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Cranbrook Herald Jul 5, 1906

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Array U»!.!«ttr. Md...*
*rr un   vktwit, nc.
'.   ■:'*   C'^-'
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000.    Reserve Fund. $4,500,000
«. E. WALKER, Otural Muugu Al I X. LAIRD, a.m. g.„*i m.„.,«,
A g.n.r.l l.nfcllti b-.itle.i tr.n>_< Inl.   Aec0UI.ll m.iy be Opened .nil ivndiicto. Of
mail with .11 liuin In., ul llm liaiih.
l>,|i.-.ll,  ul   $1   nn.l  iipMiii,!.  ,• 'Ccl.'eU,   uml   Interval allowed ■•
.ui rcn. nete_>.    lhc ilapuflttor If. Htihlvci I, Jala, whal.
cc*  lu  tlu*   wl.hdrtlwul tt.  the   .flitilc  ur  uny
(tollii.il  ul   (lie   Jcpuutl
Cranbrook Branch,
F. C. MALPAS, Manager
: Capital PaiJ Up $J,V00,(KI0.0U  Reserved Innil .S.I.'IIHI.OOO.OO J
ta *
»            s
! D. R. Wilkie, President. Hon. R. Jaflray, Vice-President *
4 _
4 Branches in Provinces oi British ColniiiMn, .Uberla, Sas- *
i kakh.wan, Manitoba, Oiilarii. nud Quebec            *
4 *
4 Interest allowed on Savings accounts FROM DATE OF DE- It
• POSIT at lii,. 1...I current ra-es nitS com pounded li..ll yearly.   _
4 S
I ——_                                            *
4 *
J CRANBROOK BRANCH                      *
• J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.      *
• I
Buy Vancouver
Real Estate
Are offering same in payments
of $io per month
Let us supply you vvith an
Come in and see them anyway, Iwo kinds $1.75
and $2.75.   The latter one Is very
neat and compact.
J. D. McBride, hi a rd ware
Now that the celebrations at Moyie
ami Ferine are over with it is time
fm l-hi.se who will have charge ot the
Lftbot Day celebration in Cianbrook
lo gol a move on themselves and get
busy. Cronbrooli cannot afiord to
■let the matter stand too long md
then Hiileavoi to reach out lor success in a hurry. Ttie Heiald would
suKgest Ibat tlieie be -, public meeting called hy labor organizations of
tlie town and disiriet and tiie neces*
saiy committees be appointed with-
Dlll delay. There wrll be a lot ol
urorh aliead tor tliose commit Lees
The lletald is going a little furthei
ami suggest tibart the programme tor
this year tie shortened very materially. There are events that liave been
on the programmes ot previous years
ibat would In* better left off. U*t
there be events that will show the
skill and proficiency in the various
lines of la-bor, a cracking lacrosse
tournament, ele., lung up good purses and then you will see some excellent contests and thc people will
(lock in by tlie hundreds and-go home
satisfied. Again the Herald would
say (bat it. lias been sounding tlte
two day proposition, and alter considerable inquiry has come to tiie
conclusion that mie cracking good
day of sport with the town (till ol a
well satisfied people will make a
poorly attended celebration Ior two
days look like thirty cents. That
lias been the experience in Kernie and
also In Nelson. Give us one day
and let that day lie the best. Labor
Hay is not so (ar oft hut that something should lie doing, (let busy,
and malic Labor Day in Cranbrook
this year one that will lie long remembered by the people of the district.
j i.i
Tbe Cranbrook- Telephone company
have a lorce of men in the fit«ld extending the lines to Rlko, Elkmouth
and the mils in that vicinity on the
east, and to Ryan on the west. This
I he a good thing for Cranbrook
as it wIM place all of the towns
east and wesl, as well as north aud
souih. in direct communication with
this town, lt wilt also be a great
con ven ience to the people j& these
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ I ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦■»♦■»
I Smiiil vision never calls for effort If you arc always (ninn
! lo see Hi roii it ha blurring mlat, or If your eyes ever give you
j pal 11 or discomfort, you are strnlnlng ilu-ni nnd ULASSBS
I Mil: Nl.lilri.ll. Come Inns wilh (he firsl symptoms. We'll
tell you llie trouble, and give you the blisses to remedy It
W.   H.   WILSON,  •Ic^ele^mjdjlj^n
The accurate man must h(ive;an accurate time
piece.   That's whal we guiimntce mn' wi.tches
to be.   Drop In and uce ..ur lines of I'lfimltlons,
Wallhams,  Elglns,  Webb, C.  lllill,  KocklorU
and l.o.iicines,
WM. F. TATE & SON £5£2Sr
Official Watch Inspectors for U.I'M. Crows Sent I'am* IHvlsl
The Cranbrook band was organized
last February by B. IL Short and
iince ihat time the members have
been faithfully practicing each week,
endeavoring to give to this city a
hand, which all feel tlie place should
have. For this continuous work the
members of the band are deserving of
tlie utmost praise, for it means a
greal deal for a man to give one or
1 evenings a week to a public
cause of this nature. Tbe band has
appeared upon two occasions in public, once at Elko and again at Moyie.
Their playing gave evidence of the
fact Uiat they are in need of practice in the open air, as their work iu
small room week after week, has
made tliem timid about tilling their
Instruments. Last Monday they
were badly handicapped by two of
tin- members being absent, which is a
hard tilling to contend with in a band.
A in 1 t'hci month with outdoor prac-
lice, will place the band in veiy
good shape and where It will lie a
credit to the town. The Herald
would suggest that for outdoor
music the band secure a tow red hot.
lively selections, that when played
will make the blood tingle and
muscles move, That is the kind of
music lhat, will win approbation
from the largest crowd that can
gather on lhe street. It might be
said in praise of the interest manifested by members of the band, that
up-to-date ihere has been spent by
'he members themselves toss for Instruments, That is a prelty good
showing. Following is a list of the
members and the Instruments that
Ihey play:
II, II. Short and .1. Miller, Solo
cornels; ((. Patmore and J. Mc-
Quarlo, solo clarionets; .1. Mc Alpine,
1st cornet; 0. E, Morflt-t and ,1.
Hainhrick, 2nd cornets; W. Johnston,
Sni cornet; V. McConnel, 2nd clarinet; 0. Ross Tate, solo alto; J. Mc-
Auley, 1st alto; .1. Kelly, 2nd alto;
W. Burton and J. McCaMum, 2nd
tenors; W. E. Worden, slide hum-
bone; II. Porter, baritone; flcoige
Baker, 11. bass; Roy Cotmore and P.
Large, E. bass; W. Flowers, bass
ill um; M. McDonald, snare drum.
Notice is hereby given *t>lia*t all
parties using hose lor gardens, lawns?
or other purposes must not use same
on or after the lObh Inst., between
W.k> hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. until
further notice.
By order ol Board of Directors Water
Supply Co, !5-2t
Frank, Albeila.        July
(Special io the Cranbrooi' Ita
'llie    game  was called   at     1.08        Vt
the tooe-oB DuiiUip secured the rubboi
and it was caini-d witl givat gusto
into   thi*    damper   line, bin McLean
■*.-.jii-il dowtl and  girl   tbe ball li'Mii
Dutilop and Craitbrook now staled
to play lacrosse. The rabbet was
bandied by all tbe defence. Portmui
carried it down awl passed to Ull
ler who rolled and lit a cigarette and waited and scored. Time,
2 minutes. After Uie face-oft the
ball travelled up and down' lie Held
and was principally up at lhe othei
end and Hodd.-n finally securing the
ball made _, tunnel in Die ground and
scored from au underhand shot.
Time, H minutes.
After lhe face-off some pretty combination was played on the Cianbrook Imuie, Miller scoring in iw..
minutes, play was resumed and
the ball was carried up to Cranbrook
defence, Matheson secured and Hodden
took a lean on Mathesou's slick
with the other hand and disputed his
right to the ball. Matlieson disputed Hodden's right to hold his
stick, and the first quarter ended
with a Iree exhibition, Marquis, of
Queensbury rules governing the con-
Jim Bates, official referee, thought
they were a little previous and gave
them two minutes to cool off.
DeBeck scored the lirst goal In thc
second quarter after five minutes of
very strgiuoiis^pJay on both teams.
It took five minutes to score again
and Mathews tallied the trick on n
pretty pass from Cowan. Play was
resumed and the ball carried to lhe
immediate vicinity of tlte Frank goal.
Harold Jamieson shot, goal tender
stopped and cleared the bull behind
the nets. Mathews went lo Hold the
ball, passing in front of goal and
Hrislin deliberately cut bim
over the eye. Mathews then turned
to field him and, catch as catch can,
an open contest took place in which
the most »f the good players took
part-. This again caused the referee's displeasure and Mathews uml
Hrislin were retired to the side-line
for two minutes. Mathews was repaired and went into the game as
good as new. Here elided the second
lesson 4  to 1. ».
After half time Frank made a terrible effort to keep the score from
increasing. After about six minutes
pilay Cowan made a beautiful zig
ag rush (to quote the Old Man)
and by a dexterous and well directed
shot hit the goal keeper (who was
watching Mathews more than he
watched the hall), plunk ou his lid
and the ball went skywards and was
pronounced hy tlte great concotirso of
isinterested spectators to be the
most sensational stop of the day.
This Is the opinion of many who were
present at the wonderful showing by
the "Luean Giant." Mr. William
Rollins in his memorable game with
lhe Shamrocks against the Muskogee
Hellbenders. Cranbrook was taking
things easy doing their best to let
Frank score, but Eickoff, between
ihe flags, proved that he was a
whole defence in himself. Just before the end of the third cuartcr
Patton scored. Score I) lo I In
favor of Cranbrook.
The last quarter started off with
some pretty loose playing on Cran-
bYooi-v part, hut nevertheless they
could not help scoring. After five
minutes play DeBeck »•"■-1 Hr ball
off the goal keeper's bodv and placed
it in the nets. After four minutes
more play Jamieson let the lmil slip
off bis stick into the nets, to the
disgust of the Great Lennox. The
same thing occurred to DeBeck one
minute after and thus the game Milled I to fl in favor of ihe nine as
Arthur Wilson, of Cranbrooi.' acted
as one umpire and a fellow Ihat
looked like Baron (with all due re-
spoot to Mr. Baron) WAR the olher.
Referee—Jas. Bales.
Timekecpers-O'IIaKiin and Marl in
The line-up of Ibe teams was ns
Frank—Goal, Fred Brlslln; poln-fc,
Buck Parsons: rover point, Herb
Lennox: 1st defence. W llmlirson
2nd defence, Dun-lop; Inl defence.
Ross; center, Ike Dimniel; Inl home.
Bird Slrtiiimr; 2nd home, McMillan:
1st home, Chick Kanoiwc; outside,
Bawden; Inside, Jack Haas.
Crninlbrook—Goat, Eickoff; poind,
McLean; cover point, Ma I heson;
1st defence, Stnples; 2nd defence,
Porteous; 3rd defence, Williamson;
center, Jamieson; 3rd home, Cowan;
2nd home, Miller; 1st home, De-
Beck; outside, Patton; inside, Mathews.
Our Goods are
Cranbrook may have made a mistake and lost
the hose race but you vvill make no mistake
nor  will  you   lose anything  in placing your
with us. We are in a position to make you the
right prices on the right kind of goods, can ship
at the right time and packed in the right
condition.   Try us and see if this is not right
♦UtabiMfcaiaiBMi ai»ii»i» ■»-»:»» ^.^^^^.^^^^j^^i^ !»•»<» -i»*»^ ^»*» »#-.
another slide. |
Judge Arnold, after consulting
criminal code, says that Ihis is a
Hook HI., section 7 and 1 times 7,
forerunner of events due on the Itith.
Tlie Frank recreation grounds committee have entered a damage suit.
against Matheson for tearing ity Uu*
gravel. i
Everybody noticed   Pulton's    new
'Ult. I
The treasurer is very anxious to
find out who ate the two dollar i
Capt. Miller is very proud of his
hunch of boys. j
Dirty" DeBeck's reputation     has
not  lost any of its unsavory nature, j
Harold Jamieson mel his Waterloo
iu a body check. j
Herb Lennox was responsible fori
("ranbrook not getting a much larger.
score, and a team of liis calibre, I
would make the Irishmen look like a
lot of selling platers in a Minto cup
The Frank boys are all good fellows and know how to entertain a
visiting team.
The scar-faced kid heal every game
hut the black jack.
"Scotty" Williamson made such a
hit with his broad and winning smile j
lhat it was with great difficulty lie
was induced to return to Cranhrook.
James Botes says you can't tell
where a dtllpickle is going to squirt
when sqeezed between two rows o(
When the call boy woke "Scotty"
ihis morning he said, "Get up. It's
10 to 5." Scotty replied, "llooij
mon, it was !) to 1 when the whistle
blew." |
Some unkind individual remarked
thai DeBeck was as stout as a toolhj
pick. Bates said he was seized
with the pin fever and his legs swelled up like a pipe Stem. "Take some
your soil Jim."
■ lames Bates was referee and modesty only prevents the writer' from j
expressing this honorable gentleman's ability lo act in a capacity ot
this kind.
Weddings and Cut
We luve the finest display of
the finest cut glass ever
shown in the Kootenays  .* Jt
*:.;i:.:  i-^. '-R r-
9 to I.
Don't smile "Scotty."
When Bodden scored manv of the
Cranhrook team were badly seared,
as most ot    them thought it    was
The Frank Paper—Thc Frank
Paper is in a position to-day to
slate authorFtlvely that the Frank
lacrosse club is sliil in the field f0r
the league championship. At a
meeting held on Wednesday evening
lasl week much important business
was transacted, not the least item
being that the club has been greatly
strengthened both as regards players
and finances. Recognizing tlie open-
to-all fact lhat the recent game wiih
Lethbridge was lost on account of
certain players sacrificing lhe club
mid themselves for monetary considerations these players have' been
discharged and their places filled by
players who can be depended upon
and who are above suspicion.
The club to-day is in a better posllion Iban it has been at anv time
during the season, and ihe management bave such confidence notwithstanding Kie recent black eve to bnek
lhe boys in the coming contest. 11
therefore is un to every lover of
sport, pure and square, to lend a
hearty co-operation In keeping tho
club up to a high standard.
 -. .     . . j
There is Great Danger of
During this hot weather,   (let your property insured,   for
lowest rates and perfect protection see
Weal Estate.    Insurance.    I'hone i.t>
iaia isiBJsiaiaisiBHEiaii .      Eia       n
Little Sip of Pontet 9
Janet Claret or Vin    2
c*    ri...l...i 7
St. nichel
will It'll   lilt.   Iiiii. i.l   lliifi  qtlillilj
.Vi nml |_ii|ili,m nlil ii,«> ii.it.iil
liruii.lH. .,-l,.,.|.-,l   l,i   ,i... „,- i.l
iv. .11  I.II.I1IH  n |. ii nui .i, nrr.I il.i
kill,I-   tli-   nil. THE   CHANIimiOK   HERALD
Between You
and the Heat.
Fit Reform Summer Suits
rulil.iii—"llu.v lu  lie cuul
solve the
and  well
'lheir lightness makes them coolness
itsclt.     Tlieir   taiikless
yicrtc.l   til—cnabl
st. llshl.  dressed .lll.l t.
to   1.
English Flannels and Serge
S c o t c h
I tomespuns
Tweeds   and   Irish
J15,   £ I 8,   flD  lip,
j iu* .1. li. Ferguson in n.i". Review
The oil Industry in British Columbia is noi yet in iis Infancy inasmuch as the child is noi yet bom. |
oil developments in ihis province arc
as yet a mailer entirely for the fu-;
ture. Ni. developments have been
made with any degree of success in
any part of the province. Seepages
are known to exist in various localities, aiid Other evidences ol oil have
been found, but there have been ne
successful operations in the way o(
actual boring as yet. In the Queen
Charlotte group of islands, ozokerite
has lieen found in several places.
In Utfth there are extensive ozokerite
fields, and the cum has been mined
for a number of years, but there are
no oil fields in Utah of any consequence, The peculiarity of the
ozokerite In lhe Queen Charlotte
Islands is that ii is found in Igneous
rocks. Recently a companv has been
organised for the purpose ol prospecting one of lhe islands, and pioh
ably before the end id tbe year we
will know more uf the possibilities ot
that disiriet.
< looting    nea het    home t be    rat hei
extraordinary   natural   flow   ol gas
near Stevemon, on lite bunks of lhe
Fraser rlier. Was supposed by some
parlies in indicate presence of oil.
Considerable money was expended and
a well pul down 1200 feet, inn there
were no evidences of oil whatever in
the well. The probabilities are lhat
the exudations of gas, which were
very marked, are the resuli of decayed vegetable matter, from deposits wbieb extend many centuries
back, as (lie gas has more the quality
of hog gas than Ihal ol mineral
OK surface is, however, an Infete&ce Irom
jibe foots observed at distances ot  15
I miles northeast and dd miles east of
tlie western occurrences ol oil. and il
affords   slender data (or a judgment
of  lhe thickness     of  ihese iiii  rucks
below ihe    oil seepages.    Part   ol
them may he wanting m thai region,
or     there may    be greater  thickness
than is discovered    at  the    eastern
It will be noted lhat in the opinion
of this noted geologist thai he aiiti-
cipaies lhat operations [nr oil will
require Io pierce through the over-
lhnisi exiting there lo a depth of
[nno 4,000 lo 10.000 feet. If this
diagnosis ol conditions is correct, cl-
il in the Flathead
i*d  in  ibe fissure*
forts lo obtain
unless n is obi
of the formation, is cerlalu to prove
a very expensive undertaking. The
great over-thrust fault referred le
By Dr, Dawson in his geological re
port, subsequently by Dr. Selwyn and
more recently bv Bailey Willis is pre
sunmbly a fundamental fael. upi
which the course of
ages already oiscovi
ihe    depth of boring
which may be nlil,uti-
iui ni 1 lv will depend
of the fault beneath
ming thai  th
by the shock. Relief came quickly ;
although it was an hour before the
last body was removed. Tiie police,
ai traen-d by the noise, called
ambulances and surgeons aud warned
the hospitals to prepare to receive the
Injured. The railway yard quickly
filled with police, doctors, nurses,
trainmen and volunteers.
The darkness and incredible destruction made the work of rescue ex-
eecdiiigly. difficult. Lamps and
torches were brought to light the rie-
s.ilaie scene. The stalion was converted Into a surgery and ihe platform was made a moituary. Several
of the dead and injured were Imprisoned In compartments, and it was
necessary to saw away Uw partitions
in onler tn effeol their release.
Others weie Caught under heavy
wreckage Several of the bodies
were badly mangled and one woman
was. decapitated,
fil in tlif stv|i
i>il depend .in I
nn.l llu* rwt.il
I ilin ,.|ri,..., a|i
iiimii 1I1.. extern
lln- 1.iiii;i-.    as
■ >   uf   nil   is   lllllll
ro would si'i'ni
ui tapping Hn
plerre iliimiuli
rocks whirl. riirkctIs
ui very gi*
i*    miiilr 11  uiiiiiiii.ninl
quire liirgc In
uprising that  nn    one
to   |it..s|i,-,-l   tor   ml
I ha
!! NOTICE 11
notify tin* residents'of Enst Kooteimy tlmt ho Ims
added n MINERAL WATER FACTORY in his estnli.
lisliiii.'iit nii'l would cordially solicit.any resident or traveler to onll or sou.I for n sitmplo order (piirtjeiilarly liy the
tn.li'i and guarantees Itis goods superior to any in tlm district. The public an- respectfully retiuestcd to visit usaiid
sample tin* ^oods at the factory.
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
I'he New Managers.
Drop in and see us any lime.    We are on deck 2.S hours
out of the 2*1
j   B C. Livery nnd Peed Stables
i     Blacksmiths, Woodworkers and BicyclejRepairers
McLaughlin Carriages and During Implements Ior Sale
j    Shop Phone 50 P. O. Box 144 Barn Phone °0
! Cranbrook
Hotel a* s
liueetH Comforl • Specially
(Inud Siablinit in Conncciiou
Ne.re.l to rall.oatl ami depot,    Han aeroiiimoda.
Unu. for the public unei|iiallFil In Cranhrook,
Hoi and Cold Hairm
Hoggarth & Rollins j
 Proprietors       j
-■ 11-1 I-I-1 t-t 1111->-«-»-1 I « «i I I 11-1 I 11 1-1-t•«-t
The place where a
man will return after
stopping once.
|   **    COLUMBIA   HOTEL    ** |
^ Olto V. Hough, Proprietor $
% ELKO, B. C. I
«•   Newly furnished throughout.   Boat of dining room service &
*\       und comforlublH rooms.     When in Klku, cull mul Bee us. $
In Mie valley of ihe Keltic river,'
a number nf claims were staked .some
years ago, and applications were
made to lhe government for reservation witli the intention of operating
for oil, bul whether it was, on
further inveslRation, found that the
evidences were noi sufficient to warrant the expenditure or not, 1 am
unable In say. There certainly was
no work done, although an effori wAs
made lo incorporate a company for
ihe purpose.
lu the Hi'aver Valley. Cariboo disiriet. Ihere were large beds of bituminous shale, which give out consider*
able quantities of oil when exposed
to lhe heat. The production of oil
from shales has been an important
Industry in Scotland tor many years:
from two to three millions of tons
nf shale have been mined yearly in
(ireat Britain for distillation, crude
oil and ammonia being obtained in
this operation, the crude oil amounting to aboui 'dti gallons per ton of
shale. lu a country which produces
no native petroleum, tlie industry is
profitable ami a large amount of capital is invested. In his report to
the minister nl mines of Iltfll, Mr.
Robertson, provincial mineralogist,
referring to 1he.se shales, states oil
can tic extracted from the shales at
a temperature of 100 degrees C.
The specific gravity of the oil is .1*72
nd produce .'! per cent, of the weight
f the shale, Some claims have recently been taken up in this district, a company lias been organized
for the purpose ol exploring lhe vat
ley iu the hope thai outcropping
shales are an evidence nf reservoirs
of oil at depth.
Probably the most notable of all
Mie oil districts nf the province is
what is known as the Flathead district, where the seepages are considerable, indeed extraordinary, some of
y.iein producing -several gallons per
hour. The nil produced in some instances is almnst water wbile, in
others an amber color, about the color ol brandy, and others a dark
green. It is "very volatile, containing
a very large percentage of illuminating; oil and bas a pat'affine base.
During the past winter a rig has
lieen set up in this territory and boring is now in operation. As the
country is contiguous In the Alberta
oil field, which has already some producing wells, it is expected that, these
operations will lie conducted with
smne measure of success, although if
the geological reports, of eminent
geologists, such as bhe late Dr. Dawson, Dr. Selwyn, Bailey Willis, Mr.
