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Cranbrook Herald May 12, 1904

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rli.YMiUOOK,   mtlTISII   COLUMBIA,   T1IIKSDAY.   MAY    13,   llllll
Nl Ml!Kit
1     The Canadian Bank of Commerce
Head Office, Toronto.
Hon. Uiu, A   I',,-i. l'44-iil,iit. II. B. WAMCKRi Oi
I'.u I','  Canii.it !.».;iiii.ikhihi
'mil   RcMlttCea Vui   .III. 11.1
Deposits Received.   Qeneral llniikinj! Husiness Transac
SAVINOS BlNK nil-Mil niivi   Uapoilli Rtc.lv.d   litinil Allowed.
I1AX CIXU  11*1    \| Ml      I', m-i     111.11 Im llllllll' llll'l  ililli-l
III Illl-IllilllUK Hi" I
CK.Mik'iink BRANCH.
■.B-mniiowDum pmk     ;
i.y nn:
I.l' M is
14141, ,4,1,    I
•   |-4
I'. C. MA1.PAS, Mjiia*-rr.
********* .......ii,.. m,,,,.,,,.« ........ ...... .j.j
Z Capital, P.iid Up J'.'.Sl.Sio i
Z Rusl $2,636,312 i
J T. R. Merrill, Pres.   D. R. Wilki..*. Vice Pres. and Gen. Manager I
*  M i.
* A general banking business transacted)    Drafts sold availa- &
t»  ble in every part ot Canada. United States and Europe.     Special u>
* attention to collections. J. F. M. PINKHAM, Manager.     J
*   )*ttttl«4**«4it4At*A444AA4AA4«*A414UM«M't'**M*A**t   I
4 A 4 »
4 » 4 A
I What Is Life Without Friends? 8
nr slur,- win-tIn-r ymi i'i
■I' nn      Wl- wniil v-ill 1"
Wu im- always gl
«■♦ -* — -——
« »
4 »
. » 11 is "in- iiiin lo milk,
4 »
. >
* *
H mi-el
*■» ,|
«♦ il
4 I   Sptire II I'l'W tllilllltl*:i 1" sllii
Jl pit- ur- ii"t  uwnro tlllll wi
1 *
J J Wu wniil yon to uiiili-rsliin
J { tniilij- "f us wonld nol linve
4 » Wi- ivtinl you In rami'
4 ► thing we will nol grumble
It ""■*' '
}» We will lievet-j- ghul 1
j »  ■ ofHi-i*. it lli. >  il-sir,-, h
. » s4-i-\ iee iii tiny iilluT wny.
unv snv."' Mi. w
ymi li'i'l lli.-it vnu lU'iMVi'k'OllU'111
i* la buy goods or just drop in to
min- mtyway; it will do us good to
II   liOOll    lO   BPU    till'   llltl'St  ill' CViTV
ul to see you nnil will luauagi' to
v you ni'ouiul.    A Liri'nt ninny peo-
luiw. perhaps, tin- only tire proof
:t miulit do you good to bpu tliis.
i*11. I will only iniiki1 you trouble,*1
,1 thnl if ii were not for trouble
n job.
[ind si't* ns: if yon do not buy any
lis we vnhie ymir l'i-it'iiilslii|i just
i hnve unt* mil ui luwu t'rirtiils use
write letters, nr it  we can In- of
it   Fort Steele Mercantile Co.
* I********************.
4 *
4 ►
4 *
4 *
4 *
4 >
4 >
4 »
4 ,
4 ►
4 .
4 »
. ►
4 .
4 .
4 ►
4 »
4 4>
4 »
w *
4 ',>
J>(-S>|<S>|(?»l'*i*'*   •■   **   •    •    •    •
.     .;...--!...,.'-
JJ     The FERNIE fire has taught us     If
■ 1.
the fact that INSURANCE pays.     ""
In other words, you cannot afford
to be without
■* f T I
] I     Don't put it off until tomorrow.     • {
j;     Insure today with
.      .   .    ....   ... ..   ....    .   .
•    * .........
*> * • ■•■••'■*    *    I    I    •
«• I •	
i ■ ^
' Ji
i  . ' ■ t
t\   mr  g
HI ■■'■  W*
Engagement Rings!
11,444- yon mm I,- line of ra.
gugi-mciil rings'- Wn liuve
lli- ii   in till styles nf n Iltittga
iiiiiI iii iill prices,    Extrn g I
nihil- is mn- Iliiitnontl Solitaire
llii in lull Till'iin, I'm* »25,00,
ll it's lti ■. t i 1114 s-riinis. ill lll'l l|c-
Iny, s'-r Wilson for liiu ring.
W. H. Wilson, Thc*lwelcr
I   Blouse Sets anb S3clt Buckles
C 1" Slot-ling Silver, Oxidized nml Rose Cloltl l-'inisli.    Elegunt
J Ptitlerns,
I Wil. jf. TLntc,
i Jcwelcv anb Optician
$      Olllcinl Wnli-li Tiisin'i'tnr ('. P, 1!.. Crows Nest Division.
'ih,' inrorpui'ntioii meetinfl Muu
In) uiglit was [characteristic of
I'laiil.iimk ami Inr people. There
were I., iw.'.'n 160 ami 200 people
pri "Bent, ami business wns trans-
.ii't.il in ;i lnisiness like [manner
Withoul n dissenting voice tlutt
i.n ;ii uaHi'miL,' of property owners
ul.l Iiii-iik'ss nnil voted iu favor of
Ineorijonitiou. It was it vote that
carriiil conviction with it. ami one
tlmt should serve «s n stimulus to
t Ih- co mill it tc In move without any
unnecessary delay, The sentiment
ul ili<< meeting, as shown by the
vole, l.\ the remarks mude. uml by
the Niiiii-iih'iits cheered, wus over-
v'.lii'litiiiiuly in favor of homo gov*
ennuenl nud tho advantages to !»■
secured by incorporation. even if it
U to cost u trifle more thun under
existing conditions.    The picture
of the I'.inii- t'uv seeimil to lie lie-
fure tin- people, nnd this coupled
with an appireiiition of this town's
helpless condition iu ease of lire,
the lack of returns for tuxes paid
.nnl tin* unsanitary conditions of
the city, seemed lo lend those con*
gregnted to une goal - incorporation.
It was nearly 11 o'clock when
Presidenl Kogers, of the Honnl of
Trade, called the meeting to order.
Secretary Roberts read the minutes
of tht! previous meeting, and nfter
they had been adopted, Mr. Rogers
called for the report of the committee appointed to secure data
relative to incorporation,
Mr, tiill. as secretary of the committee, staled that they hnd been
unable lo secure the assessor's roll
until that day, but thnt Mr. Greer
iiml himself hud estimated the assessable value of the property to
be taken by lhe proposed boundaries, nntl that it amounted to $405,-
720. An assessment of Iw mills
on this amount would bring in as
revenue, $K.08li,n5. From licenses
iu hotels and trnders it was estimated that a revenue of -UHX)
would be derived, while the school
las would give $1,100, Nothing
definite in the way of information
ns to sewers or water wns secured.
as the committee had no money to
employ experts to make the ueces*
nary surveys,
*\fr. Gurd reported on the legal
phase of the matter, and the pro*
cedure to lie followed to secure incorporation, He also spoke of the
water question, and stated that a
company stood ready to put in n
system of waterworks when they
wore satisfied thai sueh a move.
movement would meel with the up*
provnl of the people. He snid that
this company lnul figured on Uie
eusl nml revenues and were in n
position to assure the people that
tin'sih.ilule of  prices  would  not
mean mult'than $1,30 per month
I'm*-.mall houses, and $2.00 for the
Inrgi r ones.
•lames tit-i'ii- favored incorporation, ami also llic installation of n
waterworks system by a private
lU'vere Hunt favored Incorporation, Imt desired more information
mi the cost of waterworks and
A Moffat wasof the opinion tlmt
the traditional horse wns before
li.    ul.l    earl.       lie   thought   the
ii.i lug was for the purpose of
king the people an opportunity
I" expressing themselves for or
gainst incorporation. If thoy
-imi,'J incorporation, and socured
ii. iinn the council elected would
lo deal with  matters of thai
.1. A, Harvey uu\ ■ some information as to the pi'" «lur« neces-
sary to secure incorporation, say-
iiiL' that under the new art. application could be niiidi* at any time
after the necessary number of -*iLr
nature of property owners had
been secured, nnd that lix weekB
or two months was intficient time
tu complete nil ih. preliminary
work ami receive the consi nt of
the eon rt for Incorporation He
did not care to give tin* sen11 mental
side of the question any weight in
considering the matter, Imt preferred to judge by the practical beue-
tits to be derived, and the cost of
the change. He thu ighl that it
wou'd be necessary to raisi a fund
of $400 or $500 to make pivlimin-
ary&aurveys for waterworks and
swerage to secure ihe necessary
data. As to waterworks, he would
be in favor of u private company
going ahead, and later, if the city
so desired, it could under the law
purchase the plant at u specific
advance, without paying anything
for the franchise or water rights.
K. K. Beattie favored incorporation at once. As to waterworks
find sewerage, he said before the
town could go to any expense over
and above the revenues derived
underthoaet.it would be necessary to take a vote of the people.
The town needed waterworks and he
for one was in favor of any; privati
company going ahead now.
Dr. King wus heartily iu favor
of incorporation. He was of the
opinion that the extra expense
would be greatly overcome by the
Increased advantages enjoyed by
the people. As ho was interested
in a company that were considering the waterworks question, be
ditl not desire to discuss that
phase of the question,
P. K. Simpson wus in favor of
incorporation for the benefits to be
derived by way of fire protection,
stricter sanitary inspection and the
expenditure of the tuxes under
home rule. The best of waterworks would not give lire protection without u firo department,
and that expense could not be met
without iucorporntion.   Cnuibrook
could illy afford a Fernie disaster.
and it was bound to come unless
the people secured better protection. He favored prompt action
by a private waterworks company,
as ho was of the opinion that the
city could pay the .10 per cent, advance a few years later, uud still
mako money.
A vote was taken on the motion
of Mr. Moffat that the meeting
favor incorporation; and the result
was nuunimous in favor of it.
A eominitte. composed of President Rogers, \V. V. (iurd, James
tiill and -T. A. Harvey was appoint
ed to take the necessary steps to
secure signatures of property
A motion to tho effefct that those
present wore in favor of a private
company going ahead with the
construction of a waterworks
system, providing the rates were
reasonable, was presented.
Rev. Fortune tlitl not favor it
if it meant that the city afterward
would, have to pay a big per cent.
above the cost to get control. He
thought it looked like- a grab.
Mr. McConnell said that the
compauy would circulate a paper
anyway to secure guarantees before they Btarted work.
The motion was put, however,
■md only two voted against it.
James (iill and \V.  11 McFarlane.
The meeting then adjourned.
■** a-.V-J-'a ^.as-a.-it-t-ivt;   '■,•-■ --      c
Lawyer Liangs, of Calg
□ be bau-y up agaiusl it.
The i-      cof South Enst K ute [Pop   i I i
Lawyer Uangs,of Cnlgarv,sreins                                        '      latest     -■■      , .,   .
.   mh|| I     Loin U to Popar
' :    kl ■                    - mining m.
hope  of 1                              thai      CleorgeGo turned from
r the Dnglaml he spent
'                                       ■  i nter.   He
n :   ■                            ■  operate                          1 try for
Tell us not in mournful numbers
I.ifc is hut an empty dream,
When the ripe straw berr) slumbers
In a bed of golden cream.
When the pie ui' that same savor
Revels in its annual boom,
Ami the ice cream bears its   flavor,
And the shortcake is in bloom.
& 'iH 'A
Hev. Fortune   seemed   tu   be   0
the opinion that the water company
was out after a grab
Scttool Report.
liis pri
t wus
lull's   llllll
.. lli.
.. .Vi.
. . ,"|S.
Itiiya (
21 i
e  is
Av  .III.
\s tint uvt-ni|*-i> imitilii-i' of the
pupils per li'iii-lii-r in nil the (jriul-
1 si'hools of tin- province is tip-
proxillititely itt). it will Im.' Been thnt
tlie mollis of tlii' Crunlirook si'hools
nre nwny nlienil of the average,
The department of education hus
provided for another teacher to
relieve the pressure. The appoint.
,ii.-t,t will lie made in August,
Visits by trustees during the
month, four, Visits liy other persons, ten,
Hoars. Looking Toward Victoria.
it is rumored that Jim Hill nnd
\V. It. Hearst nre to join in the
publication of a iluily ut Victoria,
11' 11< iirst starts a paper there, tiiere
will lm it rattling of dry bones
among the olil time grafters. -
The moral status of Cruubrook
iii-L-ils ;i littlo improvement.
Mr. t'.olilie tuul Mr. Clark spent
n day in Craubrook the pusl week.
They nru gradually preparing for
the chauge.
'll    44   ll
"Crnnbrook ihc* Capital." Thai
sounds good, looks unml uml is
good. This is n piirnplirusi* on n
celebrated speech Hindu by the inimitable Joint Hutchison nl it club
meeting iu this city some two yenrs
Ui is 'it
Cranbrook people are not
cowards, but they will all lake
water. This is a pointer to the
new wjit 'rworks company.
.Mother-in-laws nre blessings in
disguise, and yet many a man fails
to penetrate the disjjuise.
•*Jt   it *i>
The Lord despises n hypocrite,
no mailer what   the cul of elo
mav be.
nl    Im
Nuw  lhat I
thai tin
there i * ■■
f Un ii
■   i
through,   i> .       ,
,i ■ ,   L o iiar l reek     I
■<- pur .
"Thi' Cnuibrook wn
Way.    tt is winning ii
"   is   (1     LJUU.I
We arc not a boomer, but wc
must plead guilty to a love for
ii* -i* 'ii
Take the petty selfishness away
from some men und tiiere would be
nothing left but toe nulls ami collar buttons.
Man's confidence iu woman is
the foundation stone of I'ivili/iilion.
Wheu that is gone, ull is gone,
'is ii ii
We do not own a cent of stock
in n waterworks company, but if
there is one thnt will give the people fresh water daily and a rest
from drinking pollywogs and
whiskey or kerosene tainted water.
according to the barrel used,
will utter a devout prayer
i irests.
D     '-' known
.  for
- i.T
uml niili] itiriiic
■     4 1 4 . ii-
'•■ t Unit tl .    -..   ,,     /-  ."      '                      P ;!.::;
pert, .-:,;;■''■'■'     '     W,U ""J
operation  nu ivoni ■ ■    di.,
tions,  im-l Swcii,   iu      ^ illinui Cawsi  !. 4-: M iyii.  wns
charge  this i ill   is  virtually ul'"  '''"""   Monday      Mr.Lawson
settled fm i owus the I                        ross the
The   •■;"■' 44i...    Ri -.. w,    ol  ' ■"' at Moyie. ii   I it isone of the
Siitunlny,    i b sl pro]    ties             istrict,   He
Utirtie, I. rt pi -  nts hns ni           it  illXI  f.vt in  tun-
the eiisii-rn of tin   Sullivnu  "els. and       t of lhe work  ho  has
couipmiv,   said vi.-stmluv:   "Tin- done alone    Mr I   wsoi  linsdone
dual lor the - I ol the bonds and  little ' -            Imi   n  lol of hard
tlie raisi - ■      .,   !i...|,m   t,, work, md si  -      In,   hig  proticrty
i-iillll. I. !    ll is |.|-|.-li!-,-illy .will In- ;i I.'     ■     ■ - . -
"''Pit    mentis that Churl   , Sv vm ,, W,;lli;'."1 V''," 'v"r  fr0;»
will take                  md  bonus    -'   ' " ' '  m.™n8
ofslockoll n-ill.vl         iipnnv to ,' "*'~'"       ' '. ' ''''"'
1         . ■-."[■
the sun Hit stnkiHl on tin ill  on   which
.,"        ' ' .       .        ... the   i-i-li In          S . group   is
I-i.i- sume luu-  iln' Sul nun in 4,. ,     ,         ,,, ,-        .
I      , . Ioi' iti I.    Ilu i of tl    claims
;".   1. -■ Kootenny"
'.!  -,   !,   ' ''iul "I'' ' '       ii   Wesl
Imui   100
:   •     •   -Mi ll :   -.,   ,.M.'.,|„..
' -,'"'-. '     tlii-ni worl  • nner.   Ue snvs
"""eil'iH  ,|,„, the town ol I'-I,,,!-is groiviig
-'  l':ll*'rs  rnpidly, nml   ihnl  the district  is
,i i      looking well
In- lun..Siui.' work mi . lie sin
will liv tlarted in n short  tiniel    Wilnn-r Otiti-niji: Manager  W.
uud the smeller,-md mine running 11 i, In■ ■-■ stweekwith
ul lull hlnst. two ti    it -                        Pretty
Tli - bin jer sl -. khnlili-rs  iu  tin Girl , laims,
Sullivun linve fur u ■                ' i*n silunti il ou I,     t'r-vk     The w.irk
trying i" raise moi - . .-■  tli    - mi■ -,-i   n   big
pleti f  nil th               nu tl     _ and it
sllieller, but   -touie  ul   tlie  sinnlli r is now ind .   the nn*
holders tlid nut  wnnt I              to nml | ...  s;i"ks
**ii'*li ti hi            I Messrs. for n tri    - *           i acking
Sweeny, l.nyl -u tin I  Turin     I                  pplii - 1 --.   pro.
until led in getting nil  the  stoek shows signs
they  wislt   and   etui   control nn,                 . ss-roots.   *
iring <
■i rliiiii
.    1,-41
M I-  I
is tin
Fium Fort Stet-1*' rrOBpoctor
It is argued by many residents
of South Enst Kootenuv thnt
Cranbrook hus been "goldbricked"
politically, by the removal of the
goveriiinent buildings to that town.
Several families ure packing up
preparatory to moving to Cruubrook, the non-goveriinit'iit atmosphere at Fort Steele not proving congenial.
Government Agent Armstrong
received instructions from tlie
government at Victoria during the
k to move his office uiul stall
to Cranbrook, It hus been known
I'm* some time tlllll the offices wen*
to In- moved and it wus i«xpeeted I mncl
thnt it would be done before this.
I'lu' reason for moving is obvious
to till.   It lins bi nu* u  necessity
in  the interest of   tin*   people  ol
Smith Kust Kootenny, especially I
lent, so ull thnl is to be do
-il-l.il .1 of till    I   i;      -
Mining News.
M nil over
K it the Paradise has sent wot to the Coeur
le'A : - yi ; -...- n di tn -J i-iiine.
Al Snndoi :- are being uiiv,!-. ! other places
are havin-j * . same trouble.
- N.,|i:! Star Co   has •
Methodist Church Meeiin^.
The -■-. -      districl  m eting of
tl"-   Mi thodisl       arch   in    Eust
ils   planer   o        '■        the   mill   Kootenny,     sl     I here last week.
I"'!!!"'r "'"'  . i :"   Tli - follov -pros mt: Rev's
mill starl   I up \ -i- nuiy  with n  ,r ,, .
full fori    ten. I ■ ichin-   l!":'i' ;'    ''  :' ,;    ^"""-   (■"'-
ery that was pht i   this  priug be-   well,   t'nyl        '!      -     Patmore,
ing iu iiii" "il - ..- iv. Clnxtoi     t Feruio, Lightley,  Coal
John 11 iiiliniv.
heado! thc  Sort
company,   has  b
pusl week  i   iki
perty.   11     .' '-■'■
Ion, the] Creek an I Shu- M  - wl.   The
*-; ir Luuil,'-r  -,;    is reports sh isiderate
town  uiu   , ,.,.,_  .
