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Cranbrook Herald Dec 28, 1905

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 •    •   .
J_ 190€      -2;
' " ' ''*,- 11,,
lima, fl r
Paid Up Capital $10,000,000      ■ Reserve Fund $4,5000,000
n. E, WALKER, General Manager       ALEX. LAIRD, *uut. Oen'l Manager
$5 nml under   3 ctntt
Ovrr   *S iimi not exceeding $10       fi Cttltl
"    Sill        " " $31)      ID itnls
"   sin      " " smi is centi
Titan*Order*nre I'umiMc nl l*iu*nl mj oin,,- In CtllMtluofn Chni I it.uili
(Yukon excrpltHl), .iml .it ilu- prim ipnl Itnnkiuu |H>lntn in ihc Ull It ml Mui*.*..
They liuin un uxculluiil met Itmi nf rt milt inp Htnull hiiuim nf mono)
wilh sal' t>  unit .ii -.mull eo»t.
j     Deposits of $1 and upwards received and interest al" jjj
I lowed from date of deposit at highest  current rates and *
compounded half yearly.
IK *
;" I. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     |
4 *
4 *
2 acres of fond which cannot he equalle I as a huild-
iiiR site for a warehouse,
ice house, factory or other
large huildinjt.
J \
We wish lo thank our customers and
friends for their liberal patronage during
lhe Holiday Season and hope for a
continuance of the same during lQ0ti.
We wish  you one  and all 11 Ibfipp')
an? prosperous il-lcw HJear.
IAN   .<
.* .* T H E *< .-«
The most comfortable house and the best
table in the Kootenays
Apply for terms Mrs. Holford, Cranbrook
Our Hany Customers for their patronage the past year and wish for them
A   Happy  and   Prosperous   New  Year.
In case   there is a cilv election In
1 January   tin*   nominations    will be
ImIi1 mi ilu>  ir>th and the election nn
Ihr    18th,   ami     this     will   include
I mayor, aldermen and school trustees,
| Tin- Herald, realising that the mum-
jti[i.ii    acl,      uilli   all uf   ltd amciid-
nu'iiis, is vory contusing! asked    ff.
I-   liui.l, (lit* solictor, as lu las   In-
inriaiiiiu, anil In- gave us lhe ful-
i. in-;  Information;
"Tu  liimw   whether ur not one is entitled tu Mitt- at the next municipal
election     Ihe    citizen  is obliged      lo
mud) Un- Municipal Elections Act ul
I8i)7, ine Municipal Clauses An and
tin* various amendments thereto, and
even wiiti ihe statutes before one thu
ia.sk is by no moans an easy one.
"lu jiiii- tin- t|iuliiic.itioii of voters
.is io uiy municipalities was m part
dt IiiimI and undei lhe acl ul Ileal
jr.it any male or feuiah*, being a
llrilish   subject ol   the lull age    ol
lut lily-one   years   who   is   lhe   owner
ui real estate ol the assessed value
ul Iiul less than JllW.OU is entitled
lu villi* witIliiijL any n( the cuudi-
iiuiis attaching lu oilier classes ol
voters and which makes the situa-
imn at ilie ensuing election some-
\MUil peculiar.
"Under the Act of DM2 it was
also provided thai a representative
being a llritish subject, iiuiy author-
i/.t-ii by ilie directors ul an incorporated company which is the assessed owner of lauds ur uf improvement ol lands, whatever that expression may mean, situated within lbe
municipality, may bu entitled to
vote, This is au illustration of
voting by proxy, a provision somewhat novel in election law.
"Persons holding trade licenses,
the annual feu uf which is nol less
titan iaMti, are also untitled to
Vote, bul if you claim to be a householder and lo vote as such then there
is a wide field of speculation as to
lhu effect of the statutes to enter
"The statute of 1JI02 says that a
householder who has paid un or be-
fure December 31st iu the year immediately prior to the dale of nomination, all the municipal rates,
taxes, assessments, rentals and license fees (which are nol chargeable
on tne land) and which hu shall owe
tu the municipality be shall be entitled tu vole; and if he owes nothing then be will nnt be debarred;
hut Un* Act of 1905 defines a householder lo be one who holds and occupies a dwelling, tenement, hotel
or boarding-house or any part or
portion of a dwelling, tenement,
holel or bs.iardiiig-huu.se within a
municipal ly, who has paid to the
municipality rales, taxes or fees of
not less than $2.00 during the current year, i.e., the year prim to the
'All persons who would under llie
ordinary acceptation of the term bu
deemed householders would not -be
entitled to vole as such because all
such persons will not have lite privilege of paying Ute $2,110 or more
taxes io the lowu. A good many
householders will be paying other
taxes, and as to these, of course,
tliere will be no uncertainly, but a
great many will only pay* the road
las of $2.00 per head; and who will
pay this tax is also uncertain, because, although lhe Aet provides!
Uiat male persons between the ages
ol Jl and 50, residing within the'
municipality shall pay sueli taxes,,
jet in another part of the Municipal
Clauses Act the council is given |
power to define which of that class
oi persons they will charge this tax
against. Then, again, males over
50 and women over 21 yeais of age
neither ol whom can be assessed
under the mad tax, may not be paying any other taxes and consequently
will not be able to vote, no matter
what amount of rent they may be
paying. lu the wisdom of the legislature tbe provision contained in
lite Municipal Election Act of 181)7,
whereby a householder was defined as
one paying a rental of JiiO.OO per
annum, was repealed, and lbe new,
definition requiring nothing but lho,
payment of $2.00 or more to the'
olty, substituted. |
"If ymi find that, you are entitled!
lo vote as a householder or a holder'
ol a tnwlo license then you are siill
liable to he defeated of your rights
should yuu neglect lu make a statu-1
i i> declaration on ttie form, three
oi foui limes revised by the statute*
and as now contained in lbe Municipal Elections Act, Amendment Act
1005, .md deliver Hie same lo the
(*iiy Clerk within 48 hours after
making II and before 5 o'clock in
tho afternoon on Uie day thu list
is closed by Lha clerk, namely, on the
Slsl day of December, unless the ;ilst
day In- a Sunday, in which ease it
will close on Saturday, December
■'"'tli, and llial is the case Ihis year.
M might be added thai those who
aro huiis,'holili-is may also be entitled    to vole   as owners nf real    <.s-
iil lum
ul        \1
F D flecker, formerly local manager <>[ tbe (His Staples Luiiitii!
company, uf Bayard, arrived In
Cranbrook this week Irom Calgary
lur a brief stay. \ representative
ol the Herald, learning that Mi.
lieekei had been devoting the pas'
three months iu the organisation <.
a retail lumber company with bead
quarters at Calgary, found him and
asked for Information rogarding
lumbei situation in Alberta and
■cope uf the new company.
"Yes,   we   have organised a
company to engage In the
hei   business in the province <
beita   with   headquarters    ai
gaiy," said Mi.  Deckel        "Ml
Staples is president, C, W Ruwluy,
vice-president and myscll secretary*
treasure) and managing director.
The company has iis general offices
in Calvary and has now aboui fifteen
yards in operation throughout the
province,    li has been Mr. Staples'
idea Irom lhc time Ihal he lust engaged in ihi- manufacture ol lumbei
iu this country ih.it the best way
to servo the manufacturer and look
after ihe interests of the consumer
was to become Interested in yards
in lln- territory that furnishes the
market. This company is a distinct organization from il.e Staples
Lumber company, although Mr.
staples is interested in it. li is
our intention to meet the demand ul
the consumer and with thai idea in
view wo will handle lime, brick,
cual, and in some uf the towns wagons, carriages and agricultural Implements. We will also buy thu product of the fanner, either his gram,
dairy product or beef, and whal he
does not care to take iu what we
have to sell we will pay cash for,
This part of the business will be
handled In a wholesale way at oui
Calgary headquarters. 1 have visited all the principal towns of Alberta
during the past time months, and
when I started on my trip l thought
that the chances Ior the lumber business next year were verv fair, but
nuw I know ihat they are good. Wc
will handle the product ol oilier
mills as well as ihal nf the Staphs
Lumber company."
.Mr. Decker is a young man of experience and ability wiih unlimited
energy and he will make a success in
his new field. Hu will be succeeded
in thc local management uf the
Staples company by D, R. Yates,
another young man whu is a hustler
and business from Ihe word go. Mr.
Staples has the faculty of gathering
about him young men'who are reliable, energetic and believe in onlv
one thing in their work and that Is
lv L. Chiidleigh, ehiel desnoitchoC
at Cianbrook, will leave for Calgary
"n the first of the year to assume the
same position al thai point. It will
he sad news lo the peuple of Cranbiook wliiti Ihey learn of Mr. Ohud-
leigh's transfer, for as a railway official and as a citizen he enjoyed well
deserved popularity. The Herald
joins with the people of Cranbrook
in wishing for Mr. Cudlelgh lhe best
of success in his new position, and
may he continue to climb lhc ladder
of railway preferment. Mrs. Ohud-
b'igh will be missed in social and
church circles where she has been
a universal favorite.
Claude Mansfield, one of the despatches, has been promoted to Mr.
Ohudletgh's position, a fact that will
meet with the approval of all who
kmnv him.
Wm. F. Tate & Son,   ^T^W™
Official Watch Inspectors,  Crows Nest   Pass  Division, C. P. R,
Do nnf forget, the readings by
'Ralph Connor" on the evening of
January 81 li nt the new Preshyt-er-
I iuii church, This gentleman is Tam-
' ed far and wide for his reputation as
an author and reader and his ap-
} penranee in Cranbrook will be a
. treat lo the people of this city.
Rossland, Deo. 16.—At 2 o'clock
lliis atti'riiooii about a uut of gelignite in lite thawing house ot the
Center Star mine exploded, tliroti|-li
some unknown cause, killing John S.
Ingram, formerly chief of police here,
ami also at ualgaty anil Winnipeg,
ami injuring several scores ot people.
Ingram was In charge of the powder,
and his death removed the only possible source of Information as to the
cause of the explosion. His hotly
vvas removed Irom the debris badly
mangled, Lockhart, assistant diamond drill operator, who was al
work under the Center Star oHices,
was badly cut about the head antl
legs, but will recover. Several members of the nllice stall and men in the
compressor building were hurt by
Hying glass or by being thrown violently against the machinery. Buildings in llie Immediate vicinity were
twisted out ol shape and liie windows all broken.
The big War Eagle boarding house
is badly damaged, some of the inmates being slightly injured. In the
cily the shock of the explosion caused much consternation and did a
large amount of damage. Nearly all
the plate glass windows on Columbia
avenue were smashed, many people
■iving cuts from the fragments.
I'he merchants had their Christmas
gootls displayed, much destruction being wrought among these, The
amount of glass destroyed is enormous, and heavy Importations lor repairs will be necessary. The citizens
leel thankful, nevertheless, that the
loss of life and properly was not
greater, The Center Slar, War
Eagle and l.e Roi mines will be shut
down for a few days, because of Injury tn the steam and air pipes and
compressor machinery and the practical wreck nl the buildings containing them. The damage cannot he
exactly appraised, but ii is thought
it will reach probably $50,000,
John S. Ingram loaves a widow
and five children.
The list ol ihe Injured:
K. M. Hrown, badly cut abonl
Mrs. E. M, Purcoll, liadlv cut,
Mrs. Oiiirgc Cain, cul aboui face.
Mrs. Leary Donohiie, badly cul
and bruised about face and wok.
Wm. Lockhart, nose severed.
Wm. Tomllnsnn, nose cut.
Many more were slightly injured In*
falling glass.
MAKING      READY      FOR      THE
Winnipeg, Dee. 15.—A parly of ten
C. P. II. surveyors have finished the
work for a 6,0110 font trestle bridge
at Letlibridgc to cross Belly Oats
and save seventeen miles of Crow's
Nest fine, a part ot the new through
route Irom St. Paul, via the Soo
line and Crows Nest to Spokane and
Pacific coast. It will be shorter
ttian the Greal Northern between
thc same points.
Victoria Colonist: Wilh the announcement ol the sale ul tho -Mc-
.Mill.iii-Kobiiisuii gioup uf iron claims
un Hooker creek, au allluenl of Kootenay lake, tu eastern capitalists, ai
contained In a despatch Irom Nelson
published yesterday, mining men
quainted with the conditions In
district are enthused over the |
biJit) of the carl) establishment ol a
big sted making industry in southern
British Columbia. Interviewed with
regard tu ihe sale and the probable
uiu look tui thu erection uf tolling
mills 1..I die manufacture uf hum
uuu .unl steel, tt. Blakemore, M, K.,
ul Nelxou, who Is iu ihe city, stated
iu a Coiuiusi reporter that lie bad
recoived confirmation of ihu sale, lie
is well acquainted with lhu properly
having in October made a report on
the group fur lhu owners and lhu
prospective purchasers, It is un his
report that the purchase has noon
concluded.    He said:
' I have for five years done my ut-
most tu direct attention tu the hematite deposits of Koolenay, and ever
since 1 negotiated the deal for the
Kitchener properly wilb thu Canadian
Pacific railway 1 have felt convinced
that it was only a quest inn of a very
tow years before steel would he manufactured somewhere mi Kootenay
lake, I consider that lliis deal assures its accomplishment iu tho near
future ami is a factor of pr mo Importance in the development of this
Speaking of the iron on this group,
he said it was high-grade specular
iicniaLite entirely free (rom phosphorus and tetanium, and containing
a luw percentage uf silver. The Veins
are nut iiiterslralilied lu any considerable extent with Inferior matter,
ihe uuly admixture being lime, which
wuuld render tliu mailer uf fluxing
easy ul accomplishment. There aie
Lhree well-duliued veins oil the property frum niuu to twelve feet iu
ividiu. Seven claims aru iu the
group sold.
in discussing the commercial aspect
uf the iron manufacturing industry,
Air. Blakemore pointed out that uio
cost of steel manufactured iu Lho eastern Slates and transported frum
-,UUU to 3,tWU miles Lu this province
emails a very heavy freight charge.
The present consumption ul pig iron
ni British Culumhia is ruuginy dtir
uuu ions a year, but in the neighboring States to the south—Molilalia,
Idaho, Washington and Oregon—the
consumption exceeds liw.uuu tons,
and throughout the Paeilie Northwest
ihu demand is rapidly increasing,
"Steel works established on Kooteuay would dominate the whole territory," he said, "and would enable the
manufacturers to place the highest
grade iu the market at a price at
which it would bu impossible fur eastern manufacturers to compete aud
pay the minimum charge of about
$20 a ton for transportation, At the
,iresent lime pig iron in the Kootenays costs $32 a ton, ou the coast
from $22 to $25, and in the Northwest Territories iu the neighborhood
f Calgary and Kdmunton from $30
in S-'Jfi. In my opinion pig iron can
lie produced iu thu Kootenays fur $10
tu $12 a lon, and tliere is au abundance of lime either on ur adjoining
ihe iron claims and the best smelting
fuel, namely, Kernie coke, is produced
within lfib miles and can be laid
down on Kootenay laku fur $5 a
"Why has not the industry been established ere now,'" asked thu reporter.
Because of the small market heretofore and the objection on thc part
of capitalists that ihe tonnage consumed was not large enough to justify the necessary outlay in plant and
development," he replied. "But nuw
there are modern processus which
have enormously reduced the economic
unit . The electrolytic process,
which has recently been investigated
in Germany and Sweden by Dr,
Haanel, head of the Canadian mining
department at Ottawa, has been proved lo be applicable under such conditions as exist in thu Kootenays, and
Dr. Haanel thought a production of
11,01) tons a year an economic unit,
so that 30,000 tuns would bu ample
to ensure profitable operation. But
I am thoroughly convinced that if
works were established in tho Kootenays the whole of the market whicli
1 have outlined would be secured
without question.
"I am al the present time engaged
in writing a paper ou "The Possibilities of Steel Manufacture in British
Columbia," for the Canadian Mining
Institute and the consummation ol
the McM Ulan-Rob bison deal at such
a time is most opportune," hu concluded.
The purchasers of the group of Iron
claims are Cleveland and St. Paul
capitalists headed by Mathias Huts-
ling, nf the former city. The prici
paid is said to be In excess of $"),-
000, and the new owners have announced their Intention to spend $50,-
000. in the immediate exploitation o"
their holdings. In the spring ;
monorail tramway system is lo be In
stalled connecting the mine with Koo
tcnay lake for the transportation 0
ore, and rolling mills are to bi
We Wish You
A Happy &
New Year.
•\l S • '•»« l • • • I I • tr • • • ;•
j 50c Equals $1 j
I Beattie & Atchison's I
Big Sacrifice Sale o f
Holiday Goods
p. m.
This   Sale   closes   December   31st   at    12
Cheapest Sale Ever
♦ ♦♦+♦
For Sale.   A Bargain
One storey Frame Dwelling 28x32,
plastered, five rooms, water intalled,
fenced-in lawn, half acre of land, just
outside the city limits.   Apply
c^rnold Ct% R^oberts
CRANBROOK,  British Columbia
TIIK    KAST    KOOTENAY POWER at the outset hv t!
