham, Crau-
h.ouk, B. C. 2a
S. F. Tomlie, government inspector,
visited Cranbrook a lew days ago
lo inspect lhe dairies of tbis town
The Herald has seen tbe official ro
port made upun the dairy operated
by W. B, Baldgett, and it was first-
class, as tlie inspector says that the
ill euws that comprise Mr. Bardgett's
herd are all iu the best ol health.
an'Mliat tin
er slow.
, „., i,„„    „„ii,   ,      ,,     , . nn'Kltat the premises «,re kept In ex-
,,,J ",   ,        .   I    ' ''V«'»"'','" cellont   condition.      Such   a   state-
eo.ulu.tn hir , lut, ' ""lliy "»'"t "' "" 'o«lcinl   way Is something
nastoKo, ■   le    AA, ''!'     ld"' tl,at is l0 '«■' Pr^«l »i' «« owner ol
?e,!? w,«    inl    ,l"'',''"' ?'        S" "   ,lilir}'' a,,a is tbe'source ot   much
El Zn J ?,       t!''   Uu   '"'",iy satlslaotion,   not   only to Mr. Bard
\  ILTLUL     m  llllS met     ""' "'"' D»t also to hflrpiitlons in  this
A song seivice commences each even- city
subject will be "Cranbrook oltlzcns."    ,;'     	
ing at 7.30.      Following Ibis week's     ( • f" Buc" bus sold thc Palm candy
subject will    be "Cranhrook  homes" "'"'" l0 Mr. Kelsall who will    take
and then "The churches." charge to-morrow.      Mr. Buck   will
.,   „,       ,     „        . ..    „ , remain with the place until alter the
P. Burns &    Co. and the Calgary Christmas holidays and then expects
Cattle   company    placed in coinmis- tu move to one ol the large cities on
sion the past wwk two meat wagons the prairie.     The people ol     Cran-
that have excited   as much favorable brook will regret   Mr. Buck's depar-
commrnt as the arrival of the   first ture,   as be has been a good citizen
automobile in Cranbrook.    The Burns and  a man   who made many Iriends.
wagon is a heavy,     platlorm spring Tlie   Herald wishes   Ior   him   everv
vehicle    Ior use    in   their wholesale prosperity in bis   new homo.      Mr.
tralllc, while th» one lor the Calgary Kelsall is   well known to the   most
Cattle company   is a light delivery nl the people ol Cranbrook and   will
rig for   the retail trade.    Both are Kive  his   personal attention   to   the
well finished and handsomely painted business that has been such a success
and present au artistic appearance.   I under the management ot Mr. Buck.
E. E. Doberer, ul the Fort Steele
Mercantile company, visited Fernie
lust Tuesday.
Ml Buket lecojved a cable annouin-
ng the sale arrival ol Mrs. linker in
England last Friday.
P. Lund, manager ol the Crows
Nest Puss Lumber company, is a
Cranbrook visitor this week.
Nearly all lhe wurk ,.,, ihe new
Fink Mercantile companv building will
be completed by next Saturday
Arthur .lardino lius iust returned
Irom a trip to Calgary, where be saw
a number ol former Cranbiook
IV. It. Bradford, proprietor ol the
Wycliffo hotel, was transacting business in tuwu yesterday.
Miss llel'lie Heck, ul the Wont-
Worth hotel, has beene ill Ior the
past tew davs, but is iinproviug at
The steel doors lor tbe new vault
nf lhe Imperial bank arrived Hie first
ul the week and ale beiug placed iu
V. Hyde Baker and J. F. M. Piuk-
liaiii returned on Saturday Hum a
tew days shooting trip lo Elkmouth.
The game was absenl.
Judge Wilson has moved his allice
in the building opposite tbe govern-
nieni building. The provincial law
library lias been moved to.the same
lhe lirst page ol this paper is preempted by ihe Fink Mercantile company, 'lhat company does its advertising on the same plan lhat it
does Its business, and it never tails
lo make a winning.
WANTED—Work at anything. Have
liad no experience in lumber camps,
hut are willing to get in and drill at
anything we can got to do. Both
understand horses. ■ Address Arthur
Pierson or Oeorge Hobden, care of
Married At Craubrook, B. C, on
November 37tb, liujli, by the Rev,
Father ChoinW, ol St. Maris Roman
Catholic church, Walter S. Corbett to
Nellie,, youngest daughter ol Mrs.
Mylcs Kelly, of Maxwclltown, Dundee, Scotland,   ,    ..
Mrs., D., E... Murphy, wile ol Alderman Murphy,., wus..taken to the hospital tnuay..ol last week by urder ut
Orceu, who iouiul an operation
necessary . lor troubles ul which she
uas beeu suucruig Ior some ume. Tbe
operation was very successful.
Mazy Small, the five year old
daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. E. 11.
Small, was taken to the hospital ou
Tuesday with an attack ol typhoid
lever. The many friends ol tbe
parents will sympathize with them iu
lheir misfortune, and tbo host ol
Iriends ol the little one will join
the Herald in wishing ber a speedy
"PecK" McSweyn, oue ul tbe
brightest men anu nest known newspaper meu iu British Lolumuia,
came aowu toe valley this week ou
ibe Kootenay Central and is spending a lew days with his iriends in
Cranbrook. "Peck" has beeu all
over tho universe and also to Golden,
but lor the past summer has boon
luslicating among the beauties ol
limits o£ the Standard Luiuhet com-
turuips and making muscle-tossing tbe
new mown hay in the mow. In a
short time "Peck" expects to re-enl-
cr the journalistic field and there is
nol a ili.ui lu Hie province who can
wield a more interesting pen. May
good luck always follow him.
Moyie, Nov. 28.—At a quarter past
nibo last night a Finlander, named
George Smeeltie, aged about 35, was
killed at the mine here by falling
down the shad, a distance oi 111,
feet. He took a' loaded car oil ttu-
cage, and put an empty one on, when
tbe cage went down, lie emptied the
loaded car, and then, lorgetting what
lie was doing, went to put the car
he had just emptied on tlie cane,
which was, of course, 135 leet below
When tbe car started to cn down he
tried to hold it buck, and went down
with it, being killed Instantly Ilis
skull was Iractured and one nl his
legs was broken.
Hitieappte Struwl-frry
Oraiiui' Vfi-ijlla
HuHpljeriv Mfti'li*
Leinim Nwlnr
i'ii Hinuer Fliwiim
Anil liirm* line
Pli ne HI.   C ui E ii t -k. Prop
Only Candy Makem mi rniw'i
NMt Liim.
Every Letter
you write reflects
It will bear witness to your
good taste-ii .you write it on
Twotone or..High!and Linen—
the. popular, styles in ,Eaton-
Hurlbut Writing Papers.
Plenty of other styles here,
too, of these attractive writing
Ho dot?3 luoJcrn work
in il modern manner
When you want j>;iiiit-'
ing decorating. j>ji |>«*r
Methcdist Church
Special this Week
"Cranbrook Citizens"
na-   COME    tv*
jtoptist Church
" Magnificent   Minorities  of
the World;"
"Famous   Failures  of   History.''
Sl'NllAV evening, miv. lis
" Kingship nt .Man."
srxiiAV i;vi;mnii. nov'.'2o
"Kinn;8lii|, iif Christ.''
■frMM-MMi MM**, M«MMM*M»i«*M**«* "MBaSM -
niiinluie business and lbe    latter the
(From The Mnyie Deader.)
Some thirty "i Mr. and Mis. Joseph Trainer's many Iriends gave
tbeiu a mosl agreeable surprise last
Tuesda. evening, when they maii'licd
up to then house in a body and Presented them wnh ai, nddress lhe.
also presented Mr  Trainer
.Uei'li'b.ium pipe,
bus ol cigars
presented     with
glassware.      Ml    Tl
long time hoss of II
ii,,- si   Eugene   ■
highest    esteci
under     llllll
witli    a
igat holder md a
\l,'.   Trninoi    vas
set      nl      cul
inei   was  lul     .1
limhei   gang •'!
as held in     lhe
In  all wliu wul ked
He  I  Mis   T
,1     ..In
Qilebic, I.m
-en pi
Miliums  In
A l.i "in i
siinie tiun' I'-'
province,   is
i.l UUS   III   Mny"'.
Iii   Marcel was up Iron. Criinbro.
Jul a d.u tins week I" take 1'
llaiuis place "bile ih.- lull.-, we.
in cranbruok.
little   rin.igl.toi  "i   Mr, ami
■d    Hi
s   anil
r tin
a ml botll .uc di
complete .nui
.mil will lir opened
iiliin thf nexl    few
Snulli   Kast
Mrs. ». Campbell '>•'- pas
i-rltlful pei mil ut lii'i illness
now   rapidly  recovering.
Sullivan, In- Willi tin- riel
bruKue. is    making Moj le *'
visit,    Ile is discussing i »
other kindred i es with lil
Hie mis.
M.   A.       tit-ale,   0110  nl   K.isl   lv
nay's leading insurance men, wa
iinm Urunbrook Tuosday.     Heal'
.ui u|itouiisi Hutu Hie word
predicts grenl tilings h
Hair*,     Snulli.     il"' barbr
changed bis inuni about returning_ }
.Moyie,  for  the presenl
Pcafsoh, "[ L'rntibrook
shop heie.
John Simpson,    principal ol     the
Moylo school, has leudered lis cosig-
luliolt In the tmslees In take eneCl
.a Uw end of the present term, Hi'
will ro easi in spend the winler.
Chas. A. MncKny, managei nf the
Ulack-MacKay Mining; compnu:
aiiaiti in town ami is doing sum
nrelimmarv wmk nn his claims, pre-
tuiatnr. in sinking a hip, shall
shaft w'ill he 350 feet in depth
will  he      used   to  l.»P   •■"'     '
underlying Mnyie lake.
tale btisine
ing well.
The work of replacing lhe nlil plal
form .il the ('. H It. depot with an
i*iitirt'ly new one, besides adding a
hundred feet or more at the soulh
end Is being done hy Uigby £ Wai*
die Tlie platform is a few inches
higher Mian lbe old one and a foot or
two wider, ami consists of solid throe
inch planking. A wide plat forin is
also to be built aioiind the depot,
Wiili- steps on to tlte platform from
Hanson street add very much to the
genera I a ppefl ra nee a ml prael iia I
utiiiu nf tin- platform.
Krm-si Kent, a lit yeai old imv.
(nil ..I blnnil poisoning at thr hospital nn Knilar. of (ci a long siege nf
lufforing Tin- funeral was held mt
Sunilni ami tiiis largely ntlendeil in
Hn- Miners' union, of whicli the deceased was an esteemed membei
Hey K s Wilkinson, nlm conducted
the fiineial. held mi appropriate service in  the parlors uf Senli   „   Kuss'
undertnklng establlsbmenl        Krnest
w.is .-niiihivi-,1 .it Cn.ii Oreek mines
us .. drlvei        lb- w.is nn ambitious
liny  .md   was   populfll   with   his   ll'lloW
workmen Mis mt hoi resides hern
•md Ins mother, win. is dving nf tuberculosis, is residing at ibe 'old
homu in Kngland,
tends In put
etass livi'i \ •
Up fnr   lilisilir
Tbere ».<s hm a small attend nee
al tbe glove contest pulled nil in lbe
opera house here on Tluns.|a) ■ n n
nm Tlie light, wliich was beta vn
Kid Foley, ol Suva Scotia, and Kid
Hutch, ni Kernie, lasted imt quite;
two   rounds     when lluteli    was put
down and out     In  !i nn tho jaw.,
Tin- contest, however, while it lasted
was fast, although It was easily seen
frnm ihe lirst ili.n Foley far mil
classed Ins opponent.