■ -.  .- : ie  pro-
iv for his
(h- irge .-nil Archie Leitch ure
li.;i:i- tig on [iu- in . (It ii ----- illill
nt Jnlfrny,    The,   nre arranging
in t-ii. the ti:
emotions   it
on   ■   -iul  pre-
that  loctdity.    The
boys are -x
and will ma
,ii"-i-1  lumbertnen
44-   ,   -:- ■•-.-, ot' the
1-'  W. Scl
Minn., arrivi
general ell.-iri.
reinor. of Stillwater,
I  In-!   week  to take
■ of the construction
ofthe ii.-n in
nl lh-  lii'iii'i
Mr. Otis, of!-
11 that is to be put up
of  Perry  creek  by
tillwi ti r     The mill
Badly Injured.
Williain Thaeker. n teamster
for the Koliiiison-MeKeii/.ie Lumber company, met with u fearful
ucciilent yesterday while hauling
litinlier to town. When near the
old site of the Crnnbrook Lumber
company's  mill, n  wheel broke.
upsetting tlio wagon and catching I thn  towns along tlie liim ut "the i returned Inst n iiimbei
him under   the   loud  of lumber. Crows Nest brunch, of men nt worl I the force
Tin-ti-iitu broke loose nud   run  to .  will In-iin-r.-iiii.il ns us  tin-)
town.   Eorttinntely lliere happen-1    Don't worry; do yonr besl  and 1 can hi sei'iin-il     The
luiiL-lt nwny the clouds of itdversity,
mul happiiieas is Bitrely yours.
In,;:*, of 130,000 feet
I will li- iiitiderii iu
■! Mosl of the
- In in I.-,!" lu tin-
cast mnl i- ulrenily enroute for
Crnnbrook.   Audi I'trie ligltl plum
hns  I n  puri'luiscd, nnd   it   will
li- inslnlle I   in   Iiui     for double
shift work,   iluitu-s Urn -kett.  wh
d to Ih- ii ninn working neur who
snw the in-i-ideiit. und Blicceeded ill
prying up the loud so thnt Thaeker
i-o'iild In- released, The left leg
wns bndly orushed nnd the flesh
on the foot und calf of his leg lorn
open, The victim ivns blooding
profusely (rain the torn veins, und
hnd not thu log been tightly bound
ut once, he would hnve probably
hied to death, He wus tnken to
the St. Eugene hospital, nnd it is
quite probable that lie will lost tlu-
lower part of the leg.
Larry Doolaa Chained.
Lnrry Doolan, late roiuliniistnr of
tho Craubrook divisiih, wns
presented a handsome Klondike
nugget watch chain and lookot by
the members of tho Truckmen's
union, Tlie gift is u beauty and
contains enough soliil gold to tiiuke
u man (eel like a mlllipnare It wns
pm-chuned of J, Fleishman, who
will have tlie locket properly m.
gravid for Mr, Pooluu,
Every cloud hits u silver lining
but somehow we fnil to -s— th- lining until the clouds roll by.
liy un ordor-lii-counclt the gov-
eminent offices nl Fort Steele 4iill
be removed to Crnnbrook,
It is now iu oi'iler for "(Mil Mnn
Simpson" of the Hernld  to nrise
und explain   how Steele   wus   lilllr
iioeil mil of the offices.
The McBride boomlet lu Suutli
Eust Kootenny will evaporate, As
the Herald might reinniti "Crnnbrook— Bwat."
If you snl under the spell .,r a
polltloai eunditltite before his dec
tion, after election you will realize
what weak things mere words seem
to tell of the story of unredeemed j
Imuk licit,       under      dwny now,
nml within ti short   timi-  lhe   new
s'utioii ui   ilu- St.   Marvs bridge
willb- i livel,   pine..,
Wnnlnei isi  li    I*   |iluee  these
Ensl Ki
in- ut of
I'lll!  1
South !-.
Nesl   Puss
in  S.uuli
usiness nl'
l   tin*
iiv   i-,
et   up
The holder
•xpir-s on M
Miner's Licenses,
progrcs       i-
ii iill t Midi ... ' .1 Creek
mines.   'I h . Tonkin is
out of di bt.   T] ml    con
tributed iur missions. U more than
double lust yeur. < Ine candidate
fur the ministi. - ;- present and
after the examination was heartily
recomtnendi ; - thi i suing con-
U-v's. Colwell, Taylor and Marshall ur.- permill il I i attend
college next y* nr. It is ] robable
that Rev. Mr Smith may not
ri iiiiiu nl Tonkin as the mines
there hnvt- shut down nnd tho
workmen nre lea, ing tie- place.
Rev. Ur, IVoi dwt th .- - I Rov.
White were pre ml nl tho public
 tin*.*  ■ :.   '- i,   •■-' ning,
Tlie i..;. tl leu'nl - cted t.i the
ensuing confei were:  Messrs.
IV. T. Reid uiul \V. II. Wilson of
Craubrook and A. T. ('laxton of
Si. Etijene Hospital .id.
The Lu li. A ■ nl St. Eugene
hospitnl met Moiuluj nl Mrs. A,
Morrison tl     annual
[election. Mrs. M, Mclnuis wus
ejected pr- sidi nt, Mrs A, 1/.
McDerniot, secretary, und Mrs. A.
M"i-iis"ii. ir-iisiii-.-:-. This Bociety
Ims accomplished much gootl sine-
it.-- orgtiui'/atii -n ■ vi nil yenrs ugo,
nii'i litis tuul.-iiiiii, ussistcd tlio
hospitnl iu its good work, Mrs.
M-liinis. th- new presidi nt, stated
to The Hernld tlini the object of tho
orgnuizntioii wns to help n worthy
.-.■nis.- nnd thnt tiiere wns uo antagonism toauy otlierorgauizution*
thut thoy were in u go. -1 linuneinl
condition, working in bnruiony, nnd
hoped thnl tin- (woplo of Crnnbrook
wiiulil li- us helpful in tin* future us
they hnv- been in the past.
'I'h- ladies are t...w preparing tn
in give tli- anm.nl hospital ball.
1 Will.
nd thnl the li.
Th- Herald costs ?2.00 a year,
I mi the evening
Wentworth  hull.
! Theso hulls linvo  always   been  a
groat success in the past, nud tho
| Imli.-s Imp- t. lipse ull  former
efforts this yeur. Ill I:   < I! ANUUOOIv    IIKIiAi.li
Editor  i-i 1 I - iprtel
TC, II- MU i
■ .   . •       Nun - I   -   K     '
. ii iiliinit i ■■r.vi.i
liviniiu ,i-       .    i
ll   |.I|1,|4-|4,--   -44.     ... -
 "..Il.-I    Illl.     Ull.-l 1.4   IIH-    |l '-
|1   llllll   I    HI    III  |,|,      ■ I      -     .
I-!,".'.-,-.44     4.,-,..    S|     ,,..,     ||
lllllll.   |..-|   444, ,411' |,II4 ■  .    -
II-I II   II, I      Ui    IS.ll.    |,„l
4„I,,■,!,-.,-      hll-,-,,1.    |ll '     - III
I -I-        I'
ll.,,,,,  ,1,-14
K.IM     Km"           HI .
'I'll,, ll,-i,i
ii i, .-..- i    . -'      l-li
inuu ,i i.i     l ...	
i iuh ivurk.    li 1 -I!" - >4
ll.l .III- ,1.    -     -
-  I„-.II,.I,'1,I llllll.,,ill
If the lurge und represeutiitive
liti'iiting In-lil lusl Moiuluy nighl i'niil 111 - -■-, ti bv \t In h lo ju:1,:-.
lh- people id ('i-ntibrooknri-lieiirli
ly in I'livor "I itn'(ir[Kiriitiiui,    Tin-
pnsi   i.-.ir   Ims  il" iislriiieil   i4.
every one Hi- need or locnl govern
in-lil nml Inm    ill'.'l iu   Ji-   'lis.
Iribiitii.ii nf th- revenue rtiis-il b,
Ilu- Inv.-s levied in lln- town, Ai
lliough Criiiibrook Ims been in-,,,I
..ii tin- Sinn- Imsis iis other li-wii*
in th- province, wlinl sh- lm- iv
I'l'ived     in     r.-liil-n     Ims    heen    si
Iliengre thnl it   luinlly  I	
sidered. Tli" loenl iinproveiiienl
hnv- been iiluili- li, |iublii< sub
s,-ri|,li"ii "i- private ciitcrpi'isi
Silll-Wlllks lim- been I.uill liy ll:
citizens, lire iippm-nlus Ims heel
pill-i-llnsi'il In lli-  i-ili/.-ns.  stri-i-l
linve I ii i-l'eiil-eil l.y  tin-   ,*ili/4-,„
nml   inntiy    ulher    ini|it'ovei I:
innil- in 11.is ivny. while lh,
ri-v-nii-s of lh- town hnve gone n
Imiiil up   oilier   localities in  Ilu
Timber Notice.
'•ii-4. llml ll.irt.v .Iii.vh nlli'l ilili*.   1
I ti, ,i|,|,l.i li Hi- - llilll I   "tlllllitisliillit    ul
 il ii,,il.-.l„rn s|nsin) litsiiM, t„ nil
.niv 4UI4II   iiiul,,-)   In,in I li- fiilloi, iim
lll'll Illllllil, ,1   114.1" ill Solllll till.I   k.ii.ii,.
I ,,1111111,11,1111: ;it 4i 14.4,1 niiirk.il "J,
SIiiuiiiiiii*. iinrlt'-iiM i-oriit-r" |iliuit,*,l lour
mil,*, no,tli uiu |i,ii-t iilio'ii 1 IUOIh-1  ni-44t
ol     111"     1141, I-. 414.14     III     Illl'      11,Till    llirli      4-1
.11,.l„*l.i,,.k iiiiiI ilu- noiili l.uuu-lurv- ut Lot
I'-.-v tc,,iii-i, ...I. su ,-luiiii ituiii.il .oui*- 81,
rliniu, in, m-> nisi so rhalns, them*,- north
su, li.nn, to Ilu- |,1.|V ol Is-uililiinc-
-'       I'oltllll.llrltlu III  II  |«,-l   |i|lllll4<l    111    ttl"
i,!„,i,■ imiui i t.iiiiu.   ili4-ii.-4,   wi..t  sn
■ liilll,.. ill,' ,14- ll >llll Ml   "liuins.    limn,'"   i>n.l  '
Sll   , ll.'IIIIH.    llllll...    .IIIIIU     SU    I'.lllllH    III    llll'j
|i,n,,| .i|,ul lltli. Itml
I UltTlfll'.lTK of IMI'll-H IJMIJNTS
iiiiuiii UI.1KR.1I. , i iiii
Siliiiili-iii Hi., Kurt Sl,-,-!.-  Mllilut!   liiii-iui,
.,( l-Jnsi K i-inii lli.tii.i
Winn- liK'ilti.1—Illl Si.  M.i, -    iiiim
lllxl illllll>,lilll><l.l M ll III ll IIBXIIIIUI"   l„<-
illl*, uf 111,' ttill,,-lui,111,- Kllllt-!
Tllk I-.-ll".I I. Hi I Llllllll, ii-41-ii!
Iur II. II. Ilnnl-ii I'. 11 I. \" II IIU.llll.-i,
iiinminl".. A T. Slii'llii.lu, r 11 I . Mil, II
till.-*.'!!. ,ui un* ul-.'--: Willi.uii llttiiiml. K M
C. No. U tt.9,7111, owner nf ', Int.ml. *>i\i.i
ittiy, Irulllrli^ ililti* tit-IViil. lu :i|,|'1i lo iln-
Mining Itiioi-,i,Tiiir ii i-iTtifiriin-oi iiii|ir,,v,,.
Hll'lllH. Illl   III"  |llll|II.M.. Of llbtnllllll 1   41   I   I044II
ftlillit ol lli,'iil„,i",l;iiiii
A Oil fllltlli-i luki- Iiuiii,- tlllll .i, .imi   mi,!, i
.'iinn -'IT    I," '-on mnl  MM--- tin-
-mu In.>iilll"i [ tun,ioi,- iniiin,,,! tlii- lili.ii- ,,l Mm. .1 I). l-.inl.
Mil S I    I   44,.,"
- MiMMMMmmiMmmmsmmEimm
When vou visit Cranbrook stop at the Y
^> None Better In the District <vk
A Rales Si .-inJ up.    .Short Orders and Oysters <^
^> served in any style from -8 p. m. to 6 a. in. ,*%
*.* Thc tabic is the bz\... th: rojrm arc uniurpi»sci fur clean   ^
S? Hnc.ss and comfort and th; bir is supplied with th: b*st brand   ^
<*':■ ol liquors and cigars. <<%
■/, L B. VANDECAR, Prop.        $
Timlxr Notic'.
Tuk i -- Unit lliirty-lii.Vhiitli'r iliil,-.   I
un-ml I,i ii|,|,l.v li> ill" , Iiii'I , <>nimi..iiui"i nl
I .U,,t- tlllll ll ,, 1-   lor ll ,|1 . iul  li"l*ll.i*  to l-lll
iiiiiI inn) iiiiu.v tiiulii-r Iiuui iih* fnllowiii-,
• l-,||t„,l     lllllll.     -I > 11..,.-       1)1       S ll     IJ.IHl
I    I'lOnim-mui-i   ill  ii  ,..»....   uiiirki-l "li
 'a iiiiilliiu.i -I-' |,Iiiiiii-,I ul u | i
IIUUI ll sl I, Ullt ol Mil-Ill I nn-k folll   llllli-s
uurlli ill tliv  Hi I Ir) iif Loi   I,', ,-.
I ,-tl.l SU. luillKI I lli-lll-l-...lllll .-11,-lllUlll*. I
''"'  "'""! "V C""1""1 ' "' ""I     Coal and Petroleum Notice.
rlniiii., iu tli. ilm-,, oii,,,-i *•*.
J    . >unu<*ii< uiu ill ii 1-n.t  |,liiuti',l tin  lli'i    X"'i'-i-i. Iii'ii'tiyiiii'-u llml. ii,- ll I,
"ii-i I kill MuVI in*, k. luu liuii*. mniii ol
in-  ill  I liny   of   Lot l.'s-l   llu-m-i*
i,,i"i   sii  -.'Illllllil,   lliriii'i-   t-iii.1  sii  ,'linins.
lu'liii'   HOIltll   su   |,||tll|||4,   lliuiu-i,    msl   Sll
Iiniili.. lo III., lliii'i'ol li,,-iiuuiiiu. |.-rilu-.l Iiuui. iu Sonili Kllut  Kliul v,  lint
llul,,,! ,\|ii'll Illli. liuil.
Tllk. Ill Hull III" ,.,,. slim Iim,
lllulsl.lt,, ul lluil.nli ,1   1V,,|,I,.  4,1   I 	
Tlu- I -.ill I..'- .....r........ I 1..   Uu.
hiull>',l. ,|ll|,'.|   ll.lllso.i. Ill,,,   mil   ,,,|t,,i
ii",-, s mul |,„.i „n linltll	
Ill I Ihi. Till iln) ,,i .llin Hun
I Ml"!   H.I4,	
'j     Im>-,1 I,    1   11,1,1
,144'it.v ,-iiiiiit-. Hi-Hi,- m-i ,-iu'i'y .liuins tu I       Coal and Petroleum Notice.
I, ,.,*, I l..,*iiiii.iiil*. I    4jol| Bhr-rpl..iriTpn tl.ul.<«-..  nl,
 I Al-ilUUt. inn., ,,  ,.,.,„,,,l,,',- -,l  i„,.„.| 	
.1   N.-ll|,ili,-l.|.lui-i.t„r.     I
I*. I. Ili,-kiiisiiu. Agent.
, ,"iilli,-li, it.n nt   u |nisl   |,lnnliil   un  Siin"
"-.I.   m-i-,,.   mil.-   I.    Hi,,  InliTiiiilioiiul
II..im.I.in Iin ,. iiinrk,-,! V. I!,,llin-. .oiillnii,
|,l.v I,, III,, I l,i,tl'uii,miss lot   I Is mnl
IV,"l,4j,l    Vll'loliu  tot' II     !ll"(l."    lo    |,l,"|„-t
for, I nml |>"li,,l"i I, II," following .ll*..
iiii-l 1,114.1-111 Suutli  Unsl K.iulunaj. llril-
r.  llinu,* ioi.1i ,-iulitv iliiiiliH. il ,-   '" mul'in.
"1,-1   ,-ii-l, i   ,-lu    till    -oil nlil-        '     '"iiun,li,iiil!!il il*.|  |,lni.n-,l ill.oul
.-linii-s. Hi. i„" ii,-, eighty ,-lueiis >., |i1un oi   ' "" ua.b-.nur I lluili-u-l rim ..ml Uglit.
lH.Kiu,1inK,                                                        ■" "-1- '"-'   "'  M...,is-.,. Hi.ui*. nuni.
I al,J April •-•ll.l  I'inl i1"' 'l'.-"--  Hn-t  ii.-l -n ,hniu.,   llmu.**-
V   |!„|lili». I ..... I  .1
T. 1114.11 An, li'
I'.-iii-ni-iu-ii-u nl  n  |uisl  iiliuiti'il  uu Pnir--
<- k.li-vi-tl   mil",  li-nm   tin-  li.lniiiiilii 114,1
Qoinuliirv lfn->, iiutrkiil ,1. lljmii, li-n-i
4,11'iki. tli.'ii..- nur ll iiui...i' clniiti-. Hi.'tu*,,
lirsl   ilntlly   i'IiiiIiih,   It    .mill     "it-lny
,-lliiilis Ilu- iul i-iulily ,-lltllll. lu  |ilnit> i I
II41IIII   iltlltl     1-hlliU,,     tin*    P1WI     4-I-..11 V
Imili. I" |,t I !•> iiiiiu  |1.   oiituiiiiil   UIU
I'lu, nns I. ii.-l. I,, iil,,r
li.ilnl l.iiiiiiu.i Istli. I-i  I
ill.il ll-i-.l J I.l, I'.ml
.i*tii>,,l. tlilrly ilny. ulii-rilu
lil.i lotlii-l'liiult'ouuni..!  „l  I..,
tl oik. nl Vii'toriti Iur n li,*,,ii.,, lu
fur i-uiil nml pp|.-ol«lllll on Hi" f illov
i-riln,,l Intnl. iu Sonili Kliul   Km I
l.lll l.llll.liM
.1   lliuu. I.... 1.1.. i
T. I null. A-i"nl
U. l'iii.i,ii-ri, uiu it n |i,,-l |,lnnl -I nlioiil
.li mil,- Imrlli ol ilull„,.„l nu, iiml until
 I-   i-nul ,u MuTiss. ,i   llmlli li  sn
'i.li.i'ii-. H  ii-i "clu 'I -In,,
I I, |1 |[, , .1)111.1,- .ilu il,-)-"..
IIii, .1.1   , I-I'i. .'.ml.