Charles A. McK
stales tliat his compfl
puses to take 35,000
or water Irom lhe St
will   CUllSlI
mile     abo\
power  will    he
mile below tho
feted Unit wilt
ny, wi.i
. Mary's river,
lake   atlout    a
Marysville, while    lhe
i   developed  about    a
■ lown.       il  Is calcu-
miles uf Hun
j Power A Light C
i time it is next t
' the shares, or ti
price, The local
to pay, and evi rj
ther guarantee ol
every dav adds
this' distrlc
reaches iis g
tun'"-' of I ne
ie West Kootenay
At the present
Imp isslble to buy
get them at any
company is bound
day will he a lur-
its success, since
i the progress of
d as the district
will the for-
East Kooten
head of -"in feel c
by means of a d
feel can he put i
head of 7r» feet.
over 12,nun horsi
crated, li is n
pany to hnve Cli
famous hydraulic
New VorK in lb
lhe work
an be
ii, making a    total I
With 78 feel of fall |
powi i can be gen-
onoscd by the
W    \. Sandford,   said to ho   from
Helena, Muni., has gut himself    Into
nible with a chequo for $600, payable to Sandford and purporting    to
ments Herchell, the bo signed by nne Henry Milter, Saml-
i.ui   from I"1'-' obtained certain small sums   on
Lv out  the cheque, which was ante-datcil to
*Uy,     on   l.e ii.iy.iMc on tho 27th iust.     On the
Be sure and buy a ticket for the
opening dance in the I.O.O.F. and
K. of P. hall on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.00.
The latest proposal of the C. P. R,
is to loop lbe big hill at Field. Il
will be a costly undertaking, probably requiring the expenditure ol a million and a halt. The grade on the
big bill Is the heaviest on any line
on the continent, running from '3J
to 4£ per cent., and that in a distance ol seven miles the length of lhe
grade. The loop will be an extensive one, over twnty miles, hut then
tho grade will not be more than one
per cent, although the distance is
prolonged three lold. The loop at
Glacier is only 5J miles long. The
work on the new loop will be exceedingly heavy, as it will be principally rock work, but the scenic
views will compensate ono for the
increased distance ol travel.
his report the 136t-li he also goi some money on   an
md with    tho allegation   thai he   had   a month's
' wages coming to him Irom the Mayook Lumber Co. On Investigation,
so it is said, it proved that this
latter slalemeiil was not true. An
information was sworn to on that
iransaciii.ti and Sandford was arrested on a warr.ml. He eame up tor
preliminary hearing on Wednesday
forenoon and was remanded until
10.30 a. m. on Friday. It appears
lhat thc cheque for $(100 was presented on the 27th to the Imperial
bank here. li was marked, "No
funds. Drawer not known. No account." Tliis matter will probably
bo gone into at lhu Investigation tomorrow.
ihis genfh man makin
work will he started
Important capitalistic backing which
the project has already secured there
is no doubt In Mr. McKay's mind but
the enterprise will be quickly    pressed to a finish.
This    undertaking   will be nl    the
most material advantage lo the genial progress of the disiriet.     There
ought to be a demand for electrical
power    nt the   Snllir-.m, lhc North
Star and, now that things are looking so well, in the Stemwlnder also
as development advances.       Electric
light would be a   distinct advantage
to   Marysvlllo, and   even Cranbrook
itself could do wilb a lew more hundred horse    power in    tho way
eleclrical energy.
Thc demand   for eleclrical    power
mav, possibly, bo dull iu the begin*    .
ning of Ihe business, but we    should K. of P.   hall on
not furget the dull times encountered Tickets $2.00.
Be sure and buy a ticket, for    the
opening   dance in    the   I.O.O.F. ami
Now Year's night.
Editor and Manager.
The Herald is worth $11) a year, ll
costs only 1- No man in South
Kast KoOtela; ean aiTord lo be without it, aud everyone living outside ol
the district, who is interested in tin*
progress ol this Bectlon, should read
lt. lt publishes lhe news while it is
news, lt is controlled absolutely by
the publisher No clique, pany oi
Individual dictates us policy. U
don't iry to please the people. It's
desire is to publish a newspaper thai
will be a credit to lhe community.
Send In y„ur subscription and you
will ue thankful evei alterward.
Advertising rates tl pel Inch, slngli
column, per month, no more and no
I, ss.
Heading matter 15 cran pel Iin.
lu n„u-advei nseis , 1" cent, p, i lun
lo tegular advertisers. lluslncsi
locals live cents pel lino each Inset-
II you desiie la reach Iho people „i
South Kasi Kootenay *,", musl ad
vottlse In The Herald
The Herald has a lirsi i!., - i"1
plant, and ns work is „l ihe besl
The Herald don'l wanl charity. I'
wants a square deal oil youi j.'l,
work. 11 we ean't suit you in quality and price, kit!,, an,I send your
work to some Cheap .'"In, In,u.-c iii
the east that novel spends a eenl In
1,000 a Week
This is Hi,- gitaranl I
dilation o! tlm He,aid
Press ra mil subscription lists ,,|„-n l,, luvcsligtl-
ti„„ by ulvortlwra nl any
Th,' lloruhl givos n dollar
in value lor n dollar In money,   The advertiser has the
right to  know wlllll   he   is
receiving for his money.
The Herald is one paper
that courts invoHlitigiitlon.
The Herald  will be iound on ty
\ snle at lhc following pluces: J
, Marysville, Marysville Drug Store *
\ Wardner, fl Donahue's Siure J
1 Moyie, S. K. Hnrvie's Drug Slore ♦
Ryan, R. P. Unlay ♦
Rernie, Purdy's Honk Slore *
Elko, Holbrook s Book Store j
• Cranbrook,  Bcnllie * Atchison's ♦
and C. E. Reid & Cu. s X
** Hi
J   PERSISTENCY is a jewel    *
* , , *
* on  the instalment f
* I1
m plan. .,
* *
**                                                J*
For lhe Information ul ll- renders
„[ lne Herald 1 desire to announce
that Mr. M. D, Hillings has purchased a fourth interest in u,,' 11, raid
nml in fnliire will I,,- one ,,i lla'
partners iu lhe business. Mr. H,l
lings was associated will, mc in ilu
Slales before 1 came l„ Canada and
four years ago came Lo Craubrook
and became foreman of the Herald
Since l-hal time he has been
ctici'gcllc, lain,Iiii, loyal to lhe
Herald, and always anxious lo
advance us Interests. As a printci
Mr. Hillings js a man ,,i many years
experience ami has t,,, superior in
Western Canada, having learned the
•business in Uie best offices ,,,' lb,*
laige cities ,,i llie easi ami west.
As a IIOWSpupcl   man   he has  had     a
varied experience, having tli.nu editorial work for a numl,i-i ,,i yens ,,],
several papers iu the iv,  v:i, Slu li
A:,  a business    man     l e  I,.,,   ha.I     a
good training and is careful, courteous ami linn iu all In, liie.uu-ss
transactions lot ihc Herald, having
been in charge many limes during Lho
.absence ol mysell. During ihc pasl
loin* years the Herald I,.,., grown, ihe
business has Increased ami ihe burden of management has grown heavier. Mr. Billings, by lus faillilul
service, has earned lhe chance Ior
proprietorship, ami ihe closer association as a pail lie! vvill enable
him      to    lake  his lilll  shale ,,i    lhc
burden of editorial an.l business management. The Herald will he Improved during the next year in many
ways. It will 1„* made a better
papei* for lhe people. 1 anl ambitious regarding ihe Herald. I wanl
lo see it a paper with,nil a peer in
this part of Canada, ami Mr. Hillings shares with me thai feeling. I
will in ihe future, a.s in ,1a- past, be
th,' manager of lhe paper, and have
sn arranged my affairs lhat I vvill
be able to devote moro „I my    time
. thi papei  ih..., .     ■•• i"i    Bome
I u,  ihe pasl.     I ranbrook    will i
grow in n,e next year, and II will
!:,,',■ I,, bustle t,, "■ " "I1 with ihc
Herald    Mi    Billings joins with the
old Man "-iti wishing all of ihe Herald readers a happy and prosperous
New  year.
!•".  i:   Simps,,ii.
Buy .i dog and vole.
Will a vote based uu ihc license
[iaid un a dog bo called a "yellow
log vote?"
Tbo Nelson News is usin^ the verbal nn   reporl of    Premier MeBrldo'a
speech in Cranl I- .1-*   repoi ted   b]
Uehic Elwell (ur the Prospector as
evtdeueo that Mi. McBride did nol
know  whal  he was talking abuut.
tin* people "1 Moylo .ne leel lug
good ovei ll»e lucreused Interest in
mining In    the  region around    thai
s,i\, young in.in, 'he lirsi w.-eU ul
iin- I,, w yeai i^ a good nun' io make
,i star! on n bank account. Nu
mailer if n is only Ave dollars, if
vmi start ii .md stay wnh II, ymi
will he surprised lo find how much
you will have i.> Un- first oi anoth
i year.    Try ii once,  _^	
Prcmiei MclJi de would never havo
likv.Ii- Hie talk Hull he did in Cranbrook if Ihere had been some one to
follow him whu was conversant with
■he facts.
Swear nil if yuu wanl fo, Imt il is
just as well lo quit.
The pasl year has been a peach fur
Cranl k. '
The     party organ    i-s like   a sick
child.       It   has lo lake  ils  ini-ilicilie.
N'u party is perfect, and tin1 news-
paper ihal stands up fur thc mis-
lakes uf iis parly or dishonest acts
nf itmi parly, is soon recognized as
a political luui and has neither
welghl ur influence.
Honesty is m.i a bud thing to cultivate hi Ihis world, And especially   is   Ihis   lhe case   in   the  lasl,    year
ur two, since honesty is growing in
popularity. If it becomes lhe hig
thing in polities and business it will
.io hard ou some people,
When a man goes into public life
he musl expeel moro criticism than
[naise. The thin skinned man has
no business in a public capacity.
When you see a man elected by the
people Io a public olliee and then
use llial  Ofllco tu gel   even wilh     Ihe
real or Imaginary enemies ymi can
form some kind ol an idea what kind
..I a newspaper man he would make.
Such a thing as fairness to all men he
would Know nothing about or would
la- he willing iu recognize such a
principle. Such men would nol
make safe men fur a newspaper, and
ihey are mine worthless and less safe
as public office holders.
The   Herald   prints   the   news.   That
is why iis subscription list continues
to grow. More people read the Herald to-day iu Soulh Easl Kootenay
iliati any paper published iu ilns
section. Ii pays to be honest with
the people, and it pays to be cour-
agcous enough to tell ihc truth.
A man may be a fine politician bin
a miserable failure as a statesman.
The Nelson Economist says thai
Uie Herald pleases holh parlies, We
don't doubl bul ihal lhe Herald
pleases I'he lionesl men uf both parlies. This paper is always ready to
condemn mistakes iu 'lhc Liberal
party and give praise fur good w irk
done by tbe Ciniscrva'tlvcs. The
Herald believes thai ibe Liberal
p.irly has done wonders Ior the development of Canada during the
pasl nine years, aud is entitled lo
unbounded praise for what ii has accomplished. Il is no use li) kid:
against progress. Canada is pro-
grossing. There may he some men
wlm would rather see dull times
iinm progress under Liberal rule,
hul lhe grca'l masses are nut buill
ih.it way. Young men, cncrgotlc
men, progressive men hive success
They liiiir nu lime lu listen to lhe
wall Ings of the pessimist.  Tbey want
to go ahead. Thai is where success lies Ior ihem, and Mini is why
su mniiy ol ihem have become Liberals     Itm  lhc Liberal pari) makes
mistakes.    Any part) is i ml io do
that, because panics nre bul representations id human organizations,
The Herald has always been ready
io condemn errors on the part, of
ihe Liberals nr praise good work on
lho pari   of Conservatives,   it   never
would accept a   position   where    It! lie is a gonial,   whole-souled fellow,
li.id  lo swallow mistakes of a party, wilh mi ever ready "glad hand" fur
or give praise whin praise was   nol 1il , n'""',s-  . ,
,        .      , As a public  man,  and  more parli-
due, simply lo show its loyally    to cularly as the head uf the provincial
party.     The world is fasl     getting1 administration,  Hen.  Richard      M
beyond the stage ol 1
Mc Wtsb ©ur dfcanv
ftfettte an6  patrons
B Ifoappv & prosperous
flew Jjjear
Be sure and attend the Odd Fellows and Knights
of Pythias' ball Jan. 1st, and the Telegraphers' ball
on Jan. 10th.
AU Must Go=HILL & Co.=All Must Go
Fitzslmmons was old enough l"
have known bel ler.
Tho Hussions will have to wade
through oceans of gore before they
reach  lhc civilized  singe.
When preachers cannol agree what
must    you expeel of wicked laymen.
Mr,. McBride wc ,1" le d bounty
a great send-off bill failed to mention tbo bounty.
Government surplus is an easy
mailer when you increase lbe (axes
and never spend a eenl. We knew a
ninn in Kansas, a farmer, who used
lo boast of ins big bank account. Ho
had a right to because he had a
large one, He also had a wife thai
was nearly dead from overwork, he
had lhree boys who were kept at il
llko slaves, ho had a homo thai was
a disgrace to him, he had a farm
thai was not well kepi up, he bad
lust happiness and contentment
while indulging in Ihal one desire,
lu accumulate a surplus. Hoth he
and his wife would have been bel ler
off if the surplus bird nol been so
large, holh of his hoys would have
been iu belter condition if the surplus had not been so large, the unbroken fields would have been developed if ilie surplus had not been
so largo. A surplus is easy if you
use the right system, and Ihal is gel
all you can and don't, Ict go.
Mr. McBride Is entitled lo the
thanks or lhe Herald for confirming
whal this paper has maintained all
ihe lime, ami thai was ihal ihc government was punishing lhe lax payers
of Uus diiitiei and Cranhrook he-
cause lho majority saw Iii tn vote
tor Dr, King rather Ihnn Mr, Cayen,
Mi. \li Hi ide admitted as much when
be said Ihal had Mi. Oavcti been
circled this dislriel would have been
heller sen..!, as he would have bad
ihe imi oi thr government.
Nelson    News;   Personally  premier
McBride is n deserved)v popular man
ng io thojBridp is n lighl weight.
■ o'attlc nf the icirlv' e "a''V News has frequently as-
' ' , , ,. . . ■ sorted ihat Premier McBride i.s lack-
organ. Ihe people believe in in- UVK in nlj 1ht. qualifications of a
dependence, whether il he in-1 statesman save Hie nr! of "jolly-
depeiidenl Liberal or Conservative, Ing." As a "jollier!1 Premier Mc-
Were ii nul for that verv element M.ri,lt' is without a peer in Ihis pro-
in both parties, it would mean thai ^Mcn*" >''an ""h.i'dU™.
onco iu power a pally would always speech on any political problem,
he   in power,   nud    rank corruption Neither   on the   floor of the house,
would follow.     Iiul.- deuce of   thc '"".,"" 'ho stump has I'remier    Mc-
„   ,,       ,     ,,     , i   ,, ..,     ,   ,,„. "Nun ever undertaken to discuss in
 °     ,s   ""'   •-a.'rgmm1   of   the ^ j,,,^^-^ kma^cf t|m ,,„,"■„„„
people. of llu- country, or legislation looking
lo the heltci'ineiit. of conditions ill
any direction. This is a broad
statement hul il is one that cannot
he refuted by the production ,,f a
single sane, strong, and consistent
utterance of his upon any question of
public moment.
Tl, ■' '''' '   New. h,,Ids nn pre
judiced view of lhe unfitness ot Hon.
Richard McBride tor the high olliee
of pr, o.l ui-'- i',, !> nubia,    or
even for lhe responsible posit ion of
leader of the Conservative party,
vvill he vouched for by leading Conservatives throughout the province.
(!o where you may iu this province
Conservatives who take an active interest in public affairs will endorse
every*word said by The Daily News.
And it is mil only at home Ihal
Premier McBride is regarded as a
lightweight, We have the testimony
of the Toronto Telegram, a Conservative paper, of lhe impression
created by Premier McHridc's. ap-
iieainnce and participation in the
Horden Iranquel), The Telegram
"Al his side (Mr. Borden's) sal
Propiier Dick McBride, „! British
Columbia, his prematurely grey hair
nailed awfully near lhe 'middle and
looked as if il was flesh from lhe
i-nniplng irons of lie hair dresser—
insi as little like a wild and woolly
westerner as anybody could Imagine.
 Richard   s only thirty-tour,
To look at him you'd think ho was
forty. To hear him speak vou
might take him for twenty-one.
Breezy he is as the soft cblnook that
sweeps ihe snow from his native
mountains, but when you'vo done
shouting, 'He loyal to lhe party,'
and, 'If vou can'! boost, don't
knock.' you have all bo said iu half
an hour. He wont west again last
inchi. bin we'll try and muddle along
somehow wilhoul   him."
torla.—J.  A. Harvey.
Resnlvod,  thai   a    senatorial  logo 	
would   droop    gracefully luun my     ,.              „.   ,,    .,.,
shoulders.—J. c. Brewery. '   Vancouver World:   The writer once
Hesolved, ihal    the   duties of   an bad a   strange   experience   wilh    a
alderman      ale     multitudinous and   snake.     He had occasion lo visit   a
never ending.—,1, P. Kink. elaim   lying a   mile or two oul    of
Hesolved.    ihai  ii  is well lo lake  -J0'"1**1"1,   ;""'    while descending    n
the I
Resolved, Ihal we need tlio money.
-13, II, .Small,
Resolved, flint six weeks as mayor
is  lalhcr a short   lelln.—(I.  T.   Hog-
Resolved, that lhe capital bull,I
ings al Victoria look good lo me.-
Tmn I'aven.
Hesolved, I hit marriage is not vet
a faillllc.-M. A. Heale.
Hesolved, Ileal II is heller lo n.ive
run and losl than nevei* to huve iun
at nil—T. M. Robert's,
Hesolved, thai I escaped a Iol of
work and criticism hv not being
elected mayor.—Alex. Mollat.
Hesolved, thai the McBrMo governmenl is all right il 1 laud Hint
jnli.—luini Hull-bison.
Hesolved, thai. politics make
strange bed fellows.—Judge Anderson.
Hesolved, that I will remain
another term.—Dr. King.
