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Cranbrook Herald Aug 16, 1906

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Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
It. 1' WALKER, Otn.nl MaMgti Al l-x. LAIRD, Aul. Oral UuifH
A .fii.r.l Uwihiny tu.lit... tr.n.irl.il.   Account, ma, h, op.ii.il .nil LunJut'i.d b,
m-ii Hill. .11 dram lip. uf tin, bank.
Dcpimlt* tii   >i und upwurUs receiveil, mut Interest allowed at
euiTcut rutes,   liu depositor i-. subject tu no deluy wlutt*
ever In llie  wlllldruwul ol  the  whole ur any
purtluu ut the dtp.^u
Don't Forget The Big
Uuns possible will  Ii.   done to maV
Uw day a ni'isi  successful  and    en
lovable one
I>iiru)n   tlie  afternoon   the-  nun    .
shoot      I..r  tlie    cup  pul   n\>  I.v
committee     will  take place
shooting grounds noi th  ol   lhc
fin<l dooi factory.
Cranbrook Iti-uncli,
P. C. MALPAS, Manager
ii *
ti ^
5 Capital PaiJ Up $3,900,000.00  Reserved l-iind $3,900,000.00 I
in j
J I). R. Wilkie. President. Hon. R. Jaflray, Vice-President J
J *
j Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, Alberta. Sas- *
5 katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec »
4 »
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- t
Jl   POSIT at hijfh.st curKnt rati, ail conpouri-.d half yearly.   jj|
5 I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      i
* *
A Pike country girl married a
Rttldd, and Wis day nfier the wedding
ihc guide look oui ;) life policy of
$1,500, Then, with his wilo, ho
started for Porter's lako with a party
of sportsmen, Hm w.lo lo cook anil
wash dishes, the man to clean fish
nnil so on. Unfortunately lho
young guide was bitten by a rattlesnake one morning, and a few tlnya
afterward lie died. Tho widow noli-
lied lei fatnilv nnd Iriends ol his
death in a. nolo Unit saul "Hill
parst   away    yistldy.       I.n .:■,    fully
For Insurance Of all kinds
Prorations are  Completed and
a Good Time is
The l.alioi Hay commit too held a
meeting in Hi,' Herald block Monday
even ns and completed Its arrangements  lor   the Wg celebration    to   lie
held Im-iv on September 3rd, and Irom
now on nothing vvill 'Ih- left undone to
make ihe day an unqualified success,
aiNl all visitors to Cranbrook on that
dale can rest assured that every effort will be put forth to minister to
their comfort and enjoyment.
The programme as prepared is a
good one and the prizes sufficient!)'
large to insure keen interest in every
event, and everything has been so
arranged as to allow visitors to obtain au early start for home, a fact
that is always highly appreciated by
participants in a strenuous day of
The celebration vvill commence vvith
the parade, which vvill start promptly
at 10 o'clock, and after review of
.same and announcement of the Judges
decisions lhe prizes will be awarded:
Hest union float 	
Hest lumbermans' float ... ,
Hest manufacturers' float ,
Best merchants' float ... .
I'nion   wilh   liest   general
Union wilh    largest  representation   25.00
Hest, driving  team    15.00
Best draft  team   15,00
Beat dressed team   15.00
Best   decorated  husiness  house. 25.00
Best decorated residence   15.00
(CH /ens should bear in mind that
all emli.-s for besi decorated residence must he in Uie hands of Secretary White hy (1.30 pin Saturday,
September I.J
After the parade will come om1 of
Uu* mosl Interesting events of the
.I.u the wet test of ihc hose companies, io lake place on Hani
avenue, which will undoubted!) Ihi
■ *'ii'."'i-i foi by Fernie and Movie,
.i^ well as Uie Cranbrook team Tliv
winners 0l this event will receive
a purse of $150 and also Iraki the
H.uvie .-up foi   ihe ensuing vear.
Vftei lunch, the horse racing,
Indian, ami Caledonian sports will
he proceeded     with on Louis street
.. 15.00
.. 15.00
.. 15.00
♦ ♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦>»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦+♦
i .in
$1200.00 IN  DIAMONDS
Wl'  IlllVt'   illBt   I*   ill-.lll |llll*lfl,.nil..Kt'llillllll.il.is
..   . i-^-^.     running  in  price   frniu $-111 In $7o.'ticli,    Come
(    ■-'-'•".'?£»>     in  1*11111   pick iiiiii .ml     We'll   uiiiiiiii  illi. uny
Htyl*. Belting ..ni .. isli.
\V. H. WILSON   __•_[ '""■ "i'i'"""
"'■■II   V.I
RACKS        .\D
il pony i.n't*, lij lir
il lnitiaii pony race,
..$15     S «
Vim .•nil .n.ii,,*   I.I...I.I ,|lliihir
ttilli a
Universal Bread
lll.'lll  .nu mm III., km a
Johnny Cake
i.ml   tin*   lm*.in better limn
you I'vt.r niii'li' lii'lnit*.
Ilii/ciis til  pli'imi'tl  users nl
t'iiivi'1-.il iu nml tirotir.il
t'riinliri .ok.
Hiinlwiiiv, Crnnbrook
back ..
[nnr barrels III
building   contest,
Km IT     IMCIMI       .Ml
1""  vititl,  „|t|.ii  	
.'.  iiuii1, open 	
Running hroiul iimi|i   	
Running high    Jump   	
lln;li iiuii* mull  	
Putting iii pound slint 	
t'niiiii iiti-ns' race, m tn ;i.'i
iuiui  nifiis'  ill
;tr. t„ ir.
Itll.'S   n
Roys i,
(InIs |*
liirls r
upder Hi years,
iiiuli'i- in years.,
updei lli years..
under 10 yours..
DI'lS'I'l:*'! I.I'
KiHtf,   Un-    g< ti- ■■
nice hiistemtl iu bl
r   i'   fl, oflti i...      [i
iai v.
.VUiilt    1 3(1   p    in    N.Uui t.i;,
vvue   Wat   UTi-ived   h**n-   .1'     Ir     i '.i '
uiiitvs ot the King Lumbei  i
Htatitlg thai Uell colie-'tli-  .'   K... ■
Vllle.   ,ilM*llt    BCVOtl       mile.-,    ft'i ul
Uoyie wen* on lite.
Mr. M, 11
ngor, at o
Uu* motor car at his dispo *.il which
look him, al top spee.l, tu ahollt
Swansea, al which place h. lm It il
an engine for his destination. Winn
lie arrived at the scene of th« lire ai:
the men's shacks, lhe blacksmith
shop, barn, bunk-house, cook house
ami office were destroyed. The men
had loUght as good a ftghl as lhe
means at their hands ami Uie terrible condition of dryness uf Ui.
buildings from the excessive warm
weather permitted them t" make. To
man they did their best, an i
though tiie 'mill was placid ut a
pretty safe distance from tlie buildings they have il to say tint! ihey
prevented the lite extending lo It.
The mill was saved in its entirely,
but with lhe shacks, etc., went 1011,-
000 feet of lumber piled in the yard
and ready to be shipped to llie Craubrook plant to be dressed and exported.
It is not known, positively, whai
was tte cause of the fire. One pro*
bable and suggestible reason is that
it may lie that No. ti train in pacing
coughed a spark into the yard and
so started ail the I rouble, Thc track
ti sufficiently near to enable spaik*.
from the engine being an element ol
serious danger—especially wh, u a
breew? is blowing. Whatever llie
cause, the loss aplpropr.n'o -l-.-K.mili
of which some $2,000 ti. covered hy
insurance, leaving a deficit of $6,000
to be met by the company, li
might easily have beetl worse and the
public congratulates the company on
the mill being saved, though regretting that they were out of potkei
even a dollar from a possibly pre-
veutible cause. Any serious loss to
Uiv King company would be an
equally .serious public loss, having
reteard lo the amount of money circulated hy tlie firm.
The buildings are being rebuilt,
and when linisued will he a great
Improvement on Ute ,,..-. tlK* replace. In a lew days business vvill
go ahead as if nothing had happened, so far as Uie lire affected i In*
operations of the company. Inside
a week or so Kic saws will he spinning again, and some 30,000 feel nf
lumber will u- coming up Irom tlieie
every day to lhe Cranlirook plant,
Later on when Uie big mill, which is
being erected at Yahk, is completed,
the two plants vvill he able lo .-hip
some lim.oiHi feet of rough lumlxa
per shitt of ten hours wmk. To
ihis will have to be add.nl the cul of
Uie mill at Smith's lake, some 15,-
U'Ml a dav. The lhree plants wi.l h,
sending something llkc.-150.000 feet ,i
day to lhc planing mill heie in town
—a facl from whieh one may guagc
whal the cxlcpl of it will tie and
ihe amount of employment il will
Many a lumber man thanked his
God ior the nearly imivcrsa
Sunday and yesterday.
cleared tlh* ait of lne' smc
scorned to have suckid tl
out of the atmosphere. W
easier—and the lumber nu*
easier,  loo, onlv in anolhoi
Nelson, B. C, Aug. 10.—Sl
Tuck is now tlw man in possessii
llie municipality ol Simian I'ity
virtue of a Judgment given by
supreme court of the province,
sberin of West  Koolenav collect!
ts for
of the
That's one reason why we carry such a varied stock of Breakfast
rooj*--another reason is that the demand for this wholesome food is
constantly increasing*. The Scotchman may stick io his oatmeal but
our Canadians waul variety—the spice of life. 'Ihere are breakfast
foods not represented ou our list, we've left Ihem off lor a reason.
We have tried to select only the best.   Our list comprises :
li nipt- N'uli*
Mnliu Vim
(I iihIu
' Irat.ge Meat
Ititlbifiii't. Crisp
Iti.*.- Flakes
Winmt Flukes
Crown of Wliotit
Pettijohu's Breakfast Fool
Aunt Jemima's Pancake Klt.ur
Unlley's Balf-ruie Buokvbeal Boar
Vellmv Corn.neni
Quaker Rolled OatB
B. tS K, llull.tl Oats
It. & K. Granulated Oatmeal
Lake nf the W.ioils Breakfast t I
Lake of the Woods wheat tluur
Lake nf tin- WimkIs tiriiliiini Flonr
Lake of tin* Woods Rye Flour
We don't let our stock grow old on our shelves.   We don't charge an
exorbitant price.   Perhaps this accounts in part for our large sales
Our Goods are
P. S.--Qet a copy of our printed receipe,
How to Hake Ice Tea."
Sanil|i,iiiii, liiiilm. Auk. U.—Thorn
is -fri-ai rejoicing In tliis cily* toiluj uml ovciybo.lv in jubilant over
iin- futiiiiHT in this lown al ll.e
Spoliuni! liiieriiii'titinii'l railway. This!
gives tn Siiniltniiiil tliree _HU.scot.-l
iin,'uial railrtiiitls, mul Mie people
lun* leel   '.veil assured nf luture Wtt-l
Mn.ii now havo " Adjusted to Fivis Positions " engraved on
j iiiiiii, tn meet th" requiretnents of llie O, P, K. lint.'Bervice
tl If ymi urn at all Interested nr thinking of buying a watch, call
♦ in nml let ua show them to you.
♦ Wm. F. Tate &   Son
1 Graduate  Opticians    Official Watch Inspectors for 0. P. JJ
J Crows   Nest Pans Division
!»«♦»*♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦<»♦«♦♦♦♦♦♦«♦♦«•«*«•««♦♦♦«♦   ' to all
tlie conclusion nf the nimn
Hi., scene nf operations will Ik-
cliaiiffMl tn llie ensl end t,f llaker
sireel, near lhe poplar grove, where
a iiiagnlflernl spot has lieen solcctcl
lm tin* lumber ovents ami ilrillinn
conlesl, and the ,|ay «ill he eon*
rlinlnl .villi ll*,. lollowlng;
Chopping -niitrst  30       11)
Loading logs     -7(5       50
Tie making contest    45      20
Sawing conlest  3f>       10
Drilling contest,   open only
lo miners ol East Koote.
nay  160
One thing thai s-hoiil.1 be home in
mind liy all possible visitors, is lhc
lact. tliat this year Hie Cranbrook
celebriilion will be ajhsolutely (tee
spectators     and tlut every-
l' lv .Smilli.-iingale. cx-elll
ilefunci Slocan Drill, Hit*
jrtii.i an<l expenses tin* printing ;
limfiieiit tax list. 11 iii.- inuni'.
not |,ai.i at oiht liie she] in
proceed to levy at a rate b.iseil
the assessment' roll of lhe town,
each property huMcr at onco bet*
lieisonally lia-hle anil his hoarse
otlu'i reatl estate will ai once he
-.I to pay his proportion ot
Sheriff Tuck luui some itnliniliy
si'iving tile process. Mat or M
ncish fleelansl llat the mayor and
oounoll nml citv clerk had roslgnoll
At.lerman Mailflen said, hoivever. In
was still alderman. C.ty clerk
Norman Morrison was uiissiiig, liu
the sheritl lelt the papers at hn
resilience, ns nllowtsl hv a provincial
The history of the trnnsaetlo
Hint C, E. Kinlibcriiigalc. while cily
clerk and editor ol the Dull. I'ule
llstieh in tlie Drill the lax list and
ehargetl $2,000. This llle citv did
not pay, aial alterward gave aotes
covering the amount. when the
first note became due il was ilt^
faulted, ami proceedings were taken
wit-h the result detailed.
There is likelihood nl trouble, as
lbe second note is nearly due The
whole revenue of Slocan Cily for a
year is quite small, and 'he total
assessment is under $_;-,n.nun. How-
over, SheriH Tuck is obdurate, lli*
declared to-night il the lloW was mil
paid l'<- would lew a ral* and proceed lo demand his prooprtion froni
every ratepayer, nnd would repeat ilm
process ns'olten as ilu* judgments
eame info lis hands.
Mayor Macneish wenl down to
Vancouver rtHTnt.lv. wltere Smltlli..-
itale is located nt Mount Pleasant,
ami Iri.sl to compromisec matters,
tml S-mltWrsrale, acconllng to Macneish. will accent no terms llial Slocan t'itv is willing tn giant. Apparently there Is no chance ol a
Tin* steel gnug on thi' Spokane Inlet-national came iulo the city at
noiiii. and by supper lime came within ;inll feel til slopping al nhe Main
street crossing. Tie tracklayers
were tired null hungry, nut were
.vato'aed by a large and interested
crowd. Last nighl Hie steel gnng
reached a point one anil a quarter
miles from the cily. laying that
much steel to-day. The operation
uf ilie rail laying machine was very
Engineer Matheson was at the
throttle of Hu* lirsi engine to enter
ilu* Samlpoiat yards. He is a veteran engineer, having been with tlie
S*|iiikaiu* Kails ,*.- Ninlhcrii for u long
lime. The train was in charge uf
Conductor John Clark, a former
Spokane iv Northern nun.
Tlie sleel gang was
K ninn lius Nelson.
in davs since the nun were iu i
lown nf any size, and Ihey are inak
ing lliings 'lively. (Ieneral Super...
nn.Km Roberts anil Division Engl
neci McCoy an* hero to-night and an
i-crv much interested in Hie proceed
in charge     of
li has    ht.'ii
A Gift For Our Customer*.
What's thc Use ?
In Every Package of Colgate** Dental PowJec
We Give a Present ol a cake ol
Cashmere Bouquet Soap
FREE,      (Gue.t Room Size)      FREE
A Wonderful Bargain*
Then' is only one real ljockI
Talcum IViu-ik-r and that's
Culi_ratpg. Every package is
pxxl. There are no bad ones.
Wht'ii you ask fur Cultiatcs
we won't try and substitute
another powilrrou which we
could make more money.
Tvvu odors. Violet and I'iisli-
mere Bouquet, und by the
way. Colgate makes Tooth
Powders, Toilet Waters,
Perfumes and Soaps that
are just ai good as the
Talcum.   >   j.   j.   >   j.
Mailorders stii
There's   a    r .
I roll in.
a s o 11
l hi- entrance ol the Spukane
tcrmitlonal Into Sawlpolnl is a
liiiiciil cvilll in this place, and every
one will remember the iluy with
pleasure, Mi. Roberts, general sup-
crintendent, In speaking ol tlu*
between   hen-   and     Bonne
"We left   Dormers Ferry .luly    l.i
i.l wc have laid ftlfcl al  llie late ol I
mile anil   a    'quarter   a day.   We
mild have reached Sandpolnl Booncr
ul  Iol   111.* lact   th.vt  we were delay-,
I nl  the tunnel neni* Moravia,   and
I  ono or two ol tin' bridges.     Now
lhat   wc   an* this   lal   we   will huve
little delay   (rom  heir  to Spokane.
"lh* Chuck slough bridge and tin*
drawbridge across llu* Pent d'Orelllo
river an' about completed ami we
will he hitting the high places Irom
here to Spokane. The grading Irom
Ii-n' in Spokane is well under way.
The steel gnng will lake „ rest tomorrow, hut on Monday we will lay
a side track in the yards h?ro and
ihu iin a little finishing in the rr
We will Hicn I'uill to the front and
'initi' to Ih- in Spokane by Ihe ond
'I'he road has been very fortunate
in coining this far. meeting will,
practically nn accldenls, The near-
esi approach In a had accident was
n few weeks a*W>, Wlnt at Moravia
tlie riiirine of the steel gang almost
toppled over. II wns toped to a
nearby tree until thc track was fixed,
Tin- companv has* tour engines on tiie
road, one will, the steel gang, one
hauling tin" travel train, the lie
train mid anoHier hauling supplies to
tlte front. The side track here will
be for tlie purpose of setling out
cats nnd unloading supplies, as tbis
place is to be the material yard.
Snaps in Real Estate
We have several desirable properties for rent
or sale. Why not o*rn a house of your own
—it's far more satisfactory than paying rent
Real Estate.   Insurance
A carload nf Byo Whiskey
from the Diutilliries uf Jos-
Seagram Oooderham and
Worts, and Hiram Walker
& Sons
WbalMale Wlim Merchant
Oranbrook It li, I'luuie TUK   ORANBROOK   HERALD
It  Will   Pay You
To call  and  examine  our stock  if  you are
going- to  build.
We ca.n supply youy wa.nts
ricCallum & Company
, . .      ■*.-.--. (.tK-ti-r-. cn-.-.f*
We have jnsi received 4
Two Cars Timothy Hay
A i Quality
Also on hand large quantity Oats and Feed
Consisting ot 381 acres ol n.iignlll it laml, situate.! in lhe besl
, uiili    locality to be found In Kasl Kontonuy, being HI miles
li    .,    nn,]   iiustolllcu.   Tin- K.i'it iv* Central  Hallway
survey trnvorsos the pn rty.   Ins uilotl i ne side I.y it
largo stream which iirTnnls oxoollo.it trout ...ul char nulling
Surr nling the proporly Is a country capilble of erasing ...any
 I red I I rn' entile innl iniiny promising milling prospects
nro being worked in tlm nalehhorlng moiiiitiiiiiB.ii.nl apart Irani
farming this i riv should sluinly Income very mliuibofor
other purposes  lit ol the naturally central posllion 11
l.ent. with rogi.nl in lln' surroiiiiillng country. 850 ncres of tins
tironortv i-nl, In* brought undo, cultivation wiili ease nnd there
are ulran.lv   "" acres   in   mixed  crop.   70tni.8olli.iynrei-.it
i div oft Ihis bliul.   Tliere nro suitable buildings Ior nil pur-
iintes .nnl nu irrigulion ditch bus hem. constructed whirl, will
furnish wnler for Irrigation nml domestic purposes. Kor further
    I'liilii'iilnis  dy lo   	
Ileal   K.sliite   Agents, I'raiilirouk
iiii.l KU is not desirable to purchaso tho property 111 olio large
block lt can In* OUT t'l'ami DIVIDED Into smaller ..areola
0( in -.ii 40, inn acres, or otherwise, to suit purchasers.
T II B  T 1 T I. E   1 S   1 N   I' I'. II K E 0 T   0 0 X D 1 T I " N
20.000  ACRES
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦**♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦< >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
♦ ♦     nl the very pick nf tho selocluil lamls In the boat.tll.il Knot iy     ♦♦
♦ f     Viillttv Easl Kootenay, ll. ('.. oxle.ullng Iron. Canal Kbit In     JT
94     uiko, ii iti-i,-,l lor sale at from ?:i lo tin per acre. J{
The Kootenay Valley Is of Unsurpassed Fertility JJ
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situ- **
atisn Wost of the Rocky Mountains. J J
The lamls present uvery feature nf usefulness, innblillng llm- **
lieit-il In'i.i'lim. I.m In* ilnis irsli, prairie ami moatlow.   Tin* ♦♦
l.ni.In* ilnis. 11111 rsb iiiiiI  nilow lands consist ol deep, black ♦♦
loam;'Hi,- nib bind being a .-iiu.lv loam, splemlldly ntlnptoil ♦♦
for fruit culture.    Where irrigulion may ho necessary on the *_
♦ f      lnnel.es, water can lielnul frnm tlie mountain crooks tinning ln.u. J J
ft the Ruckles Into the K nay river,    it,.- t.iu.i- .n.- inm   .;•• ii
IX .-eyed iiiiii so ol the has Inne I t sub-dlvldoil Into fenced II
II lannsef about 80 aor ch. ♦♦
** The purchase price will ii.cl.ltte llie timlier, which enn In* sold 4*
♦ ♦ by lhe purchaser without anv liability to govor. it or
♦ ♦ royalty. Thotiuiher wlllll. many casus more liuin realize III
_t     cliiisa price, ami wllliniillciisoamilterlillly roiioup tho an
.1     vested,   Logs can bo driv lithe Kootenny river, which I h- JI
Il     es every lot su. ie.   The main wag mil through lira valley JI
TI     pusses over or close to euch lul, nml lhe proposed Knotemiy Con- **
r-      tral railway will parallel the wagon road.    The 0.1*. 11. Is qnilo ♦♦
 ivenlo.it lo lira hinds. ♦♦
Kor lurtlior particulars npply to ♦♦
,. Orto Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B, C.     J*
_ _
Manitoba Hotel
dan Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, u. c.
Headquarters for
_^___... y
********** .m **************
The 5Ianltobat8 centrally located and has one ol the best dlnlngr	
in the .iiy.   Tin. bur is supplied wiih the best of Liquors and Digs
Brewer of
Fine Ales, Porter and Lager
Manufacturers of nil kinds of Mineral  Waters. Including
Lithia and  Soll'/or Waters, equal to any im-
pnrli-d-iirlirli',    Try a sample t-iuni.
A Series of   Articles   Treating   with Conditions   ns   they are
Found at the Different Mills ot this
Frederick      Adolph, Frederick
\,!iil|il. iiliiini. Hani Adolph. W II
Ilrillilh and II. 1. Adolph, hal lister,
nl lltmiilnti. Mall., constitute llu-
ni iii dning business as llu* Aholpll
1.*iuil,.i company at Bayacs' lake
Itecentl) lhe company was carrying
mt business near Furl Steele June
lion, where Hie eurllesl slarl was
made in lhc lumbei trade In n ver)
iii.,ili-st  w.ii. Indeed      n is excellent
prosperity ul Hn- firm that lhc main
engine .a Hn* "I'l ton Sloolc "'ii'*
imn plan! is nuw relogated in a ver.
iniiiiii position iii iin* iii" plant >it
li.,tm*. lake where II drives mil. a
detail oi   '«"     ul 'In* higgct  'slab
iXS'iifv -   -*   - ■ •• Ber*.    - '--■:.    positively     piohobiled Iiom crossing
 — I! u.e.    ilns bridge   „i   using  it  *i=    It
t""i path. This notice is lull ul
ttiiisulaiiuii-oi a kind, y,,,, know u
you .md youi liiui.c and rig are
ground to a common dcelruotion hy
,t il. \. It. ir.iin, Uu, u,,„ |„.,lx
executors, adu.iu.slra-u.rs or assigns
have no remedy against the company. Yuu are taKlng cllunces, horrible chances, lull   il   is a case .if    gn
ft over the bridge or go around bv whai
is called the ■•wagon bridge' and so
make a detour   ol Iti miles or s(, i,,
Haul llu- width ol lla- till, nii-i
llu* iiiei ns nol liiidatih- ut any
poml abo.il Klkiumiili, and as the
problem of putting in ,i guipriim, ni.
budge ilt.ulvcs Hi. ina.lining ul
some hydraulic ciiii.it ions interesting
enough nu oven lion McKay himsell,
il ui.ii In- .i Imm Mint' belore any
thing is iluiu* iniiaids rciacdyhtg im
inii'iiti* cc.    li is right to    su.,
however, ih.ii  Mr, ,1   K. Aiinsiuui.