W. T. Robertson, the provincial
mineralogist, may be relied upon it
is going to lie a case of very deep
drilling, in facl, tn a greater depth
than any olher nil field, known in the
world as yet. 11 is noticeable that
the seepages of oil in this district
are confined almost entirely to the
disturbed portion nf the country at
Hue font hills and in t-he near vicinity. Numerous seepages o. nil and
gas escaping from the cracks and
joints, in the rocks are found. I'he ga*
igniting freely on the application of
a match. The rocks in most of the
cracks a'lsn give out <, strong odor
of petroleum upon being broken or
rubbed. .fust south nf this district
on the American side, in the vicinity
ol Kinila lakes, a considerable
amount nf work has been done, one
well having been put down to the
depth of 1,80(1 feet without obtaining
nil in any quantity. The seepages
In this locality are also quite evident,
as noticed above in the vloinlly nf
Flathead creek, B. C. I>r. Bailey
Willis, who gave the whole district a
very careful examination, has the
following to say regarding lhe Flathead country in British. Columbia: '
The rocks of the eastern Rocky
mountain range through which these
seepages rise to the surface are very
old quart7iles and siliceous lime
stones, together with thick beds of
greatly ind rated shale, which is also
very siliceous and often cemented by
silica so as to transform if. into
argillaceous ipiart/ite. They are
known tn be of early Paleozoic or
pie-Paleozoic age. The entire series
as exposed here and in the eastern
front of thi' Rocky Mountain range
consist   nf  the following  formation:
Siliceous red shales and quart-
zites, yielding   casts of salt
crystals      800
Siliceous     1 mestnnes,    usually
weathering a buff color  .', 1,000
Alternating    red    and    green
shales  1.200 to 2,500
Grayish  and  greenish  thin-bedded   siliceous     shales,  highly
indurated  ,, 2,8fin
Limestones,   the     upper    part
thin-bedded   and    the     lower
massive   2,500
Approximate    estimated thickness  10,300
Their thickness as exposed above
the level of the Kintla lakes is about
fi,000 feet. The oil appears near the
top of the 2,1.00 feet of lhe :thin-
1>edded grayish shales, beneath the
red and green shales; that i.s, 3,500
to 4,300 feet above the base of the
series as exposed on the eastern side
of tbe mountains. At Kintla lakes
the depth ol    this base below    the
,f nm
I lei
t'letaceous   hei
to lie no olh.'
oil resevoh
ibe warty
an under tu ._        ......        ..--,,
hide and   tn  lie    made a  commercial I nil
success will ..., .,  	
ital.     H  is surnrlslna (hat  no    onel McMlVlai
has attempt ^-^^^—^
siiii farther wesl on the plains whi
are nol  subjected lo any  nl  the dis
turbanees     which are found  in      liv
\ieiiiiiv of the foot hills of lho Rock)
In the eastern SMle of thi
tains, Alberta, n greal deal
has been lost for wanl of knowledge
of smne of the fads herein mention
ed. and  it  is     noticeable  thai     til
more    recent   and     more
operations have been on  th*
sin round ing Water! on  lakes,
glac ers have eroded and carried away
ihe over-thrust   rocks and  lefl      the
anticlinal!) exposed, making ii    comparatively easy  to locate the    best
position lo under lake drilling.   There
are, besides the districts herein noted, large /ones nf sedimentarv forma-
'ions in different     parts ol the province   which are   characteristic of nn
dl country.     Undoubtedly the developments of an    oil-producing dislriel
would  life a great   boon  to  thc  province, where a vast  majority of    the
nopulatlon are depending on the products of crude petroleum  for      Hieir
lllumlliaiils and lubricants.     Wmk no
ioulit will be    prosecuted vigorously
during the vear IHOfi, In thc Flathead
district, and if    backed by sufficient
capital  will  wilhoul   doubt  be    successful, but  ihe undertaking is    one
that should he sufficiently capitalized
f success is lo be assured.      No one
should cnii'i' upon the undertaking
with less li_.nn\$100,000, and the person or company undertaking the
work, will he fortunate indeed that
does not have to expend much more
liefore reaching a dividend-pay ing
Imsis. Prospecting for oil in British
Columb ,i is not a poor man's proposition. After the oil, in paying
quantities, is. obtained, there ' are
railways and pipe-lines to be buill
md refineries to be erected, On the
iiher hand Hie prize is well worth
ihe effori and to those who have the
stuck and capital there arc ubdonbted-
ty vast fortunes to be made.
i WIKs      STEWART,      SKEENA
POSIT     AND     1'IIEN
: 1MHMMMMIMM •••••••••••
Telephones? HARRIS BROS.
Telephone 57
vj$*       HERCHANTS
IV    Westlllilisle:
Inin hiom;lii
the   Sk
, Juno 88.—News
down to tbe eity
river  by  Mv.   Ian
of   Poll
well    known   cannery
Simpson,  of  the deaih
ewart,  a  prospector   ol
Ills end brings to Hghl
(Ideal   and  mosl   hariow-
ihe prospector's rugged
ever occurred In British
There in no doubt thai Craubrook i pie like good meat.   There ars
ilnieim ol Imiii-.* Haying every dny to their friend*, " Why don't you go i<>
Harris Hum?" ami they me ruining.    We   handle   the best BSUIBge In llu-
country,   Special price* for *-'■'. anil ROIh, Iota, »
Our linglisli Cured Hams
ami Itoiii'lcsH Cornell Beef have gained a repil" J
tat ion second to none.
Flili on hand eveiy .lav. Civility and itrlcl attention to nil
London, July 2,—The American line
special, carrying in passengers whu
Had debarked Sunday night Irom the
steamer New York, fiom New York,
June 23, was wrecked at Salisbury,
eight miles from London, at two
o'clock yesterday morning. Twenty-
ihree passengers were killed an.l
seven injured. Among the killed
were Walter Barwlck, Uev. E, L.
King and C. L. Plpon, all of Toronto. The other passengers killed were
ail Americans.
The train consisted of a powerful
express engine, three first-class carriages, and one combination guards'
van and buffet. The passengers were
soon entrained and a) 11.30 lhc express pulled out. it was given a
clear track on the run of 23U miles
io London, on which Uie express generally maintains an average speed ul
a mile a minute.
Driver Robins quickly gave the engine her head and llii; special was
soon speeding swiftly through Lhe
night. It ran on safely and without
incident until it entered the long
railway yard at Salisbury, when the
passengers noted that the coaches began swaying from side lo side. Suddenly al i'he end of the long platform
where Ihe track begins to curve to
wards the bridge spanning Fisherton
street, ihe main avenue of ihc city,
the engine appeared fairly to leap
from tin- track. It swung across ihc
adjoining track with terrible force
and destroyed the guards' van of a
milk train that Wns slowly steaming
in the opposite direction, killing a
guard. Lurching forward the Toco
motive plunged againsl Mie standards
and girders of the bridge. The
bridge withstood the impact, and, rebounding the engine crashed into
another engine which was standing
on a siding and overturned. The engines Interlocked Inlo a grcal mass ol
steel and iron. Throughout tlie wild
plunging nf tlie engine driver Robins
whether 'lead or alive, remained in
his cab. Hours afterwards his char*
red body was found grilled over Hie
The lirst coach shot over tho engine
and careened onward until it Was
hurled against the pnnipct of llie
bridge nnd swashed Into fragments,
killing or maiming almost every occupant. One man was shot through
the window, cleared the parapet and
fell tn his death to the street below
The second coach lurched forward
and tolled toward a stationary train
and practically destroyed itself before its wild flight was ended.
Tlie third coach dashed forward
with the rest, left the rails and encountered some obstruction, overturned and collapsed.
The guards' van and buffet, the
rearmost car of the train, was saved
hv the courage and quickness of
Guard Richardson. Wilh the rust
shock RlchardSon rushed foi'ward and
set the brake and saved himself and
his comrades. The van plowed forward, injuring some of the occupants,
but practically maintained its equilibrium.
The surviving passengers and train
men describe the sound nf the wreck
as like a discharge of a series ot
heavy guns of varied calibre, and
wlien the crashing of lhe wreck was
past there came calls of the injured,
some shrieking with pain and fear,
and others moaning, as 11 bewildered jployees.
id .im
llut region.
  of   lhe :
ing  tales ol
life that  ha:
It was Stewart's lot to dlscovi
very rich deposits ol gold-bearing
quartz while out on a prospecting
tour in Uie mountains last fall, and
after rallying samples of the ore to
his lonely cabin, which he built far
up in tho hills, he must have (alien
ill and later died either from sui-
vatton or the effects ot his illness,
most probably the former. Ills
cabin, and his skeleton lying on the
bunk, were found this spring.
Stewart always prospected alone,
an.l wlien starling out on a trip he
would always lake a large supply of
provisions in a canoe, and atler proceeding up a stream as far as possible iu whatever direction he wished
lo go, he would build a cache on the
shore for his grub and would then
gn high up in the mountains and
build a cabin in the woods,
Stewart started out from Port
Simpson op one ol the trips quietly
last summer, and only a few friends
knew he was going. One of these
was n man named Chambers, who
was the leader nf lhe party that discovered Stewart's sad end. He wesi
never seen again after leaving thci
town, and as months went by and'
autumn turned inio winter his friends
became anxious, and as soon as favor-
orable weather appeared this spring
■a search party was organized ami
started on a hunt over the region
Stewart Was known to have gone
lt was several days before Stewart's fate was revealed, and it was
a gruesome sight that met the eyes
of lhe searchers as Ihey came across
a small cabin high up In the mountains late one afternoon. They called as they ran toward it to see if
anyone was around, Unl Iheir wonts
we're onlv echoed by the hills. Tliey
opened the door and saw a skeleton
lying on the hunk in the small room,
almost all the flesh having been carried away by the small species of
wild animals that are common to
the disiriet.
Stewart's Identity was undnuhtedlv
established by several articles found
in the cabin,'which he was known to
have taken wilh him. lie had probably been dead for several months.
What was the saddest part of the
whole affair, though, Was that Stewart had evidently been stricken ill
and had died Irom sickness and starvation far from human help. The
dishes were all gathered on a shelf
in front of Ihe hunk as though he
had eaten while lying in bed for
some time, bul there was not a sign
of nnylliing to eat about the
place. Stewart's remains were
buried up in the moi»itains where lie
had so often roamed.
In one corner of the cabin were
found some valuable samples of
gold-bearing quartz, and these were
laken out and assayed. They were
found to contain good vnln-s of gold
as well as copper and silver, and in
some instances ran as high as MOO
to lhe ton.
. The old cabin was searched jyll over
fnr some notes or sketches of the loeal ion where the ore had been found
by Stewart, hut no trace of any
kind could Ite found of a possible
clew to ils location.
Chambers and several companions
decided that bhe ore wns well worth
looking for, and have outfitted a
parly of prospectors who are now
going over all the ground in the
vicinity of the dead man's cabin and
for miles around in the hope of locating the ore and solving the dead
man's secret.
Has just discharged her cargo at our
warehouse   which
consists of Portland
cement, iron pipe and fittings. plltly and gIasS) ol|s and
paint, in fact anything lo be found in a first-class hardware store!
HcCallum & Company
Edmonton, .June 27.—What the new
transcontinental railway will mean
in lhe working people of Canada is
shown by the fact thai at the present
moment there are some fifty thousand
men working for the Canadian Pacific
railway. And this on 'he railway
alone; those working on the general
olliee staffs mid the steamship companies are not. iiu-liided in lbe count.
This means that If tliere nre a million men amongst the six million
peoplo of Canada, about five out ot
every hundred of them arc working
for the Canadian Pacific railway.
The closest figures obtainable allow
that, the average pay roll of the C.
P, R. approximates forty-five thousand men; this meaning about fifty
thousand in the busiest summer sea-
ion and about forty thousand In tlie
winter. The estimate is necessarily
not exact, hecause the list changes so
many hundreds every day thai anything more than approximate figures
are quite unattainable. But the
figures are quite sufficient to show
thai the big transcontinental road
means a good deal to Canada. It is
estimated that, taking tiie better
paid with the lower paid men, they
would average at the very lowest
$500 a year. On this, basis, the C.
P. R. pav cars would hand out about
$2o,iioo,imii per year to the road am-
Consisting of 381 acres of magnificent land, situated In the besl
farming locality to be found in Kasl Koolenay, being 10 in I lea
from slore und postollice. Tin* Kootenay Central Railway
survey traverses the properly. It is bounded on one side by a
large Btreuui whieh affords exeelleul trout nntl ulnir nulling
Surrounding the property ti a country capable of grazing many
hun.Ire.| head of cattle and many promising milling prospects
me being worked in ihe neighboring mountiilns. uml apart from
farming this property should shortly become very .valuable foi
other purposes on account uf the naturally central position tt
bears with regard to the surrounding country, 2fi0 acroa of lliis
property can be brought under imluvntlnn wiih eiiBe an.l there
are already 20 acres in mixed crop. 70 tons of hay nre nil
annually oft this land. There are suitable buildings tot all pur
noses and an Irrigation ditch has heen constructed whieh will
finni-h water for irrigation ami domestic purposes, 1'or further
—•—■«-■»■«■■——■•   particulars apply to*     -■■      ■.■
Heal Eni'ale Agenls, Cm..brook
uml 11 ii Is nut ilt'i-iiiililii to |iiirnliua. llie properly In une liuye
lilnuk it nun lie COT I'l'uml lilVIHIlli into .mallei- pamelii
nl III, 1!0, 411, lim iii'ies. in* iilliorwlmi, tn mill iinri'liiiHHiH.
THE TITLE  IS   IN   l'EK_'EOT   .'u S li I T I u \
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ •«.«•«-♦«.< >«.«*<>«.«.«-«-♦«-<•♦♦''
20.000 ACRES
ut tin' very pifk ol tlie selected lamia in .lie hea.tttf.it ICoole.iay
Valley, Eiint Kootenay, II. 0.. extending from Canal Flat tii
Ett.0, nre offered fur mi*.le ut from fl to $li* per acre.
The Kootenay Valley is of Unsurpaaaed Fertility
Matchless Climate and the Most Picturesque Situation West of the Rocky Mountains.
The land, present every feature ol usefulness, including lln..
Itered*benol.es, brushy Hats, marsh, prairie mnl meadow, 'I'ln*
brushy Hutu, marsh uml meadow Imiiin consist ut deep, black
loam] the bench land being a sandy lon.n, aplondi.tly.n.l..|itu.l
for fruit culture, Where Irrigation may be ilecesBary on llu1
benches, water can behad from ilm mountain creeks llowlng from
the Rockies Into the Kootenay river.   Tlm lands are fully sur.
veyed uml smne uf tlm lots have been Buh-divlttetl inin (cn I
furniH tif ubiiiii hu acres each,
Tlm purchase price will Include ilm timber, which can bo h.»|.i
by ilm purchaser without uny liability tu government or other
ii'iyiiliy. The timlier will in many oases more .Inin realise tho pur-
illume price, andwllllnallcases materially recoup ilm amounl in.
vested, I.u*ih run lm driven onthe Kootenay river, winch louch.
en every lul uiivii one, The luiiili Wagon rtuiil thruiiith the vulli'v
passes over ur close tu euch lot, and ihe proposed Kootenay Cen-
tml railway will parallel the wagon roail. Tin-1'. I1. II. Is quite
convenient lo ilu* iatula,
Fur further particulars npply lu
Or to Joseph Ryan  Cranbrook, B. C.
Manitoba Hotel
ban Mcdonald, proprietor,   cranbrook, b. c.
Headquarters for
The .Manitoba ie centrally located anil han one of the bent fltnlngrooms
in tlie ciiy.   The bar ti supplied with the beHt of I,iu,oorflaiid Cigari. THE   CRANBROOK    II Kit AM)
Undertakingand Embalming
Funerals directed irom private houses, churches or our
own parlors.    Fltttclass undertaker in attendance -* *■*
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores
nBHifflHia_v . s i .■: ■ a i b hh i
Whattult ami Retail
Pfesh nnd Cured Meals
Presh    lish,   (i.nnc   nnd
Wi* Biipptj only the beat.    Vnur
trade in solicited
Mitrkrls In all llle prlnclpf   Iiihiis    {Si
Rambling Reveries
No one -.an whiten bia charactei bj
darkening ihe ehar&ctei ol some one
Think thoughtfully, that cheerfully,
bebtve beautifuM) aad you will be
appreciated accordingly,
Children need more models than
critics.     We should i«- as nearly po*
slble  what   We  Wftttl   rbein  lo Imv
How much happier   we    would    Ih-
if we would bul allempl lo build in
stead    ol   I oaring    down,   bow     unirli
sweetei oui lives woura i**. u we
would but encourage, by kind wordk,
ihose of om Iel low-men and i«*n,..\
Aomen a*ho have latum bv  ihe wa)
Mde. extend    a helping band    WhtSpei
uinied again, but there is a probabil
ity ihat unhappy marriages, resuli
Ing (rom unmived iHspontiui a ill
noi resuli in union • "■ happiness m
ilo*. woild oi the one '" come
■IVhat God h*th joined top-lb i ..*•
ii,. man put a'
1 Seven Years Ago
in Cranbrook *** **
For c.ii-Iy fruits and vegetables write us
for prices. Tli: cherry crop is sliort gel
your order booked now.
I IF YOU WANT        |
f clothing that is "Gilt Eige" in name, ♦
* "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in *
make call and see thc new stock of Ready
i made clothing just received.    All Union
X Labor.
********************** ♦ ♦♦♦♦*♦♦«■♦♦♦■»♦♦ *******
&> ************- 'i ***&********&
a^-*,*■*'*,*,*"*,,>e,le,K, yvvvyv-vvvyvwv*^
Xcabfno business
Mnrysvill.1   hns
 li*   i'lltl.   llll   -"111
1 It    loWII   inm  hu
Ibouses of flDar\.8»»
ll     |H  lillllll. 'Ill     [.111
mil      Th,*  11,-nilil
villc   C|,|: :V'l,K'.iuv ,-'in'**
 tin' .ullowiliK
li.|-.i:i.-:.i. Iiinisi's:
ffl  <** ... „    rhe leading ho $
iel in llie SI. ffl
Marys  valley. ?y
ffl Dining Room seivi.e lhc besl. ffl
ES The place In slop when \ isili.i}; lhc Sllldlcr Cily Sj
1 The Royal Hotel
1 Central Hole
il     enn
e.u, .uid   oh'   how   unieli   bn^biel   out
lives and   Uietis   would  be,      (iiu* iiu
tiued io lite uit'tei .nut gussiper, turn
a  ileal    eat.   .uid   lell     Ilieni   llut   ymi
,ue otherwise engaged, when you una
tlu-in inclined io ulh and very   soon
lhe lallleis   will  hud   then   profession
What is more refining or captivating Uiau Die practice ol music m Uie
family circle; especially is ibis tim*
wlu-n ihe sisters lend "lln- chaini ol
iln-n presence, and then sweet volcen
accompany the Mule, the comet m
Lho violin, or when the subtle touch
m then delicate lingers calls forth
ib.- riches I harroons from ihc harp
m the guitar, How many men
cmilil he Mlu titled irom the haunts ol
initially by the bewitching music ot
iheii sisters, if parents would but
HMli/.e lhe inttuelice whieh lhe heavtu-
h ait holds over the heart of man
and encourage Its cultivation in the
minds ol iheir children. The hotel
Keeper who knows the power of music
and employs u to Increase his custom from the youth ol our land.
Why noi fight him with his own
weapons and make the music of our
homes so delicately beautiful, so Immensely superior to thai Of the bar
room thai our young men will no
longer be attracted and entertained
in these places ami thus remove one
stumbling block from their leet.
The test of our heroism must come.
Smne time in every human life this
problem must be decided. That the
world exists; that stars gleam; that
(lowers hlotuii; thai men live; are not
more actual realities iu the realm of
facl than that before every one is
placed the choice of good or evil. It
is within the province of every Individual to say whether his character
shall be luminous or lustreness, And
in the hour when the valley of decision is entered, and choice must be
made, comes lhe test which musl determine whether he or she is of heroic mould! The pathway of hthian
existence is lined with wrecks
ihnse who could not stand the test
when the supreme hour came. Wlien
ihey heard the call ihey could not
say. ''Here am I; send inc." It may
have involved a sacrifice which tliey
doomed it cruelty for them to be
called upon to make. Why forego Ihc
pleasure of the moim.nl wilh so little
prospect of .satisfactory substitution? The opportunily lost—then
the long period ol regret,
ii      th
l-g lllill
r, Handle.. Prop,, S. .1. Harrow, Manager
A. P. Chenette Proprietor |!
Mas been recently refurnished mul is now one of fi!
the best hotels iu lhe dislriel.   Headquarters for *S
llie people. K>
1 Marysville Drug Co.
We carry a complete slock of everything in the $g
Drug and Stationery line. No need lo send away ffl
foryour goods. ffl
W'e    certainly    are Mossed with an
unusual number of bright liltic   boys
in all communities.    Little tots just
starting on life's [oumcy, Thev stand
upon ihe threshold ol life wiih foot
uplifted and hand outstretched ready
I., begin the journey, and happy    in
anticipation of ihe beautiful and won-
ful   livings  ihey expect  to see.  To
ihem all ts bright and promising, no
li.night  of evil    crosses  then  minds;
heir mug-nation   clothes everything
.uh   rainbow    hues.      They   little
hnik  that  every   rose has  its  thorn,
verv pleasure its corresponding grlel.
hev are eager to tie off.    The path
.    narrow    and on     either    side are
awning   precipices   which    threaten
.i engulf them at every step, Humerus and   enticing by-paths seel,    to
lure ihem from the narrow way that
leads  to safety and  honor.     Here it
is    thai   ihe    counsels    of  Christian
uot-hers   lake root    in their hearts,
unl I'tieiii saiui-like    faces will go heme  I'bem on  their    journey,  guiding
stars    whose   gleam   cannot   he     ex-
Mnguishod, no mailer how hard    tlie
hums of temptation may beat upon
bein      We wish all mothers     could
eali/c the Importance of this   sate-
[Uard so easily reared in youth, when
lne heart  is innocent  and  the   mind
ready to receive Impressions,       The
influence of mother's tender love will
make itself felt  long after she is   in
lii     grave,      The  recollection  of     a
mother's gentle love will often   serve
to imn the erring (est in the    right
direction If all   the blight     boys
nf mn town can be brought up right
it is safe t-o predict that when Ihey
step over the threshold into manhood we can then point with pride to
nut model town of model citizens.
The average housekeeper in modern
clrctiinstances spends most of her
inne In tlie kitcben doing work that
ininhi he much enlightened if only
she would bring herself to Uiiuk so.
Hul ihe average mother of a family
simply will not spare herself. She
ruffles and lucks lhe children's clolh-
Ing so that .she may have more ironing lo do, and cooks niaiiv more different dishes for the table than is at
.ill necessary for wholesomeness, thus
making herself much more work in
this direction. BoMer spare yourself, housemother, even I bough your
family live simply. How much more
pleased will husband .ind children he
lo me mother look fresh and tidy
Ihan to sec her healed anil tired-
loo worn out to enjoy the dainty repast she has worked so hard ' to
serve. Some day they will pass you
when it is too lale, if vou give yourself no caic.
II is painful to read Ihc par Menhirs
of lhe numerous divorce suits that,
fill the columns of the dally papers.)
Many ol Ihese sad events are from
good, honics and the interestrtl parties!
stand hiel) in social life, and not a!
few in church* life. This separation
between husband and wife is one of
the sad scenes in human existence.
u- | .Manv lines either would prefer death
%U I in this unhappy parting. For years
they have lived together and their
lives have lieen blended into one.
They have learned by bitter
experience, as the years have
gone by, that they are
not suited to one another and
flnallv, in a moment of discord or
passion, lhe silken cord has broken
and they separated forever. Let us
hope that in lhe world to come, when
thev can all see things plainer than
they do iu this life,   they    may    be
j lTKMS i ll. I. i.n l KOJJ iill. J
As-o-e-e-etcce-t-^o tts l^im
Th.-ie was .i '■■■■ ■ I ball playe
Tinn -day evrnfag ■ bat arou *.--i
greatei Interest and I
eiciteriunt Ihan anj '■'■,'•■ I that
lias- ever taken place in I--' ' Ktwte
nay Th.- fai men u am ■
by V Rankin played the local team
The scon at Ihe end ul tl -
in,- lood 11 i.i IS in (.iv..? ,.' lhi
corpulent   gentlemen I'   was     a
warm game from itarl to Ai ttti I
the playing ol tlw fat men «■■ one
continual round ol revehtUoi
costumes atitracled b greal
ai tent Ion and elicited man)
of praise and admiral   fi
fail sex present. li Ik
inieresi what position thc
play in Imt fo] ihe benefit nl lheh
opponents wlm have won fame by
their splendid wmk <>n the diamond,
tlie Herald gives thell po* lionl
Catcher, .lake Fink; pltchi r, Lou
Hoffmen; first base, Walter Turnbull.
md base. .1 i; Cnstignu; third
base. V. ti. Morris, short stop, l-'mnk
Rankin; left field. J, w 11. Smyiho
and Al. Hrown; center field, .1
Fisher, right field. W. It Ross; umpires, .). 11, Laidlaw ami Tom
Rookes; custodian of keg on third
base, C, M. Kdwards. li look one
inning before ihc members ol t-'ie
fat men's club could control the n
resl stable desire io run to lhc lefl
in order to save lime in reaching lho
beer keg on Ihird base, and II was
seldom that the coacher could gel
one of lihe-m of? ihird base la gel a
home rim. li was a great victory
and lealher medals will he distributed as soon as ihey can be secured.
