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Cranbrook Herald May 3, 1906

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Array VOLUME !i.
•'Wo:I,, (j-
Nl MltKK li
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Hoys and
l:\pre ss
Wheelbarrows and
Wheel Carts
35c. to 65c.
Sljng.r's   Racquet's   and
Wright & Ditsor.'s Racquets and Ayers Balls.
Fishing Tackle
Croit's   English   Line
the best  made.
$1.50   to  $10.00.     New
Styles and pretty designs.
Baby  Hammocks.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Beattie & Atchison's
that the mind ol man, woman and child turns to healthful recreation in the way of out-of-door sport. Some like one amusement,
some another, but whether it be fishing, tennis, golf, baseball,
lacrosse or a lazy hour in a hammock, with the right kind of
warm weather reading, we can supply the necessary equipment and
at prices that will please and surprise you. We don't buy in small
quantities or of the middle man, but direct of the manufacturers.
Our trade is worth something to the manufacturers in these lines,
and our large orders enabled us to secure the lowest prices. Another important point is the fact that every line we carry is the best
made. We want to keep a customer and know we can do it when
we sell him the besl article at a price too often paid for a cheap one
Mailorders Receive Prompt Attention
Golf Goods
A large variety and at
right prices.
Kodak Goods
We keepeverything in the
way of photographic supplies at Toronto prices.
We   save   you  money.
I   (
l_\   'E»L-
1 £jyi
___ ^2=3
Baseball Goods
Balls, Bats, Chest protectors,
Masks, Gloves. Everything
lur  a   new   team   starting.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund, $4,500,000
«. E. WALKER, General Manager .U.KX. LAIRD, Asst. Gen'l Manage.
A ftniril Banking builneis traitiacted.   Accounts may be opened and conducted -f
mall will) ail brauchei ot thli Bank.
Depimits of   $1  and upwards received,  mul  Interest  allowed nt
current rate*,    lhc depositor is Mihjeef to nu delay wlvftt-
sver iu ih*,* withdrawal of the  whole or uuv
poi iiuii  of  the deposit
Cranhrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager!
"■-.i" i„
•Weil li.
— """" "     "' "
J Capital Paid Up $3,400,000.1!
Reserved Fund $3,900,000.00 t
; HEAD OFFICE   -   -   ..wmu, ■.,.... *
; I). K. Wilkie, President. Hon. R. Jaflray, Vice-President §
J* Branches in Provinces of British Columbia, A'bcrta, Sas- *
katchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec
* Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- t
2   POSIT at highest current rates anJ compounded hall yearly.   Jj
• *
We Recommend   Ihe   j
Following Stocks        I
International Coal and Coke
Nortii Star
Ask, write or wire  us for quotations.
Prices are low now, we look for a rise.
Stock Brokers Cranbrook, B. C.
.* j* THEj».«
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms
Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
of nilnTii'iiri' i.n,I cut kIiimh lum iu*u lirrlwl.      Whim ill ii.'nI 96
nf anything in this Ii.ii-,In,ii in mnl mi* il.i' ilin|iln.v for i"m"* SB
self mnl wl mn' |iri''i'ii.      U,. mm iluplii'iil.' nny .'irlii'l,' III llm Jjjji
hi.iiii. |irii.i- lib i-.-iHli-rn jewelry linim uml yotl snvi* tin- ,-\|»irini 2ti\
is the best boot on
the market.     The
top of this boot is
made of the  very
best grade of russet
grain leather, the
bottoms,   as   you
will see by the cut
on the right,  are
built   in   the   best
possible    manner.
The first sole is of
the best oak leather and will wear like iron, the next
is cork and prevents squeaking, an Invictus shoe
never sqeaks the next is rubber, making the sole
damp proof and the inside is finished with a nice
smooth leather inside, making the shoe comfortable
and pleasant to the foot.
Wear   An   "Invictus"   nnd   Be   Good
J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.
do everything in
the cartage line
Perry *?itzaerald
Telephone 63
Undertaking and
C'. W* ^9 TUK   CTtAKBROOK   lljfi|*iA-LJ>
Rain Coat Time
Vim and ynur K.iin Coat have got
t.' lie mighty cluse t'rieiuls tor the next
few months,
Dun't you want :i good, dependable
friend like .. Kit Reform Rain Coat I
■K rainproof and dnmproof.
Light mnl
porous.    J.ist the thing lo
slip ,,ii "t ;i
, iliilh evening.
\„ end
in the trig sty les ami rich
patterns  il
nit   Kit Return.   Rain Coals
iiiiiii- in.
J i -.oo tii J :;.oo
•M-I-.-1 l-l-l-l -l-l-l-H
The Cosmopolitan
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
■H-W-l-l-l-HI I riri-M-rW-WI-l+M-l4<-W-l-l-H+l-H--l-l-H
-I -i-f i , f i i I i r 11. i-1 -i-i-i-t-i-»- '
Wo always Imvi
Wc an- installing tl
tiH'inluus Bimsngo tn
por week of tl
Imvo tasted.
Tin- now il
un huml a largo Stock nf tirstrlass ijimlitv.
latest machinery to copo with otirtre-
At present we arc selling one-half ton
most palateahle Biiusttge Cranlirook citr/c
ipartmont to our business is tlie famous
■HiiiK ns lust ns they run In1 cured.
u will r, ivo iittcntioii und civility from nil our employees
s tc a**-.. -. *. s i e w**3**n *,
Railways Busy
Ottawa. April *J» —At llu' Senate
lailma.l rtHiiiuitli-e. Senator Kilrli.it-
fer il.rl.,i.-il llie I'nvlnRl H.i. anil
St. Mali'-, railway, lira Vancouwt
Wi-sli-.H alsl Yukon railway, ami t'al-
iiitii iin.i KeiiiH' Railway company
bills li.u) t,,i ilieii objeel lln- eajiiur
hiK ni ilie l'i..us Knit, Yellow Ilea,
an,I Kntnii; llmsr posses I.y tlili-ri
imii lines, ulil, iii,* nbjcel ol divert
Hill     \lln-ll.i   ul,,-.,I      ami  caul,-     I,
W.isl,iiilliili ,ui,l lliciotii purls.
S il,,I   I,,nm!,,ml   sal,I an  altOn.pl
was   being   111.1,1,-   ',,  ra|illlli'   \\,<sl
ihan     Wlieal  li.|    \iiii*i nan   iiui
ii.iii|i.uil..s.      Mi'ssis,    Kerr,  Mc-
n ami Sir \lai*Kt'|i/ie |Ii,m,-I| ,1c-
il   an -1    Miii-iIi-.iii   lines.
11,11.urili saul it  m.is unl  llill,
Iiul .
lullll  llinl'    ills,  ...is Is'lllml llie
{raver, ft't-HU-ril u.nl  Yukon,     li
tuiililiiu Us Urns wlttmul n ..nli-
sidy, iiiui lmil spent n in 111 Ion .m.l
quarter, anil wantiil lo nuiy   wheal
from Kiiaioiiion tu Vancouver.
Mr. Vox declared iii favor ol capital
an.l nun, irn maticr where ihev r.uiir
from. Jl wi- iniiiil net railroad capita-] from London, New Vork, or Montreal, from Hill. Sliaiigliiiessy, ot
Hays, wc slionlii lake ii. Canada
was encouraging American settle
an.i should nisi* encourage American
capital ninl uilmads io come in.
Senator Wul.sou and Senator I'oitiet
also niiluiM-it  Uns vii'W.
Senator MncdonaM, ol Brit Mi Co
lumbia. Bald tlml itu* Vancouver
Westminster A Vukon railway com*
pany,  was a Canadian company.
All the hills weie ||t>|(| over unl
lln* nexl meeting of tlio railway coin
Tlto drawl Trunk Pacific blH, uiv
inn power to tin' company to issue
debenture stock to the extent of $25,-
000,000 io acquire equipment, passed
the committee to-day.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier promised oarc
ful   consideration   to   (In* expressed
views of a delegation     to-day, wh
asked tor the municipal control   of
streets against telephone companies
Hon. Mr, Emmerson, minister ot
railways, lias liad liefore him the an
plication of ihe Vaueouver, Victoria
A Eastern for Hie ratification of iln-
lilt'     III
ie lown
t ilisiri'
rar.v pic)
. liu -1 |<
20.000 ACRES
looted lamia In the beautiful Koolenay
It, ('.. extending from Canal Flat to
in iMiiii *}','. tn *tiu per acre.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpassed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The lamls pres very lealiira
burial Iwuclioa,
I i.-ofi.lnosi). inoliiiliiig lim-
liv llnis, iiiilrsil, |,inirie ami  lueiiilnri*.   Tlin
lirii'liv llm.-. iiiursli 'ami meadow Inmla i iil.l rn' ileep, black
1,1.1m;' Hie I,,* mli lumi boliiij i> .aiiily lonm, <pl hilly mini I
foi lri.ltculture. IVlioro ini-riitjnii may be necesnary mi tlie
benched, watei enn In-lunl from ihe mountain creek, llowlnu from
Uiu Itocklea into tlie Knotemiy rlvor.    Tlie Ii.m.Ih are fullv sin-
i-oyoil ninl hoii f tbo I„ih imv,. 1 n mili-illvliloil Into laiu'otl
Inriiii ul uiiniil SO nero. ouch.
Tin* pnrclm.. price will liielmlo llm tin.Imr, which can be uolii
liv ibe imiili.i-,>r iviil i any liability togovorn.no.il or other
loynhv. Th<-ti>i>l>e, will in many canoe moro than roallxe tlm piir-
■•iiiise priee, nml ivillliit.llciu.oi..niitorliiily recoup il mount invested, I. ni.'- mu In- il riven nn lbe Kiinleiiay liver, a-hltill ti.ii.-lt-
■■■i every loi sue ono.   Tim main wauon roail tliro.igl. t ie valley
 " **       ' 80 to eaeli lot, ami tlie pronoaetl Ki .ito my Ceii
"r"""'''.-"..■*' '     'i',..." ,. u, ], quite
, in
i >i,
i ii ,
, ,< i
• ,i,
, „ ,
, ,i,
in ,
i ii ,
livav will parallel ilie wagon mail.    The 11. 1*.
lent to tho lamls.
For further particulars apply to
Hav  ilinvl
il   ileillev,   iu   lllll
snulli..i u illstrlet.      Lawyer  II
II.   M,lln,-in,    ami    .1.   II    K.i ily
chief engineer, a]i|).',-iretl for Hi.- Y.
V. .v I'l. Tin* lipplrenll.in uas
str.ui*")!)' opposeil In llie 1'iiiiailiali
I'ai-ilie,   wlm   wants   In   force   Hie   V.
V. St lv  in iniiiil across Mm    rivel
Irnnl lle.lley anil over 11 liiile ilistaut
llie luun.    Duncan Itnss, iiieinher f,,r
Yale-Cartlmo, ii|>|i,-,in*l for Hie eil
zens ol Ihillei*    ami   prescnleil pel
lions from lis1 eitt'/t'tis an.l linat'it •
tl'a.le in favor of tile application,  lie
uiu.lt. a strong plea for tin* raiilii-..-
Iimi of the plans ami lielil llial     llu*
iiileiesl ol" tlie lout, was ol nunc iut
port iiiiii' lliau llm interns!  of au np-
(Huihig raiiwav company, which l.a.1
no railway uiiliin fifty ...lies of   ttii
liiivu uml   in ml u-i  Iniiiil one   li
llll.l.    Wll.I.
Ill ll.i.  ONLY
llill lia
f.ttli I i.- s
in*;  tlm
Or to Joseph Ryan, Cranbrook, B. C.
•»44*ee44444444at*>Htm»HMMM<M4ei aall
April 27.—.lames J,
t;ivi n out Uie first definite
tcnunt he has made reganl-
Menl of his raiiwav pro
Canada. Mr. Hill' said
these had heen very mucli exaggerated in some accounts, and what he was
doing in Canada was merely carrying uui. work he liad undertaken
soini' lime ago.
The total railway lines in Canada
wliit'll he intends to build, hr said,
will In* about thirteen hundred mile.;.
He was reminded thai it had bint re-
ported that the tines which he proposed building would amount, all
fold, lo three thousand miles.
"I do nnt know where I wnuld put
three thousand miles," Mr. llill replied.
"Some airmails had il lhat ynu
proposed in eonstniel a line frnm
the I'ai-ilie   straight   Uirough lo the
''Thai's not so," he said.
"There's really untiling new in the
work which we'are doing in Canada. I
For the lasl two years we have been
at work ou the line from lhe Pacific
const through Un* mountains iu British Columbia, and we are now working on a line from Winnipeg westward. We are building the line
frnm both ends, and by the time the
({rand Trunk Paeilie readies Winnipeg, that is, perhaps in three or four
years—we expeel to have our line
completed from Vancouver on ihe
Paeilie coast In Winnipeg."
Mr. Hill was asked whether he
meant tn Imv rails for his new Canadian line in Canada to avoid tlw
Canadian tariff on sleel tails. He
replied that probably foreign rails
would Im1 UBWI.
ROCktefi, there will lie ahout fifteen
hundred miles oi ttie (iiank Tiunk
Pacific undei const rue Won.
Bonners Ferry, April 27.—It may
be aiinouiii.vd that the Spokane iV International Kailway is ROW giaded
from its umUit-iu iei minus tu the
erusi-iinn ol Uie Kootena) uver ut
Bonners Ferrj Thr only obstruction is iu a rock eui neai ihe north
approach oi the bridge. Tins will lie
out of the way in time foi  lhe rails.
Winters,   Parsons    a Boomei    arc
now loading their stetwn shovel, and it*
an' ahipping out  ilu*    last ot    their'b
oui lil
| Seven Years Ago 5
I in Cranbrook ** ** I
Twohy Bros, would have luvn out
linrg ago, hut were delayed by work
in a deep cut on theii emit met where
quick sand and springs caused nunici
our slides., neressitAtilif!; the removal
of more earth. They are shipping
nul   theii   last  outfit  also.
Tlie bridge wmk is progressing
nicely, two span*, iie.ing up, besides
all the false work, so that the ie
malnlng three span*, will he completed at un early date.
TiacMuyiug is now gmng ahead,
after a delay of coiisidei aide length.
Tlie track laid during the winter had
to lir  hal las list   when  llie frost   went
out, in order tu get steel to lhe
front, tin- b.il being veiy soil, and
lliis look unu*, and caused delay
Sow Uu* rails will come righl along
unt il t he mad i e,.i h.'s Hmmci s
.lust how long il will lie before the
rails reach Bonners Perry is considerable of a problem. Iielng now
only 20 miles away, tliey coura have
the steel laid to litis point in a few
davs, bin as no hurry has been displayed heretofore, ii is likely that
the trains will uol reach Uie end ot
the bridge before June I.
Seattle, April 27.—The Canadian
Paeilie railroad will run into Port
land, according to reports, and from
present outlook the U. P. lt. and the
Harriman systems have virtually
shaken lands across the boundary,
and have perfected traflic arrangements. To those on Uie inside it
looks as if the C. P. B. and the
Harriman lut" would liave identical
terminals in Seat-Me.
C. W. Nelson, of St. John, N. B.,
where he is connected with the Intercolonial Railway, passed through
Seattle this morning after having
spent s-evrral days in Portland looking into railroad and steamship
movements. He is responsible for
Uie statement that tlie O. R. A N
is preparing to give the Spokane In*
lernational railway, to operate from
Spokane io British Columbia in connection with the Canadian Paeilie
raiiwav, right of trackage from Spo-
ki'iit- to PortlttD-l.
"As we understand it in Montreal," said Mr. Nelson, "lhe C. p.
R. has beep for some time trying tn
gain entrance into Portland. Fnr
lhe time Ih-ng Hie Spokane route is
Uu- only am- obtainable, hut it is
said in many circles that the C. P,
li. will later run intn Portland fmm
Seattle ovei the Harriman truks,
wlu-ii the latter are completed,
"This will mean lhat the Hani-
man and tin* C. P. ft, systems will
wage one nf Ilif fiercest lights against
ilie (ireat Northern and Northern
Paeilie of modern limes. Take mv
Wiiih fm it, that Uie C, 1'. It. will
have ils own tracks inin Seattle
frnm Vancouver as soon as any of
the other contemplated lines will havo
their tracks laid. Then watch for
the culmination of deals with the
suits I have given you."
S ._
3   HERALD   OF     THAT    DATE %
Robert Si.aw, who lias had charge
of lhe Geary  sia-bles ever since they
weie  established   iu   this  city,     left
morning for   Moosomln to   see
father, who is reported veiy ill.
I li is   possible Uml    Mr. Shaw will
not   i el in i
will  bave
many frlc
but  wherever he goes
the  best     wishes ol
its in Cranbrook,
A front seal has Ihsii reserved foi
n.siaWe Morris to witness the
eseiiialioii of  I.a  MttfiCOt Satuiilay
T. P.
Otto V. Hough, Proprietor
Newly furnished throughout. Most of during room service <^
'•' nud poinforlnlile rooms. When in Elko, call mul see us. <•>
Mimical. April 27,-Two hundred
miles nf main line nf the Grand
Trunk Pacific has already been local
ed wesl nf l-'dii ion, is the  report
made by lhe general manager of thu
road, Mr, F. W. Mm.sv. This section
will be pul iiii.lei eonlracl very
shortly, and will bring construction
pretty neai tn lhc iiioilnlls <>f the
As regards the two t'onfiiiels laken
by Foley Hros,, and the While company, between Touchwood Hills and
Saskatchewan, supplies are being accumulated along the mute by these
firms, and during the present season
the work will Iw vigorously prosecuted from Portage 1-a Prairie.
II is Mie intention of Mr. Morse
that there will l>e little difficulty in
completing the mad from thi- Red
River to the Saskatchewan before Uie
cud of next year. lie declares that
nothing short of a \ery wet season
can prevent the Grand Trunk Pacific
from being in a posit lou to move
next year's crop front its own particular area of territory. Twelve,
surveying parties are at work in lho
mountain passes, and it Is bard fo
say when- the line will be located in
ihal part of the country.    This sum-
The list as tt stands to-day, is as
W. T. KEin,
ihc. w. s. muu.
J. ti. McBRIDE,
Kort Steele
0. A. (1ASK1LL,
1). J.  ELMER, Moyie.
It. B. BENEDICT, Ittayoo
V. J. SMYTH, Moyie,
Fort Steele,
Smne    iiuicgeiiciatod      Kn-u ol  man
slide   hilly lh'    Vm's barboi polo
Monday  night.     The pole was found
Un next day, but Uie striocs weie
running the wrong way.
A. Leilch, sr., met with an unfoi
lunate and paouful accident lasl
week       Stepping upon  Uie edge of a
plank bis foot slipped, turning his
ankle, whuh sustained in bad spralu
He was compelled to use a cliltcb toi
several davs, hut is   recovering the
use of his'loot  rapidly.
E. ll. Small returned Thursday
night from un extended trip to Victoria, Seattle and Golden, and is
vcrj mueh Improved in health,     He
say's he has not tell better lm
Hen Pugh shook the dust of Cran
bmnk oil his leet Thursday morning
and left for Palmer Bar. Ren will
lie tti- mayor of that community in
three months,
Oliver Burge and Frank McOuinst in
returned last night from a trip In
Nelson and oilier Wesl Kootenay
points, They expect to cn-Wgc in
business in either Kuskunook or
W. F. Tate, the jewe>er, relumed
from Macleod lasl Friday, and was
aecompanied hv his btolbci-in-law,
II. W. Ross, who will make Cranbrook his home. Mi. Tale is very
busv this week gelting his stock intn
George Wentworth. better known as
"Oregon George," and Walter Van
Arsdalen, were in town several days
last week nn a big mining deal
Thev both took upon Cranbrook as
hot stuff, and iheir friends are always glad to see them.
Mrs. Durick, widow of lhe late
James Durtck, of Fort Steele, arrived yesterday, accompanied by lier
cblldren and ner mother, Mrs. Httcklc.
Tht'v lefl on this morning's train for
Victoria where Mrs. Durick will reside in future.
Onr day hist week Dr. King was
hastily summoned to the raiiwav
yards' to save the life of Bruce
I low a rd, a railway employee, who
was reported to be'living from the
effects nf a bottle of carbolic acid,
The doctor found lhe victim in Uie
agonies of dealh—nil. There were
no trail's of burns fiom the acid hut
the misguided victim of a romantic
tempeiinent was giviii a strong
emetic and in a short time had
thrown up everytbing, even his job.
When the bluff' was at its height,
word was sent to a fairy whose chilly Indifference hud brought about the
silualioii. to come at once if she
would sii' hei admirer before death
claimed him as its own. Promptly
came hack the reply,     "Tell him li»
die and go to  ."        The emetic
and the reply were loo much, The
bluff had been called and the player
threw up his hand. It was a bobtail.
The provisional board of school
trustees have communicated with
tlie superintendent of educatinn rela
live to the new school building to he
built- in Cranbrook. The superintendent has lieen notified that, the
half Mock has been donated for
seltool purposes, and the wish expressed tliat work on construction
would commence wttliout delay.
The Miner block is nearlv completed. It is a handsome nddition tn
the business houses on Baker street,
and a credit to Mr. Hanson, the
owner. James Greer did some
marvelous]y fast work in the pushing along of the construction.
Edward Egan. who has had the Big
Chief under bond from Messrs. Hig-
hv, Van Arsdalen and Oiaec, has re-
hoflded the same to an Eimtish syndicate and the amount is placed 'al
nn.nftn. The payment was made
on the first bond yesterday, and in
consequence Ihere was a hot time
for Fori Steele last night.
Ifarrv Brew, of the Central hotel
Fort Steele, was iu town last Fri
day. Mr. Drew has made some im
movements on his place and his din-
'ng room is now in charge of Thus
MeCnrson, where the hest meals in
Foit Steele are served, Mr. Drew
is tlie prnnrietor nf n maen flient
hotel at Klmberley, whieh will hn
completed in about twn weeks. u
is fumisbed new tbrnughmil nnd will
tie one of tlie finest establishments
n East Kootenav. As a hotel ni.in-
ninei Mr. Drew is a trenorftl favmiti
sininlv because his patrons nre treat
'sl in a manner which they appro-
Special Prices in
Wall Papers
Our Wall Papers are going fast, but
there .still remains a few choice lines
*      _________________________________
A   ====^==
a Just Look at These Prices
1(10 Kulls White- Moric, per single roll        ■ Ilk
ISO  "   red, Ingrain     "     "     " .Wc
200 ■'   ceil to match  20c
18 inch borders, to match, per yard         • 8c
100 Rolls Terracola Inerain pcr single roll • 20c
75    •-    ceil lo match           • 2l)c
Pattern papers, worth Wl.., now 20c
Room Mouldings to match all papers, per foot 5c
100 fl. Oak Plate Rail per foot         ■         • 10c
100 ft. Dado Moulding, per foot          -        • 8c
Painters  and   Decorators
Eflp^^.^-^^^^^^^^W^^i^^^^^^^'^^^^.^^'^W'^-^'^^^^^^^^^^ir^^.l^l   \fQ
••* —!•
M___l«_t_rtr« of
RouKh and dressed
LUriBER and
Also all kinds ol
JntTruy, Evan and
Cranbrook, U.C.
Hnd Olllce, • Cranbrook
Hotel s S
Quests Contort i Specialty
Qood Stabling In Connection
Nearest to railroad and depot.    Han accommoda-
tioud for the public unequalled lo Cranbrook.
Hot and Cold Baths
Hoggarth & Rollins
A very ontbuslestlc meeting of the
newly organized Crnnbrook Amateur
Athletic association was held !n
field's store on Wivlnesdnv evenim;
at ehrbl o'clock. .lames Rvnn was
aiitioiuleil chairmen and W. N. Clark
secretary, pro tern. The report of
the eanviissiritr commit fee wns
eelved, Tliis commit tee ennst-ded
Messrs. Bent lie. Clark, fioinreni, and
MaoPberson. Thev reported nc rlv
ie hundred n nnl lent ions fnr membcr-
lp, and thirty-nine paid members.
We can fill any order for the very
best cleaned oats ever offered at
J20.O0 per -ton, sacked f. o. b. HiKh
Rivec. lMease send your orders at
once to
mm,  fmm   Lake    Superior""to"'the 4-3t """oharlw JScback""Ma\iiier,
San Francisco, April 28.—Over 30(1
iKulies of the victims of the recent
disaster have now lieen found hy the
coroner and bis assistants. Manv of,
the dead hnve been identified. All
that were -buried in 1 he public
squares during the days of the fire,
have lieen removed to the several
cemeteries of -the city. Thc eoro-.
ner's data is fairly accurate, thoughl
his work and bis reports are not vet.(
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber THK   CKAMIUOOK    lll*RAI,|)
' 4
B C. Livery and Feed Stables   *
j     Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and Bicycle Repairers ,
McLaughlin Carriages and Deering Implements lor Sale *
CRANBROOK,   B.   C. \
Barn Phone 40 \\
Shop Phone 50
P.O.Box 144
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any lime.    We are ou deck 25 hours
oul of lhe 21
4   P. BURNS & COMPANY   ut 1
i_PM*1-                            .
Wholcmle ind Melal.
Fresh and Cured Meats
Presh   Fish,   Game  and
■Ve supply only Ihe best.    Vour
Irade la solicited
Harkel. In all the principal towal
In British Columbia
•»MjMt»ia>«t«M>am —————————
————«>——— ——————
li-,-. tii n ilil'.* th ■ re3.ili.ii_sof Kni K ni,may thnt ho hns 1
iul.lu.lii MINERAL WATER FACTORY to liis oslnb.
listim.nt nml would i-onlinllv -illicit nny rusidont nr traveler to call or guild tor il sniiipli' nnli'r (particularly hy tho
tn. lo) ami gutir.ii.tco8 hit. goo Is Btiporior to any in tin' (lis
trict, Tin- public nn; reap ictfully roquosted to visit us mnl
sample the goods at the factory.
———— ——■——■■—■——
IF YOU WANT        |
clothing that is "Gilt Edge" in name, \
"Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in
make call and see the new stock of Ready
made clothing just received.     All Union
*****************4444* *************** *******
XcnNnfl Business
I30U8C8 of Atones*
vi I le   c be Smelter Cite...
Marysvlllo   linn
,-. ml., horown
Th.' town in,., has
a |„<i'i,i.-in,nl |jay
roll Th,* Herald
can heartily t-n
dorse tho following
business houses:
The leading h u-
Iel in  thc SI.
1 Central Hotel
J3 Dining Room service lhe best.
JS The place tu slop when visiting lhe Smeller City
The Royal Hotel
A. P. Chenette Proprietor
Has been recently refurnished and is now one of
thc best hotels in the district.   Headquarters for
the people.
Marysville Drug Go.
We carry a complete stock of everything in the
Drug and Stationery line. No need to send away
for your goods.
Rambling  Reveries
Almost any man con say u.
('.in Bay,   Bain, go to bed; '
Hm ho., rmtft) can enforce it,
tthv.i a InUc .owe) bead
I'l-iks lus iii-.i.i up ,,uit ol sideways
In a way we ckwMfo] know.
Attd   Mix   lull   .1   Midi.',   hall  iCHMll.
"i'.ip.i. mc don'l  'mil- io doe."
Uui pleads   "Me atoi'l sleepy, papa,
Mc don't   'afils io doe to l»"l "
Ami vou see Un- curls a-tumble
on a hull' baby bead;
Vnd ion look up .it lus mothei
tu .i <li-picc,iiiiiu way,
Vmi \ou Imlc hi'hui-,1 \iiin  papei,
\inj nm l.i ih.' luliv pla)
Yea, mot t anvone cm say It,
('.Ul   Hay.   "Ihxhy ,   no   ii.   Ii'il
Itm  imw man) (.in enforre it,
nn.-ii a Utile Umstri lumi
SayK   "lrn busy imw a-playiu',"
Utn-.|«*i-'  .on    ■ |i,i,'i  papa know''
Sn\s. "I'm sli-cpv, p.i|M,
PliMilitiii    U ilou'l  'ant  tu due."
ll w< .in uii.,i w.< m,i\ iii earnest,
wi- need not mourn it wc work na
Rival noil, on ilie .-.mli lo help
Uie growth ol a UiourW ihai atrua
n.i-. low.u.l Un- light: tii linisli wilii
l'1-iillc Ii.iii.I   Un< i-.tilli-.l.iii. Iiiiiii    Uii
Wlllll-   lil   ..III'      MIoUlllOp—illdl   I Ill
To a pure, Miisih\c, ami alta Hon
ale initnl, r\i-l\ ail ol iin.iniu fault,
iii dea-litiff in cnuilciiiii.ilion, ti an
aci ol pain li is onlj when wr
have liecomu callous lo tbe world,
ami strangers lo aiiitiinenls ol com-
jiassii.n.i'ic low, thai hi- are able to
pla) wllli unconcern tne parts ot
perweutors ami slanderers, and that
we can derive any pleasure (nun
maltgu-H}  ami revenge,     lie who   is
the first   lo    (Miitletnii,   will   he   often
ihe hsi to forgive,
(Ind made ihc man for the woman,
and the woman foi tin- man. Each
is Incomplete with mi the other. In
oui experience even those who havi
llial litil   iliditieietil'ly   will  liave ileeol
oped complctci and nobler clwraeler*
Ui.ui those who have rciualned single.