Uii   i.iii-iiiiin ni    agenl,  is   uow  tun
In*  pulling   Hi  ul   n   sn,i.il,|,.
ADOLPH    I-I MUEH  COMPANY       ol  in.iiciul    which     in  .i   lew   years
sl I
ll   i. ., tlt./eu miles ,1
it. Ilavnes, and vou uai.'I H u
lovely' cuiinlri    '       It  Is all Ilk.
m.iiiimil pari, uiili   Hn* ttocklos
ii ,.,isi,.iii wall      lln* Heckles b
m   lln-    | it alimisi  enllrel)   I
■nui.. glare whltel)  anil Ihlrstil)
ii..* iil.i/c ol Ihe sunlight      It   Icels
.....I    in   In-  down  mi   lhe  level    laml
along whicli slips n breeze I i   it
Klk river, Kven in Ihis land '
lakes Ha lues alinosl descries Hi
uiu,. It is quite a prelty sheet of
ivater—a natural reservoir In a
latural park, and fid entirely by
airings in the bottom, li is a land
ii springs down there,    The Adolph
icnplo   got   a   mosl   excellent    supply
il cull sluing ivater tor drinking and
 king purposes   al  a  ilept'
cat        Tube  well
ih,. i;   V It, is carried a
ippci pan nf the lake liv means of a
,,ii,„l,.|,l!il,. Iill. and on llie eust
.nlv a shnil distance below where
llie lailwav crosses, are lhc Adolph
niiccrns, 'The situation of Hu* mill
■an liaiilh In* Improved mi II is.
mini! sinking!. mliaulagfiins. Tin*
ale is a perlcct, natural l"g pond,
.vial.. Hi,- Cl. X It depot, section
muse mnl water lank arc all prac-
ieall. in the mill yard, into wliich
i'ii* tracks are carried, fight up to
iin. plat'orm nl Hu- planer bulbing oi the mill There aie, of
course, bigger concerns in Hi* district, hul this is almut tin* st/.c of
concern from which lhc besl financial
resells will he derived, having rc-
gar I ini win* capital invested.
Tlie ground In the shore ol the
lake is perfectly level and affords
lln* veil* ttesl nf piling space, and as
ilie hank is high, advantage has been
taken of it to secure about u dozen
reel ni lienl room in the buscmriit of
Hi., mill building Inf line shutting.
pullevs anil ihc general application
it power. It tonus a strong con*
nasi to the pokey, dangerous base
inputs nf .some mills, where one cap
mill venture al Die peril
The planl, as Installed, will turn
nut in.nun feci of lumber per working
dav of ten hours, though as much as
17,000 have been till already wiihin
l.li.il span* of lime. The hollers,
i llgincs, and general machinery an*
ut ihe manufacture of the famous
U.iii-riius company, a name wliich
seems to be growing as a synonym
im excellence. Tin' steam power is
supplied fn in two boilers of 12.1
Ii p, each, provided wirh a specially
regulated automatic feed. Thc fuel
comes over from the pinners by the
i hip blower system, manufactured,
fund and iii.st'allcd hi .1. I). Mt-
lindc it To., of Cranbrooi., That
installation is a tine piece nf plumbing work.
The main engine, ol lull h.p., fixed
mi a solid concrete foundation, is nf
ilu* usual ".Valorous pattern, lined
with ihc Wuteinus automatic "ii
feed, anil was supplied through lhc
Hugh (iilinoui agency of lhe company at Vancouver. Ils husiness is
to operate tilt! big, solid tooth circular saw,    the conveyor machinery.
il leers,     trimmers and the   jack
ill.un inr elevating the logs from
111,* lake. The planets and the fan
[in lln- chip blower ale driven from
a smaller inginc, the same t-hat was
iisc.i as lhe main engine in llie Fori
Sleele junction plant, it looks Ilk.'
a ini hcsl.lo ns big brolher, the
Wuicrnus engine, but il develops its
ii ii |, ol so. ami earns Its oil and
steam, all right. The engine plant
mnl boilers are in    charge of 0. A
lhc limits, sullicient to keep lhe
..nm busy lm Hie nexl ten vears,
he around Uie lake tu He norlli,
nmi and south of Hie mill, and the
lugging, under ilu* supervision ul
.I,nuns Fussee, wood lorcinan, is done
entirely with trucks. Tlif logs arc
um frum lhc trucks direct into Hie
lake   .mil .in* nfler.vnr.ls liftrd llicro-
ii  H   wanted, in     tie |ack-chaln
ami   liulilci        Tin''  ladder,    oi log
iun,  is sleel     Inud      throughout,  and
Un* chain is nl a strength mid pattern winch ensures ii handling Ings
nt .n.t    weight ni  si/e uitlinitt   Hit*
possible   chain f   breakage,     The
Iiii uu mechanism is particularly
powrrl.il > sleam nlggci ami Ing-
Inii.lci are ahoul lo la* Installed
Unl Has equipment, unl llie guti-
s'.ioi feed now in position .nnl able
in deal uiili logs up io vi Icel lu
lens;ll<. the brail "awer, 1'eler Hecks,
will lind im ilillifiiliy in culling I is
in ni .'in thousand feel a dav.
Hulls are thf rollers, iu snort, mi
which   Hu*    ninli i    Havels   luun      Ihf
.aw iu sonic puinl tvl.'ir its miniii-
facliiro is advanced u singe, II Ihese
rollers aie driven bv power ihev are
fulled ■■liu* rolls," il Ihey arc
actuated hv the armstrnng principle
they are simply rolls, without more.
Tht! rolls al Ailolph's nre ul llie live
variety, and arc mighty Interesting
things tu watch lu Work. Thus, when
llu- nuts-id', skills Irom a log tail from
lh* saw they travel along the live
rolls t 11 they encounter certain olher equally live rolls but provided
wiih a'deep, helical thread on their
outside, exactly like n lilg screw
cut nli, oi* cut up, iu its prime. When
thf slab 11 ies lo run over this
Inroad it gets twistpd out of its
course and oO its road, and falls, on
th,* endless chain which in turn bring
Kiiem up tn tin- slash saws, three iu
number. These slash saws cut the
slabs inin convenient lengths before
Ihey hill inio the trough of the conveyor, along which they travel to lhu
huriiei. And by lhe same   token,
same burners are now consul
of material   which    in
mole will     lit* as much
revenue lo ilu* lumber men as     the
finest description    uf (lrsl-class eleai
Is   Itmluy.
llut supposing iin* material coming
llolu l-lie saw is slit'ti as can lit* worked up us sluplnp. iii better, lhe man
at the lull i.l Ihf saw touches a
level »Kli Ins l,n.v ami up pops a
litiin|ifi a nit t.u .Is lui ili.i down
This   obstruction   slops ami changes
Hit*   t* si- nl  Hit*   piece  In a  il.itt-
.inii   at    right  angles    In its lull
 *    Ol     PlUgl.sS.     lllllllll
onto ch,
lo    Hlf
iill      an
sules. divides ii inlu propel wi.ltI.
and sends lac whole Iol (11 has law
divided   iulo a hiiiicli   In  ilu. iimii]
tu ih.- trimmers, antl these tui, te
• a lhe lingHis, milking u..   i |...  In
Ullfl     su    nn   lipliili-  it     g,,,-.,   [,,       u„,
lllllll   plan.nin and rames .uidcl   Hn*
illlisdicti ,l  l-'i.inl,   N.mi,    Um  nml
Foreman, ..-huso dun. autongsi  otlipi
llllligs,    is    I,>    sn*    1„    ils    piljng       ,111,1
prupei seasoning. Hull-up wagu.is
uie used tm lulling ilm limil,,,i iinm
llie plulli.lin 1„ tin* piles, ,,s well „s
tin Inking il hack vvli,ii siilhciciillv
•liy im Un* attentions ..i ihe planers
und stickers. These latter machines aie lln* implements, m rall'er,
combination ,,i Implements, whicli
give llu*    lumber th.- itn.shmg lunch
The planers ami stickers ai the
Adolph plant an- all „f Un- Mctfrc-
gur. (iiiurlay company's iiiiuiul.it-
lure, and as is usual with llie
machines turned mn hi thai eminent
linn, gin- everj satisfaction, li 1ms
been decided tu pin m a new double
fdger of lbe pattern known as Hull,g Champion mnl built In the
■Valorous company,     Tins will have
lie saws;   and     » ill  It,- ,,l   lln-    most
nipiuvp.l  design nuw  known ou     li'.ip
larked     A    iliiril Waifiuiis   boiler
I l-.'i h.p. will als,, |„. installed   in
ildiilop io thf iwn now In position
With this increase in machinery anl
n power Uie da Iv capacity ni    Hii-
inll    mil  reach    50  thousand   In     u
lay's   wmk    n( ten   hours, and Al,
Knowles, ihe mill foreman, will have
lue pleasure uf handling and I.inking
after   ahum   us    compact   aul well
equipped j plum uf lis size as there
will be in  Kasl  Kootenay.
Logging operations are guing un
steadily about n mile [rom Hie null,
and already -something like tliree
million leet.nf logs have beep de
llvciT'd al Un* lake. llm „i Uus
amount allium ball a million feet
havo hern worked up mul exported
though ihe plant is ..nlv in tanning
order fm about a month.
The Adolip'.i people an* mn alone
saiistini, tun   entirely     well pleasnl
with  tin-    courteous '   and  n-as ililc
treatment afforded ninn In lira ol-
llclals nl the u, y n, nn which
company ihev ate primarily dependent fur transport conveniences They
stale thpf Hi,* officials will do' anything in reason to facilitate thein
in their business. As au Instance
nf this they have permission tn dump
iheir lugs off ihc trucks down lhe
slope of Uio till across ilm lake, 0
mat let of very great Importance lu
Ui. in under certain circumstances.
Tliey alsu sav that Mr. Letcher thc
(I. N. li. agenl at Baynes, is a mnsi
obliging official, ,nne who never loses
.tli opportunity ol helping Ihem lu
get their machinery in, or their
luinber out,
'I'he total crew now engaged In the
mill and in lhc woods is ahoul 52,
hut this number will be Increased to
T.'i or more during the regular winter
Within thf past few davs direct
telephonic ciiiiiniiiiiit-iiiiuii with Cranbiook was established, su Hal Ua*
nllice, in charge ut KcHmeth Marshall, is now in vocal louch wilh ilie
■-■-uiir nf liusini*.-:!. afi'ii'*. \ private
'phone hns heen maintained for somo
time between the otlice and thc
station at Itayncs.
The company has been doing business lor about' a month on ihe new
site, and already quite n considerable
amount nf lumber has been shipped
in Calgary, Lethbridge mul to points
lluliii nf Brandon, Man. Last week
seven curs were shipped, and several
ens were being loaded ai Un* lime
when the nntes for this article weir
being taken, livery stick of lumber
in the yard Is under older lor shipment, whicli proves thai Hie orders
are piling up against tile saws—a
very gratifying condition of prosperity.
Plainly, Un* Adolph company has
every .reason lo congratulate Itself un
its   success, Due    ciiniinl    ninkc
i*ieu Uie musl cursory survey uf tlif
mill mifl premises witrout noting on
every hand the marked evidence ni
thnl  success The shacks ,,[     llm
ini'ii iin- clean and well built; the
torses are sleek, excellent nf Hi,*ir
dims nnd in guod condition; the
wagons ale new anil of lhc hest
description. Things ari', one mil
all.   kept neat    and tidy.   Tlieie    is
 ie   ol iluu  "slopplnoss"—Its    Un*
only word for it—whicli gives ihe unerring Impression of an enterprise
Bone in seed,    ol mi Industry   n    a
slnlc ..I decay. 'hi   lhe ii uiv,
lln*  Adolph concern has nil  th
side slrp  ''''.'.V at_a puinl  down then
.rs i.n presentatuai   "'" "'..Wc Hu*     imnh.-i
Igor.  '   Mi    Kdgi-i   slashes Hold creek to   mursel   Ihei.  produce
■.-regularities    along    iht.|wilh Uui   liunbei mills    mi ihe  eusl
,|    ul   llie   Kuuli-mtV    I liei
r,  gel  iu ilie mill ui  Mi    in
Iniifs n    was   necessary, nottcu    ot
' *   ■*     111   l-r.lSS     111.-'    Iiuii,;,.,    ,u„i
•ilium   ,|  mile  In  He  suuih  lbe tracks
..I Hm i;   V i;   i.u, right min   Un*
mill   f .11.1 ll    Is   limn   Mils  eslali
hshtuciii  flint  Hu* .-i.iin* ui ih,- lum
!"-i   ll-Sl [I   ni  il.i I,,   lut   ciecti (    n,,.
Ing iiiiii    ill Hie   Bakei Lumbei c	
pan) .ii Waldo, w.m supplied in
Hi* tuul tins h mg n considerable
ninoi.nl nl s,|ii,,i,,i limbers bound nu
As an    illinslialimi     ,,(    u„. ,.|,.Vl.,
adnpia i of means lo einls n would
!'•■ lind in lin.l a parallel tm thc
plain mul concerns li question. The
"'"I is "ii ilie inp ui n cut-bank
abuitl ,:. net above tup level ,,[ ihc
'.nil, Ihf laid being a little Inglift
than Uie (; n ||, rigl,i-,,f-w.ii Ti„.
iiinhpi pomps .lum. from thc mill
in sh uis provided unl, rollers md
is ii, in, ml in Hu* Stirling tni,|,,< (,,,
disiiriiuiii.il.     li   mighi   i„. expected
Hie   discern,     lhe   material "would
a dang ■
ng in Hi
shouts .
ul   W.I)
n.l tin
li  till
i  reduced,
cm uunlered
I is   its compact a concern
une can tin.I     in Kasi    Kootenay.
I.iily capacity is 85,0110 leet, .in
Tilgc w I.n*h is'   steadily mainlnln-
The limine is equal lo delivcr-
80 li. p. and gi is ns energy from
botlei   nn  whicli tlu.    authorized
ssuip is lis pounds iu Hi.* square
•i.     James Mcl'h.-e has much renter fee    pride lie    Pels i,, the
power planl, all ol which is    mulct
his control.        The saw   i-  nf the  Ip.
sorted tooth varlelt and delivers Hi,*
lumbei in ordinary mils from which
it gups iii   Uu- etlger,  Unu tn     Hie
back nn* a tin, through the planers
 I slicker.
'P'.ie oflice department nf ihf null
is in charge of \|. Walsmi, Hall
I.a Flour is sawyer, Dan Walker is
woods foreman, W Lancaster attends
In lhe iiilll laid and Hie shipping ui
lhe material, and Malcolm Melnnes
is the sni,, uuui ,.i affairs and general
controlling splrll ut this exceedingly
profitable enterprise, Ii mav 'lie
safely stated ilia', in proportion tii
Up extent ni tlte Investment, there is
hardly a better paying concern than
Hu* plain ami lim is owned In* Mr,
Th.* limns all lie around the mill
running op the cist side nf the Klk
river some six miles ur su, ami hack
towards Hun* station mi the south.
They ion.isi alinosl exclusively ..[
pine uf exeelleul length and quality
wiili ,i uilli* ,,I fir and I.tile or ii,.
larch rn* spruce, There is enough
timber mi the limils in keep the
presenl plain in opcrallun tot liie
nexl fifteen vears.
The lumber is shipped to Klku over
Hn* (i. Y 11 , and n local rale is
charged in thai  point.      This   local
rale   mil   Iif fill   iiiii      iii   llle (muir
as. according in Mr. Melnnes and
others iii Hie business, ,tu arrangement lias been conic in between lhe
U- -Y H. anil the C 1'. li , i„ have
tlu' transfer polnl at Klku for the
lumber trom the Baker, Adolph, Kuss
and Melnnoss plauls, and a llm rate
charged in those operators shnllai
lu ihc rate prevailing out  ol   Cran-
I k,
Mr. Melnnes employs trom .'IT to
l'i mui lhe year rounil and has the
best nf accommodation fur them.
As tu the future nf ihc lumber industry Mr. Melnnes lias no fears.
It has nuw. he considers, tleliiiilflv
struck tin* upward curve uf prosper*
iti. mul he has un reason to   dmibi
■'   sleadi      ini, umi,*,,   ,,i    exii-iing
good conditions.
Thf lair ohlcf justice John A. Peters, ni Hn- marine supreme court,
was presiding at Bangor o.'or n
civil case, years ago, in which one nl
thp important witnesses was n hnrse-
tloctnr   iiuiii Iiirns,       Tl elor
wa.*. a siinill imm with a weak little
voice, and ilm counsel on holh sides,
as well as thf cuiirl antl iuiv, had
grcal illlllci.ll)' in hearing his lesti-
Hilling cross-examination Hie counsel  ini   tin- plaintiff became exasper-
 -I  mul    began  I"    prod and  limil*
Hit. Iittlf imm
"I"   ll *." ho shouted, "if    wo
gnillg  In gel   iiliywhele  wilb
ZArR^ ty  ' A    '<
mA-ARvA.   ■'    i
W^jji^'  '   /v '" *y
mrA%A" ■ :       v ■■• ■ 'v; s
RRITTsft' '
mtiflto j . '       ,'  -
i    HlV  *A t :.       •-
Q^rA     &       '     I
-: •
J '-■    -
*_jirDidjBonds"aretmritfiom'i"t.-f m ■■  *i, % .,*     urov.-nltljiiftftions,
and aysblized lo resemble Rock foiidy.Tlic;        . ,:,.'
II isllie most delicious Su^srinddtlbi Tea jffofli      , ro...
»%»^»*% «-.«««g
j B. C. Livery and Feed Stables
| Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and BIcycIe.Repairers
, MiLi.jvii Jir.-i.mmtil D.*:ri.v Implements for Sale
| CRtANBROOK,   B.   C.
{     Shop Phone 50
P. O. Box 111
• ^^*-*-**^'*'*'*'»*»^'k^'»»»».J)   ©*
Barn Phone90
Hotel s s
Quests Cii.t.!urt a Specialty
flood Stabling In Cenaectioi
Nearest to rnllmntl nml ,It; ol.     Has accommodations lm the public unequalled lu Cranbrook.
Iol and Cold limbs
ii. * . . .......... . . ,
Hoggarth & Rollins
.|..|.H-I*-I-H-I-1.|-I->l-l-l-l-l-M.+-t-|-|-t-|..|..|.|*| !..H..|..|.|..|..1.^.-|..|..|..|_|4
The Cosmopolitan \
^|       I;. II. SMALL
Mu miller
The   place   where   a  t±
man will return after  12
stopping once.
l-H-M-H-*4+-l-W-l-+.|-l-l l-l-l-l. M-I- II 1+n-.|-|-++.|..|..|..|.p.(-|.|..»-
Robinsoii=McKcnzie Lumher Co., LU.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
vigor nf successful youlh, hacked   this ..ise ynu must speak up s„ ih
hj   a      ri'llll/iill f  success   net* - I,. ,      v-s, 11   I >. ■.. I     lull        Vnu     cm'
I'lish.-d undei  foiHllllons nnl  .i  lentil  c*pccl  Hu- jury In undcrstanil signs
ns hiinrnhlc us. t tirciiinslaii- Speak up loud and strong, sn "
urrnitinling the new  iculiiie    in!   'I'ln*     small si„.,|    velerlnn
wer ami belter ground II in J ],,. 1 n was evidetill. no use Whotli
iMomallc of bettered conditions, all Irom emUinrrassmenl or liiahlllli t
■und, in ilu* trade, mid gives    one I sound wnuld uui come.
added hnpe in Hie lurUier sl rides ni
In* present main Industry "1 l-'.iLst
began  counsel
Indignantly,     when the   chief insiice
slopped lum wnh ft gesture.   Leaning
met- the beiieli he Bald:
"Mi      Attorney,     vnu   mosl   bn
pati   wiih ihe doctor.      Mc oan-
nnl  h,d|i    il. Years spenl    in   lhe
sick-room liave     made speaking low
a secoli I iialiirc with hint."
"l'u-    gol    Uie    very   thing   you
The mills owned by Malcolm Melnnes and the Hoss brothers arc
both situated on the east side of Klk
and. to one coming frum
Ilavnes' lake or Waldo il is a serious
matter tu reach them f compelled
in lake either a saddle horse ur a
rig acrus.s the river.      On loot, mw
enn use the mile-long approach mul want," .11111! the stableman lu .a
lhe bridge which carries lhe (!. S. luralist In search nl n burse; a
II. over Ihe Klk, but'the man who thorough-going mad horse. Kivc
has nn alternative but tu bring horse years nlil, snund us a i|"ail, $115
or wagon over, simply iniisl use Hie cash (lown, mul he gm\s ten miles
approach'and bridge and take chances without slopping."
ul a train disputing tlte right-of-way Thf purchaser threw his bands sky.
wiih him.    The expression "righl ul ward.
way" Is not  the proper one in   tliis     "Not  for  ." be said, ''not    for
particular     connection,   for    grimly   mc       I i-onlnn'l    gif you live cents
notigh, one   reads us lie* enters    oil   tin him 1 live eight miles uut in
d I'd haf to walk back
HKUIN'M.NO   |.*l*:ill;l!,\ltV   I .,        .,
THROUGH   .     }[]
11      TOURIST
lhe .bridge    the   following     notice:   tie country, un
ing hundreds of  thousands of    tons  "No     thoroughfare.       All   persons  two miles."
Seattle and Chicago
via the
Great Northern Railway
For dotal led information, mt/es, etc., call nn or aililiess
l l'Yinie, B. C TUK   CHANllltiKlK   II I'KAl.H
Undertaking and Embalming
Funerals directed from  private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Flrstclass undertaker in attendance o* J*
CranbrookCooperative Stores
We  luvc llie  best  facilities in the Kootenays lor
jjj   during the summer weather,   Wholesale and retail
The Wentworth  I
Clapp A Rollins,
The New Managers. §
I ■	
m ii
if j Drop in and see us any lime.   We are nn deck 25 hours [,
1 out of the 24                              jj
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X clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name,
| "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
t make call and see the new stock of Ready
* made clothing just received. All Union
X Labor. i
fy******** ******* * t,*******,k
'liiiiulii liirii- ul '. *.
Rfiughniiftflresseil • |l
LUflBER and I >
Also ull  kinds nl ! _.
.lall'ruy. liv.-in ami ! }>
Crnnbrook, B.C. ! ]t
tlt'.tl Olllce, - Cranbrouk « fi
I Central Hotel ?r£t|
5Lcab(no Business
Ibouses of iH>au\^
vi 11c  ^|3C £mcttcv gtfo"
M.irysvillo  hns
miiir min Imr own,
Thi> town now Imb
a iHTiimiionl pay
roll Tin- II.-mill
nun heartily on
tlorsp the following
litisin.-ss li.itisis:
- ' n I   i %  Rt\cries
li yon scarier seeds along
Tlie rich ami fertile ground,
Tlie    oilier     harvest    where    you've
Uh.n golden giain Is found.
