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Cranbrook Herald Dec 14, 1899

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The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Hon. Gko. A. Cox, President.
B. K. Walkkr, Gen. Man.
PAID-UP CAPITAL, $6,000,000.00,
A Qcneral Banking Business Transacted.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
J. W.H. SMYTHE, Manager.
Eight day clocks with cathedral gongs
Elegant designs in silverware.
Cranbrook   souvenir   spoons,    book
marks and envelope openers.
A choice assortment of gem rings,
wedding rings, bracelets, ladies'
and gents' chains, brooches, etc.
Watches to suit everybody.
Official Watch W. F. TATE,
Inspector, C. P, R.
Craakrwlt, B. C-
"The S Emporium"
.. Wlihes All a ...
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
We have a complete assortment of Choice Groceries, Pals, Cleaned
Currants, Seeded Raisins, Salad Dressings, Relishes, Sauces, Nuts, Table
Raisins, Fancy Candies, Etc., Etc.
Just received a lot of Fancy Goods for Christmas Trade. See our
Furs, Caps, Capes, Jackets, Collars and Collarette, Etc., new Gents' Furnishings, Suits, Ties, Collars, Etc. opened this week. Staple and Fancy
Dry Goods.
Yours for Best Goods at Right Prices
Sherlock & Bremner.
Buy Lots
In Kimberley,
The Lcadville of East Kootenay.
Terminus of North Star branch of the Crows Nest Pass Railway
OVER 200 MINERAL CLAIMS arc situate within a radius of
three miles.
Supply point for the rich upper St. Mary's River district.
Ureat Water Power.   Sullivan concentrator will be located here
Sole Agent
Vis Craabrook
ffl. .... a.
iimm+n®   pj. .......
Hotel 3 3
Quests Comfort ■ Specialty
Qood SlnMinf ia Connection
Neural to rnlltonil nud depot,    Has accommoris-
lions  I'm   the tmbllo  uiu'ijiiHllr-l In Cranlirook.
Arc for thoso who know a good thing when they see It.
A Snap....
A man's Hlmk, Heavy Weight, D. II. Wool Suit, $111,011
Don't '10 around shivering when you can buy a suit of
Reld's warm, heavy underwear for $1.50.
Christmas Neckwear, Handkerchiefs, Scarfs, Etc, at
y ©■*-♦■*-♦♦ • ♦*■♦
T. A. Creighton,
The Grocer.
Have you seen his stock ?   It includes the best of everything,
fresh and up to date.
Notions, Furnishings, etc.
Prult, Flsh and Oysters.
The housewife and Ihe bachelor should deal with hin,   It will pay then.
Many Properties Being Devoloped In
Soulh East Kootenay.
A New Diamond Drill Company
—Work On the Pedro Is
Shows Up Well.
A Diamond Drill Company.
The Diamond Drill Exploiting company 1ft a new organization tliat will
open up in South Knst Kootenny. It is
incorporated by Winnipeg and eastern
parties, with a capitalization of $ioo,eoo
The object of the company ia to secure
control of promising prospects, and test
them by the diamond drill process, thus
securing the necessary information regarding leads, body aud quality of ore,
etc. With this done with u property,
the company will then he able to put on
the market only properties that are assured to be gilt edge propositions. They
will Inaugurate operations at tbe opening of tbe season with twoedrills, and
wilt put another one hi the field as uoou
as necessary. This company has already secured control of teu good prospects, besides the well-known Caudo
group at Moyie, which is located near
tbe St. Eugene.
Diamond drill work is what is needed
at thia time in South East Kootenny to
more rapidly show up the mineral resources of tbe district, and the work of
this company, in consequence, promises
to be of material benefit to the district
as a whole and those towns near which
the properties tbey propone working are
located. Craubrook will he the headquarters of the company.
Tbe Sullivan.
Col. W. M. Ridpath, the well-known
Spokane attorney, and K. D. Saunders.
of Spokane, one of the lucky holders of
Le Roi stock wheu it took its big
jump, were in Craubrook Saturday, having jus* returned from the Sullivan
mine, iu which they hold a large interest. Col. Ridpath was feeling very u,ooA
when seen by a Herald matt, and spoke
confidently of the future of their property, lie says that the work of development is now being carried ou ia au intelligent manner, and that a new body of
ore has been opened up tliat is most
satisfactory. The extent of concentrating ore ii almost unlimited, and arrange
meuls will be made next season for the
building cf a ceucentrator. The colonel
expressed himself as well plt-rise-l witli
the policy of Superintendent Inirdsitll,
and is satisfied that his woik is going to
demonstrate the fact tbat the Sullivuu Is
a great property.
Horse Shoe.
The work on this property goes steadily on and a depth of 22 feet is now
showing very fine lookiug ore.
Undo Group Bonded.
Moyie Lender: Another mining deal
of considerable importance to Moyie was
made yesterday when papers were signed
giving J. T. Burgess of Warder, B. C,
a bund of the Caudo group of claims near
this place.
The Candogroup consists of the Caudo,
Lakeside, St. Paul, Fra OiavoU and
l-'iiust mineral clnims. Tbey are situated
on the St. Eugene hill and are not far
from that now famous properly. It was
owned by Captain I, B Sanborn, O. J.
Johnson, Karl Neilt'l, Philip Aspen wall
and T. B.Garrison. The bond is for #15,
000 and the time extends over a year. A
small cash payment has been  made, n
M. L. Cummins, C. E.
England vs. Transvaal.
Rossland vs. Fort Steele.
Just arrived, a carload of
In hogsheads, barrels and kega.
The Finest Lager Beer in
East Kootenay Agent,
Drewry's Ale, Stout and Lager in
pints and quarts. Bass's ale
and Guinnesse's stout.
Wholesale only.   Famtles supplied.
payment of 25 per cent will be made in
nine months and the balance itl one yenr.
ll id the iQieutlon of .Mr. Bnigcss' company as soon ss tlu weather in the spring
will pet mil to pul a diamond drill of 2000
foo4 capacity io thoroughly prospect the
The work tu the Pedro hy the Kootenay & Aljjoina ban resulted ill the Strip*
pinij of the ledge fur a distance ol nbout
150 feel, mid the ledge Iihs been located
ou llie slope down* into the gulch to the
north so tbat in diamond drill operu
tions au extra 711 feet or more in depth
c.iti now he reached wilh a hundred feet
of drilling. It has beeu estimated tlml
tbe ore on the surface of the Pedro will
bring a net profit of from $v> to $15 a tou.
Cupper Cliff.
James A. Steele has a couple of men
sinkiug n shaft on this claim which is on
Copper mountain just opposite Archie
McLeod's old hotel ut Palmers Bar.
They have a shaft down about eight feet
showing a four foot ledge impregnated
with copper pyrites, and on one wt-11 a
four inch streak of solid ore which looks
very rich. The present contract calls
for a depth of 30 feet.
Mining Notes.
D. W. Moore, of Trail, was in town
this week looking after his mining interests,
Karl Nt-ii/.el, of Moyie, was in towu
Saturday. Me Is negotiating a ileal on
the property owned by Captain Sauborn
and himself.
The Sullivan bas a fine body of ore
only 35 feet below the surface and a
drift of over 60 feet iu length is all iu
shipping ore.
F. Robbins, ofthe Boundary country,
managing engineer for MeKenzie &
Mann's properties iu British Columbia,
paid tbe North Star n visit thia week.
Dave Newell, wbo has mining interests
in the neighborhood of Kimberley, is in
town aud reports mining matters in that
camp as in a very promising condition.
Tbe North Star company is pushing
work iu all branches. Thc diamond
drill is steadily at work nud it is report*
ed that it has struck the ore body lately.
The Headlight company has a group
of claims which shows au it on capping
similar to that on the Nortli Star ground
aud siuking will be pushed with vigor
almost immediately.
Jack Maher, with a force of men on
the Siemwitider, has discovered on tbe
west wall of the ij-uiense iron ledge a
six foot quartz ledge carrying ^a'ena, so
thnt the Sieutwinder may shorty enter
ou a new stage of existence. It will he
a great event in the history of the camp
when pay 01 e is proved to exist in connection with tbe large iron deposits
which distinguish so mauy of the claims.
Kimberley Consolidated has an eighty-
five foot sh-il'l ill a porphyry tlyltii similar to the North Star rock. In the shaft
considerable galeua is showing and arrangements have been made for the use
of a diamond drill between now aud
spring to prospect from the shaft for the
solid ore body which can not be far
away and this property is likely to he
ranked as a shipping mine before the
close of next season,
A Successful Bote rial omen I.
The entertainment given last Monday
evening by the Ladies Aid society ofthe
Presbyterian church was quite a success.
Revs. Dunn and Evans contributed their
share to the work, aud the broom drill,
1 Alabama Blossoms" and good night
Irill were especially pleasing. The musical numbers hy Miss Rlioda Leitch
and Miss Daisy Moffat, Miss Magee,
Mrs. Reid, and Miss Minnie Grant were
enjoyed by everyone present. There
were about 150 people in attendance.
Work On Ibe North Star Road.
The work nf laying sieel on tbe North
Star branch is ptogresslng. A point five
milts from Craubrook has been reached,
anil about one mile more cau be laid before the cuts are reached, where work
will have to he suspended until tlie cuts
nre completed. Over ioo shovelers are at
work between Cranbrook nud thc St.
Marys river, hut that portion of the
grade will not be completed before the
middle of January, The rest ofthe line
could he completed in a short time.
A Hustling Vim.
Manager Fink, of the Fort Steele
Mercantile company, says that himself
and stnff, composed of such well-known,
reliable men as Alex McDermot, Sam
Morrow, Sam Rnjotte and Charles Noble
are bury night aud day checking in
goods and filling orders for the city, nud
mail orders for Moyie, Ferule and Kimberley. This is good proof of the great
business they are doing and that Craubrook is becoming now tbe distributing
point of South Fast Kootenay.
The New Rink.
Tbe lumber is on the ground for thc
new riuk lhat is to he put up by G. R.
Leask and V. Liddicoatt, aud work will
bepushfdoii it as rapidly as possible.
The building will be 50 hy 132 feet, wilh
an addition 12 by 35 feet, divided iuto
waiting and hockey rooms. They will
try to open before Christmas, and will
give a big carnival ou Christmas night.
Canada's Urowinj Trade,
An Ottawa despatch says that the trade
returns for the Dominion for tbe year ending June 30 -show a total for imports of
$162,764,308, out of which (21,531,506
came from Great Britain and (44,471,240
fiom the United Slates. These figures
■how an inciensc of over$6,ooo,oooin the
trade with the United States aa compared
with 1898, and aiiiiicreaseof*f3,ooo,iooiu
thc trade will) Greut Britain.