Will.141,1   II, I'.   I ...Ml.,,
,.,r'tr''hu',,mli,"umi   :'  ;"u"l V"'!" ' '!"'","
k,„l   luu,  Iniili     H  ""  in "liolllnl. ..! liinriiml  uutil
. ' ..    ...I,.       I...    . '"'■    -   HI  '    "I   " -.-.  Iiiimi* ...lllll
r,?i,.M,'.|«l,rv'',*lii,ll,'..tlu.u.*,..i,lllliHl-tl,l,'i'|» «    ""■ '"*'   ■"'■'''>   ''"""'
M i'.i nluliu'rlinlii,lu liuii- of '           i-litlil.C'-lui ii-.   Hi*   ivinl
„ 'llul    ' '"I !' I" I'' i uiillU, -	
|,.,| Antil-.'l.l, HUH "'«  "" "•■
,.„,,-In.,.,,. I  ""'" 1  fll". I""
., c ^     | l  I- I ink, I i	
ll my Hun,
pri 4
nslllble,   tin
briil--s. two pieces of rond urutleil
i, it,,- ketinel f-'i-n juil. ""ini h.nis,
mul piili— In-nilipiiiri-rs virltinl
ly i-onstiliite lli- sum tolnl
"I'lli- -il'is tnnn tin- Kovernuie
'I'h- I..imi  is  ({rowiiin.     Witter
ii—il-il.    Btricl    enforce tils
Sllllilltl-y i-i'-ulnli-'iis uml better I
jii'iitei-li.iii uiusl In- secured, nnil
streets must I.- improved. Tin
people renlize liuil tht-su tiei-cs,
silies will ciillii- liy wny ,,{ ilU'tll'.
piiruiiiiii. ninl im oilier. This is
th- prneliciil siili- of tin- t|iiestion,
mul Th- Hernld does in.l -ur- P.
discuss the li-n-lits I.. I... ileriveil
from u si'iilinieiiliil sluitd point.
Th- people hnve declared in
I'nvi.r -I' in-"r|.i.i-,-Hi"ii.    They vnitil
il ns s  ns il -nn li- si'i-uri-il.  luil
thev vi-iinl  il mi nn li - I nii'i I'-iii-
itititi! Imsis.   'I'lii-v wnnt   tl-.e  luisi-
ii-ss  ul'  C'rniiln-ook   uiiiim-n-il   the
Bittne   im  nny iiiiiu   iu  t't'iiiibrook
llillliii-i'S    his     pr'unli-      luisin-s
They wnnt lh- interests uf lh-  li
payors protected, uml -vital is nn,
they propose I,. i*nrry on incoi-por,
lim  linn liusi-.
As I., n wilier supplv. il is ll
opinion "I til- people IiiiiI I'm' ll
present il is besl I.. pirinil u pi
vul- -iiinpnliv 1" put   in   ,-i   s.Vsli-i
providing ii will I...I.. H I'n
Imsis In lh-   puli'Miis.     I-"iiiiii.-.I,
ti Is wnler ns s ,-u. il can   piis.
sllily In- s, cured, .-nnl i- witil lithe -ity I" put  il  ill uiuliil   Ill-Ill!  ,'
ilelny until lh- kilter purl 4,1' n,-,
yenr. Lltler it "ill l»- williiti lln
p"iv-r of tin- -il;. |4, Ink- over ill-
sysl-iu ,-H ,-i l-eiisilllllble lulvillll-l
over ll, .-I. nml   tlmt   ilill'-i-i-ii.-i
Will llllll'- Ihllll li- llllllll' up   iu   Ilu
economy ii nsii-uciion,
'I'll- -"illllllil. -i   iu clllirnellf   III.
pri-lilliiiiury wurk shmilil lose i.
time  iii   pushing  ulienil  lln- In I ml
illlfllsleil t.i it. S'llW I illl! Ill- lllll- hnve decided in favor of incur
porntioit, lei us liuve il. Tin- wn,
In iii-.ii-p.iniii- is I,, iiicorpornlo.
There ur" some peojlle who I'ni
lo displny coninion decency in then
litiste to secure ollice. While thlnl- Seitutor   l-'i.l   wns  iriiu-liii-
huiii- I'ruin i ittnwu ii stricke nn.
schenii'i-s were iilrendy jir-pui-in-
to jump I'm- his shoes ns soon ns
lit. y lim   been relensed by ilenlli.
I.-l us Iiui- wnterworks.
Th- ■rovertlllteltl slnuilil proviile
,-i i-..iiipi-1-iil ninn hu- l-'ni-t Siceli-.lii
in*, ns ii deputy. 'Hi- people -r
timi town nml thai seelioti of lite
countr, nn- entitled I" this con-
The Calgary Cattle Company,
fleasuring  Up
m ni.lm.Innl iiilliiriiwntniiiliinlHl. n-li-il Ilm
r..|i.l.v-IIIUil" I.-II..IV. llllllll.  ,1,.!.,!.. ll,,., .lo.
Illl!      Ili-"|.|4,|    Hilllll    . 14 ,    ., ill  ... 4 4 I 4	
14,1,,",. lii. llul lllllll    I"  I .llT ll'll"Il-ll"
.mi mln work H,.....ii...i iiIiiiiii Hi"...	
G'-^4hh y J   ^«■"! -'•"" ■ *	
B--**j**g—*n    | W«_-/>>i'       -uu-ii-iiiiI liiulll™. Illliimiimir,    I-i n»
k. \0^ip_\ \g *L   ^"■|l'''"'l''l''''l••''''"«'''■!''''^,"
^'WMMm,   \imJi Leask & Henderson
Timber Notice.
Soil ■ lini'liy ulvi'll llml lliirty ilnyn uf.
I,-imI.ill- I ililtiul l,,ii|,|,li In Hi" I'llil'f r ■
i,i-4..i.,i .1 l,-,ii.l. .-mil Work.. Inr n n|ui*l»l
lii-1-li.i- In nit null  "inry uniiv tltntii-r frnlll
14,,    14,11,4,"14-4  ,!,,-,  l-il.,1    kllllt. ill    Sllliill     I'Jlllll
Timber Notice.
Nnll.-i, i. Imri'liy nivm Hint tliirt.v .Invu
iifln* Jul., I inn-mi lo n|,|,l.r In lli" ililt'f
i iiitiuii..iiiiu-r  uf   l.iilul.   nml   works fur  u
.| inl li,*, ii." lu iul  uml curry  iiuuy tim
liu Imui Hn. following ili-i-iil.i-il Inuils In
Siuitli Kiml Knulriin.i-'
Nil, t. ! iiiiiuu-iii'iii*: til n |iiml. tlinrki'll ">l,
lln.II.-ii   .Vo.   I   Kiinlliiii'il 1'iiriuT'' niniil.-.1
'114,1.4,.  t| ,,
• m.I Sin In,ni. loll,,. ,, I,,,,
.No.    1       i',,|iilU"ii"iit<!  nl   ll   pnst   lllillii'il
11. lll'l "iiimnn Xu. I,  sniilliu™.  i-.irii.-i-,             „         , , k .»/ AI!•-■■••■ ■•rn-k  Hi" mil
'hml"  Ji"' inn. in.iiii ,,i n nol it un ili'-i      .,     , ,, ,   ,       ,       , , . ,-.,.,
,         ,,  .  ,.,,„     '      .     .  .... in,nli   ol Hi' uorlli   li.4i.it. it of   ... -i.ss
inm i im in.l,ut nl Ioi l.i-iHuruiui 1, i-lglity , .,„   , .   . i   j,
, „, ,n,.|.„| „. |.  n,,,, „',  ||, -jn K" u" iiiiiI-'11 uliulna enul  nl .1. Slum,
.1 ,4l Mul,, I innl,, II ., .1.11111  oil j mM ll>>r1)|w,.r, ,,,,.  (U|II|, N*„. o |U|. ,„,„
niHt   luu I'linui., llu-i    imrtli I' "li.-.ii,..
llionm  tvi'.t   I'lu ,-liuiii.. tliiin uii   hi
.l-i,ili. In Ilm |lltll I lii-irintlillK, "ullluitiili-i
Xo. S. I'oiiiim-in-iii-iiii n |in.t iiiiirk.'.t -.1.
iijhI.'ii No -j. ni!"lii-ii.l nirui'i'," iiliinlnl
nuni'tlii'liiink iif Mli'lmti'rt-i'b ill i lnuti.il.h
lllil'llli.f tl'llll'iill i-iM.M-.tli nli I I."I
iif Lul IMS-nlMiii   I, I ll,.,,,.. H ItSII "lllllll,
ill.mi; Hi,, m-i liniil . i  W.  IIiiiiiiii-.'-.  No.   I
limit, llu-i iit'.l SO I'lllllllH, Ili.-.n-i- iinrlli su
"lllllll.   In   M.    H-I'ri nui'.   Sn    J   Iimii.
Uu'lu-i'i-nHtMli-luiin, ,«, |,|i, ,, ,,{  l,i.|riniiiii|i.
 tllllltllK till) ncll-H.
Iluliil iiirriiiiliriiok, Hi Ml,'-l'iiiIi Mm i-ii
Jll   Mill
iln I i
ol t
n i>",i ninrki'il
iiln'ii.t iiinutf,"
ilu limit liitiiwi'lH Mli'lu'l u-u'li.
iiirllii-iiHl  niriu-r ,,l .1. m „•-,
lliuu,> norlh  so .-lu.i,.-.. 11,,.,1,4'
"ims.    Hml    H I.    -II  i-lniiii..
Ml rlinins iii lliii |l.i ,, iii-gii,.
lIllKllltl ii.-,-,.,
I'liiiliniuk, ll.C. ilila ilili A|ir||
M, Mtit'rliiinioii,
-i"l"i-i-.l "Ti-mlor tm  liiill Sln-,1.
I'   '    ' '-HI '»■ I Ivi-il ni   llii.
'luinuliil    M.-ii   mi.  iiiiii. i,„.|„.
111-.I.     .-I
.1.    11.14
Timber Notice.
„,.,! n liiill Slti-il nl I   Tuk I .i-lli.it llililt ilnynullur tin'". I
!    j,   ,.       ..li,,,,   ,,,   |(|llnrt )NI,|   Illllllil lon|i|il,vlo tliurllltf nmi..intn,r ul
',,' ' .'„.„„,   n„- |-,,l,ll.-  Iliillil.   '•'"I'l" I»"'l'-,'"r. '.'Inlil »"!" 'Ml
,,„„ |  -      |   I,,   ,|„,   ||„,„„|. I"1"1 ''""'■'' """•''   ""'"''  ""'"   ""'   '"ll'"'"'B
111 I."(II „•  1,11 I ,,. 'I""'f "' ■■""'"'Kl""K'"" >:
  "   "'iniili. nun I     ,    Ucl|||r| ,um |M  n  |1||>(   „|a|,-.m| „„.
Il""1"1 ■/'1""'  '"!.-' I!   Nn. 1    'Iliivu*. i-  |,liiu,,I
lu'iullir  Iiniili   of   llll'lli'i  ii'ii'k. tun null*.
,i„i,l„i,„l nnl,*,. imui,*   uutll, „| l|„, „,,|. ||  lunuuliii-y ul l.oi   I.*, -s
,,,   ilm  |,rii I funn  -ii|.|Ji".l. ..ml slum,I  mul in ilm miiHi»i-»l iiii-imr nf li. limit ,
,1,14,  ll,-44. "I,,1.Ull,Uill" III I I""'!- Su.   -'    lllllll,   IIU'll IIHl   Sll    (-l.Ul.IH,    lllllll',,
I,. ,,,,|,i 4, 4, "luirli'ii'il Imuk.  hoiiiIi  ■-!' rlliilm.  Hi   i-'»l   su ,I,,,!,,.,
n.,,,,,, ,],,   ,,,,1,, ,,i il.,. Iluuut-iilili' llin   tin-"'' rill Hll i'IiiiIiih lollu'|ili Mi"*iiii.
Mii,l.n.rn, I'i    Work..  l.ll ... I.- r | "'"-*''"'" ii'B UIU ,n-r,.» ul I nnl.
.,,„, ■  f H." u- ''■l,|,t,,''g'T.'.'''lii''«n,l!  " ' 'k'"' ""'
Hi I   Mi     WIIH,
urk.  I -i.i. II -
-     Tin, ,l„.i|u"
I In-lliu .lint. wurk
-I nil!  I,"  i
I I In   Woik..
i-n. Ainil L'.i. IIIIII.
lli.   I.illrl-I
Timber Notice.
Till  lllll!  '1,11-1,4.144.,, nil,.,  liuil'.   I
 nil luil|i|.l.v lil tlm rlill'f IhhIuihi- ii
IiuiiIh iiml ivnrkH furii B| Ill li.-.-..,..  ..4  4*14
un.l i-ut-t-y nwny lllulipr from tin* fllllou-ing
llmrrilii'il IiuiiIh ill Solllll tin I Knnlnmy:
I. I1-. 11)114441,ins' nl n jhihI inurki-il "W.
W .  Tl i.huii'h   h,miiiii,.!   rorni-r   |uiHt"
|,llllll,,I III II llllllll f.llll* Illill'Sllnllll lllll Illliill
on Hi,, nmii, 1,01111,Inry nl Lot loss, Pi.ili;
rliniu. 11, ,1 ,,[ Nti. Ii.-l riri-k, nml nt lliniiortli
11,,. m-i- nf (l.cluili,-. Nu. 1  limit. Hn-	
until su rliniu., tlu'ti"" rii.l SI) i-liuiii.,
Ilmlii'ii   .ulltll    HI)    ,-lniiiiH.    Hull"'    IVl-fll   Sll
ilinin. to tin-1, l,n.- ol lii ginning, ruiil.t,lning
 inn*, o! luml.
iiiiii.1 i-orm-r" |iliinl,il
 < Hi" lunik utMlrli"! "lll'll nl   Ilu, lllllll"
.ml Nir m.I I*. Si.|.l,,i4, \.     I   Iimii    uml
ill t Hi, uml 11 linll mil", limn II, HI.
luuiiuiiiry  nf   Imi    l.-.ss.  Hi..,,,.,,  nortli  su
,-lliiitiH. Hiiiht',,1.1 sn uliuiiiH,   llllll , lull
SU I'lltlillH,   Uiuliil!  IV. Hi   .SUl-llllillH  111   till'  |.lll",,
oMingllllllllg, I'lllltntlilllg -i I-i iii-r-i-M nr Intnl.
llilti-,1 A|,lil II. HUH.
II W, Ii4 g,
1 l.-.l-
Timber Notice.
Tuk.- m.I ii*,. llml Hiiity iIii.vh  n'trr ilnti-. I
illtl'llll 111 ll|l|il,l   lo III" *Ilil-l , OIUIIllHHillllll    nl
11111,1. illlil 114,1 k., It,.'.. .|»'iinl liii'tiHr In "111
uml "iit-i-y iiiiiii linilii-r fmm Hi" fulliiwiuu
ili-Hi-ntinl I I- .iliiut, lu S.,4ttli IJ..SI K1441I1-
I.   Commt-lii'lllg  ill   n   punt    iiinnti'il   lit
liliu,'   Mn-li.-l   rrirk   il Ih   tl iiiiii
Itotiuilury uf l.ut IJi-s. ll.ft.c-e mirth HU
i'llllllia, tlll-IH'l-i-n.t -<> I'liiiin.. Illrtu-i, suutli
sll "Iiuiii.. lliriii'i' 111 HI SilrliuiliH to tin* Ill.tH
,,i liiigllllllllg, i-nttl tiiiiiug l,y  lulinriiHiiri'mrlit
I'omilii'lii'iiigilt 111-u.l |ilinili*il iiii Itte
IVt-Hl .1,1,4 of Miclu I crn-k, flv» iiiii™ llllllll nl
ll ulli   I Inry  nl   l.m  loNH nml -ill
I'lllllllH 111,1   ill .1.  Sllliill.till'.  Nn.  -J  lilllli"!
linn.", tlimu-e mniii   Htn   I'linlna, II1.1111
nisi   III   i-lltiln,,   tin t>   HOIltll   Iflll  "IlllillH,
III" i-ii.t llli-liuiii. In tile |ilu,i, ill  tlrglll-
itiu*:. i-uiiliiiliiiig liiil m-riH ul Iiuui.
Hi April II, innl.
1 D. Mi-Ar.ltiir.
Timber Notice
Tnkr lliitirr Hint thirty iIii.i-h lill.r lltllu 1
llilunil in iipply iii Hiiu'liirf "uuiniiHHiiiiirr iif
Inml. mnl worka tor a n| iul IIihiihii to rut
nmi i-m-i-.i-uu uy I iiiii,,,.* Hum III" fi.tlnHiiiii
th-Hiirlliiil Imui. In Suiiili   Kiiut  Knotetiny:
[iniiin in-tin ii puKi pluniiiltir.lii-iiorth
„".l   ,,,1144.1   lllll 'gl,   llllliM*,  lil„ll.|,..||l II
Kiuilli-III rhnltiH, tl ,< wi-Ht flu i'IiiiIiih In
"0.1 llnllll.liny nll.lt Hll, tllllllll 144,1-1 Ii HIT
I'lllllllH, lllllll'IT It'... Ill III"  Hlllllll   I li,141,1
uf Alhurl slnii-r.. liuilii-i- li hi*. IIuihii i-uh!
iui i-liuiii,, il i'.nuili iu; "liiiiiiH lu iiiin,-
i,I hl>glli|ltllg, llilltilllllllg in nil ll-lllnri'". mnl',,
i nnumiii-ilig  ut   ii  piiHl iilmilril nu Sn
,< k,   Ilu-   uni,'.  I I, *    Inlt'i'U'iii-o
II liny Imr. iiiiii k"l.I  II,!,',,n. llin
,-„      ll "    > ll    "illllly    ,144,414,     I liu
Ilnlnl Apr
,u In...
linn„1 April-'I.l. IIIIH.
It. Mi'Kiiwnn.
Timber Notice.
J-4i!," ll.."*,' llllll   Illill,  ,1,14.  Illtl'l-   4,11.1,,    I
lllfulul In Hpl'l.v III II hh'f "lllllllliHHilllll'l*  ul
IuiiiIh iiiiii wurk. fnr il HIHilnl llrt'llHU In ml
uiul "iirrv iiiin.i- tlllllii-r frniit lln- fnilowhig
<l ri I Innil, III .soiilli Kh.i Kiiiitiiin.v!
I'nuitni-iii'itiu nt ,i.44s, plmit.,,1 nt  tlm Hinilli
ivi-Hl nuiiiT oi M.  M. li H' limlii'i- li t.i>.
II nnl Hll "linln,, moiv or I,*.,  m iv.,1
lioiliiilnry oIL'luii'li-H Spit I. limliiTli"	
Ihi-in'i> .niiili To i-liiiiu.. mot'iuii'l Iuiiui'lli
 .Iiui-nl II. .M,-Kiiwiii|-. iiiul,"" ll'-'-'i.".
tlini iu-.-' sii "iniitiH. I Iiuiiiii north TJii-liuin.