\ml claitii    the deamngs   rich    nnd
When garnered in their slore,
Tin* l.nni will know .it barveel time
Uiio scattered (weds before,
II yon should strike a sweHer chord
i port rorae tuned lwart strings,
\nd though iin'v vibrato round    tbe
Aad music sweeten clogs
From sea to sea, Irom pole to pole
\ini cross tin.- ocean wide,
E ni    bhoughl   were kings tin- honoi
Could imi tlie righl one Wde,
If v.iti imii ease some troubled heart,
However pained your own,
or bring    somo joy   where   sorrow
To ea-Ji away its Bloom,
No tuivl lm   ptaiv.es tone, ami loud,
Tin' I.Mtil, lh- knows it all,
\i,-i i.n tin- da) i>f youi reward
lh- knows mi whom in rail
Take   courage then,   ymi wlm   must
I- tlin Minis lo reap;
The   Lord, He   will lhe    rigW one
He wiil  the records keep.
Ami ti with earnest praying liearts
Vnu will youi duty ilo.'
Each will receive his own reward,
Mul yours will come to you.
Ml ITI I K!(S.
II was a lloshin child, or com se,
who said when somebody naked her
whul. sin considered umi tiers good
"Why, ynu see, (iod couldn't be
ivcrywhere, and .so lie just had to
make mothers."
Hut it lakes grace "to he a good
molher,—now doesn't il'.' Sire must
he wise and I'alieni and good-natured
ami serene and always ready to comfort and help wilhoul losing her self-
control. Prof. Swing once said lie
knew many mothers whose children
were well washed, well scolded, well
dressed, and well whipped, 'but few
whose children were Inspired and it
certainly takes grace to lead such a
lite before the children that trey
spall be inspired.
If you have good, healthy children,
fntl of animal spirits and frolicing
with fun and life, lie thankful for It
even if they do make more noise
sometimes than il seems possible to
hear; for llie weak and nervous child
is ten-Fob! more of a problem. There
are two general types of nervous
children, the aclive child always on
ihe go inquisitive, and acquisitive
hut delicate as the mimosa, leaf
shrinking hack into ilself at tlie first
repulse nr harsh word, and the pale,
quiet, affectionate child, thoughtful
responsive, reserved. The child of the
first type may he lhe embryo philanthropist or leader of criminals, inventor or social iconoclist, as his
training tends, while llie child of lhe
second type develops into lbe philosopher, lhc poet, ihe man of letlers,
nr ihc misanthrope, the recluse, tiie
anarchist, as tin* case may be. One
of the greatest mistakes iu training
a nervous child is t-o think that
strength can come through opposl
Won. Sued a child should he guitt
e,l. mil driven. If afraid lo sleep in
thc dark, il should not lie forced lo
sleep in an uirlightfd room
Timidity should not be ridiculed
lm! patiently explained and argued
a way.
Tonics, good, digeslihle fond and
open an life av,i dance of long hours
-if stiiily. frequent changes nf air aro
all not only serviceable, but
might say. indispensible in tlie
transformation of Ihe clild of ner
inn-; disposition into the well poised
man or woman. Hy injudlcloui
treatment such a child mav be made
lo grow up a physical and norma!
wreck, at odds with himsell" and all
ilie world, Under wise manage-
mini ilie same child may develop inlo a lovable type, gentle-, afteotloa-
.iie, sensitlvo and strong.
H.i \ I* eood papers and magazines;
let ihe boys ami girls subscrilte tar
Ihem. Have music of some kind,
an.l never consider llial you bave
performed your duly to your children unless urn give' them lhe advantages of nhicat'loft. Lei the
children Uial have talents for music
lake lessons in music; even if you
e.m't afford to let Ihem take lessons
until they are good musicians, why
Iel ihem lake a few lessons and get
some knowledge of music, and by
practice and study Ihey may lyeconie
experts If some of them stow a
i,iiiiil fnr drawing or printing or any
of lhe arts, why cultivate thai talent
tn ihe besl of your ability.
Mways have your home well light-
ed OH or ais is very much ctteqp*
ei Ihan having your crlldrcn wander
nIT. vou know nol where, and Ihey
n.iluiallv wanl to go where It
bright and .ittractive.
l.el Ihem invite thclt friends to
thell home and then Iel lhe parents
.i.sisi n entertaining; but don't try
lo monopolize all the time, but.
member il |s [he children's com-
work   and     to   move   i
spheres—man   to be *
it-aim,   woman   to '"
hers.      The    boundai y   lii
It ah  and Switzerland, bel..-■■ a England ' and   Scotland,   is   noi
shore i_ihly marked thai
Hon between    Uie eropin    maseuline
an-i tlw empire feminii]
Iy disstntHal are the I ■
God   calUd them, thai
more compare them, j m    i ao
oxygen   and   hydrogei
grass,   trees and stai
talk about the supei ioriti
to the other is an evi ■ h
ol ink and aueech.
_90fjoo WB-wo-frfta-a s;
| Seven Years Ago
S in Cranbrook *M <M
|   Hi:KALI-   OF     '111 \l
The Cranbrook   publii   ■■
open  next  Monday  in
store room.     E.  J   D n
son, lias been secured
He arrlvod   last   woi ■
staii io wmk this week
was caused by ihe nece
ing     cei lain   Improvemenis   in
school room.
Kn*d Ha/en has brought in unu
line    looking  galena  ami    coppi-i   ■■:.
llu* galena is .Irom Um H...I.- i Ro'.}.
nl su claims mi ihe uuHl i h u
Hakei creek, on Die uppei St.   llarj
ner. The ledge is mih -" feel in
width and tracud foi   ihe whole     iis
laim.s, running back from lhe l'ilui
Hay governmenl road. The coppci
fiom Alkl neck, from lln
Hard    Scrabble and   Jeffries ciaim..
iii which the yearly assessment work
has been done. The basin al lhe
head ol AIki creek has some very
copper showings and is likely lu
be a valuable contributor lo Cran-'
brook's wealth when Uie St. Marys
railway branch is built.
The accident al the Sullivan prop
erly, details of which were not obtainable last week, point to a serious
affair. Peter Hanratty tad his leg
and arm both broken in two places.
Pal Rodmund was badly cul up. It
leems thai before going to dinner
several shots were llred in Uie bottom of the shaft, the reporl from
which was distinctly heard, Aflei
dinner Hanraltv and Redmimd went
down lhe .shaft lo resume work.
Nolle ng one hole Ihal hod apparently shot wilhoul breaking rock    thej
concluded Io drill il drcpei, wll n
an explosion look place, wiih the re-
uli mentioned. The full exti nl ol
Ilauralty's injuries weie uol nscei
tained, as il may he possible llial ho
may lie injured internally, He was
taken io Klmberley, n distance ol
two and a half miles on n stretcher
and Dr. Kiag, of Cranbrook, was
called. Redmund  was   nol   Irodh
bun. Superintendent Houghton did
everything in his power for the sufferers, Bolh men were old tinners,
hut supposing that the hole had
shot, did not test it. as is customary. One theory advanced bj an
old miner is that one ol lhe shot -
blew the collar and primer from the
otter and ihe reporl was the sam
as though ihe shot Imd gone off, .,'
though under such circumstances' lh
report   is  much  sharper  ihan  orriin-
r. Handle?, Prop**1 S. .1. Morrow, Manager
Marys valley, ffl
H Dininj; Koomjscrvicc thc besl.
S The place to slop when visiting the Smeller City ffl
_ m
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Mas been recently refurnished and is now one of ^
the best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for j§*
the people.
| The Royal Hotel
I Marysville Drug Co.
ary. Hanraltv wa
St. Kugene hospital
ing nlcoly and will si
>n be all ii
Hob Dote, thc veteran ol Wild
Horse, bas made a discovery ol
nickel on the Wild Horse thai gives
promise of developing Into a valuable property, Tlie ore m\ st [fienl
Dore at lirst'and ii w.is assayed two
or lhree times before Ils true value
was discovered. It runs I'-I! pei
cent, n ckel and Ihere is n t.\ fool
vein of it. Air. Dore thinks It' rather strange that SO vears ago he w.is
digging gold nn Wild Horse ami m,w
he is still there digging nickel,
•l.   Houghton,    superintend! uf ol
the Sullivan properly, was in town
this week on business connected with
his- company. Mr. Houghton recently came from West Kootenay, where
he was connected wilh the Lily May,
Poorman, Commander and several
other well known properties. Since
taking charge of the Sullivan property he has been doing quite a little
bil of prospecting, and about Iwn
weeks ago he discovered an outcropping on ihe Hope anil considered it
worth investigating, and two men
were set lo work. As a result, a
strike of very rich carbonates were
made that assays $300 and tliere Is
ahoul len feet of It.
Work is going ahead on Hie Nortii
Star branch and outfits ami supplies
are being taken in as rapidly as
possible. Considerable diiliculiv is
being experienced in securing enough
men, as Ihe demand for labor
throughout Canada has largely increased. Most of the camps have
heen built and the wmk of grading is
being pushed forward The contractors are anxious io lake advantage of the good weather an! If
possible to get through before the
heavy weather of late fall.
The ;■
R is tree
uiiir.'-     aii   in a,   on   '
. .   ,    ,
science, u el ■■  ■ -«,   de
I -   *
-   ■
■. ■.      . ...
..lit!    ll ,..''
I'WO Vol Ul
... .      .
.. ■   *    .
.  uouti  kepi   ■ ■  ■   ■
UUI ■    .
..... .
I iim  in tin
t-.i i-.i  .....     ......
... .. i nn
A   ii*..,i.'i _    . . .    .1
IS   IIUl    I.    ....    .      ,      ;     ll       tU
v."   v..- ll
in ad Ui Uuu ;■   llu   librae)    I
ia   supplied   \,, .. 	
ii.LjM..     Hum   Un    A
I'm .nc, ul; " um - il   pei iuilt
Cues, i.m l.-.m.i: Nn. 38
Cranbr.Kik, 11. C.
.*. ry Tuesday ut b p. m. at
• t.i   Fraternity Hall.
T, M, Roberta, K.R ..s.
.1    \   Arnold, CC.
: _   brethren  cordially invited
I.O.O.F.     ke, Cit) l-otljf
"Vjr ,v-\   No. 42. Meeti ev.ry
■„'^.**-V   Muiiilay     nl|;lit     at
Sew     Fraternity   li.ill.     Sojourn*
-..*. cordially Invited.
II   Mt Kay, IV. T. Haynes,
N. O. ' Sec'y.
McVittie & Lai "aw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
THUS   T   _l '-iii IE, I'. L. 3,
.1. T. LAIDLAW. II. E.
i j
I is now located in its comfort- I
. able -ird .-tt* : live new qoar- 7
{ ters in tin Manitoba Hotel.
j.. nut
i :  ii
■!  .lllll   IS
le j*
ill .in
nt    yutu
itm    l.t,
Mill       1,
I lhe
m  cl
II stoi
e,  lij
1  llll
ily     ini'
lli     1   lll.l   s
A l!K
est i*ii
1    llll
11  li
,  ..mi
Ki. 11    tl..*
itil 11
1 In*.
co is
')' gi'
,-ni   III,
,1    sixiy
Jays *.
.iter 11
. in.
ftitl in.
mi     1
u .11
t*    lli
.111.    1
lie   "in.i
'1   ul
1 .mm
ils      i,|
nl  Uui,,.-.
.or  ue
ull   li
J   |IUI
till!       1.11-
1 niu
the »u
l0 .11
- •' 1'
OSl    |ll,
ll llll .
lllli'll     III
llll   1
•..IM 1*
II   ill il
.0 un.
.ins, n
tll ll
W.,    Ill
iiii     No.
. I-.II 1
t5 Wc carry a complete stock of everything in the jg|
£$ Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away £5
»J foryour goods. t%
Don'l wale vour boys and girls up
mornings with "Hurry up and get up
and come on nml fei-d the horses and
milk the cows, for we've got a Iol of
work to do, and its gelling late, so
hurry up, or we'll never get
ihioiigh." Is Uiat very pleasant to
hear the (irsl Urrtg in the morning?
Don'l hurry so much, but take time
lo live and to see a pretty (lower or
listen to the happy notes of a little
bird; enjoy all Ihese l>eaiitie.s of
lure ns you go along through life,
Are you surprised that your boys
and girls begin io show dissatisfaction with lheir homes and lonp for
city life, when at home it is loo
much hurry, hurry, hurry all Iho
t ime—hurry and do "your work? Yes
il grows monotonous, and thoy see
that each day brings them no neater
ihe gooil Ihan the day before, so
Ihey lose inlerest and grow to hate
Ihese daily duties that arc all hurry
and work.
Why don't you say, "Let's try to
get through with our work and go to
the woods Saturday for a picnic?"
You think you can't spare the time,
eh? When your hoys get disgusted
nnd leave honie to try city life, then
perhaps yon can see where you could
have spent many a day' in tlie
woods with your family, or taken
theni into the oily for a day.
flod, who can make no mistake,
made man and woman for a specific
Dated May 31st, IHOU.
li-Jt       'Jniiu UamJury, LSlko.O.C
Notice is hei ~r~r.m  th
bran-rood I mine vi. ,t<
A. I. i A. «.
\    Regular nieetingn on
'   Hn* Hunl   Thursday
oi every muuib.
II Ing ;.i- tt. i-it welcomed.
S. ll. Muslims, Sec'y.
H. A. Ili-iili-, Vi. M.
Cranbrook Aerie 967
every  Wednesday mrnim-,   at
i. in. in it. ut i.. i'. iiuii.
r   llu . Tale, « P.
I'll.,.,. Siiiiili. Vi. Sec'y.
\ i mm.  i.mmmi   cordially Invited.
-Mt-i-l at 11. uf L. F, Ilall 2nd   ami
lilt Saturday eiidi month.
Visiting brethren always welcome
I'. Iliiyti*!', Jas. E. Larrtgan,
IV. M. Sec')-.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hatell illtick Cranbr      11  C
•I      II.UllllllV,
...  .tint,in,' A.., nt.
Dated July 31st,   1  1 l,l
Sixty days allei* dale I Inti ml lo
apply tn V- Chief Commi isin r < I
I,anils and Hulks in iiiih li... .* lbe following described lamls situate iu
.Snulli Easl Kiiiiitii.il*, H. (.'.
Commencing at a post in the S.
I*:, coiner Iol 21117, group 1, thence
nuiih .sit chains, thence t*.i i lu
chains, Uienco south lim chains,
IhciicQ west 111 chains, thence norlli
in chains, llience wesl ilu chains tu
tlie place of ucginniug, containing 3(1
acrcs, more ui* less.
Dated this 8th day uf .May, 100B.
"-ul- ' Iluy C. Myers.
I, tttt-tt****************,
C, H, DUNBAR       j
r   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   *
I Public, Etc. J
I   Cranbrook,    ■    -    11. C.   X
1 This ir- l tt just up-to-
I date.ind'-* yequipped  .
t to do ;ti i woti in all *|
, branches ol liv msorial art
Vi   ll   HI A l I Y,
Drink Home Beet
It i.s Pure
it is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft, Steele Brewing Co
* ■v*****->»*»*****-***#*#*»
Physicians and Surgeons.
oflice at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - » - 1.80 to 3.30
Evenings - - - . - 7.30 to 8.30
CKANBROOK :;    ::    :;    ::    B. C.
Winnipeg, Man-, August 0.—Professor Edwin .Smith, ol Washington, I),
t\, passed through the city a b-w
days ago cn route for Alaska. Mo is
in charge of the coast and geodetic
survey which is to determine tho
exact point at wliich the lllsl meridian crosses the Yukon river. The
141st meridian is the boundary between Alaska and Canada-, hence the
importance of having it established
to tho utmost exactitude, Even the
personal equation, the heal of thc
body of thc observer, must be allowed for. In previous operations signals have been flashed from Ottawa
allowing the precise lime at which a
certain star passes the meridian and
when the same star passed ihc meridian at Ihe place of observation word
was flashed back to Ottawa, Allowance was also made for the time
it would take the operator to flash
the message, for lhe sliglilesl devla-
tionwould mean at least 500 or fifiO
(dot being placed on one side or
other of lhe proper line, and wilh
rich gold-bearing land stub a difference would mean a groat deal to
both countries. Professor   Smith
expects   to   lie able     to   commence
operations during September.
Notice is hereby given that undei
lhe provisions oi thu "Uailwaj Act,
lumi" llie Canadian Pacillc Uailwaj
Company intends to apply lo lhe
Board uf Railway Commissioners foi
Canada aficr the expiration ul foui
weeks irom Uie dale ul Un lii il pub
Hca-Uon ot this notice or soon
thereafter as the application can hi
heard ior author!!} to con inn i.
operate and maintain Iwa branch
lines from a point on its Kim eric}
branch to points on Lot Aih-i, Croup
1, Fast Kootenav Division, ihc location of which said proposed branch
lines Is more particularly show n on
a map or plan, profile and book ol
reference deposited In the Nelson
Registry Oflice In the I'm*. Incc ol
British Columbia, on the "lli day ol
April A. II. tOOB .is No. 521 "X ',
notice of which deposit Is also hereby given pursuanl   to the provisions
of  ihe said seel inn.
Dated this 27th ilaj of Juno A. u.
C. l'i Ink water,
17 It
The   Canadian   Pacific bave place
on sale   al all   Kootenay points
series  of  hnv    rale   i XCUl sion   I it ..<■'
in various eastern points, The foi
lowing rales apply from Roi land
Trail, Nelson and common points t
New Haven, Conn., account meeting
Knights of Columbus $83.00, selling
dales May 21. 20 and 20.
Winnipeg, Porl Arthur, Fort William, Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis,
$52.50; Omaha, $55.05; Kansas Citv
$58.25; St. Louis, $00.00; Chicago
10*1.00,     On     .sale June 4, 0, 7. i'->,
■ 25; July 2, 3; August 7, 8, H. Sept.
, 8,  1".     On .same dates through   ex-
■ curslon fares will he quoted to    al
i points iu Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
j Provinces, New York and New   l.i.
land,     Tickets are     flrsWrlai I, b. it
00 days limil for return and are subject to usual variations ol route, an
also good   in,one or  bolh  direction?
via lhe (Ireat Lakes, including meal
and births on lake steamers,       Detailed  information on application.
J. S, Caller,  D.P.A.,
ft Nelson, li. C
I to 12 a.m.
1  to   0 p.m.
7  to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong ave
DR. F. 13. MILES
I to 1? a.m, '
I   to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 w.m.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing; Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
' . •■'. - :■-,■'. .:. ■•■■:■. -..:, i i
If you  have beauty
we will take it,
I f [you   have   none,
we will make it.
Prest Photo Co
* • * • • * * * •■*> t **-**■ i •--•"!-!/•».$.
'..'. ie is hereby given that 00 davs
lei dale I intent! iu apply to tn
hi. Chlel Commissioner of Lands
.1 Woi i.s fot permission to pur-
,i-e the following described lands
i the railway from Cranbrook to
imberley, in the Fast Kootenay dis-
Commendng at a post marked "W.
. Moore's N. E. cotnei" (and ad-
inlng W. Line's N. W. corner);
nice west -lu chains; Ihence south
i chains; thence east -1" chains;
nee north Hi chain-; lo point of
mmencement;     consisting     of 100
Dab d June ICth.'lflOB.
ff.  IL Moore,
10-51 Fernie, B. C.
'Tic Buy ani S:l[ on  Cjoimissian
WAN-TED.—Western Oil and
Diamond V..lc Shares.
Waghorn. Gwynne &
r —■>
When \ on
Come tu the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
.Stephens ,\- Rockendort
Opposite C. P. R.
$i.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary,} Alta.
! Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory •
All kiiuls..!' linisli work in
way of doors, *.* lo re, transoms, etc. Km. dried uhiiIm*.
for inside wirk. ' htr work is
guaranteed and Mir prions are
satisfactory.    Screen    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
0*cr Calsar* Butcher Shnp
Geo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For high .'In-- ttorfc In dyeing,
cleaning, pressing, repairing an.l
French Dry Cleaning a Specialty
Weilo all kind-nf ladies'work
I you    have a   cow   you are not
:.: .ml wanl a pasture, I will Uke
i- tif it lir.it fur bus milk.
Its ll. S. Baron.
♦ tnmnt-
♦ in Bin',
♦ Siiokaim
♦ 'l'„r|,„„li
▼ Illll.I.•  tll
,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»«, THK  CRANBROOK
CRANBROOK  HERALD «*■ p> l<> bi<i wotk In ■** momiiig
instead of going  to the bank.     Tha
By the Herald   Publishing Company,
has not   hevn   Uw
wen years
case loi   tht*   pa
Tbe Herald is woitli -( o a y« ;ir. It
coals only Vi-       N. a iu   .v jutb
Kast KooU-nay can afford to be without it, and everyone living outside of
the district, who is Interested in tha
piugiess ol this section, should lead
it. It publishes the news while il is
news. It is controlled absolutely h
Hit. publishers. No clique, party o
indn idu.il dictates its policy. It
don't try to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper that
will he a credit lo the community.
Send in your subscription aid you
will be thankful ever afterward,
Advertising rates Sl per uicli, pel
month, uo more and no less.
Reading matter 15 cents per line
to uon-advei Users; 10 cents per line
to regular advertisers.
11 you desire to reach the people of
South Fast Koolenay yen must advertise in The Herald.
The Herald has a first-class job
phiiit, and its work is Ol the best,
The Herald don't want charily. It
Wonts a square deal on your job
work. II we can't suit you in quality and pricp, kick, and send your
work to some Obeap John house In
the east thai never spends a cent in
1,000 ac Week
This Is tho guaranteed
euhiiit f il.e Herald
Press room.nml suburtp*
tion liftf open lo Investigation by advertisers ut uny
The Herald gives a dollar
iu value for n dollar in money. The advertiser has the
right to know what be in
receiving for bin money.
The Herald is one pnper
that courts invest!ligation.
The Herald  will be found on ^
sale at the following places:
rywill.',   Muryaville Drug Store]
. Wardner, G Donahue's Slore
| Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore1
* Ryan, K. P. Finlay
+ Fernie, Purdy's Book Slore
F.lku, Hiilbrniik's Book Slore
$ Cranbrook,   Beattie  & Atchison's]
and C. Ii. Keid & Co.'s
The past week has been a disastrous one so Lar as forest lin-s are
concerned In the province, und uulcs
heavy rams follow ibe end is nol iu
sight. Hundreds,  yes,  ihousondi
ol   acres    ol      valuable     timliei   haV1
been swept by flames, and directly
and indirectly hundreds ol thousands
ol dollars have been lost to the guv-
ernuieii i and the poople. The gov-
urnment docs not lose only its toy
ally on limber cut, money paid for
licenses, etc., but it loses in the
terrible blow dealt iu one ot the
mosl promising Industries in the
province, an industry ihat is building up towns and ' furnishing more
business to the tax colleotol than
any oiher one Industry at the present
Il would seem that the government would     display    good business
ense ii it expend $25,01)0 to $50,000
during ihe months of July and
August in protecting the timber
I imi Ls of ihe province. And then
is no question but that Uie govern*
ment could arrange for tlie co-operation ol the railways of the province,
since undoubtedly ihey are the
cause oi many ol the fires iu the
lores is. And the railways must
lost in the destruction of timber
well as in tho loss of freight ton-
llritish Columbia needs a well organized timber brigade during .luly
md August, empowered wnh authority to enlist men In fighting Ares.
Who says the cosl will be too great?
Ihere is no stun within reasonable
hounds ion meal lo save the forests
ami proieel tlte vested interests of
ihe lumber  manufacturers  who    by
leir energy, brains and capital,
have done so much tor ihe advancement of ihe prosperity of this prov
What   British  Columbia  wants     I;
ctioii on th-is important question
not promises. There never was u
bush fire In the history ol the world
put out by pleasing promises.
Mrs.   Anderson   swore    to   it     and
hen said that she did not mean il.
Min ng has not yet started in
Urltlsh Columbia.
Who will be lhe Conservative candidate in  the Cianbrook district?
H is a good    be! that   Rilly Ross
ill never   be    attorney   general for
Hrilish Columbia.