A Partial Cliattj-e In the Cosmopolitan Hole!
A change was made in (he manage*
ment of tlie Cosmopolitau hotel this
week. Elmer Musgrave retires from tbe
firm of Small it Musgrave, having sold
bis interest to William Herbert, wbo has
been connected wt*ll the dining room,
and in the future llle linn will be Small
& Herbert.]
Mr. Musgrave is now iu Moyie [poklug
after his interests there, but expects lo
start for the east in a few days.
Mr. Small, who will continue as manager, lias a large e'rele of friends in hast
Kootenay, and he proposes to improve
the Cosmopolitan in many ways and
maintain its standard of excellence in
the future.
Maedonald Will Be Premier.
Winnipeg, —The revised returns from
the several constituencies throughout llie
province make it clear that the Greenway government has been overthrown.
The best that the Greenway party can
claim is sixteen seats, and Hugh John
Maedonald may now he said to have
realized tbe hopes of the Conservative
leaders at Ottawa in being ul the head
of a Conservative administration iu the
prairie province. The strength of the
respectiv: parties tonight is conservatives
au, Liberals 16, Independent 1. Tbe
elections iu Gimli and Dauphin constituencies lake place on Thursday nml
Friday next, and iu view of the general
result throughout the province il is
generally conceded that tbey will return
Fred Ron's Brief Visit.
Fred Roo, the inimitable and ever refreshing merchant, hotel proprietor,
gi.'iin dealer and all-around hustler of
Phillipps, was in town last Friday. Fred
blew in like a whirlwind, shook bauds
witii a legion uf friends, bought a big
bill of goods of Jake Fink, and blew out
again 011 the 110011 train, leaving a hole
in the air behind him. His Cranbruok
fiiends are glad to kuow that he is keeping the wolf off the back porch, and
that I'hiilipps is to become the mining,
commercial and social center of Bast
Wanted, a Baker
At once. Apply to tbe North Stur
Mining company.
New Methodist Church.
Tbe openittg services of tbe Methodist
church will be held on Sunday next,
Sermons will be pleached both morning
and evening by the Rev. J, A. Wood, of
Kaslo, chairman of the Kootenay district. Au interesting part ofthe morning service will be lhe dedication. Appropriate music will be rendered hy the
choir, aud anthems and solos are being
prepared. Everybody is welcome, and
everybody in Cranbrook should and will
be there.   	
No Wife Will Object
If you select a present for ber Irom the
magnificent selection at Beattie's drug
store. ^____
1. 0. 0. F. Election.
The regular semi-annual election of
the I. O. O. F. lodge was held Friday
night, and the following officers were
James Greer, N. G.
Jacob Fiuk, V. G.
A. II. McDermot, R. S.
G. II. Richardson, F. S,
George Leitch, T.
The new oBicers will be installed the
first Friday in January.
Vour Best Ulrf
Will be pleased to get some of that
.•hina, or a Japanese novelty ou display
at Beattie's drug store, for a Christmas
The Methodist Entertainment.
The tea meeting ou Monday evening
promises to be a good one. The ladles
are sparing no efforts in their preparations, are are providing a suiuplunus repast which will be spread upou tables in
Miner's old store. Tea will lie served
from 5:30 to 8 o'clock, after which a
good programme will be given in the
chinch consisting of choruses, solos and
speeches by local and outside talent.
Christmas Printing.
Now is the time for merchants to gel
their Christmas printing.   The Hciald
office is prepared  to furnish anything iu
this line.   	
License Commissioners Meet Tomorrow.
Messrs. Beattie and Grace meel ns a
license commission in this city tomorrow to consider the question of renewing liquor licenses.    Nearly all thc hotel
en lu the district will be represented
ul the meeting.
I. 0. 0. F. Ball.
The members of the Odd Fellows
lodge intend to give a ball on the evening of January 1, and are making the
necessary arrangements. It will be tbe
first ball in the new Forrest hall, and it
promises to be a great success.
Christmas Chlnaware.
G, II. Miner has lust received a large
consignment of cbinaware of late designs. See this stock before you make
your Christmas purchases. China sets
are appropriate presents, and very acceptable.	
Skates I   Skates 1
Go to G. H. Miners for your skntes.
He 1ms just received a large invoice.
They are the best grades.
No Work to be Done Tbis Winter.
A contractor who is close to the C.P.R
local management says that there v ill be
no woik done ou the extension nf the
Crow's Nest Pass railway cast from Nelson until next summer.
t Steele Iran
1AJ.O £ J Y l/\0
To our many friends and patrons.
Some Relishes.
We also beg to call yonr attention to the many
things we have in atock suitable for a Christmas dium r. Goods imported direct from California, such Ho
Chili Sauce, Honey, Red Hot Relish
Green Red Pepper Sauce, Stuffed Mangoes.
Dewey Olives, Ripe  Olives, Celery  Salt,
Salad Dressing;,      Sweet Pickles,       Asparagus.
We liive n couii'Me line of
Seeded Raisins and Cleaned Currnts in Packages.
Crosse & Blackwell's Peels, Pickles. Hangoe
Chutney, Capers, Jams.
Morton's whole Pineapples. Spanish Olives,
Kippered Herring, Herring in Tomatoe
Sauce, Preserved Bloaters.
VanCamp's Pork and Beans, Maccaroni and
Cheese, Hock Turtle, Ox Tail and Bouillon
Alymer chicken soup, canned fruit and vegetables.
Wagner's cherry stone lunch oysters.
Delhi canned turkey, chicken and duck.
Finest grades French peas, mushrooms and
Keiller's marmalade and Seely's extracts.
McLaren's Imperial cheese, Canadian Rock
The finest range of bulk and package tea in
the city.
Patterson's graham wafers, ginger wafers,
arrow ro"ot and cream soda's in packages.
Chase and Sanborn's coffee.
Sole agents at Cranbrook for Government butter in one pound bricks.
A very full and
Fine line of
Give us a trial.   We will serve you
promptly and guarantee all our goods.
Fori Steele
Mercantile Co.
Cranbrook     Wardner     Fort Steele
L6,    1889
*.-. |-  slMI'.si      ■ "I Mft&atwr.
|| r:;||*riuN-
'■  I '
The proper place lor the government offices oi' South East
Kootenay is In some town on
the  railway.
The Hernia" is in receipt of n communication from a resident of Fori Steele,
lhat is not published for tlie best of rea
sons. It is full of unwarranted stabs al
Cranbrook, aud bul tbe communication
been from any other town, nnd directed
ns a Ihrust nl any other community ii
the di trict, aside from Cranbrook, i
would have been declined on the satui
grounds. Tlte seudei oi the cotuttiuul
catlou can iiml a willing medium fo:
articles of that nature nearer ii-nne.
Tin- C P. H excursion over the Rob
son road was a great success When V
W. Peters takes charge of an excursion
crowd, with Rev. Frew, of Nelson, as
chaplain, if it te uol a success the fault
lies entirely wiih the crowd,
The winters of tlit? Kootenays are
simply perfection, and as a health resort
Cranbrook is'unequaled,
The London & Liverpool
Mercantile Company SS
,Wc have in stock a few
Black, all wool Pilot cloth overcoats, $14.00
Also, all woo! pea jackets, same cloth, 9.00
•^^Clothing at a big reduction.^ S
Stores at Cranbrook, Pincher Creek and Macleod
Get ready (or our new skating rink.
I have just received a large shipment ol        J*        .*        j* Jt
Club   and   Hockey   Skates
Also a Special Line of
Grand Forks will; soon have three
daily papers, and lhat is two too many,
nud perhaps three. Rber Smith is struggling! iu that nwTul journalistic vortex
ns publisher of one ol the pBpers,
0001)   WISHES   POR   NEW   VBAR.
A Writer Bitsmti Them tu Some ol the
Cranbrook Lumber Company Boys.
Editor Herald:—With ilia approach nf
Christmas comes Uk* usual movement
among the young nnd absent lovatd the
old home. Many a vacant chair will be
occupied, many an anxious parent will
smile contentedly on are-unlled fimily,
many a waiting maiden will meet lier
heart's desire and many a baby brother
and toddling sister will wntch alike the
coming ui thu absent brother aud ol
mysterious old Santa Clans.
Old sores will be healed, old hatred:
lil enemies- d.isp hands nml
old Satan yields his Influence lo the Almighty, Many of tl"' employes of the
Craubrook Lumber company will share
in Uu* general rcjoicihg and good work,
nud spend lhe anniversary outside of
W. Whelan, assistant general manager,
U booked toward llie rising sun. lie is
deservedly popular with lite men, and if
the reporl;that he intends joining the
order of benedicts is verified, they promise a musing reception to him and his
esteemed bride on Ins return.
Alex ( Haby | orout goes in Renfrew,
Out, Alex, of laie. bus been getting
letters of wonderous bulk and constantly increasing number, lhe perfumed envelopes addressed in a dainty, feminine
hand. His roouwnate asserts lhat he
ofteti'finds him in deep reverie, whilst
big, round tears fall plinkely-plunk Into
the bowl of his forgotten pipe, yet a
happy smile of infinite sweetness
wrenlheB the lips which yet retain lhe
sweet pool of infancy. Verily, our
favorite is in a bail way, and we .hope,
ere llie froSl of years freeze his sensitively constituted Jieait, be [ may-grasp,
while it slill exists, the prize upon which
hangs Ei id hopes ol happiness.
Joseph Gauthiei has his eyes turned
toward Montreal, Beneath the snow-
clad heights of mir metropolis rests a
dainty, little cottage wherein dwells lhe
jewel of his fancy, and, though the
width of nations lies between.theiu, Llie
warm blood of sunny France is not to be
chilled by time nor distance. Let ui
hope that his belle Marie has been as
constant oa ber Joe, and, though we may
still loiter in the chilly atmosphere of
bachelordom, Joe and Marie may bask
in ibe sunshine of permanent conjugal
Jeny Kelly also reports himself ai
ticketed to hia mother and his lady love,
a certain dark-eyed daughter of La belle
France, through the happy instinct (in
Jerry's mind ) of some worthy ancestor
has been transplanted from the land of
the grapevine to the wilds of Cambridge,
Ont., and Jerry intends to cume gallop
ing oat of thu weat on an Indian cayitse,
in personation ol a nineteenth century
Lochinvnr, and carry his waiting maiden
to his lair In the Rockies. He got a leg
broken last summer, and feeta lhe want
of another limb, hence bis marauding
swoop on the feminine quarry, Wc wish
Jerry a boil voyage lo lhe laud of sentiment and promise, a successful termination to his suit, an alliance between
Prance and the Kroeratd Isle, signed in
the parish, register, and the enrly return of our wandering Apollo with hi'
rtlmplcd-'cheekcd child of Venus.
