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Cranbrook Herald Feb 27, 1902

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HIIANi-.ttOOR,   BRITISH   COLUMBIA,   THURSDAY,   l-'l.lilil At!V   -JT,   1909.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
How. Geo. A. Cox, President. Q. R Wai,rbr, Gen .M»in
Pal' Up   Capital      SH.IIIIII.IIIIII.IIII
Real  2.iiiKi,iiiin mi
Total tUmiine* liS.llllll.OIIII.IIll
A General Banking Business Tran-wctcd.
Deposits Received.
London Agents—The Bank of Scotland.
Just Received
At the Big Store
A large assortment ol Stetson and other hats.
Also a nice line oi caps.
Our furnishing and shoe departments are
complete.    We are pleased to note  that our
trade in this line is increasing every day.'
Come in and  let us show you some  nice
shoes, hosiery, underwear, shirts, hats, caps,
collars, cuffs, ties, handkercniefs, braces,  etc.
We handle the Towns hand made brace, the
best on earth.
Our Grocery department is complete and  so well  known
there is no use Koine into detail.*.    We have in stock about
S cars ol potatoes and other vegetables, so send along your
big orders.   They will be attended to.
Fort Steele Mercantile Co, Ltd
 J. P. FINK, Manager.	
To accommodate our rapidly increasing trade %
we ere building another big store, two stories, the up- fi
per floor to be used entirely for FURNITURE. This jffi
triples the size of our present premises. If
Low Expenses, Large Sales        %
We can sell the cheapest %
Two cars unloaded in the last few days. Another of %
vehicles to arrive any time. We sell only first-class fi
goods. J
S| Cranbrook
Hotel & s
Quests Comfort s Specialty      j I
liood Stali!iiii{ in Connection    * *
Nearest tn ralltond and depot,    Tins nccomtnoda* I j
tlons fill  tht* public unequalled in Crnuhrook.
•'• • ••*••••••*
 Proprietor      J
iHU»»nt«in ->*»*fj ♦
Pioneer  Hardware Store.
A Complete Stock
Of General Hardware r-
Always on hand.    Can lit yuu uut with ('
Harness,  Robes  and  Cutters.
i )
s ,.-,,.I.r....K
Call and inspect my stock.
0. H. MINER     r,
. \
The Oldest Rstablislietl Hardware House
of South East Kootenay
Cook Stoves and
Heating Stoves
Come and see our line.   Will  make atlractivc prices to clear.
.Ind Du Honor to a it ortliy Citizen oi
Given Under the Auspices ol  the
Members ol   the M.tsonic
Tlm friends nf Q, II. Richardson did
lii in honor Inst Thursday even iug by ten*
tiering him a banqnet nt the Cranbrook
hotel, There were about 25 friends
gathered around the board, and the occasion, although mining the guest's departure from Cranbrook, a furl sincerely
regretted by nil who knew him, wns enjoyable in the extreme. Mr, Rvnn, proprietor of the hotel, and his assistant,
ThotUHB Rooks, surpassed nil former efforts of ibe bouse in ui.ii.iiin Ihe banquet
one to be remembered from an artistic
nud gastronomic standpoint. It wits n
beautiful scene presented when the doors
opened for the guests, Two long 1 aides
were dressed witli snowy white linen,
sparkling glassware and bright, new silver, wh'Ie from one end to the other
ihere wns uu artistic array ol fancy dishes
prepure.l by Chef Walcott th.it filled lhe
souls of the epicure with delight.
Dr. j 11. King presided ns chairman
and M. Rockeu'dorf as vice chairman,
ami nt the right of the chairman sat the
guest ol lhe evening. It wns nearly to
oV-lock when tbe first course was served,
and  hu   hour   or more  was given to a
reful discussion of the viands brought
lorward. When tlie fruit nud cigars had
been reached, l>r. King, In n few words,
stated the occasion of the gathering nml
then proposed the toast of "The King,"
coupled with the name oi A. L. McDermot.
"Secret Societies" was responded to
by ;A. Moffat, who nlso spoke ol the
guest mnl liis acquaintance with him.
When "Our Guest" w.is proposes, the
banqueters arose together, filled llielr
glasses and drunk lo the tune of "He's n
Jolly Good Fellow." Mr. Richardson
nude a very feeling response, say iug
tlint he Would never forget the friends
he had made in Cranbrook, nnd he
hoped that when any of them came to
Ottawa tbey would hunt htm up.
"The Crow" was ably handled by W.
!■'. Glird, who spoke of tbe early days
and liis long association with Mr. Rich-
anlsoii. A McKentle declared ihui ou-
ing to a typographical error he had sup-
p.ise.l it wns .mother McKeu/.ie, and eon
sequent!y he hid not prepaid) a long
speech. 'The Contractors" wns coupled
.Mill the names of 1*. l,uml ami J. Bieck-
enrtdgo, hut neither could be present
Mr. Lund sent ihe following however:
Mr. chairman uml Gentleman:   If 1
had been allowed to choose 11 subject on
which to speak, it woutd have been
something not so closely connected with
my own vocation, as you will understand 11 is much easier to t.iik about
other peoples' business than your own
The contractor's 1 Jt is not nlwnys easy,
and his pathway is seldom strewn with
loses, and most generally, instead of
lolling 111 wealth, he is often rolling in
gUUlbo, ban) pan, ceiucuU-d gravel and
until slides He is one ot those unfortunate, but buppy Individuals, who, ac*
cording to the magnitude ot his business,
perhaps thinks less about (be dollars
nmI cents envolved than nny oilier class
of bn-iiueis man Let ilu- niu.uut of
money involved be ever so great, the
ihi 11 g foremost in the mind ot the average successful contractor is the satisfactory progress und successful completion
ol ins contract, a successful con tracti r,
yon will admit, must lie endowed with
uo ordinary ability, lie Ins to deal on
the one hai d with the elements, unfavorable I'onihiions of climate, changing
[owns, unbroken nnd almost Impenetrable country, and also that most useful
md ornamental animal commonly called
111 America ibe government mule; to say
nothing about thai most desirable ami
useful clttseu, the D.igo; to that acute
nnd releulle&l personage of tunny lives
ami figures, the civil engineer, and the
bloated bondholder and capitalist. A
contractor would go broke as a grocery*
man, :ih Ins stock in trade would soon
vanish innl go into the larders of his
more providing neighbors, and he would
not feel it worth his while to ask for his
pay, being a mere trifle. Neither would
he make n good farmer, as lie would not
be willing to wail for the frost to disappear and lhe mud lo dry up, and uftet
seeding would uoi be willing to stand
Idly by for six months for the crop to
grow und ripen, niul would likely get
Impatient and plow tho whole thing
under; and Ibeu in case of drouth would
be unwilling to wall for thai long looked
lor shower, but would perhaps send his
freight tenuis to town tiud load them
with giant powder for the purpose of
bombarding the heavens for the surrender of Hint coveted shower, thus blowing
llie entire price of his crop up in smoke
uud thunder,   Had it not been for the
western contractors, such men ns Dan
McG ill very, Billy Reid and John O'Neil,
tg ' to their immortal souls), and men
like Jim McDonell, Dave Mc Death,
"Boomer" E<an, Major Bowles and
■'Crooked" Nelson, Bliss Rogers would
slill be fishing on the batiks of Lake
Superior, Jim Hill would siiii be driving
a .(ray wagon on the streets tif St. Pauli
the city of Cranbrook would not be on
tlie map and the Cratiiirook Herald
would lie burled for ever ui Wardner on
the banks of the Kootenu , and the editor WOUld still be singing "What nre tbe
Wild Waves Saying" On the ever shifting
sands of Cape Nome.
"The Press" was given a new turn by
J Hutchison, who characterised himself
as "only a sapling in the vineyard of
western Canadian journalism," and made
a great hit wiih his speech
K. 10 Beattie, as he always does, made
a good talk on the toast "Before and
Alter Taking—lhe Crow," and bad good
words for the guest.
"Our Growing Towns" was responded
to by F. K, Simpson.
When Vice-chairman Rpckendnrf had
completed his announcement of the
toast ''What It Costs to Know Me," and
called upon II Haines, of the Canadian
Bank of Commerce, those present were
ready for something good, aud they
got it.
A. Dick told a good Scotch story in a
good Scotch way.
"Why We Cuine to Cranbrook" was
responded to in a most fining manner
hy W. T. Reid and G. T. Rogers.
After drinking a toasl lo "Uncle Jim"
Ryan, the host, the guests dispersed,
uud what is generally conceded to be one
of the finest banquets ever given in
Cranbrook went into history wiih the
dying of the electric lights.
IV    Uti   OFF    CUBA.
A   HOT   KIlASr.
A Prince Albert Paper Dues After Ihe Alabama Warblers.
The Herald had a notice last week
about the Alabama Warblers, a company that is billed to appear in Cranbrook early next month, t'nat waB more
or less favorable. Since then we have
found out that the company has not been
giving satisfaction lu some places ns is
evidenced by notices printed, The Herald has uo desire to mislead the people
of Cranbrook, or be the means of sending people to any entertainment bv misrepresentation, Therefore, we print tbe
following from the Prince Albert Advocate for lb-, UeueOl v>( (lU1 re ..K..-,.
Speaking of the Alabama Warblers,
which appeared in the Neepawa opera
house heie a few weeks ago, the Piince
Albert Advocate says: The "famous"
Alabama Warblers struck town last Friday tnurmng, and a hot bunch they
proved to be, The performance given
in the town hall Friday evening was
something of the Bowery onlci. Il
commenced with a ragliuie musical
election, aud wound up near midnight
with a 25 cent lecture—to meu only—
when the houchie couch ie and other kigh
class, select performances were given.
Sonic of the performances should not be
permitted on the Canadian stage. With
tlie exception of one or two vocal selections aud McKanlass' performance un
the violin, which were really meritorious,
the performance was, lo use u vulgarism,
"ou the hog." The prices of admission,
75 cents, ami it for reserved seats, were
altogether too high, and us a consequence
there was au   abundance of emptp seats.
The most amusing part was the way
some of our "leadiug citizens" bustled
their wives and sweethearts home from
the concert, and the Celerity they displayed iu getting inn k tu llie ball, Tney
didn't waul to miss the lecture, you
Win  lie Didn't Jump.
Here is one tbat a young man who
knows a gootl story when he hears it
beard one railroad uian tell auother in
a depot ou the line the oilier day ;
"We picked up a new Irishman somewhere up the country ami set I.1111 lo
work hrnkiu' on a construction train nl
three cents a mile for wages, One day
when him un' me was 011 lhe train she
got away ou one o' them mountain
grades   and   the   first thing we kuowed
ihe was flyin'down the track at about
ninety miles au   hour, with   nolhin'    in
ight bul the tlilcb am) the happy huutlti'
rouudfl  when   we   com* to tlie ead.   I
twisled 'em down us haul as I could   all
long the   tops and then of a   sudden I
see Mikecrawlin' along towards the end
of one of the cars on   all lours, wiih   his
lace the color of milk,    I thought he was
geiiiu' ready to jump an' 1 see his linish
11   he did.
" 'Mike,' I says,   'foi God's sake don't
"He clamps his fiugers 011 the runnin'
board to give him a chance to turn round
and, lookin' at me contemptuous, answers :
" 'Jump, is it t Do yet think I'd be
aftber juinpin' an me umktn' money as
last as I am ?' "
Broke Her Wrist.
Last Sunday a parly of Cranbrook
people drove out to the Mission. The
hills were covered with Ice, and it whs
thought best to have the ladies in tlie
rig get out nnd walk. During their
progress down the hill, Mrs. II. McVittie slipped ami leli, striking on her face
and left wrist. As a result she received
several bail bruises, and the bones of h-r
wrist were factored. She was brought
home ns soon as possible, and Dr. King
palled, who attended to the injury, nnd
now she is doing as well ns might be ex*
peeled under the circumstances,
lit-orge Morrow Wrlles ei  the Couotry sad
tbe People.
The Iletitld readers will be pleased to
read the following letter written to G.