Don't forget to say a good word
for Cranbrook.
The Inmherman is entitled to a
< rnlH In his business as well as tbe
farmer or the Calgary Herald,
Tilie time has at lasl arrived when
i    lumberman In    Hrilish   Columbia
■I .1. Young is seeking tame km
the Calgary Herald bv attacking tbe
industries ol Western Canada.
Keep out the Chinese, llritish Columbia don't  want  them.
Who ever saw a community made
prosperous   by   Chinese?
The Herald has had it intimated
t i il thai the editor was Wrong I
in stating 'hat preachers should'
h.ue an holiday during extreme hot
weather. \Ve still maintain that [
we weie right, and might add Ihal i
the people nre entitled to a rest dm-;
Ing that time.
Premier Ment ide. as far as bis
possession of Hawthorn! h waile is
concerned, is a good deal like the
man who caught the bear "lie is
afraid to bold on ami soared to   let ,
Boh fin-en has -heen vindicated hy
Mrs     A nderson.        A ml   I bus     whn I
mighl    have   been    black    is     si ill '
The old   days  nf steamboat traffic
on the Mississippi have been renewed
on  the Upper Columbia river hy    a '
lace between ihe    steamers Ptarml-i
gan, manned bv Captain Armstrong,
and   the steamer Grant, owned    by
Captain Northcote Cantlie. The race
was  to he run  Irom Windermere  to
Holden for $NMl a side, and there is |
no doubt bul that it was an Interesting one.       The    result   has not  yet
been made known here.
The more one sees of British Columbia ihe more he is convinced that j
s lhe greatesl domain on bhe
American continent. Talk about [
this prov,nre going ahead' Why, ils,
esnnrces are sliil unknown, nnd
Is riches are so vast Ihal Ihe mind!
I ordinary man cannot comprehend
ll>eir extent. Lucky indeed is the
...i who has selected this province
for his permanent  home.
The Laurier government is able to
and all lhe blame easl upon it   by
Chinese loving Conservatives for im-
poslng the $500 head tax.
Keep boosting the Labor Day
'lehrat on.
A word for Cranbrook is a word
Tor the man who lives in Cranbrook.
When will work be Inaugurated on
lhe new government building? The
pie who voted half the money
have a right to know
All a pessimist has to do in British Columbia, to become completely
cured of that dread disease, is to
travel over Br tish Columbia. A
visit, to North or Soutli East Kootenay, the Boundary, West Kootenay
ilie Similkameen, will show a
ml rv with resources unparalelled
Unequalled in all ol this great
Dominion. West Kootenay is rapidly developing, and times are better
ihere now than itcy have been for
years, and Nelson as tbe commercial
center and natural supply point
is ten times a better town than ever
before. Even the knockers in Nelson arc silenced by the prosperous
limes of lhe present.
And speaking ol Nelson, did you
know that it was a socialist town,
headed by that prince of socialists,
Mayor Gillette. But in characterizing' Nelson as a socialist town, it
does not follow that the majority ol
the residents are blind followers of
Comrade Hawthornthwaile and he-
lievers in his weak, fallacious and
senseless theories. On the contrary
the people oi Nelson are giving the
world a practical Illustration ol
modern day socialism, since they
have appropriated lo their own use
all public utilities, and are making a
success of Ihem. The city municipality owns the water works and the
electric light service, and have control of the street railway, and under
the management of Mayor Gillette,
who is giving Nelson "a business
man's administration, all of ' Ihese
public utilit es have lieen placed on a
business basis, But the hackneyed
phrase of Mr. Hawthornthwaite,
"the capitalistic classes," finds no
lodging place in the hearts of the
people here, as thai gentleman
would have it. The people of Nelson, through iis 20,mm club, are
looking for the capitalistic class lo
develop the marvelous resources of
ihal territory. There are fruit
lands to be developed, mines to he
developed, railways to he huilt,
business blocks to be constructed.
Industries lo he Introduced, and capital is whal is wanted hy the "wage
slaves" of West Kootenay. And
what is more, capital is coming,
aud with it opportunity for tho
laboring man wilh wages that makes
life in Eastern Canada look like a
hare existence by comparison,
And speaking of the doings ol the
boi rihle "capitalistic classes'" one
might remark Hint they are going
ahead spending hundreds oi thousands of dollars, yea, millions il vou
please, Imilding railroads, saw mills,
smellers, developing copper, gold,
lead and coal mines, making a vast
hive nl industry out of the resources
of this province, which is furnishing
work to a great army of men at
wages that is satisfactory to all
concerned. It is bhis kind of development that makes a country, it
makes homes, it mates a happy and
prosperous people. And wlien a
man like Hawthornthwaile, who
toils not, neither does he spin, goes
around the country preaching pes-;
simism and discontent, sowing the
seed of unrest and distrust, arraign-'
Ing employee against employer, it is
time for the laboring man of the
irovince to call a halt. Who is,
iawlhornthwaite and what has he
done? Where and when has he toiled by the sweat of his brow to pro-1
duce that whioh would make the
world richer and the multitudes |
better off? To-day, by his work,]
by his influence over certain classes, |
he is a menace to the peace and
prosperity of British Columbia,
The Boundary country is a wonderful section. God was good when
he laid   out    that   territory.    Talk
There is an old ttuxini thai
" clothes do not make lhe nun "
but there is no getting around
the fact lhat, in this generation
at least, the general appearance
o( a man has much to do with
his success in lite, and the man
who is neat and tasty in his
dress creates a good impression
at first sight and thus wins hall
the battle. To dress well it is no
longer necessary to pay the high
prices of custom tailors, thus
creating a large inroad in your
yearly salary. Pay a visit to our
clothing emporium and we are
satisfied we can convince you
that the 20th Century Clothing, for which we are sole
agents, is not only up-to-
date in style, but is superior
in quality to any goods now
on the market, and we
guarantee a perfect fit at
prices lower than any competitor. In fact we are in a
position to furnish you with a
complete and stylish outfit, from
the hat on your head to the shoes
on your feet for less than you
would pay a custom tailor for an
ordinary suit of clothes.* Jl /-sji
Call and bo c 011 v i 11 c e .1
that we can substantiate   uur   statements,
Walkover Shoes
for Men
Empress Shoes for
about riches! Why, the wealth ol
ih* Houndary country is sliil unknown. 'Tis true, ' already thou-
rands upon thousands are being paid
oul each month for wages, but a
beginning lias nol been made. There
is copper, in such vast quantities
thai even now, wiih all thai has
Ue. n done to meet lhe demand, the
smeller capacity is Inadequate,
There nre other minerals, and the
sale of a mine to-day or to-morrow
for -V.il,mm or $250,000 no longer
causes comment. There is timber
.iui lots of ii, and sawmills are being erected lo take care of this supply. And the Lord tempered the
climate to lhe fruit tree, and to-day
there are vasl tracts covered with
orchards that demonstrates what
intelligence, climate and soil will do
towards taking advantage of t-he
natural opportunities offered. Orand
Forks and Midway are in the center
of a vast griiit region, where man
puis in the Iree and nature does the
resl. The interior of Hrilish Columbia will in a , few years furnish
all of the fruit for Its own consumption and for the thousands upon
thou sands that are populating the
prairie provinces io the easl.
Phoenix is a marvel. .It is the
onlv wide-open 'own in lhe province,
and one is strongly impressed with
the similarity between that lown and
liie mining towns of Arizona or
Nevada. You can gel any game you
want in Phoenix, and it is probably
the only lown in the. province where
faro Is played openly. It has a
population ol about 1500, and a pav
roll of over $70,0110 a month. There
are "nil mm employed in the mines,
and pay dav is a day never to he
forgotten when firsl seen liv a Visitor lo that town. Phoenix is suffering, like manv oiher places in
Britten Columbia. from lbe twn
townsitr complaint, partially cured
and now endured. A more prosper-
nus town cannol be found in all Canada, and way up there in lhe
clouds, al an elevation of 4.1.25 feet,
W ti Wilcox for years has puMtflhed
one ol    tit- best   papeis   in Western
Cnnada,  the  Phoenix  Pioneer.
We look lhe stage ride from Phoenix to Greenwood. li is jusl four
and a half miles, |and in that distance you drop 2,Ilil feet, We sat
on the front seat with the driver,
and when he cracked his long whip
anil started the four horses al a run,
he said, "Say, mister, if you are
nervous I'll slow up at the steep
places." Assuming a look of ennui,
1 calmly remarked. "You can't let
those leaders go too fast to suit
me," I proposed to play the game,
and he took me at my word, and we
made the four and a hall miles in
just 21!} minutes. When we landed
at the hotel the driver asked me how
I liked Ihe ride. In a careless sort
of a way, I answered, "Ynu are a
litlle loo slow for nie," and yet
when I got to my,room it took me
twenty minutes to get my hair to
lie down on my head.
I saw Homer Baird at Phoenix,
wbo   u .ml   to be at the   Cranbiook
He has an excellent position at the
Brooklyn hotel and Is well liked by
everybody, which is quite natural.
characters, "speed)" Swift, Uie
We saw one of Craubrook's early day
piano player, who is singing the same
old songs' to Phoenix audiences.
Greenwood is ft groat town, surrounded hy enough wealth to make
il a Denver. And the man who
thinks that Greenwood is not to
have lint Jut growth is badly mistaken, li has mines in every direction and smelters to, and they are
only a start to ibe transformation
into one of the greatest mining
camps on live American continent.
At .Midway we saw Alex. Killctt.
The old timers in Ciaubruok will remember Alex, who was on the construction,, and a better man never
looked after a railway grade. Alex.
is now thi> personal representative ol
Welch A Stewart, the contractors
who are building lhe V., V. A E.
and has had full charge ol that
work. Ile left Saturday for Spokane where he will demonstrate his
wisdom hy gelling married.
The heal the past week has been
intense, and in lho Boundary business
was virtually suspended fot a day or
Vancouver, Aug. 11.—"They talk
about mt: as being in ihe vanguard
though nol a leader, in this province—a revolutionary socialist. You
can bel your life I am a revolutionary socialist—revolutionary to tho
last degree. Knowing lhat. I am a
•lave, thai 1 am producing children
dud rearing Ihem for the slave markets nl the world, if I thought I could
not obtain emancipation and freedom
for those I love and brought into
llle world,  I Would tie a revolulion-
y socialist in the sense in which
our enemies understand, or, at least,
rtpply the term. If 1 thought l
could not obtain my emancipation
and my children's, hy peaceful means
—by nieans of lite ballot, I lell you—
I would be organizing iu this province a rifle brigade to fight for my
Thus Mr, ,T. II. Ilawihornlhwaite
in the course of a lenglhy anil impassioned exposition of revolutionary
socialism, addressed a crowded meeting in the Grand theater Sunday
At the level of practical politics the
speech was remarkable merely for the
violent contrast it revealed between
Mr. HawthornthwaHe's attitude to
the McBride administration a few
weeks ago, and his att it uric now t-hat
his tour in the upper country bas
taught him that an alliance formed
solely nn the ground of political ex-
pediencv and entirely at variance
with the principle he professes, j
while it might ptace him temporarily
in a position as gratifying lo him as
a was humiliating to his" associates
would be found lo haVc discredited
him in the constituencies. When Mr.
liawihorittbwaile spoke in Vancouver
some wicks since, it was as the
apologist of the McBride administration; Sunday nighl, on tlie contrary, he declared, with regard io
ihe Kaien island deal, that il Lands
uud Works Commissioner Green had
| been a member of the socialist administration, he would have had to
quit on 21 hours1 notice.
For the most part, however, it was
as the apostle of the revolutionary
socialism lhat Mr. Hawthornthwaite
orated. At    the close, a list    of
eighteen questions was. sent up by
Mr. Kane. It dealt in stinging detail w'ith the events of last session,
and Mr. Hawlhornthwaltc's peculiar
votes on popular questions. Mr.
1 lawHornIhwaile opined that the
writer was a lawyer, and Invited him
to stand up. The questioner seemed
lo have the slave taint well under
control and promptly rose like a
free-horn Britisher and declared he
was a working man and he wrote tho
questions. Ilawiliornt'hwaitc seemed lo like lhat, and struggled bravely half way through the 1st. On
ihe wav he said he didn't Know there
were any South African script-holders interested in the Kaien Island
d«i'l, whereupon the Vheckler"
prompl Iv told him tlieie were three.
Mr. Hawthornthwaile referred sneer-
inglv to Souih African heroes, hut
dismissed the list with lhe statement lhat if thr lion, Mr. Green had
Ihvii minister of lands and works in
a socialist administration lie would
have got his walking papers inside
1 wen 1 y-four hours.
been     appointed    assistant     station
agent  at  Cranhrook.
B. S. Jenkins, general superintendent ol telegraphs, Vi. .1, Camp, general manager telegraphs, Montreal,
ami F. S. Edwards, the newly appointed superintendent oi telegraphs,
of Calgary, were in the city on Tuesday.
Rochester, N. Y., Aug. 14.—Thc
yacht races lor the Fisher cup were
Concluded yesterday afternoon, when
ihe Zoraya, the Canadian challenger,
took the second race, defeating the
j Iroquois, representing the Rochester
Yacht club, bolder of the trophy.
I The Zoraya represented ihe Royal
j Canadian Yacht club, of Toronio.
j The race was over a windward and
, lee-ward course of 18 miles, nine
i miles out and hack. Tbe start was
; delayed owing io lack of wind, bin at
'12.20 the breeze freshened up to
about nine miles an hour, aud the
start was made.
The official lime of start was Iroquois 12:20:21, Zoraya, 12:20:34, The
Iroquois got the besl of ilie start.
The Zoraya passed her in a short
time and held it thereafter. Tbe
American boat was skillfully handled, hut  was outsailed on all points.
Lethbridge, Aug. 1*1.—A dastardly
attempt was made yesterday morning to destroy the residence and
probably the entire family of John
Seolt, a railway employee bore, by
The building was badly wrecked by
the explosion, but no one was injured.
No motive can he advanced, but the
police  bave a suspect   under arrest.
R, R. .lameison, general siiperin-
tcnient, and N. E. Brooks, divisional engineer, made a lour of inspection of the Crows Nest branch last
week, arriving at Cranbrook on
Monday, where they spent ihe day.
.1. C. Reid, locomotive foreman,
left for a few weeks holidays on
Tuesday. Ho is being rcl.eved by
Mr. J.'Archibald, of Calgary.
C. S. Fyfe, operator at the station,
will leave nexl week for a trip to
Brockville, Ont.
Mrs. W. T. Haynes, accompanied
by her molher, returned on Monday
from Lewision, Maine, Mr. Haynes
went as far as Medicine Hat to meet
I). A. McRae, of the bridge and
building department, will leave in
tlie course of a few days for a holiday
trip to North Gleneoe, Ont.
Mrs. L. Dotvlan, nf Sirdar, visited
Cranbrook on Monday and was the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew McCowan.
J. G. Greenwood, of Macleod, has'   Firmness is not bullheadedness,
Serenity comes in when selllslniess
goes out.
Realizing the righl    is all there is
or religion.
He takes heaven everywhere    who
has Ihe happy heart.
i'hev llml  the gale of heaven   who
seek ihe good of humanity.
Muoli of our sorrow     is shift    we
have stolen thinking it was joy.
Thunders of applause give no promise of showers of blessing.
A good     many more     would walk
with God if He would go blindfold.
He who shuts the door of    heaven
on another shuts himself out.
The   most heavenly virtues    come
out of the most homely occasions.
Take noliee Ihal sixiy day
date I intend to apply to th
Commissioner of Lauds and W
Victoria for permission to p
lhe following described hm
South East Koolenay:
Comment: ng al the
west corner ol loi
Ihence wesi lu
thenee   noi Hi   III   chains,   Ihem
III chains,  tlience south   lu u'u,
place ot coinmeiicmeni, con Iai
all  llill acres, more ol   less.
21-flt* William
ks a l
.it Hi
.:.'.•( i,
Ig   Ul
Thirty days after dale I Intend lo
apply (o ihe Chief Commlss.onul ol
Lands and Woiks for special licenses
lo cul and cany away timbci Irom
the following described lands in Enst
(1) Commencing at u post plant nl
on the wesl bank ot lhe Klk met
one-hall mile souih ol lot i.mj,
ihenee Si) chains west, ihence mi
ehains soulh, Ihence Ml chains, mme
or less, east to the ban! ol the saitl
river, thence up stream to tbe point
ol commencement, and containing
liltl acres, more or less.
(2) Commencing nl a posl planted
on ihe wesl bank ui Hn- Elk met
one and one lui It miles south ol Iol
UK.H2, thenee wesl III chain., ihence
soulh 160 chains, llieme ..it io
ehains, more or less, in He ..n.l
liver,   Ihenee tip slre.im   U.U olMlltlH   lo
the polnl ot commencement, and containing t'"1 ncies,  mole 01   les*-
.lolm   Si lui-
Loon ted Hus Mb daj nl \ugii t,
1000. 31 ur
Notice is   hereby given
(ini) days aiiei dale I in
jily     to He    Hon    Com	
Lands and Works in purchase lha
following described laud*, slsuatc In
East Koolenay, on lhe Spokane
Branch V. P li seven miles souih of
Curzon, it c , tili Little Moyie Rivei
Starting ai a cornel posl marked
"D. Mini's cotnei slake," ihiine
north parallel lo C. I* It tracks
sixiy chains, thence west tort) i l-'i
cbiins, thenee BOU tll Blxlj (lib)
chains, tlience east forty (Uh chains
to point of commencement and saiil
to contain two hundred (2410) acres,
more or less,
1)   Muii
Datetl at Curzon, B.C., m Kasi
Kootenay,  August 15th,  1000. 21-Ut*
Good old t me shaves, fine haircuts,
shampoo, sea loam, massage, hair-
singing, everything in the tonsoiiul
opposite post office, Cranbiook, B. 0, «p
the onAxnnooK herald
A large consignment ..1 il.e justly
Made In an honorable way lor
honorable men. We have secured
lhe sole agency (or these goods for
this section. Your Inspection invited
A Oriurrt Time Book  Inr for I lie Oskll
Boot and Shoe Dept.
i Tnn I*
. Mnl.
, t im
I  \\ ...1.11
.. II, ml
II, ...Is
G. T. R_.ogers
Cranbrook, It. C.
Just   What   You   Need
Just   Now
or Health Salts
ll will  give renewed life,
head, better appetite
Phone 71.
penning is uur spcclitl
********************** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
I UJherwr men Dress Well
ill    llll     llll
llllll I
M ulu
..- iin
tncSWCVIt,ll,c ■t'*!'MS__J
II li
The most comfortable house .uui the best
table in the Kootenays
Meal Tickets $6.00 Eisy terms lor steady Board
Will li. fifi.il li.v llif.lt. P. It Quadrille
1 inli. nt Wentworth Hall, on
aept, snt.   .Mi i, iii*
i-ln'Hlrit in ,11 tell-
ALL INVITED.      By Committee
three iiiii
Kurtz' Own
Kurtz' Pioneers
Spanish Hlossoms
For   Sftle   By
Cig„r Store
Huy n box ol Kufiiui
SO I.. box S'i.ini
Tl.okell's Club Specie.I
2.1 In bo», $2.00
S.J. Mighton
M   Roberts visited Rvan Sunday
i' Imperial Bank start
new vault Tuestlay.
Wm. Burton rc
astern visit the hi
Choice apples .11
or 25c,
! ranbrook
rui   la)
\\    \, Me
tlw Herald
Kiilay lasi
,1 lbs.
Wardner, w
in    I'laiibio
nnd Uri
U.u. ,11
ol Marys
, plcnsan
A. Ilosi
lit ing in
llle, pa
.all    1
of Med-
McLennon left  Sunday
,-\:, ;„l vi    vlsil   .11    ber
er   1*- .ii Vancouver
John .iixi may   de-
see   our
Mis    ll
last  i"'
home ni 1 ■  land
Charlie Bremi
with his brothei
cide lo remain
Foi preset \ Ina I et I les"
line ol enamelled ware
K .1 Smyth, nf ibe Moj
was transacting husiness in
(list oi lhe #eok.
Born— \i Macleod, Wednesday,
luguil 8, Pun., lo Mi ami Mrs. II.
1.   Ross, ol Sirdar, a daughter.
I    .1   Bcckei.  manager al  Calgary
i    'in   Staples     1.mubei company,
,is 11, lown .1 Few da] a this weok.
Row and Wm
llmtiling   tl
ie Leader
lown tin
Mis J S. Staples was down from
Uuiiffe Tuesday.
.1. Wirth was over Irom Kort Steele
A. L. McDermot visited Creston
and Movie ibis week.
A. Leiteh lefl Wednesday on a
business, trip to Winnipeg.
G.  D.  Willson, of Wardner,  was
Cranbrook visitor Tuesday.
A Musser was down from Kimber-
ley a couple ol days last week,
Vi. A. McQuarrie, of Wyeliitc, was
a Cranbrook visitor Kriday last.
George leiteh lelt Monday lor a
shorl   'rip  to  the prairie countiy.
It's the talk ol tihe town. Slew-
art's choice fruit,
Mr. and Mrs. T. T McVittie were
visitors from Kort Steele on Wedne
G. Benedict, ol Mayook, was transacting business iu Cranbrook yesterday.
B. K. Dawson, ol Nelson, was registered ai the Cianbrook hotel yesterday.
Miss Thomas, ol Fori Steele, is
visiting ai the home id Mrs Elwell.
.1. McKenz e, of Mayook, was
transaotlng business in Craubrook
.1. a. Crydermaa, of Nelson, i**-
p resell ting the Daily Canadian u> in
lown tbis week.
Robert Little came over Irom Kort
Steele yesterday to get a breath of
metropolitan air.
A. G. Blaine, of the steam laundry, was transacting business in
Moyie Wednesday.
W. R. Hume and .1. E. Newmauk,
of K am loops, were registered at the
Royal this week.
Mcsdamcs   Benraore    and Fenwick,
of    Kort Steele,   were shopping    in
Craitbrook yesterday.
Mrs. Good and children, of
Wyclifie, were registered at the
Royal hotel Saturday 'ast.
A. A. Ward, provincial constable at
Marysville, was transacting official
business in Cranbrook Monday.
Fancy   Jumbo     bananas,
doz.  at  Stewait's.
For sale—One   National  Cash    re
Sister.     Total adder;  only a   shorl
time in use; good as new; price verv
n"    Kink     Mercantile
Miss Celia Mansfield returned home
on Thursday   from lhe coast.     Miss
Mansfield stopped of) a few days   on
her     return home with Mrs. Loasby
t Sirdar.
D, R. Wilkie, of Toronto, president
and general manager ol lhe Imperial
Bank of Canada, will soon make a
tour of the west and is expected m
Cranhrook about the first of September.
A. Leilch, M, B. King, F. D. Beck-
, ti. 'R. Yates, D. B. Dulmage, R.
Benedict and W. K. Gurd were
among the attendants at the lumbermen's meeting in Nelson last
'    , Ltd
M. nil
I. F. M. Pink-ham, manager ol the
Cranbrook branch of ihe Imperial
Hank of Canada, will leave next
Sunday for a month's vacation on
ilie prairie. lie will be accompanied
by .Mrs. Pinkham.
Mrs. Crosby, mother of Mrs. S. W.
Ryi'kiuun, returned last week from
Iter visit at the coast. Mrs. Crosby's many Craubrook friends will be
glad io know that she will continue
nor visit here before returning to her
borne in the east.
t't.OO reward Tor return of white
Fox Terrier Bitch; while ami yellow
lace, blending to black at ears' and
extending down right side of neck;
black spot like figure 8 right side of
saddle;'rrlack'spot size silver dollar
on root of tail: name "Spol." Return to M. McLean, Cianbrook, B.
C. 21-*
In plumbing goods we handle the
Pittsburg "Standard" sanitary
enameled ware, the "best" in the
woild.—Patmore Bros.