In plii"" nl liugilltllllg. llilltilllllllg it)  nil UH
liiili.l AlH'llaiHl', IIIIH,
Niillrr Ih lumiliy tivi-ii Hint tlll-llllitl'lHlgllfll
llllll-.Itllllli I  lllltl"   1,1,-111..4444141    OllVel
III I uiin.il 44 imipoHiil nn.I"! Hit.|irni'iHiiiiiHiil
-flu-lllvn-H llllll HtnillllHAi-t"fortl hiring
4ll.il UT",I ilili nl   oliHtrU"lillll,   11 "HI   111"   SI.
I"! nl SI. Mnn. Ink" uml tl t lug of Hu
.ni.t I"-4 In   III"   II.   I'.   Solllll.-Ill   Illliill,"
in fur rnfllug uutl ilrlvlngtlinmin lugs. Hm-
"•rill- IiuiiIh In In- nflti'tnl li.v Hi" work kit
lllklllg lllll- llfHIItl til il"li|-"|.|.,l. ]ir<l|„,H"il
li.  hlllgi'il I'.l ihi'llUili'lHlg I. in Hllrh   in
IUI"   I.r llM'll  1,11, Jmlgiuiltlll. Colllll V  "'.Ull
i,4t.iiiiiii .44 Hi,. |.|.„ii.in,„ ,,(  I "llivn-i
Timber Notice
"Jn k.- miiiii' Mint ihirtv Any* n ft it flat
I iiitt'i.il tu ti|tpl,v tt. 1lti> t'hii'f I'.imiiilHHioiii'i
ul Ihiii'h nml un*-!-.*. (ur ab|i(m'I«I licfiiie tn
mt nml iiiiT.v inui.v iiml ut (inm the fui
ImvlliK iliHiilfil IuiiiIh in Bottlli Kiut
I'mt inn nt ii |ioh1 |>IiiiiI.><l nl Iln«HOIltll
I'M HI  -..I ll.-l   III lot <i-JI>l.tll,*lll'.',<IIHlNlll-h|lillK
I htl,it Kllllt ll (HI I'lllllllH, tllCtll'l' \\ I'M lllOHiiiln.
   I—  in i Ih- I'mi,s N,'Ki  Hnntlieni
Unllwii.v, ihciiH' nortli iiliimi ITctmliiHtothK
• li I Iuniifl.il 11-lli, (lll'll nnl nl t
.'III i'liiiilm  In llif Hinilli HIHl    ' * nt Iiii
III'.'. Ili.-ln,- 'ill   111 I'lllllllH, llll'lli'i) I'UHt    30
I'IiiiIiih lo |ilni-i< ni lM*(iiiiiiliiu, . tHihiitiitm  in
nil llKlniTi'H, i - li-.-.
Iluliil April itltft. I'.'i'l
Timber Notice.
H..i".i April I I, 1 im|
Timber Notice
Tiiki'iiutif*. tlmt thirty Any* nft-ei* ilnte I
ini.'inI in Hpplj '" Un*''liiil rointuiiilniinr ol
liimlxutu) wuikHfui'ii pii'lul MiiciiHi' in cut
nml riury iiuuy tlnilwr frwiii the fnllowlng
il'ifmrllieil IiiikIh in South Ktwt K..ot*'mn:
rm.itinii'ti.' iiji ni ii poHt phnitmloti thi'ivi'Hi
....  ,  r Imtimtiii-v of lot ll.Mlillioitt*i t'liulliH Boilth ol
m,,l .,,.,„„  n.|||  ,   l,,k l<-'ii tiiut thltljMliijB nfter fi..).- I   ||i.-iioril..«-.iHt.'0ri.erofHiil.liottir,JI, thepr
| liitiml touppl,v to tlinrlilt-f .ummi-Hi r i.l
i.uiuIh mid HinkH, lm* ii Hpi'i'iii] ||i>e»Heto i-ut
uml curry nwiiy limber frum Iho following
liimtHHlhiitteiu Smith lintt Knotenny:
I.   rotnmt'lii'Iitg al   u pint  pliinteil   >
m.I" inn-Hi ulii point un tt'. W. ThnmpHc
if j liiuti'-r Iimii Jll ihniiiH eiiBl of t ho northopHl '
eonier of ,1. SIiiuiiidiih'h So   3 llceiiBo,  mnl
iieurtl tint J link nl Mieliel meek, tltn [
.'nil ino ciitihiH, Hun ortli -Hi elmiiih, |    Notlroinherelivnlven tbntnlxtyd-ijHalter
th    iveitl   ino i'liiiilm, thenco m.uIIi -In   duto I Intend to npply >•> tin- ehM votamli*
eliuiltiH, lo t hf*.Inn* uf liegtniiiliK. i'otitnlulng   flotier nt Iniidn mnl norliH, fm* prmieHi n to
utuiii'i'i'HcfInml. ' punlniHe iln- following dMerllurt IuiuIh, in
3   riimnioiiefi u at a [>..ni plunted nenr ib.<   s mh Kusi Kootenny:
nii'ivi'iii.-i.ii. I pti.l mnrkod ")*'. Htoplieii'n |    ('uuiiiniirini: nt npont planted ut Hip north*
Xu. 3 nort'iwefli rorner," Ihnnee nouth JO   mini  rompr "i l.ut  -»."I77,  Qroop 1, tlieni.it
I'IiiiIiih, tlii'tii'i!eiiRt Ifin.-hitiiiH. llieneo north   uorth MiiliuitiB, theneeeasl ■JOilininH,tlien-***
to i'liiiilm, th ■' went 1<Hi dm!iih tn tin-   smith hii r-hnlriH. theiicB w»t  30 ehulOH to
plaeo oi li.'«iitiiiiig.ru tu'iilnit by ndmonHnrn-   iIn- pluee i.f heglnuing, rniitnininK IHO nomi,
iii.iii (1-1(1 uoir-Botloud. . nmrenrloHH, ,
IMIed April lltli, 11104. I    UntodHie llthdny ot April, 1004.
romtno'ueluti ut n post one nnd  > hull
idIImulSiigi-irt't-k mul ihreii iuIIok [roni iho
Interuntlnuul Round my lui'', mnrltod A
MuKctiite, BouihenBi comer, ili.*iii'.< mn ih so
-huiiih. tlieneo wont 81) ehnlliH, lliomi' « h
so ehaliiv, theueuoital SOilmlui tn phn-u uf
Dm <l Aprilaand, limi.
A  M-K.'ii/*'. 1,'itni..]
T.euven, Mivui
i otuiiii'iiiiu'-j i.i ii pOHl [limited ni, Snu<'
ure. k liv.'iiiihhit'mti the [ntoriintlno iliionnd*
uTy lino, ninrJpd rt . I), Hill. huiiI-IioiihI i-nr-
iier, thenco uorth 80 eliniuB, them-o "'■-■i •■||
iliuiuH, 1h*-n,-e Hiitilh 81 elitlliiH, thoiiru i-n.t
HO chnlllB in rmnm"n..'iii,>iil.
i).ii.-.i April aa d. iii t
W  li. Hill. l.-'-'H ir.
T.rnvon, igent.
I'ommeiielng nt n  pu-i   plai.ted uu Snj."1
creek,  Hvh   mill*, frum   the   Ititoriiutii I
Boundary line, murkeil t). Mo lonuhl, nortli
.'iini rorner, themv hoiiiIi 80 rlmlno, iliDiit'c
WOBt  HO  ,'liuiii*..   tln*i   north   SO  pIiiiIih
llieiii'i' ennt mi nhnlllfl to plnce n| In gliiiiing.
tinted April aaud, 1004
IV McDonald, Locator.
T.l-llivll.  Alt.'ll1.
i tntiuii'iii-tiiif nt a fiint nhout liv,- chalna
otiBt ot tho north toik ol the i-lnthoud river
ou lha liil'-rnatiu ill iioundnry liu.' mr.rki'il
ll.   PiihIi,-".  loiitlioABt   corner  poi-t,  llieii-i1
ttl'Ht    SO    I'lllllllH,    til I'     llllllll    SO    tliillti-.
tbonce mint   so   chalnn.   tliHtiro Bouth  hi
i-hiiint tt, plaeo nf lioghlldllg. cuutililiilig 'il"
ii.ti'm nf IiiikI.
lUted April 10th. 11)04.
George I'lmhee, l.oi'iitor.
i umm.-ii.-inu m n poAl nhout live idinii n
h/im nf tin* innili Turk uf the rlrtilion.l nvrr
mi tin- InitTimtiuiiiil nnuiulury lino, iiitirkul
K. 0. Clnpp. HOHtliwnBt.enriiHr, Ihi-iice innili
80 eliiilns, thenee o.ihI so ebn'i-B, Ihumi'
Bouth so chnlllB, thenee weel su chulii-i in
place of hegintiltig,
T.Cnven, \geiil.
Dalol April aa, toot.
Compiouclng nt n putt one mil,' mid one
half weal nf «age rreek nud three mil h frum
the I a(pi'ii'it iiiimi Hon mln ry lim*, itnirki'd   ■
O'Hearn,northwoM-eo'iior 'In e *- h su
rhnliM, thenoB oiiBt ho i-IikIuh, th>it.i>  -ih
SO.'li lIuh, thou,'.' wihi Hii,.|iiiii,„ tn imiiil ,i
DnUnl April aand, 1004
W. O'Honen, Locntor.
T Caven, Agent,
.'iimiii'ii'iiigiit a puKi un.' iiiili>tiu-t n| tin-
Flalbead river ntnl twu n lieu I.om tin- in*
torniiMoiiatunuudnry lino, murkeil fl.nii'knti*
win, iiiirtiii'iiMi cornor. thotiei' Houib8l) iimii »
tliPiire wtMt ho ehuino, thenco norlh hu
I'haiiiH. thenee enol SO chains tu plnce ul be
H. OlckliiBou, Locntor.
■-..I. Di-kiiHui.  Agent,
Dutetl April aSnil, 1004,
l'ouim"ii<'iiig al a pu.-t planted uu Sage
.■reek BHven milt'H from tno lutornutloiiul
yo'indury line, mmked rt. HdwnrdH. north
IVBot enrner, thenco Houth 80 ebuiiiH, ihoiice
.■n«t ho I'huiti-.,   tin nn'  north  ho chnliiB,
tliwico west Hi) I'hniiiH tu plili f beglllldllg.
Diii.'il April.San.l,  1004.
\\\ RdwiirdB. I ntor.
T. i'u vmi, Agent.
Commencing al a pnol plnttieil nu Hugo
i-rrek, eleven iiiit'H ftoill   tin-   illterilltl I
Boundary line, marked T, Caven, ponthivmt
I'nriitT ih un* n rib eighly cbaliiB.thejiceeni't
eighty I'IiiiIiih. theiiee hoiiUi olghtj ebiiiiiB,
l(ietitt) west eighty chaltiH to [iluco uf beginning,
imiiil April ai»t, 1004.
T Cnven, I. leulor,
iJCommciii'ltigul n pOHl piiinii'i nn Hago
.-ii'.'k ti..- ihIIob Irom the Interiiatlonul
Boittidnry Mm-, marked a. Doyle, boiiIIiwohI
ctirtii'i. thrin-c iiuttli ho nil at llri, Ihenco onol
Hllrh,line. Iboll-O   BOIlth   M  ill lIllH,   Hi.'lH"
hi'ki .io ilinin*. lu pluee ol beginitiiig!
Dated April and, loot,
A. Doylo, Locutur,
T. Cnvon, A genI
commencing nl n  pinl |luntedoii Ruga
crck  bovi illvH  from  Hie  IntornutI I
Boundary Uiil'-marked W.IIollltiB.eoiitl m
corner, llience north uighty chnliiB, thence
went   olgllty   ehuiliH.   11 il    Hlllllll   eigll y
I'balin*. Hn in ahteighi*, I'IiiiIiih in plnce of
begin niug.
Mated April a ml, III I
w   itullliiH, Loi'alor.
- "nuni it,•!'.« hi ii piwi planted ni i
 m imui. ..I i biibend if •'■ nud eiglil
I      lllll.'--    .'.Irl     Ml    \|„t|,s,.|        il ,<     H,, lllll
Illy   ebuiiiH.   llieiice  w.'-t   clglity tlllll l.n,
'lire    il.  eight)   i IiuIiib    Hi    rail
h    ""'' r1'    "'»'">   eighty Hull. Hin p| fliegiuillng, coliluill'
oltfbtj .'I iBtoplac ngOIOnrree
!    nit..i imuury iHifa. lim|
I, iinn. li   a   IIimh, Lnet-tor.
.1. (libbnii, Locator, - ,     ,
,., ' '■    """n.inj ni .1 |»iihi plunlcd nl	
1  ravon.Agctii | „,„.,,, „, lIl0 Kiuiheiul  river i	
t-omm-nclugal n i    plunted on Sngn "'Khtwrn  u wi  uf   m„i.ihh,*.v,  thoneo
creek, oeven utllefl  frmn  the  iiilirnii r-1   """''   ,,|i;,">   ,l1"^   ""l"' "•'   ''lK|l,J
It idaryllne.  'ked A..I. Mar.1,,,   Hi-   rim\M' ' H'lmi w.ulh .-i.l''..  cbnli.B, H.em-e
,v,8t   corner,   thetirB  south  eighty   ehnlna    ^,,/,fnL Wiimna ^ '•'Blunlng,
cbnlna, thoiieo west eighty ehulliB lo plm-e ifj
UIUOH  .0,-llii,|-
Dnted An
il. I'-'i'l
A*.I. Mniiin.   I,,-,'
<i- I'ual  Ag.i.i
W, W. Thump..,.,,
th   Hio I'liniiiH, theme weal   In cbultia,
1    i te  Ktiulli KliirliiiiiiH. thi-ni Ht40ehnlua
1    to thoplneeiil boglunlllg, eoultliultlg in  all
",    Dntotl April aiat, HUM.
JI :i i:iii.ri.-H.SpilHie.l.
Land Notice.
oinilieiieillg ut   II  pOHl   pliinteil   uii   Sn
neck,  nine  iiiiiih from   the   Inlortintioiiul
DuH-l April 31/1004.
Mih. Miiinl Diekeimnii, Locator.
F..1. DiikiiiHuii, Ageut.
rnmmonell>D at   n   post one nml   uii-hnli     "
iiiiii iw-1 uf Sage rm>k nml i hree mil'- from ' " "
rho Intt'-'iintioiial Boundary line, marked C   '
,\   Dow'h Houtbweni c.iruer, thence mirth so
ibiilna, thonce oaat 80 cbnliia. thine mh
-llehnin*', lli.ii'-H.-M SOcbllllH to   pl.ue ni
I'liletl Apiil 37tll, t'-'iil
l     \. Daw, Lneutor.f   '!'
ii T. nivoii.Ag'iit.
Syuonsis uf Kcsulalious for ilispusal ul Min
■.■nil** on On in in in n Lands In Manitoba
ih: Northwest Territories and thc Yukon
iMdifaiiii' coVni'inhyr"
pin nt ml nl t
■ r.v IHth, |'.i(,|
'■""i-i' liogg.tnb, i iiiiiu
I'M)  I'l.mtod ; .1
" ""'I I rlv.rmd
■ IHth, nmi.
In. IL Millilllllg, l.oentO
iionring ut ,-i  | i.hi plan led .
ulis t»iiHl  nf M.itn.H.-.v nml
nori I'l'i'iin-.ti.' i- urnulei] fur nne
uf'-;.'«! per :,iiiiiiiii f.ii ;,u In  Ultlllitt,
' I I'l' i'.l". I wiih
n ten mile, nl
 Iiuuill llu-i nl
i \en iiddil .in.il le
I„i ii't-onliui: n,-Iiiiiii iw..
\I l-'iiNi " MM he fxpoildet
eneli y-;ii .-i imi I,'Hn-n, tiiut! ,
ilu-retil.    \Mi.-ii ->'ii litis I eeu *\
ui^aXnVpi.-.i'iuttiMi oliie!''1",^'
eighly cliaitiB to plnco of le-gltiiilug, euiiuii..-
I'.ii.-tl.i, ..i'.. HHi. 1004
11iml.*. S|ii|-.ied, i nli,i\
In. Commoiii'tiigal n posl ptuntedulioitl 1
inn*, mniii , i I'ini min! rivor mul eighteen
ml obea»t ufMorr^Boy, ihenee mirth eighty
chnliiB, I bourn west eighty cbuilia, thenee
nmi Hi eighty e'liiii.a, theiiro ohb! eighty
t'bulnHtopluL-eofbogliiuing.coiitulniug niil
n.ii.-.i i
■ isiii. inni,
A.C   ItntVIICHB, Locnio
ItS,   I'll
-   innimntiiliigni i hI  ,.':.,.t.*,| , il
|Viiiil->l*'iiiimv l'e iiiiii eil liv iheMinlMcr of! four mlb-a tiortii of Kbit bond met* | nine
lhe I lile UIU t, tliu . I urn- <*imt-'liiii,-- inml, |,rn   iu 1--   ensl   ,.f Mm i ,>..-..   Hu'liei' iinrlli
tlilcu, ilNo co|i|<er. Ill too t ni*. ni I ni il.iry. nl  nit    ,t,r|,.,,     ■,..:.. _.     , i, ,n .,      ,u,     i,.i,.,. ..l,i.t>.y
illi'U u»t e\.*ei*tl,II' I'ili.ii'l't s. iitlin,\    nm in,     nui.,     UIM    ivurj   I lllllll N,
i-ii Minimi,   .in nu. in- n. «.T.  Imt lllll nm-H.
,.,, ■■■i.llln; Hi" liilmiift-, I It,",,     I l;„,.|   iiiiiiii. ;     u.it,,! 144 v IMIi. HUH.
"1.41111-41 llilll   ill" UH' Ul-l   -lllllll".    I'll   IJ     I""    . I,lltll   i\' ll„,,l     l„,,,l,,|.