Hesolved. thai il is good to go
home to Ontario once in a while.—1
Vic. Rollins.
Resolved, lhat llie customs of the'
country are all right.—Harry While. 1
Resolved, Unl rftlcn holiHiHt is not
always a sinecure.—Walt*. Edwards,
Resolved, ileal Christmas time is
all right.-R. E. Beatlic.
Resolved,  thai  Cranhrook needs   a
lawyer rather than a doctor at Vie
j—p    sleep hill    he    saw  lying across     hi:
'I path, wilh   bead raised   and tongue
darting iu and out  of its mouth,   a
vicious-looking,   hissing   snake,  about
two feet  in   lenglh.     Willi feel     and
legs  encased in leggings,   to   guard
agiiinsl  rattlers,  the writer, advanced upun the common   enemy ol mankind to     braise   its head wilh    his
heel.       The snake  turned   lo wiggle
,,H. but an iron-clad heel caught Film
ife Ihere is hope.—Cl. fl. Thompson. 1 amidships, as lhe sailor would    to-
Resolved,    thai     I lit nn* place.- ""£* '""l   ''"<   Wm fairly In     two.
Chief of Police Ilaron. ' ! T'., "I'l",''' I':"'1  "'  ""; "'I'"1,'' ■'•>", "IJ
,,„   ,,.  ,     ,,   .       „■      ,   i, ■  'Will,'    1 he   lower pal    ran down hi
nlrS'n      i'i,v Clerk vA       R         a"" "'•i'1"''' "'""' ***-*■ ^li"*     "poll
pliaMlig.-tili   llelk  1 lest. ■ ,.,.,,„. g  l0   „H,  A„nn |10US|!|      Ul0
j wiiiei" narrated his adventure, wher
au   interest   in youi*
M. I'iiikhain.
Hesolved,   Ihal   doll
111..11.—11.  .1.  McSweyn
Resolved, that "a wee dlap will
hint no mon."—A. I.. .MeDeitnot.
Resolved, ihat Mr. Armstrong's
shoes will jusl lil ine.—.1. II. MeMullin.
Resolved, Unit as long as ibei
Thirty days after dale 1 inleml lo
apply lo th,- Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works tor a Special Licence l„ cul and eany away timber
Irom Hie following described lands
situated in South East  Koolenay:
Commencing al a posl planieil
about three-quarters ol a mile wesl
of the south-west corner of lot -inr,;
tlh'lice soulh in cbains, thence west
III chains, Ihenee noith Sll cliains,
Uience west III chains, tbence north
; HI chains, Ihence ensl SO chains,
j tbence soulh Sll ehains to the place
of commencement, and containing
0.0 acres, more or less.
10-fSt* .lolm Strong.
1.01-1111x1 Beccmnct Kith,  Ulna.
I p     iv   upon an old man lose neivollslv fro
'-'' his chair, gazed Intently at Uie wt*
Probably the largest sawdust pile
in the world is Uie one at Cheboygan, Mich. This is lhe product of
one mill operated hy the W. ft A.
McAiihur    Co.     The iiiiii being iun
ei* for a moment and then addressed
him, "Which bland do you affect'."
"Whicli brand',' What do you mean'.'"
he was asked iu turn. "I want to
known your favorite brand of whiskey— Pour Clown, Islay or Campbell-
lon? or is it old rye or Bourbon? I
,    , ,,     want lo kicw your especial   brand so
by water power had no.way of dis- that I mav keep away from il A
posing of its sawdust. Tbe,company man who' sees one snake linn into
ivas not permitted to dump it into two ouglii to change his brand or
the uver and for a few yuars au onior a sanitarium." II vvas the
attempt was made to burn it. There 1,,-st temperance lecture the writer
was so much smoke that lhc vlllege ever heard. lie did nol enter a san-
passed au ordinance prohibiting lhat iiaiiuin, hut he did chain;,- his brand
[oriu uf destruction. As a consequence it was simply hauled out into _ , , ,
a vacant field and during thc thirty ,',", ""' ,"1'1-"'1 lh' readings by
years of its growth has acquired Ralph Connor" on the evening ot
monstrous proportions. It is a hill January Klh ni lhc new Presbyter-
1,080 feet long, K7.r> [net wide and •■!" ''huieli. This gentleman is fam-
raiiges Iiom 2(1 to all feet in height. I1'" ■■'■' ,""1 ""'■''' •'"' bis ri.iulnl ion as
The liill covers some twelve acres. "" nuHinr and render and his np-
II is almost   entirely while and    of iwaranco in     Cranhrook   will he    a
Norway pine sawdust,   I aiise   this,11'1'"'  '" ""' people of Ibis cily.
mill did not cul  hemlock except  [or 	
tlio lasl  Iwo or three years liefuro ill    He sure and buy a   lickel   tor     lhe
was closed down.     The pile is    iiii-opollllm   dance in'   lhe   llllll,'   nn.l
doiihtedly     lolling    a liiile ..1     llie K, „l P.   hull on    New Year's niehl
bottom, hut il is well preserved and Tickets S3 00
brighl when II Is dug Into, ihe   lop 	
and sides having enisled over form a     ,, ,,        '
protection     lor     the sawdust   under-1    II.vou    would    v  al    Ihe    nexl
lll'lllll.       Ill  its present  Stale  it     eon-   municipal  ,decline,,   y, isl   leeisli'l
la-ins rather too mueh moisture    lo "     ""'   '   >'   ( ll'1'' "   ""'"'   >"'l""'
ill ill 11 of being used lor fuel wilhoul   '' "Il"'1' 'llsl
t real men I,   by some   process oi dry
A number of chemists have examined it wilh a view to extracting the
I'liemieuls whieh il  contains, hut   as
The undersigned will. Hiirly
chemicals winch  il  coiilaius, inl.   as ,,, „  , ,       ,-,,    , "■ ; •"', .'    ,,'•■■•
yel nothing has   been d  in    Ibis ''''''.'" ''■ """!>   '" "'" ' '",*l Coin-
direction.    There is  -'jostlon hul "',    \ ,   ,!,'"",   "'"', "'"r        "
lhat   il   has a   considerable chemical N™» ... [£™Z.. * ,'-" ..,,?:" L.^E.
value ami probably the time will
conic when seme one will Hud a way
ot working il up profitably.
awny  tin,ler fr,„„  the following des
I'l-l'-nl   lauds   in   Easl    l.'n  I  imv:
Commencing al a posl planieil at
lhe Intersection „f |.|„, western boundary of Lot No. 330.. will, Ilu- norlli-
crn limil of lhe right-of-way ol lhe
11. 0. S. Raiiwav, llience southwesterly along said northern boundary, of said right-of-way Bet-only
■ or less, lo ihe northern
I I.ol No 2R0S; Ihence
I   om
Mr. Norman Mc.DonaW, who his
been sluilyinn the truths contained in
our holy religion was received iiiojchains, nu
lhe Holy Rom,ii Catholic church on j boundary
Sumhy, lhe 31th insi. He enjoyed north eigbly chains; il
the luippy privilege of making his hundred cliains, Ihenee soulh In file
firsl holy oommunion at. midnight iu.r-1 lu-rn boundary of said Lot No.
mass. i.3u*!t:i; Uieuce west alone, said north-
A. McConnclI. ;ern boundary to the norlh-wcst eor-
 .                   I ner of lot    No.  31103;    Ihenee souiii
If you   would    vote at   the*    next along the western  houndary ;,f said
municipal elect inn, ynu must, register, lot to the place of beginning,
at   the   Cilv   Clerk's    office   before 1 to-fit Wm. Iliggins.
Deecniher 31st. I   Tnchlv, llllli December   1005.
Notice is hereby given Hint Ihe
Elko Timber ft Tie Company will,
3(1 days from date, apply lo the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works [ur a special license lo cut
timber nn each ul the lollowlng parcels of land north ol Klmberley in
South East Kootenay, vi?,:
No. 1. Commencing al, a post
planted about 33 chains norlli and 3
chains east of the north-east corner
of lot 311118; thenci' west 111 chains,
norlh 40 chains, west -HI ehains,
n,,llh III chains, easl. 'HI ehuius,
nurlh 40 chains, east 10 chains nnd
smilh 120 ehains lu place ,,f beginning,
No.   2.  Commencing   nt   a
planted  al t   133 chains nnilh
I  chains easl, ol  Ilu thensl
tier   nf  lot  30118;    thenc ulh
chnlns, east   -111 chains,   north
chains, east tn    chains, suuih
chains and west 811 chains lo
„f beginning,
No. 3. Commencing whom a post
has  I ii planted   ub,mi   hi ebniiis
 Ill  ol   the soulh wesl      cm, f
Ambrose Slnples'     liiul,,',    license,
Ihenee no chains nni-lli, llience mi
chains east,  ihem-,, :|,| cliains n„nh
Iheiiee 102 ehains wesl, Ihence I III
chains soulh, llience 22 cluiius cast
lo plaee of beginning, lielug a (lac-
liniial elaim.
N,, i Commencing al a point
308 cliains north uud 83 chains cast
of the north-mist corner of Iol 3008;
Iheiiee one mile norlli, u mile easi,
a mile snuth and ll mile west to
place of beginning,
Haled this 12th day ol December,
1006. 30-51
Notice is hereby given thai w: inleml lo apply lo the Hoard of Licensing Commissioners for lhe Cily ,f
Cranbrook at the lirst mooting held
thirty days after llm lirst, appearance of this notice fm* a transfer uf
uur license fur the (Jiteeus hotel,
Baker street, Cranbrook, to Goorgi)
Doled 3lst December, loos.
Gougeon &   Nettcrflrltl,   per   W. P.
Gurd, their Agent. 30-11, THE   CliANKl.OOK    lll.l.ALU
The Wentworth
Clapp & Rollins,
The New Managers.
Drop in and see us any lime.    We are on deck 25 hours
oul ol lhe 24
•l-l-l-l -l-l- l-l-l -II- -l-l-l-l-l-l l-i III H-I-H-IH-I-M-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I-II'
•I I -l-l-l-l- -l-l-l-l-l-l-1 l-M-l | | I-M l-l-l- l-l-l- l-l-l-l-l-l-l- I-I -I-I- l-H-l-l
I The Cosmopolitan |
will have one ul those old lime
dinners on hrlstmasand New
Years. Old timers will remem.
ber them, New comers will
also remember them.
■l-i-M-!"M-W I "l-HI'l-H-H-l-M-l-M-l-l+l..|..|..|..|..|..M-|.f-rM-|-W
g-j.il.lsl_.i_.j_.l_.!>!>.).).)..!.!.!..!.!.!>;-.,!..!. _.l_.]_.I_.,-.l.l.l_.laJ-<r^.Ii!jBllc>IlfI-lK)><;><;'«n
CranbrQQk Beer!
Made from the best milt and the purest water, it is unexcelled for quality. .* Ask for
Cranbrook Beer and insist on having it. j*.*
The Cranbrook Brewing and
Malting   Company,   Limited
Also manufacturers „l all kinds nf Aernted Waters
X clothing  that is "Gilt Edge" in name, |
I "Gilt Edge" in material, "Gilt Edge" in I
| make call and see the new stock of Ready ♦
X made clothing just received.    All Union
X Labor.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ «««♦♦««♦♦♦«♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
B C. Livery and  Feed  Stables
Firal i
, liiiis. snf,-
In ,rs,'rt  1', ,r
nl stilish to
iy |s>int in
Blacksmith and Woodwork Shop
Sam,- ,,1,1 stand opposite still ion
XcnMiit} Business
Ifoouses ot" ADaiES*
villi*    C|H: Smeltei' City,.,
Marysville has come
intn her own. The
linvn now his n per*
manciii payroll nnd in
llie glllew.iv nf lhe St.
Maris valley. _*, lh,-
Herald tun heartily
Indorse the following
business houses;
I Central Hotel
ti li- Johnson, Proprietor
yft Dining Room service the best.
S Uii-' place i° Blop when visiting Hie Smeller Cily
The Royal Hotel
The leading ho*
Id in  lhc SI.
Marys   valley.
Rambling  Reveries
The men ol earth build houses—halls
Chambers, riHits and domes,—
Hut   Uie   woman ol   the   earth—tiud
Women build the homes.
I-;... could not    stay    (rum Paradise,
Inr oh,
Nu niaiter wiiere
Her gracious   presence lit Uw w»y,
Paradise was there
Tin* desire to turn OVet a new leal
.il   tin* i-niiiMinirrim'iit o( a new  year
is not something to be ridiculed, Few
people .ui' BfctitRed wnh tin* lite they
lm\e Inl, and veiy few oucht to hell you have llwd Ior your own enjoyment, and Imvr sougtrt ii In l***~-
„,<%*%, vou surely have mel with di*
appointment, and when the New
Veal oomos upon you like thf stnk-
ing ..f ,i great clock is it not a good
time I.u i in* renolve that you will
.-.irk liteltei hajipiiii-ss in a iiti- more
imliisii urns purposeful, and worthy
..I youraoll
11 you Itavo Imtii si) taken up with
ilu- pursuits of business 01 ambition
thai vou have neglected sell improvement, anil let your home affections I
grow dull, and forgotten the needs ol
tin' community about you, it is well
to call a halt, and give ihe better
part id yourself a chance.
if ymi" sorrowfully feel that you
have insi ihf simple trust of earlier
days, if faith, hope and love havo
grown dun amid tin* dust and smoke
ut Ufa's turmoil it surely will '
(or you to get out of tht! turmoil (or
a little while, to seek some quiet
sanctuary, ii may he with those who
assemble themselves together Ior
Owl's worship, it may be with tho
loved ones of your home, or it may
he in tin- stillness of your own spirit,
lo brighten up those best possessions
ol your soul and to bind yourself by
new ties to the immortal life.
Let us all tills year help one
another, and we will liml by our side
the yreat Helper.
The child that grows up in a progressive, happy Iiuine, is very apt to
raise children in a progressive,
happy home.
Finish every day and be done with
it. You have done what you could.
Some blunders and mistakes have
been made. To-morrow vvill be a
new day; begin it well. It is too
dear with its hopes to waste a moment on yesterday.
Children, look in those eyes, listen
to that dear voice, notiee the feeling
of even a single touch lhat is tie-
stowed upon you by that gentlo
hand; make much of it while you
have that mosi precious of all gifts,
a loving mother.
Fathers, live more with vour hnys.
Your intentions are good, but it * is
said that the lower regions are paved with   good   intentions, and    vou
nly get credit for what vou do. A
;irl is never safer than when with
her mother, but when your boy
reaches a certain age what he
minimis to i.s largely up to you, And
llie boys who are making lhe streets
if our town a synonym for depravity, are the result of parental neglect and evasion of plain duty on thc
part ol the father.
Envy's memory is nothing but *
row of hooks to hang up grudges on.
Some people's sensibility is a mere
bundle of aversions, and you hear
them display and parade it, not    in
tached to,
many thin,
not   lie.u."'
things they
in rolling you
I persons "they
A typographical error In the last
issue played the printer's devil with
(In* sense of the formula given fot
calculating the horse-power of a
given head of water. To repeat it
were best, and trust no m stake will
mar ils usefulness. Multiply the
number of cubic feet coming over the
fall hv the height of feet, and then
multiply the result hy fi2 ,8, this latter figure being the weight of a cubic
foot of water in pounds. Divide the
result of the three multiplications by
88,000, and the result will be Ihe
theoretical horse power of the [all.
To show a problem worked out, let
us ask the question: What would
be tbe theoretical horse-power uf a
f.ill of llll) miner's inches with a bead
nf 1,500 feet, the miner's inch being
equivalent to 1,88 cubic feet? Then
Hill miner's inches equal fi72 cubic
feet, which being multiplied hy 02.3
and 1,500, and the result divided by
38,000 gives 1.902.fl. or for round
(Inures, 1.903 theoretir.il horse-power,
From this thoorctleal horse-power
he deducted a percentage
will lum
for loss from
»Mb a number
friction which varies
'f varying cause,
to be realised.    It i     ;
calculable extent ai.u .:..,■ .....ii. lu
tut: pcupic.
James Fraser,   onvei ul ■
dutnut alag« repuiu
aiiU blaifce are uu.i.„  .....   ..
.\elUe M, uu   lob)   t.it,.,       i
pert)  ia soine ^u miles ..   .
men oi*d  about, j uuw   me tvaguu
iou.d.    Tue owners uuppeu  iwu cat
IoaiIs Iiom the claims    .,...-..;. netted
-H*,UUU.     The uie itii^ [l - ...
lul  bctulid *lASm aluil   lu   mu  >      .   . >!
Uie better t.uid.    u\wi.£ tu want ui
tiau^jiuii it requires .... >-.i    -
very nigh ^iauc tu he mined in   Uiat
locality at a profit,
and her three children .'if uow living
at the mine "Ub Mi.  W
is well and favorably knuwn Fort
Steele. It is ihe Intention of
Hessrs. Washburn    and   Stai
Work   the  gloliml  .ill   ll
ter.     It i> ii"'."I ii. thi     a !■ 'i.ins
finm Trail   smeltei   that 1
M. i-. i redlted during tin
with a ihipmenl ol    B,l ul
ore containing l2,7Bi  ; ■
The silver contents a-.<
but   tlif ore mii.it  In-  rich to I-:
shipping   at all.        lli       ., ■, ■      ni)
ti. have to record thi   good ol
the Windermere countr).
The directors .if the t ,■.. r..\ne
mine near Sandon closed it down lie-
cause thev thought its daj hati wan
ed—that   t was played oul ild
not justify expendltun for I
development. It was rei ent lv takeii
on lease hy a few prai tical miners.
It is a strange commentary mi the
judgment id trained expel ts that
ihose practical working un n ii ip ■!