The prizes lor the log loading contest on Labor Day have been increased sufficiently to arouse keen interest and the number of entries will
undoubtedly t>e much larger than
ever before. And ibe spectators will
see a contest that will well repay
them for their attendance.
I |am 1 'getting   ready   lor   my   tail   stock   ol   cloths, and  have on hand about
which I desire to dispose ol at once.   These suits are up-to-date in style and linish,
but as I am closing out this branch of business I propose to let them go
The man who wants a (irst-class suit at a price lower than he could buy In Toronto
or Montreal, call at once.    The first come, the first served.
Leask & Henderson, THE TAIL0RS
» gjj^fcfe^^fcj^^^O^fr^^^^;
ni ivpln
■ Wilson
-  a    lew
fever.    Take   Dr.
iluu an.l quinine
Imitations. Foi
ne in from Nelson
where be had lieen
ys vocation   with
irm strong
.nt prico i
Iuiui Den.
-My business  block      or
iveniie.     I  wiil sell at a
id    uu  reasonable  terms
,  Ch
dav  aftei ii
Let bin nlfr,
A.   Mul/
Ing company,
r   business
brook this week
P   Wells,
issie  McKay  lefl   on  Mon-
>oii   lot   her old  home     in
in   be absent   about    twi
■i ihe Fori Steele Br
Kernie,  was     looking
interests   in   Gram-
f  the
ol Nelson, secretary
Mouniiiiu Lumbermen's asso-
sjponi several days in   Cranbrook ibis week.
Miss Ruth Owen left on Saturday
aftei noun for her home in Manilou,
Man., after a iwo weeks visit with
her aunt, Mrs. A. Leiteh.
Mrs, Oeorge Bretonor, returned
home on Saturday night's local from
Baynes lake, where she has been
Camping for the pasl two weeks.
Mrs. Oeorge A. Kerr and daughter,
W. Flowers, have gone east for
au extended Irip through Ontario
and Mich gaii by rail and boat.
Mr.   and Mrs. D. ll. Dui mage
turned Mondav    from their trip    to
Nelson, where Mr. Dlllmngc hud been
attending lhc lumbermen's mooting,
Mrs. MeKillop   and Utile daughter
Margaret, of Raymond,
rived on Thursday for
Mrs. McKUIop's shier,
To llie Ladies:—Two of the most
charming things about a home is an
even-tempered wife and pictures on
the walls. Cranbrook ladies have
the liisl and they can get the latter
at straight, cost by coming to
Profit's Studio. Come quick for
besl oUoice.
Tlu* rains of Sunday and Monday
last were ol untold benelii io this
district, being sufficient to materially
decrease the number of bush fires
thus allowing of a clearing of the
atmosphere ol the pall ot smoke that
luui;', over us last week. It also
cooled the air and allayed the. suffering caused by the intense heat
Friday and Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. O'Heam lelt
Monday morning for Wardner, where
tbey will take charge of the Wardner
holel during the absence ol Mr. and
Mrs. Bohart, who are going east for
an extended visit. "Dad" O'Hearn
has lieen connected with the Wentworth hotel for the past five years,
and during that time has made a
host of friends who will regret his
leaving, but will wish him success in
his new location.
Fancy tomatoes at Stewart's, 20c.
per lh.
Miss Fleishman, ol Vancouver, the
talented daughter of J, Fleishman,
stopped in tre city Suri'lay on hei
way to Montreal to visit a day with
her father. Miss Fleishman goes
to Montreal to continue her musical
studies for two or three years and
then wilt go to Paris and Berlin
to complete   her education. The
young lady is recognized as a musician of rare ability and her advancement has been rapid.
"Curiosity," is an indication of
1 l nought" and thoughtful buyers
realize that the best is always the
"cheapest." We guarantee the best
results from the "Kootenay Range."
—Patmore Bros.
One of the most enjoyable social
affairs of the season was the evening
given by Mr. and Mrs. Leiteh last
Friday "evening, in honor of the two
I nieces visiting them. Dancing upon
[Ilie lighted platform in front of the
house    was enjoyed   by all present
G. L. McCrea, of the smeltei city, I
was a Cranbrook visitor Monday.      |
Mi.s. Ed. LeBoute, of Moyie, was.
shopping in Cranbrook Tuesday.
Harry Dimniuck, customs othcer at
liingsgate, is a Craubrook visitor,
to-day. j
Go to Stewart's for choice preserving plums, from Okanagan
orchards,    J2.O0 per oase. 1
We make a specialty of blower
systems for planing mills. We are
•experts."—Patmore Bros.
Robert McNair, ol Skookumchuck,
was a guest of the Royal hotel a
couple of days th s week.
.1. .1. Han'nuiy, ol Brandon, president of the North Star Lumbei
company, is in town to-day.
J. V. Uuchcrott', of Marysville,
was a guest of tlte Cosmopolitan
holel a couple of days this week,
Chas. Laidlaw, Wm. Irwin < and
Jas. Mundell, of Brandon, were
guests at the Royal hotel Thursday
M. Parry, ol Nelson, general agenl
o[ ihc Confederal ion Lite company,
lias been iu town the past lew
Don't forget to decorate your residence and business liouse for Labor
Day, See list of prizes for further
Mrs. B. II. Short and daughter
who nave been camping at Baynes
lake for some time, returned home
ihis morning.
Found—At Galloway, B.C., two
bundles of bedding and clothing.
Owner can have same by proving
property.       Otto  Wisner, Wardner,
Prevent typhoid fever. Take Dr.
Scott's citrate of iron and quinine
tonic. Beware of imitations. Kor
sale by Seattle A  Atchison.
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Burge were in
irom Perry Crock Wednesday. Mrs.
R urges' many friends will be glad to
learn that she is again enjoying excellent- health.
Mr. and Mrs. Summers, a newly
wedded couple of Moyie have been
in Cranbrook the past lew days enjoying a portion of their honeymoon.
Miss Cardiff, of Ross-land, who has
been spending her vacation in the
cast, and is now on her return journey, slopped in Cranbrook to-day for
a short visit with friends.
Regular services at the Methodist
church next Sunday at the usual
hours with the pastor in charge.
After ihe morning service a sacre-
mental service will be held.
Mrs. W. J. Crosby, of Wyclifie,
leaves to-day for a six months visit
at her home in Belfast, Ireland.
During her absence Mrs. Crosby also
expects t ovisit some time in England.  ^_,—■
Thirteenth Annual
$35,000 in Prizes and Purses
Ifi.QOO i.ir   Count) imd  District   Inm  Kthlblti    Roine  Indnstr;    Bxpuiitii
uccupylng new |ft,000 l.ml.linn. Idled with working exhibits   'Largei
exhibits In every department     tim. Poultry Shun;
Two weeks Pair and Rami
Sept. 24th to Oct. 6th, '06
Open Day and Night
Beiwuiiannl free iii-ir every afternoon.   Kme Vaudeville and Band I'onrertere
n.K.it.   Admission titter fl p, .11.. oul) 10.
For Program, 1'riie Mete und anj other Informailoo, addrwa
510 Uml Avenue,Spokane. Waeb. g tar> nnd Mu
. Beattie is transacting busi-
Waidner to-day,
Wellman  left Tuesday alter-
: bis home in Vancouver.
A. IV Chenette was down from
Marysville yesterday.
Come tu Cranbrook September 3.
You will be welt repaid for the
J.    J.     Worth.
transacting    busin.
Calgary, was
ii   Cranfbrook
his week.
Jas. A. MacBean, ol Jalfray
registered at tlto Cosmopolitan
Gordon Wilson, of Wardner, was a
guest at lhe Cosmopolilau holel a
couple of days this week,
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Whitehead, of
Movie, were Cranbrook vis tors Tuesday and registered a'  lhe Cosmopoli-
prommenl In local Conservative
circles and is ai present a member
nl tbe city police commission and
also a member ol the district license
Mrs. Kdwards will accompany her
husband and they will make ' their
future home in Wetasklwin.
Prevent typhoid
Scott's citrate ol
tonic. Beware of
sale bv   Heat lie <M
fever. Take Dr.
iron and quinine
imitations. Kor
Have you seen that new slot ma-
•h ne at the Cosmopolitan hotel?
Speaking from an artistic point ol
view it is one of the handsomest
and most richly finished pieces ol furniture ever brought into the Kootenays.
P. J. Leightausrr, ot Cranbrook,
has purchased the Marysville barber
shop from K. Woodward and is now
in charge of the same. Mr. Leigiit-
hauser will continue to operale his
Cranhrook shop, the latter being in
eharee of his son.
The Herald was in error
last week      in      stating    lhat
Chief of Police Baron was
o be married the il 1 st of this month
The wedding occurred in Vancouver
yesterday and the happy .couple are
expected In Cranhrook in albout ten
To the Gentlemen:—It is a gentleman's pleasure to give pleasure. It
can be done in no better wav than
by catling at Prest's Studio and
securing one or more of those beau
lifnl wall pictures. They are selling
at straight cost in order t-o make
room for a large stock this fall.
The Cranbrook music lovers who
were fortunate enough to hear Miss
Olivia Dahl and Miss Gina Smita
last Thursday evening, will long remember them, and look anxiously
forward to their return. Miss Dahl
has a charming voice which is rich
anl sweet. Her last selection,
"Folk Son.cs" in her native Norwegian costume was greatly appreciated by all who heard her. Miss
Smith' is a pianist nf exceptional
abilitv awl delighted her audience
with her selections.
•fames Hanburv while en route for
his mining claims at Perry Creek
Sunday last had a bad accident.
While driving a team of horses one
of them started to kick and broke
the breast strap which let the ton
gue plough into the ground. Seeing that there was no way possible
nf bringing to team to <i standstill
Mr. Hanburv     Jumped and lit on
Rev. J. P. Westman returned irom
Kernie to-tlay, where Ite had been
since Monday atlending tte district
meeting of lhe Methodist church.
Boost for Lalnir Day. Let every
citizen ot the district get in and
hustle and make Ihe celebration the
most successful one ever held yet.
Don't forget to lell your Iriends
tiboui the big celebration in Cranbrook Sept em lie t 3rd, and call their
attention to ttie prize list.
James Prilcbard, of Wetasklwin,
arrived in Cranbrook Tuesday and
has accepted a position as hook-
keeper for the Co-operative Stores.
Be sure and see the big hose reel
race at Cranbrook Labor Day. Fernie, Moyie and Cranhrook teams will
compete and no one need be surprised if all records are hroken.
Geo. Hoggarth, T, J. Wellman, V..
II. Small, Frank Dicklson and James
Bates returned ibe first ol the
week from their fishing trip to the
Nortii Fork of the Did Man river,
nortii of Lundbreck, The party were
remarkably successful in lheir raid
upon the finny tribe and brought
back 600 pounds of as fine trout as
ever delighted lhe eyes oi an angler
W. F. Tate A Sons have decided to
[iut up a magnificent firemen's silvei
speaking trumpet to be contested foi
bv tie fire companies ol Kasi Kootenay at the l.aboi Daj celebration
The full particulars and cou
iitioiis of the contest will be pub
lished in next week's Herald
Messrs. Tale A Son realize tho Importance of   keeping inleresl aroused
n the lire dcpai 1 menl and ale taking
Ihis- method ol showing thell appreciation of lhe merits ol our excellent brigade.
At six o'clock Kriday evening last
a bush lire which had started adjacent
to the east side of the town had
reached such proportions and approached so closely to houses across
the creek that a fire alarm was turn-
mi in. to which the hose company
quickly responded. A line of hose
was laid from the corner near W. F.
Curd's residence, and after an hour's
hud work the flames were got under
control and the fire confined to a
limited area, alter which a careful
watch was kept until the rain of
Sunday and Monday succeeded in ex-
tlnguishlng  the bui nine embers.
The origin of the fire is unknown,
but was undoubtedly caused by the
carelessness of some one in passing
the vicinity throwing a lighted match
or cigar into tbe dry t,r*ass 0r brush
along the road. Had there been an
easi wind blowing at the time there
is no estimating the amount "(
damage thai might have been done,
as at the time roe alarm was turned
in the fire was but a 1 T*Ie over J,tio
\ards from the residences in 'hat
part of the town.
With everything in 'he brush in
ihe dry and parched condition lhat it
was lasi week it is little less than
criminal for any person to grow careless in regard-, to the use of fire in
any shape, and it is only to'be regretted that some of tbe miscreants
responsible lor the numerous bush
lires cannot be secured aud punished
so severely that it would l>e a wtoie-
some lesson to others.
Alberta, ar- The music was furnished by Miner's
i vis-it   with orchestra, and it was a late   hour
Mrs.  George | when the guests bade their host and
■ hostess good nifht.
On Sunday next Waller Edwards
and II. J. Brock, C. P. R. engineers
will transfer to the Caigary-Eidmon*
ton division, Mr. Edwards securing a
passenger run on tiie Wetasklwin
branch and Mr. Brock a mixed run
on ihc Lacombe branch. Both ol
these gentlemen have been running
engines on 'he Crow since the days
of construction, Mr. Brock handling
the engine that laid ihe steel into
Cranbrook, and their departure will
be similar lo Hie removing of old
landmarks from a town, To say
that ihey are iwo of the most popular engineers on lhe Crow is putting
it mildly, and iheir departure will
be regretted by all regardless o{
avocation, and while the hest wishes
of all go    with them   it is earnestly
pile of rocks, cutting a large ga<di in  hoped Miat the near future will again
his head and receiving other injuries I see them back   on    lbe     Crow wilh
of a less serious nature.    The open-j headquarters in Cranbiook,
ing 1n    his     head required    several |    Aside from his railroad proclivities
J E. Dickson, who for tie past
vear has been general manager and
bookkeeper lor P. Burns A Vo. at
ibis point has received notice ol his
promotion lo a similar position at
Edmonton and will leave the first of
ihe week for thai place. Mr. Dick-
•■on is a young man of marked ability and litis promotion is a well de-
icrved recognition ol the ?eai he has
displayed in looking after the interests o'f his employers, During his
-.tav in ihis city hia courteous treatment ot his patrons t«s won him a
hofit of friends and. while congratulating htm on hii advancement, they
will reerel ilu* change which necessi-
tates the removal oi himsell and his
estimable wife from Craitbrook, Mr.
Dickson will be succeeded by Mr.
Gilli-tt. of Lethbridge.
\ugust     13,   IMG,
RolnTt   Brookes,  a
Aueufit    13.  100(1,
J,  II.  Karquharson,
,   August   16.   1900,
.1.   A,   Kenitiall,    a
stitches to close.
lo Mr, and Mrs
to Mr. and Mrs.
a daughter,
to Mr. and Mrs.
J. K. M. Pinkham and M. A. Beale
represented Cranbiook in a tennis
tournamenl at Kernie Saturday last
and succeeded in winning every event
in which they were entered.
In the doubles they defeated
Messrs. Gray and Dr. Higgins 6-2,
li-2, -1-0; Messrs. Herchmer and MeMullin, 6-3, 6*2; Herchmer and Gray
6-3,  6-4.
In the singles Mr Beale defeated
Dr. Iliggins, 6-1, onlv one set being
played owing to ihe lateness ol
Messrs. Pinkham and Beale speak
very highly of the treatment accorded them and Mr Pinkham states
tha-t tlw Fernie ground is the best ba
I Mi. Edwards has always been quite nas played on in tbe west. IIIK   CRANBROOK   HERALD
: t . ...     - :.     t *. m ,  .  t-nit-; C-t-t-tt-ic: t-if-f. - Mu I  =    *
1 akcn
l>l,*l_i _;-= r - = - 1 = = -.-1 ' :*, -1 . * ** V:-a->--,-*.-.1->*3., .- N - s : f-f.-- S- .:..--.
.From tl..- Boyle Leader.)
Yesterday was paj iny al -tlie Sl.
Eugene,     I sa'' amount paid 	
,,,,.  - 11,071.75,
Harry Dimock, customs officer    al
Kfngsgalc, \'.is in town Thursday.
Miss   AM* 1 I." yesterday    fi"'
S|n.liuin*  In  u-il   Willi iniiiil*..
.lot* Tanhauser, ,.i l*'i.n Sleele, was
0111 in Muyie l,,r .: lew days this
Mis. Hollistoi i- lun*  11 Vancouver visiting wul. iif. sister, Mrs
r. T. Suijili."
J.     .'. Drewry came up [rom    his
ranoh ..ml stopped "« I"' .1 du)     "'
Iwo 111 Moy.e.     lie is ol. In* ......   '"
Wesl   Kootenay.
Ito.'. llestnian was up Iron, Can-
Inuni, Holiday attending a meeting
1,1 uu- distrltl church 1 1 *.i 'liill,Hi..Iml   chiniil.
Sir. Cronin and family uiiiwd here
Tm*.i.n limn Spokane. Mrs. Cronin
.nnl lln- children will remain here lm
some iiiiii-, tun Mr. Cronin uill return in Spokane to-i tow.
Kii Dcsaulnlcr is leaving Moyie lo
il.n mr Montreal lo sec In. children,
uiio .uv attending school in ihal
ciiy. .Mr. Desaulnlcr "ill ht* in 'In*
enst i"i' a niiuiili in* six weeks,
P. 11. Hope, ,11 mi** inn.* Movie's
only postmaster, druggist, justice nt
Uie peace, dooioi .nut depuij mining
reoorder, is arranging in ni'i-u u
drug slim*   in Creston   in connection
Willi  Kan*.  ,\   Craw I       '.ni*       lie
will be rend,   li *    bu   it.' -  n. a lew
davs.     'I'ln* *., i  wishes ni     1'.
D.'s  many   I
.villi hnn'
been living iii*in  Mn
lime, 1,111    wiil    in
then   li -.
Lasl week
Eugene made .1  n-qui*
tour    iluf. .unl asked
by    Augusl   mill.     M
has asked 1 liollicr
to coiisidei   lhu mall,
ers-tauil  tin- imii,  ni
tlu-in,   were favorable  in  tliis     un
thnl  liis request   w.m granted      Mi
Aldrldgo  wished   in confel   Willi     Mi
mini*   owners in ilu*   Coeur li'Alen.
before reaching n decision,     li seem
there    is considerable ilni.-i. 11.*e    In
tween Hu- profits made liv ilm Coen
d'Ali-nc sil.-oi'-lead mine owners    uml
thoso nf British Columbia.    Mu much
so is lliis iiiiii  ilu* mini* owners    in
the Coeur d'Alenes get ncarlj  .ilo   a
imi moro im iiuii iniiiliii-i ihan those
of Hns province.     'I'l m will probably be taken min consideration in arriving ut a decision.     However,  the
fact, still remains thai  mill men an*
as scarce us lien's leebli and they arc
masters    ol tin* situation, Ior '   lhe
present  nt  least.      The time   limn
asked nn    will expire next    Friday,
August 17th.
The Movie hose team has been organized with I-:, ii. K.-iinin us manager. Tli- boys mu mi an average ol
two ovenlngs a week ami they arc
well saiisii'd with tin* progress they
arc making. They fullv expeel to
gn to Cranbrook Labor l.uv mul
bring tome tin' Harvlo cup ami $160
cash prize Hint is hung up. Manager Kiimin will pick bis' team Irom the
following, wlm have been training.
In choos.ng, speed, "f course, will
lie tbe main (_ua!lilcal.on: (Ice.
Trainer, Chester t'obti. Harold
•Sen.... llciii Lowes, A. .1. liuniliii-
aid, Harry Stewart, IV. .1. Felt lam.
II. -I- Elmer, K. A. llill. S. II.
Woimlna'on, Win,     Kcasl  uml    Mr.
I.aliiml.     Mr.  Kiimin  will        Willi
the lean.
ul  Mi
11-  will
Hope liu
in.ili* .'rc-1
iiii-ii al Hu- :
-I nn an cu
I.n   an   lias.
iimgei  AI1I11.
w i-i-l,   in   wi;
t, .mil uc u
dav ttere being 1. rn tons an.l   yes-
t.-i'l„i 1 iJn inns. Tin* Ins 11--
II,-,,.,- at t'oal Creek, as we have
said, is Hie result ol tin* systematii
I..i-i,.[ininit Hul tm Hu* pasl lew
months lia- lieen going on. New
places have been opened up an.l new
in.,.lumi. installed ." enable the
coinpanj '•' mee. theii iuereasing
orders Tin* installation oi tin* big
tan ai Nm :' will increase tin- laeili
11,*s ui that ininc considerably. Tliis
will be complclci within .1 wivl.
"li will um in- Inin;." tin* general
siipcniiicii.ti-tii     s.atiil tu us inil.if
"lu-t    lln- i-.iiiililin il  uilli.-s  will     in*
iimi im un '1 unu tuns pei day."
11 11. Jewell, ul tl..- Jewell Lum
bei company, Jalfray, w.m in tin*
,*iiv icstcrday. Mr. Jewell reports
Hie lf.Mil>.-. industry i" In- nourishing
.11 JaBrny, their ehiel difficulty he
ins lbe lack ot men
Mr. .nul Mrs .1. S. Arnold, "i
Calgary, stayed ovei a few it.i.s in
tbe eity tb s week visiling    friends
Thev      spending  a   sh   weeks'   lmil
iia.  .111.1 returned tliis wa.  1  the
(-nasi. Before coming in Fernli
Ihev spenl ii week camping .villi
Cranbrook friends nt  Baynes lake,
Tire hose team al lheir practice mi
Wednesday evening lopped uii several
seconds trom lheir lust nine, ami
considering llial they nie still using
tlu* heuvv carl tliev now make    ver.
good time.     E.  tflldiu an    Willi
Hie bovs thai evening i.n  Hie    lirsi
li        Tbe team expeel lheir   new
i-.iii tn arrive within a lew days
Jailor Jolinslon with lire uol ..i He
chain gang uk.-il llu- sireel on Weil
nes.lav. Improving ii eery much lor
racing purposes.
un Siiiiiiiluv Insi 11 tpiicl marriage
eereinonv was solemnized al Chris!
church ivhen Mi Mark Hell, ol 1-1.1.
ell. ,m.i Mi- Klu.ila-ili Stephenson,
ni Unuule, England, were nnilnl i"i
hie.     lie, 11   T. Wilkinson perform
. I il,,* cerei iv.     'I'ln. in*  arrived
•!,,. preceding ilnv from her home    in
Michel h.-l.l
\-hluwn. when    Miss Kin,* Kuiuiisuii. dea.h by carelessness un the part  ol
1.iei ui  Mn    Vshduwn, w.m   united himself.
u marriage 1,, 11. Ileum.   I'he cere- Lothbrldge's     population dnl    not
;u"ii\   was pel iui imii In   Itev. .1   11. cunie up  lu     expeclations .,-  man)
K is. ami in-.iiv     friends ..I     tin* people loll   the    my bad al     leasl
iiii.le and groom wen* present at tlie n'm" population, hm a- i.u as    the
■ : 1,1         Tiie     iii-wK    in,iiti'st Herald can gather,    Malcolm Voting,
,,U|,i,. |,.|| ,,„ ii,,- wm'ii.uii.'l mi th'." Hie    enumerator, took a ver.    .\,ui
.....ii,.,, u*ip an.l will Min* up   their census ami    3,325 seems in in*     tbe
unu.* al     l.umlineii. "|i"if il"'"    W" number "i    oui inliali innts, plus the
„U|        Unih ii„   bride ami    groom Stafford population whicli is virtual-
.ue well known in ihf I'ass when- the ly mils inn, making the '"'nl popula-
.' „   \ti. ileum, hus been engaged tion nearly 3,300,
III   Ini.iii..--.      wh If   lhe   blitlc,   Miss       I'.   \*.   lleniiclt,  clerk nf   the (null,
K.iIiiiim.ii. lias resided in 'his section  went east    Sunday nisi"*    He   w.m
nu Hm pasl live years ami has many  married at    Lumsden, Sask., yester-
lnil ], [,,.[,.. lay in Miss Church, tormerly uf   si.
t;   Sleeves, nf tin* Imperial hntcl. Thomas, Ont,    'Iluy will spend their
1  .'rank, lias    secured a long lease honeymoon   at     Banff    and    other
rum   tin*    Canadian-American   .'"..I Rocky mountain resorts.