H Miner by G I. Morrow who left
Cranbrook nearly a year ago to tnke a
responsible position on a Cuban railway
under construction:
Sin I.uis, Feb. it, 1902.
Dear Mr, Minei I have no doubt you
have long since given up all hope of
hearing from me, so do not drop dead
when yon receive Ihis letter. I must
confess, however, lhat I have not kept
my promise, but the fact ofthe matter is
I have so much writing to attend to that
my personal correspondence has been
Well, "(i. H.," to begin with, I da not
like this country as well as I might, or
ruiher lhe people. The island ami climate is all right, the soil, 1 suppose, is
lhe richest on earth, and if it was ouly
properly cultivated each and every land
owner would lie wealthy. But the native Cuban is simply no good. About
two-thirds of the population on Ihis end
of the inland are darkies, and the remaining one-third is very little better,
su you can imagine what kind of people
they are.
We are gettiug along very well with
the railway construction just now, aud if
nil goes well expect to have the rails on
Ibe main line laid by lhe first of July.
There are no chalices for making money
along this road like the old Crow. The
laborers employed are principally Spaniards and Cubans, and receive the large
sum of fi per day and board themselves.
But, of course, iho foremen and overseers, who are principally Americans,
are fairly well paid. As for myself, 1 am
getting a good salurj, but 1 can tell you
1 have many kinds of accounts to look
after, and up to the present time seem
to be giving good satisfaction, I have
been offered a good position on the road
when construction is completed, but
hnve not yet made up my mind whether
I shall accept it or not. The fact of the
mutter is I may be back in Crauhrook
before next Christmas if things look at
al) bright in the old town.
Now old man, as to yourself, I hope
you have had a successful year's business
and will continue to sell stoves and tea
pots in the old stand until your business
will have grown to such magnitude that
you will be forced to move into more
commodious premises. Kindly reiuem-
mi.   tn   ull tbe buys, young unit old
Tell tlii'in I have not the time to write,
but often think of "Beautiful Cranbrook"
ami the ninny kind friends Mrs, Morrow
and myself took leave of on the first of
June last.
1 would like you to drop me a line
sometime, letting me know how things
are iu British Columbia, and what the
prospects nre for the coming year, With
kindest regards to Mrs. Miner aud yourself. Youis truly,
G. L. Morrow,
He (lues Back to  North Bay as Assistant
Two weeks agoG. J. Bury, superintendent of the Crows Nest division, went to
Wiuuipeg to attend the annual meeting
of the officials. A few days later word
was received in Cranbrook to the effect
thut Mr. Bury would not return as he
has been appointed assistant superintendent of the Lake Superior division, with
headquarters at North Bay. This is
quite an advancement for Mr. Bury, aud
is a material recognition on tbe part ot
his superiors of his ability as a railroad
man. Mr. Bury came to the Crow from
Fort William, where he was divisional
superintendent, aud his record 00 this
division has been a remarkably good
oue, as he found plenty to do to improve the service and to place the road
in better condition, lie has been eminently successful in both, and at the
same time has won the confidence ofthe
business men along the line who soon
found out that Mr. Bury was a man who
did something. Complaints that went
to him were not pigeon holed. They
were investigated, and where it was the
company's fault, it was rectified at once.
Although Ihe people of Cranbrook are
pleased to hear of his advancement, yet
tbey regret the departure of himself and
estimable wife, iih both had become well
known and well liked, and will be greatly missed.
Mr. Bury will assume his new duties
nt once, and Mrs. Bury and lhe children
expect to leave next Tuesday.
R. K. Jamison ol Farnhaiii, will succeed Mr. Bury, ami J. T. Arundel, ofthe
enr service, is here at present acling until Mr. Jamison anives. There will be
no changes in Mr. Buiy's old staff ut this
Odd Fellows Lodge at Ferale.
A number of Odd Fellows nf Moyie and
Cranbrook lodges went to Fernie Monday evening and installed a new lodge iu
that town to be known as .Mount Fernie
lodge, No. 47, The boys worked all
night,'in fact ditl not finish, bul had to
rush from the hall to lhe station to catch
the train. A fine supper was served sl
the Royal about ia o'clock, sm) i-early
Ho people sat down. The supper was
kindly given by that prince of good fel
lows, William Tutlle, who refused to ac
cept a ceut from the new lodge.   The
I Fernie boya gave the visitors a hearty
welcome and made their visit a pleasant
one in every way,
J, C. Drewery Talks at Length to the
Montreal Herald.
Shows Why  the Coming  Season
Should be   a   Prosperous
"Mining in British Columbia i^iym
was carried on under most trying conditions, among which might be mentioned serious labor troubles, excessive
freight and treatment charges, especially
on silver-lead ores, and the remarkable
fall iu price of both lead ami copper.
"That the industry was able to survive '-under these conditions is but an
additional proof ofthe wonderful extent
and richness ol the mineinl deposits of
that province."
The above remarks were made by Mr.
J. C. Drewry, of Russian.I, B. C„ the
managing director of the Canadian Gold
Fields Syndicate, Ltd,, and a director ol
the St. Uugene Consolidated Mining Co.,
Ltd , nt the Windsor Hotel, last evening, in response to a query by a Herald
representative as to how mining matters
were progressing il British Columbia.
Continuing, Mr. Drewry said :—"The
strike is practically at an end ; the mines
are uow running full handed, and tbe
output for 1903 will be greater than any
previous year. For several years lhe
charge rande by the British Columbia
smelters for freight and treatment on
silver-lead ores has been twenty dollars
per tou. This excessive freight ami
treatment charge, coupled with the low
price of lead in 1901, caused many mines
to close down.
"On January 1st, 1902, the Btitisli
Columbia smelters announced a reduction of from three to four dollars per ton
for freight and treatment charges on
silver-lead ores, aud as the price of lead
is now steadily advancing, the mines will
be in a position to resume operations.
In Decembe-i, 1900, the Iinglish price
for lead was /"18 per ton, In January,
lyoi, the price began falling until it
went down to / iu per ton, aud has duct*
uated around lhat figure until within
the last few weeks. It Is now steadily
advancing, the present quotation being
j£ti 128. 6d.
"Another very serious drawback has
been the fact tbat the silver-lead smelters
of British Columbia have not been able
to handle the entire output of tlie mines,
and a large tonnage had to be shipped to
United States and European points nt
the expense of heavy freight charges.
"For example, the St. Eugene mine,
at Moyie, last year shipped 11,000 tons
of silver-lead concentrates to Antwerp,
paying J17 per ton for freight alone.
These concentrates were smelted and refined in Antwerp ; the pig lead was then
turned into white aud red lead, and
several thousand tous of these products
shipped back to Canada, again paying
heavy freight charges, The mine owners
of British Columbia felt that their ores
should be smelted and refined io Canada,
and made representations to the Dominion Government to help out the industry.
The Government recognized the difficulties under which the industry was
laboring, and granted a measure of relief In the way of a bounty for the production of pig lead in Canada. To my
mind, the relief granted was inadequate,
and should be doubled.
"The Canadian Pacific Railway Company realized tbe importance of keeping
the mines running, so as to provide tonnage for their railway, aud, to help oui.
have started the erection of a lead refinery in connection with their smelting
works at Trail, B. C. The refinery will
be ready for operating about May 15th,
and, although but a small plant, will lie
increased from time to time to meet thc
needs ofthe country. It Is undoubtedly
a step in tbe rigbt direction, und, in the
near future, the silver-lead ores of
British Columbia will be smelted and refined in their own province, building up
great home industries, and resulting in
substantial profits lo thc mine owners.
"Canada is at present a large importer
of white aud red lead. As soon as tbe
refinery is completed at Trail, B. C,
Canada will produce her own pig lead,
and naturally it will be corroded at home
aud turned into white and red lend, not
only for home consumption, but also for
export. British Columbia produces the
raw material in rapidly Increasing quantities, and within a few years Canada
should be an important factor In supplying the while lead markets of the world.
Thus It is that the developement of one
industry leads to the establishing of
others, each doing im part towards the
Upbuilding of Canada and adding to the
wealth of the nation.
"Tbe settlement of labor troubles, the
lowering    of    freight    and    treatment
charges on silver-lead ores, the recovery
in price of both lead and copper, nnd
the building of the lead refinery at Trail
have all tended to materially brighten
the prospects for profitable mining in
British Columbia, ami 1903 bids fair to
be a banner year.
There are other re.isnns. too. why
this should be so. The mining boom
came ou us with a rush. Canadians
knew practically nothing ol mining, nnd
were forced to depend largely on the
wily   American.    The   past, five    years
have been years of education Experience has been gained, but it had to be
paid for. Canadians have taken up
mining in earnest, and McOill and tlie
Toronto Schools of Science are turning
mil a large number ot good, honest, capable mining engineers and metallurgists,
who can be depended  upon lo Bdfegusrd
the interests of Canadian investors and
lend their valuable aid in the carrying
on of mining operations on a legitimate
uud business-like basis.
"The Canadian Pacific Railway Com*
pany realize the importance ofthe mineral industry, aud have spent millions
of dollars iu opening up Southern Brit*
ish Columbia, Tbe cost of coke is nu
impotlant item in tbe smelting of British Columbia ores. The coke used ii
made by tbe Crow's Nest Pass Coal
Company at Fernie, B, C. Within the
past few week*, ibis company have cat
tne price ol eke down to $4, a reduction of 751 per ton; and the C, P. K
have granted .1 reduction of jo per cent.
in freight on coke from Fernie to all
smelters in the province.
"These tacts aie mentioned to show
that conditions foi profitable mining are
becoming more and more favorable, and
lead to the belief that British Columbia
is entering upon n new era of prosperity,
"Many mining stocks are now quoted
at below their real value, while others
are quoted nt figures altogether Inflated
and Unjustifiable, The weeding on: process Is steadily going on. an.l investors
nre rapidly learning to distinguish between the companies who are mining the
public ami those engaged In mining
K    MOT    TIME.
Several British Colombia Solans let Like
SOitii.l Bo>j .
Victoria, Feb 24 —Tiiere was a disgraceful sc ne in the provincial lenisla-
lure this afternoon, Ktch-ird McB-ide,
leader of the npposi'ton. Jos Martin.
leader nf the party   formerly the opimi-i-
tion but which voted with tbe government last session, and Smith Curtis, formerly Martin's tint lieutenant, engaging
in what narrowly averted bt-ing a fist
fight. Il was over the sea*, in '.he house
usually allotted to tbe leader of ihe opposition. McBride took it when he entered the chaml>er, and whe*; Martin arrived there was a wordy war. McBride
held the seat until the chaplain arose to
read tbe prayers. The new leader of the
opposition arose aiso. andMirtin slipped
into the chair. Smith Curtis threw him
back and Martin's followers sprang forward. It came within an ac; of being a
list fight but resulted in a war of words.
The discussion lasted all afternoon. Finally by motion the members Wire ordered to take their old seats and the house
adjourned till tomorrow.
Enid Marlla Concert Company
Music lovers are promised quite a
treat on Friday evening, March 7, in the
Presbyterian church. The Enid Martin
Concert company has been enthusiastically received in the coast cities. The
Vancouver World says of Enid Martin:
"She possesses a fall, sweet voice of excellent range and fit sib litv. Her tone,
production and expression are careful
and well trained Undoubtedly she possesses a fine voice." M. Marches!, the
world renown teacher, s-.ys of Enid Martin: "Her success as a vocal artiste is
assured." Of Mr. Fellows Hanson the
Nanaimo Herald says: "He has a rich
baritone voice, with exceptionally good
lower notes. One 0! his encores,
"Rocked in the Cradle of '.he Deep,"
was simply a perfect rendering, and
brought out all the beauty of that old
favorite " Mr. Edgar Bolli, a graduate
of the Royal Academy of Music, London, Eng., accompanies Mr. and Mrs.
Hanson as pianist. He has already won
his laurels in British Colombia Ofthe
organ recital al the Presbyterian church
at Vancouver, the Dally World myv.
"Mr. K. Boylii, L R. A. M„ accompin-
ied in his usual delightful manner. It is
a treat to hear accompaniments s*. well
played." Do not forget the date and
place. See dodgers for fuller notice.