Marriage teaches both llie man ami
woman tolerance, patience, tenderness, ll lulls llu- pas'-inns and slim
ulaics the Intelligence. When then
arc children ihc noblest virtues am-
asp rations are aroused. Father ami
mother are united in the desire lo do
their utmost tor the helpless Utah
ones wlm depend upon then
er, uml make i
and bCAUtlftll fi
There arc certain men no woman
should dare in many, sin- would
imi dare la man v n man she docs
not love, mi matter how exemplar)
his character ami Imw attractive his
.Mink account. Happiness in marriage is first and forcmosl dependent
upon the Individual and his powei
of not simply respect, Inn tbe deepest and completes! devotion. The
man who would make une woman
illvinciJ   happy     would make aiiotli
li'fl' In-sli nnil .mil,.
UT EXISTS   IS TO IIOM   ill*', TR, ,"'""''' ','''"    '■* Partnership
"! i-ti.I.ili-        >-\l-t N, _' M-I W.-l-ll ill,-
»KT MS DEATH imA-relR.     Kobe*     Johns, n     and
1'aul      llandli-v.  as hotel   kif|H |        in
the iuiui oi Marysville, under the
firm name ... Uoliii i Johnson, has
Uns day been dissolved I.v mutual
consent Tlie business in future will
be anii.il on hy the said Paul Handle) in Ins own name, who*assume* all
Ui«- liabilities ol the said partnership and io whom all debts due and
owitu io ihr -..ml partnership shall
be paid
Dated this 7ili daj ol  \pril, A. D
Fernie Free Press —Berl Palili a
man ol 15 yeai - ol age. was lound
dead in thv -iiniiii..-. about a bun
drecl    yards     behind' the  Elk hotel,
Elko, i»u    Monda)   aftei n        The
cans.' ,,| ;j,,- tiiai      ' ihroudid
in niysterj  too deeji Ioi the curonei s
hrauesl   '.. dissolve, and lbe
will    probably    remain      i  mvstery
There   are   indications ol
although ii..i   Un* slightc*-!   motive is
Tin- bod)   uas found by a coi i. who
pawing through tlie nlirubben uu u..
iMiti   noticed the l-'h  |j ii .-.
its   i.n•■ in*.-!  lo       the .!''
were  iH»tilh*d  mh!  t*-»n (able    Drum
uioml .md   Curonei    11
li'.wn on ih ■    ii   \   evi ni]..     ■ lain
Tbe   einuiii -ii.iiii e«   were   s illicit utlj
•.iispuious lo wai rani an inque
Di   Hi-.'i:     wa    ■ ummoiml In   in.il.."
.in c\.uiu' i:
Tlie docloi  found lb I ....   ■ I
■ '.uiu'  to In-   dealt) In   lure   ol
th.- vei tchrac      Su ttiu i - lii il ■ ■
nt an) k ml wen r mn I o lh bodj lo
in.in ale \ ioIcmt The hmlj wai
I) ing .,iiisii,.i.-:, il '.     ptl   'I'.iiii.l
w iih  the la-ad Itlghei   than  the   Iwl
III I     bad    fluwi I frei Ij     ftinn lbe
no .* Some ul thin    li it ineklcd
lownwanls, lui lbe ppculiai (hliiR
was   that   some III I  liiit  run     lhe
►thfl waj ovei lhe furrheail ami lo
■he lop ol Ibe h.'.i'l The IhkIv was
in a natural posilii n uol iTseiiiblinn
■hat often assumwl iu ., dealli si i lie-
The   ImjUPSt    lilnil.1.1   out   Illtlr    ad
[ith ii.il iufoiiiiat'on though sevcrnJ
witnesses weie examined, Deceased
'tad hunk considerable liquor "i, lhe
preceding Friday oi Saturdav, but
on Sundai tie was com pa rati vei j
toltet. [le disappeared mi Sundav,
io one knew wliere tn h,,w an I thai
.vas the last seen of him alive Tin-
loclor gave ii as bis opinion thai
•he man had been dead al least 21
nuns when be saw him on Tuesday
noriiing. A u-ii tlollai bill wn*
found in his clollies, sn ihal rohherv
was not the motive if Patch mel
'oul play. None ol those who gave
■\iili uce l,m-w of anv enemies ihal
leciMScd  bad.  ami    could ascnl.e     lln
- iv>* I, i   Ui*  .I-i   tlieorv      Tb.'
(foiiml was a Mill, billy where lbe
ioiIv was f .iiiui ami Hn* doctor said
i was possible Unu a fall mlglil
have caused the r.ii.iliiv, though it
was strange thai such a fall would
leave no mark
The jure, of which \h Win .1
Trethiiw.iy was foreman, brought in
in open wi hid. Ui.ii Uie deceased
Bert Patch nun.' I i bis death between the I is i.f Hi .-, m , April 22,
iml I p.m., April 28. Place of death
Rerl Patch had been cmphiynl bv
P. McComiell building his new holel
it Havnes. Ihs father is a well-lo-
lo eotrlractoi al Fort William. Out,
The Iai let was communicated Willi
iv wire and Instructions were sent to
bury Hi.- bodv here ami to forward
particulars nl his son's death. The
both was buried al Elko mi U'edncs-
,ible, 'because she is not lii-s
male, and the good Lord nevet
ment h.r to dwell uiili bim      '.'licit
musl Ih? tba-1 congeitiaUtv, Hmt sym
pat by, Uiat inexpressible something
thai'men call low, Ui.ii accepts iis
male altogether, ignoring all faults.
bearing all things, liellevlng all
tbings, Imiiin,; all things, enduring all
tbliigs, never f-ailiin: in tenderness
and lovnlty even though Uie wltole
wot'M should turn agu Insi the beloved one. Such a love is worth
waiiiiii: foi nnd worth livhtg for
To most women Hieic is nol much
else in ilie world worth living for—
and to most men also, since it is the
uulv sure basis for permanent happiness.
No mailer Ihiw iniieb n woman m.u
Hunk she loves him, site should nol
date to manv a dissipated man
Tin.' love is rooted and grounded in
rcspcol A woman may pit) profound!) a man ol weak cii.uactei, Inn
she cannol love lum. VU\ i^ so
akin to love tlmt women an* deceived
h\ il iulo iih' Mtei Unit il is a real
devotion Mm ll mil tml lasi Ii
is no proper loumtation im tin1 married siaii- The more intim.ue youi
relations wnb a dissipated man. the
mure worthless lie seems. He is
tike a rot-ten branch Uuu the first
wlml will sweep to Uh* ground. Tliere
i^ no dependence upon liim, no plea-
s  in b m, no Hue love ioi lum.
In Dr.'   bogftimiiw ol   the Bible wc
im,i a new    wot Id      "in  ibe beginning Clod creeled the hoavehs and Ibe
earth."      At  the end ol Uio    Bible
WO tiiul a new   world,   "I  saw   a    new
heaven ami a new earth."
Ai lbe beginning we find Satan
io -deceive and destroy.     At Hn end
we   find     blm     "'hound   ami   cast   uui
ibat be sitould deceive the nations nn
A i ihc begin ning sin and pain ami
sorrowing and sighing and uoat-li find
rutiaiicc hi ibe world At Hie end
Hreic shall be tm nunc pain tun sorrowing noi sighing, and no more
.let Hi
\i ihc beginning (he earlli hu
man's ItatHMivsslon is cursecl with
ill,.in, and III lul les        M  tbe     end
Hi.-iv shall he un m  cuisc   Iiul   I hi*
(home ol Hod and  Hie l.amb shall  he
in  it
At ihc beginning we find lho   I	
ol life iii I'aiadisc, from which the
Kinni'i  is    shut   nwny by a Ham lug
sum.I lest lie eal and life foivici
At lhc end we find Hie lice uf llh
again "In ibe mnlsl of Hie Paradise
ui (hhl" and Hn- blessed bloodwiished
ones have right lo lhe tree of life
and "eiilcr in ihioiii_,h Ibe gales inlu
Ihe city."
At lite Iteglnnlng man was brought
beneath Hie dominion uf death ami
grave, Al the end "lhc dead, small
ami greal. shall stand Iteforc God-
Hie -sea gives up her dead, ami death
ninl hell are destroyed In the lake ol
At the lioginning tbe first Adam
lost bis dominion over the earth ami
was driven nut of tbe Garden nf Eden
in shame ami sorrow. At tlie end
we find tlie second Adam victorious
over sin nml death and Ml, enthroned as King ami Lorn* of all
ami reigning in triumph and glory
We give ynu the almve wonderful
collection of gems of truth tn write
in your mnv "Inter-lcafe-d" Bible uud
un the tablets of your heart, and
truly as they find entrance inlo vour
soul tbey must bring you verv near
to tire Kingdom.
The path is easy that i.s paved with
THAT    TOWN      IS     MAIM.   TIIK
capital in*' tin-: ki*:i;mk
l*',,r Borne iimi' lire growth ,,( Imsl-
iu's>, lus niaili' ilu- ih',-,1 ,,( ,i illvi-ion
,lf   ll,,'  S'lVi'llHlli'llI   llllsill,'*..*.  il,    Snulll
Kiisi KooU'Du-y iiii|i,*t*,ii,i,*, ,iu,l „t
lasl (Ills Im-. luii, n.coni|illsli.il     An
,'i-ilfi  in ii i*il Ims l„,*n iiass.il a|i-
]i,,iiii,.l i'lu,-i .1 II. MeMullin Kov.rn-
ini-ni igoiil ,.l llinl ilislrlcl, nnil tli.
iii-.li'i  w,ni  mi,, ,.|l,*,*i  Insi Turnlar.
llii'    I'Vllii
Imv. lmil
Imw Um...
,*\pv,*li.,l     li;
llu- Billllu lilll
lll.il   llii*.     I.l __-.li t
■ lul. Ist.     II.  wns ,,
ii.'ikiim   hard  to     h
■■,>,»,,-i ,ui,l Umi li,. Ims  ii so  sue-
iv-ful  is I..■!_..-1v   ilu.  lo Ins cn.rgy
•unl ins iniiiuiin ,*il,,im. li was
IMiiiiul.irli ilcsirou.-. Uml  'he aswicj
that llu* money ii|i|m,|,iiiii,-il to the
I'Vinii' ,lisin,*t migiii he s|„.iu In* our
"Wll iigi'nl
Iii tin* s,-l,-,-ii„u ot Ml tlrtlllllin ns
Rovernmeiti agent, llie governmenl
Ims muilo .i i,.i|,|,i rl,,,!,*,* lie is a
unin imiii'is.illi inspected, u man ol
niili- ,'\|it-]*ii-,u*»- .mil „ man lllorougll-
li  eapalilc ,if assitming (he Iteavv
-|i,.nsflMl,ii,-s ,,!  tlm     iuij„,il„i[t  |ii,si-
11, '11
for Hie pri'si iii Mi MeMullin will
,■.iiiiinu,- i,, iill  ihc posllion ol Chiel
." -1.11,1.- ol Hie illslrlct, an.l   proh-
al.lv I'liii't I.iinise Insp.'elol as well.
Mr   Armstrong uill als., eonlinuo   in
he    assislanl    gold  riuillnlssionei   anil
assistant   lumi commissioner for   the
KiTllii. .list I iri foi a sliorl time.
These matins uill gradually Ire ,nl-
nisl,*,l The   taking   OVIM   III     ihese
commissi..its    will   ciilail    .,  Iol   ,,f
llnlk No     vole   for     Hi,*      Feline
iiLCi-ni-i ivas passed at llu- ivi-cnt ses-
smn. hul an ml,In mini! Mull will lie
taken limn th,* ,'nni in nun  iu.i,I an.l
ll,l.l,.,l In lln- chid i,in.l.llli,*"-. sulaiv
Ml Mmllllllili has rccell'lll lhe nee-
ess.l.l Itnnlis, ills! I uri inns, ,-t«-.,
In,in Iiii- ...ii-immiil. .mil IV. .1.
(Inepel.   ...speelnl     ol   nil,,,-.   ,s      rl-
pei'le.1 here t,, gel tin* new olDeo
uu lei uai Mi MeMullin has nnl
iel ileei,l,',l In,u lie iiiii arrange lot*
nllnr i  Ii  is iv| il   how
ever, llial lhe ell. mil i.ieale lhe
nhl     I,milium      111   lh'*     Iii .1   "I     Ihe
iii,,n*l .m.l ih.. ' nm liniiiii..- Mill
iiiiii he  m.l hi ih,* provincial ulnl*.
il    II   Tlm
liuiui'    .li,h|,s,„
I'     M.U I'
Sun  .lays all.-, ilalc I int-nul   to
appll   I.,  il„-  Chiel  .'nminissini,,-.   ,,i
I..,ids ami Works .ii   \ ni.„i.i   ll r
fot    petnil    inn    ,n   pun-hiisr   lhe     [,,|.
Iintlng lands m   Soulh  Ku»l  Koote
IMI.    II     I'
Ciillllni'li, ,liu   ,,'    a    |„,*.l    plant,-,l   ,.l
lie-   V     K    in,n'l   nl   Inl    _.lliK.   g p
I. Him,,-,- tu-e.it) i-h.tms wesl, 'I,,-in,
Iwenlv     .hams   in,uh. lli,-in.- imn
chains     west,     thenc.   suti oltatn's
 He   tlicticc    sun    drains easl
il„i„*,* I.,in  chains    suuih. ii,,-.,,-,.
slxly chains easl, ili.-iue Imn i-liain-
snuth.   ihence sun    cliahis  »,si   t,,
pliH-e  of    eui,.u.eiiei>,m-i,l,     coutailllllJ
i.in aires, more oi less
■ lolm K. Ail.uns, Locator
Dated April  17th,  IHOU ,-,-.-,i
And a Union Made Cigar
'Kurtz's Own"
"Kurtz's Pioneers"
"Spanish Blossoms"
Voll finish nne wilh  regret  and   he
iin um,ihei* with pleasure.
Ear sale hy all good dealers
Manufactured    By
Kurtz's Pioneer Citfar
140 CORDOVA Si. Wist
VANCOUVER,    -    B.   C.
City Scavenger!
The City Council     %
have appointed     %
Kill!   HRHAKINCI    I III,.
Nelson. II tl., April J.. -R, .1
ilolmosra, alias Vi. I'. I,mm uhu was
li'lll....lli-<i a Week a-go, i'all„* ll|l fill'
selilenee     1,,-t       Ma_lslr.il,*   Cri-asc
yesiei-ilai, un charges ,.i hreaklng
gaol ami uf having a wenlmll in his
possession, in liuih oi whicli he had
pleaded  gililly.
The magislraie senleiiciii him to
iwo years' imprisonment f,,i the escape and three months lur carrying a
weiipi.n. The sentences uill he served
in lhe provincial penrlenlinry al
New Westminster.
Cnnslalile ('. W. Young uill leave
Ior lho coasl .villi Delaney this
i ning-
! R. Stewart f
* x
X the official scavenger-|-
% of the city of Cran- X
•'• brook.    Parties   hav- *!*
X X.
... ing closets  to clean, .[.
*i. refuse matter to haul *:*
A X.
•j. to    the   City    dump •{•
X grounds should leave X.
•j. orders with him. The ;{•
S city must be cleaned. X
A Address Ilnv 105. ''•
*.* •*•
Isociinv and   """"Tj'McVittie & Laidlaw.
!     professional cards I       Mining Engineers
"■i^^"»«"^«"»«**«i«».        ami Surveyors.
MNiunib oi  pyioias TU0S .,. McVITTIE ,, L
Cranhrnnk.   If.  C
Meets every Tuesdav al s p. m. ai
New Fraternity Ilall.
J. A. Arnold, K.I! s
George Thompson, t'.v.
visiting   bieiliieii   cordially 'unu-n
to attend,
srinhrmik  Local Ini.m  12,1 „f thc United
Hrolhcrhuad ut .nrpi-nurs till Jtiincrs
of America.
meetings c.rry Thursday evening ai
1- O. IJ. T. hall, OUT I'aliunli* |liu„
Yisiiing brethren cordially lavltod
l-'.d Vii.ii, Edward Koute,   i
_ ltee.-.s,c. President
^  i.o.o.l.    kt. CU) Ledfi
No. 1ii   Meets every
Monday    night    ai
New      1' 1 ..trim l v     Ilall.        Sujniii...
ii.( Oddfellows cordially Invited
■"'■ ll   McKay M. D. Utllines
N. O. sec'y.      '
Cranbrooi. Lodfe, n„. j
A. P, 4 A. M.
11,-giilar meetings un
the third Thui.sdjy
oi every month,
Visiting hrett. cn welcomed.
S.  II.  Hosklns, Sec'y
M. A. Ileal,-, u. m.
F.   0.   li.
Meol    in    I'atmoro     li.ill    ev.-n
('. Ross Talo, W. I'.
A. M. Iilaek, W. Sec'y.
Vlslllng brothers cordially Invited.
Meel in ll ni I. I* Hall lul ....
Ml. Saturday each month.
Visllltig brethren always welcom
'I'   llnttei, Jas.  I.   Larrigan,
W. M. sec'y.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Hatell Block Cranbrouk. It C
KAST, .iu Porl Arthur In
Vii. Sim Lino tn
St. Paul, Mluncaplis
}      C. H, DUNBAR       j
S   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    .
| Public, Etc. j
|   Cranbrook,    -    •    11. C.   J
drs. kino & mum.
Physicians and Surgeons
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave
Forenoons - • • • 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - - . 1.30 to 3.liu
Evening. 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK ::    :;    ::    ::    B. C
I to 12 a.m.
1 to   8 p.m.
7 to   8 p.u..
Oflice and residence on Armstrong tv.
• to 12 a.m,
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 a.m.
Office In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specially
••••• — •••••s-m-.-H*
First-class Work by Experi-  *
cn-ed   Hands. "
The Cranbrook Hotel    *
Facial Massage a Specialty   |
T. E, SOUTH,   Proo'r. 1
{ is now incited in its comfort-
■ able and attractive new quar-
" ' *■- '-i tin* Manitoba Hotel.
™   *
i    I lus institution is iust up-to-
j date and is modernly equipped
J to do iust the best work in all
.  branches ol
4 .i .'i.ii.ii.n.ii.11,
W. li.  BKATTY,
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
«"e Bay ani S;ll on   C.-nriission
WANTED:-Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynnc &
connecting witli LIMITED THA INS
(Inly 1
St. Paul to Chicago
If you require any hired help, eil tier iiniie or female, write to us. Our
charges are reasonable.
Employment,     real   estate,   insurance and commission agents.
IMI Wetaskiwin, Alberta.
Daily Tourist Sleepers
Kast Dim more Junction
New S, S. EMPRESS BRITAIN j ^ .i^iunniio imm Mnj-oolc, X
11500 Tons. 570 feet long       j f «>iitohiiu(. SDlju-rcs; IIU ucros j
| farm for Sale |
Situiiti.,l mi tin* Kootenay
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & kockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
Si.oo   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
*■* ••••••«.*••«••*••• + • ♦ ♦*•♦*'*)
Cranbrook Sash    \
and Door Factory i
.All kirn lb of tiuibli work in
way ot doors, windows, trim,
aiiiim, I'tr. Kiln drilli lumber
fur inside work. Our wurk is
guamutoetl ami uur prices are
b;i! isf.'ictiiry.     Sm-t'ii    doors
Rough and Dressed Lumber
For Sale
*:) bottom laml; 50 ucreB mulor X
I •'# cultivation; now 'l-rocmi mod- «&
y em cottnge,    Also .15 heud *j]
! X of rattl" iimi five horses, witli X
For Full  [Mirticulars apply to local •{* all farm implements. y
auonts or write IX .. ,■    , ■   , %
• Y For particulars apply to X
G. H. HILLIER, Agt. Cranbrook |   ^ ^ ^ „ £ |
.1, s. CAiiTi-m,      k. .i. covle, .;. *
U.I*.A., Nelson.   A O.I'.A. V'alieuuver   *g*^*.*>»t-*K--H*'";--!-->-K"i-<''.K"Ml
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calgary Butcher Snap
Geo. B. Powell, Proprietor
For inch eln>« work in dyeing,
French llrv Cleaning a Specialty
We do llll km,I- i.l hillier' w.nt THE   < UAMtltOOK    1IEKAU>
lt> tiit- Herald   Publishing Company,
1..1,1,-1 and UaMcer.
Tbe IleuM i   worifa iiu a year. II
Cu •-'- oul) im No mail in Soutli
Kurt Kootenay cm afford to lit* without It, .unl i-\.-i>.>m- UviUfi tint Mile ul
Mu- ih m.i, who is interested m Uiu
in....!. n| tins M*rii..ii, should read
ii h i.'iiiii dies ili>- news while a i>
news. Ii is limn.died absolutely hj
i :..■ publbhci s. No clique, pai ij "i
individual dielates Us policy. ' It
il-.u'i try tu ph-ast thr people It's
desiie i- to ptH-disli .1 new ;papei tliat
\.ill tir a credit in the community,
Stud in youi subscription ami you
will l»e thankful evei afterward
VdverUslng rates *i pei inch, pui
in.mi li, im (lion* and no less.
Heading mattei   IS   cents per   Hnv
io noii-iidveili i'i     1" cents pi t   '	
u» regular ioti
It v.-it lies l<   to iim.-Ii llie peuple Of
Si.uili Kusi Koolenay ysu must ad
verllse in  I'he Ilernlil
The Herald lint o tlrsl-HaRR jol
planl and [ts work is ol thc lies!
The Herald don'l veanl charily, ll
waal .1 square deal on your job
work H wc imn'i mui vi.ii m qual-
Itj .iiul price, kick an l send v.mi
work in si nm- Cheap John house in
ihe east ihai nevei spend* a eenl in
1,000 zv Week
Tlila is the giinrnntocil circulation ol .lie llorulil
tim, li. t* njieii tn Inveatiga*
tini, I.y .ilvortitfeni al uny
Tin, Ilernlil gives a ilollnr
in I'lilnolni a ilolliir In money, TI.ua.lvertl_orl.aa llie
,i,,l,t I., l.iimv ivlnil  I..*  i-
roeelviug   for  hie y.
Tlio Ilernlil if ono |.u|ior
that eonrtii [nvoHlitigntioi.,
work r»i paring anl trimming was
completed, Uuv discussed it in •■■
most careful and conservative man-!
nei and then adopted it v*uu a leel-
ing Utai thev wen* doing wbal was
besl f.»i ibe interest" '*f «*»<■ «'">'
li must be borne in mind thai  Mr
Jones   living    wul. others i«-
street, lus as mueh rigbi toi -.ii.vt
improvements (or the laxw thai  he
[lays, as Mi. UlOWU. who may live
ii, aootfaei part ol ihv city and gets
a    sidewalk And a walk    to b-»Ui
places is ,, general benefit to all who
Imv,. occasion to ro to ihat pari of
lhe loan And this phase o|     the
liliesl imi   musl   b>*  taken   iulo  COnsUI
era in ni by the council iu outlining
I'lie improvements to he made.
Again, it musl be understood hv
th.- people ihai it is really immatei
iai i.i the council as individuals
wii.-ih.'t Un- by-laws are adopted oi
not. They are simply acting Ioi the
people, and in doing so they nave
us.ti Uieh bwri judgment. They are
ti .i  acting un  iheinsotves.     If    the
people su. In Ihei: votes lhat ihev
don'l WUUl lhe sidewalks built, thai
settles ii so f^t as ihe council is
eoncei nod.
\s to tho objection nf those who
huve   lmil: a   sill,-walk     in froni ol
Hi.*li plan-, Ihere is not mueh to
mm Then*     are     many    men      u
Cianbrook io--d.iv, especially among
Hie old tinier, who liave horn $'J."i to
Unu invested in sidewalks ovei lhe
city, and Ihej arc making no kick
whatever. The man who has a hoilli
Ihal is assessed al $1,01111, would
have-to pay only $1,110 a year for Ins
rc oi ihe iax, wliercas, it the
by law ..iris, and Uie majority on liis
street ask for a new sidewalk, Hn-
council will 'have lo borrow the
money to build one half of il, t-he in
terost and sinking fund to lie met bv
t'Vlra taxation, which this same
individual Will liave to pay, -and in
aiMiih.f) to I'lia I he will liave t-o paj
his share of Ute oilier lmil of the
tsisi of Hh' Walk direct and at lh
Taking! overytWng Into considera-
lion, -tliere is really no valid objection ■ to iii,* Improvement by-law,
aside from ilie ohji-clion Uial soini
arc urging for other reasons ihan tlu
besl inicresis of Hie cily, and tin
Herald believes thai wlien tllQRO win
arc objecting lo-day have gtfyen tin
matt-ei hinder sl-iKiy, Iluy will join
Un- ranks i>f ihe ureal majority win
arc going to vote for all three    by
laws aird llie lies! Interests ol tin
This is ihe time for lhc people to
say whellrer they propose to ri
ahead ut drift Willi Uie lido, I
tbey stall to drifting, II will not b<
long before fl.flfffl proper! v will In
worth only half ihal much. Sew
Monday C'ron-brook will expeel c
properly holder in do his duty.
The Ilernlil  will he found on *
sale at the following places:
Marysville, Marysville Drug Slore X
' Wardner, (i Donahue's Store        ▼
Moyie. S. K. Harvlfi'fl Drug Slore ♦
i Kyan, R. P, Hnlay X
X Fcrnie. I'nrdy's Hunk Store
0 i;i(.n, Holbrook'a Hunk Slore
♦ Cranbrouk.   Ikallie  & AlchisonV £
X nnd C. E. Keid & Cu. s X
TIIK I." \\   ti, LAWS
li j-. quite evident llml Ihere will
lie in. serious opposition In lhc loan
In-law providing foi the public build-
iilg, ... tin- une providing Ior the
purchase id lhe fire department ci|illp-
lin-lil. This i- well and shows thai
on iln-se   two   propositions, anyway,
the   people   ll.Ue   lukcn   II   good      WJIU-
iium-seuse view ol the matter.
llui ii is said ih.ii il„-ii' is a
growing sen ii men I against ihe bylaw providing foi lhu borrowing of
$10,0110    ior     siieei    Improvements,
whieh   means  i-hiellv   tlie const motion
01 Mil. walks, with some needed sued
grading. Tin* chief objection, so far
-is ilu- Herald is informed, is on ac-
eoiiui of ihe amount more than any
principle  involved, although  Ihere Is
,i  sllghl   ol -non mi  the pari  of a
f. h ,i4 those who Imve Imiii sidewalk-.
in frou' uf theii premises io being
laxisl For nnothei wall,, claiming
thai Mie walk for which thev have
paid should belong lo ihem, and Ihal
if the eity lakes ilns walk without
recompensing the owner, it is nothing mole or less than confiscation of
Tin' Herald desires to take up
these two points and discuss them iu
.i fall and honest manner. Tins
paper Ims only one object in view
in uplioldlng or condemning any
proposition presented hv the city
coijiiefl, ami Uui objeel is ihe best
Interests of Crnnb k The Herald's record foi the past eight years1
ml'iih's n I., make t-'us statement
This pnper would coiisidei measures,
not men. The indlvWhinllly nf 111 If
man oi   llml  iu.ui wlm is supporting
oi   i- Icumlng  Ihe bj -law has noth*
inn whatever In do with tlio nues-
ii< it Ii ihe Herald's worsl enemy
was Kupporllng lhe In law, mid thi1
Herald believed tlml it was i.n Uie
good ..I Cranbiook, tl would rcI Hie
enthusiastic support ol this pnpei
H.-rs    lhe    town        need    slleel       1111-
lirovemintf In the way of sidewalks
grading, etc ■
This question would lie answered hy
everv one in itn- ntl.rm.itIve
If llml Is the ease, then il is only
a question as in imw mueh Improvement shnuld th.* council make. And
llml Is nm an east question lo
niiswci when such Improvpinen-l is to
l.e paid for liy .i general tax. The
memliei ol the council found this
out while Ihev were debating tlu1
proposition. The mailer was discussed in ,iii of iis details, the foin-
mil'lee weal ovei  lhe eltj anil viewed
Hm s K,    weighing carefully    Hie
necessities in each ense. In fact
Hie committee gave as much time and
thought lo ilns matter as il they
were intending lo expend lhc money
mil of Hieir own piukels Then llie
whole   eoilllCil    tnnk     Up    the       until'!