Irom the property during ihe 110MI1
of November 81,300     pounds of    ore
containing 38,818 | ids ol leud. The
j  Ibe l
pelts failed  tn diseovi
serve tu be congratuli
li d.
The   Dclphlne,   in   the   Wind
country is shipping. It senl
281 pounds of ore to the Trail
ter dining the lasl month, Tl
contained 10,882 pounds of
The same general conditions
to the Dolphlne as to the Neil
A new and approved use is
found for zinc chloride in tho
ment of railroad lies.     'I!,,- a
life of   a tie iu   active   servi
about  12 years—lhat  is, fir Uu
class of tiniher.     It  is now
that nnl alone does the zinc el
preserve    the  tie    hul   that    i
makes it hold a hotter grip o
spikes.     The process consists
treatment   uf   the ties   under
healed   steam to romove the
etc., anil open Ihe pores of tho
a vacuum   treatment to penni
water anil  pilch  to  ooze out
readily, and lastly   the filling
pores of    the    wood  with   lhe
under a pressure of about  TU
to the square Inch.       This In
will    create a   further dcuiau
Anthony J. McMillan appears
have wuii his light with the po:
of LcKoi shareholders who ia\
amalgamation wilh ihe War K
Center Star combination, lie
tains his scat as a director ol
LeKoI company.
• Al.
nie toi
A. P, Chenette Proprietor
Mas heen recently refurnished and is now one of
Ihe lies! hotels in lhe dislriel. Headquarters for
(he people.
I Marysville Drug Co.      I
ft We carry a complete stock of everything in the ft
ffl Drug and Stationery line. No need lo send away ffl
ffl for your goods. ffl
Pays the Highest Price for Goods and
Carries the Best Bargains.
Opposite Cranbrook Bakery
Max Maennich
Tbe Best of Work at, All Times
Give Me a Trial
Opposite Cranbrook Bakery
The department of labor announces
ihat lhe working hours in the Trail
smelter have been reduced from 12 to
s hours per day. Feeders on thc
blast furnaces usrd never work more
I han an 8 hour shift, while all nfher
employees in the operative departments worked 11 hours on the day,
ami 13 hours on the night shift. A
man who worked a few 13 hour
shifts in a muzzle fo snvn bis lungs
from the poisonous fumes of the roast,
piles will he able to appreciate what
a relief this relaxation of the hours
will-mean, even if w 11 not earn quite
as big wages. The same scale has
been adopted in tbe Granby smeller
at   Grand Forks.
The Scientific American devotes
considerable space to the development
of electrical mining in California. It
points nut that many mines which
are situated at such altitudes or so
fur from transportation that fuel
for the use of the mine engines would
cost prohibitive prices, are now being successfully worked by electrical
power developed In the valleys from
the descending creeks. The power Is
cheaply wired back up thc mountains
again, pretty much as the power of
Bonnington Falls, near Nelson, is
conveyed In the Rossland mines.
British Columbia is blest with a
wonderful wealth of forest growth
which is capable of supplying steam
power for the mines for many a day
to come. Still one has but to note
the denudation of the forests hv such
a mine as the Nettie L., at Ferguson, to understand how very soon the
waters will have to be harnessed to
yield the power for the working of
the minerals of our hills.    In water
A very guod case ean he
the Imposition of a higher unu on
ziuc comiug in from ihe I in led
Slates lu Canada. Tbe duty oil zinc
imported from Canada Into the
Stales is practically prohibitive,
while the duty uu manufactured zinc
(spelter} coming into Canada from
the States is only 5 per cent, ad
valorem. Under Ihis favorable cou
dition the Americans Import about
1,700 tons of spelter into the Dominion each year. This might have a
favorable side to it if wu vv
able to manufacture spelter o
Wc soon shall he. 'I'he Krank establishment will easily turn out lhat
amount. It will work British Columbia properties, buy our ores and
employ uur men, li should get ail
the benefit ol such a t.u Hi as the
American people would insist on for
the protection uf its own Industries.
Free trade is all tight if it were free
all round, but where it is strict prohibition on one side of the fence and
the open door uu the other, a paradox arises which is most Injurious tu
the manufacturer uu the open ' duui*
F. P. Leavick has bunded thc famous     Mystery    group of gulil-coppci
claims on     AIki creek    in the    St.
Marys    valley    Irum  Hubert  Uewar.
This group has been developed for the
past seven years by Mr. Dewar without any outside assistance,   lie kuow
he had a good property ami was perfectly content    lo stand by ii until
ihe time camo when he had it    advanced  to a puinl where one    could
ju-dgc of the value uf the ground,   lt
contains a deal uf hurnile and native
copper, but ihe bulk uf lhe values   is
in     Uie    pyrile ore.      The effect ol \
this bonding    transaction will he uf!
immense   importance    lo  the entire I
valley.     It will attract  the    attention ol capital to this locality,   tliu
mineral wealth of which the   Herald
has never hesitated  to proclaim,  lur
the guod    reason   the   Herald Knew,'
and snows, that the district is   cue'
which will prove to he the center of!
an enormous cupper Industry befire
many years   are   past.       It will he
now iu order for the government to
provide   a   wagon     road   Into AIki
crock, and  this will  involve lhe   ex*[
I elision  uf  the existing  wagon     mad
from    tho loot  of the lake tu    far
Olympia, Wash., Dec. 7.—The rase
of John F. Fiich ami Worth Belden
against Andrew Hackett and his associates in eoal mining ventures in
British Columbia was decided by the
supreme court to-day, anil (he judgment of the superior court for Finch
and Bclden compelling an accounting
of amounts received hy Hackett from
his associates and for half of the
stock delivered to him, is reversed
and the caso ordered dismissed.
Hackett had a contract lo locate eoal
claims in British Columbia for A. D,
Xmas Gayeties
mils, receptions, euclircs etc. — all call
The man, who depends on  Fit-Reform
fur .liis evening clothes, wens garments
tnat are absolutely irreproachable in style—
in (it—in every tailoring essential.
There's an air—a grace—an
elegance — to Fit-Reform Full
Dress Suits tliat are t oted at a
$25, $30, $35.
g§       m
ffl _^^ m
ffl _W2 ffl
m i i
Will take an Auctioneer's Licence as soon as one
can be procurei fro.n the Municipality.
Phone 119 P. O. Box 76
litis   Mete   That   Wei
Should Eat Meat
May the Meat that you eat during the next
year be tender and choice. And may the
ensuing twelve months be happy and prosperous
we have your overcoat and suit.
X, that it will please you, that you will like its cut, its grace |
•|> and fabric, and, withal, we're confident you'll be pleased X
!]! with its price.       j*       j*       j*       j*       J       j* <[•
Hopper, the latter acting iu behalf
thc Spokane Falls Gas Light com
pany. Firch and Belden bad a sup
plemental contract with Hackett fui
half of the proceeds of the venture,
Hackett located a number of claims
which, upon investigation. Hopper decided not to accept. Hackett subsequently located another group of
coal claims in which be Interested
Leander H. Prafhcr, .lolm Mcintosh,
Ed. L. Baird, Charles Maguire. Robert Russell, .1. W. Phillips ami the
Bank of Montreal. Firch and Bclden'
claimed that their contract with
Hackett entitled them to share in tbe
proceeds of the last located group,
and their contention was sust:iiiu'il by j
the superior court of Spokane county. The supreme court holds that
power British Columbia has a source the contract went no further than the I
of wealth which Ib hardly yet begun claims located tor Hopper. '
;,;    Before you make arrangements for
•J. your fall
!        PAPERING
X    see us for ideas, designs and stock.
| It may be mutually profitable
F.J. Bradley & Co.
Artistic  Painters  and   Decorators
Crbsi bnt Lodgb Na 88
Cranbrook, Ii. C.
Meets 2i,d and  1th Tuesday at 8 p.nu
in I.O.O.F. hall.
J. A. Arnold, K.R.S.
J, W. Bremner. CC.
Visiting   brethren  cordially invited
tu attend.
Cranbrouk   Local   Iniun   12H of the United
Brotherhood nt Carpenu-rs and Joiners
of America.
Meetings every Thursday evening at
I. O. O. T. hall, over Patmore Bios.'
Visiting brethren cordially Invited.
Fred  Vuill, Kdward Foote,
Rec-Seo. President.
I.O.O.F. key City Lodfc
No. 42. Meets every
Monday night at
their ball on Baker street. Sojourning Oddfellowi eor.ti.illy invited.
ff. S. .Mclti.iu.ld Charles Smith,
N. 0. Sec'y.
unnhniirk todfc, No. U
K, h. & K. M.
tx-prvXi tlegnlAT meetings on
\'VY ^* lhi' third Thursday
$Ck/\ »    ui every month.
Visiting brethren welcomed.
E. Patterson, Sec'y.
F.   0.   li.
Meets 1st and 3rd Fridays at 8
o'clock p. in,, In the Watts building.
Visiting brethren are invited to
J.   Edgar Davis, U. P.
A, M. Black, W, Sec'y.
Meets every  2nd and 4th  Tuesday In
"Uood Templars Hall."
Visiting brethren cordially invited.
A. McCowan, O.R.     J. Sims, Sec'y.
I. O. G. T.
Meets every Friday night above Pat
more's Store.
Come and join the Happy Band.
Meets every 2nd Wednesday and 4th
Saturday at fi o'clock in Oddfellows
Visiting brothers always welcome.
Barrister. Solicitor, Etc
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Duell Block Cranbrook, B. C.
X      C, H, DUNBAR       |
*    Barrister, Solicitor, Notary    .
J Public, Etc J
|   Cranbrook,    ■    •    B. C.   |
i ,***********************•
Physicians and Surgeons.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Av,,
Forenoons - - - - 9.30 to   11
Afternoons - - - . 1.30 to 3.30
Evenings 7.30 to 8.30
CRANBROOK .*;    ::    ::    ::    B. C,
.*.* 4.* t   * * **■*:*!*
Dr. Connolly,
Physician and Surgeon   J
® Office on Armstrong Avenue
Hours :—9 to 11 a.m., 2 to 4
'■   p.m., 7 to 8 p.m.   'Phone 105.   J
9 to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 p.m.
Office and residence on Armstrong are
i to 12 a.m.
1 to   6 p.m.
7 to   8 cm.
Office in new Reid block
Repairing: Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
People who want job work done
cannot afford to pay for poor work.
That is why it pays to get work
done at the Herald oflice.     No com-
Slaint is made ol the work turned out
ere for the reason that it is up to
date and the woi!-. ol u. to date
printers. That makes a ''iffeiMM
with anjr tadlvkii'ta.
ASGtt6fM-_£rt____iCid-_-fr- tern i*v**
, ,m t, ;-*. s-i-i «■;■&
DISTRICT    ,*      *
, . — , ti
tMMHWM** WW** 9 MS "*»8«*SSi«*M =■ MS *
(From   the Mojric Leader.)
Mrs. Cronin and children arrived
home Thursday.
Ur II. U. Henderson, ,,[ Ymir, lias
take,, in. Harvie's place during Uie
laiii-r'i absence In the east.
Mrs f, 1'. Macdonald, aicompan
led bv tier mother, lelt this week Ioi
Washington, 1). li., io spend lho winter,
There was a sllglil bcmh ol lee oi
Moyie lake Thursday morning, hut a
liRl',i breeze soon pul It '"" "' '"'"
\ special meeting ol the 1"*" '
,„-,,„X,,;;,e,s will be held i ' r
l„„„k nexl Salurda) to eonslil J
c   Diewrj s application
A hockoy learn is soon lu be    or-
ganlu-d ,,, Moyie.     II is saw    thai
S match has been arranged foi
the Uranhrook    buys lo lake    plau
on Now  Veal s day.
The Moylo Odd fellows have defln-
lU.|y decided io gi.e ,, ".'ll '" '"
Bvjulng ol Friday, Jaiiua l-Ui. '
committee has been appouu•. «"
over) eii.'ii will be pul Iorth lo
make the allali a »»<-■««•*»•
l,r. S.    K.  lldivie     lell     Mo»'l»
„■£■„ lor Monirt-d, and lion     il
he Will go   I"    M" oW
Windsor, N. s.
married while cai
in Moylo with l'i- •"
ruary  1st.     Several
pn-SL-utid lum Willi .,
ease and all address I'
lu the police court lhe othei da),
E. A. UHl, justice ol il"* peate, gau
a. prisoner a well merited culling
down tor denting ., disturbance aun
using obsccuo language m a local
baH&r shop, There arc men who
lose all sense uf decency when undei
the inlloeiiee „[ liquor and they usl
i-he vilest opitliots known In lln
vooabulary ol man regardless ol wno
happen to ho i" tlieli hearing
Aimingst other tilings this man liau
a pari iiiilai* spile against Uuia.lla'is,
ami be was handed s o sound advice ,,n this Bcore. The justice told
liim frankly Ui.it fair Canada had no
use for men ul liis stamp, and tual
il lie did not like tho people hero ol
their customs the i_uieker lie _,ol
outside its borders tlie better.
doctui will i"
„1 uill return
,,!,- about Feb-
,,i  bis    friend:
handsome sun
,-   llliinl,
and .Ilai
In giving the number ol marks Ioi
December, attention is again called
in ihe fact Uial pupils cannol obtain
marks when absent, as the marks
arc given daily. In the seiiiur division Phyllis ili'ckwllh, Carl Nelson,
Karl Shea,   John  Elmer and    Lilllo
t.'olilild   lust      a  i',»„sid
ol marks Uuuugli absei
tlm Keaney, Bella Whitehead, Augusl
Mueller, Et-hel Urcnlon anil Annie
Webster were present so lull,- thai
their names are omitted Irom the
list, which is as lollows;
General Proficiency.
Senior Fourth class — Ail luu
Cruwe, 1720; Arthur Lutner, 1515;
William AtWOOll, UW; Christina
Blackburn, 1SBU; Russell Hawke,
L.U2; Krank Keroglla, 1115,
Junior Fourth Class—Allretl Carlson, 1310; Edith Hawke, lantl; Sidney Elinor, 1100; Mabel Lutnor, 1187;
Lillian Schulzo, 1161; Lena Itudd,
1125; Julm Elmer, 701; l.illie Cuii-
rad, 1172.
Third C lass-Joe Whitehead, 1213;
Louise Neidersladl, 11)25; Clara Nie-
di-rsia-ll, 020; Alvorna Brenton, 78-1;
llarrv Crowe, 721,, I'livllis lieckwltll,
1118; Annie Donaldson, Bll; Karl
Shea, MO; Call .Nelson, IU; Lucy
Keaney, 355.
Bella Whitehead, 100; Louise Nle
derstiult, 1110; Lucy Keaney, 100; August Mueller, lllll; Clara Nieder-
sta-dl, 'JO; Annie Donaldson, 00;
Kditli Hawke, llh; Lillian Schulzo,
08; Christina Blackburn, 08; Lena
Rildil, 08; Arthur Lutner, 08; William Atwood, 07, Many Crowe, Oil;
Karl Shea, 00; Allied Carlson, 06;
Carl Nelson, 05; .Mabel Lutner, 01;
Russell Hawke, oi; Alvcrna Brenton,
01; Joe Whitehead, 03; Sidney Kl-
mer, 03; John Elmer, 03; Flank
Feriigha, 80.
by Mis. Carter, who bas been vlsil
ng her daughter, Mrs. II. Vi, K	
t,,i somo time past.
Miss Ryan, win, has heen will, the
Trltes-Wood t'o. Ior the past lour
veais jett ,,,, Monda) lor net homo
in Hamilton.
II And, rson, ol c,,,,l creek, was
arrested this week ,,u a charge ol
lira-tills Ills wife and el,II,lien. Ilo
was allowed i" g i suspended sentence.
II vi, lleiibmei is recovering guite
satisfactory In,in lhc fever. Surso
Flawes. who has been engaged on tho
ease, lefl this week lor ber homo   In
.ccording to a Vancouver report
Ihu Western nil « Cual Co. i„,,|„-iiv
iu Allien., is looking rosy. Well
So, 3 is down 1,335 feet. Tbe r„,*k
is getting snllei and there is i„,w*   a
;.,,„l deal "i gas  videnco, a lavor-
.,!,[,. sign llial oil is ii,,i I.n distant.
(From  lhe Fernlo Ledger.)
Jas Miller, chlol clerk in lho C,
1'. i; unices, Is temporarily In charge
ol il,e station at Kasipuri, ihe new
town ,,i tilts boundary line on tbe C.
r   tt.-Spnkanc line.
.1 I) II,ml,,ii, custom officer at
Gateway, returned Hum a in,,nibs
trip lo the Coasl on Saturday, Mr,
Uordoii's health has been greatl) improved li)   U,e change.
Willis Ross, son "i O, N. Iluss, is
expected liume tu spend tin- bulidays
will, his pan*nls. lie has bivn in
General   Superintendent    Jamieson's
in,,- ,,i Calgary lur the past nine
(LH:ii-lli> Cozza, the li illan who
was killed al Morrisscy, was hurled
iv ih,- miner's in,iun lasl Sunday.
There was a very large lurnoul i>>
Ilu- luncral, Mei'.sls. Loss A* Seull
;„*iug iu charge,
A. Carney, limber Inspector, spenl
., few days in Inline and otlter Kasl
Koolenay saw null centers lust week
nn ofllclal business. Mr. Carney reports lhc lumber business in bo
iirmIn.liy Improving and Hie mill
men ale liopeful uf a gn il business
year ahead.
Ilu g, ing In press word i.s received
hi llle Ledger Ihal Hi,' enal un lho
ground anil lu lbe yards nf lhe West
Canadian colliery al Bellevue is ou
lire ami il Is reared Hint lhe fine new
llmilo will he destroyed.