It would take the pen ol a Worth
to describe the unique beauty ol Hie
variegated costumes worn on the
field thai evening. Old Sni dropped
behind the Selkirks giving a tad
acknowledgement that the brilliancy
of his rays were outclassed. The
chipmunks and lhc gophers look to
the brush and a lonely raven that
was slowly wending ils way o'er
head east Its head downward and
wiih a shrill cry of fear darted
through the air for the limber fastness of Haker mountain, .lake Fink
wore n red shirt with the letters 11.
L. emblazoned thereon. No one
seemed to know whal they stood for
but the general Impression seemed lo
be that they were for something with
a meaning similar lo Hades, hul not
spelt the same II might also be
added that lie Imd on smne other
dollies. .1. H. Costigan, altlred in
pink striped pajamas white hat and
a serpahic sm le. displayed the
curvatures ol his embonpoint lo the
best advantage, \V, It Mortis,
executive representative ol Ute Queen.
bail a costume of his own design
that was as original as ii was unique and startling in effect. A loose
morning jackel of light color, black
bloomers thai had bloomed long ago,
dark  hose held aloft  by  pink  garters
was a good one and M was well
carried out. The day was all that
mul.I have luvn desired Irom early
nn.in to dewy ev*, and  in mn-   aud
all  it   was a happy      and   joyful o l a
The    wmk       ol     pulling     in      the
hydrant* on Baker streel i- now in
. ogress These will afford verj
good iuc protection if ihe business
men provide the apparatus. A mevt-
lt« fm ihat purpose should in- held
at an parly date, With the heat ol
tth- slimmer ibe danger from lin-|
ii,. reases and every precaution'
sbmild be taken.
Oeorge <
lean has put i
il coach  bel wee
1   S l,vil
li   lhe ictfi-
>h      Him",.
Hope is in cbaine ..( Mr
• drug store during ihe
Uce in the east.
Tlie list as
J, A
i siainl.s to-day,
ili.il loomed up like a wnrl '
mnl of a man's nose, Tlw In*
showed sinus nf early piety 11*.
ly t-n.a.srtl   in a mother goo.
Uial luinight inin greatei prominence llie rotundity ol lii*. t'lihlcimd
.uiinit-iiaiuT. Kiank Iiniiktn looked
like a cross between nn Italian bandit
ami a Swiss mountain guide. He
wore a waist that was blue un Mi.
north side, rrd on the .suutli siili- anil
slightly tight uu tlif inside, lhii'l.
panties served to Iniiij. inio relief
.he pink shocking on Ins right leg
and llie yellow one ou llis lelt. His
cap i\as uf llypsy paiicin aiid Slwasli
make. Al. Brown won* a sweeping
cap ol black, a dark shin draped a
la Chlnesej om- leather shoe, one
rubber bool and one rubber neck, to
which ivas altachod a sall'ly pad
which was never before worn iu
front. J. W, Smythe wore Alber-ia
panis, a sweater thai made liim
-S'wiial, Kootenay slippers and clean
socks. W. II. Ross, fin gel l ing for
once that, lie was a member ol the
legal profession, vvas attired in a
paradoxical disguise ol a uluic winged angel and was playing Charley
Edwards lot St. Poter, Jim Fisher,
wiih cliaractcrinlic modesty, wore a
plain white belt with wrought iron
buckle anil cast Iron nerve. Joe
l.aidlaw's eosluuie was a llreatll, that
is a pie dream, ami made liim the
cynosure ol all eyes. A while silk
garment, we will call it a waist (inn
il wasn't!, trunks of brilliant stripes
that resembled the ahbrevialcd costume uf a ballet girl, white Rtockiiigs
thai gave his No, It's .1 run lor
iheir money. A green In-il ami trio
colored ribbons that ltuiiinl gaily on
the wind protlucod a mcleorfe effect
in his periodical spurts tu third base
trom lbe 'in-lield. Tom Hookes wore
while which harmonl/cl wilh his
decisions, Lou Hoffman wore his
Fort Sleele chillies anil s.ii.l thai all
vests looked alike to him. while
Wall Tiirnliiill turned his suspenders
and parted his hair in lln* middle.
Cranbrook celebrated Dominion day
and lhc celebration wns a record
breaker Ior Kasl Koolelliy. The
people poured in here Irom every
Pari nl Ihe ilislrict. They came by
rail, by stage, by wagon, on cayuscs
and afoot. Fernie people crowded
lhe special . rain. Klku. Wardner,
Creslon joined Ihem. Fori Steele
was depopulated anil Mnyie Iniiied
out in full lorre. They lell lhe town
the mine, Ihe prospects, ami the
trails to join in lhe grand iollflcatlon
and when lhe .lav closed there was -Rocky Mountain Oil
but one sentiment and mn' expression  u„lli,,„„ B™,.i<
among lhe visitors anil thai  was tJSuH'.an Bonds   	
lhe effect that   Cranhrook was    all   Diamond Vain l.oal  	
right.       The   programme ol sports Breektnridge St Luui Coal
V.. T   Ill-Jill.
I'll   H   X   111:1.1,,
JAMES  llliKKIt,
11. T. ROOERS,
l.ll. IHJLES,
.1. li. MtillllliK.
W. F. Ollltl),
J, U. McCALl.U.11,
W. D. llll.l.,
0. E. REID,
W. 11. WILSON,
li. .1. McSWEYN,
Kurt Steele
0,  A. COCK,
A. 11. (IRACE,
ll. .1. JOHNSON,
11. WHITE,
.1. !•'. 11. PINKHAM,
D. J. ELMER, Moyie.
It. B. BENEDICT, Mayuu
K. J. SMYTH, Muyie,
Furt   Steele,
The provincial library In the Free
Reading Koom, Watts block, is free
to all and contains one hundred volumes, all new, on the following
topics, viz: Social science, natural
science, useful arts, literature, description and travel, fiction, juvenile
books, biography and history, by
some of the best authors of the day.
Any resident of Cranbrook or vicinity is entitled to the loan of these
books as long as such person complies with the rOles, having lirst
signed the agreement, which will be
presented by the librarian. Below
are a few of tlie rules to be complied
Books must be handled with care
and leaves must not be turned down
Two volumes may be drawn by each
reader and retained for two weeks.
The fine of five cents shall be paid
for each book kept over time, aud
no books shall be lent to any one
to whom books or au unpaid flue or
fines are charged.
A reader desiring a book not at the
time in the case may have it reserved for him for forty-eight hours after its return by giving notice to the
A reader returning a book, which
is not reserved may renew it (or
two weeks.
lu addition to this library the room
is supplied with the leading newspapers frum the Atlantic to the
I'acilic, also magazines and periodicals.
The room is nicely furnished and is
a comfortable pluce to spend your
spare moments, and Is not run by,
nor in the interest of any churcli,
party, or clique. Everybody welcome. Remember the place, second
floor, Watts block, over Mighton's
tobacco store. Baker street.
Crescent Loikie Nn. :.:i
Cranbrook, li. C.
Meets every Tuesdav at it p. m. at
New Fraternity  mil.
J. a. Arnold, Kits.
George Thompson, CC.
Vlsltlns   biethreu   cordially invited
to alteud.
Crinbronk Local Union 1241 ut the Uatlcd
Hrntlit 11 .1 uf Carpenter* Hnd Joiners
of America.
Meetings every Thursday evening al
I. 0. U. T. ball, over Halmore ltio.s.'
Visiting brethren cordially Invited
Edward Foote,
n OF. Key Cily tod*.
No, -12. Meets every
Monday night at
New Fraternity Hall. Sojourning Oddfellows eurdially  Invited
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
I'lios. T   MoVITTIE P, L  S.
•!«•i t t t •'•••.•••,• , 99
«_>   First-class Work by Exptri-   I
tnced   Hands. .?
f    Tlie Cranbrook Hotel    1
X __
i,   Facial Massai;( a Specialty   2
I T. E. SOUTH,  Prop'r. I
'\ ...... . ■*
..,.,.....,.,.,........... ^^^>
11. McKay.
N. G.  '
D. Billing
.miilir.iuk I ml,.. No. 3
A. F. I A. M.
Regular mttitiugs ou
tin iiuiii Thursday
u! every luuultt.
Ku.nist.ed by Beale St Elwell,
ers, Cranbrouk, B. C,
Western Oil & Cual 	
International Coat anil Coke .
Sullivan Group Mining Co	
Nicola Coal    Mines, Ltd	
North Star 	
Itainlilcr Cariboo 	
Gem Silver Lead 	
Canadian Smellers 	
Visiting Brett, en welcomed,
S. II. lli.skins
M. A. Ileal,*,
Vi. .M.
F.   0.   E.
Patmore    Hail   ever.
Meet     In
lluss Tale, W.  1
M. lllack, W. Se
ic ..
Visiting Imiilii'is cordially Invited.
Meet ul 11. ul L. r. Ilall 2ml   ami
lib Saturday each month.
Visiling brethren always welcome
T. lluyli-r, Jas, E. Lankan,
IV. M. Sec'y.
is now located in ils comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is iust up-to-
date and is modi'rnly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
branches ol the tonsorial art.
Barrister, Solicitor, Etc.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Il.iell Block Cranhrnnk, B.
1      C. H, DUNBAR       |
«   Barrister, Solicitor, Notary   «.
S Public, Etc. *
S   Cranbrook,     •     -    11. C.   J
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons .... ».30 to   11
Afternoons .... 1,30 to SMI
Evening. 7.30 to 8.30
CKANBROOK :i    ::    ::    ::    B. C
• to 12 a.m.
1 to I p.m.
7 lo   8 p.m.
Oflice and residence on Armstrong .vt
DR. F. li. MILES
• to U am.
1 to I p.m.
7 to   I » lu.
Oflice In new Reid block
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear lo Measure a Specialty
The Daintiest Yet
Our New Photo
Picture Framing a
Prest Photo Co |
Drink Home Beet
It Is Pure
It is Healthy
It i.s the Best
Ft. Steele Brew ing Co.
-*c Buy and Sell on  Cum-nission
VPANjTED:— Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendorf
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alta.
- ***' •!* *** *'*' *'.* ********* ***'*"*'
. .17
. .48
. .3
. .5
. .6
. .211
. .1
„ 00.00
.. .20
.    .80
| farm for Sale |
Siliiiit.'il t.n tin- Ku.ili-iiiiY
river, unu mil.' luun Mnyook,
L'onUihiiiiu Hill ucroB; IKInaroB
KJttuin Iiuul;
ultivatiuii: n
urn coltutfu,
ut' I'lltll'1 uut]
nil Iiuiii hn pi
50 ucros umli'i'
•w i'i room mmi-
Also -lo homl
Ivu uorst'8, wiili
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory
All kinds of finish work in
way of itoors, windows, tnin-
aniiiH. i'ii-. Kiln ilriiil lumbor
for insiili* wurk. (Inr work in
gunrniitced nml uur prices aro
BAliefuutory,    Screen   iloora
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Eor Sale
Por particulars apply
X    Samuel McLean. Mayook, B. C,
». A
The Cranbrook
Dye Works
Over Calgary Hutch.r Shnp
Oeo. II. Powell, Proprietor
For high class iiurk in dyeing,
denning, |ireuing. repairing and
French Dry Cleaning a Specialty
We dn nil lllllllll ul ladles' wurk THE CKANBROOK HKI.AI.n
Ur   Uc  Herald   Publishing Company,
C£_\ /<U~~-
Editor and Manager.
Tbe Herald ls worth $1U a year, li
costs uuly Vi. No man in Suuih
East Kijuii-tiay can afioid to lie without it, aud everyone living outside ui
the district, wlm Is Interested in tlit
piugtess of this section, should lead
it. it publishes Uh- news wink- it is
news. It is controlled absolutely by
ilie publishers. Nu clique, party o
individual dictates its policy. 1
dun't try to please tbe people. It':
desire is to publish a newspaper tlu
will be a credit to tbe community
■Smd in your subscription and yoi
will be thankful ever afterward.
Advertising rates Sl per Inch, pel
month, no more and no less.
Heading matter 15 cents per line
tu non-advertisers, 10 cents per line
tu regular advertisers.
II you desue to reach the peopli ..
Suvitii Bast Kootenay yen must ad
vertlse in Ttie Herald.
The Herald has a first-class Jot)
plant, .unl i's work is of tin- best,
Tin- Herald don't wanl charity. It
wants a square deal mi your Job
work. 11 we oan't suit you in quality ami price, kick, and send ymir
work io smne Cheap John liouse   in
Uie east that  ih'v.i   spends a   cent  In
1,000 ac Week
'111. la Uio gininu.lci'U
illation ol lho  'I
Press r nam] sulisorip.
lion liuin u|ieu tu Investigation I'V mlvertiBerfl   ill   any
Tlie Herald gives n dollar
in value fur a dollar In motl.
ev. The advertiser lias Uu*
right to know whal In' i"
receiving fur lii" money.
Tlie Herald i» one papo.
tlinl courts liivtiH.il inm imi.
The Herald will be found on
, sale st the following places:
>   arysville, Marysville Drug Slore
\ Wardner, (I Donahue's Sture
' Moyie, S. K. Harvie's Drug Slore
Ryan, K. P. linlay
lernie. Purdy's Hook Store
h'tko, Holbrookes Rook Store
Crinbruok,  Beattie  & Atchison's
snd C. I.. Keid & Co. s
w..i|m-U     tlh* sin!   irons nn ihv cable
lhe Victoria Week lias Jumped on
1.. ih.- Hon in    .if Alberta on    the
strength nf an Item in regard to 'he
bisfcop refusing tn allow 'lie v.. ini;
in.ii in have anything la dn with ihe.
Dominion militia thai «--s floating]
at iniiiil the papers a lew weeks an,u.
li is uow shown thai there was no
tntih whatevel in ihe statement, and
as th,- Week used ilu- Mem i,,i thc
purpose ol condemning Mt. Sitton's
immigrat'i.ui poliey, It is mnv in be
seen wliethei ll will In* lau enough
)<• make a correction.
Tin* Ledge ol Greenwood Is a vet)
readable paper.
\..\.t Scotia lus said like Uie resl
m   tlw    countrj i   bai    ihe   Liberal
poliej   was a .air and -"nud ..tie Ioi
lhe   i-.itlit l >.
A chronic iiesslmist is eithei cms.*!
wiili Ignorauce oi 1 IciuhI with lho
weighl   ..I  inlini n  nit-aiiness.
In ilie good old siimmei nine is lhe
pro|H'i hint' in build lhat gmeiu-
tiit'tn buHding
There should    always be a feeling1
ul in.i..Unites between towna ol the
if,  district,   and   llie  people ul  anv
luvn shoiW nm lei Uh mistakes ..i
..iie individual oi the meanness and
,u i,.n tj ni another make .mv dn-l \
ii-n-iiie between the good feeling llial
m>is Single Iiul iv [duals do nol
epresent  ihe sentiment of communi-
ICS   in   all  eases.
l.ei Cranbrook imw prepare lm the
big celebration mi Labor Hay.
inn hose boys had some hard luck
this week, bul  the) stand yel as the
iasi.-M   team in tlh- dislriel.
Craubrook is ihe biggest town uf
:;.i size m British Columbia.
A man dues nnl requite a license
in British Culumhia to make an ass
»f himself.
Sunlit      Kasl   Knulenay is lhe   best
districl   hi nil ut ilu- province,    and
llieie   ale   a   Inl   of   lop   nolcJit-is       m
Hritlsli Columbia.
I.ei everybody boost for his lowu
and district.
Tins is Dn- way lhc Hl;iiiiuoie
Times sizes turn up:
Hot aii llawlhornthwntle, the
socialist leader iii B. 0., will
visit the I'ass soon. This is Uie
gent Ionian who saitl unions were <(
lane anil union  men a failure.
Winnipeg voted to have Sunday
streel ears, The sireel ear in the
large city is lhe i i mnn's courage,
Di. Uowo is afraid Mlnifitci
Green's reputation will be ruined,
Tlie man who is pessimistic on the
conditions in Canada is simply p liar
working ovei time.
The lumber industry ot British Columbia is attracting the at lentil f
the  world.
When you find a rascal io oflice,
nail lum. lie is ati extra and un
necessary burden upon the tax paying
The columns of praise appearing in
the Conservative papers published
along lli** nail of Comrade Haw-
Mi-ornt'liwaite's journey, ol that
gentleman's explanations ot various
acts of the McBride government, demonstrate the fact that Mr. Ilaw-
tiioinihwaile is fulfilling a mission on
lliis earth.
The Thaw-White murder case in
New Vork city is evidence of the
fact that society people are leading
the pace these days, and thai free
love seems io lie a commendable attribute of lbe votaries of fashion.
Murderer Thaw's defence will be
insanity. The plea should be a good
one for a man who gave a $50,000
dinner to 20 stage beauties m Parts
not  long ago.
"After visiting other towns it does
me good tn get back to Cranhrook."
This was a remark of a Cranlirook
citizen this Week mi his return home,
awl is a sentiment cherished by all.
of our people. j
There is no use of thinking that we
have )iad Imt weather in Cranbrook,
In Portland, Oregon, lasl Wednesday
it was 105 in the shade, and in Ta
coui^ the heat was su intense that it
British Columbia is Canada's largest province,
Urltlsh    Columbia is 100x700 miles
British Columbia is equal to ill
Su ii/.er lauds.
British Columbia has produced 100
millions in gold.
British Columbia's gold yield, 1005,
53 millions,
British Columbia's fishery ytold,
Miu,"., 5J  millions.
uf this, (j millions in salmon; 1,
MIT,Hill cases packed in In canneries
British Columbia's Alpine region;
cover 2011,000  square miles.
Swiss Alps cover only 10,000 BMliiri
British Columbia has 7,000 mile
nl coast line—equal to lhc distant'.
across Canada and hack again.
Canada is larger than the I'. S. hv
SO,000 square miles.
Canada extends over 'JO degrees   of
laliliule-fmni Koine to North Pot
as  large as  30     United
Canada   is -ns    large   as    18 dor-
manys, 20 Spains, 3.1 llalys.
Canada   is  larger    tilinn  Australia
twice ihe size of ilriii.sh India.
Canada     lias   a boundary    line   of
-i.Oiid miles between the U, S,
Canada's sea coast  equals half   Hit
earth's cl ten inference.
Canada is   3,500    miles     wide anl
1,11(0 from norlli to soulh.
King   Edward,     President   Roosevelt,
Emperor William and the
Czar of Russia
All have tnuililt-s of their own, hul  never overlook un opporlunity to
lighten the burdens of life.   That Is why thev
Conceded to be one of the best  made to-day, if not absolutely the best
The Walkover has Style
The Walkover has Beauty
The Walkover has the Material
'I'he Walkover has the Wearing Qualities
'I'he Walkover sells at a Reasonable Price
Department has been moved to
Armstrong Avenue.
We carry a stock that will meet
every demand.
Greatest Store
Portland, Ore., .July 3.—Not since
the memorable -luly i'i, IBIIJ, when
ihe thermometer set ibe summei record in Portland nf HU degrees, lias
Ihis cily suffered from ilu- heat as it
lias today, when Uie mercury, according io the govornmenl weather bureau, al 5 o'clock, reached 101 degrees, The Intense heat of the day
before continued well along into the
night, and wilhoul giving the heated!
buildings and pavements a chance toi
cool today broke cloudless and well
before noon the heat became Insuffer-J
able. Kiiily iu the altcilioon the
street tiierniomters indicated 100
degrees and by 1 o'clock lhe tern-1
peratuie vvas easily Ula degrees in
the business section of t-he city. The
usual holiday trade was perceptibly
less than in previous years, every
person who could avoid or postpone
it refraining frnm all transactions
ni     business. The     government
weather official predicts cooler
weal her for to-mormw, and by 7
o'clock Ihe sky had begun to cloud
up. t hough t he hca t con t limed oppressive ' until late to-night. No
prostrations were reported Unlay,
though several fainted from the heat
and 1 man dldrt frnm drinking loo
much ice water,
Till'  5n1l1l.nl   nl   words  ill   tongue    ill*
Thli    sll.tdl'Sl    Hit-    ll    llliglll    llllll-    WHS.
Oranhrdok 111111 well represented al
ilu* miii day celebration at Moyie and
llm two ilny celebration at Feinie
.mil in every case ma»lc good. Tliu
largest croud went lo Moyie as lln*
Irains were arranged sn iiiui ttliey
11111I1I easily spend tlie day Hide. Bin
in llie cist* nf Fcrnie im specials were
inn mil in consequence Hie niiiiul-
niicc from here wns limited. Both
towns pul up a line programme and
in Imiii places lhe people were well
pleased. Tin* Cranbrook hose team
wits entered at Moylo and Pernio.
The race nl Moyie resulted in a "its-
uii'il.-istiiiidiiig iiiiii is in lie deplored,
iiiiiii* ni Ferine ilu* ra,-*- was Insi liiiin accident, as lhc hose wus caught
111 llu* i.iii nl tlie hydrant and BlOJl-
111.1 Hn* iun Tlie .Mnyie Irani made
ilu- run in '11 seconds*, and alter ward,
in nliliiic ilu* people, Cranbrook made
an exhibition run in -7 si nils, lull
mi uii in Hu- fluke Insi ilu- raco, Tho
Crnnbrook lacrosse loam played the
Frank ifiini al Pernio and won liv a
sinir nl 7 lo 1. The oilier sports
ai Ferine were n!tractive anil although th*.* heal was intense, were
carried oil I in nin.il shape and wllh
it,-ilu iii Hie committee.
oil so
(ai* as ihi< Moyie team
was cniicerneil ami refused tn run.
That sellli'il the iun' in I'l'iiiibrimli s
favor aii'l linn fiilliiwi-il ii lim* nl
arguments llinl would have made lln*
speakers, in ihe.llimiinhin pnrltamrnl
Imiii like thirty eenls.     lint  whal  is
ilu- us,.'    'I'ln. less said nl 1    such
iiiiiitiTs sometimes ilu- heller ii is
tui all concerned, lln- Herald wants
in sav nm* tiling, however, and tli.it
is iii.it iin- greal niiijiiril) nl tin*
people in Movie believed thai tiie
siiiiul tiilirn IA* tin* Cranhrook loam
was .Mil and said so, Tt
ul llie Movie     team I'iinii' i
I ik's nun.nn and apologized Iiiu* n
gentleman   and stated thai liis   nets
li.nl been hawed upon -n luisapprehen-
i, 1 tin* true (nets.     Lntcr     lo
ill.rn llial lin-i- wen. righl  ih,* Moylo
main nui mn ami lllalll. nn exhibition
iun. an.l uiili ni * um exceptions,
good feeling prevailed
I.   luu    mid   i *ace—1st, Tom
Hnlli.ii. tin; Sini, li. A. Ayres.
1.   Siu*i,    rail— I-i. n.    ... Ayres,
s.l; 2nd, Fred Ebv. W.
.'1.   Fni man's race, over 2ilu pounds
-I'lins, Yeandle, 15.
I.   I'ulalii rail—11. A. Aires, $!
D,   Broad  |.unn—1st, P.  A,   u
$»; 2nd, Inl   Lalonnc, .2.
ii.   Fulling shut,    11   pounds—
M. Mclleriuld.    15; 2nd. Will Ilini
11. Hiivs' potato nu*,', in years
ninl ovcr-lst, llnsscll Hawke; 2nd,
A ninn* Lutner.
I.v lluis* pnintti raco, under 11)
vcars-lsi, Frank Concll; 2nd, Mil-
l.ml Nelson.
in. liirls' pnlalo raee. .1st, I.iill
Conrad; 2nd, Christina Blackburn.
17. Three legged race, over in
years—1st, Arllim* Lutner and Finn'**
Fernglia; 2nd, Siduev Elmer and
William Altwood.
IS.   Three    legged race, under    111
vfi,is— 1 si. Patrick Gorman ami Jai
Turner;  2ml,  Frank  .Mueller anil Wel-
linglon Hr'.'iilun.