This week the big boiler thai has
been standing for some lime nl thc
siii- of tlte proposed brewery was
laken up m the llilti'ii'si mine.
Lloyd \ jjaittev, proprietor of
ibe (irand I nmti hotel, of Coleman,
is paying a visit in the i'ass ami
looking after his business Interests En
■i ll.i
Ul   least. Mi
is running hi*
hnd if
(VroM the Veraie Free Press.)
Mr.  Kobe.i    W   Coulthard, general
sales   agent     foi  the   V- S. V. I oal
company, and Miss Alice M. tioua, 0
Winnipeg, were  ted ill marriage at
the home nl the bride's parents mi
Wednesday evening- Before leaving
tut Winnipeg on Saturday, Mr. Dow-
tliard was presented by the olllce
Btafi nt the company •'• Kernie,
Michel and Cnal Creek with a purse
well filled with gold. Mr. Coulthard
bas been with tlte Cnal company alinosl since ils ineepiion, for some
vears occupying the position of chemist. Ile lately retired from the
presidency of the Pernio Liberal
association, a position ho held for
iwo years The bride formerly resided in this eity for a couple of
vears ami she has many friends here
who    will   welcome her back.    The
happy couple are expected tn arrive
in Fcmic In a day 01 two. The Kree
Press joins their hosts o( friends In
extending  felicitations.
There is now Iiuie doubt but that
the provincial olecliqns will lie helu
early in January. H is reported
that tbe governmenl Itilemletl appealing in the countrj in Uccem'bei,
out that upon representations being
made by lhe business men tbut- an
election al thai time would seriuiisly
affect the Christmas Hade, n was
put oil until niter tliu holiday season. January will therefore he a
sireuumis month for the politician, as
tho municipal elect inns alsu conic oil
at that tune. Al Fertile Ihere is
nut the least ripple ol excitement
ovei: cither ol ihese app roach lug contests. For municipal honors ihere
will probably be a dearth o( candidates if the presenl lack of Inlonatl
manifested hi nur leading citizens is
anv indication by which one may
judge, Willi respect to the provincial   elections  the  respective  political
parlies will doubtless look after their
interests to the hesl nf their ability
and sec that the besl candidates are
brought forward. In thc city elections il is different, and unless a
patriotic Inleresl is aroused and a
keen search made for the strongest
material available lhe municipal offices will go begging ami will doubtless be filled by second rate men.
Hosmer now boasts loll buildings
either completed m Hearing completion.
A. C. Nelson, governmenl assessor,
of Cranbrnoli. was in tlie city <>n
Wednesday fnr the purposo ol assess-
mg the new town of llosmer.       . ,
C. .1. Highy has made n start nt
preparing the rink lor the season's
skating. If the weather gels a llttli
cooler better progress can he made,
and.skaiing maj !>*■ expected In shorl
11. Oldham has tbe contraci Tor
building the new spur intn the Knit
Steele brewery property and commenced operations yesterday.
W. It. Itnss, M.P.P., and ti. V. Wallace left on Tuesdays easthouml pas
Bfiiger on on importflnl business mission.
Government Agenl \rmstrong was
in the city yesterday on official business. While here be made the government selection in the new survey
of the Hosmer townsite.
An outbreak nf typhoid is reported
from near Gateway, Fnur arc reported tn have died anil three others
are verv ill. One of those whn succumbed fo Ihe dread disease is a Mr.
It is reported that "Scott)*" Milne
and a companion were killed in a
fracas in Butte, Montana. "Scotty"
was for a number of years a well-
known character in the Pass and was
a pugilist of some note.
J, S, T. Alexander returned Tuesdav from a long hunting vacation on
the prairie. He report**,having had a
very good time. He saw II Bent-
ley at Daysland and Lcstoek Forbes
ft Stettle'r.        Tbe former ti in   lbe
(FruM the Wilmer Outcrop.)
There is now upwards of thlrtj
men grading on the Kootenav C(m-
tral railway and a few doing' ' .some
rock wmk .ihnni night miles south of
Clolden. M is now known on good
minority lhat a sleam shovel is to
hi put to work lining in the sloughs
along the route close to (Inlden. For
ihis purposo a spur is lo run from
the Columbia Itiver Lumber eom-
i.iny's track south of the Kicking
Horse bridge. The report current a
veck ago that a steam shove) bad arrived in (inlden proved a false alarm,
ind was due lo the faet that a
-hnve] en route to some western point
was side-Hacked there for a short
time. While in Calgary Uie Outcrop
reporter mel a man, who is iu a
good position lo know, who slated
thai while be knew little of tbe Kootenay Central, he was aware thai
uiitM'liiiugc iv l.umi had a contraci
,o nuiiil a line Irom lioldcn to f oil
Steele and lhat 4 Dey were to push
construction next year.
lue political poi is boiling merrily
.a Uolden ami vicinity; and ii is' sum
Llierc are nearly as ' many available
candidates (or legislative Honors as
ihere aro voters.
Capt. 11. T, Munn has sold bis
iiuiii acre ranch, just west of Wilmer,
nut the name ot the purchaser is mn
yet made known. As a result the
captain will leave in a shorl lime lo
vlsil bis home iu Knglalld, but will
return (0 the Valley again nexl
W. ti. Santo, of Thunder Hill, has
sold his ranch adjoining Canterbury
to an eastern man. The price realized is said to be a good one and that
the new owner will make many improvements to the ranch.
i's    h
icke. club
Hns s
Mill he I
mil lln< I
,1     of     b
neni ol Hi
eni lil
lie bus
lhe  1,
iiiuiii nt
•basi'is  Hi
1   has
I'l I'l
 i  Rill
i.gell.el  in
lhe 1'
I.N VDI \s
sll |'Hl->
The ('.
11.,/ellu ,\	
S    III,'
s|i.ll'i' del
nli'il 1
i     llrlllsl
in   Cam
ihu ii
,lli.Ills    in
.III 1
ll    II
1. ls.ll
a lialhl
shuns     l
l.ll III
ll the     pi
mnl  i
sniiee iu
l'u nn.l...
bun     mmi
 ma »
nl Iter   s.i
«,   "1
rn li
m.i da
eels    Ul,
re  III.
II    .lllllllll.
at  111,
More Hi.
u      ll
al. iu Hie
■a,     fill   i
e len
there is
Iin rdlj
u    rofore
ur Hi
it     is
nnl   lull.
roclntlvo <
1   Cn
ul Hiatus
mil    i
ablo dev
it.       Nu
mie i
11),   It
faet. glance through lhc len day
harvest without appreciating the general soundness of Knowledge and the
keen ami intelligent sympathy with
which Canadian affairs are now followed by the British press." This is
followed by an expression of doubl
whether Hrilish readers wnuld concede Canadian journals to he equally
well Informed and sympathetic In
their treatment nf Hrilish affairs.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*•*-#•>*♦♦. )♦+♦«?♦♦?•♦♦♦♦♦
20.000 ACRES
,.l lhe very pick „! the -el,'i't".| 1 i- In lho lieantiliil   Knul v
Yiillev, Kasi Kootenay, B. .'.   externling irom Canal i'lnt t,,
I'llkn.'iiie.i.lti'ieil tor suli' ul trom «.: to ;m pel a.'ie.
The Kootenay Valley is ol Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and tho Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
I'lie Iuiui- |»\>ao..l ovory toatt.ru oi  uaefiiliiesa, including tim-
liele.1 li,ii,lii's.l,,il-liv llni",  lniin.ll,   ii.ii  I-   .m.l    .iiI.im-       lh.'
brushy lluis. in.n.ii  nml  ndu.1   1 ..I   i.m-i-i ..I .b'l'ii. Kii. k
lhe bench laml being n -.nil'   Umiu, a|.l tally ailapinl
lm Imn .uiini.'.    Whore imm, m    ii.uv Iw noceaaary on ilu
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
♦ ♦
iiuii .un
• Rookie.
i BlIllK'hilil 1...... .
nln Hie K miv II
nl  III,'   lou   li
.' mih' I.s ll,.uum
Tin' lnmls n,e full
„ Hitu-ilivhled i
if illxxil SO nu
Tha pun-liaiw i wil ! i li lhe ilmlwr, which
I.v tb.'[uiu liu-i'i will t uii) liability to guvu.i.meiil ,,, othu
royalty. Tlwlluilw. will in i i em         reull.e ,i	
Im-.   I'M..'   nn.l Willi,, ill    . um       lh   roi'Ollp tl," I ll  lli
vested,   Cos i-u,, ts- .Inn- ilu- K.i.iiiuiiiv iiu'i. mIiii'i, moil
 very lol sm io,    ri.Pi. n road i gli Iht, vnllo
. I i '. u i lot, nnl ihe imiiHiatsI Kimteimj ' ei
il imi ill I tlio m.i  ul,     rt,e r. I'. It, ni ,|,ut
lllll  IllilltllV
couvonle.il In il
I". Iiiuiii', |
,11. I llu- M.i [„|| ■     i.l
rlie.ibtra apply I
Or to Joseph Ryan   Cranhrook, B. C.
♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦»'»-,»,-i-te»»>* **•»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•
Hotel a* s
Qaeati Cmnfuri a Specially
iiund StAhlitiK in Connection
Nearest to railroad and di poi     ll is pvecommoda*
tiona for the public unequalled In Cranlirnok.
If   a
(Krom The Frank Paper.)
The men working at thc coke ovens
at Lille loaded hot coke into a box
car one day last week with the result that the ear caught lire, creating
quite a little stir for a few minutes.
The car went to Cranbrook "in had
Walter Gardener was in from the
Norlh Fork at the end of'the week.
Mr. Qardeper, who is in charge of
the interests of Messrs. Lynch.
Keiiastoii and Robertson at The Gap.
is engaged at presenl in establishing
camps preparatory to the development work that is expected to begin
in Ibe spring.
George Klowes, blacksmith, em
ployed at Hillcrest, had tho tnisfor
tune a few days ago. io cut ofi tin
tties of one foot. Lack of propcr'a't-
leulion has made it necessary for
him lo eome in to Dr. Mnleolmson
hospital for treatment.
Frank will have n skating rink this
winter. Thai much was assured by
action taken by tbe principal owners
of the rink, ft. Sleeves and A. Manuel, who during lhc week leased the
property to .1. w. Ashddwn and ,1,
Miller. Messrs. Aslldown and Miller
announce thai ihey will begin making
ice at onee and wilb a continuance nf
freezing weather, they promise skating in a very short time.
Kondmnster .lack Teller is having
bis troubles these days trying to
finish up the work he has on hand
before winter sets in permanently. A
hig crowd of his navvies didn't like the
snow null and before he had the work
in the Coal company's yard completed
and at other places he is experiencing annoying delay. He states that
the turn table is now in nt Crows
Nest, which will greatly facilitate
Ibe handling of the coal traffic. There
is still considerable work to he done
at Maclrnd and some of it may have
lo go over till sprlhg.
No move lias been made as vet. In
organize for hockey and get a team
together. It is stated among hockey
lovers, however, thai steps will he
taken soon toward getting up a
ten IK. Now lhat the rink bas been
given inlo bands which insures good
ice antl businesslike management gen
erallr, the hope is tbat the righl kind
of .hi eftfiri will be made to put
team in lbe Held that will give a
good account of Itself, On ibis
point, why would it nol he a good
point lo organize wit li Blairmore and
have a Joint learn. It strikes The
Frank Paper that a much better
showing might he made in the Pass
league if the two towns would pull
together and put a strong team in the
field than hy trying to go it alone.