The aiini,iineenienl Ihal lhe C. P.
It. intend in build a new station
here next Bummer Is a welcome bi'
ul news. The present building has
lung been inad,-quale. IVe hope llial
Hi,- ilatemenl thai lite new- one is lu
l„- ,, wooden structure is nut. correct,
h would in,i seem an economical
proposition lur such a company as
lhc I'   I'   It.  In build a frame slrlie-
I  in place nf Ihe ulil   here. The
new une should be mueh larger   nntl
lhe I pie uf Fernie Would like In see
a brick or stono building erected
whieh wuuld he mure in harmony
with lhe inany fine brick and con*,
crotc buildings creeled in lhe oily.
The ii.tvor
nutriment mui nl
food in prime lie
:f con-
Thla is aovaiL
li   requires   fight
pounds uf prime  ueef
i,, in ike l-.-i.li* ,unices of
(nt   I
il in tilt: kitchen
nii'iui.  as well as
, il.n.-
Noliee ts hereby given that 30 days
alter date 1 intend tu apply lo the
Hon. Chief Cuiuuussiuiiei ul Lauds
aud Works lui a license to prospect
lur cual aud petiuleum ou the lollowlng described lauds, situate
about seveu miles north ol
tne International Buundaiy linn and
abuut lllleu aud uuo ball tulles   cast
ol bago Cret-s, S. J_, Kuuleiiay, 11.C.
CutiLUlcucmg al a pusl plau ed al
thu liurlll-wesl cornel, hei,,,, lne inilial pust, ailjaieal lu Uiu uullll-easl
cullier ol Allied lliuluas' claim,
tlielau nu,nm- suutn 6U cliaius,
llieneo cast toll chains, Itienec uuui,
au cliams, Uieuce west 80 cuallis tu
plaee ul culiiluelieeuicut auu tuutaui-
uig ulu acres.
Lueali-d Uus 0th day ul Uctobel
A. Soieusun, l.uealui
3li-5t J.   I'lsnel,   Agent.
Cranbrook   Foun- $
dry and
fMachine  Shop
McKinnon & Johnston
Wo are prupariHl tti
tin nil kiiuls ot repair work heavy nntl
Light, iiiuke castings,
turn sliiilts. ult*
Scientific    Horseshoeing   n
..... ...*G9>**
Hotel s> S
Quests Conlorl a Specialty
Uood StaMlai in Connection
Nearest to railto-ul ami depot.    Has accommodations for the public unequalled In Cranbrook,
lliil and C„l,l Itaths
Hoggarth & Rollins
. . . • • ♦ ■.- ;.-.
,l.ile I
ihai thirty
In   apply  lu
a lice
(From Ihe Free Press.)
The Ilalidley ease, whieh has aw.il,
piled a great, deal ,,[ luterosl  iu    ll,,
city,   was heard    hefnre    His Hunt,!
Judge Wilsn i Monday and   Tuts
day. It resulted nn Tuesday allei
nuun in the acquittal ol llie ac
pusod. His Honor in liberating Mr
Handley slated ihal by lhe rules of
evidence he was obliged It, set aside
certain tostlmony, and ,„, that account he reliielnully let liim go. He
warned him that Ihis wuuld he re,
niemhereil against him if In* ever gm
into trouble again.
Last .Saturday was pav (lav al lhe
collieries of Ihe Cuius Nesi Pass
Coal Co. The full,,wing amounts
were paid for thc month of November:
Coal  Creek    $7 1,720.115
Michel   '10,821.30
Carbonado   18,101.00
Frederick Mavhew, engineer, ol
Spokane, and '.Miss Lulu lllings
worth, daughter ,,f .1. llllngsworthj
.LP., of Morrissey, were married at
Christ church yesterday morning. The
ceremony was performed by Rev. K.
It. Bartlt-M. Mr. and Mrs. Mayhcw
lelt [ur Spukane via Hie ureat Northern.
The result or lhe Miners' examination held at Fernie on November 15
ami 10 has heen made known. A. ('.
Watson and John Rigby, win,    wrote
davs after
the   Chief
ds ami   Murks
1 nml   carrv away
lollowlng described
lands In Easl Kootenay:
Commencing al a posl aboui throo.
quarters nf a mile west uf skookum-
ellllek Creek,  Ihenee running 10 ehains
south, Ihenee   III ehains wesl,     Ihenee
sii ehains suuih, Uience *io chains
west, thenco 1211 ehuius north, thcuce.
hains easl, tn place ut euluniciiee-
Sidney Jcllctt,
Agenl, It. Little.
Lucated this 6th dav ol December,
Clean Clothes
It is t'.'isy in linve ele
clothes when there is n lirst
class laundry in town, You
t-aii't nH'ortl tn patronize oni.
nose when you can get your j
work iiom' liy white people
a white way nml ul prices that
nppenl to anyone who %
nuts good work *
Crows Nest l
Steam Laundry I
Crnnbrook, B. O, J
.Mi.   It,   II.   .laiiiiesou     ]\as  retllllieil
from the annual eouferctiCG wiih
Sccomi Vlco-Preaitlcnt William Whyte
liUK-hiiiK next year's ex|ieiuliiuivs ii
the west, says lhe Calgary Ileralil
Mr, .l.iiniesiiii says the situation is
very satisfactory though the specillc
details of improveiiieiiLs ean iml he
illvulge*! until the plan is approved
liy lhe president.
Calgary is to benefit materially hy
llm new programme, however, as wiil
all lowns along the norlli and s'olilli
Hues. Foi instance, Ml. .laiiiie.sun
says, lhe trl-weckly passenger ou lhe
iioiili line has developed so much
business that il will be maintained
through the winter ami will, in Hu*
spriiif*, probably he cliaptfe*! to
fl'.iily service, giving Lho territory
liouhlu passenger train .service each
way dally.
On the south line the companv "ill
begin January 1 ihe old mixed Uaiu
which formerly ran .soutli oul of Ciliary each morning, icluiiuni; al
night. This may, in lhe spring, he
changed lo ii lust class passenger
service. To stall It will carcy both
coaoh and baggage cars, and will he
a very fair train. The ovonlng pas-
scngcr will also lie retained. 'Ihis
means a double passenger service
caeh way fiom Calgary in the spring,
Mr. .Jamieson explained that, the volume of traflic was most satisfactory
and thai the company was much
pleased with the expansion iliioiijrli-
otil Alberta and were preparing to
give Mn' lust possible service iu both
froighl and passenger.
"Ue will continue the track improvements of last year on Hie main
line,'' saiil Mr. Jamieson, "hut the
mosi extensive expenditures will ba
on lhc Crows Nesi line. We have
constructed lhe ten miles of line   to
Yahk,   on   tin'    boundary,   where     we
will connect wiih the Spokane International, being constructed by I).
C, Corl-iiu. I do not know wlmt volume     uf   trallie    this    exlensioii   will
carry, but l presume it will |„. \\w
through service from Spokane to
holh Winnipeg anil St. Paul.
"At Calgary there will be simie
oxtensivo Improvements in side
tracks, the yards and (he round
house accommodations. Jtoih on lhe
north and soulh lines ami 'lie main
line the betleimeiits will iiielu- e
main line anil side track additions
ami extensions, The prosperity of
Hie province we are sensible of,' and
we believe Hu* development uexl vear
wi,l continue  to be satisfaelorv."
for a particular purpose is easy
Because we have them for all
kinds of use. Naturally our
is far superior to that ol tbe horse
which has to cart eoal during the
week and carry bis owner lo a funeral
on Sunday. If Santa Claus saw our
horses he would pension off his old
reindeers, chop up liis old sleigh and
hire a rig from us. You should do the
same when you require the services of
a horse and carriage for any purpose.
Especially as our scale of charges
makes it really cheap Iransit.
The   Handley     Livery Stables
Excursion Rates
Round Trip
Three Month's Limit
Toronto, Montreal
mid principal points
Ontario and Quebec
Letts has been principal of tne   i
school    hen* during  Hie     past' }
I-'ancy Winter urnpcsClinl;.* Banana J
.Inp OrangettCalifornla Nnval drudge.. £
Malaga drapes Smyrna Figs
day   morning
where    they
Mr.    Letts has
Mr.  King, of Cranhrook, and   litt
son, visited Dr. nnd Mrs. Keith this   J " *—  *" i
week.     Thev  returned   .0  Cranhrook    '   phone no. 78     ahmbtrong a,z J
on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied #%■%**%»*•**»%**'**»'%» *^
Correspondfng   rates to all
points in Maritime Provinces
Notice is lieiili) given thai Unity
da)a uiu-1 dale, 1 i.-u-iiii u> api-iy tu
Un- Ctuet CoiiimissioiiLi ol bunds and
Woikh   and  iu the Assistant   Com?
missioliei ill Lauds ami Uolh.s
lot the dlhtliel uf hast hou-
teiiay, lur a lieeu.su tu |uo.-.pccl lor
coal aud pcUolciiiu 011 uie lutlgwilig
descuiied laliil, .simaie on uie nol lli-
easl Michel Cieek, aboui flvo mileb
noith ul the Laiiaiiiau l'.ic lie luul-
luail, and lying west of ihe Melnnes
liruup, and lioj-'lu ol lhe Clows .Nesi
Pass Coal Cuinpaii) s UllU.
1. Commciieing at a posl planieil
une mile uurili uf a point uiie mile
east of lhe midsection of the east
side line ut the .Uciuncs tiiuiip, ami
lhe nui th side line of llie Crows
Nest Pass Cual Cumpauy's laud, said
post being the initial post of ti. It,
l,cKreu/,'s claim, aud maiked E. 11.
IJeFrenz s nbrthcast corner, ihenee
eighty chains wesi, Uience eighty
chains south, llience eighty chains
east, ihenee qigltty chains uurth lo
place ul beginning, containing about
li'lu acres.
E,   II.  LcKieti/.,  Eorator.
J. II.  Hemphill,  Agent.
Located Novemlier 18th, liltio.
2. Commencing at a post planted
at the northeast corner of K. 11.
LeKrenz's claim, the same being the
initial pust of J. T. I'eiin's claim,
and marked J. T. Penn's northwest
corner, thence eigbly chains east,
llience eighty chains suuih, thenee
eighty chains west, Uience eighly
chains north to place of beginning,
containing about tilt)  acres.
J. T. Penn, Locator.
J. IL Hemphill. Agent.
Located  November  12th,  1.105.
3. Commencing at a post planted
at J. T. Penn's northwest cornefi
said post being the initial post oi
E. A. Martin's claim and marked E.
A. Martin's southeast corner, Uieuce
eighly cliains east, thenee eighty
chains uurth, thenee eighty cliaius
west, thence eighly chains south to
place of beginning, containing about
iidti acres.
E. A. Martin, Locator.
J. II. Hemphill, Agent.
Located November mil, 1!IU")
4. Commencing at a post planted
at E. A. Mania's southwest corner
the same being the initial post of
C. L. Dutlcrtieid's claim and marked
C. L. .Buttelfield's southeast coiner
iheiiee eighty chains west, thence
eighty chains north, tbence eighty
chains east, thence eighly chains
soulh to place of beginning, containing about ii-10 acres.
C.  L.  Butterfield,  Locator.
J. IL Hemphill. Agent.
Located November 12th, 11)05.
5. Commencing at a post planted
one mile north uf C. L. Hutterlic""
northeast corner, said post heing tbe
initial post of Martha Corner's claim
and marked Martha Corner's northeast corner, thence eighty chains
west, thence eighty chains' south,
llience eighty chains east, thence
eight, cliains north to place of beginning, containing about 640 acres.
Maltha Corner,  Locator.
J. H. Hemphill, Agent.
Located November 12th, 11)05.
6. Commencing at a post planted
at Martha Corner's northeast corner,
the same being the initial post of M
J. DemoresOs northwest corner
thence eighty chains cast, thenco
eighty chains south, thence eighty
chains west, thence eighty cliaius
north to place of beginning, containing about. 640 acres.
iW. J. DcmorcKt, Locator.
J. H. Hemphill, Agent.
Located November 12th, 1905.
7. Commencing at a post planted
at W. J. Dnmorest's northwest corner, said post being the initial post
of T. J. Dcmorest's claim and marked T. J. Demorest's southwest corner, thence eighty chains cast, 1 hence
eighty chaius north, thenee eighty
chains west, thence eighty chains
south to place of beginning, containing about 640 acres.
T. J. Demorest, Locator.
J. IL Hemphill, Agent.
Located November I2th, 1005.
8. Commencing at a post planted
at T. .1. Demorest's southwest cor-
ner, the same being the initial post
of Emily Cornet's claim and marked
Emily Corner's southeast comer,
thenee eighty chains west, thenee
eighty chains north, thenee eighty
chains east, thence eighty chains
south to place of beginning, containing about 640 acres.
Emily Corner, Locator,
J. IT. Hemphill, Agent.
Located November 12th,  11105.
tl. Commpneing at a post planted
one mile north of Emily Corner's
northwest corner, the same being the
initial post of J. If. Hemphill's
claim and marked J. IL Hemphill's
northwest corner, thence eighty
chains east, thence eighty chains
south, thence , eighty eliains west,
thence eighty chains north to place
of beginning, containing about 640
J. H. Hemphill, Locator.
Located November 12th, 1905.
Take notice that thirty days aflei
date I intend to apply lo llie Chief
Coiiimissioliel of Lands ami Woiks
(ui a license lo cut and cany awaj
Umber from the following described
lands in East Kooteuay:
Commencing at the north-west corner ol Sidney Jellelfs license, ibeme
Hill chains south, thence 40 chains
tl, llieme IliO chains uoiili, theme
chains cast, to place o{ cullimeuee-
Lucated this 5th day of Decembei,
hy  Robert Little.
Take notice that thirty days after
dale I intend to apply lo tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Woiks
fur a license to cut and cany away
liuiber from the following described
hinds in East Kootenay:
Commencing at a post about half
a mile east of Sidney Jelleti's norlheasi corner, thence 160 cha ns north,
llience 40 chains west, ihence llid
ehains south, llience 40 cbains easl,
io place ul commencement.
Wm. Fairfield.
Agept, ll.  Little.
Located this uth day of December,
Msnulatturern »t
Ron nli and di csscil
i.nrmi-K and
Also all  kinds of
.lulTniv. Ryan mnl
Oroubrook, It.*'.
Head Office, - Cranbriink
Take notice that thirty days aflei
date I intend lu apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works
fur a license to cut and cany away
limber Irom lhe following described
lands in Kast Koolenay:
Commencing at the north-east curlier uf Sidney Jelleti's license, thenee
luu chains north, thenee 40 chains
wesl, Ihenee 160 chains south, thence
■IU chains east tu place of commence*
O. S. Friaell,
Agent, ti. Little.
Located this 5th dav ol December,
Robinson -Mckenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Oi
Rough and Dressed Lumber
)• *** *** *** •'•**• •*••*• ****** *l**l**l**l******* *****,4*** *l***.***************,**** I*,"*"*,*******
Take notice that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to lbe Cbiel"
Commissioner of Lands and Wurks
fur a license to cut and carry away
timber from the folluwing described
lands in East Kootenay:
Commencing at tlie north-east turner of Sidney Jellett's No. 1 license,
thence llitl chains north, thence 40
chains east, thence Itit! chains south,
thence 411 chains west to plaee of
Sidney Jellett, No. i.
Agent,  It.   Little.
Located this 5th day  of December,
1905. 38-5t
On Sale Daily
December 4 to 31
|°8' j ^HUGH STEWART.*}
For detailed information, first-class
or tourist sleeper reservations, apply
to local agent or write
J. S. CARTER,      E. J. COYLE,
D.P.A.. NHsnn. A.O.P.A. Yanwwwt.
Q. Hillier, Agent, Cranbrook.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
aflei dale 1 intend to apply to the
lion. Chief Commissioner of Lauds
and Works for a license lo prospect
fur cual    and petroleum on the   fol-
wiug desciibed lands, situate
abuut seven miles north of
the International Boundary line ami
abuut three mites east of Sage
Creek, S. E. Kuoteiiay, D. C.
Commencing at a post, planted at
the south-west corner, being the initial post adjacent to the nortU-west
corner of A. Sureiisou's claim, thence
running north 8ft chains, thence cast
8ft ehains, thence south 8ft chaius,
Ihence west, 80 chains to place ol
commencement and containing f>40
Located this 9th day of October^
O. J. Long, Locator.
36-.r>t James Fisher, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to apply lo the
Hun. Chief Commissioner ol Lands
and Works Ior a license to prospect
(or coal and petroleum on the following described lands, situate
between seven and eight miles north of
the International Houndary lino and
about three miles cast of Sage
Creek, S. E. Kootenay, li. O.
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-west, corner adjoining O. J.
Long's claim ou the north-west,
thence running north 80 chains,
thenco cast 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains tn place
ol commencement ami containing 640
Located this 9tli day of October,
Fred. E. Empev, Loeator.
3li-r>t J.   Fisher,  Agent.
Wi- havo QuiargQil pur qu(i£t#r-J und uur stock wry cutu
aulorably of lutu ami pan supply tlu- wants of tlio public in
any lino. Although wo soil at eastern prices wo hava nothing
Bhotltly to slough off. Wu gutirautee our goods for what we
stdl th.-in fur. Lumbermoil's ami prospectors* supplies a
specialty, Let us outfit yon. Wo havo somo now aud socoud
Iiimii furniture, Btovos, etc., to go at real bargain prices,
CordwooJ fur Sale.    Employment Agency in Connection.