,„„ n ,,; Hi.- sulpha) springs prop-     A his shipment uf cat-He was made
i-u, below town. Mr. Sice.cs will here .ti Monday. Melntyre Bros.
at '.nice commin.ee Hn* erection ni a shipped -I rars and Eldrtdgo Bros.
large ami iiiiiium.li.nis snnitlalmil' II cars fur II A. Mullins. Winnipeg.
i„,m[    uu  Hu*   properly, awl hns en- i'n Tue-.il.iv 'he Knighl Regal*   com
[imd Anliiti'd McllonaW, .1 Lcth-lpany sen! 21 cam ol catllc ami twi
\ru\.,. 1,, draw up lie plans. Tholol horses. Nexl week Eldrldge Bros
ohl   buildings un* i" I"* torn    down  ami   ('.     McCarl)     will   ,lii|i
..ul Hn* new hotel will he creeled mi
lhe mu 111 Kid.' nl lhc track ami    II"'
 I um!  11  plaited nul heau-
niliil us a imrk.
S   S    Manahan.   wlm fnr Some I nil''
hns  been  pail   OWUCI   nml   maliuscl   "I
ilm t'nl.1111111 liolel, lell  yesterday 0.1
tn   Hie
Iriends  lien* hope
lornicl in 'l"s sc(-lion again mil one
anil all Wish li tn* success wll.'level he
 1      decide In    cn_jsc    in business.
While Mi.  M.inali as nnl.  been in
bnslness In ihis Bectlon im a lllllo
hmt ;i vear In- has made a very
l.n.'c number nl Iriends* in llm Pass.
n.l ii, known tu all ilu' hoys mil
business     men   alike   us     good ohl
(From Tlm Frank Paper.)
.ut  liftv   Indtvl.lunls had    their
lull    hut
(From The Kernie Ledger.)
'John   McDonald    went  down    ti
Baynes  Lake last   night,  where    be
bas    accepted a   position    wilh   the
Baker Lumber Co.
Mrs. .1. II. Brlckcr, nf Frank
Miss    Clliiisnii,   ol   .Milchell,     (Int..
have Imen     usiling   Iriends in Invvn
during Hu* last  w,.i-k-.   Miss Colliiisnn
is a teacher, nml   lm ■ I n spending
her holidays wnh her friend, .Mrs
Urlckor, at Frank.
Judge Wilson has decided Hu* ap
peal of lhc li. S. V. I*:. St I'. Co
againsl tin- assessment of the plant
ul 1I111I. company againsl the appel
ants, anil thus the city win., and lhe
lale can now* he struck nml ilm ex-
letisinn of the mils he completed.
K. II. Ilazell reporls llm lime
trade still boom ng, and he bus ul
lie can do to keep alle.nl of lii
orders. Tlm Summit I,inm work
has ten men employed nt the qual
lies all Ihe lime ami two kilns ar
kept goins at lull capacity, and 1
iiiiil oni: i.s in course ni construction,
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold, nf Calgary
who have been visilins Mr. am
Mrs. ]•'. J. Watson diiri/ig tin
week, left fm* their home lust night
Mrs   Arnold is most pleasantly    rc
ileinliend   hy   all   old-tjlllc   h'fltlieile;
■is Miss Law, nne of the must popular nurses ever connected will. Ha
Fcrnie hospital.
Last Wednesday evening, as lh
nn* brigade boys were making theii
inns on Viotoria avenue, John Edwards, a by-standcr, handed them
s2.00 as mi evidence nf his apprccia-
lion of then* wmk. Th,. ptacticc
urns arc attracting Hie attention and
1 tvorahlc comment
nd the boys fullv appreolal
interest taken in their work,
I   In   lis   lll.ll       11
was ilie liinsi successful charivari lu
hail mi-r heard ol ami Hm l">vs were
Limine.I wnh linn musical efuuts
Mi. Welter kepi his marriage a leal
secret and nn! even his lellow board
eis knew  alivlllilis ul t   11   unlil   'I''
ceremony had heen performed.
(From the Outcrop.)
chas.    Munroe    cu lown Toll)
1 tech mi Monday Irom the Lucky Buy
group, adjoining  Hm Nettlo M., aim
m Tuesdav   left    on Hm   Cranbrook
slage fur Nelson lo consult with his
partner,        lie reporls lhat he   has
iust   located  sonic claims  up   Coppel
creek uu which he male quite an Important strike, but said be lil    nol
arc 10 say much ahout   it  until   he
al   time to   do smne   mure    wurk
11 ii.       (In lhc Lucky Buy he   has
.'im a     grenl  amounl    nf develop-
nm wurk mil says lhat lm now- has
mm. ute   and linil   the showing   is
cry   encouraging.        llr     deserves
ouch     credit fur  the enterprise   In
has displayed in    working this promising properly.
I'rnf. Shu It and Mr. Anderson
will mil have the lime In visit all
uur ranchers, hut all the ranchers
mny meet them al ihc meeting on
the' iKlh iml get expert advice.
A number ol coll uses should In*
luilll alung ihr shore of Windermere
lake for tourists. Already we heal
uf tourists wauling such places, and
some have turned away this y
simply because they could not
..neb accommodation. Uhu will
have lbe enterprise  lo supple    this
ll is expected tlml .1. s, Barbour
will hegin lo laml lhe ui.* from lbe
Ili-ltit* M. mine al lim river ihis
week. Repairs lu llle Tnliv creek
bridge has delayed him .villi his con
trad lot* some lime, hut tin- repairs
.ne now ahnii! completed mid then
tin- ore vvill be moved quickly,
('. P. Fitzsimmons came Invvn
from llm ll. ('. mine lust week ijuite
ill. Inn is now much better, Hi
is gelling readv lo ship ore frnm tin
111'.,    which  'he i.s    working undei
any  people
(From the Fcrnie Free Press.)
The mines at. Coal creek are now
(•ginning to show the result 0f re-
i*.*nt development, lhe miiput th's
week soaring away a'hove all prc-
■ ions records. The record day in
June was 2.IRI tuns. Hv Julv 2.1
ii had climbed tn 3,250 tons, and it
•s-ted there until this week, when
■here were two phenomenal jumps,
iui Tuesday the tonnage at. Coal
i'reek amounted to 2.120 tons and
1 •stcivl.-iy another his jump was
■iiiilo when the out put reached
\58D tons. Michel mines, which
renel.nl  as high as 2,(lllll   Inns,
'he nrsl carina
nf mt- .rom    th.
umlgan   mini's
fm      Ibis    sc.tsiiti
filed ihr Wtlini
lit en tonic io
1 rivet' landing Insi
lh,' smeller,      Thr
lcam<.   arc ci
iitiniiing in    bring
vn more ore.
us. Lawrence ■,
n.i wif,*. ,.f Golden,
in up on Un' I
larmlgan Saturday
1 are   spending
a week's   holidays
Already thr people of ('ninbrooh
are preparing fnr ;l hig celebration
nu Labor Day, Sepl, ;.. and ll is
evidenl thnt a number uill go from
Ihis |iiit'l  In Join in ihe spmis there
Capt. Munn expects several of hi*
Urnmlon, Abut., fiirmls In arrive at
Wilmer on ihf Ptarmiwin Saturday
Among whom are II. K. Skinner, one
nf ih,. largesl real crIsIo dealers it.
western Manitoba; Mr. llenilrtsnn
eity solicilor of Rramlon, ami Cnpl
T. C. Ramsay, n largo owner nf real
eslalc   ami   manufacturer of    titan-
Mrs.   Hal
..-While mid Miss Hilton
Willi        IlUVf
been    guests    nf     rapt
Munn's for
two   months,   left   .1   week
ago for llu
ii"    home in England    lu
wav of New Vork.     They were   accompanied by Mr. W. Baker-White.
E. IL Howard, nf Si. Pau], Minn-
ami E, A. Mairiott, of Montana, arrived in town Monday nigbl on ihe
static from Golden. Tuesdav Ihey
went up Nn. .'! crerk, where Mr.
Howard has slaked a ranch nf ISO
acres, known as ihe "Taynton
Flat," and is ajuplvinu t-o purchase.
II is said Ihev will spend sometime
at Hurst's ranch nnd fish at thc
■ il back a lit.M,. this week, on Tues-   residence of    Mr
(From The Blairmore Times.)
A verv prellv wedding look  place
Tuesday afternoon in Bcilevtte at llu
■yes npt ned wide with astonishment
ij iin- sixhis t" be --veil in the I'ass
.-si.-idav aii*'niii.iti. Thfi wore the
neiiilieis, newspaper men, wives and
adj in.nils who constituted lho
egisialivo Junketing party ihat is
f.-i'it,-  th,' province hy special train
In  tin-     patty      were nearlj    all  lhe
lU'inbers ni ihe legislature, tho
iotitviiaiil governor, ibe chief justice
.1 llw supieim. court', several news-
mpot men ami a goodly numbei oi
a Ins. 1 inly a very limited lew ol
.hr nn rubers ol thu party had ever
s.-.ii ih.' Pass, and having no propel
'oai'cpl nn m ihe important place ihu
listrii't is assuming in the province,
hej weie amazed al the evidences ol
.a.1 isi nal develop ment. The tram
, uiled into Krank shortly alter 1
o'clock. The party was met at the
dttilion by as man} ot tlu- townspeople as could have lheir business
in.i illvblhig up in groups wilh a
iin-al man m each in explain things,
ill walked to ihe smelter where ihey
..ere shown Ihrough ihc works.
Ladles and gentlemen alike, made the
u.ut uf the roaster and furnace rooms
mil ihe resi nf ihe plant, listening
uttovcsiedly in the explanation of
.he process nf /.me making. The
mysteries in connection wiih that
.in interesting topic, ihe mine and
he slide furnished the visitors with
iheines for a constant cross-fire of
.|iu-si ons, evidencing ihe Keenness of
their     inlerest. When    the  lime
came to go all expressed themselves
.is greatly Impressed wiih whal they
had seen and regretied ihey could
nol have li.nl moro lime at, their
Nsposal here.
Arthur It. Wilson, wiio for a inim-
.iet ol years has been superintendent
tor lhe'flows Nest I'ass Coal com-
.i.tin, ai Michel, arrived at Lund-
iirocK this week and has laken ovei
ihe management uf ihe Breckeiiridgi
iv  1.nnd L'oai company's mine.
Dr, Aikens, late of Lang, Sask,, has
been appointed physician inr ihe
.Vorknian's association at Lund-
.neck and arrived a few days ago.
ih* is now looking around lor a suitable sile nn which lo build a hospital.
The .sleel fur the new bridge ovei
ihc Middle Fork is expected at Luiwl-
.itt'il. shortly, and iu anticipation of
ihis lhc contract was Iel last week
inr ilie grading ul Hue new road on
.be norlh side uf the river.
Chas. Chest mil has resigned as
super in temlenl oi mines ai Hillcrest,
.in.i expects iu leave shortly for the
.ii._r Horn basin, where s. W. Gelra
is opening a enal property.
Contractors Kraycr A Sinclair; who
liave ihe contract for building Uie
new tipple and handling plant Ior tbe
coal cniifpaiiv, wen: lasl week awai'd-
.-d another big ■ contract. It In-
iuiles Ihc building of a new slore
inr lite Western Mercantile company
ti  llelleviic and a hospital at Lille.
There las coino in hand a verv
Tcditahlc publication from lhe Lctli-
bridge News presses, a souvenir n
■iei nf th.' town nf U'tlvbiidgc and
■■ urnMinding dislriel. The pamphlet
s verv nicely gotten up, and contains
many excellent illustrations. It
.till doubtless prove a good adver-
tlsemenl for Lethbridge.
A peculiar thing happened al the
station mie dav lasl week. While
'ti- view oi tin- local was*, unloading
freighl at ihe depot a box of
niaii-hes was dropped nn ibe plat
form. II was placed back will
'I her freight and a big pile of mel'
iiamlise was pjh-,1 around it, Pre
sonily a bystander noticed smoke is
suing frnm the pile and the box wa
laken mn nnd opened, The mnteho
Imd lum Ignited, probably bv Hi
box being dropped, and' were all
ihlnze It was most fortunate Un
liscovery wns made before ihc bos
was sini,il in a warehouse or a big
lire would hat,- resulted.
II, Sleeves is making extensive
improvements lo his Inud, lho Imperial, An addition seventy feef
deep has been added lo Hie rear, affording a large incieasc in sleeping
accommodations. The oirtce and
dininti-rnnm date been enlarged and a
writing room lilted up.
w il Fairfield relumed from
Indian Head on Tuesday inm umil1.
On bis wat up In- judged Hie fields ol
Handing grain, entered In Hie ruin
petition ai   \Iedlelno M.U      II.- jutlg
nt  al   M.ieleo.1   veslenl.it Mi     Fall
field repmis ihai Hie crops here nre
being Imrvesled considerably ahead ol
I'm ise al   Indian Head.
1-'. M. Griffin a promlnenl cllizen
ol' si Thomns, om . accompanied bv
Mrs. C i Mini and M Helen Ciilbn
spent S,iiiiiii.iv nml Siindat in Ibis
eity. Th.'t lave been making a loin
■ if ihe west, having visited Calgarv,
llnl Deer. Band, Vaneouvor, Vieloria
Seattle anl Kelson before eominn
here. Mr,     (irillin      was    gfealU
Impressed wiih Lefhhriilgp anl wa'
particularly ^rprK, ,1 al lhe lim
crops he saw near lhe cilv He i-
well nequnintttl wiih Hie wesi ami
thinks Leihhridge has tho* In-si appearance nl anv place he lias visifed
on Ihe prairies.'
Any     available    Bomiuion    Laml:
Wiihin  the  llailway Belt iu    Unlisb
Columbia, may   be homes leaded    by
any person Who is lho sole head ot a
, family, ui any male over IS years of
j age,    lo   lhe    extent    of  Olie-quailer
section ol U-d acres, more ur uess.
Entry musl be made personally at
Hi.- local laud oflice for ihe disiriet
iu which Hie land is si Uiat e.
The homesteader is required to pc
hum ibe Liiiuhiinns connected  Ibei
wnh     iiu.lci    one ul   lbe   following
tl) Al least six monlh:.' resident'
upon and cultivation of the laud iu
i,uii t.,ii im three years.
(J) ' It the lathei (or mother, il tin
father e. ii.tea-.i'dj, nt ibe humesLead
er resides upon a farm in lhe viclu
ny ui ihe I.ni.I entered tor, Un- i.
quiieincuts as tu rcsldcucu may in
satisfied In such person icsidlug wnh
ihe i.iiii.-I ui mother.
tiU ll iin- settler has his permanent residence upon farming laml owned      by   Inm   in     the  11. mil \   ul     Ilia
homes lead, thu requirements as in
residence may be satisfied by residence Upon Ute said land.
Sis months' notice in wilting
should be given in the Coiumlsslomu
ui Bomiuion Lands al Otlawa ol lull ni mn in applj tui patent.
foul lands may be purchased at Hu
per acre inr suii coal and *2li fur
anthracite. Nut more than 320
acres can he acquired by une Individual or company. Itoyalty at Lhe
nf ten   cents pel      Imi  nf 2,110(1
pi ds shall be collected on Hie gross
Deputv of the Minister nf the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication    of
is advertisement will not he paid
Livery  ^
Teams nml iluvtr. tarnished tor .u
polnl in tin- district,
A. DOYLB, Manager
lne fun •■ pump, t.Vn
US feel iii wultli.
i'l Two doss li'i'iii office do
1   I    I'.   Iimi I illi. V  Willll.lW
I "in* l'i runt galruuiuxl
cllilltln*.  top.
1 All ini; 11* liliu.i.   .1
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
Frank- Zngre.., Taller, was killed in
one ol llie Taber Coal company's
mines at tha! plaee on Tuesday
uftetiHiiiii. Tlie unfortunate man
wns riding on a truck- in the mine
wlien tlie ear jumped llie track-, and
'    eking over a  supporl  allowed    a
nd    Mrs. J.    W. that Mr. Zagrcy had
i. quanllty ol earth In (all   upon
iiuiii.     Coioner lliicinliolliam,   of
cily    was in Talier    yesterday
ni_ilii|nent.     Tile verdict was
come to    hist
We onee heard a snd
Chinaman named Alt Yap. Yap got u
inli ns a cook uml saved carefully fm*
.i year, in order to eel money
moil*;-!] In bring liis wife nf it Irom
China. He sail tli,- money, an.l
waited with growing impatience sev-
ei.il months longer. une day lu*
■lent to his employer madder than a
liniiu'i nii'l swearing in several dialects. He was wav.ng in Ins hand a
lei ter iii Chinese characters.
"Mv   wiiee no   good!" he screamed.   '"I send hei Reap cash, she  no
"Don'l get excited, Yap.
he'll come alter all."
",Vo.     I sabe her.   She bunc
She no come—she dead!"
. Inllii
ut eil
Thirty davs aflei* dale v
to apply In the Cbiel Comi
uf Lands and Works, Vicloi
I'm* u speeial license in
carry away timber from tit
Ing ' described lands, sin
South Kasl Koolenay:
Commencing al a post planted IG_
ehuius west ol mile post 7 on llu
western boundary of lot -15111 al first
south-west allele of lot INII7, tlenei
ruuning east r* chains, Ihenee solll'i
III ehuius, thenco wesl llill ehains
thenee norlh in ehains, thence east
sii chains lo place of commencement
The Kins; Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Hated July 31st, lllllll. 2d in
• [..lli.iv
aleil     ii
Thirlv days alter date '
lo apply lo tin* Cbiel Com
uf Lands nnd Woiks, Vloloi
fur a special license to
carry awny timber from th
iui; " described lands, sit.i
Souiii Kasl Koolenay:
Commencing al a posl  planted   111
chains   south of   posl    planted  1110
ehains west of mile posl.   7 on     tl
western    boundary   of lot   45111, a
lirst    south-west   angle of lot 180;
Ihence    running     south   XII    chains,
Ibence running west sn chains, thene
running norlli Sll cliains, thenee running   enst   HO    chains   to     plaee
Tin- King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Haled   .lull*  31st,   lllllll. 20-111
Thirty days after dale we Intend
l'i applv tn lhe Chief Commissioner
"f Lands nnd Works, Victoria, B.C.
for a special license lu cut and
carry away timber fiom the lollowlng described lands, situated in
Smith Easl Koolcnay:
Commencing nl the northwest corner of L. Harvey's timber license
running so chains 'soulh. tliencc Sll
chains west, thence so eliains norll'
thenee SO cliains cast to polnl i
The Kins Lumber Mills, Mil.
Dale..*!  .Inly  2_n:l,  1000. 211-11
Thirty days alter dale nr intend
lo apply lo lhe Cbiel Commissionei
'■f Lanis null Woiks, Victoria, II.C.
lot* a special license In eni nnil
carry awav timber Irom the follow
ing ' described lands, situated in
Snuth Ens!  Kootenay:
Commencing al a post al llu*
noith easl cotnei* of F. II. Pollen',
limber license, running soulh 80
'hains. Ihence west III chains, tbence
soulb 10 chains, thence enst 811
chains, thence north 120 chain:
Ihence west 10 chains lo point of
The King Lumber Mills, Ltd.
Haled .Inly 21st, 111011. 20-1
Notice is hereby given Ihal thirl
days aflei* dale I Intend In apply I
the Chief Commissioner of Lands an
Works at Victoria for a spccla
license to cut and carry away limbec
fiom the following described land
in South East Kootenay:
Commencing nt. a post planted n
tile soulh-west coiner of .1. Melnnes'
licence near Elkniouih, Il.c, and
running norlh 80 chains, Ihenee west
S'l ehains, Ihence soulb Sll chains
Ihence cast 80 chains lo lhe plac,. oi
beginning, containing Mil acres, more
or less.
Hated at Elkmouth, U.C,, tills 20lh
day of July A. D. 1000,
18-5t C. Melnnes.
Notiee is lien-hy given thai Ihlrly
days alter dale, I  intend  in    appi)
In lhe linn. Chief I'liuiunss.iuii 1 ol
Lauds ami Units and In llie A*.
i i.m! Uomn.il imiii nl I..nul. .m.l
Woiks   I.u    lhe  ill  lm I   nl   l.l ll    Imiii
i. n.i., tm ii license in pruspiu i   in.
i.i.il    1   |,ill.ileum   01.   the   lollowlng
ile il llml    I.,1.1,   : llu.>le   un   Inillll e.i.l
Michel Creek, aliu.lt sevei les uurth
• >i the .'.mail .in r.u iiu* railroad, .nil
Imii.',   wesl nl     llie     ,\l. Iiu.m Uruup
.m.l   Hi nl   ilie luui.,   Nesi     I'..
Coal    .' ..mi':,   land, being     jusl
norlh    .nul adjacent    tn llultcrdeld's
.nul Martin ..   claims, whose lieen«
nru  2,uiil   und    H.IIUII     .espi'Clivel)
I. Commencing at a posl plantetl
nne mile norll. of lln1 mui lim i mi
ner ui c. I.   llm tei lielil ,s i Luui, lbe
same being the initial pnsl  ul ..lull!!..
Corner's olaim aiid marked "Slarll...
Corner's norlli-easl corner"; llience
mi chains west, thenee su chains
snuth. thence su chains east, thenc
ii th tu place nt beginning
Herald Office ll
1 ii
'     .'.'Vli-VkVfc-':,'!. I
ii: Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and :
: Machine  Shop:
M. Kinm,n it Johnston ;
lllli aire
..l.iiiha Corner, I
.1. 11. Il,ui|il,ill,
I Cfty Scavenger 1
X v
•j.      lhe City Council     X
£     have appointed     ;•;
I R. Stewart!
t the official scavenger -j-
X. "    v
X of the city of Cran- !•!
;> brook.    Parties   hav- ;|;
X ing closets   to clean, %
X refuse matter to haul •••
X, ,:.
.-. to    the   Cily    dump •:•
X grounds slum Id leave ':'
X. X.
•:• orders with him.   The •}<
S cilv must be cleaned. *
X. .:.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Olil shoes mail.: new.   All kind:
..(repairing,   (ihe me a call.
For First-class Music
I*. PASTA, lln
Winnipeg, Port  Arthur,  Duluth,
Sl.Paui  Sioux   Cily.
Kansas   City $57.85   St.
I..mis $50.60 Chicago
ON   SALE.    Aug*.  7   8   t,  .Sepl,
8    10  FINAL LIMIT Oetolier ,).
TORONTO   $76.25
ON   SALE   September 8-9.10
LIMIT November 30
rilLWAUKP.E  $61.80
ON      SALE       August   7* ■ N   ,,
LIMIT   October 31 st,
Throuiili   Rates at All   Stations
Ontario,  0uel.ee, New   York, New
England, Maritime Provinces
on application
,1. S. Carter
I).  I'.  A.
I*. J.Coyle
A. (1. P. A
2. Commencing at a post planted
the north-iast corner of Martha
orncr's claim, lhe same being the
111.1l p„si of tv, .1. Demorest's
.iim, and marked "W. .1. Demerit's north-wesl corner": thence mi
lains cast, Uieuce su chains soull..
i, ine Mi chains west, ihenee sn
lains niitih    tu place n: beginning,
W. J, Demorcst, Loealor,
.1. II. Hemphill, Agenl.
■'I.   Commencing at  a post  planted
nt  the norlh-wesl ci i  nf   W,    .1.
Hemorcst's claim, the same lif-itej
lhe initial pnsl of T. .1.