Old Mr. Welch, our patriarchal night-
watch, the surviving hero of two successful plunges on the inaliiuionial market, is contemplating another ere that
phantom ol grizzly bone with its skeleton claws, lays cruel clutch on his oft-
tried heart. Once, twice, thrice, have
his hopes beeu on the verge of realization, and as oflen lias fickle fortune
robbed him of felicity, but, like King
Uruce's spider of fairy tales, bf returns
to lhe attack more viciously than before. When the chill winds of Craubrook blow through hte well-groomed
whisker--, driving the vital fluid from
the capillaries to its source, he lues himself to his nest and then pores upou
whal Ins been, what is, and whal maybe in store for a well-pieserved man of
cxpeiience in lhe feminine fold, where
his comlint's, gentility, modesty and
sagnciiy mny win f*>*  htm a fair bride
with a co ruble annuity.    Willi good
wishes for hint and sincere sympathy
for lhe timid innocence that may share
his lot, nnd Christmas greetings tn all
the boys,
, I om, Mr Kditor, yotira respectfully,
China ware
A Call Solicited
S S Ga He Miner
Everything first class. Rooms newly furnished, well
lighted, well ventilated, and heated by furnace. Conveniently
located, and ranks with the best.
First-class Dining room and best of Cigars and Liquors,
Rates, $2.00 per day.
Short orders day and night.
KotlCQ IB liJit'by tt wu llial llie f UOWlUg Bp-
p louiluns for a Itoauio to retail liquor, win bu
coastderoil, at tin* next tntwllntf of tlio Ucen**o
{'onuulsst'iners nt tjoutb Kast Kootonny, to lie
hold in t'limiiniiik, Dceoiiibor ir., isuii■
I'niii'it Mather, I'orlcteolu* Harry prow, Port
Sleola; D. MoNelsli, KortHtoeloi JatnesUarinl,
Klmbprtoy* .i. u dates, Kiinberloyt Harry
iircv. Klniborteyt I), (Irimtii, Wild ii<>im*-
(lio. Iloggiirtlt, Bitot All-en Uluta, fracyt Win
Hiowart, Port stoelo* Wobtlford & i*oluml,
U'aniiier; lott Btcelo Mercantile Co., Whole-
side, cranbruok; Jnuii-s Btoue, I rnnston; B. ti,
Small, Cranbrook* cioucalrn Campball, Frank
McMillui, Fred t'rltll, .Moyie; Aivlite Cliftd-
Wlolc, Marysville; fl, Joyce, i raiilniiuk; James
iijan. Cranbrooki Tliouins Forrest, Cranbrook;
i,n. Van I war, CranbruoUi Jumes Kerrigan,
witolesulQ lleonie, Urnnbrn.ki 'Join;Wellman,
Klmberlay* Jnuies Carrol, Kimberleyi John I-.
tiates, Kimberley,
i Itlof License Intpector for goiitb Bust Kouie-
Certificate of Improvements
UNO, mi)
Sliunlo in tin* Port fcioolo Mining Division nl
Sou'li Kast Kootonny iiNnioi.   Wii.r.i i-mi-
led—On Nigger creek, Aboul ono inlto from
TAKK nuth'K Hint I, Archibald W. MoVlt*
tie, free minor's cortlfteuifl No, nwfQ, a ting n--
aui'iii for tin- Pay Kail (told Mining ami Milling
oi mpiiny, llmliod, of Cranbrook, n c. fh*o min*
ors certificate No. uooto, Inlenil, Blitty clays from
iin* dale horoof, to apply to the minion rcearder
ror a ceitillrnle of Improvomenis, for the our-
pose ofobiniulng a ci-owii' grant »f llio above
Ami further lake tjoltoo tlmt action, undor
lectiou ar, must in* eommeucoil boforo iin* li-
snanee of hloIi certlllc in* af linpwveuio&is.
Daled this 2nd day 6f Uow in ier, 18W,
Certificate of Improvements
I'AV   KtiLL  M1NBHAL CLAIM   (NO. 8662)
Cranbrook^ B* C
tine of the Most Comfortable
Hotels in East Kootenay.
Refilled Throughout
Newly Furnished
VanDecar & Son, Props,
Craubrook, is. C.
Fort Steele  Beer
Is the best.    Patronize
home industry   dt    dt
McVittie & Hutchison
Mines and Real Estate
*     INSURANCE J, jt        jt
Q   gg   Cranbrook, B. C.
Robinson & MeKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
All Kinds Of
Rough and Dressed Lumber
When in Kimberley
I   Stop at the	
j Kihberley Hotel
I* Wellman & Morel, Proprietors.
New Building, New Furniture, and Everything first-class. Our object is to please our
Situate in tlie l-'ort Steele Mining Division ot
Huulli Knst Koolcnay district.  Where located— hying north nt und adjoining tlio
1'aymaster, un Nigger creok.
TAKK NOT 101! tlml I, Archibald W. McVittle, free miner's oortltlcnto So. nD870, acting as
agent fttv ihe I'ay Hull Gold Mining anil Milium
i*iiui|iaiiy, luniteii, ;«■) cranbrook, Ii, v., fire
minor's ceriltinite So. ttfflWO, Intenil sixty days
Iran tin1 dale hereof, to -ij-j-ly ta the iiilning re
I'liniei foi a cert in cnie if Improvements, ror the
liur|ioBo of obtaining a crowii,graiil of ilu* nbove
And (iiitiii'i* tnko noli-T thai action, nmli-r
section "•. must lm commenced before the is-
BtmiicQ <>f such certllluatc of Improvements.
Dated this -2nd day of December, is 9.
Certificate of Improvements
(NO. 'M-i)
Sitttnto In lite Fort  Steele Mining division of
South Kast Kootenay district.   Where loca-
loil-fllluatcd on Nlguer ereek and Joining
tin* I'avmaster.
TAKIt NOTICK tliat I, Archibald W. McVittle, free miner's cortillcato No. HDS70, nftlngai
agent for lhe I'ay Itoii (told Mining mid Milling
coinpiuiy,;Hmltoil,"of.Cranbrook, It. P., fiee miner's cerlllloale No, HIW70, intend, 00 days from
the dale li 'tvof, to at-ply to lhe mining recorder
for a oorillicnto of Improvements, for tlio |uu-
josc at obtnlnlnj a orown uraut or tho above
claim. *
Ami further iake|nrtlco thnt action, undor
section 87, must be commenced before ttio is*
sitance ol sticlt eiTtnieati* of iniprovemonts.
AlirillllAM) W, M-V1TTII!
Dnteii Mils end iiny oi December, 180ft
Certificate of Improvement
St'Kl'ltlSK M1NKHAI, CLAIM  (No. 8560.)
Sllunto lit lhe I'ort Steele .Mining Division of
Hast Kootenny District.    Where located-
Nortli of aud adjoining ilie*.* Welcome" on
the south slilt* of the west fork or ist. ninrys
river, about llvo miles from Sawyer's Pass.
TAKK NOTICK thai I, A, W. McVittle, freo
Miner's Certltlcate 11O8TO, acting ns agent for
Arthur Phillips, Free Miner's Certificate ul2,-
0(H), inteail sixty days from thc ilate hereof to
ni ply to tho mining recorder for a certificate or
hnpiovemenl for the purpose of obtaining u
frown (J rant of the Hbovu-olalm.
Ami fnrt lier tukc m-iico that act Ion under Section OT mutt be commenced before the issuance
of such certificate of iinprovrnicnt,
Dated this I5Hi day or November, iftfld.
Take notice thnt sixty days after dale I Hit-ml
lo aphly to the Chief nmimlssioner of l.ainls
and Works r-,r nuniis nn u, i.urehnse llioni-r.-s
"! ■1,,"LI.,w,,.r ""' w'■■'■ "' "" tbe west fork
of lln* St. Mnry-j i her, hi Kast Ktiolcimy Uistriet,
mnn* iKil-tii-iilurly il.-^nl-e.l as l.illaws
Ciiiiimpiiclngai n ->oil market h. W. Al -i"s
on hwist coi hit,  Ih.-oce iv-sl  |M ellllllis. tllelicn
io. h  io i-hnhH. tn,-,,,.,. cast to ehams. tbcriun
sniilli tu chains to point „r <uonn. i ment.
D. \V, MUU UK.
Dated at Cranbiook October 17, Uftl.
W. F. GURD, B. C. L.
Banister, Solicitor, Etc.
Cranbrook,       :      .        British Columbia
Mi Teaming
Wood  and   Ice  For Sale
The Cranbrook
I Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
-AM,   KINIfS   OP-
Craubrook, Britisli Colntunia
W.  It.  1108B, II.   W.  Jl tlMIIMKIt
Barristers, Solicitors.
Notaries ublic.
0RAN11ROOK Ciiiiiliiook (Mice
AM) I'"'HIT Sl'KKI.K. I.'i 1111(1 l'i MlUlSOII lllocli
Ute or Toronto
Contractor «-d Builder
Those contRni]ilnlliig hulliliiiR will do well to lot
1110 linm,- on tlio contracts.
Cranbrook, British Columbia
Physician and Surgeon.
OITIrli-Slllilil.OCU   BLOCK,
CRANBROOK,    ::::::    II. G.
Solicitor, Etc.
Get Your Freighting
5am flitchell
P. O. BOX 35
Certificate of Improvement
vising ok BoU'hi East KootKKAV
District.  Wiikiik looatbd-Ok Huok*
LRIIRRRV lllt.l..
TAKE NOTICE, that we,
Walter Vnn Arsdnl.*ii, Eiee .Miner's Ccrtlll*
cnte, Nu. nfl.ffffl
llobert DcninBoy,; Prco Miner's Ccrtnicaie.
II !'.s.*.7.
David Ncwoll, Pree Minor's ('€111110310, li0,848,
i:i:-,in E. .lanes, Erie Minor's I'ortltlciito,
A09,7!I7, intend, sixty days rrom (ho date hereof,
to ani'ly to tlio Mining Itooprdor foruConliicate
of fiHprovemonls for tho |tur|)t>ao of ohtalnluK ;
Crown Ornnt of the ahovo claim.
Aiui further take nolleo that neiioa, undoi
section HI, uillHt he couinie veil   hefore   the
iBaiinnoo ot such Certllionte of liuiirovoinonta,
r. Dated Hiis 7th day or November, im,
Signed  WALT Kit van AHHDALKN,
ELGIN   E.   .IUNE8.
Certificate of Improvement
KNTUiritlSK MINI.UAI. CLVIN. (No. :ir,:.:i.