Jas. McArthur, the Second Hand Man |
Our western manager, Mr. .. C. Whiteacre .will
be with the local agent, Mr.'Ross Tate, for one
week during December and will offer
Special Christma.s Prices   and   Gasy   Terms
To anyone desiring to pr chase a Piano. Send
your name and address  o Mr. Tate. DO IT NOW
MASON & RISCH PIANOS are used from
he Atlantic to the Pacific. Their splendid tone
volume, their artistic case designs, combined
with their great durability, have won for them
this great popularity.
(form F.)
TAKE NOTICE tint, I, W. A.* McL.
MeacM. *• M. C, No. B7HI152, a^ent
for. Win. Caflin, F. M. C, No. B73753
and \V. A. McL. Meachen, Free Min-
at J. "tf"''fieraptiiirs nofthwcsr'cor- er's   Certificate   No. B?3952, intend,
ner, tlie same Veing the initial post s'nY <)ays Irom d_,te hereol, to apply
ol R. 0. Beldcn's claim, nnd marked to the Mining,Recover for a Certi-
R.' O. Be|den's    southwest corner, nc&t* o! Improvements, (or the   pnr-
thence   eighty    chains cast,    thence Pose ol obtaining a- Crown, Grant  ol
eighty cha(ns   north, thence    eighty the above claim.
chains   west,    thence   eighty chains    And turther take notice Uiat action,
south, to, plape ol beginning, contain- undpr section 37, must be commenced
trig 640 acres. More the, Issuance ol such, Certificate
R. O. Be|den, Locator. of Improvements.
J. H. Hemphill. .Agent. I   Dated this 28th   day ol November,
Located November 12th, 1805. A. D. 1805.
88-5t~    36-at, W. A. McL. Meachen.
10. . Commencing at a. post planted
k csiwwmraaauaiss^     *_SLiiajai____:__i__a
Dress Suits
Have you got one for the
I.O.O.F. Ball Jan. 1st. We
have a lot of Dress Suits of
the finest broadcloth material,
made by Campbell, in the very
latest   styles.    Price  per  suit
$22 and $27
Cranbrook Cooperative Stores Ltd.
Would be the exact term, should you visit our upstair Sh^w Rooms, and select any of the many
beautiful things there in the Furniture Line as a Christmas Gift for your re'a'ives or friends. Ail
will agree that no present is as much appreciated as one that can be used in every day life. Read the
list below. We are sure you will see something that wiil hst suit you as a Gift to your Father,
Mother, Brother, Sister, or Friend.
Beds   priced   fron  $4.75 to $6.50,
over 30 styles.
Springs  from $3.50    to $6.50, all
Mattresses Irom $3.50 to $17.00, all
Dressers and  Stands from  $15  to
$45, elm, ash, oak & ■ n.i i ■
Chairs, common, Irom q0c to $2.50.
Rockers, wood, from $2.50 to 57.50.
Rockers,  leather,   lowest   on   the
Settees, plain wood, from $IOtO ilfc
Settees, upholstered, from $20 to
Music Stands from $9 to $18, fine
Xmas Gilt.
China Closets irom $20 to $30.
Chclliners irom $25 to $30.
Wc have iust placed
in our store, (rcsh and
new, a fine stock ol
Xmas Groceries.
When you want good
goods lor Xmas Cooking call up No. 9
The offer This Week the Best Cooking Apples on the Market at $1.65 Per Hox
tVsvlll redeem ihem this reek under
the following cunditlon.:
All person, over 1", years old miul be
able lo tell all aboui oui ad. litis w.-,-k.
.11! persons l„-i\,,-,-i, lu :,,„! Ifi  si
have cuupon sinned by father, mother
or guardian, and be able l" given* a
general i-iea ,,i what vo are advertising
ilti- week.
All \xmms under 10 must bring lather,
mothei oi guardian with them.
Coupons Mosl II; Presented vi i,i,m Une
tinA After Ilu l...u ni' lliis Taper.
. iddress
December 28, 1905
Cranbruuk Co 'Operative Stores
I hulled
*J^m~?aagst.a^-ii-*-'-.l>y,.-l^Kj,. ■,
„ ^»... i ♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*>♦♦♦♦ I
Thanking you for your
liberal trade the past
year, we wish you the
Compliments of the
May the people of Cranbrook
and south east Kootenay enjoy
a Happy and Prosperous New
Year is our wish.
|G.   T.   ROGERS I
♦ Fancy and Staple Groceries and Crockery ♦
We Wish You
A Happy And
Prosperous New
S     Year     S
C. E. REID & Co.
Druggists       phone 74        Stationers
i >vwvwvwyvwwwvwv wvwwvwwNWiVwwyi
Stock Now Complet-
est and Largest
We Have Ever Had
Simon's Cross Cut Saws, Atkin'sand
Maple Leaf Cross Cut Saws
Black Prince Axes
X Beattie $ fltcbi$on'$ j
; Holiday Goods I
4 4
iocs Flwlley mil ' ■■.   ADDRESS
is trip In ll„* ,,l ;  ll   : :,   i     *-', ,,l- j *|*(i .|
land,      Mr. Findley I,
back there Ior twenty in
goes now to see Ills cou,
mil QEON,
Picked Up About the City   by  Asking
Questions of Many People.
Head Pa-Imam Bros. wt.
ll,- sura ami buy n (Ickol Ior tho
owning dance in Uio I.O.O.K, and
K. o! P. ball mi New Year's night.
Tickets S2.IIII.
For Sale—A piano. Applv al
lli-inlil olllco. ' tl-p
.\. P, Large, ,,f Moylc, was a
Cranhrook visitor to-day.
A. E. Walls, „f Walls],urg, was a
Cranhrook visitor yesterday.
II \V. Drew, ,,f Klmbciicy, attended tlie meeting of lbe Masonic lodge
last evening.
.Mrs. Carter is visiting with her
mother, Mrs. M. ll. King.
Kiel Milchell .in,l wife, „f lumber-
ley, aw in town to-day.
n. R. Y.ii.'s. ol Bayard, was a
Cranbrook visitor lasl Tuesday.
If you would \"lt- at the next
municipal election, you must register
Cily   Clerk's    olllco   Mori
ember 31s
lie last
ell  Kill  I,
the old Preaby-
■ belli nexl  Sun-
Hi. and Mrs. Keith, uf Coal creek,
spent Christmas wilb Mr. and Mis.
M. ll. King.
Airs, Acton and son Percy, of S,r-
,1.11, .ire in town Unlay and are
guests at  the Cosmopolitan.
Mi and Mis Erlckson and their
Iwo daughters spent Christinas with
Mr   and Mis. Pawnoll, „l Fish lake.
11 you would \ol.- at tho next
municipal election, yuu must regislor
.,i Hi,- City Clerk's „lbee belore
December 81st.
J, .1. Murphy, the popular Movie
merchan-t, w.is in town yesterday
..,,,1 registered al  tho Cranhrook.
The sacrum™I ol Hie I.ui.l's Sup-
por will bo observed on uexl N;ib-
1,-aili morning in lbe Presbyterian
Di   King returned lasl Friday from
,1   I up   lo  Ills    ulil  llnllle  ill   I'll |,man,
Vli . Montreal, Now York and other
; Is  in   llie easl
He sure ami buy a tickcl. for Hie
opoiring   dance in   Hie   I.O.O.F. ami
Is. ol 1'. ball on New Year's night.
'Pickets $2.11(1.
Captain    James     McElvoy, land
oommlsi n*i  I.n   Hie   Crows Nesi
I'm*. Con] cnmpany, was in lown
i,* i,*i.l,,i   nml  to-day.
il, *. .1,* e    McDonald, win,    has
been  visiting friends nl  Moose .law,
\ssrn,   I,,,*   Hie  pasl.  six   mOUltlS,      11!
iiiim-il boine ,,n Friday last,
11 v,„, »,„,l,l vote .,1 ll„- nexl
municipal election, \>,n must reglsler
.ii    H„-   City   Clerk's-   olliee   before
II, o, l,,l>ol   31st,
Fred Robinson, of Winnipeg, is in
town again. Mr. Uobinson has been
busy lln- p.isi b-w months looking up
so,,,,- lumber propositions for some
eastern cnpltnllsis.
'I'l polling „[  lhe new  I'lesbylel-
i.m churcli will be one week ' trolll
nexl Sunday, January 7th. "Ralph
Connor" will preach ibe sermon ami
ovorybody should hear bim.
He sure and Imv a ticket for tlio
opening dance in Uio I.O.O.F. anil
K. of P. hull on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.1111.
Frank Dcroslor, of Jaflray, was in
town a couple of flays Ibis week. Ile
finds il a little ilillieult to navigate
Willi bis broken leg but, sl-ill gets
around on bis   crutches like a veter-
"■',  I n
CIS     .Lllll I ,      ,
j    On Christmas eve tbo guests al tho
er. iQucclis holel presented Mrs. Gougeon
Victor  Rollins  lell   yesl rday   tor*'11 degantly llluminatcil address
Ms old homo al     Lue nl.,    ami  and   a splendid   diamond ring as   u
expects to be   pone about  .i ii Hi., mark ol llieir respect and regard for
Quito a crowd ,,f Vic - i Is were I thc lady.    Tbe event was made. Ibo
nl   lhe depot   to s.,1   | ,
wish him a pleasant  trip.
For rent,     two unfurnished ro
near business center.      Apply I lei.il i I!
McClary's Fa ns  "London"  blue
enamel ware al Patmore Bros.
He sure and buy a ticket i-,i the
opening dance in' the 1 n O.K. nn.l
K. of P. lull on New* Year's ni .1.'.
Tickets $2.00.
II,,      nol    for.el     I'r   mmi* bj
"lliiljili Connor" on  tin   evei ii ,   ol
J iinniiv  Kill  ,it     Hie  1, v.   I'!     hyh.
iai, church. Thi. gentlrmni I - lamed far ami wldo f, r hi- reputation as
au aiit-li <r ami read, i and Iii appearance iu    Cranbrook   will lie    n
Ileal   In  tbe people of llii'. cily,
Two rront ofllcos, second floor Units
block, for lent. Apply to Heale St
Elwoil, 7-1!
He sure ami buy a tickel for the
opening danoe in' the I.O.O.F. nn.l
K. of P. ball on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.00.
Mr. JolliHc won Hie turkey on the
guess of the big hog al Harris Bros,
meal market. The weiglil w.is 530
pounds ami Mr. Jollllfe guessed il
exactly. Tbe editor ,,( Hi,* Herald
showed his early training on lhe
farm by guessing within live pounds
of ihe righl weight.
Accountant wishes eveniug employment making up hooks and auditing
Specially of storekeeper's books. Ap
ply A. 0. A., Herald olllce.        3C-tf
Tom Wai.lniau lias returni :l from
bis irip to Montreal wl, ro l,e went
for treatment for llie injuries he received several months .,.,, on in*
engine in tbe yards al I., thbtidgc.
Tbe surgeons there lold him thai lie
might as well r, '.uiu lo L'ranbr ok
as ovcryUiing thai could he ,1 nc for
him evidently was being ,ln, by
Hr. King an,l" bis assistants.
llr sine anil buy a tickel im the
opening ,ia,,,-e in' Hn- loo.!-', ami
K. ol P. hall on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.tiu.
For Sale.—House an,I lot on lbe
main streel ol Marysvlllo. Apply lo
Herald. mi-it
He sine an,I buy a tickel for lbe
opening dance in tlie i.o O.K. an.l
K. of P. hall on New \,.u s 111,1,1.
Tickets $2.1)0.
Ho noi forgot tie readings hy
"■Ralph Connor' on the evening ol
January sib at the new Presbyter-
Ian church. Tins gentleman is lamed far ami wide for his reputation as
an author and reader ami bis appearance in riant, in ok will he a
Ileal   lo  the people ol  H.i., u;v.
If you would \,,ie „i the next
municipal election, vou musl regisler
,n    the   Cily   Clerk's    , lhc-   before
for quite a lil He eelchra-
,,i friendship ami good feeling
- ni a lively pace for a few
■ The address was read ami
■irescntat'lon made lo Airs. Qou-
bj IV. II. Whiiicn.
• .'ol.ncss, wbieb was elegantly
limited in a most artistic lash-
by U.   K. Piper,   read iis    lol-
"W'e, H,e undersigned guests ol tlu
Queens   hotel    w. ulil   consider  outset
grateful  we
kindness lo
| lhe  past   vi.
bappj Cbrlsl
uecembor 31st.
• lames ('. Reed, who
lorcui.in here for tl:
months, is being trail
shops ni Calgary, Mr. I„,
while having lhe besl inl,*',
lhe company al heart, has ,
himself io ibe employees un,
charge hy bis gentleiuanl
eouriiiuis manner and thoy re
being removed Irom Cranl ro
Women appreciate a m.i
Tbey admire quality in a ri :..
everything   else.       liurablll
ellieieliev ale strong     |loillts
Kootenay Range.—Patmore I
Girl    wants   situation   a:;
serviiiii.      Wages   Us.nn   I,,
Apply Box 217, P. 0.
Appropriate services will I
in lhe Methodist churcli m-xl
evening lo mark lhe closing
year. A sun,, service ol
Iciest will be rendered,
I'll,rice solos nml choruses ti
will    lake pari.        The   n.i.
:• we lo    al
l,,w  Ulii  opportunity lo go by
you    Hn*  I
i .season' and our
inks   for    ]
is as your guests during
i.     lu  wishing you    a
in,is ami prosperous New
we would ask you to liimll) accept ihis diamond ring as a   slight
token   of lhe very high  esteem     in
ivhich y ire   held by us all,    ami
'inn   earnesl   prayer   will ever be,
thai   Heaven's choicest blessings  lest
,.u thee."
A. II. Perney,
H. Rupert,
.1. Martin,
Fred. Mick,
1,. Cardinal,
II. .1. Bruck,
F. Ailler,
.1. d.illn.uili.
Vi. Whit ton,
Then. Dulresne,
Henry Sayan.
Mrs. Qoitgcon after lbe presentation elegantly entertained her iriends
lu supper. There was fun galore
and go,,,l music f, r a few most enjoyable hours.
Hn Christmas eve .Mr. Fred. Small
presented Miss Heine Uecltcrvaiso
,uin a very substantial prool ul tbe
regalil in which she is n,i., ny uu
many lrcqucntet'S ami boarders al
lbe Cosmopolitan hotel, 'liie presentation was accompanied with a
neai address in the fallowing terms:
"Ue cannot permit lbe Christinas ol
11(05 to pass wiih,.ul oflenng you a
sunlit token of our earnesl esteem
an.i regard, Wc ask you to accept
U n,in us, your (llcluls, us all expression ui our warm appreciation ot
j. in unfailing warm-heartedness,
which is over prompted hy womanly
intelligence and prolouud guo,l sense.
Ue deeply regrcl iii.ii you will lie
soon leal ine, damn*,,ok, ami pussiiilj
wc bball nul again Iimi you in the
posllion winch you so admirably lined wilb honor to yoursell, advantage
to tlie very excellent eslabllshmcni
with wbieb you bave been associated
ioi so considerable a time, and with
pleasure lo us. Rest assured thai
should you return amongst us we
shall rejoice as much as we now deplore your departure,
Wishing you a happy Christmas, a
prosperous New Year, and a propitious future wherever tlio bark of
vour desiinv may guide vou. Your
friends: Fred. E. Halms, r. li.
Ward. Charles Knock,-, William Steward, li,-,,. H. Portsmouth, Frank 0.
Dickenson, Aroliio Smith, li. A. Macconnell, .James Neil, .1. .1. Harris,
Joseph Ryan, It. I*.. Brattle, 1.    It.
Manning, ' A. I,.    McDcr i, Roherl
Dray, Robert Ncale, Kiel. Taylor,
.1.   A.   Green,    .lolm   A.  Ferguson,
Frank   II.  Derail,   Charles Grab	
Leo Sullivan, J. 1). McBride, Ross
Rounds, H. ('. Ryan, ,1. F. Carter,
A. Hamilton.
in Ui
he  nt   hoi
e  body  ,.(
Iiiil.'il   lo
■ml lbe vi
M   111
cc   will    I
ne and hm
in a I i,
. m. u w.i
mencc and
All  arc  ll
, iltiii,
He sure and buy a lleW>t for    the,
opening   ilanci' iu    Hie   I.O.O.F. and   election
K. of P.' ball un   New Year's night.
Tickets $2.00.
For Sale—House containing 11
large rooms, plastered; furnace in
cellar; cilv water; halt acre of land
fenced; prlco 52(10(1. Thus. W.
I.,'ask,  Cranlirnok.
if ynu   would    vote at   lhc    next
BORROW A  .10(1   AM)  Mill
Oily   Attorney Thompson,
lug a clause iu    llie law c,
Hie suffrage in     Cranbrook
next election,  said   Hint  any    bousi
bolder who paid $2.1111 or more dime
to tbe cily   would    be    entitled   1
vole, and thai,   all a man needed I-
do wan In secure a dog ami pay   Hi
license on  Hie animal.     The canin
vole may be a large one al  Hie ncx
The lll.iuil    I moll holel al  Morris-
soy Junction   was destroyed by   fire
on CluTslmas night.    The origin    ,,i
Uu* iiu- appears   in ban- been incendiary, as n.ui.s weie found in    tho
,    now  leading     lo lho rear   of    the
,|   I -e .mil He    Ll.i/.- was liisl    (Unci, ,,   covered iu llial pail of Hn- building
There wns only one guesl in lbe hotel
ihat night.    William Stewart,    Un*
owner, bad   jusl  rolurmd Irom    lhc
wesl a,,,l all h.nl retired early. There
was no lire in  the kitchen, and     Hie
others hail all been closed ami carefully looked after,    The Chinese cook
i.i.l gone i„    bed al eight    o'clock,
.mil   be   was   awakened     about on,
o'clock by a crackling noise, and   all
the others in Ibe bouse were arnuse.l
bv bis terrified cries for help.    Tbey
-   rushed I,, lhc back part of Hie house
t   lo   see whal   was the matter,    ami
o  lodml the lean-to ou fire, and a pile
.   of slabs beneath Unit part of      the
,',  building burning briskly,     I-vermin
,.  hurried hack upstairs lu save    wb.it
tbey could (if  lheir personal effects,
ias iill had conic down iu their   nlglll
clolbcs.      When Ihey gol  back    the
heavy wind blowing bad carried   the
flames to the main part (if the building and there was no chance lo save
ouj,  anything mure as the building    was
I     ,     doomed.     Tlie bridge across tbe Elk
110 also caught afire but Ihc (lames were
lu bum
WHO   I,J    ,
l'c.1,,,1      I
Ml.,.     UO)      11)
uidlly .sn,
„y ...is. (,,
luelice    uu
,l„)   last.
ui,a.-,,..ii   w
,1    All!