2li. liirls' ball throwing—1st.
Edilh Hawke; 2nd, Dorothea Black
21. Kicking fnnlliivll-lst, Arllim
Lutner; 2ml. Frank Frank Feroglin.
In lhc fnur consolation races, 18
additional Inns nml girls received
;.ii/..s. in boys and 8 girls.
Tlm eommil.ee    were assisted
milium: In* John     Daly. .Iuiui Kay
Richard Trevor     and Rev.    George
uf   war—Norlli
rolling      is
. nn.
Aboui Iiiii people wcii'l lo Movie nn
Umi lm in 1-i'li'inaic Dominion ilnv,!
accompanied In* Hie bund. Two cms'
were ahlnehed  to  lhc regular   train
ml the crowd returned in lhc oven-'
.Smith, .21
in.   Wall
Slllilll. tin 	
11. Hunl   rncc-lst.  Kuril,*!,,
2ml.   I l.i I nlm. -ill.   .fi
12. linuk drilling conical—1st,
• liiiin Sullivan ami .lerrj Drlscoll,
2'l Indies; 2nd. I'i-Ii- Besovl nml
.lames PezzelM, 2n]  Inches
13. Nliiiuiiiii: mni.'sl - Cainpliell
.*ii|i nml V2U      I'riiiiliinul, nun
I    Boy's     riii*i-.     undei     Hl-lsl,
Arlli.ii i.u.ii... 2nd, Si.lm*! Elmer.
Iini's race, umlei   12-M,  Uus.*
Wallace, Idaho, Julyy 3,—The gold
ilrllic nl tin* PHiil Mine at Murray
lum proved a bonanza. C. II. Craven,
cashier uf Iht- Murray haul,*, said over
Hi,* telephone lhat lhe strike mad.
iinlay eclipses all previous strikes in
Hit- northwest,
Tile uie body struck a few davs
agu has been opened inn fi-oi aiid
grows richer with each shot.
ii I'. Munn. assayer frnm the Hoi
den Reward, assayed a sample of tel-
lliruli* in niiiiii an two gold was vlsil,in. bin   il   wenl   I27IIII lo the inn.
"Tl I' will nin from l-luilil up,'
said Mr. Craven, "Mueh of il ap
pears Iiiu- almost  solid gold."
i special     Tin- spoils weic I sell liiiwl.1', 2nd,' En
All trade licenses expire on .luly
I'.iii, and musl be renewed liy lhat
C. II   Prest,
City Clerk.
ill    carried nut   imd the programim.I   :)    Boy's race, under 8—1st, Flank
wus   a Inns    i*ir        Thf   Fwo Wig Mueller; 2nd, .lolm Blackburn,
events ol Hm dm* were Hm hose reel I    '■   ''iris race, under 111—1st,   Lil
race    mil    the  drilling contest, Iml. ''"" Conrad; 2nd, Annie Sai'lile.
more   excilenieni     was armisivl over    "'   Oirl's race, itndei  12—1st, Vera
Hm reel race.     Cranbrook made the. Brown. 2ml. Vlolel Shaw
liisl  inn. and     tin* time irivm    was    "■   Hill's race,   under «— M, Tan
2s 1--.    seconds,   hul as   .here   was nnr Edwards; 2nd. Lizzie Savllle.
u-niilili' .villi Hie   welches of iwn nt     '■   Bins' egg race— 1st, Sidney El
ilm     timekeepers   some   controversy oier; 2ml   Earl Shaw
arose.     Thin il  wa.s decided |„   let     '.   0iris'     oca;     raee—Ist,    Innl.
Cranbrook run again and Imve Movie Brown; 2nd, Lillie Conrad,
nuke f'-n runs,   and each loam     in    !l   Skipping   conlesl   girls in vis
Inke    ih-ir   besl lime.    This    was nr    over—1st,     Duroih-a Rlnokburn;
flnallv    c-iven    up      as     Cranhrook  2nd   Chiisiina Blackburn,
thought it would he onlv fair io let:   '"■  Skipping   conlesl,   girls undei
lhe lime stand, and as the time was Bl—Tnnnar   Edwards and Louise El-
taken In- a Movie man. there   could ""'i'     A draw, money equally divid
be ni iiiiesliun on Ihal.     This   was ed, .1 each,
agreed lo unit the Movie team go. in " Boy's sack raee—1st," .lames
harness rea lv for the' raee. A iljf. Turner: 2nd. Frank Edwards,
ferent wr.-neh tor the hydrant wai*. 12. Needle and thread race. 1(1 vrs.
hroinrlil out hv the Movie team lor and over—1st, Earl Sln*a and Chris-
use in tlieir run and this vvas oh- I inn Blackburn; 2iwi, Aim tin Btllgel
iecteil to bv Cranlirook, as it was and Doroihcn Blackburn,
claimed tlinl holh teams should use IT Needle ami thread race, under
llie same hydrant wrench. The rap- 1" years—isit, .lames Turner anil
tain nf llie Moyie ti-am could not Christina Blackburn; 2nd, Frank Con-
see il that    way, and declared    the lad and Ethel Brenton.
Tlie Canadian Paeilie have place
on sale' al all Koolcnay points
. series ol luw rate excursion licktii
in various eastern points. The foi
lowing lilies apply from Rossland
Trail, Nelson and common points t
New Haven, Conn., acconnl meeting
Knights uf Columbus $88.00, selling
dales Mav 21. 211 and 211.
Winnipeg,   Pmi   Arthur,   Fort    William. Iiniuiii. ki. Paul. Minneapolis
HS2.50;  alia. $55.(1!.;  Kansas Cilv
$58.25; si. Louis, $00.00;*Chicago
tfll.Ofl. (In sale .lime i, (I, 7. 211.
25; -Inly 2. 3; Augusl. 7. 8, II; Sept.
s, III. (in same dales through cx«
i-iirsiiin fairs will he qllo-led to al
points in Ontario, Quebec, Maritime
Provinces, New York nnd New Eng
Imd. Tickets are flrst-olass, bear
nu days limit for return and are sub-
Jecl to usual Variations of route, are
also uo,til in one oi* both directions
via lhe Oreat Lakes, including meals
ami births on lake steamers, Detailed iiitniiiiiition nn application.
J. S. Carter, D.P.A.,
8 Nelson, B. C
Lasl Friday uiglii Engineer Elmer
Miller was fuming wesl wilh a
freight and Fireman Williams was
looking after tlm sinking. There
was a nice! schedule at Sparwnod
hut Miller's train tailed to stop
there and a short ways beyong fireman Williams saw llie hoanllighl ol
an engine ahead, ami realized llial
smoothing musl lie ihe matter, For-
Innately ii was nn a straight piece
ol track and the east bound train's
engineer saw the other train in time
to slop. When Williams saw     Hie
oiher headlight he jumped acrus* ilm
call to the engineer's side and saw
lhat Miller was hanging out of the
window    helpless. With     greal
prompl ness he grabbed llie throttle
and slopped lhc I rain in lime In
avoid piling inlo the other engine,
au act for Which he deserves grcal
praise as he is a new man and Would
have lieen excusable if he had been
rallied under lln* circumstances. As
soon as Hie train was stopped Millei
was taken mil and placed in lhe
caboose and laken bnek to the hospital at Mieh'l. His head was
crushed in fronl and il was evident
ihal while looking mil ol lhe cab
window lie must have been slruek I
some object, presumably in the In id
beyond Michel, hul this is nut v
known. The condition nl Miller ii*
verv serious and Dr. King was tei
graphed for mul he wenl lo Michel
Saliirdiiv, remaining Willi Millei
until Monday. (>n Tuesday Hm un
foltiiuate victim of the accident was
tiiuwglit down in Cranhrook mid
Placed iu Hm Sl. Eugene hospital
From the lime ihal h'' was Injured
unlil Ibis afternoon, Miller has lieen
virtually unconscious, 1ml to-day he
is rallying and Incoming rational.
Tliere is every hope of liis iillinialt*
recovery but still his condition is
verv serious al Ihis time.
The grand ludge sessinn of lhc A.
F. .V A. M. elected lhe following ol-
ficers at Vieloria:
(irand Master—,1. 11. Schoflold
Demilv Grand Master—F, Bowser,
ot Vancouver.
Senior Grand Warden—N. II llieh.
of Latlner
Grand Chaplain—II. (I F. Clinton,
of Vaueouver.
Grand Treasurer—II. 11. Walson,
of Vancouver.
Grand Sccrolary—R. E. Brell, ol
Grand Tyler-A, Golliaitl, ol Van
\ li.i.l*: Iin MIH lit TB M'l*'
un Thursday, .li  .1st, a meeting
n-as called in Chonettc's lmil nl <
li m lm* Hm purpose nl organizing a
board ol trade. There was a largn
number in attendance, comprising
Marysville citizens, nml numerous
ranchers nml prosneclors nl ihe nearby dislriel.
li. K. Beattie, president ul ihe
Crnnbrook Imard nt trade, was pies
ml and delivered a stirring address,
pointing nut lhe gnnil wurk an earnest an.l Inud working board of Iradr,
ii mu town, vviild dn towards ilm
advancement nl our dislriel ami co-
operallng .villi llu* Associated Boards
uf Trade, would he a factor in thc
lii-iii-rineiii ul .mr section nf Hm
M. II. McMahon was elected in a.i
as chairman ol Hie meeting, with I,.
('. Hisiiuji as secretary.
The eleclion nf ouleors resullcd us
President—,1. F. HuchcroR.
Firsl Yicc-1'resiili-nl-M, II. Mc
Second Vlce-Prcsldenl—A. I'
Secrelarv-lrfiisiirei—I,.  C,   llishmi,
Kxeeillivt—,1. f I'riiicl.-. A Mil.
Fletcher, E. C, Wilson, E. .1 i'lni
mn aiid r   Allan
Mueh en Uuu asm was demonstrated
al Hie nmeling which iiuccis well I'm
Hm permanent success ol the Marysville board nl trade,
Phoenix     Ploneei -When   Hie   grnlll
lodge uf I   ii   (i   F    lm I !■'   E
Simpson, nf lhe Cranbrook Herald,
In eleellng luui ns grand m.is*t,*i nf
Hus jurisdiction im* Die ensuing year,
ii alsu paid ,, rnmpllmriil in ilm
newspnnor   profession     \li   Simpson
being in Hm   lumi i,ml, ,n *     Hm
"il.lr.lim. nf It,...-.I, Onlnmbln      Hi
tin nn    liil.in.     Ill     Sunn mi   coil
In s tu Issue one nl Hu* In i      if
mil   llm li'fsl.  weeklies in  Ibis    pro.
il"'.-. and  Hie slrongcsl  en,In, I
ihis is ni,< iiiu.iai patronage lm Is
CMnrinnll) accorded ,n l.i*. hunio
Inivn Tlm II,mil I is worth more
lu Crnnbrook in d.iv Ilmn Hi* tn'-gonl
ineii-iiiiiile concern in it. llinl dniiltl
less has lm limes the limnc) nn-.i
isl Hint  Im bus.
Snndpolnl,     Idaho, .1t.lv    10.—The
Spoki   International  is imw   Inn,I
liim fnur i iniiues un ils line lielween
Bonners Ferry mnl lhe <'iui.nl an line
(I I Ihese is used fnr bringing sleel
in lhc front. Passengers mul freight
ue being nffomnindntcd in a small
way, nn.l il is expected thai regular
selmdiiles will he ndnnltil as Inr us
the Fern*. The actual running nf
Irains will nol Inke elfeel. however,
niiiil the trains run mil ul Sandnolnl
Tracklayers are now in lhe snbwn.
near Moravia, where lhe Spokane International railroad will pass under
Hie Greal Northern tracks, The track
will reach here ahout August 111. THE   CRANBROOK   HERALD
cms  pri   du
A large shipment of the famous Williams Boys'
bhoes just in and opened up. Boys arc
hard  on  their  shoes.    Buy   the    best    at
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
For Warm
Montserr.it Lime Juice, quarts, $1.00
Lemon Squash in Decanters . .50
Raspberry Vinegar .       .   .65
Tokay Wine, unlermenled . .50
Koyal Mint Saute .        .    .25
Jell o Ice Cream Powder ,    .25
Lacli package makes two i|uarts delicious ice cream.
Cool Footwear
Ladies' Lace Hose
Ladies' Canvas Shoes
den's Cotton Hose
Men's Cashmere Hose
Men's Canvas Oxfords
nen's Canvas Bluchers
•ise, C..c, 75c
Si.S<>. SJ.75
.   .40
G. T. Rogers
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 44******************1**
Just   What   You   Need
Just   Now
or Health Salts
It will give  renewed life, clear
head, better appetite
Druggists, Stationers
Phone 74. Dispensing Is onr specialty
miwwr men Dress Ulcll      :
Vmi will liiul IiiiiI limy luiy their Hollies I'r	
us.    1! ynu wuul Knrnu'iits llml uhi exprebBivo
ul nil   Hull's   sniiiil    in    I'.inl 1.    M:,l.-rial.
Tailor ing uml   lit.  wn hnvo them ull
IttcSlVCytl, tje Ceadlnfl Cailor
** ji THE ji j*
The most comfortable house and the best
table In the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. I lolford, Cranbrook
Cigar Store
Pipes and
S.J. Mighton
HliNjd oranges, sixty
ai Stewart's.
Alva   Hamilton,  <d  ttvrlifle.   WU  a
Cranbrooi. vtattor Tway,
1' llamiM returned Saturday last
(nun a mp to Spokane
Ron Itounds »*» uj) f 1.mt Wardnet
Sunday and Monday.
H H McVittte lift fm Yahk Wed
neaday morning with a surveying
Mrs V C Malpas and tflss Jel-
fait-s an- spending .1 i.-u weeks a'
"Bob" Lowry came in Imm Port
Steele Junction to spend tiie in*-' .n
Wanted—Plve girls loi steam Uuu
dry.    Apply at laundrj
ltlaii.i* .\   Small.
Milton Corey, son ,
Corey, i>f Medicine Ilai
friends in Crnnbrook
.1   ti'li-phnjif
Dining room giil wanted.
Canadian hotel.
A iv Cbmetta (aim- dawn Irom
\l.uvs\iiie Tueadny evening
Chas, Finch, oi MarysvHIe, was .1
Cranbrook visitor Wednesday,
.lames Kyan ami Victor RoIKm
returned Iiom the roast to-day.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm O'Hearn spept
several days in tVime tin' past week.
Dr, I. V Hishop was down Irom
Marysville Wednesday evening.
Mrs. (i Erlckson ami haugbters aru
sojourning ai Sirdar during the hoi
u earlier.
Marysville,   June 8Tth
and Mis w  s  Ward, ,
1906, to Mi
s. m
.I Conductoi
is   lisilni.'
James Ryan's rrsldence has been
really Improved hy a eoal of paint.
V. Hyde Baker spent the holidays
ill Nelson.
Choice peaeln-s and plums at Stewart's lo-day.
li W. Hucklc, ol Fori Steele, was
in town yesterday.
M. B. King spent Sunday in Nelson
wnh his family.
T T. McVittie, nl Porl Steele, is
in 1 own to-day.
Miss Cunningham, ol Nelson, is the
guesl ol Mis. o. T   Rogers.
J, K Huohcrolt, of MarysWIle,
spenl several davs in Cranbrook this
Di V ti Miles spenl several days
ih.* last week visiting relatives al
Kalispcl, Montana.
t'olim Leilch returned home trom
Cal^arj lasi week where lie has been
u lending school,
ii li Staples, wife, son and
laughter, of Stillwater, Minn., are
u  lite Crnnbrook hotel.
Homer Hand leM to-dav for a
vlsil     with friends   in   the l.ardeau
Mi-* 1. It VanDecar returned from
n.m 11 lasi Friday verv mueh Improved   in  health.
Mrs Joseph Stephens ami two
tnl,it,-ii, ,if Morrissey, passed through
ilie eity to-day foi Moyie, where they
will visit friends,
■ lirlin Cboldllch, chief clerk at tbe
iwnsHe office, speflt his holidays in
rKnii     nnil   had   a      mosl   enjoyable
nne wiih old friends.
s   .1     Morrow came    down    from
MarysvHIe lasi   Friday  lo spend    n
mple of davs with visitors from the
Lost—A  watch charm made from
Knglisli sovereign (uncrowned Kine);
return tn    Herald   office and receive
*: reward.
C S McFarlane, who has heen
assisting It. Campbell A Co., in their
Movie stoic the past three weeks,
arrived In Crnnbrook to-day.
Chiel Dispatcher Hat-ton ami family
:ne spending a few days ;ii sirdar
ilns week, W, R. Cllne is aottng
chief during Mr. nation's absence,
Contractor Olson is making good
headway wilh his difficult task of
enlarging Uw Mnyie tunnel which is
being done without Interfering with
he regular traffic of lhe trains.
Dr. Sawyer, the veterinary, formerly of this town, hut for tne past
few years of Cowley, Alberta, has
returned lo Cranhrook and will
probably make this place his perma-
m nt homo.
The new steamer on Kootenay
lake, the Kooskttnook, will g>o into
commission ns soon as she passes
inspection. The steamer has made
several I rial trips and is giving
every satisfaction.
Mrs. John Hutchison and son
Bruce have gone to Nelson to spend
a month or six weeks wiih her sister, Mrs. A. W. McVittie, who is occupying a cottage in one of the most
attractive locations on Kootenay
W. S, McDonald and O. C, Hanson,
of the C, P. R. bridge and building
depart ment, started for Dunmore
Junction Saturday last on a trip ol
Inspection of the Crow, returning
Wednesday, They made the entire
journey on a motor car.
('has Oasklll the rustling manager -if the Kiraberle) Milium and Man
1 tfa»-t ui lug compan), waa In town
Monday evening,
.1 ll Doyle came down fiom Kimberley .Mondav I" meet lus two
little daughters, who have been at
tending school In Plnehei Creek,
About twenty-live <»i tbe employee*
ol iin* staples Lumbei uompaii)
came lo lown on Monday muruing
and went to Moyie to en|oj tbe
Mr. and Mrs. A K. Rutledgc, nl
Fort William, Out., who have been
Visiting al lhe homes ol J. ti. McNabb alld S, .1. Mmi,,;. lhe past
week left Tuesday lor lbe roast.
.1. (i. Tayloi, (orinerly superintendent of the ('row, is now a superintendent ol the western division
under (ieneral Superintendent Hmy,
with headquarters at  Brandon,
P. Kelsall returned Wednesday from
a visit to Saskatoon and tbe sur-
rounding country. -Mr. Kelsall says
that tlu- crops are 'looking line 111
that locality and Indications puinl lo
a mueh larger yield than las'i  year,
Mrs, Ambrose Staples and children
returned Wednesday morning alter a
pleasant visit at iheir old home in
Stillwater, Minnesota. Mr. staples
came down from Wycllfft. to meet
John McLean, one of the besl
natural Scotchmen this far west,
was up from Jalfray several day
this week, communing with his genial
friend and iVIlow-coiiiitiyiuan, i'lio
Regular public preaching setvle
will be held in the Methodist churcli
nexl Sundav as usual, Rev. J, P
Westman, the pastor, being It.
charge. Evening subjcot, "CluTstlad
Conduct in Everyday Life." All are
E. II. Small this week renewed ilu
lease of the Cosmopolitan hotel fur
another term of five years. Mr.
Small is one of the best hotel keepers in the Kootenays and his fttith in
the future of Cranhrook is unlimited.
Mrs. James Steward ami two
daughters arrived from Winnipeg
Wednesday morning to join Mr.
Steward, who is chief tie Inspector of
the Crow. Tbvv have leased the .1
S. Brake home in the west part of
town and will take up their residence there at once.
!>. V. Ryan, of Wyclifie, was
brought to town Sunday afternoon
very much out of sorts. Mr. Ryan
look siek Friday lasl and gradually
grew worse until Sttiday when . ins
condition became serious, when 11
was decided lo bring hint to town.
Tn-day he is much Improved and iu a
short "time will lie out ot danger.
Monday (Dominion Day) was generally observed throughout iht* city.
Many ol the eiti/.eiis wenl to Moyiu
foi tlhi day, while those who remain*
ed in lbe city enjoyed the daj by a
drive in the city and various othei
amusements, A large number went
Perry Creek and out ol town
On Sundav next, June Sth, the
Rev. li. 0, Plcnnes-CI iu ton, ol St.
.lames' church, Vancouver, will l-a-su
the services at Christ church, Craiibrook. Mr, Clinton is well known
is a most /va-lous .servant of God,
.nd a Powerful preacher. The rector
d Christ church     will take the ser-
Ices at  Fernie .011 Sunday.
On Monday afternoon as 'ue east
bound passenger eame down lire hill
about two miles west ol town a
bunch of P. Burns & Co.'s sheep disputed lhe right-of-way, and although Engineer McGoldric wasted
several pounds of sleam iu a vain
indcavor to frighten ihem ihev refused to abdicate, and as a result sev-
mlceii sheep were reduced lo million
•hops in record breaking lime.
Loyal Orange Lodge, No. IMI, are
making arrangements to celebrate thc
Ulh of July iu a belli ling manner
and are leaving nothing undone lo
contribute to the enjoyment ni those
partiiipaliiig This Iddp is rapidly
increasing in membership and the
members are most enb'iuslnstic in
the work of the order. Everyone is
cordially Invited to join with them in
their celebration on the 13th.
i).ie death occurred Saturday evening last at the St. Eugene hospital
of Walter, tlie little IIvkj months old
son of Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Hall. The
little one had been ill for tlie pasl
two weeks and on the above dale
death conquered. The funeral took
place Sunday afternoon from Utility's
undertaking parlors. Mr. and Mrs.
Hall bave the sympathy of ,\ large
circle ol friend's In their sad be-
Duncan Pusher, ol Aniigimisb,
Nova Scotia, who has been visit ing
bis son George several months, left
for his old home Wednesday after
noon. While Mr. Pusbeo was much
taken with the climate and surroundings of Easl Kootenay, it was too
far removed from the "Herring
Belt" for him to become acclimatised and he returned to the country
where the "Fish Eater" floinisheth
and butter-milk is a drug mt tlw
"Bobby" Aikms, who for the past
four years has been the chief factotum in the G. T, Rogers grocery
emporium, leaves Sunday next for an
extended visit at his old home in
Brockvllle Ont.. and other eastern
points. "Bohbv" is one of the best
and most obliging clerks who ever
stood behind a counter and during
bis stay in Cranhrook Ims made a
friend of everv person who hns ever
came in contact wilh him in a business way and ail win loin in wishing
! him ttie'good time that he is entitled
I to on his well earned vacation.
Miss   Belle    MiKtii/ie   wenl   to Sii-
dai Tuesdav tm a few weeks recreation,
Miss Elbe! McKay, ,,f the Cranbrook |M»st office, enjoyed a lew
days recreation ai  Fernie ihis week
Mis. .) T. Bnrkett and little
daugbtci were up Irom Sparwood
Tuesday.       , ^
Mr.   and   Mis    .1    E    Cathcait     ie
turned [nun theii eastern visit Saturday lust.
Wonted—Contractors    to cut    and
diaw  logs.      Address Big Bend  Lum
ber Co., Arrowhead, B. C,        l3-3t
Mrs 11 IV McMillan ietume.1 to
her home in Cowley Saturday last,
.lltn a pleasant visit wnh Craubrook friends.
Governor Hanson, of Wasa, was in
town Saturdnv last looking aftei improvements to his Cranbrook properly.
Mrs. W. E, Nobles, Miss Stamp
and Miss Mansfield expect tn leave iu
ahoul a week for a month's outing
at the coast.
IX, Benedict, manager of the Mayook Lumber company, was transacting business in Cranbiook the first
of the week.
Rev. Good Acid will deliver one of
liis popular    lectures at  the Baptist
hurel) on Mondav evening, July
llth,    Subject, "Joan Bull."      Ad-
nission, 50 cents.
C. A. Foote, of Moyie, who was
iperaled on last week for append!-
■His, is gelling :ll:ng n-.erly -ml will
lie out, of the hospital wiihin a few-
Mrs. M. McCarthy ami children
were up from Macleod the past week
visiting with Mr. McCarthy who has
charge of the steam shovel, working
near  Cranbrook.