,.-,   l"ll"44.il,!l*. ll'llll,-.     till   III"   N.Ulll   !4„l,i,l "*""• '•"" ■
"li-iinu iiii'i i'linui, .if" "Iiiim lint- 11-I1, Ilm ,,,nimmi-lnn iu 1 -I iilnnlnl 11I.011,
li.iini-4 In-ill,   U-I  n-el   Iniili  iiml  i*\l<-lulii-i   I-    1      '-      111, inml, iu 11 |'ii,i  |,i.miiu   iinoni
III,.,." lll'lll lllltl Inn UliliT llllirk,     lln- llltlei In-1 r < mllra Uorlli III Rill In ml iii','1-  I "illlil-
iiEt'iKi,l,'iiC^-,H',,l,?!.;;\i:;i,:i;,lSn!",,1:;; ";■»' ■ "«-' ■•' M..r,i..7,,,i .„,„i,
 I.     HI 1 iiiii |„„.,|. <■ 11,4.1   "Intnl. .',.4   '"Bin-   i-bnlna,   III"..""   "ii.i   l-lltlll.v   ,- H,
fuelivlil.inn)-li. iiim-ii. tlu'iii-H   iiiii-tl. ,-iitliiv rliniiiH, Hi -,,   ni'Ht
s!T Tr'VnUGuGi »S"KG!!l -!" i "'»'"'■ r' »'"|i1"" ■" •*■» » ' ■
I Jn
sspp's right iiconllueiltn ihe snlm
-1 b.in nr ihe river below in.. «
nil MiUJi'i'l Iii the  rinht*.  ul nil   i»*i
l]lt nil lhe  Mt*
ll.l l-lll. llllll,
L'bnrba AiuiHironp, I. .,-i,
-Uie 1
! nu
HI.   .-mi tiring ut. n pool planted nboiit
live inlloB north ol I'lmhi'ii-I river nnd Bixteell
inilcrtoaai nf MorrlHsoy, thoiiro norlh olghlj
lilialna,   Ihei nal  eighty ehnlna, thetirw
Miiiihi'iiil.iy I'linins.tl.i-i ivral eighty eliolna
tn pi f beginning, eontnlnlllg 040 uerea,
iiiiti'dJiiiitiurv 18th, imil.
li nlieri
Th" lesscesuuii imvu a dredge In operation
tt lliiin nm' sou-soil n "in lhe ilttli- nf lhe len..,- W\
piudl i ve It.llt'S Iml tt here a pi-is n* cilioinoy
lui, nluuliieil liinro than one lea-.- .me diodfiei 	
tur '-liell   llrieeti   mil's   .illliHtll.ll   U siilllci, nt f llill'les I n, k.   I.urnlui-
I;, imil.-in |,er iiiinnni fm  each  mile ni rl\ei
le.i.eil,     lfiiva:ty at ihe rate nf ittn nml ;i   hair,     II     I'mameiieiiig al n pu-t pbiiited nl„n
permit codcoietl on the nuipiit after it ex Is|fonr"mlloa north uf Klntbond ilvef nml si
llridgngIn the Vukon Territory,   sk lens.*, i '""'i "idea t of Morri-wjr, "I » aoni
nf live inilis each   may In- grunted to ii in-e ' riulii \   'limn-,   lln
inijit'i fur u term uf l\vcut> y-itr*-, au,
' The leasee HluOl hnv one dredite In  rnlhiu l
BMireiiuo fm each live minis witldu si\ yearn   n.
,'ai', ami -I" 'iht ii'iile tnr eneli snl,-I'-i'm-ntj-'at   t ll mt •- eaal   "f   M
"I'nli'ei Alluiiig/n'fha yuiuiiiVrritoij'. Creek,''.?''"'
ih( eigli
li eighty elinins, ll
ato place of begmnl
lg. enil'niii
18th, HUH,
Smniul Minn.h, Ltienlor.
|ilil 111 I'.l  nl I
I ud  ilvor i n\%.
(hotieo north
IghtV rhiiliiB,
. lai
I'll .
iHh   eighty   chuilir*,    tlieim
llIB to pittic of hf*- h,K| ,-,
ml, benrliiK in
a fr.
ll.llllll. 1 I	
„ra in'., mine is mil il Inl in   ,    i
claim nl > « n leet in   ■ m 11«. nmi u iin- pi it,   ,
rmi-isl*. lift Wn. I,;,iuleel all.me Iter, mt tne  .nn   j
l-til nt ulilrh iiii invall*.   -hall he   tliiiiunl, Ihpl -'<
i-'-l "fine i-aili .ii j . la.iiiM.i.iy,
i nli*, let'>la.   lli.y.ihv iti Um rule nl itt,, un.l
nth-l.u'if | I'l ,'* III nil Hie .nhlenl IIH'   mill   slni,  I
pifiriimiii.e vii.mi amy luliupnld in t,!-|
<     A    ',.l-k,il.  Ln,- -.
em.IIH lit  11  pusl  pbllttCtl    III t.lll
ii'lii.liliitlu',1.1 liter, mid hIi-
isi nt   Mi.mss.-.t,  Ihenee mniili
eighly I'IiiiIiih,! I oaat eighty
inn   lot,  HUH
Alox. McDermot', i.oentor,
uk orgulobjmt Du
IT     iiiieiieiiirf nt> poat plunleil  uiu
,,,. niil-H mo lb uh-liith.-u.l river,  nml i
Boundary line, markvd Mih. Mnud DlrMuaon ! jJifSfilBft'ttliiS B'miiS B Ko I rfl'llj"!hahia! ii",''' «e7'i-i^t> "ehni
HUUlhtvetit em ner. tbem*.- nuilli einlilv i-hnii.s ' iniii. i- muy Hmk Iheir ,'Iiiim-. In |>ui t'lirislnii hv ' Hiellt'ti   s.mlli    eighty    I'lllllllH,   theiiee    e
thenrt' eaateighty elmitm, iliem*enmiil, eigl-t.v '. " ""v l"l,l,,,,| llll,l|   V'-o-um  fee nf ■*-.•,     \   i-fiuin |r*   |(| v l.\lliu,r. ,,, -,|u*'.., ,.| | ni'ning, euiih
chainB, theme went eighty ehniiiH It.  pine., u    "i^Vi'iei'l'l «'nh*h !ii"V.?!'t?i'y'^i\'ii,^''i','c\ti\'*V' ilml j lnU (iln nrrra.
begiuniiig. I iHijllig a Tee, i,,i,.,l i vlmnm* M   Hml
1    Walk atlteilaiienn a calm eaoh year In      IMlu ,H> ,HI'  ..  ,'' .....
the value nf at leaM .--jmi, " • l\ Hriil, Local oi
A co tiiliMie limi tt'.ak huh iiotm dime iioi|ii j...      M.   c(immonoliignt u post plnnted nbout
ib ainoii each yenrt If mu. the ehnm ulmli bo
lii'ini'illii he Jin,'iiil.iiit'ii, anil npi'ii |uiici*ii|jiitliiii
ComtiO'licIng nt   a ponl   plunted on .Snpi- ' *'Ti,l,.ll|1!.Jiii.?l;ines'nt'a elaim muy heilellni'.l nh.
ereek, eleven   mileH fmm the  Interim'inum    •*«itiit.*iy li> limlni; u-m\i-> i,iu.|'i-nn.| | iihii-im, -
Boundary line, marked C.... DJekineon, i.urth , ,,,f.lf,lr';,|J.';il1ll,li: \."n" nniSproiffied' Hon ai
went   cornel*,   theuce   huiiIIi   eighty   eluiius,    l.umls In , uiiltulia, lln*  Nmihvv-si 'IVrrit.ines I
nml willna Um Vuki'ii Ten I.my urn open/
eighty eliuiiis, Hielicc Hest 8(1 i'liains tt m-    iiiVi'y'i'esi'Vn'fm no Imllvlninil <n- ciuapaiiv  lun
meiicemenl I ingjinioloiiery mi lhe nuul u. he pnmieiteil, ai
, I nii'u nl ill" nen's.    Slieul.l  tlm | lospeetor ills
ite'l April a'.th, 11104. ' enwi nil In ],n\iim t|linntllifs, ami Siilis'iielurllv
wo mllcB north of FI 	
 nile*   dial   uf Muni-M'.v.  llienee mtiilh
eight/ olinlllB, thence win) eighty i'liains,
llii'iire nmlh eighly chuiiiH, thenco enm
eighty cbuitia lo pluee ol beginning, nontuiu*
ing 040 nerea.
mit.il febrnnryjat, HUM.
ThomnaStnrk, Locntor.
10.   Conimoncliignl u poal plnntet) nbrtnt
 mllo north of Fliilhoud rivornml alxt	
. i,m acres. Ii.i-lmiliiii lln- oil tvi* laml  mi,-]i iilhi'V ,
lai.it us mu\ he ileleiminetl, will he  miIiI  Hi  II -liuins.    iln-in-.-  ensl    eigbtv   ,-hniiis,    Hiem-e
niinmeiieiiig ul   a  poat planted on Snge   itlseuverer nt ihe rate nf Si.nu au neie, suhjeet - ll[(l.,i.   ,.i..|it v "*i*'miu.H    lbercn   .m-h,  niirhtv
reek    eleven   „ from  tbe  Intel lintional    ):;.i|;^;V/1l^"mHTh nU° '" ""^ '"' ^'^^ **' obnlna to phtc*of liogll.llll.g.'.•i.iitub.lng Ol'll
lltiiindury line, luiitkeii .1. Xetteitlclil, nortli*     Department nf the Interior, Ottawa, Sept.,' noroa,
euBt. corner, thehee Boiilh  eighty  ehnlna,   im< ,„„-, .   mmao-i-      I   Dmed .Imium-.v 11Mb, 1001.
Muryavllle Lumber Cotujmn?, Liniited.      thence  weat  t-lgbty   ebaina,   llience   i.orth
.lAMlis-  A.   SMAl.'T.        I
Dipiit-i iif the Minister ol ihe Interior.!
-loBcph llrnull-, Lreotor, THE CRANBROOK HERALD.
*u**i?.f ,
—- -MMl'.r.I!
Repairing Promptly Done.
Footwear to Measure a Specialty
- *,*************************
I  B. H. SHORT |
a  -»
3   "4
# I'i.inter. Decorator nml Sign 'J
ah iiiiiii.iii imi ,.. inn
inn iiiiuiii; inii-n |<ioli,|,l
We give perfect siiti.liulu.n  »
with our work. *
Cranbrook Cartage
and transfer C».
Perry & Filigerrld, Pro-m
Agents for Gait Coal.
Qeneral freighting for this
part of the district.
Piano and furniture moving a specialty.
Calls answered promptly
Phone 63
Drink Home Beet
It is Pure
It Is Healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
John W. Wolf
Boot. Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing.   Give me a call.
World's  Fair
Excursion Rates
Nelson      RossLind      Trail
$60      $65
Muy II. I'.', I.'l. .luni' III. 17. is
July I, a, :i. August 8,11, in,
S|,|,l,,|uln-|mi, 11, 7, lli-liihi-i :!,.  Ji.
Ai corresponding rales on mimo dates.
Fur full puiliculnrs npply to local an nln
nr writ**,
J. B, GAHTKU, !■:. J. COY,L.E
D.P.A,, Nelson   A.n.l'.A. Vancouver
McVittie & Laidlaw.
Mining Engineers
and Surveyors,
s      BUILDER
iima -.in SHOP
'jf   SILENTOmcaRmniimsm!"
f-jrehn. Prie* $3.00 « month
Allowcnc.made for old m.chlne
Sl. Paul. Dulutb, Minneapolis. Chicago
ASH  Al.l.    I'nl.NTX  K.HT
Seattle,   Tacoma,    Victoria,   Portland,
AMI A I.r. I-Al'll'll' COAST l-ulNTH
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers
Dining and Bullet Smoking Library Cars
For rules, folttet-s nntl full in'ormaltoti
regnnling nips, call on nr atltlress
i.ii. YKRKlif-, II. BRANDT
n  IV. I'. < r. I' .1 r a
Senltlo 7U1 Vi. Kivorsiile Ave,
Wash. Snoknno, Waal,.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated  Waters
Of nil kinds
Syrups,  Champagnes, Ciders
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.    Tlu most
economical way ',o handle it.
I  lllll  |ll*i'|i,-|IVil   tn   I'M'I'lltl'
nil iii-ilt-i-H  promptly nml
nl Reasonable Rates.   I hnve
nil tl i|iii|iiiiiiil nu it-
.11,i r,11 In llin Kovcriiinont,
unit Iiuvi-  I u   11 citizen
iiiiii liixpnypr in Crnnbrool,
fur ll 11II 11,1 X-I' uf ll-ills.
| Dezall Brothers
Horse Shoeing
Carriage Repairing and
Qeneral Jobbing....
Outside Orders Promptly
Attended lo.
Have Vou Any Painting to be Done?
Do Any of Vour Rooms Need Papering?
Estimates given on lur(,'i! con-
trncts. We don't wnnt the
ptirth. We wnnt to plt'iisti
you with the work nnil rocoivo
reasonable pny.
t Royal liolel, Craabrook
Cranbrook Methodist Chunk.
Corner of HttMl Ivcnutr anil l.uuit Street
I).*.  Wo»bi|i llii
Sui,.|i..'  S,l I -Jl I-   M
Uh  Worship 7:110 r. .1
Tupwlnj     Riiwortli   Lwtgi i   llirlsilnn
i;i,.i..j,.,i h i' m
TImiih.Iii.v     W.-.Uv Pn.yi Mfcimi!      It i*   U
A   it ml Iiii   InvitiU m PXtHiulnl to Ita
Pastel H -' TI,"iii|ih,.ii
Cranbrooh Hiplisi Church.
The following tt aIlit ol Hi" wrvirw Mil
in tin' Ituptlil ('Inm I.
Siimlii.t                      1 I :i in nml 7 80 p
Siitt.ln.i   Silmol   -t p   tn
YullIIH Peoples... H  |l  in   Tu.-H,],,y
I'ih.mi Meeting, 9 p, in  Wwllimtlu*.
Tin'imiiii. in.'mi.Itiill.v Invited ta attend
nil lUDfltinSB,
I'UBtor, P. W. Aiivmlif.
Crabrook Presbyterian Church.
Sal,Imili s rvicuw..    ll ti- ni. Kin] T-'iiMi in
Siitntti.vS.liii.iliitii| uil.l-rliiHH Hp.ni
t lirihlmn Kiiit.'iiv.r, Tn.'-iliiy     H p, in.
'lli,'|iiil,'it',iivi-n|-,|j,i v iiivil.-tl iti utU'liil
nil llii' itie.-lingH.
E'li-tur, W. li. W. li Fortune u, a*
Crescent LodoeINo. :u
Cranbrook, 11. C.
Mi-i-ti. ---iiii nml -tilt Tiii'hiIii.v nt  ft |i. nt   in
1. tl. II. T. hull.
J. A. Akmii.ii. K. II. S.
T.  11,4,IK»   t'. I'.
VMlltiKllri-tbn-lii'nrilliillylnvlh-iltii iittwiil.
Cranb-ook Branch ot
MiM-ln nvel-,v F rliln.v ntelit iit -I', in. Hull I
-imi iii.iii* nt Whu ll,, 11.1 i.i tr.
VMHiik llli'l liii'iit'iii-.linll.i- Iorl.nl.
.1. T. lie mi
^ I.O.O.F. Key Cily Lodfe
So.,:'. Meets overy Monthly nilllit nt itielr Imli un
Maker street.    Sojolirltl-l
Oilil l-'ellitw. enntliilly Invlleil,
U. li. Billing., IV. II. M-Fiiiliu,-.
N.  ii. Seit'v.
'1iGI--*>        Lranbrook Lodge, No. 31
G/fflsG's'- A. F. 4 A.M.
I5*\v»*^-i —
vKtU-'/'vL       IteiilllJIl lltpetllllis mi lite
\.i-%:/\     V tllilll    TIlUIMlll)    ul   till*
in   ■ \y *\       in4,iiiti.
Vtalllns lirel i   iielcoiniid,
.11 A llsAt.s, Si-e*.,.
THE A. I.. V. no Jn;
M.ii,  ,-i-4-i.i   Sniiinlii.v
nllilil in   I   n. 0.  f   linll
Vlillln, Brethren Cordially In. licit lo attend
riulertiikiT ntnl I'luliulint-r
Cnaketa trlmnieil nml shlppetl ut short
notice ninl ii'tn-iitinlil'- prices
Will re eiveiin.l liolil r.-muiiis in Clia|iel
nl ii sniiili cost.
Agent fur tin*
Nelson Marble and Tombstone Works
Ifwi'hnvi' unt-^iit what .vim want
wn tuny In- able tn lii't it for ynu
Wu nn- always rendy Day or Night
-♦ .♦• *- —
A Large Stock in Caskets and
Robes.   .-»   **
Phone night and day 77
Livery 3
Proprietors ******
Teams snil drivers furnished tor say
polot In tbt district.
A. DOVI.E, Manager.
II        -       1     Im.
(iroccriv:s. Canned Prult, Fish*etc
14 1-    ■" '■"   ftill '   ■■   "
limb in
,0 Suit- "I Read)  Mailc Clothlni
,lii.-.t ii„tn Mi.nl
Amea-Holden   U.miIs   mul Shoe.
"I'l ' H'"."-*
Hy Martha
M'Cullocb. Williams
Candy Kitchen j
i 'iiriii-4 u i-i,nt|,ie' e stock ,,f
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
Tobaccos. iii«- "*. can
Men, Women and Children's
Nol at enst lun ;it ;i hteproHt.
(.'till nnil SCO what   I   ran iln
for you.
New  Line   of   Cook  Stoves
Just Received
-V',"f ...'f'SI'.f'fl.'T
i If .mli- tho Willow Mnrlin hml not
been ivniurtshty bIvoii to ulckiinuii-s!
llul  liii-i.-:   -J*|io miiij   iini-i t„, i„i,i
|U-,,|,i'll,V or lint 111  nil.
'1 Ik- ui,I,nv nils Jolly lllltl I'-illK-l.l nml
w.ll 111,-,! IH-Slllos.    Slu, IiiiiI liuilSU iiii'l
1.414-1 -1,4,   I.       U||,|      |,1,-141-1,14,44- ,44|       1,4
I iiiiiii,- iiiiiiii-.v ill II., lmlil, tiiiii i'\| lii-
lluus of  -4- ivtipiiover tlio t.onl mlh-it
j I nolo Mnniiiiiliilic nn Itlglier.   Slioluul
j inurrlnl lo pleuso lilln.   Tin* luit- Wil
Inuu Slnrtlii lnul I it lii.ti* Murium
-liilu-'s -1,1,111. in,-!,, Muriiiniliiko was
slill iiinsii'i-riii, i-.-ii-ii-iliii-,- thowtilow ut
tlili-i.v tin, us n allp in' n iiiim*. In nowise lu In- trusteil in tlm clioosluu i.r u
IlllKKj' horso ur I'Vi'it a llllsbllllil, She
simiii in need ot both, tho olil gentle-
lllllll tlillllilli-tl.    As lu how Hie t ils
iv.-i-i, in in- supplied he wns by no
iiit-iiiis sii i-li-nr.
Willow Mnrlin herself lnul no sort of
tluuiii. Her mint] wus set upon tin.
buy   Alinuiit  trotting   uiiii-l-  ntnl   .lot-
Formerly lintel I'liair
B. T0HPKIN5, MannRer.
Phis ll.it'-1 is nur nf tho lii'st ill
l-tritisli Columbin tuul up-to-ilitte
In every respeet. Well ligliteil
suiiitile rooms,
The Contractor
Who (ids Contracts
If ynu want In Iniilil lei me know,
1 will lit* pluasi'il Iii I'lil-nisli ynu
I'sliitiati-s uiul tuny help ymi nut
witii si-liu- iilras as tu iiliins.
*w hen passing our studio come in
.ind see the new
Prest Photo Co. Studio
Chinese Labor Employment Agent,')'
Oriental Bazaar
Full line of Chinost; and Jiipniu'so
Fancy (inuils. Store nn Durirk
avi'iiui', opposite "lil lli'iald olliic
<i in \3 a m.
I io t'. p m.
Harvey, McCarter & Dunbar,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Maxell Block Cranbrook, 11 C.
Barrister, Solicitor,
Notary Public.
Cranbrook, li. C.
Physicians and Surgeons.