(liy the Herald's Tame Englishman
A gentleman from New Brunswick
called the tame englishman tn (ask
nn account of his little squib called.
"The passing nf lln- blooming Kng-
lishtnaii," in last week's Herald, He
.said, "Vmi arc imi a humorist."
I don'l mind his saj ing that I am
ioi a humorist, in tact, 1 think he is
■uile right—Inn 1 do resent his saying i bin uol an Knglisliiiian
uw, 1 admit, went home
German saul of me, "lie is uo
metaphysician, not even an English
metaphysician," 1 could swallow the
aiironi io my metaphysics, hut 1
should feel angry about the affront to
my nationality. No l do not argue
that I am a humorist, inn 1 il
sist thai 1 am .m Englishman, li 1
'were u humorist 1 should certainly
be an Knglisli humorist. If 1 wero
a saint 1 should certainly be an Knglisli saint. I need pot recount tho
Vast category of English saints who
have written their names on thu
tombstones and sanctuaries of the
lirlghl little, Light Utile, island. I
need not trouble you wiih the list of
English humorists who have discharged their hills (or failed lo discharge them) in the noble pubs and
taverns uf England. l.el us weep
together over lhe pathos of lbe poor
New Bruuswlcker, whose country has
never produced anv humor intelligible
tiwlhe rest of lbe world. And we
can smile when be savs that sonic ono
or other is mil even an English
humnrisl like Charles Dickens. Samuel Johnson and Charles Lamb. I
concede llial I am not an English
humorist, I am not worthy to be,
hut I am an Englishman, if a   poor
1  The Wentworth  1
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any time.    We are on deck 25 hours
out of the 24
Not and .aid Haiti-
Hoggarth & Collins j
 Proprietor!       !
| Manitoba Hotel f
5   dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranhrook, b. c.   t
4 h
J Headquarters for jj
* Lumbermen *
* i
H*    , J.
*t      Tlie Manitoba i.i'eiitriillyloi'ii.e.1 and Ilns one of llie hesl ,liiiiiie,io,.in«      _*
af-    in the citv.   The bur is supplied wiili the heat nl Liquors and Clgnra     -|i
♦ *. I"
Talking ahoul. poor people, I see
that Mr. Carnegie has done something of considerable importance. Ho
has converted President Roosevelt to
lhe principle ol phonetic spelling—at
any rate some kind nf n spelling reform. I can11 see why the pres.-: nro
making such a fuss ahout whal Mr.
Carnegie Ibinks ahoul spelling, Mr,
Carnegie is a man who lias made a
great ileal of money,  bul   thai   is all.
I itupiire not as In Imw he made his
money. Hul I should he astonished
if I were told thai he received il as
a prize for spelling. As for the
presideni I shnuld consider him ac-
ipllt^ed if he could spelt his own
name, which is more than lean do. "f
course blond is (bicker than waler,
ami I don'l want lo he unkind to
argue,.hearing the gold old Knglisli
name of ■ Roosevelt, which carries
with il such nn aroma of Devonshire
lanes and Yorkshire moors. Now,
why, when these gentlemen are so
keen on spelling reform don't Ihey go
"the whole bog." Why not no 'had'
a few neons aud adopt ihe method
of picture wriling'' Then when lbe
president wauled 7 guns he cou til
write the figure 7 and draw a picture
nf a (en pounder and when Mr. Carnegie wanted lo order seven thousand
liharies lie colllll write 7(lofl and then
do bis best lo draw a picture of a
library Of course, this is only n
suggestion; it has    its dlsttavnntages
because if Mt Hoosevell wanted to
write all he has In say ahoul race
suicide in picture wriling il     would
lake       grenl   deal   nf   time iiiiil  n     lm
of paper tii properly deplcl It, and   if
Ml. C gie wishes to write all Indues lint know nlioul Canada nnil
things   Canadian     ihe same trouble
wnuld he iu evide       Iltit   Iln-r bail
heller ibink it over.
!; The Cosmopolitan 1
(From Tkt   Blairmore Times.)
The management    of the Blairmore
skating rink    expect to he able     to
open the rink    here next   Saturday
The new livery stable being ercrtfid
on Sixth street' by I), Drain will be
completed next week. Mr. Drain,
who will have charge himself, has ill-
ready shipped two carloads of oats
and the sair.e of hay here.     He   in-
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory j
All kinds of finish work in
wny of doore, windows, transoms, etc. Kiln dried lumber
for iiiBide work. Our work is
guaranteed and our prices are
satisfactory.    .Screen   doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
t*T TT '|"f*'i"'i*T "|"T*'i*T
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
Big 44CIean-=Up"Sale
pXCKPTinXALL-Y l'u-,
on uur hands u hiriri' nui
I ii-n.-iiis. taken in oni'Iiuuui' nu
uiul PIANOLA I'lANns
i 'ur " I |>|ht Country .vi
Bioko nr.' umi' t'oiiifortiililj I-
mi w i\ From factory, t"<>.
These used  goods  musl
rapidly,   You'll tippriTinte llu
"lllll Ml''"     lllll  K.'lH I
1.1     I'i
I  |l|.'l
mi slvl.-gt.l A1ASHN A  ta^l'll
■.led    if
mil Un
■in  "i.mr i
'" $20
"l-liiir!.-.. lluvis" lliuiirlil 1'iiimi. T.n-inv. i.
. fl..'. in. in lirliilit. iMviiih uiiiiiiii tr.n
,.,-, .-,,,.111.1.1,1 STIIU
,.,'ii..M[R'.RJ"'^:'-".". '' $t>5
iiiiis. obonlml .-,.,.. ., i-    J I 15
,' ""..-I' j   ,'"    i'mmIm"   jj'ijfj
We've nlso ii number of olh
\ mi mny turn in nny one
us  |iurti;i!  [.nymetil on  a in
within two years ufter [...rein
in  N'elsmi iiuii Revel-
\i' winter s. li i j 'it u-n I s
• wish them i" move
"'!' $30
:: $50
ninn Willi
,'i IK'tttVCM,
tins, Knll lUt soot upon roijuoBt,
nf ihi'sr itiBtritinetita nl full value,
■w  MASON tV-   lilSCH   PIANO.
P    0    BOX   615
l> %-■•*>%••»-*. •a.-*'* <k (§   #«
B. C. Livery and Feed Stables  ]
Blacksmiths, Woodworkers ani Bicycle Repairers
MzLiu^'-ilii Cirr!a;ei &ni D.-.-rii: Iiulcinents for Sale
Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 111 B,.rn PIhuu-oo
»••*> •*.■—*»•**».••*■**..*.*.»*,•»»,.».».■»» «n #* ■"
*%.%»» **
Try a   Cas
I),,/in  Pints
Kl     III
nl  in Qniiiiiam'   Tlm I
fur  I.mull  .'iml  lull' us"
health, nml Ioiii-b up tl
ris  nunr um
lir,',,,-,'.   Ci'iiiilil',.,,1,    I!   ('
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THE   CBANBIlOOJ*   IIEIIAI.D
A Winter Luxury
Ladies delight in the ccwty warmth— lhe perfect
fit—the luxurioUl ease and comfort—of
Combination Suits
They are the most perfect garateutettatexperience,
skill an.i money cm produce.   Knitted all  in une
piece from neck to auktc.    Lit like another skin.
Made iu all sizes    md all fabrics from silk iu cotton.
Send for catalogue if your denier caunot supply you.
p. O. BOX 2338, MONTREAL.
Take notice that thirty days afler
date   I intvnd   tu apply   to the Chief 	
Commissioner of Lands aiid Works fur  SYNOPSIS OK CANADIAN HOMfi.
a license to cut and carry away tim-1 blfcAJj  KLUL LA 1 iuas.
ber fiom the following described Unas 	
situated m South Kasi Kootenay:       |    Any     available    Domiab a    Lands
Commencing    twenty   chains south   wnbin the iUi.way licit in    Ur.Uso
of and foi ty    chains east of the    IU   Columbia, way   ue buiuvhi I *
'"    post    of  lot   No.   4592,   ttenc©   au>  piison w..o is ;:t.      li   Dc_d ul
north one hundred and sixty chain
thence east forty chains, thence south
on: humlied and sixty chains, theme
wesl forty chains to point of commencement.
P   P.  Kobb.
Dated November 5, 1906.        33-5t
date I
Self help is  the he.l   aisislance
I loosling    friends   bonis boyci
lll'lH'lllllllll'   IS   lutll'll   IIUIII-   tllilll      III
IR sum   lli.it   vnu  sililu'il.
Mun i'
lllil'll'   SlU-fl'SS   l,v ll.i
.illy r.illi'il lucky.
Tlie iiuiii ..lm nini'i's with cii'ii
builv   sunn    Ih'i'iiiiii'.s   very .lisneree-
Suinr ini'ii always miss lir-ina; available   because   Ibcv .ue uovcr ailant-
Tbe iiiiiii wlm is always trying in
lilt others ill. is in small .lunger nl
being ilrnggc.1 down.
A Iiill stomach 1ms |ircveiitc.l many
u iiuiii Iinm thinking ul liis iluiv lii
liiinsi-ll mul in Ins country,
Some people never learn lhe illHer-
t'lli-i'   lii'lwi skillg llml  iur    wh.it
tliey want .mil aSklng Him (ur ivilul
till'.'   IllTli.
iiiii-liull .he (lowers brougbl t.. th,'
average funeral ivnulil bale made Hie
much innil' pleasant if given u few
inuiilhs earlier.
The higher the salary attached in
lhe public nihil' the more patriols
there are ready tn sucrlflec tbelr husiness interests tn accept it.
IVe met an optlmlsl tbe other ilnv.
He expected ib.it smne time lie would
drop inlu n lm  nml uiul thi< molllPt
playing the piano in lhe parlor i I lie
Hie .laughter Was Hashing lhe
Ile was a well-known artist and be
was standing near Hie offspring ut
hi.s brain—those original expressions
How (ruin us sometimes—iu llie pic-
ture gallery), when an old gentleman
whose nttire suggested a country
tnilur siuli'iuie. Irom neuralgia approaching, inspected Hie picture mul
buist min a paroxysm ol laughter.
"Seems      In amuse you,   sii,"  suul
the artist, huffily.
"II dn ihal."'
"Il isn't mean! tn he runny!"
"Nna'    Well, 1 never!"
"I've been    offered     $500    ful   thai
picture. Probably nm don'l Ibink
it's worth it, probably you think nm
know more aboui n iliun nil ut ibe
best critics iiiii. hnve praised lbe
"Iinn'i know   nothing    about mi
mister." suiil    tb,' ..lit friii.u   wiping
his eyes.      "Iml   I   he dead  nuts      mi
cows Where dnl vmi see llinl row
what you've painted there gettini   uu
Iinm lhe e 1 ii.u'ii'i'i nisi-     i nj
Innl Idly years nl larroln' uml I nevei
neu a cow gel n|i lhu! u.u im    ■■■ r.
won.ii Ai-coMMonmi  iiii;
Alti'lni'Vmi'iieiul    M |j   »,,.;   ,„„,.
riillng nn llu-     plnltorll! nl .i    Boston
Rtrcel onr, standing hum in thp
llial inolei'teil passengers Imm   ral
Coining uu Hie oilier track,    I    Um
IUU   Lull   i'.   I"  III,' ilmn   nl   lb,' ,.n
Which was Inilil.-n     t i hei by    Hi,-
men standing before It.