.iml weiglrtil even polnl [or the
'benefit of the cin '.is n whole Thev
cul down where i'i wns possible iml
nol dein to .nn- one then rights as. a
taxpnper. Thej reduced where it
would not Interfere wllh the efficiency ol work ,c* a whole, and when Ihe
Premier Laurier has said  that   i
tweiiiii-i'h century  belonged  to    C
liada,  a'nd  the   events of   lhe    pa
vear would    lend to prove that   tin
premier was eminently right.
Mayor Schmilz, tlie labor mayor of
San Ftunelseo, has made uood, and
shown thai, wlien tlw emergency
arose he had the head to meet It in a
maimer that has won for liim world
wide renown.
When Mr. Ilawthornlhwalto lasl
visited Cranbrook ho was given
prettv warm reception by the labor
men of this section when he started
Into dec iv labor unions. And when
it eame 'lo answering questions li
found i'liad among Hie laboring men
nf ihis (listiiei there were men win
were readers and  Hunkers, and could
lint   he   tooled   ll V   So 100  of   llle   talk   lie
put up,
Marysville    will celebrate the 2-4Ih
of    May this year   and     Moyie will
probably celebrate the first of Jul.
The people of Cranbrook     will turn
out a big crowd io both places.
Rdmonlon won the capital. Tlw
was settled when Prank Oliver gol
through with the distribution of Hu
The Lord's Uay Alliance bill is on
ihat will place in the hands of every
naiTow-iniii'rfed man llie power l<
create all kiifds of trouble in Canada, unless some of ihe proviso \\i
an* modified. The man who has Icis
lire during tlte week to get. out in It
the woods, lo pi IMiing or hunting
lo ride or Indulge in any kind of
sport, has lildle/orno sympathy vvith
Uu- man who works nine, ten oi
eleven hours a day all week and
wants In dn those same things on
Sunday Ami yet ihe hard working
man has as much right to the beau
lies of nature and {toil's handiwork
as ibe man more fortunately sltualed
wlm can enjoy them as he will, Tills
is aifunny world, wiih a lot of peeu
■JInr people.
There is a lot of stir about tin
Norih Atlantic Trading company, and
to I'Iionc who have not been In n position to learn the facts, it seems
a Mule mixed. The Liberals are
feeling good over tlm fact that tlie
Conservatives were paying big money
out io parties Interested in bring imi
immigrants lo this country, and also
Ihal  prior io Iftflrj there were    Con-
ivaiives nvlred up In some of the
land deals nf llial day. That mav
have hii-n the case, in fact nn doubl
tml that it was, but Unit is no argument in Hie defence of the Noi I b
VMnntlt! Trading comjmny, if Mich
deals wiih Hie govornmenl were noi
- ii    lhe square. In  these matters
Ihere is loo much polities and nol
enough of moral coinage. If there
has been something crooked iu the
deals, ihe Liberals uhmild have the
mallei probed to Hie bottom, and if
Liberals arc caught Iel them stand
ihe consequences. It was rotlfln-
ness more than anything else Hint
llioughl defeat upon the Cons?rva-
lives in 1811(1, and it is only bv fait.
honest administration ol Hie iieople'n
afiairs Unit He- Liberals will he able
to remain in power The Liberals
are representing the principles of
progress, the principles ihat will
keep ihem in power for years in
come, providing that tliey keep the
grafters out and play Mie game
square with ihe people, The leaders
should bring to iheir rescue all iheir
moral courage and demand honest y
ou Hie part of alt connected with the
government or a change. That is
the tt'ay i« make a party strong, antl
that is tlie Way to'add lo ttie
party 's prestige.
I'resi hut Roosevelt seems to have
gone off at half cock when tie announced thai ihere was no need of
contribution., for Hie San Francisco
KiifTerers from foreign countries, as
the .lulled States could take care of
her own In this matter. That sentiment  is all right, hut it does    not
♦ ♦ '" '"       " 9A
That is a natural question, one that appeals
to every man's ambition to look neat, natty
and up to just now in his mode of dress.
And yet if it is a
he has purchased, he will never ask that question after one look at the glass, for the mirror
tells the tale. There is a distinction about
the 20th Century brand of clothing that meets
thc approval of those who want things right.
This (act is recognized by the best dressed people in Canada,
because the best dressed people wear these clothes- Have you
noticed the suit that looks all right the first Sunday it is worn,
and bedraggled alter the first .shower. That is due to the
making. Cloth that is not properly shrunk, that is not properly
cut, can be ironed into shape to look all right until subjected to
dampness. THE 20th CENTURY CLOTHING will stand
all tests. There is an army of men in Southeast Kootenay
wearine these suits and they remain our customers for the best
reason iu the world, they get the dollar value in spending the
money here. J* c* .-* Jt Vic Rollins was too busy to pose for
our artist this week.
lit in uiili ilu* i*i'i„»ris i*,»iuiii|i fii,iii!ilisli,.n,.,si t.ilM-rul is a worse enemy
Si.li Francisco a;, lo the alarm lieini. to Mie iniriv than an in,nest Cnnsi-r-
1,'lt nver Uu* iI,ii'*,i..iii.,I f.in,in,.,     ft votive.
tlie people ii,*,'.l .iiii lin-i* slioulil li,,.*,* 	
It, ■■■heMier II emiios Irum n   lorelgn     -,-,  ,      liusi,,™.   is   growing
coiinlry or nol.       lie various mnv.- ,„.,,,,       ,       ,,,,,„ ,   ,,„, c.,,jl.(    -.
ments In laise lnmls in L'nnailii I'n"'* ,i,.si|,   |,„   inig ,ns
I.i-i-.i lilninjiii'il In   ■ ,—' ,' '  I
I   ninl   I'ivsilll'lil    Unnsevrll      sllOtllll
Iiiiii. I,.| Hie peuple Imve llieli n.ii
iusiiMil ,,f slopping giwii work nf tills
kind liy sui'li nu nilii-int ilccla.'a*t'loi..
Mlilivnj. is i-viilmtly gi'llins I,, l„*
a tough place, judging frnm the vai-
iou& ii-pniis of crime tlml final in
luun  Hint   limn.
There is u ru r iloatlng around i
Hi,. elTecl llial llu* |„,li,*,* force nl
Cranhrook is in Ire Increased in tlirei
uu*...    Tliere is ns much neon ,,' 'in*,
pnlicenieti iu    t'raiilirnnk ns ill  i*
fnr mn* dng Hn,nui,- in ll.tve iwi
I'ranlirn.ik s-lmiilil have n new hull
Tiie town is large cnniinh imw fm ■'
linil llinl would iiu-ci ihc require.
incnls nf a growing place,
Vole fnr ll,,* loan by-laws mid hold
iiii Hi,' liiiuls ,,f the council in their
good wmk.
Sniui* people lulk us if lliis money
tlml ilu* council is asking for is fm*
ilie hciiefit ,,f ilu- council, on lhe
contrary, exceni ns liim woiild like
In see lhe cilv progress, Hie resuli
,.( Hi.- by-laws is nothing lo III.
members nl il„* munrll.     Tliey   can
s'lnnil   II   if   111,'  | j. 1.- lull,   lull      lln*
hi laws lun,- been   prepared tor   Hull inhrlil nnl I,,' n hail Idea loi ihe
ilk   ..lllllllll.II      in   1*1,illlil,",I,    In      Ire
looked iin, before Imi wealliei sets
iu Th,. Hits of man) babies in ibis
luun depends upon llie perfeel eondi
lim,   i,l   lln* mill,   mill,
K II. Slielni. i, ulu, lias l,i*,*l, ii
li.nil    uiuii'i iiii   ii„* laboring man,
nnl nlm    irs   mn.le      i*  |,nsi ii.i I
■mcriflces do   I hell  good, h.i*.    been
e\*|ii*'l,'l      In*   .•(•role I .li nf
ll 'In liiumn ns ih.  IlevnlulIniml'l'
"   ' llnl    pari)      I iilinil.sin anil so-
iii iin nnl mil well Ingelher ev-
eepl  in llie lliin-h I'l.liiiiiln.i leglnla-
II,.*     lendelhlllp ..I   Mi.
l.owerv's e'nim uiini,* ,, scurrilous
11,nl, mi ,, I- k/iii ni Cinuliroiik in
is h.si issue Hi... mis uncalled lor.
Such ni-ilHrs is minim; lhc liberty
.[ Uu- press inn fm.
,i   bespeaks
per,,us    limes    for   Snulli   Kiisl
li you read lhc Herald you will always be n,'.vt.
Ihc     by-laws anil     Cran-
Mctlridc has mil ex|ilnlned
Tin' price „f drinks hove lreen raisin Tiitmiti)     I.m kv   it   wns  iu,i
(Hi-awn or Ihere miglli  lun,* In-i-n    a
ev,,l,il if.li
Mill. If   Mill
I Ill    111
i,.i  ., '.leek,
Tli,* li,*ral,l docs   believe in dishonest)'-in politics, ni) matter whal
parly is Involved. I.ei in, guilty
man escape, Mluwlil lie tlie sjiigan.
Ni'iiliei lias llie Herald any use lor
ibe political sycophants and rahii!
partisans nlm can never sec any
wrong in Hieir own party, li is men
nf suul. stamp who wnuld ruin lhe
purest pally on earth whenever Micy
gel Inlo power. The rabid partisan
is always au unsafe man. If lie is
mil dishonest himself, lie enn be lead
by tlmse who are dislioncs-l nn Hit*
plea of pol'ly priiif ami part.- prcs-
'i'he man who would try lo inject
party poliiics it. lliis. cilv campaign
slmiiiil   nu   an.l hung   ins    brail    in
All ,,i Western Oana.li. has joined iu
U.c boosting movement, and in con-
s„|iu'i„',' peopie in,iii iill over llie
iivili/,',1    world    an- being attracted
Tin' people "1 tins dishid wanl
.vork in commence on Hie bridge Dvor
ilu* si Mans rivet mm Instead of
delaying Die matter until Ihere is at.
Whal ue Haul is progress in I'lan-
bi',,,1.   al,,,,.;    sai,-   umi    leglllmale
' The lm* Insurance   i ponies lull,
"I raising i|.i> rales in gel even f.u*
Hi,' lusses al lire San |.'i,im*isi*n liie,
iiii'i alreiid. Imvo .1,,,,,- s„ i„ Pbllndel-
I'bia. Such ;i course is nothing
ii'""- Ihan lun,' faced rnblreiy. II
lbe rales on llaker sireel lu I'iuii-
lirnol, a.*.- raised an) in.,,*,* Ihere
Mill ban* i„ Ire a li..!,- punched in ll.e
sky In I.-I litem Uirough. Tliey lire
ii|i in a powder bouse limit now.
nf .Movie in taxes anil royalties, il is] No man con afford to turn tbe loan can he expeotet? A .veil balanced
up in ihai government iii give some- by-laws ilni.n, as ii is impossible fm* brain can sec tin. absurdity ol such
ibin^ back iu return. Tin- Leader iin* council to do anything wi.hoi.l bud managi-inem. Indivkluallly is
slmiiiil -in ailer Hie mailer, even il moneys Tin- Ilernlil editor has s.,1 uol always misleading*. In out Iny
ilu* government is L'onservutive.; oi ever)- meeting ami knows some-j wo have situ a woman appear at a
"Them Hut    keeps n-skiii' keeps g,*i-' thing oi 'In* nml. performed In-    Hie grand fuiiciinn looking lonesome for
i,,,-.-■ juiiiiiul iiii    ill.  by-laws.       I'lver.   a nasi, nib and a pile ,,f dirty linen,
  i.-.iiin.* Ims   liei-n carefully    weighed, an.I another bearing Hie stamp ni n
,, i     ,.     ,     i     ii     t      r every extra expense lias been dropped,  female mixologist.     We know    blue
Iloos     ilie   Liinlirnok    iioani    o.  al„i * if ,i„.  „,|„.,-a     were treaWng! Mood when wc sec it, and an clcvnt-
." 11 H   '"'°*k if tho"'oini'f.ill' on   «";', H""","»" .l"*1"""*'! ailairs, ihev ,sl uns,. ami    a lew rags, cau never
tlio shoulder- ni it few.
iiiied   before a Icgisln
Tlio Mikadn nl .lapaii lias m-nt Hie
'Frisco sulli'ieis .*!llll llllll, ami llie
merchants nf Japan     have sent    us
much   l e. Yet,   there are  hull
droils nf peoplo   starving at     homo.
,,  i  ,    , , .Charily is a beautiful     troll id liu-
II   is imI   Inn  l.,l,.  |„  ,„„,   n*.*  lllll  niunilv.  bul   lbe best    | -e In ptai-
  I" "''' "'cro   It fire ii is  at Immc    when lbe eomli-
Itons   arc  such   as  to  be  found   in
| -Inpalt at  the present   time.
if llie Norlli Atlantic Trading enm-
panv is rotten, go alter the men bni'k
I ii. If il is all right, come mil in
Hie open and     say   sn iu a  tiinniip
every extra expensi
ami '  ii   llu-  li lln
Willi Hieir min pel ^^^^
,*,,uld unl have lreen    more conser.-o-l mlslood   us.    The    writer suggesis
iii...    li is an easy mailer inr sume that    those persons nf   such empty
one wlm has nol     given ihe subject Invaginations pitch their tents   with
consideration, who lias nol gone inin the    Four   Hundred of     New York
ine   i linfltec   iii   Kilmniit'in last, Hie facts,  wlm perhaps is not   fully Cily, and nnt    waste    tlieir     time
week ili.it ihere was nn such a tiling I Informed upon tiie    mailer in oil nl among honest, intelligent pcopto vibn
us ;i beef    trust  in    Western Canada, j Us details. In decline     un Hie street don't   know     cnnllgli   In
Thai seiHes ii.    Cat sli mid know,     curncr Uial tlie council is asking fnr them.
  ton much money for streel  improve- C. Malterelromeagano,
The Calgary l.yc Opener is a tliom  {units.    The lact is llial the council  ^	
in Uie side of Hi.' C. 1'. II. ami   Uio   s not asking for  cent Ihdo mucb .H-H-H-f-H-H-l-W-I-H-I-H-I-l-
Conservative party   ol Alberta Uioso 1° make, the Improvcmctitsjhat   the. .....
days., because it continues to tell Hiel""	
Tbe    Nelson    Daily   News is    lour
nlil anil   Hit* paper lias reason
people   themselves  will  demand
if lbe by-law i.s defeated tlien all  of: +
Hie people cm say good-bye to street
Improvements,     because   tlie council
will be powerless t.i act without the
money, except lo borrow money    lor
At Alt V?fiSiXei^IsS ARAAA^Ai 'i
Id, ibe besl daily paper published
in _i town ibe si/.e of .Nelson on Hie
American conWneni. No matter
where events take place, if Uiere is
anything uf importance and nf exceptional interest In lhe peuple, a full
account will he found in Ihe next
morning's papei. Su line is this,
mi regularly dues it occur, thai
peuple bave eea.sed tu lllill vei at it,
Inn take 11 for granted thai it will
In- found in the News. .1. V. Dean
is iu be congratulate! un Hie enviable reputation llial this paper enjoys, and il is a mai ter nf regret
lh.it tliiaiieialh H has imt belli a
gmi-l sllieess. Tbe p.iipl.- ..I Nelsun
should hear in miml Hint Ihe best
ndveiliselnenl   Dial   lown   has   is    the I     In   lhe nbsei vnl s nf the Hernld
News, and the beneliis deihed    from   Insi  issue, we enjoyed     rending    n
Uial   paper,  timet  and Indirect,   fai , Item uf few words t
li.'i i
tired by a majority petition   and *\*
the petitioners will have lu pav the'
other half.
She Lumber::
Industry V ;;
Feinie Frco    Press:—Tho   firsl  log
will Ire cut at lhe Klk Lumber Co.'s
new   mill next   Monday.     About    i.
(The editor is m,l responsible   fori week later it is  expectd Ural    tbo
views expressed in this column.   Tin- mill   will he   ready   in    comm "
Herald is a forum   fnr Hie    people, operations    in earnest, though    Hm
uml ihose     iib„ bale anything     tnj gai« saw   will   mil be ready for    a
s.n. if-couched in lhe tight language, monlh.    The machinery is going   loll Iimi space iu this column,) goHier veiy   sallnlaotorlly    ami Hm
mill will be all Ibat was claimed loi
it —Hie mosl modern null In this part
of the country,
by ih,* I d ,,l   trade, 30, lull,
in uui othei ...n.i.ii/ii..1 >.i formed fm
llle  purposo  nl   hiillstitlll   III,'   InllN.
The   K,I sin  fu..sellalius   want    an
organ, oi  al   lensl   tliey Hunl,   that
tbey dn.     The truth is tliey want In
get  t'ogel'lier ami support   lbe paper  anolhei
ih,.y bine sn Ihal  lire publisher ..ill   Hon |>
li.u,- heard sueli ridiculous Uiing'
s.ii.l ulmiii Hie ".lass,"," and "sn
i-i.-ii" in Cranlirook Ihal nc hnvi
aiiiniMv been rude enough lo ln.li.lg.
in ., ten bi inii-rii iiiii.
Ulu n ihi* v.i i isiiiiu   npened up   n
iu youiK m.in, referring in
uuu man. usl,,,I lhe ques-
I I.ml,  il  lliis mu   uus in
Kernie   Kris- Press*-I.    ,1   Wilson.
I     siillii-ai.'i,       Minn.,      passed
li meaning, j through    Feinie    tin
ons        Viv] bis   way tn llie
Ml    tills,,.,
is   n   I'iljiilii'lisl   who   has   In
liill'..'  Umbel   proportion  ill   III.
of the province.
London-Log driving mil ho
<* Imi'il        III'    llle      I' , llll'l.
I.nt,il..', i'n , on l.iiinb creek, as sniui
.1 lho upper clnssesI an lhe iiah-r penults,     l.umh creek
, pi ■     I   I',,*. been cleared, i  Hie work    bus
,i ik f ih,.   ',  I   he  act.  as expensive a-   uas
anl., iiu,led Logging nn Hu* creek is
progressing satisfactorily, Tim
cunips uill R(m,ii in' connected Willi
lbe main nllice liy telephone, lu all
piiilra'hilily the saw mill will ho
s'lailed nl'ioul   .lumi ist.
The |Ms.|ile nf Moyie are kicking
f'.r smne government improvements.
Sine,. Hie provincial govornmenl gets
llial    will   convince Hie    world      A  ahoul Sir.,000 a year from the   town
he   able   In  Ret   Dili   a    il Ill   slleel llll.l   I II   ll -.,-
Even prinlers ink   ensis money, and m  for lire commi
liu. .birds nf Hie edilnrs engaged   ... .""''i'         had     uiiiiiiii,*,'     nl
iii-ine    work   slmuld   have  at least "ii ti I. man burn ' in bis cnmpiisDioii
lui.    meals a do)'.        Tin- l.inli   lllm lie Would mil   sin* such n thing  in   a
expects in gel   iiiii in  Ibis province puhlio place,    Who Is ho tlml he dare.
mi  Hob (ireon's nollccs has bat*   in dispute   tin-   rig-lit of    om- ol     Uio
bis In-lfiey.     The public pap ill llril- noblest  young men of Criiiihriiok   lo
isb    Colnnrliia gin* it lo govern- bll n Place in any grail.' or capacity
iiu'iil organs,     would noi  keep    Hie in jnilil c life'.'
windows in  Uie    Herald in a proper.    And Ihere nre women whose itnug-
siate ,,f cleanliness, and tlie man   in inniinns run away will. Ibei. ability
Ibis province nr any other, whn con- In reason, ..-ho will snub flmse who
1,'iiipl.iiis slni'liug a paper on public are    Hieir superior in  intellect,    in, ,	
pap is u.,1 Hie right kind of a ninn lu pedigree ami honesty, and every olh- c sco during Ihc   rebuilding nl    that
make a     success   nf a    newspaper, er atlainineiil rn*    virtue under    the city.
There is nnl a wcel.lv political organ sun.     in a town like this everyone isi    This means Hmt t-he price of luin-
ii> lliiiish Columbia iimi reflects imv supposed tn be nn equal  lernis,   nil   ™r in Mils province will advance ami
credit  niiiiii lbe lown in which it is nl riving fur a living, and submitting 'not every mill in B. C. thnl can do
ublislied.    As ii rule tbey are weak. I" conditions In llial end, and il    a  su, will gel after the business In  be
hsnlulely under the control of some few make nn extra sl rain In appear  ""no in 'Frisco,    B. 0. mills uill lm
political fael ton, and afraid lo peep more stylish Mian lire rest, In   ninn running night and day to satisfy t his
unless  tliey have received the   royal cases out n! ten it  is mil  paid Inr,I new demand and to keep pace    with
permission t.f their political boss.     ' and then they go broke.     What clso Hie demand in Alberta.
Rrilisli Columbia lumber is in   lie.
iiiitiiilted Ins' of duty   at San Flan- TIIK I'HAMIDOHK HERALD
We are ready lor the season with everything that is good and everything that's correct.
It's a luxory to wear such well cut and handsome Clothing as we sell. A man feels himself dressed
looks dressed, and is confident of his good appearance. Let us introduce you to our handsome New
Spring Suits and our Swell Top Coats. You'll surely be pleased with thc acquaintance. Our
Clothes and Boots and Sinus have made lor us a mighty host of Iriends in this vicinity.. There's
just one thing we would like yoo to do   S TEP IN AND LOOK OVER OUR SPRING STOCK.
t   The   Sullivan mine   Is advi
Q   Ioi
§J, p   Kink  visit.il Lethbrid •
Raymond last week,
'    K.\   Good field returned la I   I
in t.i- trip t-o Nelson
Ah. -unl -Mis   Dave Emery, id K
Steele  are In town to-day,
Dan Monroe, tbe well known pi
peetor, was in loan lasi Tuesda)
P     Lund   and a ife   were at
Cranbrook Tuesday and Wednesda)
ll."'      I.-.*-   calm-  up fii'ii,   K
Tuesda)  ami    remained   until vi-si-
linker Street
Cranbrook, It. C.
♦♦♦♦■»■»♦♦♦+♦■»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
In Our Crockery Department
UV will have fur ;i wwk ft table dieplfiying good.)
thnt we will sell at half price. UV have our new
Bpring stock of OutGlnaa timl English Oh inn waittug
for room mul to nmke room for the now wa must
move some of tin* old. Limoges Bon-bons, Pin
Trays, Fruit  Dishes, Ottke Plates, Vobcs and Jugs,
Tn Our Boot and Shoe Department
We have heen busy, Suln tiny was our big iluy, Our
best sellers on tlmt day were   Ladles t >xl'<ml Tims at
|:;..V>aiul -■S-l.tlH.   Mens Patent Cn I Kliielii-r S'J.OO
We have catalogs or the best American makers of
Imots and shoes ami sli-uihl we not havo in stork
wlmt  you need we run got it for you in a few davs.
In Our Grocery Department
I'uttt-r is scarce and a high price, Wu hope in a
few days tn have in slock a good supply of dairy at|a
reasonable price. We litivc Fresh biggs, New
Potatoes- Lettuce, Lrroon < htious, Bananas, < Iranges.
We expeel to arrive Frosh Strawberries, t'anli-
Howor,    Tomatoes,     (Inuni     Puns,     u    ::    ::    ;:
6* I* Rogers,
'miii* uml Stiiplotiroeorlos. Crock-
rn.   ll   -lm,-.   nml   lli.-ieiv
'II IMIIliil.K,   li,   1".       *:   i:  ::
Droning boos, sultr. itooti, ,*i hummock pleasantly
mIhuIiiI, .villi ilrnwsy ucenptint tliis in eternal til-
iigbs.    UV i.r.' in tin' titer....] litnt-ss Imsim-as,   We
pro.iilu llie lm look, v.*u'll Imve lo do the mt.
11, re nr.' the prices
Jmiii        $.1.1111        S.i in        f.,.iin        Jj im
Is..."       $.'.""
C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists       phone 7i       Stationers
(Ue Can Til Vou
nut mih ii suit
Jit Snv Price Trom
Ml'. In S|ll
»•%•*•_►•%%•»*•■•.%*%% %%•%•%%%.-*      x
The la.si degree of eompnil-   I
s< n  refers to   my  pure hied    I
while Plymouth rocks, Come   <f
ami   see Hicm and gel    full
particulars.  Eggs (or liatcli-
15 for $2.(10.
In all styles ami colors
Tu match all colors of
•buildings niado mi short
notice at Spokane nr Calgary prices,
Tarpulins    and   blanket   covers made tn order.
Save duty and freight
by ordering from
A. (irenier, Cranbrook.
I'm* liiiniiure just, arrived *'  ('  S.
Dr. Hiiriie, ui Moylo, was in lewvi
lasl  r-'riiUy.
Knllie t'lienier. ul Wiililner. was in
town Monday lor a slant time,
Kev. Fortune ii looking uver Die
ICilnniiiti.il country litis wifli.
I'lisiiii.isiel Clayton, "I Murys-
lille,  ivas ill town lasl  I'liilay.
.Mrs. Dickson mul daughter lell lasl
Monday tui tlieir Ironic in Crcsfon,
IO. II. Wylilniaii. of Kernle, was in
town ever Sunday visiting friends.
Mrs. Win. l'ie|n'i" leii Saturday to
visit Iriends in Oalgary ami vicinity.
Waller Lain*;, Millie's nonular Imr-
lief, was in lolii, Uie lllsl ul Un-
li irk.
A. Maycock, ol Marysville, ns in
iuiui nu business last Fridaj .nnl
Ira Manning Ilns |lllrcliasrd lln*
r-'r.ink l'la|i|i resilience mi llaker llill.
lie may rent it.
Mr. Pearson,   i.l Uie lii f lv.,,
in .. .leiiell, ui .lalliai, was in
i.nui Insi Saturday.
Tin* li I S,l|it.     Erlcksnn    mi
llaker   llill   was   liiueli   lm|ll*(IVt-ll   |.,sl
week liy a coal ni paint.
A    .'ml, nltended   llie annual
_    ut   Un-    llreckenrldge-l.uiKl
('■nil   _omiu.li.  al     Lundbreck    lusl
I"     tt   Johnson,   wlm has been in
Creston all ivinter,    wl  lie Intd ,i
bi*! lie contract, rctiirneil in lhc eil.
lasi week.
A   Mm/,    Un* I*',ni Steele brewer,
lias   in   lowtl   l.ml   week   all,I   llltin.l    It
dlfllciill  I" nm ,ir >l mi an*,,um ol
,ui attack nl liiinlM!*!.
-lanes Staples w.m sliglllll  knock
cl "in  m i-enlni! lasl   uivk while
playing loolbnll, and was laid up for
a few ilai s in consequence.
Lam H.hiI.,,1 nli,, ,* „..w in eltarge
..I a secHon nt track laving mi    the
\   .   \"    .V   I-i ,   Was iii   I,.wn il.i- ii,,*l.
shaking -hands mill old Mends.
He. Auvaohe ami Fnn.ilv, lormerl.
"f Uns em, are non residents m'
Clra.nl Forks, where Mi, Amaehe has
iliai.e rn' Uie Itnjilis! church.
Tin' Herald is in receipt ,.| a
will,'up ,.f lhe famous I'l.lialt .lis
trict (rom ll I. McCrca, lormerl.
station agenl al Marravtllc ami Lcth-
riiti.iin stii-t,-iii-i. $2.50, .'  r. s
Miliui Johnson, nln, Ims been
sojourning in I'le-lmi Uie pasl five
ini'iiUis. returned to Uie em last
wis'k aad ii ill resume wmk In ,
Herald olllce Mmidaj   nexl.