The Work Tells
the Tale    j*    J*
Greet & Co.
QslitllBtcs given tin nil dossed nf woik
in onr lino.    Kyou iiitoml lo linllil, Hec
It mny pay yon.
„•*   ..*   B, C.
G. Johnson....
^ Assayer and
* Metalurgist
Cranbrook, B, C.
aituntO in the Port Steele Miiiini: Dlvlnlnn nf
l-'ust Kontetmy Dlstrlal.    Whore located—
Muuiliflf nnd ndjolnlug tho "Wolromo" on
tho .south si.le of tlio west fork or St.
Mnryi river, about llvo ml.off rem Bnwvor'a
TAKK NOTICK tlml L A. W. McViltie, Ereo
I in* im Certificate uos70, ncilu-; as tigont fur
Win. Mllliean, I'reo Miner's CcrtlfloHto niD.im.
ami Ituttli MoCool, I'reo Miner's Oerlldcnto Afl,<
47ii, Intend sixty days from llio Onto lioreof to
npply in tiie minliiR recorder for a ocrtlfloato of
lni|irovi'tuout for tlio imi]'osii ot obtaliihiK a
crown uraul of (he iitiovo eliilm.
Anil lurtlior take notice that notion undor-
Soctlon :t~, must bo commenced hefnro thc Is
suuneo of such eeiliileale of Iniiirovoinout.
Dated Hus iMhilay nf Novcmhcr, Iim.
Take notice thai sixty days after ditto I Intend
to amity to tho Chief commissioner of Lands
and Works for in'iinisslnn to iiirctiitHO It'tncrcs
or hunt near the We come mine on the west fork
of the Ht, .Marys river In East Knotenay district,
more particularly described as follows:
< oi n men el iik at a post marked T. Q. Holt's
Bnntliwesi corner, llieneo north-iu chains, thence
iiisl itl chains. Mieni'o south 40 eliains, llienee
frost 40 chains to -mini of commencement.
T. fl. HOLT.
Dated nt Cranhrook, October 17,1800.
A Word lo the Ladles.
A printed or engraved card is the
proper thing. The Herald prints tlietn
with type of ihu latest design. Cull nnd
pee samples.
House and Lot in Cranbrook
Five rooms, panlry, cellar and large
shed; for rent, *fu per month, or for
sale, fs$o, $2$ cash, linlfiu.ee #15 per
month. Advertiser will rent house.1, or
stores in Craubrook, Moyie Fernie, Fort
Steele or Kimberley, for rent or purchase
ou easy terms. Apply, P. O. box 115,
Ctaubrook, B. C.
I have a regular milk
route and deliver night
and morning.
Finest llnth Rooms in P.nst Kootenny
Don't Get Bold
Try His Dntitlriifr Cure.    It Cures.
Rough and
Dressed Lumber, |
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Commercial Hotel...
...J. F. & 0. JOYCE, Proprietors
Baker Street, Cranbrook, B. C.
Conducted on the European Plan
Best  Wines and  Liquors  at the  Bar
The Beit Slock, lhe Most Sallslnclory Prices, and
First-Class   Work.      Repairing,  Neatly  Executed.
B, C Furniture &
Undertaking Co,
Manufacturers of all Kinds of 5SSS
Upholstered Furniture and Mattresses.
We Sell Retail at Wholesale Prices.
Undertakers S and S Embalmer-j.
Perdue Block, Opposite Canadian Bank Commerce.
East Kootenay
3 Hotel 3
T. T. Richards
Proprietor ::: :::
Tliis hotel has been refitted and refurnished.    The table
is the best.    Satisfactory rates Riven regulnr boarders.
S Baker Street       :-:       :-:       :-:        Cranbrook, B. C.
M. Mclnnes g Co.
Wholesale and Retail...
Fernie, Wardner,
Fort Steele,
Central Hotel      North Star Hotel
Harry Drew, Prop*
The Central Hotel ia open both day and
night. The bar goods are first class,
and the dining room is iu charge of
Thog. McCarsou, and is second to none
in the Kootenays. Free sample rooms
and the best and quit-test bedrooms in
the town.
Tbe North Stir Hotel is the large and
magnificent hotel at Kimberley that
is just finished and Is furnished new
throughout. Everything in connection ts firBt-class. When you visit
Kimberley, don't forget The North
Star Hotel. THE   HERALD.
Atlanta puti* Its faith iu kerosene ns a
means of exiinjjiiUliinj*' rousquitui***.
Here's   -mother   oil    mist.—Richmond
New York ling killed Its Rninapo wntet
snake. But Ht. Louis lias its Cbieugo witter moccasin yet to exterminate.—St.
Louis Republic.
Which te the hnnd.ioineat street or ave-
nm* in tbe World?   Why,   1  believe tlml
most ti'fivelers would vote for Common
wealth avenue, Boston.—Now York Press,
Street railway conductors nro pnsslnu
pliiglicd nickels upon near sighted paa<
Bcngors. I'osslbly they get thom from fai
llglited piisfieiigiM's,—Hi. Louis I'ust-IMs
pa I >*li.
i*'oi* its bIko Pombiun liiis more prottj
girls in tlio sqiiiin* Inch tlmn any othei
town In Pemblnn conuty. It's a regultii
pnradlao ot boouty,—Grand Forks in. D.l
The vliteeus of Otiogo have Invited
Dreyfm to uinko bis homo in tlitit village
After living four years mi Dovll'N islninl
oiM'g igbi hon lonoly plnco ror hlm.-
Detroit Journal,
ll mii;lit liiive been iltppOSOd Unit Hit
discovery of natural gni would hive onus
Ci| Inln to put mi it ii h, Imt lb«* pCOpll
thero hi ill run to fires, even  when  Ilu*.*
occur at *l o'clock In tbe morning.— Knit
bus City Star.
It iieeuiH strange tlmt Chicago Bhould
be preparing tit pnvo mime uf ber Street!
with wooden blocks, If thore is nay font
ot paving tliat bus been demonstrated t<
be a failure it certainly is the wooden
block Bystum, mul it is also one of whirl:
Cblcagoans havo bud experience.—remU
It is a down bill business to divide n,
weak colonies.
Under ordinary conditions uo one cau
afford to let bees linlld tbeir own comb.
Infertile queens will produce drone**
aud notliing but drones. Such drones are
uot lit for breeding.
No honey I alien from a biro In iH
win in stale will bear closing up airtight
iu any considerable quantity.
.Never place yourself just iu front of
uny hive to blockade tbeir thoroughfare.
They need and Bhould have the right of
MINARD'S LINIMENT for Sale Everywhere.
How a Drunken Husband Was Made a
Sober Man by a Determined Wife*
Sho writes:—"I had for a long time been
thinking of trylug the Samaria Prescription treatment on my husband for hll
drinking habits hut I was afraid he would
discover that I was giving him medicine,
and the thought unnerved me. I hesitated
for nearly a week, hut oue day when ha
camo home very much intoxicated and
his week's salary nearly all spent, I threw
off all fear aud determined to make an
effort to wive our home from the ruin I
saw coming, at all hazards. I sent for
vour Samaria Prescription and put it In
his coffee as directed next morning and
watched and prayed for tho result. Al
noun I gavo him moro and nlso at supper.
lie never suspected a thing, and I then
boldly kept right on giving it regularly, ai
I had discovered something tbat set every
nerve iu my body tinullug with hope and
happiness, und I could seo a bright future
spre id out before me—a peaceful, happy
home, a share In tbo good things of life, an
attentive, loving husband, comforts, and
everything else dear to a woman's heart,
for my husband had told mo tbut whiskey
was vile stuff and ho was taking a dislike
to lt. It was only too true, for before I
bad given him the full course ho had stop*
ped drinking altogether, but I kept giving
the raedlcino till lt was gone, and then sent
for another lot to have on hnnd If bo should
-elapse, as ho had done frum his promises
before. He never has, and I am writ ing
you this letter to tell you how* thankful I
am. I honestly beliovo lt will cure tho
worst cases."
A pamphlet In plain, sealed envelope,
lent free, giving testimonials and full In-
format ion, with directions how to take or
administer Samaria Prescription. Correspondence considered saeredly confidential. Address Tbo Samaria Homed*? Co.,
Jordan street, Toronto, Ont.
Onl)- Once n Vctir.
A certain professor Is well known ns
n trnil) whose BCtetitlflc studies buvo
tended to exaggerate it imtuiiil disposition to nienlnl nbStmctlon. Tbe pro-
fesHor's friends, who nre also hi**
Btrong admirers, unilt'islnnd Ills peculiarity nnd overlook in bim what might
uut be excused in a ivninioiipliu*e person. A lady in very fond of tolling tills
llk'litenl. She was nt il leeepllon given
nl tbe iiroless,)r's house. The oeeiisioii
hntl been uiiiilc delightful by (lie pro-
fOHBOl' llllil Ills lU-rmiiplisliciI wife nnd
daughters. Toward lhe rinse of (bu
QVl'tylUg llio llldy, Who Imd greatly en-
Joyed  the nfl'iilr. iippruuebed the host
ami naked hlm, with much enthusiasm:
"Uuw often do yuu have these ile-
Light fill reuuliiiiH, professor?"
\u polite prevarU-illloii  tleluyed  tho
"Thnnk goodness, lundum, hut otut
it year!"
I'nii't Si I.
Somo men ure so iletli-leul Iti tlie el-*-
llli'tlls of BUCCOBS thnt they would never set 11..* world mi tire even If th*
world were Insured lu their favor.—
Dotvoll Jounial.
a titu * elous wiMiiitn.
"Ves, sir, my wile is really u wonderful woman."
"I'm Kind lo benr you nny so. In these
days of inn trillion Inl mlslils il te refresh-
mi* to Und a mun who thinks well of bis
l*. Ife."
"That's right. Say, do yon kUOW what
she did yesterday V The postman banded
ber u postal run! for our hired girl, and
idie carried It right through to the kitchen without rending ill"—Hxeliange.
If-*'r,ulri*« Minute StMin-li.
Overheard lu u railway refreshment
room.   Passenger, after inking u guud
bite ut an alleged snusage mil:
"1 don't see no sausage, miss."
"Ob, you aiu't conie to it yet," was the
After another good mouthful  passenger ventures:
"1 don't see It yel, miss."
"Ob, you've gone nud bit over it now!"
Not Very CuimollnflT.
ftmllh—f noticed you didn't 'speak to
Brown wben you passed hlm this tiit.ru-
ing.   What's the trouble?
Jpnes—Hu Insulted tne yesterday—called tue an old fool.
Smilh—Well, you must remember tbat
you're not as young as yotl used to be.—
Chicago News.