Ho.   ...   Engine ,
Tic' wc.-.ui,    !., ig .;   was slowly
I ug ni'  I  .  grade,
lue  moon   Was  quite  ■ ,   ,,,.,,! U)   lbe
... ' ,' ....  I	
Wiuie me   noise ul   ... xhaust,  uu
tnal cold in,, ii....  night,
Togclhcl wnh    llle p. ling ol    lha
in.,..-, s, was - Irigm.
WilS c
iu joyni
r ::■':..
at  ih-.- mud    ring,
 g too,
i .. cauliou now Uiti
. i i.a pla ion mils
uuuliiUnat im:
tiai a house on firs
beeu ahead,
!h- imgiiti 11 wil    tuixioua look   vas
Im-;.  sp-tilm-; slack,
. : ;,-.■ ki,. w  ilia! ii [.-_■ didn't loud a
lieljuug ....'ni Lo Jack
.I, \  v.. .1,: 1, ■■         ■■, I- mc, which
V\„ .     Ul                                         ,:  .'■ .,\  ,
ii iii;..   ■■'!   meet   ;..,.  limited,    and
thcrt d . !■ ■--.■ di uce io paj.
i il.i- cotnei on un* fireman's seat,
Bttaj in.: p-i...;   lu . . . tro,
.ti .i liguie grim ami siletil, not a
..' .._.  .n.i i»c know ,
o ... i _ ■         li     lailure to nuke
..>.-. a .ik-:;   lu uus
i.i;, I' ■               ■■.-; the fireman
gave ■; ■                 ue a [hj lb,
tion s 'i.v lad awoke,
nd after 1    - ..   .. ■ wn v..-j switch,
ami ....■<   tbe  -._:...i too,
aid i,-.' l..-.,, iht  engineer, "I'm gu-
.;., back to <...-. ■,.,
uu- upeii field aim has now uiuii her !
uegieu.     A nio.si enjoyable time \\.t^  tt
spent liy ull .      a large numoei   ui
inemls  \uic   ptei_t.iit ai  tne    »i. pot  v.
wiun   .Uih.s   ttiiiiains
liie irast bound u.nii
wnh   tier itiuitki,   ,\ii. Milton    tt
liams, who accompanied her to Spt
.mc wbciu tlio    wedding took   pi-Ai
ine LTu-niuii)     was qm.c an elegant]
function, aim ii need natdly be   said  "tti,,;; -        mai ,... the   flag-
that the bride looked charming,    tne        man, "lha-t »u don ; make Uciier
Herald uflers its felieitalions iu Mr. |      nine,
and  Mrs. Uyer,    and   wishes   them  Here we've oulj I    Boone, when
many yens ul happiness. we oughl        be al  i.:■:..■.■
 —t  "Why  the ■ -   bu -..:. ,"  Baid
VOUNG    l£OY   t'HKNKTTi-:   GOES U,L •■'ilL'  ft'no ^Ii;i" lo <**>
ilie wliu swayed au long aiid silently
upun the fireman's scat.
A. P. Clienette's ten year uld   son   ..V|M.   ,,,,    ;    i,,,.l,,-'* mH
Uuy   returned on Friday last    from     lf< V'Vu'"' ' ""■ "
1-nieiici- wnere be is atieiming Benuul.' Th   E ^ dt '"■■.-, ke    and
lie was not expected until Saturday    l™™£ ■   ,,...,   BSStsp552
and in eonsctjiioiicc Ibei
io meet   bim   twru trom .ua
he sUij-ed at tiiu. Queens hot
Mrs. (juugvuii could not indu<
to eat a morsal.    U was a i.
uf buine sichnc.-,s.     At auuut
he     tuld    Utile   Eu.iiu   Liuufaeun   Ue
would walk home in Marysville
waved lum a guud-byc.     As In
nul show up al llie h( tel cuam
six   u'cluck   3hs.      GuiiLicun  b
■\'i,'j re ii...." I >1 Pard, tbe en^i-
ikvi ti uuckin', fur 1 know,
There  is no   reason 1 tan see   why
,  casc        iuti train blu-uiu iun so slow,
And he woke ine up at Mayfield when
lie set the air su bard,
I knew then be was but kin';"
"You're right," chimed in "Uld
"Yes, he most woke mc up too that
tune and I'll call lum duwii    Ior
if he ever [ai    me    > a^r.,, he's  a
very anxious aiid finding ne bad probably struck uut fur burnt; put tm
tcleiihuiies iu operation, .Supenn
icndeni Erlckson placed a hand cu
and the entire road crew at tne disposal ul chief uf pulice Baron    with]
instructions to  keep Uuui on    duiy'SaW the "con" with look ol wisdom
nli lhe lute lellow ua. found, rhcroj      and the ait ,,[ 0M wbo k[ieWi
,s a regular hue and cry raised be-  i.Tha1 ,,   inc _ ,    tt yard o( kvd aIid
big cxpanshun too,
He's a burden to the   -■.■....■Any and a
■Junt-r to lhe crew.
iwceu here and Marysville. Mr.
Haiuii tuuk a fast team and -et uui
on the quest. Ii was a hie antl
death matter, for if the buy lost bis
bearings   in   Um    taugle ot togging I ..jj j w General Manager I'd   fire
roads he certainly   would  lose    Ins        Bomfl ,.;.,;,..
liie   fu'iu    nie   terrible Irost    tii,tt'\Vtl(l haVE j,.,..,   ■ J, ..>:._. engines    on
night.  (  Mr.  Utes, accountant    at j      thia man , |inc ,.„ years,
staples    iie.iik-d   Uie   search     pany   A[l)i j-.j .,.,-  ;: . Q\a conductors    who
Irom   Bayard    and   was     rortunate        Irom Bervice had 1,.;,:^;
enough to find the lad huddled in   a! 0ll lhc ,.., u,    [n ■.,. piacea 0[    the
bux car at Urobhers siding.     Ile had:      engineers I fired.
gui so far   when night    shut down.
ttcuiu-d out from his long journey ho "Then there would be BometWw do-
turned mlu iin* lust shelter lie came --^ on this line foi .sure,
in. Luckily he was found as des- Umj Hi.-n complaints would'ne'er lie
Bayard heard aboui the coal that's poor,
ol bun. \\\t\\_ suCh things as foaming boilers
,l1   were |      would i >■   loi ie   <i the past,
:1 ihe time thai trains would make
crihed and was taken
where every care was lake:
IBs parents and -Mrs. tiuu.
nearly     IranUc      uui il     \
ot     (lie
lum and hn doarly,
is one of il,.- r Idcst, if I \
nl coldei i,  '■•■•■ have had
i.. ii, i„ i:i,i:("rs ukkickus.
then Wi uld be nothing else
te   comlui i"i,   quite exhausted by
the logli  he'd expressed,
gain in lii'i-'l In    '■■•■ a; \  form to resume his broken resl.
And wl.rii Mn- ni" ul whistled ofi   on
ihai cold Dccembei niglrt,
The  "high hall"   ihai   Uio  flagman
rave, lhu)  -^.i\' wa ■ [usl a sight.
'    -Jason Kolfey.
City Clerk Prest. has f
nolit'cs to all those engaged
In town to come lo lhc clerk's olliee oxtThguIsliet!
and pay their license for lhc ensiling     The     holel   building    was   worth
municipal election, you must register (.six months, and llinl  Ihis will   have about $7,mill ur   $K,<Hlf) upon    which
| at    Um   City   Clerk's    olllce   before' to Im    paid prior lo January I    to   there   was no   insurance,    and    tlie
December olsC.
If vou    would     vol'
unlclpal election, vo
ihe   Cily   Clerk';
avoid the penalty the law provides.   k building and business is a total luss.   December 31st.
On Saturday evening   there was
full an.n.l,nice of ih,- members of the
1.. (i   I., i.n   Un* election of ollieers  A   DISTINGI [SHED   CENTENAIt-
of the   lodge   foi   Un-   coming   year. I IAN.
The proceedings were must   harmon- 	
ions. Thomas Buytcr was elected I Toronio, Dec 17-Mrs. Osier, of
Worthy Master, Hugh Bays, Deputy Wcllcsloj street, widow ol tlie late
Mastei; tt. II. Hayward, Chaplain; Canon Featherstono Osier, enters
.lames Wallace, Secretary-treasurer; upon her hundredth year to-day. In
13, -I. Urrlgan, Itccording secrotary her cliiltlren Mi-. Osier has given to
and Samuel Joyce, Director ui Cere-,the world a most distinguished group
monies. The following executive ol sons. 'Four ol them have been
committee was alsu chosen for lhe men nf ureal Canadian reputation,
ensuing vear, Missis. William Walsh, and one, Dr. Wm. Osier, Kegius prn-
David Moore, William Schmitt, .Mike lessor of medicine at Oxford univer-
.lohnstoii and Murd eh McEaehern. sity, is recognized as lhc leader of
tlie world's medical profession; Justice Featherstono Osier, ol lhe court
ol appeal and iwo prominent remain-
,      , ing suns.     The late D, B. Osier, one
Notice is hereby given thai from 0[ ,|1(. [oremost men of the Canadian
ami after ihe date hereof I will nnt |)iU- was a|S() a Bon iin(i tIie ]ato
be answerable for any debts of my MrSi Williamson, prcaidont for
wife, Mary Sargcant, she having left Toronto diocese of the Woman's Aux-
my bed and board without due iiiaiv, was a daughter,
Dated  al   Cranbiook   Ihis 2Btll  day
of Dccomber, A. D. 1005,
■10-lt ti.  ti. Sarge.iiit.
Mayor Holers  informed  the Herald
al    the    next   last week    Ibat   lhe provincial    gov-
iiiusl  register, eminent   had    returned    $013 rebate
nllice   before   taxes lo the   municipality of   Crau-
' brook.    This will help some. THE   OKAMtKOOK   11EKALD
V '
Headquarters f,»r cl
,, ntiiiiqu.irtfis t,,,- ciiunc *
'• t
i confectionery uml fruit.    We 4
i  sure the agents here fortbi
■ mous (i.   H.   Chocolates so
11 well known by nil   lovers of
i go o il   sweets.    Shipments
inud,' so its to lun
r„ i
'*.**.**■*■*■***■***** % *, -, -.0
i but fresh stock
is now located in its comfortable and attractive new quarters in the Manitoba Hotel.
This institution is just up-to-
date and is modcrnly equipped
to do iust the best work in all
' branches ot the tonsorial art.
Burning your smoke is   #
GOOD      |
Burning a smokeless coal m
is §
BETTER      |
Burning a smokeless hard %
coal from Bankhcad Banff £
is c
I huve the sole agency I
Criiiilirook Districl nnd (li
Iver it to  for $8.7ii  per t
C.n. I)  Weigh! guaranl I
on my own public scales.
Tnlmr Soft  Conl  $(i.7,i del.
ivcred C. I •. I).
Expressagc and  Draying
Phone 86
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
1 We Will Do I
i Your Draying J
ii manner Hint in- ♦
,        -j' mires    satisfaction, j
Tliut   ia   onr   lumi- '>
ih'bb.   Wo wanl  to j£
please.   We aro wil- *
Rug to labor hard to Z
accomplish Hint nli- k
ject. That is why our 9
business prospers : 2
Authorized miners of Ihc 9
Miboh k RlMch Pi.ott  2
I 404000*004004000444t-*'i
this   season for  Xmas   gifts
are potraits in sepia platinum with a very artistic mounting:,
which is entirely
Prest Photo Co
We Buy and Sell on Commission.
WANTED:—Western Oil and
Diamond Vale Shares.
Waghorn, Gwynne &
Attention was called ... the last
ssue lo tlie lact llial 1.. P. l.cauck
bail bonded the Mystery st""" •"'
AIki deck iu the si. Mans valley,
belonging to Roberl Dewar, tin- Blue
Peter group adjoining the Mystery,
belonging to C. Ilungerlord Pollen,
ami the il,■ml Hope group on While
Fish creek ,,„ ihc opp site side ol the
valley which is also in Mr. Pollen's
ownership. The Herald is glad
to coiuiatulalc both owners
now Raving a tail* chalice,
at 1,-asi, nl seeing their laiib
iu ihc valley vorifled. The Herald
believes that Mr. I.eaviek is lbe man
who call, ami will, bring about tlie
realisation of the greal ami reoson-
iblc expectations of   ihc St. Marys
-alloy ami ibe many smaller valleys
,fl ii.       lie does nol     want    In nel
iboui bis work   wnh a brass    lumi
A Logger's Bool»iilmnt an Equal
I. i„„  Men's llllll I.,* ci nc ll""'*
Kronch full llin.iiKlioul m"1 I""11
liock link ►„!,-      lllllshlo   eouoler
,1 im- Btumliinl screw
,11 .ooiiml.   See them
,- pnigi
Mnnul',*,■■inr.*,!   Bv
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
y'ANCdl  \'KII   B,   I'.
iiouitii to say to tbe writer ihal Iii-
idea was to spend money Willi an
intcllimiile purpose, and iu Intelligeui
w,,ik.     II success is not apparaul al
once,  be  Is salislnsl   lo Bo on     will
whatever bcIicuio ol dcveliipmenl lu
mai have lu hand anil tesl ii to .-
os'ilne conclusion one way ,u till
other.      All) man   ol llr. Leavlek'i
experience   in   mining   ami ilu 'inl
standing win, pursues such a   pullc;
uleallily,     will   ban*  tbe cl.lial     ap
incclal'loii   ami    BUpporl   ,1   the '* I
ll, wiu-tbcl* bis ell.,lis cm! III slicc-s
oi- failure.     All llle ctuiliv asl,
traofeed altcnlioii.     This is the lirst
iimi-  llial   lbe      tal   lias been   posl
lively   |,le!ilib,-i|   as ocelli lllli; lu     the
vein in Canadian properties, at all
events I, appears that certain
I'biuaiiuii were making good wages
panning lhe gravels <>l Beat creek
f-,| Ibis valuable metal. die of
ibc.se Chinamen found a piece of plat-
inum in It.-.ii crc-k which was embedded in quartz. Mr. Law, wlm is
Interested iu tin* Hear Creek claim,
was struck by the similarity between this piece and lbe ore on bis
claim. lie at once itnl oul the
samples wbieb led lo ibe identification ol III,' Iiii'i il.     The liiul is I'l llie
greatest public imporiance, ns tbe
Bupply of platinum is very limited
ami comes mostly from tbe I ral
mountains, Siberia, where it is got
l,v conviol labor. This source ol
supply is now cul down owing lo I In
conditions iu Russia and Siberia. K
will all eoiuil in Ibe advancement of
in,I,i. ami British Columbia especially, ,,s a mineral region.
that men „f experience come In and
see ami lest tilings loi UlOHlsolves.
We bave lbe mind-al, whooVol m.iy
nml it. TI.e Herald hopes il may be
Mr. Loavlek, ami Irusts be may pro-
iit nii-ail*   by bis undertaking.
i II,
Tin* days arc gi>l ting stonier.
Miss O&rtwrtght catm home to
spend Christmas.
Tom ami Jerry were very much in
demand this week.
.Air. Colpmon came np trom Cowley
to spend Christmas with his family.
Will Rollins is rapidly improving
ami will soon lie able tn" leave tlm
K. ll Bohort, ono nf tin- popular
hotel men "f VVardner, was in tuwu
this week.
Larry Doolan eame over from
Wesl Kootenay in spend his holidays
in Craubrook,
Mr, ami Mis. .). v. Kink will entertain a number uf friends at their
li....... this evening.
Mi. anil Mts.  A.  I.i
f0W   ulil     f I It'll.In
Pete's Barber  Shop
I, XI    llll
ami    Oliposi
I   ilivile  e\
i ilie Wentworth
lo A. C. How-
new balll,' hullil-
ybody. All* work
im.  '   First-class
III    cue   salisl.oi
arli, I   shop.
P, .1. Leithauser, flgr.
1 Cctear Davis
Furnace. Boiler, Range,
eplnee work u special- A
X (did Fi
-j- All descriptions of stone- £
X work uiiilertiiken. • (tilers left y
.' *l'
? al s
t ,1. 1). McllIIIDE'K I
*|» will roeiove prompt attention, *j«
•:• Phono 116, P. 0. Box 854. •;•
x y.
A. W. McVittie
\ Dominion and Provin- t
4 cial   Land  Surveyor, j
H. H. McVittie
General Agent
{ Ti MBER, MINE  and
j CRANBROOK,   B.   C.
Geo. R. Leask & Co.
um-work in our advertisement, Iml wt
put this ml in ilm Herald to
eniplinslflo ii.
Near Lower Armstrong Avenue.
McVittie & Laidlaw,
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors.