Tickets 75 and 50 cents. Make no oilier
engagement for thai night.
Settling On lhe Prairie.
J. W. Robinson returned last week
Irom Canlston, N. \V. T., where he had
been buying horses for the lumber company. He says that there is every evidence of an early spring on the prairie,
and the farmers are getting ready frr it.
He says within a distance of 20 mitts
north of Macleod there hnve been ,y>o
families come in and located oq lands.
"The prairie country is building up very
rapidly," suit! Mr. Robinson, "and in
consequence it is going to be a better
lumber market than ever before The
men coming in nre experienced tanners
with rnpital, and they will do won.lets
fn the way of developing that pari of
4 i
F.ULof an.I Proprietor
iU'.M.S ur  at 1! iUHlPTlO-S:
Ttie Herald tteiln - lu i;lve the iw»
district, if you kimu .... ilm il y-.u
your mine oi youi people, aeuJ tt i» this
titti I
-  i.ai I
Do You Take The Herald?
You should if you don't. It gives the news ol
the district. It works for the district. It is
owned by the editor and not by any clique or
taction. It is worth $10.00. It costs only $2,111)
Urt.t H.rlug. ..I Canadian, -lli'-lr Con-
Iri 1. B.0O.U iu Sou. ..» 111. I"*.'
(It. Olubo   t*urui..uuCoui*>ttrl,oo.Qtv.
L'« .,. ......  llrnui   1USI. Ol   Our   ..reus
Sll. .p.Mlbllltlu, uf 111. i......i. r-
Canndlans hum the greatest uti.l
richest country In possibilities upon
thla continent. How greul ..„sl vast
those Inlcrcsls ...-.- ...i. bo gulherod
in it tiiuiiili-l' tn.,,, ,!,.■ lollowlng slu-
ttaltca sclecti'd nfter *i.l.;■--..i ,-.---.-..r.-l.
I, „„
la   I.n
trora Vi..,....
Outturn  ss
■qti.iie  Ulllui
lollowlliu Kline,
York',   -.11,170 mi
chtisotta, 8,1115;
New Jersey,   7,H
Pennsylvania,   I.".
lilO.  li.tlla.tsu. 111!
5l)o   sqiim- Isi
ol    2011,070    ..i,i
whti-h wo can ■
tho following ...I
Delaware, 2.0.-.U
trlct „l Coliltulii
il,   l.-'.M'
,  210,1 I
Afn-r iu-.-l.Klil
■till   alloril
lOILVO     Mhi,ll
lurge    us   \e
sqsuiic miles,
4,000 aqilare utiles
closely   ...,-,.. M-.1-    Q'
y.ooo square miles lu
Province nl Ontario, t
KOO   Rqunro   miles.    '
viures in,ti,..I, wllh 11,
possessing an ars-u ol
miles, total  BIM.liOO
ami    is    us    largo
following tVestern Sin
raUu,   108,1126    s,|tlal',
R.l.HIU,  square   miles;
(i.-.O    Square    miles;
square miles! Kansns,
miles;    JJlchignii,    .'."
miles;      M HU,.       .
miles; Ohio, ll.iii'.li
Oregon, uti.OltO ssiiia,
Dakota, 70.7t.r, squat-
64.1,70 a nu miles;
square miles lo sparo.
Territory    alono   co,
Bi|S,un; miles; tliis „,-,
three provinces nlreni
by the
..us Itath.i ,,
Uo Profited
Sir Allan „..->ttb u 1,
. Canny Scot   ll
b. Getting
E.ici,i-|o,lists,   always  looking    lur
lu-.s sculins, Is...e begun tu sun, their
atletsli.,,, tsi l,s,,i.l„,„ l'urk, says Tlie
Toronto    Olobe.    L'ertiaps it    could
si-ar.ely be correctly  described ns   a
ness- BCenu, for even tltu-ltig the occupancy     ..I tlie lulu Senator  MehuieS
...i ursloulsts   wen-   uccnslonally    ul-
loiveil to use the grounds.    Since it
li.,-   become Hamilton's public park
ore attracted those    In
 Hug.    N.i 11,>„lii    ii
>l........   ut   S -i,t;   tl.e  sin.,. Air
Over  .,„;.,.,.
grlttdtug up
Sll fell
il.   I,„.
see rel,
lernl ilu
i- how (,,i
v in obhiiii
•nilllll nil re,
it   i,l
„i when ,t
ii,IS    lull   I.
Ik sviili li
■ big l
tulr    .su
..ii hour.
through, cut
A single beaver
us., uniptttiitus
stonies down the
ami bu... ii ru-
.. bark uml the
will bring
ul i
large tr
iis' nu„le tn Ihelr
ml  Ihought,     ,1,.
ever ,
it leu
,ls ri
lhe u
along wi,In.i,I  il    As a pr
, little to ho desired.   Will
,,, li,
i/..; I'	
■s;   I,lulu.
II   Imiili
f   ten-it.
imed. gives
l-o miles or
r con,parley    larger
,   slier,, liens nf  llie  llll, Innnl
Iron, while ihe onlis thul climb lhu
sleeps tloKcondiiig  to  llurlinglon Day
llle        fines,      V nils    l||.|,     well!    Oltl
When Hi- sile nl 11i. mils.... wns still
nn unbroken por, in,, ,,f nature's domains. 'I'lie soil of ,l,e park seems
rn l,e particularly well Bulled for
in-, growth, fur ev,.„ the rhestntit,
whirl, ni,.\ be regarded ns un exotic,
here sh.iws nn unnsllnl development.
I, is „.i, ,l,e mere enhhagp-shaped '
growth wiih which we ure most fisni-
llinr,     lun  a greiit-nrincd monarch,
nren nt lawn.
'In ii few. however, lhe castle will j
always be tin- chief atlrncllon, or its
associations ut  lens,  in l.e the chief j
iInuiii. of ,1,eir thoughts while ihero, ;
A   pint inn  nf  ii   is  now  used us    u '
museum, but n plensantor occupation I
limn thul   nf peering nl   ostrich eggs
,,d Chinese   coins is the repoopling
f Ihese lolly hulls uml  rooms will,
lhe fur,„s of another generation,
llr,   ll.iilrinnl   tells   us.   in   Hie     uil-
tress delivered on lhe orcaslon of
lie ileilieulioi, nf iiie pnrk, lliiil Sir
All,,,, MucNiib hml mu I ibe bust-
Scotch nice from whirl, he sprang.
"II ns   l.e railed u  Canadian cpl-
itieui enjoy life dny by day was his
motto." Mr. Dent, in his history of
,In- Canadian rebellion, suss ihnl
Mr. lunrNi.li, whonV, lirst cime Into
„i-i i'lelilitl protnlnenro, wus "nn l,n-
lieiiiniiuis lawyer" in Ilumillon, and,
however nourishing I,is prospecls bo-
rnme,   II   is In  he feared  thai   Impe-
, '    t   fuels    about
iin- rapidity wiu,
chlsul-shnped lee Is
un injury. 1 liuse
i> break their tooth
uml when l caught
days nfterwiird vou
[gn ..f the break -
th liml gruwn mu tn tliolr
perfection  in  thul short per-
colnparod  will,  thu utter    or
the lieuver is U Very Slow
",'. His front legs hung bv
is. uud he uses only Ills Web-
lll feel for pUI'POSeS Ol SW,lllll is easy ti, capture on., iu
e il ynu cnn [ind him in shoal
He    is   ii most dcturmtned
ngnln le
Look lor thc
:: :
, . I CITV 0P_
ij     VVONDKR.
jj   PROGRESS,   ,
Backed by the Payrolls of Two Gigantic Coal Companies
and the Copper and Kennedy Mountain Mines	
At the
The Wentworth Hotel
| Vroom & Dezall
j .
:    Blacksmiths!
Horse Shoeing  j
Carriage Repairing and       j
(ieneral Jobbing.... j
ilitislile Orders Promptly ♦
A11 nodal io. I
Iml   ulnit
al ens:
Willi hi
n I.'i: ii
If he inuiii net  hold ..I you
teeth he would almost take
I. st. you want to watch him
'i'he pluru to mitb hiui ih
i ut ('inuiii^'
Idcrod, viz.
All li
lt;,y, 8511,000
iit.lOt       innl
atod In above,
■  Oroat Lakes
ttmu  Aluskti,    by      0
inllofl. Hut a larger
htill reiiiulns In he
Manitobu, 7-3,05(1 Mp
•Inibola, 8U.68B Kiiin
katchewan, 107 09.
Keewatin, SRii nun *•<
berta.    J 00,  s.|iiit
baska,     10*1,500 Brjui
tory east <.f Kecwiitl
Hudson Day, 100.801
territory   ol Hudson
square miles;      Islam
northwost, not enuiD
800,000    squnro mill
ami niver St.  Lnwrcnco,    not     ir
eluded in above, 47,400 square miles;
Prince Edward Island, 3.000 square
ml lea; New Brunswick, D8.200 squuro
miles;  Nuvn Bcotla,  20,000    square
Students of tlio Canadian situation win best undorstnnd the magnitude «'f Lhe herltngo the llritish in
the pust have been so cnroless about,
and are now at Lhls dny growing so
eollcltoue for, by comparing the
Canadian areas with thoso of the
United Kingdom Ittcll and the European nations, All Britain nnd Ireland, for example, contal i " ":-"
iquare mllas; Knglniul
08,8X1; Scotland, UO,'.
82,582, nnd the island
entire men. if it
'The ability of u beaver to re-
iiuiiu under water for a loiiK time is
really not so tough a problem us it
looks. When the lake or pond is
frozen over the beaver will come to
the under surface of the ice und ex-
pol his breath, so thut it will form
ii will.-. Hat bubble. The air. coming iu contact witli tho ice und water, is purified und tlie beaver
breathes it aguin. Thla operation
lie -un repeat several times, The
otter and thu muskrat do the Bamo
Surveys „,	
Land Purchases,
MininK Claims,
Etc., made by contract.
P. n. Perl Steele, B. C.
st   lulsr
ill.l       Wules,
;:,;    frolainl,
:;n-j.    'Ilns
ne sot down
I  lei
not  very
still unto
in On,inin,
from halt tho Provl
e,l -• plenty nl inin
(nr another EiiRlnn,
land,     Tbo   whole
Kingdom ami lrel.in
be dinnpod Into I
would take up less
tbat Province. Icavl
area big enough to
same twice over, wl
oou squnro miles ti
Ontario   alono,
miles, is bigger tlm
000  Biplaro miles;  '
000 siplnl-o    miles;
..pints,  milos;   S|uiili
Ontario and Quebec nlnne. -.47,1110
lilies, aro bigger than    Aus*
es end  Ire
.1.   II
n tl
I.I     nl
ng 1,1
in (in
sin lho
iii ii
ol t:o,-
n   I'r
^1 -.-
v.      II .1.0(10
, is-L
111   squ
of his buoyancy and optitu
owed his start In life, Mr, Oenl says. I
to tho circumstauco ihnl ho was sent j
m Jail. Being summoned to give |
evidence bofore n Parliamentary com- ;
mil lee as to the exhibition of the '
effigy nf Sir .Inlin Cnlhorne In the
streets of Hamilton, hn refused to \
answer certain questions, und was
committed to jail for contumacy. Ho
spent ten days there, and wns th.'n j
released. fie wns rweivod ns a ,
martyr to Toryism, nnd Air. Oenl. !
rlei-lnres thnt his whole subsequent !
siicressfnl future had iis roots In this
Incident. "Ily iis aid," Mr. Dent
says, "he successfully became a member of lho Upper Canadian Parlia-
nienl, Speaker of the Assembly, Conv
innndor-ln-Ohlef of llie Upper Ca»-
itdinn land forces during the .***«1
lion, Knight, Queen's Cnuns •' *»i- • -
her of tlio Uniled Ptirliiiimml if '. n-
a'ht, leader of the Tory party In the
Cnnadlnn Leglsljiture, Premier, Prn-
Bidenl of the t-oitncil nnd Minister of
Aprt-iilhire. Union.-t. Ilononiry Colonel in the British Army. Alde-de-
Ciunp io.ihe Queen, Speaker of (he
rz-glRlntivi- Council He nlcn became
father-in-law tn n Peer nf (he realm,
nnd died Sir Allan MacNab of Him-
These nie nnt (he usi.nl consequences of getting in ii.il. but Sir
Allnn seems fo hnve been mi" of tin*
few who profited by (tint experience.