Mi and Mrs .1 i: Calhcarl ami
-'ii led lasl week f,,i a Inn months
u-ii imii relatives and iriends in Un*
eastern cities ol Canada and ibe
I miiil Slates
Fred Small visited Fori Steele
Sunday last. Fred has laken up
terming nn an ovlensl.c plan and is
preparing lu plant mie -lnuulrnt acres
wilb il inl.l.-ii   m hi. native conn
in   potatoes
Oeorge l,eadbi*ii.*i. win. has    I n
as_ocki.nl     with  I*'   .1   tlnnllo.    a
I'n ,   Uie   pasl   veal,   li fl   Mi.ml.il   lm
Calgary, wlrere In' will coiisull a
spis-iaiisi lui Ins tloamess, ami from
there be will go lo Bai.lt, when* Iniiiil remain during Uie se in doing
a  lul „l  llmk  al   ilie s,ilill.il iiiiii
Kiank    riapp .nnl   lamllj  Iel	
Silinl.il   Im   Vieluiia   iiln-l'i'   Uirv   lllll
reside m Un- f rc      Mi   t'i.,pp i.m
|i"n li.'-'-'l     ii imi'  liuiui*    iiii   Ileal	
lllll   iii   Uial   ellt   lui   ivhlch   lie    I I
something like 11.iiiiii, ,,ml „, i|u< lu
lure   I"*   I'M Is   lu  operate  mi     Un*
coasl     I  lias several  matters    in
vim. lm iliis Biimmoi
Km    «,-iiilu,   mil   I,-,,1',.   Ihi,   «,.,.|,
ful Vernon where lm mil preach ilm
aiimiei-aii M'iim,i, ,,i ib,. odd Fellows lodge .a ibat oily nexl Sunday
From Micro be will v, ,,„ i„    v.m
emnei   tu alletrd  the annual i fer
nneo ,.f Um Melhodlsl ebtirrh "i n„s
Tin- Chinese shacks across i  lhc
station ale mil  an inviting view   fur
I i'l'* going  through  lown mi    Un*
trains. ll wuuld seem Uiat some-
Ihtag mighl in- iluiu' t„ airalo this
eyesore,   ami   if it   could,   no lime
sIi.iIIM   be   lusl. II    will   |„.   |mpos.
slide In du niiiiii" in Hi,, wm ui
henutl.ying Cranlirook as lung' as
Uiat run* unw stands where il does.
The Herald has just put in somo
new type iust lii iml for printing calling cards fur ladies. This type js „
reproduction nf ihe design n'si-d by
the llflniiv inilise, :if \nv Vork. tlu
famous jewelers ami engravers
sl mm  i.
Keep planting  ; rees awl  .hi lb ■
That  i- id.* wai   '" mai." ("unlit.....
Pete. M.i'!,.-..., I.r ..t, ilm i
an exploring trip *" 'In* lv:
Charles McNab ..um up hum
I li iin.iiii, Salurdaj lo remain nvei
ll   WW te   'in   "i '..in   ..Hi,, i     lia
moved   ins i iv   mi.,   ii,,     ii   ji
I-ii i  house
II.'    ltos«   ..I I.-i   ipl< :
1'* I '. tei an iiiilpul in 'tu- - r j :., i
Sun.iai evening
li..i ii-.i il.n i-mi.. \ i.. it :."i
1'""'. '" Ml ..ml Mrs Frank I..
Clen   ., daughter
J   U  Olllis, tbe    in-ii   .-I I    in
ipeeloi im  Uiu k mn     mil makr
lu- headquarters al  Nelson
llleailv,   ,,wini4   "'   the   i,U|il, leal
mt dry wi-aitiei    Uus .e.is i    it,,.
yeai   .here have    been a few ttmbci
Tin- tt'atei  Works company   Bhould
exorcise m  cautli n in regard    tu
open ditches If Ihey du nol some
nlfclil Ilwrc will I,.- „ bad accident.
Mis a i.eiiii, and hei niece, M.u
mn. will leave ii.-m.,ri.m f,,i points
in Manitoba, ami mil bt abscnl
abonl two months.
Ilaie yuu paid ynur ilm; lax yet?
If m.i mu should 'In s„ a.s BOOH as
possible Smne dav vnur dug will
In- missing and then yuu mil know
iilial   is ibe unit ler
Uli.u ib,s districl ii
a   soaking    lain     fm
dnys. April mis yeai was il,,*
drycsl Ui.ii Hi.- people have seen hnv
Seed potatoes C, C. s.
Lost—!lot.voen   Crolln-rs   mill  I
Cranhrook, lt.ilih.im waleh; open
face; gold case; .villi guard and nlil
fashlune.1 reading doss. Hetmn lu
Crothers launliei Co. ami receive reward, ;, .I
Tb,* Cranbwik Irand is gelling up
in ils wmk. I.asl Momlay ovei ui"
ii Imld lis weekly practice nn ihe i„e
"! Un- Masonic limit.
Lost, a liiinih ,.f keys, lasl Safin
Iai, containing iwu   .1  keys    aim
several smaller k,.v v F|ndci nlm.,*
leave al  11,-lal line.
A   travelling c pan)   showed    up
Satan ni  tt'cntwiirtli ball lasl    Mini
-lay    i'i g,       ll   i-   saiil   In   sume
Uial   il.  was a  devil  nl  an enicrtain
Tin* limn win, are dumping naiba*!*
"11 liir iwu ,-mpli lm- oppuslle ,\l
II.   King's  lesiilem*,-  lllll   ilu  well    lu
.•case     Tims., lum .„,. „n|  ,,  mui,
a*.* ii.mmi-i*'. i*: su n.
nub* Manahan    has recovered sut-
lieii'lilll su thai lie is able In ride
mn mui ami tlien, bin In- lias Uu* n|l-
poarancc nf a man wh.. h.i, gone
through a Irani siege nf sickness.
ll \.ni"ii li-' Mom-la, 1." Porl
Simpson wlien. In- mn-, it, asslsl .1
T l.ai.llaw in surveying Un, sumtnei
Mi l-inllaii lias .I'euniraet fu, s„,
vcving about lliirtv mineral claims
m Unu pan uf Um country.
". "-ii pleasant dancing purl, w.m
■live,, Tuesda.     coning In   Mr   ami
Mm llolfiml, ul* Mm ttika Tlmse
presenl h.,1 ,, musi enjovablc lim.
ami U,,. bust ami liusi.-s. |,.fi milliin
umlenc !.. make u„- event  a    greal
tt,* .1,, luun,*! piping, ami we .1,. a
lm   ol   ,1        Wc an* doing   il   all     Hi,.
imm, therefore, we can he depended
upon in .I., a saUsfaclnr. ,,ii wv
k.'ili     IIi-.im   Zinc   Ilall  .I.mils    ami
I'asi   dales in  stock,  I'm   this li f
wmk        l.i-i   us |„.|p  i in _p \*|*
l tt Fenton led lasl Tuesda) lo
mm lus wile in Ottawa Mr. Fen
tl n  lias  a   l.,m,   numbei    i, nils   I,
.'i.inlu , win, nisi, lum ever; prosperity in nlialelei be undertakes in
liie easl,
Thero sli mi I i,,. mure slrlngenl
rules aln'iii allowing loose paper tu
lloal ai,.nn.l li ,s useless im Ui ■
city authorities lo clean np Ihe busi-
imss siiii'is ,i wil [.in ;, few hours  a
lllll.'   Wlllll   lllll   Iill   111.'  slieels    will,
Hi ma mines nf paper.
'I'll.-,i- I' a In-law Uial provide.
Uial all h uses should be lieil up 01
saleh hold In- a good and ullii-i.-nl
weiirlll       Tliis  In-law     is  mu   being
 .piled   mill  hv  even*        \    law
Unit   is  t I  fu,   ,„,.   is  ^,„„|  for   „||
,ui I Hi,.,,, slmiiiil he i,u exemptions
m (ai as Un* enforcement is eoneerned.
T M lli.li.'ii*. leaves Saturday for
V.nniuiu iu ai nml Uu- grand    lodge
nl    Illi*    Kl.lglltS   nf   I'l Unas   al       llial
nli.ee, a- delegate from lhc Cran
brook lodge     Mr.  Bohorls mil als,
ii*,,    ta,unlive,     Victoria   ami   |>lnh
..lit\ Si-.iMi,- iiiiiii,- lus return
\ i' I'.iii-b, uf Furl William, Oni
fathei ui Hen Patch, win, was fuiinil
dead in Mlkn lasi week, annul in
Elko Uns ini'l and i.s inve lignllllg
li. In,,lm mils deall, ol In, n mill
Ihr ai.I  ul      Un' aulho, ilm, I,   i,
siiuniMil bv sume Uial Ihere might
have Iimi (nul play uiv.ilu.l In Ibo
Seisl |n.lalues ('. (', S
Frank Dickinson, nccumjinnlc.1 In
Ins niece, Miss Dossil' Dleklns.ui,
lefl tt.ilimsila, iut ., Irip In Mr
Dickinson's old home in \. » llriins-
wmk Tlm   mil    vlsil  fin,ids    in
I'liiiisiliaiiia 'ami other pniiils iu tbc
easi. ll las lierti mull, years since
Mi Dickinson has bceii in Um nlil
Ilium* ami In* is anxious in see    hi,
falbel   nnee mull'.
.1. li. Mcllrldc lias ilis|iu„ ,1 .,; In,
monkey,    The liiile lollui. did   nul
lake kindlv tn lhe lial'dwale Ini.il.m,
sn Mr. Meltriile lunl. liim lu Marys
ville ami turned him over lo .1.   F.
Prlnglo,   uf   Uu*  Falls    Vii'ii    li I
Mr. Prlnglo will make liim a li.'.liire
in Ihe hnlel ami aflei" a imi weeks
training will nive liim a permaminl
position as bell iluy.
Joseph Tanhauser ami tt ll Fen
wiek. nf Furl Steele, were in town
las-t Monday. Mr, Tntihnusor nnl.1
liis customary visit t,, lhe lleraltl of*
Cranbrook Laundry
Mas Changed Hands
Laundry may be
lell at Ihe lollow-
iog a*(C.icic»
Beattie * Atchison.
G. P. Tisdale.
At all the Hotels.
The Marysville
Druij Co.
A. B. Stewart a Co.
as the proper centre tor an up-to-date steam laundry
has appealed to a number ol people, and last week
F. J. Ch.ipm.ti, nt experienced laundry manager,
purchased  the  Cranbrook   Steam  Latin div.
MR. CHAPMAN, who will manage ihe concern,
did not take the step wilho'it careful consideration.
He is satisfied that Cranbrouk and the surrounding
district have a most prosperous future, and that the
need of a modem steam laundry operated on modern
plans will be a growing one. With this idea in vie-*
he will make the Cranbrook laundry second to none in
Western Canada, and establish a system of tilling
orders that will meet with lhe approval of all. Mr.
Chapman believes the keynote to success in the
laundry  business  is
First=class Work,  Promptness
and Reliability
That will be the rule at ihis laundry, and special.mention will be paid to hotel work, rush orders and the
.vork of surrounding towns. All they ask is a fair
trial.    In that way they propose to retain your custom
Crow's Nest Steam Laundry
w*_\ w-__W,mm*'0*m
v * m w*Aw*M
i    \i.    .Imld,   uf    Korl   Steele,
eil thi' Hi.  vTsUTilny,
. of   Muvii'.   wim
i.i   W.diii'sil.iv.
t'l an
i.s tlic.Iatost in Uu- win of up-i.niat
tyjH*   tm*    f.ishii.nuhlr callltiR cards.
Tho Herald would In1 [ileasod io Imvo
thr Indies eall and    look al     some
Bam pics.
"Tommy" Snulli, lln- popular toil-
sorial iniisl ti, pqufppitiK |,js harher flee and saiil on the qnlcl lli.il li
shop with ihe mosl modern appliances wns arraiifflnfi f-o ship a cai load or
in his line. Last wt-ck he installi-i! vepetwldes lliis fall fmm Fort Stoeh-
a compressed air massage machine l<i Cranhrook hv the way uf lhc
that has elicllod eiriisiderahle com- KiMylenav (Vntr'ai. hm iha' he iliil
ment. Modern facilities for t-he pro- nol wanl Dr. U'atl in know .ihniil It,
diii'tion ol modern Wotk is Tommy's mi i.l In* had situ ml ihc lust local
♦♦♦»,' ♦♦>♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦   motto. rate possible.
.1 .1 Worth, ut Calgary■ registered
ni tin- Cosmopolitan Tlmrwliij last.
!; UcNeolv, ol WyelliTe, registered
,ii  ihe t.'osm'opoltlaii Sumlay.
l-'raneis Medntu'll lias joim I the
stall ni llill -.v Co.'s store,
i; T. McGregor, ol Moylc, rc.is-
icreil ai ihc Cohinopolltmi Wednesday.
An hi.- Smith visited Marvsvilte a
couple of days lasl    week  on   husi-
Vot Sale—Six llioroiighhriil Imrrwl
1'hinuiiih tuck hens and one rooster;
.ini- two years, Apply i<> A. ('
.1 Mian, nf ilie Marysville smelter,
registered ni ihe Cosmopolitan Wednesday.
.Ia> Usher his heen in town il"'
past.lew dajs visiting wiih old lime
N llansoti visited Cranhrooli
T'hiirsdaj and lefl the following daj
fm Spokane on a husiness trip.
Th/ city council started ihc sprinkler ihi^ ' morning and .1 proved a
:,.',-svnm in those havina husiness   mi
lh.- main slireet.
Ii.in McDonald, uf the Manitoba,
left to-day fur Halcyon Hot springs
ivliere he will remain for a few
weeks to recuperate,
Wanted—A position fur a girl in a
li,.mi- where Un* wmk ti not mt
h.-iw. Havo had experience \.l
dress "A   It " Herald olllco
Wfliiteil-Pouiid keeper for Cltj «.;
''iaiiiiii.uk. Km partlrulitls applv '•
fi. II. I'resi, City ('It'll.. I-tl
A gospel icuip'-iaiu'c meeting will
he held in the Baptist church su.i.l.t.
evening, Mav ll, aftor ihe u-nlir
service Mis. StnlTord. provincial
otxani/er, fur ihe W C.T.C. will ad-
ilres* the mcotlitg.
.1 f Hudicroft, uf Marysville,
paid ('i.tiiliiui.k ,i vlsrll tin- latter
li.ul ..I last week, and had his autograph i»i.iiv.l uii ih.- Cosmopolitan
I: R. \|.|..',ni eame in frum Kings-
:.ih- Thursday aiwl lefl th.- firsl ol
ihe week fur' Rofftan where he will
Join Ins lnuili.'i in Uie building busl-
Ctirlaln slrelehers Vi lift, C. *'. S.
llm W. Vance will proaeh in Ha'
Mellinlist church next Sunday liioin-
liig and evining in ihe absence uf
Hev, .1. I'. Weslin.ui, wlm li, s .-, inlu Victoria io alt-end the annual
conference of tin- Mothodlst church
Mrs. (i. II. Chapman and two
daughters and Mrs. p. .1. Chapman,
uf Kii/.villc. Wash., arrived Wednesday
iu join Mr. V. .1. Chapmaa uf ihe
Crows Wxl Sleam laundry.
Gardens and lawns laid and kept in
urd.-r. Address ti. Havvood or
leave orders at A. V. Smith's slore.
W R Wurdf-n has laken the rooms
vacaied hv the Electric ..Iglil company and lit toil ihem up in a must
attractive style for an oflice. Hereafter iieoplc wanl inn cartage of an;
kind dine can have lhc mat ler nt
tended to wilhoul nny Irotible ti
tlmmsclvos by calling up 135, or dropping inlo thc olliee.
Hnve Klmer left yesterday for I,un
lun, Out.*, tu confer with tlte manufacturers uf Ute David Hanim cigar
n»icar-(llng    iiii**    lerrltorv,  nnd    will
also vtst-l   liis nld  liuiui'' bel     In- j
-leavoi   to   *■- ire  ueccs tarj   ei .;•■:.'■.'
igainsl anj  . h irav-ti: *    v.:'-. arc i io-
lating the
■•''■ .i meuucf and moral-
Seed potatoes C. C. s
Th.- iin* ilepartmcnl was eall.il oui
mi Wednesday for a small blaze in a
slhiek nsid as a barn un lln- lull. A
child playiii'j; wiih matches was the
cause. There was nu damage '!"■■■■■
iu anv nf ihc properly.
The" h.i/aai held In the ladles ul
Si. Mary's clrireh in Wcntwortli hall
last week w.is a ureal success in
everv respect. Tlw attendance was
large nnd the receipts from ihe sale
of n.K-rls wen- all Uiat the ladies
Curtain stretchers *2 5fl, C   C   s
T. Williams, Ati, has had charge "!
iin* dry goods ilepnrtmeiil uf the well
known firm 01' Ifimlei & Kemlrick, ol
Greenwootl, hns taken an Interest In
Uie Cranhrook Co-operative Siores
. nd arrived veslenlav, and will ti-
lulluwcd by his ffimllj as soon .1* he
ran secure (juarters fur them Mi
W lllams will have charge uf ihe dr\
goods a"d mnis el-.iliiiu ileparlroein
in the ('- C s. .ii .1 alreadi hn- taken
hofd uf Itis new work,
Men-hauls in unpacking zo,>,y will
Imve 1.1 in- more careful in ihe future
in  taking care uf hn...- paper    li   Is
Useless   fur   lhe  cuiltleil   •,.  have      the
-ireei-' denned wlien Hiej becomi
tiiieri'd nkaln In ,1 rev davs Iweausc
some nf the peuple are careless Iii tin
bandUng nf I..use paner, Tlie pollci
have bei-ii Instructed tn look aftei
ihis matter and in arraign anv pai
lies Hiej ii;..l guilt) nf violating the
ordinance Itcaeing upen ibis point,
Sammy llajotte, who went to
South Africa with Uie lii*i eonling
cut. and wlm has a bost uf friends in
Crnnbrook, has at l.i-1 gol -n k nt
ih it cumin. n-TKJ Is now un his wa)
Imck tn c.na.la and Crnivlirook
Samiu) will receive .1 most cordial
welcome wh, n he reaches h?re, and if
he has nnt lust ihe an he will he
able tu keep .1 crowd li-' unu f"i
hours at a time with his inlmltn'bli
reritnls nf experiences nn 'be veil of
"The Palm" lot the best m fruUs
and candies.
Wesle) Cllne has become quite ao
aii ist as a taxidermist, .1 work ihai
be bas laii Ij taken up by way nf re-
crraiii n He can skin a chipmunk
now and 111.mn! bun iu a mannei 'hat
one can bear ibe liltic fellow chattel
Mr. ('line is anxious tn in* something thai will lesi bis new found
knowledge to the fullest extent, and
as soon as ihe season advances he
proposes tn pxpoi linen I upon a
Wardner mosquito, and traps an- Iielng made in that (own to capture <<
few nf lln* largest specimens ,ilnc fm
delivery to Mr. Cllne,
Seed potatoes ('. <\ s.
People an- prone lo linl fault some
times with the police because ihev
ih n't make certain arrests. \nj
policeman has bis official reputation
In protect, and be cannol afi id in
1, opardizc ihai hv making indfscrlm
Inate arrests, simply i<i please kickers. It is necessary 10 have smfi-
cient evidence to convtot when an nr-
icsl   is      made.  otherwi-,e    an nllicei
On     hrighi
"i ■■'. are qn tc apt t.  ' ■■
' I I" tv     ■ ;."•:   .*:
Awl you wait til   Ihe
Ud th 1   "I -;.,-
To mak.      .     In ■:..   iai,
Phi   in";..:   ; ,   ■■■.. -...■. ,,„;,- here,
Thai   tn feel quite secure
I'"   ■':,- winter, make -
•i    a     Sunshine    Furnace"  in     'le:
■i|ll I'..      1      ';.-     j   :-..
K01   -ile \,\   palm, n   Bro
Sh.tt   SI 111 K  OF   Fl I.M'I 1 i;K.
IHI.I. a   i'ii   11 VVK   VDDKD   THIS
This week IJ II .\ Co rweived a
.'rr-at invoice of furniture and are
now unpacking ttie    me     the rooms
(list   snulli   nf   <i    T.    II'-.:": '.■:,-.
I'l:,- fiiu. have lreen contemplating
■ hi- move for some time, .1. *h.*\
Iravc m.i.h- a -ipeetaltj ol cai pets',
linoleums, -!i.,h and - 11 tains With
hv furniture ilv\ are aide to furnish
youi rooms c< mpleic 'l'i,,.-- stock nf
furniture was bntighl dlreci from ihe
manufacturei - antl .11 prices ihat
will cnalHc Mill a t'-. Ui un.- in-
lucrnunts in prospective furniture
inn ers. ,\ force <d men are ..' worl
.:eiim- Uie furniture u pai ki I  ind by
SatUnlrt)    'lien-       Will   !.e  •■•i-i.: e.
.lisplaj 1.. _i\.* an ni. a ■■ llw stock
iu visitors Pwiple id Cranhror.:
and th,- mu mui,iiiii. town * cannol ^f-
lunl in lalk almni buyiiifi furniture
tmtii tlte) havi I--"-, il ■.■''■.' Uu-,
-inch .uui jol lhe pi Ices Next
Saturday you an lm ited to . .ill at
Un- furniture rooms a:. 1 uev tot
yoursolvrs wlml Mill .\ Uo have in
ui'iei. .11.! \.m .in- sure to br -,ii 1--
ind fall wbethei vmi wish tu buy
• 11  imi      The)   will lie dad to show
Advertising is imt merely attracting th.* reader; advertising i*. convincing bim. A mui is not cmng
in spend bis money mi ,1 pltra tc ur a
(limn picture, lie wants facts. And
,1 woman wants figures—prices
Wo nro
Selling Out
111* storli  al r,*,liu-i*,i prin1
1000 CANS
of Fruits, \ ,*i_,*t,*,lili*i.
Crpiint, bcsiJi'S .lams I'i
l.,'t.*liii|,. Ton nml f'.il'*
R. N. FINCH <* CO.
,.,c,.o.,, Co., 132 !
ii*,,„lil I,,* foolish lo makr Hull is the duly* ul    Uu* police 11, ,*_.-  0O<KiaO<l<i<lCMX.0.Cr^iO0ft0OJ>O THE   CRANBKOOK    ttEttAlO
din I.., .1
DISTRICT      *.*
   111!'  l.,il*-rl 1
|       \        II,Ulil.    "I    .'lillllll.."k      I'-l-
iii'i'hc i-i.. j*est.r.luy.
I,,,,,,,, the alwoii-i- ol lli,'"' Down-
,„_ i'.,i ui,i*l.iu is •""'"■. ma)'01 '"
Messrs     I'rars I   -1'"'""11   *",','
juillirw in un ,i|'i'.*l*"'' -i"""*1
lilaltl .,, .liiftra)
We are |>leasiil lo «... Ural Ur« «
llmll,.,, ivlin has luvn si-rioiislj ill,
,. i-er. mueh Min '■"|."
Tl„- II  .'   (hurtle ..I Hn* llllll lusl
,.,„ilni,,s nniir  '!'* n|.|lol.lt.lie	
i:,'_,„.,i.i r - ll'iiuli." us.h-i.iii}
*.,,,„■ .varileti l"i    l"' '''" ' '' ''"''
lllsl i ui
i',„  Kiireii      Ilii-kcj  .'I il..- "   N
al lidj
Munis,    nl,.. is
l-:,lii.u*,l Isi.iiui, i
ll'llilill.        tl.l.illll
bi.-ii twain*; nul lu tuns a day, I.m
ilu* nei owners expect lo won
mill.' Uus .....,...,      Extra mm »"'"
also  be ,'l„|,lnii'.t      .m.l  a   a,'.,   shall
pul in.      Tin*    ebange   occura nexl
in..ii Hi
\n old linlian .ohl   I   Eastern lne
iilliei    il.n    ll..tl
have In-.iii rains
.,-!,- ftohrg tl
Wc li.*)!.* lie
while m-i'          Uw
l,„-    vCSll'l  1.  '     I"'"'*1
iiiiiI reft-iieil S.l n   u
ownci      This    .|niik
|„,i„.sii  1,1  lhe li    S
,,„„l,.*s ,.i   l*'i*i
|     |llll sl*    ,,i     illil
mi.,i,l hum the
. well   lot    llw-
e OJ-I-B.
|{   n   ll...mi     r.i-i
Mumla)    alu-rii i
,li,m   San Kraneisi'ii
.ilm   Imi   lusl    evei
Kershaw   is  Mis.  Itn
in-,l  ,,  lelenrnlll
Irom   Mm   Kei
Binilin        '•All
•lllllll!."         Mm
ers' mull,,*, nml
s,s,,.|      III       till
ll    s. FalrcMnl   1
liusiiii.ii   „s seen-tai
Steele Hnninc i	
fl 1* l.rlllllllillll* llie n
iiii. re lie li.is aieenle
as ,,-s,t 1     lus
i    ol llie    1*'", i
ini,     1 leaves
s, ,,i ilie monlh
1 ., position wilii
Hie   l.,'it,l„i,U,*   Hrrwhift *   Mallin*
, iiniiiv.     Mr   K.inrli.'lil luu. been n
resilient ..I Ke    foi  several   years
.mil has mail,* n u.imi iniiiil* Iiii'inl-
ulii, will ri'isrel his departure. Tin
U-dgcr   ni*l„,   "Hilly"   every    sue
Mrs. .1 II llrlekei lias lieen I'lsll
in*; Iriends in town ilurinis lire   wwl
iin.i  retiiriml  in Illn " hv    liu.1
nlKlri's r I' It es|in-ss ll'MIr in
Hie   nu   sl,,-    uas lhe nuesl  ul   Mis
[.-red Will ml    Mm    Mull Hi
llrlekei ,- niK-t-.il in llw eliiWiiim and
■,-unts' iiiiiiislmm I,usii,i*ss al Krank
tint  at     |,,,'s,-„,   ilm    lm* in  lllaii
more,    Mi .1 Mrs  llrlekei nre nlil
lime Kernieites nml Imve Imsis ul
warm lin*„,ls l,,-,,- who arc alw-ay.
glad lo see Until
Irolrl. .'iirauliarsrai, Win ll.il.lry
ami Wm Kuisiiin* n-lura.il Mniulav
I,mn an extended Irip up Hn- Elk
river Tlin Wenl as lal as llii
K.ui.iii.iskis pass ninl reporl liuvlii.
li il a good linn*     Tl"* Imys ninlliui
lite    sl„l,'l,„*„l    ln.l',1,*  1,1   llie   I.iiIrvi
some iii-..|,s a.,, iiiiii a low and .vide
pass perfeell. [easilili' till llllllonil
lintM,,,*,; exists lli'lw.i'll Hi.' Ii.'.ul
waters of Mn* twn rivers
1,-u   ,1a. s Ml
native ,,t Prince
a pianist ul rare
mill,-,! fur II years
ilu* liest masters on ihi. itm*
liiiinl. Hi* iiiii'iuls retniiriirn lo Kei.i
nie in a few weeks to Rive a recital
Those who were fortutnvtv dough In
han- heard Mr Morris play iiln-n lie
was staying .it K.Unliili* lasl tall
will realm' wlml a Ireat Is ill store
tm Kernie people. The proceeds of
the nt-llnl w,ll ne devoted lo some
■tni.il cause III l-'ell' C
Tl,,* boxing eonlest ni Stork's opera liuiis,- i ii Tuesday eveniiiK be-
in,s„ .im, Iturrowa nnd Itoberl
Slevens, was a tans'. Slevens, win,
ekiiuts in Is* l-he dmntplnn ul the
S'nrlh I,I I0.rtch.ml. was nol in il I.n
a minute with iiiu- .lim. llurrows
phtynl wilii lum imiii the sixth
luitinl. ami Iluu ffaVC blln a lilll.
i.iii Slovens imii liie count uu his
knees ami ill.- liuin was over. The
i-uiiivsi    was fn,    tu, rounds lu,    a
purse   uf tliu        Tu  sa.   lllill    lllusr
nl„,    atleiKl.il      were ' disappointed
Wlllll.! Ik* pill llll'l il  lllllllll
Mi   l'.inli,'i,'s sleam lift   plow
nuw working    .ii  t'oaldalc       I'
I.rl llliinl.;
I   null.
al    pal.il*'
lion. The church properly lteie
valued a. $1 Jim .unl thin* limit ..
dollar ot Indebtedness. A raohilkm Miss MansOeH will do fancy type-
was passed complimenting Mr. Per- wilting for altcrnoon or evening en-
ley, the pas-tor. un liis £uod w,,ik | tcrtaiiiiuents at reasonable rates.
An n.ldiiiui. "I 10*80 leet and two I Quesa _ wort .ui'stions supplied, or
sii.ri.-s in beigh. is being built t., tl
tear   ot tlie    Me.itvgor building •
(Krnni thi' Kernle Krec Press.)