Are too busy tliis week
to write mis. (nuking
Home Hade Bread Shop
Ilmif'on Ave., -- Crnnbrook
Tlif mining activity in the SI
Marys is buuml to call tbe aHenlioi
ul tlm raiiwav people to thu [loss!
nllitles ul im* illstrlet, it uewl n t
nv expected that the 0. 1'. K. will,
just becauso a series uf groups ui
claims aie being developou, surl in
tu build a road from Craubrook to
Pilot Bay, but the heads of the concern will mui' that American capital
is Inking In M in the locality, aim
tbey will not (all tu be struck bj
tlie fact that there is a smelter ai
either end, both operated hy uiiifif.it
companies. Thf »<« scenic route
ivlll demonstrate ihc feasibility ol
ihf railway route, and in a little
mm' ilu- railway mind will have ai
quired a familiarity wilh I'm- cotidi
tiuiis uf thf valley which will grcal
ly tend lo remove all obstacles t<<
Tht' building ol tbo road. T-hrro arc
(lillii-iiliics in thf way. natural ditli-
culties, hut greater ones aif overcome every day in railroad engineering practice.
The soundings made along the location line uf tht- McKay-Mack undertaking lo try Ior the minerals undei
Aloyio lako have proved must satisfactory, tint' passing alung llm laKc
Mile wuuld imagine that like all
mountain lakes it was very deep,
ll is satisfactory to he able to say
ihat ihis is hy no means Hie case.
A scries uf vorifled soundings were
quite recently taken by Mr. McKay in
poison ami ne was,' like uvoryoiic
else, greatly surprised at the .shallowness uf the water. He expectw
about 400 ur atiti leet, hut Uio maximum depth was only 158 fool b
Inches. The ollowing is an extract
from Mr. McKay's uuu-s: "Soundings taken alung line of Sl. Kugem
lead (north vo,n) 300 feel north ol
lhe island, ami beginning "ii the
Moyie side, the depths being given ii
feet ami inches: 2b,*l, 7U.10, su, m
123.4, 160.8. i58.8, 153.4, 73.111
.iu.iu and 20,4. Those sounding
were taken with a proper sounding
iruu every 254 foot on the line uf i
lead. In lhe course uf tlie soundings
no ruck was encountered, the bolloi
showing only clay and gravel. Tli
shallowness uf lhe lake points tu tli
fact that il is gradually being sillt
up by the Moyie river a ,.! um nun
her of streams falling into it, and it
may reasonably be Inferred thai
there is a very coiisldorablu depth uf
wash and detritus over iiu- natural
bed ruck. There should imt.
fore, be any apprehension uf danger
in the workings from any inrush ul
water which ordinary pumps coul.l
nut handle with ease.
Unite ti in the middle uf the flrst
boom which ever affected the camp.
If what Paisoy Clark stales in ihe
Sjiukesman-Keucw be correct there
is reason fur tho exciieiueiit. Patsey
says that certain Chicago people
purchased the North Butte abuut
eighl months ago, the stuck uf tin
company being set ut jii.uuu.ii'ju
They developed tlm ground and show-
is! up a ledge uf cupper glance running OU per eenl. cupper. Uut uf
ihis they were making profits i
$400,000 a week. With the price t
coppot at 10 cents a pound (the high
esi figure il has been at fur many
long day) ami lhe oUtpul frum th
Noith Unite making a fresh record
every week, the property is now
value fur $40,000,000. It, is said
Unit every one iu Butte is gone mad
un coppers. New ore bodies are being opened in old mines, and new
properties are being rushed to the
Shipping stage iu the fastest time ou
Willi cupper al ID cents a
pound, silver at about ihe tili cent
mark, ami lead ou the Loudon at
close io *nt a luu it is nn wonder
that peuple would try tu have u
share uf the profits of' mining. As
the industry is now being conduclod
lhe costs ur extraction are steadily
decreasing, tbo waste Is growing less',
butter machinery is coming into use,
and al lhe same lime tlie valuer, uf
lhe metals are steadily appreciating,
.1. K. Iluiterell, uf Vancouver,
general manager for British Culumhia
for the great Allis-Chalniers-Hullnck
(Jn., slated lo a representative of ihe
Nelson News that Hie extent "f the
orders received by his company for
mining machinery during the present
year exceeded those fur lhe past
three years put together, Tbii
most encouraging news, and points
to the revival which will be upon us
before we ean realize it. To meet
the demands for machinery the company recently completed a factory at
Vancouver at a cost of $2.10,0(10.
A recent issue of the Vancouver
Daily Province states that platinum
has been found in thc gold-copper
ores of the Bear creek claim in lhe
Nicola districl. A number of samples of the ore selected at random in
The    Spo
nth,-I daj thai Kraiiels .1. Knucano.
min-ln-Uw uf Charles Sweeney, Ind
a narrow escape from being nne ol
the f*.nt owner* uf om* ut the richest
properties in Hie famous Cobalt dis
m.i in North Ontario, In Hie yeai
IliOl In- w.is ollered a tpiailer shan
in the Jacob's    property at Cobalt
(oi .*,:      Th.- lettei making Ibo  >>!
lt | ,,i p u'i-i.i, li I..I by some mis
chance,        Al  anv rat*, u  is    said
tlml   ll   was   luu   lale  [nl     Mi.   Kiiul
cane lo mm.- in  lhe m.ttlei   when tin
hi lei came to I.is attention, This
year the Jacob's propert) Bhlpped
'Mil u ns oi me io Newark, V I.,
which realised $200,000, Mr
Jacobs now stalls thai ihey are
working Ai men, and getting out on
which runs to j._hliliii a l-n- The
owners have refused two otters ut
$1100,000 im tlieir property. It is
will thai Air. 1* inucaiie is a capitalist. He was luiiii,rly manager ol
iiie Bank ol Montreal, a1 Greenwood, afterwards he umk charge   oi
ilie  same concern's blanch al    .sptik-
anc, whero lie married the datighlei
i Charles Sweeney who was, and is,
interested iu the 'Sullivan mine ami
Marysville smelter, Mr. I'Muucano is
a native ol ihe County Clare, Ireland. Was ihe miscarriage of this
letter an i lu r "outrage on Ireland?1
And yet Hit) say, "An Irishman lui
luck, ever) i Imo, '
In the issue uf tbe 7th iust., referring to thf Sullivan miim ii was
staled ihai tlm Hmborlng was some*
what behind hand, Wo art' glad tu
l.e in a posit iun to stale on the aii-
lliorit) of .Mr. James Findley Hurl
is by 'no means the ease. It "is only
lair play ihai no possible gruuml
innilil ne leii misconception in a
matter of this kind. The mine is in
a most satisfactory condition. Mi
Kindlt-y leaves for Scotland in a few
days. Tne Herald wishes him a
-■iite anil pleasant voyage, and a quick
return tu the Held uf his activities.
oi i; Fltil-.Nl) HKl'BUHN.
The Herald always lakes an ititer-
jsi in inv .tcuuns oi iis assent
menus, ana lows lu print anyui.ng
ni i'.'t,aiu lu liuin uuu will piuvc ui
i.iUutu. ■'i'V.-i. ' iicpuutu nas tui
aoveral years been a near and deal
.lieua ui Uiu herald auu ol quite a
iiuiiu,a ot people in uiauuioutv, aim
..ay iuuiiIqliicc of tual gentleman n>
always leujived ny tuo uoralU readers mui uucuuiuiL-d juy. as many
-uiow iii UruiiuiouK uie "Professor
,.> a bnancier ui ihe modem scuoui
ami buiuo oi his experiences nave been
»eiy lunching. lne grUU.-iiian is
■.ou in ibo easi ami is pursuing bib
aiictessiui    tiiiiii'     wuii   tlio same
.iOali.ii.il i,s of yule. A recent cup)
oi Uie Siurgvoli Kails Auvet'tisui
l-iio tlaueiiig class organized by
1'itii. Ilepouiii in town lias neen well
aiu-iului ny iill concerned exceitt the
prolesbor, whoso ui.spusiuon lu turn
..ji missing ou class nigti'ls is bvcum-
ing a continuous purtormanco ami
very distressing iu in ,se wiiu wuuld
main how iu trip the li^ht fantastic,
particularly as Uio required fee lui
ibe lessons was handed uver in advance. The professor's classes iu
North Hay and New Uskeard are
also anxious for au explanation or
i (fund.
Ii-h eiiletiained
at their ItOQV
Christmas evening.
If ymi would vole at lhe next
mmui i|i,j election, you musl regisier
al    ihe   Olty   Clerk's   olllce  boloro
Deeemhel   .list.
Miss Kthei Kink   arrived lasl Sun
day   from  Spukane    to  spend  Chris!
mas wnh her parents.
it mu   would   vote .it   the   nexl
municipal election,  you  must  regisier
,ii    ih.-   Oil)   Clerk's   ufllra   Iwfore
December 31st,
Mi and Mis. (i. T. Uugeis eiiter-
lalin.l a numbei   friends lost  Tuesday
ovpnlng ai Kivo llundml.
Mr. Mcltea, station agent at l.elh-
bridge, spent Christmas with Friends
iu Marysvlllo and Cranhrook.
Mr. Multal and daughter, Miss
Alice, will go tu Cardstuii (his week
lo spend a few days on the ranch
wiih .Mr. Tom Mollat.
Miss Klhel Pcverrelli, wlm lias been
iu poor health lor sume lime, lias
been confined to ber roum at the
Went worth hotel the past few days,
.1. P mild en, uf the North Star
null, lefl this week with his wife for
a trip tu several cities of tbe east,
lie expects to he gone abuut lhree
The Sisters brought joy to the
he. its of all the patients iu Hie
hospital un Christmas by having a
novel Christmas tree, and everyone
there was remembered,
Archie and Claude Vroom, who are
laying the foundation for a fortune
in Alberta by cultivating a guod
piece uf land, came up to Cranbiouk
this week tu gel a touch of metropolitan life.
The Herald staff is under obliga-
Hons tu s. J, Mighton, the tobacconist, fur two boxes of fine cigars for
Christmas. Tbe boys wish lhat his
shadow and his bank aceounl mav increase year hy year.
Be sure aud buy a ticket for the
opening dance in the I.O.O.F, and
K. of P. hall on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.00.
J. II. Bourgoyne, whu has been
cook at the Sullivan mine fur quite
a long lime has taken uver tbo
boarding house and will conduct it in
the future, Mr, Bourgoyne has demonstrated thai he understands his
business and ihal he is reliable in
every way ami the Herald wishes bim
success iu his new undertaking, He
will have bis familv move oul here
in a short time 'nnd I hen he will
have two ladies wait on the table.
Be sure and buy a tickcl fur the
opening dance in' the I.O.O.F. and
K. of P. hall on New Year's night.
Tickel s $'2,110.
Thomas Christian left yesterday
for his old home in England, having
been absent for about seven years,
Mr. Christian is a con-tractor, and a
member uf the firm of G. It. l.eask
A: Co., and une of the vuung men
whu have laken advantage of lhe
opportunities presented in South
Easl Kootenay. By Industry, cluse
al tent iun tu his business and "judicial
application of intelligence, be lias
done well in Ibis country and made
a good name fur himself: The Herald wishes him a pleasant voyage
and a safe return to Crnnbrook
where be has a bosl uf friends,
Be sure and buy a ticket fur the
opening dance in Hie I.O.O.F. ami
K. of P. hall on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.01).
When You Smoke,
Smoke the Besl
"Hunts'* ©WU"
"ikur j'e pioneers" ox
"Spanish Bloeeome"
Tin1 choices! n^irn niuile. Ask
your doulor fur tliom, Mimufuc
turn I miller tin- Blue Lftlwl >>>
IktutVa   IIMonccr
Cioar .factory
ns ijocoowi St., in,
Wmicoiiwr     •     -     .15. c
Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory j
All kimld nf tinish work in
way of ilnnrs. windows, transoms, etc.   Kiln dried lumber
for inside work.   Onr work is j
gltnrauteed nml our priivs nre \
satisfactory.    Screen    iloors  j
On Now Year's night will be luld
tim union bail ul the Odd Fellows
and Knights ul Pythias, of I'ran-
orook, iu their new and handsome
mill. This ball has caused mule
talk in tne tuwn than any function
uf this character that has ever taken
place in ITaimrook and many ladles
are preparing costumes for thc
uvellt. Tlm music will Im the best,
Uie lluur uf the hall will be iu elegant condition, tbe refreshments will
ue all that you want, and the dancing will be perfection itself. These
iwo societies have built llm new hall
and are entitled to generous support
uu the pari of llm peuple. Be sure
and buy a ticket, No invitations
havo been issued. Everybody is invited.
Last evening wus a hig one for the
.Masons of Cranbrook, It was St.
John high I ami thero was a large attendance at the lodge. The following officers were installed, after
which the members indulged in a
lunch at the Cosmopolitan hotel:
W.  M.-M.  A.  Heale.
S.  W.~Hd.   W.   Elwell
J. W.-Etl. Paterson
Chapl,iiu-W. T. Heid
Treasurer—W. F. Tale.
Seerelaiy-S.   II.   Iluskllis.
S. D.-.l. W. Hrillin.
J. D.-W. II. Wilson
Inner Guard—D,  Evans
S, S.-W. S. Bell
J.  S.—T.   Uardiiian,
Tyler-H. S. McNeil.
Paris, Dee. 25.—Raymond Prefon-
taine, the Canadian minister of marine and fisher es, died suddenly tonight.
Mr. Prefontaine, accompanied by
Randolph Lemieux, the Canadian
solicitor general, recently camo to
Fiance in connect ion, it is said, with
the establishment of a line of sleam-
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Por Sale
When You
Come to the Metropolis Stay at the
Palace Hotel
Stephens & Rockendort
Opposite C. P. R.
$1.00   PER   DAY
Calgary, Alia.
Livery &
T,*„„,s mnl driver. furtil.h_.l for nny
point In thr .li-.lrl.-t.
A. IIOVI.K, Mina ner
John W. Wolf
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
j' of repairing.   Give me a call.
|      We
X   Our
Tlm telegraphers of lhe Crow will
hold their fust annual hall on Hie
evening uf Hie I3lh at Wentworth
hall. This dance promises to be one
of tbe very best ever given in the
district. The hoys never do any-
Ihing by halves and they arc exerl-
ing blremsolves to make tlieir first
dance a record breaker. The people
uf Cranbrouk should remember the
dale and be sure lo attend, for tbey
will have reason to regret it if they
fail to du so.
CALL AT THE HERALD OFFICE j dlnary return of'four ounces of plat-
OR ORDER BY MAIL. 25c PER.inum to the ton. As refined nlati-
COPY ANT) SEVEN CENTS FOR num is as valuable as gold, it need
POSTAGE. (not be said that     the discovery al-
the workings have been assayed   byjors between Marseilles and Canadian
Baker & Sons,    platinum refiners, of ports,
New York, and yielded    'the cxtraor-
Be sure and buy a ticket, for the
opening dance in the I.O.O.F. and
K. of P. ball on New Year's night.
Tickets $2.00.
Style and
Grace in
Muplo Loaf (.'ity Rubbers
(dl (iiiiild over l',„,t form limfH
tlmt follow exactly tlio nuw
hIiuo tnmli.'lti.
Thoy arc tlio acme of perfection in Stylish Rubber
Ladies ask your dealer t«
bIiow you tho new ''Calve"
and "Melliii designs with Cuban heels, pr the new "Lily"
and " Rose" models for French
They are just a bit more
graceful and choice than anything you havbyet seen.
J. Leckie Co., Ltd.
Selling Agenls
Vancouver, B. C.
I(,i u,.,„ mn iniiiil il,,-!,,-! lili'ture, pnincli tho bosl turmoil ,„■ tnak. X
l„'l„'», in ,„»,-,,„|,. tlioiurli 1,1.1 ho i„ u„. „ii,i,.„„,«». ,i„. ,,-orid X
III iilnki, u I,,*.* imtli t.i hi. dour."-liumwus. |J
,1,, not  p.imi pictures, nn\u-li sermons or make mouse traps. _\
ipc.-i.iliv is making tin- best     BLOWER    PIPE    EXHAUST X
■h SYSTEMS for  I'l.AMM!  MILLS. X
T rather a prosaic occupation wiih verv Mule sentiment in il, hnl it #
t k.vps us 111 Ml'INii. *
i, (iui* Irarte In this line lias heen very successful, which pies to Jr
«k show U,ai Emerson knew whal he was talking ahoui. (live us .1 x
<^>  trial. no it sow X
bogs In notify Iii" r,',»i,l-'iits of East Kootenay that he has
added a MINERAL WATER FACTORY'to his oslab.
Ii_.liiii.-iit an 1 would cordially solicit any resident or travel.
or to call or send for a sample order (particularly liy the
Irailel ninl guarantees his goods superior to any in the disiriet. Tie- public are respectfully reipjostod to visit usand
sample the goods at the factory.
See  Our  Stoves
in Coal and Wood Burners before you Imv
elsewhere. Also Coal and Wood Furnaces
s,l up lo suit your ivipiironieiits of
McCallum & Co.
Hardware Merchants
Wishing You All A Happy *
And  Prosperous New
;;   CRANBROOK, British Colombia
Wines, Liquors and Cigars
, '♦
, „ .
, „,
, „ ,
,,, ,
, „ ,
, „ ,
, „ ,
Biff Sale In Oriental Novelties
Thisis A Great Opportunity to get Xmas Novelties
Wong: Fong, who has a store on Armstrong:
Ave., says that his stock is too hig:. He has
just returned from China where he bought a
big: stock of oriental novelties, silk goods, brass
ornaments, etc., and he must sell, no matter
how low, to raise the cash. He will have
some great bargains the next two weeks.
Remember the place, opposite Imperial Hotel,
Armstrong Avenue:
r •
r •
r •
*< >


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