The average duriilloi* of yellow fever
is n week, hut la gravel' eases tbe nlliiH;
liiny lie precipitate nml prove speedily rami.  -__
Ponltlvt)   Ourta   for   AM limit   I Mm* cm* red.
It hits long lii'iii recognized hy uicdlcul
acietitl-ita throughout the world that nature
baa supplied all creation with some remedy In
the vegetable or mineral kingdom wherewith
all forms or ailments can be cured, but it wai
not until the discovery by Stanley of the wonderful Kola plant aloni* the Congo River In
Atri'.-!i tbut usihma was 'jermanently ourabk*.
In (unt. lt was not until the Investigation-*
mad-,- by Dr. Clarke some yeurs later that this
disease was found curable; he found that by
combining the extract of Kola Nut with other
vegetable extracts that the compound obtained
would permanently Hire asthma. Clarke's Kola
r-'iiii-iiiiiid was theu med nn over lui cases In
il tli'i-i ni li.u|iitiil-i, ultli tin- marvelous result
llun •'Vt-i!','] ui-reent weie -ji-niiuneinlv eured
lu lou tlmn (todays' treatment.   Clarke's Kola
l'iini[niniiill* now rei'iignizeil to be lhe only
licrniaiient enie for lilts uri'mlml disease. H'-ld
by nil iIi-ukkIsIh.    Yrv snni'di* btilth' rent to
nit*/1 ersoh.  M'-mimi tins paper, Ad-ln-m The
lirlllllliH* Mncpherson (!<>., Ml Clniii'h Sin el,
Tm onto, or  VftliroUVWi   li. r . Me Cutuidliiii
Why   KrMiic-r'-t  Ctiii-|Uf»t   of  Antiverp
Ih licnureil \\y I'mii-li Writer*.
"Obslllintc mul brave as a lluleliuinn"
was a lauiiliai term in 1'rnaee 75 years
ago, wl  a I drill uf doggedly deicr-
mined  I  fearless boy Hollanders gave
um* mure proof of what Dutch courage
rwilly means.
lt was in September, 1880, Unit Belgium, whleh fur HI years bad been under
tbe rule of n Dutch king, fuse lu revolt
nml demanded the aid of tlie olher Knin-
I'l'iin powers iu establishing her Independence and a setting up of a king of
her owu.
As may well be Imagined, the Dutch
took these proceedings very much to
heart, lint a very excellent army was organised and tbe French government sent
Marshal (ierard and General St. Ayr,
witb 711,000 picked soldiers of the grand
army, to sec that the Dutch were turned
out of Belgium, bag and baggage.
Marshal Gerard at once culled upon the
garrison In tho citadel of Antwerp to
surrender. This was on Nov. 20, nnd imagine the surprise of both French nud
Belgians when General Chnsne, tbe
Dutch commander of this fortress, invited his enemies to come nud take It.
Marshal Gerard warned . General
('basse that he would besiege and horn-
hard the citadel. "Besiege nway," was
tbe gallant Dutchman's reply, though he
had only 4,MX) meu under him, while outside thc walls hla enemies numbered
On the same 20th of November tbe
French opened fire on thc Dutch, hut if
tho French made breaches In the wall by
day, tho Dutch labored and repaired
them by night, and from their lofty- outlook they could see and knock over every
gabion or approach tbe French made.
With superior arms nud men the French
fairly raged to see themselves baffled aud
checked at every turn and to hear all
Europe laughing at their situation.
Their humiliation was complete, bow-
ever, when dually, ou blowing up a lunette, tbey took 58 heroic Dutchmen prisoners and found them, instead of tough
veterans, the merest boys—so young were
40 of tbem that they had never bad razors at their chins, and their beardless
faces, wan from toil ond privation, gave
them quite the appearance of a bond of
sick children.
At last, afler 19 days' desperate fight-
lug, ufter 20,000 shot and shell hnd been
thrown Into the citadel, Genernl Chasse
capitulated, and tbe French, very quietly
and rather shamefacedly, entered the
stronghold. Within It wns literally torn
to pieces, and drawn up before tbeir con-
ipterors was this wonderful little company of Dutchmen. Throe-fourths of the
entire force had not reached the age of
22 years, a few had been two years in
the service, and a sorry figure in their
own eyes aud the estimation of everybody else did the magnificent French
nrmy cut. Fond as they are of recounting tbeir warlike deeds, French historians have little or nothing to say regarding their conquest of Antwerp. Tbey
realise that* the glory rests all with the
Warrior buys who were completed nud
who never would have surrendered unless
their general had found he could uo longer hear the sight of the suffering!- of
these young heroes.
Love nnd Denlfa.
Very closely they dwell together, high
up in tho world of nature and low down!
Thn following well ant ben ilea ted story
comes from Northamptonshire! A spar*
rowhnwk was killed when feeding her
young. Four days later, when the nest
was examined. It was found tbnt tbo
little male bird, working alone for the
family, hnd brought homo 48 hirds—vi*.
six larks, nine swallows, out bullfinch,
seven robins, six sparrows, six hedge
apnrrowH, nine bluo tits, three challiuehej
snd one wren.
What a spirit of dutifulness along with
ferocity Is hero exhibited on tho part of
thc small widower hawk, who evidently
thought that the best way ot respecting
the memory of bis departed consort was
to feed her children well! And in doing
tills bow absolutely oblivious nature hud
rendered him ot the feelings of tho poor
larks, swallows, bullfinches nnd robins,
whose offspring—or the parents themselves—his relentless parental affection
thus annexed! The direst cruelty animated by the tenderest love! Tbe most
BttTRge egotism prompted by nn entire
unselfishness! finch nre some of iho
problems which nature furnishes, hut
will not hoIvo.—London Telegraph.
A run of Pope's.
"We were talking of the Singling wit
of   Pope,   wbo   was   often   nt   Mawley,
though much oftener at our neighbor's,
the BlountS of Mnplc-Durhaiu, where
there nre such line portrait! of himself
nnd Putty Blount. One dny Sir Walter's
father wns in his company and talking of
punning, Pope mid tbnt was a species
of wit eo trifling)? easy I lint be would
answer to malic one on any subject proposed offhand- when n lndy in the company said, 'Well, then, Mr. Pope, muke
0110 011 keelbnuliiig.' lie Instiinlly replied, 'That, in nil nm, Is indeed putting ■
mnn under k hardship!' Keclhnulhig li
drawing n mnn under a ship, Whnt a
ready invention must tbe mnn have had!
One could hardly have found 11 more
crabbed word to exercise the punster's
faculty."—Diaries of Mrs. Powys, 175U-
Han Batlii I-'or tbe Hair.
Light hair should be washed often and
dried in the sun. A tablespoonful of
household ammonia added to each basin
of water used In wnsblng assists mate*
rially fu keeping it light. Dark hair
should be dried in tbe shade, or It will
fade in streaks, but If the dark haired
girl wishea to lighten her tresses without
a bleach she can accomplish something
In that dfrectlou by adding borax to tbo
water, and, after drying the hair In the
shade, giving it a "sun bath" as often as
prnctlenble. During the sun bath the
hah- should be spread and shaken out
constantly, that the rays may reach all
tbe roots alike.
A witty woman was staying In n Canadian village one summer and met nn old
womnn who hnd a blond feud ou witb
another woman. "How hi It Miss Smith
wns seen tuking ten with you yesterday?" the visitor asked.
"Oh, well," she snid triumphantly,
"she asked me to tea the duy befure, hh
I retaliated the next day. I knew she'd
make herself III with my Joknnycake."
Wenry  Willie  Imlttljre**   I" » Little
"Dis trampiu hi/, ain't ull pie an cake,''
remarked the hobo, with a sigh   a* he
turned bis glass bottom side   |i   ' Dm -
is just enough wouderiu what'   -   •
happen  nest  about   It ter -rnoki
citin an keep t'lngs fi &m gii   u   tab
"One uiornin ovei ir. vpsten part
of de state I wuz era  II bom
where I hnd put up fer de a gfct li
wuzu'i moiiiin yei. bnt. seeln dnt I
hadn't registered, thut dat It wa* best
ter git out before dm fact wuz discover
"Well, jnstas I reoched de door I wns
presented wi.l a rollin pin, free brickbats,
a broom, two pitchforks no au Iran bar,
Den wben  1  wus wouderiu what  wu*
< in iii-\t I wus tun dowu by a 200
I nd woman, nu for two blessed hours
dnt she liend sat 011 me an lectured me on
de sin of keepln late hours nn wu-tin
me siibslame in riotous liviu.
"Den she bud  Ier slop ter catch  Iin
breath, an dnt gave   a chance ier
nsk what it WUS all about.
"Sav, yon would have had u Ol if yon
luul semi dnt old cal make n break fer
,h* house u-vellin murder while I gut tip
Im readjusted   1 ■*,
-Well, as 1 wus llmpln off do old gol
stuck her head out of 11 window an beg*
tied me pardon, snyln tint she fought I
wu* ber hu,hninl.
"I felt so good overdo fact thnt I wusn't
her husband dm I lold her not ter mention ii"	
TO HKPKNT.—A little inodlolne lu tho
shape of tho wonderful pellets whloli1 imi
known as Parmelee's Vegetable Pills,
administered at the proper time und with
the direct I ons adhered to often prevent u
serious attack of sickness and save money
which would go to the doctor. In ull irregularities of the digestive organs they
are nn Invaluable corrective aud by
demising the blood thoy clear tho akin of
Why Uie Janitor Quit.
A janitor In a neighboring school threw
up bis job tlie other duy.    When nsked
what was tho trouble, be answered:
"I'm honest, und I won't stand being
slurred. If I find a pencil or handkerchief about the school when I'm sweeping, 1 hnng it up. Every little while the
teachers or some one that is too cowardly to fuce me gives me n slur."
"In whnt wny?" asked an officer.
"Why. n little while ngo 1 saw written
on tbe board, 'Find tbe common multiple.' Well. I looked from cellar to garret, nnd I wouldn't know thc thing if I
met it on the street. Whnt made me
quit my job? Lust night in big Wl'ltln
on tbe blackboard it said, 'Find the
grentcst common divisor.' Well, I snys
to myself, both them darned things ure
lost now, and I'll got blamed for swiping 'em, so I'll quit."—Steuben Republic-
Couldn't sleep at night
with the torture.
Uncle Mil** lileua.
Tbe salve of forgetfuluess will most
quickly cure nny injury.
Few meu feel so cheap that they could
refuse a raise in salary.
Tbe airy conversation of some young
people often gives their elders a nneu-
matic tire.
A man need never be idle. When he
bas nothing to do, be can keep himself
busy hunting a job.