Ollice at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
Forenoons,   ■   •   •   ■   9:30 to II
Afternoons   •   ■   •   ■   1:30 to 3:30
Evening   ■   -   ■   •    7.30 to 8:30
CRANBROOK,    !   :   :    :       :    E. (
"on, rr CAts'-r in: you hikhiihi* tiii-.m
Copley, wlio owned tlio beast. Joe
was n Imcliolor, Just the widow's age,
whu Blnee lie wns twenty had given
all his spare time tu the comfort and
Iiii';isine of iin Invalid mother. Now
that slm wns dead ho wns lost aud
lonesome beyond words. Widow Martin's heart, a motherly, tender onr,
ached for Ulm whenever sho looked nt
liim across tho church. Since lie wns
lit'r closo neighbor sho almost dragged
liim homo with Iht to dine nml spend
Sunday afternoons, Naturally 1il> fell
bead over ears in love. Quite as naturally lie lacked Hie courage io tell her
so. Instead of speaking unt manfully,
lie faltered nnd drew baek until lu
very slinmo tho widow wns forced tu
iiuui liim.
So be stayed at homo nud began
gropingly to east about as to whom
ho inijilit marry. A wlfo be must bave.
Nuw that tho mother was gone no decent, stirring single woman wuuld be
Justified hi living in liis houso timi attending to his concerns, lie could nut
bear to thlnl-: ul' taking a married coil*
pli*. Ho did nut want tu feel himself
nn alien outsider In tho placo whero lie
was born,
Thus presently it happened tbat tho
bay Almout wns often seen standing
before tho Parker gate. Parker's girls
had been full grown a good many
yenrs. All three were fair looking In a
sort of shrill and angular fashion.
Somehow Joe shrunk from the touch
of tlieir thin, clutching fingers, Widow
Martin's lingers were ns softly dimpled ns a baby's. He cutihl never quite
bring himself to tuurt auy of tho Parkers outright.
Almira Parker, the youngest nnd
shrowdost, grew impatient and resolved iu iniili,' thing's to a head. Sho
saw fat- enough tu understand thnt
tbo Widow Martin was what stood in
her way. Inevitably she Invited herself to spend (lie day with Mi.it lady.
In cotii'so of the visit alio rigged her
ii-.-if-JH mo unmercifully uver Joe and
his (Innili devutluii (hat Mrs. Martin
grew nugry with hor, angrier with
herself, angriest uf ail with poor -lue.
She broke uut. nt lirst hotly, then with
n sort uf contempt: "What yuu tnlklu'
nbout, Almlry? That old fowl court
anybody! Why, ho wouldn't hnve the
scuso tor hunt water of he'd been
botched a goose."
Almira had what she mine for. Inside nh hour she was home again. .lue
was duo that evening. What with superb biscuit and tlie tiling she had tn
toll him, there was little doubt that
bo would gn home encaged to ber.
It foil out as she had planned. Somehow she led Joe to believe the
widow luni from tlie beginning made
a mock of him. nmi then somehow
else she southed his hurt wiih tjm
Iniiin of her own eager adulation, and j
before Joe fairly knew It tlie thing
was done.
"We'll lie married before Thnnksgiv*
In'," Almira planned. "Voro .Tosoy! I
cnln't bear ter think of lenvln' you
lonesome Hint day. I've a great mind
ter nslt Nanny Marl In ter dinner, only
I know she wouldn't come. She'd
make out she couldn't leave Uncle
Joe   did   not  sleep  that   night.     lie
got up wiih a gray, resolved fnco.
Out in tin; barnyard thoro wns a very
pri nee of cocka, a crested pheasant lo
nil the glory uf gold lace. lii< um
wives were as meek as be himself was
gorgeous, Joe had reared them frum
some famous high priced eggs. Tbey
wm* meant fur Mra. Martin's Christinas gift Bite loved Hilekelis, hut
nothing hi hw yards" i.mid contpare
with tbeae He bad told ber about
tliem in.w they wero t,, be hers at
lull prime. Ho would keep his prom-
i-i*. thu ugh ii was more hitter than
death lu thrust himself upon her uo
tii i* nuw Unit he knew idie had laughed
al   him.    Ile would lake them to ler
ai  i-.   It would he manifestly im
proper nrt.T Almira n     At his .all
iln- cock ran lo him, crowing three
times mi He- way. f)ii.*"i.f'ili"pull.tV
Hew upon lii> anu ami taigan p&klug
f 1 Inmi th.* pan in lo- lui lid.    The
Martin house was in-sicht. IwlM. tulle-
nil. ii would u»t i>- hard to tolo the
chickens there, Sn clucking, crooning,
doling oui niggard haudfula, Jo.- set
nut, walking backward alone (he held
lt took him the liest part of an hour
tu reach Mis. Martin's poultry yard.
Mis heart heat BUfTociltlllgly as he saw
Mrs. Martin herself moving about,
talking tu lii't* tiurk. At the click of
ihe gate she turned short nbout, ask-
Ing sharply: "Whatever Is iln- mutter,
.lue Copley? uh, ii caln',1 l»e you
brought them beauties, to me!"; *   -'
•Thai's Jesl what 1 did do," Joe snld.
Then, with dogged humiliKy. In- ndde\l:
"Vou see, when I foltnd om how^ou'd
been pestered with an uld fowl that ef
it was n goose wouldu't hnve tin- sense
ter co ter water i was bound you
should hnve soma young ones ter sorter
make up" -
"Joe, ynu're worae'n any goose that
ever wns plucked!" Mis. Marttn'sald'
di'i idi'dly. •■Vmi won't si-*- things
plainer'!. Un- tins,' on your tnce.   Hut
I   sn*  Almira   Parker's  game,    su,-
shan't have you, whatever comes or
goes" - .  r   %,..■■■ f  ■
"Site's golu' ter .-have nie.*i before
Thnnksgivin'," .lue Interrupted, with
a sepulchral sigh.
Widow Martin stamped her foot.
"Nu sueh thing!" she s^Ud. *;l'ou piviu-
Ised uif them chick-gut nu' aiiytljliy;
else I wanted. Vmi said them, wry
words.   Well, now, I want—you I"
Joo's answer was in the silent elo-
quenco of action. He had the widow
fast and tij:ht hefure you could whfk
your eye. Whoever disapproved, the
golden pheasant did not. He flew upon
the fenco ami crowed three times, his
voice almost as triumphant as his
sometime master's eyes.
'"'inlgt.    In Hi.- Hallon .-I   MtUilloWa
CC|tlttll      \n   In. KllHUK   ll.l.-   Mm,-  flit
(' Ilia -ilu,It-lil  i.l   ilm.i nut-,.
Winnipeg    -I.,- ...    s    n     ,. [
sights uml    K'i'i *| - -■
plin .-    i*    jimin - \     ' ,,.;..
crowd, but  twu   ■  --■ tl     -,.,!.■•■
wt-** *      ■■■■ irtably.
Willi p.- [ and thu    colors
and di ..-i iii ,            placu
ts tin -iti-M unsl . : tin- -,itt-
dent nf i. .
II-'"  i-  -■      I .'.l.y mid
Well   oi.tt     : '.;-!! .,1,,
nit11 ii--..,
f^.'*:'   I-l'!-,                   j .  *         for
lU'OVJ "* .'■ I!,- ,,| ,,,„!
liHU-d  in
In l.m-        11. .'..-■ -.
Swedes, ai ii   .: |
ally  tool   ■     wit ol ireh ol a
boardiiih li    foi   : .-■■•     ul     theso
English fluips i ii\o ,
-N.-xi   iii.         . .. crowd
was a group of Dmi . .i couple
of lomll es i ■     ■■  *) ... way,    to
.inin theii    - i lie   men,
with thoir  p.-.;-.   I co thrust     well
down abn •■    hair
l'l'op|i.*d   Hi] IHl'i -- l)„ck     lllltl
plO.ifi'Uiit;   - -. iHdoW      tllO
fip nm. I  .-.is    and
J.loosj jn, k.'ts i; isstni -.
?A   PUT  -■ too,     added
(o   the   j - women,
siont,   jrni-sl.- -- . ren               w th   a
waddling     wn wh         betokened
Br«U  in diiy ■   ,i- ■ [\ [ty
Were etiw    d i
s<*uMy   i'i   ; '    - ^ iBl    hoots
dlil not .i in o| any
of the won Hoi uf the younger WQl li ■ ti atures,
l.oi. like Soutl -i n women,
' ■■"- on tho
sunny - ■*,*   ol
'I'd-- babes n -■■■ i'l-. ow l-
like. giioti s -a ■ . . ,uili ,.x.
prdf-6 -.1, ess l do not
fOn-glu if il in I ..: ndian
youngsters, < ., its might
secure the !>-■ - i for infantile sib uce I ■;■■!■ Moukholior
girls, exnet replicas ol ll i mothers
In dr.'ss unit bu d stn nrouud.
with tlnjftr hands tl.n.j-i into side
pwk'-ts; and ■■ nded one by their
post uii r of tl ■ i- turcs of
little Ho Ini - ■ -- baggy
kii'iik**!- v. ho in * tii picted
with their I into their
side  pmk- *-
The Douk ,-   r< markabty
solemn lot, ami thuir taciturnity is
remarked ■■*-   .    i .   .. ■   in    of
people none    E **■ 10m i  •■   i for
their -  - r \, .o. iw
Bcoeutrle Hcnrr Cavendish,
Whenever Mr. Cavendish eutertalned
his gnosis he would always give thein
the same fare a leg of mutton, a
story goes that nne dny when (our
friends were coming it was asked him
what should be ordered for dinner. He
answered, "A leg of mutton." "Sir."
was Ihe reply, "that will not he enough
for live." "Well, then, get two." snld
the bust. When this gentleman died, he
was the largest bolder of hank sto<*k in
England. He owned £1.157,pgp in difi
ferent public funds, besides freehold
property nf ts.iino a yenr and a bal-
nnee nf i'.'iH.iHHi ou aceoiint.   This large
Income was allowed tu accumulate
without at tent ion. On one occasion,
when tiie baukers hnd lu hand a balance of £S0,000, they thought it well to
acquaint Mr. Cnvondlsu wiih the fait.
-If it is any trouble to ynu I  will
take it out of your bands; do not come
here tu plague uie.-' *'\ut the least
trouble tu us. sir. hut we thought ymi
might like soma of it tn he invested."
"Well, what do ynu wnnt to do?" "Perhaps .Vnll wuuld like half of il invested'.'" "Do su, do sn, and do not
como here io bother me. nr I'll remove
ll." was the churlish ttmile of the Inter-
view. Cavendish was seventy-eight
years of age when he died iu 1810, and
lie hud never changed the f-J.sliinn of
his dress fur sixty years'—Temple Bar.
There  Are  ,\o  Arll.H   lu   Durmn.
There nn- us yot nn artists in Rur*
ma, and tu see how tlie people draw
we must examine the designs of the
decora tor, the gilt laeipier.maker, the
silversmith uml the wood carver, it is
Irtie flint pictures may be soon in some
of tlie houses of the well to do. Many
of tlu-se nre panels* (alien from the
base of the funeral pyre of a monk, and
tin- others are similar productions made
tn order by decorators. These pictures
are remarkable ehlelly for thu glaring
colors used, fur tlm absence, of .any
composition and fm- the distorted perspective common tu oriental repro*
bou tat Ions,   Tin* drawing is. however,
gout), Hie attitudes uie lifelike and the
story is tfotiornily well told,
Tu European eyes the attitudes appear distorted as to tho i«rs| tire,
hut it needs a vory Blight knowledge
of the couniry in rocogulXQ that tho
Illiniums haltitiially place themselves
lu the most ungainly positions, After
more Intimate acquahitaneo with their
Hindu of   life   we  lliiil  nut  that these
very attitudes ara esteemed graceful
und aro only acquired nCtcc years of
Di-iiK-iit* Hit t<> in* Stared Al.
When lhe pretty black eyed girl got
on the crowded Broadway cur, at lenst
six men got up nud offered u seat to
her. Sin- could only lake one, but ev*
ery man who hnd made lhe tender proceeded to take his reward for tin- proffered courtesy by Btarlng at her. Oue
could hardly tell from her manner
whether she was embarrassed by tho
double barreled gazo uf nearly overy
mnn in tbo car, for oven the corpulent ;^;d^'
stump mill.   'Ilie    col
dust    a*     sund I    -kliobor
tarn ly -.•.  tl ■■ :■ d    be
hind the r pi le i - Is and grnvely
oftered-.up prayer, \ ;-..-: arch in a,
long t-lu.- I-,.a-- wiih his cap crushed
In his folded Ju -. -■ ood faring his
little group ai d ■ ated iln* Most
High for protection and guidance.
There was an utter lack oi ostenta-
t imi about this •'. splay of subdued
religions fervor. His voice, rasping
thn>tgh ft was, d i nol carry beyond
the [nunediati vji nlty, but despite
this a spirit of devot on pervaded
the con -r, and those surrounding
him   til   ntellif though tlie prayer
was. ceased chattering, and muny
bowed their heads or clasped their
hands and [oined a Babel of tongues
mumbling pi .-■   rs.
Tl - Oatii .mi on ■ . dark t -Hows,
have a strange hankei tig f-.r blue.
They wear long hluQ.coots, with flaring skirts, and blue tn i *, baggy
nhout iii.- hips, 'I i ■-.: - .j;- of fur
are fez-shaped, but thc Gal -;i does
not  wear his ca|   - ■* y   at an
angle on his head. II-- pulls it down
I ightly, stuff- i ui der   the
run, and pulls h • 'V- - > until it
pro   cts on -J ■  .;   queer
duflur. lli- v ■■ A an unobtrusive
little woman, ■■■■■■ i and very
obed ent    Ioi   the Gali ., bit ot
n donu stlc tyn
Half a score < >al lot di opped oft
a train nnd were met by a few
.-countrymen who had been In the
country throe or four years, and had
established homesteads, Without a
word the fJaliclftti men, bearded, full-
grown follows, kiss.-d each other on
the foreheod. They did not como together like tli-- st,,!/,. heroine and her
long-lost sweetheart. 1*1 was no
hop, skip, nud it lump affair, but a
cold-blooded, deliberate i eremony.
They put their arms beneath eneh
othar'i shoulder blndi i gravely
kissed,   Thero wn    no bl   I about tho
oscul.it mn.     Jr.     v q irl y,     re-
sounding smack. 'I he women folk
camo in for no sin d m.<■■.',■ ol affection In fact i Ii wero ardly noticed,
Vmip Brtgl ango chap
in many ways, lb wani - »-i adapt
himself to u„- i t'lintry, but his ideas
of the proper pi di -ii.i- . ,- rl« Idcdly,
startling,    Tho i him runs
to horse pistols and son In ■-. os, < >t,
u recent f i da I iui HO Eng Ish ■
men an Ivod,   nnd  to duj    at     legist
half of them aro i >•■ • ■    Winnipeg
in sombn ros, nnd I :   ■ ■ ,■ .:
1 hat i'-" i-"d dofl n In a - * v hip
pockets nie i-■■- * tagea
uml si/—, from a handy [jocI *. gun
to n field piece <>f 11n- ai cienl Colt
variety. A new - unhn ro Is tho hallmark of nn Englishman thero. If
you see a hii: yellow hm coming you
inn lay 100 lo l 'tat thc lad beneath drops his "h s."
The Manitoba man has a poor
opinion of un .Englishman and Ids
gun. Last week an Englishman with
a little Canadian whiskey became
Involved in h bar-room quarrel. Dot
Hushed a big revolver, but a heavy
beer glass put him down before ihe
first shot was Ilred. lie perforated
the ceiling, though, just to show
thnt ho wns willing in press tho
trigger. An Italian with his still<Ml(
is mure feared, but a spade and shovel artist who Maris in to carve gets
old inuu who sat near the door did not
called;   it's niv,
protend In keep one eye on his paper.
**| think those men are rude tn stnre
nt thut girl," suid a lean woman to her
The old man leaned over and In a low
voice suid to the lean woman;
"Don't worry nbout hor being embnr- j in<ii lorj Tho groat woman question
rinsed. Shu likes lo be Hlured at. She - did you sjy7. 1 suppose it Is "Wlim
Is my nleee, uml l mighi^to know."—j jilt) s-ho-JuvjB, onf—Halfpenny Com*
New Vurk Press,
* - Sure In Hi*.
Tlnrold—I'nc'e, what is (he great
woman question tlmt, the papers say
.-o much nhoutf    L'nile (cynical   old
14id i-liu-Aaiq on? -iiaii $
m^.\ \ vv vv vv wv vv s i\\\\vv\ \v7^v^sss.\\\\\\\\^\ tc    s^% \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\vto
-km-skf. -v-   , . - •-   -a -,iA*aa
and the
: i?$r:.j33iaGaamt*m
Montreal City Council Shows Its Confidence in the Non-Combine
Companies by Placing $475,000 of Insurance with Them   3 3 3
The favorite argument of our opponents has been, "Wait until we have a big fire, then you
will see where the non-combine companies get off at."
Well, the big fire has come and, strange to say, it has had the opposite effect to that predicted. Our position today inspires more confidence than it did previously, as the following
extract will prove:
"The Montreal City Council met on April 29, and decided to PLACE ALL CIVIC
"FIRE INSURANCE, to the amount of $475,000, WITH THE CANADIAN NON-
Toronto and Fernie, have enabled us to prove true what we have hitherto claimed, that the
main features of our companies are RELIABILITY, PROMPT SETTLEMENTS, Select Risks, and
■Ki.B-.MlY.; u' ..i-J. -J. CATSEIl&ZlSUim
Insurance   and   Realty Agents
Cranbrook, B.  O.
^>ft?lfyfTyy!fTTTTT!Tfm?tTT!TTTT??ITT??fmyT/mT!T!?mTTTVff^!!mTTTT?TT?!?TT?T THE   CRANBROOK    HERALD
{ gw Kid's Klothins:
j, -^     **= r=:=r— ,    *==
I III!    IllulUlg   IllUl-llil
lilt*. IJ.t* S|n*iiiL- :ir.-. I
iii "Little Mc
The Cliamplaiii
The Ridley
in nitn-ii
ilill, iiml 11■ -. 1,i Iw Is.
ti-,, iiovs' ih:i'\i;tmi:nt instocked«-itlt
Fancy Sweaters.
Neckties. Collars.
Shirts, Underwear,
Caps and Shoes
All l,,l* III.- Iii.-s    Hi-t-nur window
t "Pity He Drinks" |
a po*r Lime Juice when GENUINE -MONTSERRAT" m
can be procured for 50; IN PINT BOTTLES and $1.00 IN \
*> Cranhrook, B. C.
Fancy and Staple Qroceries and Crockery
Agent I'm* I rockvill.
Cnit-i.iKi- w, i-:,s. i:
iii i:
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Chicken Wire.
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Cranbrook Collage Hospital,
Witi-i ArnwiraiigM-ennean.1 l.i-«i.Si
l-'-'i inl! iwrlli-ulara apply to
Hiss Moss, - Matron,
iniiliiiii-- nf -i.  l.nki*- lloniillal, V'l
■■"in,-i. I;, c.
Piikcil  Up About Ihe City  by A.klng
Questions ul  Many  People.
CranbrooK's Greatest   Store !*
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Millinery, Ladies' Neckwear. Ladies Suits etc.
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Cranbrook B. C.
r. '■   •■   ■    •    .    .    ;   .    .   ,.,- 4 ..-.-.'.■ .   . - .   .-...-
.   ;   .    .    .    .    .    .    .    ,    .    .;..!.    .    .    ...    .    .    .
• I.   Swi
A girl nt tin* Roynl
-ni visited Calgary this
•liim visited Macleod
\. •', MeKinstry is building nu
l-liiiiiii to his livery stable.