DENNIS     HROWN-Waitlng     you
anxiously. Write or wire care Win.
Copley, General Delivery, Post Office,
Toronto Junction, Ont.—Harold
Brown. 2-3t*
Sim. Pringle, sou nt Mr. and Mrs.
J, F. Pringle, ol Marysville, who
lias been in St. Kugene hospital the
past ten days, is slowly improving
and is now thought lo be out of danger.
Oeorge Got die, of the government
office, is sensible. Ile carries an
umbrella these hot days and thus
secures protection for himself.
Bert Ross, of Sirdar, was in town
several days last week.
Charles Sieley who lived at
Marysville in the early days of that
town, hut is now a resident ol Spokane, was in town a few days last-
week shaking bands wilh his many
friends here.
Fred Brown, who has been with the
East Kootenay Lumber company
just four years last Saturday, and
was looked upon as one of the besl
eooks in the district, has resigned
and gone to Manitoba, where he will
take up work with an old friend on
ihe Grand Trunk Paeilie const ruction.
A. Price, C. P. It. superintendent
d transportation, with headquarters
.ii Winnipeg, arrived in Craubrook
with his special car Mimiedosa, Wednesday morning, and after looking
after matters in his department relumed east that, afternoon. He was
accompanied by Messrs. Grant Hall
and G. II. Eaton, ol the meeban cal
Kdward Little, one of the most,
poptrlar and successful men in the
Cranhrook district, leaves to-day for
High River, Alta., where he intends
to make his home in future. Mr.
Little has purchased a quantity of
land in that locality and is a-t presenl busily engaged in stocking the
same and in the near future expects
to have one of the best ranches in
200 Mammoth Imperial Pekin
Ducks, bred from stock scoring ihi
and 98 points. Drakes, $2.50; ducks,
$2.00 trios, $5.00. Orders promptly
filled. Mrs. W. F. Dolan, three
miles west of Cranbiook, H-it*
D. A. McDonald, the popular proprietor of lhe Manitoba hotel, leaves
to-morrow for Rochester, Minn,, to
consult with si>eeialists there in regard to the stomach trouble with
which he has lieen troubled the past
two years, Dan's many friends iu
this locality hope be will be successful in his searo.i (or health and that
he will .soon return to Cranbrook a
well man.
Yesterday was tbe ''Fourth of
July" hut that versatile and pati' O-
lie English-American ol Wardner,
George Wales, failed to put iu an
appearance at Cranbrook for his annual celebration in commemoration of
Independence Day." George's
Craubrook friends are worried for
f\ar some accident has happened him
or that he is contemplat ng sonic
such serious move as matrimony in
lhe near future.
Vancouver World:—Among the
guests at the Metropole is Mr. William P. Tate, of Cranbrook. Mr.
Tate s the senior member of the firm
of Vi. V. Tate & Son, jewelers,
Cranbrook. He is the official watch
inspector for that .s-eetion for the
C. P. R. Mr. Tate is also a member of the Cranhrook 100 club. Mr.
Tate says that it inav not sound as
ambition-, as 100,000 elub, hut it is
doing good work. Every member
paid in $5 to be used in advertising
the eitv. and everyone is doing all he
ean on the side. Mr. Tate savs that
Cranbrook is the prettiest pl-.ee in
the Kootenays. Some people are
complaining a little at business conditions. Imt Mr. Tate says thev
.ealiv have nothing to complain of,
Cranbrook is a divisional point; il is
lhe husiness center of a rich mining
and lumbering country, and nothing
can keep it down. Mr. Tate will lie
here for a few davs. He came to
the coasl for the purpose of attending the Masonic grand lodge.
mS3i^M/B' ^^Jfmm <$' m m Wh
The Board of Trade is preparing a pamphlet which will give a vast amount of reliable information about this great district.
The people of Cranbrook and other towns
can do a power of good when this pamphlet
is ready by sending a copy to parties whom
they think would be interested in this section
and probable settlers.
Never knock.   Boost.     It will pay your
neighbor, and also yourself.
fancy tomatoes ami ciiciiralrers al luiiiiiilnri* ol Hie name law and ilie
Sii'ivuri's lo-day. matter iv.is dropped.
I*, tt'imilx »•»_ ii> |0wn to-dav from I s.n" --^ix-'-i -. will open a general
Ills Cherry Creek raneli and p.ml Hie s'"*'*' "' Creslon nesi w-i-i. Mr.
Herald a Irlrwlly .-nil iSlicers is well kn,,uii in 'Ins districl
„ '. ,   , ,,   I and tli.il In* mil make ,1 success    nl
Wanted-A furnished room centrally i business    al    Creston ,*  ., I gone
located    wl h    a   lelepliun.   in   t*e conclusion.       Th,.    people ..I    Ihal
house.      AUdress   .V, care   ol     lho section nl the country will nnl him
""aid. 14   i HaMc man with whom lo deal
loM-pli     Ryan      tlte    real   cstato     ,1.'".'"" wealliei   I. all  -._:,:   mless
agent, in.nl,- a business Irip to Canal i1*)' V""  '," l"1' ;' -:" "J* "  ,.l,\',s
.-Tats Uu* pasl week ami reports   ., I l".r" '•"■"' "";   >'"-: 1"» R-     ^
dusty trip on lho return. I,""  ","l*"'." '"'*''   ','■", "»''" »*■'*
been  a lew hours each day . h,- past
M, A, Beale, nlm has been ,u tlio I wo* In Cranbrook ulu,, hades wou d
coasl lli.- p.iM Iwo weeks attending pass ,,s a coolins planl In a brewery
Hie session ol lhe \ .' St SI. Urand .is compared wilh the heal of Hi i's
liKlse, returned homo today, district.
Books kept   and balanced by flrsl-
Georgo deary and C, A. Foolc,
who liave hem operate.) upon for ap-
pentl'lcttls by Drs. King. Green anil
Coltln, are making rapid progress toward recovery at t-iit* St. Eugene
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy ami
bab'v arrive.! in Crnnbrook lodav.
Mr. Kennedy Iras Inin in tin- cmplov
ol the C. I*. 11. at Kln.li lm* several
months, but has been irnnslcrrcd lo
litis point anl "ill 'ti.il'.'. Cranbrook
his luun. in future.
The conlraet for lhc construction of
iin* Fin!: Mercnnllle building lias birn
lei lo Kerr A Campbell, nl Fernie,
Preparations an being made fur
commencing work at an early date
an.l th n there will lie no delav mil II
llii* bulldinc is completed which will
be will,,n lhree months.
\. Hanson was called to Fernie
last Satiiiilai In ailiilsl a matter in
regard tn a moose „nd elk Inwl thai
he lin.l hail in his possession a short
time ago, -Sli- Hanson was able to
show Ihal he had kept sll icily in lhe
class accountant. Merchints and
others who have not sntlii: nit n-i.rk
to employ a regular clerk can have
their account kept from Ilil.liO a
iiiniith up, All dealings ■■'.riotly
confidential. Other pnirits in Mast
Kiniti-nav visited. Write or t'.tll en
H.F.R., "The Wilga," Cranbrook, B.
C. 13-llt
There was quite an excililng runaway on Saturday evening last, an.l
one ivhich lasted fm .1 conshleraWe
'inn-. While tin' hose learn was
making the r lasi trial nn Hanson
'avenue, before going to Movie lo
participate in the sporls held' Ihere
mi Dominion dav, Perrv's dray which
uas loading material from .l.'D. Mc-
Bride's uarrl so, became trishteneil
at the huso learn an.l dashed down
the street     a I   a    break     neck  gait-
ifti't running Ini about twenty miii-
utes Ihey linallv run themselves o'lt.
Considerable ol th'' merchandise
which was lining loaded mi tin* dray
»as badly broken an.l twisted A
large cniili stove was broken into
DISTRICT    -<       ^
% WW*********** **■'•>'>■> >"■■■' •»■•'•■' *** *99#°* * *■'•
(From lhe Mnyie Leader.)
\\   n   Hill was up Irom Cranl
0.  11   Strange,   the contraeto
completing Hn* improvement on
.in-gt.i lull.
Mis. .It.liu Daly and children     ai
hnme luun Kaslo, where the)    »''
.1   p   Farrell and Win. Bird    hav
maiit* ,i very p ilsin
their claim, llu* ----in
i.s located al >!"■ i-dge
liaii* stripped ih''
old   IHU  Iff'   liotl
latoue, which
,,i town. Thej
vein loi ,i ilistaii.f
have a good   ■■ *■
mg nl quartz. i'he) leel '■
oouraged that 'In*!* will "
A   T   Ulark has if" Mnyie •"
In- awaj  ini several nnniihs.
looking im  a business luciitloi
The now regalia foi the local
K lodge Im- .u'""I •""' "
team mil I.f organised al n'"
Tin* l.tMilfi  iillin* "ill hi* '""'
ihc Farrell block nn Victoria
nexl week, uml mil occup) lhe
room nexl in K. .1- Uwynne s
A   labor iniinii    "i   ii"* '"'
leers ol Hie wm Id mil .b
nl in .\lniif in
11,11   Uill   lie   Ilf 111
1 p.m.
guile a biincli
tended   Norris .v   Howe's cn
Cranbiook   Monday.     Here is
nl inns, i.l ih       I If I, Lowe
Grant,, Jack McTavish ami mi
.l,.n-ll... Alts. Uiiiiiiii, Miss Will
Ham Salt, Claude .'"lib. V Hm
mel, '.lack . il/g>liliiuis, lien. Haiti
Hau Mcintosh,
(Kiom 'hi- Outcrop.)
More miners wenl up in thc Ptarmigan in,in* Tuesday ami ellofts are
lh-ing "i.i'l'" In gel a lull torco al
nnil, .rn soon as possible.
Mrs Black, ..I Winnipeg, ami Mis.
11 A. Black, nf Golden, arrived nn
ilu* lasi I'lnrmionm lo visit Hrs K,
V Kimptnn ,ii Winder. ■
Tin* local suppl) "l strawberries,
currants mnl gooseberries promises lo
in,.,,, ihan nil Hi.* demand, although
il„. null spring trnsl damaged somo
ol ii„- strawberry plants.
Kun  .I.n     wc hen.  ol employers
I ling mi miners, la rs ami lean.-
.iris        Tins is a mnsi t-ni aging
'act   al„l   ll   I-  lii'i'isl   pl.-I.ly  "i    good
in. ii mil t  Uns uay
.11 Uirough s here lliiiish Columbia  iing appears in l«* taking
a n, » least* nl life, and Hu* Hinder
mere districl ts evidently nol '" be
n, hm.I ilu* times.
disaster. Two men named Lockle
.tti.l   McGillivray   weie  sliglllll*      m-
The easl bound train was ...tiling
in cross Hie bridge when ihf aceidenl
happened, ami the dining cai was
sen. nut tn feed the passengers.
Beyond lhe loss nf liie. ihe damage
ilniif was mil mi serious as was al
flrst supposed. It appears that Hn*
two anl a half inch rope used lor
lowering tin* span inin piisiiimi broke
ul an unexpected plaee, and one end
nl the Birder slipped two leet, Hilling
.rn ihe ni en uh" were klNod  and
in,-lung iMi-ir lues ..nl Thf n'l"'
lunl been used lo lower Hie other
spaiis without a sign nt weakness.
Mi l.ivclt. engineer lm Hie contractors, hail a narrow escape, as ho
was- standing right alongside '1"'
gitili-i  when ii lell.
The gitdci mis got into position,
ami Hu* bridge was available lm
traffic uiilini IT limits of h'.ic accident, and ivgutai iralllc was resumed.
Rossland   Mine.
null,   in   lln*   mun
550 iu the smell.'
prospeel nl an  in
l.fi.  lln- ollllook
ported   truth, I
The week's output Irom the mines
.ml ilu- receipts at llw smelters uu
In- week an* as follows:
Brooklyn     -    •'
Mountain Hoso
Week.       Yea l
l.S'll'l   43U,Ua
Olher i
...   a 1,483  (134,711
    1,1)1)1    81,85
-With  83 n ni
, ot Kossland and
at Trail, ami lho
reaae lu tin- mini-
t.i \   Im-  sa iti,     \>.illi
K<nid iii     boih
1   the
ui-iiiaiioii    coin-
here ioi   tlie -ml
■eiv. Mr. iM-li>
nl   Ian.Is   wesl
(From The t'einie Ledger.)
Tin- Cual company is putting in a
new tan Iol No. !' mine al L'oftl
Creek, Tbe new fan is calculated i«-
supply the mme With a&U,000 cubic
leel nl air per minute.
Mr, c. A. Miller, late .,( Calgary,
has located In lho city and iu lends
to organize au orchestra ol lho besl
talent  available.
I), ,1. Kliuer, ui Moylo, has been lu
the citj ior sevural days. Air. blmei
is du  'ihc   Eagi'
luillee  and   Will
and iill.
.1. W. Kelly, ..I Duncans,    U-    v.,
passed   llirougli   the  oil)    M
lllS   WA\    tll   1  111' '
Is luieresled in
in I'uiehci Creek, and is \.*i> imihusi-
astic about ibe ml prospers in thai
district. Mr. Kelly and associates
aie pui ting in a modern di illiiuj
plant which thoy expeel lu have Hi
operation in u short lime.
(From the Fcrnlo Free Press.J
A. Beduw, a Londoner, who claims
to have been a meiutict ol a polrti
expedition, got Into lhu toils ibis
week and had swlfl justice meted out
lu hi IU, Bedow was arrested on
Monday on lho charge ol stealing
a trunk, thc propert) ol Mr. Huw
ol Hosmer. lie was given his preliminary trial belore 0. U. Moflatti
.1.1'., on Wednesday alleruooii auu
an hour la tei the case was belore
liis Honor Judge Wilson, who sentenced bim to six months al Nelson.
A lew days agu J. Connors and the
wife of a well known miner al Cual
Creek eloped together, Thej came
down uu the afternoon train and
went     to   Elko   on   Hu-  local.      From
Elko they bought tickets lot Spokane
and thoy are supposed to l'i* iii that
citj now. The Ini Ull ess woman left
her two children behind anil thev .tie
nuw being cared foi by lhe deserted
husband. The latter, whose s'us
picions linil been aroused toi some
lime, missed his wife soon after hei
departure. lie learned lhat she had
gone lo Ferine wiili Connors and ,ti
once telephoned the police at Ferule.
Constable Dow, of Elko, was in Fernie ul the lime, hul even if he had
been al Elko I here would probably
have turn nothing done as ihe law ul
British Columbia is powerless in such
a case. Connors could bave been detained mi another charge, thai ol
threatening to kill Lho aggr.oved husband, and if he comes back lo Fernie
he may he arraigned on that charge.
Proceedings will probably be taken
al Spokane to prosecute Connors on
tlie charge of Illegal cohabitation.
Mark Varty lell lasi Saturday roi
the coast, where he will reside. Mr.
Varty's departure will be lelt by the
Kootenay rifles, where his military
experience has been of iho greatest
Mrs. Corsan and children leave on
Monday for the coasl, where ihey
will spend the summer vacation.
Thej have rented a pleasant cottage
on English Bay, Vancouver, Miss
Knlsley, ol lho hospital staff, will
accompany them ami will spend a
months holidays with ihem.
Little Clarence Eschwig is suffering
from a severe attack of pleurisy and
Tin1 work of levelling and grading
the grounds surrounding lhe Coai
Company's office building was commenced this week. This will require
a greal amount of labor and heavy
expense, as a lot ol eallh will need
to he handled In bring the grounds
up to the desired grade. Wlien completed ihey will make a very handsome appearance.
Mrs, Coin and Miss Cole, who
eame west on account  of Mr
i From The Blairmore Times,)
Monday evening tbe first meeting of
lhe Pass Tml assiicialiuii was held
in ihe ofllco ul W A. Heche, ol Blair-
in.ue, and the following ollieers were
elected Ioi tho ensuing yeai:
Presslenl. u. K s. Whilcslde, Blairmore; \ ice |iii*sident and manager,
tt \ Beetle, Blairmore; secretary*
ireasiirer, .1. Douga+I, Blairmore, The
hoard ol directors are F. Collins,
Flank; Ham •* Matheson, Blairmore S. Mamihnn, Coleman; I). C,
Drain, Blairmore; .1. II. Farmer.
Frank; li tt. tt. l'.-1'ok. Coleman,
.md .1 Marl. IU.im n,i.tv. Work nn
lhe r.ieeitack is progressing favor-
ably .nul wiihin the next tew weeks
n will he possible In put il inlo
iim- fm am races In-ld In tho Puss,
li is in he hoped ih.ii .ill will lake
nn active Interest tn this association
ns it is fur lbe mutual benelii of all
uf ihe towns in the Pass and lovers
of guod horses and clean sport,
The additional bailer) of 100 coke
ovens now being operated at Coleman h) ih.' International Coal &
Coke company, of thai place, is well
i.n lei way and will he in active
operation before the snow Hies. These
unite ovens will double lhe cokc-
inakliig capacity nt ibis company
wlm arc at present turning out ahoul
lllll   luns u|' cuke  per  dav  and   fueling
a   ready   market  Uu  all  I lie)     can
The pa)
when    i.e salaries
tf mun- and  Miit-llei   ai
cl in. will reach a total of
si iii.iiuii   a   month,   or $1,11
 4 _
»f      lhe
,1    least
38.—Four by-laws
ratepayers   to-day
Winnipeg,     .1111)
s-.bmiltttl io   id.
providing respectively fur Sunday c
service, establishment ol a cl
power developing plant at a cost
53,500,000, ibe institution of a board
of control and ihv giving of $300,00(1
tor new schools, were passed with
good  iiia'oritit's.
Ven general satisfaction is tell
iiu* ciiy to-nighi, particularly over
ihe victory nf Sunday cars and the
favorable decision on the powei
question, which is fell to be absolutely necessary in creating a manufacturing center here.
Cenlei Stai  	
Le Hoi 	
l.e Km No, i ....
Crown Point  	
Olfctel mines 	
4\ u.ivw  MINE   IS   (iKE.vrn
Kossland Mine*:—Francis E Annulling has on exhibition in his office
some line looking specimens uf gnlnia
trom the Sullivan mine, situated on
lhe St. Marys river in East Kootenay, Mr, Armstrong recently w-.it-
im! llw Sotlivan awl says ii is making
ii good pr.iiii e.iih month, exiiecting
.md pubting through its smelter ai
Marysville six carloads ol silver-lead
ore ,i d.n. The lower levels ol Iho
mine, Which wen* recently opened up
iiiuler lhe direction ol R 11 \ndei
s.ui, are developing in n monl Balls
factory manner, new, large and valuable ore shoots having been uncovei
Nutice is hereby given that thirty
days aficr date l Intend to apply to
the Chief Commissioner of Lands anil -
Wurks at Victoria for a Special
License io cut and carry away Umber Irom the following described land
in South East Kooteuay District,
British Cmliiinhia:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west coiner of l>.ui llealy's
Cd ■ i*
jjj < tm- font' pun.u, (wo nwiilu|_a j'
l\     lij Iml in width,
1       ' l.l
| Two an    '
thence 160 chains north; thenee    4.1
rh.iins east, thence llio chains smith
to the place ol beginning containing
inn acres, uuui' nr less,
Dated ihis 2.1.1, day ol Mav, A.I).
ll-iit .1. Jorgensen.
Notice is   hereby given   thai  two
months alter date l intend in apply
to tho Chiel Commissioner nl   Lands
i sn large    and  umi   Works   lor.permission   to
Ki.i.   Iinlli.l   ...
sl,  Eugene 	
lillllll*!   \	
I.a I'l.ila .   .
I.a  1'l.n...  Illllln
Vain ui  	
Arlington,  Eric
Arlington, Slocm
Second Rellel ...
Hod Vox 	
liim. Boll 	
Vmir. iniiii'il ...
Norlh Star 	
inlu*. mines 	
(Frum The Frank Pa|),er.)
It, Sleevrs, of Lundbreck, has received fiom Toronto sonic very line
bar listnes tor "Tlie Windsor, and
had  ihem  Installed  last   week.
Tlie    crops have   benefitted    much
li mn     the    line   rains    and     warm
weather  of  llie  past   few  weeks   and
ilie prospects arc good  fur a bniint
lul harvest,
Poter I.nnd. uf tt'aidner, 11, C
manager nf the Crows Nesi Pass
I.iiniliei company, and une of tin
directors nt ihe lireckenrtdge «*
I,nud company, spenl Saturday afternoon in Lundbreck,
The C, P, It. shunt shovel, which
has lii-en al work nn the tup nf lhe
Lundhrcck bill, ai Lundbreck, ha;
ln-iii removed tn Macleod, and wil
return here in about ten days time.
.1. c. Allison has everything ii
readiness fur commencing his enn
tract with the Dominion governmeul
tur ilu* transportation of mails from
Lundbreck lo Livingston and (iii
linghiim post offices, taking eftecl
.luly 2nd,
Notwithstanding      an     occasion,
growl   from ihe    Turtle, all    Frank
people are  lbe  most   happy and  <
i en till in Alberta.
As nn evidence of th.- continued
growth of Frank every holelman it
making Important addi I ions and Improvements. An unoccupied residence is not lo he had at any
Doc. Sawve
vho    were n
and .las. B. Miller,
were accused of stealing foui
horses belonging lo Hugh Cameron,
of Coleman, hild tlieir trial before
■ Justice Scull iu lhe supreme court
at Maoleod last week. Both cases
were dismissed.
A number of eastern n'.iarelioItl
connected with the Frank Canadian
Smeltei company, were in town ihis
week on n lour of inspection, They
expressed satisfaction at the progress
being made. As a result (,f lh s
visit many important Improvement
will lie made in the near fuiure.
Keith    Whimster, who has heen in
ihe hardware husiness here for tin
pasl    lhree years, formerly    in the
employ or Chambers A Ctrady, and
latterly with A. V. Grady, has re
signed his     position, and goes li
Kernle.       tt'     .1.      McCowan, of
Svdiiev.  Cape    lln-lnn,   will  Iill      thr
vacant position.
Montreal, June 28.—Another resolution has been adopted by the cltj
council opposing thc Lord's Dav hill
now before lhe bouse. Aid. Villi:
was the mover of the resolution, bui
Mayor Ekers informed him that the
council bud already sent in such a
resolution, bill Alderman Nauli said
be wanted to protest against it a
ihere was a likelihood uf lhe bill tic
coming law iu a few days, lie therefore proposed, seconded by Alderman
l.evesipie: "Thai this council deem
il advisable to reiterate its protests
against the adoption of the bill now
lief nre the Dominion parliament, concerning the observance of the Lord's
day. And it respectfully prays the
members of ihe Commons a"d Senate
in kindly lake Into serious consideration its objections lo such a bill,
as set forth in a resolution passed by
ihis council on ihe 361b of March,
The resolution was unanimously
adopted wit hunt further discussion.
Tuial        3,117-1     53,7711
The tolal shiptiunis from the mines
n the above ilistricts for lhc past
vcek were 33,11-1!) ions and for Ui,
ear  lo  dale 851,711   Inns.
Oilier mini's
11. .
. ruppKi: oo.
ENWOOD, n. r.