A woman should not be deceived. Tho
man who whispers the sweet nothings to
her may snore tbe loudest when be sleeps.
—Cleveland Lender.
—Parmelee's Vegetable Pills by acting
mildly but thoroughly on the soon'tions
of the body are a valuable touic, stimulating the lagging organs to healthful
action and restoring thein to full vigor.
TJiey can be taken in graduated doses
Mid so used thnt they can be discontinued
at any time without return of the ailments wbloh tbey were used to allay.
Mmii- tlie Ititivyera Woi-u.
"Judge Martin drover," snid n man
who knew him. "believed in haul work.
Why. when Judge Umver wns holding
circuit in Wyoming, he amused all the
lawyers he didn't disgust hy opening h'.a
court al S o'clock iu the morning nnd
running It, wilh only an hour off nt noon,
until S in the evening.
 Pnlu'l ns lulu* ha farmers hnve to
Work.' explained this win* old jurist, 'and
I'll tell you whni il is if 1 hnd my way
IM open court nl T i*ver.t dny in ihe yenr.'
"'And whal would ymi do liefoi'e thnt
time in (bo nmrulllgV' nsked one of tbe
attorneys who was standing bv.
'"I'd get np and divas and ent my
breakfast nnd snw winal until the time
cable  fnr Court   to open.'   responded   the
judge calmly."
Another Collin Ion Imminent.
"The wnrst llllug nbout (his accident."
snid the suhltrbouitr. limping around as
besi   he   could   aiming   lhe   ruins   of  llie
wrecked    Main    nnd   picking   Up   all   be
could Hud of Ills scattered bundles, "is
tbnt I shall never be able lu muke my
wife believe I had nil the things with
me she lold me tu get."—Chicago Times*
StntlnK " Properly-.
Proud Daine- I do not see how ynu
could think of marrying into such a
commonplace family as that.
Romantic Daughter—Oh, I'm not going
to mnrry into his family.    He's going to
mnrry Into our family.— Sirny Stories.
Buvo their blood enriched, thoir
heart strengthened and their
checks rosy by using Milburn's
Heart and Nerve Pills.
Iusiifllclent qiuintltv or poor quality of
Iho blood is one ot the evil results that
usually follow any derangement of the
If llio henrt becomes weakened In any
Way it cannot pump thoblood to the lungs
as lt should, theru to bo purilied aud impregnated with tbo life-giving oxygen,
As 11 result the
blood deteriorates.
Jt loses Its nourishing, vitalizing,
henlth-giving qualities, Tho face becomes pale, thin
and waxen, the lips
bloodless, the bauds
and feet cold.
There is weakness, tiredness,
shortness of breath and palpltat ion. When
those suffering from thin or wutery blood
start taking Milburn's Heart and Nerve
Pills they aro assured of n euro. Every
dose acts ou the heart Itself, causing it
to beat strong, Btendy and regular.
Every dose, too, introduces into the
blood those vital elements necessary to
mako It rich uud red.
Hoon the pale cheek takes on tho rosy
hue of health, theru In strength instead of
weakness, energy and activity take the
place of tiredness nnd lassitude.
Miss M. Hkullion, 130 Turner Street,
Ottawa, Out., snys: "I wns greatly
troubled with my beurt, together with
extreme nervousness for mnny years.
These complaints brought ubout great
weakness uud feeling of tiredness. My
hlood was of poor quality, so much so that I
liecmuo pule nml languid. Milburn's
Henrt mid Nerve Pills cured me aftor nil
1-ten failed, Tbey built up my system,
enriched my blood, strengthened my
nerves and restored me to health."
Eczema, or Salt Rheum as it is
often fulled, i.s one of the most
agonizing of skin diseases, nothing
hut torture during the day and twofold torture at night.
But there's a remedy permanently
cures the worst kind of Eczema -
relieves the itching, burning and
smarting anil soon leaves the skin
smooth and healthy,
It is Burdock Hlood Hitlers.
Mrs. Welch, Grwnbank, Out.,
tried it and here is what she says:
"B.B.B, cured meof Eczema three years
SgO and 1 have luid uo return ol it since.
I wus ho bad that 1 could not sleep ut nlghl
with it.
" Being told of B.B.B. I tried It, and two
bottles made npcrfe*, t nnd permanent cure.
an -.11111! tbe icent-ri snowttaltes
O-Thard, ini-mlov
.. brook und vo-ll)
1 ian hear lhe cat
Down tbo lane v
in, tinkling MU
See 1 tic clouda l'i*
rmdftly Milling,
Summer icplijij
fragrant blew,
Wliora tin* nintwl .
ind Uie river
licet iukI rude ii
golden glow.
There iut* mon lm
rusted pebblw
Where tlio robin
dips bin wli---a
1» tlie brook vrlioai
i rippling imisie
ot my boyhood ■
ever einiss.
Happy boy whole
careless whlitla
Echoes through *
■in- vanlahod yearet
Now n drenim-i In
the gloaming,
Looking tbrouyb
« mist uf loan.
Tliat tin.* lltjht snd
thli thc shadow,
Days like pairing vlalotia aeoin,
Till 1 whlapcr in t
In- twilight
Tlml tlie real an
<] tiiin the drrtaiit,
—Donihoe'l U:iiN"*ti
Dear Sirs,—A few dayB ago I waa
taken with a severe pain und contraction of rhe cords of my leg, nud had
to be taken home in a rig. I oould not
sleep for the puia, uud wuh unable to
put my foot to the floor. A friend
told me of your MINARD'S LINIMENT, nud one hour from the first application, I was able to walk, and
the pain entirety disappeared.
You can use my name aa freely aa
you like, as I consider it the best
remedy I have ever need.
iugersoll, Out.
a**-) D*ftiiUl0M   lUMttilf Btlelteil in »
u.iiu'h Hon. I'm- Coal pattl (UK.
Courage—In  auhlimu  falb   In heroic
action, wherein   feur    und sellishness
are lost in godl\, consecrated *uul-
purpy-jt? and effort from the cause ot
truth uiiU righteousness    Undaunted
by obstacles,  serene amidst ularuis,
scornful of poUc**. -junem in tribula*
tioui    Duty's dlvinel>    inspired   motive  power.    An    essential    ol"    true
character    jjreauiess.—Mrs     \V.    M
Courage—The    innate   fearlessness
I ot the manly man (or the womanlj
i woman)   which  enables biui to  meet
! life's vicissitudes calmly, unflinching*
1 ly.   which  uplifts  the smd. Ilres     the
j heart, nerves llie arm and sends him
j forth tu battle for his standard    of
ritflil — lo do,  to dare, if need be,  to
di,..—Mra,   H.  C.   Sankey.
Courage is the spinal column of thu
soul. H gives symmetry to character) lt enables its possessor Io face
every   foe  iu     cimiul     and     Spiritual
warfare, Consistency is iis right
bund. It lives through adversity;
uud hope iwiil fidelity are its companions.—ll. v. Johnson
Courage is that ijuuliiy and quantity of mind which enables a man to
•-land firm to his duty—though he
s 1 uml alone. It is thut degree of intrepidity Which nays; "1 am golllfl
to discharge my duty to myself, to
my neighbor, to   tho   stato,    to the
Church luid to (Ind, though the heavens full while 1 am doing It."—
Itlchard Hobba
Courage Ib that Ood-givon strength
of mind and heart which enables u
person to stand unmoved in the face
of danger, ridicule, contempt, loss of
friends, property nnd life, principles
which In* knows to be right and hist
—0.  II.  Myers.
Courage — Strength measured l :
neither inches, age nor sex, that
scorns  un  evil  action,  whether mornl
or ph.vsienl; that dares to do right
despite opposition. Energy thnt. valiantly overcomes euch obstacle and
foe, and deems Surrender und disgrace synonymous. Combined faith
and frankness, A moral heroism that
triumphs over every weakness.—
Clifford E. Davis.
Courage ts that which prompts one
to lose sight of self, nil consoqucn
and surroundings, und move I
ward, It may lie either on tbe held
of buttle or to rescue helpless ones
or to stand alone for the ri.uht. or it
may bo to proclaim n hca-venly message to unwilling cars.—A.  l\ Hurt
Courage is loyal devotion nerved
for action. It is the dauntlessness
of u (iod-inspin-d sense of duty. It
la unfaltering faith calmly assert ing
itself—the virility of hope and the
sublime self-forgelfulness of lovo U|>-
lifliug the soul to nn Indifference
ulike tu danger amd to the endurance
uf aufTering.
Tm-i Way*-.
"My brother wns very high strung,"
auid tbe self sulllcient tourist with uu air
as if the Infirmity of Ids relative was
something to be proud of. "It is 11 family
"My brother wns pretty darned high
strum* himself," replied Tarantula .Iim
"Hut we never felt like brut-gin mueh
nbout It. lie wns strung up ou one
of the sails of the windmill over there-
lynched for u little aAmethln, it don't
matter what now, I mu pleased to say,
though) thut sin-li Btrlngin has never
'penred to run in tbo family to auy ureal
Holloway*s Corn Ouro in the medicine to
remove nil kinds of corns und wnrte, nnd
only costs the mnidl Bum of twenty-five eeiitn.
Tlioiiuhlfiil none vol ence.
"Xo," snid Cliolly to the onnvnsser for
the charitable society, "l don't believe in
giving money In charity, It encouragea
pauperism.   Besides, 1 cawn't afford it."
"Did you ever give anything lo the
poor In your life?" nsked the indicium
"Did IV" exclaimed Cliolly heatedly.
"Huw dove, sir, I sine nil my cigar
stumps for a little dark skinned hoy whn
i-oines nrouud with 11 basket once a week!
There's nearly a tpinrt of them ever*
time, too, haw Jovel'1
Remedy for >V lumping Cough.
At this season Whooping Cough Is very
pruvalout among some of lhe children ln
most I'nni il to -. lt is not advisable to stop
the coughing entirely, but relief should
undoubtedly Ik-sought Urlfftha' Menthol
Liniment utfords more prompt relief than
nny other remedv. Also in cases of Croup
lt affordB Immediate relief. Try it All
druggUts. -■'■ cents.
Stomted Inalead of P-uilnsr.
"Whut reason have you to think tbat
she takes more tbna n pasBlug interest la
"Because she mopped."
"What do you mean by that?"
"I menu that she stopped and spoke to
ine.    Isn't that mure than a pussing in*
terestV"—Cleveland Plain Dealer.