I.nsi Saliirila.    was pay da.     fu,
l!„. t'row . Nesi   I'm . I'.ml r.... ,„„l
il   proved  In In*  a   I  I  iHr.it.m   illsl
as il„* March oiilpui nl Hn' rolleries
was  lln  lait.'sl    ,, Hn*    liisluii     uf
Hn* companv.     'II,,* lollowlng is   ll,.*
March pn.  roll
I'onl I'm*  ,„„,'*s     107,173 ii,
Kernie ovens      11.7 in
Michel .    .   iii. ill'Hi
('iirliomido IJ.:,ll Jn
.11 .   K   A   M    l.'i _,2111.70
Wardrop 1,311. Ill
Tolal n l*'.7nr, n:,
Tliis niivgniuroiii  pn,   lull is    eon
.ml.-i .il.lv  ii, iiii- lend ul the previous
nti.nl     Tin* highest sum readied   in
llli.fi  lias   in .lull    iiln-n   llu- pn)   mil
was* SIMI,278 III
The Coal
eninpanv   nllice slarl   an'
busy prepui
ing    tu luun' inin    il,,-,,
liaiiils  a
■w     iion.c iin.i ln-morrow
llii' llu Inm
nil! lain* plnre    'IT,,' liisl
lloor will 1
,   nrrupled  In   llie npi'ial-
Ing anil an
 ling -I'u.u *i,is.   Tlie
ami laml departments nml
Hie n.,1,'1
light    .unl  lelephmic    dc-
part ini'iil.
ml    Mr.   Pearson's olllce
Will   lllTII|ll
lhe second II       In lln
basemen 1
Hi'       ,1,,'         ll'll'lll ,'      ,'V
cltange,   lh
.    chemical     tlcpnrlment.
■Invntnrirs,    ele.      The
stall  iiave
nn   up  uiih  many  ineon-
venirnecK ii
Ih,'   tm inm  ulliri   liiilld-
nes and ll
r-v  will nu iluiilil  be    il,
liglilcl  wil
i   Ihei,   new  Inuni'     v,hu'l
ih    hiillilsnmc,    cnlllf.iltablc    allll       COU-
venlenl. Plans have been made for
beautifving lhc grounds .surrounding
Hi" buHding ami when completed Ihis
Sfiuare will be a greal ornament in
ihc cilv. Tin- grounds will be level-
l.-il tefraeeil and sodded and walks
ninl drives will lie made.
Tilt: city \ssksk\i.-:nt.
Tlie city assessor has enmpteted his
work .il nssesslng 'he city properlv.
The total amounts tn s«ir..nnn, or iin
im reuse i.f SHUlliliO over hist year.
Tins assessment, nf course, includes
onlv half the value ol all Improve
incuts. The nollees senl fn thr
properly owners sliow ilu- total value
nf iiiipi'nveineiils but taxes are collected m onlv  half the value nl   Mte
(From Tlw Krank Paper.)
AssesMH Frank Dewar has sent oui
ibe notice., of the sel I assessment.
The int-.il a^scsM•li vahuiinn of the
listrii-t this year is $'• to,iiiiii.
Edward Larson ami Miss Anna
iHner were married Saturday evening
il the residence of tlio bride's broHier,
Paul Ofncr, the Hev. T. Mf Murray
iltici.iting. A wedding supper was
ivrv-cd to a number nf friends.
U. A. Beckon received during thc
week sonic samples of ore fiom the
Hopcriy al Creston, in which lie i.s a
lut. owner, and nn which dcvclopiucul
Work is now in pmnress. They arc
splendid specimen nf silver-lead ore,
Tin* Cnal company established
in it'her new record Friday of last
week when Hie total output ol coal
ni one shift was 1,527 tons. Tin
-.'inpiiiiy expects to mainlain a 1,5(1°
ton output hereafter.
Coleman now has a decidedly elty-
iid appearance at night, The si reel
lights which were in course of instal-
l.iin,-n last week are now all in nper-
iluui and Hie brilliant IHumiliwUon id
all llu* principal street Intersections
has a nn>sl  attiactive effect.
The annual ratepayers meeting was
icld Tuesday evcniiig- The estimates making provision fm the
cear's eximidliurcs weic passed. Tbey
amounted to aboui Jl.Sfin. I'mvlttlon
was made Inr huprovlng ibe streets,
laying sidewalks .ml sliil furl hot"
equipping the tne department,
Mine manager Lawrence Harris returned frnm the coasl al the end ol
tlte week, bringing Ms tainllv. The
family will occupy one of lbe Jones
houses uu lhe uiu ih side
\ woman m' the restricted district
named Nellie Allen very nearly ended
her own life one nighl last week hy
taking laudanum, An investigation
convinced lhc authorities that the
lairing nf ih.- |io son was wholly accidental.
Di S. While, veterinary for the
in.mi|ted police, was n  visitor   frnm
Maeliv:l a couple nf days ibis week.
Hi. W'hlic came ii. InvesUgntc a case
of suspected glanders in Frank and
hnppllv found lbe animal entirely
Kliia llcatheole, formerly of British Cnlumbia. has been appointed an
assistant cnal mine inspccloi' for
\lbcita and has been given charge nl
ibis dislriel which Includes in addition m tbe 1'ass, llle mines nf l.und-
bicek, I.cihhtidt<c aud Tabor and any
nlhei mines on ibe Crows N'esl line.
Mr lleaihcoic is now visMin^ lhc
A ratepayer., meeting will he held
iu a few days lo vote on Incorporation-
lv W I.uckhardt, who was appointed to lake the census of Frank
preliminary io moving for incorpora
th/ii, comploted his work yesterday
Not including the large number n(
persons who ale employed in Frank
Imt reside outside of the villa*
limits, ibe enumera-Mon gives a lii11*
over 700 population.
By some Incxpllcabla inadvertence
Mie statement got Into the Associal
iii Press last week ihat Mrs. Mark
Di uuuil was among lhc persons win
insi t'heir lives in tlie earthquake disaster at San Francisco. How tlie
mistake could have been made is
beyond comprehension as Mrs. Drumm
did not even visit. San Francisce
while absent from Frank and was at
her home here before the disaster occurred, lt was an annoying circumstances as many friends and relatives were much concerned unlit the
repot I was denied.
A   lellei       was  iii.ul-.tl  .il    Spokane,
Wash .uhtirss.d lo a commercial
traveler at   llolel Dallas,  N.  VV. T.
Tlw  semlei   omilled   lbe  name ol   this
lown, bui ihc lettei reached Lethbridge in is h.»uis from the time il
was maitol
|». Hums, of t'aUaiv. IraS laken a
lease ot lbe lale Judge HKeillv's
bouse mi lhc p»w in \iciniia, II. V.
'lhc boils,, which is . ne of lhc most
t'li.tlililii-   in   lhe   capital,   sl.in.ls   jusl
above tb.* Polnl Klllee bridge Sir.
Itutiis and bis famil) will probahl)
upend ih.- sinniii.i     moutlis at     Hu*
K   t   Saunth*r> ami wife are Iwd
ia    towi m I Ml  visit  tn Calitnt'
uia Tin escaped ihc rarHiqiiake
si-nsaii. n h.ivuu left the siale be*
fure  Hn- oeeurivniv      The)   enjoyed
irlad tn g> i back' t" Sunn) Allierta
again Mi Saunders will go to
Piuehci Creek iu a lew days.
\lis Sb.upc, an agvd lady, who
came bere Sundai uiglii from Saskatchewan, iuii nd.ni io pi south
Motnlaj tu.ituuui t.. \isit relatives in
Idaho," has Invn detained hj U. S.
Ag.ul PaleiMHi, whu would not allow bel to go across Ibe lioixler, mi
ihe ground ilui she would be a care
upon  the cmintiv. The old     lady
ihinks she is belnj treated unjust ly.
She claims licr nip to Idaho was
merely fm a visit. Site savs she has
relatives there who are able to take
care ol h.-r She is remaining heir
until hei sister arrives.
Victoria  sttvi t.     Tlie
will l.e oiviipnsl b) V   A. Hill,    the
cloMiiei.  and   will  glVO  bllli  all oppOT-
iiiinu  i<. ealargc lus store and make
lot-in foi   ins evei    Increasing stocl
The  upper part   will bo titled  for ;i
.ilite-rooiii      iu connecliou  with     Mi
Uivgol  hall       lhc hall is now    occupied i>\ the Mitiets* Union, Hw Odd
FrHows," ibe Knighis o|  Pythias and
the Presbyterians.       The ante-romu
will  be lith,I    witb loeke
lodge nv-ilia ami a linoleum carpel is
to be put mi the floor.       This will
rIvc Moyie   a ludge room m keoplng
wilb   thi-  town.     The  work  will    be
completed in    a week   ot   len davs'
t me.     it. n   Strange, a eon tract ot
and 'builder, of Cranhrook, Ims ch.ugc
ot it
typed from copies. 45~t|
V. V. Brolev ha* commenced work
on-,i I.n ire- contract wilh lhe West
Canadian CoWerv Cn . at Mile. The
contract Is im tin* construction of
sewn Imtises, a large wash bouse and
a big ii.'sllc.
-I V Harvey, <-f Ornnbronk, was
in the eitv TuwsUy and    Wednesdnv
Alfri'll fun
imn- ii'liiiiu'i!
lu Pcrnle
,,,   IVednesd,
i   i i  King
l„n, Unl..
ivlrcre be hn
.   completed
is   second
l.-al   al   (.,,,*,
i's, II, iin* civ
1 enuinii't
lug    course.
Ml     ('„„
,lill_S   Will
spend Hie su
wiih   his
brolbcr, uss,
slum Inn,  In
us snivel'-
Mi    Laml*
ins 'lui ("I
il„. Hoard
„t 1 ndcrwril
•rs.    is  in  Hi
. city    un
nlflcinl  Inisin
sion; ele , ,,,
■Ss.         Ills    WU
ii keep Imn li
k ol revi-
•l*e a week
„i len ,1-avs
11'' is  as,
1 with the
li   is expected    that  wmk nn    the
new ('   I'   II   depot   will   eon "nee
wiihin ii few davs, Tbe firsl thing
ihai will reniilre to be dime is Ihe
removal nf ihe freight shed lo ils
new slfe a couple of blocks northward The new depoi will be buill
hist soulh of lbe present one and
upon completion ihc old dcpnl will
he moved lie
be used for
Mi     I-
ami Mi
(From the Lethbridge Herald.)
That the Consorvalive party in
AHwrta ti strictly on the hum was
ftgaln evidenced bv tlie election ol a
[.literal M.P.P . at I.Hbhridge lasl
week. The I,a Imr candidate ran him
to within 100 votes, but the poor
Conservative candidate Insi his deposit. The main fnult of the Alberta Conservatives—tin' Calgary ones
at any rate—is their seeming incapacity tr get in iniimai: louch wilh
''liie man nn tin- slin-l," nr the a
itmn nitlividua-l whom* vole Is iust as
Important on election dav as that nf
Pat Hums or VV. 11. llllll, Apparently the Conservative parly in the
east have noi learned how iu '00 the
constituency of Alberla was turned
over in a solid block to the Liberal
party through the brilHanl tactics of
the senator who insisted on foisting
our dear old college chum, Tom
Cochrane, on a long suffering electorate. There were far better men
available than the Longhead candi-
il.iie—among others, Charlie Magrath,
nf Lelhhridge.
Tl is said lhat tlie provincial license Inspector will reporl against
giving nne of the new hotels al Tabor a license.
The Haines   cnal  mine, four   miles
north nf here has    lieen disposed     of
.'!!'. ri-Xi,V('L'i,«tWJ«   Nl Rmnc peculators, whn at present
n    i i uui   sum    in     ,.,, i^tofl   |,j,e|,. n.|nios   in  ,|lfl haj.k.
„  „   ..,uo,i ii.ii.si. [ground.     Tbe purchasers Rain    con-,
d    Mmns, nephew of     Mr,   trol nf -131  acres of surface and mln-
ti   Davies, has been staying  inn land.       The     Barnes   mine has I
{From  ttie  .Moyie Leader.)
Alwly Johnson was in Cranbrook
The water in Movie lake is rising
quite rapidly.
Mrs. A. P. Macdonald is Mtpecletl
homo Irom the east next week.
Kev. I). M. Perley was in Cranbrook during the week willing ou bis
Mrs. (Dr.) Harvic returned home
Sunday after spending a Week in
Hugh Cameron is getting a gnsollno
engine fm bis sail boat, the Kather
W   It   McFarlane,    maungei «>f the
Co-opeialivc      Sloies     in     Cranhrook
was in town for a lew hours Wednesday.
Kev. Km tune, of Cranhrook, and
his nephew, Kobei t Fortune of Hm*
uipeg, wen- angling for trout in
Mnyie lake last  Monday.
.lames (Irani, "mastei nf Irans-
portullon" ai  ihc   Si.   Kugene, wa
In Cianliin.il. tliis week putvhasin
some hnise.s,
.foe MeOlnren bad bis wrist cu
quiii- Inntly In falling on some glas
and is now   in iin- Cranbrook hosp
(From tlie Itlaiiinorc Times,)
S. A. lailit;. who has bad charge nf
the school heie, has tendered Ins ie
s.mialtmi and will he replaced hv
Oeo. Ingram who WlH lake ovei lhc
ROhools on Mondav next,
Blairmore is to have a brass band,
ami a lull sci of Instruments have
twin ordered Thc work nl organizing the band and drilling lbe piayeis
will be commenced nwtl week.
The lime making season has again
faith started iu this section and all
nf lhe kilns arc now running. The
Crows Nest Lime Co., nf this place,
which ti the pimr.er lime cnmpany ol
the Pass, is now turniriif nut a very
superior quality of lime.
A. M. Hulehison, late of Lady-
smith, B. ('., has accepted tho position of assistant mine boss at thc
mines <>f the International Coal A
Coke Co., of Coleman, and has entered upon his duties.
The new town nf Pincher Station
is becoming quite a hustling liitlu
place, and lor its age is making as
rapid progress us any of the Pass
towns. Considerable building is in
progress tlterc and the business men
there will soon Ire in a position in
supply must every nrnl of lbe fanners
who are alrcadj tinning lheir eyes
toward ihe new town as a place in
trade. The new hotel, which is a
IQ-room Imilding iiSx.N0 feet anil two
stories high, will be finished wiihin
two weeks. Kobius Bins have tlieir
large livery bain and outfit iu running order' and the large hoarding
house is now completed anil opened
up lo the public,
N'rlson Kcniinmist:—T (1. Proctor
reports ihe sale during the week nf
iwo huge blncks of land on Duck
creek, near Creston, io C. P. K. engineers, as well us several small
ranches in Fast Kootenay. lo which
ihc approaching construction nf thc
Kootenay Central railroad is attracting attention.
Nelson Keonomlst:—One of Ihc best
catches of 111.1 season was made last
wivk near lbe Outlet hotel by a prominent Winnipeg gentleman, piloted
■by T, 0. Proctor, They caught sii
great lake trout, van ing from 12 tn
17 lbs. each, Naiurally lbe visitor
was delighted, anil he promises io
Notice is hereby given that 1 Intend to apply to the Honorable
Chief Commissioner ul Lauds and
Woiks and to tlie Assistant Com-
missiouei of. Lands and Works Ior
the dislriel of Fast Koolcnay for a
Ikvusc tc- prospect Ior coal and
petroleum on the following desciibed
laud, situate on North Kasl Michel
Ctwk, about seven miles north ol the
Canadian I'acilic railioad, and lying
wesl tit lbe Mcltines group and north
ol the Cn.ws Nest Pass Cnal emu-
paii) s laml, lieiug just north and
adjacent to Hutieiiieid's and Martin's
claims,   uliose  licenses  ale 3,0(11   and
_l,iiue respectively, then:
i.   Commencing at a post planted
one mile lioilli ot ttie uoitheast coi*
nei nl C. I. Buttctbcld's claim, Hi
same boillg the Initial post nt Mai
tha Cmnei's claim aud marked Mat
lha Cornel's nuUb-cast. cniuei
llience KU chains wesl, thence BO
eha-nis soulh, theme Sll ehains east
theme  KU chiuns   imrlh   to place     ol
■k-giiinitig, containing about 040
Maltha Corner. Locator,
A.  V,. Wayland, Agent.
2. Commencing at a post ptanled
at the north-east oornei nl Martha
Cornet's claim, the .same being the
iniiiai pust ol W. J. Doinorest's
claim and maiked W. ,). Demorest's
norlh-west cotner, thenct! KU chains
eas-t, thelice KU chains south, thence
KU chains west, thence KU chains
north to place of beginning, containing about  lilU acres.
W.   .1.   Dcmorest,   Locator,
W. V. Wayland, Agenl.
.'i. Commencing at a pust planted
al the north-west corner of W. .1.
Ih'iumvst's elaim, the same heing the
initial post ol T. J. Demorest's
claim, and marked T. J. Demorest's
soutlMvest coi nei, ihence ku chains
easi, thence KU cbains norlh, thence
KU chaius west, thence KU ehains
south to place tit beginning, contain*
in (j, about tiiu acres.
T. .1. Demurest, Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
•I. Commencing at a post planted
at T. .1. Doinorest's south-west coiner, lbe same being the initial posl
ol Emily Corner's claim and market
Kmilv Cornel's south-east cornel,
tbence Ml chains west, iIihht mi
chains north, tlu-nce Kii chains cast,
llience 80  chains   soulh   lo   place     ul
tfi'iiiiiiiing,     containing    about    BUI
Emily Corner, Locator,
A.   V. Wayland, Agent.
Ti. Commencing at a post nm'
mile north ot Kmily Corner's northwest coiner, ilu- same being tt
initial post of .1. it. Hemphill'
claim and marked .1. II. Hemphill1
north-west comer, thence KU chain
south,   Ihence   KU  chains easl,   litem'
Ku chains north, thence KU chain
west lo. place nf beginning, contain
ing about tiiu acres.
.1. II.  Hemphill, Locator,
A. K. Wayland, Agent.
§ One force pump, two awnings i
tU Tcet in width.
11 Two ^luss front office iloora.
1 One (i foot ofllco window.
i'o One It) ftwit galvanized iron m
\<J     chimney tup.
jjj AU in good eoudilton.   Apply |
Herald Office  j
laiaaiSHaiHJSiHiaBeiaraiaiaiai   iiare s
: Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
::Machine Shop
McKinnon & Johnston
S)nupali at Reiulttlois for dlipoul ot Mli-
crolt oi Domiiioa Lnd> In Mailtubt,
iht NorthikcitTcrrllorks aad lhc VhIim
(ii.il. conl i.iii,i" niuy ne purenuHi at | I •
in-re inr Milt i-mil litnl i."U fur Hiitlirtu.lle. n t
mon-Uuui .■_' Hirw«Ui lit* leautftd by uu.- in
dividual «ir .viui'.iii.. i.'i..a> nl in.- rati- uf
ifti veins i" i lun nf i,uQQ |hihii.i» snail beeolli-ct*
--I »ll llu- i;i .is- mit (iilt.
uiiaru,   Ct'isiinv ,,i i-miiit-i'ti yean »n<i uver
Ullil "Hill stuck i-..Mi|.iill.r-. li"i.luii: fiif llillier'*
t-i-rliln-iili-s mu) nliiulu entry lur u nniiluii l»ua
A free miner's cerlllli'llte Is _:t,inl<-l tor uoo
or moti- >e.irsiiote\eee<liiii:tl.e, ii|'..li ti.iymeut
i RllvHUOO of |T,(Jabw .iiiiii.n for nil iimli lilum
nn.l In in MU l« »|bu |" i aiiniim f.u n com|iuiiy
Allee   no    Ii.onit;  .11-., -.u. I.- I   nillll-litl    11
|.|m-e,   Iliny    KH-aie it ..iiiui   IOuulIIUU teel  by
in 11...ii.' um die -..ihit' wm, tuo legal i'.'-i'-,i't,.ii-
iii. i 'i .ni lu.-i mu- iii .-in I. en.) mi the Una
ul (lielii.le.il vein.
llie Clnllll -null bn t'l'i-i.r.leil wltliln lliieen
U.i.-. ll lm-.iteil ,.illnn leu miiti*. uf u lliliillig
rwunlen'uthctt .>iieiul.ilii..u,il.l,i\ i_lln*e.l ior
i vei) ...mu iMt.il leu mile-, ul [i,ii-li,.u I lie [•■■■
lul nCuKiiellliin V.4*A
Al  i.. ■■ > U.U-.1 l i|.i'i"li.|  on Hie .l.llli*
■ ii. nymii "i |.i'i i" 11. nlug i.'.'or.ii'i in lieu
Uieu'..)    VV I y-im bin. i-e< u e\|>. u.ieil or eiml
% 11     Shira left   Thursday    lor
Wasa, where be    will ilo assessment
work    on   some claims     of his near 	
I taw.     llr. Shim Ims lion, worklml nOOD^IlVICR
ill   111,. Sl.    *ik,*,ii. a.s  I lllllll   fnr,     A-dVO|-tIslnfi      musl     he    p-.-.»mi,„i     ,,
s,-.,-i.ii moiiins  Mm. i spasmodic n^vortlslnn never pays. It| l-hcnec (rn elmlns    cast, Hioiic,
lti'i*.   .1.  r.   Wi'siin ...   nl    linn-  is tun smin lorgoHpn.     An effective  Hianis imilli, tli.-ii.-t- sn ehains w,-si
''       i,   in i     s„|,,'i„ii,,„l,nt    nl form nf advertising is the praise   „l  Hiniec so otalns souiii lo place    o
ciistctners.       Malto your   customer   bediming,     cotrtalirlng    ivliuut    li*lll
ti.   Commencing at a post  plantcl
ut  ,1. II. Ilempl.ill's iiuiili imsl c
lu'l.   Hit' BaatU In-ill,,  lln.'  inilial  pust
i.f It. (l. Hi-Men's ....i-iui mnl marked
1_.  (J.  Belden's     soutti-wost corner,
Metlimllsl   iiiissinns,    was 111    lloyl,
Tucsdi.)  niliniliiis il„. regular meet- .sniisiiid anil f.vi'tiuf vnur interest  acres
ing nf tli.' year.       lie Inuinl   every- in trim does    unl i-n.l   when he   has
Ihing in a     mnsi siiiisliiitnri* innili- bought your goods.
It. fl. iMilen. Locator.
IV.  lv  Wiiylanil,  Agent.
There cannot be different degrees
of purity any more than there can
be different degrees of honesty.
If a man be honest, that is all he
can be.    There is no superlative.
One flour cannot be purer than
another. It can only be more
nearly pure.
In these times when all flour man.
ufacturers are claiming purity you
should remember these two things:
Actual purity in flour can only be
secured by tlie use of electricity.
Royal Household Flour
is the only flour, made and sold in
Canada, that is purified by electricity.
You   can   get   OgiMe's   Royal
Household Flour from your grocer.
Oflllvie Flour Mills Co., ■.■„_.,.,.
"Ogllvle'i Book for a Cook," contain.. 130
pages of excellent recipes, tome never before
published. Your grocer can lell you how lu
get it FREE. J j
7. ('nmiiiHic.ng at a [ii-st planted
about one mile wesl ol a point ahoul
two miles north of i; ti. Belilen's
north-west corner, lhe same Iielng
ihe initial post ot a. K. Wayland1!
claim and marked A. E, Wavland's
north-west corner, thence 80 chains
east, thence ho elmlns south, thence
so chains west, Uience 80 chains
north to place of beginning, containing about CIO acres.
A.  E.   Wayland,  Locator.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at E. A. Way-land's north.west corner, the same being the initial post
of A. C. Hemphill's claim and marked A. U. Hemphill's north-case corner, townee 80 chains west, thence 80
cliains south, thenee 80 ehains east,
thenee 80 chains north, to place of
beginning, containing about 640
A. C. Hemphill, Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Xgent.
0. Commencing at a post planted
at A. F. Hemphill's north-east corner, the same being the initial post
of F. W. Hemphill's claim and marked V. W. Hemphill's southeast corner, tliencc 80 chains north, thence
80 chains west. thence 80 ehains
south, thenee 80 chains east, to
place of beginning, containing about
B40 acres.
V.   W.   Hemphill,   Locator,
A. E. Wayland, Agent.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at V. W. Hemphill's, south-east curncr. the same being the initial post
of B. E. Belden's claim and marked
B. E. Belden's south-west corner,
then™ 80 eliains north, Hrenee 80
rhains cast, thence 80 eliains south,
Uience 80 chains west (o placo ol beginning, enn Unu in;-, ahoul Mil acres.
II.  E.  Belden, Locator.
A. E.  Wayland, Agent.
Wo nro pri'imri'il  lo
<U> nil   Kinds of n-
p;iir work heavy mul
liu'hl. in.)kta I'Hsiinys,
J        turn shafts, etc,
Scientific     Horseshoeing   a J*
■IIII    I    I
A. W. McVittie   J
Dominion and Provin- {
cial   Land  Surveyor. 4
H. H. McVittie   \
(ieneral Agent j
TIMBER, MINE   and |
CRANBROOK,   B.   C. j
Pete's Barber  Shop
lias removed fiom the Wentworth
hotel to nest door to A. 0. Bowness' and opposite new bank building, I invite everybody, My work
will give satisfaction. First-class
barber shop.
P. J, Lcithauser, rtgr.
■I Ihi-Win i-u
 I.-lllli.Il'l     N     W      I-,
i I .-.i Hi it)     I lai-i-l   iiui'lli*
n-i t.'i-i -..(11,11,    run.   h-.
O'Ulll HU   II..      N.'llll    MHk.ll
l.ll.ll-..Ul-1-llll.-l I..II .11 llil.i'll, llllt
lir* li'fil Iiiiii; .iii.I i-\(i'iul.li|' bu
I '-ill   iillll'l  llllllk.       Iiii   l.il.'i  lll
.1) III .
ut Miiiiil»l>ii iimi Um
I. r\rt-|.nuu Out \tik.m h tiit>>r>— A
n iimi ..luiiili,ml) u.u kitten ut in**)
toll i.u uleriii ui honii ...n-,, rautiw-
tiii'ili-.i-ii-tt.iu niitic Mltilalui i>r tin* in-
IHtfl'l rlgltl Is I'ulillur.l I.i  Hit-  -llllmii IK-
i.i b.n- iii Hu- rn.-r liulm. \o\\ water
iii'Uiiiiji.'i i.i tin- ni;iii> ui .ni peraoui
■ if»
nno '
■ ii>
a        Furnace, Boiler, Rango, a
X mul Fireplace work n special- X
h- I
•£       All descriptions of stone- y
X work undertaken. (inlt-rs left y
I" I
I       .1. D, MoBKIDE'S        X
V will rt'i-ifvi; prompt iittuntiou, A
i* l'lioue US. P. O.Box864. ?
i I
Geo. R. Leask & Co
Tain* in,lire thai Iwn liiiinllis allot
.lull- 1 Inteml t.i apply in llw Olilrf
Commlssloiior ol I.anils anil IVori.-
iitr iii'iiiiissiun to |,in*i'li,is. Hi. Inl-
liiwin*. ili'si*ril».,i lamls in Souiii Kasl
Coiiiinoiiolnn al a pninl ni-iiki'il
".laini's Hviin's muHhmsI, cornor
post," iilnnInl al tlio sonlli-casl corner ol l.ni 2JIII7, (Irinip 1, llirac*.
snulli (in1 fliailis, iiluri' or less, to
tlie imrlli lianli ni St, Marys rivnr,
t'lienr-e wi'sti'iiv toll,i.,'iii^ lhc sai-ii
norll, liaiik nf 'St. Marys river 811
eliains, more nr less, tn lhe southeast corner nf Lot. Miii7, Group 1,
thenee northerly along the easterly
limit ol Si.hl Loi (lllli?, (Ifteon chains,
mure or less, In Mie southerly limit
nf saiil Lot 201.7, llience easterly
alraiK Hie snul-lierly lin.it of sa*W Lot
211.17, eiRlity ehains, more or less, lo
Mie plaee of boffinnrlrg, eontainiiiK 77
acres, more nr less.