"other sub', please, lady," suul the
nm,lm l,.1
llr n.is Ignored ns oni. n Iiom mnl
In,',I ll,,..im,mu ,'.,,! Ignore n man
The l.uli  Innl, niuithei     step toward
"Ynu musl ,','t ,.n nn this side "
s.ml Hie conductoi
"1 »,sh in t,'i nil mi ibis side "
fame Hie nnawei in lones Hint nm
Waled llml     uiini.il mm momentary
llience      flelnre I ,uld exidnln nt
e\|...siui,,i,., .1,   m,,,„|, ,.,,„„. ,,,   |,|8
"Siuiiil I., one s„I,-, gentlemen.'-
lie leni.iiki'il ii.,. l.ni, ivuima ,,,
eliinh ovei  lbe   nli "   I i
"Whv arc you so Insistent on hnv-
ilnr. Il'.Iones iinminated fnr nffiee? Has
he .inv esneeiai fiualilientinns?"
"Has he? Sav, Il'.Iones is lhe
hest nromiser that ever came down
the highway."
nil.   mil Mi Tlill'   HATES  Til
Tiekels i.a sab' Dally, NOV. 21 lo
DEC. .11 .iie iusivc, guild to return
n liiiin i three months.
Kili'si equipment, Including stand'
mil Kii'.l ilass Sleeping and Tourist
''ais on all through Hains.
I'WO   ll.rouh  Express   Trains
Apply to nearest C. P. R. Agent
for   imfjrmation
Take notice thai the partnership
lieit'tnfnre existing between lbe undersigned, Frank Henry Pearson and
tlcorge ll. Jewell, as contractors,
uiiiler Hie firm name nf "Pearson and
Jewell," lias Ibis dny been dissolved
bi  mutual consent.
Tlie business has been taken over
by "The Jewell 1,umber Company,
Limited," of .laii'rav, wbieb company
Ilns assumed nil lhe liabilities ol the
said partnership, and to whom all
debts ilite said partnership must be
Daled at .I'oHray, li. ('., this 7th
ilnv ni November, num.
I-'   11. Pearson,
ll. (1. Jewell.      U-'lt
Jus. a. JlcDean.
Take notice that thirty days alter
date I liilinil to apply to tie Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for
t special license lo cut and carry
away timber from lbe following des-
iilb.-il lands in Soutli East Koote-
Commencing at a post planted al
.he nm lh west corner ol R. JI. Kul-
leri. it's timber lieinse No. 5300,
Hi, ini' west I no chains, tlence south
tu ibuns, ih.'iicc east Hill chains,
thence north III chains to tlie point ui
II   II. Ross,
J. VV. Ross,
(Per) ('. Jorgensen, Agent,
W. K. llni.I. Solicitor.
I'.iii'.! ui   Cranbrook, B. C.    this
'th .I.u nl October, A. D. lihln
nl "I' nl' Till: COMMON RUN
..( .'bull is Hn- nil wool Block ,if
unit,'rials now ,ui our counters,
ntii'ii,'tin- in quality, weave nml
vorietj    Foi .liatiuotivoly
roll'   iiimii   us     T. in.   Dink  ami
linn,   iiiui    ui.ir llu-  unit,,   suit
materials, Iml thodreBsy man pre-
fore in wear soinetliinn mil of ih,,
oi inui. not only in si.vlc lit ami
liniali. I,ui uis,, in materials. .Sue
our stock SOW
Juenh lliis bus n story nl a little
Ini wliu shines shni's (ni- u living
Tliis buy      iiui's  t,, q  mission Sllliiluy
school, nml uns keenly disappointed
..lien, nt Christmas lime, his mn
Imm lhe Iree turned oul lo he a (opt
of Browning's poems.
Next Sunday, however, the superintendent announced Ihal anv child nol
pleased .villi bis eili could have il
exchanged.     .Ilmmle marched boldly I
,,!,'.',''!'',"' "''"'llls'
'" vim there, Jiinniie?"
"llri'ivnitig." I
"And what,    do you want in     exchange?"
. BoBlly, l'i
k li.r,
u-riil 1)
it- No.  H9
notice that sixty days after
intend to api'ly to the Chiof
stone* (/J Lumi and Works for
permission to puuhase tbe following
desciibed lands in Sooth Kast Kooteuay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the n«>!ih-ea.st coiner ot lot 325,
group I, ihence oast eighty chaiM,
Uience north kmy chains, iii.-n.« wesi
eighly chains, theme souih fortr
cbains tu [ilac* id beginning, being
lui numbered 73itt, group 1, Koot*-
nay distriet, conuiniiig 319 tti aer*».
Ellen A. Uarling.
iiau-n this     10th   day ot Octooer,
Drink Home Beer
It Ls Pure
It is Healthy
It Is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
McViifo & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
THOS.  T.  McVlTTIE. P. L   S
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend to apply to
the Chiei Commissioner ol Lands and
Works for a special license to cut aud
carry awuy timber from tbe foliowiiij-
described lands iu South East Koote-
(1) South 0f St. Marys river near
Six Mile creek, comnuiicing at tha
nuiih-east coiner uf E. L. McViltie's
limber license, thence west one mile,
theme norih one mi'e, thence east oini
mile, Uience south one mile to the
point ot commencement.
fl) Commencing at a post planted
twenty cbains norih of the northwest corner of E. L. McVittie's timber license, thence fifty-three and
half chains west, one hundred anil
twenty chains north, fifty-three and a
half chains east, and one hundred and
twenty chains south to the point of
(3) Commencing a't the north-west
corner of my No. 1 application uf this
date, thence north one mile, thence
east one mil*, thence south one mile,
thence west one mile, to the point of
com men cement.
(4) Commencing at the south-east
corner of lot 6164, group one, thence
west 80 chains, thence south
tha ns, thence east 80 chains, tbence
north 80 chains to the point of commencement.
John Hanbury.
Daled this   19th    day of   October,
W. F. Gurd, Solicitor, Cranbrook.
lauiiiy, ot auy uiaie ovei
age,   io the    extent    ol  -j        ..   . i
hcciion ui ItH) acres, more oi uv
Entry must be made pei
tlie local  Uml  omce ; I district
iu wbiili Uie Unit |i .-..: la -
"lhe bomesicailfi is requm I •.., per
foim tne Londiiiui.M .... n t d iiitie-
wuh under une ol liie loJluWtng
(it   At least mx month dencc
upuu and cultivation ul ihe und
each yeai lor three v. ai
yd) It the iatle.1 ti., ,., , her, if the
fatlicr is deceased', .,: Lbe boine»iead
ei resides upou a fatiu in ilu- vicinity oi ide Uud eatend foi ;... to
guiiemeuts as io residi ftci
bauaind uy !>uib neraon residing with
ibe faihei or mother,
id) if Uie seiu.-i ;..i bi pi rma
neni re*.idcuie upon farming laOU uwn<
ed     by turn iu    lbe  ■    ,. hia
nouiesiead, tu- toi|rjiremi       ,.-.    in
icbiuenie may  b< ,  , n- .
deuce upun the said land.
Six uiouUis' notice in v\niinji
sbuuid be giveu to n-1 Commi unei
ol tii.miuioii Lands at Ottawa ul in
leution tu apply loi pati ni
t'ual I audi may be purchased at Super acie iur hull coal and Un lu
anthracite. Nut mure ihan ajt-
tons can be actiuued by one individual or cumpany. ftoyult) ..i Lbi
rate of ten cents per inn of jpdui
pounds bhall be collected on Uu- grost
ff. W, t\tii\,
Deputy of the Ministei ul llu  interio
Ib.iiy dj>s aiu-r date I mUnd to
apply to Uiv t hiei 1'ommia.sioncr ol
Lands and Murks at Victoria toi
permission to cm and cany awa*
:niii»i   Hum   tlie     i ni lowing uVstiiooil
lands m South East Kooteuay:
Commencing at  a p«st   pUn'ted    un
i   p. il survey ime. on bioci. No.
V'H,  near  Um*     nine mite post,  four
.-Ais ol **,ti t*0* half cnains iiom bottovans
line, hi ick 780. -;roup 1. tinniv west
mi ihains, thvnee norih eight)
chains, thence east eighty chains,
th nee   south eighty   chains to point
Ol   - ■'tnimnivHieiit.
W.ltiam t'ailm. Locator
!>..'.-! Nov,   H'lli. 1!IIHJ. 34-tit
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date 1 intend making application to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works Ior
a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the lands situate
in the district of South Easl Kootenay, about two miles southwest of
Jaflray Station and being Lot No.
1)2-10, group 1, Kootenay district.
J. Hanbury.
Dated this 22nd day oi October,
A. D. 1906.
W. V, Qurd, Solicitor, Cranbrook.
Take notice that thirty days after
dale 1 intend to apply tu the Chiel
Commissioner oi Lanas aud Works ioi
special licenses to cut and carry away
Umbel uum the following described
la-ds in East kooteuay:
.li t,'omuiinc ng at a Post plantod
neai the nottti banh of Un,;ay Creek
and about d_ miles Irom where it
empties into the Elk River, ami marked J. Strong's N. E. corner, theuce
west 100 chains, thence south 40
chains, thenee east 100 chains, theuee
north -ill chains to the place ol
{2) Commencing at a post planted
neat the north bank of Bingay Creek,
and about d_ miles from where it
empties into the Elk River, and
maiked .1. sirong's N, W. corner,
Ihence east lun chains, theuce south
10 chains, Uience west ItiO chains,
ihence north -Hi chains to lhc place of
I.'i) Commenting at a post planted
about 1* miles west ot lbe S. W.
(■Liner of L. Ii832, and marked J.
Strong's N. E. corner, thenee west
■in chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 40 chains, thence south 40
chains, Ihence east 40 chains, thence
norlli 80 chains,' thence west 40
chains, Ihence norlh 40 chains to the
plaee of commencement.
(4) Commencing nt a post planted
about   It)     miles    west  and  U miles
south of the s. w. corner of L.
(1832, and marked .1. Sirong's N. W.
corner, thence south 80 chains, Ihenco
east 80 chains, thenee north 80
chains, ihence west 8(1 chains tu tho
place of commencement.
Located Nov. ftth,  1906".
(5) Commencing at a pnst planted
nn the west hank of the Elk River
about J miles nmth of tile S. C.
corner of L. 6S.'i2 and marked .1.
Strong's N. E. corner, tlience west
40 ehains, thence soulh 120 chains,
thenee east about 80 chains to the
Elk River, thenee up stream to the
placo of commencement.
.1.   Strong.
Located Nov. 6th, 1908. 33-6t'
Notice ls hereby given that thirty
days after date I Intend making application tc the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
(or a special license to cut and carry
away timber from the following described land in South East Kootenay.
Commencing at the south-east corner of lot 6249, south three hundred
and twenty chains (320), thence west
nineteen (19) cbains, thence north
three hundred and twenty chains
(320), thence east nineteen (19)
chains to place cf commencement.
A. P. Krapfel.
Dated and staked 17th October
1906. M.5t '
Sixty days after date
apply to the Ilotioi.i
Commissionei oi Lands
Victoria for permission io purchasi
the following described latul.s situaieii
in South Ea^t Kootenay.