There seems fo he practical unanimity nmnng the historians that his
nbllltics wore nol commensurate with
Hi.* high position he attained, although Mr. If. J. Morgan In his
"Blographlcfl of Celehrnted Cnna-
dlnns,"     writing during Sir Allan's
lifetime,      snys     he  wns  "one  of  the
greatest men Unit Canada possesses
nv haa produced." Mr Morgan
would probably modify this slate-
meiit wore he writing (odny, Mr.
Bourinot quotes from Mr, Fennlngs
Taylor snuie passnges Uml lei uh Into the Bocrel of Sir Allan's Influence
among his fellow-men, unit una of
these particularly gives us the required insight.
"To  n  soldierly  franliness  of    de-
•apturcd bcav-
-uiltrht tin old one und
two kittens up the north brunch of
the Soti-West, put them In n barrel
nnd brought them down to Mlram-
Ichi Luke. That night she gnawed
.i hid.- through the barrel, and
cleared out. leaving her kittens,
Thus weru so youns that 1 had no
way of feeding them, so 1 released
them in the hope Unit the mother
might find them. Soon after that
1 caught a big male beaver. 1 made
j, large lug pen** for him of drv
spin.■.'. hut tho seeonrt nlirht he cut
„  log ami disappeared.
"Heavers, when alarmed, irenernlly
idake up stream, su I went to the
brook where n liltle branch eumo
in.  Ulld I thought 1 would co up that
;, little way. and I hadn't none more
than ten rods before I came across
m,V hid silting up lu the bed of the
linn.k having a lunch ok n slick he
had cut. Uf actually looked us if
he knew he wns plu.ving truant when
he caught     sight ol me out if the
»f hi
i   "i pic
cull      blm      up bv  the toll,
i I"'";    "
1   tresl	
hln, bnek, pui bin, in thc
ippliod him with plenty of
ilur,  uml lie seemed us tame
!   us   piissi
Ue.  and   never gave me uliv
I more  Ir
i in Hint,
iHblo, 1 brought hit,, out
....     whom he lived for    a
. Contractor
and Builder   .«
Ill work guaranteed.   Sec ns helere
ynu huild-   Ii will pay you.
Cranbrook, B L
Surrounded by
iti.- following...
And fine Agricultural
Country. Large herds oi
In Abundance, with a ell-
mate „i„,ii.-i Southern
as.J all that could be
ASM1MOI A is owned and backed by ttie payroll of the Sltnllkameen Valley
Coal Company, Limited, which is a guarantee In Its self
of its success. The equipment and development ol their
coal mines, installing of water, electric light and power
plants arc already arranged for. The development of thc
Ashnola Coal Company's Mines by the Eastern capital
ists, who have established their payroll al Ashnola, make
it the coming city ol lhc interior ol British Columbia.
Lots in Ashnola are Safe Investments
h- ti
In blocks I to 4 and 13 to 20 the price will be advanced
25 per cent, per month until May 1, l"02, and to 10 per
cent, in the remaining blocks.   The present price is from
$50 to $225, 25 per cent, cash, 3, 6 and 9 months with
out interest. * j
Arrangements are already completed for 8 buildings includinc-
cottages for the employees of the company at Ashnola.   This
work will be under full headway by May 1st.     The company's
stock is now selling at $1, 10 per cent, down, balance in 9 equal
George Laurie has wood
of all lengths. See him
before buying.
•i I lier
biggesl State
triu-lliiiisiny. 21
Sweden nud Nm v
mllos, uml "ll Uu
Europe put tne.-'
of the ul.snc.    Tl
Europe ,- llitssln,   com, ,,,- al '
n 041,BOO  si,uere  mil'--.     Oltr  Nnrt.li-
w'e»t   Territories.   00(l,<     squar-i
miles, Minn a mul Northwest ills
trlcts, enumerated above, l<H7.71:1
■quart, mllos, lo.ol 2.02»,78H square
miles, use big enough to swallow all
Uussiu in Pturupn. and leave 'hi.ptl
HI,Ies     to     spurn,    nil   Unused       nfcu
greisin- Uuni nil Prance ami Oormnny
put together,
I„ s mlng up. "ne must nnt overlook llto   im ie e   possibilities    lu
commerce in connection witli this
vast territory. We nuiBl not torget
the valuable wealth in nur fores,s,
In gold, silver u„d othor minerals.
our extensive fisheries, und huge
areas nf tortllo wheat lands. line
cnn scarcely comprehend in a newspaper article what nn enormous heritage Canadians possess, much of It
yel lo be I pled uml doveloped.
Ull Ull  I
nlfeele.l.   thor
pliyalc.il ti.lv,,
vs.   "suited
■ li Iii irn
were  ndile.l
lung linn' Turnbull hull a mongrel
dug.   Which  wus  jealous of lhe  t.i.-nV-
or. mul .nie day attacked blm. He
did ihu, only once, for the beaver
nippod lho dog's lull oh* qlllelior'n ti
cat ('nuId catch a mouse."—From
Hod  uml  til,,,. 	
N.,.n,.npBr .,1... In   l-olili...
Nearly every newspaper mall Is    in
politics.     Ibe huge majority ol then,
Undertaking; And
Graduate of Champion college of V. .s
Oflice uml st"ue. Aiken hloek,
near Canadian Bank nl Commerce, Cranbrook, It C
Uphelaterlng and liccral Furniture Repairing
Will attend to any work in the dist
politics to
mi tin-,,- nv
I., so  they
o usually success-
i cuse in thc post.
is Ims boon 111
umongsl llie successful political
,is scores have won high places,
lose'pl, II.iiv.-. tieorgu Brown, William l-you Mackenzie, Alenuiilcr
Mnckenzlu, uud Inter Sir Wilfrid
Laurier, sir Mackenzie Unwell, lb
\V, s fielding, linn Oeorgo B. Foster, li I. I. Tnrlo, lion. tl.    w
Hns.. I Inn .1. It. Stratton, Messr»
I'nriuolee, 11.ilmes. uliser. E. 1'
t'l.nl.e, II. I.. Ili.lii.iilsim, uml others
it, lliimluion politics, us well us Hen
I'. tlrnhuin, Tbos. II. Preston. A.
pattullo, II. .1. I'oUyploco, S. llus
sell. .1   A. A,,1,1. t'nl   Matheson,    of
ul   tlie
itlie   ni
NBJ.snre-.   fill.,   ( Illinl..
The llrsl   Church  nl  Fn-lnml  built
In  Nup.i   wns   in   18.10 nml   18117,
Join, .:,l.l..,i.l wns .ui.. nf Um carpenters In the linlsblng. 'flu' llrsl Wes-
levsn Church sens built ill lull end
IH-lll. Ilonlol McLlver ims one nl
th4 carpenters. So wus Mr, (lih-
bord. Ilnlyul Conger, nnolher old
resident, wns ime of lie' masons, 'lho
lirst Methoills, Rplscopnl t'li.irih w„. ^^
cummeni'i.il   in   IH'l'l  nml   Imislusi    ,n '_
IH'7.     It.     wns   popularly   kliinlll   us Mlll.
•■the While fJhurch.''    I.-™ Speticer,!    ninks_,8
Inllui'i,™ cnn senrrely 1
like  llie  mllkmnlll   in   the  linllnd,   Ill's
'fare  wns      his   fn, tune.'      Ilis   figure
wus nn excellent, tonus will, his fine.
IN- possessed ii handsome pets..,,, a
iligniiied manner, n graceful nildross
mul a vniir. plensar.tly nUltnetl ,n
,l,e pitch "I heartiness In which
truth ooiuitionly finds oxprosslun, In
his youth be Indnlgoil ihe privilege ot
youth, for he nn, only rejoiced lu his
strength bill be hud grent strength
to rejoice in. lie mus coiirtie-eoits
nud active, with n hnnd l„ vindicate
what his tongue uttered. No ditn-
,'iiliy sl 'red nnd no labor distressed him, lor lie I'liss.'sseil niiilni'ily enough ,n gl-npple willi tlie ime iimi
determination enotigli ,n ovorcomo
the other. Un wus generous nlilsn
In his thoughts nml ,u his actions;
ho put conlldence in others uml never
lacked confidence iu hlmsol-."
These qualities     certainly explain
lhe hold      which  he ,'elui I   on   Ills
constituents, who elected lilm in nine
successive Parliaments, although
they may not wholly account for his
leadership of such men ns Sir Fran-
els lliiirlis nml Sir John Mhcdonnld
He iii.il in Dundurn In IB03, V„
hnve no,     nfnfiy historic houses    in
r.iunil.i   Inn In,nihil',, is o if iln-iii,
nnil visitors run guilt mure tbnn a
mere .,i,ting by melting Uieinsolvos
f...... 1 ti,,- sviih historical associations
nie In
:.ii Hu- rudiment
und   men.
I     III
ill' Hie fuel
I,,.,,,!   Mill,
g  'I
ul desk.
Tory   lei Is   I,live   been   SOlZOI
Hint newspaper u main
linns,   nml   up   In   Hie   lie
put   scleral   nl  Iliem  It
, en. nun, nm fur  llle forthcoming  I'm
in I'eel; t'lnrke, in Bruce, and Low
i,oy in Wellington, ore three   bright
im',i silui huvu I ii thus selected,
it   is  believed  tIn.I   tbo light     in   llm
pieces imliriited will be fully us well
si,s,iii I    us ut   liny other     point
ulotig lho lino.—(lodorlch Signal.
Four years ago the Crow's Nest shares could be bought and were sold at 11 cents.
Today they arc quoted at $80.00.   Witli thc advent of transportation	
can be delivered at any point in West Kootenay or Yale as cheaply as by any oth-    j j
er company in Canada.   For further information apply to	
Simtlkameen Valley Coal Company, Limited j
Nelson, British Columbia.
Physician and Surgeon.
Office at Residence, Armstrong Ave.
orrtcii HOURS:
purenonns,   ■   ■   ■   • *:31 In II
AI.cn.onns   ■   •   •   ■ I;.l0lo3:30
Evenings   •   ■   ■   • 7.30 lo lUII
CRANIIROOK.    :   :   !        :   ;    II. C
Licensed Provincial Assayer
l.i.i.. analytical hii'iiiim ami rontr, l u.-avcr to
Ilia Ninth Mm Mtn ll' ciliifiiiliy. Iiintlt'il.
tivcrj Description ol Mineral Analysis.
Prompt Attention lu  Samples by Mail anil
Oil.cu end bill tory,
Keolena) St., Nelson, B. c.
For lime tables and lull Inlnrinsllon, call an
or isilslrcss nesrcHl local ngcnl.
A. II. I'. A.
Vancouver, It.C
J. S. CARTIik. II. P. A.. Nelson, II. C.
f*\ ....Dealers in....
X Wall <£ Paper,
Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes,
V|y-       riouldings, Etc.
/jv Paper Hangers and Decorators.
in all thc
'■2 Towns in
I Columbia.
P. Burns & Co
Wholesale and Retail
Meat Merchants
Fresh and Cured Meats Frtsh
Fish, Game and Poultry.
We supply only the best.   Your
trade is solicited.
Spokane Falls &
Northern R'yCo.
Nelson & Pi. Shciiliard R'y Co.,
Red    Mountain    Railntty   Co
The only ull mil route between sll
points East, West and South to....
Intermediate Points.
CotitiecllnR «i
SPOKANE witli ilii>
Oreat Northern, Northern Pacific
and o. R. & N. Company.