Molher Lode
Hig Copper
luiiiain   sn. ii largo qitniiiiiifs nl
llllll lllt'l lllStllt* llll-       lllllll'       ;, llllll'.
lm i ime nf in,,tii The mine, ho
says, h.i*. inin greally I11.pr0.-9d shire
I.'   II    in.!-*   innl, ,lumi' ,,i ii.
ci.iiilniinli. III". Armstrong sins*.
is cxcccdlngl. lively. It is lhe linn-
ii.-nii". nn.l Inti- 1t.int.1g i-i-iiit'i til East
kninin.il* ' The -lores are well
|i,iiiiiiii.*i*'I umi ihr residents all have
.111 nn nl prosperity. Along lho
Crows N.-si lino in .I.a*. vicinity
1*11*11 ii'iv milt's ihi-ti- are sawmills,
.ml tlm nre kepi running lo the
imiii nl iln-ir capacity.    Tlw prodnel
nf   lln-   mills   is   snlil.   in   ln,,sl   ill-1.11,
res, hi-lnu- ji is cut. Thero is a
.vailing iiiailii'i al p"sl prices t'.n*
everj' tool nf lhe output.
i'i.niiiiii,il, h.is ;l lacrosse team llial
mil epinparc favorably .villi sunn* ol
lln' ht'lti-1   loams in  llie ims!     Sn f.u*
iliis season ii has nnl been bcnlcn
Harry Jamieson, Innnirly nl Ihis
mil is um' <,!* tli,* Slnr pinyers nf
ihi- team. Mr. Armstrong says that
'h* learn h anxinus tn .st>rure ., game
uiili Nelson tn he played Mure ,i
lli—lan-l .miiimt*. The inoiiihors are
mmi.Irn! ihey mm ili*f,*a. llu. Nelson
l.iiTiisst- rtmtlngmt.
, front "Hi Itiura.
- window.
limit; tlit-iii-i' rmninn Hi chains west,|S„   ,       , l
...   , ,1    .1      ,,  is One ii Ittiit "ll
I Dm*  HI I....I
i    chimin.)' tup.
I AH iu goal,. I
I    F. I*. SIMPSON, ||
' ,x" ■*"■''■'■'■■ Herald  Officell
■ i la
i,.'*i,-iii'I,-':,■i.*'ii.ii.*'rii!i'',,-(i*'ir-'ri-i|;-'ir'ii.iii'i.-'ii-ii, ...1
BOUNDAItV I'AI.I.s, lit'.
lllll.ll POURS IN.
Seal llr. Juno 30,—Usl week was
lln- banner week al lhe Seattle assay
iillit'e, fnr nn Tuesday, Wednesday
anil Thursday all previous roeoiii's
were broken Inr lhe amount nt gold
received wiihin any lhree consecutive days fnr conversion into bullion. Tin* amniiiii receipted fnr hv
the cashier is an even tll,.75,O0O,
not counting many small ili-posils
hroitg-hf  in by individuals.
The force iif clerks anil mechanics
have been working overtime for
lln* pasl live days taking rare nl Ihs
enormous mass nf precious metal,
(in Friday along there were over
sixiy melts inaili. in the bullion room,
keeping the furnaces busy fnr a
greater period than ever More in
any nntl day.
Seven steamers coming finin Southeastern Alaska and Nome were-, the
carriers nf the yellow treasure which
has flowed iu a steady stream since
tbo opening nl navigation in lhe
Mr. Tims. A. Brydnn, president
nl iho It. C, Fruit Growers' association, accompanied bv two members,
Messrs. Metcalfe and .Smilh, will al-
lend lun- nn Saturday, July 7th, Inr
ilu* purpose m giving practical demonstrations in lho art nf plaining
fruit trees and also of pruning same.
They will arrive bv lho 3.30 p. m.
1 rain and will ihon proceed lo William Hamilton's irull farm where
Ihey hnpe ihey will have .1 crowd in
nun ili.-tii win. will Ix'iii'fn In* lheir
.^position nl tin besl method, nl
lm. planting and pruning.
In lho evening nl thf same date
thoy will deliver a loelnic in the
I'ai mnro hail ,nn siii'iiiiiic Irull farming and also on nil cognate sub-
joi'ls. The chaii' will bo laken al
3 p.m. and tho trouble will start
imiiii-fliiiti'ly aficr.
Edison s renewed announcement of
an iinpiiilin; revolution in Hu- use nl
storage bai lories mav chronicle lho
final success nt a long search which
un. greal Invenlnr has lieon engaged
upon (nr a number nf years past. Tin.
'"'cl   Iroiiblo     wilh    Ihi'     presenl
Ki-vt'lslnke, ,Iiiiio 21.— 'I'he ciiy was
shocked on Friday afternoon by lhc
news nf another bridge disaster nn
iho C. I'. It. main lino, ibis time at
lho Loop, where Uu* It. C. Contract
company havo a oonlracl   In build 11
sleel bridge Inr llm C. I'. It. Thisj lialiorv is ils groai 'weight and ensi
bridge is elovaled Kin li*t*i above thelliness. Somo time ami Rills™ periled nf 1(10 sl.ii'am. A span 70 [ect|feclcd a now accumulator, for which
lung was iielng lowered inin position lie claimed great superior'-i.' nvor the
abniil 11..'Ill a. 111., whin lho tackle load cell, ll was nnl only much
gave way ami Ibo span ivas   proelp- lighter, but   lunger lived aiid    mora
        ,   .   'aleil smne leel Mow,    In Ms crash powerful.     Actual tests mode iu an
tin's illness,    will return In Ottawa I " ,kiJ,'"'  u™ ""'"■   "■•""'■•  Mayleart aulomobilc   wore   roporlod     lo have
and Ilnii. who weie members nl    .1. substantiated all  Ihese oJalms,    hut
C. Ki.iser's bridge gang,     II appears fnr   smne   reason,  apparently    0011-
Ibom lo Ottawa. 1 llm' ll"',    conlraclors ivero shorl ol nected wilh high firs-l cosl oi* exces-
„    ,, ,,   „ ,,    ,    „ .     "on. ami Ki.i  Mi.  Eraser's gang    In sue operating     expense,   lne     new
I'.   Molnnnel. ol    Baynes, wns  in   help.    A nun, named Se I. was in bailerv has nnl onmc inlo use    Tho
the oily on   Monday.       Mr. Melon- ebargc of ihe wmk for lhe eons-trno- discovery     ol   exlensive deposits of
"'■" "J™. s, '-ri'l'-.iv'.iinK lo have a   Hon company. j roliali  in NnrMi f'a,*n|i„a will   ii is
Bag station localed near his holel, On Hi.* news reaching lown, a saiid, enable the new cell (Ina.lv to
whloh was opened a couple ol weeks wrecking train, wilh Superinlendenli lake possession of lho stormee Wt-
agn a mile inula quarter below Kllpatrlck, His. Sutherland anil lorv field and reduce Mie cosi of oily
Unynits. (li.ihain, started Inr llm scene of thej transportation at least Sll per cent.
iu a few days.    They will take
three moohcrless children hank
Brooklyn     -    Slem-
Mountain Rose	
Other mines 	
TRAIL, 1).
Center star 	
Lo Hoi 	
2 mid
I.e  Hoi   Nn.  2	
Crown Point  	
Iron  .Musl,  	
Sl. Eugene 	
North Star 	
Hen llm  	
Iliinler V	
oilier mines 	
I ,".S7
1, 1*71
HI, lilll
nlal      0,71-7   17'l,liS.S
NELSON,  11.  U.
II r   V	
La Plain  	
Arlington,   Erie ...
Arlington, Slocan
Second   Relief 	
Hod Fox 	
Blue Hell  	
St. Eugene 	
Olher mines 	
The imai  receipts
local ami foreign m
were 31,185 Inns, alld fi
date S2I.277 tons.
■i.n in
'eporled     from
•s fnr the wee
lbe year lo
Montreal, .inly    I-The   Canadian
Pacific railway lo-day closed its. fiscal year wilh gross earnings aggr
gating .liiuiuli.Oiiu.
II was jusl Iwcnly years lasl
Thursday nighl. June 2R, that the
lirsi Ihrmigh ('. P. H. .... in pulled
mil of lhe old l.alhitusie .sipialo station oil ils Inn*. Joiiinev to . Vnn-
eotiver. 11 i.s considered a marvelous aeliievenuni in have earned nvor
tiiu,iiiiii,nun during itm pasl vear. It
menus thai in everv 'month nf ilm
year lhe C. P. II. earnings were ovei
(5,000,0110 and Ihal in even* single
week earnings were above $1,150,000
were shown.
Tin* phenomenal growth ol lhc
business of the hig Canadian railway
may liest |)e appreciated when 11 is
shown Ihal earnings lliis vear are
nvrr $111.linn,1100 in excess of Ihnse
ol lasl vear, and over 520,OOP,000 in
excess ol lhe year 1002.
Tin* C, P. R. mniiagoiuen! has deckled upon lho construction of a
new    line   in   the    Kootenay     and
Hi Iniy   Creek  region  which  will,
il is. expected, anticipate and mecl
competition nf lhe V'clorla, Vancouver A- Eastern system sanctioned
al Hie last session of lho Dominion
Parliament, and backed, it is said,
by .1. .1. llill. The new lino, when
completed, will probably iorm a
junction wilh lho main line al Hope
which is less Ihan 100 miles easl nf
Vancouver, Its completion will
mark lbe eoinmencemenl nf what
promises to ho a keen (lgl.1 lielween
Hie Canadian company and .1. .1. I iut
inr lhe trallie of lho mineral districl
whicli tlm C. P. R. is anxious to
.1 i.i
Shaughnossj lias stirred lln- strnn;
11.1t i.innl feeling nl mil* norther
neighbors .villi his rallying cry "Cn:
adu fm* ilm Canadians'." His pro
ti.'iiuccnmnl al lhc ljucbco bulii|im!
■-ins notice in .1,111ms .1. llill tlul liis
progress across ilm houndary "ill lm
n|i|iiisi*,l 111   .ill  Hi,. ]ii.litie,il  ..ml com-
 rclal Influence Uio Canadian Pncidc
'■■'" muslcr. im a loynl Canadian,
li'irii (iml    bled   iu Milwaukee, Mis..
sit Thomas is   delcrml I thai    no
Yankee railway ling sliall dominate
Western Canada. Su* William Van
llnriii*. another -launch Britisher
limn IV II ('until v. Illinois, is doubtless of ilm same opinion. Cabada
mnsi im saved I.u* Um Canadians.
Ii musl tm admitted thai Mr. II.II
slavled in Ibo world all right. Ile
was Initti ti,..Icr ll.e rninii Jack al
Onelpli Out., Inn lm foreswore the
1.110011 mul Ins chances of knighthood
and boon nm nu ordinary, pleblan railroad president soulh of Hm Hue. Had
1"' remained ,1 lovnl Canadian lm
mighl have been Sit* .lames .1. Hill
by Ihis nine, rn* even Marquis oi Win.
nipog. He threw awav his opporlun
Hies when lm headed ' for si. Paul
and il is lon late fnr him lo return
Canada must lm preserved lm* Hn
base the following described lands,
situato iu Snuih East Kootenay dis
Commencing nt 11 post located on
ilu* Kootenay river, near tlm north*
west coiner post of Humphrey's pre-
, tii|.li, 11, No. 15. limine .'III chain
ensl, thilli'i' smith 'III cluiius, llmnee
ensl KII chains, limine mil Hi 211
chains,   llience west   (ill eliains,   thilieo
norlh Mi chains, thenee wesl Hi
chains, more 0. loss, to ihe Kooto*
nay river, ihenee ntnng Hie Kootenay
rlvor in a soulh westerly direction to
ilm place nf commencement.
-lolm .1  Grady.
Dated Hns Dili ilnv nl May, A 11.
lllllll. Ml*
Notice is hereby given 1l1.1t thirty
days alter date 1 inleml lo apply to
Hie Honourable the     .'Iiiei I'm .-,-
sinner of L.nuls and Winks at Vic
toria Inr a special license lo cul and
carry away timber from tlm following
described lamls in Souih East Koo-
Commencing at a pust planted ,11
the iiiirlh-easieiii corner nf Lot 825,
liiouii one, Kootenay district; thonco
north *I0 chains, llience easl su
chains, llience souih in chains, Iheiu-o
wesl Ml u'tiains in tlm placo nf he
Dated this 2llh ilnv nl Slav, A. H.
in at Harold Darling.
*_!_. •
Cranbrook   Foun-:
dry and
Machine  Shop
MtKiniinn & Johnston
Wc urn |iii.|i(i|.|il In
.In nil kiiuls id' rc
pair work lieuvy uml
tight, in.-iki' t'liniiiiiiH.
turn shafts, etc.
Scientific     Horscsl.tH.-ii>..    1.
I City Scavenger I
Sixty days after date 1 intend 1
applv to the Ohlel Commissioner .*
Lnmls and Works, al Victoria, U.C.
for permission lo purchase lbe follow-in*: described lands in Snuih East
Kootenay, B.C.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. E. .nrnor ol Loi 2UI18. Group
1, Ihence 20 ohains wost, thonco 20
chains norlh, llience 40 chains west
tin nee SO chains norlh. Ihence -10
chains east, llience *I0 chains south,
tbence OO chains oast, Ihenee 40
chains soulh, tlmnco 40 chains west
to place of commencement.
Vi. C. Hodges, Locator.
Dated -June 19th, 1900. 13-91
Sixiy days aflei* dale I intend to
apply 10 the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works lo purchase tho following described lands siluale In
Smith  Kasl   Kootenay,  B.  C.
Commencing at a posl at, lhc S.
E. corner Iol 2017, group 1, llience
norlli SO chains, thenco east 40
cliains, llmnee south 101) chains,
Ihence wesl 211 chains, thenee norlh
2(1 chains, Ihence west 20 chains lo
lbe place nl beginning, containing 311
acres, moro or less.
Haled  Ihis Sill day of May, 11100.
7-9t* Roy C. Myers.
Tnke nolleo Ihal thirty davs after
d.ito I. the undersigned, Inteml to
apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Lands anil Works at Victoria, fnr a
simcjai license lo cut ami carry away
timber from lhe following described
lands in East Koolenay:
Commencing nt a post planted at
the smith-west corner ol Iol 4118. (W
Hamilton's pixM-mptlon), thenee sn
elinlns west, Ihence 40 chains soutli,
llmnee 80 chains east, thence III
chnlns, mine or less, lo lho point
of commencement, containing 32ii
(lores, mnro or loss,
Goo.  A. Leileh, Locator,
Haled Ihis 2nd day „f Juno, A. I)
10(10. ,1-llt
Noliee is hereby given Unit sixiy
days after date, i inleml making application In the Hon. Tin. Chiel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
lm* permission lo purohase the following described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at
Ibo snuth east corner of Iol No. (1345,
Sanil Creek, Soulh East Kootenay,
Hmnce running wesl 80 chains, soulh
15 ehains, more nr less, lo lot No.
0243, Ihonoo east 811 chains, north 15
chains, more or less, lo place of
Dated May .'list, 1000.
llllt        John Ilimbury, Elko.B.C
'I'he City Council
have appointed
R. Stewart
•J- the official scavenger?
i X
a of the citv of Cran- ...
•{•brook.    Parties   hav- -j-
.|. injr closets   to clean, .{.
i refuse matter to haul;!;
«j* to    the   City    dump •£
J! grounds should leave X
X. .>.
? orders with him. The •{•
A y
X city must be cleaned. X
!j. Address Box 105. X
>> •:•
•!•••• "•.«*'*•••*•»•*"*•.•'•-*•••!..**vvv-!•*'••'••*•-!•'•.
A. W. McVittie
} Dominion and Provin-
5 clal   Land   Surveyor.
H.H. McVittie
Ueneral Agent
{ CkANBVOOK,   B.   C. {
» 4
13. Edgar Davis I
;!;        BRICKLAYER and        *!*
&       CONTRACTOR       *!•
.1. Kuril;!!*!*,  linili-r,   Knilge, .1.
.1. uml _'iri.|iliiet; work n special  J£
'4 iy.
lefl ¥
for a particular purpose is easy   foi
us.     Because we   have tlmiu tor   all
kinds ol use.    Naturally our
ls fur superior to that of the horse
whicli has to cart coal during lhe
week and carry his owner to a funeral
ou Sunday. If Santa Claus saw oui
horses he would pension oil his old
reindeers, chop up his uld sleigh ami
hire a rig from us. You should do llm
same when you require the services ol
a horse mu) carriage lor any purpose
Especially as our #alo of charges
makes H. really eheap transit
The Ml.ll.lley Livery  Slul.le:
•£       All description- nf _im
X wmk utiiii.rtnki'ii.  ('nit-
X nt
I.        .1. I). Mi Hill I IK'S X
•!• A
£ will n-cii'vi- prompt attention. •}•
P. ll. lln. S.-i4. 4
t Phone 115.
Geo. R. I.eask A Co
r wink in our nilverlleemeot, Inn i
put Ihis ml iu tlio Ilernlil,lo
emphasise il.
Near Lower -trmslrong Avenue.
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kind,
nf repairing,   (live mc n call.
Livery S
Teams and driver, furul.hed for in,
polnl lu the dl.trlel,
A. IM1VU., Minn"
Notice is hereby given thai thirty
days after dale we intend H* apply
to Hm .'hiel Commissioner til Lau,In
aud Winks at Victoria, lm* a special
license In cut and cany awav Umber Iinm ull lho lollowlng described
I,mil:, iu Snulli Easl Knolcii.iy:
Commencing al a post planted nt
the snuih.east coiner ol Hie Geo.
Curler limil. license Nn. 0041, thence
running mi chains cast; llit-nfc iiiiiii ng 80 eliains north, Hmuee running
sii chains west, thenee .'uniting hi.
chains south iii point ol commencement,
Ruled Ibis lllll iluy nl Apill, A li,
II   II, Ross,
.Ins   W   Hoi'i 3 Bl
Notice in hereby given Uial  tliitiv
days   allei   dale   wo   llili'lul   It-  apply
Iii Hm Chlel I'm Isslonei   nl Lands
ami Winks ul Vieloria, tor a special
license In cul und curry away luu
Imi Iiom till" Hie Ii.-llnwiiif, dosciTbeit
lands In Snuih Easl Koolenav:
Coin lining al  a pust planted at
the    Ill-easl   coiner   iif   llm      (len
Cartel limil, license Nn. 11541, limner
mulling Ml eli,tins easl, thenee running 8.1 cliaius iituili, Uieuce running
811 chaius wesl, thelice running Sli
chains snuih to point of commencement.
haled  Ibis Dili day ol April,  A.II.,
H. II. Ross,
Jos. W. Rims. l-_t
Miss Mansfield will do fancy typewriting for afternoon or evening entertainments at reasonable rales.
Ouess work questions supplied or
typed Irom copies. 4S-U THE   CBANBHOOK   HERALD
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all the time; because it pays to
keep posted on the doings of
your district, and the doings of
the surrounding country.
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Home Paper
that tolls of home and home
people. ** Human nature is
much the same everywhere,
and we like to know what is
?) ng on about us.
Therefore, to read
. .The..
Tho Herald prints more matter
than any other paper in East
KooLonay. It publishes all the
news of general interest from
Fernie, Moyie, Fort Steele,
Marysville, Elko, qhorrissey,
Jaflray, Kimberley, Blairmore,
Frank, Windermere Country,
Golden and in fact every thing
of interest from every part
of the district.
$2.00 For One Yea^r
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illerald Publishing Co.
F. E. SIMPSON, Manager
The search tor sunken treasure has
bmi resumed m Tobemiony Bay.
The Lovat Scouts went into ramp
this month on a Btte DM1 Brodie
Anions Uie motions al Dublin corporation meeting wus OM to remove
the statue ot (ieotge III., Irom the
city hall.
According t-o thf Edinburgh School
bawd, public opinion in the eity    ti
emphatically  uKainM   Uie  Iol!   foi   the
(ceding ot school  cllil'lrcn.
The .statin- erected at tin* Belfasl
i-iiv hall grounds io the memory ol
ihe Uh- Marquia ol Dufferln was' nn*
veiled      hy     thi*    Marquis nl   London-
The Duke oi Hamilton hus renounced Ins rtehl io a suite nl rooms in
HniyioiKi Palace, Edinburgh The
Duke's family have had this righl for
two i-entiiries a.i.l a half.
Subscription lists have heen opened
hv Kast Worcestershire unionists foi
ihc purpose ot making a wedding
presenl  to Mr   Austen Chamberlain
and  Miss Dundas.
The round house or lower, _t small
Circular building on a hill ;i mile
south ot Langholm, Dumfries, has
bCen almost destroys! hy lire. It
was not Inhabited, inn served as a
Sir David Richmond, ex-Lord Provost of O-lasgow, who served on Uie
Souih African war committee, has
lieen lying seriously ill ai Ins (Has-
gow residence, suffer iig Irom acute
Two men who were recently scnl
to prison at thf Cliilldhlil for" begging for money ami newspapers en-
plained thai ihey used the latter as
bed sheets at Mie shelter house which
tihey patronized at night,
The Irish local governmeul hoard
has refused to sanction Un- appoint
men i of a medical otliccr hy the
Oi-gluerard (Oalway) hoard ol guardians, because ii, was made a condition that the man appointed must
speak Irish.
The Yarmouth guardians decided to
excuse a man from contributing to
llie support ol his lather ou thi
groi.lid Uui he had 13 children alive,
twenty in all having been born to
him, and that he was earning only
18s. a week,
Robert Jay. au old man of seventy-
eight, who had.been in Lhe service ol
the London, Chatham and Dover
railway, ever since Uie line was
made,'was cut to pieces by an engine
waile oiling the points at Kearsitoy,
near Dover.
The Kev..A. C. Upehcr, in drawing
the alK'iilion ot the Karchoc (Norfolk) guardians to triie tad thai ihey
granted relief to a person whose
family earned 2Xs. a week, declared
thai -iin clergymen in tin- Churcli nt
England earned less than 21.8, a
A well knouii Dumfries resident
passed away recently in Uie person
ot Mv. .luliu Lewis, kliialhilm ljuay,
aflei a week's illness. .Mr. Lewis
had been associated wiih Uie tweed
Industry iu Dumfries .since 1846, for
many years acting as manager Ior
.Messrs. Scott.
"Is your license dean'" ihe Croydon magistrate., asked a lady who
was acquit led on a charge ol driving
a car at a dangerous speed. "Nol
very," she replied, but when it was
explained that dean was a technical
term for i mend or sed, she cxpla.nod
that there was no endorsement,
There has just been released from
Paikhurst Prison, after sixteen years
incarceration, an Irishman, who,
while serving as regimental bugler in
Ind a, was condemned to death hy
court martial for unu tier. Lord
Hoberts, then commander-in-chief in
India, commuted the sentence to
penal servitude tor life, remarking
that "Ihe prisoner was too young to
The Munster-Connaughl    exhibition,
which is being organiwd in Limerick
is making rap it and substantial progress. It will be opened on tfte 9th
of July by the Lord Lieutenant and
Lady Aberdeen, and will nol close its
doors till the last day ol September.
The prime object for which the exhibition has been organized is to give
a practical demons 1 ration ol the extent and variety of goods maiiufao
lured in Ireland.
I  £"**» 	
Delicious i\U (jvne_
TIable Sugars,
21b Sealed Jwrifoges
■-— ~—      ~m *""" "    WW  1M1.M—■_________M_fc______. ..._,— an,  ij
■'RgjsLymte^and"SugarDiamonds"are manufactured enhrelv |
UneSugar grown on ouror.n elates. Tbey are absolutely (Nire.brilluni
Lttyeirance and fwssess superior sweetening qualiKest-Torteble useihwai t
Notice is hereby given thai thirty
days aftei date, J intend to applj
to Un lion. Chlel Coramiia.onei    ol
Lairds  and      Works  all.)     tu   the   As
si-nun i Commissioner of Lands    .ml
Wotltl  foi   tht- dislnet  of  Kasl   kuo-
u*iia>, im a license io prospect   ioi
coal  and   petroleum   on   the  lollowlng
described land, situate on north-east
Michel Crock, about soven miles norm
ol the Cauad an I'acilic railroad, and
ijuig west ol iht* Melnnes urnup
ami norih ol the Crows Nest Pass
Coal     Compan) 'S    land, being      just
north and adjacent to IJtfltur field's
and Marvin's claims, whoso licenses
are 2,UUI and 3,0011 respectively,
1. Commencing at a post plan tod
one mile norlh of the north-cast coiner of C. L. Diittertield's claim, the
same being the inilial post of Martha
Corner's olalin and marked '-'Martha
Corner's north-east corner"; ihence
SU chains west, ihence SO chains
south, ihence Uh chains east, thelice
80 cliaius north to place of beginning,
containing aboui iiiu acres.
Martha Corner,  Locator.