Commencing at a post adjoining s
E. corner of Tracy lowiwie an.
marked J. S. J.'s' N, E. corner,
ihence 40 chains south, thenco ll
chains west, thence -1<> chains north
Uience 40 chains east to point o
commencement, cuniam.iiti luu acres
more or iess.
John S. -lones, Locator,
J. R. Ednii'mlaon, Agi nl,
September 12,  lytm. 35-01'
■A    ■
ou   tll.. ;,
tl     .
Take aofeioe    ih.it eUtty days altei
date 1 intend to apply to ihc   l hief
i ,>iniiii.ssn>nt-i of Lands and Works at
victoria fur permission to purohase
Lbe following described Unds situated
ii South East Kootenay:
Cuiiimunciiig at the -.oulh-eusl cornel of loi 7.J1U, Uience north 40
u.i.!.    ihonoe eui 80 chains,  thence
" Ith   u.    Wm     I'aoli't,    noith     hut*,
ihence west 80 chains, along Wm
Paoli's luu- and ihc ureat Northern
railway ii.u.*k tu puna uf commence-
incut, containing d-u acres, more ui
Ktobel   21,
I laud
W    It
,t   EIKu,   IJ    L\, l
that   60  dayi
apply to th.
'   nil
Notice Ishcrcby given
after date    1 Intend i
Hon. Chief   Commtssiuner
and Works, V.ctorta, ti.  V.
mission    to   purchase    the I
lauds situated in South Easi
Commencing at a post plan
the southwest corner uf Loi
thence running west on chains, thunc
running north 40 chains, thence mn
ning east 00 cliains, Uieuce iiiuuiiij
south 4U chains to pomi oi commeuci
M. B.  King.
Cranbrook, September 17, |90ff.   20-
Sixty days after dale I intend it
apply to the Honorable ihe i'liiel
Commissioner of Lands .nui IVorks a'
Victoria for permission io purchasi
the following described lantld situated
in Soith East Koolenay:
Commencing at a posl .it s. E
corner of lot 0021 anl marked .1. A
w-est bank of Kootena)
M's N. W. corner, thence easi di
ehains, more or less, t,
river, thince 60 chains south-easi
lung river, thence mi chains wesi
thence 40 chains north to pnint o;
commencement, the whole containing
^20 acres, more or less.
•John   S.  Machray, Locatoi
■'.  IL   b'dmindson,  Agenl.
September 12. 1906. 25-9t*
1 have a'large quaniih  of    abovi
to sell at foil wing prices';
1'er to&
No. 1 Timothy, f.o.b. Cranhrook ,     $]f!.5(,
No. 1 Upland, Lo.b.   Cranbrook ,.,     ii.on
All orders promptly attended  hi
20-tf       I. DeKehr,  Didsbury, Alta.
Notice is hereby given lli,t ai tlw
next meeting of the liquor license
commissioners for ih.- Crnnhrooli
license district after thirty ilns, we
intend to apply for a transfer of
liquor license from out selves to
■ lames Huckniaii. of Uu- Rtiatlieoiin
hotel 1 cense at. Fort Steele, ti. (,'.
McDonald  -v, Ciourlav.
Port Steele, B. 0,. November   1Mb
1906. 35,>-t
Take notice tbat thirty davs after
date 1 intend to apply to lbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands anl Works for
a license lo cut and carry away limber from the following described lands
situated in South East Kootenay:
('ommencing twenty chains souKl
and eighty chains easl oi the Ut mile
post on east boundary of lot 4502,
theme north one bundled and twenty
chains, tlunce east forty chains,
thenco south one hundred ami sixtv
ehains, thenee west forty chains',
thenoe north forty chains to ihe point
of commencement.
w. Iliggins,
Dated Novemher fl, 1906. 38-ftt
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
thc Hon. Chief Commissioner ot
Lands and Works and to the Assislant
Commisaion.'r of Lands and Works
for the district of East Kootenay,
British Columbia, for a license to
prospect for coal and petroleum over
the following described land:
Commencing at a post planted
about 100 yards west of ihe crossing
of Uie North Fork of Michel Creek by
one of bhe northerly boundaries of
lot 4588, block 1, the same being the
initial post of D. G. Wayland's claim
and marked "D. G. Wayland's southeast corner post," thence ko chains
west, thence 80 chains north, thence
80 chains east, th nee Sll chains
south to the place of beginning, 'and
containing about 640 acres,
D. O. Wav land,  Locator.
A. E. Wftvlnntl, Agent.
Located Sept. 29, 1000.
Take notice uhai Unity days altei
lale lhe Mayook Lumbei Company,
Limited,      will  appl>   tu   lhe    Chiel
mmissioner ol Lands and Works,
undei section 80 uf the,Land Act,
1807, and section -1 of the Land Act,
intendment Act, looj, mid section III
of lbe Land Acl Amendment Act,
1800, io have a highway established
aitns.s lands ut Mayook, East Koo-
tenay, held by Robert Robson, undei
jre-emptlon record No. 914, a plan
ni which proposed road will be Bled
ivllh ibe said Commissioner*and with
.be Assistant Commissioner of Lands
.md Woiks al Cianbrook, and also to
becure a right-of-way h.i logging purposes along lhe said road across Un
iaid pre-emption, the said applicants
iciiij; the holders ,.l special licenses
io cut and carry away timber from
lands to whioli said road leads.
W. V. Curd.
Solicilor for the Applicants.
Dated at Cranhrook, ti. C, this
ninth day of November, A. D.
1000. -J4-61
.U.Uii: fiiiaifi OU
tti viia.U., tl. .,
Ul«41u* .a-x >"■ i
,'m.iti^^     .1.     ; .A  ■
iiouuui   tt). Laui
l.Oldli-.l       .., .,    	
i   Commi..'...,.'
At   ill.'   ul ,      |     ,,.       ,.
OU    III..      Uj,     >..,,,.
'"i'i auu luaraiu ' .... ..
>uuiu-.,e>-   '-'""• :   :
'0 ih.jn. ,     .. m,   ., ,, u   .   ,  ,	
i-iicjill- wi-.->l  ,u   eliattLs,  in,i.,
OU   Ihdltl*.    ,0    .1..    |MmVI     ...    .   „,.i,l,M,
Jauteii A
Lain li
, Luca
ia vi,.
Uiuuixn t
un    ,u
UlU   att)
Take notice that thirty days aftei
late I intend to apply to the Chlel
Commissioner of Lands and Works Io
i license lo cut and carry away Um
er Irom the following describod lait.l
itiialed in Soulh East Kootenay:
Commencing at the south-east cor-
ler of A. Cameron's timber license
\To. 1803, thenee west eighty chains,
h nee south eighty chains, Kienci
ast eighty chains, thence north eigh
y chains to lhe point ol commenco
Walter  Fraser.
hated November 6, 1006.      33-5t
Take noliee that thirty days aftei
ate I intend io apply to thi' Chiel
'omitiissiouci' of Lands and Works foi
i Met use lo cut and cany away timer from tlm following deseribisl lands
Hunted in South East Koolenay:
Commonclng .sixiy chains north and
me hundred and twenty chains east of
he 10 mile pust on east boundary ot
ot 1"i!I2, Ihence east eighty chains,
hence north eighty chains, thenct1
vest eighty chains, thence soulh
ighiy chains lo the point of com-
W.  Higsrins
Hated November 5, 1906.      ;,5-5t
Take notice thai thirty days aftei
lale   1 intend   to apply   to Uio Cbiel
v otumibsioiiei ol Lands and VVurks lui
lictuse tu cut and cany away timer uuui the following descnuod lands
itualed in South Easi Kootenay:
Commencing     twenty chains south
if Lbe 19 mile post on lhe east bouu-
ary of loL   No. 4092, thenee   suuth
eighty    chains,     theuce east   eighty
,hains, thence north    eighty chains,
thenoe    west eighty     chains  to the
,.umi oi commencement.
Walter Fraser.
Dated November 5, 1906.      33-5t
Notice is here/by given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands -iiid
iVorks at Victoria for a special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands in
South East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the SOUth-easi corner of Dan Haley's
timber license No. 6512, thence north
80 chains, Uience east 100 chains,
thenoe south 20 chains, thence west
in chains, ihenee south 60 chains and
thence west 60 chains tc the place of
H. M. Ross,
J. W. Ross.
Dated this 1st day of November,
W. F. Guid, Cranhrook, Solicitor.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
lays alter dale I intend to apply to
lho Hon. the Chief Commissioner of
'.amis and Works for a special license
•o cut and carry    awny timher from
he ullowing described lands, ail of
which are situate in the district of
-,'orth East Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked
■William W. Laurie's north-west corner post," and planted at the mouth
it lhe Soulh Fork of the Simson
river, th-iice cast R0 chain-* thence
iouth 80 chains, thence west 80
■hains, Uience north 80 chain* to the
dace of commencement.
William Vi. Laurie, Locator.
Located the   !lth   day   of   October,
2. Commencing at a post planted
west of and adjoining William W.
Laurie's north-west enrner post of
Uie hist location and marked "Henrv
Howell's north-east corner post,"
thenee west 160 chains, Ihence south
10 cha'ns, thence east 160 chains,
tfwnce north to chains to the place of
Henry Howell, Locator,
ff. ff. Laurie, Agent.
Located     the   9th day of  October
3. Commencing    at a post, planted
34-61 160 chains west    ot   Henry Howell's
a. Commencing ai a posl planted
ai-oui -lu uhdia*. eaul ui jaiui* .,
uauueu boui*n-wesi cutnu ,"..,. t;
.ut-uiun  numuei    mui auu   n.ui... i
rt main   u.   i.a..it   a   	
Ill'l     pu*.i,        lll.U v     ,a„,    ,,,
iliellLC  liuUh   I'aj  el,.t,i.  ,
hi cuaiiik, immuu .,„..,t. ii
.be pmt-tj oi  touui.tiKi nn in.
vtiina.li'  tt. 1..U11U, Lo
L.«.aua   Uw   um   ua>   ul   -
6.   Cum men cm (j   al a  pusl | laui
forty   ciiaiiia     easi oi   rtiulam    \\.
uautie's fcuuih-weai cuinci  pust atu
tuaiaod  •iiu.i)   huwuii a sou b
cornel pust,    mence   east iu uiiam
Uienve liuiui luu oiiaiin., iheuc-j weai
iu chain.-.,  uience burnt 10U uiam-i  lu
■ be piace oi tumnitucciiieut,
Henry nuwuii, Locator.
William \\. Laurie, Agent.
Luca led   lbe   'Jib uay    ui    Uclobel
i. Commencing at a post planted
iuiiy cua.ns east ui iun,.
rlowell's .south - west couk-i
ih,s- uf location uumuei
■ix and marked "James A, Lau ie a
•outh-west cornel pusl, ihi u ■ ,, -,
ui cnains, Ihence noi Ui lt>u ,
.haiee nesi iu chains, lh liei
.tin ehains to the place ul cum	
William ff. Laurie, Agent.
Located Uie   9th   day ui    Oi
8. Commencing   at a post plai
orty    chains      east oi    J ami i    A
..ai-i'ie's location number seven    and
narked "William ff, Laurie's   ,  ith-
rvest coiner post," thence easl    loo
•hams, Ihence north lu chains, th m
.vest IUU    cha,iii,     theuce south    I
.hams   to the    place oi coi
III lit.