Nelson  with  Steamer (or  Knslo
and  All  Kootenay   Lake  Points,
Myers Palls with Stage Daily for
Rcpuhlic, and
Connect* ilnilv
At    Bossburg   StflffQ   Daily   for
Grand Lurks and QrectivyooU-
II. A. I U KSHN   lit'n Pim. 4x1.
ire Startli.K l"r *
in ,l,e
mini o
Oils ,
IV.  loll
Ills p.
rse. cut
iug cnn,
ut  tin
y statin.
to his
nut Ive I
llll. I
wus 1,
tu  him 1
V   tl
, expec
eil a s
igbl   ecu
mlv   Lot
k the
iilise,   i-iilint-
ed Hi
, m
mey. tl
il the,,
at the
clerk, svlio suid,
I right
wns   tl
e     respo
the Inl
I.O.O.P. Kej City Lodge
s„. i.'. Meets every I'r1
ilny tii^lit at llielr llllll Oil
linker street, HojniirnlnB
(Mil PellowscniilliillyInvited,
S. J  Morrow, H. I'lustum,
x, ii, Rec'v.
trnnliniok Lodge, Nn. .11
/^4   IliTiilnr met'tiiiRs nn llie
Jolm W. Woif
Boot, Shoe and
Harness Maker
Old shoes made new.   All kinds
of repairing,   tiivc me a call.
Tliuisiluy <>l Hi.'
Itublin, waii Um COUtmcto
tiled  uL
i.i b.-il.l*
lll".O.tHll.l jl.ll!
niisHliln HUpplj-i
ir    wIfn ever nut o(
N'.'Vlt,   :,ln;   It.ia     ull
A atorjr uf u*%in.
Nlclinlna  Flood   Utivln   would my
miuh  ijuecr  tliinjin.    TalkiiiK tn   tlio' —
writer onco ut n woll-known Journal-. vy    p   nilDH
isi, in> mild, eiithUBluBtically: "Clov-   ,¥ '   ■ * uu^ui
or follow," tin-ii, lowurinn hla voice,
lie mlHfil,      "but    lie in?ver lind  tlm
g-enliifl    for   keeping aolwr."    Now,
wlui l.tit. Hiivin would liuve URfid the
word "Ketitua" in that connection'-'—
Kiiitiaidine ltuviuw.
Barrister, Solicitor. Etc.
Notifi-isiu'Vi'v i-'lvan nnil npnllffttlon will bo
in-i.li- In lln- I'J.tllftini'iil "f On niln nl llsimxt
session tor nil A-'t i.iilli.irl/mu' Mi" »t, .Mary's
|]ivflrllntl«ny-''iin-nny t" o nstruol nlmweli
nr i-stnisinn nl i"- rnllwnv frem nnmo |mlnt ""
ilm t'nmiiaity*-! p*-n*«"l lino <>t rnllwny tticnee
nnrth'*riy nnil ivo»tnrly hy tlio S'oith Knotonny
I'tms tn n i nn tlm k nny lllver m iinihti
rnlninliln Imtivnen Wnrilnor mnl tin* Interim*
ii i inniniliiry. --Uh imllmillyiilsot iconslriiot
hmiwlitw from nny poinls nn tlioiironosml.lln-i
imt cxceoillnH in i-u> uw- nnsn an mt'ni In l**nnlh.
w\\\\ (lower ftlso tocnnstrtiet, own nmlniwmto
l.'lt.[:rn li nil'l tnlc*i>l I linos Inr lln* use of till)
i.iiiiik.iinii in ci'ii.'i'aii', imiiBinU nml ileal in
cirrirh'lH' -nt*1 cl"i-IHe |.invcr.
Datfil Doomiilicr imii, toot,
Witti.-r narwlek,
43-0 EolliiKor 'or Alipllcuut,
A*** r***^*tt>M**** i******^
I HOTEL....             J
i *******$***********<***** *
J PI1TBR MATHI-SON, Propricter.       *
J ************************ £
J When you nre hungry mid miuh
nn a nonil incnl  go to  the   l.nnl   *p
1* Kootenny,
J When ynu  nre tired nml wiuil a
fft KOod rest no lo ihe Rnat Koo-   it
1- teniiy,
JJJ When you are thirsty nnd want n
41 eood drink   go   to the  linst   $
m Kootenny.                                      J
* In fnct when yoiinrciii Crnuhrook   ^
^ stop ni the Knst Kootenay.       f
Nelson : Tent: and
Awning : Factory
I have good wood ol .ill lengths,
Leave orders ,il Townsite oliice receive prompt attention,
Richard .Stewart
There are a few poinls to
be considered in building.
Gjod work,   Gcod   Materia
and thc price.
Have ynu talked with anyone nbout liiilldlng?
Cnmc and ace me or Id mc ace yon. It may
do us both unod,
Contractor. Printing is Our Business....
When you want printing done right,  that will
please you and your customers, give your order
To The Herald Office
Somt  CamUsi-atlon.   That   Account   for
IU Gr«»t Daarth.
A groat deal is takon tor   granted
in making use of audi titles,   bul ll
run  liu  sluti-d  lininodlfltols   ibal     llic
Nl.P«e|tt».H.w.T,r, y.lla.e la .aaTeeel.
lull-*. Slaiular cm. ., a Haa with
Two wi... OL.,,., ,„, L..t.-.aa, «„
Ilia Spirt, at .a. Law-Uaasbi.r al
Hilshau. Yaueg 1, l-aa.plaaaa*.
A new town Is rapidly growlug |„-
t.i existence    ,.„ u,u rich Irrigation
In,ids ..I Southern Alberta, says lhu
I "IK."".v lloi'lslll, Ii |S muu,i u„v.
iii.iii.l,   ill  honor ol she so,, ol Jesse
Knight,    a   ris'b Murumn capitalist
ivlin  bus  ti.keo „ grem ImuroBt    l„
iiie Mormon -scitietiiunta ui Southern
A  few years ug,,, „ number ot lhe
Mormon    settlor. i„ Alberta sowed
snmu silgur beets and had Iheiu sent
away to Ultsh for lhe purpose of
lest tog the,,,. They were found iu
en, uin a remarkable quantity of iiie
siiccharlno essontial tor sugar u,uk-
lllg purposes. lu sumo cases ihey
were found to contain fifty per cent,
more ul tills ,u,uiL.r than the beets
grown lu tho .State of Minnesota.
Mr. Knight, win, makes his liend-
quuriers ut Suit |.,uk„ City, took au
Interest iu the matter, further testa
were Instituted, uml thc results were
nil Uml could bo desired. Mr.
Knight ims accordingly purchased a
lurge tract of land in the vicinity of
life big irrigation csuial, nnd is allowing seltlers to take up holdings
»,, ids property under certain con-
by someone else. The Canadian is d-"*>--»- ,
a cosmopolitan in humor. He (eels . """ "' *■» conditions Is that at
that be can understand the English, ",'"*., ,-w<'lT" acres of sugar beels
—otcll and Irish humorists. He is ,l'""1'1 ,!'-, K™«-- every year; anoth-
thoroughly in sympathy with the ! ™ °' *"■ " -'J-- '•« "<.uor es-
AmericanS when    the,  are    lusplred I t"b"" ""e"' ",!""w -!V-'' *>• operat«l
. , - * I   in. 111.. T.i.,,1 A     ..l4_     I...-.     _,.._      j.
by circumstances to compose     lhat
(or the oxUtoncu of n school ot Canadian humor Itathor, although u
is a sad admlraloii, u doubl muj bo
exprussod wii.ilui iii.'M' Is much
tininor ot nny kind to bu found In
Canadian publications,    li  It    wore
not   (01   Iiii-  .'tlit.niul   writ.-is  ..ii  nil!
noWBpnpors, who nro gonornlly able
to discover something worth a finllu
tint.- a tiny  would have to ' ad
nni ihut iht'ii- is ,i Blngulnr Inctt ul
apnrkla iu literary oxpru«nion of nny
kind in Oniiadn Wo can lu- uliicoro
nnd approclntlvo, very much In enrn-
est about our duties aud our surroundings, but Du- old imly win. advocated the establishment of achalr
oi inuiii.r to Improve thu tone ol tho
average theological college would
litivu somo reason lur bollovtng lhat
the future of Canada wns in a serious way,
Outsiders, it. is to be supposed,
would account for this state ol affairs in ono of two ways, either hy
saying thai Canadians cannot tnki:
anything but u serious view of themselves, or else thnt they have a dislike for humorous view of life when
it is presented L.» them by others.
Leaving the tlrst explanation tor thu
present, one can say Wit limit nny
hesitation that the second supposition is most unfair. Tin- a vertigo
Canadian is deeply attached to a
Joku, whether produced by himself in
form of sublimated fiction which contains their best wit; he cnn enjoy
life, although Iin may bo convinced
that there is u broader culture lo be
found in Punch, with its famous
school of draughtsmen. Itioiight up
in ii welter of dialect, nnd with a
constant recollection thai ho is only
one among a number of nationalities, thu Canadian can recognize ole-
viitiuii of spirits in the (ieiimui, and
even in the Chinese, when ii In presented to him How then cnn ii bu
supposed that Canadians are incapable of appreciating humor? Whatever the explanation may be for the
want of written examples .if Canadian humor, it cannot tie that they
would not he popular in Canada.
The Question of production is number mutter. There is an adherence
to time-honored jests in sections of
Canada thai s us to justify the suspicion thnt there has nnt boon a
great choice of alternatives. You
can feel certain thai it ji.ke will never die, once ii has taken a firm
bold on the affections of the people;
crops may rotate, but a jest is Incapable of exhausting any soil it
has once fastened on. It must nol
he supposed, however, that Canadians ore Incapable nf either unconscious or spontnnoous humor: as for
example, ihe unlive of eastern Ontario, who Invested in an imposing
marble shaft for his Orsl deceased
spouse. and divided it fractionally
ami horizontally for the two Indies
who rashly followed her. or, as in
the ense of th.* mini in western Ontario, who, after doing his boat will,
thu large, dry Rsh which hml     i n
bilked for ids dinner, to n condition
that expelled every recollection of
its native element, remarked     with
UllCOnSCiOUa    WlstflllnOSS,    that      there
must bu a lot of eating on n whale
Une of the mosi singular tilings
about tho present dearth of humor in
Canadian writing is tin? fact that
earlier in our history this was not
the case Snin Slick,"nlllioiigli he
was an Aiiierlcnn. wns a .lot kuinkei
in New llrniiswi.-k. and his Canadian
clironiClei felt thnt it wits guile mil
tlliil Hint he Should he so ll ,!;,!
not   worry   Judge   Unlil-m Ion       thai
Fi'odorlcton ami si John hml not
a world-wide reputation in 1H4Q He
felt entirely capable of adding that
attraction to a most charming part
of iho world, which ho round full ot
native character thai could bo trooted humorously,  mnl  wnli  ihe   full.i
deeper note of truth -Much always
accompanies genuine humor Tha
author of "Tho Clocktnnker."  ' Tho
Attach.-"' and I'he Ultel Flog of
the lii ■••-,( Western" WOllld li.iv>' been
BOinQWIml       iiMoiilsh.-il     if      he   lm.I
known how lung in- would have h.ui
to wmi im- b successor in the mean*
time, extract! from some ol Ids mure
inin.his passages have been Included
in Canadian school renders; mnl in
f i In**, way '< conviction has romalm-d
i it, ih.- i.niive conHclminno*n Hint there
once wns ,i man »l Hltlorablo 'iim.-,
wlio lived in llie l..w,-i I'loVlnces and
wrote of politics and character from
an en lv Coimd  p..mi  of view
It   111.1 V   be   hOCllUSO   (lie  -lull.,1.,li    elt-
i mem hns so largely dopartod from
' public life thnt no Imitator of Judge
ilnllburmu's somewhat caustic and
henvv wit now discusses our rola-
tloiis with  lhe inolht-l   loiinln       nml
with the sint.-s A wider knowlodgu
of Hit- politics of other countries Introduces it feeling of procedure    ..nil
criticism Into one's  own To  lieni
from Murk Twain how the Magyars
ami Czechs roll nbout on the lONi.i-
mentarj door In Austria suggests the
redaction of how much more cultured
nml respertiihle It is to remain seated or but mildly oxpostulatory nt
Ottawa — Marjory MacWurcliy, in
Tho Globe.