Our work is our advertisement, but we
put this ad in the lleiul.ljln
emphasize it,
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
The li--.M-e_.li.ill buve .i ilmlgM iii u|>i-r.iliiiu
iMllllll lllll- st-HMHl lllllll llll- UHU- nl llle It-line  t.ir
liiiM.liiiiiiieu iiiiiii- tluin i.iiu ItsiM- nnt- ii.i-Uko
i.ir uii'li lliit-i'ii iiiil.-x mn i-tmu i nuIHi-Ii lit
i.i-ui.ti, a iu (iei iiiiiiiiiu fur I'iu'ii iui.-.- ni river
liMM'il. liujii i) ,ii llie rite i.[ um mnl u linil
|.ei .-iut 1'iiilecieil on tliti i.iuinit iitiei iloxiiwHlA
I'r. .Imiiin in ihr ViikiinTi-ri Uui)' Six lea»ei
nl live mui!. eautl uui) lie ^laiiii-iltu a In*
man'. I.u iili-ini uf Ui-ut)  yi-ar-, n.su renew
i ne lessee's rlirhl la couOueil iu the lulnuerif4
vii i.ni nr burs is ilif rtvi-r below luw inter
uiu. h, Uml iiuiiutlur. lu b* liM'i. l>y us uOslilUil
nu lIii- 1st ilu) ni Aiiiiiua iu ilie yeai ul llie .u.e
ul Liie le use.
l cu lessee slmll luive nue ilreiiue lu u|ierutiuu
V.illllll till.  )IM1S  lllllll   111.-  llillf  Uf  lilt'  ifilM*.  .lll.l
■ ■li.- nii-.i,;. lm c.uli nu- i"il''i iui,,In .six yi-iirn
liuin Sliop (late. Keuiul, iii' pt-r iDlle lor ill sl
iimi , iiiui •?I., per mlie l.ireiieli subseijueutyear.
i.u) in.y sjiiue us pin. er iiniuiii;
I'lju etiM in luu in ilie \ iikiiii Territory,- creek,
(.iil.li. ilu-r tuul luliiLiliiis sli.i.l uui exceed Anl
leel in .i-ii..ili, iiieusureil uu ilie biise luu- ur
Ijenetal ulreuilou *>i tlie cteek or jtui.-ii. ilie
unu .ii.; tii.iu i u-kiui a.uuu leei.   Aiiutner
I'l.n et claims >liull ue _t&J leet miu.tre
i laiius nn- markeil by two .i-t»ii puatl, on e a
i-aeti I'Uil, bearlui; nutltes. hull) must tie ub*
i.unt'il ii. inn u*u uu,k, it tbe ulitiui is wniiiu
uu tnli.-.i uf imiuiiit reeoi <lei s nitlce. one extra
•iny a i.iwi-.i fm t'iii-ii tuidilluu.il ieu ml es ur
f ruction.
1 lie i I'lM.ii or .-.'iii|iaii) staKlm. a claim must
In.i.l a fn-e miners cerilllcate.
Tlie discoverer ut » new mine is eutltled tu a
claim uf 1 ik u leet lu length, uud It tlie |..irly
i-uiiMst-s cf iwu, i,.v.hj reel ahoiteilier, mi tue om-
imi..[ iihii-n uu loyalty -.li.ill be  i-barged, ibe
rest of tue party orttluary i Ituuts only,
i nli; lee *lu. lloyalty at llie late nftwu Htul
una iiiilf i>ei ct-ui mi tbe uil.ii-.it tlie guut _.lup>
lu'il liuin llie Vumiii lei nl..iy lo be paid lo tlie
I uliil'llulll'l,
No Iree uutier sliall receive a uiaiit ot mu.e
tii..ii..n.-iiniuiii; ciiiim on eaeli .m-|iHrate river
iii't'h oi _;tilcti, mil the sauie miner nun bold
any utiiiii'f i ol claims by (iiueliase, and free
miners may mirk tlieir claims lu iiaituersluu by
II lltiu llOllOu anil pa) ui); fee uf *)i, A claim
may ue liiind.iii.-il, aim aimitier ubtauied uu tne
Mime cieik, ^uh-li ur river, i-y iiivlng noliee and
paylni! a fee,
Wont mnsi tieilonuon a claim eacb year to
tin-value uf at least i'MK
A teiIiIiimu- tlml w.irk lias Li'i'ii done inuii be
ub.iiiiieil .'iuii year, If uol, llie claim shall be
.I,nii.'.il'i IteatiaUdiilleil.Hlld ..pen luuccopatluu
ami entry by a tree miner.
lne I'.JiiiulaneH ot a claim may bedellned absolutely by Inn ink a survey made ami publlhhiug
ll.iliei'S 111 tll.' \tii.iniiiltlcial lla/i-tte.
letruleiim.- ill unatiiiropilaled Oouuutuu
Lamls in ...aiiit.'ha, tin- Nuriliuc.it T.-nlinries
ami uiiiiin ibe Vukuu Territory are op. u io
pi'i.-P--i'tiiin tor pi-ti'uu iiiii, ami tin- minister
m.i) reserve t.u an ui.llviiiii.ii or ciimpauy Iihv-
iiic iiiii.'lnn. ry i.u tlie laud lo be prospected, au
area ol mn aeies. Sluml-l tlm |.iuipeetor ills-
cuvi'i oil In pay lui; <|_i-iiittli*-s, ami -.atislautortiy
I'sialili-li tut-11 diseovery, un area imt t-\cee.ilbu
i>ln aeres. iiiuIiiiIIiik lln-oil well uud Hliull oilier
land ai may lie di-teiimiieil, will be sold to tliu
ilhcuverer at lbe rate of fl.im uu aere, siibji-et
in royalty at sueb rale as may lie speullled by
w. w.rouv
Deputy nt the Minister ul the lute
Hepi, Interior.
Notiee is hereby given that tbitty
days alter ilale we iiiti-n.l to a|i|»ly
to tin- Oil Lot Commissioner of L.uuls
ami Works at, Vlolorta, for a special
license to cut and carry away lini-
bi-r from mi Mie bllnwiug described
lamls in South Kasi  Koolenay:
Comnnmolng nl a post planted   at
the   soulh.r.is-t     collier   ot   lbe   Oeo,
Carter limit, license Nn. offll, thenee
runnlna 80 rhains east,; MiDtice iiuiii ng mt ebaius north, tliencc running
KU ehains Wesl, thi-ure tunning Hti
ohains Solllll to point or roiuineiire
I>ated this Oth tiny nf April, A.I)..
11. II. Ross.
.Ins. W,  Koss. ;i :,i,
Nntiee is hentby given that thirty
days after dat« we Intend to apply
to the Chief Commissioner ol I,amis
and Works at Victoria, lor a special
license to cul and cany away limber from oft' the lollowlng dCKCifbcil
lambs in South |-;asl. Koolenay:
Commencing at a post planted at
the north-east corner of the (loo.
Carter limit, license No. (.fill, Ihenee
running KII chains east, thence running Wi chains north, thence running
80 chains west, thence running 80
chains south to point of commencement
Dated Ihis 9th day of April, A.I).
.lames Ryan.      1800.
Datod at  Cranhrnok,     n,  C.  this II. H. Ross,
50th day ol April, I00fi.             fi-0|, Jos. W. Ross.        3-5t
fnr a particular pui|>use is easy fur
us. Uccause wu have them fot all
kinds of use. Naturally uur
is far superior lo that, nl (lie boras
which has to call eoal ilining the
week ami cany Ills ownor to a luneral
on Sunday, ll Santa Claus saw mu
horses he wnulil pension nil lus ulil
reindeers, chop up his old sleigh ami
bill' a rig limn us. Vou sli.uibl iin ibo
same when ynu require the Hervlces <•(
a burse unit carriage for any |iliiponu,
Especially as our scale ol cliatges
makes it really cheap transit,
Thfl Hundley l.lvcry Slnhlci
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old sli.ics made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Iiive me a call.
Livery &
Teams and driven fornlthed for toy
point Id the dletrtct.
A. nOVl.l., Mtnagor «u
Corporation Of The City of Cranbrook
A By-Law to raise the sum of Seven Thousand and five Hundred
Dollars [$7'5O0'ooli.by Debentures, for the purpose of
erecting Municipal Buildings-
Whereaa a petition has been   pi
Seated to the Municipal Council .f
the Corporation of the City nf Cran
brook  signed   by   tbe    owners  of     al
least om-tcnlh of   lbe VtttlH     lbe
rateable lamls ami Improvemenis in
tlw said City as shown hy lhc last
Revised Assessment Roll requenMuK
Un wild Council t-o Introduce a Hy
LaW to raise Ihe sum ol sewn limn
sand live hundred   dollars f$Wflt 1
loi tbe purposo ol buiUUug and
erecting Municipal Buildings lot Ihr
cuy ol Cranhrook, ot tbe uaymeiii
ul the City's shaie ol building and
erecting buildings to Im luted -ninth
as Government and Municipal build
ings by Hn- Province ol Hutish Co
luiuhia and lhe CU) ol Ctttnbrook as
the easi- may bo.
And whereas it is deemed expe
iti.nl mi bi-b,ilt ni ibe s.ml Miiiiielpal
Colltiill   In   (oiti   with   Ihe   I'loVitice  nl
itiiti.b Columbia In ibe erecting ol
joint    Uovcrntnenl    ami    Municipal
Iliul.llligs   .111(1   Iol   su. h   imi poses      to
borrow tho sum ol bcvmi lliuUHaail
lite hundred dnllais ($7500 00)
Ami wlicreaa f.u llie purposes
aforesaid II w ll be iiccckbuij to bai
jntt   the   sum  ol seven   llioiisatul   live
hundred dollars ($7800.00).
And win-lea-, lho whole amount ol
the rateable lamls ami Improvement*
of the saul City according lo tlu
last Revised Assessment H..1I is live
hum!]ed ami sixty-nine thousand and
eighty-two dnllais ($5fiU,l>82.0tt).
And whereas it will be requisite tu
raise annually by rale the mum ot
six hundred and nm- dollars and
eightv-lwo cents ({mil KJ> (or paying
the said debt and interest.
Now therefore the Municipal ('nun
eil of the Corporation ol the City of
Cranhrnnk in Council assembled, en
acts as follows;
1. It shall and may be lawful fm
the Mayor of the Corporation of tin
('ity of Cranbiook to borrow upon
the credit of the said Corporation bj
way (ft iJtte detmtbures herelnaftei
mentioned from any person or persons, body or bodies corporate, win
may be willing to advance the saiiu
as* a loan, a sum ol money not exceeding in the whole, ihe sum ot
seven thousand five hundred dollars
($7500.00.) and to cause all such sum.
su raised or received to be paid into
the bands of the Treasurer of the
said Corporation, for the purpose ami
with the object hereinbefore recited
i. It shall be lawful for the May01
of the said Corporation to cause all)
number c-f debentures to be made
executed and issued for such sum 01
sums as may Iw required for tin
purpose and object aforesaid, nol
exceeding, however, the sum ol
Seven thousand five hundred dollars
($7500.00) each of lbe saul debentures
being of the denomination o[ im
hundred dollars ($600.00), ami al.
such debentures shall be sealed witb
the swat of the Corporation and sign
ed by the Mayor thereof.
3. The said' debentures shall beat
date the first dav of .lul? A, I)
1008, and shall be made payabh
within twenty years from ibe'said
date in lawful money ol Canada, at
the office of the Imperial Hank 0
Canada iu Ctanbronk aforesaid, whicl.
said place of paymeni shall be designated by bhe said debentures, and
shall have attached to them coupons-
fur the payment of principal and in
terest respectively awl thc signs
tures to the said coupons may be
either written, stamped, printed 01
4. The said debentures shall beat
interest at tin1 rate of five per ecu
timi per annum from the date tliere
or, and the principal .ml interest nn
tbe unpaid principal shall be payable
iu equal instalments annually, a'
said office of the Imperial Hank ol
Canada in Cranbrook aforesaid, in
lawful money of Canada, on the tiisi
day of July in each year during tin
currency Miereof and it shall be ex
pressed In said debentures and cou
pi-ns to be so payable,
fi. It shall be lawful foi the Mayoi
of the said Corporation to negotlaU
und sell the said debentures or any
of them foi less 1 ban par, but iu no
cise shall Mm* said debentures
01 any of thorn lie negotiated 01 sold
foi less than ninety-five pcr centum
of M.cii lac value. Inolud-ttw tin
tost of iiegoiuiim; and sale, bmh
1'i.tge and all otJici    Incidental    01
li. Their shall be raised ami levied
In each yeai respectively, during Hie
currency ol said ilt^n-nlures tor tlte
payment    ol  Inleresl    the   I.riliHum.
till 7,
ta j 0
eighty two       dnllais
and sixty - six cents.($382.06)
Two hundred and six-
tv-six     dnllais      ami
seventy cents .($366 70)
Twn hundred ,,i,.| foi
1 \ nine dollars and
nim-lv-thc mils (titii <.;,t
Twn bun.llnd ami illicit   twn     dnllals      .Hid
thirty-six cents ....  . ($332 36)'
Twn hundred ami th 1*
•Inllais      and |
three Mindi.-i   and     twenty dollai
and ninety s,-\,-n   cent-,  ($330.87)  foi
paying the -aid debt and interest;
Now, therefore, tbe Municipal
Cnuni ii n| iv i'..1jiui.1tn.il ,,i ilu-
City nt Cranbrook in Council as
serabted, enacts as follows:
1. ll shall and m.iv be lawful lor
Ui.- W.i.ni ..f ibe Corporation ol the
Cily ni Cranbrook to borrow, upon
ibe credit ol tlw said Corporation,
bj waj ol tbe debentures hereiuaftei
meult..ticd imm an] person ot pel
sons, iMnh .1 bodies corporate, who
nia\ Ik* willing in advance ibe saint
as a bun, a sum ut money imt exceeding iu tlto whole, ibe sum ol torn
thousand dollars ($1000.00) .md to
cause all such sums so raised or re
celled io In- paid into llw band ol
ihc irtusiuei oi Uu* said Corpora
1 u.u, b.i tin- purpose and with lhe
object  hereinbefore recited.
tu. „ !■ i ti389)l   -    ll »hall be lawful loi tho Hajoi
(n,a M'  ul ibe said Corporation to cause any
J iniinii'] ol    debentures   to be made,
uviiled and issued foi  such sum   ut
111.1)   in- required   foi    tin
And whereas it will be requisite to             and forty-six cents    tl Sl 16) 1907,   Five hundred dollats.($500UU] 1000 feet l.m-                 s
raise annually by    taU Mm nun   ol|i933.   Sixty-nine dollars and MI08    Foui     buudred     and Kour-loot     mJ.-v-.iIi.
forty-eight   cents        (J WU8)             eigfrty-foui        dollars ,Usi     side ol    VrniMtnn!
1833.   Kilty-six   dollars ai 1 and          eightj t-tjgUl Vvcnuo   1    south siuV
ninety-one rents          (1 Mi.91)             cents                           iHMmi ,.i i„i     |.j jUii.    s„..,l.
1931.   Korty-tbree      ii.dl.us 1809.   Foui     bundrrtl     asd .mu |lVi                           $
and ■event) ceuls       i 13.70)            sixty-nine dollars . ,($4ub.0Uj Four-fool      sidewalk
1935,   Twenty-nine     d 1 1910    Foui     hundred     and south   side   ol ' Edwards
and eigbty-foui c*mts.(i 29.8lj            fifty-two   dollars and Stiwt  Irom   Garden    lo
1936    Kifiein    dollars Urirty-tibree cents   ...($-153.33) Martin   u.-uu.-   imn ui
twenty-eight cents     ll I5.3K)  1911,   Four    hundred     ami u.lr.                '           '    ,
And Ior    tho paymeni tbirty-foui       doUars Kour-fnoi      ihlewall
bentures tbe following eighty-three cents .. ..($431.83) tvesi  side id Martin K\e
1807, one      bundled      ami 1913,   Foui buudn ,1 and six*               1 nm- from Kilu ink «n .,
twenty    doUars   ai
inn,*i\ -seven cents        I
1808. "ii'' hundred and
twenty-seven dollai >
and two cents ....        ! 03)
1009.   ' 'j,      hundred      and
1- liiindii-d .uid min'
tt font     dnll.tr.      and
forty-eight cents       ami 41)
1030    On.- biimheil nml ne*.
ntv foUl    1tnll.11
ill Is  ,
um- inin.iuii ami nn
two dollars and bu
.nit three cents
1-ne'li (red ami tin
it ilullais   and twin
I. eighl cents
One  buiidii-d    and si
ib.li.u-,   nnd   '.I'veiii
Might) nne iloll.tt
mil n I net J live
($174 Hi
puipoM-   nud object   aforesaid,    noi
exceeding, however,  Ibo sum ol foui
thousand dollars <*i H" each   61
j the s.u.1 debentures beta ol thu de*
mr.'' 731 nomination   ..I   two hundred  dollars
'  ($300.00)   .md     all   stub debentures
[.li.ill be wiled vtiih the seal ui   the
Ctiri itioli ami signed b)  lbe Mayoi
lli.'l enf
3, Tbe said debentures ulmii beui
dale lhe nisi daj ol July A.i), luuo,
and shall    be made   payable  within
iwcnit   teats Imm   Uu- s.ml dat
($130 38)
III,,. J0)
ll SI ll.i)
1035. Kill, Hi,' Hollars nnil '."'J'1 ",'"'"1." Canuila nt the olllce
iii,„ll-ll„ ,,ls  ($05.0")   '•■   ll"  Il"l"'l al. k  "1   (.'"."l'i    In
1920.  Tm ui v-.-i..-l>i    dollars tt»t k aforesaid, willed nil plan
 1 slxty-slx eni,   ($88,011) '/   P«l'Wflil riljiJ 8iKimt«l    hi
Ami l„i  lira ii.iniinii   „! llii,   said   ""' *-,•'"   iMwytuiw, awl shall   li.ni
debentures Hi.. following minis: .attached to   litem coupon, lor    llie
 7.   Tu,,    In,ml,1,1      ami puymc    principal   ami Interest,
Iwenly-slx      ilnl',ii.s 1 ii'-'P'iiiu'l.v. uml Hie signatures    to
ami eighty-two ccnls.($220.82) ""' ml<l ''""I""'" '""1 I"' i-Wui writ-
1008. Tun hundred and thii-
ty-clght dollars uml
sixteen cents  ($238 mi
1009. Two hundred ami nil)' . "'"'"'*'_ *'  ""' '.'"'' '". "V I"'1
dollars     ami     seven
IJ.N 00
75 nn
135 nu
ami   l.i
lllli, 13
ten, Btu-mpcfl,   j.riun-,1 ,,i lithograph-
'    I.  Tiro said ,lri,i*iiiiiii*s Khali  dear
inleresl  al  Hie rale ,,l li
j ttini per annum It,,,,, Un- date tl,
.,250 071  °'' a"-' ''"' Principal ami Interest
"- •   ii,.. ,,,,,,.,,., , -.„„.i .,..,, i,„ ,,..,.*
mn.  Tim hundred and six-'          ', !'"' ""'I'11'1 pHiwIN shall he I'ayahl
..-two   dullars    and              I Ui'i|iiul liisluliiii.ii.-i annually, al saiil
nity-soven cents ($262.17) "1'"'."' !'"', Inipcfhil   Honk of Can-
mil.  Two liiiniln.l mul sev- , ",liV "' I'landrnnli .il mid in lawlul
iiily-live   dullars and money ol . ,„in,la ,„, llie Oral day nl
seventy cents (J275.7.I) '"">' '", '"■"'' -"'" "'"'nil ""'    cur-
11.12,   Two     hundred     and              i ln!''V Iwrmll ami ii slinll lie espies-
eiKlilv-iiiui'   dollars               sed In said   ileln-nlines ami eoupons
and t„rt)-.-ii5ht cents.(J380.18)   '" d"'-j" j'aya.1.'.	
1013. Thus;    hundred    and 6.   It slrail he liiiil.il lor lhe Jlaym
llui'i'     dollars    .md ot the said Cnrpom i lo iieRollale
ninety six cents  (1303.00) ■'i"',,M'1 lhe said del in,-.-, or   any
1014. Three     liundrnl   ami ', ol tlien.  or less llian par. Iml In no
nineteen dullars   and | msc shall llie s,n-.-l il,-l„-niuri's
, f ilit'ui hr iiegolinteil ,
old lm lm
Three   hundred     and | ''"'" mm-ty-flvf per mil..... nl   lite
llnriv-live       dnllais laee    yaluc, IneludinB   Hie   cosl   nl
ami iiii'l.c if.iis  ($335.13)  "','?"'I1/1"".* ?!"' s?'''* I""l'''i'wi'   ami
Three    hundred    and i all older Ineldenlal ex|ienses.
lini-i.iii' dollars anil |. »•    ''"'"'    '''     '' r'h"' '""' '''''''*'
I'iJiU-M'ii'n eenls .,..($351.87)   '" ™™ vmr "'spec lie lv, ilnrlnK Hi,*
Tdreo     diindred    and , eurreney ,,l saiil ilrhenlures  Inr   I lie
si-u-iiine       dollars |Payn.e t  resl   lhe  following
and forty-nix cents ...(I3C0..O)  S,I,I,F-
v-si'l I'll      doll
,*,*,, I
llll'l.   Knur
liu nd red
si'it-ii     dollars
lliirli-four isnls
Knur   liundred      mid
twenty-seven   dollars
Tun liiin.l
eil  doll
irs. ($2110. (Ill
nm* Iniinii,
,1 and i
niin-li -liv,-
Om- l.iin.l,,
.    .($103,115
tv-sevi n
six!.'  ci'ii
and seventy-one cents.($13-7.71)
Ki ut     hundred     and
forty-nine dollars ami
nine cents   ($110 00)
Knur luiiiilnsl .m.l seventy-one  dollars   mid
ftf-ly-l  cents  (Sl7l..ili
Kour     liundi'i'd      anil
ninety-five dollars ami
twelve cnis ($405,13)
Kin* 'liundred ami
nineteen dollars and
elgh-ty-sevi n mils ....($610.87)
Kin* hundred and fnr-
iv-iivi' dollars und
eighty-seven eenl.. .. ($545 S7|
Kii,- hundred and sev*
.-... v three       dollars
and sivl.t-u cents  ($573,16)
, ral.* Mill,, lout tlierefor nn all
Iin' lali'iilili' lmi.li and imjuovi'im-nl^,
in Hie -..u.l Municipality,
7.   II   "hall  la*  lawful tor Hi.' said
Municipal* Council lo   repurchase an.*
,,f ll,,*   s.u.I     dohrl s   ui'oii   such
terms as mav Ih- agree.) iipiui uiili
il,,- ,-;:.iI holder nr ' liolders Hiereof,
ur   .uiv   part   Hn-reol eildei al   tho
llllll'  of  s.i I*'  01   .11,1   sultsisnirlll   tilno
,,i limes, and .ill ,1,-1,,'iiiiiit-s so in
|iin,l>,„ml snail l„, iliuiili I,,* ,*,,„,,-I-
U.I ami ileslroyiil nud n< re Issue nl
■Indentures so ii-purehas.il shall he
made In consequence ..1 sued re-pur-
s.   This  Hi Uw   shall  lake cltecl
..,, o,   altei Mi-     32nd dny ol    Mai
mui.  Om' liini.1,,.1  1 eighly doilais and nliielv-
I !■_..".
ok    l.,4i,-
i ni.,I he nli'
Hi,* * t'lty ol *
I    Hi I.m
II,,*  III,    ,l,n
.,.    hundred     and
■nn in,- dollars   ,i$.i7.r, 00)
■s-    hundred   nml
i u,       dollar.
SIVll SU  ,mis      ( $.111.1 in: |
is*    handlist     and
ono   dollars ond
■nil lne . .-.its    .     ($351.75)
s-   hundred     and
lv-inm-       dnllais
twenly-flvo cents ($339 25)
,v     hundred   and
',,1. si\         ,1,.ll.us
lwell'0 isnts        ($330 13)
<1'      li-iudliil      11,1,1
'lie   dollars     .md
Ii loin rents         ($313 34)
,      lllllllll ,-d         lili.l
ei. se.-in    dollars
elgllll  siv     eenl*  l.l'l.  KII)
,1     hundred     ami
Head   ln-i    lime
| April ... n   1000
ll.l, Read Beeoml lime the III, day ol
Ipnl   .    Ii    1000
Head Mu,,l lime the IMI dny ol
April v Ii. nun,
Itwcivcd the assmil „l il leclors
—. day ol M.u   t   n   mini.
Itivonsidciisl nml i,a.ill, [,„ssisl and
ndopt.il   d„i ol M.u   i   li   I	
Tale ,i,,l„. i |,„l ,l„. ,,!„,, is a
I,lie copt Of 'In* |n,,|„,-,,*il Ily I.au
up. II ui.l.'ll Ihe Vole ol llie liluurl-
li.ihli will l„* I.ilmii al lhe Kiie Ilall
I'liin k, ll   tl     on    Monday,   llm
7lh da.   ol   M.u.   I     Inlu,,-,,     I lull,.um.   ,,l      o'clock   Men   O'clock
loeal lime) in il„- morning .nnl seven
o'eloek   (.lllill     O'clock   locttl   lllllll)   III
ihe evening
r   II   I'HBHT,
I'leik ,,| U.e L'ouneil,
Corporation Of Thc City of Cranbrook
A By-Law to raise the sun. ol Four Thousand Dollars |$.,.»<h..o«| to
purchase and furnish a I'ire Hall tor the City ol Cranhrook.
Whereas a pollllrn lias lieen pre-
Bellied to tho Municipal Council ol
th (,, rat-ion uf the I'iiy ul Cranhrook sui.sl liy the owners of al
least one-lenlli nf lhc value uf the
rateable lamls and linp.ovoniei.ts in
the said City as .down by lire last
Ki'vised Assessment Roll, requesting
tlm said Council (o Introduce a lly-
I.aw lo raise tlie sum nf fnur thousand dullars ($4000,00) for the purposo ol purchasing the building unu
used by tlu, Oily lor sued purposes,
and to make the necessary adiiit uns
tlicreto, and to iirnperly furnish and
equip tlie Fire Ilall, and to furnish
the City with proper lire protect inn
■by means ol a Volunteer Kire Brigade.
•en Is
ly-lhree dollars ,„,,l
n'lnelv-lliree tvi,ts      ($173 i
1012. One hundred .m.l slx-
ty-slx dollars nnd
ll'iv-i-ialii cents I $190 .'
1111*1. One liiimliisl and liflv-
alit      dollai s      and
I H2i
,!,.,., lh. loli.us
and  '       Uur*.   -
Mills 1133 17)   I'M
|!)|0    ,,■,* l,„,„ti,,l .,ti 1   Inl
t)    dollura   and   i ,ui
$1  | 191
I'll I      II,,.*   liuiui,.*!   ,,,,'1   [ol
ll   sel- II      I	
[•■U|    .Till 	
I'l | J       I,,*,.*        i     I'.   I    ... *l
imn dollars .i   I
I. I its . 'i-i  ■',
1013 I.n, hundn .1 ai d -
n-iuo dollars and
...    .. ,<n. j 11;
lot i    ■ hundred -i.*.*1   * ■
ii   dollars and  twin
n in ,,f- -:," 131
n... ;,,ii.dn,I .mi ie,
,, ,i.-l,l dollars and
selnill  Uliee  iTills       ■'!,' 73]
line huudrtnl and nigh-
,i s.i,.,,   dollars   ami
sisll sl.1  eenls    ($181 '•<.,
ii,,.- „,u„i,,il mid ninii-
ii-s,-i,i,   dollars   ami
live iciils    ($107.05)
Tu,, hundred and sis
dollars     and    nu,,'"
,*,,its               (S3IHi.H0)
Tu..    hundred     and
seventeen dollars and
lueiiii-tiiiu ciiils     ,($217.21)
Tu,,    hundred     nnil
lu.llU-einlll     ilollms
and eleven eenls .     .($238.11)
Tuo    iiutiiired     and
lliirlv-i, mi       linlliirs
and ni.y-one eenls     ($2311.51)
Tun liiimliTd ami  Hits-one     dollars     nnd
[nrty-nlnc cents  ($351.10)
Twn lllllllll.,| and SIVll-four     itoltars   nud
six cents    ($301.99)
Tu,, hundred ami su. -
enly-seveii       dollars
ie. u dollai
U-llle is III
I'M I. 'line,* duiulml ami
ii,,i,-ii-si-ii*ii dollars
nml hltot-n cents        ili'iT 19)
191*1,  Three    luu,.Ind    and
i'.,   {,.,
"ills   ($377.27)
1935.   Tu,,    hundred        I
irincly-tuie       dollars
and  thirteen  will
10211.   Tli      luimliitl
live dollars    and
li -nine ci ills 	
Ily a rn'le sullielriil llieielor uu al
ihe ratcahl,' lands ami improvements
in Hi.- said Miuiielpalilv,
;. li shall la* laulul for tho said
Municipal L'i in,eil to repurchase .mi*
of Uie said debentures upon such
terms as may he agreed upon with
the legal holder ur holders ilierei I,
,,, anj part tlicre.il elllu-r nl lire
nine ol sale or any subsequent llniol
or liuies, and all ilebeuHires so rc- |_|
purchased shall fortliwllh I,,* cuu-i
celled ami deslruicl and no rc-issu.