William ff, Lauiie, Locali r,
Located   the   9th d.n  uf   Octo
9. Commencing at a post planted
lOfl   chains      noith   of   James     A
■aurie's south-west    corner post   of
ucatlon   number    fom   .mJ   marked
'William ff. Laurie's souih-wi     (    -
tot   post,"   ihence     east  8U  i.
hence north 60 ch*i«s, them ■    ,■.■
iU chains, thenco soulh 80 chains
he place of commenccnieiit.
William W. Lam,., Locator.
Located   the   J»th da)  ul   Octo   i
10. Com mmi-ing at a post plant-
10     chains    north   oi   William    V,
uaUne's south-west  corner  posl    ,
ocation    No.' B and marked    H □
rlowell's    south-west   corner post/'
hence east 80 chains,  thence   north
i0    chains,   thenco   west 80   chains,
ihence south sn   chains tu the pau
if commencement.
Henry Iluwell,  Locator.
William W, Lauiie, Agent.
Located the     linh day ol o- ■■ bei
11. Commencing at a po;t planted
10 chains norih and in chains v.. *
Henry Howell's soul h-west corner
Post of location No. 10 and mai
"■James A. Laurie's south-west finer post," thence north 160 chains,
thenoe east 40 chains, thenee south
ItiO chains, thenoe west 10 chains to
the place of commencement.
James A. Laurie, Locator,
William W, Lauiie, Agent.
Located the     10th day of October
12. Commencing at a post planted
west of and adjoining James A.
Laurie's south-west corner post ol
location No. 11 and marked "William
ff. Laurie's south-east corner post,"
thence west 40 ehains, tin ncc north
160 chains, tlunce east 10 chains,
thenee south 160 chains to the place
of commencement.
William   ff.   Laurie.   Loeator.
Located the  10th day of   October
13. Commencing at a post plan tod
160 chains north and 40 chains west
of James A. Laurie's south-west
corner post of location No. ll and
marked "James A. Laurie's southwest cmner post," thenee north 80
chains, tbence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80
•hains to the jilace of commencement.
James A. Laurie, Locator,
William ff. Laurie. Agent.
Located   the   I0;h day of Oolo!  -
LL  Commencing at a post planl  i
80 chains north and  Hn) chair
of     James   A.    Laurie's so."
enrner   post of location No,  13
marked  "Henry  Howell's boui
enrner post,"     thence ea*l v" ch  in
thenco    north 80 chains, th m .
80 chains, thenco snuih Sli   h   ,.    |
lhe place of comm-'n emeu;
Henry  Howell,  I..- ,: ,i
William Vi. Laurie   A   nl
Located the   Huh  itaj ol n :.,.v.
15. Commenciiu fll a posl planl d
80 chains north and 20 chains w ■ I I
Henrv Howell's south wesi coi ei
pf*t of location No ll and n ,-u wl
"William ff. Lft'irlp'j wuth v, ■ ■ em
nor. post," th ii ■ n irth (tn cl „
Hav cast 80 il,.ni.-. ihem ■" ill
8" chains, ih.mv wi ?d 80   rl   -.,.'■■
the place ot cnmmei I
Willlnm W   Laurie,  I. i itm
Lwated the Kill- tla\ nf Oclobei
Hi.   Cniiiiiirnciiig nt n pn.t  planted
R0 chains north and -l'i chains wesl of
William   W    Laurie's  sodth-wesi   enrner posl of location No, 15 and m r
cd  "Henn   Howell's  s, ulh-we I  ci r-
ner posi."    ihenee norlh 80    chal
Ihence easl  80 rhains  thence    '1111111
8(1 ehfiins, thence wesl 80 chains   to
thv plaee of commencement.
Henry Howell, Locator
William W. Laurie,  Vgeftl.
r.pr»l-ct) ihe I0ih day nf Octobor
I ommencing ai a post plan Ml
■■   nuith and iti cbains west u|
iioweil s    sou in-west -.oii^r
lucaliun No  iu aod ourked
A,  i.ainies south-went cor-
lUttm n.,..ii   iu    .b.u.%
■*•    east bu chains, mence   .->'outh
ihence west mi chains   to
01 commencement,
Janu 1 A. Laurie, Locator,
1'iiiiau H. Laurie, Agent
the j "ib uay   ui October,
ucing at a pust planted
1 iruains uoiih ui  uie wouiu
*. i-vh on  tne   eas;
\ ermuiion     htvet anu
• I ur>   iiuwcii -, nurth-wtftt
I   POSI,      lb neu easl  j01* otKaUliL
u suuih i" Lhains,     tucn«e west
.....n,, ihence nurlh tu cnains .v
a- --■ .-1 commencement.
Ueurj fciuwell, Locator,
\*i Lam it, Laurie, Agent.
auu    tna  iuii ua)    o.  UL-iubor,
IUU  1
tne j.
UUI-lb   OU     ttiaiuM,
.U   vii^.L,   nj   iv«.   pi4U4 vt
'.I'l.rilU    11,   _u
Loca .a   in<- ii.u 1
II    U\H*jiK'l,
*'    9.   jJua.    pj«I..Olt
lulIM     pual,      ib.u^c   »0»k     au
5 '"'-'-  uoikU  ou utiaUto,   .acu.t*
OU      vUali.a,      lU.UvC        nu„iu   OU
Hdliaiu W. Laurie, Lw.aWi.
IWU    IUG      li.U      ua)    Ol   k-tiuOtfl.
1 uiiiiuciitmti at     post planted
..uOu. ia n,„.iij iiUiill Ui —V lUOU'Ul
1 luayctvuiS        Ll't-*_t   a.iu   ...... .-.,*;
Janu ■ ti. Lauiie s suuiO-mc^I toi*
"•' 1 oil, utttlve east ou Liiauis,
iUuivc Uunh ou    uiam-i,   thvute  i»vsi
"   l us,   lUUlCe  auuiU  fiu  .Uains   lo
11   i .aw ui cuwmiuctriuent.
X-s ... LAurie, Locator,
1... \\. Laum, Agtnt.
lo a.iu .i,i   mi. ua>   wi uciober,
22.   Cuiumcncmg at a post piantod
"   .iu,,...    nuiiu    ui   tiuuaau     w,
•   •   ■  • ;. -ajt    corner post   oi
 0. mi' aud iuaiM.nl "James
'-  ' ea suuui-vost oomei ptsi, '
A«»i    »u ihains, irbence north
ham ,     Ifcence east   su chains,
souih liu chaius io the plaua ui
 n .mint.
James A. Laurie, Lutaior,
Wiiuam W.  Laurie, Agent.
•   lha Hit da)   ut i/t.uuer.
unmencing at a post planted
north ui James A. Lauue'i
- .. ivesi     corner   pust ol .ucauoo
■ ■   -. and inaued "Henry Howell's
■ ■    l 1 met post," ihence east
hence north bu   chains,
•■ '• ■■-    -i--  bu chains,  tbence suuih
■... :.- to ihu1 puce of coBuneac**-
Henry Howell, Locator,
Hi,I,am ff. Laurie, Agect.
Localed   i_e   llth cay ol October,
24. Commencing at a post phurted
;*' chains north cf Henry Howeil a
south-west comer post uf location
Nu. 28 and marked "William o.
Laurie s     south-east    corner post,"
■■ . e north 160 chains, thenc*1 West
10 iha.ti-., tbence   south lou   chain*,
h nc« east -ie chains to the place oi
-■-. nei ment.
William ff. Laurie, Locator.
Located the   Utb   day oi   October.
25. Commencing at a posl planted
:-'• chains    north   of Iimr) J low ihi .->
outh-west corner ,'■.-. .,1 locatiub
No- 23 and marked ' William W.
Laaine s suuth-easi. corner post,''
thence east 40 chains, thence norih
100    chains, thence  *«1   HJ    chain.-.,
:. ■:. ■ jouih 160 chains iu the piace
oi commencement.
William W, Laurie, Locator.
Located   tbe llih   day <>1 Ootobcr,
1006. ;i3-ji
26. Commencing at a po*>t planted
abuut one mile irom u.e head ot
Hoker Creek and about twenty
ihains not.h thereof and marked
"William W\ Laurie's north-west
coiner post, '  Uience east 160 chains,
h.-nce !
i.u ch,
be pla.
■lu     chain-.,  thenee wesl
icnce north -iu chains to
1  W.  Laurie,  Locator.
e   12th day of October,
JT. Commencing at a post planted
about 8(1 chains east of William W.
.aiuie's north-west corner post of
. tcatinn last mentioned znd   marked
li u .,       Howe!! s   SOUth-WCfft c-jrner
■.'.' ■ noi:h  L0 chains, thence
tU     lt.u   ihains, thence   souih    40
Ih        Wesl   180 chains to the
,- nl ' ommencement.
II. ni v Howell, Locator,
1   rated the 12th day  of  October,
23    Commencing at  a post pianted
fultj chafni      east of   Henry
01 li wesl   comer   post of
■   mi nth ned   nnd    marked
u   Laurio'i wutth-woart cor*
th 11 '■   noi lh   80   chains,
li 11 *" 1 ■'       ihence   south
ivl'hI 80   chains    to
mu neement,
tt llliarn W    Laurie.  locator,
the    13th  dav   of Oetolier,
39    Commencing at a Post plantod
tl nul   10 drains n irth of William ff.
Laurie's north-cast corner post of*the
■   ■ ■ ;     lasl rcenlloned and marked
U i. 1      Howe I's norlh-west comer
th nee east   80 ebains, thenoe
SO ehains,  thoncc   west.  80
■h nee nurlh 80   chains in the
..., of commencement,
Henry Howell, Locator.
I orated     ihe   !2th dav of Octobet,
- soul
ih ilns,
en I ed
int; at a post planted
lains north of Henry
i-e.-ut rorner post of
mod location and mark-
Laurie's north-west
Uience east Ififl chains,
10 chaina, thenoe west
nee north -10 rhainr, to
rumen cement.
ff,  Laurie, Locator.
12ih dav of October.
£t~5fc Till:   CRANBROOK.   nEIIALD
DRAIN   FLATS   OF     i l'l'l;1;
(Nelson Can.i'l
The   creation   oi      o\
t    16, 0
value bv the expenditui
ul   less  than
a tenth of thai   stun i*
i proposition
tliat   would In-     luiiiii  iii   serious
i Ulislllrr.il lull        Illnlil       ...IV     I'llrUIII-
...ui't'.s. Tli,' ini'11,,,,1 t^ i.i'iilu'r new
ur uuf.iinili.ir. I'll,' in 'I--, i ii.ts hun
belore .lie (j.'i.ple "i ll.itisii r iiiiiiuu.i
lur over 21) veins and In.. Intel, llie
subject ot sever.il government reports, it is the project ut reclaim-
mn the drowned lands In Un- .alio) "I
ihe Kootenay rive. neu. ..here it
flows mio Kootenay take.
Charles Cl. Keedcr, ,,i Spokane, wh„
onus .'..'iiiu acres [n Idaho uliuii are
sleeted, ami wlm n.i- given the laboi
nl many years in promoting ihe project, Is in the city to-day lie has
succeeded in securing sat.slactory as-
Mirain-es ,,t support fin,ii .ill the
American Interests ., n.-.-T.-.i .mil
in,i.     ripe im
u Hlriu
nf  llie
ela ill
the well-know:
el.'..     Tl,,. nre
nl Hi,
thinks   ilu-   Ume is
securing   (he    co-ope
peoplo »f Kootenay  i
scheme in .' successful
In   1183 tlie    prop.
Hie Kootenay Vallej I
"i uuu,' nt ih,- narrow
»i Kootenay lake. wn.