F>n     lhe     land,     A site has already
been    located     for a refinery,    and
For Tu-1-a Byes,
Eyes will be greatly strengthened by
putting tbe fin-f tlfVMi into a gluss or
tyecup of water the first thing in the
morulug aud opening them under water. Tbis is lomewtiat dlitlcult to do
■t first, but If the' water for two or
ttiret days be tepid and gradually made
colder by Imperceptible degrees until
It Is no shock to put the face Into quite
cold water It will bood become ipilte
easy and Is very Invigorating and refreshing.
if done regularly every day, this
treatment alone will preserve the sight
Into unite old age. Tiiere Is n right
and wrong way of wiping the eyes
after this, too, and the right way Is to
pass tbe soft tow-sl very gently from
the outer angle Inward towurd tbo
If after ■ long dny the eyes feel so
bot and tired tbat they seem dim when
one tries to rood or to do a little necessary sewing for oneself, they should bo
bathed with cold tea from which tho
leaves have been removed.
Canadian Pacific Railway Lands
The Canadian Pacific  Railway  Company control a large area of the choicest farming and ranching lands
in the Kootenny District.    The prices range from Si.no to $5.00 an acre, the latter being for first-class ugricu
tural lands.    These lands are readily accessible by the Crows Nest Pass Railway.
It Jarred  Him.
"Pleasant offices you have here," said
a policy bolder who visited a life Insurance office In the Postal Telegraph
building In New York to pay his premium. Tbe windows overlook the City
Hall park and the Nathan llnle statue.
"Yes," replied the Insurance man,
"but the inscription on that Hale statue, patriotic and Inspiring though It
is, Strikes a discordant note In the
■oui of one who Is underwriting risks
on men's lives. Look at it—'My only
regret is that I have but one life to
give In defense of my country.' "
D tall ne In   Fntarei,
Mr. Newed—I have an option on tbat
Mr. Knight is ft very devout Hop- • Mri* N«wed-°h- ll'8 a Pretty l,Iuce-
nam nud is very popular wllh thu but yoU k"ow lt la Gald t0 Le hiiunted.
people of that religion settled in 1 Mamma pays she wouldn't set her foot
Canada. The Mormons have always ! Inside the door for any amount of
been     good settlers,  being progrc's- 1 money.
sivo and up to date in agricultural Mr. Newed—That settles It. I'll close
opei-atious. The wholo of Southern ; the deal for it the first thing in the
Alberta contiguous to tho boundary mornlug.
hue Is given over to them, aud they
have transformed a wild country into u perfect garden.
Although a great many of the Alberia Mormons *re polygatttlsts, I
they don't practice ploygumy in
Canada. Most of tbe older men
hnvo a wife in the States and one
in Canada.
A peculiar incident occurred recently which shows the desire of the
M..,-,.,»,.•. vu n..„ ,,-n.i.i,. th«* latter ol
ihe law. A prominent resident of
Cardstou, tho liltle Mormon metropolis here, had brought one. Wife with
him from Utah, while wife number
iwo remained in ttie States. With
lilm in Canada was liis little sou,
the child of his absent wife. The
little boy became very ill, and his
mother      wns     sent   for.     The   SOJIIS
train that brought her Into Canada carried nwuy the father, as lie
would not remain in the country
wiih both his wives. The child rt*-
covered and his mother took him
back to Utah with her. This Mormon is very much attached to both
his wives, nml regularly visits wife
numher     two     in the States for a
Ta S»v. tha OytUr Until.
An Ordoi'-in-Couucil bun been passed providing that fishing for claim
iu bays,  harbors, nud other waters
Mthough ttie Mormons <
Ore polygamy in Cumuli
a., doubl that (hey sllll belleVfl in
ii. und they win defend it vigorously in argument They are very religious, and the old men nre especially devout Tin- younger ones ure ut
limes Inclined to kick against the
rest net ions imposed bv the church,
but   Ihey   usually   lind  thut   it   is     to
their    advantage     to Btand In well
With   then   ecclesiastical  leaders    One
Sunday tn each mouth they have
lust I tunny meetings.    As these meet-
lUgs   are  held   nt   two  o'clock   iu   the
afternoon    nud    those participating
are supposed lo have (asted since
lhe previous midnight, thev Hie often in an excited und overwrouuht
condition, Some little time ago,
ut   one   of   these   testimony   meet tints
nt Cardston, n young Mormon woman koI up to recite her experiences      Shy      Was      in   a  very   uver-
urought condition, ami stood fur a
minute or so unspinu (or the utterance that Would not come     Then ull
ni unco she began to speak freely in
nn iiiierh unknown tongue gesticulating freely. She continued like
ihis f.n- about a quarter of nn hour,
then subsided Into ber seat tbe picture of mental ami physical exhaustion
Thon up rose the old Mormon
Hishop. as if nothing oui tif the way
hml happened, nud said: ' The Lord
hns given our sister the eifl of
tongues, who is there here who
cnn Interpret?" Several people
jumped up nt nnfe, but mi elderly
Woman, Uut wife tit a dignitary of
ihe    church, caught  the eve of the
bishop drst, nnd lie mot loneil her to
proceed. She declined Hint the language just heard wns ancient Sv
rlac, nml that, being interpreted, ll
Was a lii.ssngi- of Hie Lord to bereaved parentB who had recently
lost tliolr children.
Afler tills there was a perfect epidemic of speaking in "tontrues "
which continued until a high church
dignitary from Utah arrived in
Cardstou nml put a stop to it.
One of the most conspicuous flir-
Ules among the Mormons In Alberta
is Mis. Curd, the wife of Charles
Oro Card, who is the head of the
Mormon Church in Canada. This
lady is a daughter of Brlgham
Young, tho famous Mormon leader.
Slie  is  a woman      of ureal   nuturul
, bhrowdiiessi and being possessed   of
in  Canada where oysters aro taken| groftt forcn of *,,mracter, Mwtl)    a
great Influence upon the whole coin-
„.       .       . ,    1 munity.    Last (all when the election
fishery officer for the respective  dla-  ,     Uw Domlnlon Parliament    was
eta   .. which1 such fish Ing Is   pro-|        |pi)Ul m     knoWllw Mrs. CfkrA-%
?..!!!..!   l.?I»i' ..'.^"nh^   Influence,   made  many efforts to «n-
""I list her sympathies.    She,  however.
to thc liberal side.    Her
shall  be permitted oulv
apart and maVkcd out hy lhe local
ory officer for iho respective
trlcls iu which such fishing Is
aecuted,    Tim idea of th
is   to    prevent   persons committing j
depredations upon  oyster beds  when, j!u^|i,VBH
Ui«t»rin» tw olams'  remark to Mr. Dennett, the Conser-
vutive    candidate,   was a non-com-
caeade'i ItaJIwnvi. initial  masterpiece.    She said:  "We
In  lH*ii> Canada hud SOO miles ol. like  the Oovornmeiit,  we  like    Mr.
railway;    to-day   she Ims 40,000 -   Oliver (the sitting member), and 11
double tho mileage of Knglund. I you are elected we Will like you/i
Arab Mnilc.
Arab music has been described ns tbe
singing of a prima doiinu who hns ruptured her voice In trying 10 sing a duet
witb herself. Each note starts from
somewhere between n sharp uml 11 tint,
but does not stop even there nnd splits
up Into four or more portions, of which
no person can b« expected to catcll
more than one at a time.
To Save Time,
Visitor—No, 1 won't come In.   Could
I see Mr. Jones for two minutes?
Servant—What name shall 01 say,
Visitor—rrofessor Vonderspltnkontootle heltuer.
Servant—Och, sure ye'd better step In
•nd bring It wid ye, sun*!-
Terms of Payment
The ;i*s:ri'i',iii Htnonnt of principal and int rest, except In the
case of la»,l. miller £2..SO an acre, is divided into ten instalments as
shown In lhc lahlc below; the first to he paid al the time of purchase, tne second one year from dale of the purchase, the third in
Iwo years and so on.
The lollowlng lahle shows the amount of the annual instalments
on loll acres al different prices under lhc above conditions:
160 acrs at 52.50 per acr, 1st Instalment SS-."5 9 equal inlal'ts al $50.00
.1.1,1)     ..           ..               71.91) "              M.M
.1.5(1      '•            "                MM '.               70.00
4.011      »            "                 05.115 "               HOOD
l.5(                 107.85 "               MOO
5.00     "           "                10.55 "             100.00
L' j mill-Hi-v is the business and shipping point for lhe
ixniiov.1 my Nur(h Slar a|)d Sul,ivan mi|)es
BEAL & ELLWELL, Townsite Agents.
Cranbrook is ,hc •livisional l)0in- °- the Crows Nest Pass
Railway and thc commercial centre ol South
East Kootenay.
V. HYDE BAKER, Townsite Agent.
For further information apply tn agents aa above or to
A. TAYLOR, District Land Agent, Nelson, B. C. or
Lands under $2.50 per acre are sold
on shorter lime.
If the land ii paid for in full at the
lime of purchase, a reduction from thc
price will he allowed equal to len per
cent on the amount paid in excess of the
usual cash instalment.
Interest at six per cent will he
charged in over due instalments,
The Company has also lots for sale
in the following town sites in Fast Knot*
eiay: Elko, Cranbrook, Moyellc- Kitchener, Creston and Kimberley.
The terms of payment are one-third
cash, and the balance in six and twelve
Kitchener is in the center of lhc great
Iron range aud the gateway to the White
(irouse copper fields.   J. T. BURGESS,
Townsite Agent,
F. T. GRIFFIN, Land Commissioner, Winnipeg.
The Cranbrook
Lumber Co.
Saw and Planing Mills
Improving On Nature
Is one of the functions of the tailor. By his art he make*
up for deficiencies of shoulder, chest, etc. It is our business
to do that, and more. We not only make perfect fitting
garments which set off a good figure and improve a poor
one, but we put material in our suits which some tailors
would not think  of  selling  at   less than double our price.
Leask & Henderson
fhe aoth Century Tailors, Cranbrook, B. C
Not   Swemtirj'.
"When you nre nt a loss for a suitable word, do you ever apply to your
"No." replied tlio writer: "I don't
have to. lier entire eocnbulnry is
Coming my way most of lhe lime."—
Chicane I'ust.
World's Scenic Route
Direct Line
Lowest Rates
New York
Sl. Paul Chicago and all U. S.
Tourist Sleeper Service
Pact  '•' '""•I'I-*4 w-'sl- Prl, and Sun.
l.ttM   Lv Ilunmorc Jcl Men.   Ilior. Snl.
l.v Kootenay Uniting Friday
St. Paul, Toronto, Montreal and
Wpst Lv l-evel!tok-1-"1'Wci1'Frl-
Vancouver, Seattle, Coast
Steamship Service
From Alaska, Hawaii,
Vancouver China, Japan and
Three,I, booklafa to Rurope via all Atlantic
Prepaid tickets tram  all  points   at  luw s-s
R J C0VI.E C fi COI.RMAN   ;.'.
A. 0. P. A , A-s'nl,
Vaabonvcr. Craaliroolt
J. S. CARTED, D. P. A., Nelson, D. C.
I Rough and
Dressed Lumber,
Dimension Lumber,
Shingles and
Refitted Throughout
One of the Must Conifortahli
Hotels iu Kast Kootenay.
Newly Furnished
L. B. VanDecar, Prop.
Cranbrook, R. C.
rioyie's        Hotel Kootenay
, j. Vl/ The hesl of accomodate
Leading }i
for the traveling public.
Livery  S
Proprietors j* j* j*
Tennis nod drivers ftirtllalle* for any
point in the district.
Manager   jt   ji   ji
We hive a stock of
Common Brick,
Pressed Brick,
Fire Brick
and Tile
Those wanting chimneys, fire
places, boilers lined, or any job
work in the brick line call on
Geo. R. Taylor.
The **********
Hotel S &
Cranbrook, British Columbia.