Moteodi Severn Bridge, writes: "I owb a
debt of gratitude to ])H. THOMAS' EC-
IjKCTRIC OIL for curing me jf a severe
cold tbat troubled me nearly all last winter." In order to give a quietus to a
hnoklng cough, take a (lose of DR.
dny, or oftener if the oough spelts render
It necessary-
Sums Tin j- Spoou-r,,
Miss Phoebe Ann West of Nantucket,
Muss., iu the possessor of the most re-
liiiirk-ihlc 12 dozen spoons Id this coun-
try. They were brought to America by
Miss West's father, who wns a sea cap-
lain, several years ngo. They are Kast
Indian workmanship, and their minute
dimensions may be realized when It Is
Kill ted that the 12 dozen perfectly formed
spoons are kept In nu ordinary cherry
Stone, The carved cherry stone Which
holds Ihem Is oue of the most wonderful
examples of skilled handiwork In existence. It Is i-s-juisiiely carved and
mounted on a tiny silver aud Ivory stand.
Onr Honorary Title*.
"Why do yon use 'Hon.' In addressing a letter lo hlm?"
"He wns onee 11 delegate to a coun.
ty convention,"—Chicago Post.
Miiiard's Liniment Cures Bums, Etc.
The Helpfnl Sosgeatlon.     ,
The sunke editor was puzzled. The
editor of tbe woinun'-s pnge was on her
vacation, and he had been placed In
charge of her department temporarily.
Finally he mnde n slab nt the thing thus*.
•'Debutante— No, we would not advise
you to servo 0 o'clock ten lu a moitsseline
de sole. Couldn't you borrow a few cups
und Maimers?— Catholic Standard aud
Ctii.nr nnd Effect.
The Right Byc-1 benr lhat the upper
lip and lhe tower lit) ported today.
Tbe Left Eye— Yes; it was owing to
some words thnt passed between them.—*
New York World.
Thero Is nothing •,*lUil* tl1 Mother Graves'
Worm Extermhintor for destroying worms.
No article of Its kind lias given suoh sntU-
f notion,
Weak Lungs Made Strong and Proof Against Danger
by the  New Scientific Slocum Treatment for
La Grippe, Coughs, Consumption and Diseases of the Respiratory Organs.
lli« OIU  !-*|»v« Hurt «i Ui-.im-.hm.
Iii The Century there Is an article
un "Life und Society in Old Cuba,"
mude up uf extracts from the diary
of Joiiuthuii 8. Jenkins, un American
miniature painter, who lived in Havana during the middle of the century.   Air. Jenkins says;
A mile nml n hulf uut from Havana
is   u   furious   und   painful   sight—the
elave-harracoona, where tho newly-
arrived barbarians ure confined. Here
were congregated not less than i!,-
tHiu negroes, ready for sale. Home
were entirely linked, others nearly
in. Their heads were close-shaved,
nnd their bodies so emaciated by the
horrors of Lhe "middle passage"
that they resembled beasts more
thuu men. Certainly they did not appear Lo be human beings us they
gazed ubout wildly, with anxious
countenance!!,  ub if bewildered.
I have often been amused at the
preliminary instruction they are put
through after their arrival ut the
bnrrncoons. They are spated cross-
legged on the ground in a row ur
circle, and tbe -negro teacher passes
gravely before them nil, giving the
lesson. He moves his bunds quickly
tu und from his mouth, as though
putting something in it. Baying
"Yannny* Vamm.v!" all of the negroes imitating und repeating after
him. Tbis meant to eat, Tldo-flno
means somothlng good, choppy-choppy to work, yarry-yarry to got sick.
The teacher then goes around with a
cup of natlvo rum, and gives each a
sip In token of npprova). This uncouth vocabluary, when understood,
is enough to enable them to labor
011 the estates.
Before buying a purchaser examines ihem Lo ascertain their condition of health. If this appears satisfactory, he gives the negro a hard
ship In the face, and If he displays
no resentment, but looks up and
smiles, lie is hought. When theso
newly imported Africans nre lirst
taken, they are mude to work but
very little for several months, until,
by observing the other negroes, thoy]
are gradually trained tn labor; for
if they ure discouraged by driving
them at first, they ure apt to commit suicide, in the belief thnt they
will thus return to Africa.
Gain* ttt Irlr-k l.lt<-r<4lur».
I picked up two delicto tie llletary
curiosities during my stay in Ireland,
Thu following m.tue ivus posted bi
a pleasure hout belonging In a
steamship company on the Sour:
"Tha chairs in the cabin nro for the
Indies. Gentlemen are requested tint
to mako use of them till Uie ladies
an- seated."
Thn time I wuh in the -ountrv wen
just after the visit of ihe Huko mnl
Duchess of York. 1 dipped the following delicious advertisement from
a Kiugstuwn paper: "James O'Ma-
hony, wine uud spirit merchant(
Kingstown, hus still a nuiull quantity of the whiskey which wus drunk
by the Duke uf York whils in Dublin."
Ta K«r-p lUby trow  Hur mi.
In Ireland u strand of woman's
hair is puL in u baby's cradle.
liiuiiiuuiiaii mothers bind red ribbons about  the baby's ankles.
Esthoniuj) mothers lie bags of
herbs  lo their Infants'  necks.
Iu Wales a pair of tongs lu the
cradle secures the mile of humanity
from harm.
Among tho Vosges peasuntM, children born at ihe new moon are sup-
po-iod lu have tbeir tonguei well
hung, and those born nt the Inst
quarter to huve keener reasoning.
Fay in SOR1P for Dominion Linda Ull
Save 20 per Cent. Discount.
For full infiinniitii.il upply to
Alloway & Champion,
Or to uny office of Uie MERCHANTS' HANK
CANADA In Miiuilohu or tbu West.
'    Tb* Doctor Elocum Syetom, I
H tho  ruraio  tmplito, to a I
eotapiobinolvr ond conploto
■yitttn  of  treotmeot, wbloh
ottacki ovory vutooroblo
point ot tbo dloooio ond
compleitly vonq-jUhc* It    It
Ier.vet no point unguarded; It
lotv-io no photo or tho trou-
bio noslocted;  ft cure*, ond 1
eor<i forever,  Wook  Lung*. (
Congho, Bronchitis. Aathma, {
Coniumptlop,   iid^Vk>W
oil other throot ud r
lung   dlMOoet,    by
elnolatoly    obliUr-
•tins tht couto.
Thc cold weather has brought IU Usuni
crop uf hi grippe, catarrh, coughs, sore
throats, etc., etc. lt means death to thousands if nculeeted.
For these disorders are but forerunners of
death-dealing consumption.
Doctor Slocum'a new treatment for this
terrible dim-nw.- U 11 lifeboat ol hii*** for
those iu despair.
It Is n new Bclentlflc system of medicine,
the result of modem medical discoveries, a
pm-itivt* and absolute unniliitutnr of the
deadly consumption nnd grip germ.
The eystem consists of three remedi- -•
which net simultaneously nnd supplement
each other's curative action.
The Dtx'tnr Slocum system has brought
health to thousands who were weak, sickly,
pale, thin, und therefore open to consmnp-
tion infection, if not Infected.
It has cured dangerous thr-«it and lung
troubles which the eufferers thought wi-r*.-
proof against medicine.
It te the cold weather antidote.
What it has done is a proof of what it will
-jo—for you—if you'll let It.
It is simple nnd effective, easj und pleasant to take.
Modern science reduced tun un-hell.
The problem of dir-ea-x* prevention loired.
Every firat-elns-j druggist dlr-peii-*.-*   the
Slocum System of Treatment in large origi«
nn! packages, with full directions for use.
Science daily develops new wonder.*, nnd
tin distingnUhed chemist, T. A. Slocum, patiently eii-TimcLting fur years, has pn>
doced rcadts ■- beneficial to humanity as
ean b**? obtained by nny modem geniu*. UU
assertion that lung trouble and tf.-a-Timption
are curable in «n> climate is proven by
heartfelt letters- of gnttitude. filed in hi? Can-
adiau, American an-1 European hiboran-ries,
in thousands, from tho***-.* cund in all l-arts
of lhe tvurld. And wishing to demonstrate
hts discovery of reliable cun.* for conaimp-
tion pahaonor] tntercalosts), ind all throat
and hina troubles, **i!l eeod Three Free Bot-
t)es(all different; of his new discoveries to
any afflicted reader of tma i-ai-er writing for
Simply write t<- tbe T. A. Slocum Chein.
ical Company.limited, 173 Kin** street west,
Toronto, givin-.' postoffice and express ad-
dress, and th-- free medldne, the Shvum
Cure] will U- promptlj scot.
Suffert-rs shi-uld take in-tant advantage of
this generous proposition, and when writing
I., them -■■.> }<-u-rtu Thi-- free offer in this
Porn ins ir. Canada K-eing Slocum's free
offer in American papers will please **t-nd feu
samples to Toronto.
W. \. D.   246
Qood Time Por Sorrow.
/   XJSE
"Hi, f'-ll.-iH. come uluug and feet
sorry fer Willie) He's goin ter de dentist I"—Ne^i^orJi^Iojinuil
Tou need not cough all night and disturb your frlenda; there is no occasion
for you running tbe risk nf contracting
Inflammation of the lungB or consumption
while you ean get Hiokle'i Anti-Con-
■umptlvt* Syrup. This medicine cures
coughs, colds, inflammation of tbe lungs
and all throat and chest troubles. It promotes a Iree and easy expectoration,
Which Immediately relieves tbe throat
and lungs from vi-ulil phlegm.
Memory Stlmwlao,
Ai be was about to sink for the third
time be of course recalled everything
In his past life.
His countenance radluted with Joy.
"Ah," he exelnlmed, "since I now remember what It whs my wife told mn
to get down towu today I have uo
fun tier occasion to drown!"
Accordingly he swam nshorc.
The frivolous world saw hlm, wondered a moment perhaps und thought
of him no more.—Detroit Jourual.
Whr 14 Wowldn't.
"I Bee a New Vork paper says tbnt If
Dewey wero ln Prance hero worship
would mirely uinko hlm president."
"No, It wouldn't."
"Why not?"
"Dewey wouldn't let lt."-Chlcago
I If you keep cowi you cannot ■fTofd ta »•
; without! CkKAM SEPARATOR, and if yon
, want to have thc belt, mott moderate la
I price, and oa eatieet terme, apply to
R, A.  LISTER ft 00., LTD.,
S38 King Hi., Winnipeg,
Dealer! In Dairy SuppHce and Produce, Ooa-
illtns KiiRln-te.  lior»« Trt-ail Powara, Kte,
Ae.   GOCKBHUTT PLOW CO., Wl.u !•>*».
hap.rtmrfOm.riH     glffg&S,
frill II. Hamllton.Ont.    I.S* B. Spina*
If yon rntinot intend On- t\ Innlprg H11M-
iii"-. CollrRti iimt now, do not wuta your
1 ■vmliiKH j.* liMiii,.. YYe can Klvo your laitruc*
tl'-ne lu loi-ii- eulijcct hy until.