Mr, H.iillii-iirnii.i
sportsman .mil
illieiiil  uineriiiiiei!
tlgatcil the prop,
port  was   m.i-le
'hen surveyoi   ri
Permission     wns   given  ir
Ballllo-Gro  u, .,,-,|„„,. ,,,
in question on   condition ol .■
».it the waters .,1 the Kool
Upper Columbin rivers    hv
ablo canal, nml nf IniluclM scfllereT
occupy ihe land. ' '
A canal   was accordi
»'as uev,.,- nnvlgnblc.        , ,.,.  ,„
formed torlcltcil i ,  ,".""!'
lhe Irrtiis „f ||s   ,
tne   laml.       ti„.
Illla mli
njoUsl!   I"   lhe  wealth nl lhe     lOWM
ni Nm tli Idaho and Southern Koote-
"j have even- confidence still ill the
plan and will do .... best i" unite .,11
who will prolil by it i» secure the
performance nl o    work which means
st, lillllll  to US all.
"The Inml between the main lines
nf the C. r It. and "I the Northern
Pacific has seen many changes since
1883, when this plan was lirst sue-
gosted. The time is surely ripe uow
fur   ihis most    Important    forward
step "
. *	
nui:ws   a CERTAIN .'TUK
the   Innil    y
ni good.    I.
ill  swallo
Is lhe Ioi
which doe
you likes!. When the iliilestive apparatus becomes deranged, only part
hi yimr inml Is digested, the rest
simply decomposes. This causes r.is
'iliuil Inflates the stomaoh, causing
belching, pain .mil sometimes (by
pressing upon the heart) palpitation,
The foul gas su generated nils the
lilomt wuii poisons ami is carried to
the brain lleodnclio, nausea, dial-
ness. ami sometimes blurred vision re*
Now Hileans correct all these evils.
The, stimulate the Kiistlic flow, nml
the stoniaelt is thus eiinhleil In ilinest
nil the Inml taken. They iiciitly
open the bowels, so that accumulated Impurities are cxpclleil. Thev
purify the blood,   elenntng it, ol poi-
taunts <>f his   companions,   lo   nnd
soiiiee   III    Ins      mother's    smile,   the
littli  full of Ri-iei with lm large
trouble, finds a haven ol resl on her
mother's breast; nml oue niighl go mi
with ins..uue alter Instance of the
Influence thai a sweet minded woman
has in the social circle with which
she is connected lleuuty is an insignificant power, when compared
with hers.
WORK I Nil   .",:.' I.O.lllKKS.
(Moyie Lender.)
Fillv-lliree men are now Working
in ihe camps of lhe Porto Rico
tuber company, ami Ilns lorce will
he Increased as fas. as ihe men tan
he procured. Hv nexl spring they
ii ai least 200 men nu their payroll. Tln-v Intend lo start the mill
early as possible in lhe spiinc nml
wil il to iis full capacity during
cutting season There is an
I limns il,-in,mil f,n lumber ami Hie
its nre nil Hul  enn he desired.
Hie  lal
ill' li
canal, bill, by
mtract, reclaimed
company has twn
I <RiA^A'tttA'<-«»>
Alexander,  nl  Kaslo       (,,,,'
'■r company is Interclrii m   i
clamatlon question "'
Vr""S&eCrSr f»« 'S"'°™<'
question,    n,
every aspeel ,,f
'is convinced thai it
.   effori
Mr. Heeilei snld to-dnv In
sentatlvp of the Canadian:
Ihere    are 80,000 acres in k-,„.i
"ay and 30,000 more i„ K *,<*'   '
lluest lam   in     , ,,,  ,..,,,.,,1  ,,,„,'     ,
'"mires  drainage to give v'"i"'v
"',    "'er   0-00 on  terr      '  ,'' | ''  ',',
eil In'Vl^, .' S"M' "'■"'"•|l' »"'  "
en inr iiairy farming, wheat nr -,i!,(,
powlng, on    t|„. tenches ami slones
for fruit growing, or for any
kind of .iRrienltiiral Inrtustrv?
»;st^,,"m;"^^,i!;:;n,r: ■
■ studM mi ,i,; ,,,;::,Ii?11,nnlji" &
 •     All agree thai
Insuperable illllieul-
.1 a   in.iel nml
An exhibition
lerestlng    chari
hlnllelu,   l.ii'.ikin.
will   he given i
brook hi "Mali,
lhe    Kill."   twn
rieil   hy   the
pany.     The
lhe     public
Or an  uutiliik
■Iiii'i" cannol
slillR       III
ami    rough riding,
i     Fiiil.iv ,ii  Cran
.Iml," anil "I'harlii
of Hie eoivhois ear-
Out in lilaho" rom
nnngrment challenge!
liorse IiiiiI "lil.ilu
iile.      If vmi  hail
In pr
sons, etc.
lh. II ,S, Sharkey, Petri
ninl..) says: "i suffered sev.
from siek headache and dizziness,
hail a constant mist before mv eves
A flienil advised me to try Iiileans,
anil a shorl course made to feel like
,, new being. 1 shall always keep
Hileans handy, fur Ihev are ii splendid household i Heine.'-
llr 11. Halites, ul Shorlreell, II
('.. s.ui: Hileans cured mv wife ul
sick headache when other' remcdle
hail [ailed " Ilileuiis are purely
vegetable, ami entirely superior l'u
olilei medicines containing nierciirv,
hismiiih .mil other mineral poisons.
They also eure liver and kidney
troubles, eonstipnllon, piles, anaemia,
debility, rheumatism, female ailments
anil Irregulnrlties, blood impurities,
Thev tone up lhe systom nml enable
ii to ihrin, off colds, chills, oft.
All druggists sell nt 50c. a boi,
or post paid Irom Hileun Co., Toronio. Ior price,     i, boxes J2.50.
horse of which vou are afraid of anil
want broken    free ol charge, bring il
nml see some good spoil.
Seven Years Ago f
in Cranbrook ** ** t
he new   Methodist church will h
opened on December 17th, whieh will
be followed on Monday evening by au
olil-fiisliiiuieil tea  meeting, accompanied wiih a first-class entertainment.
liiivi' ever be.
it   presents   n
1 ies.
"1 wenl, over
year wilh ott
•'H  'he gr< ,1
He'le,   tlie  eneiiieei
who built    Spokane's   water works
e visited lhe lands routitl Creston
he Narrows on the Arm ami the
lirst rapids below Nelson. Mr Welle
pronounced the schemo perfectly pruo
ticablc.     Later 1 bad .Mr. Brown    of
bt, Paul, industrial engi -r ol   llie
Ureal Northern, visit, the sites and
he entirely agreed with Mr, Welle.
"Still afraid of my own enthusiasm
I have had it examined by-many business men. All ussure me thai the
project is not only practicable hul
certain to be very profitable.
"All that is required i.s the widening of the outlet al the Narrows and
al the lirst rapids, so lhat the water
wiil flow away bister than at present. Thc cost will not exceed half
a million dollars.
"I have been told thai such a Hood
as that of 1H!I| would undo all Ihe
work. That doesn't frighten me al
ail. Such a Hood i.s as unusual as
an earthquake. Besides, the widening oi the channel would make iis recurrence practically  impossible.
"Now, the onlv difficulty is how to
unite all the interests affected ami
bccuie their assistance and support,
financial and otherwise,
"I liave already secured all llie
land that would be interfered with
at thu two points where the widening must be done. 1 have lea rued
that there will certainly lie no opposition from the provincial government, nor from tlie Dominion government, except lo safeguard navigation
and the vested righls of others.
"I have already organized all tho
land owners ou lbe American side,
and can get at any time valid undertakings from all to pay $1 an acre
a year for 10 years. If I can get
the ?ame from the British Columbian
owners tbe problem will be solved.
That would mean $60,000 a vear for
10 years, a total of JfJOO.OOO, enough
lo cover all necessary expenditures
"What I um trying'to do now is to
secure such CO-opcratlon, ll is harder for me In do it here limn in
Idaho, where I am known.
"I remember the effort made (wo
years ago by your Associated Hoards
of Trade. I hoped for some result
off that, but SO far there has been
"I dn nol believe lhat Ihere will he
any unwillingness or any Inck ul
faith iu the project among youi
people here, hut thc difficulty is solely one of organization.
"There are a number of beuelici.ir-
ies; next to the owners of lhe land I
should place the merchants and hind
owners of Nelson nnd Kaslo, then
thc V, V. ti. company, thp (',. \. R,
company and the provincial government. I am already assured of the
support of the Oreat Northern com-
►any. I have nn doubt of .securing
the assistance nf the city boards of
trade and of the provincial government, st i.s the individual land own
ers who are hard tn organize.
"I should like In see a drainage
district organized    with an cxecutiv
Rambling Reveries
Many a person goes down in defeat
under life's burden, itubctpcd, un
cheered, and when the eyes arc closed
and the liand.s folded, then comes,
too lale, lo\e enough to have turned
Uie bailie and given victory.
One day al a Uir.c conscientiously
lived up lo will keep the eyes bright
and Ihe cheeks round and rosy.
Don't begin to worry about things
days beforehand. It will be time
enough when ihey happen. It is thc
dread oi what may come, not what it
is, ihat makes one old before the
lime. li  you  lie awake  ball    the
night worrying about something that
is going to orctir lhe next morning
you will be far less able lo fac
bravely and work out thc problem
ihan if you lad made an effort ;
llioughl of something else l.ll sleep
eame. li ts not half us hard as il
sounds and will grow easier every
Ume you try it. Perhaps, alter
ihe disaster will not bpfaH ylou or
be less awlnl than yon anticipated
and iust Ihink what a lot nf unnecessary wrinkles ynu have worried inti
your face.
The    lirst sno
on Tuesday   last
Mimed i
the season fell
the storm con-
Wed nesdav.
Don't forget that the sunshiny sitb
of a woman's nature cannot outllvi
coldness, indifference and neglect.
Don't growl about womanly extravagances so long as you are keeping your own personal hills in gooil
running order.
Don't meddle with tho affairs of
(he house, The man who must know
every little detail, and counts lhe
cosl of every household move is an
unmitigated nuisance.
Don't expect, smiles and kisses from
the being who labors from early morn
UII night for the comfort aud happiness of a man who has not soul
enough in appreciate her.
Don'l forget Unit the patient little
woman yot. call your wife was once
your sweet heart. A caress now and
then, or a lender word costs so I] Hie
and means so much lo lhe woman of
your choice.