Good Table and Every Accommodation.
American Drinks, Leading Brands of Liquors
and Schlitz Famous Beer dispensed by the popular
bartender, Charley Armstrong.
J. R. DOWNES, Prop.
What Will Be, Will...
Clothe Yourself with Warm Clothing
And Your Houses and Furniture with
...Hutch's Insurance
■*)* »..♦»->».
Robinson & McKenzie.
Saw and Planing Mills
AU Kinds OI
Rough and Dressed Lumber
Do You Sell Liquor????
It io, doa'l bay   Dpi  TI P D   Tlie "°'v ■• hlll'Ml'' ll11"" "t,l,r |D
unlll von ire..    rCUIICK.   Sooth East Kootenay.    Write lor Prlctl
Cranbrook, B. C * * *
PELTIER is also agent for
This is thc supply point lor South East Kootenay. ..-....-........•-*.
.       ..      .       .      ■•'      •   -       ,       .       ■        .       -      ,.      ,.-      .      s*       •       •       •      ,«
We will  start  our  Early     f|
Season sale of Whitewear     If
tomorrow and will oiler     0,
some If
In every line. Come and
let us show vou what we
Reid & Co.,
.... . . m^t^i
I  ollnletlor or exterior,,, your Iioi.il- go tn *
* Amateur wurk will receive imr best alien- J
\       Unit.   Niinri-sliliiiit winn solicited       j»
•***»*-i *■«■»•««««««« »*
Tbe Fire of i, Ni-ht tony destroy the
borne that took nrnoy years aavlnga to
Insure with Palmer
C. R. Palmer,
Manufacturer's Agent.
Fire and Life Insur'ce
Cranbrook, B. C.
Proprietor *>f tlie
Candy Kitchen
Carries a complete stock of
Candies, Fruits, Nuts,
Biscuits, Pipes and
TobaCCOS. HI" us a call
The Jeweler.
I keep a large and varied
stock of
Watches, Clocks,
Silverware and
If you buy of Tate and it
is not right, Tate will
make it right.
Ofllclal Watch Inspector Inr
lro». Ncal dlvlclon C. I>. K.
Drink Home Beer
It is Pure
It is healthy
It is the Best
Ft. Steele Brewing Co.
East Kootenay
Bottling Co.
Aerated Waters
Of all kinds.
Syrups, Champagnes, Ciders,
Ginger Ales, Etc.
Soda water in siphons.   The  most
economical way to handle it.
i--•***********.**ev***A *.***♦
Picked  Up Aboul the City  hy  Asking
Questions ot Many  People.
Diphtheria is now prevalent in Klko,
W. S Keay was up from Fernie Friday,
Charles Pinch of Marysville, waft in
town Sunday.
C, McNhIi, mayor of Jafliay, was in
town Tuesday.
Mrs, Frith is visiting friends in Cranbrook tills week,
lvrnie Ilrown lias been cm Uu* sirk list,
hut is belter now.
Niirinan Hill and bride are expected
today from Ontnrio,
Tommy Turly is now behind the couu
ters in Hilt & Co.'s store.
Cory Dow brought a "D. T." victim
down from l'.lko Tuesday,
Charles Farty of Marysville, wns n
Cranbrook visitor Sunday.
The Masons nre preparing tor a ball
during Hie month of April.
G. II. Richardson left Inst Sunday for
bis future home at Ottawa.
I', I,und has been in town the last few
days visiting with his family.
M. Koss, formerly, with Hill Si Co.,
lefl for Rosslaud last Friday,
Tlie I.ndies Hospital association will
give a ball on Faster Monday.
T. 11. Hill, one of the many Hill boys'
mine iu from Vancouver Monday.
J. 1*'. Armstrong, wife nud daughter
were registered al ilu; Cranlirook Monday,
A. Sheridan of Klko, who tut*, been in
the hospital fur severid weeks, i» recov-
Miss Jessie 1-eitch left Tuesduy fur
Frank, Alta.. to visit with .Miss Kiln
Mrs. W. W, Doble bus stdl'icienUy recovered to leave lhe boipilul and reiurn
tn her home,
Arl Mallinson bus sufficiently recovered fro*ii his injured shoulder to resume
work at llie shops,
.Mr. Duupe, deputy html eonimis-iloner
of the C. I'. R. was in town last Thursday ou official business.
Rev, Fortune left Tuesday for Winnipeg to attend tbe missionary meeting of
ibe Presbyterian church.
A meeting ul Ibe Hospital I-mlics Aid
s. ciely will be held ul the homo of Mrs.
Mclnnes at 4 p in. Friday.
Asa Smart, au old lime resident of Cranbrook, Was in town ihis
week visiting old Mends
Miss Dolly Watt left Tuesday fur
MoosejnWj where sue will visit until ll e
s| ring millinery season opens.
Rev. McKillop left lasl Friday for his
borne in Lethbridge nfter n pleasant visit
with bis sister, Mrs. ft. IX. Hremner.
A letter from Wlkie Ilrown says Ibal
he is doing well in liis new home and
that he is enjoying the best of health
Mr. and Mrs. 1'. I,und gave another of
their delightful entertainments Inst
Monday evening, assisted by Miss laind,
William Doble returned Tuesday from
Macleod, He had been on one of bis
periodical inspection trips for 1*. Burns &
There will he work iu tbe initiatory
degree al the Odd Fellows lodge Friday
evening, nnd n large attendance is desired.
The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ham*
mersli-il was baptized on Tuesday Ity
Rev. Fortune at the home of John
Buy Untteuberg patterns ami materials
ol Mrs Vroom. Oue lesson fret with a
one dullur older.
M Hillings recovered from the operation for Bppemlicitls iu good shape and
is uow doing nicely. He will be out in
a week or ten days.
Fred Httluea aud Miss Dudley drove
down fiom Marysville last Suuday lor a
Visit with blends, They cauie iu a cutter uml had haul sleighing.
D. v. Molt wait elected as a delegate to
the nieetltif, of the Associated Boards of
Trade at K isln tbis week, as a representative of Fernie, He will endeavor to
secure Ibe meeting  nexl year tor Fernie.
Mis I., H. VanDecarreturueI Monday
f 1 nni California where she lias spent the
winter wilb her son Frank nnd wife
She reports u very pleasant trip, and returns feeling very much Improved in
A bull iu aid of the St. Hngeue hospital will ha held In Wentworth hall on
Kastei Monday, March 31, under the
auspices of the Hospital l.adies Aid
The liltle four year old daughter ol
A. F. Qeddls ol Klko, died Monday of
diphtheria. The many Cranbrook friends
ol ilu- family sympathize with the bereaved parents iu their trouble,
One of llie many Chinamen of Cranbiook died Monday at St Kugeue hospital ol tuberculosis, The fuiieial is hiding held this afternoon, and as it is lhe
fust Chinaman who lias died in Crau-
brook, lhe event is au important oue tu
the local Celestials.
Senator King of Cliipmaii, N.B., arrived yesterday for a visit with his two
sons. Dr. J. Il and M. B. King. Mr.
King visited Cranbiook two years ago,
and while here met ninny people wlio
will be pleased to know that be has re-
coveted from his recenr illness and able
to enjoy once more the bracing climate
ot South Kast Kootenay.
From the Prospector,
It 0 Impossible to give accurate estimates of the am >unt ol gold taiten from
Wild Horse creek last year ; probably
an Increase uf SS per cent, over imio
would not Ue far out of the way.
Indian AgentOalbraltb returoed from
West Kootenay ou Wedesday wbeie lie
was looking alter llic Onll-ins In that
section. Ue succeeded lu checking and
stamping out tlie smallpox amongst the
nun.1 and when tie letl all thc Indians
were free from the disease iie vaclu*
uted jDoiit IO Indians.
Mr. Caldwell [3 now at the Old A je
mine. His reported that this property
will be worked early lu the spring,
Don McKay will soon commence work
ou his Tt.icy creek property.
Tbe new placer mining company who
are now engaged lu exploiting the deep
diggings 011 Wild Home creek, are now
washing the gravel as ll comes from llie
tunnel j which Is uow over 80 feet. The
gravel prospects well In gold, lu pan*
niug, coarse gold has beuu taken Irom
the pan. seveial pieces tjKen from one
to two tlallars have been found. The
blue gravel through which the tunnel is
being run contains good pay, and indication's are thnt us soon as the bedrock
In the old channel Is reached large
quantities of yellow metal will he found.
The (Olden lOeece and Stanley claims
are to be Crown granted.
Mrs. D li. Mather who has been 111
for some tune is now recovering rapidly.
T. C. Armstrong has secured another
contract lor 000 feet of air pipe for the
K-Uella mine-
William Blalchford. a rancher, who
fur many years has been a resident of
this district, died on Friday night, of
acute gastrlcs, (irill-imailon uf the stomach, Inducing heart failure. The deceased was .'.7 years of age, and was
born at Plymouth, Knglant). coming
to Canada at an early age.
Prom lho Pree rri-n
Mrs. W, W. Doble had to cut her visit
in Ferule short on   account of a severe
attack of bronchitis, and has since been
In   the    Cranbrook    hospital.
Thc engineering start" of the C. P. it.
has been working In the yard here laying out ihe ground for ei tensive
changes anil locating thc site for the
new depot.
W. W Tiltlle relumed Tuesday night
from a visit to his relatives In the
Hitter Hoot Valley, Montana. He was
acc.oiup.iiil.nl hy his nalce- Miss Maud
Johnson 1 who will remain for some
Prmn lho MnylQ I-ciutor
Mr. and   Mrs. IM   Hill went down to
Crauhrook this week.
L A Rickets retained from Kalso
Wednesday. Mr. Rickets Intends mov
hla family here In the spring.
.1. A. Harvey was here yesterday to
look after his Interests and to attend
the annual meeting of the waterworks
Messrs. Ross Tate and J. E. Ardell
representing VV, F. Tate's jewelry em
poiium of Crauhrook, were In Moyle
Messrs' llawke, Hrenton ami Nleder-
stailt made a record fur themselves one
day this   week   when they   loaded  it
ions of Ice on cars In nine hours,
from Hi- .i.L.'--.i:it' Tribune
W   I*'. Gurd tli     well   knuwn   Cranbrook legal light elslted  Marysvllle   on
We have much id he thankful for. The
Ping Pong tev-ji lias not as yet Struck
tbe town.
Messrs. Adatai it Birden ar-- still
sicking ou the,i placer claim an Mnk
Creek. Tlie stutt Is now down about
13 or 1.1 feet- They expect to strike
bed luck very aliunlv.
The work thai the well known lli in uf
Pleper St Carrie are itolug  In  the  way j
ol   inlet lor  deem a ting lu  lhe  smelter
company!, oflice Is some uf the best that
they have turned Ollt lu Marysvllle.
Q ilte an improvement has been made
on Main Street this   week,      Nearly all
the    property    awners    have     built
sidewalks In   front   uf   their   places   ot
business, which makes it much mora accommodating to the public.
Harry FjIi li-jid drove n,. from Cranbrook and look In thu dance at Kimberley on Friday.
W, T. Reld, one of Cranbrook's hustle*
Ing tlry goods men was a Marysvllle
vlsitur on Tuesday.
Miss Soper gave a card parly lo scv*
eralofher Klmberley ami Marysvllle
friends ou Tuesday evening.
Mr. Watt ot Winnipeg visited Marysvllle on Thursday and was more than
pleased with the progress of ihe new
town and thinks lhat It has a greal
future before It.
Mr. Austiu superintendent ot construction has completed the survey and
plans for the lead refinery, The building, which will be SOO by IT.", feel In
size and will be located Iin-
ine.lia telly acioss the 1 all way
track from the roaster building.
Work on this building will be commenced In tbe yery near future.
WHAT   STORK   Bll).
Me Holds a Liberal Meeting In Fernie and
Is bndursed.