.-     .      .   -     ..      .     4*     ..     ,.I..<.V<.4-|.4
If -J.V ••\-M.4 _-.4. .-,1 ^S4-JS-
(J4-W-  „    .     .     .      .     ,
$950 *
$850 :
$375 :
$375 -
$275 i -
oi-tkh tm; s.m.i:
.'-ui dwelling 4,1141 :i lots,ni Bilker
4HII dwelling i,;i linker hill, lim- li
mn dwelling ntnl large Blable n
  Armstrong iiveime.
■ott . ■   ■, t: iidiu-lnr hill.
H      i hill,
tn. hniist- 4-ii 1 luriek .-ii4 imi
near lln- Pn-sbyti rii
11.44,-   .4 41-1111,-.
I     .    r  Iliil.
..-■    .     .     .1
Ilausntt ,-n,
4     III
i     .11
I -  ! in'
(ft   .*.   .,,     ,      *      *       *     ■*■     ,      *      *            .       ft     *       .'    ,.     V      .-    -«.   Hi    -.     ..       .
•'    ■•* ■*.*,*■*.*     i.     ■*     ■*
-     44411,-1        l„-l|,-,
'.lln'. In-
, I,,-
WW N •.
1     ,444-    I HUH    I.4..I4    ,-|n>»nlllll     I''     .     114
II, 111.-    ,,111       1,1.-111,    -- -"       III'    -J.Illl     I    ll-!-'II.
■ in-.- tlii-ni il"-
-n   .1,1,' Inbitv.   IVi- Iiiitiilli-CAMP
HELL'S CL0THIN0,    HI -nu ii-nil)     tt'.
4-'i.ll.Ulli -' l"l   -llii    44,11    ill    ,|lllllilV. |4lH ,
..... I -.-in,-,    ii,..  iiutltim. i-lnliii »,
,i4i prim;, I..,, l,m. Mii.vlii-wi'ilii.liiil ll li
Morrow & McFarlane
Wiljt;a   House   Hoarding   Establishment
(It. I'. King's Lit.• resiileiKtc)
is now open for resident And table boarders,
The fable will be lound unequalled in the district and every cllort will be made to study
the comfort and wants of visitors. Table tickets are now ready and the price moderate.
For terms apply to
Sunday dinners a specialty.
II. E. McDonnell, districtfreight
ngent, 8|ienl Sunilny m town.
Ileuil lhe Crnnbrook  Snsh  an.l
I' ■ tnelory s ail iii this issue.
1 In- Iiui,-Is ill Cfaiiliruiili nre
crmvilul willi |ii.,.|i|,. these days.
Mis-. Bclschen iisii,,,| Mrs, ,|.
liillis ni Mnrrissey lasl Suiulay,
M ..--t ul thnst- hiii'iii-il out in
Pernio will rebuild  withoul delay,
-1 1, Parker |i,*issi*i| through
lown Siitunlny i-iironto lo the const,
'-■ II, Tl I's-iii. lhe Imrrlster,
"ill u|.i-ii n l.n h ulii,-,. ,-,t Moyie,
Choicoli f frcaln-nnfiH-libncry
always on hiititl .ul 1'. JleCoiinell's.
.Mrs. Mnlpns nntl ehildn-it  have
gone to Fori Steele for an iutli-Hiiite
II.   Hunter, nf   Pincher  Creek,
win. Iii inwn tIn* lirsi   unit   of   the
r  Burns A- Co., hnve n new de.
livery  wagon Ihnl   i-   nu nrtistic
Call  und    see   1'.   MeCoiini-ll*B
iloi-k of l'i-.-.-li I'iiiii.-.. Th,- best un
In- in ii-lu-i
•I   II    'I'hoiiipsoti.   a   Winnipeg
...i.l.- riniiti. was in   town   severnl
lllVH 1   . - 41,-,-k
Al lis- Imsebnll   lonrnliineiil   nl
'nlgnry on \ iriui-in dav a purse of
- '■ " " ; 1 1 Iiinil.
Mrs II   McVittie ami children
HU      1,-     l.illll.lllli.ll    1,1    Visit
Mrs Me\ un,'', inotlier.
Ii'.-.i.l Morrn« A M.-l-'arlam-'s nil
lu- week   li is i-iilii-puiiiliiMil will
nl, real clothing buyers,
Mrs,     Chns     1. 1    ami     Mr.
mini's uiil.-s!   boy  nrriveil   from
j l^%^-,%%^'%^^%%^%^^%^'&,t%-^
Every prescription receives the PERSONAL ATTENTION S ''*p                              ~-          * ^    * tvL^H                  Ifi
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31 5 ai .-in- Btore ui- keep a large variety nml oulj tbe besl              %
| |       a. IDawson c^ Compnnv1
Our Mail Order business lasl w«k was the biggest since we $.
opened in Cranbrook. *Ti,
ul the men nt tin- initio Innl been
paid nil' und were leaving,
Dun Alton, of Culgnry, ulm
succeeds \V. Stocks in tin* bridge
anil building depnrtnienl of the
C. P, R„ nrriveil yesterday,
For Bent -Furnished room for
lady,   Apply tn.
I-', (iiillili-l'ii-s
Hnzol block. Cruubrook,
The lm-rossi- chili will give a
bull next Wi-ilni-silav night at
Wentworth hotel. Ari-itiigitieuts
lire la-iug made I'ni- nu etijoyiible
II. V, Smith, of l-'i',i|,,ii,*t,.,i. X.
II.. is here to tuke churge of the new
sti-iiin laundry' that will be rendy
I'nr Inisiiii-ss iibniit lln- ni.'-ldle of
l-'nrSnli-   Building al  Missn
former]}- used ns St,  Kngi-ni- hns
pltnl,    Must be   taken  nil'   tlu
grounds.   Apply  tn  St    Kugeiit
l-'nr   Snli-    (i I   Irani   nf   work
linrsi-s. iii,nlil.- hiirni-ss anil wagon
single buggy uiul single haruesi
a Isi i tliri'i-frt'sh milcli cows, npply I
I'. McConnell
Willinui BletiBdell. nf Pernlcwna
in town Wi-iliii*si!ii\- getting a stock
of drugs from ll. 1-.. Beattie to tltli
over his father until his new slock
urrlves from tip- nasi.
Mr. Bi'i-t-ki'iii-iilgi- ami wife lmvi
Kiiiii-to Eiltiiiiiiinii.    Mr. Brecken-
ridgo i-x|a-i'ts   tn  secure   u   big
niilwuv i-nntriu-t nn tin- C'unailin
Northern this aumnier,
MissM. Iv E,Clark,danghterof
Mr. uml Mrs. A. C, Clnrk. ui-rlvetl
this week Eroin Petubrokii, t.. nc.
ri'pt ilu* position of stenogrnphei-
in the Inw office of W. I-'. (iur.|.
All itisidi- work nn Innliling was
brought tu u standstill last week by
tin* inn I iii ity of contractors to secure
linn-. It is expected thai there will
In- plenty by tin- end nf ilu- week.
1-1. C, Smith wns iu town Mondny,
lb' savs Ihut the crops uro Innking
> i..|,a   i- \tmIi- -4    \   'Ve llllg. ii    •   i ,   i    . ,i    .      i        *n i
iill right, but Uiul nun will sunn be
I'm-Snle   A |iha"i. in. di .uiilu wi  needed,    He has  wheat, barley,
of hnrui-ssiiiid twu  ponies,    $1nU oats, potntoOB nnd beets this yenr,
lakes Ilu-lol.       Mrs. A, lji'itch, *•-   „ „•       ,        n.-»a    i
|    \ ie Ifnllins returneil Insl Sunday
l-'iirnii-liiil  rooms i"   I.-l:   next  from Sun   Francisco.   Innking  us
door lo  Kennedy's gr ry store, though tlmt country agreed with
Ajiply to Mrs M. Cook.    7   i\.     him   He thinks'Frisco is the only
■ l  Hviiii. Mr W'isvnei-,-mil  Mrs   city in the west, and thnt the clim-
Brown: of'Witnlner, ntlended the nto Is superb,
ilnnce in th.-hall Tiiesilny night, The license board of the Fernie
'I',,   I,',-nt   Stable   with     iln  district  hnve granted licenses to
Innlile stalls,    Apply lif, nil the lintels thut wen-bunn-il   fur
Tlnis. Kennedy,     temporary structures that the pro.
. *'     prietors will erect pending comple.
•in     \oittighenrl.   tin'   nlniblo Hon of permanent buildings.
mili-stiinii nntlgeiilnl sliglit-of-l (1      ,,       ,   .,   u   .,,      ,.  .,
innnipulnli.r, wns in town this wooli,       ,(''v-"-,'-. Nl,""1; "fMorrlfey
will preach  in ( rnnbrook  Metlio.
Slriiwbi-rrii-H     have     arrived,i,]-,* D|nlra), ,,,.xi Stindny,    Mrs.
'' ! "I1!}' . '."'.'1   soil  Smith will belli,- gm-si of Mrs. W.
T Reid, while Mr. Smilh attends
lh inference at New Westminster.
\\        SPORTING COODS        i|
Uurwln.-iiw,.,,       „ f„ ,i1M.    B    m Supplies. Lacrosse S
... Sticks, renuis Hacqnets, Foot Bulls, und everything in thi S
,-    ^. i     0 ,, , »f sporting hue.   Complete, fresh stock. ...
1-ni-Siile   H.rooni house on Feu- naaniuo charge of the position on   ,,      .. SS
wiek nvenue; electric light, largo Juno 1,   The business of the com.   {{ r a Km,>' s|"'ini*r tonic tr>' Dr. Howard's Sarsnparllla H
cliieken house and yanL   Apply pany has increased to such an  ex.I  ?;► r*L:.c    r*   r-.-n-.-rv   ,    ^^ H
to F. W. Auvuelie. It,.,, that it became necessary   to!  *i CHAS.  fc.  REID <<< CO. J J
Cranbrouk, 11. C. J {
tecessary   tol J.
,T. A. (iillis. of Morrissoy, was in | aL:''ml ""' st,"'ii'es of some one to;  «j {
town Siitunlny.   lie snys that most  *-'"'!' .t!"' maiiagnieiit nil of his iim,*.
,-i bus wiih   higli   Imi.
.M rs, .l.iiii.-s l-'inii', came down
uml Mr, stui-ks is a man of practical experience,
lhe ktuJunu) (iul. Club.
A meeting was held on Tiiesilny
evening in Messrs.BenlecJ Klwell's
oiiiee I'm- the purpose nl' forming a
gulf,-lul,. It was decided In adopt
the t nne nf-The Kootenny dull'
Club, uf Craubrook,*' mid the following officers elected; Honorary
Presidents, His Honor Judge Forip
uiul Mrs, S. I-'. Morley; Unu. Vice
Presidents,Mr. 1-'. G. .Mulpus and
Mrs Mulpus; Pre'sid .Mr. (i. T.
Rogers; Cnplniu, .1. A. Motherwell.
See-Ti-ens.. H.'V. Brymni-r, ami n
- nnitlee   i-omposct]   of   Messrs |
Morley, Bei id Diinbur,
The course has ulreailv been luiil
mil anil as lliere an- the best unt.
urn] facilities for lirsl class links iii|
Craubrook, the new club should In-'
1 success in every wny.
< >
4 .
Quality in ymir furnace system is
whnt we aim at. (Iur business depends tll«-li tin- eiass of work we
turn out.    Wear-'
of many year- experi -nee If we
do your work it will be done ri*.-lit.
Patmore Bros.
Darling Nut lu Leave.
Tin- Humid was inisinl'iil- il lasl
week regiu-iling the resignation of
Willium L. Barling, chief clerk to
Superintendent Tnylor, Mr. Darling has uo idea of leaving Crnnbrook or lln- employ of thoC. I', li.
ami the lb-mid regrets timi it wiih
lend inlu lli-1 erroneous stnteuu-ut.
Boy Wanted.
Tin- lleralil wiinfsmi Industrious) •*,....»
liny whu has pride enough in him- ', j
self In wish to be a man instead of - j
n worthless, Ignorant nobody, lb- ',',
will be treated right and paid what |'
In- ia worth, anil iu tltree years time I -|
In* will have a trade ami something
lo depend upon tin- rest of his lib
Visited l-.lk.i
Lust .Suiiiluy Sept. Tnylor look
Messrs. llnnlniry und Agnew, o
tin- North Stnr Lumber couuMiiy
uud II. McDonnell, district frolghl
ngent, to Elko lo view the scenit
wonders of that locality.
The dny wns plensiintly spent
und the gentlemen were loud in
Iheir pruise of the marvelous
beauty of the Elk river hills and
|Wine and  Liquor Merchant!
Agent for Calgary Beer and ,'ortvr A
^ Agent for T. Lcbel * Co., Hay and (drain. ^*
9$, I have a full and complete stn.-k of liquors and cigars, and f..r A
i-, tlm preaenl my Btore is located in the Cranliruok Hnt.-l block 2
^ qppqsiteC. I'. R. depot.   (',-,11 and see me. A
f'' Un'Hiilllvi ne tin's week Briya that on  Mondny nil  nl
font lewdnysiisii witli Craiilirook m„nil-eiii of Ills staff  "ill   I,
Mra. I'. Lund Seriously III.
Mrs, 'Peter Luml was brougli
up from Wanlner last Saturday iu
it prei-urioiis condition. She was
enrried to the St, Eugene hospital
und since thut lime hus 1 it suffering intense agony, Slioisgrud-
uiilly growing weaker, and it is
feared that sin- may not recover.
The many friends of Mrs. Lunil
uutl Iter husband nn- noxiously
waiting, hoping that there may be
n change For the better, Mr. Lund
is iu attendanco nt the bedside,
ml other relatives hnve been summoned.
Mr. Stink's Handsome Present,
William Sineks. whn  hud   I n
Government  Aaenl Armstrong Biiwrintentlent of tho bridge uml
r tin
Presbyli-rimi .-
Speeinl Bt-1-vil'l
W. I!   Bentty has I   nwilllletl
building department of tin- Crows
Nest line for several years, ami
resigned n few weeks ami. was
huudsniiiely remembered by tinmen In that department, lb- wns
the Biirpriscd recipient of a silver
len set that enst between $200 nnd
$11111, I luil will  prove a silent  but
(stalled   in   the new   quarters    in
eis    in    (hn Cranbrook, except the milting  re-
nexl Sabbiilli. eorder, who will  remain   in   Fort
children in Ilu- Steele a few days to look nfter the
mnil uml the dosing of Ilu- offices,
Pauline.Tnliliaon, lhe Indian eu. I ■„,■,•„„ monnnuml to ll,.* affection
.   -oulrnitt for tin- addition to the entertainer, and  Waller .M.-Knv.-, I (,t*,),,. ,,„.,, „•],,, s,.rVi*,] nmli-r  Mr
liken  block, nml  has slnrled  tn the liuuiori.il. will upponr -it th-'  stocks I'm* years    Tlu-v npprecint-
A-ork on it, I Wentworth hull. Tuestliiy, June ith  ,,i |lis m„.||,i |,|fl M\-;ly „„,| |liB
,,,     ,    i. ,,*       ,., ■     wltb un entire new program,   Both H„raoimi  characteristics   ami   re-
Blanche Roi ins, Wilt-returning'nfthnnn iwnnle hnve aooeareil   i n1' ui     num. i i -iiis.   ami   ii
i-inii oi-lmol hml   hVlilim  fell frum n    ,     W« i     '        a     ' Rretted   liis  departure   from   lln-
■niu scitopi inst j< i nui}  len tram Cranbrook befon* and given perfect  a	
he sidewalk und BUBlni I n true, satisfaction, -department. ^
ure nl her lelt arm. I ,       ,.,-,,
I    One    of     L.     B.   VnnDecar's Senilor Reid Dead.
X, McLeod Ciii'iiiii.  wife   nnd benra  broke  his  chain    Stindayl    .. ir       i    u
liiughtt-i- cm lown  from   tlm evening,   and nttrneled   n    vns't,'., V."';:"l],vl''1,''      ,} , 4*   *omU"'
Ni.tlli Slur yestenluy I'm* n   eouplii amount of attention uml u lurge  K''"'''""' l;i1''>' "|r|,!"-v
■I' duys in Crnnbrook, I crowd in its efforts tn resist capture,
ii   I,  „ „ -    i,  ,    , „    f ,,   I It wns Anally lassoed and ohoked  had been nil ng for
,11',1.1 "N   'T  *,i        "' lh-'i  into i, helpless condllion  nud  the   »'«« very   siek   when   Mrs.   Reid
itiuiibu, Bink ol Umuierc, pind   , . (H, broughl him fr  il„* ensl nboul
in official visit  tn tin- brunch  ol ' ! i,.,, ,|nys |,g0.
lln-bunI; at Cranbrook, accompn-1    W. Stocks lins liueu elected gen-1        ,' 	
nieil bv I-'. II. Mallhewson. his ns- end manager of  ll.e Cranbrook-    W. F. Tye has been appointed
aiatant. Electric Light coinpniij  nud will Chief engineer of the C. V, tt,
nt his residence iu tliis city.     II.
tue lime, am
j Hotel 3 3
fluests Comfort a Specialty
Good Stabling in Connection
Ni-iirest to r.llio.t tt„a depot.    Has aeconimoib.
tluiis (or  the pulili.  unequalled   in   Craubrook.
Iiiii anil Cold Balbs
James RYAN;
 Proprieu»       -
- The undei-signed have full control of the business of tin- late ')
Z. firm nf Manning, l.aeey & Siddons, ami ar.- in a position to offer "a
S you great bnrgjins in Uents' Panamas, Ladies' Sailors, and «
s. Children's straw hats that will astonish iln* people of South |
g East Kootenny, We hnve just received a car of fresh groceries a
ii, from Toronto, in fact our stock is complete in every particular. X
- We are at ymir service.
(• &
$ I 6%, | <S> | ■» ' u,, ■ ,*\ . t     .     i> ' -S- l -% I -* , » i   I * ' <i, r ^    ,i ,      ;      ;     %
Look Out for This
Space Next Week
McCallum k Co.
'in-'Sl-i '
it is only necessary to make your
wants known here.