Hemorcst's claim, ami marked "T, .1.
lieinotcst's south-west corner":
tlience SO chains east, thence Sll
chains nm th, Ihence sn chains west
ihence so cliains soulh, to place ol
beginning,     containing    about    uiu
i res
T. J. Dcmorest, Locator,
.1.   II.  lien,|il,ill,   Agent.
d.   Commencing
al T. .1. Demom
net*.   Ill,'  same  he
i.l Kmily Cm '
"Emily Corner's
Ihence    su chain
at a I'nsl planieil
I's snulli wesl col
ig  the  initial   pus
claim, an.l market
south-east  corner"
wesl,   Ihiliee     S,
chains north,   llience su cliains e
tbence sn ohains suuth lo place
beginning,   containing    about
Kmilv Corner   Locator,
.1. II. Hemphill, Agent.
5.   Commencing al a    pnsl planted
une   mile nuitli    nl  Kmily   Corner'
iiuiili-iiesl  corner,   tlm same    hem
ihc inilial  post ol   .1. ll. Hemphill
h.i.in    uml   marked "J.    II. Ileini
lull's   m.llh west   colllel";   thenee     S
ehains soulh, Uience Sll chains easl
ihence Mi chains norlh, ihenee s
eliains wesl     lo   place uf boiriunln.
.J.  II.  II
hind   lilll
npuill, Loealor,
0. Commencing at a post planted
al J. II. Hemphill's north-wesl i
net, lhc .same being the inilial [i
ul li. O. Boldcn's claim and marked
"11. 0. Belden's south-west coin.
thenee Sli chains east, Uienco
cliains inn tli, tliencc SO chains wesl,
llience Sll cliains .suuth lo place
beginning, containing aboui 040
nu es.
li. (1. Bclden, Locator,
J.  II.   llemph.il,  Agent.
7.   Commencing at a  post planieil
one   mile wesl of   a    point     ahoul
two miles north    ot  It, 0. Belden'
north-west   coiner,  the same    bein
ihc inilial posl oi A.   K. Wayland'
claim aud marked "A. 1*;. Wayland'
north-west coiner"; thenee 80 chain
easl, thenco Sll chains   .soulh, llu nee
SO    chains   west,   tbence     Sll ch
norlli to place of beginning, conl
ing al t 010 acres.
A. 1-:. Wayland, Locator.
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
8. Commencing at a post planted
ni A. i*:. Wayland's north-wesl cm-
ner, lbe same being the initial posl
oi A. c. Hemphill's claim, am
marked "A. c. Homphill's nortii
nasi corner"1 thence su chains' wesl
llieme sii chains .umil, uienco st
ehains east, thence su eh,uns norll
lo place of beginning, coutniuin_
about mil acres.
A. a Hemphill, Loealor,
.1. II. Hemphill, Agent.
o. Commencing al a posl plantal
ill A. C. II phill's  li easl corner, the .same being the initial posl
of F. W. Hemphill's elaim ami maiked "F. W Hemphill's .souiii ,*,,. i corner"; lliiiiie 80 chains nnilli, Uienci
sn .'liains wesi, thenee. su chain.
south, lln nee Sll chains eni I lo plaee
of beginning, containing aboui uill
E. VI. II pltlll, Locator,
•I. H. Hei ill, Agent.
111. Commencing al a posl planieil
nt F. VI. Hemphill's soutli-enst cuinci, tin- same being lhc initial posl
of H. K. Belden's elaim, and marked
"ll. K. Boldcn's south-west corner"
IlK-nce su chains north, thenee 81
chains east, thence 8n chains snuth
Iheime Sll chains west to place ul beginning, containing about um
B. PI. Beldon, Locator,
Ui. II. Hemphill, Agent. 15-111'
Wu un* |.i.*|.,*ir.*il i.i
Jn nil kinds nf i<*
lin.l' null, limit i ami
Imiii. niiiki' iiiB.ii.Ka,
turn ;.n.ill*., rh*
Scientific    Horseshoeing
(*'»»*»  ■»•»•»'■»«.»•»■*•*■«_'■»•»•*'_.•*»■
A. W. McVittie  }
J 1)..minion and Provin- {
* eial   Land  Surveyor. 4
\    11. H. McVittie   \
Qeneral Agenl
{ TIMER, MINES  and {
} CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
I       BRICKLAYER ..nd       j",
f,       CONTRACTOR        j
X        Furmire, Boiler,  Rmigo, i'l
• • '
A .'.nil t.'iri.|il;ii*i* wurk a a|ini*i.il   X.
X       All descriptions of stone- -j-
J! work undertaken. Orders Infl •'■
,1. Ill
.  I). Mi
'J' will r
i ri	
■•'•■•'- I"
11111)1 mi'*
1'. 0.11k
f sr.
Oeo. R. I.eask & Co
* wmi, is
put  Illi
;ii l.miei* Innslrong Auu
Notice Is hereby given Ihal 00
days luun date I intend lu apply iii
ihc chief Commissioner of Lands and
Winks, al Victoria, lor permission in
purchase the lollowlng described lnmls
mi the railway luun Cranhrook in
Klmberley,   in' lhe    Easl  Im nay
llii.il el:
Commencing   ul    a    pnBt, W, 11
M. ■'.*.  V   1*   cornel   (.mil .nli i ■
«. Life's N. w   coiner) lltenoi wc
lu ih.mr    ihiiie houUi  in    chains,
tbence ca I   in chains,  Ihenro    Ih
Hi chains in inuni nl eimini, iimn., i,.
consisting i.l   I icies. in I   I,
W   II. M	
Il.il, il June imii. 1000 li 01
Sivtv days after dale I Intend in
apph in Uie Chiel Commissioner nl
Lands and Works, al Victoria, ll C .
lui permission lu purchase tin* following described lands in Soulb Kit
Kiiolenny, Il.c.
Cominciicing at a posl planieil al
the N, K. iiiiiier ill Liil Sll Its, (lump
I; thenci. 211 chains wesl, thence 211
ehains nuiih, tliencc III chains wesl,
I lu.uc nn chains norlli, Uience iu
chains iml, llieii.e -III chains .soulh,
Ihence Ull chains easl, Ihence 111
chains soulh, Uienco -10 cliains wesl,
lo plaee uf commencement.
W. c. Hodges, Loealor.
Haled June Ullh, 1000, l.'i-Ot
Miss Miui.'lielil will do fancy typewriting for afternoon or evening entertainments at reasonable rules.
Ouess work questions supplied, ot
typed Irom copies. 46-11 ^^
THE "RAN'll in...KIIK i:\t.i'
To read the local paper that
gives the news, while it is news,
all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
No person can afford to be
without a
Home Paper
that tells of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
goin g on about us.
Therefore, to read
The Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
Kootenay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, qhorrissey,
Jaffray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yegir
$1.00 For Six Months
(Netbod New
The   output ol     Uh
and tl* receipts al thi- tfftri        and
ten for 'he past week and '■■
date in detail, are'as follov
Mine. Wee        V- u
(iianby   U
Emma        H
Brooklyn     -    stem-
•Herald Publishing Co.
I F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
mountain ltf.se
Otthe. mines
Centei   Slal
I.e   Rol
I..*   Rol   Nn    1
Li- Km No. .. milled,    I ' uou
White Hi-.ii
hei   mines
Total ,  -,   . '*' -
Sullivan .     ■'  : .*' n
Eva.    .      . ...i        .:;„
Eva. milled :::n 7,1 lo
I... Plata, milled 135 1,176
Vuiil           S3 LIS
Viini, milled
Alllligtnli,   Erie
Ai'iliigioii, slocan
Ruby Silver 	
Wliiiewatei Deep
ft. E. Lee 	
St. Kugene 	
Hunter' V	
No.lh Star 	
othei mines 	
Total      3,1122
The tolal shipments from ilie*
in tlm above districts lot the
week were 31,487 tons and Iol
year to dale 1 018,87(1 Ions.
Granby    18,018   5
Emma          33
oilier mines 	
Total    18,081
Mother Lode 	
Hig Copper 	
i; _
p.. 1
S.l. I
I ,       Illi--.!   j'.
.     I.:*
of P ::.**
ing   Swiss -i leinisi declan I
Rontj  n ra]    ■ an be
j'lmi   ili.ii      v bite     luu sc_     1... ..ie..
Ill' I     I.m.l   CXUClilltCI!
li men's  boards.
op.;.-      one
t.tv. i  an
■ ■   is hnistisl,   111*
I       uai   be
II       H'. lim    ...        I.     , !       .,      ;	
■I     IJ    UU ll ■*    Ill    l II
at i.n ked n boi -.■ drawing
ii        The ii tn il,* «... l.illi i
ti Willi lu. whip slock
* i   nl     .'.ils ah* al   'b-
i. ii  in*    scon   disponing
a lbe sandbanks in    the
v. i I,       I v    lhree hale I...-I,    I,
wnll}- cap! lose in   hue
\ llusivell llill newspap,u announced by handbill recentl) llml it was
"taking a liuli.lai Uus wwk," bul
mil resume n *vi iveek, ■■with sc.-eml
new     Improvements    ami     illtistrn
'the Heits county counoli has decided to I,il.e over and mu lllalll at
tlie   collllty'S   expense   llle  obelisk    ill
llninot, which     was creeled in 17-10
in commemorate    tlu* baiH  Il.n
n.i   fiuight in 1171.
owing in the dust nuisance In I'm
sel     lhe    [iiillee  III      tlltUlX! ale  In  lu'
I I si
Brooklyn     -    Stem-
wili.lel*      2,701      111
Rawhide  31.7
Sunset              I'll      21
Mountain Rose	
Olher unties	
Total          3,763   131,210
Coi.lcr Star  Oil 93,561
Le Rol        2,933 77,580
I.e llni Nu. 2   053 III n2s
Siinivshoc IIIU ."ill
lion Mask   195 3,07o
St. Eugene  Il'l 12.1155
North siar  mn 2,7"s
Providence  65 "27
Snowstorm 211 1,131
L.uie Bachelor  21 208
Write Ilea.   80 uu
Olher mines  1,056
Total    5,531   211,830
Vancouver  22 83
Whitewater              . an 281
Ymir ... 83 17U
Arlington,  Eric       . . I'l 851
Arlington,   Slocan 7*8 327
Uuth   2H 1*75
inn u.ui Mislead of bine I'he usual
,uuuil, i liiiin,! mil Iii- adopted, cuv-
i I uiili iiiii material.
Constable  Edward  Wallei   Hillings,
nl   III,    K.  .'llll* loll,   llle    ,illi* I    ii  III
lhe  I.,.nil cc,   who sl I six  leel.
six inches .In *l lecenilv from lyphold
iei,i, which i, supposed lu have been
commend I i iniiiig cockles,
*tli,, lull u. Ill ui nl l.l.llliiell. II, ivhich
was Invaded mi Sal-unlay I.) S.uiii,
excursionists iiom Birmingham, I.iv-
crpool an.l Manchester, slj-ongly limit ihe action "f I,mi" ul Un* H'lp-
|i i , ulu, brought thell nun food
and beer.
Tin- village 11 Cormerod, neai  Kii*
1 8, lus   In*, n   accidentally shelled
In artillery Several shrapnel slmis
Passul over n lull and loll m the
i ili.i. e Some walls and orchards
weie wrecked,  Iiul   Ilo une was    kill-
.. brass table
iiu*   chapel    wn
! Es ex, in il i
the    Royal    ll.i
died   while    se
I i  Mrilunv  fin
uelve veal's.
is I ii placed   mi
iii Tillmly    Fort,
uv  ol   llie'men    nl
ni ai mien win
6 in lln* Thames
during the    last
While ihe Lev. John T. Vine was
reaching al Southend, n horse wnlk-
I through ihv vesin Inlo the
luiiili am being driven mil In* came
n again al  the othei   vestry    d *.
lm '   in ...an, n    was     natural..
omewlmt  startled,
,\ dnhtur win
ilu- Ui.inli,id county
11 Ire played cricket I
.para time.
was summoned    al
iv eourl w.is asked
iei* in his
No," he replied, "I'm
liiibv Silver 	
Whitewater Deep
II. E. Leo	
St. Eug.no 	
Hunter V	
Other mines 	
1 llllll'
gel a
.hilling fn
i pay, bul
llu- bag."
Tin- Rev. W.  I'    Workman,    tend-
master ol Klngsw,  school lur    Uu
sons of Weslcyan minislors at Bath,
si.ues iiiiii ihc number ..I children
luun !,, Weslcyan ministers nuw if
only a third lil what it was in 1SS3
ami' thai this will soon affect the nt-
tendance at their school.
The Duke oi Northumberland, unveiling in Ncweastlc-on-Tyne recentl)1
a line bronze statue uf thi" late Lord
Armstrong In Mi. Hamo Th.uiiy-
crotl said thai Lmil Armstrong, as
the Inventor of lbe Armstrong gun
and tire hydraulic crane, had made
3__!his name famous the woild over,
2PI Tin* llifhiip nl   So.itb.vark presided
7,305 recently over a meeting al  the boys
1 729 hostel,   Cmulmwell green,   lor     Hi*
2 232 opening   uf a   Winchester   miniature
.'.BM rifle range,   ami said   In-   boped Ihal
II wlm used Ihc lille in mliilnt'.rc
nin would sume dav wiel I ilu* real
ilie cllhi-i in IHS Majesty's army oi
i Uie auxiliary torces,
The total   rcoeipls reported Irom
local and foreign mines for lhe pasl
week were 29,211 ions and f.u Uio
year lo dale 'J!I3,!I73 ions.
M, Clem .cau. tb.' Flench minister
ni ihe Interior, is causing much
he.trl-buniiiie aiming (,'nvol'limcnl "f-
licials In* his activity in abolishing
sinecures. His latest "victim" is a
detective Inspector, whose mih
"woill"     lm* lifte. n    veins pasl  has
lreen to c ice a fortnight tu     tbe
prefecture in si-u tin* pay.;licet.
"Suiei.le while intoxicated" was
ihe verdict nf a Liverpool coroner's
jury mi a young inan nanwsl ilamcs
Uobinson. ' On Sunday nighl In* went
in lus parents' house' the worse for
.luui, nml because lire, would nm
admll him he wailcil till thev Iml
cone in bed, anl then hanged himsell
'hv his mnlllei* fi nm the door knob.
\ verdlcl ul "accidental deall."
uas return d at an itmuesl at Shore*
inch on Will l.i m A Inaln in Iloucblng,
111 iluilucr. who was killed In* a pas
■Vll'iisi! n a! Messrs. Johnson & Sons
er wnils. Paul sireel. Kins-
\ director i.f Hi.* firm stated
il this was the second serious am
li-nl  at   tlu-  wmks  in  1113 yens.
*-' il be r.i.t iu itand up againsl  ,.
'■"  • ■      ■-■••■    ■:,■■    lain ,   i    !„.
i,"'  .   .  *   i .,    ,     .
I   lUl.iU'ii. 1      i     iuss      „	
ie-. hm.;,      iei.,,,       i     Hi,     gm. t.i .
d,siuiiu>ittg in,
\l Sbarphi     .■ ii.iii. ihere i
.i  large   be if.     .,i I ;■  is. allege.,
I"--   ' lids   II I,   l    nn,    o„.)
•  small   11..nn- m    i,.- in ihi
.i'liiel.   Un!      linil,      haf -        •!.
in ning !„•.!- in ih - wiiiii i        th.
el     ei '■      * irilsldel    ill. *,   al.
 -    ei. I    liave -i.f iu i   i"
*'      "...e;     ...   ii l..|i: lea   In   -!,	
,i 1, *.',   Lo mn i..,i i Ibe ef il,
n,e   iii .Ileal   officer   nl   health fm
Hn twd   lbe Chemists   con*
eil.      ihal   mn      m
iwcnlt . "i     .,! cninphnrateil
mi i -I, drsi   liniii.i, were
luun* ni   li t. '.,*■ I   and    ,,n*
 i'l**   "I        Sl    In    '    [...'.I  I   l        ..Il.n.,!.
*   ' '" u * i in    cniitai    i oni, • ii
:     I 111    ;i. hi   an oil   *  ..'   Iti'x-hrllc
Uosi    i * 11,.miii in.. are    vetv
I.i lire I..in :
". "i   ■ ;   .mn   one    '•:
''ie     la* papi:     printed  In
China      She   ..ii    Umi   ■;.,. ,,„, |.   ,,,
in i ii, I    Shanghai are exei IP nl
it re i   rn, qierd limil mil dd •    lh
.ni    while ui et* 'he un  a    speed
I Ulirt) mile-, ,ui li,,ui is pel nut -
..luui! sixty young Chinamen in
I'.iii- me preparing Uretnseives for a.i
x.ninn.i!u,*i ai    ibe Chinese legation
n.'Xt   lltfk       'lllel   ate bursals sent  tn
Fiance nl  tin* expense "t lhe Chines ■
ni'-i'i.    m.l   aflei      ii    vein's
illlllV    111,
thai   Hi
snt s expel
trove in tlien
lioness w.ir-
lu)   .11   lhe go.-
Mi I'li.iiilus Ellctson. nf Porrov
hall, Knoll lunl was motoring to-
ii.uiL Lnncaslei recently, wh n tl,,-
car ian inin a su,nm ,,f bees The
chauffeur being smug took his hands
Irom the steeimg wheel in ni lei
knock the h.es Irom his law   tke ri
-ull   In iiiu ihal   llle e,u   swerved   up. I.
In* toolpath an,l eollid, 1 with ..
liH.ipii.-sl. A nli .*! was miasl.nl
hut  I,ith occupants escape.! injur)
liisiiauiilii In*   povcrl) .ml mental
.listless, ,, in,ninn n.i in, I Lun
Lewis, aged fmii. of Dl'plf.Hll, lllle.v
'lets, If ami hei two children unu ll. ■
■ ■ninl.. All three were rescind ami
h. woman, nl Uu* on iiaile. was
-eiiiui.e. ix   inninlis* imprison-
ineill A    sail   fe.itllle   nl    llle   i.me   I.
ili.i e uf lhc children, ., little girl
two  teats ohl.  has  since  lire  luiuiei-
,-ii li   been   'lea!  ami   dumb,  nil ing     In
the shock.
il llcim" Lewi
■nllege  i.llieuli,
i man holding
.inlciicid a I '
in*,, years' lun
■Iniim ,u Fr
Lnngilale Card
engaged in Hi*
iml g.ue eve!
ugh!     he     we;
an   ni   In
.ilinr, lor ii'.irei- bui-
al.  Ilampslead, anl
N U I.,-wis w.m
L.-time as a clerk,
atisln *..  but    a'
eh in   committing
■lebonc a:.!*.* sl
neglecting ." -.-;. I ih -ii
sel !. n transpired thai
delei 'fan's    l.i   manI     h.i !
Iiii u      -111111111.:u ;1    '!..',,!! it: ee   * nil' ■
n.i   luu 1   nn   les     than   i 7 dui ing   : I. *
fits!    lull!*   lull*-.   Il'l!   he   klieW   nothing
iili.ilevel al i  Uu*    matter        Hi-
IVlfc, he sail, hail paid the tme-
ivllhoill his knowledge, ami probably
he would have gone <ui paying them
;mt nt the lne! that she ha 1 been
■alien ill.
Al \l.il ylrluuie a S'lliinl ,ns v,,l-
',ik.n mil by a wu itiuii .iL-.i.iust ii
ii ilghbor, Un* 11 ii'- ui a imii,*. man,
i.,r ihivals. Tliey bolh lodged in
ih*e same house up in a little time
,i:m. anl the cnmplainanl said Hm:
.11 went well between llwn until 'l.-
lelendanl   lm 1     twins      (Lainthtcr I
She  herself   hud   lul   twins    lm'    ll.i I
Ins! ihun. anl 'li.- lelendanl twitted
her     wiili    Un* I,I. •      Mr   Kenned.
lln   voll   expeel   ll.e   tn   try   'f.l*      lllll-
I,.sli • It is ti: f r tat ami twins I'm
iwins. (Lund laughter). Tin* suiii-
innns will stand mel* fm* twelve
weeks, and will not In* reinstated unless special application is niu.In
:asy ONE.
A witness iu ,i small lawsuit ill
Cincinnati was an Irishman, accord-
mg i„ Harper's Weekly. There was
uut tu tim, before lieing sworn, ibe
usual interrogatory, "Do you know
lbe nature of an oath'''
A brood grin spread ovei the lace
if Urc Irishman as be replied: "ln-
du-.lc, your biiiuii, 1 may sav Unit
it is second nature with tin* "
Winnipeg, Man., Aug. 0;—For several weeks pasl surveyors sent nu!
by James J. llill have lieen nunn'lng
lines lo the norlh ol this cily Ior
the proposed canal system to be
built by Mr. Hill which will connect
lhe Great Lakes and the Hudson's
Hay. The project sounds stupendous but in reality Micro is but little ISiiu-l
actual canal work to be done, ihe
work consisting in deepening and
making navigable natural waterways
which (ollow the proposed rondo tor
.practically lire whole distance, In
places where waterways or lakes arc 17s fid in Ihr
not convenient Uie land is such lhat i court for nltendnnec on a net fox
canals can ba made with bul little terrier wilh a broken fhigb. Th*
I rouble. Mr. Hill staled n fen cnnlnr patient was given whiskey,
davs ago lhat grain vessels, would he heel ' m and eggs. was put under
gong through this canal lo Europe rlloroform fm* nn operation, anl was
Mon. waler is turned Into iin- suhswuentlv nlasternl wiih mustard
Panama canal. With this system ni nmtlHces to ward off congestion ul
canals   In  operation,   with his many   lhc lungs.
hraneh railways now lieing built     nm 	
Canada, Mr. Hill will have complete Two ladles were summoned at
control ol the transportation ol lbe Umboth for obstrucling Hie toot-
Mkldle States and Uie Canadian path In wheeling their perambulators
Northwest. . abreast.     A dignified police scigeanl
Wli ii the eminent Wu Ting Fang
uns. Chinese mlnistei ai Washington, lie WUS lie* gUes! ni Iimi"! .1'
me     "I    lb'*     h.i,ling   clubs    Smim
n the youngc mbers Ihoughl    it
would b«* greal fun lo gel Un* Oriental     dlpl i    intoxicated.       They
nl,,I lum  uiili champagne, highballs
.uut i i umil aboui 3 o'clock in tin*
morning, by whuh lime mosl uf il.e
clubmen were man.llm. Cool as a.
cucumber, Mr. Wu surveyed lhe crowd
an.l said," gravely, in lus pet'lect lui
"II I iliiln'l km,iv that this club
was composed entirely oT gentlemen,
I shim il say that yuu fellows weic
i: i nu in ge! uu* drunk
Tire session adjourned very shortly
;*ei-'ll   leCllVe
si   Cll
Nothing seen al lasl year's inter
slate fair al Spokane was more in
teie.sling or inure exciting, notion,
drew more peuple to the exposition
gio,in.Is, than lhc relay race whicli
iasUsf six days. This year tile niaii-
iigem.nt of tile Spokane fair has tie*
eiiled lo make this still moro attractive and will continue lhe race lor
ii-u days, beginning September 2ti,
the third day of lhe lair, and continuing each day except Sundav until
the close. Premiums have been in-
ileased Irom $1,000 lasl year to
11,500, and it is supposed there will
he many entries drawn by this al-
braottve contest.
IIAUVl's; !        ,01   '. *|;TED
Wo (,.:..   ■       i    . ',     *     |i. _
rhe lirst i army   .,1
fa tm Ii-n, li
i' crop
nl   I! ■"■  ■ - iit\  at    11 3(1
.*■ i. .'ii       Tho
arrivals  ■ ■   on       the
i.nal  tti bands .Itsin-
■'"iii^ ■■■ .. ii ■uui ...
■ lie we l
mo  L  ■   ' \,,V.L
Seot-ia i from
■ v  west-
'■'■'■   ■ sav, in very
quick tim . • ■  conK-
■•  Fredfr-
ni.,- ■       ;,-,n
P ''■ igC]    in
liis   I '!A\, |-
!.-t s state ., -     very
1'iH-t  .ti.! ttirl ance
ring   iht»
:   '
■   -  10     last
■    lifty
*    these
-.,  Motile i, I at good
Tin-   IIH':
i  11   ■
na ■■
ul   Nn'...