Tbe Liberals of Fernie seem to be
Anti-Martin, They hml u meeting nnd
endorsed Mr. Stork, who was their representative, aud the resolutions seemed
to fit bis case. The report was ns follows:
A meeting oT tlie Fernie Liberal Association was held in Princess Hall,Tuesday
evening Feb.l8 There wnsu very good
attendance of representative Liberals and
ten new members weie proposed and accepted. President Stork addressed tbe
meeting nnd gave a very interesting account of ihe doings of the Liberal convention recently held at Vancouver, und
in concluding moved the following resolution, which wns seconded by H.Purdy:
"Be it resolved that we the Liberals of
Fernie do strongly pretest against lhe
trickery and the unjust manner in which
the Liberals of Kast Kootenay were defrauded of their representation in the
Vancouver convention and be U further
resolved that ample evidence bus been
secured to show that tbe convention was
packed and did not represent the Libera!
party of Hiitish Columbia, therefore the
Fernie Liberal Association does not consider that tbe action of the so called
convention is in any way binding oil lhe
Liberal party ol the province."
On motion of Dr. Higgins, seconded
by Mr Ciittbard, a hearty vote of thanks
was tendered President Stork (or tbe
very able manner in which he had represented the Fernie Liberal Association
at tbe Vancouver convention and lhat
the Association fully endorse his action
Dr.Higgins suggested a scheme to hold
a mock parliament at au early date to
which the public be invited and 11 committee be appointed, consisting of Dr.
Higgius, II II.Triles aud F.j.Wnlsoit to
make the necessary arrangements und to
report at ihe next regulni meeting On
motion ol A.H Titles, seconded by Rob-
hert A.Kerr, the meeting was adjourned till Tuesday night ,Feb.25,
Geo. Levasscur is Dead.
A gond citizen of Fernie and a good
man has pasted away. Thc death of
Geo. Levasscur has cast p gloom over
this towu that will not quickly fade
away. When H became generally
known that Mr. Levaaseur was seriously
111 and that hopes ol his recovery were
very slight, the expressions of feeling
and regret that were heard on every
hand could not he mistaken fur anything bnt genuine sympathy and sorrow. The deceased had not been feel-
fag well for three or four days before
retiring to his beil ou Thursday night,
13th lust. The symptoms ol the dread
disease pneumonia were unmistakable
und an um skilled medical treatment
and unremitting core could do were uot
eijual to cope with the disease. From
the first the disease gained, nnd the
strong man who apparently had many
years of usefulness before lilm, was
gradually sinking llll the end which
came at 1 :l.". Friday morning. A kind
husband and father, a loveable, big-
hearted man, one of Fernle's best -.Itl-
zens has passed into the shadows of the
Great Beyond, and his memory will long
be revered bv the friends that a: e left
to mourn him --Foinlc Free Press.
If a   man opens a store and tells his
friend about li,he ls advertising thestore
Mining News.
Thc contiact for sinking and driving
In the main shaft of the Lu Iiii mine
and fn drifts on thc lOBQ-foot level has
been let tn Messrs Vance, Skugland &
Partners at their bid of £10 000. The
work Is to be started In the next two or
three days and will require at least
three months 10 complete it. This Is
the most Important Rem on the Le
Rol's development program for lhe llrsl
half ol thc year.
Shipments of ore from the Boundary
for this week totaled ?,«M tons, or 88,-
810 tous so far this year.    This  week's
shipments were as follows: Cranby
mines 4,558 tons, Mother Lode 3,351}
tons, Winnipeg 30 tons, Golden Crown
lSotons. The two Boundary|ismelter«
treated ihis week 8,00*- tons of ore, as
foHows; cranby amelter, ,1,1170 tons,
Mothet Lode smeltet 3,034 tons. After
more than a year of activity the Gulden
Ctowu property iu Wellington camp,
uear Pboeulx, has rejoined the list of
Boundary sjip-jcis BliipuietUi ul ore
have been staited. part going to the
Grauby smelter and pari to the Greenwood smelter. Thus far some four of
live cais have been sent out and shipments win probably be maintained, Ore
which Is now being shipped Is taken
from the new development work at the
liju foot level and no sloping has been
done, liuncanson has had a force of
men drifting In a good quality ot ore
f.n* some lime past. When lhe Canadian Pacific rallroad'was tlrst bid t into
the Boundary district the Golden Grown
shipped about 9,81)0 tons of ore to ihe
Trail smeller, when the freight aud
treatment, rate was abom $7 .vi per to..
Liter the property was closed and last
fall the company was reorganized as the
Ojlden Crown Mines. Ltd., when work
was resumed. It Is one of the promising Claims of lhe Western camp.
The extensive Improvements at tbe
Canadian smelting works, at Trail, are
completed and the plant Is ready to resume sampling and smelling The new
automatic crusher and sampler, having
a capacity of lflo tons per hour, has
been tesied and demonstrated to work
most satisfactorily In addition a system of electric tramways has been Installed to connect the roast heaps with
the main works, which expedites the
handling of material. The smelter Is lo
blow In the lead stacks Immediately.
The dale of resumption of the cupper
luruaces depends on shipments from
the Centre Star and the War Eagle,
mines, which are expected to commence
this week. The plans for a refinery to
treat silver-lead matte areflnlsbed and
the management is awaiting a favorable turn in the weather conditions to
commence building operations.
Odds And Ends.
A married editor soliloquizes thus of
the gentler sex! "There Is gladness in
her gladness when she's glad, and ihere
is sadness iu her sadness when she sad,
but the gladness of her gladness and
the sadness of her sadness Is uothing to
her madness when she's mad."—Pittsburg Kansan.
Cold words freeze people, hot words
scorch them, bitter words make them
bitter, and wrathful words make them
wrathful. Kind words make people
good natured. Though ihey do not
cost much, yet they  accomplish much.
New York Times ; A few nights ago
Mark Twain told to some friends a
story about himself which he railed io
Incorporate in -'Life on the Mississippi." On one occasion when he started
on a trip down the nv r on a ll .it boat
he was advised never to answer lhc
questions asked by rlvermen on other
boats and never to bandy words with
them, as he would be sure always to
come out second best. He followed the
advice religiously for a ilme, but one
day ho thought he saw a chance to get
the better of a rlverinan who called
"Hcy thar, what yer loaded with!"
"Jackasses, Don't you want to come
ahoardl" yelled back Twain.
"That's wl.ut 1 reckoned, aeeln' as
how they let ther biggest donkey hev
ther run of the deck," came back.
Twain made a dive below as all the
rlvermen lu the neighborhood set up a
derisive laugh at liis expense.
Rossland has a new L'ntted States
consular agent. Yesterday John .lack-
son, Jr , turned over tils olllce to G.-orge
A. Oh ren, a young man who has been
for the past three years In the office ol
Culunel Dudley, consul general for the
A newspaper is to be started at Oj-
boroe Hay, SO   miles fiom   Ladysuiith,
B. C, With the Ladysmlth
Leader, Cumberland News, Nana I mo
Free Press and Herald, and the new
sheet at Osbone Hay, there should be a
lively time ou llie Island.—Revelstoke
The * Father Pat" memorial fund Is
growing rapidly, and Its success Is now
assured. A feature of the Hii^cTptions
Is the gratifying manner In which persons resilient many miles from li-isslanl
have Interested themselves to the extent of forwarding remittances
.Mmy-\llli- Till. 1111-
Just three   mouths old   Is   Marvelous
Marysvllle,   if one Is Inclined 10 look
back over the past twelve weeks one l«
forced to the oonolusion thai It ha
been a season of activity seldom If eve;
witnessed In a new town cither In lhe
west or anywhere else, In the winter
months. The Brother site had hardly
been surveyed when the rigors of a
northern winter weie upon us. Not a
tret! on the smelter site had been fel etl
hefere the ground was blanketed wllh
snow. But still in spite of ihe inclemency of the weather wotk has never
been stopped during the winter for a
single hour except for half a day at
Marvelous M irysville, did ever a
town deserve the name more.
No sooner had the Sullivan Group
Mining company decided to build their
smelter at 1 his point than they started
In to work and have perslste.l In continuing the work In spite of any
adverse circumstance which has come
After having surveyed the site they
purchased a siw mill and began tn "cut
wood," lllerally. In a very few weekB
tuough   limber   had been sawu to con
struct the frames of the huge buildings
which will constitute the smelter. Sim-
nltatnoualy with tbe sawing of ihe timber, Charles Early was busy at his
contract of making brick of which he
has now turned out 700,000. And so
lhe work has gone along, the water
dlteh'or flume which will carrythe water
of U irk Creek to the power house on
the bank ol the tit. Marf's river, the
roaster buii.ii.'t and the fuuuce build-
iug, the shlphitle bultdtug, the trausmit-
tlPg station and all oilier things per*
tatnlng to a smelter have now reached
a siage where a very few weeks work
will complete them,
This, then, can he said of tlieSiilllvan
Group Mining company. They started
lu on a project and they have kepi
steadily ou working at that project.
The credit of the wontierliil rate at
which the work li.iu been can led on as
well as the workmanlike way iu which
ll has been done Is due   largely  lo  the
General Manage) o w. itnii, Superintendent, h. 8. Austin and Construction
Kiiglncur M. A. MtKenz-le. All of
these genl lumen aie well up In
their various lines which has been
shown bv the rapldily wllh which ihe
work has, so far, been accomplished.
Ami now that spring ls opening
up there will no doubl be even quick ei
work done as wllh thu advent of good
weather It will be possible to etnploy
many more men than hereiufore and it
is the Intention of tbe company to work
as many hands as they can,consistently
with doing the work advantagously.
In a very few weeks Marysville will be
the outlining point of many prospectors
who will pour Into lhe St. Marys
country during the coming summer as
the story of the wonderful mineral
wealth of this region   has  been  spread
abroad diirlug the last few months so
thut 'those who run mav read."
There will also be an influx of busi-
ness men and woi Iters seeking a place
whereat to make a home aud every
body knows that a "tin bucket towu,''
a pay roll towu, is tbe klud of town
that people consider a good place to
build up their fortunes in aud to establish their "own vlue ami rig tree "
Miiysvllle Is all right and lhe district
ol which she Is the center Is all light.
Lucky Is he who Invests his money in
Marysvllle  property  now  for  he will
reap abundantly, »
What is AdvcrtisinK ?
Advertising is anything which conveys
a message about a business or product.
If he prints his announcements on
cards and hands them tn passers by he
Is advertising the store.
If he puts a sign above his door or
goods In his window he Is advertising
thu slurp.
If he  makes ;i hundred duplicates nf
this sign and nails thorn uu tences, or
dead walls when: people can see them,
he is advertising.
If ha joins a church or a club or a
secret society, his uaint; and business
will still be advertising,
1 f he causes his sign or his card to be
reproduced and printed In a newspaper
he Is lining ihe same thing that he did
when he lacked the B.gn on ihe fence
or handed lhe card tu the passerby. He
Is putting his sign into lhc house of
•■very reader of lhat paper.
Of all the ways of advertising, the
heat, most certain ami cheapest Is that
of using lhe columns of a good newspaper. Intelligent people with money
to spend always read the newspapers.
Best in the World
Pay, Pay, Pay.
Be sure that you get value for your money.
We guarantee you well. I*
Our goods are good goods. None better, and I*
the price in all cases as low as that charged for tk~
inferior qujliticG.    Wc Uccp just the best.
-®-®- i <eo <a> 1 im <m
M * l *«. I <8- I <8* I <$
Another Car
Of Furniture
To arrive this week.
This is the time of year when you
should begin preparations for summer
Examine your furniture and if it
needs mending send it to us. It will
receive prompt attention.
J. P. FINK, Secrelary. Next Door to Postofflcc.
For the Lenten Season,
Our stock of Fish is replete with about every variety in
use. CODFISH In bricks, newly packed. PICKLED
HERRING (hat cannot be equalled. SHAD in kits, don't
tail to try them. Thc ever increasing demand lor our
line of groceries makes it necessary for us to keep conthur *
ally adding to them, therefor (hcy are always iresh.
Don't forget our Hay, Oats, Bran  and Shorts.   Also
Feed wheat,
We are getting new goods every week. Our
stock of white goods and .spring novelties is
unequalled in East Ksotenay. Call in and
and see the many pretty things we havo.


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