,,| debentures so repurelinscd shall do un
made    In   coiisnqueni-u    of such  re-,
S   Tills Hy-l.nu shall lake rltecl nn   ini
nr alter lhe 22ml id.) ul Mny   I. ll.i
1000. |
II. Tins Ill-Law mav Ire cited (,
nil iiurposes as lire * CH) ,., Crn
In,,,,k     Iiet,,iiiuie Loan Ui-Laii N
line hundred .md
dollars and sei
live cents
Ono hundred
n iu*,, dollars
t'li-enlv-lour eenl
One hundred and
Iv-threc dollars
thirlv-. ne cents
Head a uml tun.
lprll .1. li. li"'".
on lhc Uh d.u* ,,l
-ei,mi su       dollai
.'I'd  '-'-Il'l - 0 eenls ($37|| s-t,
Tin,-,- humlred .ml
iiiii iiie   dollars and
sull-olie ivnl'  . Ill:,', l.l ,
111,..*       I,lluill,,I
u. ,**.     lhree   .loll
■ lli.l ,u, II, I ■ .i-
'••iits  . .....($333.37)
Tliree humlre.1 and
nine dollars .md cinh-
'i "i,.* eenls         ($309.81)
liv.    hundred      ami
. mi,*, ,,,,*       dollars
.md i* -ihieen cuts    ($385.18)
Two hundred   ami lull-nu,,*   ilullais    aid
Umi) iun eenls  (I2.'iii 12|
Tu,, i,umli,,i and Uolii in,,    dollars    .md
sixteen cents         attl 10)
1 no hundred ami
iliicc dullars and sixty-live cents   ($3U3.D5)
1933. Une lum,lied ami seventy-three dollars
ami seventy - omen's   .' 1$I71I.7I|
In2'i. un,- luui,iiul ami piiii -Iwo dollars ami
lucllly-scicii cents  .  (tll3.37|
1931. due hundred ami nine
dollars   ami   twenty-
sclcn eenls  (llllll.21)
1935.   Sen nil* - four dollars
ami sixty-one c,iiis..,.($ 71.ill)
I1I2H.  Tlrirtyt-ighl     dollar
luiiiii-oiie cents  ($ IIS.21)
All.l  iol   lhe payillllll     o|   the    said
del,,.,,lures Uie folluwing sums:
liiu-I.   Three   liundrnl     and
lu,, dollars   and fof-
ly-three cents  ($303.43)
1098. Three liundrnl nnd
seventeen  ,1,,liars and
lifi\-liv.- cents ($:il7.a,-i)
imiii.   Tl      hundred    mul
thiriv-tlnu- dollars
[iiriy-threo cents  ($333.43)
lore lllllldml all.l lilll dollars   ami     len
wills  ($359,1(1)
Three hundred and
sixty-seven       dollars
and slxly cents  ($307.80)
Tliree    Iiuiuiri ,1    nnd
eiishly-live dollars
and       iiini-tv - elglil
cents ($J8...98)
Knur Inin,in.I iitul live
dollals and     luisily-
eigii-l cents  ($-105.38)
Kour hundred ami
Iwenty-llve      dollars
lilty-lour cents  ($435.54)
Kour hulldrtd mut lot-
tv-six    dollars    mul
eighty-two cents  ($110.83)
Kour huudrtd mid
sixlv-nine ilullais and
sixteen cms  ($409.10)
Kour li.lnili i.l and
iijnety-two dnllais
ami sixty-two   cents...(193.02)
lius. Kivc hundred and s,*v-
euteen dollars mid
twenty-five cents  ($517.35)
uus Eur hundred and I, r-
11-tlui'i- dollars mul
Joven eenls  ($513.11)
io Kains
I. n;
Koui !...,;      sUeiriiiii       ,.,,"
easl   side   of   |',„,|,.(     \u.
line fiom   l*:,tua,.ls Streel
io kains street, til... i,-,-,
long   .
Koui (,,,,;       s,,l, ualk ,,,,
viesl   sj.le  ,,|   liujd, I,   Ave
mie Inmi Kdwards Sireel
in K.i,,,- Street,   feel
I*,,III  !.„,,
 I,     side
Avenue    i
Slleet     lo
dewalk       ,.,,
■d     Kenunk
iu     Ldu.iiils
diiiii- Sliu-i
I." ii
HUH.   Tl
($158.80)     Read a second lime nn the ltd day juao.   Kivc liundred aii'd's'ov-
I f,
ol llie Licet, is
ol    M.u   .1.   II.
tll,'lit! -Ill,
ami n netv ti.
Hue hundred a
Icon dnllais .
en ts'nts
HUH One liundiisi a
dollars nnd
llirco cents
1930 N mel v-lwi.
1931 tlml
fifty !"f -linil A   li
nil- I     Head a  third l
,,( April  \   li. in
lieceivid il,,* .,*
on   Ihi'	
Ill-considered ami finally passed  and
and adopted nn  ihe d.u  , i Mn)
($133 111    I   II.  UUUI.
.m.l Take   notice   that   the   nlil le   is
,1 lars 1 true copy   ol Uie   proposed Ill-Law
cms iim :'ii  up. i, willed il,,*   vote oi the Muuicl-j
1"'"- Pali!) uill he laken al    Kire Ilall.' mi ,six |IUM|rcd ami nine
sev- , Cranhrook   II. .'.,   on    Monday,   the ty-thrco   dollars   and
illllii:,  711, day of May,  luun. hetueen    Uu, sixteen cents ($003.10)
hours „i    nui,*   o'clock (ten o'clock   1935, seven     hundred   ami
local lime) in the morning  I seven u,.,.„iv-sevei,    dollars
ilollais*       ami
luiiuy-sciTn cents ...($570.37)
1021,   Kivc    hundred      aud
ninety - eight dollars
I ami     .evenly - eight
I cents ,..($508.78)
IH22.  Six hundred and iiven-
| ly-cighl   dollars   and
seven!.' - tun ceiits...($638.72)
11(12.1.  Six liundred   mul slx-
i tv dollars and sixteen
cents ($000.10)
clock (eighl
clock   local   lIIIIC)   ill
I'leik ul" ilie Council,
Corporation   Of The City  of  Cranbrook
t wo
\ By-Law to raise the sum of Ten Thousand Hollars |$io 000,00j for
Street Improvements and huitilin^ Sidewalks,
UIh'I.ms  il   is ile.-ni.il   rxpcdirnl    on
Imli.iii oi tlie Municipal Oounoll nt the
Oorpi ration nf Mn- City nf Cranbrook In hot low money for the pui-
poae nf making Oily improvement.) by
^railing lhe s -is'anil huildltiff side*
Walks nil shevls In  Uie s.iiil Oily ac-
cnnllll^   In       Selmlille   "A"     o[      Ihis
\ntl   vlicrenfl  hv   Ihr   pmvisini-s    nr
ih.- Municipal l-laiiKes Act no pell-
tion is niiess.iiv du ide iiilroiluiinni
Ol a lt\-l.i.w I.u such pmposes
Ami wlietcas fm llie pui post- afore
Bfilfl ii will he iieeesaaij in borrow
the sum nl ten lliouanird tlollam
($10,000 00)
Ami  whereas  the wlmln aninutil   QtJ n.Hptl' h
able landH ami Imp
uml     eighty
eenifi  ..,
I02tt.  Seven    liundrnl     anil
sixty-lour dnllais ami
twenty-two cents  ($7iu.2:J)
Hy » rale sullicii-nl therefor on all
the rateable lamls ami Improvements,
in the said Municipality.
7.   It  shall  he lawful  fur tin; saiil
.Municipal Council in   repurchase any
ol lhc   said    delicti tin cs   upon   .such
terms as   mav he agreed   upon with
the legal holder nr    holders thereof,
or   any   pail    thcreol cither at   the
time iif sale ur any subsequent  time
or times, ami   all debentures so  rose   ami   object     aim.saiil, not  nutclmsctl shall   forthwith he cancel-
iling,   however,   ihe    sum     of  led ami destroyed ami m. re-issue nf
len   thousand     dollars   ($111,000.00)   ilelieii'tutcs sn   re-purchased shall    be
eaeli td the said delieii 1 ut es being of made   in consequence uf such re-pur-
1 In- il en mill nal Ion nf five Imn.Iml dol- chase.
l.us ($r.00,00) ami all such delwiitiiros     8.   This  By-Law   shall  lake
shall he scaled with Die seal nr   thu  nn nr   alter the    22ml dav of
('nil il ion ami signed by tin- Mayor  A. ti. 1006,
I hereof, ■ I   !t-   This lly-Uw mav he cited   for
'(    The said ilelii'tiluics    shall  hear   all purposes as     the "Citv nf   ('ran*
.I.n,-   ih,*   (irsl   day    o( .lul)   \. I),  brook Detiuiiluro   Loan It'v-Luw No.
liim;.    anil    shall he      le   pavahlc   3."
im Hun 111 ni iv    years from Un-  saul     Head a first    lime un Die llh day
date in lawful money   o| Canada, at  nf Apnl A. ti.  IBOfl.
lhc olllco "t     ihe Imperial   Hank   of     Head a second time nu lhc Uh day
Cm,i.la in Cranbrook aforesaid, which  of April A. I). 11)011.
sai.I pi,nc uf payment shall In- deslg-     Head a third tlmo nn the Hilh dav
Die   saiil     dehi'i '«, ami   nt April A. ti. lllOll,
IIi'iviM'il  ihe ttHHOHl uf lln* Ml.
ell eel
.ill uu
mn nn
! 'ill HI)
nr the saul Cilv according In the
last Itovlsnl Asscswneiil Itoll Is live
homtred and sixty-nine thousand ami
olghty-lwo dollars (J5C0.082.00).
And whereas il will he nipiisite to
raise annually hy lale Ihe sum of
eii*In  hundred and  two dollars    ami
folty-l'luee eellls   (fg02.|.'I)  ful'  paying
the said drill and Interest.
Nuw therefore lhc Municipal Council of the Corporation uf the City
uf Cranbrook in Council assembled,
enacts as folloWsi
1. It shall ami may.bo lawful fot
the Mayor nf the Corporation nf the
Cilv nf Cranhrnnk In borrow upun
the credit nf the said Corporation by
way of the debentures hereinafter
mentioned from any person or persons, body ur bodies corporato, whn
may he willing to advance the same
as a loan, a sum of money not exceeding in the whole, the sum of
ten thousand dullars ($10,000.00)
and to cause all such sums so raised
And whereas ii is deemed expedient
nn behalf nf the said Municipal Council to purchase lhe said building to
In- used fur such purpose, and tn
make necessary a.i III lens therein,
and lu properly furnish and equip the.
Kire Department and lo furnish tbe
City with proper lire protect inn hy
means uf a Volunteer Kire Brigade.
Au,I whereas fur the purposes aforesaid it will be necessary to    borrow' or received to he paid intn Uie hands
the    sum   of four     thousand dullars of the Treasurer nl the said Cnrpnra-
($1000.00); 1 Mon, fur the purposes ami wilh    Ihe
And whereas Hi*1 whole amount of object lH*reinlH*fore m'ited.
the rateable lands ami Improvements 2. It shall he lawful for the Mayor
of the said Citv according to the last of tlie said Corporation to cause any
Revised Assessment Hull is five hun- number of debentures to be made,
died and sixtv-niiie thousand and executed and Issued for such sum or
eighty-two dollars ($5(.9,0B2.00);        .sums   as   may be required   for   the
1,1111 uu
for the p.iwuc f   principal and iu- nn ilu day ot Mav  A. I). 1000.
iciesi   respectively,    ami   the sljjna-     Unconsidered     and   finally   passed
lures in ilu* said' coupons* may    hr  and adopted nn the -— dav uf May
either written,   Hlnmped, printed   of  A. {>. mon.
lithographed, I SCIIKIU I.V. (A).
I.    The said  di-hciiluics    shall   he.ii'   Might      fool       sidewalk     un
lllteresl   al   Uie  rale    ni  live  pel   ecu-       east    side  of       Ciullhlonk
lum per annum frnm Uie date ihere-| Sireel from Hakei Streel
nf, ami Uie principal and Inleresl mi     Ui   School    House,   12011
ihe unpaid principal shall he payable     fn*t   $
auuunlly, at said olllce . 1 Bighl-fuol sidewalk on
Ihc        Impel i.il        Hn 11k        of     Can-      wesl   sfflc  nf   Hanson   Ave-
nda in Cranbrook aforesaid, in lawful] nue.frnm Hakei Streel to
mopey uf Canada, uu Ihe liisl day I Louis Sheet, tilK) feet ,..$
uf .July in each year during the Kight-fnni sidewalk on
currency thereof and it shall be ex-, easl side of Armstrong
pressed in said ilelii'iiiures and UOH- Avenue from Baker Street
pons tn lie su payable. t*>   Louis   Street, tdio feet
5.   It .shall he lawful for the Mayor     lone $
of the said Corporation lo negotiate  Kight-foot      sidewalk     011
and sell the said debentures or   any,   west   side   of   Armstrong
nf them fnr less Ihan par, hu'. in no'    Avenue (mm Louis Street
case shall shall     lhe said drbentures     to   Kdwards   Street, 700
nr any of them be liogollalcd or sold     feet, long  $
fur less than nluely-flvc per eentutn Eight-foot sidewalk on
uf their face value, including the norlh side nf Luuis Street
cost of negotiating and sale, hrnk- j from first lane west of
crage and all other incidental ex- Uanstui Avenue In Hur-
penses. I    well     Avenue,   1800    feet
fi.   There shall lie raised and levied     long  $
1n each year respectively, during the Koiir-fnot sidewalk nn
currency nf said debentures for the, south side of Kdwards
payment of interest lbe following Street from Armstrong
sums: I   Avenue to Garden Avenue,
I..""  i.ei   loot.
ft'-H '""'        ud.'..,,!.. „,
easl side m Norbury
Avenue    from     Kdwards
Streel   i<.   hums Sne,i
'•Il'l   teel    [otig J
'■'""   hKll Slll.Wafk nit
i.isi   side nf    Armstrong
Vvenuo from lidwards
sticet towards Kains
Sinvt, mu feei |nlt- j
Koui 1....1 sblewalli ,,u
wesi     side m   AiiiiMi.-n.-,
Vvenue      M     l-Idwaids
towards    Kitins    simd
ion ie. 1  long        \
Koui fool        sidewalk i,\,
Hanson Avenue from
Louts Streel Io Kdwards   Street,   (too    feel
..■"".i-. $
I'-oui-lool sidci.ilk „n
soulh side oi Ldiiuiils
Slleel Horn ll.msoi, Ave-
nue t„ Van llornc Ave-
nue.  limn (e, 1  1, nn     $
►"..III f  sl.lcilalk 011
easl side ,.[ Haii .vvenue in,in corner of Van
Home Avenue ami 1-:,|-
tvards sireel i„ Ka.ns
Sir.t't, ruin i,.ei  i,,,,..       t    Vi:,,.,
|.',,ui* loot      sidewalk      ,,„
'-asl      si ,*     |)e„-,u*
Al.nilc from Van llornc
SlllH'l lo Kaius Sireel
•liill  feci   Inns         t     111
Kour-loot si.leiiulk on
hoth sides ,,1 Kreneh Avenue fr,,,,. Van llornc
SIlTCl to Kinns si,,-,-,
I2H0 leel  lone .... v     •'-
KoUI-tOOl si.lellalk ,„|
nesi  side of   L'lark   li,*
nue li  Kihiards Streel
In Kains Street, nun (,-,-,
I, US   s
l''"in-(       sidewalk      on
cast   side of (ial.len    lie-
tiue    from   Louis   Street
10   Edwards   Street,  uuu
,,'cct Inns   t
I -(""I      sidewalk      mi
easl     side    nl    Harwell
well    Avenue   Iinm Louis
Slleel     nortii,    .",1111     iit.t
llllll!    I
Knur-fool sidewalk on
IIOIIll       side       of      l.illlis
Street from Mm well
Avenue to Lumsden Ue-
line,   lllll fo t   Ions t     luu   I
KiiUI-foot sidewalk on
west    sid,'   of   Lumsden
A.VCI  from Louis Sireel
tn   Edwards   Street, mm
feel  Ions   t    isn.fl
.'our-fool      sideii-iilk      on
easl    side     ol       (lurihii
Avrnuc from Louis Street
norlh. .111(1 feet Inns - - t T.", Ill
Kour-fool      sidewalk      nn
easl side ol" K, nwick
Avenue from llaker
Slleet      south,     .'lllll   feet
long  $     ;;.i|
hour-fool sidewalk nn
west side nf Fenwick
Avenue hel Ween Luuis
and Edwards Street, 641
feel   Ions   S     185.10
Ten-foot sidewalk on
soulh side ,,i llaker
Sireel from Van Home
Avenue in Block I).,
in,;; feet ions  i Loon.no
Hitching  un hulli   sides   nf
linker     siris't     between
Vnu   Home   Street    and
Koi'liury  Avenue  $     80.00
((radius   Wagon   Road     ,,n
llaker St net    iron,  N'or-
liuiy Avenue t,, lllock »..$ 625.fl
(irading   on    Luuis   Street
from   Armstrong   Avenue
tn Oarden  Avenue    $    3.10.00
Cult Ini ih,ii-n   hill hel ween
Harden Avenue ami Bur-
well Avenue  $
Repairing     hrldge    across
ditch mi I is   Sireel  . $
drubbing, etc , on Edwnrds
Street     (
L'uttlnj! down hill and levelling roadway between
Armstrong Avenue ami
Harden Ale,   (
(trading ,„, Armstrong
.liiniie between Louis
Slleet and Edwards
Slleet    J
tailiiis ,rti Nui'liurv Avenue
between   Edwards Street
and   Kains Slleel     I
drading   and   ClruldHng on
Ki nil iel,    Slris-t     he! ween
Edii.ii.L Streel .md
Kains  Slleet $
drading, drubbing ami
lli-inoi Ins rock on Garden Avenue between Edwards Streel and Kains
Slreol  $
(Irading      approaches     lo
brhlgc and cullins    down
hill on Van Home Street t    2nn uu
Take  notice  llial   the  ah, ie  is    .1
Hue c,i|iv   ,,1 ihe   proposed lly-Law
iilncli  the   .ute ut  lhe  .iluu, c
N"'"' -    attel  dale  I in
tend io _|,|,l) :,. ,,.,- i j,i,-i Uunimls-
••■"""■' "I I-'. I- .md Hoiks lui a
special license to.cut .md carry away
"i"1"* o, ii,.*   lulloiviag described
I.u,.is in South I... ii Kootenay, B.C.:
(I) ("on,,,,,,,, mg „■ ,, post placed
at Uu* no,,;, wesl ,,!,., i ,,i \ ruui-
eron's tuul,,    ,,,,,.  ,.     ,!.,.„,.,.   m|
'"'"   I ail, . Us ncc north    on.
hu.nlr.sl .„. i   iny |;,,,,, elmlns, thenc,
''■'*-'   loll) Uience    south
,,      ,   ",'"' '"'■'•' '■ ■■   I -     I chains lo
150.00   lhe place ,,|  l„-
a    post placed
al ll,,* uonli «, ,, eornei ,■( A .'allien,!, s iiiui,,., I,, ,, ,.1S| sa.
I) I,1'"' chaii ihenee norlh one
00 hundred ami ;„,,, chains
tlu-nce ». il \ ,,,;,, n,,.,,,.;
south on.* hun ii, i and I wmi, i uu,
'hams   lo ilu                liettinnlM,
'■'    I lllllllll i , .. .,■     iu,,,.,.,!
'   ot    Ihe
'   "1    .    fameroo's
nurlh   one
humlri : . [iiiu   .  ,1 ,,.  ,|„.,K.,
1""''    '" .,     south
•"•'" hun li* ; uy i um   ehains
ihenee .., I u   chains, to th,
(il.ice   ol   lie
I    .11. Vlllie.
Hated tl„, 7:1. :., „| March,
1  l-.lt
unu nu
111,1, ml
Koi.nl  i
i'i:i: III- ii .111.     ,,|       IMPItOVE-
•MEN , >
Noi iei:
I'HE "VIKIXtl    AM'    CltESKNT"
.ui.M-.i: ii.   L'L.iLiis si ii ut:
IS HIE MUM" S'l I I l.l. minis.; IH\ ISIIII III iml K'K.1-
HIIEKI-:     l.iu* \*| III _,,\     rilACY
Take noliee Ihal I. Til s, T. Me-
Vitlie, K. II r Nu B73713, agent
i.u Krank Hillian.s K M ." No
B737IO, tlus Ka! * K. Sl. .' N„.
IITHTSI an.l Wall, i Van Aisdalen,
Kree Miner's Ceriili aii. Eo. 1173780
intend, sixh ibavs Ir, ,„ dale liereol,
,,, appi. t,. ,!,,. uimng Recordei loi
a Certificate ul Improvements, fm
■ he purpose oi ohtainitig a Crown
(ilalll id lhe ul..-,.* .1.um.
And   furl.. :      * ...     .,*;,.*   Ihal    ai^
,.f such
lay "f Mai,!..  -I l>.
Noli,*,- is !.,-:,■! v mi.-i: Unit thirty
days after dale we Intend to apply
tn Ihe Chief Commissionei of Lands
ami Works f,,, ,, license tu cut
ami carry awav timber from tlie tol-
loinnc des, ..I..-: '.. . In South East
il i Commem h ..- a post planted
at the s. IV, corner ol limbec license
No. 0573, theme we I sn chains,
thence north so chaius, Uience east
SU ehains, thence soul'* .0 chains to
'he place ,,f beginning, containing
,1|U a. res, in.:.* •*:  l.-s.
(ill Commencing al a post planted
al the s. IV, corner ol timber liecns,
Nn. 0574, thenee west 80 chains.
Hi.'nee north 80 chains, tbence east so
chains, thence soutl SO chains, to tli,
place of beginning, containing 0.O
acres, more m  less.
tli Commcm ing . * a post planted
at the S. IV. imm: .,( license No.
0575, thence *.v* * 10 drains, thence
nortii SO chaii,:. thence east 80
ciiains, thence south SO chains to the
place of beginning containing tiiu
acres, mole or les -.
11, Commencing * a p st planted
one mil,- wesl ,,( the S. IV. corner of
timber license V 6574, 'hence west
10 chains, thenc north 11,0 chains,
Iheiiee east III chains, tlu-nce south
lull chains, tn the place of beginning,
containing cm acres.
Joseph Whitehead Ross,
Hales  tTfngston Ross.
Lucaicd the 15th dav of March,
19110. J2-M
Effective, Sunday, -Ian. 21st, lol-
lowfng changes in passenger train
schedule: No. 3 haves Rextord 10.is
a.m.; Bonners Ferry 1.30 p.m.; ar
rive Spokane 6.40 p.m.; leave 6.00
p.m.; Adrian 0 Hi p.m.; ratine
Avenue 5.10 a.m.; Everett 6.40 a.m.;
Seattle 7.00 a.m.
Nn. 1 leaves Rexford 1.00 a.m.;
Bonners Kerry :i..'S0 a.m.; airiva
Spokane 7.00 a.m.; leave 7.15 a.m.;
Adrian 10.30 am.; Wenatehee lilll
p.m.; i'acilic Avenue 5.46 p.m.; connecting win, N,,. lil. Everett 5 5e
p.m.; arrive Seattle 7.30 pin.
No. 2 no change.
Nu. 4 leaves Seattle s 00 a m.;
Even-it ii in a.m.; i'acilic Avenue
s.*iu a.m.; Weiiutchco S.05 pin.; Ad-
il.Vlullian  ihu  p in ne   Spokane  8.25
pin.,* leave 8.10 p.m.; Homier.
Keny 12.2.', a iu.; Rexford 5.02 a.m.;
Nn. 250 lens Rexford 6.20 a.m.
connecting with No. -1 Swtnton 7.34
a.m.; arrive Kernle 8 ou a.m.
pului mil he laken ai the Kin- Ilall, No, 219 leaves Kernie 1U.O0 p.m.;
. rahhrook. II .'., on Monday, the Swloton 10.20 p.m.; Rcxlord 12.10
,H, dav ,,l Mav. num. Ib-iwissi the a..n.; centre oMng will, number 1.
hums ,,l nine o'clock (ten o'clock | Through slirpins cans nperated be-
local Mine) In ihe morning and seven'tween Spokane and Fcrnie, S.ceper
,, cluck (eighl   o'clock local tune) in  (are  between   Spokane   and    KcrnK
C. 11. PREST,
llerk ul H,e Council.
U,c evening. fi.ins.
Kernie  tn  Vaiicouver 2.1 hours and
46 minutes, connection heiug    made
with   Nu.    272 al     I'acilic   Avenue.
M'l I'll'- K.lra loeal  trains Nns. 2115 and 266
lake in,lue that    the partnership  win   be   operated   between Spokane
heretofore existing between the uml- al„i   Leavenworth,    leaving Spokane
eisisiii-d,  Haiiiel    A,  Mai'ilniiald   and  4.00   p.m.;   IVonatchco   10.50    p.m ;
Krank E. Clapp, us lintel keepers   in  Wcnatobeo  12.03 a.m.; Spokane 8.00
Cranbrook, under ihe firm name   nl a.m.       Bullet Bleeping cars will    be
"Macdonald A* Clapp." has ihis day .operated between Spokane and Leav-
350.00 '"'''n    dissolvid    hi   mutual consent,   enworth,  trams   Nos.  205 and  266:
I The   husiness will he continued     by alsu extra train between Seattle and
said Haldol A. Maedorrald, under his Skvkomlsh, leaving Seattle 0.30 p.m;
iiiui name, who assumes all lhe Ii.i- Everett    8.in   p.m.;   Pacific Avenue
Millies ot tlw said partnership nnd to 8.15   p.m.;   Skykomish   10.20    p.m
whom all debts duo said part ship Returning leave Skykomish 6.00
9011.00  "I""" If Paid .     iPaciliO    A'.. 1:11:   8 lil     a in     Everett
I    Hilled at Crlnbrook, tins .list day 8.23 a.m.; Seaitle 10.00 a.m.   Local
I nf March, ]0O6. I train    being operated   between Hon-
Witncss:  I n«r< Ferry and Spokane will be with.
.1. A. Harvey.        tl. A. Macdonald,  drawn
12-31 Frank E. Oln|>I>. k ' THB  CBAtfBBOOK   HEnALO
JWiWniM IMIWWI •*M*"*fc
**»* IHtMNH «W «tf *****
"llheo ih.  s|.ru,iiin,c days arc '■■""
Ind Ihe Imds all- plltlln   "Ul.,
ind 'he bumble-bee's a-humrahi .
And tin- I..ski  speckled trout
Is a-nuii|iui   and a-swisbili
In even  limpid hole,
Then  1  nam   to ao a-fisMn
llilh a  lishu,   hook and  pole.
\ nam with a large numbei ol San
Francisco refugees -.i..p|..il al   K.-ai-t
nei. Nel, a feu dais alter Uie ter
nlile dlsustei lhat cost so ni.niv 111".-!
and such a   desl. u.-l i.m   oi properl)
In,,,!,,    lhe   In iel   stop   a   clerical    11
pin.rl.rg     R«itl*l
and  passiii.   Uu.......
E. Elwell visited To,hiy to-day.
Archie    Smith .isiusi Moyie    inlay.
George Breumei   went to Coleman
The euuiieil mel In regulu session! to-day.
lasl  evening    and     discu-.-.s!  several:     K   j  u,,^,lls, ,,  was al   tli-
There steins I
iiuit.-rs .,i [mport«nce
bt.M.k Monday.
,o bt' no end of trouble in having Ute | rf ^ ^
1   if      nl and    allw.s      chi.nnevs,      It. B. Benedict, nf Mau.ok, was i;
35., and the council liave derided to tuwu last Saturday evening.
entered Hi*' on
Un.nui. Hn- emwd "I ""
li.iiu'ii.iie victims, mam ol Iheui Willi
,„, ..[..utes Imi I Mi iiiKbj dresses
ami      Ihui-nMsl      wraps    Inunim  pui
cmls .... which «"   I "*l »»*   l"1
s.ui FrniH isi"   "*,s known **■
•    ||„.   |»U| lN     „|        \ilielir.l     I' I    I'"   '
AU ke.ine-
Tlml   l.teaelH'i    wus    i  loo    aȣ
Hv drnuld haw Hud in tin- earl)
,1avs ■"■ puritanical tnunttcism wucii
uoiui-ii .,- well ..- men were burned
i,  ■!,. sla-ki'   foi  uol  espousing    the
urewillllg l«dl-i"'ls li.-liel, ami Inl
line   inlllt'liM    Upl.ll   all    '"I     llW      -nl
i.in.i'.i.ei.i u ■   nmsii.ii. religion
I ■ n.-dii of llie grcal  Ml)    ol
llin'IV  I'lillstlnli   liiliuslels    ,n.ll    heie
.,:,,l iln-n* w.is ibere one alio b.nl the
..inl.i.'iiv   m  ) I i.u   lhe  Cull
MM 1,111      di .i-m     ft a*   il"-  woik      "t
M I. '..-.line   <Hi    III.'     [Iill 1    "I    Uie   I-"1'1
.in i  in,..,* iju ii    liuulil uol  be allowed
Uli.jir.ei   ,,   |iu*ai'lh' ulileliees   lu
.iliitiie  ,i     ,t  |...lm. i.m   In-  begin*     i"
...mu \   where he  i   'supposed    to
1.,- working i.. Ii.i.l 'be soul ..I imiii
I., il..- ilu.iu,- i.i Hod.