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
'i. Commencing at a post planted
at Uie norllHast corner of Martha
Corner's claim, the same being the
inilial posl of W. J. Demorest's
claim, and marked "W. J. Demor-
es'i 's north-west corner"; Uience M
chains east, thence 8(1 chains soulh,
th.nci: 80 chains west, Ihence 80
chains north lo place of beginning,
containing about  Iiiu acres.
Vi. J. Dcmorest, Loealor,
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
.1. Commencing at a post planted
at the north-west comer ol W, .1.
Demorest's claim, the same l«ing
thc inilial post of T. ,1,
Demorest's claim, and marked "T. J.
Demorest's' south-weal corner";
Uience 80 chains east, llience SO
chains north, tbence 80 chains west,
thenee 80 chains south, io place of
beginning, con laining ahoul lilll
T.  J.  Demores't,  Locator,
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
4, Commencing at a post planted
at T. J. Demorest's south-west corner, the same being the initial post
of Emily Corner's claim, anil marked
"Kmily Corner's south-east corner";
ili.nce 80 ohains west, tliencc 80
chains north, thence 80 chains east,
ihence 80 oliains south to place of
beginning, containing aboui e-io
Kmilv Corner   Locator,
J. It. Hemphill, Agent.
li, Commencing at a post planted
one mite north of Kmily Corner's
north-west corner, the same being
ihe initial post of J. II. Hemphill's
claim and marked "J. II. Hemphill's north-west corner"; Ihenee 80
chains south, Uience 80 chains east,
Ihence 80 chains north, ihence 80
chains west     lo   place of beginning,
ntaining about (140 acres.
J. II. Hemphill, Locator,
(!. Commencing at a post planted
at J. II. Hemphill's north-west corner, the same being the initial post
of It. 0. Belden's claim and marked
"II. (i. Belden's south-west corner";
thence 80 chains east, thence 80
chains north, thrnce 80 chains west,
thenee 80 chains south to place of
beginning, containing about fi-10
R. ({. Belden, Locator,
J. II. Ilemph 11, Agent.
7. Commencing at a post planted
one mile west ol a point about
two mi'les north of R. O. Belden's
nortlwwest corner, the same being
the initial post, of A. E. Wayland's
claim and marked "A. K. Wayland's
north-west comer"; thence 80 chains
easi, Ihence 80 chains soulh, thence
80 chains west, Ihence 80 chains
north io place of beginning, contain
ing about «40 acres.
A. K. Wayland, Locator.
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
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9  ITS  ..'..:ini«i\ti v.iik.    O
SI'tlKllSMAN  in;.
Mr. Frank William Miehie, M. A .
who lias been appointed one ol His
Majesty's Inspectors of Schools, is a
graduate of A-bendeen University,
where he took his degree in Arts in
1894, He afterwards became one ol
the Masters ol soiunce In Dundee High
School, and has for some lime been
one of H. M. assistant inspectors in
the Edinburgh district. Mr. Miehie
is a son ol Mr. Charles Miehie, M.
A., librarian of Marlschal college,.
Aberdeen. j
The other Sunday from eleven'
o'clock n the morning until hall
Past nine in the evening the Wesley an
West London mission held services
without intermission in Hyde Park
near the MarWle Arch. There were
sixty preachers under ihe Rev. C.
Ensor Walters, the head of the mission, and the bright gospel services
were interspersed by sacred solos
sung by ladies. The services were
attended by a numerous though ever-
changing audience. O-lasgow has
started out ou the same line, to
search Ior those who won't go to
Railway -traffic at Dorking was disorganized the other day by an untamed American broncho. The horse
was purchased by an omnibus proprietor, but when It arrived at Dorking it would not allow anyone to
approach It in the horse hox. It
broke loose, and galloped up and
down for an hour. Eventually it made
its way to    Brockham Hurst Farm,
24 Words I!
TIIK   Sl'OKBSMA.V.ItttVllitr.
S-m.Lhii.*-.  UhkIi,
wnu your adv. plainly, encloitru a
n   -.inti-i.,   or   nn.l]"*.    order   fur   imm
Tenders will he     received liv     tha
undersigned up io noon ol Wednesday
lhe    HUIIi,   ol      June,   lot     two   Keel
Siieds     plans and specifications may
he seen at  the City Clerk's offloe
12 iny Clerk.
Man  lo    ship and take chaige    ol
Iinht. Stewart,
China Creek Lumbei Co., Ltd.
8 China Creek, ti.  C.
Take notice Uiat two months aftei
date I intend to applv to the Chlel
Commissioner ol Lands and Works
for permission lo purchase the following desciibed lands iu South Kast
Commencing at a poinl marked
"James Ryan's not th-east corner
post," planted at the south-east cor
ner of Lot 28(17, Group l, ihence
souih five chains, more or less, to
the noith hank ol St, Marys river,
thence westerly lollowlng the said
norlh bank ol St. Mans uver -SO
chains, more or less, to the southeast cornel oi Lot 6687, Group I,
thence northerly along the easterly
limit ot said Lot 6067, fifteen chains,
mure or less, to the. southerly limit
of said Lot 2887, thence easterly
along thv southerly limit of said Lot
im, eighty chains, more or less, iu
the place of beginning, containing 77
acres, more or less.
■Tames Ryan,
Dated at Cranbrook, B, 0.. ihu
30th day of April, 1906. 1-91
Notice is hereby given that 60
days from dale I intend to applv to
the Chief Commissionei of Lands"and
Works, at Victoria, loi permission to
purchase the following described lands
on the raiiwav Irom Cranbrook to
Kimberley, in the East Krnilenay
Commencing at a post, \v. ii
Moore's N. E, corner (and adjoining
tt. Love's N. W. corner)^ thence west
40 chains, thenee south 4ti chains.
Uience east 40 chains, tbence north
to chains to point o! commencement,
consisting ot 160 acres, more oi less.
W. H. Moore.
Dated June lfith, 1!>06. 13-9t
.sited     lu
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days after date, I intend making ap
plication to the Hon. The Ch ef Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
Special License to cut and take away
timber from the following described
1. Commencing at the south-east
comer uf Lot 0075, near Yahk
Station, Soulh Kast Kootenay,
tbence running west 80 chains, south
80 chains, cast 80 chains, north flu
chains to place of commencement.
2. Commencing at the fust southwest angle from tlie Moyie river ol
the King Timber Lease {Lot 1897)
Soulh East Kootenay, thence running east 80 chains, south 8(1 chains,
west 80 chains, north Sti chains, lo
place of commencement,
3. Commencing at the south-east
corner of Nu. I, thence running west
A0 chains, south Sll chains, east 80
chains, north MJ chains, to place ol
Dated and slaked Mav 18th, 1900.
J. ilanhuiv,
»-5t Elko,  B.  C.
For First-class  ."lu.-Mc
-r in IVi-ni- i.l i.m.i.l.
Km* .ngaK*-..-.. -
Hill.    Applj i.i
!■  I'1-1*1   11..i 259 1
tn mti.-li .ill color. ... Iiuil.l-
ii..- HI.I.1-..I. .nun ii..tn-nt
Blltorj    |.r„v.
Turin llm nn I 1
n,a>le in .1
VH      lllll V
ing (rum
8. Commencing at a post plain ed
at A. 13. Wayland's north-west corner, the same being the initial post
of A. C. Hemphill's claim, and
marked "A. C. Hemphill's norlheasi coiner'" thenee 80 chains west,
Ihence -80 chains south, thence 80
oha'Iltt east-, thence 8)1 ehains norlh
to place of beginning, containing
about 810 a"es.
A. C. Hemphill, Locator,
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
9, Commencing at a post planted
at A* C. Hemphill's north-east corner, bhe same being the initial post
of V. W. Hemphill's claim and marked "P. W. Hemphill's south-east Corner"; ihenee 80 chains north, thence
80 chains west, thence 80 chains
south, tbence 80 chains east to place
ol beginning, containing about 010
F. W. Hemphill. Locator,
J. H. Hemphill, Agent.
10. Commencing at a post planted
at P. W. Hemphill's south-east corner, the same being the initial post
of B. E. Belden's claim, and marked
"B. K. Belden's south-west corner";
thence 80 chains north, thence 80
chains east, thence 80 chains south,
thenee 80 chains west to place of beginning, containing about 610
R   E. Reldon, Locator,
J. H. Hemphill, Agent. 15-<it*
Any available Dominion Lands
within the Railway Belt iu British
Columbia, may be homesteaded by I
any person who is the sole head of a I
family, or any male over 18 years of'
age, to ihe extent ol ono-quartcr
section of HiO acres, more or ness. j
Entry must be mode personally at
Uie local land olllce for lhe district
in which Uie laud is situate.
The homesteader is required to perform lhe conditions connected therewith undei one of the following
(1) At least six months' residence
upon and cultivation uf the land in
each year fm  three years,
yd) li ihe lather tor mother, if the
father is deceased), uf the homesteader resides upon a farm iu llie vicinity ol the land entered foi, the ri>-
qulrements as to residence may be
satisfied by such person residing with
the father or mother.
Vd) II thc settler has his permanent residence upon tanning land owned hy him in the vicinity ol his
homestead, tlie requirements as to
residence may he satisfied by residence upon lhe said land.
Six months' notice in writing
should be given to Uie Commissioner
Ol Dominion Lands al Ottawa ol intention to apply for patent.
Coal lauds may he purchased at $10
per acre for soft coal and $20 for
anthracite. Not more than 320
acres can be acquired by one individual or company. Royalty at the
rale of ten cents per ton of 2,000
pounds shall he collected on the gross
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior
N.B.—Unauthorized publication    of
this  mi vei l Lenient   Will  UuL  I.u     p*lil
go day round trip
Winnipeg,  Port Arihur,   Duluth,
St. Paul.
Through Excursion Kates
Toronto, Montreal, Maritime Provinces, New York, New
on Application,
Dates of sale :   June 4, 6. 7, 23, 25.
July 2, 3.   August 7, S, 9,
Sept. 8, 10.
Tickets subject to usual variations
ol route and include meals and
berths on C. P. R. steamers on Great Lakes.
Full particulars from
fleo. Hillier, Agent. Cranbrook
J. S Carter, D. P. A.
Net-oil, B.C. TIIE   CRANBl.'OOK    IIKIlAI.O
LOW ANDRE iun «™w*«™ »raw   *,„,.  ,,.*,„„„,.,„ ta s,.„i,, *'JtU« T^«S*-i.
  TO H-.UME MINERS l„    .,.    ,.     ,io,«00,(KH)    lm pif'"'   ,.,„„,       ,„     ,.,.,«„„,.,.     »
Eliiei Fleetwood,   the flll«*   '•'■"
.•itoss i.'i: packs ui'
Norway,   -lim.. 31.—Foi
.lltl.ltlilill     eXltt'lisrv 111    ill
Femie,   .luly  J.-.I.  M  Hawthorn-  ||u. M|al|i._ l|mih), „„. „,.„,„„ „, „.
thwa.te's .tilillr-s .ll Hi* imii'*".
t,.|.!,l.l.  n.m Iml little appreciated liy Hit* large au.lin.ce present. It
tim-mini |iri.u-i|tally "l a*use ..( the
nliulii In-   ilt
railway committee, Hon. Mr, Emerson, nilnistri nf railways, said llie
Iiiu- Iiuiii Winnipeg eastward tn the
Lake Superior    Junction will
 IN.-ut.   DEMAND,
*l*i..llis.lt.        ViIIY.iV .'IIH'"   -»—"!" .„,      „,.,,„.    l„.     ,1...    ■—"'    * "'  Ull   s.       *.ll|i-l      I- Ilt'l f\ ,'i>.,       .111-1   Hf-Ml-
i, ,    Wi'llniai,   .1..' American   ex- * .-?•<■?,    '      , ',,'.', '   '   "•'•'' I''' ■' '' *"■""•' ,1"*"" *"*" uid were car. >■■.! .lm  -'"'i"'i by
lui IjIIt mi... I-- ;,:•;■ -; , ,,: ;<° > »»■ -»»■ »», -•>«- »•■ » * m
f        ,- ,        ,i,.i,   uu,,    ike iml.ii   "    *' ,       ,,     mile Lumi fi  li.u"   were plenicing, ineliul
nous   im   a  u«sn   iimi     mi i«-        nn   .    , „„.,.,    ),„„ ,,„ ,|„. public _ ,.   ,     ', , i    it     „i
aa^AJZ^uAjA .-•;..";--v-i*.-;i:l',":' « » « »_.** -„,'^ /, '; AAAl%\t
.it..iuiui 1.11-1 Monday in the Belly
iiii'i* nt-iii* Lethbridge. Quite a nuni-
lirr ol lamllies were pit nn in*, on thel Tlte rapid roust metion ol ni-iv lines
rivet ili.it iluy iimi a group ,tf child- ot railways in iiu- West, ami tbe
nn were in imiii.iu ulin two little large amount ol repair wmk which
its, l*:ilt.-l Fleetwood and Bessie tu *-i conslant-ly In* done liave necessitated   llle u.i*  nf   last   qllalllilies til
railway ties during the present sum
which lies at tl'
ollllis   iai   noilli.:li   l"ii"
goes well anoltoei week oi su «
Ut,- Utile imiii ..i Intrepid Atii.ii'.n
ready io.  thell  an-Inp Bigbl ""    ,„„.
„,,  A,elic seas  mill  tlw north pole   ^^      ^
as  theii   goal. ',„„ ,,,,,! ,*„. ,,„
li.v-   Norwegians  aro   tuhWiS tin.  [o| ,in|1|
keenest interest in lhe WeHuiai. en
pcdltlo...     Aerial naviga i '
iiiuilil ilaie „..*e.   him on the public ___ I,,,-   r   k   N se    and tamlly and
I'l-'"""".except -l"s'*l'l' Mai in.   He|    ,.|„1S ,„,   ,■„.,„.„   tra|nc    bridge   u,   it    i.    MacMickinga.nl    wile
I ihal patriotism uas nothing   to imm t|u. Sou||) Sosk)lU.|lowai| r|Ve,   1|ls     S||||,M. a|H,   Mts   MacMicking
  » "'I! "'""* ,oW ""' ""'""■ "'  ai     Saskatoon,   mil lot a slim Hue   were al    vers edge .nnl    Mis
*  950 Iin  long,     mill ll.e spans  ITS   Nourso saw Hn* bod)  "I a little cul
lefl   Innil.      K     I    IIi.Iiiiimiii,   Region,' floating  liy.      Sin*   h.i ill   I.i   illn*
is   Deputy    Miiiisiei    ni    Provincial   the two men     .vei' aud .li    N'oui
;   llie  eiglll-hOUl   les
Compensation Act,
it N.in.tiiiiii in iliiiiik
I,, Ui.-iii. Iiiii Antif exploration
iwi. Tliey m-ii il"' American adventure kindl) enongh, Imt »l ""'
tanni nine il.e Norwegians .ue nn.-
tu thell i*'"!- •'"•■ l1'-" "'"' '"
Arclic iimi.. naiurally enough, '*• ""'
gaitlant Ur. Nanscn. lln* popiiiaii.)
ul in. Nanscn is very great aumiig
his eou.iliy.ueu, am "'* > look upon
Alt ll.-llniaii as ,, Uangc.oilii compt'tl
lu, ,.i ill ii lavurile m lhe iaa' i"'
III,' imii*.   lln* lasl   n mi. lluliii'*'.
untie in 'In* seiiiiiinni iliai ii a Norwegian   canuol have     the lum"'    "'   lsl
miming tlie pole, Ihen may " he au
A uit'l nan.
.111. tiellluali is putting llie IH'lsll-
illg touches Ul Ills ]il.-|lal.illttlls llllll
llie same fueling llial In* begun Ulu.
null.,    lie lias ilu* saiuu faith in lira I
It-asiliilfll   ol   Ins |ilaus,   "lull* «   '"e
nanm time lie appreciates all Un*
tliiiniiliies ami danger- "i tlio pro-
Tuo imitilfuis an* uppermost iu
Ins project. First, Un* loilical sta-
Inliii ul Ins airship, as niiiTtisI lii
heal, inlil .iml precipitation, ami con-
trollcd liy sunli* ropo an.l liallusl,
second,  Uie   possibility  oi _uanwiil.il   i, ,4
llllnl.s.      A
II.* Mil.I 1.1 explain, however, nlil,
nisa ili.*ii S.iiialistn* representative
al tlu- coast, tin* Nanalmo men lui''
no.ei dared apply tor compensation
uuui Hn. pifsni, 111 nl Fcrnie union
wenl in N.tii.iiiiiu ami persuaded Ihem
1.1   lake up ., compensation fast-.
Hi 11.iiiiii,.iniliu.iiii- also (ailed 10
answci ilu* following p..rlltivi.1 iiues-
liuns pul in Inm in » 11 liu...-ii.
jiu-siiifiii nl ilie Ineiil union:
Illn 'Ii.i lie n.ii' 11HI1 ilie "lloary-
Itraded "ll Tinit's' during the last
session in sniiiinig 81111,1101) acres ol
laml io Hi,- C. I'. 1!., als,, mi the
and ileal, the Dcwdm-y dial,
and ..by did Iie vote against Hit* Liberals on ibf iiiiifiitlintiii to ilu* Education bill and Hu- amendment in llu-
Assessment Acl?
His Fernie aitillonce aro sill
itiinitiit*; ins answer in ihese ques*
Mnlilifiil,  .Inly  .1—The Cuban sen-
ale lias passed lhe Van I lor 'uilwny
subsidy   bill, appropriating ";.""'
kilometer lor    lhc construction
livi-lu*    btimill    lililllitl   lines,     liilil
im  Uie   Van llornc system
s 1
anchorage   during   high    w.nas.     .. s ,1M;|i,.,s »,n |„. |,ai,| ,,, ., ,*an- 	
balloon is n.-ees.saiily a very dellcale- roai|s ,llv cnniplelcl.
ly lialiiiiefd instrument.     A  1.0    "i cxccnling $''"" """ annually until all
...uusiiiiif, a  pull "I    cold 01    wain. ,,,,,, i„ n„. iuii, 1,111 il uas laken up
mud, a touch "1 damp mint, causes al„| |,assM|    iu   the ahsrace ol    tho
tho   balloon   to rise 01  fall.     H  is     There lias been conslderahle opposl-
inns! essi niinl    tii a proli'acld ini strongest advoeitlo ol llie aii.eu.in.enl
ago m kis-p ibe li.illni'ii al un    imii providing lm' public bidding,
height.     Tins Uie lu'ii'i  guide   rupe     The senate ielusi*d   in ameml    Hie
does. liill in ibis pai'l'lcutai*.
Tra ling along tho gro I 01* lu Uie     j>,,.^i,|. nt    I'alma   has deehlcd
wteii'^lnTairS Ims a inni™^""'" ''' ''   '"" "" ""' *«"""'   llu'
use, ii bus 10 Iiii  mine aiid    111010 the in.utiy owes a ilehl oi grallludi
nl the woighl  nl lhc rope.   .111    tin in sir William Van llornc Ior build*
oilier baud, as   llu   hull 1 descends, ,      ,,,,. ,ll,li|| h,,,, ,,f n,c. Cu|,a„   rn||-
11 is relieved ol lhc weight. Tho "
gniilii ropo is als,, ol some service "•'>'.
in sleeving Uu* unslnhlc erall, and Ior '"Is measuro gives lbe Van Horn.)
tins purpose Aml.ee used nevernl 1 jilt* full control ol the transport-atones.                  1 ion siiiiiiiinii in central and eastern
lllllllg   lu   Mr.   Wellllluli s    llltin*
A 1*1
his airship is at no nun- lo lie nut ut
touch  with  the SIHfnee of  llu* ean
A  smoolih,  tapering Inn* nf steel
tu dug ils lower eitii over ilu* li
keep    lln-   slop    ui    a lairly slat
iiciglll   (1.1(1   in  2'ili  tret)  und'    luui
tain, tiitilfi* iii.liiiaii- coml it Ions,   1I1
Vertical .slaliiiilv nf Hie t-iafl
llieie are other factors involved    i
the    problem <>l     vertical  stability
Tliere may   be an accumulation     0
frost, sittnv, sltvt ni  moisture
the   airship    amounting io    se
liiiii.lnds ul pounds in an hour or
In iiiii-ialioii llu- inoioi  is consu
Tin- s.uiiii Central I'aclllo railway
has I'tst'iiiil an exleiislon nt lime 111
whuh in Iniiiil liuin Vancouver,
11 .*. 1,1 Fori Churchill on Hudson's
Appllcal'inn lias been made tor In-
rporalion by Un- Fording Valley
railroad, li provides lot the lm lilies ol 11" miles ol track up lbe Find-
Vailei. B.C., lo tap Hie t'ual-
fn-tds The eapilal nl lbe company
is 1.1.01111,(1011.
bravely Jump.il into Hn* dangerous
stream an.l swam '" lite m'l. being
im.ili      i.i ,1      .lullll   I sell        II.
mm followed In Hi MacAiicking win
gave lum iiiinli assistun.v, and the
mn succeeded   in  getting  Uu-    bmli
ul   lln-   sill   In   -1>    I'."I1'   d"""   ''if
stteaiii. ami In prompl action lib'
was restored.     I:  u.i- Bessie    I'a'
ifistin, Hn* ulin* f being lu-t. Tlif
ael 1.1 Mi-ssi-s Nuiii-f .m.l Mai-Mick-
ins uas a lu.ni- .-ii.- a- ilni |.m.peil
inin Hit- stream .. Ith Iheh clothes
on uml   narrowly escaped ileal*,     in
lheir ellnils In save Hie llllle gill.
There ale feu imn lib" iiuiild Inne
done this    undei    Un* clycnmstences.
  I.ii.  Niuirsi- i-  Hie mnnagei  nl    Hn*
i'ln- m-i iieaihei has deiayeil    ilu*  Canadian    Bunk    nt   Commerce  ul
 1 Hie Brandon, Saskatchewan   LHlthrldge and u grneral tavorlle in
A Hudson's Iluy railway.    Contraot-, '"',l '"''  -A	
01 Richards is non moving liis largo
camp to lloisseiuiii, Mum       Laying
ol sleel bus already coiiiiiieue.il neai*     |>ni, 0, ,,H. ,„,.,,!,,,,  w«l.ltngs o.-el
si. ,luliu, North Duk. performed in Easl Koolenay iieciirii-i
~ al  rfl.c Meihoilisi church, Cranhrook
Construction on the Nicola branch    ,   ■. ■„,  u'l-im-ii
of   tin-  Canadian   1'iieilie    is  being  n,,n,v  uthrey    Mc
iu|iidly   pushed   ahead.      Ballasting   |,.v   j1r., cartwrie
lbe track already laid is being   dune   |[u,' ^    hnll(ls     n!
a.s lasl us possible.      The telegraph   |    p    iVeslinnii
uml limeiiig guugs arc working away  church had hwn be
anil are with.n   measurable   distance   f,lt  the occasion
nf ibe end ot the present Hack near   i,uiiei    uf   beauty
CoullCC,  un     lbe  liullli   uf   llle   Nicola   p-u-ly    eiil'l'd     lu
river,    close lo the junction ol    tbe Lohengrin's   bridal
Nicola and   Coldstream livers.       A m,^ exceitlloimble
bridge Is being    buill   there crossing ftrichmnu.
■he Nneola iiiei* inlu Vi. Vugt's prop*
ii ben
li.'ii.it, .m.l
lu  wero nu
Inl   ill
lll.ll lilll'ilil
uiitifullv dei
and was .1
when Hu*
In nl.i
Hie Rlrnl
IS      ul
nh'illly lu
I    The lirldc was
'i'ty, nnd immediately lihls is flnish-   white silk mull
a   hnliqitt-1
hired in ;i ilivss ol
11! veil, ami carried
wi fuiilicr constrnotion will proceed ;i iKiiiquel of bridal roses nml white
through Korksdale to Nicolft, It is canmt'lons. The giving awnj* gown
confidentially expected Irains wiil he w,is a licaulilul pattern ol lawn
running into Nicola within a month, la,lies cloth trimmed Willi cream..