Writ.: fur descriptive catalogue.
O. W. DONALD, M, oooo.
o u o.
tc-d^  s-so
u. «i
i. at
* "!
III lb
III **"
Oj *
U, *
IV *
s i
iv i
U, *
A *
* X
. . . AND   IS AT .
i *
ffl »v
t**im***ii**n****i********4»r S
. . . With the Largest and Best Stock of. . .
Chinaware, Japanese Novelties, Toys, Dolls, Etc.
Talking Dolls
Dancing Clowns
Music Racks
Steam Engines
Fine Pipes
Shaving Sets -ttdl
Fans «>
Xmas Cards
Tea Sets
Carpenter Sets
... R. E. BEATTIE ...
Ollll Fellows win Ilally I
K M. Sllll|isiin,
l.n.O.F.   Key Cily loite
Ke.   is,   Meets every Pr).
ilny nlulll nt llii'lr hall on
linker street,   Hojomulni:
0. Kanl.li
J     LOCAL   NOTES     I
* T.
Picked  Up Aboul lhe City  by Asking
Questions of Many People.
R. E. Beattie returned last Friday.
Hungarian, Gletiorn mid Graham Hour
nt Gilpin's.
Merry Christmas. See llenltie. He
has the stock.
It'you want crockery or a niee dinner
set, try Gilpin's.
Evaporated raspberries, apples and
apricots nt Gilpin's.
Fred Pieper has relumed from his
trip to West Kooleiiay.
N. I). Gouvreaii returned yesterday
from Kootenay Lnmlii.g.
Nice stork of fresh dniry and creamery
butter nt P. McComiell's,
J. W. EI. Smythe nnd wife have returned from Fort Steele,
Alex Goyette, of Kimberley, mnde
Craubrook n visit Tuesday,
Col. Haker is expected to return lo
Crnnbrook almost any day.
The best Christmas stock in East Kootenay, at lienltie's drug store.
Try Gilpin's for groceries. Always a
full and choice slock ou hand.
Frank McMnhon, the Moyie merchant,
wns n Crniibtook visitor yesterday,
Car of winter tipples, 175 barrels, nt I'.
McConuell's.    Wholesale and retail.
George Shier and f inily, of Fort
Steele, have gone to the coast for the
Mrs. Li M. MansQeltl, of Moyie, visited Mrs, F. Iv. Simpson several days
this week.
Neil Mcl.eod Currnn, manager of the
North Star mine, wns in town Sunday
and Monday.
Charley Farrell nnd Martin Foley, thi
Moyie miniug magnates, were in the
cily Monday.
Read thc new Christmas advertisements in The Herald this week. They
nre interesting.
A little money will go a long wnys in
buying Christmas gifts at Heattie's Post
Office Drug stote.
E. II. Smalt, Tom Rooks, Charles Mc-
Eacherii aud F. IC. Simpson paid Kimberley a visit lasl Sunday.
For line bar and t.ibte ulasswnre see
lhe Fort Sleele Mercantile company's
line.   The finest in tlu* city,
Por porridge you can get rolled oats,
groats, rolled wheal, wheal lies, middlings and corn meal ol Gilpin's.
The snow slorm of Inst Sunday night
was a beauty In every respect, about five
that time the roads have become packed
and the sleighing is magnificent.
The Fort Steele Mercantile company
has n very beautiful line of toilet sets
initt lamps.    Call and see them.
Freshly gathered eggs from Manitoba
every week. They can be depended
upon. P. McConnell.
Have you seen lhe collection of fancy
china at Heattie's drug store. It will do
your henrt good, aud the prices are
Miss Magee, teacher of music (piano),
and painting. For terms apply Tuesday
atul Wednesday. 2 lo 4 o'clock. Hanson
Finest   anil   largest   range   of men
gloves, furnishings and blankets in Kast
Kootenny nt the   Fort Steele Mercantile
Contractor McRea returned from Winnipeg Tuesday and will remain to look
alter tbe contract held by the late Mr
Reid etui himself on the North Star
Solicitor Costignn, Constable Morris
and Magistrate Moffat wenl hunting yesterday afternoon. That is a combination that would make n deer feel like
Davy Crockett's coon.
The Ladies Aid of Knox Presbyterian
church desire to thank all those who sc
kindly assisted them in anv way in pre-
paling and cany lug through the urogram
for their recent social entertainment
Mrs. Erlcksou aud Mrs. Morrow left
for the east yesterday. Mrs. Krickson
goes lo Calgary fnr a week's visit with
friends, and Mrs. Morion* goes lo her old
home In Ontario where Bhe will remain
for two or llim- months.
Frank Sheppard nnd sister, Miss l,iz
ale Sbeppard, of Pembroke, Out., took
cburge of the remains of iheir brother
Dove Sheppard. who was fatally injured
at Fertile lust week, and accompanied
them lo lhe old home in felt) broke.
Tom Rooks, the commercial opemtot
nl lhe station, will leave this week for 11
visit of lwo weeks at his home it) Kalis
pell, Motlt. There will be some new
stories llonting around when Tutu gets
back, and it is leu to one Unit he will
get them iu without paying duly.
The Catholic concert, to be given on
ihe evening ol December aS, promises in
be n very attractive nffiir. Grent pains
ate being taken wilh the musical part ol
the program, and as there is some mosl
excellent talent in Cranbrook now, Ihe
concert will undoubtedly be n treat,
Kimberley is fortunate in having two
such magnificent hotels as ihe North
Star, managed by Harry Drew, and the
Kimberley. owned by Wellman & Ilurel
These houses would be a credit lo towi s
ten limes the size of Kimberley, nud an
managed in a manner Hint reflects great
credit upou the proprietors, It is n
pleasure lo stop at either, for lhe best i-.
none loo good for the patton. Such
men as Harry Drew and Messrs. Well
man and Ilurel nre deserving of success.
Wnnl lias been received from Winni
peg lhat there was a  rumor in thai ctlj
that  foul   play had caused llie death of
W. Si Reid,    Il is unfortunate thnt such
report should be circulated, for there
not the slightest foundation for it
The cause was plainly accidental, nnd
this fact is well known by all  iu thi*-
cash nnd a gold watch and chain on the
remains when found. The idea of foul
piny is simply preposterous under the
den. flalacrc Defeated at Slormberg.
London, Dec. 11.—A dispatch from
Molteno, Cape Colony, has just been received at the war ollice to the effect that
Gen. Gatacre has been defeated in an attempt to take Sun iniierg, nnd that he
was forced to retire with heavy loss.
The dispatch states that Gen. Gatacre
left Putter's kraal by train for Molteno,
atul ttten proceeded by forced march
twelve miles toward Stortnberg. He
had 2000 men, Including the Northum
berland Fusileers, tne Royal Irish Rifles
nnd two batteries of field artillery. The
The British were unmolested by the
Hoers until the Itoer position was reached, when a hot fire was unexpectedly
opened on the advancing column. The
engagement began at 4:15 a.m., and at
7 a.m. a sharp artillery duel look place,
the British being forced to retire. They
nre now marching towards .Molteno.
Gen. Gatacre found the enemy's position
impregnable. It wns impossible for the
British infantry to get at the Boers.
Ferule News.
Free Pi em-
Mr. R. h. Henderson shot a deer one
day this week which weighed over two
hundied pounds dressed.
Mr. Jack Pollock. Hie popular cletk of
the Royal Hotel, left yesterday morning
for Sin Deigo, Cal I fort) In, where he will
spend n couple of months before returning to Fernie.
.Messrs. Digby nnd Sivansoti have a
gang of men nt work 01. the new rink
which they arc building near the Roman
Catholic church When ready for the
skaters, the ice will be40x100 (eel, white
in front ofthe building will he comfort
able waiting rooms and other convenience 8.
British Columbia.
•PDA lVRDnni^ Is the divisional point of the Crows
■VlV^l^DIV-U-UIv Nest Pass Railroad.
Has a 10-stall round house, large machine
shops, expensive railroad buildings and extensive railroad yards.
Cranbrook 's the natural and commercial center of South East
Cranbrook 's t-"*e headquarters for wholesale houses and corporations of South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is the best starting- point for all the mining districts in
South East Kootenay.
Cranbrook Is building rapidly and her population is increasing week after
Cranbrook offers the best field today for business men, builders, contractors,
manufacturers and investors.
A M nets' Union,
Moyie Leader: About 75 working
eu principally miners, assembled at McGregor lull Wednesday evening for the
urpose of discussing ihe feasibility of
organising a branch of ihe Western
Federation ol Miners In Moyie, M. L
Hollister acted as chairman of the meet-
nil! and W. R, Hocking na secretary,
A letter bom James WilksofRosslnnd,
■ rgaimer of the Western Federation for
British Columbia, was read urgingtbnta
union he formed here aud giving the
necessary instruction-! for doing the
ame. All of the application blanks on
hind, some 30 in number, were filled out,
ami theie wus a demand for nearly as
many more, The new union promises
to alurt ont with between .v|indj6oinrm
bera, Mr. Wllkfl will be here ucxtTues-
day and will perfect the organization on
that evening.
For further information, maps and prices of lots, apply to
C. P. R. Land Commissioner,
V. HYDE BAKER, Local Agent.
Chas. Estmere...
Real Estate,
Mining Broker
Christmas Gifts.
The place to get them is at Beattie':
drug store.
Inches of the beautiful  falling.   Since community.   There was about fiao
Big Shipment ol American Beef.
Chicago,  December 10.—Twenty-four
cars, containing 750,000 pounds of can
tied beef, were slnrted for the Transvaal
yesterday by Libby, McNeil & Libby, on
a ten dnys rush order fiotu the British
government, That order Is lhe largest
ever received at tiie ^tock yard'
3H0  Empire  u?
Black Hear.
Kimberley Consolidated
Livery 3
Proprietors jt *t jt
ip *p tfi m t^f m w m m m m m m m m ** m
||    Planing Mill
if --"Sash and ::
II     Door Factory
Every Evening
lineal Sunday and Tuc.d.y,
Our aludio will be open for taking
Kimberley, B. C
Via Cranbrook
Regular   Stage   to   Kimberley
Tennis nnd drivers "uL'nishcd for nny
point iii the district
Manager   jt    jt
...Manufacturers of...
jt Doors jt Mouldings
jt   Frames   jt
Band Sawing  jt Turning
Pictures and the sale of views, to
send to your frinds at Christmas.
Always busy
the last few weeks before the holiday
season, We would emphalze the wisdom of coming NOW.
Yonr*-*, for a happy Xmaa and a pros*
perous New Year,
Photographer j


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