Choice Roasts, Teinlcr Slcaks
ami beef iu nny form or quantity
eun be ha.l al
Harris & Jolliffe's
Meat   market Iin: OttANltltoOK   ui'.i.'Ai.n
|t theCosiwopoiitanBotel
* ■*— *-* r-* -——•— --*    —           - "y
XI are airy and comfortable, and thc table is the best the i;
"  market affords. it
A Firstclass House Centrally Located
* •  Fine Sample Rooms in Connection.    The bedrooms
are airy and com
■«■-*<-, rm
You Can Search
ili,< wnrld over and you will nol Iiml purer and
lietter wines and cigars lllllll I sell
Not a Bit ol Tail j
Small  deer  in   TlliU-l   Illl-  elltirel)   minus this  ver)   iill|K,|-tanl   |
part     t'lnll li   I.J McSw.-yii iV  ilnilitli an-nm niiiiiisiiuy  j
pari wluilevcr.    Knelt |»irl is c pli'le and |ierfcetl}' Iiinde,    We  •
i re I sin m I Ilia! everyone  who wears
-This Sllil  is Illl riglit an I  I  gol  il  I'i
nl' nur suils slit
Prompt Attention given to riull Orders
Wholesale Wine and Spirit Merchant
phone u        . . CranbrooK . .        PH0NE l7
ItUM*.'*-    ■■-.. i
Cranbrook Block Cranbrook, B. C
• *">••••>•> * • A)
\a        WT.   ONLY THE BEST
4§5 'l#^i-      ******
S%Nk "?|r,;*C, '   ^Sh        "f This Company
'^f^S^'' '4*A"'" :n,u" ■ r
iWP &
Hcd as well as the father
r  mother.    'I'lu-  best  of
als. Ibe best of lisll. the
'''P-i}!**- il best of poultry enii nlwny,
'.-.;.>-^ in-round ni
*%**.AAA.*A4,AAAAA    **-*-l**4*44**r««*****>******Wf Wt******
|   ...Manitoba HoteL   I
* I I'lllll'!' Ni'W  Mllllllgl'llll'llt.'l |
% I). A. McDONALD, manager I
' * ~m £
J This Hotel is In the center of town. The rooms are I
fi comfortable and well furnished, the dining room is first- |
I class, and thc bar is supplied with the best. When you |
8 want a good place to stop come to the Manitoba. |
*■***************.**********•'**** ********************
Saw Mill riachinery
Planing ,"lill Machinery
Iron Working riachinery
Mining riachinery
Machinery lor all Purposes
All of very hest makes.
J. L. Nei Co.,
tiUZ Main St.     Innlrtt
Cranbrook Brick
and Tiie Works
Taylor & Davis, Props.
Purnccc& Boiler Specialists
All di'scriplinnsof brick worl-
unilertnken. Klues pluslen-il
liv n.-w lir-- proof process,
C ill liriek. pressed brick,
lire brick an.l lil  Iiinni.
■JO-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-®-® ®-<s
I     Harrlage      i
Uf      Ves.au.l the I'lTV   l;A K     I
4  URY isll
Timber Notice
Thlii.v;,lii.vn iittiiriliito I iiitinil tiiii|i|,ly tn
lln- i-lin I 'uiiini'H.i, tiii-i- ut Intnl. iiiitl mirk, n-
Vh-lnrl.i, 11. C. fiil'lllli w'tiuiit nnil "O'l'.v
iiinl.4-1 ..I .!.„ following -I rlln-il l.ni.1" In
s I, IJiikI Kiinli-iiiiy.
luml In-.'utu|ium i-ki'il K,J lli-.-1-.r-
V. IJ. i-<nil,..* |iiml iiliinit um, mul nm- Imli
miln uml ul.Inn! Niirlli.-rnU.lllini.v. wi-ntnl
l-Jllt rlvi-rln lul  I.V..I un iH'ii-fli known iw
Tlllllll-I  lll'l-ll, llll'lll-l- SU  -IlllillH Hlllllll, ll IT
sn i-IiiiIiih ill-it.   'tii-ni'*! sn ilinjim imrtli,
11 s I cllllilia '-.i'l '" I-'"--" -if bl-alnillB.
l.i,,„l,.,lll,i«!"ll.l»J"l.l|'lil IliiM.
I K. J. IIiul>>-.-.
M„,'i'i,hi'.i llii'i'*-. II. I'. l.ii„iitiir.
'I'lllll' liutl|,|, llml lli,,|ii,i'liii-i-i,lii|>l]i,ri'tii[,,ri
i-'i'-S'I"-'-- -'I l.-miKiii-.l iini|,,r ih,,
III llllllll' ,,f Ml ll<T!IK,l di   [Ilintll-HH Illl.   lll'l'll
imilvril. nml lliii!.'..Hi i,t Um partnen uill
t-r.v iiii III,-luiMiiii'HH nil I.i, iiii.I lu-i-ulinl   ill
i.ili'il Mux -."I IllOI.I'ranliroiik, ll.C.
A. I.. M,*ni'ini,,t.
'! A   I' II.IIVIll**.,
In- |iliii-etiigi-l a nice 1
wi-ililiug cake uiul iirniuni-iits i
in ll.e littesl slyle.   Wl.i Bi-nil <[
your onler oui   ..I'  town   ami f.
perhaps linve th.- ici-iug brok- *i
<!> en l.y shipping.   Prices right, I
®  l-hone hi          Opposite M. ii. Church j
i      C. W. WILSON, I
(Sj9 .................. ♦ • •♦■•''.
j Cranbrook Sash
and Door Factory j
1 All kinds 4,1' linish work in
i way nf doors, windows, trnii-
j soi'ns. etc.   Kiln dried lumber
| I'm- inside work.   Onr work is
I guitntnleetl ami mn- prices nre
Roujjh and Dressed Lumber **
A bi'imtiful lim' (if Home*
! spuns mnl Worsteds fnr
'!   hmlii's' Tailor Mnde Suils.
I     S;ilisf;irtIon -^iitininti't'ii.
Rooms on Armstrong Ave.
Morrissey Junction, B. C.
I,, c sin-nan    ,1. i It.pbctta
Australian Hotel
Thi-  man  is  Inking
....Ii.i   .luu     he
knows whi-i-c I" go
In- goes I-- Ilie solid
contforl hotel, the big
Wlll'l'i:   HOTEL III
tin- .Inm-ti,... where
In* is givotl iii.- free-
lllllll ul' tin- cily.
Australian liolel
Stephen, tiros..
in-ui*rs mul Proprietors,
Morrlssey Junction, II. C.
,1. li. Stephens,   U. Rockcnd
tl. l.. Stephens.   ,i. Lnwsen,
\    lli.i,. linker, Criinbmok, I'. I'      K. Miilliiudnilie, -Ir.. Cr.:.  I'.. C
I I. II  Wilson, Wimluer, ll.c. II  ,v M. llml. Nelson, B.C.
i  II. li. Ilriie.'. Wilmer, ll.C.
CRANBROOK,    -     -     -     B. C.
Safe Nurses.   Good Rifts.   ComlnrUble
Acciinunodations.   Drivers and Rijrs
for any pari of Districl.
lor Sale
(fj •••••<•■••■
Tli- Hi-niM  Cm- Hli-iit,
rillJ ST  KI'IIKNG silll'I'INi,.
Slowly but surely thnt mn 111 11 lot ll
properly, tin- St. Kugene mine, is
being opened up. and the roneen-
trntnr is lieing run to its I'lilb-sl
capacity, Tin-force nt the mil' -
lins been gniiliuilly increiifieil, '-nlil
now. over two hundred in- n ure
eniployeil in uud iiround nil tlm
workings, lien. Clothie.*. who wns
assayer when lhe nii',-- wns working some years ngo, returned from
Rosslniul Inst week, where lie wns
in the employ of the l.e Roi Mining company, nnd is again tilling
his old fH.si1ii.il in the nssny ofllee.
Pn-vinus tn last Sunilny. tin* concentrator was running oniy during
tin-ilny. but lust Nliturtliiy Hurry
Stewnrt nrriveil front Burke, lilnlio,
uml hns tnken churge nf the coll-
ceiitrntor on dny shift, while Tom
Cameron has charge of it during
the Iligllt. 'I'lu- nre llllll i.s being
put through is very rich und li"'
tons of coiieentrutes, or about   six
s. und run through during tin*
twenty.four hours. These unshipped to the Trail smeller, the
first shipment taking place lasl
week. Thus Moyie iiguin lias a
pa roll of about $25,000 per
month, besides the saw mills, anil
is bucked by one of the largest
silver-lend producing mines ou the
American continent.
Tlll-J MOVIE  I'lllll IlllltlAllli.
liust ThtirStluy evening the
.monthly meeting of the Moyie
Pin-   Brigade wns held, uud  the
otlicers   i-lected   for   th tiling
term. The election resulted us
follows! Chief. C. A. l-'nnte: Assistant chief. 1'. I-'. •Inlinsmi: See-
ri-tury: I-'. .1. Smyth. Treasurer. .1,
Furred. Al this meeting it was
decided In purchase a hose reel
uud n committee to obtain the stunt-
was appointed, It was also decided to give n tire brigude ball mi the
evening of Ihe I'ltll. nnil full Ilf-
ruugeinelils   lire   being   liuiiii-    tn
make il a su ss.     Thus  Moyii-
lins lent-nnl u lesson f 1*0111 the
Fertile tire und is gelling its
brigude in lirst-eluss shu|ie.
The Ali'sniidrn H"1' bus
lla' reptltntion, i'inl i! 1-,-is
llllill up Ilia! fi'l lltitti.Hl "ii
merit. It i*- il.-- I.
an.l besl l'l|uippeil hotel in
the district. Vmi :; i . our
in y's worth.
The Alexandra Hotel
Stephens llin- A i„ .
Owners anil   Proprietor,
Morrlssej  .Minis. II. -J.
The Canadiiin Pacilic Railway Company
offer timber lands comprised in British Columbia Southern and Columbia & Kootenay
Railway land grants lor sale and to lease on
favorable terms.
These lands contain some of the finest
timber in the Kootenay District.
I*'< ir terms, map:
ll I.mil llgi-lltsi
further pnrlicitlars uppl} lo iln
Ur te
British Columbia Land Commissioner,
Canadian Pacilic Railway Company,
Calgary, Alberta
SUM'S   MITtls.
C. .1, Armstrong, of Crnnbrook,
was iu town Thursday.
A. I.. McDerntol, tin- liiptor
itierehnnt. wus lining business iu
Movie lite pusl week.
B. K. Tnylor nrriveil frmn Nelsnn Inst Thursday uml hns pnr-
chuseil ii liotise frum I).  ,1. Kluu-r.
I>. li. Rice, nf Nelson, was writing insiimucu in toM-n lust week.
I-'. H, Worthiiigliin hus rented
one of the stores in the Kiiuer
building uml will put in a stock ol
stnt ionerv.
Edwitrd Elwell. of Crunlirook.
trmisiieteil lnisiness in town the
lirsl of the week,
.1, .1. Murphy hns removed his
stock of gent's furnishings from
Morrissey Mines und is now doing
business in the l-'ni'i'ell building.
.1. A. Hiirvey w-ns in town, nn
legal business l-'rithiy.
II. White, former secretin-}' nf
tin- .Miner's Union, ul Kiltlbelley.
wus registered nl the hotel Koote
iity Friday Inst.
Ill  liis line ill Movie lasl   week. j.-ulllltrv.      Ml*. II
A.   Sutherland,   tin-   boiler  in-  tin* Prospector,  i- als itch  -,,
specter,  was  here  examining the ti-n-sti-il   in   lln*  ninth   , bill
boilers of the Moyie Lumber com- , I'ailli in the country.    II.  -
putty's mill. i ll"'   future   town   "I   S -i   ;,   .
A'. (I. Monkhoiiae  nrriveil   frmn i Kootenny has nut yel been i ■ at.
London oil  S luy,  ami  has ac-  He hns iliviuiis thin tin-  I  tun
eepl-'i ii position in tin- cniiccntm- 'Hn- district depeiids njuin :-.i
,„,- n sinelter anil  ll.e ilevelopinenl   .
■    li, C.   Hndden.   uf Crnulirook.  iniiu-s. nnd he sees ull the
wus in inwn   Momlny   making nr- coining nnd lu  ---ill -J n   lu-i
l-aiigi'meiits I'm- openingn huriTwiiri'! help tlieni along.    Artlu ■ I
store. I is   aniitlii-i-    somewluil        11
.1. Litch has ri-nteil  (he corner by Ilu-cluinge.    Ile n,
building ami will  open  a  grocery I chnsed n trnct of lnntl uml   Imi
Btore I iim- limist- und   ollu-rwis.   ii tpn
Mr. Atchison, the ilruc-isl of ed ihe place. Bill I"-. lil,.- ma
Craiilirook. lins purchasi-il an in- othei-s. will remain lien- for li
lores! in tin- drug  business 4,1  I'.  Mike   of   il„- superb ,-:  n -
0. Hope mul uill  .1..  business  in   lieitltli.    Mr.   Arnistroiig  i   M
Movie iii ilie I'uiiire. I Nelson will mil move tlieir fiiinili
The  lire hall   has   been   moved   for sonic li      Mrs.   \
from    Victoria    streel   1..   Jloyie Will go to lhe World's  fair nl   '•
ave ,-,. I'..I.   MeMnl    wishes   Louis,   and   nfter   her   ,
to place un olfice for JL   A.   Beale August Mrs. Xelson will   o,
mi ilu- Inl where ilm liiill   formerly
  tfanch For Sale
CHANliE DM OFPICES. ....   , ,,     .
\\ in.leriuere.   II.  C:  len ni-re
feu I  ami  i-ultirnlcil-  irrigntioi
What it  Means to  Many of the I'co* I hu-L'e  -iN-r..<un,-.I   house. I,ill	
,      , c,   , plnstercd. eoinnuiniliiiu loveh \i.
pic of Fori Steele. „,-   ,j||k(,   \\-ilM|..,-,,,,.,-,..      |-('.l(i„,
Uy iiii llnriilil t.'iuitilliiiiiir. shooling   ami    lishing.     I Inly   I
Fori Sleele, May   In.    Tin- an   | mil"s ln,"i ]["'  '''-  I
nmii,cement of III -.ler-in-.-inin.-il |'
St. Eugene
Mines, Ltd.
Its property is located on the St. Eugene Mountain.
It has the St. Eugene lead.
It can be bought .it 10 cents per share.
It is backed by mining men, not mining fakirs.
It will increase in value.
To make money in mining buy good stock lo-v
and sell on the rise.
Cranbrook Agents.
I'l"'!'   I\" ay.   wl
_e. elk, etc.. nre pleuti
|°    »'   n"'   fiuvei'liment oihees  m„i, v]\mnU, w,.\\  „,(.-,.„,.,|
I'll .III     Fori     Steele     lu   Cranlirnnk    .,-|-,,wim, l-'nl
el-eate.l .... sur|irise. ami   lllll   little
regret  In lllnsl  ul'   tin-    | pie.       ll
had been known for sonic liim-Ilial
the olHci-S Were In   be    IlloVI'll.   ami
Ilu- order to move lliein wnscxpect-
pleil lor Iiui
growing. for li-rtus ami I'm-the
particuliirs apply in
Arnold ci Roberts,
Ibal Kstnlc Agenls, Crnnbrook
I   I),,..I II.....II...,      D.A. I    .Melville  Parry, tin-   insiirniu
 ,'   HaUl Mandley, ■ PrOp.»agentofNelson.did some bnslne,
e.l sume Inm* ngo,
Pili'iiloxicnl lis il may seem,  the
grenli-sl i-egrel  was expressed  bv
tlie   tubers nl' lln-  govertiiuen'i
agent's stall'. The cllllllge Illl'IIIIS
tin-  bi-enking   up   .-I'   hollies ami
sociul   ri-lalimis.       Ai g   llmse
tiiosl directly ell'i-eteil is Mr. His- j
lop, il..- mining recorder, whn is
eiiinl'nrlalily siluaii-.l here uill. his
family. Fin- tin- presenl his family
will r'einiiin here, or until lie can
provide a pliii-c for them in l 'run-
In k,    Mr. N'elsm,.   Il„- assessor.
forlnbli-   Inline   in   tuwn  uml  lhe
clinngi-  ins a   liiu loss lu hiui.
Mr. llolilic, in  lln- luliuinistrutur's
olliee. ise I'l III III .I.V   silllllll'll lll'B',
uud tin- i-hnnge .lislurlis plensunl
sociul relnlioiis, 'I'lu- same is Irtit-
ul' ,1. I-'. Smilh. iu lln- mining I'e-
cortlot's office, wlm regrels lhe
cllllllge.    Ilerhi-rl  Clark.  ,-1,-,-L   in
tile    gold      i-IUIUuissinlier's     office,
may n..l go lo Crnnbrook, lb* is
the customs officer ill Steele, an.l
il may nol l.e prnoticnl to resign
liis position tn t-i nutin in Mr.
Armstrong's olliee. li is rumored
that Mr. Liildicont, the gnnler. will
go   In  Craubrook,   ami thai   Mr.
Ilnskius. ennstllble III Cl'lililll'iinli.
will en  In Sleele In Iill llieollices
of deputy   aiining   n -der   ami
constnlile, ll is nlso reporteil Ilial
•I. N. Wnllltigor expiicls lltese
positions, uml that he was proiuis-
ell them sntlie lillle ago.
I )f those who ri'iiiniu here, pro-
liably It. L,'['. (ialln-ailli is niosl
efl'ecti-il liyllte ehntige. II.- has n
gr.-ai .l.-al nf property here, Hut
he lakes a philosophical view nf
tin- Eti tuul Uii,. The change is no
iris.- In liiui. Hi- snys "siu-li is
lhe"I'i,iiliins nf politics," unit lhat
the government ofliees ure a smnll
Dissolution Notice.
..I-, li.
.-nil M.-.vli, .. sin,
I.ii.. ..k,I <■> ih,< tn-n mn | M.,„4i
* -i.!,l„„„  iMili- 4l,l.V ,li- ,*,-,,i. M,..   ||.   A
I....*.** i-i-ilriiur.
Th. liiiiiiii'H, will I nnii, .,,! hi- \| ,„„,,
M.iiiii'ini ninl Si.1,1,,,,-. iiiiuiii. ,...„.. inlltuii
'-•- *i'lhi-l ni"',.,!- ilrm
iinii-iitins.-gninj iiiiiu.,-, inm
I .1   limn
'     II      I      I         4'|
11 |   X.   li    Si'l .,
Stuck Quotations,
Furnished I.v  Beale,  A-   i:i„,-||
brokers, Cranlirnnk B. C
N'nrlli   sou*  .
Siillli-iiii ' ,;,
si  UiiiOTir.  .-,,
I'ii.vii.-          |,
ll'ur U.iali, Conaiilliliili'il  |:
I'll."     linll  |
Si  Hiiic-iuiMI. ,M s  |i
1'n.lnrn I'll uml Ulini t'liiu uili.i I.-,
Slil'lraiillriiii|i>luiiiiB l'". Imiiil..     jliiiini
IJllluiilliin Unlit Fi.l.l.  ,-,i
''i'l ■•■""I-  ai
llltnrillltiiiluil i'iiiii uml I'iiiii,  :.|
Snli--:    W,ili'iii I'niil.V nil in   a  I,,
-1144411.11141       -  ,„,!   IH  |    1,4.1,.    .Mill SlllliVllll,
* -■ «
it- ii
S Locals in this column wiil be Jt
Z charr/ed at the rate of 5 cents J
jl per line each issue, J
* t
li; Snl,— Five rnotneil liouso anil In..
fi-nivil lots, ..a llttkei Uill. Aj-i.lv
.lust ai-nlo'of morll i*- in oven- |.linln
.-.•in mu liy thu I'ri-st I'liiiinCi'
Robinson=McKenzie Lumber Co., Ltd.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
jiSawl Planing Mills
Manufacturers ol Hough ami Dressed
thing compared to lln;  itndevelop.     ,,,„,.,„ f,„.m|„_A,,|,|.. ,„ A,,-. ri,,,,,,,. I   p
eil resmirees and posslliilites ol flu* ;- n        fc'
The Wentworth
Shelton & Clapp,
The New Managers.
Drop in and sec us any time.   Wc arc on deck 25 hours
out of thc 24


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