',' i. i. -
t men
Creek    Mi
Wind ■
follii.t   Cai
turning ii   i'
All  th.'  '.
In-.-,!   : -
lives I., la)
in remah
wuiilil return ■
uld nnd .. s,i
\     nuiiibt-i  i'l
triemla n   ';
-.* ■.
.i '.ii ma
!;■ it
all party
al   Battle
wesl     \ i.i
se    went
.', ,i,t
.  i!   they
,.    *,.
'   ,,'i'lllV
men t a
■ - nf
Th.-re was koen
",:.!■■      nut *■■'.'
i, , ■     .,[     ■:• -   ■ ' '
■:.' i      Une        i ■■■,.* '..■
■■ v,.s , ■■ *, w.;- ■   I US   men,
nl s,.., ■ ..    ih, rs, wh.    ■    ■  ■
..-I.u     v ■ -!' '.":i- ' '
arlous umi l» '-      1"';-' wo -■
t  ilu* iraii   were S3 | an I
hiiiini.     Tli ■-" wages u*i i    ! ■ ' ■• paid
during ,]:      'tual and
ii   wav stipulated that dn days
whei   no woi ■ ; I ■ -      Uie
■. ird.   Hy
\\,i '.■ maritime provinces
lo $2S    per
. .,. .. .   , \ ..I  [o - not
i ...   ■ ■  the east-
■■    ■
The I ■' ■".  nui  up
'tu- iii.' . easterners,
,     ''.i'. ol     ilu
■   ,; All tickets
to   With
, :,.ie Ior
local i aXs
\    . - Army
  J.    were
........ t to.day      Tho
tjalval friends    in
the vicinit)    1 E :  knurls,
A   {■*■.>. I the ag-
■...:*.'-.'•' ue)   west,
:. •■  :*
bulk ol ■* - '■    how-
- ■■• ■  fields
■ R :< duo
*......        ■ ■ ■■.     row
■: ■■■   con-
._■.    ■ A   mii.i1!
parti   - '   ■ Pacific
SPI '       :'
;;-, ■   reswlat
.:.'■■■  . everal time
.1  WeeV du I ■     "'       the
■•..■' tin
i  .:   be  operate '     •■
STRUCTI UAL   I       -    '    ilPAKY,
Grand Foi - ■ ■-■■ * lank
,)f    SU-i    A-:'- ""
machinery    and    lie :--■ die)  >■: claii-
goroua ■-' un ■■''■'■
with work ih mc i I     ':'"
commi ni'-::. opera! .■ :.-
bv the   mach i ral iron
works    ii.  Ihii morning.
Th.- i-M'i." -:-
Un- nmreh ol
lmi*^ of imlustri
Spokane ha be portion of
the plate worl*, ■' "'■ *
required bi th ni.-Uing
iit'liw;t\ m: Ui ■ H ■ ■■ I' satisfactory, therefi Rrm
establlshm ni of a bn
essentiallv L'ana ■ i ■ hit* will
.iijiir-li-tn. ;i* in a ■ ■ *- ntial way the
Imltistrii : whirl I in tiila
porMon •*' Briti.sl   i ilumbia,
.1     V.    M. ■■■■ ■   " i   u.'.'i   Aneus J.
Maodonald      bo have    initiated    and
.. -;: control the ne : ■ ■     am
both   capable       I ive   men.
,1   V   M.u i- nald for years  mas-
lei  mcohanii   . ■   i ■   »)   mieltcr,
and sub iiquei i  ■'■-■  important
ptwition In tht   ' I   •   work     in
S|n.k.un-       \- . il icdonaW was
also with the tti mpany utitil
1902   wh n   I.- led a    po il lon
with the S'oi * ■ Hon works.
C. V.
ir.i 1. '.lllli ON  PRE-
vfi.nl real    A
i:.     1 : — \*   a   meeting
nf   ''lie  'lire* ll
■             ;   I'.i-
ell'u* lla.lu.r.
,i 'Iiii
lend    ,,f   u.u
ii, i   eui-   ni.  *;     pre
ferr.d  Sinn,
,   ■      ■   || veal   cn led
June 301b le
ri.ml of 'fu**
;                    *..*..    -.ime
period was .i
d on I H iimi-
mon   .*... 1,
!,,*    the
(ll-nSS   l-aMI!
I    Him.cris
Working  e\|
.   ■ - len, in,.
N'et  en tin im-
Income iron
..     mi    -.  v!  116,-
Total ' •*
.-     i                  ui
nisllll*!    HV.*
Ill-due!        in
m 1        '•'
steamship rol
ace                   1.100,000.
■llclllcl       Cl
im,.* .             pension
lumi.   $80,nun
Net   reveini.
available for dividends
Slu 012,310
Alter pavn
ni  ..! all dividends de-
dared loi Un
li cal  yeai    'In* sin plus
for the   ve.ii
carried   torwanl is $s,-
The Committee In charge of the Labor Day Celebration have decided
to hold a one day celebration this year, and that will be held
on the main street of Cranbrook. There will be no admission
fee. Everything will be free, and it will be a grand re-union
on the main street of the visitors and townspeople :::::::
Wm. SMALL, President of Committee.    H. WHITE, Secretary
j On the Haiti Street of Cranbrook
Will be arranged East
West and North
Rest I'nion Kloat $15.On
Best Lumbermans' Float   16.00
llesi Merchants' Float   15.on
Rest  Manufacturers'  Float    15.00
Union With Rest General Appearance  25.00
Union With Largest Representation  25.00
Besl Driving Team   15.00
Rest Kraft Team   15.00
Rest Dressed Team   15.00
Besl   Decora-ted   Husiness  House   25.00
Rest  Decorated Residence   15.00
Hose Reel Race, Wei Test, Harvey Cup and  150.011
Firsl.      Second
(100 Yard Pony Race, IU or Under  $16        { S
UIIO  Yard   Indian  Pony   Race,  Open     HI 5
nno Yard Open  Dash'  in Hi
Cigar  Race, 30(1  Yards and  Return   10 5
Cow-Inn   Race, Ffiitr Barrels  Id 5
Indian Wrestling on Horse Rack   10 5
Teepee Building  Contest,  Squaws   10 5
Chopping Contest 	
Loading Logs	
Tie Making Contest	
Sawing Contest   ...
Drilling     Conlesl,
Last Kootenay
Open    Only   to
Miners ol
1(10 Yards,  Open  $25
Half Mile. Open   2(1
Running Broad .lump   10
Running High .lump   10
High Polo Vault   10
Putting If. Pound Shot   in
Union Mens' Race, 20 to 35 Years   20
I'nion Mens' Race, '-Hi lo 15 Years   HI
Roys Race, Under 1(1 Yeats     5
Roys Race,  Under  1(1  Years     3
Girls Race,  Under 111 Years     5
(litis  Raee,   Under   10  Years      3
Thiity dollars was set aside lo furnish prizes for
Oun Club s-liooi.
Will be arranged East
West and North
'I UK    IIKH U.I)    sri.lHK   DHOWS
KcsTATir     W'Thl!     A     UON      i
l-'KKKM'K    WITH    KIIED ,
^un travel easl from Uraiibroolf
und get rluM-i anil closer in tlio
KuiU.-.v When you Hunk vou are
bound in tun min i|i.<h walla ol
ions ii big gap opens ami down il
puuis ,i la^iiit; river, raving in a
...uuui in ilif depths, Getting out.
vmi innl yoursell ,[t blluo, wiUi tho
bin neaks anting the sky line with .1
bau * edge io the easl .mil it, tho
i.niili. Someone neat you suggests
ih.- KM* hotel, .unl ihr Elk hotel, being entirely ah right, vmi surrender
yuui baggage .unl walk up. No
in,iii.'i where you go in Klko ymi
walk up—except when vnu reverse tho
process and walk tluwn, which \s
easier, though ii means climbing up
attain. Level     ground      there   i»
around I hero, bm  noi      .. plentifully
Everj town bus ils own pcedliar
home noi.*. KM... has two iu
day ii Bounds like tlif dinning of a
huge huitili'i- bee, buying without
ceasing. \ highlv industrious hee
Thnl is nierelj llie whirr of tlu>
planers tiown al the Norlli si.u
mill. iu and liv the whistle will
blow at six o'clock, and lie big,
busi bee, will give tip foi the day,
when the iIver, tlmvn in the deeps,
will Mlu' up ih,- t'lmlel ll Itn- sung
in the skies since time began. Ii
will sing nil night long fm' vmi. and
nn iv your half sleeping Ihnigbts
,iw,i\ wnh Its lorn waters In the
I.,uid of Nod, not half so lovel) as
thr land «.[ Elko with iis peaks, and
slides, .u-il fails, and rushing, rock-
iiiiiiii'iitcd    streams, No   wonder
people come here annul with guns,
.md fishing rods-ami babies The
laltei  foi   tboii   heallh Tha game
is  here,  and   ii-li  ilo  mosl   plentifully
il ml      I'litrl.-i id iis blessings   is
ihe wonderfull) bracing nit. nxygen-
.tii-il ;iw,n up in Mi.- snows, where
Hie mounlnln goals ami Hn- hit: horn
havp theii homes.
Ell.' Is Improving, steadllj Itn-
pn mi. The  North  Sl.it   intll     is
circulating the money which makes
'In- man- go, and ilu- ravuse travel.
St-ores are noetving up l-'ml Koo, nl
Roosevllle, "-where the Big Ked
apples mow," has openwl a slore
where the original nnd only
<dd Hole-in-the-Rkv ean nrrav hini-
icll wiili all lln- panoply In* mav re-
,'lttirp for ihc w,i.i-ii;iih nr lhe merry
little pow-wow. Kii'd has a gallant
dock of Inl nn curios, from hlanMs
iimi would make .Joseph's coal ol
in iny colors blush for very shame,
in papoose dolls. Als-. wampum,
H.- shut as finp n mess o' wamtiiini
.ni in Uu- hills Hu* other dav as the
'ii'iti of anv sportsman might de-
sii'c. Likewise and besides, peace-
nines. Von nflen Year flhoitl people
in 1 nations smoking tbe pipp of
iw nee. Here you enn buy Ihem, all
i 'i-s lo suit customers, nr the
■n vltv nf Hie nltiinllon. He has
Hi" skins of rattlesnakes with the
t. "les and Hie little round button
■-■* the ion Nn nicer pre.«ent pan be
j|vi*n to j,  looting or U*e1hlm» child,
The hotels are n'l doing well, and
are excellent*]],  well kepi.     You   can
lake ymir choice of the Elk, the I
lloltmaii or the Columbia and will
n.ii go much ast raj which you
seltt-t. The stores In thc general f
in f business arc working outwards for a bigger ami n (wider
trade, and that trade is coming their
wav as things Improve frnm day to
day. At   lhc     llirlz store    tbey
elaim they can beat eillrer Cranhrook or Kernie prices, The point is
that ihei do prove ii in some particulars. .Mrs. Holbrook, at Hie
posl nllice, has everything for sale
Irom the Montreal Weekly Star to
all manner of hardware and software. Sheridan A Haifoy, tho men
wlm run the ing livery stables, are
dning ;l fine and Increasing business.
Thev are interested in lire land at
the Vast side nf the river and want a
bridge lo connect llrem and the pub-
lie with il and with the public mad
h. Morrissey and Kernie and state
fm publication        Dial tbey
arc willing lo give Htc government
lire limlier for lire structure if Ihc
government will erect It, And
Hiey have the baclclng of a down
men witli land close their own in
this enterprise. Thai  bridge     is
wauled,   badly   wan led.       M  would
enable a uumhiT of |ieo|)le In COII1C
down horn Morrissey and Kernie by
rig m mi horseback when nans are
neither convtnienl nor available, a
thing Hiey cannot du al present.
The improvement in this little
scenic gem, ihat might have been
stolen hod II) from the ehoieest glories nf Switzerland, is only an evidence of the turret) I of men's
ihoiighls .lim 11 II nrwllcted it,
iin.i   In-  is   tm mean   aulln.rilv. lie
aw, wnh ihc eve ol the prophet,
Ute assembling of tin- imn of Huh
rivei and the eoal nf the Crows Nest
at some point near here, and knows
ihe moaning and the value of Hie
white lire Hul will be born of the
swirl of the waters down Hie canon,
a halt a luitidi.-ii thousand horse
power of it Tliere is copper, too,
near bv, and ii has noi vei bmi
loiu'htt), though ii compelled the
admiral if fl   o|     Mr.   V   ti   la-aviek,
ai t  the mosl  conservative mining
man whn ever caine In British Columbia. It looks, also us if the C.
I' It and tl N. K. were getting inin ngrcemen! to help to forward tha
desiiny pi ihe town. The relations
between tlw compan es are generally
id    Hie   fighting-amicable  character.
\n\ how, ilicy have, at times, a
Imt'chel, or two hal diets, to bury.
The companies have hurled their
weapons lo tliis extent that tbey
agree lo have Elko Hie fuiure transfer point fnr nil lumber made hv lhe
Adolph, Haker, Itoss and Melnnes
and other points down towards Elk-
moiiMi, instead nf mak-ing lhe Irams-
fer at t'einie as heretofore. Tlve
meaning of this is tha-l if a car nf
lumber comes up from Waldo on a
fl, V It. ii will he transferred
in a C. ti. lit at Elko. Il is
also stated, on the best authority,
that the freight rales to be charged
in fuiure lo luiiiber opera-tors soulh
of Elko will lie the same ns those
charged in tin* mill men around
Cianbmov. Before this arrangement was come in there was one
rile fmm those mills Mow Elko to
thai point and anotler from there
to destination ol the material, Tho
new tarifl will !be a big advantage to
all parties affected by it, and will
induce others to opera to iu lhu
lovalitv served bv ihe (i. N, II.
There is lots nf line land still to
Ire had around Elko, antl if the Government would, nr could, afford In
provide something like decent wagon
road accommodation, no doubt, it
wnuld be rapidly taken up and lln1
agricultural    resources   would Ire de-]
veloped as lbe conditions justify. At
presenl Hu* Industry is seriously |
handicapped for want of roads and
bridges. Those Ihlugs will come,
as other things have come. And all
[will be for Ihe benefit uf Elko, the
J exquisite.     .Mute power in il.
Prince Albert, Sask,, Aug. II.-
I Ai the last session nl parliament a
company nf Prince Allien capitalists
secured a charter for a railroad from
Prince Albert to Hudson Hay. This
road, will, it is expected, Ik- an assured fact within the next iwn
years. Steps are now la ing taken
in build about thirty miles of Mie
road ibis year. Tliis will be as fat
as SiiiiM'i-on take, where tbe Sturgeon
Lake Lumber company has its saw
mill. This company has bad in
leant the lumher intn Prince Albert
during Hie winter. The railroad
expects to handle ihis business ihis
fall. Lasl winler many carloads nf
lish were shipped from Prince Albert
io lb.' eastern market, These fish
were teamed from the northern lakes
an I ii is expeeled that a portion of
Ihis trade will also be secured. The
lumbei companies heie will also use
the railroad for logging as it will be
l cheaper ib.ni bringing them down   in
j lhe drive The company expects i,,
handle ibe railroad as a loeal undertaking, and will push tbe const it »■-
Hon if possible this fall.
\ non LOVER,
Ob all dp things Aii hales ter dn,
As fiu ihs life Ah  jog.
tie one dat   buhls urns' is ter hal)
Ter di.'.ippoint a dog.
Ah gol  uo belter frieu' dan Tige,
Ter hip he's al'era true,
tin whon All liulil  his feelin's—say—
Ilil make uie mighty blue.
Terday  Ah stahled fo' de stoah
Ter gil a loaf oh bread.
"Now, Tige, voh slay in walch    de
Tei" dal ole dog Alt said.
lie siahic! wif me ties de same,
Ah had ler send him hack;
De look Ire plh me dern neah broke
Dis coon's heaht—dal's a fac'.
De dog's a fried' dal is a frien',
|    He slicks fin Ibid, en thin,
, N'o dllT'runcc ef yoh while er black,
Er what yoh is pr bin.
His fiien'si'iip fer yoh is de kin'
j    Dat  nevad slips u cog;
(IIit mighty hahd, yob bet, fo' me
Ter disappoint a dog.
Th.* residents ol Saskatchewan
tin nm seem In be any- heller salls-
fi.id with ihe recent census than were
lbe Albertans, and tbe Regina Leader insists the following instruction,
were Issued in ihe enumerators by
Census Commissioner  Blue:
(1) All twins shall he counted as
fii Triplets must be reckoned as
1 birds,
(3) Smaller fractions are to be
eni iri ly  ignored,
(!) All married men must be considered as cyphers and ignored accordingly.
(5) Never count more ihan two
persons in u house.
(ff) Enumerators will be paid 4c.
per b.-ad fur Etose omitted from the
census and nothing will be allowed
fur those counted in.
l'7) Ignore for ihe purposes of Hie
eiiisus all persons having relation-, or
friends in Eastern Canada, England;
ur elsewhere SuclV persons cannot
properly be considered as residing in
Saskatchewan. The dav mav possibly come when Ihey will leave Hie
Wanted at once ttie liundred (500)
men fur bush, smelter, lumber mills
and mining. Wages, for bushmen,
ViM And $00,00 a month. Employment for all kinds m laboring men.
Employment all the year round.
Write'or call on A, P. Clrenctte,
Marysville, ti. C. 21-1 in
Lei I'bridge. Alta., Aug. 10.-Frank
Kagery, a Hungarian miner, was
killed ai Taber on Tuestlay afternoon.
Coming from work he lode on the
back or a coat truck whicli lefl tire
track, and knocking down two uprights brought down the roof and
with it a huge quantity of oar Mi.
It look twenty men half an hour to
dig tbe man out. No bones were
broken and although artificial respiration was used he did not revive.
Thp coroner's Jury found that death
came from suffiicaHon, lho result of
bis own carelessness, riding on cats
being prohibited in Hie mine.
Seranton, Pa., Aug. 10.—Official
announcement was made here lo-day
that tin- Delaware, Lackawanna A
Western railroad will at a near date
dispense wilh ihc services of all
telegraphers on ils system and will
control lie movement of trains with
tire automatic block signal system
and the additional telephone facilities. The change will affect the entire main line fmm lloboken to Buffalo, as well as all Hie branches.
Trains will Ik' controlled under rules
similar to those in England, where
there are no dispatchers.
Much Inleresl is being shown in the
relay race at tiie Spokane Interstate
fair, which will commence September il and last 1(1 days. Already
six while men and Indians have entered, and .Manager Cosgmve expects
there will Ire at least III entries Ihis
year. Last year seven men starlet!
in tire race, which lasl.d only li days.
Th.' prize has been Increased from
$4000 to U'dlti and is proving very
alluring to men who have fast hor-sea
m pi nips, Thv Indians who have
entered declare they will beat tire
while men this year.
Advertising mm have started from
Spokane in different directions and
are disdrfhuting cards, banners and
posters advertising tbe Spokane fair,
which opens this vear Septomhcr 2-1
to October fi. The fair this year
lias a fine line of paper wliich is Ire-
Ing distributed over a broader territory than ever before, ll is expected'tlia t the attendance Ihis year will
be much heavier than tire splendid record :Jiown last year.
Why is it that your impoverished
friends 'Imve no scruples In borrowing
Irom you, when they claim that Hrev
are too proud to let their rich
relatives* know Ihey are in want?
Why is a kiss someth ng whicli,
once given, cannot Im? taken back,
but is often returned?
Why Is it thai the fellow who
thinks he knows it all is usually the
one who knows nothing?
Why should the prohibitionist kick
when he finds waler in the milk?
Why is it when we expeel trolihli
nml II comes not, we are angry9
Why is it that the man who asks
for yoltl' candid opinion, does not
want it—if it Is not already his
C  J£
Hi         *m        *m
m    20
*  « d
3 T.
When can donkev he spelled with
one letler?    When it, is "IJ" (you.)
What fastens two people, yet
touches only one?    A wedding ring
Why Is "I" Ihc luckiest of all
vowels'' Because il is tire center of
, bliss.
j Why is a small brained person like
n small necked bottle? Because the
less Ihey have in them the more
noise Ihey make in pouring it out.
What is Hie - longest word in, the
English language? Smiles—'because
there is a mile between the first and
last letters.
Why are potatoes and corn like sinners of olden timps? Because having eves they see not, and ears and
bear hot.
Sealed tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsod "Tender
for Pust Otlice, Fernie, B.C.," will
be received at this olliee until Saturday, August -I, ltlOfi, inclusively, for
the construction "f n Post Office,
Ac., building at Fernie, II.C.
Plans and specifications can be seen
and forms of tender obtained at this
Department and on application lo
Robert A. Kerr, Esq., Clerk of
Works, Feinie, B.C.
Persons tendering are untitled that
tenders will not be considered unless
made on the printed form supplied,
and signed wilh their actual signatures.
Each tender must Ire accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank, made payable to Hie order
of thc Honourable the Minister ol
Public Works, equal to ten per cent.
(10 p.c.) of the amount of Ihe lender, which will lie forfeited If the
parly tendering decline to enter intn
n contract when called upon to tlo
so, or If he fails to complete the
work contracted for. If the tender
be not accepted Hie cheque will be
The Department does not, bind itself
to accept lire lowest or any tender.
By order,
Fret! Gel inns,
Department of Public Works,
17-2t Ottawa! July 12, MOfl.
ThreiB wlm hava work of tlill. kin<t ran
imw it properly attended to by wrapping llie jinads in n parcel, nlil. owner's
name inside, nml leave ul Beattie ,<t
Alehfson'- Driii. Shire, The wurk will
be promptly attended Ip and returned
to the more.   Terms moderate.
Nortlnnd.ii Farm.       Cranbrook, B. C
Take notice thai sixty days Irom
ilalo 1 Intend in apply to
lho Chiel Commissioner ol
l.iinls iiiiiI Works .ii Vic
Unlit, lor permission to purchase lln'
liilluiviii.. ilescrllie.1 Innds In Suull.
Must Kootenay:
Commonc.ni. nt n post planted ul
tho    stfiitli-vvf-st  cornet   til Iol  I1RII.'!,
tii-iii*;   m.u lm!   Iludi  ll. Iiuiii   lit	
west III chains, tliencc north III
chains, Ihence cast 4(1 chnins, Hi mv
siiiiih to place nl commcm rim nl.
containing 1*00 acres,
IliiU'l. Jit*IIn.li
Fcrnie, H   C ,   lug   11   I   :'.i HI'
Ttilii- nolleo Llial sixty ilnyi mi.-!
dale I Inteml tn applj In tin* (.-Iml
Cnuiiii .-.inin*! nl I,mills .m.l Works nl
Vieloria, H.i'., I.n prrmlaslmi In
purchase tin* following descrllii-il
l.ill.Is iii SiiiiIIi Kasl lMi.ilni.il ('.iin
monclng ul n piist nlnliled nl llu'
um I li-,-;, sl cornel' nf Inl sail, ninnim.
ensl mi elinlns, norlh III rlwlns wrxl
su chains, Ilium* snulli In chains li.
Hie nlaeo nf coininenccmcnI containing 112(1 nrlrs.
Harold  nullum
Wardner, H   C, .luly l.'iih, ItlOn,
l-i Do ynu want n unrgniii  in tj
| Crnnbrook pro_n.rty.    I ..ill |
id sell my businoss honsn ntul i1
1 lot opposite ('. I'. I,'. i!..|ii.i I
t|.] cheap. Pays good rent,  l''iin* j.-i
L^j investment,   Address
'i J\
i'i    Gum Lee, Cranbrook, li. ('. I
I Or J, A. Harvey IH-l^i |
__ _o


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