Manv people seem to forget that-
character, grows; that it is not something lo put on, ready made, with
womanhood and manhood; but ilny by
day, here a little nnd there a little,
grows with the growth and strengthens with the, strength, until good or
bad, it becomes almost a cnat of
mail. -Look at the man nf business—
prompt, reliable, conscientious, yet.
clear-headed and energetic. When tlo
von suppose he developed all these
admirable qualities'' When he was a
boy'.' Lei us see the way in which a
boy of ten years gets up in the morning, works, plays, studies, and we
will lell you just whflt kind of a
man he will make. The boy who is
lale at school slaltils a poor chance
ta he n prompl man. The boy who
neglects liis studies, be they ever so
small, and Ihen excuses himself by
saying, "I forgot; I didn't ihink,"
will never be a reliable man. And
the boy wbo finds pleasure in the sufferings'of weaker Ihings will never
be a noble, generous, kindly man—a
So great is lbe influence of a
sweet -mi n ded woman on those arouiul
her ihat it is almost boundless. It
i.s tn her thai friends come in soft-
snns of sorrow and sickness, for help
and comforl. One snnlhing tnuch nf
licr kindly ha nils works wonders in
tlie feverish child; n few words let
fall frnm her lips in lhe ear nf a
snrrow-strieken sister will dn much
In raise the load nf grief that is
to eontrnl the funds. The wnrk. of bowing its victim down to the dust
course, has all to be done in llritish of anguish. The husband comes
Columbia, as soon as necessary. f home worn oui with the pressure nf
can give to such a commission per- business, and feeling irritable with
feet security1' for lhe paymeni nf all the world in general, hut when he
American beiienelnries nf their share enters the eov.v '.sitting-room, and sees
of the money required. , the blaze nf   'the lire, and meets his
"I become Impatient when I think wife's smiling face lie succumbs in a
of the magnificent country lyinh momcnl tn the snnthing influences,
waste under these wafers when such which act ns a Halm nf Quoad to his
a comparatively small outlay would wounded spirits, thai are wearied to
reclaim them, make them a veritable the stern realities of life. The rough
gaideu out    of them,    aud udd enor- school boy Hies intu a rage (rom the
A lodge of lhe Brotherhood of
Locomotive Firemen was organized
here on Mondav last in the I.O.O.F.
hall. It was called the Trows Nest
Conductor D. Hunt lefl last Monday for an extended visit iu England
anil Ireland. He will be absent
about   three  months.
The road from the Pay Roll to
the railroad track will he completed
on .Saturday night, and the track in
the tunnel laid. The ore will he
sacked now and made ready for
William S. Keid, the well-known
contractor on the North Star branch
of the Crows Nest railway, was instantly killed last Tuesday forenoon,
while walking on the grade toward
lown, by a falling tree. The accident was particularly distressing,
as be was only two mill's from town
and was hurrying from his camp to
town to take the train that noon
wilh his wife and son to spend
Christmas at their home in Winnipeg.
Last Tuesdav Mr. Reid sent one of
his teamsters to Craiibrook, telling
him tn wail tbere and be would be
in lown between 10 and It o'clock.
Later be gol on a Wilson belonging
lo.McDougnll and Lciich's cump and
started to ride in with the driver.
When the leant reached a point a
Utile more than two miles from town
and where the rnad crosses the
grade, Mr. Reid jumped out, saying
he would walk' into town on the
grade. The driver jlrove over the
hill at (hat jilace and on to Cranhrook, never dreaming of the terrible fatality that had overtaken Mr.
Reid within a few moments after lie
had left the wagon. \'n one was
with llie unfortunate man, but the
condition nf his body, lying crushed
ami bruised among the broken tree
top, scattered nn the grade, told the
stnry nnly tnn well. A strnnc wind
was prevailing at the time and the
tree, a dry one, was standing on tbe
wesl side of thc grade. The wind
had pulled it up hy the roots, thus
giving nn warning] as would have
been the case had ii broken, or
stood where it would have crashed
into other trees in the descent. Mr.
Reid bud no intimation of danger until the tree struck him. The portion thai performed lhe fatal work-
was near the top and not over tliree
or four Inches in diameter.
Last Friday, W. S. Keay, who had
charge of the ball given .that evening,
secured of Lee John, the Chinese Poo
Hah, of Cranhrook, tbe services of a
Chinaman, to assist in the rough
work in the refreshment room. The
first work was to wash a big pile of
dishes, and taking Ah Sing to lbe
kitchen. Mr. Keay pointed to thi
ehinawnro and iri English Chinese
said. "You snveo washee dishes."
The Chinaman with a face as expressive as the south side of a
pumpkin nodded and went tn work.
He proved lo he a daisy, for, after
washing lhe dishes onee be slarletl in
again and all thai Keay could do bad
nn effect, Keav kept protesting but
lhe Chinaman kepi on washing and
when through started on the third
round. This was loo much for
Keay. He took the Chinaman by
the shoulder and pointing to aii
empty bucket said in a voice loud
uiul ' strong, "water1 waler! yon
savey? Water!" The chink nodded
his head, picked up a full bucket,
went In the door and threw il out,
came hack and started in to wash
dishes again. Nearly exasperated
Keay took bim by the shoulder and
lead him out doors and walking wilh
liim pari wav to Lee. John's pointed
to the buckel and said, "Savey?
Catch em, water! water! water!!!
plenty dlink," and returned lo the
ball. ' In ahout fifteen minutes the
Chinaman returned empty handed.
and again resumed his task of washing dishes. Keay sat down and
looked  ill      the heathen Chinee.      lie
wanted to sav something hut; he did
not know words sirnug enough to
lli the occasion. .lack Hurley took
the Chinaman hack after the waler
and lound the bucket on the feme,
where the Chinaman had left il.
Keav s.ivs he has nn desire io tench
a raw Chinaman the ways of civilization or Ibe myslrries nf lhe Knglisli
laiiuu.Liie.     Ue is through.
__mm - JUrg.
,    i
ir I'.iini'si Riilicitntion nl tin- h'orrol i'h .
Limited, of Tun,niu. linn ninilc n tliim.ujrli nti.l spiuvliino iuvoslipitlmi intn tlio
merits ..I riikWOL, ,iml ui Hi,, in,-iin,.|. ,,| tlmt C>iii|kuiv. mnl In- IIii.Ih tlmt:
I'.vi'i'v cure .'l.'iiiiii'il l,\ ilir i',,ni|,;iin is ,,i,.,iliii.-U o,'iiiiin,.; iimi FERROL i-^
niiiiiiiliiriiiri'il liuin tlin best i|ii.-ilii. ni \l mm - l 'ili'i'iiiii.l r.i.l Liver Oil (tin whole.
of the oil) ami is rioher in oil tlmii nny other I'liiiilsiuii, nn.l ..lillr ii i tains jum
the rlglll qiuintit) oftlieliesl lonn of Iron mul l>hi.s|.h..r..iis, il  i- m. sHi'iitillenllv
prepare!, thai not in a il siiml lin.ls am trouble in taking it; I hul lhe ineilieino
lias accomplished the mosl i zing results in its nun eity; llial its sales in ihr II mr
City liave been phenomenal; thai ii iseml I'se.l liy nil .Iriiguisis without hesitation or
qualification': thai ii is, in short, all the ('om|iiiii\ claims for PGRROL, ami more.
The   more'  I. investigated   the  more  enthusiastic I   lie.-aiue.     li   is  no
longer a question- of my .willingness to handle the preparation   FERROL   Iml
Inn. can i  bring it to'tholhimodiiite suffering of this city!
It is n heavy responsibility, Imt I have taith in the lionostt and fairness ul tlie l-'errol Company, Limited,
ol Toronto, and the unequalled merits ul tlieir preparation, FERROL.
(.lit/neii)       Beatlie & Atchison
1 find also tliat tlie druggists in oilier cities have taken npnn themselves the solemn responsibility "I'
ptatidi-io behind this medicine; and thai ihese druggists have made in each citv a daring and remarkable
distribution ul lull-sized bottles,
Impressed by the action of.onr lellow drtur.rii.ts, an 1 convinced thai they would nol have given tliis remedy
such unqualified approval without positive knowledge ol iis merits, 1 have decided  tu lultov. iheir example and
distribute Iree ul charge
Large Bottles of FERROL Free to the Sick
MONDAY, l)i:Cl£MBER 3rd
The Druggists
■Maintaining a first-clnsfl Dr'uy Stnre, tin
ndiug position in the retail drug troll- ofthf*
named Druggist nceunies a com-
1 almost even reined} that iaotfored
iu ibe public seeks un outlet thrniigli hia shire. Hm n-irli 111 eye 8Uii-.l« totho iuterestaof
his mauy patrona be ia direful 1.1 limidli- thu most reliable pre|«imtions. ConHoipiuntly
when ti liinticiiie. is recommended and endorsed U\ thia Druggist, that medicine must
hnve merit.
The above Druggist, after a rigid mveRtignthui, described oUewhore in thia nninmnco-
ment, has decided tn make, ujh.ii his own i-espniisihilirv, 'In- mosl remarkable distribution
of medicine ever attempted in Uns city. .Cuiivinccij by personal oxperienco oi Uiu
extraordinary inerita of
■111 wh,
Tie hns purchased from the Fermi Co., T.
bottles of this remedy, for free distribution, m
frnm any form of blood trouble
powerful tm iie; any person mittt-i
Bronchial or Lung Trouble, Chrodio ftheuiiitttiam,
nnd all wnsting diseases; any per-Bon whu has mu
Liver Oil preparation, ninl failed to find it, eut out
the blank lines, present it nt the store un lhe dates
preparath.il, HERROL, Free.
It was necessary fur nie tn purchase n large nui
making tbis free distribution, and the reapousibilit
positive will be appreciated by the public, nml ihe
will more tlinu compensate me fnr the expenditure
There is absolutely no sentiment in ibis endo
buninesH recognition of a preparation that pussesi
thc partof a progressive concern tu ulwaya supply Ue
1.'. 1, llll'J"
' "-0 I'-r
in, Miller
" '"1
,,I   Wei
l.rilileil 1,,','e
II li„lllinif 111
in Imve ill"
lllli Iill
- VOIIlloi
III,' ill Illi.. 1.
.,   llllll    l.l'.' M
•HROL.    1:
rit, mill :i l,e.
llll'l'. 1
1'.' I" lull
is iniri'li
1  ileairu
Properly lilled uut and signed, en;
lilies the holder in mie large sized
liniile ul FERROL (Cod Liver
Oil, iron and L'liosphurus), if presented MONDAV
DEC. 3rd from 0 a.m.,
until samples are exhausted.
Name of Patient,	
The   bearer ,.f   tIt
riil'o'iiti-   hereby
mul faithful trial nml to report   in   the
dnijjgial named above, tritliln three weeks,
the improved condition "< lii. health that la
almost absolutely certain to follow,
litis Coupon must be presented by adults,
No other distribution will be made, and it will be necessary for you
,, ^   to come early in order to be sure of securing a large size
REMEMBER, only ONE bottle will be given to each family.    Tell your friends of this Wonderful
' ''"'' Offer for fear they will not see tliis advertisement. mtm
1   1
I WHAT I I ItltOI mil - A ."in-nil
„f III.- fore-JilIIIK ».li i.m.Iih -ty.:,;. -I
rentier wlmt I IllltOI , ,.
May Uth, 10«MkS^
lln «''iiinmilullllll In
m.m.iiiiM iiMiii.i.k'.
at  Ni-i-tnii- Illnlil
jji. v.. 4$$
lours truly,
The buttle of FERROL I secured fmi
you, I have found lu do great good.    M
sun usud it for a bad cold, and it oured hutio wihort^f mnpvL-llo«R.
him.    1 know itto be nil excellent remedy j (] rci|'<Vl*SaKu« "fy' biiUdUia 'ip"i
fnr a bad cold and for building a pcrsmi up so tliat lliosysteiu wi I tlmi« ..
ifter sickness.    I might say that it wns aiiV,.""^ mwVn^.i'V.'ah.i.'ii;'
prominent doctor friend of mine in *'>**: V,jr/-1'Vfii'.i'.!l'ir'ViI!"-■ V''■'' ;u-
city, who used it for hia son, and spnke t''iju'lil|^\'1'lll'!l;,''irV,,',l,','I'l1.'   ',' 'f'V''. ",'' ■,'.', '..' '.'-'j'-.'  '■■'.m.-:!
meof it.    1 have fliuce recommended it tiniu'inciibamrs iiii. tt
to «. great many of my friends t« try.


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