"Hub Edwards, nt Hie Vulgar)
Eye Dpenei, is to-du\ nne o( lhe
besl known characters in Canada, au-l
 ■ ..i  lbe brighlcsl  newspapei  men.
In .in- ,:i,.,,N,i ji.i.i  iii-i," I,,*'.,■   been
Unu-   wlien   "Hub"   peisisleil   lu   luul,-
mj. uii Un- win.- wlm. ii w.is ml. ami
keep looking until ll was an) old
color,     Hm   ii  i- dilTereiil  now,   an
Ituh"    .-..Iiilliili S    h.   OCClIp)     llle    Hull
seal ou llle ft.ilei wiigun and refuse
lu give up Hn- Inn-. In Hie oti
da)S,   liuwciei ,   ullCli   Hn-   Iiiiiii     wn
1. ,U-ll<'<l.        Holl        UUI,111    In,'    lllUIM-ll    1
Il,inil. .md undei il.e ..ire nl Hi
Hi.-it   ut tin-     sanitarium, ami    Hi
liell.-lii'i'lil      lllllll. nee   ol      I Ile     lllUiel.il
water Hint llows wllh such nbuiid
mice imm Hu- liillsi'.li's ui Mint famous resori, grnduall) recover hit
mental nml physical ei|Ulll'brfum
Tliere is nevei u lime when Ed
wards wnuld miss lb.* opportunil)
for a practical joke, and last week lie
w.is ii, I_)dtiioiiloti when ibe legislature took Hie vole on tbe loealioti of
'lie capital ni Alberta. It is imw
lilslorj llial Edmonton Won out b\
a voti| ot 111 n> 8, Hnun was li candidate for capital honors, althotigl
novel in the uiiiiiiii)!,, and when llu
mil- w.is announced, Edwards bur-
rled to ihe telegraph olllco and sent
tliu following message lo Dr. Brett:
Edmonton, April 35,
1)1     Hrell,   Haul),   All..
Banff L'liosen permanent capital ti^-
leen to eight.   Cotiginlulatlons.
The doctor uui.sl bave been right al
llu- other end of the wire for Hid
answer came back at once:
Banff, April 35.
It. C, Edwards, Edmonton:
Consult Dr. Brultliwallc at once
Will be up tiMiituiow.
Hu'l I.
We me ,il a loss lo Understand win
soipc ot the young girls ol Cranbrook
have assumed a gall when walking
on tire slice) that resembles ihai ol
, a kaiigaiu.i nm iu than anything else
There is nothlug pretty ahout it, i
is conllall to imlinr ami It is no.
health) Somu one has stalled the
lad and il i.. nothing limy- lli.ui .,
fad, and a mighty poor one al that.
Wo often gol impiii.es from frlendi
in lhe Slales asking H we would ad
vise litem to eomo lo British Colum
■Iiiu. (iui answer bus Invariably beei
the same Wc refuse lo advise anj
miu to go anywhere, even lo hades
The man who wants to change hi:
location, wh., is iloslrloiis of taking .
ehrinee m a new  country, must     de
pi n.l upon  Imn .,11        We  lllll   lell  luu
 Iiiiiinii <>i ih.- country, ami spenl
ui  ih.- i km.-.-   i.u  an)  man who ha
■.■.in, ulnlii.   I imiii hi      In    i.ie
w,- do mu believe thai there is .
li. i-m place on the American eoiiH
n ni nn ., man lo get there it he i
made ol tin- righl kind nf stuff, thai
in   llritish   Cul bill,   hut   as   l-u   ad
vising blm to como here, nol us
Tin- man mighl prove an nbsoluli
failure,     Munj n person is a suecosi
in some     little si  in    an eastcri
tuwu working for $25 a month, win
would  he u   rank failure in  this COUU
111 Such quosl mi-, must hi> de
elded hi the Individual who is enn
lemplnliiig ibe ehnnge, mu hi anyom
IKI.I.   IliOfl  KK'KT,
Rossland,      \piil   2S.-riirlsloplie:
Curry wan killed al the Center Sin
mini' al 13 ci p in. to-da) The ski;
became fouled In ihu head work will
inck, and Curry wenl  intn ihe skip
wai   tn  lake   t-llC   mek  out.       lie    los
his'balance uml fell, sinking the rail
Ing at the collar of Ihe shaft and re
bounding Inlo it, falling HlOO feet
The body wns almost torn lo frag
iiieiits by  thc projections
Curry was 25 years old and a nfl
live of Millnii, Ont., and is a brot,
of Samuel Curry, formerly a c-nnd
toi nn ihe lied Mountain railwi
Deceased bud only been working
the Center Star for about, th
.he matter    up oue  more week,       Charles    Al uislioiig,  ol Movie, was
'iiii then  those wmi have not obeyed   iu town a few days this week,
the law   will tn* arraigned before ttoe     u has come lo tho point wbci
court     without    further notice, and|win jliiu. to da_n up ihe yard,
will   then get stuck   Ior   a fine audi    (.;   Disney, ol Coleman, was a g
well  as being compelled   10
jo tlie work in iho end.
The police depaitmeut repot led
i.1U3.llO   as   revenues    Iol   the   moiitli.
imi imly $3tiu were colleetrd. oi tbe
iioi.m collected $-"" came from the
i.s imposed upun Hie madames and
ih oi the ted Hghl districl.
Tlte utuyoi siattil thai the ehiel ol
dice    had tnisgeated   that amothci
iiolieiliian   tie  added   to   the four     to
M-.I m having the work ol eoHec
iu,g the dog tax. gelling the city
'•leaned up, etc . bul the proposition
lid not niei-i wnh much favor, as
iioki ol the aldermen thought lhat
ire salary H«l wva growing t<Hi last
is ii w,i>. Some expreased the
ijunioi, tUai in a town like Cran
brook iheic was not very much
itralght   P-dice duiv.   and the extra
ft-urli   euuld   Ik-  well   handled   by     llie
The council consented to pay the
■eight on the law library Inat   had
ivn slupptit to Craubrook hy ihe
provincial law society, amounting in
nine Vi.li.
The citv jnlloi has been made
■nillid keepei ami will gel alter all
,„.s.' ..nil.* found within tlw eit)
mui-.      Tu keeii ium  stock oul   ol
|W   l-uillid   bele.lflel    it    Will   lie   li.'cis
.ui iu keep tin-in locked up while
n  lhc .Hi
ai ihe Cranbrook lasi Thursday
Will am Ciirliu, ..I Kort Steele, wai
a Craubrook vlsitoi last Kuday.
.1. VV   Bennett, of Nel sou. reglstei
til at   itn- Ciaiilui.uk  lasi  Sunday.
1.    ii   lluiitei, oi    I'lucbii Creek
Was at   lhe CiaiilHook lasl  Mondav.
VV .1 (io|i.*l. oi Nelson, was i.gelded at the Cranbrooi last Monday
K K H.Mch, ..t Kort Steele, wai
regi.sieitil ai ilie Cranbrook lost Krl-
Tin- icunis dub is holding a meet-
Dig   Hu.s   evening al   Uio     Imperial
Ml        Mii.oil.   mall   elelk   uti       Hie
Cion, vittlted   in. uds m Cranbrook
this week.
II     II     And.'ls,.tl.    si||„|inteiideul    ol
ihe Sullivan mine, was u> town last
Monday on b.s  wai   it, Spukane,
William Matthews, a slat |,icL*se
plaver, has ivlurued io Cran/brook
and will play     with the home learn
I'he finance committee submit   Hn
foHuttiug uce > t.u   approval    hj
the o.imcil.  \i/:
The Water   Supply <V. water
I.u   lire hall,   April    $    1.511
L H. VanDecar, feeding prisoners,   March        41.8-1
D. McLean, cxpttuvn bringing
prisuliot iioin Swansea       1.70
C, 11. Prest, cash paid for
Height mi lire apparatus and
express on (log tags       2.fi.'i
Cranlirook Klecirle Lighi Co,
n-lephone foi City Mali.
March  and   April        fi.Ofl
Telephone   lor tire   halt, -lain
Feb..   March and    April          1^ >»
Lig'hllng,     Cilv   Hall.   Veh.,
March and  April   HUH
Lighting    Kire.     Ilall,    Jan.,
K.'b.,   March   and   April         l'i
Liu'hliug iail, l-Vb.,  March and
April       8.00
Sired    lighting.     Jan., Keh.,
March and  April      B.00
Two are lamps. April    2U.0II
Dezall    Bros.,     repairing    at
Council   ChaiiWiers  and   Kire
Hall        S.M
.1.   D.   McBride,    flro    depi.
supplies          3.TU
Hernld    I'uh.    Co..     printing
lul'Ices. etc     10.00
Canadian     Kirhbei     Co.,      lire
equipment            87.1*1
Herrv   A    Kii/gerald,  hauling
cinders     2-7.0**
(leary   &  Doylo,    tig 1o hos-
 '      LOU
pi tal
.1. S. Dennis. Block [).. Inr
inunieipal     and   guvel'iiinent
'buildings  $   50.
.1. S. Demi's, Block K10, for
nu isauce ground    200.50
C. ti. ti. It'ei'glit on 'two hose
reeds       5C
Salaries for Hie mouth of
April     4-19.00
Hav roll for the fire department     108,75
10. Held ,
M, .1. Kennedy 	
A. tinnier ...., 	
(i. II   Thompson 	
Heailtie   A   Atchison   	
Cranston  Novelty Co	
Heid & Oo .'	
Cranhrnnk      Uo  -   npeiame
School board   orders No. :t7
In   HI  inclusive 	
Kxptnse   of   lhree   delegates
im  t'algjtry     re   Kootenay
Central   railway    	
Chairman nf litiance coin.    .
Georgo H Leask M Co.
tract for building a Iwo
tion in ihe (Queens hotel.
begin  within a few dais.
Wmk will
The  name  ol
Had vol lent!)   on
.I  the  lu" club,
be ii,-vi issue
Joseph  Brailll     was
Hied   a,uu  the list
hm  will appear   in
Total enrollment    2ir».
Tuul daily at.tendance.3583.
Average for month .-■   188.57
Percentaie     70.
Division I., A. A. Macnoll, Piincip.il.
Toial   enrollment     27
Total attendance    3ft?
Average  80 Si*
I'd feet attendance:—Ethel   Culver,
Louise Rollins, Jean Bridges, Gladys
(iaskill.     \!e.k     McCallum,    llaive)
Division  11 ,  Mis   Block, Teachei.
Toiai attendance 775
Average  in 78
Numbei of pupils   Id
Boys 25
(lil"*ls .  IS
Perfect aUendauee:—Sybil White
Jessie Kennedy, Belia Taylor, Sadli
(riihs.   ticrtrude     MacH Ud,     .lm
Bouivokie, iii.iie Welsh, Winnie Dim
c a. Imv Smith.
Division 111 . K. Lewis, Teacher.
Total attendance 833
Average attendance       ... 43 si
Pupils attending   dining
mouth       57
Perfect atteirdance:—Melvn Carl
wiigtu, Qeorglna Cartwrlght, Arthur
Powler, Lillian McCowan, Charles
Morrison, Chrlslophei McNeill,
Kdgut Nobles, David Id-id. OIWo
While, Harold llickcnls.iliaiu, Wilfred Dallas.
Division IV ,   Kvah   M. Cartwrlght,
Kn rol I men I  59
Average   atdenonnce  17.05
perfect at tendance:—Percy Bard-
gett, Hazel Biirketl, Nathan Haui-
hardt. Marguerite Harvey, Gladys
lllckenbotliam, Lottie Leask, living
Leask, Annie   Hattnn,   Hazel Taylor,
Karle Stewart.
i. (HI
I.      H     VanDecar,    of   live Roval
...iel  li.u. bad ihe entire front ol his
.inl<liii-  painted,    which adtls ven
.mih iu ti,.- appearance ol Hi.* hotel
\    Hell.
unl   o|  bi
In tlw great wmk being carried ■■..
in relief of the distressed people al
San Francisco, and In locating friends
for anxious ones, many peculiar letters of Inquiry come frnm all over
Hs- country. They are all sincere,
but some of Mtem none the less amusing.     One woman writes:
"My husband disappeared three
years ago. iFloose locate him among
the killed at San Klaneiseo, if possible,"
John Leask has put up a large new
awning at Hie front of his buildlup,
thai will make lhe store rooms com*
fnrlahle this summer.
Tin' fmm ,,i the Imperial Bank has
been given a new coat of paint.
ti. A. To/.ar bus completed a eni
t-agc at the comer of Armstrong and
Kdwaids streets and has moved his
family in t-o tlie new home,
The Manitoba hotel is to have a
fresh coal of paint at otuv. This
will make Ibis old land mark look as
gay us a   girl with a new     Kaster
Mr. flayiie'.s new cot'tage on Cran*
brook street  is almut  completed.
The new residence of V L. Me-
Dermol will In* completed within the
nexl thirty days. It will hr one of
tire handsomest, homes in Cranhrook.
William Cameron has purchased the
corner lot nest to his resldenen and
will put a neat fence around the en-
lire premises.
IVfeyor Rogers has purchased the
next hit south of Iris residence and
will add it to his yard.
Everybody iw taking pride in   their
premises-    awl   doing    all     in   lheir
! power to add to their beauty.
I William Stewart has his new cottage on the prairie north of town
about onmplr-W-d.
I  will sell my home on reasonable
terms', or will rent It.
James Orecr.
Man i. I—Monda)  evening hv
Klewelhn, ol Christ's church,
liiiilm .m-i .Miss Lizzie Cook.
Herald extends congratulations.
The high sch.ml entrance examinations wrll begin on tlw lib of June
tu Cranhrook ihis vear. The hour
sci is !i o'clock in ilie morning.
Fred Hattnn, wlm was transferred
lo Lcthhriditc, will probably return
to      Cranbrouk  ami   be    .me   of     Hie
-fl-rong nun in the lacrosse team.
K. ti. Heck.-i, ihe bustling manager
of Hie Staples Luin.iei company, with
headqu.irlers at- Calgary, was in
lowu last Sunday, accompanied by
Rov It. Wheeler, who is a new member of ihe otlice s'taft' ol the Otis
Staples Lumber company
"Scotty" Stratum, fireman on the
night switch engine had a foot badly
crushed this afternoon while crossing
ietwee.ii two cars In the yard. The
fool was caught between the bumpers
ind the unfortunate man was taken
io the hospital for treatment.
Joseph Ynunglh-aii, of Montreal,
arrived iu his private car this afternoon, and with the assistance of his
faint itisci'ilied tits name on Hie Cranlirook regisier. There is nol a
iravelling man in Canada belter
i now ll ihan Mr. Votiugheart, and In
brought a new trick to show W. ti.
1IH1. It is something ahoul a dis-
ippearing dotlar,
ti. lt. Dulmage nml wife arrived
last week from Regina. Mr. Did
mage will lake tlu' management uf
the Rohhisuii McKi-n/ie Lumber
pan). and as be has had a great deal
of experience in thai line he is evi-
k-iilly just the man ihat the company needs hen- since Mr. Robinson
nil Mr. Pineo will both locale
Red Deer where another large mill is
being operated,
N. Hanson, of Wasa, relurneil today from Spokane, where he wenl to
purchase an automobile. He g>>i one
of 2d horse power and it is on the
way bete by way of Kallspel, being
n charge of a man secured hy Mr.
Hanson in Spokane. Thc machine
will he used  lo carrv people hclweeti
Cranhrook and .Mr. Hanson's handsome new hotel al Wasa, and from
now on the cayuses of tills seel inn
will have all kinds nf (un when passed by  this machine.
1   have   lo
There will have to he an election,
nl though ii   was ihe wish of a large
tiumb.-r  thai   such  w Id nol   he   the
case, V, Hyde Haker, agent foi
the townsite and  the pinueer  resident
of Cranlirook', was asked bv a large
number to In- a candidate and    aftei
nine  hesilation   he  i sented.    Later
it was understood Hint Hani I lick-
tirbolhnm had lieen Induced to run
..nd lus nominal ion papers were tiled
with lhe city clerk. To-day was
the day lor nomination and Hie hour
closed ai  'i o'clock,     During the ear-
li   Hall   of  the nfle II   Mi.   llickcn
li'iihaiii  withdrew his  papers, deelin
A  meeting ol  the shareholders ol
the Hteckemiilge tV Lund Coal Co.
was held al Linulbreek, Alia., im the
23rd iust , when lhe company's business was found to In* in a veiy s-uiis-
laeioiy condition, A mm horso powei engine ami boiler, with up-to-date
mining machinery, is nuw installed
ihc working stud is .tiiu tcet deep
and goes through coal all the way
dnwn, except almut twenty leet ol
sin face. The machuieii is capable
ot lining, screening and shipping 800
lo 1,000 tons pei dav, and as room
can In- made helnw foi BU (Helen! men
lo loosen ami load the coal, ihal
lily can he laken oul.     Tbe coal
very supcri.it domestic coal, ami
is in groat demand wbcrevei It    has
b,-e si.-.i        Messrs,    J. Brecken
ridge, oi Calgary, P. Lund, ol Wanl
nei C A Cock, of CliUlhinnk, V C
Keiiunis, ol Piuebel, and D   H   Won.l
ami  ('Ims   li   ttoblnmm, ol Winnipeg,
we lei'tiil  dini-tois  of   llu-      G	
pain, and al a meeting of llie dim
low   Ml.   Hieckcnildgc   was  appnii,l.-.l
president,  Thos   n     Robinson    vice
pies-iilcul.    \.    N     Molial,   late   of   lhe
Hudson tia\ Co , seerelar) Lmuuim
and sales manager, and  Mr   Addle, a
in i^ engineer,   wlm Ins I nihil    ihe
planl, was appointed mine manager.
The   lowu   nf   Lundbreck.   called  aflei
Hn- mine, is a verj growing youngs
Iei        Tbe   lownsltC  is owned  by   lbe
company, and town tola are rapidly
being disposed of,    It is less than a
yeai   since the lots Mere put   on    the
market, but even now it Ims a large
slnrc, post ofllco, butcher ami black
smiih shops, and doctor's olllco and
hospital, nnd a line holel that cost
$10,000, called the Windsor. It is in
a tine fall wheat country, where set-
lleis are lushing In, with prospects
nf great success.
Division     V.,   Ruby   M.     Springer
Enrollment  59
Average attendance  30.78
Perfect attendance: — Ralnsford
Harks, Sadie Nesbll i, Wm. Monro
Douglas MacCowan, Edith MacDon
aid, Norman Powler, Win. Kit/.-
patrlck, Olive Pinch, Bessie fcjdsoii
Wilfrid Brauli.
Division  I.
2. Aleck McCallum, Charlie McCowan.
3. Olga Wigcn, Louis Stewart.
Passed:—Gladys       Oasklll,     Jean
Bridges, Delia Drummond, Nellie
Hand ley, Cecilia McConuell, Victoria
Hillier' SleWart  Morris.
1, Louis Stewart.
2, Stewart Morris,
'd,   Charlie  McCowan,     Aleck     McCallum.
Passed:—Victoria llillier.
Grammar and Composition.
1,   Gladys Gaskill. Jean Bridges.
3, Louis Stewart.
I 'assed:- A leek McCal lum, Nell ie
Hundley, Louise Rollins, Daisy McCallum, Olga Wigen.
Note—1 means those making 8.'. per
cent or over. 2 those making 75 per
cent or over. 3, those making 65 per
Cent or over. ■Passed, means thoso
above 31 per cent.
W. H. Wilson,Gold and silver medals
F .C. Malpas    $10.00
J. A. Harvey     S.00
Kink  Mercantile Co 10.00
J. G. McCallum    5.00
W. T. Reid     5.00
The annual district meeting of tin
Methodist church was held in this
place on Tuesday of this week. Many
delegates were' present frnm all
parts of the district. Encouraging
reports were presented and Interesting discussions took place. The
schedules reveal tlml the year has
lieen verv prosperous. Receipts arc
beyond other years and the membership has been substantially increased. Messrs. W. T. Reid. R, W. Cm
nolly and W, II. Wilson were appointed from here to attend tn.1 conference in Victoria. Rev. Jim. Bub-
son, B.A., chairman of district
presided at all lhe sessions.
It is no small task for a great
transcontinental railway like the C.
P. R.'to arrange its schedule for the
immense iraftie that comes lo lhat
road jn the summer months, and yet
this, company have always heen able
to do so and give to the public
every convenience in the way of
speed and luxurious accommodations.
The C, P. R. has become the favorite highway across the continent, not
only fur the tourist, hut for those
travelling on business as well. The
man whn has oeeasiun to visit, the
Pacific coast, no matter whether he
draws the breath of life beneath the
I ii ion Jack or the Slats and Stripes
is Insi entirely lo the scenes of
'beauty and scenic grandeur, if he fails
lo elf her go or come hy way of the
Canadian Pacific. With the rides
over the mountains, the break in the
railway journey o'er the placid waters of beautiful lakes on modern
steamers, with scenery that causes
.ng lo make ihe race. Tlmse ln-joven the A4pine climber to go into an
tercsled In having a candidate in on- ecstacy of delight and uncontrollable
unsitioii lo Mr. Hakei endeavored to admiration, with challels that fill
have J Harris nm. bul il is under- Ute demands of the most blaze globe
stood thai he refused. Just More trotter, it is not strange thai the
three o'clock the papers nf A. Mc- C, P. R ins all the business that
Cowan  weie filed sn that  there will, it can attend to during the   summer
Miss Kerr, who was with Un1 dress
making ilcpaiimcnt of the Imperial
slore al Winnipeg for a number id
years, has opened a dressmak.ng department al llill iV Co's (If)' goods
store. Miss Ken has had long experience with tbe very best class of
work and will guarantee everything
lhat slie din's. Already work is coming iu .md tbe ladies nf Cranbrook
are invited in drop in ami talk ovei
the situation. The dressmaking parlors are nn Hie second floor. There
is room fnr two appi cut ices al the
presenl time,
Seated tenders addressed to the
undersigned will he received until 1-
o'clock noon nn Thursday, Mav iOth,
1006, for enlarging Mnyie Tunnel.
Contractor to furnish all planl,
labor, etc. The company In establish a-ii operator at Tunnel. Further
Information may he hail at the ofllco of ihe Resilient Engineer, Cranbrook. Tenders must be submitted
on printed forms furnished by Hie
Company. The Cnmpany will not he
hound In accept the luwest nt anv
Resident Engineer,
(1-11 Cranbrook, H. c.
Taylor Safe
ill'lilI'M JUZI.
Hi   ft.  UWlling,   nearly new.
Step    Lm tiers   a n .1   Extension
Ladders.   All will lie sold much
below cost, cd
F.J. Bradley & Co.
iw be an election, The candidacv
nf Mi McCowan at ihis late day wa's
a siii|uis,. i,, quite a number, ami as
a large nunvlici oi ihe voters Imve
,ilira,!i pi.slu.d themselves tn Mr.
Bilker, il places Mr. McCmv.iii under
a handicap.
The liglit is now on, and every
voter will no doulH he controlled hy
what be I [links will be to his interest,
iu nwtllig his latin!-, The Herald
said last week ibat Ll thought that
Mr. Haker was the righl man. as he
had huge properly interests in tlie
lown and would he influenced strongly bv whal he though! would he for
the best inierest of the taxpayers in
nny action he mighl lake in Ihc council, As a licaw taxpayer hn would
wanl to see strict economy, and as
a larce property owner, he would
naliirailly advocate a progressive
noHcy. The Herald looks upon Mr.
Baker as a safe man. and one who
would prove a valuable acquisition to
the council.
As I am about to leave Cranbrook
for Edmonton to make my home,
owing to the necessity of a change
of climate for my family, I desire to
thank my patrons of the past who
for eight years have given me so
much work in Cranbrook, and in
leaving I want to wish for them and
the people generally of Cranbrook,
increased prosperity for all and the
James Greer.
months. On the fifth o( this month
the summer schedule will go into
force. I
The double transcontinental fast
service lietweeu Montreal and Vancouver, with complete equipment of
coaches, diiiors. tourist and standard
sleepers, will lie resumed and main
line connection from Crows Nest territory wist of Dun more and west of
Revelstoke will be with the favorite
train, the Imperial Limited. Krom
Vancouver the magnificent S. s.
Princess Victoria will make the
through trip to Seattle via Victoria.
Boat service will be resumed on
Kootenay lake through to Ne-lson,
nnd on Columbia river between Roll-
son and Arrowhead. Through passengers fnr Vancouver, etc., will yo
up Hie Columbia river connecting
with through sleeper at Arrowhead.
Loeallv tm train will leave Cranbrook  east  at   15.10,   west   at   10.25	
"tr KS™""JSw may    J«MM**HHMHWm«
secured hy seeing the local agent   or
writing to .1. S. Carter, the district
passenger anent     with head quartets
at Nelson, B. C.
A Six Roomed Cottage
lu first class repair, two lots,
Stable and  hen  llOUBO,   nn     nne
nl the most attractive streets
mi Baker llill, facing SI. Joseph's Creek. Reasonable price
and favorable terms.
Fred    Dumont
IIIII A Co. have a special line of
voiles, eolines and cashmeres that
were bought at a price that enables
them to turn them over at a bargain. They won't last long, and of
course it is a case of firsl come first
served.. This line will he just what
the ladies want.
I will sell my two lots facing «
the station, wilh building, or <
will sell luls alone and move*
building. Price, $1500, o
half cash. All  cash,   better ',
price vvill be given.
Call on or address
Is the pttresi lm nt in which cane sugur can
be tu.up-. Every groin ttpurklea with luiih
niicy, ihr result ut prtlrct crystuli/iition.
You will he plr;tscil the moment ynu open
ii hns Ymi will hr tlrl.ghtr.l idler trying it
in youi ten »>t coffee. Sold everywhere in
j lh. sealed packages,
M*. ioactuh   U HV
The B. C. Sutpr heiiu.i.y lu., Ltd., Vancouver, I. C.
New FDrnitDre
We have decided to add furniture
to our many other lines, and have
to-day received our first car, which
consists of everything in the line of
furniture. Our prices will be as low
as the lowest as wc have bought
direct from the manufacturers, hence
no middleman's profits. ****** ult
For the present our showroom will
be just two doors west of G. T.
Rogers' grocery store. ********
Cranhrook'-. Greatest Sture
Eulogy   on the Dog
Gentlemen nf the jury, a man's dog -Mumli. hy htm in prosperity ami in
poverty, In health ami iu .sickui;^^. lie will sleep on-theeolil ground,
where the wintry wimN blow and the biiowdrives fiercely, if onjy he may
he near his master's side, He will kiss thc hand tlmt hun nn food to offer,
he will lick ihe wounds and cures that come in encounter with the roughness of tho world He guards the sleep nf his pauper master as if he were
a prlnee. Wlien all oilier friendsdeserl he remains. Wlien riches lake
» ings ami reputation falls to pieces ln> Inaa constant in bin love us the sun
in its jiiuriiev through the heavens. If fortune drlveB the master forth an
outcast iu the ivoil.i; friendless ami homeless, the faithful dog nsks no
higher privilege than that uf iicuoiiipanyiiiii Imn to guard against danger,
to fight against his enemies, uml when ihr hint seene of nil comes, am
.leal h lakes the master in Us om brace and his Ui.ly in laid away in lhc cold
ground, no matter if all other friends pursue iheir way, tliere hy bin grave*
sith- uill the md.le dog he found, lilc head between his paws, his even tuul
lun open in nlert watchfulness, faithful ami (rue, even lo death.
nut'nf tlie nn isi i; u n|ii'l-i'in'Hi'i,'r iiimii-in i In- lun- Senator Vest, id MIhhouiI
wan uuuil' in ilu> round- <d tin- iriul nl i i ivliu imd wantonly iimi n dog,
iiplunuiiiir in ii neighbor   Vm! lepmiiM I Hn- plaintiff, wlm  d uidi-d *:■"■■
iliiiiiugOH    When  Vmi (.utahed Hponxliia, ilu-jury, afler inn uiimii.-i- iMthprullnli,
iiivtu'iled the iilaimiff (t.-.nn.   A purl of the jtpiwli m pruilol nbov«.
Your dog surely deserves a good
collar nnd we want a chance
lo serve you.
J. D. McBride
Omiibrook, ll.e.
Flies!   Flies!
Guard ugninsl  this post liy having Bcreen doors ami windows
pui on your houses before warm weather eommoncea.   Wo
have tlu-in in all sixes ami prices, to lit any house.
McCallum & Co.
Hardware Morchanls


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