Mv the time constnicHon has nacii-1 i,iss l'l-llil Cartwrlght, sister of the
■' ... , .. i, , , i Inin', acted ns linil.snutn am wore
nl Nicola Me surveyors iv.ll liavc hail   'R lh,'„u,A s|., ,.>s .,„,, mnM   .,
the     route   pliiited   up the laic lo imuquel     of rows nml   while eiiriiii-
Qiiilehena  ami  un tn    Aspen Grove, lions.
Construction    on   this section    will M'* l''';'"1''  Vroom  acte.11 as   Ijosi
lll.l.   in.inisliiilely  cOlnllKlieo  und    be ,"'"' '"  ""' '''"'"'""l" *""' «•  "* ««■
11 lii le Mil
1 .is nim
1 Mcliii
Ednmnlon,    Aim.,  -luly  I.—Ilomc-
...       si.ii.hns  in    Nuilbeili   A-llierla    bus
,"  been Ifinailiuble Itn lbe three moinlis,
und sellleis    aie   pouring    llllt)   the
I'.'lilbinu  nml   l.fllsliek   lltslliels   west
nf   lu-te.    1,11118   more homesteaders
'"','   were entered lliis year Ihan lasl, the
''    ioiiiiigrnnts     als,,' iielng oi a much
°u'  better class.     Thf entries Ior     lhe
Itiela-I  il,,- uuu, perhaps, ol mm it  """"h ""' "'""' "l'ln ,1""Wl'    ""«''
1,imiii pounds in  twcniy-four    hours
The   airship may lose a coiisiileiuhlt
part of its asceiisKni.il fo
ut the (
ami Ihc
I and loss ot gas al the very lim
wlien. Instead ot dropping wclghl to
correspond through con sump Uon ot
gasol nc, il is actually gaining weight
through accumulation nt frost and
snow. Again, llie reverse may he
true—a considerable gnin uf volume
ami lift force al Mie very lime the
motors are rapiilly reducing the
Weiphl  of tlie cargo.
The possibility of successful anchor-
ago is another serious problem      In
case -the ship at  anchor  were to   he
at'lacked bv a     wind exceorfing    Hip
tremendous velocity of (iity miles au
hour,  the envelope  probably     would
lie ruptured and tin- whole thing eol-
-lapse iu ruin.     In such an event  th.-
aerial pail of the voyage wnuld eoino   ' "'W'K
lo an     end,  because the gas    would
escape, and the huge envelope   would      HnfTali
soon come tumbling down upon     the  Lockpor
ice.       There would  then he nothing  pany   Hi
-.'spunditig inoiiih lasi  year
rrespoiMb nee is also much
Thc    homesteads     this
her "iliis,     lei/lei's received
'JJViJ letters sent 2,-BO'l, patents 135,
lasl year for ihe monlh or June   the
figures    were:       llomeslead entries,
^;')ii,   letters   received, 1,116(1; letler.-.
sent, 1,807: patents, 1-15,
The building of ihe month is again
a record breaker, ami ensures a
phiiiifiiniia'l year, the profits laken
oui ior June amounting lo $211,281,
although wi-i weather has prevailed.
The total from .January I io date
is ;i revelation for wiili flic best
liuililing month yet io come, it
already readies the splendid sum of
$537,510, a'Iniost Ihv equal of Ihc
grand loin) for the year 11)05.
.Inne     iX.—The  Niagara,
.t    Ontario Power     com-
-   , rahsmission line that will
to do hut lo continue the journey hv deliver power from Niagara Kails,
means of sledding over Uh- jc,. wiih u„i., i„ Syracuse, hegan to-day send-
ice modus, the fm-l consumed hv ihe  JJlf; power beyond Lockport.   A jump
engines of the airship being
lot otitis purpose,
District Passenger Agent Carter,
of Nelson, told the llerald Mm- other
dav that it might he impossihle lor
Die ('. IV K. to furnish ears for the
special  trains    that   will he required
ilablo  ol pall of the distance between l^ck"
Port and Syracuse was made to-day;
another seel ion     will he hitched     on
to-morrow, and  on    Saturday power
wil] he delivered in Syracuse.
Ten thousand horsepower will     be
delivered in Syracuse, where it    will I slanda-nii   oT'the   company's
lie supplied to the street railway sys-1 Hues,
push.il right  ahead.     At  present  Ihc jj""
surveyors     are camjiwl   ou   Roborl ,*•         . ,,..,      ..                  ...
Smith's farm hul are working up lhc '.*  ''.'■  X    .    , ,/J .,?,',       i
guilchciia Vallev.                                     I    '   ,      , \        t> it,,,
a  After ihe ceremony Mrs. Rniehinan
*> I plavod   Memlilssohn's   wwlding  march
('. P. R.   CONSTRUCTION   WORK ,lll(l' Ihn bridal party repaired to the
 ■ I beautifully    decorated  home of    Hit
C. P. ti. COMPANV TO IU'11,1) AT bride's    " parents      on     Armstrong
USVy, KROM COITI.KE TO      I avenue,  where  congjal illations   wero
NICOLA. receiveil   and     delicious refreshments
Vancouver,  R.   C,   June  2(1.-Work the   occasion   wiu th.- oruamcnl   on
will fie commenced al once on the ex- ihe    top of  the   wedding rake whieh
tension of   Hie   Nicola   branch   from was used hy the grandmother nf ihe
Ciiut'lee.   the   present    terminus,    to bride an.l     has    hei n used by every
N'ii-ola lake,  a liisiance of some   six bride in  ihe  family   since.
miles."   This is ihe reporl nf Mr. R. The happy couple then departed on
.Marpoie.   general    superintendent   ol 'he easi hound train, amid a show
ihe 0. ti. R,. Ch of rice and pmd wishes fnr .in     e
the ('. V. R., who has just returned tended Initial lour, Inclining Toronl
from nu inspection   trip   as far    as New   Vork   City and     other eastern
I.aggau, the eastern terminus of the points.
Western pacific division. *    Ou Hieir     return they will he     at
While away Mr. Marpoie visited home to lheir host ol fri wis in the
all the lintels and summer resorts Greer residence on Armstrong avenue
nf lhe cnmpany on the main line and whieh Hip groom recently purchased.
stales that all improvements for the Mr. ami Mrs, McKowan were the
summer rush are complete ami the recipients of many beautiful and ex-
company ready Ior a larger volume pensive presents, and the groom
nf husiness than ever before. The. presented the bride with a costlv
tourists are already started on their pearl crescent brooch and the brides-
western pilgrimage and the hotels "laid a wing pearl brooch,
along the line are rapidly filling up. The bride is the eldest daughter of
"' '    the weather has nul  been anv Mr.      and      Mrs.      George    Can
nier, and the fc,-,r has heen expressed
I'll.lt   tlieie   mighl   soon  he a   shottap
in this essential ni railway bulkllng,
s,.ys the  Vaitrmivei   flounce.
The nature of Hie demand for railway ties is strikingly instanced Inl
Hu- gia.iii.il disappearance ol lhe
vast piles of lies, accumulated during
the previous year, hy Uie Canadian
Pacific railway at Vermillion, Man.,
"ti ih.- ni.tin lm.- east between Winm-
peg .ueI Poi i \i thur,
ai tl..- beginning "I 'he yeai imn
li.il-. oi thousands ol \aluiible ln*s
were stored in Hie pita ,_t Vermillion
awaiting Hn- lime when ihey would
In- needed in connection with Hie de-
velopmelll nf th.- various lines in Lho
central west. Ai ih.* presenl tune,
"i all IhcRO Hr-, verj lew remain, a'nl
u   has become necessary to turn to
other  snut.es   [ol    Ihe   largo     number
required, Km Innately there is no
lack "i ties of Hi.* quality required,
and Uu- woYl. or construction and iui*
provemetil   goes mi   in len upl wily.
At llie pi.-Milt time Ihe dividing
line for the supply of railway ties
is at Moose .law. The lies iuvde.1
on all lines easi .if that point come
from the territory between Rat
Portage ami Kort William. The ties
lm   the  territory   west  of Moose  .law
come chiefly Irom Hie Crows Nest
branch, th.' points of supply being
t lii.-Ily between Elko        and
Knot.-nay Landing. Next year
ii is     hoped       that      the     ties
lot the Edmonton branch may he
secured at Rid Heer, the material
being ul'liil down the river to that
point  from i he mountains.     A t   t he
nt   lime all      lies used nu       the
branch, Including Hmse used nn the
Laiomhc and Wctaskiwin extension,
musl he brought all Uie way from
the mills on the Crows Nesi branch,
part of Hi.- haul being through the
mountains, wlien- ihe cosl of traps*
|iortai<lon is excessive, In addition N
in th,- mills lielween Elko anl Koo-M
tiu.iy Landing there ate others in!
lhe far west where ties in Nirgo
numbers are produced, notably the
mills nf lhc Columbia River Lumber
i nmpany, which, at Goldep, sometimes manufacture as many as 500,-
uoo in n s ngie season.
The price of .rood lies lus risen1
steadily during the past twenty
years, and i<- still rising. The price
is now 50 per cent, higher iu tho
eastern portion of western lines than
in the western portion, varying Irom
ml! in tn .-.'lit.: per tie between Win-,
nipeg and Port Arthur, nnd Irom 22
io 2i; in Ihc mountains, The lum-
ler used iu production is much the
'ante easl or wesl. Spruce, lamarac
nml jack pines are the trees chiefly
used, (n addition lo wMch cedar Is
rmplovcd in  British Columbia.
Rossland's Grand
Union Celebration
Under the auspieee of tbe Miners Untou, and the Mayor,
Council nml Citizens.
Two Days Carnival of Summer Sports
Monday, Tuesday. July 16 and 17, 1906
li... i. lii,Hum I'miimi,. ii,,,,,. it-dim, I .m-i ul Ihuehall. Hoivhiir iiiiiI
I' il  I' -I-   II it    I   .Imn f|   11 - ill   nil   I    Ilil' ..I llm.
Trail..,., nn.l  Sink   ..'in*  I' Iirm,   li.ill    <-."ii-     Kill   tVlirk I
HI'lU'l-ll! i>| ,,     . |n .miii iiiiiii- il Imii mil .nm mil in in. I'l U  I IISi'i'llt'lH-.
•111.  ll.'. lull' lllll Sll,.  Ill lll.ll lulllllllilll.
$3,000,00 IN I'KI/.liS $3,000.00
I* ll.-i  (...in.-ninn. n|,|.iv  I.. .1   i:    inililiisiiy s....viiiii,   l -iu-i
inn itniwl. ii ims Improved wl-thin tho ..'i-ljthi
lasl   ti-w  days,  mul   In.)leniIons   are anioiic      Uu*    ohl.sl
lhat Hit' inlunii. of lotirisl travel will n'siiluiis i.f Ci'aiihroolf,
In* greater Hum ever. eharmiiiR marroer   Ims
Ai I/iiki- Louise, which hv tihe ..-av, mM '" all forttinal
ami      besl
ami  In*     hel
■inlraifil her-
igh in   fi
Mr. Marpoie says is receiving ,*i great   '""' ae(|iiahilaoeo.    Fnr (lie pasl year
Oral iif aitiTitinn 1 fluse of Us many   s1"' l"is heen n teacher in tlie   Cran-
iittiiirtinns. iirtiiaiiiliiins have hi^-h linmli schools, where she attained a
matin (in* a very large inimlier nl t"""1 eiivlaWo repolatlon fm* Hie sue-
vis-iinrs. . eessfnl maimer in   whieh sin* carried
Mr    .Maipole   was accompanied on  '"' '"'i work.
ihis ii-ip hv Mrs, Marpoie and a tlvin -     '""' -""'in s nee coming In    Cran
visit wa.s paid to llanff. "   "i Innolilias lieen associated wiih    ilu
lietweeu sixlv and seventy ihoiis- Hranltrook Sasli and Door laeloiy,
and dnllais nre tn lie s|ienl lliis vear "'"' ■''''■ alreiuly placed himsell hy
liv Hie C. p. It. in general rr'pair l,is •MIHy and Industrious habits
and ris'onslnii'iiiin work* along Hie "i I™ loremosl ranks uf Cranhrook's
line of the Rsquinin.ll nml Nanalmo ■*"""■- '"'siness ruin,
railway This is in pursuance nt a '"''' ■ I*■,..1.1 extends the hearties!
plan whieh has been lormulaited '"ngiatiil.iii.iiis in Iho lia|i|iy couple
whereby Irom MO.nnn n, tiniiiino js '""' wishes Uiem many years ol
tn lie spenl annualv on Ihis work nn- ; wedded bliss,
i till    Hie   road   is Inought up t-o the 	
  '"''     '    '" iht-r
.... , |   lunge  slilpnienls   of  culver! nines
 „     ll'-l'"«e'■siipplMl by the Niagara, land   „n„.,    materials have hee,, sent|
Inr I'laiihrmik nn l.aluir Hav.     This  hoolpoit * Ontario 1'owcr comunny,   in the   Island   recently  and work Is
is due in the int-t ih.,i naili,* has i„- ls    pioduccd by ih.-  Ontario Power, t„ i«. commenced al once
ireased on the ('   1'   H   In  such nn   com|'any nn Hie Canadian side nf lillc
falls, Syracuse is I'tli miles froni
tin* source ol the power. Tlw ttans-
inissiuii uf power Hint distance
breaks all previous records limn llw
Kail- locality.
A. IV. Mi-Vittie, ib,. provincial laml
surveyor, has established nn olliee al
Medicine llnl nnd is rushed wilh bus-
extent this season Ihal Hie company
lind ii almost impossible to furnish
em.null paasengcr roacttes for lheir
regular Iraltlc. Mr. Curler's staie-
lili-nl is hacked up bv Hie fuels but
llial has nothing lo do wllh lbe sil-
I'litinn     Cranbrook is nm „ nulller. SHI   CHARLES    TUPPER IS   8.1  Iness.    Mr    MiViilie wns in    town
Ilns town is going to have iim Ing-   I Hie oilier dav nn his win* lo Nelson
gem celebration in her hisiorv    ami Ottawa, July 2.-Sir Charles Tup-   to spend llu.' Imli'lavs wilh bis |.m-
";„';", ,,'.'""'' '"''f'mis she will have  per,   oi 1   Canada's "11 rand    old  Hv.    SpeaHnir ol llle cnn.1'1 Ions    In
a     i     ake I In '■'„. ll t,T'""r   "' *y'"*" "'■"'■''•<■ »» -*'"1' mHiMloiw ol ?.""'i^. ""']     "r-   MoVJHH saitl.
din   io  iai.e   mem   Home again.   Cran- .,, ,     .                 .     ,        ,     ■           ,               here   is no    a       own       n   Mhi-rt-i
brook   will hav,. the result,, coaches "'■ s >'""'» r    •<"« ■ "«ij'B ,   """'   Ihal has , bright,*,* 1, lure   h.,n M«U
I Uiey   are obtainable,   and il    not bora on   July 2, 1821.      It is over Idne Hal.     The inexhaiiBllble siinlilv ,
tliey will exneel thc C. P   It. |„ djs-   half a e. ry   since Sir Charles be- of nnlnra! gas   gives    ibat lown   a
plav as mill* enterprise as the lown fame    a historic   figure by defeating wonderful  advantage in Ihis wester,,
ami   rustle up some clean box   cars loi    lhc   Nova    Scolla assembly the country where    (uol is such      factor
and 11,1s and seal  them for the ser- II.m.   Joseph Howe,   Ihen leader   ot  in iiiuiui.aftu.-ine.     flas is so eheap  nunri'mnlrs
vice ihal day.     rhe people will    in- lhe   Liberal    party In   lhat colony.  In thai town thai     ii is more econ-
sisl   on .online   I-   Cranhnok   thai \s Hi: great Iradii* .;( the confclcra-  nmn.1 on the part of the cilv lo let      Kurtz's   Own
■\ km il jii'Il-i' nl' ciyiira nhvflyB
day and il is up lo tbe C. p. R.   i„   Hon moveinenl In llie Maritime I'rov- tbe sPieel lamps burn ni.ht and dav
make good,     Now is lhe time for the   iut-es Sir Charles did nun-It to   make than to hire men In Hghl  them and
passenger department in gel to ligin-   lhc Canada of lo-day possible.     He turn   them    ont.       With  the great
mg.     Ibis low,, has inrmsl a   great   has held most of llle portfolios in the growlh    nf   A.lherla    and lhe entire
many hundreds ol dollars into    thai   Federal niinsHrv al various limes, as wesl, Medicine Hal   is attracting    a
department   by giving something tor  well   as   lira    premiership  ot Nova vast amount of attention ta thc man-  Thov lire itlonl miion iiiiiiln'siiinki"
the people to come anil see and     lhe   Scolin and llle     ttPiee ol   High Com- nfaeliiriiur centers ol     the east      on
burden   is on   the companv to  keep  missloner ol Canada In London. account of her cheap fuel and this is
taiih with Cranhrnnk and the people. ■  *  bound to resuli beneficially In    lhat
OPPORTUNITY SAV'' Y""! l,IS''0rXTS* $% .      .V'?11"'''.     «l»«*hwt      that,
OPPORTUNITY. |   Medicine llat enjoys is having a live.
,„s      .    -.   .7~._-      i.   i,i     ,  i  ,ul.l«"*"'s   lallliw     In pay lheir wide awake class of people who   are
"Opportunity,    il  is saul. "knock    electric hghl and telephone hills    nn ai.xlm.s to do all in lheir power   to
once al every man s dnor."    II musl   nr    'before lhc   Hub nl each monlh, advance the Interests   of the    town
jot lie assumed    from Ihis aphorism   will lose the discount given lo Ihose II  will be worlh anv one's while tri
that, 'opportunily" has ,.  cinch   "n   prompl in payment. watch Medicine Hat tor lhe „exl lew
the     business.      There  arc    olher  Cranbrook     Electric    Light     " ""  - *
''knockers." J      pany. 15-oam hm winner.
Kurtz's Ploticcrs
Spanish Blossoms
Por suln I.y nil u'1"'1 ilt'iilors
Mnniifactnreil liy
Kurtz Pioneer
Cigar Factory
148 Cordova St., W.
c id
rts a
f Ga
°-    C3    53
3 E
Cranbrook Bowling Alley
One of the best, and one of thc most popular rtfcre.itions In
Cranbrook, Open from 9 a in to 12 p m. Open lor ladies
Tue.sd.iy and Friday afternoons.       *4       -*       *t*       j*
R, LASTIRI    -   -   -   Proprietor
Armstrong  Avenue
NEW C P. I!   BRIDQR AT I.l'.Tll-
IT   WILL     BK   ONE    OR     TIIK
The Lethbridge press (or several
weeks hack, have heen Hling nhmit
Ihe decision nf llie 0, P, II. to creel
a hig bridge at this point, hut the
Winnipeg Free Press only "got next"
to ihis Important news Item tho
ot'her day, but it made a hip spread
about it nevertheless.
Under the heading, "One of tho
Wonders of the World," the Winnipeg
daily says:
It is believed tn have been practically decided by the Canadian Pacific
railway to enter at once upon the
const mot/Ion of a steel bridge, which
will be one nf the wonders of the
world, Second Vtco-prcsldent,
William Whyte, nf lhe 0. P.
IL, is at present in Montreal conferring wilh president, Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy regarding thc enterprise, and il is understood .that the
decision has been virtually reached
io no on wiih the work during tho
present  season.
The new bridge will he almut one
mile in length nnd will he 800 leet
in height, As compared with other
bridges nf the world, tbe Brooklyn
bridge is not longer, nml is not more
Ihan one-half as high-, The well
known bridge of ihe Tyne in England., built hy Robert Stephenson
lifiv vents ago, is about one-half as
high and 0flP-4iall as long as the one
promised lo he built hv lbe 0, P.  R.
The new steel strueltire of the Canadian Pacific . will span the Belly
river nl LelhbHdge, Alberta, The
purpose of the company In building
it is In slraifcbten the Iracl. and
hniten   ihe  dMailce   lielween     Lelb-
lirldgn and Maclcod. The grade on
lhe new (ih>t-*w»f-d line will also be
niiiiii easier, nn.l heavy loads can be
en ri inl nl veiy ni'.ch less cpsl. Tlio
Iron mills are exceedingly busy ai ,
llm present time, nnd il is though! I
ib.ii difficulty would tie experienced
in gel-ting any nr ihe required material Ihis year. Tlm cnnslruction of
the masnnrv wmk will, however, lie
none on wilh mmedlnlcly, and the
iron tfirdets will b: hiiitK during the
Mason of 1007, As ;| result of ilm
building of ibe new slrucluro lho
I rack nf lbe company will be iliverl-;
rn fo lhe north side nf the Belly1
The work nf track diversion in the1
country between Maclcod and Lctjh-
brid.me is similar lo that which has
luvn cnrrlrd nut by tbe company jt
variolic! points in the west, afr at
U"oa,dvic\v, and between this citv and,
Port William at several places. '        j
Thi- plan of the new structure Is to
eonslrlmf a doulilo bridge, lhe railway brldfre being ahove. with a!
I raffle bridge below, as the case of!
Stephenson's bridge over the Tvne. I
It   is IHievnil  that   Ihere is no doubt
Robinson .McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Ol
Rough and Dressed Lumber
can TINNED KOOI) st'.Mll.:
I.nnil  .luly H.-Tlio Al *.iu III
mil  (nml seine Ilns li.ul  .in exliiui
.Unary . - IT.. -1 ,„, nll classes iu I lm
Siiiisiini* makers who ilu as 11 1 .hi
thriving    innil-   all (lie  v.i nil.
'I'he t'Mliliiiiiik  '.'min   l.niiiln
Hi .i>il  bv   \.   II    III. * .ui.l
|t',     \      S II, Ul ll    |l'".m.|,'ll
I.,..1 week .mil nre al I'"*'"1 i"i"""'.
lullll min I'llnll lu lii.i"* tl«* I'lnnl
1  1 class i.iiihin.ii      llml, Hi.--i-
hiiierlv ..I the abseiiee of    busiiiesH    plnyrd by lliem     In lhu pasl   la    a
"Sausage    and     mash,"     pi ice two  s1.|Urhnl guarntilee llial all work hi
pence, is  the standing mlddaj     dish   ...... (j .    ,,....,.    wm i„. llllllni oul
nf iho.uu.-l.s of working nun uml "llsh' '" ';"."' ""V1"
cilv Herts. Imt these now ndiise io prompt!) ami in n (llsl-c,nSH mnunei.
cal' h..m. and ask for i.^-iahle f-oup None bill Ibo best, of he'p will he
or bread ami cheese. The sausage employed and customers in future enn
scan- is only a temporary one, mil Hl ssliml n,rt| iU.\, |aI„idry will
the    tinned    meat    panic  is  likely   io   ,        .        , .. ,    .  ,. "       .
lasl for many months, ami has ..1- l»' retiirnecl in a salisfacloty mud,
read)' allecled smne of the best peck- linn.
ing houses in London. The most remarkable result, of the scare is lhe
fact that two more vegetarian restaurants liave heen added to the 211
already existing in London, and which
are crowded to suffocation at luncheon daily. The rcs-luarant oti.nd
recently by Eustace Miles, the tennis
ihainplon and  vegetarian. Is doing a
Com- years.    Tint town is hound to be a    ., A   *    ,. ,t     '       "    .,'    „      The cost* of the new b'ridtf
15-oam     blir winner." VANCOUVER  -      "•    C,   ! between $600,000 and %}.M
regarding t-he adoption nf this plan. I I
The cost nf the n-°w bVidge will be 1
i,.-i iv.-,... tr.iin iiiiii r.„.i  (i nan nno ' _■
and $1,000,000.
II. Vi. Price and wife, Mania Price,
having lliis day before a duly    commissioned       justice    nf     lhe   pence,
signed papers   of Reparation,   therefore. I, Harry W.  Price, disi'la'ni all
roaring trade,     Society people   have! liability for anv debt or actions eon-
taken to eating immitatiou chops, ai trade*! hy said Mania Price, on and
ilf   be] la Miles, made according t0 bis    re*   after lliis'date.
elpe, wiWi fresh vegetables. 115' Signed, Harry W. Price.


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